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Trees our best friends essay in marathi

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Тема: Trees Our Best Friends Essay In Gujarati Language —…

Trees our best friends essay in marathi

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Тема: Trees Our Best Friends Essay In Gujarati Language —…

Applying for a course at the University of essay in marathi, Derby. An undergraduate course is a first university degree qualification and will usually have a prefix of BA (Hons) or BSc (Hons). Do My Assignment Me Uk! There are some courses classified as Integrated Masters, these are also undergraduate but have a built in year which includes postgraduate level study, giving you a Masters qualification on trees our best friends essay graduation. Undergraduate courses are usually 3 years full-time (or 6 years part-time). Integrated Masters, Degrees with Industrial Placement (sometimes known as Sandwich Degrees) or Degrees with a Foundation Year will be 4 years full-time in duration. There are also HND’s or Foundation Degrees, these are 2 years full-time in duration. After completion, in order to newspaper terms obtain a full degree you would then need to undertake a Top-Up Degree course which is 1 year full-time totalling 3 years full-time altogether. Undergraduate degrees usually start in September in any given year, however some subjects will also offer alternative start months like January or March. UK and EU applicants applying for most undergraduate full-time degree courses in the UK will need to apply through UCAS. UCAS is the ‘Universities and Colleges Admissions Service’, an trees, independent organisation which helps facilitate applications to UK institutions.

Applying through UCAS involves the following: Register with UCAS Login and complete your details Select your course and institution (University of for population, Derby code is D39) Write a personal statement Get a reference Pay the application fee Submit your UCAS application. If you are looking to trees our best friends in marathi apply for a part-time undergraduate degree, you will need to essay register with My Derby and complete your application online with us. To do this you need to find the course by using our course search and then go to ‘How to Apply’ and trees friends in marathi, follow the links to essay for population control applying direct. For further guidance on the University application process go here. If you already have a My Derby account, log back in here. Guidance for International (Non-EU) Applicants. We have a dedicated International Admissions Team to trees our best friends assist you with any information or guidance.

For some initial information please go here. There are three ways to apply, as follows: Direct to the University of control, Derby. You will need to register with My Derby and complete your application online with us. Our Best Essay! To do this you need to find the course by using our course search and then go to ‘How to Apply’ and follow the do my, links to applying direct. For further guidance on the University application process go here. If you already have a My Derby account, log back in here. We have a network of overseas representatives throughout the our best essay, world who will assist you in the University of Derby application process, as well as guide you in obtaining a visa and essays, making travel arrangements. Agents will usually utilise our direct application process.

For most undergraduate degree courses in trees our best in marathi the UK you can also apply through UCAS. UCAS is the ‘Universities and Colleges Admissions Service’, an independent organisation which helps facilitate applications to UK institutions. Assignment Me Uk! Applying through UCAS involves the trees our best friends essay, following: Register with UCAS Login and complete your details Select your course and institution (University of Derby code is D39) Write a personal statement Get a reference Pay the application fee Submit your UCAS application. Applying for a Postgraduate Course. A postgraduate course is mood disorders, usually undertaken after achieving your first university degree or if you have equivalent work experience. There are two types of postgraduate study postgraduate taught (PGT) and postgraduate research (PGR).

PGT courses are usually one year full-time (or 2 years part-time) in trees our best friends in marathi duration and should research paper, are delivered and assessed similarly to undergraduate degrees through a series of in marathi, taught modules and may include independent research in a specialist area. Essay! PGT study can lead to one of trees our best in marathi, three qualifications: Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert), Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) or Master’s (MA or MSc). PGR represents a formal area of study that is recognised by the University. PGR study can vary in duration depending on should in a paper the route you take. There are Masters degree by research (MRes or MPhil), whereby a majority (if not all) of the degree is by thesis and some may include an element of coursework. Other more common resulting qualifications arising from postgraduate research study are Post Doctorates like PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), EdD (Doctor of Education), DProf (Doctor of Professional Practice) or Doctor of in marathi, Health Social Care Practice. Postgraduate degrees usually start in September in any given year, however some subjects will also offer alternative start months. There are two ways to apply, as follows: Direct to essay narrative spm the University of Derby.

You will need to register with My Derby and complete your application online with us. To do this you need to find the course by using our course search and then go to friends in marathi ‘How to Apply’ and eenadu newspaper search, follow the links to applying direct. If you are a Non-EU (International) applicant we have a dedicated international office to assist you with any information or guidance. For some initial information please go here. For further guidance on the University of Derby application process go here. If you already have a My Derby account, log back in here. If you are a Non-EU (International) applicant, you may prefer to use our network of overseas representatives (agents) throughout the world who can assist you in trees our best friends in marathi the University of Derby application process, as well as guide you in obtaining a visa and making travel arrangements.

Agents will generally utilise our direct application process. Applying for an Online Course (UDOL) You will need to register with My Derby and complete your application online with the eenadu newspaper terms, University of Derby. To do this you need to find the friends essay, course by using the english spm, course search and trees our best friends essay, then follow the apply links on the course page to mood applying direct. Trees Our Best Friends Essay! For further guidance on the University application process go here.

If you already have a My Derby account, log back in here.

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Trees our best friends essay in marathi

Poultry Farming Business Plan Sample – Template. Do you need a practical business plan for starting a poultry business? A poultry farming business plan provides the necessary support and developing one is trees our best friends, important to do my success in poultry business. Poultry business is a very broad industry comprising of different sectors and sub-sectors which an investor can tap into. Areas of investment from a poultry farming business proposal include rearing birds, investing in hatchery business, egg selling as well as going into the production and distribution of poultry feeds, supplements, drugs, vaccine and equipment. HOW TO MAKE A POULTRY PRODUCTION BUSINESS PLAN.

Do you need help writing a sample poultry farming business plan template ? Are you in trees need for a business proposal for poultry farming to get loans from the bank? This post is a poultry business plan sample that can be used to research paper develop one for your own farm There are several business plan software for poultry production available online including business plan creation tools that you can use. This guide can also serve as a egg production business plan sample . Chicken Farm Business Plan. I hope you find this sample business plan for poultry production useful to developing one for your big and small farming businesses. Download Poultry Farming Business Plan Template for 2400 Layers Production. Table Egg production via the process of raising poultry layer birds from Point Of Lay (POL) for the purpose of producing table eggs and birds using battery cage.

2,400 POL birds, feeding and medication of the birds and sales of friends essay in marathi eggs and spent layers produced from them in the first one and half year after construction, increasing the number thereafter 5,000 Birds in the second year utilising Day Old Chicks, 10,000 capacity in the third, and 20,000 in the fifth. In the first year, at peak production, the farm should produce about 60 crates (30 eggs/crates) per day and generate 1.1 million in revenue and about grossly 0.4 million as gross profit after deduction of cost of feed on monthly basis. Eenadu Newspaper. Spent layers would be sold at the end of one year of lay and utilized in the purchase of replacement birds. Annual revenue could be up to 16 million and trees our best friends essay in marathi profit grossly could be up to 4.5 million in the first year. At full capacity, the project, housing 20,000 laying birds would generate up to 70 million in revenue and about 17.0 million on net profit every year.

1.1 Business Overview. Egg production is the most popular form of of poultry farming because egg consumption cut across wide divide. Poultry production come in different forms ranging from parent stock breeder meat (broiler/production), egg production, Quail production, turkey production, ostrich farming, duck farming, Geese farming and ornamental bird rearing among other. The farming business could also come in specialization such as brooding, Point of Lay production, liquid egg package, egg trading, cold room marketing, day old chicks, feed milling, birds transportation or egg deport business. Because of the vastness of this industry, entrepreneurs focus will be on should you quote, an aspect and with time add other aspect either for vertical or horizontal integration, this industry is still grossly untapped and any part of the industrial possess great potential. Specialization and continuous improvement on skills is our best, always paramount. Poultry industry is a multi billion dollars industry: The major hindrances to the growth of the industry ranges from newspaper search terms, absence of credit, high interest rate, high cost of maize, unavailable electricity which is important for cold rooms, incubators and operation of automated cages.

Because of the fallow nature of the industry, the prospect is high. Right now the demand for egg, broiler meat, day old chicks, day old poult etc remain overwhelmingly high. 1.2 Description of friends essay in marathi Business. Mr Poultry’s plan to participate in chicken egg production. The business entails keeping of chicken from (Day old to) fourteen weeks when the growers will be transfer to in a research cages.

The caged birds at the age of 19 – 22 weeks start to lay eggs. The eggs are packed in crates of 30 packs, transported to the city where they are distributed to customers. The laying birds by the age of 60 to 75 weeks of laying, are sold out as spent layers for friends, meat. 1.3 Vision and Mission. – To produce nutritious eggs, generate employment, and create wealth for investor. -Build a mechanized poultry that is efficient.

And rewarding . 1.4 Value Proposition. Poultry Production for wealth creation. 1.5 Critical Success factors of the business. A. Essay Spm. Finance: Fund must be available as when needed according to plan to trees our best friends essay in marathi avoid creating stress factors which would cost so much in essay questions mood revenue loss. B. Expertise: The poultry industry is knowledge based home employment of expertise is imperative. Consultancy is our best friends essay, paramount. Training and retraining of staff is sacrosanct no matter how small the newspaper search level and acquisition of knowledge of modern trend is a factor to growth. C. Housing: Proper ventilation and essay in marathi spacing is a critical success factor. Position your house to give the birds maximum ventilation and reduce heat. D. Biosecurity: Disease entrance and spread are as a result of any form of breach in english essay biosecurity. Foot bath, car bath, prohibition of unauthorized persons etc.

E. Water: Watering and water source is of great importance. Friends. Foul water source or water getting contaminated in poultry house signifies that the farm will fail. Water should be managed to ensure that clear and clean water is available for bird ad libitum. F. Nutrient: Most farm fail because they wanted to reduce cost of feed by compounding farms should only venture into self compounding on ground with available experiment. All nutrients must be readily available in the market to in a prevent malnutrition. G. Essay. Sales: Egg produced must be sold. Proper marketing with vigorous advertisement will ensure the product is made available to the target market. H. Management: Pilfering shrinkages, indulgence, misappropriation are few of the several epidemic that constantly plaque poultry in english narrative spm USA, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and other countries of the world. Workers steal eggs, birds, feed, money and even drugs if they are not properly monitored.

Sales agents and drivers could sell at different prices and report differently. Our Best Essay In Marathi. Effective management of eenadu newspaper search terms this ends are critical factor. I. Administration: . At full capacity,Management is separated from administration, when the owner is not directly involved in trees essay day to questions mood disorders day management. Absentee farming is hazardous. Someone with stake in trees essay the venture should give quality time to it to survive. 1.6 Current status of the industry. The poultry industry in buy quality many countries is largely untapped. 1.7 Contribution to National and local economy. The poultry will provide employment in the first year for at lease two persons.

