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Drinking while intoxicated essay

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AnyConnect FAQ: Tunnels, Reconnect Behavior, and the Inactivity Timer. View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices. View in various apps on iPhone, iPad, Android, Sony Reader, or Windows Phone. Drinking Intoxicated Essay. View on Kindle device or Kindle app on multiple devices. This document describes in detail some important points about the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (AnyConnect) tunnels, the in essays reconnect behavior and Dead Peer Detection (DPD), and the inactivity timer. There are two methods used in order to drinking connect an statement AnyConnect session: Via the Portal (Clientless) Via the Standalone Application. Based on the way you connect, you create three different tunnels (sessions) on the ASA, each one with a specific purpose: Clientless or Parent-Tunnel: This is the main session that is drinking essay created in the negotiation in order to set up the session token that is necessary in case a reconnect is needed due to network connectivity issues or hibernation. Based on the connection mechanism, the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) lists the session as Clientless (Weblaunch via the Portal) or Parent (Standalone AnyConnect). Note : The AnyConnect-Parent represents the session when the client is not actively connected. Effectively, it works similar to a cookie, in college board ap world essay, that it is a database entry on the ASA that maps to the connection from a particular client. Drinking While. If the client shuts down or sleeps, the tunnels (IPsec/Internet Key Exchange (IKE)/ Transport Layer Security (TLS)/Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) protocols) are torn down, but the Parent remains until the idle timer or maximum connect time takes effect.

This allows the user to reconnect without reauthenticating. Here is sample output from the two connection methods. AnyConnect Connected via Web-launch: AnyConnect Connected via the Standalone Application: When is a session considered an Inactive Session? The session is considered Inactive (and the timer begins to board essay increase) only when the while essay SSL-Tunnel does not exist anymore in the session. So, each session is time-stamped with the SSL-Tunnel drop time. When does the ASA drop the SSL-Tunnel? There are two ways that an SSL-Tunnel can be disconnected: DPD - DPDs are used by the client in order to detect a failure in communications between the AnyConnect client and the ASA head-end. College Essay Questions. DPDs are also used in order to clean up resources on the ASA. Intoxicated Essay. This ensures that the head-end does not keep connections in application essay, the database if the endpoint is nonresponsive to the DPD pings. If the ASA sends a DPD to the endpoint and it responds, no action is taken. If the endpoint is not responsive, the ASA tears down the intoxicated tunnel in the session database, and moves the session into a Waiting to Resume mode.

What this means is that DPD from the head-end has started, and your the head-end no longer communicates with the client. In such situations, the ASA holds the Parent-Tunnel up in order to allow the user to roam networks, go to sleep, and recover the session. These sessions count against actively-connected sessions and are cleared under these conditions: User Idle-Timeout Client resumes the original session and logs out properly. In order to configure DPDs, use the anyconnect dpd-interval command under the WebVPN attributes in drinking while essay, the group-policy settings. By default, the finish your thesis DPD is enabled and set to 30 seconds for both the ASA (gateway) and the client. Intoxicated Essay. Caution : Be aware of Cisco bug ID CSCts66926 - DPD fails to terminate DTLS tunnel after lost client connection.

Why do Keepalives need to be enabled if DPDs are already enabled? As explained previously, the DPD does not kill the AnyConnect session itself. Essay. It merely kills the tunnel within that session so that the drinking essay client can reestablish the tunnel. If the client cannot reestablish the tunnel, the essay narrative spm session remains until the while idle timer expires on the ASA. Of Lord Essay. Since DPDs are enabled by essay default, customers might often get disconnected due to of lord of the flies flows closing in one direction with Network Address Translation (NAT), Firewall and Proxy devices. Enabling keepalives at low intervals, such as 20 seconds, helps to prevent this.

Keepalives are enabled under the WebVPN attributes of a particular group-policy with the anyconnect ssl keepalive command. By default, the timers are set to 20 seconds. AnyConnect Client Behavior in Case of Reconnects. AnyConnect will attempt to reconnect if the connection is disrupted. This is not configurable, automatically.

As long as the drinking intoxicated essay VPN session on the ASA is still valid and if AnyConnect can re-establish the physical connection, the VPN session will be resumed. Ap World. The reconnect feature continues until the session timeout or the while intoxicated disconnect timeout, which is actually the idle timeout, expires (or 30 minutes if no timeouts are configured). Once these expire, you should not continue because the ASA will have dropped the VPN session. Me Write A Thesis. The client will continue as long as it thinks the ASA still has the VPN session. AnyConnect will reconnect no matter how the network interface changes. It does not matter if the IP address of the Network Interface Card (NIC) changes, or if connectivity switches from one NIC to another NIC (wireless to wired or vice versa).

When you consider the reconnect process for AnyConnect, there are three levels of drinking intoxicated sessions that you must remember. Essay Spm. Additionally, the reconnect behavior of each of these sessions is loosely coupled, in that any of them can be re-established without a dependency on the session elements of the previous layer: TCP or UDP reconnects [OSI Layer 3] TLS, DTLS, or IPSec(IKE+ESP) [OSI Layer 4] - TLS resumption is not supported. Drinking While Intoxicated Essay. VPN [OSI layer 7] - The VPN session token is used as an authentication token in order to reestablish the VPN session over rules for movie titles, a secured channel when there is drinking a disruption. It is help me write a thesis a proprietary mechanism that is very similar, conceptually, to how a Kerberos token or a client certificate is used for authentication. The token is unique and cryptographically generated by the head-end, which contains the while intoxicated session ID plus a cryptographically generated random payload. It is passed to the client as part of the initial VPN establishment after a secure channel to the head-end is established. Your Thesis. It remains valid for while essay, the lifetime of the session on english essay narrative spm the head-end, and it is stored in the client memory, which is while intoxicated essay a privileged process. Tip : These ASA releases and later contain a stronger cryptographic session token: 9.1(3) and 8.4(7.1) A Disconnect Timeout timer is started as soon as the network connection is disrupted. The AnyConnect client continues to of lord flies essay try to reconnect as long as this timer does not expire.

The Disconnect Timeout is set to the lowest setting of either the Group Policy Idle-Timeout or the Maximum Connect Time . The value of this timer is seen in the Event Viewer for drinking while essay, the AnyConnect session in the negotiation: In this example, the session should disconnect after two minutes (120 seconds), which can be checked in the Message History of the AnyConnect: Tip : For the ASA to rules for movie titles respond to a client that is attempting to reconnect, the Parent-Tunnel session should still exist in the ASA database. In the event of failover, DPDs also need to be enabled for the reconnect behavior to work. As is visible from the previous messages, the reconnect failed. However, if the drinking while essay reconnect is successful, here is what happens: The Parent-Tunnel remains the same; this is not renegotiated because this tunnel maintains the session token that is required for narrative, the session in order to reconnect. New SSL and DTLS sessions are generated, and different source ports are used in the reconnect. All the Idle-Timeout values are restored. While Essay. The Inactivity Timeout is restored. Caution : Be aware of Cisco bug ID CSCtg33110.

The VPN session database does not update the Public IP address in the ASA session database when AnyConnect reconnects. In this situation where the attempts to reconnect fail, you encounter this message: Note : This enhancement request has been filed in order to make this more granular: Cisco bug ID CSCsl52873 - ASA does not have a configurable disconnected timeout for AnyConnect. AnyConnect Client Behavior in Case of System Suspend. There is a roaming feature that allows AnyConnect to reconnect after a PC sleep. The client continues to try until the rules titles in essays idle or session timeouts expire and the client does not immediately tear down the tunnel when the system goes into hibernate/standby. For customers who do not want this feature, set the drinking essay session timeout to a low value in order to of lord flies essay prevent sleep/resume reconnects. Drinking While Intoxicated Essay. Note : After the college board ap world history fix of Cisco bug ID CSCso17627 (Version 2.3(111)+), a control knob was introduced in order to disable this reconnect on resume feature. The Auto-Reconnect behavior for AnyConnect can be controlled through the AnyConnect XML profile with this setting: With this change, AnyConnect will try to reconnect when the computer is brought back from sleep. The AutoReconnectBehavior preference defaults to DisconnectOnSuspend. This behavior is different from that of AnyConnect Client Release 2.2. For reconnect after resume, the network administrator must either set ReconnectAfterResume in the profile or make the while intoxicated AutoReconnect and help statement AutoReconnectBehavior preferences user controllable in the profile to allow users to set it.

Q1. Anyconnect DPD has an interval but no retries - how many packets does it have to miss before it marks the remote end as dead? A. It has to miss three retries/four packets. Q2. Is the DPD processing different for while essay, AnyConnect with IKEv2? A. Your Thesis. Yes, IKEv2 has a fixed number of retries - six retries/seven packets. Q3. Is there another purpose for the AnyConnect Parent-Tunnel? A. In addition to being a mapping on the ASA, the parent tunnel is used in order to while intoxicated essay push AnyConnect image upgrades from the ASA to the client, because the client is not actively connected during the upgrade process. Q4.

Can you filter and log off just inactive sessions? A. You can filter inactive sessions with the show vpn-sessiondb anyconnect filter inactive command. College. However, there is no command to log off just inactive sessions. Instead, you need to log off specific sessions or log off all sessions per user (index - name), protocol, or tunnel-group. An enhancement request, Cisco bug ID CSCuh55707, has been filed in order to add the option to log off just the inactive sessions. Q5. What happens to the Parent-Tunnel when the DTLS or TLS tunnels Idle-Timeout expires? A. The Idle TO Left timer of the AnyConnect-Parent session is reset after either the SSL-Tunnel or DTLS-Tunnel is torn down. This allows the idle-timeout to act as a disconnected timeout. This effectively becomes the drinking essay allowable time for of the essay, the client to reconnect. If the client does not reconnect within the timer, then the Parent-Tunnel will be terminated.

Q6. What is the intoxicated essay point of rules titles keeping the session once the DPD timers have disconnected the session and why does the ASA not release the IP address? A. The head-end has no knowledge of the client's state. In this case, the ASA waits for essay, the client to hopefully reconnect until the session times out upon the idle timer. DPD does not kill an AnyConnect session; it merely kills the tunnel (within that session) so that the client can reestablish the tunnel. If the client does not reestablish a tunnel, the session remains until the college essay idle timer expires. If the concern is about sessions being used up, set simultaneous-logins to a low value such as one.

With this setting, users who have a session in the session database have their prior session deleted when they log in again. Q7. What is the behavior if the ASA fails over while essay, from Active to Standby? A. Initially, when the session is established, the three tunnels (Parent, SSL, and DTLS) are replicated to the Standby Unit; once the ASA fails over, the DTLS and the TLS sessions are reestablished as they are not synced to the standby unit, but any data flows through the tunnels should work without disruption after the AnyConnect session is reestablished. SSL/DTLS sessions are not stateful, so the SSL state and sequence number are not maintained and can be quite taxing. College Ap World History Questions. Thus, those sessions need to be reestablished from scratch, which is done with the Parent session and the session token. Tip : In the event of a failover event, SSL VPN client sessions are not carried over to drinking while essay the standby device if keepalives are disabled. Q8. Help Statement. Why are there two different timeouts, the idle timeout and the disconnected timeout, if they are both the same value?

A. When the protocols were developed, two different timeouts were provided for: Idle timeout - The idle timeout is for when no data is passed over a connection. Disconnected timeout - The disconnected timeout is for when you give up the VPN session because the connection has been lost and cannot be re-established. The disconnected timeout was never implemented on the ASA. Instead, the ASA sends the idle timeout value for drinking while, both the idle and disconnected timeouts to me write a thesis statement the client. Drinking Intoxicated. The client does not use the thesis idle timeout, because the ASA handles the idle timeout.

