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Great thesis statement great gatsby

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Great thesis statement great gatsby

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Concerning the Political in Art, part II. The paradox encountered by political artists is that the visual arts exhibit two seemingly contradictory modes simultaneously. The visual arts, uniquely among the various arts, can be both representational and sensorial. That is, a painting can be both the material thing painted and its content (which is inexactly called subject matter). Great Thesis Statement Great! The visual arts span a wide range between two extremes of #8220;meaning.#8221; One is literature, pure symbolic expression, the one art that possesses virtually no central, essential, informing sensorial quality. There is nothing tangible that is wilbur resume, absolutely necessary to the content of a story. A book can be hand- or typewritten, it can be a cheap paperback or a lavish leather-bound volume.

Its beauty and fineness of presentation do not alter its content, which still refers to the same things. Not so the great statement great other arts. Music needs—is defined by—physical sound heard by rguhs digital thesis someone. Statement Gatsby! Dance requires a moving body. Essay Baby! Music does not refer to some other thing, but refers to and presents only itself. Likewise, dance does not point to other things, but to the organization and presentation of itself. But the visual arts can be both representational or referential, as in literature, and sensuous, as in music. It is statement, this singular capacity to be both that ultimately works against essay the political purposes of art.

How are we simultaneously to keep our attention on these two different modes of the work? The dilemma of all representational art is this: one mode has to be dominant over gatsby the other, and that mode is the sensuous, not the propositional. Our experience has shown us that, when all is said and done, when time has passed, the formal properties and elements in a work of visual art dominate our appreciation and our aesthetic judgment of the work. Lithium Research Papers! We marvel at the consummate skill of Rubens, we are gripped by the dramatic lighting of Caravaggio, and we are perplexed at the vast talent of Bouguereau trivialized on salacious themes. The classical pleasure of great statement great gatsby, delecto derives from the application of the paint, the richness of the marble, the suppleness of the dancer#8217;s body, the timbre of the rguhs digital instrument, as much as it does from the represented subject. There is a large body of analysis and criticism that argues forcefully against subject matter and the consequent captive sentiment in pictures, and for the formal and thesis great gatsby material properties of art. This is the position of formalist and Modernist criticism, and is largely a twentieth century idea. Oppositely, the essay baby greater part of thesis great, preceding art theory and wilbur resume criticism placed a strong emphasis on subject matter. Great Gatsby! Diderot#8217;s promotion of Greuze and similar moralizing painters in the eighteenth century, for example, rested on just this point. Brian! The moral tone of Neo-classicism, Romanticism, and Realism relied on the subject to provide the great thesis great gatsby significant component of representation, that is, an action or event that was the work#8217;s moral locus.

Even Impressionism claimed to brian wilbur, be more relevant than academic painting, and purposely chose as its subject matter la vie moderne . Without a personal commitment to the particular issue, we view Delacroix#8217;s The Massacre at Chios with the same aloof interest as we do one of his Arabian horsemen or The Death of Sardanapalus . For me, in a similar way, I have little spontaneous response to the political agenda of Goya#8217;s court paintings or The Fourth of great statement great, May . (But I do feel a strong response to research, Saturn Devouring One of His Sons .) This suggests to me that certain representations provoke such a visceral response as to great thesis great gatsby, remove them from a the ambit of essay baby, classical aesthetics. This happens in statement great response to the referential subject matter, and only few such subjects and their treatment summon forth such strong reactions. Inevitably all representations (which music, for example, is not) refer to the world of experience. Should Have Uniforms! In that world, our actions are guided by some set of moral or ethical principles. Our decisions are based on consequences. But in art, there is the contemplative sensorial element, there is the capacity to apprehend the works in themselves without recourse to the accuracy of the depictions. (This, in fact, is the conclusion Herbert Marcuse arrived at after seeing Picasso#8217;s Guernica .) The timelessness of Shakespeare or Sophocles is said to come from the universality of great statement, their themes. Wilbur! (We need glosses to help explain the political references in their plays, but we need no interpretative notes to thesis statement great, explicate Falstaff#8217;s #8220;What is honor#8221; speech.) Every action and artifact has at least a minimal “political” component. This is particularly so of representations, because as such, they are intentionally edited and shaped by the artist or author to coincide with an essay rabies research, end purpose. Art has always served a political purpose, originally by magnifying the ruler or deities and by honoring and statement sustaining the privileged class and its institutions.

This occurred in a different social system—one of an artisan class or craft guild economically dependent on a patron class—and usually took the form of officially sanctioned and commissioned art (that is, most of the art that is studied in art history). But there occurred a marked changed of attitude that began with the Protestant Reformation, gained a widespread support with the revolutions of the eighteenth century, and was hurried along by industrialized capitalism and mass communications. That attitude exalted individualism and personal opinions and set the individual in an adversarial relationship with such authoritarian institutions as government and Church. Essay Rabies! By the end of the nineteenth century, the very decision to be an great gatsby, artist included the decision to be either an exiled avant garde artist or a traditional artist. There are several roots of “political” art.

One is rabies, found in the hierarchy of genres promulgated in the latter seventeenth century by the French Academy to rank the seriousness of works of art. At the great great gatsby top was history painting, so-called because the papers subjects portrayed moral action or events taken from classical literature or Biblical stories. The lesser genres included portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. In the French Academy#8217;s formulation, such paintings were inferior because they were merely reportorial pictures without moral force or artistic imagination. In the eighteenth century, Diderot advanced the cause of moralizing art when he championed the bathetic portrayals of Greuze and others. Such pictorial exhorting reached its most exalted status in great gatsby the French Revolution, when David#8217;s Neo-classical civic lessons were annexed to the purposes of the resume Revolution. The American and French Revolutions themselves are representative of another source for the “political” in art, that is, the decline of the aristocracy and rise of popular democracies and mass education. Liberal democratic government in Western industrial societies was premised upon thesis gatsby the involvement of the great numbers of people previously unenfranchised.

As education spread, social and political counselors and essayists promoted the merits of an informed electorate. Implicit in the concept of an informed and educated electorate, and enhanced by lithium research papers the doctrine of a personal rather than authoritative interpretation of moral precepts, was the impetus to great thesis statement great gatsby, political activism By the middle of the nineteenth century, Marxist theory proposed that all of industrial capitalism would face an on-going proletarian revolution until the vindication of socialism. Social reformers of the last century, like Saint-Simon and Fournier, saw a restructuring of society along socialist lines and led by artists, engineers, and scientists. Romanticism, which theoretically was based on the same fundamentals as the democratic revolutions of America and France, placed a great emphasis on the concept of artistic genius and the uniqueness of artistic sensitivity. This was absorbed into the socialist proposals of the last centuries, and artists were thought to be possessed of a particular temperament or insight that made them especially well suited as social critics and managers. This attitude persisted into the twentieth century, propagated by essay research artists and non-artists alike. There was a supposed special sensitivity to matters of the heart or human relations that artists possessed which other mortals do not have. It is this self-delusion of the artistic community about the nature of artistic sensitivity that has led artists to exile themselves from society and to great thesis statement great gatsby, critique it, and simultaneously to lithium research papers, claim to be the visionaries who can right society#8217;s wrongs.

Yet another source for great statement, the #8220;political#8221; component of art can be found in the development of the portable easel painting. Once the work of art (more accurately a painting) was liberated from its site and the meaning of its location, the messages of pictures became interchangeable commodities. This interchangeability allowed for lithium research papers, the rise of the museum, the institution of meta-meaning, in which artworks qua art and artistic value existed in isolation from their cultural context. The museum in great thesis turn reciprocally created conditions that greatly magnified the independent value of the artist as maker, and thus elevated the value of the artist#8217;s genius and sensitivity embodied in the work. And so, it is in a museum that Picasso#8217;s Guernica is shown, not in the rubble of a Basque town. Inevitably, it is in a culture and society that puts portable and interchangeable art on its sanctuary walls that the utter ineffectiveness and irrelevance of #8220;political#8221; art is essay, demonstrated.

The #8220;political#8221; in art is ineffective because consumer capitalism neutralizes its message. The museum or gallery is driven by cultural interests that themselves are driven by economic interests. We hear not infrequently of statement gatsby, a museum#8217;s refusal to part with, say, a section of an altarpiece in order that the whole altarpiece be restored intact, because of the essay museum#8217;s claimed commitment to presenting a wide diversity of great thesis statement, art to its constituency. The museum shows itself impervious to the original meaning and utc admissions essay import of works of thesis statement great gatsby, art. Because it is trivialized in the gallery, #8220;political#8221; art is ineffective, and because it is ineffective, it is essay baby, irrelevant. What political good is something that does not work? Besides, who cares?

The disseminators of propaganda or advertising care enough to carry through: the army will feed and clothe and pay the soldier it recruits, the store will sell the customer the product, and the church will take in and succor its lost souls. Will an artist who makes political art, such as Sue Coe, do as much? Concerning the Political in Art, part I. Artist frequently-at least in the last two hundred years-have used art to statement gatsby, proclaim social or political beliefs, often in forceful and emphatic fashion. Goya and Hogarth, Millet, Courbet, and Daumier, Kollwitz, Groz, and others in this centuryvisual art, especially painting and graphics, has provided us with a powerful voice of moral declamation. In modern American art, virtually every school or movement has claimed to achieve an exalted degree of essay research, #8220;truth#8221; unequaled or lost by thesis statement great gatsby its contemporaries. From the realism of Homer and the paintings of the Ashcan School, from American Scene and Regionalist paintings and the social realism of the 1930#8217;s, to Abstract Expressionism, Pop, and other movements of the post-War era, artists have announced that each new style embodied the greater truth of representational fidelity (e.g., Sloane), transcendental good (e.g., Rothko), or authenticity and sincerity (e.g., Dubuffet). The City Gallery of Contemporary Art in brian wilbur resume Raleigh presented an exhibition of works by Sue Coe in 1990. A very striking painting portrayed a barroom gang rape in New Bedford, Massachusetts; many drawings dealt with the slaughter of animals and their use as experimental targets in Pentagon research; and a few paintings opposed the official U.S. Great Great! policies toward the research conflict in Central America. The larger paintings were done in a vigorously expressionistic manner, using painted labels or captions, and were restricted in color to great thesis gatsby, virtual monochromes of library thesis, red or black. Thesis Statement Great Gatsby! It was Coe#8217;s stated purpose to grab the viewer and proselytize, to push very specific messages by a garrulous style and by the startling impact of the subject matter. That is well and essay rabies research good, it is appropriate since art has the capacity to be both aesthetically pleasurable and also referential.

But invariably, artworks presented for viewing as art, in a gallery, will always be seen first as aesthetic. They will become subjected to statement, the rule of taste and connoisseurship and will become detached in an important way from their actual, denoted subject matter (as in this case). They are seen as things made within the conventions of art and aesthetics. Moreover, one profound by-product of an exhibitionwhether it#8217;s of Hockney or Fischl or Rameses or Monet, whomeveris that the various pieces lose their individual identities. Thesis! Each becomes yet another painting of California pools, or another scene of ennui, etc. Their relation to each other and to other works of art is as important asif not more thantheir represented subjects. They become more an exhibition of the artist#8217;s choices and great thesis gatsby style than of her subject. This, of course, is the fate of brian resume, any art exhibition. This repetitiveness, I think, takes a relatively large toll on great thesis great Coe#8217;s paintings, drains much of their impact, and causes them to be perceived in terms of an oeuvre. Her voluble alarms about these topics are muted. (By analogy, think of the enervating monotony of the political conventions and the dulling effect of speech after speech calling us to this agenda or that.) This has happened here: we had come primarily to view a show, and this show was unfortunately stifled by a hyperbolic and redundant mannerism and an unremittingly belabored polemic.

The attitude of viewers when they enter the gallery, I suspect, is an anticipation of viewing artworks. What Coe herself wants is to make us think about these very specific events, and (I guess) to do something about them. Because of the dulling effect of gallery exhibitions on utc admissions essay the hortatory intent of these paintings, it seems that Coe#8217;s political purposes are better served when she writes and illustrates on the Op-Ed pages of the New York Times . There her forum is predetermined as one of political dialogue and advocacy. In a sense, these paintings and drawings may more properly be considered as journalism (as she encourages us to acknowledge). A couple of years ago, Knight-Ridder newspapers ran an advertisement which showed a photograph of great statement gatsby, a man carrying an injured woman from a helicopter. The headline and copy read, #8220;Why do they have to show things like this in a newspaper? Yes, this is a grisly picture. Rguhs Digital! But in a glance readers understood the enormity of what happened to the White City [it was destroyed by a volcano in Colombia].

No amount of thesis, words could equal this image and those that came with it. . . .#8221; From what I can tell, this is precisely what Coe intends, and what she does. A pertinent questions to ask is why schools should essay, why the City Gallery chose to exhibit these works. Great! Did it have an ulterior purpose? Indeed, [an animals#8217; rights group] solicited and underwrote this show. Did the gallery agree with Coe and support her political beliefs? If so, how? By simply showing the paintings? How would that help? Who is for essay baby, rape?

Another social topic of great concern to Sue Coe is the plight of the homeless in this country, and a large portion of her works deal with this issue. If the gallery mounted the show because it concurred with Coe#8217;s opinions, then it might have demonstrated it by allowing the homeless people of the park across the street to sleep in the gallery (now that the thesis statement great gatsby Raleigh city council has contrived to get rid of them from 5 p.m to 7 a.m.). Since this did not happen, does it mean that the gallery aligned itself with the property owners who want to guarantee the gentrification of digital library thesis, that area of the city by hustling the bums elsewhere (in which case, we can easily see that exhibiting political art such as Coe#8217;s in great statement a setting such as the City Gallery is truly pointless)? If the gallery does not open its doors to utc admissions, the homeless because of great gatsby, worry about damage and theft, insurance liability, or some such problem, we can see that the essay baby material values of great thesis statement great gatsby, ownership, commodity, status, and perhaps name association with a nationally known artist supersede the ostensible political values enunciated in Coe#8217;s works. I do not say this merely to be churlish, but to emphasize the mutual antagonism between the purposes of social action (i.e., political) art and digital library thesis the essentially mercantile, elitist, and culturally refined purposes of a gallery. Can one say that the statement gatsby City Gallery offers a neutral site for the presentation of various types of exhibitions? Probably not because it imposes certain values on its exhibits. The gallery is in fact not neutral but rather a biased structure which wraps an essay, aestheticizing frame of reference over an ersatz pluralism, which thereby renders differences irrelevant and vitiates political messages. Thus, Coe#8217;s works cannot avoid a different kind of perception, the inevitable dual demands to admire the #8220;beauty#8221; or aesthetic properties of the works and simultaneously to be provoked to action by great thesis statement gatsby their subject matter. This, I believe, exemplifies the difficulty and inherent contradictions in #8220;political#8221; art made for presentation (read, consumption) in a society such as ours. On one hand there is the visual image intentionally committed to persuasion and exhortation.

Newspaper and television photographs, advertisements, posters, etc., all are judged by whether they #8220;accurately#8221; describe or imitate life, and consequently by whether they move people to some kind of action. On the other hand, there is the vogue image appreciated as a thing, the fashionable record of a photographer#8217;s looking at #8220;political#8221; subjects with something of a studied pose. The French philosopher Walter Benjamin noted this practice over fifty years ago. Utc Admissions! He said of what he called the #8220;New Matter-of-Fact#8221; photography, #8220;It has succeeded in making abject poverty, by recording it in statement gatsby a fashionably perfected manner, into essay research, an object of enjoyment.#8221; What Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans did as documentation changed into a certain kind of reportage, as in Diane Arbus#8217;s photographs, which are little more than an aesthetic colonialism which patronizes its bathetic subject. Her photographs are prized as records of her taking them, rather than for the people photographed. (Who says, #8220;I have a book of photographs of odd people#8221;? They say, #8220;I have a book of statement gatsby, Arbus photographs.#8221;) Photography cannot escape from self-consciousness, from the fundamental fact that the photographer chooses and by choosing imprints the ostensible subject with the greater importance of the photographer#8217;s stance. The great trap into which photography inevitably falls is the brian wilbur aestheticizing of subjects indifferently given to the lens.

A similar shift in appreciation happens with Coe#8217;s pictures. As a method of description, the expressionism of great thesis statement great gatsby, Coe#8217;s paintings seems obvious and have persuasive unnecessarily tendentious. Expressionism as a style (in the general understanding of the term) can be very apt for representing a mental state, which patently cannot be described by visual mimesis. As a style for portraying a highly emotionally charged scene, expressionism can be altogether too histrionic and trite. Consider, for example, how #8220;easy#8221; is the temptation to fall into an academic realism when painting a portrait. Is it any different with expressionism?

More to the point, a bland, banal, straightforward verbal report of these scenes—such as Nancy Spero does in statement her accounts of beatings of women—would have been far more horrifying and alarming. Nothing in these painting can augment the baseness of the actual barroom rape. Rguhs Digital Library Thesis! No amount of expressionism could have exacerbated my reaction to the slaughterhouse killing of animals. The more detached, deliberate realism of the animal experiment pictures had a greater effect on me than the de rigeur expressionism of the others. The rape picture can be understood in uncomplicated terms of personal revulsion and moral outrage. The scenes of slaughterhouses and animal experiments begin to become less clear in their moral argument: society needs to feed its people (the argument here is great gatsby, against, not the eating of animals, but the dehumanizing of the rguhs library people who work in the abattoirs). The Pentagon pictures are more stunning, I suspect, because we never give any thought to the fact that people study the effects of gunshot wounds and take measures to increase protection from the other side’s bullets or to increase the destructiveness of our bullets. Great Thesis Statement Great! The Central America paintings are less forceful still because they advance an utc admissions essay, unequivocally and extrinsically political point of view. In their subject matter, these Nicaragua paintings do not share that unambiguous moral character that can be seen in the other pictures. The conflict in Central America is two-sided, it is already politically debated, and it has reasonable arguments in defense of both sides. Effective propaganda, ineffective #8220;political#8221; art When we hear the term propaganda, we probably think of Socialist Realism, Nazi posters, and World War II support-the-boys movies—at least I generally do.

We think of them as so completely committed to the promotion of a message that we regard their #8220;aesthetic#8221; properties, their #8220;art,#8221; as secondary and surely vitiated by concupiscence. We have little difficulty recognizing these as propaganda, probably for the reason that they were made for a nationalistic purpose by a national government. We also recognize, perhaps without the great great label but with the same pejorative connotation, the fact that advertising art is propaganda and captive to an ulterior motive. Whatever the decisions made about the looks of an advertisement are determined, not by some essential aesthetic concern, but by how effective it will be in wilbur making people buy the product. A salient feature of great statement great gatsby, propaganda—what makes it so effective—is its calculated use of popular styles and papers imagery. Propaganda is more political than #8220;political#8221; art because it readily uses a popular idiom and does not sneer at thesis gatsby the masses. Essay! Many artists, from Kandinsky to Mondrian to Brecht, proposed that there could be found new art forms which could cut through the pretensions of well-bred society and the dictates of the ruling classes and speak directly to the people in the lower classes. The problem with this, though, as Clement Greenberg has pointed out, is that the masses in thesis statement great gatsby industrial society do not want high culture, but its simulacrum kitsch. Since World War II an affluent #8220;middlebrow#8221; class, as Greenberg named it, has arisen and has blurred the distinction between culture of high taste and culture of popular tastes. This middlebrow class, however, seems to accept readily the propagandizing of consumer advertising, consumer television and should have uniforms television news, and the ultimate mediating by them of thesis statement gatsby, our knowledge and experience of events of our daily and political life. Brian Wilbur! One way by which art tried to great thesis statement gatsby, be genuinely politically viable was by rejecting art altogether and should uniforms essay substituting the act and gesture.

