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Proofreading term papers - YouTube

Proofreading papers

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Proofreading term papers - YouTube

Asian Americans Are High Achievers Because They Work Harder. Asian Americans are academic high-achievers. Though they make up just 5 percent of the U.S. Proofreading. population, Asian Americans represent 12 to 18 percent of the student body at Ivy League universities. Compared to white students they have higher grades and persuasive essay longer lunch standardized test scores, and are more likely to finish high school and attend college. Proofreading. Many theories exist as to creative writing baltimore, why this is, but none has been widely accepted. Now, researchers, having analyzed longitudinal datasets, believe the recipe for Asian Americans#8217; educational advantage is papers, simple: They exert greater academic effort than their white peers. Researchers began with data from two national, longitudinal surveys that followed students from kindergarten through high school.

In total over 4,000 white students and nearly 1,000 Asian American students were included. Creative Baltimore. The data included GPA, standardized test scores, teacher reports, socio-demographic information and immigration status. Using the data, they tested three popular theories to explain Asian Americans#8217; superior academic performance: socio-demographic characteristics, innate cognitive ability, and work ethic. They found that both socio-demographic characteristics and cognitive ability didn’t significantly contribute to the achievement gap. When students started kindergarten, for example, there was no discernible difference in the cognitive abilities of Asian Americans and white Americans. However, over time, the achievement gap grew. But why?

Researchers believe the gap grew due to papers, differences in tenacity. Asian American students, according to survey responses, tended to believe intelligence is tamu application essays, something that could be developed, whereas white students viewed cognitive abilities as inborn qualities. Papers. Asian American students also said their parents exerted more pressure on them to writing groups baltimore, succeed than white Americans did. Researchers said Asian Americans’ cultural orientation and immigrant status are key drivers to proofreading papers, a high-effort mentality. Asian Americans, they said, view education as a primary means for to write upward mobility. Researchers published their findings Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

But this high academic effort may come at a cost. Asian American students reported that they felt worse about proofreading, themselves and steps to write an extended spent less time with friends than their white peers. However, researchers conceded they didn’t know what exactly caused Asians to harbor a less positive self-image and spend less time with friends. There#8217;s nothing new here. Proofreading Papers. Scientific American looked at periods, this nearly forty years ago and reached the papers, same conclusion. We need to replicate studies, because one study or a few studies might not be enough to reach a solid conclusion. That being said, I#8217;m a teacher, and the top university in steps to write essay, my country teaches that difference in achievement in different races is mainly due to genetic differences#8230; So the #8220;news#8221; didn#8217;t reach everyone, and many still try to promote ancient, refuted and harmful ideas about the proofreading papers, nature / nurture question. As I understand it, IQ before the age of to write essay, 14 is relatively fluid, so kindergarten IQ wouldn#8217;t be a reliable measure of very much.

As if a study would prove one racial group has superior brain function. It#8217;s culture. The emphasis put on hard work and study. Proofreading Papers. As opposed to video games and sneakers. Big surprise.

So I wonder why African Americans were not included in the study. #8220;Compared to white students#8221;#8230; OMG, that#8217;s so racist! Everybody always picks on Whites! I#8217;m so tired of being discriminated against. I think I see a lawsuit coming on#8230;.. Oh please SHUT UP. Its the truth. You cannot sue someone for telling the truth of what they found in a study. DERRR.

And it is creative baltimore, true by proofreading the way, Asians are academically high achievers#8230;(I am white by the way and cannot be offended by the truth! Americans can be academically very LAZY) DERRR. It#8217;s called sarcasm, Cowan. I was ribbing our non-pasty-white brethren for being so self-conscious and defensive about every little thing said about their race, color, religion, dress code or nose hairs. And I agree that offending red-necks is not an easy task.

Oh good- I got you:) You#8217;re going to see a lot more of economic 2008, that as the world become more inter racial and moves away from the ancient idea of white superiority(especially in america and Europe where whites are concentrated). Whites have been looking down on papers, other races for ages now. Parents who #8220;don#8217;t want to push their kids#8221; are just saying with different words that they don#8217;t want to essay, lead. Bunch of selfish cop outs running away from responsibility. Drives me nuts what#8217;s happened to the American white race. We were just like the Asians till we all got comfortable and lazy. Papers. There#8217;s no excuse for the current situation. None at all.

Achivement should evalute how much an indivisual is able to live full balanced well life while enjoying the longer, process of self development. Proofreading Papers. Many actually are erasing big part of their life aiming to live life when their body become too old. Achievements that produce merly hardworking unbalanced society on baltimore, the cost of having joy and satisfaction in life is deemed to create conflicts and collapse. I think that achievements should be redifined to create a sustainable world. Proofreading Papers. I guess the title, #8221; Blacks don#8217;t work as hard as Asian#8221; wasn#8217;t politically correct enough? Didn#8217;t Jimmy the Greek get fired for saying that blacks were naturally born athletes? Why doesn#8217;t this study get hammered as racially insensitive? Because blacks are sensitive to to write, the issue of race.

They are very vigalent of anything that can be seen asracist. That#8217;s why blacks can make jokes about whites all they want and crack it up, but as soon as a white drops a black joke the proofreading, bullets come flying. This is very true! As a public school teacher it was obvious . In class the an extended, Asian kids were most attentive in class; ignored other kids#8217; bad behavior peer pressure, always did their homework, were rewarded by proofreading parents for good grades. Some American other immigrant kids would say they were just smarter. I told them that they worked harder valued education more that that#8217;s the essay, way kids used to be raised. Black families in my neighborhood raised their kids like that when I was growing up. Most went to college. Proofreading. I think what#8217;s the study shows is about reaping from what you sow. For us poorer country education is the only treasure that our parents can give. And as well the only way to better opportunity.

That#8217;s why we study hard. I#8217;m Asian. Essay. Not one article I have read today concerning the achievement gap has placed the blame on proofreading, parental makeup of the homes. Another article stated that African Americans had the worst scores (30 points behind whites on math alone), followed by Hispanics with better cores but less than whites, followed by application essays whites and proofreading papers the highest scores going to Asians. Anti Torture. Take the divorce/ single parent rate and it follows the exact same trend! Two parent homes = more attention allowed per child to read with them and papers go over homework. As long as affirmative action stays off the persuasive essay periods, books, the more likely Asians will start taking over all of the universities in papers, this country by the end of torture essay, this century. #8220;They found that both socio-demographic characteristics and cognitive. ability didn’t significantly contribute to proofreading, the achievement gap.#8221; Actually, looking at the subgroup data provided by PNAS, only East Asians had a cognitive advantage. The data showed a cognitive advantage of approximately 1/3, which is steps to write, quite significant.

The rest of the Asians ( Southeast, Filipinos, and South) had no cognitive advantage. Sign up to get the latest science news delivered weekly right to your inbox!

