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About report writing

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bash suspend resume Get via App Store Read this post in our app! Can a process be frozen temporarily in linux? I was wondering if there is writing a way to freeze any process for a certain amount of blake essay time? What I mean is that: is it possible for report writing, one application (probably running as root) to pause the execution of another already running process (any process, both GUI and blake essay command line) and then resume it later? In other words I don't want certain processes to be scheduled by the linux scheduler for a certain amount of time. There are two signals that can suspend the execution of a process. One is graceful, and one is forceful.

The graceful one is SIGTSTP , and its purpose is to nicely ask the process, if it feels like it, to about report, please suspend execution until it receives a SIGCONT . In the case of SIGTSTP , the process can ignore SIGTSTP and continue executing anyway, so this requires cooperation from a program that is designed to handle SIGTSTP. The forceful one is SIGSTOP , and its purpose is to suspend all userspace threads associated with that process. It is just as impossible for the process to dissertations, ignore SIGSTOP as it is for it to report writing, ignore SIGKILL (the latter kills the process forcefully). To send an arbitrary signal, including any of the ones mentioned here, you can use programs such as kill , killall , or pkill ; or use the system call kill(2) . See your operating system's manpages for platform/architecture/version-dependent details and errata regarding any of the above. Note that the word kill in all of these commands and the syscall is a bad misnomer. Fellowship? These commands are not designed, exclusively, to terminate processes.

They can do that by sending certain ones of the signals; but signals can also be used for functionality other than terminating a process. For example, SIGSTOP only suspends the process, and it's just one of several signals that can be sent this way. To add a condition of automatically resuming the process after a period of time has elapsed, you will need to use some sort of about writing monitoring process that remains running and sets a timer in order to wake up the monitoring process, which then in purchasing turn calls kill(2) again and sends the SIGCONT signal to the stopped process, in order to request the about, kernel to fellowship, resume execution. Note that Linux has several timing mechanisms with various degrees of about report writing accuracy and precision; furthermore, if your system is very busy, your monitoring process might not get woken up until well after its timer has expired, and thus the argumentative essay about should be permitted, wakeup might be delayed. If you depend on very accurate precision of about report suspension and resumption of the argumentative essay be permitted, suspended process, you may need to about report, run your monitoring program with real-time permissions (see this manpage on sched_setscheduler(2) for information about letter making your process real-time). About Report? You can also use High-Resolution Timers, a feature of the Linux kernel (which is dissertation only available if your hardware provides support for them), in combination with real-time scheduling, to get very accurate, sub-millisecond precision on timing, then wakeup and send the signal to resume the monitored process very quickly. You didn't indicate which technologies you are willing to use to implement this. At a bare minimum, you'll need at least bash scripting, although you won't be able to get very fine-grained timing that way.

Here is a bash script (untested, so please be careful) that is just a proof of concept of your query. If you need precise timing, you'll have to write a program, probably in C/C++ or another native language, and writing use real-time scheduling and hrtimers. Note that the script will end and the controlling script will terminate, but due to screen controlling the monitor process, it will continue running in the background for 10 seconds (based on the argument passed to sleep ) and then wake up and continue the child process. But this will be long after the controlling script has ended. If you want to synchronously wait for the time to elapse, just omit the second call to screen and hard-code the sleep and blake essay kill into the controlling script. About? You can test that the process does in fact suspend by running. screen -rS child. after you start this script. You won't see anything on the console.

Then after the timer expires (10 seconds), it will flood your screen with base64 data (random characters from 0-9 and ford A-F). Press Ctrl+C to exit. If you have a suitably loose definition of freeze you might check out the renice command. Renice allows you to alter the scheduling priority of about report running processes. Ford? The normal process nice value is 0. Increasing the nice value makes the process nicer, as in why don't you go first. While decreasing the nice value makes a process less nice, as in get out of my way, I'm in about a hurry. The nice value range is -20 to dissertations, 19. Anyone can make their own processes nicer. About Report Writing? Only root can make a process less nice or change another users processes niceness. If you set a processes nice value to 19 it will only run when nothing else on the system wants to. Here is an example run on my local linux box.

Use ps -l and look at the NI column to see a processes nice value. Running renice +10 on los angeles the vim process causes it to run at a lower priority. Assuming that you can stretch freeze to report writing, mean not bother anyone else on dissertations purchasing the system you could scriptify something like: (remember to about writing, run it as root). note that I took some liberties with the above ps -l output to get the interesting columns to show up nicely in the little blue boxes :) Yes, you can do that by sending a STOP signal to a process to suspend it and los angeles business writers then a CONT to continue.

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Richard M. Writing? Dolan – Le secret sur les ovnis montre le vrai visage d’un Empire Global US. Par Richard M. Business Writers? Dolan. Le probleme des ovnis est un probleme reel. About Writing? Il a implique du personnel militaire tout autour du monde depuis plus de 50 ans et est couvert de secret… Au cours des ans, cependant, assez de pieces du puzzle ont emerge pour nous donner une idee de ce a quoi l’image ressemble.

Ce que j’ai essaye de faire est tres simple : utiliser autant de ces pieces que possible pour construire un recit historique clair, franc, du probleme ovni en se concentrant sur les dimensions de securite nationale. Parce que le sujet des ovnis n’est devenu guere plus qu’une blague culturelle, il est important de souligner des le depart pourquoi cela n’est pas une plaisanterie, pas du divertissement mais quelque chose digne d’attention serieuse. Bien que les histoires d’objets etranges dans le ciel remontent a loin dans le temps, le probleme a recu peu d’attention jusqu’a la 2° Guerre Mondiale. Ford? A l’epoque, le personnel militaire des pays allies et de l’Axe a rapporte des objets non conventionnels dans le ciel, generalement connus sous le nom de foo fighters. About Report Writing? Retrospectivement, ce developpement n’est pas si surprenant. Blake Essay? Tout d’abord, l’aviation humaine est devenue repandue pour la premiere fois.

Au-dessus des nuages, des milliers de pilotes ont soudain eu un genre de visibilite que personne n’avait jamais eu auparavant. Writing? Une seconde raison a ete l’invention du radar qui a etendu la portee de la vision humaine par des moyens electroniques. Business Plan Writers? De plus, il semblait raisonnable de supposer que les observations bizarres etaient liees a la guerre elle-meme, peut-etre une technologie experimentale. On aurait pu s’attendre a ce que de telles observations disparaissent apres la fin de la guerre en 1945. About? Au lieu de cela, elles se sont accrues. Cover? En Europe en 1946, puis en Amerique en 1947, les gens ont vu et rapporte des objets qui ne pouvaient pas etre expliques par une quelconque raison conventionnelle. Report Writing? Partout ou les observations se produisaient, les autorites militaires dominaient les investigations et pour des raisons parfaitement comprehensibles. Argumentative About Abortion Should? Des objets inconnus, frequemment pistes sur radar et observes visuellement, volaient a l’interieur des territoires nationaux et, dans le cas des Etats-Unis, au-dessus des installations militaires sensibles. Report Writing? La guerre etait finie ? Que se passait-il ? Au depart, certains Americains ont craint que l’Uni­on Sovietique puisse etre derriere la vague des soucoupes volantes . Fellowship? Cette possibilite a ete etudiee, puis rejetee. About Writing? A une epoque ou l’avion le plus rapide du monde approchait la vitesse de 96 km/h, certains de ces objets excedaient ou semblaient exceder 1 600 km/h.

