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Term lab papers

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Barclays Capital - Vice President - Post trade US Resume Example. NSCC CNS , IDNET and DTC Settlement mode process. Knowledge on DTC suite of solutions on Settlement and Fails Management( Smart Track ). OCC Options related Assignments and Exercise events, LOPR and hedge reporting requirements. Confirms Affirms processing ( Prime and Institutional Clients). Term Lab Papers? Implemented Webservice call to Microfocus Service from essays on knowledge, Java platform to leverage the Interest Accrual. Module for Trade Booking Process.

Migration of 1000+ Microfocus jobs' functions to Camel EIP based services. Business Process improvement in Microfocus Platform resulted in doubling the capacity index . Lab Papers? Enhanced the Post Settlement Fails reporting for High Profile Prime Clients by re-designing the Fails reporting module around Broadridge CAGE BPS Group. On boarded Prime Middle Office systems to the Real time messaging framework of US Securities to provide the real time activities and positions view for the Prime Clients. Designed and implemented the Real time( Solace ) settlement events model for US Equity and Fixed Income systems after analysing all including CNS, IDNET, NONCNS, DTC events by working with Enterprise Architecture and essays on knowledge economy DevOps. Term? Onboarded the Repo and Exposure Management systems to the Real time framework to provide the real time positions view to Traders. Engineered a solution to on boarded all the Barclays' Participants to the DTC ISO 15022 Settlements events framework to get the real time activities from DTC to animal thesis, solve the BPS Limitation around NSCC events .This initiative is in pursuance to DOdd Frank, 165 REG YY, BIS-BASEL III regulatory divers and onboarded Treasury systems to the model. Implemented a new model for lab papers, SEC 204 Rule compliant requirement to effectively handle the situation for Bank's Fail to Deliver to CNS . Re-mediated US Securities Settlement system by adopting the essays economy, OCC Symbology migration initiative. DTC Re engineering of Corporate Actions (DTC ISO 20022 ) to eliminate all the legacy interfaces on Dividends, Interest and Redemption events. Successfully eliminated the TIBRV , TIBEMS-Websphere Bridging and Business works to Spring Integration/Solace based Platform for the US securities system to reduce the licensing cost. Optimizing the usage of DTC Omgeo confirms data for Buyin CNS report requirement to reduce the omgeo confirms generation cost for Barclays by working with Settlement Ops( Annual Savings of 1 Million ). Lab Papers? Working on essays apartheid in south africa, a POC to term lab papers, adopt Grid Gain ( Apache Ignite) to eliminate the Coherence Caching model to reduce the licensing cost.

Implemented a new model of Buyin CNS Intents, Order generation and automated the posting to animal thesis, Smart Track to effectively handle the CNS Failures. Lab Papers? ?Improved RTTM/MSRB submission reporting by essay integrating the Mainframe Trade processing Application with Distributed Reference Data System to automate the Muni Securities Product setup. June 2010 to Current Barclays Capital - Whippany , NJ Leading the project to segregate Bank Prime from Investment Bank BPS Instance by setting by new BPS and BPSA Instances, Trades/Journals activities posting from Prime to term, BPS, Client Static Setup Interfaces. Successfully designed and rolled out the Strategic Settlements events for BPS and IMPACT systems. Successfully leading a Software Development Team of US Securities Settlement systems. Apartheid Africa? US Securities Settlement Business Process Engineering and Optimization. Technology Platform Migration to Enterprise Integration Frameworks. Profit and Loss(PNL) Application Maintenance and term Re-architecture. Project Management includes Service Bureau and US Settlements Entities management. Application Management involves Equity, Wealth and Prime Broker Process. On Writing Reaction? April 2010 to June 2010 Infosys Tech Limited - Jersey City , NJ Evaluation of the US and Internation Settlement Systems Reference Data application to lab papers, integrate with the classification and division essay, strategic reference data applications to term lab papers, standardise the essays, Market data vendor and term lab papers reduce the costs. December 2009 to April 2010 Citi - Jersey City , NJ Evaluation of the tips, Current State Architecture of US Securities System and Propose solutions for Improvements, Integration with Strategic Systems, Elimination of Duplicate functions.

Leveraged my Strong Functional Knowledge on Broad ridge Suite of lab papers Solutions, Bloomberg , OCC and DTCC Reference data systems.Fascinating working model of integrating between Java based Systems with Legacy Systems. January 2004 to November 2009 Tata Consultancy Services - Jersey City , NJ. Project leader for all the Clearance Custody applications like brokerage processing System, Trade management Systems, options Pricing system. System and Application level support by essay on pets advising solution for the entire user problem in Trade booking and Settlement activities. Term Lab Papers? US Securities Application Development and Business Process Improvements.Application Development and essays apartheid in south africa Maintenance of the Trade Capturing Platform of Equity, Fixed Income and Option Products.

August 2003 to lab papers, December 2003 Birlasoft - Chennai , Tamilnadu. Interim Product [email protected], EBAY. Associate Project [email protected] Morgan Chase Co Corporate Investment Bank. Marketing [email protected] Partners. Mortgage Banking Underwriter [email protected] Tips On Writing Reaction Paper? Financial Services [email protected] Featured Jobs in Colonia:View More Colonia Jobs. Get job alerts sent to your inbox for.

Vice President - Post trade US Systems Analyst Reference Data Systems Consultant Assistant System Analyst Software Engineer. Madurai Kamaraj University Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College. Bachelor of Engineering. Where can I find a Barclays Capital Vice President - Post trade US resume example in Colonia, New Jersey 07067? This is an actual resume example of term lab papers a Vice President - Post trade US who works in the Investment Banking Industry. LiveCareer has 4732 Investment Banking resumes in its database. LiveCareer’s Resume Directory contains real resumes created by subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder. Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service.

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Smart homes and the Internet of Things. by Chris Woodford. Last updated: October 30, 2016. B ack in 1923, brilliant Swiss-born architect Le Corbusier (18871965) described a house as a machine for living inand slowly, during the 20th century, that metaphor turned into term lab papers, reality. First, the arrival of convenient, electric power started to essay referencing, strip away the drudgery from all kinds of domestic chores, including washing clothes and term lab papers, dishes and vacuuming the floor.

Then, when transistors made electronics more affordable in and division essay on pets the mid-20th century, appliances started to control themselves in a very limited way, using built-in sensors and programmers. But it's only now, in the 21st century, that the vision of the fully automated, smart home is actually being realized. Thanks to the Internet, it's easy to set up virtually any electric appliance in your home so you can control it from a Web browser anywhere in the world. And, before much longer, all kinds of net-connected machines will be talking to one another, running much more of our lives automatically through what's known as the Internet of Things . Like the idea of living in a smart home? Or an automated future that takes care of lab papers, itself? Let's take a closer look at how it might work! A smart home is one in which the various electric and electronic appliances are wired up to a central computer control system so they can either be switched on reaction paper and off at certain times (for example, heating can be set to come on automatically at 6:00AM on winter mornings) or if certain events happen (lights can be set to come on only when a photoelectric sensor detects that it's dark).

Most homes already have a certain amount of lab papers, smartness because many appliances already contain built-in sensors or electronic controllers. Virtually all modern washing machines have programmers that make them follow a distinct series of essay, washes, rinses, and spins depending on how you set their various dials and knobs when you first switch on. If you have a natural-gas-powered central heating system, most likely you also have a thermostat on the wall that switches it on term lab papers and off according to essay harvard referencing, the room temperature, or an electronic programmer that activates it at certain times of term, day whether or not you're in animal testing statement the house. Term. Maybe you're really hi-tech and you have a robotic vacuum cleaner that constantly crawls around your floors sweeping the dust? Photo: The simplest kind of home automation. Plug this time switch into your electrical outlet and it will switch any appliance on and off up to four times a day.

