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Good french subjunctive essay phrases

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Good french subjunctive essay phrases

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Good french subjunctive essay …

Beer Essay Research Paper Industry. Beer Essay, Research Paper. Industry #038; Competitive Analysis. CHIEF ECONOMIC TRAITS OF THE BEER INDUSTRY The market size of the beer industry is subjunctive essay, incredible. The wholesale volume in the beer industry is approximately $13.7 billion. The industry employs almost 40,000 people. The average worker is paid about $18.27 an hour. As you can see, this is a very large industry, which provides many jobs to the American workforce. The market consists of many competitors, some being very large and some operating on a very small scale. The competitive rivalry is broken up into three segments, National, Regional, and Microbrewers. National competitors have wide market coverage and generally a large company.

Regional competitors are smaller than National in the fact that they only distribute in essay benjamin certain regions. Microbrewers are the essay phrases, smallest of the three because their size and capacity limit them to only distribute to small geographic areas. The market growth rate of the beer industry is thorpe's essays, perplexing. In domestic brands, from 1983 to 1984 there has been a decline in consumption of -1.2%. In the imported section there has been an increase of good, 14.3%.

The total industry as a whole declined .7% from 1983 to 1984. As a result of the decline in consumption of essays on child during the industrial, beer a similar result in good french production occurred with a decline of 1.2% the thorpe's essays, estimated forecast for 1985 will continue along the same trend, as did 1984. The long-term outlook for the industry is that sales will remain flat for the next 10 to 20 years. Good Phrases? There are many companies in the industry. Through the short about, years the industry has slimmed down quite a bit. The National market consists of ten major competitors. The Competitors in this market are Anheuser-Busch, Miller, Stroh, G. Heileman, Adolphs Coors, Pabst, Genesee, C. Schmidt, Falstaff, and Pittsburgh. The National companies have 51 plant locations across the United States.

Market share in the Domestic market ranges from a low of french, .5% to a high of 34%. The Import market consists mainly of ten major brands also. They are Heineken (Netherlands), Molson (Canada), Beck s (Germany), Moosehead (Canada), Labatt (Canada), St. Pauli Girl (Germany), Dos Equis (Mexico), Foster#8217;s Lager (Australia), Amstel Light (Netherlands), and Corona (Mexico). These ten brands hold about 87% of the imported market share.

The individual companies range in market share from hook background 34% on down. A few regional companies, and many small microbrewers make up the rest of the companies in good french subjunctive essay the industry. On Abortion? The customers for the beer industry are highly diverse. Phrases? They range from being highly educated to non-educated, and male to thorpe's essays female. French Subjunctive Essay Phrases? Income ranges for those who drink beer are also very diverse. Single people drink more beer than married according to 1983 U.S. beer drinker demographics.

College professors are known to be customers also. Due too lack of information in the case the degree of vertical integration among the companies in the industry is not certain. I am certain that a few of the larger companies have gone into producing their own packaging (Cans, Bottles, etc.). Thorpe's Essays? This would be a way to cut out some of the power of suppliers if a company were to do this. The ease of entry in the beer industry is segmented among the three market coverage types. In the national market the ease of entry is low.

There are many barriers to entry in the national market. Beer is regulated in 50 different ways in the United States. Good French Subjunctive Phrases? Large capital requirements and distribution networks make it hard to enter the national market. The regional market is a little easier to get into because of fewer regulations due to smaller market coverage. Capital requirements are not as big in the regional market. Local or microbrewers have the fewest barriers to entry. Capital requirements are small compared to that of a national or regional brewer.

Microbrewers generally operate in a small geographic area thus reducing many of the regulations faced by national and regional brewers. Product characteristics vary among the markets. Hook Background? In the national market the beer is highly standardized and heavily advertised. The beer is inexpensive. There is some product differentiation in the market with the broad product offerings that the national brewers can give. Because of good phrases, this perception, Import beer costs more than domestic beer does. Imports are differentiated by taste and packaging.

Small brewers offer a super premium product that is not very differentiated. The main differences can be attributed to the brewing process, price, and packaging. During Revolution? Scale economies are high among national companies due to their large size. Their ability to distribute fixed costs is easily done because of the large volume that is produced. There are also economies of scale in product extension and brand proliferation. Regional companies have moderate economies of scale. Regional do not produce as much as larger national companies but they can still spread some of their costs over their moderate volumes.

Local brewers have low economies of scale. Production is so small that it is very difficult to distribute costs. A local brewer cannot spread the good french subjunctive essay phrases, cost of a compare essay on abortion, advertising over their product without having to subjunctive essay phrases raise the price of their product considerably. Capacity utilization in the U.S. Beer industry is between 75% and essays labor during the industrial revolution 85%. The beer industry is suffering from overcapacity.

Despite this, a few companies are still expanding while others are closing down some operations. Because of flat sales, there is no need to overproduce. French Subjunctive Essay? Industry Profitability is decreasing due to hook background heavy taxation and a declining market. Beer is one of the subjunctive phrases, most heavily taxed consumer products. There largest cost in the price of beer is the tax that is placed on on child during, it by local and essay phrases state governments. The industries profitability is also changing due to changing lifestyles, stricter laws, and a declining 18-34 age group.

COMPETITION AND COMPETITIVE FORCES The rivalry among existing competitors is strong. Demand for the product is slowing. In order for a company to increase market share, another company has to lose it. Switching costs are low for consumers. Because switching costs are low, Competition is very intense to gain new market share. The beer industry is on child labor during, a cutthroat business with extreme competition. Because they are in a declining market, it order to stay alive it must be survival of the good phrases, fittest. Potential of new entrants is moderate. Capital requirements can be a very inhibiting factor as to whether a company can start up. New entrants must also establish a very strong and proforma of a resume sound distribution network that is all to often not that easily attainable.

Many laws and regulations may also inhibit a new entrant from coming into the market. The threat of french subjunctive essay, substitute products is moderate in the industry. Some people believe that wine coolers will continue to essays labor during the industrial steal market share form the beer industry, while others believe that wine coolers are just a fad that will die down. Pre-mixed drinks can also be considered a substitute. Bacardi breezers and good french essay Jack Daniel#8217;s country cocktails are an example of write a compare, this. In a bar, a person has a choice among many different drinks. Malt beverages (ZIMA) can also be considered a threat. The power of subjunctive phrases, suppliers is moderate. Depending on which company is bigger will decide who has the leverage between the two.

The suppliers have power due to the demand for proforma resume, agricultural products. Canneries have power in their ability to produce packaging for the breweries. If the good phrases, brewery is big enough, they have more leverage as to to kill a mockingbird thesis atticus where they get their supplies and as to how much they pay for them. The power of buyers is very strong. Switching costs are very low thus enabling a consumer to buy whatever brand he wants. Beer drinkers are easily swayed by advertising and social trends. Special promotions tend to sway brand loyalty. Changing societal concerns, attitudes, and lifestyles are driving forces for the industry. These factors play an good french essay important role as to where the industry is going. Other causes include 1. The population is concerned about healthier lifestyles.

2. The Growth of the (18-34) age group is declining. 3. During The Industrial? Drinking and driving laws are getting stricter with the push of support groups (MADD). 4. Legal drinking age being raised to the age of 21. 5. Banning of french essay phrases, #8220;Happy Hours#8221; in some states. On Abortion? 6. New buyer preferences. National brewers are in the strongest position because of broad product offering and low-to-moderate costs. Imports are in a fairly decent position because of their decent product offering and quality.

Regional and local breweries are in french essay phrases the weakest position because of higher costs and limited product offering. KEY SUCCESS FACTORS; 1. Maintain Quality in existing plant 2. Must build a stronger network of distributors 3. Of A Resume? Make attractive packaging 4. Quality control in new facility. 5. Improve access to financial capital for future endeavors. 6. Good Essay? Innovative low cost ideas to promote product (Beer sponsorship at local pub#8217;s, exploit be rated best brew in America, etc.) INDUSTRY ATTRACTIVENESS/ PROFITABILITY Factors making the industry attractive- -Market Size $13.7 Billion -Preference for better quality Brew over domestics. -Microbrewer/brew pub trend increasing Factors making the industry unattractive- -Decline in consumption of essays the industrial revolution, beer due to healthier lifestyles -Decreasing profitability due to heavy taxation -Flat Sales -Extensive competition (too many competitors) Special industry issues/ problems- -Increasing consumption despite stricter laws and french subjunctive healthier lifestyles. Thorpe's Essays? -Oversees expansion Profit Outlook- -Not very good because of flat sales, increased taxation, and limited success of previous microbreweries. It is essay, assumed that demand in the industry will remain flat. This will remain true for the next 10 to 20 years.

Because of flat sales in the industry, a few companies will be forced to exit the industry. And as many components in life, only the essays on child labor during, strong survive .

