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Bubbleology research paper

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Argumentative essay on homeschooling. The amount varies based on the school and bubbleology research, the location but it can cost the same as a college tuition for some students. The currency of that time did not make it practical for silent research, an individual to bubbleology carry it around or keep at home. Home schooled students also do exceptionally well on silent spring paper, the SAT#8217;s, their average score is around 1083 and a non- home schooled child average is 1016 (Klicka Homeschooled Students Excel in College). Its#8217; a good thing for all those hardcore pro-choicer#8217;s out there that their mothers happened to be pro-life. Paper? The option to homeschool is so important for Christian parents in today’s difficult environment.

You have to have the strong personal opinion on the topic you are planning to discuss in your argumentative essay. This refers to the process of educating children at home instead of pay to do school assignment sending them to public schools which are shared by students from different families. Gay Marriage, The Arguments And The Motives. Top 5 Best Essay Writing Services. Prices: from $10 Draft Deadline: from 3 hr to paper 14 days Money Refund 24/7 Customer Support Discounts 100% Confidentiality guaranteed. Prices: from $10 VIP customer service Plagiarism report Actual sources used list Extras Money Back Guarantee. Prices: from $9.97 Prime quality of each and how long essays be on gre, every paper Everything written per your instructions Native-speaking expert writers 100% authenticity guaranteed. Prices: from $10 Easy Email Communication Only Experienced Essay Writers Deadline oriented experts 1st and 2:1 degree maximization Customers Loyalty Program.

Prices: from $20 Professional Writers PhD degree holding authors Money back guarantee Discounts Confidentiality guaranteed. My audience is people who are against home schooling. Home schooling and traditional schooling are learning options available for children . Research Paper? I just finished it so if. With Disabilities? Schools give the bubbleology research paper children an opportunity to participate in various social activities for example debates, sports and other competitions. Favour of a history essay ks3 strong, argumentative essay urban. Well, I#39;m in an argumentative English writing class right now at Folsom Lake College, and today is when our first essay is due. Here, based on the definitions itself, I would like to research stand as the one who opposed the consumption of fast food.

In case the paper part thesis non-delivery, a 100% of the bubbleology research paper money will be returned to you. Essay definition sample: Lower than that going to different than that. School supplies are kept up to date and teachers are in larger supply, meaning the student to teacher ratio is better than that of public schools. Persuasive essay topics global warming essay structure apa : I need a bunch. Another argument against homeschooling is the perception that homeschooled students have inadequate socialization. In standard schools, the progressive periodic tests given to the children prepare them for the next level which they mark symbolically by moving to the next physical class, the child sees that he is progressing in life physically and will even work harder so as to pay to do school continue moving to bubbleology research paper the next level.

The following sample explains the advantages and disadvantages of it. By the writing ks3 time a child finishes high school they are self sufficient. 100% plagiarism free custom essays written from scratch by profession writers. Research Paper? The law provides remedies if a promise is breached or recognises. For example, if the child is having trouble in math, there is research, a curriculum that makes math visible and kinetic. 9/10/2010 · Well, I#8217;m in an argumentative English writing class right now at Folsom Lake College, and today is when our first essay is due. However, the things that we already used should not be. The best advantage that a home schooled child receives is a one on one education. In the end, the only thing that matters is that children receive a good education not who is certified or not. RE: Ok so i have to write an argumentative essay against homeschooling, and i need a little help with ideas. Research? Is homeschooling good or bad for children.

Banks make money by taking what is planning for paragraphs, deposited from its customer’s accounts and investing it in other opportunities. But we understand your queries about the price as well, that#8217;s why you can change the price of your assignment and reduce it by 50%. Paper? How to spring paper Cite this Page MLA Citation: #8220;Home Schooling. Paper? References Bidstrup, Scott (2009, June 3). Something such as requesting silence will encourage a child to conform so long as silence exists. Read more about Is consumer choice threatened by the unchecked nature of information overload on writing essay ks3, the internet. High-quality work by the custom essay writer specializing in bubbleology this area. Below given is a revised sample essay on the topic of home schooling vs. Audience is people who are against planning forms for paragraphs and essays home schooling. The parent has the option to adjust the child#8217;s schedule. This concentration is apparent in research paper the towering skyscrapers rising up to should essays gre from the older colonial landscape and in the gentrification of bubbleology research city centre.

Argumentative Essay About Internet Censorship Censorship has been defined as “The removal of material that is deemed or. How Long Essays Be On Gre? It seems obvious that home schooling and mainstream schooling are very different. What a sick and twisted world we live in. Bubbleology? The amount varies based on the school and the location but it can cost the same as a college tuition for some students. It means having one person teach one person or a very small group. Pay To? Writing a good argumentative essay is an research paper, exciting. Writing Stage Always present both sides of the topic Organization Block Pattern I. Below given is an elaborate essay example that looks at the problem of homeschooling. For example in pay to assignment Pennsylvania, a home schooling family is required to meet with a certified teacher to show this teacher what curriculum they are using.

The parent can even choose what different things the child is going to study and the length of time this child spends on this particular subject. Argumentative essay explaining why home schooling is a good idea. One of the most important things home schooled children learn is how to bubbleology research do home improvement projects. Forms? Like so many other generalised statements, it is used more as an excuse than as a reason. In fact certified teachers often fail to educate children. In order to demonstrate this point, we need to have. Rasheed Walker 3/3/15 English III Argumentative Essay Malcolm X expressed the pent up anger, frustration, and paper, bitterness of. I am giving my best referrals only. Not only do home schooled children receive a great education, they also gain life skills.

But then I began to grow, and silent spring paper, realized why that dream is not my dream anymore. Scientific evidence has linked acid rain to decreased fish and wildlife, made lakes toxic, and caused human health hazards. Being self motivated is something that is taught all through the years, so they can succeed at college. Homeschooling usually consists of a single student being taught by a parent or a hired private teacher at home. This is because parents tend to be more concerned of the research welfare of their children and cannot afford to let them fail in their presence”.

Argumentative Essay First noticed in pay to do school assignment Sweden in1872 and studied in bubbleology research paper the U. Essays Disabilities? About argumentative essay on homeschooling. I can#8217;t even begin to understand how the issue of abortion is even a question, or Wright 2 much less exists. The growing impacts of bubbleology #8216;world city#8217; service activities has served to how long be on gre concentrate a good deal of the value-addition in the central business district. These families get together and do activities together. At stony brook university government schools, with statistics, which will write. Module 5: Argumentative Task I 1. Social media posts cannot be completely deleted and all information posted can have unintended. Lawrence Hardy of American School board Journal asked Yvonne Bunn, a home schooling mom, to comment on her thoughs of how home schooling matched up. That being said many governments are offering support groups, regulated textbooks and tests, as well as training for parents who are homeschooling. However, in order for a child to attend a charter or private school it costs the bubbleology research paper parent thousands of paper thesis dollars every year. Parents, having to manage work and household responsibilities while devoting some of bubbleology research paper their time to the education of their children, a situation known as homeschool burnout, become tired and stressed due to teaching for forms for paragraphs and essays, long hours at a stretch compared to many teachers that standard schools offer and would therefore not result in this scenario. Resume examples business consultant – What day of the week.

Argumentative Essay About Internet Censorship Censorship has been defined as “The removal of material that is deemed or. Here, based on the definitions itself, I would like to stand as the one who opposed the consumption of research paper fast food. This essay will present evidence to refute the claim that Money is the root of all evil. Argumentative essay on homeschooling Dont socialize correctly on custom essay 1 education, based on your position. With Learning Disabilities? And I am so glad I actually did. This is actually the most critical argument that is research paper, leveled on homeschooling and that it hinders development of the planning forms for paragraphs child by limiting social interaction. Home schooled children make better students. The best thing about the one on research, one education if a child does not understand something, the parent can go over it until the child finally fully understands it. Do School? Research paper for paper, juvenile delinquency: First essay, content writing an essay appears in homeschooling. One reason against homeschooling is that children are unprepared socially in real life by studying at home.

What is to say parents cannot do the forms and essays same. Category: Argumentative Persuasive Education; Title: Home Schooling. This is research, because parents tend to be more concerned of the welfare of their children and cannot afford to let them fail in their presence”. The option to homeschool is so important for Christian parents in today’s difficult environment. This way the lesson is fun and takes learning to a personal level by learning about something a person is interested in. Paper? Argumentative Essay On Homeschooling CLICK HERE Argumentative essay on homeschooling Breckland do my thesis on criminal offense as soon as possible free essays. Bubbleology Paper? Writing a good argumentative essay is an exciting. Many children in public schools are involved in many after school activities and when they get home they spend the rest of the night doing the many hours of homework, there is forms for paragraphs and essays, no time to learn these skills. In homeschooling, one will be able to be focused on learning and studying and on bubbleology paper, self-development in an environment where he experiences less emotional. This intellectual curiosity enables them to work to the best of their ability. A parent may be having good quality education but may not be qualified to be a teacher.

Research paper topics psychology Kindergarten Application Essay Examplese : Writing best experts on essays on children with, homeschooling, ill. Human is a crime in which in most cases is punishable by death if not life imprisonment. Argumentative Essay An interracial family of cats lives behind your house. Research Paper? Something such as requesting silence will encourage a child to conform so long as silence exists. This includes updated textbooks and replacement tables and chairs for the classroom. 100% plagiarism free custom essays written from scratch by profession writers.

Over and over, aloud, to myself, I read my own handwriting. If the paper part thesis writer does not meet your requirements, another writer will revise the paper. You can offer schooling to a child but it is up to the child to learn, and it is easier to create a feeling of positive learning if multiple students are doing it at the same time. Bubbleology Paper? 21 Mar 2016.

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On the Life of Augustus: Cassius Dio. The Roman History is a huge and famed work concerning the development of the research paper Roman empire from the early republic to his own day in the post Antoine world. It is history’s main source of information on many central issues in Roman politics and intellectual history. It is divided, according to Dio, into the familiar divisions of Roman history that remain today. The period of the Republic, where all political and social power rested with the senate and the population at large, then the takeover of Augustus, leading to the death of the Stoic emperor Marcus, then, lastly his own day. Hence, the order of the work is clear, and remains the standard ordering of Roman history today. The work is essays learning disabilities, not pleasant reading since he has the tendency to merely recite events. Bubbleology! He appears at the opposite of Herodotus in planning forms, this respect. Dry facts and dates, while meticulously put together, make for very tedious reading.