This one is digital and uses a battery powered clock. Harvard. Others have large, slowly rotating wheels with dozens of tiny switches you press in or out to term lab papers, switch appliances on and off as many times as you like. Inside, switches like this use a simple relay that allows a small switching current from the resume crafters clock circuit to switch the much bigger power circuit on and off. All these things are examples of home automation, but they're not really what we mean by a smart home . That concept takes things a step further by introducing centralized control. In the term most advanced form of smart home, there's a computer that does what you normally do yourself: it constantly monitors the end of state of the home and lab papers, switches appliances on and off accordingly. So, for example, it monitors light levels coming through the testing thesis windows and automatically raises and lowers blinds or switches the lights on at dusk.

Or it detects movements across the floor and responds appropriately: if it knows you're home, it switches light and music on in different rooms as you walk between them; if it knows you're out, it sounds an intruder alarm. Assuming you're not (yet) in the Bill Gates league of lab papers, having a multimillion dollar smart home built from the ground up, you'll probably be more interested in adding a bit of automation to your existing appliances with as little fuss as possible. On Writing Reaction. Modestly smart homes like this range in complexity from basic systems that use a few plug-in modules and household electricity wiring to sophisticated wireless systems you can program over the Internet. Here are the three most common flavors: Developed in 1975, the oldest and best-known smart home automation system is lab papers called X-10 (sometimes written X10) and uses your ordinary household electricity wiring to switch up to animal testing thesis against, 256 appliances on and off with no need for any extra cables to be fitted. You plug each appliance you want to automate into a small control unit (usually called a module) and plug that into an ordinary electrical power outlet. Term. Using a small screwdriver, you then adjust two dials on each module. One dial is what's called the house code and you set this to be a letter from animal statement against A through P. You can use the house code to link appliances together (for example, so all the lamps on the first floor of your home can be controlled as a group). The other dial is set so each individual appliance has a unique identifier known as its unit code , which is a number 116.

Next, you plug a central controller unit into term lab papers, another electrical socket and program it to switch the various appliances on and off (identifying them through their codes) whenever you wish. Photo: An X-10 module used for controlling household appliances made by Powerhouse. Testing Statement. You can see the two dials used for setting the term unit code (top) and house code (bottom). Photo by Phylevn published on Flickr in 2009 under a Creative Commons Licence. How does it work? The central controller sends regular switching signals through the on writing ordinary household wiring, effectively treating it as a kind of computer network. Term. Because these signals work at roughly twice the switching frequency of ordinary AC power (which works at 5060Hz), they don't interfere with it in any way. Resume Crafters. Each signal contains a code identifying the term unit it relates to (a table lamp in your living room, perhaps, or a radio in on knowledge your bedroom) and an instruction such as turn on, turn off, or (for lamps) brighten, or dim. Although all the control units listen out for and receive all the signals, a particular signal affects only the appliance (or appliances) with the correct code. Apart from appliances that receive signals, you can also plug in sensors such as motion detectors, thermostats, and so on, so the system will respond automatically to term lab papers, changes in daylight, temperature, intruders, or whatever else you consider important. Essays End Of Apartheid Africa. With most systems, you can also switch appliances on and off with a handheld remote control (similar to term, a TV remote).

The remotes either send signals directly to each module using radio wave (RF) signals or communicate with the essay referencing central controller, which relays the signals accordingly. X-10 has become an international standard for term lab papers controlling appliances, but it's not the testing thesis against only system that works this way. If you're just automating a few security lights, a basic X-10 system with a few modules and a single controller should be more than enough for your needs. Term. But if you want to run a more sophisticated setup, with many different appliances coming on and off in all kinds of different ways, you might want to essay, use your home computer as the term controller instead. That's easy too! You buy an and division on pets, X-10 home computer interface kit comprising a module (which plugs into a power outlet like any other module), an interface cable to connect the module to your computer (using either a standard serial or USB port), and some software. Typical software shows a graphical representation of all your appliances and lets you set on/off patterns for a day, a week, or even longer. You can also create your own macros so groups of appliances switch on and off in a certain sequence at a certain time each day. There's X-10 software for both Windows and Linux systems.

Photo: You can use a wireless router to control an X-10 system remotely over the Internet, but you'll need to set up an IP address so you can access your router and computer securely from elsewhere. Dynamic DNS and lab papers, Port Forward are very useful if you're going to do this kind of thing. Security is one of the biggest reasons why many people are interested in smart homes. If you're away at work or on holiday, making your home seem lived in is a good way to deter intruders. Classification Essay On Pets. A basic X-10 system can turn the lights and the TV on and off at unpredictable times, but if you really want to push the term boat out on security, a wireless, Net-connected system is testing thesis statement much better. Term Lab Papers. Effectively, it's a computer-controlled X-10 system with an interface you can access over the Web.

With a system like this, you can hook up webcams to watch your home (or your pets), switch appliances on and off in real time, or even reprogram the whole system. Harmony Home Automation is an example of a system that works like this. What if your sports bra could spot breast cancer or your blouse could sense the strange palpitations of a looming heart attack? It might sound weird, but clothestechnically known as smart fabrics and intelligent textiles (SFIT) can already monitor our health. Tips On Writing Paper. Some years ago, a company called Textronics figured out how to build comfortable sports bras and shirts with electrode sensors naturally knitted inside the fabric to term, monitor an athlete's heart beat. They automatically capture puffs and palpitations and beam the data wirelessly to a monitor you wear on your wrist or stuff in classification and division your pocket. Nike+ shoes harness similar technology for health and fitness. A piezoelectric sensor (one that turns squeezing pressure into bursts of electricity), buried in your inner sole, generates a tiny electric pulse each time your foot hits the ground, firing a signal with a wireless transmitter to an iPod or iPhone in your pocket and an eager app that tracks your lap-time and personal best. Photo: Wearable electronics could automatically monitor your health.

Sounds trivial? How about natural-looking, comfortable clothes that elderly people could wear to term, monitor their movements and anticipate declining health? Many people routinely monitor their blood pressure, but that's something they have to do consciously and voluntarily; it takes time and effort. Smart clothes with built in monitors not only measure standard health indicators like this, but also offer an on knowledge economy, easy and affordable way to keep tabs on things like changes in lab papers gait, caused by progressive conditions like Parkinson's disease or strokes, and to monitor, proactively, whether elderly people are more likely to fall and animal thesis statement, injure themselves. Where health ventures, safety often follows. Most urban cyclists already wear jackets daubed with luminous paint so they shine in passing headlights. So why not bike jackets with built-in electronic brake lights or indicators that flash when you press a button? If you can stitch electrodes into clothes for things like that, why not more frivolous and entertaining things too?

Why not skirts with built-in fibre-optic cables that flash and flicker on the dance floor, synced to the beat, programmed by term a circuit hidden in the hem? Today's degree show project at the Royal College of apartheid in south, Arts could be tomorrow's de-rigueur dancewear. Flashing and term lab papers, flickering is pretty tame stuff. Plastics are already sophisticated enough to make into ultra-thin computer displays. Organic LEDs (OLEDs) and classification essay, light-emitting polymers (LEPs) are flexible enough to wrap around your wrist but still electronic enough to term lab papers, work like conventional flatscreen TVs. It won't be long before our T-shirts work like TV sets, blasting us with adverts, tweets, mood boards, or whatever else takes our fancy. And in end of apartheid in south a world that watches energy use like a hawk, what about turning shirts into term lab papers, solar panels? If you can build conductive fibres into a t-shirt and make it flash with a battery, it should be easy enough to run the end of apartheid in south africa same idea in reverse. With flexible solar cells mounted in the front and lab papers, back panels, feeding into rechargeable batteries in your belt, you could turn yourself into a mini solar panel, trickling milliamps to your cellphone so its batteries never run down.

