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Essay questions & answers cape sociology

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Essay questions & answers cape sociology

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Essay questions sociology

Deciphering Microsoft Office 2007 Bibliography Format. I am about to write a module for JabRef, an open source bibliographic management software to export the bibliographic information for Microsoft Office 2007. Some references that might be helpful: But after searching for essay questions & answers, a day, I could not find a single web page describing the exact or near exact format for i want a wife brady, bibliographic information in Microsoft Office 2007. So I started digging in myself. I started adding some bibliographies in sociology Microsoft Office Bibliography Editor. The very first thing I noticed is, if you add some references and owl, don#8217;t use them in cape the document they are not going be saved. If you use one or more of them in your document, all of road analysis, them will be saved in essay questions & answers cape sociology #8220; C:Documents and SettingsUSERApplication DataMicrosoftBibliographySources.xml #8220;. I opened the XML file and here#8217;s what I got (figure 1). Figure 1: Mircosoft Office 2007 Bibliographic Database Format. Obviously I had only one bibliographic source in the #8220;Sources.xml#8221;.

I was almost certain that Office will import a copy of this file without any problem. A copy of this file with the bialik, information altered and GUID, LCID deleted, just worked as imported bibliography. Essay Cape. But wait, where are my previous bibliographic sources? So I tried to discover what happened and essay purdue, found that Office does NOT really imports bibliography into the #8220;Sources.xml#8221;, it allows you to work on essay questions currently opened XML only. All the bibliographic sources in currently opened bibliographic XML file are displayed in the #8216; master list #8216;.

You have to lincoln, #8220; copy #8221; them into your #8216; current list #8216; to work with it. If you want to merge information from an external XML file into essay & answers sociology your #8220; C:Documents and SettingsUSERApplication DataMicrosoftBibliographySources.xml #8221; you have to open the external XML file, copy the change, information into & answers your #8216; current list #8216;, open the #8220; Sources.xml #8221; again and a wife brady essay, then copy them back into the #8216; master list #8216; which now points to #8220; Sources.xml #8220;. I wanted to find out the least possible information required for the XML file to be recognized as a valid bibliographic source by Office 2007. The bare minimum is: If you want to questions cape sociology, add information in this base minimum XML don#8217;t use the #8220;b:#8221; tag. From MSDN (update): The Guid and purdue, LCID elements are optional, but you can provide values for them if you want. The Guid element value should be a valid GUID, which you can generate programmatically outside the Word object model. (See the questions cape sociology, Microsoft Visual Studio documentation or the Microsoft Windows documentation on MSDN for information about programmatically generating ID.) Word generates GUIDs when users add or edit a source. If you do not add a GUID to the XML and a user then edits a source, Word generates a GUID. Help. This enables Word to determine which source is most recent, based on the value of the GUID, and to prompt whether the sociology, user wants Word to update the outdated source to maintain continuity between the master list and the current list. The LCID specifies the language for the source. Robert Not Taken Analysis. (See MSDN for valid language identification values.) Word uses the LCID to know how to display a cited source in a document#8217;s bibliography. For example, one source may be written in French, one in English, and one in Japanese.

From the LCID, Word determines how to display names (for example, Last, First for English), what punctuation to use (for example, using comma in one language and a semicolon in another), and questions sociology, what strings to use (for example, whether to of climate change paper, use #8220;et al#8221; or another localized form). Now that I deciphered how bibliographic information can be presented in an XML, so that Office 2007 recognizes it as a bibliographic source, I can now list down all the bits and pieces that can go inside it. Please follow my next post on it. I posted this already under another post of your blog but it may be useful here as well: Bibutils has added initial support for & answers, conversion of bibliographic formats to Word 2007 bibliographic XML format, which may be useful in figuring out your own export module (or might be even used instead of chronic case, writing your own converter). Essay Cape Sociology. Thanks Matt. I will take a look at of climate change, your source.

Is there a possibilty to include the chapter number in the bibliographic numbering scheme? E.g. & Answers Cape. [1.1] Author, #8220;Title of phd dissertation bialik, work#8221;, etc#8230; resp. the reference [1.1] in the text. Essay & Answers Cape Sociology. Another question#8230; probably wrong to place it here, but anyhow: I have the chronic management case, German version of Office 2007. How can I make sure that Words uses the translated word #8220;Bibliography#8221; in the title of the bibliography instead of the German #8220;Literaturverzeichnis#8221;? 1. & Answers Cape. Ja, naturlich, man kann die Nummerierung, Reihenfolge, Zitatstil etc. komplett anpassen#8230; etwas XML Kenntnis vorausgesetzt.

2. Ja, einfach das ursprungliche Wort #8220;Literaturverzeichnis#8221; uberschreiben ! Is this the plugin that#8217;s now shipped with JabRef 2.4? If so, could you post a usage HOWTO? Is there any way to export Microsoft word sources.xml file as a bibtex file?! I am looking for a way to convert a really large (200+ pages) list of references that are currently in a regular word file into essay the #8220;Source#8221; file to use with Word reference system. Is there a way to questions & answers cape, do this (other than do the manual copy/paste into the source builder)?

I am at my wit#8217;s end#8230; Thank you! I#8217;m using MS 2007 and was really enthusiastic about the bibliography tool since I do a lot of writing and must cite my sources. I do find it somewhat cumbersome work intensive and, if I were to a wife response, want to essay questions & answers, add information or edit it, I would like to robert road essay, have the questions, ability to go, say, to Access open a form and do my thing. Can this be done with the MS Word entries or are they bound to MS Word infinitely. Help. BTW where is master dbase for bibilographical entries? Thanks very much! Hello#8230;.we just rebuilt a machine with vista OS to windows 7#8230;and now my wife tells me about all these references that she had in a library that would come up when she was doing her masters thesis. Can someone please tell me the name of that file or extension so I can go look on the HD external back up I did of her machine. Thanks. i use both open office and questions & answers sociology, microsoft office and i would say that microsoft office is more responsive and user friendly #8220;,` Could you explain the difference between JabRef modules and the JabRef export filters?

I thought that export filters were the adequate tool for exporting any BibTeX database to any other format? After downloading the JabRef source code you can look at essay on abraham lincoln in english, the .layout files in srcresourcelayout for an example of export filters. I have straight forward question. Essay Questions Cape. After creating my database in Jabref and exporting it in i want a wife by judy essay MS Office 2007(*.xml) file, I was trying to import the file into Excel (via Developer-XML #8216;tools#8217; etc.) but I had following issue: having 376 items in Jabref, after importing into questions Excel there were more than 1000#8230; actualy in the case of the item with mutliple authors (let#8217;s say 4), there was 4 rows in Excel created for pain studies, each author and questions & answers sociology, other cells (title, year etc.) where copy/pasted. Does anybody know how to manage this issue? Thanks in advance, Thanks to you for the detailed information. Microsoft office 2007 is an important one.

We need to know it deeply to owl, get 100% result from it.

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Part 1. Overview of functions, features, and reports. How to make load testing easy enough to include in essay & answers sociology routine testing for help each software iteration. Published on December 11, 2007. This content is part # of # in the series: Load testing Web applications using IBM Rational Performance Tester. This content is cape sociology part of the series: Load testing Web applications using IBM Rational Performance Tester. Stay tuned for additional content in this series. This article will be useful to any of the following people: Project Manager who decides what tool to use Project Leader Assistant Project Manager Functional Tester Manual Functional Tester Automated Functional Tester Performance Tester who is the bialik key person who knows and uses this tool Application Developer Quality Assurance staff or contractors.

IBM® Rational® Performance Tester is a performance testing tool that emulates various user loads to mimic the real-life loads. With proper planning coupled with realistic simulation, this tool uses the essay questions & answers cape current loads to estimate future loads. A Wife By Judy Brady. For example, a customer's application may potentially serve a total of 5000 users. With Rational Performance Tester, you can easily emulate the user loads at essay & answers 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and beyond to phd dissertation help bialik, project the right user growth, so that you can also project server sizing, such as optimal CPU and memory requirements, more accurately. Questions Cape Sociology. You can identify and diagnose performance bottlenecks, whether such problems occur in the network, database, the application server, or even the user application. Essay On Abraham. The root cause analysis capability further analyzes application tiers, which may include page components such as Enterprise Java™Beans (EJBs), servlets, a Java™ Database Connectivity (JDBC) API, Web services, and so forth. This functionality enables you to essay questions cape sociology, pinpoint the performance culprit easily and efficiently by analyzing the online or extracted reports. Rational Performance Tester also helps you create, run, and analyze performance tests and robert frost analysis essay validate the scalability and questions reliability of robert road analysis, your Web-based applications before deployment.

The default supported protocols, such as HTTP and HTTPS, allow you to run the & answers cape sociology load tests on Web applications. Several extensions are also available: IBM® Rational® Performance Tester Extension for Citrix Presentation Server IBM® Rational® Performance Tester Extension for SOA Quality IBM® Rational® Performance Tester Extension for Siebel Test Automation IBM® Rational® Performance Tester Extension for SAP Solutions. Rational Performance Tester works in a way similar to recording a video clip using a camcorder. It allows you to record the steps that you want to management, run load test on, and then replay the essay & answers steps with the appropriate user loads. Part 1 of this series (this article) introduces the features and functions included in Version 7.

In a typical scenario, to purdue, load test a Web application, you identify the cape sociology various scenarios by well-defined test plans. During a load test, a meaningful user that loads breakdown to multiple test clients is often desirable. Essay Lincoln. With the appropriate proportions of user loads spread across multiple machines, it ensures that meaningful reports are generated. That's a good way to avoid a test machine being under-used while the others may be overly stressed. Parts 2 and 3 of this series will discuss considerations for effectively breaking down user loads easily without affecting the test scripts previously recorded.

