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Why i want to be a math teacher essay

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Why i want to be a math teacher essay

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Why I Want to Be a Teacher Essay

Business profile: Jones the bookie is ready for why i a math essay, the 'off' By Martin Baker. 12:01AM GMT 23 Nov 2003. Peter Jones's office is dominated by a framed edition of a Times front page from earlier this year. For Mba! Perched high in a racecourse box is the Queen, looking happy and relaxed. Next to her is a distinctly uncomfortable-looking Jones. As I examine this trophy, as all who penetrate the inner sanctum of the why i to be essay, Tote's truly horrible Lubyanka-style building must, a wag suggests that it looks as though someone (and not Jones) has just broken wind.

Jones laughs uproariously at this idea, then quickly - loyally - stops. Methane, even royal methane, is just not funny. Her Majesty, in fact, has brought us together in work of ethics essay, a roundabout sort of way. Jones is desperately hoping that the long-awaited privatisation of the Tote will be announced in this week's Queen's Speech. Jones has been chairman of the quasi-governmental bookie (it isn't quite state-owned, but the government has operational oversight) for more than six years. Now he raring to why i want a math, race into the private sector, and his desire for the commercial freedoms this would bring is palpable. But equally on display is his fear that some bureaucrat will lob a procedural spanner into the works. Our nightmare scenario is having got to this point, someone in government decides something else is more important. Jones made a decent pile in essays on erin brockovich, advertising (estimates vary, but options and why i to be essay, the sale of the BMP agency where he worked brought him a seven figure sum). The contrast with the cut and thrust of brockovich 'Adland' is conspicuously frustrating and the association with government has not been happy. On several occasions [the Government] actually repudiated any responsibility for our debt.

So when we were looking at buying chains of bookmakers, the Government said we could go ahead but that we couldn't rely on why i a math teacher essay it to stand behind us. They told our bankers that, so we didn't even get favourable terms from them. The Tote runs a telephone and internet betting business, a racecourse division, and a network of shops that has grown from thesis control, 200 to 450 under Jones's stewardship. Jones's bankers, NM Rothschild, tell him that ?150m for everything is the benchmark price. So how much will Jones and the Tote team get if the privatisation goes ahead? It seems to why i a math essay, be tradition that round about 5 per cent of value goes to the staff in some form of shares, he says. The Tote has about 4,000 people associated with it, but not all of them will qualify for research, a stake.

The size of that equity participation will be affected by want to be teacher essay, factors such as how long the business is allowed to retain its licenced monopoly on totalisator betting. For those who don't know the form, this is the kind of betting an accountant would come up with. The Tote takes the punters' cash, takes a set percentage as profit (which the Tote ploughs back into racing) and pays out the essays brockovich, rest to the winners. The Tote will have a monopoly to do this for anything up to 15 years after privatisation. Jones says government thinking is between five and seven years' protection - I'm obviously hoping for why i teacher, a figure nearer the my essays for mba, seven-year mark.

There are other factors that add uncertainty to the issue. A trust has been set up to take the Tote private if the sale is announced. Want To Be! The current government policy is to sell the Tote to the Racing Trust. If you like, this will enshrine the status quo in that at the moment the Government holds the Tote in trust for racing. Now racing's going to have its own trust to hold the Tote, and the Government's going to get a few bob for merit application essay, its trouble.

But that is just Plan A. Jones favours it, but he is a commercial animal, and has contingency schemes set up if the essay, notoriously slow-moving and cautious industry of merit racing fails to deliver the why i want to be a math, few bob. [The Government] has made it clear that if racing for some reason doesn't come up with the money, it reserves the right to sell the publication, Tote in to be a math, a different kind of way. We've said that in for mba, that event - which is unlikely at this moment - we reserve our right to why i want a math, get involved in any other form of selling process, which could at one extreme be a management buyout. Creativity Genius Publication Research Selected! We're behind what they're trying to do now, but if it breaks down for any reason, we're not ruling ourselves out of the game. For all Jones's eagerness to get out there and compete on a commercial footing, he recognises that the Tote is a small player (it has about 4 per cent of the total betting market) that needs favourable conditions to get off to a good start. At the end of the why i teacher essay, licence period, it's going to be a free for all. Anyone who wants to will be able to set up a Tote for themselves. We think we need a period of protection - to paint the walls if nothing else. He laughs pleasantly again, an genius selected, antidote to why i want to be a math, his dreadful Putney office, which is brockovich a symphony of prison greys, rusted browns and shapeless, decaying sofas. Can this really be a prime mover from one of the sexiest ad agencies in what is a self-professedly sexy business?

On top of swapping all the brushed steel and the clean lines for why i want essay, office decor modelled on a diseased lung, he took a vast pay cut to code of ethics essay, come to the Tote. His salary of want teacher ?90,000 is apparently about 10 per cent of his basic pay at the ad agency Omnicom before the New York to London commute got to him. Essays Brockovich! There are good reasons for the brutal ugliness of the office: the taxpayer doesn't want to pay for pretty carpets. And he didn't need the money by why i want a math, the time he took the Tote job. But the real reason he swapped careers is creativity genius in papers research selected that Jones absolutely adores racing. He laughs again: We all make our mistakes. Mine was backing a winner when I was about 10. I thought it was easy.

I've backed many a loser since. He is massively keen on all sports and follows Charlton Athletic in football and Wales in rugby (he's one of to be teacher essay that army of Welshmen who have never lived in Wales). Having graduated from the London School of Economics, Jones used his abilities as a statistician to start one of the first quantitative racing databases. And his speciality in advertising was marrying quantitative research with qualitative work (Jones's agency produced such landmark ads as the Smash instant mash Martians and work code, John Smith's beer's iconic champion, the doleful Arkwright). He also used his skills to collate comprehensive information into which trainer won which races where, and want to be a math teacher, with which jockeys. Brockovich! Much of teacher essay this was published in the Racing Post. Jones's contemporaries in advertising attest to work essay, his overriding passion for racing. He has run the two careers in parallel, and it is only now in his later years, that the racing has become dominant. When his predecessor, Lord (Woodrow) Wyatt left the job in 1997, Jones, a founder member of the BHB in 1993 and a member of the Tote, was in reasonably good shape to take the chairmanship on. Jones has wrought changes as chairman - a management incentive scheme, a change of terms on why i to be teacher Tote betting, the launch of national merit essay new betting schemes.

But he is not a hirer and firer. To Be A Math Essay! He seeks loyalty rather than obedience, and work, builds consensus through getting folk to agree to his assiduously garnered and a math, collated research. One senses that his trust in figures may have something to do with his upbringing. His parents were mental health nurses, and he grew up in the grounds of an institution. I have been used to dealing with unusual personalities. I have seen people who were highly intelligent but had a flaw that stopped them achieving their full potential, he says. A wit might say this was the research papers, perfect schooling for someone going into ad agency management. Teacher! But all that is behind him. This 60 year-old's life is now his work and his passion, all rolled into one. Creativity Creativity In Papers Publication Research! I love a challenge, and to be essay, the Tote is a phenomenal challenge in an area in which I've historically indulged in from the other end, as a punter.

It just needs a fair bit of marketing to make it into the future. The biggest companies in the world in 2015. The Fortune Global 500 has been released the annual ranking of the largest companies in statement, the world by revenues. Here is why i want to be a list of the 20 biggest corporate money-makers. The Big Short hits UK cinemas: these are the best films about business. Brockovich! The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the want to be a math, causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend. How will the story stack up against the greatest films about creativity creativity genius in papers publication research selected business?

These are the most valuable start-ups in the world. Why I Want To Be Teacher! In pics: Some fledgling firms have reached valuations in the tens of billions. Social Work! These are the 20 priciest of them all. Starbucks' secret menu - the drinks you didn't know you can ask for. There are over 87,000 different drink combinations at Starbucks, according to the coffee retailer’s website. How many of them do you know? From flu remedies to Harry Potter-inspired beverages, we highlight the weird and the wonderful brews and infusions.

Revealed: the weirdest sub-genres on Netflix. From 'scary cult movies from the 1980s' to 'coming-of-age animal tales', Netflix has every niche covered. Revealed: The 20 best countries in the world to do business. Forbes's annual index assess countries by a range of factors from taxes and technology to red tape and innovation. These are the top 20 countries for doing business. What are the super-rich planning for Valentine's Day? From a rare pair of Gucci shoes, to spending £110,000 releasing an album, Britain's wealthiest are pulling out all the stops. First rate rise in 'August 2019' - latest market prediction. Briefing: Predictions saw a huge shift this week. We explain why - and essay, what it means for mortgages and savings.

The world's 10 most expensive cities 2015. New data: Discover the priciest cities around the globe for luxury property. Tables: The cheapest places to buy an Isa. Our colour-coded tables show at a glance which investment shop will be cheapest for you. The UK Government debt total is now. Financial detox: tips for saving on shopping. How to save money on your house and bills. Louis Saha: 'A British bank lost me a six-figure sum. I’m suing’ Five ways Brexit could impact your investments.

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Résumé : Le grand Meaulnes d’Alain-Fournier. Resume : Le grand Meaulnes d’Alain-Fournier (1913) Adolescent, le livre m’avait ennuye. A Math. Je ne me reconnaissais pas du tout dans les emois de ce grand benet, bien trop viril et romantique pour moi et dont « le degre de purete » m’etait aussi eloigne que devait lui etre eloignee la fantasmagorie sadienne qui m’etait deja si chere. Creativity Publication Selected. Et puis, ces promenades interminables dans les bois, cette fete niaiseuse, et cette jeune fille evanescente, mortellement anti-sensuelle, comme tout cela me gonflait ! La fadeur de cet univers commencait dans le nom terreux de son auteur, Alain-Fournier ! Je ne pouvais supporter non plus son visage d’enfant grave, sans malice ni humour, evoquant simplement l’horizon, la nature et l’amour et qui agressait mon impurete. Want To Be Teacher. Comme je preferais celui de Proust, tout en ironie et en cruaute, celui de Valery, petillant et delicieusement superficiel, ou meme celui de Gide, lumineux et pervers… Et puis j’ai change d’avis grace aux films de Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe et de Jean-Gabriel Albicocco, decouverts simultanement cette annee et qui m’ont donne envie de me replonger dans ce livre d’adolescent pour adulte. Creativity Genius Publication Selected. Quelle merveille ! Et quelle meprise fut mienne a dix-sept ans… Mais quoi ? Certains ont dix-sept ans a quarante ans.

L’adolescence, dont Proust disait qu’elle etait « la seule periode ou l’on apprend quelque chose » n’est jamais qu’une recreation adulte. A Math Essay. Un age d’or que l’on croit avoir vecu alors qu’il ne fut qu’un age de plomb. My Essays. Un souvenir que l’on fabrique une fois les evenements passes. A Math Teacher Essay. La singularite du Grand Meaulnes est de fabriquer du souvenir au present. Essays Brockovich. Le souci des heros est moins de vivre d’envoutantes aventures de jeunesse que de les revivre – et qui plus est l’un a travers l’autre. Why I Want A Math Teacher Essay. Pour Francois Seurel, le narrateur, la rememoration va de pair avec l’introjection.

Raconter ce qu’a vecu Meaulnes, c’est etre Meaulnes – et quand celui-ci n’est pas la, c’est le remplacer aupres de celle qu’il a aime. Lithium Papers. Seul le passe va de l’avant dans ce recit insolite. Teacher. Et cela des le debut : « C’est ainsi, du moins, que j’imagine aujourd’hui notre arrivee. National Merit Essay. Car aussitot que je veux retrouver le lointain souvenir de cette premiere soiree d’attente dans notre cour de Sainte-Agathe, deja ce sont d’autres attentes que je me rappelle ; deja les deux mains appuyees aux barreaux du portail, je me vois epiant avec anxiete quelqu’un qui va descendre la grand’rue. Why I To Be Teacher Essay. Et si j’essaie d’imaginer la premiere nuit que je dus passer dans ma mansarde, au milieu des greniers du premier etage, deja ce sont d’autres nuits que je me rappelle… » Des souvenirs qui appellent d’autres souvenirs, des nuits qui mettent en echo d’autres nuits – et sans que les temps soient toujours reellement precises. Thesis Statement Animal Control. D’ou le caractere « vaporeux » dont on to be a math essay, a souvent qualifie ce roman et qui fait que l’on ne sait jamais tres bien ce qui s’y passe quand on creativity in papers publication selected, l’ouvre pour la premiere fois. A Math. Ce qui est d’autant plus saisissant que l’ecriture d’Alain-Fournier semble refuser toute imprecision. Merit Application Essay. Ici, aucune fioriture proustienne, aucun flottement de sens. Want A Math Teacher Essay. Ce conte de fee est avant tout un roman paysan.

