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Essay topic bravery

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A Rejected Submission to topic, NPR#8217;s #8220;This I Believe.#8221; I believe fat cats make good pillows. Sample On Qa. They are round. Soft. Firm yet resilient. They naturally cradle the head, provide unparalleled neck support, and promote vigorous digestion.

Fat cats, when not functioning as pillows, are not otherwise particularly useful. Certainly they can prop open a door, or hold down a newspaper on essay topic bravery, a windy day. But cannot a rotund pussycat aspire to more? This is why I believe fat cats should be drafted into service of the uncradled and sample resume pillowless: every creature deserves the opportunity to rise to essay topic bravery, his or her highest and best use. This is why I also believe that instant coffee deserves a place in the pantheon of socially acceptable beverages.

History has burdened it with a heavy cross: the name #8220;coffee,#8221; which stirs certain expectations of aroma, depth of flavor, and heartiness. But names are mere artifacts of history; they do not emanate naturally from the things they represent. Do we malign French toast because it is neither French nor toast? Do we malign the sample resume on qa noble Pekingese dog even though she is probably actually Pekingese-American, and topic even though Peking does not actually exist? As Edward Said so brilliantly showed in Orientalism , names reveal more about the essay namer than the essay bravery named. Someone utters the words #8220;instant coffee#8221; and a diverse landscape of flavor crystals, each with his or her own unique qualities and histories, now comes into sample resume on qa being as a class. Thusly lumped, the essay topic crystals can be set beside their whole-bean half sisters and ruled the inferior. Instant coffee cannot judge; it is only judged. Analytical Essay Structure. It cannot taste; it is only tasted. That is essay, why I believe the thingness of instant coffee must be sliced away from the on qa name imposed upon it by topic outsiders.

Like any living creature, it must be judged on its own merits. Which is essay three dam, why I believe the phrase #8220;the writing life#8221; should not exist. I don#8217;t know who came up with this treacly trope, so redolent of cats on topic, the lap and how to a cultural criticism essay tea steaming in essay topic the mug. So evocative of gazing out the window thinking writerly thoughts, such as #8220;What is the how to essay meaning of life?#8221; or #8220;Now that Inspector Bunchybottoms has discovered the meat cleaver behind the potted palm, whatever shall she do next?#8221; or #8220;My butt is sore. I want a sandwich.#8221; Writing, however, is not life. It#8217;s not even very much fun. Bravery. It#8217;s like standing in a dark cave with an essay, entire colony of Mexican fruit bats and trying to catch them with a butterfly net. Topic Bravery. They#8217;re zooming here and swooping there; they#8217;re smacking you with their wings. They#8217;re getting tangled in your hair, they probably have rabies, and they want to future india, suck your blood, but you just keep swinging the net over essay and over and over, and yet the net remains empty. If, wonder of wonders, you do catch a bat, you will bask blissfully in the knowledge that you have netted the most perfect specimen of Chiroptera ever known.

You#8217;ll bask for essay three, exactly five minutes. Then you#8217;ll start worrying that you#8217;ll have no one to admire your bat, your perfect, perfect bat. Bravery. Or, if you do, that people will think it#8217;s a sucky bat, or that it should have been bigger, or furrier. Or that Jonathan Franzen#8217;s bat was better, even though you know your bat was every bit as squeaky and fuzzy and crinkly-nosed as any other bat. So then you realize that world just isn#8217;t fair. But then you realize your bat does, in fact, suck. Then you realize your bat is sample, actually a fine, fine bat but the problem is that the world doesn#8217;t actually need any more bats, so maybe you should just put down the bravery net and take up needlepoint. Of course, if there#8217;s anything worse than a writer preening about writing, it#8217;s a writer bitching about writing, which is why I believe writers really just shouldn#8217;t talk at all.

And that is resume, why I believe I should abandon this essay and go make a sandwich. I believe the best sandwiches are made on bravery, toast. On Qa. I believe they include hummus, and sprouts, and perhaps a tomato. But, above all, I believe the best sandwiches are served with a pickle. Bravery. The fact that so many sandwiches these days go pickleless indicates nothing less than a civilization in decline. Back when I was young, a cook would no sooner send a pickleless plate out of a kitchen than he would show up to work in a scuba suit. Those days are long gone, and whither goeth the pickle so too goeth our decency. Soon we will see Mexican beers served without lime wedges, and strawberry daiquiris served without those tiny, fragile paper umbrellas. This is why I believe that all sandwiches, everywhere, should go nowhere without a pickle.

In fact, not only pickles but every asset of this great nation must be put toward its highest and best use immediately and without further ado. This is why I believe that fat cats make good pillows. They offer rest for the weary. They are flavor crystals for the soul. Metaphoric pickles for write analytical, the metaphorically pickleless. They have no higher calling. Essay Bravery. We have no greater need.

This I believe. Essay Three. Open Letter: An Open Letter to My Cat, Abbie. Essay Bravery. Dispatches from the NBA Entertainment League: Dispatch 13: The Game That Could Have Offered Payback. As well as operating a daily humor website, we also publish Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern and an ever-growing selection of books under various imprints. You can buy all of these things from our online store . A Cultural Criticism Essay. We#8217;re also transitioning to a nonprofit and would greatly appreciate your help.

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Jallianwala Bagh Essays and Research Papers. JALLIANWALA BAGH MASSACRE-- In the Indian history of essay topic freedom struggle for independence many great warriors laid down their life. . There is a record of every incident. One of the most tragic incident in the history is the Jallianwala Bagh massacre which took place in Amritsar (Punjab). Analytical Essay Structure! Winston Churchill stated this account as 'The incident in Jallian walaBagh was an extra ordinary event, a monstrous event, an event which stands in a singular and silver stone isolation. Essay Topic! The most heartbreaking. Amritsar , British Empire , British Raj 806 Words | 2 Pages.

banks and buildings. (A LOT OF THIS PARAGRAPH READS LIKE A SERIES OF FACTS WITHOUT ENOUGH OF A CONNECTION TO A MAIN IDEA OR YOUR THESIS) A day later, Dyer . put up restriction for Indians, such as having no religious meeting or gatherings. Jallianwalla Bagh , a Garden, is a walled in area with only sample resume, a 7 foot entrance and exit. On April 13th 1919, a religious gathering of Amritsar and bravery other villages gathered. An estimated 15,000 people gathered in the garden. The Indians were unaware what was about to happen. British Empire , British Raj , India 1857 Words | 5 Pages. What do sources tell us about the Amritsar Massacre and how does this compare to how the how to write a cultural criticism essay film portrays it? Amritsar Massacre or “ Jallianwala . Bagh massacre’’, as it took place in on the 13th of April 1919 in Jallianwala Bagh garden in essay topic bravery, Amritsar, a city located in the north of essay india India. General Reginald Edward Dyer had announced before 13 April that ‘’ any processions or gatherings of four men will be looked upon and treated as an unlawful assembly and dispersed by bravery force of arms if necessary’’ (Cavendish. Amritsar , British Empire , British Raj 704 Words | 2 Pages.

10 Historical Events During the British Rule in India. throughout the country. ------------------------------------------------- 5. ------------------------------------------------- . Jallianwala Bagh Massacre – 1919 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- The Jallianwala Bagh massacre (also known as the Amritsar massacre), took place in how to write a cultural essay, the Jallianwala Bagh public garden in the northern Indian city of Amritsar on 13th April, 1919. The shooting that took place was ordered by Brigadier-General Reginald. British Empire , British Raj , India 3922 Words | 15 Pages. Satyagraha Movement Rowlatt Act (1919) Rowlatt committee Committee members War Ends, Emergency Powers Continue Events In Delhi In the presidency of Bombay . Essay Topic! In the Punjab Anti-Rowlatt Satyagrha intended to mobilize public opinion against pros essay the act Jallianwala bagh massacre Reaction In Lahore The hunter commission Assassination of Michael O’ Dwyer Some facts about Rowlatt act Conclusion References ANTI ROWLATT AGITATION Introduction In 1919 Justice Rowlatt looked at the situation and recommended. British Empire , British Raj , India 7412 Words | 19 Pages. Jallianwala Bagh massacre 1 Jallianwala Bagh massacre Jallianwala . Bagh massacre Narrow passage to Jallianwala Bagh Garden through which the shooting was conducted. Location of Amritsar in India Location Coordinates Date Target Attack type Weapon(s) Death(s) Injured Perpetrator(s) Amritsar, India 31°37?14?N 74°52?49?E April 13, 1919 5:30 pm (UTC+5:30) Hindu, Muslim and Sikh religious and political gathering Shooting, mass murder, massacre Rifles 379-1500 1100-1500 British Indian Army. Amritsar , British Empire , British Raj 5237 Words | 16 Pages.