It will explore using a visually guided, directory-based (tree-based) editor and essay questions sociology steps to create, edit, schedule the emulation, and get analysis reports. A load test is only as good as the reports of the results; therefore, the last part of this series, Part 4, is all about reports. We will explain how to examine, diagnose, analyze, and interpret various analysis reports that Rational Performance Tester provides. For example, a Web application can be broken down into response essay, various components, such as EJBs, servlets, JDBC, and cape Web services for analysis. We will also explore the default reports and describe how to customize them. The goal of this series is to help you understand the features, topological considerations, and constraints so that you can create and test Web applications and analyze the performance reports. With this knowledge and on abraham lincoln the ease of use of Rational Performance Tester, load testing a Web application will no longer be a burdensome chore, and questions & answers cape you can include it for each iteration of your software. IBM Rational Performance Tester gives you feature-rich capabilities that make load testing not only i want a wife essay efficient but easy. No longer will you have to fiddle with the complex test scripts that need high maintenance, most often using only semi-automated test tools. You won't need to & answers cape, code the test scripts, either, because administrative tasks are based on an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) that is built on the Eclipse 3.2 framework.

In other words, you can handle the complete test cycle by using a GUI, yet you'll still have the option of using custom code for more advanced testing. Persuasive Essay Owl. This GUI approach encompasses the following main categories: Interactive graphical test Test creation, refining, replaying, and scheduling datapooling and essay & answers cape correlation Workload breakdown and robert not taken analysis assignment Real-time system monitoring Real-time report analysis Version control Custom code and extending tests Scaling and maintenance. The remainder of essay questions cape sociology, this article explores each of these categories: First and foremost, IBM Rational Performance Tester is built upon an extensible development platform, using Eclipse framework Version 3.2. The benefits of the Eclipse framework are aplenty from the development viewpoint, but as far as practitioners are concerned, IBM Rational Performance Tester provides comprehensive, context-sensitive GUI perspectives to create, manage, and schedule test scripts. On Abraham In English. From test creation, user load distribution, to questions cape, data collection, you get corresponding views.

Figure 1 shows a default test perspective. Figure 1. GUI test based on Eclipse. Depending on the perspective that you use, the corresponding view may change according to the perspective. For example, the default test perspective provides a four-pane console with the corresponding views, such as General Outline, General Properties, Test Performance Test Runs in the bottom-left pane and i want by judy brady response General Tasks, Test Recorder Control, Test Protocol Data in questions sociology the bottom pane. However, you are not limited to the default views. Frost Not Taken Essay. Any time, you can include views that are relevant for particular tasks, such as Database Explorer or Error Log views.

Adding a particular view to your workspace is straight-forward. For example, to explore database connectivity using the essay questions & answers Database Explorer, just follow these steps: Select Windows Show View Other . More commonly used views, such as the Error Log, Outline, and analysis essay Tasks, are listed in questions & answers sociology the drop-down list to make selection easier (see Figure 2). The default test perspective comes with a preconfigured set of purdue, views. You can customize a perspective to & answers cape, include or exclude views. Use the Type-Forward Filtering feature (Figure 3) to search for the view that you want, which you can often do without having to complete the entire search string.

In this case, the suffix is the word data for the Database Explorer view. Various perspectives with corresponding views for on abraham lincoln in english different tasks are provided, ranging from General, Analysis, Connectivity, CBS, Debug, Profiling. and Logging to questions & answers cape, SQL Development. Just pick the right perspective for the right moment. Essay On Abraham Lincoln In English. You can drag the & answers cape views anywhere along the on abraham lincoln in english pane, rearrange them, or revert back to essay questions cape sociology, the default perspective if you need to go back to a wife response, the original layout. & Answers Cape. However, the perspective reset is confined to the currently open perspective. For example, when it is selected, the chronic pain studies Database Explorer view appears as you see in Figure 4: Other points that are noteworthy: You can search views by using the drop-down menu. From the menu, select Windows Navigate Next View . You can navigate to any views that are currently open in your workspace by essay cape sociology pressing the up or down arrow . Of Climate Change Essay. The same applies to navigating perspectives. Alternatively, you can navigate views by using a shortcut key , such as CTRL-F7 (Next) or CTRL-SHIFT-F7 (Previous).

You can customize the shortcut keys from Menu Windows Preferences Keys (search word). The setting under General Keys will be applied to all perspectives. Perspectives can be customized and essay & answers saved for your own needs (Figure 6). The three categories of purdue owl, customization are: the available command groups, menu details, and cape toolbar details. Figure 6. Customizing perspectives. A Web Services Explorer is also provided. Real-time capturing, refining, replaying, and scheduling. To capture, refine, replay, and schedule a test run is simple as 1-2-3, because Rational Performance Tester is help bialik designed to be easy for even novice users to use. The underlying mechanisms, such as automatic script capturing and essay & answers cape sociology replay, are kept hidden from average users.

This is to simplify test creation and maintenance. To record a test, follow these steps: First, create a test project. From the menu, select File New Performance Test Project . Enter the project name when prompted. Choose the road not taken analysis record. For a Web application, choose HTTP recording . Click Next . On the next page, choose the test project for the test script that you named. You can capture any Web URL for the application under test when you see the screen shown in Figure 10. When you are satisfied with your recording, click Exit Recorder . You can now proceed to refining your test script (by clicking) and replaying it in any manner. After you have recorded your test script, what's left is normally the refinement of test schedule. For example, you can customize your script in these ways, among others:

Add delay time (in milliseconds, or ms) between each virtual user, user think time, and essay cape statistical-level settings Define your own Datapools (discussed in the next topic) Correlate data (to ensure a smooth flow of meaningful data from page to pain case studies, page) Add verification points (to examine the passing rate of each page under test) Add protocol-specific elements, transactions, a loop, a comment, conditional processing, and custom code. IBM Rational Performance Tester enables you to & answers cape sociology, create any number of test projects, recordings, and a wife essay schedules for running the test scripts. Sociology. This section is brief on essay paper purpose, because further explanations will be given in Part 2 of this series where you will follow a full load-testing cycle using IBM Rational Performance Tester. IBM Rational Performance Tester can supply variable data to & answers cape sociology, dynamically load test data, either straight from the CSV file or from custom code. This datapooling is a way to causes essay, emulate real-life scenarios by substituting user data or activities where input is questions required. For example, imagine that you want to of climate change paper, test the ACME Online application, which is an online shopping cart. After logging in, users will search using particular keywords, browse the catalog, pick the items that they like, type in particulars, add comments, or evaluate their shopping experiences before checking out by specifying a payment method. Essay Questions & Answers Cape. Traditionally, the test data with varying values requires input from not taken analysis essay higher-skill personnel to supply custom code. With datapooling, you can emulate each page that requires user input with your custom test data.

In the ACME Online scenario, a datapool can be created for user login, searching keywords, and so on. This feature enables you to build robust and flexible test cases. Figure 11 shows a sample of an imported datapool in the datapool editor. You can perform the following actions on the imported datapool: Add a record Remove a record Add a variable Edit a variable Remove a variable. A typical test case comprises multiple pages and, depending on the nature of the pages, there could be variables required for each page. This user input is cape encapsulated in HTML form and posted by essay either the get or post methods. You can create Datapools that correspond to each page by naming them accordingly. & Answers Sociology. For example, to effectively test an chronic pain case studies, end-to-end Web application, the Datapools may consist of pools such as UserLogin, SearchString, ItemName, PaymentMethod, and essay questions & answers so forth. There are only a few steps for creating and associating datapool with a page:

Right-click the Datapools folder (it's a good practice to put all Datapools in a folder) or anywhere within the Test Navigator (see Figure 12). Figure 12. Adding a datapool, Step 1. Next, specify the phd dissertation name that the appropriate the new datapool will fall under. In this example, it is under the cape Yahoo Entertainment Datapools folder. Give it a name before clicking Next (see Figure 13). Figure 13.

Adding a datapool, Step 2. You can create a datapool of any columns and phd dissertation help bialik rows. Providing a description is optional (Figure 14). Figure 14. Adding a datapool, Step 3. Browse to questions & answers cape, the desired CSV file (which you need to have created previously). Click Finish to finish adding the datapool. Figure 15. Adding a datapool, Step 4.

Associating a page with a datapool. Associating a page with a datapool is straightforward. From the Performance test recording's test data section, highlight the i want a wife by judy brady essay row to substitute with the essay questions cape sociology datapool, and then click Data Variable (Figure 16). The URLs with query strings will be detected automatically and displayed in i want a dark green color. Figure 16.

Associating a datapool with a page, Step 1. Click Add Datapool , click on the datapool that you want to add, and then click Select. Essay Questions & Answers Sociology. (Figure 17). Figure 17. Associating the causes change datapool with the page, Step 2. To finish associating a datapool with a page, navigate to the column and questions click the Use Column button (Figure 18). Figure 18. Associating the datapool with the page, Step 3. The IBM Rational Performance Tester datapool feature enables you to substitute varying data, based on the varying pages navigated, thereby avoiding more complex alternatives, such as custom coding. You can build test cases based on different combinations of page navigation, and associate each page that requires user input with one or more Datapools. However, for truly scalable test cases built by using a huge set of test data, substituting Datapools may not be the best solution.

In those situations, you can use the bialik custom code capability. Essay Questions & Answers Cape. For example, a Java™ developer can plug in custom code to causes change essay paper, pull in a huge set of data on the fly. (For more about this, see the IBM® developerWorks® article titled Handling test data with IBM Rational Performance Tester 7.0: Part 2. Essay Questions. Using files for pain management case studies very large sets of test data.) The ability to substitute a pool of data on the fly is coupled with the ability to correlate varying data to questions cape, emulate through testing a multi-user environment. Robert Not Taken Analysis Essay. Correlation (also known as using dynamic data) is a way to ensure that the request on the current page is based on & answers the reference (value) of the previous page. Often, the data request on the current page is i want by judy brady based on the response data from previous pages. Essay & Answers Cape. Rational Performance Tester recognizes and automatically correlates these references to essay paper, distinctly emulate each user's activities. This way, a user is differentiated from & answers another test user based on the distinct data requested from all of the test pages. There are two ways to causes of climate, correlate data; Automatically (automated data correlation), where the test generator automatically detects the previous value to substitute in the current request. As mentioned earlier, references (value from previous responses) will be used to correlate the essay cape sociology subsequent request value.

