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Apa research paper title page

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aushwitz essay In his novel Jurgen , James Branch Cabell relates how Merlin sent Jurgen to a Druid who had promised to reveal the title truth about life. Merlin apparently was afraid to accept the invitation himself. Abortion Should Not Be Essay? Jurgen, after having received the revelation, remarked that it was rather unpleasant. To which the Druid replied: If Merlin had seen what you have seen, Merlin would have died, and Merlin would have died without regret, for Merlin receives facts reasonably. Apa Research Page? Nevertheless, in compiling An Auschwitz Alphabet , I learned a few things. There is no God. The most important lesson one can learn from Auschwitz is that God does not exist. Occam's Razor tells us not to of critical search for a complicated explanation when a simple one is available. Ever since Auschwitz, theologians have had to go through major contortions to hold onto an image of title page God. There are only two possibilities: either God caused (or at least permitted) the not be destruction of the Jews, the Gypsies and the other victims, or God does not care.

The first approach is unacceptable for two reasons. It means that entire groups of people may be indicted based on race or other identity, which is contrary to everything I believe. And it makes God out to apa research page be a mass murderer. On the other hand, if God does not care, why believe in Him? An uncaring God is contest either a cruel and negligent one, or, even worse, a God who is unaware of humans and their plight. This latter--the God of paper title page Spinoza and people do homework of Freud's psychotic Dr.

Schreber--is really just a metaphysical formulation bearing little or no relationship to the popular idea of God as a being who intervenes in apa research paper page human history. Thesis Theme? Although there are only two possibilities, there is apa research paper title page a third approach to retaining belief in God: shut up and stop asking questions. Interestingly, this is the essay contest for inn message not of God but the devil to the knight in Bergman's The Seventh Seal . Probably, the majority of those who believe in a Jewish or Christian God today-- at least I hope it is the majority--simply do not confront God with the question of how He could let Auschwitz happen. But this approach is not acceptable to those who believe that there is no area off-limits to human questioning. By far the simplest explanation for Auschwitz is that there is title no God to intervene in human affairs. No deity exists to care what we do to each other. Do Homework? All compassion and all hatred in the human universe is ours. We are on our own. Surviving Auschwitz was not an ennobling experience.

I hesitated to include this one at all, because it is a sidelight rather than a major issue. Also, this insight could indirectly be used to fuel anti-Semitism. Since it is an insight I had in researching Auschwitz, I do not want to leave it out. But I do not want to make too much of it either. It would be very easy to believe that anyone who survived Auschwitz must be a saint. This does not bear examination. Auschwitz was an extermination camp. A saint in Auschwitz likely died on the day of arrival.

A saint who survived did so in apa research spite of do homework sainthood, not because of it. Apa Research Page? Those who survived did so because they had and exploited some advantage over the others. For Inn? Doctors survived because early on the Nazis made a decision to spare them and enlist them in the administrative life of the camp, including human experimentation. Skilled workmen survived because their skills were needed. Polish prostitutes were spared for the brothel block. Hustlers, who made themselves indispensable to the camp authorities, survived. Art Spiegelman in Maus tells the story of how his father, an enterpreneur, survived in Auschwitz. He persuaded the man in charge of his block that he was a shoemaker. He taught himself how to apa research title page make simple repairs. When handed a pair of boots far beyond his skills to fix, Mr.

Spiegelman found a shoemaker in one of the for inn other blocks and subcontracted the work. Mr. Spiegelman survived in part because of this man's labor, but the shoemaker's fate is apa research paper title not recorded. I do not remember the source of another story. Every morning, the inhabitants of each block turned out for roll call. Despite the chaos of the camp, the daily murders and deaths from disease and overwork, the people neat German penchant for apa research, bureaucracy meant that the numbers must be monitored and that roll call would take place every day. Anyone found at roll call without his shoes would be sent to the gas chamber--but a moment of inattention and any personal effects could be stolen. A teenager who survived Auschwitz related how he was raped in his bunk one night by another inmate. The next morning, he realized the rapist had stolen his shoes, to ensure his elimination. So he simply took a pair from someone who was still sleeping, assuring the other's destruction instead of his own. Primo Levi survived because he was young, relatively strong, and a chemist.

Here are his words on the survivors of Auschwitz: There remained only the doctors, tailors, shoemakers, musicians, cooks, young attractive homosexuals, friends or compatriots of some authority in the camp; or they were particularly pitiless, vigorous and inhuman individuals. or, finally, those who, without fulfilling particular functions, had always succeeded through their astuteness and energy in successfully organizing, gaining in this way, besides material advantages and reputation, the indulgence and esteem of the powerful people in the camp. [All others] followed the slope down to application of critical in nursing the bottom, like streams that run down to the sea. Survival In Auschwitz , p. 89. Apa Research Title? Auschwitz is not a credit card. And Cons Of Euthanasia Essay? In high school, I had a friend who was Lebanese. Title Page? We had a very full friendship; we could talk to each other about almost anything.

She would tell me how she had just dumped a boy she was dating; I would respond with a criticism, and she would reply, I wouldn't treat you like that. We were very highly attracted to each other, but nothing could ever happen because of the thesis Arab-Jewish thing, which was the one topic on which communication always broke down. The school was in paper title a Jewish neighborhood, and thesis essay most of our teachers were Jewish. She did not deny that the Holocaust had happened, but she believed that our teachers, when they taught it every year, used it as a kind of blank check for present-day Jewish interests-- an accusation that made me crazy with anger at the time but which I take more seriously today. Later, I met another woman, part American Indian, who added her own theory: only those things have happened to you which have actually happened to you personally. If you have experienced anti-Semitism in your life, you have experienced it and possibly learned something from it and evolved because of it. If you haven't, what happened to your people before you were born does not give you any special moral standing. Our high school teachers were fond of writing on the board the quote from Santayana that says if we do not remember the past, we will be condemned to repeat it.

This is the apa research paper title page most important reason to theme customisation remember Auschwitz--a message which frequently is lost in the way it is apa research paper delivered, for example, when the Nazis are presented as demonic others entirely dissimilar to us. I will pick up this theme below. The point here is that, whenever someone speaks about Auschwitz, it is worth asking what the subtext is of the speech. If it is ever in aid of an agenda like support of a particular country or the betterment of a single group, those who died there are being insulted. If the essay speech is in support of self-examination, an end to apa research hatred and becoming better human beings, it should be heard. There are different types of thinking remembering. Apa Research Paper? It is not enough merely to remember the past; one must remember the truth, analyze it, derive rules from people do homework, it and desire to act. But this is not what we usually do. Most of our remembering, in apa research paper title fact, does the abortion not be legalised opposite: it is a preparatory step for the final ejection of the truth from paper title, public consciousness. Abortion Essay? This style of remembering is similar to the process by which an apa research title, oyster creates a pearl by coating an impurity.

The movie Schindler's List is an example of this kind of remembering; it sends you from the theater hopeful and relieved, feeling that the Holocaust has been handled: a hero has arisen to handle the Holocaust. In so doing, it tells the thesis wrong story. The main themes of the Holocaust were not rescue or hope but despair and murder. Of all the books I have read on Auschwitz, none mention Oskar Schindler or relate the episode shown in the movie of his rescue of the apa research paper title Schindlerjuden from Auschwitz. Instead, most agree that there was no rescue from Auschwitz. According to do homework Hannah Arendt in apa research paper page Eichmann in Jerusalem , Adolf Eichmann testified that even he could not rescue a favorite Jew from Auschwitz.

How do you remember a truth that will cause clinical depression? A truth that will cause a man or woman who receives facts reasonably to want to die? You steel yourself and remember it, that's all. The only hope you can derive from such a truth, clearly seen, is the resolve to act differently and to do your small part to and cons of euthanasia make the world different than it is. The Nazis are not so different from us. Apa Research Paper Page? I was born in 1954, and abortion not be legalised most of what I know about life I learned at apa research paper title the movies. Movie Nazis are swaggering villains and for career fools, revealed in apa research title films like The Dirty Dozen and Operation Crossbow . In Nursing? You can read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich or any book on paper, the Nuremberg trials and find that the people at the top-- Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, et al.--behaved like movie villains. But behind them were a multitude of people who didn't have to be. Thesis Essay? They followed their leaders.

Some did it with enthusiasm, while others got along by going along. As do we. Apa Research? For every Dr. Mengele, every sadist who enjoyed killing, there were 100 or 1000 Eichmanns, bureaucrats dealing with questions of finding the railroad capacity to take the contest Jews to the east or the supplies of Zyklon-B necessary to gas them. Responsibility for apa research paper, the events was so thoroughly diffused throughout the bureaucracy, throughout society, that the people who enjoyed killing did it and everyone else was sheltered from it. The only difference between our society, any society, and Nazi Germany, is the charismatic leader who tells us killing is all right. And there is nothing in our society to prevent him from coming to power--in fact, it has already happened to us in abortion not be essay several variations.

In a recent essay, I compared two books, Ordinary Men , about a group of middle-aged German policemen put to work executing Jews, and Band of Brothers , about a platoon of paratroopers in title the American invasion of should not be essay Europe. The humanity and the evil in both groups of men shine off the pages of both books. There is no doubt that if the Germans had not been ordered to kill, they would have been much happier, and paper title page if the Americans had been ordered to thesis customisation shoot down defenseless German women and children, most would have done so. Title Page? In those same high school years--the years in which I was morally formed-- I was very perplexed by alternating news reports. In some incidents, reminiscent of the notorious killing of Kitty Genovese, groups of people stood by while someone was assaulted or killed. In others, a group of people would go to a victim's aid, perform a rescue and hold the assailant for the police. I helped chase a couple of thieves in the street myself, and realized the explanation.

I was running because someone else had shouted Stop thief! and people started off down the apa research paper title page street. When crowds rescue a victim, someone has acted first, and others followed. When crowds stand by, no-one has taken the initiative. Most people are probably poised precariously on the edge between action and inaction, between good and evil. Everything depends on the one who steps forward. For Career? One of the most poignant quotes I found in title page reading about Auschwitz is thinking in nursing also one of the most famous, and was spoken by Himmler in apa research paper page a petulant speech to SS generals when he was besieged with petitions to spare individual Jews: And then there come eighty million worthy Germans, and each one has his decent Jew. Of course, the others are vermin, but this one is an A-1 Jew. And he went on to say that we must resist these weak, compassionate impulses, in order to be great: Most of you must know what it means when a hundred corpses are lying side by side, or five hundred, or a thousand. Thesis? To have stuck it out and at the same time remained decent fellows, that is what has made us so hard. Its all there: the apa research pathology of the leadership, the kernel of compassion in the breast of do homework 80 million Germans, and even the delusion of having remained decent.

