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Law enforcement cameras and invasion of privacy essay

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Are Law Enforcement Cameras an Invasion of Privacy? |…

Law enforcement cameras and invasion of privacy essay

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Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy? …

Cabinet Maker Resume Writing Tips and Example. Looking for a new cabinet maker job? Learning how to write a great resume for law enforcement cameras and invasion the position can increase your chances of who changed my life essay getting the job. Cabinet Maker Resume Writing Tips and Example. The employment market for cabinet makers is competitive; therefore, you will need a great resume to stand a good chance of getting an invitation to law enforcement cameras essay, an interview from employers. To write a resume, you first need to resume key terms, determine the format you want to adopt. There is really no big deal about choosing a format for writing your cabinet maker resume because the format alone does not guarantee it will make any impact with the law enforcement and invasion essay, employer. Therefore, you shouldn’t take much time deciding on what format to choose from several formats that are available. Who Changed? What is really important is ensuring the resume is strong enough to law enforcement cameras essay, make the employer or hiring manager do one thing, which is to resume, consider you for an interview where you will be able to let them know how valuable you will be to their business as a cabinet maker.

The format we will be using here as we show you how to write a great resume for law enforcement and invasion of privacy the job of cabinet maker that employers will not fail to give attention to major university paper, is one with the law enforcement of privacy, Objective, Core Competence, Professional Experience, and the Educational Qualification sections. Resume? We will see how each of the law enforcement and invasion, sections is created, and then use the knowledge in making a sample resume for the job of cabinet maker. We will kick it off right away with the objective section, which is the first to complete: The Cabinet Maker Resume Objective Section. The objective section of the cabinet maker resume is where you have the introductory statement, and american dream a good first impression is law enforcement cameras of privacy essay, important if you intend to grab the descrimination essay, attention of your prospective employer. The volume of law enforcement cameras of privacy resumes an average employer seeking to employ a cabinet maker receives on topics british daily basis is quite enormous.

Most of them decide on cameras of privacy essay which resume holds promise, right from the objective section. So technically, if you get this section wrong, there is likelihood that your resume will end in the trash can. The objection section is your first contact point with the employer; use it wisely by communicating your passion and capacity to deliver as a cabinet maker. Convey the cover letter, exceptional value you will bring on board if hired. Let your objective for applying for the job of a cabinet maker be clearly expressed. Any sensible employer would favor an applicant whose objective statement shows their ability to solve their major need. To make this section work, go beyond assuming the employers’ major needs; make the extra move to of privacy, know their specific need for a cabinet maker in their furniture company.

And this shouldn’t be hard, considering how employers nowadays state the specific requirement and job description in the content of resume their advertisement. So leverage on it and cameras and invasion of privacy tailor your objective statement to meet that need. For instance, in beauty essay the furniture industry, companies who employ the services of cabinet makers look out for those who have understanding of timber qualities, ability to use computer-aided designs, as well as computer numerical control machines, and are creative, industrious, and law enforcement cameras and invasion essay intelligent enough to do proper job cost estimation. If you have these qualities, make it reflect in your objective statement, and you’ll stand a better chance. Cabinet Maker Objective Examples for Resume: Here are some examples to topics literature research paper, make it clearer and also serve as a guide in writing an effective objective section in your resume as a cabinet maker: Seeking the position of cabinet maker in XYZ Furniture company where my in-depth understanding of cameras of privacy essay timber qualities, ability to use computer-aided design and computer numerical control machines, creativity, high energy level and intelligence to do proper job cost estimation as remarked by american dream beauty essay, my past employers will be employed. Seeking the job of law enforcement cameras of privacy cabinet maker in growing Furniture Company where my many years of experience in building awe-inspiring cabinets, working in a furniture company will be invaluable in achieving customer satisfaction and increase in demand.

Please take note; the second example is generic for the furniture industry while the first is more specific and is suitable when targeting a specifically known company where vacancy for a cabinet maker exists. We will now treat the next section after the objective statement, which is the section to show how competent you are for the job: The core competence section is where you are required to highlight the key talents, skills, knowledge, abilities, and process cover experience that make you an law enforcement of privacy essay outstanding cabinet maker. In the business of furniture making, employers know the unique advantage of who changed my life specialization, so they hire skilled cabinet makers to handle that department. Therefore, for your resume to shine, you need to state your abilities that show your capacity to deliver, such as; understanding of timber quality, fabrication of customized cabinets, and use of basic and modern equipment, accurate cost estimation, measuring, and drawing of layout for manufactured furniture and so on. Use this section to strongly suggest your competency in cabinet making. Employers are seeking solutions, not liabilities. The next section to essay, follow the competence section is the one that offers the opportunity to who changed my life, emphasize your previous and current professional experience working as a cabinet worker for employers to be assured you will be able to done the job well: The work experience section, which some refer to as professional experience or work history, is the proof section where employers verify the promise you have shown so far. Here, you are expected to highlight the duties and responsibilities that through past or current performance have made you the cabinet maker they should hire. Tested hands are usually more trusted!

To do a thorough job on this section, you are advised to use a copy of the cabinet maker job description when writing this section provided the duties and responsibilities highlighted in it match your actual experience working in law enforcement cameras and invasion of privacy essay the cabinet making industry. And please make sure that all verbs used in writing your current work description are in present tense. Descrimination? The posts held in the past should be expressed in past tense. Little things matter. And now, we are on law enforcement cameras of privacy to the final section where you have to let the employer know of all relevant academic and continuing educational trainings you have had in cabinet making: In this section, state the educational qualifications and topics research paper all completed training programs you have completed that qualify you to work as a cabinet maker. Cabinet Maker Resume Example/Sample/Template. From our discussion above where we learnt how to make the essay, various sections of the cabinet maker resume, we will now put the knowledge together to create a sample resume for major guide the role. Here is an example of a cabinet maker resume.

It can serve as a template in writing your own resume. 13 Moore Street. Rexton, New Jersey. Home: (111) 555-9999, cell: (222)999-9999. [email protected] OBJECTIVE: Seeking to be a cabinet maker in XYZ Furniture company where my in-depth understanding of timber qualities, ability to use computer-aided design and law enforcement and invasion of privacy essay computer numerical control machines, creativity, high energy level and intelligence to do proper job cost estimation as remarked by my past employers will be employed.

Understanding of timber qualities Ability to resume key terms, apply computer-aided designs, and also to law enforcement cameras of privacy, work with computer numerical control machines High energy level Exceptional creativity Intelligence in resume job costing estimation Ability to law enforcement of privacy, work safely Great pace and topics british research accuracy in of privacy essay cabinet making. Hand Made Furniture Company, NJ. Take customer’s specification for cabinet Do job cost estimation Give detailed material requirements such as type of timber, to the procurement officer Use procured materials to meet client’s furniture style need Use computer aided design (CAD) and computer numerical control (CNC) to achieve complex furniture style Measure and draw site layout for manufactured cabinet Install the constructed cabinet Ensure customer total satisfaction with finished product Report to my supervisor Train fresher in dream in american cabinet making. EDUCATION AND CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL TRAINING. Alexton High School, Chrystalsville, New Jersey, 2003. You will also like: Discover what makes a good resume so you can make one that employers cannot resist. You may need to pass a job test to be hired for law enforcement and invasion a position, improve your chances of making high scores today!

Job Assessment Tests: How to Top Your Competition. As part of the hiring process, most applicants that passed the initial Resume/CV screening phase are required to pass an assessment test for the job or apprenticeship position they are applying for. The goal of this phase is to resume, determine if the candidate has the appropriate set of law enforcement and invasion skills and qualities to excel on the job. Find out the tests you will be needing to take for the position you are applying for; get lots of for a research success proven Practice materials to prepare with now: Sure way to make high scores in law enforcement cameras and invasion of privacy essay job tests.

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Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy? …

Research Paper on Chemical and law enforcement and invasion of privacy essay Biological Weapons. II. Chemical Weapons. III. Biological Weapons. A. Difficulties of american beauty essay Surveillance. IV. Ethical Issues for Biomedical Scientists.

V. Ethical Issues for Physicians. The development, production, storage, transfer, use, and destruction (demilitarization) of cameras of privacy essay chemical and biological weapons (CBW) pose a number of ethical issues. Descrimination! First, those weapons, like nuclear weapons, are largely indiscriminate in their effects and are generally more effective against vulnerable noncombatants than against combatants; they therefore are known as weapons of mass destruction, and their use generally is considered a violation of the proportionality principle of a just war. Second, CBW, also like nuclear weapons, are the subject of intensive international arms-control efforts involving problems of definition, verification, and enforcement. Law Enforcement Of Privacy Essay! Third, biomedical scientists and key terms physicians may be called on to participate in research and development on more effective CBW as well as on methods for law enforcement cameras, defense against them and the treatment of their victims. Chemical weapons (CW), which have been known since antiquity, are designed to inflict direct chemical injury on their targets, in topics, contrast to explosive or incendiary weapons, which produce their effects through blast or heat. In the siege of Plataea in 429 B.C.E., for example, the Spartans placed enormous cauldrons of pitch, sulfur, and burning charcoal outside the city walls to harass the defenders. Although nations that signed the 1899 Hague Declaration promised not to use CW, during World War I those weapons, including in descending order of use tear gas, chlorine gas, phosgene, and mustard gas, were employed. Law Enforcement Cameras And Invasion Of Privacy! Overall, 125,000 tons of process engineer letter CW were used during World War I, resulting in 1.3 million casualties.

One-quarter of all casualties in the American Expeditionary Force in France were caused by them (Harris and law enforcement cameras of privacy essay Paxman; Sidel and Goldwyn; Sidel, 1989; United Nations; World Health Organization). In 1925 twenty-eight nations negotiated the Geneva Protocol for the “prohibition of the use in resume key terms, war of asphyxiating poisonous or other gases and of all analogous liquids, materials or devices and law enforcement and invasion of privacy essay of bacteriological methods of warfare” (Wright, p. 368). In fact, however, the protocol prohibited only the use, not the development, production, testing, or stockpiling, of those weapons. Furthermore, many of the nations that ratified the protocol reserved the major paper, right to use those weapons in retaliation, and the protocol became in effect a “no first use” treaty with no verification or enforcement provisions. The United States was one of the initial signers, but the Senate did not ratify the treaty until 1975 (Sidel, 1989; Wright). Despite the law enforcement and invasion, protocol, the use of CW continued.

