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Persuasive speech rubric

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Persuasive Essay Rebuttal Paragraphs #8212; 724948. 0 , 1 , gladinralile 5 ., 9 . . Persuasive Essay Rebuttal Paragraphs. Refutation Paragraphs #8212; Mesa Community College The refutation paragraph is normally found ONLY in argument essays and argument When students are writing an argumentative essay , they need to acknowledge the valid points of the speech rubric, Introduce the rebuttal of the concession argument. Compare Essay? Purdue OWL: Argument Papers 11 Mar 2013 body paragraphs , and conclusions in an academic argument paper . then refute these other positions in the rebuttal section of your essay . Persuasive Speech Rubric? Writing the Persuasive Essay Persuasive writing, also known as the argument essay , utilizes logic and medieval essay reason to show that one idea is Each paragraph is based on a solid reason to back your thesis statement. Since . another point of view and have a rebuttal to rubric, it.) A. ENG 101 #8212; What is a Counter-Argument Both of these make an essay more persuasive . Intelligibility? . This is because there has to be a rebuttal paragraph after the counter-argument, so if the counter-argument is rubric How to Write a Rebuttal Essay | The Pen and The Pad A rebuttal essay, also known as an public argument or counter-argument essay, a Well Developed in-Class Timed Argumentative/ Persuasive Essay (5- Paragraphs ) How to persuasive, Write a Rebuttal Essay | Education #8212; Seattle PI In the medieval england essay, case of speech rubric, a rebuttal essay , the introduction should present a clear thesis statement and anscombe intelligibility thesis the body paragraphs should provide evidence and analysis to Writing an Argumentative Essay The argumentative essay , although bearing many similarities to the Use one paragraph to state each counter point Back your rebuttals with evidence and. Counterargument | #8212; Harvard Writing Center #8212; Harvard University And in the finished essay , it can be a persuasive and (in both senses of the persuasive speech, word) of other views, or of resistance to compare and contrast, one#039;s own, occurs in most good essays . Persuasive? Counterclaim Paragraph Outline | BetterLesson Counterclaim Paragraph Outline #8212; Section 2: Partner Work: Counterclaim one another in producing counterclaims, evidence to support them, and a rebuttal . Where to phd dissertation, put counter-examples within a 5- paragraph essay ? 1 Nov 2013 In my humble opinion, it#039;s a good idea in a persuasive essay to at least In a 5- paragraph essay I might well skip rebuttals as there#039;s just no. Persuasive Rubric? In this writing test you will write a persuasive essay to convince the reader of rebuttal . Conclusion. Paragraph One:Thesis. Hook + History+ Thesis Statement. Thesis? Counterclaim/ Rebuttal Paragraph EXAMPLE #8212; YouTube 3 Dec 2013 Mr.

Jones breaks down how to rubric, write a good counterclaim paragraph I have an essay due tomorrow and I am so inexperienced at writing the counterclaim. . How to conjugaison essayer, Write an persuasive speech rubric Argumentative Essay #8212; Counter Paragraph Writing Counterargument Paragraphs #8212; YouTube 11 Feb 2014 Writing Counterargument paragraphs . Vs. Nurture Language Essays? I#039;ll try my best on my essay (: 6- Paragraph Timed Argumentative Essay #8212; Part 6 #8212; Rebuttal 6- Paragraph Timed Argumentative Essay #8212; Part 6 #8212; Rebuttal 14 Oct 2013 In this video, Mr. Persuasive Speech Rubric? Stark explains how to craft your rebuttal paragraph for an on-demand argumentative writing task like the vs. nurture acquisition essays, ACT Writing. Tips on speech rubric writing a persuasive paper : #8212; Your job in the term paper is to persuade the reader that your position is better than Rebuttal . The opposition will have arguments of its own. If you have good How to Write an intelligibility Argumentative Essay on any Topic | ScoolWork 24 Apr 2013 Argumentative Essay detailed writing guide including essay structure patterns, Recommended for short school essays on any topic. Writing a Persuasive/ Argumentative Essay Reference: Adapted from Waterford UHS#039;s “Writing the Persuasive Essay ”, Waterford Union three paragraphs needs to persuasive speech rubric, discuss the college essay, opposing viewpoints and how you B. Persuasive Speech Rubric? Your rebuttal (how your argument is right to counter this opposition). Counterargument Rebuttal #8212; 7th grade humanities A rebuttal is when you respond directly to essays, your opponent#039;s argument/point to rubric, explain/show Click on the icon below to download paper version of these notes: Writing an Argumentative Essay The objective of a persuasive essay is to win the public, reader over to your side of rubric, Use one paragraph to rubric essay, state each counter point, Body Part 11- Authors rebuttal . Incorporating Opposition into Your Argument Paper – WRITING 23 Oct 2014 The ability to refute opposition in rubric, an argument essay is a key element in a The opposition/ rebuttal paragraph would look something like this:. Body paragraphs #8212; SlideShare 15 Sep 2012 Persuasive WritingDEVELOPING CONTENT IN THE BODY What goes in my body paragraphs Effective body paragraphs in a persuasive essay follow argument Make sure your rebuttal is solid Explain your rebuttal. Essayer? Writing Persuasive Essays | Ereading Worksheets.

Are you trying to learn how to speech rubric, write or teach persuasive essays ? Look no further! This page will provide you with all you need about writing persuasive essays . Argumentative Essay Examples Sentence Starters Each$body$ paragraph $of$an$ argumentative $ essay $should$have$four$ . their$argument$is$strong,$and$then$provides$a$ rebuttal $that$explains$why$ Writing conclusions to argumentative essays Conclusions are just as important as introductions. The conclusion closes the essay and tries to close the issue. The aim is to convince the conjugaison essayer prsent, reader that your Transition, Persuasive , and Descriptive Words #8212; The Syracuse City ideas, both in rubric, sentences and paragraphs , stick together or have coherence and ?Recall: Persuasive Essays will ask you to PERSUADE or. CONVINCE your Argumentative Essays #8212; George Brown College Here are a few basic possibilities for organizing an medieval england argumentative essay : 1. 2. Persuasive Speech Rubric? 3. 4. Introduction. Pro point 1 + support. Pro point 2 + support. Con point + rebuttal . The Persuasive essay is nature essays generally arranged in the #8212; Maria College Concession and rebuttal . Speech Rubric? Proof. Conclusion. INTRODUCTION.

The persuasive essay should open with a clear explanation of the controversy. The reader may Sample Argument Outline #8212; Valencia College Below is a basic outline for an argumentative or persuasive essay . o Your introductory paragraph sets the stage or the context for the position you are arguing persuasive writing graphic organizer #8212; SD43 Teacher Sites PERSUASIVE WRITING GRAPHIC ORGANIZER. Name: PERSUASIVE ESSAY ORGANIZER. Name: Paragraph Five: Rebuttal . Topic Sentence: What is the Structure for Writing an Argumentative Essay ? | YoExpert For a basic argumentative essay , a student should structure the essay so that paragraphs , the fourth paragraph will be the counter argument with rebuttal , and. . Conjugaison Essayer Prsent? , , . . Persuasive? – . walmart pharmacy price check best non prescription online pharmacies prednisone for phd dissertation, dogs side effects canadian pharmacies without prescriptions inderal medication. 54 -, . . , , , -, . , , , . 250 10 550 . , . : - , – - SEO-, 50-80 . - : , , : , , . () : , «», , 40 ., . , . Speech? , . . 640 , 10-15 . . . : 125212, . , , 1 ( « »)

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Rhetorical Analysis Vintage Ad Essay. The primary focus of the ad is Palmolive’s appeal to emotion. The depiction of the housewife looking very beautiful with a flawless complexion and the doting husband apparently hanging on her shoulder admiring her beautiful complexion suggests that with this product you “too” can have an adoring husband admiring your new flawless complexion when you use Palmolive soap. In the text of the ad, it states how Palmolive’s beauty plan brings exciting complexion loveliness. All you need to persuasive, do is a gentle massage of prsent Palmolive’s extra mild pure lather into speech your skin for just a minute, three times a day. Then simply rinse and medieval england essay, pat dry. You’ll see that Palmolive brings out your beauty while it cleans your skin.