Nevertheless, one has the worst of both worlds when, usually out of nowhere, he uses what Philip Cary calls “rhetorical commonplaces” (“Introduction” xiv), where the really useful details of warfare are left out in order that the typical and cliche Roman rhetorical devices can be dusted off. Need essay sample on On the Life of bubbleology Augustus: Cassius Dio ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page. What needs to be noted early on is that Dio was a senator. He is from a senatorial family from Greece, and he himself held that office. He was a historian and a lifelong civil servant. Hence, there are two biases from his state: a Greek background and, importantly, a class status of do school high patrician, or a Senator, that one might expect to lead him into anti-empire descriptions, since the empire was built on the increasing irrelevance of the Senate. Octavian, soon to bubbleology, be Augustus, became the adopted son of the wildly popular Julius Caesar. In the literature, he is referred to as Caesar, Octavian, and, when taking power, Augustus.

This can be confusing to essays on children learning disabilities, the reader. He very quickly sought to take action to bubbleology paper, claim the throne. His only threat was Antony, one who made himself unpopular with the population because he did not take action against Julius’ assassins (Dio 45: 417). Dio makes the claim that, fairly early on, Julius adopted the young Augustus and began training him as a successor (Dio 45: 419). Antony moved equally as quick, attempting to buy off the essays with learning army with grants of land. It was clear that, no matter the public face of events, Antony and bubbleology paper, Octavian were enemies. Silent Spring Research Paper! Only one man could run the empire over the long term. He approached the army clumsily, and bubbleology paper, apparently, did not bribe them enough (45: 431). Most soon tool Caesar’s side against Antony. Brutus, the murderer of Julius, was governor of Gaul. Gre! He did not trust Antony, and hence, Antony’s pleas to him went unheeded.

Ultimately, it was the speech of the famed lawyer Cicero that turned many more against Antony (46: ch. 5). Nevertheless, Antony still had powerful supporters. Antony’s plan was to make certain the most powerful African provinces were under his control. Brutus in bubbleology research paper, Gaul, however, was backed by the Senate. The Senate will be shown to be extremely fickle, oppositionist one minute, slavish the next.

This becomes one of Dio’s most harsh condemnations of his own class. The wording of Dio’s attacks speaks of a highly emotional appeal. He views his own Senatorial class back then as corrupt and, worse, vacillating. He sees no patriotism, no love of country, but mere self-serving activities. Antony, Caesar and Lepidus (the triumvirate) entered Rome and began to destroy elements of the population that might be hostile to them. They sought to appear friendly, but everything about them was aimed at enmity. The murders were of the wealthy, the writing powerful, those who might turn on them in the future, though Dio makes it clear that Antony was the chief leader of the murder bands, since he was less powerful (47: 129). This was aimed at decimating the senatorial class so as to smooth their way to power. Dio mentions the military leader Sulla and his own decimation of this class acting as a precedent for their actions. Roman politics can be reduced to battles between the senatorial class and bubbleology, the emperor, supported by the army. Dio does not attempt to downplay the thesis violence, but, as the description goes on in Book 47, he makes it clear that Octavian was not really a part of the violence.

It is bubbleology paper, possible that this was an research, afterthought on bubbleology research, Dio’s part, making certain that Octavian remains innocent, though this is not clear at the beginning of the description. Caesar saved as many as possible during the essays on children with disabilities massacre, as Dio is attempting to bubbleology research, save his reputation–or so it seems. Antony was to gain power by any means necessary, this Dio makes clear. So while Octavian has the right of succession as being Julius’ adopted son, Antony is then depicted as conniving to gain power illegally, or at least, immorally. The Senate had declared him an outlaw, and with learning, Antony had created an Gaulish army that he thought might win him the Roman power. Nevertheless the destruction of so many wealthy patrons meant that the new rulers, Octavian and Antony in particular, could control the body in the future, replacing dead members with new ones loyal to them. This is always the upshot of the attacks on the Senate, whether physical or legislative, making the oligarchy subservient to the emperor’s (and the army’s) plans. Much of the property confiscated went to allies, and especially, the army. This is yet another recurring theme: paying off the army with lands from conquered peoples is central to effective political rule in Rome.

Dio is honest about the implications of this all-important policy. Paper! They also outdid each other in magnifying Julius Caesar, hoping by this method to silent spring research, gain the trust of the paper frightened populous. Antony and essays learning disabilities, Caesar went out on campaign, as emperors should do, while the consul Lepidus, the bubbleology third in the triumvirate, remained in the city. This latter was basically a nonentity, but was effective in the short run as administering the long neglected city of Rome. The senate was suspicious of Caesar, since he was growing in popularity. Brutus of Gaul, himself popular in the Greek provinces, sought an alliance with the Senate (47: 163).

After the campaign, both Caesar and Antony sought to placate their men by grants of forms for paragraphs land. Research! Only the consul was nervous, and he was soon to should essays gre, be dispatched. Brutus and Sextus of Sicily, sensing the divisions in the executive, sought to create their own alliances so as to take power. This will be dealt with later. Socially, Dio is a Senator, that means that one might expect him to support the political claims of his class, which were, in general, control over the Roman emperor and a stronger stress on oligarchy. In Dio’s case that is not true: he holds to the dignity of the emperor as something truly Roman, he stresses strength and patriotism over the weakness that his own class might be expected to support. His hostility to Cicero is legendary, and yet, Cicero is the hero of the Senate and the republican cause in general. It was the empire, rather than a class or office, that Dio seems to support more than anything else, and, since he is going against bubbleology research paper his class much of the time, it might be said that this magnifies his reliability as a historian. The notion of the empire being in a constant dialectical motion with regard to the senate is also of Dio’s devising, a schema that most historians use today in dealing with all things Roman.

As for and essays, his writing style, it is rather dry and descriptive, but his meaning is clear. Bubbleology Research! In his dealings with the killing of Brutus (48: pg. 221), he believes it the will of heaven that such a thing happened, since Brutus himself was a murderer. The army is shown as basically fickle, demanding money and land above everything else, remaining apolitical so long as the bribes come through on time. In Augustus’ case, the army was a problem in the early years of the diumvirate with Antony, since the Senate backed Caesar rather than Antony, rightly viewing the future Augustus as being less bloodthirsty that his rival, now taking over Africa, a place that Antony will soon make his base, and the food source of the how long essays empire itself. The story Dio tells between Octavian and Antony is occasionally difficult to follow. Antony, at first dismissive of Octavian as a younger man, was forced, given his rival’s behavior at Rome, to make peace with him. They both had substantial power bases, both had some claim to power, and the senate, realizing this, reversed their earlier decree against Antony.

There was substantial moves to create pease between the two warriors so as to save the city any future bloodshed. Nevertheless, Octavian needed to continually placate the army, the paper “bad guy” in Dio’s narrative, and in order to do this there must be an eviction of how long should essays be on gre many Italians to make way for bubbleology research, the land allotments for 10,000 former soldiers. Antony made some use of this to attempt to turn the population from Octavian. Nevertheless, Octavian remains in Rome while Antony moved against the ever threatening Parthian empire in the east. Soon, Octavian will destroy yet another rival in Sextus, a rival who had dominated the wealthy island of Sicily,, after losing several naval engagements. Writing! When Octavian was master of the west, it was no just Antony and bubbleology research paper, Octavian, the Sextan threat was gone. Part! (49: 15) The defeat of Sextus led to the Senate considering Octavian to be the bubbleology research paper war leader par excellence. Generally, it was clear that Sextus was considered an how long should be on, outlaw, as Antony once was, and bubbleology, his defeat was generally considered popular by the Roman population. Sextus was using the powerful and strategic island of Sicily in order to control Rome thourgh the manipulation of grain supplies coming from silent spring research, Egypt. In fact, this method of paper control led Augustus to ks3, late begin building the port cities of southern Italy, such as Ostia, so as to bypass Sicily. At the bubbleology research same time Antony was losing against the Parthians and their sometime enemy the Armenians (49: 19). While this was happening, Octavian took over forms, the government of paper Rome, using his talented ally Aggripa as local satrap, providing necessary services to the Roman state, incuding the all-powerful city of Rome itself.

Antony began creating an “eastern empire” for himself–and is now married to Cleopatra–still, it should be noted, while married to how long should essays, Octavian’s sister, something that caused some problems with the bubbleology research paper always self-righteous Senate. Antony even went so far as to create his own “anti-senate” in Egypt, while at the same time his rival had formally denounced him to the actual Roman Senate in the city itself. Antony’s followers, knowing of the essays on children learning violence his rival could do, fled eastward. The Roman world was apparently split in research, two. It could not have been a popular move to create an anti-empire in the east with a “foreign” queen given august titles and power beyond her abilities. (50: ch 3) Dio’s writing style emerges from dry description, and, seemingly animated by the idea of a split Roman world, begins to write more as a novelist than a historian. This is a change for the better. Naval warfare won the day for Octavian. While massive forces were arrayed in Greece, the battle of Acitum led to an victory for Octavian’s forces, since the paper fleet of Antony, not inconsiderable, was trapped, and their attempt to move outward was defeated by Octavian. Antony’s forces on land, seeing the defeat of their boss’ naval forces, defected to paper, that of Augustus, and Actium was considered the turning point in Roman history. (Dio 51). Silent Spring! This was the last gasp of the republic, and saw, oddly enough, an bubbleology, alliance of pay to Octavian with the Roman senate. Maybe not so odd, since the bubbleology paper Roman population as a whole was outraged by the creation of an anti-empire, giving the eastern lands away to a Grecian queen, Cleopatra.

It was only planning when Antony married, however, that permitted the Senate to declare war. The dismembering of the empire was not a problem, it only was the marriage alliance that roused them to research paper, action. Dio here has no mercy on his fellow senators. Octavian as a military leader is laid out in some detail in book 53. He stressed experience over numbers, slow cutting away at his rivals rather than glorious sudden engagements. Being the essays on children with learning ward of Julius Caesar paid off. The naval forces of Octavian were smaller, but loaded with former veterans, seasoned soldiers and sailors who made mincemeat of Antony’s larger but less experienced forces. The very fact that they so quickly abandoned Antony says something about their dedication.

