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Black hero essay contest

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Black hero essay contest

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biography headings Note : If you need to essay contest, download and incorporate this list into transitions english essay, your databases and systems, click here to obtain an essay contest, End Users' License Agreement. Marketing! If you can't find the hero essay contest code you're looking for please go back and review other Major Subjects to find an alternate code or use our Contact Form to english, suggest revisions to the next version of the black hero essay list. Literary Research Essay! Step 2: Determine the specific term which describes your book. Essay! An asterisk (*) denotes a heading that is new for english essay writings the 2016 Edition. Works of black hero contest, young adult nonfiction (ages 12-18; grades 7-12) should be assigned subjects in this section only. Language Students! Collections containing both young adult nonfiction and black hero essay young adult fiction may also be assigned subjects in marketing case the YOUNG ADULT FICTION section. Hero Essay! Drama and Literary Criticism Collections subheadings for internet dissertation young adult works are found in black hero essay contest this section. Works of essays students, nonfiction intended for children (ages 0-11; preschool-grade 6) should be assigned subjects from the black essay JUVENILE NONFICTION section. Critical works intended for adults should be assigned LITERARY CRITICISM / Children's Young Adult Literature and english any other subjects needed in the LITERARY CRITICISM section (and should not be assigned any subjects in the YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION section).

Critical works intended for hero contest young adults should be assigned YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Literary Criticism Collections. Use YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Media Tie-In when a new ISBN is created and this ISBN represents a work (or works) of transitions english essay, nonfiction based on essay contest, a movie or television show. It is studies questions recommended that when YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Media Tie-In is hero used, another subject be assigned as the essay primary subject. Hero Contest! YAN000000 YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / General. Marketing! YAN001000 YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Activity Books. Black Essay! YAN002000 YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Adventure Adventurers. YAN003000 YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Animals / General. Introduction! YAN003010 YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Animals / Animal Welfare. Black Hero! YAN003020 YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Animals / Birds.

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YAN057000 YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Travel. If your title does not have subject content, i.e. Black Hero Essay Contest! a blank book, please use the marketing Non-Classifiable term below. Otherwise, use the hero Subject/General term in the closest descriptive area. NON000000 NON-CLASSIFIABLE. Please note that the marketing studies with BISAC Subject Headings List is black hero essay contest governed by participation essay, the following copyright notice. Black Hero Essay Contest! © 2016, Book Industry Study Group, Inc.

All rights reserved. Research! No part of the black contest attached documents may be distributed or reproduced in writings any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the hero essay contest Book Industry Study Group, Inc.

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My american hero essay contest

Resume Samples – 1000+ Free Samples for Any Job. You only essay have one chance to studies with make a first impression. In the job seeking world, your first impression is black, not made by your clothes, your face, or your smile. It’s made by your resume. Employers only review resumes for a few seconds before they decide whether or not to keep reading, or to put your resume in a discard pile. That shows you how important your resume is – how the style, the format, the wording, the language, and more all have an effect on your ability to create a positive first impression, and to make sure you give yourself the best chance for the role. Wait… need help with your resume? Why not try out free app and introduction build a resume instantly. How to Create an Effective Resume.

There is a right way to create a resume and a wrong way to black essay contest create a resume. It helps to look at professional resume samples. In some cases, you may want a design that is more creative and unique. In other cases, you may want to essay stick to the standard resumes and templates that you can easily find all over the internet. But at least by viewing resume samples, you can get an black hero essay contest idea of what makes a quality resume, and how it should be presented in order to have the best possible impact on essay american the employer. Within this guide, we’ll discuss what you should be focusing on with your resume template, your resume content, and so much more. Let’s start with the basics. The average resume has several distinctive sections.

These include: Contact Information Objective Statement (More on This Later) Educational History Work History. Recently the objective statement has been replaced by something called a “Professional Summary” but we’ll get to that later on in this article. Although some resumes have the work history section before the education section, in black contest general, these sections are found on the vast majority of transitions english essay resumes in the job seeking world. The term “basic” may turn off some prospective applicants. But keep in black hero mind that, depending on marketing case studies with your work history, the basic resume sample may generally be all you can expected to create, especially if your work history doesn’t warrant an extensive, and creative resume sample. That said, even with a basic resume, you still need to make sure that your resume template is as professional as possible. The content of the resume also needs to include basic resume best practices, including:

All content on a resume needs to essay contest be written with the idea of quickly attracting attention, and research essay introduction then helping the reader (the person looking to hire you) picture you in the role. That is black hero contest, why industry specific action verbs are so important and useful. School? You can see a complete list of examples of these action verbs here for each industry. Numbers and Achievements (no Cliche) You also want hard facts about you and hero your work history.

You want to avoid basic, meaningless phrases that anyone can use, like “hard worker,” and instead do your best to cite numbers (“improved revenue by 150%”) or specific tasks and experiences (“Managed 32 SMB analytics campaigns”). These are what help you stand apart from competitors. Even if the hiring manager does decide to language school students read your resume further, they are on borrowed time. Black? You want to make sure that everything they read is impressive for the role as best it can be. Marketing Questions And Answers? For example, if you were applying to be a marketer, and essay contest you had three jobs beforehand – two in marketing, and one in transitions english essay writings fast food – the fast food job is highly unlikely to be as impressive as the other two marketing jobs.

In most cases (although not all), it can be left off of your resume completely. Even when a resume can be described as basic, a good resume needs to have all of essay these qualities if you expect someone to participation essay keep reading, and to like what they read enough to call you back. There are creative ways to make resumes, such as highly effective templates. Some people are also adding skills sections to the resume as a way of contest highlighting their best features, and others are using professional visual imagery in internet marketing dissertation a creative way to black essay make sure that their resume both stands out and shows them in the best possible light. But any sample resume – as well as your real resume – should at least have the participation, items above in order to black hero essay be effective. We touched on the idea of american revolution resume sample objectives earlier. But now it’s time to explore these in greater depth.

At the very top of your resume, right after the contact information, is the objective statement. Recently these have been replaced by professional summaries, but objectives are still a common, especially on the resumes of executives, as well as the resumes of new employees. An objective statement is just that – your objective with the company, and/or why you want the job. For many, the answer is simply “money.” But for obvious reasons, employers are looking for something a little deeper. They’re also using the objective statement as a way of determining your qualifications for hero contest, the job, which is why some degree of self-promotion is a good idea.

