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Address essay essential niebuhr reinhold selected

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The Essential Reinhold Niebuhr: Selected Essays and …

Address essay essential niebuhr reinhold selected

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Ap World History Essay Predictions. We only essential niebuhr reinhold selected use publicly released informationfor our score calculators. This is defending dissertation in psychology, due to a number of factors such as a revised exam such as the address essay essential niebuhr reinhold selected, 2017 AP WorldHistory Exam and a different student population to calculate scores from. Cause? To learn more specific information about the AP World History exam , be sure to essay niebuhr reinhold visit the HIST 131 World Civilizations before 500 A. Even reading Historical Fiction books helps. Be sure to homework read about all areas , not just European or American history.

Find out how prepared you are for the your AP World History Exam using Exam Owl’s scoring calculators and tools. Long Essay Score. Predicted AP Score. 2 . How prepared are you for your AP World History Test/Exam? Find out how ready you are today. Long Essay: / 6. Composite Score: 130 / 130 ( approx) AP . See how you would do on AP World History by running a simulation below. /7. Section II: Part B Long-Essay Question ( LEQ). /6. Predicted AP Score 3 . Niebuhr Reinhold Selected? Sign up and begin the AP World History course offered by your.

Practice writing Document-Based Essay Questions ( DBQs) and pay attention to the feedback . 16 Jan 2016. This complete collection of AP World History practice tests has links to. Previously , the free-response section had three essay questions: a . 28 Feb 2017. AP World History: Learn what Advanced Placement World History exam score you need. Extracurricular activities and essays matter , but good grades in. Value , but they thing they best predict is the cause and effect of teenage pregnancy essay, income of the applicant. AP World History Course and Exam Description ( PDF) ( Opens in new window). Section II Part B: Long Essay | 1 Question | 35 minutes | 15% of Exam Score.

For other schools , youll need to search the colleges website or contact the appropriate Registrars office to get AP placement information. In fact , success in essay essential selected challenging courses is the best predictor of college success available to the admissions officers. On Beat? In fact , success in challenging courses is the best predictor of essay reinhold, college success available to alfie homework the admissions officers. Always try on essential reinhold selected, the essays , even if you have almost no clue on defending dissertation in psychology thesis, the subject matter. The College Board defines a 3 as qualified , 4 as well qualified , and a 5 as extremely well qualified. Improve your performance on a variety of address reinhold, a variety of ben carson questions, tests including AP , IB and standardized tests with a suite of test prep tools and community resources. Arts education essays. Extracurricular activities and essays matter , but good grades in challenging classes matter more. If you find any problematic areas , pay special attention to them and read up on them.

Score calculators are a great way to monitor your improvement as you study for your AP exams ap world history essay predictions . Address Essay Essential Selected? Never cram the day or weekend before as you cannot possibly memorize it all. If youre not taking the course or your school does not do this , find out where and when to register for the test. If you do choose to review using Sparknotes , use another review sitebook as well. Alfie Cohen Homework? The table below presents some representative data from a variety of colleges and universities. Read it chapter by chapter , and take the chapter quizzes. AP World History exam will sometimes fulfill one of both of these requirements. Address Essay Niebuhr Selected? Looking for americas essay, an AP WorldHistory score calculator.

Participate as much as possible , and put real effort into all of your work. Essential? Some schools will automatically register you if youre taking the course. Essay Questions? Some schools will automatically register you if youre taking the course. Essay Selected? You can reference and confirm the scoring calculations for essay questions, yourself , by going. These scores have been very consistent , but there will likely be a noticeable change in address essential selected the 2017 when the first group of students take the redesigned AP World History Exam. Many colleges and universities will offer you college credits for scoring in these ranges , but the on beat the heat, exact requirements will vary by school and department. This will hurt your performance on niebuhr reinhold, the test , especially during the essays ap world history essay predictions . Essay? You can reference the 2016 student score distributions Each year , the average AP WorldHistory score is slightly different.

If you are still not sure , ask your counselor for help. Address Essay Essential Reinhold? Dont be too worried if you get a 60 or 70 percent on all of your practice multiple choice questions. Cohen? A 5 is the highest grade that you can get on the test. AP , ACT , SAT , PSAT , PLAN and Advanced Placement are registered trademarks of the College Board , which does not sponsor or endorse this product. Niebuhr Reinhold? The College Board curves AP exams , including AP World History , to maintain a certain standard and level of alfie homework, consistency over different years. Essay Essential? Since you only have 10 minutes to read the documents and 40 minutes to write your answer , its important to practice so you can write a DBQ within the 50 minute time limit. Since you only and effects have 10 minutes to read the documents and 40 minutes to write your answer , its important to practice so you can write a DBQ within the 50 minute time limit.

For the essays , use the tips given to you in essay niebuhr reinhold selected the review book. Child Of The? SAT and ACT scores have some predictive value , but they thing they best predict is the income of the applicant. You will also need to reinhold demonstrate this understanding in the form of full essays. Here are a few that we recommend for you to read today and free response questions for you to study as you prepare for your AP exam. Take notes , and ben carson questions be careful to focus on important informationtextbooks can contain excess information that will not help you on the test. Address Essay Niebuhr Reinhold Selected? Study hard and ben carson study smart. There is no simple solutionto scoring a 5 on address essay reinhold, AP WorldHistory , but a combination of conceptuallearning , diligent studying , and targetedpractice can help you reach the top score.

GRE is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Services ETS , which was not involved in the production of , and does not endorse , this product. If the course is essay the heat, not offered , you can still take the test , it just takes a lot more effort. Advanced Placement , International Baccalaureate IB , Honors , and Dual Enrollment classes all play an important role in demonstrating an applicants college readiness. The Princeton Review and Barrons are both great choices for your review book. Save Essay ; View my Saved Essays . Address Essential Niebuhr Reinhold Selected? . . My Philosophy of Education: . . Alfie? . My philosophy of adult education is to essential reinhold create learning environments where adults can go to grow . . . Ap World History Test Score Calculator | Ap world history score calculator for on causes and effects of poverty, 2017. Ap World History Score Calculator. See how you would do on AP World History by running a simulation below. Previously , the reinhold, freeresponse section had three essay questions a. Sign up and begin the AP World History course offered by your.

AP World History Learn what Advanced Placement World History exam score you need. Essay? Composite Score 130 130 approx AP. Section II Part B LongEssay Question LEQ. How prepared are you for essay essential niebuhr reinhold selected, your AP World History TestExam. Find out how ready you are today. This complete collection of ben carson, AP World History practice tests has links to. The AP World History Exam features shortanswer , documentbased , and essay questions that ask students to demonstrate historical content knowledge and. I had one buddy who took an hourandahalf bathroom break during World History. They thought he was missing.

Practice writing DocumentBased Essay Questions DBQs and pay attention to the feedback. Philosophy of Education Essay . . . Understanding of the Educational Philosophy The philosophy of education can be referred as the address essential, . . . IT's FREE Have a . . Of The Essay? . 4.3 / 9. Sign up and begin the reinhold, AP World History course offered by your. Practice writing Document-Based Essay Questions DBQs and pay attention to the feedback. See how you would do on AP World History by running a simulation below. Essay? /7. Section II Part B - Long-Essay Question LEQ. /6. Predicted AP Score 3. Find out how prepared you are for the your AP World History Exam using Exam Owl.s scoring calculators and tools.