The client uses the disconnected timeout value, which is the same as the idle timeout value, in order to know when to give up reconnect attempts since the ASA will have dropped the session. While not actively connected to the client, the ASA will timeout the session via the idle timeout. The primary reason to not implement the disconnected timeout on the ASA was to avoid the addition of another timer for every VPN session and the increase in overhead on the ASA (although the same timer could be used in both instances, just with different timeout values, since the two cases are mutually exclusive). The only value added with the disconnected timeout is to drinking intoxicated allow an administrator to specify a different timeout for when the client is not actively connected versus idle. As noted earlier, Cisco bug ID CSCsl52873 has been filed for this. Essay Narrative. Q9. Intoxicated Essay. What happens when the client machine is help a thesis statement suspended? A. By default, AnyConnect does attempt to re-establish a VPN connection when you lose connectivity. It does not attempt to re-establish a VPN connection after a system resume by default.

Refer to while AnyConnect Client Behavior in Case of application System Suspend for details. Q10. When a reconnect happens, does the AnyConnect Virtual Adapter flap or does the routing table change at all? A. A tunnel-level reconnect will not do either. This is a reconnect on just SSL or DTLS. These go about 30 seconds before they give up. If DTLS fails, it is just dropped.

If SSL fails, it causes a session-level reconnect. A session-level reconnect will completely redo the routing. While Intoxicated Essay. If the client address assigned on the reconnect, or any other configuration parameters that impact the Virtual Adapter (VA), have not changed, then the VA is college board ap world questions not disabled. Drinking While Intoxicated Essay. While it is history essay unlikely to have any change in the configuration parameters received from the ASA, it is possible that a change in the physical interface used for the VPN connection (for example, if you undock and go from wired to WiFi) could result in a different Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) value for the VPN connection. The MTU value impacts the VA, and a change to it causes the VA to be disabled and then re-enabled. Drinking. Q11. Does the ?Auto Reconnect? provide Session Persistence? If so, is there any extra functionality added in the AnyConnect Client?

A. AnyConnect does not provide any extra magic to a thesis statement accommodate session persistence for applications. But VPN connectivity is restored automatically shortly after network connectivity to the secure gateway resumes, provided the idle and drinking intoxicated session timeouts configured on the ASA have not expired. And unlike the thesis IPsec client, the while automatic reconnect results in the same client IP address. While AnyConnect attempts to reconnect, the essay AnyConnect Virtual Adapter remains enabled and in the connected state, so the client IP address remains present and enabled on the client PC the entire time, which gives client IP address persistence. The client PC applications, however, will likely still perceive the loss of connectivity to their servers on the enterprise network should it take too long for VPN connectivity to be restored. Q12. This feature works on all variants of Microsoft Windows (Vista 32-bit 64-bit, XP). How about the Macintosh? Does it work on OS X 10.4? A. While Intoxicated. This feature does work on Mac and Linux. There have been issues with Mac and ap world history questions Linux, but recent improvements have been made, particularly for drinking while intoxicated, the Mac.

Linux still requires some additional support (CSCsr16670, CSCsm69213), but the basic functionality is there as well. With regards to finish your Linux, AnyConnect will not recognize that a suspend/resume (sleep/wake) has occurred. This basically has two impacts: The AutoReconnectBehavior profile/preference setting cannot be supported on Linux without suspend/resume support, so a reconnect will always occur after suspend/resume. While. Q13. Are there any limitations to the feature in terms of connectivity (Wired, wi-fi, 3G and so on)? Does it support transition from one mode to another (from Wi-Fi to 3G, 3G to wired, and so on)?

A. AnyConnect is not tied to a particular physical interface for the life of the VPN connection. If the physical interface used for conclusion of lord of the essay, the VPN connection is lost or if reconnect attempts over it exceed a certain failure threshold, then AnyConnect will no longer use that interface and attempt to drinking intoxicated reach the secure gateway with whatever interfaces are available until the essay idle or session timers expire. Note that a change in physical interface could result in a different MTU value for the VA, which will cause the intoxicated essay VA to have to for movie titles be disabled and re-enabled, but still with the same client IP address. If there is any network disruption (interface down, changed networks, changed interfaces), AnyConnect will try to reconnect; no re-authentication is needed on reconnect. This even applies to a switch of physical interfaces: Q14. How is the resume operation authenticated? A. In a resume, you resubmit the authenticated token that will remain for the lifetime of the session, and the session is then re-established.

Q15. While. Is LDAP authorization also performed upon reconnect or only the authentication? A. English Essay Narrative. This is only performed in the initial connection. Q16. Does pre-login and/or hostscan run upon drinking while intoxicated, resume?

A. No, these run on the initial connection only. Of The Flies Essay. Something like this would be slated for drinking intoxicated essay, the future Periodic Posture Assessment feature. Q17. With respect to VPN Load Balancing (LB) and of lord connection resume, will the client connect back directly to essay the cluster member it was connected to before? A: Yes, this is correct since you do not re-resolve the hostname via DNS for re-estblishment of an existing session.

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One man's quest to lose his belly fat. Follow along as one exercise-averse GQ staffer attempts to shift his belly (and re-train his brain to enjoy the gym) using this 12-week fitness plan. Nick is Associate Style Editor of intoxicated, British GQ. I didn't think this process would be easy - and believe me, it wasn't. However, one of the invaluable things an intense period of exercise teaches you is that it makes you think about your body in a way you never have before. Originally, I had hoped that I would come out of this this process looking like Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love - but realised very quickly that this would both take an insane amount of added work, distinct loss of social life, and potentially be risky for the future (losing so much weight so quickly could result in loose skin - not ideal). Accepting that I couldn't achieve everything at history questions, once was, in fact, incredibly freeing - and helped me to see this as a journey, rather than a one-off burst of effort. While Essay. It's great to have goals, but it's also important to recalibrate and college ap world essay questions, temper those goals in order to truly change your lifestyle.

If I've learnt anything with this process, it's that doing this will keep you motivated to keep going back for while intoxicated essay more. With that in mind, my dual goals for this process entering the third month became reducing my belly as well as building up my chest, arms and conclusion of lord flies, shoulders. Essay. My logic: I might not have Gosling's abs by the end of the essay process, but I could start preparing the drinking foundation of a V-shaped torso. While I was still having HIIT sessions that incorporated cardio and boxing with Rhona, my trainer, she came up with a body hack programme to build muscle in my top half, fast. As opposed to last month, my sets of two exercise moves at board history essay questions, once became tri-sets of drinking, three.

While these were heavier and more intense than ever, this was perhaps the most rewarding part of your, my transformation so far. While Intoxicated Essay. With my body fat dipping under 20 per thesis, cent, I really began to see changes and started to feel like I was truly achieving something. A post shared by Nick Carvell (@nickcarvell) on essay, Dec 15, 2016 at 10:10am PST. Sir Chris Hoy on what to wear when you ride. Chris Hoy, Olympic cycling legend, on: cycling clothes, helmets, shoes, hairless legs and me write a thesis, negotiating lycra. Here's my third month programme, each 2 x 10-12 reps: Chest press (10kg each end of a bar) Incline chest press (16kg) Bent over drinking while essay, row (24kg) Lat pull down (40kg)

Upright row (25kg) Shoulder press smithkline (10kg each side) Side bends (20 each side with 20kg) Front raises (10kg plate) No one should be this happy, especially not about Tenderstem broccoli and coconut oil. By Jonathan Heaf. Bicep curls with bar bell (25kg) Seated bicep curls (8kg) Cable curls (15kg) Scull crusher (20kg bar bell)

Cables extensions (15kg) Tricep single arm overhead (8kg) A side effect of all this exercise was that my metabolism felt like it was going into overdrive - my body needed constantly fuelling. Alongside the continual stream of delicious meals and snacks from Munch Fit, I was eating more packets of sliced turkey than I ever have in my life - quite an achievement for brandeis application essay a former vegetarian. Drinking Essay. I also began to start supplementing my protein intake with protein bars and ready-mixed protein shakes. If you're anything like me, by the three month mark you'll be seriously craving chocolate - and in rules for movie titles in essays that case I can particularly recommend Pro2Go double chocolate chip protein cookies (?14.85 for 12 at drinking while intoxicated, A post shared by finish Nick Carvell (@nickcarvell) on Dec 15, 2016 at 10:25am PST. How to intoxicated essay lose your love handles in three days. How to conclusion flies lose your love handles in three days. By Eleanor Halls and essay, Ross Edgley.

However, lifting heavier weights more often than ever can take its toll when you're a recovering exercise-phobe. With 6-7 visits to in essays the gym a week, my muscles were almost permanently aching even with stretching at the start and end of drinking while intoxicated, each session. So, as I approached my last week of the brandeis application essay programme, I booked in for while intoxicated a sports massage at the Fix pop-up downstairs at Ron Dorff in help a thesis statement Covent Garden (?100 for 90 minutes). Using a mix of techniques over 90 minutes, the masseur worked on the problem areas I'd discovered over the past few months (gristly left shoulder, tight hamstrings, painful lower back), and gave me a whole swathe of good advice to keep flexible going forward. But more than the practical tips, I could ask questions about why my body works in drinking while intoxicated essay the way it does and, quite simply, relax at a time where I was more active than ever before in my life. Fair warning if you're thinking of booking: sports massages are far more intense than your traditional massage, as the in essays masseur will really dig into the deepest knots, but - just like a really tough exercise session - it feels immensely satisfying afterwards. And, hey, if your muscles are throbbing post-massage, you can always treat yourself to drinking while some of the brand's cashmere gym kit on the way out.

A post shared by Nick Carvell (@nickcarvell) on Dec 18, 2016 at 6:41pm PST. Core Exercise: TRX single arm pull-up with rotation. In addition to the TRX single-leg burpee and archer complex, personal trainer Jonathan Goodair shows us the brandeis application single arm pull-up with rotation. Instructions below. Before I knew it, the intoxicated big after shoot was looming - and, having spent most of the past three months underground at the Virgin Collection on The Strand, the final thing I wanted to do was give some colour to conclusion of lord of the my pasty skin before getting my kit off. I booked in at St Tropez and became an immediate convert. It's amazing how spraying yourself a shade or two darker can make you feel not only drinking while intoxicated, slimmer (as it covers up any inconsistencies in college board ap world history questions skin tone), but also make you feel like you've literally been on holiday. Bizarrely, looking in the mirror and seeing holiday-bronzed skin made me feel almost as relaxed as a fortnight in while the Caribbean getting one in real life would. Help Me Write A Thesis. And, to be perfectly honest, anything that helped me to relax before taking a photo of drinking intoxicated essay, myself shirtless to publish on the web was appreciated. The results of the entire experience can be seen here.

Body fat: 20.4 per cent 17.6 per cent. Metabolic age: 34 years to help a thesis 28 years. Overall, in three months I successfully managed to shift almost 10 per while intoxicated essay, cent body fat and reduce my metabolic age from 45 down to a much more appropriate 28 years old. Rules For Movie. In short, my belly is definitely smaller and my body is far more efficient than it's ever been before. It's been an incredible experience, and one I would definitely recommend - especially if you can book in drinking while intoxicated with Rhona at Virgin Collection, who really kick-started an enjoyment of exercise that I didn't think I would ever possess. For that, I can't thank her enough.

Welcome to the world of flies, strongman swimming. GQ's resident athlete adventurer Ross Edgley is intoxicated essay aiming to front crawl his way into the record books this year by completing a series of of lord flies, long-distance open water swims that will re-write the rules of strength and swimming. Drinking Intoxicated. Hulk Splash! As I said at the beginning, the major takeaway this experience has taught me, it's that you need to set tough, yet achievable goals to keep you motivated. Finish Thesis. This might be my final reveal for drinking while this particular article, but it's certainly not the end of my journey. I will get those abs eventually, but it's just going to take me a bit more time than I thought - and that's ok.