De plus, ils manoeuvraient comme aucun avion ne le pouvait avec des virages a angle droit, des arrets nets et des accelerations instantanees. Argumentative Essay Abortion Be Permitted? Les Sovietiques pouvaient-ils vraiment avoir construit quelque chose comme cela ? Si oui, pourquoi les faire voler au-dessus de l’Amerique et de l’Europe occidentale ? Pour les experts, l’idee semblait au mieux tiree par les cheveux et 50 ans plus tard, leur conclusion tient toujours. S’ils n’etaient pas sovietiques, les objets pouvaient-ils etre americains ? La possibilite a ete etudiee et rejetee pour les memes raisons. About? La vitesse du son n’a pas ete franchie jusqu’en octobre 1947 : est-il vraiment credible que, avant cela, les Americains avaient decouvert secretement une technologie hypersonique anti-gravite ? Lors de la vague d’ovnis de 1947, tout indique qu’il y avait de multiples investigations simultanees au sein des communautes de renseignements et militaires americaines sur ces soucoupes volantes. Cover Letter Manager? Bien que l’Air Force etait officiellement chargee d’enqueter dessus, elle ne fut jamais la seule dans la partie. About Writing? Chaque service a rapporte et enquete sur des observations. Dissertations? Le FBI a enquete sur les ovnis pendant un moment et vers 1948 au plus tard, la CIA a amorce un interet continu. Vers la fin de 1947, un contingent d’analyste de l’Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) a la base de l’Air Force Wright-Patterson croyait que les ovnis etaient extraterrestres. Writing? L’ATIC etait le principal centre de l’Air Force pour evaluer les nouvelles technologies et, en tant que tel, a tenu un role cle dans les premieres investigations sur les ovnis.

En ete 1948, cette equipe a prepare une Estimation de la Situation qui a atterri sur le bureau du Commandant de l’Air Force Hoyt Vandenberg, exposant la these extraterrestre. Writers? A ce que l’on raconte, Vandenberg l’a rejete, soit pour manque de preuves, soit parce que cela n’exposait pas les conclusions qu’il voulait. About Report Writing? Quoi qu’il en soit, il a fait clairement savoir que l’Air Force n’accepterait pas de speculation sur les extraterrestres comme solution aux ovnis. Bien sur, les gens ont continue a voir ces choses et a se demander ce qu’elles etaient. Blake Essay? En ete 1952, par exemple, les observations d’ovnis etaient si frequentes et souvent d’une telle qualite qu’il a en fait semble a certains dans l’Air Force qu’une invasion pouvait etre en cours. Writing? Pouvait-il vraiment s’agir d’aliens ? Avec l’aide de la Commission Robertson de janvier 1953, sponsorisee secretement par la CIA, l’Air Force a grandement ameliore la censure sur le probleme. Argumentative About Should Be Permitted? Toutefois elle n’a presque jamais cesse. Writing? Des organisations civiles ont emerge pour recueillir et analyser les rapports d’ovnis interessants.

Pour compliquer l’affaire, l’Air Force s’est mise elle-meme dos au mur. Blake Essay? Malgre son mepris public pour les ovnis, elle s’est engagee elle-meme a les controler en tant que menace possible a la securite nationale. About Writing? Ceux qui critiquaient les declarations de l’Air Force sur les ovnis – et il y avait de nombreuses personnes – demandaient frequemment : si les soucoupes ne presentaient aucune menace pour la securite nationale et existaient seulement dans l’imagination, pourquoi l’Air Force avait-elle cree le projet Blue Book pour etudier les rapports ? Puis est venue la grande vaque d’ovnis de 1965 et 1966. Ford? La densite et la qualite des observations ont bien fait comprendre que l’Air Force ne pouvait plus se cacher plus longtemps derriere des ballons meteo, des gaz des marais ou de la foudre en boule. About Report Writing? A la meme epoque, il est devenu egalement impossible de contrer l’examen attentif du public sur ce probleme. Los Angeles Business Plan Writers? L’Air Force a donc finance une etude scientifique des ovnis par l’Universite du Colorado, connue plus generalement sous le nom de Comite Condon, pour regler l’affaire une bonne fois pour toute. About Report? Apres 2 ans de suspense, le comite a conclu que les ovnis n’etaient pas dignes d’etude scientifique, essentiellement du non sens. Women? Les critiques ont repondu que l’etude elle-meme etait sans valeur, avec des conclusions qui ne correspondaient pas a ses propres donnees.

De plus, il y avait du ressentiment entre les propres membres du comite ce qui a abouti a la suppression du contingent pro-ovnis a mi chemin du projet. About Writing? Il est apparu fortement que la direction du projet etait orientee vers une conclusion negative depuis le debut. For Retail? Des rumeurs se sont repandues sur un controle du comite de la part de l’Air Force ou de la CIA. Aussi confus qu’etait le Comite Condon, son rapport a donne precisement a l’Air Force ce dont elle avait besoin : la justification pour fermer Blue Book. About Writing? En decembre 1969, l’Air Force a annonce qu’elle n’enqueterait plus sur les ovnis. Essay Women? Les principales organisations d’investigation civiles ont aussi decline rapidement et les gens qui voyaient alors des ovnis n’avaient presque nulle part vers ou se tourner. Faisons une pause ici pour evaluer la situation.

Ce que nous pouvons voir c’est qu’a un certain moment durant la moitie des annees 40, les services de renseignement des Etats-Unis, ainsi que ceux d’autres pays, avaient des raisons de croire qu’il y avait des objets dans le ciel qui ne venaient pas d’Amerique, de Russie, d’Allemagne ou de tout autre pays. Report Writing? Au sein des USA, ces objets violaient certains espaces aeriens militaires sensibles et ne semblaient pas etre des phenomenes naturels. Los Angeles Plan? On peut presumer que les autorites de securite nationale affectees en ont fait une obsession immediate pour determiner la nature et le but de ces objets et on report writing peut conclure que la question est devenue un grand secret vers 1946 ou 1947 au plus tard. Certains rejetteront tout ca comme une theorie de la conspiration , une des nombreuses dont est dote le paysage americain. Ford? Dans la culture populaire, le terme meme sert de rejet automatique, comme si personne n’agissait jamais en secret.

Apportons une certaine perspective et du bon sens a cette question. Writing? Les Etats-Unis sont composes de grandes organisations – corporations, bureaucraties, groupes d’interets et autre – qui sont conspiratrices de nature. About? C’est-a-dire, elles sont hierarchiques, leurs decisions importantes sont prises en secret par quelques preneurs de decision cles et il leur arrive de mentir sur leurs activites. About Report Writing? Telle est la nature du comportement organisationnel. Essay On Muslim? La conspiration , dans son sens premier, est une maniere de vivre partout autour du globe. Au sein des services de renseignements et militaires du monde, cette tendance est poussee a l’extreme. About Report Writing? Durant les annees 1940, alors que les militaires et leurs scientifiques developpaient les armes les plus effrayantes du monde dans le secret le plus total, le probleme ovni leur est tombe dessus tel que. Essay Abortion Should? Etaient-ils interesses par ces objets fouinant autour de leur espace aerien restreint ? Voulaient-ils limiter les informations qu’ils obtenaient ? Il n’y a pas de reponse definitive mais les faits connus indiquent que cela etait ainsi. Si nous supposons, alors, qu’il y a une conspiration ovni, nous pouvons nous demander ou elle se situe. About Writing? Y a-t-il par exemple un groupe de controle central qui s’occupe du probleme ? Peut-etre que oui, peut-etre que non. Dissertation? Il est possible, meme plausible, que personne dans les administrations publiques de nos jours ne sache ce qui se passe.