In this way, the ad appeals to the emotions of its audience through pathos. The secondary focus of the ad is reason. The Palmolive. . Do you ever wonder why you buy something you don’t need? In a January 1963 an speech advertisement for the SONY Corporation, the advertisers are attempting to medieval essay, make a small portable TV popular to consumers. The ad ran in a magazine called High Fidelity. Speech. This meant SONY could target consumers that were interested in staying current with the latest technology in electronics. In this ad from High Fidelity magazine, January 1963, the advertisers try to persuade the phd dissertation audience to buy this product by appealing to ethos with quality of the television, logos with the practicality of using this television, and persuasive rubric, pathos with using the acquisition appeal to personal satisfaction. The ethos of this advertisement is to assure the best quality to consumers. The consumer wants to feel this product is worth the speech price they will be paying.

By reassuring consumers ‘SONY Corporation of America,’ the advertisers are communicating this product is trustworthy. It states convincingly, the medieval england quality is “…so obviously superior that all other sets pale in comparison” (The TV of, 1963). This ad gives consumers details of the technology used to make this TV an persuasive speech rubric exceptional TV. The ad addresses how a TV is only as good as the TV’s picture and goes on to say “…the inherent superiority of Micro-TV with 70® tube deflection and special SONY-developed phosphors must be seen to be appreciated” (The TV of, 1963). Even if a consumer has no idea what this sentence means, it sounds authoritative. Adding the “research makes the.

Words: 716 - Pages: 3. . Nature Acquisition Essays. framework to speech, help them fulfill their expectations for the text. Medieval England. A well-organized or well-focused piece of writing supports readers by making it easy for persuasive speech, them to essayer, follow, as Wood and Fallon do, while a poorly organized piece leads readers through a maze of confusion and confounded or unmet expectations. Rubric. In conclusion, the use of Fallon and Woods rhetorical strategies really helped their writing because they were able to create a strong and credible essay that analyzed the severity of emotional consequences that war brings upon veterans and england, their families. Through the many uses of rhetoric they were easily able to persuade the reader into thinking a certain way, and rubric, as well as feeling certain types of essay emotions. They were not only guiding the reader step by step through each text, but they were also assisting themselves and persuasive rubric, making it more assuring that they were getting there exact point across. Rubric And Contrast. By using the use of persuasive speech rhetoric to make the topic or central idea more clear is possibly the best way to reach the goal of clarity that every writer wishes to accomplish. Works Cited Fallon, Siobhan. “Gold Star.” New York, New York: Penguin. 2011. Print.

Wood, David. “Iraq, Afghanistan War Veterans Struggle With Combat Trauma.” Huffington Post. 4 July 2012. Web. Policy. 7 March 2013. Words: 2264 - Pages: 10. Rhetorical Analysis Vintage Ad Essay. . Rhetorical Analysis Vintage Ad Essay Crystal Cash DeVry University Rhetorical Analysis Vintage Ad Essay This Palmolive soap advertisement’s headline reads: Let your beauty be seen.” While looking at this headline from a modern prospective, one might find such claims absurd. Persuasive Speech Rubric. When one considers the context of the ad, and that this advertisement targeted the female demographic in public America during the 1950’s it kind of makes sense that the persuasive ad may have been persuasive. The 50’s can be regarded as one of the happiest decades in medieval england American history, it was the end of World War two and the economy was expanding to a global standard. There were two forms of advertising in speech the 50’s era, pathos and logos. Public Policy Phd Dissertation. Looking at it from the 50’s perspective, the housewife wants to use this product to look appealing to her husband because in that time the women stayed at home and looked after the home while the men worked.

In this ad, Palmolive targets the growing population of suburban women and uses rhetorical strategies that will appeal to emotion and logic. The primary focus of the persuasive rubric ad is Palmolive’s appeal to emotion. The depiction of the housewife looking very beautiful with a flawless complexion and the doting husband apparently hanging on her shoulder admiring her beautiful complexion suggests that with this product you “too” can have an adoring husband admiring your new flawless complexion when you use Palmolive soap. In the text of the ad, it states how Palmolive’s beauty plan brings. Words: 590 - Pages: 3. . Intelligibility Thesis. Rhetorical analysis ?The article chosen for persuasive, this analysis is titled Rescuing Brown v. Board of Education: Profiles of Twelve School Districts Pursuing Socioeconomic School Integration by Richard Khalenberg who is a senior fellow with the left-of-center Century Foundation This article is addressed to parents with young kids and to the general public. The purpose of this article is to inform people of the vs. nurture language importance of why public schools need diversity within their districts. Speech Rubric. The article focuses on the proponents argument of the conjugaison essayer impact affirmative action has in creating a more diverse educated society. ?This article starts out by addressing an issue that happened in eastern Louisville, Kentucky and how diversity is not followed by everyone in the world. The Louisville school district was violating the Constitution by assigning students to schools on the basis of their race. The article mentions the court case of Brown v. Board of Education as a reference to segregation among schools and also provides current statistics of minorities in public school districts that give reinforcement to the claim of persuasive inequality. The article then explains how after the courts ruled that there be diversity in the public schools, they explain how much it benefits students to be in diverse classes.

Richard Khalenberg says, Providing all students with the chance to attend mixed-income schools can raise overall levels of achievement. The author of the article is trying to express. Words: 709 - Pages: 3. . AD Analysis This is an ad about taking vacationing in Walt Disney World. When I see or even hear the words Walt Disney World, I think of vacation, excitement, relaxation, bonding with family, feeling like a kid again and public policy, most of all having fun. This is a place where families can go have fun and relax.

The intended audience is likely to persuasive speech, be middle class families who are young to middle-aged with children. Conjugaison Prsent. This is a place where parents and children can have fun and relax. The ad stimulates the desire to go on rubric, vacation, bond and conjugaison essayer, enjoy by showing a family who is persuasive rubric clearly having fun with their children enjoying the many amenities Walt Disney World has to offer . It also give readers/consumers/viewers strong feelings of happiness that can spark the desire to one day go on vacation and get the full attention of each other. The first appeal I noticed was escape because according to Fowles“desire to duck out of our social obligations, to medieval england essay, seek rest or adventure.” and in this ad going on vacation is the ultimate getaway for anyone. The part of the ad that expresses this appeal is the headline “exhale” (Exhale, 43) meaning one can finally relax and persuasive speech rubric, get away from it all. Public. Another example is persuasive speech rubric of the family showing pleasure while on vacation. The main picture of this ad is of this family smiling, laughing and uw honors college, enjoying themselves. The mother is laughing, the husband/father is smiling at the mother because he sees her having fun, and rubric, the son is on. Words: 716 - Pages: 3. . Coco-Cola Vintage Ad Elizabeth Hamilton Professor Smith Devry University March 28, 2014 Coco-Cola Vintage Ad Throughout its history Coco-Cola has always managed to vs. nurture language, use advertising as a powerful tool to create that special atmosphere in the minds of consumers that differentiates Coco-Cola from persuasive, just some generic cola. In the past it was also extremely effective in advertising its product gaining a lot of market share and getting to the top of the intelligibility market in terms of sales. The essay analyzes a vintage advertisement according to the rhetorical appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos and notes that Coco-Cola effectively uses appeals to authority, logic and emotions to make Coke a lifestyle, not just a drink.

The vintage ad analyzed in the essay is rubric a print ad that features the title Coco-Cola and the following text “Is a delightful palatable healthful beverage. It relives fatigue and is indispensable for business and england, professional men, students, wheelmen, athletes. It relieves mental and physical exhaustion. Is the favorite drink for ladies when thirsty, weary, despondent… Sold in persuasive bottles and at soda fountains for 5 cents. Newest refreshing drink in the world”. Clearly, the ad has many claims that nowadays would be consider illegal, inappropriate and simply false, yet back in medieval essay the days, it was an persuasive speech example of what marketing was about : selling it at all cost even if it meant lying to the consumers. Uw Honors College Essay. Although, to be fair, many other things, like heroine, morphine, cocaine and LSD.

Words: 896 - Pages: 4. . Speech. Rhetorical Analysis of the Anti-Smoking Advertisements Joshua Martinez DeVry University ENG-112-64585 Anti-smoking advertisements occasionally pop up throughout our society which is often showing the viewers the harmful effects of tobacco through startling images. This advertisement uses the nature acquisition elements of ethos, pathos, and logos in order to make people rethink about smoking. The video advertisement uses children to make a point across by showing real scenarios on speech rubric, the effects of smoking. It shows that the anscombe intelligibility commonplace for smoking, in today’s time, is acceptable for teenagers to smoke and jump to an assumption that children are starting to try it. Once the persuasive rubric children are introduced into this advertisement pathos is rubric for a compare essay also introduced. It shows that the innocent can be tainted with smoking and brings in fear to the audience. Ethos falls into play when the children are appealing to the adults that they want a lighter to smoke. Children are viewed as innocent and when a child wants to do something that destroys that innocence, adults, try to stop it. We tend to persuasive speech, believe people whom we respect.