What's important is that I'm keen to help a thesis statement get back to the gym - an activity the three-months-ago-me dreaded. Of course the essay body transformation was awesome, but the change in my own head has been even better. Watch out, Gosling - I'm coming for you. Thanks to Rhona Punjabi (subscribe to application her YouTube channel), Virgin Collection, Ron Dorff, Garmin, and drinking while, the guys at Munch Fit for all the support. One thing they don't tell you about trying to flies essay get in shape is just how much it affects the rest of your life: exercise time needs to be carved into lazy weekends, after-work drinks get cancelled in favour of the gym, food on drinking intoxicated, work trips needs to be planned in advance (protein bars packed in hand luggage just in case), and you become the default sober guy at every social gathering. Such a sudden change in conclusion of lord of the lifestyle is intoxicated a distinct shock to the system, but while the culinary and/or alcoholic sacrifices necessary to fundamentally change your physique are initially tricky to process, that commitment to them is college essay questions rewarded in drinking the second month. How to stretch yourself leaner at London's most beautiful (and expensive) gym. How to stretch yourself leaner at London's most beautiful gym, Bodyism. By Eleanor Halls.

Suddenly you find you can lift that one weight or do that kettlebell push-up you kept falling off of. Brandeis Application Essay. Suddenly you see a hint of a bicep dimple or that your stomach doesn't wobble as you walk. Suddenly you find yourself - against all your better judgement - enjoying exercise. A post shared by Nick Carvell (@nickcarvell) on Oct 29, 2016 at 1:22pm PDT. Not only was this because that I was making progress by intoxicated essay sticking to my relentless schedule, but also that because I was in there seven days a week, I started to feel like less of an outsider in finish thesis the gym.

I felt an unashamed twinge of pride when one guy approached me to ask my tips on doing squats on the Smith machine. Essay. I had officially drunk the essay (sugar-free) Kool Aid. Anthony Joshuaís boxing gym is the best fight club in Britain. Anthony Joshuaís ďpassion projectĒ is a boxing gym like no other. GQ spent two months training at BXR, and this is what we learned. By Kathleen Johnston. However, just as I was getting comfortable with what I was doing in the gym, my trainer Rhona Punjabi ([email protected]) upped the intoxicated ante. My HIIT programme, designed to get my heart rate to titles in essays 80 per cent of while intoxicated essay, its max, made almost every area of my body ache - in the best way possible. Tyre flip with press-ups (1 minute) Vertical slams with soft medicine ball (1 minute) Turkish get-up with dumbbell (5 each side)

Plyo steps-ups (1 minute) Hard medicine ball sit-up and throws (20 reps) Tyre push and walk (1 minute) Semi-circle slams with soft medicine ball (1 minute) Kettlebell swings with alternating arms (1 minute) Plyo jumps (1 minute) Hard medicine ball side-twist throws (20 reps) Tyre dead lifts (20 reps) Kettlebell chest press on Swiss ball (16kg dumbell) Mountain climbers (1 minute)

In addition to application the above, boxing was included in every round for essay good measure - and essay, while this is far more enjoyable with a sparring partner holding punching gloves, you could always do this with a punch bag instead. Charlie Hunnam stars in drinking intoxicated the King Arthur workout video. Guy Ritchie's King Arthur is coming soon to flies essay a big screen near you. Until then, here's an exclusive preview of how Charlie Hunnam prepared for while intoxicated this medieval royal rumble. By Paul Henderson. A post shared by thesis Nick Carvell (@nickcarvell) on drinking while, Nov 14, 2016 at 4:03am PST.

On days where I was flying solo, I would do the your same cardio on either the drinking essay cycle machine or rowing machine as I did last month (see first entry below), then do the following. Incline chest press (16-18kg dumbells on english essay narrative spm, a 30-degree bench) - 4 sets, 10 reps. Clean Press Olympic bar (with 5kg on each side) - 4 sets, 10 reps. Corner bar incline press (20kg on bar) - 4 sets, 10 reps. However, while Rhona was still dutifully training me two days a week, much of drinking while intoxicated essay, my gym work was a solitary activity. Not only do you find yourself silently competing with those lifting heavier weights around you, but you also compete with yourself to board essay questions get better. Drinking Intoxicated. This is, of course, a double edged sword: it pushes you to do your best, but when you've only got a short time to application achieve something, it also feels like an impossible task - which can be incredibly down-heartening. Whatever improvement you see, there are times when you feel it's just not enough. Combine that with increased testosterone pumping through your body, and it can really affect your mood. Even my boyfriend began to notice that a disappointing session in the gym would lead to drinking a more melancholy version of me in the evening.

Cut your training down to just one exercise, with this chest and shoulder working, core-punishing position. This is how itís doneÖ When I read transformation articles, the physical changes the man or woman goes through are obviously documented in great photographic detail - but the mental changes that are necessary for such a transformation are rarely discussed. With that in mind (no pun intended), I booked in brandeis essay a session with Gary Amers, otherwise known as The Future Fixer - a former actor turned life coach, trained in while intoxicated essay Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and clinical hypnotherapy. Of course, while there were no visual results from my two-hour session with Amers, being given the space and time to talk through this whole transformation process in an impartial, confidential space was incredibly useful. For Movie Titles In Essays. And while the jump-off point for our conversation might have been exercise, we covered a whole host of different subjects from relationships to work - showing me just how interconnected this process all is in my brain. What it did make me realise is that while this particular article might only while, be for a three months, I'm learning a new way of exercising and of thinking that's going to stay with me for a whole lot longer.

At the start of this whole thing I would have been terrified by that and english narrative, probably just given up - now I'm seeing that as something motivational, and pretty damn liberating to be honest. Plus I've gone down a clothes size. Bonus. Body fat: 20.4 per cent to 19.9 per cent. Metabolic age: 34 years to 32 years. I f you ask anyone who has made a decision to get in shape, they will say there was a specific, pinpoint-able event that caused them to do so. My moment came just after my thirtieth birthday when I slipped on my favourite suit for the menís shows in London, only to realise the trousers no longer fastened.

As I went through my wardrobe trying to drinking while essay find another smart alternative to wear, I realised, with a sinking feeling, that none of my suit trousers fitted - not even close. Are you fit enough for the America's Cup? On the eve of the first race in Bermuda, Ross Edgley joined the Land Rover BAR team to find out what it takes to essay win the America's Cup. Thing is, I have never been particularly sporty, despite coming from drinking while intoxicated, a family of rugby, golf and football obsessives. With the exception of swimming (which I have always enjoyed, but never been hugely driven to do in my spare time since I moved to London) I tended to see exercise as something of a chore - a means to a physical end that I never saw materialise, as opposed to essay something I should build into my life for drinking while intoxicated my own wellbeing. And despite being an english narrative outgoing guy, I also find most places of essay, exercise inherently intimidating - especially when next to the insanely pumped clientele of the weight rooms at history essay questions, the gym. In short, not only did I need to change my waistline, I needed to change my entire mindset.

No biggie. With that in mind, I enlisted Rhona Punjabi - one of the personal training team at Virgin Active on The Strand in London - to guide me. Apart from a brief flirtation with Crossfit last Christmas, I was starting very much from square one when it came to knowing what sort of work I would have to do to change my body - so I needed all the help I could get. The first step was to assess the damage I had been doing to myself by using the Boditrax machine at while essay, Virgin - a contraption that uses feet and application, hand sensors to drinking essay assess the finish makeup of your physique without any shirtless humiliation. The three main takeaways I learned were: I was not eating enough (meaning my body was convinced I was in starvation mode and storing most of what I put into it - aka pasta and drinking, Pret wraps - as fat), I was seriously dehydrated, and finish thesis, I had the metabolism of a 45-year-old. Not a good start to my thirties. This month, if you only do one exercise try our muscle-building, core-ripping plank-meets-press-up. No pain, no gain. Before even getting to the exercise portion of the programme, it was clear I needed to drinking while essay change my eating and brandeis essay, drinking habits.

First, I invested in drinking while essay electrolyte tablets that I could drop in water everyday to boost my hydration. Second, I cut out board ap world history questions, my ultimate guilty pleasure, wine (if I do fancy a drink when I'm out, I limit myself to one vodka, soda and lime). And third, I got in contact with Munch Fit. A post shared by Nick Carvell (@nickcarvell) on Oct 5, 2016 at drinking essay, 6:54am PDT. Founded by former personal trainer Angus Fay, this meal delivery service is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals while not sacrificing on flavour. I realise this was very much a luxury, but at help statement, least for the first month it made completely overhauling my diet that little bit less stressful - and, as a committed foodie, it showed me that healthy food isnít necessarily boring food.

With breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks delivered to my desk every day, I have begun to retrain my brain to see not only the sorts of things I should be eating, but also how much of each I should be consuming to fuel my body. The protein waffles with cashew nut butter and berry sauce have now, unashamedly, become a highlight of my week - and something I will damn well try to drinking replicate at home. With my diet coming together, Rhona came up with a programme of exercise - important because, while I would see her two times a week for high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions, the rest of the week would be up to board ap world history me. And as my goal was to lose belly fat, I was going to have to be in drinking while essay the gym seven days a week, doing a mixture of weights and cardio. Of course, as I was trying to shift fat, cardio was required as many days as I could fit it in: 25 minutes on brandeis, either the rowing machine or cycle machine, with a 10 minute warm-up at a low speed, followed by 30 seconds at max capacity/30 seconds slow intervals for another 10 minutes, then a five-minute cool down. I could alternate this with a similar programme in while intoxicated essay the pool too, except I modified this by doing the intervals in college board ap world questions lengths as opposed to times. At this point I also invested in drinking while essay a Garmin Vivoactive HR fitness tracker to not only english spm, keep an intoxicated eye on my progress, but also to make sure I could monitor my heart rate as I exercised - and ensure I was in thesis my aerobic zone to burn fat (about 27 to 85 per cent of while intoxicated essay, my max heart rate) for the bursts of max capacity exercise mentioned above.

Stretching was also something I had never really done before, and help a thesis statement, consequently my muscles were strung so tightly that I really needed to loosen up (I have never been able to touch my toes, but a desk job certainly hasnít helped my flexibility either). These two, combined with 100 or 150 sit-ups on essay, a Swiss ball, became the basis of my most basic workout. Hereís a breakdown: 10x press-ups (wide, on a raised platform) 10x squats 10x hamstring stretch (like youíre starting a sprint at conclusion flies essay, the running blocks) 10x rotation stretch 10x side lunge (touching opposite while, hand to knee) 50x Swiss ball sit-ups Cardio for brandeis application 25 minutes (as above) 50x Swiss ball sit-ups Repeat stretches for cool-down.

While I would have to do cardio every single day, I would need to drinking while slot an finish your thesis extra portion of weights into this programme three times a week. This was based on building strength in multiple areas of my body, with initial weights based on my 75 per cent of my one rep max (aka the while heaviest weight with which you can complete only one lift). My initial set-up was three sets of each of the below (with a one minute rest between sets): Legs: squat with legs extended on the Smithkline machine (15kg each side) Shoulders: sitting shoulder press on Smithkline machine (8.75kg each side)

Chest: bench press on back (35kg in rules titles total - 7.5kg each side on while essay, 20kg bar) Back: single arm bent-over row (18kg dumbells) Arms: cable curls for biceps (15kg) followed immediately by of lord essay tricep pull-ups (15kg) Combined with the cardio/stretching programme, this total time it took me to do this was about 1 hour 30 minutes - easy enough to drinking pack in before or after work, as well as not taking up too much time on college questions, a Saturday morning. The final piece of the programme were the HIIT sessions with Rhona, twice a week. Drinking While Intoxicated. While the exercises we did constantly changed, these were made up of two core elements: kettle bell training and flies essay, boxing. Both required me to drinking while essay move my body in a way I never had before, and really control my core. For Movie Titles In Essays. As the month continued, seeing Rhona fast become the highlight of my exercise every week. Not only did I feel like I was learning a whole set of new skills (and, shockingly, enjoying it), but it also proved how having someone supportive in the room with you really helps to push you to do your very best work.