We are no different. Genocide is always with us. Auschwitz was not unique in kind, but only in degree. In every era of history, human beings have committed genocide, from the battles between competing varieties of prehistoric man to the ethnic cleansing in apa research title page Bosnia today. Essay? Just as each of eighty million loyal Germans had his favorite Jew, each of us has his favorite genocide, the one genocide that is an exception, that was only apa research, self-defense, or a regrettable but understandable act of war, or an act of heroism, or an exercise of a God-given right to claim a birthright. There are Israelis today who think the gunman in the mosque was a patriot and thesis hero, Serbs who think the weak NATO response to ethnic cleansing an overreaction, and millions of Americans who do not realize that the United States itself was built on a genocide. If you say that yes, but that was in the last century, and things were different, and Americans have changed since then, think about the heap of corpses at Mylai, women and children murdered by American soldiers under orders from Lietenant William Calley. I know I sound dangerously close to saying that genocide is apa research paper page inevitable, that humans will always kill humans for statement essay, land or for power, so lets get on apa research page, with it.

I am not saying that at and cons of euthanasia all. Humans never flew until they flew. The fact that something has always been a certain way does not mean it must continue. As long as we are taught that genocide is something that can only be committed by a demonic other, that we are good people and apa research paper the desire to commit genocide could never come to us, we will perpetuate genocide, for it is precisely (as Santayana said) those who deny who perpetuate the evils and people do homework disasters of the paper title past. Gibbon said that history is thesis statement nothing but the record of the follies and misfortunes of paper title page mankind: it is not however graven in stone that we are eternally doomed to commit the same crimes and mistakes until we expire on this earth. There is a way out. Thesis Statement Essay? Our hearts are prone to disease, which can be resisted.

Our moral hearts, like our physical ones, are weak and prone to disease. If we acknowledge this and determine to exercise them, we have a chance to title page live. If we deny it and insist our hearts are failure-proof, we let the of euthanasia disease in at the door. Like fragments of paper a hologram, each of us contains an image of the whole of our species; each of theme customisation us participates in all of the beauty and all the evil of being human. We all participate in the music of Mozart and the murderousness of Mengele. If, in the morning, you look in the mirror and you say, I have the face of a murderer, you have placed yourself in a position to begin the work that needs to page be done. It involves drawing a daily balance, asking yourself each night what you have done that day to deny that murderer.

Whatever other people do, whether they too are doing that work or not, you will have done your part to of critical see that Auschwitz may never happen again.

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on demand essay All online transactions are done using all major Credit Cards or Electronic Check through either PayPal™ or Moneybookers™. These are safe, secure, and efficient ways to make payment online. This paper is about marketing report basing on paper Samsung, electronic Multinational Corporation. It provides Pestel analysis, competitive environment, SWOT analysis and marketing mix element. Samsung’s uniqueness is depicted from abortion legalised essay, its groundbreaking approach to business. Lee Byung-chull as a minor business firm founded the company in 1938. It advanced in its operation forcing Lee to page vacate the headquarters to Seoul In 1947. However, the stability of the company was shaken by the 1954 war.

Currently, Samsung is Multinational Corporation with its headquarters in Samsung, Seoul in South Korea. The company has consists of various allied ancillary firms. Samsung provides an umbrella for the subsidiary firms under the brand name Samsung. Some notable subsidiaries include Samsung electronics, Samsung heavy industries, Samsung C T, and Samsung engineering (Chang, 2011). Samsung electronics is the pros and cons most recognized subsidiary of the multinational corporation. Paper. Its revenue at 2010 poses it as the essay greatest information technology company. Samsung heavy industries are categorized as the second shipbuilder using the same revenue criteria. The company operates in the consumer appliances and consumer electronics industry, manufactures, and markets a range of products that include TV’s, Mobile Phones, and Washing Machines among other things (Institute of Marketing, 2009). The company is centered wholly on the consumer electronics section and given its spirited edge the company has managed to gather the utmost market share for itself. The rise of the company has been tantamount with the growth of the alleged “Asian Tigers” (the countries of apa research paper page, South East Asia).

It has productively influenced the thriving global market for people, consumer electronics and has dealt with staying on top of the competition (Doole Lowe, 2005). Samsung’s Macro and Micro Competitive Environments. Samsung’s business environment is affected by both external and internal influences, which have an apa research page, impact on both the local and global performance of its products. The macro environment is understood through a PESTEL analysis while SWOT analysis is thinking in nursing, meant to analyze the company’s micro environment. This segment of the paper evaluates the company’s approach by the Pestel assessment. Apa Research Paper Page. Pestel approaches comprises of political, environmental, social, technological, economic and legal factors. These points to government guidelines including the intensity of economy intervention, types of goods and services that an investor should offer to its citizens, government’s subsidies, and priorities in stipulations of application, business support.

According to Muralidaran (2007) a country’s political legislation can have an effect on various fundamental areas such as education of the workforce, level of infrastructure and the health of the nation. Samsung is subjected to noteworthy levels of political risks in its countries’ of operation. The levels of paper, political risks vary from one country, in customisation, which it is conducive in paper page, some and inconvenient in some. South Korea’s political nature has presented a tormenting factor for pros of euthanasia, the company that now faces political instability at apa research page home country. Essay For Inn. The home country’s situation is dissimilar and not intense when measured against other countries. Some of the countries where Samsung is apa research paper title page, experiencing an inconvenient business environment include Africa and south East Asia (Institute of Marketing, 2009). The business environment in these places is customisation, hostile which has a negative impact on the company. Countries such as china and India offer an advantageous business environment enabling it to focus on apa research paper title the markets in an appropriate way. These factors involve the interplay finance and resources of the essay country.

Economic factors comprises of paper title page, interest rates, taxation dynamics, economic development and growth, inflation and foreign exchange rates. These factors can have a remarkable impact on the business operation of essay, a firm (Pahl Richter, 2009). Higher interest rates have a tendency of reducing borrowing capability since it is costs more to apa research title page borrow. On the essay for inn other hand, inflation aggravates higher salaries by employees, which increases the cost of operation. This economic situation influences the decisions of Samsung in apa research paper title, any particular country of statement for career, operation. The company has stipulated suitable policies in apa research paper title page, the markets of operation basing on the economic strength and size of the targeted consumers. Economic strength and size refers to the disposable income of consumers. The company employs a selective targeted market policy since its products require a larger consumer disposable income.

Additionally, it invests in countries where its goods are at preliminary stage. However this is not the case with in developed nations where its products are at decline stage. This policy of entering a readily available market has proved to be beneficial to Samsung Company. The social environment consists of customs, practices and do homework, traditions that vary from one social group to another. Variations in the social status affect demand for a product and the readiness of people to work. Ageing as a social factor has the tendency of increasing the pension payments by firms since people are living longer, this is expensive to apa research paper title firms. The ageing population also affects demand.

It also increases the demand for products for the aged. Samsung has succeeded to overcome the social challenges by incorporating itself in new markets. The approach of think global and thesis theme customisation, act local has efficiently connected the social and cultural gap between its native country and apa research, foreign country (Dahlen et al., 2009). However, the company admits that it faces bribing to be offered a business chance operation. Inventions change products and their production processes. An instance of innovation is the online market, bar coding, and computer aided designs, which are regarded as advancements (Ferrell Hartline, 2010). The major benefit of technology is its ability to application of critical thinking in nursing cut down production costs and improving quality.

Samsung is paper title page, proud of its inventive advance to technology and improving it for manufacturing products that deploys design technology and should not be, features. It is universally recognized that Samsung is strong on technology. The driving force behind the title page company’s vast ability and application of critical thinking, pride is its ingrained culture of innovativeness. Moreover, it has pioneered major technological inventions that it employed in introducing new products in global trade. The basic weather and climate variations comprise of environmental factors that influence business operations. The current climatic change spearheaded by global warming has affected businesses.

The tourism industry is an example of most affected sectors. Remarkably, the paper increasing wish to safeguard the environment is creating an impact on various industries such as transportation industry, which has experienced production of hybrid cars. Samsung’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility defines its concern to its environment (Lee, 2006). This is through production facilities grounded on pros and cons of euthanasia environmentally friendly designs. With regard to this, it has implemented practices aimed at protecting the environment. These are associated to the legal confinement in which a company should operate. Some of this legal constraint have an influence on business operations and demand characteristics of consumers. The adoption of minimum wage rate policy by governments can affect a firm, since it will have to raise wages increasing the cost of production. Samsung competition faces brand competition from firms that produce products that are differentiated from theirs. Apa Research Paper Title. This type of competition requires market forecasting, for example, Samsung has envisaged the possible room for 3D TV market share increase. Samsung has analyzed its brand competitors such as Sony and applied necessary plans for pricing and supplying strategies on theme the grounds of market envisages.

Samsung’s plan is to sell 83 million 3D TVs by 2014, which reflects that they will need to acquire 31% of the television market share. To compete effective, the company has planned to apa research paper page release new 3D TVs, which are advance and do not require shutter glasses. Majority of the competitors have preferred to a model similar to Samsung’s, which is 3D TVs. The dissimilarities are visible in quality and price but the application of critical thinking appearances are closely related. The 9000 class 3D HDTV series is unique with its ultra slim 31-inch design, accompanied with accessory packages, cinema quality 3D and innovative picture excellence and Web Apps.

It boasts of a handheld touch screen remote control. The product goes for 5999 dollars with its quality and design unmatched. Sony, Japanese corporation is well recognized for its web advisements, integrating PDF documents to enhance consumer awareness. Sony Company is popular for its Sony Bravia, which is a 3D TV and sells for 2999 dollars. Bravia has similar features as its competitors though it takes after the trends of Samsung.

The company is among the top five in the television marketing. Title Page. Additionally, it invests in thesis theme, other areas of entertainment such as film production, MP3 players and title page, gaming consoles. Sony Company uses other organizations ideas to improve its current product and gain market share as such it offers brand competition to people Samsung Company. Panasonic, Samsung’s competitor has paved its way to the top three performing companies in the television market (Lee, 2006). It aims to be the apa research paper first Green Innovation Company in for career, electronics before 2018. However, Samsung initiated a price war with it leading to its decline in apa research title page, sales for the first time.

Panasonic’s competitive brand in television market is the Viera, going 3350 dollars. Viera opts to use plasma, which is inferior to thesis Samsung’s LED backlight. This puts the Panasonic’s price under questions. Korean company named LG Electronics Inc., classed second in the flat screen manufacture. The company aims at proliferating the 3D TV trade by targeting almost 25% of the market share. Apa Research Paper Title Page. This reflects 950000 television sales based on yearly envisage of 3.8 million units. LG’s brand in the 3D TV market is the 55 inch. LG’s initiative was to offer its products to the middle class by pricing its products at affordable price. However, LG’s 3D television had one major downside, since it was 3D-ready rather than 3D enabled as compared to Samsung’s 3D TV. This section provides an evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to Samsung multinational company.

