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Job application essay format

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Book review: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice was first published in essay, 1813, although Jane Austen had written it between October of 1796 and August of 1797. This was at a time when women were expected to stay at home and just be a pretty face, not think for themselves, and not involve themselves in strong thesis, politics or careers (read: “men’s work”). Men were authors; women were not. Austen’s father first submitted Pride and Prejudice to essay format, a publisher in cause and effect, 1797, under the title First Impressions , but it was rejected probably for job application, the sole reason that it had been written by a woman. Even when Pride and Prejudice was finally published in 1813, Austen’s name did not appear as the author of the book, and in fact, Austen was never given credit for being the author of any of her works while she was alive. The title page of Pride and Prejudice , when published, read “by the author of Sense and Sensibility .” Regardless, Jane Austen is one of the most widely read authors of English literature and there is no doubt in my mind as to why this is true. She had a lot to say about women and studies courseworks, society in England during the late 18 th and early 19 th centuries. Pride and Prejudice is quite comic and it paints a clear picture of how women who lacked their own fortune oftentimes had to forsake love to marry for economic security and social status. I’m pretty sure this is the third time I have read this book, but I hadn’t read it in quite a while. Format! I had forgotten how much I love it.

The first two sentences are great and laugh-out-loud funny. They will always be two of strong thesis statements for 1984 my favorite opening lines from any book, and job application, they set the stage for studies courseworks, all of the ridiculousness that is about to happen throughout the rest of the story: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. However little known the feelings or views of such a man may be on his first entering a neighbourhood, this truth is format, so well fixed in essay comparing, the minds of the job application essay format surrounding families, that he is a mla format research paper to look, considered as the rightful property of some one or other of their daughters. The chapter goes on essay format to become a conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Essay Air Pollution Cause! Bennet (Elizabeth Bennet’s parents), and Mr. Job Application Format! Bennet is hilarious. He is wonderfully cynical and blunt, while Mrs. Bennet is just plain crazy. Pride and Prejudice is the classic tale of the irrepressible Elizabeth Bennet—Jane Austen’s most fully realized heroine and essay about cause, a character not unlike her creator in that she possesses a dry wit, enjoys spotting a fool, and refuses to be taken lightly. The story begins as the people of format rural Meryton scurry to marry their daughters off to Charles Bingley, a dashing and eligible bachelor who has taken an estate near the Bennets. At the village’s welcoming ball, Elizabeth meets up with a formidable adversary: Bingley’s closest friend, the cold, prideful, extremely wealthy Fitzwilliam Darcy, who piques her to new heights of antagonism.

When Darcy arrogantly urges Bingley to give up his burgeoning courtship of Elizabeth’s sister, misunderstanding threatens to bury all he loves in turmoil and regret. A cautionary tale about the write essay evils of hasty judgment, Pride and Prejudice is arguably one of the most satisfying love stories ever written. It is essay, a satisfying love story, if that’s what you’re after, but it’s also much more than that. The characters are great—even the ones whose personalities I can’t stand—and the book really has a lot to say about statements, people’s pride, vanity and essay, prejudices in general. I love this book because I love the characters. A few of courseworks them really work my nerves, but I still love how well-written they are. Job Application! Elizabeth is strong, my favorite because she is so independent, headstrong and outspoken. She refuses to marry for any reason other than love, even if that means she doesn’t end up marrying someone who can give her a better economic and social status. She has her faults, but she is job application format, not afraid to admit to them when she knows she’s wrong. Her mother and two of her younger sisters annoy her as much as they annoy me, and she can’t stand the snotty sisters of Mr.

Bingley, whom I despise every time I read the book. It is apparent from the two texts first chapter that Elizabeth takes after her father, who is also headstrong and job application essay format, outspoken. Write Essay Two Texts! He loves to put his annoying wife in her place, but he does it in very humorous ways without being too nasty. I get a lot of laughs out of Pride and Prejudice every time I read it, and job application, most of those laughs are courtesy of Mr. Bennet. Mrs. Bennet annoys the heck out of strong statements for 1984 me and job application format, I find myself audibly telling her to shut up throughout the book. Seriously, if she would only just shut up . I avoid people like the snotty Bingley sisters like the essay three friend have plague in real life because if anyone deserves a good slap across the face, they do. People who think they’re better than everyone else because of money or social status, like the Bingley sisters and Lady Catherine (Mr. Darcy’s aunt), just disgust me. Mr.

Collins could use a nice piece of duct tape over his mouth, as well, since he really makes himself look like a fool every time he speaks. Essay! Finally, Mr. Darcy is infuriating and endearing at the same time. Bravery! I think what makes Jane Austen’s books so well-loved and essay, timeless was her ability to tell it like it is. Our language has evolved quite a bit from what it was like in the eighteenth- and nineteenth-centuries, and anyone who reads classics knows that the language in them can be very hard to studies, understand at times.

This is not at all the format case with Austen’s writing. She wrote without a lot of fluff and the way she worded things in the nineteenth-century is really not a whole lot different from the way we use the language today. Her books remain relevant because she wrote about subjects that will always be a natural part of being human, no matter how many years go by, and her characters are always so realistic and full of life. If you like good classic literature, a good love story, and essay three qualities a best friend should have, humorous characters, you’ll enjoy reading Pride and Prejudice . It’s a nice, satisfying, fun read. Your review is exactly the way I feel, especially the last paragraph. Her writing translates well to our era and job application, I think that is a good thing for young people who pick it up. They will not be turned off by the language and those that are reading it NOT for assigned reading, will not know that they are reading a very important piece of literature#8230;until somebody tells them. #128578; You always beat me with the review. I#8217;m such a procrastinator!

Don#8217;t you just love that cover? That is air pollution and effect, my exact copy and I think it#8217;s just gorgeous! I do love this cover the job application best of all I#8217;ve seen. The colors are so nice. I#8217;m newly in format to look, love with this author. I read Pride and Prejudice last year and didn#8217;t #8220;get it.#8221; Then I read Austen#8217;s biography, and decided to jump in again.

Npow I can#8217;t get enough of her. Essay Format! I#8217;m glad you gave her another chance. I#8217;ve been keeping up with your blog and strong for 1984, I admire you for diving into books that you have deemed difficult in the past. Essay! I have read some books like that, too, and know that I have some rereading to do. And you#8217;re right, Jane Austen is air pollution cause and effect, a wonderful author once you understand what she#8217;s all about. I love Mr. Bennet. Job Application Essay Format! He steals the book for me.

I do think, maybe more hope, that Jane Austen is using a bit of satire when she wrote the character of Mrs. Format Research Supposed To Look! Bennet. Job Application Essay! I love the book a little bit more each time I read it. mrs bennet,i bet is my most admired character because she acted just the way a mother who wants to see her daughters get married and be comfortable wil act,though she kind of like went to an extrem. the most disirable character for me is mrs bennet as she is too screamful lady always scoulding her husband ,she does too much of gossips ,a typical nature of women and too responsible lady.

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If I Won Million Dollars Essays and job application format, Research Papers. successful, and others fail miserably. I am usually a very unlucky person, but miracles happen every day in the beautiful word we live in. So . what would I do if my luck decided to change and I happen to courseworks win a million dollars ? The idea is tough to grasp, but if I won a million dollars I would spend the money on myself, my mother, and job application format, the game of baseball for the youth within my community. Cause? To begin, if I won a million dollars I would enrich my own lifestyle. I would start by buying a beautiful sports. Bedroom , Dream house , House music 1173 Words | 3 Pages. “What I Would Do If I Won A Million Dollars ?” If I won a . million dollars , I would take some decisions that will influence my future. In effect, a million dollars is the format, possibility to topic make better my present life and also my future life. First, I will launch in the business world and invest in my education. Second, I will help my family and others to get a more beautiful.

And third, life I will accomplish my goals life. Therefore, if I won a million dollars by chance, I will change the event of my. Capital , Capital accumulation , Education 488 Words | 2 Pages. I can honestly say that if I won 50 million dollars in the lottery I . would enjoy my winnings with my family by doing anything and everything they desire. Although I have given to charity in format, the past it would not be on the top of my list for things to do.

I’m pretty certain that everyone wants that life of luxury and three qualities a best friend have, while many of us are already living quite well it just may not be well enough. So if you say you don’t want a life where you can have anything you want in job application essay, this. Debut albums 414 Words | 2 Pages. memory. Beyond their journey, there is and effect a love” From Million Dollar Baby. Million Dollar Baby directed . by Clint Eastwood is a story about a girl, Maggie who wants desperately to be a fighter, but she only wants to be trained by the best trainer around, Frankie. She succeeds in persuading him to train her and goes on to be a magnificent fighter. Million Dollar Baby is a tragedy because the job application format, heroine, Maggie embraces the definition of a tragedy. Million Dollar Baby is a tragedy because Maggie fits the first. Clint Eastwood 921 Words | 3 Pages. I Watched The Movie Million Dollar Arm.

? I watched the write, movie Million Dollar Arm and I choose the character JB to do morphological analysis . of some of his dialogues from the movie. At first, to do morphological analysis we need to know what is morpheme? A morpheme is the smallest unit of or the smallest piece of job application essay format a word that contributes meaning to essay qualities friend a word. Format? Example: The word ‘management’ has 2 morphemes in comparing, it manage-ment. Some words have just one morpheme like ‘destined’.

All morphemes are either free or bound. Free: A free morpheme is. Affix , Bound morpheme , Inflection 852 Words | 4 Pages. What I Would Do If I Won a Million Dollars. What would I do if I won a million dollars ? For example, from the lottery maybe? . Yes, the chances of winning are just as likely as being abducted by aliens but if I did, I this were to essay happen, what would I do with the cash? Winning the lottery is a favorite daydream for a lot of us. If I had a million dollars , I'm guessing I would definitely want more. Essay Three A Best? I would probably try to discover a way to double the million , probably put it up in a bank somewhere for a few years and essay format, let it collect some. Currency , Family , Lottery 534 Words | 2 Pages. James Tyler November 8, 2006 Book Review The name of the book is a best friend have $ 40 Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and . Redemption of the Black Athlete. The author is essay William C. Rhoden.

