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List of quarterly essays

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argumentitave essay Definition : In this kind of essay, we not only give information but also present an argument with the of quarterly PROS (supporting ideas) and CONS (opposing ideas) of an argumentative issue. We should clearly take our stand and write as if we are trying to essays honour charles persuade an opposing audience to adopt new beliefs or behavior. The primary objective is to persuade people to change beliefs that many of them do not want to change. Choosing an argumentative topic is not an essays, easy task. The topic should be such that. X Marijuana should be considered illegal. (Not a good topic because it is too general. In some medical cases, marijuana is prescribed by the doctors and anton charles pegis, the patients are encouraged to use it in case of suffering from of quarterly, too much pain) #8730; Selling and using marijuana in public places should be considered illegal . X We should decide whether we want a bicycle or a car. ( our stand is not clear: do we support having bicycles or cars?) #8730; If we are under the age of 30 and want a healthy life, we should definitely get a bicycle instead of a car. X Are you one of those who thinks cheating is not good for students? ( a question cannot be an honour, argument) #8730; Cheating helps students learn. X Considering its geological position, Turkey has an important geopolitical role in the EU. ( facts cannot be arguments) #8730; Considering its geopolitical role, we can clearly say that the EU cannot be without Turkey . List. it should be a topic that can be adequately supported (with statistics, outside source citations, etc.) X I feel that writing an argumentative essay is definitely a challenging task. ( feelings cannot be supported; we cannot persuade other people) If you believe that you can find enough evidence to support your idea and refute others effectively, you can choose challenging topics as well. You can enjoy writing about video in education such topics: Cheating is list essays beneficial for students.

Murat 124 is video a very good choice for of quarterly, conscientious drivers. Stress is good for the human body. Polygamy is quite natural. For women, there is no need for essays for karate, men. Organization : All argumentative topics have PROs and CONs . Before starting writing, it is list essays imperative to make a list of these ideas and video in education thesis, choose the most suitable ones among them for supporting and refuting. There are three possible organization patterns: CON idea 1 ----- Refutation. Essays. CON idea 2 ----- Refutation. CON idea 3 ----- Refutation. Essay. The sample essay has been written according to the third pattern. Thesis: Do Reiki instead of taking medicine . People should trust medicine since it is of quarterly essays effective and business plan text, scientifically proven.

Reiki is also scientifically proven and does not have side effects . List Essays. (refutation method: insufficient claim) Serious illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and cancer cannot be treated without medicine. Medicine also cannot treat serious illnesses if not diagnosed at thesis, an early stage . (refutation method: opponents are partially correct) Reiki, like alternative healing methods, requires a lot of time . Reiki requires less time if done regularly . (refutation method: opponents are completely wrong) Supporting our ideas : This is the most important part when persuading others. We are asking some people to change their beliefs or actions. We should be supporting our ideas with such facts, statistics and/or authorities that there should not be room for any doubts. Here are some faulty supports we should avoid: Thesis: Leaving the university and starting to of quarterly work is good for the adolescent because … Feelings, emotional arguments (… it makes one feel much better .) Irrelevant examples (wandering off the topic) (… he would then be able to take his girlfriend to descriptive essay about expensive restaurants .) Oversimplification (… only then would he understand what it means to be an adult. ) Hasty generalizations (. it is of quarterly essays a widely known fact that all adolescents look forward to earning money .) Unreliable, even false outside sources (… according to, 80% of working men wish they quit school when they were at university and started working at an earlier age. ) For more mistakes in the logic of arguments, see Fallacies. Refuting opposing arguments : Before we start saying that the opponents are wrong, we should specify their opposing ideas. Otherwise, it would be like hitting the about pizza other person with eyes closed. We should see clearly what we are hitting and be prepared beforehand so that he cannot hit us back. We can do this by essays, knowing what we are refuting.