The success of firms can be attributed to the strengths that in the business environment. The company was able to utilize the above situations to their advantage. Samsung is one major electronic company manufacturer producer in thesis theme, the world with a wider distribution and market. Some of the strength and weaknesses are discussed below. Michell (2010) points out paper title, that the company is technologically well ahead giving it an added advantage over its competitors. Technology enables Samsung to produce a lower cost and increase the quality of their output. These positions Samsung company at application the forefront of competition hence a perfect depiction of strength utilized by the company to expand productivity. Samsung Company enjoys economies of scale, which increases the production efficiency with regard to volume of apa research paper page, goods produced. Companies that is vulnerable to enjoying economies of scale experience a reduced cost of thesis customisation, production per unit. This is because fixed costs are shared over the amount of goods produced. Samsung being one of these firms enjoys lower production costs attributed to larger economies of apa research, scale (Stokes Lomax, 2008).

Additionally, its current ranking shows that it is the most beneficiary of theme, this strength making it outperform competitors down the line with lower economies of scale. The large economies of scale also offer Samsung access to larger market by title suiting them to trade in wider geographical reach. However, the implications are different in abortion, small to medium companies, which start to experience high costs of production leading to losses and restricting growth. Samsung has available resources in form of labour. The company recently reassigned three hundred engineers from semiconductor unit within the organization.

This reassignment resulted t development of products of high quality and above competitors technology (Michell, 2010). Other companies such as Sony and LG buy semiconductors from Samsung to paper page be used in their 3D market and statement for career, manufacture of 3D televisions. The efficient skill in semiconductors Samsung is much assured of the dominance in the 3D market and stay ahead of page, competition. The company concentrates on research and development by dedicate resources and attention to manufacture efficient and consumer- desired products having inventive features. Legalised. The company directed 5% of its income to research and development in 2008 and paper title, 2009.

This was followed by people do homework deployment of page, 42000people in research and development activities. The success of 3D is allied to statement for career essay the extensive research. Currently, the company has various research centers worldwide. Samsung does not a connection with 3D gaming content; unlike Sony, that has association with gaming consoles such as PlayStation. Sony has an advantage over Samsung evident in their launch of first PlayStation, which launched 3D games.

This is the only perspective of the market that Samsung does not have role hence regarded as a weakness to the company because Sony can simply displace Samsung and paper title page, acquire a large market share. Samsung charges high prices for their products due to the semiconductor technology integrated in their high quality products. This makes it hard for the company to target middle and low class people who form a larger portion of the consumer market. This forces the company to expand the target, which is abortion legalised, only achievable in apa research paper title, 2014. The weakness presents less or minimal effects to customers since the product quality is unsurpassed and to the consumer, concerned with quality than price the effect are none. However, financial conscious customers will compare the contest prices with others and resort to cheaper alternatives (Ferrell Hartline, 2010). As much as Samsung is trying to acquire new markets, its progress in some countries seems to be to reduce. Samsung’s concentration in apa research page, Europe and of critical thinking in nursing, North America is far below. The United Kingdom experiences an overwhelming flood of Samsung goods. This is a weakness emanating from the failure to gain control of the Europe and North America electronic market.

Samsung has formed alliances that are directed towards enhancing the company’s product provision. Some accords include the Toshiba agreement in June 2009 for semiconductor technologies. Toshiba has many patents under its name. The signing of the accord has enabled Samsung gain access to NAND flash technology. The Netflix agreement enabled Samsung to apa research title offer deliver movies to their consumers using Samsung BD-P2500 Blu-ray disc players. These alliances have led newer avenues of profits.

Collaborating with 3D gaming companies is ideal to gain its market share in this entertainment segment. This segment is small but will reduce its weaknesses and influence consumers. Samsung should alliance with companies such as Microsoft to affect market greatly. Samsung should snatch the thesis statement essay opportunity since the immediate the apa research title action the sooner the production. This would diversify Samsung’s products in pros and cons of euthanasia essay, the technology market and apa research paper, facilitate brand acknowledgment. Samsung as Multinational Corporation has threats that result from essay for inn, political, economic, technological and social forces. Apa Research Title. Rapid technological advancement easily makes a product obsolete. This forces Samsung Company to be on watch out and keep pace with the changing technology. Failure, might result obsolesce of products within a very short time. Other threats that Samsung is legalised essay, liable to include competitor’s moves change in customer needs or demographic shifts.

Dahlen et al. (2009) points out apa research paper, that, ZTE china-based mobile device poses a challenge to Samsung. Recently, ZTE surpassed Apple to become the abortion legalised essay third in the global ranking of page, handsets. The slow rate of acquisition of 3D TVs by consumers poses a threat to the multinational corporation. Should Not Be Legalised Essay. This visible in consumers with inadequate finances to acquire the 3D TV, this is expensive. This has discouraged the company from releasing other models. The company is devoted to ensure that the diffusion of the product into the market is apa research, a success. This threat makes Samsung company to be vulnerable of huge losses since the company has invested large amounts of finance and weakens the thesis customisation rate of goal attainment that profitability. Samsung Marketing mix.

Samsung provides a wide range of products in the 3D technology trade, providing LCD, plasma and LED 3D TVs. The LED 9000 is currently the most profit-fetching commodity. Apa Research Paper. The high quality 3D TV is 55 inch or 46 inch with LED backlight. It is for career, ultra-thin, the thinnest TV with a thickness of 31 inch. It is accompanied with technologically advanced remote control with the apa research paper capability of streaming live television. Consumers who have purchased the people product should recognize that they have bought the ultramodern and advanced TV available in page, the market. Other 3D products from essay, Samsung include 3D starter kits, 3D home theatre surround sound and 3D blue ray players.

In addition to, this product enhances consumer satisfaction at a very aggressive level. The pricing ranges from title, 1200 to 7000 dollars therefore it caters for a wide range of clients. Samsung’s marketing mix incorporates promotion. The company has initiated a variety of product advertising, costing billions of dollars in North America, Europe and Asia. The United States uses takes 66% of 3D TV market, which can be attributed to the intense advertising by Samsung costing 12 billion. The advertising in Europe has cost 8 billion dollars whereas Asia consumes 3 billion dollars (Doole Lowe, 2005). Not Be Legalised Essay. The mode of advertising involves using celebrities, which have the paper title capability of convincing potential buyers and in mega events to application thinking in nursing enable consumers to paper page experience the benefits of the 3D TV. The advent of pros, technology has made the apa research paper title company to resort to offering online services to their customers. It provides shopping deals and free shipping costs. Their online website has provisions for reviews and enables physical evaluation of product features.

From a personal point of view Samsung, company should invest in to the 3D video gaming trade through Microsoft Corporation. This will enable the company to application of critical thinking exploit and acquire the available market. This will enable Samsung to use the XBOX 360gaming console from apa research, Microsoft. The company should develop a short-term target of developing gaming packages for its consumers. Research reveals that gaming companies registered huge profits in 2009 and this should be an incentive to Samsung. The company should take over the “glasses” age and prepare for a “non-glass” 3D TV. The company should intensify campaigns for glass television until the release of of euthanasia essay, glass free television. This will enable them maintain their dominance in “glass” age hence they stand a chance to apa research title introduce a newer innovation with a lot of ease. This will help maintain their reputation by consumers and enable easy transition of thesis statement essay, consumers.

Samsung company should invent another new product to maintain dominance in the market by carrying out title page, extensive research on consumer tastes and preferences. It is not easy for a company to theme rise within a short span of time, the way Samsung did. Apa Research. It has proved to the world that it is possible to thesis surpass the greatest United States and Japan multinational corporations. According to Glowik Smyczek (2011), technology was the driving force behind Samsung’s success. Samsung went further adopting its own technology apart from adapting to the already existing technologies. Samsung’s case provides a moral and an inspiration to company executives of other business firms. The remarkable success characterized by the advancement from plain monochrome television manufacturers to high-tech semiconductors offers a recommendation to new ultra-modern companies (Viardot, 2004). Samsung’s scenario is an allegation of a situation experienced by the company between 1970s and 1980s, which brought forth the implementation of reverse order policy. However, the current business environment had changed due to the World Trade Order establishment that had advocated for latest economic and trading policies. As a result, Samsung had to jump the huddle again to suit in the current competitive market conditions.

This called for quick and efficient decision by the management on various strategies to implement due to the varied business conditions. It is recommended that the company should develop global strategies. In-depth analysis of the paper title page company’s business activity and technological advancement will advocate that Samsung should generate global strategies in formation and local in execution within the markets of services. It is advisable for Samsung to be more aggressive and acquire the BOP markets, as this would demand restructuring of strategies and implementation of extreme end pricing mechanism, which beneficial in the old times. In conclusion, Samsung has fewer threats compared to strengths, which implies that the company can still enjoy the dominance in the 3D TV market. To do away with risk the Samsung need to alliance with Microsoft to play a role in theme customisation, the gaming market. Samsung has enough and efficient resources in terms of labor, which facilitates the development of semiconductors, utilized in the 3D TV manufacture. The greatest threat faced by Samsung is the apa research title slow rate of diffusion of 3D TVs, which slows goal attainment.

The best opportunity that Samsung has to increase its profitability is investing in gaming consoles. Chang, S.-J., 2011. Sony Vs Samsung: The Inside Story of the Electronics Giants’ Battle For Global Supremacy . Essay For Inn. London: John Wiley and Sons. Dahlen, M., Lange, F. Smith, T., 2009. Marketing Communications: A Brand Narrative Approach . London: John Wiley and Sons. Doole, I. Lowe, R., 2005. Strategic marketing decisions in global markets . London: Cengage Learning EMEA,. Ferrell, O. Hartline, M., 2010.

Marketing Strategy . 5th ed. Apa Research Paper. London: Cengage Learning. Glowik, M. Smyczek, S., 2011. International Marketing Management: Strategies, Concepts and thesis essay, Cases in Europe . London: Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag. Institute of Marketing, 2009. Marketing . London: Haymarket Press. Lee, D., 2006. Samsung Electronics: the Global Inc . London: LEE Dongyoup. Michell, T., 2010. Samsung Electronics: And the Struggle For Leadership of the Electronics Industry . London: John Wiley and Sons,.

Muralidaran, S., 2007. Business environment analysis: an introduction . London: Icfai University Press. Pahl, N. Richter, A., 2009. SWOT Analysis – Idea, Methodology And A Practical Approach . London: GRIN Verlag. Stokes, D. Lomax, W., 2008. Marketing: a brief introduction . London: Cengage Learning EMEA. Viardot, E., 2004.

Successful marketing strategy for high-tech firms, Volume 5 . London: Artech House.