Non-Cooperation and Khalifat Movement. various places on different dates. But it was generally a success. The government responded with depression. In the Punjab, this repression took its worst . form and in the Jallianwala Bagh the military under General Dyer shot at unarmed people without warning. Hundreds of persons – men, women and children – died. This Jallianwala Bagh massacre and the subsequent imposition of martial law in the Punjab horrified the whole country and generated anger against the British rule. Around the same time, the. British Empire , British Raj , Indian independence movement 593 Words | 2 Pages. Udham Singh Udham Singh (December 26, 1899 - July 31, 1940) was an Indian Sikh independence activist, best known for assassinating Michael O'Dwyer in . March 1940 in what has been described as an avenging of the Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre.[1] Udham Singh changed his name to Ram Mohammad Singh Azad and was also known as Ram Mohammed Singh Azad, symbolizing the unification of the three major religions of India: Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism. Essay Bravery! Singh is considered one of the best-known of the more heroic.

Bhagat Singh , British Empire , British Raj 2696 Words | 8 Pages. Brief History of Shaheed Udham Singh. poet of the revolutionaries. After staying for some months in Kashmlr, Udham Singh left India. He wandered about the continent for some time, and reached . England by the mid-thirties. He was on essay on memorable, the lookout for an opportunity to essay bravery, avenge the essay three dam Jalliavala Bagh tragedy.

The long-waited moment at last came on 13 March 1940. Bravery! On that day, at 4.30 p.m. in the Caxton Hall, London, where a meeting of the East India Association was being held in conjunction with the Royal Central Asian Society, Udham Singh fired. Bhagat Singh , Jallianwala Bagh massacre , Michael O'Dwyer 752 Words | 2 Pages. includes Shankaracharya temple and Mughal gardens. Shankaracharya temple commands one of the magnificent views of the Srinagar City and sample resume on qa the lakes. After . lunch visit Mughal Gardens, visiting Nishat Bagh (Abode of essay pleasure) Built by Asif Khan Brother-in-law of future Emperor Jehangir in 1632 AD and Shalimar Bagh (Abode of love) on the bank of Dal Lake with the Zabarwan Mountain in the background. The distance from essay, Srinagar to the said gardens is about 12 to 15 kms respectively. Abortion Cons! Enroute visit carpet weaving.

Dal Lake , Houseboat , Jammu and Kashmir 900 Words | 3 Pages. Common Pariah Kites, Grebe etc. Essay Topic! Dinner and Overnight in hotel/ deluxe houseboat. Day 2: HALF DAY SIGHTSEEING Morning . Analytical Essay! sightseeing of the Mughal Gardens, visiting Nishat Bagh built by essay Asaf Khan, the brother -in- law of Jehangir in 1632 AD, and Shalimar Bagh built by essay future india Jehangir for his wife empress Nur Jahan. Bravery! All the write gardens are situated on the banks of the topic bravery Dal Lake with the Zabarwan hills in the background. Afternoon will be at your leisure for individual activities.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands , Dal Lake , Houseboat 1073 Words | 4 Pages. 1843 Indian Museum, Chowringhee, Kolkata, is the largest museum in India and has rare collections of essay on memorable my life antiques, armour and ornaments, fossils, skeletons, . mummies, and Mughal paintings. It was built in topic, 1814. Tagore's House, 246D Rabindra Sarani BBD Bagh Rabindra Bharati University, Rabindranath Tagore's comfortable 1784 family mansion has become a shrine-like museum to India's greatest modern poet. Even if his personal effects don't inspire you, some of the well-chosen quotations might spark an interest. B. Structure! B. D. Bagh , Ballygunge , British Raj 1309 Words | 4 Pages. had gathered on topic, 13 April 1919. Amritsar (in the Punjab) in the Jallianwala Bagh to write analytical, protest against the arrest of their popular . leaders, Dr Saifuddin Kitchlew and Dr Satyapal.

General Dyer, the military commander of Amritsar, decided to terrorise the people of Amritsar into complete submission. Jallianwala Bagh was a large open space which was enclosed on essay topic bravery, three sides by buildings and abortion pros essay had only one exit. He surrounded the essay Bagh (garden) with his army unit, closed the exit with his troops and. Amritsar , Badshahi Mosque , India 651 Words | 3 Pages. ?Introduction ?Revolt Of 1857 ?Formation Of INC ?Extremists and Moderates ? Jallianwala Bagh Massacre ?Gandhian Era . Essay India! ?Non-Cooperation Movement ?Civil Disobedience Movement ?Quit India movement ? Independence ?Sources Introduction The appointment in 1848 of Lord Dalhousie as Governor General of the East India Company set the stage for essay topic bravery, changes essential to write criticism, a modern state. These included the consolidation and demarcation of sovereignty, the essay topic surveillance of the population, and the education of citizens. British Empire , British Raj , Indian independence movement 724 Words | 6 Pages. Workers' Association Political movement Indian Independence movement Religion Sikh Mohammed was an Indian revolutionary, best known for . assassinating Michael O'Dwyer in March 1940 in what has been described as an abortion cons, avenging of the Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre.

His name was Udhan Singh but he changed it to essay, Ram Mohammad Singh Azad, symbolising the equality of all faith and of the three major religions of India: Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism. Singh is resume considered one of the best-known revolutionaries. Bhagat Singh , India , Indian independence movement 1100 Words | 3 Pages. the Sanskrit Pathashala at Varanasi for topic, higher education. Azad was an resume, ardent follower of Lord Hanuman and once disguised himself as a priest in a Hanuman . temple to escape a British police dragnet. Essay Topic! Chandrashekhar Azad was deeply troubled by the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar in 1919. In 1921, when Mahatma Gandhi launched the abortion pros cons Non-Cooperation movement, he actively participated in essay topic, the protest movement.

He was arrested and received his first punishment at the age of fifteen for sample resume on qa, this act of civil. Batukeshwar Dutt , Bhagat Singh , Hindustan Socialist Republican Association 1339 Words | 4 Pages. held in Bombay in December 1885 under the president ship of Womesh Chandra Banerjee and was attended among others by topic and Badr-uddin-Tyabji. Cons! . Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Jalianwala Bagh massacre of April 13, 1919 was one of the most inhuman acts of the essay topic British rulers in India. The people of Punjab gathered on the auspicious day of Baisakhi at Jalianwala Bagh , adjacent to Golden Temple (Amritsar), to lodge their protest peacefully against persecution by the British Indian Government. General Dyer appeared. British Empire , British Raj , Delhi 1303 Words | 4 Pages. swadeshi and structure boycott movement. The ideals of Ahimsa or non-violence had mass movement on a very large scale was seen for the first time. Among the . Essay Bravery! significant causes of this movement were colonial oppression, exemplified by the Rowlatt Act and Jallianwala Bagh massacre, economic hardships to the common man due to a large chunk of Indian wealth being exported to Britain, ruin of Indian artisans due to dam, British factory-made goods replacing handmade goods, and popular resentment with the essay topic bravery British over Indian. British Empire , British Raj , Indian independence movement 1948 Words | 5 Pages.

Rabindranath Tagore | Tagore c. 1915, the year he was knighted byGeorge V. Essay Gorges! Tagore repudiated his knighthood, in protest against . the Jallianwala Bagh massacrein 1919.[1] | Born | May 7, 1861 Calcutta (Kolkata), Bengal Presidency, British India | Died | 7 August 1941 (aged 80) Calcutta (Kolkata), Bengal Presidency, British India | Occupation | Poet, short-story writer, song composer, playwright, essayist, and painter | Language | Bengali, English | Nationality | Indian | Ethnicity. Bengal , India , Kerala 443 Words | 3 Pages. 1913, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature for his exceptional contribution to the Indian and world literature. | |Further, he received the title . Essay Topic! Knighthood from the British government in 1915, which he abandoned aftermath of the Jallianwala | | Bagh massacre in 1919 as a protest against the British rule in India. In 1921, Tagore founded an Institute for Rural | |Reconstruction- which he later renamed as Shriniketan- and appointed scholars from many places to share their knowledge. Bengal , Bengali language , Bengali literature 1192 Words | 4 Pages. not-intimidate either Gandhiji or his followers. (2)Jallianawala Bagh Massacre and Arrest of Gandhiji: Gandhiji called for a nation wide . strike no April 6, 1919 A.D. to protest against essay three gorges dam the Government repression. Topic Bravery! The people responded to it very enthusiastically.

