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Gnvq business coursework

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Sample Resume Civil Engineer Resume. This article provides a sample resume format for those applying for the post of Civil Engineer. You can make use of this sample resume format while preparing your actual resume. Civil engineers act as liaison between various teams namely senior management, contractors, engineers and clients and should have sound knowledge on subject and efficient communication skills to business coursework present their points precise and effectively so that the work gets carried out efficiently. They must expertise with latest engineering tools and techniques to essayer faire dj carry out complex projects with ease and efficiency in stipulated time and gain satisfied customers for the organization. Their design skills must be excellent as it is based on gnvq business their design the whole project gets implemented. They also take the responsibility of monitoring the daily activities of their team to ensure that all tasks are done as per plan. They must have good understanding on costing techniques and calculations which would help the project cost to be kept a minimum without losing efficiency and mary shelleyx27s frankenstein essays there by help the organization to stand with budget planned and maintain their strength in gnvq business market. 280 Third Cross Street, Atlanta, Georgia- 40050. Email: (include Email Address) Have vast professional experience in Civil engineering. I have operated with diversified domain projects in Civil Engineering ranging from medium to algebra papers large scale industries which gave me an in depth understanding for handling various domain areas in Civil Engineering.

I have handled various critical and gnvq coursework challenging projects from design stage to implementation stage and ensured that the mary shelleyx27s, projects gets implemented as per specification in gnvq business stipulated time with quality. Having equipped and expertise with various latest engineering tools and techniques, cost evaluation techniques and essayer faire dj tools which I applied in gnvq business coursework my professional career to produce cost-effective solutions for the organization I worked with. Welfare Thesis! I can handle high pressure environments with ease and open mind and also a good team player. I have efficient communication skill to present my points precisely to listeners. Seeking to take up managerial position in the field of Civil Engineering and take challenging, creative and diversified projects. • B.S., Civil Engineering, Wales University,1994. • M.S., Civil Engineering, Wales University,1996. • Could operate effectively with Microsoft office tools namely word, excel, power point, access. • Have worked with various versions of Windows Operating system namely WinNT and Win 98. • Have sound knowledge on Dos applications and programming language C and C++ • Efficient management and organizational abilities. • Excellent written and communication skills in English. • Have good problem solving with analytic thinking. Business Coursework! • Open minded to work in complex environment and projects. • Have got best student award in welfare thesis Civil Engineering from University of business, Wales. Senior Engineering Consultant. I took the whole project management as Senior Engineering Consultant and was responsible for bringing the project from design stage to final implementation stage. I monitored and ensured that the development is done as per the specification without violating government standards. I coordinated and supervised engineers, contractors, staffs under me and made the welfare thesis, process clear that I get the report of daily activity of each staff by end of day.

I used cost evaluation techniques and calculations and ensured that the project cost is kept the minimum without losing quality and efficiency. As a consultant I worked with diversified projects in civil engineering namely projects related to residential, commercial and also industrial projects. This gave me in depth understanding on business areas on all these areas. I used separate approach and techniques for each domain as the rules, code and costing technique for each project differs. I am a good team player and thereby could work well with the business coursework, team of selected, builders, contractors and management and could implement the development as per design standards with quality and efficiency in stipulated time. Senior Civil Engineer.

As a Senior Civil Engineer I took up complex engineering projects in the organization. I used specialized engineering tools and techniques to efficiently solve the complex projects in a professional approach. I also provided technical guidance in Civil Engineering area and also trained other engineers in my team and took the responsibility of delivering the final project with quality on time. Business! Designed and implemented an industrial plant project for a big pharmaceutical Industry. This system has various complex and shelleyx27s essays challenging areas for designing and implementing namely designing plant for removal of waste products from the industry, efficient way for preventing air pollution from the gnvq, pharmaceutical Industry. Shelleyx27s! I took up these challenging designs and put my effort and efficiently and effectively finished the project in the stipulated time and thereby satisfied customers. I used various statistical and engineering techniques to handle the engineering projects given to gnvq me by my senior engineers. And Criminal Justice Essay! I also underwent training on handling complex engineering techniques and tools which gave an in depth understanding to gnvq coursework solve complex problems with ease and efficiency. Welfare Thesis! Click here to Download Sample Civil Engineer Resume (MS-Word) comments.

Editorial Team at Exforsys is gnvq business a team of IT Consulting and Training team led by Chandra Vennapoosa.

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IELTS Writing Tips: 10 Sentences to gnvq business, Avoid. Below are some common sentences and phrases to avoid in IELTS writing task 2. These sentences have been overused in algebra papers IELTS essay writing or are considered to be learned expressions which are not accepted by the examiner. IELTS writing task 2 is an academic essay but it is also a test of your English language. You can’t cheat by learning sentences and writing them in your essay. The examiner is gnvq coursework, trained to spot sentences which are not typical of your level of English. Phrases to Avoid in your IELTS Essay.

This essay will discuss both sides and give an opinion at the end. This sentence is poor because it is email, used for the thesis statement but contains no main points. It is a memorised sentence of 15 words. It only repeats the gnvq, instructions but adds no information to the essay. Try to avoid using such sentences and just present your answer clearly. Another similar sentence is “I shall put forth my arguments to support my views in the following paragraphs” which should also be avoided. Don’t forget that while these sentences might be fine for a usual academic essay, they are not appropriate for an English language test. With the development of science and modern technology… Many students use this expression to start their essay.

It is only suitable to use if the essay is about science and technology. It is welfare thesis, overused and business confusing for the reader if the topic is not science or technology. You don’t need any expression to start your introduction, just paragraph the essay question directly. Learn how to write an introduction for writing task 2. In the modern era, … / Since the dawn of time …. This is overused in mary shelleyx27s frankenstein essays introductions. Most essay questions are about current issues so you don’t need to put in a time frame unless it is about an issue in the past compared to the present. “Since the dawn of time…” is not a relevant statement for most IELTS issues and should be avoided. Gnvq Business Coursework! Some students also use “Nowadays” to start their essay. Shelleyx27s Essays! Again this is overused. Gnvq Coursework! Try to avoid these phrases and just paraphrase the information given by IELTS.

This is a highly controversial issue. Most essay questions in IELTS are not controvesial. Controversial means that it is deeply debated and causes strong feeling, for example “the death penalty” which results in a person’s death is controversial but “watching sport on TV or playing it” is not controversial. Dissertation! 99% of all essay questions in IELTS will not be controversial so don’t use this phrase. Also be careful writing “highly debatable” as this is also overused. This is a sentence which is used too often. It would be better to gnvq, write “The most important aspect…” or “One of the key issues is…” as they are more natural to use in writing. For example, a recent study from the dissertation, IMF showed that… / Research indicates that… The examples you give in IELTS writing task 2 do not need to come from published sources or known research. They can just be an business coursework, example of a situation: “For instance, the majority of essays, working people do not …” Avoid learning opening phrases to common sentences. It can broaden a person’s horizons.

I have seen this written in so many essays and so have examiners. It would be better to write about “learning more”, “opening their mind to something” or “developing deeper understanding of something”. Business! Don’t learn sentences, just write naturally. There are good grounds to argue in favour of… / It cannot be denied that… This is another example of a learned phrase to avoid. Dj! It would be better to write more naturally “One reason that X is gnvq coursework, important / crucial …”.

Using more natural language avoids the mary essays, examiner thinking you are memorising phrases. Also the phrase “it cannot be denied” is very much overused and mostly used incorrectly. “It cannot be denied” means it is 100% fact but most essay contain opinions which are not fact. Therefore, avoid this phrase. Many students use this idiom to start their conclusion. It is gnvq, informal and not appriopriate to and criminal, use in IELTS essay writing. To learn how you can start your conclusion, follow the link. … the business coursework, aforementioned arguments offer insights into vindications for the impression that… This is a typical sentence that should be avoided in a conclusion. You only email need to gnvq, restate the papers, main points clearly without using learned phrases. If you would like to add any sentences to the list above, please post them in the comments box below. Other Useful Pages for IELTS Writing.

Develop your IELTS skills with tips, lessons, free videos and more. I’ve been learning a lot from your website and I really thank you for that. I have a few questions about coursework, Writing Part 2 though. 1. Some IELTS websites advise test takers to write complex sentences to achieve higher band scores. Faire! In some others we are told to use simple sentences that are easy to be understood. Since I do need quite a high score (7+) for Writing, what would you suggest?

I’d like to gnvq, go with simple sentences but at the same time concerned I might end up with a low band score. 2. For the question. ” Improved medical care has proven to provide a lot of papers, benefits, one of them is longer life expectancy. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?” How do I know if I should write about the advantages of improved medical care OR longer life expectancy? Thank you in advance #128578; The aim of writing is to avoid errors in grammar and vocabulary. All errors will lower your score. Yes, you need complex sentences to hit band 7 but you also need to reduce errors to gnvq business coursework, hit band 7. Algebra Research! So, if your English isn’t strong, don’t attempt complex sentences. I see. I’ll make sure to gnvq, do a lot more practise tests to understand that.

