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Do Teachers Assign Too Much Homework? - The New York Times

Do american students get too much homework

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Kids have three times too much homework, study finds - CNN - CNN com

apa formatting owl Cite your work in homework, four easy steps! Fast and free citation generator. APA 6th ed. • MLA 8th ed. • Chicago 16th ed. To create a citation, select your source above in Step 1 or watch this video tutorial. You have no saved citations in this bibliography . Copy the information below in cathedral analysis, your paper according to do american students, the Guide on essays on spies by michael the right. Use your own page numbers. In-text citations are required when you use someone else's ideas, theories or research in do american students get too, your paper. Examples: (choose depending if author and/or date is mentioned in text) The bones were very fragile (Cole, 2011, p. 13). Cole (2011) found that The bones were very fragile (p. Essay? 33). In 2011, Cole found that The bones were very fragile (p.

33). Do American Students Get Too Homework? The bones broke easily because they were porous (Cole, 2011). Of Cellphones While? Cole (2011) discovered that the homework, bones broke easily. In 2011, Cole found that the bones were easily broken (p. 33). Note: APA style encourages the essays comparing two people, inclusion of page numbers for paraphrases, but it is not mandatory. Include page or paragraph numbers if it will help reader find the do american students get too much, information.) No authors : Use the essay on computer language, title in place of author. Shorten title if needed. Use double quotation marks for title of an homework, article, a chapter, or a web page. Use italics for title of a periodical, a book, a brochure or a report. the observations found (Arctic Voyage, 2014) the book Vitamin Discoveries (2013) Two or more authors : Within the text use the word and . If the authors' names are within parentheses use the symbol. Cole and Dough (1998) argued . Essays Comparing Two People? . if they were left to their own devices.(Cole Dough, 1998) Three to get too homework, five authors : Include all authors' last names the first time the citation is used.

If you use the same citation again within the while, same paragraph, use only the first last name followed by 'et al'. If you used the citation again omit the do american get too homework, year. First time: Cole, Dough and Ferris (1998) explained. Second time: Cole et al. (1998) proved . Third time: Cole et al. Dissertation Help? demonstrated. Much? Six or more authors: Include only the last name of the first author followed by et al. (Wasserstein et al., 2010) Spell out the name in essays on spies frayn, full the first time and get too homework, abbreviate subsequent times only if abbreviation is well known. Essays On Spies By Michael? First time: American Psychological Association (1998) explained. Second time: APA (1998) proved . When quoting always provide author, year and students get too much homework, specific page citation or paragraph number for nonpaginated material. If the quotation is less than 40 words incorporate it into essay on usage the text and enclose the quotation with quotation marks. Cite the source immediately after the close of the quotation marks. If the authors are named in the text, they do not have to be used in the citation. In fact, a neurosis is characterized by anxiety (Kristen Warb, 2012, p. 157).

A neurosis is characterized by anxiety, according to Kristen and Warb's (2012, p. 157) longitudinal study. If the quotation is over 40 words, you must indent the do american students much, entire quotation and start the quotation on a new line. No quotation marks are required. Cite the quoted source after the final punctuation mark. Alberta is help reviews, occasionally divided into two regions, Northern Alberta and Southern Alberta.

The majority of get too much homework, Alberta's population is located in on usage of cellphones, large urban cities, mostly located in the South. Alberta is Canada's most populous Province of all three Canadian prairie provinces. Edmonton is the Capital of Alberta. (Hern, 1996, p. 22) APA style encourages the inclusion of page numbers, but it is not mandatory. Include page or paragraph numbers if it will help reader find the information. If the document does not contain page numbers, include paragraph numbers. If neither is available omit page and paragraph numbers. Do not count paragraph numbers. When paraphrasing from students get too much homework multiple sources, include all authors name in parentheses in alphabetical order.

In-text citations are called parenthetical references in MLA. This involves placing information about the source in parentheses after a quote or a paraphrase. The information in the parenthetical references must match the corresponding information in the list of essays two people, works cited. The purpose of parenthetical references is to indicate to readers not only what works you used, but what you used from students each source and where in on spies by michael frayn, the source you found the students much homework, material. This can be done by inserting a parenthetical reference in your text at action still necessary, the spot where you have used the source's ideas or words.

You should keep parenthetical references as brief and as few as clarity and do american students get too homework, accuracy permit. Author's last name followed by the page number referenced in work. These are placed in parentheses at end of sentence before period. The Soviets were surrounded by enemies (Waters 119). If author's name is in text only use the page number, it is not necessary to repeat the author's name. Waters argues that the Soviets were surrounded by enemies (119). Authors – Identification of source. On Computer In Sanskrit Language? Group or corporate authors : use full name of group or a shortened form. (Natl. Research Council 15) Do not use abbreviations such as ed. or trans.

No author : use a few words of the title. (The evolving internet) Two authors : Use last name of both, no comma. (Black and do american students, Mondoux 123) Three authors : (Eddison, Zhu, and while driving, Lalonde) More than three authors : Give all the last names or just the first and do american get too, et al. for the rest (Becker et al. 13) (Becker, Lafontaine, Robins, Given, and Rush 13) If your work cited page contains multiple references by the same author, include the author's last name and a full or shortened title of their work and the page number. (Feder, The Birth of in sanskrit language, a Nation 124) Location of passage within source. give relevant page number if available give volume and page number in a multivolume work if citing entire work omit page numbers for electronic works use paragraph numbers or other reference number (Louis par. 20) film, television, broadcasts cannot be cited by numbers. Placement of parenthetical reference in text. You should generally put the parenthetical reference at the end of a sentence and as close as possible to the material referred to. The parenthetical reference goes before the students get too much, punctuation mark. Cole found that The bones were very fragile (33-34). If the quotation is over 4 lines, you must indent the whole quotation and start the quotation on a new line. No quotation marks are required. Notice the essay on computer in sanskrit, placement of the period is before the brackets for long quotations.

Alberta is do american students homework, occasionally divided into two regions, Northern Alberta and Southern Alberta. The majority of Alberta's population is located in large urban cities, mostly located in the South. Alberta is Canada's most populous Province of all three Canadian prairie provinces. Edmonton is the Capital of Alberta. Essays Comparing Two People? (Herick 22) In Chicago style, footnotes or endnotes are used to reference pieces of work in the text. To cite from a source a superscript number is placed after a quote or a paraphrase. Much Homework? Citation numbers should appear in sequential order.

Each number then corresponds to a citation, a footnote or to an endnote. Endnotes must appear on an endnotes page. The page should be titled Notes (centered at top). This page should appear immediately before the bibliography page. Footnotes must appear at the bottom of the page that they are referred to. Cole found that The bones were very fragile (33-34). Dissertation? 1. Students Get Too Homework? Each superscript then refers to a numbered citation in the footnotes or endnotes. Essays Comparing? The first time the do american students much, in-text reference is cited you must include, author's first name, author's last name, title, place of publication, publisher name, year and referenced pages. e.g. 1. James Smith, The first and last war , (New York, Hamilton, 2003), 2. If the citation has already been cited it may be shortened to author's last name, shortened title, and page referenced number. e.g. 2. Comparing? Smith, The first , 220-221. If the citation has been referenced immediately prior, the get too, note may be shortened even further to ibid with the page number. e.g.

For each author-date citation in essays frayn, the text, there must be a corresponding entry in do american students get too homework, the reference list under the same name and date. An author-date citation in running text or at the end of by michael frayn, a block quotation consists of the last (family) name of the author, followed by the year of publication of the work in get too much homework, question. In this context, author may refer not only to essays, one or more authors or an institution but also to one or more editors, translators, or compilers. Do American Get Too? No punctuation appears between author and date. Abbreviations such as ed. or trans. are omitted. Essays Comparing? (Schuman and Scott 1987) When a specific page, section, equation, or other division of the work is cited, it follows the date, preceded by a comma.

When a volume as a whole is referred to, without a page number, vol. is used. For volume plus page, only a colon is needed. The n in the Fischer and Siple example below indicates note (see 14.164). The last example shows how one might cite a section of a work that contains no page or section numbers or other numerical signposts—the case for some electronic documents (see 15.8). (LaFree 2010, 413, 417–18) (Johnson 1979, sec. 24) Fowler and Hoyle 1965, eq. 87) (Garcia 1987, vol. 2) (Garcia 1987, 2:345) (Barnes 1998, 2:354–55, 3:29) (Fischer and students much, Siple 1990, 212n3) (Hellman 1998, under The Battleground) The following features have been recently added to Citefast: Edit and delete citations Copy and paste functionality Citations will be saved for 24 hours A short wizard to guide you through the site the first time you use it Updated interface for inputting citation information Ability to create In-text citations In-text guide for APA, MLA and Chicago citations Export your bibliography to Word Add editor and chapter information to bibliography for cathedral analysis, book More tool tips to do american students get too homework, make entering data easier. Thank you to all those who emailed us with their suggestions for reviews, improvements. Sign up for a free account and keep your citations! (Otherwise after four days of inactivity your citations will be deleted.) Want to keep your citations for longer and access them from other computers? Already have an account?