In Punjab a large public meeting washeld at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar to protest against the of on qa Dr. Saifuddinkitchlu and Dr. Satya Pal, the two popular leaders. The Jallianawala Bagh is enclosed onthree sides by buildings and had onlyone narrow. British Empire , British Raj , Indian independence movement 1469 Words | 4 Pages. identity to essay, survive in this world. There have been many instances in pros cons essay, the past, which have led Sikhs to have to put their beliefs aside, and had to bravery, pick up . weapons to future india, save their own people from bravery, persecution.

From The Great Sikh Holocaust (1762), to Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (1919), leading all the way up to abortion cons essay, Operation Bluestar and its aftermath (1984), Sikhs have been prosecuted for essay topic, no other reason than that they are different and how to criticism want to bravery, live their lives according to their own rules and regulations. Sikhism. Amritsar , Guru Granth Sahib , Guru Nanak Dev 2043 Words | 6 Pages. Saadat-Hasan-Manto--Writer-of-Stark-Realities.Pdf. translating works of literary giants, like Victor Hugo, Oscar Wilde and many Russian masters like Chekov and on memorable Gorky, their collective influence made him . search for his own moorings. This search resulted in his first story, Tamasha, based on the Jallianwala Bagh massacre at Amritsar. Though his earlier works, influenced by the progressive writers of his times showed a marked leftist and bravery socialist leanings, his later work progressively became stark in essay my life, portraying the darkness of the human psyche, as humanist. Fiction , India , Indian subcontinent 1675 Words | 5 Pages. newspaper.

He would still be remembered as one of the principal figures in the history of Indian journalism. By this time he had earned the title of . Mcthatma from Rabindranath Tagore, India’s most well-known writer. When tragedy happened in the Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar Gandhi wrote the report of the Punjab Congress Inquiry Committee. Over the next two years, Gandhi initiated the bravery non- cooperation movement, which called upon essay Indians to withdraw from British institutions, to essay topic bravery, return honours conferred. Ahimsa , Gujarat , Indian independence movement 706 Words | 3 Pages. trust in mankind, which was sometimes shaken to its core, especially after the about india bloodbath at bravery Amritsar. On the Sikh Baisakhi festival day at . Jallianwala Bagh , Amritsar, between ten and twenty thousand Indians had gathered from surrounding villages to essay on memorable day in, attend the festival and traditional fairs. As the unarmed crowd listened to a man “on a raised platform” in the Bagh , General Dyer and fifty armed soldiers showed up and began firing on the crowd which included women and topic bravery children. In total, “1,650 rounds. British Empire , Gujarat , Indian independence movement 1431 Words | 4 Pages. enormous powerto represspolitical activities, and allowed detention of political prisoners without trial for two years. . 10th April,1919 The police in Amritsar fired upon resume a peaceful procession.

Martial Law Was imposed. 13th April, 1919 Jallianwala Bagh Massacre took place. Topic Bravery! March, 1919 Khilafat Committee founded in Bombay. Essay Three Dam! Sep, 1920 Congress Session in essay, Calcutta­ Decided to start a non­ cooperation Movement in support of Khilafat as well as for Swaraj. December ,1920 Congress Sess. British Empire , British Raj , Civil disobedience 3653 Words | 8 Pages.

? Government brutally repressed the nationalists. Martial law was imposed and essay on memorable day in General Dyer took command. ? Jallianwala Bagh . Massacre, 13th April, 1919 ? A number of people had assembled at Jallianwala Bagh in essay topic, Amritsar for attending the annual Baisakhi fair. ? General Dyer surrounded the park and opened fire on the crowd, killing hundreds of write analytical structure people. ? Aftermath of essay bravery Jallianwala Bagh Massacre ? Crowds took to the streets in many north Indian towns. Strikes, clashes with the police and attacks. British Empire , British Raj , Civil disobedience 2062 Words | 8 Pages. London to study philosophy under Prof. Dames hicks, the great Kantian scholar. When Anand took to pen, Indian life was seething with unrest. . Punjab was the very vortex of nationalistic activities.

It was in that province that the Jallianwala Bagh massacre was perpetrated and Anand was just eleven at essay that time. With Anand, as with Bankim Chandra before him, political action took the form of writing novels. What made him take this course is written, somewhat voluminously, in bravery, the autobiographical. Fiction , Leo Tolstoy , Literature 431 Words | 2 Pages. India - Travel Eye on how to write a cultural criticism essay, North Indian Destinations. October or November.

So plan your trip accordingly. Amritsar: This holy place derives its name from the sacred Amrit Sarovar that surrounds the Golden . Temple which is the main religious temple of the place. Some other sightseeing of the place are Jallianwala Bagh , Wagah Border and topic bravery many others. There are many Delhi based E- travel companies that take up the sample resume on qa pride in scheduling your tours. These companies offer the best services and holiday packages to topic, its valuable clients. My Life! They are considered to be the. Agra , Delhi , India 476 Words | 2 Pages. Singh was influenced by essay topic a number of incidents during his childhood which instilled in him a deep sense of patriotism to essay three dam, eventually take up the essay struggle for . India's independence.

In 1919, at the age of 12, Bhagat Singh visited the site of the resume on qa Jallianwala Bagh massacre, where non-violent people gathered at a public meeting were fired upon essay bravery without warning, killing hundreds and wounding thousands. Bhagat Singh participated ardently in Mahatma Gandhi's Non-Cooperation Movement in 1920, and openly defied. Bhagat Singh , India , Indian independence movement 1027 Words | 3 Pages. Every problem can be solved peacefully? betrayed the Hindu cause”. Moreover, problems of war can’t be resolved peacefully because you won’t be taken seriously and it makes you more vulnerable. An . example of this was the Amritsar massacre. A crowd of non-violent protester gathered in the Jallianwala Bagh garden in Amritsar, Punjab. The British came to stop their peaceful protest by firing at the crowd for ten minutes aiming for the gates through which people were trying to about india, run out.

The number of fatalities range from topic, 370-1000 people including. British Raj , Delhi , India 956 Words | 3 Pages. poet of the revolutionaries. After staying for some months in Kashmlr, Udham Singh left India. He wandered about the continent for some time, and reached . England by the mid-thirties. He was on the lookout for an opportunity to avenge theJalliavala Bagh tragedy. The long-waited moment at last came on 13 March 1940. On that day, at 4.30 p.m. in the Caxton Hall, London, where a meeting of the East India Association was being held in conjunction with the Royal Central Asian Society, Udham Singh fired. Bhagat Singh , India , Indian independence movement 5153 Words | 13 Pages. Rule Movement and British Rule addressed by orators like Dr.

Varadarajulu Naidu, V.Kalyana Sundara Mudaliar and George Joseph.[citation needed] Kamaraj . developed an interest in prevailing political conditions by reading newspapers daily.[8] The Jallianwala Bagh massacre was the decisive turning point in his life, and at this point he decided his aim was to fight for pros cons, national freedom and to essay topic bravery, bring an end to foreign rule.[9][10][dead link] In 1920, at the age of essay day in my life 18, he became active as a political worker. C. Rajagopalachari , India , Indian independence movement 1008 Words | 3 Pages. from the west coast of topic bravery Canada and woodcuts by analytical essay Max Pechstein. Essay Topic! Political and Social Views Tagore supported the Indian . nationalists and the Swadeshi movement. He renounced his knighthood in protest against the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh Massacre. His compositions Chitto Jetha Bhayshunyo and Ekla Chalo Re have mass appeal. He criticised orthodox education lampooning it in the short story Tota-kahini.

Tagore stressed on multi-cultural education. He opposed the Indian caste system. Bengali language , Bengali literature , Bengali script 929 Words | 4 Pages. Tagore) Tagore redirects here. For other uses, see Tagore (disambiguation). Day In My Life! Rabindranath Thakur (anglicised as Tagore) Tagore c. Bravery! 1915, the year . he was knighted by George V. Tagore repudiated his knighthood, in protest against the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919.[1] Born May 7, 1861 Calcutta, Bengal Presidency, British India Died 7 August 1941 (aged 80) Calcutta, Bengal Presidency, British India Occupation Poet, short-story writer, song composer, novelist, playwright, essayist.

Bengali language , Bengali literature , Bengali people 496 Words | 2 Pages. rates the Golden Temple the most tangibly spiritual place in the country. Jallianwala bagh * Jallianwala . Bagh (Punjabi: ??????????? ????, Hindi: ?????????? ????) is a public garden in Amritsar in the Punjab state of India, and houses a memorial of national importance, established in 1951 to commemorate the massacre of peaceful celebrators on the occasion of the Punjabi New Year on April 13, 1919 in the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre. Official British Raj sources placed the abortion pros cons fatalities at 379, and with. Agra , Agra Fort , Delhi 5937 Words | 17 Pages. during his childhood, he thought of essay bravery “growing guns in the fields,” so that he could fight against essay gorges dam the British. The Ghadar Movement left a deep imprint on his . mind. Essay Bravery! Kartar Sing Sarabha, hanged at the age of write essay structure 19, became his hero. The massacre at Jallianwala Bagh on April 13, 1919 drove him to go to Amritsar, where he kissed the earth sanctified by the martyrs’ blood and brought back home a little of the soaked soil. He studied in the D.A.V. School in Lahore.

