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George orwell essay politics english language

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George Orwell's Politics and the English Language Essay

George orwell essay politics english language

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George Orwell: Politics and the English Language

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George Orwell Essay On Politics And The English Language…

How two named models of health behaviour have been successful at george english language, predicting health behaviour. There has, in recent years, been an increasing onus on prevention of disease, health promotion and interesting story essay spm the importance of campaigns designed to george essay language facilitate such notions (Becker and television is harmful essay Rosenstock, 1989). Orwell Essay English Language. For instance, since 1999, the UK has spent around £13.73 million on anti-smoking campaigns alone, which equates to roughly £0.29 per capita , and for writing research a recent Government white paper, Choosing Health: Making Healthier Choices Easier (DoH, 2004) set out the Blair administration’s continuing commitment to politics english language the area of prevention rather than treatment. The document makes it clear that, not only is health behaviour a major facet of interesting essay Governmental thinking but it also features prominently in the psychology of the general public : Millions of people are trying to lose weight. Millions of george language busy people are trying to fit more exercise into their lives. 70% of England's 10 million smokers want to stop smoking. Millions of parents are looking for cheap and television convenient ways to provide good food for their children. Orwell Essay Language. That strong desire by millions of individuals in England to ethical inventory change to a healthier way of life is an opportunity. (DoH, 2004)

In their article Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Program Retention, Becker and Rosenstock (1989) trace this resurgence in the concept of prevention to the middle of the twentieth century (Becker and Rosenstock, 1989: 285) and state that a major factor was the widespread decline in instances of george orwell essay politics english language serious infectious diseases and the realisation of the prevalence of chronic syndromes and deaths caused by accidents and acts of violence . All of these could, it was thought, be highly effectively prevented through suitable health promotion and the alteration of behaviour. This view, of course, is television essay based on notions that, indeed, an individual's behaviour and attitudes towards his or her own health can be predicated and orwell essay language so altered. In this essay I would like to look at two of the main models of health behaviour and examine their aetiology, efficacy and influence on health and miss in great expectations social policy in the last twenty years. The two models I have chosen to look at are the Health Belief Model (HBM) and the Theory of orwell essay politics english Planned Behaviour (TPB) which, I think, represent not only the most straightforward and consistent theoretical frameworks of paper purdue health psychology but also feature highly in any formation of policy and Governmental decision making . The HBM, as Brannon and Feist (2004) detail, extends as far back as the early work of Geoffrey Hochbaum in the late 1950's . However, it was through the work of Becker (1979, 1984, 1989) and Rosenstock (1984, 1989, 1990) that it was fully conceptualised and, from there, applied to not only health psychology but health practice. The HBM is centred around five basic assumptions: that for a person to take preventative action against a disease they must, feel susceptible on george orwell politics language, a personal basis to the disease itself; feel that such a disease would have severe enough affects on them; feel that preventative benefits would be worth while in reducing the risk of acquiring the miss havisham in great expectations, disease; think that external barriers such as pain, inconvenience, social embarrassment or financial difficulties would be less than contracting the disease and, lastly, that cues to action (Pitts and Phillips, 1998: 9) such as media advertising and health promotion would provide sufficient impetus to take measures. From these factors, it is thought, an individual's behaviour towards their own health can be predicted and george orwell essay so legislated for. As Brannon and Feist asserts this model equates, in some sense at least, to common sense: When people perceive that they are susceptible to a severe illness and lens essay can benefit from essay politics english language, their ability to overcome barriers to good health, they should be guided by their own self-interest and actively seek health care (Brannon and Feist, 2004: 47) It is this aspect that has made the HBM a popular theory in recent times.

It has the benefit of being, firstly easy to calibrate and, secondly easy to act upon. It is easy to see the attraction of a model that espouses a relatively simple relationship between the perceptions of risk and the role of cues to action. Graham Russell (1999) calls the research paper, HBM uncomplicated and intuitive (Russell, 1999: 114) and details that it has common applications in two major regimes of health care, where stress is placed upon: Encouraging people to seek early professional help for signs and symptoms of illness. Improving uptake on preventative health programmes such as immunisation and screening for disease (Russell, 1999: 115) Within these notions, of course, we could cite breast cancer screening (mammography), flu immunization, dietary education and orwell essay politics change to exercise routines as examples of the ways in which the HBM directly reflects Government policy and people's own health behaviour. A study by Fulton et al (1991), used the HBM as a basis for questionnaires and to organise multivariate analysis of interview responses (Fulton et al, 1991: 1).

The study used a telephone canvassing methodology, looking at 852 women from havisham in great expectations, Rhode Island USA, all above 40 in george essay politics english order to ascertain their behavioural patterns regarding their own health and attitudes towards disease prevention. The questions asked concerned such as areas as their individual perception of interesting spm susceptibility, their particular modifying factors such as ethnicity, income, marital status, the likelihood of george orwell essay english action and their screening behaviour. It found that the likelihood of interesting story essay women seeking regular mammograms was increased significantly when a medical provider recommended such action. However, almost one-fifth of the politics english, women had no such provider, 13 per cent had no source of gynaecological care, one-fourth felt susceptible to breast cancer and a third thought mammograms were too uncomfortable to undergo. (Fulton et al, 1991) Fulton et al (1991) also stress the importance of lakme song dessay what they call modifying factors such as ethnicity and access to cues to action. There was a direct relationship, they found, between exposure to cues to essay action and the willingness to story undergo preventative screenings . This is also bourn out in such studies as Hyman, Baker, Ephraim, Moadel and Phillip's 1994 study that showed that being an george essay African American women - rather than a European American woman - was a better predicator of mammography use than any of the four elements of the health model belief. (Brannon and lens Feist, 2004: 47). It has also been suggested that external contingent factors such as opportunity and poverty is a better predictor of health behaviour than the HBM.

One of the george orwell politics english language, most effective and useful applications of the interesting essay, HBM is in the predictive take up of screening for sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and george orwell politics language Hepatitis. A study in lens inventory essay the US by Hergenrather and Rhodes (2003) of the MSM (men who have sex with men) community and their willingness to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A, found that men who reported high levels of communication with their healthcare provider about their sexual orientation and george language risk behaviour were more likely to be vaccinated (Hergenrather and Rhodes, 2003:1). Policy could then be directed to specifically address such findings, targeting fiscal and communicative concerns in specific demographic and best books for writing psychosocial areas. The Theory Of Planned Behaviour. The TPB is derivative of an earlier concept; the Theory of Reasoned Action and both appear in the works of Icek Ajzen.

Ajzen stresses the george politics english, importance of 'perceived behavioural control' (1991: 103) in affecting people's attitudes and choices relating to their health. Ajzen postulates that it is possible to predict an lakme bell song dessay individual's behaviour through knowledge of, firstly, their attitude towards that behaviour, secondly, their 'subjective norm' and, lastly, their perceived behavioural control. Orwell. All of these factors combine to produce an individual's intentions. Perceived behavioural control is the extent that one feels one can alter the outcome of a situation, it is based on lakme bell song, a number of influencing factors including past experience, access to pertinent knowledge and a perception of one's own ability to overcome obstacles (Brannon and Feist, 2004:50). Ajzen cites studies such as Alagna and Reddy (1984) that suggest there is particular pertinence to essay english the area of health regarding this particular theory: When reduced to the level of research purdue specific response tendencies, perceived self-efficacy or perceived control over performance of a behaviour is found to correlate strongly with actual performance.(Ajzen, 1991: 107) In this view, it is thought that those who feel as though they can easily complete a task or overcome an george english obstacle are more likely to have intensions to do so. Studies such as Orbell, Blair, Sherlock and Conner (2001) and Maher and Rickwood (1991) have suggested that the TPB can be especially effective in predicting behaviour concerning the purchase and consumption of illegal drugs by story essay the young, for instance, or the up-take of smoking.

Knowledge of an individual's attitudes on, for instance, cannabis (Armitage et al, 1999), their perception of their own level of control and the subjective norms of their peer group can all aid in the prediction of language their behaviour. In Attitudes, Personality and in great Behaviour, Ajzen gives us a suitably succinct summation of his theorum: With varying implications, attitudes and personality traits can be reduced to the level of a particular behaviour, and such behaviour-specific dispositions are found to correlate well with compatible action tendencies. (Ajzen, 1991: 109) He stresses the notion that behaviour is a planned function of the individual and that any decision concerning health and disease prevention can be predicted with knowledge of essay politics english such intentions. Of course as many commentators have pointed out (Pitt and Phillips, 1998, Armitage, 1999) the main difficulty with this model is that it only interesting story essay spm identifies intentions of george orwell essay language behaviour, intentions that, may or may not result in actual behavioural outcomes. There are many reasons why an research purdue intention may not be acted upon; it may be unsuitable at the time, for instance, or there maybe other contingent external factors (Pitt and george orwell politics Phillips, 1998:13). In an Australian study carried out by Kashima and McCamish (1992), it was found that past experience played a considerable role in forming intentions regarding condom use in the prevention of AIDS and HIV: The role of past behaviour, in lakme bell song dessay particular, appears to be central to understanding sexual practice in orwell essay english general, and the use of condoms in particular. Our studies show that past behaviour stabilizes the intention to use a condom (or to lens essay practice another form of safer sex, such as nonpenetrative sex). George Politics English. (Kashima and television is harmful essay McCamish, 1992: 40)

The importance of such notions of 'temporal stability' (Ajzen, 1991: 99) is also stressed by Ajzen who cites studies concerning smoking as indicators that specific response tendencies can be both a formative influence of future behaviour and a reliable predictive tool for the health authorities. Behaviour that can predicted, it is thought, can lead to better targeted and so cost effective health care prevention. If we take smoking, for instance, we can see that, using the TPB, it would be beneficial to suggest that smoking behaviour can be changed and smoking stopped rather than continually stressing its detrimental affects on orwell essay politics english, health. A recent NHS initiative stresses the behavioural control a smoker has over the outcomes of their action and television essay the degree to which they can expect to overcome the obstacle of giving up cigarettes. The Giving Up Smoking campaign website and literature constantly features people who have been successful in giving up smoking rather than images of those smokers who suffer from smoking related diseases. There are testimonials and plans dedicated to help the smoker give up, each of which reinforce their control and essay english language target their sense of autonomy over the addiction.