After a month I have lost two inches off my waist, two inches off my chest and, perhaps more importantly for while my health, my metabolic age is now edging back to board history essay questions something far nearer my actual age. However, as I enter the essay second phase of my regime, things are about to get a hell of a lot more serious - thereís talk of protein shakes, supplements and - shocker - far heavier weights. Board Ap World Essay. Whatís keeping me going is the drinking intoxicated gut-wrenching realisation that, despite feeling like I have more energy and finish your thesis, that my clothes are fitting a little better, Iím still a fair distance from what I picture to be my end result. And herein lies my final advice for any other newbies out there: set yourself realistic goals and track your progress as you go. While. You will start to see a difference towards the end of your first month, and just as you feel you canít give any more during a session, this is what will keep you motivated to college ap world lift that final rep. Drinking Intoxicated. Or a shirtless photo in a national magazine, of help me write, course.

No pressure. Body fat: 25.3 per drinking essay, cent to 20.4 per essay, cent. Metabolic age: 45 years to drinking intoxicated 34 years. How to lose weight fast and narrative, gain muscle by drinking Conrad Quilty-Harper How to get pecs by Matt Jones How to conclusion of lord essay get abs by Ryan Grimley. The GQ team is starting a hellish fitness project. Four men from the while intoxicated essay team have begun four different 12-week fitness plans to lose belly fat, get pecs, lose belly fat fast and get a flat stomach and finish, abs. Follow our progress here.

New year new you diet plan for drinking men 2016. Get rid of man boobs with our workout. Lose a little fat and english narrative spm, tweak your hormonal imbalances and youíll be on the right track. How to intoxicated lose your beer belly (without giving up alcohol) When you understand the science behind what causes a beer belly you'll realise it's possible to keep your beer while losing your belly.

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Job Tips News Ė Your Weekly Roundup. Your Weekly Job Tips News Roundup is Here. This week I decided to do things a bit differently. Itís a ďshake-upĒ of sorts in an effort to provide a handful of highlights and happenings in the employment and job market world. So without further ado, here are the while intoxicated selections for this weekís top tips and news: Job hunting today has changed. Itís time to discard preconceived ideas when you are deciding how to go about five aspects of your job search.

How you job hunt says a good deal about your character, inquisitiveness and personality. Help Statement? And, youíll get different results when you stay up to date and carefully position yourself among your competitors. Are you thoughtful and proactive, or are you lazy and while essay, feel entitled? Do you want to be seen as a go-getter, or just one more person hoping to me write statement gain some consideration? Here are five choices you make when applying to jobs, sometimes without even realizing that you are making them.

Buckshot applying to everything vs. a focused approach. Do you send your resume far and wide, just hoping that someone will respond? Or, do you send out just a relatively few well-researched and intoxicated essay, crafted applications? Resume readers can spot a mass-mailed plea for consideration a mile away, and application essay, tend to treat these applicants the same way as you treat the never-ending junk mail that fills your mailbox. Even if you are well-qualified, this approach smacks of laziness. Once in a while it works, but most of the time you are wasting your time with this approach. Donít measure your job hunt by how many applications you submit, but rather by the quality of case you make for a position that is well-suited to your background, skills, achievements and drinking intoxicated, capacity for future career growth. When you take the time to do research on every employer you are serious about, and write a killer cover letter that marries the companyís needs to your capacities and achievements, youíll turbocharge your chances for success! Answering ads vs. using ads as primary research. The obvious strategy is to respond to ads on job boards, company sites and places like Indeed by just submitting your resume online. But then you enter the black hole of applicant tracking systems.

The odds always favor the employer, making this a poor strategy without good results the vast majority of the time. Instead, get smart and college ap world history questions, use these job ads as primary source information about while intoxicated essay, where the jobs are. Then, find or cultivate contacts at the hiring companies and network your way into an interview. Relying on college ap world essay questions your responsibilities vs. showing your stuff. Somehow you probably got it in your head that your resume is supposed to describe all of your responsibilities in your current and former positions. Statements that begin with ďResponsible forĒ donít do anything to show how youíve handled your tasks. Instead, stand out from the crowd by calling attention to intoxicated essay the accomplishments youíve attained. How has your company benefited, and what happened because you exercised your responsibilities in finish your thesis an exemplary way?

Resumes that show these things tend to drinking get the attention of hiring authorities! Regurgitating your story vs. actively listening to an employerís pain points. Often, job hunters feel that if they could only get someone to hear their story, they would get hired. And the your stories tend to drinking intoxicated drone on, and on, and on. Rules For Movie In Essays? When you are networking, and drinking, especially when you are interviewing, itís important to speak less and let the other person do more talking. Remember to only share the finish points that will be salient for your listener, and keep your narratives short. Drinking Intoxicated? The more you listen, the more youíll learn what is important to the employer, and then youíll be able to draw out from your arsenal of stories and achievements the conclusion of lord of the essay things that will be most relevant to sate his or her curiosity and advance your chances of favorable consideration.

Telling what you need vs. showing what you are worth. Of course you know your monthly expenses and understand how much money you need to survive, and while intoxicated, you should strive to brandeis application essay gain an income equal or greater than that amount. But this is not of concern to an employer, nor should it be. It is important to understand your own value in the current marketplace. Drinking While? You can learn a great deal about that by consulting sites like, SalaryExpert, Glassdoor and others. Then, talk about help me write statement, your salary expectations from the while intoxicated perspective of whatís fair, given objective criteria rather than just pulling random (or not so random) numbers out of the air. Often, employers will look to give you the average salary to start out with, but this is the time when you can politely ask, ďIf you think I have great value for your team and wonít just be an average employee, why are you not reflecting that based on the salary scales for this role or industry?Ē And then, just listen.

There may be a good and valid reason for an average offer, or you might just have made your case for a better-than-average rate of compensation. This article first appeared on U.S. News World Report. 5 Parental Leave Trends You Need to Know. You already know about the ap world history essay so-called ďarms raceĒ in which companies are upping the drinking ante on parental leave plans and other family-friendly benefits in an effort to recruit and retain todayís top talent. And youíve seen the headlines Ė hardly a week goes by, it seems, without another company announcing an expanded maternity or paternity leave plan. With so much noise it can be hard to keep track of the trends.

With that in mind, hereís a look at some of the latest parental leave trends that you need to know about. Crowdfunding maternity leave is a thing now. File this under ďIt has to be 2016 to be believed.Ē Publications from BuzzFeed to essay spm Scary Mommy to the Washington Post are reporting on a slightly depressing trend spreading in drinking intoxicated which moms are crowdfunding in order to have some financial security after giving birth. You know, because the United States doesnít have a policy mandating paid leave for new moms after the your thesis birth of a child and only 12% of private sector employees have access to any kind of paid parental leave. According to the Washington Post article, a GoFundMe search of intoxicated ďmaternity leaveĒ turns up about 1,500 results. The ďTODAYĒ show reported there are about 6,000 campaigns with ďmaternity leaveĒ or ďchild care.Ē Sounds crazy, but is it really?

Almost a quarter of new moms return to finish your work within two weeks of giving birth Ė largely due to while financial pressures. And we know child care is the largest household expense for American families. Itís common to see stories of support pouring in for of lord of the essay, families who use crowdfunding sites to cover bills after a hospital stay or unexpected event. Given the state of parental leave in the United States, is crowdfunding maternity leave really all that different? More dads want to while essay take their leave. Weíve called it ďThe Zuckerberg Effect.Ē But really itís another sign of the changing times. Modern dads want to Ė and, often, need to Ė be more involved in caregiving than past generations. Of The Flies? And that starts with taking paternity leave.

So itís not surprising that 89% of fathers say itís important for a company to offer paternity leave. Working is reality for todayís parents. More than 90% of dads and more than 70% of moms work outside the home. Research has shown that when new fathers take paternity leave, there are long-term positive effects on his child and drinking intoxicated essay, his partner. Board History Essay? The trouble is that prevailing corporate culture has not yet caught up to these changes. Even as more dads want to take their leave, many are afraid to while intoxicated essay take time off out of fear of appearing less committed to conclusion of the their jobs and hurting their careers. You can read [email protected] VP and GM Michael Martyís take on drinking essay this type of ďdad-shamingĒ on Fortune. Companies with gender-neutral leave policies. Earlier this year, Etsy got a whole lotta love here and across the english essay narrative internets for unveiling an upgraded 26-week parental leave policy that was flexible, gender-neutral and while essay, lauded as ďbasically perfect.Ē Before Etsy, Netflix rolled out an ďunlimitedĒ maternity and paternity leave policy for help, new parents. In April, Twitter announced it was increasing its parental leave policy to 20 weeks of paid leave for all new parents.

US and Papua New Guinea Ė we share the dubious distinction of being the only nations without a federal policy providing paid leave for new moms after the birth of a child. While Intoxicated Essay? More than 70 countries also mandate paid leave for new dads. Not a great look for help me write a thesis statement, a global economic leader. While? The good news is finish your thesis, thereís momentum building in support of paid leave legislation, like the FAMILY Act, for while essay, example. New York recently became the fourth state to mandate paid family leave, following California, Rhode Island and New Jersey. (Washington state passed one, too, but hasnít done anything with it.) Many cities Ė from me write statement Austin to Boston to Washington, DC Ė have also passed paid leave policies, and drinking essay, San Francisco recently one-upped the state mandate and brandeis, passed a law requiring employers to drinking provide fully-paid parental leave. Placing a premium on essay post-leave support.

Itís true that the lack of a national parental leave policy for new moms (and dads) leads to a focus on employers who offer generous maternity leave and paternity leave programs. But weíre beginning to while see leading companies invest in supports for working parents once they return to work. The ďflying nanniesĒ of Wall Street are an brandeis application essay extreme example, but hundreds of great places to work also provide employee benefits like backup care, child care resource and referral and flexible work arrangements that have less flash but more substance. Why are these types of family care benefits so important? Letís take a quick look at while intoxicated, some staggering statistics: 70% of parents said the cost of child care has influenced their career decisions, according to this Cost of Care survey 90% of employees have left work, and 30% cut back by more than 6 hours per week, due to family responsibilities, according to [email protected]ís Better Benefits survey. 89% of working parents want family care benefits, but 81% say their employers donít offer any. 58% of working millennial moms told Pew Research being a working mom makes it harder to get ahead at finish your, work.

Parental leave is the while intoxicated poster child of family-friendly workplaces, but itís only one element of a comprehensive solution. Conclusion Flies Essay? When faced with the reality that in most modern families all parents work, more and drinking essay, more employers are realizing that investing in family-care benefits is a competitive advantage. This article first appeared on the [email protected] blog. A Story from FBI Director James Comeyís time at Bridgewater perfectly Illustrates the hedge fundís emphasis on Ďradical transparencyí FBI Director James Comey told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Thursday, on the subject of the investigation into Hillary Clintonís handling of classified information, that he was ďa big fan of transparency.Ē When he was an executive at Bridgewater Associates, the worldís largest hedge fund, from 2010 to 2013, he was enmeshed in conclusion of lord a culture of ďradical transparencyĒ unlike that of any organization of its size.

In a new Politico article by Garrett M. Graff, Comey offers insight into his time at Ray Dalioís hedge fund, including a strange scenario where a 25-year-old employee confronted him after a meeting. Graff writes: ďIt was just weeks after he joined Bridgewater ó whose corporate culture of high-achieving intellectuals resembles a moneyed management cult that shares more in common with the 1970s personal-improvement fad est than it does with a typical Wall Street firm ó that Comey was cornered by a similarly new 25-year-old employee. The junior associate interrogated the former Justice Department official on a seemingly illogical stance that Comey had taken in an earlier meeting. ĎMy initial reaction was ďWhat? You, kid, are asking me that question?Ē Ö I was deputy attorney general of the while United States; I was general counsel of of lord of the flies a huge, huge company.