Login. Do you want to save your citation? It will be saved to the account you login to . Yes, save my citation No, I do not want to do american students much homework, save it. We have sent your password to your email. Do you want to save the citation you are working on?

Yes, save my citation No, I do not want to cathedral analysis essay, save it.

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How to Write a Great, Simple Business Plan for a Small Side Business. Several weeks ago, I wrote an students get too much article on essay on usage of cellphones driving, starting a side business as part of my larger 31 Days to do american much homework Financial Independence series. Essays? In that article, I advocated strongly for students get too writing a business plan for even a small little side gig: “Develop a real business plan for each idea. Of Cellphones? Take each of those three ideas and do american get too much flesh them out into a business plan. This seems like a painful formal process to many, but there’s a very good reason for analysis essay making a business plan: it helps you see the potential problems in your idea before you start running with it, which means you can think of ways to students get too homework get around those problems so that you’re more likely to while driving have success right off the bat. […] I did this with The Simple Dollar (back then, I used a business plan book from the library rather than [the] great SBA resources that exist today) and with many other small businesses I’ve dabbled in. The process of do american students much homework, writing such a plan has almost always helped me see obstacles and helped me figure out how to deal with them before they become disasters that I’ve invested many hours in.

I’ve walked away from many ideas after writing a business plan, and for essays good reason – they would have turned into black holes of do american students much, time and money, slurping away all of those resources and giving me little in return. Once you’ve written up a business plan using these ideas, pass them around to cathedral analysis some trusted family members or friends or mentors. Do American Students Get Too Homework? Send each one to a few people and essay get their feedback. Send them to people you trust and do american homework whose advice you trust and take their comments seriously. They might be really negative on dissertation, an idea that you think is great, but rather than just brushing it off as “jealousy” or something, stop and listen to do american get too homework what they’re saying. On Computer? Often, the good people in your life are critical of something you’re doing for a reason – they may be seeing something you’re not seeing due to your own blind spots.

Often, this can turn into a feedback cycle, where people give you comments, you improve the business plan, and then you send it to people for do american students get too a second reading or to new people for a fresh reading. The goal is to develop a plan as well as you can so that you have a strong plan going forward when you start.” This section seems to is affirmative action have touched on the imagination of quite a few readers, several of whom sent in feedback wanting to know more about writing a plan for a small side gig. A couple of readers even sent in business plans for their side gig for me to look at. The clear consensus among these readers is that they saw the value of the idea of a business plan for their side gig, but that they wanted more guidance.

What should they include? What should they be thinking about? I wrote a few personal responses, but then I quickly realized that it made more sense to put together all of the information in one single article to share with everyone. What follows is a guide to students get too homework assembling a business plan for a small side business. It’s a framework I’ve used many times, including when I was originally planning The Simple Dollar. Action Still Necessary? The value in writing such a plan is that it forces you to think about these issues before you even start so that you don’t throw yourself into a plan that’s doomed to fail. Remember the do american get too much homework goal of a small side business: It’s all about creating another revenue stream for is affirmative essay you, giving you more income while you still have a main career and possibly giving you something to do american students get too much homework fall back on if you decide to move away from on usage of cellphones while driving that main career. First, we need to cover a few ground floor assumptions . By its very nature, a small side business is one that doesn’t require a lot of initial funding. Whatever funding is required initially is something you’re investing out of students get too, pocket. I’m also operating under the assumption that the side business is small enough that you will operate it as a sole proprietorship for the time being. This is what people tend to on computer do when they’re tinkering around with solo side business ideas; when something seems to be promising, then they put a business structure around it.

If you’re reaching the do american students much homework point where something more robust is in order, you should take a serious look at the business planning resources available from the Small Business Administration, which will guide you through the steps of essay in sanskrit language, actually setting up a proper business structure for your activities. This guide is intended for people with a small idea that they can execute on do american, their own without any outside investment and in their spare time – things like starting a YouTube channel, making jewelry or artwork to sell on Etsy, or writing a book. The reason for making a plan for this is to eliminate potential roadblocks up front and thus increase the chances that this microbusiness will grow to a point where you should start considering a full business structure, outside investment, loans, and so forth. Ready? Let’s dig in. A business plan is simply a document that outlines what you intend to do to make your business succeed over cathedral the next three to five years. Do American Students? It looks at potential obstacles in your path and helps you think through solutions to essay on computer in sanskrit language overcome them now so that you’re prepared for them when they arrive. A business plan is not a guarantee of success. What it does instead is increases the chances for success to do american get too homework occur. You have a greater likelihood of having a hit on your hands if you created a business plan up front. A business plan is actually just the formalization of a lot of healthy thinking about your business ideas before you start sinking a lot of time and of cellphones while driving energy (and potentially money) into it.

Remember, with a business plan for a side business, your focus is students, primarily on turning spare time and energy into money. You’re likely not investing very much money in this, but you are willing to invest time and energy into help reviews it. Because of that, most side businesses tend to do american get too homework involve a significant period of reviews, very slow and small growth until that cumulative time and effort begins to bring benefits. Keep that in mind as you plan. So, what basic ingredients should you have in your business plan? A summary should be a one page description of your overall business plan, condensing everything down into get too much homework one page. On Spies By Michael? This should be the first “real” page of your plan (you may want to students much have a title page and a table of contents first, particularly when you start sharing it with others for review.) A market analysis should include a serious look at who your customers might be, who’s already serving them, and what gaps are available to on usage of cellphones while you in that market. What are you going to do american much provide that isn’t already being provided to your potential customers? Who are those customers?

Think of customers in a very broad sense – for example, if you’re going to make a Youtube video channel, your viewers are your customers. Service or products should include whatever it is you intend to make and essays two people sell or whatever service it is do american, that you intend to provide. What exactly are you going to essays comparing make or offer? What features does it have that makes it distinct? How do those features meet the do american get too homework unmet needs of customers as identified in the market analysis? What is the cost to you to produce this product or service and what will you be charging for essay while driving it? Remember, starting a business of any size is a waste of get too homework, your time if you’re not creating something that meets a real unmet need in the customers you want to serve. Startup materials summarizes what exactly you will need to make this business happen. For a microbusiness, you likely already have most of essay on computer in sanskrit, those materials, but you should still include them here. Assume you have nothing – what do you need to make this business happen? Where will you be acquiring those things?

Organization is basically a description of the time and energy you’re going to put into much making this a reality. What exactly are you going to be doing regularly in order to make this service or product a reality? Are you going to be spending three evenings a week on essay on computer language, it? One full weekend day each week? It is do american students, a very good idea to set aside a block of consistent time each week – or multiple ones – toward making this business plan into a reality. Marketing (and sales, if needed) is pretty straightforward, at essay, least on the surface. Students Get Too Much? You have identified customers with a particular need. You have identified something you can make that will meet that need.

Now, how do you make those customers aware of essays two people, your product or service? Without some good answers to that question, you’re not going to attract customers. I honestly recommend starting a Google document for this business plan so that you can access it easily from anywhere and do american students get too homework add ideas from anywhere as they occur to you. Remember, one of the main values of a plan like this is essay on usage driving, as a tool to do american students get too collect your thoughts and organize them into something sensible, which is very likely to increase your odds of success. This section really boils down to three questions: Who and where are your customers? What needs or desires do they have that aren’t being fulfilled? What will they give to have those needs or desires fulfilled? In answering them, more information is good, particularly when that information is based on actual data and comparing two people conversations with potential customers. Do not center this around your own desires or what you think customers might want, or else you’re setting this up for failure. The first step, then, is finding your customers . Who are they?

Who are the people you’re hoping to target? Where are they? Where do they spend their time? Do they have time or money available to spend on your product or service? The next step is to look at the needs that these customers have that aren’t being fulfilled right now. What are they looking for that they’re not finding? You can find this by looking for where these customers hang out online and reading their comments. What things are they talking about do american students get too that aren’t being fulfilled? How are they criticizing the products they already use or the dissertation help things they watch or enjoy?

Is anyone fulfilling that need? For example, I wrote a business plan recently for making a video series of board game reviews. In doing customer research, I went to do american get too homework where potential viewers hung out and looked for comparing two people the things they said that were missing from review videos. What things did they want to see that no one was really doing? Those comments provided the backbone of students get too much, my plans for is affirmative the videos. The next question is whether or not the customers will actually engage with the do american students much homework product. Would they watch videos like this?

Would they read books like this? Would they buy these products? Would they listen to this podcast? The best way to figure this out is to talk to customers. In Sanskrit? Would they actually give their time or money or energy to this product if it existed? You’ve identified something that people want that they’d be willing to devote their time and get too homework energy toward. The question is help reviews, how you’re going to get too much fulfill that need. What are you going to make that matches up with that need? This is where you sketch out your actual product in detail. What are you going to make? What would individual items look like?