As detailed in Hardill, Kofman and Graham's (2001) Human Geography of the UK, the Labour Government's 1998 white paper Our Healthier Nation (DoH, 1998) not only pledged more money and resources to campaigns that promoted strategies of miss expectations lifestyle management (Hardill, Kofman and Graham, 2001: 124) but obviously reflected such health behaviour predictors as the Health Belief Model and the Theory of Planned Behaviour: The government has announced a plan to save 148,000 deaths from stroke and coronary heart disease by 2010. Funding will go on training more cardiac surgeons, creating a number of 'chest pain clinics' and 'stop smoking clinics'. (Hardill, Kofman and Graham, 2001: 124) The inference in this statement is clear: behaviour, according to the Government at least, can be predicted and health policy adjusted accordingly. Here, the onus on 'stop smoking clinics' and chest pain clinics stress the importance of early detection and prevention, an orwell essay politics language obvious outcome in a faith in song behavioural models as they relate to the health service.

However, not every study agrees with the notion that health predictors are successful in george essay politics english predicting health behaviour . Heaven (1996) cites a study in Australia that looked at books research papers, the responses of george orwell essay 18 year olds to the threat of AIDS , it predicted, using health belief models that the best books for writing papers, more severe the politics, threat and the more at risk the participants thought themselves in the greater the chance that they would practice safe sex. However, this was only partially true, as Heaven states: Although there were no significant differences between the sexes on measures of health motivation and susceptibility to interesting essay spm infection, these factors did not predict males' sexual risk with casual partners. Females who saw themselves at risk of infection tended to take increased risks with casual partners. Thus, their perceptions of essay politics language risk were not matched by preventive behaviour. Natalie Dessay. (Heaven, 1996: 35) Allied to george orwell politics language this is a study conducted by Conner and Flesch (2001) that suggested there was strong external reasons, such as alcohol and peer grouping that contributed more to young people ignoring contraception advice than planned behaviour and Brannon and Feist (2004) suggesting outright that Research has shown that the interesting story essay spm, health belief model has only george orwell essay limited success in predicting health-related behaviour (Brannon and Feist, 2004: 54).

The success of health behaviour predictors, then, seems to rest in their ability to books for writing research be translated into public health policy. It is easy to see how relatively simple structures such as the health belief model form the basis of Government thinking on such areas as giving up smoking, screening for orwell essay politics english language, breast cancer and use of contraceptives. As many commentators have suggested (Brannon and Feist, 2004; Freeman and Levine, 1989; Pitt and Phillips, 1998) the actual picture is, perhaps, more complicated, with an-ever growing network of influencing factors constantly at books, play. However, given constraints such as economics and orwell essay politics english language demographics, it is not surprising that health services rely so heavily on lens, predictive models even though their success rates may be in doubt. Ajzen, Icek (1991), Attitudes, Personality and Behaviour, (Milton Keynes: Open University Press) Ajzen, Icek and Fishbein, Martin (1980), Understanding Attitudes and Predicating Behaviour, (New Jersey: Prentice Hall) Armitage, Simon, et al (1999), Different Perceptions of Control: Applying an Extended Theory of Planned Behaviour to Legal and Illegal Drug Use, published in Basic and Applied Social Psychology, Vol. Essay. 21. Becker, Marshall (1979), Understanding Patient Compliance: The Contributions of Attitudes and best for writing papers Other psychosocial Factors, published in Cohen, I.(ed), New Directions in Patient Compliance, (Lexington: Lexington Books) Becker, Marshall and Rosenstock, Irwin (1989), Health promotion: Disease Prevention and essay Program Retention, published in Freeman, Howard and Levine, Sol (eds), Handbook of Medical Sociology - Fourth Edition, (New Jersey: Prentice Hall) Becker, Marshall and Rosenstock, Irwin (1984), Compliance With medical Advice, published in lakme Steptoe, A.and Mathews, A. (eds), Health Care and george orwell essay politics english language Human Behaviour, (London: Academic Press) Beisecker, Analee (1991), Interpersonal Communication Strategies to Prevent Drug Abuse by ethical Health Professionals and the Elderly: Contributions of the Health Belief Model, published in Health Communication Vol. 3. George Language. Brannon, Linda and Feist, Jess (2004), Health Psychology: An Introduction to interesting Behaviour and Health - Fifth Edition, (London: Thompson and Wadsworth) Choosing Health: Making Healthier Choices Easier, (DoH, 2004) Conner, M and george essay politics language Flesch, D. Story. (2001), Having Casual Sex: Additive and Interactive Effects of Alcohol and Condom Availability on the Determinants of Intentions, published in The Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Vol.31 Fulton, John et al, A Study Guided By the Health Belief Model of the Predictors of Breast Cancer Screening of Women Ages 40 and Older, published in essay language Public Health Reports Vol. 106, 1991.

Hardill, Irene, Kofman, Eleonore and Graham, David (2001), Human Geography of the in great expectations, UK, (London: Routledge) Heaven, Patrick, (1996), Adolescent Health: The Role of Individual Differences, (London: Routledge) Hergenrather, Kenneth and orwell Rhodes, Scott (2003), Using An Integrated Approach to Understand Vaccination Behaviour Among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men: Stages of Change, the best books, Health Belief Model and Self Efficacy, published in Journal of george orwell essay Community Health, Vol. 28. Hochbaum, Geoffrey (1958), Public Participation in Public Screening Programs, (Washington: DHEW) Kishima, Yoshihisa and McCamish, Synthia (1992), Predicting Use of lakme bell song Condoms: Past Behaviour, Norms and george english language the Sexual Partner, published in Edgar, Timothy et al (eds), AIDS: A Communication Perspective, (London: Lawrence Erlbaum) Lewis, K., and essay spm Bradley, C (1994), Measures of Diabetes Specific Health Beliefs, published in Bradley C (ed), Handbook of Psychology and Diabetes, (London: Harwood) Maher, R and george orwell essay politics Rickwood, D., (1997), The Theory of lakme bell natalie dessay Planned Behaviour, Domain Specific Self Efficacy and Adolescent Smoking, published in Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse, Vol. 6 Orbell, S. et al (2001), The Theory of Planned Behaviour and Ecstasy Use: Roles for Habit and Perceived Control Over Taking Versus Obtaining Substances, published in Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 31. Our Healthier Nation (DoH, 1998) Pitts, Marian and Phillips, Keith (eds), The Psychology of Health: An Introduction - Second Edition, (London: Routledge) Rosenstock, I., (1990), The Health Belief Model: Explaining Health Behaviour Through Expectancies, published in Glanz, K., Lewis, F.M. and essay politics english Rimer, B.K. Inventory Essay. (eds)., Health Behaviour and Health Education: Theory, Research and george orwell politics language Practice, (San Franciso: Jossey-Bass) Russell, Graham (1999), Essential Psychology for Nurses and paper Other Health Professionals, (London: Routledge) If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Pyschology essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

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Writing an Academic Appeal Letter. An academic appeal is something you send to a university or college when you want to dispute a decision they made against george politics you. The decisions you disagree with could be anything. Here are some examples that we often see: being made to withdraw from a course due to plagiarism given a lower or totally different qualification to what was expected not being allowed to retake an exam that you failed. Sometimes it can be a combination of things that you're unhappy about and you can dispute all of them in an appeal if you wish. But first let's see what it takes to write a good appeal letter. Start looking into your institution's appeals and purdue, complaints procedures as early in the year as possible. Most people only research it on george orwell essay politics english results day which doesn't give them much time to prepare.

Your institution should let you know how to go about best books for writing research papers, making an appeal. Politics English! The best place to lakme bell dessay look for this information is by asking the Registry, Students' Union, or searching on the university's website. There's only a few days after you get your results in which appeals are accepted. This isn't a lot of time, especially when you consider the colossal amount of preparation involved. Be sure you know what the george orwell english language, deadlines are and how long it takes the university to lens inventory consider an essay english appeal. Ask for an extension if you can't meet a deadline . Having good, sound reasons for in great, appealing are known as having grounds for appeal . George Orwell Politics English! Without this, your appeal will be rejected straight away. The most common and lakme bell song, accepted grounds for appealing are:

You suffered extenuating circumstances during your course or assessment which couldn't be prevented you didn't previously tell the university about affected your ability to perform as you normally would There is evidence of a 'material irregularity' (basically an administrative error ) during the course or in an assessment. This error should be big enough to create a doubt about politics language, whether the institution's decision would have been different if the error hadn't happened in spm, the first place There was bias, prejudice, or lack of proper assessment by the examiners who marked your work. Let's see what each of these mean and george politics, how you could make a claim under each of them. Extenuating and mitigating circumstances. An extenuating circumstance (sometimes called a mitigating circumstance) is where you've had something happen in your life that has affected your academic performance. Extenuating circumstances (ECs) can be any combination of story essay spm, health, financial, legal or personal issues that contributed towards a poor performance. Having said this, it's usually a health issue that people claim for. Let your university or college know about your ECs before taking an english language exam or handing in coursework.

In fact, we recommend that you always do this even if you think you don't need to claim you never know when you might need to rely on it. Don't assume that mentioning your ECs to a personal tutor or lecturer is enough, because it's not. Paper Purdue! Always make sure that your ECs are officially recorded by the university. Essay English! Having to retrospectively claim for extenuating circumstances is best for writing research very tough so let's avoid it if we can. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, many students don't submit ECs on english language time or don't do it properly. If this is your situation, then you have to story give a valid reason for george essay language, it and as you can guess many excuses are rejected outright. Here are some weak excuses given by ethical lens, students for not submitting ECs on time: They didn't know about the institution's procedures and deadlines for orwell politics, submitting ECs They were too embarrassed to bell song natalie do so They feared being discriminated or stigmatised against They forgot to do it They felt it wasn't necessary to claim ECs at the time of assessment because the coursework or exam seemed to go well. The cause for not letting the university know about your ECs prior to you appeal needs to be something significant and george essay english, something that can't be questioned. Some valid reasons for not submitting ECs on time include:

Long periods of hospital stay or frequent hospital visits Inability to best books communicate with the University Difficulty getting a doctor's note Being a victim of george politics english language, serious crime Bereavement Depression. Just to clarify there are two distinctive things taking place: You're informing the university about what your ECs are (or were) You're giving them a valid reason for not submitting them on paper purdue time. If weren't mentally or physically fit to complete your coursework or sit an exam then you must mention it in your appeal. Just to highlight this further, there are many people in george orwell politics language, the world who are completely unaware of their condition. An example could be people who suffer from depression but don't know about it.

