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Human rights law essay

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Essay on Human Rights - 1284 Words

Human rights law essay

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Struggle For Human Rights And International Law Human …

Anthropology in relation to Disney#8217;s #8220;A Bug#8217;s Life#8221; Essay. When viewing Disney#8217;s A Bug#8217;s Life with the critical eye of an anthropologist, it is hard to truly believe that it is human rights, a children#8217;s movie. Proudest Essay! This movie is an introduction to the complex world of anthropology and it#8217;s concepts. One finds elements of culture in many different lights throughout this film. A Disney masterpiece shall be proven in this paper to not only intrigue the younger audience, but it shall verify the fact that the way humans function is so easily portrayed, even in the simplest behavioral patterns. As the film opens, the ants are preparing for the coming of the ravenous grasshoppers by filling a leaf with food products. Rights Law Essay! For this food collection the ants stack the food following a straight line one after the other until an writing, autumn leaf descends to the ground separating one ant from the line. Rights Law Essay! This causes mass confusion and disorder. The ants learned behavior caused them to essay lose their self-control and human rights law essay, allowed them to break the division of labor.

Had the ants not been so set in their #8220;assembly line#8221; ways, they might not have had the problem they did. Flik (the main character of the movie) holds intelligence like none of the other ants in the production. He uses his brain as opposed to learned behavior in order to essay try and assist the law essay colony. His numerous inventions are advanced, yet still unrefined enough to go wrong. The other ants frown upon his differences showing ethnocentrism at it#8217;s finest. Within their own culture, Flik is looked down upon. One could view Flik#8217;s intelligence as a mutation of the ant colony, but an even better example is proudest moment essay, that of the grasshopper#8217;s psychotic mutation known as Thumper.

Thumper is used to human law essay frighten the ants even more. His intimidation factor is research essay introduction, used against the ants so they will work harder and faster to appease the tribal grasshopper#8217;s needs. Flik, being beyond that of his fellow ants, confronts the rights law essay hierarchy of his people to make a request that he traverse to the city in search of #8220;warrior bugs#8221; to save the colony once and for all from the big, bad, grasshoppers. After receiving approval, he sets off for the city not knowing what to expect or who to encounter. By being able to leave the colony on his own free will, Flik proves he is adaptive and able to creative lesson plans think freely for himself. His fellow ants look on in amazement as Flik begins his journey.

The other ants#8217; cultural restraints did not allow them to even truly process what he was doing. The ants could not see passed the taboo of leaving the island, and therefore, were stuck to the island and unable to mentally push themselves away. Upon entering the city, it is made immediately obvious the vast amount of sub-cultures that flourish throughout. Flik is taken aback and human rights law essay, is not very aware of nonfiction personal what exactly is occurring. He is different from the others because he is a country bumpkin.

He is rights, from the country and does not know any better than his country boy ways. Cultural relativism is shown here, as he is not accepted for his beliefs and actions in the city. Many things separate him from the city culture in yet another example of ethnocentrism against Flik. Even language makes Flik distinctive from the other bugs and he is somewhat wary of what he is doing. Unfortunately his judgment is not all there and he chooses circus bugs over warrior bugs to come back and save his people. This confusion shows Flik#8217;s urban inexperience and how easily it can be for one sub-culture to be mistaken with another. Luckily enough for Flik, he was a more advanced ant and not the resume web site type of #8220;noble savage#8221; the rest of law essay his colony might be confused for. He is willing to take the initiative and get to the place he wants to go.

When Flik returns the unknowing #8220;warrior bugs#8221; to the colony, he is met with praise and admiration (as are the #8220;warrior bugs#8221;). The #8220;warrior bugs#8221; begin to realize what they are getting involved in and they grow frightened. Soon, they begin to nonfiction personal essay come along and appreciate the colony and their worth to the ants of the colony. This integration of culture is the main reason that the revolution the ants would soon develop worked. Another example of sub-culture in this movie is rights law essay, that of the queen#8217;s youngest daughter and her friends. They form a club that is based upon nonfiction, childhood innocence but is able to do well for the whole colony. Without the work they did, the anthill might not have been saved. After gaining the trust and earning the help of the #8220;warrior bugs#8221;, the ants are able to begin their revolution. This revolution contains much evolution in rights, it. The ants are able to drop their learned behavior in order to come together and build the giant bird that will scare off the grasshoppers and save the day.

Working together and nonfiction personal, breaking tradition, everything does end up working until the rest of the colony discovers the law essay true identity of the warrior bugs. Introduction For A Persuasive! This leads to trouble again for Flik, but all ends up working out. Cultural relativism is human rights, seen again at the end of play when the humorous grasshopper Moulder leaves his tribe in order to stay with the #8220;stronger and smarter#8221; group of circus bugs. Research Essay! He also follows Darwin#8217;s survival of the fittest concept in desiring to go with the better plan. There are examples of individual variation as well throughout the entire movie. Flik is the human rights law essay best example in that he is the lesson main #8220;individual#8221; of the colony. Rights Law Essay! His views are separate from anyone else and he strives to make things better for his people.

Each one of the proudest circus bugs has a strong sense of individuality. It is their differences to human their own kind that brings them together to form their posse. And no matter what situation they are brought into, they are very individual from the larger group they are around. The grasshopper#8217;s were a group who practiced and accepted a strong generalized reciprocity from the ants. The ants toiled all day trying to appease the evil one#8217;s appetites, and got nothing in return. Hopper (evil leader of the grasshoppers) made empty promises about the ants losing their colony if they weren#8217;t #8220;protected#8221; by the grasshoppers. But this would all be proven otherwise, when the ants realized their potential and saw that they did outnumber the for a essay grasshoppers 10 to human law essay 1. Coming to this conclusion is what truly allowed the ants the break their learned behavior and defend themselves. The difference in the cultures of the ants and the grasshoppers is something else of interest for this movie. The grasshoppers are a lazy culture that relies upon free, anyone but themselves to do work. Human Rights! The ants on the other hand, are hard workers.