Thank you for your advice and I hope you continue helping so many of us out here. “Apropos of this statement, I am in consummate discord/accord with it” Is it correct or suitable to algebra research papers, use this sentence in essay? NEVER memorise phrases in IELTS!! All right…thnku soo mcchh#128522;

We were taught about using ” this essay will discuss both sides and give an opinion on this matter”. I just found that its not good to gnvq coursework, use as a thesis statement. Can you pls give me an example of how to present this kind of thesis statement in my own original way. Thanks a lot for your help Liz. See this page: and then review all my tips and model essays on welfare thesis this page: For detailed training, get my advanced lessons which are excellent and explain everything clearly: Dear Liz, I see that ‘controversial’ should be avoided in IELTS essay,can I write’…remains a issue that people have mixed feelings about’ . I’ll be so happy to receive your reply and it will help me a lot! The word “controversial” is fine to use when the gnvq, issue truly is controversial, such as abortion or the death penalty. Chair! However, the majority of IELTS writing task 2 and speaking topics are not controversial. Gnvq! This is about using vocabulary appropriately and avoiding learning phrases. hello Liz, i am preparing for the ielts test in september.i have a doubt regarding conclusion linking word can we use-“That being said”

No, that is informal and the IELTS essay must have formal language. Can you tell me how many paragraphs should be there in WT2. Thank you so much for welfare thesis sharing such a wonderful post, does this rule applies to the General writing as well? Thanks for your valuable advice. Yes. All my writing task 2 tips are for business coursework GT and Academic students. my compliments for and criminal your site! I wold like to gnvq, have your advice if words like “having in consideration… or bringing up children… ” to start an algebra papers, introduction can be effective? Thank you very much! Just paraphrase the topic given to you. Don’t pre-learn phrases to put in your introduction.

hi liz,(from the dawn of civilization the issue matter of…….)i can start introduction use this sentence. agree and disagree essay. No, the examiner knows it isn’t your English and that you learned it in gnvq business coursework order to put it in your essay – in nearly all and every essay. It’s used by welfare thesis so many students around the world. Don’t use it. You don’t need it. Does this mean that IELTS examiners are, to some extent, giving different marks on how often they see particular expressions/vocabularies rather than purely considering 4 criteria (Cohesion/Task Response/Grammar/Vocabulary)?

To me, it is more straight forward and fair, that no matter how often they see a particular expression, this does not affect the gnvq business coursework, score negatively as long as the essay satisfy above 4 aspects…. but I am bit confused if this is the email, case that examiner marks in gnvq business coursework a manner that changes upon just how frequently he/she sees the expression on even other examinees’ essays….just my thought. Thank you for justice your helpful materials! The reason for this problem is business, because people memorise particular phrases to use to increase their score. Resume! You are marked on your ability to adapt sentences and phrases to the particular task and issue, not memorise generalised phrases to get a higher score. One phrase suits all issues isn’t going to gnvq business, work in a language test. Another problem is that students think if they learn a particular phrase this will give them a chance for a higher score. The aim of this lesson and advice is not to rely on learned phrases to boost your score.

Can I still use the word ‘nowaday’ when paraphrasing the essay question, says ‘in recent years’? The word is “nowadays” with an “s” and it is one of the most overused words to start an introduction, particularly for Vietnamese students. Try to avoid it. Good afternoon teacher ! Please teach me how to paraphrase the Question from Ietls topics , i try to learn from many websites but it doesnt work at welfare thesis all. When i got the new topic from business, my tutor , i can not write even 1 word. I have nothing in my mind. Part of your IELTS preparation is essayer dj, developing ideas for topics. This is something you do for yourself. Business Coursework! You can google ideas and visit debate websites as well as read model essays online to dissertation chair selected, use their ideas (not their sentences, just the ideas). See this page about writing an gnvq business coursework, introduction: I am really confused about using contraction in essayer faire dj writing test in ielts or not.Its clear from your videos that we got high band if we use contractions in speaking, but waht about writing ? For example, should we use I’m, I ‘d, can’t , don’t, i’ll or these are not expected while writing for ielts test.

Contractions are informal so you can’t use them in writing. Unless you are doing GT test and you get an informal letter for task 1. Is it possible to use contractions in gnvq business coursework the Speaking test? Yes, of welfare thesis, course. IELTS speaking is informal and contracts are a great pronunciation features that will help your score. Hi Liz, your website is great. I have my IELTS exam on 25th Feb(day after tomorrow).

I feel like I am not well prepared, but I am still hoping for the best! I have been following your website for about a week now and gnvq business it has really helped me a lot to algebra research papers, understand the business, tricks and techniques for IELTS. However, I feel sometimesit is really diffcult to find an information. Welfare Thesis! It would be great if the links were more organized and categorized. Hope you don’t mind.

This is just a constructive criticisim. All information can be found on business coursework the main pages which are accessed through the red bar at the top of the website. Email Resume! Here is the link for the main writing task 2 page: and this is the page for gnvq business coursework information about the test: Welfare Thesis! Let me know if this is what you are looking for? I wanted to ask about the idioms. In 1 of your lessons, u say that idioms are not suitable to use in writing. why is that? what if i use an idiom (a common 1) to increase the word count. Business Coursework! Will i be penalized for that? Idioms are informal and not suitable for faire writing task 2. So, yes, it would lower your score to use inappropriate language.

However, you can use some idiomatic language such as “key to …” Hello Liz! First of all, I’d like to thank you for gnvq coursework everything you do! Your site is real treasure for everyone who prepares for chair selected IELTS. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I wanted to ask you, in order to get high score on writing, what kind of sentences should i use in Writing Task 2. You said complex sentences, passive voice…and what else? Should i use conditionals? Thanks in advance. Look forward. You should use a range of tenses.

Using second conditionals is gnvq business coursework, something most students should do. You can use prefect tenses, noun phrases, clauses – anything to show your range of grammar and your accuracy as well. See my advanced lessons to psychology and criminal essay, learn more about the techniques for gnvq coursework a high score: How can i improve my grammer?I m really really struggling with it. Pleaseguide me.

I have checked my essay with some tutors. I am cosulting different website. Welfare Thesis! But still problem. Problems with grammar relate to gnvq coursework, English, not to IELTS. You need to find an English language teacher who can help you improve your English. your teaching in this website is very useful. Thank you very much. I am struggling to get 7 in Writing, so I thought and planed to use a prepared structure.

my spellings are the worst. Can you please give your thoughts on that? thanks very much again. Having poor spelling with certainly be a problem for the criteria of vocabulary. You will need to practice writing essays and then review the spelling of research, all common vocabulary you use. Also consider getting one of my advanced writing task 2 lessons which explain in depth the techniques needed for a high score: Thanks very much Liz. My concern to you is while writing conclusion in Academic writing Task 2,is it useful to say,”From aforementioned cases and argument,we come to know that…..” in this way is it the right way to gnvq, express? Don’t learn phrases to impress the examiner.

Hi Liz,if I should avoid these phrases in writing ,what shall I supposed to chair selected, write? You express your ideas using your own language, in your own words rather than sentences memorised for a high score. i have some problem about writing task 2 , Thanks for gnvq coursework your great help in our study. I have a question : Is it possible if we use imperative sentence in dissertation selected IELTS Writing essay task 2? Thanks for your support. That tense is not suitable for coursework IELTS essay writing. HI Liz I just wanna ask you if I want you to mark for me an essay is dissertation chair selected, that possible or not? Should I be formal in WT2? Like should I not use “sort of” or anything like that? Yes, you need to be formal.

Just came back to thank you for helping me pass ielts. God bless you. Thank you so much. That’s good news. Well done! Earlier today I paid to view your video lesson on Writing Task 2. Business Coursework! I have a receipt number from Pay Pal, but have received no email to inform me how to access the video. Help!

PS what I have seen of content, your site looks excellent. I’ve sent you an gnvq business, email. Please let me know if you need further help. I also agree that we should use natural and easy-to-understand language. But maybe some examiner thinks some big words in the essay can demonstrate the variety of vocabulary. Actually that’s a superficial habit. At no time do I state that students should use “easy to understand” language. This article is about avoiding learned phrases. This rule applies to all students, even band 9 students. Does appropriate display of good vocabulary helps the band score improve?

I came to know about your website. It seems useful and informative. Great work Ms. Liz. You MUST learn about the and criminal justice essay, band scores and gnvq business coursework how your writing is marked if you want to do well: If you need advanced lessons see this page: Thank you for welfare thesis your numerous guidance.

Please, may I ask for business other alternative phrases for research academic writing task 1 in providing an overview. I only gnvq business coursework know “OVERALL”. Please are there others as overall seems to be used most often by candidates? “Overall” is the best to us. This is not creative writing. It is a report and these are generally quite formulaic. What should i write to algebra research, start intro and body paragraphs except these 10 points. Can we use While recapitulating or To recapitulate in gnvq coursework the place of In conclusion, at the time of sum up of essay , pls respond. Just use “In conclusion” – it’s correct and appropriate even for band 9. i do want to selected, purchase an access for gnvq business your video, but i don’t have a credit card.

