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As level essay history

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bat writing paper Bats are a common theme at Halloween. nbsp Use these resources to capitalize on student interest in essay bats and develop student understanding of new deal research paper outline common mathematical patterns. As Level History! Pascal's Bats is an effective introduction to Pascal's Triangle. Students must look for going to jail patterns in this bat variation of Pascal's Triangle. The activity challenges students to identify patterns, fill in the missing numbers and write the next line in the pattern. Class discussion should encourage students to share all of the patterns they see in Pascal's Triangle and discuss how these patterns helped them discover the missing numbers. Create a Bat Cave Bulletin Board to practice basic math facts during the bat unit. Essay History! The author suggests that students write facts on a bat template and hang related facts together in the bat caves.

These graphing activities deliberately include varied options for the african interpretive graphing the as level, results so that students become familiar with different graph models to replace the new deal research paper, very common bar graph. Venn Diagram: After reading the Kathi Appelt book series, students vote on their favorite of the three books. As Level Essay! Consider using an essay going, overlapping Venn diagram as a different option. This way students are able to record that they liked one of the books, two of the three books, all three books, or none of the books. Ask students to think-pair-write-share the results, providing practice in communicating mathematically.

Clothespin Graph: Students use a clothespin graph, pictured at right, to record whether or not they are frightened by bats. Follow this discussion with some facts about how bats are good for the environment. For example, GLOBIO's Glossopedia article on Bats uses information and pictures to help students learn more about these often misunderstood mammals. After viewing, have students take an exit poll to as level essay history see if students have changed their minds once they know more about bats. Analyze the differences between the graphs.b Line Plot: Have students take the paper-and-pencil Bat IQ Test or the online Bat Quiz to say no to tobacco essay see how much students know about bats. As Level History! Create a line plot of the class results (number correct) and analyze the class knowledge of bats. As an extension, ask students to predict how they think adults would fare on the bat quiz, then have them give parents the quiz, create a line plot of the class results and compare these results to student results. Is there a difference?

Why or why not? There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat by Lucille Colandro. After reading the book, investigate Batty Old Lady Probability, Students spin to collect all of the items the Batty Old Lady swallowed, and tally each spin on the recording sheet. They then calculate the total spins it took them to get all 7 items, and add that figure to against essay the class data. Teachers may help students analyze the essay history, class data and learn about probability in the african diaspora interpretive essays the process. The pdf document includes directions, game mat, picture cards, spinner, recording sheet and writing to as level essay learn handout. Download Old Lady template to use in retelling the story After reading, enjoy the original There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly book, enjoy the Old Lady and grade questions Probability lessons. Use the Old Lady reproducible for students to design their own versions of the story. Use Scholastic's Edible Estimation suggestion to incorporate measurement into this book talk. Scroll down the Scholastic page to locate this section. This book is as level essay a literary introduction to square numbers and the patterns they form as square arrays. Against Uniforms! nbsp The bats march in parade formation and different sections of the band, being different sizes, march in different arrays: In nine rows of history nine those trombones reported, while there, right behind them, the tubas retorted. nbsp The pictures and rhyme reinforce the to jail, mathematics of the patterns and teachers can easily ask students to predict how many bats will be in the next section or ask them to figure out how many bats are in the whole band before reading those pages. nbsp Add this book to your collection of history problem-solving literature prompts.

Multiplication Arrays: The book is a great introduction to multiplication arrays. Use the book illustrations to show students how to use an array to model a multiplication problem then ask students to create arrays for different multiplication facts. See examples of Student Multiplication Arrays created by a third grade class. Class on Parade Book: Challenge students to design an array and a rhyme for an original page in the Class on Parade book. Decide on a theme and let pairs of research paper students work on both the math and the language for a page. Essay! Bat Jamboree introduces the triangular number pattern as bats assemble for the final number beginning with 10 bats in the bottom row, 9 in the next row, etc. to the very top row with 1 bat. nbsp Students are introduced to the 55 bats in formation and their various acts but the book isn't over until the essay to jail, bat lady sings. As Level! nbsp Students will enjoy this introduction to an important mathematical pattern. nbsp Teachers can find many problems that build upon this triangular number pattern and extend the new deal research outline, experience. As Level! Student Written Problems: ask students to write original problems that use the triangular number pattern. Being able to write similar problems and solve them require higher-order thinking skills as students apply, synthesize and evaluate both the problems and the solutions. Say No To Tobacco Essay! Bats Around the Clock by Kathi Appelt. Essay! Take a humorous dance through time. nbsp Click Dark and American Batstand introduce a new dance each hour. nbsp Students move through time, enjoy some rhyme and essay going learn the history, names of 10 canadian history essay some oldie-but-goodie dances along the way.

Making Time: For the second reading, give students individual clocks and ask them to move the hour hand to the next hour and say the time before reading the book section for that hour. School Time: Provide copies of the School Time Template and have students choose a time in the school day, draw the hands on as level the clock, write a verse and draw an illustration that shows what the class does during that hour. Assemble the individual hours into a class booklet or booklets, depending on the number of students in the class. New Deal! This activity is easily differentiated to feature time on the hour, or to use the real time schedule of activity changes the class follows. The template clock deliberately shows no hands, allowing teachers to as level essay history customize the activity to the appropriate mathematical level of students in the class. Students roll a die to see how many insects their bat eats. Students may continue rolling, in this Bat version of Pig, until they elect to stop, or until they roll a 1. But be careful! If your bat is still eating (collecting points) when a one is tossed, you are a Fat Bat and lose all of your points for that round. The African Interpretive Essays! This game is designed to history provide a fun experience in say no the experimental probability of essay history a single die toss. However, students get lots of practice adding a string of single digit numbers, as they total up their winning points for each round. A data analysis option is included to formally extend the analysis of the game's probability for older students.

Download Fat Bat for the student recording sheet, directions for whole class play, and data analysis option for extending the game.

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resume places nyc BEST RESUMES OF NEW YORK. Ann Baehr, President CPRW. Call Direct: (631) 224-9300. Thank you for your interest in as level history my resume writing services.

I have been servicing professionals from all career paths throughout the Greater New York Area and on interpretive, Long Island to as level essay history, around the world for more than two decades. 10 Canadian History Essay Questions! Take a moment to read testimonials from my clients who were thrilled with the as level history quality of my work and service level — and new deal outline, landed great job interviews! I opened the doors to Best Resumes of New York in 1993. Since then, I have been writing resumes, cover letters, and history, executive bios — and wpp fellowship essays, now LinkedIn profiles — for professionals worldwide. My reach spans Canada, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Germany, The Cayman Islands, Panama, Taiwan, China, India, Israel, Jordan, and the United Emirates. As Level Essay History! Nationally, I service all of the U.S. , both locally and out-of-state, including New York City (NYC), Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, New Jersey, Connecticut.

As you read this page and navigate my site, you will get a good sense for who I am and what I have to wpp fellowship essays, offer. As Level Essay! But, I want to know about you and to understand your current situation and goals. When we speak, I would like to know why you need a new resume. Are you frustrated with your current job? Have you been stagnant and want to against uniforms, explore your options? Has opportunity knocked? Are you looking to change fields? Did you recently relocate? Did your employer just downsize? What industries have you worked in/are currently working in? Are you specialized?

What qualifies you for your next move? What kind of essay work interests you? What defines your personal brand? My Approach – In addition to creating a profile, selecting the right keywords, and, like a good journalist, creating a backstory to frame your experience, I want to know about the african diaspora interpretive essays, your achievements. That is what we collaborate on: Your experience. Your backstory. As Level Essay! Your achievements.

I take care of the design, wording, and strategy. As any good team, we collaborate on the process from the get-go to the finish line! Resume writing requires critical thinking and lots of creativity in terms of going how the essay history information should flow, what the messaging should be, and how the resume should be designed – from against uniforms in schools essay, modest to modern (charts, colors, etc.). I take many things into consideration that influence the resume strategy. I place an emphasis on achievements, core competencies, and the types of industries and business infrastructures headed — such as startup, early stage, and high-growth, as well as brick ‘n mortar, brick ‘n click or virtual/cloud only. I also focus on as level history, your brand. Grade 10 Canadian Questions! For example, are you a turnaround strategist?

Maybe you are an industry trailblazer who has taken risks to drive the success of new business ventures. These “X factors” will shape your brand, grab and hold a reader’s attention, and encourage a call to essay history, action. Corporate Contracts: Services include bulk writing of resumes for corporate outplacement and RFPs under tight deadlines and developing a cohesive strategy working with HR managers. I work with employees and senior-level executives by phone and develop tailored worksheets to ensure the acquisition of vital content. Personalized Service – This is essays my business and as level, I care about my clients – many of whom are still my clients after two decades and gladly refer me. I take pride in my work and have the experience and going, skills needed to develop great career documents — and extensive client testimonials to back it up.

I take the time to understand your career needs and remain on as level history, hand as your career partner. If you have questions after the resume is finalized, I am always an email, phone call or Live Chat away. My Track Record of Success – At least 95% of essay going my clients have attempted to write their resumes before seeking my assistance. I know for sure that they are glad they hired me because they give me glowing testimonials, follow up for updates, and refer me to family members, friends, and co-workers. Need more information? Visit my FAQ page. Then, call me directly so I can answer your questions and provide a custom quote. Ann Baehr, President CPRW. BEST RESUMES OF NEW YORK.

Served as the Second Vice President and history, Executive Board Member of the National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA) from 2003-2005. Against Uniforms In Schools! The NRWA is a 600 member-driven nonprofit organization. As Level! Board Members are voted in by the membership, worldwide. Earned my Certified Professional Resume Writer designation in 1998 by the PARW-CC – the grade 10 canadian history questions pioneering organization for the careers industry founded in 1996. They standardized the testing and certification of resume writers – a comprehensive four-module test.

I scored a 98! Published Contributor to 25+ Resume and Cover Letter books. 10 Worst Things To Put On Your Resume. Introductory Email Cover Letters. 12 Myths About Writing Your Resume.

When Your Resume Looks Like Bad News. Parallels of Interviewing Dating. Won the Toast of The Resume Industry award in 2013, taking second place (of three spots) for essay history, the Healthcare category. According to Laura DeCarlo of CDI, the average time it takes to earn a nomination is five years and even longer to win. I won the first time I entered. “ I contracted Ann to history questions, provide a complete re-write of my resume and she absolutely hit a home run. Her knowledge combined with her technical and creative writing skill is second to none. The bonus is her ability to provide such great customer service along with personable skills. If you are in need of this service, look no further.” I am an executive nurse and as level essay, had been dabbling with my own resume for YEARS, meaning with each work experience I simply edited to reflect a piece of a job description.

I met Ann after a nite of surfing the web. Ann sent me back 1 paragraph, which was a genius, poignant, politically correct response summarizing: “Jill, your talent is buried inside your 4-page document.” Needless to say, I sent my payment to Ann in full and our journey began. After a number of conversations, with self reflection homework, the end product was delivered. No more buried talent. I’ve been rebranded, revitalized, and inspired for all to see clearly, without shoveling through. Ann, you are a brilliant individual, talented beyond your years and your own awareness. Wpp Fellowship! Thank you for your expertise, you are a g-d-send! — Jill Goldstein, VP of Nursing, Mount Sinai Queens. I have used Ann to write my resume for the past 10 years. She has helped me land some very good jobs. She takes the time to get to know you, your needs and your professional needs.

I highly recommend Ann to anyone looking for a resume to as level essay history, be written with expertise, confidence and excellence. If anyone would like to paper, speak with me about essay history, her service you can contact me anytime at [email protected] Steve Kamalic — [Note: Steve’s daughter hired me to going, writer her resume + update]. Chief Operating Officer / Director of as level essay Sales. Acupath Laboratories, Inc. I am thrilled with Ann’s services. Diaspora Interpretive! I contacted her for her expertise in executive resume writing.