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How to Write a Summary, Analysis, and Response Essay Paper With Examples. VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for over 20 years. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier. A summary is telling the main ideas of the article in your own words. These are the steps to writing a great summary:

Read the article, one paragraph at a time. For each paragraph, underline the french phrases, main idea sentence (topic sentence). Write And Contrast? If you can't underline the book, write that sentence on your computer or a piece of paper. When you finish the article, read all the underlined sentences. In your own words, write down one sentence that conveys the main idea. Start the subjunctive essay phrases, sentence using the name of the author and title of the article (see format below). Background? Continue writing your summary by writing the other underlined sentences in your own words. Remember that you need to change both the words of the sentence and good french, the word order.

For more information, see video below. Don't forget to use transition words to link your sentences together. See my list of a mockingbird essay thesis, transition words below to help you write your summary more effectively and make it more interesting to read. Make sure you include the name of the author and article and use author tags (see list below) to let the reader know you are talking about what the author said and not your own ideas. Re-read your piece. Does it flow well? Are there too many details? Not enough? Your summary should be as short and concise as possible.

Author Tag : You need to start your summary by telling the name of the article and the author. Here are three examples of how to do that (pay close attention to good phrases the punctuation): In “How the Civil War Began, historian John Jones explains. Proforma Resume? John Jones, in his article “How the Civil War Began, says that the real reason. How the Civil War Began, by historian John Jones, describes. First Sentence: Along with including the article's title and author's name, the french subjunctive phrases, first sentence should be the main point of the article. It should answer the question: What is this essay about? (thesis). The Industrial Revolution? Example:

In How the Civil War Began by John Jones, the author argues that the real reason for good french subjunctive the start of the essays on child labor during the industrial revolution, Civil War was not slavery, as many believe, but was instead the clash of cultures and greed for cash. Rest of Summary: The rest of your essay is going to give the reasons and evidence for that main statement. In other words, what is the main point the writer is trying to make and good french essay phrases, what are the supporting ideas he or she uses to prove it? Does the author bring up any opposing ideas, and if so, what does he or she do to refute them? Here is a sample sort of sentence: ___________ is the proforma of a, issue addressed in “( article's title) ” by ( author's name) . Good French Subjunctive Phrases? The thesis of this essay is ___________ . The author’s main claim is ___________ and his/her sub claim is ___________ . The author argues ___________ . Other people argue ___________ . The author refutes these ideas by saying ___________ . His/her conclusion is ___________ . How Often Do You Mention the write, Author? While you don't have to use an author tag in good french phrases, every sentence, you need to be clear when you are giving ideas that are taken from the article, and when you are saying your own ideas. In general, you want to be sure that you always use the author's name and short about benjamin, the article title when you start summarizing, and that you use the author's last name in the last sentence as well to make it clear you are still talking about the author's ideas.

In a research paper, you would then put a parenthetical citation or footnote, which tells the reader you are finished using that source. Men and Women in Conversation: Example response essay to Deborah Tannen's article about how divorce can be prevented if people learn the communication signals of the opposite subjunctive essay phrases, gender. Response Essay about a compare on abortion, Getting a Tattoo: Responds to good subjunctive a personal experience article from the New York Times about a man who gets a dragon tattoo. The Year that Changed Everything: Sample paper written by a college English class about an article by Lance Morrow suggesting that three lesser-known events of 1948 had a great impact on thorpe's essays, history. How is this written? Who is the audience?

Is it effectively written for that audience? If you've done a literary analysis, you can apply what you know about analyzing literature to analyzing other texts. You will want to consider what is effective and ineffective. French Subjunctive Phrases? You will analyze what the on child labor revolution, author does that works and what doesn't work to french support the author's point and persuade the audience to agree. Sometimes, especially when you're just getting started writing, the task of fitting a huge topic into an essay may feel daunting and you may not know where to start. It may help you to use a thing called TRACE when talking about the rhetorical situation. TRACE stands for hook Text, Reader, Author, Context, and essay phrases, Exigence: Text , Reader , and essays on child during the industrial, Author are easy to good french subjunctive understand. When writing the analysis, you need to think about what kind of text it is and what the author wanted to have the audience think, do, or believe. The main question your analysis will answer is, How effective was the author at convincing that particular audience?

Context means several things: how the article fits into the history of discussion of that issue, the historical moment in time when the article is written, and the moment in time when a person reads the article. In this context, Exigence is synonymous with assumptions, bias, or worldview. Breaking the large idea down into these five parts may help you get started and organize your ideas. In your paper, you'll probably want to address from three to all five of these elements. Each of the how to write a compare, following elements can be one paragraph of your analysis. You can answer the questions to help you generate ideas for each paragraph. Essay? To make it easier, I've included the last two TRACE elements (Context and Exigence) as part of thorpe's essays, Author and Reader. How is the essay organized?

What is effective or ineffective about the organization of the good subjunctive phrases, essay? How does the author try to interest the reader? How well does the author explain the main claims? Are these arguments logical? Do the support and thorpe's essays, evidence seem adequate?

Is the good french subjunctive phrases, support convincing to the reader? Does the how to write and contrast essay on abortion, evidence actually prove the point the author is trying to make? Who is the author? What does he or she know about this subject? What is the author's bias? Is the good subjunctive essay, bias openly admitted?

Does that make his or her argument more or less believable? Does the author's knowledge and background make her or him reliable for this audience? How does the author try to relate to the audience and about benjamin franklin, establish common ground? Is it effective? How does the author interest the audience? Does she or he make the reader want to know more? Does the author explain enough about the history of good subjunctive, this argument?

Is anything left out? Who is the reader? How would they react to these arguments? How is about franklin, this essay effective or ineffective for this audience? What constraints (prejudices or perspectives) would make this reader able to hear or not hear certain arguments? What is the exigence (events in this moment in phrases, time which affect the essays labor during the industrial, need for this conversation) that makes the audience interested in this issue? Michael Critchton's Let's Stop Scaring Ourselves argues that we are overdoing caution and fear. See my Sample Reading Response to this essay and also check out Lisa Rayner and Don Fraizier's response. Text : Analyzing the french phrases, text is thorpe's essays, very much like doing literary analysis, which many students have done before. Use all of your tools of subjunctive, literary analysis, including looking at the metaphors, rhythm of sentences, construction of arguments, tone, style, and use of language.

Example: The organization of thorpe's essays, essay title is effective/ineffective because ___________ . The essay's opening causes the reader to ___________ . The essay's style is ___________ and the tone is shown by good french essay, ___________ . Essays Labor During The Industrial Revolution? The language used is___________ . The essay's argument is constructed logically/illogically by ___________. The essay is subjunctive, organized by ___________ ( give a very brief description of the structure of the essay, perhaps telling where the description of the problem is, where claims are made, and where support is located—in which paragraphs—and why this is effective or ineffective in proving the point ). Author: You’ve probably also analyzed how the author’s life affects his or her writing. How To A Compare And Contrast Essay On Abortion? You can do the same for this sort of good french subjunctive essay, analysis. For example, in my sample reading the response about Michael Crichton's Let's Stop Scaring Ourselves article, students noted that the fact that Crichton is the author of doomsday thrillers like Andromeda Strain and benjamin, Jurassic Park makes his argument that we shouldn't pay much attention to current doomsday scenarios like global warming rather ironic.

If you don't know anything about the author, you can always do a quick Google Search to find out. Sample format: The author establishes his/her authority by ___________ . The author's bias is shown in ___________ . The author assumes an audience who ___________ . He/She establishes common ground with the audience by ___________ . Reader: You can write this section by inferring who the intended reader is, as well as looking at the text from the viewpoint of other sorts of readers. For example, Readers are interested in this issue because of the good subjunctive, exigence of ___________.

Constraints on the reader's reaction are ___________. I think the reader would react to this argument by ___________. Hook Background? I think that the author's ___________ is effective. ___________ is less effective because ___________ includes ___________. The support is adequate/inadequate and is relevant/irrelevant to the author’s claim. What do you think?

Does this article persuade you? Generally, your response will be the end of your essay, but you may include your response throughout the paper as you select what to summarize and analyze. Your response will also be evident to the reader by the tone that you use and subjunctive essay, the words you select to talk about the essay about benjamin franklin, article and writer. However, your response in the conclusion will be more direct and specific. It will use the information you have already provided in your summary and good essay, analysis to explain how you feel about thorpe's essays, this article.

Most of the french phrases, time, your response will fall into short essay, one of the following categories: You will agree with the author and back your agreement up with logic or personal experience. Good Subjunctive Essay Phrases? You will disagree with the author because of your experience or knowledge (although you may have sympathy with the author's position). You will agree with part of the author's points and thorpe's essays, disagree with others. French Subjunctive Phrases? You will agree or disagree with the author but feel that there is a more important or different point which needs to be discussed in essays on child during the industrial, addition to french subjunctive essay phrases what is in the article. How will this article fit into your own paper? How will you be able to use it? Here are some questions you can answer to help you think about to kill a mockingbird atticus, your response:

What is your personal reaction to the essay? What common ground do you have with the author? How are your experiences the same or different from the phrases, author's and how has your experience influenced your view? What in the essay is new to you? Do you know of any information the essay thesis, article left out that is relevant to the topic? What in this essay made you re-think your own view? What does this essay make you think about? What other writing, life experience, or information would help you think about this article?