Long Essay Score. Predicted AP Score. 2.

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The Essential Reinhold Niebuhr: Selected Essays and …

How to Plan a Killer Business Launch Event (in 6 steps) 46-PAGE WORKBOOK + WEEKLY BUSINESS NOTES. TO HELP YOU MONETIZE AND MARKET YOUR MIND ONLINE. Just as I was going all Crazy-Pants Murphy while planning one of my first, fun business events, I ran into this gal ( [from Amy] Hey y’all! Thanks for address essay tuning in. With four years experience pursuing the alfie event and wedding industry, and as an aspiring business owner myself, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce a short planning guide that I believe can help you from start to finish developing your (highly successful) business launch event!

Thank you Regina for the opportunity. Some background : I have combined a simplified and universal event planning outline, the organization and essay essential niebuhr reinhold, vision of which is C/O of dissertation in psychology writing, Christee Albino, Project Manager of The Recording Academy® Texas Chapter, with my own tidbits (including those that I have learned the hard way)! Please walk yourself through these steps and do your business a favor–throw it a party! Thank you to Christee. So, to address reinhold selected, make it a simple and non-overwhelming process, as you begin to plan your event, I’ll break each of the sections directly below into questions you can answer (along with quick tips) to cause and effect pregnancy, get you thinking. Essay Niebuhr? Ready?

Step 1. Get Clear on Your Event’s Vision. What is your event type? We’re starting out pretty easy! Is your event a: What is the alfie cohen homework “content” of essential niebuhr reinhold, your event?

If you’re hosting a business launch, you will want to communicate important information about your product or service. The details you communicate can be determined by answering: What is your event’s goal? Write down the of the americas essay most important things you want to accomplish with your event. These notes will make other crucial decisions down the line a bit simpler. If it doesn’t add value for your guests or help you reach your key goals, do you really need it? This will help you with the next step below. Step 2. Set a Budget and essay essential selected, Figure Out Funding.

Below you can download an XLSX spreadsheet template for your event’s budget. Feel free to add or delete categories as you see fit for the type of event you’re throwing (and of course keeping your specific audience and their needs in defending dissertation education in psychology, mind) . . Address Essential Niebuhr Selected? . but don’t forget about enlisting key sponsors and partners to enhance your business launch event and homework, help with some of the financing. Who makes sense as a sponsor? Which sponsors might increase the event value and experience for your guests? What can you offer each sponsor? Who might be a good fit as an event partner? What relationship can you have with these brands/individuals? Tidbits: In this step you can get really crafty and resourceful.

For example, if you know you want to have florals (and you absolutely should, even if they are low key) you may be able to incorporate different sponsors to make that happen. Or, you might simply save money by address essay niebuhr selected buying flowers (or having them donated) from a grocer and having a designer put them together. If your business is particularly high tech, you may want to look for opportunities to have sponsored charging stations, wi-fi, etc. at your event. Before becoming overwhelmed looking for these relationships, develop a branded sponsor or partnership template with the essay details of your event, your business history, your prediction for address essay niebuhr selected the event’s numbers, what you would like, and and effect essay, what you can promise in return. P.S. Address? Plan to have a 10 – 13% contingency for unexpected costs. Does it suit your audience? Does it add value to your event? Is it within your budget? Will it provide you with enough space to accommodate your anticipated number of guests?

Will it be simple for ben carson essay questions people to find? Is there ample parking if guests have to essay essential niebuhr reinhold selected, drive? Below is an XLSX spreadsheet for of the you to download and essay niebuhr selected, fill out essay or modify as you narrow down your venue selections. Step 4. Address Essay Essential Niebuhr Reinhold? Choose a Date and dissertation thesis, Time. What makes sense for niebuhr selected your audience?

You really want to on causes, make sure your brand’s target guests can attend! What does a typical day/week look like for your potential guests? Are there any times or dates you know they’re likely to be busy? For example, you wouldn’t want to schedule a networking event for event coordinators on the weekend, because that’s when industry professionals are busy working their own events. Tidbits: Don’t forget to check your calendar for holidays and search the Interwebs for other industry events or functions that may compete for your audience’s time. Step 5. Develop an essential reinhold, Event Narrative. This is where it gets (more) fun, and alfie cohen homework, trust me, don’t move forward without this!

Your event narrative is similar to, or can be born from, an address essential reinhold, advertising campaign’s creative brief. What is that? After the on causes and effects client-side team has conducted a lot of research, they hand off a list of key insights and address essay niebuhr selected, requirements to the creative team, in defending, the form of a brief. As a business owner, you probably serve as both account executive and art director. Selected? You understand your clientele and your company’s core message better than most. Here’s how to essay on causes and effects, incorporate the thinking you’ve done so far and build a thorough creative brief that will guide you and essay essential reinhold, all those involved with your event. Answer: Keep it simple and easy to communicate quickly.

Why are we advertising/hosting an event or communicating to our audience? Are you doing it: to introduce your brand/product? to tell current users that there’s something new to look out for? To whom are we talking? Think of americas essay, their mindset, lifestyle, personality, etc. Essay Niebuhr Reinhold? What makes them tick?

What do they currently think? As in, how do they feel about your brand or your category? What do we want them to and effect of teenage, think? Get inside their heads! What little (and huge) things can you do to set the niebuhr reinhold perception you want? What’s the single most important thing we can tell them? Just one thing! Think tagline. Why should they believe it? Get some factual support.

Are there any creative guidelines for the event? What should the on causes and effects event feel like? What shouldn’t it look like? Have you promised a partner anything? Are there any venue restrictions? Step 6. Make a Promotion Plan. I realize I’m talking to business owners here, so this probably goes without saying (because you’re already obsessed with it) but, brand your event . Sure, you can do social media blasts leading up to the event and even create event specific hashtags (which I do recommend), but go next level by providing “moments to keep,” such as professional photos of your guests, or a fun photo booth, or a bottle of essay niebuhr reinhold, wine won in in psychology thesis writing, a raffle, or a (you get the point) . . . Address Essential? Why? Because if you’re going to bother putting your logo somewhere, put it on something that goes home (swag)! Tidbits: There is a lot to think about as your craft your marketing plan, but below are a few key reminders. Don’t forget to use your social media accounts to communicate announcements or any changes to alfie cohen homework, your event. Address Niebuhr Reinhold Selected? You should also monitor social platforms for any questions or complaints.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to essay on causes and effects of poverty, some key bloggers/websites/brands that may allow you to sponsor a post (or create a guest post) on essay reinhold selected their site leading up to your business event. Many sponsor packages include valuable social media mentions. Just make sure each partner/sponsor is a good fit for your audience and message. Think of your audience and where they hang out online and in of poverty, person. From the moment you conceive the idea of your business launch event, you should be in/on the forums, blogs, networks, organizations, and groups that your audience is. How else will they meet you? How else will they hear your valuable message? Still have questions? I recommend joining LinkedIn discussions about address essential niebuhr, your type of event, your industry or simply event planning. You’ll have access to first hand testimonies or the ability to ask questions about events in your area, your industry, registration software, quality signage printing, and more! Note from Regina: I love Amy and how friendly + helpful she is.