Crown Publishers, a division of Random House, Inc New York, published the qualities a best friend should, book in 2006. The book contains 276 pages. The author William Rhoden, a Morgan State University graduate, has been a sports writer for the New York Times since 1983. He has written for the Sports of Times column for more than ten years. African American , Black people , Negro 1367 Words | 4 Pages.

In the film ' Million Dollar Baby',directed by Clint Eastwood is mainly based around the theme of how the important characters as . vehicles to convey the theme familial love and support. This is shown when the theme is essay set up through Maggie and Frankie having broken relationship with their families, but it was resolved when they came together. Having familial love and support is important to an individual’s wellbeing. Without love, humans become isolated and unsatisfied. Therefore, by coming together. Clint Eastwood , Dysfunctional family , Family 958 Words | 3 Pages. What would you do if, for example, you won a million dollars in the lottery?

Never mind your chances of winning are . just slightly better than the chances of being abducted by aliens. Even so, winning the write essay, lottery is a favorite daydream for job application, a lot of us. If I had a million dollars , I'm guessing I would definitely crave for more. Perhaps I would try to discover a way to double the million , preferably not using anything against the law. It seems that no matter how much money you have, it's. Lottery , Money 538 Words | 2 Pages. Million Dollar Baby Film Overview.

Film Overview Paper: Million Dollar Baby At the time Million Dollar Baby was released, it was very . Thesis Statements? moderately hyped and wasn’t advertised necessarily as a blockbuster must-see. Format? But those who did go see it spread the word of its excellence quickly, as within a couple months the qualities a best friend have, movie had grossed over essay $100 million (IMBd) and essay three a best should, had captured the hearts of essay format not only the millions who flocked to see it but of even the harshest of critics, including Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter, dubbing Clint Eastwood’s. Academy Award for Best Actor , Academy Award for Best Director , Academy Award for how is a mla research supposed to look, Best Picture 1071 Words | 3 Pages. What to Do with One Million Dollars- Charity. Final- What I Would Do With a Million Dollars One million dollars has a lot of . potential and would change one person's or multiple peoples' lives in a diverse amount of ways. Many people that do have that much money abuse it. I believe they spend their millions in wrong and irresponsible ways; many celebrities spend their riches on material items for themselves to make their own public image as a wealthy person by buying houses, cars, and designer items that the format, normal working class citizen could. Epistle of strong thesis for 1984 Jude , Future , Government 1004 Words | 3 Pages. New Million Dollar Homepage Story.

New Million Dollar Homepage Story Back in 2005, a student in England named Alex Tew launched The Million . Dollar Homepage, the home page consists of job application essay a million pixels arranged in a 1000?1000 pixel grid, through which he sold the pixels for $1 each. Although it was an extremely simple idea, the unique project attracted enormous amounts of essay topic press coverage, and eventually earned $1,037,100. It also spawned countless copycat websites, but as the old saying goes, lightning never strikes twice, the idea. Advertising , Concept , Idea 1697 Words | 5 Pages. Million Dollar Baby: Visual Language Analysis.

When I turn on the television to watch a movie, I notice that I have a tendency to focus on job application format the words of the strong thesis, . characters, sometimes on the music in the background and how it relates to the overall scene, but as I watch what is in front of me I rarely tend to focus my attention to the colors, lines, textures or balance of the surroundings. Everything seems to be part of the big picture of the scene rather than visuals that stand out. Every day we are surrounded by visual elements, which are just as. Actor , Boxing , Color 1168 Words | 3 Pages. What Would I Do about My Education if I were to Receive 100 Million Dollars. ? To answer the question of what I would do about job application essay format, my education if I were to receive 100 million . dollars is fairly easy to studies courseworks answer, in job application, theory. I would still pursue my education. One change for me would be the essay topic, chance to attend whatever college I wanted to. Essay Format? For me my education is not solely for the purpose of getting a “better job” it is in essay three qualities friend, fact to better myself. Job Application Essay Format? I want to gain knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

I do not want to gain knowledge for just one objective, like a better job. Life , So Many Things , Want 1346 Words | 3 Pages. If College Sports is how is a mla research paper supposed a Million Dollars Market, Why Are College Athletes Not Paid. College Sports is a Million Dollars Market, Why Are College Athletes Not Paid? Post University If . Job Application? College Sports is a Million Dollars Market, Why Are College Athletes Not Paid? College football and basketball athletics at most NCAA division one schools are big business industry. In most division one school, college Football revenues can gross up to 90 million dollars in a mla format paper, revenue, and job application format, college basketball revenues can be as high as 48.8 million dollars . For last year’s Bowl. Basketball , Big East Conference , Big Ten Conference 1380 Words | 4 Pages. What I Would Do with a Million Dollars? WHAT I WOULD DO WITH A MILLION DOLLARS January 16,2003 # 41 I There are many things that . I would do if I had a million dollars . The first and most important thing that I would do if I had a million dollars would be to put enough money in the bank for my children’s education. Essay Topic Bravery? I will make sure that my children will graduate from college debt free, just as my parents have done for me.

Education is the format, best gift of write essay comparing all, and I , as a parent, am honored to help give that to my child. . English-language films , Parent 453 Words | 2 Pages. Johnny Cupcakes, a Multi-Million Dollar Clothing Brand. Chelsea LaRese Johnny Cupcakes is a multi- million dollar clothing brand. The brand was founded in 2001 by Johnny Earle. . Job Application Essay Format? One of Johnny's acquired nicknames was Johnny cupcakes. He thought it would be funny to air pollution cause make a couple random shirts that said 'Johnny Cupcakes' on job application them for the fun of it (Earle, 2012). After massive interest in these shirts, he decided to continue to make more and studies, change up the designs. In 2001, Johnny stated, the band I was in, On Broken Wings, finally got signed to. Consultative selling , Retailing , Shirt 1903 Words | 5 Pages.

Million Dollar Baby and job application format, Cinderella Man Comparative Essay. English Communications ? Comparative Assignment Million Dollar baby and format supposed to look, Cinderella Man Cinderella Man directed by essay format, Ron . Howard and Million Dollar Baby directed by Clint Eastwood are two films about two individuals viewed as underdogs by society and essay comparing, the world of boxing who overcome the odds and achieve personal goals. In these two heroic tales we follow the format, lives of two passionate and determined fighters. Strong Statements For 1984? Like all heroic tales we encounter a hero, a villain and a final showdown portrayed as a. Academy Award for Best Director , American film actors , American television actors 1252 Words | 3 Pages. Double Entry Journal Million Dollar Thr. ?Derek Tang Mrs.OW Emglish 1A, Period 3 9/15/14 Double Entry Journal Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica Chapter One . Football was like this for Nate Brodie. Format? As he scanned the field now, he recognized one of three friend should have those answers he instinctively knew. Pete Mullaney, his favorite receiver was about to break into job application format, the clear. Once he did that, Nate knew Pete was going to run all day (Lupica 2).

Football came naturally to Nate. Nate was special, like no other quarterback in qualities a best friend should, the league. When Nate was. Mike Lupica , Retinitis pigmentosa 1567 Words | 3 Pages. Where Will I Put My Million Dollars. ?Where Will I Put My Million Dollars ? In America we are faced with many problems.

As citizens we can find a way to essay . help. If you had a millon dollars would you use it to help America become a better nation? If I had a million dollars , I would spend it on topic bravery food safety, child labor, and Deforestation. Food safety is definitely a huge issue. Essay Format? I would donate 600,000 dollars on thesis statements helping food safety because it’s important that what we eat is job application essay format healthy and safe for essay topic, us to consume. Job Application Essay Format? The conditions we have right. Agriculture , Coal , Food 415 Words | 2 Pages. Amberly Ebelsheiser Prof.

Owens Theater 116 January 22, 2011 Million Dollar Baby The film, Million . Dollar Baby, is statements a very powerful story of job application a young woman by strong statements, the name of Maggie. Job Application? While she experienced a very difficult upbringing, Maggie had never lost sight of her goals, and essay three qualities a best should, is living proof that anyone can overcome any obstacle that they may be faced with. Format? Maggie’s dream was to be a professional fighter; it was a dream most girls do not share, but it was her passion. She began attending a gym. Woman 654 Words | 2 Pages. what would you do if you won 1 mln dollar. ?What would you do if you won 1 000 000 $ Why people want to comparing be a rich man? What is does rich mean? In what do people see the richness? . (Where do people find richness?) And how can people become rich? Some people thinks and wants to be rich, because they love money, they want expencive (espensive, costly) possessions such as: things, cars, great homes and ect. Some ones want to job application essay be a rich, because they love contribute, to qualities friend have help someone, poors, olds, who has need.

Some ones consider. KISS principle , Lebanon, Tennessee , Need 820 Words | 3 Pages. ? Nobody Won Abstract When the Arthur Andersen LLP/Enron . scandal surfaced in 2001, there was much confusion as to whom committed what crime and how many employees were actually involved. After the facts and criminal charges were final, the sequence of events makes sense; the essay format, union of two companies, the rise of the participating executives, and studies, finally the format, end of the money ride. The leaders of both companies used dishonesty. Accounting scandals , Arthur Andersen , Conspiracy of Fools 2569 Words | 7 Pages. What I heredate I will redeem At first it seems to about air pollution be just a short story about an Indian guy who is currently living in the . Job Application Format? streets, but when you see thru the lines you realize there is more to know about the comparing two texts, symbolism behind the journey of Jackson Jackson and his grandmother’s regalia.

The author seems pretty close to Native American history, because he’s one Spokane Indian, like Jackson in the story. Job Application Format? What this means is comparing that the inside of the story is essay format right beneath Alexie personal life. None. Native Americans in the United States , Pawnbroker , Regalia 846 Words | 2 Pages. Invest Write: How to Spend 1 Million Dollars Wisely.

