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Essay my life story

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My Life Story Essay

Essay my life story

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The Story of My Life Essay - 1705 Words

Bad Cover Letter Examples: How To Fix Those Annoying Mistakes. Essay My Life Story? As someone who has screened many thousands of the historical of early modern, resumes, I thought you might enjoy a post with examples of serious cover letter mistakes that job candidates make all the time. Essay My Life? For most of you, I don#8217;t really think your cover letters are filled with this many errors, but maybe you#8217;ll spot something that helps anyway. And for full essay those of you fresh out of essay my life story, college or new to job hunting for whatever reason, the little things really do count, including typos, grammatical errors, the way the letter looks, and even things like the font (type and how to persuasive, size) you use. Your goal is to make your cover letter as easy as possible for story the employer to read and quickly see why you#8217;d be so potentially special to them.

To whom it may concern: I read your ad for advantages the assistant position and would like to apply. As my resume shows you, I have a lot of essay my life story, great experience that you can use. And, IMHO, this job is exactly what I want. Please review my resume and call me soon to schedule an interview. I am so eager to meet you.

Hope to CU soon. This one has a bunch of things to persuasive essay teach us. Some very basic review points: Don#8217;t use #8220;To whom it may concern#8221;. Do your research and find a name. Try hard.

If you can#8217;t, use something like #8220;Dear Hiring Manager#8221;. Please #8230; no texting lingo. Use real words written in my life story plain English. Cool it on full on smoking exclamation points. #128578; Help them see why you fit the job and story, what you can do for them. Give your phone number so they have it right there in front of them on the letter itself. Essay On Arranged Marriage? Shows you are considering their needs #8212; and may make them more likely to pick up that phone. In general: If you#8217;re the my life, only person applying and are about essay on arranged marriage 18 years old, and the job requires no real experience, and essay, the person reading it is curious to see who this ball of enthusiasm is, this may get you the interview anyway. But you can be enthusiastic (good to use a natural voice), and full essay on smoking, still present yourself more professionally. Essay My Life? How you present yourself can set the stage for how you are treated.

Example of how to do a persuasive essay conclusion, a good cover letter that will get you more interviews. Just tailor it to you and essay, the job, without coming off as OMG as Debbie did: = Sample Cover Letter with Targeting Help. Hope you are having a good day. Advantages Of Water? I want to help make it better by telling you all the essay my life, reasons I am exactly right for your opening for a sales manager: I have always dreamed about working for your company. Essay? The commuting distance is great. The salary is exactly what I#8217;ve been looking for. This is exactly the next step I want in my career. Please call me at 555-555-5555 so we can explore this further. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

The biggest mistake poor Debbie makes here is that she is talking about all the essay my life story, reasons the job is right for her. Essay? You want to use your cover letter to make the strongest case for why you are right for THEM. Not that you can#8217;t mention how this fits your needs also, but you want to show the employer that your focus is on them and not on only you. They see that as an indication of what you#8217;ll be like if you get the my life, job. And, in essay the end, a great employee looks out for the company #8212; while also looking out for themselves, of course.

I am applying for the junior business process analyst job that I saw listed on I feel there is an excellent fit and would like to tell you a few of the key accomplishments I bring with me: Named employee of the essay story, year when I worked as a sales clerk at StoresRUs. Wrote ad copy and essay on arranged, PR releases for StoresRUs to support exec sales team. Got excellent reviews and was promoted three times in two years. Helped on a project to story improve employee training.

Wrote occasional (well-received) articles for the company website. Please call me at 555-555-5555 so we can explore this further. I look forward to on arranged marriage hearing from my life story you soon. Here our plucky Debbie makes an effort to come up with things an full, employer might like. But she doesn#8217;t connect the dots for the employer. My Life? She needs to clearly list 4 or 5 skills and accomplishments that directly point to the junior business process analyst job she is applying for. Has she analyzed things?

Prepared reports? Done diagrams or presentations? When she worked on process improvement, what exactly did she make happen? You should use the job description to help isolate those key things you have done or skills you already have that the employer is the historical anthropology modern and communication looking for. And if you don#8217;t have enough direct skills that match the new job, you should do your very best to use things you already have that you can show are transferable . Your cover letter is a great place to help the employer see the connection from you to them, especially if it isn#8217;t obvious. Essay My Life Story? = What Are Transferable Skills Why Do They Matter? I am applying for your opening for anthropology of early on perception the Environmental Projects Coordinator position. I was born to get this job. Please let me explain why I am such a good match. As a little girl, my two brothers and I used to go camping with my parents.

We were taught to respect nature, and to this day there is my life story nothing I love more than camping and the great outdoors. I even joined the girl scouts when I was young, so I could improve my camping and nature skills. I am proud to say that I earned many badges. Then, when I got older, I got caught up in trying to make money, and wound up spending the the historical modern italy on perception, next ten years of my life working in accounting. I did well and got great reviews, but my heart wasn#8217;t in it. I used to sit and think about my life my next vacation, always feeling like something was missing. And today, when I saw the listing for your job, I knew I had to advantages of water essay write to you. Essay? I could feel it in of water my bones that your organization and this job were the right direction for me #8212; something I should have done ages ago. Story? Since I read about your job, it#8217;s all I can think of. I really hope you are willing to give me a chance. How To Essay? I know if you do, I will have found the right job for me at last.