I needed an expert, someone who would work with me to ensure my resume reflects relevant information regarding my career, accomplishments, and essay history, core strengths. She quickly immersed herself in my work, my attributes, and my story. I instantly felt as if I was interacting with someone who knows my history and my character. History Essay! It was a pleasure to work with her and I would hire her again without question. — Diane Diggelman, General Manager, IBM. Magnificent work! Impeccable follow-up, as I contacted you on the spur of the moment requesting a ONE day turn around for a rare opportunity that will probably not be available for long. Your professionalism and listening skills are excellent, as I was unsure of how to clearly define what I needed in my complex resume and cover letter changing from essay history, Database Engineering to IT and Software sales. Essays! I can say how pleasantly overwhelmed I am with your insight and as level essay history, creativity and impressed with the way you were able to highlight the research outline important and finer points of my career. I have no doubt that I’ll get a great job soon.

If only I discovered you sooner! I will recommend you to anyone I encounter who needs their resume or cover letter done as well. Thank you Ann! — Stephanie Busztin, Oracle DBA / Sales Facilitor. Ann is the one of the best resume writers around for an executive. She writes your resume from two points of view. First she is a career consultant. She will probe ,lead and direct a customer in order to define their true goals before she aspires to put them on paper. Then she will sell you to your potential employer in as level history a first class way. — Larry Jordan, Senior Project Controller, CBI. Ann Baehr takes her time to research paper, personalize your resume and cover letter as if you wrote it yourself.

She is very detail oriented and consults with you every step of the way. I am extremely satisfied with my finished product! — Stephanie Dawkins, HR Generalist. Ann worked on my resume and I was able to get a job I wanted. As Level Essay! She was wonderful, caring and very professional.

She spent lots of time advising me how to approach my job search, getting to know me, help me build my confidence, and delivered a wonderful resume.Thank you Ann! — Tatiana Tatkovic, Accountant, Rodl Partner. Ann and I have collaborated on separate occasions since 2008 whilst developing and refreshing my resume. On each occasion not only was the finished product fantastic and essays, instrumental in advancing my career but the process was invaluable. Methodically working through my skills and defining the position that I wanted was a rewarding exercise.

Ann is a consummate professional who is very thorough and systematic in her approach, she leaves no stone unturned. I highly recommend Best Resumes of as level history New York to grade essay questions, anyone looking to brand and market themselves for as level history, job placement and/or career advancement. Please, don’t sell yourself short- consult with Ann regarding your resume needs! — Robert Kern, General Manager, Richner Communications, Inc. If you’re an Executive looking for help preparing and writing a powerful resume, Ann Baehr, President of Best Resumes of New York should be your choice! She helped me extrapolate and articulate in my resume exactly what I have accomplished concisely and new deal research, professionally and positioned me for my next career move. She is easy to work with and essay history, a talented writer.

Thank you Ann for your help over the years! — Scott Thompson, VP Franchise Development. Premium Franchise Brands, LLC. I had the privilege to work with Ann, requesting her expertise in executive resume writing. I needed someone who could articulate my vast experiences in a manner that reflected my abilities to 10 canadian history, a broad base audience, displaying both my accomplishments and strengths. Without a doubt, Ann exceeded my expectations. History! I found her to be engaging, willing to learn about new deal research, me as both a person and a professional, and extremely helpful. As a result of my experience working with Ann, I feel as if I’ve established a friend and colleague. Essay! Ann is attentive, responsive, but most important, caring. It was a pleasure to say no to tobacco, work with her and I look forward to staying in contact with Ann for years to follow.

— Athletics Director, University of history Louisiana. I recently hired Ann to write my resume; a process in which I had never been a part and didn’t know what to expect. I found Ann to be extremely professional in how she managed the process, knowledgeable in current employment trends, savvy in the areas of positioning a client in relevant, impactful terms and essay going to jail, smart and creative in the actual writing of the resume’. She was incredibly thorough in the QA portion of the process which resulted in a very thoughtfully laid out and as level history, written resume’. Research Paper! She was also exceptionally generous with her time, talents and advice. I would highly recommend Ann; it made for a wonderful experience and a highly targeted, effective written representation.

— Director of Marketing, Sigma America. Ann has been writing and as level, updating my resume for years. Even when I moved out of New York I still use her wherever I go. I thought so highly of her services that I had Ann write my wifes resume as well. No matter what the diaspora essays field you are in I recommend hiring her for writing you a great resume that will generate interest and most of all interviews.

She is excellent at what she does. — Lawrence Fantoli, Network Support Analyst. When I first contacted Ann to rewrite my resume, she initially thought it was okay and focused more on essay, what I really needed – a new LinkedIn Profile and resume distribution. In order to create the LinkedIn Profile, Ann probed me for more information to learn more about my experience instead of just reiterating what was in my current resume. In the process, she realized just how much was missing from my resume and completely redesigned and polished my resume as a complimentary service. I was so impressed and pleased with the wpp fellowship essays results that I recommended her to as level essay, a close friend who is a sales executive.

She too was thrilled with Ann ‘s process — and the results. Ann is very creative in her approach, and to jail, works in a very timely manner. I highly recommend Ann Baehr to anyone who is looking for a professional, certified resume writer and/or Linkedin Profile Writer who cares about their success. If that’s what you are looking for, you should contact Ann Baehr. You will not be disappointed! — Kelly Esposito, Physician Account Exec, Quest Diagnostics.

Attorney Highly Successful Entrepreneur. I really liked working with Ann – for as level essay history, someone who has not had to write a resume for a long time, Ann was able to help me produce a professional document which really highlighted my skills and experience. Wpp Fellowship Essays! Thanks Ann, you came highly recommended and I would recommend you to anyone who needed a really polished and professional resume. Ann did a marvelous job at turning my cookie-cutter resume into a masterpiece! I just wanted to thank her so much for her help. As Level Essay! She is patient and thorough in her work. Wpp Fellowship! Although I’m not a research nurse as of yet, I did land a job with the University of Chicago. As Level Essay History! I am certain without her help I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish that. I would like to to tobacco, add that I got a phone interview with another prestigious hospital for research nursing but they don’t plan to as level, hire until May. I’ll keep you updated!

Once again THANK YOU! — with an earlier career path in financial services. After years of feeling like my resume didn’t adequately reflect my unique combination of education and work experience across a couple of industries, I contacted Ann for help. I was not disappointed. Ann is prompt and communicative and uniforms, was able to essay, produce a professional, articulate and visually impressive resume in a short amount of time with only minimal interaction with me. Ann Baehr is essay clearly a leader in her field and just “gets it”. I strongly recommend her and will use her services again!

My wife and I are convinced that it was your expertise in the field of resume writing that got my foot in the door for this opportunity (the only one I saw in my searching that I was genuinely excited about). I cannot express my appreciation enough. This position will allow me to support my family with my wife working as a stay at home Mom and in essay this economy I never would have expected these results. Against Uniforms Essay! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I will always return to you for your services in the future and refer others to you. You’re truly an expert in your field and essay, a pleasure to work with! Thanks again for your help Ann, you’ve truly made a difference in to tobacco our lives! “Thank you sooo much.

Your resume is as level essay AMAZING. Wpp Fellowship Essays! AND THE COVER LETTER. I don’t know how you do it but you are so pro and you’re good at what you do =) I’ve recommended you to all my friends. As Level! I’ve been contacted left and right everyday. I literally have over 15 interviews on my schedule and around 1/2 of the people who contacted me is essays WOWed by the quality of my resume. I’ve been getting interviews that I’ve never thought I’d be getting.

While applying online on my school’s website, I’ve literally been contacted for every 1 out of 3 positions I apply for. Before the resume make over I’ve only gotten 1 contact out of a about every 20 jobs I applied for. Thank you so much Ann. It’s definitely worth the investment. Alex was overwhelmed with your creativity and can’t thank you enough for essay history, expediting the turnaround so he could get it in the hands of the interpretive essays HR Manager on Friday morning!

He thanks you very much for history, a great job — once again, it has your signature style! Alex said he would gladly refer you to against uniforms in schools essay, any interns in Hong Kong seeking similar top quality material. Hi Ann — Thank you so much for your services. As Level! You really helped me improve my resume by diaspora interpretive essays illustrating the skills I’ve adapted from my past employment and educational background. During my time abroad you did an amazing job corresponding via email to accommodate my needs of being inaccessible by telephone.

You always kept me informed throughout the process and your professionalism was displayed in as level history the final product of my resume and cover letter. Thanks for everything! Best, Jordan. Sales – Luxury Fashion Product Line – Top Ranking Producer, Worldwide. Dear Ann — I just want to thank you a million times and more. I don’t know if I can ever thank you enough. You are a Godsend and to jail, I just want to say you have this amazing gift. As Level Essay! I had actually looked up so many professional resume writers on the internet. One after another going to their site and speaking to at least a dozen. To Tobacco Essay! Which I didn’t tell you. but I wasn’t convinced that they were the right one.

I am so thankful for not hiring them. I knew when I called you and you picked up the phone. First I couldn’t believe you actually picked up the phone on a Saturday. My industry requires me to have a varied and sometimes not-so-easy-to-articulate skill set. Ann Baehr spent the as level time to ask the essay to jail right questions in order to extract all the useful pieces and organized them into a clear, concise and focused keyword rich resume that is very sharp and tailored. She also wrote a very powerful cover letter that hit on all the history salient points. –Adam, Brand Strategy Design Strategist. I am thrilled with the professional resume and cover letter you created for wpp fellowship, me. As Level History! What a tremendous improvement from my resume. 10 Canadian History Essay! I must admit I was a little apprehensive at first since we were doing this online and wouldn’t be meeting face to face. However, that feeling was quickly put to rest after talking with you.

I felt like I had a friend and a professional working on my behalf. Senior Product Manager / Global Marketing Executive — Biopharmaceutical Industry. I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you did on as level essay history, my resume. I really appreciate the time you took to understand my job history and career goals. Not only did I land the job I really wanted, the HR department told me it was one of the best resumes they have seen! After my success my husband also decided to the african, have you polish up his resume and he landed the promotion he had hoped for too. Thanks for everything. I have always struggled to effectively present my skills and achievements on my resume. I was never able to fully communicate all the details and tasks to my satisfaction. Ann developed a resume for me that not only depicts my skills, achievements and accomplishments, but did it such a very professional, rigorous and concise way using industry terms and essay history, phrases.

Job well done! I knew from the moment I looked at the website that I was going to get a quality piece of workmanship from Ann Baehr. My work history is challenging to capture and Ann not only did that, but made it shine. Diaspora Interpretive! My husband has been conducting interviews for years and was extremely impressed. He is a perfectionist and could not find one thing to change. Ann, thank you so much for spending the last several hours on the phone with me. What started off as an inquiry call resulted in a 6 hour resume boot camp. After months of time and tears spent reworking the document you got me to the point I needed to get to in one phone call. Essay! It was like a resume writing, coaching and therapy session all in one day. Thank you.

I am very impressed and completely overjoyed with the essay resume that you created. History! Your method is thorough and you were able to organize 13 years of 10 canadian history essay experience into a story that flows and really gets the point across. I believe that the document that you constructed will help me get to the next level. Thank you for your hard work! I was referred to as level essay history, Ann Baehr several years ago by research paper outline family members who have been using her services for many years, and history, always got the jobs they wanted. Wpp Fellowship! As a sales representative with a military degree as a dental technician, I was sending my resume out for dental sales positions but wasn’t getting any responses. Working with Ann Baehr has been one of the essay greatest decisions and investments I have made for myself and say no essay, my career. As Level History! There is a clear and wpp fellowship, significant difference between the resume I wrote for myself and the one Ann wrote for as level essay, me. The differences, just to name a few are professionalism, clarity, precise communication of specific skills attributes, powerful vocabulary, proper format and perfect presentation. When I found myself laid off from grade history questions, a 20+ year career as an Operations Supervisor for a global travel company I was full of emotions. Confused, what would I do now, scared, constantly being told how awful the job market is, and yet excited to be starting a new career and a new chapter in my life.

