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Proposal for research paper format

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A Rogues’ Gallery of New True-Crime Titles. By MARILYN STASIO JULY 27, 2016. Proud as I am to identify myself as a lifelong addict of crime and mystery fiction, true crime unnerves me. It’s so . . . real. But fans of the genre make a strong case for proposal for research paper their own peculiar obsession, to the point of making me want to have what they’re having. Whatever it is. The answer might be found in TRUE CRIME ADDICT: How I Lost Myself in the Mysterious Disappearance of Maura Murray (Thomas Dunne/St. Martin’s, $25.99), which James Renner began researching after scoring in Ted Bundy’s range on the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory test. “Don’t get too upset,” his shrink told him. “You may have the psychopathy of a dangerous man, but so do many cops.” Approving of martin luther papers, his intention to proposal format write about an unsolved mystery, she counseled him to “use it to channel that dark side.” So that’s my first takeaway — losing yourself in true-crime stories is like the ritualistic folk magic practiced by shamans, witches and superstitious grandmothers. Different. And it’s considerably more sanitary than spitting through your fingers to keep the demons down in hell where they belong.

The case that captured Renner’s imagination was a poser, all right. Maura Murray, a nursing student at proposal for research format the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (once considered “the most violent campus in the country”), drove her car into a snowbank in the winter of 2004. But when the police arrived on the scene only minutes after the crash, Maura had vanished. Drawing on published accounts, social media and his own nose for and investment news, Renner gradually divulges odd bits of information about Maura and proposal format, members of her family. (Not to dissertation on banking and investment give anything away, but this wasn’t the first time she had wrecked a car.) Renner, the author of “The Serial Killer’s Apprentice,” is proposal, just plain fun to read. Noting that Maura lived in Melville Hall, he can’t resist mentioning that this freshman dormitory took its name from “the guy who wrote the ultimate book on schools pointless obsession.” He’s also shamelessly entertaining on how he happened to do a brief but humiliating stint in jail for proposal for research assaulting a police officer. Corrections. And while his chronicle of the ups and downs of proposal, his own messy life brings no insights to the still-unsolved mystery of Maura Murray’s disappearance, it does give us a clue to thesis how inquisitive armchair detectives can turn into excitable children when they get carried away playing with their toys. Sign up to paper receive a preview of each Sunday’s Book Review, delivered to your inbox every Friday. An error has occurred. Please try again later.

You are already subscribed to this email. Many a true-crime study could be attributed to an author’s honest enthusiasm for weirdness. (I’m thinking of “The Orchid Thief,” Susan Orlean’s wondrous strange book about an and investment orchid poacher’s bizarre search for the rare ghost orchid that grows in the swamplands of Florida’s Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve.) THE DRAGON BEHIND THE GLASS: A True Story of Power, Obsession, and the World’s Most Coveted Fish (Scribner, $26), by the science writer ­Emily Voigt, is the same kind of for research, curiously edifying book. Dissertation On Banking And Investment. ­Although comprehensively researched and gracefully written, it still reflects the author’s absorption with the peculiar obsessions of collectors of exotica. For Research Format. The fish in question is the ravishing Asian arowana, “the most expensive tropical fish in the world,” treasured by rguhs digital library, effete connoisseurs and yakuza crime lords alike. At first, Voigt convinces herself that she’s doing scholarly research on the extreme behavior of collectors who commit theft and proposal format, even murder to feed their fixation. (On the subject of luther jr vs malcolm, research: “Do not Google arowana eats duckling .”) But not long into her studies, she realizes that “I wanted to get to the wild place” where crazy people go fishing for rare specimens like the brilliantly colored arowana, and off she goes into jungles inhabited by headhunters, flesh-­eaters and Muslim terrorists. Proposal Paper. Nothing dampens her enthusiasm for chasing these ugly fish with their bony, toothy tongues. Nonetheless, “at some point, things had gotten out of hand,” Voigt admits, after schlepping through 15 countries in i want brady essay three and a half years. Only “muchas” piranhas keep her from embarking on another dangerous expedition, although she does, eventually, stumble into a civil war.

I don’t know about format you, but I call that dedication. The professionals have professional reasons for publishing books on their specialties. Writing with Ron ­Franscell, Vincent Di Maio invites us into i want a wife by judy essay his workplace in MORGUE: A Life in Death (St. For Research. Martin’s, $26.99) to admire some of his celebrity cases. The expert testimony of this forensic pathologist helped exonerate George Zimmerman of Trayvon Martin’s death and aroused public fury during the murder trial of the music mogul Phil Spector. But the cases that jump off these self-congratulatory pages are the ones concerning deaths of children, about which Di Maio is not in types essays the least sentimental, but coolly analytic, which is somehow even more unsettling. Di Maio’s first important case after he joined the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of for research paper, Maryland in 1969 involved the essays, unexplainable seizures of the children of the proposal paper format, Army sergeant Harry Woods and his wife, Martha.

One of the children, 7-month-old Paul, died. (Over a 23-year period, seven of the babies in Martha Woods’s care died, and five were touch-and-go.) The psychological disorder of Munchausen syndrome by proxy wasn’t defined until the late 1970s, Di Maio says, and and investment, “serial killer” didn’t become a common term until the paper, 1980s. But this seminal case helped start the dialogue. To satisfy “CSI” fans hungry for technical details about the decomposition of the human body, Di Maio obliges with some vividly depicted exhumations. Of Descriptive Essays. He also offers a grim scientific explanation for why so-called satanic ritual cult murders are a lot of hooey, existing “only in the movies, on the internet and in paranoid dreams.” In a flourish of a finish, he even advances the theory that van Gogh’s famous suicide may have been a homicide. For Research. For readers who yearn for digital library thesis simpler times, when a child with a penny could legally purchase a quarter-pound of “white mercury” (arsenic) from proposal format, his neighborhood grocery store, Victorian days beckon. Linda Stratmann, a Victorian scholar and “former chemists’ dispenser,” addresses the poisoner’s dark art in THE SECRET POISONER: A Century of Murder (Yale University, $40), a social history in types essays which she develops a cogent argument for her theory that “poison murders stimulated both medical research and legal reform.” Working from format, exhaustively researched archival material, she delivers the requisite case histories about infamous lady poisoners.

There was Eliza Fenning, a pretty young cook who went to the gallows for king jr vs malcolm serving her master and his family a heaping plate of arsenic-laced ­dumplings. (The overworked servant probably just wanted to give them indigestion.) In another scandalous case, Madeleine Smith, who came from a wealthy family in proposal for research paper format Glasgow, was said to have dispatched her secret lover with a helping of arsenic when she received a more attractive marriage proposal. Anne Barry was a sadder case. The devoted charwoman for a shopkeeper who made a habit of sexually assaulting his young female customers, Anne delivered the poison that killed the newborn daughter of a 17-year-old girl who had been raped by Anne’s employer. She was hanged for her complicity; happily, so was he. Although Stratmann’s academic narrative style is on the dry side, there’s fire in her sociological thesis that poison murder was a “secret” crime, the chosen method of voiceless women, children and servants — those who had no legal power within the Victorian patriarchal system. The political and social establishment considered poisoners “the worst kind of criminals” because they directly “threatened the established order of thesis corrections, society.” It seemed that no cheating husband, abusive master or inconvenient infant was safe from a desperate woman. For Research Format. But once women’s marital rights were expanded (in, for example, the Married Women’s Property Act of 1870) and labor reforms extended to children, who worked long hours in mines, factories and sweatshops, the image of making thesis corrections, “the archetypical female poisoner who operated in an impoverished domestic setting” gave way to a new image of “the educated middle-class male” — a “gentleman” who, it should be noted, was more likely to murder for for research format profit than from the martin papers, pain and passion that motivated women. The Victorian era continues to format be the preferred gold mine of writers digging for sensational cases.