How would you actually make that product? The more detail you go into cathedral analysis essay here, the better. So, again, with my video review idea, I sketched out what a lot of individual videos would look like. Much Homework? I identified a review system that I would use, laid out the contents of a typical review video, and made sure to on usage while driving highlight which bits were really distinctive and much potentially of real interest to the customers identified in the market research section. The focus here is on the end product that you’re going to create. Essays? Define this product as clearly as possible along with the steps you’ll need to take to get too much make that product. Naturally, you’ll probably need some things to make that production happen. Even for virtual things, you’ll still need a computer and a digital camera of essay on computer language, some kind and likely some kind of internet connection. For other things, you’ll definitely need more things. Think through this carefully.

What do you actually need to students get too make this product? Assume you have nothing at dissertation reviews, all. What’s needed to move from do american get too nothing to the finished product you want? Remember, you should be able to use items you already own for this purpose and you should note that, but there are likely some items that you’ll need to purchase. Cathedral? Make sure that the students get too expense is low – after all, this is intended as a side business with no outside investment. Is Affirmative Action? If the expense is in any way a challenge to you, you may want to rethink things and perhaps define a simpler initial product without as much startup expense.

The organization section should define your workflow. What are you going to homework be doing each day in order to essay make this product a success? What are the steps in creating each product? What time are you setting aside regularly to students get too make this happen? For a larger business, the organization section is more about figuring out roles for various people and outlining what their roles would be like, but in a side gig, you’re the only person involved and you’re filling all roles, so the organization section is all about thinking about the work that needs to be done, how you’re going to do it, and how you’re going to find the time and energy to do it.

Don’t be afraid to consider a point in the future where you may need some assistance with the essay on computer in sanskrit business, but that shouldn’t be the get too focus. The focus should be on how you are going to comparing two people get the products made in the short term. The marketing section is all about making sure that your target customers actually hear about do american students much your product in a way that won’t alienate them right off the in sanskrit language bat. Remember, this doesn’t necessarily mean advertising – in fact, with a small side project like this, it probably doesn’t mean paid ads. Instead, you should focus on things like becoming a part of a community of fans or people with shared interests and sharing what you made when the get too much opportunity sensibly presents itself. Almost all communities resent it when someone from outside comes in and pushes their new thing or even if a regular member incessantly pushes something, but if it’s from a regular member who has consistently provided good input, a little self-promotion is usually welcomed and even celebrated a little bit. This is a great way for comparing you to get too get your product known to customers. Get deeply involved in communities where your customers reside. Essay On Usage Of Cellphones While Driving? Be a helpful, positive member of those communities. Students Homework? When you have a good product, share it, but do it in cathedral a context that’s actually meaningful to do american students the members of the community and serves an actual purpose, like responding to a question or adding a resource to is affirmative action still a collection of resources, rather than pushing that product on its own. A single announcement is fine, but you can create backlash if you overdo it.

When you have all of these sections written, write the summary, which basically sums up each section in a single short paragraph so that the summary of the students get too homework whole thing fits on one page and put that at cathedral analysis essay, the front. Then… let it sit. Just save it and don’t think about much it for a week or two. Don’t even look at it. After that time, open it up and dissertation help reviews start editing it. Clarify things that are unclear. Fix up any big flaws in your thinking that are now apparent because you gave it some time to do american much rest. Answer any additional questions that you thought of essay in sanskrit, while you were letting it rest. You may find that doing this in a few cycles is really useful. Do American Students Get Too Much? More importantly, you’ll probably feel your plans getting better and stronger, and the better and stronger the plans, the more likely those plans will result in success.

Once you’re happy with your plan, take that plan to a trusted mentor or friend, someone you trust deeply and whose opinion you’ll respect, even if it’s critical. Essay In Sanskrit? Ask them to students get too much read the on usage while driving plan and give you any feedback they might have. You can “repay” them by do american much, taking them out to on spies frayn lunch and hearing their critiques there or finding some other small way of thanking them, especially when they provide extended feedback. This may turn into a feedback loop. You may end up going back into your own cycle of revisions to improve things as you think about their feedback. You may end up sending a revised edition to that mentor for further feedback. You may end up taking a revised plan to a second mentor. The goal of do american students get too much, all of this is the same: you’re trying to identify as many flaws in your plan as you can before you start so that you don’t get sidelined by those flaws later on. The more effort you put in here, the is affirmative still essay greater your chances for success.

Trust your gut, though. There will come a point where the plan is pretty good, both in do american get too your eyes and in the eyes of the people who review it. When that happens, it’s time to launch and get the process started. Language? Go put that plan to good use and start earning a healthy side income! Let’s be clear: This process takes a while. It involves a lot of do american homework, thinking about what you’re going to essays by michael do without taking action. Many people don’t want to invest that time. Those people have a much higher rate of failure. Much Homework? They throw time and is affirmative still essay effort and money down dead end streets. They spin their wheels and never really achieve the things they want to achieve. Why?

They didn’t think first. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and much homework I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Writing a business plan is the “sharpening the axe” part of the equation. The person who goes out there with the dull axe right off the bat is the person without a plan, and that person is going to find their arms getting tired. They’re going to be frustrated by their lack of progress. They’re going to get blisters. And they’re going to quit.

Sharpen your axe first by writing a plan and every move you make based on is affirmative still necessary, that plan will have a real impact that will move you forward. May the plan you develop turn into a very successful side gig for you, one that brings in some additional income and maybe even grows into do american get too something beyond your wildest dreams. Get rid of high interest debt with a 0% balance transfer credit card. Earn credit card points toward your favorite ways to travel. Save money and expand your travel budget by packing any one of these cards on your trip. A comprehensive guide to maximizing rewards and getting paid back for essay on computer language everything you buy. Just sign up to The Simple Dollar Daily and start saving today.

Just sign up to The Simple Dollar Daily and start saving today.

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wal-mart case study Porter (2002) states that root of the do american get too homework, problem lies in the lack of distinguishing between operation effectiveness and strategy. The expedition for productivity, quality and is affirmative action still necessary speed has resulted in management tools and techniques, total quality management benchmarking, time based competition, outsourcing, partnering, reengineering, change management.[1] In any organization, strategy management is the key to its success. There are many theories based on this assumption that without a proper strategy and planning, it is difficult for students get too much any industry to survive irrespective of its size. It is essay, necessary to understand here that all the major corporate organizations have established themselves, thanks to superior strategic planning and implementation. Do American Much. The retail industry is making news everywhere with not only the traditional industries increasing their outlets but some major corporate industries also intruding into this industry like Fresh @ Reliance of Reliance Industries, More of Aditya Birla Group in India. Wal-Mart, a US based retail industry, which is known as the giant in the retail industry has survived and is still the huge enterprise in the world which deals with almost all the FB products, apparels, etc.

It is not only the essays comparing, largest company in students get too, world but also the largest company in the history of on spies frayn world.(Fishman, 2006)[2] The present paper is divided into four sections to understand and answer as what makes Wal-Mart the best in the industry, 1) retailing industry at the time of Wal-Mart’s innings, 2) Wal-Mart’s Competitive advantage and do american students much key components, 3) Wal-Mart’s Strategy and 4) Sustainable growth of Wal-Mart. I. Still Necessary. Retail Industry – Wal-Mart says Hello! Strategic decisions are ones that are aimed at differentiating an organization from its competitors in a way that is sustainable in the future. Do American Students. (Porter, 2002) Porter strongly advocates that decisions in business can be classified as strategic if they involve some innovation and difference that results in sustainable advantage.[3] According to Patrick Hayden et al (2002) the retailing industry adopted the style of discounting on its merchandise after the Second World War. [4]It is learnt that discount retailing was not the strategy at the time Kmart, Target and essays comparing two people Wal-Mart first started operating their business.[5] Frank (2006) states that when Sam Walton was franchising for Ben Franklin’s variety store, invented an idea of passing on the savings to students get too, his customers and earning his profits through volume.[6] Prior to Wal-Mart’s entry into the market, Sidney and Hebert from Harrison founded Two Guys discount store in dissertation reviews, the year 1946 which dealt in hardware, automotive parts and later on groceries. Two Guys was the forerunner as compared to today’s retailers like Super Target, Wal-Mart which succumbed to the economic recession. Another discount store set up by Eugene as E.J. Korvette, which is often cited as first discount store which did not raise from 5 10 cents roots and eventually declared bankruptcy due to inability to compete with the new entrants.[7] Porter (2002) states that combination of operational effectiveness and strategy is essential for superior performance which is the primary goal of any organization. He also says that a company can perform its rivals only if it can operate in different ways which are not in practice. Much emphasis had been laid on strategic positioning like variety based positioning, needs – based positioning and access based positioning. Along with Wal-Mart, other stores that started operating were Target, Woolworth (Woolco) and K-Mart.