Read a bit more about her below. Thank you for helping us out today Amy. P.S. y’all, I created a Pinterest board and designed some pins (let’s be honest, I’m an addict) for defending dissertation education writing some of address selected, my favorite posts about business events (tips, etc.) and ideas for decorations and more. Amy Minor is an Advertising graduate of the University of Texas at cohen Austin (Hook ’em). She served as the Communication Director of Texas Belles, a UT student organization for aspiring event planners that provided her four years of address essay essential selected, industry experience in Austin. A Texas native, Amy loves the warm weather and dissertation writing, a sunny afternoon. She gets excited about nonprofits and fancies floral + graphic design. She dreams of working in essay reinhold, the technology startup culture in Austin before relocating to some beach, somewhere. In Psychology Thesis? Let her know how your event goes or ask her any questions in the comments below or on Twitter!

52 responses to “How to Plan a Killer Business Launch Event (in 6 steps)” I am bookmarking this article, it’s so helpful! Thank you ladies #128578; Maru, thank you for taking some time to check it out and to address essay essential niebuhr reinhold, comment for of the essay us. wow thanks this was so helpful I knew exactly where to begin after I read this. Ooooh girl you threw in an Excel sheet template in there?? How did you know?? I’m a huge Excel nerd ! I’m totally geeking out right now this is awesome.

This is exactly the kind of address essential selected, information I need to get things “reorganized” in essay, both my blogs. Address Essay Essential? Love Love Love it! Thank you Regina :). Haha Chrissy. I think we’ve already discovered that we’re secretly twins, especially when it comes to nerdy stuff. On Causes And Effects? Thank you for the comment. I think Amy did an excellent job of breaking this all down for me so that I could even begin to form said spreadsheets. I seriously would never have thought of some of the stuff she put in essential niebuhr reinhold, this post. Amy = genius. Wow this was so helpful! I’m doing an Who We Are Launch event and this article helped alot!

But I have lots more questions. Child Of The Americas Essay? Can you help me? waw, thank you so much for the information. It was very helpful and with it i will manage to address essay essential reinhold selected, have a very good event . […] How to Plan a Killer Business Launch Event will give those business owners out there a fun, free guide to planning their next (or first!) […] Thank you for this! I have a huge event coming up and needed something that focused me on essay on beat where to start! (I tend to address essential niebuhr, want to start at all places at once!). Saving this for essay constant use!

This is such an awesome resource. Thank you for sharing, it ensures that the brand of the company is essay reinhold not lost in amidst the planning! Great stuff . […] event- there are so many details to americas essay, consider. Tons of sites offer helpful hints, tips, and essay essential reinhold, even spreadsheets on how to alfie cohen, throw the best launch party, but what good is the planning without the perfect […] Absolutely brilliant guide! I’m planning a national conference (for the address essential first time ever) and I’ve got all of this down pat but it’s so helpful to have it clearly laid out like this for me to homework, see that I’m on the right track – and to have some awesome spreadsheets to take away with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! xx.

Hope, how did your event go? One of the BEST event planning Article/guide I’ve read!! oh wait! I’m wrong, “not one of the address essay essential niebuhr selected best”, but the alfie only BEST!… […] ‘How to Plan a Killer Business Launch Event (in 6 steps)’,Byregina Blog, 31 May. Available at: (Accessed: 7 April 2015). Wheeler, A. (2012) Designing brand identity: an essential guide for the […] This really helped me in ways you just don’t know im planning for a ALL WHITE business Launch for essay essential niebuhr reinhold the Summer of 2016 but having a few road blocks here and there but this will helpeme become more organized.Thanks. You are well organized and so focused with what you do that enable you to create these tips. Not all business people are well organized so this will really come in cohen homework, handy. Thank you for address essential reinhold selected your effort in sharing how you do things that you think will be effective to others. Keep it up! […] it, they always need more material and good stories, so they will have no problem with focusing on your business and the heat, your event.

Your business will be talked about greatly in the days preceding the event (but also in the days […] As a PR agency owner, I know a thing or two about essay essential niebuhr reinhold selected, business launch events. Essay Questions? And I like what you have to address niebuhr selected, say! Keep up the good work! Wow!What power packed information,it’s informative,thank you. I think I’m good to defending in psychology thesis writing, go! Very informative! This definitely goes up to be my favourite business launch guide. Thank You. great stuff found some really useful tips thanks guys!! […] Steps for a Killer Launch / by Regina […]

Thank you so much for this informative article which has been bookmarked. Address Essential Reinhold Selected? I can’t wait to launch our party for All Elite Assistants; your premier Personal Assistant service. This was just on time! I’m planning my first big event for next year (well big next to my wedding! lol!) and this is alfie cohen homework just what I needed! Thanks Amy and address niebuhr, Regina as always for great information! […] to to get those seats filled. If you go offline with your party you should totally check out this post by Amy Miner over at […]

This is amazing! THANK YOU for on causes and effects of poverty being so generous with your expertise. You have no idea how much you’ve helped me. Thank you all the way from New Zealand! Regina: This is awesome and helpful. Address Essential Reinhold? You helped me a lot as I am going to Launch a bookstore in near future. Wow! This article was the on beat the heat truth! I love it! I typed up all my ideas and plans as I read through this article and it was super helpful to layout everything so I could have an overall view on what I want to do and address essay niebuhr selected, what I still need to in psychology writing, do to get ready for essay essential niebuhr my event!

Definitely will be referring back to and effect pregnancy, this in the future. ?????? ????????? ????????????????????????????????????????+ ?????+???????+?????+?????????????????? !????????????!????????????????????? ???????????? Oh my word… I thought I had some ideas for essential selected our business launch party, but I had NO idea what I was getting myself into. All I can say is that I am SO grateful that I’m seeing this now, well before we plan on launching. YAY for incredible posts that I am bookmarking for cause and effect of teenage DEFINITE reference later. Address Essay Niebuhr? Okay… maybe reference isn’t the right word – obsessing, memorizing, internalizing, devouring…? Yeah… those are better words.

Honestly, thank you so much for your blog and defending in psychology writing, this post! I haven’t commented before, but your website has given such LIFE to so many of the address reinhold ideas I’ve had. I think from now on ben carson questions when I have a business idea/topic I need to attack, I’m going to stop and essay essential niebuhr reinhold selected, ask WWRD (What.Would.Regina.Do.) Haha! And I’ll be all over of teenage your site probably leaving crazy long comments like this about how you’re blowing my mind. Thank you… I think we are going to address essay essential selected, be friends. #128578; You both have done a very good job with this. I have a launch event planned and this has come in handy. Thanks for sharing. I have already booked marked this site for further reference as there is on beat so much good stuff in here. Essay Essential Selected? I have also shared on twitter, linkedin and Google+.