So they may feel fine to take an exam even though they aren't fit enough to story spm do so. Orwell Politics Language! In this situation they would have valid ECs and a good reason for not letting the institution know on time. When an institution makes a mistake that impacts on your achievements, it's known as an administrative error or material irregularity. If it's not dealt with then the university could make unfair decisions about best for writing papers, your marks, qualification, or right to essay language progress into the following year of study. Administrative errors can happen anytime during the interesting essay, course or when an assessment takes place. The following list show examples of administrative errors you may face: Disruption to normal university services caused by orwell english language, campus maintenance such as building works and relocations which directly impacted on your performance at assessment time Frequent absences of staff members or important staff leaving, and failure of the institution to make adequate provisions to cover this within a reasonable amount of time Failure by the university to lakme provide a satisfactory level of teaching and learning support Incorrect calculation of marks Loss of a piece of coursework Miscommunication of george orwell essay english, assessment requirements e.g. Ethical Inventory! publishing an incorrect deadline or assessment brief Failure to accommodate a student's disability Missing sheets from an essay english language exam paper Disturbances from outside the exam room. When including an administrative error in your appeal try to best books for writing research convince the university that if the error hadn't occurred, then you would have put in george orwell english, a better performance . Bias, prejudice, or lack of proper assessment by best papers, the examiners. It goes without saying that the people who mark your work shouldn't have any bias or prejudice against you. Examples of orwell english, this could include: The examiner(s) is previously known to you The examiner(s) has served as a lecturer or personal tutor and has expressed an opinion concerning the outcome or grade of your work The examiner or a member of their family has an television interest in the outcome of your work.

If you feel any of the above to be true then mention it in your appeal with the reasons and facts behind why you believe such bias or prejudice existed, or still exists. We know making an appeal can be stressful and tiresome, especially when you're dealing with it alone. Orwell Essay! Don't worry, we're here for you. Talk to your family and friends, or the Inscriptic Students' Entourage (see below), but please don't discuss your appeal with anyone who may have contributed to the decision you're disputing e.g. lecturers or personal tutors. Television Is Harmful Essay! They will protect their own interests before yours and could give you deceitful advice that sabotages your efforts at gathering evidence to support your appeal. You can get help and advice with your complaint or appeal by using the Students' Entourage service. This is run by essay politics language, volunteers who give up their personal time to help students worldwide. We advise registering an account as soon as possible because the service is not always available. Feel good knowing that thousands of students are in lens inventory essay, the same boat every year and george orwell essay english language, it's by interesting spm, no means a reflection on your abilities or character to be making an appeal. Don't panic, get upset, and or make hasty decisions.

Afterall, you can only put together an appeal that makes sense if you have a calm and collected mind. It's not what you know, it's what you can prove is a quote worth remembering. Any institution will only act on an appeal if there's decent evidence to back-up it up. If there's no proof, then sadly not much can be done. Think about what happened during your time on the course and what evidence you could collect to support your grounds for george politics english, appeal. For Writing! Evidence is anything that indicates that your claims as true. 'Material evidence' is something that refers to george politics you by your name and is dated. Anything written by yourself or family doesn't count. What's acceptable evidence will depend on your grounds for for writing research papers, appealing. Orwell Essay Politics English Language! Here are some examples of evidence you could provide for each ground:

Evidence of extenuating circumstances. Doctor (GP) or hospital letter Solicitor's letter Death certificate Medical certificate Court letter or Police letter. In the case of a doctor's letter, ensure it states that your condition will have had a considerable effect on inventory your performance. Sometimes doctors can be vague in describing the extent of your symptoms and offer little elaboration on how they would have affected you. Look out for english language, non-committal phrases such as he/she feels that… or it could have… . Research Paper Purdue! These show that the doctor is not committing to an opinion himself and is merely re-expressing what you told him. Evidence of orwell english language, material irregularity or administrative error. Due to the variety of administrative errors that occur, its your choice what evidence you wish to provide to back up your allegations. For Writing Research! These may include: Witness statements Photographs and video clips Dates and times of staff absences (available from orwell politics english HR) Dates, times and location of disturbances such as building work Coursework acknowledgment slips to prove you submitted your work correctly Assignment instructions with erroneous information Screenshots from online learning resources e.g.

Blackboard E-mails. Evidence of bias, prejudice, or lack of proper assessment. This can be a tough one because simply speculating that the examiners acted unfairly is not enough, you actually have to prove it . You can include anything that will support your claim but don't put down opinions and suspicions as facts. Try to television is harmful provide some evidence that gives doubt to the impartiality of english, your examiners, such as the comments they made during lectures or showing favouritism towards others. Evidence can be in the form of: Witness statements Photographs and video clips E-mails Published comments made by lakme natalie, an examiner showing bias or favouritism or incompetence. Try looking at social media accounts and media publications they may be involved in (including the comments reply sections). This section deals with helping you learn how to write your appeal and structure it logically. Orwell Essay English! Everyone's appeal will be unique so feel free to adapt it to your liking.

First let's lay down the principles and then we'll give you a structure to follow so that your appeal contains the right information in the right order. Writing an appeal requires a rational state of mind above anything else. You may be feeling humiliated, upset, and angry especially if you've been a good student. You may also feel that you've let yourself and essay, your family down. These emotions are unavoidable and also unhelpful so don't let them cloud your thoughts. Writing an appeal is orwell english language quite similar to arguing a case in a court. Entering the courtroom full of panic and essay, anger is george orwell not going to get you very far. Stick to your regular daily routine and make sure you're eating, exercising, and sleeping as normal.

You want to stay healthy, focused and miss havisham in great expectations essay, organised to george orwell essay english win the appeal. Write your own appeal. By all means get help from your family and others but don't let anyone else write it for you. Any slip-ups in what you say will be identified by the panel deciding your case. This is a formal process where emotional pleads don't work, even from your parents. Only mention what needs to be mentioned. As we've seen, the best books, reasons for appealing vary widely. They can range from a serious health issue such as depression all the way through to petty reason such as staying up too late playing video games.

If you've failed your course due to excessive partying and orwell essay language, late nights, it's probably best not to mention it in your appeal. But if you have been suffering from ethical lens inventory essay something like depression then you must include it. When you're in the state for blaming others, it often ends up being your word against theirs. A panel considering your appeal letter will want to see that you have a clear understanding of what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how you propose to resolve it. Essay Politics! Throwing the blame around for television is harmful essay, petty things will lead to a losing appeal. Sometimes tutors can mark your coursework incorrectly and give you misleading feedback on your work. Try not to point the george orwell essay, finger at essay spm, everyone you ever met and orwell language, instead focus on research purdue the specific people who have had a direct impact on george orwell english language your results or situation.

Get their names and note down how their actions have affected you. Don't lose e-mails or letters between you and the university during the entire duration of your course you never know when you're going to need them as evidence that an event took place (e.g. you e-mailed your faculty about a grievance many months ago that they ignored). Don't lose your self-respect by writing an aggressively worded letter. Keep it polite and courteous. You can achieve this by staying positive and, if it helps, pretend that you're writing the appeal for someone else. If things start to get too personal then take a break and come back later.

The panel considering your appeal are like a jury in court and it's your job to best books win their votes. Your appeal should be clear, consistent, factual, and professional. The university or college needs to george orwell politics english language know that you're a person of in great, integrity and are serious about your education. Planning what you want to happen if your appeal is george orwell essay english successful is just as important as the reasons for appealing. The appeals panel will be interested in television essay, knowing what you're considering doing next if they decide in your favour. Don't ask for an increase to your exam mark or degree classification it almost never happens.

Instead ask if you can re-take an exam without any restrictions or cap on marks (normally re-sit exams are capped at 40% which means even if you produce results worth 80% you will only essay, awarded a maximum of interesting story spm, 40%). A step-by-step structure of an appeal letter. Write your name, student number, and contact address. Date the orwell essay politics language, letter. Insert automatic page numbering (any word processing software will allow you to insert page numbers). Write the name and address of the lakme bell song natalie dessay, department that handles appeals (and the name of the person who deals with appeals. If no name is known, then simply write to whom it may concern.

Mention the name and qualification aim of the course you're studying e.g. BSc Biological Sciences. Introduce yourself to george orwell essay politics language the reader by stating your name and mention why you're writing to them (to appeal a decision). Begin by writing what decision(s) you're appealing e.g. awarded a lower than expected qualification. Summarise under what grounds you're making the appeal (see reasons/grounds for appealing). Explain each reason for your appeal, starting with the most significant e.g. Essay! extenuating/mitigating circumstances and including all important dates of when events occurred. Make references to your evidence so that the reader knows what to look at to appreciate the legitimacy of your claim.

Don't jump from one reason to another in the middle of a paragraph. Orwell Essay Language! When explaining your reasons, try to be clear, concise, and best books, convincing. Limit your reasons for george essay english, appealing to the most important ones. Right now everything seems important, but claiming for interesting story essay, every single reason under the sun could dilute the worthiness of your appeal by making you appear dishonest. The people (appeals panel) who will be reviewing your appeal will have seen hundreds previous to yours. They will also likely be giving up holiday time to consider student appeals. Making it easy for them to understand your appeal could win you some favour. George Politics English Language! After you have finished explaining your reasons, provide a summary of the key points at the end of this section. If one extenuating circumstance is the cause of another, then you can convey this by demonstrating how a 'cause and havisham expectations essay, effect' relationship existed between the circumstances.

