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English bulldog without papers for sale

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English Bulldog Puppies For Sale …

A Rumor of english bulldog papers War: The Changes of review a Solider Essay Sample. The Vietnam War was seen by all as horrible and by bulldog papers many, senseless. War has the ability to change people, countries, and even the harmony of the planet. After the Vietnam War’s end, many Americans didn’t want to hear or speak about the war. Many of the citizens in America wanted to forget it ever occurred. The United States had lost their invincibility to their negligence; the nation believed it could do anything. They especially thought they could end the war quickly in Vietnam and stop the spread of communism. The United States had joined the Vietnam War with hopes of becoming an write an essay alliance with France. This alliance would help turn the tide easily for them on what they thought was a naive, unorganized enemy. For many soldiers, it rapidly transformed into a plain hope for survival in a savage wilderness that was South Vietnam.

A Rumor of bulldog without for sale War is written by resume blast Lieutenant Philip Caputo. It is a memoir of his experiences and his notes of the more historical and well-known events the war created for this Marine. English Bulldog Without Papers. It takes viewers through the battles, minds, and thoughts of what being a soldier in Vietnam was truly like. Philip Caputo is write an essay rural extension development, a young, bored man with his life in Westchester, Illinois decides to enlist in english bulldog papers for sale, the Marines to prove himself, his manhood, and to satisfy his curiosity. He enlists in 1960 and endures basic training, making minor turns back to his past love for English literature.

However he continues on, pushing the urge out of write an essay development his mind. After his basic training, he goes to Virginia, coming out a Second Lieutenant. He is highly ignorant of what war is english bulldog papers, capable of and yearns for war. Online. Caputo and the platoon are sent to Okinawa, Japan, months before the war was ready to begin and launch Vietnam into a decade of pointless fights and deaths. When the platoons are sent to Danang to fight, they are intoxicated with joy, without knowing half of what they will encounter. It’s several months before they make contact with Vietcong members and before their first deaths.

These two tragedies hit the bulldog without papers for sale, men as an eye-opener, sending them into a silence. On Agricultural Rural Extension. It’s like they’ve lost a part of themselves through these deaths. The months blur together under the intense temperatures, insect bites, death, and constant search for an enemy that is impossible to find. English Bulldog Without Papers. The battles and the weather take their tolls on thesis statement the men physically, mentally, and emotionally. Caputo is reassigned to english bulldog papers for sale, a new post after a week long assignment in Japan. His new post is a noncombat position, but still gruesome in his heart: taking reports of the killed-in-action and the wounded. He takes down numbers of dead soldiers and files the reports. When he starts hearing more and more about soldiers’ deaths, he feels a sense of guilt. However, that isn’t enough for him to request a transfer.

This request comes when he is essay, asked to leave the bodies of the dead Vietcong out in bulldog without papers, the sun, so a General can come by and inspect them. Write An Essay On Agricultural Rural Extension Development. The disrespectfulness of the dead Vietcong is too much for him. He goes back out into combat for his last months as a Marine. The sun is replaced by the monsoon season and everything is beginning to smell awful. After being thrown back out into the jungle for english more months of fighting, this creates a change in Lieutenant Caputo and software every single solider at war. The men begin to lose sight of right and wrong. English Papers For Sale. They burn down villages and shoot any Vietnamese even if they’re suspected of thinking online being Vietcong.

Instead of bulldog papers for sale being looked upon as a war, it is a massacre. Caputo soon leaves for home, only to return to job resume, Vietnam ten years later as a journalist to cover the fall of Saigon at the end of the war. English For Sale. Caputo is finally able to put the thesis statement, war behind him after writing his memoir and having it published. His growth from the past leads him to have a nervous breakdown, only because he finally realizes that his story actually happened. A soldier changes physically, but he is also inclined to change emotionally and mentally. Without Papers For Sale. If a man is attacked or shot, this will certainly disturb their peace and serenity. This sort of mental torture will continue through time. American 1920. Frustration will begin to set in with a hatred for everything. This makes the soldiers set out revenge to reconcile with their emotions.

The danger increases soldiers’ mortality, pressuring them all the more to survive and fight. Caputo is not an exception to these changes. He, along with all the other soldiers, goes through changes. As the needs to survive overwhelm them, Caputo becomes more violent and english bulldog depressed. The Lieutenant starts off ready to fight, believing the soldiers are capable of anything. The Vietcong are a group of men with big guns and a faceless enemy. Caputo and his platoon believe themselves to be in software, some sort of dangerous training, until one of their members is injured allowing them to bulldog without for sale, set into reality. Thinking Online Course. They soon begin to realize they aren’t just fighting the Vietcong; they are also fighting the obstacles of Vietnam itself. The morale quickly disappears and fear sets in.

Instead of bulldog without for sale being the perfect war team they were when they first arrived, the platoons and battalions fall into madness. They make mistakes with their guns and fire at animals or bushes moving in the wind. They become scared of everything, finding it complex to keep each other balanced. This fear disperses when Caputo is transferred to a staff office to keep a tally of the dead bodies coming in every day, but it rapidly morphs into depression. He sees the bodies of his platoon’s members and feels guilty they passed. He wishes he could have saved them. When the bodies of three young soldiers are brought into essay, camp, he remembers what one of them said to him, and is woken up to the harder side of the war. The soldier, Lockhart tells him, “‘They’re young men,’ he had said of the english bulldog papers, Vietcong… ‘It’s always the creal homework, young men who die.’ Lockhart was nineteen” (197). Caputo may have started off equipped for war, but it certainly wasn’t the type of war he expected and he paid for that in everyway possible.

Caputo may have been depressed with the war, but he quickly turns violent when he is allowed to transfer back into combat. He joins an entirely different platoon and is able to see the jittery nerves of almost every soldier he fights with. He has to yell at them to calm them down and turn them to without for sale, make them follow orders, so they don’t draw too much attention and resume review give away their location. The days of doubt are gone and all that matters is survival. Caputo snaps after several of his men are wounded on a mine and rushes to help relieve their pain. They didn’t even run into a Vietcong, it was their traps that destroyed these men. Bulldog Without Papers. Caputo calls in for airlifts back to the hospital where the men can get treated and sent back to the states if they need to be. While helping the men into the helicopters, they find the wire detonator and return back to the village. Figuring the Vietcong who set it could easily be hiding, they proceed to destroy the detonator as a whole. Caputo feels nothing from this watching this event unfold. Write Extension. “I did not feel angry. Listening to the shots and watching people running out of their burning homes, I did not feel anything at all” (284).

Many of the soldiers in Vietnam just wanted the fighting to end. They would do anything necessary, even if it meant becoming heartless. Caputo finally realizes his mistakes after ordering two of his soldiers to pick up reported Vietcong’s in a village. He tells the soldiers to capture them, but silently orders the english bulldog without papers, soldiers to kill them at the slightest chance. American Prohibition 1920 Essay. When they bring them back, they resort to torture of the bodies. Papers For Sale. Caputo is only searching for papers, but still laughs along with the an essay on agricultural, men as they joke. “Tearing off his bloodstained shirt, shredded like his chest by english without papers shotgun pellets, I looked for his papers. Someone quipped, ‘Hey Lieutenant, he’ll catch cold.’ Everyone laughed again. I joined in, but I was not laughing as hard as I was before” (317). This is creal, Lieutenant Philip Caputo, torturing the bodies of the dead, and he completely stops laughing when he is without papers for sale, tried for murder.

He is acquitted because of the job resume, corrupt sense of right and wrong that infects the Marines. He slips back into depression, but is then elated when he is released to go home. All the events he went through changed him, leaving Caputo with fear, sorrow, and anger with his situations. He isn’t the same man coming out of Vietnam as the man he was going into the war. Vietnam left many soldiers wounded physically, emotionally, and mentally. It put these men on a ride that changed them. Caputo’s honest account of how he changed through the war is proof. Months of being hunted, shot, and papers killed can cause people to act out in terrible ways. The desire to drew creal, survive and get revenge on Vietcong for the deaths of their platoon members is what drove most of the soldiers to these horrible acts. A Rumor of War is a compelling true account of the Vietnam War that takes the viewers into english, the jungle with Philip Caputo, showing viewers the reality of the war.

The need to retaliate and survive may have overwhelmed them at points, causing them to become violent and depressed, but the men were always able to snap out of it, whether they needed help or not. It just took some time for everything to truly set into place. The truth was finally revealed allowing the horrors of war to write development, be put behind the soldiers. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and english bulldog for sale order A Rumor of War: The Changes of a Solider. essay editing for only $13.9 per logic and critical course page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for A Rumor of War: The Changes of a Solider. English. Reading “Rumor of War” by Philip Caputo was a great read and very dramatic. Philip Caputo makes the reader feel as if they are standing right beside him going through the#8230; The significance of the Tet Offensive for the Vietnam War.

Tet Offensive : In 1968, the National Liberation Front and Vietcong launched a surprise attack against on agricultural rural extension, American and english bulldog without for sale South Vietnamese forces on the eve of the lunar New Year#8217;s Day#8230;. Vietnam War Vocabulary. 1. Ho Chi Minh- a Japanese nationalist leader during the Vietnam War who supported communism. He later became the president of North Vietnam. 2. American Prohibition 1920. Vietminh- an organization whose goal was#8230; Accountability in Army. Accountability in the army is english without papers for sale, important because soldiers as well as equipment, ammunition, food, water and other various supplies are vital to the operation and proper function of the army#8230; There are approxitmatley 44 soldiers in a platoon.

A platoon is led by a leutinent and it takes three to five platoons to form a company according to the United#8230; The things they carried” Tim O Brien Short story. Tim o Brien’s work in the things they carried in which he shows himself as one of the main characters and the narrator is a classical mirror of life on#8230;

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Word-searchable text of Michelle Obama’s Princeton thesis. Below is a word-searchable text of Michelle Obama’s Princeton thesis unearthed by Politico . For a PDF copy, click here. Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson. presented to Princeton University.

in partial fulfillment of english bulldog, the. requirements for the degree of. Bachelor of job resume software, Arts. Department of Sociology. Princeton, New Jersey, 1985. (c) Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, 1985. I hereby declare that I am the sole author of this thesis. I authorize Princeton University to lend this thesis to oth- er institutions or individuals for the purpose of scholarly. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson. I further authorize Princeton University to reproduce this. thesis by photocopying or by other means, in total or in.

part, at the request of for sale, other institutions or individuals. for the purpose of american prohibition 1920 essay, scholarly research. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson. Princeton University requires the english bulldog without papers, signatures of all persons. using or photocopying this thesis. Drew Creal Homework! Please sign below, and.

give address and date. I. INTRODUCTION 1. II. HYPOTHESIS 4. Dependent Variables 4. Interaction Attitudes 4. Comfort and its Relationship to. Interaction Attitudes 5. Benefit Attitudes 9. Change Over Time in the Dependent Variables 11.

Independent Variables 15. Causal Model 18. Measures of the Dependent Variables 22. Measures of the Independent Variables 24. IV: FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION 26. Description of the Sample 26. General Attitudes of Respondents 27.

Background of the Respondents 33. Explanatory Findings 36. Time vs. Ideologies 36. Time vs. General Comfort and Motivation. to Black Community 37. Association Between Time and Ideologies 39. Time and english without its Correlates 40. Association Between Ideologies and.

Schools Attended 43. Associations between Ideologies and the. Dependent Variables 44. V. Drew Creal! SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS 51. Revised Causal Model 51. Major Conclusion 53. New Hypothesis 57. To Mom, Dad, Craig, and all of my special friends: Thank-you for english bulldog loving me and always making me feel good about. This thesis would not have been possible without the help.

and guidance of my advisor, Professor Walter Wallace. Thank-you Professor Wallace you have made me a much better. I would also like to thank my respondents, members of prohibition act of, the. ABPA, who participated in my study. English Bulldog For Sale! It is resume review good to for sale know that. Black Princeton students can count on the support of the As- Special thanks to Mr. Steve Dawson, President of the ABPA, and Mr.

Richard Roper for statement essay their time and support. Finally, I would like to without papers thank Pat Larue and the Alumni Records. office for assisting me in mailing my questionnaires. The purpose of this study is to drew examine various attitudes. of Black Princeton alumni in their present state and english without as they. are perceived by american the alumni to have changed over papers for sale, time. This.

study tries to essay examine the following attitudes of alumni: the extent to bulldog papers which they are comfortable interacting with. Black and with White individuals in various activities; the. extent to which they are motivated to benefit the Black com- munity in comparison to other entities such as themselves, their families, God, etc.; the ideologies they hold with re- spects to race relations between the Black and White commu- nities; and feelings they have toward the Black lower class. such as a feeling of prohibition act of 1920, obligation that they should help im- prove the lives of this particular group of Blacks. As a future Black alumnus, this study is particularly in- teresting because often times I take my own attitudes about. such issues for granted;. Bulldog Without! never pausing to job resume software reflect upon english without, how. my experiences at Princeton may somehow have caused my atti- tudes to change. This is american act of 1920 essay important for Blacks in contempo- rary society because as more Blacks begin attending predomi- nately White universities it will be helpful to know how. their experiences in these universities affect their future. attitudes. In years to come if their attitudes do change, is it possible, for example, that they will become more.

comfortable interacting with Blacks or with Whites in vari- ous activities? Will they become more or less motivated to. benefit the Black community? If there is a change in their. attitudes to english bulldog papers for sale what might it be attributed? Will they feel. any obligation as a member of the Black community to help.

other Blacks in american act of essay, particular who are less fortunate than them- Earlier in my college career, there was no doubt in my. mind that as a member of the Black community I was somehow. obligated to english without for sale this community and would utilize all of logic course, my. present and english bulldog papers for sale future resources to benefit this community first. and foremost. Creal! My experiences at Princeton have made me far. more aware of my “Blackness” than ever before. I have found. that at Princeton no matter how liberal and open-minded some. of my White professors and classmates try to be toward me, I. sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as if I really.

don’t belong. Regardless of the circumstances underwhich I. interact with Whites at Princeton, it often seems as if, to. them, I will always be Black first and a student second. These experiences have made it apparent to me that the. path I have chosen to follow by attending Princeton will. likely lead to my further integration and/or assimilation. into a White cultural and social structure that will only. allow me to remain on the periphery of papers, society; never becom- ing a full participant. This realization has presently, made my goals to prohibition 1920 essay actively utilize my resources to benefit. the Black community more desirable. At the same time , however, it is conceivable that my.

four years of exposure to a predominately White, Ivy League. University has instilled within me certain conservative val- ues. For example, as I enter my final year at bulldog papers, Princeton, I. find myself striving for job resume many of the same goals as my White. classmates–acceptance to a prestigious graduate or profes- sional school or a high paying position in a successful cor- poration. Thus, my goals after Princeton are not as clear. Is it possible that other Black alumni share these feel- ings? Do most alumni experience a change in bulldog for sale, their atti- tudes; and, if so, how are they likely to change? This. study will try to thinking online course provide some answers to these questions. However, before discussing the findings, it will be neces- sary to define the variables of the study and explain the.

methods used to measure these variables. This. study focuses on four dependent variables which may. be divided into two attitude categories: 1) the extent to. which respondents to the questionnaire feel personally and. ideologically comfortable interacting with Blacks and with. Whites; and 2) the relative degree of motivation these re- spondents have to benefit various entities–including the. Black community, themselves, their families, and english bulldog papers the Ameri- can community at large (which is, of prohibition act of 1920 essay, course, predominately. White). Let us call these two categories “Interaction Atti- There are two basic variables in this category.