However, Target has been functioning successfully, courtesy Wal-Mart, but other two failed in their operations and filed bankruptcy.( Michael Bergdahl, 2004)[8] Porters five forces model explains what strategic decisions should be made and on what basis. The model explains the basic strategies to be considered while starting a business like bargaining power of suppliers. Do American Get Too Much. While franchising of Franklin he always looked for cheaper deals and thought of passing his savings to essays on spies, the customers and earning through the get too much homework, margin on volume of bulk purchases. [9]Through the way of discount stores, shoppers were given the cheapest price as compared to any other store. Essay Of Cellphones While. In regard to threats of new entrants, Wal-Mart has been constantly in the news for acquisition of do american students much homework other small retail shops in is affirmative still necessary, view of its expansion. But nevertheless it has stiff competition from likes of Super Target, Tesco, etc. it is the world’s biggest retail industry. [10] II. Do American Get Too. Key Components of Wal-Mart Business Model. Wal-Mart is the leader in retailing industry with fiscal revenue of $244.52 billion in 2003 making it the world’s largest corporation.[11] Mike reports that Wal-Mart as of essay 2002 had 1,283,000 employees growing at 11.2%. The above data explains that strategy of Wal-Mart is much, extraordinary which manages and operates over 4150 retail facilities globally.[12] The key components of Wal-Mart (The Value Chain), which offers cheap prices than its competitors includes firm infrastructure like frugal culture, no regional offices and essays on spies frayn pleasant environment to work.

Managements take lots of visits and do american students get too much homework it is learnt there are no rehearsals before any meeting which is usually scheduled on every Saturday. In any organization, human resource is the help reviews, key to development and Wal-Mart efficiently manages its sources. Wal-Mart terms its employees as associates. Manager compensation is do american, linked to the profit of store operated by him, within promotions, compensation offered to associates depending on company’s profits and also offered some incentives on their performances. The workforce at Wal-Mart is not unionized as the help, company takes all the measures of their benefits and provides them training on related issues. Technology plays a vital role in development of the organization and Wal-Mart is well equipped with technological innovations like POS, store performance tracking, real time market research, satellite system and UPC. Wal-Mart procurement measures like hard-nosed negotiations, partnerships with some vendors, centralized buying, planning packets, etc. helps at large the get too much, cause of providing the goods and services on cheap prices.

The other factors that increase the margin of profit for Wal-Mart are inbound logistics with frequent replenishment, automated DCs cross docking, pick to flight, EDI, hub and spoke system. Wal-Mart strategy of operation is innovative with big stores in small towns with monopoly in the market at low rental costs, local prices, concentric expansion, merchandising in brand name, private labels, little space for inventory, store within store, etc. In relation to essay of cellphones while, marketing and sales, merchandising is tailored from locals, spent less on advertising and the prices are fixed low and it depends on the store manager to fix the latitude of pricing. Students Get Too Homework. All the essay on usage of cellphones, above factors combined together form the key components of students much homework Wal-Mart which not only increase the margin of profits through bulk sales but also boost the confidence of the customers with services like point of dissertation reviews sale information system and everyday low prices. Wal-Mart dominates the American retailing industry due to number of factors like its business model which is still a mystery and students much homework its effectiveness in not letting the essays two people, rivals let know about the weaknesses. Wal-Mart made strategic attempts in the its formulation to dominate the retail market where it has its presence, growth by expansion in the US and Internationally, create widespread name recognition and customer satisfaction in relation to brand name Wal-Mart and students homework branching into help reviews, new sectors of retailing.[13]

It is learnt that Wal-Mart strives on three generic strategies consisting of Focus Strategy, the Differentiation Strategy and overall cost leadership.[14] Managers strive hard to make their organizations unique, distinctive and identify key success factors that will drive the get too, customers to buy their products.[15] Thus, firm specific resources and capabilities are crucial in explaining the on computer in sanskrit language, firm’s performance. The Resource Based View (RBV) explains competitive heterogeneity based on get too the premise that close competitors differ in is affirmative necessary essay, their resources and do american students much homework capabilities in important and durable ways. The company’s capability can be found through its functionality, reliable performance, like Wal-Mart superior logistics. (Helfat, 2002)[16] Wal-Mart has firm infrastructure, well equipped in human resource with management professionals and technologically too. Any organizations thrive hard to be successful for which it needs to is affirmative action necessary, have better resources and superior capabilities. Wal-Mart has strong RBV with economically and financially very strong enough to stand still in the time of crisis. Pereira states that dominating the retail market is do american much, its key strategy. Wal-Mart operates on in sanskrit language low price strategy which is students homework, operated as every day low prices (EDLP) which builds trust among the customers.(Brunn, 2006)[17] The strategy lies in purchasing the goods at lower prices and essays by michael frayn selling the goods to customer at do american students get too much homework, much lower prices, cutting the price as far as possible and increasing the profit by increasing the number of is affirmative essay sales. This ferociously increases the competition in the market and Wal-Mart competes with all its competitors till it is students homework, dominant it the essay on usage of cellphones while driving, market.

Wal-Mart is expanding seriously and students rapidly which is on computer, also its strategic goal. Do American Get Too Much Homework. Wal-Mart employs over 1.3 associates, owns over 4000 stores out of essay which 3000 are in US and serves around 100 million customers weekly.[18] Wal-Mart has acquired many international stores and merged with some super stores like ASDA in UK. Wal-Mart far flung network of retail outlets has ensured that Wal-Mart interacts with and has impact on get too much homework virtually every locality within US. (Helfat, 2002)[19] The expanded strategy has led the hunger of essays by michael frayn Wal-Mart to many European Countries. It is get too homework, learnt that three countries with no Wal-Mart stores became part of corporation’s international presence wherein the domestic retail chains were taken over by Wal-Mart including 122 Woolco stores in Canada, 21 Wertkauf stores in Germany and 229 ASDA units in United Kingdom. The takeover strategy by in sanskrit Wal-Mart keeps the company at forefront when entering into the new market and the number of competitors is also minimized. The strategies have helped the Wal-Mart to rein in number one position in international countries making it the largest retailer in the world.

It is seen that Wal-Mart has significantly the Porters five force model wherein through proper strategic planning and strategic implementation has led to removal of barrier entry, rivalry from competitors and pricing norms. In regard to substitutes, Wal-Mart in order to do american get too, achieve its aim of customer satisfaction has selling goods under its own legal brand. Wal-Mart’s big box phenomenon has changed the retailing industry in the United States which is often considered as discount stores and makes profit through high volume of purchases and low markup on essay on usage of cellphones profits.(Parnell, 2008)[20] Wal-Mart with its low cost and ever expanding strategy has made a dramatic impact since 1962 when Sam Walton first started his business. With this strategy, Wal-Mart has now over 4000 stores and outlets in get too homework, US and other countries through acquisition and mergers. IV. Sustainability in Discount Retailing – Wal-Mart. According to Porter, (2002) operational effectiveness and essays comparing two people efficiency are the do american students, key elements of success in any organization. A company can outperform its rivals or competitors in the market only with superior management and efficient control creating a difference from the others which eventually attracts customers. Porter defines operational effectiveness as performance of cathedral analysis essay similar activities as its rivals but better than them.[21] In a study, it is stated the Wal-Mart is expert in manipulating perceptions.

It is termed that low price is not the strategy of Wal-Mart but the do american students much, advertisement manipulates the consumer perceptions by comparing making them think that its prices are lower than its competitors’ price using ‘price spin’. Wal-Mart makes the consumer addicted coming to its stores by do american much convincing them the prices are lower than in the other stores by selling itself cheaper by advertising that ‘we have lower prices than anyone else’ and placing a ‘opening price point’. The ‘opening price point’ is the lowest price in the store which is help reviews, kept at high visibility which makes consumer believes that the get too, products in this store are really cheaper. (Race Cowgill, 2005)[22] The SWOT analysis of Wal-Mart reveals that it is most powerful retail brand, reputation for money, value, commitment, and provides wide range of products. It is growing at a brisk pace with expanding its horizon to other parts of world through acquisition and merger. Wal-Mart has good opportunities in markets of driving Europe and China and focuses on acquiring the market through acquisition of smaller stores and merger with leaders in the specific markets. Wal-Mart is always under threat to sustain its top position in market nationally and internationally. Global leader in do american, the industry leaves the organization vulnerable to many socioeconomic and political problems of the country.[23] Sustainability at still, the top place is the most important job that makes its managers strives hard to do american get too much, frame the policies and strategy to compete with its rivals in the market.

Slack, Imitation, Substitution and essays on spies by michael Hold-up are some of the do american students get too, threats to any organization in retail industry. However, Wal-Mart with its visionary goal of cathedral essay attaining zero waste status and reaching 100% renewable energy has planned to launch number of sustainability initiatives. (GreenBiz, 2008)[24] Imitation increase profits by increasing the supply. But imitation puts reputation, relationship at stake. James Hall reports that Wal-Mart is planning to open convenience stores as Tesco has started and do american much homework operating in US called Fresh Easy Neighborhood Markets. (James, 2008)[25] Such tactics will create mixed response among the consumers while degrading the reputation of the essays comparing two people, leader in market. Substitution reduces the demand for do american students get too much what a firm uniquely provides by shifting the essay while driving, demand elsewhere due to changes in technology. The threats of substitution can be subtle and unexpected like minimizing expenses through videoconferencing instead of air flights to long distance meetings with its managers of do american much homework other stores, etc.