e.g . X Some people may say that adolescents should not leave university education; however, they are wrong . Gcse Essay. ( what they say is not wrong. Maybe their supporting idea is wrong /irrelevant /insufficient. We should state their supporting idea specifically to be able to refute it.) #8730; Some people may say that adolescents should not leave university education because they are not physically and psychologically mature enough to cope with the problems of the real world. However, they forget one fact: adolescents can vote or start driving at the age of list of quarterly, 18 (in some countries even before that age!), which proves that they are considered physically and psychologically mature at that age . Honour Pegis. Language : Signposts gain importance in of quarterly the argumentative essay. They enable the essay readers to follow our arguments easily. When pointing out opposing arguments ( CONs ): Opponents of this idea claim / maintain that … Those who disagree / are against these ideas may say / assert that … Some people may disagree with this idea. When stating specifically why they think like that : The put forward this idea because … They claim that … since … Reaching the turning point : On the essays other hand , When refuting the opposing idea, we may use the following strategies : compromise but prove that their argument is an essay on animism not powerful enough: They have a point in thinking like that. To a certain extent they are right.

After seeing this evidence, there is of quarterly no way we can agree with what they say . say that their argument is essay about irrelevant to the topic: What we are discussing here is not what they are trying to prove. Their argument is irrelevant. HEALTH AND HEALING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Throw out the bottles and boxes of drugs in list your house. A new theory suggests that medicine could be bad for your health, which should at anton charles, least come as good news to people who cannot afford to buy expensive medicine. However, it is a blow to the medicine industry, and an even bigger blow to our confidence in the progress of science.

This new theory argues that healing is at list essays, our fingertips: we can be healthy by doing Reiki on a regular basis. Essay. Supporters of list, medical treatment argue that medicine should be trusted since it is effective and scientifically proven. They say that there is no need for spiritual methods such as Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi. These waste our time, something which is quite precious in our material world. There is medicine that can kill our pain, x-rays that show us our fractured bones or MRI that scans our brain for titles, tumors. We must admit that these methods are very effective in the examples that they provide. However, there are some “every day complaints” such as back pains, headaches, insomnia, which are treated currently with medicine. When you have a headache, you take an Aspirin, or Vermidon , when you cannot sleep, you take Xanax without thinking of the side effects of these. List Of Quarterly. When you use these pills for a long period, you become addicted to them; you cannot sleep without them. We pay huge amounts of money and business text, become addicted instead of list essays, getting better.

How about a safer and gcse, more economical way of healing? When doing Reiki to yourself, you do not need anything except your energy so it is very economical. As for list of quarterly essays, its history, it was discovered in Japan in the early 1900s and its popularity has spread particularly throughout America and Western Europe . Descriptive Essay About Pizza. In quantum physics, energy is list recognized as the belt fundamental substance of of quarterly essays, which the universe is composed. Reiki depends on business text, the energy within our bodies. It is a simple and effective way of restoring the energy flow. There are no side effects and list essays, it is scientifically explained. Opponents of alternative healing methods also claim that serious illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and cancer cannot be treated without drugs.

They think so because these patients spend the rest of their lives in gcse titles the hospital taking medicine. How can Reiki make these people healthy again? It is very unfortunate that these patients have to live in the hospital losing their hair because of chemotherapy, losing weight because of the essays side effects of the medicine they take. Actually, it is common knowledge that except for pegis, when the cancer is diagnosed at list essays, an early stage, drugs also cannot treat AIDS or cancer. Essays Anton Charles. Most of the list essays medicine these patients use are to ease their pain and their sufferings because of the medical treatment they undergo. Instead of drugs which are expensive and have many side effects, you can use your energy to business text overcome the hardships of life, find an emotional balance, leave the stress of everyday life and let go of the of quarterly everyday worries. Honour Anton Pegis. Most of the chronic conditions such as eczema or migraine are known to have causes such as poor diet and stress. Deep-rooted anger or other strong emotions can contribute to viral infections as well.

Since balancing our emotions and of quarterly essays, controlling our thoughts are very important for our well-being, we should definitely start learning Reiki and business text, avoid illnesses before it is too late. Some people may still maintain that in our material world, everything depends on time. It is even “lacking time” that causes much of the stress that leads to the illnesses we mentioned. How would it be possible to list essays find time to do Reiki to ourselves and the people around us when we cannot even find time to gcse essay titles go to the theater? This is one good thing about Reiki; it does not require more than 15 minutes of list, our time. There is no need for changing clothes or special equipment. It is a wonderfully simple healing art, an effective method of relaxation and stress-relief.

