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Eop essay prompt

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Antique Dealer CV Writing Service. Antique dealers buy and eop essay, sell old objects and collectors#8217; items. If you are passionate about historical items, and like the idea of buying and selling, this could be the perfect job for you. To become a dealer, you will need to have a passionate interest in the items you deal in. Most dealers specialise in one particular area. On Variance! You will need to research, study and learn from others. Eop Essay Prompt! You will need to be a good negotiator. On Variance! Most importantly you’ll need good judgement and the ability to eop essay prompt, make quick decisions. You don#8217;t need any particular qualifications to do this job. Your sales skills and ability to spot saleable items are more important than qualifications.

As an antique dealer, you could work with a wide range of objects or specialise in on gun a particular area, such as jewellery, glass, furniture or china. Your work could include: buying items from salesrooms, auctions, markets, trade fairs and eop essay, private owners selling items to the general public from 11 exam essays shops or from stalls in antique centres negotiating purchases and sales buying and selling items online carrying out minor restoration work researching the identity and value of objects advising owners on the value of their antiques for eop essay prompt, insurance or sales purposes. You could also work from home, buying and on lord, selling to suit customer orders. You would not normally have set working times, and you may have to work long and unsocial hours, including weekends and evenings. You would usually do a lot of travelling, visiting clients and going to auctions and antique fairs. This could involve spending nights away from home. As most antique dealers are self-employed, income can vary hugely depending on level of expertise and location. Eop Essay Prompt! You do not need any particular qualifications to be an antique dealer.

Your sales skills, ability to spot saleable items, and having enough funds for starting up are more important than qualifications. You could start in this career in any of the focus synthesis essay, following ways: working in an antiques shop, or in a small or medium-sized antiques centre or auction house as an assistant or general worker working in a salesroom or an auction house as a porter, clerk, cataloguer, valuer or auctioneer collecting and researching antiques as a hobby then taking a stall at antiques markets or fairs, buying and eop essay prompt, selling on the internet, or opening a shop. You could combine any of these with part-time study in byron arts subjects such as history of art, fine art or decorative arts. Another option is to prompt, study full-time for a degree or diploma in a related area such as fine arts, applied arts, or history of art to develop your knowledge, although this is not essential. Entry requirements for degree courses vary, so you should check with individual colleges or universities. Some of the larger city-based salesrooms, such as Sotheby’s or Christie’s, sometimes recruit small numbers of people with relevant degrees (like history of art) as trainees. If you want to ap english essays, study further, several institutions run relevant postgraduate courses. Examples include postgraduate education programmes at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, and the MA in eop essay Arts Market Appraisal (Professional Practice) at Kingston University.

You can add to your skills and knowledge through any of the following: practical experience extensive self-study and focus on community service synthesis, research a degree or postgraduate course training schemes provided by major auction houses privately run courses. If you begin by working in an auction house or antiques shop, you would learn on the job from eop essay prompt experienced colleagues. Focus On Community! To become an antique dealer, you will need to have: a passionate interest in eop essay prompt the items you deal in essay poetry willingness to research, study and learn from others knowledge of antiques – either generally or in one specialised area negotiating skills good judgement and the ability to eop essay, make quick decisions business sense and a good sales technique. Most dealers are self-employed, working in shops, at on lord byron antiques markets and prompt, fairs, or from home. Some work part-time and byron poetry, a few combine antiques dealing with restoration work.

Many antiques dealerships are small independent businesses, either family-run or only employing one or two staff. Prompt! As few vacancies are advertised, it may be best to contact shops, sales rooms and other relevant organisations directly. Your success will depend on expanding your business by increasing sales and profits. You could progress to specialist dealer, valuer or auctioneer. The cultural heritage industry is essay part of the creative and cultural industries, represented by eop essay the Creative and Cultural Skills Sector Skills Council, which also includes: craft; design; literature; music; performing arts; and visual arts. The creative and cultural industries currently employ 678,480, people, of which 24% are based in London. There are 74,640 businesses in the creative and cultural industries, of which 87% employ less than 10 people. On Variance Analysis! The cultural heritage industry includes: museums, galleries with collections, built heritage, conservation, heritage landscape, archaeology and related member organisations. It is broad, encompassing historic buildings, landscapes and collections – from towns, cities and rural spaces in the UK, to collections from across the prompt, world. These sites are held in trust on behalf of the public.

The industry comprises all those who collect, preserve, study and byron poetry, communicate the past, present and future in order to develop and promote understanding and curiosity. It consists of a variety of organisations, institutions, sector bodies and individuals that operate at a national level. A core part of the industry is publicly funded. Prompt! There are 57,350 people working in the cultural heritage industry, of which: 59% are in museums and archives 29% in built heritage 12% in archaeology Employment in cultural heritage increased by 7% between 2004 and 2006. There are 1,510 businesses, of which 77% employ less than 50 people. Cultural heritage contributes ?1.01 billion to the UK economy. Only 4% of the workforce is self?employed. Annotated! 36% of the workforce is employed part?time. Women in the industry are generally more highly qualified than men (60% have an eop essay prompt, above level 4 qualification as their highest qualification compared with 40% of men). 74% of women earn less than ?10,000, compared to 51% of men. Annotated! 94% of eop essay prompt, people working in cultural heritage earn less than ?20,000 per year.

50% of those working in cultural heritage have a level 4 or above qualification. Volunteering is ap english 11 exam essays significant in the industry. Jobs in the industry include: admission staff, archaeological scientist, archivist, art exhibition organiser, artistic director, box office staff, conservation officer, curator, documentation staff, exhibitions staff, historian, inspector of ancient monuments. Northern Ireland – There are 11,640 people working in the Northern Ireland creative and cultural sector. 3% of the UK cultural heritage workforce is located in Northern Ireland. Cultural heritage in Northern Ireland contributes ?0.1 million to the UK economy. Prompt! More than 99% of the workforce is term paper on variance analysis white and 23% of the workforce is male. Less than 1% of the eop essay, workforce in Northern Ireland is self?employed.

Scotland – There are 45,420 people working in the Scottish creative and cultural sector. 10% of the UK cultural heritage workforce is located in Scotland. Cultural heritage in Scotland contributes ?41 million to the UK economy. More than 99% of the cultural heritage workforce is white and 53% of the workforce is male. 2% of the cultural heritage workforce in Scotland is self?employed.

Wales – There are 24,060 people working in the Welsh creative and essay stanford, cultural sector. 4% of the prompt, UK cultural heritage workforce is located in Wales. Cultural heritage in Wales contributes ?0.9 million to the UK economy. More than 99% of the workforce is white and 50% of the workforce is male. 4% of the Welsh cultural heritage workforce is self?employed. [N.B. The data for the following regions are for the creative and cultural sector as a whole.] East Midlands – There are 44,380 people in essay stanford the sector workforce in the region, representing 7% of the UK sector workforce. There are 3,950 creative businesses in prompt the region, of which 92% employ less than 50 people. 35% of the workforce is self-employed. 63% of the term, workforce is male. 95% of the sector workforce is white and eop essay prompt, 54% are under 40 years.

East of ap english 11 exam, England – There are 63,700 people in the sector workforce in the region, representing 9% of the UK sector workforce. There are 6,710 creative businesses in the region, of which 93% employ less than 50 people. 37% of the workforce is eop essay prompt self employed. 66% of the workforce is male. On Gun! 95% of the sector workforce is white and 46% are under 40 years. London – There are 164,690 people in the sector workforce in London, representing 24% of the UK sector workforce.

There are 21,600 creative businesses, of which 93% employ less than 50 people. 51% of the workforce is self-employed. 58% of the workforce is male. Prompt! 84% of the sector workforce is white and 56% are under 40 years. North East – There are 19,680 people in the sector workforce in the region, representing 3% of the term paper on variance analysis, UK sector workforce. There are 1,330 creative businesses in the region, of which 90% employ less than 50 people. 38% of the workforce is self-employed. 63% of the workforce is male. 96% of the sector workforce is white and 53% are under 40 years. North West – There are 59,580 people in the sector workforce in the region, representing 9% of the UK sector workforce. There are 5,660 creative businesses in the region, of which 91% employ less than 50 people.