Il se peut qu’un groupe de controle ovni ait existe a un moment au sein du Ministere de la Defense des USA ou a la CIA mais il n’y a aucune bonne raison pour qu’une telle situation doive exister aujourd’hui. Report Writing? Non seulement le secret dans ces cercles est axiomatique mais l’information est tellement hautement compartimentee qu’il est facile d’imaginer comment diverses bribes d’information ufologique pourraient tomber dans des douzaines de domaines semi isoles. Dans l’armee, le secret reste la regle au sujet des ovnis. Blake Essay? La fermeture du projet Blue Book n’a pas fait cesser les temoignages ou les enquetes. Report Writing? En effet, l’Air Force a oublie de mentionner dans son annonce de 1969 que Blue Book n’avait jamais ete le principal organisme enquetant sur les ovnis ; apres 1952, son existence etait purement un effort de relations publiques. Cover Manager? Les investigations sur les ovnis ont continue et les etablissements militaires traitant des informations super sensibles (comme la legendaire Zone 51 a Groom Dry Lake, Nevada) ont continue a etre la source de rumeurs liees aux ovnis. About Report? Mais un membre de l’armee serait totalement insense de se laisser etre pris a discuter de cela avec le public. Dissertation? Comme l’a dit le 133° officier de l’aviation James Goodell : Quand vous allez travailler dans ces endroits, vous renoncez a vos droits constitutionnels.

Vous signez un morceau de papier disant que si vous violez votre convention de securite et que vous discutez des programmes sur lesquels vous travaillez, sans proces, sans droit d’appel, vous allez a la prison federale Leavenworth pour 20 ans. About Writing? C’est une reelle grosse incitation a la fermer. Women? Cela se refere au Serment sur le devoilement involontaire d’information ou de donnees de securite classifiees . About Writing? Prete par tout le personnel expose a de l’information classifiee de n’importe quel type, il engage pour la vie sous toutes circonstances. L’armee a profondement dissimule la question ovni. Dissertations? Depuis les 30 dernieres annees, les demandes faites a l’Air Force ou aux autres corps gouvernementaux sur les ovnis ont recu la meme reponse : De 1947 a 1969, l’Air Force a enquete sur les Objets Volants Non Identifies dans le cadre du projet Blue Book. Writing? Le projet, dont le siege se situait a la base Wright-Patterson de l’Air Force dans l’Ohio, s’est termine le 17 decembre 1969. Purchasing? Sur un total de 12 618 observations rapportees au projet Blue Book, 701 restent non identifiees . La decision d’arreter les investigations sur les ovnis a ete basee sur l’evaluation d’un rapport prepare par l’Universite du Colorado intitule Etudes Scientifiques des Objets Volants Non Identifies – un examen du rapport de l’Universite du Colorado par l’Academie Nationale des Sciences, etudes d’ovnis anterieures et experience de l’Air Force dans l’enquete des rapports d’ovnis durant les annees 1940, 1950 et 1960. Comme resultat de ces investigations, etudes et experience obtenue de l’enquete sur les rapports d’ovnis depuis 1948, les conclusions du projet Blue Book etaient : (1) aucun ovni rapporte, enquete et evalue par l’Air Force n’a jamais constitue un indice de menace pour la securite nationale ; (2) il n’y a eu aucune preuve soumise ou decouverte par l’Air Force que les observations categorisees comme non identifiees representaient des developpements technologiques ou des principes au-dela de la portee de la connaissance scientifique moderne ; et (3) il n’y a eu aucune preuve indiquant que les observations categorisees comme non identifiees etaient des vehicules extraterrestres.

Avec la fin du projet Blue Book, la reglementation de l’Air Force etablissant et controlant le programme d’enquete et d’analyse des ovnis a ete abrogee. Depuis la fin du projet Blue Book, rien ne s’est produit qui soutiendrait une reprise des investigations sur les ovnis par l’Air Force. About Report? Etant donne l’environnement actuel des budgets de defense regulierement decroissants, il est improbable que l’Air Force s’implique a nouveau dans un tel projet couteux dans un avenir proche. About Abortion? Nous pensons que nous sommes Luke Skywalker , dit un ami a moi, quand en fait nous sommes Darth Vader . About Report Writing? L’Amerique est un pays avec une mauvaise conscience, nominalement une republique et une societe libre, mais en realite un empire et une oligarchie vaguement conscient de sa propre oppression, a l’interieur et a l’exterieur. Blake Essay? J’ai utilise le terme d’etat de securite national pour decrire ses structures de pouvoir.

C’est un moyen pratique de rendre compte des communautes de renseignements et militaires ainsi que des mondes qui s’en nourrissent tels que les entrepreneurs de la defense et autres entites souterraines nebuleuses. About Report? Ses traits fondamentaux sont le secret, la richesse, l’independance, le pouvoir et la duplicite. La dissimulation des ovnis (precisement l’expression exacte) est un secret parmi de nombreux autres au sein de l’etat de securite nationale americain. Dissertation? Comme d’autres domaines dans son champ, le probleme ovni a ete traite secretement, avec grande supercherie et des ressources importantes. About Report? Le secret est issu d’un element de la vie de notre monde fondamental et envahissant : que ceux qui sont au sommet de l’echelle prendront toujours toutes les mesures necessaires pour maintenir le statu quo. 1- Secret.

Presque toute chose d’importance entreprise par l’armee americaine et les services de renseignement ces 50 dernieres annees se sont produits en secret. Los Angeles? L’entreprise de construire une arme atomique, plus connue sous le nom de Projet Manhattan, reste le grand modele de toutes les activites subsequentes. Report Writing? Pendant 4 ans, pas un seul membre du Congres n’en a eu meme connaissance bien que son cout final ait excede le total incroyable de 2 milliards de dollars. Argumentative Essay About Abortion Be Permitted? Pendant et apres la seconde guerre mondiale, d’autres projets importants tels que le developpement d’armes biologiques, l’importation de scientifiques nazis, les experiences de controle de l’esprit mortelles, l’interception au niveau national du courrier et des transmissions telephoniques du peuple involontaire, l’infiltration des medias et des universites, les coups secrets, les guerres secretes et les assassinats ont tous eu lieu non seulement a l’ecart du public americain mais aussi de la plupart des membres du Congres et de quelques Presidents. Report Writing? En fait, plusieurs des agences de renseignement les plus puissantes ont elles-memes ete etablies en secret, a l’insu du public et du Congres pendant de nombreuses annees. 2- Richesse. Dissertation? Depuis les annees 1940, les institutions du renseignement et de la defense US ont eu plus d’argent a leur disposition que la plupart des pays. About Report? En plus des dollars officiels, beaucoup de l’argent est sans documentation. Los Angeles? Depuis ses debuts, la CIA s’est engagee dans une variete d’ affaires officieuses qui ont genere de grosses sommes d’argent. About Report Writing? Les connexions de la CIA avec le crime organise global (et donc de facto avec le trafic de drogue international) a ete bien etabli et documente pour de nombreuses annees.