Before getting into the resume sample objectives that can help you get the marketing questions, job, let’s look at some “bad” or “basic” ones that are probably not going to help your career: “To find a position where I can apply my education to black contest help a company succeed” “To learn more about the technology industry to help further my career” “To work with a team in a professional workplace that will value my skills and talents” The problem with these resume objectives is marketing, that they do not do anything to help the employer learn more about you, and hero contest the objectives themselves are broad and cliche. Other examples of objective mistakes include having an objective that doesn’t line up with the company (ie, looking for a “relaxed environment” with an employer that is highly professional) or talking about objectives outside of the company (ie “to build my resume so that I can get into graduate school”). Wait… need help with your resume? Why not try out internet marketing, free app and build a resume instantly. Great resume objectives should have specifics that describe who you are, what you can do, and ideally have a clearly defined professional goal that is in line with what the company offers and can provide for you. Black Essay? Here are some objective samples that are highly effective at impressing hiring managers: “Former warehouse specialists with experience in logistics and supply chain management ready to promote new, efficient systems in existing distribution centers.” “Recent summa cum laude graduate in computer science looking for an opportunity to bring in new programmatic techniques into growing companies in the app development field.” “Hair dresser with 10 years of salon experience ready to marketing integrate some of the essay, most sought after styles and designs, and assist in developing the company brand with a strong social media presence.”

What these types of resume objective samples do differently is they integrate detailed, positive qualities about your candidacy, which is internet dissertation, important since the objective may be the black contest, first thing that hiring managers read. They also have a clearly defined objective that is specific to you and the company. This shows that you have real goals, and that you’ve done your research into essay what the black hero contest, company provides and is looking for. NOTE: About Professional Summaries. There is an alternative to the resume objective. It is known as a professional summary, and transitions english essay these days, more and more applicants have switched to black contest providing professional summaries in place of traditional resume objectives. Professional summaries are, in some ways, like an extended version of the resume objective. Except that they do not always talk about an objective.

They can talk about your skillset, or the projects you’ve worked, and so much more. Some resumes actually refer to marketing management case studies with and answers them as “Professional Highlights” or “Resume Highlights” because their purpose is to highlight the hero contest, primary reasons to hire you, all in one place. Here is a sample professional summary: “Senior hydraulic engineer capable of analyzing, planning, designing, and executing projects in in dam construction, channel flow, and levee development. Managed team of 13 civil engineers, and trusted on over $2,213,342,774 in project investments. Seeking growth opportunities in the Bay Area, with a focus on hydraulic machinery and innovation.” Remember, you don’t have to add an objective of any kind in a professional summary. But you can. The idea behind a professional summary is that, if the employer only has a few seconds to review your resume, it makes more sense for them to spend that time on american solid, work related information rather than on what you plan to do. But whether you choose to use a professional summary or you decide to hero essay stick with the well known objective statements, the overall idea behind them is clear: don’t make some boring, generic objective summary. Instead, create something that makes an impact.

Objective statements go at research essay introduction the top of the resume. Hero? But what about the rest of it? For that, you need to essays in tamil school understand the sample resume formats that most people use to create their resume. As you can see from the resume sample above, the black essay, ideal format has several qualities: You want your name to be memorable at the top of your resume.

You should expect the font to be a large size and easy to read. You also should have easily visible contact information, which should be at the right of your name or just below your name. All resumes should have bullet points, and those bullet points should be started by marketing case studies, action verbs, which are industry specific verbs that describe work you did (like “tabulated” if you’re an accountant). Avoid paragraphs, and avoid the use of “I” such as “I tabulated” as this is considered both unprofessional and a distraction. The sections, listed above, should also be clearly marked and defined. Black Hero Essay? This is for two reasons: first, it helps the employer find what they’re looking for quickly, and you always want to essay make sure that skimming is fast. Essay? Second, many companies are using databases now to store resumes, and those databases look for children's, those specific sections when determining how to store the information. The primary sections of any resume are the black essay, Education Section, the Work History Section, and possibly a Skills section. Children's Participation? Optional sections include Volunteer Experience, Technical Skills, and References, although always remember that every word of black essay your resume needs to be able to impress employers, so only put these sections if the information you have to share is english essay, strong.

Resume Samples For Freshers/Freshman. There’s no denying that those that have the hardest time creating a resume are those applying to their first or second job. Freshman in the US and hero essay contest abroad often have little to marketing no job experience, and that can make it hard to put together a resume. For those that have never worked before, or who do not have much information they can put on their resume, consider the following freshman resume sample: When you don’t have much of a resume, there are a few things you want to essay contest do. First, you want to strongly consider the objective statement.

Although professional summaries are often preferred by job seekers these days, professional summaries should also be free of cliche, and that’s difficult when you don’t have much of a professional history. Next, you may want to see what in your past sounds like work history, and write about that. Were you ever a babysitter? Did you ever help clean someone’s house? Do you have any volunteer experience? You can find a way to make that information fit the case studies with questions and answers, resume. Finally, consider a skills section, or highlight your education where you can to make it more in hero essay depth to the reader. Resumes for with, college students are similar to freshman resumes. It really has to do with your work experience. Black Hero Essay? However, for internet marketing dissertation, college students and black essay contest recent graduates, you may have the ability to highlight your education section and give yourself a smaller work history section. In these cases, you should consider highlighting specific classes, and literary actionable things you learned while in school.

If you had any research experience, highlight that too. GPA is not as important. Try to hero contest focus instead on what makes you different than others in your graduating class, and highlight yourself in a way that makes you look like someone that is ready to take on any job. There’s one section that we haven’t spoken about much here, but it is research introduction, becoming more important in resumes these days. It’s known as the “Skills” section. Originally, skills sections were only found on the rarely used Functional Resume. Functional Resumes are primarily used by those that did not work for an extended period of time, and don’t want to look like they have a huge gap on their resume. So instead, they create a giant skills and achievements section, and black essay then simply list previous jobs underneath. Hiring managers do not love to see functional resumes. Management? But the skills section still has some use.

By placing it right below the professional summary, the section gives you an opportunity to list off some of your relevant abilities before you get into a work history section. That also allows you to focus on your achievements in contest the work history section. Note: When you place a skills section in a traditional resume, it becomes what’s known as a Combination Resume. There are two different ways to create a skills section, and children's participation essay your resume template plays a role. Some people prefer to list every skill or ability off one per black hero essay, bullet, and then turn them into columns at the top of the resume. Others write sentences with action verbs. The following are two resume skills samples.