They not only perform the food gathering each year for them, but they also do enough for the grasshoppers as well. They work hard and long not realizing that they do not have to work for the grasshoppers too. The grasshoppers depend upon the fact that the ants do not know any better and hope it remains that way. Luckily for the ants, Flik#8217;s intelligence is beyond that of the grasshoppers and it leads to revolution. In comparison to that of humans, Flik is a key human rights activist.

He is strong about the will of the people and creative writing lesson plans, the freedom of his fellow ant. His spiritual strength is beyond that of anyone (even the queen of the human rights law essay colony) and he does end up making up for all of the mistakes he makes along the way. A Bug#8217;s Life not only moment lives up to anthropological expectations, it lives up to childhood entertainment purposes. Its uncanny and rights law essay, smooth combination is of award merit. Example! Taking the best examples of culture and its components, Disney is able to put that into law essay a simple context that anyone can understand and relate to. Under the creative writing plans ks2 critical eye of an anthropologist, this movie not only meets standards, it creates it#8217;s own. Children will be learning anthropology thanks to movies like this even before they can pronounce the word. University/College: University of Chicago.

Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 20 June 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Anthropology in relation to Disney#8217;s #8220;A Bug#8217;s Life#8221; for only $16.38 $13.9/page. 3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 267, Wilminton, DE 19808, USA.

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Human rights law essay

Part Three Navigate Online Applications. Do you remember your first resume? If it was over 15 years ago, perhaps your Career Counselor told you to print it on the highest grade (eh hem, scented) paper and hand deliver it with a little chocolate gift to human rights law essay be followed up with a thank-you card. If it was created less than 10 years ago, and you tried the same strategy, you were likely struck down with, “you have to apply online.” Raise your hand if you can relate? As you may realize, the internet has totally transformed the hiring process and affected the entire labor market in a very short time.

We’ll let you in on a little secret, Nurse Managers and Nurse Recruiters rarely read resumes in introduction for a persuasive essay example, detail. They may skim them for a few seconds, but for the vast majority of healthcare employers, resumes are prescreened and selected by robots. Rights. Robots that have been programmed to personal essay forward only the most qualified candidates to a decision maker. The resume-reading robot is rights law essay actually a program known as Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). It is highly technical and individualized, but not nearly as smart as a human. It does what it has been programmed to do.

An employer may enter in specific keywords for the ATS to scan for. They may choose to enter “knockout questions” to quickly eliminate unqualified candidates. Such as, “Do you have an literary essay introduction, active Washington State Nursing License?” They could even choose to include “disqualifying statements” to automatically screen candidates out. For example, if an ATS is human programmed to screen out all resumes lacking a Bachelor’s Degree, anyone with an creative writing lesson, Associate’s Degree will automatically be rejected. If you have both, consider listing only human rights law essay, your BSN. Recruiters may also configure the ATS to proudest essay only deliver resumes that include exact keywords. Not all ATS systems are created equal. They vary greatly in their functionality and human law essay, behavior. For example, some ATS will not be able to differentiate between titles, such as Clinical Nurse II and Registered Nurse. Other ATS systems may not be able to personal essay distinguish between the terms BLS and Basic Life Support.

Bottom line, read the job description and human law essay, use the exact wording . If you use acronyms and abbreviations, make sure to spell out the entire word followed by the shortened version. While ATS has streamlined the hiring process for employers, it’s also made job search extremely challenging for the job seeker. In fact, 94% of lesson ks2 hiring professionals say that ATS has positively influenced their hiring goals, while 80% of law essay job seekers say that their online job search is stressful. 1. The problem is that ATS does not ‘read’ a resume as a human would - it simply collects data.

It doesn’t care about aesthetics either. It is example programmed by law essay, an employer to search for the right keywords, in the right order, on collection the right part of the rights, resume. Most ATS systems are programmed to score resumes according to keywords. However, they can be configured to search and organisation essay, score resumes based on various other criteria. Also, it can get confused pretty easily. For example, if the font is too fancy or if it encounters unrecognizable symbols, it may score the resume as ‘unqualified’ and moves on to the next resume. It does what it is configured to do, nothing more and nothing less.

It is law essay estimated that 75% of employers now use ATS and that number only research essay, continues to grow. Rights Law Essay. 1 Still, not every employer uses ATS. In those instances, a Human Resources professional screens the literary research, resumes themselves and human rights, invites the most qualified in for an interview. The problem here is that most employers will receive hundreds of resumes for free resume web site, a single opening. To get through the human rights, resumes quickly, the HR professional may resort to a simple scan of the resumes knowing that even qualified applicants may not make it. Literary Research. It’s simply a way to reduce the number of applicants. In either case, the goal of the human law essay, modern resume is to literary ‘sell’ yourself in an organized, targeted manner for law essay, a specific role. The best way to design an proudest essay, effective, attention-grabbing resume is by rights, making strong assertions in literary introduction, the beginning followed by supporting evidence. Target resume to the specific position.

Do this by reading job descriptions and selecting keywords noted in rights, the descriptions - competencies, skills set, education, experience. Match individual experiences to keywords/key skills found within the collection organisation essay, job posting. Research the employer and human rights, target the essay, resume based on the facility values and culture. Make strong assertions within the top ? of the resume. Follow those assertions with supporting evidence. Include a “Professional Summary” if you are an experienced Nurse. (more on human law essay this below) Only apply to roles that you match 100% of the “Required Qualifications.” Use simple fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial, never smaller that 10 point font. See Part 5 for more styling suggestions. Collection Organisation Essay. Use simple black bullet (dots) points not special bullet symbols. If using an abbreviation, always spell out the rights law essay, words followed by the abbreviation or acronym. You never know how the abbreviation was entered into the ATS.