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movie extras resume An EXTRA is anyone who fills out the background scene of a movie, television show or commercial shot. It could be a concert crowd, the proofreading papers non-specific apes in Planet of the tamu application Apes, or people on the street passing by papers the main actors or action. As an EXTRA, it is your job to make the scenes being filmed, look natural and baltimore, as lifelike as possible. Extras are sometimes called Background, Atmosphere or Non-Principal performers. You could also be a specific character like a doctor or lawyer, or a face in the crowd at a baseball game, rock concert, or rally. It is your job to papers, be present and service the ?picture?, without getting in the way of the ?stars?. That is the general rule, unless you are ?Directed? to do something special by the Director of the film. This usually means you would be given some dialogue. If given dialogue, you will make more money and be allowed to join the Screen Actor Guild, (S.A.G.) the largest actors Union . We?ll talk about that later on.

Some extras make ?extra work? a profession, and work steadily, going from project to project. This is a way to torture, have an proofreading, exciting, flexible career in the entertainment industry. Some people do ?extra work? because it?s an interesting way to earn cash while going to school or pursuing other interests. Some people become EXTRAS, to earn the right to join SAG. For most EXTRA work is another way to lunch periods, pay the bills, while you are taking classes and learning to be a good actor, singer or dancer. It is definitely possible that EXTRA work can lead to other work as an actor.

As a working EXTRA you will be exposed to a whole new and exciting world. It is also a great place to start if you have other showbiz ambitions, and no experience. You can get an overview of the entire industry and see if a career here is for you. As an extra you are on a ?live? set and can check out all the proofreading papers different specialty jobs it takes to make a film, everything from camera operators to electricians, wardrobe, makeup, location scouting, producing, on and on. As an extra, you can more closely explore these possibilities.

Being on the set also gives you an chance to longer periods, make valuable connections with people already working in the film or tv industry. Proofreading? These experiences can help you find the best fit, and allow you to be an integral part of the anti entertainment industry. As an EXTRA every day will come with a totally different schedule and routine. Flexibility is key. Proofreading Papers? Today you may have a ? call time? of 6 am ; the cardinal newman essay development of christian time that you are required to proofreading papers, be ? On Set? for application essays filming. Proofreading? To make your call time, you will have to essay, wake up between 4:00 am and 4:30 am in order to proofreading, be ready. If you are late, you could be sent home without pay and not be allowed to work again for this company. Promptness is ABSOLUTELY essential in getting consistent work as an EXTRA.

Once you arrive on set, you will report to the 2 nd AD (second assistant director), and essay, get your payment voucher. The 2 nd AD works under, and answers to the 1 st AD. The 1 st ADs job is to help the Director in every way, and proofreading papers, hardly ever leaves his side. The 2 nd AD is in charge of the EXTRAS and lunch periods, everything that involves them. Practically all of your instructions, interactions and paperwork will come through the 2 nd AD or his Production Assistants. Proofreading? They are known as the P.As. The payment voucher you will receive is a time card that has your name on it. This is what you need to guarantee you will get paid for your work. The voucher will be filled out by you, but won?t be signed by the A.D. Essay Economic? until the end of the day. This helps insure you are in the right place at the right time, always exactly where you?re supposed to be. Once you have your voucher, you will report to the wardrobe department.

Here your wardrobe will be looked at and hopefully approved. Papers? This is usually an outfit or two that you were required to bring. On occasion, you might receive a costume from the Production Company to wear for the shoot. In between paper work and wardrobe and sometimes hair/make-up you can often expect to enjoy a free breakfast provided by craft services (catering). Hopefully, about an hour after the creative writing call time, filming is set to begin. Papers? The EXTRAS are called to the set and cardinal newman essay doctrine, instructed on proofreading what to do for the current scene. These things can range from tamu essays, sitting or standing in proofreading papers a specific location, to newman on the development doctrine, walking behind or near the stars. If you are lucky you may get to interact with the stars of the film. Papers? Every EXTRA has a purpose and while some are more ?seen? than others, all are important. Your instructions will almost always come from the 2 nd AD. It is essay rare for the Director or 1 st AD to instruct the EXTRAS personally.

Although it does happen, don?t expect to interact with them very much. Once all the directions have been give out to cast and proofreading papers, crew, there will be a couple of practice run throughs of the scene. Anti Essay? This is called Rehearsal, whether it is for proofreading papers the actors, extras or cameras. Throughout this process, the Director checks that the actors have the right emotional intent, know their lines, and have their correct movements down, called Blocking. The Director of application essays Photography, (called the DP), makes sure the lighting is right for the scene, and the cameras are set correctly. The Gaffer (electrician) makes sure that all the electrical gadgets are working, while the hair and make-up people attend to the ?look? of the stars. Proofreading? The wardrobe and prop people are extremely busy, making sure the Actors and tamu application essays, EXTRAS are perfect and have everything the scene requires. When the Director is satisfied, the cameras will start rolling and actual filming will begin. One scene can take as long as three to four hours to complete, depending on how many angles the director wants to film from, and how all the aspects come together. Some film directors may take days with only one scene in order to get exactly what they want.

It is a very long process, and as an EXTRA, patience is a must. Proofreading Papers? This is because everything is repeated over and over essay again, until the Director decides it?s time to move on. Not every EXTRA on the set will be used in all the scenes. Those not being used in the current scene must hang out in proofreading papers the ?Holding Area.? This is the newman of christian doctrine area away from the set, where the EXTRAS can read, play cards or try to proofreading papers, line up work for the next day. It is your free time to do what ever you want until being needed in a scene. It is certainly a great time to ?Network? with the other Extras. Get friendly with other folks who do what you do, find out creative groups who hires them, and how they go about getting consistent work.

This is a wonderful opportunity to build a support system with other Extras. Other extras are also a great source to provide insider information on where to get the best deals on papers photos, coaches, and what other projects are coming up in economic crisis town. Papers? Film and TV jobs usually last for creative writing baltimore a short amount of papers time. Everyone on the present Production will move on cardinal newman development of christian doctrine to other jobs when the project is completed. Papers? It is important to cardinal development, build friendships with as many of these people as you can. We cannot stress enough that Networking is an important thing to master in the entertainment industry. However, when you first start out you probably won?t know very many people in the industry, don?t worry. Proofreading Papers? Build relationships with as many working industry people as you go along. Learn people?s names, exchange phone numbers and keep in contact. Talk to steps to write essay, everyone and everybody.

You never really know just who knows whom, and what will lead where. If you are in papers ?Holding? always be prepared to keep occupied, because boredom can lead to writing, trouble. Proofreading? It is an extended essay also important to understand that you are there to do a job, even if that means hanging out for hours and hours and hours. On the set, remember you are not there to talk to stars, get their autographs or take pictures with them. In some cases EXTRAS are asked not to approach or talk to the stars on the set. Stars are people too, and please understand that they are under a lot of papers stress trying to tamu application, memorize lines and get their scenes just right. Don?t take it personally if they ignore you. They too are there to proofreading, do a job, so just be honored that you get to work along with them, and are part of this exciting process. Lunch is usually called within six hours of the Call time, because of Union rules. Lunch will last for about an hour and is typically provided by the Production Company. Sometimes you will be asked to provide your own lunch or told to cardinal on the development doctrine, go off lot and buy your own lunch on smaller projects.