Is there a way for me to pay it bank to bank or at least in western union? thanks and regards. I am so sorry but there is not other payment option available at present. 1-Can I write in the second paragraph (no one can deny that _something general but related to the essay topic- )?? 2-can I write : everything has to sides and the ….. is not an exemption. 3- can I write :initially, there is an essayer dj, urgent need to shed the gnvq business coursework, spotlight on faire this topic which is …… thank you for your time . Do i need to put a title to my essay ? No, you don’t.

Just start writing your introduction directly. I had essays correction before , the teacher insisted to add academic examples in my essays by gnvq writing ( a recent study or research ) because other types of examples will not get high score , now I am a bit confused what to do . Please advise me . On the chair, 2nd point of your lesson on ‘Phrases to Avoid in your IELTS Essay’, you have written ” just paragraph the business, essay question directly…”. And Criminal Justice! Shouldn’t it have been ” just paraphrase the …” instead? Another question)) Is it possible to use conditionals in WT2? Is it rather a good or bad idea? I ofthen use it for making examples… It is a good idea to coursework, use a range of tenses in shelleyx27s IELTS writing task 2. Using conditionals is common. Go through my model essays and gnvq business see the range of tenses I use. (Don’t worry about typos – I make plenty myself).

Than you for your reply! More questions every day )) I always meke mistakes in spelling wiwds with hyphen. For example, it seems impossible to essay, unredtand why CAR-PARK is with hyphen but FOOTBRIDGE is a comlete one word (i wrote is as two words). It always affects the listening score. May be you have some recomendations regarding this problem? Yes, that affects the coursework, score. Welfare Thesis! You need to gnvq business coursework, look online for a word list of compound nouns and start learning how they are written. i got 5 band in individual module in ielts exam how can i increase my score. You said that candidates should not use learnt phrases.

What do you think about papers, phrases and gnvq chunks like ‘One of the big disadvantages of smth, another advantage is’ Can we use them or not? And what do you mean by learnt phrases? Thank you in advance. Can we use some phrases in conclusion,like: after hashing out both side,in compendium,in the eleventh hour. Don’t use learned phrases. The examiner can spot learned language and it will not be counted towards your score. Will The phrases i mentioned above be considered as learned language or not mam? I already answered this.

You can’t use learned phrases – yes, they are learned, unnatural phrases. It is selected, very common to write a phrase “Looking forward to hearing from business, you” in IELTS GT writing task 1 (letter writing). Is it OK to use this sentence or if not, what would be the better way to resume content, rephrase the same ? You use this for formal letters not for gnvq business personal letters. Use it when you need a response, for example you are hoping to chair selected, get a refund for something. Deeply thanks for your priceless lesson Pro. Gnvq Coursework! Liz. And can you give us another lessons of Writing Task 2(Body Paragraph and and criminal Conclusion). This page is gnvq, about the conclusion. Welfare Thesis! Before you read it, follow the links to business, the body paragraphs.

I’ll try to essayer faire dj, put more such lessons up. Coursework! I have my test on 19september what should I do now for preparation. Start learning. Read all tips and information pages, watch the preparation video on my home page and then start doing the practice lessons. Dear Madam,It’s really interesting to take up the tips and essays guidance from you which are significantly applicable for my appearing at i.e.l.t.s.examination with much more confidence as well as integration. It would be highly enjoyable for me if i could take class directly by gnvq business coursework you.However,i will get myself concentrated to your tips and advice so that i can become successful for achieving my targeted band score.Wish you sound health and all the shelleyx27s frankenstein, best.Good night.Sincerely yours,Hassan.

Thanks for your help. Regarding the first phrase to avoid, I need to business coursework, know whether the following format is correct. I started my essay with a general statement and wrote that some people believe that ….and stated the first opinion and wrote that others feel that … and mentioned the second opinion and then for mary frankenstein the thesis statement I wrote” in this essay I will discuss both opinions and give mine at the conclusion”. Is my thesis statement correct? No, your thesis statement is gnvq business, a learned phrase. You should have written your opinion in resume content the introduction as the thesis statement. I would like to thank you for your valuable and quick reply. I appreciate your effort as I thought that you would not be able to reply due to gnvq coursework, the huge amount of comments you receive daily. Dear Liz, thanks for welfare thesis providing such useful tips and tricks ………

I only wanted to ask you.. in writing task two, are we obliged to write a refutation paragraph … if yes in which case ….. thanks in gnvq advance O If you are asked to dj, give your opinion, the your whole essay focuses on only that – nothing more. If you are asked to discuss both sides, you must do that. Just follow the instructions. How does it affect your score when you do not mention any examples in task 2 in writing test? It doesn’t affect your score. It is business coursework, your choice how you explain and selected support your ideas. You are an coursework, angel – thank you so much for helping us to avoid hackneyed phrases! Will you please advice what will be alternative sentences/phrases can be use instead these mentioned above?

The idea is not to learn sentences so I won’t give alternatives to memorise. Each sentence should be unique to the essay question and topic. Thanks for the clarifications. Hi Liz I got 6,5 several times in writing my problem is that I need 7 to pass ,What is the magic recipe? many thanks for your useful website. The reasons people don’t get 7 are mainly due to technique and it is faire dj, very lengthy to explain. Gnvq! I can only suggest you buy one of my writing lessons from my online course to content, see exactly what you need to do.

The lessons are long and detailed: Dear Liz, thank you for all your advices here in your page, it was very helpful for me to do my IELTS test last month and successfully I got the score I needed. Thank you so much. That’s really good news. Gnvq Business Coursework! I’m glad my blog is useful #128578;

Hello,will they give me some white paper to shelleyx27s essays, plan my essay and my report? I am from India. Want to know which method is more better, using a paraphrase either in introduction or conclusion. or we should write in our own ideas and thoughts. You paraphrase both the introduction and conclusion. But successful paraphrasing does not mean changing all words – just reformulate them. Nowadays in the world, it cannot be denied. Yes, avoid those phrases. I’ve added that to the list above. Dear Liz, is the business, word “add” incorrect? you wrote “I’ve add” or it is mistype? Please comment. I just get confused with the grammar bcz i take your english for etalon.

Thank you. Well spotted. My typing is terrible. I’ve just changed it. wow Liz thank you so much for this tips, it came in the exact moment cause I?m taking my test in the next few weeks. Some learned sen. ( since the dawn of time…., through out shelleyx27s frankenstein essays, history ) Thank you for your remider, because I thought I can write some examples and giving figures! This is especially about health and gnvq WHO related .. I hope to do well this time ! I’ve added that to faire, my list of phrases to avoid. Thanks #128578; You are a wonderful teacher . Thank you so much for sharing your amazing video,and useful comment. Nowadays, In toadays modernized era.

To commence with, To start, Firtly. On the gnvq business, other hand, On the dissertation, flip Side. To conclude, In Conclusion . You should use “In conclusion” or “On the other hand”, these are 100% correct to use in gnvq business coursework an formal essay for IELTS. They are clear linking words, please see here for the full list: However, you should try to avoid the others, particularly “on the flip side” which is informal and inappropriate for essay writing. Dear Liz, thank you so much for your guidance n ielts essay writing, that is resume content, really helpful for a beginner like me….I also need to know how to write an introduction in gnvq coursework writing part 1…if you please give tutorial on that it will also beneficial for me….#128522;

Current IELTS exam topics and questions: Share your IELTS test results. Answer to Reading Paraphrasing Lesson. Reading Skills for IELTS: Paraphrasing. Useful Links for resume IELTS Line Graphs in WT1. WT1 Table 30th Sept: To be completed.

IELTS Model Essays for September 2017. Hi, my name is Elizabeth (Liz). I'm an experienced IELTS teacher from the UK and a graduate of the gnvq coursework, University of London. I have been teaching for over 16 years and for the last 9 years I have specialised, exclusively, in IELTS. Dissertation Chair Selected! I have taught in a number of countries: England, Spain, New Zealand, South Korea, China and Vietnam, where I taught at gnvq coursework the British Council.

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1246 Words Essay on Youth and Politics in India. Gnvq Business Coursework! People between the age of 15 and welfare thesis, 35 constitute youth. Those in their teens among the youth are said to be of tender age. They are not considered experienced and business, knowledgeable enough to understand the complex world of politics . Chair! That is why some people believe that the youth should not take part in politics. But when the government reduced the age of business eligibility for dissertation selected casting vote from 21 to 18, the gnvq business coursework, message was quite clear: that the welfare thesis, youth should actively take part in the process of elections whereby the candidates are elected to form governments at the state as well as centre. India is the biggest democracy in the world. The real power lies in the hands of the people who elect the gnvq business, people who rule the welfare thesis, country. Gnvq Business! The basic principle of democracy is welfare thesis that it should have a wide participation by the people. The more is the percentage of voters out of the coursework, total population of the country, the stronger is the base of the democracy because the mandate given in the elections would have a popular sport. Papers! By making the age of coursework casting of vote as 18, the government brought crores of people within the ambit of active participation in elections thus giving a broad base to the democratic processes.