Political action as art got its start in Dada exhibitions. To be sure, there had been political action by statement great gatsby artists earlier than the library thesis Dada manifestations. Courbet#8217;s Pavilion of Realism in 1855 is just such an example. But it was the Dada members who conceived of the action itself as art. More accurately, they attempted to replace the thesis statement gatsby artwork with an political action. In their condemnation of papers, bourgeois society, they rejected society#8217;s art of beauty and mounted an assault on all the elements of aestheticism.

The sine qua non became the outrageous event, R. Mutt#8217;s Fountain, Tinguely#8217;s self-destroying machine, Duchamp#8217;s eventual rejection of art for chess. Neo-Dada attitudes, transmitted through Surrealism, had a great impact in the 1940s and 1950s on the development of Abstract Expressionism. In his work, Jackson Pollock claimed to replace the classical emphasis on beauty and reference to outside events with an art of total action, an art fully equivalent with the thesis great gatsby life and essay baby action of the artist (Pollock) as he made the thesis gatsby work. The politically active 1960s advanced the popularity of utc admissions essay, political action art.and established the conditions for great thesis great, calling a wide array of have persuasive, activity #8220;art#8221; which previously was viewed as something else. Ephemeral art, guerilla art, performance art, installations, and documented transitory events all fell into the category of art. The work of Hans Haake is explained in this context, and exemplifies another kind of wholly political art. Great Great Gatsby! Haake#8217;s exhibits of corporate cupidity and morally ambivalent or malevolent policies are only should persuasive, tangentially art: what he gives us is completely a propositional argument presented in a rather engaging fashion. For example, his time-lines of the provenance of thesis, a painting, its owners, and the prices paid seem more similar to annual sales charts at a corporate meeting, or history pure and simple, or courtroom evidence, than they do to other works of art. Whether or not he is right is determined, not by the quality of his exhibits, but by the moral force of his statements and argument. That it is done in an art space, within the art community, about institutions connected to the art world, does not make it less political and philosophical and should have persuasive essay more artistic. The works of great statement great, Nancy Spero and Barbara Kruger offer an illuminating contrast to utc admissions essay, Coe#8217;s and thesis Haake#8217;s.

Spero#8217;s works, typically a series of quotes or excerpts from press accounts of brutalizations of women and children pictorialized by stamped silhouettes of human figures, eschew traditional design and elements of visual beauty in wilbur favor of a predominantly verbal presentation. Great Gatsby! Without an ornate panoply of exaggerated representations, her works command our attention and reflection by rabies research the force of the thesis statement gatsby Word: she makes us reflect on utc admissions what she says by statement gatsby saying it. Should Persuasive! As a proposition to be considered, her works take on the form which is great, best fitted to intellectual and moral consideration, and that is brian, verbal. In Barbara Kruger#8217;s works, she combines cryptic statements with photographic images. The imperative tone of the words and great thesis statement gatsby the stark black and white pictures speak about the way in which the essay baby mass media communicate their messages. Her works are well conceived, then, because they mimic the forms they criticize. Spero and great Kruger find appropriate forms for why schools should uniforms essay, their works#8217; intent; Coe relies on the handy convention of exaggeration and expressionist caricature; and gatsby Haake#8217;s is documentation and chart-making. The avant-garde artists initially were political or social outsiders, by the mutual consent of the utc admissions artists and of bourgeois society. Thesis Great Gatsby! But in this century, as the resume middlebrow culture has expanded to absorb the apparent avant garde, #8220;political#8221; art has become almost coextensive with political dissent, with the lampooning of bourgeois culture, and with confrontational or reformist ideas, usually from the Left (because the Right ususally has been in power).

Coe#8217;s works are shown at a (relatively) elite place (the City Gallery) that is frequented by people who are already prepared for its conceptual and rhetorical frameworks (gallery as meta-meaning and leftist, generally). Such works, as a rule, get comparatively little public exposure, whereas genuine propaganda, the effective political art, gets a very widespread showing. #8220;Political#8221; art seems clearly to be ineffective in statement gatsby front of capitalism which so effectively neutralizes its message. It seems to me that as long as the visual arts are practiced as they are today—made by artists in utc admissions the isolation of their studios, consigned as commodities to galleries and museums, and made intentionally as artworks, as the kinds of things which the artworld deals in—then the effectiveness of art as #8220;political#8221; is at best only nominal. The #8220;political#8221; topics in art today are exactly the great great gatsby kind of wilbur, topics that do not jeopardize the artworld. The artworld is resilient enough to assimilate John Cage, and Duchamp has become, as he said he would, an equivalent part of the history of art (which his work was aimed at thwarting). As long as the artworld continues in its present structure, #8220;political#8221; art will be irrelevant and impotent. And the corrective is not to thesis great, be found in speaking out within the current mode. Capitalism will absorb all differences. The corrective is to change the whole value system which reduces everything—adults, children, animals, emotions, necessities, languages, ethnic groups, nations, everything—to things to be made productive. Brian Resume! Often we hear the expression #8220;creativity and problem-solving ability.#8221; What does this refer to? Initially, the term strikes us as pretty much a straightforward concept.

But on reflection, we can see that it seems to thesis statement great gatsby, signify an ill-defined but widely accepted notion of a generally admirable capacity by resume certain people (#8220;creative types#8221;) to perceive obscure connections between things, to discern aspects of great gatsby, something which to lesser intelligences are imperceptible, to leap past the traditional, conventional, and hidebound to the new expression—in a word, to be innovative. Why do we not say so? Why do we disguise this desirable skill, discernment, with the fuzzier word #8220;creativity#8221;? By doing so, do we try to evoke grander qualities in our work than those which mere discernment, insight, or deduction convey? Has this uncritical use of the term #8220;creative#8221; in fact become a form of intellectual social-climbing? In actuality, we can only know creativity retrospectively. We cannot look ahead and intend to achieve creativity, because to do so would be to jump over thesis the actual work we would have to do. Quite the contrary: in order for statement great gatsby, us to encounter our own creativity, we must look back on what we have made, and it is there that we see manifested what we name #8220;creativity#8221; for lithium research papers, lack of a more precise word. Nor can we establish creativity as our goal any more than we can aim for articulateness or sensitivity or gracefulness as a goal. That would be akin to aiming for height as a goal of growing up.

Our goal should be to speak articulately, to dance gracefully, to play the piano sensitively, to paint #8230; well. Surely, we are misguided when we aspire to paint creatively, because to do that is thesis, again to look past the work of the artist to the manifestation of the work. It in not uncommon to speak of wanting to get more opportunities at work to do the utc admissions really creative jobs in distinction to the more humdrum. It is misguided to expect to find the opportunity of doing #8220;more creative#8221; in one job work than in another. The opportunity is always there in every job to do #8220;creative#8221; work. Usually one means to say that some jobs are more suited to more overtly spectacular treatment and great statement great qualify for larger budgets which allow more color, or costlier paper, or custom photography, etc. It is this grander treatment that challenges their skills, visual imagination, discernment and taste, intellectual comprehension, and technical grasp of production matters, and which by successfully accomplishing the purposes of the job gives them a greater sense of satisfaction. Thus, it is this nexus of intellectual concentration, sensorial satisfaction, purpose, and moral fulfillment that swells up in the #8220;creative#8221; job that make it more attractive than the mundane, the rote, the trivial. Rguhs Digital Library Thesis! But to be sure, what we call #8220;creative#8221; properly refers to these other properties and aspects. It is instructive to look at our usage of these terms.

The OED defines #8220;creative,#8221; but it does not list the word #8220;creativity#8221; at all. Great Thesis Gatsby! The 1969 edition of the digital American Heritage Dictionary only lists #8220;creativity#8221; as a derivative word under the entry, #8220;creative.#8221; The widespread use of #8220;creative#8221; and #8220;creativity#8221; with its sheer honorific sense is thesis great gatsby, a late-twentieth century phenomenon. Rguhs Digital Library! What does #8220;creative#8221; mean? According to the OED, it is the quality of being able to create, the ability to bring something into being from nothing. That kind of creating has typically been left to God (or, the gods); and in its alternate manifestation of statement great gatsby, #8220;procreating,#8221; it refers to rguhs digital, what parents do. It also designates those who make corporations and knights and refers to the first actor to play a part and thereby give the role its characteristic portrayal.

And lastly the OED refers to those whom we deem to be the most creative, the artists, writers, musicians, etc. Well, now, what is going on here? Why do we want so desperately to be allowed to be creative? Why do we want our children to be creative in school? Why do we elevate their drawings to the status of thesis statement, artwork, and exhibit them in the Salon de la Refrigerator Door? Why do we lament mere graphic work and pine for the chance to do #8220;creative#8221; work? Why is it as certain—and as frequent—as the brian wilbur resume seasons that there will be lengthy discussions mulling the ways to engender and nurture and expand and great gatsby gain recognition for and praise for and more money for . . Brian Wilbur! . creativeness? Why do we announce with great alarm the antagonists of creativity, to wit, commerce, management, dullards, in a word, Babbitt?

Shall we proclaim that creativity is what happens when we do our graphic design work. That creativity is what happens when we take photographs and design layouts and make a new font and great thesis statement draw a picture. Uh, no. Wilbur! Design is what happens when we do graphic design work. Photography is what happens when we take photographs. Typography is what happens when we make a new font. Great Statement Gatsby! Drawing is what happens when we draw. Creativity is that abstraction that allows us to speak about the rguhs digital confluence of skills, experiences, discernments, sensitivities, perceptions, deductions, sensorial responses, and emotions that envelope the act of statement, making something. Rguhs Digital Library Thesis! #8220;Creativity#8221; is the fancy word we now prefer which replaces the thesis great gatsby more correct term #8220;making.#8221; There is nothing wrong with making, by wilbur resume the way. Remember, in the beginning, God made the world.

Okay, okay, so he created it—same thing, right? Is this not just a quibble about words? Why do we care about the difference? Our concern is that precisely when we exalt #8220;creativity,#8221; we reify an abstraction that exists only in our intellects, and forsake the reality behind the abstraction. It reminds me of when I was in art school and we all said to each other, #8220;I#8217;m going to the studio and make art.#8221; Well, what we were going to do was paint or sculpt or whatever. We were going to do what we were going to do. The old aphorism has it right: heroes are made, not born.

That is, they (the heroes) become what they are called later by great great what they do. We are creative to the extent that we make things. When I am confronted with a design difficulty, I don#8217;t go to a resource called #8220;creativity.#8221; I can#8217;t; it#8217;s not there! Instead, I look at the tangible material things in front of me, elucidate the essay baby sticking point, and great statement great discern a resolution. When I am painting, at some point I may say to myself, #8220;What now? What#8217;s wrong here?

Why am I at a stopping point?#8221; I never ask myself, #8220;What is the creative way out of this muddle?#8221; The good or right way out is the creative, not the other way around. And what about this business of #8220;problem-solving#8221;? Some have described #8220;problem-solver#8221; in vaguely Jungian archetypal terms, viz., the Trickster, who helps others see through their errors to some hidden truth. It is rabies, a great error to suppose that there is a metier called #8220;problem-solving.#8221; I am reminded of a scene from the movie Cat Ballou (I think): In the American frontier circa 1880, two men get off a train in a western town. They are #8220;facilitators#8221; lately come from Washington to help the town. (Of course, they are comic characters who parody the thesis statement great very notion of have persuasive, having people trained in ungrounded skills like #8220;facilitating.#8221;) If I have a car engine problem, I call a mechanic (a car-engine-problem-solver); if I have a plumbing problem, I call a plumber (a plumbing-problem-solver); if I have a heart problem, I call a cardiologist (a heart-problem-solver). If our leader has a Bosnia problem (whatever that may be), I hope he calls on Bosnia-problem-solvers; if he has mad cow problems, I hope he calls mad-cow-problem-solvers. I shrink from the idea of #8220;creative problem-solvers#8221; advising the #8220;leader.#8221; I want knowledgeable people doing that, not Tricksters and Jesters! (c) 1996 Michael Brady. Art, Mere Things, and Truth Requirements.

In his book The Transfiguration of the Commonplace , Arthur C. Danto describes an art exhibition in which some eight identical red square canvases are displayed, each being a different #8220;kind#8221; of representation. One, for gatsby, example, purports to show the Red Sea after it has closed over the Egyptians as they pursued the Israelites, while another is rguhs library thesis, a depiction of the center of the Kremlin, and another is a Minimalist geometric painting, while yet another is thesis, merely a canvas grounded in red lead by the master Giorgione, etc. Danto asks what makes them works of artor more exactly, what makes us understand them as works of art. He goes on to reject the so-called Institutional Theory, which claims that anything brought within the precinct of the world of art is an art work. Duchamp made a urinal into a work of art, and by the same mechanism anything displayed as a work of art in the setting under which we recognize works of art becomes one. Danto is dissatisfied with this definition of a work of art and proposes another means to comprehend art, which is that a work of art is lithium, #8220;about#8221; something, it refers to something not itself.

I offer a counter example: What is the difference between a police crime-scene photograph and a photograph by, say, Diane Arbus of a crime scene? Both depict the disarray and artifacts of the place where a crime was committed. Both, presumably, are a bit gritty, a bit austere, alienated, aloof. Before I consider the answer, let us redescribe the two photographs. The first, taken by a police photographer, in all likelihood will be shot with available light, or if that is not sufficient, with an electronic flash unit fixed to the hand-held camera. Great Great Gatsby! The objects in the photo will not be repositioned, but rather the photographer will move about to get clearer pictures.

In a similar vein, Arbus#8217;s crime photo will be shot in black and white; but only essay, after the police photographer and crime scene analysts have finished their work and left. Or maybe not. Maybe Arbus used one of her sideways looking cameras and #8220;sneaked#8221; pictures of the stressed out statement people working over the room. But before we go on, let us imagine several more representations of the resume same crime scene. One is a series of three photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe, which he set up in his own studio after he saw Arbus#8217;s pictrues from the actual scene. Against a flat backdrop, he has arranged the important and salient items, viz., the bed and bedsheets all pulled aside, the sidetable with the half-finished whiskey, a stubbed-out cigarette, a man#8217;s pajama top, a dogeared novel, and a crucifix over the headboard.

In Mapplethorpe#8217;s pictures, he has set up studio lights and great used colored gels to allow him to recreate the mood of the cheap apartment, and he has discarded all of the truly inessential elements like the bottlecap on the sidetable, a piece of dental floss on the pillow (which he has moved to the right about a foot), and a cheap ballpoint pen. When George Segal saw Mapplethorpe#8217;s photos, he constructed a tableau of the brian same scene. By the time he completed his sculpture, the trial has occurred, and so he had access to great thesis statement great, the information about the two men who lived there and their lovers#8217; quarrel, and essay baby how one person died. Gatsby! Segal chose to show one of the figures standing over the dead body draped over the edge of the bed, and taking a cue from papers some colorful remarks by the defendant in his disputed confession, he painted the standing plaster figure green and the corpse a cinnamon brown on a very dark navy blue bed. The rest of the tableau was painted flat black (he left out the lamp on the side table) Are these four portrayals works of art? What do these have in common? What not?

Danto would argue that they are all art because they are all #8220;about#8221; the crime. The ways in which they convey their #8220;about#8221;-ness differ, it is true, but they all are not the crime in themselves, but only representations of great, it. We must readily acknowledge that Mapplethorpe#8217;s and utc admissions essay Segal#8217;s efforts are the most clearly artistic representations. Most of us would say that Arbus#8217;s pictures are also art, but probably the police photographer#8217;s pictures are not. Thesis! All four are tangible, physical objects that are said to represent something besides themselves. All four exhibit #8220;aesthetic properties,#8221; at persuasive least to the extent that any representation does. It is easier to see these properties in the tableau and studio photographs, and by the habit of regarding photographs as aesthetic creations, we readily accept Arbus#8217;s as art. Great Great Gatsby! Most of us would only grudgingly agree that the crime-scene photographs are aesthetic items, because we accept the premise that the overriding value is contained in their documentary transcription of the sights of that night, not in the quality of their presentation.

What kinds of statements may be said about these works? Some may say that Segal#8217;s work is #8220;engaging#8221; or #8220;evocative#8221; or maybe just #8220;pretty.#8221; Some may say that Mapplethorpe#8217;s pictures are #8220;compelling#8221; or #8220;haunting#8221; or #8220;profound.#8221; And some may say that Arbus#8217;s are #8220;disturbing#8221; or #8220;intrusive#8221; or #8220;stark.#8221; Comments like these concern the responses the pictures elicit from the viewer. Some may conclude that Arbus#8217;s are the most #8220;truthful#8221; because they show the actual scene with little or no prettifying veneer; others may say that Mapplethorpe#8217;s are the most #8220;truthful#8221; because they embody the seductiveness of his photographic style to set up a severe contrast with the scene depicted and thereby dramatically increase the horror even as the photo distances us viewers; and some may say that Segal#8217;s bare tableau has stripped away all of the inessentials, discarding even those that Mapplethorpe retained, and has shown us the rabies research quintessential #8220;truth#8221; of the great thesis statement great gatsby scene, the killer and the killed. In each of these three examples, the #8220;truth#8221; of the representation is predicated in the manner of analogy. All three are mediated truths, so to speak. The #8220;truth#8221; of Arbus#8217;s pictures is the #8220;truth#8221; of rguhs digital, ostensibly documentary photographs in the world of other, staged photographs.

Hers are not so much staged as they are #8220;snatched#8221; from the scene. The presence of the photographer at the actual scene lends credence and great great veracity to essay baby, these pictures, but the picutres themselves propound their truthfulness not by gatsby protraying the actual scene so much as by having been taken at the actual scene . Their #8220;truth#8221; refers to their having been made in rguhs library a certain way. Mapplethorpe#8217;s have a more evident mediation. By using arbitrary lighting and arbitrary editing of surrogate items in a surrogate scene, Mapplethorpe#8217;s pictures propose a #8220;truth#8221; that refers only to a conclusion manifested by the dramatized staging. Segal#8217;s goes one step further and mediates the #8220;truth#8221; by means of great gatsby, sculpturally embodying what he understands to be the why schools should have persuasive essay #8220;essential#8221; elements of the great thesis gatsby scene and then focuses the research papers viewer#8217;s attention on his conclusions which he presents by means of great thesis statement great, painted colors, plaster casts, etc. None of library, these three could be offered in court, as could the police photos, because they cannot claim two things: that there is a definite one-to-one correspondence between a represented item and its actual correlate and that the police photographs are offered exclusively for the corroboration of that correlation.

Not even Arbus#8217;s picyures can do that (although they may in fact be able to). Thesis Statement! Ultimately, the difference between the artistic representations and the other representation is that, for essay rabies research, the artworks, the thesis gatsby #8220;truth#8221; of their portrayals does not depend on someone else being able to verify it in why schools should persuasive essay every particular. We say, for example, that the fictional story in this movie or that book is #8220;true to life#8221; because it #8220;captures#8221; or #8220;expresses#8221; the #8220;way things actually happen,#8221; or that it #8220;shows the nature#8221; of this or that relationship. Literature, and art generally, is about generality and generalized truths, whereas nonart representations are always about thesis statement great gatsby, particularized truth. Does the crime scene photograph actually and accurately show the way the bed clothes were strewn around? Does Segal#8217;s sculpture, by contrast, show the disarray typically caused when a lover is murdered and clearly understood by the viewer ? Consider this corollary question: Is your driver#8217;s license photograph a work of art? Why do we not expect to see a portrait by Alice Neel or David Hockney on a driver#8217;s license? The answer, I submit, is that the degree of accuracy to actual appearances is the paramount virtue of a driver#8217;s license picture, and the means of verifying its truthto wit, to essay rabies research, compare the photo and its owneris its only test of goodness. Consider this other corollary: Is a piece of driftwood in the uncanny shape of President Kennedy a work of art? For that matter, can it be submitted to great thesis, the same truth criteria as the police photo?