Suddenly, the phrase smart clothes takes on a whole new meaning! Lots of people like simple, off-the-shelf, plug-and-play systems like X-10: buy it, take it home, plug it in, and resume crafters, off you go. But plenty more of us are hobbyists, hackers, and geeks for whom the very challenge of doing something is at least as importantsometimes more sothan the thing we're actually trying to do. Lab Papers. If you're one of these people, you're route to a smart home is and division on pets more likely to lab papers, be through the harvard referencing hacker, maker, DIY community, maybe using something like an Arduino microcontroller to link your computer to appliances around your home. There are quite a few projects of this kind on websites like Instructables, and term lab papers, I've listed them in the Find out more section below. Photo: Half the fun in resume crafters having an automated home is putting it together. If you're into electronics, why not have a go at doing it yourself? Another view: do you really need a smart home? If you're elderly or disabled, home automation systems like this can make all the difference to your quality of lab papers, life, but they bring important benefits for the rest of us as well. Resume Crafters. Most obviously, they improve home security, comfort, and convenience.

More importantly, if they incorporate energy monitors, such as thermostats, or sensors that cut the term lab papers lights to essays, unoccupied rooms, they can help you reduce household energy bills; automated systems such as Bye Bye Standby, which cut the power to appliances when they're not being used, can dramatically reduce the energy wasted by appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and TVs when they're not actually being used. But do you really need things like this? Do you need to term, buy even more appliances just to control the ones you already have? Isn't it just as easy to get into the habit of switching things off yourself? Gadgets that kill your TV's standby mode sound cool, but how hard is tips on writing it to pull out the plug?

What about term, switching the TV off altogether and harvard, reading a book? Or putting your games console away in the cupboard and getting into the habit of taking walks in the country instead? And instead of going to great lengths to wire up your house for while you're away on vacation, how about befriending the term neighbors and asking them to classification essay on pets, look out for you instead? For many of us, a house really is a machine for living inand if that's the term way you like living, it's just fine. But it's important to remember that there are plenty of essay referencing, alternatives to living that way as well. If small is term beautiful and simple is best, the smartest home might be one that has no gadgets at all! One of the things that makes people smartsmarter than all the other creatures who creep, flap, hoof, and slither round the planetis our ability to communicate with one another. We can talk to other people, listen to them, and collaborate to achieve very complicated goals, from finding cures for cancer to resume crafters, putting astronauts on lab papers the Moon. Even before the invention of the Internet, people were intricately networked, right round the resume crafters world; famously, according to sociological theory, there are only lab papers six degrees of separation (six links) necessary to connect any one person on the planet with any other. Now what if gadgets and machines could talk to each other the same way?

What if an essays on knowledge economy, accelerometer embedded in a cardigan could automatically detect when an old person fell down the lab papers stairs and africa, telephone an ambulance? What if all the homes in the United States had smart power meters that could signal energy consumption to utility companies in real-time? Suppose car engines could monitor their own mechanical efficiency, and, if it fell below a certain level, dial into a garage computer and be remotely tweaked back to some optimum level, all without leaving our drives? What if highway control systems could measure and lab papers, monitor cars streaming down different routes at harvard different times of day and automatically re-route traffic round jams and snarl-ups? These things might sound fanciful, but they'd all become possible if the term lab papers machines in our homes, offices, and transportation systems could communicate with one another automaticallyif, in other words, there were a giant network of machines: an Internet of things . People have been getting excited about this idea since it was originally suggested in 1999 by technology entrepreneur Kevin Ashton, then working in brand marketing at Proctor Gamble. He'd been researching electronic sensors and essays on knowledge economy, RFID tags (wireless printed circuits that allow objects to identify themselves automatically to computer systems; they're used in lab papers library self-checkouts) and, in a moment of insight, wondered what would happen if all kinds of everyday objects and machines could communicate through a standard computer network. Ashton realized his Internet of Things was a yellow-brick road to on writing paper, better efficiency and less waste for all kinds of term, businesses. In popular news articles, the resume crafters Internet of Things is often explained by introducing a well-known but frivolous and now rather hackneyed example. Suppose your refrigerator could use RFID tags to lab papers, detect what products it contained and classification, how old they were.

If it were linked to the Internet, it could automatically reorder new supplies whenever it needed to. It sounds harmless enough, but the infamous Internet fridge has actually become something of a distraction from much more valuable applications: most of term lab papers, us are capable of keeping tabs on our sour milk and moldy cheese, the argument goes, so what possible use could there be for tips reaction paper an Internet of lab papers, Things? But suppose similar technology were being used to monitor elderly or disabled people so they could continue to live safely, with independence and essay on pets, dignity, in term lab papers their own homes? It's easy to build a home that uses motion sensors to monitor when someone is regularly walking around (intruder alarms have been using this technology for years), and resume crafters, not much harder to monitor that data remotely. That's a much more persuasive example of how the Internet of Things could prove really helpful to a society with a rapidly aging population. Although people sometimes talk about the term Internet of resume crafters, Things as though it's merely an term, extension of smart home technology, it's actually a much bigger and more general idea.

Imagine our system for monitoring the elderly transplanted to a hospital and scaled up into and division essay on pets, a kind of e-care, in term lab papers which noncritical patients are routinely monitored not by essay nurse's observations but by remotely gathered electronic sensors, communicating their measurements over a network. Lab Papers. Or, to take another example, what about automatically monitoring your home while you're on tips reaction holiday using sensors and webcams? If it works in a house, it works anywhere: for checking and automatically restocking shelves in a supermarket, for remotely monitoring the lab papers crumbling concrete on a highway bridge, or in a hundred other places. Five basic things are needed to on writing reaction, make the term lab papers Internet of Things work. First, there's the thing itselfwhich could be anything from a person or animal to a robot or computer; champions of the technology have even speculated that one day the Internet of Things could extend to resume crafters, things as small as bits of dust. Generally speaking, the thing is something we want to track, measure, or monitor. Term Lab Papers. It could be your own body, a pet, an elderly relative, a home, an office block, or pretty much anything else you can imagine. If we want to resume crafters, be able to connect things, monitor them, or measure them, we need to be able to identify them and tell them apart. It's easy enough with people: we all have names, faces, and other unique identifiers.

It's also relatively easy with products we buy from stores. Since the 1970s, most of them carried have unique numbers called Universal Product Codes (UPC), printed on their packs using black-and-white zebra patternsbarcodes, in other words. The trouble with barcodes is that someone has to term, scan them and they can store only resume crafters a very small amount of information (just a few digits). A better technology, RFID, allows objects to identify themselves to lab papers, a network automatically using radio waves, with little or no human intervention. It can also transmit much more information. Photo: RFID tags, like this one concealed in end of in south a price label on a pair of shoes, allow objects to lab papers, identify themselves to the Internet of Things. If an object simply identifies itself to a network, that doesn't necessarily tell us very much, other than where it is at a certain time. If the object has built-in sensors, we can collect much more useful information. So automatic sensors that can routinely transmit automatic measurements are another key part of the Internet of Things. Any type of sensor could be wired up this way, from electronic thermometers and thermocouples to strain gauges and reed switches. It makes sense for things to exist and resume crafters, communicate on a network the same way that computers exist and talk to term, one another over the Internetusing a standard agreed communication method called the Internet Protocol (IP).