Use standard, simple section headers such as, “Work History” or “Education”. List specific skills, including: Settings you’ve worked in. Don’t use the same title as at your current employer if it is different from the free web site, title in human rights, the job description. Proudest. Use the title in the job description.

Don’t overload your resume with keywords, use them appropriately. Overuse of keywords will flag a resume and human law essay, could cause the for a persuasive essay, ATS to lower your score. Law Essay. Consequently, using keywords in essay, your resume without supporting evidence will not help your score either. Do not put your contact information in the header section, ATS will not see it. See part Do not include tables, most ATS can’t read them. Other ATS can only read them if their operator programmed them to law essay do so. Nonfiction Personal. Do not use creative section headers such, as “Where I’ve Worked” the ATS likely doesn’t understand what that means.

Don’t include clip art, graphics, special fonts, photos, colored fonts or unique bullets. Do not state, “references available upon request.” It takes up too much space and is unnecessary. If an employer wants references, they’ll ask. Don’t upload PDFs into human rights law essay, ATS. Nonfiction Personal Essay. While ATS are getting “smarter” and some claim to read PDFs.

Remain on the safe side and only upload .doc or .text only documents. Don’t place skills at human rights the bottom of the resume, many ATS only scan the nonfiction personal, top ? of the resume for keywords. If you have important keywords at the bottom it may not see them and could disqualify your resume. Don’t use “I” statements, resumes should be written in third person. If you’ve ever visited a job posting and seen an “APPLY NOW” button, you’ve encountered the elusive resume-reading bot. ATS requires candidates to enter data on rights law essay the front end. Maybe you’ve gone through the steps to create a login, complete the application and upload your resume. Personal Essay. Perhaps you didn’t realize at rights the time that you were entering your information into an applicant tracking system. Raise your hand if you never heard back from an research essay, employer after applying online? Raise your other hand if you received an automated response, “thanking” you for your interest and never heard back!

Now, put your hands down and read on. ATS is not going away but, job seekers are getting savvy, finding tools, and educating themselves on the mysterious world of applicant tracking systems. Prior to ever typing words onto law essay, your resume, it’s important to first decide on a layout. There are 3 types of resume layouts, while we highly recommend the Reverse Chronological layout for most nursing professionals, we’d encourage you to make the best choice for yourself. Here’s a breakdown of the 3 most popular types of resume layouts: This layout focuses on career history and lists jobs in reverse chronological order.

We recommend this type for personal essay, the majority of nursing professionals and will focus details of this article on the format. Human Rights Law Essay. It is best suited for: New nursing graduates Nurses with less than 5 roles within the resume, past 5-7 years. Human Law Essay. Travel Nurses with 10 completed assignments Nurses with experience in only 1-2 specialties Nurses applying for a similar role Nurses wanting to show vertical career progression. This layout places the emphasis on skills and deemphasizes work history. However, it does not pass the literary introduction, ATS test well and hiring managers overall do not prefer it. We recommend against this layout for human law essay, the majority of nursing professionals. Typically, people who use this format are: Changing careers Have large gaps in nonfiction personal essay, employment Do have experience in the role in which they are applying. This layout is a mixture of the human law essay, reverse chronological and the functional resume.

While it places emphasis on skills, abilities, and accomplishments, it also highlights applicable work history. We recommend this type for nursing professionals with the following background, goals, and barriers: Nurses with experience in multiple specialties and/or medical professions Seasoned Travel Nurses with 10 completed assignments Nurses with multiple small gaps in employment Nurses looking to change specialties Nurses interested in changing careers. Part Five Use the Right Formatting and Design. As mentioned, modern resumes need to creative writing plans be formatted to pass an ATS. This includes designing it in a comprehensive way that will not confuse the ATS. We recommend the following design and human, formatting features: We recommend the top margin to be set at resume 1”, side margins set to .63”. Many experts believe this strikes the human rights law essay, perfect balance of text to white space. Left alignment is standard since that’s how most people (and robots) read. You may think a justified alignment looks tidier, but it can leave uneven gaps between words and ultimately make text harder to read.

In the nursing profession, length should not be the focus of the resume. While we recommend 1-2 pages, some nurses may have resumes with 3 (or more) pages. For A Essay. Don’t stress over it too much. If the rights, resume is slightly over the page amount by a few lines try changing the margin, font style, font size or shortening statements. Bottom line is, it should look visually appealing and should include keywords. We recommend Times New Roman or Arial to best utilize the collection organisation essay, functionality of the ATS. However, this is your personal preference. Take note that Times New Roman can be difficult to read if it is smaller than 11pt.

Notice how the two following statements look vastly different with different font style (both at 11pt): Experienced Travel Nurse with 8 years experience in human rights, critical care nursing. Experienced Travel Nursing with 8 years experience in critical care nursing. Throughout the resume, there should be different sized fonts. Literary Introduction. We recommend the following for human, each section: It’s important to nonfiction essay note that 10 point font should be the smallest size on the resume. While some ATS’ claim to read colors, we encourage you to human law essay simply use black. We recommend keeping the resume very simple.

Basic bullet points (black dot) may be used when desired. Simple lines are acceptable as well. The following design features are best left off the resume: Part Six Detailed Section Breakdown. As you’ve learned, ATS skims resumes and creative writing lesson ks2, locates specific information in the correct order. We’d suggest using the following categories and section headers to law essay optimize your resume for ATS scoring. This is the first section on the resume and does not require a title.

Your name should be front and center. Don’t make the recruiter search for proudest essay, it. Make sure it’s the human rights, largest font on for a persuasive essay the page. While there are varying opinions on the exact placement of the rights law essay, name, we recommend a simple classic version in the following format: Name: We suggest setting your name to a size 18-22 font, the name should also be bolded. Personal Essay. If you go by a different name make sure to law essay list both names on the resume. Nursing Credentials: The preferred order is: Highest degree earned, Licensure, State designations, National Certification. City/State: We advise omitting the essay, street address as a security precaution. However, this is a personal decision.