PRETTY JANE AND THE VIPER OF KIDBROOKE LANE: A True Story of Victorian Law and Disorder (Pegasus Crime, $28.95) provides Paul Thomas Murphy with a horrific domestic murder that allows him to linger on digital thesis the pivotal period when medieval laws, social customs and police procedures were beginning to for research paper format give way to more modern methods. Although the police ran amok like Keystone Kops, losing, mislaying, ignoring and otherwise compromising the evidence, Murphy shows that the scientific knowledge of the day was much more advanced than we had thought. It was the rigid social attitudes toward the on banking and investment, servant classes that really denied Jane Clouson her honor. Jane entered domestic service at the usual age of 12, and by the time the girl was 16, she was a maid-of-all-work in the household of Ebenezer Pook. In her innocence, Jane was seduced by her master’s younger son, Edmund, who promised to marry her when she got pregnant, but killed her instead, in proposal for research format a manner so brutal that the case became a cause celebre among her fellow servants. “The people had elected one of their own as their secular saint,” Murphy writes, “as a martyr for their age and their condition.” But the popular press that spoke for the upper classes was having none of it. I Want Brady Essay. “There are among us,” one newspaper editorial ran, “large numbers of men and women who have an for research unmistakable craving for this sort of ghastly stimulus.” Although Murphy, the i want a wife by judy essay, author of “Shooting Victoria,” is mainly interested in for research paper the advances of dissertation, forensic science, his lively narrative, with its unambiguous tone of outrage, is proposal for research, also a takedown of the social system. “He was the young master,” Murphy notes. “She was his servant, and she had served him as innumerable young female servants had served innumerable young masters in and investment the past.” Sure enough, the hierarchy prevailed. Edmund was acquitted of murder, and proposal paper format, his debased victim found no justice. (It was left to Jane’s friends to homeschooling essays affirm her “human value” on her tombstone.) In THE WICKED BOY: The Mystery of a Victorian Child Murderer (Penguin Press, $28), Kate Summerscale’s ambitious literary goal, and the sure mark of a committed writer, is to position her close study of a specific crime within the for research format, broader context of the social and political climate in which it was committed. When the novelist P.D.

James turned to true crime in different essays “The Maul and the Pear Tree,” the masterly book about the 1811 Ratcliffe Highway murders she wrote with the police historian T.A. Critchley, she didn’t stop at proposal for research paper presenting a lucid and thorough account of a representative crime from the early 19th century. Her objective was to disprove the legal conclusions of this adjudicated crime, advance her own theories and suggest who the true murderer might have been. Summerscale, whose books include “Mrs. Robinson’s Disgrace” and “The Suspicions of different types of descriptive essays, Mr. Whicher,” shares that expansive vision.

There were enticing things to see and for research, do in rguhs library thesis and around London in proposal for research paper the summer of 1895 — cricket matches in king jr vs papers St. Paper Format. John’s Wood, a melodrama at schools the Theater Royal, excursions to the seaside town of Southend — and proposal format, 13-year-old Robert Coombes and his 12-year-old brother, Nathaniel, wanted to see and dissertation on banking and investment, do it all. And they would, with the for research, assistance of a grown-up, their honest if slow-witted babysitter, John Fox. But first, Robert had to kill the boys’ mother. Through a combination of cunning (Robert’s) and innocence (Fox’s), the schools, decomposing body of Emily Coombes went undetected in her bedroom for several days. (Both boys and the nasally challenged Fox spent their nights in a downstairs room.) During the day, Robert sent Fox about the city to finance their excursions by selling various household items. Proposal For Research. Eventually, Emily’s body was discovered by concerned relatives who insisted on being let inside the house. (It was his own aunt who called Robert “a bad, wicked boy.”) Because there was no court for young defendants, the brothers were tried as adults. Nathaniel struck a plea deal, but Robert was convicted and sent to the Broadmoor asylum, where he remained for the next 17 years. And there, you might think, the on banking, story would end. But Summerscale has barely started, intent as she is on bringing some insight into Robert’s behavior and eviscerating the criminal justice system for pouncing on him as if he were some depraved fiend.

Over the course of her irresistible book, she takes on popular attitudes toward children and proposal paper, their place in society. “The child is, naturally, by his organization, nearer to the animal, to the savage, to the criminal, than the adult,” Havelock Ellis wrote in 1890, reflecting a popular belief of the day. Digital Library. To subdue their savage minds, the for research, jury called for a ban on penny dreadfuls, the “inflammable and shocking literature” that inflamed Robert’s over­developed imagination. Summerscale proves a wonderful champion of these exciting adventure tales, which allowed young boys to luther king x research dream of better things than a life of poverty. With Robert serving as scapegoat, the defenders of England’s crumbling system of morality went so far as to demand a recall of the proposal for research, Education Act of 1870. There were four and a half million children in school in 1892, which sober minds knew would lead only to vs public “ambition, restlessness, defiance, a spirit of insurgency.” The boys’ own father, who had been away at sea during the tragedy, damned Robert for his very intelligence. “The boy was afflicted with a preponderance of brain matter,” the father offered at the trial. For Research Paper. “He had too much brain tissue for the size of the malcolm x research papers, skull.” The notion that too much imagination is dangerous hardly died out with the end of the Victorian age. Proposal Paper Format. But the lovely irony of Robert’s story is that, when he was finally released from prison, he became a hero like the homeschooling vs public schools essays, protagonists of his beloved penny dreadfuls and went on to live the adventurous life he had dreamed of.

Marilyn Stasio writes the Crime column for the Book Review. A version of this review appears in print on for research paper format July 31, 2016, on king jr vs malcolm papers Page BR16 of the proposal format, Sunday Book Review with the headline: True Crime . Today's Paper | Subscribe. We#8217;re interested in your feedback on jr vs malcolm x research this page. Tell us what you think.

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Secrets of proposal paper, a Successful Homework Routine, Part 1. February 12, 2013. Like father, like daughter. Frankly, I would have preferred to wait with written work until they were a bit older—which seems more in line with a child’s natural development. But the hard reality is, I felt it was important to give literacy in essay the minority language (for us, that’s English) a strong head start before they entered our local elementary school and proposal format, their literacy in the majority language (Japanese) then quickly took off. Plus, I figured that if I established a daily “homework habit” from a young age—and made their first experience of this as enjoyable as I could—it would take root more easily and become an expected part of their lives, like brushing their teeth. If I had waited until they were older, not only rguhs thesis, would it have been harder for their English literacy to develop alongside their Japanese literacy (particularly since the two writing systems are so different), I think it would have proven more difficult to proposal for research paper, incorporate this routine into the lifestyle they had already grown accustomed to. This doesn’t mean that, today, they never complain about doing homework!

But the fact that the habit is now well established—at this point they can’t even remember a time when they didn’t have daily homework!—makes it a lot easier to manage this resistance and maintain the routine. On Banking And Investment. (And when you start early, you’re able to proposal, make this a firmer habit for yourself as well. After all, the routine will only be as successful as the strength of your own commitment to it.) So around the time they were 3—when they could comfortably grip a pencil—our daily homework habit began. By Judy Response Essay. In this post, I’ll share all the proposal for research “secrets” with you, including links to types of descriptive essays, the materials that have been most useful to proposal paper, me. “What sort of making corrections, homework do you give a 3-year-old?” This is the natural question asked by proposal paper, a reader the other day. Of course, the activities and materials will vary, depending on the target language, but I’ll tell you exactly what I’ve been doing at corrections, home over the years in proposal for research format my quest to nurture the i want response essay reading and writing ability of my children. Proposal For Research Format. (Lulu is 8 now and dissertation, Roy is nearly 6.) Even if the materials I mention aren’t relevant to you, the overall structure might serve as a helpful model for your own routine. First, I should stress that my kids probably wouldn’t have been ready for this routine so early if I hadn’t already made these persistent efforts beforehand:

I read aloud to them, every day, from the time they were born. As I’ve discussed in for research The Secret to digital, Raising a Bilingual Child and other articles on reading, I believe that reading aloud is the number one way to paper, promote a child’s language development. Rguhs Library. If reading aloud in paper format the minority language isn’t made a regular practice in the home, the rguhs digital bilingual journey will likely be far more difficult. As soon as they could sit up and paper format, grasp a fat crayon, I had paper and crayons freely available for them to use (and later, other drawing/writing tools like markers, colored pencils, pencils, and pens). Because they began scribbling early, and often, their little hands gained good motor control and rguhs digital library thesis, this scribbling gradually evolved into drawing and proposal, writing. The heart of rguhs digital, our homework time has always involved reading. As Stephen Krashen argues so persuasively in The Power of Reading , the act of for research format, reading fuels greater proficiency in all language areas—including writing (good readers grow to luther malcolm papers, be good writers)—so focusing on proposal for research paper, reading is actually the wisest, most efficient way to promote the whole range of thesis corrections, a child’s language skills. Before my kids were able to read, I simply continued reading aloud to them (individually), for 15 to 20 minutes, which formed the first portion of proposal for research format, our homework time. Schools. As the months passed, and my finger trailed under the text of proposal format, every book, they began to remember and recognize their first words quite naturally. Then, when they were about 4 or so, I introduced a series of small books for martin luther jr vs malcolm x research papers beginning readers called Now I’m Reading! These fun little books were very effective as a springboard to early independent reading and they both completed the series by around the age of 5.

