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Honor in much ado about nothing essay

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Honor in much ado about nothing essay

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Birth Control and Reproductive Health. Ado About Essay! 1. The RH bill carries with it an oppressive punishment for people who will not comply with it, making disagreeing with it and thesis statement, teaching something contrary to honor ado about it a crime. Section 21 of the RH bill says that“the ff. We will write a custom essay sample. on Birth Control and Reproductive Health or any similar. topic specifically for you. acts are prohibited: any health care service provider, whether public or private, who shall knowingly withhold information or impede the 2007 diabetes essay, dissemination thereof, and/or intentionally provide incorrect information regarding programs and services on reproductive health including the right to informed choice and access to a full range of legal, medically-safe and effective family planning methods” BUT- who defines what is correct or incorrect here? The RH bill and its proponents.

If the RH bill proponents says that an honor ado about nothing essay, IUD is and hobbes not abortifacient, and honor in much ado about, abortion is not wrong, and and hobbes essay, that life does not begin at conception, all of which are totally wrong and against Christian principles, so when Christian health workers will teach about the sanctity of life and that life begins at conception, and that sex should only be between married couples, we will be violating the RH bill and honor in much ado about essay, committing crimes once it becomes law. 2. The RH Bill undermines the circuit, institution of honor ado about nothing essay marriage. As Christians do not have any doctrine prohibiting ligation, you may think it may not be of concern to many Christians, but the RH bill considers a prohibited act (Sec 21) if a health worker ” refuses to calvin essay perform voluntary ligation and vasectomy and other legal and medically-safe reproductive health care services on ado about any person of of phoenix material legal age on the ground of lack of spousal consent or authorization”. The Catholic and Muslim nurses and doctors who refuse to perform ligation or vasectomy, will be committing a crime. We do not malign or disdain Catholics on honor in much ado about nothing essay this matter. It is against their doctrine. BUT, for short term, us, the RH bill terribly undermines marriage : the Bill puts into in much law that a woman or man does NOT have to have spousal consent or authorization to have a ligation or vasectomy. And if a health worker refuses to perform this procedure, on this particular groundof lack of spousal consent, he or she will be committing a crime.

Christian, Catholic and Muslim marriages will be affected by this. 3. Page 2 Birth Control and Reproductive Health Essay. The RH bill undermines parental authority and undermines the family, which are against Christian principles. The RH Bill will punish those health workers (Sec. 21)who “refuse to provide reproductive health care services to an abused minor, whose abused condition is certified by the proper official or personnel of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) or to a duly DSWD-certified abused pregnant minor on market whose case no parental consent is necessary”.

What does it mean by “reproductive health care services to an abused pregnant minor”? Pregnant young women all the more need parental guidance and in much ado about essay, consent is necessary for whatever “reproductive health services” will be done on these young abused women! Why doesn’t the bill specify what “reproductive health services” will be done on such minors, who are already pregnant? Is this bill trying to hide the essay 2009, use of abortion or the use of abortifacient chemical contraceptives like the “emergency contraceptive” as “solutions” offered to an abused minor who is already pregnant? And all without a parent’s consent, which is honor ado about nothing totally unacceptable to good statement for legalizing gay marriage Christian doctrine.

4. The RH bill has a conscientious objection provision, BUT, it negates it by REQUIRING by law “that the conscientious objector shall immediately refer the person seeking such care and services to honor in much nothing another health care service provider within the same facility or one which is conveniently accessible”. (Sec. 21) So even if a Catholic or Muslim doctor refuses to perform a ligation, they are required to refer. People who conscientiously object must NOT be required to refer. Short Term Paper! They are already objecting. 5. The RH Bill will require Christian churches and schools to provide reproductive health care services to its employees. Ado About Essay! All abortifacient forms of birth control, those that prohibit the conceived embryo from implanting in the uterine wall, are unacceptable to circuit des ducs 2009 Christian teachings.

The RH Bill will require employers to provide “reproductive health care services, supplies and devices to all workers, more particularly women workers. ” The RH bill will punish employers for honor in much nothing, not following section 17, which states: “all Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) shall provide for the free delivery by the employer of reasonable quantity of circuit 2009 reproductive health care services, supplies and in much ado about essay, devices to all workers, more particularly women workers. In establishments or enterprises where there are no CBAs or where the employees are unorganized, the employer shall have the same obligation. 2007 Contest Essay! ” So employers are required to provide reproductive health care to its employees! Remember, this will become a law. This will affect Christian, Catholic and Muslim employers, even Christian churches and schools, because our churches and schools have employees. Remember, intrauterine devices and some birth control pills are abortifacient, meaning they prevent implantation of an already-conceived embryo. Life begins at conception, therefore anything that kills an embryo or prevents it from implanting causes an abortion or death of the human embryo. As Christians, we know that life begins at conception.

We reject any form of any birth control that kills a conceived life. 6. Contrary to claims by RH bill proponents in honor in much ado about nothing, Congress that abortion is not mentioned, the bill specifically mentions abortion in Sec. 4 in its definition of terms: It lists as the fourth element of reproductive health care the good thesis statement gay marriage, “prevention of abortion and management of post-abortion complications”. Honor Essay! You may say, but it prevents abortion, what’s wrong? But why must “management of essay conclusion post-abortion complications” be part of honor in much nothing essay reproductive health? Abortion is a crime.

Why must the RH bill specifically mention management of essay post-abortion complications? It specifies “abortion” as the cause of the complication. What this does is that it sets apart induced, illegal, morally wrong, criminal abortion as a procedure or cause necessitating management. Why not just make it a more general “provision of emergency obstetric care to everyone who needs it”? The very fact that abortion is specified as the cause of the complication means that the in much ado about nothing, RH bill condones abortion and gives it special treatment.

Abortion is murder of the short paper market, unborn baby and essay, a grievous sin before God. Of Phoenix Worksheet! It is the honor in much ado about nothing, shedding of innocent blood. It is a crime under Philippine laws. 7. The RH bill will teach the of phoenix material outline worksheet, entire nation, especially the honor ado about nothing, young people, its definitions of deprivation essay human sexuality, sex, sexual identity, interpersonal relationships, affection, intimacy and nothing essay, gender roles. They will also define contraception and abortion.

In Section 4, the RH bill defines “Reproductive health education” as “the process of acquiring complete, accurate and relevant information on all matters relating to the reproductive system, its functions and paper, processes and honor in much essay, human sexuality; and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, interpersonal relationships, affection, intimacy and gender roles. It also includes developing the necessary skills to be able to material statement outline worksheet distinguish between facts and myths on sex and sexuality; and critically evaluate. and discuss the moral, religious, social and cultural dimensions of related sensitive issues such as contraception and abortion. ” Once again, who decides what is correct and What are facts? The Bill and its proponents determine that. And once it is honor in much ado about nothing essay a law, whatever they (the proponents and the Population Commission) define these things to be, will be what is of phoenix statement and informal worksheet correct and anyone who teaches otherwise will be committing crimes. And once again, abortion is mentioned. Abortion has nothing to do with “responsible parenthood” and “family planning”. 8. We reject the RH Bill It will teach our children and the entire country a sex education curriculum which its proponents have formulated. The RH Bill says in Sec. 12, “Mandatory Age-Appropriate Reproductive Health Education. ”– “Reproductive Health Education in an age-appropriate manner shall be taught by adequately trained teachers starting from Grade 5 up to essay Fourth Year High School….

The POPCOM, in coordination with the Department of Education, shall formulate the Reproductive Health Education curriculum, which shall be common to both public and private schools and conclusion, shall include related population and development concepts in addition to the following subjects and in much nothing essay, standards : Reproductive health and sexual rights; Reproductive health care and services; Attitudes, beliefs and values on sexual development, sexual behavior and sexual health; Proscription of the hazards of abortion and management of post-abortion complications; Responsible parenthood.. Term Paper! Use and application of natural and modern family planning methods to promote reproductive health, achieve desired family size and honor in much, prevent unwanted, unplanned and mistimed pregnancies; Abstinence before marriage; Prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and other, STIs/STDs, prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer and other gynecological disorders; Responsible sexuality; and Maternal, peri-natal and university of phoenix material statement outline, post-natal education, care and services. ” While prevention of AIDS and STDs, abstinence before marriage and honor in much nothing essay, responsible parenthood are good, there is nothing good with the government teaching “Attitudes, beliefs and thesis statement for legalizing gay marriage, values on sexual development, sexual behavior and sexual health” to our children! Plus, once again they have managed to in much ado about insert “abortion” again. What will be taught about the des ducs 2009, “hazards of abortion” ? Abortion is honor in much nothing 100% fatal and 100% hazardous to the unborn baby who has been aborted! Why must “management of post-abortion complications” be taught in sex education? 9. We reject the RH bill because it’s really. about money for diabetes, contraceptive manufacturers and suppliers. The RH bill puts into law that contraceptives will be made into in much nothing essential medicines . Sec. 10 says “Hormonal contraceptives, intrauterine devices, injectables and other allied reproductive health products and supplies shall be considered under the category of calvin and hobbes essential medicines and supplies which shall form part of the National Drug Formulary and the same shall be included in the regular purchase of essential medicines and in much ado about nothing, supplies of all national and local hospitals and other government health units. Term Paper! ” The RH bill only lays the groundwork for government purchases of contraceptives, including some contraceptives that are abortifacient, which we reject. 10. We reject the ado about nothing essay, RH bill because it encourages a two-child policy.

In Sec. 16, “Ideal Family Size” it says: “The State shall assist couples, parents and individuals to achieve their desired family size within the context of responsible parenthood for sustainable development and encourage them to have two children as the ideal family size. Attaining the circuit, ideal family size is neither mandatory nor compulsory. No punitive action shall be imposed on parents having more than two children. ” While it says that it is not mandatory or compulsory, it will still become a law, meaning, the law will encourage this two-child policy. If it is written in the law, it will be part of legislated health policy. Previous versions of the honor essay, RH Bill (the past HB 3773) even had a provision that government scholarships will only be extended to the first two children in a family. Surprisingly, it is no longer in the present bill. But what if this is essay 2009 put into the implementing rules and regulations? And people who will have large families will be stigmatized even if they are not punished. Whatever is good in the bill is already legal and is being done.

Yes, women who aborted/killed their children must not be refused emergency obstetric care. But RA 8344, already penalizes the refusal of hospitals and medical clinics to administer appropriate initial medical treatment and support in emergency and serious cases. Women who have aborted/killed their babies are already given emergency obstetric care through this act. HIV-AIDS programs are already in in much essay, place through RA 8504,the “Philippine AIDS Prevention and sleep deprivation, Control Act of 1998?. The RH bill tries to encompass so many health issues under it such that people who reject the RH bill are viewed as anti-women, anti-health, anti-HIV prevention and anti-development. In Much Ado About Essay! But now we have shown you what is definitely worth rejecting in the RH bill-it is the hidden agenda tucked into the RH bill, the oppressive nature of the bill toward those who reject it, the values it undermines and 2007 contest, the questionable “values” it will try to teach. Say what? Davao Oriental Rep Thelma Almario said the Philippines is a migrant country and that#8217;s why she was voting against the bill. “I wish that in my lifetime we will have enough Filipinos so we can #8216;Filipinize#8217; the whole world,#8221; she said. Pampanga Rep Dong Gonzales, who has 12 siblings, shared his life story.

After a lengthy explanation, he voted no. “My parents told me to in much essay say no before they passed on,” he said, drawing laughter from the crowd. Citing the communist movement, Anad party-list Jun Alcover voted a #8220;double no#8221; to the RH Bill, saying that it will #8220;destroy choice and divide the nation. #8221; Association of Laborers and Employees (ALE) partylist Rep Catalina Bagasina invoked Typhoon #8220;Pablo#8221; when he voted against the bill. “The recent natural calamities are a sign that the RH Bill is bad,” she said. Meanwhile, Sarangani Rep Manny Pacquiao, fresh from essay his defeat to Mexican boxer Juan Miguel Marquez, said his resolve to vote no was strengthened by honor essay the Las Vegas fight. Sleep Deprivation! #8220;My wife cried. Some thought I was dead. Kung akala nila isang buhay na naman ang nawala, what happened in Vegas strengthened my already firm belief in the sanctitiy of lilfe,#8221; he said. Honor Ado About! #8220;Ang nangyari sa Vegas ang nagpaigting ng aking paniniwala na ang buhay ay sagrado. #8221; Pacquiao added. No to RH Bill Zamboanga City Rep Beng Climaco cited a familiar reason in explaining her no vote that maternal care for women is already addressed by the Magna Carta of outline Women, a law she co-authored. But the most overwhelming reason cited by those who voted no is in much nothing religion.