It also gave the message that our youth is mature and wise enough to understand their responsibility and they would give their mandate after carefully considering candidates#8217; capabilities. Being young, they are not swayed by the old systems of caste, creed and other orthodoxy which had been the bane of Indian politics for quite some time in dissertation selected the post-independence era. The government also seemed to have realised that it was important for gnvq coursework India#8217;s future to induct the youth in the democratic process at an early age. After all it is the youth who ultimately will become the stalwarts in politics and one day will hold the reins in their hands. There has been much debate and discussion in various circles across the country on whether the youth should take part in politics.

Image Source : Many people believed that the youngsters being of a tender age do not fully comprehend the intrigues connected with politics for which it is often called a dirty game. If the youth get entangled in political activities, they will lose direction and purpose. And Criminal Justice Essay! Another fear was that the politics is dominated by middle-aged and old people. If the youth also enter the arena, there will be an atmosphere of gnvq coursework rivalry.

Belonging to different generations, there is essay a possibility of generation gap, misunderstanding and even rejection of one age group of the other those who of the opinion that those among the youngsters who are students and at the threshold of some career will suffer immensely if they go astray. Gnvq Business Coursework! If they start missing their classes and take part in meetings and selected, rallies, they will be left behind in their career. Being immature and inexperienced about the demands of life they may put to a great loss in their life at a later stage after having lost valuable time as students. It is necessary to have a look at the situation prevailing in colleges and universities where elections are held every year for the posts of gnvq business President, Secretary, Treasurer and other office bearers. The atmosphere is full of welfare thesis political rivalries and intrigues near the elections. There is canvassing campaign among the students presenting the qualities and gnvq coursework, plans of the respective candidates. The university elections have assumed huge importance as national parties like Congress, BJP and others have started taking active part in these elections and fielding their candidates, rather giving their party label to the candidates. The people who not like these elections to be given such a huge dimension have based their views on the fact that several times these elections have turned ugly with incidents of violence. The colleges and the universities become battlefields with rival groups of students attacking each other.

Heavy police deployment at times is unable to stop them because the police hesitate to use force against the tender-aged students. But the problem is that many bad elements are always ready to take advantage of justice essay such volatile situations. They abet innocent youth to use violent methods to achieve their ends. The students often are not aware that they are being taken advantage of. Some idlers also join the election campaign to get some name and fame and also some money. It becomes difficult for the authorities to distinguish between the genuine campaigners and goonda elements. Gnvq Coursework! If some action is taken against anyone, the students go on strike whereby the cause of education and their own career is greatly harmed. That is essayer faire dj why people say that the students should stay away from politics. Their duty is to acquire knowledge, get education and gnvq business, seek some good career to become self-dependent and a support for their parents.

Apart from the welfare thesis, college and university campuses, other places in towns and cities, especially the public places become centres of discussion on politics. Many idlers gather there and make various kinds of strategies and business coursework, plans. India is a place where some kind of algebra papers election or the other is coursework always nearby-from Parliament elections to Panchayat elections. Therefore these idlers are never short of material for discussion. Some of them have access to local heads, MLAs, village chief, block presidents and members of essays Zila Parishad. These politicians use these idle youths to grind their political axe. They are often paid to become their informers and act according to their advice.

As such the atmosphere in villages, towns and small cities is always soaked in what is known as local politics. Few people think about doing some productive work for the benefit of society and country. Politics teaches the youth to steal the limelight by hook or crook and encash it in some forthcoming election. The youth also include people who are not students, but are engaged in some job or enterprise. For them to take part in politics is gnvq coursework more of a matter of interest rather than getting some position in a political party. Only a small number among them ever give a serious thought of becoming a party worker, attending meetings and taking part in campaigns. However, in our country there is a cult of succession in politics. In Nehru family, the youth have been inducted in active politics-from Indira Gandhi to Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi. Some people oppose this cult while others hail it. There can be a long discussion on email, whether the politicians should be allowed to sustain this cult. But we can say with a considerable degree of consensus that the young, adults or old and established politicians should not be stopped from business taking part in active politics until they do not take undue advantage of their parentage and position.

Being the citizens of algebra papers a democratic nation they have every right to become active politicians. They better understand the gnvq, political atmosphere in the country and are well aware of the demands of politics. The youth inducted into politics have matured into great leaders. Young people are not only enthusiastic and energetic but are also full of new ideas. They are able to instil freshness in the political affairs of their respective region as well as the nation. We can conclude by saying that today#8217;s youth are highly intelligent and educated.

They have a high awareness level. If they take part in politics, they will enrich it with their new ideas. Welcome to! Our mission is to and criminal essay provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. Before publishing your Essay on this site, please read the following pages:

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Compare and Contrast Marx, Durkheim and Weber. Compare and Contrast Marx, Durkheim and Weber. 1. Compare and gnvq business coursework contrast Marx, Durkheim and Weber’s analysis of law. Need essay sample on selected Compare and Contrast Marx, Durkheim and Weber ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for business coursework, you for only $12.90/page. The analysis of law provided in the works of Marx, Durkheim and dissertation chair selected Weber is greatly influenced by the theories of the scientists. According to Marx, laws have been designed to serve the interests of capitalism and business coursework the ruling class of essayer dj, capitalists. They are able to oppress the working class with the help of the laws which exist in the society. Every single law which regulates the relations in the society is created in order to further increase the gap between the ruling class and the working class.

Working people get poorer and poorer the more they produce because capitalists take the surplus value which they create. Laws let capitalists obtain the profits which are originated by companies. Even though working people would probably like to change the law and be capable to benefit from the results of their own work, they are not able to do that because they do not have enough power. It is possible to regard Marx’s views on law in 2 ways: from the positivist perspective, according to which law is created in order to reflect subjective interests of the coursework, capitalist class, and from the objective perspective. Dj! As the positivist approach argues, capitalists have their own subjective perceptions of the society and thus the laws are being used in order to put their subjective views on the paper. Capitalists have their views on the ways in which they would like to see the world they live in. They do their best to ensure that the laws are adopted to regulate the society according to the most favorable pattern for them. It is also possible to interpret Marx’s views on law from the objective perspective. According to it, law also serves the interests of business coursework, capitalists but it appears as the result of the objective process. Capitalists dominate in the society and therefore the trends in legislation which serve their interests are fully objective. It is understandable that legislation needs to reflect the interests of the ruling class, and therefore this process is fully objective.

Max Weber has very different views on law, in essayer comparison with Marx. According to Weber, law does not reflect subjective interests of the capitalist class or objective characteristics of capitalist society. There is no class which determines the coursework, features of the legislation. All of the mary frankenstein, people in business the society are parts of the same machine which functions only when all of the parts are in order. As Weber states, modern society is mary, what actually determines the law ruling in the society. In the business, modern society, bureaucracy determines all of the elements of regulation.

Modern organizations are all characterized by bureaucracy. It is chair selected, present on all levels of the organizations. In bureaucratic organizations decisions are made by gnvq business coursework the management and forwarded to the employees on essayer dj lower level. All of the people working for such organizations are similar to parts of a peculiar machine. They need to fulfill certain functions and certain responsibilities, without which the whole machine will fall apart. Employees are generally unable to gnvq business make decisions on their own because they mostly have to justice essay follow the instructions of management. Coursework! Creativity is dj, not encouraged and empowerment of employees is prohibited. All of the bureaucratic organizations function according to a peculiar system of law which is common for all of the organizations of a kind. All of the decisions made in companies are fully rational. Gnvq! There is no place for subjective opinions in them because rationality rules the society.

There is also no place for personalization in such a society. And Criminal Justice! Every person is just a part of the machine. He is not an gnvq business individual; he is chair, only a part of the large society. All of the people are thus considered to be similar to one another and thus capable to function according to the same rules. Max Weber argues that in the society in which bureaucracy rules there is no place for emotions in business coursework legislation. In the welfare thesis, feudal society, the ruler did not have to use only gnvq coursework, rationality in psychology his decisions. When he had to make a decision of gnvq business coursework, executing a particular person, he was able to listen to his emotions and rely on them to carry out the decision. The ruler was able to change his standards depending on dissertation selected the kind of person he had to make a decision about and rely on his instincts. In the modern society, emotions completely disappeared from legislative process. People working in gnvq coursework court, in social institutions or any other organizations are not able to make decisions based on their personal perceptions. They have to follow the rules and the guidelines which exist in the society.

For example, if some person applies for a loan at the bank, the loan officer is no longer able to give a loan based on research papers his impression of a person. He has rules which determine whether he will agree to grant a loan to a person or not. He is not allowed to grant a loan to some person because he likes him and not grant a loan to another person whom he does not like. Instead, the loan officer needs to gnvq analyze the financial situation of both borrowers and welfare thesis make a decision based on financial information. The loan officer cannot make a positive decision due to the tears of a person or his sad story about his parents’ death. He needs to follow the instructions. The loan officer also cannot treat one person in one way and another person in another way. He has to be completely impartial and never forget his instructions. He is gnvq coursework, not the one who makes the instructions, but he is the one who is required to put them into chair practice. Managers of the organizations are the ones who constantly introduce new guidelines according to the general principles which exist in the society. Bureaucratic organizations do not really care about the quality of services which they provide to the people in the society.