Most important of all, it is less time consuming than medicine if we think of about pizza, all the time we spend taking medicine for some complaints and taking some more for the side effects as well. List. Having said these, resistance to Reiki would be quite illogical. An Essay. Reiki is essays natural and drug-free. What is more, it is easy to learn by anyone, regardless of age and experience. It can be used anywhere, anytime. It also enhances physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and the benefits last a lifetime.

It is descriptive essay pizza definitely high time to list essays get away from the drug boxes we store in our drug cabinet!

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21st Anniversary Update! January 21, 2017. Photo 2017 William Kelly. Today, January 21, 2017, marks our 21st anniversary on the internet! Another year has passed and the website continues to grow and thrive, thanks to you, our loyal visitors and friends! Our anniversary updates are usually large ones and often international in scope and today's update is list, no exception. In fact, the first five articles represent material from the U.S., Australia, Italy, England and Finland!

We start with news of an innovative Shroud billboard project here in the U.S. In Education? that has its roots in a similar recent project in Dublin, Ireland. This update also brings you five more issues of Rex Morgan's Shroud News, video links to the entire December 2016 Rome Shroud Conference, the latest issue of the BSTS Newsletter, Shroud news from Finland, along with links to many new books, articles, papers, videos and much more. Let's get started! Here is the Update Table of Contents: Click for list of quarterly essays larger view. Thesis? Photo 2017 William Kelly. Click for larger view. Photo The Holy Face Project.

Last year I was contacted by Val Kelly of Hilton Head, South Carolina, who told me about a project where an organization in Dublin, Ireland published billboards of the Shroud face without any accompanying text or verbiage and created quite a strong public reaction. Val wanted to duplicate the idea near her home in Hilton Head with the help of her prayer group and asked me what it would take to obtain an image for that purpose. I liked the idea of a Shroud image without any text since each person who saw it would have to think about it and ultimately make up their own minds about what it meant. I agreed to provide the image and list of quarterly essays Val and in education thesis her prayer group funded the production of of quarterly a test billboard that will remain in essays honour anton charles pegis place for essays one year. You can see the result in the accompanying photographs. The billboard, which receives over 19,000 impressions per week, is viewable on the way back from Savannah toward Bluffton/Hilton Head, approximately six miles south of the Route 46 traffic circle (one mile south of the Pink Pig Restaurant) on Rt.

315, with Bellinger Hill Road being the closest intersection. (Click here for map provided by the billboard company). According to Val, We plan on making presentations to the local Catholic churches to an essay on animism, see if they would have interest in sponsoring additional, local billboards and then hopefully expand from there. I do have contacts in South Carolina and will investigate expanding further. It will take some time, but, will keep you in the loop on our progress. I mentioned this project at the STERA, Inc. List Essays? Board of Directors meeting in anton charles pegis December and some concern was expressed about the placement of the Shroud image on a double billboard. The question was, what might it be paired with and what implications could that have? As you can see in the above photographs, there is an image of a flooded home in the lower billboard with the of quarterly message Don't Wait. Communicate. and in education the sub-message, Make your emergency plan.

Frankly, I find the juxtaposition of the two actual billboards to essays, be rather ironic, fitting and gcse essay titles even complimentary! What do you think? Board member Richard Orareo promptly did some further research on the Dublin billboard and provided us with the following information: The image of The Holy Face that we saw in list the photograph was on Sarsfield Road in Inchicore, in outer Dublin. This billboard is one of many that is part of The Holy Face Project. Twenty eight are scattered throughout Ireland with 8 in Dublin. This project is a small part of the greater Human Life International, a Pro-Life Organization.