No 25-year-old is going to ask me about my logic,í he recalled. ĎThen I realized ďIím at Bridgewater.ĒĎĒ Dalio founded Bridgewater from essay his apartment in 1975 but didnít begin developing his intense management culture until the mid-1990s, he told Business Insider in March. He found that codifying his investment principles brought him success, and so he should do the same with the way he wanted his company run. It resulted in ďPrinciples,Ē a manual of 210 lessons that all Bridgewater employees must learn. Comey told Politico it took him three months to adjust to Bridgewater, at which point he appreciated the hardline culture. In a video testimonial on help me write statement Bridgewaterís website, Comey said, ďYou combine that intelligence, the depth and while essay, the almost 360 [degree] vector of the questioning, there is no more demanding, probing, questioning environment in the world than Bridgewater.Ē This article first appeared on of lord of the Business Insider.

Follow these tips to get your resume in to the right hands. Thereís no doubt there is drinking while intoxicated, endless advice on how to write the help me write statement ďperfect resumeĒ. Search the keyword ďresume tipsĒ and you will get over 100 million results to intoxicated choose from. There are articles on how to construct the perfect objective. And information on what mistakes to avoid when crafting your curriculum vitae. Thatís fancy for a summary of your experience which is pretty much like a resume.

Thereís even advice on how to essay convert your resume in to while an awe-inspiring infographic that will wow hiring managers. All this information is conclusion of lord of the flies essay, fantastic. Drinking While Intoxicated Essay? But statistics show that 75% of big companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to screen candidates. Conclusion Flies? To cut through the intoxicated essay clutter I came up with the 5 best tips to increase your chances of getting your resume past the finish your thesis ATS, and in to a hiring managerís hands. Use keywords. Your resume should showcase the skills, projects and experience that matches keywords to your job. Drinking While? A common resume hack is to look for keywords in essay the job listing that applies to your experience and pepper them in to your resume. While Essay? These keywords will be picked up by the ATS but use caution by not overloading on brandeis essay them. An ATS may weed you out drinking while intoxicated if it looks like you ďstuffedĒ your resume with too many keywords. List specifics. Itís important to quantify your work as much as you can.

For example: A. Implemented customer service software resulting in a 75% decrease in help statement customer complaints B. Implemented customer service software. As you can see, example A. is much more detailed and drinking while essay, paints a clear picture of how successful the candidateís efforts were. Keep it clean and concise. Your resume should be well-structured and easy-to-read from top to bottom. Rules? Pretty pictures and flashy graphics are great if youíre a graphic designerÖand sending your resume directly to while intoxicated essay an employerís email.

Straight black and white text works best when it comes to submitting your resume through an ATS. Also make sure to only include the english most relevant information in your resume. I hate to say it but no one cares if youíre a foodie. Arenít we all? Make it mobile. This tip is great not only for applying through an ATS but for applying on drinking while essay many mobile friendly job sites. According to online audience measurement company comScore, mobile devices and tablets make up 60% of all digital media time.

Once your resume makes it through the rules for movie titles ATS, it better be ready to be viewed on any device. Our friends at Online Resume Builders have a cool and drinking essay, easy-to-use tool to a thesis statement help you build a mobile optimized resume. Drinking? Check it out today! List your most relevant and impressive details first. It takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. Application? While Iím not sure if this applies in while the virtual screening world, many sources say this is true of english spm us humans. Once your resume hits the hiring managerís desk, pull them in intoxicated by listing your most valuable skills and board ap world history, experience at essay, the top. When itís all said and done you should have a well crafted resume thatís set up for applicant screening success. That said, you shouldnít bank on just one way to search and apply to jobs. Now for conclusion of lord of the flies essay, my not so shameless plug. Drinking Intoxicated? There are two great services that help get your resume in front of even more employers and recruiters.

The first is ResumeZapper. ResumeZapper instantly ďzapsĒ your resume to finish thesis recruiters looking for candidates just like you. The second awesome service is Resume Rabbit. Rather than spend hours posting your resume to drinking essay every job board under the sun let ResumeRabbit post it to finish your almost 100 job boards at once! To learn more visit ResumeZapper and ResumeRabbit today!

The Art of the drinking intoxicated Job Search Ė Always Be Looking. You may have heard the phrase ďAlways Be Learning.Ē To be the best you can be, in conclusion of lord of the essay your professional and personal life, this certainly holds true. We can and drinking intoxicated essay, should always be learning. Spm? Learning doesnít cease just because we receive a degree or reach a certain age. We can always learn more about drinking intoxicated, our surroundings and others. There is of the flies essay, another phrase to while intoxicated follow in life Ė Always Be Looking. If the recession and economic uncertainty of past years taught us one thing, it could be that we never know the real security of our jobs and lifestyles.

One day we can have it all, and the next day be forced to look for a new opportunity. Finish Your? While the intoxicated essay shock of being laid off or having our companies close cannot be lessened through preparation, we should always be learning and essay, looking. Looking for other opportunities in our field, or in other fields, and intoxicated essay, keeping our options open. Know Where Your Industry is Going. Are the number of job opportunities growing in your field, or are positions like yours disappearing? By constantly looking for job opportunities, you can spot trends, gain the education you need, and be proactive in your career. Give Yourself Goals. Research jobs you would want down the board ap world history questions road. If you are in college or a training school, look for positions you would want to apply to after graduation. If you are in a field and want to move up (and who doesnít), look at the descriptions and requirements of those jobs that would appeal to you in 1 year, 5 years, or more.

Create a path to success by gaining the education and experience needed for intoxicated essay, those positions. Create a Game Plan for a Worst-Case Scenario. If you lost your job next week, what would be your first steps? By regularly researching the types of flies essay jobs available in your field, and the companies where you would want to essay work, you would have knowledge of where to begin your next aggressive job search. is a job board with a focus of putting America Back to Work.

If you are ready to continue (or begin) your resolution to Always Be Looking, visit our site to conduct tailored job searches and research tools available to conclusion of lord reach employers and recruiters across the while intoxicated essay nation. As always, the for movie in essays team wishes you success! The Art of the Job Search Ė Letters of Recommendation and References. Your main marketing pieces during your job search, including your resume, cover letter and while intoxicated essay, maybe even a portfolio or website, are pieces you produce. You have control over the information presented. So what do you do when an application employer asks for drinking intoxicated essay, letters of recommendation or a reference list to contact? How do you manage your LinkedIn Recommendations to reflect what you want potential employers to see?

You may not write the recommendations, but you do have a level of control of the information presented, based on who you ask for a recommendation and how you ask. Check over your list of professional contacts and determine which would present the most relevant and influential information in brandeis application their letter, based on drinking while the position to which you are applying. If you have a former colleague or manager who can vouch for your knowledge in narrative spm a particular industry or type of job, be sure to ask if they would be willing to provide a reference. Through your research as a job seeker interested in a particular job or company, you are the expert in what the potential employer is looking for in their candidates. Drinking? When approaching your contacts about writing a letter of recommendation or acting as a reference, you can provide them with some coaching through that knowledge. This will make each reference call or letter more relevant and impressive to your potential employer. If the potential employer wants letters of recommendation, you can ask each contact to base their letters on essay one of drinking while your core strengths. For instance, one letter could focus on your ability to multitask, one on your ability to manage deadlines, and one on essay your leadership abilities. Drinking Intoxicated? Have each letter demonstrate how your skills would be a benefit to the potential employer. Your Social Media Recommendations. Social media is now a huge factor in most recruiting processes.

Through social media sites such as LinkedIn, potential employers can see a limitless number of recommendations from colleagues, clients, and others who appreciate the work youíve done in past positions. Statement? You can manage who posts a recommendation for you by asking them directly. Drinking? LinkedIn also requires that you approve any recommendations before they display on your page, providing further control of your digital image. Photo credit: The Art of the Resume Ė How to Promote Your Resume. As a job seeker in todayís highly competitive market, any resource that allows you to broadcast your brand and your marketing pieces, such as your resume, can give you the edge. Posting your resume on job boards such as is an excellent first step in making your resume available to employers and recruiters in the ďhidden job marketĒ Ė those not currently advertising their open positions. Another great step if you are serious about finding a position is using a resume distribution service.

These services send your resume directly to their lists of application employers in your industry or geographic location. Drinking While Essay? All you need to do is provide a resume and the optional cover letter that serve as your introduction to employers. Your resume can be seen by employers who may be hiring now, or in the near future, with little or no research required from you. Job.comís Resume Distribution service is one of many tools available to conclusion of the any registered job seeker who has posted a resume. For a small fee, your resume can be sent to a segment of our extensive list of recruiters, depending on essay your location and desired industry.

You will immediately be provided the number of recruiters who will receive your emails in the very first step. There are also a number of additional options in the check out process, including ordering a firm list to conclusion flies essay see exactly who will receive your resume. If you are ready to while essay broadcast your resume to the recruiters in your field, check out the Resume Distribution Service today!

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4 Steps to Writing a Job-Winning Resume. Writing your resume, or even updating your resume, can be a scary, daunting task. While Intoxicated? But with the right approach and know-how, you can create your own standout document in no time. And the good news is weíre here to help. Finish Your Thesis? Weíve broken down the resume-writing process into 4 simple steps to make it easier for you to get started! Our Resume Writing Guide gives you an overview of each section of your resume, followed by some quick tips and while intoxicated actual resume examples that you can use as model for your own resume. Every great resume begins with a strong summary statement.

This is a short description of who you are professionally that includes a brief list of your top skills. Your summary statement is the finish your, first thing that recruiters will see. So think of it as your big chance to catch someoneís attention. You also want to show hiring leaders that youíre a great fit for the job. While Intoxicated Essay? You can do this by using the help a thesis, skills and keywords that are in the job description in your summary statement Ė just make sure you only use those that reflect your experience (no exaggerating or lying on your resume!). Drinking While Essay? Your statement can be written in either sentence form or bullet-point form and should be short, but effective Ė no more than 3 sentences or bullet points; it should also contain the following information: Your professional title Top 2-3 skills Specific expertise, professional traits, accomplishments. Need help writing your own professional summary statement? Our Resume Builder has hundreds of expertly written summary statements and career-specific phrases that you can easily and help me write a thesis statement quickly add to your resume.

Registered nurse with 9 years of while essay experience in medical centers and operating rooms ICU and ER experience in 40+ bed units Strong organizational and rules titles in essays interpersonal skills. Dedicated assembly line worker with 5 years of experience. Well-versed in machinery assembly and production line efficiency . While Essay? Fast learner who picks up new processes and technologies easily. Senior Sales Associate with excellent customer relations skills in business-to-business sales Increased global sales by essay 20% over the last two years, exceeding goals each quarter for drinking while, the past year Seeking new sales challenge with management opportunities. Finish Thesis? Experienced veterinary technician with 3 years of experience in delivering comprehensive care to drinking while, animals at animal rescue facilities and shelters. Seeking to use shelter experience and formal training at a respected veterinary office. Of The Essay? Responsible cashier experienced at managing front-of-store needs in busy environments. Friendly and energetic with strong communication and organizational abilities. Seeking role of increased responsibility where strengths in intoxicated essay, service and sales will be valuable. Motivated sales professional with 8 years of fashion retail sales experience who truly enjoys helping customers find their best fit and brandeis essay style.

Highly results-oriented and energetic, with unsurpassed customer relations skills. The skills section Ė often called the #8220;Qualifications#8221; or #8220;Areas of Expertise#8221; section of your resume is a list of your top skills. This section of your resume is your chance to drinking intoxicated essay, showcase your abilities to me write statement, employers in drinking while essay, a quick and easy-to-read way. Although this section is typically short and concise (think two columns of 3 to 4 bullet points), it contains very important information about your ability to perform a particular type of job. Hiring managers should be able to scan your resume and find this list of skills easily. Brandeis Application Essay? Here are a few helpful tips for writing a skills section that will get you noticed.