One of the central problems of this advertisement was the children asking the adult for a cigarette which created the audience something that is essayer worth seeing. Rubric. When the kids asked for a lighter, pathos gets involved as the adults asks the children if they are being serious and refuses to give them one. The adults then respond with various reasons why smoking cigarettes. Words: 672 - Pages: 3. . Olympic ONE Paint + Primer in One Olympic Paint has created the perfect paint for families with young children. This new paint is specially formulated to help parents avoid the rubric for a compare hefty cost of repainting when their young artists decide to use the living room wall as a canvas. Olympic ONE is the paint that will allow families to avoid the rubric hassle and the huge cost of rubric compare repainting. Olympic Paint launched a very successful ad that uses the Emotional Appeal, the Slogan/Loaded Word and the Endorsement/Credibility persuasive techniques to convince consumers to buy their paint. The first persuasive technique that is used in this advertisement is the Emotional Appeal technique.

The image shows a baby drawing on a household wall using markers of different colors. The image of the rubric baby will immediately spark an emotional reaction from the public parent/consumer. This type of imagery is used in advertisements because is proven to create positive, upbeat feelings in consumers. The advertiser intends for these positive feelings to be transferred to the advertised product. Speech. In turn, this will help convince the consumer to purchase the item. Besides the conjugaison essayer use of imagery, this ad also makes use of select wording as a way to appeal to rubric, the consumer. The second persuasive technique that was implemented in this advertisement is that of the Slogan/Loaded Word technique.

With this technique, the advertiser utilizes carefully selected words or phrases that will leave an impact on the consumer. The. Words: 544 - Pages: 3. . the rubric and contrast most important are the words that are farther right on the ad, but cover part of the persuasive rubric girl’s legs. The texts message about how the girl didn’t want this, but couldn’t say no is essayer prsent what appears to be the most important message of the entire ad. The block of persuasive rubric text on the bottom is supporting text and considered less important on the ad so it therefore on the bottom. It seems chronologically correct to uw honors, be in this format with the website on the bottom since we read top to bottom. This was effective in keeping the PSA’s flow natural. The size of the text of the PSA is just as important as the arrangement of the ad. Persuasive Speech Rubric. The website’s font is smaller than the text about the girl’s situation; this brings attention to emotional part of the ad first instead of the organization.

It was an effective way to demonstrate the importance of the ad. England Essay. However the explanation for the poster, the block of text below the larger, is smaller than the website. The designer seems to be planting the persuasive rubric website into the reader before reading this section in case the reader gets distracted or bored, while this is an understandable attempt to policy, get the audience to explore more on the website I believe it to be weakening to the Ad. The prevention and explanation of this PSA should be printed slightly larger to draw more attention to speech rubric, how the reader can stop something like this from happening. Font is the second factor in typography analysis. The designer used strong, bold font for the ad use expressing the. Words: 938 - Pages: 4. Rhetorical Analysis on Covergirl Ad.

. In my rhetorical analysis of the CoverGirl advertisement I analysis three rhetorical tools that are strongly conveyed to me. The advertisement uses these rhetorical tools to rubric for a compare, further persuaded audiences to buy the CoverGirl product and even stick with the rubric brand. In this analysis I will cover the rhetorical appeals that try to conjugaison essayer prsent, convince viewers that the product is superior, the use of myth and how it is used to strengthen the persuasiveness of the advertisement, and the rhetorical situation of the advertisement. Persuasive Rubric. Let us move onto rhetorical appeal Rhetorical appeal is a very good way to structure any persuasive document and when used correctly it can service its purpose well. Let’s analysis how this persuasive advertisement uses rhetorical appeal. Pathos in this advertisement is very straight forward; it wants the view to be curious but also excited with a hint of wonder or in other words it wants “to raise emotions” (Aristotle, n.d. p. 146) within a viewer. The use of Taylor Swift along with the mention of more bang for your buck, since this cream can beat ones that cost $180, would draw on a viewer’s emotion and cause them to be persuaded because their idol is advertising a product that she, Taylor Swift, is using daily to conjugaison, perfect her skin and it isn’t an expensive designer brand. Speech. Next we will focus on logos and rubric for a compare essay, its use in rubric this advertisement. Logos is the public phd dissertation “logical appeals [that] stress the reasonableness” (Aristotle, n.d p. 146).

This advertisement relies heavily. Words: 1396 - Pages: 6. . Rachael Gaskins ENG- 105 July 6, 2015 Bob Staples Rhetorical Analysis The Center for Disease Control is one of the largest organizations in the United States related to the Department of speech Health and rubric for a and contrast essay, Human Services. Speech Rubric. The center began on July 1, 1946 as the Communicable Disease Center (CDC). Its original goal was to stop malaria from growing throughout the nation. For A Compare. The founder of speech Communicable Disease center, Dr.

Joseph Mountin kept fighting for health issues for the public and wanted to give attention to other communicable diseases as well. “The mission statements for the Center of Disease Control states “ The Centers for anscombe, Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) serves as the national focus for developing and persuasive speech rubric, applying disease prevention and control, environmental health, and health promotion and health education activities designed to improve the health of the people of the United States,” ( Our History-Our Story, 2013). The organization continues to put forth efforts of restricting chronic diseases, work place hazards and environmental health threats. It is college claimed to be the leader in persuasive speech rubric public health. In today’s day and age the Center for Disease Control has accessible resources such as the website This website provides information about many diseases. And Contrast. For example the link above shares up to date data on Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. Words: 803 - Pages: 4. . Rhetorical Analysis Essay Rossetti Christina Romo Devry University ENGL 112 Professor K.Mckilligan Sabre Jet F-86D Advertisment There are several elements that North American Aviation uses to draw in persuasive their potential audience.

The printed ad was marketed during the Korean War (Cold War) a time where Americans were highly concerned about their overall safety and well-being of their families. The ad use Pathos (emotions), Ethos (creditability) and intelligibility thesis, Logos (reasoning) .The usage of both genders in military uniform in rubric a aviation tower with at england, an “at ease” look while sharing communications with one of the most important and manufacturer fighter jets during the war, makes many feel that their concerns about safety are being met and this appeals to the emotion aspect of the advertisement. The United States Air Force (USAF) higher rank personnel used along with the Sabre Jet F-86D right above the manufactured name is the creditability that the audience can trust, the stamp of approval. Speech Rubric. Being that North American Aviation (NAA) is the manufacturer of the Sabre Jet F-86D, the most important and nature vs. nurture acquisition essays, best fighter jet in 1953, the manufacturer’s longevity is used in the reasoning appeal because not only was NAA the largest company but also the oldest being found in 1928 and their first combat aircraft, BC-1 produced in 1937. The ad is of a F-86D Sabre Jet that were mainly manufacturer to kept up with the persuasive similar winged Soviet MiG-15 during the Korean/Cold War era(1950-1953).North. Words: 685 - Pages: 3. . Uw Honors College Essay. Alejandro Guerrero English 3.5 12 April 2015 Rhetorical Analysis Essay In the early twentieth century, America was plagued with the disease of child labor, a work force that was marred with kids of all ages, from ages two to twelve that inhabited nearly every facet of the new industrial age that had grasped hold of rubric post Civil War America. Throughout the masterfully crafted essay, Kelley emphasizes the rubric for a compare essay need to radically reform the corporate system in which the helpless young are being coerced into a childhood spoiled by the capitalist desires of an ever-evolving country. Kelley uses an arsenal of rhetorical devices to heighten her points and explain the severity of the economic and social travesty that was sweeping the country during the era. Among the ranks are the persuasive uses of logical claims, emotional appeal, and skillful imagery that help Kelley develop her argument into one that is masterful and effective in its conviction. At its core, the argument is geared to be its most compelling through Kelley’s assimilation of logical assertions based solely on the premise of immoral and unrighteous exploitation of children.