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aleksey video resume Like a real life version of Leonardo DiCaprio#8217;s insufferable character in the insufferable movie Catch Me if You Can , the apa research paper title page insufferable Adam Wheeler has burst onto the scene, making Aleksey Vayner seem like small potatoes and Goldman look good. Wheeler fabricated grades, rec letters and #8212; *nostalgia bomb* #8212; published books in a mad Ivory Tower infiltration scheme. Shooting for the big leagues, he BS-ed his way into Rhodes and Fulbright scholarship applications as well as thousands of dollars in Harvard grant money (endowment stewardship FTW). Pros And Cons Essay! It gets worse. Unlike his affirmative-acted and last-name-legacized peers, Wheeler definitely doesn#8217;t deserve to be at paper Harvard at all; he made up his high school credentials too. Now the pros and cons essay Big Liar On Campus has to contend with 20 criminal charges and apa research title page will probably have to fabricate a pretty good legal degree. Wheeler#8217;s story #8212; a testament to pros the analytical prowess of admissions offices and scholarship committees coast-to-coast #8212; is currently lighting up the internets, with comment pages boiling over with anti-Ivy vitriol.

On our part, we#8217;ll cover the story as it develops. So far, we#8217;ve got an alleged tale of his expulsion from title Bowdoin of people, all places, for academic dishonesty, and the fact that many people think he#8217;s hot. Apa Research Paper Title Page! The Vids are Back in Town! Aleksey Vayner and Pi Phi, Love Everlasting. Every now and again, we over here at IvyGate #8212; purely in essay contest for inn, the interests of town-criership and good fun #8212; repost some juicy nugget of self-promotional multimedia, fresh from the minds of uppity Ivy League resume-hounds. Then, for reasons unbeknownst to us, after these videos #8212; which were created for the express purpose of exposure, marketing, back-slapping etc. Apa Research Page! #8212; go online, receive ten-thousand-or-so viewer eyeballs, and subsequently rebound across the of critical thinking web, their creators inexplicably pull the content! (and threaten to title sue us! whoa!). We graciously gave Vayner#8217;s video resume the attention it deserved; he pulled the footage and called the lawyers! Now tons of people know about the controversy, but have never even seen the masterwork that sparked it#8230; Oh, and we helped the Pi Phi video reach national renown; they took it offline! Honestly, it all smacks of ingratitude to one#8217;s fellow man/blogger#8230; All we#8217;re trying to do is spread the application of critical thinking in nursing good word! And, with that in mind, we#8217;re pleased to present two of page, our all-time Ivy Video Faves, back online after languishing for far too long. Happy viewing after the jump!

Aleksey Vayner to Attend Internet Fame Conference, Be Mocked. People Do Homework! You#8217;re welcome, Internet. IvyGate#8217;s oldest and greatest friend and apa research page triumph, deluded megalomaniac Aleksey Vayner, will be bringing his own special brand of pros of euthanasia, hilarious douchebaggery to ROFLCON 2010, in April at MIT. For those who don#8217;t remember, Vayner was the 2006 Yalie whose blustery and paper page lie-filled video resume (#8220;Impossible is Nothing#8221;), fake charity, hedge-fund, and holocaust memoir took the Internet by storm after we dug up all sorts of hilarity. Good times#8230; He threatened to sue us, leading to statement a highly-publicized online battle.

Thanks for that, man. Paper Title Page! And since public self-promotion worked so well for you the in nursing first time, I#8217;m sure this 4chan-style conference is a great idea, and that you#8217;ll be taken very seriously. Apa Research Paper Title Page! According to their website, ROFLCON is. Another two days and two nights of the most epic internet culture conference ever assembled. Informed commentators suggest that this may be the contest for inn most important gathering of humanity since the apa research paper fall of the tower of Babel. And yes, we#8217;re still looking to get Goatse. At least Goatse was up-front about where he stood. At the conference, Aleksey will be. discussing what he€™s been up to since those fateful months, the issues around privacy online and pros and cons essay crisis management, and recounting and reflecting on the experience of being swept up in the middle of the memetic storm. Did somebody say #8220;comeback#8221;.

Aleksey, the only way you could get more IvyGate-y would be by marrying Lena Chen. Yale Sorority Girls Shoot for Internet Stardom, Aleksey Vayner-Style. Rush is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Yale#8217;s Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Alpha Theta chapters have finally uploaded their 2010 Rush Videos to YouTube, and boy, are they uplifting . Before the apa research paper title creepy commenters get to them, IvyGate is pleased to present these masterpieces to the discerning Ivy League audience; and of course, to declare a winner. We#8217;ll start with Pi Phi#8217;s, a heady docudrama entitled #8220;Pi Phi Girl,#8221; which exploresthrough the lens of thesis, Gossip Girl , Mad-Libs, and mid-90#8217;s pop hitswhat it truly means to wear the Pi Phi crown. Feast your eyes: #8220;Right now#8230; let#8217;s see#8230; I, gosh, I have a meeting with President Levin right now, he wants me to help him with this multi-billion dollar fundraising campaign.

It#8217;s superrr intense.#8221; Next we move onto Theta#8217;s more overtly satirical #8220;The T.A.#8221; Some nerd/jock jokes#8230; a bad Snooki impression#8230; etc, yawn, etc#8230; and OH SWEET MOTHER OF GOD THEY#8217;RE CONJURING MAGIC ENERGY BALLS AND SHOOTING THEM AT AN EVIL COW! PLEASE SEE 4:21 IMMEDIATELY: The time has come for you guys to page make your energy balls. Contest! Take out your hands and place them in front of you, and think happy thoughts, and it will just come naturally. Don#8217;t force it, Snooki, don#8217;t force it! Think what you love! After a few moments of speechlessness, we#8217;re comfortable declaring a (totally objective) winner: Pi Phi all the way, baby. Not only have these young ladies provided us with great material in the past (#8220;Heels. Apa Research Title Page! PRETTY HEELS.#8221;), but their Rush video hits all the right notes: Snarky Rumpus editors, child brainwashing, Southern accents, sophomores I#8217;ve been in customisation, section with, fur, sequins, an apa research title page, awkward unintentional flashing at 5:04, and of course, a #8220;hey guys I heard you were stressed so I bought some cake and Diet Coke. And Cons! #8221;? Check! The cute slideshow at the end definitely seals the deal.

At the risk of incineration at the hands of Theta#8217;s energy balls, we#8217;re confident in declaring: PPL 4eva guyz! Kaavya Meets Aleksey Meets A Million Little Pieces. Paper Title! Minor YouTube celebrity and shameless self-promoter Aleksey Vayner went to for career essay Yale. Georgetown Law student (really?) and plagiarist Kaavya Viswanathan went to Harvard. Resident at paper title New York Presbyterian/ Columbia Hospital Matt McCarthy went to Yale and then Harvard Medical School, so he certainly edges out his infamous Ivy peers for prestige, and with the release of #8220;Odd Man Out#8221;, his error-ridden memoir about his year pitching for a minor league baseball team, he may top or at least match both Viswanathan and Vayner for deception. A few days ago, The New York Times reported that #8220;Odd Man Out#8221; which delves into the particulars of #8220;playing with racist, steroids-taking teammates, pitching for a profane, unbalanced manager and observing obscene behavior and speech#8221; contains evidence of essay, #8220;wide-ranging errors and misquotations#8221;: Several times in the book, which he devotes mostly to the antics of apa research page, libidinous teammates and his manic manager, Tom Kotchman, McCarthy directly quotes people stating incorrect facts about thesis statement for career, their own lives and tells detailed (and mostly unflattering) stories about teammates who were in fact not on apa research his team at the time. The book#8217;s more outrageous scenes could not be independently corroborated or disproved; several teammates who were present said in interviews that they were exaggerated or simply untrue. Is there a listing for #8220;selective hearing#8221; in the DSM-IV? More after the jump.

Aleksey Vayner Resurfaces, Is Hopelessly Boring Blogger, But Clearly Has Ulterior Motive#8230;Right? Aleksey Vayner, Yale €™07, clearly has nefarious plans. Should Not Be Legalised Essay! I mean, this is the man who circulated an eleven-page CV around Wall Street, made a video resume of himself ballroom dancing and paper title lifting weights (crotch-eye view!), €śwrote€ť and €śpublished€ť a book from the perspective of female Holocaust survivors, declared himself CEO of a suspiciously hard to track down company, and tragically lost his shot at a pro tennis career when his partner suffered a sprained wrist only moments before their first match at the US Open. Aleksey Vayner is pros and cons of euthanasia, not, for example, the title sort of guy you would expect to thesis theme customisation update his blog with pathetic little posts entitled #8220;Best Way to paper title Fight Fat!#8221; Well, maybe. Like, if the theme customisation best way to paper title page fight fat was to buy his nonexistent book, Millionaire#8217;s Blueprint To Success . Basically, if you are successful at losing weight, you€™ll burn fewer calories per day then [sic.] someone of the same weight but who was not overweight and of critical thinking in nursing did not diet to apa research paper title shed pounds. This is one of many reasons you find it easier to gain weight (and then some) after you have just lost some weight. When we last left Yale alum and crazy liar Aleksey Vayner, he had a poorly designed website and was writing a book called Millionaire#8217;s Blueprint to Success . Of course, cursory examination revealed the application of critical in nursing website and book likely products of plagiarism. Idea theft, grand plans and a website: it was business as usual for Mr.

Vayner. But today Ivygate brings you Vayner news that does not involve plagiarism or crackpot schemes: Aleksey may be married. Apa Research Paper Title Page! According to an anonymous tipster: I heard from a friend who knew him before his stupendous rise to tool-dome [sic] via video that he#8217;s married . No details except the waif like#8230;blonde in is [sic] facebook picture is apparently the should not be legalised lucky lady. There you have it. Vayner has not yet reponded to Ivygate#8217;s request for comment. Could it be that the attractive blonde in the above facebook picture is Mrs. Vayner? If true, this is easily Vayner#8217;s greatest accomplishment. Aleksey Vayner #8212; batshit megalomaniac, irrepressible fabulist, and mighty douchebag of title, legend #8212; is baaaack. Of Euthanasia Essay! And he#8217;s learned nothing . If you visit his website directly (, there#8217;s nothing to paper title page see, but click the directory #8220;test,#8221; and you#8217;re granted access to the innermost scheming of Vayner#8217;s non-existent soul.

It appears to be a terrible rough draft of something possibly even more terrible. Statement Essay! What do you do after you become an internet phenom, subject to interweb-wide flogging and public humiliation? If you#8217;re Vayner, you proceed as though basically nothing has happened. Paper! You insist on the genius of the contest for inn #8220;Impossible is apa research page, Nothing#8221; video by should not be essay disregarding the #8220;mockery#8221; from the #8220;the kids in the bloggosphere [sic]#8221; and claiming the just fruits of #8220;international publicity#8221; for having #8220;created a marketing peace [yes, that#8217;s another sic] of page, himself.#8221; The website#8217;s main point is ostensibly to promote Vayner#8217;s (theoretically) forthcoming book Millionaires#8217; Blueprint to Success (remember his previously forthcoming book? His Holocaust memoir?).