By in- quiring about the relative comfort that the bulldog without, respondents feel. when interacting with both Blacks and Whites in various ac- tivities, the study tries to provide some idea of the re- spondents’ personal preferences when interacting with Blacks. and with Whites, and thus measures their degree of attach- ment to individuals of different races. In addition, the. study also inquires about respondents’ ideological prefer- ences regarding relations between the Black and creal homework White commu- nities. Let us consider these two variables more closely.

Comfort and its Relationship to Interaction Attitudes. Webster’s Dictionary of English offers several key syno- nyms for “comfort”, some of which are ease, pleasure, and. enjoyment. When one speaks of being “comfortable with” someone or something, one often thinks of environments which. promote feelings of english without papers for sale, ease and with which one is familiar, such as being in one’s own home or with one’s family and. close friends. Resume Review! More often than not, one finds comfort in.

things with which one is familiar rather than in bulldog without papers for sale, unfamiliar. things. Thesis Literary Essay! It is also more likely that one is more attached to. to things with which one is bulldog for sale familiar than to things with. which one is unfamiliar. Write! Therefore, in the case of the re- spondents, I argue that the relative sense of comfort they. may feel when interacting with Blacks in comparison to. Whites (and vice versa) in various activities reflects the. relative ease and familiarity the respondents feel with. Blacks in comparison to Whites which, in turn, indicates the. extent to which the respondents are personally attached to.

Blacks as individuals in without papers for sale, comparison to Whites as individu- It is important to point out that one’s attitudes about. race relations on an individual level have an important de- gree of logical independence from essay, one’s attitudes about race. relations on a community level. An individual who is more. personally comfortable with Blacks than with Whites on without papers for sale, an. individual level need not hold political ideologies which.

support the separation of Blacks and Whites on a community. level. Likewise, an individual who is and critical thinking online personally more com- fortable with individual Whites than with individual Blacks. may or may not hold ideologies which support the integration. of Blacks and Whites on a community level. Therefore, it is. necessary to measure attitudes towards relations between. Blacks and Whites on a community level (to be referred to as. “ideologies”) independently from personal attitudes towards.

relations between Blacks and Whites on an individual level. The variable to be discussed next tries to accomplish this. by mesauring the extent to which the respondents are separa- tionist and/or pluralist or integrationist and/or assimilia- tionist (to be referred to as sep/plur and bulldog without papers for sale int/assim). Separationism/Pluralism and Integrationism/Assimilationism. Unlike the drew creal, discussion of “comfort”.in the bulldog, previous sec- tion, literature defining concepts of sep/plur and resume blast int/assim. was found. Therefore, in order to demonstrate the role of. these concepts in this study, the following section will. draw on the writings of such authors as van den Berghe, Billingsley, and Carmichael and Hamilton, to name a few, whose writings utilize these concepts. van den Berghe (1967), discusses the possibility of without, two.

types of pluralism: 1)cultural structural pluralism in. which one finds different ethnic groups with their own lan- guages, values, etc., but participating in a common social. structure (things people do together); and 2)social struc- tural pluralism in which one finds shared languages and logic and critical online val- ues across different ethnic groups each participating in its. own separate social structure.)1 These definitions of plural- ism utilized by van den Berghe serve as a basis for bulldog for sale using. the term “pluralism” as a measure of the respondents’s atti- tudes about race relations between Blacks and Whites on blast review, a. The idea of separationism and pluralism (both cultural. structural and social structural) is also discussed by Bill- ingsley (1968) who believes there is a need for Blacks to. build up their own communities; define themselves by papers new. “Black” standards different from the act of essay, old White standards; and exercise power and bulldog without for sale control over their own institutions.

and services within the Black community. 1 Pierre van den Berghe, Race and Racism, (New York: Wiley), Stokely Carmichael and Charles Hamilton’s (1967) devel- oped definitions of separationism in their discussion of. Black Power which guided me in the formulation and use of. this concept in the study. The concept of Black Power rests on the fundamen- tal premise: Before a group can enter the open. society, it must close ranks.

By this we mean. that group solidarity is necessary before a group. can operate effectively from a bargaining position. of strength in a pluralistic society.’ Thus, Carmichael and literary essay Hamilton define separationism as a nec- essary stage for the development of the Black community be- fore this group integrates into the “open society”. The idea of creating separate social structure and english bulldog without for sale cul- tural structures as suggested by these authors serves to. clarify definitions of separationism/pluralism as they func- tion in the dependent variable which tries to measure the. respondents’ ideologies concerning political and logic online course economic. relations between the Black and White communities. Conyers and Wallace (1976) embody the idea of Blacks.

working with Whites as a plausible political and economic. ideology about relations between the Black and bulldog for sale White commu- nities. Their discussion focuses on representative integra- tion which is the integration of Black official into thesis literary, various. aspects of politics. They discuss problems which face these. Black officials who must persuade the White community that.

they are above issues of english without for sale, race and an essay on agricultural extension that they are representing. 2 Stokely Carmichael and :Charles Hamilton, Black Power: The. Politics of Liberation in America, (New York: Vintage Books), all people and english bulldog without not just Black people. The idea of working. with Whites to form a common social structure and cultural.

structure as opposed to creating two separate social struc- tures and cultural structures discussed in the writings of. Conyers and Wallace have aided in the development of statement literary, con- cepts of integrationism and assimilationism as they function. The second set of dependent variables in this study tries. especially to measure the extent to which the respondents. were motivated to english without benefit various social groups. The first. variable was designed to drew creal provide some idea of how interested. the respondents are in positively contributing to the Black. community relative to other social groups such as the White. community, their families, their occupations.

The second. variable in this category was designed to english bulldog without papers measure the nature. of the respondents’ attitudes not toward the Black community. as an undifferentiated whole, but specifically toward mem- bers of the write development, lower class in that community. Let us consider. these variables a little more closely. The study examines the respondents’ motivations to ben- efit various individuals and groups of individuals, thereby, measuring their value priorities. The study inquires about. the respondents’ motivations to benefit him/herself, and the.

following social groups: the family, the Black community, the White community, God and bulldog for sale church, the U.S. society, the. non-White races of the world, and the human species as a. In an individual’s lifetime, it is necessary that the in- dividual focus his/her interests on benefiting a limited. number of creal homework, things at a time because it is impossible to help. everyone and everything equally at bulldog papers for sale, the same time. There- fore, the 1920, individual must create a motivational hierachy. from which the individual can determine which social groups. are most important to english bulldog without papers benefit. Some individuals may place. the highest value on drew creal, benefiting themselves or their fami- lies.

Others may value their occupational fields most high- ly. Others may place God before everything else. In still. other instances, one’s motivation to benefit either the U.S. society, the non-White races of the world or the bulldog without for sale, human spec- ies as a whole could be most powerful. The desire to benefit the Black community as previously. mentioned, is also included in the list of subjective moti- vations. However, this dependent variable did not differen- tiate the Black community in on agricultural extension, any way because it tries to. measure the level of interest the respondents have in the. Black community as a whole in bulldog without for sale, comparison to other possible.

social groups as a whole. The variable discussed next tries. to make up for that. The second benefit variable examines the respondents’ desire to benefit specifically the Black lower class rather. than examining attitudes towards the Black community as a. whole.

This identification is useful because there is a. large segment of the Black community that is lower class and. as a result of the strong likelihood that respondents now. belong to classes higher and more powerful, politically and. economically, than the lower class largely because they have. graduated from Princeton University, it is an essay on agricultural rural interesting to. see what their attitudes are towards a large majority of. Blacks unlike themselves.

Feelings of obligation to for sale improve. the life of the Black lower class, feelings of guilt for be- traying the Black lower class, as well as feelings of job resume software, shame. or envy toward the Black lower class are investigated in. CHANGE OVER TIME IN THE DEPENDENT VARIABLES. By adding a measure for bulldog without for sale change over time the dependent. variables may be.studied both in their present perceived.

state and as they are perceived by the respondents to have. changed over time. The study accomlishes this measure of. change by dividing the respondents’ lives into 1920, three peri- ods: “Pre-Princeton” (years before entering college), “Princeton” (years in college), and “Post-Princeton” (years. after graduating from college).3. It is important to realize that the change measured is. that which is perceived by for sale the individual; an introspective. measure of logic and critical online, change. For example, the individual answering.

the question may believe that he/she has changed in english without papers for sale, no way. at all, however, if someone else, possibly a family member, were asked the same question about the individual, it is. possible that they would believe that the individual has. drastically changed over time. The measure for change over time is focused around.

Princeton because the study attempts to examine the effects. of a Princeton education on american prohibition essay, Blacks. Respondents are repre- sentative of a small number of Blacks who attend predomi- nately White universities and they also represent an even. smaller portion of Blacks attending Ivy League universities. Unversities such as Princeton only began admitting Blacks in.

the 1960’s and presently Blacks comprise only about 10% of. total enrollment. Bulldog For Sale! Due to the small number of Blacks in at- tendance, the rural extension, University does not often meet the social and. academic needs of its Black population because these univer- 3 For this study, change was computed for first, the Pre- Princeton to Princeton period (to be referred to english as “Pre- to-Prin”) and then for the Princeton to Post-Princeton. period (to be referred to drew homework as “Prin-to-Post”). By calcu- lating the difference between the number indicated by re- spondents for Pre-Princeton point and the number indicated.

by respondents for the Princeton point, it was possible to. estimate the change during the Pre-to-Prin period. Like- wise the bulldog without papers, difference between the american act of 1920, number indicated by the. respondents for Princeton point and the number indicated. for the english bulldog papers, Post-Princeton point shows the change during the. Princeton to Post-Princeton period.. sities focus their attentions on accommodating the White. students who comprise the 1920 essay, majority of papers, their enrollments. Dejoie discusses the claims of the negative effects of. predominately White universities on the Black students at- tending those universities. Although I was unable to find.

empirical support for Dejoie’s essay, I feel the thesis statement literary essay, ideas she. expressed are worth some discussion. Dejoie believes that “Institutional policies of predomi- nately White universities have established practices which. favor the prefered groups and have ranked priorities which. are meant to facilitate the tasks and improve the conditions. of White students while ignoring the needs of the Black stu- dents”.” Dr. Dejoie goes on in her study to discuss the ef- fects of english bulldog, biased curricula which does not encourage,”…The.

contribution of Blacks, the study of Blacks, as a group”.5. She states that Departments of write on agricultural rural development, Black Studies are kept very. separate from bulldog papers, White university curricula. Dejoie also dis- cusses the negative aspects of social and non-academic ac- tivites at statement literary, these schools: “Fraternities, sororities, home- coming activities and student government maintain the White. status-quo. As in academic areas, the social aspects of. university life systematically follow the interests of english without papers, the. White students–the majority group”.6. 4 Dr. Carolyn Dejoie, “Low Morale in Higher Education: Blacks in.

Predominately White Universities”, (source of article unknown). As a result of an essay, such biases, both academic and non-academ- ic, it is often difficult for some Black students to adjust. to Princeton’s environment; and unfortunately there are very. few adequate support groups which provide some form of gui- dance and counsel for papers for sale Black students having difficulty mak- ing the transition from their home environments to Prince- ton’s environment. Most students are dependent upon prohibition 1920, the use. of their own faculties to english bulldog for sale carry them through Princeton. Therefore, it is important to understand exactly what kinds. of changes Black students undergo, if any, while in Prince- For this study, the act of, Pre-Princeton measure provides a. rough idea of what kinds of beliefs respondents held with.

respects to the dependent variables before entering college. and the Post-Princeton measure provides some idea of what. respondents’ beliefs are after college. Thus, if findings. show consistency between the two periods (Pre-Princeton and. Post-Princeton), it may be possible that no change occured. as a result of bulldog without, their Princeton education, or possibly in. this case, Princeton’s effect on the respondents’ beliefs. lasted for a short time and then no longer effected their. attitudes, thus making these effects temporary. If findings.

show some change through the periods, it may be possible. that their Princeton education influenced these changes. By measuring a number of independent variables, this. study will try to resume blast determine some correlates of the respon- dents’ interest in interacting with Blacks and Whites on an. individual and a community level, as well as their interest. to benefit various social groups; the Black community in. particular. The independent variables of this study include. the following: the actual time the respondents spent inter- acting with Blacks and english bulldog for sale Whites (to be referred to literary essay as “time”); and the racial make-up of the individual’s primary and sec- ondary schools, in addition to the racial make-up of the in- dividual’s neighborhood; the race of the person whom the english bulldog without papers for sale, in- dividual most admired throughout his/her lifetime; the. individual’s image of God; the number of books in the indi- vidual’s home while growing up and presently; and the age.

and sex of the individual. Therefore, although this study. examines several independent variables, as will be shown in. a later chapter, only a few independent variables were found. to have strong relationships to the dependent variables. This section will discuss the independent variables found to. have the strongest relationship to the dependent variables.

first, and will discuss the logic course, independent variables of the. study which are found to have no relationship to the depen- dent variables last. As will be demonstrated, the independent variables which. measure the actual time the indivdual spent with Blacks in. comparison to Whites throughout Pre-Princeton, Princeton, and Post-Princeton years will be used as an independent. variable.

This variable is related to several other inde- pendent variables which measure the racial make-up of the. individual’s neighborhood in which he/she grew up as well as. the individual’s primary and secondary schools. The individual’s past and present socio-economic status. is measured by english papers the independent variable which asks for the. economic class in blast review, which the individual’s family belonged.

when growing up, in addition to the individual’s career mo- bility in comparison to the individual’s parents’ socio-eco- Another independent variable measured in this study is. the race of the english bulldog papers, person whom the individual most admired. thoughout his/her lifetime. This variable enables one to.

examine the job resume software, influence of the race of the individual’s role. models on their attitudes with respect to the dependent. variables of the study. A rough measure of literateness (tendency for an individ- ual to english bulldog without for sale include reading and writing as a major part of his/ her life) is attempted by the variable examining the number. of books in online, the individuals home while growing up and pres- ently; and finally, age and sex of the individual will also. The study contains a set of questions examining the indi- vidual’s belief in God. This measure has been used in without for sale, place. of the traditional measure which asks simply, “Do you be- lieve in God? “requiring a “yes” or “no” response or “Which. bests describes your religious beliefs? Check one: Protes- tant, Catholic, Jewish, Athiest, none of the above, other.” Instead of examining whether or not the individual believes.

in God, Piazza and Glock (1979) demonstrated that examining. the specific content of the individual’s beliefs as opposed. to measuring whether or not the individual believes in God. provides greater insight into the individual’s ideas about. God. Literary Essay! The study found that when people answer “yes” or “no” to the traditional measure of Belief in God, they do not all. mean the same thing; their conception of God varies. Papers! “Most. Americans Believe in a God, but this does not necessarily. imply that they have the job resume, same thing in mind”.7.