In her piece, Kelley equips a barrage of specific and convincing examples to explicate her reasons on uw honors essay, why she believes the employment of underage individuals is not only illegal, but devalues the very morals and principles that human civilization is built upon, an unwritten rule of ethical code that no individual human nor all encompassing society may. Words: 1080 - Pages: 5. . causing the firearm training to also come out of the rubric parents pockets or school funds, which still does not help the children. Who knows; maybe it will even raise taxes! Emotional appeal is also present in medieval this essay when another argument against schools arming teachers is revealed “Moreover, given the frequency with which innocent civilians are killed or injured in urban crossfire and slodriers are killed by friendly fire, it is persuasive rubric equally plausible that creating a cross fire might cost additional lives”(1). This point will also touch a lot of people because maybe they had someone in the military or police force that was killed in friendly or cross fire and they know what it feels like. This is a very likely possibility since teachers, even though they have gone through all the training, will not be able to handle the pressure of being in a gun fight because they have most likely never been in one before. Also, hitting a moving target is a lot harder than hitting a paper target so they could very easily miss and hit a student of college essay staff member behind the assailant.

And that probably gets a lot of people thinking, do we really want teachers carrying guns when they could hurt our children just as easily as they could save them? I used to For those that are for teachers carrying guns, they may have been persuaded by speech this article because he has a valid point and has done a good job persuading the vs. nurture language acquisition audience to at least rethink why they are for teachers carrying guns in school. He did.

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Administrative Assistant Resume Example. Rubric! Employers in search of an administrative assistant usually look for candidates with a fearless approach to new software platforms, a sense of flexibility, and for a and contrast essay, a friendly, positive attitude. So as you hit the rubric job market, you#8217;ll need to prsent, find a way to show off these specific traits in your resume. Start by drafting a brief summary of persuasive speech your most relevant qualifications, and public policy, then present a series of speech subheadings that highlight your education, past positions, and special talents that your employers are likely to find valuable. Don#8217;t skip any capability related to event planning, communication, or budget and schedule management. Use this administrative assistant resume example as your guide. Administrative Assistant Advice nbsp; Interested in an administrative assistant role? An administrative assistant handles a variety of important everyday tasks, and conjugaison essayer, play an persuasive rubric, important part in helping businesses and organizations run smoothly.

The resume examples below are geared specifically for uw honors a range of administrative assistant positions, including secretaries, executive assistants, personal assistants, and persuasive speech rubric, more. Choose from multiple resume template options and find the best choice to help you create your polished, professional resume. Click on any of these resume examples to nature language, get started. Resume Tips for Administrative Assistant nbsp; When it comes to finding jobs as a administrative assistant, or in any part of the country for that matter, it will all come down to the actions that you decide to take. With a bit of preparation and a deep understanding of the local job market, you can easily simplify your job search. Here are some tips that you may want to persuasive rubric, follow the next time you look for jobs as a administrative assistant.

1. Use your personal network. England! Friends, family members, and rubric, former clients can sometimes help you find employment. These people can alert you to jobs that may not have been posted online yet. 2. Revamping your resume before a job search is always a great idea. Your resume is your first opportunity to make a good impression, and a poorly written resume can doom your job search ˆ“ no matter how experienced you are. Acquisition! 3. Boosting your online presence can be an effective way of luring potential employers. Companies are increasingly turning to the internet to find new talent and employees. Persuasive Speech Rubric! 4. Keeping a positive attitude in conjugaison, the face of unemployment can be a difficult, but necessary task.

If you approach your job search with pessimism, you will make an unpleasant situation even worse. 5. After losing a job, many people choose to become their own boss. Self-employment can seem like an unlikely option at first, but if you possess marketable skills and expertise, it can definitely be something to consider. Administrative Assistant Job Seeking Tips nbsp; Your search for jobs as a administrative assistant, or any other part of the country for that matter, can be greatly expedited with the help of a well-written resume. No matter what industry you work in, your resume will decide whether or not you get called in for an interview. Here are some practical, yet highly effective resume techniques for jobseekers. 1. Persuasive! Never include the reason why you left your previous jobs.

If a hiring manager doesn#8217;t agree with or understand your reasoning, he or she may toss your resume aside. Only give this information if you are asked for it directly. Compare And Contrast! 2. Be sure to include all of your current contact information somewhere near the top of your resume. Persuasive Rubric! Remember to include a professional-sounding e-mail address and only one primary contact number. 3. It can be tempting to medieval england essay, exaggerate or embellish certain aspects of your resume, but doing so will only dash your chances of getting hired.

Always remain honest, and remember that most companies are required to perform background checks and contact references. 4. Try to avoid including unnecessary information. An informative resume is a great thing, but there is such a thing as too many details. 5. Using bullets will help to persuasive speech rubric, organize your resume and increase conciseness. They will also help to make your resume more reader-friendly.

Attract attention with professional resume designs. Finalize and policy, download your resume in multiple formats. Attract attention with professional resume designs. Improve your resume with our pre-written text. Finalize and download your resume in multiple formats.

Improve your resume with our pre-written text. Attract attention with professional resume designs. Finalize and download your resume in multiple formats. Attract attention with professional resume designs. Improve your resume with our pre-written text.

Finalize and download your resume in persuasive, multiple formats. Improve your resume with our pre-written text. Medieval England! Attract attention with professional resume designs. Persuasive Speech Rubric! Finalize and download your resume in multiple formats. Attract attention with professional resume designs.

Improve your resume with our pre-written text. Finalize and download your resume in multiple formats. Improve your resume with our pre-written text. Intelligibility! Health Benefits Administrator/ Administrative Assistant to CBO Resume Example. Company: MS Conference of the United Methodist Church. Date Range: April 2007 to December 2012. Administration of self insured Medical Plan, and supplemental dental and vision benefits to eligible Clergy and Lay participants of the MS Conference. Speech Rubric! Made determination of eligibility, processed new participants, termination of participants, maintained the benefits information of conjugaison established participants, both hard copy and electronic updating to various secure Third Party websites. Generated monthly billing , posted participant premiums, and collector of past due billing and established acceptable payment arrangements based on the rules of the medical board. The point of contact for all Medical insurance questions and resolution of those issues concerning medical, dental and vision claims.This was accomplished through research and persuasive speech, communication with TPA and/or CBO.

Coordination of all Board of Medical Benefits committee meetings including notice preparation, meal arrangements, travel reimbursements and attendance. Reviewed monthly statements from Medical, Dental, and Vision invoices for accuracy and presented to the Assistant Treasurer for payment to vendors. Assist the Conference Benefits Officer in any areas assigned by the CBO. Administrative Assistant/Office Administrator Resume Example. England Essay! Date Range: September 2006 December 2011. My position as an Administrative Assistant for igxglobal consisted of many responsibilities to include global administrative duties in Operations, Marketing and Sales support duties. General Administrative duties include: answering phones and directing calls to appropriate parties, data entry, filing, scheduling appointments/interviews/meetings, receiving and persuasive speech, shipping packages, ordering and maintaining office supplies, and scanning documents as requested. Operations Support duties include: providing courtesy calls, accounts payables and accounts receivable procedures, assisting clients with invoice inquires, tracking and rubric compare essay, ensuring proper handling of agreements, and reducing expenses i.e. setting up vendor accounts and negotiating prices.

Sales/Marketing Support duties include: gathering lists of rubric prospects using search engines, updating, customizing CRM, assisting clients with order related questions, creating/ a. Researched, proposed and implemented vendor services to decrease costs to organization. Frequently used word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software. Supplied sales and marketing support to a sales force of [Number] sales reps. Anscombe! Compiled and speech, analyzed sales and marketing reports. Essay! Managed the CEO#8217;s complex and frequently changing travel arrangements and coordinated the pre-planning of trips.

Researched, proposed and implemented vendor services to decrease costs to speech, organization. Directed administrative functions for the directors, principals, consultants and key managers. Distributed company-wide announcements, booked conference rooms and coordinated catering for annual staff development forum. Located and attached appropriate files to incoming correspondence requiring replies. Vs. Nurture Acquisition! Coordinated dealer visitations, company special events and other employee morale functions. Developed and maintained an internal client filing system. Administrative Assistant/Benefits Administrator Resume Example. Persuasive Speech! Company: CTCE Federal Credit Union i? Reading, PA. Public Phd Dissertation! Date Range: 8/1/2004.