Invest Write By Drew Adams I am a 13 year old boy living in the modern world. This world is filled with failing economies, and courseworks, bailout . plans. Lucky for me I entered a contest and job application essay, won 1 million dollars . How would I invest in studies courseworks, it? I would first set up a plan on job application what I am going to do with the money. The plan would be to split up the money. Some would be for college. There would be an account for spending money, one for emergency money, and one for necessities.

This would be my plan for investing. Economy , Integers , Investment 337 Words | 2 Pages. One Million Dollars If I won one million dollars , I would . buy a mansion with lots of rooms, and a mla format supposed, fun things like a pool table and a big room with of job application essay format games and how is a mla paper to look, fun activities. I would also have a gym so that I can exercise and have a healthy life. Job Application Essay Format? One thing I would do is give food and clothes for the homeless so they will have something to eat and have clothes to wear to keep warm and strong statements, keep cool in the summer. I would give some of the money to charity so that they can help people that need money to. DirecTV , English-language films , Investment 570 Words | 2 Pages. Fraud Examination Unit 9 6/2/12 How to steal a million dollars Mr.

Seneca Stunton was an accountant clerk for a company . Job Application Format? called Carlton Chemical. Essay Topic Bravery? Seneca had no formal education for essay format, accounting. Comparing? His experience was for a smaller company which he exceled at book keeping. Format? He accepted the job with Carlton Chemical and he was on the track to excel and have a great career. His supervisor was just in Seneca’s position, so Seneca was pretty happy to see that there were advancement opportunities within the. Accounts receivable , Customer , Customer service 623 Words | 2 Pages.

world. Essay About Air Pollution And Effect? I would feel the essay format, same way just like everybody else. On the other hand, if the essay, lottery amount is in range which can fulfill any wish one . can have, it will make the life most amazing beautiful heaven. If I win a $50 million dollar in the New Jersey lottery my life will be a miracle. It will first give me opportunities to achieve not only my wishes but those wishes which I can only dream and it take a long way to reach them. For instance, I will take care of my family, with myself and I would. English-language films , Family , Father 848 Words | 2 Pages.

What You Would Do to Help with 10 Million Dollars. xxx 10 Million Dollar Essay When we think of giving to charities today, we’re not sure what to job application format think. One might imagine going . to a building where we can donate money in, or visiting a website where you enter an amount of money and your credit card number. Charities haven’t made themselves highly accessible yet. My charity aims to fix that. With nothing but the clothes on my back and 10 million dollars , I will start the non-profit Charity organization called Charity-ception. Charity-ception is. 21st century , Charitable organization , Charitable trust 820 Words | 3 Pages. Dollar General Case Study [Author Name(s), First M. Last, Omit Titles and Degrees] [Institutional Affiliation(s)] Dollar . General Case Study 1. Explain why the old, nonintegrated functional system created problems for the company.

Be specific. The rapid growth of the Dollar General places strain on strong thesis statements for 1984 its existing IT systems. Job Application? Because the old non-integrated functional system was not scalable, there was a negative impact on meeting the working demand. There were two major problems created. A Mla Format Research Paper? The. Comparison of format accounting software , Dollar , General officer 1084 Words | 3 Pages. Million Dollar Baby Throughout this course we have discussed about making good and bad decisions in strong thesis for 1984, life.

In grade 12 . curriculum we have watched a movie called A Million Dollar baby cast by Clint Eastwood as an Frankie Dunn (coach), Hilary Swank as an Maggie Fitzgerald (female boxer) and Morgan Freeman Eddie Scrap Iron(gym keeper). In this movie Eastwood has shown in format, his movie a story about how is a mla supposed to look, a struggling life of boxers and coach. Job Application? In this movie an actor and essay topic, director is playing a role. Academy Award for Best Picture , Boxing , Clint Eastwood 783 Words | 2 Pages. Global Trade and the Impact of the American Dollar. Global Trade and the Impact of the American Dollar Globalization and global trade have become the norm of American society and many other . countries around the word. Essay? They both stimulate the economy in a variety of how is format paper supposed ways. They force economic growth to occur, create new jobs, cause prices on goods to fall, and overall they improve our standards of living.

On the other hand globalization and global trade can hurt a nation economically, socially, and politically. After WWII, the growth of the economy. Balance of essay trade , Currency , Dollar 917 Words | 3 Pages. boxing is to inflict harm on another: you get points by about, delivering punishing blows, and you can win by knocking the essay format, opponent senseless” (Dubois, 2009). This . shows that boxing is a sport that contradicts the rules and laws of violence. The movie “ Million Dollar Baby” is topic bravery a perfect example of violence and the ethical decisions that were made.

Maggie was fighting hard and clean with the intent to job application win the fight. Her opponent was fighting dirty all night causing her to keep her guard up. After the round was. Business ethics , Ethics , Fighting game 537 Words | 2 Pages. 10/11/2014 Abstract Dollar General Corporation is United States largest small-box discount retailer headquartered in . Goodlettsville, Tennessee [1]. Dollar General offers both name brand products and studies courseworks, generic merchandise [2].

Its competitors include Family Dollar , Dollar Tree which also operate in deep discount segment of format US retailing. Comparing Two Texts? The following case study discusses about the various political, economic, social and technological forces that Dollar General have faced and their impact. Dollar General , Dollar Tree , Family Dollar 1212 Words | 7 Pages. World War I is job application format no different in this sense. The Great War led to tremendous loss of about life and job application essay, property. How Is A Mla Format Paper Supposed? Additionally, it prompted significant . technological advancement and alterations in format, warfare strategies. Finally, World War I changed the power structure of the world, paving the courseworks, way for World War II.

World War I was a very pivotal event in the Twentieth Century, laying the roots for future conflicts such as World War II. The Great War caused immense loss of life and job application essay, destroyed millions of dollars. Adolf Hitler , Chemical warfare , League of Nations 827 Words | 3 Pages. What if Germany won WWI? World War One, also widely known as the Great War lasted from 1914-1918. It was a major war centered in . Courseworks? Europe involving the World’s major powers that were separated into job application essay format, two alliances: the Allies, consisting of Britain, France, Russia and later the US and the Central Powers consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. It was European History’s worst war at essay a best should, the time. The Germans were defeated by exhaustion however, this could of easily happened to the Allies. Adolf Hitler , League of Nations , Nazism 1346 Words | 4 Pages. Million Dollar Baby by job application essay format, Clint Eastwood: Follow Your Dreams. Follow Your Dreams In Clint Eastwood's film, Million Dollar Baby, there are many controversial aspects and studies, lessons to be learned . Essay? within the story's themes.

Eastwood's film challenges conventions and breaks through the ideological. The main themes in the movie teach valuable life lessons through the main character's willingness to never give up on her dream. Essay Cause And Effect? Also, the film goes against the layout of Propp's narrative functions and job application format, what might be the typical sequence of events in a movie. Conflict. Academy Award for Best Actor , Academy Award for Best Director , Academy Award for Best Picture 1422 Words | 4 Pages. economic owners of studies courseworks realty to sell property and lease it back, while transferring the tax deduction for depreciation to the title owner.

As the owner and . Chairman of the Chicago Bulls since 1985, he has turned the franchise into a lucrative business that won six NBA Championships in the 1990s (1991-1993 and 1996-1998). Job Application Essay? He is controversial for his involvement (along with Jerry Krause) in about air pollution cause, breaking up the championship team by essay, not hiring back key personnel such as Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan. Three Qualities Have? He hired Jordan. Chicago , Chicago Bulls , Chicago Cubs 3719 Words | 7 Pages. Weak Dollar vs.

Strong Dollar With the economy constantly changing, we are starting to see drastic changes in our . dollar . A countries currency determines their strength in the market and their inflation rate. With a higher inflation rate, they are able to buy more and do more for a cheaper price. To help us better understand the essay, difference between the weak dollar and the strong dollar , we will go in depth with both weak and strong dollars and its advantages and disadvantages, the supposed, currency monitor. Bretton Woods system , Currency , Dollar 952 Words | 3 Pages. NCEA Level 2 Reading Response Million Dollar Baby is a film directed by essay, Clinton Eastwood. Million . Dollar Baby is a film about a middle aged woman, Maggie Fitzgerald who has a poor and strong, loser-like family and essay format, decided she wanted to make a difference in essay topic, her family, pursue her dream and box. Her request was shunned by job application format, the one boxing coach; Frankie Dunn, she looked up to studies courseworks and asked to be trained by. Maggie stubbornly carried on training in his gym, with no real coach, training till late at night. The.

Academy Award for essay, Best Actor , Academy Award for Best Director , Academy Award for Best Picture 642 Words | 2 Pages. Million dollar baby The theme of this story is thesis for 1984 achieving the American Dream of riches and fame, it’s also about the need . for love and job application essay format, support. Frankie is bravery a brilliant but unsuccessful boxing trainer who train a lot of excellent boxers but lack of success. Maggie is a natural boxer who tirelessly trains each day in Frankie’s gym even though he has rejected her requests that he trains her. She is at the age of 32 believes she has one last chance to make a life for herself in format, boxing. They.

Cutman , Failure , Family 666 Words | 2 Pages. and Dollar General From: Senior Advisor, Kenbex Consulting Date: November 9, 2010 Re: Does Dollar General have the right . strategy to maintain a competitive advantage in their market? Executive Summary The primary aim of this Memorandum is to thesis for 1984 determine if Dollar General currently uses the right strategies to job application essay format maintain and sustain competitive advantage in this industry. Essay Three A Best Should Have? In addition, Kenbex Consulting will be looking into the issue of how smaller firms in format, the retail industry, such as Dollar General. Discount store , Dollar General , Dollar Tree 2251 Words | 7 Pages. ? Intuitively one might assume that Dollar General, the well-known extreme-value retailer, has an established competitive advantage versus . other consumer goods retailers with respect to topic bravery price. Job Application Essay? It would then follow that cost would be a defining characteristic of the company, and a cost analysis an appropriate analytical tool. Courseworks? However, the four distinct types of essay format retailers within the dollar store retail segment (original dollar stores, close-out retailers, limited assortment grocers, and extreme-value. Convenience store , Dollar , Dollar General 1075 Words | 4 Pages. The Sand Dollar Splash!!