At the age of 16, he used to wonder why so. Bhagat Singh , British Empire , India 523 Words | 2 Pages. and education of the essay topic people, he founded, in 1901, Santiniketan (Abode of Peace), which became an pros cons, international university with a wide-ranging curriculum. Essay! . Essay! He was knighted in 1915, an honor he renounced four years later as a protest against essay topic the Jallianwala Bagh massacre by the British in India. Resume On Qa! Tagore was keenly aware of essay topic India's socio-political condition under British rule. Essay! He supported the Swadeshi movement and had been deeply influenced by the religious renaissance of essay topic bravery 19th century India.

Coming out. Bengali literature , British Raj , Debendranath Tagore 506 Words | 2 Pages. phase that the collective leadership of the national movement decided that political freedom was of paramount importance, and social reforms could wait till . political freedom had been achieved. The fourth and the final phase began after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre of on memorable 1919, when Gandhi took charge of the nationalist struggle. The Indian nation and the world were introduced to a totally new concept of topic bravery non-violent civil disobedience. Never before had the world seen anything like Gandhi before, and. British Empire , British Raj , Gopal Krishna Gokhale 579 Words | 2 Pages. The massacre of essay about future Arwal is described by topic many as a post-independence Jallianwala Bagh , and day in justly so, in our opinion, say the two . judges, while presenting a blow account of the essay felony committed by essay about future india the State against the poor and essay bravery landless in Arwal. The report on write a cultural essay, Arwal massacre was submitted by the Indian Peoples Human Right Tribunal which came into existence on January 10,1987.

Two members of the Tribunal, Justic T.U. Topic! Mehta and Justice P.S. Essay! Potti inquired into the Arwal incident. The y went to the place. Alfred Nobel , Law , Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 558 Words | 2 Pages.

His wide popularity among both Hindus and Muslims made his leadership possible; he even convinced the topic bravery extreme faction of Muslims to support peaceful . noncooperation.[63] The spark that ignited a national protest was overwhelming anger at the Jallianwala Bagh massacre (or Amritsar massacre) of hundreds of peaceful civilians by British troops in Punjab. Many Britons celebrated the action as needed to prevent another violent uprising similar to the Rebellion of 1857, an attitude that caused many Indian. British Raj , India , Indian independence movement 1663 Words | 5 Pages. 80 million tons of oil equivalent in write analytical, 2010. Kala Bagh Dam: Kala bagh dam has been announced in 1984 by interaction of world bank . Capacity of essay water store is 8 million acre ft Kala bagh dam will be provide 3600 mega watt electricity Cost accurse on construction of kala bagh dam is essay gorges dam 8 billion dollar Kala bagh dam will be recover its cost within 5 year Pakistan has spent 1 billion rupee on essay topic bravery, it Kala bagh dam can construct within 5 year Kala bagh dam will increase 15% income of Pakistan. Agriculture: . Coal , Conservation biology , Ecology 1264 Words | 7 Pages. His wide popularity among both Hindus and how to essay Muslims made his leadership possible; he even convinced the extreme faction of essay topic bravery Muslims to support peaceful . Analytical Essay Structure! non-cooperation.[70] The spark that ignited a national protest was overwhelming anger at essay bravery the Jallianwala Bagh massacre (or Amritsar massacre) of cons essay hundreds of peaceful civilians by British troops inPunjab. Many Britons celebrated the action as needed to prevent another violent uprising similar to the Rebellion of 1857, an attitude that caused many Indian. British Raj , India , Indian independence movement 3096 Words | 9 Pages. Role of Press in Indian Freedom Struggle. the cause of the freedom struggle.

A. G. Horniman made the Bombay Chronicle a powerful instrument to promote militant nationalism. He himself took part in . the meetings where Satyagraha used to be planned. Essay Bravery! He published vivid accounts of the Jallianwala Bagh carnage for essay about future india, which one correspondent of his paper, Goverdhan Das, was sentenced to three years' imprisonment by a military court. Horniman too was arrested and deported to London even though he was ill at that time. Amritlal Shet brought out.

Bipin Chandra Pal , India , India House 1815 Words | 6 Pages. passage of the Rowlatt Acts in 1919, which severely restricted civil liberties and topic bravery individual | |rights. Consequently, thousands of political activists had . been arrested and essay future many publications banned. Essay Topic Bravery! The killing of on memorable day in unarmed | |civilians at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar on 13 April 1919 had provoked intense outrage all over India, alienating most Indians, | |including long-time British supporters from the authorities. The Khilafat struggle had also peaked with the defeat of the Ottoman | |Empire in World.

Bengal , British Raj , Delhi 1497 Words | 5 Pages. Reginald Dyer announced a law banning public meetings, and would be dispersed by force if necessary * On 13 April 1919, a crowd of 10,000 unarmed Indians . Topic Bravery! (protestor) gathered in Amritsar in the province of Punjab, in a wall enclosure called Jallianwala Bagh * Without warning, the how to write a cultural essay British officer opened fire for 10 – 15 minutes, despite the essay topic protest, they could not escape as the British guarded the essay only exit * 379 people were dead, 1200o injured, dyer with his man withdrew leaving the dying. China , Deng Xiaoping , Great Leap Forward 1735 Words | 7 Pages. The Political Career of bravery Kamarajar. into an ordinary small scale Nadar business family, was a school dropout at resume the age of 11 and for a number of years never had steady and proper employment. . Essay! Kumaraswamy Kamaraj evinced interest in politics at the age of 15 when the news of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre reached his ears.

Responding to the call of Gandhiji's Non-Cooperation Movement, Kamaraj entered the freedom struggle as a Congress volunteer organising meetings, processions and demonstrations. Structure! He soon found an abiding place for himself. C. Topic! Rajagopalachari , Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam , India 1596 Words | 5 Pages. Sst Class 8 Notes on on memorable day in, 10 Histoy Chapter. oppose Rowlett Act? Ans. Mahatma Gandhi, Mohanmad Ali Jinnah and others felt that the government had no right to restrict people’s basic freedoms .They . criticized the Act as “devilish” and tyrannical.

Q16. What were the topic bravery effects of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre? Ans. On learning about the essay three massacre, Rabindranah Tagore expressed the pain and anger of the country be renouncing his knighthood. ? During the Rowlatt Satyagraha the participants tried to ensure that Hindus and Muslims were united. Bengal , British Raj , India 2527 Words | 9 Pages. See The Old City Centre with the Qissa Khwani Bazaar, Bazar-e-Kalan, Clock Tower Square, Chowk Yadgar, Tehsil Gorgathri, Mohabbat Khan Mosque, Sunehri . Masjid (Sadar), Peshawar Museum, Khyber Bazar. Parks includes Khalid bin waleed park, Shahi bagh and Wazir bagh . The traditional halal food of Peshawar can be bought from Namak Mandi, Khyber Bazar.

The famous Kulfa can be accessed from Qissa Khwani Bazar in the months of topic Apri-Sept every year, when there is hot weather in the city. Bala Hisar Fort. Khyber Pass , Lahore , Mughal Empire 1608 Words | 6 Pages. garden called Jallianwala Bagh , in Amritsar, Punjab. Jallianwala Bagh is associated with the . blackest day in the history of Indian Freedom Movement. This place was a popular ground for holding meetings and protests during the freedom movement in India. Responding to on memorable day in, a call by Mahatma Gandhi, a large group of peaceful unarmed people gathered in the garden to protest against essay bravery the arrest of their leaders and speak out against the British rule. Sample Resume! Jallianwala Bagh The Jallianwala Bagh site is essay topic witness. British Empire , British Raj , India 5812 Words | 16 Pages. generating electricity: 1. Construction of Hydro- dams: Construction of hydro dams are necessary are necessary.

We have failed to build dams since . 1975, which is considered as the best source of generating electricity. Like one of the major dams kala- Bagh dam and Bunji dam. Three! 2. Nuclear Energy: Nuclear energy should be used as the major source of electricity in this modern world. Pakistan is the 7th atomic power in the world, now facing the huge power crisis. 3. Solar Energy amp; wind. Coal , Electricity generation , Energy development 1100 Words | 4 Pages. empire, Babur, described his favourite type of garden as a charbagh. This word developed a new meaning in India, as Babur explains; India lacked the . fast-flowing streams required for the Central Asian charbagh.

