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Curtin university phd thesis

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Curtin university phd thesis

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Best CV Samples, Free Resume Writing Tips and Examples, Cover Letter Tips. For instance, if you plan on becoming an IT technician, a good idea would be to find internships with companies dealing with this working field. In this way, once you graduate the college you can boast with having a hands-on practice of the curtin, future career that will impress the essay in urdu language, employer. It is definitely a plus for university phd thesis you as compared to other college graduate who has never worked in an internship program in the same field. Another way to make use efficiently of employment opportunities is to show your availability in working anywhere. For instance when applying for a job that is advertised for do not specify the website thesis, workplace in the application especially when the location is not mentioned in university phd thesis the job ads. Instead show your willingness to work anywhere. Specifying the location will only limit the chances of lumbar retrolisthesis getting the curtin university, job after all.

You need to speculate the social website that internet comes with. For instance, LinkedIn is such a site to offer employment opportunities for people like you. Why Marijuana Should Illegal Essay! The thing is that with this site you can connect to people who can be of a great help in curtin university phd thesis the future, such as former college mates, former workmates, and so on. It is a route that you should take into account and be seen as a way to efficiently increase employment opportunities. Once you are involved in the hunt for a job you will discover various opportunities and a good idea would be to make as list of format college these jobs and keep track of them. In this way you will avoid sending the resume two times to the same employer.

Consider making a follow up after you have attended the interview. University! This will show your potential employer your interest into review assistance getting the job and can be seen as another way to curtin, maximize your employment opportunity. Top Interview Questions – How to answer them without fumbling? Most times candidates get drilled to some of the most frequently asked interview questions. Paper! In this post, we come up with some of the most frequently asked questions and how to answer these questions to win a job! Below are Top Interview Questions. 1. Can you let me know somewhat about curtin phd thesis yourself?

This inquiry appears to should essay, be basic, such a large number of individuals neglect to curtin university, get ready for it, yet its urgent. Here#8217;s the arrangement: Don#8217;t give your complete job (or individual) history. Rather give a pitch—one that is brief and convincing and that shows precisely why you#8217;re an with, ideal choice for the employment. Curtin University Phd Thesis! Begin off with the 2-3 particular achievements or encounters that you most need the questioner to essay in urdu, think about, then wrap up discussing how that related knowledge has situated you for curtin university this particular part. 2. How could you have been able to in urdu, you catch wind of the position? An alternate apparently harmless inquiry, this is really an immaculate chance to emerge and demonstrate your enthusiasm for and association with the organization. For instance, on the off chance that you got some answers concerning the gig through a companion or expert contact, name drop that individual, then impart why you were so amped up for it. In the curtin phd thesis, event that you found the organization through an occasion or article, impart that.

Regardless of the possibility that you discovered the posting through an irregular employment board, offer what, particularly, got your attention about the part. 3. What do you think about the organization? Any applicant can read and disgorge the organization#8217;s #8220;About#8221; page. Thus, when questioners ask this, they aren#8217;t essentially attempting to gage whether you comprehend the mission—they need to know whether you think about literature assistance it. Begin with one line that reveals to you comprehend the organization#8217;s objectives, utilizing a couple catchphrases and expressions from the curtin phd thesis, site, yet then go ahead to make it individual. Let#8217;s assume, #8220;I#8217;m by and by attracted to this mission on the grounds that… #8221; or #8220;I truly have faith in website thesis this methodology in light of the fact that… #8221; and offer an individual sample or two. 4. Why would it be advisable for us to hire you? This inquiry appears to be forward (also scaring!), yet in curtin university the event that you#8217;re asked it, you#8217;re in good fortune: There#8217;s no better setup for you to offer yourself and your abilities to the contracting supervisor. Your employment here is to format college paper, art an answer that covers three things: that you can not just do the work, you can convey extraordinary results; that you#8217;ll truly fit in with the group and society; and curtin phd thesis, that you#8217;d be a superior contract than any of alternate applicants.

5. What are your most noteworthy proficient qualities? At the point when noting this inquiry, meeting mentor Pamela Skillings prescribes being precise (impart your actual qualities, not those you think the questioner needs to listen); applicable (pick your qualities that are most focused to this specific position); and particular (for instance, rather than #8220;relationship building abilities,#8221; pick #8220;enticing correspondence#8221; or #8220;relationship building#8221;). At that point, catch up with an illustration of how you#8217;ve exhibited these characteristics in an expert setting. 6. What do you consider to be your shortcomings? What your questioner is truly attempting to do with this inquiry past distinguishing any real warnings is to gage your mindfulness and genuineness.

Thus, #8220;I can#8217;t meet a due date to spare my life#8221; is impossible yet neither one of the ises #8220;Nothing! I#8217;m impeccable!#8221; Strike equalization by considering something that you battle with however that you#8217;re attempting to my school essay in urdu language, make strides. For instance, perhaps you#8217;ve never been solid at university, open talking, however you#8217;ve as of late volunteered to run gatherings to help you be more agreeable when tending to checker, a swarm. 7. What is your most prominent proficient accomplishment? Nothing says #8220;contract me#8221; better than a reputation of attaining to stunning results in past employments, so don#8217;t be modest when noting this inquiry!

An incredible approach to do as such is by utilizing the curtin university phd thesis, S-T-A-R system: Set up the circumstance and literature review writing, the assignment that you were obliged to finish to give the questioner foundation connection (e.g., #8220;In my last employment as a lesser examiner, it was my part to university, deal with the invoicing procedure#8221;), yet invest the heft of your time depicting what you really did (the activity) and what you attained to lumbar retrolisthesis, (the outcome). Case in point, #8220;In one month, I streamlined the procedure, which spared my gathering 10 man-hours every month and curtin university phd thesis, lessened blunders on receipts by research 25%.#8221; 8. Where do you see yourself in five years? In the curtin, event that posed this question, be fair and particular about your future objectives, however think about this: As a procuring supervisor needs to know an) in the event that you#8217;ve set practical desires for your vocation, b) on the off chance that you have aspiration (a.k.a., this meeting isn#8217;t the first occasion when you#8217;re considering the inquiry), and c) if the lumbar spondylosis with retrolisthesis, position adjusts to your objectives and development. Your most solid option is to contemplate where this position could take you and reply thusly. Furthermore, if the position isn#8217;t fundamentally a restricted ticket to your goals? It#8217;s OK to say that you#8217;re not exactly beyond any doubt what#8217;s in store, yet that you see this experience assuming an imperative part in helping you settle on that. Phd Thesis! Have you ever had an experience where you were unable to answer such questions? Then, we are sure this post shall help!

Image Source: Interviewgold. How to Write Cover Letter with Precision. Cover Letters are the first risk you need to inspire a recruiter as they#8217;re not simply a defensive coat for your CV. Here#8217;s our aide on what to incorporate and literature review assistance, how to emphasize on them. The primary thing a potential boss sees in your occupation application is the cover letter. This doesn#8217;t simply help your CV – it’s an open door for you to emerge from the swarm and convince the scout to put you through to the following round. Be careful about investing hours on idealizing your CV to curtin university, the detriment of your cover letter. In its formation if you require some impulse on what to incorporate and what arrangement to use, here are our useful aides – simply recollect not reproducing them as definite layouts. Here#8217;s our guide on website thesis, How To Write Cover Letters.

1. Standard, preservationist style. This is curtin university phd thesis perfect for segments like, business, law, bookkeeping and retail. For more inventive areas, a letter like this may be less engaging, and could work adjacent to you. Kindly find encased my CV in application for the post publicized in the USA Today on 20 November. The personality of essay in urdu language my degree course has set me up for this position. It included a lot of free research, obliging activity, persuasion toward oneself and an extensive variety of university phd thesis abilities. For one course, [insert course], an understanding of the [insert sector] industry was fundamental.

I discovered this subject exceptionally invigorating. I am a quick and precise author, with a sharp eye for point of interest and I ought to be exceptionally appreciative for the chance to should remain illegal essay, advance to market reporting. I am ready to curtin university phd thesis, tackle the obligation of this position quickly, and why marijuana should remain essay, have the excitement and curtin phd thesis, determination to guarantee that I make an achievement of it. Much obliged to why marijuana should, you for taking the time to consider this application and I anticipate got notification from you sooner rather than later. 2. Standard theoretical letter.

This may shift as per the way of the curtin phd thesis, association and the business you#8217;re applying to. I am composing to enquire on website thesis, the off chance that you have any opportunities in phd thesis your organization. I encase my CV for your record. As should be obvious, I have had far reaching excursion work involvement in my school language office situations, the retail segment and administration commercial enterprises, providing for me differed abilities and the capacity to work with various sorts of curtin university phd thesis individuals. I accept I could fit effectively into your group. I am a reliable individual who buckles down and gives careful consideration to detail. I#8217;m adaptable, fast to essay style, get new abilities and energetic to gain from others. I additionally have heaps of curtin thoughts and energy. Essay Style Checker! I#8217;m quick to work for an organization with an incredible notoriety and prominent like [insert organization name]. I have fabulous references and would be charmed to curtin, talk about any conceivable opportunity with you whenever it seems best. In the event that you don#8217;t have any suitable openings right now, I would be thankful on the off chance that you would keep my CV on document for any future potential positions.

How to Write Suitable Resignation Letter Sample. My School Essay Language! Prepared to university phd thesis, leave from your occupation? How you compose a resignation letter is essential, on the grounds that it typically isn#8217;t difficult to leave and stay on great terms with the website thesis, organization you are taking off. It can be especially hard to leave carefully and testing in the event that you abhor your employment and can hardly waits to begin your new occupation. Anyhow having an elegantly composed resignation letter can help guarantee your acquiescence goes easily. It sets the tone for both your move and how you#8217;ll be recollected by your boss. A resignation letter can help you keep up a positive association with your old head honcho, while preparing for you to proceed onward. You never know when you may require that past head honcho to provide for you a reference, so it bodes well for take the time to compose a cleaned and expert resignation letter.

Your resignation letter likewise gives authority perceive that you#8217;re firing your occupation with the organization. Thus, if you#8217;ve chosen to proceed onward and you#8217;ve left all needed signatures at your new gig, and now all that is university phd thesis remaining in the middle of you and your fab new occupation is should illegal submitting your resignation to your current one. How to curtin university, Write a Resignation Letter? Need to compose a resignation letter? Get thoughts on what data to incorporate in your letter and what to forget. Whatever the with retrolisthesis, circumstances of your takeoff, the specimen beneath can help you make an curtin, amiable and proper resignation letter.

I have had a grand experience working at (Name of the company) these previous three years. Thus, it is an ambivalent event that I keep in essay checker touch with you at the beginning of today, declaring my acquiescence to resign from the organization and my position as Regional Manager. I leave with a specific end goal to curtin university, seek after experimental writing as a full-time calling in spondylosis San Francisco Bay Area, a fantasy of mine for a long time. My last official day in the workplace will be Thursday April 13, 2017; three weeks from now. I acknowledge and quality the lessons I adapted under your tutelage. Much thanks to you for university the opportunities, the mentorship, and the backing amid these three years—it was really a delight. If you don#8217;t mind let me know how I can be of help amid this move process.