Of course it’s me being picked up by every human and throwing me as far away out as possible. It gets me very angry . and annoyed because the humans don’t treat me with enough respect as some other organisms living here. Humans don’t look at me as a living creature and I have the same systems and how is a mla paper supposed, some of the job application format, same body parts as them but I’m just a lot smaller in size. They get angry at me for trying to get away using my spines to move along the sand. People who pick me. Blood , Circulatory System , Mussel 1716 Words | 4 Pages. How the a mla format paper supposed, value of dollar is essay vaporized Throughout the history of strong thesis statements currency, the true value of money has always been changing. Job Application Essay Format? Even today, the about air pollution cause and effect, . value of dollar is job application format changing every day.

It is hard to studies courseworks define the value of money, for economists, they may use gold/silver standard to job application format value money; but in order to be closer to topic everyday life, I will use “milk” as a rule for measuring the purchasing power of money. Milk as an agricultural product, its production does not affect by the improvement of format technology. Bretton Woods system , Currency , Gold 1077 Words | 3 Pages. The Million Dollar Blank-Note (Mark Twain) Dear Son I know you are probably wondering what this letters concerning but I anted you to know how I came to be . the man you look upon essay as your father. You should know that in job application essay format, many cases money is brought upon a man through inheritance, luck, or hard work. In my case however money was brought onto me because of the essay, hard-worker I once was.

It was not to long ago that I was just an ordinary man living in San Francisco as a mining brokers clerk. Job Application Format? In the eyes of others I was a respectable young man, clean-cut. Bank of England , Banknotes of the pound sterling , English-language films 533 Words | 2 Pages. ?A Cool Million is a political novel, in the sense that it targets a political establishment which is corrupt and racist, bullying and . Essay Topic? philistine, but its strangeness left the job application, political movement largely nonplussed. It is a novel of the end of the American dream. Courseworks? It is format Candide recast for statements for 1984, twentieth-century America, the destruction of an innocent by a system he simply cannot comprehend.

Lem Pitkin is a simple, if not simple-minded, boy who is torn apart – literally so, he is systematically divested. A Cool Million , American Dream , Fascism 1401 Words | 4 Pages. What Is the American Dollar Backed by? American dollar backed by? In the twentieth century the American dollar has gone through several phases. The first phase of . the American dollar is the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank.

The next phase was the essay, worldwide strengths that the dollar gained because of the strong thesis for 1984, accords reached at The Bretton Woods Conference of job application essay format 1944. The closing of the essay a best should, gold window by President Richard M. Nixon in 1971 was another important phase of the essay format, U.S. dollar . Finally, enters the current state of the U.S. dollar , the. Central bank , Currency , Federal Reserve System 2008 Words | 6 Pages. Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica. Million dollar throw by mike lupica Have you ever wished you were a really good quarter back? Did you ever dream of making . a million dollar throw? Well in this book, Million - Dollar Throw by studies courseworks, Mike Lupica, Nate “Brady” Brodie gets the chance to do just that. Essay Format? He gets his opportunity to win one million dollars during halftime of a New England Patriots contest Thanksgiving Night. Essay And Effect? Nate is thirteen and plays football for the Valley Patriots. Essay? One day, after saving up money, he goes to a store called. American football , Blindness , Gillette Stadium 636 Words | 2 Pages.

Attention Step: How many people have heard of the argument that students should be paid for playing sports in college? -So most people have. . I appreciate sports, I played soccer extremely competitively, before I got burnt out and quit, so I have a huge amount of respect for the people who are able to write essay comparing two texts stick with it and job application essay, continue playing through college. Bravery? But I think that the whole argument about essay, them being paid needs to be looked at from a broader perspective. There are elements of this argument. American football , College , College football 793 Words | 3 Pages. Critique of Paul Krugman’s Degrees and Dollar.

“Degrees and Dollar ” Student Shorter University Abstract Krugman’s essay shows strong writing skills and the author’s points are agreeable on how is format supposed . the whole. Technology has been an essay, intimidation to the middle class working population. Krugman opens his article with a clear and direct approach. Format Paper Supposed To Look? As with this critique, it begins with my summary of Krugman’s “Degrees and Dollars (2011) Next, is a discussion of Kugmans’s writing and an evaluation on how well his points were executed. The points where I agree with. American middle class , Middle class , Social class 996 Words | 6 Pages. I was about 12 years old when I first read about Bill Gates . I was inspired by his biography of outstanding . achievements and have admired him since. He also inspires me because he is a very successful business man. Also, he is a great leader for his Microsoft Company, and he is very generous. Gates is not selfish he cares about job application, other people who need his help.

Bill gates was born on October 28, 1995. He was born into a family with a rich history of essay topic business, politics. Bill Gates , Computer , Lakeside School 763 Words | 3 Pages. assigned an job application essay, I -Search paper, I was to acquire a question that was appealing to me, and that I did. It all started . after mindless searches via the internet and essay about and effect, some procrastination, to which I found myself to be in front of the television. While I knew I should be looking for format, a suitable question, I still sat there watching on. I happened to be flipping through the channels when a commercial for the Mythbusters brought about the question if one can raise a sunken vessel with ping-pong balls, to which I thought. Discovery Channel , Kari Byron , MythBusters 956 Words | 3 Pages. Should Our Tax Dollar Fund the Banning Museum?

Should Our Tax Dollar Fund the Banning Museum? The Banning House was built in how is a mla research to look, 1864 by Phinease Banning. The house orginially had 30 rooms and . later renovated to 23 rooms. The house is built with the example of domestic Greek Revival architecture and job application, Victorian beauty. It housed 3 generation of the Banning family, and was acquired by the City of essay topic bravery Los Angeles in job application, 1927. The house represented Phinease Banning's believes in the future of his community. Supposed? He was called th Father of the essay, Port of los Angeles.

California , Los Angeles , National Historic Landmark 1227 Words | 4 Pages. Pawn-stars 01-14 “Herd that” a lady came in essay two texts, with a Manhattan Project Souvenir from 1945. The Manhattan Project was a top secret plan to develop the atomic . bomb. The project required 30,000 people to complete and cost two billion dollars , or about essay, twenty-five billion dollars in essay bravery, today’s money. This project was so top secret the job application essay, newly elected president, who was previously vice-president, didn’t even know about studies, it. When people were hired to construct a part of the bomb they had no idea what they were constructing. Integers , Nuclear weapon , Pipe organ 1137 Words | 3 Pages. Relativity for job application, the Million For this project, I decided to read Relativity for the Million , a book by Martin . Gardner. I have always been fascinated by the Theory of essay about cause Relativity ever since you told me that time and distance is relative. For whatever reason, I could not make sense of this. It just boggled my mind that something as “constant” as time could change.

Some of my favorite days in physics class consisted of essay discussions of how is a mla format research paper to look relativity. It was always two steps forward and one step back for. Classical mechanics , General relativity , Light 1220 Words | 3 Pages. Dollar General Case Study Analysis. Dollar General Case Study Analysis Background J.L. Turner and son Cal Turner founded Dollar General in 1939 as a wholesale dry . Job Application? goods retailer. They quickly changed their business to retail and opened their first dollar store in Kentucky, 1955.

The company went public 14 years later and eventually Cal took over as president in essay topic bravery, 1977 and then became chairman in 1989. With the essay format, foundation of the company starting from essay air pollution cause, a father and son, it is job application format no wonder why Dollar General has a strong family culture. Dollar General , Dollar Tree , Fred's 1689 Words | 5 Pages. ?Greavu 1 John Greavu WRIT 1301 Mr. Essay Three A Best Friend Should Have? Anderson 29 NOV 2011 Reading Response #6: Above The Dollar I believe that our society is . being misguided. Childhood dreams of becoming a fireman, police officer, astronaut, professional athlete, or even president are being replaced by job application format, doctors and young aspiring businessmen and women.

Now, those can be great professions, but I believe that the write essay comparing two texts, interest is job application format more in the high salary than anything. To me, my future isn’t completely set on money or even working, but. Basketball 959 Words | 4 Pages. notion of write essay comparing “Looking Glass Self” account for non-conformists, revolutionaries, activists, and essay, charismatic leaders who are willing to essay qualities should risk their life for a . Job Application Format? vision/cause/mission/belief? GEORGE HERBERT MEAD • Two components of how is format research paper supposed self | I |ME | | | | | . Ageing , Aging , Erikson's stages of psychosocial development 928 Words | 10 Pages. consumers, opposed to just low-income consumers. * Increase the public’s awareness of Dollar Trees products, inventory, and quality of . products. Have Dollar Tree become a part of consumers recall. * Inform consumers of the extreme quality of Dollar Tree’s products, no products are expired or out to date. Job Application Essay Format? We just get an extreme discount with loyal distributors. * Change customer’s attitudes towards Dollar Tree and three qualities, discounts stores in general. Job Application Essay? Discount stores carry the same quality name brands.

Discount store , Dollar General , Dollar Tree 1841 Words | 5 Pages.

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7 Best Free Business Plan Templates. Didn#039;t go to business school? No Problem. Download a free business plan template and customize it to job application essay format your needs. SCORE, a nonprofit association that helps foster startups by essay about providing mentorship and planning tools, says that the value of completing a business plan is job application essay format, not the finished product, but rather the process.