After lunch, if you are still needed on set, you may spend the rest of the day doing the same thing as before. This will last until the director calls a ?Wrap? (end of proofreading filming), or you are no longer needed in steps to write an extended essay the scene. There are no normal days in proofreading papers Show Biz, so your day could last anywhere from 2 to 12 hours. Economic Crisis? The longer days with overtime, brings more money and free meals, whereas the shorter days mean good money for less work. In either case, when your day is proofreading done you will return any wardrobe and application, prop items that were borrowed.

Then it is time to proofreading, have the 2 nd AD sign you out. He or she will verify that all the information on longer lunch periods the voucher is correct and then you sign your Time out. Once signed, you will be given a copy and are free to go home and prepare for the next day. Hopefully, there are more days in the nightclub or courtroom and proofreading, you will be back for more work on groups baltimore the film. THE GREAT THING is that there is no special training or experience required for you to become an EXTRA. What you need is the right ?look? and wardrobe for proofreading papers the current projects available.

Also, the more skills you have, the more projects you may qualify for. Essay? For example, if you are trained in ? Ballroom Dancing ? then you will qualify to papers, be an EXTRA in persuasive essay longer a project that has a ?Formal Dancing? scene. Sports, martial arts, and military training are a few great things to proofreading papers, have on your resume, and anti essay, will increase your work potential. Even if you don?t get hired for papers these skills, once on set you might be asked about periods different abilities. Sometimes directors make last minute changes, and if you have the skill that will make their ideas come to life, all the better. Just remember, always be honest about your skills, and do not say you can do something that you cannot.

That is a huge waste of proofreading everyone?s valuable time and money. When they want you they need a phone number on your picture and resume. To Write An Extended Essay? When they call you, they want to proofreading papers, be able to leave a message, and hear back from you within one hour. That is professional and cardinal newman on the doctrine, that is papers what are expected. You must be reachable. Application? A pager is good on set because you can still feel it on Vibrating mode if you?re working and you get a call during filming. Public phone booths are harder to come by these days, so we recommend a cell phone as well. In the beginning you may not need a head shot to get some work. Proofreading? If the person needed is someone that is going to be in a Star Wars outfit or in a crowd scene you will probably be able to get work with out the expense of having pictures taken. Also be aware that there are a lot of cons out persuasive essay periods there. Check with someone in the industry for a good recommendation.

If you are really serious though about acting, you will need a photo that looks just like you do, on proofreading a great day. To Write Essay? These 8 by 10 calling cards are called Headshots. Proofreading Papers? Postcard size photos with your phone number on it are also very popular in addition, as reminders to Casting Directors. You are the product you are selling, and the only way for people to know you is through your picture. It?s best to go to a professional photographer for an actor?s headshot, usually taken in Black and White film. Color is sometimes seen around town, but definitely not necessary and application essays, quite costly. You will then take the photo you like the proofreading best and duplicate it at a quantity reproduction house. Now that you have the required headshot it?s time to make a resume for yourself.

This will be attached to the back of your 8 by 10. This will include your name, all current contact numbers, hair color, eye color, height, weight, age range (no more then 8 years, like Age range 22-30 years old), and application essays, any acting experience you may have. If you are chunky that?s fine, just be truthful. There is proofreading papers work for overweight folks too. Be honest. Education and any acting training are important to list, although not necessary. Special skills like skiing, football, tap dancing etc, are to be listed here as well. Staple securely your resume to the back of your 8 by 10. You can also get your resume printed directly on the back of your headshot.

The most important thing to have as an EXTRA is an extensive wardrobe. Steps An Extended Essay? The more outfits you own or can borrow, the more projects you will eligible for. As an EXTRA you will almost always be required to bring your own wardrobe. This saves the proofreading production companies lots of money and helps the essay longer lunch casting directors decide which EXTRAS they will hire. The best things for you to proofreading, own are a tux or formal gown, three to four types of business suits, and several styles of newman essay casual wear. It is smart to have both typical and unusual colors. It?s great if you to have several outfits from different time periods like the 60?s, 70?s and 80?s. Hospital clothes, like a nurse or doctor uniform is good as well.

Alternative or unusual outfits are useful on those off the proofreading papers wall projects that come up from time to time. The more extensive and varied your wardrobe, the more you will work you will be ready for. It is not necessary to have any type of equipment to be an EXTRA. Lunch Periods? But like the wardrobe, the more things you have the more you will work. It is a good idea to proofreading papers, have a usable bike, roller-blades, and other sports equipment you know how to use. These can help you get work on projects that have major outdoor scenes in parks, beaches or schools. Another way to increase your job potential is to have a unique or odd colored car.

Sometimes production companies don?t want you as the EXTRA; they just want your car. If you?re lucky they?ll use both and you will make even more money. There are two types of anti torture EXTRAS in the industry, Union EXTRAS and Non-Union EXTRAS. Both have their own pay-rates based on papers the same work (see the next section for application more information on unions). Just starting out you will be a Non-Union EXTRA. Union EXTRAS are members of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Pay-rates are based on several factors. Proofreading? These include a base rate for torture the first eight hours of work, overtime pay for proofreading papers work between eight and twelve hours, double time pay for anything over 12 hours of work, meal penalties, bonuses called ?Bumps? for wardrobe changes, working around smoke, and mileage driven to special locations.

The following is steps an extended essay a more detailed description of papers each: Base Rates-Overtime-Double Time. The base rate is the amount of cardinal newman essay on the development doctrine money that an EXTRA will make for papers any work done during the first eight hours of being on set. It is also the figure that is used to determine overtime and double time rates. The base rate for Non-Union EXTRAS is $54.00 and the rate for persuasive essay periods Union Extras is $110.

To get overtime and double time rates, you will divide the base rate by 8. Papers? This number is then times by 1.5 to get the hourly rate of pay for overtime hours and by 2 to get the hourly rate of pay for double time hours. Essay Crisis? Therefore the papers rates for Non-union EXTRAS are $10.13 per hour for overtime (hours 9, 10, 11, 12 worked) and essay longer, $13.50 per hour for proofreading double time (all hours after 12 th hour worked). Rates for Union EXTRAS are $20.63 for overtime and $27.50 for double time. Meal penalties are bonus payments added to your check when Extras are not given their mandatory meal breaks in accordance of steps to write an extended essay state and Union laws. They rule is extras must be given a meal break every six hours or the proofreading production company has to pay you bonus money for every 30 minutes they make you wait. The rates per meal penalty for Non-Union EXTRAS vary by production, and have no set rate. They are usually around $2.50 each. Persuasive Lunch Periods? The rates for Union EXTRAS are $7.50 for the 1 st , $10 for the 2 nd and $12.50 for all others.

Every time you change your wardrobe in the same day, OR are required to work around fire or smoke, OR are made to drive to a special location, you will be paid extra money called bumps. The rates are as follows: As a Non-Union EXTRA you will not always be eligible for ?Bumps.? This is something that your 2 nd AD will inform you at the appropriate time. If in the Union , the bumps will be added to your base pay.

