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Art museum essays

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Art Museum Essays

Art museum essays

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Art Museum Essays

netapp resume NetApp Commandline Cheatsheet. This is art museum, a quick and dirty NetApp commandline cheatsheet on most of the executive writing services dallas, common commands used, this is not extensive so check out the man pages and essays, NetApp documentation. I will be updating this document as I become more familar with the NetApp application. 2) Boot without /etc/rc.

3) Change password. 4) Clean configuration and initialize all disks. 5) Maintenance mode boot. 6) Update flash from backup config. 7) Install new software first.

Normal Boot - continue with the normal boot operation Boot without /etc/rc - boot with only default options and cow, disable some services Change Password - change the storage systems password Clean configuration and initialize all disks - cleans all disks and art museum essays, reset the filer to factory default settings Maintenance mode boot - file system operations are disabled, limited set of commands Update flash from backup config - restore the configuration information if corrupted on the boot device Install new software first - use this if the filer does not include support for the storage array Reboot node - restart the filer. boot_ontap - boots the current Data ONTAP software release stored on the boot device boot primary - boots the essay about, Data ONTAP release stored on the boot device as the primary kernel boot_backup - boots the backup Data ONTAP release from the art museum essays, boot device boot_diags - boots a Data ONTAP diagnostic kernel. Note: there are other options but NetApp will provide these as when necessary. -t = shutdown after minutes specified. -f = used with HA clustering, means that the partner filer does not take over. -s = clean reboot but also power cycle the filer (like pushing the off button) -r = bypasses the shutdown (not clean) and essay on domestic cow, power cycles the filer. -f = used with HA clustering, means that the essays, partner filer does not take over. priv set [-q] [admin | advanced] Note: by resume writing tx default you are in art museum administrative mode. priv set advanced. useradmin diaguser unlock.

useradmin diaguser password. ## Disabling a license. license delete service wrfile -a /etc/test1 This is cow, line 6 # comment here. sysconfig -a (detailed) environment chassis list-sensors. environment chassis Fans. environment chassis CPU_Fans. environment chassis Power. environment chassis Temperature. environment chassis [PS1|PS2] storage show disk [-a|-x|-p|-T] storage show expander. storage show fabric.

storage show fault. storage show hub. storage show initiators. storage show mc. storage show port. storage show shelf. storage show switch. storage show tape [supported] storage show acp. storage array show-ports. storage array show-luns.

storage array show-config. storage power_cycle shelf start -c channel name storage power_cycle shelf completed. This is the physical disk itself, normally the art museum essays, disk will reside in a disk enclosure, the disk will have a pathname like 2a.17 depending on the type of disk enclosure. Any disks that are classed as spare will be used in any group to replace failed disks. They can also be assigned to any aggregate. Disks are assigned to a specific pool. disk show disk_name ## list all unnassigned/assigned disks. disk assign disk_name -p 1. ## option is essays about the old man and the sea, not specififed.

disk assign all -p 0. disk replace stop disk_name disk scrub stop. disk sanitize abort disk_list disk sanitize status. disk sanitize release disk_list disk maint abort disk_list disk maint list. disk maint status. disk simpush complete path of disk obtained from art museum, above command ontap1 disk simpush -l. The following pulled disks are available for essay competition pushing: aggr status aggregate [-v] ## Syntax - if no option is art museum, specified then the defult is resume, used.

aggr create newaggr -r 8 -d 8a.16 8a.17 8a.18 8a.19. ## create aggregated called newfastaggr using 20 x 15000rpm disks. aggr create newfastaggr -R 15000 20. aggr create newFCALaggr -T FCAL 15. -f = overrides the art museum essays, default behavior that does not permit disks in a plex to belong to different disk pools. -m = specifies the optional creation of about the sea, a SyncMirror. -n = displays the results of the command but does not execute it. -r = maximum size (number of disks) of the art museum, RAID groups for this aggregate. -T = disk type ATA, SATA, SAS, BSAS, FCAL or LUN. -R = rpm which include 5400, 7200, 10000 and blueprinting planning essay, 15000. aggr destroy aggregate aggr status pfvAggr -r.

aggr add pfvAggr -g rg0 -d v5.25. aggr add aggr1 [email protected] ## to art museum essays display the kubisch about my installations, aggregates options. aggr options aggregate aggr options aggregate raidtype raid_dp. aggr options aggregate raidsize 4. aggr copy status. aggr copy start aggregate source aggregate destination aggr copy abort operation number aggr copy throttle operation number throttle speed ## Media scrub status.

aggr media_scrub status. aggr scrub status. aggr scrub start [ aggrname | plexname | groupname ] aggr scrub stop [ aggrname | plexname | groupname ] aggr scrub suspend [ aggrname | plexname | groupname ] aggr scrub resume [ aggrname | plexname | groupname ] Note: Starts parity scrubbing on the named online aggregate. Parity scrubbing compares the data disks to the. parity disk(s) in their RAID group, correcting the art museum, parity disk’s contents as necessary. Principals Resume? If no name is. given, parity scrubbing is started on all online aggregates. If an art museum essays aggregate name is kubisch, given, scrubbing is. started on all RAID groups contained in the aggregate.

If a plex name is given, scrubbing is essays, started on. all RAID groups contained in the plex. Look at the following system options: aggr verify status. aggr verify start [ aggrname ] aggr verify stop [ aggrname ] aggr verify suspend [ aggrname ] aggr verify resume [ aggrname ] Note: Starts RAID mirror verification on executive, the named online mirrored aggregate. If no name is given, then. RAID mirror verification is started on art museum essays, all online mirrored aggregates. Verification compares the data in. both plexes of a mirrored aggregate. In the default case, all blocks that differ are logged, but no changes. aggr media_scrub status. status is printed for all RAID groups currently running a media scrub.

The status includes a. percent-complete and whether it is suspended. Look at cambridge, the following system options: vol status -v (verbose) vol status -l (display language) vol destroy vol_name vol decompress start vol_name vol decompress stop vol_name vol mirror volname [-n][-v victim_volname][-f][-d disk_list] Mirrors the currently-unmirrored traditional volume volname, either with the specified set of disks or with the contents of another unmirrored traditional volume victim_volname, which will be destroyed in the process. maxfiles vol_name max_num_files vol media_scrub status [volname|plexname|groupname -s disk-name][-v] status is printed for art museum all RAID groups currently running a media scrub. The status includes a. percent-complete and whether it is suspended. Look at the following system options: vol create vol_name [-l language_code] [-s ] aggr_name size.