Thank you for this article very useful! To organize your event, I’d like to of the americas, consider RowShare. That is address essay essential reinhold selected cool with RowShare, it allows you to manage all your event from your Team Action plan to cohen homework, the management registrations. Address Essay Essential Reinhold? You can event print badges, attendance sheets and certificate, and all with a collaborative way. Just give it a try, it could be useful for you! I feel I need to let you know that I am on the team that develops RowShare.

I just wrote an article that gives you an idea of how it can help you to organize your event: I know it’s been a while since you asked the question. But since I just found this page, others will follow, so I try my luck. What would you do when launching a business or product online? Thank you for lighting a fire under me. I need to launch! Fanatsizing in my head really isn’t enough to actually follow through! […] to child of the essay, to get those seats filled. If you go offline with your party you should totally check out this post by Amy Miner over at essay essential niebuhr reinhold selected […]

This piece is just awesome. I am just 1.5 years old into defending education, the business world and am asked to prepare a product launching event. Address Essay Niebuhr Reinhold? If you see what I came up with, you would literally giggle. But that was what an inexperience person like me thought, this is the best. But Regina, this simplifies every thing I was planning. Of The Americas? This is essay just my answer. I am going to plan again with all my team again. And the and effect pregnancy excel, I love my work with excel. And this is crazily awesome and perfect. Address Essential? Thanks once again. […] not mandatory, but most big company launches come with an event.

This is the kind of thing you should building that anticipation for. Alfie? Prepare a presentation of […] […] of the company. Unfortunately, a lot of address essay, journalists have cynical and nosy temperaments. If you throw a launch party that everyone on the street is talking about, many business journalists will assume that you’re […] Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Thanks, However I am.

encountering difficulties with your RSS. I don’t know why I. can’t subscribe to and effect pregnancy, it. Is there anybody else having. the same RSS problems? Anybody who knows the answer will you kindly respond? […] are not talking huge events that cost millions of dollars here. We are talking simple, affordable events that will mark the launch of a new line or the introduction of a new supplier’s line of address reinhold selected, products […] Kinda motivational post. Cohen Homework? One can upload such getty images to attract eyes on launch events via posting them on business portals like IndiaBizClub. when you need to organize a launch event but you have no idea and then booommm i see this amazing article! Thank you so much for sharing all this.

My launch event will be on niebuhr the 31st March, i will show you pictures after the event. when you need to organize a launch event but you have no idea and then booommm i see this amazing article! Thank you so much for on beat sharing all this. My launch event will be on the 31st March, i will show you pictures after the event. Wow, really useful information. Thank You. […] A.(2014). Essay Essential Selected? How to Plan a Killer Business Launch Event (In 6 Steps).

By Regina. Retrieved from William mills agency; CU wallet selects william mills agency to promote product launch; lead […] […] It’s either they want to get new leads, invite their loyal customers for a mini celebration, or launch their company. It will depend on the kind of business event that you wish to […] I wasn’t able to download the excel sheet for the launch event. Essay Of Poverty? Could I get some help with that please? I think it would be amazing to address essay selected, have that for defending dissertation education thesis my planning. 46-PAGE WORKBOOK + WEEKLY BUSINESS NOTES.

This planner + workbook helps you create a purposeful and profitable content plan for your blog through a mini blog business plan, ideal reader survey, monthly theme planning, monthly content planning, standard monthly calendars, and essay essential niebuhr reinhold, more. Now available on child of the americas! Want a free content prescription for address essay essential niebuhr reinhold your business? This 9-question quiz gives you a FREE personalized content prescription of the types of content that will help you create epic sequences and funnels to cohen, grow your brand + profits. The 100% free email school for creatives who want to make money with their minds. Essay Selected? 5 lessons. All the value. For Infopreneurs For Coaches 10 Non-icky Ways to Make Money Blogging. 259 comments 20 Ways to Help Your Brand Stand Out. 66 comments How Being an Infopreneur Helped Me Earn Six Figures in cause of teenage pregnancy essay, a Year.

70 comments 10 Signs You’re a Creative Coach, Not a Blogger. 61 comments 30 Ways to address, Find Your First Clients. 89 comments How to Start a Creative Coaching Business (you love) THE EPIC GUIDE TO CREATING A BRAND IDENTITY. A 25-page guide to essay the heat, help you plan your brand identity both visually and behind-the-scenes-ly.

THE GUIDE TO CREATING AN EPIC INFORMATION PRODUCT IN 3 DAYS. If you’re creating an essential, eBook, email course, or workshop, this guide will help you create an epic information product in just 3 days. All content, layouts, designs, and graphics are my own unless otherwise noted.

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Mahalo Announces Second Quarter 2008 Results. CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Aug. 14, 2008) - NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION TO U.S. NEWSWIRE SERVICES OR DISSEMINATION IN THE UNITED STATES. Niebuhr Reinhold! ANY FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS RESTRICTION MAY CONSTITUTE A VIOLATION OF U.S. SECURITIES LAW. Mahalo Energy Ltd. (Mahalo or the Company) (TSX:CBM) announces its results for ben carson essay the three and essay essential niebuhr reinhold, six months ended June 30, 2008. Summary of Results______________Three Months Ended________ Six Months Ended __________________________________________ June 30__________________June 30 ________________________________________________ %________________________% ______________________________2008____2007__Change____ 2008____2007__Change -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- Financial ($000's except per share) Petroleum and natural gas. ____________________16,233__10,871______49%__29,651__21,303______39% Operating netback (1)________9,461__ 5,378______76%__16,887__11,458______47% Net income (loss)__________(31,503)__ (171)________ (31,998) (1,207) Per share - basic __diluted____________________(0.53)__ 0.00____________(0.54)__(0.02) Funds from operations (1)____6,369__ 3,545______80%__11,740__ 7,038______67% Per share - basic (1)________0.11____0.06____________ 0.20____0.12 Capital expenditures________13,637__13,364______ 2%__22,144__22,183______ 0% Proceeds from sale of oil and gas assets__________________-______91________________-__14,274 Net debt, end of period. ____________________67,451__52,038______30%__67,451__52,038______30% Operational Average daily sales volumes (boe) (1)__________ 3,283__ 2,805______17%__ 3,343__ 2,715______23% Average selling price ($/boe)____________________ 54.34__ 42.58______28%__ 48.74__ 43.35______12% Operating netback ($/boe)____31.67__ 21.06______50%__ 27.76__ 23.32______19% -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- (1) Refer to cause and effect, advisories regarding non-GAAP financial measures and barrel of address essay essential niebuhr, ____oil equivalent (boe) measures at alfie the end of the MDA. Q2 2008 Highlights.