Where do I start? How do I right a resume after 20 years with the as level essay same company and explain all the positions and all my accomplishments without sounding boring or redundant? Reputable High-end Furniture Manufacturing Company. It was Sunday afternoon, I was feeling low and unhappy about my current job, I knew I had major contributions to the company but it was hard for me to against essay, articulate these achievements and convey them on a resume. As Level! I searched the internet and I found those “quickie” resume writing services online but I thought to myself ” this is against in schools essay my career, it’s my future, I have to look for someone who’s reputable and professional when it comes to essay, creating a resume” and so I performed another tedious search on the internet again. When I saw my resume, I felt proud, confident and oozing with pride, I said to myself, “now I’m ready to conquer the world”.

With all sincerity, I would like to thank Ann Baehr for a job well done, what can I say, “she’s the #1 Resume Guru you’ll ever find”. I hope I can meet her someday to personally thank her. More power to grade 10 canadian questions, you Ann and history, I wish you more success to come. My first response when I received my resume and cover letter from Ann Baehr is that I would hire myself. I was so impressed with her work and she used the language of my industry as like she was a lifelong expert. That is history essay questions difficult and it was effortless for her. Every time I receive an email or call in response to my resume the recruiter always says how impressed they are with my credentials. Ann took my credentials and achievements and created a breakthrough results for me. Ann Baehr was a Godsend for me. I am in essay a very competitive field with unusual resume requirements.

I have had resumes done in the past but none of the writers knew much about the golf industry. The African Essays! The resumes didn’t have the essay proper language in them and the lack of results showed. Say No To Tobacco Essay! Then I found Ann. The process was very involved starting with a questionnaire targeted to my field. It took me three hours to answer it. Ann Baehr provides the highest level of professional advisement in the creation of executive style resumes. Her skill with desktop publishing and as level history, a crisp, articulate style make resume writing a painless experience with a final product that gives me a sense of wpp fellowship essays confidence and pride. Ann worked with me tirelessly to develop and target the history perfect presentation of my accomplishments and zeroed in on my goals in the most perceptive and business savvy manner. Over the past six years you have worked with my husband Bruce (Secondary Education Teacher) and new deal research paper outline, me to further our careers.

We have made so many advancements due to your excellent writing and essay, professional talents. We truly appreciate all the to tobacco essay hard work you have done for as level essay history, our family and essay going, friends. They have also had tremendous success with your resumes. Ann is AMAZING. She worked so hard to help me create the best resume possible. We spoke for as level essay, hours and I never felt rushed or hurried. Say No To Tobacco! She is a true professional and I would not hesitate to as level, recommend her to someone in need. To Tobacco! Money well spent.

Ann has a wealth of as level essay history knowledge and tremendous insight. She has set the right tone and content to best present my experience and capabilities in the best light possible. She has been a tremendous help to say no, me. Turnaround time was very quick, and my resume looks great. Director, Direct-to-Consumer Marketing. I am so glad I found Ann, because she understands resumes! I had a content-rich, cluttered and as level essay, overwhelming resume. Ann took that and turned it into a strong brand with an even stronger positioning statement.

She knows how to extract the gems and put them on the shelf. Grade Essay Questions! She put a lot of thought into essay re-crafting the strategy and positioning my experience and achievements in a way that prospective employers can quickly glean my skills without needing to go through each minute detail. Ann knows how to give weight to strengths and accomplishments to draw attention. Now my resume looks great! Vice President, Financial Management Information Systems. This letter is written to alleviate your fears and uncertainty while doing your due diligence in the selection of a professional resume writer over the Internet. Ann Baehr performed magic as she whittled away all the to jail fluff and hype that was in my old resume previously written by another resume service that met with me in person and charged $800 — more than double Ann’s well-deserved fees. Essay History! Once Ann finished, I had an efficient rewrite of my resume that told MY story, not a boilerplate conglomeration of verbose, pretty phrases. I am very pleased and grateful!

I can’t stress enough the value of an the african ethical and straightforward partner in one’s quest for as level history, a professional and effective resume. Trust Ann Baehr — she’s the best resume writer. Research Paper Outline! Thanks again Ann for as level essay, doing such a great job on my resume!! Director of wpp fellowship Sales and Marketing. Major music entertainment company (25 years of experience) Yes, I’m quite happy with it. Certainly looks impressive to me. Hopefully, I WON’T need it soon but it’s certainly peace of mind to have it updated and ready to go. Thanks again Ann for everything. Director of Sales and as level, Marketing. Sports Marketing – extensive resume polishing (RUSH!)

I really like what you did it looks great – I made some edits and have attached it for your review. Thanks again, You did a GREAT job. I highly recommend the resume services from Ann at Best Resumes of New York. The amount of information I had about my 10+ years of past work history was so overwhelming, but Ann was able to sort out every old resume, interview and bio that I e-mailed her to create a clear and impressive resume that really represented me in the best way possible. 10 Canadian! I would never have been able to write such a resume without her. I would hire her again in a minute! She was a stable presence and provided such confidence for me when I was going through a dramatic job change. Hi Ann, I just wanted to tell you thank you again for the wonderful job you did on my resume and I just wanted to give you a quick update on essay history, my job search. It took some time but I finally got a job offer as Junior Staff Accountant at corporate office. It is an entry level position but I am very excited to 10 canadian history essay, get my career started. Again, thank you for essay history, all the help and time spent on my resume and in schools essay, cover letter.

I contacted Ann Baehr after looking through a series of resume books in Borders books stores and noticed Ann’s name kept popping up in various books on how to write resumes. I was even more pleased that she was local to Long Island. Upon calling her, we talked on the phone for almost 90 minutes!! She gave me advice on career options and the services she offered. She made me so comfortable. As Level History! I knew in the first 10 minutes that I wanted to hire her. The resume and cover letter she wrote are great! I’m very happy with them.

They are exactly what I needed and wanted. Thanks Ann! #128578; William (Bill) McCarthy, President. I just wanted to express how I am so impressed with your resume writing skills and awesome customer service. Essay Going! I will most definitely recommend your services to friends and former colleagues. I thank you for your compliments on my career achievements. Essay! I am truly blessed to have someone bring out essay going to jail, my genuine professional stature in such an unequivocal and matter of fact style, I also appreciate the timeliness in your responses.

Utilizing your resume writing service is probably the best investment I have made in myself in a long time. Thanks for all of your help! I have had the pleasure of working with Ann Baehr as she assisted me in developing my resume several times as my education level and experience changed through the years. Ann has always been a huge asset to my successful job searches. She is very knowledgeable in condensing all of my experience into a concise resume and has a very detailed knowledge of what potential employers look for as level history, in a job candidate. Ann always helped me highlight the important aspects of my background, and her cover letter and resume writing skills always improved my chances of an employer reading about my credentials.

With all of the the african diaspora essays competition in the job market, an expertly written resume is always a major part of as level essay getting the wpp fellowship essays all important first interview. It is clear to me that Ann Baehr can improve anyone’s chances of being noticed in a sea of applicants. Elementary Education Teacher / Reading Specialist. I have known Ann Baehr for many years. Words cannot express what an absolutely wonderful and amazing person she is both personally and professionally.

When I graduated college in 1997, I was in as level essay history search of a teaching job. Ann’s passion for resume writing and helping people shines through her work and dedication. Without a doubt, she writes the most professional, thorough, and creative resumes and cover letters around. With Ann’s patience, compassion, enthusiasm, and advice, I was able to land many jobs over the years. Her guidance was most helpful when I transitioned from a Teacher of The Speech and Hearing Handicapped to say no to tobacco essay, a Reading Teacher. As Level History! I highly recommend Ann to anyone who is diaspora essays looking for a new job or changing careers. As Level History! Thanks again Ann! You are by far The BEST Resume Writer. I found Ann Baehr to research paper, be both personable and as level essay history, caring. She wasn’t interested in essay going to jail just creating a resume and collecting a fee as much as she was in creating a precise, truthful and history, proud introduction as to who I am and what I’ve accomplished.

During the process she was hands on, focused on one goal; creating that piece of work that got me the interviews I wanted. I recommend her to 10 canadian, all my colleagues. I graduated college two years ago with a degree in International Business, and became too comfortable with my present job that has no room for career advancement. A friend knew I wanted to break into as level essay history Marketing and Public Relations, so she referred me to Ann Baehr who had successfully sculpted her resume to essay going to jail, highlight her skills and as level history, personal attributes. I made an appointment feeling I had nothing to offer — no experience, and worse, no confidence. I was unhappy with my degree title and diaspora interpretive essays, lacked direction. Registered Sr. Essay! Financial Administrative Assistant. I just wanted to to tobacco, share the as level good news with you. I am sure you will know who I am.

As you will recall I am a Registered Sr. Financial Administrative Assistant, and you did my resume and cover letter not too long ago. We never actually met because we did everything by telephone and paper, email. Essay History! Well, as you know, the financial industry is in the middle of a hiring freeze (so I have been told). It did not stop me from paper outline, sending my resume to as level, all the wpp fellowship essays financial institutions and banks.

There were a lot of callbacks, but once again, the news was not promising. I faxed my resume to American Express Financial, and the receptionist was kind enough to put it in the lunchroom where Financial Advisers would see it. Teacher–Sales –College Admissions Counselor. There is not enough to say about Ann Baehr’s resume writing. Ann eloquently wrote with such professionalism a magnificent resume for me. History! Those that saw the resume before were shocked at new deal outline how Ann changed the wording to give me a very professional, well-organized, and coherent synopsis of as level myself. Against! Others that I recommended feel the essay history same way. I used Ann again when I switched professions.

She fixed my resume and gave me a cover letter. I answered ads, sent e-mails to prospective companies, and wpp fellowship essays, received an abundance of interviews. Thank you profusely for your assistance Ann!! I wrote my own resume when I change careers from Finance to history, Information Technology. As my IT skills, experience, and going, certifications grew, I knew my resume had to reflect that. I chose Best Resumes of New York after speaking with Ann Baehr. She seemed knowledgeable and interested in as level essay history helping me. I received a job offer in new deal LAN Administration the first time I used the resume. I even had to as level essay history, leave my employer two months sooner then planned. Say No To Tobacco Essay! I have since recommended Best Resumes of New York to people in IT, and they have all received great resumes and job offers.

Career Transition Resume from business ownership of an International Trade and Marketing Consulting Firm in essay history Australia to wpp fellowship essays, Investment Banking / International Finance in New York. Hi Ann — the cover letter and resume are very impressive and truly reflect your thorough, professional approach to the whole process. I appreciate the extra effort to ensure the as level history optimal benefit in my quest for a position in new deal Investment Banking. As Level Essay History! Thanks once again. Client was referred, stating, “A good friend of mine (regional store manager) said you wrote the best resume he has ever seen. “After her resume and cover letter were finalized, this is what she had to say: “The resume is perfect! When I read the cover letter you wrote for me, I felt it was really exciting the way you expressed my enthusiasm. I really like the words you used and the african diaspora interpretive, how it sells me before they even see the essay history resume! I’m going to start sending them out right away!” WOW!

The resume passed with flying colors after a strict review from my former co-workers at who know me and what exactly I have been doing – and these are a tough kind to against, please and super-sensitive about over-inflated info). So, we are good. I also loved the as level essay history cover letter – tells the story, very personal, yet professional. Again, thank you so very much. Just wish I knew about wpp fellowship, you a year ago. Essay History! Expect an increased workflow… #128578; Sorry I did not reply sooner, I’ve been very busy last couple of days. I would like to in schools essay, thank you for as level essay history, the excellent job you did with my resume and against in schools essay, cover letter and for as level history, doing it in the timely manner. I’ve started using them already. I may get back with you on some minor changes but at going to jail this time, I am absolutely happy. Targeting position as Vice President (major furniture chain)

It looks good!! Thank you. Now I can see why you asked me all of those questions! It’s easily read and adjustable for different industries. Thanks again………….Now, where do you suggest I send it? School Counselor / School Social Worker. Level: Middle and High School. #1: I wanted to thank you for as level, your pep talk the other night. I feel so much better and I’m mentally preparing myself for an interview. Grade 10 Canadian Essay Questions! I feel confident. #2: How are you?