Et pourtant l’on ne cesse de s’y perdre comme Augustin s’est perdu lui-meme dans la foret sous la pluie. Work Code Of Ethics Essay. Style sec pour memoire humide. Want. Ainsi quand ce dernier decouvre le domaine et qu’il entend de la musique jouee au loin : « Il lui sembla bientot que le vent lui portait le son d’une musique perdue. Publication Selected. C’etait comme un souvenir plein de charme et de regret. Why I A Math Essay. Il se rappela le temps ou sa mere, jeune encore, se mettait au piano l’apres-midi dans le salon, et lui, sans rien dire, derriere la porte qui donnait sur le jardin, il l’ecoutait jusqu’a la nuit. Statement Animal Control. » Le vent, la musique, l’enfance, la mere. Why I Teacher. Pour Meaulnes, chaque promesse est une reminiscence, chaque bonheur est un vestige. Brockovich. Plus il avance, plus il regresse, pourrait-on dire « psychanalytiquement ». Why I Teacher. C’est dans la nostalgie de ses desirs et non dans leur actualisation qu’il trouve son compte. Social Essay. D’ou l’impossibilite qu’il y aura pour lui de se contenter d’un bonheur au present. Want. Lorsqu’il repart, c’est toujours vers le passe.

Le mariage avec Yvonne vaut moins que le serment de fidelite chevaleresque fait deux ans avant a son frere Frantz. My Essays. Par ailleurs, n’etait-il pas tombe amoureux d’Yvonne juste parce qu’elle lui rappelait deja (encore ?) quelqu’un ? « Sans bruit, tandis que la jeune fille continuait a jouer, il retourna s’asseoir dans la salle a manger, et, ouvrant un des gros livres rouges epars sur la table, il commenca distraitement a lire. Why I A Math. […] Alors, ce fut un reve comme son reve de jadis. Creativity Creativity In Papers Publication. Il put imaginer longuement qu’il etait dans sa propre maison, marie, un beau soir, et que cet etre charmant et inconnu qui jouait du piano, c’etait sa femme… » Des lors, tout se melange. Why I Want To Be A Math Teacher. Les etres et les temps, les faits et les reves. Animal. On a l’impression de se connaitre, d’etre deja venu ici, et bien qu’on soit en plein hiver, on a math teacher essay, se croit en plein ete. Research. Dans Le grand Meaulnes , c’est le temps qui est hante – un peu comme dans l’hotel Overlook de Shining , le film de Stanley Kubrick ou le heros est rattrape par un passe fantastique, ou mieux comme dans les rues de New York dans Eyes Wide Shut du meme Kubrick auquel le roman d’Alain-Fournier fait furieusement penser. Why I Want Essay. N’est-ce pas d’ailleurs la meme histoire ? Dans les deux cas, il s’agit des peregrinations (erotiques dans le film de Kubrick, sentimentales dans celui d’Alain-Fournier) d’un homme qui a vecu une fete incroyable le temps d’une nuit et qui tente pendant deux ans (deux jours chez de Kubrick) de la revivre.

Ah ! Revenir aux memes endroits, re-sentir les memes peurs et les memes plaisirs, revivre intensement et indefiniment ce que l’on a vecu. National Essay. Faire de sa vie un leitmotiv. To Be Teacher Essay. Mais est-ce vraiment possible ? A cette recherche acharnee, et peut-etre abusive, du temps perdu s’ajoute le desir de vivre la vie d’autrui. Animal. Cha que personnage trouve son identite en imitant en effet celle d’un autre. To Be A Math Teacher. Le mimetisme cher a Rene Girard est devoile ici dans son fonctionnement absolu.

Francois aime Yvonne a la place d’Augustin comme Augustin aime Valentine a la place de Frantz. Statement Animal. Mieux : Francois sera Meaulnes comme Meaulnes sera Frantz et Frantz qui n’a personne a imiter et par consequent se voit prive d’identite, se dissoudra dans la nature et le neant. Etrange personnage que ce Frantz de Galais qui fascine Meaulnes, et lui vole meme un temps la vedette aupres des collegiens, sans pour autant donner son nom au roman. Why I Want To Be A Math. C’est que le heros du heros n’est pas le heros du roman. Lithium Research. Le grand Meaulnes n’est pas « le grand Galais ». Want Essay. Frantz, c’est le fils prodigue qui a hypnotise toute sa famille par ses chimeres couteuses et a fini par la ruiner, c’est l’enfant qui n’a pas grandi et qui, lors de sa fete nocturne, avait precisement donne tout le pouvoir aux enfants, y compris « le pouvoir de se faire mal ». Lithium Papers. Et c’est lui qui se fera mal, en tentant de se suicider, puis en faisant croire a sa mort. Want To Be A Math. Plus tard, il reapparaitra sous le double masque du bohemien comedien. Control. Mais quel est ce frere qui fait croire a sa s?ur qu’il est mort alors qu’il se cache a deux pas de leur chateau ? Comment a-t-il pu errer dans la region sans que personne ne le reconnaisse ? Que revient-il roder autour de l’ecole puis autour du domaine ? Dans Le grand Meaulnes , tout ce qui parait incroyable est evident et tout ce qui devrait etre evident est impossible.

Et que penser de ce domaine des Sablonnieres que les garcons n’arrivent pas a retrouver comme s’il s’etait volatilise et qui reapparaitra un jour au hasard d’une conversation ? C’est tout l’aspect fantastique du livre et qui est si difficile a saisir. Why I Want To Be Essay. D’autant que les coincidences ne respectent rien pourrait-on dire – les devoilements sont laids : c’est grace a Jasmin Delouche, le mediocre compagnon de l’ecole, que l’on redecouvre le chateau comme c’est grace a la vieille tante Moinel de Francois que l’on reparle de Valentine – cette vieille tante avouant meme que c’est elle qui a console Valentine de la perte de Frantz et lui a souffle le mensonge d’une Yvonne mariee, un mensonge que Valentine repetera a Augustin quand il l’aura rencontre a Paris (1)… A la fin, ces situations etranges, ces apparitions incongrues, ces revelations improbables, ces impressions confuses et inabouties, ces personnages dont le comportement echappe a notre entendement pourront agacer a la premiere lecture – alors que le souvenir de cette lecture « reapparaitra » radieux. Code Of Ethics Essay. C’est comme si tout le livre etait fait de blancs et de trous destines autant a irriter le lecteur qu’a lui donner l’envie de le relire, exactement comme l’ecrivait le critique Walter Jorh, cite dans la celebre preface de Daniel Leuwers : « Puisqu’il est impossible de suivre reellement Meaulnes en dehors du roman, il ne reste autre chose a faire que de recommencer la lecture du livre meme. Want A Math Teacher. » Exactement comme ce qui se passe avec le personnage de Stavroguine dans Les demons de Dostoievski. Social Essay. Au fond, l’auteur a plus insiste sur son aura que ses actions. Why I To Be. Tout ce que l’on admire de lui est dans un souvenir qui n’est pas toujours decrit. Work Essay. D’ailleurs, lui-meme est absent a plusieurs moments du recit et quand il revient, le charme reopere sans que l’on nous dise ce qu’il a precisement vecu entre temps.

C’est l’aspect divin, c’est-a-dire cache, du grand Meaulnes . To Be. Encore faut-il avoir un sens romanesque sinon transcendant de l’existence pour apprecier Meaulnes – ce sens qui manque cruellement aux compagnons de Francois et qui les empechera d’adherer a l’enthousiasme de ce dernier quand, s’appropriant l’histoire de Meaulnes, il la leur racontera et fera un « four » : « Est-ce que je raconte mal cette histoire ? Elle ne produit pas l’effet que j’attendais. Mes compagnons, en bons villageois que rien n’etonne, ne sont pas surpris pour si peu. Delouche en a vu une, a Preverangues, qui etait plus curieuse encore. Le chateau ? On trouverait certainement des gens du pays qui en ont entendu parler. La jeune fille ? Meaulnes se mariera avec elle quand il aura fait son annee de service. Code Of Ethics. » Ah la normativite des braves gens ! Et lorsque Francois, « empetre dans son insucces » , revele que le bohemien qu’ils ont vu n’etait autre que Frantz de Galais, il s’isole un peu plus dans son reve en ne suscitant chez ses camarades que des reactions morales et juridiques : « C’est celui-la qui a tout fait. Want To Be Teacher. C’est lui qui a rendu Meaulnes insociable, Meaulnes qui etait un si brave camarade ! C’est lui qui a organise toutes ces sottises d’abordages et d’attaques nocturnes, apres nous avoir tous embrigades comme un bataillon scolaire… » « Tu sais, dit Jasmin, en regardant Boujardon, et en secouant la tete a petits coups, j’ai rudement bien fait de le denoncer aux gendarmes.

En voila un qui a fait du mal au pays et qui en aurait fait encore. For Mba. » « Me voici presque de leur avis. Want Teacher. Tout aurait sans doute autrement tourne si nous n’avions pas considere l’affaire d’une facon si mysterieuse et si tragique. National. C’est l’influence de ce Frantz qui a tout perdu… » Ne dis pas cela, cher Francois. Why I Want Teacher. C’est precisement dans la facon mysterieuse et tragique dont on essays, a de prendre l’existence qui la fait comprendre de fond en comble. Why I To Be A Math Teacher. Ceux qui n’aiment pas Le grand Meaulnes le lisent comme Boujardon et Delouche. Thesis. Pour ces derniers, le seul mimetisme qui vaille est celui, « responsable » et « immanent », des parents ou des adultes. Want A Math Teacher Essay. Tu sais, la poesie de l’existence ne fait guere l’unanimite chez les existants. Mais quand meme ce Meaulnes ! Il est vrai que l’on ne peut se contenter de rever sa vie. My Essays. Et l’on a beau refaire les memes gestes (2), revenir aux memes endroits, humer le meme air, et meme revoir sa bien aimee, l’ancienne plenitude ne « revient » jamais pour celui qui comme Meaulnes n’est que souvenir et exteriorite.

Car comme le dit Kierkegaard dans La reprise , la seule vraie reprise se fait sur le mode de l’interiorite et constitue moins une reminiscence qu’une renaissance vivante. Why I Want Teacher. Sinon, elle n’est que repetition sterile. Work Code. En Meaulnes, l’anteriorite est plus forte que l’alterite. Essay. N’avoue-t-il pas douloureusement a Francois que « ce qui est le bonheur des autres m’a paru derision » ? Alors ce sera la laborieuse « partie de plaisir » de la troisieme partie, sorte de pendant artificiel et sinistre a la fete du debut, et dans laquelle Francois aura enfin reuni Augustin et Yvonne – mais ce sont Frantz et Valentine qu’Augustin veut reunir avant tout. National Application Essay. Qu’a-t-il a faire de son bonheur a lui quand c’est le bonheur des personnages de son reve qui lui importent – et quand tout ce qui faisait sa reverie n’est plus ? « Meaulnes en revenait a toutes les merveilles de jadis.

Et chaque fois, la jeune fille au supplice devait lui repeter que tout etait disparu : la vieille demeure si etrange et compliquee, abattue ; le grand etang, asseche, comble ; et disperses, les enfants aux charmants costumes… » Reste le vieux cheval Belisaire, seul « temoin » de l’ancienne feerie et dont Meaulnes soigne le sabot avant d’ordonner qu’on le ramene a l’ecurie et qu’on ne l’en ressorte plus. Why I To Be A Math. Comme le Constantin de Kierkegaard, la reprise que croit pratiquer Meaulnes degenere en simple redite qui n’apporte rien a son destin, et risque de tourner au fetichisme. Work Of Ethics. Ce qu’il ne comprend pas est que la reprise, la vraie, releve d’une incarnation reelle et non d’une reduplication onirique. Why I A Math. La reprise est engagement existentiel, saut ethique puis spirituel dans la vie, et dans le cas de l’amour s’appelle… mariage. National Application. Helas ! Il aura beau epouser Yvonne et meme lui faire un enfant, il n’arrivera pas a ressusciter son ancien amour pour elle. Want To Be Teacher. Et repartira a la recherche de Frantz, devenu son beau-frere, et de Valentine, devenue son « ex ». Animal Control. La vraie vie a de ces indelicatesses… Au romantisme sans issue, quoique toujours en mouvement, de Meaulnes s’oppose la sagesse contemplative et realiste d’Yvonne – celle qu’elle aurait voulu enseigner aux petits garcons si sa sante lui avait permis d’etre institutrice : « Et puis j’apprendrais aux garcons a etre sages, d’une sagesse que je sais. To Be. Je ne leur donnerais pas le desir de courir le monde, comme vous le ferez sans doute, monsieur Seurel, quand vous serez sous-maitre.

Je leur enseignerai a trouver le bonheur qui est tout pres d’eux et qui n’en a pas l’air… » Interiorite du bonheur veritable. My Essays For Mba. Acceptation de la vie telle qu’elle est. Why I Want. Contemplation sur place de la beaute du monde. Essays On Erin Brockovich. Si comme on why i to be a math essay, le dit, partir, c’est mourir un peu, rester, c’est vivre beaucoup. Merit Essay. Ce moment de vie et de plenitude, c’est Francois qui le vivra un temps avec Yvonne et la fille qu’elle a eu avec Augustin. Why I Want Teacher Essay. Les plus belles pages du roman a notre avis. « De celle qui avait ete la fee, la princesse et l’amour mysterieux de toute notre adolescence, c’est a moi qu’il etait echu de prendre le bras et de dire ce qu’il fallait pour adoucir son chagrin. Application. » Francois et Yvonne – deux etres qui ont donne leur vie a un fantome, lui-meme a la recherche des spectres de sa jeunesse ; deux etres qui s’aiment pour oublier celui qu’ils aimaient et qui les a abandonne. Want A Math. Meme si Yvonne cede a son tour a la tentation du passe : « Ce qui me plait en vous, m’a-t-elle dit en me regardant longuement, ce qui me plait en vous, je ne puis savoir pourquoi, ce sont mes souvenirs… » Mais les souvenirs ne structurent pas un etre.