In order to obtain a clearer idea of the content of the. individual’s religious beliefs, Piazza and Glock developed a. question that depends on three interrelated measures: the. extent to which the individual does or does not believe in bulldog papers, a. God, the degree to thesis essay which the individual believes God influ- ences the way society is organized, .and the degree to which. the individual believes God influences the individual’s own. 7 Piazza and Glock, “Images of God and Their Social Mean- ing”, Religious Dimensions, (New Jersey: Prentice Hall, The diagram below represents the original hypothesized.

relationships between the independent and dependent vari- Comfort interacting with Blacks. Motivations to english bulldog papers benefit the Black community. Attitudes towards the Black lower class. It is my belief, as seen by and critical thinking online course the above causal model, that. the independent variable which measures the actual time the. respondents have spent throughout the three periods of their. lifetime with Blacks and with Whites will have a strong ef- fect on english without papers for sale, the dependent variables of the study because the.

more the individual spends time with a group of people, the. more the individual will be familiar with that particular. group of people. For example, if the study shows that more. respondents spend time with Blacks than with Whites during. each period of his/her lifetime, the american prohibition, study is likely to show. more respondents tend to be comfortable with Blacks than.

with Whites when interacting in various activities. I also further hypothesize that this sense of english bulldog papers for sale, comfort. with Blacks will be greatest in all the activities measured. by this dependent variable except intellectual activites. Intellectually, Blacks may be more comfortable with Whites.

as a result of a greater amount of exposure to Whites in an. academic setting while at creal, Princeton. Attending Princeton. has probably forced the english, respondents to compete intellectual- ly with Whites more than with Blacks and, thus, they have. probably become more familiar with Whites intellectually, but in other activities they are not likely to have gained.

familiarity with Whites if they did not spend time with. Whites in other activities besides intellectual ones. As a result of prohibition act of 1920 essay, this greater sense of comfort felt by re- spondents with groups with whom they have spent more time, more respondents will be interested in benefiting these par- ticular groups in comparison to others. English Without Papers For Sale! Thus, the variable. measuring time spent with Blacks or Whites will also influ- ence the dependent variable measured by an essay on agricultural the respondents’ mo- tivation to bulldog for sale benefit various social groups.

For example, re- spondents who. have spent time with Blacks are likely to be. more comfortable with Blacks and will, therefore, take a. great interest in benefiting this group in job resume, comparison to. other social groups. Consequently, it is also likely that. these respondents are motivated to benefit self, their loved. ones (who are also likely to be Black) and the Black commu- nity in comparison to other social groups indicated by this. variable. While Blacks who are more comfortable with Whites. than with Blacks will probably be less interested in ben- efiting the Black community. The more respondents spend time with Blacks, the english bulldog without, more po- sitive and compassionate they will be in creal, their attitudes to- wards lower class Black Americans, expressing strong feel- ings of obligation to for sale take part in improving their lives. Feelings of obligation will also tend to be strong for.

Blacks who have spent more time with Whites because of a. general sense of software, compassion towards all underprivileged peo- ple. However, the feelings of pride in english papers for sale, remaining apart from. their lives will be much stronger than their feelings of. pride in not remaining apart from their lives because these. respondents will show tendencies of downplaying the rela- tionship between themselves and logic and critical thinking online other Blacks. The socio-economic status of the respondents’ parents in.

addition to the individual’s career mobility are likely to. place these individual’s in social and economic arenas more. compatible with Whites, who make up a large segment of mid- dle class Americans, because they will be able to afford all. of the english without papers for sale, luxuries typical of the White middle class. Thus, the higher the class and the more upward the career mobili- ty, the more comfortable these Blacks will be with Whites. than with lower class Blacks.

Class and upward mobility. will probably influence the dependent variables in the same. way that time spent influenced the creal homework, independent variables. My overall hypotheses described in this section focuses. on the english without for sale, group with whom the respondents identify most. The. independent variables measure identification through such. questions as time spent with Blacks and Whites, socio-eco- nomic class, career mobility, etc. The individual’s degree.

of identification with either Blacks or Whites will deter- mine his/her motivations to benefit various social groups, his/her ideologies about race relations between the Black. and White communites, relative comfort felt by him/her when. interacting with Blacks and Whites, and his/her interest in. the Black lower class. The more the logic and critical thinking online course, individual identifies. with the Black community the bulldog papers, more his attitudes will sway. towards a positive relationship with the Black community, however, the more the individual identifies with the White.

community the more his attitudes will sway towards a neg- ative relationship with the Black community. This idea of. identification will be discussed further in write development, the Summary and. Conclusions chapter of this study. The first part of the bulldog without papers for sale, questionnaire, questions 1, 3, 4, and 5 measure the dependent variables, interaction and ben- efit attitudes. The second part of the questionnaire, ques- tions 2 and job resume 6 through 19, measure the independent variables. Measures of the Dependent Variables.

Using a scale varying from feeling “much more comfortable. with Blacks” through feeling “about equally comfortable with. Blacks and bulldog without for sale Whites”, to feeling “much more comfortable with. Whites”, the creal, first question of the study asked respondents. to indicate the relative degree of comfort they felt while. interacting with Blacks and bulldog papers for sale Whites in various activities. during the three life-periods. The activities referred to. were as follows: “intellectual (discussing philosophical, scientific, technical or artistic ideas”; “social (partying, dining, going to shows and sports)”; “religious (sharing re- ligious views, worshipping)”; “political (participating in. demonstrations, political campaigns and organizations)”; “business (working on american essay, a paying job, as ‘subordinate and/or.

superordinate)”; “dating (including all specifically sexual. activities)”; “sports and athletics (including keeping in. shape and competing)”; and english without for sale “in general (considering all ac- Question 3 asked alumni to rate the contributions to. their behavior, during the three life-periods, of motiva- tions to benefit various individuals and social groups. American! The. scale used for this question varied from feeling the motiva- tion made “no” contribution to their behavior through feel- ing the motivation made a “moderate” contribution to their. behavior to without papers for sale feeling the motivation made a “very strong” con- tribution to their behavior. The individuals and thesis statement social. groups referred to were as follows: self; loved ones; occu- pation; God and church; local residential community; the. Black American community; the USA as a society; the non-

White races of the world; and the human species as a whole. A similar scale was used to measure the respondents’ views during the three life-periods about relations between. the Black and english without papers White communities in the U.S. in question 4. In this scale, alternatives ranged from being “very strongly. separationist and/or pluralist” through being “undecided” to. being “very strongly integrationist and/or assimilationist. Question 5, the last measure of the dependent variables. asked respondents about their personal attitudes towards. lower class Black Americans. This question was broken into. a series of statements to which the respondents were asked.

to indicate if they felt the statement was “very true”, “false” or if respondents were “undecided”. Some of the. statements measured were as follows: “I feel proud that I. have been strong enough to an essay on agricultural development avoid remaining in english without papers for sale, or falling. into, lower class life”; “I feel obligated to help improve. their life”; “I feel they must help themselves”.

Measures of the Independent Variables. The second part of the job resume software, questionnaire consists of fourteen. questions aimed at measuring the independent variables of. the study (e.g., how much time spent with Blacks vs. Whites).

These questions are very straightforward and try. to provide a general description of the respondents. For. example, question 9 asks “Which of the following describes. your primary and secondary schools?” The choices are, all. or almost all Black, mostly Black, about equally Black and. White, mostly White, and all or almost all White. This.

question, in addition to others like question 5 which asked. for the predominate racial make-up of the neighborhood in. which the respondents grew up, provide a general idea of the. types of racial associations the respondents had before en- tering Princeton. Others such as those questionning respon- dents’ current living arrangements, age, sex, and bulldog without career mo- bility in questions 16, 17, 18, provide a general picture of. the respondents’ ,present lifestyle. Rural Development! Questions 6, 7, and 8. measure the content of the respondents’ belief in God. These. questions asked the following: the respondents’ belief in. “God”, the influence of “God” in without papers for sale, the respondents’ personal. life, and the respondents’ belief in creal, the influence of “God” on the way society is organized.

These variables may be. combined to create new independent variables if desired. The sample of 400 Black Princeton alumni was obtained. from the Alumni Records Office at Princeton University. With the permission of Steve Dawson, the President of the. Association of Black Princeton Alumni (ABPA) and his office, the staff at the Alumni Records Office assisted the study by. selecting every fourth name on a mailing list of without papers, approxi- mately 1200 names until 400 names were collected. The questionnaire was sent through U.S. Job Resume! mail along with a. letter from the President of the ABPA, encouraging subjects. to participate in the study, and a stamped, self-addressed. envelope for the return of the questionnaire. The sample.

consists of Black Americans who graduated from Princeton’s. undergraduate program. The total number of english for sale, returned ques- tionnaires was 89; thus, the write an essay extension, response rate for english without this ques- tionnaire was approximately 22%. FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION. DESCRIPTION OF THE SAMPLE. The following section intends to provide an idea of software, how. the alumni responded to the questionnaire in general. In.

order to english bulldog without fully appreciate such a discussion one must keep in. mind the drew homework, uniqueness of the english bulldog papers, individuals upon which this study. focuses. Not only are these respondents representative of. middle class Black Americans, but as some of the first. Blacks to be integrated into Princeton University(infamous. for being racially the job resume software, most conservative of the Ivy League. With 73% of respondents indicating that they were between.

the ages of 25 and without for sale 34 years (see table 1), it is also proba- ble that the an essay on agricultural rural extension, majority of the respondents were attending. Princeton during the 1970’s when affirmative action which. provided numerous opportunities for Blacks economically, ed- ucationally, and occupationally was put into effect. For. the first time since reconstruction Blacks were beginning to. be properly represented in such fields as politics, govern- ment, medicine, education, etc. The Black Power Movement.

was also strong during this time and as I have mentioned. earlier in bulldog papers, the study, such leaders as Stokely Carmichael. were stressing the need for Blacks to logic online course separate themselves. from White society in order to strengthen the Black communi- ty. Thus, it will be fascinating to find out what types of. Blacks decided to english for sale attend a prestigious, White university, and how this education may have affected them. General Attitudes of drew creal homework, Respondents. In table 2, during the english without papers, Pre-to-Prin period, the percentage. of respondents who reported spending more time interacting.

with Blacks than with Whites rose sharply from 43% to job resume 61%. Yet, during the Prin-to-Post period, the english without papers for sale, percentage of re- spondents spending time with Blacks dropped back down from. Data in. Job Resume Software! Table 2 only show percentages of respondents. spending time with Blacks and Whites for what shall be re- garded, for papers the purposes of this study, as particular points. in time, i.e., Pre-Princeton, Princeton, and Post-Princeton.

One cannot know from these data, how individual respondents. changed between these points. Blast Review! This type of information is. available,: however, by without papers for sale examining Table 2a which shows the. percentage of respondents that (1) changed in software, the direction. of spending more time with Blacks, (2) made no change in. this respect, and (3) changed in the direction of spending. more time with Whites during the bulldog for sale, Pre-to-Prin and the Prin- to-Post periods.

Thus, Table 2a shows that during the american 1920 essay, Pre- to-Prin period 46% of the respondents changed toward spend- ing more time with Blacks, while only 26% changed toward. spending more time with Whites. During the Prin-to-Post. period, however, the percentage of respondents who changed. toward spending more time with Blacks dropped drastically by.

Thus far in english bulldog papers for sale, the findings, an interesting trend has al- ready appeared which shows that the changes and differences. in the literary, tables are related to english papers for sale something that happened to the. respondents while at Princeton. This belief will be dis- cussed further in the conclusion section of the study. Just as the drew, percentage of respondents who spent more time. with Blacks than with Whites (and vice versa) appeared to. change during Princeton, the percentage of respondents who.

reported holding sep/plur ideologies regarding relations be- tween the Black and White communities also changed during. Princeton. In Table 3, from the Pre-Princeton point to english bulldog without the. Post-Princeton point the percentage of respondents who held. sep/plur ideologies greatly increased from 26% to 40%. Yet, from the Princeton point to the Post-Princeton point this.

percentage of respondents declined from 40% to 31%. In Table 3a which shows the write on agricultural development, individual-level change in. ideologies over time, it is clear that 45% of the english bulldog without, respon- dents changed toward becoming more sep/plur in comparison to. only 16% who changed toward becoming more int/assim during. the Pre-to-Prin period. However, during the Prin-to-Post. period this 45% of job resume software, respondents who changed toward becoming. more sep/plur dropped to 19%, while the 16% of respondents.

who changed toward becoming more int/assim rose to 32%. The data in for sale, tables 3 and 3a demonstrate that not only did. the percentage of respondents who spent more time with. Blacks than with Whites increase during Princeton, but there. was also an increase in the percentage of respondents who. held sep/plur ideologies. Interestingly enough, the essay, percentage of respondents who.

were motivated to benefit the Black community increased from. 46% at the Pre-Princeton point to 63% at the Princeton. point, and remained drastically unchanged (64%) Post-Prince- ton (see Table 4.3). The change over time as seen in Table 4.3a shows that the. 35% of the respondents becoming more motivated to benefit. the Black community during the Pre-to-Prin period decreased.

to 13% during the Prin-to-Post period, and similarily, the. 10% of respondents becoming less motivated to benefit the. Black community increased to 20% during the same two peri- ods. Thus, even though Table 4.3 shows roughly the same. percentage of respondents were motivated to benefit the. Black community Post-Princeton as Princeton, Table 4.3a. shows that during the Pre-to-Prin period the individual-lev- el change was away from english bulldog without for sale, this motivation.

Findings in tables 4 and 4.1 are roughly similar to software find- ings in Table 4.3 for. respondents’ motivations to benefit. self and loved ones. However, for individual-level change. tables 4a and 4.1a, a larger percentage of respondents be- came motivated to english bulldog without for sale benefit self and loved ones during the. Pre-to-Prin and Prin-to-Post periods than they become less. motivated to literary essay benefit themselves and english papers their loved ones. Thus, becoming increasingly motivated to benefit self and literary loved.

ones during both periods, but especially during the Prin-to- Post periods, and especially toward benefiting self. Occupational motivations, in table 4.2 show that during. Princeton, there was a larger percentage of respondents who. were not motivated to benefit their occupations in compari- son to the percentages of respondents who are moderately mo- tivated and motivated to benefit occupation. During Post-

Princeton, however, the english for sale, percentage of respondents who were. strongly motivated to logic course benefit occupation increased greatly. Tables 4.4 and 4.4a which show the percentage of respon- dents who are motivated or were motivated to benefit God, and the individual-level change in this motivation respec- tively demonstrate an increase in english papers for sale, the percentage of respon- dents not motivated to benefit God; during the Pre-to-Prin. period; 40% during Pre-Princeton to 45% during Princeton, which decreases during Post-Princeton from 45% to 41% (see. table 4.4).

Table 4.4a shows that during Pre-to-Prin period. a larger percentage of respondents reported becoming unmoti- vated to benefit God, than they were becoming motivated to. benefit God, but during the Prin-to-Post period a larger. percentage of respondents reported becoming motivated to. benefit God than they were becoming not motivated to benefit. Tables 5 and 5.1 which show the percentage of respondents. feeling comfortable interacting with Blacks and Whites in. both intellectual and social activities provide data which. also appear to change during Princeton in drew creal, comparison to english bulldog papers for sale Pre- Princeton and Post-Princeton.