See Now I’m Reading! for my full review of this series, along with a link to the publisher. From there, we moved into proposal format, “shared reading”: starting with simple picture books, we took turns reading together, page by essay, page. And as their reading ability steadily grew stronger, we progressed to harder picture books, then easy chapter books, and finally harder chapter books and proposal for research paper format, children’s literature. Currently, Lulu and and investment, I are reading the first Harry Potter book, while Roy and I are reading the longer books in The Magic Treehouse series. See How to Get Your Child Hooked on Books for more on The Magic Treehouse and other good chapter books that come in a series. It’s no secret, then, how both children became competent readers: books, via reading aloud and, later, shared reading, have been a big part of their daily lives from the time they were born.

Like father, like son. Along with reading aloud, and then, shared reading, a succession of format, workbooks have also formed part of vs public schools, our homework routine. Workbooks, of course, often conjure images of children hunched over a desk, bored to tears. But there’s a very good reason, I think, for this ingrained idea: most workbooks are boring. Yes, they may do a decent job of developing certain language targets, but that doesn’t make the content itself any less dry and dull to for research paper format, most kids (and their parents). As a teacher myself, I know that producing materials which are both effective in their educational aims, and actually fun to use—with some creativity and a wife by judy brady response essay, humor—is a challenging task.

I sometimes create my own materials for my kids and my students (like my “captive reading” stories), but I naturally don’t have time to generate good materials at a daily rate. So I’ve come to accept the fact that most of the materials on the market will be kind of tedious, and I only ask my kids to do a little bit at proposal paper, a time. The trick is to thesis corrections, do a little bit daily , because a little bit daily becomes a lot over paper time. When it comes to homeschooling vs public schools, workbooks, then, here are some of the better materials I’ve come across so far, shared roughly in the sequence that we’ve used them. In my experience, dot-to-dot books are the most gentle, most enjoyable way to introduce “written work” to a young child. My use of dot-to-dot books with Lulu and Roy, after the read-aloud time, was a good success: not only did it help nurture their knowledge of the alphabet and numbers, and pave the way for real writing by practicing controlled lines, it set a positive precedent for all the written work that followed. Just two things to bear in mind: 1) The difficulty of a book must match your child’s level of ability (start with the simplest books, with no more than 10 or 20 letters or numbers per picture, and progress from there); and proposal paper, 2) My kids burned through these books quickly so you’ll probably need to dissertation on banking and investment, purchase a stack of them! Is that a shark fin in the pool? 2. phonics workbooks. Although I tend to focus primarily on “whole language” activities (through reading aloud and shared reading), I do recognize the value of proposal paper format, phonics work as a supplemental activity to strengthen reading skills.

Toward that end, once my kids had a good grasp of the alphabet and vs public, seemed ready to write letters and for research, short words, we left the dot-to-dot books behind and moved into some phonics material. The phonics workbooks I used come from the Spectrum series, which offers a wide variety of reasonably-priced workbooks for all sorts of subjects. Some of these books look better than others—so it’s important to study the actual pages at amazon or another online retailer—but their early phonics books served us well. In fact, I believe one reason Roy is now stronger at phonics than Lulu is dissertation and investment, because I emphasized these workbooks more consistently in Roy’s daily homework routine. (I have some regret that I didn’t do the same with Lulu, because she seems to struggle more when sounding out unfamiliar words.) See Spectrum Phonics for proposal for research paper their whole line-up of phonics workbooks, from kindergarten through grade 6. (I’ve only vs public essays, used, and can personally recommend, the Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3 books.) I had been hunting for proposal good reading workbooks for some time, so I was happy when I stumbled upon Evan-Moor’s Daily Reading Comprehension series last year, available for grades 1 to 8. If I had known about the series earlier, I would probably have introduced them right from the Grade 1 book—using this level alongside the early Spectrum phonics books. Instead, I began with the Grade 3 book for Lulu and the Grade 2 book for dissertation Roy, replacing other supplemental reading texts that I had found unsatisfying. (Choosing materials is sometimes a process of trial and error, and I don’t advise pushing ahead with a book that you’re unhappy with. It’s far better, in my opinion—even if a bit of money is squandered—to search again for a more appropriate book.) See Daily Reading Comprehension for my full review of this series, along with a link to for research paper format, the publisher. At the dissertation same time that we’ve moved through this progression of workbooks—which focus mainly on reading—I’ve tried to maintain regular practice for writing, too, in these three ways. (In fact, I’ve tried a couple of the Spectrum writing workbooks, too, but I wasn’t thrilled with them.)

About once a week I have my kids write and illustrate an proposal paper format, entry in a journal, generally describing a recent experience, but occasionally they’ll produce a fictional story of schools essays, some kind. (And I hope to do more creative writing in the future.) To date, I’ve made use of for research paper, three ready-made journals from an educational company in the United States, called Lakeshore. Rguhs Digital Thesis. (It’s been a long time since I’ve placed an order with them, but they offer a wide variety of good-quality educational products and will ship things internationally.) The first journal ( My First Writing Prompts Journal ) features simple prompts in which the child simply chooses and copies a word or words to complete a sentence, then illustrates the idea. The next journal ( My First Draw Write Journal , currently used by Roy) enables the proposal for research format child to homeschooling essays, write a sentence of his own, then illustrate it. And the third journal ( Draw Write Journal , currently used by Lulu) provides a page and a half for writing, along with space for for research paper an illustration. Ready-made journals aren’t really needed, of course—you could create something similar on your own—but it’s helpful to schools, use writing paper that’s age-appropriate for your child, like these journals provide. Writing paper can easily be found online and printed out for proposal paper this purpose. I Want A Wife Brady Response. The remarkable homeschooling site has an array of writing paper that can be freely downloaded as PDF files.

We currently maintain a regular correspondence with a number of people, including family members and pen-pals in proposal for research a few different countries. A Wife. Lulu is now writing to five people, while Roy is writing to four. Though the work itself is sporadic, they probably write a letter once a week or so. At a younger age, as with Roy, I’ll transcribe what he wants to say and then have him copy it over onto writing paper. With Lulu, who can now write more freely, I’ll ask her to write the first draft on her own, we’ll edit it together, and then she’ll put the final draft on stationary. Recently, about once a week or so, I’ve also added translation practice to Lulu’s homework routine. We’ll each translate the paper same page from Japanese into English—to start, we’re using the Japanese version of Arnold Lobel’s simple Frog and Toad stories—and then we compare our efforts, explaining why we made certain choices.

Translation is a special challenge, demanding a deep sensitivity to both languages, and I believe beginning this practice from a fairly young age (interpretation, too) is a powerful way to advance a child’s bilingual ability. In addition to these activities, some of the other resources I’ve turned to include… Homework Helpers (from Frank Schaffer Publications), a series of small, inexpensive workbooks of word puzzles, word searches, and other language practice activities. Picture Clue Crosswords , a fun book of visual crossword puzzles for vocabulary and digital, spelling practice. (I photocopy the necessary pages and for research paper, give them a nudge by writing in the tricky letters that would probably stump them.) Games for Reading and Games for Writing , both by by judy brady response, master teacher Peggy Kaye, are wonderful books with a range of proposal paper, fun, playful games designed to promote literacy. I’m not rigid about the amount of time we spend on homework each day, but I do try to aim for roughly 30 minutes. The content of our routine has naturally evolved over time, but reading books—reading aloud, and now shared reading—has always been at the core of this effort, along with the various other reading and writing activities I’ve described. While I’m now able to making thesis corrections, read aloud the same book to both of them at our read-aloud session each morning at proposal for research paper, breakfast, their homework time—because of their different needs when it comes to reading and writing—remains separate. This means I must squeeze in two 30-minute blocks each day to maintain our routine, though as they grow older, they’ve become capable of doing some of the work on dissertation on banking and investment, their own. When they complete their homework for the day, they earn a piece of (sugarless) gum. It sounds silly, I know, but gum became their little reward long ago and for research format, it does add to their daily motivation.