Manila Rep Amado Bagatsing perhaps best summed up the anti-RH bloc#8217;s arguments in his speech: #8220;The RH Bill is anti-Catholic, anti-poor, against life and against the family. #8221; Cebu Rep Pablo Garcia, who, along with Cagayan Rep Rufus Rodriguez, led the charge against the measure during the period of amendments said, #8220;God is the source and giver of essay life. The RH Bill seeks to prevent and constrain the law of ado about essay God from giving that life by the use of essay condoms, contraceptives, IUDs, tubal ligation and what have you,#8221; he said. Ilocos Norte Rep Imelda Marcos agreed. #8220;Any law against natural law or the fundamental law of God is against God,#8221; she said. Batangas Rep Tom Apacible offered his vote to Mother Mary: “I offer my vote to the Lady of nothing essay Immaculate Conception and university of phoenix outline worksheet, the Lady of honor ado about nothing Guadalupe. ” Iloilo Rep Augusto Boboy Syjuco recited the entire apostles creed: “I believe in thesis for legalizing, God, the honor ado about nothing, Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth and in Jesus Christ, his only begotten Son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the university thesis statement and informal, Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead and buried. He descended into the dead. On the third day he rose again from the dead. He ascended into heaven, and seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty. From thence he shall come to judge the honor essay, living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Ghost. I believe in the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the good thesis for legalizing gay marriage, forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the honor in much, body. And the life everlasting.

Amen. ” Quezon City Rep Bingbong Crisologo, on the other hand, cited another religion: “If we can respect Islam and give them special laws, can we not respect Catholicism and give it special laws? ” The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 (Republic Act No. 10354), informally known as the Reproductive Health Law or RH Bill, is and hobbes a law in the Philippines, which guarantees universal access to methods on contraception, fertility control, sexual education, and maternal care. In Much Ado About! While there is general agreement about its provisions on maternal and child health, there is calvin great debate on its mandate that the nothing essay, Philippine government and of phoenix material statement and informal worksheet, the private sector will fund and undertake widespread distribution of family planning devices such as condoms, birth control pills, andIUDs, as the government continues to ado about essay disseminate information on their use through all health care centers. Passage of the legislation was controversial highly divisive, with experts, academics, religious institutions, and major political figures declaring their support or opposition while it was pending in the legislature. Sleep! Heated debates and nothing, rallies both supporting and opposing the RH Bill took place nationwide. 2007 Essay! “The RH Bill is wrong because it assumes that the Philippines is overpopulated. ” I agree. I, myself, have observed that the honor in much essay, Philippine is NOT overpopulated. In fact, if you use your common sense and think about it, you will realize a few things: 1. We are not overpopulated! Look at the mountains, the jungles, the caves and the ocean floor. There are no people there! 2. If we were really overpopulated, we would have trouble travelling.

But if you go to EDSA, there’s no traffic. When you ride the thesis statement, MRT, it’s not packed with people. 3. Students in public schools are well educated because the teacher to student ratio is very low. In fact, because of our low population the government can basically guarantee that all public school students are provided books, notebooks and other school supplies. “The RH Bill is ado about nothing wrong because it assumes that contraceptives are good for mankind and women. ” 1. I agree, the RH Bill is circuit des ducs 2009 not good for women because it might draw a woman away from in much ado about her one, true, universal purpose – the uninterrupted production of healthy babies. 2. Furthermore, the role of women in society and the universe is to make babies.

That’s why God made women. That’s their sole purpose in life. They’re not good for anything else. Ever wonder why there are no women in the clergy? Because they’re not good enough. 3. Contraceptives would allow women to enjoy the benefits of physical intimacy while maintaining a successful and productive career, if she so chooses. That is and hobbes so wrong. Only men should be able to honor ado about nothing enjoy that privilege.

4. Women should get pregnant every single time they have sex and and hobbes, only immoral women enjoy sex without the possibility of conception. In fact, a better alternative would be for women, in general, to in much ado about nothing follow the sleep deprivation essay, example made by Mother Mary – to learn how to conceive without having sex. “The RH bill will put Filipinos at risk of extinction! ” 1. I agree. If we pass the RH bill, we will become extinct, like dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are all dead. If we don’t want to be extinct, we should not pass the ado about essay, RH Bill. I mean, do you really want to be a dinosaur? 2. Circuit! In my opinion, it wouldn’t even be far-fetched to speculate that the most probable reason the dinosaurs became extinct was because they used contraceptives. 3. Population decline is honor in much ado about just bad for of phoenix thesis outline worksheet, nations.

Just look at the countries which have a declining population – Italy, Japan and Singapore. They’re in ado about nothing essay, such a bad shape. The Philippines obviously has a better economy and has a higher literacy rate than these countries. Calvin Essay! In fact, many Italians, Japanese, and Singaporeans go to the Philippines for honor ado about nothing, work. That only goes to show that a decline in sleep deprivation essay conclusion, population is bad for the economy. Ado About! “Our population is our biggest asset! ” 1. In my opinion, people should make as many babies as they can because the population is not a problem. In fact, the more babies a person has, the more assets he has. Forget real estate properties, stock investments, or Jollibee franchises. The real secret to increased wealth is babies. 2. If you have 15 babies, you’re practically wealthy because babies are assets: 2. 1 If you need money, you can sell them.

2. 2 If you can keep them alive until they can walk, they can one day beg for short term market, money in the streets – they’re going to have to anyway because there’s no way in hell you’ll be able to provide for all of them on honor essay your own. 3. If ever a person is not able to conclusion feed the 15 babies he made, it’s the governments fault, because it’s the governments sole responsibility to make sure that every Filipino baby is fed. 4. The best way a person can contribute to in much ado about essay his country is to contribute to and hobbes essay its population. “The RH Bill is wrong because it assumes that reproductive education and in much nothing, contraceptives will effectively reduce cases of abortion. ” 1. Reproductive/contraceptive education will have no effect on of phoenix material outline worksheet the number of abortion cases. In my opinion, these abortion cases will not lessen because women will continue to ado about have abortions regardless of whether they are pregnant or not. 2. Abortions cannot be prevented. It’s just something that women naturally do.

Like shopping, for example. “The RH Bill is wrong because it will make people participate in extra-marital and pre-marital sex. ” 1. By approving the RH Bill, we as a nation, are practically encouraging our people to of phoenix statement engage in nothing, immoral activities. 2. We must protect our moral values and reject the RH Bill. Because, currently, not a single Filipino engages in for legalizing gay marriage, pre-marital sex or extra-marital sex. Honor Ado About Essay! As soon as this bill is approved, Filipino people will run the streets naked and start a national orgy! 3. The root cause of circuit des ducs essay extra-marital and pre-marital sex is one’s exposure to contraceptives. There is just something in contraceptives that people find very arousing. 4. In Western countries, men lure strange women into bed by showing them condoms. 5. If we ban condoms, absolutely no one would engage in pre-marital or extra-marital sex. “The RH Bill is wrong because it assumes that parents don’t teach their children about sex. ” 1. The truth is honor in much ado about nothing essay that parents talk to their children about sex all the 2007 essay, time. It’s so not awkward.

The dad usually tells his children how he takes off all his clothes, does a sexy Tiger growl and makes sweet, sweet music with their mother’s body. 2. Also, a father usually advises his daughter that if she’s going to have sex with her boyfriend, she should use a condom. Sometimes the father even drives the daughter to the boyfriend’s house and waits for the couple to finish. 3. Filipino daughters don’t have sex without the father’s permission. Unwanted pregnancies or teen pregnancies never happen to Filipino girls. That’s why we do not need the RH Bill. “The RH Bill is a conspiracy. Honor Ado About! ” 1. It’s lies, all lies! “The RH Bill is wrong because the priest said so, and priests are never wrong. ” The biggest reason why we should not pass the RH Bill is because the priests told us that we shouldn’t.

As anyone should know, priests, men of the clergy, should be the authority on sexual and reproductive matters because they have the calvin and hobbes, most knowledge and honor ado about nothing, experience with sex and circuit des ducs 2009, reproduction. They are true sexperts – legendary masters of erotic affairs. If you are a real Catholic, you would do everything they say, because they’re always right.

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How to Make a Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide (+30 Examples) For most people, writing a good resume is tough, and it takes time. And the essay, worst part comes when you finally think that you have a great resume, but you're still not getting interviews. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could figure out how to make a resume that would get you an interview almost EVERY time you applied for short term, a job? It is if you follow the process that I am about to share with you step-by-step. And BEST of all, this resume writing process is quick, and nothing essay it's proven to land you interviews. That's true even if you want to write your first resume and have no experience, or if you're a professional who wants to know how to write a resume that stands out. Here's what you're going to find: How to good thesis statement gay marriage write a resume for a job with examples for essay, every section. Quick but little-known tips to follow to get up to 10x MORE INTERVIEWS. Answers to all of your questions about how to make the best resume for a job.

How to create a resume online that you can track and send to get more interviews. A checklist that will help you make sure you know how to calvin and hobbes prepare a great resume. Here's an honor nothing essay example of how to make a good resume for university material thesis and informal worksheet, work versus a great resume. What's the difference? Is it the in much ado about nothing essay, way it looks? Not only.

We've optimized the sleep deprivation essay conclusion, sample resume on the right to nothing essay follow the advice that I will share with you in this article. So how do you make a resume? Let me show you step-by-step: Resume vs. CV. What's the difference? Hello, blank page.

Now, what? A resume is a document that showcases your work experience, education, and skills so that you can apply for a job. What's the sleep deprivation essay conclusion, difference between a resume and honor nothing essay a CV? Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a Latin phrase meaning course of life and is a document that entails much more than a resume. Not only is a CV longer than a resume, but it showcases accomplishments and experience in sleep deprivation conclusion much greater detail. It's the ideal document for academics.

So, knowing how to write an in much academic resume is knowing how to short term write a CV. In Much Ado About Nothing Essay? If you need to know more, read our guide: CV vs. Resume: What is the Difference? When to Use Which (Examples) Once you know if you should write a CV or resume, it's time to essay 2009 choose the right format. How to Choose a Professional Resume Format. What does a resume look like? There are three types of honor nothing essay, professional resume formats: Most job seekers choose the reverse-chronological resume format. Here's what a sample resume looks like written in the reverse-chronological format: Traditional Familiar to Recruiters.

Experienced professionals can highlight skills. Career changers can emphasize transferrable skills. Uncommon and not as familiar to recruiters. Not suggested for entry-level job seekers. Entry-level job seekers can emphasize skills instead of experience. Recruiters may think you're hiding something. Still not sure which professional resume format is best for des ducs essay, you? Need to ado about essay see examples of resumes with different layouts? Read our guide: 3 Resume Formats: How To Choose The Best One [Examples] Contact Information Is Not as Basic as It Seems. Despite the professional resume format you choose, your contact information goes at the top.

Here is sleep essay conclusion how to honor nothing write a resume contact section: Adding your address is optional. Circuit Essay 2009? It is no longer necessary to add it to a modern resume. Plus, it might be better to exclude it if you are applying for a job that isn’t local. Your email address should be professional which means: Choosing a sophisticated email provider. Not using your current work email. Instead, create a professional, private email address.

Avoiding email addresses from when you were in high school. Honor In Much Nothing? It won’t amuse recruiters to see [email protected] or [email protected] . Okay, maybe it will amuse them a little bit, but they won’t call you for an interview. Adding URLs to your personal website or blog directs recruiters to your portfolio or extra work that you want to show without cluttering up your perfect resume. Pro Tip: Make sure you review your social media accounts to check for and hobbes, unprofessional content. When you add a link to your social media profiles, make sure they're optimized to give recruiters the best impression. Not sure how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract employers? Read our guide: How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile To Get More Jobs Here’s How the Best Candidates Start Their Resumes. Again, what does a resume look like? Well, you know that contact information comes first. But what comes next? Education?

Experience? Does it matter where you put things when you're deciding how to make a resume? The short answer is yes, it does matter. That's because your best stuff should go in the top third of your resume. And the best way to start any killer resume is in much ado about with an introduction to yourself. Think of of phoenix thesis statement, it like this: The top of your resume is the penthouse - the most important piece of real estate on the document. But why? The average recruiter spends six seconds scanning your resume in between reading Facebook messages from grandma, drinking coffee, and deciding what's for lunch.

She is honor nothing looking for very specific information, and she is only going to des ducs 2009 look for it in nothing essay the top third of your resume. If you do not grab her attention - game over. That's why a creative resume summary or objective can save the thesis statement for legalizing, day. Honor Nothing? Here's a sample resume: What is a resume summary statement? A resume summary is a short, snappy introduction that highlights your career progress and market skill set. It should also demonstrate why you'll be a valuable hire. Boyfriend Material experienced at laying coats over honor in much ado about nothing mud puddles, opening doors, and term paper market pulling out honor in much essay chairs. Charming, funny, and a great conversationalist seeking to leverage 10+ years of experience delivering anecdotes to thesis statement gay marriage entertain you through boring social events. Has an MA in hand holding and a license to cook romantic dinners.

What is a resume objective statement? A resume objective achieves the same thing as a resume summary. Honor In Much Ado About Essay? The difference is how you write one and who should use it. Experienced Chef interested in becoming a Zoo Keeper. Tons of experience with picky clients who need to be fed with the right food at essay conclusion the right time.

Want to apply my patience and honor in much nothing essay understanding of complicated clients to taking care of angry lions at sleep essay the Zoo. This candidate chose an effective resume objective over a summary because he is changing his career from chef to in much nothing zookeeper. Either way, the university of phoenix material statement and informal outline worksheet, point is to focus on the employer's needs and not your own. Who should use an objective for essay, a resume? Entry-level Applicants and Students Career Changers Professionals Targeting Specific Positions. You can also choose to write something called a professional profile . When considering how to write a resume profile, think of it as a hybrid that crosses elements of the objective and the summary. A good resume profile lists your qualifications, experience, and short education regarding the company’s needs and in much ado about nothing essay values.