Employees of such organizations care much more about the guidelines which they have to follow than the services which they can provide to customers. Such organizations also have constant competition with one another for domination in the society. For example, FBI competes with police and other organizations functioning in the same sphere, and when it comes to fulfilling their responsibilities, their employees will only gnvq coursework, try to make their own organization succeed. There are many cases when the interests of welfare thesis, such organizations intersect, and gnvq business coursework instead of cooperating and carrying out mutually accepted decisions, they try to act in the interest of their organization only. As Weber argues, bureaucratic rules and guidelines cannot be considered efficient for the society.

Depersonalization which is common for such a society can be very harmful. If Marx argues that law reflects the interests of the ruling class, Weber states that it reflects the interests of colorless members of the society who all have to behave according to the same pattern. Mary Shelleyx27s! Even though all of the people are different, they are forced to act according to the same pattern. Durkheim offers an interpretation of business coursework, law which is justice, different from Marx and gnvq coursework Weber. Welfare Thesis! According to him, law is an expression of collective conscience and gnvq business coursework index of morality. Durkheim connects the concept of law with his concept of social solidarity. According to the author, the society can be characterized by solidarity only resume, when it has law regulating all of the aspects of interactions between members in it. Law can thus be regarded as a peculiar symbol of social solidarity between people. To some extent, Durkheim agrees with Marx’s interpretation of law because he says that different societies are characterized by different law systems. Durkheim also argues that there are two types of law: “repressive” and “restutitive”. The first type imposes some kind of gnvq, damage on people who do not obey the law, while the second type only regulates some spheres of life (for example, civil law).

2. Compare and contrast Marx’s notion of `alienation` and Durkheim’s concept of `anomie`. Illustrate with examples. Marx’s concept of psychology justice, alienation and Durkheim’s concept of anomie are in many ways similar but they have many differences as well. According to Marx, in the capitalist society, people are estranged from the results of their work. They are forced to work but unfortunately they are not the ones to take advantage of the results of gnvq, their work. The owners of the factories, in which employees work, are the ones benefiting from the products which are created by the workers. Marx mentioned many times that such a society is characterized by and criminal justice essay alienation because workers are unable to take advantage of the results of their own work.

The society based on the concept of alienation is destined to fail because at some point the relations which have got established in it will stop working. Emile Durkheim also did his best to discuss why societies are often destined to fail. Durkheim has come up with his own term in order to describe the phenomena taking place in the society. As Durkheim stated, societies can be characterized by gnvq business both mechanic and organic solidarity. In societies characterized by mechanic solidarity, people perform simple functions and they do not need to resume have any sophisticated relationships between one another. The work which is being done by the members of the society is business coursework, very similar and thus does not require sophisticated control systems. In more complex societies, in which the members have much complicated functions, the role of control is very large. Such societies have a very firm system of norms which regulate them. If the society for some reason gets deregulated, the state of mary shelleyx27s frankenstein, anomie occurs. People are no longer regulated by the norms of the society and therefore they are capable to live according to their own norms.

The phenomenon of anomie is very similar for gnvq, societies which had to go through sudden changes and faire dj people did not have time to come up with new norms. The society cannot function normally when anomie occurs because people are no longer connected with the ties of solidarity. The similarities of the two concepts of “alienation” and “anomie” can be grouped in the following way: Durkheim and Marx both condemn economic individualism. Both Durkheim and Marx agreed in coursework the fact that individuals do not determine any events taking place in the society. As Durkheim mentioned, people are greatly influenced by the society in all of their actions. If the society rejects them, they are capable of even committing suicide.

Durkheim argued that all of the people in psychology and criminal essay the society are tied to coursework one another with very strong relationships based on the division of labor. If in primitive societies people did not have any complicated functions and it was possible for them to conduct their work on psychology and criminal their own, the realities of the present society completely reject individualism. Marx also condemned economic individualism. According to him, all of the workers represented a working class which was destined to deliver surplus value to the society. Economic individualism could not exist in the society which Marx was discussing. Both Durkheim and Marx offer a collectivist definition of man. Similar to the previous category, both authors agreed that there was no individualist definition of men. In the gnvq, modern era, people are destined to live in the society. They are greatly influenced by various norms and laws of the society. As Durkheim marked, every individual is now unable to work by himself, without being a part of the society.

He would simply be unable to achieve anything by working on welfare thesis his own without interacting with other society members. In the state of anomie, every person would be able to do whatever he liked to do, but this would cause chaos in the society. Marx also agrees with the fact that men need a collectivist definition. Business Coursework! Alienation which occurs in the society is common for all of the faire dj, members of the working class, not just every individual by himself. Both Marx and Durkheim attack dominant institutions and gnvq values of modern society. As Durkheim states, current dominant institutions in the society do not lead people to right decisions. For example, they give messages which are either difficult to interpret or contradictory ones. People are unable to decide which values are actually important for research, the society. When the state of anomie in the society occurs, people are no longer capable to determine which norms they should be using from now on. They are completely lost/ Marx agrees with Durkheim in the fact that dominant institutions in gnvq business the society are incapable to provide adequate support to the classes of the society.

Even if some of the norms are generally considered very favorable, in welfare thesis reality they are favorable only for the dominant class. The working class does not receive the benefits which he deserves from the society due to alienation from the results of his work. Both Marx and Durkheim are critical of state/government. Marx argues that the government only serves the interests of the capitalists and does not offer anything to the working class. In order to business be really efficient, the government would have to introduce new legislation which would enable the working class to participate in the profits which they create by their hard work. Durkheim criticizes government for mary shelleyx27s frankenstein, another reason.

According to him, government needs to introduce efficient norms which would help individuals to learn patterns of behavior in various situations. Durkheim mentions that currently the government employs the policy of “laissez-faire” in many issues, and members of the gnvq business coursework, society thus do not get enough regulation in many aspects of their lives which needed to be regulated. Even though the concepts which were offered by Marx and Durkheim are similar in justice essay some ways, they are certainly not identical. The differences of the two concepts of “alienation” and “anomie” can be grouped in the following way: a. Coursework! Questions of legitimacy of social control. Welfare Thesis! According to Karl Marx, social control needs to gnvq business be modified in accordance with the needs of the working class. People who are producing surplus value are the ones whose interests need to matter in the society. b. Power domination due to capitalism and state’s role in regulating people’s lives. Karl Marx argued that the government needed to regulate people’s lives in mary essays all possible ways. Opposite to Durkheim, Marx stated that government was able to business provide adequate regulation to members of the society, as long as the interests of the working class were taken into welfare thesis consideration. a. “Anomie” is caused by the lack of intervention of the coursework, state.

Durkheim argues that government does not regulate the society enough. In his opinion, lack of regulation has a very negative impact on shelleyx27s frankenstein essays the individuals because they always need some norms to regulate their lives. Business! If regulation is not adequate, the state of “anomie” can easily occur. b. Email Resume Content! Importance of coursework, moral constraints in the society for its stability. While Marx regarded his concept of “alienation” mostly in connection with the existence of classes in the society, Durkheim offered a completely different explanation for his concept. “Anomie” in the society was caused not because antagonist classes existed in it (as it was argued by Marx). Durkheim offered his own explanation of problems in the modern society through the psychology and criminal justice essay, prism of ethics and morality. He stated that people always need moral values adopted by the society in order to know how to behave. Gnvq Business Coursework! If different members of the frankenstein, society have different attitude towards moral issues, some members of the society can be alienated from others. Gnvq Business Coursework! Durkheim also stated that suicide is resume, often caused by the lack of understanding of moral principles by different social groups. 3. Discuss how Durkheim and Weber would examine: a. The development of the sex worker industry in Hong Kong. While discussing the business, development of sex worker industry in Hong Kong, Durkheim would apply his concept of “anomie” in order to describe this phenomenon.

In his opinion, the lack of norms in dj the society is the major reason of gnvq business, sex worker industry rapid growth. Moral values which existed many years ago are no longer accepted by some members of the society. Since the government does not do its best to justice regulate this sphere, there is no wonder that sex industry in Hong Kong has reached such rapid growth in the recent years. Gnvq Business! In order to bring end to it, the government would have to adopt different policies which would entirely prohibit this type of services in the country. However, since many members of the government are one of the users of the services of the sex industry, they are not going to adopt firm rules in this regard and the industry will keep blossoming. Weber would connect the reasons of the mentioned phenomenon with bureaucracy in faire dj the government organizations which prevents them from functioning efficiently. In order to come up with regulations of the sex industry, the laws would need to pass many hands and be approved by many members of government and many policy-makers. In the bureaucratic world, it is impossible to reach any important decisions because the government bureaucratic organizations are too slow to gnvq business coursework respond to negative developments in the society.

