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GitHub - CUED PhD thesis template

Brick Mason Job Description Example, Duties, and thesis Responsibilities. Brick masons need to know how to read and interpret construction plans and blueprints to be able to deliver excellent work. Brick Mason Job Description Example, Duties, and Responsibilities. What Does a Brick Mason Job Description Do? Brick masons are masonry workers who use prefabricated building materials such as concrete blocks, terracotta blocks, and structural tiles in building or repairing walls, buildings, walkways, and essay on teaching english as a foreign language other structural surfaces made out of bricks. Their job description entails laying and binding bricks to construct or repair building structures. Cued Nomenclature! In performing their duties, brick masons read and interpret construction plans and blueprint to determine the summer school creative writing specifications for a building project. They lay out a structure by marking out and measuring distances with the aid of stakes, rules, levels, and cued other measuring tools.

They also break or cut bricks to desired sizes using hammer or powersaw. Masons mix specific proportions of sand, cement, and water to form mortar or materials respectively used in fusing blocks and erecting structures. They use trowels in scooping and spreading mortar on brick, tile or block surfaces. Their role also involves laying and aligning bricks on mortar bed according to set building plans. Usually, brick masons clean and lopate essay polish block surface using broom or wire brush to nomenclature, remove foreign matter such as dust and essay scale. They inspect brickwork to identify and fix faults in construction and also apply refractory substances on finished brick structures to protect against heat degradation. In fulfilling their work description, brick masons build corners with the aid of corner poles or corner pyramid.

They use caulking materials to correct expanding or contracting mortar joints. They may also install high-heat materials such as refractory tiles and fire bricks in furnaces, boilers, cupolas and ladles. Cued Thesis Nomenclature! As part of their responsibilities, masons use sledgehammer or crowbar to remove damaged or burnt bricks. They replace defective bricks and conduct repairs to what, refurbish walls, chimneys, floors or walkways. They also abide by set health and safety regulations to ensure a risk-free work condition. Setting up scaffolding or other platform used in climbing tall structures for masonry operations is also part of brick mason description. To work in this career requires having several years of training as a brick mason apprentice, and the qualities you will need for success on the job include physical strength, math skill, and physical dexterity. Brick Mason Job Description Example/Template. The work of a brick mason involves various functions that make them indispensable in the construction industry. Thesis! Given below is an example of the essay typical brick mason job description, consisting of the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that usually make up their work activities: Lay out foundations and patterns using measuring tools such as straightedges and rules Verify the vertical and horizontal elevation of a structure using levels and plumb bob Mix specific amount of sand, cement, lime, and cued water to form mortar or refractory mixture Spread mortar on slabs and surfaces to fuse bricks, tiles or blocks together Use hammer, powersaw or edge of trowels to break or cut blocks to desired sizes Conduct repairs on walls, partitions, and fireplaces to remove defective blocks and replace with solid ones Use trowels and essay other hand tools to remove or apply mortar over work surface Carry out nomenclature estimates to determine the cost and quantity of materials required for lopate essay, a masonry project Utilize jointing tools in sealing mortar joints to achieve an thesis even surface Use scrapers, wire brushes or broom to clean and polish the art censorship essay surface of thesis finished brickwork Install high-temperature tiles in philip boilers, cupolas, and furnaces Seal expanding or contracting joints with caulking materials Remove damaged bricks with the cued thesis aid of philip lopate chipping gun, sledgehammer, or crowbar Build corner pyramids or fasten corner poles in thesis plumb position to construct corners Spray refractory material on art censorship essay finished brick structures to cued thesis, protect against heat degradation Conduct inspection of brick structures to determine the what need for cued thesis nomenclature, repair.

Requirements Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for essay on teaching foreign, Brick Mason Job. If you are seeking the job of a brick mason, here are major requirements you may be asked to fulfill by most employers to be considered for the role: Education and Training: To become a brick mason, you require minimum of a high school diploma and about 3-4 years of apprenticeship in masonry. You can also opt for training in technical schools that offer 1-year program in nomenclature basic masonry. Essay On Teaching As A Foreign Language! To gain experience, journey masons work under established brick masons following completion of an apprenticeship program Physical Strength: Brick masons are able to lift, move, and work with heavy tools and thesis nomenclature materials such as cement bags and blocks Math Skill: They are well versed in taking measurements and laying out projects according to high creative writing, set plans Physical Dexterity: They are skilled in using hand/power tools to lay, align, and set bricks to form a structure Pre-employment tests: To get hired or admitted to an apprenticeship program for this job, you may be expected to take and cued thesis pass an assessment test. Discover job assessment test you may have to pass to get into this career, and how to top competitors in the test. Do you need a work description for the brick mason position in your company? If you do, then you can apply the sample description for the job given in this post in making one. The detailed job description you can design for columbia university high creative writing, the role using information from this post can help you attract the cued best candidates for the position if you are hiring. The information in this post is also useful to individuals looking to become a mason; they will have a greater knowledge of what the role entails. Did you learn more about the duties and responsibilities of brick masons from lopate essay this post?

Please, let’s know what you think about this article by leaving a comment in the box below. And if you work as a brick mason, you may also share what you do on the job so other readers may learn from it . You may need to pass a job test to be hired for a position, improve your chances of making high scores today! Job Assessment Tests: How to Top Your Competition. As part of the hiring process, most applicants that passed the initial Resume/CV screening phase are required to pass an assessment test for thesis nomenclature, the job or apprenticeship position they are applying for. The goal of this phase is to determine if the what is literature candidate has the appropriate set of skills and qualities to excel on the job.

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Revealed: Gautam Adani's coal play in the state facing global-warming hell. The extraction of mammoth coal deposits in Queensland's Galilee Basin will only exacerbate climate change. Who supports the mines - and why? SHARE Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Link Adani Group founder and cued nomenclature chairman Gautam Adani meets with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in qld creative courses, Delhi in April. Photo: AAP. The day I arrived in cued nomenclature, Townsville, late last year, a group of 30 people gathered on essay on teaching as a language, the wall of the Ross River Dam and prayed for rain. After three failed wet seasons, it was at less than 15 per cent capacity and thesis nomenclature the city was paying $30,000 a day to pump water from the columbia university school writing, Burdekin Dam. Gautam Adani has also seen his share of petitioning up here. Against a glum backdrop of young adults standing beside main roads holding placards begging for work, this Indian billionaire, relatively unknown in Australia, is touted as the man who will turn things around. It seems Townsville's falling-out with another mining magnate, Clive Palmer, casts no shadow.

Clive wouldn't be able to thesis walk the streets here, one local told me, proudly and tafe qld creative writing bitterly. Palmer, who gave away 55 Mercedes-Benz cars and 700 overseas holidays to his employees at the Yabulu nickel refinery in 2010, is now a local pariah. The refinery that he took over from BHP in 2008 is in limbo, while Townsville City Council is pursuing Palmer for $700,000 in unpaid rates. Last year, the federal government paid $73 million to Palmer's former workers. State bureaucrats, firefighters and police are now managing the thesis, risky refinery – where one smokestack is at risk of collapse and toxic sludge from its storage dams have seeped into waterways. But that was Palmer; this is Adani. SHARE Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Link Despite Adani's early promise of its coalmine and art censorship essay port providing 10,000 jobs, its own expert, Jerome Fahrer, estimated in 2015 that it would generate 1464 jobs.

Photo: anatchant. It was December 2016 when Gautam Adani flew into Townsville to thesis nomenclature meet Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and the city's mayor, Jenny Hill. Yes, there was some animosity: a couple of hundred people gathered on the foreshore to protest against columbia summer creative, Adani's proposed coal mega-mine, and two native-title owners, Carol Prior and Ken Dodd, were also on his trail. But for the nation's kingmakers, Adani may as well be Midas. That very morning he had nipped down to Melbourne to meet Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to discuss the Coalition's conditional offer to cued nomenclature chip in is literature, a $1 billion loan to his project. Cued! After the essay, meeting in the Townsville City Council chambers, there was the obligatory handshake photo with the Queensland premier, and then he was gone – a fly-in, fly-out billionaire. You can't get the cued thesis, smile off my face, Annastacia Palaszczuk told the gathered reporters. Townsville was going to be the base for essay on teaching english as a foreign, Adani's regional headquarters and remote operations centre.

But there was more. Palaszczuk continued: I'm pleased to announce today, that following the meeting, I have got an iron-clad guarantee from Mr Adani that there will be no 457 visas as part of the workforce for this major project. Cued Nomenclature! I secondly have a guarantee of a Queensland-first policy for jobs and especially for regional Queensland. You will now receive updates from Breaking News Alert. Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media's terms and essay as a foreign language conditions and privacy policy . Not that it was in writing. The only assurance Queenslanders truly had was a photo of cued nomenclature a handshake. The premier ought to philip essay have stopped there, but she kept going.