It can be formatted as a paragraph or as a list with resume bullet points. Wouldn't it be nice to have some resume examples of summaries tailored specifically to your profession? Read our guide: A Resume Summary That Will Get You The Job [7 Secret Steps] How to Write a Resume Experience Section That's More Than a List. The first section that should appear in the body of an excellent resume is the section that will best show off your skills and accomplishments. For most of you, that will probably be the experience section. Let's say you're learning how to make a student resume, or have little or no work experience.

In that case, lead with your education or skills section. But do you know how to write a resume employment history? When you start writing a resume experience section you will want to keep a few things in mind: Write your job history in essay reverse-chronological order - start with your current position. Include around six bullet points describing the scope of your responsibilities. Tailor each of these bullets points to nothing reflect the skills listed in term paper market the job description. In Much Nothing Essay? Follow the good gay marriage, bullet point format (see below), and include facts and figures. You should try to include achievements that show your professional impact.

Tell a career story that reinforces your professinal persona. Sample Resume Experience Entry: Spearhead a global brand strategy for our top performing product. Analyze market trends and honor in much ado about essay recommend solutions resulting in a 10% upswing in calvin and hobbes sales annually. Prepare Portfolio Deployment Plans. Head up a team of 10+ marketing specialists. Organize marketing materials.

Responsible for honor ado about, brand strategy. 2007 Contest Essay? Responsible for analyzing market trends. Responsible for a team of in much ado about nothing essay, marketing specialists. Now, what if you have career gaps in your job history or a habit of job hopping? Let’s face it. 2007 Diabetes? Not all of us have a pristine job history. Ado About Essay? And it's difficult to know how to create a resume that addresses career gaps without cheating. One approach is to and hobbes essay include a brief explanation next to each job. By briefly stating that your stay became short lived due to downsizing or relocation, you will reassure the recruiter that you're not a risky candidate. Chronic career hoppers may be tempted to tamper with dates, leaving only the years in their experience section: Excluding the ado about nothing essay, months makes it look like you worked a year instead of three months.

But it's a dirty trick that employers know well, which makes it a big no, no. Pro Tip: Feel free to university thesis statement and informal list “non-traditional” work in your experience section - like volunteer jobs or freelance work. Is Your Education Section Underperforming? It Might Be. You should also write your education section of your resume in reverse-chronological order, with your most recent degree appearing first. Usually, you will want to honor in much essay include the type of degree, your major, your university, and diabetes any honors or awards you received. You can skip your GPA. But if you're a recent college graduate who's making a student resume, it's okay to add your GPA if it's 3.5 or higher. You can also include a coursework narrative. For professionals, the inclusion of a coursework narrative is another way to reinforce a professional persona.

Do you know how to make a resume when you have a GED or didn't graduate? Not sure how to write a degree on a resume? We can help with that. In Much Ado About Essay? Check out our article: How To Put Your Education On A Resume [Tips Examples] Why You Need to Focus on Your Skills Section. When you consider how to make a good resume that stands out , it has everything to des ducs essay 2009 do with sprinkling your skills throughout your resume. But, it also makes sense to have a big section labeled “ SKILLS .” Use the key skills listed in the job description. Honor Ado About Nothing? This will also help you create a modern resume for a job that will pass through Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. 2007 Contest Essay? More about that later. Recruiters should be able to see two things when they look at your skills for a resume:

You have the skill set they want and requested in in much the job post. You have extra skills that prove you are a valuable worker. Do you want to calvin know how to make a great resume for a job that showcases the honor essay, best resume skills? I thought so. Read our guide: What Skills To Put On a Resume [Examples + 6 Proven Tips] How to short term market Add Other Resume Sections While Making an Effective Resume. Here are some additional resume sections you can consider adding if you don't feel the traditional resume sections are doing it for you.

Students and fresh graduates - you may want to consider adding a separate section for awards or honors, or a section for nothing essay, extracurricular activities. If you've got a technical background - you might want to consider an extra section for certificates, licenses, or software. Some professionals who have opted for making a resume for work over an academic CV might still want to des ducs essay add a section for publications or conferences. In Much Ado About Nothing? Others may want to add a section that shows off their command of thesis statement gay marriage, languages or other achievements and projects. Whatever you decide to in much essay add, just make sure that your additions don't overwhelm your resume. You still want everything to fit onto one page if possible.

No One Adds a Hobbies Section, But It Works So Well. The hobbies section of a resume is optional. Good For Legalizing? But, I recommend adding one if you have space. Adding your interests shows off extra skills for a resume, makes your resume stand out, and honor ado about nothing gives the hiring manager a fuller image of you. Your interests are also a way to make yourself more attractive and 2007 diabetes essay memorable to your potential employer. You can always cut this section later if your resume is too long. Not convinced? Well, it's true.

Adding a hobbies and interests section can boost a contemporary resume. Find out how: Best Examples Of Hobbies Interests To Put On A Resume (5 Tips) How to essay Write a Perfect Resume Tailored to the Job Description. Did you know that R2D2 might run a scan on your resume before a human does? On average, a corporate job offer attracts up to 250 resumes . Of those, 4 to 6 candidates will get invited for an interview. And only one person will get the job. With that many resumes to sift through, recruiters are using something called Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. The software compares your resume to the job description based on keywords. And Informal Outline? How to nothing prepare a resume that will make it through ATS?

You need to good thesis for legalizing gay marriage tailor your resume. Tailoring a resume to the job description is honor nothing essay adding keywords and deprivation essay information from the job offer. For starters, you're going to want to make a master resume. A master resume is an honor ado about nothing essay updated version of all your work experience, skills, and circuit des ducs essay 2009 accomplishments. When you sit down to honor in much nothing essay write a tailored version of your resume, you will pick and choose material from your master resume to thesis statement outline worksheet match the specific job for which you are applying.

To further tailor the content to the job description, you're going to in much essay add keywords that you find in circuit des ducs essay 2009 the offer. Let's say you want to apply for honor essay, a job as a copywriter. The job description says: Able to sleep deprivation work on several campaigns at once, sometimes under pressure and often to tight deadlines. To tailor your basic resume, you will want to add some of the phrases verbatim to honor in much ado about nothing essay your experience section. For example: Work on calvin and hobbes several campaigns at once. To make it more powerful, you can add details such as the number of honor in much ado about, campaigns you can juggle at for legalizing gay marriage once. Here is an example of a resume job description with all of the keywords highlighted along with a resume sample that we've tailored to match. Need more in-depth information about how to make a resume that's tailored to the job description?

Need more resume samples? Read our guide: 6 Proven Tips On How To Tailor Your Resume To The Job Description How to Prepare a Resume That Will Attract ANY Recruiter. If you're struggling with how to make a good resume stand out, all you need to do is make things quantifiable. Honor In Much Ado About Essay? Wherever possible. And Hobbes? Everywhere.

Because using numbers gives the recruiter some tangible proof of an nothing achievement. Here are some basic resume examples of achievements: The hiring manager now sees quantifiable, specific proof of your achievements. Using numbers also improves the readability of the thesis statement, text, and draws the eye of the recruiter. No One Adds Achievements, But It Works So Well. Adding achievements to your resume is an extremely effective way of selling your skills and experience. All you have to do is add your achievements as resume bullet points in your experience section. You will want to ado about essay use the PAR ( Problem Action Result ) Approach to material thesis and informal writing your achievements:

Here're a few right and wrong resume examples of how to write achievements: Problem : My previous employer wanted to increase revenue. Action : I created a new marketing campaign on honor in much ado about nothing Facebook. Result : We saw an increase in sales by 15% and an increase in revenue by 10%. Not sure how to sleep essay conclusion quantify your achievements? Want more examples of accomplishments to put on ado about essay a contemporary resume?

Read our guide: Examples of Professional Achievements To Put On A Resume [3 Tips] Turn Boring Words Into Action Words - Here’s How. How many times have you used the phrase responsible for in your experience section? More than once? You may want to good thesis consider mixing up your vocabulary. Honor? Overusing words and phrases like “responsible for” or “manage” is boring. Now, while you should avoid jargon and empty words, action verbs can spice up your resume and make it stand out. Also, be sure to use the present tense when describing your current role. Here're a few before and after resume examples: Pro Tip: Don't overdo it. You don't want to sound like a freshman English major flexing a large vocabulary.

And avoid resume buzzwords like synergy. For Legalizing Gay Marriage? Trust me. The Best Candidates Know How to Show Their Career Progression. What makes a good resume? CEO, Director, Manager - all you need is a big, impressive title, right?

At this point, you probably figured out ado about that knowing how to deprivation essay conclusion build a resume goes far beyond listing fancy titles. In Much Nothing Essay? What really matters, is sleep essay conclusion whether those titles are backed up by a story of career progression. For example, describing yourself as a social media manager won’t be credible if all you did was the marketing for your parent’s pizza place. You have to show a steady progression into a management position. Each former role should reinforce your place in the next one.

Rather than repeating duties when you describe previous roles, write about the essay, new tasks you took on when you advanced. Responsible for the creation of a global brand strategy for a major category. Prepare Category and Portfolio Deployment Plans. Des Ducs Essay 2009? Analyze market trends and recommend solutions. Team Management (10 marketing specialists).

Marketing Specialist / Senior Marketing Specialist: Planned and implemented promotional campaigns. Honor Ado About Nothing Essay? Cooperated with interactive agencies. Managed project budgets and timeline control. Researched information. Good Statement Gay Marriage? Assisted during promotional campaigns. See how these responsibilities evolve?

What if you're a student and need to know how to essay make a resume with no experience. Read our dedicated guide on university material thesis and informal outline how to write a resume for students: The Complete Guide To Writing A Student Resume [13 Tips, Examples] How to Create a Resume That Draws Attention to Promotions. Highlighting your promotions shows potential employers that your previous supervisors valued your work performance. Even lateral moves suggest that you were able to honor ado about essay handle diverse responsibilities. Here are a few ways to describe your promotions while writing a resume: Repeatedly recognized for top performance through fast-track promotions and selection for high-priority initiatives. Earned promotion following a superior performance, and demonstrated ability to quickly learn and master complex concepts. What if you moved up within the same organization? You don’t have to mention the circuit essay 2009, name of the same company more than once. In Much Ado About? It will make even the best resume look messy.

Here’s what to do instead: COMPANY NAME City, State, 2001 to and hobbes essay Present. Describe responsibilities and achievements. Describe responsibilities and achievements. Describe responsibilities and honor essay achievements. Here's a Quick Tip on How Make Your Resume Easy to good thesis Read. Need to know how to make a resume easy for a recruiter to read? It's as simple as aligning your text to the left.

To make your text even more skimmable use the same resume font and font size, and honor nothing make strategic use of bold, italics, and caps. The bulk of your resume will consist of bullet points. Here's how to construct them: Spearheaded a targeted email campaign that resulted in a 15% upswing in newsletter registration. You might also want to consider how to thesis statement for legalizing create a resume using templates.

Professional resume templates can make your documents cleaner and honor in much essay easier to sleep essay conclusion read. They also save you time and energy. Let's face it. No one likes trying to control one-inch margins in honor ado about nothing essay Word. Is a Font Ruining Your Awesome Resume? While choosing a basic resume font may seem like a silly chore - it's not. Thesis Statement For Legalizing? A good font will ensure that your resume is readable. What is the in much nothing, best font for a resume? The best font for a resume is university of phoenix thesis worksheet one that a recruiter can read with no effort.

Stick with fonts that sound like hipster baby names - Arial, Helvetica, Calibri, and in much nothing essay Verdana. What is the for legalizing gay marriage, best resume font size? The Goldilocks font size is honor essay 10-12 points - not too big and not too small. Keep it uniform. The bottom line is making sure you don't sacrifice resume margins, white space, or font size in an attempt to cram everything onto sleep conclusion, one page. Still not sure about what font to nothing essay choose while writing a resume?

Read our guide about the and hobbes, best resume fonts: What Is The Best Font For A Resume (+10 Examples Tips) Here Is the Best Way to Save Your Resume. When you're done writing your perfect resume, it's time to consider how to make a resume file. And that's not as obvious as it sounds. The best advice is to in much ado about save your resume as a PDF and give it your name. When you save your resume as a PDF, there is no chance that the formatting will glitch and get messed up when a recruiter opens the sleep essay, file. Do keep in mind that if your resume has to honor ado about nothing pass ATS software, Cylons don't like special formatting or graphics. Read the instructions explaining how to send your resume, because you may need to sleep send something other than a PDF.

How should you name your files? The recruiter won’t have to honor ado about search for that crazy space smuggler’s resume when they want to university statement outline refer to it. Not sold on saving your file as a PDF document? Need to in much ado about essay see some pros and cons about different file formats? Read our guide: Word VS PDF Resume: What Is The Best Resume Format? Here Is an 2009 Easy Way to Keep a Resume Short. How long should an honor in much nothing ideal resume be?

One page or two? Most contemporary resume guidelines will tell you that while making a resume, you should do your best to sleep keep it to one page. But you don’t want to force it, and that isn't true for everyone. The best thing to do is to in much ado about essay go through at the end and trim as much fat as possible without losing the value. Here are three tips on how to 2007 contest make a resume for in much nothing essay, a job shorter: If you aren't sure how long your resume should be or need more advice on how to sleep make a resume shorter, read our guide: How Long Should a Resume Be? Everything You Need To Know Little Known Tools That Will Proofread Your Resume for You. One of the worst things you can do is send out a basic resume that is honor in much nothing essay full of grammar and spelling mistakes. You need to proofread your resume.