De plus, la CIA a entretenu sa propre flotte aerienne privee ce qui a genere une coquette somme de fonds non comptabilises principalement hors d’Asie. Ford Dissertation Fellowship? Pour finir, beaucoup de l’argent original pour diriger les services de renseignement americain provenait de tres riches familles americaines bien en vue qui ont longtemps maintenu un interet pour le financement d’operation de securite nationale importantes pour leurs interets. 3- Independance. About? En theorie, une surveillance civile des institutions de securite nationale americaines existe. Business Plan? Le President est le Commandant en Chef de l’armee. About Report? Le Congres a le controle officiel de la CIA. Fellowship? Le FBI doit repondre au departement de la Justice. Writing? En pratique, peu de cette chere theorie a ete appliquee lors de la periode etudiee. Dissertations Purchasing? Une raison a a voir avec le secret : la compartimentation de l’information au sein des cercles de renseignement et militaires.

L’autorisation Top Secret n’autorise pas quelqu’un a acceder a toutes les informations top secret. Report? L’information sensible est disponible sur la base du besoin de savoir. Dissertation? Deux agents de la CIA dans des pieces contigues du Langley Headquarters peuvent etre impliques dans des activites top secret totalement differentes, chacun ignorant completement ce que fait l’autre. Report Writing? Une telle compartimentation n’accroit pas seulement le secret mais aussi l’independance vis-a-vis d’un mauvais type (par ex officiel) de surveillance. Une grande latitude d’activite n’est pas seulement la prerogative de la CIA. Essay About Abortion? Durant les annees 1950, le President et general a 5 etoiles Dwight Eisenhower a effectivement perdu le controle de l’arsenal nucleaire des Etats-Unis. Report? La situation s’est tellement deterioree que lors de ces 2 dernieres annees en fonction, Eisenhower a demande a maintes reprises a avoir une audience avec le chef du Strategic Air Command pour apprendre quel etait le plan de riposte nucleaire de l’Amerique. Essay On Muslim Women? Ce qu’il a finalement appris en 1960, sa derniere annee de fonction, l’a horrifie. Report Writing? Si un heros militaire respecte tel qu’Eisenhower ne pouvait pas controler l’arsenal nucleaire americain ni obtenir une reponse directe du Pentagone, comment diable le pouvaient les presidents Truman, Kennedy, Johnson ou Nixon pour des affaires comparables ? 4- Pouvoir. Dissertation? Le secret, la richesse et l’independance s’ajoutent au pouvoir.

Au cours des ans, l’etat de securite national a obtenu l’acces a la technologie la plus sophistiquee du monde, a isole des millions d’hectares du pays de l’acces ou de l’examen public, a acquis des capacites d’espionnage illimitees a l’interieur des frontieres US et au-dela, a conduit des actions ouvertes ou clandestines contres d’autres pays et poursuivi des guerres sans examen attentif des medias. Report Writing? A l’interieur du pays, il maintient son influence sur des officiels et des communautes elus dans l’espoir de quelques uns des milliards de dollars de la defense. 5- Duplicite. Dissertations? La tromperie est un element cle de la guerre et quand gagner est tout ce qui importe, la moralite conventionnelle des gens ordinaires devient un obstacle. About? Les exemples de tromperie publique par des elements de la securite nationale sont trop nombreux pour etre resumes ici mais sont fournis dans les chapitres suivants.

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The less responsive or slowest element that took the report writing longest time to load (4.4 sec) relates to the external source In fact, the on muslim total size of main page is 963.8 kB. This result falls beyond the top 1M of websites and identifies a large and not optimized web page that may take ages to load. 65% of websites need less resources to load. About Report? Javascripts take 779.8 kB which makes up the on muslim women majority of the site volume.

Total page size 963.8 kB. HTML content can be minified and about report writing compressed by a website’s server. The most efficient way is to compress content using GZIP which reduces data amount travelling through the network between server and browser. HTML code on this page is well minified. It is blake essay highly recommended that content of this web page should be compressed using GZIP, as it can save up to 43.5 kB or 72% of the original size. About Writing? Image size optimization can help to speed up a website loading time. The chart above shows the difference between the size before and after optimization. Speech Topics Help images are well optimized though.

It’s better to minify JavaScript in order to improve website performance. The diagram shows the current total size of all JavaScript files against the prospective JavaScript size after its minification and compression. It is essay on muslim highly recommended that all JavaScript files should be compressed and writing minified as it can save up to 537.0 kB or 69% of the original size. CSS files minification is very important to reduce a web page rendering time. The faster CSS files can load, the earlier a page can be rendered. Essay On Muslim Women? needs all CSS files to about report, be minified and los angeles writers compressed as it can save up to 37.6 kB or 89% of the original size. Report? Size after compression 343.1 kB (64% less) The browser has sent 50 CSS, Javascripts, AJAX and image requests in order to completely render the main page of Speech Topics Help. We recommend that multiple CSS and JavaScript files should be merged into one by each type, as it can help reduce assets requests from los angeles business writers 22 to 1 for JavaScripts and as a result speed up the page load time. Possible request optimization. has a valid and up-to-date SSL certificate that expires on March 3, 2018. uses IP address which is currently shared with 1 other domain. Writing? The more sites share the same IP address, the higher the host server’s workload is. Business? It is about writing strongly recommended that the host server should be changed or the hosting provider should be requested to give a different (separate) IP address for essay about be permitted this domain. Visitor World Map. Country of origin for about report 47.4% of all visits is India. It lies approximately 7850 miles away from the server location (United States) and such a long distance can negatively affect website speed, as it takes some time for data to blake essay, travel back and forth between those places. That’s why one of the best ways to speed up page load time for the majority of report writing, users is moving the server to India or just closer to dissertations purchasing, the user base. Language and report writing encoding. Language claimed in HTML meta tag should match the language actually used on the web page. Otherwise can be misinterpreted by Google and other search engines.

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Conformity and about Obedience Essay Sample. Task: outline and evaluate findings from conformity and obedience research and consider explanations for conformity (and non-conformity), as well as evaluating Milgram’s studies of obedience (including ethical issues). The following essay will be about understanding what is meant by and distinguishing the differences between the terms conformity and obedience. It will show the evaluation of two key psychological studies which seek to explain why people do and do not conform, also with explanations of minority influence. Whilst seeking to business plan writers understand the reasons why people obey authority, it will show an evaluation of Milgram’s study of obedience, discussing the ethical issues raised from the research and about writing assessing whether the knowledge gained about human behaviour justifies Milgram’s experiments. Most people like to feel that they make their own decisions, but in reality they are often just ‘conforming’ by adjusting their actions, attitudes or opinions so that they fit in with those of other people, or just simply to ‘go with the flow’. This happens as a result of real or imagined group pressure (Myers) in (Cardwell 2001), and may result in a change in beliefs or behaviour.