SAS SQL Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access SPSS Cognos Oracle ArcGIS R. Experienced with SAS, SQL, R, and ArcGIS. Research? Managed Databases in Microsoft Excel, Access, Cognos, and Oracle. Black Essay Contest? Bilingual (English and Spanish) with Conversational Knowledge of French. There is no right or wrong choice between these two different types of resume sample skills.

What matters more is the essay, content, what fits your experience better, and what type of resume template you choose. Review Resume Samples and hero Create the Perfect Resume. Here at children's participation essay Online Resume Builders, our resume samples and templates are designed by those with hiring experience specifically to help you get the job. Review the sample resumes to get a better idea of what your resume can look like, and sign up with Online Resume Builders to start creating your quality resume today. Everyone needs to hero eat. As more and more jobs become automated, food services will always have an important in-person role. There are those out there that need someone to care for them. Essay Revolution? From children to adults, there are often times when it is important to have someone with you to make sure that you’re healthy, safe, happy, and more. IT Director Resume Samples, Templates and Tips.

In tech-heavy companies, the IT director may be distinct from the CIO or CTO, but in black essay other institutions, the role can be functionally the same. IT directors make the calls as far as what technologies— hardware, software, and essay american revolution electronics— an organization needs for peak operation. Beyond the years of required experience with tech, a plus [] The world of administration is a vast one. Hero Essay? From entry level positions such as admin assistant and marketing management studies questions and answers bank clerk to high level careers in executive office management, customer service directors, and events management, Accountant and Auditor Job Info Positions such as Accountant and Auditor require a serious eye for detail as well as a brain that is hero, capable of case with questions crunching some even more serious numbers.

Perhaps that’s why the vast majority of black hero essay contest jobs require a degree of some kind. The main focus of any accounting job is to [] There is often nothing quite as rewarding as working with animals. From pets to livestock to animal preservation. For many, art is more than a hobby. It is also a job. While those that decide to pursue a career in art are often in it because they want an opportunity to turn their skills into money, From bank teller to investment banker, the world of banking is one that is prestigious, engaging, and literary introduction has tremendous growth potential. For the hands on hero contest individual or the detailed planner, working in in tamil students construction is one of the best ways to black hero contest make the most out of your skillset. Essays In Tamil School Students? Construction is a hands on hero essay job that requires an understanding of tools, measurement. Business Management Resume Templates, Samples and Tips.

It takes many different parts to get a machine to work. But few machines will work correctly and transitions efficiently without an black essay contest excellent motor. Analysis and ideas – that’s what keeps the economy going. The average business strategy analyst salary is as high as $90,000 or more, and while there are dozens of different jobs that go under the essay, “business strategy” label, Change starts with you. Working with charities and other non-profits can be immensely rewarding work, and allows you to take on a career that also does good in the world.

If you want a job in child care, you have to hero essay contest love children. But of course, childcare is also so much more than that. These jobs require you to be a teacher, a nurse, a coach, a bodyguard. Education, as an industry, is one of the children's participation essay, few that is both fulfilling and long lasting. There are many that spend their entire lives as teachers, shaping those young and old and black contest loving every minute of it.

“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.” Scott Adams Engineers are the magicians of the business world. There are many people out there that are passionate about research essay introduction, fashion. But being able to work in black the field – for many, that is a dream come true.

Every business, organization, and entity needs someone working in management case studies with financial services in some capacity. Money and capital are what help businesses operate. Fitness Resume Templates and Jobs. For many, a job in both sports and fitness is black hero essay, one that provides both a steady paycheck and the ability to make money doing something you enjoy – in some cases, something that makes you healthier as well. Healthcare is one of the only fields that provides a steady paycheck, ample growth opportunities, and case and answers the ability to make a difference in essay contest the lives of others. Many different jobs rely on customer service. But in the hospitality field, customer service is the nature of your work. The larger a company, the participation essay, more they need someone with expertise and black hero a passion in human resources. Working in human resources is its own unique experience. Insurance is a trillion dollar industry. Internet Marketing Dissertation? That is because those all over the country need protection for their home, health, car, life, and other assets.

Insurance jobs can also be highly lucrative careers, and as you move forward in the. Advertising / Marketing / Customer Service. For those that feel they have a higher calling, there is a career in law enforcement. Although dangerous, those that work for the public are given an opportunity to play a role in saving lives, protecting people and black hero assets, and making sure that other law enforcement and security officials can function properly. Warehouses are becoming more and more important in today’s economy. Online businesses need warehouses to manage their stock and handle the internet marketing, logistics of orders. They call it “maintenance” for a reason. Maintenance and essay contest repair jobs are what help every business, property, and individual operate.

Maintenance doesn’t always get the glory that it deserves. For many, working in the medical and healthcare field represents a higher calling. Not only marketing management studies with questions and answers does the healthcare field pay well – it does so with the prestige of knowing that you are making a. For many, retail is their very first job. Black Hero Essay Contest? For others, it is a career that they commit to.

Yet no matter what your reason is for breaking into the retail world, very few other types of jobs provide the same experiences. People imagine sales to be a very direct, pushy job that requires non-stop phone calls and pressuring people to literary research buy. Sometimes that is black hero, involved. For those that are good drivers that want to literary introduction make a career on the road, there are transportation jobs. Black Hero Contest? Every day, companies and organizations are looking for bus drivers, truck drivers, System Administrator Resume Samples,Templates and Tips. System Administrator Resume Samples,Templates and Tips If you’re able to read this resume description, you may have a system or network administrator to thank. Working on the ground level to make sure that Internet and e-mail systems are up and running, the sys admin is checking reports and monitoring if they aren’t out physically trying [] Information Technology Resume Samples, Tips And Template. One of the advantages of IT is also one of the challenges.

Great IT staff are in extremely high demand, often with careers that pay well at children's companies that will do whatever it takes to keep them from essay contest leaving for competitors. But this same advantage can also be a disadvantage, as these companies often receive [] IT is, in many ways, the future of all employment. Information technology has evolved to essay writings be so much more than coding. Businesses depend on black essay contest advertising, marketing, and branding.

Every business needs to be promoted in american some way if they are to be used by consumers and essay businesses.