The point now was to take the power given to him, and use it wisely. Few thought the republic was worth saving, and, given the divisions in the empire, it was time to heal, and to create a unified state where the wealthy would have a check placed on their ambition. (Dio, 53 chapters 1 and 2). Octavian feigned a lack of paper interest in rule, and the Senate sought him out, attempting to planning forms for paragraphs, convince him of bubbleology research his necessity to the city. Do School Assignment! He took power at their suggestion and began to appoint governors for the most powerful provinces in the east–Egypt and Syria–and the west, in Gaul. In Chapter 53, Dio deals with the conspiracy against Augustus and how this was used as an excuse to begin destroying opposition, something depicted as an unfortunate necessity given the former split in the empire. Unfortunately, the reader is forced to agree with Dio’s assessment, as Roman politics is never a smooth game, Dio is convincing and eloquent here.

Augustus took over all foreign and domestic roles as Emperor, and created what one might call today a “new order. ” He was, using stealth, slowly concentrating power to bubbleology paper, himself with the senate’s assistance, but ultimately at their expense. In book 53 (chapters 1 and 2), Octavian is shown taking more and essays on children, more power, while all the time he posed as a passive participant. His wild popularity with the people made it possible for him to take full power while retaining the trappings of bubbleology research paper republicanism, and do school, it is in their ruse that Dio makes the single most famous element of Octavian’s rule. Bubbleology! It is in this description that gave later historians all the ammunition they needed to judge the pay to assignment Roman Augustus. Bubbleology Research! Dio writes: In this way he had his supremacy ratified by the senate and by the people as well. But as he wished even so to be thought democratic, while he accepted all the care and oversight of the public business, on planning forms for paragraphs, the ground that it required some attention on his part, yet he declared he would not personally govern all the provinces, and that in the case of such provinces as he should govern he would not do so indefinitely; and research, he did, in fact, restore to the senate the weaker provinces, on the ground that they were peaceful and free from war, while he retained the a history essay more powerful, alleging that they were insecure and precarious and either had enemies on their borders or were able on their own account to begin a serious revolt. His professed motive in this was that the senate might fearlessly enjoy the finest portion of the empire, while he himself had the research hardships and the dangers; but his real purpose was that by this arrangement the senators will be unarmed and unprepared for battle, while he alone had arms and maintained soldiers (53: 220). Augustus reformed the army, creating a more regular division of with men with a regular salary. This was a central reform. Bubbleology Paper! He also moved them to the ever porous frontiers, where they could do useful work and, importantly, can be kept out of politics. With Learning! The Senate was put in its place.

It was clearly a second rate entity under the Augustinian monarchy. Being an intelligent statesman, he treated the research paper senate with decorum, and it was almost like the senate was not losing power at all. New offices were created where wealthy supporters of Octavian’s order can take some share of power. Assignment! A new bureaucracy was developing where Octavian can staff it with his own friends, crating a new clientele. The provinces were treated well, and paper, the governors were chosen not merely for their support of the forms and essays new state but for their competence. Client kingships were permitted to continue. He treated the provinces the say he treated the research paper senate. In chapter 17 of Book 53, Dio writes: In this way the on children learning disabilities power of both people and senate passed entirely into the hands of Augustus, and from his time there was, strictly speaking, a monarch; for monarchy would be the truest name for it, no matter if two or three men did later hold the power at bubbleology the same time. The name of monarchy, to be sure, the Romans so detested that they called their emperors neither dictators nor kings nor anything of the sort; yet since the final authority for the government devolves upon them, they must needs be kings. The offices established by the laws, it is true, are maintained even now, except that of censor; but the entire direction and thesis, administration is absolutely in accordance with the wishes of the one in power at the time.

And yet, in order to preserve the appearance of research having this power by virtue of the laws and not because of their own domination, the emperors have taken to themselves all the functions, including the titles, of the offices which under the pay to assignment republic and by research the free gift of the spring research people were powerful, with the single exception of the dictatorship. He sought to reform the research paper morals of the elite, something important for the maintenance of social stability. He sought to limit divorces and to reward child rearing, He became a patron of the arts and paper, literature. In book 53, it is clear that our writer is a fan of Octavian. He explains that the celebrations of his victory and his coming to power were based on his own wealth; he refused to research paper, use public money to celebrate his victories.

At the writing same time, he abolished many new laws that had been made by the triumvirate, which made him more popular, since Antony by this time was loathed in Rome, and the latter’s suicide was considered a loss of minor importance. In chapter 19, Dio writes “In this way the government was changed at that time for research, the better and in a history ks3, the interest of greater security; for it was no doubt quite impossible for the people to be saved under a republic. ” What is the most interesting is Augustus’ address to the Roman people. He makes significant points that solidify his rule, he provides a constitution of sorts that would typify the sort of state that was slowly coming into being. He first, without surprise speaks of his army reforms, making a stronger and more rationalized force to deal with the frontier problems that will beset Rome until the end of her life. Since Dio well knows of these problems, he begins here a foreshadowing technique, attributing to bubbleology research paper, Octavian a substantial amount of prophetic insight, of a sort. The army, by being mentioned first in his long speech, shows that army reform was primary in Octavian’s mind, since the loyalties of the army are necessary for any kind of social reform to take place, in fact for any monarch to successfully rule Rome. Then, he speaks of mercy, the desire to unify the essay empire and spare the lives of his former enemies. The fact that these two subjects are juxtaposed is significant, since army reform speaks of violence and bubbleology research, defense, while mercy, of the opposite. The structure of part this speech (one can presume Dio edited some of it) is very telling, and skillfully placed together.

Many of them had fled anyway, but the city of Rome itself was to be unified, and again made the bubbleology research paper heart of the empire. This makes sense since the real reason Antony was hated was is desire to create a new Rome in Alexandria. Hence, he is appealing to Roman patriotism, something always central to Dio. He speaks of writing a history essay giving up his own office, of giving power back to the people, with the notion, though unstated, that it would be given back to him in trust. Research! He did not want power, so he says, and is even willing to give the peaceful and wealthy provinces to the senate, while he alone takes the strife-filled ones. The point here is forms for paragraphs and essays, that he will take the provinces that are filled with troops, while giving the Senate wealthy and research, peaceful provinces, but provinces without any men. Paper! It was a brilliant tactic, met with approval by Dio. He speaks of himself as a lover of bubbleology peace, and goes through great pains to a history essay ks3, connect himself to Julius Caesar, the bringer of peace and research paper, plenty to the citizens of Rome (and ton of booty from foreign conquest, distributed to the Roman population).

The fact that the should be on civil war is over bubbleology research, means the society can be unified again, bringing peace back to forms and essays, the strife-torn Roman state. He speaks of cooperation and the unity of all classes within the empire and the city of Rome itself. In order to bubbleology paper, do this, he says, the do school ancient laws of Rome should be guarded. The populace is interested, apparently in two things, revolution and tradition. Bubbleology Research Paper! Opposites? Not according to Dio: he speaks of revolution, he speaks of a radically altered constitution, but he also speaks of the placating of popular opinion by at least using rhetoric that is traditional, and holding that the ancient Roman traditions need to essays on children with disabilities, be revived and guarded so as to ensure the stability of the people and the city. Dio reports Octavian to say: And yet, after all, I feel no hesitancy about bubbleology research suggesting to you in a summary way what ought to be done in each of the leading departments of administration. And what are these suggestions? In the first place, guard vigilantly the with disabilities established laws and change none of them; for what remains fixed, even though it be inferior, is more advantageous than what is always subject to innovations, even though it seems to be superior.

Next, pay strict heed to do whatever these laws enjoin upon you and to refrain from whatever they forbid, and do this not only in word but also in deed, not only in public but also in private, that you may obtain, not penalties, but honors. Entrust the offices both of peace and of war to those who are the most excellent and the most prudent, harboring no jealousy of any man, and research paper, indulging in rivalry, not to advance the private interests of this or that man, but to keep the city safe and make it prosperous (53: 10). On Children Learning! Private interest needs to be rejected, Octavian says. This is very important to Dio, since the senate is the very nexus of private interest, and everything that was bad about the old republic. It has proven itself incompetent in the past precisely because it was an oligarchy, not an aristocracy. The fact that Dio is part of this class is research paper, telling; he is planning forms for paragraphs and essays, no doubt speaking the truth for he breaks rank with his own class to condemn–at least the old–senate, but clearly praising the research paper new one since it supports the monarchy.

As we have said: this senate has been purged many times, and its new members are powerful, royally minded, and need to be brought into the realm of rule, not rejected by it. Hence one can be a senator and be pro-emperor. But it is the old senate that is to be condemned as a oligarchy. He speaks of treating the provinces well. Planning Forms For Paragraphs And Essays! These provinces are friends and allies of the Roman state, and should not be treated as cash cows.

This is very important, since the empire is based around a steady stream of revenue from the provinces. His reform of the rule of the provinces is something extremely important to Octavian, and important to bubbleology paper, the stability of the empire. They need competent and public spirited governors, not self-seeking senators and upper classmen. Peaceful provinces, independent of his plans with respect to how long essays, the senate, are better for the empire than rebellious ones. It is important that public spirit be resurrected, it is central to the Roman idea, and cannot be destroyed by bubbleology research paper self-interest and self-seeking. Again, this is planning forms and essays, a central recurring theme throughout this work, and bubbleology, its influence on assignment, later generations of historians is incalculable. The literary effect is that the empire is paper, a democratically ratified constitution, state and way of political life. The emperor is silent research paper, populist, the senate, oligarchic. They are opposites, literary types, as it were. But not merely literary types, but rather, historic forces that will appear and research, reappear throughout the history of the west. The people, according to Dio (52, pg.

219), demand royal government. They see stability and legal reform–not to mention subsidies–coming from centralized government. They have had enough of the division of the silent spring self-seeking politicians, and want the results that they are convinced Augustus can provide for them. Central state power, it seems, is only a threat to the oligarchy, to Antony’s former supporters, politicians and senators who want a free playing field for self-enrichment. The people then, demand the royal power be taken in full by bubbleology research paper Octavian (cf. 53: 12). It is clear, however, theat the forms for paragraphs and essays senate, whether from loyalty or from fear, ratified the new position of Augustus. Bubbleology Research Paper! Many of them are creatures of Octavian, many simply support him because the essays on children with learning disabilities political wind is blowing in research, a certain direction.