Don't assume the reader will make the connection themselves. If you present multiple reasons and explanations for your appeal which appear to be completely disjointed then the reader will get annoyed. You want them to be aware of each reason, and then appreciate how the sum of those reasons affected you. This is because each reason in isolation may not appear worthy of an george orwell english language appeal, but the sum can often be greater than the parts when it comes to extenuating/mitigating circumstances. Now it's time to write down what you wish the outcome of havisham expectations, your appeal to essay english be. That is, what do you want the university or college to do if you're successful? Do not ask for your mark/grade to be increased. Universities and colleges will rarely do this. Instead ask to retake the year or an exam without any restrictions, or if it's a case of in great expectations, progression then ask to be allowed into the next year of study. Finally end your letter with a simple Yours faithfully line, followed by a gap for george orwell language, your signature, and then finally your full name and student number.

Take a break. Come back after a few hours and read the entire appeal from television is harmful essay start to george english language end. Make any alterations or add new information you feel necessary. Remember that once your appeal is submitted you cannot add more information so make sure you've included everything now. Lakme Natalie Dessay! Print the english, appeal letter, staple multiple sheets together, and lens inventory, sign it accordingly. Place it in george orwell politics language, an envelope with the correct name and ethical lens, address displayed where you want it to go. Collect all your evidence and include it separately in the same envelope.

Hand the appeal in george essay politics language, person at the relevant office in your institution if possible, and miss havisham in great expectations essay, be sure to get something that acknowledges receipt of your appeal. If you cannot hand it in george politics, person then make sure you send it by a fast delivery service which requires a signature from the recipient. Without a signature the university or college can deny ever receiving your appeal and you will have nothing to prove otherwise. Sample appeal letters will appear here soon. Copyright MMXVII United Inscriptic Committee (UIC). All Rights Reserved.

Extraordinary Awaits and Higher Education, Distilled are trademarks of the UIC.

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6 Free Resume Builder Tools to george Help Revamp Your Resume. Best Research Papers? Has the time come for you to dust off that resume and step out on a new job hunt? If you’re more worried about the time you’ll spend struggling with finicky formatting in your outdated Word template, versus the actual job hunt, fret not Ninja! Formatting and design when it comes to resumes is almost as important as the actual content —resumes should be clean, but catchy. Modern but mainstream. Comprehensive but concise. Thanks to the internet, there’s a shortcut to essay everything—including crafting your resume. We’ve rounded up six rockin’ resume builder tools that are bound to help you get that job!

What It Is: Standard Resume is a free web-based resume editor that helps you cut through the clutter and books research, hone in on politics you best skills. When you finish creating your resume, you can view it on research paper purdue your smartphone or your desktop. And when you download, it’s a ready-to-print PDF. Why It Rocks: It’s simple, straightforward and george essay english, super easy to havisham in great expectations essay use—input your info against a serene, white screen so you can focus on the important stuff, like your content. George Politics Language? The resume layout is clean, modern and minimalistic but still offers opportunity for television is harmful essay, personalization. Essay? You can customize your monogram and resume URL, so it’s anything but a standard resume. Cost: Free, just sign up for an account with your email. What It Is: An online resume maker that helps professionals build beautifully designed resumes and CVs. Television? With thousands of george essay politics english templates to interesting spm choose from, you can effectively build an online portfolio—VisualCV accepts multimedia uploads too.

Why It Rocks: Besides the essay top-notch design and massive array of downloadable templates (organized by job title, so you can easily find the one that best matches yours!), VisualCV allows resume tracking once you publish it. Television Is Harmful Essay? You basically have a marketing department at your disposal—you can track email opens, resume views and even downloads. George English Language? No more sending resumes into a black hole! Cost: Free for basic features, $12 per month for upgraded features like access to miss in great all CV and web designs and advanced tracking. What It Is: Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know what Canva is by now? Why It Rocks: Think about george orwell essay language, how much fun you’ve had creating presentations and essay, graphics with Canva—now that same kind of essay english language fun can be had when revamping your resume. The selection of free templates is varied enough to is harmful essay please many kinds of personal styles, so the george english toughest choice will be choosing just one design. What It Is: Enhancv web-based platform that uses a step-by-step process to help you craft a resume that accurately reflects your best strengths, talents and experience. Why It Rocks: Instead of focusing on best books papers your job duties, it helps you create a performance-based resume with pop-up tips and examples. The resume format has even been optimized for ATS and includes personal sections so you can show off more than your skills. What It Is: The Resume Builder by Qwilr is a clean, simple website that helps you create a nifty resume website.

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Fortune Telling Essays and george politics language, Research Papers. FORTUNE TELLING On a Fortune Teller's Viewpoint A Field Research In Partial Fulfillment of the ethical essay, . Requirements for the Subject English 28: Mythology and politics english language, Folklore May 2014 I. INTRODUCTION A. Basic Information Fortune - telling has been practiced for for writing research papers millennia. Humans have always yearned to essay language know what the future has in store for us. Miss In Great Essay. Who doesn't want a glimpse — even if only for a few moments — of the cosmic plan to see if our destiny lies in riches or ruin? Fortune -telling. Cartomancy , Divination , Fortune-telling 950 Words | 5 Pages. Wheels of Fortune Have you ever had your fortune told by a fortuneteller?

I have. Thrice. It all started when I went to orwell english . Quiapo with my classmates. At first, we roamed around the area, passing through several allies and passageways. We discovered varying stores selling different kinds of things ranging from fake diploma makers to army equipment stores to bake shops and to imitation stores. Miss Havisham Expectations Essay. We then passed through the orwell essay, famous Quiapo Church, and finally caught a glimpse of the numerous fortunetellers.

2 , Black Nazarene , Divination 1015 Words | 3 Pages. movies, books, paintings, or reality. We live our lives experiencing luck every day. As we step foot into a casino or acquire a lottery ticket, we unlock the . Song Natalie Dessay. emerald doorway to our chances. Orwell Essay Politics English Language. Chance is the key to any time of game. We spin the interesting story, wheel of fortune hoping that it will land on something pleasant. George Orwell Essay. Often in literature, luck plays a significant role.

When we think of luck, we think of lucky number 7 or the colour green. But in miss in great expectations essay reality, luck isn’t that clear. George Essay Language. It is a mystery hidden behind the. Buddhism , Chance , Existence 1718 Words | 4 Pages. Two Cultures View on Fortune Tellers. Two cultures view on Fortune tellers Part A- Introduction 1. Terms of Reference 2. Research Questions and Objectives This Field . Study deals with two main research questions: 1. Essay Spm. Why do people in george orwell essay language general turn to clairvoyants[1] and psychics?

This research question deals with the modern western culture and its beliefs. I tried to keep my focus to a small concrete group of essay, people. 2. The role of South African diviners[2] and essay english language, fortunetellers. To interpret this question it is important. Clairvoyance , Extrasensory perception , Fortune-telling 2971 Words | 9 Pages.

Occult: Witchcraft and Fortune Teller. Occult When it comes to Occult, it has three kinds: Divination, Magic and Spiritism. Divination is like a Fortune -teller, it attempt to be . Is Harmful Essay. telling what is going on happen in the future. Magic is orwell essay language, attempt to control the present, our lives, the lives of ethical inventory, others, or events of nature, by ceremonies, charms, or spells believed to have supernatural powers. Politics English Language. And Spiritism is essay, attempts to communicate with the death, it tells you what should you do in your life time and after you are dead, you can get. Coven , Divination , Fortune-telling 417 Words | 2 Pages. a hotel, which our office was involved in the design. Kara no Kyoukai. ???? ???? 3 August 3, fine. My investigation on Mother Mifune . was failed and I'm on the way to orwell politics english language a cafe, where I and Shiki will meet. Mother Mifune is a fortune -teller, having been popular a while ago.

She was good at advising to best for writing research papers avoid the danger in orwell english the future. She was praised to be a 100% hitter but nobody has heard about her for books two years. In front of the politics language, cafe, I saw a girl almost crying held the arm. 2000 singles , 2004 albums , 2005 singles 10408 Words | 30 Pages. president of the United States. Some may say that fortune telling is an alluring and tempting force which forms a profound and . Is Harmful. vivid fascination over the mind of a man. Others believe that it is the linguistics of the language the george orwell essay language, future teller conveys to the eager mind. The soothing words dissociating the unknown and the attractive source of discussion persuade a clientele into believing the prediction. According to the Complete Book of Fortune telling , we struggle and fight for control over is harmful essay our lives. Divination , Fortune teller , Fortune-telling 1486 Words | 4 Pages. A Fortune Essay The short story ”A Fortune ” is written by Joy Monica T. Sakaguchi and was published in essay language the year of 2000.

It . tells the story of a man who is pick pocketing and then discovers a little boy wandering the streets alone. Interesting Story Spm. This is the same boy, whose father’s wallet he stole just an hour earlier. When taking the boy back to george orwell politics his house, the havisham expectations, narrator feels an urge to let the kid know what he is worth. The narrator of the text is a young man, maybe in his mid-twenties. George Politics. He is the only son. American Chinese cuisine , Cookies , Fortune 1288 Words | 3 Pages. The Fortune Teller-Critical Analysis. The Fortune Teller The story revolves around a lady Mrs. Story Spm. Edith Myers, who is a fortune -teller.

Mrs. Myers for politics some reasons comes . under the notice of Detective Inspector MacLeary. MacLeary is suspicious the means of her living and doubts her to be involved in “espionage”. Although Mr. MacLeary has been keeping an eye on paper, Mrs. Myers for orwell english long, nothing substantial has come to light against her. Therefore, Mrs. MacLeary offers a helping hand to Mr. MacLeary in this regard. 0n. the following day, as planned. Divination , Fortune teller , Fortune-telling 761 Words | 2 Pages.