The act of cause and effect, planning helps you to think things through thoroughly, study and research if you are not sure of the facts, and look at your ideas critically. It takes time now, but avoids costly, perhaps disastrous, mistakes later, the format, introduction to SCORE's business template says. Having a clear picture about the purpose of your business, its goals, and how it will operate is critical not only for your understanding of these issues, but more importantly to get potential lenders and investors to buy in. Thankfully, you don't have to essay qualities a best have go to business school—or hire someone who did—to create a business plan. You can download a free business plan template and customize it to your needs. Format! Where to Find Free Business Plan Templates. The nonprofit business mentorship program offers free templates for strong statements, both startup and established businesses, as well as planning tools for nonprofits. Their startup business plan is job application essay, made up of strong statements, a narrative along with financial worksheets. The template includes over 150 questions to job application establish the body of essay comparing, your business plan and can be answered in any order.

The executive summary, however, should be completed last. The goal of job application format, this completed template is to provide you with a fluid narrative. This site offers a free, basic template to download. The BPlan free template offers an essay about air pollution cause organized guideline to job application essay creating your business plan and takes you though the steps to get your business plan investor-ready and SBA-approved. If that's not in-depth enough for you, then you can buy their Business Plan Pro software or use LivePlan, an online business plan creator with built-in formulas for financial planning, videos from experts and the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues. Editor's Note: Looking for a business plan template or services for your business? If you're looking for studies, information to help you choose the one that's right for you, use the questionnaire below to have our sister site, BuyerZone, provide you with information from a variety of vendors for free: The Microsoft Office site offers a gallery of templates, including business plan checklists, financials, presentations and marketing.

These templates are useful if you want a specific template, rather than a general business plan. Essay! In addition, there is a PPT for business presentations for when you are ready to showcase your business to potential investors. Offers a comprehensive Word-based document that contains a detailed framework for building your business plan, including sample text, tables and charts, as well as a manual with section-by-section assistance. Free-Plan is ideal for essay about air pollution cause, new and established businesses looking to expand and in essay format need of a business plan for internal or external use. Their micro-plan is designed for startups and very small businesses. This site allows you to fill out a template online, with instructions on what to essay about include in each section. Next to essay format each category, tips and examples are provided as an additional resource. How Is A Mla Format Research Paper Supposed To Look! After completing the essay, template, you can generate your business plan and save it to your computer as a Word document. VFinance is a publicly traded company that uses their own personal knowledge of investment knowledge in essay three have creating a business plan template.

With this site you can download a free business plan template targeted to your industry, plus you'll get $75 toward three months of essay format, professional posting of your plan for potential investors to statements view. This online business planner allows you to essay fill out a template on the site section by section, tracks your progress on the plan, and allows you to share the plan once its completed. BizGym's recent update offers a collaborative platform with multiple pricing options, including a free Inventor plan. Thesis! Through this application you can access resources such as a deck builder, budget builder and pivot plan. Essay! Write your executive summary last, after you've done the courseworks, work of researching and thinking about your business. Explain the fundamentals of your business in two pages or less. Make it enthusiastic, professional, complete and concise, advises SCORE. If a section of the template doesn't apply to your business, don't worry about filling it out. If you're having trouble filling out your template or have questions about creating a business plan, SCORE has mentors that can give you free advice in person or via e-mail.

Or, look for feedback and advice from groups like the Small Business Network on LinkedIn. As evidenced above, there are plenty of options for free business templates, so don't feel like you need to pay for job application essay, one, unless you can't find a template that thoroughly addresses your needs. Software like Business Plan Pro or Plan Write Business Planner can provide you with further customization and assistance. In addition to completing a business plan checklist, look for a due diligence checklist from potential lenders or investors to make sure you have a better understanding of the types of information they need. Topic! Many sites, including, and, offer free samples of business plans categorized by job application essay the type of company for qualities a best should, you study before starting your own. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, a good business plan is a living document that should be reviewed and job application essay format updated regularly. Before getting bogged down in the details of business planning, make sure you have a clear vision and set of values for your company. This creates a road map for you to follow in the rest of your planning. How Does Your Business Stack Up?

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A Spoonful of Depth Brings the Soul to Life: The Psychology of Mary Poppins. by Stacey Jill Zackin. We cannot have the extraordinary without the ordinary. Just as the supernatural is hidden in the natural. Job Application. In order to fly, you need something solid to essay three qualities a best should, take off from. It’s not the sky that interests me but the ground. Job Application Format. . . Two Texts. . When I was in Hollywood the [script] writers said, surely Mary Poppins symbolizes the job application essay magic that lies behind everyday life. I said no, of course not, she is everyday life, which is composed of the concrete and the magic. —P. L. Format To Look. Travers, author of Mary Poppins (in Lawson, 1999, p. 161)

Mary Poppins is one of the most recognizable characters in the world. As the central figure of eight storybooks, a Broadway musical, and the 24 th most successful feature film ever released in the United States (Sibley Lassell, 2007), Mary Poppins is a cultural icon. Clearly, there is something special about Mary Poppins that captures the collective imagination, yet the goal of this essay is not to apply the analytic lens to better understand the character of Mary Poppins, but to utilize Mary Poppins as an analogical tool to better understand the job application format character of depth psychologists. Depth psychologists believe that within our unconscious lies a wealth of material that expands our capacity to understand, accept, release, and repair aspects of ourselves, that can lead to a more developed sense of wholeness and connection. Studies. Such information reveals itself through symbols, metaphors, dreams, imagery, intuition, synchronicity (meaningful coincidences), symptoms, negative patterns, and external projections.

However, before one can find meaning in such information, one must be open to receiving it. For the fictional Banks children she cared for, and the millions of essay format, real children she has influenced, Mary Poppins opens the door to the unconscious. Although many have read the books written by Pamela Lyndon Travers, most people, much to the author’s chagrin, identify with the character as brought to life by Julie Andrews in the 1964 Disney film, a film Travers thought was a superficial, unsubstantial simplification of her deep, dark, and complicated stories. Although not a very public person, Travers was not shy in studies, sharing her opinion of Walt Disney, who had courted and job application essay, negotiated with her for topic bravery, over twenty-years before she finally entrusted him with Mary Poppins’ welfare. Format. A trust she felt was abused[1]. Travers is quoted as saying that “Disney was without subtlety and emasculated any character he touched, replacing truth with false sentimentality” (Lawson, 1999, p. 247).

Travers felt that although the film had elements of how is a mla research paper supposed, fantasy, it eliminated the format mystery and magic by being overly externalized, simplified, and generalized (Lawson, 1999). In the film, Mary Poppins is portrayed as a beautiful, empathetic caretaker who is compared to a “jolly holiday” that “makes you feel so grand, your ‘eart starts beatin’ like a big brass band” (Stevens, 1964).Upon her arrival at 17 Cherry Tree Lane, Mary uses catchy melodies, quaint witticisms, and a cast of colorful characters to bring order to format research paper supposed, the chaos that rules the Banks’ household and to repair the dysfunction that defines the Banks’ family. Essentially she transforms a typically complicated British family into a Disneyfied American ideal. In the original books, Mary is described as plain and vain with big hands and feet and a well-pressed but unflattering wardrobe. Essay Format. She is studies terse, punitive, and contradictory. Her arrival does not result in the restoration of perceived norms or the job application essay format transcendence of about cause and effect, family tensions. In fact, if you look beneath the surface, you see that Mary’s impact leads not to the maintenance of the status quo but to its disruption. Mary appears to be a prim and proper guardian who embraces the notion of job application format, keeping children in their ‘proper place,’ but in actuality she creates opportunities for Jane, Michael, Barbara, John, and write, Annabel to explore the unknown. Job Application Essay Format. [2] Mary Poppins is perceived as a confident authoritarian who knows all, yet she introduces the children to experiences beyond their comprehension without offering any explanations, interpretations, or confirmation that they even took place at all. It is this arbitrary, perplexing, and courseworks, paradoxical Mary who will be the focus of this essay. Job Application Essay. For she is the one who embodies more secrets, more shadow, and studies courseworks, more depth. In the job application film, Jane and Michael Banks write an advertisement itemizing what they require in studies, the perfect nanny.

She must be “kind and witty,” “very sweet and fairly pretty,” “never be cross or cruel,” or give “castor oil or gruel” (Stevens, 1964). But, much like unconscious elements themselves, in the original book, the children do not have an opportunity to ask for job application format, what they want. Instead, what they need is thrust upon them in a disorderly mess. As they watched, Jane and Michael saw a curious thing happen. As soon as the shape was inside the write essay comparing two texts gate the wind seemed to catch her up in to the air and fling her at the house. It was as though it had flung her first at the gate, waited for her to open it, and format, then had lifted and thrown her, bag and all at the front door. The watching children heard a terrific bang, and as she landed the whole house shook. (Travers, 1934/1981, p. 6) It is with the unceremonious introduction of Mary Poppins that the children’s perception of the distinction between the real world and the world of courseworks, make-believe narrows and their sense of imagination and possibility expand. One element of depth psychology is job application developing a relationship with the unknown. Where the conscious mind is one of fact, proof, causality, and absolutes, the unconscious is one of possibility, duality, synchronicity, and unknowns.

Mary Poppins, although vain in appearance, avoids being vain in opinion. She takes the children on adventures that are bound to three qualities a best friend should have, motivate their questions, yet she refuses to offer any answers. Thus, she forces them to derive their own meaning and distinguish their own reality. Once, after returning from a visit with Mary’s Uncle Albert, Jane and Michael were reminiscing about how his contagious laughter had them all “bouncy and essay, boundy” (Travers, 1934/1981, p. 45) up in the air and “rolling and essay friend have, bobbing on the ceiling” (1934, pp. 45-46). When Mary denied that she or any relative of hers would be involved in such unbecoming behavior, the children questioned, “is it true or isn’t it? Is Mary Poppins right or are we” (p.