## Create a 200MB volume using the executive resume services dallas tx, english character set. vol create newvol -l en aggr1 200M. vol create vol1 aggr0 50g. aggr status flexvol1 -r. aggr add flexvol1 -g rg0 -d v5.25. vol size flexvol1 + 100m. vol autosize flexvol1 -m 500m -I 10m on. vol options vol_name try_first [volume_grow|snap_delete] If you specify volume_grow, Data ONTAP attempts to increase the volume's size before deleting any Snapshot copies. Data ONTAP increases the volume size based on art museum, specifications you provided using the vol autosize command.

vol clone create clone_vol [-s none|file|volume] -b parent_vol [parent_snap] vol clone split stop. vol clone split estimate. vol clone split status. Note: The vol clone create command creates a flexible volume named clone_vol on executive resume writing services dallas tx, the local filer that is a clone of art museum essays, a backing flexible volume named par_ent_vol. A clone is blueprinting planning, a volume that is art museum, a writable snapshot of on domestic animal cow, another volume. Essays? Initially, the clone and essay, its parent share the same storage; more storage space is consumed only essays as one volume or the other changes. vol copy start [-S|-s snapshot] vol_source vol_destination vol copy status. vol copy throttle operation_number throttle value 10-1 ## Example - Copies the essay animal, nightly snapshot named nightly.1 on volume vol0 on the local filer to art museum the volume vol0 on remote ## filer named toaster1. vol copy start -s nightly.1 vol0 toaster1:vol0. Note: Copies all data, including snapshots, from kubisch about my installations, one volume to another. If the art museum essays, -S flag is used, the command copies all snapshots in the source volume to planning the destination volume.

To specify a particular snapshot to copy, use the -s flag followed by the name of the snapshot. Art Museum? If neither the -S nor -s flag is used in the command, the filer automatically creates a distinctively-named snapshot at the time the vol copy start command is executed and copies only that snapshot to the destination volume. aggr create tradvol1 -l en -t raid4 -d v5.26 v5.27. vol create tradvol1 -l en -t raid4 -d v5.26 v5.27. vol create vol1 -r 10 20.

vol add tradvol1 -d v5.28. ## The more new aggr scrub command is essay, preferred. vol scrub stop [volname|plexname|groupname][-v] vol scrub resume [volname|plexname|groupname][-v] ## The more new aggr verify command is preferred. vol verify status. vol verify start [ aggrname ] vol verify stop [ aggrname ] vol verify suspend [ aggrname ] vol verify resume [ aggrname ] Note: Starts RAID mirror verification on art museum essays, the named online mirrored aggregate. Blueprinting Planning Essay? If no name is essays, given, then. RAID mirror verification is christina my installations, started on all online mirrored aggregates. Verification compares the data in. both plexes of art museum essays, a mirrored aggregate. In the planning your essay, default case, all blocks that differ are logged, but no changes.

vol status -v flexcache_name vol help options. vol options flexcache_name vol create flexcache_name aggr [size ] -S origin:source_vol. ## on essays, storage netapp1 server. vol create flexcache1 aggr1 -S netapp1:vol1. vol destroy flexcache_name flexcache stats -C flexcache_name flexcache stats -S volume_name -c client flexcache fstat path vol status flexclone_name -v.

vol clone create clone_name [-s ] -b parent_name [parent_snap] vol clone create flexclone1 -b flexvol1. vol destroy flexclone_name vol clone split estimate flexclone_name vol clone split start flexclone_name vol colne split status flexclone_name vol clone split stop flexclone_name • Cloning operation ID. • The name of the volume in essays about man and the sea which the cloning operation was performed. • Start time of the art museum essays, cloning operation. • End time of the cloning operation. • Parent file/LUN and essays the old, clone file/LUN names. • Parent file/LUN ID.

• Status of the clone operation: successful, unsuccessful, or stopped and some other details. sis start -sp path sis config -s schedule path If hour_list is art museum, not specified, deduplication runs at midnight on resume writing services dallas, each scheduled day. hour_list[@day_list] If day_list is art museum essays, not specified, deduplication runs every day at executive resume services, the specified hours. Essays? • - A hyphen (-) disables deduplication operations for the specified FlexVol volume. The -i option includes the qtree ID number in executive resume writing the display. The -v option includes the owning vFiler unit, if the MultiStore license is essays, enabled. qtree create path [-m mode] qtree create /vol/users/news -m 770. mv /n/joel/vol1/dir1 /n/joel/vol1/olddir.

qtree create /n/joel/vol1/dir1. mv /n/joel/vol1/olddir/* /n/joel/vol1/dir1. qtree security path. ## Change the security style of on domestic animal, /vol/users/docs to mixed. qtree security /vol/users/docs mixed.

quota on [-w] vol_name -w = return only art museum essays after the entire quotas file has been scanned. quota on [-w] vol_name LUNs, igroups and LUN mapping. Note: follow the prompts to create and essays about the old man and the sea, configure LUN's. lun destroy [-f] /vol/tradvol1/lun1. Note: the -f will force the destroy.

lun resize lun path size lun resize /vol/tradvol1/lun1 75m. lun map /vol/tradvol1/lun1 win_hosts_group1 0. lun map -f /vol/tradvol1/lun2 linux_host_group1 1. Note: use -f to art museum force the mapping. lun offline /vol/tradvol1. lun unmap /vol/tradvol1/lun1 win_hosts_group1 0. # Create a Snapshot copy of the resume, volume containing the essays, LUN to be cloned by entering the about, following command. snap create tradvol1 tradvol1_snapshot_08122010.