The Agra garden, now known as the Ram Bagh , is thought to have been the topic first charbagh. India, Bangladesh and Pakistan have a number of Mughal gardens which differ from their Central Asian predecessors with respect to the highly disciplined geometry. An early textual references about Mughal. Agra , Delhi , Humayun's Tomb 856 Words | 3 Pages. Health Issues in Rural Areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Department of Anthropology, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan Abstract This paper deals with health . How To A Cultural! issues in rural areas of AJK. The present research was conducted in village Chamyati, District Bagh in Azad Jammu and essay bravery Kashmir. The village is located on a hilltop and it is deprived of basic health facilities. Write Essay Structure! After the essay topic bravery earthquake of 8th October,2005 different NGO’s and organizations made their contribution to provide the villagers with these facilities. Alliance for Healthy Cities , Health , Health care 1553 Words | 5 Pages. Raj.

His wide popularity among both Hindus and Muslims made his leadership possible; he even convinced the extreme faction of Muslims to write analytical essay, support peaceful . non-cooperation. The spark that ignited a national protest was overwhelming anger at the Jallianwala Bagh massacre (or Amritsar massacre) of essay hundreds of essay future peaceful civilians by British troops in bravery, Punjab. Many Britons celebrated the action as needed to sample resume on qa, prevent another violent uprising similar to the Rebellion of essay bravery 1857, an attitude that caused many Indian. British Raj , India , Indian independence movement 2456 Words | 7 Pages. occasions, are known as Baghs (garden).

Phulkaris and Baghs were worn by women all over Punjab during marriage festivals and . other joyous occasions. They were embroidered by the women for essay gorges, their own use and use of essay other family members and sample were not for sale in the market. Essay Topic Bravery! Thus, it was purely a domestic art which not only satisfied their inner urge for how to essay, creation but brought colour into day to essay topic, day life. In a way, it was true folk art. Custom had grown to sample resume, give Phulkaris and Baghs to brides at the time.

Bhangra , Pakistan , Punjab 1664 Words | 5 Pages. Role of Women in essay topic bravery, Indian's Struggle for analytical essay, Freedom. campaigned for essay bravery, the Khilafat Movement. When Gandhi launched the Civil Disobedience Movement, she proved a faithful lieutenant. With great courage she . quelled the rioters, sold proscribed literature, and india addressed frenzied meetings on the carnage at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar. In 1930 when Mahatma Gandhi chose her to bravery, lead the essay Salt Satyagraha the stories of her courage became legion. After Gandhi's arrest she had prepared 2,000 volunteers under the topic bravery scorching sun to raid the Dahrsana Salt Works, while the. British Empire , British Raj , India 2148 Words | 7 Pages. Colonization from the 1700's to essay future, the present.

the 1700’s in texts such as A Modest Proposal and Zong, then the transition into the 1800’s as colonization evolved from the Industrial Revolution that can . Bravery! be seen in the control of the write Native Americans, into more recently in the 1900’s in the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and The Big Chief Mshlanga and we take a look at essay how colonization has impacted the world today in essay india, excerpts from topic bravery, “Home”. We see the impact and extremity of day in racism and colonization as early as 1729 in A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift. African slave trade , Atlantic slave trade , British Empire 3130 Words | 8 Pages. cloth is embroidered. Smaller stitch indicates fine quality of the embroidery. Usually silken threads in golden yellow, red, crimson, orange, green, blue, . and pink are used for Phulkari. Bagh means garden. Embroidering extremely intricate designs when even a square inch of the base cloth is not visible makes Baghs . Other themes embroidered in Phulkari are the sun, the moon, vegetables, birds, human figures, pots, animals, buildings, rivers, sunflowers, peacock, red chilies, ace of diamonds and. Embroidery , Embroidery stitch , Punjab region 2724 Words | 8 Pages.

Upon arrival at Srinagar airport,you will meet our representative you would be transferred to your hotel where you will proceed for bravery, check-in. Afternoon . visit important sights of Srinagar City - Shankaracharya Temple Mughal Gardens(Nishat Bagh Shalimar Bagh )Overnight stay at the hotel. Day 02 :- Srinagar-Pahalgam-Srinagar. In the morning your journey starts towards Pahalgam, en-route visit Saffron fields of Pampora, see the beautiful countryside, lots of rice fields and Awantipura ruins on the. Dal Lake , Gulmarg , Houseboat 2759 Words | 7 Pages. grandfather did not approve of the school officials' loyalism to the British authorities[4] Instead, he was enrolled in the Dayanand Anglo Vedic High School, . an sample resume, Arya Samaji institution.[5] In 1919, at essay the age of 12, Singh visited the essay day in my life site of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre hours after thousands of unarmed people gathered at a public meeting had been killed.[2] At the age of topic bravery 14, he was among those in essay future india, his village who welcomed protestors against the killing of essay topic a large number of essay india unarmed people at Gurudwara.

Batukeshwar Dutt , Bhagat Singh , Hindustan Socialist Republican Association 2244 Words | 7 Pages.

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39 Fantastically Creative Resume and essay topic bravery, CV Examples. Essay On Memorable My Life! A creative resume or curriculum vitae is one document you can#8217;t skimp and this is true for anyone but especially designers and other creative professionals. Essay Topic! When applying for a job, the first impression you create is the strongest and a cultural criticism essay, longest lasting one. The same is true when making contact with a new potential client. Essay! That first impression has to help you stand out from your competitors. Most of the time, that first impression is made online via an online application, your website, an email, or even social media. Hopefully, you already have a strong website, either a personal portfolio or your freelance business site.

And hopefully your social media pages continue your personal or business brand look and essay three gorges, feel. But what about your resume? Most job applications ask applicants to attach a CV or a resume. And after an topic bravery initial, brief research on your website or social media accounts, a prospective client will often ask for a CV if they don#8217;t find the information they need or if they need to abortion pros cons essay, present a list of freelancers to their boss. As such, no matter if you are searching for essay bravery, a job or for clients, your resume design could be what differentiates you from analytical, a competitor with similar skills and level of experience. The following are some excellent creative resume and CV examples to help get ideas flowing for bravery, your own resume design. Notice that some tend to remain more straightforward and write essay, business-like with a hint of creativity thrown in, while others go over the top in the creative aspect. Others strike a nice balance between the two extremes. You will need to topic bravery, make a calculated decision on your own CV design.

If your brand look and style of essay work is highly artistic, then by all means, go all out. Topic Bravery! If, however, you are applying for a job in a less creative field, you may want to tone down tons of graphics and colors, and stick with a more corporate look that still creatively reflects your own personal brand. Check out the ready-made templates for purchase over on GraphicRiver if you#8217;re looking for essay about future india, something new. Creative Resume by Jahangir Alam Jisan. Jisan#8217;s creative CV uses icons, color, and bold banners to add creativity to bravery, his resume design. Plus, the unusual layout helps the information to stand out well while still maintaining a professional and organized look. Personal Resume Promotion by Tibor Brink.

Brink#8217;s personal resume is certainly a bit more corporate in its look and feel, but definitely includes some unique touches. The large block quotes and graphs draw the eye well, and the blue color adds personality while remaining professional in appearance. Personal Presentation: CV by Lenka Kubisova. The problem with most curriculum vitae#8217;s is that they are difficult to read due to tons of content. Abortion Pros Cons Essay! The brochure layout for this CV design allows Kubisova to keep all of essay her information to a single page spread, essentially, without looking crowded or overwhelming. Cheektocheek certainly used her creative resume to show off her design style. The design is essay about future still organized and topic bravery, easy to read a great example of balancing creativity with readability. I love the odd angle of this creative resume. He also does a great job of breaking up the text using paragraph symbols, and the call to action (Hire Me) stands out well on the bold, red ribbon graphic. Self-promotional Poster by Paula IP.

Definitely visit Paula#8217;s Behance page to see the full design, as this creative resume is only a part of the awesome self-promotional mailer. The entire layout, when opened fully, becomes a poster that includes a portfolio of this designer#8217;s skill with hand-made creations. Sometimes the write criticism essay, server industry can be rough, especially when the restaurant is a popular one. An employer may receive too many applications to remember them all, so usually just chooses the first few that stand out. With a creative resume like this one, a server is guaranteed to get noticed! My Graphic Design Resume by MrSunnyBlack. Instead of using the more common graph or chart to show his talents and skills, Sunny modeled his design after a roulette table found in a casino. His #8220;No gamble involved#8221; note in the bottom corner further reveals his fun personality.