Italy used mustard gas during its invasion of Abyssinia (Ethiopia), and Japan used mustard and tear gases in its invasion of China. British Literature Research Paper! Germany, with its advanced dye and pesticide industries, developed acetylcholinesterase inhibitors known as nerve gases, and the United States and Britain stockpiled CW during World War II; transportation and storage accidents caused casualties (Infield), but there was no direct military use. After World War II CW were used by law enforcement cameras and invasion essay Egypt in Yemen, mustard and resume nerve gases were used in the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, and Iraq used CW against Kurdish villages in essay, its territory. CW stockpiles and production facilities in process cover letter, Iraq were ordered destroyed by the United Nations after the 1991 Persian Gulf War. The United States and Russia are known to have maintained CW stockpiles, and a number of other countries have stockpiles or facilities for rapid CW production (Harris and Paxman; Sidel, 1989). Troops can be protected against those weapons for cameras of privacy, limited periods through the use of gas masks and impenetrable garments. That protective gear, however, reduces the efficiency of troops by as much as 50 percent and damages morale, and so the use or threat of use of CW may continue to be considered effective against troops.

Civilian populations, in contrast, cannot be protected adequately. Israel, for example, provides every civilian with a gas mask and cover letter a self-injectable syringe filled with atropine, a temporary antidote to nerve gas. However, that protection is inadequate against weapons, such as mustard gas, that attack the skin and against longer-term exposure to nerve gas. Furthermore, poorly trained civilians are likely to injure themselves with equipment such as self-injectable syringes (Amitai et al.). The production of CW has been associated with serious accidents to cameras of privacy essay workers and high levels of pollution in process engineer, the production sites and nearby communities. Tests of mustard gas, nerve agents, and psychochemicals, including lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), during and after World War II involved thousands of cameras and invasion essay military personnel, many of whom later claimed disabilities from the exposure. The records of participation and effects are so poor that only a small fraction of those who participated can be identified. Major Paper Guide! Even the destruction of the weapons is dangerous because toxic ash is produced by their incineration (Sidel, 1993). A Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) that prohibits the development, production, storage, and transfer of those weapons and calls for their demilitarization was approved by the United Nations General Assembly in of privacy, 1992. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the CWC, was established in major university research guide, the Hague after the entry into law enforcement cameras and invasion force of the CWC in topics research paper, 1997. By 2003 a total of 151 “states parties” (nations) had ratified or acceded to the BWC.

The First Review Conference of the States Parties to law enforcement and invasion the CWC was held in the Hague in April 2003, and Kofi Annan, secretary general of the university, United Nations, urged that “membership in the CWC be extended to all nations in the world and that enough funds be provided to accelerate complete chemical disarmament.” In the 1960s and of privacy 1970s the United States used both tear gas and herbicides in Vietnam. Who Changed My Life Essay! Although most nations that are parties to the Geneva Protocol considered tear gas and herbicides to be CW and thus prohibited under the law enforcement cameras of privacy, provisions of the protocol, the United States until recently rejected that interpretation (Sidel and Goldwyn; Sidel, 1989). Many countries use tear gas to quell civil disorders (Hu et al.). The signatories to the CWC have agreed not to use riot-control agents or herbicides as weapons of war. In 2002 Russia used derivatives of fentanyl, a potent opium-based narcotic, to my life essay subdue Chechen rebels who had occupied a theater in Moscow and taken 800 hostages. Although Russia formally considered the chemical agent “nonlethal” and its use permissible under the CWC, a total of 117 people died as a result of its use (“Russia Names Moscow Siege Gas”). In 1984 members of a cult in Oregon intentionally contaminated the and invasion essay, salad bars in local restaurants with salmonella bacteria. More than 700 people became ill, but there were no reported deaths.

In 2001, shortly after the attack on the World Trade Center, anthrax spores were disseminated through the U.S. mail. Major University Research Paper Guide! Approximately twenty people became ill, and five people died. Biological weapons (BW) depend for their effects on the ability of microorganisms to infect and law enforcement of privacy essay multiply in the attacked organism. In this regard they differ from toxins, which, as biological products used as chemicals, are covered under CW as well as BW treaties. University Paper! BW are very hard to defend against and are not as controllable and predictable in their use as are CW (Harris and of privacy Paxman; Geissler, 1986; Sidel and Goldwyn; Sidel, 1989; United Nations; World Health Organization, 1970). The effects of BW were characterized officially by letter a U.S. government agency in 1959: “Biological warfare is the intentional use of living organisms or their toxic products to cause death, disability, or damage in man, animals, or plants. The target is man, either by causing sickness or death or through limitation of his food supplies or other agricultural resources.… Biological warfare has been aptly described as public health in cameras and invasion of privacy, reverse” (U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare). BW have been known since antiquity. Persia, Greece, and Rome used diseased corpses to contaminate sources of drinking water.

In 1347 Mongols besieging the walled city of Caffa (now called Feodosiya), a seaport on letter the east coast of the of privacy, Crimea, began to die of the plague. The attackers threw the corpses into resume the besieged city; the defenders, who were Genoans, fled back to Genoa and carried the plague farther into Europe. During the French and Indian Wars Lord Jeffrey Amherst, commander of the law enforcement cameras and invasion of privacy essay, British forces at beauty essay, Fort Pitt, gave tribal emissaries blankets in which smallpox victims had slept (Harris and Paxman; Geissler). During World War I Germany is alleged to have used the equine disease glanders against the cavalries of eastern European countries (Harris and Paxman, p. Essay! 74). According to my life testimony at the Nuremberg trials, prisoners in law enforcement cameras of privacy, German concentration camps were infected during tests of BW. Resume! Great Britain and the United States, fearing that the Germans would use BW in World War II, developed their own BW. The British tested anthrax spores on Gruinard Island off the coast of Scotland; the island remained uninhabitable for decades. The United States developed anthrax spores, botulism toxin, and other agents as BW but did not use them (Bernstein). In the 1930s Japanese troops dropped rice and wheat mixed with plague-carrying fleas from planes, resulting in plague in areas of China that previously had been free of it. During World War II Japanese laboratories conducted extensive experiments on prisoners of war, using a wide variety of organisms selected for law enforcement cameras and invasion, possible use as BW, including anthrax, plague, gas gangrene, encephalitis, typhus, typhoid, hemorrhagic fever, cholera, smallpox, and tularemia (Wright).

Unlike the Soviet Union, which in 1949 prosecuted twelve people who had been involved in that work, the United States never prosecuted any of the participants. Instead, U.S. researchers met with Japanese biological warfare experts in Tokyo and who changed my life urged that the experts be “spared embarrassment” so that the law enforcement of privacy, United States could benefit from their knowledge (Powell; Williams and Wallace). After World War II the development of BW continued. None of the numerous allegations of BW use have been substantiated or even investigated fully, but it is known that extensive BW testing was done. In the 1950s and 1960s, for example, the University of Utah conducted secret large-scale field tests of major university guide BW, including tularemia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, plague, and Q fever, at the U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground. In 1950 U.S. Of Privacy! Navy ships released as simulants (materials believed to in american beauty essay be nonpathogenic that mimic the spread of BW) large quantities of bacteria in the San Francisco Bay area to test the and invasion essay, efficiency of their dispersal. Some analysts attributed subsequent infections and deaths to one of those organisms. Descrimination Essay! During the 1950s and 1960s the United States conducted 239 top-secret open-air disseminations of simulants, involving areas such as the New York City subways and Washington National Airport (Cole).

The U.S. military developed a large infrastructure of laboratories, test facilities, and production plants related to cameras and invasion of privacy essay BW. By the end of the cover, 1960s the United States had stockpiles of at law enforcement and invasion essay, least ten biological and toxin weapons (Geissler). A 1979 outbreak of pulmonary anthrax in my life, the Soviet Union is said to have been caused by cameras and invasion essay accidental release from a Soviet BW factory. Recent disclosures by Russian scientists indicate extensive environmental contamination and medical problems caused by CW production (“Russian Experts Say Many Died Making Chemical Weapons”). In 1969 the resume, Nixon administration, with the concurrence of the U.S. Defense Department, which declared that BW lacked “military usefulness,” unconditionally renounced the development, production, stockpiling, and use of BW and announced that the United States would dismantle its BW program unilaterally. In 1972 the Soviet Union, which had urged a more comprehensive treaty that would include restrictions on CW, ended its opposition to a separate BW treaty. Law Enforcement And Invasion! The United States, the Soviet Union, and other nations negotiated the topics for a research, Convention on cameras and invasion of privacy essay the Prohibition of the Development, Prevention and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction (BWC). The BWC prohibits, except for “prophylactic, protective and other peaceful purposes,” the descrimination, development or acquisition of biological agents or toxins as well as weapons carrying them and means of law enforcement of privacy their production, stockpiling, transfer, and delivery.

The U.S. Senate ratified the BWC in 1975, the descrimination, same year it ratified the Geneva Protocol of 1925. As of 1987, 110 nations had ratified the BWC and an additional 25 had signed but not yet ratified it (Wright). Invoking the specter of new biological weapons and cameras unproven allegations of aggressive BW programs in other countries, the Reagan administration initiated intensive efforts to conduct “defensive research,” which is permitted under the topics british literature research, BWC. The budget for the U.S. Army Biological Defense Research Program (BDRP), which sponsors programs in a wide variety of academic, commercial, and government laboratories, increased dramatically during the 1980s. Much of that research work is medical in nature, including the development of immunizations and treatments against organisms that might be used as BW (Piller and Yamamoto; Wright). Although research on and the law enforcement cameras essay, development of new BW are outlawed by for a british research the BWC, it is of privacy essay, possible that they will occur in topics british literature research, the future.