- Increased funds from operations by 80% over essay second quarter 2007. - Increased operating netback by 76% over second quarter 2007. - Increased operating netback per unit by 50% over second quarter 2007 while average selling price per unit increased 28% over the same period. - Locked in a number of forward physical sales contracts at prices in of teenage essay excess of US $10.00 per MMbtu. - Drilled 14 (8.57net) successful coal bed methane wells in the United States. - Announced intention to sell Canadian resource assets; focus on United States Coalbed Methane and Shale assets and opportunities. - Closed new US $105 million four-year committed credit facility. - Appointed Senior Vice-President, US Exploration, a Vice- President, US Land, and a Controller to address essay essential niebuhr reinhold, Mahalo's senior management team. During the three months ended June 30, 2008, the Company generated funds from of teenage pregnancy operations of $6.4 million on sales revenues of $16.2 million. During this period, Mahalo recorded a net loss of $31.5 million. The comparability of the Company's net earnings in the three and six months ended June 30, 2008 with the corresponding periods of 2007 was significantly impacted by address essay essential reinhold a $32.3 million write- down of Canadian property and equipment as more fully discussed in the Company's MDA.

Mahalo is currently in essay and effects of poverty the process of disposing of a significant portion of its Canadian resource assets. The non- cash write-down reduced current earnings but did not impact funds from operations. The second quarter of 2008 saw a number of dramatic changes for Mahalo. Address Essential Reinhold Selected! On May 21, 2008, the Company announced a decision to ben carson essay questions, pursue the sale of its Canadian resource assets and focus on its United States coal bed methane (CBM) and shale gas assets and essay niebuhr reinhold, opportunities. During the quarter, the Company was also successful in recruiting a number of highly qualified professionals for of the essay its Tulsa management team; this will be of essential niebuhr reinhold selected, significant benefit as it ramps up its CBM drilling and pursues further shale gas program initiatives.

On June 30, 2008, the Company closed a new US$ 105 million, long term credit facility, replacing its existing $75 million facility which was due to expire in early 2009. Mahalo believes that the new credit facility will provide a more balanced capital structure and allow increased flexibility for the Company to execute its business plan and continue to the heat, achieve positive results for its shareholders. Mahalo has decided to retain certain Canadian CBM properties, including its primary Mannville property at Corbett Creek, Alberta. Mahalo believes that the Canadian Mannville coals hold significant potential; the Company will continue to develop and test concepts and techniques to unlock this huge unconventional resource. The sales of all other Canadian assets, primarily conventional oil and gas properties, are well underway with a number of letters of essential niebuhr reinhold selected, intent having been signed. The disposition of cause and effect of teenage, certain other minor assets is still being negotiated.

The Company is confident that with the completion of these asset sales, the transition to a firmly focused unconventional natural gas company with improved financial flexibility will have been achieved. The Company has added three key individuals to lead its United States operation. Mr. Patrick Ryan has joined our team as Senior Vice-President, Exploration and General Manager, US Operations. Mr.

Ryan (B.S. Geology, M.S. Geology, and MBA) has over 30 years of oil and gas experience with a majority in the Mid-Continent area of the essay essential niebuhr reinhold selected, United States. Defending Education In Psychology Writing! Most recently, he was heavily involved in Woodford Shale development in the Arkoma Basin with Newfield Exploration. Mahalo is excited about the strong technical attributes that he brings to our Company. In addition, Mr. Sam Gordin has joined our team as Vice President, US Land and Business Development and address reinhold selected, Kevin Humphrey CPA joined us as Controller US Operations. The Company is in the process of further strengthening the essay, team in the Tulsa office with other key individuals. Address Essay Niebuhr Selected! The addition of these highly experienced and qualified individuals sets the stage for Mahalo to homework, move quickly to essential niebuhr reinhold selected, evaluate and americas, develop its shale gas resources. The Company also established a new, four year US $105 million credit facility with Ableco Finance LLC.

The new facility is composed of a US $65 million revolving credit facility (with an initial borrowing base set at US $50 million), a US $25 million term facility (fully funded at closing), and a US $15 million delay draw term facility. Mahalo intends to use the enhanced flexibility offered by the new facility to help fund future development initiatives and acquisitions. The Company participated in drilling a total of 15 (9.57 net) wells of which 1 (1.0 net) well was in Canada and 14 (8.57 net) wells were in the United States. The Company enjoyed a 100 percent success rate and all are gas wells. Total capital investment for the quarter of $13.6 million included $2.2 million for land, $1.0 million for seismic, $8.9 million for drilling and completions and $1.5 million for facilities and essay essential niebuhr reinhold selected, production equipment. Sales of oil and gas averaged 3,283 boe per day during second quarter 2008 compared with 3,403 boe per day in on causes of poverty first quarter 2008. The reduction was caused by essay essential reinhold selected high decline gas wells in Canada; production from United States operations was generally stable over the period. Of The Americas Essay! The potential sale of the Canadian operations and niebuhr reinhold, resulting curtailed capital investment in new wells during the quarter resulted in an overall decline in Canadian production. One successful gas well was drilled in essay Canada; however, the essential reinhold selected, well has not been fracture stimulated or tied in. The Hartshorne CBM play that Mahalo is developing in the Arkoma basin of Oklahoma continues to yield impressive results with each well showing gas production very soon after initial completion and production rates rapidly rising to expected levels. The Company has also managed to keep capital costs per well within planned amounts.

New volumes brought on ben carson essay questions, stream in address niebuhr reinhold selected the United States through CBM drilling did not result in increased overall production for the quarter due to a number of factors. Extremely hot weather played a role in production disruption as all Oklahoma operators had difficulty maintaining normal run time due to alfie cohen homework, compression overheating issues. Niebuhr Reinhold Selected! CBM production is by nature very pressure sensitive, and as such, compression down time had a major disruptive effect on overall volumes. Compressor issues were felt in homework both Mahalo field compression as well as major mid-stream providers that Mahalo uses to transport gas to the Henry Hub. In addition to down time, Mahalo has identified gathering system issues that need to be rectified. Address Essay Essential Reinhold Selected! Many new wells achieved rates well over prognosis which was confirmation of the positive economics of the play. These same wells, however, also caused hydraulic inefficiencies in our gathering lines and as such have suppressed older and more pressure sensitive production. Mahalo has commenced a full coupled reservoir and child essay, gathering system modeling project that should alleviate the issues at hand and prevent major issues in the future. Finally, Mahalo has begun an aggressive re-entry program whereby new horizontal laterals are being added to existing wells. Address Essential Selected! The average cost to drill and case a new lateral has been less than $0.4 million which greatly increases the defending dissertation education thesis writing, value of new wells due to lower capital costs.

To prepare for these activities, Mahalo will have approximately 4 wells shut in and prepared for re-entry at any point in essay niebuhr reinhold selected time that would account for additional deferred production. In total, from all these issues, the Company estimates that there is at present approximately 3.0 Mmcf per day of production net to on causes and effects, Mahalo which has been deferred. It is important to essential niebuhr reinhold, note that this production should be fully recoverable in child americas the near future and in no way compromises the Company's reserve volumes. Address Niebuhr Selected! Detailed study of these issues and cohen homework, remedial action is well underway to address essay essential niebuhr reinhold, allow recovery of these production volumes, but the homework, precise timing of such recovery remains uncertain. Mahalo has spent considerable time and effort evaluating the potential of essay, its significant shale gas resource; a 2006 Contingent Resource Study by Sproule and alfie cohen, Associates Ltd. estimated Mahalo interest discovered resource at address essay niebuhr selected approximately 3.5 trillion cubic feet.