You can also extend the correlation by using your own custom code. Manually , by pain case breaking the existing correlation and link values from previous responses as values to the current request. Although this is the default behavior, you can turn off the automated data correlation. However, after you turn it off, you are on your own as far as data flow relationship for test pages is concerned. Turning it off is easy (Figure 19): Go to Menu, Windows Preferences Performance Test Generation . Essay Cape. Select the help Data Correlation tab. Figure 19. & Answers Cape Sociology. Turn off data correlation.

Workload breakdown and assignment. To emulate the real-life scenario during application load testing, Rational Performance Tester gives you flexible options to make the testing as realistic as can be. You can create as many test scripts and persuasive essay purdue owl schedules as you wish and any combination of virtual user loads, dynamically. Often, you may wonder whether you have these options: Can I specify 1000 virtual testers to be run in three remote machines with equal breakdown of user loads?

Can I have 10% of the total virtual testers run first, followed by another 10% before the rest of questions & answers sociology, them start? Can I have one group of virtual testers running certain portions of the pages within the robert frost road essay application under test? Can I specify user think time? Can I randomize the test sequence? Can I run the load test remotely with each virtual user using a different IP? Can I run a test at a set rate? Because Rational Performance Tester allows you to accomplish any permutation of these options, we will first explore how it allows different activities to be assigned to different groups with test elements attached to essay questions & answers, them, and how these elements affect the persuasive behavior of a load test. Figure 20 shows how easily you can break down the & answers workload and assignments to different user groups, with each group carrying different virtual users. For example, to add a new group:

Simply right-click on of climate the group from essay a test schedule (under Schedule Contents ). Choose the Add user group option. After you have created a group, you can break down the persuasive purdue distribution among all the questions cape groups by essay attaching the test scripts (the recordings) to these groups. The relationship between a user group and a test script is1:N. In other words, one user group can run more than one test script. As far as workload distribution is concerned, assigning the absolute user or percentage of users is all you have to carry out. However, to emulate a real-life scenario, having just the workload distribution among various groups does not necessarily reflect a good test scenario. To overcome this, Rational Performance Tester provides various elements that you can associate with a schedule. Whether to Include these in the schedule or not depends on the scenarios that you are testing. & Answers Cape. These elements are associated directly with a schedule. Figure 21 depicts some of the elements that can be included within a schedule. Figure 21.

Schedule with other elements. You can add these elements to a test schedule: Test script (recording): After it is bialik recorded, you can assign a test script to a schedule. One schedule can have more than one test script assigned indirectly through various user groups, because each user group can have more than one test script. Group and percentage assignment: This is for a user group that breaks down the workload. It includes the ability to essay questions & answers cape, set the number of users that start a run. For example: 50 absolute users starting to run at time T1. Essay Lincoln. User think time: To emulate typical user think time, there are four options for settings; Recorded think time Fixed think time (by default, 2 seconds) Dynamically increasing or decreasing the think time by percentage Randomizing the essay questions & answers cape sociology think time by robert not taken percentage. Essay Questions Sociology. Delay time: You can include the delay (in ms) between user runs. Road Not Taken Essay. Hardly any real-life scenario achieves a high, true concurrency (for example, 20 users running precisely at time T1 without a decimal added).

Usually, 50-100 ms delay time is normal. If you set delay time to & answers, be 100 ms, it means that a user (virtual user) starts running at 12:00:00:00 noon, followed by the second user running at 12:00:00:01. Loop: This is to run a test at a set rate. From the Schedule Element Details panel, you can set the number of iterations and essay on abraham in english control the rate of iterations (for instance, 2 per sec). You can also randomize the delay between the iterations. Random selector: In real life, application page hit is usually random. Essay Questions Sociology. This element is to provide randomization for i want a wife by judy brady essay a test run sequence, rather than running the test sequentially, by essay sociology adding random selector. During the setting of the random selector, input for weight is required. Of Climate Essay Paper. You will subsequently associate the weight with a test script.

IP alias: By using this, you can emulating each virtual user having one dedicated IP address. Part 2 of this series explains these elements in more detail. The goal of sociology, performance testing is to causes change paper, identify the performance bottleneck by collecting analysis data for essay questions & answers sociology all components involved. Phd Dissertation Bialik. This includes application tier performance monitoring, such as application server level instrumentation for IBM® WebSphere® Application Servers (Versions 5 or later) and BEA WebLogic Version 8 or data collection using the Application Response Measurement (ARM) API for application servers that aren't natively supported, such as JBoss, Apache Tomcat, and so on. Also, the database tier monitoring can be ARM-enabled. In that sense, all database activities can be collected and displayed as a UML sequence diagram. Enabling real-life application monitoring is just one aspect of performance test monitoring. These levels of questions cape sociology, data collection (application and database tiers) are not complete without the ability to pain management case, collect server-side resource level monitoring where the application components are running. There are more than three default real-time resource level monitoring methods supported by cape IBM Rational Performance Tester, including these: IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring UNIX® or Linux® rstatd daemon Microsoft® Windows® Performance Monitor (perfmon)

As an example, to monitor by using Windows Performance Monitor, you need to enable resource monitoring. Follow these steps to collect Windows Performance Monitor analysis data. Select the schedule. In the pain management case Schedule Element Details panel, click the Resource Monitoring tab. Check the option to Enable resource monitoring (see Figure 22). For a new setup, click New to add it. You can also add an cape, existing server to be monitored or edit from the server defined earlier. Figure 22. A Wife. Enabling resource monitoring, Step1. After you click Add New , you can enter your username and password under the questions & answers cape Location tab.

You can then select the statistics that you want under Resource tab (Figure 23) and polling and time-out intervals under Options tab. Figure 23. Enabling resource monitoring, Step 2. To monitor through IBM Tivoli Monitoring and UNIX (or Linux) rstatd, you must ensure that they are up and running before you can connect to them. On Abraham Lincoln. Apart from the real-time system monitoring, you can also import historical analysis data from IBM Tivoli Monitoring into a performance report. For example, from the menu, select File Import , and then select Profile and Logging Resource Monitoring Data . The next screen allows you to specify the Tivoli-monitored server. Currently, you can import only IBM Tivoli Monitoring historical data. Essay Questions Cape. (See Figure 24.) Figure 24. Chronic Management Case Studies. Importing historical data from Tivoli. One of the questions & answers cape best benefits of using Rational Performance Tester is the online (and offline) analysis reports that can be generated to analyze the performance in general and the tool's ability to drill down to the root cause of causes essay paper, specific problems. The default reports are more than sufficient for general purposes.

If more advanced reports are required, you can customize the essay & answers analysis reports to generate more meaningful, in-depth reports that provide more insight into the performance issues. There are four categories of HTTP reports available in causes IBM Rational Performance Tester:. Performance Report Page Element Report Percentile Report Verification Report. The details of various performance reports will be further covered in Part 3 of this series. Performance Report consists of questions & answers cape, high-level reports, such as overall run success rate, a summary page that showcases the total completed users, total elapsed time, average response time for all pages, and so forth. The online Performance Report is shown in different formats (9 tabs) for easy navigation. For example, Figure 25 shows Response vs. Time in a summary format. Figure 25.

Performance Report: Response vs. Time Summary. Page Element Report , a 5-tab report, consists of its own set of default analysis reports, such as Response vs. Time Details and Page Element Throughput. Figure 26 shows a typical Page Element Throughput report. Figure 26. Page Element Report - Page Element Throughput. Percentile Report , a 4-tab report, shows the percentile ranking associated with page response time. Causes. The default reports provided with this report include the summary and essay cape the 85th, 90th, and chronic studies 95th percentiles. This type of report is usually used to determine the anomalies, such as a surge in essay cape sociology page activity.

By associating the percentile with a page, data can be gathered at each page level to chronic case studies, identify the page behavior at each of those key percentiles. These reports are one way to essay & answers cape sociology, say that 85% of the on abraham pages are completed in X ms, 90% in Y ms and so on. You can create the relationship between percentiles and page response time so that it gives you the assurance that 85% of the pages were responded to in a specific time. Then, by visually comparing the reports with the questions & answers cape sociology subsequent Percentile Reports, you can easily tell when any anomalies occur. Figure 27 captures the 85th percentile, and it's not uncommon for simpler pages to have the exact 90th and 95th percentile, which means things are going reasonably well. Purdue Owl. As the example shows, 85% of the sociology users completed downloading the Yahoo! Entertainment page in 16,954 ms. Figure 27. Percentile Report - 85th. Verification Report , a 3-tab report, gives the Pass or Fail status for pages that are enabled for verification. Verification is set under Test Content under the test script.

It is a way to tell if a page request passes or fails the essay test. The test metrics can be HTML page title, HTML return codem, and HTML response size (set from Windows references Performance Test Generation Verification Points ). Verification points can be turned on essay questions cape for each page, as Figure 28 shows. Figure 28. Verification Point - Enabling. Page Verification Points report lists the on abraham individual page with the corresponding passing or failing rate, plus the essay questions & answers sociology percentage passing rate. A sample Page Verification Points report shows the passing rate of the completed pages. Robert Road Analysis. In the questions & answers example in Figure 29, there isn't a failed page; therefore, the passing rate is 100 percent. Figure 29. Verification Point - Page Verification Points.

In addition to those four reports, you can drill down to page level for better understanding of response time based on page level. To drill down to a page, pick a page (the vertical bar) on phd dissertation bialik the Page Performance tab of the default performance report, and right-click to select Display Page Element Responses . For example, Figure 30 shows the My MTV Movie Awards '07 page, and Breaking News on Yahoo! was selected for drill-down. Figure 30. Page Element Response, Step 1. Figure 31. Page Element Response - Step 2. Rational Performance Tester also enables you to essay questions & answers cape, perform root cause analysis. On Abraham Lincoln In English. This is facilitated in essay questions & answers cape sociology two ways: resource use (as mentioned earlier) and code execution statistics . Here, you can get a response time breakdown report from the performance report. This allows you to analyze statistics from the causes of climate change essay page elements during a scheduled test or to analyze any imported history data from external tools. Response time breakdown shows details such as the essay questions & answers cape sociology duration of each element for the system that you are testing.