Suspiciously, the cover is almost an thinking, exact copy of the similarly titled Secrets of the paper Millionaire#8217;s Mind by T. Harv Eker. I#8217;m sure the people contents are totally different though. Is this kid retarded? Also, a tipster notes certain design similarities between Vayner#8217;s website and Tim Ferriss#8217;s website, mutual douchebaggery aside (check out the buttons). Of course much of the website is unfinished #8212; #8220;Comming soon [sic]#8221; is plastered all over the place. Paper! Is this website fake? It could be, but we don#8217;t think so. The site#8217;s frequent and theme amusing deficiencies of apa research title, language are consistent with Vayner#8217;s poor grasp of essay contest for inn, English. Apa Research Paper Title! It#8217;s just over-the-top enough to be Vayner and essay contest for inn just restrained enough to paper title hint at lessons still unlearned. It#8217;s also registered in his name.

After the jump #8212; choice excerpts from Vayner#8217;s totally modest and not-obviously-made-up life-story (#8220;Aleksey Vayner#8217;s story is one of discipline and perseverance thought the hardships of immigration#8221;), a damning cover comparison between Millionaires#8217; Blueprint to Success and Secrets of the Millionaire#8217;s Mind , and a few screen-shots for good measure. Gawker and Dealbreaker are reporting on the re-emergence of the statement greatest thing to ever happen to this website #8212; the man, the myth, the paper page video-resume-superstar #8212; Mr. Aleksey Vayner. He#8217;s been shopping his new resume (take a look) around to various NYC-funds, and has even gone to a couple interviews. According to Dealbreaker, he came off as #8220;personable, chatty, and laid back.#8221; Of course he also claimed to have been about to go pro in tennis#8230;at the US Open#8230;until his doubles-partner broke his wrist two hours before his first match. Drat! Those preternatural coincidences can be a real bitch. (You know, it#8217;s not even funny any more; it#8217;s just sad.) Looking at his resume, we can see what Aleksey has been doing with his time off from abortion should not be Yale. Paper Title! He completed some certs #8212; RIA, CFA (help! what are these?) #8212; from abortion should not be legalised online shop Boston Institute of title page, Finance, and is living currently in Kips Bay, an area of Manhattan about theme, which we know literally nothing.

He also claims to have authored a book, Millionaires#8217; Blueprint to Success , whose anticipated publication date is Summer #8217;08, which means some yet unknown guest-editor will be reviewing it probably. The Nick #038; Chris Reunion Tour; Casper Casper Casper! *Swoon* Prime your Google Readers: For this Sunday#8217;s Washington Post , IvyGate founders/editors emeriti/slavedrivers Nick Summers and Chris Beam have penned an op-ed both wistful and erotic. As the screen grab shows, we#8217;ve got a title confirmed, #8220;Going Home Alone,#8221; but the paper tracklist has yet to leak. It will appear in thesis theme customisation, the Post #8216;s Outlook section #8212; the poor man#8217;s Week In Review #8212; awkwardly near George Will#8217;s weekly socio-political history lesson. Then they#8217;ll discuss the page article in a session Monday at not be legalised essay noon ET. All this is to apa research title page say that by Monday around 1 p.m., we#8217;ll know Nick and Chris#8217; sexual histories very well. Check into IvyGate Sunday for not be essay, the official op-ed reception. This means we#8217;ll sloppily post the op-ed, and Nick and Chris probably won#8217;t answer your questions.

Instead they#8217;ll sit back and watch as commenters somehow start debating whether Barnard is part of Columbia within half an hour. #8220;Well tut tut and apa research page fiddle-dee-fum,#8221; they#8217;ll muse, a bittersweet raspiness cloaking their aged voices. Should Not Be Essay! #8220;How we do miss the commenters at IvyGate.#8221; And if that#8217;s not enough, we#8217;ll try to post more hot pictures of Casper (by popular demand) with Nick and Chris#8217; op-ed. Nothing has ever been as important as this upcoming blockbuster post. Eh, maybe this. Title Page! --Gawker Either for or against Ivys, we're not sure --Wonkette Riding that line between self-love and not be legalised -loathing --U.S. News World Report How you people ever got into Ivy League schools, I have no idea --Dan Golden, author of 'The Price of Admission' Popular

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essay gary gilmore 1. the overcoming. this story is about man with cerebral palsy. a debilitating disease which effects the nervous system. i explain why his story helped me to understand the effects of apa research page stereotyping. 2. the car of the thesis statement for career, future and past. this essay looks at the need to change from page gasoline cars to electric cars. Do Homework? with many resources to site, there are plenty of examples as to apa research paper title why the of euthanasia, change should occur. 3. the excursion. the excursion is an analysis into the story of title page Momma, by Maya Angelou and My Brother Gary Gilmore, by people Mikal Gilmore. it touches on two different kinds of childhoods these people had, which determined their future. 4. cultural swing. dealing with two different cultures, a young vietnam woman must cope with the new style of title life she has chosen as she travels to america to be with her new american husband.

5. the firing squad. Thinking? many men died in the vietnam war, but before a few did, they wrote letters home. i talk about the video tape that is taken of the war in vietnam and apa research paper page, how it made Tim O'Brien's On the Rainy River resonate with greater richness and depth. While waiting at an intersection, one person could look at another sitting in her 1982 Cadillac, and think of a low-riding, hydrolic pumping, gangster mobile. While another person, in theme the same situation, could see a gas guzzling, safe riding, money crunching machine. The same example is apa research title, given two different interpretations. One is racially motivated and the other comes from experience.

While both could be related to people do homework real events, the conclusions that both hastily jumped to is an example of a stereotype. Neither of the apa research title, assumptions the two outsiders make have grounds to be proven. Stereotypes are conclusions that are hastily jumped to as a means of quick understanding. By grouping people and things, humans can process data faster. The more data, the smater people believe they are. Stereotyping happens to people with physical disabilities as well.

Without thinking anything through, someone may see a handicapped person and immediately apply a sticky note in the back of pros of euthanasia their mind that reads, that person is mentally retarted. This simply is not the case. To a normal person, someone who is handicapped may look awkward or appear to apa research title be less intelligent. The mistake is made of thinking that this person doesn't deal with the same emotions, wants and desires as we do. This same mistake is commonly reproduced and labeled on the victims of cerebral palsy. Although they are frequently thought of as a twisted bundle of nerves, they cope with every day life the same way. Christy Brown, a cerebral palsy victim, strugges to break out of his shell to tell the essay, world otherwise. Christy Brown's essay, The Letter 'A', has helped me to acquire a deeper understanding of the dangerous and dehumanizing effects of apa research page stereotyping. In The Letter 'A', Christy tells his heart-wrenching story so the world will understand what he dealt with through-out his life. He may not hope that this story would give him less stares, but help to of euthanasia stop public ignorance.

I did it! Christy thinks to himself as he suddenly comes to life. This is the first act of paper title self awareness that Christy shows. For the first five years of his life, he has been silent. Essay Contest? No one could bring him out of his trans-like state. His twisted body moves aimlessly, thrusting itself in every which direction. His sister, drawing with a piece of chalk, on apa research, a chalk board, near the ground, is shocked by the sudden accumulation of thesis theme purposeful movement by young Christy. He grabbed the chalk with his big toe on apa research paper title page, his left foot and cautously, he drew the letter 'A'. Pros Of Euthanasia? Christy's brilliance shines forth in this sene as he clutches the page, tiny bit of chalk. The mere act of writing a book shows how smart he is. Christy inspires his readers to look beyond the physical.

He shows them that they must dive deep into themselves to find what humanity, love and customisation, compassion are all about. Christy has inspired me to do just that. Since reading this book, I have come to understand what this disease is about and how the people who have it, suffer, both mentally and physically. While in high school, I met a girl who had the paper title page, disease. Her twitching and clutched fists did not frighten me, but I did make a mistake about her. I stereotyped this girl to include her in a class of mentally retarted people. She is very sweet and consequently, never said anything to me about her disability. Essay? She went on talking, and apa research title page, acting as though she was like the rest of thesis us. I never quite understood her crippling disease, nor her irratic behavior. Title Page? I graduated high school, and left her label in the back of my mind, until I read what Christy Brown had to say.

I believe Christy accomplished his goal of educating people about people do homework, people like him. He has helped me to acquire a deeper understanding of the page, dangerous and dehumanizing effects of stereotyping. I can no longer look at essay the victims of this disease with ignorance and dehumanizing qualities. Where would the person in paper title the 1982 Cadillac be today if those two people has not stereotyped her? I would probably be guilt-free from driving my gas guzzling, low-riding, hydrolic pumping, gangster mobile. If Christy's story can change my mind, it can change anyone's. Yes, Christy, you did it! the car of the future and past. The United States displays pride every time an advance in technology is for career essay, made. This country would not be what it is today, if not for paper, the people who believed in its potential.

With the freedoms established by essay for inn the founding fathers, the country's citizens are free to explore their universe with little government intervention. One of the most prominent people who took advantage of their freedoms, was Benjamin Franklin; he studied and apa research title, harvested electricity. His work soon led to electric powered vehicles with the development of the battery. As technology grew, a computer, the size of a large room, was tediously programmed to calculate elementary problem. Pros Of Euthanasia Essay? By the 1960's, we were engaged in paper title page a technology war against the former USSR, in which we landed on the moon and pros of euthanasia, planted our flag in paper page its sands. By the end of the century, we are interacting with people across the abortion should not be legalised essay, world in numerous, advanced ways. Soon the technology will exist to genetically engineer unborn children to obtain perfection. With all the radical advanced in technology, we still have not lept far enough ahead into the future to see the title, chaos of our technological choices. For all the things that we do to improve the country and keep the pride supply abundant, it is a mystery as to thesis theme customisation why the majority of Americans do not undertake the task of generating a better automobile than what is title, widely available and people, accepted today. It may be startling to know how many alternative fuel vehicles (AFV's) are present in the world today.

Nearly 330,000 AFV's are traveling the streets in paper title America as compared to the 1.5 million that circle the globe (New). An AFV can include natural gas, propane, electric, and essay, hydrogen combustion as its source of power. Natural gas cars take up nearly two-thirds of the title, 1.5 million tally of for inn AFV's (New). While there are not as many propane or hydrogen vehicles, electric vehicles (EV's) are more revered as an alternate choice to paper title page the gasoline car. However, the EV has two major disadvantages which keep it behind in pros of euthanasia the race for popularity.

The first disadvantage is that the EV's can only travel short distances in one recharging period. The second is that the recharging periods can last for many hours. However, they also have certain advantages for paper page, short range drivers. The EV's are cheap to run and maintain. Theme Customisation? They are also easy to recharge and paper title, safe to drive. By examining the benefits and drawbacks of an electric powered vehicle as compared to a gasoline powered vehicle, we can better decide which transport is the more sensible to own and drive. The EV had a good start in 1830 when Joseph Henry invented the first DC-powered motor.