I also offer them small incentives for finishing a reading book, like little Pokemon figures. (Roy loves them!) I know there are various views when it comes to digital library thesis, rewards, but I’ve found that modest incentives can heighten enthusiasm and help sustain effort. In the format end, though, the real key to a successful homework routine is i want essay, you. How much time and energy are you able, and proposal format, willing, to give to this ongoing challenge? In my case, as long as my children are attending a Japanese school, I don’t see any alternative but to continue plugging away, day by day, if I wish for them to reach a high level of literacy in English, too. To continue this look at the “secrets” of luther x research, our homework routine, don’t miss my follow-up post, written 18 months later: Secrets of proposal paper, a Successful Homework Routine, Part 2 . Thank you, Adam! Great summary of what we can do as teachers in the family to support our bilingual children. I would add that even though I agree its ideal to dissertation, start at a younger age, some children are not ready and proposal for research format, need more time in the dominant language before beginning. Otherwise lessons can seem more like World War II, especially if a child has dyslexic issues or auditory processing challenges that won’t be caught as easily at i want a wife by judy response essay, the preschool age. Proposal For Research. Even teenagers will not complain about martin luther jr vs papers reading elementary school age level material if that is the proposal paper most comfortable reading level for them. That’s been our experience. The other point I would add is about rewards, making the lessons fun.

As parents we have to play doubly hard at digital thesis, being our own kids’ teachers and they will send us around the bend unless we set controls and incentives that they can enjoy as part of proposal paper, their lessons. Liane, thank you for your comment! These are all wise thoughts. As you point out, every parent needs to martin luther jr vs malcolm papers, be sensitive about when and how to begin working with their children at home to paper, nurture literacy in the minority language. Earlier may be better, but it won’t always be better for every child. And, I agree, establishing a structured routine, and reasonable incentives, are important measures for both our success and our sanity! No routine! But I am doing a lot of the thing you introduced here, except… for us it’s playing, not working! I also have many great iPad apps to encourage writing and reading skills, and different types essays, I have done some simple DIY reading projects. Format. As for homework, can it be that you’re living in Japan where school is library thesis, very competitive and a lot is required from the children? My big girl will start school in September- she will be 4 years old- we saw it and most of it is play-based! (we live in for research format the Netherlands)

Olga, I think there are different phases in the bilingual journey, depending on the age of the making thesis child and paper format, the family’s goals. My children are a bit older now, and luther papers, developing literacy in the minority language is an important aim. In our particular situation, I don’t think that could happen if I didn’t maintain a consistent daily routine of reading and writing homework. Proposal Paper. At the same time, I do try to make our activities as enjoyable for different types essays them as I can. If I didn’t, it would naturally be much harder to continue this rhythm, day after day. Format. (It sounds like an iPad might help, too!) Hi. It seems like we are in the same boat!

Like the site and corrections, the subject and will link here from my blog (also about raising bilingual children in Japan). Nick, thanks for your kind comment. I visited your site and applaud all the good work you’re doing with your daughter. Let’s keep up our efforts! Cheers from Hiroshima to Nagoya! I am wanting to teach my child French (english is proposal for research format, dominant language).

However, I have extremely limited experience in French, so I am essentially learning alongside my child. How exactly would you advise I go about doing this? I have been collecting French picture books, music/songs and of descriptive essays, French videos and cartoons I’ve found on youtube. I’ve decided to ban all cartoons unless they are in french. lol Since I barely read French myself, I don’t even know what to look up. I’d love to find good french workbooks, but the ones I’ve run across so far aren’t that great, especially compared to the wealth of ones I find in the US. Thanks for the very informative post, btw. Amanda, it sounds like you’re making some very good efforts to expose your child to French. Paper Format. At the same time, I think you’ll need to create opportunities beyond the “passive” input you’re providing so that the child can engage in interactive experiences in the language, too. You don’t mention where you live, or the age of your child, but I would seek out French lessons, tutors, babysitters, exchange students you might hire to play with the child, etc. Without such interactive experiences (perhaps you could also take part to improve your own French!), it will be hard to progress beyond a point of passive ability.

Input is vital, but output is essential, too. Keep at it! You can do it! Everyday, I make it a habit of reading your posts ! I think your articles are good to make parents like reading too. Martin Jr Vs Malcolm. Just like what is proposal for research paper, happening to me right now! Isn’t it so obvious to you that you get me hooked on different types of descriptive essays, your site!? And thank you for that! I am learning a lot from proposal for research paper you and from other parent’s comments too! And I get excited each time I learn new ideas from you. Thank you, too, Raira.

I’m really happy to hear that. Please stop by any time! Great resource and ideas! We also have a daily target language homework. It varies with our schedule since my children are older. We do interactive reading almost daily, I read to dissertation on banking and investment, them and they read to me in our target language. We play games, yes, that counts as homework on a busy day. We do experiments on the weekend and kids love it, and for research paper format, they expand the vocabulary in science. Martin Luther Malcolm X Research. We have writing as well and proposal paper, I make the worksheet for martin luther king jr vs x research papers them so it is not too overwhelming.

Amanda, thank you for sharing these details of your efforts. You’re clearly doing a terrific job with your kids, and I have no doubt that their progress is strong and steady. I was just thinking this morning that establishing and maintaining good habits and routines is a fundamental part of this long-term challenge. Just wanted to mention the for research paper website for English flashcards and posters SparkleBox for the ones it might interest. Digital. This website is used by primary schools so is proposal for research paper, sorted by topics.

And…since I have used jelly beans for rewards…French homeworks are done willingly! Nathalie, thank you for mentioning this website—it looks useful. And I’m glad to hear you’re having some success getting your kids to do their homework! Hooray for homeschooling schools jelly beans! I am quite impressed with the proposal format things you do with your children. I have taught my elder two to vs public schools, read in proposal for research paper format English – we use the Oxford reading tree I had never heard of The Magic Tree House, but it looks great. I usually try to i want response, get my children to talk to me about the homework they have from school – the proposal paper format homework itself is in Greek, their majority language, but we discuss it in English. Rguhs Library. This is easy when it comes to maths, of course, but things get a bit more complicated with language.

Generally, I let their father go through Greek grammar exercises or whatever language activities they have with them in proposal format Greek, and then we do some English languages activities together. Mostly I invent my own exercises, although I do have a few ready-made books. I like your translating idea, and I plan to take that up! I also make a point of reading to them and with them every day, although I had never thought of thesis, it as homework! Alex, thank you for sharing your homework activities with your children.

Our materials and methods will naturally change over proposal for research paper format time (as mine have somewhat since this post was made), but a persistent daily routine, with books and reading at the heart of our efforts, pays off significantly over time. In my case, it’s getting more difficult to i want by judy brady response essay, maintain this routine as the children grow older—their school day is longer and they have heavier loads of homework in proposal Japanese—but I still make homework in English a very high priority and it’s a rare day that our reading and writing activities are skipped entirely. Wow! What a great idea to rguhs library, use translation practice! Somehow never occurred to me although I am a professional translator myself. Paper. This could be turned into a whole language arts program for both languages simultaneously. Essays. But would only work with a child who is very able linguistically, I think. Would love to learn more about paper format your experience with this if you continue this practice. By Judy Brady Response. Thanks for paper a very interesting blog with tons of different types, useful materials. Lina, I’m glad the proposal for research paper idea of using translation practice appeals to you! At some point, once I have more experience at luther malcolm x research papers, this with my kids, perhaps I can devote a post to it. (One thing I hope to do, eventually, is proposal for research format, implement “daily translation practice” where my kids are given a single “silly sentence” appropriate to their level—like, for martin jr vs malcolm x research my son, “I saw Daddy kissing a pig”—and must translate it from the proposal for research paper format majority language to the minority language (or vice versa).

A single sentence wouldn’t take long to homeschooling vs public essays, translate, but doing this daily would have a powerful impact over time.) Incidentally, I touched on translation the other day in paper format this post, which describes an i want a wife response essay, essay my daughter wrote for school about her grandmother… Maybe you’ve already delved into format, this in another post, but could you expand on thesis corrections, the penpal aspect? Where did they find penpals? How long are the letters? What do they write about? Do you ever send penpal care packages? Seems like this would be a great way to proposal for research, engage their social as well as linguistic side for kids who are a bit more shy. Celine, maintaining a pen-pal exchange definitely takes effort, from both parents and children, but it’s a great way to promote both the different target language, and as you suggest, create broader connections in the world. Format. I can’t say that my kids actually enjoy writing the letters—so my support and persistence is key—but they do like receiving them and they seem to accept that this won’t happen if they don’t continue writing! (The letters aren’t terribly long, and rguhs digital thesis, they generally just include recent news and responses to questions, as well as questions for the other person.)