The are also mollified, as aforesaid, by the notion of having full control over peaceful provinces such as Egypt. The plan and development of silent spring research paper rule is brilliant here, and the brilliance of bubbleology research it is certainly not lost on Dio. Dio has created a literary figure, the stuff of legend, in Octavian. Assignment! This is not to denigrate his historical credentials, but to understand that, from a dry beginning, Dio has blossomed into a true historical novelist. Creating types, oligarchic self interest, division and patriotism, as well as populism in bubbleology, office, that will themselves become the very vocabulary of the historical profession right up until the 21st century. Dio says, writing from his position many years after the fact, that the royal authority taken and created by writing a history essay Augustus has now “become tradition. ”(53, pg.

59) which is another way of saying that it has worked, for something cannot become tradition unless it has delivered the goods that has withstood the test of time and bubbleology research paper, created an even more powerful, peaceful and prosperous Roman state. He clearly states that this new state, created by Augustus and thesis, his unprecedented situation having defeated Anthony and preserved the unity of the empire, a unity far better than in the old republic. “Such is the research paper number and nature of the appellations which those who possess the imperial power employ in accordance with the laws and with what has now become tradition. At present all of silent research them are, as a rule, bestowed upon the emperors at one and bubbleology, the same time, with the exception of the title of censor; but to the earlier emperors they were voted separately the different times. ” So says Dio in paper thesis, Book 53. The emperor appears to be even handed, by changing advisors every six months, so as to permit of paper no factionalism (53, pg 245). Factions more than anything else are odious to the people of Rome, who view Octavian as one who has restored unity, and hence, the ability of the state to continue to achieve its aims, significantly, after army reform and transportation reform. The rebuilding of roads is significant, for it is a central service of the Roman state, and this has been left to abandonment during the long period of civil wars and thesis, unrest. The roads are also a symbol of Roman unity, and hence, their repair and reconstruction are emblematic of Augustus’ plans and his public image.

The repair of the roads encourages commerce, but, more importantly for the Roman population, they symbolize the unity and strength of the empire. After defeating the Alpine tribes, land in that part of the world, north-eastern Gaul, was given to members of the Roman guard, the personal bodyguard of the emperor. The praetorian guard itself. At the research same time, he sought to give subsidies to the people after the pacification of the Gallic province. Thesis! Dio writes at research paper the beginning of book 54 that the reign of Augustus was “moderate. ” This means it maintained a mean between dictatorship on the one hand, and slavish populism on the other. He created, in this sense, a new set of political virtues. There was no grand campaigns, no tyranny, but there was–without a tear being shed–several more purges of the senatorial body. Much of the beginning of this book is dedicated to the decadence of the Senate, of bribe taking and, barring that, servile flattery towards the emperor.

Only a few were executed, but the a history essay Senate was continually rendered toothless, but could never be abolished altogether. He reformed jury trials, making trials public, and bubbleology research, all deliberations available to the common folk. His moderation is found in thesis, the request of the senate–he always make such requests, regardless of his dominating the latter–that Rome make no further conquests. Rome had reached her natural limits, with the understanding that it was now time to rationally govern what the Romans already had, rather than seeking to paper over incompetent rule with promises of future conquests and the slaves and booty that such conquests provided. This was an open challenge to the senate, though Dio is bubbleology research, rather reserve in developing it as such.

He still seeks to maintain the fiction that the senate, though purged, was an independent body. Writing A History Ks3! , it was not, and bubbleology research, its independence was challenged by the demand that rule be one of stewardship, rather than simply continued conquest. The senate later, as Dio well knows, was not up to this challenge. This is what was going on in the city. Augustus administered the subject territory according to the customs of the silent spring paper Romans, but permitted the allied nations to be governed in their own traditional manner; and he did not regard it as desirable either to make any additions to the former or to extend the latter by any new acquisitions, but thought it best to be satisfied with precisely what they already possessed, and research, he communicated this opinion to spring research, the senate (Dio 54, 9) On page 323, another important piece of legislation is bubbleology research, discussed, that against bribe taking. How Long Gre! Continual moral reform was as important as anything else in the empire, abnd both int terms of sexual fidelity, as well as financial fidelity, morals were enforced. Marriage and research paper, honest dealing were encouraged, and anyone convicted of taking bribes was given the relatively moderate punishment of ks3 being debarred from office for bubbleology research, 5 years. He sought to continually replace senators and harm senatorial power by decreeing that any wealthy person in the empire is planning forms, eligible for office.

And even here, if the property qualification was not met with by a competent man, it was provided by the emperor himself. In this way, more and more clients of the king were created, recreating the Roman state, maintaining an oligarchy, but with the research paper understanding that money was the true route to power, not being a part of the formerly closed senatorial class. Here, he could split the upper class over the spoils of office. When he had done this, he purged the senatorial body. For the members seemed to him to be too numerous even now, and he saw nothing good in a large throng; moreover, he hated not only those who were notorious for some baseness, but also those who were conspicuous for their flattery. And when, as on the previous occasion, no one would resign of his own free will, and Augustus, in his turn, did not wish to silent spring, incur blame alone, he himself selected the thirty best men (a point which he afterwards confirmed by oath) and bubbleology research paper, bade them, after first taking the same oath, choose five at a time, relatives not to be included, by writing the names on tablets (54: 13) The local opposition parties were silenced by victorious missions to essays with, Gaul, where the endlessly difficult Celtic tribes of the research paper Alpine region were pacified again and again. When things got too hot in part thesis, the capital, it was easy to bubbleology, leave for a time, and earn some socially necessary military victories, always significant in creating popularity, though Dio does not make this inference.

Though bad in itself, the behavior of the planning forms and essays Celtic tribes, described by Dio in almost unutterable forms, made the victories over them all the more significant to the new reign. The Celts apparently began slaughtering their Roman captives, and even made daring raids into central Italy, having already taken the fertile and strategic Po valley in the north. These victories provided greater popularity and proved the competence of the new reign, since the Senate, time and again, proved itself incompetent to deal with military disturbances in the western provinces before. Bubbleology! In the thesis process, he mad many new citizens, and granted some cities their liberties under the indirect rule of Rome. Again, all of this was good policy, both for Rome and bubbleology paper, her allies, but also for building up provincial clients for the new government and system. It is precisely in this client building measures that the new system was to last as long as it did, to “become tradition” in the words of Dio. Essay Ks3! These measures are clearly approved by our historian, as they are the research paper very building blocks of a newly stabilized and just Roman empire. In these cities and re-conquered provinces, he created local forms of government, maintained local customs, and attached them, via the newly reconstructed roads, to on children learning disabilities, commerce with the capital. He provided them with stable currency, which did nothing but stimulate more and more trade and economic development.

New classes of elites developed in the provinces which werre basically creates of the empire, for paper, their owned their success to how long be on gre, the Roman empire. Hence, granting liberties was doing nothing but cementing them further into the Roman state. This is an bubbleology, issue that Dio returns to again and again. In a daring move, Dio reports that, as senatorial families, some ancient, had lapsed into essays on children learning poverty, he permitted “knights” or low level soldiers of distinction, to be able to take senatorial posts. Though still a very prestigious position, life as a senator was becoming more difficult, more humiliating and more dangerous,. Hence, even among some of the older senatorial families, there were many who did not want to take seats, and used their financial ineligibility as an excuse. Many lower level soldiers, the Roman knights, were given these posts, making the same a more and research, more popular body with the population, the army and with the elite in the provinces, many of whom had local bodies similar in composition to the Roman senate, and all basing their legitimacy on the emperor (54- 26). By way of conclusion, by the time the reader is finished with these 10 central books of The Roman History, one comes away with an ambiguous picture.

There is the do school assignment creation of literary types, with their archetypal virtues and vices: the bubbleology research paper senate, self seeking; the writing a history essay emperor, populist and strong; the paper people, wanting strong rule, basically virtuous; the army, ever fickle and corruptible. Ultimately, there is only one character in this description: that of the empire itself. Planning Forms And Essays! All the above types serve the paper empire in one way of spring research paper another, some bad, others good. The army’s claim is based on its central role in creating the empire in the first place. The senate seems to have no claim at all, except by claim of descent, a claim made absurd by Dio.

Dio ends by implying that the empire is best served by a connection between people, army and emperor, and that the senate is far from the repository of research paper political wisdom it was created to forms, be. Dio’s style is bubbleology research paper, reserved, occasionally religious, and, in the end, has a powerful belief in fate, though this is far from blind fate, and in Dio’s treatment, nothing is done by chance. Virtue, and virtue alone, regardless of its specific institutionalization, is central to everything. Man makes his own luck.

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Freedom of the press has gone too far in today’s world Is the use of CCTV in public places necessary for on children, safety or an paper intrusion of our day-to-day privacy? Does the internet mean the part death of paper, newspaper and magazines? Social networks and the younger generations ‘Digital natives’ and what that means for our society The ubiquity of advertising Subliminal messaging in advertising How digitalisation has affected the workplace Why we will rely on robots Using digital forms of paper communication undermines learning Will the internet last forever? Research now suggests that video games are good for learning, but are they safe? Does paparazzi help the essays on children with learning cause of the free press, or hinder it? Bloggers should be treated as journalists, and held accountable for their actions. Outsourcing is bubbleology paper, good for part thesis, the economy There should be a cap on the salaries paid to research actors and sport stars There should be a three-day weekend instead of paper a two-day weekend The importance of patenting ideas Mono-tasking or multi-tasking – which is bubbleology research, better? Should we reward non-profits for their work or how little they spend?

Are pension plans effective? The dangers of asbestos removal. Why do we Write Persuasive Essays? We write persuasive essays in an attempt to persuade our given audience to come round to our point of view on one particular topic. This type of essay can be on any topic at all, provided that there is more than one side to the debate. Our purpose in writing persuasive essays should be to show the audience that one particular side of a debate has more truth and merit to it than another through the use of planning for paragraphs and essays proper arguments. While some other forms of academic writing may allow for a more informal approach, writing a persuasive essay is always formal, due to its nature as an research paper essay which is written to persuade. Other forms of writing can take a more informal approach because they exist to inform their audience. Persuasive essay writing, while it may contain some small amount of basic information about any topic – particularly if the research essay is on a fairly niche subject, and bubbleology research background knowledge is should essays be on gre, required – is research, not ultimately about instructing the audience or sharing information. Assignment? These types of essay are focused on persuading audiences to their point of view, so do not focus on imparting information.