Novel dangers lie in new genetic technologies that permit the development of genetically altered organisms that are not known in nature. Stable, tailor-made organisms used as BW could travel long distances and still be infectious, rapidly infiltrate a population, cause debilitating effects very quickly, and be resistant to antibiotic treatment (Piller and Yamamoto). IV. Ethical Issues for law enforcement cameras of privacy essay, Biomedical Scientists. Biologists, chemists, biomedical scientists, and physicians have played important roles in CBW research and development. Fritz Haber, who was awarded the 1918 Nobel Prize in essay, chemistry for his synthesis of ammonia, is known as the and invasion essay, father of Germany’s chemical weapons program in who changed essay, World War I. In his speech accepting the Nobel Prize Haber declared poison gas “a higher form of killing” (Harris and Paxman, 1982). By contrast, during the Crimean War the British government consulted the noted physicist Michael Faraday on the feasibility of developing poison gases; Faraday responded that it was entirely feasible but that it was inhumane and he would have nothing to do with it (Russell).

Many scientists who explicitly acknowledge the law enforcement cameras and invasion essay, ethical conflicts involved in work on weapons argue that a higher ethical principle—the imperative of defending one’s country or helping to curb what is perceived as evil or destructive— permits or even requires participation in such work. Topics Literature Paper! Dr. Theodor Rosebury, who worked on BW during World War II, based his participation on his belief that crisis circumstances that were expected to last for only a limited time required that he act as he did. Law Enforcement Cameras! “We were fighting a fire, and it seemed necessary to risk getting dirty as well as burnt,” he later wrote (Rosebury, 1963). Rosebury refused to participate in BW work after the who changed essay, end of the law enforcement, war (Rosebury, 1949). Other scientists resolved their ethical dilemma by descrimination arguing that their work on weapons was designed to of privacy reduce the devastation of war. For example, while working on “nonlethal” CBW in major research guide, the 1960s Dr. Knut Krieger argued that his research would lead to decreased fatalities: “If we do indeed succeed in creating incapacitating systems and are able to substitute incapacitation for death it appears to me that, next to cameras and invasion of privacy stopping war, this would be an important step forward” (Reid). Relevant ethical concerns about “defensive research” on BW by descrimination biomedical scientists include issues of content, safety, context, and locus (Lappe). The Japanese laboratory established in 1933 to develop BW was called the Epidemic Prevention Laboratory. One of its activities was supplying vaccines for law enforcement cameras and invasion, troops bound for Manchuria, but its major work was developing and testing BW (Powell). Military forces today could conduct research on the offensive use of BW under the cover of defensive research because offensive and defensive research are joined inextricably in at least some phases of the work (Huxsoll et al.).

In the parts of the work in which offensive and defensive efforts are parallel new forms of major research organisms may be found or developed that would be more effective as biological weapons. The possibility that offensive work on BW is being done in the United States under the cover of defensive work has been denied by the leaders of the BDRP, who point out the areas in which the two types of research diverge (Huxsoll et al.). Critics nonetheless raise questions about the ambiguity of BDRP research, arguing that “these efforts are highly ambiguous, provocative and strongly suggestive of and invasion essay offensive goals” (Jacobson and Rosenberg; Piller and Yamamoto; Wright). Many analysts believe that CW or BW research, even if it is truly defensive in intent, may be dangerous to surrounding communities if toxic materials or virulent infectious organisms are released accidentally. CW or BW research, even if it is defensive in intent, can be viewed by essay a potential military adversary as an attempt to cameras develop protection for a nation’s military forces or noncombatants against weapons that that nation might wish to use for offensive purposes, thus permitting that nation to protect its own personnel in a CW or BW first strike. In fact, the military justification for preparing altered organisms is that they are needed for essay, the preparation of defenses. It is therefore impossible for law enforcement of privacy, adversaries to determine whether a nation’s defensive efforts are part of preparations for the offensive use of weapons. Fears in dream in american, this area usually are based on military sponsorship of and invasion essay defensive BW research. Even if that research is university research paper, relatively open, other nations may view with suspicion the intense interest of military forces rather than civilian medical researchers in vaccines and treatments against specific organisms.

Those fears can feed a continuing BW arms race. More generally, concern has been expressed about the militarization of genetic engineering and biology in general. Characterization of biological weapons as “public health in reverse” therefore may have an even broader and more sinister meaning: The entire field of biology, along with and aspects of it such as the use of human genome research to design weapons to target specific groups, may be in danger of military use for destructive ends (Piller and Yamamoto; Wright). The imprisonment of a chemist by the Russian government and the revocation of his university diploma for publishing an article describing the development of new, highly toxic CW illustrate the restrictions that are placed on scientists who do CBW research (Janowski). The first question that arises is law enforcement of privacy, whether it is constructive to view certain ethical responsibilities as unique to the physician’s social role. In American Beauty! Theodor Rosebury described the response to physician participation in work on BW during World War II: “There was much quiet but searching discussion among us regarding the place of doctors in of privacy, such work … a certain delicacy concentrated most of the physicians into principally or primarily defensive operations.” Rosebury went on to point out that the modifiers principally and primarily are needed “because military operations can never be exclusively defensive” (Rosebury, 1963). What is seen as the special responsibility of physicians is based largely on an ethical responsibility not to use the power of the physician to do harm (primum non nocere). Although the Hippocratic oath seems to apply to the relationship of the physician to an individual patient, its meaning has been broadened by many to proscribe physician participation in actions harmful to nonpatients. In regard to research on offensive weapons of war there seems to be a consensus that physicians participate in such research at their ethical peril even if their country demands it or they think it useful for deterrence or other preventive purposes. Major Research! However, because of the and invasion of privacy, ambiguity of defensive work on BW, the dilemma for the physician is not easily resolved even for those who believe that defensive efforts are ethically permissible.

Some proponents of for a defensive research on BW have argued that it is entirely ethical—that in law enforcement cameras and invasion of privacy essay, fact it is obligatory— that physicians work on it. According to this perspective, not only will defenses be needed if such weapons are used against the United States, that work also may be useful in developing protection against naturally occurring diseases (Crozier; Huxsoll et al.; Orient). Other analysts believe that it is unethical for physicians to play a role in american in american beauty essay, military-sponsored BW research because it has a strong potential for intensifying a BW arms race and helping to militarize the science of biology, thus increasing the risk of the use of BW and the destructiveness of their effects if they are used (Jacobson and Rosenberg; Nass, 1991; Sidel, 1991). The question is: Where on the slippery slope of and invasion of privacy participation in preparing for the use of BW should physicians draw the line? If physicians engage in civilian-sponsored research on disease control that carries an obligation to report all findings in the open literature even if the research may have implications for BW, that participation, most analysts agree, cannot be faulted on ethical grounds. However, when physicians engage in military-sponsored research in which the openness of reporting is resume key terms, equivocal and the purposes are ambiguous, it is difficult to distinguish their work ethically from work on the development of weapons. As was noted above, the BWC prohibits any “development, production, stockpiling, transfer or acquisition of biological agents or toxins” except for “prophylactic, protective and law enforcement cameras of privacy other peaceful purposes.” The responsibility for government-sponsored medical research for prophylactic, protective, and other peaceful purposes in the United States lies largely with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and topics for a british literature research the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The NIH or the and invasion essay, CDC therefore might be given the resume key terms, responsibility and the resources for cameras and invasion of privacy essay, medical research of this type. The U. S. Army still may want to american dream in american beauty conduct nonmedical research and development on defense against BW, such as work on detectors, protective clothing, and cameras and invasion other barriers to descrimination essay the spread of organisms. Law Enforcement Cameras Of Privacy! Under this proposed division of effort that research is less likely to cover letter be seen as offensive, provoke a BW race, pervert the law enforcement and invasion, science of biology, and involve physicians (Sidel, 1989). A different type of ethical issue related to CBW arose during the Persian Gulf War in 1991.

The United States provided protective measures such as immunization against botulinum toxin and anthrax for its military forces. Despite the fact that some of those measures were experimental, no informed consent procedures were used and compliance often was required. Furthermore, the measures were made available to military forces but not to noncombatants in the area (Annas; Howe and Martin). In addition to the ethical dilemmas involved in these decisions it may be unethical for physicians to ignore the issues involved in CBW. Essay! One of the greatest dangers of those weapons may be the apathy of the law enforcement and invasion essay, medical profession toward them. The fact that BW are the weapons with which physicians may become engaged and the ones about which they have specialized knowledge gives physicians a special responsibility not only to refuse to resume key terms work on them but also actively to work to reduce the threat of their development or use. Physicians and biomedical scientists should support methods for law enforcement and invasion essay, international epidemiological surveillance to detect the use of BW and investigate incidents in which use has been alleged after an unexplained disease outbreak (Geissler, 1986; Nass, 1992a, 1992b) and support the Vaccines for Peace Programme for the control of “dual-threat” agents (Geissler and Woodall).

Support also might be given for measures to strengthen the BWC through the introduction of the descrimination, verification proposals that were put forth at the 1991 BWC Review Conference (Falk; Rosenberg and Burck; Rosenberg). With regard to chemical weapons, biomedical scientists and law enforcement cameras essay physicians might support effective implementation of the 1993 CWC (Smithson).

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The Odyssey Summary and Analysis of Books 9-12. Odysseus reveals his name and homeland to Alcinous, and says Calypso held him against law enforcement cameras essay, his will prior to his arrival. He traces his route after Troy. After his crew plundered Ismaros, a coastal town of the Kikones, they fought the army of the Kikones. They lost many men by the time his twelve ships sailed away, and suffered a great storm the next few days at who changed sea.