Mr. Patrick McCrystal is the project manager. He organized a national prayer service in all 32 counties in Ireland that featured a large Holy Face banner at each service. There was also a project that brought the Holy Face inside the bus system in business plan Dublin. They estimate that more than 1,000,000 viewed the image within the 200 buses. McCrystal raised necessary funding through an of quarterly appeal to the Human Life International membership. Gcse Essay? They raised more than €60,000. Pam Moon also had a traveling Shroud exhibit that traveled from Dublin, to Cork, to Knock during 2014. Of Quarterly Essays? Ireland has it going on! - Richard UPDATE: I am very pleased to report that as soon as this update went online we received a cordial greeting from Patrick McCrystal , the man who manages the Ireland Holy Face Project that inspired the essays for karate South Carolina group. We have agreed to stay in touch and Patrick was kind enough to send me a copy of their newsletter, which includes many more details and of quarterly photographs.

You can read it here: The Holy Face Project Newsletter . He also provided us with a link to their new website, . We will keep you posted on everyone's progress. Updated January 25, 2017. Five More Issues Added to Rex Morgan's Shroud News Archive. With this update we add five more issues to Rex Morgan's Shroud News archive, which will total 118 issues when complete. This update includes Issue #62, December 1990 through Issue #66, August 1991 with articles by such notable Shroud scholars as John Tyrer, Ian Wilson, Eoin Mille, Andre Van Cauwenberghe, Remi Van Haelst, Joe Nickell, Prof. Daniel Scavone, Prof. Alan Whanger and on animism Mary Whanger and Father Peter M. Rinaldi, S.D.B.

Our sincerest thanks as always to Stephen Jones for his extraordinary effort in scanning and optical character recognition of every page, Ian Wilson for providing the original issues and valuable input and of course, to Rex Morgan for his gracious permission to reprint them here on December 2016 Rome Shroud Conference Videos Online. As we announced in our last update, an list essays International and Interdisciplinary Conference on the Shroud of text Turin with the theme, He saw and He believed. The Shroud, science, faith and proclamation of the Paschal Mystery , was held in Rome on list December 13 - 14, 2016. The event was sponsored by on animism the Institute of Science and of quarterly Faith of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum , in collaboration with the International Centre of on animism Sindonology in Turin. Speakers included Prof. List Essays? Antonio Cassanelli, Prof. Gian Maria Zaccone, Mgr. Essays Honour Charles Pegis? Giuseppe Ghiberti, Father Andrew Dalton LC, Father Nicolas Bossu LC, Father Rafael Pascual LC, Dr. Petrus Soons, Dr.

Ada Grossi, Fr. Gianfranco Berbenni OFM Cap, Prof. Bruno Barberis, Prof. Paolo Di Lazzaro, Roberto Falcinelli and list essays many others. Recently, the organizers released videos of the conference on YouTube so we are including links to them all below. Most of the presentations are in Italian but a few are in English. Essays Anton? Here are the list of quarterly essays links: Since I was unable to attend the conference in an essay person, I created a PowerPoint/video presentation titled The Contributions of the Shroud of Turin Research Project , which was presented on my behalf (see link #5 above). Essays? Since it is difficult to see the screen clearly in an essay on animism the above video, I am including a link to a 640x480 mp4 video version of essays my presentation (84 MB), along with a separate link to a pdf version of the an essay presentation script: BSTS Newsletter December 2016 Issue No. 84 Now Online.

We are happy to report that the British Society for essays the Turin Shroud page of the website has been updated and the latest December 2016 Issue No. Gcse Essay? 84 of the BSTS Newsletter is now online. This issue includes several in-depth research articles starting with Did Joan of Arc See the Turin Shroud? by essays Hugh Duncan and The Pray Codex by Hugh Farey , the plan text newsletter's Editor. It also includes a reprint of Pollen on the Shroud of Turin: The Probable Trace Left by Anointing and Embalming by Marzia Boi and an event article by Brenda Benton titled My First Visit to Jalsa Salana . Also includes news from around the internet and much more. Source: Mikael Agricola: Rucouskirja (Prayer Book) 1544. I recently received an update from our good friend Juha Hiltunen , about an upcoming Shroud Exhibit and Seminar in Turku, Finland. He also provided us with a link to list essays, the Finnish language website of the 2015 Shroud of business text Turin Rauma Exhibition , which was held in Helsinki.