This will make your overtime and double time pay higher. Proofreading Papers? Also lunch and dinner breaks are always non-paid. Therefore these times will be deducted from the total time you are on set in order to determine when overtime and double time hours begin. For the persuasive essay longer lunch periods most money, the proofreading papers two best days to do Extra work will be the really long days, OR the quick short ones. On the long days you have more chances to earn overtime pay and ?Bumps? making you check bigger. On the to write an extended really short days you will get paid the full base rate for proofreading papers only 1 or 2 hours of crisis 2008 work. Then you are free to play the rest of your day, having made a full days pay! The main Union for EXTRAS is the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). This is the Union that almost every working actor in America belongs to. As you have seen, being in the Union means that you will make more money than Non-Union EXTRAS.

But getting in is the tricky part - there are only proofreading papers two ways currently to do it. The first is to get a Taft-Hartly opportunity. It is when you are cast in a speaking role in any Union project, and are not currently SAG. If the Production Company casts a non-union person into a speaking role, automatically they are allowed to join SAG. This can happen to you as an torture essay, EXTRA as well.

Say you show up to proofreading papers, the set to work as a Non-Union EXTRA and the director sees you and thinks you would be perfect to say a line to make the scene better. In order to do this you must be in the SAG. Lunch? Since you are not, they will Taft-Hartly you. This will cost the Production Company a union fine, so it doesn?t happen everyday, but it does happen. The second way to become a member is to earn three union vouchers, while working as a non-union EXTRA. Every union project requires a certain number of union EXTRAS be present on proofreading papers the set. Persuasive Essay Longer Lunch? For TV shows this is 15 and for movies it is 45.

When not enough union EXTRAS are on proofreading a set, for whatever reason, the Production Company must now pay a non-union EXTRA; the union pay for each one not present. Anti Torture Essay? Each time you get paid as a union EXTRA you will receive a union voucher. Proofreading? If you earn three of these vouchers, you are eligible to anti essay, join the union. To become a member of SAG at this time you must pay the initiation dues of $1,310.00 plus dues. You can learn more about the Screen Actors Guild by going directly to their web site at

Register with your local Extra Casting companies. Call them up; find out their hiring policies and proofreading papers, when they see new people. Crisis 2008? Almost every major U.S. city has at papers least one casting agency that handles movies being filmed nearby. Contact your local Film Commission office (AFCI) or Entertainment Bureau for the names of Production Companies in your area. Here in our booklet, we will go into greater detail for the Los Angeles , New York and steps an extended, San Francisco areas. Bay Area Agencies: BOOM! 2325 Third St., Ste. 223, San Francisco 94107 (415) 626-6591.

MARLA DELL TALENT. 2124 Union Street, San Francisco 94123 (415) 563-9213. 340 Brannan, #302, San Francisco 94107 (415) 777-9099. San Francisco 94108 (415) 781-2841. 323 Geary St., Suite 302.

San Francisco, CA 94102. Ph. 415.395.9475 x222 Fax 415.395.9301 San Francisco 94103 (415) 543-3797. 23 Grant Avenue, 4th Floor. San Francisco, CA 94108 (415) 421-6272. 5050 El Camino Real Suite 104. Los Altos, CA 94022. Toll Free 800.506.1977. 1515 Vallejo St.

San Francisco, CA 94109. (415) 567-5272 Hotline: (415) 263-6877. Handles principals; Background handles extras. Sara Cooper -casting director. 7824 Martingale Lane. Angels Camp, Ca 95222. PH 209 785 9600. Rocklin, CA 95677 Hotline: (916) 557-9440 Principal extra work. Casts principals and extras. Film Commissions -great source of info and casting. Integrity Casting - Nevada 1030-B Matley Lane Reno, NN 89502 775/322-1515.

General fax: 509/696-8861. General Web: For the latest updates, including current casting for celebrity look-alikes and magicians, go to Extra! Extra! Casting Associates. 1777 E. Hamilton Avenue, Suite 103, San Jose, CA 95125(831) 425-3198. 8698 Elk Grove Blvd Ste 3 #141. Elk Grove CA 95624 916.769.4233.

NEW YORK Casting Directors. Here is a list of the most active casting directors that work with both Union and non-Union talent. Please mail your PR, with your contact numbers, and use postcards as follow-up. Proofreading? They all ask that you do not visit or phone. Persuasive Essay Longer Periods? Read Backstage weekly to papers, keep up to date on Open Calls for tamu application large Films. Open Calls usually mean open to everybody! c/o Silver cup Studios. 42-22 22 nd Street , Room M-104.

Long Island City , New York 11101. for latest casting info. 20 West 20 th Street Suite 234. New York , N.Y. 10011. Prince Street Station, P.O. Box 616. New York , N.Y. 10012. Please mail 2 Headshots.

Assistant: Driss Tijani. Donald Case Casting. 386 Park Avenue South, Suite 809. New York , N.Y. 10016. The Casting Connection. Central Square, Suite 2A. Linwood , N.J. 08221.

Talent Hotline: 609 601-CAST. Call Hotline for proofreading papers upcoming work and Open Calls. 41 Union Square West, Suite 316. Extras Casting by Booked. 451 Greenwich Street #506. Jimmy Hank Productions. 209 West 104 th Street Suite 2 H. Bronx , N.Y.

10462. Tuffy works on Spike Lee movies etc. Rossmon Casting and persuasive essay longer, Talent Relations. 35 West 36 th Street 8 th floor. New York , N.Y. 10018. Winsome Sinclair Associates. 2575A 8 th Avenue.

New York , N.Y. 10030. 29 John Street PMB 126. New York , N.Y. 10038. Skyrme, Lewis, Fox Casting. 459 Columbus Avenue #164. Specializes in choreography. Stark Naked Productions. 39 West 19 th Street 12 th floor. New York City , N.Y.

10011. Todd Thaler Casting. 130 West 57 th Street #10A. LOS ANGELES Casting. In L.A. the biggest and most well known Extra casting company is Central Casting. Proofreading? INFO # 818 562-2755. They handle a majority of the work in periods the LA area.

This is the best place for all newcomers to start. There is papers a one-time registration fee of persuasive $20. This is a fee that is well worth paying because of the work they will get you. You should expect to pay some small fee at many casting companies in Los Angeles . Papers? Never pay more than $100 to register and never pay a company that doesn?t ask you about persuasive essay longer periods your wardrobe, special skills and talents. When registering at any Casting company remember dress to impress. Proofreading Papers? Be ready to supply all the necessary information regarding your wardrobe, skills or training. The more skills you have the more valuable you are. Cardinal Essay Doctrine? Once registered, it is up to proofreading papers, you to call the casting company every day to application, book your own work. This is a long process, but it?s the best way to get work. You call a work hotline that describes the projects that are available and proofreading, what they are looking for.

If you fit the qualifications, you will then be instructed to call a specific casting director. Call that person, who will pull up your file, and decide if you are right to work for the project. If they hire you, they will give you all the essay on the development of christian info you need, usually for proofreading work the next day. If they don?t, you can keep calling the hotline until you are booked on a project. In Los Angeles Calling Service. If you are not into doing this work yourself, you can hire a calling service (booking agent) to call the casting companies for you.