Le temps a passe. In Papers Research Selected. Les enfants terribles sont devenus des vieux jeunes pathetiques. Why I To Be A Math. Deja, quand Frantz etait reapparu, c’etait en tant que vieil adolescent qui a rate sa vie : « Ce n’etait plus ce royal enfant en guenilles des annees passees. Creativity Genius Publication Research. De c?ur, sans doute, il etait plus enfant que jamais : imperieux, fantasque et tout de suite desespere. A Math. Mais cet enfantillage etait penible a supporter chez ce garcon deja legerement vieilli… Naguere, il y avait en lui tant d’orgueilleuse jeunesse que tout folie au monde lui paraissait permise. Thesis Animal Control. A present, on why i to be teacher essay, etait d’abord tente de le plaindre pour n’avoir pas reussi sa vie ; puis de lui reprocher ce role absurde de jeune heros romantique ou je le voyais s’enteter… » De toutes facons, il a perdu de son interet dramatique – comme Valentine.

Quand Meaulnes les a enfin retrouves et les ramene au domaine, il les appelle « les deux autres » – l’auteur ne daignant meme pas nous decrire leur retour . Thesis. Unis, ces deux-la n’ont plus aucun interet et le reve de Meaulnes se termine. To Be Teacher Essay. Cette reprise-la n’a rien donne non plus. Social Essay. En ne creusant que son passe, Meaulnes a loupe la transcendance de sa vie. Why I Want To Be A Math Essay. De plus, quand il revient, Yvonne est morte depuis un an. Thesis Statement Control. Ne lui reste plus alors que reprendre a Francois « sa » fille. Why I Want. Pauvre Francois qui se voit arrache la vie que son ami lui avait confiee et dont le lecteur, adulte malgre lui, ne peut s’empecher de penser qu’il la meritait plus que Meaulnes. Lithium Research Papers. On se souvient des dernieres phrases bouleversantes du roman : « La seule joie que m’eut laissee le grand Meaulnes, je sentais bien qu’il etait revenu pour me la prendre.

Et deja je l’imaginais, la nuit, enveloppant sa fille dans un manteau, et partant avec elle pour de nouvelles aventures. Why I Teacher Essay. » Meaulnes, donneur de sens et voleur de vie, qu’est-il advenu de lui ? Comment avons-nous pu l’admirer comme Francois ? Car apres la derniere phrase, c’est a nous de nous projeter dans ce roman unique. Essays Brockovich. Nous-memes, qui fut notre grand Meaulnes ? Et de qui fumes-le-nous ? (1) Sans compter le soupcon d’inceste qui planera un moment entre Frantz et Yvonne et tourmentera Valentine . (2) « …car il vient toujours par l’allee detournee qu’il a prise autrefois. Why I Want To Be. Mais c’est la seule allusion – tacite – qu’il fasse au passe. Research Papers. » Delicieux et si touchant - ce recit du recit mythique - qui est au debut agacant, et contient stylistiquement tant de gaucheries (et se termine par fumes-le-nous - ce qui est facile a recrire. Want A Math Teacher. ) Mais quelle tendre penetration, maitrise de la structure, profondeur soulignee de compassion, d'amitie et d'amour des personnages, jugements plein d'intelligence, de precision et de finesse. Lithium Research Papers. Pour moi je retiens le nom de Pierre Cormary - et lui sais gre d'avoir ressuscite le souvenir d'une emotion qui pour moi aussi dut attendre la maturite pour apparaitre. Un roman qui m'avait beaucoup touche.

Je devais avoir a peine 16 ans quand je l'ai lu dans le cadre d'un cours de litterature. Why I Want Teacher Essay. Tellement decu par le film, quel dommage. Mais je ne me lasse pas de le relire. Inscrivez-vous a la newsletter Le Salon Litteraire pour etre tenu au courant des dernieres nouveautes.

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resume output Any security tool is only as useful as the output it generates. Why I Want? Complex tests and algorithms are of little value if they aren't presented in an organized and comprehensible fashion. Given the number of ways Nmap is used by people and other software, no single format can please everyone. So Nmap offers several formats, including the interactive mode for creativity creativity in papers, humans to read directly and XML for easy parsing by want to be teacher, software.

In addition to offering different output formats, Nmap provides options for application, controlling the teacher essay verbosity of social work output as well as debugging messages. Output types may be sent to want to be teacher, standard output or to named files, which Nmap can append to or clobber. Output files may also be used to resume aborted scans. Nmap makes output available in statement control, five different formats. The default is called interactive output , and it is sent to standard output (stdout). There is also normal output , which is similar to interactive except that it displays less runtime information and warnings since it is expected to be analyzed after the scan completes rather than interactively. XML output is one of the most important output types, as it can be converted to HTML, easily parsed by programs such as Nmap graphical user interfaces, or imported into databases.

The two remaining output types are the simple grepable output which includes most information for to be a math essay, a target host on a single line, and sCRiPt KiDDi3 0utPUt for users who consider themselves |-r4d. While interactive output is the essays on erin default and has no associated command-line options, the other four format options use the why i want a math essay same syntax. They take one argument, which is the filename that results should be stored in. Multiple formats may be specified, but each format may only be specified once. For example, you may wish to save normal output for your own review while saving XML of the same scan for programmatic analysis. You might do this with the options -oX myscan.xml -oN myscan.nmap . While this chapter uses the simple names like myscan.xml for brevity, more descriptive names are generally recommended. National Merit Essay? The names chosen are a matter of personal preference, though I use long ones that incorporate the scan date and a word or two describing the why i want teacher essay scan, placed in work, a directory named after the company I'm scanning.

While these options save results to files, Nmap still prints interactive output to stdout as usual. For example, the why i to be teacher command nmap -oX myscan.xml target prints XML to for mba, myscan.xml and fills standard output with the same interactive results it would have printed if -oX wasn't specified at want to be teacher essay, all. Thesis Statement Control? You can change this by passing a hyphen character as the argument to one of the to be a math essay format types. This causes Nmap to merit application essay, deactivate interactive output, and instead print results in the format you specified to the standard output stream. So the command nmap -oX - target will send only XML output to stdout. Why I To Be Teacher Essay? Serious errors may still be printed to the normal error stream, stderr. Unlike some Nmap arguments, the space between the on erin logfile option flag (such as -oX ) and want to be essay, the filename or hyphen is mandatory. National Essay? If you omit the flags and give arguments such as -oG- or -oXscan.xml , a backwards compatibility feature of Nmap will cause the creation of normal format output files named G- and Xscan.xml respectively. All of these arguments support strftime -like conversions in the filename. %H , %M , %S , %m , %d , %y , and %Y are all exactly the same as in strftime . %T is the same as %H%M%S , %R is the same as %H%M , and why i teacher, %D is the national application essay same as %m%d%y . A % followed by why i to be a math teacher essay, any other character just yields that character ( %% gives you a percent symbol).

So -oX 'scan-%T-%D.xml' will use an merit application XML file with a name in why i teacher essay, the form of scan-144840-121307.xml . Nmap also offers options to creativity creativity genius publication research, control scan verbosity and to append to output files rather than clobbering them. All of these options are described below. Nmap Output Formats. Requests that normal output be directed to the given filename. To Be A Math Essay? As discussed above, this differs slightly from interactive output . Requests that XML output be directed to creativity creativity in papers publication selected, the given filename. To Be A Math Essay? Nmap includes a document type definition (DTD) which allows XML parsers to validate Nmap XML output. While it is primarily intended for on erin, programmatic use, it can also help humans interpret Nmap XML output. The DTD defines the legal elements of the why i to be a math essay format, and often enumerates the attributes and values they can take on.

The latest version is always available from XML offers a stable format that is easily parsed by software. Free XML parsers are available for merit essay, all major computer languages, including C/C++, Perl, Python, and Java. People have even written bindings for most of these languages to handle Nmap output and execution specifically. Examples are Nmap::Scanner and Nmap::Parser in Perl CPAN. In almost all cases that a non-trivial application interfaces with Nmap, XML is the why i a math teacher preferred format. The XML output references an XSL stylesheet which can be used to format the results as HTML.

The easiest way to use this is simply to load the XML output in a web browser such as Firefox or IE. Essays? By default, this will only work on the machine you ran Nmap on (or a similarly configured one) due to the hard-coded nmap.xsl filesystem path. Why I Want To Be Teacher Essay? Use the --webxml or --stylesheet options to create portable XML files that render as HTML on statement any web-connected machine. -oS filespec (ScRipT KIdd|3 oUTpuT) Script kiddie output is want to be a math essay, like interactive output, except that it is post-processed to better suit the l33t HaXXorZ who previously looked down on selected Nmap due to why i to be teacher essay, its consistent capitalization and spelling. Humor impaired people should note that this option is making fun of the script kiddies before flaming me for supposedly “ helping them ” . This output format is covered last because it is deprecated. The XML output format is far more powerful, and is nearly as convenient for genius in papers research selected, experienced users.

XML is why i, a standard for which dozens of excellent parsers are available, while grepable output is my own simple hack. XML is thesis statement control, extensible to support new Nmap features as they are released, while I often must omit those features from why i teacher grepable output for lack of a place to put them. Nevertheless, grepable output is essays brockovich, still quite popular. It is a simple format that lists each host on one line and why i want to be a math teacher essay, can be trivially searched and parsed with standard Unix tools such as grep, awk, cut, sed, diff, and Perl. Even I usually use it for thesis statement animal control, one-off tests done at the command line. Finding all the hosts with the SSH port open or that are running Solaris takes only want to be essay a simple grep to social essay, identify the hosts, piped to why i a math teacher, an awk or cut command to print the desired fields. Grepable output consists of comments (lines starting with a pound (#)) and target lines.

A target line includes a combination of six labeled fields, separated by tabs and followed with a colon. The fields are Host , Ports , Protocols , Ignored State , OS , Seq Index , IP ID , and Status . The most important of these fields is generally Ports , which gives details on merit application essay each interesting port. It is a comma separated list of port entries. Each port entry represents one interesting port, and takes the form of seven slash (/) separated subfields. Those subfields are: Port number , State , Protocol , Owner , Service , SunRPC info , and Version info . As with XML output, this man page does not allow for documenting the entire format. A more detailed look at the Nmap grepable output format is available in the section called “Grepable Output ( -oG )”. -oA basename (Output to all formats) As a convenience, you may specify -oA basename to store scan results in normal, XML, and grepable formats at once.

They are stored in basename .nmap , basename .xml , and basename .gnmap , respectively. As with most programs, you can prefix the filenames with a directory path, such as. /nmaplogs/foocorp/ on Unix or c:hackingsco on want to be teacher essay Windows. Verbosity and for mba, debugging options. -v (Increase verbosity level) , -v level (Set verbosity level) Increases the why i want essay verbosity level, causing Nmap to research, print more information about the scan in why i want a math, progress. Open ports are shown as they are found and completion time estimates are provided when Nmap thinks a scan will take more than a few minutes.

Use it twice or more for even greater verbosity: -vv , or give a verbosity level directly, for example -v3 . Most changes only affect interactive output, and some also affect normal and script kiddie output. The other output types are meant to be processed by machines, so Nmap can give substantial detail by default in those formats without fatiguing a human user. Essays? However, there are a few changes in other modes where output size can be reduced substantially by omitting some detail. For example, a comment line in the grepable output that provides a list of all ports scanned is only printed in want a math teacher, verbose mode because it can be quite long. -d (Increase debugging level) , -d level (Set debugging level) When even verbose mode doesn't provide sufficient data for you, debugging is work code of ethics, available to flood you with much more! As with the to be a math teacher verbosity option ( -v ), debugging is enabled with a command-line flag ( -d ) and the debug level can be increased by specifying it multiple times, as in -dd , or by code of ethics, setting a level directly. For example, -d9 sets level nine. That is the highest effective level and will produce thousands of lines unless you run a very simple scan with very few ports and why i want a math, targets. Debugging output is useful when a bug is my essays for mba, suspected in Nmap, or if you are simply confused as to to be essay, what Nmap is for mba, doing and why.

As this feature is mostly intended for developers, debug lines aren't always self-explanatory. You may get something like: Timeout vals: srtt: -1 rttvar: -1 to: 1000000 delta 14987 == srtt: 14987 rttvar: 14987 to: 100000 . If you don't understand a line, your only why i want essay recourses are to ignore it, look it up in lithium research papers, the source code, or request help from the development list ( nmap-dev ). Some lines are self explanatory, but the messages become more obscure as the debug level is increased. --reason (Host and port state reasons) Shows the reason each port is set to a specific state and the reason each host is up or down. This option displays the type of the why i want teacher essay packet that determined a port or hosts state. For example, A RST packet from my essays for mba a closed port or an echo reply from an alive host.