In both cases, we can answer no. But let us note that we would generally deny the driftwood status as art because we would decide that there was no intention to make it into a likeness, and so while Ripley#8217;s Believe It or Not may be intrigued by this curio, it would not be considered art because it wasn#8217;t meant to be art. Nor is it productive to test its truth as we would test the police photo, for the simple reason that we are surprised and intrigued that the brian wilbur forces of nature affected the wood in thesis statement gatsby such an amazing way that we recognize any likeness at all. We would give great latitude when we compare features, so that we may allow the ears to be too big, and the smile crooked, and lithium the annoying fact that all in all, it looks more like someone else but it bears a sufficient resemblance to great, a famous person that we prefer to essay baby, marvel at that particular quantum of similarity. Consider a further corollary: After seeing the Kennedy Driftwood likeness in great thesis statement great gatsby a local art store, someone goes out and assembles a lot of driftwood into an abstract arrangement. Digital Library Thesis! This we would clearly agree is thesis statement, a work of art, partly by virtue of the Institutional definition, that is, the maker intended that it be art; and partly by virtue of the actual making of it into something that is not functional or otherwise useful.

In this example, by resume the way, the piece of statement gatsby, driftwood abstraction would not be #8220;about#8221; anything (at least nothing more than the fact that it is and therefore is #8220;about#8221;its own abstraction). Art and Design: What#8217;s the Big Difference? From time to time, you hear people refer to rguhs digital library, art and to design interchangeably, as if they were synonyms. Or they use the term #8220;art#8221; to thesis statement great, add a bit of glory to design work. Most of the essay research time this happens in statement casual conversation, but it does tend to confuse the two terms unnecessarily because, basically, they aren#8217;t the same. What is the difference between art and essay baby design? Are they closely related just because they use a lot of the same techniques and great thesis statement great appeal to the same aesthetic sense? Or are they essentially different? Well, art and design are different. The differences between art and design lie not so much in how they look as in what they do: They have different purposes, they are made differently, they are judged by different criteria, and essay baby they have different audiences. In a 1974 interview, Milton Glaser noted that whereas a design must convey a given body of information, the #8220;essential function#8221; of art is to #8220;intensify one#8217;s perception of reality.#8221; Sometimes, he said, these functions coincide, as in a medieval stained glass window, but in modern times they have diverged.

Design is utilitarian in a way that art is not. Design is the how of great great, a thing: how to order the parts, how to why schools essay, serve the client#8217;s interests, how to convey the information. Art, on the other hand, is statement, its own end. It isn#8217;t utilitarian. It subordinates ordinary usefulness to its own purposes. It doesn#8217;t concern itself with description the essay rabies way illustration does, nor with the desires of the great statement buyer as does fashion, nor the tastes of the public as does style. We have already accepted this model in both its partsit#8217;s settled law. Since the Renaissance, artists have aspired to lithium, the status of philosophers. And beginning the mid-1800s, many artists chose to stand apart from worldly life in order to thesis, critique it, to essay baby, forsake the thesis statement programs of patrons in order to set their own programs, to discard the public moral code to promote a different code.

Although many artists claim to address their art to the world, their method has been to take from the world only on their terms and utc admissions give back as they see fit. This is definitely not the way of design, which considers the world#8217;s purpose first and thesis statement great fits the work to that end. How they are made. If the ends of art and design are different, so too are the means of getting there. Rguhs Library! Most of us think, correctly, of the artist standing before the blank canvas, pondering the beginning and the end of the painting all at statement once.

The artist usually has an end in mindsomething as mundane as a portrait or landscape, or as grand as the outrage of Picasso#8217;s Guernica or the vastness of Christo#8217;s Running Fence . But at the outset, all the options are available without precondition. Research Papers! On the other hand, the designer typically begins with more than a blank canvas or lump of clay from which anything may emerge. Many of the components may already exist, such as the text, photographs, production formats, and even the basic colors. The designer consults the client on the end use, the thesis statement gatsby audience, the size and scale, and other factors. The designer#8217;s role is to wilbur resume, envision how these various aspects should come together in a tangible thing and to bring aesthetic sensibility, taste, and technical skills to bear on the production of the job. To put it bluntly, the designer arranges the gatsby ingredients. Artists generally have assumed that the work is a product of their mind and spirit first, and only secondarily serves the intent of the commission (to edify, to why schools should persuasive essay, stimulate, to delight, or simply to decorate). A notable example is the 1884 commission of a memorial sculpture, The Burghers of Calais, for which Rodin made a striking group of six austere figures.

But when the city fathers saw it, they rejected it: to them it was ugly, indecorous, unceremonial, and insulting to statement great, their notion of utc admissions, a heroic civic monument. Rodin had conceived it with his artistic genius, but they refused it out of thesis great gatsby, hand because it appalled their sense of honor. Brian Wilbur Resume! In 1820, Keats wrote, #8221; #8216;Beauty is truth,truth beauty#8217;—that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.#8221; Older still is the motto, #8220;Ars longa, vita brevis.#8221; Art strives to achieve beauty, which is truth, which is a noble thing more enduring that life itself. At least, that#8217;s the party line. In this century art has emphasized moral purpose, visionary truthfulness, and inward-looking integrity. Art is judged in terms of great thesis gatsby, beauty and truth, of insight and revelation, of almost prophetic clairvoyance—when it isn#8217;t being judged as text, subtexts, and essay baby social constructs. Utility doesn#8217;t fit this mindset. Practical success is not the hallmark of art, as the example of Van Gogh attests. Design is judged another way: #8220;Beauty is as beauty does.#8221; If it doesn#8217;t get the job done, the design is considered not good, or worse, not successful. Great! Does the design serve the product? Does it accomplish an end—does it sell, inform, persuade, direct, or entertain?

Typically, lack of success in these ways (often described statistically or quantitatively) is considered a defect in digital the design. Ultimately, a design must fulfill its primary job of packaging or illustration or instruction, and no amount of aesthetic glamour will substitute for great great gatsby, its failure to do so. The audiences for art and design expect different things. The audience for art wants to lithium papers, look at the artwork or listen to the composition—perhaps to contemplate and reflect, perhaps to be transported by the power of the aesthetic experience or the scene portrayed—whereas a design#8217;s audience wants to use the information to find their subway station or select a product. Design may indeed arrest the attention and engage the great thesis great gatsby emotions of a viewer, but at some point, as Beatrice Warde said, the goblet of design must become transparent, allowing viewers to gather the why schools uniforms essay intended information, rather than to statement gatsby, be absorbed by library thesis the designer#8217;s layout. Art draws attention to itself deliberately. Thesis Gatsby! Its very form is the means to intensify our perception. If a visitor to the Sistine Chapel marvels at the economy of the scene of God separating the rabies research light from the thesis statement gatsby dark, she is responding to lithium research, the Michelangelo#8217;s conception, his artistic free creation. Great Thesis Great Gatsby! But if she is moved by the Last Judgment because of the profound theological truth it expresses, she is research, responding to the Pope#8217;s purpose.

That is, she treats it as information design, as an illustration of doctrine. Art and thesis statement gatsby design differ significantly in their use materials. Typically, the ultimate work is not made from the same materials as those used during the design process (the paste-up or, these days, the on-screen stuff) but of its manufacturing materials. A book is not actually #8220;made#8221; until it is manufactured from essay baby paper, ink, and thesis gatsby binding. Another kind of design product, the thesis digital document, doesn#8217;t actually exist apart from its temporary manifestation on great thesis great gatsby a computer, where its appearance varies from one browser or platform than on research another, depending on thesis statement gatsby the monitor, operating system, and color display tables.

By contrast, a work of art makes a point of reveling in its materials. Essay Baby! Certain physical qualities are seen as critically significant, such as de Kooning#8217;s #8220;painterliness,#8221; Pollock#8217;s drips, the encaustic of Johns#8217;s Three Flags , Murray#8217;s metal ribbons, or Schnabel#8217;s broken plates. Size itself is important in thesis gatsby an artwork, whether it#8217;s a large Frankenthaler or Kiefer or a tiny Klee or Cornell, but in essay baby a way that differs from design. Perhaps it is better to distinguish between scale, that is, the perception of sheer size (even smallness) in a work of art, and production dimensions in a printed piece, which are very often a function of the budget, the kind of product, the size of press, and other external factors. (And for video, web pages, compter graphics, etc., size is a user-defined parameter.) The difference between art and statement great gatsby design is in the way we look at them. Design is meant to be looked away from and art to essay rabies, be looked at and into. Design graces our lives with the aesthetic presentation of useful and great thesis gatsby beneficial things, and utc admissions art graces us with representations of things to ponder and perceive. Statement Great Gatsby! Art and design are closely related but nonetheless separate. It is a good thing to keep them straight. ©1998 Michael Brady. First published in Critique Magazine, 1998. What#8217;s Important and What the Norms Support. I#8217;ve begun to think lately of the rguhs digital library thesis gap between what careful designers are concerned about and what clients see or object to.

For instance, working on a technical educational report, I realized the author was not very consistent in using subheads, and that led me to think of how convoluted the sequence of heads should be. Five levels, plus a sixth boldface run in? Or at most two levels below the chapter title? Or even only one level, since (a) we do not speak in subheads, and (b) the subhead serves mainly to make a clear topical break in the text. In fact, newspaper style hardly ever goes beyond one level of subhead.

And going way back to the 18th and 19th centuries, there was a much smaller range of thesis, types and the distinctions in the text were made more by why schools should have spacing than by size and font. Similarly, the author of an educational report disliked the wide margins in the sample layout I prepared. She said the thesis statement gatsby cliched words, #8220;too much white space.#8221; IKYN. And she also didn#8217;t like the way I used a narrow column of text next to brian, bar graphs, pie charts, and tables. The only force that education can have in matters of thesis statement gatsby, community or societal norms is the force of rabies, respect and admiration. Good grammar is what is spoken by the most admired people in the group, community, or country; high fashion is great thesis gatsby, what is essay baby, worn by the most admired people (not necessarily what is designed by haute couture designers); the best music, art, literature, and so on is the thesis stuff that is made and supported by the most admired people, too. Graphic design is one of those categories: just look at the vogue for essay baby, grunge type and layout styles a while back. Statement Great Gatsby! Someone adopted it from the street or alternate club scene, and then others concurred, and finally the larger public began to accept what these admired people (the publishers and commentators of utc admissions, #8220;grunge#8221; publications) had adopted. In moral philosophy, the great thesis statement gatsby will is understood to be directed toward the good (for the individual), whereas the research intellect is directed toward the true. Desire is an impulse toward a thing, an urge to acquire or attain it, and thesis statement great thus is a manifestation or expression of the resume will. It is active.

Beauty, on the other hand, is passive. It is an analytical formulation of sensory experience, and great thesis great thus beauty is a virtue of the digital library thesis intellect. Nothing in nature is great statement great gatsby, beautiful. Or ugly. No natural event is good or bad. Utc Admissions! Spiders and slugs and thesis shit are all alike in being neither beautiful or ugly. A lion eating a gazelle, a fire consuming animals in the trees, crustaceans crushed by the waves, all of these events are neither good nor bad. And because beauty is a perception that occurs at a distance, it is not a quality that inheres in lithium things in the world but is a human (moral) conclusion about their appearances. Is there beauty #8220;in Nature#8221; (out there, objectively, in the world, etc.)?

If so, is there also ugly? And if there is ugly in nature, what things are ugly . . Great Thesis Statement Gatsby! . in Nature? Creepy crawling things? Slimy things? Dull dun brown stuff? Why would those things (or whatever one might call #8220;ugly#8221;)—why would those things be ugly? As far as I can discern, there are no ugly colors. Nor are there any ugly beasts, or plants, or landscapes, or textures. Rguhs Digital Thesis! Can something be ugly in great thesis statement great smell? or sound? or touch? or taste? Is ugly, and concomitantly beauty, only a property of vision? Can there be beauty without ugly?

Isn#8217;t that like light (luminance), which is only perceived by persuasive comparison with dark? Beauty is a property of things perceived by humans, who can judge and evaluate abstractly. And since beauty is great gatsby, considered to be a culmination or perfection of specific qualities or characteristics, there is also ugly, the rguhs deficiency of those qualities. But these qualities are socially valued. Remember: there are no ugly things in Nature . Artworks embody, make concrete in great great one way or another, these qualities of beauty and thus isolate them, as it were, from the demands of utility, so that beauty, grace, radiance, quiddity even, can be contemplated.

That#8217;s what Aristotle means by catharsis and vicarious violence. Because artworks do not need to be denotatively truthful —because works of art are fictions, because they do not have to have a utilitarian purpose, because they are free creations—the maker can concentrate on the accidental qualities of essay research, appearances, in order to manipulate the degree to which beauty or formal wholeness or another property can exhibit itself. Thesis Statement Great! Art moralizes nature. The artist takes the material qualities of things and rabies forms and arranges them in such a way to produce an order to great statement, these qualities. Canons and rules and guidelines and other prescriptions are the socializing of the uniforms essay raw, unordered, un-beauty and un-ugly of nature, the making of preferences for great statement, and against ways of perceiving these qualities. Art is a social endeavor, and by being social, it subjects its materials (the stuff of Nature) to why schools have persuasive essay, the mores of the group, of the thesis statement great society. Art moralizes nature, imposing preferences on colors and shapes and forms that, in the wild, occur for other reasons and purposes. And Nature, which precedes art, is indifferent to these moral rules of Art.

From time to time, Nature rebuffs art, Nature supersedes art, Nature is superabundantly more than art, defeating the rules of art: There are no binding canons of wilbur, portrayal in Nature. Ultimately, Nature demoralizes arti.e., Nature de-moralizes art. Art moralizes Nature. Nature demoralizes Art. The Negotiation Waltz, by thesis gatsby David A. Stone. The Spiral of the Seasons, by John Sullivan. Value Pricing, by David A. Stone. A/E/C Megatrends, by Chuck Roberts. Wired to Clients, by David A. Stone.

We use many different kinds of representations—from maps as such (i.e., drawings that graphically depict terrain features) to drawings that depict objects, to ad hoc maps (e.g., using the salt and pepper shakers and a knife to represent a street and two buildings). In all of lithium, these, one component of the thesis gatsby representation is understood to correspond to a specific part of the referent: this curved line corresponds to a person#8217;s shoulder, this curved line corresponds to a road. Rguhs Thesis! Language does not work in this way, like a map, but in a different way, as a process of symbolizing and then manipulating symbols according to rules of syntax and grammar and other aspects of statement great gatsby, usage. Gestures are different, too, ranging from largely unambiguous signs (pointing) to more elaborately abstracted gestures, like wiggling your open hand as you say #8220;iffy,#8221; or undulating your hands and arms as you describe a melody, or simply shrugging your shoulders. Perhaps there is a form of essay baby, #8220;existential graphing#8221; that describes what I am interested in, some formalized way of establishing discrete correlations between different concepts, A for a , B for great statement great gatsby, b , C for c , etc. Analogies and metaphors break down under the stress of correlating all the elements of one part with the utc admissions other part, but they are forms of concept mapping, just as the salt and pepper shakers are crude forms of physical mapping. (The term #8220;existential graphing#8221; comes from great Charles Peirce and its parallel with this topic was suggested to me by a student of Peircian philosophy and semantics.) There is a wide range of degrees of #8220;realism#8221; in essay baby pictures, from the #8220;highly realistic#8221;—say, a painting by Estes or Bouguereau or any of the many tromp l#8217;oeil paintings, all of which show a great degree of accuracy in emulating the retinal effects of the subject— to the #8220;very abstract#8221;— say, a drawing by Schiele, which is extremely convincing but clearly not #8220;naturalistically#8221; detailed. I believe that the thesis gatsby degree of naturalism in a painting expedites the mental interpretation that immediately follows seeing the painting, and to the extent that the naturalistic qualities vary in why schools have uniforms essay different works, the viewer#8217;s interpretation relies more and more on using a kind of #8220;language#8221; in statement gatsby which the lines and shapes are #8220;read#8221; to #8220;depict#8221; the details of the subject. Thus, on one end of the continuum are the highly mimetic images; in the middle is a large category of pictures that are not #8220;naturalistic#8221; in the manner of tromp l#8217;oei l , but are readily recognized as realistic pictures (Renaissance frescoes, Breughel, American colonial portraits, e.g.); and at the other end are the representational pictures whose forms of rguhs, portrayal do not rely on close correlation to the subject (Gaugin, for example, or German Expressionist paintings). I believe we #8220;read#8221; paintings, especially the less #8220;realistic#8221; ones, in a manner of correlating signs more than we see them as some kind of great thesis, natural-looking proxy or miniature or surrogate image. Persuasive Essay! I am fascinated by how cartoons and great thesis statement great caricatures work, how we see and read them and parse our way through the unrealistic nature of have persuasive, cartoons. I am especially intrigued by the way we recognize public figures in political cartoons, particularly how we can recognize the president or other prominent person in cartoons by different artists.

The study of how caricature works comes all the way around and touches again on the idea of great, #8220;reading#8221; pictures, almost as if they were composed of letters, because the cartoonist relies on repeated set-piece forms, from Obama#8217;s big ears to Bush#8217;s upper lip with its pointed septum to Clinton#8217;s chubby cheeks and bulbous nose, etc. I respond to all writing in some degree in why schools uniforms an aesthetic way. Writing is great thesis statement gatsby, representation in a two-stage process: The first stage begins with the writer#8217;s vague and rguhs library thesis indeterminate ideation, which becomes mental images and words. The second stage occurs when the great thesis mental ideations are transformed into written words. Why Schools Have Uniforms! The reader experiences these two stages in reverse order, first by perceiving the written symbols and interpreting them as words, and then by constructing the great great words as ideas.

A fundamental aspect of essay baby, this process is that the representation (picture, mental ideation, word) is not the thing represented. The two are distinctly different. More than that, the representation cannot fully capture or manifest, depict or portray the great gatsby thing represented. It is less than the referent. As such, the maker of the representation chooses the degree and brian mode of abbreviating the referent.

The maker arbitrarily declares that all of X in the referent is contained in X#8217; in the representation. Thesis Great! The representation, in fact, serves as a map to the referent. The representation stands independently and can be apprehended as a thing in essay itself. Great Thesis Statement Gatsby! The very components of a representation can be appreciated for themselves as aesthetic objects. The critic#8217;s words provoke aesthetic reactions. Essay Baby! I suppose for many, the provocation and great thesis statement great response occur well below the limbic horizon, until perhaps the writer turns a particularly vivid phrase. Essay Baby! Why do some political speakers so catch the public#8217;s attention? (I#8217;m thinking of Kennedy, Clinton, and Obama, mainly, and perhaps Reagan. Throw in Cuomo and a few others.) I believe the answer is thesis great, that, besides the ideas and why schools should have persuasive topics covered, the aesthetic properties of their speeches are so overabundant and evident. Now consider the clumsy and great great gatsby plodding speakers (almost all the rest) and utc admissions essay note their lack of the theatrical and great textual achievements. Regardless of their poor qualities, their speeches also have an #8220;aesthetic experience#8221;: it is a properly called #8220;dreary.#8221; But beyond delivery and brian wilbur presentation, the words and the way they are written are themselves aesthetic. Turgid writing is #8220;aesthetic#8221; too, aesthetically bad, whether it#8217;s in a novel or an thesis, essay of lithium research, art criticism.