The interview went well. They called me about an hour ago and asked me to as level, come back on Wednesday for the african interpretive essays, round 2. During the second part, they will give me a topic and observe the essay history way I interact with high school students, in discussing the topic. Do you have any more pointers. Say No! I also want to thank you for your email. I read it over several times and as level essay history, it really put the interview into to tobacco essay perspective. Special Education Teacher. Targeting: Director of Special Education (30 years of experience) Also did daughter’s resume (new special education teacher) #2: This is amazing. The on-line process is arduous. Essay! This link makes it manageable. Against Uniforms Essay! Any other advice is as level essay gladly accepted.

#3: Thanks for essay, your support! I couldn’t do it without you! Elementary Education Teacher. Private School (nine years of experience) #1: Geez…you really have a way with words. Sounds great to me. You definitely have my approval. Also, I’m giving your card to another one of my colleagues, so you may be hearing from her shortly.

#2: Gotta tell you…I got 2 two cards today in the mail. As Level! One was from the african, Bethpage, and they told me to resubmit my resume online. Essay History! Got one from Bellmore-Merrick that said “please be advised that your candidacy will definitely be considered.” Wow! Sounded positive to me…hope it’s not what they send to the african diaspora interpretive essays, everyone who applies. Time will tell!! Middle School Social Worker.

Relocating (five years of as level essay experience) I got it. It looks great. I love the against in schools idea that you came up with for essay history, my address. Can we add that to the cover letter? You’re awesome. It looks great. Looks great. I am very impressed. I love the layout and choice of action verbs…even surprised me (LOL).

How are you? Thanks again for creating such a nice resume for me. The job hunt is going well. I have a question for essays, you. What is the best way to find a good recruiter? Also, what’s the best the way to deal with out of state recruiters? I’d appreciate any info you could give me! “I have known Ann Baehr for quite a number of years and as level essay history, have always valued her contributions to my book series, Knock ‘Em Dead Resumes and Knock ‘Em Dead Cover Letters.

She is a tenured and credentialed resume writer respected by her professional colleagues.” “We’ve known each other for at least 10 years as colleagues in the resume writing industry. I have the highest respect for the quality of research [Ann Baehr’s] work and history, her professionalism. In fact, I have showcased some of history her best resumes in several of the books I’ve written … I look forward to continuing our working relationship for years to come.”

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Secrets of history a Successful Homework Routine, Part 2. Eighteen months ago, when my kids were 8 and 5, I offered a detailed look at our daily homework routine in the minority language, which began (gently) when they were around the age of 3. In that post— Secrets of a Successful Homework Routine, Part 1 —I discuss the uniforms value of a homework routine for nurturing literacy and overall language development, and I provide a range of strategies and resources that I’ve found useful to as level essay history my own efforts. (Many of these resources, of essay to jail course, are for supporting English, our minority language.) If you haven’t yet read that post, I encourage you to start there, then return here, in order to view the bigger picture of our homework routine to date. Now that Lulu is 10 and Roy is as level essay 7, and the strategies and grade 10 canadian questions resources involved in essay history our homework routine have naturally evolved over time, I thought I would bring you up to new deal date by sharing the “secrets” of our current routine. First, I should stress—as I’ve mentioned in What Frustrates Me About Raising Bilingual Children and Watch Out for the Tough “Second Stage” of Bilingual Development —that maintaining our homework routine in the minority language is becoming more challenging as the as level essay children grow older. Going To Jail! Although they’re now capable of doing much of the work on their own (I assign the essay tasks, they complete them, then we check them together afterward), it’s also true that longer school days and heavier loads of Japanese homework mean that time and energy for homework in against uniforms English is as level being squeezed badly. Still, because I feel that this routine is diaspora central to advancing their literacy level and broader language ability, I’m very persistent about assigning them a manageable amount of work each day—10 minutes by themselves, then 10 minutes with me. As Level! And we do this day in and day out, with as few exceptions as possible. At the same time, I should mention that my current efforts to promote their literacy in research paper English also involve two other steady approaches, which give my kids additional exposure to essay history print but aren’t technically part of our homework routine. (I also continue to read aloud to them each morning at breakfast, a daily practice that has long formed the essays bedrock of my activities, as I describe in The Secret to essay Raising a Bilingual Child . The other day I finished reading the wonderful trilogy by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor about a dog named Shiloh.)

I continue to essay going to jail make use of “captive reading,” a tactic I’ve pursued day after day, in various forms, since my children were small. I’ve written a number of posts about this powerful strategy—starting with What Is Captive Reading and essay history How Will It Help My Bilingual Child? —but basically, it involves posting suitable print in going to jail the bathroom or other “captive location” so that children will “automatically” read the target language on a regular basis. Right now I’m using a book called One Minute Mysteries: 65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Science, which are perfect for my purpose: each story is short, just one page, for easy copying and essay reading; the language level is in schools essay a good challenge (but not too challenging) for my kids; the stories are mysteries, which children find appealing; and each story has some connection to science, which I’m trying harder to promote (see Making Science a Bigger Part of a Bilingual Child’s Life and Language Development ). As I discuss in How Comic Books Can Give Your Kids Bilingual Super Powers , I’m now making an effort to keep a steady stream of graphic novels (comic books) flowing into our home. This isn’t easy—because my kids consume them so quickly (and the costs are adding up)—but I’m pleased that the as level essay history aim is being achieved: these graphic novels are getting them to read more, and more eagerly, in the minority language. In addition to the graphic novels I list in Captivating Comic Books for English Learners (which they reread when there’s nothing new), I’ve since added other winning titles to our library, such as the Mal and Chad books, Smile, and the graphic novel versions of the The Baby-Sitters Club. Roy writes about lions. (The words “there,” “their,” and essay to jail “they’re” continue to be tricky.) Along with these ongoing efforts—reading aloud each morning; posting new “captive reading” material in the bathroom (every other day or so); and bringing fresh comic books into the house—I continue to maintain our daily homework routine by essay, focusing on uniforms, a balance of as level essay reading and writing tasks. Say No To Tobacco Essay! Again, due to as level essay history limited time and energy these days, I don’t expect my kids to complete much more than about wpp fellowship essays 10 minutes of homework in essay the minority language (plus another 10 minutes with me afterward), but even short periods of time add up, and pay off, over the african diaspora interpretive the years of childhood. Essay History! The trick is making this routine a steadfast habit and setting suitable tasks for your kids.

Currently, I’m using a series of reading comprehension workbooks called Daily Warm-Ups: Reading. (The Grade 4 book for Lulu and the Grade 3 book for Roy.) Like the series I describe in this review of wpp fellowship essays “Daily Reading Comprehension” Workbooks , these materials are essentially large collections of one-page passages, with several comprehension questions. (I wanted to continue using the “Daily Reading Comprehension” books, but I was unable to order them easily the last time I tried, and so I switched to a similar series.) Although I think such workbooks are a useful supplement to a child’s diet of reading in the minority language, I would prefer comprehension questions that aren’t simply multiple choice, that include more questions where a written answer is as level required. Wpp Fellowship! (So kids can practice writing, too, even if it’s just copying a sentence from the passage!) In fact, one of my favorite reading workbooks to date—both kids completed it earlier this year and I wish there was another book like it!—is called The Complete Book of Animals, which consists of colorful one-page passages about individual creatures, followed by questions which call for a written response. It’s not only a good book for reading comprehension, it builds background knowledge of the animal kingdom, too! In these reading workbooks, I generally assign just one page a day, a manageable task when combined with a writing activity that often takes more effort. I’ve moved away from writing workbooks, which my kids and essay history I haven’t enjoyed much, and instead I’m now pursuing a simple activity that involves “topic writing” in a blank notebook. The African Interpretive! Here’s how it works: I give my kids three topics, they choose one, and then they write freely, whatever comes to mind, producing a prescribed number of as level full sentences (like 5 or 10 sentences). It’s basically the written version of the speaking activity I describe in A Terrific Way to Get Your Bilingual Kids Talking (and Build a Closer Bond) . To fuel my kids’ interest in writing (or at least to soften their resistance!), I try to say no offer topics that will hold some personal appeal (for example, the topics might be DOGS, CATS, and RABBITS or BIRTHDAYS, CHRISTMAS, AND HALLOWEEN). Even though the amount of writing they produce is modest, by getting them to write in the minority language for about 5 minutes every day—and then I review the writing with them, to guide their development—substantial progress can be made, incrementally, over as level time. These days, I’m afraid I’m not doing as much translation practice as I’d like: having them translate a short text from history, Japanese into English. This is something that I’ve tried in the past—and I think has great potential as a regular task—but I haven’t yet prepared the as level history sort of say no to tobacco essay material needed to implement it. (I’d like to create a collection of “silly sentences”—such as “My father eats like a hungry buffalo”—and have them translate one sentence each day.

I think they would enjoy it, and this sort of regular translation practice would help sharpen both their languages.) Lulu writes about her Grandpa (my father), who’s actually 83. While I believe that consistency in the routine is as level essay important, it helps, too, to inject variety in the tasks from time to time. Wpp Fellowship! Toward this end, I sometimes veer from the reading workbook and essay writing notebook and make use of other reading and writing activities. Because I’ve been a teacher for many years, I have a bookshelf with various supplemental texts and I copy from these a couple of times a week (crossword puzzles, vocabulary exercises, etc.). Also, one regular task for say no essay, my kids is writing letters to family and friends. Pen-pals are a valuable resource for as level essay history, promoting literacy, and I describe this process fully in Are Your Bilingual Kids Writing Letters in the Minority Language? Checking their work, “shared reading” After they complete the day’s homework tasks, I typically go over the work with them after dinner, individually.

We first check the reading workbook and new deal writing notebook (or other task, as the case may be), and I try to guide them in as level correcting their own errors, when this is possible. Then we read together, at least several pages of children’s literature. The practice of “shared reading” simply involves taking turns, page by page. Essay To Jail! In this way, the child is as level essay encouraged to read, but isn’t daunted by the african essays, the demand of being the sole reader, and the pages read by the parent serve as a useful model for more mature and expressive reading. Although Lulu can read at grade level for her age, she’s a reluctant reader (except when it comes to comic books!) and so I make an effort to find books that will appeal to as level essay her. The series we’re currently reading together—Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew—is rather easy for her, but she enjoys it, and for the larger arc of say no to tobacco essay her literacy development, I think it’s important that I emphasize her enjoyment of history books and wpp fellowship reading. Roy, on the other hand, is a pretty voracious reader, and essay history because he reads more in to tobacco English than Lulu, despite the age difference of nearly three years, his reading ability is now almost at the same level. Essay! He and I are reading a series of against uniforms in schools chapter books called Beast Quest, which appeals to his interest in “scary” adventures and stretches his reading level with some sophisticated language. For a helpful list of other children’s books that come in a series—for reading aloud, shared reading, and as level essay independent reading, too—see How to diaspora essays Get Your Child Hooked on Books . Finally, let me stress that a homework routine must combine the as level two qualities headlined in Be Very Serious. Grade Essay Questions! Be Very Playful. The Bilingual Journey Demands Both.

In other words, this balance between being serious and being playful is essay history vital to sustaining an effective routine. Essay Going To Jail! If you’re just serious, you become the sort of as level overbearing parent your kids don’t want you to be—and you probably don’t want to be, either. My kids, for example, don’t necessarily like doing their daily homework in English—especially on grade 10 canadian essay, top of all their homework in Japanese—but I think it’s easier for them to swallow this expectation because I keep the essay tasks manageable and I make an effort to grade 10 canadian history questions infuse the essay work with a kind of play. (That idea for using “silly sentences” in translation practice is a good example of how work and play can be combined.) Although I don’t think it’s possible (or even preferable) to in schools essay make every task fun—children must also develop stamina for completing tasks that aren’t fun—a strong sense of essay playfulness, alongside a serious commitment, is needed to say no to tobacco maintain a healthy homework routine—one that you and your kids will continue to pursue each day. The trick, remember (as I emphasize in as level essay history Secrets of a Successful Homework Routine, Part 1 ), is to against uniforms in schools essay do a little bit daily , because a little bit daily becomes a lot over time. I loved Nancy Drew as a child.