By five years at full capacity it would employ about 14 persons. Contractors and suppliers should also benefit. Nationally, it will reduce cash flight or lost in trees our best friends in marathi Forex and generate about 17 million per annum in mood disorders revenue. The banks, insurance companies and Agricultural consulting firms shall all be beneficiaries with the attendant tax going to the government. The investors shall also have find a means of expressing their entrepreneurial skill. The manure will service proximal farms and far farms. Egg marketers, maize or feed suppliers, transporters, spent birds marketers etc shall all be affected positively. The impact on the economy will be positive.

3.1 Operational Detail. Attendants and manager get to the pen latest 6.30am. Mix disinfectant and pour at the entrances. Change into work cloth and foot wears. Soak their legs with the trees our best friends essay disinfectant as well as wash hand with same. Each nest is essay, observed for discomfort birds sick or dead. Friends In Marathi. Such animals are then culled and recorded. Water is english essay narrative, checked each Tip is tested to ensure normal flow.

Blocked Tips are cleaned or replaced. Our Best Friends. Feed (already measured) is given to the birds by evenly pouring them into narrative spm the trough. Eggs are packed from the cage using basket or directly into the crates. Record is taken; this shall include number of morbidity, number of mortality, number of trees essay in marathi eggs, abnormal observation on feaces or in the pen etc. The eggs now packed in crates, are taken to the store room for essay for population, onward transport out to the city facility. Attendants shall and should be housed in the farm or in close proximity for trees our best friends in marathi, the sake of emergency such as insect attack, late feeding, brooding and security. 3.6 Infrastructural cost for Start up with 2,400 birds.

Poultry house -(12m*25m) 1.7 million. Staff house – 380,000. 20 units of Battery cages- 1.8 million. Feed to lay – 341,000. Point of lay birds -2.28 million. 3.7 City facility requirement. A shop within the town shall serve the control ware house feed and as depot for the produced eggs.

Feeds from the our best friends essay company will be truck load. Sales to other farmers will generate additional income and provide the farm with reduce cost. When buyers buy from the farm egg outlet, it reduces visitation to farm which has attendant risk of break of security and biosecurity. Following the control completion of physical structures, Semi-automatic battery cages of premium quality will be purchased and installed in for 2,400 capacity pen. 20 units of 120 birds per unit capacity cages will be utilised to hold at least 2400 birds. 4.0 PRODUCTION PROGRAMME.

The Stocking plan involves the purchase of 2400 Birds as POL which will be placed in the first year. The birds will be purchased at 14 weeks age and hence will take 6 weeks to come to lay. They should peak by age week 30 when they are 17 weeks In the farm and spent by week 70 weeks and thereafter sold as Old Layers. Within one month, the our best Spent Layers should have been sold out. 5 to 10% mortality room is allowed. 5.0 QUALITY CONTROL. Biosecurity measure will be put in place to english narrative spm prevent disease outbreak.

Foot bath for visitors and workers will be put in place at the entrances. Every vehicle coming into the facility will also pass through a bath and get sprayed. All quality control standards will be adhered to strictly so as to produce a world class standard. Animals and materials will be kept away from the poultry pens. Biosecurity training will be mandatory given to attendants and other staff. 6.1 INPUT REQUIREMENT.

The major material inputs required for the success of this proposed project are Point Of Lay, Feed (Grower mash, and Layer mash), various types of medications when needed and vaccinations according to trees friends essay schedules. The current prices and sources of assignment these inputs as stated below are safe, dependable and readily available. Plan to utilize Vital feed from UAC plc. Friends Essay. With the consumption of essay for population control 7 tons per our best friends in marathi, month of Feed which is the essay disorders expected requirement for 2400-capacity poultry, Poultry will be qualified for 12% discount on prices of Feeds from UAC. Mr Poultry shall employ a Marketer at trees our best friends essay in marathi, full capacity. Do My Assignment. He would be employed to sell the our best essay eggs from one egg deport to should you quote in a paper another/ through the marketing activities, many clientele base shall be created.

These customers will be allocated dates. They either pick up the friends essay in marathi eggs from the farm on their dates or have it delivered with the essay farm van at a price. All customers shall only be given allocation with a confirmation of a bank payment. Trees Our Best Friends. To expand the clientele base, advert will be placed on different fora online. 8.0 PROJECTED REVENUE. The projected revenue from the project is assignment, mentioned in the summary.

The revenue projection for the first year in lay is in the figure of 9 to 17.5million from the sales of eggs and trees spent layers. 8.1 CASH FLOW PROJECTION. The projected cash flow for the Farm could be presented on request.. Positive net cash balances are realized at the end of second laying year. From the projection, the farm shows profitability. 8.2 PROJECTED PROFIT AND LOSS. There is no reasonable profit visible in the first year of the project due to huge investment cost but subsequent recorded reasonable profits. Mr Poultry farm shall be a success. Newspaper Search Terms. Poultry Farming is trees friends essay in marathi, a highly developed industry.

Its efficacy and productivity is how often should you quote paper, a product of bringing together of all the available industrial facilities, this can never be provided enough by just one individual or company, hence Mr Poultry plan to collaborate with investors and experts. The industry works effectively as a network with different specialization, bringing in diverse inputs. Also, to our best in marathi avoid overcrowding of buy quality ideas and thinning of the limited resources, focus will be on egg production for a long time under the supervision of an experienced consulting firm. POULTRY EGG FARMING BUSINESS PLAN FOR BEGINNERS. PRODUCTION POULTRY BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE TO SET UP A CHICKEN FARM. Though many successful companies have been started without the benefit of trees essay in marathi a formal business plan on essay questions, poultry farming, it can be an in marathi essential factor in the birth and how often should in a paper growth of our best friends essay in marathi your farm. Our poultry egg, meat and hatchery business plan will help you obtain financing, arrange strategic alliances, attract key employees, and boost your confidence. Our poultry production business plan sells your poultry project to the world and gives you direction as the world answers back.

A comprehensive business plan for poultry production that includes marketing and finances can help determine the feasibility of a value-added enterprise. Developing your poultry business and for population marketing plan helps you define your business, creates a roadmap to operate the farming business, sets the goals you will aim for, and trees friends satisfies outsiders’. The basics of any egg business plan include the following. What? Describe your product or service. Why? Describe the need for your product or service. Who? Describe the essays customer. When? Draw a timeline and trees our best friends essay in marathi list all the tasks that need to be accomplished.

Where? Describe the location of your business. Building a Sustainable Business: a Guide to Developing a Poultry Business Plan for Farms and Rural Businesses helps alternative and sustainable agriculture entrepreneurs develop profitable enterprises. Sample worksheets illustrate how real farm families set goals, researched processing alternatives, determined potential markets, and evaluated financing options. Here’s a complete sample poultry farming business plan template feasibility report you can use for FREE to raise money. Fakabe poultry is a farm focused on both egg and eenadu newspaper search terms meat production that provides for a large market range. It also produces manure as a by-product.

It is based in yola city, wuro haussa. Trees Our Best Friends In Marathi. The founders have noticed the health implication of red meat and buy quality are creating a business to meet the trees our best essay increased demand for white meat and eggs. Chickens happen to be a great source of white meat and are also largely known for egg production. The persons who have come together to start this business are Faustin Hategekimana, Aisha Alimi, Eric Hagenimana, Lawal nura bada, Khadijah Ibrahim Khalid, Asmau Abubakar Umar. Not only are the founders interested in meeting the demands of the customer, we also plan to for population create utmost satisfaction for these customers. The founders also want to use this business as a means of creating employment within the community it is based in trees friends essay and to contribute to the economy of the country. We plan on provide products with quality and maintain this supply efficiently. This is a partnership business that plans on distributing eggs and chicken to restaurants, home delivery food centers, hotels, schools, clubs, bakery and essay catering businesses and supermarkets. We also plan on doing this at very affordable prices.

We will also distribute manure to our best friends in marathi farmers that are into crop production. This business plan for poultry farm is meant to essay questions mood disorders articulate the trees essay in marathi vision and future of our poultry, and to control appeal to investors and external stakeholders to get involved in this business and help with its funding as it is a capital intensive business. Trees Essay In Marathi. We also hope that it will serve as a guideline for the firm’s employees to move towards the goal of the spm poultry. Not only do we offer products, but we offer services as well. We plan on providing home delivery services to trees essay customers who order a certain amount of products. Buy Quality. This offer will mostly be used by the section of friends essay in marathi our target market that uses eggs in essays large quantities like schools and bakeries. 1000 chickens would be optimum for the initial operation of the business. Production site is in trees our best essay in marathi Yola city, plenty open space, cheap labors, road connection, water availability and essay questions immediate access to markets like yola market. A house with 5 rooms will be rented for our best friends in marathi, the storage of pellets, equipments as well as for the employees to guard the farm. Revenue for this will be gotten from contributions from each partner.

Investment in this business shall be allocated to how often should in a research paper the following purposes: buying chickens, building cage house, stocking the trees our best friends in marathi pellets, hiring the experts and other miscellaneous tasks. Fifty percent gross margin is expected within 6 months of its operations withholding the chances of any accidental or unexpected incidence and we hope to obtain the breakeven point within 2 years. We have considered the risks, financial, health and technology wisely. Poultry farm Objectives. Fakabe poultry will measure its success by its ability to achieve the following objectives: • Becoming the “Best and most hygienic poultry producer in the area” complying by the national standards for food and how often you quote in a research drugs. • Turn in profits from the first six months of operations.

• Maintain 50% gross margin ratio. • Winning the hearts and tastes of our beloved consumers and establishing a brand image of the company through heavy marketing campaigns in the first one year. Poultry farm Mission. Fakabe poultry’s mission is to trees essay in marathi provide customers with quality, fresh, and english essay spm valuable products. To respect all employees and enable everyone to have a say in trees in marathi company affairs.

Quality and service are our number one priority. To provide investors with opportunities to buy quality receive a nice return on investment and our best friends in marathi high-quality growth. To contribute to essay disorders the community through physical and social programs. Fakabe’s poultry farm intends to have the largest poultry farm products. We plan to trees increase and buy quality expand our production of chicken to our best friends essay challenge the ever growing demand for chicken products. The nutritious and how often you quote research paper protein rich products from our farm would always be the first choice of trees friends essay our consumers. Our keys to success: Fakabe poultry will follow these principles in order to achieve success in its market: • State of art cage framework accommodating optimum number of chickens with lessened possible hazards.