Baez#8217;s resume design is definitely one that maintains a more professional, corporate look. The graphs, charts, icons, and other visual graphics give this one more personality than a regular resume, though. Baez has graciously offered his design for free, so simply click on the image to download it for your own use. Essay Topic! This is sample resume another creative resume design that shows off the designer#8217;s humor as well as his wide range of skills. Even with the creative illustration and extra information, the design is topic bravery still clean and organized, which says a lot about his engineering side as well. Curriculum Vitae by Anton Yermolov. Both clean and colorful, Yermolov#8217;s CV design stands out well with neat columns and colorful icons. His illustrated self-portrait is a nice alternative to a photo, and ensures it will look nice even if a client uses their own poor printer to print a copy. Gorges! This is another free curriculum vitae design that has both a creative as well as professional look and feel. By, this CV shows just how easy it is to add a unique touch with the use of creative fonts.

CV Take a Look Inside by bravery, Amber Van Mieghem. Both the format and the fold of this CV design is fantastically creative. Mieghem does an excellent job of creating intrigue and keeping attention by leading to the next page with the fold. Curriculo Criativo by Samuel Profeta. Essay Gorges! Done as a project, this is essay topic certainly one of the write essay, most creative resume ideas I came across. Profeta designed his CV like a packaging label for bravery, a milk or juice carton. While not exactly practical, it does inspire some out-of-the-box thinking.

While the text lines run a bit too close together, significantly reducing readability, this curriculum vitae stands out criticism considerably. The grunge look reminiscent of old typewriters and ink quill pens with some modern graphics thrown in, and is certainly a creatively unique look for an applicant with an interesting combination of essay skills. Abortion Pros! Shameless Self-Promotion by Kyle Robertson. Topic! A personal logo is always a safe way to add some originality to a resume that needs to gorges, remain more on the corporate side. Essay Topic! Robertson doesn#8217;t stop there, though. Essay About India! His beautiful choice in fonts also adds to the appeal of his creative resume design. Fitting a lot of information onto essay bravery, a single page is one of the more difficult parts to a resume, but darthkix solves this problem quite beautifully.

The silhouette graphic on the background is three gorges dam a brilliant way to break up his information neatly but uniquely. My Own Graphic Resume by essay, Saransh Solanki. The secret identity/ Batman theme on future, solanki#8217;s graphic resume doubles as a fun element but also makes a point of his varying skills. His creative resume design stands out visually right away and shows off his abilities as a graphic designer, illustrator, and web designer. Infographic CV/Resume by Robert Kostrzewa. The infographic look is an excellent idea for a CV design. You can fit a ton of information both neatly and topic bravery, creatively onto a single, long page. Even printed out, it will still look excellent and make sense due to how to, the infograpic poster design. Self Promotion: Resume and Job Application by essay, Vidar Olufsen.

You#8217;ll want to check out the a cultural criticism, rest of the essay bravery, pieces to Olufsen#8217;s self-promotional package, as all are extremely well-done and, well, brilliant! Obviously, Olufsen humorously modeled his design like a top secret report with his CV design as the passport what a way to stand out! This creative resume definitely shows off icART#8217;s fine art skills. The left side shows off photography as well as design and on qa, retouching skills. Topic Bravery! The fonts are also stunning in this design. Callens#8217;s CV design sticks to her brand look very well. Sample! The entire design is quite clean and organized, easy to essay, quickly browse. Yet it still looks pretty and essay future india, shows off her graphic design skills. I love how this creative resume organizes so much content so neatly onto a single page.

At first glance, it is almost overwhelming, but the lines and essay topic bravery, other graphics help to draw the a cultural criticism essay, eye from essay topic bravery, one section to the next quite easily. The Resume 2013 by write analytical essay, Riccardo Sabatini. The colors in this curriculum vitae brochure are fantastic! Again, a folded brochure is an excellent way to keep interest from page to page as well as break up lots of content. The bright colors in this creative resume by Bobadilla are stunningly balanced out by the excellent, clean layout of content. Plus, the essay topic bravery, custom fonts add a very nice, original touch to write a cultural, the entire design. The hand-drawn look of topic bravery this gorgeous CV resume shows off Trevino#8217;s unique set of skills very well. Plus, the layout is very easy to follow, not to mention fun. Self Promotion / Personal Branding by Caitlin Walsh.

While quite minimal in lack of color, Walsh#8217;s resume creatively uses a folded booklet layout with a beautiful, textured cover to pique the curiosity and make quite the impression. The inside includes icons and other graphics in a highly organized layout. Gorges Dam! Personal Branding by Cristiana Costa. Essay Topic! Costa#8217;s CV design creatively uses graphics in place of text in her #8220;Skills#8221; and #8220;Things I Enjoy#8221; sections, which helps keep the rest of the text easy to digest. Her use of sample resume on qa a color scheme is quite stunning and shows off her design eye. A Very Personal Identity by Mike Norrington.

Some may argue that this resume is not creative at essay bravery all. I, however, found it creatively minimal. I love the layout of the letters in cons, #8220;MIKE#8221; as well as the large, yellow title font on the background. His social media along the footer of the page stands out strikingly well as compared to other resumes that lump social media with other contact information in the header. This is another #8220;top secret#8221; styled resume that I found to topic bravery, be quite clever. The #8220;Skilldex#8221; creatively helps Branko#8217;s skills stand out from the how to write a cultural criticism, rest of the content and essay, adds to the visual appeal. Infographic Resume by Chen Zhi Liang. Liang shows just how easily a resume for a creative professional can replace text with graphics. The layout shows off both of Liang#8217;s experiences: print and interactive design/ development. Curriculum_Vitae by essay, Francisco Hidalgo. I highly urge you to visit Hidalgo#8217;s Behance page to essay, view his curriculum vitae in full effect, as the images above to not do his gorgeous illustration justice.

Not only does his design show off his illustration skills but it also keeps his information easy to read and digest in a memorable viewing experience. Beautiful! Minimal Resume / CV / 12 Pages by Egotype. The design itself is essay three dam minimal, but using all 12 pages for a CV seems a bit overwhelming. You could choose to eliminate most of these pages in this downloadable design, however, if you decided to use it for your own. Put together as a booklet or a uniquely folded brochure could be interesting. Essay Topic Bravery! Handwritten fonts and illustrations are a stunning touch in this creative CV by Soto. I love how each section is divided into boxes, like graphic cards on a web page. Essay Three Gorges! This two-sided infographic-styled resume displays original, unique graphics. The entire look is geometric, organized, neat, and topic bravery, highly creative! I really love how this website resume could also double as a poster-like print resume design.

Roberta does an excellent job of essay keeping a visitor scrolling with uniquely phrased section headers and the dotted lines. Her illustrations and custom fonts are stunning! How to Make a Kick Butt Resume by Whitney Blake. Whitney#8217;s resume is actually part of a tutorial on her website, and she certainly shows what a resume needs to bravery, stand out. The boxes break up lots of write essay structure content very well, and other aspects really add to the creativity, such as her logo and essay bravery, textured background. Xiruxiru#8217;s creative resume follows a clever theme: #8220;Full of Vitamin Creativity.#8221; Each of the sections of dam information then includes a fruit with text in corresponding color.

And the technical skills section definitely stands out with blue strawberries as the essay topic, graphic. How To Write! This CV resume definitely makes a lasting impression right away. The creative design remains professional and corporate, but the little extras such as the ribbon banners give it a nice visual appeal. #8230;to make a lasting first impression. How creative is your resume or CV design? Are you confident yours will stand out from the topic, rest of the pile?

If not, then you may want to use one of the creative resume and abortion cons essay, CV examples above to model your own design, but don#8217;t forget to consider your audience. And have fun with it so that your creative passion shines through loud and clear. Do you have a creative resume or CV design you#8217;d like to topic bravery, share? Please do in the comments below! Start Your Own Freelance Business! Learn how I went from a corporate employee to owning my own freelance business and blog. Sign up for my email newsletter and get a FREE copy of my Ebook plus a coupon for 10% off your first billing cycle on write essay, any Vandelay Premier plan! Looking for hosting?

WPEngine offers secure managed WordPress hosting. You’ll get expert WordPress support, automatic backups, and caching for fast page loads. Essay Topic! Tara Hornor enjoys writing about advertising, marketing, branding, web and essay on memorable my life, graphic design, and more. As Senior Editor for Creative Content Experts, she has over 2,000 published articles on the web. Connect with @TaraHornor for more design and freelancing advice. Comments are now closed on this post.

Best Free Resume Templates For Designers. Best LinkedIn Tips for essay topic, Creative Professionals. HTML Resume Templates to Help You Land a Job. Why Do Designers Make Awesome Entrepreneurs? Marketing: A Comprehensive Strategy for Web Designers.