On their tenth day, they reach the island of the Lotos Eaters, a peaceful people who eat the sweet, pleasure-producing plant, the Lotus. Three of of privacy essay Odysseus' men eat the Lotus and key terms wish to remain there, but Odysseus forces them back on to the ship and cameras and invasion essay sails off again. They next reach the land of the process Cyclopes, a race of lawless, hermit-like, one-eyed giants. The next day, Odysseus' men feast on the plentiful goats on the deserted, fertile island across from the law enforcement essay mainland of the Cyclopes. The day after, Odysseus and his crew cross to topics research paper, the mainland to meet the Cyclopes. They spot a huge brute of of privacy a man in who changed a field, and Odysseus brings a goatskin full of sweet liquor as a gift. They reach his cave - he is still in the pasture - and Odysseus' men want to and invasion, steal his cheeses and descrimination essay livestock. Odysseus refuses, wanting to meet the owner. They wait for him, then hide when he comes in and does his chores. The Cyclops, named Polyphemus, notices them and asks who they are, and law enforcement cameras of privacy essay Odysseus introduces themselves and asks for any help he can provide, warning him not to offend Zeus, the resume god of law enforcement and invasion of privacy essay hospitality.

Polyphemus ridicules this idea; he does not care about the descrimination essay gods. Instead, he asks where Odysseus' ship is; the crafty leader lies and says it was wrecked and that they are the only survivors. Law Enforcement Cameras And Invasion. Polyphemus grabs two of topics paper Odysseus' men, beats them dead, and eats them whole while the other men watch, powerless. Polyphemus then goes to sleep in his doorway, preventing Odysseus from killing him, as they would not be able to move aside his huge dead body to escape. In the morning, Polyphemus eats some more men, then leaves and blocks the cave's entrance with a large stone. Law Enforcement And Invasion. Odysseus hatches a plan to defeat Polyphemus. He chops a six-foot section out cover, of the Polyphemus' large club, then hews it to make a sharp, pointed end, and finally holds it in the fire to toughen it. At night, Polyphemus returns and eats two more men. Odysseus offers him some of law enforcement and invasion his wine; Polyphemus asks for more and for american dream in american beauty essay, his name, promising him a gift. Cameras Essay. Odysseus says his name is Nobody, and Polyphemus says his gift will be eating him next. But Polyphemus falls asleep, drunk, and Odysseus and four men reheat their spike in the fire and ram it in Polyphemus' one eye.

They blind him and he howls for his fellow Cyclopes, who come to the outside of his cave and ask him if a man has tricked him. Nobody, says Polyphemus, has ruined him. Dream Beauty. The other Cyclopes believe he means nobody has ruined him, and law enforcement and invasion of privacy they leave him, telling him to pray to his father, Poseidon. Polyphemus opens the who changed essay cave door, hoping to and invasion of privacy, catch anyone who tries to escape. Descrimination Essay. Odysseus comes up with another idea. Law Enforcement Of Privacy. He ties the rams in the cave together and creates a sling under each ram in which the men can ride. They stay in their ram-carriages until morning, when Polyphemus lets the rams pass through the descrimination essay entrance. Odysseus' ram, the leader, goes last, and Polyphemus asks why it is not in and invasion essay its customary leading position.

Once they are in the clear, the men drop out of their slings and drive the rams to their ship. Safely on the sea again, Odysseus shouts insults Polyphemus. Polyphemus breaks off a hilltop and throws it near the ship, tossing it off balance with a giant wave. Despite the resume key terms pleas of his crew not to give away their position by again taunting Polyphemus, Odysseus gives the Cyclops the name and homeland of the man who blinded him. Cameras Of Privacy Essay. Polyphemus says he was once given a prophecy that someone named Odysseus, presumably a giant, would blind him; now he asks Odysseus to come back, as he will treat him well and resume pray for him to his father, Poseidon. Odysseus rejects his offer, and Polyphemus prays to Poseidon that Odysseus lose his companions and never return home. Immediately, Poseidon sends a huge stone that nearly hits the ship. The crew rushes to meet its waiting fleet, and the men make a sacrificial offering of the rams to Zeus. However, Zeus has destruction and death in mind for the unwitting men. Law Enforcement Cameras And Invasion. They feast that day, and the next morning they continue their journey home. Nearly halfway through the cover story we get the full backstory (the background story) about why Poseidon has a grudge against Odysseus.

But the Polyphemus episode is important beyond serving as a plot point; we learn much about Odysseus as a leader - both his strengths and his flaws. As we saw in Book VIII, in which Odysseus angrily reacted to an athletic challenge, he is prone to rash decisions. First, he makes the mistake of cameras and invasion essay wanting to meet Polyphemus even as his men warn him against it. This action we can chalk up to Odysseus' faith in engineer letter the goodwill of men (and even Cyclopes). But he makes a far more egregious error when he taunts Polyphemus not once but twice. This second mistake is law enforcement cameras and invasion of privacy what creates his problem with Poseidon, as he foolishly reveals his name and invites the wrath of the god of earthquake - and subsequently dooms his shipmates. But for every lapse in judgment on university research guide, his part, Odysseus devises an equally ingenious plan to escape trouble.

Prior to the Polyphemus episode, he wisely steers his crew away from the land of the hedonistic, drug-addled Lotus Eaters, knowing that succumbing to temptation there will prevent them from the more authentic pleasures of home. With Polyphemus, he comes up with three brilliant ideas: crafting a spike to blind Polyphemus in his one vulnerable spot; calling himself Nohbdy so that the other Cyclopes will not know who blinded Polyphemus; and fashioning the slings under the rams for cameras and invasion of privacy, escape. In each instance, a man of lesser tactical ability would have gone for the simpler solution (killing Polyphemus when he was sleeping by the doorway; revealing his name right away; trying to run by Polyphemus) with destructive consequences. Homer's recounting of Polyphemus' blinding is startling in its descriptive and poetic powers. The imagery is vivid and specific: we bored that great eye socket / while blood ran out around the red hot bar. / Eyelid and lash were seared; the pierced ball / hissed broiling, and the roots popped (420-423). Note that this entire chapter is in descrimination essay Odysseus' narrative voice as he recounts his tale to Alcinous, and is the most we have heard him speak so far. He (and Homer, of course) uses several occupational similes while describing the blinding: I leaned on it / turning it as a shipwright turns a drill / in planking, having men below to cameras, swing / the two-handled strap (416-419) and In a smithy / one sees a white-hot axehead or an adze / plunged and resume wrung in a cold tub, screeching steam? / just so that eyeball hissed around the spike (425-427, 429). Both similes remind us of the nearly mechanical work the law enforcement cameras of privacy essay men are engaged in guide - creating a weapon, hardening it through fire, and blinding Polyphemus - and of the collaborative effort required to mount such a task: only together, as a virtual shipwright and his workers, can they defeat the essay powerful Cyclops. Odysseus continues his story for Alcinous.

After the encounter with Polyphemus, Odysseus and his crew reach the island of the literature wind god Aiolos. Aiolos hosts them for a month, and then provides Odysseus with a bag containing storm winds to help them sail. They sail off with his westerly wind at their backs, and after ten days come within sight of cameras and invasion of privacy Ithaca. But while Odysseus sleeps, his crew, mistakenly believing Aiolos' bag is full of silver and gold, greedily open it. All the winds rush out and resume key terms the ship is sent off course in a hurricane. They are sent back to Aiolos' island, and Odysseus explains to him what happened. Aiolos believes Odysseus' journey is cursed by the gods and refuses to help him further.

Odysseus and his crew sail on without any wind and reach Lamos, land of the giant Laistrygonians. The king, Antiphates, and law enforcement cameras of privacy essay the queen eat one of Odysseus' envoys, and the crew barely escapes as the other Laistrygonians shoot boulders at the retreating ship. The men arrive at the island of the goddess Circe. American Beauty. Odysseus kills a buck and boosts his crew's morale with a great feast. He tells his crew that he saw smoke rising from the of privacy forest, but his men, thinking back on descrimination essay, the their last few encounters with strangers, are afraid to meet any new ones. But Odysseus, after a random selection, sends half of the weeping men under command of Eurylokhos off to investigate. Outside Circe's house lie subdued and spellbound wolves and mountain lions. Inside, Circe sings while weaving on her loom. All the men - except for Eurylokhos, who suspects deceit - are reassured by this gentle behavior and enter.

Circe fixes them a feast and adds something to their drinks; once they drink it, they are turned into pigs. She shuts them in a pigsty while Eurylokhos runs back to alert the crew. Odysseus goes alone to her house despite Eurylokhos' protestations. The god Hermes stops him on his way and gives him a plant that will preserve him against Circe's own pig-poison. Law Enforcement And Invasion. Then Odysseus should threaten her with death, at which point Circe will offer to sleep with him. Odysseus must accept, as it will break her spell over his crew. Odysseus visits Circe, and the plant works its magic against her poison. Essay. He goes through with Hermes' plan, and by his fortitude she takes him to law enforcement cameras of privacy, be the great Odysseus.

As Hermes predicted, she asks him to sleep with her; he first makes her promise not to topics for a literature, use any more enchantments. They retire to her opulent bedchamber, but Odysseus is concerned about his companions. Circe turns them back into men, now looking better than ever. She tells Odysseus to have his men bring their ships and law enforcement cameras essay gear ashore and come back with everyone. He does, and they all return but the still suspicious Eurylokhos. The men are bathed by american dream in american essay Circe's maids and given a dinner. Circe invites Odysseus to cameras and invasion of privacy essay, stay with her on her island. The men end up staying for a year in resume the paradise until they finally remind Odysseus of their mission.

Odysseus asks Circe to help them sail home, but she says he must go to and invasion of privacy essay, Hades, the land of Death, and speak to the blind seer Tiresias. She gives the dejected Odysseus detailed instructions for sailing to Hades and preparing rites to cover, summon Tiresias. Odysseus tells his crew it is time to leave, but the youngest, Elpenor, having drunkenly slept on the roof, falls and kills himself. Temptation hurts the men three times in this book. First, the and invasion of privacy crew greedily opens the bag of winds, even disloyally suspecting Odysseus of keeping his treasure from them.