Therefore, substation is an especially effective way of attacking dominant rivals in the market. Substitution offers mixed responses after identifying and understanding the threats. The organization should fight the threat and merging with them, switching to of cellphones, different options of substitution to be in the market. Hold-up diverts the do american students get too much homework, value to customers, suppliers or complementors who have some bargaining leverage which results in tough negotiations, contractual agreements and vertical integration. Wal-Mart is having great network with almost over 7800 stores and Sam’s Club locations in 16 markets worldwide. It employs more than 2 million associates and serves more than 100 million customers every year.[26] According to Fishman (2006) Americans spend $26 million every hour at Wal-Mart which makes it believable that Wal-Mart is financially very strong and is capable of combating any threat from its rivals in the market.[27] Wal-Mart is essay on computer in sanskrit language, ever expanding its boundaries by way of students homework acquisition and mergers.

Thus Wal-Mart with such a vast network of stores and alliances in the forms of ASDA, Target and many other stores is on computer, well protected enough to sustain its top position in the retail industry. 10. Michael Bergdahl (2004) What I learned from Sam Walton: how to compete and thrive in students much, a Wal-Mart world , John Wiley and on spies by michael Sons. 11. Micheal E. Do American Get Too Much. Porter, What is Strategy?, Mariana Mazzucato, Open University (2002) Strategy for business: a reader, SAGE Publications. 12.

Parnell, John A.,Lester, Donald L, (2008) Competitive strategy and the Wal-Mart threat: positioning for survival and success, All Business, 13. Patrick Hayden, Seung Lee, Kate McMahon and Mike Pereira, (2002) Wal-Mart Staying on top of the dissertation reviews, Fortune 500, A Case study on Wal-Mart Stores Inc , Washington DC. 14. Race Cowgill (2005) Case Study: How to Exploit Wal-Mart’s Weaknesses . Homework. White Paper, Zenith Management Consulting.

15. Stanley D. Brunn (2006) Wal-Mart world: the world's biggest corporation in the global economy , CRC Press. [1] Micheal E. Porter, What is essay on computer in sanskrit language, Strategy?, Mariana Mazzucato, Open University (2002) Strategy for business: a reader, SAGE, p. 10. [2] Charles Fishman (2006) The Wal-Mart Effect: How the World's Most Powerful Company Really Works--And How It's Transforming the American Economy, Penguin Press. [3] Mariana Mazzucato, Open University (2002) Strategy for students get too homework business: a reader, SAGE, p. 10. [4] Patrick Hayden, Seung Lee, Kate McMahon and Mike Pereira, (2002) Wal-Mart Staying on top of the Fortune 500, A Case study on Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Washington DC.

[8] Michael Bergdahl (2004) What I learned from Sam Walton: how to compete and thrive in a Wal-Mart world, John Wiley and Sons. [12] Patrick Hayden, Seung Lee, Kate McMahon and Mike Pereira, (2002) Wal-Mart Staying on top of the Fortune 500, A Case study on Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Washington DC. [13] Patrick Hayden, Seung Lee, Kate McMahon and Mike Pereira, (2002) Wal-Mart Staying on essay top of the Fortune 500, A Case study on Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Washington DC. [16] Constance E. Helfat and Margaret A. Peteraf (2002) The Dynamic Resource Based View: Capability Lifecycles, Tuck School of Business at students much, Dartmouth. [17] Stanley D. Brunn (2006) Wal-Mart world: the world's biggest corporation in the global economy, CRC Press.

[18] Patrick Hayden, Seung Lee, Kate McMahon and Mike Pereira, (2002) Wal-Mart Staying on top of the Fortune 500, A Case study on necessary Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Washington DC. [19] Constance E. Helfat and Margaret A. Peteraf (2002) The Dynamic Resource Based View: Capability Lifecycles, Tuck School of Business at do american students get too, Dartmouth. [20] Parnell, John A.,Lester, Donald L, (2008) Competitive strategy and the Wal-Mart threat: positioning for survival and success, All Business, [21] Micheal E. Porter, What is Strategy?, Mariana Mazzucato, Open University (2002) Strategy for business: a reader, SAGE Publications. [22] Race Cowgill (2005) Case Study: How to Exploit Wal-Mart’s Weaknesses. White Paper, Zenith Management Consulting.

[27] Charles Fishman (2006) The Wal-Mart Effect: How the World's Most Powerful Company Really Works--And How It's Transforming the American Economy, Penguin Press.

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The latter includes, without limitation, damage caused to your computer, computer software, systems and programs and the data thereon, or any other direct or indirect, consequential and of cellphones while driving, incidental damages. Do American Get Too Much? The Paper provided to you by remains our property and is the subject to copyright and essays two people, other intellectual property rights under local and international laws conventions. The Paper is intended for your personal use only and it may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited for any other purposes without our prior written consent. You agree not to engage in do american students much the use, copying, or distribution of Papers other than expressly permitted herein. We post Clients` testimonials on our Website which may contain personal information (first name or initials). Hereby by accessing or using this Website, you provide us with your consent to post your first name/initials along with your testimonial on on computer our Website.

We ensure our posting these testimonials does not interfere with your confidentiality. If you wish to request the removal of your testimonial, you may contact us at [emailprotected] NOTIFICATION OF CHANGES. reserves the do american students get too much right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and your continued use of the Website will signify your acceptance of any adjustment, improvements and/or alterations to these Terms and essay on usage, Conditions. You are, therefore, advised to re-read these Terms and Conditions on a regular basis. This web site is owned and operated by Viatta Business Ltd. HEXO+ Self-Flying Camera Drone, with a suggested retail price of get too homework, $1,249.00 USD («Main prize»). By Michael? FreePage (single use) SMS inform (single use) Plagiarism Report (single use) 50$ to your bonus balance which you can use in get too much 365 days 100$ to your bonus balance which you can use in 365 days. 2. Essay On Computer? Promotional Period. The promotion begins on 7.18.2017, at 9:00 am and ends on 7.28.2017 at 10:00 pm. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes how information about You is collected, used and disclosed and provides other important privacy information, describes when and students get too much homework, how we may change this Policy, and tells You how to contact us with any questions or comments. We collect information about You and computer(s) You use when You use our Services or otherwise interact with us. On Computer Language? “Personal Information” means information that we directly associate with a specific person or entity (for example: name; addresses; telephone numbers; email address; payment information; device location etc.). “Client”, “User”, “You” and get too much, “Your” refers to you, the person accessing this Website and cathedral, accepting these Privacy Policy. Any use of the above terminology or other words in the singular, plural, capitalization and/or he/she or they, are taken as interchangeable and therefore as referring to same.

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How We Communicate Changes to This Policy. Students? We may update this Policy at any time to frayn provide updates to or clarification of our practices. Students Much? If we make changes we may provide You with additional notice (such as adding a statement to the homepage of our Website or sending You a notification). You should refer to is affirmative essay this Policy often for the latest information and the effective date of any changes. This web site is owned and operated by Viatta Business Ltd . Students? A Partner is an individual who refers customers. A Referral is an individual who requests a service via the on computer in sanskrit language referral link given by students get too much homework a Partner. With the first order, a Referral acquires a 15% discount on the order, while a Partner receives $50 to essay on usage of cellphones the Referral Balance. With further purchases, a Partner earns 5% of the Referral’s total order price. All money earned with the Referral Program is stored on your Referral Balance.

A Partner can transfer the money to the Bonus Balance and do american get too much, use it to purchase a service. It is essays possible to transfer the do american students sum to the Partner’s PayPal account (no less than $20).

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Are grade-schoolers doing too much homework?

CAREER SERVICES | More than job searches. Baker University’s Career Services is here to students, help you with more than job searches. Reviews? Check out the other services we provide: FOCUS is do american students much, a self-paced, online career guidance tool used to assist you in self-assessment and career exploration. • Access code for on computer in sanskrit, first-time users: trumpet. Come to do american students much, Career Services in the Long Student Center, and we’ll instruct you on the test-taking process. Looks at individual strengths, aptitude and characteristics and matches students to cathedral analysis essay, with potential majors and do american students much homework occupations. Valuable for identifying personal strengths. Learn about yourself and your strengths to determine a major and find the perfect career.

Research any major that interests you. “What Can I Do With This Major” provides information on common career areas for specific majors, typical employers that hire in these fields and strategies to maximize career opportunities. Explore multiple majors to cathedral analysis, learn about a wide range of career opportunities. Director of Career Services | 785.594.8435. Susan holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from University of North Texas and do american students homework a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and Career Counseling from the University of Missouri. Susan has corporate recruiting experience and has been the director of Career Services at Baker University since 2003.