Currently, our most active exchanges are with family members: my father, my mother, and my nephew (their cousin, who’s the same age as Lulu). Proposal For Research Paper Format. So, even if you communicate with family members through other means, such as Skype, I would still recommend pursuing a regular letter-writing exchange, too. My parents, especially, are good about making thesis corrections writing back promptly, and proposal for research paper format, I try to different types essays, stay pretty timely on this end, too, which means that my kids are writing letters to them (separately, since they live in different locations) about once every 4-6 weeks. When children write to grandparents, they can also discuss rich topics that normally don’t arise in conversation, such as the proposal for research paper format grandparents’ memories of their own childhood. Rguhs Library. (I sent letters the other day to my mother where my kids are asking about her interest in drawing as a child, and for research paper format, also want her to draw some pictures of her cats for them!) And, of course, these letters from thesis grandparents will one day be valuable keepsakes. At the same time, we’ve managed to proposal format, maintain, with less regularity, exchanges with three other families: two of these families are friends with children of similar ages, and the other—actually, our very first exchange, with Lulu—was born when I saw a family’s appeal for a pen-pal for their daughter in a Yahoo list that I subscribe to (see The Lively Virtual Community of thesis, “Education in Japan” ). Proposal For Research Paper. They live in the United States, but they were looking for an English-speaking pen-pal who lives in Japan. And, yes, particularly in homeschooling essays our exchanges with other children, we do send little packages of proposal for research format, gifts from time to time, like at birthdays and at Christmas. Even more than the letters, the dissertation packages always provide a boost of proposal, motivation for them to pick up their pencils and continue writing! I have no idea how I missed this post before!

Adam, you’ll never cease to amaze me with your creative ideas. A shame I can’t copy them easily since we don’t have the same minority language. I’d like to martin king jr vs x research, establish a homework routine with my daughter (now 4) too, but I wouldn’t know when. She gets home from after-school day-care a bit before 6pm (Daddy picks her up), and proposal format, I get home almost an hour after that. By then, she’s had her supper and is sometimes already in her pyjamas. Our bedtime reading then takes easily half an hour or more, depending on her negotiation skills and my mood. On days when I have training I get in one story before I leave and then another one or two (see above) when I get back at 9.30. (She never sleeps before 10pm, we’ve tried just about everything, and of course when I’m away she wants to wait for Mommy to come home.)

I don’t see her doing her “homework” in vs public bed, and I don’t think that’s a good idea. Actually I wrote my message about this yesterday when an Internet glitch ate it, and today I bought a special workbook in the back-to-school section of the supermarket that is for practising individual letters. That could be the proposal paper start of her homework, she can already write the letters of homeschooling, her name (3 different ones) and a few more besides in print capitals. Proposal Paper Format. And she wants to learn to read. And she does sometimes draw in bed while listening to stories, so maybe that’s a place to dissertation, start?

But is proposal for research, it a good idea to vs public schools essays, do that in bed? The bedtime stories are supposed to get her to quieten down, and a writing exercise (or other homework) would only wake her up, no? (Not that the for research paper current quietening strategy is working…) Mayken, yes, it sounds like time is tight. Not knowing the full details of different types, your lifestyle, I can’t really judge what would be best, but I’m wondering if you could possibly squeeze in even five or ten minutes in the morning, instead of trying to establish a homework routine at night. Maybe it would work, but I could see it being tough to maintain, night after night. And that’s the thing, a homework routine, to be sustainable and effective, really needs to paper, be a persistent practice, and dissertation, this naturally becomes easier when there’s a regular rhythm of proposal format, activity at roughly the same time each day. Most useful post for luther king malcolm x research papers me. I am doing with my older son some of these things. Proposal Format. He has got a knack for puzzles.

He loves trains. I always try to prepare homework connected with his interests. I am teaching phonics with “progressive phonics”, a free programme. We also begin to read three letter words families… During the last advent he did “dot to dot” worksheets every day. Anyway your posts support all that I am trying to do with my little ones.

Now I have a question for schools you. Some people around me says that I don’t have to for research, teach English to my children, especially to read. Vs Public Schools. According to for research format, them my kids can have difficulty at making, school with the majority language, Italian. What do you think about that? I know very well Italian and I am fluent in it more than in English. I am teacher here.

Sometimes I have got the for research temptation to do both languages with my kids. Then I came to a conclusion: I will teach English and at school they will learn Italian. The Italian phonemic system is entirely different from English. Corrections. Do you think that I have to use the for research paper translation method? I always refused it, even if my kids do it spontaneously! Please, clear my ideas. Thank you. Reena, I’m glad this post is luther malcolm x research, useful for you.

It sounds like you and your son are doing well with your homework routine. Keep at it! As for your question, because I don’t know Italian, I’m not sure how helpful I can be. I would say, though, that if you continue to nurture your children’s English literacy at home, they’ll likely still do just fine at proposal for research paper format, acquiring Italian literacy at school. This isn’t something I would be concerned about, despite what well-meaning (but uninformed) people say. A Wife By Judy Brady Response. I’m sure there have been many parents, before you, who have been successful in proposal paper fostering English at vs public schools essays, home, Italian at school. And, generally speaking, I don’t think you’ll need to continuously translate the text for proposal paper format your children.

If you choose books that are at an appropriate level, translation can be kept to a minimum. You have some really great ideas. I live in The Netherlands and have brought up our 2 girls speaking English. They are now in i want a wife by judy response essay grades 4 and 6. I have read aloud in proposal paper English to library, them since birth. They can read a bit themselves, but I never took them any further with reading and writing because I found it so important for paper format them to get a good grip on their main language of martin luther king x research, Dutch. Now I want more for them.

I’ve looked at the Spectrum series. Is it best to start them on a grade or 2 below where they are currently or at their own age? What is your idea on that? Carol, it’s important that the content of the book match your children’s language level and current needs. For Research Paper Format. The book should stretch their language development, but not be too challenging or the effort won’t be sustainable. A Wife By Judy. As I can’t really judge your children’s level, I would simply encourage you to look inside any book you’re interested in at Amazon (or another online retailer) and consider carefully whether that book is paper, a suitable match. Imagine using it with them, day after day.

Will it work? In my case, I don’t always make the best choices (and we don’t do every page of digital library thesis, every book), but I do keep seeking out fresh materials by studying the content online and placing regular orders. I would also encourage you to make active use of captive reading. This strategy has had a very positive impact on proposal for research format, my children’s literacy development over vs public schools essays the years. We are not at the homework age yet since my daughter is only 14 months (although I do read aloud to paper format, her every day). I was wondering, though, how you get your kids to do EXTRA homework in addition to their school work? My niece and nephew, who are 8 and 10, have tons of homework! Your site is awesome and dissertation on banking and investment, I’m so glad I found it early on.

I’ll be using a lot of for research format, your resources since our ml is homeschooling vs public, also English. Do you have any book suggestions for the early ages (1 to 2 years)? Heidi, I hope my work can continue to be a helpful source of support for proposal paper your success. I look forward to hearing good news from making corrections you as time goes by! To sustain a daily homework routine, I think it helps to proposal for research, start the process early, when the children are small so that this activity becomes a firm habit for library thesis everyone—including the minority language parent. If it isn’t like brushing your teeth—something that’s done reflexively every day—I think it’s much harder to paper, maintain.

At the and investment same time, the amount and content must be appropriate for proposal the child and as engaging as possible. Yes, a daily homework routine is a significant commitment, but if literacy in thesis the minority language is an important aim, then the parent must make this a relentless priority—day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. As for for research books for little ones, we had a lot of luther malcolm x research, fun with the board books by Sandra Boynton. You’ll also find a variety of ideas in this thread about format English resources at The Bilingual Zoo. Hi! You don’t happen to know of any good reading/writing resources for English-speaking learners of Japanese, do you?

I guess I’m specifically looking for short reading comprehension passages with questions, or writing practice sheets with word banks like you have displayed above in English. All I can really find online or in the States are hiragana tracing worksheets and coloring sheets, but my kids (ages 6 and 4) can’t remember any hiragana for the life of library, them, even after tracing several times. (Well, plus there are so many hiragana, and my kids can’t stay focused long enough to proposal, trace/color more than one or two a day.) Kelly, I’m afraid I don’t know much about Japanese materials for English-speaking children, but maybe Hiragana Mama could be helpful? Also, the thesis corrections Japanese app from MindSnacks might be a useful resource. Proposal Paper. We have their Spanish app and it’s quite engaging. In fact, recently I was looking into Japanese apps for myself, and found a much wider selection than I expected, so you may discover other useful apps for kids and/or adults at the App Store. Good luck, Kelly! And ganbatte! I’d love to start up a homework routine but think my daughter will run a mile if I get worksheets out vs public schools essays as it’s too much like extra school. Sometimes she’ll do dot-to-dots or colouring/colour by numbers/letters and proposal, even sometimes pages from her Jolly Phonics workbooks if she’s in making the mood. I’m trying to make it as much fun as possible/giving rewards but sometimes to no avail.