34% of the eop essay, workforce is self-employed; the majority of who are in arts and music. 62% of the workforce is male. 95% of the sector workforce is white and 55% are under 40 years. South East – There are 98,170 people in annotated introduction essay the sector workforce in the region, representing 14% of the UK sector workforce. There are 12,300 creative businesses in the region, of eop essay prompt, which 93% employ less than 50 people. Persuasive Essay Control Free! 43% of the workforce is self-employed.

59% of the workforce is prompt male. 97% of the sector workforce is white and 47% are under 40 years. South West – There are 60,690 people in persuasive control the sector workforce in the region, representing 9% of the UK sector workforce. There are approximately 5,000 creative businesses in the region, of which 93% employ less than 50 people. 47% of the workforce is eop essay prompt self-employed in arts, design and music. 59% of the workforce is male.

98% of the sector workforce is white and 46% are under 40 years. West Midlands – There are 40,300 people in the sector workforce in the region, representing 6% of the UK sector workforce. There are approximately 5,000 creative businesses in the region, of which 91% employ less than 50 people. 31% of the workforce is self-employed, which is the lowest regional figure. 58% of the workforce is male.

91% of the sector workforce is white and 49% are under 40 years. Yorkshire and the Humber – There are 45,900 people in the sector workforce in the region, representing 7% of the UK sector workforce. There are just under 4,000 creative businesses in paper analysis the region, of which 90% employ less than 50 people. Eop Essay Prompt! 40% of the workforce is self-employed. 60% of the workforce is male.

97% of the sector workforce is white and service synthesis, 53% are under 40 years.

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How to Write a Great Business Plan. Every seasoned investor knows that detailed financial projections for a new company are an act of imagination. Nevertheless, most business plans pour far too much ink on the numbers–and far too little on the information that really matters. Eop Essay! Why? William Sahlman suggests that a great business plan is one that focuses on a series of questions. These questions relate to the four factors critical to the success of every new venture: the people, the opportunity, the context, and the possibilities for both risk and reward. Roommate Essay! The questions about people revolve around three issues: What do they know? Whom do they know? and How well are they known?

As for opportunity, the plan should focus on two questions: Is the market for the venture’s product or service large or rapidly growing (or preferably both)? and Is the eop essay industry structurally attractive? Then, in addition to annotated essay demonstrating an understanding of the context in which their venture will operate, entrepreneurs should make clear how they will respond when that context inevitably changes. Eop Essay! Finally, the plan should look unflinchingly at stanford, the risks the new venture faces, giving would-be backers a realistic idea of what magnitude of reward they can expect and when they can expect it. A great business plan is not easy to compose, Sahlman acknowledges, largely because most entrepreneurs are wild-eyed optimists. Eop Essay Prompt! But one that asks the right questions is a powerful tool.

A better deal, not to mention a better shot at success, awaits entrepreneurs who use it. Few areas of business attract as much attention as new ventures, and few aspects of new-venture creation attract as much attention as the business plan. Countless books and articles in 11 exam essays, the popular press dissect the topic. A growing number of annual business-plan contests are springing up across the eop essay United States and, increasingly, in other countries. Both graduate and undergraduate schools devote entire courses to the subject. Indeed, judging by all the hoopla surrounding business plans, you would think that the persuasive essay on gun control free only things standing between a would-be entrepreneur and spectacular success are glossy five-color charts, a bundle of meticulous-looking spreadsheets, and a decade of month-by-month financial projections.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In my experience with hundreds of entrepreneurial startups, business plans rank no higher than 2—on a scale from 1 to 10—as a predictor of a new venture’s success. Prompt! And sometimes, in fact, the bibliography introduction more elaborately crafted the document, the more likely the venture is to, well, flop, for lack of a more euphemistic word. What’s wrong with most business plans? The answer is relatively straightforward. Most waste too much ink on eop essay, numbers and devote too little to the information that really matters to intelligent investors. As every seasoned investor knows, financial projections for a new company—especially detailed, month-by-month projections that stretch out for more than a year—are an act of imagination. An entrepreneurial venture faces far too many unknowns to essay on lord predict revenues, let alone profits.

Moreover, few if any entrepreneurs correctly anticipate how much capital and time will be required to accomplish their objectives. Typically, they are wildly optimistic, padding their projections. Eop Essay! Investors know about the padding effect and therefore discount the roommate essay figures in prompt, business plans. These maneuvers create a vicious circle of ap english essays, inaccuracy that benefits no one. Don’t misunderstand me: business plans should include some numbers. But those numbers should appear mainly in the form of a business model that shows the entrepreneurial team has thought through the key drivers of the venture’s success or failure. Prompt! In manufacturing, such a driver might be the focus synthesis yield on a production process; in prompt, magazine publishing, the anticipated renewal rate; or in software, the impact of using various distribution channels. Essay! The model should also address the break-even issue: At what level of sales does the business begin to make a profit? And even more important, When does cash flow turn positive?

Without a doubt, these questions deserve a few pages in any business plan. Near the back. What goes at the front? What information does a good business plan contain? If you want to speak the language of investors—and also make sure you have asked yourself the right questions before setting out on the most daunting journey of a businessperson’s career—I recommend basing your business plan on the framework that follows. Eop Essay Prompt! It does not provide the control kind of eop essay prompt, “winning” formula touted by 11 exam essays, some current how-to books and software programs for entrepreneurs.

Nor is it a guide to prompt brain surgery. Rather, the framework systematically assesses the four interdependent factors critical to every new venture: The People. The men and women starting and running the venture, as well as the outside parties providing key services or important resources for it, such as its lawyers, accountants, and suppliers. The Opportunity. A profile of the business itself—what it will sell and to whom, whether the business can grow and how fast, what its economics are, who and what stand in the way of 11 exam essays, success. The Context.

The big picture—the regulatory environment, interest rates, demographic trends, inflation, and the like—basically, factors that inevitably change but cannot be controlled by the entrepreneur. Risk and Reward. An assessment of everything that can go wrong and right, and a discussion of how the entrepreneurial team can respond. Business Plans: For Entrepreneurs Only? The accompanying article talks mainly about business plans in a familiar context, as a tool for entrepreneurs. But quite often, start-ups are launched within established companies. Do those new ventures require business plans? And if they do, should they be different from the plans entrepreneurs put together? The answer to the first question is an emphatic yes; the answer to the second, an equally emphatic no.

All new ventures—whether they are funded by venture capitalists or, as is the case with intrapreneurial businesses, by prompt, shareholders—need to on gun control pass the same acid tests. After all, the marketplace does not differentiate between products or services based on who is pouring money into them behind the scenes. The fact is, intrapreneurial ventures need every bit as much analysis as entrepreneurial ones do, yet they rarely receive it. Instead, inside big companies, new businesses get proposed in the form of eop essay, capital-budgeting requests. These faceless documents are subject to detailed financial scrutiny and a consensus-building process, as the project wends its way through the chain of command, what I call the “neutron bomb” model of project governance.

However, in the history of such proposals, a plan never has been submitted that did not promise returns in excess of corporate hurdle rates. It is only after the new business is focus essay, launched that these numbers explode at the organization’s front door. That problem could be avoided in large part if intrapreneurial ventures followed the eop essay prompt guidelines set out in the accompanying article. For instance, business plans for such a venture should begin with the résumés of all the people involved. What has the team done in stanford, the past that would suggest it would be successful in the future, and so on? In addition, the new venture’s product or service should be fully analyzed in terms of its opportunity and context. Going through the eop essay prompt process forces a kind of discipline that identifies weaknesses and strengths early on and helps managers address both.

It also helps enormously if such discipline continues after the roommate essay stanford intrapreneurial venture lifts off. Eop Essay! When professional venture capitalists invest in new companies, they track performance as a matter of course. But in term paper, large companies, scrutiny of a new venture is often inconsistent. That shouldn’t or needn’t be the case. A business plan helps managers ask such questions as: How is the new venture doing relative to projections? What decisions has the team made in response to new information? Have changes in the context made additional funding necessary? How could the team have predicted those changes? Such questions not only keep a new venture running smoothly but also help an organization learn from its mistakes and triumphs. Many successful companies have been built with the help of venture capitalists.

Many of the underlying opportunities could have been exploited by large companies. Why weren’t they? Perhaps useful lessons can be learned by eop essay, studying the world of control free, independent ventures, one lesson being: Write a great business plan. The assumption behind the framework is that great businesses have attributes that are easy to identify but hard to assemble. They have an experienced, energetic managerial team from the top to the bottom. Prompt! The team’s members have skills and experiences directly relevant to the opportunity they are pursuing.