Sensate objects evoke aesthetic responses, and we actively engage them. We look or listen to the thing out there, and then we engage our mental and physical awareness (which is a response that may occur almost instantaneously). I believe that the interior #8220;aesthetic experience#8221; (as it is often called) points to an action on the perceiver#8217;s part independent of the #8220;art status#8221; of the stimulus. I believe that the term art designates a type of (usually) representational human artifact that does not depend on exact and specific external correlation and truthfulness. A work of art is thesis statement great, completely free of the necessity to be truthful. In other words, calling something a work of lithium research papers, art does not point to a minimum, threshold degree of quality in a thing, but rather to its manner of representation and great thesis statement gatsby expectation of verification. Thus: anything can be experienced aesthetically; lack of awareness of one#8217;s aesthetic response does not mean that the essay rabies object did not evoke any response; nonfiction writing in itself can be aesthetcially pleasing; and designating something by the term #8220;art#8221; does not depend on its #8220;aesthetic properties,#8221; which it and everything else has. English, the Great Multicultural Endeavor. Thesis Statement Great! Year in and year out, like the essay appearance of gatsby, insects in the spring, someone circulates a clever email message lamenting the confusing complexity of English spelling.

A long time ago, some wag concocted the word #8220;ghoti,#8221; that is, #8220;fish,#8221; which was composed of the /f/ sound of #8220;gh#8221; in #8220;tough,#8221; the /i/ sound of #8220;o#8221; in #8220;women,#8221; and the /sh/ sound of #8220;ti#8221; in any #8220;tion#8221; word. English spelling is so whacky. Let#8217;s fix it! How wrong-headed that complaint is. The English language is the world#8217;s greatest multicultural project. Any word can come from anywhere else and stay at any of five main English residences: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and essay rabies interjections. (For structural reasons, the statement gatsby smaller English enclaves of pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions are highly restricted—nobody#8217;s been in or out in a long looooong time.) If you#8217;re a foreign word, you are free to come in—no immigration controls, no quotas, no visa restrictions. There are only rabies research, a few rules: If you dress in thesis a non-Latin alphabet, you#8217;ll have to change into Latin clothes; if you walk across the why schools essay page from right to left, well, you#8217;ll have to great thesis statement great, do it the other way #8217;round; if you like to library thesis, make odd sounds that aren#8217;t among the great thesis 45 or so English phonemes, then the natives will find some for you that sound almost the same. English will also let you keep the letters that make you what you are (i.e., foreign) in your own original order—that#8217;s right, you can keep your own spelling! At first, you#8217;ll be walking stooped over, in what is called the #8220;italic#8221; mode. But after a while, that#8217;ll wear off and you can walk upright. Eventually you#8217;ll even forget to wear all those strange diacritical marks, too.

Think of that: You can keep your foreign appearance because ultimately, English speakers aren#8217;t really worried about the wildly inconsistent spelling in brian resume English, which is caused mostly because foreign words aren#8217;t forced to change to follow basic English practices. Great Statement Great! But foreign words do have to agree to accept a few things, mainly English plurals (that applies to you, nouns and verbs), possessives, and English syntax and grammar. (English sometimes allows a bit of leeway on research papers that, like the French habit of great statement great, putting the adjective after the essay noun. It#8217;s not like English imposes a date certain by which a foreign word has to follow all the rules, you know.) So whenever you feel the onrush of a public outcry to statement great, bemoan that wacky English spelling, just remember that English is the greatest multicultural experiment around. Perhaps it#8217;s like this: aesthetics : canon : art :: rhetoric : grammar : language. Both pictorial art and language are #8220;free creative#8221; acts, that is, each of them forms and shapes its products (images, words) completely separately from the lithium things pointed at. Over time and within a relatively contiguous community of recipients, norms of how these forms should look or sound arise and are endorsed and retained—canons, standards, conventions, grammars, preferred pronunciations, and ultimately the cultural phenomenon of taste.

Consider how often, and how unnoticed, it is thesis great gatsby, that certain constructions are almost entirely conventional, not truly imitative or #8220;representative,#8221; yet they do not arrest our attention. Outlines themselves are an invisible convention; hatch marks for shading are sometimes an invisible convention. Brian Wilbur Resume! In language (I#8217;ll use English, which I#8217;m most familiar with), structural words (prepositions, conjunctions, etc.) tend to remain invisible until, through repetition, odd locution, or misuse, the reader or listener becomes aware of them. Rules and guidelines eventually develop to describe how images or language work, why certain forms or presentations can appear to be defective and others quite extraordinary. I suspect the rules were developed as teaching aids to great thesis gatsby, instruct the student how to work efficiently and what to avoid, as practical lore and folk wisdom based on previous success or failure. That#8217;s how the lithium research warning against splitting infinitives or ending a sentence with a preposition takes root as hard and fast prohibitions. They were introduced as guide for statement great gatsby, students, who observed the lithium research injunctions with deep reverence, but eventually the wise advice became linguistic fetishes enforced with the power of taboo. Curiously, mastery of technical details, and especially prescriptive rules, has become more highly regarded than true expressive excellence: a cursory review of many academic and policy texts will demonstrate that fact. We are at the 25,000th year of great statement gatsby, a long history of teaching and refining techniques—and absorbing new modes and digital library thesis practices from elsewhere—about making and using art and language in society, and the guidelines have become very detailed, extensive, and complicated. Knowledge of them has taken on the trappings of esoteric learning, and adepts are honored publicly. I#8217;ve often run into the situation that a non-artist really likes one of great thesis gatsby, my paintings that I think is poor because of this and that—blemishes or clumsiness or poor technique or other things I can easily see but that the other person just isn#8217;t attuned to.

The other person isn#8217;t schooled in the conventions, and thus is less aware of departures from a norm, from those guidelines that form part of the foundations of taste and aesthetics. Fixed fuzziness and the precision of papers, flux. When you attend carefully to things in motion or in flux, like spoken language, you#8217;ll observe that at any discrete moment, the image or sound or feeling is indistinct, lacks a precise edge or boundary, is seemingly incomplete. But when it#8217;s taken in the greater flow, in the flux and motion, you easily process and coalesce the whole stream of perceptions and impose an organization so that it seems distinct and precise. Listen to the way people speak: slurred consonants, mushy vowels, missing syllables, warbling pitch, but their utterances seem complete and coherent to you. Thesis Statement Great! Likewise, the fuzzy brushmarks in the painting, the brutal chip marks in the stone, the peripatetic vowels in the song. Words are spoken in long strings of digital thesis, sounds that aggregate and thesis great gatsby blend together.

But because we can move small sections of the sounds around—what we call words—we disaggregate the whole stream. Orthography has followed suit: word spaces were introduced into essay baby, writing long after entire sentences and thoughts were inscribed on monuments in an unbroken parade of marks. Nowadays, we hear separate words with the reinforcement of having seen the words written as separate entities. (I#8217;m sure you#8217;ve had the experience of not being able to great great gatsby, figure out essay baby what the song lyric says until you read the words on the album cover. Then you can #8220;hear#8221; the sung words as meaningful, rather than as a muddle of unfathomable sounds.) Somehow, our attentive faculties enable us to perceive things clearly as they blur by. Great Great! But when those transient things are made to be static, when the passage is halted, what we perceive undergoes a metamorphosis. Things in flux become like a snapshot of a friend that makes him look odd or funny, because his face is frozen with one eye squinted and the tip of the tongue sticking out of his lips. We don#8217;t see those small details when he speaks, but the photograph records the instantaneous transformations between one stable pose and another. News photographs are particularly susceptible to this kind of essay baby, freeze-frame exhibitionism. (On opinion and commentary sites, it#8217;s very common to see a photograph of an opponent taken at an unflattering moment and a much more complimentary photograph of a favored person, used for thesis great, rhetorical effect.) Sounds, by essay rabies research the way, are harder to stop in a #8220;freeze-frame#8221; manner because we hear them across a span of thesis statement great, time. Utc Admissions! If we halt a sound recording at great great gatsby a specific instant, we will hear a continuous, unvarying tone without any way to construct a full context. In a photograph, despite the interruption to the motion, the full visual field is preserved and we can form a complete context for it.

We construct clarity and why schools should have persuasive essay precision out of fuzziness every day. I extolled the virtues of great thesis gatsby, Formal in an earlier post. Utc Admissions! Now I#8217;d like to extol more, this time the Linotype face Sprint: Sprint reminds me very much of Formal 436. Here#8217;s a comparison of a few glyphs.

Click on each image for a 300dpi version. Great Gatsby! All materials on the website are © 1974–2015 by Michael Brady or the publishers or owners. Essay Rabies Research! All rights reserved.

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Maclean Palmer Case Study Essays and Research Papers. Maclean Palmer Questions Answers 1. Evaluate Palmer and his decision to create a new venture capital fund. . Maclean Palmer and 4 partners are about to gatsby quit their jobs and move to Boston with their families to lithium papers begin crafting an offering memorandum for a private equity fund. • Private equity is an great thesis great asset class consisting of utc admissions, equity securities in statement gatsby, operating companies that are not public trade on a stock exchange. • Private equity investments are primarily made by utc admissions essay private equity firms, venture. Corporate finance , Growth capital , History of great gatsby, private equity and have uniforms venture capital 1291 Words | 5 Pages. ------------------------------------------------- PALMER LIMITED When you ask an average American about thesis gatsby, a wholesale dealer, one name stands . out, Costco Wholessale Corp. They are one of the biggest wholesale corporation in US. That is very impressive considering they have only been in the industry for uniforms persuasive essay about 30 years. Thesis Gatsby? They are member based and provide quality goods and services to member only. Their members not just every day people but people who run small business so not only wilbur customers buy their. Balance sheet , Costco , Financial ratio 1312 Words | 4 Pages. Executive Summary Cape Breton Boat Rentals is a boat rental company owned by Bruce MacLean and operated by his brother Malcolm . Maclean . Although their reception was welcoming in the year 1988, their selling price could be said is at statement great gatsby, below the actually operating cost. To avoid the same situation in 1989, the why schools should essay, MacLean bothers had to improvise and make aggressive decisions like for example tripling their advertisements.

We will show possible ways and methods on how they would have improved in marketing. 1988 , Case study , Customer service 2722 Words | 7 Pages. Arnold Palmer Hospital Case Study 1. The case study indicates that the approach . to match capacity to demand utilized by statement Arnold Palmer Hospital must be approach (a), leading demand with an incremental expansion. The reason for this is that it is evident that Arnold Palmer Hospital is attempting to acquire capacity to stay ahead of demand, or in essay, other words by thesis great gatsby leading capacity, on account of the fact that the opening of the new 11-store hospital building will increase yearly birthing capacity. Arnold Palmer , Birth , Demography 1144 Words | 4 Pages. from being a seductive response to complexity, has itself become a prestigious activity. Why Schools Should Have Essay? Catalysts, champions and mangers of change are heroes: they turn . things around, they are inspirational, and they are movers and thesis gatsby shakers” (Griffith, 2002). This case study offers a brief definition of the six images of managing change, and the framework on rabies research which they operate and exist.

The Green Mountain resort’s effective dissolution of a chronic business crisis sheds light on three of the of the great gatsby, six images of managing. Change management , Control , Management 1249 Words | 4 Pages. Riggs V. Should Uniforms Persuasive Essay? Palmer Critaically evalute the thesis statement great, legal case of Riggs v. Palmer. In the case of Riggs v. Palmer , the wilbur, issue at hand is whether or not Elmer Palmer , a man who purposely poisoned his . grandfather, should be allowed to collect his inheritance. It is the thesis, responsibility of utc admissions, Mr. Palmer's lawyer to give sound legal advice so that he may make a decision, on thesis statement gatsby his own, as to whether or not he wishes to fight for his inheritance. In order for our legal system to rguhs digital library be upheld, and great statement as immoral as it may seem, Mr. Palmer must receive the money.

By virtue, laws are intended to be a. Barrister , Counsel , Judge 840 Words | 3 Pages. Review Case Study ) ------------------------------------------------- Leadership development: perk or priority? (Harvard . Should Persuasive? Business Review Case Study ) Group Members: Aarti Sharma Arjun Kumar Pallav Goel Sakshi Dixit Vipul Aggarwal Vishal Chaudhary Yamini Arora Group Members: Aarti Sharma Arjun Kumar Pallav Goel Sakshi Dixit Vipul Aggarwal Vishal Chaudhary Yamini Arora S.No. | Description | Page No. Thesis Great Gatsby? | 1. | Analysis of the problems with the case using OB. Case study , Executive Education , Leadership 1848 Words | 7 Pages. Case Study Case study methods involve ? ? Systematically gathering enough information about a . particular person, social setting, event, or group to permit the why schools have persuasive essay, researcher to effectively understand how it operates or functions.

Case studies may focus on an individual, a group, or an entire community and may utilize a number of data technologies such as life stories, documents, oral histories, in-depth interviews, and thesis participant observation. Wilbur Resume? Types of case studies Stake (1995) suggests that researchers. Case study , Evaluation methods , Explanation 372 Words | 11 Pages. ?The Art of great thesis gatsby, Eating and why schools have uniforms persuasive essay Dining Case Study Assignment #2 Due Date: 18th October 2013 Table . of Contents Introduction Case Study #1 – Remarkable Service: The Big Day (Summary) Case Study #1 – Questions and Answers 3 T’s of Service and great statement great the 9 Attributes of Remarkable Service – Analysis Case Study #2 – Wine Sales: Menu Review (Summary) Case Study #2 – Questions and Answers Information about essay baby, Wine Conclusion Introduction This assignment. Escherichia coli O157:H7 , Food safety , Foodborne illness 599 Words | 3 Pages. ? Case Study Evaluation Protocol and Procedures Evaluation of the overall quality of each case . study will be made on the following criteria: CASE STUDY PARTS CRITERIA Abstract Summary paragraph introducing the thesis, project, building, hypothesis, highlights of findings. concise brief of the parts to utc admissions essay the case study . Thesis Great Gatsby? Introduction Description of building, background information, designer’s intent, observations, and how team decided on topic. Digital Library Thesis? selection of an interesting or challenging. Case study , Evaluation methods , Scientific method 617 Words | 3 Pages. Four Case Studies Maclean Harvey Business 110 Mark Loo An Old Company with New Potential 1) . Thesis Statement? Product – The product Bell is offering is not new but is currently not available to Canadians so Bell is trying to open a new market within Canada.

Price – Bell has given affordable prices for buying a movie online (4.99) as well as renting a movie (1.99/24hrs) Place – Distributing the movies is easy for bell and benefits them because they do not have to thesis deal with any retail. Advertising , Competitor analysis , Product management 778 Words | 3 Pages. Case Study Presenting a case to thesis great a teacher is utc admissions same as presenting it in front of a jury. Statement Great? You need to have structured . and solid arguments to convince the jury (teacher, in your case ) and rguhs library thesis prove your point. If you are an excellent lawyer, you can even convince the jury that your defendant is not guilty even if he is (not ethical, of course). The bottom line is: you need to great gatsby structure your case analysis. Although every case analysis more or less follows the same pattern; there is rguhs digital thesis a slight variation depending. Case study , Problem solving 1685 Words | 4 Pages. International Management II (Core Competencies) Case Study Bank of America (A) by Alexander Beil Christoph Hillgartner Florian . Schlegelmilch Harvard Case Study : Bank of America List of Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Great Thesis Statement Great? 6. 7. 8. Why Schools Uniforms Persuasive Essay? 9. Introduction / Definitions Overview “Bank of America” Product development processes Strength and weaknesses of the systems Learning through experimentation Conclusion / Learnings Summary Questions for group discussion References 1 Harvard Case Study : Bank of America 1. Thesis Statement Gatsby? Introduction /.

Bank of America , Economics , Eric von Hippel 1164 Words | 7 Pages. Engineering Economic Analysis Case Study Case Name The Smithson’s Mortgage Case . Essay Baby? Study Teams This case is designed to be conducted by a team of students. Statement Great? The discussion, questioning, and lithium research resolution of great statement great, differences is an important part of the learning experience. Another significant advantage is the essay, sharing of the workload in preparing the final case study report. Knowledge Background This case draws heavily on the material presented in great thesis statement gatsby, Chapters 2 and 3 of Principles of essay baby, Engineering Economic Analysis.

Investment , Life annuity , Pension 1946 Words | 7 Pages. Running head: Dupont Dupont Case Study Tammi Ball Ashford University Dr. Nwabueze BUS 661 – Leading Organizational Change . Great Great Gatsby? July 11, 2011 Abstract Tom Harris, the thesis, plant manager of DuPont, greeted everyone by great thesis great gatsby name when he walked through the plant. Should Have Uniforms Persuasive Essay? This was the atmosphere within the company and seemed to be business as usual at great, DuPont. Recently, Orion, a DuPont manufacturing operation had been closed, the equipment disassembled and resume shipped to China, despite this change there seemed to. Change , Management 1001 Words | 4 Pages. ?1. Great Thesis Gatsby? CASE STUDY:NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY, NEW DELHI 2. ACME_PortlandCountyard 3. american resource centre 4. Architectural . Photography 5. Bamboo Connections constructions 6. BRTdesignsum 7. case study city walk 8. CHANDIGARH COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE 9. CII_Sohrabji_bussiness centre Hyderabad 10. city centre rohini 11. civic centre delhi 12. SRI AUROBINDO COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND MANAGEMENT LUDHIANA 13. district court 14.

Gumangan, Nars bamboo architecture 15. INDIAN HISTORY CULTURE. 2010 Commonwealth Games , Architecture , Case study 430 Words | 3 Pages. ?Running Header Tina Waller Case Study Psychology 210-B01 Rhonda Harris Jan. 29, 2014 Case . Thesis? Study The case study is on great a six year old boy that brought a gun to school and shot another classmate. The two children had a scuffle the day before the incident happened. After the six year old boy shot his classmate he threw the gun down and took off running out of the room to hide. He did not act like he did anything wrong after the incident took place he was calm and brian wilbur drawing pictures.

Brain , Case study , Child 794 Words | 4 Pages. Case Study Assignment Instructions Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to statement great practice your . critical thinking and writing skills in light of have persuasive, a pressing case in statement gatsby, contemporary business ethics. Essay Research? As well, the aim of this assignment is for me to give you feedback on statement gatsby your writing and thinking habits so as to set you on brian wilbur the path to great strengthening these crucial skills. Value This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade and will be marked out of 15. Task Please. APA style , Bibliography , Citation 478 Words | 3 Pages. For each case , include the following: An analysis of the situation and possible causes for the subject’s behavior A preliminary diagnosis of essay, . the statement gatsby, subject’s disorder using the symptoms he or she displays The set of utc admissions essay, therapies you suggest for helping the subject deal with his or her symptoms Case Study Number One: Karen Karen is great thesis statement gatsby a 30-year-old single woman. She was referred to a psychiatrist after six visits to her primary care physician complaining of headaches, body aches, sharp pains.

Bipolar disorder , Cognitive behavioral therapy , Cognitive therapy 2164 Words | 7 Pages. BRITISH AIRWAYS CASE STUDY BUS661: LEADING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE KIMBERLY JOHNSON DR. JIM JEREMIAH JUNE 23, 2013 The . British Airways (BA) Debacle occurred because the management team introduced a swipe card system which would allow management to use staff more efficiently and to record employees start and end time for each work day. This was a unilateral decision by should have uniforms persuasive essay BA to introduce the swipe card because the staff was not adequately consulted. Great Thesis Statement Great Gatsby? ( Palmer , Dunford, amp; Akin, Managing Organizational. Change management , Introduction , Management 926 Words | 3 Pages. Submitted for Course SSC 130 Essentials of Psychology April 12, 2013 05020601 Case Study Number One: The . Case of Confusion 1. The subfield of psychology that will be of brian resume, greatest relevance is the thesis great gatsby, behavioral perspective. This perspective has made contributions in diverse areas such as: treating mental disorders, curbing aggression, resolving sexual problems, and ending drug addiction. Essay Baby? 2. The cognitive perspective would be most helpful. The focus of this perspective is thesis statement great how people think. Operant conditioning , Psychology , Punishment 768 Words | 3 Pages. ? Case Analysis 6 MoneyGram International Questions 1. Utc Admissions Essay? Identify how predictive analytics was used to solve the thesis statement great, business problem.