She is pretty strong-willed or stubborn!! Any other tips for when she doesn’t want to proposal paper format, do it? (She prefers to making thesis corrections, watch TV or play. ) Tracey, if she isn’t quite ready for sustained seatwork, you could try making similar literacy efforts in a more active way, to meet her current needs. Proposal For Research Paper. One quick example: Spread out homeschooling schools flashcards on the floor (letters, words, numbers, etc.) and proposal for research paper format, take turns calling out a target for the other person to jump onto, from card to i want a wife response, card. With some creative thought (and further ideas from sites that focus on “active language games”), your “homework routine” can start as a more playful and active time together, which perhaps ends with a little seatwork, too. (After she jumps about, maybe she’ll be better able to sit for proposal a few minutes to do a quieter activity.) Then, as she matures, the making thesis active part can gradually decrease while the seatwork part increases! Thanks Adam for all the great advice!

Yes, that’s definitely a good idea but when she’s in her worst moods she doesn’t want to do anything I suggest, only watch TV or play the proposal format games she wants to play!! (I’m a TEFL teacher so have lots of ideas/games we can play although it seems more difficult sometimes to teach my own child!!…especially combining it with occupying her little brother at the same time!!) We did a great easy science experiment last week with Skittles and response, the past few days she has actually done some dot-to-dot/mazes/colouring etc and proposal for research format, 2 Ebooks in rguhs digital thesis English yesterday so feeling much more positive about it!! Just keep at it, Tracey! All this will probably get easier as your children get older! Here’s another link with further ideas for proposal format engaging activities (which may be useful with your students, too)… Comments, please! (Your email address won't be displayed.)

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'Pornography', from for research paper, 'Pornography: Men Possessing Women', 1988. by Andrea Dworkin. by SHOWstudio on 28 June 2005 . The word pornography, derived from the ancient Greek porné and graphos, means 'writing about whores'. Porné means 'whore', specifically and rguhs exclusively the lowest class of whore, which in ancient Greece was the brothel slut available to all male citizens. Proposal For Research Paper Format? The porné was the cheapest (in the literal sense), least regarded, least protected of all women, including slaves. She was, simply and clearly and absolutely, a sexual slave. The word pornography does not mean 'writing about sex' or 'depictions of the erotic' or 'depictions of sexual acts' or depictions of nude bodies' or 'sexual representations' or any such euphemism. It means the graphic depiction of women as vile whores. In ancient Greece, not all prostitutes were considered vile: only the porneia.

Contemporary photography strictly and literally conforms to the word's root meaning: the graphic depiction of on banking, vile whores, or in our language, sluts, cows (as in: sexual cattle, sexual chattel), cunts. This word has not changed its meaning and the genre is not misnamed. The only change in the meaning of the word is with respect to its second part, graphos: now there are cameras-there is still photography, film, video. The methods of graphic depiction have increased in number and in kind: the content is the same; the status of the women depicted is the same; the sexuality of the women depicted is the same. For Research Format? With the technologically advanced methods of graphic depiction, real women are required for the depiction as such to exist. The word pornography does not have any other meaning than the one cited here, the graphic depiction of the lowest whores.

Whores exist to serve men sexually. Whores exist only within a framework of martin luther jr vs malcolm x research papers, male sexual domination. Indeed, outside that framework the notion of whores would be absurd and the usage of women as whores would be impossible. The word whore is incomprehensible unless one is immersed in the lexicon of male domination. For Research Format? Men have created the group, the type, the concept, the epithet, the insult, the industry, the trade, the digital thesis, commodity, the reality of for research paper, woman as whore. Woman as whore only exists within the objective and real system of male sexual domination. The pornography itself is vs public essays objective and real and central to the male sexual system. The valuation of women's sexuality in pornography is for research paper format objective and real because women are so regarded and thesis so valued. The force depicted in format pornography is objective and real because force is so used against women.

The debasing of women depicted in rguhs digital library thesis pornography and intrinsic to it is objective and for research format real in that women are so debased. The uses of women depicted in pornography are objective and real because women are so used. The women used in pornography are used in pornography. The definition of women articulated systematically and consistently in pornography is objective and real in that real women exist within and must live with constant reference to the boundaries of corrections, this definition. The fact that pornography is widely believed to be 'sexual representations' or 'depictions of sex' emphasizes only that the valuation of women as low whores is widespread and that the for research, sexuality is digital thesis reduced to one essential: 'cunt. our essence, our offense'.(1) The idea that pornography is 'dirty' originates in the conviction that the sexuality of proposal for research paper, women is dirty and actually portrayed in pornography; that women's bodies (especially women's genitals) are dirty: instead pornography embodies and exploits this idea; pornography sells and jr vs malcolm x research papers promotes it. In the United States, the pornography industry is larger than the record and film industries combined. In a time of widespread economic impoverishment, it is growing: more and proposal for research format more male consumers are eager to spend more and more money on pornography-on depictions of women as vile whores. Pornography is now carried by cable television; it is now being marketed for home use in video machines. The technology itself demands the creation of more and more porneia to meet the schools, market opened up by the technology. Paper Format? Real women are tied up, stretched, hanged, fucked, gang-banged, whipped, beaten and begging for more.

In the photographs and films, real women are used as porneia and real women are depicted as porneia. To profit, the pimps must supply the porneia as the technology widens the i want by judy, market for the visual consumption of women being brutalized and for research paper format loving it. One picture is making thesis worth a thousand words. Proposal For Research Paper Format? The number of pictures required to meet the demands of the marketplace determines the number of porneia required to dissertation on banking and investment, meet the demands of graphic depiction. The numbers grow as the technology and its accessibility grow. The technology by its very nature encourages more and more passive acquiescence to proposal for research format, the graphic depictions.

Passivity makes the already credulous consumer more credulous. Thesis Corrections? He comes to the pornography a believer; he goes away from it a missionary. The technology itself legitimizes the uses of women conveyed by it. In the male system, women are sex; sex is the whore. The whore is porné, the for research, lowest whore, the thesis, whore who belongs to all male citizens: the proposal for research paper format, slut, the cunt. Buying her is homeschooling buying pornography. Having her is having pornography. Seeing her is seeing pornography. Seeing her in sex is seeing the whore in sex. Using her is using pornography.

Wanting her means wanting pornography. Being her means being pornography. Reproduced with gracious thanks to proposal format, the Andrea Dworkin estate and to Perigree Books and The Women's Press. Essay: Philippe Garner. Taking its cue from the title of one of Pedro Almodovar’s films about desire and control, 'Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down' offered SHOWstudio viewers the chance to dress British Model Liberty Ross in a live interactive photoshoot showcasing the Autumn/Winter 2005 collections. Inspired by live pornographic video chats widely available on the web, 'Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down' shifted control from the image-maker - first to the model, and types essays then ultimately to the viewer. Proposal For Research Paper Format? Ross documented herself and her work through a series of galleries and interactives leading up to luther king jr vs malcolm x research papers, the shoot in June 2005. During the editorial itself, the SHOWstudio audience acted as 'virtual stylist' to Liberty Ross, choosing pieces from a wardrobe of garments selected by stylist Jonathan Kaye around nine key themes, but determining their own look for Liberty. The stylists' instructions were communicated online through a live chartroom, viewers watching their handiwork on a live broadcast.

The final looks are captured here as a series of interactive created by Daniel Brown, each one again surrendering control of the image and allowing viewers to add or remove layers of garments, inspired by saucy novelty pens of old. These interactive editorial images are accompanied by Liberty Ross' video and picture diaries documenting her experiences on fashion shoots and an interactive comprised of for research format, footage shot by Liberty, utilising her own body as a canvas for i want essay, aesthetic experimentation. Proposal Paper? The origins of the shoot are mapped out through mood boards that investigated Jonathan Kaye's selection of key seasonal themes, and also a series of essays and personal statements from essays, a variety of voices on the subject of pornography. The interactives in this project are best viewed with Safari or Firefox. Graphic Designer Nick Knight. Director Liberty Ross. Model Richard Kern. Paper Format? Photographer Philippe Garner.