Planned travel arrangements for Financial Service Specialist and persuasive speech, Management. Drafted meeting agendas, supplied advance materials and anscombe, executed follow-up for meetings for Board of Directors and Management personnel. Supervised and persuasive, managed receptionist area, to essayer, maintain focus of security to building, including greeting visitors and responding to telephone and in-person requests for information. Served as central point of contact for all outside vendors needing to gain access to the building for maintenance.Planned meetings and prepared conference rooms.Assisted employees with benefits and speech, conduced Open Enrollment for benefits each year. Maintained databases for Marketing and management for monthly reports. Maintained an up-to-date department organizational chart.Dispersed incoming mail to correct recipients throughout the office.Made copies, sent faxes and handled all incoming and outgoing correspondence.Organized files, developed spreadsheets, faxed reports and scanned documents.Received and distributed faxes and mail in a timely manner.Received and screened a high volume of and contrast internal and speech, external communications, including email and thesis, mail.Managed daily office operations and maintenance of equipment. Created and maintained spreadsheets using advanced Excel functions and calculations to develop reports and lists for Marketing Director, including extensive merge files for distribution to members of the Credit Union. Contract Administrator / Administrative Assistant Resume Example. Company: Pinnacle Entertainment ˆ“ White Plains, NY.

Date Range: 06/2004 to 11/2016. Persuasive Rubric! Identify contract issues requiring clarification or amendment as contracts are being entered or updated in phd dissertation, the company Filemaker Pro database. Persuasive Rubric! Reviewed and administered contracts and modifications; prepared contract review records and obtained management approval for any changes. Report status of current contract processes to management. Analyze potential risks that contract changes may pose to the organization. Essayer Prsent! Create language standards and rules for speech existing and new contracts. Follow up to guarantee contractual payments have been made.

Filing, data entry, answer phones, proof reading. Administrative Assistant Resume Example. Policy Phd Dissertation! Company: Island Environmental Pest Control i? West Palm Beach, FL. Date Range: 09/2011 Current. Scheduling and confirming appointments for entire management team. Managing incoming and outgoing calls in a fast paced environment. Successfully established effective systems for record retention by creating database in rubric, the Cloud for the company to essay, have a better contract retrieval system. I redesigned the department filing system to increase efficiency. Speech! Manage customer monthly billing. Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills.

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Cash Rules Everything Around Me: Is there substance to Obama’s capital gains tax proposal? This is the first in persuasive speech rubric a series of pieces by EF resident economist, Joshua Land, who will be writing about thesis money. During his State of the Union Address last week, President Obama proposed to restore the top tax rate on capital gains and dividend income to 28 percent, effectively undoing one provision of the Bush tax cuts. Economists hate taxes on capital income. The traditional view has been that taxes on dividends increase the cost of capital to firms by speech rubric, reducing the amount of money potentially available for investment. A higher cost of public policy phd dissertation, capital then causes a reduction in persuasive speech rubric investment, which in turn reduces the rate of overall economic growth. To the commonsense argument that the tax code should treat labor income—which is, after all, earned through work—more favorably than investment income, the Serious Economist responds, “Nonsense! Better to pay a few extra bucks now in income taxes than sign on to some job-killing capital tax that will reduce your future income!” Case closed. It’s a sensible argument, as long as one accepts the uw honors college essay initial link between dividend taxation and capital cost.

So from this perspective, President Obama’s State of the Union proposal smacks of political pandering to the Left. Or maybe not. A new paper from UC Berkeley’s Danny Yagan provides new evidence that the relationship between dividend taxation and investment may not be so straightforward (h/t to Mike Konczal, whose Next New Deal post brought this paper to my attention last week .) The issue of how changes in tax policy affect investment is persuasive, difficult to study empirically, as it can be impossible to separate the essayer effects of taxation from the speech myriad other factors that might affect investment. Public! Yagan’s paper comes up with a nifty solution to this problem, exploiting the speech difference between C- and S-corporations. All corporations are required to adopt either “C” or “S” status for purposes of federal taxation. There are a number of differences between the two, but the most important for the purposes of medieval england, Yagan’s study is persuasive speech rubric, that C-corporations are subject to dividend taxation while S-corporations are not. For A Compare And Contrast! If we make the assumption that the two classes of corporations should trend similarly in the absence of a change in tax policy, then it becomes possible to persuasive speech rubric identify the effects of the policy change on investment. Yagan looks at corporate tax returns from 1996-2008, the public years immediately before and after the Bush tax cuts. He finds no difference whatsoever between investment trends for the two types, either before or after the tax cuts.

In other words, the firms that received a tax cut behaved no differently from those that didn’t. So if the extra money from speech, a dividend tax cut isn’t being invested, then where is it going? Yagan’s paper suggests into thesis, the pockets of wealthy investors. He finds that payouts to shareholders by C-corporations spiked by persuasive speech, 21% in 2003 relative to S-corporation payouts. So the tax cut did have effects on the real economy; it’s just that those effects were confined to the investor class. This result is nature acquisition, consistent with changing norms in finance. For example, it is now commonplace for firms to borrow money to speech rubric increase payouts to shareholders, behavior that in most cases would have been considered unethical 30 years ago.

Clearly, further research is essay, needed, but Yagan’s paper provides the strongest evidence yet that the new era of “disgorge the cash” may be undermining traditional models of persuasive speech rubric, tax policy. Perhaps the pandering politicians are right after all. Joshua Land is a freelance writer who lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with his wife and thesis, son. Speech Rubric! He is currently a fourth-year PhD student in applied economics at the University of Wisconsin. We love Justin Marks’ response to an editor’s question: “Why should we read your book?” “Why should you read my book?” he begins. “I have no fucking clue. I don’t even know why I wrote it, except that doing so was part of a compulsion I have to essayer make things, and the only persuasive means I have for doing that, the “talent” I have, is writing.” We have the same compulsion to make things, Justin, and we appreciate the mystery of nature vs. nurture language essays, that compulsion as well as efforts to persuasive speech rubric resist demystification of that process. We read and write to dwell in mystery of existence; why sadistically ask writers to lamely undertake reductive deconstruction on their own work?

Marks has more to say about public policy phd dissertation his book, “You’re Going to Miss Me When I’m Bored,” and rubric, gives a stellar synopsis of its themes. I love the frustration palpable behind the words – frustration at the absurdity of the question, the content, and perhaps even the compulsion toward the uw honors essay writing process itself. Thanks for writing this, Justin. Read the response here: And link to persuasive speech buy the book here: by David Nelson Pollock. “Truth is, nothing on this Earth is inevitable.” – Darren Fleet with Stefanie Krasnow, “Deep Anger” Adbusters, Blueprint for a New World, Part 2: Eco. I am an anarchist. My body is a hand. It holds a pink cloud called resurgent anger.

History can be worked with my hand. We all have hands. Uw Honors College! We release our pink clouds. Into the speech rubric streets. We have clouds in our mouths. Because mouths are symbolic of palms. History neither began, nor will end. Sometimes I envision a mysterious egg of light. Opening above my head. Rubric And Contrast! It’s like a hysterical film still.

That liberated itself from rubric, a movie, And I pretend like I don’t see it, Like it’s not happening to me. Thought is a sensual instrument, brother anarchist. Sister anarchist, action is the sometimes song of thought.

Here she is personified as your blood sister who has fallen. On the street, perhaps having twisted her ankle. After having tripped on some metal protrusion. That’s sticking up from the ground. Listen to her song: An erotic whimper from pain or humming irritant, A gentle violence that rises and falls.

Be a good anarchist. Kneel down to caress. Her swollen ankle that’s raspberried. While the others pass and college essay, vanish, Then you two will sleep. The police will leave you alone. And storefront windows will shatter by themselves. And planes overhead will photograph your erotic sleep. In one another’s arms amid … what?

The fiery sleep of history. Everything on this Earth is Inevitable Because it’s Happened: The prince of the festival is the Lord of speech, Time. He watches “in the distance” among pastel. Hills of thought, sad and delighted. The world of malleable future you envision. Is called “in the distance.” Overbearing. Gray figures languish “in the distance.” You are not mortal. You can stand, confronting clouds.

Advancing in uw honors college a line on a street in the financial district, But where a god appears, there is persuasive, different clarity. The Lord of Time languishes “in the distance.” Why is your mouth full of smoke, brother anarchist? Sister anarchist? Was it a psychoanalyst. In red buttons coolly explaining that anger. Is a natural appropriate response to prsent violating behavior? Our boundaries have been crossed, brother. But the speech smoke gathering around your head. Does not belong to anscombe intelligibility you, sister.

Overbearing figures are languishing. You should prefer a metaphoric fruit tree. From which hangs glass plasma. No, not having a say whether ecocide is going to whatever. Not being asked to participate in a calm and nice debate. About should the persuasive rubric tar sands expand or not. If you are not mortal, then you cannot. Have any will. If you know you are not mortal. Then you find yourselves behaving like listless. Bureaucrats, with “in the distance” before you.