Nobody tells you to conform, and you may not even realise you are doing it as it is implied or implicit. Throughout the course of our lives we become associated with or attached to groups which will each have its own responses expected of it. As a bus passenger you are expected to behave in a certain way, although your attitude may not be as important. As a football fan your attitude towards your team is important where as your behaviour may not be as important. As a parent the cover for retail manager attitudes towards your children are supposed to include encouragement and you expected to demonstrate protective and helpful behaviour. About Writing. It can be found to say that recognising and acting within the pro-social norms of a group may be seen as a desirable act, whereas unthinking conformity to a deviant group opinion might be considered less attractive and dissertations purchasing more of a trait. Deutsch and Gerard (1955) distinguished between informational social influence (I.S.I) and about report normative social influence (N.S.I).

I.S.I – To feel in charge of our lives we all have a basic need for certainty. We need to know our beliefs and ideas are correct and acceptable. If we don’t know how to behave in a situation such as first day at college/work, we look for information to tell us the correct way to act. When were unsure about something we seek for others opinion. In this way we can use that information to evaluate and form our own opinion; although this happens more in situations we’re not familiar with. There is also novel or ambiguous situations, such as when a fire alarm goes off accidently, people may look to others for blake essay guidance. If they appear to know the writing answer people will probably go along with or conform to for retail manager their behaviour. About Report. If we conform because of I.S.I it’s highly likely that we internally believe the opinions we adopt.

At first we’re unsure what to believe, which is why we compare our ideas with others, and become converted to share their views. ISI is letter, based on the need to be right. About Report Writing. When people are unsure of their own judgement they often accept the judgement of others as a guide. N.S.I – we conform in los angeles business writers order to belong, to be liked and to writing be approved by others as people are more likely to accept us if we agree with them. All social groups have norms which define appropriate behaviour for its members. Conforming to a group’s norms brings acceptance and approval while non-conforming can bring disproval and even rejection. According to los angeles plan Kelman (1958) there are three forms of N.S.I. They are compliance, internalisation and identification. You may publically go along with a group’s ideas or norms to about report be accepted. People act in accordance with the majority but don’t agree or change their own beliefs or ideas privately.

This is called Compliance. Internalisation is where the person comes to blake essay accept and about report eventually believes the group view. If we consider a person to be both trustworthy and a good judge of blake essay character then we are more likely to accept their opinions and values, merging them with our own. Report. Over time these thought become part of our own cognitive world. When a person wants to be associated with a group accepting and dissertation believing the groups view this is called identification. A person may desire to be like another person, which may involve adopting the characters of the person (or group).

This may not necessarily be to bring us rewards but because we find it satisfying to be like those, who we are identifying with. According to Cardwell (1996) obedience is about report writing, a type of ford social influence whereby somebody acts in about report response to a direct order from another person. There is an essay women implication the about report actor is made to respond in a way that they wouldn’t have otherwise done without the order. You are in on muslim women no doubt when you are obeying an order (explicit). It is obvious when you are following an order and you won’t change your attitudes as you are behaving as instructed. Report Writing. We will always find ourselves in situations in which we are told to do things by essay on muslim, other people, for writing example boss or supervisor at work.

Within society we work in a hierarchy. We may disagree or resent the orders we are given even when they are legitimate. It is unlikely we will be given an order or instruction that goes against argumentative about abortion should be permitted our conscience or involves us inflicting serious harm on another person. So why do we conform? Gross. R, et al (2000) in about ‘2nd edition psychology a new introduction for A-levels’ says whenever we change our behaviours or views to the real or imagined presence of argumentative essay about abortion be permitted others we are conforming. It is pretty much impossible to about report writing live amongst people and not become influenced by them in los angeles plan some way. Writing. Sometimes people’s attempts to change our behaviour are very obvious.

On other occasions social influence is ford fellowship, less direct and may not involve any explicit requests or demands, for example, when your choice of clothes or taste of music is influenced by what your friends wear or listen to, you are showing conformity. Your peers exert pressure on you to behave (and think) in certain ways, a case of the majority influencing on the individual. Asch (1951) devised a simple perceptual task were the solution was clear and obvious to see. It involved participants to decide which of the 3 comparison lines of different length, matched a single line. The experiment consisted of 123 male students from Swarthmore College in USA. There was an obvious answer and the participants would be sat amongst 4 to 6 confederates and would be sat in either seat 5 or 6 around a table. The participants would give the correct answer but as the report experiment went on, the for retail manager confederates began to about writing start choosing the wrong answers to see if the blake essay participants would conform to the majority. The results showed on average 32% of people conformed in critical trials, 75% of people conformed at least once and report writing just 25% of people failed to conform at all.

After the experiment the participants were asked why they conformed. To which they all said to be right or because they doubted their answers. Asch also carried out other studies to attempt to discover what factors will affect the level of conformity. He believed the size of the dissertation group affected the level of conformity and it tended to writing increase when the group the dissertations group size did. He also found that just one confederate and the rest subjects reduced conformity up to report 80%. The status of the majority in the group was also another factor.

People are easily influenced, especially by people we perceive as a higher status, resulting in higher conformity. Asch’s experiments did give a lot of insight into why people conform, but there are still criticisms. As the fellowship tests were done in a lab it lacks ecological validity. People may have just been conforming due to about writing the setting and argumentative essay atmosphere. The experiment could not be generalised because all the participants were young, white and American students. About. They would have all been from best for retail manager similar I.Q groups. The issue of ethics was also questioned as Asch deceived his subjects. They did not know give their consent or know exactly what they were being tested on. They thought they were being tested on their perception but were actually being tested on how naive they were. Writing. Asch did however debrief all his participants after the dissertations purchasing experiment.

One of the earliest criticisms of Asch’s work was that it was time consuming and uneconomical in sense one person at about report, a time. On Muslim. Crutchfield (1954) attempted to overcome these problems with his version, involving cubicles, which had a panel of lights and switches. The participant believed the panel of lights represented the responses of other people. The cubicle took away the need for confederates and also allowed for several participants to be tested at report writing, one time. There were quite a few replications of dissertations Asch’s experiment. Perrin and Spencer (1980) replicated the experiment in England during the about report 1970’s, finding only one person conformed. There is argumentative about abortion should, a clear cultural and timing difference also with the participants being mostly science students, who would have been confident enough to not conform. Lalancette and Standing (1980) replicate the about writing experiment and found no conformity at all. Perrin and Spencer (1980) replicated the experiment testing on young offenders on probation with probation officers as stooges, and found similar levels of conformity to Asch’s research.

Moscovici et al (1969) believed differently to Asch’s studies. They set up a stooge minority of 2 to fellowship consistently describe a blue- green colour as green. The majorities view had changed to that of the minority, and this effect persisted even when further colour judgements were asked for after the about writing stooges left the experiment. Women. 32% of participants conformed at least once. This shows that the majority can be influenced by the minority. If one person doesn’t conform, it will still give the others courage not to as well, as long as they are consistent with their answers. This is called minority influence. Another popular experiment in psychology is about report writing, Zimbardo et al.’s (1973) prison experiment.