Ideally, they will have worked successfully together in the past. The opportunity has an attractive, sustainable business model; it is possible to create a competitive edge and persuasive essay on gun free defend it. Many options exist for expanding the scale and scope of the business, and these options are unique to the enterprise and its team. Value can be extracted from the business in a number of ways either through a positive harvest event—a sale—or by scaling down or liquidating. The context is favorable with respect to both the regulatory and the macro-economic environments. Risk is prompt, understood, and the team has considered ways to mitigate the essay impact of difficult events. Eop Essay Prompt! In short, great businesses have the four parts of the framework completely covered.

If only reality were so neat. When I receive a business plan, I always read the résumé section first. Not because the people part of the on gun control new venture is the most important, but because without the right team, none of the eop essay other parts really matters. I read the résumés of the venture’s team with a list of byron poetry, questions in mind. Eop Essay! (See the insert “Who Are These People, Anyway?”) All these questions get at term on variance, the same three issues about the venture’s team members: What do they know? Whom do they know? and eop essay prompt How well are they known? Fourteen “Personal” Questions Every Business Plan Should Answer. Where are the founders from? Where have they been educated? Where have they worked—and for whom? What have they accomplished—professionally and persuasive control personally—in the past?

What is their reputation within the business community? What experience do they have that is directly relevant to eop essay prompt the opportunity they are pursuing? What skills, abilities, and knowledge do they have? How realistic are they about the venture’s chances for success and the tribulations it will face? Who else needs to be on the team? Are they prepared to recruit high-quality people?

How will they respond to annotated introduction essay adversity? Do they have the mettle to prompt make the introduction essay inevitable hard choices that have to be made? How committed are they to this venture? What are their motivations? What and whom they know are matters of insight and experience. Eop Essay! How familiar are the team members with industry players and dynamics? Investors, not surprisingly, value managers who have been around the term analysis block a few times. A business plan should candidly describe each team member’s knowledge of the new venture’s type of product or service; its production processes; and the market itself, from competitors to customers. It also helps to indicate whether the team members have worked together before. Not played—as in roomed together in college—but worked . Investors also look favorably on a team that is known because the real world often prefers not to deal with start-ups. They’re too unpredictable.

That changes, however, when the new company is run by people well known to suppliers, customers, and employees. Their enterprise may be brand new, but they aren’t. The surprise element of working with a start-up is eop essay, somewhat ameliorated. Finally, the people part of a business plan should receive special care because, simply stated, that’s where most intelligent investors focus their attention. A typical professional venture-capital firm receives approximately 2,000 business plans per year. These plans are filled with tantalizing ideas for new products and services that will change the focus synthesis world and reap billions in prompt, the process—or so they say. But the fact is, most venture capitalists believe that ideas are a dime a dozen: only focus on community synthesis, execution skills count. As Arthur Rock, a venture capital legend associated with the formation of such companies as Apple, Intel, and eop essay prompt Teledyne, states, “I invest in people, not ideas.” Rock also has said, “If you can find good people, if they’re wrong about the product, they’ll make a switch, so what good is it to understand the service essay product that they’re talking about in the first place?” Business plan writers should keep this admonition in mind as they craft their proposal.

Talk about the people—exhaustively. Eop Essay! And if there is nothing solid about roommate stanford their experience and eop essay prompt abilities to herald, then the entrepreneurial team should think again about launching the venture. When it comes to the opportunity itself, a good business plan begins by focusing on two questions: Is the total market for the venture’s product or service large, rapidly growing, or both? Is the industry now, or can it become, structurally attractive? Entrepreneurs and persuasive on gun control free investors look for large or rapidly growing markets mainly because it is often easier to eop essay prompt obtain a share of bibliography, a growing market than to fight with entrenched competitors for a share of a mature or stagnant market. Smart investors, in eop essay prompt, fact, try hard to identify high-growth-potential markets early in their evolution: that’s where the big payoffs are.

And, indeed, many will not invest in a company that cannot reach a significant scale (that is, $ 50 million in annual revenues) within five years. HBR Guide to Building Your Business Case Ebook + Tools. As for attractiveness, investors are obviously looking for bibliography introduction, markets that actually allow businesses to make some money. But that’s not the no-brainer it seems. In the late 1970s, the computer disk-drive business looked very attractive. The technology was new and exciting. Dozens of companies jumped into the fray, aided by an army of professional investors. Twenty years later, however, the eop essay thrill is gone for managers and investors alike. Disk drive companies must design products to meet the perceived needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users. Selling a product to OEMs is complicated. The customers are large relative to most of their suppliers.

There are lots of competitors, each with similar high-quality offerings. Moreover, product life cycles are short and ongoing technology investments high. The industry is subject to major shifts in technology and customer needs. Intense rivalry leads to lower prices and, hence, lower margins. Bibliography Essay! In short, the disk drive industry is eop essay, simply not set up to make people a lot of money; it’s a structural disaster area. The information services industry, by contrast, is paradise. Companies such as Bloomberg Financial Markets and First Call Corporation, which provide data to the financial world, have virtually every competitive advantage on their side. First, they can assemble or create proprietary content—content that, by the way, is like life’s blood to thousands of money managers and stock analysts around the world.

And although it is often expensive to develop the service and to acquire initial customers, once up and running, these companies can deliver content to customers very cheaply. Also, customers pay in advance of 11 exam essays, receiving the service, which makes cash flow very handsome, indeed. In short, the structure of the eop essay information services industry is beyond attractive: it’s gorgeous. On Lord Byron Poetry! The profit margins of Bloomberg and First Call put the disk drive business to shame. The Opportunity of a Lifetime—or Is It? Nine Questions About the Business Every Business Plan Should Answer. Who is the eop essay new venture’s customer? How does the customer make decisions about buying this product or service? To what degree is the product or service a compelling purchase for the customer? How will the product or service be priced? How will the venture reach all the identified customer segments?

How much does it cost (in time and resources) to acquire a customer? How much does it cost to produce and persuasive essay deliver the product or service? How much does it cost to support a customer? How easy is eop essay, it to stanford retain a customer? Thus, the first step for entrepreneurs is to make sure they are entering an industry that is large and/or growing, and one that’s structurally attractive.

The second step is to make sure their business plan rigorously describes how this is the case. And if it isn’t the case, their business plan needs to specify how the venture will still manage to make enough of a profit that investors (or potential employees or suppliers, for that matter) will want to participate. Once it examines the new venture’s industry, a business plan must describe in detail how the company will build and launch its product or service into eop essay the marketplace. Again, a series of on variance, questions should guide the eop essay prompt discussion. (See the term paper on variance analysis insert “The Opportunity of a Lifetime—or Is It?”) Often the answers to these questions reveal a fatal flaw in the business. Prompt! I’ve seen entrepreneurs with a “great” product discover, for focus on community service synthesis essay, example, that it’s simply too costly to eop essay prompt find customers who can and will buy what they are selling. Economically viable access to essay customers is the key to business, yet many entrepreneurs take the Field of Dreams approach to this notion: build it, and eop essay they will come. That strategy works in the movies but is not very sensible in the real world.

It is not always easy to answer questions about the essay control likely consumer response to new products or services. The market is eop essay prompt, as fickle as it is unpredictable. Term On Variance! (Who would have guessed that plug-in room deodorizers would sell?) One entrepreneur I know proposed to introduce an electronic news-clipping service. He made his pitch to a prospective venture-capital investor who rejected the prompt plan, stating, “I just don’t think the dogs will eat the dog food.” Later, when the entrepreneur’s company went public, he sent the stanford venture capitalist an anonymous package containing an eop essay prompt, empty can of dog food and a copy of his prospectus. If it were easy to predict what people will buy, there wouldn’t be any opportunities. The market is annotated bibliography, as fickle as it is prompt, unpredictable. Who would have guessed that plug-in room deodorizers would sell? Similarly, it is tough to byron guess how much people will pay for something, but a business plan must address that topic. Sometimes, the dogs will eat the dog food, but only at a price less than cost. Investors always look for opportunities for value pricing—that is, markets in which the prompt costs to produce the term paper analysis product are low, but consumers will still pay a lot for it. No one is dying to invest in a company when margins are skinny.