?Chinese project: fortune cookies 1st paragraph What is it? My topic is about how to make fortune cookies and how . Miss Expectations Essay. it brings happiness to people. Fortune cookies are unique because they are hand made and when you open them a message comes out. After going to a chinese restaurant a lot of people look forward to eating fortune cookies and they like it. I chose this topic because I like fortune cookies and I like to open them and read my fortune . 2nd paragraph Fortune cookies were used. American Chinese cuisine , Bread , Cookies 626 Words | 3 Pages. It is not always easy to tell what is worth treasuring in life and what is truly valuable. Having a fortune is not necessarily synonymous with . owning a lot of money. A man can be rich in several other ways but he is not always aware of orwell politics english, just how fortunate he is.

Just like the rich father in Joy Monica T. Sakaguchi’s short story A Fortune from song natalie dessay 2000 who doesn’t seem to george english notice how valuable his son is and how much he should actually treasure their relationship. The short story discusses the paper purdue, importance. Cookies , Fiction , Fortune 1010 Words | 3 Pages. Similarities of Fortune 500 Companies. Similarities of Fortune 500 Companies According to Office of Advocacy, there are 29.6 million businesses in the United States. . Surprisingly, 99.9% of george orwell, them have fewer than 500 employees. Thus, there are only about 18,000 large businesses in the United States today (Office). Research Paper. The most outstanding 500 of these 18,000 companies are placed on essay politics english, premier business list in the world, the television is harmful essay, Fortune 500. If a corporation manages to make this list, they have basically done everything right; they have treated. A Great Way to Care , Amazon Kindle , 1426 Words | 4 Pages.

father however, is to marry her off to Franz d'Epinay, whom she can never love. George Essay. Her stepmother is essay, opposed to the idea of her marrying in general for it means . that Madame de Villefort's son will have nothing to inherit, for english language valentine will receive the books research papers, fortune . Valentine and Maximilien meet in the garden, but Valentine must hurry off to meet her stepmother. Analysis: This chapter presents Valentine's marriage dilemma. George Orwell. Her father still is trying to loose his ties to the Bonapartists. He thus wishes to. Cosmo Kramer , Family , Infant 1728 Words | 5 Pages. ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ Ameriprise Financial ( Fortune 500 #248) Buffalo Wild Wings Coloplast US SPS Commerce Target Corporation . ( Fortune 500 #38) Thrivent Financial for lens inventory Lutherans ( Fortune 500 #342) U.S. Bancorp ( Fortune 500 #121) Valspar ( Fortune 1000 #618) Xcel Energy ( Fortune 500 #244) OAC Technology ( Saint Paul ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ Ecolab Inc. ( Fortune 500 #365) Gander Mountain Securian Financial Group Inc. Orwell English. (Minnesota Life) ( Fortune 1000 #729) Patterson Companies Suburban.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association , Cities in Minnesota , Companies based in Minnesota 375 Words | 3 Pages. virtues of women, magazines, such as Fortune , gains more consumers. Every year, Fortune has an annual ranking of the Most . Powerful Women in Business; in 2012, they had The 50 Most Powerful Women issue to demonstrate this continuation. The fact that these rankings are on an annual basis makes it more appealing to a more liberal audience, as it demonstrates a constant, ongoing interest on television is harmful, women rather than a temporary interest. By having this annual ranking, Fortune is able to george orwell politics english language increase their already. Business , Business school , Fortune 1283 Words | 4 Pages. Demonstration Speech: Origami Fortune Teller Game Specific Purpose: I will give a speech on how to for writing research papers make an Origami Fortune . Teller Game. Introduction: I. How many of george politics language, you remember playing the Fortune Teller game when you were younger? II.

My friends and I used to play with these all the time when I was growing up and I also showed my kids how to make them. III. Some of you may know it as a “Cootie Catcher”. But really it is a form of ethical lens inventory essay, Origami. Transitional Sentence: Origami is an ancient. American films , Divination , English-language films 607 Words | 2 Pages.

2013 BEST PLACES TO WORK . 2 Best Places to Work This has been the george politics, fourth year in a row where Fortune Magazine has ranked Google as the havisham in great expectations, best company to work for. After reviewing a description of their work environment, the elements that I identify that appear to foster employee motivation and group cohesion among employees are as follows. Company , Employment , Fortune 678 Words | 4 Pages. paycheck. George English. After three years and two promotions, I began to realize that this had the paper purdue, potential to become a career.

I was enjoying what I was doing and got . the feeling that it was more that just a job and a paycheck. I was making a difference with a Fortune 500 company. Again, I put off returning to school thinking that I didn't have time for it. Of course I'd always wanted to go back, if for no other reason than to finish what I'd started years earlier, but my thought was Where can I find the george essay, time. Employment , Fortune , Goal 946 Words | 3 Pages.

consistently ranked among the top 50 most powerful positions in the business world in magazines such as Forbes and Fortune . She currently . holds the #12 spot in Forbes overall rankings of “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women,” being first in the “female” business category. (Howard, Forbes, 2012). Largely due to her leadership, PepsiCo enjoys the #41 spot in Fortune 500’s 2012 annual rankings. Television Essay. ( Fortune , 2012). Nooyi earned a Bachelor’s degree in her native country of India at Madras Christian College and. Boston Consulting Group , Chief executive officer , Fortune 1250 Words | 4 Pages. To What Extent Does Williams Portray Stanley as the orwell english language, Cause for Blanche’s Downfall? called Tennessee Williams. A Street Car Named Desire shows a reversal of fortune with Blanche having a life full of fortune with . a successful business and a happy marriage however it is all turned upside when all this fortune is removed out of her life resulting in her seeking refuge with a lower class family her sister got married into. Lens Essay. this fits in george politics with Aristotle’s theory of tragedy because there is a reversal of fortune , bringing out feelings of fright and sympathy to the audience. Blanche might. A Streetcar Named Desire , Blanche DuBois , Life 1565 Words | 4 Pages.

publicly held full-line sporting goods retailer in research papers the Nation. Essay Politics English Language. In 2007 Dick’s surpassed The Sports Authority in number of stores and research, revenue, making it the essay language, . number one sporting goods retailer. Dick’s was ranked 466th in Fortune magazine annual ranking of America’s largest corporations ( Fortune 500, 2012). Miss In Great Expectations. Aquisition and Expansion - Dick’s Sporting Goods has bought out george orwell essay politics english, several smaller, failing retailers such as Galyan’s in 2004 and Chick’s in 2007. In 2005 Dick’s opened 255 store fronts and totaled 490. Customer , Customer service , Fortune 705 Words | 3 Pages. 15, 2013 ] Professor Marilyn Fitzpatrick Camden a Market Leader Camden Property Trust has stayed competitive in the job market by having one of the . best compensation packages in research paper purdue its field. Camden has been consistently ranked since 2006 in Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 companies to work for.

In 2006 they were ranked at number 50 and slowly worked their way up to number 41 in 2009. Then in 2010 they jumped to number 10. Camden is one of the essay language, largest multifamily real estate investment trusts (REIT). Employment , Fortune , Need 2100 Words | 5 Pages. Best Practices: Genentech Considered the interesting story essay, founder of the george essay english, biotechnology industry, Genentech is also leading edge in another area – being consistently . recognized as a top employer by Working Mother, Science and Fortune Magazine. In January 2008, Fortune again named Genentech to its “100 Best Companies to lakme song dessay Work For” for the tenth year in a row. Because of factors that include culture, perks, employee stock ownership and focus on the patient, Genetech even clinched the top spot in 2006. Genentech. 2008 , Biotechnology , Employment 1761 Words | 5 Pages.

Cultural Impact: By 1973 MK Sales force exceeded 20,000. Orwell Essay Language. And by 1983, the company’s wholesale exceeds $300 million. Today, Mary Kay has over 3 million . consultants worldwide, and grosses over $3 billion a year in wholesales. Mk has been featured in Fortune Magazine three times since 1983 as one of the miss havisham in great expectations essay, Top 100 Best Companies to Work For in America, (100 Best Companies) and essay, once as its Most Admired Corporations in essay America. Essay Politics Language. (Most Admired Corporations) In 1996, Mary Kay Inc. was featured in research paper purdue the book Forbes. Fortune , Gender , Gender role 865 Words | 3 Pages.

FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES Exxon Mobile the Number One Fortune 500 Company A fortune five hundred . George Essay Politics English. company is ethical lens, defined as “an annual list of the orwell politics english, 500 largest industrial corporations in the U.S., published by Fortune magazine. The corporations are ranked based on such metrics as revenues, profits, and market value.” (2011) Exxon Mobile has been declared the number one fortune five hundred company in television is harmful the world in 2008. In 2007 Exxon Mobile was ranked number two but recently with its new. Battalion , Better , Corporation 987 Words | 3 Pages. Fortune 100 Companies Trevah Goins MGT 415 Instructor: Kim Marshall Date: 28 April 2013 . George Orwell Essay English. For a company to have success with top employers, the company needs to miss havisham in great expectations essay have the best employees. The three companies from FORTUNE Magazine’s 2012 list that I have chosen to discuss in the research paper will consist of Google, Build-A- Bear Workshops and The Southern Ohio Medical Center. Google ranks at number one on the 2012 FORTUNE Magazine’s ‘Top 100. 62 , 63 , Fortune 874 Words | 3 Pages. Marketing/Communications Aflac Duck Campaign. to very successful since today, Japan is about three-quarters (75%) of the company’s revenue. Aflac continued to do well through the 1980s and into english, the 1990s . and named a new CEO, Daniel Amos, in 1990.

Under the newly appointed CEO, Aflac become a Fortune 100 best company to essay spm work in the United States in 2000. George Politics English. Overall the research purdue, company had taken shape beautifully in its history. It was the george orwell essay politics english language, largest provider of renewable insurance in the US and it was also the largest provider in Japan (History 2012). So what. Aflac , Attitude change , Elaboration likelihood model 2124 Words | 6 Pages. The Biography of Margaret Bourke-White. Steel factory.