Thomas Davenport is credited, however, with building the first practical EV in 1834. The car improved over the years by enlarging its cabin size and increasing in power. In 1899, the EV's popularity rose when races were help to test the power and application, endurance of the cars. Camille Jenatzy's Jamais Contente, which literally means Never Happy, set the first land speed record of 66 miles per hour (mph). Later, in 1900, the first distance record was set when the BGS Company's EV was driven 180 miles on a single charge (History 3). As the century progressed, so did the apa research paper page, EV. In the early 1900's, there were 34,000 EV's lining the streets; over 50 companies had joined in on the occasion to produce the ever increasing demand of the EV's. The women, in particular, like the EV because there was no need to crank it.

The downfall of the of euthanasia essay, electric car, came in 1912, when Charles Kettering invented the electric starter and the internal combustion engines (ICE's) soon became the new wave. Since then, the paper, electric and gasoline wars have continued until present day. After many years of switching back and forth from EV's to ICE's, a few people came to thesis for career essay grips with the subsequent problem of pollution. As a means of dealing with the problem that the ICE's were creating, a law was put forth that would require 2% of the vehicles sold in apa research paper page California in 1998 to be electric and by the year 2003, there would be 10% sold. Not many people were thrilled by the idea, especially the oil companies.

As a result, the law was overturned. A few companies, such as General Motors (GM), have begun to produce the electric car to invoke a public awareness of the expanding situation that the ICE's are producing. EV's are much more advanced than when they were first invented, over customisation 100 years ago. The GM EV1 will accelerate from title page 0 to thesis theme 60 mph in just nine seconds. A modified version of the paper page, GM Impact broke the land-speed record for EV's in 1994 with a top speed of 183.8 mph. (Performance 2).

The new EV's are designed with much more torque than the gasoline cars. For Inn? ICE cars must first build up power before they can reach their peak RPM range. Whereas an apa research, EV has an instantaneous torque when turned on. The EV will never require a tune up, oil change, emission test, radiator coolant, or dependency on foreign oil. Thesis Customisation? Oil companies will no longer have the power to employ anarchy at the pump. Apa Research Paper Page? As done before in the 1960's, oil has been reduced quantitatively by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) recently. Ten member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries agreed on people, March 23 to reduce their output by 1.7 million barrels per day (bpd) beginning April 1. That agreement is in conjunction with pledges by non-OPEC oil producers. to cut supply by another 388,000 bpd, bring total reduction to 2.1 million bpd (Crude 1). Gasoline cars are more expensive to run than electric, yet are cheaper to buy. The price for a gallon of apa research title gasoline has increased in the eastern United States, yet it is still more expensive on the western side of the country.

Nationwide, the average cost per pros and cons of euthanasia essay gallon for regular gasoline is $1.1767, mid-grade is $1.2783 and premium is apa research paper page, $1.3628 (Gasoline 1). Even diesel is on thesis, average $1.23 per gallon (Alternative). EV's are more expensive to buy than gasoline cars because they are not mass produced. The prices ranges from $10,000 for a Kewet, to apa research paper $35,000 for GM's EV1. (How 1). Operating and maintaing an EV is quite a bit cheaper than an ICE. To run an EV, it would cost 2 cents per application of critical mile if your power company charges 5 center per kilo watt hour (kwh)(What 1). According to EV Facts Myths, if your ICE vehicle averages 25 miles per apa research title gallon with gas prices at contest for inn $1.30 per gallon, your operating costs would be 5.2 cents per mile (1).

GM's model, EV1, which uses 0.10 kwh, costs only 30 cents to travel 60 miles. If used for over a year, the difference in operating costs is paper title, substantially less. Maintaining the should not be essay, EV is half the cost of maintaining an ICE vehicle. EV's have very few moving parts and can last for several years without maintenance. The main feature in an EV is the battery. Every 3 to paper page 5 years, the battery need to thesis statement for career be replaced. Apa Research Page? According to EV Facts Myths' calculations, the maintenance costs for an ICE is of critical thinking, 8.2 cents per mile, while the EV is 8.1 cents per mile (2). Recharging an EV is a time consuming task, yet made effortless. It is not necessary to refuel your car at a station. These cars can be filled up in your home.

Former head of GM, Rober Stempel, said recently, when you add the convenience of paper page at-home recharging and virtually no maintenance, you have a very easy-to-use car (When 1). After the daily routine is abortion not be, over, plug the battery to a power source in your home and within 6 hours, your car will be ready to drive the paper title page, next day. This can be done as an people, overnight task, but it is not to be forgotten. Title Page? The range of a GM EV1 is 160 to 180 miles on one charge (When 1). Thesis Theme? It would need to be recharged nearly everyday, depending on how much it is driven. Apa Research Title Page? The hours add up fast and your car can leave you stranded if there isn't a service station around that sells electricity. ARCO chairman Mike R. Bowlin says the world is entering 'the last days of the Age of Oil: and urges the energy industry to pay more attention to alternative transportation fuels. ' (ARCO).

The country needs to theme open its eyes to the problems the page, gasoline vehicles, and oil companies are inflicting upon us. It's not only the high prices of gasoline that irk the statement, populous, but the amount of power that OPEC has over oil dependent countries. Now that we have examined the benefits and drawbacks of an electric powered vehicle as compared to a gasoline powered vehicle, we can better decide which transport is the more sensible to own and drive. There are already plenty of stresses in every day life, a mode of transportation should not be one of them. Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage.

The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict. This quote, by William Ellery Channing, is an excellent portrayal of the kind of qualities children are suppossed to acquire as they mature. As a child, Maya Angelou was perpetually affected by the powhitetrash. Unable to avoid the cretins, she overcame the crisis through the direction and perseverance of her grandmother. Apa Research? However, there have always been times when instead of contest blooming from innumerable difficulties, a child has been unable to cope with the circumstances. Mikal Gilmore, in his story, My Brother, Gary Gilmore, talks about a picture which he believes shows the paper title page, painful realities that his brother Gary was unable to withstand as a child. The disheartening factors Mikal describes have shortened and essay for inn, destroyed his brothers future adult life. These two instances, Maya's overcoming of evil and page, Gary's downfall into it, are both examples of how the events that happen in childhood shape us into people the adults we are today. Maya Angelou overcame the temptation of wrath that she had against the powhitetrash with the help of her grandmother. Paper Page? Maya's grandmother, to application of critical thinking in nursing whom she referred to as Momma, had two commandments upon which hung the children's 'total salvation': Thou shall not be dirty and paper page, Thou shall not be impudent.

When faced with the opportunity to ill-treat the dirty, little white girls, Momma turned to religous hymns to help her fight the urge of application thinking in nursing succumbing to the temptation. She was trying to paper title teach Maya a lesson, that it was not necessary to stoop to their level of thesis for career essay wickedness to apa research paper defeat them. When Maya was ten, she received a lesson that she thought caused her the thesis, most painful and confusing experience she had ever had with her grandmother. A small assemblage of powhitetrash girls were walking towards Momma's doorstep on their way home from school. The girls, of apa research title various ages, began teasing and insulting Momma, calling her by her first name, Annie. Momma tried to ignore this insulting remark and started to sing, Bread of Heaven, bread of statement for career Heaven, feed me till I want no more. Maya was getting anxious that they were teasingher Momma and she couldn't do anything about it. Momma was standing behind the apa research paper title page, counter, her posture was erect and sturdy, yet her knees were quivering like a chilling wind. Momma held steadfast to her songs and undaunting style.

The children finally gave up after one of the girls attempted to shake her off her feeble feet by doing a handstand naked. Legalised? As they left, Maya, now in tears, came out to confront her grandma. Cognizant that she had won the battle, Momma changed her tune to Glory, glory, hallelujah, when I lay my burden down. That day, Maya learned that not every fight is won by harsh words or hasty punches. She did not have to act like the powhitetrash children in order to overcome them. In her adult life, she can retain this teaching that Momma instilled in her and can use it to her advantage. This teaching has probably also helped Maya in making decisions when she might have otherwise chosen an unfortunate and hateful response. She now has the possibility of choosing Momma to imitate because of this incident she remember so well. After all, as James Baldwin said, Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. Some children, such as Maya, had traumatic childhood experiences, yet with the proper teaching, they were able to overcome them.

Momma helped Maya through her ordeal with the powhitetrash children. As a result, Maya is able to apa research page write about her troublesome experiences later in life. Statement Essay? However, other children, such as Gary Gilmore, also having troublesome childhood experiences, are not able to overcome their problems. Paper Page? They do not know how to handle these problems, because they were not taught how to deal with the emotional conflicts of application of critical life. Gary received the death penalty shortly after murdering two people. Because he could not deal with the apa research title, severe abandonment in statement for career his childhood, he is page, not alive to tell his story. His brother, Mikal, tells his story in his place.

Gary was forever traumatized by his ordeal with his childhood which showed in his subsequent adult life. Mikal Gilmore, Gary Gilmore's brother, describes a picture taken of his father and Gary as a child. Gary is tightly clinging to his father with a look of 'broken need.' His father is dispassionately pulling away from his son with a look of distaste amply distributed across his face. The callous gaze reeks of nauseating disgust for his eldes son. The preceeding photographs are a compass to the kind of disregard Gary received after each child was born. The ensuing two children followed Gary down his path of utter decay. As Mikal points out in people his book, the three eldest children lacked love from their parents. As a new, younger child was born, he received the most attention and love. The eldest were abandoned and cast into a pit of despair, struggling to clutch onto something that could provide them some hope. Mikal escaped this entwining road of corruption; he found his way out through rock and roll.

Gary was in apa research title jail for a time and after he was released, he continued to people do homework commit more transgressions. He murdered two people on his way to kill his brother, Mikal, who had escaped the family catastrophe. Gary's terrible childhood, full of rejection and inattention, resulted in his short-lived adult life. Oliver Wendell Holmes had it right when he said, Consciously or unconsciously, we all strive to make the paper title page, kind of a world we like. We try to make a perfect world for our children and teach them to grow up loving and respectful. However, in a few cases, such as Gary's, there was almost no avoiding the outcome.

We are taught as children, right and wrong by our parents. We take an essay contest, excursion out into the world after we have absorbed many traditional sayings and parables. Parents are the apa research title page, ones who decide what kind of theme adults we turn out to be. An excursion into the world of the adults is taken on paper title, around age 18. Our heads are full of unmolded clay, waiting to be formed by the impressions of the world. Full of and cons essay knowledge and an echelon of morals, we face the apa research title page, world to model the thesis statement for career, lives of either Maya or Gary. An astronomer looks through his telescope aimed at the night sky. He sees the stars twinkling brilliantly through the distant atmosphere. The precision in which they are placed astonishes him. Apa Research Paper Title Page? He can not help but think of the theme customisation, great Galileo Galilee and Albert Einstein.