Target your skills to the job : This is one of the best ways to drinking, customize your resume for rules for movie, the job you are applying to. Read the while essay, job description and list all of the required and desired skills for the position. Then, see if you have any skills that match up with those on your list; these are the abilities you should include in board ap world essay questions, your skills section. This way, when hiring managers skim your resume, they will see that you have the drinking intoxicated essay, skills theyíre looking for in a candidate. Include transferable skills : Transferable skills are skills that cross from one career field to another. These skills can be applied to a variety of positions. Some examples include communication skills, presentation or public speaking skills, any foreign language skills you have, social media skills, organizational and planning skills, and management and leaderships skills. Use keywords : If you are applying to a job online and are asked to essay narrative, upload your resume or fill in an application online, chances are you are entering your information into while essay an application tracking system. This is narrative spm a machine that companies use to scan a resume for keywords specific to drinking essay, the job.

Be sure to english essay, pick out keywords from the job description and your industry and use them in your resume and intoxicated application to make sure it gets past this machine. Using keywords directly from the employer will increase your chances of getting noticed by finish your the hiring manager. Need help writing a skills section that gets you noticed? Our Resume Builder has hundreds of career-specific phrases that you can easily and quickly add to your own resume. While all parts of drinking your resume are equally important, your work history section is finish thesis where you will be discussing your direct experience and your accomplishments, and drinking intoxicated essay itís critical to get this one right.Letís start with the essay, basics. Your work history section should include the following: Positions and/or titles you held Names of organizations where you were employed City and state of each organization Employment periods for each job, written as Month/Date Ė Month/Date Brief descriptions of your experience in bullet format. Drinking While Intoxicated? This section will be a combination of your job responsibilities and duties along with your work achievements. Hiring managers will be looking for finish, your achievements and while intoxicated essay successes, not just your responsibilities, so itís important to include both.

When listing your responsibilities and duties, be sure to use action verbs to increase the college history questions, strength of your writing and make potential employers take notice. Some action verbs to while, use include: Communicated Negotiated Joined Reported Customized Initiated Planned Budgeted Developed Prepared Contributed Ensured Provided Led. It takes practice and time to come up with your accomplishments and successes and to add numbers to them numbers such as how much money you saved the company, how you increased efficiency, or how many sales you achieved in a certain period of college board ap world essay time. However, using two or three bullets under each job to describe your successes, along with metrics, will land you an interview. Need help writing a work experience section that shows your value? Our Resume Builder has hundreds of career-specific phrases that you can easily and drinking while intoxicated essay quickly add to your own resume.

Bayle Industries, Hutchins Creek, MD. Help? July 2010 Ė present. Prioritized and managed multiple administrative projects while managing day-to- day tasks such as receiving and distributing mail, maintaining conference rooms, managing calendars, and maintaining office supplies. Increased conference room scheduling efficiency by 25% by implementing new company-wide online booking system. Provided travel arrangement support for drinking while essay, 25+ employees per month for brandeis application essay, offsite meetings and national conferences.

Managed operations and logistics for while intoxicated, annual onsite company conference for 150 employees and 200+ guest attendees. Parkview Elementary School, Summerfields, PA. Help Statement? September 2014 Ė May 2016. Intoxicated? Assisted in a classroom of 25 elementary school children, ages 5-6, for two consecutive school years. Engaged children with diverse and enjoyable activities involving theatrical play, musical instruments and hands-on learning.

Offered detailed weekly reports that outlined each childís activities and brandeis implemented new email letter system to offer reports online, saving the faculty 4 hours per while intoxicated essay, week. Ft. Hood, Killeen, TX. January 2008 Ė August 2015. Developed and a thesis led 5 new training programs over 12 months in preparation for combat. Performed reconnaissance operations in compromised regions to develop combat training programs. While Intoxicated? Performed as a fire team member during situational training exercises and all infantry dismounted battle drills. Communicated urgent orders and directions effectively to team of 200+ military personnel. Your educational background can be an brandeis essay important part of your resume and should communicate your background quickly and simply to potential employers. Drinking While Essay? Even if you donít have previous experience in a particular job, you may increase your chances of being considered for the position if you can show that you have taken courses that are relevant to the position at hand.

Here are some tips to help make your education section work for you: List the highest level of education first. Flies? This will help catch the hiring managerís eye and ensure that he or she is drinking intoxicated essay able to determine your education level quickly. If you are recent graduate without a ton of work experience, then you can place your education section at the top of college board history your resume for emphasis. Include your educational information in this order: Degree or diploma name is listed first. Major(s) follow the degree. If you have minors, these are optional to drinking intoxicated essay, list but itís recommended to list them if they are relevant to a thesis, the job you are applying for. List the date you received the degree or diploma by year (for example, 2003).

If you are soon-to-be grad, you can list your expected graduation date. Employment periods for each job, written as Month/Date Ė Month/Date Do not include your GPA on your resume unless you are a recent graduate. If you donít have a degree, never fear! If you have an associateís degree, you can list it in drinking while, the same way as above. It is also perfectly acceptable to essay, list any college experience you do have, even if you didnít graduate.

In the absence of a college degree, itís extremely important to list any professional training or certificates you have received especially if they are relevant to the job you are applying for. While? Then, make sure to emphasize your work experience section as much as possible to show employers that you are qualified for ap world essay, the position, whether or not you have a degree. Need help writing an education section that shows your value? Our Resume Builder can help you quickly and effectively outline your classroom achievements. More Articles about How to Write Your First Resume. 3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Ever Resume. Tips On Creating A Resume For A New Career. While Essay? How to Write a Resume When You Have No Work Experience. Get Hired In 30 Seconds: Resume Summary Tips.

Get Your Resume In Front of the Right People: Four Tips. Create a Resume That Stops Traffic. How to Write a Resume that Lands More Job Offers. Resume Tips for for movie titles in essays, Job Search Newbies. Drinking? Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. 800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST.

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essay contest winner In the summer of drinking while 2017, we partnered with one of Washingtonís top foreign-policy outlets to bring college studentsí voices into our nationís foreign policy conversation and to board history questions take a small step toward restoring a healthy, balanced civic debate on the proper scale of our nationís ambitions and drinking while, actions abroad. We received a deluge of excellent submissions from young voices all across the country, all answering this question: ďWhat benefits could a more restrained, careful foreign policy strategy offer to the United States?Ē First prize went to Andrew Beddow , who is also president of english our University of Michigan chapter. In his essay, Beddow calls for drinking intoxicated essay, America to set a clear grand strategy that recognizes the worldís complexity and your thesis, thus does not treat international problems as separate and readily fixable. Thus, ďIntervention is occasionally justified, and the United States both improves the condition of mankind and benefits itself through its continued participation in international humanitarian efforts and multilateral cooperation. However, intervention must be guided by a grand strategy, one that explicitly enumerates the core interests of the United States and limits activity abroad to the securing of these interests. American policymakers must consider whether or not foreign adventures, e.g. taking a moral stand against Russian annexation of drinking while intoxicated essay Crimea, are sufficiently important all-things-considered to rules for movie titles in essays outweigh the plausible negative consequences that will result from this action. Essay! In light of the dynamic nature of the international order, we must also recognize the inherent unpredictability of intervention.

Prudence, not beneficence, should be the rules for movie guiding virtue of foreign policy.Ē One of our runners up was Enea Gjoza of the Harvard Kennedy School. Gjozaís essay examines our current strategy of global primacy Ė of ďseeking to shape the world through frequent military intervention and by maintaining and exercising overwhelming dominance over potential competitors.Ē He argues that this strategy has come at a high price in blood and treasure, and yet has failed to make America safer. And this strategy is while essay, a departure from Americaís traditional posture of restraint. Under that approach, Gjoza writes, ďAs the other great powers of the day exhausted themselves in conflict against each other throughout the nineteenth and first half of the for movie titles in essays twentieth century, the United States developed its economy and society in relative peace, intervening substantially only to tip the balance in the World Wars. This allowed the drinking while essay United States to emerge as an unmatched superpower after the wreckage of the Second World War, with an unscathed homeland and approximately half of the worldís GDP. Today, however, the United States is on the other end of the spectrum, taking upon narrative itself the drinking while essay burden of maintaining the me write statement global order while other nations enjoy the while intoxicated benefits of peace and commerce.Ē Our other runner up was Matthew Petti of Columbia University. Petti challenges the conventional view in Washington that America needs to double down on support for one of ap world questions our most problematic allies, the Kingdom of drinking while essay Saudi Arabia Ė to treat their enemies as our own and to accept their account of the problems in their region. Pettiís essay highlights the failures of such an approach, calling the current U.S.-Saudi relationship ďa valuable case study of allied nationsí sometimes detrimental effect on U.S. Of Lord Of The! foreign policy.Ē Thus, he writes, ďU.S. Drinking While Intoxicated Essay! support has essentially shielded Saudi Arabia from the negative effects of its campaign, removing incentives the kingdom has to restrain its own actions.

From the beginning of Saudi Arabiaís intervention in Yemen, the english essay narrative Obama administration supported the Saudi-led coalition with mid-air refueling and advanced munitions. This aid hasnít quite made up for poor military leadership, but it has passed the mounting economic costs onto a foreign guarantor, allowing Saudi forces to maintain their technological edge despite a budget crisis in the kingdom. Consequently, American calls for a political solution have fallen on deaf ears; as the Trump administration considers removing some restrictions on support to the Saudi-led coalition, Riyadh will only be encouraged to pursue the disastrous status quo.Ē He adds that the war has enabled Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, one of the most dangerous branches of the terrorist group, to while essay take advantage of the chaos, meaning that ďwhile attempting to please a U.S. ally, America is essentially undermining its own domestic security, giving a geographic base to the people responsible for the USS Cole bombing and the Charlie Hebdo shooting.Ē We received many other excellent submissions that highlight the growing number of talented young leaders across the political spectrum who are eager to bring prudence and restraint back into our foreign policy. We at the Society are here to help them.

Below is the narrative original prompt for the essay contest, along with rules for submission. Itís clear that the foreign policy conversation here inside the Beltway is too narrow. No matter what the question is, the answer always seems to be that the United States needs to drinking while intoxicated do more Ė even after fifteen years of war, even with massive national-security expenditures, and even with our already-huge network of alliance commitments and overseas bases. We need your voice to college board ap world questions help change the conversation. Thatís why weíre partnering with The National Interest Ė one of Washingtonís most important foreign policy magazines Ė to launch a new essay contest for college students. The winners will run in while intoxicated essay, TNI, meaning theyíll be read by many of those who make the statement decisions and shape the drinking while essay discussions that set our countryís course in the world.

And by of the flies essay appearing in such a respected forum, youíll help make a name for drinking while intoxicated, yourself as a thoughtful, professional voice in international affairs. Itís a tremendous opportunity to restore balance to the discourse in DC Ė and to build your own personal brand. Moreover, winners will receive a hefty cash prize, and the first twenty submissions will receive a free subscription to TNI. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students who will be attending institutions in college board, the United States in the Fall 2017 semester are welcome to participate. The winning essays will run on TNIís website and be promoted on social media by both TNI and JQA.

Prizes are as follows: ē First prize: $1000, essay featured on TNI, two year subscription to TNI. ē Runner up (two): $250, essay featured on TNI, one year subscription to TNI. Additionally, the first twenty submissions will receive a free one-year subscription to the National Interest . Submissions shall answer the following question: What benefits could a more restrained, careful foreign policy strategy offer to the United States? Submissions shall be between 1000 and 1500 words, and drinking while essay, are due by for movie titles 11:59pm Eastern Time on Sunday, June 18, 2017, by following the while intoxicated instructions at conclusion of the flies this link. Sources should be hyperlinked, rather than footnoted, when possible. Complete rules follow: Student Foreign Policy Essay CONTEST RULES. 1. SPONSOR: The sponsor of the Student Foreign Policy Essay Contest (the ďContestĒ) is the John Quincy Adams Society. (the ďSponsorĒ).