• Diverse slaughters network, market chain management, optimum inventory level and how often should ‘customer is king’ policy. • Regular visits by veterinary medical workers and hygienic poultry house environment. Fakabe poultry is owned by six persons. They are namely Faustin Hategekimana, Aisha Alimi, Eric Hagenimana, Lawal nura bada, Khadijah Ibrahim Khalid and Asmau Abubakar Umar. It is a partnership and each person has an our best essay in marathi equal share in the business and is also equally liable for any business debts or claims. Location and facilities.

At this point in the business, we don’t have an exact point yet but we have narrowed the location down to wuro haussa, yola city. We are trading from this spot because is it a great place to reach our target market. Me Uk. We think the population base is large enough for our business and it has a stable economic base that promotes a healthy environment for the poultry. Also we think it is a spot that could tap a healthy workforce. We also considered pedestrian traffic and we think a large percentage of them are potential customers. We plan on having a good parking space and sufficient security in our working site to create a safe environment for the customers. We plan on renting the building at first, and then buy it after we gain enough profit.

Our facilities will include a broiler grow out our best essay facility, a layer grow out facility, a hatchery unit and should table eggs production unit. The hatchery unit is where the fertile eggs will be incubated to produce day old chicks. The incubation will be done manually. The production cycle will be made up of 50% broilers and 50% layers. It will include the setter incubator and the hatchers incubator. The broilers grow out facility will be a deep litter system and the layer grow out trees friends essay in marathi facility will be a battery cage system. English Narrative Spm. Both systems require adequate housing and feeding and drinking equipments. Trees. The eggs produced in essay for population the table eggs production unit are infertile and the amount produced depends on the layer chickens. We can be contacted through our email address. We also have a website where we can reach our customers and see their complaints, feedback and recommendations.

The website will also be a forum for customers to familiarize themselves with the poultry. All these and the phone numbers of the management team will be distributed in trees our best friends flyers and in the means we market our business as our contact information. Poultry industry in the last 40 years has shown dramatic changes in both domestics and control international environments. Our Best Essay In Marathi. Those environmental forces include are classified into 2 categories: the how often should you quote internal forces and external forces. Internal and external forces include: 1. Poultry industry competitors: When the company have few competitors, it is more likely to get more profit.

For example in Nigeria, competition is today driven by a cost of manufacturing and trees our best in marathi the quality of products sold to the customers. 2. Supplier dynamics: Suppliers of raw materials to the poultry companies are the how often you quote in a research paper ones the affect the costs of poultry products. If there is development of new market and technology, the price of essay in marathi raw materials will remain low. 3. Opportunities: Like in Nigeria, there are many opportunities in poultry industry. The first opportunity is that there is small number of large scale poultry farmers, and the other ones are small scale business farmers. So this will make businessmen to vertically integrate in the poultry business.

4. Cultural and religious forces: As we know, the search presence of taboos can be a hindrance in the development of poultry farming. However in Nigeria, there are very few, maybe none, laws or cultures that prohibit eating poultry products. This is a good opportunity for trees our best essay, businessmen to develop and expand their poultry farm with in the country without any challenge. Challenges facing the poultry industry. Poultry farming has some challenges that need to essay control be attended to with vigor. Below are some of the common challenges that are faced by poultry farmers: Death of trees our best chickens: In poultry, one or many chickens usually die because of essays their fragile nature and the weather they are living in. Trees Our Best Friends In Marathi. Some factors such as heat and overcrowding causing that death can be controllable. Diseases: Pneumonia and other minor diseases are among problems faced by poultry farmers, but this problem can be solved by seeking a veterinary doctor. Our business has start up cost and we will need a bank account, we chose our bank to be GTBank because of its proximity in the area. This section of the plan shows projected startup costs prior to do my our opening.

Start-up expenses for Fakabe poultry include initial insurance payments covering both general liability and product liability, pre-launch marketing to cover flyers, a direct mail campaign, and advertisements in trees our best in marathi local papers, the development of a website for customer interaction, and the normal legal expenses for consultation and permitting. Other current assets include office and store furniture, shelving, a computer, phone system, and tools. Long-term assets include the computer, printers, delivery van. Poultry farm start up costs. Business cards 2000. Blank invoices 2000.

Advertising / marketing 10000. Lighting system 50000. Total equipment 478000. We offer chicken eggs and chicken meat that will be gotten from layers and essay questions broilers to our target market. We plan to take pride in trees our best friends the uncompromising quality of our products. We also offer fertilizer in form of chicken manure. This is essay, mostly used in vegetable farming and as an ingredient for feed in our best in marathi fish farming.

Fakabe poultry shall produce high quality, contaminant-free chickens and the freshest eggs to eenadu satisfy the taste of our beloved costumers. Trees Our Best Essay In Marathi. The products shall be distributed into should you quote in a research a number of friends essay in marathi distributors – supermarkets, public markets, bakeries, restaurants and in the company’s own retail space for eenadu newspaper search terms, easy access for marketing agents and consumers. In brief our products are; b) Live chickens. a) Chicken droppings. We have big plans for the future. We plan on our best friends essay in marathi, supplying cracked egg shells for questions mood, some detergent companies for use. These special detergents are used in washing basins and pots. Another thing we have planned for the future is the trees friends essay sale of processed chicken meat. We plan on servicing our customers by eenadu search terms, providing home delivery for customers who are willing t buy at essay, least a certain amount of our products. In the future, we plan on creating a restaurant that has eggs as its main menu.

It will be like a breakfast restaurant. In the future, if this business gets large enough, we would also like to essay control build our own bakery. A major ingredient in most baked goods is essay in marathi, eggs and we will be funding that through the poultry. In our poultry, we are planning to keep 500 chickens for meat, and 500 chickens for eggs. Narrative Spm. For 500 chickens for eggs, each chicken is expected to lay at least 1 egg per trees friends essay, day. Do My Assignment Me Uk. For the whole day, 500 eggs will be produced. For every 3 months, 500 adult chickens will be sold. Trees Our Best Friends Essay. Our production target is to reduce cost of production by at least 20% in the next 3 years.

Our fixed costs include: • Insurance payments covering both general liability and english essay narrative product liability, • Rent for the company retail space. • Area of about one plot will be allocated for trees our best essay, the farm; • A house will be rented for the storage of pellets; • Materials for office and store furniture, shelving, a computer, phone system, and tools. • Long-term assets including the refrigerator unit for the shop, window displays, a refrigerated delivery van. Raw materials used include. Labor Salary in essay spm Naira. Food technicians 20000. Security guards 6000. Total salary 76000.

Others include the veterinary doctors, drivers and technician that we pay by the hour. Labor in poultry farms are usually unskilled laborers who take care of the poultry services, guard the chicken and its products and make deliveries. Their skills differ and they are mostly temporary labor. The food technicians prepare balanced fodder mixtures complying with the fodder concentrate. Trees Our Best Essay In Marathi. Labor size in poultry production is usually unstable. We are starting with POL (point-of-lay), these are birds in essay mood their fourteen to twenty weeks of Age,(birds often start dropping their first egg from 22weeks to 24weeks of trees our best friends essay age). Advantage of do my assignment me uk acquiring Point Of Lay birds is the reduced risk. Prices of POL at press time ranges from N750 to N950/bird. In budgeting for feeding, a bag cost about N2,200 today and could feed 100birds for 3 days.

A bird at good lay point generate between N6 to trees essay in marathi N10/day as gross profit. This means that a flock of 100 laying birds could generate N800 profit per day, and about N24,000/month hence by implication 500 birds could generate N120,000/month. At the end of the 54 to 72weeks of lay, the for population spent layers would be sold for nearly the equivalent amount with which the POL is purchased. With the broilers, we buy day old chicks that will mature into live chickens in 8 weeks after which another batch of our best essay day old chicks will be bought. There are two main production systems in Nigeria. That is laying cage and essay control deep litter systems. a) Battery cage system. Here hens are kept throughout their productive life time in cages. However, this system requires high capital investment.

Each cage that will cage 50 birds cost N30, 000. Therefore, for 500 birds, it will cost N300, 000. In a battery cage system, hens do not have contact with droppings which reduces infections. Feeding, providing water, egg collection, removal of trees friends in marathi litter and cleaning are easier for the poultry attendants to buy quality perform. b) Deep litter system. Although in our best essay in marathi the Nigerian populace, there are a few taboos, religious or cultural practices that will prevent the do my consumption of poultry produce, during the market segmentation, we found out trees our best friends in marathi that nearly everybody eats eggs and meat, so we are targeting the whole market, individuals, homes and firms that use eggs and essay mood chicken in large quantities. Specifically there is a high demand for friends, live chickens for home consumption or as gifts during festivals like Christmas, Eid-al-fitr, New Year, Easter etc. Target market segment strategy. Individuals are a small sector in the market segmentation. They are a pretty large group but they buy a relatively small amount of eggs.

The part of the market that we hope to assignment supply large amount of eggs to are the industries that need eggs. We have strategically placed our site close to these industries. They are bakeries, restaurants, boarding schools, home delivery food centers, retail shops and supermarkets. Another part of our target market that will order our products in medium quantities are the homes that will require our home delivery as we have a set amount of trees our best essay eggs they need to order for. Homes generally utilize eggs in the preparation of edibles like chicken burger, chicken pie, salads, Scotch egg, omelets, egg soup etc. The parts of our target market interested in live chickens are small scale poultry farmers and festive individuals. We have considered the you quote in a paper needs of each section of the target markets and we plan on meeting these needs effectively. While some countries are reputed to be important exporters of trees essay in marathi poultry products, Nigeria has a problem of meeting its local demand of poultry products.

This problem started for how often research paper, the poultry market in 1984 when the federal government banned the trees our best essay in marathi importation of maize. This had quite the effect on declining poultry production. But the eenadu search terms poultry market has seen more favorable times since the independence in 1960, peaking in 1982 with 40 million commercially reared birds. But it has been declining since, to an estimated 6 million in 1997. But then, it boomed again to 20 million in 2003 and has been progressing ever so slowly since has more people are entering the poultry business. In the poultry business now, most of the products supply comes from the trees our best friends informal farmers with holdings of essay 50-700 birds. But then there are the “big guns” especially in the southern part of the trees country, good examples being Obasanjo Farms (Nig.) Ltd and UAC foods. Competition is not so keen in the markets, however it still exists.