In order to bring end to sex worker industry in Hong Kong, Weber would suggest giving this task to some non-government organizations which are much more interested n achieving the goals which the society sets for them. b. Gambling in Hong Kong. Durkheim would consider gambling in Hong Kong as a part of the nation’s culture which has been developed during many years. Gambling has not just appeared in Hong Kong recently. Mary Shelleyx27s! It is a part of the gnvq, nation’s psychology and the nation could hard exist without it.

Durkheim would have a controversial view of gambling. On one hand, since it is a part of the nation’s culture, it should not be avoided because many members of the society do not imagine their lives without it. On the other hand, gambling is considered immoral by many people from different cultures and religions. Algebra Research Papers! For example, Protestant and Catholic religions consider gambling immoral and do not encourage any true Christians to take part in games of chance. The universal rule of ethics cannot be efficiently applied here. Business Coursework! Even if gambling is enjoyed by many members of the mary shelleyx27s frankenstein, society in Hong Kong, many Christians would oppose to such games. Durkheim would mark that in such a case it is up to the government of the country to decide what the policy regarding gambling is going to be.

It is common truth that gambling is like a drug for many people, and thus their interests need to be taken into consideration. Weber would regard the issue of gambling in relation to the culture and religion to which members of Hong Kong society belong. As Weber marked in his Protestant Ethics, religion determines people’s attitude to many issues in life. Gambling can certainly be regarded as one of such issues. Even though for many people it is not acceptable, others consider it very interesting and thus it is gnvq business, impossible to dictate to them what to do. Gambling is a part of Hong Kong culture, and it has all of the rights to remain the same for many years in the future because all of the people welcome it. c. Murder-suicides in Hong Kong. Suicide is one of Durkheim’s major fields of interests, and thus he would be the bets expert to examine the issue. He would start discussing murder-suicides in psychology and criminal justice essay Hong Kong in relation to social problems which exist in gnvq business the society. And Criminal Justice! As Durkheim always mentioned, it is impossible to consider suicide the result of only psychological problems which are common for individuals. When some individual commits suicide, it is certainly possible to connect its causes with some psychological problems he had.

However, most of the psychological problems have their roots in the general social problems. It is very possible that people committing murder-suicides in gnvq coursework Hong Kong are forced to do that because they are not understood by the society or they do not think they can live in such a society any longer. Weber would also regard murder-suicides as a phenomenon caused by the society. Essayer Faire! In his opinion, people committing murder-suicides in Hong Kong might have motivation for that due to their culture and their interactions with other members of the society. d. The development and existence of the Independent commission against corruption (ICAC). Emile Durkheim would regard the development and existence of the gnvq business coursework, Independent commission against corruption (ICAC) as a very positive phenomenon in the society.

Due to the fact that modern society is characterized by large amounts of corruption, it is shelleyx27s essays, very important to regulate them adequately. Organizations similar to ICAC are vital for modern society because they set principles and norms for members of the society. People are able to realize what is considered illegal and thus act in accordance to law in future. If ICAC did not exist, people could have an idea that corruption was not prohibited and thus they could act according to their own interests and needs. Max Weber would consider ICAC just one more bureaucratic organization which is unable to bring any use to the society. Even though it has been formed in gnvq business order to help prevent corruption in the modern society, there are no visible results of the mary frankenstein essays, work of this organization. Many governments are still very corrupt and business coursework there is psychology justice, hardly any hope for gnvq, change in their activities. Bureaucratic organizations similar to ICAC hardly ever achieve their long-term goals because they do not function efficiently. Even though their staff would probably like to fight against corruption, the top management is always too slow with the decisions.

Employees are not empowered and have to wait for instructions from above; therefore most of the actions are greatly delayed in such organizations. e. Emergence and problem of illegal immigration into Hong Kong from China. According to dissertation chair selected Durkheim, the problem of illegal immigration into Hong Kong from China is caused by government’s inability to gnvq regulate the process of migration between 2 countries. If the government decided to adopt firmer regulations concerning illegal immigrants, it would be very possible that the chair, end to illegal immigration would be brought. However, the government decides to have minimal interference in this type of affairs, and gnvq coursework therefore it is forced to deal with a large number of illegal immigrants. In order to fight with the negative tendency, Durkheim would suggest strengthening government control in all of the aspects of immigration and make illegal immigration very difficult to achieve. Max Weber would connect the problem of illegal immigration into Hong Kong from China with inability of government organizations to achieve the goals which they set for themselves.

Due to extreme bureaucracy, they are unable to email content react to the problem of business, illegal immigration and thus are forced to cope with its consequences. However, it appears very challenging for chair selected, Hong Kong government to conduct adequate control of immigration. 4. Select a contemporary social issue and gnvq discuss how two of the following four theorists Marx, Durkheim, Weber or Mead would examine the issue. Which one offers a better understanding of the mary shelleyx27s frankenstein essays, issue? Why? The problem of teen pregnancies is very vital worldwide. Currently many people are concerned with the increase of gnvq business coursework, number of mary shelleyx27s frankenstein essays, premarital relationships which young girls have. If in the old days girls were supposed to wait until they got married to have sex, currently many girls are no longer interested in committing.

They simply want to enjoy life and be able to do what makes them happy, without caring what impression they make on their parents or relatives. Emile Durkheim offers a very brilliant description of this type of behavior. If he had to gnvq analyze this issue in essay his time, he would immediately relate this issue to the norms which exists in the society. In the past, girls were supposed to stay virgin until they got married. If some girl did not follow this rule and had a premarital relationship, she was thrown out of the society and even her family was not considered well-respected anymore. Her sisters could no longer expect to gnvq coursework get well-married because the family was lost for the society. Of course, in such a situation every girl would have to weigh her decisions greatly before getting involved in any kind of essayer dj, relationship.

She was forced to stay pure until marriage because of the pressure of the society. The society came up with norms which needed to be followed by everybody who wanted to remain in it. According to Durkheim, the regulation which society offered to its members at that time was very favorable. All of the people had to follow the same rules and thus they knew how to gnvq behave in different situations. There were no exclusions from the rule for anybody. Email Content! There was no double standard. Everything was easy to gnvq business understand and there were no loop-holes in mary frankenstein the code which existed in gnvq coursework the society. Mary Frankenstein! Durkheim would greatly approve of the system of gnvq coursework, norms which was present in the society in the old times. Currently, the society does not offer any firm norms for this type of issue. Welfare Thesis! Some people say that girls have to gnvq business coursework stay virgin until marriage while others say the opposite.

Durkheim would certainly point at the fact that people get confused when there are no firm norms. How can a young girl make a decision of her own when she hears different points of view from different people? For example, the girl’s parents will tell her that she needs to be very careful with her relationship because they do not want her to welfare thesis bring shame to the family. They will be completely against any sex before marriage. At the same time, the girl goes to school and has friends and relatives. At school, the girl is going to coursework listen to the teachers who teach her sexual education class. The teachers will certainly say that having sex before marriage is very bad and she should not do that. However, there is a loop-hole in this standard. Mary Shelleyx27s Frankenstein Essays! The teachers will not only tell that having sex is bad but will also show a condom and say that it is important to put it on for guys in order not to make a girl pregnant and not to spread sexually transmitted diseases.

As Durkheim would say, here comes the most important problem of the modern society: it says that something is bad, but it also suggests what should be done for it not to be as bad. In this case, the girl starts thinking that probably having sex is really not bad unless the condom is used. Even though the teachers did their best to gnvq business coursework provide an adequate message to the students, they did not manage to do that. Instead of setting a firm standard for “no sex”, they came up with a mid-standard- “sex with a condom” which can work just as well as the email resume, first standard. For a young girl, both standards would be equal. She would consider “sex with a condom” a very suitable option for herself. The girl would probably never consider the gnvq, option of sex, but after the teachers said it was not dangerous with a condom, she would certainly think it was worth trying some time. Durkheim would see another negative message which the girl could possibly receive. She would have to mary shelleyx27s frankenstein experience pressure from her friends to have sex. Some of her girlfriends would say that she is old-fashioned; her boyfriend would tell her he would abandon her if they do not have sex. In such a situation, it is very difficult for a young girl to gnvq business coursework make a right decision.

Durkheim would say that whenever norms are flexible in the society, it is impossible to expect that people will behave ethically. Ethic standards cannot exist if there are double standards. It is normal to have sex from some people’s point of view, but the same people might argue that the number of teen pregnancies has reached an alarming number. It is true that these same people argue for the usage of condoms. However, by letting young girls use condoms, they give them a message that it is actually fine to selected have sex before marriage. Those girls who would otherwise be scared to business take such an important step, might find themselves willing to try. Essayer Dj! By suggesting flexible norms, the society at the same time lets the negative factor in the minds of people. Durkheim would argue that norms have to be firm in order to gnvq business be perceived by people. Max Weber would agree with Durkheim’s view on the problem but he would also suggest some of his own ideas on the question. First, Max Weber would argue that the values which exist in the modern society are in many ways determined by the culture of people. In Weber’s views, every society is greatly influenced by religion.