As a result of persuasive essays not being strictly informative (with the bubbleology particular exception in the previous paragraph being the only exception), they should always take a formal tone. As the point of a persuasive essay is to persuade the audience that the essays on children with learning point of view which is being written about research paper is the correct one, the arguments should be constructed specifically in writing a history essay order to avoid any attacks it may face. One way of doing this is by avoiding the first person, as showing something to be our own personal opinion rather than one which is bubbleology paper, backed up solely by silent spring paper, facts and bubbleology research paper figures. Using first person statements is something allows people to use our own opinions to form more coherent counterarguments. Persuasive essay topics are often assigned beforehand – particularly if the essay is on children with learning, being written in school, but often the writer has the bubbleology research freedom to make his or her own choice on the matter. While this might seem to writing a history essay ks3 be a good thing – having the choice means that we can pick our own subject, after all – choosing a good persuasive essay topic is more difficult than it sounds. Research Paper? The topic needs to be obscure enough to paper part be original, but not so obscure that there is no research on bubbleology it. Brainstorm topics as a group – this will give you a wider range of topics to choose from.

Choose a topic which gets an emotional response from you – you will feel more involved in the process. Pick a specific persuasive essay topic rather than a general one – the research will be more specific. Pick a topic which you think will inspire debate .

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Bubbleology science project research …

essay semiotics Cultural Criticism: Semiotics and research paper Cultural Criticism. In this chapter I address some of the basic concepts in semiotics, to show how it enables us to pay to do school assignment find meaning in texts and other phenomena. I try to explain each concept as simply as possible, and I quote extensively from important passages written by various authorities, to give the reader some idea of how these writers express themselves. There is, however, a certain amount of technical language involved with semiotic analysis that cannot be avoided. There are many advanced books on semiotics available or those who wish to pursue the study of semiotic theory and applied semiotic analysis; interested readers will find several such titles in the list of suggested further reading that follows the final chapter in bubbleology research, this volume.

Semiotics can be seen as a form of applied linguistics; semiotic malysis has been applied to everything from fashion to advertis- ing, from James Bond stories to Star Wars. The most fundamental concept in semiotics is the sign; semiotic theorists posit human beings as sign-making and sign-interpreting animals. It is with signs that this discussion of semiotics and cultural criticism begins. Signs in Semiotics and Semiology. Semiotics is, literally speaking, the science of signs. The word semiotics comes from the Greek root semeion, or sign, and and essays is used to describe a systematic attempt to understand what signs are and how they function. Semiotics is probably the more commonly used term, but some students of signs use the term semiology, literally words (togas) about signs . Semiotics is bubbleology research paper, associated with the work of the Americon philosopher, C S Peirce (although its roots are in medieval philosophy) and semiology with the work of the Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure. Both are concerned with how meaning is genereated and and communicated. In his posthumousty published book A Course in General Linguistics, Saussure (1966) states. Language is pay to do school assignment, a system of signs that express ideas, and is therefore comparable to a system of writing, the bubbleology research paper, alphabet of deaf-mutes, military signals, etc.

But it is the planning forms, most important of all these systems. A science that studies the life of signs within society is conceivable it would be part of social psychology and consequently of general psychology; I shall call it semiology (from Greek, semeion sign) Semiology would show what constitutes signs, what laws govern them. Bubbleology Research. (p. 16) This may be looked upon as one of the charter statements about semiotics / semiology. Saussure suggests that signs are made of two parts: a signifier (sound, object, image, or the like) and a signified (concept). The relation that exists between the signifier and the signified is arbitrary, based on pay to, convention, or, to use the technical term, unmotivated.

Because of this fact, we develop and bubbleology paper use codes to help us learn what some signs mean. In addition, Saussure asserts that concepts do not mean anything in themselves; they gain their meanings only relationally or differentially: Concepts are purely differential and defined not by their positive characteristics but negatively by their relations with the other terms of the system (p.ll7). For all practical purposes, the most important relationship among terms is binary opposition. One difference between semiotics and semiology is that semiotics draws its basic ideas from a trichotomy elaborated by C. S Peirce (1931-1935,1958). A History Essay Ks3. According to Peirce, there are three kinds of signs-icons, indexes, and symbols: Every sign is determined by its object, either first, by partaking ir the characters of the object, when I call a sign an Icon; secondly, b) being really and in its individual existence connected with the research paper, in- dividual object, when I call the sign an research paper, Index; thirdly, by rnon! or les! approximate certainty that it will be interpreted as denoting the object, in consequence of a habit (which term I use as including 2 natural disposition), when I call the sign a Symbol. (quoted in research paper, Zeyman 1977,p.36) Because semiotics is concerned with everything that can be seen as a sign, and given that just about essays on children with disabilities everything can be seen as a sign (that is, substituting for something else), semiotics emerges as a kind of master science that has utility in bubbleology research, all areas of knowledge, especially in the humanities, arts, and social sciences. Pay To Do School. It has been used, as noted above, in research, criticism of the forms for paragraphs, fine arts, literature, film, and popular fiction as well as in bubbleology, interpreting architecture, in pay to assignment, studying fashion, in analyzing facial expression, in interpreting magazine advertisements and radio and television commercials, in medicine, and in many other areas.

Let us consider signs now in a bit more detail, with a focus on how they function. How Signs Function. A sign can also be defined as anything that can be used to stand for something else, but understanding how signs function is some-what complicated, because, for Peirce and semioticians, there are always others involved. Bubbleology Research. According to Peirce, a sign is something which stands to somebody for something in some respect or capacity (1977, p. 27). He adds a philosophical point: It seems a strange thing, when one comes to paper part thesis ponder over it, that a sign should leave its interpreter to supply part of its meaning; but the bubbleology research, explanation of the phenomenon lies in the fact that the entire universe-not merely the universe of existents, but all that wider universe, embracing the universe of existents as a part, the universe which we are all accustomed to how long should essays be on refer to as the truth-that all this universe is perfused with signs, if it is not composed exclusively of signs. (Peirce; epigraph in Sebeok, 1977, p. vi) If the universe is perfused with, if not composed exclusively of, signs, then humans are, of research necessity, semiotic animals-whatever else they may be (rational creatures, tool makers, featherless bipeds, and spring research paper so on).

Umberto Eco (1976) has added an insight worth considering. Bubbleology Research Paper. If signs can be used to tell the planning and essays, truth, they can also be used to bubbleology lie: Semiotics is concerned with everything that can be taken as a sign. A sign is everything which can be taken as significantly substituting for something else. This something else does not necessarily have to pay to exist or to actually be somewhere at the moment in bubbleology research paper, which a sign stands for it. Thus semiotics is in principle the discipline studying everything which can be used in order to lie. If something cannot be used to tell a lie, conversely it cannot be used to tell the truth; it cannot be used to tell at all. Disabilities. (p. Bubbleology Research. 7) Phenomena such as wigs, dyed hair, elevator shoes, imitation foods, impersonators, and impostors all involve lying with signs. Saussure (1966) first describes signs as being made of a concept and planning a sound-image: The linguistic sign unites, not a thing and a name, but a concept and bubbleology research a sound-image (p. 66).

He later modifies his definition: I propose to pay to do school assignment retain the word sign [signe] to designate the whole and to bubbleology replace concept and sound-image respectively by signified [singifie] and paper part signifier [signifiant]; the last two terms have the advantage of in- dicating the bubbleology research, opposition that separates them from the whole of which they are parts. (p. 67) He uses the term semiology to describe the science that would study the writing a history essay ks3, life of signs within society, originally placing semiol- ogy within social psychology. He suggests that a sign is like a piece of paper: One side is the signifier and the other is the signified, and together they make the sign/ sheet of bubbleology paper. Symbols, however, are a different matter. Symbols in Saussure's System. A symbol is a subcategory of essays with learning a sign.

It is a sign whose mean- ing is not completely arbitrary or conventional. Saussure (1966) explains: The word symbol has been used to designate the linguistic sign, or more specifically, what is here called the bubbleology research, signifier. Writing A History Essay. . One charac- teristic of the symbol is that it is bubbleology research paper, never wholly arbitrary; it is not empty, for there is the rudiment of how long should be on gre a natural bond between the signifier and the signified. The symbol of justice, a pair of scales, could not be replaced by just any other symbol, such as a chariot. (p. 68) Peirce sees the symbol as conventional, unlike the icon and index, which are not conventional in his view of things. What is important about symbols is that they stand for something, they convey meanings. These meanings are often connected to historical events, traditions, and so on. The symbol, generally an object or an image, because it can represent historical events, because it contains all kinds of extraneous matters connected to bubbleology paper it, because it can be a repository of meanings, because it can have so many connotations, can become very important to people. Think of religious icons, for essay ks3 example.

Carl Jung (1968) explains this matter in some detail in his book Man and His Symbols: Thus a word or an image is symbolic when it implies something more than its obvious and immediate meaning. It has a wider unconscious aspect that is never precisely defined or fully explained. Nor can one hope to define or explain it. As the mind explores the symbol, it is led to ideas that lie beyond the grasp of reason. (p.

4) We are profoundly affected by symbolic phenomena, Jung suggests, all the time-when we are awake and when we dream. As Freud has pointed out, in our dreams we use the processes of symbolic condensation and bubbleology paper displacement to disguise our real thoughts and desires and evade the dream censor. It would wake us up if it recognized the sexual content of our dreams, as mani- fested, for example, in phallic symbols and symbols of the female genitals. In our visual and literary arts we also use symbolization in an attempt to generate certain responses-assuming there is common understanding of what specific symbols mean (which is not always the case, of writing a history course). In literary criticism, for example, we often find that the study of symbolism in texts is research, connected with an spring, investigation of their mythic elements-what might be called a myth and symbol school of analysis. Heroes and research heroines in novels and plays and films often have symbolic dimensions: What they say and what they do often are symbolic and allegorical as well as connected, indirectly, to the actions of ancient mythic heroes and writing ks3 heroines. That is why some critics argue that all texts are intertextually related to bubbleology research other texts, even though audiences may not be aware of the fact or the creators of texts aware of what they have done.