IP is essays on knowledge based on the idea that everything has a unique address (an IP address) and exchanges data in little bits called packets. If things communicate using IP, or use something like WiFi to talk to an Internet-connected router, it opens up the possibility of controlling them from term a Web browser anywhere in the world. That's why we're now seeing home security and essays, monitoring systems that allow you to term lab papers, do things like turning your central heating on and off with smartphone apps. Once we're collecting masses of data, from hundreds, thousands, millions, or even billions of things, analyzing it could find patterns that help us work, move, and live much more smartlyat least in theory. Data mining the information we gather from people or car movements and optimizing our transportation systems could help us reduce travel times or congestion, for example, with major benefits for apartheid africa people's quality of life and the environment. Cloud computing systems (the idea of using powerful computer services supplied over the Internet) are likely to play a very big part in the Internet of Things, not least because the amount of data collected from so many things, so regularly, is likely to be enormous. You don't have to look too far to term lab papers, see the essay harvard referencing Internet of Things in lab papers action.

Libraries were early adopters, embedding RFID chips in book covers so that people could borrow and return items themselves using self-checkout machines. That gave instant stock-control, better security, and (in theory) the possibility of freeing up librarians to spend more time helping people. Tracking your home-delivery purchases over the Internet is another very basic example: if every parcel is barcoded and scanned at every point of its journey from warehouse to customer, with the scanners all wired to a central database, it's easy to work out where anything is at any time. Much more interesting examples are also starting to emerge. Hive, a home-heating system launched by British Gas, uses a wireless thermostat that communicates with your home Internet routermaking it possible to adjust your heating or hot water using a smartphone app or web browser; the Nest Learning Thermostat, a rival home thermostat system, is essays on knowledge economy more sophisticated but can be controlled by term lab papers an app in a similar way. Piper, a home management and security system, goes even further: it connects a whole raft of africa, sensors and alarms to term lab papers, a web interface so people can monitor and manage their homes when they're at work or on vacation. Even the infamous Internet fridge is essays starting to arrivealbeit in rather slow motion. Term Lab Papers. Amazon already has a trial system called Dash, featuring a handheld scanner that you can swipe over products to reorder things when supplies get low. Another of its new ideas is to stick simple Internet-connected buttons around your home that you can use to reorder things with a single click.

In one way or another, all the big digital technology companies are exploring variations on the Internet of tips on writing reaction, Things. Apple has HomeKit (which turns iPods and iPhones into smart home controllers) and HealthKit (which lets you monitor your health and fitness and, if you wish, share the data with your doctor or hospital through a smartphone app). Lab Papers. Google's rival system, Fit, lets people monitor and resume crafters, analyze exercise data collected from wearable sensors and lab papers, trackers developed by a whole collection of partner companies. Samsung, leading maker of both smartphones and home appliances, sees a great opportunity in linking the two in a system called the SmartThings Hub. Microsoft is also believed to be working on smart home systems linked to its Kinect motion tracker and Xbox gaming system. Photo: Smartphone apps are likely to be one of the ways people interact with the Internet of resume crafters, Things. Right: Hive's app lets you control your heating using your phone, wherever in the world you find yourself. Left: Efergy's energy monitoring app keeps tabs on term your home energy consumption. It's easy enough to animal testing statement, see benefits from a world in which we connect, monitor, and lab papers, analyze things much more intelligently.

The natural world manages perfectly well without top-down organization, coordination, and control, but our human-dominated planet, packed with over 7 billion people, plagued with problems like poverty, disease, and testing against, looming environmental challenges such as climate change, probably can't afford the luxury of hapless, chaotic self-organization for much longer. Lab Papers. The benefits of tracking and tips on writing paper, organizing things seem overwhelming to some people; even so, critics point out equally clear risks of monitoring people and term, things so much more closely. Do we all want our cars to be tracked at all times? Do we want grocery stores to resume crafters, know even more about what we're heating than they do already? Do we want our homes packed with sensors, keeping tabs on us at all times? There are all kinds of term, privacy, security, and ethical issues to consider before we get anywhere near the technological difficulties of resume crafters, building something so all-encompassing as an Internet of Things. Photo: Privacy problems ahead? Will an Internet of lab papers, Things designed for tracking and tracing things turn into testing thesis, a perfect tool for spying on people? Given that much of the term lab papers technology exists already, you might think building an testing statement against, Internet of Things is term lab papers really quite a simple task, but putting everything together is likely to prove much more complex. One problem is that the whole concept has been hyped as a massive commercial opportunity, so lots of different companies are rushing to develop and market competing technologies. That raises the immediate difficulty of resume crafters, getting rival systems to talk to one another.

If I buy a smart home-heating system from one utility company, will I be able to term lab papers, control it using another company's smartphone app if I decide to essay referencing, switch utilities in a couple of years time? If I buy myself an Amazon Dash scanner, will I only term lab papers ever be able to classification and division essay on pets, order products from Amazon? Or will I have to order a different scanner for every different company I buy from? While companies such as Amazon and Apple are notorious for taking a closed (or walled-garden) approach to their products and services (for example, you can only read Kindle ebooks, sold by lab papers Amazon, on an Amazon Kindle reader), rivals such as Google and and division essay on pets, Samsung are notable champions of open standards. Whether closed, open, or mixed systems prevail, there's likely to be a great deal of term, consumer confusion about what works with what, and there's a real risk that the Internet of Things fragments, in essay referencing practice, into many highly compartmentalized systemsmany Internets of Thingsthat have little or nothing in common. That's not so surprising when the lab papers Internet of classification essay, Things is lab papers so broadly defined that the end of whole idea verges on term lab papers the meaningless. Essay Referencing. A recent British government briefing describes it as an ecosystem that links anyone, any business or service, through any path or network, to anything, anytime, anywherein other words, defines it so broadly that it includes absolutely everything. Is that a helpful idea? Is there anything more than the most superficial connection between a hospital that can monitor elderly patients remotely and a domestic fridge that can reorder milk? Does it make any sense at all to term, link such disparate ideas together, if all we're really saying is that everything should be able to interoperate by relying on common systems and tips on writing reaction, standards as much as possible?

To put it another way, would your hospital ever want or need to communicate with your fridge? Although often hyped as a means of doing things more efficiently and term, saving time and money, there's no guarantee at all that an Internet of Things will deliver cost, energy, or efficiency savings. Does the ability to control your home heating from work make it more or less likely that you will save energy? Will you simply shuffle energy around and use it at essays a different time? Why can't you leave the job to an intelligent electronic thermostat (a perfectly reliable and term lab papers, efficient piece of technology we've all been using for decades)?

Who says you can do it better from your smartphone than a computerized programmer can do it from inside your home? To use a different example, it's absolutely fascinating to track parcels all the economy way from the warehouse to your doorstepbut do you really need to term lab papers, know anything more than the date when they'll finally arrive? Every extra bit of tips on writing, computer power we use managing, monitoring, and generally fiddling about with the Internet of Things is extra energy for the world to consume. Cloud computing powers the term Internet of Thingsand is already one of the world's biggest and fastest growing forms of energy consumption. There's a very real risk that, far from helping us reduce resources and use energy more widely, the Internet of testing thesis against, Things will simply add another unnecessary layer of micromanagement on top of what we do alreadyincreasing the world's energy consumption overall. It's very telling that data from American homes reveals steadily growing energy consumption despite significant improvements in energy reduction and massive reductions in the energy we need for basic things like home heating. Smart home technology has been widely available for decades but, so far, has pretty much failed to capture people's imagination or take off in a really big way. Will rebranding itbreathlessly hyping it as the Internet of term lab papers, Thingsmake any difference? Home electrical energy monitors have been around for years, for example, and seem to tips paper, offer the term very compelling benefit of saving money , but they're still relatively underused.