# Create the LUN clone by art museum essays entering the following command. lun clone create /vol/tradvol1/clone_lun1 -b /vol/tradvol1/tradvol1_snapshot_08122010 lun1. igroup show iscsi session show [-t] iscsi connection show -v. iscsi security show.

iscsi nodename new name iscsi interface disable e0b. portset show portset1. igroup show linux-igroup1. portset destroy portset1. igroup unbind linux-igroup1 portset1. fcp stats -i interval [-c count] [-a | adapter] fcp config adapter speed [auto|1|2|4|8] fcp config 4a speed 8. fcp portname set [-f] adapter wwpn. fcp portname set -f 1b 50:0a:09:85:87:09:68:ad. fcp portname swap [-f] adapter1 adapter2. fcp portname swap -f 1a 1b.

fcp nodename 50:0a:09:80:82:02:8d:ff. Note: The WWNN of a storage system is generated by about a serial number in its NVRAM, but it is stored ondisk. If you ever replace a storage system chassis and essays, reuse it in on domestic cow the same Fibre Channel SAN, it is possible, although extremely rare, that the WWNN of the art museum essays, replaced storage system is duplicated. In this unlikely event, you can change the WWNN of the storage system. fcp wwpn-alias show. fcp wwpn-alias show -a my_alias_1. fcp wwpn-alias show -w 10:00:00:00:c9:30:80:2. fcp wwpn-alias remove [-a alias . | -w wwpn] fcp wwpn-alias remove -a my_alias_1. fcp wwpn-alias remove -w 10:00:00:00:c9:30:80:2.

Snapshotting and essays man and, Cloning. Snapshot and art museum essays, Cloning commands. # Create a LUN by entering the following command. lun create -s 10g -t solaris /vol/tradvol1/lun1. # Create a Snapshot copy of the volume containing the executive resume writing tx, LUN to be cloned by art museum essays entering the executive resume writing tx, following command. snap create tradvol1 tradvol1_snapshot_08122010. # Create the LUN clone by art museum entering the following command. lun clone create /vol/tradvol1/clone_lun1 -b /vol/tradvol1/lun1 tradvol1_snapshot_08122010. # display the snapshot copies. lun snap usage tradvol1 tradvol1_snapshot_08122010. # Delete all the principals resume, LUNs in art museum the active file system that are displayed by the lun snap usage command by entering the following command.

lun destroy /vol/tradvol1/clone_lun1. # Delete all the Snapshot copies that are displayed by the lun snap usage command in essays about man and the order they appear. snap delete tradvol1 tradvol1_snapshot_08122010. vol options vol_name snapshot_clone_dependency on. vol options vol_name snapshot_clone_dependency off. Note: Prior to Data ONTAP 7.3, the system automatically locked all backing Snapshot copies when Snapshot copies of LUN clones were taken.

Starting with Data ONTAP 7.3, you can enable the system to only lock backing Snapshot copies for the active LUN clone. If you do this, when you delete the art museum, active LUN clone, you can delete the base Snapshot copy without having to first delete all of the essay, more recent backing Snapshot copies. snap restore -s payroll_lun_backup.2 -t vol /vol/payroll_lun. snap reclaimable /vol/tradvol1 tradvol1_snapshot_08122010. Specifies the security types that an art museum NFS client must support to essay animal access the file system path. Art Museum Essays? To apply the security types to all types of christina about my installations, access, specify the essays, sec= option once. About? To apply the art museum essays, security types to specific types of access (anonymous, non-super user, read-only, read-write, or root), specify the sec= option at least twice, once before each access type to which it applies (anon, nosuid, ro, rw, or root, respectively). security types could be one of the following: No security.

Data ONTAP treats all of the blueprinting your essay, NFS client's users as anonymous users. NFS client's users, applying the essays, file access permissions specified for those users in the NFS server's /etc/passwd file. This is the cambridge, default security type. encryption to art museum authenticate the blueprinting planning your essay, NFS client's users. ONTAP uses message authentication codes (MACs) to essays verify the integrity of the NFS client's remote procedure requests and responses, thus preventing man-in-the-middle tampering. # create export in memory and blueprinting planning, write to /etc/exports (use default options) exportfs -p /vol/nfs1. # create export in memory and art museum, write to /etc/exports (use specific options) exportsfs -io sec=none,rw,root=,nosuid /vol/nfs1.

exportsfs -io sec=none,rw,root=,nosuid /vol/nfs1. # Suppose /vol/vol0 is animal, exported with the essays, following export options: exportfs -b enable save cat /vol/vol0. cifs terminate client_name|IP Address cifs sessions user cifs sessions IP Address cifs sessions -t. cifs sessions -c. cifs broadcast client_name message cifs access share user|group permission cifs access sysadmins -g wheel Full Control. cifs access -delete releases ENGINEERINGmary. Note: rights can be Unix-style combinations of about the old, r w x - or NT-style No Access, Read, Change, and art museum, Full Control cifs stat IP Address # create a volume in the normal way. # then using qtrees set the style of the about the old, volume.

# Now you can create your share. cifs shares -add TEST /vol/flexvol1/TEST -comment Test Share -forcegroup workgroup -maxusers 100. cifs shares -change sharename -novscan. wrfile -a /etc/cifs_homedir.cfg /vol/TEST. net view Filer IP Address net use * # add a domain controller. cifs prefdc add lab

# delete a domain controller. cifs prefdc delete lab. # List the art museum essays, preferred controllers. cifs prefdc print. sectrace add [-ip ip_address] [-ntuser nt_username] [-unixuser unix_username] [-path path_prefix] [-a] sectrace add -ip sectrace add -unixuser foo -path /vol/vol0/home4 -a. sectrace delete all. sectrace delete index sectrace print-status status_code sectrace print-status 1:51544850432:32:78. options ftpd.locking none. options ftpd.bypass_traverse_checking on. options ftpd.bypass_traverse_checking off.

options ftpd.dir.restriction on. options ftpd.dir.restriction off. options ftpd.max_connections_threshold n. options ftpd.anonymous.enable off. options username. options ftpd.anonymous.home_dir homedir. options ftpd.log.nfiles 10. options ftpd.log.filesize 1G. options httpd.bypass_traverse_checking off.

options httpd.admin.access host!=Host1. options httpd.log.format alt1. ifconfig e0a IP Address ifconfig interface_name flowcontrol value ifconfig e8 flowcontrol none. Note: value is the flow control type. You can specify the following values for essay competition the flowcontrol option: receive - Able to receive flow control frames. send - Able to send flow control frames. full - Able to send and receive flow control frames. ifconfig e8 partner IP Address options cf.takeover.on_network_interface_failure enable. nfo Enables negotiated failover.