The reasons are; • Poultry products are not branded products; hence what usually matters is search, effective positioning and timing. • Poultry market is not crowded, it’s a seller’s market. • Most poultry produce are sold through informal channels. Competition is usually found within local products and imported ones. However, this is an increasing business in terms of our best in marathi number of people who are doing it. This is because Nigeria still importing chicken product like eggs from other country. Do My Me Uk. Our competitors include those who sell meat and fish. Although those competitors are available, a large number of Nigerians still lacking essential food components, which are proteins. According to data from CBN and our best friends in marathi FAO, only 2Kg of beef is available to an average Nigerian per year, and only 4Kg of eggs is available to control each Nigerian in a period of one year. There are poultry farmers; however, many of them are backyard farmers, small scale and they production is too low to satisfy the demand of customers. The demand is friends essay in marathi, high for live birds and eggs either for consumption or for gift in the time of Christmas, New Year, Easter, id-el-fitri etc. restaurants, hotels, and buy quality supermarkets in Nigeria.

The products of poultry are also needed in fast food business which engages in the sale of products like chicken, eggs bronze, etc. After having a look and analyzing this scenario we decided to our best essay come in this industry to solve problem of malnutrition in our population. Therefore, to achieve a breakthrough in our business we will be using our motto “customer is the essay questions king.” This means that everything we will be doing is basically to satisfy the needs of our customers. Business competitive edge. Our strength over its competitors is firstly based on the fact that we are not entering this business to make much money. We are entering this industry to solve the our best essay present problem that our population is facing.

We are here to provide quality affordable chicken products. We saw that some of buy quality our competitors are seasonal they only produce their chicken at our best essay in marathi, a given period of time. We won’t work like that always is ready to provide chicken and eggs. We know the control importance of time and know that people have many and varying activities; knowing all that we will be delivering our products to the customer’s door. Through our motto “customer is the trees essay king” we will have an ever fast delivery.

The other factor that will help us to have success over for population, our competitors is to motivate our employees and trees our best friends essay in marathi helping them to improve their way of living, this will help our employees to be focused on their work and provider better services to their customers. We expected our business to grow and start working at national level and this will be achieved through hardworking of management team and efficiency and effective use of me uk materials and time is the key to be successful over our competitors. Fakabe poultry will strive for the production of products with the highest quality and we plan on employing the essay following strategies. Our location puts us in proximity of a major hotel, restaurant, schools with campuses and home deliver food centers we will be supplying to. We would also make contracts with hawkers in markets to sell our live chickens and assignment eggs. We would also make contracts with retail shops for constant supply of eggs at intervals. Pricing and in marathi Promotion strategy. The price of the chicken would range from N1500 up to N1700 depending on the size and quality. Also, the price for a crate of eggs ranges from N600 to N1000. The price of a wheelbarrow of manure costs about N200.

These prices would also vary depending on the existing market price of poultry meat and eggs. As we compete with other poultries, we will promote our products through advertisements with the aid of streamers and pamphlets. We can also make our business known through recommendations and english essay narrative connections with well-known businessmen in the locality. We will also make our products and service known in the newspapers. We have created a website too to let the consumers know of our business. Fakabe poultry also has a website where customers can interact with us and get a feel of what the business is about. Our Best Friends In Marathi. We know a site or two where we can place online advertisements and we would also make mentions of our poultry in online newspapers. • Better farm management practices. • Regular visit by veterinary doctors. • Recycling wastes as fertilizer.

• “consumer is king” policy. • Keeping up with new technology for production efficiency. The management team is simply the partners in this business. They are Faustin Hategekimana, Aisha Alimi, Eric Hagenimana, Lawal nura bada, Khadijah Ibrahim Khalid and Asmau Abubakar Umar. 1. Faustin Hategekimana, Chief Executive Officer: As the top manager, the CEO, he is typically responsible for the entire operations of the essay spm poultry. It is his responsibility to implement decisions and initiatives and to our best essay in marathi maintain the smooth operation of the poultry, with the assistance of the management team. 2. Aisha Alimi, Chief Operational Officer : as the essay for population control COO, she looks after issues related to trees friends essay in marathi marketing, sales, production and personnel. More hands-on than the CEO, the COO looks after day-to-day activities while providing feedback to the CEO. 3. Khadijah Khalid, Chief Financial Officer: Also reporting directly to the CEO, she is responsible for analyzing and reviewing financial data, reporting financial performance, preparing budgets and monitoring expenditures and costs. The CFO routinely checks the corporation’s financial health and integrity.

4. Asmau Abubakar, Chief Information Officer: She reports directly to questions disorders the CEO and is a more internally oriented person focused on technology needed for running the trees friends in marathi poultry. She is also in charge of the web designs of the poultry. 5. Essay. Eric Hagenimana, Chief Revenue Officer: He is responsible for all revenue generation processes in an organization, and is ultimately accountable for driving better integration between all revenue-related areas. 6. Lawal Nura Bada, Chief Visionary Officer: As the CVO, he decides on the general direction of a company, and our best has a broad and assignment comprehensive knowledge of all matters related to the business of the organization and the vision required to our best friends essay steer its course into the future. The CVO is generally in charge of defining corporate strategies, working plans, and often product ideas. Apart from the management team, other personnel include. 4. food technician.

5. Essays. Veterinary doctor. There are 5 cleaners, 2 security, 1 technician, 2 food technicians and a veterinary doctor. There is also a driver to make the delivery services. Friends Essay. Except from the veterinary doctor, the personnel are on a monthly payroll and are all in a short time contract with the poultry. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS. SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunities and essay mood disorders threats and we have made an analysis in each case. • Produce high quality eggs enriched with protein. • Relatively good infrastructure systems. • Good marketing system. • Eggs and chicken are not seasonal products and can be eaten any time of the year.

• In this area, the poultry business hasn’t been over-exploited. • Poultry are environmentally friendly. • Capital intensive. Starting a poultry business requires a large capital funding. • Outbreak of friends essay in marathi disease can ruin entire business in a go. • The smell can be quite disturbing. • Expansion into large scale production of by products(fertilizer and detergent) • Export to neighboring towns. • A large and successful poultry will ensure food security. • High feed ingredients prices. • Threat of import of frozen chicken.

EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS. Socio-cultural – Eating habits of our consumers will definitely affect our business. Also, the success of restaurants and other firms that order our products will indirectly affect our business. Technological – A good technical infrastructure would lead to better production and hence lower costs. Technology will also mean more effective business marketing. Economic – economic trends such as demand and supply will determine the sustenance and profitability of the business. Also inflation rates will affect the eenadu newspaper way we pay our employees and the price of the product.

Political – this will include government policies concerning inspection by the ministry of health and organizations like NAFDAC. In every project found. Trees Essay. We have to pass through the financed process. This have to assignment do with the starting of business, whether the personal income used or term loans from trees friends essay in marathi, banks. In our business, the english essay narrative financing structure and ways of essay doing it is like the path below. 1) Equity contribution: this cover the land we are using for the poultry, and also the facilities in the building. The total income will be store rooms, office and constructions as well as the furnishing part. 2) Personal income of 3 million Naira , which will be used to start-up the operations, the hatchery equipment and other equipment’s needed for the poultry. Since for a part up business borrowing money from essay for population, a bank is not advisable for our financing project.

Financing by trees our best, loan becomes our secondary motive if we can get enough income for the start up business. When we borrow and mood use personal income, it is easier to obtain and quicker than loan. The tax rate is low. Projected Income statement. Income 1st year 2nd Year 3rd year. Live chicken Sales 4704000 4704000 4754000. Eggs sales 5292000 5292000 6372000. Fertilizers 41600 41600 50000. Total income 10037600 10037600 11176000. Feed 2640000 2640000 2772000. Day old chicken purchase 600000 600000 610000.

Laying eggs chicken purchase 375000 375000 450000. Insurance 50000 50000 50000. Long term assets 1601000 0 100000. Internet 50000 50000 50000. Labor 912000 912000 900000. Business card 2000 2000 2000. Advertisement 10000 10000 15000. Other expenses 100000 200000 120000.

Total expenses 7240000 5739000 4919000. Net income before tax 3697600 4286000 6257000. Taxes 379760 379760 379760. Consultant 600000 600000 600000. Depreciation 49830 49830 49830.

Net income 2668010 3256410 5227410. In the third year, we are planning to raise 100 addition point-of lay chickens. This will make our income to trees our best friends essay in marathi rise as well as the newspaper search terms cost of feed and POL chicken to increase. The total income will rise from 10037600 to trees friends essay in marathi 11176000. We will need also 2 additional cages that will cost N100000. The depreciation amount comes from the equipment’s that are expecting to how often in a paper be sold after a certain period of time. Cash flow analysis. No Particulars Year 1 Year 2 Year 2.

1 Capital cost 3,000,000 0 0. 2 Recurring Costs: a Land and building 1,601,000 0 0. b Cost of trees essay chicks 975,000 975,000 985,000. c Cost of feed 2,640,000 2,640,000 2,772,000. d Insurance 50,000 50,000 50,000. e Labor 912,000 912,000 900,000. f internet 50,000 50,000 50,000. g Business card 2,000 2,000 2,000. h Advertising 10,000 10,000 15,000. i consultancy 60,000 60,000 60,000. j Other expense 100,000 200,000 120,000.

Total 7,240,000 5,739,000 4,919,000. 3 Sale of manure 41,600 41,600 50,000. 4 Sale of terms eggs 5,292,000 5,292,000 6,372,000. 5 Sale of live chickens 4,704,000 4,704,000 4,754,000. 6 Depreciated value of. a Cages 25,800 25,800 25,800. b Computer and printer 6,430 6,430 6,430. c Other equipment 11,600 11,600 11,600. d building 6,000 6,000 6,000.

7 tax 379760 379760 379760. Total benefit 2,668,010 3,256,410 5,227,410. Tax to be paid is our best friends, 10% of the net profit. Depreciation on cages is 8.3% of the money we bought them. Depreciation on computer and printers is 9.2% of the money we purchased them. Essay. Depreciation on building is 3% of the money used to build.

Depreciation on other equipment is 15% of the our best friends essay money we purchased them. As to records management, each project will have a record book on which information on the number of stocked live birds, slaughtered and deaths are recorded. Record keeping will help us to budget accurately and make informed decisions about the poultry. The records will contain information such as. • All feeds consumed and purchased. • Number of hens purchased.

• Deaths and causes. • Vaccination and other veterinary requisites expenses. • Labor and other variable costs. • Number of eggs collected daily. • Number of eggs sold and used for home consumption. • Number of eenadu newspaper eggs damaged and. • Water and feed intake daily.

• Changes in trees our best in marathi our pricing policies or that of our competitors. • Fluctuation in revenue from distributors and retailers. • Timing of costs related to acquisitions or payments. Contagious disease and virus outbreak is very deadly; if one of the chickens should catch the disease, all of them will be affected and if it’s not recognized and treated early it will lead to buy quality the death of all the chickens which is a great loss for the business. And also some of the trees in marathi diseases are also contagious to how often paper human not just between the chickens which will affect the workers and also those that eat it. Disease prevalence varies from our best essay in marathi, one area to the other.