Smart homes aside, there are very compelling reasons for economy businesses and term lab papers, public services to invest in Internet of Things technologyespecially if they can demonstrate real customer benefits, cost or energy savings, or other good reasons for doing so. But whether the Internet of Things makes life better, or simply micromanaged, remains to be seen. Libraries and supermarkets are perfect examples: they use more technology and reaction paper, employ fewer people than ever before, but do they serve us better, and do we like them more or less than we did before? Many libraries have swapped friendly, helpful librarians for automated self-checkouts simply to cut costs; and not everyone would see that as an advance. Term Lab Papers. Will the Internet of Things revolutionize our homes, offices, and transportation systems, making everything better organized and more cost-effective? Will the Internet help us control things more effectivelyor simply turn people into things that can be connected, analyzed, and monitored? Designing the Internet of Things by Adrian McEwen and Hakim Cassimally. Testing Thesis Statement Against. John Wiley Sons, 2014. A practical guide to designing and networking products for the Internet of term lab papers, Things.

Make Projects: Getting Started with the Internet of Things by Cuno Pfister. O'Reilly, 2011. A practical guide to on writing paper, identifying and sensing objects and connecting them using protocols such as http. Published under the Make umbrella, this one is lab papers firmly aimed at hackers and essays apartheid in south africa, hobbyists. Internet of things: making the most of the second digital revolution by term lab papers Sir Mark Walport, UK Government Office for Science, December 18, 2014. A British government review spelling out the commercial opportunities for the Internet of Things and 10 political actions that are needed. You might think the idea of a smart home is frivolous and silly. Isn't it lazy and indulgent to have a machine switching the lights on animal against and off for you when you can do it perfectly easily yourself? Bear in mind, though, that many elderly and disabled people, and those with special needs, struggle with simple household tasks.

Home automation could make all the term difference between them being able to live happily and independently in their own home or having to animal thesis against, move into expensive sheltered accommodation. As the population ages, governments and medical charities are looking at home automation with increasing interest: why not use computers, robots, and other technologies to provide the support that vulnerable people need to lab papers, keep them happy, healthy, and independent? For example, people with dementia can have their homes fitted with automated sensors that check whether cookers have been left on or taps have been left to overflow. Elderly people prone to falling can have their homes fitted with lighting activated by motion sensors, so that if they get up in the middle of the night they're not stumbling around dangerously in the dark. Blind people can finally buy ordinary household appliances and use one simple computer controller, programmed to suit their personal needs, to manage them all. One of the main difficulties with this vision of a smart, automated future is that appliances made by different manufacturers need to be able to on writing reaction paper, work together seamlessly. That's why standards (such as the long-established X-10) are so important. In Europe, the lab papers EU is supporting a project called i2HOME designed to standardize automated appliances so they can be made more widely available to elderly people and on knowledge economy, those with disabilities.

Greater standardization is term lab papers essential if smart homes are ever going to realize their potentialand it will bring benefits to everyone, not just the vulnerable among us. Artwork: Elderly people ahead! Crown copyright traffic sign from the tips on writing paper UK Traffic Signs Images Database published under the Open Government Licence. Smart Homes for lab papers Dummies by Danny Briere, Pat Hurley. End Of In South. For Dummies, 2011. 25 Home Automation Projects for the Evil Genius by term Jerri Ledford. And Division On Pets. McGraw-Hill Professional, 2006.

Smart Home Hacks: Tips and term, Tools for Automating your House by Gordon Meyer. O'Reilly Media, Inc., 2004. Smart Doesn't Always Mean an Easy Home by Roy Furchgott. The New York Times, 8 July 2016. Homes Try to Reach Smart Switch by Steve Lohr. The New York Times, 22 April 2015. EU smart-home concept shown off by Geoff Adams-Spink.

BBC News, 15 February 2010. Smart home dream could be for essays end of in south africa all by Jo Twist. BBC News, 26 June 2005. Smart homes offer a helping hand by Mark Ward. BBC News, 19 May 2004. Arduino home automation by simon72post. How to control your home lights with your Arduino. Arduino home automation: A simple project to control what's happening in one room using motion sensors, temperature detectors, and so on linked ot the Arduino. DIY Smart Home by term Mike Newell.

Another simple Arduino automation project, which collects information about toilet usage (!) but could easily be extended to animal statement against, do other things. Term Lab Papers. Raspberry Pi home automation by beakersa. A walk around a simple home automation system managed using a Raspberry Pi. A slightly confusing video that jumps around a lot, and classification, is often out of focus, but it does give you inspiring ideas of term lab papers, what you can do with your Pi. Please do NOT copy our articles onto on writing reaction, blogs and other websites. Text copyright Chris Woodford 2009, 2015.

All rights reserved. Term. Full copyright notice and terms of use. Please rate or give feedback on essay referencing this page and I will make a donation to WaterAid. Press CTRL + D to bookmark this page for lab papers later or tell your friends about it with:

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Writing the Scholarship Essay : by Kay Peterson, Ph.D. It’s the hardest part of your scholarship application. But it’s also the part of the application where the ‘real you’ can shine through. Make a hit with these tips from scholarship providers: Think before you write. Term Lab Papers! Brainstorm to generate some good ideas and animal thesis then create an outline to lab papers help you get going. Be original. The judges may be asked to review hundreds of essays. Classification On Pets! It’s your job to make your essay stand out from the rest.

So be creative in your answers. Show, don’t tell. Use stories, examples and anecdotes to individualize your essay and term lab papers demonstrate the point you want to and division essay on pets make. By using specifics, you’ll avoid vagueness and generalities and make a stronger impression. Develop a theme. Don’t simply list all your achievements.

Decide on term lab papers, a theme you want to reaction convey that sums up the impression you want to make. Write about lab papers experiences that develop that theme. Resume Crafters! Know your audience. Personal essays are not ‘one size fits all.’ Write a new essay for each application-one that fits the lab papers, interests and requirements of that scholarship organization. You’re asking to be selected as the representative for that group. Essay Harvard Referencing! The essay is your chance to lab papers show how you are the ideal representative.

Submit an essay that is harvard referencing, neat and readable. Make sure your essay is neatly typed, and that there is a lot of ‘white space’ on term, the page. On Knowledge Economy! Double-space the essay, and provide adequate margins (1?-1 1/2?) on all sides. Make sure your essay is well written. Proofread carefully, check spelling and grammar and share your essay with friends or teachers. Another pair of eyes can catch errors you might miss. Special thanks to the scholarship specialists who contributed these tips: TROA Scholarship Fund. Kathy Borunda, Corporate Development. Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Foundation. The American Legion.

Patti Cohen, Program Manager. Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation. AFSA Scholarship Programs. Thomas Murphy, Executive Director. Konieg Education Foundation.

Lisa Portenga, Scholarship Coordinator. The Fremont Area Foundation. Practice Session: Common Essay Questions — by Roxana Hadad. The essay — It’s the most important part of term lab papers your scholarship application, and essay referencing it can be the hardest. But the essay shouldn’t keep you from applying. Take a look at some of the most commonly asked essay questions and use them to prepare for term lab papers, your scholarship applications. Brainstorm ideas, do some research or create your own ‘stock’ of scholarship essays.

When the time comes, you’ll be ready to write your way to scholarship success! Your Field of Specialization and Academic Plans. Some scholarship applications will ask you to write about your major or field of study. These questions are used to determine how well you know your area of specialization and essays on knowledge why you’re interested in it. How will your study of _______ contribute to your immediate or long range career plans? Why do you want to be a _______? Explain the importance of lab papers (your major) in today’s society.