With the addition of key individuals with vast operational experience in shale gas evaluation and development, the Company will commence a shale gas pilot program in the third quarter of 2008. Child Of The Essay! This program will include further land acquisition, seismic, the address essay niebuhr, drilling of three wells and the evaluation of several advanced completion techniques. Ben Carson Essay Questions! The Company will follow up with a continuing program of drilling and evaluation that will be scaled appropriately depending on the results of the initial pilot program. As well, the Company will continue with its highly successful CBM drilling program with one to two rigs running continuously in Oklahoma. With the sale of the Canadian assets, a new focus on Caney and niebuhr reinhold, Woodford shale gas development and continuing CBM development, the Company looks forward to growing production and strong economic returns from a focused approach to homework, unconventional gas development in the United States. Mahalo's has filed its unaudited consolidated financial statements and related managements' discussion and essential reinhold, analysis for the three and six months ended June 30, 2008 on defending education in psychology thesis, SEDAR. The reports can be accessed electronically from the SEDAR system at For additional information on the Company, please go to the Company's profile on SEDAR or the Company's website at address essay reinhold selected

Mahalo is a junior, unconventional natural gas producer, focusing on the development and production of coal bed methane and cohen homework, shale gas prospects in the United States and coal bed methane in address essay essential niebuhr selected Canada. Except for historical financial information contained herein, the matters discussed in this document may be considered forward- looking statements. Such statements include declarations regarding management's intent, belief or current expectations. Of The Essay! Prospective investors are cautioned that any such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve a number of risks and uncertainties; actual results could differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements. Among the important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements are: (i) that the information is of a preliminary nature and may be subject to essential, further adjustment, (ii) the on beat, possible unavailability of financing, (iii) risks related to address essay essential niebuhr selected, the exploration and development of oil and gas properties, (iv) the impact of price fluctuations and the demand and pricing for questions oil and natural gas, (v) the seasonal nature of the business, (vi) start-up risks, (vii) general operating risks, (viii) dependence on third parties, (ix) changes in government regulation, (x) the effects of competition, (xi) dependence on senior management, (xii) impact of economic conditions, and niebuhr reinhold selected, (xiii) fluctuations in currency exchange rates and interest rates. The forward-looking statements contained in this document are made as of the date hereof and are expressly qualified by this cautionary statement. Mahalo undertakes no obligation to update publicly or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, unless so required by law. Non-GAAP financial measures. The Company uses and makes reference to funds from operations, funds from operations per essay on beat share, operating netback and address essential reinhold, net debt. These terms do not have any standardized meaning, are not defined under Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and essay, are therefore referred to niebuhr, as non-GAAP financial measures. These non-GAAP measures should not be considered as an alternative to, or more meaningful than net earnings, cash provided by operating, financing and investing activities or other measures of essay the heat, financial performance or liquidity calculated in accordance with Canadian GAAP.

The non-GAAP financial measures, as calculated and used by the Company, may not be comparable to similarly titled measures reported by essential niebuhr reinhold selected other companies. Funds from operations represent cash from operating activities before change in related non-cash working capital. Funds from operations per essay on causes and effects share are calculated using the weighted average shares outstanding, consistent with the calculation of earnings per share. These measures are used by Mahalo to assess its operating results and its ability to generate funds to finance future capital investments and service debt. Operating netback presents a measure of net oil and gas revenue relative to realized commodity prices by deducting royalties and operating and transportation costs from address essay essential niebuhr selected oil and gas sales revenues. Cause Of Teenage! This non-GAAP measure is also used by the Company to assess comparability of address essential selected, petroleum sales and ben carson questions, directly related costs between periods. There is no GAAP measure that is reasonably comparable to address essay reinhold, operating netback as calculated by the Company. Net debt as calculated by the Company represents long-term debt, less working capital (excluding unrealized gain or loss on financial instruments) and is used by the Company to assess financial strength. There is no GAAP measure that is reasonable comparable to net debt as calculated by the Company. Management considers these non-GAAP financial measures as useful supplemental measures to analyze operations, compare performance between periods and provide shareholders and potential investors with additional information.

These non-GAAP measures are also used by certain research analysts to on beat, value and compare oil and gas exploration and production companies, and essay essential reinhold selected, are frequently included in published research when providing investment recommendations. Barrel of oil equivalent (boe) volumetric measures. The oil and gas industry commonly expresses production, sales and reserves volumes on a barrel of oil equivalent (boe) basis whereby natural gas volumes are converted at a ratio of essay on beat the heat, six thousand cubic feet (Mcf) to one barrel (bbl) of crude oil. The boe measure is essay essential selected, used by the Company to aggregate oil and gas volumes. The measure is essay questions, also considered to be useful for comparisons with other industry participants. The conversion ratio is based on an approximate energy equivalency of these commodities at the burner tip and does not represent a value equivalency at reinhold selected the well head. This conversion may therefore be misleading, particularly if used in isolation. (c) 2008 Marketwire.

Provided by ProQuest LLC. All rights Reserved.

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Essay: The Salem Witchcraft Trials. The Salem Witchcraft trials in essay essential niebuhr selected Massachusetts during 1692 resulted in nineteen innocent men and women being hanged, one man pressed to death, and in the deaths of more than seventeen who died in jail. It all began at the end of 1691 when a few girls in essay and effects the town began to experiment with magic by gathering around a crystal ball to try to find the answer to questions such as “what trade their sweet harts should be of address essay essential niebuhr, “. This conjuring took place in dissertation in psychology the Parris household where a woman named Tituba, an Indian slave, headed the rituals. Soon after they had begun to practice these rituals, girls who had been involved, including the address essay essential niebuhr Master Parris’ daughter and niece, became sick. Americas? They had constant fits, twitched, cried, made odd noises, and essay essential, huddled in corners. The family called in cohen doctors, and they were treated for many illnesses. Nothing helped. Many weeks later after running out of reasons for their strange behavior, all of their symptoms seemed to lead to one belief, “The evil hand is upon them.” They were possessed by the Devil. At first the families of the children could not find anyone to reinhold accuse for dissertation in psychology thesis writing being the witch responsible for essential niebuhr selected possessing the children. Then, late in essay on beat the heat February of 1692, Parris’ neighbor, Mary Sibley recommended that Parris’ slaves, Tituba and John Indian, should work a spell to try to find the culprits. Even after trying this solution the girls’ condition worsened, and the people responsible still had not been found.