Here is the information he sent us about this year's events: The Exhibit: Date: March 27 - April 17, 2017. Place: Turku, Finland. Martinkirkko (Church of Martin). List Essays? The first exhibit in Finland (2010) was also arranged here. Exhibit program is included as a part of the Reformation 500-year celebrations in essay titles Turku, as it was the essays former capital of Finland and the place where Mikael Agricola, in the inspiration of Martin Luther, worked and translated the Bible into Finnish and therefore started the Reformation here too. The Seminar: Date: April 8, 2017. Place: Turku, Finland. Martinkirkko (Church of Martin).

All participants are from Finland and lectures are in Finnish. Name of the seminar: Contemplation of God's/the Lord's Face in the Tradition of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Finland. Speakers: Prof. Antti Laato: The Face of belt for karate God/the Lord in the Bible Rev. Pekka Kiveks: Contemplation of list of quarterly Christ in an essay our Hymns and Spiritual Songs Prof. Visa Immonen: The Image of Veronica in list essays our Medieval Churches Prof.em. Jouko N. Martikainen: Contemplation of Christ and His Face in gcse the Prayer Book of the Finnish Reformer Mikael Agricola and in of quarterly the Passions-Salve of Paul Gerhardt (1607-1676) Juha also pointed out that although the topics of the scheduled lectures are not directly related to the Shroud of pizza Turin, some references to it will undoubtedly be made.

You will also find his latest book, a revised and updated edition of his 2009 Finnish language work, will soon be available and is listed in our Recently Published Books section below. It is great to see an ongoing effort to educate the people of Finland about the Shroud of Turin by Juha and his colleagues. List Essays? Thank you for keeping us informed Juha! International Conference on the Shroud of Turin, Washington State, 2017. In our September 19, 2016 website update we announced that an International Conference on an essay the Shroud of Turin will be held in Pasco, Washington State, USA on July 19-22, 2017. We wanted to remind everyone that the deadline for list of quarterly submission of papers is February 28, 2017 so there is still time to participate.

See our previous article or click on the above link to visit the conference website where you can find more details, register for the event, learn about travel, hotels and accommodations, view a video from the conference organizers and much more. In an e-mail on January 18, 2017, conference organizer Robert Rucker sent me the following update: 2017 Lecture Tour on the Shroud - With the conference on the Shroud of Turin ( coming up July 19 to 22 in Pasco, Washington, Bob Rucker and Mark Antonacci are planning a lecture tour (mid-March to mid-April) to reach people at research facilities and population centers across 14 states. An outline of this lecture tour is available at gcse essay titles and at As specific locations, dates, and times are arranged, they will be made available on these sites.

Those interested in helping in this effort should contact Bob (H: 509-375-4770, C: 509-628-6894) or Mark (314-704-0537). Several new Shroud related books have been published in recent months. Of Quarterly? We are listing them here but have also permanently archived them all on the Shroud of Turin Booklist page (alphabetically by descriptive essay about pizza author). To make it easy to find the of quarterly new additions, we have annotated each new listing with (Added 21 January 2017) so simply search for that phrase on the Booklist page. Valokuva Jeesuksesta. Torinon krinliina tieteen, historian ja Uuden testamentin valossa (A Photograph of Jesus. Shroud of Turin in the Light of Science, History and the New Testament) by Juha Hiltunen (Finnish language) Since we included a Shroud News from Finland feature in this update, we wanted to in education, include the of quarterly essays latest Finnish language book on the Shroud, even though it is on animism, not yet available online. We will update this listing with the link as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, you can order the book directly from the publisher by sending an e-mail to of quarterly essays, [email protected] . According to the author, this book is a completely revised edition in March 2017 (of his 2009 1st edition). It contains all the essay relevant new research data since 2009 and essays more visual material compared with the first edition.

And the question mark is gcse essay, now removed from the title, because all this new data (incl. dating of the Shroud to the 1st C) confirms more precisely, I think, that it is truly a photograph of Jesus. Paperback: ca. 400 pages. Publisher: Kirjapaja. Helsinki, Finland March 2017. Here is an excerpt from the description of the book on list of quarterly the Amazon France website (Google translation): In 2015, over one million people came to pray, or to simply pass an ancient linen cloth: the Shroud of Turin. The reason for its attraction is plan, simple: it is deemed to have wrapped the body of Jesus of Nazareth after his crucifixion in Jerusalem. List Essays? The reputation of the Turin shroud is old: it was at least in honour charles existence during the second half of the fourteenth century, at Lirey in Champagne. This book presents a rigorously consolidated statement and list of quarterly essays update of our knowledge on the shroud of Turin. It then assesses methodically different image forming hypotheses.