It is because texts of all kinds-fi1ms, television programs, novels, plays, works of visual art-are full of symbolic phenomena (objects, actions of how long essays be on gre characters, geographic locations, and so on) that they resist easy interpretation. Their symbolic (and mythic) aspects make them extremely complex, and so they are seldom easily understood. Icon, Index, Symbol: Peirce's System. In Peirce's theory of semiotics there are three kinds of signs: icons, which communicate by resemblance; indexes, which com- municate by logical connection; and symbols, which are purely conventional and whose meanings have to be learned. Research. Peirce developed an extremely involved theory of signs, but it rests on the cornerstone of silent paper his trichotomy-icon, index, and bubbleology research paper symbol. He differs from Saussure, who argues that the pay to assignment, relationship between a signifier (sound, object) and its signified (concept) is bubbleology, arbitrary and based on convention (except in the case of the symbol, where the on children learning disabilities, relationship is bubbleology, quasi-motivated or quasi-natural). In Peirce's theory, both icons and indexes have natural relation- ships with what they stand for: for example, a portrait of someone and the person being portrayed (an icon) and pay to do school assignment smoke indicating fire (an index). Bubbleology Paper. The meanings of symbols, on the other hand, have to be learned. Table 4.1 presents Peirce's trichotomy in graphic form. Semiotics is planning for paragraphs, important, Peirce argues, because the universe is in essence a system of signs. Bubbleology Research. Everything, that is, can be seen as standing, in one respect or another, for something else and thus functioning as a sign.

Let us now look at thesis, one aspect of Peirce's trichotomy in a little more detail. Table 4.1 Pierce's Trichotomy. An image is conventionally understood to be a visible repre- sentation of something, though it can also be a mental picture of something (such as the image of the businessman as found in early-20th-century American literature). We live in a world of photoelectronic images, and with the development of television, all kinds of images that we never would have seen in bubbleology research, real life are now brought to us, in writing ks3, mediated form, on the video tube. As the result of developments in bubbleology, printing, photography, and video, im- ages play an increasingly important role in our lives. Indeed, some scholars suggest that we have moved from a logocentric (word-centered) to an occulocentric (image-centered) world, with sight exercising hegemony or domination over our other senses. From a semiotic perspective, a visual image is a collection of what Peirce would call signs, which means that, for example, in a print advertisement we have icons, indexical phenomena, and symbols.

Icons are relatively easy to interpret because they communicate by pay to do school assignment resemblance, but understanding indexical signs in- volves finding some kind of a relationship between signs and their meanings, and symbols are purely conventional, which means we must learn their meanings. In considering images with which we are not familiar, such as paintings from earlier periods, we may not recognize the symbology, so our understanding of the messages conveyed in such images may be relatively primitive. Let me offer an example. In the paper, painting by Ian Van Eyck titled Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride , painted in 1434, we find a number of how long be on gre symbols whose meanings are not evident to most people in the late 20th century. The painting shows a man holding hands with his wife (who looks pregnant and has her hand on bubbleology, her stomach) in essays learning disabilities, an ornate room. Bubbleology. Behind the two figures we see a convex mirror, lighted candles in do school assignment, a chandelier, and a small table with fruit on it. In front of the couple we see a dog. Table 4.21ists the symbolic objects or representations in the painting and their meanings for people of the bubbleology paper, period. bride's hand on her stomach.

willingness to bear children. Today, most would not know the meanings of many of these symbols (or even recognize that candles and dogs could have symbolic meaning), but the symbology would have been evident to thesis many people living in 1434. Just as we may not recognize the significance of symbolic phenomena from earlier times, we may be blind to research the symbolic significance of phenomena from different cultures. When we look at an image (a painting, an advertisement, a work of pay to sculpture, an object) we can look at bubbleology research, it in two opposing ways, according to art historian Alois Riegl. Claude Gandelman (1991) discusses Riegl's theories: Riegl stated that one type of artistic procedure, which corresponds to a certain way of looking, is based on the scanning of objects according to their outlines. This trajectory Riegl called the writing a history ks3, optical. The opposite type of vision, which focuses on bubbleology research paper, surfaces and emphasizes the value of the superficies of objects, Riegl called the haptical (from the Greek haptein, to seize, grasp or haptikos, capable of paper part thesis touching:).

On the research paper, level of artistic creation, the optical look-if the eye belongs to the painter-produces linearity and angularity, whereas haptic creativity focuses on surfaces. Using Riegl's formula, all forms of art may be grouped under the heading Outline and/or color in plane and volume. . The optical eye merely brushes the surface of things. The haptic, or tactile, eye penetrates in depth, finding its pleasure in textile and grain. (p. 5) From the haptic perspective, vision becomes a form of touching. Gre. Riegl was not the first person to deal with this notion (it is found in the work of bubbleology research Descartes and Berkeley, also, Gandelman points out), but his calling our attention to these two opposing ways of perception is planning for paragraphs, important. It is bubbleology, also possible, of course, to combine these two perspectives. If seeing haptically is a form of for paragraphs and essays touching, it would suggest that our relation to bubbleology research images is much more complicated than we might suppose. We do not simply glance at images and put them out of our minds; our experience of looking is much more powerful than that. Silent Paper. This might explain, in part, the research, phenomenon of scopophilia, literally looking (scopo) loving (philia), a psychological phenomenon involving people who derive sexual pleasure from looking at others or, in the case of be on gre autoscopophilia, from looking at themselves.

Images, then, play a significant role in bubbleology research paper, our lives, whether we recognize this to ks3 be the case or not. They have to be interpreted, and this takes a good deal of bubbleology work, for it is not always easy to on children with learning disabilities understand how images function. Cultural critics have, in recent years, expanded upon their interest in images and now talk about the phenomenon of representation. This concept (addressed previously, in Chapter 3) deals with images of bubbleology research paper all kinds in the context of the social and political order in which these images are found, and considers such matters as who creates images, who controls the image making in a society (especially images generated and spread by the mass media), and the functions these images have for the sociopolitical order and for individuals. At the simplest level, codes are systems for interpreting the meanings of various kinds of communication in which the paper thesis, meanings are not obvious or evident. Paper. Consider the two apparently meaningless words below; As soon as I tell you that the be on gre, codes for bubbleology paper interpreting these series of letters are, respectively, plus 1 and essays be on gre minus 1, you can easily find that both are coded ways of saying codes:

In the world of espionage, messages are often coded (so that if they are somehow intercepted they will not be understood). The same applies to the world of culture. Much of what we see and hear around us in our culture carries messages, but because we do not know the codes that enable us to find the meanings in these messages, we do not pay any attention to them, or, if we do, we tend to interpret them incorrectly. We also tend to be blind to the codes that we have learned because they seem natural to us; we do not realize that when we find meaning in things, we are actually decoding signs. We are like Moliere's character who had not realized he was speaking prose all the time. There are in every society, semioticians suggest, culture codes- hidden structures (in the bubbleology research, sense that we are not aware of them or pay no attention to them) that shape our behaviour. These codes deal with aesthetic judgments, moral beliefs, cuisine, and many other things. They are directive and generally are highly articulated and specific, even though those who use them tend to be unaware of them. We need codes because we need consistency in our lives.

Codes vary in scope from the universal to the local. If the relationship between a word and the object it stands for, or a signifier and a signified, is paper part, arbitrary and based on convention, as Saussure suggests, and symbols are purely conventional, as Peirce suggests, then we need codes to tell us how to know what words mean and what signifiers and symbols mean. The meaning is arbitrary, based on convention, not natural. Thus, by extension, what we call culture can be looked upon as a collection or system of codes, analogous in many respects to language. Terence Hawkes (1977) addresses this relationship; in discuss- ing the work of the French cultural anthropologist Claude Levi- Strauss, he writes: He attempts to perceive the constituents of cultural behaviour, ceremonies, rites, kinship relations, marriage laws, methods of cooking, totemic systems, not as intrinsic or discrete entities, but in bubbleology paper, terms of the contrastive relationships they have with each other that makes their structures analogous to the phonemic structure of language. Planning Forms For Paragraphs. (p.34) Thus the work of cultural critics involves the process of paper decoding texts of various kinds in many different realms: words, images, objects, literary and spring research subliterary works, social rituals, food prepa- ration, socialization of children, and numerous other areas. Creators of texts that are distributed through mass media have a problem of difference between their own codes and the codes of the audiences for these texts, who may (and probably often do) decode them differently from the way the creators intended.

In such cases, it is difficult to avoid what Umberto Eco calls , aberrant decoding. This problem exists in oilier areas as well-for instance, when individuals who have been socialized (that is, have learned codes for behaviour) in subcultures become members of mainstream institutions and have difficulty in behaving properly (e.g., when a member 0f a motorcycle gang becomes a student at a university). We now move on to discussion of two concepts that affect cultural meaning in rather specific ways: connotation and research paper denotation. Connotation is a term used to assignment describe the cultural meanings attached to a term-and, by bubbleology extension, an image, a figure in a text, or even a text. In contrast, denotation refers to the literal meaning of a term, figure, text, or so on. Connotation comes from the Latin connotare, to mark along with. Thus connotation deals with the historic, symbolic, and paper thesis emotional matters suggested by or that go along with a term. Take the figure of James Bond as an example. Bubbleology Paper. From a denotative point of view, he is the writing a history essay, hero of a number of popular spy novels and films. But the connotations of bubbleology research James Bond extend to part such matters as sexism, racism, absurd images of the British held by others, Bond's personal idiosyncrasies, the nature of the bubbleology, British intelligence establishment, the essays on children with, Cold War, images of Americans, and Russians, and so on. In his Mythologies (1972), Roland Barthes deals with the research paper, mythic significance or what could be called the cultural connotations of silent spring a number of phenomena of everyday. life in France, such as wres- tling, steak and chips, toys, Garbo's face, and the striptease.

His purpose is to take the world of what-goes-without-saying and show connotations (which reveal themselves generally to bubbleology research be ideo- logical matters) connected with them. For example, he notes in a discussion of a history toys in France: French toys always mean something, and this something is always entirely socialized, constituted by the myths or the techniques of research paper modern adult life: the Army, Broadcasting, the Post Office, Medicine. ..School, Hair-Styling. . the should essays be on gre, Air Force (parachutists), Transport (trains, Citroens, Vedettes, Vespas, petrol-stations), Science (Martian toys). (p. 53) These somethings are the connotations of these objects, which Barthes explores in some detail, with brilliant stylistic flourishes and imaginative reaches. Bubbleology Research Paper. He does the same thing for Japanese culture in Empire of pay to Signs (1977, 1982). We can make an analogy with Saussurean semiological theory here. Paper. In a sense, we can suggest that denotation is the signifier and connotation is the a history ks3, signified, recognizing, however, that one signifier can have many signifieds. From Peirce's perspective, connotation would involve the realm of the symbolic, in which conventions are crucial. The meaning of the symbol has to be learned, and a given symbol can have many different meanings.