2. ELIGIBILITY: Contest entrants must be legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of drinking while intoxicated essay Columbia aged 18 years or older, except where prohibited. Employees, officers, and directors of the Sponsor, and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and divisions (ďRelated EntitiesĒ) and their immediate families (parents, children, siblings and their spouses) and application essay, household members (whether or not related) of drinking while intoxicated each are not eligible to enter. Anyone serving as a contest judge is ineligible for the Contest. Finish Thesis! The Contest is drinking while intoxicated, void outside the essay narrative fifty (50) United States, the District of Columbia and where prohibited and restricted by any federal, state, or local law, rule, or regulation (ďLawĒ). The Contest is subject to essay all Law. 3. HOW TO ENTER: The Contest begins on April 26, 2017 at 12:00PM ET and ends at conclusion of the flies 11:59PM ET, Sunday, June 18, 2017 (the ďContest PeriodĒ). To be eligible for the Contest, you must: ē Before the end of the Contest Period, go to the Contest entry page at this link, and submit an essay between 1000 and 1500 words in drinking essay, length on the topic of ďthe benefits of a more restrained, careful foreign policy for of lord of the flies, the United States.Ē To be eligible to intoxicated essay submit a Contest entry, you must be enrolled as of the finish your fall of drinking while essay 2017 in an accredited postsecondary institution or program listed in ap world essay questions, the U.S.

Department of Educationís most recent database ( No person may submit more than one Contest entry. While Essay! Attempting to submit multiple Contest entries will result in your disqualification from the Contest. Your participation in the Contest is optional and at your sole and absolute discretion. 4. PROHIBITED CONTENT: By entering the Contest you agree not to create or submit a Contest entry that: ē Infringes on any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other proprietary or property rights of any party; ē May be deemed, within the for movie titles meaning of Law, to be electioneering communications, intervention in a political or electoral campaign, or lobbying; ē Is unlawful, threatening, harassing, abusive, obscene, vulgar, harmful, tortious, defamatory, libelous, false, invasive of anotherís privacy, hateful racially, ethnically, or otherwise, or in any other way objectionable; ē You do not have the legal or contractual right to make available pursuant to drinking while essay any Law, or under any contractual or fiduciary relationship (such as inside information, proprietary information, and finish your, confidential information, learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under nondisclosure agreements); ē Harms minors in any way; or. ē Violates any Law, intentionally or unintentionally. The Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any and all Contest entries that violate the above conditions, or for any other reason at while essay any time without prior notice. 5. JUDGING AND SELECTION OF PRIZE WINNERS: All contest entries will be judged based on the following criteria: ē Originality in thought (40%) ē Demonstrated understanding of foreign policy (40%) ē Composition and style (20%)

6. PRIZES : On or about June 23, 2017, three prize winners will be announced (the ďPrize WinnersĒ). The Prize Winners shall receive the conclusion flies essay following (the ďPrize(s)Ē): ē First Prize Ė $1000.00, two yearsí subscription to The National Interest. ?ē Runners Up (2) Ė $250.00, one year subscription to The National Interest. All Prizes will be paid in while intoxicated, United States Dollars. Essay Spm! The approximate retail value of the Prizes are as follows: First Prize Ė $1039.95; Runner Up Ė $279.95. The winning essays will be published on The National Interest ís website. 7. PRIZE RESTRICTIONS: The specifics of intoxicated all elements of the Prizes stated in these Contest rules shall be determined by Sponsor in its sole and absolute discretion. If an college board ap world alternate prize is substituted and awarded: any portion of the alternate prize not used by any Prize Winner is forfeited and no substitute will be offered or permitted; all elements of the Prize being offered are: (a) provided ďas isĒ with no warranty or guarantee either express or implied by Sponsor; (b) without warranty other than that offered by servicers or as required by while intoxicated essay Law; (c) provided without making the Sponsor responsible or liable for any warranty, representation, or guarantee, express or implied, in fact or in law, relative to the Prize, including but not limited to their quality or fitness for a particular purpose; and (d) if applicable, not transferable or redeemable for cash and may not be extended, transferred or substituted, except that the Sponsor may substitute a prize of english essay spm equal or greater value when necessary (not to while intoxicated exceed $1039.95 for the First Prize or $279.95 for english narrative spm, the Runner Up), as determined in while intoxicated essay, its sole and rules for movie titles in essays, absolute discretion (any such changes will be announced at while essay the sole and me write statement, absolute discretion of the Sponsor). Each Prize Winner assumes sole responsibility for all costs associated with any elements of the Prize not explicitly included as part of the Prize, including without limitation, all federal, state and local taxes (if any), fees, surcharges, or other expenses.

Other restrictions may apply. In compliance with United States Internal Revenue Service regulations, the Sponsor will send a Form 1099-MISC to any Prize Winner, which requires disclosure to the Sponsor of the Prize Winnerís Social Security number. Drinking Intoxicated Essay! Prize Winners remain solely responsible for paying all federal and other taxes in accordance with Laws that apply in the Prize Winnerís state of residence. 8. Essay Narrative! PRIZE WINNER NOTIFICATION: The Prize Winners will be announced by a means reasonably calculated by the Sponsor to reach all Contest entrants. Following the announcement of the Prize Winners, the individuals selected as the Prize Winners will be notified via email or telephone within three days from the date of selection by essay the Sponsor based on the information provided by flies that person on his or her entry form.

The Prize Winners will be required to intoxicated complete, sign, and return an Affidavit of Eligibility, Liability Release, and Publicity Release (the ďWinners AffidavitĒ) within fourteen days of the date the Sponsor provides a Prize Winner the notification email or call. If a Prize Winner fails to satisfy any eligibility requirements, declines to accept the brandeis Prize, or is ineligible for any other reason, the Prize Winner may be disqualified and an alternate winner may be selected at the sole and absolute discretion of the Sponsor. Noncompliance with any of these Contest rules may result in disqualification. The Sponsor is not responsible for fraudulent communications made by third parties to Contest entrants or the Prize Winners. While Intoxicated Essay! A Prize Winner is not an english essay narrative spm official winner until the drinking intoxicated Prize Winner returns the Winnerís Affidavit and eligibility has otherwise been formally verified by the Sponsor. 9. OWNERSHIP OF YOUR CONTEST ENTRY : By submitting your Contest entry you hereby relinquish, grant, transfer, assign, and deliver to the Sponsor all right, title, and titles, interest of every kind and nature whatsoever that you have in the essay you write as part of your Contest entry, including the copyright and all other intellectual property rights thereto. As a condition of receiving your prize, you may be required to drinking intoxicated execute additional documentation such as copyright assignments to sponsor of for movie your Contest Essay. In addition, you hereby irrevocably assign to the Sponsor all causes of action, including accrued, existing, and future causes of while intoxicated action, arising out of or related to your thesis the rights, including copyrights, in and to the essay you write as part of your Contest entry. 10. DISPUTES: By participating, entrants release Sponsor and its parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, and their members, directors, officers, employees, and agents from any and all liability with respect to all aspects of the Contest including all losses, damage or bodily injury resulting from drinking while intoxicated essay participation in this Contest, and the possession, acceptance, or misuse of prizes.

By entering the Contest, you agree that (a) any and all disputes, claims, and causes of action arising out of or connected to the Contest or the brandeis application essay Prize, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action; (b) any and all claims, judgments and awards shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket costs incurred, including costs associated with entering the Contest but in no event attorneysí fees; and (c) under no circumstances will any entrant be permitted to obtain any award for, and you hereby waive all rights to, any claim; punitive, incidental, or consequential damages; and any and all rights to drinking intoxicated have damages multiplied or otherwise increased and any other damages, other than for narrative spm, actual out-of-pocket expenses. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation, and enforceability of these Contest rules, or the drinking while essay rights and finish your thesis, obligations of the entrants and Sponsor in connection with the Contest, shall be governed by drinking and construed in accordance with the laws of rules Virginia without giving effect to drinking any choice of law or conflict of law rules or provisions that would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than the Commonwealth of Virginia. Any legal proceedings arising out of this Contest or relating to these Contest rules shall be instituted only in the federal courts located in the Eastern District of of lord flies essay Virginia, and the parties consent to essay jurisdiction therein with respect to any legal proceedings or disputes of whatever nature arising under or relating to board ap world essay questions these Contest rules. Essay! The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Contest rules shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision. In the event that any provision is determined to be invalid or otherwise unenforceable or illegal, these Contest rules shall otherwise remain in effect and be construed in accordance with their terms as if the finish thesis invalid or illegal provision were not contained in these Contest rules. 11.

INTERNET: If for any reason this Contest is essay, not capable of running as planned due to an infection by a computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of the Sponsor that corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of this Contest, the Sponsor reserves the rules for movie in essays right at its sole and absolute discretion to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Contest. The Sponsor assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in drinking while, operation or transmission, communications line failure, or theft, destruction, or unauthorized access to or alteration of entries. The Sponsor is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunctions of any telephone network or telephone lines, computer online systems, servers, or providers, computer equipment, software, failure of any email or entry to be received by rules for movie in essays the Sponsor due to technical problems, human error or traffic congestion on the internet or at any website, or any combination thereof, including any injury or damage to your or any other personís computer relating to intoxicated essay or resulting from participating in this Contest or downloading any materials in this Contest. CAUTION: ANY ATTEMPT TO DELIBERATELY DAMAGE ANY WEBSITE OR UNDERMINE THE LEGITIMATE OPERATION OF THE CONTEST MAY BE A VIOLATION OF CRIMINAL AND CIVIL LAWS. SHOULD SUCH AN ATTEMPT BE MADE, THE SPONSOR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SEEK DAMAGES OR OTHER REMEDIES FROM ANY SUCH PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ATTEMPT TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW. English Narrative Spm! Uses of automated devices are not valid for entry. 12. USE OF INFORMATION: The information that you provide in connection with the Contest may be used by Sponsor to inform you about related opportunities and developments involving charitable or educational topics that the essay Sponsor thinks may be of interest to you.

Sponsor may also share the information you provide in connection with the Contest with its subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions, and third parties in board essay, order to advance charitable or educational goals, and intoxicated essay, as otherwise stated in the Sponsorís terms of use and privacy statement. 13. GENERAL: By entering this Contest or accepting the Prize, you (a) agree to be bound by the Sponsorís policies, these Contest rules, and the decisions of help Sponsor which are final and drinking intoxicated essay, binding in finish your, all respects; and (b) consent to the use of your name, voice, picture, and likeness for charitable, educational, advertising, and promotional purposes in any medium throughout the world in perpetuity without additional compensation unless prohibited by Law. Intoxicated! The Sponsor reserves the right to correct typographical, clerical, or printing errors in any Contest materials. The Sponsor reserves the right to prohibit any person from participating in the Contest if, at conclusion of lord of the flies its sole and absolute discretion, the Sponsor finds such person to essay be tampering with the thesis entry process or the operation of the Contest, or if such participant repeatedly shows a disregard for or attempts to circumvent these Contest rules, or acts: (x) in a manner the Sponsor determines to drinking be not fair or equitable; (y) with an intent to annoy, threaten, or harass any other entrant, the Sponsor, or related entities; or (z) in any other disruptive manner. The Sponsor reserves the right to essay cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the drinking intoxicated essay Contest at its sole and absolute discretion. 14.

WINNERSí LIST/CONTEST RULES: To request an official Prize Winners list or a copy of these Contest rules, both available through September 1, 2017, send an of the flies essay email to [email protected] Note: Section 2 was updated on 5/4/2017 to intoxicated essay update the list of brandeis eligible locations.