What do you like or dislike about the essay and/or the ideas in the essay? How much of phrases, your response is related to your personal experience? How much is related to your own worldview? How is this feeling related to the information you know? How will this information be useful for you in writing your own essay?

What position does this essay support? Or where might you use this article in your essay? You can use your answers to the questions above to help you formulate your response. Here is essays during the industrial revolution, a sample of french subjunctive phrases, how you can put this together into your own essay (for more sample essays, see the links above): Before reading this article, my understanding of this topic was ___________. In my own experience, I have found ___________ and because of this, my reaction to on child labor this essay is ___________. French? Interestingly, I have ___________ as common ground with the resume, author/audience . What was new to me is ___________. This essay makes me think ___________. I like/dislike ___________ in good subjunctive essay, the essay.

I will use this article in my research essay for and thesis ___________. Summary Analysis Response to Men and Women in Conversation. by Virginia Kearney 7. Summary, Analysis, Response Essay Example. by Virginia Kearney 0.

Reading Response Sample Paper on Why We Crave Horror Movies by Virginia Kearney 6. 100 Current Events Research Paper Topics with Research Links. by Virginia Kearney 16. 100 Cause and Effect Essay Topics. by Virginia Kearney 37.

100 Argument or Position Essay Topics with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 37. Virginia Kearney 2 weeks ago from United States. Hi Cathy, I tell my students that you want to include the examples you need to make your point clear, but you don't want to summarize everything. Hello, Thank you so much for your guide. Is it necessary to include the author's examples in an analytical argumentative essay? Virginia Kearney 6 weeks ago from United States. Rodsy, I'm so glad that this has helped you. I hope you will continue to use my other guides and sample papers to complete your other projects.

Rodsy Karim Taseen 6 weeks ago. Thank you so much for making it easy. Now I along with my group members can complete our assignment on writing summary on different research papers, based on the filed of International Business. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the effort put into your work. :) this will really help me now and in future. Virginia Kearney 4 months ago from United States.

Hi, Chloe! It would depend in french, part what sort of assignment you've been given. Generally, in thorpe's essays, doing a summary, you do not need to put the information exactly in the same order as the original paper. The important thing in essay, summarizing is resume, that you actually understand the information clearly enough that you can put it into good subjunctive essay phrases, your own words. I'm guessing that with the title, the article has a number of proforma resume, reasons why we should allow the drugs. If the reasons can be grouped, into 3-4 types of reasons, that would be your best organization technique. For example, I can image that the french subjunctive phrases, reasons to allow performance enhancing drugs are probably: We can't prevent athletes from getting around the rules. We have better athletic contests if we allow drugs. We don't have the right to tell athletes what they are doing with their own bodies. I'm not sure what your article says, but I'm guessing that you could group the franklin, reasons around a few themes and good essay, organize your summary that way.

hi there, i am doing a science report on Why we should allow performance enhancing drugs in sport and the article has 12 subheadings and i am supposed to essay atticus summarize all of them. French Subjunctive Essay Phrases? What structure would i put the paragraphs in so it isn't just random information summarizing the subsections, and to kill a mockingbird, i have an good phrases, actual format to essay about follow? Thank you :) Virginia Kearney 4 months ago from good United States. Hi, Brad! You are probably needing one of my other articles if you are doing an argumentative essay. Thorpe's Essays? When you do an argument, you actually need to have a main claim that you want to persuade your audience to believe. The analysis part of subjunctive, that sort of essay means that you evaluate the pros and the industrial, cons of other ideas about that claim. I don't use the term analytical argumentative essay in my class but I do teach this same idea. I call it persuasive essay, or argument essay and I have several articles that tell you how to good essay phrases write that sort of essay.

Look at the links to short benjamin the side or search for good french subjunctive them on proforma of a, Letterpile using my name. Would this be considered an outline for an analytical Argumentative essay? Virginia Kearney 5 months ago from United States. Hi--If you are doing a summary, analysis, and response, then you do it the same as we've described here except that you would summarize the story and then analyze whether it was told effectively and finally give a response. If you are actually talking about writing a narrative paper about something that happened to good french you, you need to see my article on How to Write a Reflective Essay with Sample Essays. Search for it on Letterpile or on proforma of a, my profile page. cletusoe12 5 months ago.

How can I write a story of a personal encounter in good, an accident. In narrative essay. Background? Please can you give me example? Virginia Kearney 6 months ago from United States. Hi Mimi--In the response section, you can explain how you are going to french subjunctive essay use that article in your research paper. You might want to see my article on How to do an Annotated Bibliography, which also includes a sample. Virginia Kearney 6 months ago from United States. Glad this is helpful to you Flor. I am not currently doing online tutoring but it is interesting for labor the industrial revolution you to good phrases ask this because I've been considering setting up a website with videos and some live instruction help.

what a great way to explain you have used here. Background? Are you interested in doing tutoring online? I would love to have the opportunity to be tutor by good french essay, you. Hello, I am actually working on three articles and my supervisor asked to make a summary including analysis.But what I would like to know how can I show that these three articles are related to a mockingbird atticus my future research paper?how can I analyze them?can you please help me? I love the good subjunctive, way this website gives steps and examples.

I love how you can distinguish all of this into your on understanding. All of this explaining is a great source for anything. You have to hook background and thesis love everything about good essay, this site. This is the best. Virginia Kearney 9 months ago from United States.

Hi Brianna--If you are doing a summary of an article, then I would do that first. If you are not responding to thorpe's essays a particular article, then you should give a summary of the situation around this law and subjunctive phrases, the different sides of the argument. Then pose a question which is interesting to thorpe's essays you. Your response will be more interesting if you go beyond just the idea of whether this is good or bad. Here are some ideas: Is this an effective strategy for french subjunctive essay pro-life groups to proforma of a resume use? Does just raising the issue of burial change the conversation about abortion? Should women considering abortion have to french subjunctive essay phrases think about a compare essay on abortion, burying their baby?

How can I come up with a theme for my response paper. Subjunctive Essay Phrases? I am responding to the Texas new law that requires burial for on child during aborted fetuses. Any ideas? Virginia Kearney 9 months ago from United States. Thanks for letting me know Seza! This type of essay is essay, not very well explained in many textbooks and franklin, that is what led me to write these instructions and ask my students to french essay phrases post examples. Since I've been using these instructions, I've found my students do a much better job at short about benjamin franklin, writing these kinds of essays, which is important because the french, thinking you do while writing these essays is what prepares you for short essay about benjamin doing good research. This post has been of great help for me and my friends. Thank you very much. Excellent lesson.

It helped me with reviewing summarizing with some of my students who were still having difficulty. Good Subjunctive Essay Phrases? I especially liked the and thesis, chart. Good Essay? However, please change adjective to adverbs. Thanks for the information. Very good insight on analysis description. I want to thank you for your time and effort in helping people be all they can be. Keep up the great work. Virginia Kearney 12 months ago from essay franklin United States. Thanks Singapore! I love the fact that what I write and use to teach has helped people all over the world. I'm approaching 8 million views now!

Thanks from good french phrases Singapore! It's for literature :) Virginia Kearney 12 months ago from United States. Thanks Simon! I've done a lot of writing over the years and I enjoy experimenting with different styles. I like the on child labor revolution, style of good, your post writing. It's very rare to find something like this. This my second semester in the university and I have to write. Analysis essay I find your site very helpful for me. How To Write A Compare Essay On Abortion? Really thank you. Virginia Kearney 16 months ago from good french subjunctive United States.

Hi Ercan! Since I started writing online in 2008, I've been amazed to see people from all over the world reading my work and thorpe's essays, being helped by the information I've developed for my students at subjunctive phrases, college here in the United States. Having had students from how to write on abortion many other countries in my own classroom, I know that sometimes they have not gotten much instruction from good french subjunctive essay native English speakers. I am glad to be able to and thesis provide help for free to improve student's written English. Ercan Oztoktay 16 months ago. Thanks so much from good subjunctive turkey. My first time to write a summary of a 4-page research paper, this useful article really helped me, thanks :) I don't know why I should go to school. This is the right place.

It's helping me in my English composition 2 class.thank you. Virginia Kearney 22 months ago from the industrial revolution United States. Hi Ed, I'm not sure what your instructor means by writing with authority. They may mean they want you to quote reliable, authoritative sources. In speech, we show authority by using declarative sentences which tell people what to good phrases do, such as, Be sure you write clear sentences using concrete adjectives and vivid adverbs. I suggest you ask your instructor for some examples of what they want you to do. Hello Professor Lynne. How To A Compare And Contrast Essay? I have to write an essay with authority, can you advise me why type of words I can use to show my point? By the way the topic is dealing Information Technology. Virginia Kearney 2 years ago from United States. Thanks yakul for good french subjunctive your comment.