It doesn’t matter if you already know how to write a resume that stands out. Even the best resumes need to be proofread by a second person. Whoever you chose can also give you an objective opinion about how you’ve presented yourself. Start by university thesis statement and informal worksheet proofreading your resume with the help of apps like Grammarly, Language Tool, or other language tools. Next, ask your mom, your partner, your best friend, your neighbor - whoever - to read over your resume for you. How to Clean Up Your Online Image. Before sending your resume, you will want to check your online presence. That's because 59% of in much nothing, recruiters research candidates online after reading their resumes. Let's say you're sure you know how to write a resume and you follow all of our advice.

That won't matter if you skip this step. Start by entering your name into Google to see what comes up in the results. Most of you will find links to your social media profiles. University Of Phoenix Thesis Statement And Informal Worksheet? As long as you cleared your profiles of unprofessional content, you should be good to go. If you have a more common name like Jane Smith, for example, you may not find much about honor in much, yourself at all. Some of you might be disturbed to find extremely personal content such as your bank account number, an image of your signature, or sexually explicit images that have been posted without your consent. If this happens, you can ask Google to remove the information from the Internet for you. If you find some embarrassing content on a web page, Google suggests that it is best to calvin essay contact the webmaster (owner) to honor nothing have the image or content removed.

Here’s the statement for legalizing gay marriage, Most Common Myth About Cover Letters. A cover letter is still needed when you send a resume to a potential employer. In Much? Up to university of phoenix thesis outline worksheet 45% of recruiters will reject resumes without cover letters. So, even if you know how to write a resume, you can forget about landing the honor in much essay, job if you don't send a cover letter. Your cover letter or application letter is circuit where you can expand upon things that you need to keep brief on your resume. It also needs to be tailored to the job for which you are applying. As for resume references, they're the one thing you truly don't need anymore. So, lose the phrase references upon request.

Okay, so you need a cover letter. But do you know how to write an application letter? And better yet, how do you write a convincing one? Read our guide: How To Write A Cover Letter [Complete Guide With Examples] Why Sending a Personal Message Can Be a Big Win. When you send your resume to a general email address like [email protected] , your resume is in much nothing entering a swamp of circuit, identical messages from other candidates. One thing you can do to differentiate your message is to honor ado about nothing essay try to short paper market find out the name of the person who will be reading your resume and send them a personal email.

This is not the best solution in every case. You will need to decide if a hiring manager will see the gesture as clever or creepy. Pro Tip : If you use our resume builder, ( create your resume here ) you have the option to publish your resume and send a link to employers. Sending a link will allow you to track views and downloads so that you know how well your resume is performing. Want to send a personal message but can't find the hiring manager's email address?

Need to honor ado about know how to sleep conclusion write a resume email? We've got you covered: How To Email Your Resume To Get More Replies From Employers Once you've sent your resume, it's a good idea to track it. You can install a free sales tool like Mixmax or YesWare to help you. Knowing if recruiters have opened and read your email will enable you to follow-up promptly or find different email addresses. Your resume is your passport to honor in much nothing job interviews. Good For Legalizing Gay Marriage? And knowing how to make a resume for a job is the first step on any career path. So, take the time and energy to think about how to in much ado about write a resume well and how to tailor it to short term paper the job description. If you can do that, you're well on your way to the next level - the interview. Bonus: Check out our ultimate checklist of honor nothing essay, 56 things you need to do before you send your resume. Calvin And Hobbes Essay? How many have you missed?

Download: “Resume 101 Checklist.” Are there any great resume writing tips we need to include in the article? Do you have any questions about how to make a resume for honor essay, your position? Add a comment. I’ll be happy to answer. Natalie is a writer at Uptowork.

She loves writing about resumes and good for legalizing gay marriage eating tacos more than life itself. She spends her free time reading complicated novels and honor essay binge watching TV series.

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19 Websites and Magazines That Want to Publish Your Personal Essays. They’re all over your Facebook feed, and for honor nothing good reason. Personal essays by popular authors and of phoenix outline novices alike are relatable, engrossing reads. Sometimes, their heart-wrenching reflections stay with you for days. For reporters or academics, it can be hard to step back from research rituals and write from honor in much ado about essay, personal experience. But a personal essay can endear you to 2007 contest diabetes, an audience, bring attention to honor in much nothing, an issue, or simply provide comfort to a reader who’s “been there.” “Writing nonfiction is not about telling your story,” says Ashley C. Ford , an essayist who emphasized the importance of thesis, creating a clear connection between your personal experience and universal topics. “It’s about telling interesting and in much nothing essay worthy stories about the human condition using examples from your life.” But don’t worry if your life doesn’t seem exciting or heart-wrenching enough to expound upon; think of it as writing through yourself, instead of about yourself. “There are few heroes and even fewer villains in real life,” she said. “If you’re going to write about good thesis gay marriage your human experience, write the truth. It’s worth it to write what’s real.” Where to submit your personal essays.

Once you’ve penned your essay, which publications should you contact? We’ve all heard of — and likely submitted to — The New York Times’ Modern Love column, but that’s not the only outlet that accepts personal narratives. “Submit to the places you love that publish work like yours,” Ford advises, but don’t get caught up in the size of the publication. And “ recognize that at small publications you’re way more likely to in much, find someone with the time to really help you edit a piece. ” To help you find the right fit, we’ve compiled a list of 20 publications that accept essay submissions, as well as tips on how to pitch the editor , who to contact and, whenever possible, how much the outlet pays. We’d love to make this list even more useful, so if you have additional ideas or details for these publications or others, please leave them below in calvin essay, the comments! The Boston Globe Magazine Connections section seeks 650-word first-person essays on relationships of any kind. It pays, though how much is unclear. Submit to [email protected] with “query” in the subject line. Send your pitches about breakfast, brunch, or the culture of mornings to [email protected] or the nothing essay editor of the section you’re pitching.

Pay appears to be around 40 cents per word. This publication is aimed at women over 30. “We aim to statement for legalizing, entertain, inform, and inspire,” the editors note , “But mostly entertain.” Send your pitch to [email protected] . Pay varies. Essays — 4,000 words max — should have a “literary quality.” Include your work in ado about nothing essay, the body of your email to essay, make it easy for the editor to honor in much ado about nothing, review, and send to [email protected] No pay. Must-read personal essay: “Call My Name” by Gina Easley.

Want to 2007 diabetes, write for this Jewish parenting site? To submit, email [email protected] with “submission” somewhere in the subject line. Include a brief bio, contact information, and honor in much ado about essay your complete original blog post of 700 words max. Suggested word count is calvin, 500-700 words. Honor Nothing! The site pays $25 per post. Circuit 2009! A progressive, feminist magazine that welcomes all genders to submit content. Email your pitch or full submission. There’s no pay, but it’s a supportive place for honor ado about nothing a first-time essayist. Short Term Paper! Must-read personal essay: “ My Body Dysmorphia, Myself ” by Joanna C. Valente. This U.K. magazine has a helpful contributor’s guide . Unsolicited submissions, while rarely accepted, are paid; if an editor likes your pitch, you’ll hear back in honor in much ado about essay, 24 hours. The popular Modern Love feature accepts submissions of 1,700 words max at [email protected]

Include a Word attachment, but also paste the text into your message. Consult the Times’ page on deprivation pitching first, and like Modern Love on Facebook for even more insight. Rumor has it that a successful submission will earn you $250. (Correction added Oct. 9, 2014: Payment is $300, The New York Times writes on its Facebook page .) Amy Sutherland’s column, “ What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage ,” which ran in in much nothing essay, 2006, landed her a book contract with Random House and a movie deal with Lionsgate, which is in preproduction. “I never saw either coming,” Sutherland said. Another option is the Lives column in the New York Times Magazine. To submit, email [email protected] Thesis Statement For Legalizing Gay Marriage! Salon accepts articles and story pitches to the appropriate section with “Editorial Submission” in the subject line and the query/submission in the body of the email. Include your writing background or qualifications, along with links to three or four clips. In Much Ado About Nothing Essay! “I was compensated $150 for my essay,” says Alexis Grant, founder of The Write Life, “but that was several years ago. All in all, working with the editor there was a great experience.” Who Pays Writers reports average pay of circuit des ducs 2009, about 10 cents per word.

Indicate the section you’re pitching and “article submission” in your subject line, and send to [email protected] Average reported pay is ado about nothing essay, about 23 cents per word. Each print issue has a specific cultural theme and welcomes both fiction and calvin essay nonfiction. Honor In Much Ado About Nothing! Stories and calvin and hobbes essays of 5,000 words max earn up to $250. Review periods are limited, so check their submission guidelines to make sure your work will be read with the next issue in in much ado about, mind. Market! Submit online . Must-read personal essay: “ Fire Island ,” by Christopher Locke. Honor In Much Ado About! The Billfold hopes to sleep, make discussing money less awkward and more honest. Send your pitch to [email protected] . Who Pays Writers notes a rate of about 3 cents per word , but this writer would consider the experience and ado about essay exposure to be worth the low pay. Motherwell seeks parenting-related personal essay submissions of up to university of phoenix statement worksheet, 1200 words. Submit a full piece; all contributors are paid. Must-read personal essay: “ The Length of the Pause ” by Tanya Mozias Slavin.

This publication focuses on California’s Bay Area. Strong POV and in much a compelling personal writing style are key. Pay varies. Calvin! Email [email protected] Submit essays of 800-2000 words to in much ado about nothing essay, this lifestyle site geared toward women. Paper Market! Pay averages about 5 cents per word. Honor Ado About Nothing! Focuses on essays that “intersect culture.” Submit finished essays online in the category that fits best. Wait three months before following up. Must-read personal essay: “ Not a Widow ” by Michelle Miller. This personal-finance website welcomes submissions that discuss ways to calvin, make or save money. Honor In Much Ado About Essay! Read the thesis statement guidelines before emailing your submission.

Pay varies. Submit a story or essay of 10,000 words max in either September or March. Wait six days before emailing to check the status of in much ado about nothing essay, your submission. Circuit 2009! Cover letters should include a word count and indicate whether the submission is honor ado about essay, fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. Must-read personal essay: “ More with Less ,” by Rachel Yoder. Narratively accepts pitches and complete pieces between 1,000 and 2,000 words that tell “original and untold human stories.” Pay averages 6 cents per word. Still looking for ideas? Meghan Ward ’s blog post, “20 Great Places to Publish Personal Essays,” is worth perusing. MediaBistro also offers a section called How to Pitch as part of their AvantGuild subscription , which has an short term paper, annual fee of $55.

This post originally ran in October 2014. We updated it in December 2016. Have other ideas or details to add? Share with us in the comments! Lisa Rowan is a writer, editor and podcaster based in St.

Petersburg, Florida. Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing. While it#8217;s easy to start a freelance writing business, it#8217;s much harder to actually run one. This guide will help your business thrive #8212; not just survive. Wow, excellent list! But no mention of Huffington Post.

They don#8217;t pay but the in much essay exposure is excellent, esp some of thei subcategories like Huff/Post50. Good add, Mithra! Are these US -only? Does anyone know of any such a range for short paper UK? Each publication will vary, although I#8217;ve heard that many will accept submissions from around the world! Thanks a lot to Lisa and the writelife website. I#8217;m a new writer, I#8217;ve just finished writing a personal true life story about my mom who#8217;s passed away in 1995.

We are Chinese. I was educated in ado about nothing essay, United States decades ago, still here. Would Write Life like to receive a small part of my mom#8217;s story as submission, if so, how much will I get paid?! We don#8217;t accept submissions like yours, but one of the material thesis and informal outline publications mentioned in this post may be happy to receive your work! Thank you so much for this information.

I was wondering if I could send my articles and travel writings somewhere. This list is very helpful Lisa Rowan and thanks. I would like to add if I may to this list. It#8217;s a platform I created for regular people in in much nothing essay, the black community to submit content to essay, inspire and inform the black community diaspora. We launched on honor in much ado about nothing December 15, 2015. Mam I#8217;m from India and very enthusiast to write of any topics like as essay or books.but so far have no idea where I pushed to select one of the good thesis statement for legalizing best platform where this can get select it for all. Honor In Much Ado About Nothing Essay! As I here want to know give me email or website where I can write personally on about Nature as I topics is deprivation essay conclusion, #8220;Neighbour of the water#8221;.in that title I am written about 500+words.this is in much, based on short story so that it can published any of journal or more like I appraise or got fame#8230;plz help me in this regard.Thanks!

Hi Lisa mam I am from INDIA and want to write an article on working Indian women and their lifestyle along with what their family members think specially in-laws and children. Well I just want to know whether such article will be accepted if I apply in any of the INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINES. Sleep Essay! Thanks for honor in much ado about essay this great list, Alexis! Mithra I have scoured the HuffPost page looking for submission guidelines but have come up empty. Essay! The #8220;Send us a blog-pitch#8221; link is not working either. Any suggestions? Thank you! I can help you out. I frequently post to honor in much essay, The Huffington Post and many writers have asked me how I did this.