Next, the letter men foolhardily accept Circe's hospitality and drinks. Finally, everyone, Odysseus most of of privacy essay all, gladly spends a year basking in the luxury of Circe's domain, thoughts of home far from their minds. Indeed, despite his usual levelheaded decision-making, Odysseus' great character flaw is his occasional rash, emotional behavior - witness his unwise taunting of Polyphemus in Book IX, or, as Eurylokhos notes, his choice merely to see Polyphemus. Circe, in resume key terms some ways, is a double of the goddess Calypso. Whereas Calypso critiqued the gender double standard among gods, arguing against the unfairness of a system in which male gods can take mortal lovers as they please while goddesses cannot - and, by extension, it seems, applying this critique to Greek society - Circe turns the tables on law enforcement and invasion of privacy, the usual male/female power dynamic. She exploits the weakness and desperation of the essay men, turning them into the pigs she most likely thinks they resemble in behavior. Interestingly, Circe is of privacy essay first paired up with another woman in the poem - Penelope.

She is first shown weaving at her loom, the activity Penelope uses to ward off her suitors. Since Circe is topics for a british literature research paper another of the poem's examples of a symbolically castrating woman, and since Penelope has raised some doubts about the sincerity of and invasion essay her fidelity, further parallels are drawn with Penelope emerging as the lesser woman. Penelope, too, has a household of men who have turned her place into a sty, but she is key terms not strong enough to shoo them away as Circe can do. Perhaps it is Circe's strength, not to mention her divine beauty, which attracts Odysseus. Law Enforcement Cameras Of Privacy. As with Calypso, he does not seem to have any misgivings about committing an act of infidelity with her. Rather than think guiltily about his wife at home, he instead worries about the descrimination well-being of law enforcement cameras his shipmates.

Odysseus and his crew sail to the region of the Men of Winter and, per Circe's instructions, make a ritual sacrifice for Tiresias. While waiting for Tiresias, Odysseus cuts down the other phantoms that emerge, including Elpenor, who had fallen from Circe's roof. Odysseus promises him a proper sailor's burial back on Circe's island. He also sees his dead mother, Antikleia. Finally, Tiresias appears and engineer letter warns him that Poseidon seeks vengeance for the blinding of his son, Polyphemus.

He warns Odysseus not to touch the flocks of Helios when he lands on Thrinakia, predicting doom for his crew if they do. He further predicts that Odysseus will make it alone to his house and slay Penelope's destructive suitors. Cameras Of Privacy Essay. Then he will take an oar to a place where men do not know of the sea, and when someone asks him about the fan on his shoulder, he should make a sacrifice to cover letter, Poseidon; the law enforcement cameras essay sacrifice will ensure a rich life for him thereafter. Tiresias leaves, and Odysseus allows Antikleia to sip the blood he has prepared and thus talk. He briefly tells her about the purpose of who changed essay his journey, then asks what killed her, and then asks after the rest of his family.

She relates Penelope's and Telemachus' lives, and essay says his father stays at home, pining for his son's return. She was like this, too, and her loneliness and key terms longing for Odysseus is what killed her. Law Enforcement. Odysseus tries to hug her, but his hands pass through the air. Process. After they finish talking, more shadows come and of privacy essay tell their stories to Odysseus. Odysseus stops his story. The Phaeacian king, Alcinous, asks him to spend another day with them so they can furnish him with gifts, then asks if he met any of his fellow warriors among the shadows.

Odysseus relates how he saw Agamemnon, who tells him how Aigisthos and his wife Klytaimnestra killed him, and warns him about the wickedness of dream essay women; he should return home secretly, without warning to his wife. Odysseus talks with other shadows, including Achilles, about whose son, Neoptolemos, he tells him. He sees Tantalos, tortured by food and drink always just out of reach, and Sisyphus, perpetually pushing a boulder up a hill. The shadows mass in the thousands and frighten away Odysseus, who sails away with his crew. It is appropriate that the and invasion of privacy cause of death for Odysseus' mother is loneliness and longing - the central emotions in a poem about a relentless search for home and its attendant isolation.

This book also casts light on four other defining themes in the poem: fidelity, obeisance to the gods, temptation, and major university research paper endurance. We finally hear directly from Agamemnon after hearing his story so many times through other retellings. The story of his death at the hands of his wife and her lover has continually reinforced Odysseus' parallel story, and Agamemnon explicitly spells out the story's underlying message: The day of faithful wives is gone forever (535). Odysseus is also reminded not to touch the oxen of Helios and to make a sacrifice to Poseidon once he is safely installed in law enforcement and invasion of privacy essay Ithaca - in other words, to resume key terms, pay his due respects to law enforcement, the gods. The temptation of raiding the oxen will prove too great for his crew, and temptation is, indeed, the continuing blind spot of essay both Odysseus and his sailors. Cameras Of Privacy. The punishment of Tantalos epitomizes temptation; his temptation is all the worse since it can never be satisfied. Sisyphus, too, recalls an important and also unrewarding character trait for Odysseus: persistence. Forever pushing a heavy boulder up a hill, Sisyphus slogs along much like Odysseus does in his seemingly never-ending journey home. Odysseus and university research paper guide his crew sail back to Circe's island, where they make a funeral pyre for Elpenor. Circe gives them a feast, and at night warns Odysseus of the dangers his ship will face tomorrow.

The next day, the crew follows her instructions, plugging their ears so the song of the Sirens will not tempt them away from their course; Odysseus listens to law enforcement and invasion of privacy, it but has his men lash him to the mast. Next, the men must sail between Scylla, a six-headed sea monster that devours sailors, and the treacherous whirlpools of who changed Charybdis. Odysseus does not tell them of the imminent death, as they would panic. Indeed, Scylla seizes and eats six men. The crew passes by the dangers and reaches the island of Helios, the Sun. Law Enforcement And Invasion Of Privacy. Odysseus passes on Tiresias' and topics for a british literature research paper Circe’s counsel not to cameras of privacy, eat the oxen or even land on the island. Tired and hungry, they want to sleep on the island, but Odysseus makes them promise not to touch the oxen. They moor, eat, and mourn their dead mates. Winds prevent them from leaving for a month, and descrimination essay their store of food thins. Law Enforcement Cameras And Invasion Essay. While Odysseus prays to the gods in isolation one day, Eurylokhos incites the others to sacrifice the oxen. Odysseus returns and sees what has happened, and quickly Lord Helios asks Zeus to process cover letter, punish them.

After the crew feasts for six days, they set sail. Zeus whips up a storm for punishment and shoots a thunderbolt at the ship, wrecking it. Law Enforcement And Invasion Of Privacy Essay. The men fall in american dream in american the water, and Odysseus grabs on to floating pieces of the ship. He drifts back to Charybdis, from which he barely escapes. With protection from above, he squeaks by Scylla and drifts to Calypso’s island.

Odysseus reminds his audience that he has already told them of this. Temptation again takes center stage in and invasion of privacy this book. Odysseus' crew falls victim to temptation, sacrificing and feasting on the oxen of key terms Helios, and cameras essay earning the wrath of the gods in return. The song of the Sirens tempts Odysseus too. However, by lashing himself to the mast, he exercises self-control when he knows he would otherwise have none. In this regard, he indulges in a fantasy of temptation: he can enjoy the beauty of the Sirens' song without any attendant punishment.

This unscathed brand of temptation is essay similar to his infidelities, in that he is able to sleep with other women under the essay guise of his mission's necessity. The opposite of temptation, one might argue, is fear; instead of looking forward to melting temptingly in guilty pleasures, the fearful person has anxiety about who changed essay future punishments. Odysseus wisely withholds information about Scylla from his crew, who have shown themselves to be vulnerable to both temptation and fear. Were he to tell them about Scylla, they might have panicked and lost more than six men. Yet Odysseus is far from heartless, and he mourns the men's deaths along with his surviving mates. His crew has slowly been losing men here and there (and, finally, everyone but Odysseus at the end of cameras of privacy essay this book) and a certain indifference to major research paper, death seems to have been built up, but Odysseus refers to the sight of law enforcement Scylla eating his men as far the worst I ever suffered (334).

How To Cite in MLA Format. Study Guide Navigation About The Odyssey The Odyssey Summary Character List Glossary Themes Quotes and key terms Analysis Summary And Analysis Books 1-4 Books 5-8 Books 9-12 Books 13-16 Books 17-20 Books 21-24 Symbols, Allegory and Motifs Metaphors and law enforcement Similes Irony Imagery The Fractal Structure of Epics Literary Elements Related Links Essay Questions Quizzes - Test Yourself! Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Quiz 3 Quiz 4 Citations Related Content Study Guide Essays Q A Lesson Plan E-Text Mini-Store Homer Biography. The Odyssey Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for cover, The Odyssey is cameras a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. The speaker of this passage is Calypso. I'm sorry, this is a short-answer literature forum designed for text specific questions. Resume. We are unable to assist students with essays or other writing projects. Circe's wolves and mountain lions are actually men that have been turned into law enforcement cameras essay, animals. The Odyssey study guide contains a biography of university research paper guide Homer, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

The Odyssey essays are academic essays for citation. Cameras Of Privacy Essay. These papers were written primarily by students and descrimination provide critical analysis of The Odyssey by Homer. The Odyssey e-text contains the full text of law enforcement and invasion of privacy The Odyssey by engineer letter Homer.

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Free Essays on Charles Darnay Sydney Carton Foil. novel written 1859, A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens illustrates through the character of Sydney Carton , whose willingness to give his own life for law enforcement cameras of privacy essay Lucie’s happiness creates the means for who changed my life essay Charles Darnay’s salvation, the theme of cameras self-sacrifice. Sydney Carton , a worthless drunken lawyer with loads. CHARACTER ANALYSIS Charles Darnay Charles Darnay , a French aristocrat by birth, is the american beauty, protagonist of the novel. He is a noble person in the true sense of the law enforcement cameras of privacy, word and a foil to his wicked uncle, the Marquis St. Evremonde. Taught by his mother to be compassionate, Darnay abhors the system into.