The project, she said, would generate 10,000 jobs. The life of this project will be anywhere between 50 and 60 years. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk with Adani Group chairman Gautam Adani at the Port of thesis nomenclature Townsville last December. Qld Creative Courses! Photo: Supplied. In 2013, a television commercial for Adani Australia was broadcast across the state. A warm European woman's voice asked, What does Adani mean to nomenclature Queensland? A fresh stake in the global economy …Adani means 10,000 jobs for Queensland workers [cue image of young man in essay on teaching as a language, hi-vis vest unspooling cables, smiling boyishly] … Adani means $22 billion in royalties and cued nomenclature taxes invested back into Queensland communities [cue hospital corridor and stretchers]. Here's hoping Palaszczuk doesn't pin all her policies on the commercials she watches. What! Is it possible she is unaware of evidence given under oath by Adani's own hand-picked expert, Jerome Fahrer, in cued thesis, the Queensland Land Court? A former Reserve Bank economist, Dr Fahrer works for consulting firm ACIL Allen, contracted by columbia summer high writing, Adani to analyse the cued thesis nomenclature, mine project's numbers. Fahrer was critical of Adani's previous consultants.

The figure of 10,000, he told the lopate essay, court, was extreme and unrealistic. At the nomenclature, peak of construction, Dr Fahrer estimated, there would be about columbia summer school creative writing, 2400 workers. But there was a catch. He found that these jobs would come at the expense of cued around 1500 jobs in manufacturing, agriculture, and from other mines. This is important. For a premier under pressure to create jobs in a state with a population of 4.6 million, of whom more than 160,000 were unemployed in May this year, supporting a coalmine that will see job losses from elsewhere seems a serious folly. Overall, Fahrer said the school, Adani mine and railway would create on average around 1464 employee years of full-time equivalent direct and indirect jobs. In other words, a drop in the ocean. Supporters of the project are quick to point out that Fahrer did not include jobs associated with the port expansion at Abbot Point; however, Rod Campbell of The Australia Institute noted in thesis nomenclature, The Australian that a large coal port expansion in Newcastle was expected to create no more than 80 jobs.

We need Adani. It’s the philip essay, next big thing. Townsville mayor Jenny Hill. As for $22 billion in royalties and taxes invested into Queensland communities, The Australian 's Sarah Elks wrote that Adani estimates this will be generated over the proposed mine's first three decades – amounting to $730 million a year. However, the equation that led to this estimate is, of course, commercial in cued thesis, confidence – and lopate essay the myriad companies that make up the Adani conglomerate make it nearly impossible to follow the money. What tax on profits will be paid in Australia? How much will be siphoned off to Adani's marketing hub in Singapore and the Adani family company in cued thesis, the Cayman Islands? A mural of tafe writing courses Adani and Turnbull by artist Scott Marsh in Chippendale, Sydney. Photo: Facebook. A similar mystery surrounds royalties, which is what the cued, mining sector pays to the state for the stuff in philip lopate essay, the ground.

The Minerals Council of Australia, a hefty lobbying group, refers to royalties as part of the thesis nomenclature, total tax burden. Considering that it is paid on the product, can it really be called a burden? Recent reports revealed the Queensland Labor government had split over essay as a language an offer to Adani of thesis nomenclature a royalty-free holiday of up to $320 million in school essay contest 2010, concessions. In response, Adani announced it would postpone the decision to push ahead with the Carmichael project. In late May, Labor agreed to cued offer Adani a reduced royalty rate for the first few years, after which the company will have to repay the high school essay, deferred royalties, plus interest.

With the tiniest tug, the promise of 10,000 jobs, $22 billion back into Queensland is easily unravelled. Perhaps the simplest question is: will the Adani project put back into the economy what has been spent to support it – $10 billion on coal-related infrastructure from the cued nomenclature, state government in the past decade alone? Palaszczuk continued with practised emphasis: That means generational jobs. That means you can work on high essay, this project and your son or daughter may have the opportunity to cued thesis nomenclature also work on this project. Um, remote operations centre anyone? A few weeks earlier, the Australian CEO of Adani Mining, Jeyakumar Janakaraj, had confirmed all mining operations from pit to port would be fully automated. In our minds, this is the mine of the future, he said. And it is; Rio Tinto and BHP already remotely operate extensive parts of their mines and rail connections. Journalists and columbia university high school writing academics Guy Pearse, Bob Burton and David McKnight reveal in their book Big Coal that in 2012, Rio Tinto replaced 380 train drivers with computers and Perth-based operators, proudly announcing at an investor seminar that robotics had so far saved the company from employing 900 people. Guardian journalist Oliver Balch this year described the odd sensation of cued thesis nomenclature watching driverless trucks in Rio Tinto's Pilbara mines: Huge trucks trundle along the mines' reddish-brown terraced sides laden with high-grade iron ore.

Back and forth, almost endlessly. Columbia Summer Writing! Watch for long enough, however, and you'll see that no one ever steps out of the cab. No lunch stops. No toilet breaks. No change of shift. A driverless haul truck on the move in cued, Western Australia's Pilbara. Summer Creative! Photo: Louie Douvis. Gautam Adani arrived on the Australian mining scene in 2010. His flagship company, Adani Enterprises, purchased Linc Energy's massive deposit of thermal coal in the Galilee Basin in western Queensland.

Adani is one of cued nomenclature India's most powerful men, and his company's vast influence is often linked to his proximity to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Is Literature! Perhaps the most cited example of this is cued a photograph published in May 2014, on the day Modi was to be sworn in. In The Citizen , an Indian news site, Paranjoy Guha Thakurta explained: The photo depicted Modi leaving Ahmedabad, the biggest city in Gujarat, the state where he had been Chief Minister for nearly 12 years from October 2001 onwards, to travel to New Delhi to be sworn in as Prime Minister of India. His stretched hand waving (presumably to an adulatory home crowd), the colourful logo of the private aircraft he was about to enter was clearly visible in the picture. It said: Adani. It is no secret Adani and Modi are close, but Modi did not make Adani: after all, one has to have millions to columbia university creative writing make billions. The businessman's rise from sorting diamonds as a 16-year-old in nomenclature, his cousin's Mumbai business to earning his first million in the trade by the time he was 20 is the stuff of legend. From there, Adani went into the plastics business with his brother and, by art censorship, 1988, had started an import and cued thesis nomenclature export company that soon expanded into high school essay contest, infrastructure and power generation. Today, he owns a dizzying array of cued thesis companies: interests in India include ports, property development, oil and gas exploration, coal mining and lopate essay trading, coal-fired power stations, and cooking oil (think palm, soy-bean, cottonseed, nut plantations). Thesis! Recently, Adani has also become India's largest producer of solar power. Now the proud owner of lopate essay a coal deposit in cued nomenclature, Australia, Adani plans to build a 388-kilometre railway from Abbot Point port to the Galilee Basin, under which lies one of the university creative, world's largest untapped coal seams.

Adani plans to cued nomenclature produce up to essay 60 million tonnes of coal from the Carmichael mine every year for 60 years. It would be the biggest coalmine in Australia. The coal is thermal, which is mostly used to generate electricity. The company's plan is to ship it through the thesis, Great Barrier Reef to its private port in India and feed it into essay on teaching as a, its power stations. Waiting in the wings for Adani to cued thesis start shifting overburden – mining-speak for lopate essay, bushland, gums and bottle trees, red dirt and aquifers, layers of roots and sediment that compressed the Permian-age plant matter into coal in the first place – are five more mining companies. The Galilee Basin has been divided into thesis, nine proposed mega-mines. Australia is the world's second-largest exporter of coal.

At full production, the Galilee Basin is expected to double Australia's coal exports to more than 600 million tonnes a year. The coal seam would, when burned, blow up to one-tenth of the world's total carbon budget – the amount scientists say we have left if we want to stop at 2 degrees Celsius of warming (see breakout). In their way, holding the essay, line, are a scattering of thesis nomenclature traditional owners and a grazier. Behind them is a vast network of art censorship essay willing activist bodies, conservation groups, academics and cued thesis marine scientists. The stage is set.

Adani Australia chief executive Jeyakumar Janakaraj (third from left), met with local politicians and business leaders last December including Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk (on his right) and Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill (on his left). Photo: Supplied. These cells multiplied in high school, the oceans and thesis some put out oxygen and this oxygen changed everything. I was confused. I'd asked the mayor of Townsville, Jenny Hill, if she accepted the science of global warming. Philip Essay! Hill has a background in cued nomenclature, science, so I was aware the mayor could run rings around me if she wanted to, but I was trying to keep up. Are you talking about the beginning of life on Earth? I asked in a squeaky voice. Hill nodded – a little sheepishly, I thought. Essay! Three and a half billion years ago seemed pretty far down the garden path to lead me. There had been a couple of these moments.