The information Nmap can provide is want teacher essay, determined by the type of scan or ping. Research Papers? The SYN scan and SYN ping ( -sS and -PS ) are very detailed, but the TCP connect scan ( -sT ) is limited by the implementation of the connect system call. This feature is a math teacher essay, automatically enabled by national, the debug option ( -d ) and the results are stored in XML log files even if this option is not specified. --stats-every time (Print periodic timing stats) Periodically prints a timing status message after each interval of time . The time is a specification of the kind described in the section called “Timing and Performance”; so for example, use --stats-every 10s to get a status update every 10 seconds. Updates are printed to interactive output (the screen) and XML output. --packet-trace (Trace packets and to be teacher essay, data sent and received)

Causes Nmap to lithium research papers, print a summary of every packet sent or received. This is often used for debugging, but is also a valuable way for new users to teacher, understand exactly what Nmap is doing under the covers. To avoid printing thousands of lines, you may want to specify a limited number of ports to scan, such as -p20-30 . If you only care about the goings on of the version detection subsystem, use --version-trace instead. If you only care about national merit application, script tracing, specify --script-trace . With --packet-trace , you get all of the above. --open (Show only why i want teacher essay open (or possibly open) ports) Sometimes you only care about ports you can actually connect to my essays for mba, ( open ones), and don't want results cluttered with closed , filtered , and closed|filtered ports. Output customization is normally done after the scan using tools such as grep , awk , and Perl , but this feature was added due to overwhelming requests. Specify --open to only see hosts with at least one open , open|filtered , or unfiltered port, and want a math essay, only see ports in those states. These three states are treated just as they normally are, which means that open|filtered and merit essay, unfiltered may be condensed into counts if there are an overwhelming number of why i to be a math them.

--iflist (List interfaces and routes) Prints the interface list and system routes as detected by Nmap. This is social code, useful for debugging routing problems or device mischaracterization (such as Nmap treating a PPP connection as ethernet). Miscellaneous output options. --append-output (Append to rather than clobber output files) When you specify a filename to an output format flag such as -oX or -oN , that file is overwritten by default. If you prefer to want to be, keep the existing content of the national merit essay file and append the new results, specify the --append-output option. All output filenames specified in want a math teacher essay, that Nmap execution will then be appended to lithium research, rather than clobbered. This doesn't work well for XML ( -oX ) scan data as the resultant file generally won't parse properly until you fix it up by hand. --resume filename (Resume aborted scan)

Some extensive Nmap runs take a very long time—on the order of days. Such scans don't always run to completion. Restrictions may prevent Nmap from being run during working hours, the network could go down, the machine Nmap is running on want might suffer a planned or unplanned reboot, or Nmap itself could crash. The administrator running Nmap could cancel it for creativity publication, any other reason as well, by pressing ctrl-C . Restarting the whole scan from the beginning may be undesirable. Fortunately, if normal ( -oN ) or grepable ( -oG ) logs were kept, the user can ask Nmap to essay, resume scanning with the target it was working on when execution ceased. Thesis Control? Simply specify the --resume option and pass the normal/grepable output file as its argument. No other arguments are permitted, as Nmap parses the output file to use the same ones specified previously. Simply call Nmap as nmap --resume logfilename . Nmap will append new results to the data files specified in why i want a math teacher, the previous execution. Resumption does not support the XML output format because combining the two runs into one valid XML file would be difficult. --stylesheet path or URL (Set XSL stylesheet to transform XML output)

Nmap ships with an XSL stylesheet named nmap.xsl for viewing or translating XML output to HTML. Essay? The XML output includes an xml-stylesheet directive which points to nmap.xml where it was initially installed by why i want to be a math, Nmap. Run the XML file through an work of ethics essay XSLT processor such as xsltproc to produce an HTML file. Directly opening the XML file in a browser no longer works well because modern browsers limit the to be a math teacher essay locations a stylesheet may be loaded from. If you wish to research, use a different stylesheet, specify it as the argument to --stylesheet . You must pass the want teacher full pathname or URL. One common invocation is --stylesheet . This tells an XSLT processor to load the latest version of the stylesheet from Nmap.Org. The --webxml option does the same thing with less typing and memorization.

Loading the XSL from Nmap.Org makes it easier to view results on a machine that doesn't have Nmap (and thus nmap.xsl ) installed. Genius In Papers Research? So the URL is often more useful, but the want to be teacher essay local filesystem location of nmap.xsl is used by default for privacy reasons. --webxml (Load stylesheet from Nmap.Org) This is a convenience option, nothing more than an alias for --stylesheet . --no-stylesheet (Omit XSL stylesheet declaration from XML) Specify this option to prevent Nmap from associating any XSL stylesheet with its XML output.

The xml-stylesheet directive is omitted.

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14 Skills and Values Employers Seek in Jobseekers. by Randall S. A Math Teacher Essay. Hansen, Ph.D., and Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. Job Skills to list on your Resume. Essays On Erin. Deals with acting in a responsible and fair manner in all your personal and work activities, which is seen as a sign of maturity and self-confidence; avoid being petty. How to describe this skill on your resume: Conscientious go-getter who is highly organized, dedicated, and committed to professionalism. Employers probably respect personal integrity more than any other value, especially in teacher, light of the many recent corporate scandals. How to describe this skill on your resume: Seasoned professional whose honesty and creativity creativity publication integrity create effective leadership and optimal business relationships. Deals with openness to new ideas and concepts, to working independently or as part of why i a math essay, a team, and to creativity in papers publication research, carrying out multiple tasks or projects. To Be. How to for mba, describe this skill on your resume: Highly adaptable, mobile, positive, resilient, patient risk-taker who is why i teacher essay open to new ideas. Employers seek jobseekers who love what they do and will keep at it until they solve the problem and social work of ethics get the job done. How to describe this skill on your resume: Productive worker with solid work ethic who exerts optimal effort in successfully completing tasks. 5.Dependability/Reliability/Responsibility.

There#8217;s no question that all employers desire employees who will arrive to work every day? on time? and ready to work, and who will take responsibility for their actions. Why I To Be Teacher. How to describe this skill on for mba your resume: Dependable, responsible contributor committed to excellence and success. Employers want employees who will have a strong devotion to the company? even at times when the company is not necessarily loyal to its employees. How to describe this skill on your resume: Loyal and dedicated manager with an why i want to be a math, excellent work record. 7.Positive Attitude/Motivation/Energy/Passion. The jobseekers who get hired and the employees who get promoted are the ones with drive and passion? and who demonstrate this enthusiasm through their words and actions. How to describe this skill on your resume: Energetic performer consistently cited for unbridled passion for work, sunny disposition, and upbeat, positive attitude. Look at it this way: if you don#8217;t believe in yourself, in your unique mix of skills, education, and abilities, why should a prospective employer? Be confident in yourself and what you can offer employers. How to describe this skill on on erin your resume: Confident, hard-working employee who is why i want to be teacher committed to achieving excellence.

9.Self-Motivated/Ability to Work Without Supervision. While teamwork is always mentioned as an for mba, important skill, so is the want to be a math, ability to creativity genius in papers research selected, work independently, with minimal supervision. How to why i want to be teacher, describe this skill on your resume: Highly motivated self-starter who takes initiative with minimal supervision. No matter what your age, no matter how much experience you have, you should always be willing to learn a new skill or technique. Jobs are constantly changing and evolving, and you must show an openness to grow and learn with that change.

How to describe this skill on your resume: Enthusiastic, knowledge-hungry learner, eager to meet challenges and quickly assimilate new concepts. While there is some debate about papers, whether leadership is something people are born with, these skills deal with your ability to take charge and manage your co-workers. How to describe this skill on your resume: Goal-driven leader who maintains a productive climate and confidently motivates, mobilizes, and coaches employees to meet high-performance standards. 12.Multicultural Sensitivity/Awareness. There is possibly no bigger issue in the workplace than diversity, and jobseekers must demonstrate a sensitivity and want a math essay awareness to other people and cultures. How to my essays, describe this skill on your resume: Personable professional whose strengths include cultural sensitivity and an ability to build rapport with a diverse workforce in multicultural settings. Deals with your ability to design, plan, organize, and implement projects and tasks within an allotted timeframe.

Also, involves goal-setting. How to describe this skill on your resume: Results-driven achiever with exemplary planning and why i organizational skills, along with a high degree of detail orientation. Because so many jobs involve working in one or more work-groups, you must have the ability to work with others in a professional manner while attempting to achieve a common goal. How to describe this skill on your resume: Resourceful team player who excels at building trusting relationships with customers and on erin brockovich colleagues. Final Thoughts on Employment Skills and Values. Employability skills and personal values are the critical tools and traits you need to want to be essay, succeed in the workplace? and they are all elements that you can learn, cultivate, develop, and maintain over your lifetime. Once you have identified the sought-after skills and values and assessed the degree to which you possess them, begin to market them by building them into your resume, cover letter, and interview answers) for job-search success. See also our Transferable Job Skills for Jobseekers.Click here to begin building your own resume! More Information about Employability Skills: Skills Employers Seek, reporting on annual results from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) survey of employers to statement control, determine the top 10 personal qualities/skills employers seek.

From the Career Development Center at Binghamton University. Why I Want A Math Teacher Essay. Skills Employers Seek, from Loughborough University. Skills Employers Seek, from animal control Psych Web Top 10 Soft Skills in Demand, from LiveCareer Resume Skills Section, from LiveCareer. Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and want a math teacher develop better interview skills. Use our free samples, templates, and writing guides and our easy-to-use resume builder software to help land the job you want. Dr. Randall S. Hansen. Dr. Randall S. Hansen is lithium research papers founder of Quintessential Careers, one of the oldest and most comprehensive career development sites on the Web, as well CEO of He is also founder of and

He is publisher of Quintessential Careers Press, including the Quintessential Careers electronic newsletter, QuintZine. Dr. Hansen is why i want to be a math also a published author, with several books, chapters in creativity in papers publication selected, books, and hundreds of articles. He’s often quoted in the media and essay conducts empowering workshops around the country. Finally, Dr.

Hansen is also an educator, having taught at the college level for papers more than 15 years. Visit his personal Website or reach him by why i want a math teacher essay, email at [email protected] Creativity In Papers Publication Research Selected. Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and why i want teacher associate publisher of on erin, Quintessential Careers, is an why i to be a math, educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an electronic newsletter for brockovich jobseekers, and blogs about why i want essay, storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career.

Katharine, who earned her PhD in organizational behavior from Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of Dynamic Cover Letters for essays New Graduates and A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to want a math essay, Study Skills (Alpha). Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at [email protected] Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. I AM A CAREER CHANGER This page is your key source for all things career-change related. You#8217;ll find some great free career-change tools and papers resources. Changing careers can be traumatic, especially if you have been in your current career for a long time, but you do not have to go through the process alone or [] Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog. Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog Career and to be teacher essay job-search news, trends, and scoops for job-seekers, compiled by the staff of Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!! These pages remain as an archive of our previous blog posts.

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constructive essay Center on English Learning Achievement. Writing and Reading Relationships: Constructive Tasks. Judith A. Langer and Sheila Flihan. * This excerpt is a chapter in Writing: Research/Theory/Practice, Roselmina Indrisano and James R. Squire, Eds., Newark, DE: International Reading Association, 2000. Writing and reading theory and essay, research have very different, although sometimes overlapping, histories.

As such, throughout most of the twentieth century, the relationship between them was not regarded as a topic of either theoretical or pragmatic concern. However, during a relatively brief period of time, primarily in the 1980's, reading and writing became a distinct body of on erin inquiry. To Be Teacher Essay? It grew from separate bodies of scholarship and focused on separate aspects of education as well as on different grade levels. This small but intense body of scholarship and research into the interrelationships between writing and reading also focused on ways in which those relationships might affect learning, and inform instruction. Application? It was initially motivated and why i want to be, shaped by extensive research on cognitive processes in work essay the separate fields of writing and want to be a math teacher, reading, primarily from a constructivist perspective. Here, both writing and reading were linked to language and for mba, communication as well as reasoning. A concomitant wave of research into the social dimensions of writing and reading, with an eye to their actual functions and uses, moved the target of theory and research toward contextualized practice within real life and real school situations. As a result, one route of scholarship began to examine literacy or, rather, literate acts as they serve social and communicative uses, with a concomitant shift in the focus of inquiry away from writing and reading relationships, and toward the ways in which they function in the contexts of life, both in why i a math teacher essay and outside the classroom. As the social work of ethics object of why i want essay inquiry became more contextualized, similarities and differences in the writing and reading processes and the ways in which reading and writing develop, affect each other, and relate to learning and schooling became less focal.

They did not, however, become less important. Social Of Ethics Essay? We will review these changes and close the chapter with a call for why i a math essay a renewed although somewhat changed research focus on the uses of reading and writing and creativity research, the ways in which reading and writing interact in relation to to be essay, the contexts and social relations in which they are embedded. Informed by past as well as current knowledge from the perspectives of sociocognitive, sociohistorical, and critical theory as well as psychology, linguistics, anthropology and English, this renewed focus will examine ways in which reading and writing function in the development and communication of ideas and understandings in the social, private, and internal worlds of people and groups. A Brief History of Writing and Reading Research. Until the 1970's writing and brockovich, reading were not conceptualized as being integrated. At most, they were regarded as separate, perhaps related, language processes.

In part, this is because notions of writing and reading grew from different traditions. Taking an historical look back, one sees a conceptual and disciplinary schism between scholarship in writing and reading. Why I Teacher? They have been shaped by different scholars having different backgrounds and training. Writing, as an academic subject, is deeply rooted in classic Aristotelian rhetoric. Focusing on invention, arrangement, style, memory and delivery, Aristotelian rhetoric was intended for for mba the very well educated (usually male) individual. It dominated course work in American colleges during the 18th century and why i want essay, was modeled after the social work code of ethics essay curriculum already taught in English universities (Langer Allington, 1992, p. 688).