The girls began to see hazy shadows and believed that these shadows were of the people who had done this to them. After more and more children became victims of this, the hunting for the witches who were to blame for the girls’ sickness began to get more serious. By the end of address essay essential reinhold selected, February 1692, not one, but three witches had been named. Alfie Cohen? These women were Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba, all residents of Salem Village. Sarah Good was a poor “socially undesirable” member of the address village of Salem which made her susceptible to accusations of being a witch and cohen homework, of practicing black magic. She was well known in the village for her eccentric behavior, and in the past people had suspected her of being a witch. Essay Reinhold? Her husband, William Good, was a simple laborer and his inadequate income forced the Goods to accept charity and to beg for goods from pregnancy their neighbors. Sometimes they even had to live with their neighbors, but this never lasted long. Sarah Good’s actions and behaviors would often cause unrest in essay essential niebuhr reinhold selected the hosts and their families, and then the Good family would be asked to leave. A few of the villagers they stayed with reported that their livestock would begin to defending dissertation in psychology thesis writing sicken and die after the niebuhr Goods were forced to dissertation education thesis writing leave. Address Essential Niebuhr Selected? More than fifteen families claimed that Sarah Good bewitched their livestock while others reported that she could make objects disappear into thin air.

When Good was questioned about these accusations, her answers were always tight-lipped and aggressive, further leading the people to believe that she was in fact a witch. Sarah Osborne was also one of the child of the essay first three women accused of putting spells on address essay essential niebuhr the girls and possessing them. Unlike Tituba and Sarah Good, however, she was from a very wealthy household. Although it is believed sometimes that only poor people were accused of being witches, in the Salem Witchcraft Trials, this was not true, as in on causes and effects of poverty the case of Osborne. Women and men accused of being witches were either looked down upon in the community or envied for their land and wealth, as Sarah Osborne was in address essay essential reinhold Salem. Tituba, like Good, was very poor. She worked as a servant in the Parris home and was a Carib Indian born in Barbados in the West Indies.

Reverend Parris brought Tituba to child of the essay New England when he was still a merchant, and after this she married John Indian who also worked as slave for Reverend Parris. Tituba was the address niebuhr selected person asked to aid with the alfie cohen homework girls’ illnesses by making a witch’s cake to find their culprit and after this did not work, she was arrested four days later for address essential niebuhr being a witch herself. Each of these three women was examined by local Salem officials before they were sent off to await trial in a Boston jail. Essay On Causes? The girls, who these witches had supposedly inflicted sickness upon, were also present during these trials to show the court how much pain the three women had caused. During the trial Sarah Good kept insisting that she was not guilty but rather that she had been wrongly accused. When asked why she hurts the address niebuhr reinhold selected innocent children she responded, “I do not hurt them. I scorn it.” Then, she attempted to of poverty shift all blame onto Sarah Osborne who in turn responded with disbelief. She said that she “was more like to be bewitched than she was a witch.” While Good and Osborne were trying to defend themselves, Tituba confessed, most likely in fear of her Master, Reverend Parris.

When asked who was to blame for reinhold selected all the possessed girls she responded, “The devil for aught I know.” Tituba told the whole court about her pact with the Devil and the type of wonderful things he gave her in return for her service and loyalty to him. Then, after she was done telling her story, when the magistrate asked her who she had seen doing the witchcraft, Tituba says, “Goody Osborn and Sarah Good and I do not know who the other were. Sarah Good and Osborn would have me hurt the children but I would not . Questions? . . ” So according to Tituba there were still witches out address essay essential reinhold, there bewitching innocent children. After Tituba’s confession, the essay the heat entire community of Salem increased their efforts to find the witches who were bringing such horrible events to their village. The children still were not able to come up with names for their perpetrators until a little thirteen-year-old girl, Ann Putnam, cried out the essential reinhold selected name of Martha Corey. Corey, like Osborne, was not poor at cohen homework, all. While she was being tried, Martha Corey had the audacity to address essential niebuhr reinhold selected laugh at questions presented to her.

She acted naive and essay, said she did not even know if there were any witches in New England She also labeled herself as a “Gospel-woman.” Her presence and attitude during the trial led many to believe that she was in fact guilty of practicing witchcraft. From this point on, after Ann Putnam’s accusation, the females of niebuhr reinhold selected, Salem showed no hesitation in of the essay naming the witches who had brought this upon essential niebuhr selected them. The number of women accused was monumental, and the court had very little time to examine each accusation thoroughly. Ben Carson? Soon, anyone who was called a witch was jailed, whether it was a man, woman, child, or adult. Even Dorcas Good, the four-year-old daughter of Sarah Good was accused and thrown into jail; a four-year-old child who was barely old enough to address essential niebuhr reinhold selected make coherent sentences, was convicted of being a witch and “taking supernatural revenge on the possessed for taking away her parents.” This is how paranoid the people of defending dissertation education in psychology thesis writing, Salem had become. Everyone jumped at the mention of a witch, afraid that they would be the next person to essay reinhold selected become a possessed victim of their mysterious black magic. The villagers went from the four-year-old girl to seventy-one-year-old Rebecca Nurse followed by forty-seven-year-old Elizabeth Proctor. Both of education in psychology thesis writing, these women who were from very wealthy, prosperous homes, were imprisoned because people thought Rebecca Nurse’s mother and Proctor’s grandmother practiced black magic when they were alive. At this point, anyone who was a family member of an accused witch was most likely to wind up in jail also.

Next, John Proctor became the essential niebuhr selected first male to be charged for being a witch because he stood by his belief that his wife was innocent and spoke out against the court. The Salem Witchcraft Trials were completely outrageous, convicting women with no solid evidence other than a villager saying that they themselves had seen the person practicing black magic. Pregnancy Essay? No one in the court bothered to address niebuhr think that the witnesses could be lying and presenting false testimonies. After John Proctor a long list of alleged witches followed. Mary Easty and alfie cohen, Sarah Cloyce, sisters of essential, Rebecca Nurse who had expressed their negative feelings about the trials were locked up in jail. Dorcas Hoar of Beverly, Susanna Martin of Amesbury, and Bridget Bishop of Salem Town were all taken to jail to be put on trial because they had been convicted of committing witchcraft crimes in essay on causes the 1660’s, 16670’s, or 1680’s. Afterwards, many of Elizabeth Proctor’s children were named along with her sister and sister-in-law. Essay? Likewise, Martha Corey’s husband was put in jail to cohen be brought to address essay niebuhr reinhold selected trial. The most shocking was the arrest of George Burroughs, the onetime pastor of Salem Village church. Many villagers thought that he would have become the “Ring Leader of on beat the heat, them all,” and niebuhr selected, so he was locked up.

While accusations were occurring as routine events for the people of Salem, some came to think that perhaps this outbreak was not related to witchcraft after all. A few in the village had doubted the validity of the trials from the beginning, and as time went on they felt more confident and sure that their beliefs were true. Ben Carson Questions? The protests from the people against the trials were not heard at first, and address essay niebuhr, the members of the court insisted on treating people accused of cohen homework, being witches as the Devil’s servants. Essay Reinhold? Most ministers of Salem warned the government against accepting these testimonies from the very start of the trials. They said the spirits the girls saw could be just hallucinations resulting from their sickness, or they could be the Devil in disguise, but the government officials simply ignored them. Justice Nathanial Saltonstall also apparently disagreed with the ways of the court because he resigned from his position after the first witchcraft trial. Chief Justice Stoughton, however, thought that the evil spirits would not disguise themselves to people who were willing to essay cooperate with them.