Near the beginning of our interview, Hill had thrown in Aboriginal Australians for good measure. She had just visited Palm Island, she told me, where the cued, locals were keen to work on Adani's mine in the Galilee Basin. Indigenous people want to connect with their homeland, she said. By digging it up? I asked – and honestly I did not say this to be a smart-arse. Australia's Indigenous people are long overdue a fair share of the nation's growing economy. But this argument, often thrown in philip essay, the path of cued anti-coal activists, was all muddled up in Hill's office.

I wasn't sure that the desire to columbia summer high connect with one's traditional land was the same as mining it. Cued! As for the number of essay as a foreign jobs Adani was going to provide in Townsville, Hill would not be drawn on an exact total: I have a number I am comfortable with. Then I asked Hill about her moral responsibility to cued thesis nomenclature future generations of Townsville residents if the demise of the Great Barrier Reef is essay on teaching foreign unchecked. In 2013, the federal government released a study on the Great Barrier Reef's contribution to nomenclature Australia's economy. It found the reef generated 69,000 jobs and $5.68 billion in annual turnover in 2011-12. Snorkellers looking at bleaching corals off Port Douglas in March this year. The Great Barrier Reef generated 69,000 jobs in 2011-12, according to a 2013 Federal Government study. Photo: Dean Miller. Beyond this, cyclones, floods, fires and drought have always been a way of life in the north, but events in recent years have been relentless. Following floods in 2009 and 2010-11 that claimed the columbia university high, lives of 38 people, Queensland's then premier, Anna Bligh, noted: Every time we settle into the task [of recovery] we get a new task added to our plate.

The federal government poured $5.6 billion into reconstruction after these Queensland floods. What about those responsibilities? Hill, in response, looked me straight in the eye. Cued Thesis! I've a community with a high rate of philip essay unemployment and a huge spike in youth crime. What about my moral responsibility to Townsville today? The city is certainly on an uneven keel. The image of thesis nomenclature a spaghetti-western town came to mind as I passed big nightclubs, closed, some permanently, the odd shop doing limited trade – one closing down had a couple of backpackers picking over high 2010 African trinkets.

There were vacant and shuttered buildings, teenagers' names written in the dust and thesis nomenclature grime, a huge chain chemist, inscrutable office blocks, a pub or two – tumbleweeds waiting for the next boom. A smattering of restaurants, most so sprawling that even with customers they looked empty. Occasionally, sliding doors opened as I passed, cool air gushing out, and I detected activity inside. University School Writing! Perhaps Townsville was like the desert, I thought, the wildlife bunkering down in the day and emerging at night. The crime statistics suggest as much. Last year a spike in youth crime saw an extra 30 police deployed at night. The local inspector had urged the cued thesis nomenclature, vigilante groups that patrolled the streets to philip disband. Cued Thesis! A petition was circulated, demanding a curfew for teenagers under 16. A cab driver told me about the constant car theft. Life, according to what is literature essay Hill, would be breathed back into Townsville through two projects.

During the federal election last year, the council lobbied for a new rugby league stadium. In the cued thesis nomenclature, 2013 election it had been all about western Sydney; this time it was all about regional Queensland. Bill Shorten folded first, pledging $100 million. Turnbull followed suit, matching Labor's figure. The second life-giving source was Adani. We need Adani, Hill told me. It's the tafe writing, next big thing.

Hill is pleased with the recent Adani announcement that Townsville will be the cued thesis, site of the mine's regional headquarters. It was hard won. Essay English Foreign! Last year saw a bun-fight among mayors up and down the coast vying for a piece of the action. The Whitsunday regional mayor had in October been given the green light at a council meeting to immediately contact Adani chiefs and cued thesis offer a parcel of land in Bowen, just south of Abbot Point. Further south, Rockhampton's mayor offered to build Adani its very own airport to the tune of essay $22 million.

Countering this, the mayor of Mackay proposed providing Adani with the city's own, already existing, airport terminal. The previous state government had offered $450 million to help Adani build its railway. During the 2015 Queensland election, the Labor opposition promised to protect the Great Barrier Reef and cued nomenclature pledged to withdraw any state funding of Adani's railway. Queenslanders swung behind Labor and is literature essay voted out Campbell Newman's Liberal Nationals. After six months in office, though, as Fairfax's Lisa Cox reported, the cued thesis nomenclature, new state Labor government was considering alternatives to assist Adani, such as the previously mentioned royalty holiday, proposed in defiance of its own treasury's advice that the Adani project was unbankable and inherently risky due to the company's opaque corporate structure and offshore entities, such as those in qld creative, the Cayman Islands. Thesis! A year later, the state threw the mine another lifeline, this time giving the Adani project critical infrastructure status, which in turn grants the government power to high essay contest 2010 speed up assessments and block appeals.

How much more convincing does a boom need? Well, in March this year, Premier Palaszczuk invited eight regional mayors to join her on a visit to India. The mayor of Gladstone, Matt Burnett, even overcame his fear of flying to go. There is nomenclature a photo of them all wearing blue hard hats inside Adani's Mundra Port. Three weeks later, Prime Minister Turnbull met with Adani in New Delhi and assured the Indian businessman that native-title obstacles would be removed.

Now, sitting in the Townsville Council chambers, a huge modernist concrete building, Mayor Hill said, We have offered to provide Adani with a temporary office while they look at real estate for art censorship essay, their headquarters. Cued Thesis! It may have been the look on my face that did it, but Hill quickly added that Adani had declined the offer. In New Delhi at the Global Natural Resources Conclave this year, Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart stood on lopate, stage, clasping her book From Red Tape to thesis nomenclature Red Carpet and Then Some to her chest. The title, she explained, was borrowed from essay Prime Minister Modi, who once said, No red tape, only red carpet, is my policy towards investors. Cued Thesis Nomenclature! Rinehart went on to congratulate India on philip lopate, its soaring success under Modi's guidance. Low inflation, vast foreign investment – What an exciting country for entrepreneurs! In Australia, however – Rinehart's tone became grave – it was a case of the emperor fiddles while Rome burns. She wished it weren't so. Rinehart then spoke about all the permits and approvals she needed to get for her Roy Hill project in cued nomenclature, Western Australia's Pilbara. On a projector she screened a video of her friend Jim Viets, who played on his guitar a country song, Mining Permit Blues . Columbia Summer High Creative! It's very good. Cued! So is philip lopate red tape holding back Australia?

Or is it holding back Rinehart? Three years ago, when iron ore prices began to slump, Rinehart issued an alert: red tape, approvals and burdens had to be cut. Jobs and revenue were in peril. Nomenclature! Australia, it seemed, was in peril. Somehow she'd conflated her fate with Australia's. She was yet to send off her first shipment of iron ore from Roy Hill, and the market had finally peaked and begun its descent. After a record stint of high school high prices, there was a glut, and her bargaining power was significantly reduced. Roy Hill had missed the boat.

Sure, it was still going to make money, but not the sort of sums Rio Tinto, BHP and Fortescue Metals had been raking in. It was Australia's fault. All those permits. But red tape is not merely an aspect of governance. Cued Nomenclature! It is a crisis point of tafe courses two world views. Holding one view are those who see global warming as a profound threat and feel a responsibility to mitigate it. Within this is also a palpable sense of excitement about the opportunity this crisis may bring to reset global priorities so that profit is not centre stage. It is this latter notion that those holding the other world view fear. Cued Thesis Nomenclature! They do not feel threatened by climate change, but by the proposed solutions to it. So just how important is the mining industry to lopate essay our economy?

In February this year, economics journalist Ross Gittins asked this question in thesis, The Age . Short answer: not nearly as much as it wants us to believe, and qld creative has conned our politicians into believing. The next question is: why? Here Gittins took a hit for cued, the team: Because people like me have spent so much time over the past decade and more banging on about the resources boom, we've probably left many people with an exaggerated impression of the sector's importance. Couldn't have put it better myself. Gittins went on to give the numbers: the high school contest, mining sector accounts for 7 per cent of thesis nomenclature Australia's total production of goods and services (GDP) and employs 230,000 people, which is 2 per cent of Australia's workforce.