You will pay them $50 - $150 a month to call the casting companies you are registered with and book you on of christian projects. If you hire a great booking agent, then you will work 3-4 days per proofreading papers, week. Be cautious here, as some booking agents can only get you work 1 day a week. You can find the anti torture essay best booking agents through references from the casting companies you are registered with. Television Extra Work. The daytime soaps will hire both Union , and non-union extras. The Actors Union that covers Soaps is called AFTRA and proofreading, the pay rate is steps to write an extended slightly different. It is proofreading papers also much easier to newman development of christian doctrine, join. Mail in your Pictures Resumes, (PR), and postcards.

Be sure to write Available for Extra Work on your resume and envelope. It is papers a good idea to include a short, professional cover letter asking for a general meeting. The Casting Director or Casting Assistant is the one to try to meet. This is not necessary for work, but people like to hire people they know and like. Television Extra Work in New York. All My Children. 320 West 66 th Street. New York , N.Y.

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A Journey to Colombia’s Coffee Belt. Proofreading Papers! In the northern reaches of the Andes — where the coffee bean is periods as central to proofreading, life as corn is to small town Iowa — a welcoming spirit prevails. By GUSTAVE AXELSON MARCH 7, 2017. There are more than 20 restaurants and cafes that sell coffee by the cup in essay economic crisis 2008, the lively pastel-splashed plaza of Jardin, a quaint Colombian pueblo, or village, nestled in the northern reaches of the Andes Mountains. I chose one and settled in at a streetside table painted bright blue like an Easter egg, and ordered a cafe tinto — straight black — for 800 pesos, about papers 25 cents. It was a Monday morning, and cardinal newman on the development of christian doctrine, the Paisas, as the papers, folks in this region south of Medellin are called, were socializing.

Some looked to be friends and persuasive essay longer periods, family chatting and laughing in papers, the shadow of the double-spired basilica. Some, I was told, were shopkeepers who took the day off after a busy weekend catering to tourists. Essay! At the table next to me, a campesino relaxed with his cowboy hat pulled over his face and papers, his chair tilted back against the wall. Had I been here on a certain day during the harvest season, I might have seen farm owners standing outside the Bancolombia branch with bags of paper cash, surrounded by police officers for writing baltimore, security and workers who came to papers, be paid. On Saturday nights, this plaza is a raucous cacophony of pounding discoteca beats and campesinos parading into town astride show horses, but there are still tintos among the cervezas on the trays waitresses carry between tables. Creative Writing Groups! Coffee is at the heart of Jardin, as corn is to small town Iowa: the local economy that forms a cultural identity.

When my tinto arrived, it was easy to see why: The flavor, strong and bold, flowed directly from the beans, not a burned layer from roasting. I took another sip from my teacup-size demitasse and noticed that of all the people drinking coffee around me, a travel mug or paper cup was nowhere to be found. No one was taking their coffee to-go. Everyone was sitting, sipping, enjoying. This was why I had come: to indulge my love of proofreading coffee. And Jardin is essay longer lunch a perfect place, in the heart of a coffee belt in southwestern Antioquia, the proofreading papers, largest-volume coffee producer of Colombia’s 32 departments. Of Christian Doctrine! In the 1990s, a collapse in commodity coffee prices hit Colombia hard.

Half of proofreading its coffee market value vanished, and thousands of families in coffee-growing regions were pushed into poverty. As a strategy for the future, the Colombian government began encouraging and tamu, supporting farms to grow higher quality beans that qualify for specialty coffee markets, where prices are higher and more stable. Jardin embraced the specialty trend with gusto. Most of the beans sold at the town’s coffee cooperative warehouse go straight to Nespresso, the high-end Swiss company selling coffee makers through George Clooney on TV ads. The hills here are bustling with family fincas, or farms, competing with one another to grow the best coffee. With the help of a hired guide — Jose Castano Hernandez, himself the son of coffee farmers — I was ready to see where the papers, rich brew in my cup came from, to explore the coffee terroir of the northern Andes. Tamu Application Essays! Tell your relatives that you’re going to Colombia and you may still provoke a shudder and a warning to be careful in a country where there were once rampant drug violence and kidnappings by proofreading, a rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. Tamu! Last year the government signed a peace deal with FARC to end more than a half-century of bloody conflict. Jardin is in a relatively safe area where the unrest was never as bad, because the many coffee farms grounded the local economy in papers, legitimate commerce. In the plaza, Mr. Hernandez, 41, picked me up in his car and we drove through a military checkpoint just outside of town.

After the soldiers waved us through, he told me we would be taking the to write, scenic route to papers, visit a coffee finca above 6,000 feet in elevation. By scenic, he meant a route for equestrians. At the mountain foothills, he parked at the roadside and we met up with another guide who had horses saddled and essay longer, ready to proofreading papers, go. The ride up a cobble-strewed path was a series of pinch-me moments — glorious vistas of the northern Andes, rays of morning sun shooting through fluffy clouds, the occasional ridiculous-beaked toucan flying by. After a few hours we stopped and tied up the horses, and anti torture, Mr. Proofreading! Hernandez unlocked a gate at writing groups baltimore a barbed-wire fence.

This was the backdoor to the Cueva del Esplendor. The public entrance to this tourist attraction is a parking lot on papers, the other side of the ravine, where people leave their cars and walk a path to the cave. From this side, we rappelled down wire cables into jungle. At the bottom we entered a small cave with a sunlit waterfall shooting through the cardinal on the development of christian doctrine, rock ceiling — another pinch-me moment. After another hour of scenic equine touring, it was time for lunch at the finca, a simple farmhouse near the proofreading, mountaintop with white stucco walls and dandy blue trim. Steps An Extended Essay! That same popping blue accented the pedestal for a shrine to the baby Jesus and proofreading papers, also a cross erected at the drop-off to a million-dollar view: more than a dozen Andean peaks rolling out as far as could be seen, with bushy coffee plants climbing up every mountainside. Three women hustled out to lay the lunch spread on longer lunch, a table on proofreading, the covered porch: fried eggs with runny yolks, fried plantains two ways — one ripe and sweet and the other not-quite ripe and starchy; red beans; and chicharron, strips of fried pork rind crunchy on cardinal newman of christian doctrine, the outside and chewy inside.

I piled the beans into a bowl and topped them with an egg and spoonfuls of homemade chunky picante paste. The whole mix was simple and satisfying. Proofreading! Around the corner, the farmworkers and baltimore, their families sat at another table, a mix of men, women and children all eating beans and eggs and proofreading, chicharron. Lunch Periods! Mr. Hernandez had asked for an authentic finca lunch, and so it was. “Colombians eat a big lunch; it’s their main meal,” he explained when asking what I thought of the food. “It takes a lot of food to proofreading papers, work this farm.” After the empty plates were collected, one woman poured me a cup of the persuasive essay longer lunch, house coffee, served tinto. I smiled and sighed at the pure flavor: so earthy and saturating on my palate, yet exiting cleanly without a trace of aftertaste. Then the farm’s manager, Juan Crisostomo Osorio Marin, beckoned me to follow a dirt path up into the coffee bushes. Mr. Marin runs the farm’s field operations for his father, who is the owner.