Each page element is associated with an entry in the statistic in the details. Before getting the response time breakdown, you must enable the Response Time Breakdown option: Choose the schedule that contains the test scripts, and then select Schedule Element Details Response Time Breakdown . Under Quick Links , check the box labeled Enable collection of response time data . Finally, select the box for chronic pain studies the appropriate recording. Figure 32. Enabling Response Time Breakdown. Ensure that the DCI is essay questions sociology running and ready to monitor. Chronic Management. To start monitoring, go to Start All Programs IBM Software Development Platform IBM Rational Data Collection Infrastructure Start Monitoring . The Response Time Breakdown report gives the cape sociology code execution-related statistics, which include the underlying component, such as JDBC, RMI/IIOP (Remote Method Invocation over Internet InterORB Protocol), Web services, EJBs, and so forth. Figure 33 shows a sample Response Time Breakdown report. (You can also view Response Time Breakdown Statistics for more detail, although that option is not shown here.) Figure 33. Response time breakdown.

Usually, the response time breakdown is captured in the development environment. After it is enabled and configured to collect the amount of data (low, medium, or high), and with the data collection infrastructure installed and running, you can get collections of data in several ways: From a standard Web application performance test. Help Bialik. From these performance monitoring tools: IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring for Transaction Performance, IBM® Tivoli® Composite Application Manager for Response Time Tracking, or IBM® Tivoli® Composite Application Manager for questions & answers cape WebSphere. From the persuasive purdue owl Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application server though Application Response Measurement (ARM). Supported application servers are IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Versions 5 and 6, and & answers cape BEA WebLogic Version 8. Not Taken. Web Services From an ARM-instrumented application. This mode is to support a non-supported J2EE application server. Data can be collected by manually inserting ARM API calls. Essay Questions & Answers Sociology. The ARM instrumentation will produce a transaction sequence diagram by brady response essay drilling down to the application under instrumentation. From application logs that applications, Web servers, and database servers generate.

These can be imported, analyzed, and correlated. Each application server needs to be configured and instrumented to use the data collection infrastructure. The sole purpose of starting the Data Collection Infrastructure (DCI) monitor is to collect analysis data. As mentioned earlier, to ensure that data is collected, the DCI needs to be enabled (installed and essay cape sociology running) for each host that the essay lincoln application runs on sociology and from robert frost which you want to collect data. Failure to do so will result in & answers sociology the error shown in lincoln in english Figure 34. Rational Performance Tester is packaged with IBM® Rational® ClearCase® LT for source version control to & answers, foster better collaboration in the development environment. ClearCase LT deploys a single-server model with fewer administrative requirements. Although naturally suited to a smaller environment, such as 25-30 developers and testers, you can use ClearCase or IBM® Rational® ClearCase MultiSite® editions for larger environments, and migration paths are provided for both. Assets such as projects, schedules, tests, custom code, Datapools, locations, and brady essay results can be put under source control. With IBM Rational ClearCase LT source control, the essay & answers cape sociology following features are provided: Check in and Check out: Checking in assets enable others to work on them.

Checking out instead allows you to work on them in causes change essay paper your local workbench Perspective support: CVS Repository Exploring (Figure 35) and Team Synchronizing perspectives. Figure 35. CVS related perspective. Multiple views: CVS Console, CVS History, and CVS Repository. Synchronization and Merge: Synchronization is a way to essay cape sociology, inspect the case studies differences between the local workbench resources with a repository. It allows you to update resources in essay questions & answers cape your local workbench and commit resources from the local workbench to a repository. Essay On Abraham. Merge enables you to work out a compromise when there is a resource conflict. The integration with Rational ClearCase LT introduces the capability of sharing working assets in branches, or parallel development of assets. Anyone can share testing files by checking in and out from the work area, which can be updated at cape sociology any time by team members. Usually, individuals will work on portions of the team project locally, checking others' work by synchronizing any changes made in a branch. In a nutshell, all work carried out by an individual remains local and that work will be shareable only after that person has published it by committing the work to the repository.

When you have committed changes to the branch, the changes will be copied from change essay paper your local workbench to essay questions, the branch. There may be various branches, such as one branch for each project running in parallel, based on pain management studies functional requirements. & Answers Cape Sociology. The same applies to working with various branches. A Wife Brady Response Essay. You would examine others' work by synchronizing your workbench first. To synchronize, IBM Rational Performance Tester is equipped with a Team Synchronizing perspective for easy navigation and management. There are four modes related to cape sociology, synchronization: Incoming: Shows the resources in robert road analysis essay the CVS repository that differ from local workbench (ingoing changes only) Outgoing: Shows resources being modified in essay cape a local workbench (outgoing changes only) Incoming/Outgoing: Shows the combination of both incoming and outgoing changes Conflict: Shows resources that are in conflict. Resources are in conflict when there is a more recent copy in the repository than the one that you are working on. Conflicting resources can be resolved by merging them. Discarding your work or others' work may not be a good option.

Adding custom code and lincoln in english extending tests. IBM Rational Performance Tester is primarily an interactive GUI tester that enables even the novice user to perform load testing with ease. However, there is occasionally a need for more advanced testing measures that require custom code to questions & answers cape sociology, be added. The custom code option is a wife by judy brady response essay represented by the green character C icon. Questions. You can insert custom code anywhere within a test script. Figure 36 illustrates two custom code snippets being inserted. When you first insert custom code, a class name will be generated automatically.

However, you can rename the class to something more meaningful to you, if you wish. When custom code has been inserted, you can immediately enter the code logic by switching to the Java source view (click View Code ). Alternatively, you can change the frost not taken perspective to Java Browsing. Also, the inline Java IDE allows you to debug your code. There are two interfaces provided, CustomCode2 and ITestExecutionServices , for you to extend test execution (a complete Javadoc is provided). The following scenarios are the typical use cases for extending test execution: Controlling the behavior of loops Running an exit to call on external program Finding the IP address of a group of users or an individual user Setting and clearing cookies for a user Getting information from a user data area Correlating data from one page to essay questions & answers cape sociology, another.

It's uncommon to test user loads dynamically for each test iteration remotely distributed across geographical boundaries. Traditional testing methods, with every test being confined to one location, may not be feasible for a geographically dispersed development team. In addition to the ability to case studies, share test assets across boundaries, Rational Performance Tester enables you to conduct the load test across different locations through a WAN (wide-area network). Because servers may be scattered, geographically, the remote execution ability coupled with the questions & answers cape low hardware requirements needed to run the test enables you to deploy remote servers using IBM® AIX®, Linux, Microsoft® Windows®, and z/OS operating systems. For example, you might have 5 low-end servers emulating 5000 users from Singapore, 3 servers emulating 3000 users from Hong Kong, and so on. This testing method not only i want a wife brady essay produces more realistic test results, it also reduces the cost of essay questions, testing overall, because test results can be analyzed and shared among the teams and causes change paper idle servers can be put to essay cape sociology, good use. The minimal requirements, such as one CPU (in general) and 1MB memory per virtual user (in general) depend primarily on the complexity of the test pages.

There are factors that can increase the amount of memory per virtual user. You can achieve much higher scalability by emulating realistic scenarios, such as using think time and delay time for each user. Usually, it's a good idea not to essay in english, put extra load on the administration server where central administration is being carried out, because workbench-related activities require resources from the server. After you have captured the test script, scaling up to questions cape, more virtual users is a matter of adding more user groups. Rational Performance Tester handles the scalability seamlessly by allowing you to add more user groups and assign either absolute users or users based on a percentage.

There is no need to re-capture the test script as long as the chronic pain management test cases remains intact. The central administration allows a centralized view and & answers management, with little administrative overhead required for administering remote test systems. Phd Dissertation Help Bialik. The amount of essay questions & answers sociology, effort that it takes to administer local and remote test servers is essay on abraham in english identical, because administering remote servers is no more complicated than handling local ones. Figure 38 shows how easy it is to include remote servers as test servers. Figure 38. Remote Test Servers - Administration. In this first part of this four-part series, we looked at various capabilities provided by IBM Rational Performance Tester, including the easy-to-use GUI administration, reporting features, and scalability. Although this has been only a general overview, this article gave you a bird's-eye view of cape sociology, features and functions, You can use the knowledge gained in purdue this brief introduction to broaden your understanding of the load-testing tools that are among the software options of the essay questions IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform. In Parts 2 and 3, you will follow a full load-testing cycle, and in Part 4, you'll get a detailed look at the many reports and their variations included in change essay paper Rational Performance Tester and learn how to customize them for essay & answers your specific needs.

Evaluate Rational software with a downloadable and online version of Performance Tester trial software.. Sign in by judy or register to essay questions cape sociology, add and essay subscribe to comments.

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Pallet Manufacturer Business Plan. 1. Why did you choose Stamford, Texas as your first location? One of the largest piles of shredded scrap tires in Texas is essay & answers cape located in Stamford. The quantities of case studies, raw material in this pile are enough for ten years of full production. The state of Texas pays for making final products from the scrapped tires about $30 per questions sociology ton (approximately $0.75 per pallet). In the area of DFW (about a radius of 150 miles around) the yearly consumption of new pallets is about sixty million. The local municipality is very helpful. Rural America has unemployment problems. Therefore the local authorities have offered to subsidize the plant for our production lines, by enabling us to use a new existing building of 60,000 sq.ft. with all the facilities including: offices, rest rooms, electricity, air conditioning, boiler system etc. and the property is located on seven acres with the building which can be used for persuasive essay owl storing and loading pallets and essay & answers, employee parking, all offered with great terms and conditions. The location of this plant is frost less than one mile from the scrap tire pile.

2. If your plant is in Texas why is your headquarters is in Las Vegas? As can be seen from essay questions cape, our Business Plan, ATP expects to open four plants in the next five years. These plants will be in different states. Las Vegas was chosen as our corporate headquarters because of the following reasons: No state tax in Nevada; Las Vegas is the leader for causes of climate paper conventions, trade shows and exhibitions where our products will be displayed and introduced to many industries and essay & answers, manufacturers; Las Vegas is also a popular tourist destination for business people throughout the causes of climate, world. Vegas has excellent airline connections, which offers a real opportunity to bring executives to visit and learn more about RST-PAL pallets and how it will positively affect their company profits. 3. Questions Cape. Is there any financial help from the State administration in putting up the change paper, plant in their State? There are several States, among them Louisiana and New Jersey that are giving up to 80% of the capital cost of putting up a plant that will utilize scrap tires. The problem of scrap tires is enormous and questions & answers sociology, exists in most states. Most states have scrap tire programs to bialik, deal with the remediation of scrap tires. 4. Are there any federal laws regarding the use of recycled products? Yes, all Federal Agencies, including the Department of Defense and Department of Transportation are mandated to use recycled products first.

Our product is made from & answers cape, recycled materials and is very strong and durable and is acceptable for Government use due to its life cycle being much longer than a traditional wooden pallet, and the price of a RST-PAL pallets is causes of climate paper very competitive. 5. How does the production of pallets made from scrap tires helps the ecology? The RST-PAL pallet is an environmentally correct product made from recycled materials that can be recycled itself, making it a triple green product. First, according to statistics published by NWPCA (National Wooden Pallet and Container Association) the U.S. consumption of pallets is 800 million per essay questions year. To make this huge quantity of pallets, 3.5 million trees are cut every year. Every RST-PAL pallet sold will help to save our forests, allowing hardwoods to causes of climate change essay, be used for more important and questions & answers sociology, valuable uses other than pallets. Second, getting rid of the persuasive essay purdue, scrap tire piles is a worldwide problem. This problem is even more acute in Europe and the Far East. Each year in the U.S. 250-280 million tires are added to questions sociology, the existing stockpiles of scrap tires. Chronic Pain. These piles are environmental hazards as they can become disastrous tire fires and are breeding grounds for mosquitoes (which bring diseases such as the West Nile Virus), rodents, snakes, and essay questions & answers, other vermin.

6. Are the projections in ATP's Business Plan Too good to be true? ATP believes that the projections, although they are very positive, are conservative. I Want By Judy Brady Response Essay. We also believe our biggest challenge will be keeping up with the production needed to meet the demand for our pallets. When a company evaluates the annual cost of their wooden pallets, including; purchase, repair, replacement, and & answers cape sociology, discarding costs versus the persuasive essay, one time purchase price of RST-PAL pallets, they will see tremendous savings in buying and using RST-PAL pallets. Regarding the financial forecasts, ATP has purposely left out several positive issues. For example, the questions cape sociology, cost of recycled rubber (cut and prepared for our use) is $1.25/pallet. This cost can be reduced drastically by purchasing a special machine (Grizli) and cutting the tire shreds to our specific dimensions. Frost Essay. The price of the machine can be recovered within one year of production. & Answers Sociology. Additionally, the most expensive cost in making our pallets is the binder system, $6.50/pallet.

Our projections do not take into consideration the savings of using even less binder per causes change pallet which will be achieved by utilizing the new production line machinery, with a different delivery system. We estimate a minimum saving of 25% on our projected costs when we will buy the raw material and batch it ourselves. Additional savings will be achieved by getting larger discounts as the essay & answers, volume of materials purchased increases. Other potential revenue streams that are not projected include licensing ATP technology to foreign countries to of climate essay, manufacture and market RST-PAL pallets. In addition ATP anticipates opening a subsidiary company to provide pallet leasing or a lease to purchase program for cape our customers to enable them the case, opportunity to convert their wooden pallet inventory to essay questions, RST-PAL pallets at an accelerated pace. 7. How are the scrap tires used today? Only a small portion of on abraham, scrap tires are recycled or used today. Essay & Answers Cape Sociology. The main use (about 30%) is adding crumb rubber to asphalt for making roads. Case. Other products that are made of scrap tires are: car floor mats, playground filler, floor tiles and essay & answers cape sociology, some other soft products which do not need strength or rigidity of the final material. Scrap tire piles continue to accumulate all over the country and constitute dangerous environmental hazards.

8.What is the real market potential and robert essay, what is the essay questions & answers sociology, risk if the users do not accept the pallets? As previously stated, of the 800 million pallets manufactured each year, about 60% are made from hardwood. Our product replaces the hardwood pallets, and if you look at frost analysis essay our 5-year projection, we will produce approximately 19 million pallets while in the same 5 years the pallets industry will produce 2.4 billion hardwood pallets, which means we will capture, within 5 years, about 0.8% (less than 1%) of the total pallet market. ATP surveyed the acceptance of essay questions & answers, RST-PAL pallets through pre-production marketing efforts and it was excellent. We visited 62 pallet users in essay on abraham lincoln in english the DFW area. All of the companies were impressed with the essay questions & answers sociology, RST-PAL pallets made from brady, this unique and patented new material from questions cape sociology, recycled scrap tires. Many stated that they would use the persuasive purdue, pallets once we had a production facility. They were especially impressed that our pallets were stronger and more durable than wooden pallets and would perform much longer than wooden pallets. Essay Questions & Answers Sociology. NWPCA states, wooden pallets last from 1.5 to 2 trips before having to be repaired or replaced. We also visited with the buyer of frost not taken analysis essay, pallets for 3M company in Minneapolis, and the buyer was very eager to use RST-PAL pallets.

3M purchases more than 7 million pallets in just one year. Essay Questions & Answers Cape. ATP also contacted, through the Department of Defense, the Army, Air Force PX and Exchange, AAFAS. Essay On Abraham Lincoln In English. They actually wanted us to deliver 50,000 pallets as an initial order but unfortunately we were not in production. 9.Can you show us orders from companies that were interested in using your pallet? No. As we have not begun production, we cannot guarantee that ATP will be able to deliver pallets on a specific date, and so we have not accepted any orders. As the projected calculation shows tremendous savings to the user, and as RST-PAL pallets have so many advantages in comparison to wooden pallets and at questions cape a competitive price, ATP believes that when production commences, pallets will be immediately accepted. Some of the users we visited were surprised that the price was so low in relation to the performances of RST-PAL pallets. 10.

What are the technical properties of the pallets and which tests have already done? The technical data and the tests results are as follows: RST-PAL pallets are both rackable and stackable, and pass ISO standards. The RST-PAL pallets have the same parameters as hardwood pallets, including two or four way entry, and response essay, meet GMA pallet standards. Weight: 40x48, four way GMA pallet, hardwood=65 lbs; RST-PAL=71 lbs. The difference in essay cape weight disappears after the wood starts absorbing water/liquids. The deflection of a pallet with our material, according to ISO when R=1500KG, is about zero (actually equal to the deflection of metal under the same load). A test was conducted with 3 concrete beams weighing 25 tons (51,000 lbs), which were loaded and lifted onto an RST-PAL pallet. In comparison, wooden pallets have a static weight load of 2,500 pounds. In conclusion, this is lincoln not a high precision, high tech product -- it is a strong and durable pallet with excellent material qualities and is offered to pallet users at a very competitive price, which will save pallet buyers bottom line profits.

11. Usually, as production increases, the price normally decreases (mainly because of essay questions, competition). In your B.P. the price is by judy brady response essay increased. Please explain? Actually, part of the answer is in the question. & Answers. There is no competition. Hardwood is on abraham lincoln a commodity and essay questions & answers cape sociology, its price changes constantly with lumber prices (which continue to increase annually). Our increase in price takes this fact into account. The raise in prices, as appears in case our projections, of 25% during the next five years is probably less than the increase in the cost of hardwood. Another reason is that our initial price is essay questions & answers very low, designed so that ATP can penetrate different markets rapidly. Most key pallet purchasers that we talk with, think we are vastly under priced for a pallet that is causes of climate essay paper so durable and lasts so long.

Some believe RST-PAL pallets should be in the $39.00-$59.00 price range (similar to plastic pallets), and not just a few dollars more than hardwood pallets. ATP assumes that for many years (due to patent protection) RST-PAL pallets will not have competitors, which can often drive the price down. The assumption is that the questions cape, advantages of RST-PAL pallets over hardwood pallets will cause pallet users to purchase RST-PAL pallets to lower their pallet costs. Following RST-PAL pallets becoming established in the market place, the advantages and the savings will be widely recognized and there will be justification for further price increases. The opening price of $18.50 is an persuasive essay owl, average price and not applicable to all sizes nor to all customers. Certainly, a customer purchasing 500,000 pallets per essay & answers cape sociology year will be given a discount different from a customer purchasing 1,000 pallets. The Board of Directors will re-visit the $18.50 price as sales develop. Our projected low price is persuasive purdue intended to introduce the pallet to questions cape, many different manufacturers and industries that use pallets, targeting those companies with a closed loop system that can use, retrieve and management studies, use over and over again the same durable pallets. 12. Everything seems so good, what is the down side to this project?

ATP believes that according to the projections, the only downside is & answers cape sociology our start-up production capacity. ATP knows that it will capture the small percentage of less than 1% of the help bialik, total market demand. The projection shows that this 1% of the market will enable both growth from questions & answers cape, profits to fund expansion and a good return in the form of dividends for its investors. RST-PAL pallets are heavier, by about 8 lbs, than the equivalent size pallet made of hardwood. This is true only at the beginning of the lifecycle of a wooden pallet as wood absorbs water and essay lincoln in english, other liquids and can become even heavier than RST-PAL pallets. An average 40' truck trailer carries about essay questions, 22 loaded pallets, and by using RST-PAL pallets the total added weight is less than 200 lbs, which is not significant. 13. Is your patent defendable and what does it actually protect? The patent was approved and issued in July 2002. It took about five years to perfect and to reach the utmost protection possible.

It protects any product made from recycled scrap tire rubber using a plurality of sizes with or without other materials like plastic, adhesives etc. 14. Who has the exclusivity to utilize this patent? The total and irrevocable exclusivity was granted to ATP Corporation, which consists of the new investors and the existing partners. This exclusivity includes licensing to other parties worldwide for the manufacturing and marketing of RST-PAL pallets. 15. Help Bialik. It appears that you are looking for investment of $4M to $6M. Elaborate. These two numbers express the difference between starting with one line of production vs. Essay Questions Sociology. two lines.

The basic set of machines needed for production can be extended to two lines with addition of help, some machines. By starting with two lines, the production capacity is doubled to 1.2M pallets per year with net profit projected of over $8M versus $3.2M if ATP opens with a single line. 16. & Answers. How will the management case studies, investor's capital be used? A detailed start-up expenses and funding table can be found in Topic 2.2. The main expense item is for machinery and in both cases about $750,000 remains as working capital. 17.

What equity percentage are you offering for the investment? The calculation of the present value of the company based on the projections appears in the business plan. The present value of five years of net earnings at 25% discount is over $100 million. We deliberately took an essay questions cape sociology, unreasonably high discount rate to avoid any disputes. We value our company at present value of just over $17M. Hence, for the $6 million investment; we offer 35% of the company with all its rights. 18. Frost Analysis. Is there any other way of financing the project? Yes. We would accept a loan, secured by the assets and rights of ATP, which will carry interest of questions cape, 5% for a period of ten years starting (the repayment) at the beginning of the second year.

The return can be accelerated. In addition to the secured note, the lender will be offered 17.5% equity interest for a loan of $6 million. 19. Who is i want a wife by judy brady response ATP's management team? See Chapter 6.0 of the Business Plan. Each member of the team along with our consultants, are highly qualified professionals with vast and questions & answers sociology, proven experience in pain management their fields (e.g. plant installation and operations, purchasing and marketing). ATP is also open to investor participation both in the company and on the Board of Directors. Your business plan can look as polished and essay questions cape, professional as this sample plan. It's fast and easy, with LivePlan. Business planning has never been easier. With 500 complete sample plans, easy financials, and access anywhere, LivePlan turns your great idea into a great plan for success.

You can download this complete sample plan as a text document for FREE. Bplans is lincoln owned and operated by Palo Alto Software, Inc., as a free resource to help entrepreneurs start and run better businesses. 1996 - 2017 Palo Alto Software. All Rights Reserved | We're Hiring! Try the #1 business planning software risk-free for 60 days. No contract, no risk.

Built for entrepreneurs like you. No contract, no risk. Essay. Built for entrepreneurs like you.

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3 Cruetown, Bressay, Shetland, ZE2 9EP (Reduced Price - Offers in excess of Ј145,000). click here for map. Questions & Answers Cape Sociology? Click photo to enlarge. View over causes of climate paper, Lerwick. Location: Central Mainland. DETACHED 3/4 - BEDROOM HOUSE IN FULLY ENCLOSED SITE WITH LARGE GARAGE AND SUBSTANTIAL LAWN/GARDEN AREAS.


ADDITIONAL PHOTOS OF FURNISHED PROPERTY AVAILABLE ON REQUEST. This property represents an ideal opportunity to acquire a good-sized family home in a quiet rural location with lovely sea views. The house itself was built around 1974 but has been substantially upgraded and improved in recent years to provide spacious and contemporary family accommodation. In particular, the kitchen and bathroom have been completed to a high standard with contemporary kitchen units and bathroom suite. Viewing is recommended. The Accommodation comprises:- Sun Room/Porch (2.54 m x 2.46 m approx.) It is understood that this is the only area of the house which is of climate paper, single-glazed. There is a laminate floorcovering and sociology, adequate perimeter shelving for essay plants, flowers etc. The hall has a fitted carpet and essay & answers cape, two attractive fisherman-style light fittings. This is a contemporary bathroom which has been finished with ceramic-tile flooring. There is a large walk-in shower, with large shower head and fully tiled walls . There is essay, also a sink, toilet and a large recessed bath, again with fully tiled walls.

There is a fitted mirror and a wall light. There are also two windows in the bathroom. Open plan Livingroom/Kitchen/Dining Area. This is an attractive open-plan arrangement. The living room is carpeted and there is & answers sociology, laminate flooring in the kitchen and dining area. Paper? Excellent sea views are enjoyed to essay questions & answers sociology, the south towards Cunningsburgh and Sandwick and to the west over Lerwick itself. Both windows in the living area have been fitted with roman blinds.

In the kitchen there is a large Island with pull-out drawers on either side, an electric induction hob and attractive stainless steel cooker hood. There are ample wall and base units and worktop space. In addition, there is a double oven and frost essay, grill/microwave, integral dishwasher and a one-and-a half bowl stainless steel sink/drainer. There is also a free-standing Bosch fridge freezer. Both kitchen windows have been fitted with vertical blinds. Additional Bedroom/Dining Room. This room, which is carpeted, is situated just off the open plan Livingroom/Kitchen/Dining area.

It could either be used as an additional bedroom or separate diningroom or even as a study, depending on the requirements of the purchasers. The window is fitted with a vertical blind and curtain. There is a large walk-in cupboard off. The utility room has a laminate flooring. It has a row of base units with fitted worktop and a washing machine. There are two full-height storage cupboards, one housing the & answers, ‘Megaflo’ and the other being part-shelved for additional storage. Purdue Owl? The oil-fired boiler is also housed in the utility room.

The window has a vertical blind. There is a door providing access to the exterior of the property. Bedroom 1 (2.29 m x 3.91 m approx.) This bedroom has laminate flooring and essay questions, the window has a fitted vertical blind and curtains. Response Essay? Bedroom 2 (3.91 m x 3.05 m approx.) This bedroom is carpeted and has attractive half-height channel lining. There is recessed lighting in the ceiling. Again, the window is fitted with a vertical blind and curtains.

Bedroom 3 (3.47 m x 3.44 m approx.) This bedroom has laminate flooring and the window has a fitted vertical blind and curtains. There is essay questions cape, also a built-in double bed with storage beneath. In addition, there is a fitted chrome spotlight. Help? There is a gravelled driveway at the rear of the property. Questions & Answers Cape? The site is fully walled and comprises a large lawn area to the front and one side with perimeter shrubs and bushes. Phd Dissertation Help? There is a paved area to one side with a rotary clothes dryer. There is questions cape, also a large garage with an outside hose.

The house is frost not taken analysis essay, block-built with concrete roof tiles. All floorcoverings, most curtains/blinds, lampshades, light fittings are included along with the specified kitchen appliances. Essay Questions & Answers? The Council Tax Banding is D. Causes Of Climate? Early entry is available. & Answers Cape? Bressay is linked to Lerwick with a regular subsidised ro-ro ferry service meaning that it has excellent links with the Shetland mainland. The ferry journey itself only of climate change essay paper, takes approximately five minutes. Accordingly, all of Lerwick’s amenities are close at hand and, in addition, the house is situated within easy commuting distance of the essay cape, Bressay shop, Village Hall, Primary School and other amenities. Chronic Pain Management Case? As you come off the essay & answers cape sociology, ferry, follow the signs for ‘Gunnister/Beosetter’. Drive for a couple of minutes until you come to robert frost, the settlement of Cruetown. & Answers Cape? 3 Cruetown is the last house in the cluster on your left-hand side. These details are believed to be correct although the information is phd dissertation help bialik, not warranted and does not form part of any contract of sale. In particular, it should be noted that no warranty is given regarding the condition of electrical, plumbing, drainage or other installations including any central heating system.

Furthermore, all stated dimensions are approximate only and essay questions & answers, prospective purchasers should make their own enquiries to satisfy themselves on all such matters through their professional advisers. Copyright Michael Inkster Co Solicitors, 159 Commercial Street, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0EX. Tel. (01595) 696901 Fax. Change Essay? (01595) 696904 Mobile 07753 842169.

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Deafness and hearing loss: Causes, symptoms, and treatments. Hearing aids may be worn by people with hearing impairment or partial deafness. Symptoms may be mild, moderate, severe, or profound. A patient with mild hearing impairment may have problems understanding speech, especially if there is a lot of questions cape, noise around, while those with moderate deafness may need a hearing aid. Some people are severely deaf and depend on lip-reading when communicating with others. People who are profoundly deaf can hear nothing at all. Change Essay Paper! In order to communicate spontaneously and rapidly with people, they are totally reliant on questions cape, lip-reading and/or sign language. On Abraham! People who are born deaf find lip-reading much harder to questions & answers, learn compared with those who became hearing impaired after they had learned to communicate orally (with sounds). Some diseases or circumstances that can cause deafness include:

Chicken pox. Essay On Abraham In English! Cytomegalovirus. Mumps. Meningitis. Essay Questions! Sickle cell disease. AIDS - offspring of mothers who had AIDS during pregnancy have a much higher risk of being deaf by the age of 16 years. Syphilis. Lyme disease. Diabetes - studies have shown that people with diabetes are more likely to have some kind of hearing loss. Tuberculosis (TB), experts believe that the medication, streptomycin, used to treat TB may be the causes paper, key risk factor.

Hypothyroidism - and underactive thyroid gland. Arthritis. Some cancers. Cape Sociology! Second-hand smoke exposure can increase hearing loss risk in teenagers. Many people globally have untreated hearing loss. It is phd dissertation help bialik, estimated that 23 million Americans live with untreated impaired hearing. The difference between hearing loss and deafness. Hearing loss refers to a diminished ability to hear sounds like other people do.

Deafness refers to the inability to understand speech through hearing even when sound is amplified. Profound deafness means the person cannot hear anything at essay cape, all; they are unable to purdue, detect sound, even at the highest volume possible. Degree of essay questions, hearing impairment - a person's severity of hearing impairment is categorized by how much louder than usual levels sound volumes need to be set at before they can detect a sound. Degree of deafness - any degree of deafness means the person cannot understand speech through hearing at by judy response, any level of amplification. If a person is profoundly deaf, they cannot detect sounds at any volume.

Some people define profoundly deaf and totally deaf in essay & answers cape sociology the same way, while others say totally deaf is the end of the hearing spectrum. Sound waves enter the ear, go down the ear canal (auditory), and hit the eardrum, which vibrates. The vibrations from the eardrum pass to the three ossicles - bones called the malleus (hammer), incus (anvil), and stapes - in the middle ear. These ossicles amplify the brady response, vibrations, which are then picked up by small hair-like cells in the cochlea; they move as the & answers cape sociology, vibrations hit them, the movement data is on abraham, sent through the auditory nerve to the brain. Sociology! The brain processes the data, which we interpret as sound. There are three different types of i want a wife brady, hearing loss: This means that the questions cape, vibrations are not passing through from the outer ear to the inner ear, specifically the cochlea. On Abraham In English! It can be due to an excessive build-up of earwax, glue ear, an ear infection with inflammation and cape fluid buildup, a perforated eardrum, or a malfunction of the ossicles (bones in the middle ear). Analysis! Also, the eardrum may be defective.

Ear infections can leave scar tissue, which damages the functioning of the essay, ear drum. The ossicles may be impaired due to infection, trauma, or their fusing together (ankylosis). Hearing loss is management studies, caused by dysfunction of the questions & answers, inner ear, the cochlea, auditory nerve, or brain damage. Usually, this kind of hearing loss is due to damage of the hair cells in the cochlea. As humans get older, the hair cells lose some of their function, and our hearing gets worse. In Western Europe and on abraham in english North America, it is estimated that over half of all people over & answers sociology 70 have hearing impairment caused by a wife by judy brady, degenerated hair cells in the cochlea. Long-term exposure to loud noises, especially high-frequency sounds, is another common reason for cape sociology, hair cell damage. Damaged hair cells cannot be replaced. Currently, research is looking into using stem cells to grow new ones.

Sensorineural total deafness may be due to birth defects, inner ear infections, or head trauma. If the essay in english, eardrum and middle ear are functioning properly, patients may benefit from a cochlear implant - a thin electrode is inserted into essay questions & answers cape, the cochlea, it stimulates electricity through a tiny microprocessor that is placed behind the ear, under the skin. This is phd dissertation help bialik, a combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. Long-term ear infections can damage both the essay sociology, eardrum and the ossicles. Sometimes, surgical intervention may restore hearing, but it does not always work. Prelingual deafness is when a person is unable to hear properly before learning how to speak. Prelingual deafness refers to the inability to hear properly, or at all before the patient learned how to utter or understand speech. In such cases, the individual was born with a congenital condition or lost their hearing very early in life, during infancy. People with prelingual deafness have never acquired speech with sound.

In the majority of cases, people with prelingual deafness have hearing parents and of climate change siblings and essay sociology were born into families who did not know sign language. Consequently, they also tend to have slow language development. The very few who were born into chronic pain case, signing families tend not to have delays in language development. If cochlear implants are placed in prelingual deaf children before they are 4 years old, they will usually acquire oral language successfully. Oral language and the ability to use social cues are very closely interrelated. That is questions, why children with hearing loss, especially those with severe symptoms, may not only experience delayed language development, but their social development will take longer too. Consequently, prelingual deaf children can become socially isolated, unless they attend a school with other prelingual deaf children that has a well run special needs department. Children who identify with a Deaf sub-culture, or those who learned how to use sign language, may not feel isolated. Management Studies! However, some kids may feel isolated if their parents have not learned sign language.

A prelingual deaf child whose parents and other family members encourage them to & answers cape sociology, the learn social skills acquired and used by hearing children are less likely to essay lincoln, experience social isolation. There are cases of essay questions & answers cape, profoundly deaf children who find themselves in no-man's land. They are on on abraham lincoln in english, the outer fringes of essay questions cape, their hearing peers' social circles, while at the same time are not fully accepted by totally deaf peers because they are not fluent in sign language. Most people with some kind of hearing loss have post-lingual deafness. They had acquired spoken language before their hearing was diminished. Losing their sense of hearing may have been caused by a medication side effect, trauma, infection, or a disease.

In most cases, people lose their hearing gradually; household members, friends, and bialik teachers may have noticed something was wrong before they themselves acknowledged the essay questions & answers, disability. Depending on the severity of hearing loss, the individual may have had to use hearing aids, had a cochlear implant inserted, or learned how to lip-read. People who experience hearing loss face different challenges, depending on when it occurs and frost not taken how long it takes to develop. They have to essay & answers, become familiar with new equipment, perhaps undergo surgery, learn sign language and lip reading, and causes of climate essay use various communication devices. A feeling of isolation is a common problem, which can sometimes lead to depression and loneliness; add to that the process of coming to terms with a disability. Essay Questions & Answers Cape Sociology! It is also a challenge for household members, loved ones, and close friends, who have to adapt to causes essay, the person's hearing loss. Miscommunication can place a strain on relationships, a strain not only for the person with the hearing impairment, but also people around them. If the hearing loss is & answers cape sociology, gradual and has not yet been diagnosed, family members may mistakenly believe that the patient is causes of climate essay, becoming more distant. What is unilateral and bilateral deafness? Unilateral deafness (single-sided deafness or SDD) refers to just one ear, while bilateral means a hearing impairment in both.

People with unilateral hearing impairment may find it hard to questions cape, carry on a conversation if the other person is on their deaf side. Phd Dissertation Help Bialik! Pinpointing where a sound is coming from may be more difficult, compared with those who can hear well with both ears. Understanding what others are saying when there is questions sociology, a lot of noise about may be hard. When there is by judy brady essay, no background noise, or very little, a person with unilateral deafness has virtually the same aural communicative abilities as somebody with normal hearing in both ears. Babies born with unilateral deafness tend to have speech developmental delays.

They may find it harder to concentrate when they go to school. & Answers Cape! Social activities may be more challenging than it is for children with no hearing problems. A symptom is something only the essay lincoln in english, patient can feel and describe to a doctor, nurse or somebody else, such as a pain, dizziness, ringing in the ears, or fatigue. A sign is essay & answers cape, something that somebody else might detect on the patient, examples include a rash, swelling, bleeding, or bruising. The symptoms associated with hearing impairment depend on phd dissertation bialik, its cause; some people are born without being able to hear, others suddenly become deaf due to essay, an accident or illness. A build-up of earwax can cause sudden hearing loss. We all lose a certain amount of hearing during late-middle and brady old age.

In most cases, deafness symptoms progress gradually over time. Some conditions may have hearing loss as one of a number of symptoms, such as tinnitus or stroke. The following signs may indicate a hearing problem (but not always): Before the age of 4 months, the baby does not turn their head toward a noise. Essay & Answers Sociology! By the essay owl, age of 12 months, the baby still does not utter a single word. The baby does not appear to be startled by a loud noise.

The baby responds to you when they can see you, but much less so (or not at all) when you are out of sight and call out their name. The baby seems to be aware of questions & answers cape sociology, some sounds only. Hearing impairment in essay on abraham lincoln in english toddlers and children. The following signs may indicate a hearing problem (but not always): The child is essay questions, behind the essay purdue, others of their age in oral communication. The child keeps saying What? or Pardon? The child talks in a very loud voice, and tends to produce louder-than-normal noises.

When the child speaks, their utterances are not clear. There are four levels of deafness (possibly 5 in some countries), they are: Mild deafness or mild hearing impairment - the patient can only detect sounds between 25-29 decibels (dB). They may find it hard to understand everything other people are saying, especially if there is a lot of questions, background noise. Moderate deafness or moderate hearing impairment - the patient can only detect sounds between 40-69dB. Following a conversation just from hearing is very difficult without using a hearing aid. Severe deafness - the person only hears sounds above 70-89dB. Phd Dissertation Help! A severely deaf person must either lip-read or use sign language in order to communicate, even if they have a hearing aid.

Profound deafness - anybody who cannot hear a sound below 90dB is profoundly deaf; some profoundly deaf people cannot hear anything at all, at any level of questions sociology, decibels. Communication is done with sign language and/or lip-reading. Obviously, if the hearing impaired deaf person can read and write, they may also communicate by persuasive essay, reading and writing. Patients who suspect something is wrong with their hearing will initially go and questions cape sociology see their doctor. Phd Dissertation Help! The doctor will talk to the patient and ask several questions regarding the symptoms, including when they started, whether or not they have got worse, and whether there is any pain. The doctor will look into the patient's ear using an otoscope (auriscope); an instrument with a light at the end.

The following may be detected during the examination: A blockage caused by a foreign object. A collapsed ear drum. Essay & Answers Sociology! An accumulation of earwax. An infection in robert frost road not taken analysis the ear canal. An infection in questions & answers cape the middle ear (if the ear drum bulges). Cholesteatoma - skin growth behind the eardrum, in the middle ear. Fluid in the ear canal. There is a hole in the ear drum (perforated ear drum). Doctors will ask questions regarding the patients hearing, these might include:

Do you often find yourself asking people to repeat what they said? Do you find it hard to understand people on the telephone? Do you miss the door bell when it rings? If so, does this happen frequently? When you chat to people face-to-face, do you have to focus carefully? Has anybody ever mentioned to you that you might have a problem with your hearing? Do you find more people mumble today than they used to?

When you hear a sound, do you often find it hard to determine where it is persuasive purdue, coming from? When several people are talking, do you find it hard to understand what one of them is telling you? Are you often told that the television, radio, or any sound-producing device is too loud? Do you find the essay questions & answers sociology, speech of men easier to understand than women's or children's? Are you in a noisy environment for a good proportion of each day? Have you often found yourself misunderstanding what other people say to help, you? Do you hear rushing, hissing, or ringing sounds? Do you avoid group conversations? Anybody who answers yes to most of the above questions should see their doctor and essay sociology have their hearing checked.

An audiometer or hearing test may be used to help diagnose hearing impairments or deafness. A doctor may ask the patient to cover one ear and on abraham describe how well they hear words uttered at questions & answers cape, different volumes, as well as checking sensitivity to other sounds. If the doctor suspects the patient has a hearing problem, they will probably be referred to a specialist, either an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist (otolaryngologist) or an audiologist. Further tests will be carried out, including: A tuning fork test - also known as the Rinne test. This test may have been done by the doctor. A tuning fork is a metal instrument with two prongs that produces a sound when it is struck.

Simple tuning fork tests may help the frost road not taken analysis essay, doctor detect whether there is any hearing loss, and where the problem is. A tuning fork is essay questions, vibrated (512 Hz) and placed against the mastoid bone (behind the ear). The patient is asked to indicate when they no longer hear any sound. The fork, which is still vibrating, is then place 1-2 centimeters from the auditory canal; the patient is asked whether they can hear the of climate essay paper, fork. As air conduction is sociology, greater than bone conduction, the patient should say yes. If they say no at this point, it means that their bone conduction is i want by judy response essay, superior to questions & answers cape sociology, their air conduction, meaning there is a problem with sound waves getting to the cochlea via the ear canal. Audiometer tests - the patient wears earphones, sounds are directed into one ear at a time.

A range of sounds at various tones are presented to the patient who has to signal each time a sound is heard. Road Not Taken Analysis Essay! Each tone is presented at various volumes so that the cape, audiologist can determine at which point the sound at that tone is no longer detected. The same is done with words, the audiologist presents words at various tones and decibel levels. Bone oscillator test - used to find out how well vibrations are passed through the ossicles, the three bones in robert essay the inner ear. A bone oscillator is essay cape sociology, placed against the mastoid. The aim is to see how well the help bialik, auditory nerve is working. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children have their hearing tests when they start school, then at 6, 8, and 10 years of age, at essay questions cape, least once when they are in middle school and once during high school.

The otoacoustic emissions (OAE) test involves inserting a small probe into the outer ear; it is i want a wife brady, usually done while the baby is questions & answers, asleep. The probe emits sounds and chronic management case studies checks for & answers sociology, echo sounds bouncing back from the ear (otoacoustic emission). If there is no echo, the baby might not necessarily have a hearing problem, but doctors will need to carry out further tests to make sure and to find out why. Treatments for people with a hearing impairment. There is help for patients with all types of i want by judy essay, hearing loss. Treatment depends on why the essay, deafness exists and how severe it is.

Sensorineural hearing loss is chronic pain management studies, incurable. When the hair cells in the cochlea are damaged, they cannot be repaired. However, various treatments and essay & answers cape strategies can help improve the patient's quality of life. These are devices that help in hearing. There are several types of pain management case studies, hearing aids; they come in a range of sizes, circuitries, and essay & answers cape sociology levels of power. They do not cure deafness, but amplify the road analysis essay, sound that enters the ear so that the listener can hear things more clearly.

Hearing aids consist of a battery, loudspeaker, amplifier, and microphone. Today, they are very small, discreet, and essay questions & answers cape sociology can be fitted inside the persuasive, ear. Many of the modern versions can distinguish background noise from foreground sounds, such as speech. For a person with profound deafness, a hearing aid is not suitable. The audiologist takes an impression of the patient's ear to cape, make sure the device fits well.

It will be adjusted to the patient's auditory requirements. Examples of hearing aids: Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids - these consist of a dome (earmold) and a case, with a connection from one to the other. The case is behind the pinna (outer ear, the part that sticks out); the connection to the dome comes down the front of the essay owl, ear. The sound from the essay questions cape sociology, device is routed to the ear either electrically or acoustically. BTE hearing aids tend to last longer than other devices because the phd dissertation help bialik, electrical components are located outside the questions cape sociology, ear (less moisture and earwax damage). These devices are more popular with children who need a sturdy and easy-to-use device.

In-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids - these fill the essay on abraham lincoln, outer part of the ear canal and can be seen, but only just. Soft ear inserts, usually made of silicone, are used to position the loudspeaker inside the ear. These devices fit most patients straight away, and have better sound quality. Completely-in-the canal (CIC) hearing aids - these are tiny devices, but are not recommended for people with severe hearing loss. Bone conduction hearing aids - for patients with conductive hearing loss, as well as those unable to questions cape, wear conventional type hearing aids. The vibrating part of the device is held against on abraham lincoln in english, the mastoid with a headband. Questions Sociology! The vibrations go through the mastoid bone, to the cochlea. These devices can be painful or uncomfortable if worn for too long. Inserted to persuasive, help patients whose hearing impairment is caused by hair cell damage in the cochlea.

The implants usually help most people understand speech better. The latest cochlear implants have new technology which helps patients enjoy music, understand speech better even with background noise, and use their processors while they are swimming. According to the National Institutes of Health, as of December 2012, there were about 58,000 adults and essay questions & answers cape 38,000 children with cochlear implants in America. The World Health Organization says approximately 219,000 people globally are recipients, most of them in industrial countries. A cochlear implant consists of: A microphone that gathers sound from the environment (maybe more than one).

A speech processor that prioritizes sounds that matter more to chronic pain management case studies, the patient, such as speech. The electrical sound signals are split into essay sociology, channels and on abraham lincoln sent through a very thin wire to the transmitter. A transmitter. This is a coil that is secured with a magnet. Essay & Answers Cape Sociology! It is located behind the help bialik, outer ear. It transmits the processed sound signals to the internal implanted device.

A surgeon secures a receiver and questions & answers cape stimulator in the bone beneath the skin. The signals are converted into electric impulses and sent through internal wires to not taken analysis, the electrodes. Up to 22 electrodes are wound through the cochlea. The impulses are sent to the nerves in the scala tympani (the lower passages of the cochlea), and then directly to the brain. The number of questions sociology, electrodes depends on which company makes the implant. Children will usually have cochlear implants in both ears, while adults tend to have one in just one ear.

Some people with hearing impairment may have speech problems, as well as difficulties in understanding what other people say. A high percentage of people with hearing impairment can learn other ways of communicating. Lip reading and sign language can replace or complement oral communication. Also known as speechreading, lip reading is a method for understanding spoken language by watching the speaker's lip, facial and tongue movements, as well as extrapolating from the data provided by the context and any residual hearing the patient might have. People who became hearing impaired after they learned to speak can pick up lip reading rapidly; this is response, not the case for questions & answers sociology, those who are born hearing-impaired. This is a language that uses signs made with the hands, facial expressions, and body postures, but no sounds - it is phd dissertation help, used mainly by those who are deaf. There are several different types of sign languages. Essay & Answers! British Sign Language (BSL) is very different from phd dissertation help, American Sign Language (ASL). For instance, BSL uses a two-handed alphabet, whereas American sign language uses a one-handed alphabet. Some countries use the essay cape, sign language introduced by missionaries from i want a wife by judy response, faraway - Norwegian sign language is cape sociology, used in persuasive owl Madagascar. Sign language is completely different from the spoken form, word order (syntax) and questions cape sociology grammar in BSL is not the same as it is in spoken English.

ASL is more grammatically similar to spoken Japanese than spoken English. Can hearing impairment be prevented? There is nothing we can do to prevent congenital deafness (when you are born with the condition), or hearing impairments due to illnesses or accidents. However, some measures can be taken to reduce the risk of losing some of owl, your sense of hearing. The structures in our ears can be damaged in essay cape several different ways.

Long term exposure to very loud noise - above 85dB can eventually cause hearing loss. A typical lawn mower emits about chronic pain management, 85dB. The following measures may help protect your hearing: TV, radio, music players, and toys - do not set the volume too high. Children especially are very sensitive to the damaging effects of loud music.

Researchers found that noisy toys put children's hearing at risk. Questions Cape! Headphones - focus on phd dissertation help, isolating what you want to sociology, hear; block out chronic management case, all outside noise as much as possible, instead of drowning it out with high volume. The workplace - if you work in a noisy environment, wear earplugs or ear muffs. Even in discos, nightclubs, and pubs - earplugs are discreet and hardly noticeable. Questions & Answers Cape Sociology! Leisure venues - if you go to pop concerts, motor racing, drag racing, and other noisy events, wear earplugs. Phd Dissertation Help! Cotton swabs - do not prod them into your or your children's ears. The same applies for & answers, cotton or tissues. Article last updated by Tim Newman on i want a wife brady response essay, Fri 1 September 2017. Adeyemo, A. A., Oluwatosin, O., Omotade, O. Cape! O. (2016, June 17). Study of streptomycin-induced ototoxicity: protocol for a longitudinal study.

SpringerPlus, 5(1), 1-9. Retrieved from Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report: Nordqvist, Christian. Deafness and change essay paper hearing loss: Causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Medical News Today . MediLexicon, Intl., 1 Sep. 2017. Web. 3 Oct. 2017. Nordqvist, C. Essay Questions & Answers Sociology! (2017, September 1). Deafness and hearing loss: Causes, symptoms, and treatments. Medical News Today . On Abraham! Retrieved from. Please note: If no author information is provided, the source is cited instead. I have lost all hearing in one ear.

I am hoping you can direct me to someone who is doing stem cell work for hearing loss before I lose all hearing in the second ear. Serious thanks. PWS. my hearing loss since 2 year, after the essay questions & answers, attack of typhoid. My son sufferred ssnhl two years back, he is regularly using hearing aid but last 6 months his eyesight is also deteriorating. Is it linked? If so whats the phd dissertation bialik, cure? He is just 7 years old. ok i think that deafness is essay, a person who born with it, and persuasive essay purdue owl hearing loss is someone who lost his hearing during old age. I'm at university studying for my degree in Adult Nursing.

I was set an assessment on Communication in the Diverse World, where I decided I would focus on hearing impairments. I found this website excellent! it answered all the questions I needed in detail whilst allowing me to obtain a better understanding. Essay Questions Cape! Thank you very much :) I read this with much interest, as I am now 50, and have really poor hearing, caused through childhood diseases. I answered yes to practically every question asked, and I wear a BTE hearing aid because my ear canals are too narrow for ITE aids. Of Climate! I still have problems with telephones and & answers cape wondered what I could do to conquer this. Thank you for essay lincoln, a very informative article.

Not opinion, but fact. Questions Sociology! Been researching this topic for 2 years now as my child lost her hearing after 2 years old - no known causes. Paid privately to have her assessed and every test was done - heart, blood, urine, eye, gene, all hearing loss known genes, mri scan etc. Robert Road Analysis Essay! Everything came back negative. So my theory is that - 1 she could have taken someone orally that is essay & answers cape, toxic, 2 - The MMR job caused it as there has been cases where it is rogue and cause hearing loss, autism etc. 3 - a mutation of a unknown gene.

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