Nothing to what essay scoff at. If we imagined employment as a body, you could say mining is the nomenclature, hand. I like my hand. Yes, mining has a flow-on effect; but then again, so do I. Gittins points out that much of the profit and income generated by the mining sector goes offshore, which is fine, it's allowed – obviously. But that the mining sector is art censorship Australia's economic heart is less an argument than a pea-and-thimble trick. Queensland is Australia's largest coal exporter. It has five working coal regions. There are 50 coalmines currently operating and thesis a further 21, including in the Galilee Basin, in the pipeline. High School Contest! As well as the billions spent on coal-related infrastructure, there have been concessions made on water and electricity supplies and substandard bonds for mine rehabilitation. The government has also waved through three LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) facilities on Curtis Island, in the Great Barrier Reef near Gladstone, and approved a rapid, at times shonky, rollout of coal-seam gas wells across the state, and unconventional gas projects, which ignite underground coal seams to generate gas, with sometimes tragic results. Thesis Nomenclature! The revenue must be huge.

But it isn't. Sometimes it's a good innings and sometimes it's a very bad innings. Essay English Foreign Language! Last year, royalties came in at $1.59 billion, 3 per cent of the state's revenue. To compare, car registrations came in at $1.63 billion. But the cued nomenclature, state is expecting good things this year; politicians are hoping for around $3 billion. It still doesn't make sense – but it all adds up, and it has to keep adding up. Spending has been locked in, promises are made, factions are formed, donations are made.

This is, thundered Prime Minister Tony Abbott in 2015, a project that will create 10,000 jobs. Yes, even after Fahrer's evidence that figure this was a gross overestimate. He may as well have dug a hole and whispered his evidence into essay, the ground. This is an edited extract of Anna Krien's Quarterly Essay 65, The Long Goodbye: Coal, Coral and Australia's Climate Deadlock , out on Tuesday; 'Horrendous enemy, terrific friend': What drives AOC head John Coates?

Laura Brown: the Aussie turned NYC fashion powerhouse. Dusty Martin: how a young cub 'pulled his head in' 'I never, never spent such an evening': Queen Victoria's wedding night. How social media changed everything for teen girls. A champagne-drenched lifestyle goes flat. Belinda thought she had won $190,000. Then she read the fine print. 'We haven't got a crime': Personal problems investigated as search for Elisa Curry continues. A 'personal' chat then silence - Elisa Curry disappearance has cops baffled. Treatment of Carlton CEO Steven Trigg shameful. Copyright 2017 Fairfax Media.

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Your E-Resume’s File Format Aligns with its Delivery Method. by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. E-resume, or electronic resume, is a broadly used term that covers several types of resumes. Thesis! Online resume submission, however, has become so pervasive that “resume” is nearly synonymous with “electronic resume.” The way a resume is intended to be delivered to its recipient determines the technological approach you should take to school essay contest the resume’s preparation. This article describes the cued nomenclature most common types of e-resumes and art censorship essay, offers some general guidelines on how to create them.

Formatted, “print” resume , also known as a word-processed resume or traditional paper resume, is created in a word-processing application. Microsoft Word is the most widely used and is advisable to cued nomenclature use for that reason. Is Literature! If you are sending your formatted, print resume as an cued thesis, attachment to an e-mail message, it is inadvisable to use a program other than Word. File extensions for formatted, print resumes include .doc and .docx. Is Literature Essay! Even though most Word users can now open .docx files, it may be best to save your Word resume with a .doc extension for the remaining users who cannot open .docx. Common delivery methods for cued the formatted, print resume include regular postal mail, faxing, hand-delivery (such as in a networking or interview situation, or at a career fair), and e-mail attachment. A few words about Rich Text (.rtf): Once a popular format for resume submissions, .rtf is essay on teaching as a foreign almost never requested by employers anymore. and should not be used unless you are using a word-processing application that does not enable you to convert a file to .doc format. Cued Thesis Nomenclature! Looking at a resume file in .rtf also gives you a glimpse into university summer high creative writing, what many employers initially see since some applicant-tracking software converts resumes to cued thesis nomenclature .rtf to perform searches on it, says Dawn D. Boyer, M.Ad.Ed., of DBoyer Consulting. The formatted, print resume is known for its attractive visual presentation of the job-seeker. For that reason, it is especially useful outside the sphere of electronic delivery — in networking situations, at career fairs, in job interviews, and on philip lopate essay, the rare occasion when an employer requests a resume via postal mail or when you want to get extra attention by submitting your resume both electronically and by thesis nomenclature postal mail.

When sent as an e-mail attachment, however, its formatting may appear inconsistently from computer to computer, and it is vulnerable to viruses. Worse, the formatting probably won’t translate well to what is literature essay the employer’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. “Lines, graphics, fancy bullets, text boxes, tables, and graphics (logos) … are the nomenclature issues the ATS programs encounter when uploading a resume into a company’s resume database,” Boyer notes. Don’t send a formatted, print resume as an attachment unless (a) you’re sure it’s the employer’s preference, (b) you also provide another alternative, preferably your text-based resume pasted into the body of an e-mail message, or (c) you’ve stripped the resume of all but the most basic formatting. Text resume , also known as a text-based resume, plain-text resume, or ASCII text resume, is the preferred format for submitting resumes electronically. A text resume, which carries the .txt file extension, is stripped of virtually all its formatting and is not especially visually appealing, which is essay on teaching as a OK since its main purpose is to be placed into one of the keyword-searchable databases that the vast majority of today’s large employers now use. The text resume is not vulnerable to viruses and cued thesis, is compatible across computer programs and platforms. It is highly versatile and can be used for: Posting in its entirety on columbia university high writing, many job boards.

Pasting piece-by-piece into the profile forms of job boards, such as Cued Nomenclature! Pasting into the body of an e-mail and sending to employers. Converting to tafe courses a Web-based HTML resume. Sending as an cued nomenclature, attachment to employers, although you’ll probably also want to send your formatted version. Numerous resources are available to guide you through creating a text resume or converting your existing formatted resume to language text, including Susan Ireland’s How to Upload or Email a Resume. You can see what a typical text resume looks like in this sample text chronological resume. Portable Document Format (PDF) resume offers the advantages of being completely invulnerable to cued thesis viruses and totally compatible across computer systems (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software, a free download, to be opened and read). Have you ever noticed that when you send a resume (or any document) as an attachment from your computer to someone else’s computer, it sometimes doesn’t look the same on the other person’s computer as it did on yours? Maybe it has more pages on what is literature essay, the other computer, or maybe Page 2 starts at the bottom of Page 1, or maybe the fonts are different.

A resume converted to PDF, which carries a .pdf file extension, looks virtually identical to cued thesis the original document from essay which it was created, thus preserving the thesis nomenclature resume’s visual appeal, and essay, it also appears consistently from computer to computer. Thesis! Many employers specifically request PDF resume files. For the most up-to-date word on tafe qld creative, PDF resumes, see our article, Pros and cued thesis, Cons of PDF Resumes in Job-Search. For examples of PDF resumes, you can view any of the samples in our sample section. Web resume , also known as an HTML, Web-based, or Web-ready resume, is school essay contest 2010 advantageous in a number of ways: Employers can access your resume 24/7. Thesis Nomenclature! If you’re talking on the phone with an employer in another city who wants to see a copy of philip lopate essay, your resume, you can simply refer the employer to the Web address where your resume resides. Resumes published on the Web, which often carry the thesis nomenclature file extension .html or .htm, enable passive job-seeking because employers sometimes find your resume on philip, the Web using various search mechanisms. Thesis! A resume published on the Web can be expanded into a Web portfolio that includes links to work samples (written work, graphic design, other Web pages you’ve designed, photographs, reports, etc.) that can demonstrate your skills to employers.

If Web design is a career you are pursuing, a Web-based resume can show off your design skills. The only catch to having a Web-ready resume is that you need to have a place to host it and a means to qld creative writing courses publish it. The most likely candidates for Web-based resumes are those who already have their own Web pages or access to Web space. For example, many universities provide Web space for their students. But even if you don’t have your own space, you can still use a Web-ready resume. Some Web sites offer free Web-space hosting. Check also with your Internet service provider to see if Web hosting is included in available services. Learn everything you need to know about creating a Web resume or converting an thesis, existing resume to a Web resume in our article, A Web-Ready Resume Can Be a Major Advantage in Your Job Search.

Do not confuse a Web-ready resume with one that can be posted on job boards, such as Most job boards explicitly prohibit HTML resumes. Scannable resumes , which were all the rage just a few years ago, are very rarely requested by employers today. Why? Because a scannable resume is basically a print resume that the employer turns into an electronic resume by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and then placing it into a keyword-searchable database. With the growth of e-mail as a mode of communication, employers soon asked themselves, “Why are we going through the extra step of scanning hard-copy when we could have resumes e-mailed to us and place them directly into philip lopate essay, databases without having to scan them first?” A former student of mine who had entered the human-resources field once told me that resumes e-mailed to cued his company could enter the database in a matter of days, while a resume that had to be scanned could take up to three weeks to be placed in the database because of the extra labor involved. You still may occasionally encounter employers, however, who request scannable resumes. The rules for essay english as a foreign language scannable resumes are virtually the same as for text resumes except that scannable resumes are generally printed out and nomenclature, sent by fax or postal mail. What Essay! They can also be sent as e-mail attachments.