Mirror Symmetry and the use of dopplegangers are prevalent themes in “Tale of Two Cities” by british literature Charles Dickens. There are no greater comparisons then the numerous intentionally made between Sydney Carton and Charles Darney. Dickens makes this clear when he compares the two men saying; So like each other. The Personal Revolution of Sydney Carton. The Personal Revolution of Sydney Carton People everywhere around the world have moments in their life where nothing goes right and their life seems terrible, and law enforcement cameras of privacy essay, that’s perfectly normal; but having that feeling every second of your life? That’s sad and nobody deserves to feel that way. Engineer Letter! And the cameras and invasion of privacy essay, beauty.

Changing Impressions: a Sydney Carton Character Analysis. meet them that causes them to act differently. And sometimes, we just make inaccurate assumptions. Cover! This is also true of things in literature. In Charles Dickens's novel A Tale of Two Cities, and in all his novels, he wants to confuse people to keep them reading. He creates complex characters who change. Charles Guillou – an American Military Physician. Charles Fleury Bien-aime Guillou was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1813.

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With time, due to the steadily increasing cost of collecting, transporting, storing and descrimination essay, cleaning glass bottles, they were replaced by law enforcement of privacy cardboard cartons . A number of designs were used, including a tetrahedron which could be close- packed without waste space, and who changed essay, could not be knocked over accidentally. Tale of Two Cities. And Invasion Essay! A comparison of the pairs or doubles that appear constantly within the novel. ?1? Claire Gilman December 15, 2009 English 12 CP AN ABUNDANCE OF FOILS It was the best of times, it was the worst of times […] we were all going directly to Heaven, we were all going directly the other way (Dickens 7). Essay! Charles Dickens [influenced] the development of the serial novel and created.

Recalled to cameras and invasion essay, Life in major university, a Tale of Two Cities Religiou. The theme of law enforcement and invasion of privacy Resurrection is a strong and distinct theme found throughout the plot of Charles Dickens famous novel, A Tale of Two Cities. Charles Dickens uses a variety of intertwining themes of love, hate, redemption, and good versus evil in different characters in the story. Recalled to who changed my life, life,. Recalled to Life is about Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities. Law Enforcement Of Privacy Essay! It focuses on cover letter, how the characters are repeatedly resurrected.

Charles Dickens focuses on resurrection, the revival of mind and emotion, in his novel, A Tale of Two Cities. Dr. Manette, Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton are given second chances as their lives are resurrected. The story begins with Jerry Cruncher telling the Tellson's banker, Jarvis Lorry to meet. Global Retort Packaging Market Analysis and of privacy, Forecast, 2014 – 2020. Retort Packaging Market A retort packet is a type of food packaging made from a layer of flexible plastic and resume key terms, metal foils . It allows the sterile packaging of a large range of food and drink handled by aseptic processing. Retort is a process that uses heat and cameras and invasion, pressure. and will eventually die under the guillotine, Mr. Lorry is redeemed by his love for the Darnays and university guide, escapes France in law enforcement and invasion of privacy, their company. These conflicts, which Dickens pursues throughout the novel, are resolved by Sydney Carton's sacrifice for love of research paper guide Lucie. He concludes with a positive statement of goodness.

New report shares details about the Global Retort Packaging Market 2016-2020. packaging. Healthcare packaging, which is laminated inside with multiple layers of cameras and invasion of privacy essay flexible plastic and metal foils , can withstand high temperatures and pressures. The multiple layers consist of aluminum foil , nylon, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which are made up of materials like polypropylene, aluminum. Analysis of Charles Dickens' Writing Style in the Tale of Two Cities. In the historical novel Tale of process cover letter Two Cities, Charles Dickens displays a masterful ability to write and grasp various writing techniques. Dickens' style can be accurately described as descriptively symbolic with a flair for carrying themes throughout his novel. And Invasion! His style can be divided into key terms, the various. Review Guide on Mendelian Inheritance of Human Traits.

the French Revolution, chances are it’s been influenced by A Tale of Two Cities. Together with Thomas Carlyle’s History of the cameras and invasion essay, French Revolution, Charles Dickens’s novel has helped to shape generations of in american essay readers’ understanding of one of the most pivotal events in modern history. Interestingly, both. those early days famous ladies and royal personages told the couturiers what they wanted in dress designs. Law Enforcement Cameras Of Privacy Essay! Later in my life essay, the 19th century Englishman Charles Worth regarded now as the father of modern Haute Couture first put his name on law enforcement and invasion of privacy, the label of essay clothes. In 1858 in Paris he began to produce collections. A Tale of Two Cities: a Book Review. was a great novel. The setting took in the year 1775.

The author’s name is law enforcement essay, Charles Dickens. Research Paper Guide! The character I liked the most and law enforcement and invasion of privacy essay, cared for was Sydney Carton . In this novel Sydney Carton was an excellent character. Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England in 1812. As the second of eight children. Cristina L. Jayson Contact #: 09178871757. I. Introduction A. Biography of the author Charles Dickens is much loved for his great contribution to classical English literature. He is the quintessential Victorian author: his epic stories, vivid characters and exhaustive depiction of process contemporary life are unforgettable. . four months of storage. Older cardboard cartons lost 20%. (Today, most cartons have specially designed multi-layered oxygen and light barriers to help protect loss of law enforcement cameras and invasion of privacy essay vitamin C and flavor, and enhance shelf-life).

After 12 months in -20 degrees Celsius packed in who changed my life, foil -lined cardboard cans, FCOJ retained more. Carton This was a man of true humble loyalty. Although he did see worth in his life, this man’s life made a huge impact on others. He was a man that kept his word and and invasion of privacy, his promises. He was a man with a vision of Paris turning from slumbering to beautiful and flourishing. He created the vision.

Sydney Carton : Every Man's Hero Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends (John 15:13). Sydney Carton , the alcoholic who one day is teeming with vie, becomes a resolute and infallible hero. His love for Lucie Manette knows no bounds when he prepares for the day. Charles Edward Kingsford-Smith. Aviator 1897 -1935 Charles Kingsford Smith was born on 9th/2nd/1897. In 1913 he graduated from descrimination Sydney Technical College as an law enforcement and invasion essay, Electrical Engineer. In 1915 he enrolled in the Australian forces served in WWI. During the my life essay, war he was shot in the foot and and invasion of privacy, later had three. The significance of Charles Darnay's character in A Tale of Two Cities by resume key terms Charles Dickens. A Tale of Two Cities is one of Charles Dickens' most favoured novels that brings out the spirit of the law enforcement cameras and invasion essay, late eighteen century and the outbreak of the French Revolution. The book opens in the year 1775 by contrasting Paris and London in the best of times and the worst of times (p.

3). The story shifts. A Readers Perception of Sydney Carton Honors English 2 November 2012 In A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens he presents Sydney Carton as an irrelevant character throughout the story. Sydney Carton is first illustrated to be a careless drunk. He is an attorney who can’t find the slightest. Pharmaceutical: Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. tablet. Engineer Letter! 12. Inspect the ready tablets on inspection belt. 13. Prepack the tablets suitably in blister, strip or bottles followed by post packing in cartons or boxes.

14. Shrinks wrap the law enforcement essay, boxes and pack them finally in major research paper, corrugated boxes suitable for and invasion of privacy dispatches. TORRENT PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. INDRAD 1.1. life experiences of the author, Charles Dickens. Through this literary work, Dickens conveys his opinions about topics literature revolutions and their advocates. Also explored are the effects of prisons and law enforcement of privacy, imprisonment his life. Beauty Essay! In his British masterpiece A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens utilizes symbolism to.

Adam Heim Advanced English 9 22 May 2012 Dickens and Suspense Charles Dickens’ masterpiece, A Tale of Two Cities, is full of suspense, mystery, and drama. A Tale of Two Cities is about the French Revolution, and how people in France were scared and law enforcement of privacy, poor. People were often falsely accused of treason. A Tale of Two Cities: Sydney Carton vs. Charles Darnay. written by topics paper Charles Dickens, takes place during the French Revolution.

The book centers on the heroic attempts of Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay . Sydney Carton puts on the facade of being insolent and essay, indifferent, but his true nature is who changed, expressed in the book when he puts others first, defends Charles , and. Silverchair and Something for Kate, where popular throughout the country. A small electronic music scene emerged around Sydney and Melbourne with Severed Heads, Ollie Olsen’s No, and Foil all peaking in the 90’s. Australian music experienced somewhat of a rock renaissance in the 2000’s with groups such. Darnay vs Carton Tale of Two Cities Tale of Two Cities Essay: Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton The two men, who wish they had the love of Miss. Lucie Manette in law enforcement cameras and invasion, a Tale of two cities, are Charles Darnay , the gentlemen, and Sydney Carton , the drunken fool. These two characters, may seem like they are completely different, but truly. break it down at the ongoing rave parties, equipped with anything and everything you’ll need to party through the night. Moving up to for a british, number 4 is Sydney , Australia.

This is the first country to welcome in the year, and the Aussies sure do know how to do it in style. Law Enforcement And Invasion Of Privacy Essay! They have a magnificent fireworks. characters with the reader. An example of Dickens’ use of nature to mirror human emotion is in Book the Second, Chapter Five. This is the scene where Sydney Carton emerges from Stryver’s office after a long night of hard work. An inscription from the book states, “When he got out of the house, the topics for a british literature research paper, air was cold. Global PTP aluminum Foil Industry 2015 Market Research Report. Global PTP aluminum Foil industry that you would know the world’s major regional market conditions of PTP aluminum Foil industry, the main region including North American, Europe and law enforcement cameras of privacy essay, Asia etc, and the main country including United States ,Germany ,Japan and China etc. Resume! The report firstly introduced. person`s health by giving them more chance of use of drugs and alcohol which will take a while to cameras, recover from the tragedy.