I want to declare my takeoff at one week from now#8217;s staff meeting. Review Writing Assistance! Clearly, don#8217;t hesitate to alter this a bit focused around your experience and your organization society, and then submit it by means of the common methods at your organization. Of course, it may sit in the profundities of HR until the end of time, however you can make sure of two things: One, your previous supervisor (and future reference) will read it and be inspired. Also two, in the event that you ever choose to return to your organization (hey, it happens), its something worth being thankful for that keep going thing on record is an incredible, professionally composed letter. How to Apply For Sick Leave at Your Workplace – Sample. When you must take a leave of nonattendance from work because of sickness, composition a formal debilitated leave letter to alarm your immediate boss of the university phd thesis, circumstances ought to lumbar retrolisthesis, be your first blueprint. This can help guarantee that you and the organization both have a record of the aim and dates of curtin phd thesis your wiped out leave, and additionally keeping your position secure for your come back to the working environment.

This kind of sick leave letter specimen can help you discover the best possible arrangement and the right words to speak with your executive. Website Thesis! You ought to quickly express the principle explanation behind your leave, tagging the sickness and whether your specialist has requested the clear out. Curtin University! It is best to utilize a compact, formal written work style in your debilitated leave letter form. The assemblage of the assistance, letter should plainly express the quantity of days you hope to be nonattendant from act and also the careful date you want to resume work. It ought to curtin university, show your name, title, location and the date at the highest point of the page. Format Research! On the off chance that you can be reached amid the leave, tag a contact number or email address. Guarantee that the organization arrangement is taken after to incorporate a specialist#8217;s note if important to help your solicitation for debilitated take off. Here is a debilitated leave letter test from an organization representative to the chief of Human Resources.

The representative experiences flu and curtin phd thesis, has been exhorted by essay style her specialist to take a two week wiped out leave to recoup and abstain from curtin phd thesis spreading the ailment. She is sending this formal letter to her manager to illuminate them of the circumstances and give points of interest. Sick Leave Application Letter Sample. Style Checker! This letter is to curtin university, advise you that I will be taking two weeks of debilitated leave from remain February 5 through February 19, as I am as of now not able to come into work because of having contracted flu. Phd Thesis! My specialist has prompted that I take this leave to rest, recuperate and abstain from spreading the ailment in research paper the workplace. If you don#8217;t mind see his note encased with this letter. University Phd Thesis! I apologize for any burden brought about by this leave and literature review, anticipate having the capacity to come back to the workplace of university phd thesis course once I have sufficiently recuperated. I will finish my current undertakings from my home when conceivable and send them into the workplace by fax (or by whatever means you can communicate). When I resume to the workplace from February 19, I want to advance however much exertion as could be expected to compensate for the lost time. I can be reached amid my leave if there are any inquiries or concerns.

If you don#8217;t mind don#8217;t hesitate to with retrolisthesis, leave me a message by telephone at (902)000 0000 or via email at [email protected] if any elucidation is curtin university required in this matter. Much thanks to you for your thought. Walters Park Communications. Lumbar Spondylosis! Importance of Cover Letter For Job Application. While we all realize that a resume is essential to the job search process, it is not the most critical credential you will need to curtin, secure an interview. Numerous individuals accept that a deliberately focused on presentation document is the most vital weapon you have to battle this fight and to win it. You must be wondering why? Well, there are two main reasons to this. Should Remain! 1.The cover letter permits you to focus on phd thesis, the occupation and the business in a certain manner, leaving the resume to format college, market your aptitudes, qualities and experience as a piece of the greater picture.

Your resume then needs less tweaking with every application on the grounds that the letter, which must be distinctive each one time, does that for you. University! 2. Lumbar! An incredible presentation document ought not simply rehash your resume in a shorter structure, however ought to curtin, inform the manager what it is concerning the employment that is alluring to you and essay in urdu, why you need to work for university that head honcho. Why Marijuana Should Illegal Essay! You will likewise need to incorporate the one of a kind aptitude and the qualities you bring to that occupation and curtin phd thesis, the organization. Composing an executioner presentation document is not a basic undertaking. It obliges thought, information and comprehension.

Numerous managers and recruiters read the letter first. Some of them won#8217;t consider your resume until they are fulfilled by the substance of your letter. So it is a critical record. You will need to do research on the superintendent and the employment before composing the style, letter. University! It will need to be composed in a captivating style utilizing magic words appropriate to should essay, the employment.

In the letter you will need to demonstrate that you have tried to research their organization by procuring significant learning before heading off to curtin, the meeting, in the event that you are picked. So what do you do if the manager is not unveiled in the occupation advert? Well the letter still must be composed particularly to the occupation tending to the key necessities expressed and your energy needs to radiate through. No letter can simply say #8220;here is my resume#8221;, not in the event that you need a meeting. You will need to format college research, pass on: I have explored your site and phd thesis, comprehend your business. You are my superintendent of decision. I accept my identity fits with your authoritative society (giving it does). I truly need to work for an association with your qualities. These all details offer #8220;your fit#8221; with their organization. My School Essay In Urdu! A habitually made inquiry among occupation seekers remains, #8220;Is cover letter imperative?#8221; indeed, it’s not unordinary for employment seekers to university, treat the presentation document as an untimely idea.

They#8217;ve put so much time and thought into their resume that they may see the cover letter as no more but just an obliged however irrelevant connection. In reality, this basic record can be instrumental in helping your resume jump to the highest point of the heap. 5 Power Pact Tips for Impressive Resume Writing. Procuring administrators and scouts alike say they#8217;ve seen all the more ineffectively composed resumes cross their work areas as of late as any other time in the recent past. Pull in more meeting offers and guarantee your resume doesn#8217;t kill you from thought by emulating these six key tips: Tips for Impressive Resume Writing. With! Regardless of how elegantly composed, your resume won#8217;t get a careful perusing the first run through. By and large a resume gets checked for 25 seconds. Examining is phd thesis more troublesome on the off chance that it is tricky to assistance, peruse, inadequately composed or surpasses two pages. Utilize an intelligent configuration and wide edges, clean sort and clear headings. Specifically apply strong and italic typeface that help manage the peruser#8217;s eye.

Utilization projectiles to point out imperative attentions (i.e. achievements). 2. Phd Thesis! Distinguish Accomplishments not Just Job Descriptions. Contracting directors, particularly in specialized fields like designing, look for applicants that can help them take care of an issue or fulfill a need inside their organization. Thus, you can#8217;t be an answer for their issues without expressing how you tackled comparable issues in different organizations and circumstances. Concentrate on what you did in the occupation, NOT what your employment was there#8217;s a distinction. Incorporate an one or two top line set of expectations to retrolisthesis, begin with, then rundown your achievements. For each one point ask yourself, what was the profit of having done what I did? Achievements ought to be novel to you, not simply a rundown of curtin university phd thesis what another person did. Abstain from utilizing the nonexclusive depictions of the occupations you initially sought or held. Q: What are the most widely recognized resume blunders?

A: Making an why marijuana illegal essay, excess of general claims and utilizing an curtin university phd thesis, excessive amount of literature review industry language that does not showcase the curtin phd thesis, hopeful. A resume is an advertising archive intended to offer your aptitudes and qualities as opposed to simply depict a bio of the literature writing, applicant. Incorporate and highlight particular accomplishments that present an extensive picture of curtin your attractiveness. Why Marijuana Remain Illegal! Evaluate your accomplishments to guarantee more noteworthy trust in curtin university phd thesis the contracting chief and accordingly create premium rates, dollars, number of representatives, and so forth. Work rearward to measure your achievements by essay style checker asking, If I had not done X, what could have happened? 4. Cater Your Resume for the Industry. Dissimilar to publicizing and curtin university, configuration experts who have more prominent creative artistic freedom in outlining their resume for why marijuana should essay those fields, the mechanical designing industry won#8217;t be inspired and may be turned off by different resume plan.

Blunder as an afterthought of being moderate elaborately. Your achievements, mistake free written work, syntactically right, clean, fresh sort and paper will make the impression for you. Curtin! 5. Supplant your Objective#8221; with a #8220;Vocation Summary#8221; A Career Summary is intended to give a short diagram of literature writing assistance who you are and what you do. Most Objectives sound comparative: Seeking a testing, intriguing position in X where I can utilize my abilities of X, Y, and curtin university, Z to help what really matters. Not telling whatsoever. College Research! Get a procuring director#8217;s consideration right from the earliest starting point, recalling that you have just 25 few seconds to phd thesis, make a decent impression. Invest time creating a synopsis that quickly stands out just enough to be noticed, and precisely and compellingly portrays you as an answer for format college their issues. With a robust resume under control you#8217;ll enormously expand your chances of winning a more intensive look and curtin phd thesis, getting that interview.

Image Source: 4 Attributes of Candidates Highly Admired by Recruiters. Recruiters usually receive a large number of applications for any position. These applications are sort on website thesis, the basis of skills, education and experience. However, recruiters many times face situations where the application of the potential candidate looks highly impressive on paper, but when these candidates are called for interview, they don’t come across well. Curtin Phd Thesis! What is the reason for this? What recruiters look for apart from education and experience during interviews? These are the traits hiring managers look for in job candidates: Every organization is review writing assistance looking to hire employees who are not just hard workers but are smart workers. Intelligence is curtin one of the factors that make a person work smartly.

A study claims that around 76% of the productivity and contribution of an employee is determined by his or her level of intelligence. Hiring managers test the level of website thesis intelligence of employees by finding how good are they in dealing with day-to-day challenges of the job. The best way to demonstrate your intelligence during interviews is to university phd thesis, ask intelligent questions to hiring managers. Questions can be related to the post you have applied for or about the literature review assistance, company. Is the university, candidate ready to take charge for essay checker the assignment that would be assigned to phd thesis, him?

One of the best traits of leaders is they never make excuses. Companies like recruiting candidates who are ready to take challenges, accept responsibilities, volunteer for assignments and should, keep the other team-mates motivated. The key to demonstrating your leadership quality is to university phd thesis, ensure hiring managers that you are willing to illegal essay, help company achieve its goals by committing to perform at high levels. Common misconception is that leadership quality is required only for management position. But the truth is most organizations are looking to hire candidates with leadership qualities even for entry level positions. In many situations, an employee is required to work with fellow coworkers on a project.

So, organizations look for candidates who can work well in a team. Curtin University Phd Thesis! Hiring managers ask potential candidates’ questions like what kind of work environment they prefer or their opinion about the other team-mates in their last job. At some organizations, hiring managers even conduct a group discussion to see how well they can interact with other members of the team. Show your leadership qualities by talking about a time where your team had faced a crisis and you motivated them and helped them solve it. No organization has time and resources to spoon-feed any employee. Companies prefer job applicants who exhibit self-development through a continuous learning process.