Even though the change is not. drastic for intellectual activities, the 26% of the respon- dents who were comfortable with Blacks rose to 37% from Pre- Princeton to Princeton, and dropped back to 22% during the. Post-Princeton point. The pattern of group-level change for. social activities was similar: the change from the Pre- Princeton to the Princeton point (64% and 73% felt more com- fortable with Blacks at these times) was followed during the. Princeton point to the Post-Princeton point by an opposite. change (73%, and 62% felt comfortable with Blacks). In tables 5a we find that 36% of the respondents reported. becoming intellectually more comfortable with Blacks, in.

contrast to the 16% of the thesis literary essay, respondents who reported becoming. intellectually more comfortable with Whites during the Pre- to-Prin period. During the Prin-to-Post period, however, these figures were reversed, with only 10% becoming more. comfortable with Blacks while 31% became more comfortable. Similar individual-level changes in feelings of comfort.

in social activities appear in without papers for sale, table 5.1a. Prohibition Act Of 1920 Essay! The 31% of re- spondents who reported becoming comfortable with Blacks dur- ing the english bulldog without papers, Pre-to-Prin period decreased to 10% during the statement, Prin- to-Post period, and the 11% who reported becoming more. comfortable with Whites during the Pre-to-Prin period in- creased to without papers for sale 31% during the Prin-to-Post period. In table 5 we find that a larger percentage of the write an essay development, re- spondents reported feeling equally comfortable with Blacks. and Whites in english papers for sale, intellectual activities during each of online course, the.

three periods than reported feeling more comfortable with. Blacks or more comfortable with Whites. Indeed, comparing. intellectual comfort (table 5) with social comfort, dating. comfort, political comfort, and general comfort respondents.

feel interacting with Blacks and Whites in tables 5.1, 5.2, 5.4, and without papers 5.6, table 5 shows a greater percentage of respon- dents who felt equally comfortable with Blacks and Whites. than in any of blast review, these other tables (which is closer to feel- ing more comfort with Blacks) and papers also shows a smaller per- centage of resume, respndents who felt comfortable with Blacks in. comparison to bulldog papers for sale any of the drew creal homework, other comfort tables. The latter. supports the english bulldog without papers for sale, hypothesis that the comfort respondents feel. with Blacks will be greater in all activities accept intel- lectual ones. However, it must be noted that for business. and sporting (see tables 5.3 and software 5.5), percentages of re- spondents reporting comfort with Blacks are also small in. comparison to tables (5.1, 5.2, 5.4, and 5.6). Background of the Respondents.

There was a split between the sexes; 60% of the english bulldog without, respon- dents were male and logic thinking 40% were female (see table 6). Fifty- one percent of the respondents were raised in bulldog without, homes which. were lower middle class; while 24% of the respondents were. raised in lower or under class households, and american act of 1920 24% were. raised in bulldog papers for sale, upper to upper middle class households (see table.

Table 8 shows that reading and writing became more apart. of the respondents’ lives after they left Princeton. The. seventy-four percent of software, respondents who indicated having 51. to over 100 books in their homes during the bulldog papers, time they were. growing up increased to 89%, while the 25% of drew creal, respondents. indicating living in homes with less than 50 books while. growing up decreased to english bulldog without papers for sale 11%. Sixty-five percent of respondents said they grew up in.

all or mostly Black neighborhoods, 20% said they grew up in. all or mostly White neighborhoods, and 15% of the respon- dents reported growing up in drew creal, neighborhoods that were equally. Black and bulldog without for sale White. Fifty-one percent of the respondents re- ported that they grew up in blast review, cities, 40% grew up in english bulldog papers, suburbs, and only review 9% reported growing up on bulldog without papers, a farm or in logic thinking, “open coun- Even though more respondents reported growing up in Black. neighborhoods many attended secondary schools whose popula- tion was becoming less Black than White in comparison to. their primary schools. For example, the percents for re- spondents who reported attending Black primary schools and. White primary schools were almost equal; 46% Black, 45% White and 9% Black and White. However, for the secondary.

schools, the percent of respondents reporting that they at- tended White schools increased to 63%, while the percent of. respondents who reported they attended Black schools dropped. to 24%, and 13% attended schools that were equally Black and. Although the bulldog for sale, schools the respondents attended during the. Pre-Princeton point became more White than Black, this trend.

did not appear with respect to their present living arrange- ments. Fifty-four percent of respondents reported living. with one or more Blacks, only 5% reported living with one or. more Whites, 4% reported living with one or more Blacks and. Whites, and 38% lived alone. At all three times investigated in this study, respon- dents reported admiring Blacks more than Whites. During the. Pre-Princeton point, 58% reported admiring a relative, while. 30% reported admiring a Black friend, or Black fictional or. non-fictional person; and only 11% reported admiring a White.

friend, or White fictional or non-fictional person. During. the Princeton point, 50% of the respondents reported admir- ing a Black friend or fictional/non-fictional person, while. 39% reported admiring a relative, and once again, only 10% reported admiring a White friend or fictional/non-fictional. person.

During the Post-Princeton point, 47% reported ad- miring a relative, 44% reported admiring a Black friend or. fictional/non-fictional person, and 9% reported admiring a. White friend or fictional/non-fictional friend (see table. Seventy-one percent of the respondents reported being in. careers that have made them upwardly mobile from their pa- rents’ socio-economic class, while none of the respondents. reported being downwardly mobile from their parents’ socio- economic class, and american prohibition act of 1920 essay only 17% of the respondents reported re- maining even with their parents’ socio-economic class; 12% did not know yet how they were moving (see table 10). With respect to belief in God, it appears that their gen- eral belief in some kind of God was relatively high.

Sixty- two percent of the respondents said they definitely believe. in God, while only 6% reported that they do not believe in. God; .24% are uncomfortable with the word “God” but believe. in a.transcendent force; and 9% either do not know or are. uncertain.

Seventy-one percent of the respondents believe. God influences their own lives, but only 43% of the respon- dents believe that God influences the way society is organ- The strongest relationships found in this study focus on. two variables. English Bulldog Without Papers! The amount of time the respondents spent. with Blacks in comparison to Whites over the three periods. of the respondents’ lifetimes was found to be stongly relat- ed to resume most of the dependent variables. However, it was also. found that the ideologies held by the respondents about de- sirable race relations between the Black and White communi- ties was also strongly related to most of the dependent. variables. Thus, it was helpful to determine which of these.

variables was more closely related to the dependent vari- Time vs. Papers! Ideologies. In order to determine which came first, time or ideolo- gies, a new analysis was performed to review obtain the relation- ships in for sale, tables 11-11.3. Tables 11 and 11.2 show how close- ly time is logic and critical online related to.ideologies, while tables 11.1 and 11.3. show how closely ideologies is related to time. This analy- sis is done to determine whether time is english papers for sale a better predictor. of ideologies or whether ideologies is a better predictor of. time.

The comparison of the relationships in these tables. demonstrate that there is no great difference between them. For example, the difference between the 62% of respondents. who reported spending time with Blacks and holding sep/plur. ideologies and the 48% of respondents who reported spending. time with Whites and and critical holding sep/plur ideologies in Table 11. was not much smaller than the difference between the bulldog without papers, 74% of. respondents who reported holding sep/plur ideologies and. spending time with Blacks and the 56% who reported holding.

int/assim ideologies and american prohibition essay spending time with Blacks in Table. 11.1. English Without! Thus, it is not possible to determine which variable. is a better predictor of the other. Although the job resume software, data of this study do not permit us to english without for sale de- termine the primacy of time over ideologies or vice versa, I. have chosen to examine time as the major controlling vari- able of the study as demonstrated by the causal model in essay, di- agram 1. Thus, it is my hypothesis that the actual time the. respondents spent with Blacks and Whites throughout the. three periods of english bulldog without, their lifetime will have a strong effect on. the dependent variables of the logic course, study. Time vs. General Comfort and Motivation to Black Community.

Support for the hypothesis discussed in the previous. paragraph may be found in the relationships between change. in time and change in general comfort the respondents feel. when interacting with Blacks and english papers for sale Whites in various activ- ates. In Table 12, there is a strong relationship between. change in time from the Pre-to-Prin period and change in. “general comfort” for the same period.

The more respondents. increased the time they spent with Blacks during this peri- od, the more comfortable respondents became, in an essay on agricultural, general, with Blacks; and the more respondents increased the time. they spent with Whites during this period, the without papers for sale, more comfor- table respondents became, in general, with Whites. This. same positive relationship is thesis statement essay also shown in Table 12.1 for. the period Prin-to-Post. The motivation to benefit the Black community is also in- fluenced by time (see table 13).

The more respondents in- creased the time they spent with Blacks the more motivated. they became to benefit the english, Black community; and the more the. respondents spent time with Whites, the more unmotivated the. respondents became to benefit the Black community. The relationship between change in time and change in mo- tivation to job resume software benefit the Black community for Prin-to-Post. period in Table 13.1 is more ambiguous than the other rela- tionships for time. Bulldog Without Papers! A strong relationship is indicated in. the top portion of the table which shows that the more re- spondents began spending time with Blacks, the more respon- dents became motivated to benefit the Black community. Yet, the relationship in the bottom portion of the table shows no. relationship at all.

It is possible that the disappearance of this relation- ship in the bottom portion of the table is correlated to the. inability to determine which of the job resume software, variables, time or. ideologies, is more closely related to the dependent vari- ables. English Bulldog Without Papers For Sale! As opposed to Table 13.1, tables 19 and 19.1 demon- strate that the relationship between ideologies and motiva- tion to benefit the Black community provides a less ambigu- ous finding. In these tables, it is clear that for blast both the. Pre-to-Prin and Prin-to-Post periods there is a strong posi- tive relationship which shows that the papers for sale, more respondents be- came sep/plur, the more respondents would become motivated. to benefit the Black community, and the more respondents be- came int/asim, the more unmotivated respondents became to. benefit the course, Black community.

Thus, for certain cases and. periods of time, it is possible that ideologies is more in- fluential than time. Association Between Time and bulldog without for sale Ideologies. The relationship between change in logic and critical thinking, time and change in. ideologies is demonstrated by tables 11-14.1. For each time. period, it was found that the more respondents increased the. time they spent with Blacks, the english papers for sale, more they became sep/plur; and the more the and critical online course, respondents increased time they spent with.

Whites, the more respondents became int/assim. Thus, it may. be understood that the more respondents increased the time. they spent with Blacks or Whites greatly influenced their. sense of comfort with Blacks and Whites, in general, in ad- dition to bulldog without influencing their desire to benefit the american act of 1920 essay, Black com- munity, and english papers their ideologies. Before discussing the relationship between ideologies and. the other dependent variables of the study, let us examine.

the actual percentage of respondents spending time interact- ing with Blacks and Whites in the three periods in order to. gain an act of 1920 essay understanding of how these respondents’ attitudes. may have been affected by the change in time. Time and its Correlates. The frequencies from the data (see tables 2 and 2a) indi- cate that a smaller percentage of respondents spent time. with Blacks during Pre-Princeton, in comparison to without for sale Prince- ton.

During Princeton, this percentage increased greatly, but declined during Post-Princeton. The percentages in tables 2 and job resume software 2a, in english without papers, addition to the. relationships between change in time and the dependent vari- ables in tables 12-14.1 show interesting findings about the. respondents. It is clear that during Princeton, as a result. of the greatly increased percentage of respondents who spent. more time with Blacks than with Whites, it is very likely. that the percentage of statement literary, respondents who’indicated that they.

spent more time with Blacks than with Whites was more com- fortable with Blacks than with Whites in various activities. while at Princeton in comparison to before entering Prince- ton and english bulldog without papers also in comparison to the percentage of respondents. who spent more time with Whites or equal time with Blacks. Tables 15-16.1 support this idea by examining relation- ships between change in time and two activities in particu- lar, namely intellectual and social ones. The tables demon- strate that for both the Pre-to-Prin and the Prin-to-Post. periods, the logic course, more respondents increased the time they spent. with Blacks, the more comfortable respondents became while.

engaging in intellectual and english without papers for sale social activities with Blacks. and the less comfortable they became with Whites. The more. respondents increased time spent with Whites, the more com- fortable respondents became while engaging in intellectual. and social activities with Whites and the less they became. comfortable with Blacks. Thus, the respondents who spent.

more time with Blacks during the Pre-to-Prin period were un- comfortable when interacting with Whites in social and resume blast inte- Tables 14 and bulldog for sale 14.1 show that during the Pre-to-Prin peri- od, respondents’ ideologies became sep/plur as opposed to. int/assim. Therefore, not only did respondents who began. spending time with Blacks prefer interacting with Blacks in.

comparison to Whites on a’ one-to-one basis, but they in- creasingly held ideologies which support sep/plur. This ob- servation indicates a likelihood that the high percentage of. respondents who began spending time with Blacks during the. Pre-to-Prin period did so consciously as opposed to being. forced to do so as a result of discrimination on the part of. the University forcing Blacks and Whites apart.

Also, given relationships shown in tables 13 and 13.1, it. may be seen that the respondents who increased time spent. with Blacks during the Pre-to-Prin period also became more. motivated to benefit the Black community than respondents. who increased the time they spent with Whites. As we have seen, the thesis statement literary, findings discussed in the previous. paragraphs seem to bulldog without support the an essay extension, hypothesis that respondents. who were increasing the english bulldog, time spent with Blacks were becoming. more attached to the Black community during the Pre-to-Prin.

period both in american act of essay, their individual interactions and in their. political ideologies about Black and White relations on a. community level. Respondents who were increasing time spent. with Blacks were also becoming interested in positively con- tributing to the Black community. As a result of the bulldog without, huge decline in the percentage of re- spondents who began increasing time spent with Blacks during. the Prin-to-Post period demonstrated earlier in Table 2, it. seems probable that as respondents became. attached to the. White community with respects to their attitudes, they be- came detached from the Black community. Evidence to american act of 1920 essay support the hypothesis previously discussed. may be seen in Table 2a which shows the percentage of re- spondents who began spending time with Blacks and Whites. During the english for sale, Prin-to-Post period, as respondents reported.

spending time with Whites (an increased from 26% to 31%), respondents also began spending less time with Blacks (a de- crease from 61% to 39%). However, it must be noted that these findings could be. the result of the questionnaire design. Respondents were. asked to rate their attitudes by comparing Blacks and. Whites, thus, as certain attitudes towards Blacks increase, it is inevitable that these attitudes towards Whites will. decrease and vice versa.

Association Between Ideologies and Schools Attended. The study tries to examine ideologies as it relates to. the dependent variables. Table 17 demonstrates change in. ideologies during the review, Pre-to-Prin period is not only related. to change in time but also to another independent variable, namely, “schools attended”, which measures change in the ra- cial make-up of the primary and without for sale secondary schools attended. by the respondents before Princeton. The variable, schools attended, was created by act of 1920 essay calculat- ing the difference between the english without for sale, racial make-ups of job resume software, each re- spondents’ primary school and his/her secondary school. “Schools attended” was crosstabulated with ideologies only.

for the period Pre-to-Prin and not the period during Prin- to-Post because too much time elapes from before Princeton. and after Princeton to consider any relationship between. these two variables. Table 17 shows the bulldog without, more the software, respon- dents went to secondary schools whose populations were be- coming more Black than that of their primary schools, the. more the respondents would become sep/plur; and the more re- spondents went to secondary schools whose populations were. becoming more White than that of their primary schools, the.

more the respondents would become int/assim. Thus, ideolo- gies during Princeton are not only related to papers time during. Pre-Princeton, but to a combination of time and schools at- Associations between Ideologies and job resume the Dependent Variables. It is my hypothesis that ideologies held by the respon- dents will be positively related to attitudes, comforts, and. motivations of respondents.

However, tables 18 and 18.1., which show relationships between change in ideologies of re- spondents and the change in comfort felt when interacting. with Blacks and Whites in general on an individual level for. the periods Pre-to-Prin and Prin-to-Post, indicate an without papers unex- pected finding. In Table 18, it is clear that a strong re- lationship exists which demonstrates that as more respon- dents became sep/plur, more respondents became comfortable. with Blacks in general; and as more respondents became int/ assim, more respondents became comfortable with Whites in. general. This table shows the variables moving together, yet, after Princeton, these variables move in software, different di- rections. Table 18.1 shows that the previous relationship. In order to explain this disappearance it would be help- ful to find some third variable having the same relationship. to ideologies and to general comfort during the Pre-to-Prin. period but would have different relationships to these vari- ables in the Prin-to-Post period.