Don’t leave your location off altogether as this could lead to the lowest ranking in rights law essay, ATS. Phone/texting number: Oh, technology! Yes, some employers will actually text their candidates. Make sure to indicate if you receive texts and whether the phone number is a cell phone or home phone. Do you have Britney Spears as your ringtone or a silly voicemail greeting?

Delete, delete, delete! Email address: [email protected] could send the wrong message to a potential employer (plus, age discrimination is writing lesson real and listing your birth year anywhere can trigger it!). Human. Make sure you have an appropriate email address. Better yet, create a totally separate email account and use it only for your job search. Creative Writing Ks2. Bingo! Linkedin profile: If you have a LinkedIn profile definitely include it.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you could be missing out on opportunities. Now is the time to human create one! Social media and online presence, side note. We’ll let you in on moment essay another secret, potential employers will stalk you online. It’s true. Human Law Essay. Many Recruiters tell us that looking a candidate up on proudest moment Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are one of the first things they do.

So, make sure everything you post online is what you would want an employer to see. Additionally, online behavior can benefit you. Do you have a nursing related website or blog? Are you an Instagram celebrity? Maybe you created a successful YouTube channel when you were a newbie nurse? Include all this on your resume if it relates to nursing. This is human all part of your unique brand! According to the American Nurses Credentialing Center (AACN) the essay, preferred order is: Highest degree earned, Licensure, State designations, National Certification.

Educational degrees include doctoral degrees (PhD, DrPH, DNS, EdD, DNP), master’s degrees (MSN, MS, MA), bachelor’s degrees (BS, BSN, BA), and associate degrees (AD, ADN). Licensure credentials include RN, LPN and rights law essay, CNA. State designations or requirements recognize authority to practice at a more advanced level in that state and include APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse), NP (Nurse Practitioner), and CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist). National certification , which is occasionally voluntary, is awarded through accredited certifying bodies such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), includes RNBC (Registered Nurse-Board Certified) and FNP-BC (Family Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified). You may also choose to include the following award and honors though, it is voluntary: Outstanding achievements in nursing such as FAAN (Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing). Personal. Other certifications that recognize additional skills such as the EMT-Basic/EMT, awarded by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician. Don’t make an employer (or ATS) search your entire resume for human rights law essay, reasons to ks2 invite you to human rights interview. Tell them right off top exactly why you are the best candidate for the role.Every position is unique and this is introduction your first opportunity to optimize the resume for ATS and to also catch the employers eye.

Spend a little time to target it and to let your qualifications and rights, accomplishments shine. While there is some debate about how to introduce your resume, we suggest using a professional summary as opposed to a career objective. Example. The professional summary can be formatted in either a short paragraph or a bulleted list asserting qualifications and providing a concise career snapshot. Think of it as an rights law essay, “Elevator Speech” - a quick, attention-grabbing, loaded statement that entices the nonfiction personal, reader to want to continue on. Your professional summary is unique to you and should be targeted to a specific role. However, it could definitely include the law essay, following information: # of nonfiction years in specialty Keywords (List: common keywords found in rights law essay, nursing job descriptions, i.e, excellent patient care, acute care, family education, compassionate.) Facility designations or info about facilities Supervisory experience + # of subordinates Special certifications or awards Language abilities. Here’s an example: 4+ years nursing experience with strong clinical background in critical care (CCU) and intermediate care nursing (IMCU). Proactively streamlines operations, initiating tasks and supporting healthcare team, while prioritizing excellent patient care.

Champions patient and family education by essay, providing compassionate, inclusive care that encourages self-sufficiency. Recipient of the Daisy Award. Nursing Skills and Areas of Expertise. It is a common mistake to list skills last on a resume, with the popularity of ATS this mistake could cost you an interview. This is rights especially true in nursing as the literary introduction, profession requires very specific skills. List skills within the top ? of the human rights, resume. Skills should be directly targeted to the role as it is expressed in literary research essay introduction, the job description. Is the employer asking for a specific EMR that you are experienced with? List it! Are you an rights, expert at starting IVs?

List it! This should not be a generic list of introduction for a persuasive essay example skills but, a specific list that is as quantified as much as possible. While most Nurses list their license title on their resume, it’s been our experience that they leave off a few very important details - most notably, license number and rights law essay, expiration date. Why is this important? Including this information lets potential employers know that you are ready to start work ASAP, they don’t have to wait for the licensing process. It also saves them time, they don’t have to lesson plans look up your license. This is law essay all public information and can be looked up by anyone. Persuasive Essay. By including these details, you are setting yourself apart.

Here’s an example of law essay how to list your licensure: Registered Nurse - California, #RN00101, expires: 4/17/2018. This is another key section where some important details are typically missing on the nursing resumes we’ve seen. Personal. While most Nurses list their credentials, it’s important to list them in human law essay, a specific manner. Don’t simply list acronyms, as some ATS’ may not be programmed to read shortened versions. Make sure to list the proudest, accrediting body, credential/certification number (where applicable) and the expiration date. Here’s an rights, example:

Basic Life Support (BLS), American Heart Association, expires: 12/1/2017. Employers want to know what you can do for nonfiction, them, period. Nurse Recruiters we’ve talked to will zero in on human law essay this section. What are they looking for? Evidence, facts, quantifiable points…proof to support the assertions made in the introduction. Vague work histories are particularly frustrating to employers.

Especially copied and pasted job descriptions. Don’t do that. Instead, do this: Use simple section headers such as, “Work History” or “Relevant Experience”, these are ATS friendly. “What I’ve Done” is not. List experience in reverse chronological order. Take note, if you have a lengthy employment history, you may consider only including the organisation, most recent 15 years experience. This will shorten your resume and also limit the chances that you’ll encounter age discrimination. Human Rights. Looking at the big picture experience from 25 years ago doesn’t necessarily speak to your recent nursing experience. Literary. Employers care about what you can do for them. Human Law Essay. Now. List job title first followed by collection, your specialty.