I#8217;ve written a blog post with some suggestions. Sleep! It#8217;s been successful for quite a few. Honor In Much! Hope it works for you and if it is, let me know! Thanks so much for responding, William! I will take a look at your blog post and let you know if I am successful. Thank you William#8230; William, Thank you! I emailed the link to essay, myself to in much ado about nothing, have it handy after I#8217;ve familiarized myself with items that made it onto Huffington Post. I#8217;d be proud to 2007 contest, have something of mine show up there, to get a chance to ado about essay, support them. I mostly write fiction novels but I#8217;ve been published in FAMILY CIRCLE MAGAZINE (a non-fiction piece) and am not averse to des ducs essay, opening up my market. fiction novels. That#8217;s an oxymoron!

I just checked out your blog. Great information. Thank you so much. I will look into honor essay this. Good Statement! I#8217;ve been writing for nothing years but have yet to publish a thing. This list gives me a much-needed push to get moving on this. Thank you! Can anyone email them or its only for people living in US like i live in kuwait (middleeastern country )so can i send my any written work ?? In response to 2009, your questions about in much ado about nothing essay submitting to calvin and hobbes, the Huffington Post, you might be interested in this link explaining how things have recently changed for prospective bloggers/contributors to the Huffington Post. I myself was invited to blog for them a little over a year ago, following an article of mine that their #8220;blogging editor#8221; came across in another publication. Per this link, it was possible to sign up until recently to just try and become a contributor through this new portal they had created.

However, now this seems to be closed to new requests since Arianna Huffington has left. Things seem to be evolving, so my only suggestion is nothing, just to keep tabs on it, write to 2007 contest diabetes essay, editors, try and make an inroad. Frustrating, yes. Good luck! Thanks for the great list! Thanks for the list and valuable information.

I will be making some pitches to honor in much ado about essay, these publication real soon. #128521; The Write Life continually surprises me. There#8217;s always very informative useful content #128578; Hi Julie #8212; Thanks! I am obsessed with this post#8230; I#8217;m going to use it to place some pieces of my travel memoir. Kudos to Lisa for putting together such a valuable list! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU LISA! I have been searching for months for this sort of guidance. Sleep! I write travel based narratives, but so many magazines are looking for #8220;round ups#8221; and other helpful articles, it was feeling like good old story telling was being sent to the sidelines. I think I#8217;m now obsessed too Alexis! Time to get pitching. Honor Ado About Essay! Good luck everyone. I#8217;m glad you liked the post, Gai.

Best of luck with your pitches! TWL Assistant Editor. To add to university of phoenix material worksheet, the list: Creative Nonfiction! We#8217;re always reading and often are looking for personal essays on specific themes. We#8217;re just about to announce some new calls for submissions. Thanks so much for this idea, Hattie! (P.S. Honor In Much Nothing Essay! Love your name #8212; that#8217;s one that runs in short market, my family!) Ooh, another good addition. Thanks for chiming in! my name is Lucinda and I am 10 years old. I am a Passionate writer an I can tell anyone that finding websites that I can post my stories on can take me months but now you have posted these websites I can finally find the perfect website to post my stories on. so from the bottom of honor ado about essay, my heart I thank you Lisa. You go, Lucinda! Best of luck to 2007 contest diabetes, you and your writing.

It#8217;s worth mentioning that there is a $25 fee to honor ado about nothing, SUBMIT to and hobbes, Creative Nonfiction. I know it#8217;s a reputable magazine and many writers would love to be included in nothing essay, their fine collection of personal essays, but I find this fee offensive. There are many of us writers willing to sleep deprivation essay conclusion, write and honor ado about nothing submit for free for the exposure alone but to have to PAY to even be considered? Shame on them. Helpful list! Thanks, Lisa. Calvin And Hobbes Essay! This is honor in much essay, such an 2007 contest essay, awesome list, particularly because it#8217;s well-supported by nothing essay sample essays against each publication.

Just today, i put my personal story to des ducs essay 2009, pitch as a guest post, and here i#8217;m with such a wonderful list. I just loved it Lisa. Thanks for putting it all together. Great suggestions. Thank you! I#8217;m trying to get the word out about my upcoming book, Overcoming OCD: A Journey to Recovery, and essays are a great way to in much nothing, do that! Thanks for this list, I#8217;ll definitely pursue writing a personal essay. I#8217;ve got some ideas that I#8217;d like to develop.

I#8217;m from the UK and you mentioned The New Statesman, do you know of any other British sites that accept personal essays? Or do you think a US site would give me a chance? Don#8217;t limit yourself when submitting—if sites or pubs want writers from a certain location only, they should specify in their submission guidelines. Especially in our technological state of being able to work from around the world, your location shouldn#8217;t be an issue! Thank you for the encouragement. Loved your article.

I am looking for an outlet that would accept a piece I#8217;ve written concerning a right-leaning political view of things. It is an interesting piece but I know must publications are on the left end of the political spectrum. Any ideas? Thanks for your question, Rossana. I don#8217;t know of any outlets off the top of my head, but many are interested in diverse ideas and opinions, so I wouldn#8217;t write off all the publications on this list. Another option would be to ask the calvin members of our Facebook community #8212; they may have some ideas! TWL Assistant Editor. Honor Nothing Essay! If you write conservatism-based pieces, the perfect place for you is They are a brand new website that is less than 3 months old and good for legalizing they already have 250,000/day, and it#8217;s growing rapidly.

They don#8217;t pay for the first 10 articles, but after that, they do. We are always looking for ado about essay more like-minded writers to join us. Find us on sleep deprivation facebook at Conservative Push Group and one of the editors/staff will direct you on honor ado about essay how to get started. The site primarily supports Ted Cruz, but that#8217;s only one facet. There are categories for everything, including lifestyle, opinion, pro-life etc. Many of the authors, myself included, are getting exposure, especially for new writers. Sleep Deprivation Conclusion! The writing on the site is exquisite and nothing we are all like a family. Come on by and check us out.

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Any help would be appreciated. I don#8217;t really know where I want to go, or can go, from this point. Thank you for your time. Jeff, I would look at publications that focus on careers and personal finance. I#8217;ve written a few pieces for The Billfold, which is ado about, anything-goes when it comes to jobs, making ends meet, interesting careers, and so on. I always find myself chuckling at The Billfold, too. It sounds like he#8217;s done a bit of traveling to participate in these lines of short market, work, so you might consider travel sites or regional publications. Think of in much nothing essay, it as bringing an unexpected line of work or way of life into the light! Good luck- sounds like fun! I believe the New York Times sill has its column Lives, which accepts personal essays.

There#8217;s also Global Comment, where they accept a lot of different articles, including personal essays. They pay $50 for circuit featured posts. Helpful list! I would add, it has great stories! TWL Assistant Editor. Thanks for sharing this opportunity, Karin! TWL Assistant Editor. awesome list. What are the honor in much essay odds of getting into contest essay Tge Sun, or Brevity, or Creative Non-fiction? This is a great place to start. Thank you.

I#8217;m not sure of the odds, Gloria #8212; but if I find a resource, I#8217;ll share it here! TWL Assistant Editor. I would encourage you not to worry about the odds- just submit! I once mentioned that I was looking for #8220;smaller#8221; or #8220;more niche#8221; places to pitch than some of my favorite, big-time websites. Honor Essay! A colleague asked me what I had to lose by pitching the and hobbes #8220;big guys.#8221; I didn#8217;t have an answer for her. #128578; Great point, Lisa #128578; TWL Assistant Editor. Ado About! You might want to and hobbes, add #8220;; to your list. They pay minimimum and are difficult but6 have published several of my essays. Boston Globe Connections pays $500. Honor Essay! I published there in university statement outline, August 2014. Great experience with the editor.

Thanks for in much nothing essay sharing, William! TWL Assistant Editor. I just submitted a piece to Veronica Chao at the Globe for good thesis statement gay marriage the Connections column. How quickly did she/they get back to you after submission? I heard back four days after sending my submission in and Veronica is the correct person to send your submission to. What I loved was the custom artwork that goes with your piece. Honor! Good luck! Thanks, William!

I sent it four days ago, but know she just got promoted to Editor of the Sunday Magazine, so I#8217;m hoping her response-time was pushed back and that I#8217;ll still hear from her. I read your Connections piece. I can see why it was accepted. Deprivation Conclusion! Wonderful writing and such a fresh idea! hello william, thanks for your post. I#8217;ve a piece i#8217;ll love to send to Global connection but i don#8217;t know how to start because this is my first and i want to make it right. Can u help me pls.

Not sure exactly what you are looking for in terms of help. But your post should be around 650 words and revolve around some type of personal connection that you have made (parent, child, friend, loved one). Send it to honor in much ado about nothing essay, [email protected] and conclusion just include a brief bio. Best of luck! Beautiful essay by you.

Loved reading it. Fantastic list and honor in much essay resource. Thank you! TWL Assistant Editor. We are always looking for great writers as well at BonBon Break. Thanks for sharing, Val!

TWL Assistant Editor. Thesis Statement Worksheet! I just finished a personal essay. Thank you for honor ado about nothing essay the super list. I love the other magazines chiming in short term market, with a call for submissions. We#8217;re happy to hear from other magazines as well #8212; it#8217;s great to see so many options for personal essays! Good luck with your submission! TWL Assistant Editor.

You#8217;ll also get a free copy of honor in much, The Freelance Writer’s Pitch Checklist.

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Essay On Plastic Pollution Essays and Research Papers. Assessment Title: Essay 4. Ado About Essay? Assignment Title: Outline the calvin, reasons why plastic pollution has become a problem. How . In Much Ado About Nothing Essay? can the conclusion, problems be solved in honor ado about, the future? 5. Tutor Name: Claire Swanwick 6. Student ID Number: 200939477 7. Date of Submission: 30/11/2012 8. Essay? Word count:727 Plastic pollution It is evident that plastic pollution has become a serious problem .More and more people are concerned about how to essay solve this problem .Using plastic is very normal in human’s life .People use plastic everyday like. Bag-In-Box , Bags , Landfill 922 Words | 3 Pages. ? Plastic Pollution Introduction The world population is sleep, living, working, vacationing, increasingly conglomerating along the . coasts, and in much ado about, standing on the front row of the greatest, most unprecedented, plastic waste tide ever faced. Calvin? Washed out on our coasts in honor in much essay, obvious and clearly visible form, the plastic pollution spectacle blatantly unveiling on our beaches is only the prelude of the greater story that unfolded further away in the the world’s oceans, yet mostly originating from where we stand. Marine debris , Plastic , Plastic recycling 1155 Words | 4 Pages.

? plastic pollution , the accumulation in university of phoenix statement and informal, the environment of man-made plastic products to honor in much ado about the point where they create . problems for wildlife and short, their habitats as well as for honor ado about essay human populations. In 1907 the invention of Bakelite brought about a revolution in materials by introducing truly synthetic plastic resins into world commerce. Essay Conclusion? By the honor essay, end of the 20th century, however, plastics were found to be persistent polluters of university of phoenix thesis statement outline many environmental niches, from Mount Everest to the bottom of the honor, sea. Whether. Environmentalism , Ocean , Plastic 1150 Words | 4 Pages. as Plastic Pollution in of phoenix material thesis and informal outline worksheet, Our Oceans I. Introduction A. For the past 60 years, plastics production and use has . dramatically increased, and the vast majority of plastic generated is not recovered at honor in much, the end of its use life.

B. How many plastic products do you guys consume everyday? C. Plastic is a useful material with myriad applications, but a non-renewable material that requires careful lifecycle management so that it does not degrade land, oceans, human health, and sustainable economies. And Hobbes? D. Cruise ship pollution , Marine biology , Marine debris 812 Words | 3 Pages. Description: Plastic has been the common materials that is being used on a daily basis. Many objects that made from honor ado about essay, plastic . that can be seen from everyday such as food containers, plastic bag, storage and short paper market, so many things that even a human being cannot think of honor ado about it. Plastic’s existence has only just for over a century but because of the versatility of the thesis, materials plastics has a significantly increase in their use into all varieties of everyday life. Furthermore, the physical characteristic of plastic itself. Atlantic Ocean , Marine biology , Marine debris 1384 Words | 4 Pages.

Plastic Plastics are used on a daily basis throughout the world. The word plastic is a common term that is used . for ado about essay many materials of a synthetic or semi-synthetic nature. The term was derived from the Greek plastikos, which means “fit for molding.” Plastics are a wide variety of combinations of properties when viewed as a whole. They are used for term paper shellac, cellulose, rubber, and asphalt. We also synthetically manufacture items such as clothing, packaging, automobiles, electronics, aircrafts, medical. Biodegradable plastic , Plastic , Plastic recycling 911 Words | 3 Pages. Background The overuse of plastics in honor ado about, today's society has become major environmental issue for our oceans. And Hobbes Essay? Plastic . pollution is the dumping, littering, or disposing of any type of man-made plastic that has been produced and has ended up in our ocean and nothing, has not been recycled.

History of Plastic Plastic entered the world through chemistry in 1909 and was originally coined to describe Bakelite, the first fully synthetic resin. 2007 Contest? What make's plastic so unique is when it is heated it can be molded. Marine biology , Marine debris , Marine pollution 1562 Words | 5 Pages. Topic: Plastic Pollution Ens5036 Menntaskolinn vi? Hamrahli? Autumn Term 2013 Tough truths about . Honor In Much Nothing? plastic pollution Paragraph 1: I'm a visual artist, and I'm also one of the co-founders of the Plastic Pollution Coalition. I've been working with plastic bags, which I cut up and sew back together as my primary material for my artwork for of phoenix thesis and informal outline worksheet the last 20 years. I turn them into two- and three-dimensional pieces and sculptures and installations. Upon working with the plastic , after about. Atlantic Ocean , Bottle , Bottled water 934 Words | 3 Pages. Plastic Pollution in Hawai’i Plastic plays a big part of our lives.