Explain how . the predictive analytics solution works. 2. Digital Library Thesis? What are the data used to thesis statement great gatsby make the digital library thesis, predictive analytics solution work? Case Analysis 6 MoneyGram International Answers Case Analysis 7 Hamilton County Department of Education Questions 1. Identify how predictive analytics was used to great statement gatsby solve the business problem. Essay Rabies? Explain how the predictive analytics. Case study , Data mining , Logic 384 Words | 9 Pages. Student Self-administered case study Principles of Management ? an Introduction Case summary: . Case duration (Min): Principles of Management (PoM) 45-60 Introduction to PoM Worldwide This case considers what is meant by thesis management from the perspectives of commercial and rguhs library not?for?profit organisations. Similarities and differences are considered and arguments from two people presented over thesis gatsby three short film clips. Consider using role play initially ? i.e. make one group of digital thesis, students a profit . Goal , Management , Non-profit organization 2330 Words | 6 Pages.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Case Study Solution Financial Statement Analysis The Krispy Kreme Doughnuts case . study solution solves the case on financial statement analysis. The structure of the solution is outlined below and great answers the questions included in the outline Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. Background Corporate Profile Company Stores Domestic Franchise International Franchise Supply Chain Business Segment Problem Statement What is digital library thesis the. Asset , Balance sheet , Financial ratio 1353 Words | 5 Pages. organization. The course offers a broad array of cases covering several industries, and organizations. Great Thesis Statement Great? PEDAGOGY The pedagogy emphasizes the . Should Uniforms? case study method and great great gatsby strategic audit as means to synthesize and organize relevant information in a logical fashion. Active discussion in library thesis, class is used to exchange knowledge and debate current issues in great gatsby, management. COURSE REQUIREMENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Brian? Assigned readings Case preparation Participation Term project Team case study presentations and written reports Midterm. Bankruptcy in great thesis statement gatsby, the United States , Case report , Case study 1523 Words | 6 Pages.

Results - Verb|Mean Estimate. Smashed|40.8, Collided|39.3, Bumped|38.1, Hit|34.0, Contacted|31.8. Discussion - Loftus and Palmer argue that . Why Schools Should Uniforms Persuasive? memories are based on two types of imformation: What we percieve at the time of the event and thesis what we find out after the event. They argue that what they hear after the essay baby, event can distort our memories. In this experiment loftus and palmer argue that two things can be happening: Distortion and Response Bias. Distortion: The verbed used may lead the participant. Answer , Distortion , Interrogative word 778 Words | 3 Pages. McDonald’s – Business Strategy in India Case Study Abstract This case study discusses how . Great Statement Great Gatsby? McDonald’s India managed to buck the trend in a struggling economy, its early years and research business strategy to get more out of great thesis, its stores in India. The case also briefly discusses how McDonald’s adapted to essay rabies local culture in India, its localization and entry strategy, its strong supply chain and pricing strategy. Table of Contents 1. Great Thesis Statement Gatsby? Introduction 2. McDonald’s entry into India 3. Exhibit I: McDonald’s.

AW Restaurants , Fast food , Fast food restaurant 1771 Words | 6 Pages. Student Case Study Course: Marketing Management I Session: 18 Topic(s): Case - Study : Budweiser . Globsyn Business School (Knowledge Cell) Globsyn Crystals, XI – 11 and 12, Block EP, Sector V, Salt Lake Electronics Complex, Kolkata – 700 091, India All information, including graphical representations/maps, etc provided in this presentation/document is only for classroom discussions at GBS. The materials are used for no other purpose by the school. Wilbur Resume? Student Case Study BUDWEISER Budweiser. Anheuser-Busch , August Busch IV , Case study 812 Words | 3 Pages. A teaching case study is defined as a narrative that describes a specific event within the school environment that allows . professionals to great great investigate critical issues that impact the learning of students. Creating a case study can be seen as a form of professional development, educators learning from digital, real examples.

A case study is thesis statement a powerful way for educators to reflect on digital the actions of other professionals. Great Statement Great? “ Case studies force individuals and groups to think somewhat differently then they have. Case study , Education , Educational psychology 1765 Words | 6 Pages. Assessment 1: Case Study 1250 words (40%) Overview You are required to complete a pathophysiological template for digital library thesis chronic . Great Gatsby? obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in relation to a case study and answer three questions. To complete the template you must summarize the relevant information for each component. This summary may consist of a combination of sentences, flow diagrams and dot points where relevant. The information in the template must be accurately referenced using the APA referencing style. Asthma , Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , Emphysema 647 Words | 4 Pages. ACCG926 – Corporate Accounting Case study – SEEK Limited The purpose of this case study is to . Utc Admissions Essay? illustrate how the accounting concepts discussed in this unit are applied in a listed company. SEEK Limited is great statement listed in Australian Stock Exchange (Code: SEK) and it is the largest online employment classified company by market capitalisation in the world. Uniforms? The company has operations in three industries: Online employment classified advertising; the great, provision and execution of training courses; and . Annual report , Balance sheet , Board of directors 944 Words | 3 Pages. Stefanie Lewis Case Study Psych 101 Professor G. Rizor My chosen case study of a person with . Essay Baby? psychosis is called tears of a clown.

In this case study the subject name is Melanie Stokes. She was a pregnant mother whom was awaiting the arrival of a new baby girl named Sommer Sky. Melanie delivered her baby girl on great February 23, 2001. Melanie mother Carol begins to notice a change in her daughter’s behavior and essay baby mood shortly after given birth. In the beginning her mother just thought that her action. Antidepressant , Childbirth , Mania 831 Words | 3 Pages. CASE STUDY Recently, the website of thesis, Ankit Fadia, a well-known ethical hacker, was hacked by another group that goes by the name . Wilbur? Team Grey Hat (TGH).

The “hactivist” group entered Ankit Fadia’s official site and exposed his credentials, including sensitive data, student details, database credentials (like name, user name amp; password). In a blog message, TGH also rubbished Fadia as a hacker and his courses According to great statement great gatsby data from Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert-In), in November last. 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings , Black hat , Crime 957 Words | 3 Pages. ?RMG909 Advanced Buying Process II Case Study Analysis Form Student Name: Carolina Antonio Date: April 1, 2014 . Case Study #/Title: Case Study # 45 - Celebrity Fragrances: The art of essay baby, negotiation 1. Great Gatsby? Defining the essay baby, Issue(s)- The Major Question: Jackson’s buyers didn't want to be in statement great, an overstocked positions They want to be in lithium papers, a position to reorder the merchandise if it began to sell well Vendor could not accept the order because it was below the minimum level Jackson could not return. Case study , Scientific method 458 Words | 3 Pages. Comparative Study of Sensationalism present in great gatsby, Bulgar, Remate, Toninte, Kadyot, and Bandera II. Thesis Statement This study . Essay Baby? should answer and compare degree of sensationalism present with the thesis statement great gatsby, five newspapers’ way of brian resume, writing headlines and news body.

III. Issues (backed with related literature) Yellow journalism in great thesis statement gatsby, PH newspapers - a study which measured sensationalism in essay baby, newspapers I. Cases (be specific and detailed) There are five cases which will be tackled in this chapter. Each case displays. Broadsheet , Categorical imperative , Immanuel Kant 678 Words | 4 Pages. Managerial Accounting and Control Semester 2, 2011 Individual Case Study Kanthal A (Weight: 10% of Final Grade) Due Date . for submission: 4pm Friday 2nd September, 2011 Each student needs to complete a case study write-up and submit by the due date following the submission requirements outlined in great thesis statement, the course profile (and provided below).

Students need to address the following questions in rguhs digital library thesis, their case study write-up for the Kanthal A case : 1. Describe the competitive environment in thesis statement gatsby, which. Case study , Christopher Nolan , Cost 1031 Words | 4 Pages. ?Running head: Savor Case Study . 1 Savor Case Study Running head: Savor Case Study 2 Case Recap The company has admitted that a problem is expanding without sacrificing business. Case study , Demographics , Management 824 Words | 6 Pages. CASE STUDY OF LOGISTICS STRATEGY GROUP WORK ASSIGNMENT “Assuming you are the Regional Administration Manager ABC (Hong Kong) . Limited, please work out a Planning of how you would execute a special project on the re-engineering of the brian, logistic flows in gatsby, the Hong Kong Region.” Hints: As there are various parameters that can be considered in planning a project, such as “formation of project team(s), resources consideration, availability of time and people, management style to be applied, definition. Case study , Chinese language , Hong Kong 871 Words | 4 Pages. ? Case Studies in Middle Adulthood By Gail Hall BSHS/325 Professor Deborah White September 16, . Essay Baby? 2014 As a part of the human service professional reviewing case studies will be an thesis great important part of the job. Not only should we keep notes on utc admissions essay every client but we could use them as a reference for thesis statement gatsby future clients. The case studies could become useful if past and future clients have similar cases . In this case study we will examine family, social, and intimate. Addiction , Alcohol , Case study 746 Words | 5 Pages. Case Study Situation Multibase Company Limited is a diversified business group with interest in fabric and yarn . manufacturing, paper and pulp, and cement.

It is located strategically, the head of each offices are in operational autonomy, they have their own decision for expansion, procurement of new technology involving substantial investment and improvement, even though they have central office which involving in library, monitoring the performances of every unit though weekly and monthly reports. Case study , Chief information officer , Future 492 Words | 3 Pages. ?BUSS 5114 - People, Organisations and thesis statement Leadership Study Period 1 2014 Assessment Task 2: Minor Case Study 2500 . Lithium Papers? words (35% of total grade) Read the great thesis great gatsby, Buddy’s Snack Company case study below and answer all the following questions: 1. Consider the situation of Lynda, Michael and should uniforms persuasive Kyle. Great Statement Gatsby? Explain how each employee’s situation relates to Equity Theory. 2. Explain the motivation of these three employees in terms of the lithium, Expectancy Theory of motivation. Great Statement? 3. Explain how you would attempt to essay baby motivate. 1997 in film , Case study , Motivation 1847 Words | 7 Pages. Esophageal cancer in a young woman with bulimia nervosa: a case report Eric T Shinohara, Samuel Swisher-McClure, Michael Husson, Weijing Sun . and James M Metz Journal of great, Medical Case Reports 2007, 1:160 doi:10.1186/1752-1947-1-160 Received: 27 July 2007 Accepted: 29 November 2007 Published: 29 November 2007 Introduction In the past twenty-five years, the essay baby, prevalence of esophageal adenocarcinoma has increased dramatically within the United States and it is now the statement great gatsby, most common histological type. Achalasia , Barrett's esophagus , Cancer 1234 Words | 4 Pages. Chad Malone Unit 3 Case Study | Introduction The case study presented deals with a . small family owned business called Albatross Anchor.

Albatross Anchor case study deals with operational challenges that are being confronted. Some of the rguhs digital thesis, problems that are being faced are due to operational inefficiencies such as shabby and disorganized administrative offices and thesis gatsby antiquated, worn, and technology deprived plant. In order to achieve company profit these operational challenges must be. Anchor , Costs , Economics of production 870 Words | 4 Pages. WK 3 Case 1 Incident 15: Minding the Store November 19, 2012 Introduction In this case . study the situation is Ruth Cummings was put in charge of a store by her boss Ken Hoffman. “Ruth, I’m putting you in utc admissions essay, charge of this store. Your job will be to run it so that it becomes one of the best stores in the system. Great Statement? I have a lot of confidence in you, so don’t let me down.” That was what was told to Ruth by papers Ken on her first day. After a couple of calls from great thesis, her boss Mr. Hoffman, Ruth. Baby Ruth , Case study , Leadership 987 Words | 3 Pages.

? Case Study On Debby This case study is on lithium research a young girl named Debby. She was observed in great thesis statement great gatsby, a at her . parent’s home over digital the last weekend. She is 3 years of statement great, age. She is the only child, and lives with both parents. She has her own bedroom. She loves anything Disney princesses, she also does not like dark colors, bright colors are her favorite and she likes the color pink. She like playing with dolls, playing kitchen, and utc admissions she told me that her favorite thing was to ride in mummy’s car. Debby dislikes. Case study , Case study in psychology , Cognition 1190 Words | 5 Pages. CASE STUDY P. Valerie DeCosey Professor Nicole Hatcher MHA 601 July 7, 2013 CASE STUDY In the . case study Team and Team Processes, Nurse A and Nurse B have two different concepts of what is team work.

Johnson (2009) states that,” a team is a type of group. Consequently, all teams are groups, but not all groups are teams. The following three interventions will discuss conflict management, role conflict, and striving toward the same goal. This paper will discuss the case study variances in. Conflict , Conflict resolution , Management 1037 Words | 3 Pages. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Reasons choose the case 1.2 The Problems The problems of this case are: 1. How . would you characterize Lincoln Electric’s strategy?

In this context, what is the nature of Lincoln’s business and upon thesis gatsby what bases does this company compete? 2. What are the most important elements of Lincoln’s overall approach to organization and control that help explain why this company is so successful? How well do Lincoln’s organization and utc admissions essay control mechanisms. Case study , Scientific method 880 Words | 4 Pages. Individual written component Case study JURONG BIRD PARK Table of great thesis statement, content 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1 . 2.0 DESCRIPTION OF TOUR 1 3.0 TARGET MARKET SEGMENT 2 4.0 MOTIVATION 2 5.0 EXPECTATION 3 6.0 INTERPRETATION 3 6.1 Principles of interpretation 3 6.2 Evaluation of the lithium papers, tour guide 4 7.0 SATISFACTION 5 8.0 RISK ANALYSIS OF THE TOUR 6 9.0 CONCLUSION AND SUMMARY 6 10.0 BIBLIOGRAPHY 7 1.0 INTRODUCTION The purpose of the report is research the concept. Abraham Maslow , Fundamental human needs , Maslow's hierarchy of needs 1794 Words | 6 Pages.

Undergraduate Assessments Assessment 1 Assessment Type Weighting Word Count Week Due Case Study 50 2000 8 Read the . case study below and write an essay analysing the great great gatsby, situation in light of groupwork theory. Case study John is the group leader in week three of an eight week psycho-educational group. Why Schools Should Have Uniforms Persuasive? Until now the group has been quiet, but John has been setting the scene and providing them with relevant information. John has been told that his role as leader is to gatsby inform the essay baby, group members of. Citation , Fiction , Leadership 444 Words | 3 Pages. Corona (Organizacion Corona S.A.) South American Manufacturer Saves Time and Money with Best-practices Software Evaluation Methodology by Jane Affleck . Case Study Technology Evaluation Centers Corona (Organizacion Corona S.A.) Company: • Corona (Organizacion Corona S.A.) Industry or Service: • The company manufactures, distributes, and great sells tiles, porcelain products, and essay baby plumbing fixtures. Statement? Geography: • a multinational company based in Colombia (South America), with manufacturing. Decision support system , Enterprise resource planning , Enterprise system 1655 Words | 6 Pages. Youthful and lithium research papers Middle Adulthood Case Study BSHS/325 The purpose . of this document is to thesis great give detailed information about the discoveries made on the Jacksons progress so far. It covers information about his close and personal relationship with his mother.

It also shows where there has been change of digital thesis, character that has taken place in the recent past. The other things that this case study clearly shows are both positive and great great gatsby negative consequences. Accept , Addiction , Drug addiction 805 Words | 4 Pages. Issues to determine the basic facts of the case • Run the lithium, Numbers! – use Excel and other programs • Test your assumptions! – Sensitivity . Analysis Recommendation 1. Your unique solution to great great the Key Problem based on identifying, analyzing, and evaluating the Key Issues • There can be multiple correct solutions to the Key Problem if the underlying assumptions, theory, and the logic line are sound How To Prepare Study Cases 1. Read the entire case straight through for a quick overall impression. Arthur Andersen , Business ethics , Enron 893 Words | 3 Pages. leadership and structure in developing an ethical organizational climate. * Ethics from functional perspective Mode of Teaching The primary mode of . teaching will be lectures. However to facilitate the understanding of theoretical concepts, case studies /articles, discussions and class activities will also be used. The course will be punctuated with small ethical dilemmas and role-plays. To gain maximum benefit from this course, students are requested to read the brian wilbur, assigned material before coming. Applied ethics , Business ethics , Deontological ethics 680 Words | 4 Pages. Albor, Emilio Gabriel P. Great Statement Great Gatsby? March 12, 2013 MAS-3 MAS70 – B2 Case Study No.

2: Working for Eli . Lily and Company Analyze and should uniforms discuss the case using: A. Utilitarianism SOCIETAL BENEFITS | SOCIETAL COSTS | * Less crime in the streets * Can cure disease * Job offer * Offered shelter * Number of thesis statement, alcoholic people will decrease * Number of homeless people decrease. * Increase of motel customers * New medicine * Cleanliness in the streets *. Categorical imperative , Ethics , Homelessness 578 Words | 3 Pages. ?The Aberdeen Three Improper Storage and Disposal of Hazardous Waste Summary of Case Study In 1985 a military base located in . Lithium Research Papers? Aberdeen, Maryland was found to great be storing and digital disposing hazardous chemicals in a manner unfit to great thesis great the regulations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The RCRA was implemented in 1976 for essay baby the recovery of energy and safe disposal of hazardous materials. Three engineers known as “The Aberdeen Three”, Carl Gepp, William Dee, and Robert Lentz were responsible.

Aberdeen Proving Ground , Business ethics , Ethics 844 Words | 3 Pages. CASE STUDY ANALYSIS ON XYLYS: EXPLORING CONSUMER PERCEPTION ABOUT PREMIUM WATCHES IN THE INDIAN CONTEXT SUBMITTED . TO: - SUBMITTED BY:- Professor Dr. D.D Swain Iliyas ahmad Associate Professor (Marketing) 1st Year PGDM DECLARATION I Iliyas ahmad, student of IMI Bhubaneswar PGDM 2012-2014 1st batch. Clock , Clock face , Sapphire 1390 Words | 5 Pages. Ethics Case Study Lernik Davoudi HCS/335 12/04/2012 Holly Martinez De Andino Ethics Case Study . A prescription is an order for great thesis great gatsby medication which is dispensed to or for patient. A prescription for a patient may only be issued by a physician. The case study in chapter 4, is a case about a physician’s assistance named Jerry McCall , who needs to brian resume order an antidepressant medication called Valium for great thesis statement a patient who is rabies research a friend of the great gatsby, doctors, However the major problem Jerry has is that the should, patient.

Business ethics , Ethics , Medicine 918 Words | 3 Pages. Module 7 Case Study 2: Transforming customer service for BRANZ Ltd. Abstract Porter’s value chain describes a comprehensive . format of creating value within any business venture. It explains how to alter business inputs into outputs that are of greater value than the thesis statement, initial cost of creating the same outputs. According to essay Michael Porter, analysing the chain of activities in any organization will be of more value to the output and services compared to the summation of the cost of these activities. Business intelligence , Collaborative software , Customer 1666 Words | 5 Pages. ?1Assessment Task 2: Case Study The death penalty is still in force in many of countries around the world and in today's . modern society, it has become a highly controversial and debatable topic. Many either stand on the grounds that the death penalty is morally wrong and great thesis statement great there are other means of achieving justice, or the essay baby, opposing argument. These arguments arise from the notion of human dignity. Great Statement Gatsby? Human dignity is essay a major factor as execution by the state contradicts the universally recognised fundamental.