Example . Sydney Carton and research guide, Lucie Manette. Carton love for Lucie improved him, He is a heavy drinker who seems to care about no one, not even himself. His transformation begins when. Matt Steffanetta English Report Great Expectations Open Essay “In a literary work, a minor character, often known as a foil , possesses traits that emphasize, by contrast or comparison, the and invasion, distinctive characteristics and qualities of the main character. For example, the ideas or behavior of the. Carton and university research paper, Darnay- a compare and contrast essay.

admiration, fixation, and curiosity about the inquisitive novel, A Tale of Two Cities, written by one of the most prestigious writers of all time, Charles Dickens. Individuals have questioned of Dr. Manette's struggle to overcome insanity after recuperating from the troubles of prison, what the several. Market Survey Aluminum Foil Industry 2015 Acute Market Reports. Product Synopsis In general, aluminum foil is the aluminum or aluminum alloy coil being rolled as aluminium strip whose thickness is less than 0.2 mm. Currently, the thinnest of the commercialization of rolling aluminum foil is 0.0045 mm, and and invasion of privacy essay, can be produced more thinner.

But the cost of this product. Increasing Purchasing Power makes BRICS Nations a Lucrative Market for Paper Packaging Materials, reports TMR. major factor driving the growth of the paper packaging materials market.” Flexible packaging comprises bags, pouches, envelopes, cellulose, aluminum foils and other such products that can be used for wrapping purposes. Transparency Market Research 2 Paper Packaging Materials Market A rising. Folding Carton Market in North America 2015-2019 - Worldwide Market size, share, trend, growth, analysis and who changed, Research Report. 866-997-4948 (Us-Canada Toll Free) Tel: +1-518-618-1030 with your industry research requirements or email the details on [email protected] Folding cartons are paperboards that are cut, folded, laminated, and printed; they are used for packaging goods that produced by various product manufacturers. Law Enforcement Cameras And Invasion Of Privacy! They.

the size of the cut vegetables. They should not be “soft” or fully cooked, but crisp. Coat a roasting pan with aluminum foil and spray a coat of university paper olive oil spray on the foil . Toss onions with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast the onions for and invasion of privacy 15 minutes. Remove the onions.

Toss the. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. insisted we receive it, with like or dislike, in descrimination essay, the educational degree of learning only. After reading the first few pages of “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens my first impression was that it was a terrible book. It was very hard to understand Dickens style of writing and his plot seemed to advance.

Cities. What does the name “Cruncher” suggest to you? What English words does Charles Darnay’s real name, Evremonde, sound like? And what might Dickens be suggesting by naming one of his main characters Charles Darnay and giving him the initials C.D.? A figure of law enforcement and invasion essay speech in which an process, animal, object.

Chapter Titles in Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities and What they reveal about this novel. Ben Weissler 3/16/08 Block 5 A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens' novel, A Tale of Two Cites, is cameras essay, a very rich text. The characters, plot, and writing style are all complex and multifaceted. However, one of the least studied and important part of this novel is the chapter titles and even the proposed. Nature and Charles Dickens Charles Dickens method of using nature to mirror human emotions is effective and gives the reader a better understanding. For example, in major research, Chapter five, Book the law enforcement cameras of privacy, Second, Dickens describes what Sydney Carton looks like and topics literature paper, what the room looks like when he finishes his work. Primary Productivity Experiment Report.

with a stopper. Where pond water samples are taken from - * All taken from the largest pond located at Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, North Sydney . * All taken from the same location within the pond, only changing the depth at which they are taken. Law Enforcement Cameras And Invasion Essay! This location will be marked with a 1m ruler. to show Sydney Carton and C.J. Stryver’s feelings toward each other and what they expect. In Book the Second Chapter 5 Dickens compares Carton to a Jackal and Stryver to a Lion. This quote “At last, it began to get about, among such as were interested in the matter, that although Sydney Carton would never.

A Tale of descrimination Two Cities: Sydney Carton. A Tale of Two Cities: Sydney Carton In Charles Dickens' novel A Tale Of Two Cities, Sydney Carton is a man of several distinct characteristics. Carton is shown originally to be a frustrated alcoholic, but then turns out to be a very noble and law enforcement cameras and invasion of privacy essay, genuine man. Sydney Carton is also shown in descrimination, the. The Portrayal of Women in A Tale of Two Cities ?A Tale of Two Cities Paper Foils exist to highlight certain attributes of a character by introducing a contrasting character. In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens uses multiple foils between characters in order to emphasize and develop the characters. This can be observed throughout the plot; sinister. Book Report: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Two Cities is written by law enforcement and invasion essay Charles Dickens and it takes place in essay, France and England beginning in 1775. It's told in third person until the end when Sydney Carton overtakes the narrator and talks in first person for the last few paragraphs of the novel. Protagonist: Charles Darnay is a young French aristocrat.

A Tale of law enforcement and invasion of privacy Two Cities Character Carton Analysis. In the novel, A Tale of Two Cities, Sydney Carton’s character went through a series of decisions that affected the outcome of the novel. Topics Research Paper! Sydney Carton looks almost looks exactly the law enforcement cameras and invasion of privacy, same as Charles Darnay , but the main difference, was that Darnay was sober a majority of the time, and he cared and worked. versus evil. Dickens obviously realized that everyone deserves a second chance. This is very evident in the characters of Dr Manette, Charles Darnay , and Sydney Carton . University Guide! Lucie Manette, in my opinion, even experienced a moment of rebirth. Law Enforcement! Resurrection is the resume, act of bringing back to practice, notice or. AP Book Report: A Tale of and invasion of privacy essay Two Cities, by Charles Dickens. AP Book Report. 1. Title of Work: A Tale of Two Cities.

2. Author and date written: Charles Dickens; written in 1859, London, Published in weekly serial form between April 20, 1859, and November 26, 1859 3. Country of author: London, England 4. Characters (label as major or minor) with brief descriptions. their part in the revolution was almost always controversial. Women were viewed differently during the revolution than men. In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens portrays three women characters in his work that all obtain the trait of strength but each one displays it differently within the major university paper guide, ways they. Love and Sacrifice in law enforcement cameras and invasion of privacy essay, a Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Since the beginning of human interaction, sacrifices have been made to show care for another person. In the work of literature A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, readers see this recurring theme many times, showing how strongly Dickens feels about the matter.

The theme that one must sacrifice something. and authority and those who did not. The peasants were hateful towards the topics paper, nobles since they were mistreated and abused. In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens’ portrayal of the nobles’ treatment of law enforcement essay peasants in university research, France between 1775 and 1780 is accurate. In the novel, the French ruling aristocracy. Jerry Cruncher has become a sort of servant and went shopping with Miss Pross. Cameras And Invasion Essay! 2. Dr. Manette feels that it is not yet safe for Charles to descrimination, leave yet. 3. Cameras And Invasion Essay! Charles is denounced by M. and Madame Defarge and descrimination essay, one other. CHAPTER VIII 1. “The National Razor” is La Guillotine.

2. Miss Pross screams. Resurrection in a Tale of Two Cities 2. murmuring. And Invasion! It is american in american beauty, not until Darnay tells him his secret and cameras and invasion of privacy, the marriage of Lucie shocks him into a right mind. Dr. Manette is fully resurrected when he can return to his home where he receives the respect he once enjoyed there eighteen years before he was thrown in prison.

Sydney Carton is american dream, another character.

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Category Archives: Ph.D. Dissertations. On Tuesday, November 8th @4PM Auditorium 4, Shaya Pourmirza will defend his Ph.D. thesis entitled “Runtime Party Switch in an Inter-Organizational Collaboration” Supervisor(s): P.W.P.J. Grefen and R.M. Dijkman. During the law enforcement cameras and invasion of privacy, execution of an inter-organizational business-to-business (B2B) collaboration, a collaborating party may drop out for technical reasons or for business reasons.

In such a case, the leaving party must be replaced, at runtime, by a new party. Ideally, the new party can pick up where the old party left off. Currently, algorithms exist that can help with the runtime selection of the new party in order to incorporate it in the collaboration. My Life Essay? Also, several studies have investigated the theoretical foundations of dynamic business process changes within a single enterprise. However, very few attempts have been made which can help a new party in a collaboration to pick up where the old party left off. Designing such techniques constitutes a challenge due to each party’s autonomy and to privacy policies that emerge in the context of a collaboration. This PhD study aims to address this challenge by providing an overview of the components, algorithms, operations and techniques that are necessary to enable a party in a collaboration to be replaced by another party at runtime. Accordingly, this study consists of the following three research activities. Firstly, it presents a descriptive reference architecture for Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) that facilitates switching parties in inter-organizational collaborations.

This reference architecture, called BPMS-RA, has been designed based on a systematic literature survey of existing BPMS architectures. Law Enforcement Of Privacy Essay? The main purpose of the development of BPMS-RA is twofold: (i) it can be employed as an major research guide, architectural template for developing a new BPMS by offering two distinct levels of aggregation for the components that comprise a BPMS architecture, and law enforcement of privacy essay (ii) it enables the analysis and literature research comparison of existing BPMS in terms of their functionalities. Secondly, it introduces a strategy for adapting an law enforcement and invasion, inter-organizational collaboration when a global view on the collaboration exists. In this strategy we assume that it is possible to resume key terms, have a central party, called the global controller, that can observe all communication and be the intermediary between all collaborating parties when one party is replaced by another. In this case there is also a model that describes all communications, which is called the choreography model. This research contributes to the body of knowledge by proposing a set of algorithms, operations and techniques (such as rollback and and invasion of privacy essay compensation) that facilitate the paper, party switch in the case where a global controller and a choreography model exist. Finally, it describes a strategy for law enforcement adapting an inter-organizational collaboration when a global view on the collaboration does not exist. In this strategy, we assume that there is no global controller in a collaboration and no choreography model of the collaboration.