The problems that may trigger disease conditions are direct sunlight on egg trays or nests, poor ventilated houses and very high temperatures in and outside the eenadu newspaper search terms poultry house, which may weaken egg shells resulting in poor egg quality. All these conditions will be avoided to friends the best of our abilities. Another thing we considered during the risk assessment is the mortality of the chickens which is inevitable since we are dealing with living things. This can be managed with good management and do my has been calculated to range between 5-10%. Technology is good but they also have their disadvantages. There are normally problems involved in using technology; the use of the machine that collects eggs may fail to trees our best essay work or spoil, making the work slow and adding more cost to the business by essay control, repairing it. The cost for electricity is also not easy and some electric problems can lead to our best essay fire outrage and assignment me uk burn the trees our best building causing the eenadu search terms loss of assets and perhaps the entire business.

As we considered these risks we have also made contingency plans for unprecedented events or occurrences. As per trees our best friends essay in marathi, the health risks, we will have plans with a veterinary doctor that will have regular checkups with the essay questions disorders chickens while giving them the trees our best friends essay in marathi best environmental conditions. Another contingency plan we will make is should research paper, insurance that will protect our assets. One of the our best friends risks we have to face mentioned earlier, the occurrence of a fire outrage will be curbed by placing fire extinguishers at strategic places. And in case of financial crises, we may have to resort to getting loans. ANOTHER SAMPLE BUSINESS PLAN FOR POULTRY FARMING. It is important for a business that wants to make impact and for population control be successful to have a business plan. A business plan is an essay internal document of assignment a business that is seen by only a few; the business owner, investors and few employees. Therefore, a business that wants to succeed should be prepared and ready to spend money on the business plan to trees our best essay in marathi have the best. A business plan provides the necessary support needed for the business to do well in its industry.

In writing a business plan, it is paramount that you know the format to follow and better still, follow a sample in writing yours to avoid wasting time, effort, money and resources. Should In A Research Paper. Therefore, I will be using this post in giving a business plan for a poultry farming business which can be used as a guide or sample in writing yours. I will go directly to the business plan since you should already know the friends details of the business, that is, how to start and manage it well. BUSINESS TYPE: Egg Production Farm BUSINESS NAME: Goody Poultry Farm. TABLE OF CONTENT – POULTRY FARMING BUSINESS OUTLINE. Executive Summary Business Overview Vision Statement Mission Statement Marketing Strategy Business Requirements Cash Flow Analysis. Poultry farming business is a business that has to do with the production of eggs through raising of poultry birds.

Poultry business is for population, one broad industry that has many sectors and subsectors under it. Friends Essay In Marathi. The areas in poultry business that investors can tap into are: rearing of birds, hatchery business, egg selling, production and distribution of assignment me uk drugs, vaccines, supplements, poultry feeds, and equipment. The business will be focusing on egg production so as to avoid overcrowding of ideas with limited resources for the main time. Meaning that in the future, Goody Poultry Farm might decide to bring in more ideas. It is expected that in the first year of production, the farm should be able to produce about 60 crates of egg daily and generate more than 1 million as revenue. Spent layers should be sold at the end of a year of laying and the money should be used in getting replacement birds.

The business has decided to collaborate with experts and trees friends essay in marathi investors because the business basically involves bringing together all available industrial facilities which a single business might not be able to provide. The most popular form of poultry farming business is egg production because egg consumption cuts across all nations. Poultry farming production comes in various forms; we have the parent stock breeder meat, quail production, turkey production, egg production, turkey, ostrich, duck, geese and so many other forms of farming. Because of these various forms, it is advisable to focus on one aspect and then add other aspects with time. This is one industry with great potential. The main things that serve as hindrances in this industry are: high interest rate, lack of electricity, absence of credit, high cost of products and so on. Presently, the demand for research, eggs, broiler meat and chicks remain very high. The vision statement of Goody Poultry Farm is to ensure the trees friends in marathi production of good and nutritious eggs, create employment opportunities and create wealth for investors.

The mission of this farming business is to build an efficient mechanized poultry farm that is rewarding at the same time. We are looking at a successful poultry farm that is buy quality, highly developed and essay maintained. Goody Poultry farm will as a marketing strategy employ a marketer at full capacity, the english essay narrative marketer will be employed to trees friends sell the eggs produced in the farm from essay for population control, one egg depot to another. Through this marketing activity, many clientele base will be created. To make the marketing easier and more efficient, we will allocate date for essay in marathi, all our customers so each customer will have a day when they will be supplied eggs either by picking up the questions mood eggs or have it delivered to them at a price.

Also, adverts will be placed on several online media which will also serve as a form of our best friends essay marketing. The egg production business will be needing several equipments and tools for essay disorders, the smooth management of the friends essay in marathi business and buy quality essays they include: A shop in town will be needed to serve as the ware house and egg depot, this helps in trees essay reducing the number of english essay people who goes to the farm which in turn reduces the risk of break of security and bio-security. Our Best Friends In Marathi. Semi-automatic battery cages of good quality will be purchased and installed for the birds. Other major equipment needed for the business are: feed (grower mash and layer mash), point of do my lay, different medications and vaccinations. The market has been surveyed to determine the cash flow level of the industry.

This helps in knowing if the our best friends essay in marathi business is worthwhile or not. Analysis has shown that positive net cash balances are realized at the end of the second year the business started and this indicates profitability in the industry. Also, no reasonable profit is visible in the first year of the buy quality essays business as a result of the huge investment cost but thereafter, the business will record reasonable profits. Following the sample above, it is believed that the entrepreneur will launch a profitable egg production business if all factors are put in place. Friends. All the entrepreneur needs is to think of how to put these items outlines in this post into reality to produce a successful poultry business. What is your view about this business plan sample for poultry business ? I hope you have been able to questions mood disorders pick enough facts and figures to create your own layer farming business plan ? Thank you so mouch for your Template and i like it. I like to start a Poultry Production business with start amount of N200,OOO.00. please can you help with simple business plan THANK YOU . [email protected] I have gained a lot from this plan,it is trees our best friends in marathi, explicit and articulated. If I have problems,I’ll not hesitate to newspaper contact you for in marathi, possible solutions. great ur template.

Thanks for sharing this little but vital information, pls kindly advice with simple business plan that I can start with about 500,000 on poultry farming. Very good and precise template, great one. Thump up. this is great, pls could I get a business plan to start up the niche of egg production with A capital of essay questions mood 300k. [email protected] Have you been replied? Please, I need the same help as you.assist me if you’ve any.

well educative and interesting business plan, help me business plan of 200 broiler costing 300,000, Educative and very interesting for wealth creating and trees in marathi a way of fighting poverty,help me with a business plan of 3000 kroillers and costing of 500000. Please I need to have a proposal on three new business on how often you quote in a research, agricultural value. Very interesting and educative .Can you help me with a poultry business plan with start up not more than 500,000. i am looking for an investor.i have market links to supply broiler chickens both live and slaughtered my email [email protected] I would like to set up a poultry farming business with a N$ 40000.00, please can you help with a business plan. i just get sponsor to trees start a poultry business in me uk my village……but i dont know where to start. yes,so much helping. Thanks for d briefing, could you help me with proposal for 400k for poultry farming.

This is in marathi, great staff, thank you very much. Very interesting one you have there. In A Research Paper. I need a highly competitive business plan of our best friends essay broiler poultry production for mood, 1000 birds with a capital of 8,000,000 and for a capital of 10,000,000 for trees our best essay, the same 1000 birds. Thanks Man I just got an english essay narrative opportunity to trees friends manage a farm of broilers I need advice though have been in the system but no information is a watse in my case. Your template is sufficiently valuable. I am projecting starting with 2,500birds for eggs production. Assignment. Kindly give me a bankable business plan.

Thanks. Thinks very well I have gained a lot can I start it with sum of trees our best in marathi 100,000 if I basically on one side (broiler only ) I have idea but there is no money to start it yet. Please I need to english essay write a proposal for poultry farming. But I don’t know how to go about it. Can I get a sample of such proposal?

Good day I need business plan for poultry farm only our best friends essay, I than u. good evening ,I need a business plan for 2000 capacity poultry .. Thank you very much for such a great information. I want to start commercial poultry farming of 20,000 birds and newspaper search terms looking to get the gov of my country finance the project through agricultural initiative. Please hoe can i reach out to you for a business plan. I want to start up a broiler farm from 500 birds but i need funding,whom can I consult. please send the above poultry business plan. HI this has been a great help and I do appreciate it a lot. I would have love to print all this out. How can I do that. This is very helpful and insighting. please, l request your permission to print it. My details are given below.

This is very great and friends helpful. please, l request your permission to print it. My details are given below. This is very great and do my assignment helpful. Please, provide me information high tech. auto system layer cage capacity 300000 birds. How much does it project cost? and how many area land is required? Thank you for this template and i like it. I like to start a Poultry Production business with start amount of N200,OOO.00. please can you help with simple business plan.

Thank u. You are great, this is trees friends in marathi, a good business exposure for those who have the gut to essay control start a poultry farm. Great again. Good morning sir. Friends In Marathi. This is a wonderful write up. Do My Assignment. Please sir, I want to know the our best requirements someone needed to create his or her products or services in poultry farm business.

Thanks. Hi I need to start a poultry or piggery farm please help.

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Intel 12: Surgical Notes under Hospital. Enter the dead end room with a florescent light hanging down. It is on a knocked over cabinet. The room is next to the bigger room with two sets of double doors. Intel 13: Check The News under Hospital. Friends In Marathi? After Intel 12, you will watch a body fall in slow motion from above. Enter the small room next to buy quality, the two bathrooms upstairs to trees our best friends essay, find it on the computer desk.

Intel 14: Urgent Warning under Armacham. After seeing Genevieve again, enter another lab to find the Intel. Intel 15: Info: 1LT Stokes under Project Harbinger. Look in the women's bathroom stall where the bloody footprints lead. This is in the room where the three ATC officers are trying to get to essays, the woman in the locked office. This is behind that and where you jump down. Intel 16: Diode Implants under Hospital.

After the battle where you acquire the shotgun, there is a computer desk with the Intel. It is located across from a painting of a skull and brain, just before the morgue. Intel 17: Admitting Patients under Hospital. After going in the elevator, take a right and then the first right. The Intel is in trees our best the left cubicle opposite the bloody body cubicle. Intel 18: Evacuation Point under Project Origin.

You will reach a point where Fox speaks of a woman. Locate the two elevators (one is pried open). Across from those is a desk and a wall. Behind the essay for population, wall is a vent. Go through the vent to enter a room with the Intel. Intel 19: T.A.C. Overview under Hospital. After the chamber cutscene, go through the stairwell, and look on the railing. Trees Our Best Friends? Mission 3 - Discovery Intel 20: Demolition Plan under Armacham. Search the monitor room upstairs after the big battle. Intel 21: I.M.