Amnesty International , Capital punishment , European Convention on Human Rights 1969 Words | 6 Pages. ? Bachelor of Applied Management Graduate Diploma in Business AMSM700a Strategic Management Assessment One – Case Study . 2014 Student ID 2014001813 NorthTec reserves the right to use electronic means to detect and help prevent plagiarism. Students agree that when submitting this assignment, it may be subject to submission for great statement great gatsby textual similarity review to Submissions received late will be subject to brian wilbur a penalty of 10% of the student’s mark per working day. This.

Cattle , Dairy , Dairy farming 2277 Words | 6 Pages.

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Why I Want To Become A Nurse Essays and great statement great, Research Papers. I was born and wilbur resume, raised in a small, under serviced community in Northern, Ontario called Muskoka. As a child I always had an . interest in health care. Whether I was reading the oral pathology books of my fathers (a local oral surgeon) or playing doctor with my dolls and great thesis statement, my fisher price doctor kit, I was always drawn to medicine and its ability to help people. Thesis? During my early years in gatsby, Muskoka I was always encouraged to take a strong interest in the sciences, arts, and rguhs library, the natural world. Statement? I not only. Health , Health care , Health care provider 1356 Words | 4 Pages. ? Why do I want to be a Nurse ? I want to be a nurse because . I enjoy being around people in their times of need and essay, I get internal satisfaction by serving those that need help. I remember when I was just a kid and I played with my cousin that we were both nurses , I grew up saying I wanted to be a nurse and that is thesis when I realized my passion for nursing. Lithium? I believe that the cure for many of the people's ailments is not just in medicine, it is in great thesis statement great gatsby, the care that they receive as patients in utc admissions, hospitals and. Hospital , Need , Nurse 307 Words | 4 Pages.

MY FIRST TRIP ABROAD It was on a Monday morning, the 1st day of December, 2010. I had spent two years preparing and great gatsby, saving money for this . memorable day. Why Schools Should Persuasive Essay? I was going to be my best moment after my wedding day. The whole village where I was born “Makupa”led by our local chief Mr. Ndoto, my brothers, sisters members of the Clergy both young and old men and women, no wanted to miss that memorable opportunity of thesis great gatsby escorting me to Jomo Kenyatta international Airport. One would have thought that there was. Capital punishment , Jomo Kenyatta , Jomo Kenyatta International Airport 980 Words | 3 Pages. Why I Want To Become An Accountant.

? Why I want to become an accountant. Composing. Why I want . to become an accountant? Have you ever been in the accounting department? I have been in the accounts. Everywhere numbers and digits, and small and large, very different, but in the end all agree with each other. Accounting!

Surprisingly interesting. Mayakovsky Accountant - responsible profession. Essay? It requires a mathematical mind, here it is all very logical, exactly. The main principle of accounting - rigid logic. Great Thesis Statement Great Gatsby? Some people believe that. Accountancy , Accountant , Accountants 759 Words | 2 Pages. Coke and Pepsi I am writing about coke and Pepsi and research, what are the differences between the thesis statement gatsby, two The problem no one really knows much of research . Great Thesis Gatsby? a difference between the two and I would like to establish The differences between the essay rabies, two and the similarities between the two, this has been investigated before But I want to form my own opinion and take a theoretical guess to how and why these carbonated Drinks are similar and why they are different.

Most people say it’s because one is sweeter. Caffeine , Carbon dioxide , Carbonated water 695 Words | 4 Pages. Becoming a Nurse Essay Opportunities in Nursing My decision to pursue a career in nursing came from great statement, my personal and professional . experiences. When I was 13 years of age, I took care of utc admissions essay my elderly grandma who had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease. I knew that the disease was incurable but I did all to help grandma cope with her daily problems. I learned a lot from that experience. From that time I have dreamed to become a highly qualified, experienced, and very competent nurse . Great Thesis? I want to work.

Florence Nightingale , Health care , Medicine 1149 Words | 3 Pages. Before I Become a Pediatric Nurse. Future When I was a little girl, I would pretend that I was a nurse or even a doctor. . I treated my teddy bears as if they were my patients from the have uniforms persuasive, doctor’s office, I would bandage up their broken legs and make sure they were not sick. When my mom was getting sick, I was helping my sister take care of great great our mother. Then, I started to take care of my mom by myself, because my sister had to do a lot of runs. Every day I came home from school, I would go and make sure my mom was okay. I would make sure.

Academic degree , Associate's degree , Bachelor of wilbur resume Science 1714 Words | 4 Pages. nature to want what I don’t have-nurturing parents. My parents worked very hard to provide a better life that they never had. . Statement Great Gatsby? I and three of my brothers were grown up with unhappy childhood. Essay Baby? We never had time to play with friends, go to the park or even get any gift on our birthday ….All of us had to work after school to help my parents earn more money for food and others basic shelters. When I was in great statement, the middle school I had to brian wilbur, do all of the housework and trading in thesis statement, the market for foods. I believed. Happiness , United States 1510 Words | 4 Pages. seasons, I too have prepared for the study of rguhs thesis medicine through variously themed ?°seasons?± in my life. During high school, for gatsby example, . Essay? I focused my activities on serving the various communities of great thesis statement which I am a part. After joining Mt. Olivet SDA Church, I became involved with the community of Williamsville, New York -- participating in an anti-drug rally and health fair, leading local public speaking events, singing in church choirs at nursing homes, and why schools have, visiting hospitalized church members.

I was. Ethics , General practitioner , Medicine 969 Words | 3 Pages. years, I can remember my English teachers asking things like what do I want to be when I grow up? . Statement Great? What to you want to study in college? As a child I would give a quick sentence or a couple of words. I would say that I wanted to be a cop, a firefighter ,or a chef. As a teenager, I was expected to brian resume, contemplate and compile a three page written paper . Great Gatsby? My answers varied each and essay, every year from wanting to be a teacher, a chef , to a social worker. I can remember many kids saying they wanted to become a nurse.

Experience , Family , Lebanon, Tennessee 858 Words | 2 Pages. JUDY BRADY I Want a Wife (1971) Judy Brady’s essay became an instant classic when it appeared in great statement, 1971 in the premier issue . of the feminist magazine Ms. As you read, analyze the definitions of “husband” and essay baby, “wife” that Brady uses, and consider why this essay became so powerful in the 1970s. I belong to that classification of people known as wives. I am A Wife. And, not altogether incidentally, I am a mother. Not too long ago a male friend of mine appeared on the scene fresh from a recent. Arrangement , Courteney Cox , Economics terminology 1165 Words | 3 Pages. Why Should I Want to Become a Teacher? Why I became a Teacher? When I was unfulfilled, working in the profession of social work, I decided . that I would need to help others for my job.

That was in 2007. I quit my job and great thesis statement gatsby, did something that I had never done before. I started hiking the Appalachian Trail by myself. Utc Admissions? After thinking about what goals I had, it hit me: teaching. Great? As a teacher you will influence youth to make a difference in their lives. That is when I thought about the example that my mother had been for students at her. Certified teacher , Education , High school 1031 Words | 3 Pages. “ Why I Want to Be a Teacher” First of resume all, I love kids and it has always been my dream and thesis statement gatsby, passion . to research papers, become an educator. Great Great Gatsby? For most people, the essay research, word teacher is defined as someone who is responsible for great great informing or teaching someone something. But not everyone would have the rabies research, same meaning or image for a teacher. Teachers have a very important role of thesis great shaping the lives of why schools should uniforms essay young children and great gatsby, preparing them to become productive citizens in brian, our community and with these types of responsibilities teachers.

Childhood , Education , Educational psychology 868 Words | 3 Pages. Kish WHY I WANT TO BE A NURSE The field of nursing has long interested me because . I find myself compassionate about providing care to sick people. I think that the field of nursing may serve as a way for me to help individuals especially during their most difficult times such as illness and accidents. I am aware that the great thesis statement great gatsby, training required to become a nurse is challenging. I am still willing to undergo such challenging training in order to enhance my greatest capabilities as a nurse . I am excited. Florence Nightingale , Health care , Health care provider 485 Words | 2 Pages.

In this page I will be sharing with you my decision to home educate my children. I have broken it down into two parts as it has . become a rather long post! I didn’t realise that I had so much to say. Why Schools Should Have Uniforms Persuasive Essay? It would have been a lot longer if I had included all the finer details. Sit back and statement great, relax as I talk to you about utc admissions, my decision to home educate. I truly believe that I am being led in this direction by the Lord.

I remember this time last year sitting in my car, parked on the side road reading a book. Alternative education , Growing Without Schooling , Homeschooling 1624 Words | 4 Pages. Why I Want To Become A Civil Engineer. Why I decided to major in Civil Engineering? Last Year around this time, I did not know the answer to great thesis great, this question . myself. I was confused when it came to choosing a career. Essay? I still had the great thesis statement gatsby, questions in my mind when I was asked to write this five-page paper. Then, I got a job at an engineering firm, a firm that involves the construction of buildings, roads, and bridges. They also deal with storm and lithium research, drainage sewers.

As I looked into engineering, I decided that I liked many of the characteristics. Academic degree , Civil engineer , Civil engineering 1221 Words | 4 Pages. Why I Want to thesis statement great, be a Fire Fighter Being a Firefighter today is a demanding and dangerous job. From mixed views of . the profession from the have essay, public, all should respect what danger a firefighter faces day in and day out. Great? Being a firefighter is have more than just putting out fires. They have many more calls such as EMS and car accidents not including all the false calls. What possibly could drive this writer to risk his life day in and day out for people he doesn’t even know? Well this writer will be a future.

College , Fire , Fire department 976 Words | 3 Pages. Why I want to be a nurse ? I firmly believe that choosing the right profession, the . Statement Gatsby? one that I will be good at is essential to my personal happiness, and well being. Although, my path on choosing a nursing as a carrier wasn’t always clear to me, my school advisers have been pointing me to lithium papers, the nursing since High School. Great Thesis Gatsby? According to the adviser and carrier test my personality will suite me well in a nursing carrier. Digital Library? However, influenced by the family members growing up I was fixed on becoming. Health , Health care , Health care provider 603 Words | 2 Pages. name is Colby Bean, I was born and raised in maine. I live in thesis great gatsby, a town called Hartland, its a small town so there is really nothing . to do, when i was younger I used to play sports but the only one i really got into was basketball but the problem with only playing one sport is that you only play for a few months out essay baby, of the year. So I decided that I had to find something to do for the seven to eight months that I wasn't playing basketball.

So in decided to start watching movies, I started with some classics. Actor , Educational years , Fifth grade 1324 Words | 3 Pages. Why do I want to great thesis statement great gatsby, become a nurse : Ever since I had use of brian reason, . I always dreamt of becoming a Doctor. When I was only thesis statement gatsby 4 years old, I asked for my first microscope. When I was around 8 years old, I asked for brian resume my first chemistry set. When I was only 9 years old, I gave my Grandmother her insulin shot. All these contributed for me to be interested in thesis statement, the medical field. But what made me change my mind to become an RN instead of an MD?

Well, as years have prolonged and I have grown up, I have been. Childbirth , Emotion , Family 579 Words | 2 Pages. I would love to be a nurse someday because it has many attractive qualities. The qualities that accompany The field of essay baby nursing . and which i consider essential to me include the scientific aspect to method, being an great great, active member of the health care team, and becoming a patient advocate. Should Persuasive Essay? When I was thirteen, I saw all different kinds of people in poverty, may it be infants, children, elderly people and even disabled people. Great Great Gatsby? My aunt, who lived in Mexico, got diagnosed with cancer and my family and I . Family , Florence Nightingale , Health 886 Words | 2 Pages. Why I decided to become a nurse . Growing up I always thought I would . someday be a nurse . Thesis? It was a dream that I always had. Knowing that it would be hard for mom and dad to afford, I considered enlisting into the army to get school and training paid for. Great Thesis Statement Great? As high school graduation got closer, I decided to take a break from school. So, I didn't go to brian wilbur, college or enlist.

When I started running low on funds, I decided to go to training to become a certified nurse's aide (cna). It didn't. Acupressure , Certified Nursing Assistant , Healthcare occupations 545 Words | 2 Pages. expected Gini to take over that task---after all, he couldn’t wear wrinkled clothes to his new job, could he? Poking fun at the responsibilities involved in . marriage is similar to the attitude presented in Judy Brady’s 1971 essay, Why I Want a Wife. Thesis Great Gatsby? In Why I Want a Wife, Brady offers hypothetical criteria for an ideal wife in brian resume, a satirical commentary on how the work of wives is often taken for granted. The humor of the essay lies in its structure: on the surface it seems to accept the great thesis statement great, criteria. Irony , Jonathan Swift , Marriage 2941 Words | 7 Pages.

doctors in the United States. And I could be one of them. They treat people when they are sick or hurt. They give advice to patients to help . keep them from brian, getting sick. Great Statement Great? They bandage knees, prescribe medicine, sew up cuts. They bring new babies into the world and comfort older people who are sick or dying. And what made me go into utc admissions essay, this career was that I always wanted to do something in medicine.

And I thought that why not become a M.D. And medicine is something I love to great great, do. Characteristics- . Anatomy , Health care , Medical school 1023 Words | 3 Pages. Licensed practical nurse has slowly faded into digital, the background; the duties once performed now removed from the scope of practice. Great Statement? The LPN's are . being forced to either return to school to obtain an ADN, BSN, or MSN in order to continue working in the nursing field or remain stagnant and resume, have no hope of career advancement has created a rise in the LPN to RN-BSN programs now offered. This paper will allow you to thesis gatsby, see this journey through the brian wilbur, eyes of the great thesis, LPN.

As a Licensed practical nurse on the team, we. Certified Nursing Assistant , Healthcare occupations , Licensed practical nurse 1265 Words | 4 Pages. ?In Why I Want a Wife, Brady offers hypothetical criteria for utc admissions an ideal wife in a satirical commentary on how the . work of wives is often taken for granted. The humor of the essay lies in great great, its structure: on the surface it seems to accept the criteria it puts forth, while the meaning actually operates in why schools have uniforms persuasive, the recognition that the narrator is being sarcastic. Using writing as one of her tools for activism, Judy (Syfers) Brady has established herself as a supporter of the women’s movement since she. Irony , Jonathan Swift , Marriage 2263 Words | 5 Pages. Why I Want to Be an Mdical Assisant. Why Do I Want To Be A Medical Assistant You already know that the . health care industry is growing at an accelerated rate. Baby boomers are getting older, and more and more people need medical help.As the baby boomers grow older, they will require more medical attention. According to the U.S. Department of thesis statement great Labor, more than 3.6 million jobs created between 2004 and 2014 will be in the health care industry.

And 8 out of 20 occupations projected to rguhs, grow. Health , Health care , Health care provider 1151 Words | 4 Pages. For my career I would like to be a pediatrician . I would . like to be a pediatrician because I love to work with kids . Great Statement Gatsby? I think they are very adorable and they interest me and I love to help them in there needs . A pediatrician is a child's physician who provides Preventive health maintenance for healthy children , Medical care for children who are acutely or chronically ill . pediatricians focus on babies, children, adolescents. Body mass index , College , High school 1105 Words | 3 Pages. BECOMING A TEACHER Page 1 Why I would want to library, be a Teacher Jamie Croneberger Grand Canyon University- EDU . Great Gatsby? 310 August 16th, 2012 BECOMING A TEACHER Page 2 I want to become a teacher because I , one day, ant to open up my own Day Care Center where I can teach and help the toddlers and babies learn and grow before they start in Pre- Kindergarten. I have always wanted to essay research, help younger kids ever since I had my son Anthony and my daughter Kaitlynn. Great Thesis Great? I am having trouble finding a decent.

Certified teacher , Education , High school 1216 Words | 4 Pages. ?Analysis: Why I Want A Wife by Judy Brady 1. Utc Admissions Essay? What is the tone of the essay? Is she serious? The tone in the . essay is casual, humorous, sarcastic, and sometimes ironic. The author lists multiple jobs which a wife does and great gatsby, is expected by many to do in many instances.

She does the rguhs digital thesis, same jobs in her life for her husband and children but now she seems to not like to do them anymore and wants a wife for her to help out. Also, she describes the attitude of great thesis statement gatsby men wanting a wife in his life, so he can. Gender , Gender role , Irony 860 Words | 3 Pages. ? Discuss your reasons for wanting to become a Naval Nurse Officer. (Limit 2500 characters) As a young man entering my senior . year of high school, my mind races as I try to figure out what it is that I’ll commit my life to. Essay Baby? What will be the driving passion, the purpose of my existence, the reason I get out of bed every morning to face another day of this life? Some people would try to great gatsby, encourage me to choose a career simply for its potential to rguhs, make me wealthy. However, looking at the degenerate. Emotion , Form of the Good , Navy 997 Words | 3 Pages.

ENG101 9A EXAMPLE 22 SEPTEMBER 2010 Why I Want to be a Nurse In the short time my mother was . Great Thesis Great Gatsby? alive, she had such an brian, amazing influence on my life. She taught me so much about care and compassion and what being a nurse was all about. She believed that nursing was a profession that you must feel in your heart. It was her way of giving back to statement gatsby, the community as well as doing something she truly loved. Though becoming a nurse was not always in my mindset, I know that deep down that is truly the career. 2002 albums , A Teenager in Love , Need 484 Words | 2 Pages.

career that can make you feel proud and accomplished, and it is essay research a career in which I have a lot of respect for. In order to be a firefighter you . must be in thesis statement gatsby, shape, prepared, experienced, and ready to deal with your job emotionally as well as physically. I chose to be a firefighter because I want to be able to help others and make them feel safe to live in rabies, their communities. After visiting some actual fire departments, I realized as a firefighter you certainly have a lot to be proud of. It's not your.

Emotion , Fire department , Firefighter 1009 Words | 3 Pages. When I was seven my papaw had a stroke. He stayed in the hospital a few weeks and when he came home he had a new bed and bars in thesis statement, the bathroom. Lithium Papers? . Michael started coming to papaw’s not long after that. It was confusing and difficult to watch Michael help papaw out of bed, or brush his teeth, or tie his shoes. Over time we began to notice improvements. Papaw needed help with his buttons but not his shirt.

Michael would make the coffee but papaw could pour it. By the time papaw died he needed much less. Bureau of Labor Statistics , Medicine , Occupational Outlook Handbook 685 Words | 3 Pages. Running head: WHY DO I WANT AN MBA? 1 Why Do I Want An MBA?

Sandra . R. Statement Gatsby? Schubert MGT/521- Management December 10, 2010 Edward Darley Running head: WHY DO I WANT AN MBA? 2 Why Do I Want An MBA? A Master’s in brian resume, Business Administration (MBA) degree not only great thesis opens many doors of opportunity for the possessor of the degree, it also increases one’s potential for utc admissions essay earning higher salaries and developing a better career path. Great Thesis Statement Great Gatsby? Along with the prestige this degree brings, increased responsibilities. Better , Business school , Management 1108 Words | 4 Pages. ------------------------------------------------- why i want to become a doctor . ------------------------------------------------- I think that wanting to utc admissions, become a doctor is almost something people are born with. I mean I know it sounds kinda funny but those that truly want to become a doctor have a pretty difficult time explaining why . I think the reason is that it mostly comes from a persons heart and trying to portray the feeling with words becomes difficult. Becoming a doctor is no easy task.

Medicine , Patient , Physician 1215 Words | 5 Pages. I remember it like it was yesterday. The squeaky white floors, and how I had to stand on my “tippy toes” to see through the . Great? glass. Papers? In that room on the other side of the great thesis statement great gatsby, glass was what felt like hundreds of babies, new babies that had only been in this world for essay a so short of a time. I knew I wanted to be one of the “angels” caring for them.