This is a controversial subject but, we believe employers care more about human rights law essay what you’ve done than who you’ve worked for. Use the job title as it is listed in nonfiction personal, the job posting or use a more industry-wide job title. Registered Nurse as opposed to Clinical Nurse II. Facility name is self-explanatory and will come next. Employment Dates. These are important and can be listed a number of ways. However, it’s been our experience that specific dates are not necessary for a resume. On an application, yes, on a resume, not so much. You can simply list the months and years (mm/yy - present). Facility-specific and unit-specific information.

This information is helpful and important to employers but, is left off the majority of resumes we’ve seen, it includes: Trauma level: level I, II, III Facility Designations Awards EMR/EHR Total Hospital beds Total unit beds Patient demographics. Primary duties look best in a bulleted list of no more than 6 points including duties, noteworthy accomplishments, and achievements. It’s important to emphasize specific duties and not be too vague. Wondering what specifics to include? Here are a few questions to get those wheels turning: What illnesses, injuries or traumas do you care for? What cases do you work on? What type of law essay medications do you administer and introduction for a persuasive, how? What therapies do you perform? What equipment do you use?

How have you improved processes? When have I been first or best? No. 1 achievement in each position? Which achievements have the most impressive numbers? When have I been publicly recognized?

Wondering how to rights law essay order your bullets and what to include? Try this: start with a verb leading to quantifiable data or specific point and include a relevant duty. Here are a couple of collection organisation examples: Supervised staff of 15 Registered Nurses, 8 Certified Nursing Assistants and 7 Paramedics while multitasking excellent patient care. Cared for up to 4 patients per rights shift with acute neurological disorders including: strokes, spinal cord injuries and head trauma. Positive Adjectives to Use on creative writing ks2 a Resume. In the nursing profession, education and rights, training are of utmost importance. If you have work experience, this section can be fairly brief. You should list your relevant degree in chronological order. There are varying opinions regarding the specific ordering of education. However, we believe that the degree or certification title should be listed first.

Employers care firstly that you have the education requirement they need and secondarily where you obtained the requirement. We suggest the following format: Degree or Certification Title (acronym), Institution Name. Here’s an example: Bachelor Degree in Nursing (BSN), University of Washington. Did you notice that we omitted the graduation date? Age discrimination is alive and well in the United States. In fact, it is the top form of employment discrimination. It affects all age groups.

It’s fairly easy to guess (or assume) an individual’s age or generation and pass judgment merely by collection, their high school or college graduation date alone. This is a personal decision for you to make and is not required to human law essay be listed on a resume. We also did not include a GPA. This is another personal decision. Literary Research. If you are particularly proud of your GPA, by all means, include it! However, it is not required.

If you graduated with honors that you are proud of, you can definitely include that as well. Again the resume is a unique snapshot of you! If you possess other degrees not related to nursing, it is human law essay not necessary to include those on your nursing resume. If you are currently enrolled in collection organisation, higher education to advance your studies within the nursing field that should be listed on your resume and stated that the human rights law essay, degree is pending. However, if you started a graduate degree program, never finished and do not plan on finishing, it is unnecessary to include on the resume.

Lastly, Nurses do not need to include their High School Diploma on their resume. The nursing profession requires completion of writing plans higher education and therefore, your higher degree trumps your diploma. Awards, Accomplishments, Affiliations. Though this section is law essay not required, we encourage the notation of awards and accomplishments that are relevant to the nursing profession. These details will provide the potential employer with more proof and evidence to who you are as a Nurse. In this section, you can include: Awards and recognitions that are specific to free resume the hospital of facility where you work. A few examples include: Daisy Award, Employee of the Month, Nursing Excellence Award recipient. Professional Memberships and Affiliations relating to human law essay nursing and/or healthcare. Volunteer work, if it relates to nursing.

We suggest the creative lesson plans, following format: Title, organization, year. Here are a couple of examples: Recipient, Nursing Excellence Award, Washington Medical Center. Volunteer, American Red Cross - Haiti - 2012. One last thing, saving! Don’t just give your resume any old name! Hiring professionals sometimes receive multiple documents from candidates and they don’t want to waste time sorting through every document to find the resumed. Some prefer to organize resumes by specialty. Tell them exactly which document is your resume.

We suggest the following format: firstlast_specialty_resume.doc. Here’s an example: We’ve seen a lot of resumes over the years, you would be surprised the amount of strange information people have included on resumes. So, here are the top mistakes we’ve seen: Typos. This should be a no-brainer but, make sure to proofread and even have another set of rights eyes proofread for you. Birthday or age . Huge red flag for creative lesson ks2, age discrimination. Including salary information. An employer could assume your salary is too high or too low, just don’t list it. Including personal information. Don’t include things like photos, religious affiliations, SSN, marital status, kids.

Using only law essay, a nickame. If you go by a different name, include both your legal name (the one on your license) and your nickname. For example: Nicole “Michelle” Nursington Outdated resumes. Make sure your resume includes your most current and relevant positions. Using first person pronouns. Introduction For A Persuasive Example. Avoid using pronouns such as “I” statements. A resume should be in third person. Contact information in the header. An ATS will not see it there.

Unprofessional email addresses. An appropriate email address is: [email protected] Inappropriate voicemail greetings and ring tones. No need to human law essay be fancy a simple ring is fine and a professional greeting is great! Misnaming a resume document. Recruiters go through hundreds of resume a day and keeping track of resume web site all those files can be difficult. Make it easy for them. Part Eight Nursing Resume Templates. Woot!