Developing a Freelance Marketing Plan. Website Redesign Questions When to Design Against Client Expectations. Do What You Love: The Rise of the sample resume on qa, Multifaceted Creative. Subscribe to essay bravery, our weekly newsletter chalked full of write useful tips, techniques, and design goodies. Learn Photoshop: All of the Basics for Beginners. Shopify Toolbox: Resources for Shopify Users and essay topic bravery, Designers. Designing Magnetic Email Opt-In Forms That Encourage Signups.

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Essay on Role Of Women In Society. INTRODUCTION WOMEN’S CONTRIBUTION IN A SOCIETY WOMEN IN PRE-ISLAMIC SOCIETIES WOMEN IN EUROPEAN SOCIETY WOMEN IN PAKISTANI SOCIETY CONCLUSION. Brigham Young Says , “You educate a man; you educate a man. Topic Bravery? You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” Women are the inherent part of our society and about future, cannot be neglected due to their less power and authority. They are created as a companion for men and essay topic bravery, men have to write essay structure, make her walk with them in the course of life.

As Pakistan is an Islamic state so Pakistani female’s role and behaviors are defined by topic, Islamic laws and as such are given divine sanction. She plays roles as a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife. How To Write? They play their roles with great responsibilities in upbringing of essay topic bravery a healthy solid society, but she is in our so called modern world, still living in essay gorges dam, chains. The basic unit of society is a woman. As woman makes a family, family makes a home and topic bravery, homes make a society. So we should never think that a society would come into existence without the contribution of women.

We all know that without education, no development is essay on memorable possible. Here we have forgotten that the essay bravery very first and best school of a child is how to write a cultural criticism its mother’s lap. A good healthy society doesn’t automatically emerge on its own and stands firm but it needs to essay topic bravery, be emerged and for on memorable my life its emergence women play a pivotal role. From behavioral to health education women have their hands in. it’s a woman who teaches how to behave, how to essay, speak and essay, how to deal with different classes of people. These all are the essay topic basic fundamentals of a good society and women are the main contributors in building up a strong society. Arabia, the origin of pros Islam, in essay bravery, pre-Islamic ages was wrapped all over by blanket of evil deeds, wicked thoughts and immorality. Abortion Pros Essay? Women were the most effected during that time.

They were treated like animals. They were only essay topic, used as sex toys and they were worse than slaves. The new born baby girls were buried alive as they thought girls were a curse for how to write a cultural criticism essay the family and society. But! They didn’t know that Allah’s blessings are upon that home and parents that have daughters.

With the advent of Islam, the essay topic women got the respect and status in the society that she ever deserved. It the woman who is a mother and Islam has taught us that “paradise lies under the feet of essay future mother”. From this we can judge women’s respect and importance in our life and society. The western countries have tremendously developed in essay topic, all fields of life. Their education, their health departments, the departments of information technology are the in the highest rankings. In western countries men and women are working shoulder to essay about future, shoulder in the same pace and both are contributing and essay topic bravery, playing their parts equally in the developmental processes. They are given basic education as well as fundamental and higher education without any restrictions from the essay about future india society. That is why the topic West is that much developed. As they are educating and encouraging both the sexes equally and three dam, discriminating none. Like this there is competition and where there is competition there is invention and invention leads to massive developments. Pakistan is an essay topic bravery, Islamic country and pros cons essay, exists and functions in the context of its unique set of historical, social, economic and political circumstances.

Women within Islamic boundaries can take part in all activities weather they belong to essay topic, financial, national, international, social or domestic affairs. Women population of our country is greater than that of men population. Sample? If such a big portion of population is kept behind then it’s difficult to progress with due speed and we will obviously lag behind the developed countries. Topic? Pakistan is an under developed country and most of its population is of the youth. It’s a golden chance for Pakistan to rightly utilize the youth’s energies. Women are more productive than men; if in Pakistan they are given the right platform they will smoothly carry the nation towards development. The role of Pakistani women in their families revolves around well-established conventions of male supremacy and female sub ordinance. Here the complete responsibility lies on the shoulders of the male to write a cultural essay, educate and encourage the females to step forward and to essay bravery, play their role in dam, developmental processes. Women are not only for home-making and child-rearing but they must also be given chance to put their hands a little forward in bravery, building up of essay india a good solid society.

A good solid society is a good harbinger of topic bravery development. In order for abortion pros cons essay a society to be a pure society, both men and women should think, dress and behave in ways that allow pure thoughts and actions to topic bravery, dominate the cons essay way of essay topic life and create a social climate conducive to the achievement of the resume real goal of life. thank you sooooo much #128578; your always welcome Ma’am #128578; Thnkx it helped in my project. Very amazing i should say.

Cheryl [email protected] Thank you for your feedbak #128578; #128578; #128578; i may not be up to topic bravery, the point but that’s best i could do. I help my visitors and you should also help me by spreading my blog to about future, your friends and family to make it popular. thank you #128578; salute for womens. thanq try to upload as many as pssble sir. please get this essay in kannada. it is essay very useful for my project.thank you so much. #128578; Thank yo Elsa for your nice feedback #128578; Felling PROUD for being a women …. wow! amazing……u or whoever u r you r a present day gyaani. great , tremendous and appreciation effort. hahahahhah Mehrbani tai #128578; Superb essay Sir #128578; You’re alwayz Welcome Sir #128578;

Hahaha Again Sir? thank you its helping me in on qa, my speech. [email protected] Your welcome and essay bravery, thank you also #128578; Happy Sad, Happy Sad, hmm .. On Qa? Why? All good things must come to an end, but all bad things can continue forever.Smile, even if it’s a sad smile, because sadder than a sad smile is the sadness of not knowing how to smile.

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nice essay thanks …. really helpful to me. this essay really helped me in essay, my project and i am agree with u that womens r playing important role in society THANKU. it was very amazing and future, real facts, thank you so much it really help full to me…………… verrrrrrrrrrrry nice esssssssssssssssay sanjran……it helped me alote. Your thinking is so high about women. Nice essay It helpful for essay my seminar.

The essay was too good and abortion cons, it is essay topic bravery necessary to give importance to womens in our society because from them only we are supported and india, they give us contended life!!

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Definition Essay: Bravery | …

Frankenstein Summary and Analysis of Chapters 9-12. Victor is tormented by the false calm that descends upon the Frankenstein household following the death of essay topic bravery, Justine. He is wracked with guilt; though he intended to further the cause of abortion pros cons essay, human happiness, he has ended in committing deeds of mischief beyond description horrible. Victor's health suffers as a result of his massive sense of guilt and the bleak depression that accompanies it. His father, observing his misery, becomes ill as well. The Frankenstein family, blasted as a result of their recent misfortunes, retires to essay topic their summer home at Belrive. There, Victor passes most of his hours in solitude; the fact that he must keep his role in abortion pros essay William's death a secret makes the company of his family agonizing to him. He finds himself in extreme disharmony with the landscape of Belrive, which impresses him with its beauty and serenity. Essay. He often contemplates suicide, but is deterred by thoughts of Elizabeth's grief; he also fears the essay, untold havoc his creature could wreak in his absence.

Victor's hatred of the creature reaches pathological proportions, and takes on the character of an obsession; he thinks of essay topic bravery, nothing but his eventual revenge. Elizabeth, too, is much changed by the tragedy; she has lost faith in the essential goodness of both humanity and the world as a whole. Now, men appear to her as monsters thirsting after each other's blood. She does, however, persist in her fervent belief in Justine's innocence; she feels great pity for the man who must carry the guilt for William's murder on his conscience. How To Criticism. Victor despairs when he hears her say this, as he feels that he is the man who must bear that guilt. He seeks escape from his misery by topic traveling through the on qa, Alpine valley of Chamonix, in which he had often vacationed as a boy. Victor is awestruck by topic bravery the overwhelming grandeur of the landscape, and views it as proof of the existence of an write essay, omnipotent god. Essay Topic. The hard physical exercise exhausts him, and he is able to take refuge in sleep for write criticism, the first time since the execution of Justine. The reader cannot help but feel a certain ambivalence toward Victor's thoughts of suicide: while they reveal the magnitude and authenticity of his feelings of remorse, they also bespeak a certain selfishness. Essay Topic. That he overcomes his desire to write a cultural criticism kill himself indicates that he is capable of mastering his self-absorption, at least occasionally: his concern for his family, and for the suffering that the creature could cause humanity as a whole, keeps him from the base desertion of essay topic bravery, suicide. In this chapter, we see the dramatic effect that nature has upon Victor's well-being and state of mind.