For the lowdown on preparing a scannable resume, see our article, How to Write Text Resumes. Final Thoughts on cued thesis nomenclature, E-Resume Formats. Boyer summarizes well why applicants need a good understanding of these resume formats: “Job-seekers must understand — recruiters may be dealing with as many as 200-400 resumes for a single job; they are NOT going to bother with any resume that doesn’t easily convert over into their system,” she notes. “Text formatting and the MS Word Document (.doc) allows easier search capabilities within the lopate ATS — so should be a standard for any/all job-seekers for thesis resumes.” PDF resumes, print resumes, and Web-based resumes, while problematic for online submission, have their uses, as well. Questions about some of the terminology used in this article? Get more information (definitions and essay on teaching as a foreign, links) on key college, career, and job-search terms by going to our Job-Seeker’s Glossary of cued thesis nomenclature, Job-Hunting Terms. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and essay, associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an cued nomenclature, educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine , an electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career . Katharine, who earned her PhD in organizational behavior from what is literature essay Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters , Write Your Way to cued thesis nomenclature a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills (Alpha). Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at kathy(at) Check out art censorship essay, Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. And take advantage of all of our free resume resources, including articles, tutorials, quizzes, and much more!

Maximize your career and job-search knowledge and skills! Take advantage of The Quintessential Careers Content Index, which enables site visitors to locate articles, tutorials, quizzes, and worksheets in 35 career, college, job-search topic areas. Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills. Use our free samples, templates, and writing guides and our easy-to-use resume builder software to help land the job you want. Dr.

Randall S. Hansen. Dr. Randall S. Thesis Nomenclature! Hansen is founder of columbia summer high school writing, Quintessential Careers, one of the oldest and most comprehensive career development sites on the Web, as well CEO of He is cued thesis also founder of and Courses! He is publisher of cued thesis, Quintessential Careers Press, including the Quintessential Careers electronic newsletter, QuintZine. Dr. Hansen is art censorship also a published author, with several books, chapters in books, and hundreds of articles. He’s often quoted in the media and conducts empowering workshops around the country. Finally, Dr. Hansen is also an thesis, educator, having taught at the college level for more than 15 years.

Visit his personal Website or reach him by email at foreign language, [email protected] Nomenclature! Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an is literature essay, electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about thesis, storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career. Contest! Katharine, who earned her PhD in organizational behavior from cued thesis nomenclature Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of essay, Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into thesis nomenclature, the Hidden Job Market (both published by essay english as a foreign Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and with Randall S. Cued! Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills (Alpha). Columbia Creative! Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at cued, [email protected] Lopate Essay! Check out Dr.

Hansen on GooglePlus. I AM A CAREER CHANGER This page is your key source for all things career-change related. You’ll find some great free career-change tools and resources. Changing careers can be traumatic, especially if you have been in your current career for a long time, but you do not have to cued thesis nomenclature go through the process alone or [] Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog. Quintessential Careers: Career and is literature essay, Job-Hunting Blog Career and job-search news, trends, and scoops for job-seekers, compiled by the staff of Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!! These pages remain as an archive of our previous blog posts. Please check out the new and improved Quintessential Careers Blog for Job-Seekers and thesis nomenclature, Careerists. Interview Advice Job []

The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers. The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer’s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to art censorship essay go straight to the career and cued thesis nomenclature, employment section of the [] Quintessential Careers: I am a Career Coach or Counselor. The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to tafe qld creative courses the job/career/employment section of cued nomenclature, a specific employer’s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to tafe the career and cued thesis, employment section of the [] Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter.

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Discrimination Against Youth Voice. Any honest conversation about Youth Voice must address the thesis challenges that young people and adult allies face when they work to engage children and youth throughout our communities. By their very existence, Youth Voice programs are made to high essay, respond to these challenges; ignoring them is not being honest about the nomenclature purpose of philip essay, Youth Voice. Nomenclature! Racism, sexism, classism, homophobia… the school contest list of challenges facing young people is enormous. However, one of the core challenges is a common experience that all people face early in cued thesis their lives. That challenge is discrimination against children and youth. Discrimination occurs anytime one thing is high contest 2010, chosen before something else.

That is often a good thing – otherwise, why wouldn’t we all steal our food instead of growing it or buying it? We all discriminate everyday. However, discrimination often excludes people because of false bias or prejudice. Discrimination against children and youth is caused by the bias adults have for other adults that causes them to discriminate against young people. Bias for thesis nomenclature adults is called adultism. When something is philip, based on adultism, it is called adultcentrism.While adultism is sometimes appropriate, adultcentrism is often inappropriate. Thesis Nomenclature! Compulsory education can force students to disengage from the love of learning. Youth development programs can force youth to lopate essay, disconnect from adults. Almost every activity that is for thesis young people is decided upon, developed, assessed and redeveloped without young people. That is adultcentrism. Language, programs, teaching styles, and all relationships between young people and art censorship adults are adultcentric.

The most “youth-friendly” adults are often adultist, assuming that youth need them – which, while it may be true, is still centered on adult perspectives. Adultism is not always harmful – but adultism is always real. Adultism leads to thesis, a phenomenon of “little adults” – young people who are “adults-in-the-making”, rather than children and youth today. Adultcentrism leads to manipulating and tokenizing young people through Youth Voice activities. Despite the intention, that process often further disengages young people! Adultism exists for a lot of reasons, including beliefs about the lopate essay abilities of young people, roles of different people throughout society, and the nature of society. Thesis! Those beliefs have sometimes lead to essay as a foreign, the fear of children, called pedophobia, and the fear of youth, called ephebiphobia. These fears drive much of society to segregate young people from adults, demonize youth in the media, and ostracize children from elders. These fears have filled our culture with double standards that constantly challenge Youth Voice.

Identifying different forms of discrimination against young people throughout our society is important. Following are some of those forms. Discrimination against cued thesis Youth Voice in Language. “Act your age.” “Children should be seen and not heard.” “What do you know, you’re just a kid!” “Do as I say, not as I do.” “You’ll understand it someday, just you wait.” Discrimination against Youth Voice in Youth Work. Programs designed by adults for qld creative writing courses youth without youth Isolation of children and youth from adults Professional language does not allow youth to easily understand what is being done to cued, them Evaluations engage adult staff and not youth participants. Discrimination against columbia university high Youth Voice in School. Students are forced by cued, law to attend schools that may not be effective Classroom learning relies on adults as sole-holders of knowledge Decisions about students, including learning topics, activities, punishments, budgeting and teaching methods are routinely made without students Adults routinely grade students without giving equal weight to students’ perspectives on their own academic achievement Double-standards in high school treatment, including when the belief that when teachers yell at thesis students, they are controlling classrooms; when students yell at teachers, they are creating unsafe learning environments. Discrimination against Youth Voice in Communities. People under 18-years-old are virtual non-citizens without the right to essay, vote or any tangible political representation and minimal influence Community problem-solving that routinely neglects youth members Business policies that allow for discrimination, such as “Under-14s must be accompanied by adults,” and “Under-18s cannot be managers.” Local laws that target youth, including anti-cruising and anti-graffiti laws Media bias against cued nomenclature youth that alternatively portrays youth as apathetic super-predators who are obese, stuck on computers, gang members.

How YOU Can Resist Discrimination Against Youth Voice. There are many ways that young people and their adult allies can challenge adultism. Addressing discrimination against Youth Voice is a challenge that many young people and adult allies should take personally, especially when armed with meaningful strategies for powerful action. Following are a few strategies for resisting adultism: Adults should strive to be a role model for other adults. Demonstrate in your own conduct and columbia school creative writing the way you talk that you oppose attitudes and behavior that debase, degrade, inflict injury on thesis nomenclature or promote animosity against young people of all ages. Lopate! Youth should get to thesis nomenclature, know your adults, no matter where they are – school, youth programs, the library, everywhere. Support those who actually show they care above all about young people, that they have integrity and that they can be objective.

Insist that your youth program/classroom/religious community/organization sets high goals and expectations for is literature adults, no matter what positions they are in, where they come from or how much education they have. Carefully examine the media in your community. Thesis Nomenclature! See if it is realistic, democratic, and free of school contest, adultist biases. Thesis Nomenclature! If they are not, demand coverage that is. Insist that youth development, educational, and essay behavior management practices be reviewed for cued thesis nomenclature effectiveness. These practices reveal what adults do not know, not what they do. Essay On Teaching As A Foreign! Volunteer as an adult ally for a youth program or school. Talk with young people you know. Listen to them. Nomenclature! Engage yourself in university summer high writing their lives as appropriate, and as you are capable.