We arrived at proofreading a spot where bundles of green and bright red coffee berries weighted down seemingly every branch. These are prodigious plants, each one growing the equivalent of a pound of periods finished, ground coffee. The red coffee berries, resembling cranberries, were ripe and ready to pick. I challenged Mr. Marin to a quick coffee-picking contest, and in 30 seconds I had 50 berries in a basket. Proofreading! Mr. Marin had more than 200. The trick, he showed me, was to move a hand underneath the branch while flicking berries with the creative writing groups baltimore, thumb.

In one sweeping motion he could dislodge 10 or more berries. During harvest season, Mr. Marin, 40, will haul down several baskets of coffee berries that add up to 500 pounds by the end of the day — this off a ridge so steep I found it somewhat difficult to stand up straight. Other relatives do the same. Last year Mr. Marin’s 62-year-old father picked more than 400 pounds in a day, just after recovering from a broken leg suffered while playing soccer. Still, the papers, production here pales to the output on corporate coffee plantations. The Marin family emphasizes quality over quantity.

Nespresso grades these beans as Triple A, its highest rating for quality and sustainability. Mr. Marin said three factors favored his coffee: the essay lunch, elevation, which is high enough to keep pestiferous coffee borer bugs at bay; the humidity, which stems from passing clouds that provide a steady stream of moisture; and the red soil. “Por que?” I asked: Why is the soil so red? Mr. Hernandez told me about proofreading papers Nevado del Ruiz, a volcano in tamu application essays, the northern Andes that sprinkled ash across the proofreading, mountaintops. “A good thing?” I asked Mr. Marin through Mr. Hernandez. “Si, claro, claro,” Mr. Marin said, nodding his head. The answer came back through my guide that the ash made these soils rich and fertile: “Like a blessing, the land is better up here.” Back at the farmhouse, I got a tour of the depulping grinder that expunges beans from the fruit (like extracting pits out of cherries), and the drying rack for groups baltimore, beans before they go to the co-op. For 15,000 pesos (about $5), I got a bag of papers his Triple A coffee and torture, thanked Mr. Marin for his hospitality.

On the ride back to proofreading, Jardin, Mr. Hernandez told me I was only his second coffee tourist in persuasive periods, seven years of papers guiding. All of his other clients are birders, but he would like to do more trips like this, as his grandfather settled and started the coffee farm nearby where he grew up. When the coffee crisis hit, his parents divorced and he left college in Medellin to come home and help his mother climb out of debt. It was during this troubled period that Mr. Hernandez sought emotional refuge at a Taoist temple and found his calling in a life of guiding, helping others find meaning in this land he loves. His mother is still on the family finca, but coffee, like all farming, is a tough business, and he isn’t sure she can continue. “The stories in these hills,” he told me while we bumped along a dusty road, “they give me hope.” Mr. Hernandez dropped me off at the inn where I was staying outside of steps an extended town and told me he would take an afternoon siesta, but he would be back in a few hours. I did likewise and stretched out in the rainbow-colored hammock strung up on the balcony of proofreading papers my second-floor room overlooking Jardin.

At 6 p.m. Mr. Hernandez retrieved me for dinner at another finca, also up in the hills but shrouded in a forest canopy. At the farmhouse, a family bustled out of the door — father and tamu, mother, flanked by a little boy and a toddler girl — to warmly greet me, the first North American to visit their home. Proofreading Papers! (Swiss men from Nespresso had been there before.) The farm owner, Francisco Javier Angel, grinned and essay economic crisis, waved us to the dining room table on the open-air porch. A single light bulb on the ceiling attracted moths and other insects from the forest, and they occasionally smacked my head in proofreading, their orbits around the light. But nothing was biting, no mosquitoes, another advantage of the farm’s elevation. Mr. Cardinal Essay Development Of Christian Doctrine! Angel, 37, seemed young to own a farm, but he was enterprising.

He had worked this farm when a local priest owned it, and the priest, impressed by his work ethic, sold him the land. Papers! His wife, Monica, disappeared into the kitchen and came back bearing glasses of fresh-squeezed lemonade sweetened with panela, a form of unrefined sugar. Through Mr. Hernandez, Mr. Angel explained that panela can also be used as a sweetener for writing groups, chaqueta cafe, “jacket coffee,” served when days turn cold or to give coffee pickers a boost of energy for proofreading, the fields. Essay Economic Crisis 2008! Dinner soon followed, served family-style — beans, plantains and chicharron, this time accompanied by strips of beef, fresh-off-farm avocado slices and arepas (cornmeal cakes). It was familiar but gratifying, and proofreading papers, better than any of the meals I ate at restaurants in town (where the chicharron can be a chewing marathon). Over dinner, Mr. Angel related through Mr. Hernandez how his farm is certified by the Rainforest Alliance and his beans earn specialty grades.

The co-op in Jardin has an to write essay, entire laboratory devoted to cupping and grading beans upon delivery. Papers! As Mrs. Anti! Angel collected the plates, I asked whether I could follow her into the kitchen to observe as she prepped the papers, after-dinner coffee. She smiled: “ Si.” Brewing coffee is a rustic and ritualistic process on steps to write essay, a Colombian farm. First, she heated a liter of proofreading water in a pot on the gas stove to just near boiling, when bubbles first formed on the bottom. Then she stirred five spoonfuls of grounds from the house coffee into the pot, turned off the gas and let it sit for five minutes. “Silencio,” she said. In the meantime, she rinsed four cups in hot water so a sudden change in essays, temperature — hot coffee hitting a cold cup — wouldn’t shock the coffee. Finally, she poured coffee through a tiny sieve into each cup. It was a gorgeous midnight-black brew with a light brown foam halo on the edges. Back at the dinner table, I took a sip and was astounded by a simple cup of coffee for the third time today: such force, so rich, yet no hint of proofreading papers bitterness. I asked what made this coffee unique.

Mr. Angel and Mr. Hernandez exchanged some Spanish, and cardinal newman on the, the back story was relayed to me. Mr. Angel’s coffee-farming lineage goes back three generations, and he had the proofreading papers, idea to grow the same variety of beans his grandfather grew 100 years ago — a heritage coffee, of sorts. But those seeds were nowhere to be found; the co-op sells only modern coffee varieties.

So Mr. Angel went treasure hunting in abandoned farms that had been run out by the commodity-price crash. In one he found the old variety of persuasive essay lunch periods beans from his grandfather’s generation. Proofreading! Everyone in town thought Mr. Angel was insane for planting beans he scavenged out of fallow fields, but slowly his heritage coffee is winning converts. He sells it under the creative groups, name Pajarito, or little bird, because he sees lots of birds among the bushes where this coffee grows. Proofreading Papers! “I see opportunity in coffee,” Mr. Angel told me through Mr.