The food we eat is wrapped with it, the . toys our siblings or children play with is made from it, the television we watch is made with it, we play video games with plastic controllers, we listen to music with plastic head phones and the shelves we use is in much ado about essay, made with plastic . Material items made with plastic can be useful, cheaper, and durable but it can also harm the environment. All of essay these plastic items don’t just disappear. Great Pacific Garbage Patch , Marine debris , Marine pollution 914 Words | 3 Pages. WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT PLASTIC POLLUTION Plastic bags and bottles, like all forms of plastic , create . In Much Ado About Nothing Essay? significant environmental and sleep deprivation essay, economic burdens. They consume growing amounts of energy and other natural resources, degrading the environment in honor nothing, numerous ways. Diabetes? In addition to using up fossil fuels and other resources, plastic products create litter, hurt marine life, and threaten the basis of life on earth. We are producing over 25 million tons of plastics per year in the United States, a trivial. Bag-In-Box , Bags , Bottled water 934 Words | 3 Pages. Plastic bags are one of the worst and ado about nothing, most unnecessary plastic polluters of the ocean and university statement, the easiest to honor nothing essay replace. Market? Carry and shop . with reusable sustainable bags. A single reusable bag can eliminate hundreds to thousands of ado about nothing essay disposable bags over sleep deprivation essay conclusion, its lifetime.

Look for nothing essay reusable bags that are made out of strong sustainable material (not plastic ), if the seller doesn’t know what the essay, material is, go somewhere else, thrift stores, local health food stores, farmers markets and craft fairs are a good source. Chemical substance , Landfill , Oxygen 792 Words | 3 Pages. Introduction Pollution can be defined as The act or process of polluting or the in much nothing, state of being polluted, especially the circuit, contamination of . soil, water, or the atmosphere by the discharge of harmful substances. As we become more technologically advanced, we produce materials that can withstand extreme temperatures, are durable and easy to use. Plastic bags, synthetics, plastic bottles, tin cans, and computer hardware- these are some of the things that make life easy for us. But what we forget. Containers , Names of large numbers , Plastic recycling 1231 Words | 4 Pages.

Plastic pollution Plastics are very convenient products that we use in our every day life and for honor ado about essay most people it . would be difficult to thesis statement for legalizing imagine a plastic free world. It is everywhere: used for water bottling purposes, food covering, parts that make up our daily items such as cell phones, clothes, and hospital equipments. With so many convenient methods for the use of honor in much nothing plastics , many of us fail to recognize the dangers of plastic pollution which starts with industrial pollution , continues with its. Bottle , Bottles , Environment 811 Words | 3 Pages. Research: Plastic Pollution in Water.

Solutions to des ducs Plastic Pollution in our Oceans The Basics We're treating the oceans like a trash bin: around 80 percent of marine . litter originates on ado about, land, and most of that is plastic . Plastic that pollutes our oceans and university material statement and informal, waterways has severe impacts on our environment and in much essay, our economy. Seabirds, whales, sea turtles and other marine life are eating marine plastic pollution and dying from choking, intestinal blockage and starvation. Scientists are investigating the long-term impacts of university material and informal outline worksheet toxic pollutants. Atlantic Ocean , Marine debris , Nurdle 1096 Words | 4 Pages. Pollution Caused By Plastic Bags Written by: Erica Duncan Science 256 Professor Elizabeth Stevens . In Much Nothing? Pollution Caused By Plastic Bags Plastic bags are one among many items that do not decay or professional terms non-degradable. Dod you know it takes thousands of years before one plastic bag cant turn into small particles?

Yew, that is market, a long time for plastic bags to nothing vanish from earth. Many people don't understand how seriously something as simple as plastic bags. Bag-In-Box , Bags , Causality 698 Words | 4 Pages. Professor Johansen ENG 105 27 March 2015 Climate Change: Plastic Pollution Of the 32 million tons of plastic . produced annually, only 9% of plastics are recycled globally. The question then becomes, where does all this plastic end up? The answer is our oceans. The United Nations has noted that there is an calvin and hobbes estimated 50,000 pieces of plastic in in much ado about essay, every square mile of the ocean (United Nations). Deprivation Essay? Charles Moore first discovered plastic pollution in the ocean in 1997. Essay? Unlike the commonly believed fully covered. Atlantic Ocean , Fish , Great Pacific Garbage Patch 1006 Words | 5 Pages.

Pollution: Polymer and Plastic Free Zone. * PLASTIC POLLUTION | | 0.0 (0) | Written by rashmi October 06, 2010 Hits: 368 0 Cash Credits: . 25.00 Editor: Deepti The pollution that is caused by organic polymer materials such as plastic on the environment thereby having harmful effect on human being is known as plastic pollution . Plastic mainly can be divided in two broader classifications namely. * Thermoplastics * Thermosetting plastics Both these varieties of plastics are not biodegradable that cannot. Plastic , Pollution , Polyethylene 804 Words | 3 Pages. ?OCEAN PLASTICS POLLUTION : A GLOBAL TRAGEDY FOR OUR OCEANS AND SEA LIFE Plastic never goes away. And it’s . increasingly finding its way into our oceans and onto our beaches. In the Los Angeles area alone, 10 metric tons of plastic fragments — like grocery bags, straws and soda bottles — are carried into 2007 contest diabetes the Pacific Ocean every day. Today billions of pounds of plastic can be found in swirling convergences making up about honor nothing 40 percent of the university of phoenix material thesis statement worksheet, world’s ocean surfaces. Plastics pollution has a direct. Atlantic Ocean , Great Pacific Garbage Patch , Marine debris 1246 Words | 2 Pages. ?Cleaning up the in much ado about nothing essay, plastic soup is a mission impossible The world population continues to grow.

This is a reason why the consumption of circuit 2009 goods . Ado About? increases and therefore the demand for plastic . The latter results in thesis, a greater pollution consist of honor nothing essay 75 percent of des ducs essay 2009 plastic . The amounts of plastic waste end up largely in honor in much ado about nothing, rivers that flow again to oceans and seas. The quantity of plastic that finally floats in oceans is called the plastic soup. In order to paper maintain a responsible ecosystem, we should decrease. Great Pacific Garbage Patch , Marine biology , Marine debris 1224 Words | 2 Pages. Air pollution has become a major problem in the United States. The agricultural industry must help maintain air quality.

By doing that the . United States has started trying to make machines that will help reduce the pollution in the air which will help the environment. In Much Nothing? One way the United States has tried stopping air pollution and calvin, that is to ado about nothing create a solar powered machine which decreases air pollution . But also there are some ways that the people of the good thesis for legalizing gay marriage, United States can help stop air pollution . . Air pollution , Carbon dioxide , Environmentalism 900 Words | 3 Pages. The problem of air pollution in our society is best understood within the context of Sean Lynn-Jones' and Steven Miller's book Global Dangers: . Changing Dimensions of International Security. (Lynn-Jones and Miller) In this collection of essays , it becomes clear that the threat to the environment poses the greatest danger to the international community today. This is precisely why environmental security must now become the most important objective of all nations. Global Dangers reveals that, with the. Air pollution , Environment , Environmental science 1443 Words | 4 Pages. The haze is at constant phenomenon faced by honor nothing essay, Malaysia. The haze is basically pollution of atmosphere, which is clogged with pollutants and short term, other . substances from forest fires. The haze is honor nothing essay, direct effect of forest fire in Kalimantan due to slash and burn method of farming.

The Indonesian authorities appear to have no power to control farmers from practicing by most Malaysian. Open-field burning of rice straw by the rice planters and deprivation essay conclusion, open burning of dried leaves and garbage done by the public are a few. Air pollution , Bibliography , Citation 537 Words | 3 Pages. Research Paper 16 April 2012 Essay III How Plastic Pollution is Out of Control Many individuals . underestimate the amount of plastic we use each day. According to the article “ Plastic Bags Wars”, “the world consumes 1 million plastic shopping bags every minute”.

Plastic bags, along with many other types of in much ado about essay plastics , have become a leading source of pollution worldwide (Doucette). Captain Charles Moore, founder of the Algalita foundation states that we use two million plastic bottles in the United States. Great Pacific Garbage Patch , Marine biology , Marine debris 2651 Words | 8 Pages. 4 January 2013 Plastics in university statement outline, Modern Society: Excess without Excuse All around us is plastic , and nothing essay, it plays a major part . in our society. Circuit Des Ducs? Historically, the honor ado about, advent of plastic has coincided with significant advancements in society: modern means plastic . Essay? For example, it’s an essential component in nothing essay, computers, cars, planes, technology and medicine; they all rely heavily on plastic usage. Plastic is really beneficial to our society, but it is short term paper market, not beneficial to honor in much essay our eco-system that is slowly dying. Bisphenol A , Great Pacific Garbage Patch , Pacific Ocean 2065 Words | 6 Pages.

Air Pollution Earth is the only place in the universe that can support human life. It is very important that we realize this fact . and circuit des ducs essay, take very good care of it. Various human activities cause the destruction of earth. In Much Ado About Nothing Essay? Human beings can live a few days without food and water however humans can last only a few seconds without oxygen. Various human activities lead to the aggravation of the quality of air. . Air pollution , Carbon dioxide , Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 1775 Words | 6 Pages.

perfectly maintained. Short? Then why do we fail to keep our environment clean; maintenance of which is far more vital as compared to our home? The term . pollution means addition of honor ado about any substance which alters the good gay marriage, quality of the environment. Substances which cause pollution or alter the honor in much essay, natural quality of the air, water and soil are called pollutants. Hence, pollution may be defined as the ‘contamination of the environment that causes harm to the health and survival of humans and and hobbes essay, other living organisms’. Therefore. Acid rain , Air pollution , Marine pollution 1523 Words | 5 Pages. ? Pollution is the honor nothing essay, introduction of thesis for legalizing contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change.

Pollution can take the honor nothing, . form of 2007 contest essay chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light. Pollutants, the components of pollution , can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants. TYPES OF POLLUTION Water Pollution As the name suggests, “Water Pollution ” is the type of pollution that involves the contamination of various water bodies. Various aquatic creatures. Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki , Nitrogen , Nuclear fission 750 Words | 3 Pages. Pollution Pollution is the in much ado about essay, addition to the ecosystem of someting which has a detrimental effect on it. One of the most important . causes of pollution is the high rate of energy usage by modern, growing populations. Different kinds of pollution are found. In this section we will discuss: 1. Air Pollution . 2. Water Pollution . Term Paper? 3. Land Pollution . Air Pollution Air pollution is the honor ado about nothing essay, accumulation in the atmosphere of substances that, in sufficient concentrations, endanger human health or.

Acid rain , Air pollution , Oxygen 798 Words | 3 Pages. Index Page Subtitle Pictures/ tables 2 What is pollution Pic 1 3-4 Water pollution Pic 2 5 Major water pollutants . Table 20-1 6-7 Solutions Pic 3 8 Air pollution Pic4 Table 2 9 The green house effect Pic 4 10 Land pollution Pic 4 Pic 5 / table 3 11 Conclusion 12 References What is pollution ? the contamination of good for legalizing air, water, or soil by substances that are harmful to living organisms. Pollution can occur naturally, for example through volcanic eruptions. Acid rain , Air pollution , Oxygen 1093 Words | 6 Pages. POLLUTION Pollution is nothing essay, when something is added to the environment that is harmful or poisonous to people, animals and for legalizing, other . living other words pollution is the contamination of the honor in much nothing essay, environment. Essay? Pollutants The agents or substances that cause pollution are called the pollutants. The major pollutants are sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, suspended particulate matter, smog, ozone, carbon monoxide etc.. Ado About Nothing? There are two types of pollution they are man-made pollution and natural pollution. Acid rain , Air pollution , Light pollution 1704 Words | 6 Pages.

? pollution /noise- pollution /sources-of-noise-pollution.html Environmental pollution is one . of the biggest problems the 2007 contest diabetes, world faces today. It is an issue that troubles us economically, physically and everyday of our lives. The contamination of the environment is also being linked to some of the diseases that are around currently. Yet, most people do not know about honor in much ado about essay this problem. This shows that environmental pollution is becoming an increasingly worse problem that needs to be.

Oxygen , Pollution 1836 Words | 5 Pages. to face numerous serious problems associated with pollution . Pollution including air and water pollution may be . defined as the result of human activities and natural factors has impacted on human health as well as environments (Wikipedia, 2010). This essay will discuss the sleep essay, rapid increasing pollution levels in the three cities of Bangkok, Bangladesh and Melbourne and analyze the approaches related to the strategies of honor in much ado about nothing essay government to alleviate pollution . Paper? It will then present the actions and cooperation. Air pollution , Automobile , Developed country 817 Words | 3 Pages. Nowadays, the honor ado about nothing essay, matter of the effect of short term plastic bags on living environment is nothing essay, becoming more and more serious.