And behind you. Public Policy! The languishing gray figures. Are your friends looking from rivers that are walls, Urging you there is nowhere to persuasive go here, There is nowhere to go there. What separates Adbusters. From other political mags … What allows it top seller status. Among periodicals that call for. Violent overthrow of the capitalist state: Style.

There is no political language. Large gray forms are languishing. On mental hills “in the distance” The anarchists are invited into the hall. The prince of the festival isn’t of the present, Yet doesn’t come unannounced. There is nature acquisition essays, fire in the glasses. Cloud expansion is seen as impolite, brutish, violent, indulgent. To make a point about the unspoken rules of the hall,

The anarchists have decided to expand their clouds. The erotic dream of the Lord of Time expands. “In the distance,” brother and sister anarchist. Put your fingers in your mouths. Your political language is stumbling. On your tongue’s avenue. Be good sweet anarchists and help her up.

Like we obsess over the placement. Of smoke on a doomed landscape. The Lord of Time languishes in the distance. Eroticism is dark and dirty, But Deep Anger is persuasive, a form of even love, Think the anarchists, each to his or herself.

The anarchists were invited to a dinner party. There was smoke in the glasses. Large figures. Languished behind oddly hung drapery. It was impossible to medieval england essay lose the feeling. They were actually here among the guests, Enemies of life mingling, becoming metaphors, Transporting action into mere thought. These large figures in the hills.

Are not the speech rubric clouds, the anscombe thesis resurgent anger, But obviously they are. Anarchists felt Deep Anger. They all agreed it was Deep Anger. The prince of the festival watched from “in the distance,” Sad and delighted at the erotic dreams of his childhood. David Nelson Pollock is a founding editor of Essays Fictions. By Danielle Marie Winterton.

The New York Time s recently ran an informative article on trigger warnings as applied to works of literature in persuasive speech rubric college settings, but an early March New Republic article by Jennie Jarvie on this topic covered much of the same ground while constructing a coherent argument against trigger warnings for the false impressions they lend the reader about how language and narrative function within the individual and the broader culture. Trigger warnings increase and “reinforce the fear of words,” Jarvie writes in reference to trigger warnings as applied to classic works of literature such as Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart , which an Oberlin guide to trigger warnings used as an example, because it may “trigger readers who have experienced racism, colonialism, religious persecution, violence, suicide and more.” Jarvie also pointed out that a Rutgers University sophomore recently requested an compare and contrast, alert for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby that said “TW: suicide, domestic abuse and graphic violence.” It is persuasive rubric, fascinating to watch values gain momentum to crescendo into unexpected outcomes. Here we see the instinct to protect the vulnerable collide with the thesis radical imperative of great works of literature to explicate the outcomes of the speech social systems in which readers are enmeshed. Both of these books are devastatingly successful in showing how individuals are crushed under the wheels of unfettered colonialism and capitalism. In Things Fall Apart , a village splinters under the introduction of new influences; in The Great Gatsby , people who are glib and superficial are also hideously and thoughtlessly wealthy. Essay! In both narratives, the end result is violence to innocent and speech rubric, vulnerable people. It is bad enough that many people feel helpless to make significant social change in their lives and communities; trigger warnings ask us to consider averting our eyes to even the artistic representation of the outcomes of calcified class structures and the sacrificial role of uw honors college, some members of speech, society. The Times article quotes Greg Lukianoff, president of language acquisition essays, The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education , an persuasive rubric, organization that advocates for free speech, as saying this call for trigger warnings seems inevitable in a society where people increasingly expect physical and intellectual comfort.

I appreciate this consumerist reading, having long noticed that many book reviewers, amateur and professional, only seem to read as consumers, picking out what they like and essayer prsent, dislike, want or don’t want, from a text, rather than being analyzing it through theoretical filters or in various historical, cultural, or even literary contexts. But I wonder if all people increasingly expect comfort, as he claims, or if this is more specific to undergraduates, who are essentially in the toddler phase of adulthood, grabbing everything they can and stuffing it into persuasive, their undeveloped intellects, and medieval england essay, choosing what pleases them to drop into their own curriculum shopping bag. Insidious skepticism of discomfort with artistic material applies to other mediums as well. Many were ready to throw out rubric, Woody Allen’s entire body of work because they were uncomfortable with his films’ sexualization of young women in light of accusations made my his daughter and ex-partner. Around the essayer same time, HBO smash hit mini-series True Detective was also derided for images of violence perpetuated on women’s bodies. One liberal value proclaims that visual and literary art is a safe space in which we can explore our darkest corners, both personal and social, and that catharsis through art is the very best way to grapple with these urges and tame them, rather than indulge them in actual practice, or ignore them and pretend they aren’t there, which can lead to repression or a loss of behavioral control.

Yet another liberal value aims to shield the victim of violent social forces from re-traumatization in rubric any mode or mechanism, and asks all people of conscience to nature vs. nurture language essays side on behalf of the persuasive victim and demand accountability, however subjective, from the perpetrator. For A And Contrast Essay! How to persuasive speech rubric reconcile these two contradictory, seemingly sound propositions? Regarding trigger warnings applied to nature vs. nurture language literature, Jarvie brings us out of the dilemma with her good-sense reminder that a trigger warning fundamentally misunderstands the way language works. Meaning in language is not fixed, and speech rubric, no two people react to the same text in the same way: “understanding words as devices that activate a mechanism or cause a situation—promotes a rigid, overly deterministic approach to essay language,” she writes. She continues: “There is no rational basis for applying warnings because there is no objective measure of words’ potential harm. Of course, words can inspire intense reactions, but they have no intrinsic danger. Persuasive! Two people who have endured similarly painful experiences, from conjugaison prsent, rape to persuasive rubric war, can read the phd dissertation same material and respond in wholly different ways.”

Literature and great art in persuasive speech any medium often intend to disturb by reflecting social values in need of uw honors, change back to the reader or viewer. Without this undiluted, unqualified reflection, how do we learn the persuasive speech truth about ourselves? Further, Jarvie points out that trigger warnings reinforce the fear of words by depicting language as requiring regulation. It is not hard to imagine how far this tendency may spread. Engaging with ideas involves risk, Jarvie writes, and taking an increasingly solipsistic perspective to critical engagement with text only anscombe intelligibility thesis further isolates the persuasive speech individual and blunts the crucial intellectual exploration that literature, and, for that matter, college, needs to facilitate. Danielle Marie Winterton is a co-founding editor of Essays Fictions. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere: The Web of essayer prsent, Journalistic Transparency. By Danielle Marie Winterton.

Last fall in the New York Times , Glenn Greenwald and Bill Keller debated about whether or not contemporary web journalists have problematic allegiances to their subjects. Persuasive! The conversation sufficiently displayed the current range of public disagreement on the merest definitions of transparency and objectivity. Keller tried to draw a distinction between “crusaders” or “muckrakers” and the more sophisticated investigative journalism of the college New York Times during Watergate and speech, the more recent torture exposes. He writes that in the old tradition of journalism, you either hid your allegiances, or pretended you had none, in the interest of appearing as objective as possible: “Journalists in this tradition have plenty of opinions,” he writes, “but by setting them aside to nature vs. nurture language acquisition follow the facts — as a judge in court is supposed to speech rubric set aside prejudices to follow the law and the evidence — they can often produce results that are more substantial and more credible.” Greenwald countered that journalism absolutely has to prsent pass rigorous standards of persuasive rubric, fact-checking and fairness, but challenged the view that it was possible to be as objective as Keller claimed: “I think those values are promoted by being honest about one’s perspectives and subjective assumptions rather than donning a voice-of-god, view-from-nowhere tone that falsely implies that journalists reside above the normal viewpoints and faction-loyalties that plague the non-journalist and the dreaded ‘activist.”” It is nearly impossible to skirt the outright classist and white supremacist implications of essay, insisting that the “old” standards of persuasive, journalism (which bear similarities to the “old” ideas of objectivity in compare essay acadamia and the sciences, creating and clinging to the holiness and sanctity of the speech rubric “expert,” the vs. nurture language acquisition one who is capable of rooting “truth” out of speech rubric, a mass of contradictory and chaotic data) are capable of speaking for thesis, all peoples everywhere. Keller’s voice glibly monotones that he knows best and that the adolescent brash Greenwald is just too fiery for his own good or that of the readers. Greenwald gets the last word: “Embedded in the New York Times’ institutional perspective and reporting methodologies are all sorts of speech, quite debatable and thesis, subjective political and speech rubric, cultural assumptions about the essay world,” he insists. “And with some noble exceptions, The Times, by design or otherwise, has long served the persuasive speech interests of the same set of elite and powerful factions. Its reporting is no less ‘activist,’ subjective or opinion-driven than the new media voices it sometimes condescendingly scorns.” By now you must have surmised that I come down more on Greenwald’s side of this debate, though I still have questions about the ability of any writer to accurately understand the nature of her/his own bias. Today, as perfectly evidenced by hyperlinks and social networking communication behaviors, hiding is much harder than it used to be, as pointed out by New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan earlier this year.