If you’ve made it this far you should have an law essay, excellent understanding of how to write a great nursing resume. We know it’s a lot of information right now and are hopeful that you’ll use the information to advance your career. Literary. For a little more help, try using our free resume templates. And when you’ve landed your next interview, For a little more help, try using our free resume templates. And when you’ve landed your next interview, check out the next part in this series, The Complete Guide to human rights law essay Nursing Job Interviews. 1. “10 Applicant Tracking Statistics That Prove You’re Hiring Like an ‘ATShole”, Capterra Talent Management Blog . Literary Research Essay Introduction. Capterra, Inc.

3 Sep 2015. Web. Accessed 28 Jul 2017.

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92Y Unit Supply Specialist - Warehouse Manager. Human Rights Law Essay. Casper , WY 82604. 92Y Unit Supply Specialist - Warehouse Manager. Location: CASPER, Wyoming, United States. Essay. Job Category: Logistics Support. Age Requirements: Must be between the ages of 17 and 35. Job DescriptionArmy National Guard Unit Supply Specialists make sure the unit and fellow Soldiers have what they need when they need it. In this role, your keen eye and management ability will keep warehouse functions running smoothly and keep the human rights law essay, Guard moving forward. As a Unit Supply Specialist, you will oversee the shipping, storage and supply of Army National Guard equipment. This includes receiving, inspecting, invoicing, storing, and delivering supplies.

You will ensure that all documents are prepared and introduction for a organized, maintain automated systems, secure and control weapons and ammunition, and schedule and provide maintenance for weapons. After your paid training you will feel comfortable stepping into a civilian warehouse or supply chain management career. Earn while you learn. Get paid to learn! Join the rights law essay, Guard and you will learn valuable job skills while earning a regular paycheck and qualifying for tuition assistance. Job training requires 10 weeks of free resume Basic Training, where you learn basic Soldiering skills. Human Rights. Then you will attend Advanced Individual Training (AIT), which consists of six weeks of literary additional training. Part of human rights this time is spent in a classroom and part in the field under simulated combat conditions. Requires military enlistment. Applicants must meet minimum qualifications.

Actual MOS assignment may depend on MOS availability. Benefits subject to change. A monthly paycheck. Montgomery GI Bill. Retirement benefits for resume web site part-time service. Low-cost life insurance (up to $400,000 in coverage) 401(k)-type savings plan. Student Loan Repayment Program (up to $50,000, for existing loans) Healthcare Benefits Available. High School Diploma or GED. Human Rights Law Essay. Must be between the ages of 17 and 35.

Must be able to pass a physical exam and meet legal and moral standards. Must meet citizenship requirements (see for details) Most non-prior service candidates will earn between $196.26 and $254.91 per drill weekend. Programs and benefits are subject to change. This position may qualify for a bonus, ask your National Guard recruiter for free web site the most up-to-date information. Create a job alert for 92Y Unit Supply Specialist - Warehouse Manager at human Casper, WY. Great! You#39;ll now receive job alerts for 92Y Unit Supply Specialist - Warehouse Manager at lesson ks2 Casper, WY.

Create a job alert for 92Y Unit Supply Specialist - Warehouse Manager at Casper, WY. Regional Sales Specialist Hospitality Leisure West Coa. Compass Group, North America. Posted 2 days ago. VIEW JOBS 10/1/2017 12:00:00 AM 2017-12-30T00:00 Regional Sales Specialist - Hospitality Leisure - West Coast 9/26/17West Region Refer a Friend Save Apply Job ID: CB09261781402Great People. Real Opportunities.Description: Click here to Learn More about a Career with Foodbuy About Us Foodbuy LLC is the largest foodservice procurement organization in rights law essay North America and the sole sourcing partner for our parent company, Compass Group North America. We are focused on delivering custom supply chain and procurement solutions for customers across multiple business verticals including restaurant, healthcare, hospitality, education and more. By combining fresh ideas with the resume web site, industry’s greatest talent, we continue to set the law essay, standard for research essay procurement excellence.

That kind of commitment commands only the best, and it#39;s our exceptional people that generates our great results. In turn, it’s important to us that our talented employees be given the proper resources to achieve their fullest potential. Play a key role in our future success! Job Description: TheRegional Sales Specialist, Hospitality Leisureposition is law essay responsible for developing new business relationships across Concierge by Foodbuy’s distributor network across food, services, equipment and nonfiction personal supply partners that service the Hospitality and rights Leisure Industry. Collection Organisation. This position does not require relocation with a preferred location near a major airport on theWest Coast USA. Responsibilities: + Identify and develop business relationships with distributor teams that service the human law essay, Hospitality and moment essay Leisure Industry that lead to long term contracts for Foodbuy under the Concierge by Foodbuy® platform. + Assist distributors with the development of prospect target lists and new business pipelines to create an active sales funnel with goal of contracting directly with clients + Educate and collaborate with key prospects and distributor partners to create winning business partnerships + Sell a full suite of Concierge by Foodbuy services that include but not limited to procurement services, consulting and rights law essay eProcurement technology + Develop business proposals that clearly articulate the benefits and total value of Foodbuy and writing lesson plans Concierge by Foodbuy, to each client + Build relationships within the Hospitality and Leisure Industry that will provide viable business targets each year + Implement and transition new clients to human law essay, the Foodbuy Account Management and Client Services team + Assist in the identification and for a development of new strategies and insights of necessary offerings to the Foodbuy Management Team + Asks strategic probing questions of committed members to gain insight into rights long-term needs and personal priorities + Understand Foodbuy and Concierge by Foodbuy’s competition and the total value offering they are presenting to the Hospitality and Leisure Industry + Creates clear and concise written materials and presentations addressing prospective clients + Takes appropriate steps during and rights law essay after meetings face-to-face or remotely to evaluate whether key messages were received and understood + Maximizes the personal, impact of resources within sourcing and law essay category development on committed member activities + Achieves or exceeds new business targets set each quarter and year with the free resume, Corporate Director of National Sales Qualifications: + A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is required, focus in Business preferred; significant related experience may be considered in lieu of human rights formal education + Minimum of 2+ years sales experience primarily selling to the C-Suite + Strong understanding of supply chain and procurement services by free resume web site business segment/channel + Food and Non- Food Distribution experience a plus + Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft suite of human rights applications is required + Ability to travel extensively, 70%+ primarily prospective client locations + A strong understanding of the financial, commercial, technological and social aspects of nonfiction personal Group Purchasing Organizations and the competitive environment. + Excellent communication and human law essay presentations skills + Excellent customer/client relationship skills, both internally and externally + Ability to build effective long-term interpersonal relationships proactively across functions both within Foodbuy and the Hospitality and organisation Leisure Industry, working with others towards mutually acceptable solutions. Human Rights. + Strong influencing skills—must be able to persuade people’s attitudes, behaviors and decisions to desired results + Ability to manage travel and literary introduction associated expenses in order to rights law essay, ensure the achievement of organisation essay strategic organizational objectives and to increase the profitability of human rights Foodbuy. + Excellent negotiation skills--proven ability to engage others and persuasive handle interactions with individuals or groups to law essay, obtain commitment, compromise or settlement in a way that promotes win-win solutions and mutual goals or interests. Essay. + 50 miles or less to major airport Apply to Foodbuy today! Foodbuy is a member of Compass Group USA Click here to Learn More about the Compass Story Compass Group is an equal opportunity employer. At Compass, we are committed to treating all Applicants and Associates fairly based on law essay their abilities, achievements, and experience without regard to race, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other classification protected by law. Free Resume. · develop business relationships with distributor teams that service the Hospitality and Leisure Industry that lead to long term contracts for Foodbuy under the Concierge by Foodbuy® platform. Requirements: Career LevelMid Career (2+ Years Experience)SectorFoodbuy, Compass CorporateAreas of InterestSalesEducationBachelor#39;s DegreeLocaleWest RegionPreferred LanguageEnglish Compass Group, North America Casper WY.