The process of condensation is also relevant here. An image in a dream can be made of many different images or parts of research images, and the connection of these different images to paper part thesis one image is similar in nature to the process of connotation. Denotation involves taking terms literally (including images, sounds, objects, or other forms of communication), in contrast to connotation, which involves looking at the various meanings a term carries with it or has given to it. Denotation deals with the literal meaning a sign conveys. Thus a Barbie Doll denotes a toy doll, first marketed in 1959, that was 11.5 inches high, had measurements of 5.25 inches at the bust, 3.0 inches at the waist, and 4.25 inches at the hips (these measurements have changed in recent years).

What we have here is bubbleology research paper, a literal description of a Barbie Doll and no more. Pay To. What Barbie Dolls connote is another matter, about which there are many different views. For example, some scholars have suggested that the introduction and subsequent great popularity of the doll (and others like it) mark the end of motherhood as a dominant role for little girls in research paper, the United States, because Barbie spends her time as a courtesan, buying clothes and having relationships with Ken and other dolls. She does not prepare little girls to be mothers, as earlier dolls did, dolls the girls could treat as babies, imitating their mothers' roles. A great deal of a history essay criticism involves examining the connotations of objects, characters, and images and tying these meanings to historical, cultural, ideological, and research other concerns. We turn now to a discussion of metaphor and metonymy, which noted linguist Roman Jakobson suggests are fundamental ways of generating meaning. (I list Jakobson as an American in Table 1.1 because he spent many years teaching in the United States, but his origins are European.) Metaphors are figures of speech that communicate meaning by ana1o. Most people think they can get along perfectly well without metaphor. Planning For Paragraphs And Essays. We have found, on the contrary, that metaphor is pervasive in everyday life, not just in language but in thought and action. Our ordinary conceptual system, in bubbleology paper, terms of which we both think and how long essays be on act, is fundamentally metaphoric in nature.

The concepts that govern our thought are not just matters of the intellect. They also govern our everyday functioning down to the most mundane details. Our concepts structure what we perceive, how we get around in the world, and how we relate to other people. Our conceptual system thus plays a central role in defining our everyday realities. (p. 3) Metaphor, then, plays an bubbleology paper, important role in the way we think and pervades our thinking. It is not just a literary device used by poets and other writers to generate certain kinds of emotional responses; it is a fundamental part of the learning disabilities, way humans think and communicate. Lakoff and bubbleology paper Johnson discuss a number of different kinds of metaphors. With. Among them are the following: • structural metaphors, which shape how we think, perceive, and act. • orientational metaphors, which deal with spatial orientation, as reflected in polar oppositions.

• ontological metaphors, which interpret life in bubbleology research paper, terms of common objects and substances. We often use verbs metaphorically, as in the following: The ship sliced (the ship is learning disabilities, a knife or is like a knife) through the waves. We could substitute other verbs-raced, cut, tore, or something else-and in each case a different meaning would be conveyed. Metaphor, then, is not limited to research paper the figurative language one finds in poetry; rather, it is a fundamental means of do school generating meaning. The same applies to metonymy, which is discussed in the next section. Metonymy is a figure of bubbleology paper speech in how long, which meaning is communicated by association, in contrast to metaphor, where meaning is communicated by analogy. The term metonymy is composed of two parts: meta, or transfer, and onoma, or name. Thus, literally speaking, metonymy is research paper, substitute naming. In an essay of considerable theoretical importance (and difficulty) on aphasia-a disease associated with brain damage that prevents people from expressing ideas-Roman Jakobson (1988) discusses the difference between metaphor and metonymy: Every form of aphasic disturbance consists in some impairment, more or less severe, either of the faculty for selection and substitution or for combination and contexture. The former affliction involves a deterioration of metalinguistic operations, while the latter damages the capacity for maintaining the hierarchy of linguistic units.

The relation of similarity is essay, suppressed in the former, the relation of contiguity in the latter type of aphasia. Metaphor is alien to the similarity disorder, and metonymy to research the contiguity disorder. How Long. The development of bubbleology a discourse may take place along two different semantic lines: one topic may lead to another either through their similarity or through their contiguity. The metaphoric way would be the part, most appropriate for the first case and the metonymic way for the second, since they find their most condensed expression in metaphor and metonymy respectively. (pp. 57-58) We have, then, two polarities: metaphor and metonymy. Metaphor communicates by selection (a focus on the similarity between things) and metonymy by combination (a focus on bubbleology research paper, the association in time and space between things). Simile is a weaker form of metaphor (using like or as) and synecdoche is a weaker form of metonymy (in which a part stands for the whole, or vice versa).

These differences (and a number of planning for paragraphs and essays others, drawn from other sections of Jakobson's article) are shown in Table 4.4. According to Jakobson, one can determine a writer's style based on bubbleology research, how he or she uses these two rhetorical devices and which of these poles prevails. The distinction has relevance for any symbolic process, as Jakobson (1988) explains: A competition between both devices, metonymic and metaphoric, is manifest in any symbolic process, be it interpersonal or social. With Learning Disabilities. Thus in an inquiry into research paper, the structure of dreams, the decisive question is whether the symbols and the temporal sequences are based on contiguity (Freud's metonymic displacement and synecdochic condensation) or on similarity (Freud's identification and symbolism). (p. How Long Gre. 60) It is relatively easy to analyze metaphors, Jakobson adds, but dealing with metonymy is much more difficult, and the process, which he says easily defies interpretation, has been relatively neglected. What makes things even more complicated is that we frequently find the research, two processes mixed up together. Thus, an image of a snake in a painting or advertisement can function metaphorically as a phallic symbol and metonymically as suggesting the snake in the Garden of disabilities Eden.

This reference to Eden has a historic aspect to it, which leads us to our next set of bubbleology research concepts, synchronic analysis and diachronic analysis. Synchronic Analysis and Diachronic Analysis. Ferdmand de Saussure (1966) makes a distinction between static (synchronic) and evolutionary (diachronic) linguistics, a distinction that we now apply to assignment modes of analyzing texts and cultural phenomena: All sciences would profit by indicating more precisely the co- ordinates along which their subject matter is aligned. Everywhere distinctions should be made. ..between (1) the research, axis of simultaneities . which stands for the relations of coexisting things and essays gre from which the intervention of time is excluded; and (2) the axis of successions . on which only one thing can be considered at a time but upon which are located all the things on the first axis together with their changes. (pp. 79-80) Saussure further explains the research paper, difference between these two perspectives by suggesting that we imagine a plant.

If we make a longitudinal cut in on children with learning, the stem of the plant, we see the fibers that constitute the plant (p. 87), but if we make a transverse cut (that is, a cross-sectional cut), we see the fibers in a certain relationship to one another-which we do not see when we look at the longitudinal cut. Thus the perspective one takes, synchronic or diachronic, affects what one sees. The differences between synchronic analysis and diachronic analysis are shown in Table 4.5. A person cannot deal with something from both synchronic and research diachronic perspectives at the same time, Saussure adds, but both perspectives are necessary; Saussure makes this distinction as part of an argument for studying linguistics from a synchronic as well as a diachronic perspective. Instant in Time.

relations in a system. analysis is the pay to, focus. relations in time. development the focus. Let us consider how the distinction between synchronic analysis and diachronic analysis applies to the study of media and popular culture. Bubbleology. A person can focus on the way a given phenomenon, such as MTV or rap music, has evolved, or he or she can focus on the phenomenon at a given point in time, or he or she can use one perspective and then the other-bul one person cannot take both perspectives at the same time. Should Be On Gre. This notion that the two approaches are mutually exclusive is similar to bubbleology research paper the figure and ground phenomenon involved in an often-seen optical illusion: a picture of planning forms for paragraphs two silhouetted profiles that can be seen instead as the silhouette of research a vase.

One can look either at on children disabilities, the figure and see the vase or at the ground and see the bubbleology research, faces, but one cannot see both at on children disabilities, the same time. The approach a person takes, synchronic or diachronic, depends on what he or she is trying to discover-in this example, about MTV or rap music. Bubbleology Research Paper. If taking the synchronic view, the person would look at MTV or rap at a given point in forms, time and paper try to relate it to cultural, social, and political matters. If taking the diachronic perspective, he or she would examine the way MTV or rap has evolved over the years, important figures in MTV or rap, and that kind of thing. Another way an investigator might look at rap music involves its relation to other forms of African American expression, such as the doubles, in which case he or she would be looking at it in terms of its historical connections. Semiotics and semiology focus our attention on how people generate meanings--in their use of essays disabilities language, in their behaviour (body language, dress, facial expression, and so on), and in creative texts of all kinds. Everyone tries to make sense of human behaviour, in bubbleology research paper, our everyday lives, in the novels we read, in the films and television shows we see, in the concerts we attend, in sports events we watch or participate in--humans are meaning-generating and meaning-interpreting animals, whatever else we are. We are always sending messages and always receiving and interpreting the messages others send us. How Long Essays Be On Gre. What semiotics and semiology do is research, provide us with more refined and sophisticated ways of interpreting these messages-and of sending them.

In particular, they provide us with methods of analyzing texts in cultures and cultures as texts.

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college applications Avery DiUbaldo is one of six seniors at Cherry Creek High, a public school in bubbleology research Denver, who are blogging about their college searches. Los Angeles, along with New York, is popularly seen as the prototypical “make-it-or-break-it” town for actors, where young thespians go to pursue their dreams — at the risk of a long-term career in waiting tables. It’s fitting, then, that L.A. is where I went to pay to do school assignment, perform my university auditions, completing my application process and placing my academic future entirely in the hands of roughly a dozen program directors. Half of my eight auditions were held in the Westin Hotel, near Los Angeles International Airport, where my family and I were staying for the weekend. Surrounded by other theatrical hopefuls, it was hard to avoid sizing up the competition. Bubbleology! More than once I caught myself eying a nearby member of planning forms for paragraphs and essays, my audition group and wondering if he looked like an actor who would be good with Shakespeare. It wasn’t rare to hear students try to research paper, outdo one another with their carefully selected audition pieces: “Oh, my monologue is from silent spring, ‘Electra,’ by Giraudoux. It’s quite obscure; you’ve probably never heard of it.” Snapshot of One College’s Admissions Process.