She outlines a sort of after-the-fact vigilante detective work undertaken to uncover allegiances between a writer and his or her subject, in order to cast a different light on the content of the for a work. Whether that detective work is done to discredit the piece entirely or simply to add a shade of nuance depends on who is investigating and what they are looking for rubric, as much as it is the intelligibility content of the speech illuminated allegiance. Sullivan’s foundational source, David Weinberger, writes that “transparency brings us to reliability the way objectivity used to.” We used objectivity as a trust mechanism when a writer’s sources were opaque to us, which they no longer are thanks to the internet. Objectivity was a stone, while transparency is a web, and “transparency brings us to reliability the way objectivity used to.” An important distinction, though: objectivity fostered and established credibility (even if only the semblance of credibility), while transparency can easily slip into the murky end-state of Absolute Relativity. This is quite evident on an interface like Facebook, where the expertise or status of each individual is reduced to a singular value among no other greater or lesser values.

A collective laziness can seep in: how many readers take the time to track down the elements of the essay web in each article they read? And how many writers take care to vigorously self-report their most important pieces of information and relevant affiliations and with rigorous accuracy? The answer is, of course, that it varies wildly depending on a host of factors including publication, editor, and technical capacities. More interesting than a writers’ personal allegiances, though, are his or her biases regarding relationship to reality. How transparent can a writer be about the persuasive speech way he or she construes, relates to, and conveys information, to facts, and to essayer truth?

The implications of this relationship provide crucial insight into a writer’s choices regarding which facts, statistics, opinions, themes, and contexts they incorporate into their work, and if transparency is to be the useful tool it is persuasive speech, purported to be, the reader needs to know not just about the writer’s personal and professional relations, but about his subjective biases and ideological leaps of faith as well. Danielle Marie Winterton is nature vs. nurture acquisition essays, a co-founding editor of Essays Fictions.

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capitol hill resume September 19, 2012. The Hill Life: Redesigning Your Resume. In the current market, jobseekers are doing whatever they can to stand out from the pack. Recently, I’ve read several articles advising applicants to reorganize and redesign their resumes to persuasive speech, make them more visually appealing. I’ve even seen advertisements for freelance graphic designers who take regular resumes, like the public policy phd dissertation one on speech, the left, and turn them into arts and crafts projects, like the essay resume on the right.

The redesign above is certainly eye-catching and unique. And it probably would entice me to look a little harder at that person’s qualifications (esp. since most recruiters look at an applicant’s resume for speech rubric 10 seconds or less). But in a conservative environment like Capitol Hill or Big Law or the corporate world, would a resume like this get you notice for the right reasons? I certainly think that there are some Chiefs of Staff and hiring managers who might think that this type of resume is immature or too artsy for a serious work environment. But I also think that if it does get a potential employer to look a little harder, than it could be worth it. Much like last week, I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

Do you think jobseekers in more professional environments should stick with the tried and true or go for acquisition something different? What impressions would you have of persuasive speech, a person with a resume that was also an nature vs. nurture acquisition, exercise in graphic design? I admit that this comment will make me traditional but I prefer the look of the “Before” resume. Speech Rubric! It's straightforward, clean and easy-to-read/find the key points/information. The look of the “After” resume reads/looks too much like a menu – and compare that is off-putting.

1) As soon as this loaded, I was really taken aback, because this is my boyfriend's name. It was a wtf? moment! 2) I was recently going through a stack of rubric, resumes to fill a position, and there were a couple fairly artsy ones that did cause me to take a closer look. That said, I ultimately went with someone who had similar experience, but a more conservative style because I worried the public phd dissertation artsy ones wouldn't be happy in a conservative environment. It all depends on your field and the atmosphere of persuasive, a specific employer. That's actually very interesting. Essayer! I think the newer resume is much more eye catching, and easier to speech, digest in thesis, 10 seconds. Traditional resumes are so text-heavy that it's often hard to quickly get a sense of persuasive, a person's experience. Nature Vs. Nurture Language Acquisition Essays! I think a very conservative “design” could work, even on the Hill.

But flowers and rubric bright colors and fun objects would probably not help land the phd dissertation person a job. I love that you are asking this question! I saw the picture you included while cruising pinterest the other day, and persuasive it made me worry that my resume is essayer prsent, too boring. However, I work in a very conservative environment, so you've reaffirmed my faith that my resume is persuasive speech, ok! I work in intelligibility thesis, Biglaw and would strongly discourage anyone using the “After” style of resume. It would prevent a candidate from being taken seriously as it looks cartoonish. Speech! It would get extra attention – but not in rubric for a essay, a good way. Rubric! It may be different in other fields such as advertising or graphic design.

I work as a recruiter and see on england essay, average 50 resumes a day. I think that the speech “After” one would make me look at it longer, and I think my hiring managers would think it is “fun,” but ultimately, we would go for the “Before.” It just looks more professional and the style of the “After” doesn't fit with our office personality… Isn't there an in-between. No yellow aquiggles or circles, but the same concept of the second? If employers are looking longer but dismissing you based on the immature or artsy appearance – is there not a way to anscombe intelligibility, do the second concept but in a more professional style?

I'm with L. Would the “after” be more appealing if it was in rubric, black and white and didn't have the squiggles? It might have the same visual pop without looking silly, or it could just look jumbled. I don't know the answer, but I'd be intrigued to see what it would look like. I agree with L–it would be great to find some middle ground, incorporating some of the blocking or other elements of the uw honors essay 'after' design, but without the color and multiple shapes. But to persuasive speech rubric, be honest, I'd probably be too chicken to veer far from the 'before' style, which is nature language, pretty much how my resume looks. I work in government/educational policy, fwiw. I'd love to persuasive, see something in between – I hate the text-heaviness of anscombe, most traditional resume formats. Rubric! The second layout without the color and extraneous graphics would appeal to me, and I'd appreciate a candidate who wanted to rubric for a compare, make sure I was able to get what I needed from the resume.

NO NO NO NO NO! While the resume on the right IS more visually appealing, I think the vast majority of hiring managers are going to look at persuasive rubric that and think that the candidate isn't confident that his or her accomplishments speak for public policy phd dissertation themselves. I am a technical writer, so document design is very important in my industry. Though I don't love either resume, I'd definitely go with the one on the left. It is professional, easy-to-read, and would print correctly. The resume on the right is distracting, makes poor use of space (for example, the persuasive speech “Contact” box is policy, unnecessarily large), and would probably print incorrectly due to the tiny margins.

I imagine that the resume on the right would be more difficult for speech computer resume-parsing programs to read as well. As a current job seeker who's tussled with this question several times during my search, it's a relief to hear people saying that the traditional resume style still wins out in most cases. I'd like to second (or third, or fourth) L's question with a particular eye for hiring managers reading this post: would an in-between version of the anscombe two resumes (say, with the visual blocking but without the colors and graphics) gain the same “boost” without being off-putting, or would the conservative formatting still win out? Thanks for speech rubric the great post! The one on public phd dissertation, the right is persuasive rubric, absolutely absurd for anyone who is uw honors college essay, trying to get a job outside of the field of graphic design. I think it all depends on persuasive speech rubric, your field. I'm on the Hill and don't think the one on the right is medieval england, appropriate for persuasive rubric this work environment.

My one exception would be if the person is applying for a social media position. In that case, I think the compare resume on the right demonstrates an understanding of persuasive, what's current and visually appealing, skills that are desirable in social media candidates. Uw Honors Essay! Likewise, if you're applying to a graphic design firm or to a magazine's art team, I would think the resume on the right might be appropriate and persuasive speech rubric helpful in and contrast, demonstrating a visual/creative skill set. If it's a traditional environment like the Hill, however, you need to keep it simple and traditional in persuasive, order to show that you understand the environment. I agree with L. I'd prefer something in vs. nurture acquisition, between. Rubric! Sometimes resumes are so text heavy, a nice format makes a big difference. Mostly, I just prefer resumes that are spell checked, grammatically correct, and easy to read. People should invest in a good copy editor instead of a graphic designer. I was hiring for a part time administrative assistant position recently and I could not believe the number of resumes I received that weren't spell checked or had inconsistent punctuation/spacing/fonts etc..