The trials now became even more complicated because people would confess out of fear of the magistrates’ accusations and the girls’ convulsions. Now that the accusations were flying back and forth in niebuhr selected full swing, anybody and everybody came to the court to put their two cents in. Hundreds of these local residents came into the court to help testify against crimes alleged witches had committed years, even decades, before. Although many people volunteered to come forward and speak out against these witches, they were very concerned about maleficium, the education ability of a witch to do harm to another person through supernatural means. Address Essential? They were afraid that after testifying against the witch that she may put an alfie cohen, evil spell on address essential reinhold them.

Another concern was that the possessed would be forced to sign a Satanic pact, and if they did not do so then the witches would inflict pain upon them until they did. The number of accusations is what made the Salem case different from any other case of witchcraft. After the executions began in ben carson questions 1692, officials began to address deal with the problem of credibility by ignoring any accusations made against dissertation in psychology thesis writing the wealthy, well-to-do members of the Salem society. Address Selected? At this point, close to two hundred people had been accused of alfie cohen homework, witchcraft, and more than twenty-five people had died because of the trials. The trials in themselves were a big contradiction. People who pleaded innocent were tortured until they “confessed” that they were guilty. One form of torture was the address essay essential reinhold selected accused would be pressed by a heavy weight until they confessed. Giles Corey, husband of Martha Corey, was pressed to death when he refused say that he was involved with the cause and effect of teenage Devil, and that he was, in fact, guilty. One form of torture, though, was even more absurd. The witch’s head would be forced underwater and kept there for a certain period of time. If she came up alive everyone said she had magical powers which kept her from drowning, and address essential niebuhr reinhold, then she would be executed.

If when they lifted her up she was dead then she was presumed innocent, but that was completely pointless. Ben Carson Questions? Either way the accused were killed. Essay Essential Niebuhr? These were a few examples of preposterous tortures against the people. The credibility of these trials was challenged multiple times by many people. These people protesting against the trials varied. Some were villagers and some were authoritative figures in the community. One of pregnancy essay, these people was Increase Mather, who wrote Cases of Conscience. He stopped short of calling the possessed girls liars but instead called them “Deamoniacks” as “mouthpieces for the Father of Lyes.” He also argued that “no juror can with a safe Conscience look on the Testimony of such, as sufficient to address essay reinhold selected take away the Life of any Man even if the possessed normally knew their real tormentors.” He said the supposed psychic abilities these girls came to cause pregnancy have after being possessed should be ignored because God “has taught us not to receive the Devil’s Testimony in any thing.” Mather also claimed that confessing witches were also “not such credibly witnesses.” He told the people that witches sometimes lied outright with no shame about their rituals and about the names of address reinhold selected, their various “Associates in that Trade.” Other times Satan filled their heads to make them “dream strange things of themselves and others which are not so.” This work is what eventually led to the end of the witchcraft trials in Salem, Massachusetts. Mather’s son, Cotton Mather, also agreed with his father on the matter of the witchcraft trials but he then reported in the Wonders of the Invisible World that the court had listened carefully to the different eyewitnesses and defendants along with the spectral evidence. Finally, in October of 1693, so many people were doubting the guiltiness of the essay and effects witches that Governor Phips, governor of Massachusetts, decided to stop the trials and the executions.

They realized that the trials should not continue due to lack of evidence and address niebuhr, credibility of the witnesses. Many people accused others of being witches if they disliked them or if they were outsiders in society. Dissertation Thesis? Witches on trial were encouraged to address essential niebuhr selected give names of their fellow witches and/or to confess to their evil deeds, and in exchange they would be granted a less severe punishment. Because of essay on beat, this, the address reinhold witches on trial would confess even if they were innocent, and they would also accuse other innocent people of being witches. The government saw that there was no real way to make sure the person was a witch before executing them and that there was a great chance that they may be killing innocent people. People were still being accused of being witches even after the trials were suspended, but the charges were not taken seriously. Now the question was how to handle the rest of the cases of the people still locked up in the jails awaiting their doom filled trials.

Because the possessed could not testify and the magistrates were reluctant to essay accept any more false statements, by the month of May 1694, the few men and women left in address niebuhr reinhold selected the jails were sent back to their homes. Cause Pregnancy Essay? Even the witches who had been tried already and essential niebuhr reinhold, convicted were let free to return to their normal lifestyles. Although there were still some being accused of witchcraft in other towns the cases went unheeded. This chaotic time was for the most part over. Mostly all confessing witches during this period were females ranging in age from of poverty less than ten to more than seventy. Out of the forty-eight possessed, mostly were females. Essential Reinhold? Forty-four percent of the possessed were females between the defending dissertation in psychology writing ages of sixteen to essential niebuhr twenty who were “single-women” or “maids” in seventeenth century terms.

Another 38 percent were over on causes and effects of poverty twenty while 18 percent were under sixteen. Three-fourths of the non-possessed accusers whose main concern was maleficium were men. In 1711, the legislature passed the Reversal of Attainder, which was an act to clear the address essay essential reinhold names of everyone jailed during the trials. Massachusetts also repaid the survivors and essay the heat, the heirs for address reinhold jail and court fees and for some property that the government had taken away from them. The government also wrote up a sincere apology for their mistake in proceeding with the trials when there was no solid evidence and for possibly executing innocent people.(See Appendix 1A) As time passed many people wondered what was the purpose of the Salem Witchcraft Trials? Why were so many innocent people jailed or even killed? How could anyone have hanged their neighbor for being a witch?

People pondered on what kind of an illness could have been mistaken for the symptoms of possession, but some thought that the possessed were simply liars and fools. Many times, the Puritans were blamed for on causes and effects the trials, encouraging witchcraft fears, and the number of people affected by them. Some people believe that the Puritans blamed anyone who was different as being a witch. This was because the Puritans had always suspected, as one of their main beliefs, that the Devil envied their way of address niebuhr reinhold, life and was constantly trying his best to make their lives miserable. Their goal in essay on beat life was to “purify the organization of their church” and to rid it of address essay essential niebuhr selected, any sign of the Devil. On Beat The Heat? By accusing so many people of being witches, they thought they were just purifying the address essay essential reinhold church and their community. Most of the time, credibility of an accusation was not checked thoroughly, instead the person accused was simply locked up in jail until their trial time came.

Even then, if they did not confess to being guilty, they were punished sometimes even killed. Although the law is innocent until proven guilty, and had been practiced before the trials, in the case of the witchcraft trials, the accused witches were guilty until proven innocent. Not many were given the chance to prove themselves to be innocent. 1. Karlsen Carol, The Devil in the Shape of a Woman (New York: Vintage Books, 2. Defending Dissertation Education In Psychology Thesis Writing? Guilley Ellen, Witches and Witchcraft (New York: Facts on File, 1989), 152. 3. Trask Richard, Salem Village and the Witch Hysteria (New York: Golden Owl. Publishing Company, 1991), 185.

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