By the want teacher essay 1800#146;s the work of Campbell (1963 [1776]) and Blair's (1965 [1783]) belles-lettres view of rhetoric became widespread in the United States, bringing appreciation of the art of writing into the commonplace tradition (Langer Allington, 1992, p. 688). While rhetoric continued to emphasize grammar, diction, word choice, etc., there was a new focus on the functions of discourse and the study of literary models. Toward the my essays for mba end of the 19th century these traditional notions of why i want to be teacher writing were challenged by practical, functional views of writing and by the progressive movement. The work of Carpenter, Baker Scott (1903) and Dewey (1915), calling for experiential student-centered education became influential, but it did not replace traditional notions of and approaches to writing. Writing remained rooted in rhetoric through the merit application essay 1940s, 50s and 60s, but the emphasis shifted among classic Aristotelian views, expressionist views, and the new rhetoric. Interest in writing processes grew in the 1970's and why i teacher essay, 80's. Work in the fields of language and cognition (Anderson Bower, 1973; Chafe, 1970; Chomsky, 1965; Fillmore, 1968; 1, 1970; Rumelhart, 1975; Schank Ableson, 1977; Searle, 1969; Tulving, 1972; Winograd, 1972) led to a research emphasis on creativity creativity genius in papers publication selected, the relationships among writing processes, the learner and the text (Bereiter Scardamalia, 1982; Emig, 1971; Flower Hayes, 1980; Hillocks, 1972).

The perspectives of sociolinguistic and anthropological approaches to research (Cazden, John, Hymes, 1972; Cicourel et al., 1974; Cook-Gumperz, Gumperz, Simon, 1982; Erickson Shultz, 1977; Frake, 1983; Halliday, 1976; Heath, 1983; McDermott, 1977; Mischler, 1979; Shuy, 1967; Sinclair Coulthard, 1975) led to a continued emphasis on these relationships, but also on the individual learner in a specific context making use of writing and reading for specific purposes that had social and why i want to be, interpersonal meaning. The early history of reading follows a different course. Tradition in reading curriculum relied on British notions of primary instruction (for method), on religion (for content), and by the later 1800's on scientific experiments (for theory) (Langer Allington, 1992, p. 694). Statement Animal? Progressive views emphasizing the individual learner and student centered instruction affected reading, but by the early 1900's reading was already deeply rooted in psychological research. In fact, the combined effects of the expanding scientific research base and the application of management principles to the organization of schools seemed to teacher, overwhelm the of ethics essay influence of the progressive reading educators (Langer Allington, 1992, p. To Be Essay? 695). Reading research, curriculum and instruction continued to be shaped by associationist and behaviorist psychology through the thesis statement animal control 1940's, 50's and 60's. Want To Be A Math Teacher Essay? During this time reading was also influenced by research and theory in language and concept development (e.g., Bloom, 1971; Bruner, 1960, 1966; Inhelder Piaget, 1958), linguistics (e.g., Bloomfield, 1942; Fries, 1963), and psycholinguistics (e.g. Goodman, 1967; Smith 1971). During the 1970's the fields of lithium sociolinguistics and language acquisition became influential.

Cognitive psychology and constructivist perspectives began to shape reading research as attention began to shift toward the meaning construction that occurs during reading and toward the interactions between reader and text. Due to want a math essay, their different beginnings, research traditionally approached writing and reading as distinct areas of exploration. The 1980's marked a change in focus. Research began to examine the statement animal relationships between writing and reading as cognitive and social processes. Throughout the last decade, research has maintained its interest in writing and reading as separate but interdependent and interrelated acts, while interest in literacy, has grown steadily. Distinctions are now made between literacy as the act of writing and reading and why i want teacher essay, literacy as a way of thinking and social code essay, speaking (Langer 1987).

Language is a tool and literacy is culturally based involves the higher intellectual skill appropriate to the culture, and is learned by children as they interact with families and communities (Langer, 1987, p. 2). Langer’s sociocognitive view of literacy is fully compatible with the distinction Collins (1995) makes between a universalist or autonomous literacy, seen as a general, uniform set of techniques and uses of language, with identifiable stages and clear consequences for a math teacher essay culture and cognition, and relativist or situated literacies, seen as diverse, historically and culturally variable practices with texts (Collins, 1995, p. 75-76). In light of these expanded views, literacy research has a broader scope. While the skills, processes and interplay of reading and writing remain important, they are much less distinct. Therefore, the central focus of research on literacy examines reading and writing as they embedded in social and creativity in papers research, cultural contexts. Influenced by the field of anthropology and the methods of ethnographic research, literacy studies now explore how, when and where reading and writing are used, by whom and for what purposes. This shift is evident in the titles of a math essay literature published between 1984 and 1997. The titles of national application reports and why i want to be a math teacher essay, books published by National Council of Teachers of English, International Reading Association and nine major journals in the fields of education, reading and English were searched using descriptors such as reading and writing, writing and reading, and literacy. This search yielded 164 titles. Papers? Seventy-three percent of these titles contain the word literacy.

Twenty-seven percent of the titles contain the words reading and writing or writing and reading. Interestingly, eighty-two percent of the publications with the word literacy in why i teacher the title were published between 1990 and 1997. Only eighteen percent were published between 1984 and 1989. Publications with the words reading and writing or writing and reading in the title seem more evenly distributed, with forty-three percent being published between 1984 and essays on erin brockovich, 1989 and fifty-seven percent being published between 1990 and 1997. Writing and Reading Relationships. Writing and why i want to be teacher, reading have long been considered to be related activities. Along with listening and speaking, they have been treated by educators as essential components of the English language arts pie, at least since the National Conference on merit essay, Research in English Charter in 1932 (Petty, 1983). Why I Want To Be Teacher Essay? The very image of a pie, with its separate slices, illustrates the collected but separate way in which the parts were construed to relate. However, a large and extremely influential body of research from a constructivist perspective (Anderson, Spiro Montague, 1977; Bereiter Scardamalia, 1982; Hayes Flower, 1980; Spiro, Bruce Brewer, 1980) indicates that reading and writing development are characterized by gradually more sophisticated rule-governed representations, and that the learner is an active problem-solver who is brockovich, influenced by background knowledge, text, and want teacher, context. A concomitant and eventually equally influential body of work, primarily from a sociolinguistic, sociocultural, and sociohistorical perspective (Chafe, 1970; Cook-Gumperz Gumperz, 1981; Halliday, 1975; Heath, 1983; Scribner Cole, 1981; Stubbs, 1980; Vygotsky, 1978, 1986) permitted consideration of ways in lithium papers which life's experiences as well as the a math teacher essay uses and functions of writing and reading affect not only the acts of writing and reading, but how they relate.

As early as the 1960s, during the statement animal period of extensive interdisciplinary research into language and a math, thought spearheaded by the Center for Cognitive Studies at Harvard (e.g., Brown Bellugi, 1964; Bruner, Goodnow Austin, 1956; Weir, 1962), writing and reading were regarded as related language processes. Loban (1963), in for mba his important longitudinal study of students' reading and writing development across 4th, 6th, and 9th grades, indicated strong relationships between reading and writing as measured by test scores. He reported that students who wrote well also read well, and that the converse was true. Further, these relationships become even more pronounced across the school grades. In 1983, Stotsky published a review of correlational and experimental studies that investigated reading and writing relationships.

Her much cited synthesis spans approximately fifty years from the beginning of the want a math teacher 1930's to thesis animal, 1981. Correlational studies to that time showed that better writers tend to why i want to be essay, be better readers (of their own writing as well as of other reading material), that better writers tend to thesis, read more than poorer writers, and that better readers tend to produce more syntactically mature writing than poorer readers (p. 636). With regard to instruction she reported, Studies that sought to improve writing by providing reading experiences in place of grammar study or additional writing practice found that these experiences were as beneficial as, or more beneficial than, grammar study or extra writing practice. Studies that used literary models also found significant gains in writing. On the other hand, almost all studies that sought to improve writing through reading instruction were ineffective (p.

636). Why I To Be Essay? However, the cumulative research through the beginning of 1980 was sparse, and did not focus on explaining the nature of the interrelationships between the two processes. A number of scholars contributed toward a growing conception of reading and writing relationships by focusing on creativity creativity genius in papers research, students' engagement in the tasks, describing how from the early years, children use signs and symbols (both those in their environment and want to be a math teacher essay, those they invent) to gain and national essay, convey meaning, even as they are first acquiring the conventionally accepted codes (Bissex, 1980; Clay, 1975; Read, 1971). Wittrock (1983) considered the generative nature of both domains; De Ford (1981) noted the supporting and why i want a math teacher essay, interactive nature of the processes as they occur in animal primary classrooms; and Goodman and Goodman (1983) described relationships between the two based upon the pragmatic functions of why i to be each. Through efforts to comminicate through writing and reading, they gradually adopt both symbols and conventions of use. Eckhoff (1983) found that the second grade students she studied tended to imitate the style and structure of the basals used for reading instruction, which affected the organizational structures and linguistic complexity of the lithium research papers students' writing. Chall Jacobs (1983) conducted a study of writing and reading development among poor children, based on NAEP-like test scores. Although reading and writing scores in grades 2 and 3 were good, they noted a deceleration in proficiency gains beginning in grades 4 and why i want, 5 and continuing through grade 7. Factor analyses indicated that reading and thesis statement control, writing were strongly related. Together, this work suggested that the two domains do have an impact upon one another, with implications for enhancing learning.

It also suggested a need to better understand the underlying processes of writing and reading and why i to be a math teacher essay, how they relate to one another. Writing and Reading Processes: Similarities and Differences. Constructivist theory as well as research asserts that writing and reading are both meaning-making activities (Anderson, Spiro Montague, 1977; Gregg Steinberg, 1980). hen people write and read, meaning is continually in a state of becoming. The mind anticipates, looks back, and forms momentary impressions that change and grow as meaning develops (Fillmore, 1981; Langer, 1984). Language, syntax, and structure are all at play as texts-in-the-head and texts-on-paper develop. Because writing and reading involve the development of meaning, both were conceptualized as composing activities in essays brockovich the sense that both involve planning, generating and revising meaning -- which occur recursively throughout the meaning-building process as a person's text world or envisionment grows.

From this perspective, some scholars speak of the want to be a math essay writer as a reader and the reader as a writer (Graves Hansen, 1983; Smith, 1983). Brockovich? According to why i to be teacher, Smith (1983) reading like a writer allows one to actually become a writer. When reading like a writer, in addition to making meaning of the text, the reader takes in and learns from the author#146;s style, use of conventions and the like. When reading like a writer, the reader uses the author#146;s text as a model for texts that he or she reader will eventually write. During the development of a piece, the writer always does a certain amount of reading.

And, further, writers often try to place themselves in the shoes of their audience, the readers, in my essays for mba order to check the comprehensibility of their presentation from the reader's perspective. In a similar manner, the reader has also been considered a writer in that the reader's mind races ahead to anticipate (and thus create) not only the message, but also the structure and presentational style of a piece; words are thought of want to be essay as well as ideas, in ways in which they might appear (Bereiter Scardamalia, 1982; Flower Hayes, 1980). Thus, a reader's text can be compared with an author's text, and revised when needed. This sense of writing as reading provides a sense of creativity in papers personal engagement to the reading experience. Readers also sometimes place themselves in a math teacher the shoes of the author in order to essays, gain a personal or cultural perspective that enriches their own responses or interpretation (Purves, 1993) Tierney Pearson (1983) argued that both readers and writers compose meaning. They described as essential characteristics of the effective composing process: planning, drafting, aligning, revising, and monitoring.

Further, they saw these acts of composing as involving continuous, recurring, and recursive transactions among readers and writers, their respective inner selves, and their perceptions of each other's goals and desires (p. 578). They distinguished their conception from want to be a math essay earlier notions of essays on erin reading and writing relationships in teacher a number of ways including treating the two domains as multi-modal processes and considering the inner as well as social selves of the writer and reader. Tierney (1985), in a later description of this model, suggests that purpose also plays a role, Both reading and writing are tools in accordance with the purposes they serve; they cannot be extracted from context (p. Thesis Statement? 115). Both domains were also considered similar composing activities in that writers and readers use similar kinds of knowledge (Aulls, 1985; Flood Lapp,1987; Kucer, 1987) in want a math essay the act of making their meanings: knowledge about language, knowledge about content, knowledge about genre conventions, knowledge about organization and structure, knowledge of pragmatics (in this case about the lithium appropriate use of other kinds of knowledge in relation to want to be essay, the activity -- the author's purpose for having written the piece, or their own purposes for social work essay having taken up that act of writing or reading), and knowledge about interaction (especially between reader and author). Why I Want A Math? Rubin Hansen (1986) suggested that different types of knowledge that can be tapped through reading instruction might transfer to writing instruction: informational knowledge, structural knowledge, transactional knowledge, aesthetic knowledge, and process knowledge. Flower (1988) adds knowledge of purpose. She asks how writers come by their sense of essays on erin brockovich purpose; how (or whether) readers are affected by the rhetorical structure woven by essay writers; and how individual purposes interact with context and convention in essays on erin the creation and interpretation of a text. She calls for more studies on the active strategies of writers and readers and their relationships. Researchers have also pointed to why i a math essay, specific differences between writing and reading.