Some of them were from people currently in Master's degree programs!! The corporate recruiter had even narrowed the applicants down already and anscombe only sent me the speech best ones. I was a bit outraged at how little effort it seemed people had put into their resume. Also – I thought the rule was that your resume should be one page, narrowed down to what is relevant for the position you are applying for. Public Policy Phd Dissertation! All of the resumes I received for this position were 2+ pages and every role/responsibility/task under the sun was listed for persuasive each job they had worked at. First: I don't love either option. My resume falls somewhere in between (very functional, but still a bit pretty). I think design is important in essay, any professional document, not just resumes. You need to showcase the information in a visually appealing way, but keep it concise and easy to follow. My personal resume isn't particularly fancy, but I do use two fonts (one for headers, one for speech rubric text) and 3 columns to phd dissertation, separate things out.

When I created my resume, I first went for content and then edited it down to rubric, what was distinctly important vs. Anscombe Thesis! what was unnecessary. Once I was confident in the content of my resume, I began thinking about persuasive rubric, design. For A Compare And Contrast Essay! A truly designed resume isn't necessary for any jobs I've applied for, but I think a resume that shows some thought has gone into design is speech, important. Public Policy! I put thought into the design/presentation of my professional documents and school work as well. Basically: your content should be most important (obviously, but too often forgotten.) Design of the document goes a long way and should lean toward making a resume less text heavy and persuasive speech easy on conjugaison prsent, the eyes. I am a huge fan of bullets, not large chunks of text on persuasive speech rubric, resumes. When I worked at public policy phd dissertation a recruiting firm, I saw all kinds of speech rubric, horrific resumes. Some had SO MUCH TEXT for so little experience it was mind-boggling. Some listed hobbies (I think this is college essay, ridiculous.) I remember receiving one that was a .jpg file and speech rubric made to look like the DOS progra (black background with green text.) You couldn't read it, but even if you could, who would interview that person. Have to agree with the other comments, the one on the right is essayer, just a little too “out there” for persuasive most DC work environments. I cannot see my lobby shop looking twice at the resume on the right.

Maybe in a more fun work environment like Google or Apple, but not on the Hill or most of DC! There must be an option in between these two. Just because one is really bad, doesn't mean the other one is good. I actually love the design on the right. But it's just too gimmicky for a resume, unless you're in a really creative field. The colors, shapes, and shading make it look like a menu from a chain restaurant. But the two-column design is growing on me. I might try that out on my next resume. I wonder how it would look on a resume with a lot more experience…? Anybody notice the “About” section on these?

I've never seen that title before — is that a legit option on a professional resume? It seems so much better than the stupid “Summary” or outdated “Objective” section. I work in a large corporate environment and, all else being equal, I would be impressed with something more like the After. I work in analytics and one of the prsent major issues – if not the persuasive rubric major issue – we find ourselves up against is how to compellingly communicate information. My company, despite its size, has been coming around to encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit and essays something like the After resume (though I'd probably prefer they pull back just a little bit; it's a little too design-y/ graphics-heavy) suggests the person thinks like my industry is thinking. Not to mention, pure analytics people are often not the most creative types and they tend to struggle with business communication/ the “big picture”, so that After would stand out even more to me. K – I have a personal statement on my resume. It speaks to what my major skills sets are (which are analytics-related, but distilled down into plain English and in a way that I hope differentiated me from other nerds), plus what excites me (e.g. collaborative environments, helping businesses think smarter about speech rubric, their customers). I also have a section for general skills that I have actual practice in (bulleted list, e.g. creating vision from ambiguity, managing on-shore offshore teams, etc) before I ever get to vs. nurture, my direct work experience.

Objectives are lame and 99% of the persuasive speech time catered to the job people are applying for. Well, no shit you're interested in a management position in anscombe intelligibility, financial services risk – why else would you be applying? I think a medium between the incredibly verbose left and cartoonish right works best. From what I've seen the left side style of resume is the traditional style , but on its way out. Persuasive Speech Rubric! It's a remnant of public policy, a time when people wrote their resumes on a type writer / the early days of persuasive, word processing and there was no wiggle room for england essay more sophisticated structuring. With the evolution of word processing and design programs, I'd recommend something more structured and modern but I'd avoid the persuasive multitude of colors, squiggles, boxes, circles and extreme fonts that the right example above has. Think dividing the sections as clearly as the top right one has but consider a one column style and using only intelligibility thesis blue straight lines. Less catchy header, too. As a recent college grad and job seeker, I felt like my old resume was being overlooked.

I knew I could land a job – I just wasn't getting to the interview phase. I decided to persuasive speech, redesign my resume. I experimented with a little bit of color to divide the sections and I gave it a cleaner, more modern design. Within days of using my new resume, I began to receive interview requests (finally!). Anscombe Thesis! I ended up getting many phone and in-person interviews using my new resume and after a month or so I received multiple job offers. A simple re-design made a world of a difference for me! I wouldn't suggest doing anything ridiculous or outlandish, but if you can make yourself stand out in a positive way, why not?

In this job market, what do you have to speech, lose? I think that the original is far better for the legislature and third house. This is not directly related to this post, but does anyone know of a currently operating resume service? The link to Fishbowl doesn't work and I have not found anything googling. Anyone have any suggestions for a comparable service. While I almost agree with the idea of consider to whom you are sending the resume to (in order to tailor it to said organization), I still think it's best to err on the side of conjugaison essayer, traditional/professionalism.

As another commenter said that it should be the experiences and qualification that should do the talking, not the design, which is risky and may be distracting, if not done well or successfully. If there is distracting design, it will make me wonder if one is trying to make up for a lack of skills and/or experiences. That said, I do think that even creative positions may often be better off with using a more traditional format in the resume. Often they have portfolios or will be given a “test” to illustrate their creativity. So, the persuasive speech rubric question remains how to make your resume a standout? Think outside the box within a traditionally-formatted resume, always keeping in for a compare, mind that it should be easy for the reader to rubric, see the qualifications/experiences and should not be complicated or maze-like. Those are the most standout resumes, IMHO. That and not forgetting to conjugaison prsent, proofread! My first thought was that the speech right resume is uw honors college, better. It shows that the applicant values the recruiter's time and persuasive speech has accordingly put their resume in a format that is easy to read and allows someone to essay, quickly zero in on whatever piece of information they're looking for.

At second glance I noticed the colors, the squiggly line borders, the speech graphics under the Skills section. These things are, perhaps, a little whimsical and should be removed. But they're certainly not offensive. Being able to produce well-formatted documents is a nice skill to have no matter what job the applicant is applying for, so I'd look favorably on someone who obviously has that ability. I do agree with the person who said he should've kept the intelligibility thesis standard-sized margins. And his name really does not need to be that big.

As an economic-analyst-turned-graphic-designer, I get this question all the time. To be honest, I think everyone should have two versions: a classic resume, and rubric a resume that really pushes the medieval england envelope. Something many people forget is that being creative is a hard skill, not just a measure of artistic ability. Speech Rubric! Creativity is how you, as a problem solver, respond in any particular situation. Uw Honors College Essay! Most employers are looking for someone who will bring something new to the table, who will know how far to push the envelope, and who will know how to persuasive, get things done. That being said, I've been on both ends of the policy phd dissertation hiring spectrum. If you know your audience, your resume should be as creative as you can be without scaring someone off.

Whether you're using Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Word, make sure your resume looks like it was formatted by an expert in that program. Anything less than that will probably end up in the trash. I believe the after resume is an eye-catcher. However, a job seeker should cater to their audience. If it's a conservative work environment like the Hill or a law office, the before resume is speech rubric, a safe bet. However, if they are applying for a creative or fun position like a childcare provider or an art seller, then I would go with the after to express my personality. I concur with the previous comment from the person who works in “biglaw”; if my office received any resumes looking like the public policy re-vamped one of the speech right, it would go right into the trash, whether it was for uw honors college essay a front desk receptionist, paralegal, summer student or new associate. Subscribe to persuasive rubric, one or both of my newsletters to stay up to date on the latest edits. dress for the job you want, not the job you have. The perfect clutch for a night out, a coffee run, or storing trinkets in your purse. For reader queries and england PR inquiries, please send over speech rubric an email.

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