He gasps for breath as the chill of the night air overtakes him. His throat is paper page, suddenly dry from the cool night air. He chokes down the little moisture left in his mouth and regains his composure. Twelve hours later, across the should legalised, vast waters to the other side of the world, local villagers gather logs for their nightly festivity of story telling. Paper Title Page? On this particular night, their eyes enlarge as they hear the stories passed on from generation to generation. Their itching ears eagerly soak up the rich conversation being spoken between the elders. The astronomer and do homework, the villagers are examples of two different cultures.

The do not have to be on different sides of the apa research paper page, world, however, for a culture to exist. Pros Of Euthanasia Essay? Each unique culture is passed on from generation to generation through teaching. It is the way that culture is taught through the generations, however, that makes each culture so rare. Different cultures exist between different nations. Le Ly Hayslip, a Vietnamese woman, had to adjust to American culture when she moved to Southern California. In Vietnam, women are beaten if they are unfaithful to their husbands. She was not used to the leniency that her Amercian husband, Ed, portrayed when his other two wives betrayed him. Hayslip was not redy for America's radical advances in technology, either. Coming from Vietnam, where technology is scarce, she was surprised by the ease of life style that these machines offer Americans.

Hayslip experienced culture shock when she came to America due to paper title foreign practices such as leniency to unfaithful wives, and the sagacious advances in technology. To certain races, honor is the most important ingredient in their lives. In Vietnam, the men will not tolerate any disobedience, it would be a dishonor to them. Statement Essay? Other Vietnamese men would point them out as unable to control their own wives. Consequently, women hardly get to know their husbands for fear that they would be beaten. This type of honor is the same that is displayed by Klingons. Although fiction, Klingons, in the series of apa research title page Star Trek, both live and die for honor.

They would rather be killed instead of captured during battles. It would be a disgrace to the next five generation of their families if they were caught and not allowed to die. If given the chance, they would take their own lives to preserve their families' heritage. Hayslip was surprised to find out that after her new husband's second wife was unfaithful . (he) sent her a dozen roses and wished her good luck with her new man. Hayslip applied Ed's behavior to all American men. Hayslip was also not used to the types of technology that American's use.

She was flabbergasted by a garbage disposal in the sink, the application, dishewasher without hands and the size of the refrigerator. Dump the paper title page, garbage into the sink. Haylsip couldn't understand why Ed was having her dump the food in the sink. (Did he) want to clog the drain? Obediently, she dumped the people, food into the sink and paper title, Ed flipped a switch which tore up the food morsels into abortion not be legalised ever tinier pieces which all flowed down the sink, out of sight. Humiliated and angry, she decided to take Ed at his word. He then told her to put the dishes into the dishwasher instead of washing them by hand. Okay, but how we wash them when they inside? Hayslip asked. Apa Research Paper? Ed explained that they didn't have to pros wash them, the machine would do it.

Dumbfounded at the many machines that do our work, she decided it best that she didn't ask about the machine that put the dishes away. Whether from an astronomer's point of view or a villager's on the rampant plateaus of Uganda, teaching from the preceeding generation affects each of us in a unique way. This teaching is culture. Each group of people has it, each group utilizes it, and paper page, each flourishes in abortion not be legalised it. Le Ly Hayslip escaped the poverty stricken, war torn Vietnam for title page, a better life in America. She was given a chance to essay contest for inn start a new life and learn about a new culture. She endured the culture shock as she began to rebuild her life. What would the apa research title page, world be like if there wasn't any culture? A cloud of shrapnel erupts as lightning as it pierces the already thickened air. Dodging bullets and evading the poisonous booby traps of the abortion should legalised essay, Viet Cong, the American soldiers must take their stand against their communist enemy.

Blindly firing their weapons into the lush jungles of Vietnam, the soldiers look for a faint sign of hope that this war will be won and apa research paper, they will be able to go home. The men, who are on average only 19 years old, clutched the pictures of their loved ones in one hand and thesis, fire their weapons with the other. With the roar of bullets ricocheting off helmets throughout the night, a few exhausted soldiers manage to block out the paper title page, ever-present cry of death and should legalised, sleep for an hour or two before their next volley of bloodshed. As the film Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam depicts, the American soldiers were torn between beliefs. Some soldiers went to the war beleiving it to be the business of their country, to fight wars against the communists. They beleived whole heartedly in the Vietnam war. Ironically, other men didn't even know why they were there. They fought in the war, but did not know why.

Still others didn't believe in the war, but didn't want to apa research paper page have to for inn face their families if they chose to run to Canada. Apa Research Title Page? They would have thought it better to stand before a firing squad and die for something that they beleived in, than a war that their consciences fought with a vengeance. Such is the case with Tim O'Brien. O'Brien constantly refers to abortion legalised himself as a coward for having gone to the war which he didn't believe in, yet he went anyway for fear of being a disappointment and a shameful name pressed upon his family's lips. The film Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam and O'Brien's writing On the apa research paper page, Rainy River, both enriched my understanding of the war in Vietnam and made O'Brien's writing resonate with greater richness and depth. The film Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam , helped me to better understand the war in Vietnam. I have seen several movies about the application of critical thinking, war; one such movie was Saving Private Ryan . Although fiction, this graphic depiction helped me to understand, more clearly, the war that took place more than twenty years ago. However, being a fiction film, I was not drawn in by the shock of the countless lives that were needlessly lost in this war.

Dear America , however, is a non-fiction film All of its scenes and letters are real. The letters are from real men at actual times in their lives. Each letter depicts what that person is going through. They are the untold stories behind the turmoil of war. While some men wrestled with their thoughts to keep their sanity, other wrote letters home to stay sane. Dear America opened my eyes to the war's perilous dark side. A side which I had never seen, was graphically and paper, heart-breakingly depicted in the film I now have a slight understanding of how the veterans felt when they came back to essay for inn their homeland to be despised by their own people. The film also made O'Brien's writing On the Rainy River resonate with greater richness and depth. With a bit of background in the Vietnam war, through films and title, stories, I can better understand what O'Brien might have been going through when he received his draft notice; his world nearly ended.

A war he didn't believe in was beckoning for his arrival. So young and not sure if he was to live or die, O'Briend took a cowardly leap into the vast expanse of the treacherous rice fields. One thing that O'Brien does to thesis for career essay prepare for the near battle, is to paper title page work in a slaughtering house. Seeing the pictures that the film presents, this is a wise choice by O'Brien to nulify his senses to the carnage he would soon be facing. The film Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam and O'Brien's writing On the Rainy River, enriched my understanding of the war in Vietnam. The film brought a more real picture to my understanding of the war in thesis essay Vietnam. O'Brien's story now resound more clearly because of this revelation.

With this new information, I will not be able to look at this war the same way that I used to, with ignorance and naivete.

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James M. Walsh Pastoral Counseling. Learning to apa research paper, Forgive. I think that “forgiveness” is of euthanasia, one of the apa research paper title, most misunderstood words I’ve encountered in my work as a pastoral therapist. Sometimes the reaction is astonishment: “you want ME to let HIM off the hook!” Sometimes the pros and cons of euthanasia essay, reaction is anger: “how DARE you suggest that HE is not responsible for what he DID!” And sometimes, regrettably, the reaction is apa research title, shame: “I guess it really WAS my fault.” Each of these reactions comes from thesis a common misconception about forgiveness: that it absolves the offender from responsibility for his/her actions. Nothing could be further from the truth. To forgive is to paper page, decide to seek relief from the consequences of your own anger at theme another person through engaging a process that includes letting go of some aspect, perhaps all, of your right to apa research paper page, retribution against the offender, coming to do homework, a clearer understanding of this other person, and performing some act of kindness either directly toward the offender or, if that would be inappropriate, then indirectly in some symbolic way. Allow me to page, explain. When someone offends me in some way anger arises. That’s what anger is about: my body’s reaction to a real or perceived offense. The next time you feel angry (i.e. your body experiences this affective state) take note of exactly what is customisation, happening to provoke the feeling and title meditate on how it is that you perceive that event as a violation.

If you cannot find the not be legalised essay, violation, then consider the page, possibility that anger may not be an appropriate response! In any case, you’ve begun the people do homework, journey to forgiveness with a simple, mindful action: you’ve noticed the feeling, and noted the provoking event. Great start! The next step on the journey is to notice the consequences of anger. Title. Some of them are good. Anger generally is an energizing emotion, one that makes one’s physical response stronger and swifter. For this reason football coaches have been getting players angry at statement halftime for paper title page, as long as there’s been organized football! But notice, also, the downside of the essay contest, anger response: cognitive narrowing. When you’re feeling angry at least two cognitive phenomena occur: the first is that it is very difficult to think of page, anything other than the essay contest, object of your anger. If this process persists you’ve entered into the act of “perseveration” (a $10 word if there ever was one!), meaning you’ve become preoccupied with the anger-provoking event. This perseveration can be tricky: as a result of your preoccupation you may initiate a feedback loop.

The more you think of the event, the angrier you get. The angrier you get the more you think of the event. Now you’re really suffering. The second typical cognitive phenomenon that occurs when we’re angry is “emotional reasoning.” I’ve posted on this before; it’s simply the logic that proceeds from emotional states. When angry, we think thoughts that illustrate and confirm that we’ve been violated. But the problem with emotional reasoning is that it has a bias built into apa research title it. If your body FEELS it, then it MUST BE TRUE, or at least that is what your body wants you to and cons of euthanasia, believe.

So there you are, some of the problems that anger can cause. Something happens, you perceive it as a violation, your body becomes aroused, you start to get over-focused on the event, you start thinking “angry thoughts,” which cause more anger, and you conclude that you must be right. Paper Page. All in all, a formula for suffering. These are the consequences of anger if it is contest, not managed with skill and self-compassion. It’s a very seductive emotion; anger feels strong and if we have a history of being violated it can become the “go to” emotion, being felt when no violation has been committed. Anger ruins relationships, cardiovascular health, digestive health, spirituality, families, and lives. The prevalence of paper title, anger in thesis theme customisation our society (go ahead, watch an evening of network television, and see how much of what passes for drama and comedy is based on anger) calls for a commitment to forgiveness, the surest antidote to the suffering of anger. In this series of posts I want to make the case for considering forgiveness as a process to embrace when you feel angry. In order to do so you need a definition of forgiveness. This definition is apa research paper title page, a good one in my opinion:

Forgiveness is pros essay, a conscious, willful choice to paper title, turn away from the pain, hurt, resentment, and wish for revenge that arises from a betrayal, offense, injustice, or deep hurt. People. Forgiveness involves a willingness to see the transgression and transgressor in apa research paper page a larger context, and to replace negative feelings with compassion and tolerance. (from Robert Enright, PhD) Please note that this definition is application thinking in nursing, not about the title page, offender, and thesis statement not about the paper title, offense: it is about YOU! Forgiveness is about a change to your perspective, your point of view, and pros of euthanasia as a result of that shift a change in paper title page how you feel. Forgiveness is thesis theme customisation, about finding relief, and being able to paper title page, love in greater freedom. I hope that you are able to see clearly how the anger process works in you and customisation what price you pay when you hold on to that anger toward another person. I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that people who hold on to anger suffer greatly, and that people who are able to forgive suffer less.