Manager IN Training Front OF House. Compass Group, North America. Posted 2 days ago. Human Rights Law Essay. VIEW JOBS 10/1/2017 12:00:00 AM 2017-12-30T00:00 MANAGER IN TRAINING - FRONT OF HOUSE 9/1/17Central Region, Great Lakes Region, Mid-Atlantic Region, Northeast Region, Northwest Region, Sout. Refer a Friend Save Apply Job ID: NW08291780303Great People. Real Opportunities.Description: Take a Virtual Tour into MIT Reality! A family of companies and experiences As the leading foodservice and support services company, Compass Group USA is essay introduction known for law essay our great people, great service and our great results. Essay. If you’ve been hungry and away from home, chances are you’ve tasted Compass Group’s delicious food and experienced our outstanding service. Our 200,000 associates work in human rights award-winning restaurants, corporate cafes, hospitals, schools, arenas, museums, and more in collection organisation essay all 50 states.

Our reach is constantly expanding to rights, shape the essay introduction, industry and create new opportunities for human innovation. Join the Compass family today! great people. great services. great results. Each and creative lesson plans ks2 every individual plays a key role in the growth and legacy of our company. We know the next big idea can come from human law essay anyone. Creative. We encourage developing and attracting expertise that differentiates us as a company as we continue to raise the human rights law essay, bar. Position: Manager in Training Program (Hospitality/FOH) Unique opportunities for highly talented, motivated individuals that will take on managerial assignments in operational areas like: + Cafe Management + Catering Management + Retail Management + Patient Services Management + Dining Services Management + Customer Service Management MIT Program Overview: The Manager in Training (MIT) program is an entry level program that helps participants drive their career with Compass Group. The MIT platform is designed with a blend of operational experiences, new manager and web site leadership skills taught through distance, self-directed, hands on and live classroom learning. Law Essay. This creates a robust learning opportunity for participants to build the skills and knowledge needed to become a leader while developing a professional network and research personal brand. Supporting the MIT participants are their program sponsors, training site managers and training site team. They are there to guide MITs, share best practices and provide support to human rights law essay, help MIT’s develop into GREAT Compass managers!This program has three very specific program start dates; January, June and August of ks2 each year.When you start, you will be assigned to a temporary training location to rights law essay, complete the on-site/hands-on portion of your experience. Upon successful completion of the nonfiction, manager in training program, relocation within your assigned region is required to be considered for placement opportunities.

NOTE: Placement or promotional opportunity to a full-time employment position upon human rights law essay, completion of the MIT Program is based upon web site, your performance and business need and rights law essay is not guaranteed. Compass Group Participating Sectors: Locations: Opportunities across the United States. Preferred Qualifications: + Requires a Bachelor#39;s degree received by August 2018 or any time prior + 1 year of customer service/hospitality work experience or a related internship is for a persuasive essay preferred + This is an entry-level position andno managementexperience is required + Must be open to relocation during training and upon completion of the training program + Competency in all Microsoft Office applications + Driver’s license preferred + Should be flexible, adaptable and have ability to act quickly with little or no supervision + Career-minded self-starter with a can-do attitude who desires to lead and inspire groups of people + Demonstrates financial acumen including profit and loss management, inventory and cash handling skills + Ability to communicate effectively both written and verbally before groups, clients, customers and/or employees + Strong organization skills with ability to prioritize, multi-task, and meet deadlines in a changing work environment + Possess an rights law essay, understanding of contract administration and client relations + Basic knowledge of food and literary essay introduction catering trends with a focus on quality, production, sanitation, safety and marketing Apply to Compass Group today! Click here to rights, Learn More about the Compass Story Compass Group is an equal opportunity employer. At Compass, we are committed to treating all Applicants and essay Associates fairly based on their abilities, achievements, and experience without regard to rights, race, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other classification protected by law. Proudest Moment Essay. Requirements: Career LevelStudent ( Undergraduate/Graduate), Entry LevelSectorFlik, Waveguide, Eurest, Wolfgang Puck Catering Events, Flik Lifestyles, Restaurant Associates, Morrison Community Living, Morrison Healthcare, Chartwells K-12, Touchpoint, Bon Appetit, Canteen, Chartwells Higher EdAreas of rights InterestNutrition/Dietetics, Foodservice - Restaurants, Foodservice - Education, Foodservice - Healthcare, Foodservice - Retail, Foodservice - Business/Corporate Dining, Foodservice - Sports/Entertainment, Foodservice - Airports, Hotel/Conference Center Management, Foodservice - Cultural Center, Foodservice - Vending, Foodservice - Hotels/Conference CenterEducationBachelor#39;s DegreeLocaleSoutheast Region, West Region, Northwest Region, Great Lakes Region, Mid-Atlantic Region, South Central Region, Northeast Region, United States (US), Southwest Region, Central RegionPreferred LanguageEnglish Compass Group, North America Casper WY. Admiral Beverage Corporation. Free. Posted 2 days ago.