-nfo Disables negotiated failover. Note: In an HA pair, you can assign a partner IP address to a network interface. Art Museum Essays? The network interface takes over blueprinting your essay, this IP address when a failover occurs. ifconfig e0 alias ifconfig e0 -alias

options interface.blocked.cifs e9. options interface.blocked.cifs e0a,e0b. ifconfig interface down. route add default 1. ifconfig e0 netmask mediatype 100tx-fd. route add default 1. on Enables fast path. off Disables fast path. on Turns on essays, the routed daemon.

off Turns off the christina essay about, routed daemon. Add to essays routing table. # use wrfile and rdfile to christina kubisch essay my installations read and art museum essays, edit /etc/hosts file , it basically use the your, sdame rules as a Unix. # use wrfile and art museum, rdfile to christina read and edit /etc/nsswitch.conf file , it basically uses the same rules as a. # Unix nsswitch.conf file. # Unix resolv.conf file. on Enables DNS. off Disables DNS. on Enables dynamic DNS updates. off Disables dynamic DNS updates.

secure Enables secure dynamic DNS updates. options dns.update.ttl time options dns.update.ttl 2h. and a maximum value of art museum essays, 24 hour. vlan create [-g ] ifname vlanid. vlan create e4 10 20 30. # Configure the VLAN interface e4-10 by using the following command. ifconfig e4-10 netmask vlan delete e4 30. vlan stat e4 10. # To create a single-mode interface group, enter the following command: ifgrp create single SingleTrunk1 e0 e1 e2 e3.

# To configure an IP address of and christina about my installations, a netmask of on essays, the singlemode interface group SingleTrunk1. ifconfig SingleTrunk1 netmask # To specify the interface e1 as preferred. # To create a static multimode interface group, comprising interfaces e0, e1, e2, and e3 and using MAC. # address load balancing. ifgrp create multi MultiTrunk1 -b mac e0 e1 e2 e3.

# To create a dynamic multimode interface group, comprising interfaces e0, e1, e2, and e3 and using IP. # address based load balancing. ifgrp create lacp MultiTrunk1 -b ip e0 e1 e2 e3. # To create two interface groups and a second-level interface group. In this example, IP address load. # balancing is used for the multimode interface groups.

ifgrp create multi Firstlev1 e0 e1. ifgrp create multi Firstlev2 e2 e3. ifgrp create single Secondlev Firstlev1 Firstlev2. # To enable failover to on domestic a multimode interface group with higher aggregate bandwidth when one or more of. # the links in art museum essays the active multimode interface group fail. options ifgrp.failover.link_degraded on. Note: You can create a second-level interface group by christina using two multimode interface groups. Essays? Secondlevel interface groups enable you to provide a standby multimode interface group in case the primary multimode interface group fails.

# IP-based load balancing is planning your essay, used for the multimode interface groups. ifgrp create multi Firstlev1 e1 e2. ifgrp create multi Firstlev2 e3 e4. ifgrp create single Secondlev1 Firstlev1 Firstlev2. ifgrp create multi Firstlev3 e5 e6.

ifgrp create multi Firstlev4 e7 e8. ifgrp create single Secondlev2 Firstlev3 Firstlev4. ifconfig Secondlev1 partner Secondlev2. ifconfig Secondlev2 partner Secondlev1. # select favoured interface. ifgrp nofavor e3. # select a non-favoured interface. ifgrp nofavor e3. ifgrp delete MultiTrunk1 e4.

from the interface group. ifconfig ifgrp_name down. ifgrp destroy ifgrp_name. Note: You must configure the art museum, interface group to your the down state before you can delete a network interface.

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America's Best Contacts and Glasses - Optometrist Resume Example. Skilled Optometrist with 13 years in art museum, comprehensive eye care, including refractive and contact lens services, evaluation, diagnosis, and essays about the old man and treatment of ocular pathology with emphasis on glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration and pre and post-op surgical co-management. Board Certified Optician PRK and Excimer Laser Therapy. Laser vision correction Licensed by Alabama, Michigan, Ohio, Texas. Essays! 1999 SOLAQuest Opthalmic Optics Scholar demonstrating outstanding knowledge and executive resume writing services tx skill in opthalmic optics. Art Museum Essays! Military Parachute Badge. Military Service, 1977-1980. 307th Combat Engineer Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division Fort Bragg North Carolina. Determined visual acuity and perception, focus and executive writing dallas tx coordination. Prescribed appropriate medications to treat eye diseases and infections. Analyzed test results to develop proper eye care treatment plans.

Referred patients to essays outside healthcare professionals for additional medical treatment. Prescribed appropriate therapeutic procedures to correct vision problems. Assessed refractive conditions of eyes with retinoscopes. Instructed patients on the proper care of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Provided full-scope management of ocular infection, inflammation and ocular trauma. Diagnosed glaucoma, anterior and posterior segment disease and neurological eye disease. Prescribed appropriate medications to treat eye diseases and infections. Analyzed test results to develop proper eye care treatment plans. Prescribed appropriate therapeutic procedures to correct vision problems. Assessed refractive conditions of eyes with retinoscopes. Man And The Sea! Routinely followed up with patients about art museum their post-operative recovery status.

Provided full-scope management of ocular infection, inflammation and ocular trauma. Diagnosed glaucoma, anterior and posterior segment disease and blueprinting planning your neurological eye disease. Prescribed appropriate medications to treat eye diseases and infections. Analyzed test results to develop proper eye care treatment plans. Referred patients to outside healthcare professionals for additional medical treatment. Prescribed appropriate therapeutic procedures to correct vision problems. Assessed refractive conditions of eyes with retinoscopes. Routinely followed up with patients about their post-operative recovery status .Provided full-scope management of ocular infection, inflammation and ocular trauma. Diagnosed glaucoma, anterior and posterior segment disease and essays neurological eye disease.

Determined visual acuity and perception, focus and cambridge essay coordination. Prescribed appropriate medications to treat eye diseases and infections. Analyzed test results to develop proper eye care treatment plans. Referred patients to essays outside healthcare professionals for additional medical treatment. Prescribed appropriate therapeutic procedures to correct vision problems.Assessed refractive conditions of eyes with retinoscopes. Christina Kubisch My Installations! Instructed patients on the proper care of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Provided full-scope management of art museum, ocular infection, inflammation and ocular trauma. Diagnosed glaucoma, anterior and posterior segment disease and neurological eye disease.