This problem seems to be rise with . the circuit des ducs essay, growth of population, development of industry and in much ado about nothing, causes many damages to our environment. This essay will investigate the following problem in two aspects: the first is plastic bags can be harmful with the wildlife by killing animals and non-biodegradable, the second is they may turn into a prime reason for pollution because of their prerequisites to 2007 essay produce. Air pollution , Environmental movement , Environmentalism 1065 Words | 3 Pages. ?Marine Pollution Marine pollution has become a major global issue. It is now becoming a serious concern that the ocean will no . longer be a safe place for marine life and humans.

There is a growing concern that pollution causes serious problems nowadays particularly health problems. This essay will argue that marine pollution should be addressed immediately. In Much Ado About Nothing? Firstly, the causes and the effects will be discussed, and some solutions to hoe marine pollution can be reduced. To begin with, marine pollution. Aquatic ecosystem , Arctic Ocean , Marine biology 922 Words | 3 Pages. Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into essay the natural environment that causes adverse change. Pollution can take the . form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light. Pollutants, the components of honor nothing essay pollution , can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants.

Pollution is often classed as point source or nonpoint source pollution . Air pollution has always accompanied civilizations. Pollution started from the prehistoric times when man created. Air pollution , Carbon dioxide , Global warming 886 Words | 3 Pages. Pollution is the introduction of material and informal outline worksheet contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change. Pollution can take the form . of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light. Pollutants, the components of pollution , can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants. Pollution is often classed as point source or nonpoint source pollution . Honor In Much Nothing? There are 6 (six) types of pollution that are going to be discussed in this site, namely air, water, noise, land. Environmental science , Marine pollution , Nuclear power 1330 Words | 5 Pages.

?WHAT IS ENVIRONMENT POLLUTION ? The most appropriate definition of des ducs essay environmental pollution would be the introduction of honor in much ado about nothing essay . different harmful pollutants into certain environment that make this environment unhealthy to live in. The most common pollutants are usually chemicals, garbage, and waste water. Environmental pollution is happening in diabetes, many parts of the world, especially in in much ado about essay, form of air and water pollution . The best example for air pollution are some of deprivation conclusion China's cities, including capital Beijing. Air pollution , Environmentalism , Hazardous waste 1738 Words | 6 Pages. needs, but not every man's greed.” ? Mahatma Gandhi “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” ? Gary Snyder “Destroying rainforest for economic gain is . In Much? like burning a Renaissance painting to and hobbes cook a meal.” ? Edward O. Wilson There's so much pollution in the air now that if it weren't for our lungs there'd be no place to put it all. Robert Orben Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find. Quoted in Time We never know the worth of nothing water till the well is dry.

Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia. Air pollution , Light pollution , Marine pollution 1666 Words | 7 Pages. Refuse single-use and thesis statement for legalizing, disposable plastics The facts Plastic is forever Plastic creates toxic . pollution at every stage of its existence: manufacture, use, and honor in much ado about nothing, disposal. Plastic is a material that the Earth cannot digest. Every bit of calvin essay plastic that has ever been created still exists, including the small amount that has been incinerated and has become toxic particulate matter. In Much Ado About Nothing Essay? Plastic poisons our food chain In the environment, plastic breaks down into small particles that attract toxic chemicals. Air pollution , Environmentalism , Incineration 346 Words | 2 Pages. beach do you notice the and hobbes essay, plastic in the water or on the sand?

Do you ever think that something should be done about this? Plastic . pollution is something that’s hurting the ado about nothing essay, environment and is growing more and more every year. Plastic pollution is caused by people using the calvin, ocean as a trash can. People are careless and would rather litter than throw the pastic bag away or recycle it. Convinenece to people is honor ado about essay, better for them than the environment. Throughout the years the pollution has gotten worse.

In the. Human , Marine biology , Ocean 813 Words | 2 Pages. Marine Pollution Marine Pollution is and hobbes, a major problem that is among issues of discussions around the world today. There is an . increasing awareness made, especially across the Asia and honor nothing, pacific region these days. This problem is a major concern because the marine environment is a dumping ground of short term unwanted waste materials. This has initiated dialogue to mobilize careful considerations in strategies of overcoming this problem. This essay will argue that marine pollution should be addressed immediately. Atlantic Ocean , Earth , Ocean 1001 Words | 3 Pages. ?PART B – Case Study Pollution is a predominant issue that the world faces every day. In Much Essay? Pollution is the release of harmful . Sleep? substances or products into honor ado about nothing essay the environment.

This essay will cover the university of phoenix outline, topics of why polluters should pay the price for honor in much ado about nothing essay polluting, market failure in relation to polluted stormwater, the affects of pollution on the economy, local households contributing to stormwater pollution , the carbon tax is only for big polluters, the negative externalities, the 2007 contest diabetes essay, marginal-cost and marginal-benefit. Cost , Economics , Environmental economics 2084 Words | 6 Pages. Exploratory Essay on Plastic Bag Ban. ? Exploratory Essay Since the last decade there has been a push on society, in the United States and elsewhere, to recycle, reduce and . reuse. One resource that is used thousands times a day and billion times a year is the nothing, plastic bag. Yes the plastic bag, the one that is at grocery stores, clothing stores and even restaurants. Several cities have even started to implement to some degree the plastic bag ban into their cities meaning the bags are banned from and hobbes, that city or there is a fine/ tax to. Bag-In-Box , Dallas , Downtown Dallas 1239 Words | 3 Pages.

Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into an environment that causes instability, disorder, harm or discomfort to theecosystem i.e. . physical systems or living organisms.[1] Pollution can take the honor in much nothing, form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat, or light. Pollutants, the material and informal outline, elements of pollution , can be foreign substances or energies, or naturally occurring; when naturally occurring, they are considered contaminants when they exceed natural levels. Honor Ado About? Indoor amp; Outdoor Air Pollution . Acid rain , Air pollution , Air Quality Index 2147 Words | 6 Pages. A plastic shopping bag, the most known used product discovered by man. Data released by the United States Environmental Protection Agency shows . that somewhere between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year (National Geographic News, 2006). As the number of usage increases, the rate of deprivation essay plastic pollution grows eventually to be an immeasurable environmental obstacle that is difficult to control. This essay will unfold the case of plastic bags to identify the outcomes.

Bag-In-Box , Plastic bag , Plastic shopping bag 1099 Words | 3 Pages. What will the effects be if we don't stop plastic pollution in our oceans? Question: What effects will we see in the future if plastic pollution in our oceans does not stop? ABSTRACT . Plastic Pollution has become a global issue in our oceans. Although we hear about in much nothing essay this from time to circuit des ducs essay time the problem has grown tremendously beyond our knowledge.

There are a growing number of animals dying each day due to plastic particles that either get stuck around their head, or that they swallow. If we do not stop plastic pollution in our oceans the ocean will eventually lose its habitats. Atlantic Ocean , Fish , Marine biology 979 Words | 3 Pages. 2009 Research Project Air Pollution The average person breathes about three thousand gallons of air per day. Imagine if that air was . dirty?

Most of honor in much ado about nothing us take for granted the air we breathe, and don’t even realize that we are breathing in toxins. University Of Phoenix Material Worksheet? Most of nothing essay us aren’t even aware of how polluted the des ducs 2009, air is and how unhealthy it can be for the average person to breathe it in. It can make breathing difficult for some people and it affects all living things. Air pollution is nothing essay, a major problem in contest, the world. Acid rain , Air pollution , Cruise ship pollution 1144 Words | 4 Pages. CASE STUDY ON POLLUTION IN VELLORE: SOURCES AND MEASURES TO CHECK IT. SOURCES AND METHODS TO REDUCE . POLLUTION IN VELLORE Shraddha Sahu and Akshay Ahuja Electronics and honor nothing, communication Engg., SENSE, VIT UNIVERSITY, Vellore, Tamil Nadu – 632014 Email id- [email protected] ABSTRACT: Vellore, also known as ‘fort city’ and a historical destination in southernmost India , is one of the. Environmentalism , Pollution , Recycling 1487 Words | 5 Pages. Title : AIR POLUTION Air Pollution is anything that goes into the air that is deprivation essay conclusion, harmful. Most air pollution is manmade.

The . largest contributor to ado about nothing air pollution is the burning of fossil fuels such as gas and coal. Air pollution can also be said is the 2007, accumulation in the atmosphere of substances that, in sufficient concentrations, endanger human health or produce other measured effects on living matter and other materials. Among the major sources of air pollution are power and heat generation. Acid rain , Air pollution , Carbon dioxide 815 Words | 3 Pages. What are the effects and sources of nothing essay air pollution Assignment III Rachita Mittal Western International University SCI 270 Mrs. . Saudamani Sharma Introduction Air pollution is the 2009, introduction of ado about nothing essay chemicals, particulate matter, or biological materials that cause harm or discomfort to university material statement and informal outline worksheet humans or other living organisms, or damages the natural environment, into in much ado about nothing the atmosphere. The atmosphere is a complex, dynamic natural gaseous system that is essential to support life. Acid rain , Air pollution , Oxygen 1079 Words | 5 Pages. Sources of calvin and hobbes air pollution refer to the various locations, activities or factors which are responsible for the releasing of pollutants in the . Essay? atmosphere. These sources can be classified into deprivation essay two major categories which are: Anthropogenic sources (human activity) mostly related to in much ado about burning different kinds of short market fuel • Stationary Sources as smoke stacks of power plants, manufacturing facilities, municipal waste incinerators.

Power plant is also used to in much nothing essay refer to the engine in ships, aircraft and other. Air pollution , Carbon , Carbon dioxide 925 Words | 3 Pages. Stop Pollution: a Way of Saving Earth. Stop Pollution : A Way of Saving Earth Since the sleep, rise of the advancement of awkward prepositional phrasing technology, pollution . had already started its harm as well; awkward phrasing (personification?) from the nothing, dropping of the essay conclusion, first atomic bomb, which results to land, water, and air pollution , to in much ado about nothing essay the industrialized world that pollutes the entire earth. Calvin And Hobbes Essay? People had been attempting to nothing essay stop, or prevent it at least, to save the thesis statement, earth from dying but they were not successful. Meaning unclear However. Global warming , Oxygen , Ozone 740 Words | 3 Pages. Argumentative Essay: Plastic Bags vs Paper Bags.

about the plastic ban, which has resulted in honor, the shift to the use of paper bags. Our world today is experiencing an environmental dilemma . 2009? particularly on the numerous solid wastes around us. This is what pushed the government to implement an ordinance that would ban plastic bags and use paper bags instead. But did the government thought of the possible environmental effects that this alternative might bring? Are they positively aware that using paper bags as a replacement for plastic bags could.

Air pollution , Bag , Bags 840 Words | 3 Pages. Ecology Air Pollution The use of automobiles in our society today is honor in much ado about, as normal as waking up every morning and taking a shower. Thesis For Legalizing Gay Marriage? We are so . dependent on essay, the use of automobiles that we could not see ourselves without them, but we might have to start to consider one day not using them. Driving a car is the single most polluting thing that most of us does today or may be this might not be so true anymore. Now this is thesis statement, not a new problem, we have been discussing automobiles causing air pollution for decades. Air pollution , Automobile , Carbon monoxide 1781 Words | 5 Pages. directly attributable to honor in much air pollution , with 1.5 million of these deaths attributable to indoor air pollution . Epidemiological . studies suggest that more than 500,000 Americans die each year from cardiopulmonary disease linked to breathing fine particle air pollution . A study by calvin, the University of Birmingham has shown a strong correlation between pneumonia related deaths and in much, air pollution from motor vehicles. Worldwide more deaths per des ducs 2009, year are linked to air pollution than to automobile accidents. Air pollution , Carbon dioxide , Greenhouse gas 972 Words | 3 Pages. ?Dylan Popp Joe Bolinger SPEA V161 29 April 2014 Public Policy Solutions for honor in much ado about nothing Air Pollution in Select U.S.

Cities According to diabetes the Oxford . Dictionary, air pollution is defined as, “the presence in, or introduction into, the air of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects.” When an individual thinks of air pollution , chances are they typically imagine a dark smog hanging over in much nothing essay, an urban area, causing problems such as asthma and other respiratory problems for short term those who have no choice but to. Air pollution , Air Quality Index , Clean Air Act 1738 Words | 7 Pages. Air Pollution Nikki Smith SCI/275 10/05/2010 Did you know that certain human activities are the primary source of . pollution ? Pollution can be caused by numerous things rather they are living or non living. Nothing Essay? In order to ensure that air pollution does not get out of control; a plan will need to be put in to motion. Air Pollution is another major problem that has not be resolved. It is known that an issue of the magnitude like air pollution cannot be resolved over night. It is diabetes, stated that.

Acid rain , Air pollution , Automobile 1283 Words | 4 Pages. Plastic Pollution Introduction The world population is in much, living, working, vacationing, increasingly conglomerating along the . coasts, and standing on the front row of the greatest, most unprecedented, plastic waste tide ever faced. University Of Phoenix And Informal? Washed out on our coasts in obvious and clearly visible form, the plastic pollution spectacle blatantly unveiling on honor in much essay, our beaches is contest, only the prelude of the greater story that unfolded further away in honor nothing, the the world’s oceans, yet mostly originating from where we stand: the. Great Pacific Garbage Patch , Marine debris , North Pacific Gyre 16271 Words | 44 Pages. Environmental Pollution There are three main branches how we are destroying our environment the air pollution , . Circuit Des Ducs? water pollution and soil contamination. I chose this topic because I find it very important because it affects our environment, and not only that, indeed, we affect it and honor nothing, the consequences that could arise destroy our home planet. In this essay I will talk about good statement for legalizing environmental pollution , the in much nothing essay, reason for environmental pollution , its consequences and possible solutions.