The question researchers asked was how participants might react when placed in a simulated environment. A mock prison was set up in the basement of Stanford University psychology building, and then selected 24 undergraduates’ students to play the roles of both prisoners and guards. Participants were each selected from ford dissertation fellowship a larger group of 70 because they had no criminal background, lacked psychological issues and had no major medical issues. About Report. The volunteers agreed to participate for a 1 to 2 week period in exchange for $15 a day. Essay Women. The prison had 3 cells; each was 6 by 9 foot and held 3 prisoners or held 3 cots. Other rooms were for the guards and report prison officers.

One very small place was designated as the solitary confinement room. Should. The 24 volunteers were randomly assigned to either prisoner group or group. Prisoners were to writing remain in the mock prison 24 hours a day, while guards were assigned to blake essay work in 3 man teams for 8 hour shifts. After each shift the guards were allowed to report return home until their next shift. Researchers were able to observe the behaviour of both prisoners and guards using hidden cameras and microphones.

While the experiment was suppose to last for 14 days it had to be cut short after just 6 days due to what was happening to the prisoner participants. The guards became abusive and the prisoners began to show extreme signs of distress and anxiety. The guards were allowed to act as they wanted, and were generally hostile, while the women prisoners became passive and about depressed. Five of the participants eventually had to be released from the experiment early. Even then researchers themselves began to lose sight of the reality of the essay on muslim women situation. Zimbardo, who was acting as prison warden, overlooked abusive behaviour until a graduate student (Christina Maslach) objected to about writing the conditions and the morality of continuing the experiment. ‘Only a few people were able to resist the situational temptations to yield to plan power and dominance while maintaining some semblance of report writing morality and decency; obviously I was not among that noble class’ Zimbardo in his book ‘The Lucifer Effect’. The Stanford Prison experiment is often cited as an example of unethical research. It could not be replicated by researchers today because it fails to meet many of the ethical codes. Zimbardo even said ‘although we ended the experiment a week earlier than planned, we did not end it soon enough.’ Other critics have said the study lacks ecological validity and that there are too many variable to recreate a real life prison situation. Also you cannot generalise with the experiment as an unrepresentative sample of mostly white and middleclass students were used. Best For Retail. Despite a lot of criticism, the Stanford Prison experiment is still an important area of study in writing the understanding of best cover manager how the situation can influence human behaviour.

Another recent is the reports of the about report writing Abu Ghraib prisoner abuses in Iraq brought attention to the study. Blake Essay. Many people suggest this was a real life example of the same results from Zimbardo’s experiment. The most famous experiments in this area were carried out by Stanley Milgram in the 1960’s. Milgram found that if instructed to people could deliver potentially fatal electric shocks to about another person as part of a psychological experiment. Volunteers took the role of a teacher who would be delivering shocks to a student, each time he was asked a question and purchasing produced an report writing incorrect answer. While the participant believed he was assigned his role by random, the student was actually a confederate; who was also in on the experiment and simply pretending to be shocked. During the experiments many of the participants showed signs of distress and dissertations purchasing attempted to withdraw, but 65% showed total obedience to the orders of the experimenter, that they should continue to the end. The aim of Milgram’s research was to gain an explanation to the war crimes of World War 2, but what it actually showed was the tendency to obey an authority figure, even if that means taking the life of another, can be found in all of us. Report Writing. Darling (1997) says taking part in Milgram’s experiment could change them for the worse. As a result of concerns about the amount of anxiety experienced by many of the participants, all subjects were debriefed at the end of the experiments to explain the procedures and use of deception.

Many critics of the study have argued that the participants were still confused about the exact nature of the experiment. Milgram later surveyed the blake essay participants and found that 84% were glad to have participated, while 1% regretted any involvement. Milgram’s studies have been criticized for its ethics. Although this would have seriously affected the about report results of the experiment, by failing to reveal his true intentions Milgram was deceiving his participants, whilst also failing to ask for informed consent. He made it difficult for them to withdraw from the on muslim women experiment and whenever Milgram’s participants would show any reluctance to administer the shocks, the experimenter gave a series of verbal prods or cues, which were basically orders that the writing participant should continue with the experiment. Many of the participants were observed to fellowship ‘…sweat, stutter, tremble, groan, bite their lips and dig their nails into their flesh. Full blown uncontrollable seizures were observed for three (participants)’. Milgram (1974).

Orne and Holland (1968) say that Milgram’s experiments lack experimental validity and about report that participant’s might not had believed they were actually delivering the electric shocks. However, in another study with students, participants were found to argumentative essay abortion be permitted obey 75% of the writing time when asked to deliver electric shocks to a puppy, Sheridan and King (1972) puppy experiment, this possibility seems to be excluded. Orne and Holland (1968) say that Milgram’s experiments lack ecological validity or realism. They say ‘the results do not extend beyond the particular laboratory setting in which they were collected’. Also adding that the cues in business the experimental seeing influenced the participant’s perception. On the other hand, Hoffling et al.’s (1966) naturalistic study of nurses, would dispute this claim.

They found that out of writing 22 nurses, who were before asked if they would administer a drug without written authorisation and twice the los angeles recommended daily dose, that they all said they would not, however 21 out of 22 participants, when asked by a ‘real’ doctor, complied without hesitation. 50% claimed not to report have noticed the business writers dosage discrepancy. Milgram’s research was criticised for issues regarding generalisation. Report. Authority figures often possess visible symbols of their power or status that make it difficult to refuse their command. In Milgram’s experiments the dissertation experimenter always wore a grey coat. Altogether Milgram studied 636 which represented a cross-section of the writing population of los angeles New Haven (the location of Yale University). This was said to be a small, white American town. Milgram himself also admitted that those who continued to give the shocks up to the maximum of 450 volts were more likely to see the about report writing learner as responsible, opposed to themselves. These participants were said to cover letter for retail manager have a stronger authoritarian character, which includes respect for authority and report writing a lower level of moral development (Rosenthal Rosnow, 1996). He used mainly male participants for the experiments, and of the 40 females that were used as participants, 65% went up to the 450 volts, comparable with the results of males.

So did the knowledge gained justify Milgram’s experiments? Well Milgram found that the blake essay German’s did not have a more sadistic nature, which refuted the original hypothesis. The majority of people will obey orders from a perceived authority figure, even if they go against their own conscience. This gives us a greater understanding of human behaviour which could be of huge importance if say another catastrophic event such as a World War were to happen in the future. Report Writing. Obedience can be taught in dangerous situations, where our natural state may cause us to find the argumentative essay abortion should be permitted situation distressing (eg.

Army, Nurse). About Writing. Unfortunately, on the flip side people now appear to mistrust psychologists more and there are also still doubts about the damage caused to the 1% who regretted involvement. On Muslim. This did however lead to raising the report writing issue of stress and harm, and the need for ethics in psychology. Milgram’s study on dissertations purchasing obedience was one of the first studies in about writing this area. This comes from the observation of physical and mental stress and harm in previous research that has been deemed to be inexcusable in recent times.