Determined visual acuity and perception, focus and coordination. Prescribed appropriate medications to treat eye diseases and infections. Analyzed test results to develop proper eye care treatment plans. Referred patients to outside healthcare professionals for kubisch essay my installations additional medical treatment. Prescribed appropriate therapeutic procedures to correct vision problems. Assessed refractive conditions of eyes with retinoscopes.Instructed patients on the proper care of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Provided full-scope management of ocular infection, inflammation and essays ocular trauma.

Diagnosed glaucoma, anterior and posterior segment disease and neurological eye disease. Diagnosis and management of executive resume tx, ocular diseases with emphasis on art museum essays glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration. Training, development, and evaluation of optometric interns which included case management and ocular health presentations. Diagnosis and management of macular degeneration and on domestic animal treatment with low vision prescription. Essays! Medical [email protected] EYE CONSULTANTS. Licensed Optician General Manager/Retail [email protected] Customer Service [email protected] INSURANCE.

Doctor of Optometry and [email protected] Eye Center. Resume! JOB [email protected] NAME Southlake Family Eye Center CITY AND STATE START DATE AND END DATE. ChildCare [email protected] Alexander. Featured Jobs in Anniston:View More Anniston Jobs. Get job alerts sent to your inbox for. Optometrist Medical Optometrist Clinical Optometrist Floating Optometrist. Veterans Affairs Medical Center Michigan College of Optometry Henry Ford Medical Center Kresge Eye Institute Michigan State Prison Lawrence Institute of Technology Ferris State University. Essays! OD : Optometry 2000. Internship : Ocular Pathology 1999. Internship : Ocular Pathology 1999.

Internship : Low Vision 1999. Christina Kubisch About! Internship : Ocular Pathology 1999. Bachelor of Arts : Business Administration 1991. Associate of Science : Opticionary 1986. Where can I find a America's Best Contacts and essays Glasses Optometrist resume example in Anniston, Alabama 36207? This is an actual resume example of a Optometrist who works in essay on domestic, the Optometry Industry. LiveCareer has 3577 Optometry resumes in its database. LiveCareer’s Resume Directory contains real resumes created by subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder. Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service.

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covention law essay The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is a treaty signed in 1950 by the then members of the art museum essays, Council of Europe. In this way, it predates the Euopean Communities and Union and arises from a quite different organisation. The two are linked, however, in essays about that adherence to the Convention is now effectively a condition of art museum, membership of the EU. Your Essay. Additionally, the art museum essays, European Court of Justice refers to the Convention which influences its decisions, even though the EU is not a member of the Convention. Note that the European Court of Human Rights (described below) is not the same as the European Court of Justice. The judges are different and one sits in Starsbourg, the christina about my installations, other on art museum essays, Luxembourg. Click here to see the full text of the executive resume writing services dallas tx, European Convention on Human Rights. The UK was a founding member of the Convention and was very influential in its design. It was amongst the first states to ratify the treaty. It has allowed individuals to art museum make complaints to the European Commission on christina my installations, Human Rights since 1966.

The influence of the Convention has been growing in the UK in the past decade or so. This is partly because the art museum, European Court of Human Rights has become a more energetic body. Man And. But, more funadamentally, there has been a strong lobby within the UK for a written bill (statement) of rights, and art museum the Convention is seen as a ready made document for these purpose. This idea has been adopted as the policy of the principals, Labour Government in 1997. Its ideas are set out in a White Paper issued in October 1997, Rights Brought Home: The Human Rights Bill , (CM 3782, London: HMSO) and then the Human Rights Bill (as introduced in the House of Lords on 23 October 1997) now passing through Parliament and which is likely to come into force sometime in 1999 or perhaps 2000. The idea of citizens having rights in UK law did not begin with the Human Rights Bill. The recognition of rights in English law does have an ancient history going back to statements such as Magna Carta 1215-95 and Bill of art museum, Rights of 1689. See the full text of Magna Carta 1215-95 in the following web sites: The judges have also recognised various broad common law principles, such as the right to liberty as recognised in Christie v Leachinsky [1947] AC 573. Essay Cow. (This case will be available in full soon). However, these pages will concentrate on art museum, the future rather than the past as represented by the Human Rights Bill and the Convention on which it is animal cow based.

Convention history and rationale The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is the most important instrument of international law to emanate from the Council of Europe. Art Museum Essays. Both the Council and the Convention itself were developments in reaction to the past horrific experiences of the Second World War and were an attempt to avert any future spectre of totalitarianism in Western Europe. The Council convened in 1948, and the Convention was drafted in 1949. A major precursor was the United Nation#146;s United Declaration of Human Rights which had been adopted in 1948, but English civil servants, reflecting English common law perceptions of rights, were also highly influential (reflected in essay animal rue Ernest Bevin). The Convention was finalised in 1950, with the UK as an essays, original signatory and ratifying state in 1951.

It came into force in 1953. The rights contained in the Convention are civil and political rights, though there is a separate Social and Economic Charter of 1961. Since 1953, the Convention has experienced phenomenal growth in principals resume its stature in at least three respects. First, the substantive rights have been augmented by a number of Protocols. Art Museum. Second, the number of states adhering to the Convention has grown, especially in recent years with the accession of many Eastern European states (23 in 1989 to essay on domestic animal 40 in essays 1997). Thirdly, the amount of business has increased enormously because of gradual increase in the recognition and reliance upon the exceptional right of individual petition - the fact that individual persons and not just governments can bring complaints. This was granted to British citizens in services tx 1966. The rights and essays freedoms contained in the Convention The Convention contains both substantive and procedural rights. It has been argued that the Convention bodies have been more sure-footed when dealing with procedure, and it is on domestic certainly true that matters of substantive decision are often avoided by reference to the concept of margin of appreciation by which the Convention adjudicators defer to the greater knowledge and experience of domestic decision-makers arising from their direct and art museum essays continuous contact with the vital forces of their countries.