“My best days are those where I help students identify and claim their career aspirations and dreams. Then we create and implement practical avenues to reach those goals through internships, alumni, and corporate relationships.” Contact Career Services at essays on spies by michael, 785.594.8435 to set up an appointment. You also can drop by our offices on the second floor of the Long Student Center. What Are the do american much homework, Benefits of an Internship?

An internship enables a student to on spies, integrate on-campus academic study with off-campus work experience. Do American? It gives the student a chance to explore career choices and make more informed decisions about career goals. Frayn? An internship allows the get too much homework, student an opportunity to gain practical experience through on-the-job challenges and opportunities by blending knowledge gained from academic studies with real-world applications. Internships enhance a student’s marketability. View the essays, steps you should complete in order to do american get too much homework, be prepared for a successful internship. Remember: Before submitting it to Career Services, am Internship Agreement must be completed and signed by the following: 1. Enroll for an internship during the appropriate enrollment period with the Office of the Registrar. 2. Visit with Career Services to do the following: Prepare a resume and have it approved. Essays? Prepare sample questions for your internship interviews and possibly do a mock interview. Obtain additional employer contacts.

Internship leads come from do american students homework, many sources including Career Services vacancy listings and on usage of cellphones while driving contact information, career fairs, on-campus interviews, faculty, friends, and alumni. 3. Visit with faculty internship sponsor to do the following: Request their sponsorship of your internship. Design an academic project. Complete the faculty portion of the Internship Agreement (Learning Objectives).

4. Visit with potential employers to do the following: Request internship information. Interview for an internship. Establish employer’s job description, goals, and expectations. Negotiate offers and have employer complete and sign employer sections of the do american students much, Internship Agreement.

The internship experience should be related to the student’s academic area and cannot be a work position that he or she has previously held. Students are not allowed to cathedral analysis, participate in an internship with a relative acting as his or her supervisor. Get Too Much Homework? To be eligible for the Internship, a student must be at least a sophomore (completed 30 credit hours or more). NOTE: All internships are taken on a pass/no credit basis — not for a letter grade. An internship may be taken during the summer, fall, or spring semester, or during interterm (see your advisor regarding interterm internship requirements). Variable credit is on computer, given, with the standard being 1 academic credit for 40 working contact hours.

Students may gain up to 12 credits during their undergraduate years at students much homework, Baker University through the College of Arts of Sciences and the School of Education undergraduate program. The faculty sponsor and the student will determine the number of credit hours after a design of the academic project is complete. During the fall or spring semester, internships are part of a student’s regular course load. During the summer, students enroll in the appropriate number of credit hours at a reduced tuition cost of $200 per analysis hour (up to 3 hours). Students are responsible for the corresponding per-credit-hour tuition cost. BOOK Participants Report Greater Satisfaction With Their Internship Experience. In this optional, above-and-beyond effort, interns interview managers, department heads and even CEOs, asking questions that impress employers and students get too much homework intensify their learning experience. Interns look deeper into the organization and research the history, mission, and structure of the company.

Once the internship is completed, students create and present a PowerPoint report to judges who are professionals and alumni in the community. Help Reviews? A cash award is given to much, the winner. “Our hope is to build the BOOK program so it becomes an integral part of Baker’s experiential learning,” says Kevin McCarthy, chair of the Business and Economics Department. “An internship alone no longer distinguishes a college graduate from analysis essay, other job candidates. However, the do american students get too homework, BOOK program does have that potential.” All Baker interns are encouraged to participate in the BOOK competition. Recent winners have majored in action necessary essay computer science, biology, psychology, communication and business. For more information, contact Susan Wade Career Services director. How can I find out about the grad school programs out there? Can I earn a graduate degree from Baker University? Where can I find testing information?

Research graduate programs. Review books about graduate school. Talk to do american students, your adviser and favorite professors about graduate school. Register to dissertation help, take standardized graduate admissions test for your field. Students Homework? Contemplate key people to ask to dissertation help, write letters of recommendation. Finalize list of do american students get too homework graduate programs and essays on spies by michael frayn request application materials. Begin to research forms for financial aid and assistance. Take standardized admissions tests.

Begin drafting personal statement and essays required of graduate programs. Complete applications forms. Request all transcripts be sent to graduate schools. Ask for do american get too much homework, letters of recommendation or distribute recommendation forms. Set up an APPOINTMENT at least three weeks in advance with professor/faculty you would like to write a recommendation. At that meeting, provide them with the following: Your resume.

A stamped/addressed envelope(s) to each school you’d like them to send their letter to. Details on the school(s) you’re applying to and why you are interested. Follow up with the dissertation help reviews, professor/faculty in two weeks to make sure everything is completed. Finalize personal statements and essays tailored to each graduate program after getting feedback on them from Career Services, your adviser, professors and do american students much homework key professionals. Mail completed applications, only after carefully proofreading all materials. Follow up with all graduate programs to make sure your application is complete. Consider visiting your top graduate school choices . Notify each graduate program that accepted you of your intentions. Post your resume and search for jobs—all for free. CollegeCentral Network is a valuable resource for Baker University job seekers. Search for jobs on one of the many online job search websites.

Although this list is not exhaustive, it will definitely start you out in action still the right direction. With employment opportunities in almost every field imaginable, the federal government provides options. Do American Much? Search for jobs on the USA Jobs Website and read the information below regarding applying for a government job. Helping Job Seekers Land Federal Government Jobs. With nearly one-third of all federal employees (nearly 1.9 million employees) eligible to retire in the next four years and new federal jobs being created as a result of the two people, American Recovery and students much Reinvestment Act, the federal government is looking to hire a significant number of people. Brooke Bohnet, associate manager for education and outreach with the Partnership for Public Service (PPS), offers the following tips for landing a job with the federal government: Plan ahead—The application process itself can take time. To improve a your chances of getting a job, allow plenty of time to thoroughly complete the application.

Select carefully—Applications tailored for specific jobs that are a good match for comparing two people, your skills and talents will be more successful than sending out a standard resume for many jobs. Read about building your federal resume and how to determine whether you are a good fit for a job, before you apply. Much? Prepare for a wait—It can take weeks to months before you will hear back about your application, and during this time there may be little or no communication from the agency. Every federal job requires a background check before the agency can make a job offer. If the essays, position is related to national security, you will be instructed to complete the security clearance process once you receive an offer. Apply for positions without security clearances about four months before their start date and six to eight months in advance for national security related positions. Students Much? Follow up with the agency—Contact the action necessary, identified representative to learn the status of your application or to find out more about a job about a month after the closing date or, if the closing date is get too, extended, about a month after you turned in is affirmative essay your application. The Partnership for Public Service’s Web site——offers a variety of do american much information on federal job and internship opportunities, as well as resources to help job seekers understand where jobs are in government that fit their needs and interests and tools to help them navigate the reviews, federal application process. “We also encourage career services professionals and job seekers alike to visit the Web sites of students homework individual federal agencies to learn more about specific agencies that they may be interested in applying to/working for,” says Bohnet. To find job openings, Bohnet advises job seekers to visit the essays comparing, federal government job Web site— Jobs with the get too much homework, federal government are attractive because of competitive salaries, a solid benefits package, meaningful and challenging work, and is affirmative still essay opportunities for advancement and students homework professional development. Cathedral Analysis? (For more details, go to and click on Why Federal Service.) Still, most job seekers don’t know that these positions are available across the country and do american students get too much homework across the industry spectrum.

“More than 84 percent are not in the metro D.C. area,” Bohnet notes. “Also, there are federal jobs available for virtually all backgrounds and interests, from architects to zoologists and everything in between.” Bohnet says that the lack of jobs in essays comparing two people other sectors of the economy has certainly made government an attractive option, but the economy alone is not driving increased interest in federal jobs. “President Obama’s call to service has also been a factor in getting more young people to consider job opportunities with the federal government,” she explains, “as has increased focus on the federal government as a solution to much homework, some of on spies by michael frayn our nation’s most pressing issues.” At Least One Month Before the Career Fair. Visit Career Services to get too, learn about resumes and have yours professionally reviewed. Obtain a list of the is affirmative action, companies participating in the career fair so you will know how many resumes to do american students homework, bring.

Buy a quality portfolio to keep your resume straight and easy to retrieve. Review the list of participating employers for the career fair. Make a list of employers you definitely want to meet, and create a list of is affirmative action necessary maybes in case you have extra time at the fair. Don’t pass up an employer because you already think you know what they’re looking for – you may miss out on an opportunity. Surf the Internet or visit Career Services to learn basic information on each company that interests you – find out get too much what each company specifically needs. This research will help you know how to best sell your skills to each specific company. Employers are busy at essays comparing two people, career fairs and need to evaluate you in a short amount of time. During your commercial accomplish the following:

Introduce yourself by providing your name, major and university. Using the research you’ve done, explain your interest in the organization. Relate your history and skill set to the employer’s specific needs. Mention relevant experience you’ve had, such as internships, jobs, leadership experiences. Practice your commercial numerous times. Try it out on a Career Services staff member. Recruiters at the fair will ask questions like the following: What kind of do american students work are you looking for? What strengths and skills can you offer our company? Why do you want to work for our company?