As a writer, I know I am always learning and improving too! Matty Fernandez 2 years ago from thorpe's essays Passaic, NJ. I have to turn in a summary page for Critical Thinking. You've helped me lots! Please follow me. Christy Maria 2 years ago. I am a student in University right now and I have to write response papers so often. This article is extremely useful for me so im going to make sure to save it and look back on subjunctive, it when I have my next paper due!

Thankyou. Najat 2 years ago from Rottherdam - NL. i like your hub, great sharing, i love the instructions. greeting from Hijama. Virginia Kearney 2 years ago from United States. Aesta--glad to know this helped you. My class is structured so that my students have to essays the industrial plan before they write, and then get feedback from peers before re-writing. Many of french phrases, them don't like that process because they want to get it all done in to kill a mockingbird atticus, one sitting, but after they have gone through this process for good essay phrases a semester, they begin to realize that stopping to organize their thoughts first often means that the writing goes much more quickly. In the end, it takes less time! Mary Norton 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada. Enjoyed reading your hub as it is really well written and very substantial.

I need to digest this information and start applying this in my work. I often just write spontaneously, no outline, and I organize this after. Armed with these questions to ask as I write, maybe I can really put substance into my random thoughts. Lloyd Jenkins 3 years ago. This was great information, it will help me in my English class this semester. Organization is key in a compare essay on abortion, writing a good summary and response. Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from good essay phrases United States. Organised Kaos--do you really live in Tasmania? That seems like a fairy tale place to me. Of course, as I write that, I realize that the thorpe's essays, places I've lived, Southern California, Texas and Florida may seem like fairy tale places to people in other parts of the world! Good luck on your college career.

I went back to graduate school after 10 years of working and found that I enjoyed going to school so very much more than I had when I was younger. I actually enjoyed the chance to learn things. As a professor, I really enjoy having students like yourself because their life experiences make their writing much more interesting. Actually, that reminds me that last semester I had a student from Australia who was older because he had been a professional Rugby player for several years before coming to the U.S. to go to college and play American football. The whole class enjoyed all of his experiences and I'm sure your classmates will enjoy yours too. Anne 3 years ago from good phrases Hobart, Tasmania. Australia.(The little bit broken off the bottom of AUS) Thanks for a great hub. Just about to resume go back to college after 20 years and am a little nervous about having forgotten this kinda stuff. Will be following you too as I want to be able to good subjunctive essay refer at a later date, back to your instruction. Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from United States.

How interesting Maddie--thanks for letting me know. My husband is a scientist and I love doing technology and science papers with my class in on child revolution, the second semester. I will have to think about doing some more topic ideas for subjunctive essay phrases science classes. I'm doing this for science. Anarkali Suits 4 years ago. “Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly -- they’ll go through anything. You read and thorpe's essays, you’re pierced.” This page is a great method to connect to others. Congratulations on a job well achieved. I am anticipating your next.

Virginia Kearney 5 years ago from United States. B. Leekley--absolutely! I'm so glad that you recognized that responsive reading doesn't just have to be to texts. Anything that provides us something to think about can be put into subjunctive, a responsive reading. You've reminded me that I need to add my own Hub which responded to a compare on abortion a Harvard Study on the effect of going to 4th of July celebrations to my links. Brian Leekley 5 years ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. Thank you for this interesting and french subjunctive essay, helpful hub. I have bookmarked it.

I can foresee myself writing hubs that are responses to hubs that argue for a philosophical or political position. Virginia Kearney 5 years ago from background and thesis United States. I'm glad! I'm just now grading my student's Summary, Analysis and Response essays and I'm so pleased that they have really understood how to do this paper. I'm hoping my directions this semester have been clearer. We did two days of peer editing, which I think helped.

This paper is similar to the Reading Response paper, and both of these Hubs are are the very top in number of hits, so I think that many people have trouble on these essays and the textbooks don't always describe them well. Many thanks made things a lot simpler for good french phrases me! Virginia Kearney 5 years ago from United States. johnsdfd--good question. Yes--I should add that to the hub. You do a bibliographic entry in either mla or apa style at the top, then the resume, summary/analysis/response is below. htodd 5 years ago from United States. Great post virginialynne..Thanks.

Virginia Kearney 5 years ago from United States. Glad I helped you nico! My class is good french subjunctive essay phrases, just starting on this essay now and so I was looking at my Hubviews and very surprised to find this one had over 3,000! I really published it for background my own classes, but the good french subjunctive, class I'm teaching now is the first one that will use it. Guess there are a lot of other people out there needing help!

Virginia Kearney 6 years ago from United States. Thanks! I think that a lot of the instructions given for essays really don't help you know how to organize them. I've actually learned a lot about to kill a mockingbird thesis atticus, writing by trying to figure out how to teach other people! Rose Clearfield 6 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Well written.

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A Christmas Carol Summary and Analysis of good french phrases Stave Three. Scrooge awakes when the bell strikes one, and is immediately prepared for the second Ghost#39;s arrival. After a while, he sees a light come from the essays on child labor the industrial revolution, adjacent room. Subjunctive? A strange voice tells him to enter, and when he does, he sees his room has been decked out with Christmas decorations and a feast. A giant ghost introduces himself as the Ghost of Christmas Present and tells Scrooge to to kill a mockingbird essay, touch his robe. When he does, they are transported to good subjunctive, the streets on Christmas morning where, despite the gloomy weather, people frolic joyously in the snow as shopkeepers pass out delicious food. The people carry their dinners off with them and occasionally bump each other accidentally and to kill a mockingbird essay atticus, argue. When the subjunctive phrases, Ghost sprinkles a few drops of water from thorpe's essays, his torch on them, however, peace is restored. The Ghost transports Scrooge to the modest house of Bob Cratchit. His family, dressed in its best clothing, waits for Bob to return from french phrases, church before they eat dinner.

He comes in with his small, crippled son, Tiny Tim. To Kill Essay Atticus? They discuss Tiny Tim#39;s good heart and his growing strength, then have a wonderful dinner. When Scrooge asks, the Ghost informs him that, unless the good, future is altered, Tiny Tim will die. At the dinner, Mrs. Cratchit curses Scrooge, but her husband reminds her that it is how to write and contrast essay Christmas. The Ghost brings Scrooge to a number of good french subjunctive essay other happy Christmas dinners in the city, as well as to celebrations in a miner#39;s house, a lighthouse, and on a ship. Scrooge is then taken to his nephew Fred#39;s house, where Fred tells his pretty wife and his sisters he feels sorry for Scrooge, since his miserly, hateful nature deprives him of pleasure in life.

Scrooge#39;s niece plays a tune on the harp, which softens Scrooge#39;s heart. Scrooge even joins in for some of their games, though they are not aware of his ghostly presence. The Ghost pulls Scrooge away from the games to a number of other Christmas scenes, all joyful despite the often meager environments. As they travel, the Ghost ages and says his life is short?he will die at midnight. A boy and girl, looking ragged, unhealthy, and impoverished, crawl out from his robes.

The Ghost tells Scrooge they are named Ignorance and Want. He tells him to to kill a mockingbird atticus, beware of them, especially the boy, on whose brow is french essay written doom. He encourages Scrooge to deny Ignorance in himself and others. When Scrooge asks if the children have no refuge, the Ghost answers with Scrooge#39;s previous words?#39;Are there no prisons? ?Are there no workhouses?#39; The bell strikes twelve, the Ghost disappears, and Scrooge sees a new phantom, solemn and robed, approach. We have seen little attention paid to the religious ceremony of to kill Christmas.

Instead, Dickens focuses on the celebratory nature of Christmas while the Christian ideals of love and sacrifice are underscored. Subjunctive Essay Phrases? Lavish descriptions of essays on child labor the industrial large dinners and good phrases, raucous accounts of games dominate this stave, since eating and playing imply pleasure for both the individual and the community. Dickens wants to show that giving does not deplete the giver, but rather enriches him. The set piece of the stave is the Cratchit family dinner. Love trumps poverty in background, Dickens#39;s sentimental portrait of the Cratchits, but he adds a dark note at the end when he reveals Tiny Tim will die unless the good subjunctive essay phrases, future is changed. Essays On Child The Industrial? Another foreshadowed element is the french, Doom written across the Ignorant boy#39;s brow. In both cases, the Ghost suggests that Scrooge has a stake in changing the future. A Christmas Carol, then, celebrates the potentiality for redemption in everyone, promotes the idea that it is thorpe's essays never too late to learn to good subjunctive, love, and elevates the importance of free will. By doing so, Dickens provides hope for English Victorian society to close the chasm between the Haves and Have-Nots and thorpe's essays, overturn the unjust Poor Laws that keep the underclass enchained.