47). It is in this state of wonder that Mary sent the children to sleep. And it is in essay format, this state of wonder that I woke in the middle of the night asking myself why I chose Mary Poppins as a focus of analysis, and contemplating the possibility that she chose me . I was a huge fan of the for 1984 film but like many people I was unaware that the character originated in a popular children’s story thirty years earlier, let alone that she continues to job application, live on in seven subsequent books written over the course of five decades. All I know is that she popped into my mind as spontaneously as she blew onto Cherry Tree Lane. Upon finding out about Mary’s literary history I immediately ordered, read, and was enthralled by the first book, simply titled Mary Poppins (1934), then the second, Mary Poppins Comes Back (1935), and then the third, Mary Poppins Opens the Door (1943). As a student and practitioner of essay a best friend should have, depth psychology, I must acknowledge my predisposition of seeing the world through a depth psychological lens. Yet, even taking into account the potential for projection, I feel confident in asserting that depth psychological elements are consistently and intrinsically woven through these stories. Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist (1875-1961) and one of the founders of depth psychology, dedicated his career to legitimizing the therapeutic value of studying the invisible influences of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Refusing to accept the prevalent assumption that “consciousness is sense and the unconscious is nonsense” (Jung, 1964, p. 102), Jung searched for creative ways to uncover, engage, and job application essay, integrate the relevant information and powerful wisdom he believed to be hidden in the depth of the psyche. While he was going through a period of how is supposed to look, struggle and stagnation in his own life and job application essay, failing to studies courseworks, find the guidance he was seeking in the external world, Jung began to listen to the voices that originated from within, actively engaging them in job application, imagined dialogues. Jung used this process called active imagination to bypass the limitations of the ego’s logical intelligence, critical judgment, and linear reality (Jung 1963/1989).

While conversing with these psychic characters, their names and personalities became known and previously repressed insights were revealed. This technique of inviting one’s internal longings, complexes, and frustrations to speak for themselves has become an accepted practice in analytic psychology (Singer, p. 403) and can be an effective strategy for those seeking self-knowledge and expression. Active imagination not only provided Jung deeper understanding of psychological material, but also a greater acceptance of that which remained a mystery. It occurred to me that Mary Poppins served this function for the Banks children. Mary is as a mythic figure, a trickster, a shape-shifter, a soul guide, and a psychopomp (a mediator between the conscious and bravery, unconscious realms), who activates the children’s imaginations, helps them to escape the restrictions of cultural expectations, and job application, personifies their inner psychic content through introductions to unique characters and the experience of wondrous adventures. The association between Jung’s imaginal advisors and Mary Poppins’ influence on the children stimulated my curiosity (as well as some envy). I began to wonder: If she could do all that for them, then maybe Mary Poppins could offer me insight into my psyche and direct me towards some extraordinary journey. Shortly after conceiving this idea I dismissed it. Not only did I feel silly initiating a dialogue with a fictional character, Mary Poppins is notorious for format to look, never explaining anything.

Throughout the entire series, as the children continually long to job application format, make sense of their experiences, they learn not to bravery, bother asking Mary Poppins, “It’s no good asking her. She knows everything, but she never tells” (Travers, 1934/1981, p. 153). But then I remembered something that I did not need Mary Poppins to explain. Because the unconscious is completely autonomous, there is no way to know what information it will offer up, or what it will do with the material it is provided. So, relinquishing expectations for where the road of self-discovery might lead, I invited Mary Poppins to tea. After clearing my computer from the dining room table and putting the teakettle on the stove, I set aside the embarrassment of being a forty-something-year-old woman hosting a tea party for an imaginary guest. I then scoured the house for an appropriate snack to accompany the tea as I amusingly observed myself anxiously wanting to make a good impression for Mary Poppins. SJZ: Hello Mary, you look very pretty in your pink ruffled top and well-pressed jacket. MP: That is quite observant of job application, you. SJZ: I’ve also observed how you exhibit many of the statements best aspects of job application essay format, depth psychology, observations that I am turning into a scholarly article.

MP: There are already eight books, a movie, Broadway show, and numerous other writings that have attempted to studies, analyze who I am. SJZ: I know. I’ve seen and read most of them. I’m not aiming to teach people who you are, but rather to point out how you help others learn who they are. MP: And what about you?

Have I helped you discover anything about yourself? MP: What is so funny? (I receive the glare so often directed at the children.) SJZ: I intended to ask you the questions and here you are conducting the interview. MP: Does this surprise you? SJZ: No, not at all. Your command of every situation is job application essay one of the many things I admire about you. MP: One of the many, you say . A Mla Research Paper Supposed To Look. . . SJZ: Obviously you being so prim, proper, and professional is impressive, but the most remarkable quality is your ability to balance the necessary demands of daily life engaging in an imaginative fantasy world.

MP: Exactly what are you insinuating? SJZ: I know you are unwilling to discuss or even acknowledge your ability to communicate with animals, dance with shadows, fly on the tail of a kite, and bring statues, porcelain dolls and storybook characters to life as they fall into the category of fantastical, even magical events, but I agree with Jung, who believed that regardless of our experiences happening in the physical or fantasy world, they still have psychological impact. MP: And what psychological impact do these stories have for you? SJZ: There is an uncompromising authority and confidence about you that most mere mortals do not possess—it provides a sense of essay format, security and well-being. It is not the type of essay topic bravery, reassurance offered by essay format a depth psychologist, though. Despite all of depth psychology’s theories and strategies to move towards a stronger sense of qualities a best friend should have, connection to other and wholeness of self, it eschews an attitude of definitive knowing. Yet, it is your apparent knowing that allows the children to job application format, freely experience the unknown.

MP: It is three a best interesting that you would see such anarchistic, extreme, and unpredictable behavior as providing stability and security. SJZ: Yes, that is essay interesting. It is also interesting that active imagination seems to provide the same paradoxical messages that you offer the Banks children. A Mla Format Research Paper To Look. You encourage them to experience new things and see things in new ways, and then refuse to help them make sense of it all. Maybe that is the distinction I’ve been missing. I have been comparing you to a depth psychologist, but you are less like a practitioner of the psyche than psyche itself. You refuse to job application, be bound by essay topic cultural norms, you draw attention to job application essay, the absurdities of collective attitudes, and you transcend the reductive nature of causal thinking. MP: I am not saying that I agree with your conclusions, but hypothetically speaking let us say that these unfathomable things are happening: That Jane and Michael Banks do get to a mla format paper, attend a moonlight party at the zoo where people are in cages and the animals roam free, that they go to a constellation circus in the sky where I dance with the Sun and Michael accidentally pops the Moon, and that they get to format, participate in studies courseworks, a dance in job application essay format, the bottom of the ocean. What would be the benefit of trying to discuss these experiences with such a limited capacity for comprehension? Excuse the name dropping, but I believe it was James Hillman who proclaimed that using the conscious mind to engage with the imaginal is a “sin against the imagination [as it contaminates] the soul’s last refuge of comparing two texts, dignity” (1975, p. 39) SJZ: So you aren’t advocating denial of the experiences or repression of the feelings they evoke—you just want to avoid forcing them into job application essay the confines of cognitive understanding.

MP: (Picking up her bag.) Something might look ordinary and thesis, predictable—like this carpetbag, but if you are able to access its depth you might find an infinite amount of job application format, space to host countless images, symbols, and emotions. SJZ: What do those of us with shallow bags do with all of essay three qualities a best should, our stuff? MP: There is no need to do anything with it. Just be with it and just trust that whatever you need to ‘get’ from it, will be available to you when the time is job application format right. Essay Air Pollution And Effect. And speaking of time . . . And just like in the books, Mary Poppins gathers her belongings and, without any warning, sentimental farewells, or closure, Mary is job application gone. In the absence of Mary’s explanations, I return to the text to excavate more meaning. At the start of the essay second book, Mary Poppins Comes Back (Travers, 1935/1997), Mary arrives for her second of job application essay format, three stays with the Banks family. While unpacking she removes a thermometer from her carpetbag, not for the purpose of taking the children’s temperature, but to courseworks, measure their temperament. Jane is characterized as “careless, thoughtless and untidy,” Michael is described as “a very noisy, mischievous, troublesome little boy,” John is labeled as “peevish and excitable,” and job application essay format, Barbara is branded as “thoroughly spoilt” (p. About. 22). Even though these findings are critical and could possibly be seen as insulting, there is also truth to the evaluations.

The children take comfort in the fact that Mary Poppins sees them as they are; the essay format good and the bad, and she still cares enough about them to topic, come back. Job Application Format. Despite her sometimes rude and harsh words, this is an air pollution and effect, example of the job application format authentic acceptance she offers that creates a bond of trust and essay, affection between the children and their eccentric nanny. They go to essay, bed that night with a sense of contentment and security knowing they are being looked after by what the how is format paper supposed thermometer declared is “a very excellent and worthy person, thoroughly reliable in job application format, every particular” (Travers, 1935/1997, p. 22). I found the process of writing this essay similar to the experiences the Banks children had in the book. Bravery. At first, the job application children and I were skeptical, hesitant, and essay three a best, passive observers, but with Mary’s repeated encouragement (and bullying, along with her arbitrary dissemination of job application essay, punishments and prizes, we evolved into write essay comparing two texts active participants who learned to whole-heartedly embrace seemingly unreal experiences. Job Application Essay. Like the qualities have archetypal hero returning from a journey, the children and I are challenged to bring our newfound wisdom back to our real lives and job application essay, learn to share it with others. It is this process of awareness, acceptance, and integration that bridges the divide between the write two texts external and essay format, internal, balances the material and the spiritual, and opens the lines of communication between the conscious and unconscious. When you take an investigative look at Mary Poppins you see that she is a paradox of such epic proportions that she is impossible to fully explain or understand.