Auction Specialist Jonathan Kaye. Stylist Jonathan De Villiers. Photographer Ann-Sofie Back. Fashion Designer Andrea Dworkin. Concept: Nick Knight Performance and Direction: Liberty Ross Editorial and Creative Direction: Penny Martin and Paul Hetherington Styling: Jonathan Kaye Research and Development: Christabel Stewart Technical Development: Dorian Moore, Ross Phillips and Jon Emmony Studio Assistant: Jez Tozer.

Photography: Nick Knight Model: Liberty Ross at Storm Stylist: Jonathan Kaye at Katy Barker Hair: Sam McKnight at Premier Make up: Sharon Dowsett at CLM Nail Technition: Marian Newman at Streeters Photographer’s Assistant 1: Jez Tozer Photographer’s Assistant 2: Simon Thistleton Photographer’s Assistant 3: Ruth Photographer’s Assistant 3: Eisuke Styling Assistant: Sarah Young Hair Assistant: Eamon SHOWstudio Team: Penny Martin, Paul Hetherington, Dorian Moore, Ross Phillips, Paul Bruty, Charlotte Thomsen, Rhea Thierstein Sound Technician: Ian Sands Studio: Big Sky Studio, London N7. Thanks to: Leon Chew, CLM, Self Service Magazine, Howard Tangye, Stephanie Noble.

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Department of Media, Culture, and proposal for research Communication. Please click on a thesis title to view the abstract. This thesis seeks to address the issue, imagined and martin jr vs malcolm x research papers otherwise, of the graying of the classical music audience. Orchestras around the world have found that audience figures are declining, partly because of the decline of the younger audience. When listeners fail to develop the habit of attending classical performances while young, they will carry their indifference into adulthood. Proposal For Research? The classical music audience, then, is a wife by judy essay literally dying of old age. However, the rhetoric around this problem tends to ignore the for research paper format, spaces in vs public, which youth audiences do listen to format classical music. In this thesis, I hope to through an analysis of critical theory address why the traditional live classical performance fails to interest the young consumer, touching on issues of class, education, and cultural construction as possible reasons for the music’s unpopularity. I will also address in what ways the and investment, classical performance is becoming revitalized through less traditional venues. As a way to proposal address how these tactics can be applied to the traditional classical music performances, I will perform a case study on something that involved both: last year’s performance of Le Grand Macabre at the New York Philharmonic.

Through this, I hope to rguhs library see how uses of marketing, celebrity, cost, space, community, and genre can attract young adults for a lifetime appreciation of the live classical performance. As the world becomes interconnected and paper format easily accessible with the advancement of technology, more and more companies now have the brady response, ability and interests to tap into foreign markets. Either by means of opening up local subsidiaries or outsourcing to another country, they are all inevitably involved in the interaction with an unfamiliar culture. One of the challenges that confronts them is the increasing diversity of the proposal, workforce and similarly complex prospective customers with disparate cultural backgrounds. After all, language barriers, cultural nuances, and essays value divergence can easily cause unintended misunderstanding and proposal paper format low efficiency in internal communications in a multinational environment. It leads to conflict among employees and profit loss in organizational productivity. Therefore, in vs public schools essays, international organizations, cross-cultural communication, also known as intercultural and proposal trans-cultural communication, serves as a lubricant, which mitigates frictions, resolves conflicts, and improves overall work efficiency; likewise, it serves as coagulant, integrating the collective wisdom and strength, enhancing the schools essays, collaboration of team work, and uniting multiple cultures together between race and ethnicity, which leads to a desirable virtuous circle of synergy effect. In the paper, I will identify three aspects of culture that constitute people’s understanding between each other in professional settings, namely, language and non-verbal codes; cultural values and for research paper beliefs; and cultural stereotypes and preconceptions.

In addition, four concrete cases will be used to illustrate cultural differences in real life, its practical significance in the business world, and making valuable lessons learned. How is celebrity culture in the contemporary moment produced and consumed by current tabloid media and paparazzi practices? Using textual and socio-historical analysis as well as industrial research, this thesis examines stardom in relation to proposal format scandal and dysfunction. In particular, this project details the rguhs library, (dys)functional female star's negotiation of her image construction and circulation within a hyper-real and hyper-visible celebrity media environment. Utilizing the case of controversial celebrity Britney Spears as a primary example, I conclude that the condition of the crisis celebrity is indeed a gendered construct. Furthermore, the exposure of celebrity scandal and its accompanying narratives created by tabloid media and paparazzi photography is rooted in for research paper format, the desire to know the truth of the star predicated on the defilement of the glamorous. Thesis? Therefore, the for research, perceived dysfunctional behavior of female stars can be re-conceptualized as a method of star intervention and possible resistance in the image-making process producing multiple truths for the celebrity subject. Ultimately, this project calls for a discourse of celebrity that acknowledges it as a complex knowledge system where multiple narratives of the star can exist. Research on Spears in particular suggests that her fame is evidence of a postmodern stardom that transcends labels of truth and authenticity, her identity always in different, a state of flux based on the discursive spaces that seek to define her and format her own navigation of identity in the tabloid media landscape. This thesis examines the socio-political blogosphere in Malaysia, how it has been talked about, and how it has changed the political discourse in making corrections, Malaysia. In this study, I look at three major newspapers in Malaysia - the New Straits Times, the Sun, and the Star.

I analyze blogs and bloggers who are at proposal for research format, the core of the (socio-political) blogosphere that is being talked about in the newspapers. The timeframe between 2007 and 2009 can be divided into three parts, i.e. before, during, and after the general elections of on banking and investment 2008. My guiding questions are How was the blogosphere perceived before the elections?, What role did it play during the elections? and How is the blogosphere seen after the elections? I have chosen the blogosphere as my object of study because I agree that it has changed the media landscape in Malaysia. This in proposal paper, turn influenced Malaysian society's understanding of and relation to politics, and martin king malcolm papers the citizen's right to participate in political discussion, to voice their opinion, and eventually foster democracy. In Malaysia's case, it is especially important because this country has two important roles: one as a leading economy in proposal paper, Southeast Asia, and secondly, as an example of an Islamic state that tolerates many religions and ethnicities in one country.

Democracy and freedom of press is necessary to maintain these roles. The act of seeing has undergone a stark change now that images are digital. It is imbued with a measurable power that can be capitalized upon as images circulate; in fact, it may appear as if these objects have been explicitly engineered for essays, this purpose of for research format circulation. It has even come to the point where the library, content images convey is proposal for research paper format only there as somewhat of a computer-deployed ruse for dissertation on banking and investment, humans; their “interestingness” a human-readable quality that insures their viral circulation. The digital image is therefore an for research paper object that expresses how the objectives of various political, social, and economic actors converge around the aggressive acquisition of essay data, to be leveraged for their gain.

It therefore stands to question how it came to pass that images have been bestowed with such powerand if this is indeed the new law of images, we must question what actors have positioned themselves to conceive, implement, and perpetually enforce it. Finally, we must question the repercussions of this new reality, and proposal for research paper probe deeply into the foundation of this new law of images, to see if we have any leeway in making thesis corrections, either circumventing it, or using it to empower ourselves. In agreement with most socioculturalist theorists, there is a dearth of youth informal learning research that examines social practices within their indigenous communities. Format? Youth are partaking in a plethora of digital and of descriptive new media activities every day, such as video gaming. Consequently, contemporary games’ presence continues to transform its existence in schools. In 2009, President Obama discussed his concern of American students’ world ranking, where he openly advocate commercial gaming in format, classrooms, primarily the Little Big Planet (LBP), to help increase STEM literacy (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). This study is library timely considering the educational climate of America. With LBP’s situated learning environment, this interdisciplinary game analysis (textual and cultural) examines informal learning, along with the kinds of literacy practices that are cognitively and proposal for research paper socially developing (On-Line and Offline). Legitimizing LBP as an authentic pedagogical playground, I draw correlations between LBP literacy practices and Partnership of 21 st Century Skills framework, articulated by corresponding goals of 2009 New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards. Using an auto-ethnographic approach, this textual analysis examines the games’ aesthetics, architecture, and interactive objects as immersing and engaging enhancement tools. Exposing these elements, I bolster the arguments of James Gee’s principles of a “good game,” while revealing in-game literacy practices.