My sister was a preemie, born 9 weeks early, so the family spent a lot of time in the hospital with her. In the great, following weeks and months, I witnessed nurses. Human body , Infant , Life 664 Words | 2 Pages. Why I Want a Wife ? Judy Brady According to the dictionary, a wife is a woman married to a man. But, as many . women know, a wife is utc admissions much more: coo, housekeeper, nutritionist, chauffeur, friend, sex partner, valet, nurse , social secretary, ego-builder, and more. Statement Great Gatsby? Rather than complains why she herself would like to have a wife. Lithium Papers? I belong to that classification of people known as wives. Thesis Statement Great Gatsby? I am a Wife. And, not altogether incidentally, I am a mother. Not too long ago a male friend of mine appeared.

Need 1075 Words | 3 Pages. Why I Want to Be a Police Officer. WHY I WANT TO BE A POLICE OFFICER Why I Want To Be a Police Officer . Career Choices in Criminal Justice Dr. Research Papers? Darwin L. Driggers, Ybor Campus October 11, 2011 Why I Want To Be a Police Officer For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a police officer. I’m sure, as a little boy, what first caught my attention were the flashing lights and sirens on the police cars. It could have also been then the facts that police officer were permitted to great statement great gatsby, carry a gun and should uniforms, had the ability to statement, run. Constable , Crime , Criminal justice 817 Words | 3 Pages. My Decision To Become A Nurse Kimberly C The University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing In partial fulfillment of rguhs library . the requirements of N 3645 Transition to Professional Nursing Part A Jeanean Boyd, Ph. D., MSN, RN January 29, 2012 Online RN-BSN My Decision To Become A Nurse I have been a nurse for over twenty years, first as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) then as an statement great gatsby, Associate Degree Nurse (ADN). In this paper I will discuss why I became a nurse , what the essence of nursing. Bachelor of Science in essay baby, Nursing , Diploma in Nursing , Florence Nightingale 1371 Words | 5 Pages.

?Research Paper Journey To Become A Nurse I like to great gatsby, help and nurture people back to health, so why . not join a career which includes that? Nursing goes along well with what I’m best at, it could be the perfect career for me. Utc Admissions? Where I can enjoy helping people and taking care of great great them to make them feel better. If they are sick, I want to rabies research, help figure out what is causing them to feel that way or what the symptoms are of the great statement, possible illnesses. I’m also a very social person and can talk to anybody, which. Bachelor of Science in Nursing , Healthcare occupations , Need 1056 Words | 3 Pages.

post TAURUS - The Tramp (April 20 to May 20) Aggressive. Loves being in long relationships. Essay Rabies Research? Likes to thesis statement, give a good fight. Essay Baby? Fight for what they . Great Statement Great? want . Can be annoying at times, but for should have uniforms the love of attention. Extremely outgoing. Loves to help people in great thesis statement great, times of need. Good kisser.

Good personality. Papers? Stubborn. A caring person. They can be self-centered and if they want something they will do anything to get it. Great Statement? They love to sleep and can be lazy. One of rguhs library thesis a kind. Not one to mess with. Are the most attractive. 1942 , 1966 , 1967 1385 Words | 4 Pages. I have always been interested and great statement, fascinated in the field of study of the essay, human science. Great Thesis Statement Great Gatsby? Throughout my years of secondary and A level . Wilbur Resume? education, I have been a science student and this is reflected in my choice of subjects in A levels.

I especially enjoyed doing biology and the human biology aspect of it has furthered my interest. Chemistry in addition has tremendously improved my analytical skills. As the sciences is an great, area of interest to me and also due to my science background, I believe I would. Hospital , Medical school , Medicine 1347 Words | 4 Pages. Why I want To Be A Nurse By: Lourdes Ocasio I walked off the school . bus; it was a beautiful summer day.

The sun was shining and the birds were singing, but inside my house it was dark, a cloud had moved over us. I slowly made my way to the door, expecting my mother to greet me but instead my sister opened the door, something was wrong, I knew instantly. When I walked in lithium papers, there sat my three year old little brother playing with his toys in the family room and my parents were sitting. 2007 singles , English-language films , Family 804 Words | 2 Pages. I heard the familiar sound of the front door closing gently. My father was returning from work as a barber. Although he begins his day at 5:00 . a.m. every morning, he usually returns at around 7:00 p.m. I never really questioned his schedule when I was a child, but as I entered high school I wondered how my dad could work so hard every day of the thesis statement gatsby, week and still enjoy what he does.

The uncertainties of barbering are so great and so challenging. It never ceases to rguhs, amaze me when my father wakes up every. Academic degree , Barber , Father 683 Words | 2 Pages. to learn something new. Great Thesis Great Gatsby? Though there are many personal reasons a person might pursue a graduate degree, there are also several common reasons people seek out . higher degree programs. After working over the years, I decided to pursue MBA because I realized that by completing my MBA, I will have a better career opportunity especially in this challenging and competitive job market. Many employers like to see or even require Masters / MBA on resume and essay rabies, even they set a bar in job advertisements.

Going. Academic degree , Business , Customer relationship management 896 Words | 3 Pages. why i want to be an officer in the army. of the main factors that allows America to be a free and democratic country. The Army defends, protects, and honors the United States of America. Thesis Statement? Ever since . Why Schools Uniforms Persuasive Essay? I was a young boy, I saw greatness in statement, the United States Army and hoped to essay, one day be a part of it. Statement? I always envisioned myself in a leadership position and essay, when I decided to join the thesis statement great, Army, I knew being an officer was for should uniforms persuasive me. To me, being an great statement great gatsby, officer in essay baby, the U.S. Army is thesis a career unlike any other. There are many opportunities as an officer in essay baby, the Army.

Continental Army , Need , Officer Candidate School 1442 Words | 4 Pages. Why I Want to great great gatsby, Be a Veterinary Technician. Being a Veterinary Technician 1. The reason I have chosen this profession? I have a small farm myself and have or have . had horses, calves, dogs, cats, chickens rabbits. I love it and want to be able to care for essay baby my own animals as wells as help others. The rewards I feel from saving protecting lives, are well worth any sacrifices that I have or will make. I feel so lucky that I can enjoy going to school and learning about something that I am interested in and passionate about. Gatsby? Animals. Horse , Medicine , Pet 977 Words | 4 Pages. How to Become a Professional Nurse. Becoming a professional nurse , a nurse must self-regulation with knowledge to essay baby, practice standards and code of thesis ethics.

One of the . first stepping stone is reflecting in rabies research, journal of experiential learning. “Knowledge of great gatsby yourself is gained from reflecting on your experience” (Cooper, 2001, p.22). In the course Development of self as nurse I have learned how to be a professional nurse practicing the why schools should have uniforms essay, standards and code of ethics in great statement gatsby, a working environment. Also how the tools of essay rabies communication is great great affective towards. Communication , Ethics , Health care provider 940 Words | 3 Pages. Why I Want to essay research, Execute Traning Bond. WHY I WANT TO EXCUTE A TRAINING BOND Knowledge is power and knowledge, once imparted, cannot be . retrieved.Organizations make very important investments in its people ’s knowledge by way of thesis statement trainings, and asexpected from any investment, returns in lithium, form of improved work quality, increased productivity, lowerturnaround times, higher profits and/ or a larger market share are expected.Signing a training bond is great statement great gatsby predominantly conceived to utc admissions, be a form of legalized and great gatsby, consented ‘ employeeslavery ’ . Bond , Charlie Chaplin , Finance 843 Words | 3 Pages.

Introduction Why I became a nurse . As a child I was taught many good values. My mother had a . Essay Research? strong belief in God and she preached her beliefs to the family. I was taught not to statement great, be judgmental, treat others as though you would like to be treated, life is very special, love one another as you love yourself, be caring, kind, and responsible. My mother was a great influence on me. Growing up in a family of nine children, there wasn’t much money to pay for digital library medical care.

She tried to keep her children. Family , Health , Health care 1586 Words | 4 Pages. ? Why I Chose to Become a Teacher… By Mack S. Tribble My choice to become a teacher was not made . lightly. This decision was a culmination of a process of reflection about what I wanted to do with my life. I have chosen a career in education because I believe that it is one of the great statement, most important functions performed in our culture. Wilbur Resume? I believe that teachers individually and collectively have the ability to not only change the world, but to improve it. Within the process of teaching, I hope to find. Education , Knowledge , Lesson plan 851 Words | 2 Pages.

Cordon Whaley January 18, 2013 Why do I want to teach? I always wanted to become . a teacher. Statement Great? The main reason for this is that I want to lithium, do something to help the community, and give back some of the privileges that I enjoyed. Some of thesis statement great these privileges included a great education, and caring teachers. Everyone has gotten to lithium, where they are in life because they had a teacher.

By definition, a teacher is someone who gives instruction and communicates skills. The lives most impacted by teachers are. Education , Future , Need 427 Words | 2 Pages. Why I Want to Pursue a Degree in Ece. Essay One: Why I Want To Pursue a Degree In ECE Angelina D. Lewis MOC @ Wilmington EDU 305 Early . Childhood Education June 7, 2011 2 Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve known what I wanted to do.

I am one of those people who was blessed enough to thesis statement gatsby, realize my passion at an early age. Research Papers? As far back as I can remember, I’ve wanted to great thesis statement gatsby, become a teacher. I can remember as a child sitting in my room, surrounded by my stuffed animals (or students, as I saw them) and should uniforms essay, forcing. Certified teacher , Education , Family 2267 Words | 6 Pages. Part one: y I wanna b a doc Medical profession is thesis a very respectable and honored field of expertise, the rguhs, passion that derives me to it . comes from various life experiences. Wht things helped me decide that I wanted to b a doc I come frm a third world country and iv seen people die due to lack of docs - - Grandfather died due to lack of proper treatment and medication I hv seen physicians diagnose and help cure their patients and great thesis great gatsby, this whole act interests me a lot My interest in. Doctor , Doctor of Medicine , Hospital 5355 Words | 13 Pages. Philosophy of Education / Why I want to become a teacher?

Philosophies vary from time to lithium research papers, time . because we live in a world that moves at a very fast pace, and we have to great thesis great, move our ideas with it. I have pursued a BA in rguhs digital library thesis, Communications and a MA in Secondary Education with a concentration in great statement gatsby, educational technology. Now, I teach with my English minor, and digital library, I absolutely love it. As an great thesis statement great, educator, I want prepare students not only for college, but for the world we live in essay baby, today. Thesis Statement Great Gatsby? My philosophy of education.

21st century , Academic degree , Education 499 Words | 2 Pages. language. Being good at lithium, English, i can travel to any place or any country which i like. English is commonly spoken throughout . much of the statement, world due to Great Britian’s expansion during the essay baby, colonial age. Statement? People in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, parts of Africa, India, and utc admissions essay, many smaller island nations speak English. English is the commonly adopted second language in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and great gatsby, the Netherlands. Speaking English opens these countries and library thesis, cultures up to me. I shall not find it hard to. England , English language , Language 880 Words | 3 Pages. I always wanted to great statement, become a teacher.

The main reason for this is that I want to do something to rguhs digital library, help . the great thesis great gatsby, community, and give back some of the privileges that I enjoyed. Some of essay these privileges included a great education, and caring teachers. Thesis Gatsby? I could see myself accomplishing this task through teaching. New York City needs hard working, caring, and utc admissions essay, responsible teachers, and I want to great statement gatsby, become a part of it. I believe that to become a teacher, your heart really needs to be in it and you need to be committed. Calculus , College , Education 522 Words | 2 Pages. dreams and haven’t yet become goals. The only way to achieve our goals is to know what we want to plan how to get it. Life is a . dream, realize it. Uniforms Persuasive? First off my main goal is to go to a good college. Great Thesis Great? I really want to come out of high school with a high grades.

I know with high grades I’m going to utc admissions, have a lot of options for schools. I would try to great thesis statement, go to a maritime school or university to get a bachelors degree in essay baby, computers or an great thesis great, associates in rguhs digital thesis, art. I don’t know which I want to go for first, I’ll decide. Bachelor's degree , Britney Spears , High school 587 Words | 2 Pages. Who I Want to Become When I Am Older. Who I Want to be When I am Older Every human historically and great thesis statement great gatsby, presently, thrives for the same thing, success. . Research Papers? Some seek it through monetary values, while others perceive success as the amount of thesis statement power one possesses. Ralph Waldo Emerson however, offered a new perspective of the meaning of rguhs digital success.

He claimed, “To laugh often and much, to win the respect of great great intelligent people and the affection of children… to leave the world a better place, to know one life has breathed easier because you have lived. Albert Einstein , American philosophers , Concord, Massachusetts 1030 Words | 3 Pages.

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If you disagree with these Terms and rguhs digital, Conditions and/or Privacy Policy or any part of great, them, you must not use this Website. Capitalized terms defined in these Terms and Conditions shall have no other meaning but set forward in lithium papers, this section. The following terminology is applied to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Refund and Revision Policy: “Client”, “You” and “Your” refers to you, the person accessing this Website and accepting these Terms and Conditions. “We”, “Us” and “Ourselves” refers to website. Great Thesis Statement! Any use of the above terminology or other words in the singular, plural, capitalization and/or he/she or they, are taken as interchangeable and therefore as referring to same. By using our Services, you represent and warrant that (a) all registration information you submit to is truthful and papers, accurate; (b) you will maintain the great statement great, accuracy of such information; (c) you are 18 years of age or older and/or have full legal capacity to enter into legally binding relations; and research papers, (d) your use of the Services does not violate any applicable law, regulation, and/or your college/university/school rules. Your profile may be deleted and Services provided to great great gatsby, you may be terminated without warning, if we believe that you are less than 18 years of age and/or do not have full legal capacity to enter into have essay legally binding relations. Subjected to gatsby, full compliance with these Terms and Conditions, shall provide academic writing services as described more fully on the Website (“Services”).

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In other case assesses refund requests on a case-by-case basis as there are usually unique reasons as to why a refund request is made. Please note that if you request a refund, we may require documented proof that the quality of your order is low (e.g., scan copy of your instructor’s feedback, plagiarism report, etc.). Should you feel it necessary to make a refund request, we will immediately forward your order to research papers, our Quality Assurance Department. After comparing their findings with the thesis, reasons for dissatisfaction, the necessary corrective actions will be taken. Any refund request must be made within the Refund Period. In case reimburses the money because of mistakes or some irrelevance to the initial instructions, our Quality Assurance Department, at its sole discretion, evaluates the thesis, quality of the Paper and refunds an amount comparable to the percentage of great thesis statement great gatsby, incorrect content in the Paper and mistakes present in rguhs digital library thesis, it. provides various methods of contact (i.e. email, telephone, message board, and live chat) to facilitate communication between you, us and the writer assigned to complete an order. Using any of these methods, our Customer Support Center is available to you at any time and thesis, will respond to any refund request or other issue promptly. However, if such a request is not received using any of the persuasive essay, aforementioned methods within the Refund Period, will not be obliged to honor or consider the above said request. Should the Paper delivery be delayed due to great gatsby, unexpected circumstances, from the side of, we may provide compensation for resume the breach of the order deadline in the form of a credit or a discount to be used towards your next order with us.

Please be informed that delivery time deviation is not a subject to refund. Any revision request or complaint in regards to a Paper that has provided must be made within the revision period (“Revision Period”). Great! offers a 14-day Revision Period for wilbur resume Papers less than 20 pages and a 30-day period for great thesis Papers more than 20 pages. Revision Period begins on the date of Client`s order deadline and expires on the last day of the Revision Period. After that point, no revision and/or complaint will be accepted. recognizes that orders vary in size and complexity; as a result, dissertation, thesis and/or other sufficiently large assignment may be granted 30-day Revision Period. Sufficiency in essay rabies research, the size of the Paper will be determined by in its sole discretion. In case a request for revision is not submitted within the Revision Period, tacitly accepts that the Client is satisfied with the Paper and requires no further actions to be taken in great great gatsby, regards to the Paper unless extra payment is provided or a new order is placed. Upon receiving your completed assignment you are entitled to a free revision should the Paper fail to meet your instructions or defined the requirements in any way. When this is the case, you are entitled to request as many revisions as may be required to make the Paper consistent and compliant with your instructions. During the why schools have uniforms persuasive, Revision Period the request for revision may be made at any time.

All revisions must be based on the original order instructions. If at the time of the revision request you provide new, additional, or differing instructions, this will be interpreted as an application for new Paper and thus, will require an additional payment. Furthermore, should you request a revision after the Revision Period, it will also be considered as a new order requiring an additional payment. We may require you to supply us with personal identifying information, and we may also legally consult other sources to obtain information about great statement gatsby you. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you authorize us to make any inquiries we consider necessary to lithium research, validate the great thesis statement gatsby, information that you provide us with. We may do this directly or by verifying your information against third party databases; or through other sources. Essentially, verification procedure involves, inter alia, confirming that the essay, order is great thesis great authentic and that the papers, cardholder is aware of charges by placing a phone call to them, and in thesis great, certain cases by brian wilbur resume requesting some additional documents to be submitted for thesis great gatsby verification to rguhs, our Risk Department. Great Great Gatsby! In order to essay, ensure timely delivery of great thesis statement great, your order, this procedure must be completed quickly and without delay.

Therefore, it is vital to provide accurate and utc admissions, valid phone numbers. Failure to thesis statement great gatsby, verify an order may result in essay, order cancellation or the order being placed on hold. You consent to our processing your personal information for the purposes of providing the Services, including for great thesis statement great gatsby verification purposes as set out herein. You also consent to the use of such data for communicating with you, for statutory and accounting purposes. You acknowledge that you have read and consented to's Privacy Policy. LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY. will not be liable to you in relation to the contents of, the essay, use of, or otherwise in great statement gatsby, connection with, this Website: for failure to learn the material covered by the Paper; and.

for your final grade; and. for the outcome or consequences of submission the Paper to wilbur, any academic institution; and. excludes all liability for damages arising out of great statement, or in connection with your use of this Website. The latter includes, without limitation, damage caused to essay, your computer, computer software, systems and programs and the data thereon, or any other direct or indirect, consequential and great thesis gatsby, incidental damages. The Paper provided to you by remains our property and is the subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under local and international laws conventions. The Paper is intended for your personal use only and it may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited for any other purposes without our prior written consent. You agree not to engage in the use, copying, or distribution of Papers other than expressly permitted herein.

We post Clients` testimonials on our Website which may contain personal information (first name or initials). Hereby by accessing or using this Website, you provide us with your consent to post your first name/initials along with your testimonial on utc admissions essay our Website. We ensure our posting these testimonials does not interfere with your confidentiality. If you wish to request the removal of your testimonial, you may contact us at [emailprotected] NOTIFICATION OF CHANGES. reserves the great gatsby, right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and essay research, your continued use of the Website will signify your acceptance of great, any adjustment, improvements and/or alterations to these Terms and Conditions. You are, therefore, advised to re-read these Terms and lithium research, Conditions on a regular basis. This web site is owned and great statement, operated by essay rabies Viatta Business Ltd.

HEXO+ Self-Flying Camera Drone, with a suggested retail price of $1,249.00 USD («Main prize»). FreePage (single use) SMS inform (single use) Plagiarism Report (single use) 50$ to your bonus balance which you can use in 365 days 100$ to your bonus balance which you can use in statement gatsby, 365 days. 2. Promotional Period. The promotion begins on 7.18.2017, at 9:00 am and why schools persuasive essay, ends on 7.28.2017 at 10:00 pm. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes how information about You is great collected, used and disclosed and provides other important privacy information, describes when and how we may change this Policy, and tells You how to brian resume, contact us with any questions or comments. We collect information about You and computer(s) You use when You use our Services or otherwise interact with us. “Personal Information” means information that we directly associate with a specific person or entity (for example: name; addresses; telephone numbers; email address; payment information; device location etc.). “Client”, “User”, “You” and great statement gatsby, “Your” refers to you, the rabies research, person accessing this Website and great statement gatsby, accepting these Privacy Policy.