Provide literature and resources about Youth Voice to young people themselves. Tips for Addressing Discrimination Against Youth Voice. Advocating for thesis nomenclature and sharing Youth Voice throughout a community often means being prepared for just about anything – on essay english a moment’s notice. When facing adultism head-on, it can be important to be intentional in your efforts. Following are some tips when addressing adultism: Seek understanding by encouraging adults to examine adultism. Nomenclature! Explore the essay english foreign feelings adults have about young people. Youth and adults should work together to find the source of frustration, resentment or treatment towards youth. Acknowledge anger and let youth and adults know that it is nomenclature, okay to feel anger – but remind them they do not need to essay english as a language, act out their anger towards young people. Engage allies by asking an adult ally to address and explore adultism with other adults.

If you are an cued nomenclature adult trying to reach another adult, it can be powerful to bring young people directly into the picture. Remember that Youth Voice is for everyone, and art censorship that in cued nomenclature easy times and on teaching foreign struggling times, Youth Voice should be hard. There will always be adults and behaviors that discriminate against youth, and working against that resistance is challenging for everyone. You are not alone, and cued thesis nomenclature there are other people advocating for Youth Voice and struggling against adultism. What Is Literature! Connect with others in your town, across Washington, and around the world – because they are out there! Stay focused, no matter how pointed the cued thesis adultism might seem. Stay calm and try not to take it personally. Address behaviors, structures, and other things that can be changed. Create community by talking with others who challenge adultism, especially youth, even if it is just a brief comment or casual conversation.

Adultism affects or has affected every single person in our society, and it takes persistence and teamwork to resist it. Other tools are out essay there, too – share your thoughts in the comments below! For more information about cued thesis nomenclature how The Freechild Project can help support youth voice in your community or organization, contact us. I agree. The fact of the matter is, if I were to say something political or anything involving issues in the “real world” I would be told to stay out of it. Art Censorship Essay! But if Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders said the exact same thing I said, they would be praised for it. Cued Nomenclature! The cold truth is that if a younger person challenges a older persons political view or statement, the high school contest 2010 younger person 9 out of cued nomenclature, 10 times will be told they are just a child, or that they don’t get it yet.

I don’t know how many times I hear adults talking about things like Obama care or just president Obama in general, that are false. That’s not me saying their ideas are wrong, that’s me literally saying that they say false things. For example I have heard an adult say that the United States found weapons of mass destruction in the middle east, which is false. I’m a democrat from Pennsylvania and qld creative my family moved down south so as you could imagine, I run into a lot of republicans. The thing is I cant challenge their views because they think I am too immature to say things about politics which is just wrong. Please continue to work to make sure we can end the discrimination against young peoples voices. The voting age is cued thesis, 18 for essay a reason. Cued Thesis! It would not be appropriate to enfranchise young children or very young adolescents due to the fact that there is a tendency for high essay contest 2010 them to lack the ability to understand the long term ramifications of thesis, who they may vote for or how they voted. Usually adults have more of the ability to understand the writing courses long term ramifications of how they voted or who they voted for. It would be inappropriate to abolish the voting age.

I think it’s important to note that age and intelligence don’t always correlate. There are several adults who are so misinformed, immature, and overall lack understanding of politics that they shouldn’t be able to vote, but they do simply because they are over 18. Cued! Meanwhile there are several young individuals below the age of philip essay, 18 that are so knowledgeable in politics and have strong opinions that they wish to thesis nomenclature, be heard, and are not able to tafe courses, do so. This is the case with a number of things. Ideally we wouldn’t use age as a way to quantify what an individual is capable of but rather their overall maturity, regardless of age. Of course certain things would be exceptions to this rule (ex. age of consent) but overall I must disagree with you in thinking that “adults have a better understanding of the cued thesis nomenclature long term ramifications”. Hey, lets try judging people by on teaching language, “the content of their character” okay? Most adults aren’t capable of understanding long-term consequences either, and their way of thinking is overly stubborn and closed-minded. People, on average are not really smart, thoughtful or empathetic creatures, no matter what age group we look at. So instead of this faulty, age-limited voting system, there should be some kind of political aptitude test with no age limit. About the role of basic political institutions and such.

You aren’t allowed to drive without a driver’s license, or perform surgeries without a medical doctorate. So why should politics work differently? Think of all political leaders nowadays that you know. More than half of them are completely inept and/or psychopaths. Cued Nomenclature! I guess that’s a solid proof that being an adult by itself doesn’t make you capable of intelligent decision making.

…Also, (for 15 Alyx) I don’t think age of consent laws are reasonable either. Just think of summer high school creative writing, it, if the thesis child didn’t consent, there are regular anti-rape laws for that case. If they did, why would you want to invalidate their choice? It is quite dehumanizing to disregard a anyone’s opinion so blatantly. “You ARE a rape victim! I don’t care if you are in love!” How does this sound? And while we are at it, down with the movie/game/website age restrictions too! That’s anti-intellectualism under the sugary guise of high essay, “preserving innocence”. But what is “innocence” even? I think it means “not being guilty”. How is cued, it guilty to watch/play/read bloody or sexual things.

Sex is normal, no other living being is tafe qld creative courses, so ashamed of it as humans. Thesis Nomenclature! Animals do it in front of their kids! (Well, even I find that squicky, still it’s just a cultural thing…) As for the bloody stuff, kids can decide for themselves if they are scared of it or not. Sometimes I was too, but my parents always used to let me watch and play whatever I wanted. Yet I didn’t turn out to be murderous or violent. (That’s usually the impact of domestic violence instead, which is ironically disregarded, and even accepted as a way of parenting in too many countries…) Anyway, it’s difficult to be young and opinionated… …And sorry for the rant, I’m just happy that I found a website that cares about the school contest 2010 discrimination of thesis nomenclature, young people. #128512; What are the consequences of columbia university creative, adultism? Adultism is sharing the common ground with domestic violence. Can people use free child. Org as a good argument to protect the children in family court for the judge to be aware of what’s going behind closed door. Using The Freechild Project website is your call – there are few citations on the site and cued its largely conjecture and contest 2010 inference.

However, the website is cited repeatedly in academic, psychological and popular media around the world. I explore the consequences of adultism extensively in my 2015 book called “Facing Adultism” – I’d suggest you check it out at cued nomenclature @22, but still a kid at heart #128521; In regards to consent laws, here in CT (and most places) it’s set at essay 16. If an cued 8 year old consents to sexual acts, it would not be appropriate. Removing age of consent laws paves way for sexual acts with children, which I could only hope you do not find okay. If you do believe that there should be an age set to prevent this, then that is still age based consent. (note there is essay, exceptions in individuals close in age, or married). As for cued movie/game/website restrictions, these do not exist. It is not illegal for a minor to access porn online, you can see an R rated movie with parental permission or someone who is older (there is also the internet), and ESRB ratings are pretty fair. Essay Language! The majority of games fit under E for cued thesis everyone, 10+, or teen.

If you really wanted a game rated M it is not illegal nor against the law in the US. You can again, easily buy it online, or for columbia high creative writing many places in person. It deeply concerns me that you believe it is entirely fine for kids to be exposed to certain things at cued nomenclature such a young age. This is not anti-intellectualism under the sugary guise of “preserving innocence”. One thing is 2010, watching a documentary about thesis animals that happens to have mating, or learning about university summer school creative a world war that inevitably is thesis nomenclature, going to have violence, but you are talking about website, movies, and video games that are rated that for content such as gore, drugs, alcohol, and strong sexual themes. Philip Lopate! Things that are not benefiting them in cued thesis the slightest. Kids do not need to be exposed to this, especially via these mediums which tend to overglorify such things.

Again, one thing is watching a quality film (Such as Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away) in which the character Yababa is seen smoking and school it would be unfair for a child not to thesis, watch it on the basis of this. If the columbia university summer school creative parent had a problem, they could just watch it and explain the dangers of smoking afterword. It is entirely different from playing GTA or watching some inappropriate adult comedy filled with sexual innuendo and drugs. I think you have forgotten the role of a parent and are somehow under the belief that kids (and as an extent teens) should be almost entirely self regulatory. Parent derives from thesis a latin root meaning “to bring forth”. It is there job to supply them with the necessary skills and knowledge to essay, grow, thrive, and bring them forth as adults that will make the world better. The same way you are what you eat, you are what you feed your mind. Senselessly exposing it it to certain things will negatively your outlook on thesis the world.

Don’t be so quick to assume the things you see have no affect. That goes for everyone, regardless of writing, age. Hey Alex, and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I think you’re wholly missing the cued nomenclature point of my page here. Rather than presuming that I’m talking about a world without parents, I challenge you to consider a world with young people as equitable members of society. Equity – not equality – is the columbia university high school creative key here.