During the interview, provide examples of projects that you accomplished on your own with minimal management intervention. Also talk about the situations where you needed assistance from your seniors or management. Website Thesis! This will ensure recruiters that your team-managers will not be required to keep an eye on you all-time and that you can manage work on curtin phd thesis, your own in essay language given time-frame. If you can show potential employers you have most of the qualities listed above, you will definitely become a first preferred choice for the position!

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PopSci#039;s Guide To The 30 Coolest College Classes in the Country. Here's where you can learn to blow stuff up, scale 150-foot trees, make toys and catch lightning--all for college credit. Why subject yourself to the dull buzz of fluorescent lights and curtin phd thesis endless data sets? Play with plastic explosives, dive with jellyfish, or make video games instead! These schools will make you wish class would never end. Over the why marijuana should, years, PopSci has pulled together annual lists of the coolest, funnest college labs, the places where we would like to curtin university have spent our youth tinkering, exploring, and learning. Here, we've collected the ultimate list of website thesis, all the great labs we've ever covered. Launch the gallery for our full illustrated list of the coolest college labs in the country. Missouri University of Science and Technology: Experimental Mine.

Career: Industrial demolitions Learn to: Blow things up extremely well Students learn how to implode buildings, design fireworks displays, blast smooth slices of stone of quarry walls, run pyrotechnics at rock concerts, and set off special effects fireballs on movie sets. Phd Thesis! As you might expect, the why marijuana remain illegal, program's screening process rivals the CIA's. Candidates must submit to curtin university an extensive background check, and non-citizens may have to shake hands with the website thesis, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Phd Thesis! Missouri ST also offers an in urdu language MS in explosives engineering, the first formal program of its kind in the country. The focus of an MS ranges from shaped charges, small precision bombs that either slice like a knife or punch holes in metal, to topics like blast mitigation for the military and seismic changes in rock, for better mining. Phone: 573-341-6406 Web site: George Washington University: National Crash Analysis Center. Career: Safety engineer Learn to: Propel a sedan at 60 mph into university a roadside planter At the spondylosis, NCAC, every student in the school's transportation-safety graduate program gets a car and instructions to tear it down to piles of nuts and bolts, struts and glass sheets. Then the student rebuilds the vehicle in a computer model so he can virtually crash it again and again. (Students also help with real crash tests.) The lab works with auto manufacturers and the Department of phd thesis, Transportation to inform safety standards for cars and roadside furniture, such as light poles, barriers and signs. The current curriculum confronts a recent problem on the freeways: the huge population of SUVs, minivans and other small trucks.

Students are trying to figure out my school, whether objects like highway barriers should be changed to university phd thesis reflect the my school essay in urdu language, size of the university phd thesis, vehicles likely to be plowing into website thesis them in the future. Phone: 703-726-3600 Web site: GWU. University of Alabama at Huntsville: Propulsion Research Center. Career: Rocket scientist Learn to: Make things that go very fast and very far Each year, 20 aeronautical- and mechanical-engineering students get eight months to design, construct, and fly a rocket to a height of curtin, exactly 5,280 feet. Language! These aren't hobby rockets, which typically fly to less than 1,000 feet (any higher requires an FAA permit). a??Consider that an a?˜A' engine is half as strong as a a?˜B' engine, and so on,a?? says engineering professor Marlow Moser. a??The rockets you shoot off in the park: A and B engines. Our rockets: L engines.a?? Last year's class built a 37-pound, 8.5-foot-long carbon-fiber projectile with advanced data-collection systems onboard. The nosecone carried a video camera and avionics to record the university phd thesis, rocket's flight path and other information; the aft end, temperature and research paper strain sensors. Students enter their rocket in a NASA-sponsored student rocket-launching competition and present a report to curtin university phd thesis the space agency's scientists and engineers as if they were a company vying for a contract. Website Thesis! Although the presentation is just an academic exercise, several rocket-crew alums go on curtin to work for NASA, which has its Marshall Space Flight Center just down the road from UAH. a??Here, students are playing with fire and explosives all day,a?? Moser says. a??It doesn't get much better than that.a?? Phone: 256-824-7200 Web site: UAH. Northern Kentucky University: Barton Lab. Career: Geologist Learn to: Study Martian living conditions here on Earth If you want to be one of the lumbar retrolisthesis, six lucky undergrads to get off the waiting list and into Hazel Barton's course, you'd better like tight spaces, heights, the dark, bats and curtin phd thesis getting dirtya??and that's just to get to the bacteria.

Unlike microbiology majors at other schools, the ones laboring over microscopes and petri dishes all day, Barton's students study extremophile microbes where they thrive: caves. Most of Barton's students cave close to home, measuring groundwater pollution and studying links between microbes and cave formations. But some, with NASA assistance, accompany Barton to explore the website thesis, longest quartzite cave on the planet, a rare 10-mile-long labyrinth of pink and amber sandstone on Venezuela's Roraima plateau. It teems with microbes that researchers think could provide clues to what life might look like on Mars. Most caves are formed by limestone, a carbonate rock. The rock of Roraima, however, is mostly silicate, which is also found on curtin phd thesis Mars. My School! The team will collect the nitrogen-eating, ammonia-spewing microbes and other strange organisms that live in the walls. Back at the lab, students will observe the bacteria's behavior under varying conditions, gathering information that could help NASA hone its search for extraterrestrial life.

Phone: 859-572-1405 Web site: CaveScience. University of Maryland: Space Systems Laboratory. Career: Spacesuit designer. Learn to: Test out new astronaut gear in zero gravity. Students don space suits and climb into a neutral buoyancy tank to university phd thesis conduct low- and zero-gravity tests on next-gen astronaut gear, as well as space- and college paper deep-sea-bound robots. Maryland's 50-foot-diameter, 367,000-gallon tank is one of only two in the U.S., and the only one at a university. Students have gone on to work on phd thesis the International Space Station and the Cassini and website thesis Magellan planetary probes, among others. Colorado State University: Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory. Career: Mechanical engineer Learn to: Make a 2,300hp engine stronger and cleaner Take it from curtin university phd thesis CSU postdoc Sachin Joshi, you haven't really seen an engine until you've climbed inside one. At the EECL, students retrofit industrial engines that reach two stories in height.

One of the largest is website thesis, a two-stroke, 440-horsepower combustion engine, typically used to compress natural gas and push it through underground pipes. Curtin! In the lab's 17 years, the style, technologies it has developed for this type of engine alone (including a now-ubiquitous fuel-injection system) have reduced nitrogen oxide emissions by an amount equivalent to taking 120 million modern cars off the phd thesis, highway. Joshi and his students are now working on a 17-ton Caterpillar natural-gas-powered generator that's capable of providing electricity for why marijuana should illegal essay, up to 1,200 homes. Utilities want to hook up the 1.8-megawatt machines to the grid in the middle of cities (to save the phd thesis, energy otherwise lost in transit), so they need to run clean. Caterpillar donated one to review writing assistance EECL. The team has already created an ignition system in which a laser travels through fiber-optic cables to optical spark plugs. It burns fuel more efficiently than the stock ignition while emitting fewer nitrogen oxides. Curtin University Phd Thesis! Phone: 970-491-4793 Web site: Colorado State. Texas Tech University: Wind Science and Engineering Research Center.

Career: Atmospheric scientist Learn to: Hurl planks at walls to measure hurricane damage In addition to launching projectiles, students in WiSE's Debris Impact Testing Lab throw themselves into the middle of real hurricanes and tornados. Before Katrina hit, students from Texas Tech were on my school essay in urdu the scene, setting up a mobile research center to take dozens of measurements, including wind velocity and the intensity of the storm's eye. Their instruments were the curtin university phd thesis, only ones to survive the storm intact, and lumbar with now the WiSE possesses the only complete record of the intensity of Katrina's eye at landfall. Based on the lab testing, and forays into disaster scenes during and after storms, the center was also responsible for university phd thesis, today's more accurate F-scale for spondylosis, measuring the force of tornados, called the Enhanced F-Scale. It reflects the finding that lower-speed winds do a lot more damage than previously believed. When students aren't steeped in destruction, they're figuring out how to make wind power more efficient or designing homes that will hold up better in the next Katrina. Phone: 806-742-3476 Web site: Texas Tech.

Cornell University: Game Design Initiative. Career: Videogame designer Learn to: Create your own game At the first Ivy League school to curtin university phd thesis offer a minor in essay in urdu game design, students take classes like Foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Animation. The final project: building their own game. (The school's design software keeps code-writing to a minimum.) Each class holds a video exhibition open to the entire university. Alumni have gone on to work on blockbusters like The Sims and Spore . Phone: 607-255-9188 Web site: Cornell. Courtesy of the Department of Energy. University of curtin phd thesis, California at Merced: Dawson Lab. Learn to: Dive with jellyfish.

The schedule for the grad students and postdocs in the Dawson Lab this year sounds like an extended spring break, with scuba diving, snorkeling and speed-boating in places like the Gulf of writing, Mexico, the California shoreline and the island nation of curtin university phd thesis, Palau. But the website thesis, work they'll doa??trying to explain what the lab's namesake, evolutionary biologist Michael Dawson, calls a??the dark energy of the university phd thesis, oceansa??a??is far from trivial. Dawson and his students hope to solve one of the most puzzling aspects of the world's oceans: where they get all their energy. Ocean mixing is the process whereby turbulence and currents redistribute heat and bring nitrogen, carbon and other elements from one part of a body of water to another. But scientists have done the math, and to see mixing to the degree they do, the website thesis, ocean must be getting extra energy from some unknown source. One candidate is the curtin university, jellies. In swarms, the movements of even small animals might have a serious effect.

And Palau's Jellyfish Lake, a 12-acre sea landlocked from the ocean some 15,000 years ago and style checker now home to millions of golden jellies, is the perfect laboratory for testing that theory. University Phd Thesis! If the sum of the animal-created turbulence has a strong enough mixing effect here, then it might have a comparable effect in the oceans. Last year, Dawson's team and its California Institute of Technology collaborators, funded by the National Science Foundation, became the first to research paper suggest the link between jelly-swarm turbulence and ocean energy. The students spend six to 10 hours a day for months at a time in curtin university phd thesis the water, swimming alongside the jellies and measuring the velocity of the tiny eddies they create as they make their twice-daily migration across the lake. It's one of the few places in the world where researchers can get this close to an entire population of jellyfish.

Christoph Gerigk, courtesy GEO. Carnegie Mellon University: Robotics Institute. Learn to: Construct autonomous SUVs. Carnegie Mellon is a robot Mecca, home to 'bot builders for 29 years. The first university to award a robotics Ph.D., it now offers a minor for undergrads, who put together water-striding mini robots or turn wrenches on my school essay in urdu autonomous SUVs for the DARPA Urban Challenge, where CMU took first place last year. Courtesy of curtin university, Mike Dischner / Carnegie Mellon University. New College Florida: Peruvian Amazon Field Course.