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Acid Rain: The Southern Company Essay Sample. Hero Essay! Early in 1992, managers at the Southern Company were reexamining their strategy for complying with the acid rain provisions of the 1990 amendments to research the Clean Air Act. The Southern Company was a holding company; its operating units were electric utilities in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Black Essay! The largest Southern subsidiaries, Georgia Power and management and answers Alabama Power, provided most of the essay contest electricity in their respective states. American! Dozens of Southern Company executives had worked on compliance strategies since the Clean Air Act#8217;s passage in November 1990, but the time for analysis was just about over. Because of long lead times in hero contest, installing pollution-control equipment, the final decisions on compliance strategy would have to be made in 1992 in order to meet the Act#8217;s 1995 effective date.

The choices that the company faced at Georgia Power#8217;s Bowen coal-fired plant were representative of the dilemmas the Clean Air Act posed for the Southern Company as a whole. The Bowen plant sat on the banks of the Etowah River near Taylorsville, Georgia, northwest of the city of Atlanta. Completed in 1975, it was capable, when all four of its generators were running at capacity, of producing enough power to serve the residential, commercial, and industrial demands of 1 million people. Essays In Tamil Language Students! The Bowen plant was an unusually large, but otherwise fairly typical, coal-fired steam electric plant. Coal was burned in massive vessels. Black Hero Essay! Steam, traveling through pipes that ran through these vessels, was heated by the energy from the marketing studies burning coal. Adjacent turbines converted the black essay contest energy in the steam to mechanical energy, which was then converted to electrical energy in the plant#8217;s generators. Large coal-fired plants like Bowen had high fixed costs but relatively low variable costs and were designed to operate continuously. Utilities used them for baseload generation, supplementing the energy from the coal plants with power from oil- or gasfired plants to management case with questions meet peak demands.

Running the Bowen plant was an operation of vast scale. Hundreds of railroad cars, carrying coal from southeastern Kentucky, arrived at essay contest, the plant each day, contributing to a pile of inventory that weighed over 1 million tons. During 1990, Bowen#8217;s generators consumed 8.338 million tons of participation essay coal (952 tons of coal every hour) and generated 21,551 million kilowatt-hours of electricity. The value of this electricity varied substantially across markets, but in 1990 the Southern Company realized an black average of essay american revolution 5.6 cents per kilowatt-hour in revenues. Also during 1990, over 30 tons of sulfur dioxide left the stacks of the black essay contest Bowen plant each hour. This pollutant was an important precursor of acid deposition, or acid rain, which had been implicated in damage to language school students lakes, forest ecosystems, and manmade materials like metals and paints.

New legislation aimed at essay contest, controlling acid rain, passed by Congress and signed by President Bush in November 1990, would regulate these emissions starting in 1995. Most previous regulations for air pollution control had specified a particular quantity of pollution that a facility could emit. A firm faced fines or other sanctions if its emissions exceeded the permitted level, but it had no incentive to reduce its emissions below the level specified in the permit. Literary Research! The new acid rain law, by contrast, allowed firms to black choose their own emissions levels. They would be granted allowances to emit a certain amount of children's essay sulfur dioxide, based on the amount of electricity they had generated in the past. Starting in 1995 (in #8220;Phase One#8221; of the law), each of about 100 large coal-fired utility plants across the black hero essay contest country, including Bowen, would receive allowances to emit 2.5 pounds of sulfur dioxide per million British thermal units (MMBtu) of coal consumed.

In the year 2000 (#8220;Phase Two#8221;), all coal-fired utility plants, including those regulated in Phase One, would get allowances worth 1.2 pounds per MMBtu of coal. If they wished, utilities could reduce their emissions below the amount for participation which they had been given allowances and hero essay sell the essay extra allowances to other utilities. Alternatively, they could purchase additional allowances from other firms, which would permit them to release larger quantities of sulfur dioxide. Compared to other plants that would be regulated in Phase One, Bowen was fairly clean; many other utility plants, including some in the Southern Company system, were emitting sulfur dioxide in quantities up to two times higher than Phase One levels. Nevertheless, Bowen would have to reduce its emissions by essay contest 1995, or purchase allowances, in order to comply with the law.

Further reductions or increased purchases of allowances would be necessary beginning in transitions english writings, the year 2000. The Clean Air Act amendments specified the quantity of allowances Bowen would receive. The plant would receive allowances for 254,580 tons of sulfur dioxide in each of the five years beginning in essay contest, 1995. Transitions! Starting in the year 2000, it would receive allowances worth 122,198 tons per year. There were several options for complying with the black hero new law. First, the company could continue to operate Bowen as it had in essays school, the past, burning high-sulfur Kentucky coal without scrubbing the exhaust gases. If it did, its emissions would exceed the amounts for black hero contest which it would receive allowances. Each year beginning in 1995, Bowen would purchase allowances from other Southern Company plants or on the open market to make up the difference. Second, the company could install scrubbers at the Bowen plant that would remove sulfur dioxide from the exhaust gases of the generators. The scrubbers could be installed from 1992 to 1994 so they would be on transitions essay, line during Phase One; in that case, Bowen would generate excess allowances that could be sold to other utilities or to other Southern Company plants.

Alternatively, the company could delay the installation of the hero essay contest scrubbers until 1997 to 1999, in which case they would begin working in the year 2000; in that case, Bowen would generate excess allowances starting in 2000, but during 1995 through 1999 it would need to buy allowances from other plants. The company#8217;s last option was to switch the Bowen plant to low-sulfur coal from Kentucky or West Virginia. This strategy would bring Bowen#8217;s emissions below the amount of its Phase One permits. In Tamil School Students! In Phase Two, the Bowen plant would need to buy allowances. (Nothing prevented the hero essay contest Southern Company from switching fuels and also installing scrubbers, but this option made little sense economically. If a plant burned low-sulfur coal, the gases leaving its boilers would be sufficiently low in sulfur that scrubbers could not remove enough additional sulfur to pay for themselves.) Under any of the options, the Bowen plant would continue to american revolution generate electricity at its 1990 levels through the year 2016. In 2016, Bowen was likely to be retired as new, more efficient plants came on stream, and its salvage value would be negligible. Company planners expected the hero essay contest price of electricity to remain constant during the period Bowen was in operation. They also figured that operating costs exclusive of fuel and pollutioncontrol expenditures, which had averaged 0.00281 dollars per kilowatt-hour in recent years, would stay about the same until the plant was retired. Marketing! The prices the Southern Company could charge for essay contest its electricity in Georgia were determined by the Public Service Commission, a body of five officials elected statewide. The utility customarily applied for rate increases to recover the costs of new construction or to participation pass on increases in operating costs. Black Hero! The Southern Company#8217;s government relations personnel were uncertain whether the commission would approve rate increases to cover the total costs of compliance with the internet dissertation Clean Air Act.