In her study of children reading and writing, Langer (1986a) found that while reading and on erin brockovich, writing are cognitively related efforts with regard to meaning making, they are markedly different with regard to activity, strategy and purpose. They also differ across ages with regard to the variety of approaches that they use and the behaviors they exhibit while reading or writing. Langer (1986a), developed a procedure for analyzing the knowledge sources, reasoning operations, monitoring behaviors and specific strategies used during the course of meaning construction before, during and after reading and writing, for a study of 3rd, 6th and 9th graders' reading and want to be teacher essay, writing of stories and reports. Thesis Statement Animal Control? She found that although the same reasoning behaviors are called upon why i to be teacher essay, when reading and writing for my essays meaning, the patterns of each category showed differences between writing and reading. Specifically, the study identified differences in behaviors and their frequency of use in response to the nature of the want to be a math teacher task. When reading and writing, students' dominant concern was found to be with the meanings they were developing.

There are stable and consistent approaches to envisionment building that emerged, as evidenced in the students' focus on ideas, content, product, and refinement of lithium research papers meaning. These structures and strategies changed in similar ways as the language user matured. However, underlying this overall focus were such differences as a slightly higher concern with bottom-up issues such as mechanics, syntax, text, and lexical choices when writing as compared to reading (p.94). Also, when students wrote they were more aware of and want to be a math, concerned with the essays on erin brockovich strategies they used to get at meaning. While writing they were more concerned with setting goals and sub-goals. When reading, on the other hand, they focused more on to be, content and validation of the text-worlds they were developing. Shanahan's (1987) study was quite different from my essays for mba Langer's, yet some findings are similar. He used four reading measures and why i to be teacher, eight writing measures to study the magnitude and nature of the reading and writing relationship, and to estimate the amount of overlap that exists between the components of writing and reading used in his study of 2nd and 5th grade students' writing and reading. His findings suggest that the idea that reading and writing are identical in research papers terms of underlying knowledge, does not appear to why i want teacher essay, be true (p. 98). Although the correlations he found between the reading and writing variables he examined were significant, they were much lower than would have been expected if the two domains were identical.

Shanahan concludes that, In fact, the correlations are low enough that it would be unwise to expect automatic improvements to derive from the combination of reading and writing or from the my essays for mba replacement of one with the other (p. 98). Webster Ammon (1994) used a Piagetian framework to explore the to be a math teacher relationship between cognitive scores (specific classification and seriation tasks) and my essays, specific reading and writing tasks at why i want a math teacher essay, the elementary level. In interpreting the generally low correlations, they concluded that facility with the for mba relevant cognitive skill is necessary but not sufficient (p. 101) for a high level of performance in writing and reading. Want To Be Essay? Also, like Langer (1986a ) their findings indicated that reading and writing differences are more powerful predictors of papers children's approaches towards meaning development than is genre (p. Why I Want To Be Teacher Essay? 104). Together, the work on reading and writing processes indicates that writing and reading are deeply related activities of language and thought that are shaped through use. The structures and strategies that writers and readers use to organize, remember, and lithium research, present their ideas are generally the same in why i want to be a math teacher writing and reading. However, the structure of the message and the strategies used to formulate and organize it are driven by purpose and therefore different. Writing and Reading Relationships With Regard to Instruction.

Researchers and scholars interested in writing and reading connections have also considered ways in which the two, conceptualized as related composing processes, might implicate various uses of language and thought, and affect students' learning. Statement? Specifically, research began to examine how the processes of reading and writing are related in actual practice. To Be A Math? Researchers also looked at social work code essay, the ways in which students' knowledge of writing and reading processes can influence and why i want a math teacher essay, support reading and writing respectively in the classroom. They also studied the kinds of classroom contexts and lithium research, instructional activities that might foster reading and writing as mutually beneficial activities. When approached as similar, related composing processes rather than as isolated skills and behaviors, writing and reading can influence and support the development of reading, writing, and thinking (Squire, 1983). Writers incorporate what they have learned about language, structure and style from the texts they have encountered as readers. Want To Be A Math Essay? They also reflect on their knowledge of texts they have read and experiences they have had as a way of statement animal control generating and why i want a math essay, synthesizing ideas for writing. On Erin? In becoming familiar with and gaining experience in writing and reading texts even first graders can develop a sense of authorship that helps them in either composing process (Graves Hansen, 1983, p. 182). The experience and knowledge that is shared between reading and want to be a math teacher essay, writing can strengthen a writer's ability to read and a reader's ability to write (Blatt Rosen, 1987; Butler Turbil, 1984; Rubin Hansen, 1986; Shanahan Lomax, 1986).

In a study which compared the interactive model, the reading to write model, and the writing to read model of the writing and reading relationship (Shanahan Lomax, 1986), writing samples from 256 second graders and 251 first graders were examined with regard to specific reading and writing dimensions. Analyses showed that the students' work at both grade levels was best described by the interactive model of the national application reading and writing relationship that suggests the transfer of knowledge between the two processes. This transfer and sharing of knowledge is also demonstrated in a study of fifth graders sharing their poetry as well as the work of published authors (Comstock, 1992). Over time, students began borrowing literary techniques, like the use of imagery and repetition, from each other. They also began to look to their surroundings for ideas that might prompt them to write. Blatt Rosen's (1987) account of a young child's ability to call on her experience as a listener and reader of fairy tales as she wrote her own also demonstrates this transfer of knowledge between writing and reading. She was able to create a tale that includes a protagonist, an why i a math teacher essay, antagonist, and a conflict and begins with Once upon a time much like all the creativity in papers research tales with which she is familiar (p. 123). It seems that reading and writing intersect in natural ways when literate persons are actively using reading and a math essay, writing to learn (Hanson et. al, 1991, p. 58).

This, in light of research, has implications for what might happen in classrooms that encourage thinking and learning through purposeful reading and writing. It also has implications for what classrooms that support reading and writing relationships might look like. To begin, research tells us that successful instruction in both reading and writing can begin in the earliest grades (Butler Turbil, 1984; Clay, 1985; Graves Hansen, 1983; Shanahan Lomax, 1986), and are best learned when not taught in isolation from national application each other (Blatt Rosen, 1987; Butler Turbil, 1984; Sternglass, 1987). Even though it is possible for instruction in writing to improve students' reading comprehension of informational texts (Raphael, Kirschner Englert, 1988), to affect overall learning, instruction does best to focus on both reading and writing (Ferris Snyder, 1986; Shanahan, 1984). Instruction in one cannot replace instruction in the other if all language curriculum goals are to be met (Ferris Snyder, 1986, p. 755). In the classroom, students do best with frequent and extended opportunities to read and write (Blatt Rosen, 1987; Butler Turbil, 1984; Hanson, et. al, 1991; Rubin Hansen, 1986) and when exposed to a body of literature that represents a variety of genres, topics, and styles (Blatt Rosen, 1987; Butler Turbil, 1984; Comstock, 1992). Providing students with choice in what they read and write and are encouraged to read and write, and a math teacher essay, opportunities to write about topics and ideas that interest them and with which they are familiar positively affects their attitudes toward and opportunities to learn (Hanson, 1991; Rubin Hansen, 1986).

Teachers most successfully support their students' reading and writing development when they create a variety of learning contexts, such as cooperative learning groups and peer dyads, where discussion and instructional scaffolding support students' needs (Hiebert, 1991). Within these contexts teachers help students explore their understandings by providing them with ample opportunities to consider personal responses to the texts they compose and to make links between their prior experiences and thesis animal control, what they are reading and writing. Students share their ideas and insights and feel that they will be accepted by members of the classroom community (Blatt Rosen, 1987; Butler Turbil, 1984; Comstock, 1992; Graves Hansen, 1983; Hanson et. al, 1991; Rubin Hansen, 1986; Sternglass, 1987). From this perspective, classrooms serve as contexts where readers can develop their understandings through their knowledge and expertise as writers and vice versa. Instruction that encourages meaning making through reading and writing is a math teacher, based on an understanding of reading and writing as related composing processes. In the classroom, a failure to recognize that composing and comprehending are process-oriented thinking skills which are basically interrelated. impedes our efforts not only to teach children to read and my essays for mba, write, but our efforts to teach them how to think (Squire, 1983, p. 581). Writing and Reading as Related to Thinking, Conceptualizing and essay, Communicating Knowledge. Moving beyond an examination of the ways in which writing and reading are related is research that examines how reading and writing, as processes, are used to conceptualize and communicate thoughts and ideas.

This research looks at the synergism (Tierney, 1992, p. 250) between the interrelated meaning making activities of reading and writing. During these activities it is the interplay of mind and text that brings about new interpretations, reformulations of ideas, and new learnings (Langer, 1986a, p. 2-3). A number of these studies have examined how reading and writing interact and are informed by social work code of ethics essay one's facility with writing and want to be a math, reading respectively. For Mba? In addition to demonstrating that children's writing is heavily influenced by their reading experiences, De Ford's (1981) observations of first graders indicate that there is a supportive, interactive relationship between the reading and want essay, writing processes. Children learn about how to become writers from reading as well as how to become readers. By understanding authorship, they sort out lithium what reading is all about through writing (De Ford, 1981, p. 657). A sense of authorship can lead to the development of critical literacy in which the reader/writer moves past simply understanding the content of the text or using it as a model to be imitated and begins to question, test, shape and reshape it (Flower, 1990). Greene (1992) expands on this notion of learning to become a writer through reading by introducing the metaphor of mining as a means of exploring how writers read when they have an a math teacher essay, eye toward authoring their own texts. By comparing the social code essay think aloud protocols of several students who are reading argumentative essays with the intention of eventually writing one, Greene looks at how mining a text and critically reading a text differ. Mining is to be, fueled by three key strategies that can inform reading: reconstructing context, inferring or imposing structure, and seeing choices in language. [Using these strategies], a reader can begin to my essays for mba, make informed guesses about how to use the ideas or discourse features of a given text in light of his or her goals as a writer (Greene, 1992, p. 155). When mining, a sense of authorship guides the reader.

By using the three strategies the miner of a text engages in an ongoing process of reading, analyzing, and authoring that recognizes the social nature of discourse. Each piece of writing that a student reads or writes is a contribution to an ongoing written conversation (p. 158). Conversely, the critical reader engages in teacher essay a search for meaning by breaking down isolated texts. Little attention is given to the kind of knowledge that would enable them to statement animal control, apply their critical reading skills to other tasks (p.

159). Questions about how a sense of authorship can guide reading are also taken up by studies examining how writers create new texts of their own from multiple sources which may include the texts they are reading presently as well as their own prior knowledge. Readers/writers transform texts (Spivey, 1990) through the constructive tasks of selecting, connecting and organizing information from source texts and prior knowledge. This incorporation of prior knowledge is what Stein (1990) refers to as elaboration. This cognitive process is the principle means by which information from memory is why i teacher, combined with source text material in lithium papers the reading process (p. 146). Why I To Be Teacher Essay? Elaborations during reading create a pool of ideas from of ethics which to want a math teacher essay, draw during the writing process (p. 147). Whether referred to lithium, as reading to write (Flower, 1990; Stein, 1990) or composing from sources (McGinley, 1992; Spivey, 1990; Spivey King, 1989), the readers/writers are involved in processes of why i a math teacher reading and writing that are so integrated. that boundaries between the two processes tend to blur.

When writers compose. from sources, reading and writing processes blend, making it difficult, if not. impossible, to distinguish what is being done for purposes of reading and from. what is being done for for mba purposes of writing. A Math Teacher Essay? we often cannot say whether a writer. performs a certain operation to make meaning of the text that is read or to make. meaning for the text that is being written (Spivey, 1990 p. 258). Creating new texts in this way is my essays, a complex and recursive process (McGinley, 1992) in which context (e.g., task, setting, prior experience of reader/writer), one#146;s expertise as a reader, and his or her ability to use strategies play important roles (Flower, 1990; McGinley, 1992; Stein, 1990; Spivey, 1990; Spivey King, 1989). Research has also considered the effects of to be a math teacher essay reading and writing on thinking and my essays, how different types of writing tasks shape thinking and why i want a math teacher, learning. It suggests that reading and writing in combination are more likely to prompt critical thinking than when reading is separated from writing or when reading is combined with knowledge activation or answering questions (Tierney et al., 1989, p. 134). Research also looks more specifically at the types of writing that shape thinking (Greene 1993; Langer, 1986b; Langer Applebee, 1987; Marshall, 1987; Newell, 1984; Newell Winograd, 1989). In the content areas, essay writing was found to be more beneficial than answering questions or taking notes regardless of students#146; prior knowledge (Newell, 1984).

Students involved in note-taking and responding to study questions seem to essays brockovich, concentrate on remembering and regurgitating specific information from the text. Essay writing, on why i to be teacher essay, the other hand, provides students with opportunities to make connections and think broadly about a topic. These studies indicate that the greatest variety of social code reasoning operations occur during essay writing, suggesting that this type of activity provides time for want teacher students to think most flexibly as they develop their ideas (Langer Applebee 1987, p. 100). These findings are supported by Marshall's (1987) examination of the my essays for mba relationship between writing and the understanding of literature. By looking at the effects of want to be restricted writing, personal analytic writing, and formal analytic writing, he found that restricted writing like responding to short answer questions may actually hinder students' understanding of literary texts because such tasks fail to provide students with an opportunity to explore and elaborate on possible interpretations.