Career: Rainforest biologist Learn to: Follow rare animals up 150-foot trees Watching sloths sleep sounds boring, but try it suspended 20 stories up in a rainforest and, says recent graduate and biologist Bryson Voirin, a??it will change your life.a?? More than half the world's terrestrial species live in the treetops, and many animals never touch the ground. Unfortunately, most scientists never leave the ground, says canopy-climbing pioneer and ecologist Meg Lowman, which explains why they've documented fewer than 2 percent of forest canopies. Website Thesis! New College students begin on Sarasota's subtropical trees as early as freshman year. Students learn to conduct biodiversity surveys or radio-tag animals. Voirin, who tracked tree-climbing sloths as an undergrad now climbs after them in Panama for the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, collecting data that could help unravel the mysteries of human sleep. Phone: 941-487-4547 Web site: New College Florida. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Toy Lab. Career: Toy designer Learn to: Build toys and test them on actual kids You think college is all fun and games, well it isa??if you're one of 90 lucky students in MIT's most popular freshman elective. Each spring, 15 teams of six get a theme and $750 to design and prototype a toy or game. Curtin! Past inventions include a one-wheeled motorized skateboard and a futuristic game of tag. With a prototyping shop at their disposal, students can make almost anything.

At the end of the literature writing assistance, day, however, play testing determines success. Throughout the curtin university, semester, teams hand their prototypes to visiting kids, whose feedback means more than any grade. a??One thing I've learned,a?? says senior Michael Snively, whose class experience got him a summer gig at website thesis Hasbro. a??You can never predict what kids will do with your toy.a?? Phone: 617-823-6016 Web site: MIT. University of curtin university phd thesis, Florida: Lightning Research Laboratory. Career: Building lightning-resistant objects Learn to: Catch lightninga??millions of volts of spondylosis with retrolisthesis, it At the Lightning Lab, a group of students and researchers work around the clock all summer to trigger lightning during passing storms. A thin wire attached to a rocket acts as a kind of fuse, coaxing a bolt of lightning down the curtin university phd thesis, so-called plasma channel to the grounded metal launcher. Format College Paper! There the lab's sensor networks help solve such mysteries as the cause of each stroke's unique electromagnetic field, or how a direct hit will affect underground cables.

But triggering lightning is curtin university phd thesis, not as easy as it sounds. Lab co-director Vladimir Rakov says the students are lucky if they get 40 strokes of lightning per season, and many of essay checker, those could happen during the same storm. Curtin! Five years ago, students in the Lightning Lab helped make one of the decade's biggest discoveries: that most lightning emits x-rays. Assistance! Today, students are still trying to curtin university figure out lumbar with, why by building new x-ray-sensor networks. Curtin Phd Thesis! Phone: 352-846-3949 Web site: University of Florida. Courtesy V.A.

Rakov/University of Florida. Montana State University: Subzero Science and Engineering Laboratory. Career: Antarctic explorer Learn to: Look for life in 250,000-year-old ice cores This fall, students will step into a a??80A°F laboratory to essay style checker study stuff in deep freeze. One project will look for life in 250,000-year-old ice cores taken from two miles underneath the Antarctic. University Phd Thesis! Others will study the best way to keep winter roads ice-free, and research the flow of snow to style checker better predict avalanches. Phone: 406-994-2111 Web site: Montana State. Stanford University: SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Career: Condensed-matter physicist Learn to: Capture 3-D images of molecules using powerful x-rays Every summer, undergrads join Nobel Prizea??winning scientists here to send electrons down the longest linear accelerator in the world at close to 670 million mph, producing superpowerful x-rays. These x-ray beams are used to curtin university phd thesis create 3-D images of individual molecules. Phone: 650-926-3300 Web site: Stanford.

University of essay style checker, California at Berkeley: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Career: Alien hunter Learn to: Create software that looks for university phd thesis, signs of essay checker, extraterrestrials The programs makes use of [email protected], a supercomputer which works by tapping the power of millions of ordinary PCs all over the Web. Curtin! It analyzes data from radio telescopes looking for signals from intelligent life. Berkeley SETI students help improve the search algorithms and refine the software that ties all the computers together. Format Research! Phone: 510-642-6997 Web site: Berkeley. Utah State University: Center for Integrated BioSystems. In 2003, scientists at curtin Utah State were the first in the world to clone a hybrid animala??a mule, the typically sterile offspring of website thesis, a donkey and a horse. The research ultimately spawned commercial equine-cloning labs. Now students and faculty churn out up to 600 cloned embryos a week, primarily for genetics research. Jeannine Mauch Huenemann.

New York University: Interactive Telecommunications Program. Career: Interactive artist. Learn to: Design interactive videos for a 120-foot screen. Students here design interactive video for a 120-foot, high-resolution screen inside architect Frank Gehry’s InterActiveCorp building in New York, typically used to university phd thesis display art and advertising. One student project used animations of bees flocking to flowers to visualize complex stock market data. Stanford University: Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability. Career: Development entrepreneur.

Learn to: Build low-cost incubators for premature babies in Nepal. Students here take workshops ranging from welding and plastics- and metal-forming to sewing and finance before heading to lumbar retrolisthesis countries like Nepal, India and phd thesis Myanmar to website thesis identify a local problem they can engineer a solution to. Take the baby incubator designed by curtin university the 2007 student team, for example. It's aimed at the 20 million premature and low-birth-weight infants born every year in remote locations and costs just $25 (standard hospital incubators cost $20,000). Now being developed by essay in urdu a spin-off company called Embrace, the incubator looks like a sleeping bag but contains a sealed pouch filled with a material that can regulate body temperature without using power or moving parts. Another company, D.light Design, which grew out of a 2006 Stanford team, is replacing polluting kerosene lanterns with solar LED lamps for curtin, the 1.6 billion people worldwide who don't have access to electricity. New Mexico Tech: Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center.

Learn to: Create your own diamonds, using tons of explosives. EMRTC's home is 40 square miles of uninhabited desert wilderness so remote that dozens of explosives tests-or shots-can take place in website thesis one day. Founded in the wake of World War II, EMRTC, one of the country's foremost lab for explosives research, has everything from curtin university phd thesis training grounds for remain illegal, mine-sniffing robots to areas where students blow up cars, tanks and buildings. University! Typical labs include packing several thousand pounds of ammonium nitrate around a container of why marijuana should essay, carbon to manufacture industrial diamonds, or examining the phd thesis, safety of structures and substances that may be exposed to explosions in literature assistance the real world. Students work on every aspect of the university phd thesis, research, including setting up shots, analyzing data, and conceiving new tests. University of Houston: Sasakawa International Center for review, Space Architecture. Learn to: Design lunar pods for NASA. Luke Schmick already has a pretty cool job teaching astronauts how to operate the space shuttle. What could top that? Designing a spacecraft from university scratch, says the why marijuana illegal essay, 24-year-old part-time engineer, one of five grad students attending what's billed as the only space-architecture master's degree program on Earth. There are the vehicles that may someday take us to curtin phd thesis space, and then there's everything else that we'll need for off-planet living and workinga??that's what the students of SICSA design, often at the behest of NASA or its contractors.

The job requires more engineering know-how than terrestrial architecture does, explains Larry Toups, NASA's head of lunar habitation systems and a SICSA alum. Website Thesis! a??Students have to university understand and factor in the ergonomic effects of walking in one-sixth gravity, for example,a?? he says. Another challenge is protecting crews from the intense radiation in space. For Earth orbit, students developed plans for an expandable, inflatable laboratory. And for should, Mars, they've built models (some digital, some physical) for all the elements of a permanent basea??living quarters, research labs, hydroponic gardens, even the ground-exploration vehicles. a??A lot of what we come up with at NASA ends up being very engineered. University! The designs may work, but they're complex,a?? Toups says. a??The students at SICSA tend to find simpler solutions, designs that are more easily deployable or require less power. Why Marijuana! They make us look at things in a fresh light.a?? Pathik Shah/University of curtin, Houston. Colorado School of Mines: Humanitarian Engineering Program. Career: Globe-trotting engineer. Learn to: Generate electricity for rural villages in Ecuador.

To earn this 18-credit minor, CSM students take engineering classes focused on solving humanitarian challenges, including groundwater mapping and sustainable energy systems. The program began partly in response to industry demand for engineers with cultural awareness. During their senior year, they have the opportunity to format college research paper participate in humanitarian design projects overseas or close to curtin home, such as on Native American reservations. Website Thesis! One recent project found a way to generate electricity in rural villages in Ecuador using parts that could be manufactured and maintained by university the villagers. Another team developed a mobile bicycle pump in Ghana to help farmers get water for irrigation. University of essay style, California at curtin San Diego: California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology. Career: Virtual archaeologist. Learn to: Excavate a fortress in website thesis Jordan using virtual reality. It's something you'd expect to find in Lara Croft's mansion: a pentagon-shaped room projecting a 3-D virtual-reality model of an excavated 57,000-square-foot fortress from the 10th century B.C. The StarCAVE is the world's most advanced virtual-reality room, with 34 high-definition projectors that display images around and university beneath the user, totally immersing students in their data. With a handheld controller, they can walk through buildings, rotate artifacts, or rise above the model for a bird's-eye fly-through.

Students spend months at a time investigating and review writing recording in three dimensions the curtin phd thesis, real site in Jordan. In San Diego, they use the data to build the virtual model of the entire fortress. Essay Language! a??What exactly the huge fortress was used for, that's the curtin university phd thesis, big question,a?? explains grad student Kyle Knabb. a??The answer, we hope we'll find in research paper the CAVE.a?? Courtesy Erik Jepsen/Calit2. College for curtin university phd thesis, Creative Studies: Transportation Design. Career: Mass-transit designer. Learn to: Design a hydrogen-fueled car with wind turbines attached. Chasing a degree in in urdu language the auto industry might seem a little backward right now, but CCS is the place where companies from Hyundai to Fiat sponsor projects for university phd thesis, their most forward-looking concepts. Format College! It also places more designers in the industry than any other institution; alums include heads of design at divisions of Toyota, GM, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz. Last year, when Hyundai challenged seniors to come up with green cars of the university, future, Dong Tran designed a particularly ambitious vehicle: an aerodynamic hydrogen-fueled car with wheels like wind turbines.

A hydrogen fuel cell powers four independent hub-mounted electric motors, cooled by website thesis air drawn in through the center of the rims as the wheels rotate. a??The cooler the curtin university phd thesis, better,a?? Tran says. a??Dissipating heat prolongs life span and literature assistance increases efficiency.a?? Tran rendered his concept car using 3-D modeling programs, but students often build scale prototypes as well. This year, the school added a new master's program in phd thesis transportation design, one of only a few in website thesis the country, that will combine business classes with design. Dong Tran/College for Creative Studies. U.S. Geological Survey: Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. Career: Geophysicist Learn to: Measure lava flow on volcanoes As many as 20 students compete for each volunteer position working and living on university phd thesis one of the world's most active volcanos. Review Writing Assistance! Up to eight students at a time sleep in curtin phd thesis a house in a national park and wake up before the crack of dawn to hike into why marijuana should essay the wilderness, mapping a region that might soon begin oozing molten rock. The payoff: helping elite researchers measure some extremely powerful underground action, including the bulging shapes created by underground magma flow and the seismic activity that spurs eruptions.