The commission might force the company#8217;s shareholders to bear some of the costs of compliance rather than passing them on to its ratepayers. A second possibility was that the company might be allowed to recover its costs only if it could show that it had complied in black hero, the least-cost manner. Research! In either case, the company executives felt that they ought to search for the cost-minimizing method of complying with the Act. Numerous government agencies and private firms had developed predictions of the prices of allowances in Phase One and Phase Two. As a working estimate, company planners felt that the price of allowances would probably be $250 per ton of sulfur dioxide in 1995, the first year of Phase One, and that the price would rise at 10% per year through the black essay contest year 2010. Thereafter, the allowances were expected to stay at their 2010 price.

Allowances could be bought or sold on the open market, and a multiplant firm like the Southern Company could also move allowances from one of its plants to another in an internal transaction. From an economic standpoint, it was irrelevant whether allowances were traded within the firm or externally, since the value of an allowance—and hence the appropriate internal transfer price—would be determined in the external market. In Georgia, the Southern Company paid federal and state income taxes at a combined effective rate of participation essay 37.7%. The company customarily used an essay after-tax discount rate of 10% in evaluating investment opportunities. Option 1: Burn High-Sulfur Coal without Scrubbers; Purchase Allowances generators required coal with a total heat content of 202.3 million MMBtu; the heat content of the coal was 24.262 MMBtu per ton, so that Bowen needed 202,300,000/24.262 or 8.338 million tons of management with questions and answers that sort of coal per year. The coal currently burned at Bowen contained an average of 1.6% sulfur by weight. Burning 8.338 million tons of this coal without installing additional pollution-control equipment would generate 266,550 tons of hero sulfur dioxide emissions.

Option 2: Burn High-Sulfur Coal with Scrubbers; Sell Allowances. In order to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide at Bowen, the Southern Company could install wet-limestone flue gas desulfurization (FGD) equipment, commonly known as scrubbers. The gases from the generator already went through one pollution-control device called an electrostatic precipitator before release to the atmosphere; the precipitator eliminated most of the ash and particles from the gas. If scrubbers were installed, the gases, after leaving the precipitator, would enter another large chamber where they would be mixed with a slurry of water and in tamil limestone. The limestone would react with the black contest sulfur dioxide, forming a sludge that could be landfilled. The gases, with 90% of the management case studies questions and answers sulfur dioxide removed, would then be vented to the air. Scrubbers were enormous, as large as the black essay generators themselves; they were also expensive. To install them at Bowen in time to reduce emissions in literary research essay introduction, 1995 would require outlays of $143.85 million in black essay, 1992, $503.61 million in 1993, and $71.97 million in 1994. Once installed, the scrubbers would add 0.13 cents per kilowatt-hour to the operating costs of the Bowen plant, primarily for essays the purchase of limestone and contest the disposal of the sludge. They would also consume 2% of the total amount of electricity generated at the plant once they were turned on.

This would, in effect, reduce revenues by 2%. Management With! The capital costs of the scrubbers could be depreciated over 20 years beginning in the first year of black essay operation (i.e., beginning in 1995 if the scrubbers were installed to meet Phase One deadlines). Marketing Management With And Answers! In each of the black essay contest first 5 years of the depreciation schedule, 14% of the capital costs could be depreciated; for the next 15 years, the company could depreciate 2% of the capital costs. These capital costs would include the capitalized interest (at 10% per year) on the scrubbers during the period when the devices were being installed. The scrubbers were not expected to have an case studies with questions and answers appreciable salvage value. The Southern Company could also wait to begin installing the scrubbers until 1997, bringing them on line in time for the more stringent Phase Two requirements. This strategy would delay the capital outlays of installing the scrubbers by five years, but in Phase One Bowen would have to buy allowances or burn lower-sulfur coal. Option 3: Burn Low-Sulfur Coal.

Instead of installing the FGD equipment, the Southern Company could switch to lowsulfur coal from Kentucky or West Virginia. Black Hero Essay Contest! If Bowen chose to switch to this type of coal, it would wait until the beginning of 1996 to do so, since the utility#8217;s take-or-pay contract with its current supplier would expire at the end of 1995. Participation Essay! The low-sulfur coal contained 1% sulfur by hero essay weight. Language School Students! It cost less than the company was currently paying for the coal burned at Bowen, but its cost was greater than the expected 1996 cost of high-sulfur coal. Its use, without scrubbers, would generate extra allowances under Phase One of the Clean Air Act.

During Phase Two, Bowen would have to purchase some allowances. Most coal was purchased and transported under contracts lasting from 5 to 20 years; the Southern Company could write contracts with mining companies and the railroads that would move the coal to hero essay Georgia, for any length of time it chose. Low-sulfur coal with a heat content of 24.110 MMBtu per ton could be delivered to Bowen starting in internet marketing, 1996 for hero contest $30.37 per ton. Starting in 2000, however, its price was expected to marketing with questions rise to $34.92 per ton as the tighter controls in Phase Two drove up demand. It would take 8.391 million tons of this low-sulfur coal per year to black hero essay contest generate electricity at Bowen at historic levels, and this coal would generate 167,650 tons of sulfur dioxide per year if burned without scrubbers.

Switching to low-sulfur coal would require changes in the electrostatic precipitators used to control airborne particulate matter (fly ash) at american, Bowen, since the equipment currently in essay contest, place was designed to operate with high-sulfur coal. These investments would cost $22.1 million and would be depreciated like the investments in scrubbers. Essays School Students! Other Considerations. If the Southern Company installed scrubbers at contest, Bowen, it would have to make modest investments in marketing studies with questions and answers, working capital, primarily to maintain an inventory of limestone. If it switched to low-sulfur coal for Phase One, it would burn its two-month inventory of high-sulfur coal at the beginning of 1996, so that 1996 emissions would be somewhat higher than emissions in 1997 and subsequent years. The effects of such changes were small, however, and did not materially alter the company#8217;s appraisal of its options. Is this the black essay perfect essay for you? Save time and order Acid Rain: The Southern Company. essay editing for research only $13.9 per page.

Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Acid Rain: The Southern Company. -Background information Unpolluted rain is black essay normally slightly acidic, with a pH of 5.6. Carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere dissolves to form carbonic acid. Marketing Management With Questions And Answers! Acid rain is rain that has#8230; Acidified particulate matter in the atmosphere that is deposited by precipitation on to a surface, often eroding the surface away. This precipitation generally has a pH less than 5and some#8230; Acid Rain Experiment. Investigating the black effects of acid rain in the growth of cress seedlings IntroductionAcid rain is rain or any other form of precipitation, which is unusually acidic. It has harmful effects#8230; Southern Recreational Vehicle Company. 1)The indictments offered Southern Recreational Vehicle Company by community leaders in Ridgecrest Mississippi is positive. 1.The taxes are increasing in literary research introduction, Misouri, but the essay contest company will not be responsible for literary the#8230; Acid Rain Titration. My group research question for black contest emotional investigation is #8220;how different food affects your mood?#8221; In this investigation we are measuring people#8217;s emotion with consuming different foods.

We are measuring sadness#8230; The Advantages of Coal Fired Power Plant. We Students had an opportunity to learn about the american revolution functions, the misconceptions and the advantages of having a Coal-Fired Power Plant as the source of our daily need of electricity#8230;.

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essay on actors On Actors and Acting 1. PLAYERS are the black contest, abstracts and brief chronicles of the time; the motley representatives of human nature. They are the only honest hypocrites. Their life is a voluntary dream; a studied madness.

The height of their ambition is to be beside themselves. To-day kings, to-morrow beggars, it is only when they are themselves, that they are nothing. Made up of mimic laughter and tears, passing from the extremes of joy or woe at the prompter's call, they wear the livery of other men's fortunes; their very thoughts are not their own. They are, as it were, train-bearers in the pageant of life, and children's participation hold a glass up to hero, humanity, frailer than itself. We see ourselves at second-hand in them: they show us all that we are, all that we wish to be, and all that we dread to be.

The stage is an epitome, a bettered likeness of the world, with the american revolution, dull part left out: and, indeed, with this omission, it is nearly big enough to hold all the rest. What brings the resemblance nearer is, that, as they imitate us, we, in our turn, imitate them. How many fine gentlemen do we owe to black essay contest, the stage? How many romantic lovers are mere Romeos in masquerade? How many soft bosoms have heaved with Juliet's sighs? They teach us when to laugh and when to weep, when to love and internet when to hate, upon principle and with a good grace!

Wherever there is a play-house, the world will go on not amiss. The stage not only refines the manners, but it is the best teacher of morals, for it is the black essay contest, truest and most intelligible picture of life. It stamps the image of virtue on the mind by marketing case questions, first softening the rude materials of which it is composed, by a sense of pleasure. It regulates the passions by giving a loose to the imagination. It points out the selfish and depraved to our detestation; the amiable and generous to our admiration; and if it clothes the more seductive vices with the borrowed graces of wit and black contest fancy, even those graces operate as a diversion to the coarser poison of experience and bad example, and often prevent or carry off the infection by inoculating the mind with a certain taste and elegance. Children's Essay! To shew how little we agree with the common declamations against the immoral tendency of the black, stage on this score, we will hazard a conjecture, that the acting of the Beggar's Opera a certain number of research essay, nights every year since it was first brought out, has done more towards putting down the practice of essay contest, highway robbery, than all the gibbets that ever were erected. A person, after seeing this piece, is too deeply imbued with a sense of literary introduction, humanity, is in too good humour with himself and the rest of the hero essay contest, world, to set about internet marketing dissertation cutting throats or rifling pockets. Hero Contest! Whatever makes a jest of vice, leaves it too much a matter of indifference for any one in his senses to rush desperately on his ruin for its sake.

We suspect that just the contrary effect must be produced by the representation of George Barnwell, which is too much in the style of the Ordinary's sermon to meet with any better success. The mind, in management case questions such cases, instead of being deterred by essay, the alarming consequences held out to it, revolts against the denunciation of them as an research introduction, insult offered to its free-will, and, in a spirit of defiance, returns a practical answer to them, by contest, daring the worst that can happen. The most striking lesson ever read to levity and licentiousness, is in the last act of the Inconstant, where young Mirabel is preserved by the fidelity of literary research introduction, his mistress, Orinda, in the disguise of black hero, a page, from the essay, hands of assassins, into whose power he has been allured by the temptations of vice and beauty. There never was a rake who did not become in imagination a reformed man, during the representation of the last trying scenes of this admirable comedy. If the black hero contest, stage is literary essay introduction useful as a school of instruction, it is no less so as a source of amusement. It is the source of the greatest enjoyment at hero contest the time, and a never-failing fund of agreeable reflection afterwards. The merits of a new play, or of a new actor, are always among the first topics of english essay, polite conversation. One way in which public exhibitions contribute to refine and humanize mankind, is by supplying them with ideas and black essay contest subjects of conversation and interest in common. Children's Participation! The progress of civilization is in proportion to essay contest, the number of common-places current in society. For instance, if we meet with a stranger at an inn or in a stage-coach, who knows nothing but his own affairs, his shop, his customers, his farm, his pigs, his poultry, we can carry on no conversation with him on these local and personal matters: the only way is to let him have all the talk to transitions essay, himself. But if he has fortunately ever seen Mr.

Liston act, this is an immediate topic of hero, mutual conversation, and we agree together the rest of the evening in discussing the merits of children's participation essay, that inimitable actor, with the same satisfaction as in talking over the affairs of the most intimate friend. If the stage thus introduces us familiarly to our contemporaries, it also brings us acquainted with former times. It is an interesting revival of past ages, manners, opinions, dresses, persons, and black contest actions,-whether it carries us back to the wars of York and Lancaster, or half-way back to the heroic times of Greece and Rome, in some translation from the French, or quite back to the age of Charles II. in the scenes of Congreve and of Etherege, (the gay Sir George!) -- happy age, when kings and nobles led purely ornamental lives, when the utmost stretch of a morning's study went no farther than the american revolution, choice of a sword-knot, or the adjustment of hero, a side-curl; when the soul spoke out in all the pleasing eloquence of dress; and beaux and belles, enamoured of themselves in one another's follies, fluttered like gilded butterflies in giddy mazes through the walks of St. James's Park! A good company of comedians, a Theatre-Royal judiciously managed, is your true Herald's College; the only Antiquarian Society that is worth a rush. It is for this reason that there is such an air of romance about players, and that it is pleasanter to see them, even in their own persons, than any of the internet marketing, three learned professions. Black Hero Essay Contest! We feel more respect for John Kemble in a plain coat, than for the Lord Chancellor on the woolsack. Children's Participation Essay! He is surrounded, to our eyes, with a greater number of imposing recollections: he is a more reverend piece of hero essay, formality; a more complicated tissue of costume. We do not know whether to look upon this accomplished actor as Pierre or King John or Coriolanus or Cato or Leontes or the Stranger. Marketing Case With! But we see in him a stately hieroglyphic of humanity; a living monument of departed greatness; a sombre comment on the rise and fall of kings.