What do you think the industry of _______ will be like in the next 10 years? What are the on writing reaction, most important issues your field is facing today? To test your skills at problem-solving and check how up-to-date you are on current issues, many scholarship applications include questions about problems and issues facing society. What do you consider to be the lab papers, single most important societal problem? Why?

If you had the testing, authority to change your school in a positive way, what specific changes would you make? Pick a controversial problem on college campuses and lab papers suggest a solution. What do you see as the classification essay on pets, greatest threat to lab papers the environment today? Scholarships exist to reward and essay encourage achievement. You shouldn’t be surprised to find essay topics that ask you to brag a little.

Describe how you have demonstrated leadership ability both in and out of school. Discuss a special attribute or accomplishment that sets you apart. Describe your most meaningful achievements and how they relate to your field of term study and economy your future goals. Why are you a good candidate to receive this award. Who you are is closely tied to where you’ve been and who you’ve known. Term! To learn more about you, some scholarship committees will ask you to on knowledge write about your background and major influences. Pick an lab papers experience from essays apartheid, your own life and explain how it has influenced your development.

Who in your life has been your biggest influence and why? How has your family background affected the term, way you see the and division essay, world? How has your education contributed to who you are today? Scholarship sponsors look for applicants with vision and motivation, so they might ask about your goals and aspirations. Briefly describe your long- and short-term goals. Lab Papers! Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Why do you want to get a college education? Many scholarship providers have a charitable goal: They want to provide money for essays on knowledge economy, students who are going to have trouble paying for term lab papers, college. In addition to asking for information about your financial situation, these committees may want a more detailed and personal account of your financial need. From a financial standpoint, what impact would this scholarship have on your education?

State any special personal or family circumstances affecting your need for financial assistance. How have you been financing your college education? Some essay questions don’t seem directly related to your education, but committees use them to test your creativity and get a more well-rounded sense of your personality. Choose a person or persons you admire and explain why. Choose a book or books and that have affected you deeply and explain why. While you can’t predict every essay question, knowing some of the most common ones can give you a leg up on applications. Start brainstorming now, and you may find yourself a winner! Essay Feedback: Creating Your Structure — by Kay Peterson, Ph.D. You might think that the secret of a winning scholarship essay is to against write about a great idea. But that’s only half the job. The best essays take a great idea and present it effectively through the structure of the term lab papers, essay.

To see how important structure is, let’s look at an essay by Emily H. In her application for the UCLA Alumni Scholarship, Emily responds to the following essay topic: “Please provide a summary of your personal and family background, including information about resume crafters your family, where you grew up, and lab papers perhaps a highlight or special memory of your youth.” Here’s how Emily responded: To me, home has never been associated with the word “permanent.” I seem to use it more often with the harvard, word “different” because I’ve lived in a variety of places ranging from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Los Angeles, California. While everyone knows where Los Angeles is on a map, very few even know which state Knoxville is in. Fortunately, I’ve had the chance to live in the east and west and to view life from two disparate points. I always get the same reaction from people when I tell them that I’m originally from a small town in Tennessee called Knoxville. Along with surprised, incredulous looks on their faces, I’m bombarded with comments like “Really? You don’t sound or look as if you’re from lab papers, Tennessee.” These reactions are nearly all the same because everyone sees me as a typical Californian who loves the sunny weather, the beach and the city. They don’t know that I lived in Reading, Pennsylvania, before I moved to tips reaction paper Chattanooga, Tennessee, and then moved again to Knoxville, Tennessee. The idea of my living anywhere in term lab papers the vicinity of the South or any place besides California is inconceivable to many because I’ve adapted so well to the surroundings in which I currently find myself.

This particular quality, in a sense, also makes me a more cosmopolitan and open-minded person. Having already seen this much of the world has encouraged me to visit other places like Paris or London and the rest of the world. My open-mindedness applies not only to new places, but also to intriguing ideas and opportunities. This attitude towards life prepares me for classification and division, the vast array of opportunities that still lie ahead in the future. From my experiences of moving place to term lab papers place, I have also come to acknowledge the deep bond I share with my family. It has helped me realize the importance of supporting each other through tough times. Moving from Tennessee to California meant saying good-bye to the house we had lived in for six years, longtime friends and the calm, idyllic lifestyle of the referencing, country that we had grown to love and lab papers savor. But knowing that we had each other to essays end of apartheid africa depend on made the transition easier.

It also strengthened the bond we all shared and placed more value on the time we spent with each other, whether it was at home eating dinner or going on a family trip. Term! Now when I think of the word “home,” I see the bluish-gray house I live in essays apartheid now. In the past, however, “home” has been associated with houses of varying sizes, colors and forms. The only term thing that has remained unchanging and permanent is my family. I have acknowledged this constancy, knowing well enough that it is, and always will be, a part of me and a unique part of my life. Los Angeles is one of many places in which I’ve lived. This fact by itself has had a tremendous impact on resume crafters, me. This kind of lab papers essay topic can be difficult because it is very general. Emily deftly avoids this pitfall by focusing her essay on one topic: the resume crafters, fact that she’s moved many times. As a result, this essay contains a lot of winning elements:

Her opening sentence is term lab papers, great. It really grabs the reader’s attention because it’s unexpected and paradoxical. We want to learn more about her. Her story is unique; she doesn’t rely on cliches. She provides a lot of detail; we feel the differences among the various cities. She’s focused the account so we learn just enough, not too much. She tells us why these events are important. Rather than just listing the cities, she tells us how her experiences have affected her.

But there are also a number of things she could do to improve her essay: Opening paragraph gets off to a strong start, but quickly loses steam. Essay On Pets! The last sentence is too vague. The second paragraph is far too long, and covers too many ideas. The transitions among the various ideas are underdeveloped. There’s a thought progression behind her essay that isn’t supported by the transitions. Conclusion is weak and doesn’t capture the much richer ideas that resonate throughout her essay. The first thing Emily should do is step back from her essay and think about how she has organized her ideas-that is, what structure has she provided? She can do this by creating an outline of the ideas that appear in her essay. It should look something like this: a. Emily has lived in term lab papers a lot of places.

b. Emily has viewed life from two disparate points. 2. Thesis Statement! Body (one paragraph) a. Lab Papers! People don’t guess that Emily is not originally from California. b. That’s because she has adapted so well to her current environment. c. This adaptability has made her open-minded about the world around her, and ready to animal thesis take new opportunities. d. She’s also learned to recognize and value the bond with her family, which gives her a sense of permanence throughout all the term lab papers, changes. 3. Conclusion: Los Angeles is one of the places she has lived. As we can see, Emily’s essay is jam-packed with good ideas. With the exception of the conclusion (which she should cut), everything in here is meaningful and necessary.

What she needs to do now is apartheid in south, identify the most important idea for the whole essay and lab papers then rearrange the resume crafters, points so that they support that idea. What is the lab papers, overriding idea? I identified a number of fruitful ideas that involve these various points: Constant change has been challenging, but learning how to deal with change has made Emily ready for more challenges in the future. Constant change has had a paradoxical effect on Emily: It’s taught her both how to be adaptable and how determine what is paper, truly permanent (i.e. her family). Constant change has taught her all about different parts of the country, but has also taught her that while she grows and lab papers changes, she’ll still remain the same person she always was. Once Emily has decided what main idea she wants to communicate, she can then restructure the points to essays end of apartheid support that idea. She may find that she needs to term lab papers cut some points or develop others more fully. And Division On Pets! The key is to term make it clear how those points relate to the central idea and to use meaningful transitions that point the way to the next idea.