Says scientist-in-charge Jim Kauahikaua, For many, it's their first experience with volcano work, and it changes their lives. University Phd Thesis! Phone: 808-967-7328 Website: U.S. Geological Survey. Courtesy U.S. Geological Survey/Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

Penn State University: Humanitarian Engineering and website thesis Social Entrepreneurship. Career: Community-based engineer. Learn to: Create biodiesel fuela??in Kenya. Penn State's program focuses not only on creating products but employment as well. In a current project in university phd thesis Kenya, students work with citizens to in urdu make biodiesel from local crops and use the fuel to power a low-cost portable generator (also designed in the program) to produce electricity for the village. Curtin Phd Thesis! Surplus fuel will be sold to why marijuana should essay outside markets to provide a steady source of income for the community. University of Hawaii at phd thesis Manoa: Marine Option Program.

Learn to: Tag animals near a coral reef in Hawaii. Undergraduate Jackie Troller plans to spend the better part of next summer in a century-old shipwreck. My School Essay! She will camp on the western coast of the Big Island kayak 1,000 yards offshore, and dive the remains of the curtin phd thesis, SS Maui, a steamship that ran aground in 1917. Ah, the format research, drudgery of the Marine Option Program. The MOP curriculum reads like a Club Med itinerary: snorkeling, diving, boating, bird-watching, even painting the sea. Undergrads of all majors can apply to the 16-credit program, the hands-on equivalent of a minor. MOP prepares students for any undersea ventures; Senior Christian Clark now works installing underwater equipment for the school's shark lab. a??There would be 30 to 40 sharks swimming around me while I was working,a?? says Clark, who hopes to curtin university land a job as a scientific diver, like many alumni. a??It was amazing.a?? Courtesy Jeffrey Kuwabara. North Carolina State University: Forensic Analysis Lab.

Career: Forensic investigator. Learn to: Analyze human remains. Months after a county cleanup crew found a skeleton in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, forensic anthropologist Ann Ross and her students zeroed in on an incisor. It established what other investigators couldn't: that the format paper, deceased was Elizabeth Smallwood, the sixth victim of the Edgecombe serial killer. When new cases come in, students help Ross recover bones and collect data, Factors they consider include preservation, as in a frozen pond, or exposure to the sun, all of which can help establish time since death.

The bulk of the student's work- even the undergrads- is university phd thesis, analyzing unidentified human remains to create what's called a biological profile. To establish ancestry, they look at facial structure or map the skull using 3-D software that Ross co-created. a??It's the element of mystery that gets them,a?? Ross says of her students. a??But I think it's being the voice for those who can no longer defend themselves that keeps them.a?? University of Wisconsin: Wisconsin National Primate Research Center. Career: Stem-cell researcher. Learn to: Observe monkeys for biomedical research. UWM's primate-research centera??home to 1,300 rhesus monkeysa??has logged both biomedical and behavioral breakthroughs in why marijuana remain essay fields such as socialization and aging, as well as HIV and Parkinson's disease. Students aid stem-cell scientists in research on human and monkey embryonic cells. Jeff Miller / University of Wisconsin-Madison. Boston University: National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory. Learn to: Study pathogens with leading infectious-disease specialists.

BU's new biosafety-level-4 facility, opening this year, will be one of only university phd thesis, a handful of labs where researchers can study contagious killers like smallpox and Ebola. Undergrads won't log time in retrolisthesis the full-body suits, but they will conduct pathogen research in state-of-the-art labs and curtin university learn from remain illegal essay top infectious-disease scientists. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. Popular Science may receive financial compensation for curtin phd thesis, products purchased through this site. Copyright 2017 Popular Science.

A Bonnier Corporation Company. Essay In Urdu Language! All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

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Allegory of the Cave Essay Sample. Phd Thesis? The Allegory of the Cave is review assistance a deep theoretical philosophical scenario that is being described by Plato in the form of a progressive conversation which begins with Socrates having a fictitious conversation with his brother Glaucon. The conversation between both brothers deals with the lack of university phd thesis, knowledge of humanity and the ethics that society has created. This story envelops the reality that comes forth through knowledge and website thesis, the willingness for man to seek the truth. Once man has been made aware of this, all he desires is to share this with his fellow man and curtin phd thesis, free them from why marijuana illegal essay their oppression of curtin, ignorance. In this scenario Socrates asks Glaucon to literature, imagine a cave that is curtin occupied by prisoners who have been in the cave since childhood with their legs and necks shackled by chains where there movement is restricted and their visibility is limited to one side of the literature writing assistance, cave.

Behind the prisoners is a gigantic fire and between the fire and the prisoners is a walkway which is curtin university phd thesis used by people who often pass through carrying an array of objects. Unable to turn their heads and only knowing the shadows the prisoners begin to see this as their own reality. Socrates begins to explain to Glaucon, what if one of those chained is released from their cave and walks into the real world where they are mesmerized by the light. Gradually the prisoner begins to feel fortunate and begins to become accustomed to his new world and. When the prisoner begins to slowly identify everything in lumbar with his new world he begins to curtin university, realize that the outer world is a true world and that the cave world is a fallacy. Soon he finds himself remembering the others still shackled in the dark cave and assistance, begins to feel disappointed and compassion.

He also begins to contemplate that he would rather be a slave in the outer world than be a king inside the dark cave world. Phd Thesis? Although he does not want to enter the dark cave world, he goes and makes an language attempt to phd thesis, persuade them that the outer world is the real world the prisoners begin to mock him. He still tries to persuade his former companions the outer world is the true world and what they see on literature writing the wall are merely shadows of true object. To no avail the prisoners ignorant friends refuse to believe him and university, eventually kill him. I have experienced my own cave situation before when I took a new supervisory position over at Lackland AFB. Four years ago, Brooks AFB was being closed which meant that all military and civilians would be moving onto other positions at other bases. I was fortunate enough to finally get an offer to gp to Lackland and be a supervisor of a section. I was extremely excited at the opportunity because I would be working in a different area, the remain, job would be completely different than what I was normally used too, and I would also meeting a new group of people. However, what I did not expect was the backlash and harsh treatment that I was going to endure for the short period of time I held the position. As soon as I met the Division Chief of the new section, he immediately stated, although I was pleasant, personable and my background was impeccable, I was really not wanted there and they would make sure that I didn’t last long.

What I found out was that I had apparently taken the position from one of curtin university phd thesis, their people and they of course were not pleased. This caught me off-guard and essay style checker, I immediately felt I was on university the defensive. Because I was on essay the DoD Priority Placement Program, I was unable to turn the curtin university, position down because if I did, I would be on my own to find a new job. Nevertheless, I decided regardless of their behavior, I was going to make the best of the situation and move forward with their blessings or not. Unfortunately, meeting with the individual whose position I had taken, my new boss and the individual began grilling me about a job that I was really not familiar with; I guess to website thesis, try to get me to fail.

In fact, another employee even accused me of stealing the position; I was trying, but at a cross roads because I did not know what to curtin phd thesis, do, I felt surrounded by should illegal essay anger. After the interview and tour was over I was so disappointed, angry, and frightened that I actually became sick. However, I pulled myself together I made a decision that I was not going to let this deter me, so Monday morning I showed up to curtin university, work ready to go and prepared to do the job that I was hired to do. Although, I did find a bit of hope in this messy situation, the individuals I would be supervising were pleasant and lumbar spondylosis, made me feel very welcome. Fortunately, after a few weeks, I was offered another position at Fort Sam Houston doing my desired career path, which I gladly accepted. In fact, karma came back to the individuals who gave me a hard time at the previous job, because after I gave my notice, the individual who I had in their words “wronged” decided that she no longer wanted the phd thesis, position and left herself.

Moreover, the same individual who previously belittled me asked me to stay, but I of course gave him a resounding “No Thank You” and never looked back. I believe the why marijuana remain illegal, situation I encountered had some similarities to Plato’s story. I felt as if I was a prisoner chained to a position where I had not clearly seen the reality around me. It was not until I left Lackland for a brighter and much clearer position that I realized how delightful life could be when you are not only curtin university, living in reality, but enjoying it. In conclusion, Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” is a narrative of how we go about our daily lives; never venturing to far from our comfort zones, which are our “caves” and why marijuana should remain illegal essay, how we are prisoners of our own truths. In addition, we as a society place so many different types of curtin phd thesis, conformities upon one another and when anyone shows any kind of peculiarity they are ridiculed and shunned. Website Thesis? Huard, R. Curtin University Phd Thesis? L. (2007). Plato#8217;s Political Philosophy : The Cave.

New York: Algora. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and college research paper, order Allegory of the Cave. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Allegory of the Cave. #8220;The Matrix#8221; appears to be a movie of curtin, superb cinematography, gravity defying stunts, and essay, an enjoyable, action-filled plot; however, through further analysis, it becomes apparent that it also explicitly parallels#8230; Outline the curtin, main points of the allegory in the cave. In book 7 Plato questions the validity of our perceptions by using the analogy of the cave attempts to describe human nature in both of essay in urdu, its states, the educated and#8230; Reflections on Plato#8217;s Allegory of the Cave. The great philosopher, Plato, back in the days of the ancient Greek civilization, concluded that man as a species can only draw from what his senses take about his surroundings#8230;. Going Out of Your Comfort Zone. Curtin University? Everybody’s journey in life is different; there are endless possibilities and paths to choose from. Many of us go through similar situations that we learn so much from, but in#8230; Allegory In #8221;The Pearl#8221; by John Steinbeck.

The Pearl , written by assistance John Steinbeck, has caught the eyes of many literary critics. The Pearl is a novel about a young man named Kino whose som is bitten#8230; #8220;Cave of Spleen#8221; to the rest of the #8220;Rape of the Lock#8221; This episode in curtin university Canto IV opens an insight into my school essay, the unconscious mind of Belinda, following the loss of her #8220;lock#8221;. The episode gives a clear yet somewhat complicated view of#8230;

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college eton resume YOU ARE VISITING THE PAGES OF THE U.K. N.R.A. Curtin University! HISTORIC ARMS RESOURCE CENTRE - MINIATURE CALIBRE RIFLES RESEARCH SITE - COPYRIGHT 1997- Click text or images below to view the various devices:

The SUB-TARGET MACHINE by the Wilkinson Sword Co. Below, the front pages of the Wilkinson Sword company's brochure of 1906 are reproduced. The device was the invention of an American - Mr. Henry Havelock Cummings of Boston, Mass., and built under licence in Britain at college research, a time when Lord Roberts and other senior military men and politicians were putting into force a plan to render every male subject of the United Kingdom well versed in the art of rifle shooting . Phd Thesis! This device is one of college many which evolved to university phd thesis, that end, not least of which was the setting up of the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs. A.J. Essay Style Checker! Comber, a Bisley King's Prize winner, is seen demonstrating the machine. The continuing remainder of the brochure's text is here reproduced: and consequently more rapidly corrected.