Extending this project online, where affinity spaces and communities of intelligence are bound, I analyze gathered game social and cultural artifacts (e.g user-generated content level boards, fandom, and discussions forums) where such materials reveal literacy practices. Through the gathered materials from the LBP gaming community, I found LBP has multiple learning principles (supported by Gee) embedded in the game-play and its community. LBP game principles mechanisms, instruments, and environment are elements of an authentic pedagogical playground and are directly correlated to NJCCCS and P21 21 st Century Literacy learning goals. There is evidence of a “constellation of literacies” due to its emancipatory environment for rguhs library thesis, honing skills through identity formation and other content production activities. More so, the analysis expose the proposal for research paper, collective intelligence and collaboration existing within the affinity spaces, which negate most “participation gaps” existing in most real environments. I never realized democracy has so many possibilities, so much revolutionary potential. Media, information, knowledge, content, audience, author - all were going to be democratized by Web 2.0. The Internet would democratize Big Media, Big Business, Big Government.

When Andrew Keen in The Cult of the Amateur writes this sentence, he falls into the old and common habit of creating a Utopian atmosphere each time a new medium appears. The printing press, radio, TV. all were followed by king jr vs x research papers, a period of hopes and for research paper format dreams about the potential of the medium. The Internet has been taking the dissertation on banking, trend to proposal for research paper another level. The Internet was supposed to have the intrinsic power of democratizing not only the media world, but also corporate America and Washington as well. The rise and success of user-generated content published online is the poster boy for this new kind of technological Utopia: users seem to be about to become the a wife by judy response essay, rulers. Closed distribution and consumption are 20th century principles that became obsolete with the evolution of the production of media content. But the paper, Internet Utopia is a lot more dangerous because it gave birth to a violent and disruptive counter-culture. If the Internet has the power to revolutionize our whole world, why should users be stuck with the old top-down economic organizations?

Why should users trust gatekeepers and rguhs digital middlemen anymore? How can media companies survive this cultural revolution? How can they leverage their assets, economic power and cultural tradition to stay on top of the game? There is proposal for research format no point in denying the evolution, there is rguhs digital no point in trying to slow it down, or brutally control it. Proposal? Media companies need to embrace the changes, they need to work with it, they need to adapt to it, they need to rethink the whole industry value chain, and they need to drive the user-generated content movement in order to mainstream it. Because the homeschooling schools, end of top-down production does not have to mean the end of intermediaries, the end of the proposal for research format, cultural gatekeepers does not mean the end of the middlemen and media leaders. This study employs a quantitative approach to the debate of the Internet as a public sphere by homeschooling essays, using a web crawler to discern the network of websites around a particular issue and analyze the linking patterns of for research format network actors. I use blogs as a starting point, as they represent an easy and personal way to produce content on the Internet without the space and character limitations of on banking and investment other online media.

If the Internet truly enables the discourse between individuals that grounds a public sphere, I posit that there should be broad linking between blog sites. If rich blog networks form around a particular issuethat is, if blogs are linking to other blogsthis may suggest the proposal format, existence of conversations that facilitate a broad public discourse. Ultimately, despite finding a preponderance of sites run by large organizations within political issue networks, this study suggests a viable locus for examining online political dialogue. Melissa De Witte. A new image economy of images is emerging. Martin Luther King Jr Vs Malcolm? From pictures captured on mobile camera phones and closed circuit television; videos disseminated across social networks to interactive news websites and images published on paper blogs - are all indications of a new fetishized, optic engagement with visual media. As an thesis emphasis for consuming and creating the visual expands, images are increasingly impacting the formation and for research paper distribution of the spectacle. But in an optic centric society, what happens when a historical image is withheld, denied, or simply doesn't exist? How do these new technologies shape and substitute the luther king malcolm papers, spectacle? How do these new visual formats account or challenge the historical experience? What version now gets remembered and told?

Focusing on secondary images that surface from a traumatic event or political unrest I argue that while a spectacle may be seemingly invisible, it can actually be a powerful heuristic for fantasy and manipulation. Analyzing the substitute images from of the proposal paper, executions of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, the hanging of types essays Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and the suicide attacks in London on the 7th July 2005, I contrast state produced images against the visuals produced under new technologies of for research format production and distribution. I argue that traditional historical narratives are rupturing as the new image economy drives a new visual and historical engagement. I contend how this new image economy can exponentially enforce, distort and dematerialize the dissertation, spectacular. I argue that memory and the visual are now in a state of exception, where aesthetic representations have no obligation to historical coherence. The viewing experience is under an isomorphic, phantom gaze that fluctuates between objective and subjective worldviews. As new types of proposal for research phantom visibility unfold, modernist distinctions are being flattened and historical dedifferentiation dominates processes of cultural memory. In this paper I will look at the work of visually activist stand-up comedians with physical disabilities and their efforts to disrupt the dominant narrative of an ableist visuality. An ableist visuality is one that marginalizes people with disabilities and is perpetuated through the mass mediated public sphere.

The gaze of an making thesis ableist visuality may be broken down into three particular component gazes, being the charitable gaze, the medicalized gaze, and the anti-reproductive eugenic gaze. These particular institutionalized gazes are ultimately violent to people with disabilities and are perpetuated through mass media, yet they are being challenged and disrupted by visually activist comedians who are proposing an inverse or counter visuality as they subvert the gaze of their audience by staring back as an indictment of the oppressive ableist visuality. This paper will determine the for research, borders of an ableist visuality and provide analysis of the ways in which visual activists are working to subvert this visuality through the medium of stand-up comedy. Jennefer Lyn L. Bagaporo. Traditional gender roles are one of the ingredients in a patriarchal society. Women and men are assigned and i want a wife brady socialized into proposal for research format particular roles that they carry throughout their life times. Butsocialization is a never-ending process. Therefore, gender roles, become dynamic too. Making Thesis Corrections? As stressed in the symbolic interactionism and paper format the standpoint theories, gender roles differ among class,culture, and race as it depends on dissertation the society where it exist. In this light, events that disrupt normalcy, such as armed conflicts are seen to confront and/or perpetuate these roles.

This paper examines the individual life stories of selected women and men included in The World Bank 2005 study Moving Out of Poverty in proposal format, the Philippines. Rguhs Library? It collected and studied their life stories and whether these reflected conformation to conventional gender roles or challenged these roles. Paper? A total of 10 (5 women, 5 men) movers’ life stories containing their migration,occupation, economic, social, and education histories were studied in-depth. Findings showed that the women and men in this study underwent an incessant tug-of-war of adhering to customary gender roles and confronting them in dissertation on banking, relation to their conditions at thetime the life stories were collected. This examination reveals that gender roles are evolving based on proposal for research the context in which it is portrayed. Proposed research areas of expansion are also provided. In May 2007, school officials at St. Thomas, a public high school in Montreal, Quebec, discovered an online community on the social networking site Facebook, created by a group of about 200 students for the sole purpose of posting embarrassing remarks about their teachers. The divisive incident, which was picked up by vs public schools essays, local media, resulted in proposal for research format, the expulsion of the teens who spearheaded the luther king jr vs, group. In support of improved Internet literacy programs in schools to the benefit of both educators and students, this research illustrates how a significant generation gap in youth and adult Internet knowledge can wreak havoc on a school environment and paper stifle learning; additionally, this project demonstrates how the traditional teacher-student power paradigm in making thesis corrections, the classroom is proposal paper format problematic in martin king jr vs malcolm x research papers, the digital age.

These themes are explored via a textual analysis of the statements made by students, teachers, teacher's union representatives, newspaper editors, the proposal, general public, and school boa rd officials published in two local papers as the controversy unfolded. The analysis indicates that adults fear, and therefore censor, restrict and penalize teen Internet practices, relying on legal and ethical jargon to buttress their positions of corrections authority. Paper? The teens, on the other hand, exhibit an ability to think critically and a willingness to speak openly on rguhs library thesis the topic, thus illustrating both a capacity and a desire to bridge the proposal, generation gap through Internet literacy programs at school. This paper analyzes celebrities' cosmetic surgery confessions in a wife by judy brady response essay, the media and explores the impact of the confessions on non-celebrities. Based on the analysis of talk shows and for research online news in Korea today, I argue that celebrities' confessions are the result of the interaction between celebrities and the media, and the confessions serve as an atonement ritual to make a new start for celebrities themselves.

The confessions also have the essay, effect of trivializing cosmetic surgery. My analysis of Korean female college students' self-accounts about the confessions confirms these arguments and proposal format shows the students' strong endorsement of library thesis cosmetic surgery as well as their tendency to view cosmetic surgery as a means of for research upward mobility, given the success of surgical celebrities. The survey questionnaire developed for this study, completed by 217 female college students, reveals that more exposure to such confessions predicts greater normalization and trivialization of cosmetic surgery in the respondents' everyday lives. This site, and all its contents, are Copyright by New York University. All rights reserved.

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