Teen pregnancies are currently common for resume content, many countries, including United States, Canada, China, Russia and many other countries. However, people who are actually religious still have their firm values. Those girls, who truly believe in God and are Catholic, for example, will not get involved in any premarital relationships leading to pregnancies. Gnvq Business Coursework! They will remain virgin because religion requires that. Of course, those girls who do not truly believe in God, will act the way they choose for themselves. Content! However, as Weber would argue, only religion would be able to determine the girl’s behavior in this or that situation. Weber would suggest remembering all of the principles suggested by gnvq business coursework him in Protestant Ethics and Spirit of Capitalism in order to better connect religion and moral norms which exist in the society. For Protestants, it was important to work hard and reach the heights of the psychology essay, society in order to be able to go to heaven. Gnvq Coursework! For Catholics, instead, there was no need for that and mary they were rather recommended to stay poor in order to gnvq business go to heaven. In the same way, religion determines the way girls regard premarital sex. Welfare Thesis! Those who religious believes argue for gnvq, virginity until marriage will stay that way.

Those who are not religious will most likely choose having sex before marriage because they have no limitations. They will consider it much better to enjoy life and do what makes them happy than follow and ethical norms. Besides religion, Weber would also mark that government organizations need to get involved in order to resume bring end to the problem. He would say that inability of government to regulate social issues causes major problems in gnvq this regard. If many members of the society oppose to the increasing number of teen pregnancies, they need to provide adequate regulation of the issue. However, Weber would state that it would be very difficult for the society to essayer dj offer adequate regulation due to the bureaucratization of its institutions. Instead of looking for solutions for business, the burning issue, many social institutions are involved in discussions of welfare thesis, issues which do not matter much. Weber would point at the fact that bureaucracy is one of the major reasons of sociological problems which currently exist. Out of the gnvq, 2 authors, Durkheim offers a better analysis of the reasons of algebra research, teen pregnancies than Weber. Gnvq Coursework! Emile Durkheim spent a much longer time analyzing the issues of norms and standards in welfare thesis the society and therefore he is able to suggest many universal principles which help us to interpret the most vital issues in sociology. 1. Ritzer, G. Classical Sociological theory.

NY: McGraw Hill. 1992.

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50 fascinating facts about Sir Winston Churchill. As a child Churchill was mocked for his red hair and given the nickname Copperknob In celebration of this historical anniversary, takes a chronological look back through his life in 50 facts. 1. Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born on Monday November 30th 1874 at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire to Tory politician, Lord Randolph Churchill and American-born beauty Jeanette Jerome. 2. Churchill's parents led a glamorous life in high society but were distant with their children and as a result, the future wartime leader was instead brought up by his nanny, Mrs Elizabeth Ann Everest. He and younger brother Jack were sent to boarding schools in Ascot and Brighton. 3. From an early age, Churchill was fiercely independent and rebellious qualities which resulted in a poor academic record at school, for which he was punished. 4. Enrolled into Harrow School on gnvq Tuesday April 17th 1888, young Winston who struggled with a stutter and a lateral lisp was mocked for his red hair and mary shelleyx27s frankenstein essays was quickly given the cruel nickname Copperknob.

5. After leaving Harrow in 1893 with average academic results, Churchill applied to business attend the Royal Military College, in Sandhurst. But the selected future military commander struggled with the gnvq entrance exam taking THREE attempts before eventually passing in 1893. Churchill, pictured age 7, struggled with a stutter and a lateral lisp throughout his life. 6. Churchill's military career was AGAIN delayed after his entry into Sandhurst had to be postponed because young Winston fell off a bridge near his aunt’s house into a tree during a particularly competitive game of 'chase' . He was laid up in bed for research, three months following the accident recovering from a ruptured kidney. It is said that Winston Churchill was the only person whom Field Marshal Montgomery would allow to smoke in coursework his presence. 7. Between 1895 and 1900 Churchill sought to get himself transferred into as many dangerous military zones as possible writing up his narrow escapes from the front line for papers including the Daily Graphic, and faire Daily Telegraph. By 1899, working as a correspondent for the Morning Post, Churchill negotiated a salary of £250 a month and all expenses paid equal to more than £27,000 today making him the highest-paid war correspondent of the day. 8. Gnvq! Winston Churchill took some 60 bottles of booze with him when he set out for resume content, the Boer War.

9. Churchill was made a prisoner of war during his time as a war reporter. He was captured after the gnvq business coursework armoured train he was travelling on dissertation chair in South Africa was stormed by Boer soldiers. The war correspondent threw himself to safety in a ditch by the side of the track after the train collided with a boulder on the track placed over the rails for the ambush. Churchill was found hunkered down in the dirt by an armed Boer soldier. The future British PM reached for his pistol only to realise it was in the crippled train carriage. Gnvq! Defenceless, he then surrendered to the soldier who decided not to shoot. The Boer soldier turned out to be Louis Botha the future first Prime Minister of the Union of dj, South Africa who would work with Churchill in later life to business help South Africa become a British Dominion.

10. Churchill was marched to a prison camp in selected 1899, which he soon escaped by scaling a wall in the dead of night. Two fellow prisoners had planned to escape with the young servicemen but turned back. Churchill marched and gnvq business stole rides on goods trains to psychology travel some 300miles from the gnvq coursework prison to Lourenço Marques, the capital of Mozambique. Churchill was forced to hide in a mine shaft for three days during his great escape. Churchill earned the equivalent to some ?1,073,195 during a speaking tour through north America. 11. After returning as a young war hero and publishing his tales from the battlefields, Churchill contested the email content Oldham constituency seat which he had lost a year earlier and won.

This was just months before his 26th birthday. 12. Business Coursework! Successfully winning the faire seat for the Conservative party Churchill then embarked on a speaking tour through Britain and north America which helped him raise £10,000 for himself (equivalent to some £1,073,195 today). 13. Jeremy Paxman once branded British war hero Winston Churchill a ruthless egotist, a chancer and a charlatan. 14. For two years between 1903 and 1905 young Winston wrote an ambitious two-volume biography of his own father. The book received a huge amount of critical acclaim at the time. Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the coursework United States who knew Lord Randolph Churchill, branded the biography a clever, tactful and psychology justice essay rather cheap and business vulgar life of that clever, tactful and rather cheap and essays vulgar egotist.

15. Churchill's political career lasted over 60 years from winning his first seat with a meagre majority in 1900 to gnvq an elder Member of Parliament until June 1964. 16. Winston was a supporter of eugenics the welfare thesis practice of improving the overall genetic quality of mankind and while helping create the Mental Deficiency Act 1913, he drafted in that the gnvq business feeble-minded should be sterilised instead of confined in institutions. This was changed before the Act was eventually passed into law. 17. As a young politician, Churchill was staunchly against votes for women. 18. Churchill's reputation in Wales and in Labour circles suffered a blow in 1910 when coal miners in Rhondda Valley kickstarted the Tonypandy Riot.

The Chief Constable of Glamorgan requested troops be sent to help police quell the and criminal violent riots. But Churchill only allowed the business reinforcements to travel as far as Swindon and and criminal justice Cardiff before blocking their deployment. 19. In January 1911, then-Home Secretary Winston Churchill visited the police siege of two politically-motivated burglars on Sidney Street in East London. Two hundred police officers were in place at the cordoned off street by the time Churchill arrived, some six hours into the siege. The two burglers were holed up inside a house which caught fire later in the day.

Churchill stopped the fire brigade from dousing the flames so that the business coursework men inside were burned to essayer faire dj death. I thought it better to let the house burn down rather than spend good British lives in rescuing those ferocious rascals, he later explained. 20. Churchill was personally involved in the development of the tank which was first used in battle by gnvq coursework the British army on September 15 1916. Winston Churchill, a Morning Post correspondent in the Boer War, on his horse. Churchill negotiated a salary of essays, ?250 a month as a war reporter – equivalent to ?27,000 today. 21. Business Coursework! By October 1911, Churchill, aged 37, was appointed First Lord of the welfare thesis Admiralty a post under which he would continue to serve into the First World War.

In this role, he would use his influence to put a greater emphasis on using aeroplanes in military combat. He was fascinated by business coursework aerial combat and even started taking flying lessons himself. He never gained his pilot's licence after he was hurt in an aeroplane crash at Croydon aerodrome and his wife urged him to give up the dj hobby. 22. Winston Churchill once defined tact as “the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.” 23. One of the first times OMG was used was in a letter to Churchill Admiral John Arbuthnot Jacky Fisher penned the correspondence in gnvq 1917. Writing: O.M.G (Oh!

My! God!)-- Shower it on mary frankenstein essays the Admiralty! 24. Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan’s daughter all claimed to gnvq business coursework have witnessed Abraham Lincoln’s ghost walking the corridors of the White House. 25. Never one for mincing his words, Churchill said Bolshevism must be strangled in its cradle. 26. The disastrous Gallipoli landings on the Dardanelles during the psychology essay First World War was the brainchild of Churchill, then First Lord of the gnvq Admiralty. The failed naval operation left some 34,000 British soldiers dead while another 78,500 were wounded and a further 7,500 were captured or left missing. 27. The failure in psychology and criminal justice essay Gallipoli would haunt Churchill for gnvq, the rest of his life.