The Ghost#39;s brief life span of one day also reminds Scrooge, and the reader, that we must act quickly if we are to change the present. Unlike before, when Scrooge was concerned with the present only insofar as it was related to the transaction of money, he is starting to see it in seize the day terms?as an opportunity to change the lives of the good french subjunctive essay, less fortunate, right now. How To Cite in background and thesis, MLA Format. Study Guide Navigation About A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol Summary Character List Themes Summary And Analysis Stave One Stave Two Stave Three Stave Four Stave Five Related Links Quizzes - Test Yourself! Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Citations Related Content Study Guide Essays Q A Lesson Plan E-Text Mini-Store Charles Dickens Biography.

A Christmas Carol Questions and Answers. The Question and french, Answer section for A Christmas Carol is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. I can't find the thorpe's essays, exact part you are referring to. I assume the apprentices sleep at Fezziwigg's business so they can save money. Scrooge sees the poor Cratchit familt trying to make the best of good french essay Christmas. Then up rose Mrs Cratchit, Cratchit's wife, dressed out but poorly in thorpe's essays, a twice-turned gown, but brave in ribbons, which are cheap and make a goodly show for sixpence; and.

Scrooge does not initially embrace the Christmas celebration. He sees it as a waste of good french phrases time, money, and energy. time abetter spent working and making a living. For Scrooge, Christmas is an unnecessary inconvenience. Study Guide for A Christmas Carol. A Christmas Carol study guide contains a biography of Charles Dickens, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. A Christmas Carol literature essays are academic essays for citation.

These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of hook background A Christmas Carol. Lesson Plan for A Christmas Carol. A Christmas Carol E-Text contains the full text of A Christmas Carol.

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essay on methodology Double-click on any word and see its definition from Cambridge Dictionaries Online. One of the most important skills you will learn and develop during your university years is writing, in particular essay writing. It is important to realise that this is a skill which has to be learnt and practised, and good french subjunctive phrases that therefore you should apply yourselves from the the industrial revolution very beginning, as you will be writing essays for phrases which you will be graded from the early weeks to the very end of your degree programme. These skills will be used by you regularly once you leave university, no matter what path you choose to take. To Kill A Mockingbird. Essay writing involves presenting an argument and communicating. It can be easily imagined that this covers a vast variety of scenarios in which you need to be clear and persuasive : arguing that you should be given the job you are applying for, selling the outline of a film script you have written, presenting products at good subjunctive essay phrases various forums, writing articles for publication, persuading your bank manager to extend your loan, preparing reports, beginning and sustaining your career in journalism, and writing lectures and class plans for your future students. The list is endless, and it is obvious that the way you present your arguments in written form can make the difference between success and failure - in which case you will have to think again.

In some of the scenarios outlined above the thorpe's essays skills required for essay writing should be slightly adapted but the basic skills and methods are in the main common to all forms of formal writing in which an argument or arguments need to good french phrases, be presented. The focus here is primarily on writing essays concerning literature. You may have many great ideas and how to and contrast essay on abortion be a very intuitive and fine reader of literature, but no-one will ever know if you cannot express your ideas properly and your communicative skills are not developed. It is no good carrying around insights into a particular piece of literature if you do not put efforts into presenting them clearly . Some of the following may be obvious, but the points need to be emphasised and consulted each time you are preparing an essay phrases, essay. The comments are based on years of experience of reading student essays, good, bad, and indifferent at the University of Liège. An essay should not be merely a list. Too many in the past have been a list of notes, or a series of sub-headings followed by a list of dashes (-) or stars (*) accompanied by one or two words and/or quotations from the literary text with no explanation of what they are doing there. Let us be blunt here and state that we tutors are not impressed by indiscriminate underlining and how to write on abortion the use of different coloured pens. Sub-headings written in magenta, underlined in good essay ochre, followed by a list of hook background, quotations in good vermilion are pointless. We are not tricked by attempts to distract us, through dazzling visual displays, from the hook background and thesis fact that an essay is poor. An essay should be the development of argument, interpretation and analysis through extended and flowing narrative . French Essay. To do this you need to work at the level of the sentence, of course, but also, very importantly, you need to work at the level of the paragraph . The paragraph is a coherent passage of logically connected sentences usually concentrating on no more than one or two ideas relevant to your argument.

Do not use very short and unconnected staccato sentences. It takes experience and practice to develop a sense of when a new paragraph is needed and when it has been finished. Examine the introduction to this booklet and this guide to get some sense of short essay about benjamin franklin, how paragraphs, or ' idea units ' as they have also been called, can be developed and constructed, and how their 'natural' beginnings and ends appear. The first sentence of the paragraph should generally be a 'strong' one, used to signal or indicate the idea to be discussed within the paragraph. Think of good essay, a 'topic sentence', as it has also been called, which will highlight the main areas examined in a particular paragraph. Connecting and about benjamin signposting words and essay phrases phrases should be learnt, used, practised and developed (examples are 'furthermore', 'moreover', 'in addition', 'to qualify the above', 'however', 'in order to', 'in this connection', 'having established that' etc.). The argument should develop through the language you use and therefore in a short essay sub-headings are unnecessary. Several stages are involved in essay preparation, choosing which points are to be considered, deciding how you will deal with them, and the actual writing. As you gain more experience you will find methods and ways of working which suit you, your personality and lifestyle. Generally, however, the process will involve the following.

You should examine carefully the hook background statements made in french subjunctive phrases the essay question , making sure you understand each word and hook background and thesis what is being asked, as misreading and misunderstanding at this stage can be fatal. Essay questions can be very general, very specific and sometimes deliberately provocative, and an understanding of them is essential. Good. Read through notes you may have made in class, start to short about franklin, gather other relevant source material , and make notes about the literary text you are examining. Ask yourself the french subjunctive phrases questions suggested earlier in the introduction to this booklet, concerning style, content, and imagery etc. Next you will probably want to identify the key points that you want to discuss. There may be many points you find generally interesting, but ask yourself if they are relevant to the essay in how to write essay question. To do this it can be useful to try to think of a title for your essay. This is not to be confused with the essay question or title, but is concerned with your response to good subjunctive essay phrases, the task set. What title would best give the reader an overview of your approach and of a analysis, and highlight the good french subjunctive essay main points you examine and a mockingbird essay atticus the conclusions you reach? (Suggestions concerning conclusions will be given later).

You should not assume that an essay has to include and cover all the possible points an interpretation may offer up. A short, well organised and structured essay focusing on some of the main points is essay phrases far better than an to kill thesis, over-long and unwieldy attempt to say a little about subjunctive everything. You may find it useful to state in thorpe's essays the introduction which points you are focusing on and why. Keep your reader informed of the phrases development of your argument. Let her or him know which direction is being taken and short the reasons why. Once the main points have been identified you need to consider in french which order they will be examined.

Students often do not make the most of the good ideas they have because they get lost if the argument does not develop coherently. Good points are also often thrown away or wasted because students do not say enough about them. Make sure the relevance of each point to the main argument is clearly stated and demonstrated. You should dwell and linger on the points: often this requires no more than two or three extra sentences, particularly if your writing is concise and focused. A good essay takes time to prepare and write, so start to short essay about benjamin franklin, think about it and do the groundwork well ahead of the essay deadline (even in timed conditions, such as exams, it is important to good french subjunctive phrases, take the time to short about benjamin franklin, organise and structure the essay before starting to write). You will probably find that you need to work out your ideas on paper before writing the essay, and subjunctive are encouraged to prepare an hook and thesis, outline of the essay: a point by point series of key words, phrases and ideas. This will help you to organise the structure and to recognise what is relevant and irrelevant to the essay as a whole. Some people find that a plan or outline will consist of eight to ten words only. Others find it more useful to draw up very detailed plans, outlining every paragraph and its contents. French Subjunctive. Again you will discover which method works for hook background and thesis you as you go along.

Some students find it easier to think and plan the essay point by point before beginning to write, whilst others find that after some initial preparation, reading, organisation and thinking they can only develop their ideas through writing. Good Subjunctive Essay. Both these approaches take time, if the essays are to be done well. It should be stressed here that the first plan does not have to be binding and to kill a mockingbird may change as the work begins and subjunctive develops. The main point here is on child labor during that essays involve a certain amount of planning and preparation even before the actual writing begins. Having emphasised that essays are hard work and take time it should also be stressed that it can be very stimulating and rewarding to work through a number of ideas in depth and detail. Literary texts and literary language are potentially very complex, inspiring, and beautiful. The ideas and images often demand careful thought and good subjunctive phrases attention. Computers are essential in terms of background, using the time you spend on an essay efficiently and good french productively. As stated earlier, good essay writing demands time spent on essay about benjamin franklin, every stage of the process: reading and french subjunctive research, making an thorpe's essays, outline, ordering and structuring your ideas, writing and changing various drafts, and final editing and presentation. With this in mind it cannot be stressed enough how important it is for you to learn word-processing skills and to french subjunctive, make sure you have access to a computer. Use the university resources.

Admittedly the space available is limited at times but this is no excuse not to learn the proforma resume skills, if you do not already possess them, and to find out where there are available computer terminals. Of course if you use university resources it is even more important to start your essay early in order to avoid the last minute rush as most students, not only from french subjunctive essay, this department, search for terminals in a panic on the Friday before a Monday deadline. It is appreciated that students are very busy and do have a lot of work, but it is a mistake to claim, as some students have been heard, that they are too busy to learn word-processing skills. Ultimately word-processing will save you a lot of labor during the industrial revolution, time. It is subjunctive phrases far easier to add and labor the industrial revolution delete material, and to french subjunctive essay, restructure and reorganise essays by moving material around, on a computer than if you are writing by hand. Software has become really user-friendly; 'Word', for instance, will tell you what to do in labor during the industrial revolution explicit English or French, and typing skills can be learned whilst typing. Your essay will be the representation of an argument on a given subject or subjects . It will include only points which are relevant to good essay, the subject, so be careful to get rid of essays during the industrial, material that is essay not directly relevant.

Although students complain that essays are too long, most of the essays you will write are really relatively short. Part of the skill of writing is to write concisely and economically , without wasting material or 'padding' the work with irrelevant diversions and repetition. Background And Thesis. Once the points have been chosen they should be presented logically and coherently , so do not leap about from point to point. French Essay Phrases. Each point generally will have some connection to the preceding one and the one to follow. If you do leave one area of the proforma of a resume essay to move into french essay phrases another, but intend later to go back to the point you have left and show, for example, how the resume points may be connected or related, then it can be useful to french phrases, say so by 'signposting', e.g. 'this point will be picked up later', 'this point will be returned to later, after taking into consideration . On Child During The Industrial. '. After each draft of the essay check that each point is presented in a logical and coherent order. Read each draft carefully and critically. Is there a significant idea you have not included in the essay? Do you need to good subjunctive essay, expand some of the points you have chosen to write about? Are some of the points, after due consideration, not really relevant? Have you been too long-winded or repetitive?

If so, cut out and/or reduce some of the text. Does your argument need to be clearer, and and contrast essay do the links between some of the good subjunctive essay phrases main points need more emphasis? You should be asking yourself these questions throughout the whole process. A particularly distressing weakness in the past, but hopefully not the future, has been the absence of serious discussion of short essay about benjamin franklin, imagery and literary language . Some students have merely stated that the author uses imagery, illustrated this with an example, and then moved on french phrases, to the next point on the list. If you discuss images, metaphors and other literary devices, then say how and why they are being used in the piece of fiction, and maybe if you think the imagery works or not. If you do not say how and why an image is how to write and contrast essay being used then don't mention it. You will not write good work on literature if you approach an essay as some useless game of 'spot the image'. Throughout your years at french essay phrases the University of Liège you will be writing essays on literature which will inevitably include numerous quotations , either from the literature you are working on short benjamin franklin, or from secondary sources, be they books or articles on historical context, literary criticism or other relevant areas.

These quotations can obviously add much to the texture and quality of your work, but they are often handled very badly by french subjunctive, students. To Kill A Mockingbird Thesis. Do not assume that a good quotation will do all the work you want by itself. French Essay. Poor essays are often merely a patchwork of labor, quotations stitched together by good phrases, the briefest of comments, and it is a mistake to leave quotations hanging in mid-air, as it were, without comment or explanation. Quotations need to be framed. They should be introduced, not mechanically, but within a context provided by proforma, the logical development of your argument . ( See Example 1 at the end of this guide).

You should also provide some commentary on the quotations, particularly if they include difficult and/or controversial ideas or material. This is often likely to be the french subjunctive essay case as there is really little point in thorpe's essays including 'bland' quotations in your essay. You may want to gloss, explain, qualify or modify the french phrases quoted words, or you may have included quotations whose assumptions or arguments you strongly disagree with. The latter case can be useful, if handled well. Often an argument can be developed through contrast with opposing or differing arguments. Thorpe's Essays. This tactic in essay construction also displays independent thinking in that it demonstrates that you have not unthinkingly accepted and believed everything you have read. One final point on quotations: do not plagiarise . Using other people's work without saying so is good essay a serious crime. Tutors have read widely on the subjects you will be writing on and are very likely to recognise when you are plagiarising. If you use other people's ideas and words they have to be acknowledged through proper footnoting and referencing . ( See Example 2 at the end of this guide).

Essays need a conclusion , which for the sake of clarity should be relatively short. It is generally best not to include new ideas or new material in your concluding comments, particularly since many people think that a conclusion should be a summary of the prior arguments. You may, however, point to alternative conclusions or arguments, or briefly suggest areas of interest that have not been dealt with directly by thorpe's essays, the essay. People often get the french phrases wrong idea about conclusions and believe that this is the essays on child labor during revolution place to state firm convictions, and that a conclusion has to make a stand and come down on the side of one argument or another. This can be the case but it is not necessarily so. If an essay title comes in the form of a question, for example 'Is James Joyce seeking to distance himself from traditional forms of Irish culture?', and you cannot decide, do not think that this is a problem. It is as much a sign of intelligence to state that you cannot decide as it is to sift through the good french subjunctive essay phrases evidence and decide one way or the other. Think about why you cannot decide.

Perhaps the evidence is conflicting. Perhaps the literary text and its use of imagery is how to write a compare essay on abortion ambiguous, or even contradictory; as is often the case. If you cannot decide, then say so, outlining why you cannot decide. Alternatively, you may partly agree or partly disagree with the statements or questions raised by the title , or by subjunctive essay phrases, questions raised directly in responding to the title. If so, say so. A forced conclusion to an essay can be as bad as the essay having no concluding remarks at all. In connection to the last point it should be emphasised that any essay should be about your ideas and your interpretation of the literature being studied . About Benjamin Franklin. Of course your ideas may, and indeed should, develop through discussions with friends, fellow students, tutors and through the consultation of books and articles, but it is your ideas which should form the basis of the essay. Whilst you will use material that is not your own, it is the way that you use, add to, adapt and modify this material that makes the argument your own and original. Your own voice should be heard.

This needs to french subjunctive essay phrases, be qualified by the understanding that there is a particular form and style in short about benjamin academic writing . This is generally formal, analytical , and 'serious' rather than colloquial, emotional and conversational . Your voice and your ideas need to be heard, but be careful of cultivating an overly idiosyncratic, 'individual' style. Remember that in writing you are communicating and that therefore your argument should be clearly expressed. This does not mean you should be simplistic: it is a very important skill to express complex ideas with clarity. One final point needs to be made on the subject of the essays you write being about your ideas. Some of you may find this an extraordinary statement but it is a bad idea to tailor and construct your essay around what you believe your tutor or the head of the course thinks about the french subjunctive essay phrases text, and what you think she or he wants to hear. Hook And Thesis. If you have different methods or your interpretations differ from good french, those of the tutor, then develop them happily. Remember that essay writing is all about presenting an argument and using evidence from the how to on abortion text and elsewhere to back up your statements, and good essay phrases if you do this well you will be given credit for it whether or not the tutor agrees with the overall argument. It is not particularly interesting for tutors to thorpe's essays, read in essays only what they have said in class, particularly if this is reproduced in a flat, unconvincing, and good french phrases unconvinced manner.

Of course you may agree and be persuaded by arguments and interpretations outlined in class but if you do not believe the a compare essay on abortion arguments you reproduce in french the essay it will be obvious and the tutor will wonder why you bothered to include them. You will write a better essay if you are focusing on how to a compare essay, your own ideas, developed through discussion and reading, not least because you will be enthused by subjunctive essay, them. Eventually your ideas will be thought through, outlines planned and re-planned, main points developed, written down on paper, then rewritten, and finally given to your tutor. Nevertheless your work on the essay has not yet finished. Once the a mockingbird essay essay has been graded and returned it is very important that you do not merely look at good the grade you have received before putting it at the bottom of your files. How To Write A Compare Essay. Read through your tutor's comments carefully, and make sure you understand exactly why you have received the grade you have, even if you are happy with it. If you do not understand why, or you are not sure about your tutor's comments, then ask. If it is not possible to ask during class or you would prefer to talk privately go to french subjunctive essay, your tutor during office hours, or make an appointment if these clash with other classes.

Writing is a skill which has to be learnt and hook practised, it is an ongoing process and you will learn more each time. Follow up work once the essay has been returned is an good french subjunctive, important part of this process. Example 1: Using Quotations. The extract below, from a paper on Muriel Spark's The Prime of thorpe's essays, Miss Jean Brodie , shows how quotations can be used. Because the french essay phrases paper quotes from the novel extensively, page numbers are found within the main body of the essays text, in parentheses, after complete bibliographical details have been provided in a footnote to the first quotation. Quotations from secondary sources are referenced by footnotes. Short quotations are included, in quotation marks, within the main body of the paper, whilst the longer quotation, without quotation marks, makes up an indented paragraph.

Note that even when the writing by subjunctive essay, the author of the paper is combined with quotations from the essay thesis atticus novel and secondary sources the sentences are still grammatically correct and coherent. Jean Brodie is convinced of the rightness of her own power, and uses it in a frightening manner: 'Give me a girl at an impressionable age, and she is mine for life'. 1 This is Miss Brodie's adoption of the Jesuit formula, but, whereas they claim the child for God, she moulds the child for her own ends. Subjunctive Essay. 'You are mine,' she says, '. of my stamp and cut . Essay About Franklin. ' (129). When Sandy, her most perceptive pupil, sees the 'Brodie set' 'as a body with Miss Brodie for the head' (36), there is, as David Lodge points out, a biblical parallel with the Church as the body of Christ. 2 God is Miss Jean Brodie's rival, and this is french subjunctive phrases demonstrated in a literal way when one of her girls, Eunice, grows religious and is preparing herself for confirmation.

She becomes increasingly independent of Miss Brodie's influence and hook and thesis decides to good subjunctive phrases, go on the Modern side in the Senior school although Jean Brodie makes clear her own preference for the Classical. Eunice refuses to continue her role as the thorpe's essays group's jester, or to go with them to the ballet. Cunningly, her tutor tries to regain control by playing on her religious convictions: All that term she tried to inspire Eunice to become at least a pioneer missionary in some deadly and dangerous zone of the earth, for it was intolerable to Miss Brodie that any of her girls should grow up not largely dedicated to some vocation. 'You will end up as a Girl Guide leader in a suburb like Corstorphine', she said warningly to good french, Eunice, who was in fact secretly attracted to thorpe's essays, this idea and who lived in Corstorphine. (81) Miss Brodie has different plans for Rose; she is to be a 'great lover' (146), and her tutor audaciously absolves her from the sins this will entail: 'she is above the moral code, it does not apply to her' (146). This dismissal of possible retribution distorts the girls' judgement of french essay phrases, Miss Brodie's actions. The above passage is taken from a compare essay on abortion, Ruth Whittaker, The Faith and Fiction of Muriel Spark (London and Basingstoke: MacMillan, 1982), pp.106-7. Example 2: Laying out a bibliography.

The bibliography will usually include the relevant sources consulted in producing your essay , even if you have not referred to or quoted from subjunctive essay, them directly. The order is during revolution alphabetical and determined by subjunctive, the authors' names. Hook Background. Book titles appear in italics or are underlined , whilst article titles appear in inverted commas. When referring to good french subjunctive phrases, books you should include the author's name, place of publication, the publisher, and labor the date when the book was published. To reference the source of an article from a journal include the name of the subjunctive essay journal, the number and/or volume number, the date of publication and the page numbers. There are several styles for laying out a bibliography, but the thorpe's essays same elements appear in good french phrases each, and essays during you must be consistent. Consult the handbooks to be found in the libraries for further details. This is a model used by many British universities and publishers. Dahlgren, Pete, Television and the Public Sphere (London: Sage Publishers, 1995) Dubois, Ellen, 'Antipodean Feminism', New Left Review , no.206, July/August 1994, 127-33. Fussel, Paul, The Great War and Modern Memory (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1975)

Gledhill, Christine, 'Melodrama', in The Cinema Book , ed. Good French Subjunctive. Pam Cook (London: BFI, 1985), pp.73-84. Lodge, David, 'The Uses and Abuses of Omniscience: Method and Meaning in Muriel Spark's The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie ' in David Lodge, The Novelist at the Crossroads and Other Essays on Fiction and Criticism (London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1971), pp.119-44. Pettifer, James, The Greeks (London: Penguin, 1993) This is the model recommended by the Modern Languages Association (MLA) and is used by most American universities and publishers. Dahlgren, Pete. Television and the Public Sphere . London: Sage Publishers, 1995. Dubois, Ellen. Antipodean Feminism. Hook. New Left Review 206 (July/August 1994): 127-33. Fussel, Paul.

The Great War and Modern Memory . Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1975. Gledhill, Christine. Melodrama in The Cinema Book . Ed. Pam Cook. London: BFI, 1985. 73-84. Lodge, David.

The Uses and Abuses of Omniscience: Method and subjunctive essay Meaning in how to write a compare and contrast essay Muriel Spark's The Prime of good phrases, Miss Jean Brodie in David Lodge The Novelist at thorpe's essays the Crossroads and good french Other Essays on Fiction and Criticism . Thorpe's Essays. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1971. 119-44. Pettifer, James. The Greeks. London: Penguin, 1993. The essential information provided by each model is given in the same order, but they differ in the way that the details are presented. Whichever model you choose or are instructed to french subjunctive essay phrases, use ensure that you stay consistent to it. Consult reference works for further advice. These books are on the open shelves: · John Clanchy and Brigid Ballard, How to Write Essays (Melbourne: Longman Cheshire, 1992) · Joseph Gibaldi, MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (New York: MLA, 1995)

1 Muriel Spark, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (London: Macmillan, 1961), p.7. To Kill Essay Thesis Atticus. All further references are to good french phrases, this edition and given in the text. 2 David Lodge, 'The Uses and Abuses of essay benjamin franklin, Omniscience: Method and Meaning in Muriel Spark's The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie ', in David Lodge, The Novelist at the Crossroads and Other Essays on Fiction and Criticism (London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1971), pp.119-44.

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essays about trees The following are the prize winning essays from the essay competition held at Tashidingkha MSS in good french essay, commemoration of Social Forestry Day 2014: We are not new to the fact that trees, humans and benjamin franklin other organisms must coexist in harmony. Trees are the basic source of life. Forget the world; let us talk about good french subjunctive our country. The forest cover in Bhutan is providing us with all our fundamental needs and other countless number of things. Others need not be mentioned, though equally important, we are being provided with free flowing water for agriculture and hydropower generation which is the background, heart of good french subjunctive essay our country’s economy. In the last few decades, forest cover in Bhutan had been rapidly disappearing. In the 1960s Bhutan took a big leap towards modernization from isolation. Tough not literally, we had been bringing destruction on our country ever since. “Modernization is replacing forest covers, with others not yet talked about.” That would be the thorpe's essays, most appropriate phrase to describe the chain of good subjunctive essay phrases events taking place in the country since then. With modernization, population in Bhutan boomed, assisted by the boost of country’s economy and social services.

This led to fragmentation of free land and to kill clearing of forests. Good Subjunctive! Trees were, and short franklin are, being cut down extensively to good essay, meet the wants of the people. Moreover, higher demand for land for agriculture and other purposes are met with deforestation. We know, but we are not aware, that it’s just the waging wars against ourselves. While forest cover is labor during revolution, disappearing the whole world is experiencing devastating natural disasters. We all know these are the good french phrases, consequences of essays on child labor the industrial revolution our primitive careless manners. Some of these disasters are landslides, Glacial Lake Outburst Flood, etc. The world is working towards preserving what we are left with in unison. It has now realized the fact that without trees no living beings can exist. The government of Bhutan is also trying its best to conserve forests.

If you plant a single tree for every one you cut, then the forest coverage will remain constant. If you cannot do that, at least plant a single tree every year. Plant trees for a green society, a green school, for a green Bhutan, for a green world, a green planet which is after all a better place to french phrases, live in. As said by Lohn Keats, “A thing of beauty is thorpe's essays, a joy forever.” The thing which is beautiful lasts forever. Trees are one. According to English Oxford Student Learner’s Dictionary a tree means a plant that can live for long time. Good Essay Phrases! However, we must plant trees to keep them alive generation after generation. Otherwise they will disappear forever. For every hard work there is reward. If we do hard work in planting trees then we will get rewards of fresh air, water, fruits, raw materials for making medicines and houses.

Trees also provide continuous supply of water for generating electricity which can be used for domestic purposes as well as export to other countries. This generates income and increases our economy. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If we conserve forest, the result will be good, but if we destroy forest, then the result will be bad. Therefore, it is better to conserve forest and make our country clean and green. In order, to conserve our forests, we have to stop shifting cultivation, deforestation, forest fire and lumbering. If we cut down a lot of trees, then the short benjamin franklin, world climate will change. Water sources will dry up, land will turn barren, air will get polluted, plants and animals will get extinct. To avoid such hazards, we must first of all educate our people about the importance of trees. Then we should teach them how to take care of our Mother Nature. Trees are our guardian deities and protectors, as they shelter us from sun, rain and storm.

We must look upon good french subjunctive essay phrases, them with outmost respect and care. To achieve the goal of write and contrast essay Green Bhutan, we must plant trees and take care of them throughout the country. French Subjunctive Essay Phrases! The Social Forestry Day reminds us of our co-existence with nature and thorpe's essays inspires us to plant trees. So let us join hands today and do it. As quoted by Ralph Waldon Emerson, “Nature never hurries, atom by atom, little by good essay phrases, little, she achieves her work.” It is thorpe's essays, time for the Bhutanese people to good french phrases, think twice and essays during work extra. The term “Green Bhutan” doesn’t only mean that the color of the land should look green all over but it also refers to the happiness of each and every Bhutanese Citizen. Directly or indirectly, trees are the smaller units of nature which helps to achieve this happiness. Why should people plant trees? They should plant trees because trees are the good french essay, backbone of Bhutan’s economy.

They also help in reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Forest helps in short essay about, protection of good french subjunctive rare species of the world which are endangered. Bhutan is known as one of the ten biological hot spots in the world due to its vast forest coverage. So it is the responsibility of resume each and every citizen to french, work together to uphold with the name. It is said that once Sahara desert was a thick forest but due to over exploitation, it has now become the world’s largest desert. I am sure that none of the Bhutanese would wantour rich forest to essays on child during the industrial, turn into poor deserts. Good Subjunctive Essay! So why not plant at least one tree by every citizen and increase the number? In terms of economy, trees not only contribute for electricity but also attract tourists from the outside world in the country. Short Essay About Franklin! Tourism is one of the largest income generating industries in Bhutan. Tourists visit Bhutan to take breathes of fresh air and enjoy the beauty of essay phrases green scenery and crystal clear water. Vegetation at Phobjikha in Wangdue is providing home for the black naked cranes which are rare on the earth.

Bhutanese people are lucky to see many of the rare species of flora and fauna which are not seen in other countries. Background! Foreigners have to travel a long distance to come to Bhutan to see those beautiful plants and animals. We know now that planting of trees has uncountable advantages for people. When a person plants a tree, it not only benefits that person but also many others. If all individuals in good french, Bhutan plant trees, it produces a huge positive impact. So keep this in mind and plant trees for Green Bhutan. We are fortunate to have DrukGyalpoJigmeSingayWangchuk as our fourth king because he was the one who inspired us to preserve our greatest treasure of thorpe's essays green forest. On His coronation day on June 2 we observe Social Forestry Day where we plant trees and good subjunctive essay phrases pay respect to the Nature. Foreign people come from thorpe's essays, far away country to Bhutan because we haveelegant forest in our country.

Even though our country is small and poor but because of nature we are popular and rich. His majesty DrukGyalpoJigmeSingayWangchuk, the king of Bhutan, has stated “Throughout the centuries, the Bhutanese have treasured their natural environment and have looked upon it as the source of life. We wish to continue living in harmony with nature and to good french essay, pass on this rich, heritage to our future generations”. Bhutan is about benjamin, also one of the first countries in the world to create trust fund dedicated to essay phrases, environment protection. Being a Buddhist land Bhutan believes in giving back to nature what has been taken away and to respect all forms of life. If we don’t plant trees for green Bhutan now,we would regret in future when our country sees many Sahara Deserts. Long time back Sahara desert was not a desert but a beautiful forest with full of plants and animals.But soon it awfully turned into desert because of human greediness and wants for natural resources. If this happens in our country, people would feel sad for proforma, what they have done to the forest. So we have to think twice, be cautious and take serious responsibility for saving our gift of beautiful nature. Being Bhutanese citizens, let us join our hands together and work to make our homes, schools, country and earth green and beautiful by planting more trees. So, lastly my dear friends living on the earth as enthusiastic students, we should plant trees and preserve them for future generations.

As a saying goes “one drop of water makes a mighty ocean, “by planting at good phrases least a single tree each year we can create a big forest. Keep this in essays on child during, mind and act now before it is too late. Trees are basically a plant which is supposedly believed one of the oldest and clearly important features that have existed and still prevails on this earth abundant. In addition to its significant values of air and water for the rest of the depending creatures on earth, it also act as vital factor particular in beautifying mother earth and safe guarding her biodiversity. Bhutan is a country that religiously concern trees plus on the other hand depends profoundly on good subjunctive essay, trees. ‘Green’ resembles the essays on child labor during revolution, color of french subjunctive phrases trees and is moreover a refreshing healthy color. “Just plant a tree and never on background, it let anyone pee”.

People know the consequences of the absence of trees, they should know it. French Essay Phrases! It would result in grave difficulties to on child the industrial, all being on earth. Have you ever questioned yourself about how difficult it would it is going to be if more trees disappear? Sometimes do some critical thinking. Trees have consequently started to decrease in quantity and good french devastating natural calamities are happening on hook, mother earth due to human commercial and good french phrases home uses.

Obviously we understand that trees wouldn’t ever extinct but never the less many unique and important species of on child trees are lost recently. So people must humbly appreciate the gift of nature in a cursory manner by simply planting trees. Bhutan being mountainous country, mountain would wear down due to good subjunctive essay, the disappearance of trees, since the trees make the soil fixed using their roots. To Kill Essay Atticus! No mountains means no Bhutan because Bhutan is just a range of mountain in small portion of the good french subjunctive phrases, world. Bhutan is also one of the biological hotspots. Bhutan has been awarded recognition award for the beneficiary and protective works in conserving Mother Nature from United Nation Organization. In act beloved 4 th King of Bhutan should be appreciated by all the citizens for his responsibility in preserving the forest. The king has indeed done his part of responsibility in making beyond half of the country ‘Green’ and now the time has come for the people to maintain, conserve and proforma of a resume protect the trees.

So, “Plant More Trees for french phrases, Green Bhutan”. As coded by Mahatma Gandhi, “Earth Provides Enough to Satisfy Every Man’s Needs, but Not Every Man’s Greed”. So Bhutan is one of the tenth “Biological Hotspots” in the world that means Bhutan is one of the areas with a richest biodiversity. It is mountainous country surrounded by beautiful forest. Bhutan’s forest cover is 64% of our land. We are fortunate to be born on this green planet, earth, created by hook background, the gods. We all know that our natural world is a splash of eye catching colors and it is one of the most important natural resources, yet it is all up to us weather we want to preserve our forest or not before it turns into a barren land Sahara desert of Africa. Forest gives us fresh water and air to breathe to all living beings in this earth. In olden days people can live more than 80 years though there were no hospitals like present world. It is mainly because of french essay forest which provides medicinal herbs like Om-rib (local medicinal) which is used to treat fiver, lungs and liver diseases and other such as Cordyceps (Yartse Geonbom) which can cure heart diseases and about benjamin franklin cancer, so it is french essay phrases, a rear medicine found on the Himalayan mountain. We get wild food and fruits like mushrooms, asparagus, strawberry etc from the forest.

Our country is a mockingbird thesis atticus, rich in forest. People export trees in other countries and make an french subjunctive economic for the country. So, as a saying, “If the wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is write a compare on abortion, lost everything is good essay phrases, lost”. Conservation of short essay benjamin forest doesn’t mean that we should not cut down the subjunctive essay, trees but we can manage and utilize in sustainable way. To keep our country green forever we must conserve our forest by short about franklin, following some of the ways such as reducing the number of cattle, harvesting trees in a selective way and stop shifting cultivation. Our royal Government also carries out french essay, activities to safe our mother earth. We have afforestation and reforestation program in our country. We celebrate 2 nd June as social forest day. Actually June 2 nd is coronation day of His Majesty 4 th King. We celebrate the to kill atticus, day by planting trees in our school.

In order to maintain 64% of land under forest cover. As per good subjunctive phrases, the saying, “It is better to safe than sorry”. So look after our forest and environment before it is too late. Now we are facing different problems due to rapid growth of population, cut trees for building materials, construction of road though forest which damage the and thesis, trees, shifting cultivation which causes forest fire and as a result it destroy animal life and create imbalance in ecosystem. French Subjunctive Essay! Forest fire also causes soil erosion and hook background landslides which damage our life and properties. Since the population of our country is growing rapidly they cut down lot of french subjunctive trees which absorbed carbon dioxide. Day by day the on child labor revolution, temperature of earth is increasing causing global warming which causes natural calamities. Streams and river are drying, different varieties of good french essay diseases come up which damage our life and properties. How To Essay! Animals are disappearing which helps in french essay, balancing ecosystem. Now forest covers are reducing and it is our responsible to look after our natural environment, as a saying goes, “Time and Tide waits for none”. So, start working before it is too late.

So lastly, plant is mankind, everything that we have comes from the Mother Nature. The foods that we eat, cloth that we have, the book that we are studying are all from plants products. As a saying goes, “Prevention is better the cure”. So now let us all join our hand to revolution, save our mother earth. -Essays Submitted by Sr.

Dzongkhag Forest Officer, Punakha.