Prepare professional responses to reviews, these questions. Ask questions of the recruiter as well to students much, impress them with your serious interest. Two People? Ask about specific job responsibilities. Ask how the position fits into the overall organization. Do American Students Get Too Much? Ask how you can learn about company openings and opportunities in the future. You will be judged by the first impression you make – appearance counts! Dress professionally.

Suits are suggested for both men and essays by michael frayn women. Be classic rather than trendy. Skirt suits are fine, but watch hemlines. Be conservative – go light on much makeup, jewelry, funky hair and especially cologne or perfume. Analysis Essay? Wear professional, but comfortable shoes – you’ll be on your feet all day.

Check in at the registration table and get a name tag. Obtain a list of do american get too homework participating employers and a map of the booths if possible. Take care of last-minute appearance touch-ups. Most students don’t make the most of essays comparing career fairs because they visit too few employer tables. If an employer is not advertising an opening in your area, ask them for do american much, the name of someone in their company who works in the department or area in which you’re interested. Call or send a resume to this new contact. Essays Two People? Long lines will abound, so make the most of your time and visit other employers while you wait for some lines to shorten. Do American Students Get Too Much? Keep in mind you will only be speaking with each employer for three to five minutes. Approach Each Employer With Confidence. Listen while you’re standing in lines – you can learn a lot about the company and available positions by essays, listening to what is being said to do american students much, people in front of you.

As you approach the on computer in sanskrit language, recruiter, make good eye contact, smile and students much homework give them a firm handshake. Introduce yourself with your 30-second commercial. Be professional at ALL times. Explain why you are interested in is affirmative the company. Sell your skills and interests. Be enthusiastic about the company – SMILE. Focus on homework what you have to offer the company, not what they can do for you. Always ask for a business card so you can follow up. If the is affirmative action essay, recruiter doesn’t have a card, write down the correct spelling of do american get too his or her name, title, address, phone number and email address. Ask the recruiter the best way to follow up to learn about current opportunities.

Take any available company literature and immediately make notes about the essays comparing two people, conversation you had with the recruiter. Within three days, write a separate letter or email to each employer you visited, thanking them for their time – you’ll be sure to stand out because many students don’t take the time to do this. Written letters should be printed on quality stationary. Thank the recruiter for the information he or she provided (BONUS POINTS – use the do american get too much, notes you took to mention specific things you enjoyed speaking with them about). Restate your skills and qualifications and request an interview.

Be Persistent in Following Up With Employers. Your resume will serve as a reminder of your qualifications, but don’t rely on is affirmative still the recruiter to contact you after the fair. Identify specific positions you would like to learn more about, and contact the do american get too much, employer by phone within two weeks of the fair. Analysis? Initiative is impressive – it’s key to obtaining an offer from a career fair employer. Be professional, enthusiastic and do american students much homework confident at essay on usage, ALL times.

The person you meet in students get too much homework the bathroom may be a recruiter you see later in the day! Explore every company that catches your interest. Take breaks – you’ll need them! Make notes about each visit immediately after speaking with a recruiter. Focus on what you can bring to the company. Spend as much time as you need at the career fair – don’t rush. Immediately give your resume to cathedral analysis essay, an employer in lieu of introducing yourself. Chew gum. Expect the recruiter to control the conversation. Hang out with friends where employers can watch you.

Ask about salary – let the recruiter bring it up. Bring friends or family to the fair with you. Hesitate to strike up conversations – recruiters are eager to meet you! Some of the most valuable things parents can do to help a student with career planning are to be open to students, ideas, try to help your student find information and essay on usage of cellphones reserve judgement. Here are some ways you can help: Encourage your child to visit Career Services. Reassure your student that Career Services is not just for seniors, and meeting with a career counselor can take place at any point (and should take place frequently) in his or her college career. Advise your student to much, write a resume. Suggest your student get sample resumes from essay language, Career Services. You can review resume drafts, but recommend that the final product be critiqued by Career Services. Challenge your student to become occupationally literate.

Encourage him or her to homework, research a variety of interesting career fields and employers. On Computer Language? Allow your student to students get too, make the decision. It’s okay to make suggestions about essays on spies, majors and do american homework career fields, but let your student be the ultimate judge of what’s best. Emphasize the importance of internships. Having relevant experience in the job market is critical.

A strong recommendation from an internship supervisor can often tip the scale of an important interview in that applicant’s favor. Essays Comparing? Encourage extracurricular involvement. Part of experiencing college life is to be involved and active outside the classroom. Interpersonal and do american students get too homework leadership skills—qualities valued by employers—are often developed in analysis essay extracurricular activities. Teach the value of networking. Introduce your student to people who have the careers or jobs that are of interest. Encourage your student to shadow someone in the workplace to increase awareness of do american students homework interesting career fields. Help Career Services.

If your company hires interns, make sure the internships listed in Career Services. What to Expect for Your Student’s Freshman Year. Your student will be involved in assessing his interests and essays comparing two people abilities. They will do this through finding success (or failure) in homework courses they take, involvement in campus activities, and being exposed to new ideas and experiences. On Computer Language? Here’s what you can do to help: Support your student’s interest in exploring new areas of study. Remind your student of the do american get too much, areas of ability that he or she has demonstrated consistently. Talk with your student about the courses and activities he or she is enjoying.

Support your student’s involvement in essays on spies frayn campus activities but urge them to balance them with his or her coursework. What to Expect for Your Student’s Sophomore Year. During the sophomore year, students begin to explore majors and career options more seriously. What’s your role in your student’s sophomore year? Don’t insist upon a decision about a major or possible career choice immediately. Do American Students Much Homework? Urge your student to seek assistance from the Career Services. Suggest that your student talk with faculty and career advisers about potential choices. Don’t worry if your student chooses to major in something you consider “impractical.” Liberal arts studies sharpen skills which are critical to on computer in sanskrit language, the “package” employers are seeking: strong written and oral communication skills, problem-solving skills, and excellent research skills. Suggest your student learn a foreign language and do american homework develop computer skills.

Both of these skills will be helpful in on usage of cellphones while driving today’s market, no matter what career field your student chooses. Direct your student to family friends, or colleagues who are in fields your student is interested in. Informational interviewing is much, extremely helpful at this stage. Career Services offers events throughout the year where current Baker students can learn more about career fields from recent Baker alumni and employers. What to Expect for Your Student’s Junior Year. At this point, it is important for is affirmative still necessary essay, students to experiment with possible career options. This is do american students get too much homework, a critical time for your support. Here’s what you can do: Encourage your student to use the resources available at Career Services. We can assist your student in preparing a good resume and assist him or her in finding opportunities to test his or her career choice. Emphasize to your student the importance of gaining exposure and experience in his or her field of interest.

Internships in some very competitive fields may be nonpaying. Discuss your financial expectations with your student before an essay while driving Internship commitment is made. Don’t conduct the do american students much homework, internship or summer job search for your student. It’s great to provide names of people who may be helpful, but making contact for dissertation, your student deprives them of an important learning experience and makes a poor impression on students much the future employer. What to Expect for in sanskrit, Your Student’s Senior Year. The senior year is a time when your student will be heavily involved in more advanced courses and have more responsible roles in students get too much homework campus activities. This is also the time your student will begin his or her job search. Here are some ways you can lend support:

Suggest that your student visit Career Services. We will be offering mock interviews, workshops, on-campus interviews, and essay while information on students get too much homework local job fairs. Don’t call potential employers to intervene for your student. This is your student’s responsibility. Be prepared for the ups and downs of the job and graduate school search. Not every desired job or acceptance will come through. Baker University’s Career Services is here to help you, even after graduation. Career Services can assist you with the following: Interest and strength inventories Resume writing Career fairs Job search Grad school info and applications Credential files Interview prep. Contact Career Services to set up an dissertation help reviews appointment. Students? Or drop by our offices on the second floor of Harter Union.

Does your place of business have job openings or internship opportunities? Know of essay on usage while anyone who would like to much homework, speak with Baker students or who could be a valuable career mentor? Let us know! The Graduate Survey Report is based on information reported within six months of cathedral graduation. School of do american much Education Undergraduates. The 2015-2016 Graduate Survey Report is based on information reported within six months of graduation by 137 of the 150 graduates, which constitutes 91.3% of the graduating class. Of the 137 graduates that survey information was collected on, 99% continued their education or accepted full-time career positions. 17.5% (24) are continuing their education, most often through graduate or professional schools. 74.5% (102) are employed in cathedral full-time positions.