We look after him till he is out of sight, as we listen to a story of contest, one of Ossian's heroes, to a tale of other times! One of the most affecting things we know is to transitions english, see a favourite actor take leave of the stage. We were present not long ago when Mr. Bannister quitted it. We do not wonder that his feelings were overpowered on the occasion: ours were nearly so too. Essay! We remembered him in the first heyday of our youthful spirits, in the Prize in which he played so delightfully with that fine old croaker Suett, and Madame Storace, -- in the farce of My Grandmother, in the Son-in-Law, in Autolycus, and in Scrub, in in tamil school which our satisfaction was at its height.

At that time, King and Parsons, and Dodd, and Quick, and Edwin were in the full vigour of hero contest, their reputation, who are now all gone. We still feel the vivid delight with which we used to see their names in the play-bills as we went along to the theatre. Bannister was one of the last of these that remained; and we parted with him as we should with one of our oldest and best friends. The most pleasant feature in the profession of essay american, a player, and which, indeed; is peculiar to it, is that we not only admire the talents of those who adorn it, but we contract a personal intimacy with them. There is no class of society whom so many persons regard with affection as actors. We greet them on the stage; we like to meet them in the streets; they almost always recall to us pleasant associations; and we feel our gratitude excited, without the black hero, uneasiness of transitions essay, a sense of obligation.

The very gaiety and popularity, however, which surround the life of a favourite performer, make the retiring from it a very serious business. It glances a mortifying reflection on the shortness of human life, and the vanity of black essay contest, human pleasures. Something reminds us, that all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. It has been considered as the misfortune of first-rate talents for the stage, that they leave no record behind them except that of vague rumour, and that the genius of a great actor perishes with him, leaving the writings, world no copy. This is a misfortune, or at least an unpleasant circumstance, to actors; but it is, perhaps, an advantage to the stage. It leaves an opening to originality. The stage is always beginning anew; -- the candidates for black essay, theatrical reputation are always setting out afresh, unencumbered by the affectation of the faults or excellences of their predecessors. In this respect, we should imagine that the average quantity of dramatic talent remains more nearly the same than that in any other walk of art. In no other instance do the complaints of the management case with questions, degeneracy of the moderns seem so unfounded as in hero contest this; and Colley Cibber's account of the regular decline of the dissertation, stage, from the time of Shakespeare to that of essay contest, Charles II. and from the time of Charles II. to the beginning of in tamil school students, George II. appears quite ridiculous. The stage is a place where genius is sure to come upon its legs, in a generation or two at farthest.

In the black essay, other arts (as painting and poetry), it has been contended that what has been well done already, by giving rise to english, endless vapid imitations, is an obstacle to hero essay, what might be done well hereafter: that the models or chef d'oeuvres of art, where they are accumulated, choke up the path to excellence; and that the works of genius, where they can be rendered permanent and children's essay handed down from age to age, not only prevent, but render superfluous, future productions of the same kind. We have not, neither do we want, two Shakespeares, two Miltons, two Raphaels, any more than we require two suns in black hero contest the same sphere. Even Miss O'Neill stands a little in the way of our recollections of Mrs. Siddons. But Mr. Kean is an excellent substitute for the memory of Garrick, whom we never saw.

When an author dies, it is no matter, for his works remain. When a great actor dies, there is a void produced in society, a gap which requires to be filled up. Who does not go to see Kean? Who, if Garrick were alive, would go to see him? At least, one or the other must have quitted the stage.We have seen what a ferment has been excited among our living artists by the exhibition of the works of the old masters at the British Gallery. What would the actors say to it, if, by any spell or power of necromancy, all the celebrated actors, for the last hundred years, could be made to children's essay, appear again on hero essay contest, the boards of Covent Garden and essay introduction Drury Lane, for the last time, in all their most brilliant parts? What a rich treat to the town, what a feast for the critics, to go and see Betterton, and Booth, and Wilks, and Sandford, and Nokes, and Leigh, and Penkethman, and Bullock, and black hero essay contest Esteourt, and Dogget, and Mrs. Barry, and Mrs.

Montfort, and Mrs. Oldfield, and Mrs. Bracegirdle, and Mrs. Cibber, and Cibber himself, the prince of coxcombs, and Macklin, and Quin, and Rich, and Mrs. Clive, and transitions writings Mrs. Hero Essay Contest! Pritchard, and Mrs. Abington, and Weston, and Shuter, and Garrick, and all the rest of those, who gladdened life, and whose deaths eclipsed the gaiety of nations! We should certainly be there.

We should buy a ticket for internet, the season. We should enjoy our hundred days again. We should not miss a single night. We would not, for a great deal, be absent from Betterton's Hamlet or his Brutus, or from Booth's Cato, as it was first acted to the contending applause of Whigs and Tories. We should be in the first row when Mrs. Essay Contest! Barry (who was kept by Lord Rochester, and with whom Otway was in internet marketing love) played Monimia or Belvidera; and we suppose we should go to see Mrs. Bracegirdle (with whom all the world was in love) in all her parts.

We should then know exactly whether Penkethman's manner of picking a chicken, and Bullock's mode of hero contest, devouring asparagus, answered to the ingenious account of them in children's participation essay the Tatler; and contest whether Dogget was equal to Dowton -- Whether Mrs. Montfort2 or Mrs. Research! Abington was the black essay, finest lady -- Whether Wilks or Cibber was the best Sir Harry Wildair-Whether Macklin was really the Jew that Shakespeare drew, and whether Garrick was, upon the whole, so great an actor as the world have made him out! Many people have a strong desire to pry into research introduction, the secrets of futurity: for our own parts, we should be satisfied if we bad the power to recall the dead, and live the past over again, as often as we pleased! -- Players, after all, have little reason to essay, complain of their hard-earned, short-lived popularity. One thunder of applause from marketing, pit, boxes, and gallery, is equal to a whole immortality of posthumous fame: and when we hear an actor, whose modesty is equal to his merit, declare that he would like to see a dog wag his tail in approbation, what must he feel when he sets the whole house in a roar! Besides, Fame, as if their reputation had been entrusted to her alone, has been particularly careful of the renown of her theatrical favourites she forgets one by one, and year by year, those who have been great lawyers, great statesmen, and black essay great warriors in children's essay their day; but the name of Garrick still survives with the works of Reynolds and of Johnson. Actors have been accused, as a profession, of being extravagant and dissipated. Hero! While they are said to be so as a piece of research, common cant, they are likely to continue so.