It is an instrument that records not only the actual result of curtin phd thesis a shot made at checker, a mark, but the position of the Rifle during the process of aiming and at the moment of pulling the trigger, and thus demonstrating to the instructor the university phd thesis, reasons for a hit or miss on the objective target. DIFFICULTIES OF MARKSMANSHIP. If Rifles were constructed as cannon are, for firing from a rest, many of the difficulties of marksmanship would disappear, because the rest at moment of aiming would hold the weapon absolutely steady, but a man with a Rifle cannot do this. In watching a good shot firing in the prone position, the barrel looks to be quite still. With Retrolisthesis! But the marksman, holding a barely visible bull balanced on his fore-sight, is aware of curtin phd thesis more or less movement of the Rifle, and knows how very slight a tremor will spoil his shot.

The novice very soon knows that too, but it comes with something of a shock to him to literature writing assistance, realise that tremor in his case is frequently represented by a wobble that may send the bullet to the edge of the target, over it, or anywhere round the face of the clock. PRINCIPLE OF SUB-target RIFLE. The principle of the Sub-target Rifle can be explained without a great deal of difficulty. In the illustrations it will be seen that a strong and heavy upright pillar supports, in any position required—standing, kneeling, or prone—the head. Above this. head is placed a delicate rod with a universal movement. University! At the forward extremity of the essay style, rod a needle point is fixed, and in a little grooved frame a target, about the size of a visiting card, is placed.

That is the Sub-target. The objective target is an ordinary one, placed preferably at 30 yards range, which is curtin, ringed to proper dimensions to appear the size of a standard target at any desired distance, say 200 or 500 yards. ORDINARY RIFLE IS USED - PERFECT FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. An ordinary Rifle is used for taking aim, and it is so ingeniously connected to the machine that there is no point of rest. The weight or the parts attaching the website thesis, Rifle to phd thesis, the instrument is exactly balanced by the weight of the counterpoised ball seen in the illustrations, so that the marksman has only the lumbar spondylosis retrolisthesis, weight of the Rifle to support, aud sufficient freedom of movement is phd thesis, given to allow of the why marijuana remain illegal, Rifle being aimed off the target in any direction. University Phd Thesis! The rifle connections are mounted on ball bearings, and my school essay, are connected to the steel rod which is swung on phd thesis a four-point universal joint on with tlie head of the machine. This rod moves coincidentally with the line of sight along the rifle barrel, and transfers its gyrations, through an ingenious ball differential movement, to the needle. The relation of the objective target 20 yards away and curtin phd thesis, the Sub-target on the. machine itself is determined by calculation of angles, but to allow for variations in eyesight, or constant peculiarities of aiming, the head may be adjusted both vertically and horizontally by means of website thesis screws. These variations from the university, normal are- recorded on two dials, one corresponding to degrees of elevation on website thesis the back sight, and the other to lateral movement for windage. In using the machine, the marksman may first sight the Rifle with the radial rod locked, so that if any adjustments are necessary to get the sights properly aligned on the bull's eye these adjustments can be made.

The radial rod is then released, the university phd thesis, Rifle cocked, and the marksman aims at the objective target and pulls the trigger. SLIGHTEST MOVEMENT INDICATED. On the tiny Sub-target every movement of the Rifle is indicated by the delicate pointer until at should remain illegal essay, the pulling of the trigger the card, darts forward and takes the impress of the curtin, needle, exactly corresponding to the aim on the objective target. BUT THEY CANNOT SHOOT. In many of the public schools of the country, military organisations exist and military tactics are taught.

The boys march. well and go through the manual of arms without a hitch, but they cannot shoot. It is considered unsafe to allow the schoolboys to practise shooting with loaded Rifles as some serious accidents have happened. Why Marijuana Should Remain Illegal Essay! It is curtin university phd thesis, a matter of essay style much interest and a cause for congratulation that the schools are becoming interested in curtin university phd thesis the Sub-target Rifle—which is safe as it is used withou t ammunition—and are beginning to format college research, adopt it for instructing the boys in marksmanship. Eton was the first College in curtin university England to adopt this apparatus. This remarkable machine, it will be understood, requires no attention beyond the preliminary setting, as the essay, little Sub-target is electrically actuated. There is a dry battery in the pillar, and the head contains a powerful magnet, the armature of which impels the target on to the university phd thesis, needle when the circuit is closed. BLANK CAN BE USED. This closing of the circuit results from pulling the trigger. There can be used, if desired, a blank cartridge in the Rifle, but as the remain, apparatus is designed for aiming, not for shooting, this serves no purpose beyond that of accustoming the user. to the noise of the discharge.

It has also been found excellent training to get men used to the explosion by mixing blank cartridges with empty shells, so that the marksman must always anticipate the explosion although it only occasionally occurs. WINDAGE ALLOWANCE CAN BE TAUGHT. Windage allowance can be taught, by the instructor purposely deflecting the apparatus from its normal direction, with the aid of a lateral adjustment lever. Magazine pratice can be carried out on the Sub-target Rifle. Any kind of phd thesis target can be used except the running man, and the reports prove that the instrument is capable of being used. to great advantage with the disappearing target, as well as for snap shooting.

Some of the places where the Apparatus has been installed and can be inspected. My School Language! ( as at 1906 !) Marine Barracks, Chatham. Royal Military College, Camberley. Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. Guards' Depot, Caterham. Royal Horse Guards.

11 th Hussars—Curragh. King's Dragoon Guards. 7th Dragoon Guards. 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards. 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards. 1st ,, Scots Guards. 2nd Bn. Phd Thesis! Lincoln Regiment. 1 st , Royal Welsh Fusiliers. 2nd , Black Watch—India.

2nd , Northumberland Fusiliers. 1st , Norti Staffordshire Regiment. 1st Bn. West Riding Regiment—Bombay. 3rd , Northamptonshire Regiment. 1st , South Wales Borderers. 1st , Yorks Light Infantry—Gibraltar.

1st , Rifle Brigade—Malta. 1st , Royal Irish Rifles—India. 1st , Seaforth Highlanders. Somersetshire Light Infantry. Scottish Horse—Blair Athol. Middlesex Imperial Yeomanry. Bombay and Baroda Railway Volunteers. Malay States Guides. East London R.E.

Volunteers. 3rd V.B. College Paper! Royal Fusiliers. 1st V.B. York and Lane. Regiment. The Stock Exchange Rifle Club. St. Anne's Asylum, Redhill. Sussex County Cricket Club. rders for Machines have also teen received on.

H.I.M. The Sultan of Turkey. The Roumanian Government. The Maharajah of Gwalior. Kaid Sir Harry Maclean for the Sultan. The Duke of Manchester. The Countess of Dysart. The Marquis of Tullibardine. The Emperor of Abyssinia.

Messrs. Walter Locke Co., Calcutta. At 1024 x 768 pixel resolution on curtin phd thesis a 19 screen, these TARGETS should be shown at actual size. Copies of Letters from. KING'S PRIZE WINNERS, 1904-1905. THE SUB-TARGET GUN COMPANY. GENTLEMEN,—It affords me pleasure to testify to the value of the Sub-target Rifle, one of which was set up on the steamer, and was in constant use by the members of the Canadian Rifle Team during the essay, voyage from Montreal to Liverpool, and. afterwards at the Canadian Headquarters at Bisley, where it was in almost constant use. I consider it of great value in the. instruction of recruits in holding and sighting, and university, also in detecting and correcting the individual errors of checker eyesight.

For. practice in trigger-pulling it is of great advantage, even to the experienced marksman. My daily use of the Machine at Bisley, was, I feel, of university advantage to me in my work on the ranges, where I was winner. of the King's Prize. Very truly yours, (Signed) S. J. PERRY, Gold Medalist, 1904. BISLEY CAMP, SURREY. THK SUB-target GUN COMPANY. GENTLEMEN,—Having used the Sub-target Rifle frequently during the N.R.A. Meeting at Bisley, just closed, I am pleased. to testify to its value in promoting steadiness in research paper holding, sighting and trigger-pulling, To the recruit it must be especially useful in these respects, as the tell-tale needle points out university phd thesis, every fault of the man, I believe that its general adoption and use by the Army, Navy, Volunteers, Rifle Clubs and in the Public Schools would go a long way towards making a nation of reliable shots for Imperial Defence.

Very truly yours. (Signed) ALF. Website Thesis! J. COMBER. Gold Medalist, 1905. Copy of Report received from. THE MUSKETRY CAMP AT PIRBRIGHT. Referring to your letter of the 15th inst., I have prepared a table showing the various figures of merit obtained by parties of. recruits that have been exercised by curtin phd thesis, me this year. I have another party here now, and website thesis, I think they will do as well as the 3rd party on my table did. Curtin! The figures, I think, show a wonderful improvement in website thesis their shooting, which must largely be attributed to curtin university phd thesis, ihe Sub-target Rifle. At first when I had the Machine I was very much afraid of it being damaged if used without an instructor or responsible person who understood it being present, but since I spoke to Mr.

Stratton on this point I have let all my men use it as they like, and it is seldom idle for a second from morning till night. It tends to a great extent to make musketry training more interesting, as it is style, a very interesting instrument to curtin university phd thesis, use, and to my school essay, a large extent the use of it here by my men has rendered the tedious musketry parades no longer necessary. If I had another Machine it would be also used continuously, as there is great keeness to practice with the present one. Several men when they are practicing with the Machine won't give it up till they have shot a good card with it. I make a point of making every man practice with it daily under the tuition of his own instructor. As I have about 42 men down here, and allow them only curtin phd thesis five minutes each, it takes three and a half hours to college paper, get them all through, and when three hours are spent on the range, it does not leave much spare time. Curtin Phd Thesis! The ease with which a recruit can be taught to shoot well on it alone is astonishing. In the cases of my school essay in urdu recruits that develop the common faults called bobbing and jerking the curtin university phd thesis, trigger, these faults can. all be overcome with practice on essay checker the Sub-target Rifle. If recruits are taught shooting on curtin university phd thesis this instrument from the.

beginning they can't help becoming good shots. Copy of essay style Preliminary Report on SUB-target RIFLE, Whale Island Staff. This instrument has now been under trial for curtin phd thesis three months, and has been constantly used during this period for training the. boys of website thesis H.M.S. St. Vincent. A statement of the results so far obtained is curtin university phd thesis, attached.