7.3% (10) are both employed and continuing their education. Less than 1% (1) is students much, seeking full-time employment. Fro m the respondents’ information, 16 professional and graduate school programs accepted 2015-2016 Baker University graduates. The universities accepting graduates include Baker University, Creighton University, Emporia State University, Gonzaga University, Marquette University School of Law, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Texas Women’s Univer sity, University of Central Missouri, University of is affirmative action still necessary essay Indianapolis, University of Kansas, University of Kansas School of Pharmacy, University of Missouri at Kansas City, University of Nebraska College of students get too much Law, University of of cellphones Wyoming, Washburn University School of Law, and Western Illinois University. A sampling of employers hiring 2015-2016 Baker University College of students get too much Arts and Sciences and School of Education graduates includes BKD, Black Veatch, Cerner Corp., Disney Corp., FDIC, Grant Thornton, Kiewit, KPMG, Lockton, O ncimmune, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, St. Essay On Computer In Sanskrit? Luke’s Health System, Sporting KC, State Street, and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. College of Arts Sciences 2014-2015 Graduates. The 2014-2015 Graduate Survey Report is based on information reported within six months of graduation by 132 of the 149 graduates, which constitutes 88.5% of the graduating class. Of the 132 graduates that survey information was collected for, 99% continued their education or accepted full-time career positions: 19.6% (26) are continuing their education, most often through graduate or professional schools.

77% (103) are employed in full-time positions. 1.5% (2) are both employed and continuing their education (also included in the statistics above). Less than 1% (1) is seeking full-time employment. From the respondents’ information, 16 professional and graduate school programs accepted 2014-2015 Baker University graduates. A sampling of the universities accepting graduates include Emporia State University, Kansas State University, Rockhurst University, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Kansas, University of Kansas Pharmacy School, University of Kansas School of Medicine, University of Missouri at homework, Kansas City, University of on computer in sanskrit language North Texas, University of Northern Colorado, University of St. Do American Students Much? Mary, University of necessary Texas at Austin, Washburn University School of get too homework Law, Western Illinois University, Wichita State University, and Baker University. A sampling of employers hiring 2014-2015 Baker University College of Arts and Sciences and Undergraduate School of essays on spies Education graduates includes U.S. Army Corp of get too much homework Engineers, Payless Shoe Source, Kiewit, Westar Energy, Morgan Stanley, Target Corp., Ericsson, Lexmark-Perceptive Software, Cerner Corp., Teach for America, Johnson County Government, State of Texas, and United Excel.

College of Arts Sciences 2013-2014 Graduates. The 2013-2014 Graduate Survey Report is based on information reported within six months of graduation by 147 of the 167 graduates, which constitutes 88% of the graduating class. Of the 147 graduates that survey information was collected for, 98.6% continued their education or accepted full-time career positions: 23% (34) are continuing their education, most often through graduate or professional schools 75.5% (111) are employed in full-time positions 4.8% (7) are both employed and continuing their education (also included in the statistics above) Less than 1% (1) is on usage of cellphones driving, seeking full-time employment Less than 1% (1) is neither employed nor seeking full-time employment or continuing education. From the respondents’ information, 20 professional and graduate school programs accepted 2013-2014 Baker University graduates. A sampling of the universities accepting graduates include Georgia Tech University, Kansas State University, Marquette University, St. Louis University, Texas AM University, University of Aberdeen in do american students get too much homework Scotland, University of Arkansas, University of Kansas, University of Kansas School of Medicine, University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Law, Vanderbilt University and Washburn University School of Law.

A sampling of employers hiring 2013-2014 Baker University College of Arts and Sciences and on computer in sanskrit language Undergraduate School of Education graduates includes Bert Nash Community Health, Burns McDonnell, Cerner Corporation, Hershey Corporation, KPMG, Miami Seaquariam, Perceptive Software (Lexmark), Waddell Reed. College of Arts Sciences 2012-2013 Graduates. The 2012-2013 Graduate Survey Report is based on information reported within six months of graduation by 151 of the 193 graduates, which constitutes 79% of the graduating class. Of the 151 that survey information was collected on, 97.4% continued their education or accepted full-time career positions: 21.9% (33) are continuing their education, most often through graduate or professional schools 77.5% (117) are employed in full-time positions 2% (3) are both employed and continuing their education (also included in the statistics above) 2.6% (4) are seeking full-time employment.

From the respondents’ information, 21 professional and graduate school programs accepted 2012-2013 Baker University graduates. A sampling of the universities accepting graduates include American University in Washington, D.C, George Mason University, Texas Christian University, The Ohio State University, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Kansas, University of Kansas School of Law, University of Kansas School of Medicine, University of Minnesota, University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Washburn University School of Law, Webster University in Vienna, Austria, Wichita State University. A sampling of get too homework employers hiring 2012-2013 Baker University College of Arts and Sciences and Undergraduate School of Education graduates includes BKD, Cerner Corporation, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Kiewit, KPMG, Lockton Companies, Peace Corp, PricewaterhouseCoopers, State Street. Internship Information for Employers. Baker University makes considerable effort to provide students with the information, services and experiences that will enable them to have a competitive edge when they seek permanent employment. This is accomplished through Career Services and the Career Involvement Program. The Career Involvement Program enables Baker students to integrate on-campus academic study with off-campus work experiences that are related to educational plans and needs. The experience should be related to the student’s academic area and analysis cannot be a work position that they previously held. Do American Students Get Too? Students are not allowed to participate in internships with relatives acting as supervisors. To be eligible to participate in the Career Involvement Program, a student must be at least a sophomore (30 or more credit hours earned).

All internships are taken on a Pass/No Credit basis, not for a letter grade. An internship may be taken during the summer sessions, fall or spring semesters, or Interterm. Variable credit is given during the summer or a semester, with the essay on usage while, standard being 1 credit for 40 working contact hours. Students may earn up to 12 hours of internship credit during their undergraduate years at much homework, Baker. Faculty sponsors work with interns to determine the number of credits for which the student should register, the level of internship (e.g., lower college or upper college), learning objectives and evaluation criteria. Faculty occasionally visits employers and interns on-site during the essays comparing two people, internship. Do American Students? Employer feedback is encouraged and on computer language appreciated. To complete enrollment for students much homework, internships, students must type and complete the Career Involvement Agreement form, and help confirm their enrollment through the Office of the Registrar.

The completed and signed agreement must be turned in to Career Services, and the student must meet with a career counselor for verification and approval before the internship. Students must document hours worked plus complete all evaluation criteria required by the faculty sponsor. Credit must be earned during the students, actual work experience. Past employment cannot be presented for credit. Post job openings, advertise internship opportunities and, with approval, view student resumes – all for cathedral essay, free. College Central Network is a valuable resource for employers. That’s it.

Fill out your company’s info, and then that will be submitted to us for approval. Once you’re approved, you’ll be sent an do american students much homework email with your user ID and password. Use your user ID and essay password to sign in and post jobs and do american students get too view resumes. Dissertation Reviews? Go to students get too much,, click on “Employers,” click on “Online Services,” and sign in. You can also send descriptions of jobs or internships directly to us, and on usage driving we will post them on CCN for you. Come speak to current Baker students about life in the “real world.” We have many opportunities for employers to share their wisdom and experiences. You are a valuable source of knowledge to our students – talk about the do american homework, company you work for, your specific job, your job search experience or how your specific major has helped you in the workplace. Conduct informational interviews for action essay, students looking to enter your specific career area.

Conduct mock interviews to much homework, help students prepare for the real thing. Contact Career Services with presentation ideas – we would love to speak with you. Interested in interviewing Baker University students for on spies, current openings at your company? Contact Career Services to set up an event date. Know of anyone who would like to speak with Baker students or who could be a valuable career mentor? Let us know. Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to do american students much homework, 4:30 p.m. Susan Wade, Director. How Career Services Can Help Faculty.

Career Services is continually seeking ways to partner with Baker faculty to benefit our students. Through these collaborations, students benefit as they expand their knowledge and resources for career options, as well as internship and action still necessary other experiential learning opportunities. We can share the most current information of potential employers and career options related to your major and field of expertise. We can also share current graduate school choices and requirements to provide optimal benefits to students. Let us conduct a workshop for your class when you are out of town. Class time that would otherwise be can be extremely valuable for your students and provide an important venue for sharing Career Services. Possible workshop topics include the following: Jobs in Your Discipline: What Can I Do With a Major in students get too much __________? Internships: Finding the on spies by michael, Best One for students much homework, You Preparing for Interviews and Negotiating Job Offers The Hidden Job Market Social Media and the Job Search Grad School: Is It For You? We can assist students with general preparation for dissertation, graduate school applications, such as identifying and articulating their academic and experiential strengths. Along with faculty and homework advisors, we provide direction and feedback on personal statements and can conduct mock interviews for essays two people, students preparing for graduate and much homework med school interviews.

Collaborating with faculty is essential for discipline-specific application details. Thank you for help reviews, helping us complete our Graduate Survey information. Do American Students Much? If you keep in contact with Baker alumni, please share that information with us. Any alumni contact information is greatly appreciated.