VIEW JOBS 10/1/2017 12:00:00 AM 2017-12-30T00:00 *Description/Job Summary* */Teton Distributors believes in investing in rights its people, business partners, and communities to moment, continually grow and offer the human, best products and services in the region. With the strength of a large company combined with a small-town, friendly, family-driven mindset; we are here to grow with you. Teton offers:/* */competitive wages, a full-scale benefit program including health, dental, and vision coverage, aggressive 401(k) and retirement programs, paid leave and holidays, and much, much more! /* * /TETON DISTRIBUTORS IS SEEKING A PART TIME WAREHOUSE LABORER IN THE CASPER, WY, AREA. ROTATING SCHEDULE MAY BE REQUIRED. Essay. PLEASE FILL OUT THE APPLICATION IN ITS ENTIRETY. Human Rights Law Essay. /* *Warehouse Laborer:* Loads and personal unloads materials for human rights law essay sale and distribution. Position requires a high degree of accuracy, and work efficiently in writing lesson plans ks2 a fast-paced environment.

Must be able to rights, lift 60 pounds. The noise of the work environment is usually loud, and the employee will be exposed to literary research essay, outside weather conditions, combustibles, large machinery and mechanical parts. * Loads and unloads materials onto or from trucks, pallets, trays, racks, and shelves by hand, fork lift, hand truck and/or electric pallet jack, as appropriate. * Reads work order or follows oral instructions to ascertain materials or containers to be moved. * Loads materials into vehicles to prevent shifting or damage in transit. * Conveys materials from storage sites to designated loading area. * Counts and records number of units of materials moved or handled, breakage and rights spoilage on appropriate sheets. * Attaches identifying tags or labels to materials or marks information on cases and other containers. * Loads and unloads trucks. * Stacks or assembles materials into bundles and wraps bundles together. * Performs housekeeping and grounds maintenance warehouse and sales center offices. * Wears Company provided uniform and presents a professional image to customers and the work place. * Other duties may be assigned by the immediate supervisor or other supervisor at any time. Introduction Persuasive Example. Admiral Beverage Corporation Casper WY. 92Y Unit Supply Specialist - Warehouse Manager. 1. Resume Copy paste or upload your resume.

2. Cover Letter (Optional) 2. Cover Letter (Optional) Attached Cover Letter. 2. Cover Letter (Optional) Copy paste or upload your cover letter. Don’t have a cover letter? Build one now! We will save your jobs while you are here, but once you leave, they will be discarded. To save your jobs for when you return, please sign in. Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter.

Customer Service Customer Service. 800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST. Sat 8am - 5pm CST, Sun 10am - 6pm CST Stay in human law essay touch with us.

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Until payment or a deposit has been made and the Order has been allocated to essay introduction an Assignment Editing Expert , the Customer may choose to continue with the Order or to cancel the Order at any time The Customer agrees to be bound by the UK Study Help’s refund policies and acknowledges that due to human the highly specialized and individual nature of the essay services that full refunds will only be given in the circumstances outlined in these terms, or other circumstances that occur, in which event any refund or discount is given at the discretion of the UK Study Help. UK Study Help provides well written, customer Assignment and Essay papers to human rights the students. Papers provided are only for the reference purposes to assist the buyer by providing a guideline and the product provided is intended to be used for research or study purposes. Literary Research Essay Introduction! The Customer acknowledges that it does not obtain the law essay copyright to the Work supplied through the UK Study Help’s services The Customer acknowledges that the UK Study Help, its employees and the Assignment Editing Expert s on its books do not support or condone plagiarism, and that the creative UK Study Help reserves the right to refuse supply of services to those suspected of such behavior. The Customer accepts that the rights UK Study Help offers a service that locates suitably qualified Assignment Editing Expert s for the provision of independent personalized research services in order to help students learn and advance educational standards, and for a persuasive essay example, that no Work supplied through the UK Study Help may be passed off as the Customer’s own or as anyone else’s, nor be handed in as the Customer’s own work, either in whole or in part. In addition, the Customer undertakes not to human rights carry out any unauthorized distribution, display, or resale of the nonfiction personal Work and the Customer agrees to handle the Work in a way that fully respects the human fact that the Customer does not hold the copyright to the Work. The Customer acknowledges that if the resume web site UK Study Help suspects that any essays or materials are being used in violation of the above rules that the UK Study Help has the right to refuse to carry out any further work for the person or organization involved and that the UK Study Help bears no liability for law essay any such undetected and/or unauthorized use The UK Study Help agrees that all Work supplied through its service will not be resold, or distributed, for literary research introduction remuneration or otherwise after its completion. The UK Study Help also undertakes that Work will not be placed on any website or essay bank after it has been completed. Simon Evans ( Student ) The manner UK study help has removed grammatical, spelling and different mistakes from my research paper, it modified into human rights, amazing. Robert Perry ( Student ) It's far absolutely a difficult mission for me to finish my assignments until the literary introduction professional consultants of UK study help. Jessica Rowe( Student ) I really impressed by the work quality provided by you in such economical price.

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