Maybe that is why she has kept our attention for as long as she has. She is simultaneously the protagonist and antagonist. She is essay nurturing and dismissive, brings light and shadow, instigates questions yet offers no answers. She transforms what might be passed over as frivolous adventures into meaningful engagements with alternate realities. She is extremely grounded yet defies gravity and, like the psyche as defined by Jung (1963/1989), she “functions outside the spatio-temporal law of causality” (p. 304). While being a unique character unto herself, Mary Poppins is a holistic representation of every woman at all stages of life. At times she has the qualities of a self-involved young girl demanding attention, other times she exhibits nurturing maternal qualities that care for the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of those around her, and when required, she plays the job application essay format role of the three a best should have authoritarian matriarch whose wisdom regarding the nuances of life and peculiarities of human behavior have been gained through a lifetime of experience (Lawson, 1999). Mary Poppins views the world from job application essay, a holistic lens in about air pollution and effect, which everyone and everything is connected.

She exposes the Banks children to the possibility that if they listen carefully, people can communicate with animals, the wind might guide their next adventure, and the stories of domestic servants, balloon ladies, and match-men might contain wisdom that exceeds that of businessmen, teachers, and even parents. Where the books aim to show the duality and complexities of life, the movie is not about challenging the audience, but about cheering them up with the picture perfect happy ending. The books present a far more nuanced relationship between Mary Poppins and job application, her charges. Although she is magical in their eyes, she exudes more discipline than delight. She is comforting and confusing, orderly and spontaneous, and arbitrary and exacting. About Air Pollution And Effect. Like any capable depth psychologist, Mary Poppins helps the Banks children reflect upon the multi-dimensional and paradoxical elements of life. Through experience, she shows them that reality and fantasy are not mutually exclusive. Whether in the role of a depth psychologist or as an external projection of our internal psyche, Mary Poppins utilizes the tools of critical thinking and imagination, not to job application essay, persuade the child in all of us to see the strong thesis statements world as she does, but to encourage us to find our own authentic perspective. “Where have you been?” they asked her.

“In Fairyland,” said Mary Poppins. “Did you see Cinderella?” said Jane. “Huh, Cinderella? Not me,’ said Mary Poppins contemptuously. “Cinderella indeed!” “Or Robinson Crusoe?” asked Michael. “Robinson Crusoe—pooh!” said Mary Poppins rudely. “Then how could you have been there? It couldn’t have been our Fairyland!” “Don’t you know,” she said pityingly, “that everybody’s got a Fairyland of their own?” (Travers, 1934/1981, p. 28) [1] The relationship between Travers and Disney is depicted in the forthcoming Walt Disney Pictures’ film Saving Mr. Banks due to job application essay format, be released in December 2013. [2] Although Jane and Michael are the qualities a best should only Banks children who appear in the film version, the twins, Barbara and John are in the first book, and baby Annabel arrives in book two.

Hillman, J. (1975). Re-visioning psychology . New York: Harper Row. Jung, C. Essay Format. G. (1964). Approaching the unconscious. In C. G. Jung M. L. von Franz (Eds.), Man and His Symbols (pp. About. 18-104). Job Application Format. New York, NY: Doubleday.

Jung, C. G. (1989). Memories, dreams, reflections (R. A Mla Paper To Look. a. C. Winston, Trans. Essay. A. Jaffe Ed.). New York, NY: Vintage Books. (Original work published 1963) Lawson, V. (1999).

Mary Poppins, she wrote . New York, NY: Simon Schuster. Sibley, B., Lassell, M. (2007). Mary Poppins – anything can happen if you let it: The story behind the journey from books to essay about air pollution cause and effect, Broadway. New York, NY: Disney Editions. Stevens, R. (Writer). (1964). Mary Poppins. Format. In B. Walsh W. Disney (Producer). Burbank, CA: Walt Disney. Travers, P. L. (1981).

Mary Poppins . New York, NY: Harcourt. Statements. (Original work published 1934) Travers, P. L. (1997). Format. Mary Poppins comes back . New York, NY: Harcourt. (Original work published 1935) With a background in theater, television and film and masters degrees in industrial social work, nonprofit management, and depth psychology, Stacey Jill Zackin blends psychology and systems theories with storytelling and three qualities have, imagination in her work as a Life Coach and essay, Executive Trainer ( Currently Stacey is completing her PhD dissertation in Depth Psychology for Pacifica Graduate Institute on: The Archetypal Host: Applying the Psychology of write essay two texts, Hospitality to the Welcome, Witness and format, Mentoring of the Paradoxical Self. Issue 9—Summer 2016 by Susan SchwartzA Poet Enters the Therapy Room. by Susan Schwartz by Mary Kay KasperDreaming Back to the Earth. by Mary Kay Kasper by Maggie HippmanOrigins of Ambiguity. by Maggie Hippman by Gerald F. KeglerJeremiah and Jung’s Red Book.

by Gerald F. Kegler by Megan L. PopovicThe Dance: Imagining Conversations with Marion Woodman. by Megan L. Popovic by Lisa SchouwJung and the Way of Pooh: A Guide to Individuation and Archetypes In the Hundred Acre Wood. by Lisa Schouw by Jonathan MarshallTowards an topic bravery, Alchemical Politics: On Green Hermeticism. by Jonathan Marshall by job application essay format Catherine Svehla, Ph.D.Review of essay topic, Deranged by Nora L Jamieson. by Catherine Svehla, Ph.D. by Dennis Patrick SlatteryReview of Edward Tick’s Warrior’s Return: Restoring the Soul After War.

by Dennis Patrick Slattery by Andrew CarnahanHermeneutic Depth, Unconscious Cultural and Historical Meanings.

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Essay on Genetics: The Heredity Carrier of Living Cell. Essay on Genetics: The Heredity Carrier of Living Cell! One of the format most remarkable aspects of life is its capacity not only continuously to seek states of dynamic equilibrium in relation to environment but also to produce remarkably faithful copies of itself for countless generations. Many plants and qualities, animals exist today in a form virtually identical to that of their ancestors thousands of years ago. Many present-day species of life appear to resemble closely, if not to duplicate, ancestors of several thousand years ago. Cro-Magnon man, 25,000 years ago, was physically little different from modern man.

Nuclei of living cells contain tiny rod like structures in pairs, the chromosomes (so named because of their capacity to absorb certain dyes). The two sets appear upon examination to be identical or nearly so. Although the chromosomes of a cell may vary markedly in size and shape, each chromosome will have a “mate” of approximately the same size and shape. Where reproduction is sexual, one set represents the inheritance from the father; the other set the inher­itance from the mother. The number of chromosomes in a living cell varies from job application one species of studies, animal or plant to another.

In human beings there are twenty-three pairs. Chromosomes carry what Schrodinger has called a “code script.” This code script directs the development of the organism from the time the egg is fertilized to the adult state and in major ways governs the biological functioning of the organism throughout life. To use a vastly oversimplified and much too mechanical analogy, we might say that the chromosomal carriers of heredity function like the punched tapes or cards which are fed into electronic computing machines. They cause a machine to run through a series of predict­able steps. This analogy would be more complete if one of the processes induced in the computer were the duplication of the respective machine, complete with an identical set of punched tapes or cards. The “procreated” duplicator then would engage in job application essay format, the same processes, self-duplication and how is a mla format research paper, all—and this would continue indefi­nitely.

For the analogy to format be perfect, the write essay reproduction of a computer would require the functions of two parent computers, “male” and “female,” each of which would contribute to the offspring a set of its own punched tapes or cards which would work jointly in directing the offspring’s functioning. Until the past decade or so, biologists thought that a specific characteristic of an organism is governed by a specific region of a chromosome or matched pair of chromosomes. This region was referred to essay format as a gene. Prior to essay about air pollution cause 1953, biologists conceived a gene to be a highly complex protein molecule. Job Application Essay. However, gene theory has in late years undergone a revolution. First, it was discovered that the essay two texts chemical carrier of essay, hereditary traits is write, not protein but a chemical, deoxyribonucleic acid—DNA for short—which is centered in the nuclei of cells.

Ribonucleic acid (RNA)—a near replica of DNA—moves out of cell nuclei into the cells’ cytoplasm or outer layers. Thus, RNA actually transmits the coded hereditary informa­tion of DNA to other tissues. Chromosomes consist mainly of molecules of DNA. DNA, through the use of its “partner chemical,” RNA, has the job application format unique capacity of about, reproducing itself identically whenever its environment contains the necessary raw materials. However, duplication of the chromosomal genes is by job application essay, no means the sole function of qualities a best friend have, DNA. Through the pioneering work of job application essay format, Andre Lwoff, Jacques Monod, and Francois Jacob of the strong for 1984 Pasteur Institute in Paris, it appears established that, when a foreign substance is introduced into a cell, it triggers the cell’s DNA to produce precisely to format enzyme needed to convert the substance to a chemical form which cells can use to develop and multiply. Thus, in a sense, the basic function of genes can be turned on or off—they can perform tasks other than merely transmitting he­reditary characteristics.

Research continues and, as of this writing, it seems apparent that we may as yet know little about the essay topic functions of DNA. It is evident, however, that it serves as a kind of “brain within the cell” (to use a crude analogy), the essay full implications of which forces us to revise fundamentally our concept of the topic cell and essay, perhaps the nature of life itself. A second major discovery has been that DNA molecules in a chromosome do not usually work independently of one another. They tend to work in teams, in how is a mla supposed to look, the sense that the functioning of one affects the functioning of others. One authority conceives a chromo­some as a “hierarchy of fields,” rather than an assemblage of par­ticles. The gene concept is job application essay format, still useful but it now seems best to think of a gene as a function of studies, a region of a chromosome rather than as a specific particle. As we have seen, chromosomes occur in job application essay, body cells in essay about cause, matched pairs.

Apparently, their functions—genes—also occur in matched pairs, one of each pair being associated with one chromosome, its mate with the matched chromosome. When we say that a hereditary characteristic, like skin colour, is governed by a gene group, we really mean a pair of job application essay, gene groups. However, it is common for one member of a gene pair or gene group pair to be recessive; that is, when paired with a dominant gene or gene group it fails to make its characteristics evident in the resulting body structure. Thus, when a gene for brown eyes is paired with a gene for blue eyes, the topic gene for job application format brown eyes prevails. For a person to have blue eyes he must carry two recessive genes for essay blue. Eye colour is one of a few characteristics in human beings apparently governed by a single gene pair. Other such characteristics include blood type, albinism, and “taste blindness “for certain chemi­cals.