Still, there is money to be made in inexpensive products and services—even in eop essay, commodities. A business plan must demonstrate that careful consideration has been given to the new venture’s pricing scheme. The list of questions about the new venture’s opportunity focuses on poetry, the direct revenues and the costs of producing and prompt marketing a product. That’s fine, as far as it goes. A sensible proposal, however, also involves assessing the business model from a perspective that takes into term paper on variance account the investment required—that is, the balance sheet side of the equation. The following questions should also be addressed so that investors can understand the cash flow implications of pursuing an prompt, opportunity: When does the business have to buy resources, such as supplies, raw materials, and people? When does the business have to on gun free pay for prompt, them? How long does it take to ap english 11 exam essays acquire a customer? How long before the customer sends the business a check?

How much capital equipment is required to eop essay prompt support a dollar of sales? Investors, of course, are looking for businesses in which management can buy low, sell high, collect early, and pay late. Essay! The business plan needs to eop essay spell out how close to that ideal the new venture is expected to come. Even if the answer is essay on lord byron poetry, “not very”—and it usually is—at least the truth is out there to discuss. The opportunity section of a business plan must also bring a few other issues to the surface. First, it must demonstrate and analyze how an opportunity can grow—in other words, how the new venture can expand its range of products or services, customer base, or geographic scope. Often, companies are able to create virtual pipelines that support the economically viable creation of new revenue streams.

In the publishing business, for example, Inc. magazine has expanded its product line to include seminars, books, and eop essay videos about entrepreneurship. Similarly, building on the success of its personal-finance software program Quicken, Intuit now sells software for electronic banking, small-business accounting, and tax preparation, as well as personal-printing supplies and on-line information services—to name just a few of its highly profitable ancillary spin-offs. Now, lots of business plans runneth over on the subject of the new venture’s potential for growth and expansion. But they should likewise runneth over in persuasive on gun, explaining how they won’t fall into some common opportunity traps. Prompt! One of those has already been mentioned: industries that are at their core structurally unattractive. But there are others. The world of invention, for example, is fraught with danger. Over the past 15 years, I have seen scores of individuals who have devised a better mousetrap—newfangled creations from bibliography introduction essay inflatable pillows for use on airplanes to automated car-parking systems.

Few of eop essay prompt, these idea-driven companies have really taken off, however. I’m not entirely sure why. Sometimes, the inventor refuses to spend the money required by term on variance analysis, or share the rewards sufficiently with the business side of the company. Other times, inventors become so preoccupied with their inventions they forget the customer. Eop Essay Prompt! Whatever the reason, better-mousetrap businesses have an focus on community synthesis essay, uncanny way of malfunctioning. Another opportunity trap that business plans—and entrepreneurs in general—need to pay attention to is the tricky business of eop essay prompt, arbitrage. Basically, arbitrage ventures are created to take advantage of persuasive control free, some pricing disparity in the marketplace. MCI Communications Corporation, for eop essay prompt, instance, was formed to persuasive on gun free offer long-distance service at a lower price than ATT.

Some of the industry consolidations going on today reflect a different kind of arbitrage—the ability to buy small businesses at a wholesale price, roll them up together into a larger package, and take them public at a retail price, all without necessarily adding value in the process. Whatever the eop essay prompt reason, better-mousetrap businesses have an uncanny way of malfunctioning. Taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities is a viable and potentially profitable way to enter a business. In the final analysis, however, all arbitrage opportunities evaporate. It is not a question of term paper on variance analysis, whether, only when.

The trick in these businesses is to use the arbitrage profits to build a more enduring business model, and business plans must explain how and when that will occur. As for prompt, competition, it probably goes without saying that all business plans should carefully and thoroughly cover this territory, yet some don’t. That is a glaring omission. For starters, every business plan should answer the following questions about the competition: Who are the new venture’s current competitors? What resources do they control? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How will they respond to the new venture’s decision to enter the business?

How can the new venture respond to its competitors’ response? Who else might be able to observe and exploit the same opportunity? Are there ways to co-opt potential or actual competitors by forming alliances? Business is like chess: to on lord be successful, you must anticipate several moves in advance. A business plan that describes an prompt, insuperable lead or a proprietary market position is by definition written by naïve people. That goes not just for focus service synthesis, the competition section of the business plan but for the entire discussion of the opportunity. Prompt! All opportunities have promise; all have vulnerabilities. A good business plan doesn’t whitewash the latter. Rather, it proves that the entrepreneurial team knows the good, the bad, and the ugly that the venture faces ahead. Opportunities exist in a context. At one level is the macroeconomic environment, including the level of economic activity, inflation, exchange rates, and interest rates.

At another level are the wide range of government rules and on gun control free regulations that affect the opportunity and how resources are marshaled to exploit it. Examples extend from tax policy to prompt the rules about raising capital for a private or public company. And at yet another level are factors like technology that define the limits of what a business or its competitors can accomplish. Context often has a tremendous impact on ap english 11 exam essays, every aspect of the entrepreneurial process, from identification of opportunity to harvest. In some cases, changes in prompt, some contextual factor create opportunity. More than 100 new companies were formed when the airline industry was deregulated in the late 1970s.

The context for financing was also favorable, enabling new entrants like People Express to go to the public market for capital even before starting operations. Conversely, there are times when the context makes it hard to start new enterprises. The recession of the early 1990s combined with a difficult financing environment for on community synthesis essay, new companies: venture capital disbursements were low, as was the amount of capital raised in the public markets. (Paradoxically, those relatively tight conditions, which made it harder for new entrants to get going, were associated with very high investment returns later in the 1990s, as capital markets heated up.) Sometimes, a shift in context turns an eop essay prompt, unattractive business into an attractive one, and vice versa. Consider the case of essay, a packaging company some years ago that was performing so poorly it was about to be put on eop essay, the block. Then came the Tylenol-tampering incident, resulting in multiple deaths. The packaging company happened to have an efficient mechanism for installing tamper-proof seals, and in a matter of weeks its financial performance could have been called spectacular.

Conversely, U.S. tax reforms enacted in 1986 created havoc for companies in the real estate business, eliminating almost every positive incentive to invest. Many previously successful operations went out of business soon after the new rules were put in place. Every business plan should contain certain pieces of evidence related to context. First, the entrepreneurs should show a heightened awareness of the on variance analysis new venture’s context and how it helps or hinders their specific proposal. Second, and eop essay prompt more important, they should demonstrate that they know the venture’s context will inevitably change and describe how those changes might affect the business. Further, the business plan should spell out persuasive essay control what management can (and will) do in eop essay prompt, the event the context grows unfavorable. Finally, the business plan should explain the ways (if any) in which management can affect context in a positive way. For example, management might be able to have an impact on regulations or on industry standards through lobbying efforts. The concept that context is fluid leads directly to the fourth leg of the framework I propose: a discussion of risk and how to manage it. Annotated Introduction Essay! I’ve come to eop essay prompt think of ap english 11 exam essays, a good business plan as a snapshot of an event in the future.

That’s quite a feat to begin with—taking a picture of the unknown. But the best business plans go beyond that; they are like movies of the future. They show the people, the opportunity, and the context from prompt multiple angles. Roommate Stanford! They offer a plausible, coherent story of what lies ahead. They unfold possibilities of eop essay, action and reaction. Good business plans, in other words, discuss people, opportunity, and context as a moving target. All three factors (and the relationship among them) are likely to change over time as a company evolves from term paper on variance start-up to ongoing enterprise.

Therefore, any business plan worth the prompt time it takes to write or read needs to focus attention on the dynamic aspects of the entrepreneurial process. When it comes to the matter of risk and reward in a new venture, a business plan benefits enormously from the inclusion of two graphs. Perhaps graphs is the wrong word; these are really just schematic pictures that illustrate the most likely relationship between risk and reward, that is, the on lord relationship between the opportunity and eop essay prompt its economics. High finance they are not, but I have found both of these pictures say more to investors than a hundred pages of charts and prose. The first picture depicts the amount of money needed to launch the new venture, time to positive cash flow, and essay byron poetry the expected magnitude of the payoff. This image helps the eop essay investor understand the depth and duration of negative cash flow, as well as the relationship between the investment and the possible return. The ideal, needless to say, is to have cash flow early and often. Persuasive On Gun Free! But most investors are intrigued by the picture even when the eop essay prompt cash outflow is high and long—as long as the cash inflow is more so. Of course, since the world of essay, new ventures is eop essay prompt, populated by wild-eyed optimists, you might expect the on community synthesis essay picture to display a shallower hole and a steeper reward slope than it should. It usually does. But to be honest, even that kind of picture belongs in the business plan because it is a fair warning to investors that the new venture’s team is prompt, completely out of persuasive control free, touch with reality and should be avoided at all costs.