The main challenge in this case is to capture the choreography model by relating the past communications among the collaborating parties that belong to the same thread of collaboration. This challenge is resume key terms, also known as the correlation challenge. This study addresses this challenge by introducing a new process discovery algorithm, called the correlation miner, that facilitates discovery when events (i.e., messages) are not associated with a case identifier. In order to demonstrate the feasibility of these studies, we have developed prototype tools that implement our solutions and we evaluated them in a practical setting. Law Enforcement And Invasion Essay? Additional experiments were performed on both synthetic and real-world process models in order to determine the extent to my life, which our proposed solutions are applicable.

PhD defense Mohammad Rasouli: “Information Governance in Service-Oriented Business Networking” On Tuesday, October 25th @4PM Auditorium 4, Mohammad Rasouli will defend his Ph.D. thesis entitled “Information governance in service-oriented business networking” Supervisor(s): P.W.P.J. Of Privacy? Grefen en prof.dr. R.J. Kusters. Chair:

G.P.J. Verbong. Information Governance in Service-Oriented Business Networking. Competition in current business environments forces organizations to focus on for a british literature research, their core competencies and outsource other activities. Organizations focusing on and invasion, their core competencies collaborate with globally distributed business parties to provide products and services for customers.

This highlights the importance of research paper business networking for achieving competitive advantages. In this way, nowadays competition is between business networks (BNs) rather than between single organizations. On the other hand, customers’ empowerment in of privacy, globalized markets necessitates service orientation in BNs. Service orientation in BNs points out deep interactions with customers for value co-creation as well as dynamic and agile collaboration with suppliers to deliver mass-customized products and services. In this way, a service-oriented business network (SBN) is described as a collaborative network of resume independent parties within a market that co-create mass-customized packages of products and services in the form of integrated solutions. Service orientation in BNs requires sensing of environmental changes (e.g. And Invasion Of Privacy Essay? customer needs) and american in american beauty essay responding to law enforcement and invasion, these needs rapidly through agile orchestration of resources distributed among parties. American Dream In American Beauty Essay? Orchestration of distributed resources within a BN is law enforcement, realized by networked business processes.

Service orientation in BNs highlights information-intensive networked business processes. The information-intensity implies dynamic evolution of networked business processes in order to dream in american beauty essay, respond to cameras and invasion essay, environmental requirements. The property of information-intensity is further increased by emerging paradigms like big data, cloud computing, and internet of things that enable to generate, store, access, and use globally distributed information. However, this situation results in emerging issues such as unsecured information access and process engineer letter low quality information products. These issues strongly threaten performance of BNs. So, they need to be recognized and countered by information governance (IG) mechanisms in an appropriate way. IG in the context of BNs can be characterized as a holistic approach to enable high quality and secure information exchanges among collaborating parties. This dissertation concentrates on law enforcement cameras of privacy essay, IG in topics research paper, SBNs. Law Enforcement Of Privacy Essay? To do so, the dissertation is organized within the three main parts. The first part of the thesis characterizes SBNs within an integrated framework in the form of my life three-two dimensional matrices.

The applicability and and invasion of privacy usefulness of the developed framework to characterize service orientation in real-life BNs is evaluated by a multiple-case study. The second part of the dissertation concentrates on the identification of the IG issues resulting from service orientation in BNs. To do so, a systematic literature review is conducted that results in process engineer, the identification of the 28 IG issues. Cameras And Invasion Of Privacy? These issues are categorized within information quality, information security, and american dream essay metadata domains. The practical relevance of the theoretically identified IG issues is evaluated by a case study. The third part of the law enforcement cameras, dissertation describes synthesizing an architectural solution to deal with the identified IG issues. The designed architecture specifies components that support governing information assets that are exchanged to manage dynamic networked business processes in SBNs. On Monday 30 May 2016 4PM, Rob Vanwersch will defend his PhD thesis entitled “Rethinking care processes: Does anybody have an idea?” in Auditorium 4 at Eindhoven University of Technology. Promoters:

Paul Grefen and Hajo Reijers. Co-promoter: Irene Vanderfeesten. The summary of his PhD thesis, the in american beauty, propositions accompanying the dissertation, and the acknowledgements can be downloaded below: Lately, the focus of organizations is changing fundamentally.

Where they used to spend almost exclusively attention to results, in terms of goods, services, revenue and costs, they are now concerned about the efficiency of their business processes. Each step of the business processes needs to be known, controlled and optimized. This explains the huge effort that many organizations currently put into the mapping of their processes in so-called (business) process models. Unfortunately, sometimes these models do not (completely) reflect the cameras of privacy, business reality or the reader of the model does not interpret the represented information as intended. Hence, whereas on the one hand we observe how organizations are attaching increasing importance to british, these models, on the other hand we notice how the and invasion of privacy, quality of process models in companies often proves to be insufficient. The doctoral research makes a significant contribution in american dream in american, this context. This work investigates in law enforcement and invasion of privacy essay, detail how people create process models and why and when this goes wrong. A better understanding of current process modeling practice will form the basis for the development of guide concrete guidelines that result in the construction of law enforcement cameras and invasion of privacy better process models in the future. The first study investigated how we can represent the approach of different modelers in a cognitive effective way, in order to facilitate knowledge building.

For this purpose the PPMChart was developed. It represents the different operations of a modeler in a modeling tool in such a way that patterns in their way of working can be detected easily. Through the collection of 704 unique modeling executions (a joint contribution of who changed my life essay several authors in and invasion essay, the research domain), and essay through the development of a concrete implementation of the visualization, it became possible to gather a great amount of insights about how different people work in different situations while modeling a concrete process. The second study explored, based on the discovered modeling patterns of the first study, the potential relations between how process models were being constructed and law enforcement of privacy which quality was delivered. Who Changed My Life Essay? To be precise, three modeling patterns from the law enforcement cameras of privacy essay, previous study were investigated further in their relation with the understandability of the produced process model.

By comparing the PPMCharts that show these patterns with corresponding process models, a connection was found in each case. It was noticed that when a process model was constructed in topics literature paper, consecutive blocks (i.e., in a structured way), a better understandable process model was produced. A second relation stated that modelers who (frequently) moved (many) model elements during modeling usually created a less understandable model. The third connection was found between the amount of time spent at constructing the model and a declining understandability of the resulting model. Cameras And Invasion Essay? These relations were established graphically on paper, but were also confirmed by a simple statistical analysis.

The third study selected one of the relations from the previous study, i.e., the for a british paper, relation between structured modeling and model quality, and investigated this relation in more detail. Again, the law enforcement and invasion of privacy, PPMChart was used, which has lead to the identification of different ways of structured process modeling. When a task is difficult, people will spontaneously split up this task in sub-tasks that are executed consecutively (instead of simultaneously). Structuring is the way in which the for a literature paper, splitting of tasks is handled. Law Enforcement Essay? It was found that when this happens consistently and essay according to certain logic, modeling became more effective and more efficient. Effective because a process model was created with less syntactic and semantic errors and cameras essay efficient because it took less time and modeling operations. Still, we noticed that splitting up the modeling in process engineer cover letter, sub-tasks in a structured way, did not always lead to a positive result.

This can be explained by some people structuring the modeling in the wrong way. Law Enforcement Essay? Our brain has cognitive preferences that cause certain ways of working not to topics literature research paper, fit. The study identified three important cognitive preferences: does one have a sequential or a global learning style, how context-dependent one is and how big one”s desire and need for structure is. The Structured Process Modeling Theory was developed, which captures these relations and which can form the basis for the development of an optimal individual approach to process modeling. In our opinion the theory has the potential to also be applicable in a broader context and to help solving various types of problems effectively and cameras essay efficiently. PhD defense of key terms Rui de Almeida: Conditional Density Models Integrating Fuzzy and Probabilistic Representations of cameras and invasion Uncertainty @June 26 Erasmus University Rotterdam. Prom./coprom.: Resume? Uzay Kaymak / Prof. Joao M. Sousa.

This work considers the general problem of conditional density estimation, i.e., estimating and predicting the law enforcement, density of a response variable as a function of covariates. The semi-parametric models proposed and developed in this work combine fuzzy and dream probabilistic representations of and invasion of privacy essay uncertainty, while making very few assumptions regarding the functional form of the process, response variable’s density or changes of the functional form across the space of covariates. Law Enforcement And Invasion Essay? These models possess sufficient generalization power to approximate a non-standard density and the ability to describe the underlying process using simple linguistic descriptors despite the complexity and possible non-linearity of this process. These novel models are applied to real world quantitative finance and american dream in american beauty essay risk management problems by analyzing financial time-series data containing non-trivial statistical properties, such as fat tails, asymmetric distributions and changing variation over time. PhD defense of Egon Luftenegger: Service-Dominant Business Design @ June 3 16.00 hrs. AUD Hall 4. On Tuesday, June 3rd, Egon Luftenegger will defend his Ph.D. thesis entitled “Service-Dominant Business Design”. Prom./coprom.: Law Enforcement? P.W.P.J. Grefen and dr. Research Paper? M. Comuzzi.

Auditorium Hall 4. Ph.D. Thesis: The Role of law enforcement of privacy Contextual Factors in Process Harmonization by Heidi Romero. On Monday, April 28th, Heidi Romero will defend her Ph.D. thesis entitled “The Role of Contextual Factors in resume key terms, Process Harmonization”. Prom./coprom.: P.W.P.J. Grefen, prof.dr. A.J. van Weele R.M.

Dijkman. At this moment of posting, the thesis text is not yet available from the TU/e library. Click here for the abstract. Since Wednesday, March. 13th, it is Dr.Joel Ribeiro! Congratulations of the entire Group Information Systems! Back to announcement. Ph.D. Thesis: Multidimensional Process Discovery. On Wednesday, March.

13th, Joel Ribeiro will defend his Ph.D. thesis entitled Multidimensional Process Discovery. The thesis text is already available from the TU/e library. Ph.D. Of Privacy Essay? Thesis: Process Based Unification for Multi-model Software Process Improvement. On Wednesday, Jan. 30th, Zador Daniel Kelemen will defend his Ph.D. Process Engineer? thesis entitled Process Based Unification for Multi-model Software Process Improvement.

The thesis text is already available from the TU/e library.