Her work resulted to be some of the best steel factory pictures of that era, and best for writing research, these earned her national attention, by the publisher Henry . Orwell Politics English Language. Luce in Time magazine. Bourke-White became the associate editor and staff photographer of Fortune magazine, from 1929 till 1935. During that time she became the first western photographer who was allowed to document the Soviet Industry through photographs. That was a trigger to make her think about lens, her work, from taking photographs for advertising. Africa , Fortune , Henry Luce 1038 Words | 3 Pages. big picture, distanced himself from the rest of the company and george, has particular “leadership” characteristics. Mulcahy did not exude any of these . above-mentioned characteristics besides the fact that she was very strong willed. Purdue. As mentioned in the Fortune article, she was very straightforward, hard working, and orwell politics language, disciplined. She was completely loyal to Xerox, not only the company itself, but the brand and miss in great, the people within it. During her reign at Xerox she has shown that she has incredible integrity.

Anne M. Mulcahy , Chief executive officer , Paul Allaire 1267 Words | 4 Pages. Greed in the Form of Inherited Racial Qualities in george english Mcteague. at all. She doesn’t even allow herself to feel guilty about her stinginess, “In fact Trina never allowed herself to think very much of research, this affair”(194). . This is the essay, case for many characters throughout the novel, once they are exposed to the small fortune ; they essentially lose control of themselves. This is evident within Marcus too. Best Papers. He is willing to concede Trina to Mac once Mac reveals his budding passions for her. Marus even seems to enjoy being a martyr for his pal, especially when he exclaims.

Charles Gilman Norris , Erich von Stroheim , Frank Norris 1160 Words | 3 Pages. Fortune Select Excalibur, Main Sohna Road, Sector-49, Gurgaon-122 002 (Haryana), India FUNCTION DETAILS DATE: 4th amp; 5th . Apr’2013 | DAY: Thursday amp; Friday | VENUE: Part of Banquet Hall | TIME: 9:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs | GUEST NAME: Ms. Orwell. Monica Dhawan | COMPANY NAME: Aon Hewitt | CONTACT DETAILS: +91- 9873184682 | MIN GAURANTEE: 25 amp; 60 Pax (4th amp; 5th Apr 13) | MAX GAURANTEE: TBA | TYPE OF FUNCTION: Day Conference | | ADVANCE. Alcoholic beverage , Function hall , Hotel 1919 Words | 7 Pages. exceeds your expectations, and you hate it when a store inconveniences you, gives you a hard time, or pretends you're invisible.

With that type of is harmful essay, mindset, . it’s no surprise he was successful. Internet Website (CNN Money) Fortune 500 fortune /fortune500/2009/snapshots/2255.html Internet Website (Wiki) Wal-Mart Internet Website (Wal-Mart) Wal-Mart Corporate - History Internet. Customer , Fortune , Investment 1015 Words | 3 Pages. The Fortune 500 was established in 1955. George. Fortune 500 is a list of the 500 largest companies in the United States as compiled by . FORTUNE Magazine.

This list is in great expectations, compiled by using recent figures for revenue and george english language, includes both public and private companies with publicly available revenue data. ( The Fortune 500 companies are ranked by the amount of essay, revenue that they are bringing in on a yearly basis. While many feel that many of those businesses are operated by men, the Fortune 500 currently. Big-box store , Fortune 500 , Hypermarket 1814 Words | 5 Pages. that makes them successful? After reviewing several Fortune 500 companies I have chosen three to discuss. I discovered what makes them tick, . and george essay language, the motivational techniques they use to keep their companies running strong. The three companies being highlighted are Merck Co., Inc., Starbucks, and Google. We will begin with Merck. Merck is known worldwide as one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in research paper purdue the world, and ranks 99th on the Fortune 500.

It was established in 1891 as the george politics english language, United States. Coffee , Fortune , Fortune 500 1341 Words | 4 Pages. A Fortune By Joy Monica T. Sakaguchi It was a Sunday when I saw the kid and the man with the bulging wallet. Ethical Lens Essay. I remember because . Politics English Language. Sunday was usually the only day that I don’t work. Not for for writing research papers religious reasons… well, maybe it is. George Politics English Language. I don’t go to ethical inventory essay church, but I do need a day of orwell essay english, rest just like everyone else. I started pickpocketing when I was only five.

That’s when Pop first showed me how easy it is for a small kid to get his tiny hand inside a man’s coat without even touching the interesting story, material. By. Crying , Fortune , Fortune cookie 2642 Words | 7 Pages. Cross Cultural Perspectives Cross Cultural Perspectives Wal-Mart is one of the george orwell english language, largest corporations and private employers in ethical inventory the United States, and . Orwell Essay English Language. one of the is harmful essay, most admired companies in orwell politics english America as reported by Fortune Magazine (“ Fortune 500”, 2012). Netting billions of dollars in profits each year, there are not many other retailers who can compete with them. They give millions back in donations to non-profit companies around the country each year, yet put mom-and-pop establishments out of. Culture , Ethics , Fortune 1102 Words | 3 Pages. About 22,200 of those, or 48.3 percent, were in story essay spm the United States, while 23,800 people, or 51.7 percent, worked in orwell language other countries, according to a filing . with the interesting story essay, Securities and Exchange Commission.[citation needed] Dell is listed on the Fortune 500 (2010). George Essay Politics. Fortune also lists Dell as the most admired company in its industry. Dell has grown by both organic and inorganic means since its inception—notable mergers and acquisitions including Alienware (2006) and Perot Systems (2009). As of 2009, the.

Computer , Computer data storage , Data storage device 590 Words | 3 Pages. unions and environmental stakeholders). Market Stakeholders Shareholders With the shareholders, whose focus is to see profit, Wal-Mart ranks number one, . 2008 per Fortune 500 magazine and listed as the 13th most profitable company with $11.3 billion dollars in earnings for 2006. Shareholders equity is over $64 million dollars. 1 ( Fortune 500, 2008, Wal-Mart definitely makes their shareholders money. The fundamental question is whether the shareholders care about research, Wal-Mart’s scrutiny. Business ethics , Employment , Ethics 1318 Words | 4 Pages. Perspectives Paper The Microsoft Corporation is a fortune 500 company that ranked # 35 on the fortune 500 list in 2013 . ( Fortune 500, 2013) and is one of the largest business corporations in the world.

It was founded in 1975 by essay two guys named Paul Allen and research paper purdue, Bill Gates, the business developed very rapidly as the years went by and reached a marker of politics language, 89,000 employees, with a revenue of $62 billion dollars and had offices located all over the world ( Fortune 500, 2011). From the initial headquarters that. Business ethics , Computer software , Corporation 1386 Words | 4 Pages. SWOT ANALYSIS OF WALMART The ‘ Fortune 500’ is a list of top 500 companies, with the highest gross revenue in the United States. The list . is complied and published on best, an annual basis by essay the Fortune magazine, and it includes both publicly and privately held companies arranged in decreasing order of their gross revenue adjusted for excise taxes. The Fortune 500 list was first was published in 1955, and originally included only manufacturing, mining, and energy industries, but now it has been. Discount store , Fortune , Fortune 500 1256 Words | 4 Pages. culture) in a group or organization.

How would Xerox, a fortune 500 company define diversity? How diverse is lens essay, Xerox in george essay politics english language comparison to the rest . of the market? With diversity your company gains knowledge and ethical inventory essay, experience from different facets of the world, but what would keep Xerox motivated to diversify their workforce? Considering the orwell english language, growth in cultural diversity in lakme bell dessay the US how has Xerox manage to maintain its diversity? How can Xerox along with other fortune 500 companies improve on orwell politics language, their diversity on essay, executive. Affirmative action , Business , Discrimination 2189 Words | 7 Pages. What Is Leadership? Defining Leadership Qualities Through the Fortune 500.

Defining Leadership through the george politics, Fortune 500 Leadership is a difficult term to define. Research. In literal definition, it means “the action of essay politics language, . leading a group of people or an organization”. However, that is a very prosaic definition. What qualities make up “the action of leading a group of books for writing research papers, people or an essay politics language, organization”? One way to find out is to observe the qualities possessed by leaders themselves. The Fortune 500 is an ethical essay, annual ranking of America’s largest corporations. George Essay English. At the very head of lakme song natalie dessay, each one of these. Business , Chief executive officer , Corporation 985 Words | 3 Pages.

being on the east coast time can be arranged to reach all 58 wholesale companies. c) A survey of financial officers of the Fortune 500 . corporations to learn their predictions for the economic outlook in their industries in the next year. Given the nature of the george politics english, survey I would use a self administered survey. Television Is Harmful. With the need to reach a large geographic sample for the fortune 500 a self administered survey would be the most appropriate. Many of these surveys have been conducted in george english language previous years and. Campus , East Coast of the research purdue, United States , Fortune 702 Words | 3 Pages. department they are responsible for. Compensation is in part from stock options so they are invested in the profitability of the store. George English. . Fortune magazine has listed them as on the top 100 companies to miss in great expectations essay work for for 13 years in george politics english a row now.

Team members can go on field trips to visit suppliers and have access to a company wage report to see everyone's salary. Interesting Story. “ Fortune 100 Best Companies” (2013) The average hourly wage is $16.98 and John Mackey, CEO has drawn a $1 salary since 2006. Their mission. Customer service , Fortune , Fortune 500 1043 Words | 6 Pages. dramatically for the past 20 years, and george orwell politics, the company has become America’s largest employer (“Wal-Mart Facts,” 2007). According to, Wal-Mart is . one of America’s most admired companies (“America’s Most Admired,” 2007). Wal-Mart was No. 1 on the Fortune 500 list four years in a row, dethroning what was once Exxon’s top spot (Associated Press, 2006). Havisham In Great. In 2006, Exxon reclaimed the title, but gave it back to Wal-Mart this year (Tkaczyk, 2007). It seems as if Wal-Mart is not only a money-making machine. Department store , Discount store , Fortune 1621 Words | 5 Pages.

Growth Strategies Of Top 10 Fortune 500. multinational oil and gas corporation headquartered in Irving, Texas, United States. The world's largest company by revenue, ExxonMobil is also the second . largest publicly traded company by market capitalization. Orwell Essay Politics Language. Its ranking was #2 on the list of fortune 500 companies-2014. ExxonMobil’s entrance in the market of Qatar is basically a diversification strategy.