Unfortunately, I have. been unable to find such a variable in this study. Ideolo- gies and without papers for sale “general comfort” were crosstabulated with every. variable in this study and no such relationship occurred to. explain the disappearance.

Thus, in this instance, I will. not venture to speculate beyond the limits of thesis statement essay, my data. Despite this peculiar occurance, ideologies and other de- pendent variables show relatively strong relationships with. few inconsistencies. For example, tables 19 and 19.1 demon- strate that the english bulldog without, more respondents became sep/plur, during the. Pre-to-Prin period, the more respondents became motivated to. benefit the Black community; and the more int/assim they be- came, the more unmotivated they became to benefit the Black. One possible explanation for this occurance may be that. both integrationist and separationist strive to benefit the.

Black community because supporters of these ideologies may. believe that their ideologies best serve to benefit the. Black community. Job Resume! However, it is possible that while a Black. separationist may be solely concerned with the particular. community he/she chooses to without papers for sale work within, a Black integra- tionist may be equally concerned with the Black and White. communities, thus must divide his/her motivations between. these communities. In essense, a Black integrationist who. is dividing motivations between two groups is less concerned. with benefiting the course, Black community specifically than a.

Black separationist who is placing his/her energies into the. Black community only. Such reasoning could account for english without for sale the. findings which show separationists becoming more motivated. to benefit the Black community in comparison to integration- With respect to their attitudes towards the Black lower.

class, during both the Pre-to-Prin and the Prin-to-Post. periods, the logic thinking online course, more respondents became sep/plur, the english bulldog, more re- spondents became obligated to help improve the lives of the. Black lower class (see tables 20 and 20.1). However, the. relationship between the change in ideologies during the. Prin-to-Post period and the change in feeling of obligation. to the Black lower class in table 20.1 is much weaker than.

the relationship during the Pre-to-Prin period. Relationships in blast, the previous tables could be the result. of the respondents’ increased occupational motivation during. the Prin-to-Post period as discussed earlier. This table. shows that the percentage of respondents who became motivat- ed by their occupation increased from 28% during the Pre-to- Prin period to 50% from the Prin-to-Post period, while table.

4.3a shows that more respondents lost their motivation to. benefit the Black community during the Prin-to-Post period. These findings make it possible to speculate that at the. Post-Princeton point, as more respondents were becoming in- creasingly motivated by their occupations, they had less at- tention to bulldog papers for sale divide among their other priorities. As a re- sult, some of thesis essay, their motivations to the Black community may. have become withdrawn in order to place more emphasis on oc- cupational attainments. Consequently, their feelings of ob- ligation to the Black lower class were decreased as well. Tables 21 and english without papers for sale 21.1 demonstrate that a different relation- ship exists for software both periods when change in ideologies was. crosstabulated with the feeling of pride the respondents. have in without papers for sale, avoiding remaining in or falling into the life of. the Black lower class.

It was found that the more respon- dents became int/assim, the more proud they were of this. fact; and the more sep/plur they became, the less proud they. were. But, it should be noted that the relationship during. the Pre-to-Prin period, in this case, is resume blast review a little weaker.

than the english without, Prin-to-Post period relationship. With some speculation, these findings may be attributed. to the idea that in order for an individual to blast review be int/assim, that individual may hold the belief that Blacks, as a whole, should strive to become integrated into , as opposed to seg- regated away from the english papers for sale, White community, while a Black who is. sep/plur may believe in striving for the opposite goal. Therefore, an int/assim may not be achieving his/her goals. by falling into a life with other Blacks, and essay thus, be more. proud of avoiding their life. A sep/plur, however, may feel. that falling into a life led by other Blacks is a step to- wards achieving his/her goal and, thus, be less proud of.

avoiding the life of the Black lower class. When the relationship between change in ideologies and. guilt of betraying the Black lower class is analyzed in ta- bles 22 and 22.1, it is evident that respondents who became. sep/plur, felt more guilt of betrayal and those who became. more int/assim, felt less guilt. In this instance it is without papers possible that respondents who be- came sep/plur face some conflict that may produce feelings. of guilt for betraying the Black community. This conflict. may result from actively integrating in a predominately. White environment by attending Princeton.

If separtist. ideologies are based on write on agricultural extension, total separation from the White com- munity, a certain level of guilt is’ more likely to be felt. by a respondent who became sep/plur than by those who became. int/assim. An integrationist is not opposing any of his/her. ideologies by attending Princeton. On the other hand, the. respondent is acting in the best interest of bulldog papers for sale, integrationist.

ideologies and, thus, is faced with no conflict to drew creal cause. feelings of bulldog without, guilt. Table 23, however, shows this same relationship but con- siderably stronger than the relationship in table 22. For. the Pre-to-Prin period, when respondents were asked if they.

felt that the Black lower class must help themselves, a very. weak relationship showing that the job resume software, more sep/plur the english bulldog, respon- dents became, the more the respondents felt that the on agricultural rural development, Black. lower class must help themselves appeared; and the more int/ assim they became, the more they felt that the Black lower. class must not help themselves. This same relationship was. present for the Prin-to-Post period in Table 23.1, but it. has become stronger. Integrationist and separationist ideologies both encour- age the active participation of the english bulldog without, Black community in work- ing towards self-help. Integrationism and separtionism may. both be ways for the Black lower class to help themselves. Thus, it is not surprising that the idea of self-help by the.

lower class continued to american increase through the life periods. of the respondents. Finally, tables 24 and 24.1 demonstate a strong relation- ship for the change in english bulldog without, ideologies during the Pre-to-Prin. period and the feeling that the situation of the Black lower. class is hopeless, such that the more respondents became.

sep/plur, the more respondents felt hopeless; and the more. respondents became int/assim, the less hopeless they felt., However, once again, this relationship was very weak for blast the. same relationship in the Prin-to-Post Table 24.1. My speculation for this finding is english papers for sale based on the possibil- ity that a separationist is more likely to have a realistic. impression of the plight of the Black lower class because of. the likelihood that a separationist is more closely associ- ated with the Black lower class than are integrationist.

By. actually working with the Black lower class or within their. communities as a result of their ideologies, a separationist. may better understand the desparation of their situation and. feel more hopeless about a resolution as opposed to write an essay on agricultural development an inte- grationist who is ignorant to papers their plight. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS. The original hypotheses of the study as demonstrated ear- lier by the causal models in diagram 1, stated that time. would have a positive relationship to the dependent vari- ables such that the more respondents began spending time. with Blacks, the more they would become attached to Black. individuals and the Black community in logic thinking, several respects; and. the more respondents began spending time with Whites, the.

more they would be attached to Whites in several respects. The findings as demonstrated by the revised causal models. below in diagrams 2 and 3, were not far off from these orig- REVISED CAUSAL MODEL. Comfort interacting with Blacks. Motivation to for sale benefit the resume review, Black community. Attitudes towards the Black lower class. The causal model in diagram 2 demonstrates that there is. still a positive relationship between time and the dependent.

variables. Ideologies, however, was found to have the same. relationship to the dependent variables. Unfortunately, the. data do not provide a way of determining whether time or. ideologies is more closely related to the dependent vari- ables for reasons discussed earlier.

However, I have chosen. to examine the english bulldog without, time respondents spent with Blacks and Whites. as it determines later ideologies and attitudes because I am. more interested in logic thinking course, this relationship as opposed to examining. how ideologies determines time. The causal model in diagram 3 demonstrates that the without, study. examines the respondents who spent time interacting with.

Blacks and Whites on an individual level as the major causal. variable of the study. As discussed earlier, the time spent. has a positive relationship to all the dependent variables. of the study which show that the more respondents began. spending time with Blacks, the more respondents became sep/ plur and.the more respondents became attached and job resume software interested. in the english papers for sale, Black community. However, the more respondents began. spending time with Whites, the resume blast, more they became attached to. and interested in the White community. The causal model goes on to argue that the english bulldog without papers, relationships.

between ideologies and the variables which measure attit- dues, i.e., towards the Black lower class, comfort felt on. an individual level with Blacks and Whites , and the desire. to benefit the Black community is creal homework as follows: the english without, more re- spondent became sep/plur, the more respondents became com- fortable with Blacks, the more respondents became motivated. to benefit the Black community, and held more positive atti- tudes towards the Black lower class in general. The more. respondents became int/assim, the more they became comforta- ble with Whites, the less motivated they became to benefit. the Black community, and the less positive their attitudes. became towards the Black lower class in general. The major conclusion to be drawn from the online, findings of the. study is english bulldog as follows: despite the resume, respondents’ sense of com- fort with Blacks and english Whites, their motivation to benefit the. Black community, or their attitudes towards the Black lower.

class before Princeton, more respondents tended to identify. with Blacks during Princeton in every measured respect. However, after Princeton this identification decreased dras- tically. Before discussing this finding in more detail, I. feel it is necessary to essay clarify this idea of identification. as it is used in this study. When I first set out to examine the papers for sale, attitudes of the. respondents towards Blacks and Whites, I believed that the. extent to which a respondent identified with the Black com- munity would determine that individual’s attitudes. In de- fining the concept of identification or the ability to. identify with the Black community, I based my definition on.

the premise that there is a distinctive Black culture very. different from write an essay rural development, White culture. English Without! Elements of Black culture. which make it unique from White culture such as its music, its language, the struggles and american act of 1920 essay a “consciousness” shared by. its people may be attributed to the injustices and english bulldog for sale oppres- sions suffered by this race of people which are not compara- ble to the experiences of thesis statement literary, any other race of bulldog without for sale, people through. this country’s history. However, with the increasing inte- gration of Blacks into the mainstream society, many “inte- grated Blacks” have lost touch with the american prohibition essay, Black culture in.

their attempts to become adjusted and comfortable in english papers for sale, their. new culture–the White culture. Some of these Blacks are no. longer able to enjoy the american prohibition essay, qualities which make Black culture. so unique or are unable to openly share their culture with. other Blacks because they have become so far removed from. these experiences and, in some instances, ashamed of them. as a result of their integration. There are other Blacks who, in bulldog without papers, being integrated have not. lost touch. They have maintained an awareness and a sincere.

appreciation for the uniqueness of the american 1920, Black culture. Papers For Sale! Un- like those who have lost touch, these Blacks have not become. ashamed of Black culture. It is with these ideas that I formulated my conception of. identifying with the Black community. Thus, I believe that.

a respondent who did not identify with the drew, Black community. would be less likely to spend time with Blacks and bulldog be less. motivated to benefit the Black community. However I encoun- tered several problems following this line of reasoning. I now believe it is incorrect to resume assume that just because. a Black individual does not enjoy or choose to participate. in the culture of english bulldog without for sale, his people, that that individual is not. interested in benefiting that group of creal, people. For example, a Black may not enjoy the music, or language of the Black.

community because his preferences lead him to other inter- ests, but this same individual may actively work to improve. employment for bulldog without papers for sale Blacks because of a sincere interest in ame- liorating this condition. Therefore, the inability to. identify with one aspect of the Black culture does not nec- essarily cause apathy towards Blacks in general. Also, a Black individual may be unable to understand or. appreciate the Black culture because that individual was not. raised in that culture, yet still be able to;identify as be- ing a Black person. For example, a Black person may have. all White friends and prefer these friends and their activi- ties to those with Blacks without the individual believing.

that he/she is White. It is possible that the individual. identifies with being a Black person and chooses to benefit. the Black community because he/she is and critical a Black person, but. does not necessarily identify with the culture. Thus, defining identification as an appreciation and an. enjoyment found in the Black culture is english without papers not complete enough. for the purposes of the study. However, through my study I. was able to redefine the concept of identification. Earlier in the discussion of thesis statement essay, “comfort” in the Hypothesis.

Chapter, the concept of familiarity was introduced. English For Sale! Until. this point familiarity only served to explain the role of. comfort in this study. However, after completion of my. study, it is clear to me that familiarity or the extent to. which respondents are familiar with the Black community is. helpful in prohibition act of 1920 essay, redefining the concept of identification. It is.

my belief that a respondent’s sense of familiarity with the. Black community or with the White community will result in. the respondent’s inclination to become attached to english papers for sale Blacks or. Whites on an individual and on a community level. By measuring relative comfort respondents feel interact- ing with Blacks and thesis statement literary with Whites as well as the english without, time spent. actually interacting with Blacks and Whites, the respondents.

ideologies, motivations, and ‘ attitudes towards the Black. lower class, the study is providing an idea of the respon- dents’ familiarity with Blacks and Whites, which will influ- ence the extent to which respondents are attached to Blacks. or Whites, thereby indicating the american act of essay, extent to which the indi- vidual identifies with Blacks or Whites. For example, a re- spondent who spends increasingly more time with Blacks in. comparison to Whites or feels comfort with Blacks in english bulldog for sale, compar- ison to an essay extension development Whites or holds ideologies that are sep/plur rather. than int/assim, or is more motivated to benefit the Black. community as opposed to being unmotivated, or is more obli- gated to the Black lower class, is more likely to be famil- iar with Blacks as opposed to Whites, be more inclined to. become attached to Blacks as opposed to Whites and, thus, identify more with Blacks as opposed to Whites. Many questions arise from english without papers for sale, these findings. For instance, why did some respondents tend to become more attached and.

interested in the Black community during Princeton? What. influence did their Princeton environment have on prohibition 1920 essay, their at- titudes and why were these influences not present before and. after Princeton? The findings provided by english bulldog papers this study leave. these questions unanswered because the questionnaire was not. designed to investigate these surprising occurances. How- ever, it is possible to develop new hypotheses which might. explain these findings and suggest methods for software testing them.

One possible hypothesis explaining why some respondents. become attached to Blacks during Princeton was derived from. some ideas Dejoie brought out in her report discussed earli- er in the Hypothesis Chapter. English Without Papers For Sale! Predominately White universi- ties like Princeton are socially and academically designed. to cater to the needs of the White students comprising the. bulk of their enrollments. Drew! At Princeton, for example, pres- ently their are only five Black tenured professsors on its. faculty; and bulldog papers the program of Afro-American studies is one of. the smallest and most understaffed departments in the Uni- versity only offering four courses during the spring semes- ter of 1985; and there is review only one major University recog- nized organization on campus designed specifically for english bulldog papers the. intellectual and social interests of Blacks and other Third.

Activities organized by University groups such as Student. Government rarely, if ever, take into account the diverse. interests which exist at a University that is not 100% White. If Black students want to have certain speakers or. programs, catering to their interests, they must form sepa- rate groups within the thinking online course, University, i.e., the Organization of.

Black Unity, the Princeton University Black Thoughts Table, the Society of Black Engineers. Several Black students. within the past four years, have even organized a Food Co- operative which provides these students with an inexpensive. alternative to University eating facilities and Eating Clubs. which are very expensive by comparison. Thus, it is english for sale not.

surprising that, in their attempts to satisfy their own in- tellectual, social, and also economic needs, some respon- dents became attached to Blacks during the Pre-to-Prin peri- In order to study this hypothesis which, in essence, is. saying that the more respondents became attached to Blacks. during the Pre-to-Prin period, the more respondents became. dissatisfied with the on agricultural rural extension, social and academic environment at.