If Lulu likes it you might also try the Famous Five series. Maybe the Three Investigators series too, but it does not have any female characters. Tatyana, thanks for the helpful suggestions! I also loved Nancy Drew and Famous Five. Then there’s also Secret Seven. If Lulu doesn’t mind female characters being in the lead, there are really loads of as level essay adventure books available. Mei, I appreciate the new deal outline helpful suggestions! I’ll take a look at these books! Thanks for your excellent blog on raising bilinguals, I always seem to as level essay find something new to consider. After reading your homework blog I started to think about how I was going to deal with this hurdle. I was wondering if you had ever heard of/used/reviewed any of the stuff from Little Pim?

Their teacher packs seem loaded with good stuff, and I was thinking about purchasing it in my target (minority) language. The African Diaspora Interpretive Essays! Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks. Rob, I appreciate your comment. I’m glad to hear my site offers useful food for thought in your efforts.

I’m aware of as level Little Pim, but not really familiar with it. I don’t know your situation in any detail, but if you think these materials would be helpful for new deal research, your current needs, then give them a go. You can never really have “too many resources,” though, of history course, the diaspora challenge lies in choosing and using the most effective materials for your circumstances at any given time. (In my case, I never used “commercial language learning materials” of this kind as they tend to be geared for children learning a second language at a slightly older age, not simultaneously from birth.) As for translation practice, any tips for a bilingual adult? Despite being fluent in both English and German, I do struggle with translating from one to as level history another quite a bit. I did draw a blank for a moment when a friend asked me what exactly the German parts in Elvis Presley’s Wooden Heart mean and essays fumbled through it. It’s not because I don’t know either.

But I just don’t automatically translate anything in my head the way I assume someone learning the language at an older age would (as I did when learning French at school). People constantly ask, “Oh, why don’t you get a diploma to do translation work?” with the answer being because I have no idea how. My parents never did any type of translation with us so that might be why. It was introduced in as level history my German schooling but possibly too late in the game for essay questions, it to history sink in. Michelle, maybe that suggestion is a good one.

I can’t really point you to against in schools any particular programs, but perhaps you could find a suitable online course to improve your translating and interpreting skills? Comments, please! (Your email address won't be displayed.)

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100 Easy Causal Analysis Essay Topics. Essay History! VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for over 20 years. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier. Causal analysis essays answer the new deal question, Why? Many times, answer to this question can't be proved absolutely, so sometimes this essay is called a speculating about causes essay. To write it, you will describe what happens and as level essay history, then state your answer (aka thesis) about the cause, providing support for your answer with reasons and evidence. • Why do people do that? • Why does this happen? • Why is this a trend? • Why does it occur? What causes people to develop phobias? Why do some people become addicted to gambling when others can gamble and not become addicted? What causes people to wpp fellowship essays, rise above a disadvantaged background such as poverty, a single-parent household, or abusive parents? What are the chemical causes of falling in love? What causes feeling of romantic attraction to fade?

What causes love at as level essay, first sight? Why do people lose their memories as they get older? Why do people need to the african essays, sleep? Why do we develop muscle memory for some repetitive actions? Why do people experience nightmares? Why do some marriages last for a lifetime? Why do we have short and long term memory? Why do people get dyslexia?

Why do we respond physically to essay, fear? Why do we yawn (or hiccup, or stretch)? Why can people, who have their eyes closed, sense objects they are approaching but not yet touching? What makes some people introverts and others extroverts? Why is methamphetamine so addictive? Why do people crave sugar? Why do some families look so much alike, while others don't? Why do first born children tend to be achievers? Why do people snore?

Why do people lie? Why do people blush? Why do people hate? Why do teenagers rebel against their parents? Why do teens get acne? Why do teens sleep so much? Why do teens cut themselves? Why do people commit suicide? Why do teens engage in sexting? Why do young people start smoking when they know it causes cancer? Why do young people sometimes get cancer? or have heart attacks?

Why do teenagers use drugs? Why do college students binge drink? Why do young people become homeless? Why do young people join gangs? Why do young people make graffiti? Why do fewer young people vote (compared to older generations)? Why don't younger people donate blood? or become organ donors?

Why don't teenage relationships last? Why don't teenagers read? Why don't teen marriages last? Why are teenagers more optimistic than older people? Why are young people better at learning languages than older people? Why do adolescent girls need more iron than adults or boys their age?

Why do teenage girls idolize male celebrities? Why do adolescents need protein? Why do adolescent girls mature faster than boys? Why do adolescents need to establish their own identity? What type of Why question most interests you? Why do animals have tails?

Why do some animals like to be petted? Why do elderly people with pets live longer, healthier, and happier lives? Why are pets good for kids? Why do dogs eat strange things like grass and poop? Why do cats show pleasure by purring and 10 canadian essay questions, kneading? Why do cats like to sleep in boxes and other strange places? Why do cats who are well-fed still hunt?

Why do birds build elaborate nests? Why do monarch butterflies migrate long distances? Why do ants and bees live in colonies? Why do wolves howl? Why did humans domesticate wolves and breed them to as level essay history, become dogs?

Why do some insects and jellyfish glow? What causes tides? Or the wind? What causes insects like crickets and questions, cicadas to make such loud noises? Why are animals used in essay history research? Why are animals afraid of humans? Why is larger size an advantage for animals in colder climates? Why do small dogs live longer than bigger dogs? Why are some animals becoming endangered? Why is nature so therapeutic? Why are insects attracted to light?

Why are insects the most successful animals on earth? Why are microbes important to human beings? Why are so many Americans against the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)? Why are some Euro countries like Greece in such economic turmoil? Why are rates of AIDS transmission higher in Africa than elsewhere? Why do Japanese couples delay marriage? Why does Japan have higher suicides rates than many other countries? Why are large typhoons and hurricanes like Haiyan happening more frequently? What has caused the wpp fellowship unrest in as level essay the Middle East which resulted in the Arab Spring Movement and Syria's civil war? What caused the Great Recession of 2008? Why are random shootings becoming more common in essays the U.S.?

What causes terrorist groups to as level essay, target certain countries? (You could choose a country.) What caused the U.S. Essay Going To Jail! government shut down of as level essay, 2013? Why is North Korea so closed to the rest of the world? Or why is it becoming more belligerent toward other nations? Why are more and to jail, more people moving to essay, large cities and away from rural areas? (You could talk about this worldwide or apply this question to one country or region of the new deal research outline world.) Why has the neo-conservative movement developed in American politics? Why has neo-Nazism been on the rise in Germany? Why is China going to essay history, ease up on the one-child policy? Why did Donald Trump win in grade 10 canadian essay the 2016 election? Why have the police been targeted by gunmen recently in the U.S.?

Why are terrorists choosing to use vehicles as weapons? Why did the Arab Spring movement not lead to history, successful democratic societies? Why is Twitter the medium of wpp fellowship, choice for Donald Trump? What caused the French Revolution? What caused the development of American slavery system? What caused the settlement of essay, Australia by essays the English?

What caused the colonization of Africa? Why does English have so many words of French origin? Why is English the history main language used around the world in business and science? Why does India have a caste system? Why are the Chinese still interested in religion after years of atheist communism? What caused the great Chinese famine in the Great Leap Forward? What caused the black plague of the essay Middle Ages to as level essay, stop? What caused Great Britain to essay going to jail, adopt the parliamentary system? Why does America have an as level essay history, educational system that is different from the European system used by essays most of the rest of the essay history world? Why, according to the 2000 U.S. Census information, did more Americans identify with German ancestry (15%) than any other heritage (Irish was second at 10%, and African American was third at 8%)?

Why did Japan attack the wpp fellowship U.S. at Pearl Harbor? or Why did America drop an atomic bomb to essay, end the war? Why is it important to questions, study history? (Depending on how you answer, this could be worked into a causal essay topic.) After choosing your topic question, you can research online to get some ideas of possible answers. As Level Essay! Title: The causal question makes a great title for your essay. However, you should probably make the question as short as possible for the title. Against In Schools! Your answer to the question will be the essay thesis of your paper. Introduction: Start your introduction by to tobacco interesting your reader in the topic and essay, describing the situation or effect. See the chart for new deal research, easy introduction and conclusion ideas. The end of essay history, your introduction will be your cause question and thesis. Thesis: Start your thesis by asking your question and essay, then answering it.

To make your thesis into a clear roadmap of what you will talk about in your essay, add a because followed by the three reasons you will give in essay the body of your essay. Body: Be careful to write the diaspora interpretive reasons in as level parallel format. In Schools! Sample Thesis: Why do people enjoy being scared at a horror movie? Humans enjoy scary movies because they feel an emotional release in watching and talking with other people about the experience, and they get a vicarious thrill in seeing the as level essay forbidden on the screen. (Of course, you can have more than just three reasons, and you may have several paragraphs on one reason if you have several parts of that reason to outline, discuss.) Topic Sentences of Body: For your body paragraphs, take your three reasons and turn them into full sentences. Those are your topic sentences for the body paragraphs of your essay. Gather evidence from your own observations and from research. Conclusion: In the conclusion, you want to essay, either urge the reader to believe your reasons or give a final point. See ideas in going to jail the chart below.

Easy Introductions and as level essay, Conclusions. 100 Easy Illustration Essay Topics. by uniforms in schools essay Virginia Kearney 3. As Level Essay! How to Write a Summary, Analysis, and Response Essay Paper With Examples. by Virginia Kearney 56. Wpp Fellowship Essays! Summary, Analysis, Response Essay Example. by Virginia Kearney 0. 100 Easy Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas with Research Links and Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 32. 100 Science Topics for history, Research Papers. by Virginia Kearney 109. Easy Words to essay, Use as Sentence Starters to Write Better Essays. by Virginia Kearney 129. this really helped!

Virginia Kearney 23 months ago from United States. Essay! Breathing, I am glad that this post helped you. Wpp Fellowship! I have many more articles about writing. Essay History! Please look at my How to to tobacco, Write a Cause Essay for essay history, introduction and conclusion ideas and Technology Topics for Research Essays for more topics. Sajib 23 months ago from Bangladesh. History Essay! Thanks a lot for posting such a wonderful and essay, helpful post! It will help us a lot who always look to create great casual analysis essays. Really you have some excellent and breathtaking ideas! These questions always come to our mind but very few us are able to find the grade history answers.

I hope you will also shed some light on the following issues: 1. As Level History! A few similar questions on the technology niche. 2. A few exciting ideas about the body like the introductory and concluding ideas. If I get these things it will help me specially and lot of others. Hoping to have some more great things from against in schools, you! Kathryn Lane 23 months ago. This was really helpful, thank you! Thank you so much! Kader 3 years ago from Algeria. Nice and as level history, helpful tips on which teach rely and reffer to.Thank you so much. Maree Michael Martin 3 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island. Very helpful.

I love all these questions and to tobacco essay, essay topics, thanks. Dianna Mendez 3 years ago. Another great post for as level, teachers and students! I always learn to much from your sharing. Thank you! Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from in schools essay, United States.

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What is a client centred approach? Carl Rogers' client-centred approach to counselling was born out of Humanism (Rogers 1951 cited in Tschudin 1994)). Thorne (1990) states that Carl Rogers believed that what mattered, was the kind of relationship he offered to his client, nothing more, and nothing less. As Level Essay History? His approach, views the 10 canadian essay questions client as the expert. Essay History? That is to say that, only interpretive essays they can really know what is good and bad for them. It stresses individuality, offers the essay history client the opportunity to take control of their own life.

The client centred-approach believes therefore, that the diaspora interpretive essays client is capable of finding their own way through their problems believing that in, everyone there is a potential for as level history personal growth and change. Carol has been in the services for uniforms 20 years, only serving to as level essay history deepen the layers of defences she has put in place to protect herself from harm, thus burying this ability to in schools grow. He also holds strong belief in that counselling is as level essay history not a way of modifying behaviour (Burnard 1999). The question remains how do we create the correct environment? Rogers sees three basic elements, which are needed in a helping relationship (Rogers 1989). Essays? These are his core conditions.codd ddr seddddw ordd ddk indd fodd dd. Congruency seems to as level essay history be something that is gradually achieved. Congruence is about being real, genuine, dependable, trustworthy and consistent (Rogers 1989, Burnard 1999, Tschudin 1991, Thorne 1990). Rogers (1989) would advise that whatever feelings or attitudes I may be experiencing, I must try to essays be fully aware of them, in order to be congruent. He also states, that there is much research, which supports the history concept that the congruency of the counselor is beneficial in wpp fellowship essays creating a therapeutic relationship.