While its absolutely true that adults (parents especially) have specific roles throughout our society, I believe its important to cued thesis nomenclature, see that children and youth have roles too, and given the changing nature of our society, those need to what is literature, transform. Rather than being seen and treated as the passive recipients of adult-driven households, schools, governments and cued nomenclature culture, all young people everywhere must be repositioned as active co-creators throughout all of the institutions that define where we live, how we live, and what we do throughout our lives. Lopate! That re-definition should include new opportunities to lead, teach and learn with adults as partners. This doesn’t mean taking anything away from parents; it means re-conceptualizing what our expectations are for cued nomenclature ourselves and writing others. That’s what The Freechild Project is about – acknowledging that indeed, parents have important positions – and thesis nomenclature that young people do, too. Its not either/or, its both/and.

Thanks again for your comment. @Adam Fletcher I understand and agree with that notion entirely. It is “22, but still a kid at heart ;)” that my comment was directed at. University Creative! I’m just a bit confused/concerned about some of the cued nomenclature statements he/she is tafe qld creative writing, making. As someone with the face of a fifteen year old trapped in cued a 19 year old’s life, I can testify that Ageism is a huge factor in many aspects of my life including employment opportunities, work situations, public interactions, and high school contest 2010 conversations with adults, especially parents. I work at a camp and because of how young I look, the parents are reluctant to leave their child in my care and therefore the kids tend to ignore my authority, I can’t really fault them because their own parents just discredited my right to lead when they asked if I was old enough to be left alone with children. My judgement is constantly undermined by parents and many adult figures.

The other day I was flying home from college and (after a gate agent had tried to get me to board as a minor who needed a babysitter) an elderly man seated next to me instructed me to buckle up as we were sitting waiting for people to board the cued thesis nomenclature plane. I didn’t buckle immediately because 1) We weren’t moving 2) I had the middle seat and someone would eventually have to get to their window seat and 3) I was 19 years old and I’d buckle when I damn well pleased or if the seat belt sign was on. What bothered me though, was that had I looked a few years older, this old coot would have shut his mouth and high school essay contest 2010 buckled himself in if he felt a seat belt was necessary at that time. Instead, the man felt that I was incapable of cued thesis nomenclature, making the right judgement regarding the seat belt and felt the need to exert his dominance over me. What Is Literature! Had I been in middle school I would have buckled my belt but as a college student; I worked minimum wage jobs to pay this man’s social security so he and his decomposing wife could spend their last summers in RV taking up parking space at cued Yellowstone.

The worst part was, I buckled the belt anyways because that’s what I had been taught to do, listen to adults and not question their authority. Then there’s the public situations, like I turn into a category 5 criminal if I’m at a park after sunset or the sign that says ‘Kids under 18 can’t carry a bag into our store.’ as if the 18 and under crowd are the essay only people who steal, and so help me god If I want to apply for cued thesis a job. The job front is the qld creative hardest because no one wants to take orders from thesis a little girl so I can rule out any management opportunities, secondly, if I work as a hostess or bartender I need to essay on teaching english language, look the part which I’m sure is cued thesis, true for a lot of jobs, and finally, age equals experience so when I look like I’m fifteen, people automatically assume I don’t know or understand jack squat. Lastly, my parents. Essay English As A! We’re in this awkward limbo of I’m an adult but they still can’t see it. Cued! I work, cook, clean, pay bills, watch other people’s children, drive, vote, drink, have sex, and I haven’t been arrested and yet I’m treated like a convicted criminal. I have a curfew, a to-do list, ridiculous repercussions for my actions like being sent to my room, my feelings are automatically invalidated as “trivial” or a “temper tantrum” or “childish” and my reactions and actions are always taken into high contest 2010 question like my parents are a higher power when the nomenclature two of them aren’t exactly standing on the moral high ground. I’ll never forget my mother’s face when I said something smart about my parents’ divorce: my father: You’re in trouble because you weren’t honest. me: So when you were screwing that whore in Canada without telling anyone, was that honesty? It’s like being an essay adult allows people to forget what being hypocritical is and gives them the ability to cued thesis, criticize the young people and target millennials for things that their generation started or took part in. Ex.

Bill Gates – Kids these days, always on their phones. Ashley Madison Accounts / Divorce Rates – Kids these days just have sex with anyone. Art Censorship Essay! Global Warming / Environmental Issues — Kids these days, wasting water and electricity. The media uses millenials as scapegoats and the under 18 population, as non-voting, non citizen party, is forced to not be taken seriously as the media bashes them without representation. The mission of The Freechild Project is to cued nomenclature, engage young people in social change. Our services include: All content © 2017 The Freechild Project. School 2010! All rights reserved. MAIL: The Freechild Project, PO Box 6185 Olympia, WA USA 98507-6185. PHONE: +1 (360) 489-9680.

Freechild is a program of CommonAction, an thesis independent education consulting firm. For more information, including permissions, please contact us.

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List of symbols or abbreviations (nomenclature) –…

essay on cued a sunny day DISCLAIMER: All original content of tafe qld creative courses this piece is the cued thesis nomenclature, sole property of Bamboozlepig and may not be used without my permission. All the opinions expressed within this piece are mine and mine alone, and qld creative writing courses, no disrespect is intended in any way. I debated whether or not to post this, for often the cued nomenclature, only way I can often wrap my head around a horrific tragedy is to write my thoughts out in hopes of essay english language understanding and coming to cued nomenclature, terms with what has happened. However, after letting this essay piece sit for what essay, a day or so, I decided to go ahead and post it as my way of paying tribute to those killed in the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre. God bless them and cued nomenclature, may they forever rest in peace, and essay, may their families and the survivors find the strength and comfort they need to begin healing. THE BEAUTY OF BRIGHT SUNNY DAYS. Friday, December 14, 2012 was a bright sunny day, so charming and innocent and full of promise for the coming weekend, the second-to-last one left before the Christmas holiday. Maybe plans for thesis nomenclature, getting the family Christmas tree were made or there was some baking or shopping to get done, or maybe a visit to Santa was in store so that those who still believed in him could whisper what they wanted for presents. Columbia University Summer High School Creative? For 27 families, the morning started off a normal one…breakfast was eaten, backpacks readied for cued, school, goodbye hugs and I love you kisses were given as 20 sets of parents saw their kids off to columbia school writing, school in cued thesis Newtown, Connecticut.

And once the lopate essay, school bell rang at Sandy Hook Elementary, teachers greeted their students as they filed into cued thesis nomenclature classrooms, urging their young charges to school contest, take their seats so that they could begin their day of fun and cued, learning. And then Hell hit the school in the form of a young man toting an assault rifle and what essay, a pair of handguns, shooting out a window to gain access to the building, storming a set of classrooms full of cued thesis nomenclature first graders… And leaving so much tragedy, so much sorrow, so much devastation and unanswered questions in his wake… Including the on teaching foreign, big question of why? All within just minutes on that beautiful and bright sunny day. Just like on 9/11, just like at Oklahoma City, just like at Columbine, just like at cued thesis nomenclature, Pearl Harbor, just like at Dallas in 1963. And there is something so ironically perverse about columbia summer high school creative it, for it should be written somewhere that such heartbreaking tragedies must always strike when it is storming out, the heavens tossing surly black clouds that weep down torrent-tears of rain, the wind a devil-driven tempest that howls and lashes at cued thesis, us in art censorship fury, the very air angry and turbulent with the violence that is about to thesis nomenclature, hit… Because Hell shouldn't happen on a bright sunny day. And our innocence…that jaded, battered, shredded innocence that has been mended and torn so many times like a battle flag on a field of what is literature war…it will be ripped once again, the threads unraveling in horror once more at the next massacre. Massacre . It's such a strange term, sounding so benign for thesis, something so atrocious. Columbia Summer High Creative Writing? It evokes thoughts of battlefields, of war-torn countries, not of cued thesis malls or movie theaters or schoolrooms run red with the blood of innocents.

And where is it written that we must offer up that innocent blood as a sacrifice to qld creative writing, someone's evil? When I was a kid, school shootings…actually massacres in general…were anomalies, odd little blips of craziness on the radar of normalcy, yet in the ten years after I graduated high school in 1989, there were at least 14 school shootings, including Columbine. And like in the aftermath of cued thesis nomenclature those mass killings, we struggle to find something to blame it on…it was the violent video games, the violent movies, the violent music. They were inspired by art censorship, a book, they had mental health issues that were not properly addressed, they had abusive childhoods and lax parents, they were on cued nomenclature drugs. They hated the world, they were in love or out of love or weren't loved at essay, all, they had horrible families and even worse jobs, or no jobs at all. They were flat broke, they were spoiled rotten rich, they were middle class boring and looking to thesis nomenclature, express themselves. They were bullied, they were popular, they were angry, they were depressed, they were psychopaths desensitized by modern culture. Yet no matter what, the reasons still defy explanation, for qld creative writing courses, we can never truly know what sets those kinds of cued people off, what it is that trips that fine wire inside of them so that they explode into a fury of hatred that drives them to grab up a gun or plant a bomb and kill their fellow humans. And what's scarier is high school essay contest we know it will happen again and again and again…in big cities and small cities, in rural areas and urban sprawls; on the East Coast and thesis, the West Coast and all the states in-between, not to mention in other countries.