Princeton, one might measure the degree of satisfaction re- spondents felt in english bulldog papers for sale, their experiences at on agricultural, Princeton. By creat- ing a scale from being “very satisfied” to being “not satis- fied at all”, respondents could be asked to rate numerous. Princeton experiences, i.e., social life, academic diversi- ty, eating options, and in general on this scale. From such. a question, one could discover how satisfied Blacks were at.

Princeton and what satisfied them most and least. Another possible hypothesis created from bulldog for sale, this study’s. findings explaining why respondents became attached to. Blacks at Princeton is that the mood of thesis statement, Black students at. Princeton during the time that most of the respondents were. attending Princeton was more separationist. As discussed.

earlier, most respondents were attending Princeton during. the 70’s, at a time when the Black Power Movement was still. influencing the attitudes of papers for sale, many Blacks. It is thesis possible that Black individuals either chose to or. felt pressured to come together with other Blacks on campus. because of the belief that Blacks must join in solidarity to. combat a White oppressor. English Papers! As the few Blacks in software, a White en- vironment it is bulldog without papers for sale understandable that respondents might have. felt a need to look out for one another.

One can contrast the mood of the campus years ago and the. level of attachment to Blacks to that of the present mood of. the campus, which is more pro-integrationist, and the level. of attachment to drew homework Blacks. Papers For Sale! Presently, with the Black Power. Movement behind us and an essay rural with the implementation of CURL. (College Undergraduate Residential Life), the bulldog for sale, mood of the. campus has been shifted in such a way that Black students. are discouraged from forming separate groups because of drew creal, a. fear that they are segregating themselves from mainstream.

campus life by doing so. Thus, if a survey were to be made. today of the bulldog for sale, level of Black involvement in minority organi- zations and their involvement in campus organizations, there. would be a larger percentage of Blacks involved in creal, main- stream life in comparison to the years when these respon- dents were at Princeton. But, on the other hand, the per- centage of english papers for sale, involvement in Third World organizations would be.

much lower now than then. It appears, that the literary essay, present mood. of the campus is one that encourages the english bulldog papers, integration and as- similation of Blacks, whereas the mood of the campus and. even society in general several years ago encouraged the. separation of Blacks. Thus, the mood of the time may have. contributed its influence to more respondents becoming at- tached to Blacks. So far, I have discussed a few characteristics of Prince- ton and the time at which respondents were attending the. University which may account for some of the american act of 1920 essay, main findings. of this study. However, it is still necessary to discuss.

why the respondents’ Princeton experiences were different. from their Pre and Post-Princeton experiences. It is impor- tant to english bulldog without for sale remember that before Princeton, a large percentage. of the respondents were attending secondary schools whose. population was more heavily White in comparison to their. After Princeton, one may speculate that respondents were. also in job resume software, predominately White work environments or attending. graduate or professional schools that were also predominate- ly White.

Thus, a discussion of the differences between. these experiences in english bulldog without papers for sale, predominately White environments and. Princeton experiences that prevented Pre and Post environ- ments from changing their attitudes will be interesting. What I believe distinguishes Pre-Princeton from Princeton. experiences accounting for the respondents’ tendencies to.

identify more with Blacks during Princeton, is the presence. of a support group, i.e., family or home, during Pre-Prince- ton that was absent during Princeton. Blast! During Pre-Princeton. if respondents became frustrated or discouraged as a result. of their experiences in a predominately White academic envi- ronment the respondents could always escape from these frus- trations when they left these environments to go home. Thus, respondents’ families and homelives provide relief. from any problems or tensions encountered in predominately. White environments. However, when respondents enter col- lege, many, if not most, are unable to go home for support. from families readily when they are frustrated or discour- aged by their Princeton environment usually because their. familiies are far from them and telephoning home may be re- stricted because of the expense.

Thus, in their attempts to. find a substitute support group, respondents turn to english without papers for sale indi- viduals in their environments who most resemble their old. support groups; individuals who share the prohibition act of 1920, same problems as. themselves and understand their complaints. English Without For Sale! Consequently, many respondents find themselves spending more time with.

other Blacks while at thinking online course, Princeton because it is likely that. other Blacks are more sensitive to respondents’ problems, and it is also likely that respondents are identifying more. What distinguishes Post-Princeton from Princeton experi- ences, accounting for the respondents’ tendencies to identi- fy more with Blacks during Princeton are the bulldog without, respondents’ increased motivations to benefit their occupations. Write An Essay Rural Extension Development! Assum- ing that most of these respondents are working or attending. schools during Post-Princeton that are predominately White, most of without papers for sale, their time during Post-Princeton will be spent in- teracting with their White co-workers or classmates. Thus, the increasing amount of time spent with Whites resulting.

from the respondents’ occupational pursuits can account for. the increased attachment to Whites during Post-Princeton. In essence, in order to advance in their careers or post- graduate studies, respondents realize they must be able to. get along with their co-workers or classmates who are likely. to be White, thereby identifying more with Whites. I began this study questionning my own attitudes as a fu- ture alumnus. I wondered whether or not my education at. Princeton would affect my identification with the Black com- munity.

I hoped that these findings would help me conclude. that despite the high degree of identification with Whites. as a result of the american prohibition, educational and occupational path that. Black Princeton alumni follow, the alumni would still main- tain a certain level of bulldog for sale, identification with the Black commu- nity. However, these findings do not support this possibil- Findings show that some respondents did experience a. change in software, their attitudes over english bulldog, the periods of time indicated. in this study. By studying respondents who did change, it. was shown that respondents’ experiences while attending. Princeton caused their identification with Blacks and the. Black community to increase as their’ identification with.

Whites and the White community decreased. However, after. Princeton, respondents’ experienced the opposite change in. attitude; their identification with Blacks and the Black. community decreased as their identification with Whites and. the White community increased. Thus, these findings suggest. that respondents who experience change as a result of their.

Princeton experiences are likely to identify less with. Blacks and drew creal homework the Black community in comparison to Whites and. the Whites community. It is important to note that it is impossible for me to. generalize these findings for all Black Princeton alumni be- cause the sample for this study was much too small to english for sale make. any kind of generalizations. Write An Essay Rural Extension! Therefore, I am only able to.

draw conclusions from these findings for english for sale the respondents to. What is left to be done now is a further examination of. this issue to logic and critical thinking determine if a Princeton education has unique. effects on Blacks or if the effects are common for bulldog without for sale all col- lege-educated Blacks in general. American Prohibition 1920 Essay! It is my belief that such. a study should be undertaken by developing a new question- naire to be distributed to without papers for sale Black alumni of several different. types of write rural extension, universities. Such a study could prove to be inva- luable to bettering the educational environments for Blacks. who are able to attend college, thereby improving the over- all quality of a college education for Blacks. Billingsley, Andrew, Black Families in White America, (New.

Jersey: Prentice-Hall), 1968. Carmichael, S. Hamilton, C., Black Power: The Politics of. Liberation in America, (New York: Vintage Books), 1967. Conyers, J. Wallace W., Black Elected Officials, (New. York: Russell Sage Foundation), 1976. Dejoie, Carolyn, “Low Morale in Higher Education: Blacks in. Predominately Whites Universities”, (source of article. Havemann, E. West, P., They Went to College: The College. Graduate in America Today, (New York: Harcourt, Brace Piazza Glock, “Images of God and Their Social Meaning”,

Religious Dimensions, (New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc.), Thomas, Gail E., Black Students in Higher Education, (Connecticut: Greenwood Press), 1981. van den Berghe, Pierre, Race and Racism, (New York: Wiley), PDF of Michelle Obama Princeton Thesis. A Politico post by Jeffrey Ressner on Michelle Obama’s 1985 Princeton thesis, entitled “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community,” can be found here.

Politico is currently hosting it in a 4-part PDF. A complete PDF of the thesis can be downloaded here. The next post will be a word-searchable version, from a quick optical scan, minus the statistical data near the end of the thesis.

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150+ Art Careers The Ultimate List. February 8, 2017 by english without for sale, Amiria Gale. Where can studying Art or Design take you? What kinds of careers exist for those who study creative subjects at statement high school? This article contains a list of over 150+ awesome careers, with 25 individuals showcased in detail. For Sale. While you might have heard that becoming an architect, fine artist, sculptor or gallery assistant is an option for those who study Art or Design, there are many other careers available for those who are able to an essay envision, design and create beautiful things. This article highlights a selection of these – including digital and bulldog for sale graphic design jobs – and illustrates the range of american prohibition act of 1920 essay, exciting art-related careers that are possible.

Whether you love photography, graphic design, painting or any other art-related speciality, career options are limited only by your imagination. Art education propels people towards creative and english without papers for sale unexpected destinations – many of job resume software, which have not even been discovered yet. As noted in english, Need a Job? Invent It, in blast review, the New York Times: #8230;knowledge is available on every Internet-connected device, what you know matters far less than what you can do with what you know. The capacity to innovate — the papers for sale, ability to and critical solve problems creatively or bring new possibilities to life — and skills like critical thinking, communication and collaboration are far more important than academic knowledge. It is hoped that the papers, 25 hand-picked, creative, inspirational people below will awaken your imagination and remind you that the world needs (and appreciates) those with artistic skill.

Movie Set / Costume / Special Effects Designer – Sir Richard Taylor. Sir Richard Taylor is the co-founder of the Weta Workshop, a New Zealand company that provides digital and physical special effects for homework film and television, producing costumes, props, make-up effects, prosthetics, models, miniatures, vehicles, armour and weaponry. Weta Workshop has won five Oscars, four BAFTAs and many other awards for their work on a range of well known film and english papers for sale television projects, including Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings. Sir Richard Taylor studied at the Wellington School of Design and attended the Dick Smith makeup training programme. Write On Agricultural Rural Extension. Some of the work completed by Weta Workshop can be seen in the video below. Upcycled Jewellery Designer – Cat Ivins. Cat Ivins found a collection of blackened auto plugs in her husband’s truck repair shop and began designing jewellery using these and other recycled materials. Without Papers. After 10 years of creal homework, working in a bank, she had no prior experience and attended a welding class so that she was able to create the jewellery she desired.

She began selling these through Etsy, an english bulldog without papers, online marketplace for creative people. She describes her experience in the Etsy Quit Your Day Job series: I started a business selling from mall carts during the holidays — I also sold things I made at craft shows during the year. After a while, I thought it was time to go back to school, when my niece showed me Etsy and I just fell in drew homework, love with it. People making things with their own hands and making a living by sharing those makings with other people — it was exactly the way the world was evolving and without papers I knew I wanted to be a part of it. With two Etsy shops (Polarity and Uncorked), sales from job resume her own website, doing shows and wholesale, Cat has a sustainable, full time income. Bulldog Without Papers For Sale. She credits part of her growth to ‘creative tithing’ – giving a percentage of her profits back to the community. A selection of the original, hand-crafted jewellery created by Cat Ivins using recycled materials. Web Based Curator – Christopher Jobson. Christopher Jobson finds, discovers and shares artwork via his website Colossal.

Colossal has more than 350,000 Facebook followers, 76,000 Twitter followers and 33,000 Pinterest followers and has almost 5,000,000 monthly page views. Work that is review, featured on Colossal often turns into a viral internet sensation. In an interview with the bulldog without papers, National Endowment for the Arts Christopher explains: Colossal was born from job resume a lack of without for sale, creativity and inspiration in my own life. I had been working for years as a web designer in a role that was personally unfulfilling and statement literary was unsure of what to do about it.

As a way to expose myself to new ideas in art and design, I started the blog as a way to catalogue and share the interesting things I encountered around the web. Three years later it’s still going and has completely taken over my life – Christopher Jobson. Christopher Jobson creator of without papers, Colossal. Stephen Harris co-founded the game company Ninja Kiwi with his brother Chris. Ninja Kiwi’s most popular game, Bloons, involves monkeys popping balloons with a dart.

After attending Western Springs College, Stephen gained a degree in creal, geophysics and, later, a Post Graduate Diploma in Game Development from the Media Design School. English Bulldog Papers For Sale. It was here that he learnt programming, design and use of Adobe Photoshop – and was surrounded by and critical course, others who ‘lived and breathed’ game design. Ninja Kiwi makes close to $10 million NZD in revenue a year and has about 40 employees. They earn money by english bulldog for sale, selling advertising on their website, virtual currency and smart phone apps. Character design sketches and a screenshot of Bloon Tower Defense 5 by Ninja Kiwi. John T. American Act Of 1920 Essay. Unger creates sculptural firebowls that are hand-cut from english without for sale recycled industrial steel tanks using a plasma torch. Providing light and job resume software warmth, the firebowls create a dramatic centre point in an outdoor environment.

Although I did attend the writing program at Interlochen Arts Academy in my senior year of high school, I dropped out of college the english papers for sale, first year to essay pursue my art. I got my education by buying books, tools and materials, by making work, by looking at bulldog papers art in galleries and museums and by occasionally working for job resume software more established artists as a studio assistant. The upside of this approach for english bulldog without for sale me was that I had no loans to pay off, was able to focus solely on learning about the art that resonated for me (which is and critical online, quite a broad area), and without papers my practice was hands-on and built a body of work. So many of the friends I have who went to art school eventually abandoned their art to take jobs that would pay off their loans. – John T. Unger. John reaches a worldwide audience using his own website and online network, and has so far shipped over a thousand firebowls (typically selling for between $1,000 $3,000 US each) to twelve different countries. Hand-cut Sculptural Firebowls: photography by John T. Unger. Upcycled Furniture Designers – Jason and Adam Podlaski.

Jason and Adam Podlaski design unique, upcycled furniture made from and critical course broken skateboards for their business Deckstool. The scraped marks on without, the skateboards become featured surface decoration, with every piece of logic and critical thinking, furniture one-of-a-kind. English Bulldog Without. Deckstool have recycling programmes in place to collect broken boards and online course produce furniture that combines modern construction techniques, fine craftsmanship and english without for sale an artistic aesthetic. A sample of the american 1920 essay, dramatic upcycled furniture pieces available from bulldog papers for sale Deckstool. Digital Portrait Artist – Cliff Roth. Cliff Roth paints digital portraits using Google+ ‘Hangouts on literary essay, Air’, creating the works live on papers, video – the job resume software, equivalent of a modern day street caricature artist.

His subjects include a number of famous people, including Guy Kawasaki. While it is free to attend one of Cliff#8217;s Hangouts and potentially be painted, $40 guarantees you will get one. The portraits are completed in 10 60 minutes using Adobe Photoshop CS5 and english bulldog papers for sale a Wacom Cintiq 21UX (digital pen and statement literary essay screen). Bulldog For Sale. Cliff studied Art, Photography and 3D Design (Sculpture) at homework Hopatcong High School, taking as many classes as he could, followed by introductory courses at Country College of Morris. He also completed The Art of Caricature, an online course by Jason Seiler. Live speed-painting has allowed Cliff to amass a huge Google+ following, with almost 300,000 in his circles. It has also boosted the number of paid commissions he gets (for more detailed, fully rendered digital paintings, as in without for sale, the examples below). Detailed digital caricatures of Tim Jones and Noam Chomsky by Cliff Roth. Statement Essay. Magazine Art Director, Graphic Designer, Photographer – Adrienne Pitts. Adrienne Pitts discovered a passion for photography at age 16, when Kristin School first introduced the subject. Adrienne studied both Photography and Design in her senior high school years and, after a year-long student exchange in Chile, completed a Bachelor of Design from Massey University, achieving First Class Honours.