But there is a sentence in Shakespeare which should be stuck as a label in the mouths of our beadles and whippers-in of black contest, morality. The web of essays students, our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together: our virtues would be proud if our faults whipped them not: and our vices would despair if they were not cherished by our virtues. With respect to essay, the extravagance of actors, as a traditional character, it is not to be wondered at. They live from hand to essays in tamil language school, mouth: they plunge from want into black essay, luxury; they have no means of making money breed, and internet marketing all professions that do not live by turning money into essay, money, or have not a certainty of accumulating it in the end by parsimony, spend it. Uncertain of the management studies, future, they make sure of the present moment. This is not unwise. Chilled with poverty, steeped in contempt, they sometimes pass into the sunshine of hero contest, fortune, and are lifted to the very pinnacle of public favour; yet even there cannot calculate on the continuance of success; but are, like the children's, giddy sailor on the mast, ready with every blast to topple down into the fatal bowels of the deep! Besides, if the young enthusiast, who is smitten with the stage, and with the public as a mistress, were naturally a close hunks, he would become or remain a city clerk, instead of black hero, turning player. Again, with respect to the habit of convivial indulgence, an actor, to be a good one, must have a great spirit of enjoyment in himself, strong impulses, strong passions, and a strong sense of pleasure: for it is his business to imitate the passions, and to communicate pleasure to others. Marketing! A man of genius is not a machine.

The neglected actor may be excused if he drinks oblivion of his disappointments; the successful one if he quaffs the applause of the world, and enjoys the essay contest, friendship of those who are the friends of the favourites of fortune, in draughts of nectar. There is no path so steep as that of fame: no labour so hard as the pursuit of excellence. The intellectual excitement, inseparable from those professions which call forth all our sensibility to pleasure and pain, requires some corresponding physical excitement to marketing, support our failure, and not a little to allay the ferment of the spirits attendant on success. If there is any tendency to dissipation beyond this in black hero essay the profession of a player, it is owing to studies with, the prejudices entertained against them, to that spirit of bigotry which in a neighbouring country would deny actors Christian burial after their death, and to that cant of criticism, which, in our own, slurs over their characters, while living, with a half-witted jest. A London engagement is generally considered by black essay, actors as the ne plus ultra of their ambition, as a consummation devoutly to be wished; as the marketing management case questions and answers, great prize in the lottery of their professional life. But this appears to us, who are not in the secret, to be rather the prose termination of their adventurous career: it is the provincial commencement that is the poetical and truly enviable part of it.

After that, they have comparatively little to hope or fear. The wine of life is drunk, and but the lees remain. In London, they become gentle men, and contest the King's servants: but it is the romantic mixture of the hero and the vagabond that constitutes the essence of the player's life. English Essay! It is the transition from their real to their assumed characters, from the contempt of the hero contest, world to the applause of the multitude, that gives its zest to the latter, and raises them as much above common humanity at night, as in the day-time they are depressed below it. Hurried from fierce extremes, by contrast made more fierce, -- it is rags and a flock-bed which give their splendour to a plume of feathers and a throne. Essay Revolution! We should suppose, that if the most admired actor on the London stage were brought to confession on this point, he would acknowledge that all the applause he had received from essay contest, brilliant and overflowing audiences, was nothing to the light-headed intoxication of unlooked-for success in a barn. In town, actors are criticised: in country-places, they are wondered at, or hooted at: it is of little consequence which, so that the interval is not too long between. For ourselves, we own that the description of the strolling player in Gil Blas , soaking his dry crusts in the well by the road-side, presents to us a perfect picture of human felicity.

1 Hazlitt's On Actors and Acting was first published in the The Examiner , January 5, 1817 and was one of the essays picked to go into his first book, The Round Table (1815-17). 2 The following lively description of this actress is given by Cibber in his Apology: What found most employment for her whole various excellence at once, was the part of Melantha, in essay writings Marriage-a-laMode. Melantha is as finished an impertinent as ever fluttered in a drawing-room, and seems to contain the most complete system of female foppery that could possibly be crowded into the tortured form of a fine lady. Her language, dress, motion, manners, soul, and body, are in a continual hurry to be something more than is necessary or commendable. Black Hero Essay Contest! And, though I doubt it will be a vain labour to offer you a just likeness of Mrs. Marketing! Montfort's action, yet the fantastic impression is still so strong in my memory, that I cannot help saying something, though fantastically, about it. Black Hero Essay Contest! The first ridiculous airs that break from her are upon a gallant never seen before, who delivers her a letter from her father, recommending him to her good graces, as an essay writings, honourable lover.

Here now, one would think she might naturally show a little of the sex's decent reserve, though never so slightly covered! No, sir; not a tittle of it; modesty is the virtue of black essay contest, a poor-soul'd country gentlewoman: she is essays language students too much a court-lady to be under so vulgar a confusion: she reads the letter, therefore, with a careless, dropping lip, and an erected brow, humming it hastily over, as if she were impatient to hero essay, outgo her father's commands, by essays language school, making a complete conquest of him at once: and that the letter might riot embarrass her attack, crack! she crumbles it at once into her palm, and pours upon him her whole artillery of airs, eyes, and motion; down goes her dainty, diving body to the ground, as if she were sinking under the conscious load of hero, her own attractions; then launches into a flood of fine language and compliment, still playing her chest forward in fifty falls and risings, like a swan upon transitions essay writings, waving water; and, to complete her impertinence, she is so rapidly fond of her own wit, that she will not give her lover leave to praise it. Silent assenting bows, and vain endeavours to speak, are all the share of the conversation he is admitted to, which at black hero essay last he is relieved from, by her engagement to half a score visits, which she swims from him to make, with a promise to return in a twinkling. -- The Life of Colley Cibber , p. 138.