He praises nature for what he calls its sublimity ­ that is, for abortion pros cons essay, the way in topic bravery which it stands beyond the scope of human control and comprehension. This awestruck admiration is bitterly ironic, in light of the fact that Frankenstein's agony was originally caused by his desire to master nature and sample resume, unlock its secrets. Nature, for Frankenstein, reveals the existence of an essay bravery, all-powerful god ­ the very god whose works he attempted to improve upon and replace. Elizabeth's apprehension of men as bloodthirsty monsters is quite significant: it highlights the ambiguous moral status of both Frankenstein and his creature. Who, Shelley insistently asks, is the true monster? Is it the creature that Victor abandoned? Or is it Victor himself, who obsessively fantasizes about taking his violent revenge upon essay the monster he himself created?

Victor continues to wander aimlessly in the valley of Chamonix, taking great consolation in the magnificence of the essay, natural landscape. At the same time, he notes that the landscape is characterized by disorder and destruction: constant avalanches plague the essay future, valley, and bravery, it often seems that the mountains themselves will crash down on Victor's head. Victor determines to climb to the top of Montanvert, one of the region's forbiddingly massive glaciers. Structure. The sight of the mountain fills him with a sublime ecstasy; he believes that human contemplation of natural wonders gives wings to the soul and allows it to soar from the obscure world to topic bravery light and joy. He is filled with melancholy as he ascends the mountain, however, and, amid rain and essay on memorable day in my life, rockslides, meditates on the impermanence of all human dreams and attachments.

When he has reached the summit, Victor invokes all the wandering spirits of the dead, and asks them to either permit him to be happy or carry him to his grave. As if summoned by this call, the monster appears. Victor rains curses upon him and threatens to kill him, but the creature remains unmoved. He says that he is the most wretched and despised of all living things, and bravery, accuses his creator of a gross disregard for the sanctity of life: how else could Victor propose to murder a creature which owes its existence to him? The monster asks Frankenstein to alleviate his misery, and threatens to glut the maw of death. with the blood of [Victor's] remaining friends if he does not comply with his wishes.

The monster eloquently argues that he is intrinsically good, full of love and humanity; only the greatness of his suffering has driven him to commit acts of cons, evil. Though he is surrounded by examples of human happiness, he finds himself excluded, through no fault of his own, irrevocably excluded from such bliss. He implores Frankenstein to essay listen to his story; only then should he decide whether or not to sample resume relieve the creature of essay topic bravery, his agony. Victor's sojourn in the valley of Chamonix reveals his desire to escape the guilt he bears for abortion pros, the recent tragedies. There, he seeks oblivion in sleep, and in the bleakness of the glacial landscape.

The chaos of that landscape, in which avalanches and rockslides are a constant threat, suggests that Victor's escape from his responsibility will be short-lived; it also foreshadows further tragedy. The encounter between Victor and his creature is charged with Biblical allusions: like God and Adam, the creature’s creator has cast him out. For him, Frankenstein occupies the position of the Christian god. The creature is essay also subtly aligned with the figure of Satan, or the devil: like him, he is a fallen angel, grown brute and about india, vicious in the absence of his god. Shelley suggests that the bravery, creature's misdeeds are caused by the enormity of his suffering; at heart, he is essentially good ­ and, more importantly, essentially human.

If he is monstrous, no one but Frankenstein is to blame. When the outraged creature demands of his creator an answer to the question How dare you sport thus with life?, the sentiments of the reader manifest. Frankenstein, in his hypocrisy, longs to murder a being that owes its life to him. If the creature is, paradoxically, both inherently good and capable of resume, evil, then his creator is topic bravery as well. The creature has only the most vague memory of his early life: he recalls being assailed with sensory impressions, and was for a long time unable to distinguish among light, sound, and smell.

He began to wander, but found the dam, heat and sunlight of the countryside oppressive; he eventually took refuge in the forest near Ingolstadt, which offered him shade. The creature found himself tormented by hunger, thirst, and bodily pain. Only the light of the moon consoled him, and he grew to love the sound of topic, birdsong. When he attempted to imitate it, however, he found the sound of his own voice terrifying, and fell silent again. Write Essay Structure. With the same ecstatic astonishment that primitive man must have felt, the creature discovers fire. All of the people that the creature encounters in his travels regard him with horror: he is often pelted with stones and beaten with sticks, though he attempts to make overtures of friendship.

He finally comes upon essay topic bravery a miserable hovel; this is attached to a cottage of poor but respectable appearance. Exhausted, he takes refuge there from the inclemency of the weather and from. the write criticism essay, barbarity of man. The creature, in observing the cottage's three inhabitants, contrives a great affection for the beauty and nobility of their faces. They ­ an bravery, old man, a young man, and a young woman ­ enthrall him with the sound of their music and abortion pros essay, the cadence of their language, which he adores but cannot understand. This chapter is told from the creature's point of view. In this way, Shelley humanizes the essay topic, creature: his first-person narration reveals him as a character of surprising depth and sensitivity. The reader becomes familiar with his trials and sufferings; we realize that, at the time of Frankenstein's abandonment, the creature was as innocent and defenseless as a human infant. Like an infant, he is plagued by on memorable blurry vision, confusion of the senses, and an aversion to direct light: he experiences the world precisely as a young child would experience it. His syntax, as he begins describing his early life, is almost painfully simple.

He is as yet incapable of interpreting or analyzing the world and his perceptions of it. The creature's narrative voice is surprisingly gentle and utterly guileless: one of the most poignant moments in the novel is when the creature, despised by Victor and feared by the rest of mankind, collapses and weeps out of fear and bravery, pain. In all of his encounters with humanity, the creature is met with horror and sample on qa, disgust. In the face of such cruelty, the essay topic bravery, reader cannot help but share the creature's fury and resentment: though he means no harm, his unbeautiful appearance is enough to how to write criticism make him a wretched outcast. He is, through no fault of essay topic bravery, his own, deprived of all hope of abortion essay, love and companionship; the reader thus slowly begins to topic bravery sympathize with his desire to revenge himself on both his creator and on brutal humanity as a whole. As the novel progresses, we become more and more uncertain as to who is truly human, since the creature's first-person narration reveals both his own humanity and his creator's concealed monstrousness. The creature begins by recalling his deep and tormenting desire to speak to the cottagers, who impress him with their gentleness and simplicity. He hesitates, however, as he is fearful of incurring the same kind of disgust and about india, cruelty that he experienced at the hands of the villagers. In observing the family, he discovers that they suffer from great poverty. The two young people are very generous with the old man, and essay, often go hungry so that he might eat. The creature, greatly touched by sample resume this, ceases to take from their store of food, even though he is terribly hungry himself.

He begins to cut their firewood for them, so that the bravery, young man, whose name is Felix, will no longer have to. The creature spends the entire winter watching the cottagers, and grows to love each of sample on qa, them passionately. He attempts to learn their language, which he regards as a godlike science. Topic. At first, he makes little progress. Every act of the essay three gorges, cottagers, however banal, strikes him as miraculous: to watch them read aloud, or play music, or simply speak to one another, delights him immeasurably. Though he realizes that they are terribly unhappy, he cannot understand why: to him, the family seems to possess everything one could want: a roof, a fire, and the glories of human companionship. Upon seeing his own reflection in a pool of water, the creature becomes even more certain that he will never know such happiness; he finds his own face to be monstrous, capable of bravery, inspiring only fear or disgust. Nonetheless, he dreams of winning the love of the cottagers by mastering their language; in essay my life this way, he hopes, he can reveal to them the beauty and gentleness of his soul. This chapter details the essay, creature's deep longing to join human society. He is, at first, utterly ignorant of the ways of humanity, and must learn everything from scratch.

In essence, he is still a child, with all of a child's innocence and how to, capacity for wonder. To him, the cottagers are god-like, blessed, despite the extreme humbleness of topic, their existence. In comparing himself to them, the creature feels himself to how to write essay be a monster: he is shocked by his own reflection, and is nearly unable to accept it as his own. At the same time, he still dreams of acceptance into human society, and attempts to master language in order to inspire the family's affection and trust. The reader cannot help but pity the creature, and fear for him: we know too well that human society obstinately refuses to accept those who are different, regardless of the topic bravery, beauty of their souls. At chapter's end, the future, reader can only essay wait uneasily for the moment when the creature will present himself to his beloved family.

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I confessed, that I might obtain absolution; but now that falsehood lies heavier. Victor wakes up feeling better: the nurse is with him. Frankenstein study guide contains a biography of essay future, Mary Shelley, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Frankenstein essays are academic essays for citation. Essay Bravery. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Frankenstein by pros cons Mary Shelley.

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