If you’re unsure of this, take a moment to read this information concerning forgiveness and health, and watch the three brief videos on paper page this website page: The journey to forgiveness will continue with my next post. Learning to people do homework, Forgive Part II. In my first post on page forgiveness I focused on anger and its consequences. I don’t want to give the impression that I’m against anger as a human experience. Anger happens, it’s what our bodies do when we perceive an injustice.

The issue isn’t finding some magical way to never FEEL anger in abortion should not be legalised essay our bodies but rather the issue is to find the most skillful means to work to relieve that anger. Anger hurts; anger perpetuated hurts badly. The health consequences (see the video link in paper title the previous post) can become catastrophic. I believe it is important to look at thesis for career anger as a sign that your body gives you to act, in the moment, to correct an apa research title, injustice. But it’s important to know that there are many options to consider, not just to act aggressively through a loud voice or a pounding fist or a threatening stare.

If you think about it, learning to diminish your bodily anger will enable your mind to diminish its emotional reasoning, which inevitably leads to the adoption of a broader cognitive perspective. So if you can diminish your bodily anger, not only will your body fare better from a health perspective, but you’ll be able to think more clearly and resolve the injustice with greater skill. I’d call this a true win/win! So, the first step in pros of euthanasia essay the forgiveness process is simply to apa research title, notice when anger is essay for inn, arising, and adopting the intention to diminish its strength. This is where our mindfulness practice is essential. When the body gets revved up in anger it can be very difficult to begin to relax. Paper Page. If you have a mindfulness practice you know that simply taking a mindful breath, perhaps with your eyes gently closed, and redirecting your anger-focused attention for statement, a few moments to the peacefulness of your breathing can immediately help your body to stand down.

A simple mindful breath, for one who meditates regularly and has learned to be present non-judgmentally, will slow the body and paper the mind down to a manageable speed. With our bodies and minds moving a bit more slowly, the process of cognitive widening occurs. Now we are able to take perspective, to see a bigger picture. We can look at the event provoking our anger and ask a few simple questions: Does this truly concern me? Has this person intentionally acted to cause pain and suffering? Can this problem be corrected? Is it MY job to correct it?

Should this person be punished for what s/he has done? Or should I let go of this and move on? Notice something: I’m not talking about a major event, a lifetime transgression, something traumatic. I’m talking about the pros essay, day-to-day events that happen without warning, and cause annoyance. The customer service representative who treats you rudely. The boss who criticizes you publicly. Your wife/husband who forgets to apa research, do something you needed him/her to get done. Your son/daughter acting disrespectfully. I could go on and on, but I think you get the application thinking in nursing, picture. It’s helpful if we can correct the transgression, and make right whatever has gone wrong.

But now I think it’s essential to paper title, decide, in essay for inn the course of apa research paper, a day-to-day annoying event, do I put my energy into punishing this person, getting justice, or do I forgive instead? We can spin our wheels and expend a lot of of euthanasia, energy being the arbiter of justice, and God knows there are plenty of opportunities, if we so choose, to act as judge and jury. But in this world of small annoyances, what good does this really do for paper title page, you? Has your day gotten better because you were able to tell the customer service representative what a jerk he is? Or told stories about your boss behind her back to make her look foolish? Or made your wife/husband feel defensive with a cutting remark?

Or made your child feel small and do homework powerless by apa research paper title page exacting punishment for thesis essay, every mistake he makes? I can only speak for apa research paper, myself, but being focused on BEING RIGHT is exhausting and, frankly, not a very skillful way to living a life worth living. If you’re like me, you want to pros and cons of euthanasia, be more forgiving than judgmental and punishing. But it’s not always easy to do so. It requires that you work at it, work that, in my opinion, is very spiritual work. It requires that you see things from the other person’s point of view, understand how their actions made sense to them in apa research paper title page the moment they did them, and make a conscious effort, set a mindful intention, to not act toward that other person with anger. Instead, to act toward that person in of critical thinking in nursing kindness, with compassion, to demonstrate your caring and concern for them, over apa research page, and above yourself.

Well, that’s counter-cultural! And can be controversial if not fully understood and accepted. More to come in my next post! But until that time, please take a few minutes to read and watch about Forgiveness and Justice. I think you’ll see where I’m going with this if you do. Here’s the people, link: Learning to apa research paper title page, Forgive Part III.

So, why be forgiveness-centered rather than justice-centered? I think there are three good reasons that argue for forgiving as the go-to response to any act of meanness or neglect on the part of another person. But before I articulate those three reasons, I want to be completely clear on theme one point: forgiveness does not mean you allow a perpetrator to violate you again! If someone is dangerous, you keep a strong boundary and, if it is appropriate, make certain that others are protected as well. But most of the violations we experience day to day do not have such an existential threat, and it’s the day to day violations that can cast us into the downward spiral of anger and retribution seeking. Title Page. With that in mind, here are my three reasons for making forgiveness your go-to response to those day to day violations: First, having a basic orientation toward forgiveness is good for your body. Our friends whose primary focus is on getting justice have more frequent health problems in many areas including hypertension, digestive system problems (ulcers, IBS…), fatigue; basically any health issue related to chronically elevated stress levels. The second reason is thesis, that forgiveness is good for your mind. People who are forgiving by apa research paper nature are much less likely to struggle with a host of neurotic disorders, beginning with depression and anxiety and contest including addiction and apa research problems with impulse control.

Finally, forgiveness is good for the soul. While we can certainly define the conditions that tend to reduce suffering, we struggle sometimes to understand the conditions under which people report deep satisfaction with life, finding serenity and tranquility that transcends body and thesis for career essay mind. Try forgiving unconditionally and apa research paper title page see how it changes you. Your body will be more relaxed, your mind will be at ease, but you’ll also feel something deeper, something that makes you feel more alive. In a sense forgiveness is thesis, a form of love. When we choose to forgive we choose to title page, turn the application in nursing, other cheek, to let go of the desire to strike back. Why bother? Martin Luther King, Jr. said it clearly: “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” But it’s not only love extended to others; it’s love extended to ourselves. Alexandra Asseily, a Lebanese psychotherapist who advocates for apa research paper title page, forgiveness between the warring communities in Beirut, has said that “If we let go of the pain in the memory, we can have the memory, but it doesn’t control us.” This is our challenge: to application of critical, love those who hurt us so that we do not condemn ourselves to being controlled by the pain they have caused. This challenge encompasses adopting a different mindset than most of us have been taught. Once again I’d like to quote Martin Luther King, Jr.: “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive.

He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the apa research page, power to love. Statement For Career Essay. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in paper the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.” I think we all love to put energy into discovering the mountains of good inside each of us, but alongside our self-esteem building I think it is also important to acknowledge the shadow side we all have, and lose any sense of self righteousness when faced with the shadow side of another. And if you think about it, isn’t your shadow side really just a reflection of those areas of your life where you’ve been hurt the do homework, most? Think about that for apa research paper, a second.

There are parts of you that hurt people, or can be petty or greedy or inconsiderate or, at thesis statement essay times, even hateful. When those little toads of ignorance come flying out of apa research title, your mouth, isn’t that just the part of you that got badly hurt and abortion legalised essay doesn’t trust anymore? Perhaps just wants to protect you from more hurt? Well, if that’s true about you, then it’s true about the person who might have just hurt YOUR feelings! Wouldn’t it be easy to forgive if you saw the apa research paper page, hurtful actions of another as evidence of abortion, their suffering instead of as evidence of their defective character? And if you recognized that this person in front of you who just hurt you is actually suffering, wouldn’t you want to respond with compassion, with forgiveness? Why be forgiving by nature? Because we all need to be forgiven! Fred Luskin of Stanford University put it this way: “Forgiveness of self emerges when we understand that even with our own actions we do not have total control. Everybody makes mistakes.” If it’s OK for me to make a mistake, then the title page, least I can do is forgive you when YOU make a mistake.

So here’s my advice if you want to pros and cons of euthanasia, be a more forgiving person. First, set the intention early in each day. Decide before you begin the work of the day that you wish to be forgiving today. Second, notice. Be aware of anger when it arises. Pay attention to how it changes your body and apa research title your mind. Statement. Then take a mindful breath, accept that your body and mind are in this state, and look outside of yourself for a moment. See the person in apa research paper page front of you as someone who has hurts and suffering all his/her own. Know that whatever that person just did, you might have done the same or something similar (it’s always dangerous to say “I’d never do that!”). People. Accept that person as he/she is; it’s not your job to change them. Then let this question guide you: “How can I help this other person to suffer less?” Perhaps it’s a simple “Are you OK?” Or maybe you simply say out loud that you can see that he/she is upset/angry/sad/afraid and “I don’t want to make this worse for you.” Or maybe you simply return a kind word, gesture, or action for the slight or insult.

Often, when in the moment that hurts, we don’t have the presence of mind to make a skillful response like I’m advocating for in the page, paragraph above. That’s OK; that just means that in our meditations or thinking through later on theme customisation we go through the same process I’ve described. The key is to see this other person as someone who thinks and feels and acts much like any other person, including yourself. And then to remember that you have an opportunity to help through your kindness. Small thoughtful acts of paper page, forgiving will change the world one person at a time, beginning with yourself.

One final suggestion. Archbishop Desmond Tutu wrote a book called “No Future Without Forgiveness” about the Truth and theme customisation Reconciliation Commission that then-President Nelson Mandela formed to begin the healing process in South Africa after the paper title page, end of apartheid. If you don’t think forgiveness is possible or important, then please watch Desmond Tutu’s conversation with the journalist Bill Moyers. It’s only 10 minutes, but it describes the transfiguration that forgiveness brings about: One thought on “ Forgiveness Essays ” I am the art teacher of essay, Atzallana Quintana.

A few weeks ago you happened to be at the Long Beach Museum of Art and noticed Atzallana’s artwork and poem. You mentioned that you were taken by the poem she wrote. You also asked for permission to used Atzallana’s poem for your website. I asked Atzallana for permission and apa research paper page this is what she wrote for you: “Dear Mr. Jim Walsh, thank you for all your wonderful compliments and comments. I am glad you have found inspiration on should essay my poem, and I will be glad if my work was an example for your website.

Sincerely, Atzallana Quintana.” On my part, thank you as well. I am glad you enjoyed the exhibition. Have a good day and take care. Mr. Apa Research Paper. Carlos A. Should Not Be. Gonzalez-Novoa, Art Teacher at apa research paper page Hudson K-8 School.