Hernandez. That’s a bold statement, given that so many of his fellow coffee farmers throughout Colombia are abandoning farms, jumping off the roller coaster of coffee market prices for jobs in lunch, big cities. “It’s the tradition of this family,” Mr. Angel said. Proofreading Papers! “It is what we do.” Mr. and Mrs. Angel gathered with their children on the porch to wave goodbye as Mr. Hernandez and I walked out into the night. The air buzzed with insects whirring a fervent nocturnal chorus. A sea spray of white lights, like twinkling stars, glittered in longer, the dark forest beyond us.

When we had arrived in daylight, the foliage was so thick I couldn’t see beyond the trees. But now I realized those stars were the porch lights of fincas on the next mountain ridge, each light a home like this one. Proofreading! It was a reminder that coffee here is a family affair. And if you slow down, sip, really savor, you can taste earnest endeavors and lifetimes of devotion. Jose Castano Hernandez guides all-inclusive trips around Jardin and steps an extended, other regions in Antioquia, including visits and meals with families at papers coffee farms. Trip fees include everything: transportation, meals, visits, lodging. Economic 2008! Coffee farm tours from Jardin start at $180 a person per day; he accepts dollars. Contact him at [email protected] La Boira ( is a charming inn on a hillside overlooking Jardin.

The owners, Xavier Roca and papers, Soleil Enriquez, are warm and welcoming. Breakfast is longer periods included, served with Ms. Enriquez’s herbal coffee (mixed with mint, oregano, lemon seeds, ginger slices and panela). Room rates are just over 200,000 Colombia pesos, about papers $70, for two. Finca Hotel Arrayanes ( is a fourth-generation coffee farm and cardinal, hotel with simple rooms and a swimming pool. Arrayanes is renowned for its specialty coffee. Meals are included, are served family-style and feature local produce. Rates run from around 75,000 Colombia pesos a person per night.

Las Margaritas is on the downtown plaza in Jardin and serves typical Colombian food and proofreading, fresh fruit juices. Meals run about 12,500 Colombia pesos. Pastalatte Gourmet is creative baltimore off the main plaza along Carrera 4. It offers more modern dishes (stir fry, burritos) and specializes in pastries and proofreading, desserts. Meals run around 12,500 Colombia pesos. Delos Andes, the local coffee cooperative, operates a coffee house that offers the perfect spot for people-watching on the plaza. An Extended! It offers specialty coffee drinks, such as mochas and affogatos. Medellin has the closest international airport to Jardin (about a four hours’ drive away).

Within Jardin, a motoraton — literally “motor mouse,” a motorized rickshaw on three wheels — zips passengers from hotels to restaurants for about 3,000 Colombia pesos. Papers! A taxi to locales within a half-hour of Jardin costs about 30,000 pesos. A driver with a Jeep is about 300,000 pesos per day. Gustave Axelson is a frequent contributor to persuasive lunch periods, the Travel section. A version of this article appears in print on March 12, 2017, on Page TR1 of the New York edition with the proofreading, headline: In Colombia’s Coffee Belt. Order Reprints | Today's Paper | Subscribe. We#8217;re interested in your feedback on this page.

Tell us what you think.

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History: American/ Dreaming In The 1960S term paper 14737. Dreaming in the 1960s. In 1962, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said his most famous words: I have a dream. He was not the only one who felt this way. For many, the 1960s was a decade in which their dreams about America might be fulfilled. For Martin Luther King Jr., this was a dream of papers, a truly equal America; for John F. Kennedy, it was a dream of essay economic 2008, a young vigorous nation that would put a man on the moon; and for the hippy movement, it was one of love, peace, and freedom.

The 1960s was a tumultuous decade of social and political upheaval. We are still confronting many social issues that were addressed in the 1960s today. In spite of the turmoil, there were some positive results, such as the civil rights revolution. However, many outcomes were negative: student antiwar protest movements, political assassinations, and ghetto riots excited American people and proofreading resulted in a lack of respect for authority and the law. The first president during the 1960s was John F. Kennedy. Essay Crisis 2008! He was young, appealing, and had a carefully crafted public image that barely won him the proofreading papers election. Because former President Eisenhower supported the Republican nominee, Richard Nixon, and because many had doubts about creative writing Kennedy's youth and Catholic religion, Kennedy only proofreading papers, received three-tenths of one percent more of the tamu popular vote than Nixon. The first thing Kennedy did during his brief presidency was to try to restore the nation's economy. Economic growth was slow in 1961 when Kennedy entered the papers White house. The President initiated a series of tariff negotiations to stimulate exports and proposed a federal tax cut to help the economy internally. John F. Kennedy was known as one of the few presidents in steps history who made his own personality a significant part of his presidency and a focus of proofreading, national attention.

Nothing illustrated this more clearly than the reaction to the tragedy of November 22, 1963. Kennedy was driving through the streets of essay crisis 2008, Dallas. The streets were full of cheering people watching him drive by. The President was surrounded by loud motorcycles driven by the Secret Service. Papers! One onlooker, looking into a sixth floor window, noticed another man with a rifle. Essay Economic! Boy! , he said. You sure can't say the Secret Service isn't on the ball.

Look at that guy up there in the window with a rifle (Pett 12). That man with the proofreading rifle was not a member of the cardinal essay on the of christian doctrine Secret Service. A fraction of a second before 12:30 p.m., John Fitzgerald Kennedy was smiling broadly. He would never smile again. The Kennedy assassination touched everyone around the world. In Canada, for example, Eaton's Company put full-page advertisements in newspapers such as The Hamilton Spectator saying, With all Canada and the World, we share the proofreading shock and grief inflicted by steps to write essay, the tragic death of a great statesman and proofreading papers a great hero (see appendix A). Nevertheless, there was one good thing that came out of it: Lyndon B. Johnson became president. Throughout Johnson's five-year career, sweeping reforms were made in every corner of the country. First, Johnson created Medicare-- a program to provide federal aid to the elderly for torture, medical expenses. Medicare had been debated for years in Congress, but Johnson's plan eliminated many objections.

First, Medicare benefits were available to all elderly Americans, regardless of need. Second, doctors serving Medicare patients could practice privately and even charge their normal fees. Later, the Johnson Administration issued Medicaid, which gave assistance to papers, all ages. Next, Johnson established a new cabinet agency in 1966: the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This agency, together with the newly formed Model Cities program, was invented in an effort to stop the decaying of essay, cities and end poverty. Also, the Omnibus Housing Act gave rent supplements to the poor. Finally, Johnson created the Office for Economic Opportunity.

This program led to new educational, employment, housing, and health-care developments. However, the Office for Economic Opportunity failed because there was inadequate funding and the government was more concerned with the Vietnam War. Johnson also wanted to strengthen the country's schools. Proofreading! First, his administration implemented the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of tamu application essays, 1965, which extended aid to private and parochial schools based on the needs of the students. Also, he created the National Endowment of Arts and Humanities, and passed the Higher Education Act, which gave federally financed scholarships. Another subject that concerned the proofreading government under Lyndon B. Johnson Administration and the rest of America was Civil Rights. Creative Writing Groups! In 1964 Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, and in 1965 they passed the Voting Rights act.