In interactions 28 29 I was feeling frustrated and angry with Mrs. X. I recognized this at the time and expressed it through, reacting to her behavior, not by trying to understand the underlying feelings that were making her behave this way. Tschudin (1994) suggests that when feeling annoyance with another and not acknowledging or recognizing it, then the essay history client will begin to see your verbal and non-verbal communication are not in harmony. This will be observed as inconsistent, and the client will become more suspicious, thus mistrust ensues. Rogers (1989) calls this 'transparency', or in my own words 'see through'.

This is what it is to be incongruent. Maybe in 10 canadian history essay 28 29 I could have been more honest with Mrs. X and said I am feeling frustrated and angry because you are willing to as level essay history walk away, without explanation. On reflection, my frustration was already established prior to the interaction, due to the content and outcome of other interventions, along with staff attitudes towards my attempts to grade 10 canadian help. I did not address these issues. Therefore I allowed myself to be incongruent. In 26 my comments were tinged with my underlying feelings of frustration and anger. I was beginning to become transparent. Maybe it was this factor, which played a part in as level making Mrs. X feel under pressure, uncomfortable, or feeling that she was not empowered or in control, which led to her consequent behavior.

This is the history essay questions ability to understand the essay client's current situation from their point of essays, view (Tschudin 1994). This requires the counselor to be not only able to listen effectively and gain an history, accurate perception of essay going to jail, their world, but to also be able to communicate this to the client (Reynolds Scott 1999). Rogers (1989) suggests that to understand it, the essay history reader should view it as walking around another person's world, while communicating some understanding of it, of which the client may only be dimly aware. In 5 I missed the new deal research paper cues, which indicated her need to talk about her current feelings. History? If I had of been listening I would have recognized this and focused on those feelings instead of challenging her to search for grade 10 canadian questions a cause of these symptoms. If we had explored her feelings together, maybe the as level essay history cause could have been found in her own way, and at her own pace. Again in diaspora essays 11 12 I missed what appear to be cues. She repeats the phrase 'at times' twice. If I had explored how she felt at those times I could have uncovered deeper feelings regarding her suicidal tendencies, which could have taken the conversation in a completely different direction.

This writing from The third condition is also called accepting or prizing the client. This means that I must view the client with dignity and value them as a human being (Rogers 1989, Burnard 1997, Tschudin 1991) in as level essay other words that I accept the person without fear or favor. On reflection I feel I didn't accept her, as I should have. Without knowing it I was considerably judge-mental, un-accepting, evaluative and against, negative toward her. In interactions 8, 13, 28, 29, 34, 39, and 40 there are incidents where carol is confronting, her behavior at that time was unacceptable to me.

I perceived this lady as negative, old, unwilling to engage and awkward. As Level Essay History? She had been in and out of services for 20 years and the majority of the staff believed her to be beyond help. I was susceptible to their suggestions although they had no basis except that everything tried had failed. All of the above thoughts can be seen as negative and loaded with judgment. Did I accept the client? At times I didn't believe her, believing that she was exaggerating her symptoms in order to uniforms in schools essay get her PRN medication. On reflection I feel I didn't understand her, as I should have.

I judged her; this must be avoided if to give unconditional positive regard (Burnard 1999). As Level History? The evidence suggests I was not client centered, nor, did I show unconditional positive regard. To achieve this will take practice and the development of a strong belief in the ability of others. To allow for easier application, Burnard (1999) defines some micro-skills, which may help in the development of a client-centered approach. These include:coee eer seeeeew oree eek inee foee ee. 2. Reflection/Selective Reflection. 3. Empathy buildingcoeb ebr seebebw oreb ebk ineb foeb eb. 4. Checking for understanding.

I will continue my analysis of the recorded intervention as these skills are stated, attempting through this, to new deal gain some insight into whether my actions were client-centered or not.coag agr seagagw orag agk inag foag ag: The first to be discussed is the use of questions. These can be open or closed, leading and as level, confronting (Burnard 1997). The closed question is one that can be answered with yes, or no, or some other predictable answer, whereas the open question allows a more expansive lengthy answer (Burnard 1997). Wpp Fellowship Essays? Littered throughout the essay interaction are questions, some open, some closed. I used these without any idea of the impact they might be having.

In the opening of the conversation 1, 2 3 open questions were used. This seemed to have a positive effect as the client smiled and thanked me. I was expressing genuine concern for her well being. In 6, 7, 8 / 17, 18, 19 / 32, 33, 34 I used a series of three closed questions consecutively. On each occasion Carol reacted defensively. Essay To Jail? At the time I was totally unaware of essay history, why she was behaving this way and in particular that I may be influencing it. I felt that the problem was hers, that she was being awkward.

These sentiments illustrate my lack of awareness in this situation. Essay To Jail? Burnard (1999) suggests that when closed questions are used this way, they can lead the conversation, making the client feel as though they are being interrogated, leaving Carol with little control over essay history the direction of the conversation. To Tobacco Essay? This is history something I should have been consciously avoiding, as Carol suffered with anxiety, a complaint that often leaves the client feeling they have 'a lack of control' (Hallam 1994). If my aim was to to tobacco help Carol gain back some control over her life, then I should have not been undermining it this way. As Level? I had the questions opportunity to avoid this scenario. In 5 I could have said, the churning is it painful, I noticed you rubbed your stomach or the noises and voices are distressing you today. Essay History? This may have shown Carol that not only have I heard what she has spoken but I also listened enough, in the first instance, to notice she rubbed her stomach maybe indicating discomfort. To Tobacco? Instead, I asked her to essay history search for to tobacco a reason as to why this was happening, rather than allowing carol to essay decide, which needs warranted further exploration. Within this, there is a degree of empathy being shown.

Serving to help me stay with the patient's feelings. As stated above closed questions do have their uses. They can help the grade 10 canadian essay counselor to clarify what is being said (Tschudin 1991). In 18 I used a closed question this way, although I could have put it better. For example, am I right in thinking that. ? Rather than So would you agree. Altered in as level essay history this way it would have served to clarify, thus being client-centered. I follow this in 19 with a leading question, one that contains an assumption, (Burnard 1999) placing Carol in an indefensible position, subsequently undermining what I had already tried to do. I tried to clarify again, in (33), this time the outcome was more preferable, as carol disclosed important information regarding the the african anxiety pack.

This should have allowed me to explore these issues with her, yet instead of doing so in a client-centered way I attempted to offer solutions to as level her problems instead of going with her feelings by focusing on them. Overall open questions allow the conversation to be more, free flowing, and devoid of judgmental/evaluative statements (Burnard 1999, Rogers 1989, Tschudin 1991). I find it difficult at times to achieve this as I have a controlling nature; it seems easier for me to research paper offer a solution based upon my interpretation and perception of the problem. Although I stated to history her in going 28 that this was not how I worked, it is now evident that it was. If carol realized my contradictions then it will have served to only make her suspicious of as level essay history, my agenda. There lies incongruence Not, as discussed ideal for new deal a therapeutic relationship. from coursewrok work info. Reflection is a talent that is sometimes referred to as 'echoing'. This is where the counselor reflects back the last few words said by the client, sometimes acting as a prompt. As Level Essay? If used fittingly the client will not notice, if used ineptly then they will (Tschudin 1991). Selective reflection on new deal research outline the other hand is one in which the counselor echo's what has been said not at the end of the sentence but from the middle. This is as level essay history particularly useful if a client expresses a lot of different feelings or issues all within one sentence (Burnard 1999, Rogers 1989, Tschudin 1991).

This was an area in which I failed miserably. Grade History? At no point in the interaction did I use either reflection or selective reflection. Although there were many occasions where I could have. In 4 my question was innocent enough yet I could have reflected back to her Not so good this would not only have allowed me to stay with her feelings but also allowed her to explore this further. Again in 5 after expressing her distress with her symptoms in 4 I replied with a challenging question. History? Maybe it would have been more productive to focus on carols feelings, through reflection and recognition of her nonverbal cues.

In 7, 11, and new deal paper, 17 I could have used this same technique to elicit further information. For example in 7 I should have said, you said it was all right, you seem unsure I would hope that she would respond to this by elaborating on what she means. This, as well as being reflective is also an empathy building statement. Burnard (1997) states that empathy building consists of making statements that show an understanding of the client's feelings. They should reflect what is implied as well as what is essay history said overtly. The African Diaspora Interpretive? Effectively this is an ability to read between the lines, allowing the as level essay history client to disclose further as they see you understand them more. As seen above in 7 I could have been seen to say no essay be more empathic by noticing that although she implied it was okay, her non-verbal signals indicated otherwise. To notice this is a start but not enough, you need to state it within the conversation so that both parties are aware and the issue can be dealt with. To recognize this incongruence in a client can only help me, to recognize it in myself in the future.

There was one point at which I attempted to be empathic. In 30 from her behavior I recognized her frustration with the essay history situation, this seemed to appease Carol and consequently allowed us to continue. I feel that it would have been even more beneficial to have just said, I sense your frustration, yet I'm confused at what it's with again I see this statement as an aid to further exploration. Further illustration of my inability to build empathy is evident in the african 6 I lead the conversation to what I think is the as level essay root of the problem. Going To Jail? If I am to be truly client centered here I would have to have faith in the fact that carol can lead herself to the root of her problem. Maybe following carols answer in 5 I should have returned to as level essay her feelings in expressed in 4 by stating you say the noises and voices are bad this would help focus on say no essay the carols feelings and show that I was listening. This is self-explanatory. It involves asking the as level essay client if you have understood what they have said and secondly summarizing what has been said for the purpose of essays, clarification (Burnard 1999). It can help focus a conversation and also serves to help the counselor to as level essay history stay with the client's feelings (Tshcudin 1991). Throughout the interaction I did not attempt to check my understanding of anything.

I had opportunities in essay going to jail 12 I could have checked what was being said. As Level Essay? At this point it can be seen that I do not stay with the clients feelings maybe checking here would have allowed me a better understanding of how her leave actually went. I do not identify specifically what the problem was on leave, throughout the whole interaction. This is wpp fellowship a simple measure that contributes to all other factors discussed. It links in history with empathy as it allows better understanding. Essay Questions? It allows me to be congruent while helping me stay with the as level history clients feelings. All fundamental in research paper outline this way of as level essay, being. If I am to be truly client centered I would have to have faith in the fact that carol can lead herself to the root of diaspora, her problem.

At the time this was not my mind-set. As Level Essay History? I have learned that a good counselor can't be phony. Wpp Fellowship Essays? They must be able to as level essay relate to others honestly and sincerely. I realize I don't have to be perfect, but I must try to avoid being defensive when relating to the client. I must be able to put myself in the client's shoes, try to be genuine being able to against understand them and communicate this to them. It seems that there is much to essay be learnt from the 10 canadian questions client, as they are the experts. This doesn't mean I need condone behaviour or even like it, I just need to accept it as a consequence of current feelings. This interaction is a prime example, in which I feel confused not by the verbal and non-verbal content of what is being said but by as level what I should now do with it.

In undertaking this study I have developed new skills and research paper, insight, it appears that there are methods that have the client at the centre which allow me to as level essay history overcome those periods where I am at a loss for say no what to say. Although this approach could be viewed as a positive more human approach, it has its limitations. It seems to essay history rely on a degree of compliance on behalf of the client. A situation we are not always blessed with in acute psychiatric wards. It requires a deep person-to-person understanding, acceptance and awareness, something I sometimes don't have with those closest to wpp fellowship essays me. There are always arguments for and against differing approaches yet I have learnt one way of being which is comfortable and natural. Carol is a 63yr old lady , who first had contact with the mental health services in 1980 suffering from mild symptoms of depression including some suicidal ideation . She was treated as an outpatient for eleven years for the depression and during this time made three attempts at suicide. It is suggested that the trigger for as level essay these symptoms was the death of her mother , who died of cancer in 1979. Very little is documented in medical notes during this time, which does not allow me to uniforms in schools essay identify any interventions, e.g. bereavement counselling, anxiety management etc. that may have been done at that time. As Level Essay History? Further problems occurred in 10 canadian essay 1991 . At this time she was found to be suffering from bulimia . As Level? She continued to be seen as an outpatient at wpp fellowship essays her request for a further two years in which her problems were managed jointly by the consultant psychiatrist and in the community.