The second picture complements the first. Prompt! It shows investors the range of possible returns and the likelihood of ap english essays, achieving them. The following example shows investors that there is a 15 % chance they would have been better off using their money as wall-paper. The flat section reveals that there is a negligible chance of losing only a small amount of money; companies either fail big or create enough value to achieve a positive return. The hump in eop essay prompt, the middle suggests that there is a significant chance of earning between 15 % and 45 % in the same time period. And finally, there is a small chance that the initial outlay of cash will spawn a 200 % internal rate of return, which might have occurred if you had happened to essay on lord poetry invest in Microsoft when it was a private company. Basically, this picture helps investors determine what class of investment the business plan is presenting. Is the new venture drilling for North Sea oil—highly risky with potentially big payoffs—or is it digging development wells in Texas, which happens to eop essay be less of a geological gamble and probably less lucrative, too? This image answers that kind of question. It’s then up to the investors to decide how much risk they want to live with against what kind of annotated, odds.

Again, the eop essay people who write business plans might be inclined to skew the picture to make it look as if the probability of a significant return is downright huge and the possibility of roommate essay stanford, loss is negligible. And, again, I would say therein lies the picture’s beauty. Eop Essay! What it claims, checked against annotated bibliography introduction, the investor’s sense of eop essay, reality and experience, should serve as a simple pictorial caveat emptor. Of course, the future is hard to predict. Focus On Community Synthesis! Still, it is possible to give potential investors a sense of the kind and class of risk and reward they are assuming with a new venture.

All it takes is prompt, a pencil and bibliography introduction essay two simple drawings. Prompt! (See the insert “Visualizing Risk and Reward.”) But even with these drawings, risk is, well, risky. In reality, there are no immutable distributions of outcomes. It is ultimately the responsibility of management to essay change the prompt distribution, to increase the likelihood and consequences of success, and to decrease the likelihood and implications of problems. One of the great myths about entrepreneurs is that they are risk seekers. All sane people want to avoid risk. As Harvard Business School professor (and venture capitalist) Howard Stevenson says, true entrepreneurs want to capture all the reward and give all the risk to persuasive essay on gun control others. The best business is a post office box to which people send cashier’s checks. Yet risk is unavoidable. So what does that mean for a business plan? It means that the eop essay prompt plan must unflinchingly confront the risks ahead—in terms of people, opportunity, and context. What happens if one of the new venture’s leaders leaves?

What happens if a competitor responds with more ferocity than expected? What happens if there is a revolution in Namibia, the source of term paper analysis, a key raw material? What will management actually do ? Those are hard questions for an entrepreneur to pose, especially when seeking capital. But a better deal awaits those who do pose them and then provide solid answers. A new venture, for example, might be highly leveraged and therefore very sensitive to interest rates. Its business plan would benefit enormously by stating that management intends to eop essay prompt hedge its exposure through the financial-futures market by purchasing a contract that does well when interest rates go up. Ap English Essays! That is the equivalent of offering investors insurance. (It also makes sense for the business itself.)

Finally, one important area in the realm of prompt, risk/reward management relates to harvesting. Venture capitalists often ask if a company is “IPOable,” by which they mean, Can the company be taken public at some point in the future? Some businesses are inherently difficult to take public because doing so would reveal information that might harm its competitive position (for example, it would reveal profitability, thereby encouraging entry or angering customers or suppliers). Some ventures are not companies, but rather products—they are not sustainable as independent businesses. One of the greatest myths about entrepreneurs is that they are risk seekers. All sane people want to avoid risk. Therefore, the business plan should talk candidly about the end of the synthesis essay process. How will the eop essay investor eventually get money out of the business, assuming it is successful, even if only marginally so? When professionals invest, they particularly like companies with a wide range of exit options.

They like companies that work hard to paper analysis preserve and enhance those options along the way, companies that don’t, for example, unthinkingly form alliances with big corporations that could someday actually buy them. Eop Essay! Investors feel a lot better about risk if the venture’s endgame is roommate stanford, discussed up front. There is an old saying, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” In crafting sensible entrepreneurial strategies, just the opposite is true: you had better know where you might end up and eop essay prompt have a map for getting there. A business plan should be the place where that map is drawn, for, as every traveler knows, a journey is essay on lord byron, a lot less risky when you have directions. Once a business plan is written, of course, the goal is to land a deal. Prompt! That is a topic for another article in itself, but I will add a few words here. When I talk to young (and old) entrepreneurs looking to ap english 11 exam finance their ventures, they obsess about the prompt valuation and terms of the deal they will receive. Their explicit goal seems to roommate essay be to minimize the dilution they will suffer in raising capital. Implicitly, they are also looking for investors who will remain as passive as a tree while they go about building their business. On the food chain of investors, it seems, doctors and dentists are best and venture capitalists are worst because of the degree to eop essay prompt which the latter group demands control and 11 exam a large share of the returns. That notion—like the idea that excruciatingly detailed financial projections are useful—is nonsense.

From whom you raise capital is often more important than the terms. New ventures are inherently risky, as I’ve noted; what can go wrong will. When that happens, unsophisticated investors panic, get angry, and often refuse to eop essay prompt advance the company more money. Sophisticated investors, by essay control free, contrast, roll up their sleeves and help the eop essay company solve its problems. Often, they’ve had lots of experience saving sinking ships. They are typically process literate. They understand how to craft a sensible business strategy and a strong tactical plan. They know how to recruit, compensate, and motivate team members.

They are also familiar with the Byzantine ins and outs of term, going public—an event most entrepreneurs face but once in a lifetime. This kind of eop essay prompt, know-how is worth the money needed to 11 exam buy it. There is an old expression directly relevant to entrepreneurial finance: “Too clever by prompt, half.” Often, deal makers get very creative, crafting all sorts of focus on community synthesis essay, payoff and option schemes. Eop Essay Prompt! That usually backfires. My experience has proven again and again that sensible deals have the following six characteristics: They do not blow apart if actual differs slightly from plan. Persuasive Essay Control! They do not provide perverse incentives that will cause one or both parties to behave destructively. They are written on a pile of papers no greater than one-quarter inch thick.

But even these six simple rules miss an important point. A deal should not be a static thing, a one-shot document that negotiates the eop essay prompt disposition of a lump sum. Annotated Introduction Essay! Instead, it is eop essay, incumbent upon entrepreneurs, before they go searching for funding, to think about ap english essays capital acquisition as a dynamic process—to figure out eop essay prompt how much money they will need and when they will need it. How is that accomplished? The trick is for the entrepreneurial team to treat the new venture as a series of experiments. Before launching the whole show, launch a little piece of it.

Convene a focus group to test the paper product, build a prototype and prompt watch it perform, conduct a regional or local rollout of a service. Such an exercise reveals the true economics of the focus business and can help enormously in determining how much money the new venture actually requires and in prompt, what stages. Entrepreneurs should raise enough, and investors should invest enough, capital to roommate essay stanford fund each major experiment. Experiments, of course, can feel expensive and risky. But I’ve seen them prevent disasters and help create successes.

I consider it a prerequisite of prompt, putting together a winning deal. Among the many sins committed by business plan writers is arrogance. In today’s economy, few ideas are truly proprietary. Moreover, there has never been a time in recorded history when the annotated bibliography introduction essay supply of capital did not outrace the supply of opportunity. The true half-life of opportunity is decreasing with the passage of time. A business plan must not be an albatross that hangs around the neck of the entrepreneurial team, dragging it into oblivion. Instead, a business plan must be a call for action, one that recognizes management’s responsibility to fix what is broken proactively and in real time. Prompt! Risk is inevitable, avoiding risk impossible. Risk management is the key, always tilting the essay on gun control venture in favor of reward and away from risk.

A plan must demonstrate mastery of the entire entrepreneurial process, from identification of opportunity to harvest. It is not a way to separate unsuspecting investors from prompt their money by hiding the fatal flaw. For in focus essay, the final analysis, the only one being fooled is the entrepreneur. We live today in the golden age of entrepreneurship. Although Fortune 500 companies have shed 5 million jobs in the past 20 years, the eop essay overall economy has added almost 30 million.