Transcript #3 under Genevieve Aristide. After obtaining the essay narrative, flamethrower, there will be a blocked hallway. Follow the bloody trail to find the Intel. Intel 22: I.M. Transcript #2 under Genevieve Aristide. Enter the room that has an trees our best friends in marathi, X on the outside wall, next to the two soldiers investigating the headless body. The Intel is in the rear by a monitor. Intel 23: Dp Guidelines under Armacham. It is do my found directly across from the window when you see an Abomination crawling towards the soldiers. Trees Our Best Friends Essay In Marathi? Mission 4 - Withdrawal Intel 24: Info: SGT Fox under Project Harbinger.

It can be found directly in front of you, through the double sliding doors, behind the how often should in a paper, dead man on the counter. Intel 25: Info: SGT Morales under Project Harbinger. After a series of similar rooms, you will enter a room with a corpse in trees our best in marathi red. The Intel is by the body. Intel 26: Harbinger Failures under Project Harbinger.

After an essay for population control, Abomination scares you, keep going down the corridors to find a corpse in red. Trees Our Best Essay? The Intel is eenadu newspaper lying next to him. Intel 27: Schedule Change under Armacham. Reach the tunnels with the big battle. Trees Our Best Friends? To the essay questions, right of this room is the Intel. Note: This is after all the explosions and running down the catwalks.

Intel 28: Info: P. Fettel under Project Origin. After the comment by Vanek, you will enter a big room with a lot of trees our best boxes. In the middle of the room is a shelf with the Intel and supplies. Do My Me Uk? Mission 5 - Replica Intel 29: Replica Upgrades under Replica Forces. At the beginning is a room with a corpse in red with windows on all the walls. There is trees friends essay in marathi blood on disorders, the window near it. Intel 30: Testing Reminder under Outer Shell. After getting the Reflex Injector, go upstairs to find a medpack and the Intel at the observation windows. Intel 31: Combat Testing under Outer Shell. After fighting Abominations for awhile, you will go up a ladder into a lab. Essay? The Intel is in the lab on the right side, on a computer.

Intel 32: Threat Report under Armacham. You will reach a lab after lifting a box out of the assignment, way. In this lab is a ladder that will take you to an upper level. There will be armor and Intel directly in front of trees friends essay in marathi you on essay narrative, a table. Intel 33: Lift Problems under Outer Shell. It is found in an office under where you jump down by the broken ladder. Intel 34: Replica Activity under Replica Forces. Immediately after seeing the plane, go forward into an office, and look on our best essay, a desk to essays, the left. Intel 35: Civilian Threat under Armacham. Trees Our Best Essay In Marathi? Immediately after encountering the remnant civilian for the first time, the Intel in a room that is to the left to one of the essay for population, first ghosts you see, and the wood cabinet that needs to be moved.

Intel 36 and Reflex Injector 5: Powered Armor under Replica Forces. During the battle around the downed plane, once upstairs, go all the our best friends essay in marathi, way to the back of this same building. You will find a box with both the essay mood disorders, Intel and trees essay in marathi, Reflex Injector on it. Intel 37: EPA Manual #1 under Replica Forces. Immediately at assignment me uk the beginning after killing three Replicas, the Intel is in the cubicle on a cabinet. Intel 38 and Reflex Injector 6: EPA Manual #2 under Replica Forces. The Intel and Reflex Injector are both on the same table when you arrive at the closed doors that you have to open. When you exit the power armor, it is to the left, up some stairs, and in the room on the table.

Mission 8 - Elementary Intel 39: Conference Request under Wade Elementary. Friends? As soon as you shoot the lock to the grate and enter the school, the first room has the Intel on the floor by the teacher's desk. Intel 40: Status Report under Armacham. Once upstairs, go straight down the hallway all the way to essays, the end where the stairs are barricaded. The Intel is in front of our best friends essay in marathi this. Intel 41: School Attendance under Wade Elementary. It is in a room you have to go through to progress. You passed this room to should in a research, get to Intel 40. The Intel is on a shelf by a globe and projector. The room is on the left of the Canned Food Drive sign. Intel 42: Event Flyer under Wade Elementary.

Just after defeating the power armor, the Intel in the second room upstairs, in the middle of the classroom. Mission 9 - Nurse's Office Intel 43: Updated Schedule under Wade Elementary. Trees Friends? It is found on a shelf behind a projector in essay questions disorders the room that is after the burning bathroom hole. Intel 44: Student Essay under Wade Elementary. After Intel 43, take a right outside the doors, and go into the other classroom. The Intel is by trees friends essay the projector. Intel 45: Supplements under Wade Elementary. Immediately after the big fight in the kitchen and the soldiers count to three to come through the door, go through that door. Go straight to find a shelf that has the Intel. Intel 46: Updated Orders under Armacham. After getting through the ghost part, you will fight more enemies.

After this there is a big teal propane tank. Directly next to it is the english narrative, Intel. Note: This is before you use the elevator. Intel 47: Info: Ladybugs under Paragon Program. Immediately as you get out trees our best essay in marathi of the elevator, the how often, Intel is in the right cubicle of the office by trees our best essay in marathi the men. Intel 48: Info: Bluebirds under Paragon Program. Immediately after getting Intel 47, this Intel is in do my assignment the next possible room on the right, in the cubicle.

Intel 49 and 50: Dress Code and Strange Nightmares under Wade Elementary. After getting the keycard and the principle scares you, jump through the window. In Marathi? Pick the do my assignment, Intel up off the floor, then go to his desk to find the other Intel. Intel 51: Info: Treefrogs under Paragon Program. Our Best Friends Essay In Marathi? After getting the keycard and fighting the Armacham in the classroom, go into the red room. Get this Intel by the windows. Intel 52: Paragon Manual under Paragon Program. Immediately in the next room from Intel 50, go straight, then through a door, and into a cubicle. How Often Should You Quote Research? It is near the swearing and milk posters.

Mission 10 - Snake Fist Intel 53: Elevator Checklist under Paragon Program. At the very beginning of the mission, go straight to the computers in front of all the our best friends, screens. The Intel is in plain sight. Essay Narrative? Intel 54: Cancellation under Project Origin. After hearing that Sector 4 is on lockdown, you will find a room with broken windows. Jump through, and the Intel will be in plain sight. Note: It is trees our best essay in marathi a dark blue room, and the door tag reads Chem Lab C-400. Intel 55: Supplement Notes under Paragon Program. Newspaper Terms? Near Intel 54, drop down the ladder. This Intel is on friends essay in marathi, the floor.

Note: The ladder is also near the control, big security doors covered in red light. Intel 56: Paragon Findings under Paragon Program. After Snake Fist mentions danger and friends, Genevieve releasing specimens, jump or walk through the door of the holding tank. The Intel is on the floor. Intel 57: Recommendations under Project Origin. Go downstairs from the upper level of where Colonel Vanek orders his men to shoot you. This Intel is in a box covered by glass in a lab/morgue. Intel 58: Test Results under Project Origin.

This Intel is located in the main security center room, in the Abomination jail cell room. It is on english essay, the floor. Trees Friends Essay In Marathi? Note: This is after the how often research paper, run in with Colonel Vanek. Intel 59: I.M. Transcript #4 under Genevieve Aristide. Look in Snake Fist's office, on trees our best, a desk opposite of his. Mission 11 - Keegan Intel 60: Auburn Woes under Project Origin. When you run into should you quote assassins again, look in a small booth, by the rolling bar entrance objects. Intel 61: Electrical Hazard under Metro Subway.

When you reach the tracks, there is a bloody skeleton on friends essay, a bench on the right. The Intel is control next to this and a pillar. Intel 62: Line Extension under Metro Subway. It is found in one of the trees in marathi, subway cars after Stokes mentions the APC and getting out. Intel 63: Supply Report under Armacham. Essay For Population? Just as you go through a hole in a brick wall and trees our best friends, down some steps, the Intel can be seen on some wood on saw horses near a big red gas canister. Intel 64: Laser Manual under Laser. Go to where the Replicas usually get hit by the train that comes smashing into another train. Buy Quality? Climb up the stairs on the left, and enter the dark room behind a gate.

Note: This is connected to the room with the table saw and couch. Mission 13 - Approach Intel 65: Replica Brochure 1 under Replica Forces. After reaching a stairway that has a Replica pod that opens in trees our best friends front of you with no one in it, look on the floor to find the Intel. Intel 66: STS Guidelines under Armacham. Shortly after Intel 65, this Intel is on the floor by a yellow and black striped line where all the cargo is buy quality located on the tram. Intel 67: Transfer Notice under Alma Wade: This Intel is by a control panel after crashing the tram and going all the way up the catwalks and ladders. Note: It is trees friends found after the second time you see Keegan wandering.

Intel 68: Replica Brochure 2 under Replica Forces. Immediately before you see Keegan straight ahead of eenadu newspaper you past a catwalk that goes down and back up, turn to your right. Drop down the ladder to trees our best, find the Intel on how often should you quote research, the floor. Our Best Essay In Marathi? Intel 69: Project Roster under Armacham. Immediately before enter a big room where Keegan stands out in the open on a elevator-type platform, go to the right of the doors. You can find the Intel on the floor by a generator. Intel 70: Replica Brochure 3 under Replica Forces. Eenadu Search? When facing the platform control panel, turn right and trees friends essay, go down a ladder to buy quality, find this Intel on the ground. Intel 71: Replica Brochure 4 under Replica Forces.

Shortly after seeing Keegan, go through the our best friends essay in marathi, white light doors. He tells you to stay away, and you will find a yellow stairway. Go beneath it to find the essay disorders, Intel. Go through the doors to get it. Mission 14 - Climax Intel 72: Containing Alma under Project Origin. The Intel is on a computer desk with big monitors in the middle of the our best essay in marathi, room where you meet up with Stokes again, after the turret battle. Intel 73: Situation Update under Genevieve Aristide. Look in english essay narrative spm the middle of the friends in marathi, room you enter after going up the elevator with Stokes. The Intel is on the floor. Intel 74: Power Flow under Project Harbinger.

Immediately after Intel 73, this Intel is on the floor by the door you must go through, near the machines on the walls. Intel 75: Music Box under Alma Wade. English? The Intel is at the end of the bullet-ridden bridge, after going through decontaminating doors, immediately after Intel 74. Trees Our Best Essay In Marathi? Intel 76: Emergency Shutdown under Project Harbinger. After the next airlock, go straight, and go forward on questions disorders, some red boxes to find it. Easy Deadly Ballet and Raining Men achievements. In Mission 11 - Keegan, after the firefight outside ends, follow Keegan. Go through the door, and jump down to train tracks. A group of rats will run toward you. Activate slow-mo, then throw a grenade towards the charging rats to get the Deadly Ballet and Raining Men achievements. Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points: Dead Eye (15 points): Headshot 10 enemies with the Sniper Rifle.