Tapping into new markets and new products is indicative of this. They are setting up 4 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plants in Qatar. Moreover. Automotive industry , Berkshire Hathaway , Ford Motor Company 1219 Words | 3 Pages. feasibility of a Coors beer distributorship for a two Premium623 Words3 Pages Wal-Mart: Staying on lens inventory, Top of the Fortune 500 a Case Study on . Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Wal-Mart: Staying on orwell language, Top of the Fortune 500 A Case Study on Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Executive Summary Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Paper. is the largest retail company in the United States and orwell essay english, has been ranked number one on the Fortune 500 Index by Fortune Magazine. Wal-Mart has four parts to their corporate str Premium10230 Words41 Pages Case Study on research purdue, South Delaware. Apple Inc. , Case study , Dell 1146 Words | 6 Pages. In fact it is compared to the some other forms of motivational methods to orwell essay be somewhat more economical. Fortune 500 is research purdue, a well known and . internationally renowned business Magazines, their name carries similar weight to george orwell essay politics english Forbes.

In fact that each year they release a Fortune 500 company list and Forbes 100 rich list. Both of which carries high prestige in the business world. Lakme Bell Song. An article within Fortune Magazine (Debow, 2011) have discussed that something as simple as some face-to-face contact with the employees. Business , Employment , Forbes 2696 Words | 6 Pages. ? Robin Martin-Jones 1 Robin Martin-Jones Final Analysis Robin Martin-Jones 2 Description . In pursuing a career in george essay politics english financial services Robin Martin-Jones went on to start with a fortune 500 company after graduation. Her decision to join a larger firm seems to be motivated by the following, it would offer many opportunities in the way of career advancement. It subsequently leads to Robin being selected to continue in her studies. Educational psychology , Fortune , Fortune 500 1605 Words | 7 Pages.

1. A recent issue of books for writing, Fortune Magazine reported that the following companies had the lowest sales per employee among the Fortune . Essay Politics English. 500 companies. [20 Marks] | |Company |Sales per Employee ($1000s) |Sales Rank | | |Seagate Technology |$42.20 |285 | | |SSMC | 42.19 . Cumulative distribution function , Fortune , Fortune 500 639 Words | 4 Pages. Assignment 1: Organizational Analysis Tiffany Williams Professor Fortune Nichols Taylor BUS 310 January 31, 2013 1. Describe the . Purdue. organization, what it does, the customers it serves, and george english language, its size. The organization I work for, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of interesting spm, North Carolina is an organization that exemplifies organizational analysis. Orwell Politics English Language. An organizational analysis is a process by television which an organization’s systems, capacity, and functionality are assessed in orwell essay politics english order to increase its efficiency, performance. Cross symbols , Employment , Encyclop?dia Britannica 1084 Words | 4 Pages. market leaders are charging . One noteworthy example of successful pricing strategy that I can demonstrate is essay, Apple’s approach. Apple has managed to become . a firmly established company in the field of essay english, technology, climbing up to the sixth place of lakme song natalie, Fortune 500 list . Orwell Essay Politics English Language. This fact may not make sense for some people, since Apple is charging way more for television is harmful essay their products compared to orwell english competition (as it is seen in figure 1). Television Essay. However, Apple’s implementation of premium pricing has lead people to perceive its products. Fortune , Fortune 500 , Marketing 647 Words | 3 Pages. ? Needs Analysis HRM/326 Needs Analysis Dr.

Riordan, a Chemist, founded Riordan Manufacturing (RM) in 1991, in Albany, Georgia. George Orwell Language. It is a . Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues reaching one billion. Since the opening of the television essay, operation, the Riordan has expanded to Pontiac Michigan producing plastic parts, Hangzhou China manufacturing plastic fan parts and Riordan has a Research and essay, Development Corporation headquarter in San Jose, with 550 total employees. Lens. Riordan states that the company will maintain. Feedback , Fortune , Fortune 500 1727 Words | 8 Pages. Writing Assignment #3: Annual Report Analysis In this paper, you will analyze the politics language, annual report of a single Fortune 500 company, asserting . and best research, giving evidence of the most powerful visual, verbal (and, if relevant, aural) techniques and strategies the document uses to target and persuade its intended audience. PREPARATION—READ CAREFULLY: 1. CHOOSING THE RIGHT FORTUNE 500 COMPANY’S ANNUAL REPORT: You MUST choose in advance and register via e-mail (1st come, 1st serve) for one of the. Annual report , Balance sheet , Financial statements 1283 Words | 3 Pages. communities Clients in Fortune 100 Established relationship with clients as well as members. 12 month contract based model. Healthy Future . revenues Not yet established in WOM communities Collaborator Selected Members who will be a part of community Own a sense of george politics, ownership with the product Incentives to join and television essay, stay in the community Community refreshed for every 3 months Range of members varies from 300 to 500 Customer Focus on Marketing to george essay politics language end customer Fortune 500 Client Focus on WOM.

Community , Fortune , Fortune 500 730 Words | 3 Pages. Are Women Better Leaders Than Men. Power, They’re Opting Out . . . magazines like Fortune , FastCompany, and miss havisham essay, the New York Times Magazine exclaimed. Warren Farrell’s taboo-busting . book, Why Men Earn More, laid it out straight: women tend to put in george english less time than men, working fewer hours; and, statistically, people who work 44 hours a week make almost twice as much as those who work 34 hours. Research Paper Purdue. As a result, women still comprise fewer than 2% of Fortune 1000 CEO’s and just 7.9% of orwell politics language, Fortune 500 top earners. As an television is harmful, article in the Wall Street. Femininity , Fortune , Fortune 500 2403 Words | 7 Pages. by students of various engineering colleges. Orwell Essay Language. About Mu Sigma:Mu Sigma works with market-leading companies across multiple verticals, solving high impact . business problems in the areas of Marketing, Supply Chain and television essay, Risk Analytics. With over 25 Fortune 500 clients and over 800 analytics professionals, Mu Sigma has disrupted the analytics industry by integrating the disciplines of business, math, and technology in a sustainable global delivery model. Language. Further, analytical assets developed by Mu Sigma's . Fortune , Fortune 500 , Offshore outsourcing 658 Words | 3 Pages.

Current Status of Minorities in havisham expectations essay Business Organizations. number of women and minorities on corporate boards, the numbers are not astronomical yet with the numbers growing each year we are going in the right . direction. In 2003, 89% of the corporate boards in the Fortune 500 had at least one female director accounting for 13.6 percent. Orwell Essay Language. Examination of the Fortune 1000 companies revealed that only 34 of the 10,314 board seats were held by minorities. Forty years after the passage of the books for writing research, 1964 Civil Rights Act that forbade workplace discrimination and Executive Order. Affirmative action , Business , Civil Rights Act of george essay politics, 1964 1809 Words | 5 Pages. | USAA SWOT Analysis | | | Management 303 SWOT Analysis of USAA Section I – Organizational History Fortune 500 company, United . Services Automobile Association (USAA) began as a small group of ethical inventory, 25 U.S. Army officers in 1922. Nearly 90 years later, it is now an organization with more than 7.4 million members, offering banking, investing, retirement and insurance services worldwide.

Since its inception, USAA has expanded membership eligibility to include all members of the george essay politics english language, Armed Forces and. Bank , Credit union , Financial services 1684 Words | 5 Pages. Strategic Management and interesting essay spm, Boston Consulting Group. Conclusion Once voids in a company has been identified and focused on george orwell language, it allow for the firm to recommend other ideas for the company for lakme song continued future . success and george essay politics english, even other joint ventures if any. In conclusion, Boston consulting group was #8 on ethical lens essay, the Fortune 100 list of best companies to orwell language work for and # 3 in 2014. Story Spm. Employees have identified the company’s culture as busy, flexible and ever changing. A place for new and extensive ever-moving assignments all over the world. George Essay Politics English Language. The company has worked in China.

Boston Consulting Group , Fortune , Fortune 500 855 Words | 5 Pages.

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Free High School Student Resume Templates for orwell essay, Teens. If you’ve never made a resume before, it can seem more difficult than the job search itself. Fortunately, making a resume is as simple as following a format. With some key information in the right order, anyone can create one. Your First Job Resume: What It Is and Why You Need It. A resume is a one-page document that summarizes your experience, skills, and inventory essay other information . The purpose is to show you’re a perfect candidate for essay politics english, the position you are applying for. It should be formal, professional, and relevant. Resumes give potential employers a way to lakme bell song dessay learn about applicants quickly and essay language easily, and they are your first step toward new job opportunities. Interesting? An interview might also be needed to essay politics english language land the best research, job, but a resume is necessary to george essay english language start the process. Resumes let employers quickly screen out job seekers who don’t have the right experience and qualifications. A well-crafted resume that highlights your experience will set you apart from the competition.

Even if you have little or no work experience yet, these guidelines will get you on track to having a great entry-level resume and all the opportunities that come with it. There are three basic resume formats to choose from: chronological, functional, and essay combination. It helps to familiarize yourself with these options before deciding on the right resume template for you. This is george essay, one of the essay, most common resume formats. Orwell Essay Politics Language? It lists your work history in research paper purdue reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent position. George Orwell English? It is miss havisham expectations essay, often headed with a “Career Objective” section. George Orwell Politics Language? We will talk about these sections in television is harmful essay more detail later in this post.

On a chronological resume you’ll also want to list your education in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent school you attended or relevant course you’ve taken. This is a common resume format. Orwell Politics English Language? It’s easy for employers to scan a chronological resume quickly and is harmful get an idea of your experience. Essay Politics English? This kind of resume highlights your work history, so it’s great if you’ve had impressive employment opportunities. If you don’t have much work history, or your work history isn’t relevant to the job you want, this type of resume may not be best for you. Prospective employers will throw your resume in the “No” pile if all they see is work that’s not related to the job they are looking to fill, or if your resume looks empty because you didn’t have much experience to list. A functional resume format highlights other sections, like skills and lens inventory activities, over work experience. This type of essay politics english language resume focuses on what you know or what you can do, rather than what you’ve done at books for writing research specific jobs.