His study made use of deception in having participants think they were shocking a real person, also failing to reveal experiment was actually to measure obedience to ford dissertation authority. The argument was that without deception the same results could not have been attained, in other words, for in the name of science. To conclude on this, people will conform to be liked or to be right. Whether that is to report writing fit in or because that is all they know and they believe that is the way they must act. They will conform to the roles they believe are socially acceptable for example the guards in the prison experiment conformed to the roles they believed they should act. The same could be said about the prisoners. Dissertations Purchasing. On the other hand people will obey orders from an authority figure occasionally even if it means going against their own moral beliefs. This was seen in Milgram’s experiment and as a result of the ethical issues raised; highlighting the importance for ethical guidelines; procedures are now in place to ensure participants are not caused any physical or mental harm during experiments. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Conformity and report writing Obedience. essay editing for only $13.9 per page.

Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Conformity and purchasing Obedience. Obedience and Conformity are both highly looked upon in the public service sector, this is because to be a successful team in public services you have to be able to… Evaluate Research (Theories and/or Studies) on Conformity. Conformity is the propensity to adjust one’s opinions, feelings or performance in ways that are in agreement with those of a specific individual or group, or with known standards about… ”The Perils of Obedience” by Stanley Milgram. In Stanley Milgram’s, The Perils of Obedience, Milgram states “obedience is as basic an element in the structure of social life as one can point to.”(1) Milgram then shows how… Group Conformity and Self-Esteem. The purpose of this study is to prove that low self-esteem have a correlation with group conformity. The group wanted to see if college students who have a high level… Discuss the about writing Deindividuation Theory.

Deindividuation is a process whereby people lose their sense of socialised individual identity and engage in unsocialised and often antisocial behaviour. Generally, people refrain from acting in an aggressive and… Outline and evaluate explanations for why people obey. People are more likely to obey when under the influence of a legitimate authority or in a place of great importance. Essay On Muslim. Milgram found this in his investigation when in his…

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Crime Rates and Perceptions of Crime. The public perception of crime is that it has increased whilst official statistics show that overall, crime has decreased over the years. Writing. In this ‘risk society’, a fear of victimisation has become part of our lifestyle and we are constantly reminded of the potential dangers of fellowship, becoming victims of crime. The famous study by Stanley Cohen (Folk Devils and report writing, Moral Panics (1972)) is a prime example of purchasing, how society is encouraged to worry about certain groups and use them as a scapegoat to report writing blame society’s problems on. Sociologists are concerned with this topic as the fear of crime is becoming a bigger problem to tackle than crime itself.

1. 2 Research Question Why has the fear of crime increased when statistics indicate a fall in crime? What influences people’s perceptions of crime and to letter manager what extent do these perceptions impact on society? The central concern of my research is to about discover the reasons behind the dissertations growing fear of crime and if there is a causal link between newspaper readership and perceptions of crime. Need essay sample on Crime Rates and Perceptions of Crime ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page. As (Blackie 2009: 77) suggests, my research question is to understand, explain and evaluate the reasons behind this problem.

This is a topic of interest to report sociologists as media’s ‘construction of reality’ creates a distorted view of crime, with people more out of touch with the reality of crime than ever. Women. 2. Data Selection The first table I have selected shows the sources most influential on report the changes of perception of crime over the past few years (see Appendix 1), and the second table reflects the correlation between newspaper readership and perceptions of crime (see Appendix 2). I collected these tables from the Home Office’s British Crime Survey on (‘Perceptions of crime, engagement with the police, authorities dealing with anti social behaviour and community payback’ (Chaplin et al, 2011)). This information was gathered by a national face to face victimisation survey of women, people aged 16 and over report writing, from households in England and letter, Wales where people were asked their experiences of crime. 3. Methodology The data I am analysing is quantitative data, since ‘it is not possible to become a social scientist without an understanding of statistics’ (Diamond and Jefferies, 2001: 1). It is also a form of secondary data analysis as the data I am looking at are derived from official statistics. About Report Writing. When analysing table 3. 02 (see Appendix 2), I discovered a bivariate relationship between the type of newspaper read, and the public’s perception surrounding the cover letter for retail amount of crime. There is a causal relationship here; depending on what newspaper you read your perception of crime is likely to report differ.

As (Bryman, A and Cramer, D 2000) note, it is important to blake essay establish the cause prior to the effect. About Writing. An effect cannot come before a cause. In table 3. 01 (see Appendix 1) there is a dependent variable and an independent variable. The dependent variable is the public’s perception of crime and the independent variable is the dissertations purchasing type of source they hear it from. From analysing the variables within the tables I have come up with a hypothesis that media representations of crime can influence people’s view of crime. What I want to discover is if this amplifies people’s fear of crime. Firstly, I will be using formal content analysis to measure the amount of space devoted to about report crime and the types of crime covered in newspapers. I will then use thematic analysis to look for themes which underlie the content. My third and final analysis will be textual analysis where I will be closely examining the text used in newspapers to see how it encourages a particular reading and creates an impression. Some of the advantages of using secondary data analysis include firstly it is more structured and standardised which gives us more reliable and repeatable results.

It allows us to study larger numbers which gives results that are more representative of a population. As it is a detached and blake essay, objective method, the researcher merely manipulates the variables and records the results. Their subjective feelings have no effect on the outcome of the experiment. If subjectivity becomes involved it could interfere with the outcome. In the British Crime Survey they used interviews to about find out people’s views.

This made the results easy to quantify especially when answers are pre coded. This also makes them suitable for hypothesis testing. However, there are also disadvantages to essay should using quantitative data. As we are analysing from a secondary source, there is a lack of about report writing, familiarity with the essay women data which may cause confusion with the data presented. It does not allow the researcher to be personally involved, thus they produce a more superficial understanding. The British Crime Survey 2010/11 gives us an overall view of the statistics involved; however it does not give a deeper understanding and a more valid picture of the other factors that may be relevant. The results of quantitative data are limited as it produces numerical descriptions as opposed to a detailed narrative which gives us a less detailed account of the report public’s perception on dissertation fellowship crime. 4. Analysis The world appears to have become a dangerous place to live, there is writing, a ‘fear of crime’ and a ‘fortress mentality’. The increased sense of insecurity makes many unable to deal reasonably with the problem of crime. One of the reasons crime has decreased is the privatisation of dissertations, public space in report writing, recent years.

CCTV are used to control how people access these public areas. The police have also become confined to certain parts of towns and cities due to ‘tipping’ which allows them to keep a watchful eye on a specific area. Baldwin and Bottoms (1976) looked at the process of plan, ‘tipping’, which is when councils put all antisocial together in the same place. This leads to concentration of crime in a given area, which can also have the opposite writing effect of creating more crime. The process of dissertation fellowship, tipping is similar to the broken window theory of Wilson and Kelling (1982). It’s a zero tolerance where there is no acceptance even of the smallest crimes. This will not allow them to grow into bigger problems. The media devotes a great deal of time and coverage to crime and deviance. They are accused of giving a distorted image of crime, criminals and policing.

There are studies that indicate that the proportion of news devoted to crime has increased over the past 50 years. An example is report, a study that found the proportion of space given to crime reports in the Daily Mirror and the Times from 1945 to 1991 increased from 8% to argumentative essay abortion 21% (Reiner et al. , 2000). About Report. The coverage of violent and best cover letter, sexual crimes is significantly greater than their incidence as measured by official statistics, victim studies and self report studies. Homicide accounts for one third of all crime news. About Writing. William and Dickinson’s (1993) study of 10 national newspapers in 1989 found 64.

5% of crime stories were about violence against a person, whereas the British Crime Survey only showed 6% of crimes reported by victims in 1989 about violence. The amount of violent and sexual crimes tended to be more frequent the more ‘down market’ the newspaper. Dissertations Purchasing. Although murder stories attract much of the public eye, it only about report, accounts for on muslim women 600 or 700 offences a year, with most of about report writing, these being domestic violence. Table 3. 03 (see appendix 2) shows the dissertations difference between tabloid newspapers and broadsheet newspapers and writing, people’s perception of crime. 81% of people who read ‘popular’ newspapers believed crime had increased, in comparison to 59% of people who read ‘broadsheet’ newspapers. This shows how the type of newspaper affects people’s view of crime and how the media want certain groups to worry about crime more than others.

If the working class are living in fear of crime, they are less likely to rise and revolt, as they are too busy fearing the dissertations ‘vicious’ streets. Crime news focuses on the actual incident of the crime rather than the causes. However broadsheets such as the Guardian are more likely to contain an analysis of the causes of crime (Carrabine et al. , 2002). Tabloid readers are mostly working class as they tend to prefer the cheaper and less intellectual types of newspapers. Simmons and Dodd, 2003) discovered tabloid readers are twice as likely to be ‘very worried’ about burglary, mugging, physical attack and rape. An important fact is that the report victims of crime are mostly the poor, working class and ethnic deprived groups. Much crime is done by the working class on blake essay the working class. Ironically, the media shows victims being mainly women, white people and high status individuals. About Report. This shows how the media are manipulating our view of crime, making us believe the working class are committing the crimes whilst the privileged are suffering from the crimes.

However, there is another view. The British Crime Survey found that people who live in inner-city areas and council estates are particularly concerned about crime, particularly violent crime. Argumentative Abortion. These are the areas where most working class people live and the areas where violent crime is more likely to about report writing happen. Tabloid newspapers may merely be reflecting their concern with crime rather than shaping it. As Crawford et al. Blake Essay. , (1990) says, ‘in inner city areas, mass media coverage of crime tends to reinforce what people already know. ’ From looking at table 3. 1 (see Appendix 1) it shows the about writing major sources that influence people’s perceptions of crime is news programmes on TV/radio, local newspaper and tabloid newspapers. Different sources of information affected the different perceptions of crime. The people who thought crime had increased nationally were most likely to find out about crime through TV programmes or radio (62%), local newspapers (35%) or tabloid newspapers (35%) as their source of information.

Both tables are ordinal data as the events are ‘placed in ordered categories along a single dimension’ (Fowler Jr. 2004). The main sources of crime news derive from the police and ford dissertation fellowship, courts. Report Writing. However, it is important to argumentative essay about be permitted note that the way the statistics were collected may affect the data. There is a dark figure of crime that does not get reported and writing, that the best cover manager police consider not worthy to be recorded. Not all crimes are reported and the police record an even smaller proportion of property crime. The official crime index excludes for offences ranging from drunk driving to about white collar violations. Marxists believe capitalism exploits the ford working class and this gives rise to crime.

Capitalism encourages the middle class to be greedy and self interested. This sometimes leads to corporate and white collar crime however this is not the media’s main focus. Marxists also argue street crime is disproportionally prosecuted, that the poor commit compared to the white collar crime that the middle class commit. Stuart Hall’s (Policing The Crisis (1978)) study applied a fully social theory of deviance to the study of mugging. Hall’s study shows how the media will focus on a particular minority and create a moral panic, often to about cover another problem. The myth of the black mugger served as a scapegoat to distract attention away from the real causes of problem such as unemployment. Dissertation Fellowship. The black mugger came to symbolise the disintegration of the social order. Writing. This is also apparent in today’s society as we are encouraged to fear the blake essay ‘hoody’ youth and believe the majority of them carry a knife. Journalists are dependent on official sources for report writing their information.

These sources have become primary definers – they define what counts as crime, what counts as justice and essay on muslim, what they believe to be significant. In doing so, they reflect the concerns of the powerful – the agents of social control and the state (Hall et al. , 1978). The British Crime Survey includes questions about perceptions of report writing, crime and the concerns. It also asks questions about cover for retail manager, newspaper readership. Findings from the surveys from 2001 to 2003 show that over about report writing, the three years, a growing proportion of dissertations purchasing, respondents thought that the national crime rate had risen ‘a lot’ (25% in 2001, 30% in report writing, 2001/02 and 38% in 2002/03). In comparison, the British Crime Survey indicated a steady fall in crime over these years. The 2002/03 survey shows that 43% of those who read a tabloid newspaper believed the purchasing crime rate had increased ‘a lot’ compared to report writing 26% of broadsheet readers (Simmons and Dodd, 2003). Essay About Abortion Be Permitted. The news media tend to portray a positive picture of the Criminal Justice System. Things such as the about success and justice of the police are often exaggerated.

There are some stories of the corruption of the police however this is presented as an individual’s failings, rather than the Criminal Justice System (Chibnall, 1977). Los Angeles Plan Writers. The legitimacy of the Criminal Justice System is protected. This underlies many news reports on crimes. The mean ‘is the average of the distribution of the variable’ (Seale C 2004: 327). The most common expression for the mean of a statistical distribution with a variable is the average of all the terms. In order to discover the mean, you simply add up the values of report, all the terms and then divide by the number of terms.

There are other expressions however these forms are hardly used in statistics. ‘The median is the number positioned in the middle of a distribution, below which half the los angeles values fall’ (Seal C 2004: 328) The median for table 3. 1 (see appendix 1) is Broadsheet newspapers at 20% . The mean for table 3. 03 (see appendix 2) for the tabloid newspapers are The Daily Mail and The Daily Star both at 81% saying crime has increased. The median for the broadsheet newspapers are The Times and report, The Financial Times at 60% and 50%. The mode is defined as ‘being the most frequently occurring value in a distribution’ (Seal C 2004:328). The mode for table 3. 01 (see appendix 1) this is the variable that occurs most often. The variable that occurred most often in both tables was the newspapers and more specifically tabloid newspapers. Conclusion In conclusion, the tables and data provided have proved there is an obvious causal relationship between newspaper readership and perceptions of crime. It has effected society as we have almost become reliant on sources of secondary data such as newspapers to ford dissertation fellowship feed us with knowledge of crime, which has created a distorted view. We become sucked into the manipulation of the report media and believe what we read to be fact, even if we do know at the back of our minds it is an exaggerated version of the truth. Crime has always been a staple ingredient of purchasing, human’s fascination and it will always make headlines.

The main influence of people’s perception of crime comes from the about media. The media has a huge part to play in shaping the way we think and hear about things, therefore they are also able to manipulate our view, but ultimately it is our choice to believe it or not. For Durkheim (1893) ‘Crime is normal and an integral part of all healthy society. ’ It is also important to dissertations purchasing realise that we do need crime in society as it affirms our cultural values and norms and promotes social unity.