Any use of the above terminology or other words in rguhs library, the singular, plural, capitalization and/or he/she or they, are taken as interchangeable and therefore as referring to gatsby, same. HOW INFORMATION ABOUT YOU IS COLLECTED. We collect information about You in three primary ways: Information You Provide. We collect information that You provide to us when You apply for and use and/or purchase our Services or otherwise communicate with us. For example, some of the ways You may provide information to us include:

When You purchase our Services, the payment system will require your personal, contact, billing and credit information. When You establish or modify Your user account online, We may collect user identification information, passwords, and/or security question responses that You will use for wilbur resume future sign-on. When You interact with our Customer Service representatives, enter information on our Website, submit survey responses, or pay for great thesis great gatsby Services, we may also collect Personal Information and essay baby, other information. We may monitor and record phone calls, e-mails, live chats, or other communications between You and our Customer Service representatives or other employees or representatives. Information We Collect Automatically. We automatically collect a variety of information associated with Your use of our Services. Each time You visit the Website, Personal Information is automatically gathered. In general, this information does not identify You personally. Thesis Statement! Examples of essay rabies, automatically collected personal information include, but are not limited to: IP address, Collection Date, Publisher Name, Connection Speed, Day of Week Time of Day (hour), Language settings, Country, City (relating to great statement great gatsby, IP address, if available). For example, some of the ways we may automatically collect information include: Cookies and brian resume, similar technologies.

A “cookie” is a small text file that a web site can place on Your computer's hard drive in order, for example, to collect information about Your activities on the Website. Great Gatsby! The cookie transmits this information back to rguhs digital library, the Website's computer, which, generally speaking, is the great gatsby, only computer that can read it. We need to use cookies on the Website to brian, enhance the great gatsby, user experience and avoid multiple logins or password authentication requests. We may use, or we may engage third-parties to use on our behalf, cookies or similar web tags (small data text files placed on your computer or device) or similar technologies to identify Your computer or device and record Your preferences and other data so that our Website can personalize Your visit(s), see which areas and features of our Website are popular, and improve our Website and Your experience. Depending upon Your computer, You may be able to set Your browser(s) to reject cookies or delete cookies, but that may result in lithium research, the loss of some functionality on the Website.

We may also use web beacons (small graphic images on a web page or an HTML e-mail) to monitor interaction with our websites or e-mails. Web beacons are generally invisible because they are very small (only 1-by-1 pixel) and the same color as the great, background of the web page or e-mail message. Web Browsing Activity. When accessing our Website, We automatically collect certain information about utc admissions Your computer and Your visit, such as your IP address, browser type, date and time, the web page You visited before visiting our Website, Your activities and purchases on our Website, and other analytical information associated with the great thesis great, Website. Information From Other Sources. We may also obtain information about You from other sources. For example, We may receive credit information from third-party sources before initiating Your service. Essay Rabies Research! We may also purchase or obtain Personal Information (for example, e-mail lists, postal mail lists, demographic and marketing data) from others.

HOW WE USE INFORMATION WE COLLECT ABOUT YOU. We use the information We collect for a variety of business purposes, such as: To provide and bill for Services You purchase; To deliver and thesis gatsby, confirm Services You obtain from us; To verify Your identity and maintain a record of Your transactions and interactions with us;

To provide customer services to You; To create, modify, improve, enhance, remove or fix our Services and their performance; To identify and suggest products or services that might interest You; To make internal business decisions about current and future Service offerings; To provide You customized user experiences, including personalized Services offerings; To protect our rights, interests, safety and property and that of our customers, service providers and other third parties; and. To comply with law or as required for legal purposes. We may use Personal Information for investigations or prevention of fraud or network abuse. We may use information we collect to contact You about our and/or third-party products, services, and offers that We believe You may find of interest. We may contact You by telephone, postal mail, e-mail, or other methods.

You may see advertisements when You visit our Website. Why Schools Have Persuasive! We may help advertisers better reach our customers by thesis statement great providing certain customer information, including geographic information, language preferences or demographic information obtained from other companies. This information is rguhs digital library used by advertisers to determine which ads may be more relevant to You. Great Great Gatsby! However, we do not share Personal Information outside of our corporate family for advertising purposes without Your consent. WHEN WE SHARE INFORMATION COLLECTED ABOUT YOU. We do not sell, license, rent, or otherwise provide Your Personal Information to unaffiliated third-parties (parties outside our corporate family) without Your consent. We may, however, disclose Your information to unaffiliated third-parties as follows: With Your Consent. We may disclose Personal Information about You to third-parties with Your consent.

We may obtain Your consent in wilbur resume, writing; online, through “click-through” agreements; when You accept the thesis statement great, terms of disclosures for certain Services; orally, when You interact with our customer service representatives. We encourage You not to share Your password. Essay Baby! If You provide Your user account password and/or security question responses to third parties they will have access to Your Personal Information when they access Your user account with Your account password. To Our Service Providers. We may disclose information to third-party vendors and partners who complete transactions or perform services on our behalf (for example, credit/debit card processing, billing, customer service, auditing, and marketing). In a Business Transfer. We may sell, disclose, or transfer information about You as part of a corporate business transaction, such as a merger or acquisition, joint venture, corporate reorganization, financing, or sale of company assets, or in great, the unlikely event of insolvency, bankruptcy, or receivership, in which such information could be transferred to brian wilbur resume, third-parties as a business asset in the transaction. For Legal Process Protection. We may disclose Personal Information, and other information about thesis statement gatsby You, or Your communications, where we have a good faith belief that access, use, preservation or disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary: to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request; to enforce or apply agreements, or initiate, render, bill, and collect for services and products (including to collection agencies in order to obtain payment for our products and services); to protect our rights or interests, or property or safety or that of others; in connection with claims, disputes, or litigation – in court or elsewhere; to facilitate or verify the appropriate calculation of taxes, fees, or other obligations; or. in an emergency situation.

We may provide information that does not identify You personally to third-parties for lithium research papers marketing, advertising or other purposes. HOW WE STORE AND PROTECT THE INFORMATION COLLECTED ABOUT YOU. Protecting Your Information. We use a variety of physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect Personal Information from great thesis, unauthorized access, use, or disclosure while it is under our control. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure. As a result, although we will utilize such measures, we do not guarantee You against essay baby the loss, misuse, or alteration of statement great gatsby, Personal Information under our control, and You provide Personal Information to us at Your own risk. You should always take care with how You handle and disclose your Personal Information and should avoid sending Personal Information through insecure e-mail, social networks or other internet channels.

Retention and essay baby, Disposal. We retain information only for as long as we have a business or tax need or as applicable laws, regulations and/or government orders allow. When we dispose of Personal Information, we use reasonable procedures designed to thesis statement, erase or render it unreadable (for example, shredding documents and wiping electronic media). PRIVACY POLICY UPDATES. How We Communicate Changes to This Policy.

We may update this Policy at any time to rguhs digital library, provide updates to or clarification of our practices. If we make changes we may provide You with additional notice (such as adding a statement to the homepage of our Website or sending You a notification). You should refer to this Policy often for the latest information and the effective date of any changes. This web site is great gatsby owned and operated by lithium research Viatta Business Ltd . A Partner is an great thesis great, individual who refers customers. A Referral is an individual who requests a service via the referral link given by a Partner. With the digital library thesis, first order, a Referral acquires a 15% discount on the order, while a Partner receives $50 to great thesis great, the Referral Balance. With further purchases, a Partner earns 5% of the why schools uniforms persuasive essay, Referral’s total order price. All money earned with the great statement great, Referral Program is essay stored on great thesis great your Referral Balance.

A Partner can transfer the money to the Bonus Balance and use it to purchase a service. It is possible to transfer the sum to the Partner’s PayPal account (no less than $20).

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contract essay law This oft-referenced article is from the great thesis statement great gatsby early ’90s, and originally appeared in Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll magazine. Utc Admissions Essay! While some of the information and figures listed here are dated, it is still a useful and great informative article. And no, we don’t know how to reach Steve Albini. Whenever I talk to a band who are about to essay baby sign with a major label, I always end up thinking of statement great them in a particular context. I imagine a trench, about four feet wide and five feet deep, maybe sixty yards long, filled with runny, decaying shit.

I imagine these people, some of them good friends, some of them barely acquaintances, at one end of rguhs thesis this trench. I also imagine a faceless industry lackey at the other end holding a fountain pen and a contract waiting to be signed. Nobody can see what’s printed on the contract. It’s too far away, and besides, the great statement great gatsby shit stench is making everybody’s eyes water. The lackey shouts to everybody that the why schools should uniforms persuasive essay first one to swim the trench gets to sign the contract.

Everybody dives in the trench and thesis statement great they struggle furiously to why schools have uniforms persuasive get to statement the other end. Two people arrive simultaneously and persuasive begin wrestling furiously, clawing each other and dunking each other under the shit. Great Thesis! Eventually, one of them capitulates, and there’s only one contestant left. Why Schools Have Uniforms Persuasive! He reaches for the pen, but the thesis statement gatsby Lackey says “Actually, I think you need a little more development. Swim again, please. Backstroke”. And he does of course. Every major label involved in the hunt for new bands now has on staff a high-profile point man, an “A R” rep who can present a comfortable face to any prospective band.

The initials stand for “Artist and Repertoire.” because historically, the brian resume A R staff would select artists to great statement gatsby record music that they had also selected, out of an available pool of each. Research Papers! This is still the case, though not openly. These guys are universally young [about the same age as the bands being wooed], and gatsby nowadays they always have some obvious underground rock credibility flag they can wave. Lyle Preslar, former guitarist for Minor Threat, is one of essay baby them. Thesis Statement Great! Terry Tolkin, former NY independent booking agent and assistant manager at Touch and Go is one of brian them. Al Smith, former soundman at CBGB is one of them. Mike Gitter, former editor of XXX fanzine and contributor to Rip, Kerrang and other lowbrow rags is one of them. Great Thesis Statement Great! Many of the annoying turds who used to staff college radio stations are in their ranks as well. There are several reasons A R scouts are always young.

The explanation usually copped-to is research that the scout will be “hip to the current musical “scene.” A more important reason is that the thesis statement great gatsby bands will intuitively trust someone they think is a peer, and essay rabies who speaks fondly of the same formative rock and roll experiences. The A R person is the thesis statement gatsby first person to make contact with the essay band, and great thesis great gatsby as such is the first person to promise them the moon. Who better to promise them the moon than an idealistic young turk who expects to research be calling the shots in a few years, and who has had no previous experience with a big record company. Hell, he’s as naive as the band he’s duping. When he tells them no one will interfere in great great, their creative process, he probably even believes it. When he sits down with the band for the first time, over a plate of angel hair pasta, he can tell them with all sincerity that when they sign with company X, they’re really signing with him and he’s on essay baby their side. Remember that great gig I saw you at in ’85? Didn’t we have a blast. By now all rock bands are wise enough to be suspicious of music industry scum. There is a pervasive caricature in popular culture of a portly, middle aged ex-hipster talking a mile-a-minute, using outdated jargon and calling everybody “baby.” After meeting “their” A R guy, the band will say to themselves and statement gatsby everyone else, “He’s not like a record company guy at utc admissions all! He’s like one of us.” And they will be right.

That’s one of the reasons he was hired. These A R guys are not allowed to write contracts. What they do is present the band with a letter of thesis great intent, or “deal memo,” which loosely states some terms, and affirms that the band will sign with the label once a contract has been agreed on. Digital! The spookiest thing about this harmless sounding little memo, is statement gatsby that it is, for all legal purposes, a binding document. That is, once the band signs it, they are under obligation to conclude a deal with the label. If the label presents them with a contract that the band don’t want to sign, all the label has to do is wait. There are a hundred other bands willing to sign the exact same contract, so the label is in wilbur, a position of thesis statement gatsby strength. These letters never have any terms of expiration, so the utc admissions band remain bound by the deal memo until a contract is signed, no matter how long that takes.

The band cannot sign to thesis another laborer or even put out research, its own material unless they are released from their agreement, which never happens. Make no mistake about it: once a band has signed a letter of intent, they will either eventually sign a contract that suits the label or they will be destroyed. One of my favorite bands was held hostage for thesis statement gatsby, the better part of two years by a slick young “He’s not like a label guy at all,” A R rep, on the basis of lithium research such a deal memo. He had failed to come through on any of his promises [something he did with similar effect to another well-known band], and so the band wanted out. Another label expressed interest, but when the A R man was asked to release the band, he said he would need money or points, or possibly both, before he would consider it. Great Great Gatsby! The new label was afraid the price would be too dear, and they said no thanks. On the essay baby cusp of making their signature album, an great great gatsby, excellent band, humiliated, broke up from the stress and the many months of utc admissions essay inactivity.

There’s this band. They’re pretty ordinary, but they’re also pretty good, so they’ve attracted some attention. They’re signed to great statement great a moderate-sized “independent” label owned by a distribution company, and they have another two albums owed to the label. They’re a little ambitious. They’d like to get signed by a major label so they can have some security you know, get some good equipment, tour in a proper tour bus — nothing fancy, just a little reward for all the lithium hard work. To that end, they got a manager.

He knows some of the statement label guys, and he can shop their next project to all the right people. He takes his cut, sure, but it’s only 15%, and if he can get them signed then it’s money well spent. Anyways, it doesn’t cost them anything if it doesn’t work. 15% of nothing isn’t much! One day an A R scout calls them, says he’s ‘been following them for a while now, and when their manager mentioned them to him, it just “clicked.” Would they like to meet with him about the lithium research papers possibility of great statement gatsby working out rguhs digital library, a deal with his label? Wow. Big Break time. Great Thesis Statement Great! They meet the guy, and y’know what — he’s not what they expected from a label guy. Essay Baby! He’s young and dresses pretty much like the band does.

He knows all their favorite bands. He’s like one of them. He tells them he wants to go to bat for them, to try to thesis great gatsby get them everything they want. He says anything is possible with the right attitude. They conclude the evening by taking home a copy of rguhs a deal memo they wrote out and signed on the spot. The A R guy was full of great ideas, even talked about using a name producer. Butch Vig is out of the question-he wants 100 g’s and thesis statement gatsby three points, but they can get Don Fleming for $30,000 plus three points. Thesis! Even that’s a little steep, so maybe they’ll go with that guy who used to gatsby be in David Letterman’s band.

He only essay rabies research wants three points. Or they can have just anybody record it (like Warton Tiers, maybe– cost you 5 or 7 grand] and great statement gatsby have Andy Wallace remix it for 4 grand a track plus 2 points. It was a lot to think about. Well, they like this guy and they trust him. Why Schools! Besides, they already signed the deal memo. Great! He must have been serious about wanting them to sign. They break the news to their current label, and the label manager says he wants them to succeed, so they have his blessing. He will need to essay rabies be compensated, of course, for the remaining albums left on their contract, but he’ll work it out with the label himself. Sub Pop made millions from thesis gatsby selling off Nirvana, and Twin Tone hasn’t done bad either: 50 grand for the Babes and lithium research papers 60 grand for the Poster Children– without having to sell a single additional record. It’ll be something modest. Thesis Great Gatsby! The new label doesn’t mind, so long as it’s recoupable out of royalties.

Well, they get the final contract, and brian it’s not quite what they expected. They figure it’s better to be safe than sorry and they turn it over to a lawyer–one who says he’s experienced in entertainment law and he hammers out great statement great gatsby, a few bugs. They’re still not sure about it, but the lawyer says he’s seen a lot of contracts, and theirs is pretty good. They’ll be great royalty: 13% [less a 1O% packaging deduction]. Wasn’t it Buffalo Tom that were only getting 12% less 10? Whatever. The old label only wants 50 grand, an thesis, no points. Hell, Sub Pop got 3 points when they let Nirvana go. They’re signed for four years, with options on each year, for great great gatsby, a total of over a million dollars!

That’s a lot of money in any man’s English. The first year’s advance alone is $250,000. Essay Baby! Just think about it, a quarter million, just for being in a rock band! Their manager thinks it’s a great deal, especially the large advance. Besides, he knows a publishing company that will take the great thesis statement band on if they get signed, and even give them an essay, advance of 20 grand, so they’ll be making that money too.

The manager says publishing is thesis statement gatsby pretty mysterious, and nobody really knows where all the money comes from, but the lawyer can look that contract over too. Essay Baby! Hell, it’s free money. Their booking agent is excited about the band signing to great thesis statement a major. He says they can maybe average $1,000 or $2,000 a night from now on. That’s enough to essay justify a five week tour, and with tour support, they can use a proper crew, buy some good equipment and even get a tour bus! Buses are pretty expensive, but if you figure in the price of a hotel room for great thesis statement, everybody In the band and crew, they’re actually about the thesis same cost. Some bands like Therapy? and Sloan and Stereolab use buses on their tours even when they’re getting paid only great statement great a couple hundred bucks a night, and this tour should earn at least a grand or two every night. Lithium Research! It’ll be worth it. The band will be more comfortable and will play better. The agent says a band on great thesis a major label can get a merchandising company to pay them an advance on T-shirt sales! ridiculous!

There’s a gold mine here! The lawyer Should look over the merchandising contract, just to be safe. They get drunk at the signing party. Polaroids are taken and everybody looks thrilled. The label picked them up in a limo. They decided to go with the producer who used to be in rabies, Letterman’s band.

He had these technicians come in and tune the drums for them and tweak their amps and guitars. He had a guy bring in a slew of expensive old “vintage” microphones. Boy, were they “warm.” He even had a guy come in and check the phase of all the equipment in the control room! Boy, was he professional. He used a bunch of equipment on them and by the end of it, they all agreed that it sounded very “punchy,” yet “warm.” All that hard work paid off.

With the help of a video, the great thesis great album went like hotcakes! They sold a quarter million copies! Here is the math that will explain just how fucked they are: These figures are representative of amounts that appear in record contracts daily. Rguhs Library Thesis! There’s no need to skew the great thesis great gatsby figures to make the scenario look bad, since real-life examples more than abound. income is bold and underlined, expenses are not. Cartage and Transportation: Lodgings while in studio:

Tape copies, reference CDs, shipping. tapes, misc. expenses: Processing and transfers: Stage and construction: Copies, couriers, transportation: Promotional photo shoot and essay duplication:

New fancy professional drum kit: New fancy professional guitars [2]: New fancy professional guitar amp rigs [2]: New fancy potato-shaped bass guitar: New fancy rack of great thesis statement lights bass amp: Rehearsal space rental: Big blowout party for their friends: Tour expense [5 weeks]: Food and per diems:

Gross retail revenue Royalty: Record wholesale price: $1,625,000 gross income. The Balance Sheet: This is how much each player got paid at the end of the game. The band is now 1/4 of the way through its contract, has made the music industry more than 3 million dollars richer, but is in rguhs library thesis, the hole $14,000 on royalties.

The band members have each earned about 1/3 as much as they would working at a 7-11, but they got to ride in great statement great, a tour bus for a month. The next album will be about the same, except that the record company will insist they spend more time and money on it. Since the previous one never “recouped,” the digital library thesis band will have no leverage, and will oblige. The next tour will be about the same, except the merchandising advance will have already been paid, and the band, strangely enough, won’t have earned any royalties from great great their T-shirts yet. Maybe the T-shirt guys have figured out utc admissions essay, how to count money like record company guys.

Some of your friends are probably already this fucked. Steve Albini is an independent and corporate rock record producer most widely known for great gatsby, having produced Nirvana’s “In Utero”. This essay also appears elsewhere on the internet in various translations. Here are a few of them: Belorussian – this translation seems to lithium research papers have disappeared. Let us know if you find it. 101 Responses to “The Problem With Music”

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