Similarly, Greene (1993) studied the ways in on erin brockovich which problem-based essays and report writing assignments shaped history students#146; thinking as they attempted to compose from multiple sources. He found that both tasks allowed students to develop their understanding of history. There was no significant effect for the type of want to be a math teacher essay task with regard to learning. However, [d]ifferent tasks of writing encouraged students not only to think about historical issues differently but also to my essays, supply different patterns of organization in writing about these issues. Differences in text structure concretely reflected students' differential interpretations of how to go about writing reports and solving problems (p. 72).

Clearly, the focus of research has shifted. Emphasis on reading and writing as parallel processes with similar cognitive strategies has yielded to understanding the integration of reading and writing and the interaction between the mind and text. Within this body of research, process and purpose remain focal. Also, the effects of grade and ability level on reading and writing persist as areas of concern. Finally, the contexts in which reading and writing are embedded gain increasing attention. Writing and to be teacher essay, Reading as Literacy Events. As sociolinguistic, sociocultural and lithium papers, anthropological perspectives became more influential, new ways of thinking, talking, and learning about literacy took hold.

There was growing interest in the interactions surrounding text and the ways in which interactions between and among individuals, who they are, and why they are writing and want a math, reading influence meaning making. Research that continues to grow from this orientation asks that we reconsider previous ways of looking at my essays, writing and reading relationships; reading and why i a math essay, writing are considered as intertwined and inseparable language tools. From this vantage point, the attention of merit research turns to literate behaviors and literate ways of thinking. Here, literacy means the ability to manipulate the language and thought involved when people make sense in a variety of situations; it involves ways of thinking that are learned in the many contexts of life (Langer, 1987; 1995). Why I Want To Be Teacher? The functions and uses of oral, written, and spoken language as well as the images and other semiotic meaning-bearing devices encountered and used in the variety of everyday life experiences (John-Steiner, 1995; New London Group, 1996) are the focus. Research from this perspective has focused on the ways in which adolescents, adults, and even the very young use language to construct meaning within particular social and cultural communities (Dyson, 1989, 1992; Heath, 1983; Scribner Cole, 1981; Teale Sulzby, 1986). Within this body of research the literacy event is a conceptual tool useful in examining within particular communities of modern society the actual forms and functions of oral and literate traditions and co-existing relationships between spoken and written language (Heath, 1988, p. Lithium Research Papers? 350). Research observes the ongoing activities that make up literacy events occurring in the classroom and in a math essay the community at brockovich, large (e.g., home, workplace). Reading and writing are integrated within and essential to these ongoing activities.

Langer (1997) describes eight years of research which investigated how individuals in school and in school-like settings think and reason when they are engaged with literature and how classroom interactions may foster literacy development. She found that envisionment-building literature classes invite students to want a math teacher, be members of a social community where they can share their ideas and differences with others and national, expect those differences to move their own thinking toward more individually rich, but never singular interpretations (p. 10) Her research also showed that a collaborative, broad-based literature activity such as story writing/telling provided individuals of diverse ages, linguistic and cultural backgrounds with opportunities to become aware of and why i want to be teacher essay, discuss language and discourse differences as well as to learn English literacy. Despite their ages, be they 2 or 42 years old, they were members of a language and literacy- rich environment where they learned to talk about and control features of language and form--where the literature that was sought and valued was their own (p. 9). Students in the envisionment-building classroom and those involved in the broad based activity are constantly and simultaneously involved in listening, discussing, reading and writing but reading and writing are not viewed as separate in time or in purpose. Furthermore, they are never regarded as skills, activities, or ends in themselves, but as tools of language (Langer, 1995, p. 140). Research shows clearly that even very young children engage in literacy (Dyson, 1989, 1992) when they use print to represent their ideas and to interact with other people (Dyson, 1992, p. 4).

Literacy emerges when children scribble, draw and label pictures, and create, act out or retell stories. During these times they are engaged in national merit application essay literate behaviors that are essential parts of the teacher language development process (Teale Sulzby, 1986). Dyson (1989, 1992) found that children's literacy development was directly linked to the social practices that surrounded them, that is, to their discovery of literacy's rich relevance to their present interactions with friends and to their reflections on their experiences (1989, p. 276). Through the support of the peer and for mba, adult members of children's literate communities, children learned that language can be used for social and practical purposes. This body of research requires that we reconsider how we understand the relationship between writing and reading. From this perspective, writing and reading are intertwined and embedded in the larger picture of literacy.

It also moves us to reflect on what counts as literacy. Finally, it asks that we take a closer look at the ways in which literacy is developed and demonstrated at home, work, and school. In thinking about literacy as universalist, autonomous (Collins, 1995; Street, 1993) or as schooled literacy(Cook-Gumperz, 1986), what counts are those behaviors, practices, skills, or tasks that are traditionally associated with reading and writing. According to this description, one becomes literate through independent or teacher-led interaction with written texts. One's level of literacy, and the resultant label of literate or illiterate, is determined through the testing and measuring of these skills. Literacy then is assumed to be a standardized, institutional notion which exists and is identified independently of a social or cultural context. Moreover, this notion of literacy is often the basis by want to be teacher essay which schools and society determine one's intellect, educability and potential contribution to and earning power in the work force. Heath (1983) found that some children, as members of particular communities, are accustomed to and participate in on erin brockovich literate ways of thinking and behaving that may not be incorporated into or reflected in the children's classrooms. As such, children in these communities often have great difficulty succeeding in school.

In her study, teachers help children from three communities narrow the gaps between their home and community literacy experiences and those of school. Teachers believed that [t]heir central role was to pass on to all groups certain traditional tools and ways of using language. Children had to reformulate to why i teacher, different degrees their home habits of handling knowledge and essays on erin, their ways of talking about knowledge (p. A Math Teacher Essay? 354-355). In this body of work, literacy was not seen as solely cognitive interplay of my essays for mba separate reading and writing behaviors or practices, but rather as involving: . manipulation of the why i language and thought we engage in when we make sense and convey ideas in a variety of situations; it involves ways of thinking, which we learn in the many contexts of our lives. It enables the personal empowerment that results when people use their literacy skills to think and rethink their understandings of texts, themselves, and the world. It gives importance to individuals and the oral and written texts they create and encounter, and calls upon as well as fosters the kinds of language and thought that mark good and sharp thinking (Langer, 1995, p. 1). The studies focused on ways in which reading and writing can be used as tools to make sense of the world and to express thoughts that demonstrate and convey literate knowledge and understanding.

Where from here? A new set of issues have been brought to the table by control a variety of why i want a math teacher writers who take, for example, a feminist perspective (Belenky et al, 1986; Brodkey, 1989; Gilligan, 1982; Fetterly, 1978; Minnich, 1990; Solsken, 1993) or a cultural perspective (Ferdman, 1990; Hakuta, 1986; Street, 1984; Valencia, 1991; Weber, 1991; Wong-Fillmore, 1992). These writers foreground issues of power (Apple, 1982; Bordieu Passeron, 1977; Cope Kalantzis, 1993; Freire, 1972; Halliday Martin, 1993), self (Giroux, 1983; Rockhill, 1993, Rose, 1989), and more recently authorship (Rabinowitz Smith, 1997) which further complicate our notions of writing and reading relationships in essay important ways. They cause us to consider the connections between literacy and the ways in which we place ourselves vis-a-vis the why i teacher literacy experience. They propel us to consider essential issues such as whose text and whose agency are being considered, along with what assumptions are being made about reader's knowledge and experiences. The next logical step is for researchers to look at how readers and writers, as both individuals and members of a variety of creativity in papers publication research groups, approach reading and writing as constructive tasks that are embedded in why i want to be a math life's situations. More precisely, research needs to refocus on on erin brockovich, the ways in which reading and writing develop and influence each other while constantly being affected by the social, cultural, and political contexts in which they are enacted. This will require consideration of genres. For example, if genres are the products of want to be a math teacher essay socially developed conventions that foster communicability within groups of people, as the variety of groups considered to fall within the purview of the educational sphere changes to include the variety of students who populate both our schools and the world, so too will our understandings of the constructions of these genres need to change so that we might recognize, value, and teach them. So too, will we need to study the inevitable genre changes as the groups themselves change over thesis statement animal control, time.

A number of school and classroom-based research agendas are called for. First, careful teaching and learning studies are needed of situated (Brown, Collins, Draguid, 1989; Greeno, 1997) and activity-based , 1981) learning events from the perspectives of the diverse students and teachers who comprise the classes, the nature of the discourse groups they form, communicate within, and learn from, and want to be a math, the ways in which the students learn, as well as the literacy skills and knowledge they develop in these settings. Of course student learning will need to for mba, be considered in relation to want to be essay, the ways in which particular tasks and group dynamics affect various aspects of literacy learning, including the degree to which these are learned and how available they are for use in new situations. So too, will a careful look need to be taken at the particular skills and knowledge students learn in these situations, the additional kinds of support that might be needed based on students' knowledge and needs, and how these can be coherently linked in merit ways that are most supportive of want a math students' growing literacy abilities. Teaching and learning studies will also need to focus on particular ways in which diversity can be used to advantage in diverse classrooms, as a way to help all students gain from the experiences of others and use what they already know in new literacy learning. Another set of studies will need to focus on genius publication selected, the curriculum. First, the curriculum will need to be studied in terms of what it includes and excludes in why i want to be teacher essay skills as well as content, and ways in which they are linked. The tools of learning and uses of literacy have been rapidly changing in our present-day society, calling us to revisit the guidelines meant to structure and provide coherence to student coursework. Here, studies will need to focus on the literacy knowledge students bring to school with them but are not recognized as such (i.e., computers as well as graphic imagery; the ability to manipulate language in culturally or socially sanctioned ways such as rap) as well as the lithium research varieties of literate knowledge they will need to to be a math essay, successfully live their lives as participants in our changing society. Research also needs to my essays, focus on what gets read, when, and how. While issues of the canon tend to become politicized, an orchestrated body of research needs to focus not only on what works are to why i want teacher, be included and code of ethics, what others will be optional, but also the ways in which particular combinations of texts can be used to stimulate more complex thinking as well as higher literacy (Applebee, 1996).

Finally, studies of the curriculum will need to investigate the role curriculum can play in helping all students maintain a sense of self-worth and want to be teacher essay, learning, yet meet their differential needs as learners, with the social work code essay end goal of want to be teacher maximum proficiency for all. Further, as classrooms change and students learn to become literate participants in particular social, political, and cultural contexts within their school environments, it will be necessary to explore the ways in which the variety of texts they are exposed to and create through writing and reading relate to their developing literate selves and the strategies they use to explore and achieve life's possibilities. Anderson, J., Bower, G. (1973). Human Associative Memory. Washington, D.C.: Winston. Anderson, R. C., Spiro, R. J. Montague, W. E. Social Work Code Of Ethics? (1977). Schooling and the Acquisition of Knowledge. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. Apple, M. W. Why I Want A Math Teacher? (1982). Creativity Genius Publication Research Selected? Education and why i to be a math, Power.

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Life After a Low GMAT Score: How to Excel in Your MBA Applications. When my GMAT score flashed on the screen, my heart sank. I had scored the exact same score on test day as I had six months prior on the diagnostic test: 620. Six months of why i want to be teacher essay self-study and repeated practice tests had not helped my score move up even ten points. Perhaps I had been overconfident, having been one of the highest scorers on of ethics essay the SAT in my high school. Perhaps I hadn’t studied hard enough—or the right way.

Whatever it was, here I was two weeks before my school deadlines with a score that was far below their average. I gathered up my things as I gathered up my courage. I knew that this close to why i want to be a math essay the deadline, I didn’t have enough time to retake the test. I had already worked hard for months on my essays, gathered my recommendation letters, and of ethics essay, told everyone I was going to want to be a math teacher business school. Before I’d even made it home, I’d made up my mind: I was going to apply to business school with a 620. And I knew I had to do something to make up for it if I was going to have any chance of getting into my dream schools. Here are the things I did, some things I should have done, and genius publication research selected, what you can do if your GMAT score is in why i to be a math the low range of your target programs: If you have at least a month until your school deadlines, I highly recommend studying and retaking the test. Essays On Erin. I didn’t have enough time to retake the test, but I certainly would have if I did. My own experience and that of want a math teacher many of my clients has revealed that self-study is animal control, a last resort option.

If you have the why i want teacher essay budget, sign up for one-on-one tutoring with a savvy test-taker who is also a patient teacher or take a small group class. I wanted to show the admissions committee that I was capable of code of ethics essay excelling with rigorous quantitative material. Therefore, I took Microeconomics, Calculus, Accounting, and Finance—and earned a B+ or better in each class. I also recommend you take a course in to be a math teacher Statistics (also called Quantitative Methods) and Spreadsheet Skills. You don’t have to take these courses at fancy institutions; your local community college or an thesis statement online course from an why i a math essay accredited nonprofit university will suffice. Taking these courses and getting good grades in them before you apply is a strong sign of your commitment to proving to the admissions committee that you are ready for the academic rigor of essays on erin brockovich a top MBA program. Make sure your essays are stellar. To make sure your essays are as strong as possible, be sure to why i to be directly answer the creativity in papers publication research essay prompt (rather than just saying whatever you want to write about). When discussing your career goals, be specific about want a math teacher what you want to do in the short, medium, and long term; what kinds of creativity genius in papers selected organization(s) you want to work in, and what kind of role(s) you want to want have and social of ethics essay, why.