It is the national authorities who are expected to be the prime protectors and overseers of human rights, and kubisch about it has been emphasised by art museum, the Court of Human Rights that the appropriate standard by which to judge compliance with the Convention is akin to that in cambridge essay competition English law judicial review. In other words, the Convention does not act as a de novo appeal but assesses legality. Other reasons why one can exaggerate both the actual and essays potential impact of the essay my installations, Convention on English law include the following reasons. The Convention was drafted as a lowest common denominator of rights observance within Western Europe, and so its standards were set at a deliberately modest level so as to art museum essays encourage compliance and services avoidance of clashes with Contracting States jealous of their sovereignty. In addition, the substantive rights in art museum the Convention are for the most part akin to, or even expressly based on, rights recognised impliedly or expressly in English common law. Those mainly relevant to criminal justice matters are Article 5 (liberty), Article 6 (procedural fairness), Article 8 (Privacy) and Article 10 (free expression). At the blueprinting your, same time, the potential for essays invocation of the Convention is tremendous, especially as the adjudicative agencies adopt a teleological and dynamic approach in order to realise the fundamental objects and purposes of the Convention in a changing world, namely the essay about, protection of art museum, individual human rights and the promotion of pluralistic democracy. Accordingly, the Court will demand that national laws be in line with, and proportionate to, these objects, and it has adopted an autonomous jurisprudence as to the interpretation of the Convention which does not simply borrow from national viewpoints. Convention applicants It is a requirement of Article 1 of the Convention that Contracting Parties shall secure enjoyment of the rights and freedoms.

Where deficiencies are perceived, there are two sources of petitions of kubisch essay about, complaint under the European Convention. The first source is inter-state applications. Governments are the traditional parties in art museum international human rights law, and the idea of an inter-state application under Article 24 is to raise repeated and widespread, almost endemic, state-sponsored abuses of rights. One such was brought by the Irish Republic against the UK in respect of the treatment of detainees in Northern Ireland in 1971. The second, innovative source, petitions by individual persons under Article 25, has produced a far greater volume of relevant case-law and has achieved for the Convention a degree of immediacy and relevance not rivalled by the vast bulk of other international laws. As far as the UK is blueprinting essay concerned, individual petition has been recognised since 1966 and is renewed every five years (the current recognition period commenced in January 1996).

Applicants may be natural persons (whether citizens or not), corporations or organisations or interest groups, but in all cases the applicant must be a victim, so actions cannot be brought in abstracto or on art museum essays, behalf of others. Convention respondents The application must be brought against a Contracting Party, in other words, a national government. It is clear that state responsibility will extend to agencies, bodies or persons acting with the authority of the state (such as the police). The Old Man And. It is essays more difficult to determine precisely how far state liability may extend for the infringements of rights by other private persons. By reference to Articles 1 and 13 (which requires Contracting Parties to provide an effective remedy under national law for claims under the Convention), it is established that the essay cow, national state must provide a satisfactory legal framework, in other words, one which allows Convention rights to be secured but in a way which is proportionate and consistent with other Convention rights. For example, states have been held to be in breach where laws did not allow for art museum the prosecution of a sexual assault on a mental patient, or where in practice the christina about, free speech of demonstrators and policing action against disruptive and violent counter-demonstrators were inadequate.

PROCEDURES UNDER THE CONVENTION. (subject to reform in November 1998) Convention procedures - the Commission Any petition is first considered by the Commission of art museum, Human Rights, consisting of one member for each Contracting Party, elected by the Committee of Ministers. It may sit in plenary session, in chambers or in smaller committees. The first stage of the blueprinting planning your essay, process is to consider admissibility under Articles 26 and 27.

Most cases fail to pass these filters on the grounds of. non-exhaustion of domestic remedies, delay (involving more than six months since the final domestic decision), anonymityof the complainant, repetition of issues already ruled upon, incompatibility with the terms of the Convention or being manifestly ill-founded. There is essays no form of appeal to the Court against rejection on any of these grounds. For the relatively few cases found to be admissible (about 20%), the Commission next seeks to ascertain the facts, and consideration is then given to whether a friendly settlement can be arranged between the parties (Article 28). If not arranged, the Commission draws up a report to the Committee of Ministers which delineates the facts and states its opinion as to the application of the (Convention) law (Article 31). The Commission can further decide to refer the matter to the Court; the state against whom the complaint was made, or whose citizen has made a complaint or which has made itself an inter-state complaint can also choose to refer the animal, matter to the Court (Article 44). But individual applicants from the UK cannot directly demand a Court hearing, and cases involving sensitive political issues may not always be referred but go instead to the Committee of Ministers. Convention procedures - the Court The judges of the Court, which commenced work in 1959, may sit in a plenary Grand Chamber or, more usually now, in chambers of nine judges (Article 43). Proceedings involve both the submission of written memorials (including possibly amicus curiae briefs) as well as oral submissions by both applicant and government, as well as a delegate from the Commission. The final judgement under Article 51 is given often after a considerable period of delay for consideration.

The Court is not bound by art museum, its own precedents, though it has stated that it will usually follow them in the interests of certainty and so judgements do invariably refer to the considerable body of previous decisions, both of the Court itself and of the Commission. The body of a judgement cannot be divided into ratio decidendi and kubisch essay about obiter dicta; all statements, whether general or specific, are significant both for the instant case and for future litigation. The Court can demand the art museum, payment of just compensation to executive resume the applicant - anywhere up to about ?50,000 (Article 50). It is also common for a successful applicant to essays be awarded costs and expenses. However, enforcement and blueprinting planning your essay wider reforms to bring domestic law into line with Convention requirements as interpreted by the Court (or the Commission) are concerns for the Committee of Ministers to which the judgement is transmitted (Article 53). Convention procedures - the Committee of essays, Ministers The Committee supervises judgements of the Court (Article 54). In addition, admissible cases which are not referred to the Court are adjudicated upon by the Committee itself (Article 32). In this way, the planning, ultimate enforcement of the essays, Convention resides with the traditional arena of high diplomacy, which can lead to disappointment for the individual applicant whose cause may be lost in the generality of executive writing services, political horse-trading. Convention procedures - remedies As far as the United Kingdom is concerned, the essays, judgements and decisions of the Convention bodies are essentially declaratory of international law. They cannot directly affect the domestic status of municipal laws or decisions under them. Blueprinting Planning Your. However, the United Kingdom Government, as a Contracting State wishing to remain a party to the Convention, has invariably responded to adverse decisions and awards, though not always as expected or with alacrity.

Convention procedures - comment As should already be evident from the art museum, foregoing description, the principals, working of Convention procedures are often cumbersome and politically influenced and art museum essays consequently slow and liable to take unexpected turns. For a case to pass from application to Court judgement, a time lag of five years is common, the early part of which will barely be covered by resume, legal aid. In addition, there is the added considerable inconvenience that the proceedings take place in Strasbourg. Some of these problems will be alleviated later in 1998 when Protocol 11 comes into force. This drops the Commission and Committee of art museum essays, Ministers from the process and allows access direct to the Court, though with the same two levels of decisions as to admissibility (3 judges and final decisions (7 or 17 judges) but with possible appeal to essay competition the latter Grand Chamber. Convention impact in the UK Despite these difficulties, there have been about two dozen cases from the UK to the European Court of Human Rights and art museum adverse judgments have prompted some profound changes in law. Here are some recent examples through the European Court of Human Rights and these include the full list of cases before the European Court of Human Rights starting from 1996 up until now: [The cases in bold are the most interesting ones so far and it may help the essay cow, readers to choose which of these cases to examine!] Overall Britain has had quite a large number of applications and adverse decisions. But contrary to some rumours, the rate of violation found by the Court is not wildly out of line with other countries of a similar population size (slightly better than France, much better than Italy, much worse than Germany). And account must also be taken of the essays, fact that almost all the other countries - France, Germany, Italy - have constitutional courts which can often avoid the washing of dirty linen in Strasbourg. Applications in 1994 to.

References to E Ct HR 1960-97. Adverse judgments of E Ct HR. English law and the European Convention. Relationships with UK law up to present As an instrument of international law, the Convention was not per principals resume se directly part of UK law. It had not been enacted by the UK Parliament in the same way as, say, the Treaty of Rome 1957 was reflected in the European Communities Act 1972. Essays. Nevertheless, even before the Human Rights Bill, the Convention has affected UK law in a number of ways. First it provides a spur to legislation. In order to comply with its international obligations, the UK government must attempt to secure legislative reform whenever it is found to be in breach or a potential breach is on domestic cow looming. Legislation prompted by the European Convention, at least in part, includes, for example, the Contempt of Court Act 1981.

Next, the Convention is considered by the courts. With regard to essays statutes, the English courts, adopting the rule of construction that Parliament does not intend to legislate contrary to cambridge essay competition UK international law, have stated that the essays, requirements of the Convention ought to be considered by them, though this applies only essays man and the sea, where English statute law is unsettled or ambiguous or is directly seeking to art museum essays implement Convention requirements. The position in regard to resume services dallas tx common law is perhaps more difficult to predict and may depend to some extent on judicial taste. In Derbyshire County Council v Times Newspapers , the art museum, House of Lords concluded that the Convention had no relevance to planning your the interpretation of the common law libel rules as to whether local corporations could bring an action, in art museum contrast to the reverse stance taken in the same case in the Court of Appeal. It is more widely accepted that clear and the old man and settled common law should not be overturned on the basis of the Convention. Another path for infiltration is that the Convention is an accepted principle of art museum, European Community law, so it must be considered in essay cow all cases where Community law is being interpreted or applied. Relationships with UK law in the future The Labour Government#146;s election manifesto for the May 1997 campaign gave a firm commitment to incorporate by statute the art museum, European Convention into UK law.

This commitment reflects a party consultation paper, Bringing Rights Home , which had been issued in December 1996. We now have the details of these proposals in the White Paper, Rights Brought Home , and in the Human Rights Bill 1997-98. The following are the main features of the proposed legislation with some comments and cambridge competition analysis on what is essays said and what is christina essay not said. Art Museum. (See also the House of Commons, Library Research Papers, The Human Rights Bill [HL], Bill 119 of 1997/98, No: 98/24, February 1998.) (a) The central feature is the indirect incorporation of the essay on domestic, European Convention into UK law. But this immediately raises questions as to what parts of the essays, Convention are incorporated and who they apply to. The parts of the Convention covered are (by clause 1 and resume Schedule 1) Articles 1 to 12, and art museum the Bill also requires regard to planning essay the decisions of the Court, Commission and Council on these provisions (clause 2). However, Article 13 is not included and this may be a significant omission. It requires states to provide effective remedies for Convention rights in their national laws. Its exclusion suggests that it is not intended that the Bill should be used by the judges as the basis for major legal surgery; they are to be confined to cl.8 remedies but not the invention of wholly new causes of art museum essays, action or legal doctrines. Conversely, Article 15 is on domestic included. This allows a state to derogate from essays its obligations to respect rights.

This is currently in use in Northern Ireland to allow the detention of terrorist suspects for 7 days without any judicial authorisation as authorised by the Prevention of Terrorism Act. This will continue, and principals the existing derogation is recognised (under clause 14 and Schedule 2) for 5 years. (b) The Bill is to apply to public authorities and it becomes unlawful for them to act in a way which is incompatible with the Convention (clause 6). There is a wide definition of public authority - it includes local and art museum essays central government, authorities exercising public functions (this could include utilities companies) and blueprinting also the courts. An amendment in the House of Lords excludes bodies or courts acting in accord with religious doctrines (unless they contravene the criminal law) eg cl.2(4), 6(5), 7(8).

There has also been a lot of art museum, debate about the resume writing, Press Complaints Commission but it is essays in, subject to a proposed clause emphasising freedom of speech. Parliament (except the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords) is expressly not part of the definition of public authority. Parliament can choose to christina kubisch essay override or disregard rights as it so wishes. And the public authority is excused if it could not act any other way because of clear primary legislation. (c) As for the courts, the Bill means that the interpretation and development of common law and the interpretation of statutes especially must take the Convention into account according to clause 2. It becomes a relevant consideration even in litigation between purely private parties, though by its vague nature will rarely determine per se any result. So, the courts must interpret the laws (past, present and future) as far as possible in a manner which is consistent with what they interpret as the requirements of the Convention. In practical terms, this will extend the indirect impact of the Convention in English law by ensuring it can come into play in all cases, including (unlike at essays, present) where a statute is clear within its own terms or where common law is settled. Cambridge Essay Competition. Convention arguments are also more likely to art museum essays be raised in UK courts in order to ensure the exhaustion of domestic remedies so as to permit a subsequent application to Strasbourg. But this is not direct incorporation in principals resume the view of the Lord Chancellor - the Convention is not decisive - it is a shaper not a mover. (d) The Convention can be raised as an argument in any court at any stage of a normal case or it can be used as the foundation for an action in which case the process is to be by way of judicial review or appeal (clauses 7, 9).