The Machine is still in good order, and in daily use, the only parts that have given trouble being two of the electric contacts, these having been put in order, and slightly modified, the whole arrangement is now found to be very reliable. When the short rifle is adopted (ed: the S.M.L.E.) , the Sub-target Rifle will be a necessity, in order that the correct adjustment of the sight may be properly taught. No other system can do this. I consider the Machine of very great value for teaching new entries and bad shots, and to fire properly. It is should remain, of especial value in showing up any individual who pulls or bobs. It is particularly noteworthy that the superiority of the training given by the Machine is shown in the vanishing target practice and snap-shooting, The comparison given is not quite fair to the Machine, as some boys not trained with it were found to curtin university, be extremely bad and unable to hit a target. Such boys were sent back, and were practised at the Machine, where their faults were invariably noticed and format paper, corrected.

Blank ammunition has been used in conjunction with the university, Machine. AVERAGES OF 100 BOYS' FIRINGS. Copy of Letter from. COMMANDER H. CHRISTIAN, R.N. dated 20th June, 190. DEAR SIRS,—We have had the Sub-target Rifle in should remain illegal use here for phd thesis a good number of months now. Its value as a teacher of the art of rifle shooting is undoubted, and superior to website thesis, anything else yet invented—bar with unlimited practice with the actual rifle, of course. The results we have produced with the St. Vincent boys are quite extraordinary, and I should imagine that the Army will go for it for all they are worth directly they see it at work. (Signed) HAROLD CHRISTIAN,

I HE WILKINSON SWORD COMPANY, LIMITED. Copy of Further Report received from. SENIOR STAFF OFFICER, Whale Island, dated 19th June, 1905. We do not teach moving target with Sub-target Rifle, only a form of university vanishing or snap-shooting target, this by fitting a. shutter over a special target, and working it by a string and weight. As the boy may not come to the present till he sees. his target, it does not matter much if he knows pretty well where it is. We leave the target in sight for four or five seconds, and. have a special target and sub-TARGETS which we make, and so reproduce our range conditions as nearly as possible. Writing! The. Machine is working very well indeed, and the boys do extraordinarily well after using it.

The last lot beat a class of old. hands, and good old hands at that, that is to say, men who were doing advanced course of gunnery to better themselves, and curtin phd thesis, so were keen. Copy of Letter from. ETON COLLEGE, dated 22nd June, 1905. ORDERLY ROOM, ETON COLLEGE. DEAR SIR,—I regret I am unable as yet to make a full report on the Sub-target Rifle Machine, owing to the short time. it has been in our possession. The Shooting VIII. and those who are qualifying have been exercised ; they show the greatest. keenness and with, interest in the practice.

The Second Squad of Recruits were exercised this morning for the first time—they will. have seven more half hours before going on the range to university, fire their course. I will then let you know the result, comparing the. squad trained with the S.T.R. and a squad trained with the Morris Tube. I have tested the Machine in in urdu language every way myself, and phd thesis, find it exceedingly accurate. It shows every movement of the rifle and. every fault made by the shooter, such as bobbing, pulling, jerking, taking too much or too little foresight.

On wet days it. will be invaluable. I remain, Yours truly, G. A. SOLTAU-SYMONS.CAPT. The target frames are reminiscent of those used nearly forty years later for the Swift Training Rifle. E.J.D. Newitt wrote of the machine, in some detail, in his 1906 book The Citizen Rifleman. He evidently saw much advantage in the system. THE SUB-TARGET GUN MACHINE. Another phase in lumbar with retrolisthesis the development of appliances for teaching marksmanship is one in which the rifle is used without ammunition. The office performed by curtin university, ammunition in target practice is to indicate the accuracy of aim at the instant of why marijuana should remain illegal essay discharge, which its projectile does within the limits of its own and the rifle's accuracy.

In the sub-target gun machine the same office is performed by a pointer, which punctures a small hole in a miniature target attached to the machine, and this method possesses many advantages. In the first place, the curtin, cost of why marijuana should ammunition is avoided, whilst no range is required; and in the second, there are so many circumstances other than incorrectness of aim which cause a misplaced hit, that the position is not always a reliable guide for enabling the instructor to diagnose the cause. Inaccuracy of rifle and ammunition will falsify the most perfect aim and discharge, and phd thesis, when even this is beyond suspiciond, unsteady hold and website thesis, discharge, the curtin university, most frequent of causes are not observable whilst actually taking place. Review Writing! Consequently the most careful instructor may easily misconceive the true cause and lead his pupil farther astray by his instructions for correcting it. When using the rifle in conjunction withth the sub-target gun machine every movement of the rifle whilst aiming at the target is university phd thesis, duplicated on a smaller scale by the pointer, which moves over the face of the sub-target immediately under the website thesis, instructor's eye. When the trigger is pulled the sub-target instantaneously responds by jumplng forward and, in coming sharply in contact with the pointer, receives an, indelible record, which exactly corresponds with the position the hit would have occupied had the rifle been actually fired with a cartridge. Throughout the act of curtin aiming the instructor has been able to website thesis, observe every movement, and can say with certainty whether the aim was correct or otherwise, or if his pupil pulled off badly. It has been found very difficult to produce an illustration which fully explains the machine and its operations. The rifle is attached by freely moving pivots to a cradle, which is in turn pivoted by a universal joint to the pointer. A convenient stand supports the whole mechanism.

A pair of electric contacts close a circuit when the trigger is pulled and actuate the sub-target, The wei^ of the cradle, which would otherwise be added to the rifle, is counterpoised by curtin university phd thesis, the weight seen at the end of its supporting arm. The rifle is held and aimed at should remain essay, an ordinary target placed at adistance, and all its movements are conveyed to the pointer through the universal joint. Curtin! Immediately in front of the pointer is a target having exactly the same ratio of size to the target aimed at with the essay style, rifle as the movements of the pointer have to the movements of the rifle. It would be difficult to enumerate the many possibilities of this machine. For instruction in the first principles of aiming, holding, and discharge it is invaluable, and may be used in barracks, schools, and institutes by university, day, or in checker artificial light, thus prolonging the hours during which instruction may be given. On the range, when the curtin, shooter is website thesis, performing wildly, an adjournment to the sub-target gun machine will generally determine the cause before much costly ammunition is wasted, and after a few minutes' instruction he may resume firing in the ordinary way with increased confidence and improved results.

Even the experienced marksman may sometimes learn that the curtin, cause of that unaccountable outer might more reasonably have been attributed to a bad pull-off than a change of wind. Regular contests can be held on the machine, and afford the lumbar with retrolisthesis, most useful practice to marksman and novice alike. The entire absence of any element of danger renders it particularly suitable for use in schools; indeed, it is already largely so used in the United States of America, where the annual inter-school championship contest is an phd thesis, event to literature review assistance, which great public interest attaches. Its merits are fully recognised in England, and machines are now in use at the School of Musketry at Hythe, the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, in phd thesis the Royal Navy, and at the headquarters of many Regular and Volunteer. regiments.

The cost of £50 is an item against which may be set off the cost of ammunition, which would otherwise be necessary, and in some cases the cost of erecting and equipping a range. The greatest credit is due to Mr. H. H. Cummings, the inventor, whose ingenuity has produced a device which overcomes many of the lumbar spondylosis with, technical difficulties incidental to curtin phd thesis, the teaching of marksmanship, and spondylosis, minimises, most of university those caused by the necessity, hitherto, of using ranges and ammunition, which may now be postponed to a later stage, when the pupil has acquired sufficient skill in the first principles to study the factors introduced by his ammunition, without wasting it. Below; images from the pamphlet The Sub-target Gun Machine firstly in use Standing and college paper, Kneeling. We are most grateful to have been been passed images of a postcard sent to the American N.R.A. in April 1908. The postcard depicts the use of the machine during the. SCHOOL BOY RIFLE SHOOTING TOURNAMENT. under the auspices of the Capitol Rifle and Revolver Association.

and the National Rifle Association of America. WASHINGTON April 7-25 1908 Postcard images kindly provided by Brian Woodall of the N.S.R.A. of Great Britain. The S.M.L.E. mounted Sub-target device by the Wilkinson Sword Co. The company also manufactured their own device which clamped to the nose-cap of an S.M.L.E. rifle. Little is known of this piece of equipment. The example here is held in the Ministry of Defence Enfield Pattern Room collection. ( images by their courtesy).

It operates on a principle similar to that of the sub-target unit for the 1896 Swedish Mauser rifle illustrated below. Any further information on this device would be most gratefully received; please email the editor. The HOLLIFIELD COMBINATION RIFLE ROD SUB-target DEVICE. often known as the Hollifield DOTTER Manufactured by the Hollifield target Practrice Rod Company. of Middletown, New York. General George Wingate patented a basic device of this nature in the mid to late 1870s. The design was several times modified through the years, no doubt due both to improvements necessary and to permit use in various rifles, and finally ended production in the hands of the Hollifield company in 1927. The kit was supplied with two 'rods', each in the form of a flanged brass tube housing a spring-loaded 2 mm diameter hardened steel rod with point ground onto its 4mm diameter knurled muzzle end. One of these tubes was the full length of the barrel and chamber and the other only the length of the barrel rifling and leed.

The second, shorter unit, required the phd thesis, dummy cartridge to be chambered for the striker of the rifle's bolt to my school in urdu, hit the after end and project the rod onto the target at a distance of around six inches from the rifle muzzle. The longer unit could be used without the dummy cartridge and was intended for basic, single shot, practice. The cartridge option permitted more realistic bolt actioning and the use of a clip for either basic loading practice or even a five round 'rapid' discipline. The tube is simply held in the rifle barrel by dint of a one inch long split section near, the muzzle, which is sprung open slightly to maintain pressure inside the bore. There is no other location; the curtin university phd thesis, instructions advise the gentle opening up of this split should the tube become slack in the barrel! The TARGETS were provided in essay checker a booklet with perforated, tear out, page sections. Curtin Phd Thesis! These were for 50 yard or 100 yard range representations.

The upper target is the aiming mark, and the lower one the impact point for the striking rod. The height between is one and one-sixteenth inches, being the height between the writing assistance, sight-line and the rifle bore. Left: the 50 yard TARGETS ; approx. actual size. Below; the 100 yard TARGETS , also approximately actual size. Below, the curtin university phd thesis, left image is of what is website thesis, simply a representative spotting target for instruction. It is pasted inside the box lid and has a handwritten instruction that it is not to curtin phd thesis, be fired upon! Presumably written shortly after someone had! The other two images illustrate how the box can be hung on a wall or board at any suitable height for remain illegal essay prone, kneeling or standing practice.

The target carrying block is university, of hard rubber and can be slid up and down, within the box, for my school in urdu language fine adjustment. The serrated section above the university phd thesis, TARGETS is for windage assessment where required. The two instruction sheets, showing their age, are copied below. One is pasted into the bottom of the box, and the latter one is format research, pasted to the inside of the university, hinged wooden lid. Below: the key for the kit of lumbar with retrolisthesis parts as applied to the U.S. Springfield Model 1903 - 1906 rifle. Two practice rod devices, equivalent to curtin phd thesis, the Hollifield Dotter, were marketed by A.G. Parker and Parker-Hale between the two World Wars.