Many Second World War historians believe his determination to avoid invading France until he was assured he had a strong chance of success. Psychology Essay! An emotional Churchill confided to General Marshall in 1943, I see the sea full of corpses. 28. Sir Winston Churchill proposed to gnvq business three different women during his twenties all of whom refused. He did however remain friends with all three women. 29. Churchill married Clementine Ogilvy Hozier less than a month after the pair announced their engagement. The ceremony took place in St Margaret’s Church in Westminster, London on dissertation Tuesday 11 August 1908. Together the coursework couple would have five children together Diana, Randolph, Sarah Tuchet-Jesson, Marigold and Mary Soames.

30. Throughout their 57 years of marriage, the bond between the Churchills remained strong. Welfare Thesis! The couple would often send one another affectionate letters during long periods of absence sometimes decorated with handdrawn illustrations. The pair also had pet names she was his Kat and he was her Pug. A keen painter, Churchill produced almost 600 works of art during his lifetime. 31.

Churchill was a prolific painter and business coursework produced almost 600 works of art during his lifetime. Psychology! Sarah Thomas, of Sotheby's told the BBC the wartime Prime Minister took up painting very late as he found relief from all the pressures of his work in his painting. 32. Lady Randolph Churchill hated her son's habit of smoking cigars and business despised seeing him waking in public with one in his mouth. When he was 15, she had tried to force a young Churchill to welfare thesis give up the habit. Coursework! In a letter to her son, she pleaded: If you knew how foolish and how silly you look doing it you would give it up, at email resume least for a few years. She once promised to gnvq business coursework buy him a gun and a pony if he managed to give up smoking for six months.

He agreed, stopped smoking and resume content then promptly restarted six months later after winning the wager. 33. Churchill was so notorious for his smoking, he has a cuban cigar named in his honour. The Churchill is gnvq business, approximately 7inches long and 19mm wide. 34. 1922, Churchill found himself out of Parliament for the first time in mary twenty-two years.

After losing his seat in the General Election, he retired and moved to the South of gnvq coursework, France to take up writing. 35. Just two years after his 'retirement' Sir Winston Churchill returned to politics and was named Chancellor of the Exchequer. 36. At the outbreak of the Second World War on September 3 1939, Churchill was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty and a member of the War Cabinet when the Board of the Admiralty were informed they immediately sent a signal to the Fleet simply stating: Winston is psychology justice essay, back. 37. Churchill became Prime Minister of a national government on 10 May 1940 the same day Hitler invaded France and the Low Countries. He was 65-years-old when he took office.

38. It is said that Winston Churchill was the only person whom Field Marshal Montgomery would allow to smoke in his presence. 39. The summer of 1940 was labelled by coursework Sir Winston Churchill as Britain’s finest hour despite many believing at the time that victory against the advancing Nazi army would be impossible. 40. Shelleyx27s Essays! Churchill's first speech to parliament as Prime Minister was the famous I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat address. One historian said the coursework House of Commons, which had ignored and algebra papers mocked Churchill during the 1930s was now listening, and cheering. A Cherbourg dock worker lights Winston Churchill#039;s cigar during a tour of the town. Churchill became Prime Minister the same day Hitler invaded France. 41. Sir Winston Churchill was an gnvq coursework, incredibly emotional man.

He would often breakdown into frankenstein sobs during meeting when he was given bad news and in many of his broadcast speeches he can be heard holding back tears. 42. Prime Minister Churchill visited the coursework White House just before Christmas in 1941. The secretive 24-day visit made quite an impact on staff who had to papers adjust to the 67-year-olds eccentricities. Chief Usher J.B. West recalled, We got used to his 'jumpsuit,' the extraordinary one-piece uniform he wore every day, but the gnvq servants never quite got over seeing him naked in his room when they'd go up to serve brandy. It was the jumpsuit or nothing. In his room, Mr. Churchill wore no clothes at all most of the time during the day.

43. Welfare Thesis! Physician Lord Charles Moran revealed in his book that Churchill suffered from clinical depression throughout his life. Churchill called it his Black Dog. 44. After it was announced that the Second World War was over, Churchill shouted to a huge crowd gathered in Whitehall: This is your victory. to gnvq business which the mass of people shouted back: No, it is psychology justice essay, yours. Sir Winston Churchill then conducted them in the singing of business, Land of dissertation chair selected, Hope and Glory. 45. Business! Churchill was a fan of and criminal justice, a drink, in particular Champagne.

He said of it: I could not live without Champagne. Business Coursework! In victory I deserve it. In defeat I need it. 46. As soon as the email resume content war ended, Churchill began to plan for gnvq business coursework, another attack.

Branded Operation Unthinkable the essayer faire dj plan was ordered by Churchill and developed by the British Armed Forces. They predicted the Third World War could begin on July 1st 1945 with a sudden attack against the allied Soviet troops. However, the plan was quickly rejected by gnvq business the British Chiefs of Staff Committee for being militarily unfeasible. 47. Mary Shelleyx27s! An American writer visiting London at the time Churchill was named Prime Minister, wrote: Everywhere I went in London people admired [Churchill's] energy, his courage, his singleness of purpose. People said they didn't know what Britain would do without him. He was obviously respected. But no one felt he would be Prime Minister after the war.

He was simply the right man in the right job at the right time. Churchill was indeed defeated in the 1945 election. 48. But after the business coursework general election of October 1951, Churchill again became Prime Minister. Psychology And Criminal Justice! But the war time hero was dogged by bad health. He had already suffered a mild stroke while on holiday in the south of France in the summer of gnvq coursework, 1949. then in psychology and criminal justice June 1953, when he was 78, he suffered a severe stroke at Number 10. The news of the stroke was hidden from the public and from Parliament who were told Churchill was simply suffering from exhaustion. 49. In 1963, US President John F. Kennedy acting under authorisation granted by an Act of Congress proclaimed Sir Winston Churchill an Honorary Citizen of the gnvq business United States. Mary Shelleyx27s! Churchill and coursework Mother Teresa are the only people to have been made honorary US citizens during their lifetimes. Sadly, due to his deteriorating health Churchill was unable to attend the resume content White House ceremony in gnvq business his honour.

50. Elizabeth II offered to create Churchill Duke of London, but he declined. After his death, she decreed that Churchill's body be laid in state in Westminster Hall for selected, three days a privilege normally only gnvq coursework, reserved for members of the welfare thesis Royal family. Churchill was then granted a state funeral one of the biggest in the history of Britain. In total, 112 countries were represented inside St Paul's with only China refusing to send an coursework, envoy. Across the globe, more than 350million people watched the faire ceremony on television including 25million in Britain.

The US audience for the British Second World War politician was larger than that for President Kennedy’s funeral, broadcast some 15 months earlier. After the ceremonies, Churchill was buried in the family plot at St Martin's Church, Bladon, Oxfordshire next to his mother and business coursework his father. 'Stop this arrogance' German MEP savages Juncker and Verhofstadt during epic Brexit tirade. UK Navy will be RUINED by proposed military cuts that 'sacrifices' Royal Marines. ‘The writing is on the wall’ for Theresa May who faces a plot from 30 Tories to oust her. Inmate who claimed ?74,000 after guards opened letters writes guide on how to SUE prisons.

Where did that money go? Caller puts Sadiq Khan on the spot over ?40m Garden Bridge flop. ‘The writing is on the wall’ for Theresa May who faces a plot from 30 Tories to oust her. UK Navy will be RUINED by proposed military cuts that 'sacrifices' Royal Marines. Theresa May needs to tell her cabinet to email resume ‘pipe down’, former SAS officer claims. UK 'too selfish to look after elderly and should follow Jewish, Muslim or Hindu example' Come back! Ex-Greek finance minister urges Brexit Britain to REJOIN 'reformed' EU in gnvq coursework 2025. ‘Feel sorry for May's victims instead!’ Owen Jones shock claim leaves listeners FURIOUS. BREXIT RUSH: Just TWELVE WEEKS to agree deal before companies move out of UK, BoE warns.

Care worker ‘lost it and left dementia victim with bruises’ Migrant drug dealer jailed for street killing seen by justice children. Dramatic fall in number of vasectomies as couples start families later. Remainers fight each other on second Brexit referendum as they REFUSE to accept leaving EU. Game of Thrones season 8: Ser Davos actor drops HUGE hint over length of gnvq business, episodes. Dancing on Ice: Is THIS former England cricketer set to join new revamped series? Strictly Come Dancing: Gorka left blushing as he's asked if he’s seen Alexandra’s PUPPIES. Star Wars 8 TICKETS go on sale on essayer faire dj MONDAY? Cinema chain information leaked.

Weight loss: The ONE breakfast mistake that is ruining your diet plan REVEALED. Friday, 6th October 2017. See today's front and back pages, download the gnvq coursework newspaper, order back issues and use the email content historic Daily Express newspaper archive.