It will probably still have some sort of work history section, but it will be placed at the bottom rather than at the top of the page. Your work history might not be listed in george orwell essay language chronological order on this type of television resume. In fact, it might not have dates at orwell essay language all, but be listed in order of relevance instead. This type of resume can be great if you have little or no conventional work experience. It can hide long gaps in in great essay between jobs, and george orwell can draw attention to miss expectations essay your other skills or activities. Most employers will be accustomed to orwell essay english the chronological resume format. Miss In Great Expectations Essay? They will likely know that the george essay politics, reason you chose this format is because you have less work experience or less consistent job history than other job seekers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a less desirable candidate. Like a functional resume, a combination resume puts your skills and ethical lens inventory essay activities first and foremost. However, this type of george essay english language resume also lists your work experience in reverse chronological order. It just doesn’t put it near the television is harmful, top like a chronological resume does.

This hybrid style gives a balance between promoting your skills and george essay politics your work history. For teens with work experience that’s impressive but short, this kind of resume is story essay spm, ideal. You can show off your work history, but also fill in orwell essay politics english language more space by books for writing research talking about george language your skills and other knowledge you have. It’s also useful if the work history you have doesn’t quite fit with the job you’re looking for. With a combination resume, you can put the television essay, skills that are relevant to your ideal job first, but still give details about your past work experience. Making a combination resume can feel overwhelming, since it uses so much information. Be careful to orwell essay politics english language use only the most relevant information so it doesn’t become cluttered or too wordy. How to Create a Good High School Student Resume.

Your resume always needs to lakme song include your name and contact information. George Essay English Language? List your name, phone number, email address, and city at the top of your resume. You don’t need to include your full street address, but you can if you’d like. Everything else can be adjusted to research purdue fit your unique experience. For example, your resume could include any of the following: Work Experience or Work History Education Career Objective or Summary Professional Skills or Other Skills Activities Hobbies and Interests Achievements, Awards, and Honors References. Each of these sections will consist of a heading in orwell english language bold or slightly larger font, followed by song dessay details about that section. For example, under the “Education” heading, you might list the schools you’ve attended and the subjects you focused on. Remember, you probably won’t use all of these headings. Just pick the ones that are most relevant to you and the job you’re seeking.

Every section requires a slightly different approach. Let’s break it down and essay politics see how it works. This can be a difficult section to tackle on bell natalie dessay a teen resume, since you might not have any work experience yet. Don’t worry though. Everyone was in the same situation when they were looking for their first job!

If you have no work experience, you can leave this section out and focus on the other sections. If you do have official work experience, it’s important to mention it in this section, especially if it is a job similar to the one you are applying for. Even if you weren’t officially employed, you probably have more work experience to george essay english language put on your resume than you think. Part-time work like babysitting, lawn mowing, tutoring, and even volunteer experience or community service all count as good examples of purdue work experience on a teen resume. Under the “Work Experience” heading, list the name of the company you worked for, your job title, and dates of employment. You should also list your responsibilities, duties, and accomplishments. That way, it’s clear what kind of essay politics english language experience you gained. Use two or three bullet points to list your responsibilities and song natalie dessay duties for each job. See our sample high school student resume templates below for english, real-world examples of work experience sections. In the “Education” section, state the high school you attended or presently attend and the years you were there or the bell song natalie, date you expect to george orwell essay politics graduate. Interesting Spm? For example:

Crescent High School – Arlington, Virginia. Expected graduation date: May 2017. If there are classes you’ve taken that are relevant to the job you want, you can list that relevant coursework here. You can mention your future education plans too. For example: I have been accepted to politics language Chicago State University, and I am planning to major in business law I will be taking my AP classes next month to lakme bell natalie prepare for college I will begin attending Chicago State University this fall. The “Career Objective” section shows what kind of orwell english job you’re looking for. It consists of one or two sentences near the research paper, top of your resume that describe your desired job.

For example: Offer excellent hostess service in a busy local restaurant Apply my computer skills to practical work Provide quality delivery for local food business. You can also extend your objective statement into a summary. A summary is a short paragraph that summarizes your experience and key skills. George Orwell Essay Politics English? For example: I am an energetic, enthusiastic, and active individual with a strong knowledge of grocery items and best papers their use by orwell english people from different economic and social backgrounds.

I have a business mindset and am willing to ethical lens inventory essay apply these skills as a grocery store employee. This section might seem unnecessary, but it can actually be very helpful to potential employers. It gives you a chance to orwell politics language describe yourself and your goals in your own words. It can also be useful when you don’t have much concrete work experience, but do have skills that potential employers should know about. Make sure the objective or summary is short, clear, and professional.

Professional Skills or Other Skills. You likely have skills that could be relevant to interesting story a particular position you are applying for. These can be listed under “Professional Skills.” Make sure the skills are relevant to the job you want. If you are applying for a gardener job, no need to mention “Ability to handle cash register”, since that skill doesn’t apply to orwell politics that job.

But you might mention, “Ability to use lawn mower and gardening tools safely.” If you have no work experience, this section can help demonstrate whether you are a good fit for the position. You can also list skills that come from best books for writing papers your school or hobbies under “Other Skills.” Make sure they’re still related in some way to what potential employers are looking for. What are some key skills you might list? Creativity Leadership Adaptability Flexibility Positivity Problem-solving Communication Independence Self-motivation Ability to essay politics english language work under pressure. This section gives an research purdue, employer insight into your character and george essay english language interests. It might even tie into the “Skills” section.

Think of extracurricular activities, sports, and television clubs you have participated in. George Orwell Language? Taking a lead role in miss essay a school play? You are probably creative. Playing football? You might be a good team player. These are qualities that employers are looking for. Some examples of school activities that could look good on a resume include:

Sports : playing sports in a association or for fun, outdoor activities, fitness training, taking sport lessons, coaching. George Orwell Essay Politics? Culture : creating art works, shows, plays, films, games, singing or dancing, DIY projects, creative workshops. Community : raising donations for various organizations or humanitarian causes, organizing events, helping kids, seniors, animals, or the is harmful, environment, promoting community enhancements. Just like with skills, only orwell essay english list relevant activities here. Write down the activity, dates, and your role/position. For example:

West River Hospital, volunteer, summer 2012 Crescent High School Soccer Team, captain, 2005 – 2013 Stage Drama Festival, lead role, summer 2011. If your resume is short on work experience, you can list more details about television essay your activities to show what you gained from them. You might use bullet points to write what your responsibilities were or what skills you used in these activities. This section is similar to activities, as it tells an employer more about your character. Simply make a list of essay politics english language hobbies that might be of interest to potential employers. For example: Reading books Playing tennis Painting and sculpture. It’s great to mention major achievements and best books for writing awards you’ve earned at school or in your activities. Prospective employers like to see accomplishments that show commitment and hard work. George Orwell Essay Politics English? For example: Student of the Month, March 2013 Perfect Attendance Award, September 2012 Honor Roll, fall 2012.

A reference should be someone who can vouch for ethical inventory essay, your knowledge and skills, or who can confirm your work experience. Your teachers, coaches, or former employers can be good references. Orwell Essay Politics? Listing your friends or family as references is not recommended, but can be acceptable if you worked for them. Remember that you must ask a person to serve as a reference before you can list them as one. Many people simply write “References Available on Request” at the bottom of their resumes. If you do this, make sure you actually have those references available in case a prospective employer requests them. However, if you have limited experience to put on your resume, you might want to list the paper purdue, names and contact information of your references on your resume. Free High School Student Resume Examples. These teen resume samples will make getting started easy. There are general purpose high school student resume templates, as well as resumes for specific work experience. George Essay English? These samples will guide you with a professional resume format and a basic idea of what to write.

We also have High School Graduate Resumes and other professional resume templates. Creative babysitter resume sample with a summary, education, related and personal skills, hobbies, and references examples. Size: 183 B Downloads: 6267 Filename: babysitter-cv-template-sample.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:21:00 / 3136. Generic design with sample content (skills, knowledge) for a position in purdue a fast food industry. Size: 183 B Downloads: 7441 Filename: fast-food-employee-cv.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:34:00 / 3138.

Basic design and common content for any type of position. Size: 183 B Downloads: 27350 Filename: geneal-purpose-high-school-resume.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:36:00 / 3140. Another multi-purpose sample, with blue header theme. Politics English Language? Includes customer work and volunteer experience. Size: 183 B Downloads: 18038 Filename: teenager-cv-sample.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:38:00 / 3142.

Sample for story spm, position in orwell politics english language gardening or landscape. Creative design theme to attract attention. Size: 183 B Downloads: 3046 Filename: lawn-care-gardening-job-application.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:39:00 / 3144. Resume sample for miss havisham expectations, students who would like to promote tutoring services to other students or student#039;s parents. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4214 Filename: student-tutor-cv-sample.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:41:00 / 3146. Generic resume sample for george essay politics language, part-time grocery store job. Can be easily modified for similar positions in different stores. Size: 183 B Downloads: 6591 Filename: grocery-store-application.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:42:00 / 3148. Elegant resume for server or host position in lens a restaurant. George Essay English Language? Can also be used for kitchen help, cook help, busser, etc.

Size: 183 B Downloads: 4310 Filename: waitress-or-hostess-job.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:44:00 / 3150. Sample teen resume for full-time or part-time volunteer job for interesting essay spm, a candidate with previous volunteer work. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4676 Filename: volunteer-position-application.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:45:00 / 3152. Sample resume for part-time position in warehouse. Size: 183 B Downloads: 5314 Filename: warehouse-position.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:47:00 / 3154. Sample resume for an apprentice welder and george orwell essay politics language assisting in different welding projects. Size: 183 B Downloads: 3777 Filename: welder-helper-job.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:48:00 / 3156. Professional sample for a food delivery position. Can be easily modified for a different position in miss essay the food industry.

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