Unfortunately, this became more difficult in 1993 with no obvious explanation. She was admitted to as level history an acute psychiatric ward for assessment and treatment. She spent an 8-month period on the ward in which time her husband left her and the african interpretive essays, her son was sent to prison. As Level? These stressors could possibly explain her relapse. In 1996 the bulimia was reported to be under control. At this point, she had her first contact with Bradford Mental Health Services spending a four-month period on the acute ward for depression and wpp fellowship, anxiety. She acquired her own flat, for which she shows great affection. Since this time she has had several admissions presenting with an inability to cope, low mood and symptoms of as level essay, anxiety. On this admission Carol had been admitted for respite, expected to be no more than a week, as she was feeling low and suicidal, she also complained of noises and voices and a churning in her stomach . Essay Going To Jail? This intervention occurred within approximately seven weeks of first admitting this client. She had originally been under the care of history, another nurse, yet I requested the opportunity for me to approach her with the idea of changing her primary nurse. Essay? The client, staff and myself were happy with this change and it was determined that if at any point the client felt that she wanted to change her primary nurse then that would not be a problem.

Our previous meetings consisted of setting some boundaries for history both the client and myself. These included, how often we should meet, what do we both expect from the relationship, etc. From this we set realistic goals and essays, agreed on ways to tackle them. These included the use of breathing exercises and relaxation tapes, along with medication including PRN medication: lorazepam 0.5mg QDS. I introduced the essay idea of an Anxiety self-help pack, to essay which the history client was interested. We attempted to go through the self-help pack together but she became irritated and wanted to the african interpretive stop. I left the pack with her and assured her that if she did want to go over history it again then I was more than happy to. We also discussed the implications of reducing her use of PRN medication while exploring further alternatives. We had agreed that there had to be effort on both sides if this relationship was to work to grade history essay questions her benefit. Three weeks prior to as level essay history this intervention Carol had taken a serious overdose in essays response to her feelings of as level history, anxiety and her noises and voices, while she was on leave. She described the incident as if she was going to 'explode'.

She had tried all the PRN medication, breathing exercises and relaxation tapes which did not help, she felt the only way to interpretive essays stop it was to as level die. Prior to the conversation starting the client was again made aware of the purpose of the interaction, to explore how she felt about her home leave. At the end of the last meeting a time, date, and purpose had been set. (1) NURSE: Hello Carol, (I smile) take a seat. Interpretive Essays? (I Point to the seats available) CLIENT: (She sits down) (2) NURSE: Are you comfortable, is there anything I can get you? CLIENT: No thanks; I'm fine (She smiles) CLIENT: Not so good martin. (She shakes her head from as level essay, side to side). CLIENT: My stomach is churning, and the noises and voices are bad today. (She rubs her stomach) (5) NURSE: What do you think is causing it? CLIENT: I don't know. (6) NURSE: Did your leave go well?

CLIENT: Yes, It was all right; I cleaned up the flat and saw my grandkids. (7) NURSE: Was it nice to see the grandkids? (8) NURSE: Overall do you feel it was better than the last time you went out? CLIENT: No, it was the same. (She said this hurriedly) What's this got to do with anything? CLIENT: Oh (Tone of voice was dismissive and she shrugged her shoulders) (10) NURSE: Did you feel safe this time; because the last time you had leave you took an overdose.

CLIENT: At times I thought about it. (11) NURSE: How seriously did you think about essay going it? CLIENT: Only at times, I wouldn't of history, done it. (12) NURSE: Then I would suggest that on that basis you could say your leave went much better. CLIENT: Not really, I still felt awful inside. (13) NURSE: Yes, but try to focus on the positive things that happened, and uniforms, not just the as level history negatives. CLIENT: That's easy for you to say.

(14) NURSE: I understand that, but ask yourself what benefits you get from thinking so negatively. CLIENT: (Carol remains silent for a long period. 1 minute) (15) NURSE: All I can say at this point Carol is that I see it as positive steps forward, how do you see it? CLIENT: I don't want to go out on leave again this weekend. (16) NURSE: That's your decision. I won't force you, but as we have agreed previously, your first goal was to spend more time off the ward. CLIENT: Well I don't want to go, not this weekend. I just felt that something awful was going to going happen. CLIENT: Not really, I just felt panicky. (18) NURSE: So would you agree that although you felt that something terrible would happen, it didn't? CLIENT: I suppose so.

(19) NURSE: Isn't that a good thing? CLIENT: Yes but it doesn't make me feel better now. (20) NURSE: How are you feeling now? CLIENT: All churned up inside. (21) NURSE: Have you tried the techniques I showed you? CLIENT: Yes I've tried the history tape, and done my breathing exercises. (22) NURSE: And has that helped? CLIENT: A little. (Looks up at me and maintains good eye contact) (23) NURSE: Good. (I nod my head in an attempt to emphasise that I was pleased for new deal research her) CLIENT: Can't you give me some PRN please martin. (24) NURSE: Well from what you have just told me it seems that you have started to feel better without any medication.

Do you think you could control this yourself at the moment? CLIENT: You don't understand. It's awful feeling like this. As Level? (She begins to in schools essay cry) (25) NURSE: (After about a 20-30 second break) Carol, I want to as level understand, talk to me about interpretive your feelings. CLIENT: What's the as level essay point? (26) NURSE: The point is that for uniforms in schools you to begin to feel better, you need to take more control over your feelings of as level essay, anxiety, and that means being prepared to say no talk to me or to someone you feel comfortable with about these feelings. CLIENT: You do say the most stupid things sometimes martin. CLIENT: Well you're the nurse I'm the patient. You're the one who's supposed to get me better. (28) NURSE: I'm afraid that's not how I work Carol.

If I were to do everything for you, try and give you all the answers, then I would be failing you. It's not about as level history how I would cope with these feeling's, it's about how you can best do that for yourself. CLIENT: So what am I supposed to do, you always want to talk (Carol emphasises this word) about things, yet you never give me any ways of wpp fellowship essays, coping with these feelings. Essay? (Carol gets up out of her seat and wpp fellowship essays, begins to walk away without explanation). (I felt angry at history this point that she was willing to essay just leave without any explanation) (29) NURSE: Carol, I don't understand why you are being like this. I don't get up and walk out like this. I would have enough consideration to as level essay history at least explain, why I didn't feel like talking. So I expect the same level of interpretive essays, respect from you.

I thought we were getting somewhere today. CLIENT: (Carol continues to walk to the door) (30) NURSE: You're obviously frustrated Carol, I can understand that, but walking away from it can't help, can it? CLIENT: (Carol says nothing but stops near the door and turns towards me) (31) NURSE: (There is a silence, which lasts for about 30 seconds) Please come back and at least set a time and date for the next meeting. CLIENT: (Carol returns to her original seat, she remains silent for about 30 seconds) Nothing is as level history helping. (32) NURSE: (I remain silent, while maintaining good eye contact) the essay to jail anxiety management pack I gave you, has it been useful or not? CLIENT: (She shakes her head) (33) NURSE: I get the feeling you don't think much to the pack? CLIENT: I don't understand it. It goes on about physical things. As Level? I don't want to new deal research paper know that I just want a list of thing's that will cure it. (34) NURSE: Should we go through it together again, would that help?

CLIENT: I don't know (She is dismissive in as level history her tone of voice) (35) NURSE: Well, why don't you think about research paper outline it and get back to me. History? I am more than happy to try alternatives. CLIENT: Yeah okay. (36) NURSE: Do you have any ideas about research outline what might help? CLIENT: Don't know. (37) NURSE: There are other self-help packs around which you may find better, would you like me to get one of those for you? CLIENT: I don't really want to talk about it at essay the moment. (38) NURSE: Okay (I hold my hand up as to suggest that it is okay) shall we leave it there for now? (39) NURSE: Why don't you think about what we've talked about grade today, try to look at the positives, think about whether we should try a different approach and we can talk about as level essay it the wpp fellowship essays next time we meet.

CLIENT: There you go again talk, talk, talk, and essay history, talk. Essays? (Carol makes a gesture with. her hand as if it were talking) (40) NURSE: I think maybe we should leave it there. When would you like to meet again? (42) NURSE: Okay, tomorrow I'm on an early shift so about essay 10am? References Further Reading.

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Free Essays on A Proud Moment Of Me. machine that she was taking a lot of history care of. I wanted to against uniforms essay play with it, but she never allowed me . She thought is too dangerous. History! Her passion is to sew and before I went back to my parents she always gave me something sewed by her. In Schools! It’s a nice memory and I keep all of them in a safe place. Whenever I want. only jump that was vaguely possible, in fact he dared me to essay history try the jump. Against! Obviously I could not turn down a dare, so I biked about 30 meters away to get some speed, I went off the jump at a minimum of 25 kmh.A moment in as level my life where I was proud of myself happened around the research outline, summer I graduated from high. My Proud Moments as Being a Parent.

My Proud Moments as Being a Parent My father always said to me and my siblings when we were growing up, “You’ll never know how proud we are of you until you become a parent yourself.” Raising my children is a full-time job, and even though they have left the nest I can still remember the times that. ?10108136 ??A ??? My Proudest Moment Feeling proud of yourself is as level essay history, one of those moments where words cannot express the sensation it provides. It’s a feeling we rarely experience in life that makes you feel honorable and blissful within, even if the feeling is experienced through others. I first had this. Happy Moments Happy moments are everyone dream. In my whole life, it is uncountable how many happy moments that I’ve gone through since I was small.Happy moments are something that made us very happy and wpp fellowship essays, it is history, unforgettable.It will never be erased out of essays our mind and as level history, we will always remind of it for.

Page 1 Forever Changed FOEVER CHANGED Page 2 Earning my CNA’s was the most significant, life changing moment I’ve ever had. This journey began as a high school freshman and took four years to achieve. It was the first long-term goal I had ever set for myself. get money for me to go to the Monastery when I was seven years old to study. I think it was a difficult time for my family, but my parents never said that.

Instead, they always encouraged me . On the new deal paper outline, other hand, my parents know how to remind me of my origin. They applaud me at essay history, the moment I succesed and. he continues to speak about research outline how expensive the health costs are. The problems that we face are the indicators of crisis. The most remember able moment to history me was he said quote “Let it be told [the] future world that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and interpretive, virtue could survive that the city and. 50-foot-tall cliff into as level essay history a body of going water that up till that point, had given me feelings of safety and love for so many years.

This looming task shadowed my thoughts throughout the whole trip until it became a reality. Essay! If my mother had asked me right then or at any other time, “Hey Lou, are you a daredevil?”. What Does Patriotism Means to essays Me Patriotism to me is when we devote our love, support and defense of one’s country with the loving support in the military. The holidays remind me of Patriotism especially the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day. The flag and the pledge of allegiance is the.

realm. I grow up. I grasp every thing I could. And with all that has been bestowed upon me , I stand proud . Humbly. A child, I was once. And to essay history the world's eyes a child I shall forever be. The whole world is in going front of me . And I dare now say that this indeed is the first day of my entire life. The whole world.

Proud Moment If I had to describe a proud moment of mine it would have to be about the summer that just recently passed. In the history, summer I work as a lifeguard, a serious job that isn’t always taken as serious as it should be, but when faced with danger most of the wpp fellowship essays, employees know what to do. Anyways. The Most Embarrassing Moments of My Life. embarrassing moment in essay history our life, such as fall down from the chair, call some one wrong name, and pee in pant. Essay! I this moments , we will be ashamed or laugh in the end.

For me , I will laugh, because when we do the embarrassing thing, we did not intend to do it. Do not ne shy in that moment , because when. Life Well Spent” When the topic of my grandfather comes up, I noticed a number of stares wandering off into as level essay history odd directions, with most settling back on me with fright. I’m not the sort for flowery sentiments, but then again, neither was granddad. We shared this mutual irreverence. Granddad liked his.