When telling a story, make it come alive by sharing what you and other characters in the story thought, felt, said, and did. My last piece of want teacher essay advice is where it all comes together. If any of on erin your schools have an optional essay where you can add additional information, take advantage of this opportunity to address your low GMAT score. Assure the admissions committee that your low GMAT score is a math teacher essay, not indicative of your true academic capabilities. Briefly share what actions you took to prepare for the test and any obstacles that may have kept you from having more time to study. Then, draw their attention to the supplemental coursework you have completed to strengthen your candidacy and lithium research, demonstrate your abilities.

In the end, my low GMAT score didn’t keep me out of my dream school. I was admitted to Harvard Business School, waitlisted (though eventually rejected) at Stanford, and admitted to Harvard Kennedy School. Since my own victory over a low GMAT score, I have helped dozens of other similar clients with scores in want to be the 600s (and one even in the 500s) get admitted to Harvard Business School and other top MBA programs. I always encourage applicants to get as high a score as possible on the GMAT. It’s an important part of your candidacy. However, once you’ve done your very best in this area, if the code score still doesn’t quite measure up, I want you to move on to the many other areas where you can make your application shine. It worked for me. It has worked for why i teacher others.

And it can work for you too if you’re willing to do your part. Kaneisha Grayson is social work essay, a Harvard Business School MBA, Harvard Kennedy School MPA, and the founder of the admissions consulting firm The Art of Applying. Her clients have earned over want to be a math essay $1.8 million since 2010 to attend the thesis world’s top business schools and other graduate programs. She lives, plays, and eats tacos in her hometown of Austin, Texas. Forte Forums: A MBALauncher’s Reflection.

Forte Fellow of the why i want a math teacher Month: Je’Nen Chastain. Asking for Letters of Recommendations in the Fall. 14 Responses to “Life After a Low GMAT Score: How to Excel in Your MBA Applications” Love this, Kaneisha. Control. Actually, had already read this in one of your blogs, but wanted to why i to be a math read it again, as the national merit GMAT is want a math, what I’m most anxious about in my future application. Thanks for writing!! I’m planning to lithium research papers apply to US colleges for the full time fall MBA course 2015 and want, I happened to come across this post in one of my readings. I am sort of in a similar boat as you must have been. Essays. My GMAT score is 720, even after hours of studying and strategizing, even after the diagnostic tests indicated a range of 760-780! It’s more of a personal disappointment to a math teacher essay me that I on on erin the test date I was so over confident that I ain’t even sure what went wrong.

It was quite informative to read what you had to want to be a math essay say, I’m afraid I do not have enough time now to re-write the exam within the first deadlines but I do plan to take the GMAT again soon. I also do not have enough time to lithium papers take supplement courses now, I wish I had come across this post sooner. I had hoped to apply to Harvard but I’ve missed the first deadline so fingers crossed for the second. I’m working really hard on essays for Stanford and Chicago,Booth currently. As an international student I am naturally quite anxious about a math essay my chances of getting through so is there any advice you would be able to national merit application essay provide on teacher this? I do plan to national essay share what exactly I want to do with the MBA in the next decade but I’m not sure how much detail of my past I should share to provide the to be teacher background of what motivates or aspires me.

Also in your experience with dealing with these colleges anything in particular that struck you that you felt you should highlight to the fullest? Thanks and Regards. Hi Priyanka – I know your comment wasn’t directed at me, but as a recent MBA grad, many of my female classmates came from India and scored in the 700-720, were admitted, and several received full or partial scholarships through Forte. My piece of advice would be to social work of ethics consider applying to Forte schools, and show you how have been a leader – in your community and/or through women’s initiatives. Also, apply in the first round if you can. Thank you for writing this! My GMAT score is the component I am most worried about in the applications I am submitting round 1 this fall. I did everything you recommended in the article to supplement my GMAT. #128578; I retook the teacher essay GMAT (still same score even took a Kaplan class), enrolled in an online MBA Math course and did excellent, and national merit essay, addressed the why i a math essay score in the optional essays where I highlighted my career accomplishments as a financial analyst, discussed the supplemental course work, as well as noted my high GPA in a quant heavy undergrad degree. I also had a consultant review my essays to make sure they addressed the prompts directly and national essay, had a good story line.

I hope it pays off for a math teacher me like it did for you! #128578; This has definitely provided me a little sense of papers reassurance. Gah! There are so many awesome responses to this article! Believe it or not, I have a Google Alert set up for my name so I know when people reply to my articles, but for some reason, I didn’t receive them. #128577; I’ll reply to each one of you in order and hope that I can help all readers with my replies: @Amanda – I’m glad you were already on the up and why i to be essay, up on what to do after a low GMAT score. Thank you for commenting and please keep reading! @Priyanka – The one thing that helps my clients the most is essays, that I urge them to be SPECIFIC and REALISTICALLY AMBITIOUS.

By that, I mean if they are telling a story, they make it juicy with spoken dialogue, mental dialogue, action words, and why i want teacher essay, emotions. If they are discussing their career vision, we aim for the highest level of leadership that interests them and then outline how they plan to get there. Creativity Creativity Genius Publication Research Selected. I’d love to know how your applications turned out. Email me and my team will make sure it gets to teacher me! @Julia – You’re awesome and thanks for giving Priyanka some great advice. I hope your post-grad school life is going wonderfully. @Caroline – GREAT JOB on taking the recommended actions for improving your profile in statement spite of a low GMAT score. To Be Teacher Essay. Let me know how your applications turn out!

Thank you to everyone who commented (and all you lovely lurkers as well)! Come visit us over at the website ( Creativity Creativity Genius In Papers Publication Selected. We try to make applying to grad school as low-stress and fun as it possibly can be (though of course it’s still a lot of work). I loved this article! I also had an extremely low GMAT score and applied to only top schools. Why I To Be Essay. I was admitted to Indiana University and waitlisted at Vanderbilt. My belief is that my essays, interviews, and previous work history helped make up what I was lacking in terms of my GMAT score. Best wishes to anyone going through the statement animal application process! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Kerrie! Congratulations on your admittance to Indiana University! You’re going to have a great time!

Thanks for why i a math sharing your story in statement animal control your comment, which I’m sure will inspire others. I recently came across HBX core and was accepted to their January 2016 cohort. I am trying to decide between taking this program or, like you mentioned above, taking quantitative courses at a junior college. What do you recommend? Thank you for your time. Thanks for want to be teacher posting this! I scored a 720 but did rather poorly in the integrated reasoning and only okay in quant section. I know that you’re recommending we write the optional essay to explain any professional capabilities in quantitative space, but I’ve also seen other blogs say to merit application not draw attention to the low gmat quant score in the optional essays. What are your thoughts on why i want a math their perspective?

Congratulations on research papers a strong total score! Happy to answer your question. Why I To Be Essay. The truth is the admissions committee will see all the parts of your score (quant, verbal, IR, and AWA), and they will take note of each part. The quant portion certainly holds a great deal of statement weight, depending on how competitive the program is that you are applying to a math teacher essay or how much they are considered a “quant” focused school. On Erin Brockovich. Comparing your quant score with the program’s average quant score can indicate how close you are to hitting this range. Why I To Be Teacher Essay. Highlighting your quantitative ability in your essays (whether in an optional or required essay), and on the resume can demonstrate your ability in this field. With required essays needing to be a concise length, it may be too difficult to include this point. Publication Selected. An optional essay is a great place for a math this discussion. You can include work experience that has a quantitative focus, as well as courses that you took in social code of ethics education.

For the IR, this section is still relatively new. There has not been as much data collected on the IR score, and its effects on why i to be a candidate’s overall competitiveness. You can always double check with the schools you are planning on applying to, and see how they factor this piece into the overall application. Hi Kaneisha – thank you for your article. I wanted to genius in papers research ask you about overcoming a slightly lower Q on the gmat.

I have been waitlisted by my top choice and though I have not received feedback yet, I am anticipating that my weakness may lie in a math essay GMAT..I scored a 690 (46Q,39V) which is on the lower quartile of 680-740 range. I am not considering how I can approach feedback get off the waitlist! I have taken the GMAT already several times which the work of ethics school has seen. I also have quant courses in undergrad, average a 3.5 GPA during college. two questions: 1) what is best option 2) where do you recommend taking the online classes you mention? Can you recommend where you took these online courses for a grade?

Thank you! It’s really encouraging to find so many success stories of people who made their career steer clear of all obstacles with low GMAT GPA. Someone in why i to be teacher essay the forum has rightly said that we are human being and not just “numbers” and so our fate cannot be just decided with a low GMAT or GPA. Research. The good news is that the Ad Coms of most of the premiere (Top-ish) B-Schools realize this very fact and why i to be a math teacher, consider the admission application holistically i.e. consider all the creativity genius publication selected factors viz. your profile, education, background, work experience, extra-curricular activities, community service, recommendations / references, English proficiency etc. along with your GMAT scores. Three years back, I was in your shoes. Even after thorough preparation, I got a discouraging 570 in want to be a math teacher GMAT, though my quant scores were decent however verbal score was a complete mess. On Erin. I tried enough to improve upon my verbal scores; however I met with little success every time. In the end, I decided to move ahead with whatever I had in my hand.

Well, a little about to be a math teacher me at the time of application – I had about two years of technical experience in project management wherein I had managed few contracts and statement animal, gained experience in want to be a math teacher robust man management. I am basically an engineer by my essays degree with 60.6% in undergraduates (which I am sure is not impressive). I talked with my three supervisors / seniors at why i to be a math essay, work and they agreed to be my professional recommendation providers (admission committees place critical importance on your recommendations). To cover my low GMAT and GPA, I thought to get some score on IELTS and luckily I got a score of for mba 7/9 in why i to be a math essay the very first attempt. I did an extensive research of the social of ethics B-Schools world-wide for about 3-4 weeks. While selecting the school, I placed utmost importance on why i want to be a math the post-MBA job prospects. As such, North America was a natural choice like everyone does have.

However, since the lithium immigration policy of US is mostly uncertain (i.e. stay in US after completion of such an why i to be expensive degree program – problems with H1B working visa for immigrants- “and now screwed up all the essays on erin brockovich more”), I decided to turn towards Canada. On exploring the possibilities, I found the why i want a math teacher essay country loaded with great MBA programs. The very encouraging fact for me was the low tuition fees of the MBA program with great scholarship opportunities even for the most reputed B-Schools (FT Rankings Top 100). The Post Graduate work permit program offered by the Canadian Govt. was yet another cherry on merit application essay the cake. Why I A Math Teacher. In addition to it, the stable economy, high paying jobs, work-life balance, jobs availability, cost of for mba living, presence of huge Indians community, connectivity with India terrain, permanent residency, citizenship options etc. were some of the many factors for selecting Canada over any other country. After earmarking the B-Schools, I started off struggling with my application. Want A Math Teacher Essay. I never imagined that preparing the admission application would be so challenging and demanding. I literally went blank when I started off with preparing my Statement of Purpose (SOP). Further, when I asked my recommenders to provide me the control recommendation for the 5 B-Schools to which I had applied – they in turn asked to suggest the important points that they should cover while writing a strong recommendation for a math teacher essay me.

By this time, I knew that it would be absolutely not possible for me to complete my admission applications along with my grueling work hours so I started to essay consult various MBA Consulting firms in why i to be teacher India and abroad, however I was stunned after learning about their sky-rocketing consulting rates. Even for a short discussion over thesis statement animal control phone, Consulting firms were asking several thousand bucks forget about their huge demands for want assistance in application (few started their bid with Rs. 1,25,000 per B-School just for the sake of providing advices and thesis animal control, reviews). To look out for economical means, I was searching frantically in community forums when some member mentioned about Jugaadugar. To Be Teacher Essay. Upon enquiry, I came to know that Jugaadugar can help me throughout the application journey and even draft SOPs, recommendations, reviewing and resetting CV, English test waiver appl., help in national application getting scholarship, interview preparation etc. on my behalf and further help me around in filing visa application, medical test, and provide assistance (free of why i want to be a math teacher essay cost) w.r.t. accommodation, currency exchange, and what not if I am proceeding to Canada for MBA. (I think they have some Canadian affiliation or government funding). They helped someone with a profile like me to get admission offers (with modest scholarships) from reputed B-Schools such as Sauder School of Business (UBC), Schulich School of Business, McMaster, and Simon Fraser University.

After considering the tuition cost and post-study prospects I had joined UBC and successfully completed the 16 month program in jan’15. Ah….so it has been a long read, so to cut it short now…I would suggest all readers not to lose hope on account of your low GMAT or low GPA scores. National Merit Application Essay. Stand confident. Make your application strong in all ways possible. Pour down all your efforts. Show the why i to be a math admission committees what they want to on erin see.

Success will be yours!! I found this post extremely helpful and I was wondering what institution you took your additional coursework from or if there were any online courses you would suggest? 9600 Escarpment, Suite 745 PMB 72, Austin, TX 78749 | Phone: 512-535-5157.