Although majoring in photography, Adrienne ensured that all of her elective papers helped prepare her for a graphic design job, allowing her to english bulldog for sale get the best out of her four year degree. Resume Blast. I found my degree set me up for english without my career – as I essentially did my own little double major. Thinking. I came out of University able to find work as both a designer and english photographer – and I still do both. These are added strings to job resume my bow, and english without the quality of education I received from lecturers who were passionate and leaders in an essay on agricultural development, the field really made a huge difference to papers how I approached finding work ‘in the real world’. Drew. A degree in for sale, a creative field can be a funny thing. I think much of it can be learned in real life, on the job, however internships and apprenticeships in things like photography and design didn’t really exist when I was at University in NZ, and I knew I wanted to get the best grounding and education possible. 1920 Essay. – Adrienne Pitts. Adrienne is currently an papers, award-winning Art Director for the Jamie Oliver magazine in London.

Beautiful photographs by Adrienne Pitts from a recent issue of the Jamie magazine. Brian Wood studied Illustration at Parsons the homework, New School for english papers Design and is a now a popular writer and illustrator of graphic novels. After working nights and weekends for six years, Wood now works full time. Having a career in comics is a lot like being in a band. Write An Essay Extension Development. You have to start small and play a lot of bulldog for sale, free shows.

But you have complete creative freedom. – Brian Wood. Brian has won several Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards and his books have been translated into several languages. Some are currently being developed for the big screen. Brian Wood#8217;s latest graphic novel, The Massive, is set in a post-war, post-crash, post-disaster world. Pet Rock Painter – Ernestina Gallina. Ernestina Gallina paints detailed, realistic images of animals onto smooth river stones.

After the cracks on the stones are filled, outlines are sketched with chalk before the animal is resume review, painted using acrylic. Ernestina did not attend art school, but has refined her craft through endless practise. Based in Italy, Ernestina teaches rock painting and sells her work via shops, exhibitions and papers for sale her own website. Software. The infinitely popular #8216;pet rocks#8217; painted by Ernestina Gallina on smooth, rounded river stones. Personalised Sticker Designer – Emily Lopez. A huge number of people take monthly photographs of their babies to document their growth. When Emily Lopez had her own children, she began creating personal, custom designed baby stickers to help with this process and then selling them via her Etsy store PurplePossom.

Emily has a degree in public relations and graphic design. PurplePossom has made over 50,700 sales through Etsy at english bulldog without for sale an average price of review, $11 $18 NZD (this equates to an approximate average of over without $8,700 a month). The stickers from Purplepossom are designed to literary essay be photographic aids worn by children in photographs as a reminder of their age. Handmade Stamp Maker – Susan Walton. Susan Walton runs the without papers for sale, Rubber Stamp Tapestry with her family in North Carolina. The stamps are handmade from wooden pegs and rubber and american prohibition essay are used to create frames, borders, decorations and other artwork on cards, stationery, scrapbook pages and english papers for sale ceramics.

The stamps are sold through the Rubber Stamp Tapestry website or via an Etsy store, where they are one of the software, top sellers. A sample of some of the products from the Rubber Stamp Tapestry. Stephen Harris sells T-Shirts and other products through his Redbubble store Zomboy. Redbubble is a website that allows designers to take advantage of english papers for sale, print-on-demand technology, with products printed and thesis statement essay shipped as they are ordered (all the artist needs to do is upload a design; anyone can sell online without any up-front investment and make profit from the english bulldog, first sale). In a field where there is tough competition, Zomboy is consistently in the Redbubble Top Seller category. Stephen designed his first T-shirt when he was twelve years old, using permanent cotton markers. He studied both Design and Technical Drawing at Auckland Grammar School and gained a Criminal Justice degree from Griffith University. Logic And Critical Thinking Online Course. Stephen credits his success to his discipline to without draw every day, a passion for concepts and a commitment to trying new art techniques. A top-selling T-shirt design from Stephen#8217;s RedBubble print-on-demand store. Upcycled furniture designers – Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri. Based in Beirut, Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri run the drew homework, design and craft studio Bokja, creating furniture pieces made from recycled textiles and english papers tapestries: harmonious combinations of pattern, texture and colour.

Bokja avoids mass production and employs only local artists, carpenters and statement literary designers. Maria studied Arabic Literature at the American University of Beirut and english without Journalism at the Lebanese American University. She cultivated her love for furniture from the 50’s and 60’s during her time as an antique dealer. Hoda Baroudi has a Bachelor degree in logic and critical online, Business Administration and an MBA from the American University of Beirut. Following years of experience in finance and for sale banking, her life-long interest in traditional tapestries, textiles and rugs of the orient lead to the creation of Bokja. Education can really open doors, but at the end of the day talent is what really leaves a mark. We are a poster company for this, neither of us have a formal education in what we are doing. It is that talent behind this company that has made it what it is. We have an eye and an instinct for what we do and it’s not so much the result of american prohibition act of 1920, our education, but our passion. Bokja is an amalgam of things, it is layers and english bulldog papers for sale layers of reactionary thoughts, it is #8216;of the moment#8217; and transient. Our designs are never innocent as they are often references or reinterpretations of prohibition, something from our past.

Within these objects there is a tangible charm that takes us back to the way things used to be, when products carried legacies that transcended time. We have created a cult following around the world; our designs speak a universal language, while appealing to people on bulldog, a personal and thinking online course emotional level. – Bokja Design. Their furniture is available in the US and sells for well over $2,000 USD a chair. Four pieces from Bokja#8217;s upcycled furniture range: antique couches and papers chairs covered with strips of recycled fabric stunning, functional, abstract art. Daniel McQueen is write on agricultural rural development, a young, entrepreneurial typographer and owner of Ten Dollar Fonts – a website where selected designers sell font licenses to english bulldog papers for sale the world. After studying both Design and Photography at St Bede’s College, Daniel gained a degree in Visual Communication from CPIT School of american 1920 essay, Art and Design, with a focus on typography. When his fonts began to english without papers for sale gain attention on the social media website Tumblr, Daniel decided to sell licenses to his fonts.

Worried that his work would get lost amongst the write an essay on agricultural rural extension, crowd on an existing font marketplace, he created his own website. Ten Dollar Fonts gained the attention of several well known designers and features prominently in social media. Daniel gives advice for english bulldog without for sale new graduates in an interview with Zoe Nash of Design Assembly: #8230;if you’re like me and you’re not excited by the idea of working for someone else, my advice would be as simple as do something for yourself. Have projects that you enjoy and take it seriously. Be patient and stick at it, you never know where it could take you. Even if you do have a full time job, have creative outlets and resume work hard at bulldog papers them. You’re young and most likely don’t have to support anyone but yourself right now, so there is no better time to put your ideas to job resume software work. – Daniel McQueen.

Daniel McQueen in english bulldog without papers for sale, Ten Dollar Fonts#8217; Christchurch office. Graphic Artist / Printmaker / Collage artist – Matt Dinniman. Matt Dinniman is a graphic artist with over 15 years of experience. He has made a name for himself selling affordable hand-made prints, using a combination of photography, digital collage and mixed media. He sells his work via his own website, Collage-O-Rama, and his Etsy store.

His most well known works are animals printed onto dictionary pages. We take old books about to logic and critical thinking course be destroyed and upcycle them in order to give them new life. The aging, slightly-yellowed page is carefully removed, and the image is english for sale, printed directly on the recycled paper. – Matt Dinniman. Based in american 1920, Seattle, Matt has made over 55,100 sales since joining Etsy, with artwork commonly priced between $8 $24 NZD (this roughly equates, on average, to english sales of over $9,500+ a month). A collection of write rural development, some Collage-O-Rama#8217;s popular animal prints on upcycled dictionary pages. Film Concept Artist – Dean Sherriff.

For many Art students, the notion of bulldog without for sale, creating beautiful, imaginary worlds is the dream career. Extension. Dean Sherriff does this for a living, as a concept artist for english papers Universal Pictures. He has produced concept designs for popular films such as After Earth, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Day the Earth Stood Still and american act of essay Night at the Museum. Dean trained at Ontario College of Art and Design in Canada, gaining an Honours in Illustration. Concept art completed by Dean Sherriff for #8216;After Earth#8217; and #8216;300: Rise of the Empire#8217; copyright Universal Pictures. Celebrity Chef Brian Stevens co-founded the specialty bakery Crazy Cakes with his wife, Jennifer. Brian has an bulldog for sale, Art degree, and became a cake artist after a varied career, including sumo wrestling, digital illustration, sculpting and video game development.

He has starred in thesis literary, the Food Network and TLC#8217;s Cake Boss: Next Great Baker. He is known for producing meticulously hand-crafted sculpted cakes of all kinds, with detailed textures and realistic painting. Some of the exciting, sculptural cake designs produced by Brian Stevens of Crazy Cakes. In a world when things are readily available to everyone, original, handmade items are in demand. Wendy Tsao makes soft toys that are inspired by young children’s drawings, taking orders through her website, Child’s Own Studio. Her work has become an internet sensation. English Without Papers For Sale. She recently opened for orders and in three hours was booked out for the whole year. I am inspired by the child’s drawing, a wonderful expression of childhood. Logic Thinking Online Course. Typically, a drawing is sent to me, and I decide if I can work with it. (I normally work only with children’s drawings, hand-drawn and coloured).

There may be notes included with the drawing. I may ask for clarification about some details. And then I get to work, in my Vancouver studio. The machine whirs, scissors snip, needles zip, and everything gets covered in fibrefill fluff. – Wendy Tsao. Wendy Tsao makes adorable soft toys inspired by the drawings of young children. After working in a small Arts college for ten years, Ryan Berkley and his wife Lucy set up Berkley Illustration – an Etsy shop where they sell Ryan#8217;s prints – often animals wearing suits. The illustrations are drawn using markers and coloured pencil, sometimes with digital blocks of colour added in english bulldog papers for sale, the background.

A self taught artist, Ryan speaks about resume blast, his regret about not attending Art school in the Etsy Quit Your Day Job Series: And I am regretful for many reasons. I feel like I could have learned how to properly draw the human figure, rather than learning from comic books. I also feel I could have an actual understanding of colour theory, which would be nice. For Sale. I would have loved to job resume software learn some painting techniques. English Bulldog. I was always jealous of my friends being in college in general, and in other cities, living on their own. I think that would have been fun. Especially with a bunch of talented art kids. With over 41,000 sales made in Etsy, and items commonly priced between $12 24 NZD, Berkley Illustration generates approximately $7,000 per month in sales on average.

This income is supplemented with wholesale orders, gallery shows and commercial commissions, including large clients like Nike, The Discovery Channel and statement Spoon. Two popular prints from english bulldog without papers Berkley Illustration: formally posed animals wearing traditional (human) attire. Online Art Gallery Creator, Artist and Technology Entrepreneur – Amanda Lane. After completing her high school education at Rangitoto College and studying Film Animation as part of her Graphic Design degree from Auckland University of Technology, Amanda began a rich and varied career, working as a traditional animator, theatre and film scenic artist, art director and set designer. She now co-owns Exhibbit, a software development company that sells virtual Art galleries to students, artists and traditional galleries. Logic. This means that people are able to embed their own virtual #8216;gallery#8217; within their website (see the image below). #8230;I have had a number of jobs within the creative industries – there is english without papers, huge scope for creatives in business, especially now the internet plays such a big role. – Amanda Lane. Focusing on thesis essay, a particular niche (pet portraiture) and combining artistic skill with generosity and business knowledge helped Ron Burns turn painting into a lucrative career. Ron has adapted a style that sets him apart from the ordinary (the market is english without, flooded dull, realistic pet portraits) and produces vibrant paintings that are rich with emotion-filled colour. Ron began painting dogs in animal shelters (giving a percentage from sales back to the shelters) and, after 9/11, documenting dogs that have lost their lives in tragedy or were involved in bomb detection, disaster relief, or search and rescue. Focusing upon heroic or disadvantaged animals, Ron has supported spay and neuter programmes, anti dog-fighting legislation and helped to generate significant funds for non-profit organisations. Ron has received several awards, television and media publicity and public commendations for his efforts – exposure that has helped to cement Ron as one of the leading dog portrait artists.

Through his own website, Ron sells prints and write an essay rural ready-to-hang, commissioned acrylic paintings of pets to their owners. The appeal of Ron#8217;s pet portraits lies in his intuitive understanding of colour: the selection of warm reds and bulldog papers oranges, contrasted with cools blues and greens, creating an image of hope and emotion in the dogs. Backgrounds have simplified flat, decorative areas, creating emphasis on the dogs alone. Printable Wedding Invitation Designer – Eleanor Mayrhofer. Eleanor Mayrhofer designs downloadable wedding stationary, invitations, greeting cards and other paper items. With quality printers now at an affordable price, Eleanor creates and sells PDF templates with editable text via her Etsy shop e.m.papers, allowing people to print their own invitations at home.

After graduating from Art school as a graphic designer, Eleanor was employed by drew creal, a consulting firm. She now works full time on e.m.papers. Her products have been consistently featured in the media, appearing in magazines such as Marth Stewart Weddings and BRIDES. An example of two of the contemporary printable wedding invitation sets designed by Eleanor Mayrhofer of e.m.papers. Ceramic Artist – Karolina Grudniewska. After gaining a Bachelor of Arts, Karolina Grudniewska worked as an English teacher and a florist, before returning to college to study Interior Architecture. After a varied career, Karolina has become a self-taught ceramist.

She sells work from english bulldog papers for sale Ireland via her Etsy store KaroArt, and her work is available locally through stores and craft shows. She is full time Etsy seller, with an online shop filled with functional items with beautiful, organic form. As she commented in the Etsy Quit Your Day Job series: I find working with clay very intuitive. American Prohibition. Once you get the basics, there’s a world of possibilities in front of you. It takes hours and hours of practice, with many trials and many failures, but each broken piece teaches you a lesson. Practice and repetition brought me to proficiency, but I feel like I’m learning a new thing almost every day, and there’s still so much I’d like to discover and learn.

Most Etsy sellers know that quality photographs help to sell a product. English Without For Sale. The photographs of Karolina Grudniewska#8217;s ceramic pieces are almost as beautiful as the hand-crafted ceramic pieces themselves. Repurposed Furniture Designer – Rupert Blanchard. Rupert Blanchard takes mundane, discarded pieces of literary, furniture, reclaimed plywood, used wooden fruit crates and english papers other donated or discarded items and reassembles these to create stunning, contemporary furniture pieces. Working with an assortment of styles, techniques, surfaces, patterns and materials, Rupert creates dressers and furniture items that are reminiscent of abstract art: functional installation pieces for the modern home. Rupert has developed a trained eye for the beauty of the resume review, disregarded and, as a consequence, lives at the mercy of his compulsion to hoard it, taking him to at least three car boot sales a week and connecting him to an elaborate network of scavengers, junk dealers, house clearance people, skip raiders and english papers demolition workers. “Time will run out before the rubbish does,” he pronounced, pulling a long quizzical face, shaking his head and crossing his arms in bewilderment at his crazy hoarding instinct. Creal. Yet everything here is wonderful in its way, and Rupert has found means to give new life these artifacts once their original incarnation is defunct.

Most of his furniture is english papers for sale, one-off pieces, however some have a more streamlined production process. Upcycled Furniture: Repurposing material that is creal, destined for a landfill, Rupert Blanchard creates an bulldog, assortment of sought after, hand-made pieces. The examples of Art, Photography, Sculpture, 3D Design, Game Design and american prohibition Graphic Design jobs illustrated above are just a handful of the exciting career paths that are possible for high school Art students. It is clear that the bulldog without papers for sale, journey to a creative career is not always clear cut. Act Of 1920. A Fine Art degree is not always necessary.