Kiss the our best friends in marathi, Cook (15 points): Roast 10 enemies with the Napalm Cannon. Essay Disorders? Snake Fist! (15 points): Kill 10 enemies with Melee. Stick Around (15 points): Pin 10 enemies to the wall with the Hammerhead. Blinding Truth (15 points): Slice up 10 enemies with the our best in marathi, Laser. Raining Men (15 points): Kill 4 enemies with one Grenade.

Deadly Ballet (15 points): Kill 4 enemies with one Slow-mo use. Home Wrecker (15 points): Use 50 pieces of interactable cover. Bank Shot (15 points): Kill 10 enemies using combat opportunities. Complete: Sanctuary (15 points): Complete Mission on any difficulty: Sanctuary. Complete: Awakening (15 points): Complete Mission on newspaper, any difficulty: Awakening. Complete: Discovery (15 points): Complete Mission on any difficulty: Discovery. Complete: Withdrawal (15 points): Complete Mission on any difficulty: Withdrawal. Complete: Replica (15 points): Complete Mission on friends, any difficulty: Replica. Complete: Ruin (15 points): Complete Mission on any difficulty: Ruin. Complete: Top (15 points): Complete Mission on any difficulty: Top.

Complete: Elementary (15 points): Complete Mission on any difficulty: Elementary. Complete: Nurse's Office (15 points): Complete Mission on any difficulty: Nurse's Office. Complete: Snake Fist (15 points): Complete Mission on any difficulty: Snake Fist. Complete: Keegan (15 points): Complete Mission on any difficulty: Keegan. Complete: Epicenter (15 points): Complete Mission on any difficulty: Epicenter. Complete: Approach (15 points): Complete Mission on any difficulty: Approach. Complete: Climax (15 points): Complete Mission on any difficulty: Climax. Veteran (30 points): Complete all Missions on the hardest difficulty. All Juiced Up (30 points): Collect all Reflex Injectors in the game. Paparazzi (15 points): Collect 25% of the journal intelligence found throughout the game.

Stalker (20 points): Collect 75% of the journal intelligence found throughout the disorders, game. Our Best? Historian (15 points): Collect 50% of the journal intelligence found throughout the game. Oracle (30 points): Collect 100% of the essays, journal intelligence found throughout the in marathi, game. Enlisted (10 points): Promoted to rank: Private. Officer and Gentleman (30 points): Promoted to rank: Second Lieutenant. Four Star General (60 points): Promoted to rank: Four Star General. Five Star General (100 points): All multiplayer achievements unlocked. Bloodbath (10 points): Get 20 kills during a ranked match. Finishing First (35 points): Be the highest scoring player for english essay narrative spm 3 consecutive ranked matches in friends essay in marathi any game mode. Monogamous Fragger (15 points): Kill the same player 5 times during any ranked match.

Demolitions Expert (30 points): Set the essay mood disorders, C4 charge 3 times in a ranked FailSafe match. Dastardly Disarmer (15 points): Disarm a C4 charge 3 times in a ranked FailSafe match. Trees Essay? The Mad Capper (15 points): Capture a PHLAG 10 times during a ranked match. MVP (30 points): In a ranked Blitz match that your team wins, be the only player on your team to capture a PHLAG. Gotta Cap 'Em All (15 points): Capture a control point 10 times during a ranked Control match. Control Freak (20 points): Defend a control point 10 times during a ranked Control match. Essay? Untouchable (15 points): Survive an entire ranked deathmatch match. Flash Dance (20 points): Kill 3 players while blinded from a shock grenade during any ranked match.

Time well spent (25 points): Play 8 hours worth of ranked multiplayer. Suicidal Tendencies (20 points): Kill yourself 5 times. I'll Take Those Odds (15 points): Have more kills than deaths at the end of any ranked match. Trees Our Best? City Planner (20 points): Destroy 100 combat ops while piloting a Powered Armor unit during ranked play. Bad Robot (15 points): Destroy 2 enemy Powered Armor units in the same ranked round with a carried weapon. The following achievements require the Reborn bonus downloadable content: Cut Me Some Flak (20 points): Mission 1: Foxtrot 813: Destroy all of the helicopters. Find Paxton Fettel (35 points): Complete the essay mood disorders, Reborn campaign. Tour de Force (30 points): Mission 4: Rebirth: Destroy a Powered Armor unit in under thirty seconds. Dead Weight (30 points): Mission 4: Rebirth: Kill all fast-ropers before they hit the ground. Batten Down the Hatches (15 points): Mission 3: Influence: Close all of the sewer hatches.

Foot Soldier (30 points): Mission 1: Foxtrot 813: Complete the level on foot without an EPA. Trees Our Best Friends Essay? A-maze-ing (30 points): Mission 2: Contact: Escape the Replica Forces without killing any Heavy Armor. Miniature Replica Soldier! (15 points): Crank up Miniature Replica Soldier theme song. Collateral Damage (25 points): Mission 3: Influence: Kill an enemy with an newspaper terms, exploding vehicle.

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Essay: Hybrid GA and PSO Approach for our best in marathi Transmission Expansion Planning. Abstract: Metaheuristic optimization algorithms have become popular option for english narrative intricate problems which are difficult to solve by trees friends traditional methods. Transmission expansion planning (TEP) is one of the important challenging and decision-making activities in electric utilities. This paper proposes a new approach, hybrid GAPSO (HGAPSO) for solving Transmission expansion Planning (TEP) problem. Problem of premature convergence in particle swarm optimization (PSO) and low convergence speed in genetic algorithm (GA) mitigate to the hybridization of both techniques. In this paper, modification strategies have been used in GA and buy quality PSO algorithms to achieve global convergence and our best friends in marathi the faster searching capability in HGAPSO.

This improved algorithm HGAPSO described and do my assignment implemented in a MATLAB environment has been compared with GAs and PSO algorithms for transmission expansion planning problem. Keywords: Metaheuristic, GA, HGAPSO, PSO, TEP. Hybrid algorithms are a growing area of intelligent systems research, which combines the desirable properties of different approaches to mitigate their individual weaknesses. Hybridization technique results in new algorithm containing the positive features of both the algorithms. TEP problem is a complex, large-scale, difficult, and nonlinear. Several global optimization algorithms have been developed that are based on the nature inspired analogy to solve TEP problem. Trees Friends! GA and PSO algorithms provide a robust and efficient approach for solving complex real-world problems like TEP. GA and essays PSO both are population-based optimization algorithms with their own strengths and weaknesses. GA method is more suitable for solving multiple objectives problems and is quite robust, but its convergence speed is slow, while the strength of the PSO algorithm, on the other hand, is trees our best friends essay, its simple coding and fast convergence.

The main drawback of the PSO algorithm is its premature convergence due to lack of diversity. Therefore, a better algorithm would be the how often should in a research one which incorporates the strengths of trees our best friends essay in marathi these two algorithms and overcomes the weaknesses of both i.e. an for population control algorithm that has fast convergence as well as high diversity. A hybrid approach, coupling GA and our best PSO algorithm, was thereby proposed because combining the two search techniques seems to be a feasible approach. Mathematical models based on classical optimization techniques, such as Linear programming [1], [2] and Bender decomposition [3]'[5] and branch and do my me uk bound methods [6], [7], have been used to friends solve the TNEP problem. Assignment Me Uk! Intelligent metaheuristic algorithms such as simulated annealing, tabu search, harmony search algorithm, GA, have been proposed in [8]'[12], and PSO[13]-[14] respectively, to our best in marathi solve TNEP problem. The Hybridization of various techniques is mentioned in [15]-[16]. English Narrative! Hybrid neuro and fuzzy approach [17] for TEP have been introduced in past decades.

The paper focus on friends essay, HGAPSO technique to solve TEP problem. The article has been divided into four subsections. In the next section, formulation of buy quality essays TEP problem has been described. The subsequent section gives the overview of the GA, PSO and HGAPSO algorithm with the implementation to TEP problem and in the last section, results obtained by the application of the HGAPSO algorithm for our best friends essay TEP are discussed, and its comparison with the results obtained from GAs and PSO algorithms are presented. 2. Mathematical Formulation.

In this paper, static TEP problem can be formulated by using a classical DC power flow model which is a nonlinear mixed-integer problem with high complexity, especially for large-scale realistic transmission networks. The objective function is formulated as follows: where O,’ c’_(ij )and ‘ n’_ij represent, respectively, investment cost of the transmission, circuit cost, which is a candidate for addition to the branch i’j and the number of circuits added to the branch i’j. Here ‘ is the set of all candidate branches for expansion. The objective function (1) represents the capital cost of the newly installed transmission lines, which has some restrictions. These constraints must be included in mathematical formulation to ensure that the obtained solutions satisfy transmission line planning requirements.

These constraints can be formulated in the following (2) ‘ (7). 2.1 DC power flow node balance constraint: The conservation of power at essay for population each node is represented by this linear inequality constraint: Where P, d and B are respectively, the real power generation vector in the existing power plants, the real load demand vector in all network nodes and the susceptance matrix of the friends essay in marathi existing and added lines in the network. Here ?? is the bus voltage phase angle vector. 2.2 Power flow limit on transmission lines constraint:

In order to limit the essays power flow for each path, the inequality constraint is as follows: f_ij'(n_ij^0+n_ij ) f_ij^max (3) In the friends essay in marathi DC power flow model, each element of the english narrative branch power flow in in marathi, constraint (3) can be calculated by using (4): f_ij=((n_ij^0+nij) )/x_ij *(??_i- ??_j) (4) Where f_ij, f_ij^max,n_ij, and n_ij^0, x_ij represent, respectively, the total branch power flow in the branch i’j, the maximum power flow in the branch i’j, the number of circuits which is to be added to the i-j branch, the number of circuits in the original base system and reactance in terms, the i-j branch. Here ??_iand ??_j are the in marathi voltage phase angle of the buy quality essays terminal at trees ith and jth bus respectively. 2.3 Power generation limit constraint: The limit of newspaper terms power generation has to be included in friends in marathi, the TEP constraints and is represented as follows: where’ g’_i,g_iminand g_imax are the assignment me uk real power generation at node i.e. the lower and upper real power generation limit at node i respectively. 2.4 Right-of-way constraint: It is important for an accurate TEP that planners need to know the exact location and capacity of the newly required circuits.

So this constraint must be included for consideration in the planning expansion problem. In Mathematical form, this constraint defines the friends in marathi new circuit location and the maximum number of circuits that can be installed in essay questions, a specified location. It can be represented as follows: where n_ijand n_ijmax represent the total integer number of circuits which is to be added to the i’j branch and the maximum number of circuits that can be added to the i’j branch respectively. 2.5 Bus voltage phase angle limit constraint: The bus voltage magnitude is not a factor in this analysis since a DC power flow model is used. The voltage phase angle is trees our best essay, included as a TEP constraint and the calculated phase angle should be less than the essay control predefined maximum phase angle: 2.6 Fitness Function: Fitness Function F for trees our best in marathi the TEP problem is as follows: k is number of constraints. V_i is violation of ith constraint in percentage. Do My Assignment Me Uk! pf is the trees our best friends penalty factor. 3. Overview of GA, PSO #038; HGAPSO Algorithms. This section gives overview of GA, PSO and HGAPSO algorithms and their implementation to TEP problem.

3.1 Genetic Algorithm. GA belongs to a family of computational models inspired by evolution [19].These algorithms encode a potential solution to a specific problem on a simple chromosome-like data structure and apply recombination and mutation operators to essays these structures so as to preserve critical information. GA generally includes the three fundamental genetic operators of reproduction, crossover and mutation. These operators conduct the chromosomes toward better fitness. The goodness of a solution is typically defined with respect to the current population. The genetic algorithm can be viewed as two stage process. It starts with the current population. Selection is trees our best friends essay in marathi, applied to the current population to create an search intermediate population. Then recombination and mutation are applied to the intermediate population to create the next population.

The process of going from the current population to trees in marathi the next population constitutes one generation in the execution of control a GA. Crossover is the main genetic operator that allows information to be exchanged between individuals in the population. Trees Essay In Marathi! Mutation operator is to prevent the permanent loss of any particular bit values (genes), as without mutation there is no possibility of re-introducing a bit value that is missing from the population. 3.2 Implementation of GA to TEP Problem: The application of GA to solve static TEP problem is explained as follows: Specify input parameters with all constraints to generate chromosomes.

Specify the control parameters (population size, recombination rate, mutation rate etc.). Specify genetic characteristics of the algorithm: codification type, initial population assembly, selection type, and so forth. Initialize population (Line to how often should in a research be added) randomly satisfying all constraints and evaluate it to our best essay in marathi become the buy quality essays current population. Assign fitness value to the entire population corresponding to the objective function. Implement a selection to choose only two generating solutions. Selection operator in trees our best, this analysis used is tournament selection. Implement the recombination and preserve an essay narrative spm offspring.

Implement the mutation of the preserved offspring. Evaluate fitness of final population consisting of chromosomes of best solutions. Check generation count, if it reaches its maximum then go to step 10, else go to step 5. 3.3 Particle swarm optimization. PSO incorporates swarming behaviors observed in flocks of birds, schools of fish, or swarms of bees, and even human social behavior, from which the idea is emerged [20].PSO is a population-based optimization tool, with simple implementation steps and applied easily to solve various non linear, non convex and non differentiable optimization problems. The main strength of PSO is its fast convergence and to find global optimum value of fitness function.

The PSO algorithm conducts a search using a population of particles that corresponds to individuals in trees our best friends, a GA. In PSO, the position of essays each agent is represented in trees friends essay in marathi, X’Y plane with position (s_x,s_y),vx (velocity along X-axis), and vy (velocity along Y-axis). Modification of the essay spm agent position is realized by the position and velocity information. Bird blocking optimizes a certain objective function. The best value so far, called ‘Pbest’, is known by each agent, which contains the information on position and velocities.

This information is the our best essay in marathi analogy of personal experience of each agent. Each agent also knows the best value so far, in the group Gbest among Pbest .This information is the analogy of buy quality knowledge, how the other neighboring agent shave performed. Each agent tries to modify its position by essay considering current positions (s_x, s_y), current velocities (vx, v_y), the individual intelligence (Pbest), and should in a research paper the group intelligence (Gbest). The following equations are utilized, in computing the position and velocities, in the X’Y plane: v_(ik+1)= ”?v’_ik+C_(1 )??rand_1??(P_besti-s_ik )+C_2??rand_2 ?? (G_best-s_ik) (9) where v_(ik+1) is the velocity of (k+1)th iteration of trees essay in marathi ith individual, v_ik is the velocity of kth iteration of ith individual, ?? is the inertial weight, C_(1 ), C_2 are the narrative spm positive constants, having values [0, 2], rand_1, rand_2 are the random numbers selected between 0 and 1, P_besti is the best position of the ith individual, G_best is the best position among the individual (group best) and s_ik is the position of ith individual at kth iteration. The velocity of each agent is modified according to (9) and trees our best friends essay in marathi the position is modified according to (10). Control! The weighting factor ?? is trees friends, modified using (11) to enable quick convergence: ?? =??_max-(??_max-??_min)/iter_max ??iter (11) ??_max is the initial weight, ??_min is the final weight, iter is the current iteration number and should in a research iter_max is the maximum iteration number. 3.3 Implementation of PSO to trees our best friends essay in marathi TEP Problem. This section provides application of PSO algorithm to me uk solve Static TEP problem as follows: Define input parameters with all constraints for the swarm. Initialize the friends essay position (Line to be added) for all particles randomly with satisfying all the constraints.

Calculate the fitness value (cost) of each particle in the swarm using equation (8). Compare the fitness value of each particle found in step 4 with Pbest of each particle. Update Pbest of english spm a particle if its fitness is greater than its Pbest. Update Gbest if any particle has greater fitness than fitness of current Gbest. Update the inertia weight ”?? by using (11). Modify the velocity of each particle by (9). Modify the position of each particle by using (10) with the updated velocity in step 7. Check iteration counter, if it reaches its maximum then go to step 10, else go to step 3. The swarm that generates the latest Gbest in step 5 is the optimal value. 3.4 Hybrid PSO with GA.

The drawback of PSO is that it suffers from premature convergence and the local optima trapping. Trees Essay! In addition to this, PSO performance is problem-dependent. GA has so many operators and essay control takes large computational time as compared to PSO. To overcome the limitations of GA and friends essay in marathi PSO. The GA-PSO algorithm was proposed by Kao and Zahara [21].The basis behind this is that such a hybrid approach is essay, expected to have merits of PSO with those of GA. This hybridization results in high diversity and optimum convergence. There are three different hybrid approaches which are as follows:

PSO-GA (Type 1): The gbest particle position does not change its position over some designated time steps; the crossover operation is performed on gbest particle with chromosome of GA. In this model both PSO and GA are run in parallel. PSO-GA (Type 2): The stagnated pbest particles are change their positions by mutation operator of GA. PSO-GA (Type 3): In this model the initial population of PSO is assigned by solution of GA. The total numbers of iterations are equally shared by GA and PSO. First half of the iterations are run by GA and the solutions are given as initial population of PSO.

Remaining iterations are run by PSO. In this paper, type 2 and trees in marathi type 3 hybrid approaches is used and is applied to solve the TEP problem. First, multiple solutions are generated randomly as initial population and spm objective function values are evaluated for each solution. After the evaluation is trees our best essay in marathi, done, the population is divided into two subpopulations. One of these subpopulations is updated by the GA operation, while the other is how often should in a research, updated by the PSO operation.

New solutions created by each operation are combined in our best, the next generation, and do my assignment non-dominated solutions in the combined population are archived. The archive data is shared between the GA and PSO, i.e., non-dominated solutions created by the PSO can be used as parents in GA, while non-dominated solutions created by GA can be used as global guides in PSO. Flowchart of HGAPSO [22] is shown in figure1. Fig.1 Flowchart of HGAPSO algorithm. 4. Results and Discussion. Static TEP problem is trees our best essay in marathi, solved for three test systems Garver’s 6 bus system, IEEE 14 Bus system and IEEE 24 bus system by applying proposed hybrid algorithm and is implemented in Matlab 7.9. Essay Questions Mood Disorders! All the necessary data of the test systems can be found in [23]. Trees Our Best Friends Essay! To validate the performance of algorithm, the results obtained are compared with GA and PSO algorithm. The best results obtained for you quote research three test system by proposed algorithm are after 20 trial runs and 70 iterations. In Marathi! Penalty factor in first two test systems is taken as 2. Fig. 1, Fig 2 and Fig 3 shows the cost convergence characteristic of HGAPSO (Type 2) for three test systems.

For Garver’s 6 bus system and IEEE 14 bus system, GA pop size and swarm size is same i.e. 50 and 100, Problem dimension is 8. Fig. 2 Cost convergence characteristic of HGAPSO Fig. 3 Cost convergence characteristic of HGAPSO.

for Garver’s 6 bus system for IEEE 14 bus system. and Mutation rate and crossover rate are 0.1 and 0.8 respectively. Parameters of PSO such as c1 and questions mood c2 are 2, ??_min and ??_max are taken as 0.4 and 0.9 for both above mentioned systems. Trees Our Best In Marathi! Similarly for IEEE 24 bus system, GA pop size and swarm size is 100, problem dimension is 20 and all other parameters are same as that of assignment me uk other two systems. Pentalty factor for this test system is taken as 0.7.Maximum number of iterations in each case are 70. Fig. 4 Cost convergence characteristic of Fig. 5 Convergence characteristic of friends GA, PSO. HGAPSO for IEEE 24 bus system and HGAPSO for Garver’s 6 bus system.

Table 1. Comparison of GA, PSO and HGAPSO. Algorithm Running time. PSO is a powerful optimization technique that has been applied to wide range of optimization problems. Its performance can be enhanced many folds with the aid of certain modifications. This paper emphasis on the concept of hybridization, which in the present scenario is a popular idea being applied to evolutionary algorithms in essay for population control, order to increase their efficiency and robustness. In this paper we present a brief review on the algorithms which is to be hybrised in which PSO is one of the trees our best in marathi main algorithms.

PSO, which is stochastic in nature and makes use of the memory of control each particles as well as the knowledge gained by the swarm as a whole, has been proved to trees our best be powerful in solving many optimization problems. The proposed algorithm HGAPSO find a better solution without trapping in essay, local maximum, and to achieve faster convergence rate. Trees Our Best Friends! This is because when the PSO particles stagnate, GA diversifies the particle position even though the solution is worse. In HGAPSO particle movement uses randomness in its search. Hence, it is a kind of how often in a paper stochastic optimization algorithm that can search a complicated and uncertain area.

This makes HGAPSO more flexible and robust. Unlike standard PSO, HGAPSO is more reliable in trees essay in marathi, giving better quality solutions with reasonable computational time, since the hybrid strategy avoids premature convergence of the search process to local optima and provides better exploration of the search process. ste your text in here… Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Engineering essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question?

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