It happens in malls, in restaurants, in essay as a movie theaters, in supermarkets, in churches, in workplaces… And it will happen again in schools. Because no matter how strict you make gun control laws or how tight you make security in our schools, if evil wants to invade and attack, it will find a way in. Guns, knives, bombs…hell, in 1927 in Bath Township, Michigan, a man named Andrew Kehoe was upset that his property taxes had been raised in order to pay for improvements to the school building, so he decided to blow it up, and cued thesis nomenclature, he did, on the morning of May 18th, killing 37 children and is literature essay, 7 adults, including himself. Cued? It still ranks as the worst school massacre in American history and the third worst non-military massacre on American soil, right behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing. And we are not stupid or naive, we know that there will always be evil out there that has a need to rack up an even higher body count than the previous mass killer…in 1984, James Oliver Huberty of San Ysidro, California, took out columbia writing 21 at the local McDonald's, beating Charles Whitman's 1966 count of cued thesis 16 at the University of Texas in Austin; in 1991, George Hennard took out is literature 23 at the Luby's Restaurant in Killeen, Texas before Seung-Hui Cho beat that body count in thesis 2007 with 32 students murdered at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. And now, Adam Lanza has killed 27 innocent people, 20 of them young children, in philip lopate Newtown, Connecticut. So we add that town to the list of the other towns that are now seared into our consciousness with sickened horror and nomenclature, sharp-edged grief, the names of them all places of courses fearsome hellish dragons and thesis nomenclature, the brave heroes who try to slay them, and always struck through with that innocent blood…Bath Township, Michigan; Austin, Texas; Iowa City, Iowa; West Paducah, Kentucky; Pearl, Mississippi; Springfield, Oregon; Jonesboro, Arkansas; Red Lake, Minnesota; Blacksburg, Virginia; Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania; Dunblane, Scotland… And the columbia school writing, biggie: Columbine.

Columbine was the defining moment, the names Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold quickly becoming synonymous with evil, and thesis nomenclature, really, what wasn't evil about them? What wasn't gut-wrenchingly horrifying about the way they methodically stalked their terrified classmates, taunting them and laughing at their fear before they killed them, throwing pipe bombs and tafe, shooting at the propane bombs they'd planted in hopes of detonating them so they'd kill the first responders rushing to the scene? And who wasn't stunned into disbelief and sickened by the images that came out of cued thesis nomenclature Columbine…of Danny Rorbaugh lying dead on the sidewalk outside the school, just yards from a parked car where a police officer and students huddled for cover, his blood staining the lopate, pavement; of the screaming, frightened students fleeing across the campus with their hands atop their heads; of the thesis nomenclature, students holding up a sign begging for help in the window of the science classroom where teacher Dave Sanders lay bleeding to death; of severely wounded Patrick Ireland being plucked from the shattered window of the library, his body falling limply to the SWAT truck beneath him, a bloody swath left on the glass behind him; of the grainy security camera footage that showed Harris and Klebold outfitted for the war they waged against their fellow students, wearing military harnesses and ammo belts, their rifles in columbia creative writing hand as they casually crossed the cafeteria several times, taking time out from their mayhem to cued, take swigs of pop from the cups left behind when everyone fled. Their cool complacency and high essay contest, outright giddy joy they seemed to take in the destruction and death they were dealing out thesis was chilling as hell to think that anyone, let alone a teenager, could be that cold-blooded and what essay, callous to actually seem to love killing their fellow human beings. And whose heart didn't break at the sight of those frantic, frightened kids and their equally frantic and cued, frightened parents being reunited at the elementary school where they'd all been bussed, and by nightfall, after the school had been cleared and secured, the parents of twelve of those students knew that they had sent their child safely off to art censorship, school that morning… And they were not coming home.

Not that night, not ever. As a nation, we couldn't imagine it, couldn't imagine what it must be like to have to bury your child, to have to thesis nomenclature, turn all the hopes and lopate essay, dreams you had for them into plans for their funerals, for cued thesis nomenclature, there is something so viciously unfair about your child dying before you because it's supposed to be the other way around, we pass from life before our children do. It's bad enough when our kids pass away from illnesses like cancer or they die in an accident. to lose your child in a moment of columbia university summer high school creative someone else's violent hatred, it's just unthinkable. So it is in Newtown, Connecticut, the unthinkable has happened. Twenty parents sent their kids off to school on that bright sunny morning and they know they will not be returning home…not now, not ever. And it hurts..goddamnit, it HURTS because there is something so…so obscenely cruel and inherently perverse that those children killed were so young, so innocent, just like we once were. They liked drawing and singing and playing on cued nomenclature the swings at recess; they liked watching cartoons and what essay, eating cake and ice cream on cued their birthdays; they liked going to the local fair in the summer and riding on the Ferris Wheel and carousel and eating cotton candy; they liked the colors pink and blue and orange and purple; they liked spending time with their Mom and their Dad…but maybe not their siblings because UGH, siblings can be such a pain at times. they liked seeing Gramma and Grandpa and giving them hugs; they liked their dogs and their cats and their hamsters…they lived with joy in the moment and never gave a thought to the next day, or even the next five minutes, and they found such interest in the smallest of things…shapes in the clouds, fuzzy caterpillars, pretty autumn leaves and fresh white snow. School Essay Contest? They were us at that age, twenty years ago, forty years ago, sixty years ago, and they had their whole lives ahead of them, their futures so bright with promise and hope, with so many things to look forward to, like graduations and cued thesis nomenclature, weddings and tafe courses, giving their parents grandchildren. But like all little kids, they were probably looking forward the most to Christmas…to decorating the cued thesis nomenclature, tree and baking cookies and making gingerbread houses; to is literature essay, going caroling and visiting Santa and surreptitously checking out the presents beneath the tree, trying sneakily to find out cued thesis what was beneath that shiny wrapping paper; giggling as they wrapped that special present they had made their parents in art class, and now?

Now, instead of essay their parents watching their little ones opening those special gifts on Christmas Day that they had asked Santa for, they will be burying their child. And how heartbreaking is that? What's worse is how do you explain to cued, your children what has happened there in Newtown, how do we assure them that school is still safe for them to go to on lopate essay Monday morning? How do we help the children who survived this latest attack cope with what they've seen, knowing that the horror they witnessed will haunt their nightmares for cued thesis nomenclature, years to is literature, come? Children, especially smaller children, tend to think in more abstract terms rather than logical ones, and thesis, if we adults struggle to explain the incomprehensible concept of such evil to ourselves, how do we explain to a kid that someone so hated the high school creative, world around them, they decided to get some guns and go to the local elementary school to use children and their teachers for his sadistic target practice, turning their classrooms into a battlefield?

But what we CAN do is tell our kids that it's okay to be scared and it's okay to be sad and it's okay to be angry because we are, too. We can tell them that school is still safe but if they're upset and thesis, need help or comfort in what is literature any way, that it will be there for them. We can reassure them that most of the world is not evil, and that even on such a dark, dark day, there were many wonderful, shining, brave heroes in cued thesis those classrooms, both in the four teachers and the principal and the school counselor who so willingly gave their lives in order to save their kids, and in the other teachers that acted so quickly to get their children to safety, and in the first responders that arrived so fast and began the process of getting the english foreign, kids out of the building. We can let our children…and our other loved ones…know that we love them and cherish them, and we can offer our prayers and support to Newtown, coming together as a nation to mourn for cued, the 27 innocent lives cut so short, comforting the survivors and high school essay contest 2010, family members left behind, sharing with them our strength and our faith and our hope so that they may go on. And we can honor the memories of thesis nomenclature those 27 people and others lost so cruelly in past massacres in ways that go beyond erecting a granite memorial or placing flowers at the site…we can commit to serving our communities and our schools by offering time or talents or donations; we can help those around us by showing kindness and generosity and caring; we can take back our world with dignity and courage and pride and do whatever we can to make it a better place.

We can never forget to let joy into our hearts and allow it to put smiles onto our faces, but the best way I know how to honor all those lost is really quite a simple one… Remember to enjoy the innocent beauty of a bright sunny day.