Related degrees (Graphic Design, Animation, Computer Science, Web Design, Architecture, Marketing, Business) and/or skill-based courses – among many others – may also lead to successful outcomes. Your creativity is a big part of who you are and papers for sale where you#8217;re going. To take it, and your future, as far as you want, you need an logic course, education that#8217;s focused on developing your talents and english putting you on the path toward the creative career that stirs your imagination. American 1920 Essay. A collaborative education at The Art Institutes is all about the work, the students who create it, and the instructors who guide them. Computer Animation, Digital Filmmaking Video Production, Digital Image Management, Digital Photography, Fashion Design, Game Art Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Media Arts Animation, Visual Game Programming, Visual Effects Motion Graphics, Web Design Interactive Communications, Web Design Interactive Media (classes and programs may vary by location and are subject to english papers for sale change without notice). Skill is practised and refined ultimately by doing . Combine your artistic skill with ambition, generosity, persistence, hard work and business sensibility. 1920 Essay. If you want a creative career, carve out a little space in the world where you can become an expert: hone your craft via daily practice and make something that people love. English Bulldog For Sale. Build a website and an essay on agricultural rural development show off your talent. Papers. Let your work spiral out through social media and be discovered by the world. And remember: if you are one of those lucky enough to be good at an essay rural extension Art and other things#8230;be prepared for people to try and convince you that Art is a swift and certain route to poverty (it#8217;s not: read 9 Reasons to english without papers for sale Study Art in High School). If this happens to resume blast review you, keep in mind that those who are good at Art and other things are in the best position of all to succeed . This article is a work in progress.

New careers will be added regularly! You may wish to bookmark this page. This article was written by Amiria Gale. English. Amiria has been a teacher of essay, Art Design and a Curriculum Co-ordinator for seven years, responsible for the course design and assessment of Art and english bulldog without papers Design work in two high-achieving Auckland schools. Essay. Amiria has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Bachelor of english without, Architecture (First Class Honours) and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching. She is a CIE Accredited Art Design Coursework Assessor.

Follow Student Art Guide on Pinterest. Join over job resume software 15,000 people who receive our free newsletter. English Without For Sale. You will be notified first when free resources are available: new art project ideas, teaching handouts, printable lesson plans, tips and advice from on agricultural extension development experienced teachers. What are you waiting for?

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You consent to our processing your personal information for the purposes of providing the rural development, Services, including for verification purposes as set out herein. You also consent to the use of such data for communicating with you, for bulldog without papers statutory and accounting purposes. Write An Essay Rural? You acknowledge that you have read and consented to's Privacy Policy. LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY. will not be liable to you in relation to english without papers for sale the contents of, the use of, or otherwise in connection with, this Website: for failure to creal homework learn the material covered by the Paper; and. for your final grade; and. for the english bulldog without papers, outcome or consequences of submission the Paper to any academic institution; and. excludes all liability for damages arising out of or in connection with your use of this Website.

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Download a Resume Template That Employers Will Love. Are your Resume and english bulldog without, online job search profiles not yielding you the results you need to find gainful employment and finally afford to job resume software, pay your bills? No doubt about it; it’s tougher to find a job now than it’s been in decades. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t give yourself every fighting chance of snagging the english bulldog without papers for sale next available job. While there is plenty to be said for effective interviewee skills, the absolute most important step for getting hired is writing a winning Curriculum Vitae.

Without a highly attractive C.V, you’re just one of job resume software, dozens or more applicants that begin to blend together after a while. You want your most relevant skills and experience to english without for sale, jump off the drew homework page and grab the bulldog for sale attention of the person responsible for reviewing the group of CVs in which yours is stacked or filed online. Direct access to resume templates advices. 1. Choose your favorite Curriculum Vitae. 2. Download selected resumes on thesis statement literary essay, your desktop.

No front page content has been created yet. How To Write a Winning Curriculum Vitae. Understand What Makes a Great Resume. Many job applicants are under a misconception that a great Curriculum Vitae means fluffing up terms, adding lots of english for sale, jobs and experience, listing as many skills as possible, and write an essay on agricultural development, engaging in english for sale other overkill tactics. Excessive and irrelevant information only clutters the page and makes it more difficult to find the skills and information for which your prospective employer is searching. The best resumes are those that are concise and specific to the job being sought. As such, a separate resume should be used for each job if the write an essay on agricultural development required skills, education, and experience are different. At the end of this article, we will review a few time saving tips building each specific Curriculum Vitae. First, though, let’s take a look at how to write a winning CV.

Review All Job Description Material and More (If Necessary) While some employers seem to be in the habit of posting as little information as possible, others provide a great deal of valuable information relevant to not only the skills, experience, and english without papers for sale, education of a desired employee, but also the description, expectations, and demands of the job itself. Acquire as much information as you can about the position. Creal Homework? If the employer provided you with pages and pages of descriptions, read them before building your resume. If the employer posted minimal information about the job, you may find information by reviewing the website or even calling and asking for english, details. The more you know about your prospective employers, the write an essay rural extension more power you have to show them a picture-perfect employee on paper. If you read terms you don’t really understand, see requirements for education levels you haven’t reached, or find any other indication that you’re not a good candidate for the job; don’t waste your time applying. Also, understand that it may be very difficult to find a job that matches your education or the bulk of your experience. You may have to without for sale, begin at american prohibition act of essay, an entry level position in papers a company that seeks supervisory and upper management applicants from within. If this is the case, be extremely careful about and critical online course, divulging the english bulldog extent of review, your education, experience, and salary history as you may be viewed as ‘overqualified’.

However insulting or degrading it may feel, the reality is that at some point you just have to accept that options are limited and be willing to english, ‘dumb it down’ a bit to secure employment. Just think, though: In the next few months after you’re hired, you’ll have a chance to excel beyond expectation and increase your odds of recognition and promotion. Use Only Relevant Terms, Skills, and and critical thinking course, Experience. If you feel the need to add more information to without papers for sale, your curriculum vitae than what’s absolutely relevant, make sure that the most compelling details are on the first page and that it’s not crowded with words. In addition to your contact information, you should have: Relevant skills, relevant experience, and relevant education. If you have multiple jobs dating back for a number of years, try to list only the most relevant jobs within the past 5-7 years on the first page and either make a note that a more extensive job history is available upon request or attach a separate sheet with a complete history in essay case the reviewer is english for sale so inclined to read it. Whatever you do, DO NOT let a full page of outdated and irrelevant details take away from the razzle and dazzle of the first page of your resume. Remember that your developed skills are more important than your experience. Yes, you need experience to demonstrate the resume blast fact that you’ve had time to hone those skills, but employers need to know the capabilities you have that are relevant to the job for which you’re applying. The Verbiage of Your Curriculum Vitae. You want your C.V to sound professional, but it doesn’t have to sound like it came out of the Oxford Dictionary.

Remember, it’s not as though you’re writing a dissertation; you’re listing bits and english bulldog without, pieces of concise and relevant information to present a snapshot of what you have to offer. Refer to the job description and other material posted by your prospective employers. If they used industry-specific jargon, use the same jargon wherever applicable. Review their posted list of required skills and creal homework, job duties and papers for sale, use it as a guide for listing all of your valid and applicable skills and job duties with previous employers. If you have additional skills or job skills than are not posted on the job description by your prospective employer, consider leaving them out. If you feel you must include them somewhere, follow the same rule as job history: Keep them off the first page.

Instead, attach them at american 1920 essay, the top of the page containing your extensive job history. You have 2 primary goals for your curriculum vitae: Make it easy to read and make every word count. In order to accomplish this, you need to use a font of at least 10-12 and make each section of your document stand out from the next by staggering blocks of information that take up different levels of horizontal space. For example, you may place your name, physical address, phone number, and email address at english for sale, the top in the center. For contrast, you would place a sentence outlining your objective; perhaps something like: To obtain consistent and long term employment with a company in which my skills and prohibition 1920, talents will be utilized and appreciated. Because that sentence will take the entire width of the english papers for sale page, your next sections should be small and centered. This would be a great place to list your skills. If you place your employment in the next section, that would be a great contrast to your skills. Make a table with 2 columns and a few rows (just enough for your most relevant jobs). Add your title, previous employers, and their contact information in the left column and your job duties on the right.

Finally, underneath your employment history, enter your education information centered on the page. Employers may or may not be interested in speaking with your personal references. If there is any reason why your prospective employers shouldn’t speak with your previous supervisors, try to drew creal, avoid putting their contact information on bulldog without for sale, your Curriculum Vitae. American Prohibition Act Of 1920 Essay? Otherwise, there should be plenty of professional references in your format for papers, them to review. You can post a sentence on the bottom of your Curriculum Vitae either inviting your potential employer to call contacts from your employment history and/or letting him/her know that you have a list of personal references available if requested. If you have room on drew homework, the page after leaving plenty of space in english bulldog for sale between each section, increase the font size of your name. If you have adequate or advanced linguistic skills, consider writing a short cover letter (3-5 small to moderate paragraphs) introducing yourself and outlining your skills, dedication, ambition, work ethic, and any other relevant piece of information that increases your appeal to an employer but may not have a proper place on your Curriculum Vitae. Cover letters are easy to disregard if an employer isn’t interested, and they can help to set you aside from other applicants if there is an interest in learning more about you by reading your cover letter.

You can either use the outline provided in this article or you can create your own curriculum vitae outline containing your name, contact information, and the basic sections you will need to fill out per application. Save the outline and thesis statement literary, consistent information in a master file, and once you’ve finished preparing a Curriculum Vitae for a job, choose ‘Save as’ and create a specific name for bulldog, it. Statement Essay? To find your Curriculum Vitae more quickly and conveniently, consider using the same name and changing only the last word. For example, you may save your resume as ‘MyResumeCompany.doc’. Replace the word ‘Company’ with each different place to which you submit your curriculum. How to english bulldog, Write a Great Cover Letter. Landing a job is prohibition 1920 undoubtedly difficult in today’s economy. Writing a great cover letter is probably the english papers for sale most important step you can towards landing the job of their dreams.

Why is 1920 essay writing a cover letter so important? It is the first thing a potential employer sees, and it will dictate whether or not the english without papers employer even looks at thinking online course, your resume. Even the bulldog without papers for sale most polished, professional resume doesn’t stand a chance against a poorly written cover letter. How do you write a cover letter that not only a potential employer to extension development, read your resume, but also gets you invited for an interview? Writing a winning cover letter is not difficult if you follow a few simple steps: Just like an employer won’t look at a resume that’s attached to a poorly written cover letter, the employer won’t even bother to read the cover letter if it’s a messy jumble of bulldog without, text. To create a professional-looking cover letter, be sure to review, use plenty of english papers, white space. You should have, at a minimum, one inch margins and double spaces between paragraphs. Follow the guidelines for writing a basic business letter and be sure to include a simple, text-only letterhead.

Your letterhead should be the same letterhead that appears on your resume. This is your one and only chance to name drop, so take advantage of it. Literary? Potential employers want to english without papers, know how you heard about the position. You should also identify the specific position that you are seeking, and state that you are applying for this position. Yes, it’s obvious, but cover letters follow a long-established pattern, and this isn’t the time to be a rebel.

Finally, set the tone for the rest of the letter, and briefly state what you will be discussing.. If you have more than a few years of experience in the field to which you are applying, your professional experience should be presented before your educational experience. First, write a topic sentence that presents one unified idea. If you’ve held several jobs in job resume software this career, find the one aspect that these jobs have in english without common that will most impress your potential employer. You also need to american act of, link this paragraph to your educational experience. Similar to your employment paragraph, you need to english without for sale, develop one unified idea rather than simply presenting a list of all the schools you’ve attended and logic and critical thinking course, courses you’ve taken. Determine which aspect of your education is most important to the position you’re applying for and present it here. A fourth and even fifth paragraph may be added if you need to present additional relevant information. Just remember to develop one idea per english bulldog for sale paragraph, and to keep the extension development entire letter under one page. This is your opportunity to tie everything together, leading the for sale reader to invite you to an interview. You need to resume blast, reference your resume and bulldog for sale, any other included attachments.

In addition, you need to politely, yet confidently state that you wish to be invited to an interview. Finally, state the drew easiest way for the employer to reach you, referring to the phone number and e-mail address in your letterhead. For important documents like cover letters, you need to go beyond your computer’s spell check and grammar check. Place the cover letter aside for english for sale, a few hours, or overnight if possible, and look at it with fresh eyes. You might find errors that you didn’t see previously. As a final step, ask someone, who you trust will do a decent job, to proofread your cover letter. Now, you have a well-written cover letter that will hopefully lead a potential employer to homework, read your resume and english bulldog without for sale, ultimately invite you to an interview. The rest is up to you! How to prepare for a winning job interview. In a competitive market for resume blast review, available jobs, potential candidates should put in the necessary time and english bulldog for sale, effort to write an essay on agricultural extension development, make a solid impact.

You must simply accept that it’s a buyer’s market, the buyer, in this case is the organization. Your first job as the seller is to sell yourself. English Without? You need to stand out and critical thinking online, from the other candidates like a house with a shiny red door in a cookie-cutter neighborhood. Assume your resume and cover letter is in a pile on a desk with plenty of others, therefore you must find a way to rise to the top. You need to put yourself in without for sale a stronger position, instead of you trying to review, chasing the job, make them convince you to take it. Bulldog For Sale? Your mindset dictates the demeanor you portray. If you seem too desperate, you don’t make it to drew creal, the next step, however, too arrogant and doors will close. You have to put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer and papers for sale, determine your moves every step of the way.

Spend about drew creal, five hours preparing for each hour of interview, you want to investigate how you can deliver value to the organization. By researching and probing how you can make an impact in the position, you are going beyond the canned responses of most candidates. Your resume should announce that you are qualified for the position. After the english papers interview, you want to leave the impression that you can start the job tomorrow. You want to write an essay rural extension, contact somebody who does the same job at the organization or similar enterprise and ask several questions. It’s a must that you discover the current challenges for the position within the bulldog papers organization and the industry as a whole. The next step is succeed where so many candidates fall short, you want to software, show initiative by for sale, suggesting ideas for the position.

Hiring managers have so many job functions to perform, by proving that you not only did research concerning the position, but proposed suggestions, you show tremendous potential. You would be surprised how those that have been performing the job for years have not expressed such aptitude. Be prepared to go beyond lip service, you want to demonstrate the homework you have done. Reaching out to a current employee performing the thesis literary same job function puts you over the top. Don’t be shy or feel like you are intruding. Many employees have innovative ideas about how to perform their jobs better, tap into that information for english without for sale, free and then add your own spin. Use the power of imagination to drew creal, stand out english, from the creal crowd, everybody else is going to be following the same job interview tips that get recycled over the web. If you want to make a lasting impression, you must put in the sweat and effort.

Find someone who you can practice with until it comes out natural. Landing an offer in english bulldog papers for sale a tough economy requires considerable effort. Job Resume? If you can demonstrate you can make an impact in english without your interview, your name will rise to the top of the pack. Copyright Curriculum-Vitae.In 2013 - Contact : webmaster All the Curriculum Vitae templates are at logic thinking, your disposal without any guaranty.

The use of english for sale, these Curriculum samples is at your sole risk.