Please consider me seriously, despite my coming from a different background. I know I can do the story, job, and full, what I don#8217;t know yet I will learn quickly. Scout#8217;s honor! I can be reached at 555-555-5555 if you have any questions or want to explore this further. Story? Ah Debbie #8230; you offer a compelling glimpse into who you are as a person, but when I#8217;m looking to hire someone, I don#8217;t need to know your life story. I just want to know why you match the essay on arranged, job we have open now. If you want to share some of essay my life story, that (and no reason not to since it may resonate with the resume screener), maybe at most include a sentence or two on on smoking the topic.

But the rest of your cover should be about any skills you#8217;ve acquired and used over my life story, the years that match the job description of the position you want now, even if they are not directly related. Also include any accomplishments that directly relate to showing why you would be a great fit. (See sections #2 and #3 above for more on those points.) And whatever you do, keep your cover letter respectfully short. An employer may have 100 resumes or more to of early modern essays and communication screen. Use a few well-written paragraphs at most, sticking to the essentials with enough personality and tempting job-related attributes thrown in to essay my life story get them to essay on smoking want to call you. ¦ Resume Tips: How To Target Your Resume To the Job. ¦ How to Write a Strong Resume that Gets You Real Interviews. ¦ Your Resume and Cover Letter Story Work Together To Get You the Job! ¦ Why Cover Letters Still Matter Even If Some Don#8217;t Get Read. ¦ How a Great Cover Letter Got Me to essay story Give Her the Job. ¦ Cover Letters: How Your Cover Letter Can Help With Career Change! Resume advice: Your resume must contain keywords employers are looking for, and demonstrate the value you bring through accomplishments.

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The Story of My Life Essay - 1705 Words

overeating essay All online transactions are done using all major Credit Cards or Electronic Check through either PayPal™ or Moneybookers™. These are safe, secure, and efficient ways to make payment online. In the past, the rate of obesity was low. However, currently, the rate of obesity has increased worldwide. This increase in obesity is attributed to change of story, lifestyles among people. Essay On Smoking? People want to live a very comfortable life. Essay? This has made them change their diets; most people opting for fast foods and junk foods that contain a lot of calories. Furthermore, they are over-engaged with work, which hinder them to participate in physical exercise. Television and other forms of media have played a big role in spreading propaganda about fast foods, which has increased their level of consumption. The government and other stakeholders have a responsibility of ensuring that the effects brought about by these ads are mitigated.

The costs incurred through treatment of obesity is enormous and therefore a burden to providers and the government. Many people have lost their lives due to the historical of early, obesity. Various conditions and diseases have emerged because of the changing lifestyle of people. Obesity/overweight is one of the my life health complications that many people are facing. Obesity is a health condition where excess body fats accumulate in the body of an individual. This accumulation of body fats has adverse effects on health and may shorten the life expectancy of an individual. An individual is considered obese when the body mass index is above 30kg/m2 (Centers for disease control and on smoking, prevention para. Essay My Life? 2).

Body mass index is measured by dividing the weight of an write great introductory paragraph essay individual in terms of kilograms with the height of the person in meters. Obesity is one of the preventive diseases and one of the leading causes of deaths in adults as well as children in the 21st century. It has also caused most serious public health issues in my life story, the world. The diseases prevalence is increasing because of the changing lifestyles among the people. For instance, it is and communication estimated that more than one-third of the American citizens averaging to 35.7 percent suffer from obese (Centers for disease control and prevention para. 2). Obesity causes diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and my life, other cancer related diseases. The cost associated with treatment of cancer is high and in 2008, the medical costs associated with treatments of obesity averaged 147 US billion dollars (Centers for disease control and prevention para. On Smoking? 4). Obesity is also associated with people coming from high socio-economic status.

The high-income families have different eating habits. They mostly consume fatty foods, which are rich in high levels of cholesterol, which causes them to become obese. Obesity has become a big challenge in the society. The reason for essay story my decision to discuss about obesity is the historical anthropology essays on perception and communication its health implication to the society. The disease is preventive but it kills many people. There is need for essay story society to take their own initiatives to ensure that they prevent diseases resulting from obese. Furthermore, my personal experience and of early modern italy on perception and communication, encounter with individuals suffering from these health problems has increased my interest to study the area and find out more about it. Story? I also wanted to educate and do a conclusion, inform the society on the best approaches to prevent the disease.

Society has the essay my life responsibility of ensuring that their health status is good. Many people are ignorant on great paragraph essay causes of obesity, which is a great factor that has contributed to the increased prevalence of obesity. Overeating and consumption of junk food is high and people like such food because of easy accessibility. Essay Story? I am contended that this topic will interest the readers. The audience the paper targets include parents and children from different social economic backgrounds. The problem of obese is becoming a challenge in the society and therefore, there is need for all people in the historical modern italy essays and communication, the society to be aware of the causes and the ways of preventing such disease.

Even though obese was confused with healthy and wealthy, this was a misconception because the health of essay story, a person is not determined on the weights or body mass of the individual. Therefore, this discussion is aimed at countering these misconceptions, cultural beliefs that misinformed the essay society on the actual causes of obesity. Therefore, this discussion will play a vital role in transforming the behaviors of the society in terms of their choice of food and many other areas that may put their health in essay, jeopardy due to obesity (Centers for disease control and prevention para. 3). Overeating/obesity is caused by overeating and do a conclusion, feeding on foods rich in high contents of cholesterol and fats. Various researches have established many likely causes of obesity. The most prominent cause of obesity is eating/consuming a lot of foods that are rich in cholesterol and calories. Intake of foods rich in fatty or cholesterol plays a very high role in increased prevalence of obesity. Many cases of obesity were associated with developed nations but this has spread to the developing countries.

People in developing countries are emulating eating habits of people from the West. Mass media and technology has contributed in changing of lifestyle of people and especially in eating habits. Junk food and essay my life, fast food are on jfk contest high demand. Most parents, especially those with high income and those in middle-income levels, are fond of buying these foods for their children and even themselves. Amidst intensive awareness on the effects of these foods, people have clinched on them in story, the euphoria of changing to new living styles. They continue to great, overeat and buy these foods. For instance, in 1984, 14% of the US population was obese compared to the current 35.7 percent. The number of people becoming obese is increasing on daily basis.

The rate of consumption of calories among women in the U.S increased from 1542 per day in 1971 to 1877 by essay story 2004, while in men, it increased from 2450 in 1971 to 2618 in the year 2004. Jfk Contest? The increase in the number of obese people is not always attributed to the high intake of fats as many people think. Story? Most people in the U.S who became obese had high intake of carbohydrates and sugary foods such as sweets and drinks as well as fast foods. In the case of the U.S, increased consumption of carbohydrates and do a conclusion, sweets due to high commercial advertisements that run on various medias is a contribution factor that has caused rapid increase in obesity cases. These commercial ads appeal to essay my life, many people; and especially children who develop interest in fast foods and sweets (New Statesman 6). I have also discovered that sedimentary lifestyles that people lead contribute to the increasing rates of obesity. People are gaining weights without their knowledge. Paragraph Essay? The invention of technology and improved living standards has contributed to increase in weight in individuals (New Statesman 6).

The arrival of videogames, television computers, remote controls, dishwashers, washing machines and other machines have changed the essay my life way people live. The way people are living currently is different from the way our parents and grand parents used to how to do a persuasive essay conclusion, live. This has made people lazy and because of essay my life, not engaging their body in exercises, their bodies cannot burn calories. Great Essay? This makes them become overweight. Essay My Life Story? Nowadays shopping has also changed. People can order goods and get the delivered at the comfort of their home.

They do not have to walk to how to do a persuasive essay, the shops to essay story, purchase their products. This contributes to accumulation of calories in their bodies due to lack of exercise (McDermott 5). Cars and other means of of early italy essays, transportation have also played a major role in increasing the number of obese people in society. Every body is hoping and working hard to buy a car. This trend deters people from moving or walking to their shopping malls hence leading to increased number/cases of obesity. People do not engage in enough physical activities. Essay My Life Story? Physical activity affects the how to do a essay working of hormones, which affects how the essay my life body deals with foods that are eaten. Hormones help in balancing the level of insulin in our bodies that help to keep our weights stable. Unstable levels of insulin causes weight gain, which in turn contributes or leads to obesity. Furthermore, I have also discovered that obesity can be caused by inadequate sleep. This cuts across all members of the jfk contest society, children and adults inclusive.

This was revealed after Professor Francesco of the Warwick medical school conducted a research study on 28,000 children and essay my life story, 15,000 adults. Children as young as 5 years as well as adults have the same chances of becoming obese due to inadequate sleep. The relationships of not having enough sleep and developing obese are explained by the fact that hormones change when a person does not have enough sleep (McDermott 5). For instance, if a person does not get enough sleep, the Gheric hormone that is in charge of stimulating appetite is stimulated. This makes the individual have high appetite to eat and this result to how to do a essay, overeating, which eventually causes overweight and obese. My Life Story? On this argument, there are various factors that will actually contribute to whether an individual will be able to add more weight or not. Write Paragraph Essay? Some of essay my life story, these factors include availability of food and the level of income to essay marriage, guarantee the person an opportunity to essay story, consume the food that the individual admires.

Therefore, this is more evident in families that have high income or those with middle-income levels. This is because such people have the ability to access to any kind of foods they want. Hence they are at risk of on arranged marriage, becoming obese compared to those people who earn low income or those that are poor and cannot always afford any kind of foodstuff they want. I have also learned that there are some medicines that are subscribed to my life story, patients, which cause overweight and obese. The bodies of people are different in the way they react to medicines. Some of these medications affect functioning of essay, our bodies. Therefore, it is salient that alternative therapies are provided to such individuals to my life, avoid the risk of overweight and obesity. Medical practitioners should carry out introductory paragraph essay, thorough investigation to find out whether the drugs that they prescribe to their patients are indeed suitable. These drugs or any medication should have no effects or less negative effects on the health of the individual the drug is my life administered to of water, (Keaise 83). There are endocrine disruptors, which are found in certain foods.

These endocrines interfere with the lipid metabolism, which eventually cause or alter the lipid energy metabolism that cause fatty liver syndrome. This accumulation is caused by failure of story, liver to metabolize fructose in the body which leads to accumulation of of early italy and communication, lipids and fatty liver that eventuality causes health complication such as hypertension, resistance to insulin that makes a patience to become obese and suffer from diabetes. Obesity and overeating is a serious challenge at this moment. The world and the way people live have changed. Compared to the earlier lifestyles, the current lifestyle people have cravings to feed on ready-made foods/processed foods, such as fast foods and junk. They do this regardless of the inherent risks of essay my life story, becoming obese and even suffer from medical complications such as stroke and diabetes among other complications. Technology has played a pivotal role in influencing the behavior of people in terms of the foods they consume. Various commercial promoting these junk foods are frequently advertised on television and internet. Marriage? This has contributed to change of eating habits among people. These avenues perpetuate or disseminate propaganda message to the target audiences, which include children and adults to woo them to consume these products.

They convey good message aired to my life story, capture the interest or the anthropology of early italy essays on perception instincts of the audiences and drive them to buy their products every time they feel they want to eat some food (Foster, Gore and essay my life story, West 3). This junk food is promoted to children and this explains why the rate of of water, obesity is not going to reduce in my life story, the near future if urgent measures are not going to full, be taken. The manufacturing companies producing these products are driven by their self-interest of amassing more wealth by making much profit. They do not think about the effects of their products and the health implications of my life story, their products. The buck stops with the government. The government has the prerogative to put place stringent measures to ensure manufacturers produce high quality products. The reason why the government should be concerned even if they accrue income through taxes is that the effect of such products is enormous in terms of costs of meeting the treatment of the the historical modern italy essays disease, increased death rate and essay, loss of people or human capital that may have contributed positively in the economic development of the essay country.

Government has many options to ensure that products or goods sold to consumers are of essay my life story, high quality (Foster, Gore and West 3). One of the options that the government can adopt to reduce consumption of such products is to carry out an awareness campaign through various mediums such as television and marriage, social media through the internet. The message should target parents and their children and should educate them about the consequences of feeding on junk foods and foods that have high levels of cholesterol. The government can also increase the amount of taxes or Value added tax on such products to deter consumers from accessing them. This will discourage many consumers including parents and story, children from purchasing such products and therefore will opt to purchase other foods. Other measures are to essay, set standards of quality. My Life Story? The manufacturers should be able to produce foods that have no health implication on the users. This will reduce the level of consumption of such foods, hence causes of obesity or overweight will be reduced drastically (Kuchar 125). It is also important that government comes up with measures such as restricting the number of commercial advertisements that are aired on do a essay conclusion televisions to ensure that people are not lured into purchasing such products.

These ads can be eliminated/banned or if it is necessary should be aired at specific period and should be labeled with a health message warming of the consequences of consuming such products. This will deter many people from consuming such products hence this will help to reduce the prevalence of obesity in the world (Berlant 754). These measures are important and are helpful because they will reduce the costs related to treatment of obesity and will prevent break up of related diseases such as diabetes and stroke. Television viewing influences behaviors of individuals more. Therefore, children who view ads that promote these junk foods are often culprits. My Life Story? They insist that their parents and guardians buy them such foods.

Therefore, by putting in place measures that bar commercial advertisements of such foods, the rate and prevalence of obesity may be reduced. There is also need for the society to paragraph, change their lifestyle. Nowadays, people are not engaged in physical exercises even if they consume fatty foods and when they overeat. They normally claim that they have busy work schedules and sometimes think that doing exercise such as working and jogging is strenuous. They are misplaced. This makes them become overweight because the insulin in the body is not stimulated to act on the cholesterol. Story? There bodies are not able to burn cholesterol in their body making them grow fat (Yancey, Leslie and Abel 425). The increased weight causes many other medical complications, which include stroke, hypertension and diabetes that finally lead to death. Obesity is one of the preventive diseases that continue to claim lives of many people. It is a disease that can be prevented and the only thing to of early italy on perception, observe is to eat balanced diets that is authenticated by the medical practitioners and engaging the body. Another important thing people should do is to always find time to exercise their body.

They should find time to jog around, walk for some distance and even go to gyms to do some exercises to enable them lose their weight. Many people nowadays are civilized and are illiterate (Levitan and essay my life, Davis 783). They need to be wise enough to take proper diets to marriage, minimize the changes of becoming obese. Obesity is related to people who earn more compared to those who earn less. People and children with access to these foods have higher chances of becoming obese. Many use their financial capability to buy such foods. This is why it is very common to find people from high social economic status suffering from obesity related ailments such as stroke as supposed to those from low-level income. Obesity is a society problem and its effects are devastating. Society should be concerned about this epidemic, which continues to claim lives of many. People should take their health with a lot of story, caution and always endeavor to eat balanced diets and essay marriage, do exercises. Most of the victims of obese feed on high levels of cholesterol foods, and many overeat.

The solution lies in their hands. Other influences or contributors are the media. My Life Story? Media, especially television and internet have contributed to the increased level of consumption of these junk foods, fast foods, sugary foods and sweets. Parents and the government have the responsibility of ensuring that such prevalence of the disease is contained. For instance, government can institute measures to restrict advertisement of such foods to help contain propaganda perpetrated by the various manufacturing companies through their ads. Marriage? The effects of obesity if huge in term of cost of meeting or providing health care. Essay My Life Story? Society should join hands to find amicable solutions towards the great paragraph scourge that has become one of the most killing medical conditions. Obesity is preventable. Prevention is better than cure as the consequences of essay, obesity is fatal. Berlant, Lauren. Slow Death (Sovereignty, Obesity, Lateral Agency), Critical Inquiry, 33 4(2007):754-780.

Print. Centers for anthropology modern italy on perception and communication disease control and prevention: Overweight and obesity, (2010). Retrieved from: Foster, Jill, Gore, Stacy and West, Smith. Altering TV Viewing Habits: An Unexplored Strategy for Adult Obesity Intervention?, American Journal of Health Behavior, 30.1(2006):3-14. Print. Keaise Martina. Kids #038; Obesity, Library Media Connection, 29 .5(2009):83-83.

Print. Kuchar, Gary. The Culture of Obesity in Early and Late Modernity: Body Image in Shakespeare, Jonson, Middleton, and Skelton, Seventeenth Century News,. 67.3/4 (2009):125-128. Print. Levitan, Robert and Davis, Caroline. Emotions and Eating Behaviour: Implications for the Current Obesity Epidemic, University of Toronto Quarterly, 79.2(2010):783-799. Print. McDermott, Lisa .A Critical Interrogation of Contemporary Discourses of essay my life story, Physical (In) Activity amongst Canadian Children: Back to advantages essay, the Future, Journal of Canadian Studies, 42.2(2008):5-42. Print. New Statesman.

How to cut out obesity, 133. 4690(2004):6-7. Print. Yancey, Antronette, Leslie, Joanne and Abel, Emily. Obesity at the Crossroads: Feminist and Public Health Perspectives, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture #038; Society, 31.2(2006):425-443.


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essays at poc “Their Priority Is Not the People”: Civilian Views on Peace Operations in Africa. “Their priority is not the people of Somalia,” a Somali woman who had recently fled to essay my life, the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya said about peacekeepers in her home country. “It is the government and themselves.” Unfortunately, this view is not unique. Civilians in countries with peace operations often experience a wide gap between them and full on smoking, those missions. Yet, at a time when peacekeeping is at a crossroads—again—and under increasing financial pressure, it is more important than ever to solicit and acknowledge the views of the my life story citizens who are affected by peace operations. Their suggestions on how to jfk contest essay, bolster results should be taken into account in story, the ongoing debates about successes, failures, and costs of peace operations. Modern Italy Essays? However, despite an acceptance in my life, the ever-quoted HIPPO report that “engaging with host countries and local communities must increasingly be regarded as core to marriage, mission success” and despite the acceptance of protection of civilians as a core norm for UN peacekeeping, realities on the ground demonstrate that too little has been done to access or include these voices. Between October 2015 and April 2017, International Refugees Rights Initiative (IRRI) conducted close to 200 interviews with civilians in South Sudan, Sudan (Darfur) and Somalia about how they perceive the peace operations in their countries. The three missions in those countries, all of which are mandated by the UN Security Council, embody the my life range of jfk contest essay, different options available to implement the strategic partnership between the African Union and the UN, from a fully-fledged UN mission in essay my life story, South Sudan (UNMISS), to a joint AU-UN mission in how to do a essay, Darfur (UNAMID) and an AU-operated mission in Somalia (AMISOM). While all three operate in significantly different contexts, they all have “little peace to keep” and have been often criticized for essay my life story their limitations in implementing their mandate, especially when it comes to the protection of civilians. All three missions have also been reviewed this year.

UNAMID has been restructured and its troop numbers have been seriously reduced; the how to conclusion UN and AU have just concluded a joint review of AMISOM and strengthened the focus in its mandate on withdrawal and handover to Somali security forces. UNMISS faces some minor budget cuts and a review, even as reinforcement by a Regional Protection Force is slowly being implemented. While much of what was talked about by the Somalis, South Sudanese, and Darfuris interviewed during the course of the research was specific to their context, a number of similarities and my life story, trends emerge from their responses, despite the strategic, operational, and contextual differences between the write paragraph essay three missions. These trends are important, not only for my life any new rounds of jfk contest, high-level policy debates, but also for essay addressing the strategic challenges for protection of civilians and the rock-bottom popularity of the historical of early modern italy on perception and communication, peacekeepers among the civilians they are supposed to essay, protect. A common conclusion when talking to citizens from these three countries is that they struggle to fully understand the full on smoking mandate of the mission in their country. Most civilians only know the parts of the mandate that are most visible to them and overestimate its mandated ability to use force and to protect civilians. This lack of essay my life story, understanding means expectations often differ from reality and contributes substantially to the overall, primarily critical, views of the forces. In Somalia, most interviewees understood that AMISOM is supposed to write great introductory, fight the Islamist armed group Al-Shabaab and protect government institutions. While this is indeed the core aspect of essay story, AMISOM’s mandate and activities, interviewees were not aware of its other tasks, such as securing humanitarian assistance and key supply routes, engaging with communities and receiving defecting Al-Shabaab members. Many Somalis criticised the mission for its failure to protect civilians even though this is not part of its mandate (although the essay AU has increasingly accepted, at essay least on the historical anthropology of early modern on perception and communication, a policy level, its responsibility to do so).

South Sudanese citizens interviewed about UNMISS thought that the blue helmets’ task was essentially limited to protecting what became known as protection of civilians (PoC) sites, the essay my life UN premises in which hundreds of thousands of of early modern essays on perception, displaced persons found (relative) protection and shelter when large-scale violence erupted in 2013. Originally, UNMISS’ mandate was broader, and while the mandate did indeed shift away from essay peacebuilding activities towards a larger focus on the protection of civilians following the violence and serious atrocities committed by both government and rebel forces in 2016, UNMISS has retained other responsibilities, including monitoring human rights, securing humanitarian assistance, and supporting the now almost defunct 2015 peace agreement. Furthermore, its protection of civilians mandate goes well beyond protecting displaced civilians in UN compounds and includes a wider package of tasks to provide protection to all civilians, with a use of force dynamic as well as through peaceful means. Yet many interviewees thought that UNMISS was not tasked to play any role outside the PoC sites. Likewise in Darfur, many interviewees were confused about UNAMID’s mandate. As one woman in the historical modern italy essays on perception and communication, the Belil IDP camp said: “UNAMID is a hybrid force that is spread out in all IDP [internationally displaced persons] camps but without goals.” Many of those interviewed simplified UNAMID’s mandate to protecting IDPs and reporting about the situation. While these are certainly core parts of the essay story mandate, UNAMID is also responsible for restoring the introductory essay security situation for humanitarian assistance and development, for essay story more broadly “contributing to” civilian protection, and for assisting the political process and rule of on smoking, law. For all three missions, the limited civilian understanding of the mandates is shaped by two mutually reinforcing factors: a lack of my life, interaction with the mission and the limited visibility of all of the jfk contest mission’s priorities.

Firstly, most civilians rarely interact with the mission, despite its proximity. Language and cultural barriers, security risks, government interference, and a general unwillingness to engage with citizens were all cited, to varying levels, as hampering interaction. There have been all-too-limited results of the scarce efforts made by peacekeepers to conduct outreach towards citizens and explain what they were doing, or to assign such tasks to dedicated personnel who speak the local language. This gap has ramifications beyond the understanding of the mission’s mandate, as this interaction is seen as key for the mission to achieve its goals. As a Somali man in Mogadishu explained: “Instead of being suspicious of us, AMISOM should work with us. The population is the best ally. They [AMISOM] won't achieve anything without the support and information of the population.” Secondly, due to them being poorly informed, citizens naturally align the mission’s mandate with what they see it doing: engaging Al-Shabaab and protecting the government in Somalia, defending PoC sites in South Sudan, and protecting IDP camps and reporting in Darfur.

This can be because other parts of the mandate, such as support to peace processes and rule of law, are inherently less visible than the former tasks, but it can also give an idea about where missions’ priorities lay in practice—be it due to limited capacity, strategic choices or lack of will by the mission leadership, headquarters or troop-contributing countries. In some cases, people expressed frustration to IRRI that the mission in their country was not doing what they considered important, such as supporting the South Sudan peace deal or working with the essay Somali army, while in fact this was—and still is—an inherent part of the jfk contest mission’s mandate. The lack of understanding, therefore, not only negatively affects the assessment civilians make of the mission in their country and further contributes to the often-mentioned gap between what civilians expect and essay story, what a peace operation can deliver, but also points to of water, some of the deficiencies inherent with the missions, which surpasses the shortcomings in communication (and are discussed in more detail below). The three cases studies show that a concerted effort has to be made by story, the missions to explain their mandates and in addition, ensure a realistic understanding of what aspects of essay on smoking, their missions are achievable given the level of my life story, troops, budget, and political backing available. Independent of its mandate or capacity, a mission’s ability to provide protection, especially for civilians, is the main criteria on which civilians in the three countries assess the mission’s results. Expectations are particularly high and results have therefore often been disappointing.

The three missions studied in this project have different protection mandates, ranging from UNMISS, which on paper has a strong mandate to protect civilians; to UNAMID, which is mandated to “contribute” to the protection of civilians when civilians are under “imminent” threat; to AMISOM, which has no explicit reference to protection of civilians in its mandate, but has increasingly, on a policy level at least, accepted its responsibility to do so. In Somalia, citizens complained to IRRI that the mission’s primary focus was on the protection of politicians and institutions—one of the primary tasks in the mandate—while overlooking the vital protection needs of the population. Many also complained that the mission in fact exposed civilians to how to do a conclusion, additional risks by losing towns to Al-Shabaab, followed by reprisal attacks by the armed group. In South Sudan, many interviewees appreciated the fact that the UN mission took a rapid decision in December 2013 to essay my life story, open their gates to people fleeing atrocities. As one PoC resident in Juba said: “If it was not because of advantages, peacekeepers, all of us would have been killed.” At the same time, however, there was harsh criticism for the lack of presence and protection outside of the UN compounds. (Similarly, in Darfur, people appreciated the protection offered by UNAMID in and around the IDP camps, but criticised the lack of ability and/or willingness to provide protection in more remote areas.) A UN investigation into the July 2016 events—when heavy fighting erupted in the capital Juba as the 2015 peace agreement broke down, and which happened after IRRI’s research—confirmed UNMISS’ failure to respond to serious threats to essay my life, civilians. Essay On Smoking? The report cites a lack of leadership and unified command, as well as a risk-averse attitude, as factors in the “loss of trust and confidence—particularly by the local population and humanitarian agencies—in the will and skill of UNMISS military, police to be proactive and show a determined posture to protect civilians under threat, including from sexual violence and human rights violations.” Following the report, the mission’s Kenyan commander was dismissed by the then-UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Many people mentioned the story unintended consequences of the PoC sites on longer-term protection in South Sudan, such as isolation from information about the security situation outside the sites and the reinforcement of ethnic dimensions.

In Darfur and Somalia, several respondents expressed their anger about abuses committed by the peacekeepers themselves, including sexual violence and incidents that resulted in the death of civilians, thereby seeing the mission as a source of insecurity instead of as a source of protection. Similar allegations have been published about peacekeepers in South Sudan. While there seems to be a growing awareness at UN Security Council and AU level of the of water importance for accountability mechanisms, including reparations, interviewees were often unaware of any investigations or accountability efforts, either because of the absence of my life, such mechanisms in practice or because of poor effectiveness and/or communication about its functioning and results. Three general observations can be made about people’s perceptions of the protection of civilians in the three country situations. First, in all three cases, civilians recognized that peacekeepers have also experienced serious losses when their camps have been attacked.

Most saw this as a sign of commitment, but it also led them to question the forces’ subsequent capacity to protect civilians. As one Darfuri man put it, “If they are not able to protect themselves, how could they protect civilians?” A dedicated effort should be made to include the advantages of water voices of citizens in essay my life story, the strategy, design, and implementation of and communication, peace operations and essay story, recognize these citizens as essential agents for success. Second, civilians seem largely to equate “protection of civilians” with the how to mission’s ability to use force to deter and repel attacks on civilians, advocating most often for a stronger mandate to do so. However, in story, the cases studied by IRRI, it is not just the mandate that prevents more robust responses but other factors, such as capacity, equipment, directives from the how to do a persuasive essay contingents’ capitals, or unclear guidance from mission leadership and story, headquarters.

Third, even when the government is allegedly responsible for many abuses against advantages civilians, as is the case in Darfur and South Sudan, the government is still seen as the primary responsibility bearer for providing protection to civilians, a view in conformity with international standards such as the essay my life Responsibility to persuasive conclusion, Protect, but at odds with realities on story, the ground. Based on this view, interviewees’ testimony seems to support an important role for the missions to engage politically with governments about their failure to provide protection, about the abuses they commit, and about restrictions to the mission’s functioning, thereby broadening the jfk contest perception of protection of civilians beyond the use of force. Story? While supporting those role, many criticized the mission for toeing the government line. Relations with the host government. In their assessment of the peace operations, civilians often take the relationship between the peace operation and the government into account as a primary factor.

There is a clear distinction between the situation in do a conclusion, Somalia, where citizens criticize the government for its lack of story, capacity and action but attribute most violence to Al-Shabaab, and South Sudan and write introductory essay, Darfur, where the government is seen as a key instigator of violence and atrocities. In Somalia, many people favor their national forces over the AU peacekeepers, despite recognizing that the Somali national army struggles from serious shortcomings in terms of capacity, accountability, and inclusivity. Several Somalis interviewed by IRRI criticised the AU and other international actors for not sufficiently respecting, collaborating, and supporting the Somali security system—which they saw as their priority—and advocated for a quick handover of responsibility from AMISOM to the national forces. The latest renewal aligns the mandate with such views. In South Sudan and Darfur, on my life story, the other hand, the missions are criticized for their failure to challenge abuses by government forces, to provide protection in instances of government attacks, and to mitigate restrictions on their freedom of movement imposed by the government. This perceived failure seriously damages the image of the mission as a neutral actor capable of providing protection for all. In South Sudan, for instance, UNMISS was criticised during interviews for not patrolling in opposition areas (allegedly because of the government opposing this), for conducting common patrols with government forces, and for essay complying with restrictions at checkpoints instead of trying to essay my life story, negotiate or, if necessary, force passage. (Since the research was conducted and the UN recognized its shortcomings, there seems to have been an improvement of the latter element.) Likewise in Darfur, the mission was accused of covering up government attacks on its peacekeepers and the population, of accepting restricted access to several zones and the refusal by the government for the provision of visas to key UN staff members. “It makes it look like the government is in charge of UNAMID,” explained a woman living in Darfur.

Such observations also bear relevance for the debate about the of early modern essays and communication “key principles of peacekeeping,” consent of the essay my life parties, impartiality, and the non-use of force, except in self-defence or defence of the mandate. It was clear that civilians interviewed during this research disagree with the continuous attempts by UNMISS and UNAMID to seek consent from the host state for day-to-day operations. They are also wary of its lack of distance from the host state, especially given allegations of state responsibility for serious violations of international law and obstruction of the mission’s mandate. In the on arranged marriage cases of South Sudan and Darfur, many civilians seem to support a more robust political role for the UN mission, at my life a national and local level, in anthropology of early on perception and communication, order to prevent abuses, mediate conflicts, and reduce barriers to the missions’ functioning. “We need help to reconcile. My Life? We need mediators like UNMISS,” a displaced man from South Sudan said. Both missions have a mandate to work on such issues, for example by supporting the modern italy essays on perception and communication 2015 peace agreement in South Sudan or by assisting the political process and the reconstruction of rule of story, law in Darfur, but, as stated above, this was not clearly understood by civilians.

This observation is marriage consistent with the widely-shared view, reflected in the HIPPO report, that UN missions and their political backers in New York or Addis Ababa should play a more political role to prevent and solve conflicts and should be more politically-informed in the design and roll-out of the mission. Humanitarian assistance and services. Many citizens also judged the three missions on my life story, their ability to provide humanitarian assistance or other direct services to civilians. While all three missions are mandated to contribute to of water essay, the creation of the necessary environment for the delivery of humanitarian aid, none of them have a direct task in essay, the delivery of aid or other services. How To Do A Persuasive Essay? Yet, in practice, peace operations often find themselves in essay my life story, a situation where they are prompted to provide humanitarian services, either because of the dire situation in or around their camps, or because of attempts to create better relations with nearby communities. The involvement in humanitarian assistance seems to have a positive relation with civilians’ expectations and perceptions of the mission. In Somalia, people’s perception of AMISOM is shaped positively when AMISOM contingents provide them with medical assistance, medicine, or food aid. In South Sudan, the presence of on arranged, many vulnerable, displaced persons inside UN compounds creates a strong demand for humanitarian assistance by the mission. My Life? While in this scenario, interviewees differentiated between humanitarian actors and on smoking, peacekeepers, they still often held UNMISS ultimately responsible for the lack of food, water, and charcoal in the PoC sites. In Darfur, UNAMID’s roles in providing humanitarian assistance directly and in escorting humanitarian actors were positively regarded by its beneficiaries, but they were also seen as insufficient, given the considerable demands.

In a context in which several humanitarian agencies have been forced to leave Darfur because of government restrictions, similar to those imposed upon UNAMID, there are serious deficits in humanitarian assistance, increasing the demands on UNAMID. Furthermore, in both Darfur and South Sudan, respondents mentioned the important role for the respective missions in assisting displaced persons in their return, by providing protection and assistance and by negotiating appropriate return conditions. While it clearly goes beyond the core tasks of a peace operation to deliver humanitarian assistance, the importance attached by civilians to this aspect of the mission’s functioning demonstrates the multi-dimensional nature of essay, human security. Providing such support not only helps in addressing the dire humanitarian situation in which many citizens in these conflict zones live, near or in UN compounds, but would also be beneficial for the relations between the mission and the historical anthropology of early, civilians—and thus for its effectiveness. Many of the points cited above—especially military-civilian relations, protection of civilians, and humanitarian assistance—are linked to the different country contingents present in the region where the civilians live. When asked about essay my life story how they perceived the mission in their country, many civilians made a distinction between different the country contingents present. Somalis are generally wary of foreign presence on their soil and are especially distrustful about the presence of troops from Kenya and Ethiopia—two countries with a history of unilateral intervention in the country. However, other contingents, especially those from Djibouti, are much better regarded because of their better relations vis-a-vis the Somali community, the provision of services, and the lack of abuses and misconduct. By contrast, the Ethiopians seem to be positively regarded in South Sudan, while the Indian and jfk contest essay, the Bangladeshi contingents are at the other end of the spectrum. Citizens mentioned a lack of consistency in the effectiveness of the more negatively regarded contingents, especially in their willingness to essay my life story, use force when civilians, or even the peacekeepers themselves, were under attack.

In Darfur, there appears to be a preference for troops coming from non-African countries—the majority of the troops come from other continents than Africa. Other Darfuris mentioned differences among African troops, better regarding the Rwandan troops than Ethiopian or Egyptian troops. Several reasons were given for the perceived (or actual) varying quality of the different national contingents. Some believed it had to do with their training and jfk contest essay, equipment, while others pointed to the different levels of commitment of the country contingents and my life, directives from national capitals. Full Essay On Smoking? The differences between troop-contributing countries are a well-known matter of concern for most peace operations. As the HIPPO report states, it is “past time to institutionalise a framework to engage troop and police contributing countries.” As demonstrated above, those interviewed from all three countries were fairly critical about the performance of the peace operations in essay story, their countries, prompted by a combination of a failure to protect civilians, a limited understanding of the mandates, difficult relations with the host government, varying levels of humanitarian assistance, and the disparity between troop-contributing countries. Overall, a dedicated effort should be made to include the voices of citizens in the strategy, design, and implementation of peace operations and on arranged, recognize these citizens as essential agents for success. This is even more relevant in the current climate, where financial motives override other factors in decision-making. Some see this as an essay story, opportunity for reform—and accountability for essay on smoking the failure to protect.

In any case, if such cuts are unavoidable, those at the decision-making table should mitigate any negative effects this will have on the citizens the essay story mission is supposed to protect and learn lessons from those citizens’ reality to bolster results. To improve on this, the UN, AU, and how to, other partners should: Improve effective communication on mandate, capacity, and activities. Dedicate sufficient resources, training, and dedicated staff to ensure effective outreach and interaction with the essay my life communities in which peace operations are present, including to prepare the on arranged marriage ground and manage expectations prior to and during deployment. Effectively consult citizens about mandate renewal, pro-actively engage with them after incidents (abuses, attacks on civilians, etc.), and explain to them what the mission can do and, equally important, what it cannot do.

As suggested by another observer, work with community liaison assistants, measure perceptions, and move beyond interaction with elites. Increase efforts on the protection of my life, civilians. Engage in serious discussions with troop-contributing countries about operational command and pre-mission training. Keep mission and contingency leadership accountable for any failure to protect civilians. The Historical Anthropology Of Early Italy Essays? Provide sufficient resources and guidance. Story? Engage in a high-level political dialogue with the host country about its involvement in atrocities and any obstacles to full, mission performance. Reinforce the mission’s political standing by regular high-profile visits. Impose, if appropriate, adequate and timely sanctions on essay my life story, host countries in do a essay conclusion, case of persistent non-cooperation.

Create a humanitarian action plan for every zone in which peacekeepers are present, in coordination with UN agencies and NGOs. Story? Ensure that adequate protection is available to enable NGOs to fulfil their responsibilities without risking the italy on perception lives of their staff, while fully respecting their independence and humanitarian principles. Essay My Life Story? Create a forum for regular, structured dialogue with troop-contributing countries about great mandates, chain of command, troop capacity and the handling of complaints or proved incidences of abuses committed against civilians by peacekeepers. Story? Guarantee that only troops with sufficient training (including on protection of civilians and international humanitarian law) from countries committed to full essay, fully and effectively implementing the mandate can participate in essay, peace operations. Create transparent and effective accountability mechanisms to help rebuild trust between the civilians and mission after incidences of abuse or neglect committed by peacekeepers.

Ensure appropriate responses to the historical modern italy on perception, complaints by essay my life, the civilians and make sure any outcomes are clearly and effectively communicated to on smoking, the population. 726 Broadway, #543, New York, NY 10003. Phone: (+1) 212 998-3680. The Center on my life story, International Cooperation (CIC) creates the ideas, analysis and essay, policies needed to essay, transform international cooperation on leading global challenges, such as increasing peace and security, strengthening fragile states, securing strategic resources and do a persuasive, tackling climate change.