Many of those jobs were created by entrepreneurial ventures, such as Cisco Systems, Genentech, and Microsoft. Each of those companies started with a business plan. Is that why they succeeded? There is annotated introduction essay, no knowing for sure. But there is little doubt that crafting a business plan so that it thoroughly and candidly addresses the ingredients of success—people, opportunity, context, and the risk/reward picture—is vitally important.

In the prompt absence of a crystal ball, in on community service synthesis essay, fact, a business plan built of the right information and analysis can only be called indispensable. William A. Sahlman is the prompt Dimitri V. D’Arbeloff-MBA Class of 1955 Professor of Business Administration at service essay, the Harvard Business School.

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2008 economy essay The US Current Account deficit stands at eop essay prompt over 5% of GDP (down from essays 6.5% in 2006). It is true in an era of capital mobility a current account deficit is easier to finance. Prompt! But, if you maintain a deficit of over 5% for a prolonged period of ap english, time, it is unsurprising if, eventually, you face difficulties in attracting the necessary capital flows. Eop Essay! Because Asian investors are becoming more cautious over the prospects in the US deficit, capital flows are slowing down contributing to persuasive essay on gun free, the devaluing dollar. The current account deficit shows that there is a fundamental imbalance between consumption and domestic production and could act as a contstraint on future growth. Confidence in America and the Dollar.

US External Debt as a % of GDP Federal Debt at eop essay prompt Treasury Direct. You talked of Inequality. that is because Middle-class is bibliography, being killed by outsourcing their jobs. Prompt! Soon, you will see US divided among Corporate crowns and low-income earners. Income per capita will be good, but distribution was GDP among population will be insane. The old saying that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is true and a big part of this problem. I am having financial difficulty and the last resort was for my husband to clean out his 401K to avoid foreclosure.

We are still having trouble. The measley 39K we took out pushed us a few thousand over 11 exam essays the point where we don't get homestead rebates, stimulus rebate, screwed up the prompt, kids college financial aid, etc. The US is basically a bankrupt economy. Remember Ross Perot and his utterances. Perot blamed the nation#8217;s economic problems on the government#8217;s inability to contain deficit spending ($350 billion in ap english 11 exam 1992) and pay off the ever-increasing national debt (a little over $4.1 Trillion in eop essay #8217;92, less than half of what it is now). I am a 22 year old single mother trying to get a degree in nursing so i am as close to a guarenteed job as i can get. Now, i am faced with the stanford, problem, i wont even be able to afford to go to school because of gas prices.. thus how will i survive? i feel for everyone who is prompt, struggling but at the same time what can we do? I don't agree with this. Deficit is mostly due to bibliography, war situation with terrorists and eop essay, raising cost of energy. Credit crunch happens due to existence of the big bank and corporations that are too big to focus on community service synthesis essay, fail. The main differences in income emerges due to very sharp social and cultular differences in US.

The low income people in US are usually low educated people. Despite to the fact every person in US who really wants can get very good education. High level of legalized previously illegal immigrants contributes to this. We should expect that the prompt, next generation of those people supposed to paper analysis, be more competitive. This economy is getting worse.

The gov#39;t needs to lower taxes and the economy will go back up. The people will be ablt to buy more products that way.And this health care. Just plain stupid! We are turning into china! China saw that we were making more money being a republic and everything. The people in the U.S. Prompt! are just getting way too lazy. They want the gov#39;t to pay for everything but guess where the money is comming from?

The people who work for it. The rich are rich because they had to work for bibliography, their money and mananged it wisly. If you have a million dollars, spend one cent and you arn#39;t a millionair any more. Stand up for what is right for our economy and do something about our gov#39;t. You know, since im doing indv. speech and my topic is about the economy, I would like some help with it from some people who know what they are talking about. The speech is, Problems with the Economy. If anyone has some advice, I will love to use it. Thanx.

The beginning of US economic problems was a period we call Reganomics, AKA, the decline of the middle class. The redistribution of wealth is a function of government, seems the US government since that time hasn#39;t been doing a very good job. I say, start at the bottom. Eop Essay! Give consumers buying power and you will create jobs proportionally. On Community Service! However, if you practice trickle-down, the wealth will only end up in a rain barrel! It really seems to me that the media and Washington politicians THINK they know how to eop essay prompt, fix the economy. Ap English! First off, the Economy is We the People No government agency can fix this by pouring money into it.

The economy is where American people EARN money, then CIRCULATE IT into what is known as the eop essay, economy. Now, for years, illegal immigrants have come into introduction, this country and obtained a Green Card. They work, many of them getting paid, Under the table, and NOT paying taxes. They then get their pay, from the American business and SEND it OUT OF THE COUNTRY. Think of it as a wheel with five spokes and taking out 3 of the spokes. Eop Essay Prompt! It will still turn, but will eventually break. You can NOT earn the American Dollar, and send it out of the on community service synthesis, country and expect the eop essay, economy to survive.

That is the problem in byron poetry a nut shell. Eop Essay Prompt! The notion that rich people are rich because of their own efforts is a peculiarly American fantasy that will apply to a small number of lucky and term on variance analysis, talented people but in the main, is simply not borne out by the facts. Prompt! There is a huge amount of inherited wealth in the US, there has been a constant series of tax cuts aimed solely at the rich without any consideration of fairness for other citizens or how this will impact on fiscal deficits (the 2001 Bush tax cut being the most flagrant example), and the statistics on how the top 10-20% have taken an paper on variance analysis ever-increasing proportion of national income and accumulated capital speak volumes. Even conventional financial commitment consultants are suggesting that property owners re-finance their present loans. If you took out a loan at a high amount several years ago, re-financing will get you a reduced rate. click here.

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Example Executive Resumes Other Career Marketing Documents. This client had achieved the pinnacle of success in eop essay prompt a niche of the ap english 11 exam, financial services industry and had grown somewhat bored and ready for a new challenge. Prompt! With new corporate leadership in place, he felt the winds of change coming and wanted to leave on his own terms and at the top of his game. Focus On Community! Whether this was advisable or not was irrelevant by the time he came to me, as he had already resigned his position. His goal was to find a position that would challenge him, and was particularly enthusiastic about the prompt, prospect of building another niche player into a market leader. The bold red and blue color scheme matched this client’s bold personality. The charts and essays graphs helped emphasize his proven potential as a mastermind for eop essay, business growth. This client also had uncommon, value-add experience in the public sector and maintained a strong professional network of former colleagues and contacts in Washington D.C. Considering that he worked within a highly regulated industry, he had leveraged this experience in his prior positions and we wanted to call attention to it in essay free his resume even though it was from eop essay, quite some time ago. We decided to include it but leave it undated.

IT and Telecommunications Solutions Executive Resume. The client had three possible goals with this resume. For more than 12 years as an expert in IT and telecom solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations, he had earned a comfortable living through his own independent consulting firm. However, he was concerned that the industry was changing and that he may need to adapt his approach in term analysis order to eop essay continue to prosper in essays his specialty. He felt there were three possible paths: 1) Use the resume in his efforts to build more business for his own consulting firm. 2) Seek out partnership opportunities with another small consulting firm that offered complementary services. 3) Be employed by a larger consulting firm and prompt given charge of a practice area. It is difficult to handle three targets in a single resume, but as many of the same results and benefits would appeal to all of these audiences, I believed there were enough similarities that we could create a single resume. The first page provides an overview and summary of the client’s skills and qualifications, along with some of the big-picture benefits he produces for clients.

The rest of the resume showcases some of the more recent and significant projects he has worked on, in paper analysis CAR format. The accomplishment boxes highlight the prompt, key quantifiable facts from essay, each engagement. The client’s earlier experience was included to illustrate the eop essay, breadth of focus on community service synthesis essay his skills, which are applicable to industries other than healthcare, although the prompt, client had chosen to annotated pursue expertise in that narrow niche. Chief Medical Officer - Executive-level Medical Resume. This client was an extremely well educated, non-practicing MD and expert in global clinical RD within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

He came to me with an eop essay extremely lengthy and detailed CV that he had been trying to essays use in the corporate world, with little success. It took some extensive consulting with the client to get him to think about his work in terms of results and prompt benefits—especially results or benefits that we could quantify. He simply wasn’t used to thinking about byron poetry, his work in these terms and this was further complicated by the fact that it truly was difficult to quantify many of his accomplishments. Paring his extensive credentials and the technical details of prompt his work down to byron poetry just three pages was another challenge. The resulting resume was well worth it. The structure, formatting, and design of the entire resume was created to prompt succinctly convey his many technical qualifications and byron make them as easy-to-read as possible at eop essay prompt, just a glance. The highlights and stanford big-picture impact of his contributions at each company are set apart in an eye-catching box. Eop Essay Prompt! Notable highlights for each are called out in a bulleted box.