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History and available methods in Linux. The history of software suspend in Linux can be traced to Gabor Kuti and Pavel Machek who developed a patch for drinking essay, the 2.2 series known as swsusp . It was probably an abbreviation for swap suspend as the snapshot image was written to finish thesis the active swap partition of the system. While Intoxicated Essay. Gabor used to maintain these patches on his personal page. The code base for this patch became the basis for three different implementations that we have today: swsusp , suspend2 and uswsusp . swsusp was first incorporated in the 2.5.18 kernel. Rules. It subsequently became a part of the 2.6 stable release.

Later, a fork of swsusp , known as pmdisk evolved. The difference between swsusp and pmdisk was that the latterís code was much cleaner and well structured. Moreover, while swsusp used the /proc interface, pmdisk used the /sys interface. pmdisk cleanups were eventually merged into drinking while intoxicated the swsusp code base. Among all the available methods, the one that generates the maximum excitement is suspend2 by Nigel Cunningham. It introduces some important changes in college board ap world history questions the way the snapshot image is handled and is also noticeably faster. suspend2 is currently available as a patch for 2.4 and drinking while intoxicated, 2.6 kernels and will hopefully be merged into rules for movie in essays the mainline kernels in future. Also worth mentioning is while, uswsusp , abbreviation for userland-swsusp . Statement. It is an implementation of an interface for software suspend in the user space.

All kernels starting from 2.6.17 have uswsusp merged in them. The module gives access to software suspend functionalities by exposing common file operation methods that can be used to operate on a character device. This is intoxicated, only useful for conclusion flies essay, developers who would like to write their software suspend applications in while user space and hence I wonít delve into this topic in detail here. swsusp works by taking a snapshot of the contents of the RAM. This snapshot or suspend image is copied and then saved in an atomic operation fashion to the active swap partition. Upon rebooting, if a valid image signature is found on your thesis the active swap, the image is loaded and the snapshot transferred back to drinking while intoxicated essay memory. This gets back the saved state to the user. The following illustration shows the sequence in simple terms: User requests for software suspend All the running processes are given the suspend signal The devices are frozen so that they donít change the system state when the snapshot is taken The memory image is finish your thesis, atomically copied with interrupts disabled Frozen devices are awakened so that the image can be written The image is written to swap Devices are suspended and the system powered off.

The resume process involves just the drinking intoxicated essay inverse of the above steps. Configuring and running swsusp is a breeze since it is a part of the 2.6 vanilla kernel. If swsusp has not been compiled in your running kernel, you will have to enable it and recompile your kernel. Titles In Essays. It is always a good idea to essay compile a fresh stable version instead of tinkering with the running version because that way you always have a backup with you. To enable swsusp , bring up the kernel configuration window: Enable Software Suspend under Power Management Options as shown in figure 1. Figure 1: Enabling swsusp. You can optionally add your swap partition path in Default resume partition . This step appends a resume parameter to the kernel section in grub.conf . You may also enable Encrypt suspend image that would encrypt the image stored in the swap partition. The key that is used for help, encryption is stored temporarily and while intoxicated essay, deleted after resuming. College Board Essay. swsusp will not work with Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP) enabled in your kernel. So, you will have to disable Symmetric Multi Processing_support under _Processor types and while, features to rules titles in essays enable the swsusp module as shown in figure 2. Figure 2: Disabling SMP.

As swsusp uses the AES module to encrypt the essay suspend image, you will have to select Cryptographic API and AES cipher algorithms as built-ins into the kernel (not as modules as they wonít be loaded). Refer to figure 3. Figure 3: Enabling AES. `swsusp` will not work with Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP) enabled in your kernel. Now compile your kernel and if the compilation succeeds, install your kernel. You should also check whether a resume parameter has been appended to finish your thesis the newly installed kernelís entry in grub.conf . If not, you can add it manually as resume=/your/swappartition . (Refer to figure 4) Figure 4: Editing grub.conf.

The default location of while intoxicated grub.conf is /etc . It may be different for your system. Thesis. Finally, to hibernate, type the following command : If everything is drinking intoxicated essay, fine, your system should enter the hibernate process and essay narrative, after saving the image should power off. You should again restart your system to find out if it really worked. The boot sequence should load the suspended image and get back to your previous session. There are a few other important points worth mentioning: To limit the suspend image size to N bytes, type: where N is the number in bytes. Instead of using echo platform , you may use echo shutdown to hibernate your system. (Refer to the command above) If the system becomes too slow after a resume, you may try turning off the swap and then turning it on again: You may try a SysVInit patch that would enable you to suspend using: The patch is available here. Append the noresume parameter to your kernel if you would like to boot normally but be warned that something might go wrong! The fundamentals behind the working of swsusp and suspend2 are almost the same.

However, there are some major differences in the way suspend2 does things and the flexibility it provides to the user. suspend2 first saves the while intoxicated lru (least recently used) pages in memory to the disk backstore, then does an brandeis, atomic copy of the rest of the memory and then saves that. Drinking While Essay. Since it is not doing an atomic copy of the whole of the memory, the process becomes much faster than swsusp and the image size is not limited to just half of the memory. The module sees to it that once we start saving the page lists, no pages are added or deleted, hence maintaining the integrity of the saved data. To summarize the steps: User requests for system hibernation suspend2 waits for the number of processes in their critical paths to reach zero New processes are prevented from entering states that can cause deadlocks or inconsistent states The page cache is saved to titles disk Drivers are suspended and drinking essay, the processor state is saved The rest of the help me write a thesis statement memory is atomically copied and then saved to essay disk The system is shut down. The resume process is just the opposite of the above steps.

To enable suspend2 , you will have to a thesis patch and while intoxicated, compile your kernel. Patches for many versions are available on the suspend2 downloads page. However the stable version is suspend-2.2.5 for kernel. Using the stable release reduces the chances of breaking the kernel compilation. First of all, you need to apply the english suspend2 patches using the drinking while essay apply script supplied. If you have other patches on your kernel (such as the mm patch), chances are that the apply script will fail. Of Lord Of The. In that case, patching the files individually would be a good idea. The patch file that refuses has to drinking while essay be manually applied by looking through the diff file and replacing code at the right places. After patching, you will have to configure your kernel. As shown in figure 5, enable Suspend2 under Power Management Options . From the options that show up in help a thesis the Option window, enable File Writer and Swap Writer . You may ignore the rest of the options but feel free to go through their descriptions. Figure 5: Configuring suspend2.

By default, suspend2 uses the LFZ modules for while intoxicated essay, compression and encryption which may be built into the kernel by help statement selecting Cryptographic API and while intoxicated, LFZ compression algorithm under Cryptographic Options . Figure 6: Enabling LFZ. Once you are done selecting all other modules relevant to your system, compile your new kernel and install it. suspend2 gives you the flexibility to choose the location to save the suspend image. You can either choose the file writer or the swap writer for this purpose. While the filewriter can save the image to a normal file, the swap writer can save the image either to a swap partition or to a swap file. Unlike swsusp , suspend2 can write to any swap partition! It need not be the systemís active swap partition. Board. Iíll cover the above three steps one by one. Unlike swsusp, suspend2 can write to any swap partition! It need not be the systemís active swap partition.

Writing to a normal file: First of all create a file that is at least equal in drinking while essay size to your system RAM. Here, I create a 512 MB file called suspend-image. Next supply this file to the suspend2 filewriter target. Finally, you will have to get the actual physical offset of this file and application essay, append it to the kernel section in grubís configuration file (grub.conf). The above command gave me the drinking intoxicated following output: So I need to append resume2=file:/dev/hda5:0x3c000 in my grub.conf . Board Essay Questions. (Refer figure 7). Donít just copy-paste the above output as it will definitely be different for your system.

Figure 7: Editing grub.conf Writing to a swap partition: This is the easiest of them all and is recommended for first timers. You just need to append your swap partition path to while the resume2 parameter for your kernel. Find out brandeis application essay your swap partition: and edit grub.conf accordingly. While Intoxicated. (Refer to figure 8) Figure 8: Editing grub.conf Writing to a swap file: The steps to this are similar to writing to a normal file except that here, you create a swap file instead of a normal one. To summarize: The output of the following command tells you what to append to the resume2 parameter. The following output was obtained:

The second output is of lord flies essay, what you would append in drinking intoxicated grub.conf . After choosing from the filewriter and the swapwriter (a combination of both is me write statement, also possible), you should take a look at the hibernate script. This is a shell script that greatly simplifies the hibernation sequence. Get the latest version from the intoxicated essay suspend2 Downloads page.The script is brandeis, available as RPM, SRPM, deb or tar.gz. Choose one of them and install it. By default, it should install in /usr/local/sbin . If you use initrd (common in redhat distributions), you need to tell it about intoxicated essay, suspend2. Open the mkinitrd script in brandeis essay a file editor and go below the while intoxicated line that says:

Add the following: The default location of mkinitrd is in essays, /sbin . The advantage of suspend2 lies in the flexibility it offers. Drinking. A set of configuration files are provided by me write statement default in /etc/hibernate . Hopefully, suspend2 will work ďout of the while essay boxĒ but it is always a good idea to go through these configuration files if you want to tweak suspend2 to get the best out of it. Here is a brief summary of all the brandeis application essay configuration files suspend2 offers. The verbose commented sections give a detailed explanation of all the available options. blacklisted-modules : Lists all the modules that have been reported to cause problems while suspending or resuming. hibernate.conf : The file actually read when the hibernate script is executed. disk.conf : Used when using the hibernate script to suspend using swsusp. common.conf : Includes list of common configurable options. ram.conf : Used when suspending to RAM instead of disk. (useful for drinking intoxicated essay, laptops) suspend2.conf : Configurable options for suspending to disk with suspend2.

Now all you have left to do is reboot into your new kernel. Keep a close eye on the system output while booting up. Help A Thesis. You should see something like Suspend2 enabled . Finally to hibernate, simply type the following as root: The system should enter the hibernate sequence and while intoxicated essay, shutdown. Reboot again to check everything is fine. If you are having problems with the filewriter, you may switch to the swap writer instead. It is usually convenient to english essay narrative spm try suspending to the swap partition first because thatís the easiest. Then, you may try suspending to a normal file or a swap file. Intoxicated. If the hibernate script doesnít work for you for any reason, you should try the following:

Go through the contents of suspend-debug and see what went wrong. Help Me Write A Thesis. The most important information will be towards the end of the file. If you find its contents meaningless, you would be better off sending it to essay the suspend2 mailing list. Most probably, someone will help you out. Not only of the flies essay, does suspend2 work differently, you can also make it look different. You have the option of a text based user interface or a graphical interface to show during the hibernate sequence. Download and install the Suspend2-User-UI package from suspend2 website. Additionally, obtain a theme from here and extract it to drinking intoxicated /etc/splash . Create a symbolic link to english essay it and name it as suspend2.

Add the appropriate entry in drinking while suspend2.conf depending on what user interface you would like to have. For Graphical UI. Now hibernate and see if everything goes as expected. If not, you can use the --bug-report option with hibernate to diagnose the college ap world history essay problem. hibernate ís log file also provides a lot of information about what went wrong. Its default location is /var/log/hibernate.log . Using the power button to suspend: First of all, make sure you have compiled your kernel with acpi support. Then install acpid and add it to drinking while intoxicated the default run level. Edit /etc/acpi/ as follows:

If you would like to reboot instead of shutting down your system, simply press ďRĒ during the suspend process. suspend2 clearly seems to be the successor to swsusp . It provides a lot more features than any other available method and is also very configurable. It allows you to store the suspended image almost anywhere. A more interesting feature which is in ap world history essay the TODO list is suspending to a NFS share! However, kerneltrap reports Nigel as saying that he will devote less time to suspend2 which may prevent its merging into the vanilla kernel. The three different methods available target three different types of users.

If you just want your system to hibernate and have no desire to tinker with your kernel, swsusp is definitely for you. On the contrary, suspend2 gives you greater speed and flexibility. If you are one of those who fancies writing his own userspace program, go for uswsusp . Drinking Intoxicated Essay. Get set and take your pick!