With a new structure in place, Emily should have a unique and winning essay! Once you have determined which scholarships you will apply for, write to them and ask for their scholarship application and requirements. Animal Against! The letter can be a general request for information “form” letter that can be photocopied, but you should be specific about the term lab papers, name of the scholarship you are inquiring about on the envelope. Write to each source as far in advance of their scholarship deadline as possible and referencing don’t forget to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope(SASE) — it not only expedites their reply, but some organizations won’t respond without one. Remember, on the outside of the envelope, list the term, name of the specific scholarship you are inquiring about. That way, the person opening the mail will know where to resume crafters direct your inquiry. Here is an example of term lab papers what your letter might look like: XYZ Corporation (Ian Scott Smith Scholarship) 1234 56th Street, Suite 890. Metropolis, FL 00000-0000. Dear Scholarship Coordinator:

I am a (college) student (give academic year) and will be applying for admission to (a graduate) program for academic year 20__ – __. I would appreciate any information you have available on educational financing, including application forms. Essays End Of! I am enclosing a self-addressed, stamped business size envelope for your convenience in replying. Daniel J. Term! Cassidy. 2280 Airport Boulevard. Santa Rosa, CA 95403. Make sure your letter is neatly typed, well written and resume crafters does not contain grammatical errors or misspelled words. When filling out scholarship application forms, be complete, concise and creative. People who read these applications want to know the real you, not just your name. The application should clearly emphasize your ambitions, motivations and lab papers what makes you different. Harvard! Be original!

You will find that once you have seen one or two applications, you have pretty much seen them all. Usually they are one or two pages asking where you are going to school, what you are going to term lab papers major in and why you think you deserve the classification, scholarship. Some scholarship sources require that you join their organization. If the organization relates to your field of study, you should strongly consider joining because it will keep you informed (via newsletter, etc.) about developments in term lab papers that field. Other scholarship organizations may want you to tips on writing reaction paper promise that you will work for term, them for a year or two after you graduate. The Dow Jones Newspaper Fund offers a scholarship for up to $20,000 for journalism, broadcasting, and tips reaction paper communications students with the understanding that the term, student will intern for them for and division essay, two years. This could even yield a permanent job for lab papers, the student. Your application should be typewritten and neat. I had a complaint from one foundation about resume crafters a student who had an excellent background and lab papers qualifications but used a crayon to fill out the application.

Once your essay is finished, make a master file for it and other supporting items. Photocopy your essay and apartheid in south africa attach it to the application. If requested include: a resume or curriculum vitae (CV), extracurricular activities sheet (usually one page), transcripts, SAT, GRE, or MCAT scores, letters of recommendation (usually one from a professor, employer and lab papers friend) outlining your moral character and, if there are any newspaper articles, etc. about animal you, it is a good idea to include them as well. You might also include your photograph, whether it’s a graduation picture or a snapshot of your working at term lab papers, your favorite hobby. This helps the selection committee feel a little closer to you. Instead of just seeing a name, they will have a face to match it. Mail your applications in early , at least a month before the deadline. **Dr.

Peterson has won numerous college and graduate scholarships, including the Jacob Javits Fellowship, the University of California Regents Scholarship and the National Merit Scholarship. Together we care for our patients and our communities.

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CanGo Final Report Teamblue Essay. Elizabeth Bennett, a businesswoman that had a great idea and worked hard to start a new business in the ecommerce market named CanGo. She began making groundbreaking decisions in 2006 when she started CanGo. Over the years this new booming business was established to term lab papers, provide customers with opportunities to purchase books, music, videos and games in an online environment. CanGo was designed to accommodate consumers in today’s market by providing them with affordable options for entertainment at the touch of the fingertips without leaving home. However CanGo started off with a blast of success but the organization like any other have some concerns and issues that need some professional attention. One of the issues that CanGo lacks is a formal strategic business plan. The company has failed to really define its values and mission statement. They clearly do not have any goals set forth. Resume Crafters. Another issue is poor communication meaning the staff members and term lab papers, management is resume crafters unclear of goals to meet project needs. In summary, CanGo cannot survive today’s world if they can’t adapt and term lab papers, develop a professional and aggressive strategic plan while implementing a range of reforms.

CanGo is an end of in south africa IPO Recognized Company. Liz thought it would be a good idea to lab papers, hold an IPO (Initial Public Offering) to raise capital that would help expand the business. CanGo would like to add on more products. In today’s market there are so many competitors that sell a variety of products, it makes sense to try to keep up or past competition. CanGo has a loyal team that welcomes diversity. Essay Harvard Referencing. The team that is term lab papers creative and works well together and harvard referencing, welcomes new and exciting projects.

CanGo does not have a strategic business plan to follow. Lab Papers. This plan would give CanGo significant direction and would allow them to animal thesis, identify short-term and long-term goals. Term Lab Papers. It is up to Liz the harvard, CEO of the company to develop a strategic plan. CanGo struggles with communication from top to term lab papers, bottom. From management down to staff members goals and harvard referencing, deadlines are unclear to meet project expectations. The tasks aren’t prioritized.

CanGo lacks any structure in their warehouse. The products aren’t in any specific order, they are hard to find. When customers places orders, that staff members pull these orders manually and ship them. There is no organization whatsoever. CanGo can utilize advanced technology with software and hardware with integration of inventory barcode control. This would give them more organization in the warehouse to locate products easier and keep track of the warehouse inventory.

CanGo’s plays partners or roles in the ecommerce growing market which enables them to reach out to consumers globally. This gives them both a domestic and international consumer base. While CanGo thinks about lab papers, expansion, the staff members are juggling multiple tasks which result in the staff feeling overworked due to no type of system to work efficiently. CanGo has no technology in resume crafters place to compete with their biggest competitors such as Amazon or EBay. They have no type of application downloads to view or use their products instantly. In today’s ecommerce market, Internet has truly defined the way we a society do things from communication, entertainment, shopping, and research of information. E-commerce has been successful because it offers a lot of lab papers, advantages for both consumers and retailers.

Consumers can make comparisons of products and animal testing against, prices with just a click of a mouse. Online retailers or online company which is term lab papers what CanGo is provides the power of harvard, online purchases from the comfort of the consumer homes and delivery to their doorstep. While doing some research, “In June 2009, a study by the Carnegie Mellon Green Design Institute in the US found that shopping online can reduce our environmental impact by as much as 66%.” For businesses like CanGo, the advantages of e-commerce lies mainly in the low cost setting up and maintaining the business. According to term lab papers, MarketLine, the world online retail market expanded by in south africa almost 18% in term 2010 and classification and division essay on pets, is predicted to reach close to $435 billion in term sales. The market is expected to reach a 90% growth by 2015 and exceed $827 billion in sales.

Listed in an article “Ecommerce Growth Statistics”, the average amount spent by each consumer is expected to rise from testing thesis against, $1,207 per year to $1,738 per person by term 2016. That is a significant increase. That shows that people prefer to shop online than going to the actual store in today’s society. Shoppers will spend on an average of $327 billion online shopping in 2016, which is about 45% from $226 billion in 2012. It is very evident that consumers will drive ecommerce into the future; especially e-retail.

In just a few years, purchases online will be more profitable than ever, with others products and classification and division essay, services available to purchase such as mobile and lab papers, social allowing consumers to shop to their convenience. Referencing. For retailers and others, it would be strategic to utilize all tools available for term lab papers advertisement such as social networking, website optimization, and marketing. CanGo needs to be aware of their competition if they wish to remain completely in testing their particular market. It is very important to reach the success of any business. A competitive analysis is “a statement of the business strategy statement and how it relates to the competition” (Entrepreneur Media, Inc., 2006). This provides the appropriate data needed to remain competitive and in the competition. Lab Papers. The information provided includes details about the competition, assumptions and strategies. Also anything that could possibly hinder business success. If CanGo were to resume crafters, move forward with deciding a plan without taking into consideration their competition, they could be setting themselves up for the ultimate failure. A competitive analysis was done for of CanGo to help in term the development of their marketing strategy within the essays end of apartheid, Retail and Software Industries. CanGo has experienced growth over the last few years, even though it is lab papers still a fairly young company; unfortunately the growth has been really slow, a lot slower than their competition.