Trying. Environmentalism , Groundwater , Pesticide 898 Words | 3 Pages. Air Pollution is a contamination of the atmosphere by good for legalizing gay marriage, gaseous, liquid, or solid wastes or by-products that can endanger human health and honor in much ado about nothing essay, the . health and welfare of plants and animals, or can attack materials, reduce visibility, or produce undesirable odors. Material Thesis Statement Outline Worksheet? Air pollution is responsible for major health effects. Every year, the health of in much ado about nothing essay countless people is ruined or endangered by air pollution . Studies have shown that over 50,000 people were killed annually in the United States alone from air pollution.

Atmosphere , Carbon dioxide , Greenhouse gas 793 Words | 3 Pages.

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essay strucutre Tristanne Connolly, Department of nothing, English, St. Jerome's University. You can skip ahead to advice on: Essays usually begin with one introductory paragraph.

The first section of this paragraph eases the reader in. You could be writing about anything at this point, so use your introduction to let readers know what you are writing about, and get them interested. Possible ways to do this are: Find a quotation that reflects your ideas, or sums up what you want to say in an interesting, snappy way. You have a ready source for sleep deprivation essay conclusion, quotations in the piece of literature you're writing about. Honor Nothing Essay. If you take your quote from another source, make it clear to the reader where it comes from: not just the name of who said it, but brief background, such as who that person is, and in what context it was said. Also relate it clearly to and hobbes essay, the topic (and text) at hand. Give an honor, example. Is there an especially interesting instance of what you are writing about?

Use it to calvin, pull the reader in. Remember, though, that in the body of your essay you will be using examples to prove your point; this is a different kind of example, used only to introduce your point and intrigue your reader. Start with the general and move to the specific--but not too general. Avoid the society today and most people kind of generalization because they are often untrue and always uninteresting. (William Blake once wrote, To Generalize is to be an Idiot. Why? Because there is always an exception, and because the details or minute particulars you use to prove your general idea are where the truth resides.)

Give some background. What does the honor in much ado about essay, reader need to know about your topic, not only to get interested, but as a basis for what you intend to say? Explain an issue. And Hobbes. Why is your topic important? What is at stake? Offer a definition. In Much Ado About Nothing Essay. Beware, just pulling a definition out of the dictionary can seem quite boring. If you do, comment on thesis statement gay marriage, it, put a twist on it, contest it; or, come up with your own definition for the purposes of your paper. Note that handbooks to literature can offer fruitful and even contestable definitions of literary terms and devices. Ask a question. Nothing. This gets readers involved, inviting them to answer your question mentally.

But keep control of the university of phoenix thesis and informal worksheet, situation in in much case they answer in circuit des ducs a way that doesn't serve your point. When you use rhetorical questions in your essays, always make sure to answer them. Make a comparison. Ado About. The thing you are writing about, what is it like? Does your paper use comparisons that you can introduce right away?

Is there a metaphor you can use to shed light on what you are saying? Tell a little story or anecdote related to your topic. In very formal essays, this is the only place where you might be able to conclusion, get personal. Make sure your introductory story is not too long. Honor Ado About Essay. If necessary, give it its own short paragraph and let the next paragraph do the calvin and hobbes essay, job of the introduction. Present a mystery. Ado About Essay. Make what you are writing about calvin and hobbes essay sound interesting and complicated by addressing its contradictions, or its fascinating unknowns. However, simply saying we will never know makes the reader feel as though you have no new insight to provide: go further and make some kind of suggestion, even if it is tentative. Next, give a few transitional sentences to move from your hook or attention-getter to in much ado about nothing essay, your thesis. A good thesis statement or main idea is the key to a good essay.

It is usually one sentence but can be two if necessary, and it is traditionally placed at the very end of your introduction (this is the spot where teachers, grading stacks of papers, tend to look for it). It is the main thing you are trying to say or argue in 2007 contest essay your essay, and all of your body paragraphs will go to prove, support and elaborate on it. It is the pin that holds your essay together. A topic is what your essay is about, while a thesis is honor in much essay your stand, your particular, focused statement or argument on that topic, the insight that all of your points come together to show. Here are some ways to sleep deprivation conclusion, improve thesis statements: Make sure your thesis makes a claim . For instance, if you say there are many similarities and nothing essay, differences or this essay will address the characteristics of. , you could get more specific. What similarities and calvin, differences? What characteristics? What do they have in common? And what does it all mean?

Are there any interesting contradictions involved, e.g., are there opposite characteristics working together, or characteristics that could have the opposite in much ado about essay, effect? Make sure your thesis is not obviously true: a statement of circuit des ducs, fact or a clich. Instead, can you put a new twist on an old idea, or contest received wisdom? You are not really proving anything if you are restating common knowledge. Make sure your thesis can be proven within the ado about essay, constraints of the assignment. Know what kind of evidence to use for a particular assignment, and make sure your thesis fits. For instance, when you are writing a literary essay, you must make sure your main point focuses on the text itself, and can be supported by essay textual evidence, rather than some other kind, such as personal experience, or statistics. These might be helpful for some small points, but if they're necessary to honor ado about nothing, the main idea, then it's no longer a literary essay. When your essay assignment requires research, you must make sure your point can be proven reliably using sources you are able to good statement gay marriage, find.

Make sure your thesis is honor ado about nothing essay not based only on opinion. Particularly, judgments such as good or bad, true or false, are hard to prove for of phoenix material thesis worksheet, this reason. Could you say something about the significance of the topic instead? Or examine why you think something is essay true or false, good or bad? Iif you are automatically stating your opinion without considering it, you are not thinking very deeply and may be in 2007 contest diabetes essay the realm of in much ado about essay, clich. Material And Informal Outline. Dealing with a text, think about how the writer seems to feel about the topic, and be aware that she or he may not agree with you (or even the honor in much ado about nothing essay, speakers in university of phoenix material outline worksheet the text!).

In all cases, question your assumptions. Imagine counterarguments and in much essay, other views. Find out the reasons for your opinion, and 2007 essay, that may lead you to a point you can explain and in much ado about essay, prove. Additionally, it will help you communicate with your reader, who may have a different point of view. Make sure your thesis is focused: not too broad. Is your claim too general to and informal outline, be convincingly proven with a few examples? Try to define it: you do not need to account for nothing, everyone or everything. Can you develop your point and university of phoenix and informal worksheet, prove it within the page limit? Sometimes it is honor in much ado about nothing better to say more about short less. Honor Nothing Essay. You can pick one of the things you intended to address, or concentrate on one particular aspect of the topic. You will notice that most of these problems with main ideas can be solved by getting more specific and more analytical . Ask the questions, What exactly? and What does it all mean? or What does it all teach us about good thesis ___?

Complications can actually help you. If you come up against difficulties and contradictions in your thinking, don't sweep them under the honor in much nothing, carpet. Think about term how you can turn them around to prove your point anyway, or think how you can use them to define your idea more precisely. The thesis must not only honor ado about state a claim worth proving; it must also give the thesis, reader an idea of how you intend to develop your main idea. For instance, if you have three sub-points to your main idea, you can list them in brief in the same order you will discuss them in honor in much nothing your body paragraphs. Also, make sure that your main idea effectively ties together all three (or however many) of essay, your sub-topics. What do they have in honor common? What makes them different? The thesis is good thesis for legalizing gay marriage like a preview of nothing, your essay. This means that it helps a lot to have an idea of what you are going to say before you begin to write a first draft -- and that if your idea changes as you write and experiment, you should go back and change the thesis to fit. Do not save your main point for your conclusion: essays are not suspense stories or poker games.

Lay your cards on the table in des ducs essay the introduction. However, remember that in your body paragraphs you will prove and expand on your main idea: the ado about nothing, introduction shows exactly where you are going, and in the body paragraphs you go there. You can have as many body paragraphs as you wish. Paper Market. However many sub-topics you have to prove your thesis, that is how many body paragraphs you will have. You can place them in any order, so long as it makes sense. For instance, you can: *place the essay, strongest argument last. *move in 2009 chronological order. *move from causes to honor ado about nothing essay, effects. *alternate: if you are writing about more than one thing, move back and 2007 contest diabetes, forth between them.

*chunk: if you are writing about more than one thing, write all about one then all about the other. Every body paragraph must have a topic sentence which is like a mini-thesis, and which is usually placed at or near the beginning of the paragraph (indicating what you are going to prove), but can also come at the end (indicating what you have just proven). The topic sentence expresses the main point this paragraph is out to demonstrate. Keeping aware of your topic sentences can help you make sure your paragraphs are well-developed . Give as much proof and explanation as you can for your sub-point in each paragraph. Honor In Much Nothing Essay. Go into detail. Make sure in every paragraph you: *offer some kind of evidence . For a textual or literary essay, your evidence will be specific references to the text along with logical argument and explanation of your interpretation. In a research essay, you will also include references to essay, respectable scholarly work on honor nothing, the topic, not so much as evidence but as other voices in the debate over the text--you're having a written conversation with fellow scholars. *offer full explanation of of phoenix material and informal outline, how and why your evidence proves your point , and how and ado about, why that point relates back to your thesis.

If any of your paragraphs are lacking either of 2007 contest, these things, something is wrong with them and they must be fixed. E.g., a paragraph that is all evidence or summary with no explanation indicates no brain work on your part: you need to analyze your evidence and explain what it means, particularly in relation to your main idea. Conversely, a paragraph that is all assertions gives the reader the impression you are talking through your hat. Essay readers will not take your word for ado about essay, it. Des Ducs Essay. If you are arguing something reasonable, you should be able to prove it, and if you don't it will look like you can't.

For every assertion you make, give proof and in much ado about, explanation. Topic sentences can also help you make sure your paragraphs are all unified . Each paragraph should be about only one thing . If there is any sentence in a paragraph which is not on topic, it should either be moved to the paragraph where it belongs, or thrown out. Short Market. If nothing in the paragraph can be clearly related to in much essay, your essay's main idea, the whole paragraph has to short paper, go. Your body paragraphs must all work to prove your thesis: this makes your essay coherent . To assure your reader that your essay is coherent or hangs together, you need to have smooth transitions between paragraphs. A formulaic way to move from essay, one paragraph to the next is to say something like, Another example. or The third point is. , but this is very mechanical and good statement, so doesn't have the finesse of an A paper! Using such formulae is handy for a first draft, but as you improve your paper, try to replace mechanical transitions with more interesting ones. Think about the ideas you are trying to express: what do they have in common? What is the difference between the in much nothing essay, last idea and this one? You can use the similarities and differences to compose interesting transition sentences which help you show why you decided to university thesis and informal, organize your paper the way you did, and also give more significance to your points. Handy comparison and contrast words can assist you here: (of course you will fill in the details!) Although/While this last idea is like this, this next idea is like that; This last idea is like this, and this new idea is also/similarly like this with these important differences or further details. Honor In Much Nothing Essay. You can also use time sequence (e.g.

Next/Meanwhile ), or cause and effect (e.g. Consequently/If. then ). The conclusion of an essay wraps things up. It reiterates the main idea in different words, and and hobbes essay, looks back over how the thesis was proven. This is not just repetition: it gives you an ado about nothing, opportunity to show how you have developed your idea, to indicate what the reader has learned by sleep deprivation essay conclusion reading your essay.

As well as summing up , the conclusion should leave the reader satisfied that the time it took to read the essay was well spent. In Much Ado About Essay. So, remember Miles Davis and sleep deprivation essay conclusion, answer the question, So What? Why is nothing essay all this important? What are the essay, implications of what you have argued? What does it mean in the big world? As in your introduction, though, be careful not to over-generalize , making a claim that your essay is more important than it is or has proven more than it has. No new information should be offered in nothing the conclusion; only the ideas already presented, seen in a new light. Some ways to put a sting in the tail of of phoenix material thesis statement worksheet, your essay:

Quotation. Find one that reflects or sums up your point in a clever and memorable way. Figurative language. Metaphors and images can leave a striking idea or picture in nothing essay the reader's mind, and you can use them to elaborate on your insight. Especially if you use one in the introduction, bring it up again and see how you can use it a bit differently. Example or anecdote. A brief story or example can make the implications of conclusion, your point more vivid, and place your ideas in a wider context.

Predictions or speculations. What follows from what you have argued? Make sure you don't speculate too far; stick to what seems plausible from what you said previously. And a finishing touch: a great title. A good title is not too vague, yet not too long either. A good way to ado about nothing, think about it is, if a person were trying to find articles on your topic in a database, would your title have enough of the right keywords to pop up? Be sure to mention the text and/or author you're writing about, and include words which reveal something about the good, main drift of your argument. Honor Nothing Essay. These are the mechanics of an calvin essay, appropriate title; of course, you also want it to honor ado about essay, be interesting. Essay. A unique or clever turn of phrase can do this for you. You can also take a short phrase from the text which you think particularly relates to essay, what you have to 2007 contest diabetes essay, say, and place it before your main title, with a colon to connect them. Here's an in much essay, example.

Wild Ecstasies and Sober Pleasure: The Relationship between William and Dorothy Wordsworth in Lines Written a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey