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Compare & Contrast Essay pdf 3 Кб

Essay of contrast

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AS Level Art and Design Coursework: Abstract paintings of instruments 100% February 8, 2017 by Amiria Gale. This AS Painting Coursework project gained 100% in 2008. It was completed by Nikau Hindin, while studying A Level Art Design (CIE 9704) at ACG Parnell College, Auckland, New Zealand. Four x A1 sheets of essay of contrast supporting work for Nikau#8217;s 100% AS Coursework project. Nikau began her AS Coursework project by conducting a visual investigation into instruments. She was particularly interested in what i write for my college essay traditional Maori instruments, and how these were used to tell stories that were passed from generation to generation. Nikau began by arranging these instruments with a violin, triangle and trumpet, in compositions that were influenced by the works of American artist Jim Dine. Vertically aligned, the instruments faded in and out of messy textural backgrounds, in the way that a memory or story might ebb and essay of contrast, flow through generations – clear and types papers, distinct in some places; blurry and obscured in others. Essay! Often these grounds were ‘found’ – i.e. bits of protocol research paper splattered pieces of paper that Nikau then worked over with washes of paint and ink. This unpredictable mark-making strategy provided welcome contrast to the tight, controlled forms of the instruments themselves.

These mixed media drawing of instruments were completed on messy, textural backgrounds of splattered paint and ink. Throughout her folio, Nikau worked in essay of contrast a range of drawing and painting mediums, including graphite, Indian ink, black pen, coloured pencil, watercolour and acrylic paint. After completion of the first half of an A1 sheet of preparation work, Nikau analysed her artworks (in an accompanying sketchbook which also contained artist studies and further media trials and exploratory work). Gcse English Essays! She identified several visual elements that played a crucial role in essay her artwork, i.e. the repetition of strong vertical lines (violin neck and strings / trumpet pipes etc); the repetition of curving, organic form (body of the essays violin and the kowhaiwhai patterns in the carvings on the Maori instruments). Essay Of Contrast! It was at this stage that a colour scheme was also defined – one that would remain consistent throughout her Coursework project. These aspects of the composition were considered carefully, not just in terms of and a little business their aesthetic potential, but in terms of how they might allow her to best represent and express her ideas. For example, the essay repetition of vertical lines – which became more prevalent throughout her folio – might help to express the passage of time, and the linking of common forms was a way to illustrate the connection of ideas from past to present. The bottom half of Nikau#8217;s first A1 sheet includes a series of amy barkley smaller preparatory works. The next stage of development resulted in the continued use of a wide range of media, splattered grounds, stenciled layers and the gradual disintegration and manipulation of tone and form. Essay! The vertical reflective lines on the trumpet were transposed onto to the surface of the of evidence violin and into parts of the background, while kowhaiwhai patterns from the carved instruments become a graphic element that interlaced across different parts of the painting.

Many of the works were completed in of contrast series, with several pieces being worked on at one time. The artworks have many rich layers, with mediums worked over each other many times. Gcse English Coursework! This work (enlarged detail shown on the left) includes a beautiful abstraction of a musical instrument disintegrating and falling through space a reflection of the larger scale disintegration of memory, story and form that was occuring in her paintings. Over the remainder of the preparatory pages, Nikau continued to develop her work by abstracting form (with reference to cubist artists, such as Juan Gris) and playing with scale. She refined and developed her painting technique, with translucent layers (created using gel medium and water) and irregular backgrounds contrasting sharp, defined edges and tonal boundaries. As Nikau was studying in New Zealand, she was not restricted by having to post her work overseas for assessment.

As such, she was free to trial painting on wooden boards. Of Contrast! With access to her school’s technology woodworking workshop, Nikau cut out several forms from protocol paper different thicknesses of MDF and layered these onto her artwork. Of Contrast! This made the surface of her work slightly sculptural and 3D. Of Evidence In Research Papers! The aspects of Nikau’s Coursework Project that were particularly successful (aside from her obvious strength in observational drawing and painting) are the personal nature of the folio, and of contrast, the creative and confident handling of book report junie b jones and a monkey media. This detail of Nikau#8217;s final painting, shows the inclusion of raised wooden layers and the beautiful realism achieved in the head of the of contrast violin. The final Coursework painting (shown below) was a large and impressive work, approximately 1.4m wide, on an MDF framed board. The final painting, on a ground of vertical drips and raised MDF layers, comprises of a well-balanced mix of realism and abstraction. Beautiful! The following video showcases Nikau’s entire AS Painting Coursework project, including her sketchbook, which contains media trials, written analysis and artist studies. Tabata Protocol Paper! (Note: for CIE, a sketchbook is not required at AS Level, however it is common practise in New Zealand for students to of contrast complete one. As the amy barkley examiners visit our schools to essay moderate student work, we are not bound by strict postage requirements). Want to see more inspirational student artwork?

View our Featured Art Projects. This article was written by Amiria Gale. Against Essays! Amiria has been a teacher of Art Design and a Curriculum Co-ordinator for seven years, responsible for the course design and of contrast, assessment of Art and Design work in coursework two high-achieving Auckland schools. Amiria has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Architecture (First Class Honours) and a Graduate Diploma of essay of contrast Teaching. She is a CIE Accredited Art Design Coursework Assessor.

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Revenge of the Reality-Based Community. I know that it’s unattractive and bad form to say “I told you so” when one’s advice was ignored yet ultimately proved correct. But in the wake of the essay Republican election debacle, it’s essential that conservatives undertake a clear-eyed assessment of who on their side was right and resume who was wrong. Those who were wrong should be purged and of contrast ignored; those who were right, especially those who inflicted maximum discomfort on movement conservatives in being right, ought to get credit for it and become regular reading for should i write college, them once again. I’m not going to of contrast beat around the bush and pretend I don’t have a vested interest here. English Essays. Frankly, I think I’m at essay of contrast ground zero in the saga of Republicans closing their eyes to any facts or evidence that conflict with their dogma. Rather than listen to amy barkley resume me, they threw me under a bus.

To this day, I don’t think they understand that my motives were to of contrast help them avoid the permanent decline that now seems inevitable. For more than 30 years, I was very comfortable within the conservative wing of the should about for my Republican Party. Of Contrast. I still recall supporting Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater as a schoolchild. As a student, I was a member of Young Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom at the height of the Vietnam War, when conservatives on college campuses mostly kept their heads down. In graduate school, I wrote a master’s thesis on how Franklin Roosevelt covered up his responsibility for the Pearl Harbor attack—long a right-wing obsession. Gcse Coursework. My first real job out of graduate school was working for Ron Paul the first time he was elected to Congress in essay of contrast a special election in 1976. (He lost that same year and came back two years later.) In those days, he was the only Tea Party-type Republican in Congress.

After Paul’s defeat, I went to work for amy barkley, Congressman Jack Kemp and helped draft the famous Kemp-Roth tax bill, which Ronald Reagan signed into essay of contrast law in 1981. I made important contributions to the development of against abuse essays, supply-side economics and detailed my research in a 1981 book, Reaganomics: Supply-Side Economics in essay Action . After Reagan’s victory, I chose to stay on Capitol Hill, where I was staff director for report and a little monkey business, the Joint Economic Committee and thought I would have more impact. I left to work for Jude Wanniski’s consulting company in essay of contrast 1984, but missed Washington and came back the following year. Jude was, of course, the against essays founding father of supply-side economics, the man who discovered the economists Robert Mundell and Arthur Laffer and essay made them famous. I went to work for types of evidence in research papers, the Heritage Foundation, but left in 1987 to essay of contrast join the amy barkley White House staff. I was recruited by essay of contrast Gary Bauer, who was Reagan’s principal domestic policy adviser. Gary remains well known among religious conservatives. Late in the administration I moved over to coursework essays the Treasury Department, where I remained throughout the essay of contrast George H.W. Bush administration. Afterwards I worked for the Cato Institute and the National Center for Policy Analysis, a conservative think tank based in Dallas.

I wrote regularly for i write about college essay, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, National Review , and other conservative publications. For 12 years I wrote a syndicated column that ran in essay the Washington Times , Investor’s Business Daily , the amy barkley resume New York Sun , and other conservative newspapers. I supported George W. Bush in 2000, and many close friends served in of contrast high-level administration positions. I was especially close to protocol research the Council of essay, Economic Advisers and often wrote columns based on input and suggestions from its chairmen, all of whom were friends of mine. Resume. Once I even briefed Vice President Dick Cheney on the economy. But as the essay Bush 43 administration progressed, I developed an increasingly uneasy feeling about amy barkley its direction. Essay. Its tax policy was incoherent, and it had an extremely lackadaisical attitude toward spending.

In November 2003, I had an intellectual crisis. All during the summer of that year, an expansion of Medicare to pay for prescription drugs for seniors was under discussion. I thought this was a dreadful idea since Medicare was already broke, but I understood that it was very popular politically. I talked myself into believing that Karl Rove was so smart that he had concocted an extremely clever plan—Bush would endorse the new benefit but do nothing to bring competing House and Senate versions of the legislation together. That way he could get credit for supporting a popular new spending program, but it would never actually be enacted.

I was shocked beyond belief when it turned out that Bush really wanted a massive, budget-busting new entitlement program after all, apparently to buy himself re-election in 2004. He put all the pressure the White House could muster on House Republicans to vote for Medicare Part D and even suppressed internal administration estimates that it would cost far more than Congress believed. Against Essays. After holding the vote open for an unprecedented three hours, with Bush himself awakened in the middle of the essay of contrast night to apply pressure, the amy barkley resume House Republican leadership was successful in ramming the legislation through after a few cowardly conservatives switched their votes. It’s worth remembering that Paul Ryan, among other so-called fiscal hawks, voted for this irresponsible, unfunded expansion of government. Suddenly, I felt adrift, politically and intellectually. I now saw many things I had long had misgivings about, such as all the Republican pork-barrel projects that Bush refused to veto, in sharper relief. They were no longer exceptions to conservative governance but its core during the Bush 43 years.

I began writing columns that were highly critical of Bush’s policies and those of Republicans in Congress—all based on solid conservative principles. In other words, I was criticizing them from the inside, from the essay of contrast right. In 2004 I got to know the journalist Ron Suskind, whose book The Price of Loyalty I had praised in a column. He and I shared an interest in trying to figure out what made Bush tick. Neither of amy barkley resume, us ever figured it out. A couple of weeks before the 2004 election, Suskind wrote a long article for the New York Times Magazine that quoted some of my comments to essay him that were highly critical of Bush and resume the drift of Republican policy. The article is best remembered for his quote from an essay anonymous White House official dismissing critics like me for being “the reality-based community.” The day after the article appeared, my boss called to chew me out, saying that Karl Rove had called him personally to complain about it. I promised to be more circumspect in the future.

Interestingly, a couple of days after the Suskind article appeared, I happened to be at a reception for some right-wing organization that many of against animal abuse essays, my think tank friends were also attending. I assumed I would get a lot of grief for essay, my comments in the Suskind article and against abuse was surprised when there was none at essay all. Finally, I started asking people about it. Not one person had read it or cared in the slightest what the types New York Times had to essay say about anything. They all viewed it as having as much credibility as Pravda and a similar political philosophy as well. Some were indignant that I would even suspect them of reading a left-wing rag such as the New York Times . I was flabbergasted.

Until that moment I had not realized how closed the right-wing mind had become. Even assuming that my friends’ view of the Times ’ philosophy was correct, which it most certainly was not, why would they not want to know what their enemy was thinking? This was my first exposure to what has been called “epistemic closure” among conservatives—living in their own bubble where nonsensical ideas circulate with no contradiction. My growing alienation from the monkey business right created problems for of contrast, me and my employer. I was read the riot act and told to lay off Bush because my criticism was threatening contributions from monkey right-wing millionaires in Dallas, many of of contrast, whom were close personal friends of his. I decided to topic should i write for my stick to writing columns on topics where I didn’t have to take issue with Republican policies and to of contrast channel my concerns into a book.

I naively thought that a conservative critique of Bush when he was unable to gcse english essays run for essay of contrast, reelection would be welcomed on the right since it would do no electoral harm. I also thought that once past the election, conservatives would turn on Bush to ensure that the 2008 Republican nomination would go to someone who would not make his mistakes. As I wrote the and a monkey business book, however, my utter disdain for essay of contrast, Bush grew, as I recalled forgotten screw-ups and report b jones business researched topics that hadn’t crossed my radar screen. I grew to essay totally despise the man for his stupidity, cockiness, arrogance, ignorance, and amy barkley general cluelessness. I also lost any respect for conservatives who continued to glorify Bush as the second coming of Ronald Reagan and as a man they would gladly follow to the gates of hell. This was either gross, willful ignorance or total insanity, I thought. My book, Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy , was published in essay February 2006.

I had been summarily fired by the think tank I worked for back in against animal essays October 2005. Although the essay of contrast book was then only in manuscript, my boss falsely claimed that it was already costing the organization contributions. He never detailed, nor has anyone, any factual or analytical error in the book. Among the interesting reactions to my book is that I was banned from Fox News. My publicist was told that orders had come down from on high that it was to receive no publicity whatsoever, not even attacks. Whoever gave that order was smart; attacks from the right would have sold books. Being ignored was poison for sales. I later learned that the order to protocol paper ignore me extended throughout Rupert Murdoch’s empire. For example, I stopped being quoted in the Wall Street Journal .* Awhile back, a reporter who left the essay Journal confirmed to me that the paper had given her orders not to mention me.

Other dissident conservatives, such as David Frum and Andrew Sullivan, have told me that they are banned from Fox as well. More epistemic closure. Seeing the demographic trends toward an increasingly nonwhite electorate, which were obvious in easily available census projections, I decided to should write a book about how Republicans could deal with it. I concluded that the anti-immigrant attitude among the Republican base was too severe for the party to essay reach out meaningfully to the fast-growing Latino community. Recall that Bush’s proposal for immigration reform was soundly rejected by his own party.

If Republicans had no hope of attracting Latino votes, what other nonwhite group could they attract? Maybe the against time had come for them to make a major play for the black vote. I thought that blacks and Latinos were natural political and economic competitors, and of contrast I saw in poll data that blacks were receptive to amy barkley resume a hardline position on of contrast, illegal immigration. I also knew that many blacks felt ignored by tabata protocol research Democrats, who simply took their votes for granted—as Republicans did for essay, 60 years after the topic should i write about for my college essay Civil War. If Republicans could only increase their share of the black vote from 10 percent, which it had been since Goldwater, to essay of contrast the 30 percent level that Dwight Eisenhower enjoyed, it would have major electoral ramifications. The best way to get Republicans to read a book about reaching out for types papers, the black vote, I thought, was to detail the Democratic Party’s long history of maltreatment of blacks.

After all, the party was based in the South for 100 years after the war, and all of the ugly racism we associate with that region was enacted and enforced by Democratic politicians. I was surprised that such a book didn’t already exist. I thought knowing the of contrast Democratic Party’s pre-1964 history of racism, which is indisputable, would give Republicans a story to resume tell when they went before black groups to solicit votes. I thought it would also make Republicans more sympathetic to the problems of the black community, many of which are historical in their origins. Analyses by economists and sociologists show that historical racism still holds back African-Americans even though it has diminished radically since the 1960s. So I wrote Wrong on Race: The Democratic Party’s Buried Past . Unfortunately, it was published the day Barack Obama won the Iowa caucuses. But I still held out hope that Hillary Clinton, who was pandering to the white working class in unsubtle racial terms, would capture the Democratic nomination. The anger among blacks at having the nomination effectively stolen from Obama would make them highly receptive to essay GOP outreach, I believed. I even met with John McCain’s staff about this. As we know, McCain took a sharp right turn after Obama won the tabata Democratic nomination. The Arizona senator abandoned any pretense of being a moderate or “maverick” and spent the campaign pandering to the Republican Party’s lowest common denominator.

His decision to put the grossly unqualified Sarah Palin on his ticket was nothing short of irresponsible. Essay. Perhaps more importantly, it didn’t work, and abuse Obama won easily. After the failure of my race book, I turned my attention again to economics. Essay Of Contrast. I had written an report b jones little op-ed for the New York Times in 2007 suggesting that it was time to essay of contrast retire “supply-side economics” as a school of thought. Having been deeply involved in its development, I felt that everything important the supply-siders had to say had now been fully incorporated into mainstream economics. What I Write About For My College Essay. All that was left was nutty stuff like the essay of contrast Laffer Curve that alienated academic economists who were otherwise sympathetic to the supply-side view. I said the supply-siders should declare victory and book and a little business go home. I decided to write a book elaborating my argument. I thought I had a nice thesis to put forward.

All successful schools of economic thought follow a progression of being outsiders and revolutionaries, achieving success when economic circumstances cannot be explained by essay of contrast orthodox theory, acceptance for what topic should i write about college essay, the dissidents, followed by inevitable failure when new circumstances arise that don’t fit the model, leading to the rise of a fresh school of thought. It was basically a Thomas Kuhnian view of economic theory. I thought I had two perfect examples that fit my model of the essay rise and fall of economic ideas: Keynesian economics and english coursework supply-side economics. I thought at first I knew enough about the former to say what I wanted to essay of contrast say, but eventually I found the research I had previously done to be wanting. It was based too much on what academics thought and tabata not enough on how Keynesian ideas penetrated the policymaking community. I hit upon of contrast, the idea of ignoring the academic journals and against looking instead at what economists like John Maynard Keynes, Irving Fisher, and others said in newspaper interviews and articles for popular publications. Essay. Recently computerized databases made such investigation far easier than it previously had been. After careful research along these lines, I came to the annoying conclusion that Keynes had been 100 percent right in the 1930s.

Previously, I had thought the opposite. But facts were facts and there was no denying my conclusion. It didn’t affect the argument in my book, which was only about the rise and fall of ideas. The fact that Keynesian ideas were correct as well as popular simply made my thesis stronger. I finished the book just as the economy was collapsing in the fall of 2008. Research Paper. This created another intellectual crisis for me. Having just finished a careful study of the 1930s, it was immediately obvious to me that the economy was suffering from the very same problem, a lack of aggregate demand. Essay Of Contrast. We needed Keynesian policies again, which completely ruined my nice rise-and-fall thesis. Keynesian ideas had arisen from the intellectual grave. The book needed to be rethought and rewritten from amy barkley resume scratch in light of new developments.

Unfortunately, my publisher insisted on publishing it on schedule. I tried to repair the damage as best I could, but in of contrast the end the book was a mishmash of competing ideas with no clear narrative. It sold poorly. On the types papers plus side, I think I had a very clear understanding of the essay of contrast economic crisis from day one. I even wrote another op-ed for the New York Times in December 2008 advocating a Keynesian cure that holds up very well in light of history. Annoyingly, however, I found myself joined at gcse english coursework the hip to Paul Krugman, whose analysis was identical to my own. I had previously viewed Krugman as an essay of contrast intellectual enemy and attacked him rather colorfully in essays an old column that he still remembers.

For the record, no one has been more correct in his analysis and prescriptions for the economy’s problems than Paul Krugman. The blind hatred for him on the right simply pushed me further away from my old allies and comrades. The final line for me to cross in complete alienation from the of contrast right was my recognition that Obama is not a leftist. Animal. In fact, he’s barely a liberal—and only because the political spectrum has moved so far to the right that moderate Republicans from the past are now considered hardcore leftists by right-wing standards today. Viewed in historical context, I see Obama as actually being on the center-right. At this point, I lost every last friend I had on the right. Of Contrast. Some have been known to pass me in silence at the supermarket or even to cross the street when they see me coming. People who were as close to me as brothers and sisters have disowned me. I think they believe they are just disciplining me, hoping I will admit error and ask for forgiveness. Resume. They clearly don’t know me very well. My attitude is of contrast, that anyone who puts politics above friendship is not someone I care to have in my life.

So here we are, post-election 2012. All the stupidity and closed-mindedness that right-wingers have displayed over the last 10 years has come back to haunt them. It is now widely understood that the what should i write for my essay nation may be center-left after all, not center-right as conservatives thought. Overwhelming losses by Republicans to all the nation’s nonwhite voters have created a Democratic coalition that will govern the nation for the foreseeable future. Tellingly, a key reason for Obama’s victory, according to exit polls, is none other than George W. Bush, whom 60 percent of voters primarily blame for the nation’s economic woes—an extraordinary fact when he has been out of office for four years. Even though they didn’t read my Impostor book, voters still absorbed its message.

Although the approach I suggested in essay of contrast my race book was ill-timed, the underlying theory is more true than ever. If Republicans can’t bring blacks into their coalition, they are finished at the presidential level, given the rapid rise of the Latino population. Perhaps after 2016, they may be willing to put my strategy into operation. The economy continues to conform to textbook Keynesianism. We still need more aggregate demand, and protocol paper the Republican idea that tax cuts for the rich will save us becomes more ridiculous by the day.

People will long remember Mitt Romney’s politically tone-deaf attack on half the essay of contrast nation’s population for being losers, leeches, and types papers moochers because he accurately articulated the right-wing worldview. At least a few conservatives now recognize that Republicans suffer for essay, epistemic closure. They were genuinely shocked at Romney’s loss because they ignored every poll not produced by a right-wing pollster such as Rasmussen or approved by right-wing pundits such as the perpetually wrong Dick Morris. Living in the Fox News cocoon, most Republicans had no clue that they were losing or that their ideas were both stupid and politically unpopular. I am disinclined to types of evidence papers think that Republicans are yet ready for a serious questioning of their philosophy or strategy. They comfort themselves with the of contrast fact that they held the House (due to gerrymandering) and think that just improving their get-out-the-vote system and throwing a few bones to the Latino community will fix their problem. There appears to book report junie b jones and a little monkey business be no recognition that their defects are far, far deeper and will require serious introspection and rethinking of how Republicans can win going forward. Essay. The alternative is permanent loss of the White House and probably the Senate as well, which means they can only book monkey, temporarily block Democratic initiatives and never advance their own. I’ve paid a heavy price, both personal and financial, for my evolution from comfortably within the Republican Party and conservative movement to a less than comfortable position somewhere on the center-left. Honest to God, I am not a liberal or a Democrat. But these days, they are the essay only people who will listen to me.

When Republicans and conservatives once again start asking my opinion, I will know they are on the road to report b jones and a little monkey recovery. Bruce Bartlett is the essay of contrast author of The Benefit and tabata paper the Burden: Tax Reform—Why We Need It and What It Will Take. *Gerald Seib, Washington bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal , has contacted me to say that it is flatly untrue that Journal reporters are prohibited from essay of contrast quoting me. I take him at his word and do not doubt his sincerity. Revenge of the Reality-Based Community.

351 Responses to coursework Revenge of the Reality-Based Community. “It is essay, now widely understood that the gcse coursework essays nation may be center-left after all, not center-right as conservatives thought.” To the of contrast extent that the nation was “center right”, it was because the Silent Majority/Reagan Democrats resented the book extension of the New Deal to minorities under the Great Society. For 40 years now, Republicans have used this fact to convince themselves that Joe Sixpack is actually a firm believer in Ayn Rand, Hayek and Mises. In reality, the Trump voters have no problem with big government.

The widely mocked “get your government hands off my Medicare” guy from the Tea Party era was a John The Baptist of essay of contrast, American politics, come to should i write about for my warn GOP vipers of the wrath to come.

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Compare & Contrast Essay pdf 3 Кб

7 Steps to a Killer Video Application. Last year, I applied for of contrast, the job I now have (and love!): the amy barkley resume Account Management role at ZeroCater . The position seemed like a perfect fit, and I couldn't send in my resume quickly enough. However, part of the application process included submitting a video, which was a very first in my job search adventures. It was surprisingly difficult to essay of contrast figure out protocol, how to make an essay entertaining 3-minute video of me talking—it was awkward, and I didn't really want to coursework essays do it. But I forged ahead, spent a weekend making the video, sent in of contrast, my application, and ended up landing the job. Now, seven months later, I’m involved in the interviewing and hiring process at ZeroCater HQ, which includes watching applicant videos. From this side of things, I certainly see their value and understand their rise in popularity.

We receive hundreds of resumes every month, and a video allows us to get a more dynamic sense of someone than the english essays written word allows. It's difficult to get a feel for someone’s personality and creativity from a stack of essay resumes and tabata research cover letters—which are meant to be standardized—whereas videos bring our applicants off the page and give a more holistic picture of why they're great. If you find yourself faced with the task of of contrast making an protocol application video, fear not! The wonderful part about a video application is the level of control it enables. Essay. If a take doesn't go well, you can erase it.

If you make a joke and abuse essays immediately realize that it was severely less funny than you'd hoped, you can take it back! It's an interview minus the mishaps and essay of contrast subsequent facepalms, and what topic about for my college essay the chance to make an awesome first impression with the added ability to take as much time as necessary to get it right. On that note, here are a few tips to help you make a 5-star application video. Think about of contrast, how you'd like to respond to tabata protocol research paper the given prompt, and consider what video format works best for you. Are you comfortable talking to the camera on your computer or phone, or would it be easier to have a friend “interview” you? Or, how about a slideshow with a voiceover , using Story Wheel ? All of these things are options, so be creative and choose something that feels natural to essay you. Instead of listing past roles and responsibilities, take the opportunity to share an experience or quality about yourself that has particular relevance to the position but that might not shine through on your resume. For example, one of our applicants listed “bike trip leader” in the “Special Skills” section at the bottom of her resume. Her video focused on book b jones and a monkey business this part of her background and, through photos and stories, showed us that she’s an energetic leader who’s able to build community over a shared experience. It was exactly what we were looking for—and she works here now. 3. Work From a Script (But Avoid Reading Directly From It) Once you’ve finalized what exactly you want to cover, plan the main points you'd like to convey and jot down clear ways to say them.

Writing your ideas ahead of time encourages intention and essay of contrast clarity—and helps eliminate run-on sentences and excessive “ums” and “likes.” 4. Make Sure Your Video is Clear and Audible. We want to see you and hear what you have to say! Reduce background noise, choose a well-lit setting, and avoid having the camera pointing up your nose. These things sound obvious, but believe me, they go a long way. 5. Shoot Several Takes if Necessary. The beauty of an application video is that you don't have to settle on a bad take. Against Abuse. If the neighbor's dog is barking incessantly in the background or you get off track, do it again. Essay. In my case, I couldn't figure out how to sign off in a way that seemed natural.

Was I supposed to say “bye?” Just stop talking? After a few takes, I found a smile and wave that didn't make me look insane. Have you ever read through an email you've just written to discover spelling errors, run-on sentences, or a few overused adjectives? I know I have. You should watch your video for the same reason: catching those silly mistakes.

Consider having a friend check it out too—a fresh set of eyes can help notice mistakes or idiosyncrasies that you may have overlooked. Programs like iMovie , Final Cut Pro , and Movie Maker are intuitive and report monkey easy to essay use, and there are plenty of free video editing programs to try. Types Of Evidence Papers. You don't have to be a seasoned editor to essay of contrast make small changes that go a long way. If you can't figure something out, there are a myriad of YouTube tutorials to show you how. Of Evidence Papers. I can't speak for all employers, but as far as our team is concerned, we aren't looking for the most well-written monologue or the essay of contrast highest production quality in our applicants' videos. Essays. We're looking for essay of contrast, personality, creativity, intelligence, and effort. A video is an against abuse essays extra opportunity to show a company why you really would be an essay of contrast excellent addition to their team, so have fun and take advantage of it. Want a gig at ZeroCater?

Check out these open positions ! Photo of man on laptop courtesy of against animal abuse essays Shutterstock . Beth studied Interpersonal Communication in her beloved home state at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She's worked all kinds of jobs in different industries, including a stint as stewardess on Richard Branson's personal yacht, and now calls San Francisco home with her awesome husband. As an Account Manager for ZeroCater, Beth puts her foodie knowledge and love of hospitality to good use by of contrast, feeding startups across the amy barkley resume Bay Area. She loves homemade stationery, enjoys guessing the Myers-Briggs personality types of her coworkers, and is a self proclaimed putt-putt extraordinaire. Hmmm, seems you#39;ve already signed up for essay of contrast, this class.

While you#39;re here, you may as well check out all the amazing companies that are hiring like crazy right now.

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Ethics and War in essay of contrast, Comparative Religious. Presented at Los Gatos Unitarian Fellowship, 2 April 2000. War is a peculiar human activity, in that it can bring out some of our best traits, such as courage and self-sacrifice, yet also elicit tremendous cruelty and suffering. It’s therefore a prime candidate for ethical reflection. Although each of the world’s major faith traditions preaches compassion and justice, many of the most horrendous wars in english, human history have ironically been fought in the name of religion. Even now, at the beginning of the 21 st century, people are still strongly divided by religion. Religion continues to be a catalyst for war in places as diverse as Yugoslavia, Nigeria, Ireland and Indonesia. But are there ethical resources within religious traditions themselves that could provide the foundation for a lasting peace? This question obviously can’t be answered comprehensively in a short talk like this. But allow me to sketch the of contrast following argument: 1) Each of the major religious traditions contains moral rules or principles bearing on war that contradict one another to some extent. 2) Believers within those traditions cannot act in accordance with contradictory moral rules, since that would entail performing an action and of evidence in research not performing it at the same time, which is impossible.

3) Therefore, believers must choose to reject at of contrast, least some of their own traditional rules. 4) The principles that I think they can be led to accept, consistent with other important ethical beliefs they hold, are ones that limit war significantly, if not completely. My comments will focus primarily on Christianity, but I’ll also make some comparative points about Judaism, Islam, and the religions that originated in essays, India. I’ll start with those with which I’m least familiar. The Hindu tradition contains a very strong ethic of reverence for life.

To kill or harm another creature is a serious offense that corrupts one’s soul and delays one’s achievement of enlightenment. But Hindu ethics have also been strongly influenced by the caste system with its fatalism and narrow role expectations. Essay! One of the main castes is that of the warrior. If a person is born into the warrior caste, he is obliged to kill enemy soldiers if needed to defend the religious community. On the types other hand, total war in of contrast, the sense of indiscriminate killing seems to have been prohibited fairly consistently.

Hindu soldiers are not to kill prisoners, the wounded, deserters, or noncombatants. Why not? Apparently out of a sense of fairness or chivalry: it would be unprofessional to attack non-soldiers (Klostermaier 230). Jains and types of evidence in research papers Buddhists , who generally reject the caste system and consider the ethic of nonviolence to be binding on essay all people (Ferguson chs. Animal Essays! 3-4), nonetheless do not completely prohibit the taking of essay of contrast life.

They avoid killing sentient animals, but they accept the in research papers killing of plant life even though they consider plants to have souls. More to the point, some Buddhists also think it can be right to kill an unjust human attacker if necessary to essay of contrast, save the lives of two or more innocent people (Ferguson 55-56). Turning now to the Jewish tradition, one of the Ten Commandments listed in Exodus 20 is essays Thou shalt not kill. Essay Of Contrast! Was that meant to gcse english coursework essays, be an of contrast, absolute prohibition of all killing? Clearly not in the Jain or Buddhist sense: there are no ethical rules in the Hebrew tradition against killing animals per se. We might think that the Hebrew Commandment applies to all killing of people , especially if we consider the idea expressed in Genesis 1 that human beings are created in God’s image or likeness. That would seem to of evidence papers, imply that they have infinite dignity and of contrast value, and should never be killed. But apparently the Hebrew Bible did not intend to types in research, prohibit killing people completely: the proper translation of the Exodus passage is Do not commit murder , which presumably covers some killing but not all.

Also, in Exodus chs. 21-22 and elsewhere, God is said to command killing--in the essay form of capital punishment--for many offenses including murder, kidnapping, and striking or cursing one’s parents. But given that murder is english essays prohibited, we might assume that the ancient Hebrews would have considered total war to be morally unacceptable. But that was not the of contrast case. Paper! The first of the Commandments prohibited the essay of contrast Israelites from worshipping any other gods but Yahweh. God demanded purity and against animal abuse strict obedience. Idolatry and blasphemy were punishable by death. Non-Israelites who lived within the area believed by essay the Hebrews to have been promised to them by God were seen to pose a great temptation to them to tabata research, abandon their faith. This led them to justify the slaughter of entire cities and everything that breathed in them (Bainton 48-49). (See Joshua 6 and 10 and Deut. 7. Whether such massacres actually occurred is irrelevant here.) It’s somewhat surprising that a slightly different set of rules was prescribed (in Deuteronomy 20) for dealing with Israel’s external enemies (Bainton 43).

An ultimatum was given to them to submit to forced labor, or all men would be killed and the rest enslaved. That’s not much of a choice, but somewhat different from killing everything that breathed. Unfortunately for us in trying to interpret this text, no reasons are given to essay of contrast, explain this difference. Animal Abuse! Perhaps external enemies were seen as less of a threat to Israel’s religious fidelity. (But foreigners would be considered idolaters, too….) In the Islamic tradition there are also precedents for total war. Although Muhammad was said by an early biographer to have taken the essay path of non-violence at first, he soon came to justify the against use of force not only in defense of his growing religious community but also in the form of offensive war to expand the territory of of contrast Islam. And the rules he set for fighting such wars were fairly harsh: although women, children and the elderly were not to abuse, be directly attacked, Muhammad permitted his warriors to essay, kill all captured soldiers and male civilians. Also, when foreign women and children were killed by Muslim soldiers in battle, Muhammad denied that they were responsible, placing blame on tabata research paper the enemy leaders instead. This is essay a claim which unfortunately continues to be made today by leaders of Islamic terrorist groups, who accept no moral guilt for killing innocent civilians (Kelsay 21-22, 59-60, 63, 104).

On the other hand, there are other ethical ideas within the Hebrew and Islamic traditions that tend to rule out total war. Both traditions believe God to be compassionate and merciful, and urge people to amy barkley resume, imitate God in those respects. They also prescribe punishments in of contrast, some cases only for those who are guilty of offenses, which would prohibit the use of force against innocent noncombatants. And there are many Jewish and Muslim authorities today who argue that war should only be waged as a last resort, and that only the minimum degree of force necessary should be used. For example, the Ethical Code of the Israeli Defense Forces, which incorporates many Jewish ethical values, requires soldiers to prevent unnecessary harm to human life and limb, dignity and property … with special consideration for the defenseless. Report Junie And A Little Monkey! There are also influential Muslim leaders today who completely condemn terrorism against innocent civilians, and limit the recourse to war to defense alone (Kelsay 105-106, 109-110).

In the essay Christian tradition, one finds the animal full range of ethical views on war, from pacifism to limited war to total war. Historically, that’s roughly the of contrast order in which those views developed (Bainton 14). Jesus set very high standards for his followers on love and forgiveness, including non-retaliation against evil and resume love of enemies: You have heard it said, 'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.' But I say to you, do not resist those who wrong you. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn and offer him the other also…. Essay! You have heard it said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for your persecutors. (Matthew 5:38-39, 43-44; compare Luke 6:27-29.) Most early Christians seem to have interpreted Jesus's order to prohibit all uses of force, even in defense of the topic should i write about for my essay innocent. According to Matthew 26, when a mob of essay armed men came to arrest Jesus, one of his disciples (assumed to be Peter) drew his sword, and amy barkley struck the slave of the essay of contrast high priest, and cut off his ear. Then Jesus said to him, 'Put your sword back into its place; for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.' Many early Christians also noted that Jesus allowed himself to be unjustly executed without putting up any resistance. Paul echoed Jesus's nonviolent message in his letter to the Romans, ch. 12: Repay no one evil for evil . never avenge yourselves, but leave it to protocol research paper, the wrath of of contrast God.… On the other hand, some New Testament passages were interpreted by later Christians as affirming the military profession and its use by the state. Roman soldiers who met Jesus, John the gcse essays Baptist, Peter and Paul were apparently not asked by any of them to abandon their roles.

And in Romans 13, Paul wrote: Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. Of Contrast! For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. He who is in what topic should essay, authority is the servant of God to execute his wrath on essay of contrast the wrongdoer. Paul seems to permit the state to use force, but not individual Christians. Many other Christians in the first three centuries after Christ advocated pacifism (Swift 34-60). Justin Martyr urged Christians not to take part in wars but to pray for animal abuse, their enemies and not resist those who imprison or kill them because of their faith. Athenagoras said that Christians must allow themselves to be hit and robbed without retaliating either physically or through the essay courts. Topic About For My College Essay! Tertullian thought that holding public office and being a soldier would inevitably require actions forbidden to Christians, and connected personal non-retaliation with abstaining from government and military service. Will a son of peace who should not even go to essay of contrast, court take part in report b jones monkey business, battle? he asked rhetorically. Essay! For Christians it is more permissible to be killed than to kill.

And in disarming Peter, Jesus disarmed every soldier thereafter. Against Abuse! Hippolytus thought that Christians should not join the army; but if they were already in the army, they must disobey orders to kill. Essay Of Contrast! That of course would not have gone over of evidence in research papers, well with their military superiors, and essay might have resulted in their execution. Origen was aware of Old Testament holy wars, but said that the Christian Lawgiver [i.e., Jesus] made homicide absolutely forbidden. The law of gentleness and love precluded vengeance and violence. Although the pacifist stance is strong during this early period, there are also hints of gcse some permissible uses of military force. Curiously, considering their otherwise strongly pacifist stances, Tertullian prayed for essay of contrast, imperial Rome and gcse its brave armies, and Origen prayed on behalf of soldiers doing battle in a just cause and on behalf of an emperor who is essay of contrast ruling justly. (Swift) One might wonder why armies should be supported by prayer if Jesus disarmed every soldier (Tertullian) or how any battle could be just if all homicide is absolutely forbidden (Origen). Tabata Protocol Research! Their stance may be consistent with that of Paul, though, i.e., prohibiting violence by individual Christians but seeing God's purposes in some uses of force by governing authorities. Although some Christians served as Roman soldiers during the essay Church’s early history, a very significant shift in Christian thinking about war occurred in the fourth century when Emperor Constantine began to use the book report little monkey business Roman state to support the Church. According to an influential bishop named Eusebius, Christian pacifism was from then on to be strictly for clergy, monks and nuns; lay Christians, by contrast, were obligated to essay, defend the against animal abuse essays empire with force (Swift 82-89). Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, believed that Christians may not use force in personal self-defense, apparently in light of Jesus' commands in the Gospels not to resist or retaliate against evil.

But Ambrose thought that Christian love also entailed a duty to use force to defend innocent third parties --indeed, a Christian who refused to prevent injury to another person would be as bad as the one who inflicted it. Ambrose shifted the focus of Christian moral concern from the act of violence to attitude of the agent: Christian soldiers should love their enemies, even as they attack them! (Is that possible psychologically?) In effect, he baptized Roman military virtues for Christian purposes: risking one's life to defend the empire became courageous, just and noble for Christians. Essay! Ambrose believed that there should be moral limits on war, however. (Swift 96-110) With Ambrose and his student Augustine appears the first significant Christian development of just-war principles. They stipulated that war must only tabata, be waged by essay of contrast a legitimate governmental authority; it must be intended to restore peace and justice; it must be avoided altogether if justice can be achieved by amy barkley resume nonviolent means, i.e., war should only of contrast, be used as a last resort. There were also limits on topic should for my college the conduct of war: reprisal killings and essay of contrast massacres were forbidden (Bainton 95ff.). Even in resume, cases where Augustine considered war to be the lesser of evils, he regarded killing as ultimately tragic, always requiring an attitude of mourning and essay of contrast regret on the part of Christians. Partly due to his influence, throughout most of the medieval period, killing in war was considered a very serious sin.

If a Christian soldier killed an enemy soldier, even in a war that was considered just overall, that soldier would have to do penance for the killing, usually by fasting and prayer for a year or more (Bainton 98, 109). But later efforts by medieval popes to reduce conflict among European princes ironically led to larger wars against external enemies: the Crusades. In the year 1095, Pope Urban II urged European leaders to stop quarrelling among themselves, and to what college essay, rescue the Christian holy lands from essay of contrast their non-Christian occupiers. He referred to english coursework essays, the Turkish Muslims who had invaded Palestine as a cursed race and of contrast an unclean nation that had polluted Christian holy places. Killing Muslims became itself a form of penance for Christians for remission of their sins. Gcse English Coursework! Moral rules governing war were abandoned, and unlimited tactics were permitted. No one was immune from attack by Christian crusaders; whole cities were slaughtered. (Bainton 109-112)

There seems to essay, be a tendency in human societies to believe that one's own enemies are the enemies of God, and need not be treated with the same sort of respect that one is required to show to one’s fellow citizens. Resume! In some cases people are led to believe that the impurity or evil of their enemies is so deep that they ought to essay, be exterminated. There are still people today who believe that their faith has a monopoly on the truth. And many of them are quite willing to use force, even total war, to spread their faith at the expense of others. What the advocates of aggressive religious war cannot legitimately claim, though, is b jones monkey business that their position is the only authentic expression of their faith. Every major religious tradition contains ethical principles that are incompatible with total war. Personally I don’t see how anyone can believe that God is compassionate and just and that God would command total war. Essay! But this reflects a critical perspective on religious scripture that tends to make many religious people uncomfortable. It’s not easy to convince them that they can analyze their scriptures critically, perhaps even coming to reject some ideas contained in them, without necessarily blaspheming God or abandoning their faith. But I think it’s imperative for people to come to grips with contradictory ideas that exist even in their most sacred books. I’m encouraged by the fact that leaders of the major religious traditions have engaged in sincere interfaith dialogues, in against animal, part to reduce the ignorance, fear and of contrast hatred that often leads to types, war, but also to seek areas of agreement on ethical matters even if they cannot agree theologically.

One promising area for consensus is in regard to the treatment of noncombatants. People of all faiths can agree, I trust, that innocent civilians should never be directly targeted by military forces, that indiscriminate weapons and tactics should never be used against military targets in of contrast, ways that would produce large civilian casualties, and that captured soldiers should not be tortured or executed but treated humanely. If a belief that God is compassionate and just is incompatible with advocacy of total war, is amy barkley it also incompatible with war of any kind? Should religious people be strict pacifists? I don’t think so. I can understand why people might see nonviolence as the logical extension of compassion. It seems impossible to reconcile love of enemies with killing them, as Ambrose and Augustine tried to do. But I think (with A A) that an absolute refusal to kill is inconsistent with compassion and justice for innocent people threatened with violent attack. Consider, for example, the continuing need to use military force to stop ethnic cleansing and genocide. I also think (against A A) that people have a right to defend themselves, not only an obligation to defend others.

An unjust, violent attacker in effect forfeits his right not to be killed by of contrast others. On the other hand, it’s a very grave thing to kill any person. Given the topic for my college essay potential for mass killing that’s inherent in all modern war, we must take on the burden of wrestling with the ethical criteria that war must satisfy if it is ever to be permitted. Roland Bainton, Christian Attitudes toward War and of contrast Peace , 1960. John Ferguson, War and about college Peace in the World’s Religions , 1978. John Kelsay, Islam and War: A Study in Comparative Ethics , 1993. Klaus Klostermaier, Himsa and of contrast Ahimsa Traditions in Hinduism, in Harvey Dyck, ed., The Pacifist Impulse in Historical Perspective , 1996. M. Jack Suggs et al., eds., Oxford Study Bible , 1992. Louis Swift, The Early Fathers on War and Military Service , 1983.

Anthony Coates, The Ethics of War , 1997. David Perry is the Director of Ethics Programs, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, and Lecturer in and a little business, Religious Studies. Have we turned a corner on of contrast corporate consumer data responsibility? The aftermath of the Equifax data breach. How the U.S. Constitution Can Help Resolve Ethical Dilemmas. Looking to America's Mission Statement. Government leaders can find guidance in America's vision and mission. A Debate about Google and what topic should for my college essay Its Critics.

Recent allegations stoke growing ‘antitrust sentiment’ about Google. Do Google’s funding choices and of contrast dominant role in internet search chill criticism?

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any act of designing, composing, evaluating, advising, reporting, directing or supervising, or the essay managing of any of these acts wherein the safeguarding of life, health, property, economic interests, the types of evidence papers public welfare or the environment is concerned, and that requires the essay application of engineering principles. If what you do meets all three tests, you are practising professional engineering and must be licensed by the association. The definition applies to in research all situations where this particular combination of intellectual activity, societal protection and essay methodology exists regardless of whether the of evidence position is in essay of contrast, industry, government or consulting. After graduation, can I call myself an engineer? No. Legally speaking, you are an engineering graduate, not an engineer. Amy Barkley Resume! Only holders of a P.Eng. license are legally permitted to use the title “P.Eng.” or the term “engineer” in their job title, or to use any other term, title or description that may lead to the belief that they are authorized to practice professional engineering. An engineering education is the of contrast first step to earning your license and eventually having the right to tabata protocol call yourself an engineer, but you may only use the term “engineer” in of contrast, your job title once you have P.Eng. licence. Do you need to types of evidence be licensed to working in the field of engineering in Ontario? As with medicine and law, you require a licence to do certain engineering work within the province of Ontario. However, not everyone working in engineering requires a licence.

Whether you require a licence depends on the type of engineering work you are doing, and the level of of contrast responsibility you have. The ability to practise engineering in Ontario is book report junie b jones little monkey, regulated by the Ontario Professional Engineers Act and of contrast its regulations, which outline who requires a licence, how to abuse obtain a licence, and when a licence may be revoked. The Act is administered by essay of contrast Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), a self-governing organization that grants licences to qualified individuals, disciplines licence holders who are found guilty of incompetence or misconduct, and enforces compliance with the licensing requirements of the Act. You require a licence if: Your work requires you to design, compose, evaluate, advise, report, direct or supervise; and The work will safeguard life, health, property or the public welfare; and The work requires the application of engineering principles.

You are not required to be licensed if, for book little monkey business example: Your work is strictly related to research, testing, or inspection; or There is no risk to life, health, property or the public welfare if your work is performed incorrectly; or The work is strictly scientific in nature. There are also other exceptions to licensure in the Act: You do not need to be licensed to do professional engineering if a licensed Ontario professional engineer takes responsibility for your work. You do not need a licence to design tools and dies. Any question regarding the need for a licence in a particular situation should be directed to PEO at [email protected] You do not have to wait to of contrast acquire your work experience before you apply for your licence. Application directly after graduation and registration in the association's Engineering Intern program (EIT) is the next phase in your transition from engineering student through to licensed professional.

The EIT program provides annual reviews and guidance on the quality of experience you are receiving. Enrolment can also connect you with the engineering community through publications and Chapter membership. You may be credited with 12 months of experience if you have a postgraduate engineering degree or degrees. Please note that this experience credit cannot replace the against essays requirement for essay 12 months of engineering experience in a Canadian jurisdiction under the supervision of protocol research paper a licensed professional engineer. What kind of engineering work experience is required to obtain a P.Eng. licence? PEO evaluates each applicant’s engineering experience against five, quality-based criteria: Application of of contrast Theory - This is the most important criteria since it shows that the work you are doing could not be done by a person who had not studied engineering. It indicates that you are having an opportunity to use the engineering principles that you learned at university. To be considered for amy barkley resume licensing, your experience must include meaningful participation in at least one aspect of the following applications of theory: analysis design and synthesis testing methods implementation methods We expect that you can communicate to us which engineering principle you have used in any of the above areas and why it is applicable under the circumstances.

Practical Experience - Practical experience provides applicants with an appreciation of the fundamental roles of function, time, cost, reliability, reparability, safety and environmental impact in essay, their work. Practical experience should include such aspects as: function of components as part of a larger system; opportunities to experience and understand the limitations of practical engineering and related human systems in achieving desired goals; opportunities to types of evidence papers experience the significance of time in the engineering process; opportunities to acquire knowledge and understanding of codes, standards, regulations and laws that govern applicable engineering activities. ‘Opportunities’ mentioned above means that you have been given experience in these areas, not just observed or read manuals. Having an understanding of the codes and standards means that you know how and why they were developed and can explain this to us when asked. Management of Engineering - Management of essay engineering projects includes supervising staff, managing projects, being exposed generally to an engineering business environment, and managing technology from a societal perspective. Acceptable management components involve: This criteria is one that is used to identify progress. Abuse! Usually, new grads are given very little experience in this area; however, as they acquire more experience, they should be given more and more responsibilities in each component. Communication Skills - An opportunity to essay develop communication skills is an important experience requirement. This applies to communication in all areas of the types papers work environment, including communication with supervisors, co-workers, government regulators, clients and the general public.

For an applicant’s experience in this area to be acceptable, the applicant should have regular opportunities to participate in: preparing written work; making oral reports or presentations; making presentations to the general public. Social Implications of of contrast Engineering - The social implications of engineering are an important aspect of engineering practice. A professional engineering work environment is research, one that heightens an applicant’s awareness of any social consequences, both positive and negative, of an essay of contrast, engineering activity. While not every project or activity will have direct or immediate social consequences, an applicant’s work experience should nevertheless, instill an awareness of the: value or benefits of report b jones little engineering works to the public; relationship between engineering activity and the public at large; safeguards in place to protect employees and essay the public and to mitigate adverse impacts; and significant role of regulatory agencies in the practice of junie and a engineering. Experience in this area should foster an essay, awareness of an engineer’s professional responsibility to guard against conditions dangerous or threatening to life, limb, property, or the environment, and to call such conditions to the attention of those responsible. What Topic I Write! This is not limited to the immediate work environment but should extend to the end users of the engineering work. Does my work experience have to include all five quality-based criteria?

PEO does not expect that all of your jobs will provide experience in all five of the criteria. Your experience is taken as a whole and of contrast depends on the work you do. Sometimes, you may do work that satisfies only three categories, other times work that satisfies all five. There is one exception: as mentioned earlier, the i write about college essay most important of the criteria is “Application of Theory”. It clearly separates out the jobs that anyone can do from jobs that require the knowledge of someone who has studied engineering. Therefore, in all cases, you should be in a position to essay demonstrate that this was an book and a, integral part of your work. In considering the essay of contrast eligibility of experience for licensing, PEO must err on the side of what topic for my essay caution, in the public interest. Of Contrast! Therefore, work experience that is not clearly professional engineering-related might be given only partial credit or entirely excluded from tabata protocol research paper consideration. What about my pre-graduation experience? PEO considers experience gained before graduation when assessing the quality of the required four years of satisfactory engineering experience. PEO may allow for up to essay 12 months for pre-graduation experience toward the 48 months of minimum acceptable engineering experience requirement.

To be eligible, the pre-graduation experience must: be acceptable engineering experience, based on the five quality-based criteria; have been obtained after you have completed at types in research papers, least 50% of your courses; and essay be seen as a stepping stone to research your professional development. Each work-term must be documented and your supervisor must sign the of contrast documentation, which you will submit with your Application for Licence when you are ready to tabata protocol research apply. Essay Of Contrast! PEO recognizes that pre-grad experience is not likely to gcse coursework essays be at the same level of intensity and essay responsibility as post-grad experience, therefore the acceptability feature is somewhat lighter than what is expected after graduation. However, PEO does expect to resume see that the essay pre-grad experience is a learning tool and will have aided in progressing the applicant’s understanding of the professional engineering working environment. Can a post-graduate degree such as a Master’s Degree count towards the practical experience requirement? Completing of a post-graduate degree in engineering, in the same or reasonably similar discipline of engineering as your Bachelor’s, normally results in 12 months of credit towards the animal required 48 months of of contrast experience. You will not receive credit for studies in areas outside of engineering (e.g. B Jones And A Business! business administration). A post-graduate student may also get additional experience credit if the student works in of contrast, conjunction with industry sponsorship, is directly supervised by a P.Eng. at the sponsoring company and the thesis research work has a distinct, and imminent practical application meeting PEO’s criteria. This work is not equivalent to industrial experience and is assessed separately. The total experience credit cannot exceed the of evidence papers time spent to of contrast complete the post-graduate degree.

Which work terms can I use for pre-graduation experience? Any work term or summer job involving engineering, started after you have completed 50% of your program’s course load, may be eligible for english consideration. Does my supervisor have to be a professional engineer (P.Eng.)? Do I require a P.Eng. signature? The supervisor who signs your pre-graduation work experience form does not have to be a professional engineer.

However, if there is a question about the eligibility of your experience, having a P.Eng. supervisor will aid PEO in its evaluation. Your work experience has to satisfy PEO’s experience requirements. Therefore, anything you can do to demonstrate clearly the of contrast appropriateness of your work experience can be valuable. For example, if your supervisor was not a P.Eng., but his/her manager was, you might consider having both your supervisor and his/her manager sign your pre-graduation experience summary. When do I submit my Pre-graduation Experience Record to PEO? Submit your Pre-graduation Experience Record at the time you apply for your P.Eng. licence.

Do not wait until then to fill out the form, however. Fill out the form as soon as you have ended your work placement, so you can get it signed by your employer (and can accurately recall what exactly you worked on). What are some examples of inadequate pre-graduation experience? Sales or marketing jobs where you do not apply theory and/or engineering principles might not meet PEO’s experience requirement. A data entry job or simple programming or database manipulation, where you use a software package designed by amy barkley someone else might not qualify if your work does not include engineering analysis and design.

Providing technical support for a software company while studying to become a civil engineer would likely not qualify as pre-graduation experience as it is not in your field of study unless you prove through your post-grad experience that you are practising in essay, a field that combines the two streams. May I do engineering work while my application is being considered? Yes. Junie B Jones And A! You may do engineering work, provided a licensed professional engineer takes responsibility for your work. In Ontario, it is illegal to use the title “professional engineer” or any variation thereof as an occupational or business title if you are not licensed by PEO. What is the Engineering Intern Training (EIT) program? The EIT program provides guidance and assistance to engineering graduates as they acquire the 48 months of acceptable engineering work experience, including annual reviews of essay experience to ensure that an applicant is “on the right track” for amy barkley licensing. Benefits of the essay of contrast EIT program include: the opportunity to resume receive detailed, confidential, annual; work experience reviews; eligibility to participate in PEO’s Mentorship Program; access to Engineering Dimensions , the association’s official journal; opportunities to attend EIT seminars at PEO’s office or through sponsoring chapters; the essay opportunity to english join a PEO chapter, attend meetings and network with professional colleagues; email notices of events or items of interest pertaining to your development into a licensed engineer; access to the Licence Holders’ Only section of essay PEO’s website and the opportunity to participate in online discussions with other PEO members through the Discussion Forum; and the opportunity to join the types papers Ontario Society of Professional Engineers and essay of contrast participate in their member-only services, such as insurance and investment plans, and online Career Centre.

As well, becoming an EIT demonstrates to employers that an applicant is what should i write about college essay, serious about being licensed as a professional engineer.