So, the Convention right may be used as an argument in two ways. In most cases, it will be part of an argument about interpretation - asking for one meaning to be adopted rather than another. This could arise in a magistrates#146; court, though the prospect of extensive and complex submissions about Convention law may be a reason to decline jurisdiction in an either way case - is that right? In a small number of cases, there might be a direct challenge to the compatibility of the UK statute with the Convention right. Here the Convention right is the sole argument and challenges not the meaning but compatibility. Such a challenge can only be made in a higher court - not a magistrates#146; court or a Crown Court - the process has a similar status to art museum essays judicial review, so I think the resume tx, idea is that a magistrate would adjourn the art museum essays, case pending such a challenge. And the claim can only be raised by essays, a victim (clause 7) which seems a narrower rule of standing than for judicial review and one which should rule out actions by essays, pressure groups. If a higher court accepts the argument of incompatibility, then it can issue a formal declaration of incompatibility - clause 4. In the case of a statute under challenge, the declaration does not invalidate the law, since courts are not given the power to invalidate legislation out of respect to essays about the old man and parliamentary sovereignty and its democratic mandate - see clause 3. The position is rather less clear on art museum essays, what happens in resume relation to incompatible common law, since clause 4 only applies to incompatible statutes.

Total incompatibility is less likely because of the greater flexibility of common law but has already arisen in the case of art museum, Malone in relation to the lack of a right to privacy. Given the omission of blueprinting, Article 13, I doubt that the Bill requires the judges now to do any more - there is no direct incorporation of Convention rights. In summary, the courts are not to be given a strong form of judicial review. In other words, they may interpret legislation in a way which seeks to achieve compliance with, or minimal detriment to, rights, but they will not be able to invalidate inconsistent legislation and certainly must accept without question later inconsistent legislation which expressly states that it is to prevail notwithstanding the Bill of Rights. This has disappointed some human rights champions. However, it reflects a traditional Labour Party distrust of the higher judiciary and also a more positive belief in art museum the supremacy of resume services, Parliament (especially when your party has a majority of about 150). (e) Though the courts cannot strike down Acts of Paliament, they can award any existing remedy (such as a declaration) and can also award compensation for a breach of Convention rights, whether the challenge arises from interpretation or incompatibility (clause 8). Essays. But no criminal offence is created (clause 7). And it is not possible to essay be awarded damages in respect of the good faith failure of art museum essays, a court to recognise or enforce rights (clause 9) but courts can be liable for compensation - to be paid by the Crown - cl.9(3). Nor presumably can there be an injunction against the enforcement of an incompatible law (unlike under EU law).

(f) If a declaration of animal, incompatibility has been issued by a British court (or when there is an adverse judgment from the European Court of Human Rights), there is to be a fast track procedure to provide quick reform of the law. The Bill allows a Minister to amend any legislation by Order in art museum Council (clauses 10, 11), subject to affirmation in Parliament (clause 12). So, there is no need for an amending Act. This is itself a very worrying denial of democracy, and so there has been an essays about the old man and the sea, amendment to the Bill requiring the order to be issued in draft and giving 60 days for consideration. It is notable that responses to deep inconsistencies at this level are to be for Parliament not the courts. Art Museum. But don#146;t imagine that Parliament is the great advocate of rights in comparison to the judiciary. In fact, its record in planning protecting vulnerable individuals or minorities is often poor - after all, many of the cases I have cited arose out essays of the application of legislation, such as the the old the sea, Prevention of Terrorism Act, rather than out of common law rules.

(g) To try to ensure such problems do not arise, in future, Ministers proposing new legislation in the future will be required to make a statement about essays, compatibility with the Convention (clause 19). If the Minister indicates any doubt, then this should lead to questioning and debate. In addition, the government suggests a Joint Select Committee on Human Rights which could consider both pending Bills and wider issues. (h) The Government has now come out against the idea of a rights quango - a Human Rights Commission (except in Northern Ireland). It might be useful in order to conduct investigations and to help litigants. But it would cost money and it might simply tread on the toes of the CRE and EOC. The plans do not include a constitutional court (which could include persons from wider backgrounds and stronger political antennae than judges are supposed to posses). It would be wrong to over-estimate the immediate substantive impact of the Convention on UK law. You now know.

it was drafted with English law models in mind, it is essays about a rather reticent and essays conservative statement of rights. and has been applied by the European Court of Human Rights with a great deal of respect for about man and the sea national foibles. Furthermore, the White Paper and the Bill are modest and art museum essays pragmatic, and also expreslly respectful of UK constitutional traditions. The main reason given in the White Paper for these reforms is essay competition simply to avoid the essays, cost and delay of taking a case to Strasbourg, and only further into the Paper does one learn of the idealistic aim of ensuring that the law should better reflect the importance of rights. On the other hand, the incorportaion is a major part of a major new constitutional setlement which is emerging (it also includes devolution, reforms in Northern Ireland) changes to the House of Lords, and electoral reform). That we should view the impact as being more at a level of principle is principals a view shared by the Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine of art museum, Lairg who said in 6 December 1997:

This Bill will therefore create a more explicitly moral approach to decisions and on domestic cow decision making; will promote both a culture where positive rights and liberties become the focus and concern of legislators, administrators and judges alike; and art museum a culture in judicial decision making where there will be a greater concentration on writing services dallas tx, substance rather than form. See the essays, full speech of Lord Irvine of Lairg, The Lord Chancellor at THE TOM SARGANT MEMORIAL LECTURE, entitled The Development of Human Rights in Britain Under an Incorporated Convention on Human Rights , 6:45pm Tuesday, 16 December 1997, Law Society Hall, London.