I created an persuasive essay on gun free addendum for prompt, details of his many additional credentials, and I instructed the essay byron, client to bring this with him as a leave-behind for interviews. Conservative design elements and coloring used in the resume help make it eye-appealing, but appropriate and prompt acceptable to free the target industry. This client was challenged with how to write her resume because she was worried that her experience with multiple start-ups (many that were not successful due to no fault of eop essay her own) reflected poorly on her. Essay On Lord Byron! She also struggled with how to communicate her many accomplishments despite the failed startups. Eop Essay! Clearly we solved all her problems with this powerful and highly effective resume. She was also in a field in which a CV was sometimes requested, but not often. To prepare her for anything, we created this modular resume that included two addendums that she could include or not, as was appropriate. This accomplished client was ready for his next challenge and essay loved working in start-ups, early-stage growth companies, and prompt turnarounds. This resume helped him accomplish his goals in record time.

Within weeks of launching his search, he had accepted a job offer as the CTO of focus service synthesis essay a growing company. Notice the technique used at prompt, the end. Essay On Lord! We didn't want to date the resume further back than we did, but he had some early-career accomplishments that he wanted to convey. The other experience section allowed us to do that without dating the resume too far back. What do you see that is unusual about eop essay prompt, this resume? We had reasons not to want to make the dates on this resume too obvious, and yet experience that dated back further than 20 years was still relevant. Rather than listing the dates in annotated bibliography introduction a really obvious place, they are within the text of the resume.

This may not work in prompt some industries, but given the intended audience for this resume, it was a highly effective technique. Entrepreneur Returning to essay the Corporate World in a Senior Sales Management Role - Sales Manager Resume. Tammy Lawson was on track for eop essay, a very successful sales management career when she decided to essay on gun free leave the world of traditional employment to purchase and manage a franchise organization that was in distress and eop essay prompt required turnaround. Essay On Lord Byron! She was hugely successful in this endeavor and had built the eop essay prompt, company revenue more than $10 million over the past decade. She had just sold the company a few months before when she came to me for a resume. While she had enjoyed the challenge of being her own boss, she yearned to go back to her sales management career, which was her passion. However, she wasn’t sure how to present this in a resume, as her most recent experience made her appear overqualified and drew attention away from her more relevant sales management experience.

Her “ideal” job would include some aspect of persuasive essay on gun free sales training and mentoring as well, as this was something she loved doing and really excelled at, although none of her previous job titles reflected it. The solution was a resume that was very strategically written to focus on her most relevant sales qualifications and to deemphasize the fact that she had been the owner and top executive of the franchise company. While we were meticulously honest in eop essay our description of her most recent experience, we were quite selective about what we included and which aspects of her achievements we chose to focus on in order to emphasize the aspects most likely to be relevant in her next position. A variety of graphics, charts, and ap english 11 exam essays graphs called attention to her most impressive accomplishments and areas of qualification. Eop Essay Prompt! Tammy’s training-related accomplishments are sprinkled throughout the resume. Dr. James Agard was a European-trained MD and U.S.-trained MBA with a long history of accomplishment as a practicing anesthesiologist.

While he was still a practicing physician, his career had taken a turn into executive management and on community service he wanted to continue this, hoping to land a CEO role. Prompt! He offered a very distinctive value proposition: the roommate, proven ability to transform medical operations into a unified, seamless, high-quality, and cost-optimized “value-based” sustainable system founded on eop essay common purpose, vision, and essay on lord byron teamwork. In the progressive leadership positions he had held over the most recent decade, he made great headway in this regard. Prompt! We used a variety of charts, graphs, and callouts to illustrate this very distinguishing value proposition throughout the resume. In particular, we illustrated Dr. Agard’s results in decreasing costs while simultaneously increasing quality of patient care, caseloads, and overall revenue.

When Dr. Agard came to byron poetry me, it was with a very detailed medical CV which included a very confusing chronology of his experience, since many of his positions have been simultaneous. I rewrote his resume into eop essay prompt a traditional executive format that showcased his stories of challenge-action-result-strategic impact success, particularly as they related back to his value proposition. The emphasis throughout is on persuasive his leadership and management competencies, though his clinical highlights and medical credentials add essential credibility and are highlighted in his summary profile. The color scheme of prompt muted greens, browns, and golds create immediate eye appeal and are consistent with Dr. Agard’s conservative personality. Manufacturing Industry CEO Resume.

Terrence came to me as a seasoned CEO, to have me prepare his first resume ever. He had a really incredible story for why his career had progressed as rapidly as it had (engineer to plant GM almost overnight). As a young engineering professional, he was on a business trip and essay on gun control ended up talking with the man sitting next to him on the plane. That man was the owner of a company that was troubled and losing money. Prompt! They had a lengthy discussion in which Terrence offered a number of suggestions about how he would correct the problems and turn the business around.

A couple of weeks later, the company owner called and recruited Terrence to serve as GM of one of the essay on gun control free, most troubled plants. The hitch: he would receive NO salary until he turned it around. He quickly produced positive results and was later promoted to president of the entire company, and then recruited to the CEO role he was in when he came to prompt me. This story was touched on in the annotated bibliography introduction essay, resume by noting that he had been personally recruited by the owner, but I used it more extensively in eop essay prompt the letters and biography that I also prepared for him. An excerpt from one of those letters: Do you want to be safe and good, or do you want to take a chance and be great? I hadn’t heard this quote, attributed to Jimmy Johnson, 20-plus years ago when I took my chance. Essay! But it is a chance I will always be grateful I took, as it changed my life forever. Driving profitable business growth, improvement, and sustainable change. Those are the themes that have been present throughout my career, but my opportunities to really have an impact skyrocketed two decades ago, when by eop essay prompt chance or fate I happened to strike up a conversation with the man sitting next to me on an airplane.

At the time I was a young professional, not long out of stanford college and beginning to establish myself in eop essay an engineering career. The man I was talking with turned to be the owner of a company, and after lengthy discussions regarding business philosophy he offered me a job with the challenge to turnaround a failing manufacturing plant. The catch? There would be zero pay until the essay, plant was profitable. As risky as it might have seemed, I had faith in my potential, and somewhere I found the eop essay prompt, courage to take the persuasive essay on gun free, chance… Terrence’s personal brand and value proposition was all about driving growth and results through the creation of a cohesive company culture of “We.” We showcased this in eop essay his profile section, and I called out annotated bibliography a quote from him that I had jotted in my notes during my consultation with him.

The quote was perfect, because it emphasized his focus on producing results through teamwork, but also because it emphasized his philosophy of life and leadership which had been shaped by prompt his early experiences. Roommate Essay Stanford! Again, we further drew this out in the other documents I prepared for eop essay prompt, him. Terrence had lots of successes and analysis results. The Executive Performance Snapshots call immediate attention to the overriding story of eop essay success and his strategic impact in each position while complementing his brand. Rather than letting the reader get lost in a sea of annotated bibliography introduction bullets, I used a graphic element on each page to illustrate some of his quantified achievements in eop essay a format that was quick and control easy to scan.

The color scheme was selected to give the resume an understated elegance while adding the eop essay prompt, visual appeal that would ensure his resume stood out. Insurance Reinsurance Industry Executive. Sales Engineering Executive Resume. Vice-President, Global Finance Manager Resume. Brianna was an interesting corporate finance executive. She didn’t have particularly strong mathematical or quantitative skills.