The first, of Canadian manufacture, was advertised here in about 1925, around two years before the Hollifield unit went out of production. Below is their advertisement for the same unit - under Parker-Hale's name - still going eight years later in spondylosis with 1933. The advertisement now carries what appears to university, be a facsimile of the note of recommendation made by Lord Roberts ( founding president of the Society of with retrolisthesis Miniature Rifle Clubs, who died in 1914 whilst visiting his troops on the Western Front), presumably part of an internal memo within the curtin phd thesis, military, later passed to Messrs. Essay In Urdu Language! Parker or Hale or the phd thesis, manufacturers in Canada. The handwriting can be compared with that of remain a letter written by Roberts to Mr. Hyam regarding the setting up of the S.M.R.C. It is amusing to note that, even without prior knowledge of such patented equipment as these practice rods, man's ingenuity continually provides for their re-invention - even informally. The following was observed on a forum in which the Hollifield Dotter was under discussion. I never realized there was a commercial application of curtin this device.

While shooting competively in the Navy, I used to take a common wood pencil and place two bands of 1/2 masking tape around the pencil until the pencil and tape was a sliding fit in the bore of the pistol. Then take a sheet of paper, can be very small, and make a dot about 1/32 in diameter in the center. Tape the paper to the wall the same distance from the floor as the pistol muzzle in a natural stance you use. Lumbar Spondylosis With Retrolisthesis! Move toward the target until the muzzle is curtin university, about 1 from the target. Place the pencil in the bore and cock the hammer, in my case a 1911 A1 Navy 45. Tip the pistol muzzle up to seat the eraser end towards the firing pin. Now sight the target as you would at a standard NRA 50 yd bull. Style Checker! Dry fire the university phd thesis, shot and call the shot. The pencil will be propelled down the bore by the firing pin strike. Illegal Essay! You will find the mark the pencil made to be where you called the shot if you are honest with yourself.

This practice works wonders for your marksmanship. THE CUMMINGS DOT RIFLE. Similar in basic design principle to the Swedish arrangement, this rifle has an equally complex sub-target apparatus fitted to the rear of the barrel over the receiver, instead of at the muzzle. It is understood that the modified cocking-piece, at the rear of the bolt, is the drive point for phd thesis the system. This rifle was manufactured, circa 1918, by the Cummings Gun Works of lumbar retrolisthesis Boston, Mass.

It is phd thesis, constructed around the shortened stock of a Russian designed Mosin-Nagant rifle, presumably a matter of availability at a time when wartime U.S. service rifle production was under extreme pressure. The M1891 Mosin-Nagant was manufactured by both the Remington and Westinghouse companies, between 1915 and 1917, for the Imperial Russian and Kerensky Governments. Style! More than a million-and-a-half were produced at Ilion and curtin phd thesis, Springfield, and the government of the United States themselves purchased over a quarter-of-a-million for what is believed to have mainly been training use. (figures from essay style checker, Smith's Book of Rifles) Should you not already have done so, please also view the curtin university, page detailing.

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How to write a romance novel: Avoid romance writing mistakes. Writing romance is perennially popular, and romance novels continue to sell in great numbers. Learn how to write a romance novel and avoid cliches in your love story ideas, themes and characters. University Phd Thesis? Start with these 9 romance writing tips: 1. Website Thesis? Know the romance genre (and your own subgenre) inside out. 2. Choose love story ideas that allow character development. 3. Show how characters’ backstories and personalities affect their relationships.

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While it’s feasible that two characters have no considerable baggage, conflict is a key ingredient for should remain, making a story dynamic and adding degrees of unpredictability and uncertainty. Example character flaws that could create challenges in your fictional relationships include: Anger management issues Emotional frigidity Shame/repression Oversensitivity or its opposite, lack of sensitivity Hyper-critical or judgmental tendencies Jealousy and insecurity A dominant or submissive personality (if either cause frustration for a character’s other half) Narcissism or lack of confidence. Cliched romance stories often show growing chemistry that is university phd thesis reduced down to repetitive physical gestures – blushing, tensing, gazing, touching. Yet an checker, emphasis on embodied expressions of chemistry sometimes ignores the psychological and emotional strengths and shortcomings that shape how we relate to phd thesis, each other. 5. Review Writing? Make obstacles to phd thesis, your characters’ romance interesting but believable. Tension is a key ingredient of story. In a mystery novel, it’s often an unknown murderer’s identity. A romance novel (or movie or series) has ‘romantic tension’. The reader/viewer senses chemistry and attraction brewing, and the primary question is ‘when (will they be together)?’ Obstacles to your characters being together supply the bumps in the road that make your characters’ journey towards each other interesting and credible.

In The Notebook , for example, there is the social/familial obstacle (class difference and resulting family interference) and the broader historical obstacle (World War II). Avoid romantic obstacle cliches such as the go-to soap opera favourite: Random cases of amnesia. Why Marijuana Remain Essay? (On the other hand, Alice Munro’s fine story ‘The Bear Came Over the Mountain’ subtly explores love and forgetting in the context of ageing and Alzheimer’s). Think about the internal as well as external obstacles that your characters have to overcome to find romantic joy. Are there details of setting, for example, that might impede them (e.g. rising costs of housing in the inner city force a character to university, move far away from their love interest)? 6. Website Thesis? Avoid writing bad sex scenes (unless part of your story)

Because sex and sexuality are such personal things, it’s hard to write sex scenes that translate, that readers from diverse walks of life will find erotic. What we find sexy is personal as well as cultural. Bad sex writing is often the least subtle. Avoid over-the-top similes and metaphors (unless you’re aiming for phd thesis, winning the ‘Bad Sex Award’). Website Thesis? Comparing body parts to strange fruits or woodland creatures is rarely a good idea. There are exceptions to every rule. Cliched sex writing often tries too hard to university phd thesis, titillate and style checker, excite readers. Attempts to curtin, be poetic using metaphorical language and euphemisms easily become purple prose. Cautions aside, you might want to describe an website thesis, awkward, uncomfortable sex scene using exactly this type of university, baroque language. Ultimately, the degree of eroticism should fit your story, your characters, and your genre. One way to write good sex scenes is to leave more to the reader’s imagination.

When in doubt, be direct. Call parts and actions by website thesis, their names. 7. Limit overused romance plot tropes. A ‘trope’ in fiction is curtin university a significant or recurrent theme. The word’s often used to refer to language, a theme that is so common that it has become cliched. Vaguely medieval settings and dragons, for example, are fantasy tropes. There are countless romance plot tropes. For example, in YA and teen movies, there’s the plain girl who transforms, a la Cinderella, into a great beauty overnight, winning the attentions of the most handsome boy in school. TV Tropes points out more problematic romance tropes, such as ‘But Not Too Foreign’. In this cliche, a romantic hero (usually the man) has some partial ‘Other’ ethnicity but is still sufficiently similar (visually or culturally) to phd thesis, not make his partner (and, by extension, the assumed audience) too uncomfortable about review writing their own position, privilege or prejudice.

The problem with romance plot tropes is they often ring untrue. They indulge in wish fulfillment and fantasy that might repeat unimaginative or even damaging stereotypes (e.g. the notion a woman must change everything about herself to attract a self-centred, oblivious prince charming). To write interesting and original love stories, familiarise yourself with the most common romance tropes and think of curtin university, ways to style checker, subvert your readers’ expectations. 8. Curtin Phd Thesis? Avoid cliched romantic character descriptions. Character description is should remain illegal where many authors dip into cliche. Beginners in university all genres often reach for eye colour or the spondylosis with, size of characters’ eyes in curtin character description. Yet there are much more interesting (and telling) ways to describe characters, visually and otherwise. Beware cliched and dead metaphors for appearances and love.

Describing characters by comparison to the planets, for example. In the essay, episode of the sci-fi cartoon Futurama ‘I Dated a Robot’, the central character Fry starts dating a robotic clone of American actress Lucy Liu. Futurama satirises romance cliches (and the idea of dating what is ultimately a computer) when Lucy Liubot says in a monotone: ‘Oh, Fry, I love you more than the curtin phd thesis, moon, the stars, the… POETIC IMAGE #36 NOT FOUND’. Such is the deadening effect of cliche, the nondescript, comical error message, ‘poetic image #36’ is the most original and striking metaphor for an unimaginably big love in website thesis this sentence. 9. Turf cliched romantic character types.

Besides romantic plot cliches, romantic stories that lack imagination often feature cliched character types. The brooding, sulky romantic hero is one. University? If you think about Jane Austen’s Pride and style checker, Prejudice , what makes Mr. Darcy an interesting character is not so much that he is curtin phd thesis brooding and sulky but the subtleties of why marijuana should remain illegal essay, how Austen changes this perception of Darcy’s nature over the course of the novel. Other cliched character types (as Anne Marble lists here), include the ‘Evil Other Woman’, the romantic hero’s conniving mistress (this category often includes the romantic lead’s ‘evil’ ex-wife). University Phd Thesis? This is a character type authors sometimes use to explain why the romantic lead has a negative or even misogynistic view of essay style checker, women. This is the curtin phd thesis, woman who has ‘ruined’ a romantic hero for other women. Yet each character should ideally have their own credible goals and motivations, and should not merely exist to push your primary romantic leads closer or supply their complications. Work out your cast of romantic characters using Now Novel’s guided Idea Finder and why marijuana should illegal essay, get feedback on curtin university phd thesis your romance writing from the Now Novel commmunity or a dedicated writing coach.

Love the post! I will say that “bad sex” can be purposefully and successfully used as a plot point. lol I did just that in The Merry-Go-Round. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Hadn’t thought of that. And of course a sex scene can be used to comical rather than erotic effect. Wait, how are we supposed to website thesis, know what a bad sex scene is? I don’t like too much detail in phd thesis sex scenes so anything explicit (this part went here and that part went there) is “bad” to me. Also I hate metaphors and essay, euphemisms in curtin university sex scenes – it just seems cheesy and childish to shy away from naming things as they are. When I write a sex scene I usually just do the lead up to my school in urdu, it and then fade to black and skip to the post coital cigarette so to speak.

The details of curtin phd thesis, what went where or heaving bosoms and thrusting members are left out (I skim these parts when reading romance myself anyway as I find them boring and offputting). Lumbar? Which of course means I never really write a real sex scene. Must I? Or are there readers who will read romance and curtin phd thesis, not mind the lack of checker, explicit on the page sex? Hi Miss Cellany, you raise a good point. Curtin University? I think the my school, best any author can do is write the curtin, kind of essay, sex scenes you want to read. Obviously, a certain type of category romance (such as Harlequin Blaze) is more likely to be explicit than a book that emphasizes the relationship and emotional aspect more. I’d say if you’re steering clear of purple prose and ludicrous descriptions you’re in curtin phd thesis the clear. Good to know, thanks for my school in urdu, replying #128578;

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