In these cases, if we know the genetic history of a man and woman for a few generations past, we can predict with considerable accuracy the job application essay proportion of their children likely to exhibit a given trait. This type of inheritance follows Mendelian principles, i.e., the principles of heredity formulated by Gregor, Mendel (1822-1884). Characteristics so inherited are “clear cut” in the sense that they appear either in full or not at air pollution cause and effect all. But, much more common among human beings are inherited characteristics which are the result of blending, i.e., the format interplay of gene teams. Essay Three Qualities Have. These characteristics do not follow the all or none principle; they appear as a point on a continuum. Good examples among humans are stature, skin colour, and predisposition to certain diseases. Job Application Essay. It is very hard to predict the outcome of blending; for example, even if we knew the skin colours of a baby’s ancestors, for several generations, it would still not be safe to predict the baby’s colour before his birth. Of course, because of the ways in essay, which environmental factors seemingly can influence physical traits, one is never safe in predict­ing that any particular kind of hereditary trait will appear in an adult offspring. This phenomenon is sufficiently important to be explored in more detail. The pattern of genes of an organism is format, referred to how is format to look as the organism’s genotype, its internal chromosomal structure.

The genotype governs what an organism can become in a given envi­ronment and job application, also determines the hereditary characteristics which an organism can transmit to its offspring (though, if reproduction is heterosexual, the genotype of the offspring is of course a product of the genotype of both father and mother). The external appearance of an essay, organism is job application essay format, called its phenotype. The phenotype seems always to be a product of write essay, its genotypic and environmental influences. Job Application Essay Format. Phenotypes may vary considerably even when genotypes remain the same. For example, when persons of Asiatic extraction move to the United States, their children (if reared in this country) tend to be larger than the essay air pollution and effect parents and their grand­children larger still. This signifies a change in phenotype but not necessarily a change in genotype. Better nourishment may increase the size of future generations without in the least changing their hereditary potential. Conversely, two persons might have the same phenotype for job application a given trait but differ in genotype.

Modern geneticists are inclined to give less weight than did their forebears to the influence of genotype. Certainly, genetic inheritance counts for essay about air pollution a good deal in determining the kind of format, adult a person will become, but the fact is, we do not know the exact role genotype plays in determining phenotype. Scientists used to debate what they called the nature-nurture issue. The issue could be phrased thus: Which characteristics of an organism are products of physical in­heritance and which are products of environmental influence? But, modern scientists have virtually abandoned debate on this issue; many say that, since we have no adequate means of essay, ascertaining the facts, continuing such a debate is futile. The best studies of the format effect of genetic inheritance are those on identical twins. Since identical twins result from splitting of a single fertilized egg, presumably they have identical genes. What is deter­mined by heredity should therefore appear in exactly the same form in the two twins—subject, of studies courseworks, course, to such environmental modi­fication as may have occurred. It is true that identical twins usually look very much alike, sometimes to the point where their parents can scarcely tell them apart.

However, this fact does not entail their necessarily being alike in job application essay format, other respects. According to one study, the IQ difference of strong, identical twins that have been reared together is 3.1 points; that of fraternal twins reared together, 8.5 points. However, authorities point out that the identical twin studies do not mean much. Most of the essay twin studies involve twins reared together, and identical twins share a more similar environment than do non-twin siblings. They identify closely with each other and come to see the world around them in almost the same terms. Furthermore, they normally share the same diet and courseworks, medical care.

The most valid type of study with respect to the nature-nurture controversy is essay, that of identical twins who were separated in infancy and reared out of contact with each other and in dissimilar envi­ronments. Under these conditions, twins tend to how is research supposed to look be less alike; for example, the average difference in format, IQ scores in doubles that of identical! Wins reared together. But an inadequate number of how is, cases of essay, identical twins reared apart in dissimilar environments have so far been studied to tell us much that is about air pollution, conclusive. We remain on essay format, safer ground when we refuse to say that some traits are hereditary and others are acquired. Essay Topic Bravery. It seems likely that all physical traits rep­resent a blend of both influences. This question has an easy answer: No evidence! It is job application essay, obvious that certain personality traits appear regularly in essay three qualities a best friend should have, one family line and not in another. A considerable proportion of the members of a family may be unusually energetic or unusually lazy, unusually excitable or unusually phlegmatic, unusually quick-tempered or unusually slow to anger, unusually amorous or unusually cold. However, the frequent appearance of essay, a given personality trait in a given family line is write essay two texts, readily explainable as a result of social or cultural inheritance. John Jr. may be quick-tempered because he has observed that in many situations John Sr.’s equally quick temper gets desired results.

When this happens, the personality trait is learned and not inherited genetically. Job Application. So far as we know, all personality traits are learned. How Is Format Research Paper Supposed To Look. However, we have no conclusive evidence that this is true; if we ever learn how to conduct meaningful studies in this area, we may find that some personality traits have a genetic basis. Some persons are what we call “high strung”; they are unusually sensitive and easily upset. This particular personality type may well prove to be in part a product of a particular gene pattern. But we do not know this is the case. When someone says that Mary, who has been caught shoplifting, “comes by it honestly,” he usually means that she inherited a ten­dency which has appeared in essay, the family before—perhaps Mary’s Aunt Maude was also a shoplifter. To impute such behaviour to strong statements inheritance is to go far beyond the evidence. The wisest stand for a teacher to take is essay format, that physical in heritance in itself is rarely of any crucial importance.

That is, as teachers we can get few clues as to how to handle a child or youth from knowledge of his genetic make-up, even if we have such knowledge. What is of vital importance is a child’s capacity to modify himself through interaction with an environment. Two Texts. All but the hopelessly defective have this capacity. Modern genetics helps us understand better what a race is and how races differ. Two characteristics of genes are of prime signifi­cance in this connection. One characteristic is that the function of a particular DNA molecule, or of a cooperating group of such molecules (gene team), remains stable for an indefinite length of time. Mutations, to be discussed in the next section, do occur; but, barring mutations, gene functions do not change. Thus, a gene which produces brown eyes will continue to do so indefinitely. Further­more, insofar as we know, the molecular structure of job application essay, such a gene is the same whether a person is a Negro, a Swede, or a Polynesian.

A second characteristic of genes is thesis statements, that they seem able to vary independently. At first thought, this statement may seem to contra­dict the earlier assertion that most physical traits are products of job application essay, gene teams and that a chromosome may be better understood as a “field of strong thesis statements, forces’ with highly complex lilies of interaction. However, if we regard independent gene variation as relative—that is, not absolutely independent, but relatively so—there is no contradiction. As a result of this second feature of essay format, genes, genes which produce tall stature may occur in persons who carry genes for black or white skin, narrow or broad nose, blond or dark hair, blue or brown eyes. Thus, any hereditary trait may appear in conjunction with any other trait. These two genetic principles give meaning to for 1984 the following definition of race: “Races are populations which differ in the relative commonness of some of their genes.” Thus, in a particular race a given trait, such as tallness, may occur more often than in another race. A particular shade of skin may be more common in one race than in format, another. This does not mean that genes capable of producing traits quite different from the studies courseworks usual ones are absent from a race; it means rather that there are “majority traits” which are sufficiently common to make most members of a race look different from most members of essay format, another race. This definition is not free of difficulty, in a mla format supposed to look, that the problem remains of deciding which traits to use in defining a particular race. Essay. If we use only one characteristic, such as skin colour, and essay air pollution cause, assume that everyone with a black skin belongs to a “black race,” we must include peoples who differ markedly from one another in other characteristics (e.g., Asian Indians, Melanesians, and Africans).

It is job application essay, necessary, therefore, to use several traits which are easily measured and which tend to strong thesis for 1984 occur in combination. Anthropologists have used skin colour, hair colour and texture, eye colour, head shape, and job application essay format, stature. Classificatory schemes used at present usually propose three primary races, or racial stock: Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid. Within this framework several hundred distinct races may be iden­tified, e.g., Nordic, Alpine, Mediterranean, Armenoid, Hindi, and qualities a best friend have, so on. Since the base now commonly used for classifying people racially are arbitrary, and since racial mixing apparently has occurred since the first development of essay, distinctive races, we can only conclude that the concept of race is not very meaningful. In Dunn and air pollution, Dobzhansky’s words. “When we say that two populations are racially different we are not saying very much.” There may be vast differences culturally between the races, but this is job application format, a matter of for 1984, learning and not a product of biological difference. Essay Format. No one has yet been able to adduce scientifically defensible evidence that one race is superior to another in any way which we consider important.

Some races tend to be physically more powerful than others, some can withstand cold better than others, some can with­stand heat better than others—but these are relatively minor matters. There is no evidence that any race has a superior capacity for intelligent behaviour or a monopoly on morality. Although cultural differences may in some places make racial intermarriage unwise, there is cause, no known biological harm which can result from essay racial mixture. On the contrary, experience with hybrid­ization throughout the plant and animal kingdom suggests that a hybrid strain may be biologically better, i.e., stronger and more vigorous, than the parent varieties. Many social scientists feel that ultimately widespread racial intermarriage not only will occur but will be the only final solution to the problem of racial prejudice.

The main racial lesson which modern genetics has for write two texts prospec­tive teachers is that there are no known biological limits which prevent one race from learning what other races have learned. However, cultural limitations may be quite serious and may require generations to overcome. Teachers should recognize that, because of cultural background, some races typically outperform others in an average American classroom. Job Application. For example, the authors live in a community with a fairly large Chinese-American population, and strong thesis statements for 1984, Chinese children and youth are usually “high performers” in academic subjects. A cultural tra­dition of prizing scholarship, which extends backward thousands of job application format, years, undoubtedly explains the Chinese performance. Leave a Reply Click here to comparing two texts cancel reply.

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