The Civil Rights Movement did not just affect American minorities, but everyone who lived in the United States at the time. The momentum of the previous decade's civil rights gains led by Reverand Martin Luther King carried over into the 1960s. Papers! But for most blacks, the essay development of christian tangible results were minimal. Only a small percentage of papers, black children actuall attended integrated schools, and in essay lunch the South, Jim Crow practices barred blacks from proofreading, jobs and public places. New groups and goals were formed to push for full equality. As often as not, white resistance resulted in violence. In 1962, during the first large-scale public protest against racial discrimination, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a dramatic and inspirational speech in Washington, D.C. during a march on the capital. The Negro, King said in his speech, lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity and finds himself an exile in his own land (Gitlin 77).

Under leaders like Martin Luther King, blacks were trying attain all the rights a white man would have. In 1965, King and other black leaders wanted to push beyond social integration, now guaranteed under the previous year's Civil Rights Act, to political rights. Reverend King announced that as a matter of conscience and in an attempt to arouse the essay on the development deepest concern of the proofreading nation, (Gitlin 84) he was coompelled to lead another march from groups baltimore, Selma to papers, Montgomery, Alabama. When the marchers reached the capitol, they were to have presented a petition to Governor George Wallace protesting voting discrimination. However, when they arrived, the Governor's aides came out and said, the capitol is cardinal of christian doctrine closed today (Gitlin 85). Unfortunatley, the event that moved the Civil Rights Movement most significantly was the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1965. Moments after the assassination, terrible cruelty replaced the harmony. Rioting mobs in Watts, California pillaged, killed, and burned, leading to papers, the death or injury of hundreds and millions of dollars in anti torture damage. Besides the Civil Rights movement, there was another important movement during the 1960s: the Student Movement. Youthful Americans were outraged by the intolerance of their universities, racial inequality, social injustice, and the Vietnam War. The Student Movement led to the hippy culture.

This movemt marked another response to the decade as the young experimented with ,usic, clothes, drugs, and a counter-culture lifestyle. Hippies preached altruism, mysticism, honesty, joy, and nonviolence. In 1969, they held the famous Woodstock Festival for peace in New York, a three day concert that emphasized their beliefs. One of the chief movemtns that came from the Student Movement were the antiwar protests during the Vietnam War. The United States firsbecame directly involved in Vietnam when Harry Truman started to underwrite the costs of France's war against proofreading papers Viet Minh. Anti Torture! Later, the presidencies of Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Proofreading! Kennedy increased America's political, economic, and military committments in essays the Indochina region. Starting with teach-ins in 1965, the massive antiwar efforts centered on the colleges, with the students playing the lead roles. The teach-in approach was at first a gentle approach to the antiwar activity. But soon other types of protest grew to replce it. These demonstrations were one form of proofreading papers, attempting to go beyond mere words and to put direct pressure on essays, those who were conducting policy in proofreading an apparent disdain for the will expressed by the voters (Spector 30).

In 1965, the United States started strategic bombings of North Vietnam, catalyzing the public opinion of what was happening in the region. These bombings helped sustain the antiwar prostests and spawned new ones, and the growing cost of American lives coming home in creative writing body bags only intensified public opposition to the war (Gettleman 54). Papers! The antiwar movemtn spread directly among the combat troops in Vietnam, who began to wear peace symbols and flash peace signs in steps to write essay movement salutes. Some units even organized their own demonstrations to link with the activity at home. Between 1965 and 1966, the papers American military effort in Vietnam accelerated from President Johnson's decisions. By 1967, America's military authority was breaking up. Not only cardinal essay development doctrine, was it the proofreading worst year of writing, Johnson's term, but also one of the most turbulent years in the nation's history. Proofreading! The war in Southeast Asia and the war at home dominated newspaper headlines and the attention of the torture White House. 1967 witnessed urban riots, like the deadly uproar in Detroit. Only a quarter of Americans approved of his handling of the war in 1968. The antiwar movement that began as a small trickle became a giant flood.

Americans were soon shocked to learn about the communists' massive Tet Offensive on January 31, 1968. The offensivedemonstrated that Johnson had been making the progress in the war seem greater than it really was; it appeared to have no end. Johnson withdrew from the election in 1968, and the communists planned to do battle with their new adversary, Richard Nixon. Besides the unsuccessful Vietnam campaign, the United States was also involved in another unsuccessful battle: the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of 1963. The story behind the invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs is one of mismanagemnt, overconfidence, and lack of proofreading papers, security. The blame for the failure of the lunch periods operation falls directly on the lap of the Central Intelligence Agency and a young president and his advisors. The fall out from the invasion created a rise in tension between the two great superpowers, and, ironically, 36 years later, the person that the invasion meant to topple, Fidel castro, is still in power. However, not all events during the proofreading papers sixties hindered the country's progress. At the to write end of 1968, Americans became the first human beings to reach the moon. Seven months later, they were the first to actually walk on the moon. Their telecast gave earthbound viewers an unforgettable site.

The austronauts looking at the moon were even more amazed. The vast loneliness up here is proofreading papers awe-inspiring, said austronaut Lovell. It makes you realize just what you have back there on Earth (, see appendix B). Torture Essay! Advances were also made in medicine and health. The medical introduction of the pill changed the proofreading papers interaction between the anti torture sexes dramtically in 1964. Americans discovered that the freedom from fear of unwanted pregnancy went hand in hand with other kinds of sexual freedom. The sixties became an era in proofreading which pleasure was being considered as a constitutional right rather than a privalege, inwhich self-denial became increasingly seen as foolish rather than virtuous.

Each pill contains one thirty-thousandth of an ouce of economic crisis, chemical, but it changed the sex and family lives of a large segment of the American population. Another type of papers, chemical, chemical pestisides, were also important in the 1960s. A book written by Rachel Carson described for the first time the dangers of persuasive lunch periods, using pesticides. Carson believed that the papers poisonous chemicals were taking a dreadful toll, and that the only way to fix the situation was to let the anti torture essay balance of nature take care of the number of insects (Carson 17). Another poisonous chemical was being used on humans. Mistakes made in the past caused a great deal of papers, health problems to children around the world when it was discovered that using a tranquilizer called thalidomide caused severe birth defects. Babies were born with hands and feet like flippers, attached to the body with little or no arm or leg. Every compound drug containing the sedative was taken off the market. The 1960s began under the shadow of the Cold War and ended under the shado wo fthe Vietnam War.

What happened inbetween was a series of dreams, failures, and realities that have made the sixties one of the application essays most tumultuous decades in the history of the United States. From assassinations to Woodstock, the 1960s was an era of confusion in which every American tried to make his dream a reality. Word Count: 2067. Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on papers, any level under time constraints. Well-versed in most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and creative writing groups baltimore professional projects. Every paper is written from scratch based on your instructions and there is no plagiarism of any kind. Plus, we guarantee free unlimited revisions. You will enjoy direct contact with the writer throughout the entire process and will receive the papers paper by application, e-mail/download. The projects are never resold and will remain your unique property for a lifetime.

The service is totally confidential and all client information is kept private. We guarantee that the paper will adequately meet your guidelines and be done by the deadline, otherwise we will give you your money back, if we fail (terms of proofreading, service apply).