In order to remain competitive in the market, CanGo must get a better understanding of both the testing thesis statement against, Retail and Software industries, along with knowing their competitors objectives inside the market. The analysis focused on three of their competitor Amazon, being reliable and devoted in term the industry, shows that there is definitely a market for referencing selling books, CD’s, DVD’s and online gaming services. Yet, there is no one competitor that offers both the products and online gaming services being offered by CanGo, as these are two completely different markets. Yet, each of these companies does have a common offering, that which is term PC and Video games. This suggests that CanGo may benefit from offering online gaming as part of their portfolio, and even leaves room for growth into other market segments in the future., Inc. (AMZN on NASDAQ), started as a bookseller and today is resume crafters one of the largest, well- known, worldwide media retailers. They were “founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and became an term online retail merchant in 1995” (, Inc., 2010). They have over twenty-two subsidiaries, operating in two different countries, North America and Germany (Luxembourg) and this does not include their seven online e-commerce sites. They are partnered with several third-party companies, which represent “30% of their unit sales for 2009” (, Inc., 2010).

Sales for the year 2009 were $24.51 billion, which was an increase of 28% over 2008’s sales of $19.17 billion (, Inc., 2010). This growth was due to, Inc.’s ability to classification, minimize price increases for lab papers the consumer, and essay harvard, growing their stock both in inventory and selection for each of their product offerings (, Inc., 2010). Amazon is now a multi-billion dollar business with a wide range of product offerings, allowing them to capture multiple market segments. Lab Papers. Based upon this data,, Inc. will be a tough competitor of CanGo. Finally, operations, overall growth, and entrance into additional foreign markets may pose additional threats. These types of moves can be taxing on already stressed resources, and product non-acceptance.

These risks may keep, Inc. a solid competitor of CanGo. They may also allow CanGo to get ahead in the market, as they try to make a name for themselves, in providing a service not currently available in on writing reaction paper the, Inc. portfolio. CanGo will have the chance to grow and keep growing more and more in future if they make themselves ready financially, train management, and staff to sell online. They should be able to have enough funds and tools for marketing, in order to market new online gaming in the right way. Having financial stability to grow the term, business is not enough, without having the strategic plans in place. And Division On Pets. The financial analysis of CanGo’s compared with the competitor like Amazon is very weak when it comes to revenue and term lab papers, sales value, but it has a lot of advantages for CanGo. For example, CanGo can become a partner with Amazon for online ordering throw Amazon website for basic commissions will be paid by CanGo, which is will help CanGo to increase their revenue within a year by at least 20% – 25%, also, will assess and evaluate CanGo’s liquidity, debt, profitability, and efficiency rations. These ratios will provide insight into the true state of CanGo’s financial situation and essay harvard, how strong it’s for term the upcoming online gaming market.

The turnover ratio for CanGo Inventory is tips on writing paper .29, and the turnover ratio for Amazon Inventory is.11. Which is indicates that CanGo manages its inventory better than Amazon because the less turnover ratio you have the less overstocking inventory company has. So, we can say that CanGo has more an efficient performance than Amazon. Another factor of having high ratios can indicate a loss of sales or returns. Amazon debt to equity ratio is stands at .42 while CanGo debt to equity is stands at lab papers .65; In this case, we can say that Amazon performance is a lot better than CanGo. A high Debt to Equity Ratio generally means that a company has been aggressive in financing its growth with debt. Debt can come in the form of stocks, bonds, and loans that the company borrowed against.

Amazon current ratio is 1.31, but CanGo current ratio is 5.33. In general we can see that CanGo is essays performing better in this area compared with their main competitor Amazon, because this ratio shows that CanGo is capable of repaying its debts and liabilities than Amazon. Lab Papers. Like we all know that the tips on writing reaction paper, higher the current ratio, the more capable the company is of paying its debts and liabilities. A ratio under 1 does not necessarily mean a company will go bankrupt. Finally, CanGo recorded a Net Profit Margin of 80%, whereas Amazon recorded a Net Profit Margin of term lab papers, 20%.

It means that CanGo’s made $0.8 of each $1.0 per sale as a profit to the company. CanGo should keep in mind at all the time that net margins often vary from company to resume crafters, company and lab papers, certain ranges can be expected from industry to industry, as similar business constraints exist in each distinctive industry. We can see that CanGo financial analysis indicates that CanGo performs very well in certain areas more than the competitor like Amazon, but at the same time we will see that CanGo is performing poorly than Amazon in other areas too. In order for animal testing statement CanGo to term lab papers, succeed in tips on writing reaction the market they’re currently in, they must first put in place strategic planning methods. Elizabeth being the term, CEO started this business based off chance indicating there was no direction or definitive guidelines set in place when this company was established. According to text, CanGo was recognized by resume crafters the Professional Business Association, confirming indeed that CanGo has the potential to term, rise above their current standards; however, they lack since of direction when it comes to essay harvard, strategic planning. Lab Papers. We suggest to CanGo and Liz not to resume crafters, expand their business and continue with the current products they currently offer until they’re able to determine their financial stability, having training in lab papers place for paper current employees, and the direction they would like the company to go within the next three to four years. In order for CanGo to get on the right path to a successful business, CanGo needs to start off with a mission and a vision. Having a mission is the term, key tool that can be important in her business plan.

It will allow CanGo to define their company goals and aspire they’re current employees and consumers. With a Vision, it will allow the company to focus on the big picture at hand. It will identify what they would like to achieve as a company, whether it be to expand or build based off what they currently have by on knowledge adding new services. CanGo also need to train their employees and conduct monthly evaluations that will give them great feedback as to how their performing as an employee. We suggest you include incentive programs; which will not only motivate the employees to do better, but allow the term, company to earn revenue potential as well. Having incentive programs in place, will motivate the employees to sale more products and push for CanGo to broaden their horizon within a competitive market. Next, Liz and her group should focus on having a detailed SWOT analysis done on the company. This will allow CanGo to develop a proper business plan that will suit the needs of the classification and division essay, company as a whole. Strategic Planning will assist CanGo with making better decisions, allowing them to have the room for term growth and become more of a competitive advantage.

CanGo has the potential to become bigger than Amazon and or any other competitor, but Liz as the CEO need to set guidelines in getting the resume crafters, company where it needs to go in order to succeed. Over the past 8 weeks, Team Blue Consulting has been working with the CEO of CanGo (Elizabeth), to provide her with the term, guidance she need in order to move CanGo to the next level. We had to the chance to provide the company with a SWOT analysis, pointing out the tips on writing paper, things that can be fixed and what things they can improve on as a business. Unfortunately, if CanGo doesn’t make the necessary changes in order to compete in the current market by first establishing their mission and vision for CanGo, there is no guarantee this company will be around for the years to come. We provided CanGo with the term, financials, market analysis, SWOT, and harvard, strategic planning in order to assist with making their goals come to term, life. They have to begin with an end in mind, meaning having a plan in place that will give the employees and management the ability to work as a team in end of in south africa order to help Liz grow this business. As we mention earlier within the strategic plan, take the opportunity to recognize what you can change as a company and we guarantee CanGo will be successful. Again, we thank you for allowing Team Blue Consulting to assist you in making the right decisions in hopes you will consider all feedback in making your business a success. E-Commerce Industry. (n.d.). QFINANCE RSS.

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