The Past That Made Me Who I Am Today. “Your thoughts and beliefs of the past have created this moment , and history essay, all the moments up to this moment . As Level Essay History! What you are now choosing to new deal paper outline believe and think and say will create the next moment and essay history, the next day and the next month and the next year” (Hay, 1999). Against Uniforms In Schools! Everyone has a story about who he or she is. kind of guy who would say that he would give me the world, but only gave me headaches. The kind of essay guy who said that he loved me but never showed it. So whenever I wanted attention, he was never there to new deal paper give it to me . So I discovered someone who treated me like I was actually somebody, not like a fly. Grissom Dr. Cherry 2013FA-ENGL-1301-71036: Composition 1 29 October 2013 Be Better Than Me My grandfather Earsery told me before he died, Cortney, don’t be like me , be better than me ! that comment struck me as strange, as I was simply walking into the kitchen to get tall glass of lemonade paying. Personal Achievements Which Make me Really Proud. I will be talking about one personal achievement which makes me really proud . After that, I will be briefly listing the qualities I possessed in that story. What are you proud of?

1. Math has always been the hardest subject for me . It is the subject I study hardest on, but ironically it is also. (HS)2 and the Impact It Has Had On Me. (HS)2 and the impact it has had on me Cianne, here are my edits. As Level Essay! I went through each paragraph mainly because your essay is too long. To Jail! Don’t think it’s because its not a good essay! I think you have some really great points in this essay and I like the topic. As Level! You just need to research outline work through it to decide. Sharing My Heritage Growing Up in My Birthplace. can never forget my childhood. Growing up in essay history Pakistan was a great experience since I grew in rich family.

Pakistan heritage is something to be proud of. Say No To Tobacco Essay! I was born in Lahore, Pakistan in 1987. In Pakistani culture, after a baby is born, he would be washed properly as people pray for him. Then, someone. Personal Profile Color is all around us. So often we take for granted how a color can transport us to a specific moment in time and transform our mood. Everything has color. Life is colorful.

My life is as level history, a coloring book on to tobacco essay, which I shaded to the best of as level essay history my ability. I didn’t always stay in interpretive essays the lines. Moment Of My Life Life is not made up of as level history minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, but of moments . You must experience each one before you can learn how to live it. Well, I can’t but agree with that. If I was asked to describe the interpretive, meaning of the word “life”, I would compare it with making a movie. Unforgettable Moment It was November 5, 2012. It was raining and you could notice the as level, clouds in the sky even though it was dark. While my father was driving the car, my mom was talking nonstop and my brother was taking a nap on my lap. I was staring out new deal research of the as level, window and was thinking of that moment I was barely. forehead as I ran through a back alley. It was dark and humid and I knew the old man was right behind me . He has every reason to the african essays be chasing me , since I had just broken into his van.

Fortunately for as level essay me I was young and in shape and knew if I kept running I would eventually get away from him. I made it. Ophelia Parker's Moment with Chanel. Molly Fox @02927528 Honors English 12 Description – G.A. 17 September 18, 2013 Ophelia Parker’s Moment with Chanel—(Writer’s Choice Piece) Ever since I was a little girl, all I wanted to be was rich and famous when I grew up, which I guess comes from. watched everyone walk down the aisle, some missing their steps and others beaming with smile, while the say no essay, crowd went wild clapping. It was now my turn, the moment I had been waiting for as level all my life, heads help up high and with mouth grinning from ear to history questions ear, I stepped into the room. As I stepped in, everyone.

?My most precious moment Maunaf Al Ashi 110038737 Precious moments are one of the things that a person treasures and look back upon with a smile. They are the essay, thoughts we value and hold dearly because they are just that precious. It’s important to capture every moment that passes us by so we will. The moment . One second it's there then the next it's gone only to be replaced by to jail another one. Something that many of us take for granted. Something that is often overlooked as we rush on as level history, to the next, and the one after that. The moment . Perhaps one of the most precious things we will ever have and yet. What the grade 10 canadian, Sailors Creed Means to Me, Complete. creed means to as level essay history me HN Troy, Dylan 30April2013 I am a United States Sailor. In Schools Essay! I will support and essay, defend the against uniforms, constitution of the United States of America, and as level essay, I will obey the orders of those appointed over against uniforms in schools essay me . I represent the fighting spirits of the Navy and those who have gone before me to defend. They say that life comes down to a few great moments . Often the essay, key points of our lives pass by with stealth, leaving us to chase at shadows.

We are left to question and evaluate the ebb and flow, the surges and phases of new deal research our existence. The times we felt lost. Times of as level essay history love, sorrow, rebirth and injury. How a death in to tobacco the family has affected me .. Death comes on as level history, short notice. It doesn’t write or call to tell you that it’s coming; It doesn’t even knock. I learned the hard way when my granddad passed away, one week after my birthday. His loss brought me a great deal of pain, considering I thought he was. ? What Are You Proud Of?

By: Mulki Abshir Certain things happen in your life that you never forget; sometimes they’re happy moments , other times sad moments and sometimes they’re even powerful moments like when it’s your turn to be bullied. Against Uniforms Essay! I’ve always thought that when your friends or. wasn’t particularly proud of or something that I’d show to my friends. My dad and I drove by couple dealerships, starting from new, expensive cars to used cash clunkers. We first stopped at a North Park Lexus and were eye-shopping a couple shiny, but expensive cars and for a moment I thought my dad was.

returned recently, he is a tired traveling salesman, that’s for sure. He often loses his temper and frequently loses his concentration, which worries me greatly. Uncle Willy lives in a world of as level essay his own, often reminiscing about the past and diaspora interpretive, constantly lost in thought. History! He only uniforms in schools listens to the things that. the person who has had the most significant influence on as level essay, me , the name comes quickly: Mom. She hasn't had a significant influence on me simply because she raised me , but because of the circumstances she did it under and in schools essay, the things that she taught me along the way.To put it simply, my mom is truly the as level essay, most. energy for it being that early in wpp fellowship the morning.

I eventually started to feel tired so she finally let me rest. As Level History! About 8 a.m I began feeling sick to my stomach so I called the hospital, they told me to come in. I was very nervous, I was with my boyfriend and he was beginning to be a nervous wreck. People usually talk about some exciting events as there bravest moment of new deal paper outline life which made them proud . As an ordinary person, I do not have those exciting moment happen to history me . However, my bravest moment of my life would be the moment I made the decision to study abroad in Australia. It was in diaspora 2011. Running Head: MY WATERSHED MOMENT 1 My Watershed Moment by Kurt Lopez Brandman University In partial fulfillment of the requirements of OLCU 615: Organization Development and Change July 21, 2013 MY WATERSHED MOMENT 2 My Watershed Moment There are many memories that.

other day I walked into essay New Rochelle with a few things on my mind and essay, that was to finish and prove everybody who ever doubted me wrong. I wanted to show everybody that its never to late to achieve anything in life and just because you wasn’t the perfect . grow. When I came into your life, (you being about 3 years old) you learned to trust me . You trusted that when you were hungry, I’d feed you and when you needed comfort, I’d be there for you. Just as you have trusted me to do what is best for you all these years, I now want you to learn to trust yourself. ?The One Who Influence Me Everyone has a diverse life style, a different approach to as level essay history growing up and a unique but different personality. Against Essay! But then again with every difference there is as level, a cause something that prepared you and turned you the way you are. It can involve with culture, background, heritage. those are the three people that have influenced me to do better in my life more than anyone else has. New Deal Research Outline! My mother, my brother, and a few other people in my life have also made a good difference.

Even though I had plenty of other people be good influence to me , if I had to choose, I will still choose my father. Are you proud of your Country? The answer to as level history the question above would be absolutely yes! I love that everyone in this country has freedom of speech and everyone is treated equally. I think the most inspiring person that once lived in America would be Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He showed that if.

Life is grade 10 canadian history essay, full of good and bad moments . As Level! Each day in itself brings various moments in life. Every day we go through mixed feelings. Sometimes, only we have experienced a pure jovial moment or a pure sad moment . Everyone also has the special moment in life. Say No Essay! It is just a day when someones dreams are fulfilled. A Light Bulb Moment What is a light bulb moment ? A light bulb moment can mean a sudden inspiration, revelation, or recognition. There many moments in as level life that bring on an light bulb moment . I get numerous moments where the light bulb goes . activities that can help me build up the relationship between other students, faculties and me . That helps me in communicating. 3. I’m a sophomore, and essay, I would like to transfer to the University of Washington to get a bachelor’s degree. 4. Attending college is a great chance for as level essay me to essay start pursuing my. Writing Experience I sat there in the hard seat of my desk and waited patiently.

I could not wait for my new teacher to stroll up to me ; eyes full of amazement, and as level essay history, give me my paper. I had worked hard on it for nearly a month. Essays! My writing skills were top-notch, of course. Looking around the room at my classmates. its finally here. Essay! My parents are also excited to see me walking across the stage. Say No To Tobacco Essay! Today I woke up early because of excitement and history, a little nervousness.

As I get out of the shower I see my cap and gown just hanging there by essays the door and I feet proud of myself. Hard work always pays off, as I said that. Lemonade Mouth Band Tracks Lyrics. Bridge: Bm A D I never knew you could take me so far Bm A I've always wanted the home that you are E A . may breath and air come easily. This race, created to prove me human, Brings pain. As Level! But in the end, this struggle brings Respect for nature and its whims. For who will remember my failure at the end of time, The great crowd, the proud parents Cheering in the stands, the 10 canadian history essay, other runners, The coaches. idol, and as level, most importantly a father. He taught me everything that I know today. He showed me how to treat people and essay going to jail, how to have respect for essay history everyone. My dad is one of the most involved, caring and dedicated individuals I know.

From the earliest moments I can remember my dad was always involved in. ‘ Moments in our lives that define who we are’ When we are born we are defined by our surroundings, particularly family, our culture and religious beliefs. Essay! As children we get told what to eat, what to as level history wear, how to history questions behave etc. but as we get older we begin to essay have control over our own lives and these. father. He would roar to me , or even beat me when I didn't behave myself or slackened in my studies. Paper Outline! The moment I was admitted to the best high school with the highest mark in our town, he just told me seriously, Never be too proud , you still have a long way to go. To me , my father is terrible, totally. was for me to as level essay history leave everything behind and wpp fellowship, the hope that someday I maybe get the chance to return home. The last summer I spent home was probably the best summer I ever had and ever will have in this life time, It wasn’t a really exciting summer , not a lot of stuff happened but one moment I will always.

American Legion Essay. Why I’m Proud to as level essay Be An American. We live in the greatest country ever to exist and I am thankful for that. America has many faults, but I still think it’s the best place in grade 10 canadian history essay the world to live. I am thankful for America for essay history many reasons, but here are my top 4. 1. We live in. received an email that asked the new deal research paper, question “What is Love?”. The answers were from a group of children ages four to history six years old. Their minds amazed me . Some of the answers were funny, “Love is when mommy gives daddy the uniforms, best piece of fried chicken” or “Love is when mommy sees daddy on the toilet and. People always wondered what was wrong with me but it was just the environment I couldn’t get used to. As Level! Soon they started making up stories about me and making fun of me . I would say something and hear it repeated in an exaggerated accent by somebody else the next moment . What came after was the laughter.

I. ? What Are You Proud Of? By: Mulki Abshir Certain things happen in your life that you never forget; sometimes they’re happy moments , other times sad moments and sometimes they’re even powerful moments like when it’s your turn to to tobacco essay be bullied. I’ve always thought that when your friends or. the end of as level essay history every NCC event, it will end with everyone singing the the african, NCC song. Essay! What surprised me was that when it is played, the whole auditorium would sing loudly with pride, I can tell that they are very proud of essay going to jail NCC, to be able to sing the NCC song so loudly. As compared to in school when the essay, school. ?“One moment can change a lifetime” “Everything happens for a reason.” This universal quote has been heard all across the say no essay, world and essay history, has been said for essays centuries. There could be many meaning for this quote, but there is as level essay history, always one key word that is related to all, and that is change.

Change occurs throughout.