Instead, for her it was all about understanding the underlying meaning of the numbers and how that meaning could be used to synthesis essay drive business strategy. As I interviewed her, her passion for this really shone through and she got really excited describing to me how the C-suite executives would come to her and she would help them understand the numbers and help them create strategy from them. Without a doubt, this was the key to eop essay her personal brand and persuasive essay control free unique value proposition and we emphasized it throughout her resume. The resume was slightly challenging in that Brianna had worked for the same, well-known company for many years. This company had a strong public brand, but behind the scenes had really been struggling since the economic crash about two years after Brianna had been hired. She had a really hard time communicating the specifics of her contributions to me and she said just the eop essay prompt, fact that the company was still alive indicated that. But now there were some serious efforts underway to essay stanford sell the eop essay prompt, company, and as a whole it had never really bounced back from the downfall. After a lengthy conversation I was finally able to distill a number of specific achievements that balanced all of her contributions in regards to roommate cuts, streamlining, and RIFs with a few stories of growth from when she was first hired and from some specific parts of the eop essay prompt, business that did grow. Term On Variance! The result was a really strong resume that clearly positions Brianna as a high-level strategic and finance advisor to the C-suite, but also as someone who is also able to produce results no matter what the situation: business growth or streamlining. Prompt! The graphic used on the second page, with the introduction essay, plus and minus sign, complements this theme.

Information Technology Executive Resume - U.S. Expatriate. Carol was an interesting client in that just out of college, 18 years before, she picked up roots and moved internationally, never looking back as her career took off. Fast forward to the present and prompt she was the ap english 11 exam essays, mother of two school-aged children and eop essay prompt really wanted to return to the U.S. We intentionally made her U.S. Ap English! citizenship and desire for a return to the U.S. very, very clear in the header of her resume. But, we were concerned that even understanding her citizenship, potential employers might view her complete break from the U.S. negatively, so I wrote the text of her resume to really emphasize how she was recruited and prompt promoted aggressively over the years, as a way to explain why she had stayed in Ireland for so long. This was also a major theme of the cover letters I wrote for her, as you can see from this excerpt: Some people swear that timing is everything. On Variance Analysis! Others insist that successful people make their own luck. As a 20-something who picked up roots and relocated internationally, I wasn’t really thinking about either at the time.

Today, more than 18 years into an ever-progressing and prompt always successful career, I am a true testament to both. Coming out of college with an M.B.A. and a computer science degree from one of the persuasive essay on gun control free, most prestigious universities in eop essay the world, just as the essay, era was being born in 1996, there could hardly have been a better place in the world for me to be than Europe. After all, as I’m sure you know, Ireland is well known as a world-class hub for high tech innovation and startups. As a talented, ambitious, creative, and pioneering system and eop essay prompt software architect, designer, and on lord byron poetry developer I was aggressively recruited to work on a number of eop essay prompt innovative and start-up technology initiatives and products. Recognized very early on focus on community for my leadership, I was sought out for team leadership roles in eop essay prompt the first year of my career, a trend that has continued and accelerated since. Carol’s original resume was extremely detailed and focus on community service technically focused. I rewrote it to eop essay prompt emphasize her leadership and ap english management credentials and potential. Her major strengths included her unusually strong ability to clearly and deeply understand the issues at hand, cut through the clutter, and focus on prompt the pivotal points most critical to success, creatively overcoming any obstacles on the path.

These strengths drove her key value proposition: the proven ability to focus on community synthesis essay steer world-class product development organizations to increased competitive advantage and stronger sales, profits, and shareholder gains by leveraging innovation and prompt maximizing quality and performance. On Gun Control Free! This value proposition is clearly conveyed in her resume profile and also through the stories of success and achievements throughout her resume. The graphical and design elements in eop essay prompt the resume gave her resume immediate visual appeal, but also provided us a way to convey the key results and on community synthesis contributions she had made. With a goal of highlighting the content of her resume rather than drawing the prompt, eye away to byron poetry design elements alone, we chose a muted color scheme that clearly let her impressive achievements shine through. Senior Sales Manager Resume - Industry Career Change. Jack Asher is an extraordinarily accomplished and ambitious sales management executive with a BOLD and engaging personality—the type of person who has a presence that “fills” up a room when he walks into eop essay it. His leadership style was equally.

bold and highly effective, as evidenced by the outstanding results he had produced consistently throughout his career. He had been in the insurance industry since the start of persuasive essay on gun his career. Jack’s goal was to transfer his extraordinary sales management experience into a new industry. Including the names of his employers, which clearly indicated they were insurance. companies, was unavoidable, but we were careful to strip the resume of any other industry-specific language that would. pigeonhole him.

The language used throughout the resume was carefully chosen to help show how Jack’s experience was transferable. The bold red and black color scheme and layout was selected to complement his personal brand and eop essay value proposition which was all about bold leadership of persuasive free top-producing sales organizations. The format allowed us to call out and eop essay draw attention to on lord the. major achievement at each company, while further illustrating his value proposition with many results-indicative numbers. The testimonial on prompt the second page was a perfect addition as the annotated bibliography introduction essay, person had used language that clearly supported Jack’s brand. The. representative accomplishments section on the first page gave us a place to showcase Jack’s most impressive, career-wide accomplishments. For almost her entire career this client had worked for the same hotel and resort company, which if presented incorrectly could make her career look stagnant. As she was hoping this resume would help her make the transition to the CFO level, it was important to show that while her experience was all in one company, it was still progressive. The client was also concerned that her SVP job title wasn’t reflective of her potential and she really wanted to emphasize that she had worn many hats in a growing company, as well as the acting-CFO for a number of months.

In order to really showcase the concepts of eop essay prompt growth and focus service essay progression, the resume content and design was strategically developed to highlight the exponential growth of the company during the time this client was working for them, as well as her eight promotions through the years. The charts on the front page, with the eye-catching upward pointing arrows, really emphasize the business growth, while the red-shaded accomplishment boxes in eop essay prompt the body of the resume emphasize the client’s progression as well as the ap english 11 exam essays, depth, diversity, and significance of her most prominent accomplishments. The client hoped to remain in the hospitality/hotel industry or a related industry, so her relevant expertise in prompt these was promoted in the text. Her passion and unique value proposition was all about essay stanford, building connections and teamwork to drive results, and this is really called out in the profile section with the eop essay, included quotes. International Executive - CEO / COO Resume.

This client was a multicultural, multilingual American expat who had spent his entire career working in the Middle East. He was very accomplished and roommate essay prided himself on creating ethical and transparent organizations that produced outstanding results and eop essay helped propel companies to the next level of success. He had progressed quickly in his career and was leading at the very highest level in his company, but without the title to go along with it. Annotated Bibliography Essay! He hoped to move his career to the next level, but was worried that his job title didn’t convey his level of experience. We quickly addressed this in the job description, justifying his targeting of CEO roles. The rest of the resume is very results-focused and his contributions are highlighted using a variety of design, graphical, and charting techniques. We chose a very conservative color scheme that the client thought would appeal to the audience he was targeting. We anticipated two primary audiences for the resume: 1) American companies doing business in the Middle East and 2) Middle Eastern companies doing business in the U.S. So as not to confuse the reader, we thought it was best to specify in prompt the resume which currency we are referring to when we give monetary figures.

North American Controller Vice President - Finance Resume. Lucy was concerned that she had spent nearly a decade with a company that had been in rapid growth mode when she first joined them, but then quickly went into decline, beginning in 2008, along with the economy. She was worried that the company’s revenue decline would reflect back negatively on her capabilities. A second concern was that she had resigned from her last company with plans to start an roommate independent consulting firm. While she completed a few small assignments, she did not enjoy the sales and marketing aspect of running her own firm, and jumped at the chance to go back to prompt traditional employment. Unfortunately, this left a not very flattering time period in her employment history. In consultation with the client, it became clear that while her current employer’s revenues had declined (an aspect of the company she had zero control over), her contributions in reorganizing and streamlining the company so that it remained vital and positioned for future growth when the economy rebounded, were absolutely essential. Without her financial leadership, the company may have failed completely during these years.

Instead, by the time we were preparing this resume, the situation was looking much more optimistic for the company and they were entertaining several options to term paper analysis restart growth once again. The client’s very real contribution in all of this was her transformation of the financial function from just an accounting arm of the company into a strategic business partner, a value proposition that we showcased throughout the resume. Care was also taken to balance the eop essay, content with growth-focused language and achievements, to illustrate that Lucy’s value proposition was just as relevant and beneficial when a company was in growth mode. This helped to prevent her from being pigeon-holed as a leader for essay on lord byron poetry, downsizing initiatives. Lucy was not able to provide any significant accomplishment stories from her consulting years. So, rather than take page space and attention away from the more relevant experiences, we chose to describe the consulting briefly at the end of the resume. To minimize the possible immediate impression of eop essay prompt a gap in the resume, the employment dates were strategically placed next to essay job titles where they were not as visually obvious.

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