Jacques Steinberg, of The Choice blog, discusses the research paper college admission process on the today Show. By None None on Publish Date February 16, 2011. The segment linked above, which was broadcast this morning on NBC’s “Today” show, takes viewers behind the closed doors of the admissions process at Grinnell College in Iowa. Grinnell, which has received nearly 3,000 applications for ks3 an incoming freshman class of research, about 400, follows an intensive, holistic process similar to those used at dozens of other selective (and in some cases fiercely competitive) colleges, both public and private. For those readers of The Choice only paper beginning to learn about bubbleology research paper how a college selects a class, the writing a history “Today” piece conveys a lot of precious information in only a few minutes — including the notion of how difficult it is for us, as outsiders, to bubbleology paper, understand why a particular candidate was selected, and another was rejected. As the segment emphasizes, the reasons behind such calls are not always knowable — though it’s clear that admissions committees consider such elements as the rigor of an disabilities applicant’s high school curriculum, his or her commitment to at least one extracurricular activity, the diversity the candidate would bring to campus and research the portrait that emerges from essays and recommendations. Antoinette Machiaverna, a “Today” producer who was given rare access to the hearings of an admissions committee, shot the piece this month, while I was on with learning, campus reporting an research paper article about Chinese admissions at Grinnell.

I also appeared as a guest on “Today” after the segment was shown. “Today” has also posted an extended interview with Seth Allen, Grinnell’s dean of admission and financial aid, that is worth a look. A College Opts Out of the Admissions Arms Race. In an era in which universities are expected to draw more and more applicants each year — as if they were Fortune 500 companies being forced to show annual profits — Ursinus College, a liberal arts institution outside of Philadelphia, would seem to spring research paper, have little reason to celebrate this year. Applicants for this fall’s freshman class have plunged by 1,700 — or nearly a third — when compared with last year at this time. And yet, Richard DiFeliciantonio, the bubbleology research paper university’s vice president of enrollment, said in an interview on Monday that the drop was not only welcome but deliberate, after a five-year period in do school assignment which Ursinus saw its applications nearly triple. “You know as well as I that those numbers aren’t real,” Mr. DiFeliciantonio said by research, phone from the be on gre school’s campus in Collegeville, Pa. “People count anything that moves as an paper application. Everyone is going up 10 percent every year for 20 years. It’s absurd.”

“At some point,” he added, “the credibility of those numbers is pay to do school questionable.” Mr. DiFeliciantonio readily admits that Ursinus, until this year, was only paper happy to let itself be swept up in the admissions arms race. ‘Hi Professors!’ Chinese Applicants Flood American Colleges. In an article just posted on do school assignment, The Times’s Web site, I write about how an research influx of applications to American universities from China is being received in the admissions office at Grinnell College in Iowa. At Grinnell, for how long should be on example, nearly 1 of every 10 applications for the freshman class that will be seated next fall is from China. In choosing which Chinese students to bubbleology research, admit — perhaps 15 out of a pool of more than 200 — the admissions officers at and essays Grinnell face an arguably harder task than in sizing up American applicants, which is tough enough. It’s not just that half the Chinese applicants to Grinnell have a perfect score on paper, the math portion of the spring SAT. Many have been told by outside counselors, or agents, that they should pay upwards of $1,000 to compile, glossy, full-color, bound biographical dossiers that tell the bubbleology research stories of their young lives.

Plea to Expand Enrollment at Top Colleges. 9:28 a.m. Writing Essay! | Updated The authors have written a follow-up post, in response to some of your many comments. It can be read here. Sandy Baum, professor emerita of economics at Skidmore College, and Michael McPherson, president of the bubbleology research Spencer Foundation, which finances education research, returned from a recent admissions conference at the University of Southern California, still talking about an idea that, they had suggested to the participants, might ease the pressures on how long should essays gre, those seeking seats at the nation’s most prestigious colleges. “We invited the bubbleology paper assembled admissions leaders” — who included Bill Fitzsimmons of Harvard, Jeffrey Brenzel of Yale, and Richard Shaw of Stanford — “to consider one simple and obvious step toward relieving the pressure: expand your enrollment,” they write on the Web site of The Chronicle of Higher Education. The immediate response? Applications Rise (Yet Again) at Dozens of Selective Colleges. No one can ever say for sure why applications rise (or fall) at a particular college or university in essays be on a particular year.

Sometimes institutions make their own luck, deciding to blanket a high school graduating class with come-ons to apply; other times, the research paper buzz may spread virally, taking on a life of forms and essays, its own. In compiling the chart above — which documents the change in applications this year, compared with last, at nearly 100 colleges and bubbleology universities that responded to queries we sent by e-mail — The Choice is seeking to help applicants put their own submissions in some statistical context. The 5,146 students who applied for the next freshman class at Bates, for ks3 example, represent a 14 percent increase; the research paper 13,363 at Case Western, a spike of nearly 45 percent; the 9,337 at essays with Pepperdine, a jump of 17.4 percent. For the most part, we’re going to leave it to applicants, parents, counselors and admissions officers to draw their own conclusions about the reasons underlying the trends at research these institutions, and others. Readers are invited to pay to assignment, use the bubbleology research comment box below to provide any insight borne of personal experience.

One trend, though, does seem some obvious: the increase in applications reported by should be on, Columbia University (32 percent) and the University of bubbleology research, Michigan (18 percent, as the Feb. 1 application deadline looms) would seem, at least in part, to be a function of those institutions’ choosing to accept the Common Application this year for the first time. With that, the only other observation we will offer is that, yet again, the part sluggish economy and increasing cost of a college education appear to have done nothing to cool applicants’ interest in those institutions that, historically, have been among the bubbleology paper most difficult to get into. Colleges wishing to submit data to be considered for this list may do so by sending an e-mail to thecho[email protected] High School Juniors, Start Your Engines. Lee A. Pay To Do School Assignment! Culbertson, post graduate coordinator at bubbleology Cherry Creek High School. Ms. Culbertson is the post graduate coordinator at Cherry Creek High in Denver, which is the subject of a school-year-long series on The Choice.

Remember “Frogger,” the classic video game in which a successful player navigated frogs across a dangerous street, avoiding oncoming traffic and catastrophes, safe and sound? That’s what applying to college can feel like. Juniors are already itching and beginning to ask, “What should I be doing now?” Remember, “College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won” (Frank Sachs, the essays be on Blake School). When you make a list of colleges that you’d like to explore, consider investigating what is most important to bubbleology, you, and then begin to draft your preliminary list. Set aside (for now) where your friends are applying, where your parents say you “should” go, and where you think you want to go because of the clout associated with the institution. One Dean’s Perspective on the Common Application. Bruce Poch, who has worked at institutions that accept the Common Application since its inception in planning forms and essays the mid-1970s, was appointed dean of admissions at bubbleology paper Pomona College in Claremont, Calif., in 1987. Since 1995, he has served as the pay to do school college’s vice president and dean of admissions, a position he will leave at the end of December.

I have worked with the Common Application as an admissions dean since its earliest days, when a mere 28 colleges were members of the organization. Let’s be clear: the glitch described in a Times article on Thursday does exist, and it is a headache both for students and for colleges — which actually do pay attention to bubbleology, the details of an essay or activities list. Paper Part! There is bubbleology paper no excuse for the problem to persist, “common” as it is. It can and should be fixed, not tolerated, and Common Application members should push very, very hard for the repair or move to writing, identify a new service provider. Application forms shouldn’t add stress to the admission process. Bubbleology Research! (Perhaps apart from writing those essays!) We know that efforts to make things easier in all things technologically related have not always had the desired result.

Anyone who has dealt with the limits of Web forms and standardization, even when filling in an address for disabilities shipping, finds that these truncation issues crop up in a world of bubbleology, unintended consequences. Writing Essay! We get frustrated. Fundamentally, the Common Application may have grown too big and bubbleology research paper too clumsy in its maturity, and in its urge to grow to become even more common. In the writing ks3 process, it has drawn in members that have, because of volume, had much influence on the development of bubbleology, application forms and formats. A Common Glitch in the Common Application. If you or your child has ever struggled with the “print preview” function of the how long should essays be on gre Common Application — which sometimes reveals that a short-answer essay that appeared to fit as it was entered into the form has now been cut off midsentence — you may want to look at an article just posted on The Times’s Web site. In it, several applicants discuss with me their frustration with this technological quirk, and Rob Killion, executive director of the Common Application, explains that a solution has thus far proven elusive. After you’ve read the full article, I hope you’ll use the comment box below to let us know what your experience has been like. You can also read the account that Caren Gerszberg, the mother of a high school senior and the “MomU” columnist of The Choice, wrote in November about her experience with this feature of the Common App. Six seniors at Cherry Creek High, a public school in Denver, blog their college searches. I was shaking off the icy December chill from bubbleology research, my stinging face as I returned home from school when I saw the silent spring research Knox College letter patiently awaiting my arrival on the kitchen counter.

Lungs filled with cement would have an easier time breathing than I did at that moment, and my heart was slamming feverishly into bubbleology research paper my rattling ribcage. Before the tsunami of panic could engulf me, I threw off my backpack, leaped for the letter, darted to my room and slammed the planning forms door. In my solitude, away from any family members who could peek over my shoulder, I sat clinging by the edge of my bed as I examined my precious mail. I flipped the bubbleology research paper letter over to the back and tore eagerly at its seal. I was hoping for the best, because Knox is not only one of my top picks, but also the college I’ve had my sights on for years.

However, I didn’t rule out the unpleasant possibility of rejection, reminding me to keep an emotional first aid kit available if needed. My quaking, inept fingers were not opening the envelope as briskly as I wished them to, resulting in my savagely gnawing at it with my teeth in do school blind, fuming impatience. I ripped the contents from the envelope so furiously that papers flew everywhere and crashed to bubbleology research paper, the floor in should gre a chaotic mess. I rocketed to my knees and flipped through the research paper disarray to pay to assignment, finally uncover a sheet with the golden words I had been waiting to hear: “Dear Sophia, your application for our fall 2011 class has been accepted!” Sweet victory!

Bathe in my rays of bubbleology paper, triumph! But that is not how this story ends.