Tristan Casabianca was born in Bastia in 1982. A graduate in history of public law and political ideas as well as economic analysis of titles law (Universities of Aix-Marseille, Hamburg, Rotterdam), Tristan Casabianca is particularly interested in its academic publications (the Heythrop Journal, New Blackfriars) scientific and philosophical consensus on the shroud. Relying on traditional historiographical criteria, he has proposed, in 2013, a new method for assessing the essays Shroud of gcse essay titles Turin. Paperback: 110 pages. Publisher: Anima Corsa (2016) Recently Published Papers and Articles.

by Giovanni Fazio, Giuseppe Mandaglio and Antonio Anastasi. Included in this update are links to a number of papers and articles that were published recently. All have also been permanently archived on the Scientific Papers Articles page (alphabetically by title) and list the Website Library page (alphabetically by author). Revisiting a pure stochastic mechanism to descriptive essay, explain the essays body image formation on the Linen of anton charles pegis Turin by Giovanni Fazio, Giuseppe Mandaglio and Antonio Anastasi , The Journal of list of quarterly The Textile Institute, Published online: 30 Nov 2016. Business Text? Here is the abstract: In this paper, we revisit a pure stochastic process as a possible mechanism of the Shroud body image formation. Successively, we make a comparison with another mechanism that uses the Maillard reaction as source of a ‘stochastic-like effect’ image.

Both the mechanisms seem to be able to explain all the chemical and list of quarterly physical characteristics of the Shroud image. However, an experimental confirm of the in education possible colouration by the Maillard reaction could be, easily, verified. On the contrary, for obtaining a pure stochastic effect, it is necessary to await the result of the experiment for years or decades. Indeed, the latency times, for essays the two images’ formation are very different. Recently, we have pointed out that the distribution of the yellowed fibrils on the Shroud of video in education Turin, well represented by a linear regression between the image intensity and the cloth-body distance, has a stochastic aspect. List Of Quarterly? In this paper, by a preliminary approach, we show that the chemical reaction between reducing sugar coming from the text linen manufacturing procedure (mainly composed of crude starch and list possibly also Saponaria officinalis) and some specific post-mortem gases like ammonia and/or diamines that could have been released by the corpse who was enveloped in the Shroud can yield a “stochastic-like effect” image. Essay? Moreover, we think the above reaction could also explain why the list essays body image on the Shroud is a unicum. The Turin Shroud is traditionally considered the burial cloth of in education thesis Jesus Christ, but carbon-14 analysis indicated a medieval date.

Here, a digital restoring of the hands’ region of the Turin Shroud image has allowed to visualize anatomic details never seen before: the scrotum and part of the right hand's thumb. Additionally, the unnatural position of the right hand's thumb, adjacent to the palm of the hand, positioned below it and, consequently, almost fully hidden except for its protruding end, seems to denote a stress, which could be consequent to crucifixion. These results shed new light on the long-lasting scientific debate about the authenticity of the relic since the absence of the thumbs has been considered as one of the most important indirect proof that the list Turin Shroud wrapped the body of a man who was crucified alive. This study proposes an alternative interpretation of the pollen grains found on the Christian relic of the Shroud of Turin, the majority of in education which belong to entomogamous plants. The examination of the list of quarterly images in essays pegis the literature and the observation of modern pollen under light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy reveal that the most abundant pollen on list of quarterly essays the relic may be attributed to the genus Helichrysum (Asteraceae family) instead of Gundelia tournefortii. The other most important pollen found belongs to the Cistaceae-Cistus spp.—the Apiaceae—probably Ferula spp.—and the Anacardianceae—the genus Pistacia. These pollen grains could have come from plants used to obtain expensive and gcse valuable substances that would have been the basis for the oils of Helichrysum, ladanum and of quarterly galbanum, as well as for black belt essays for karate mastic and terebinth products; this fact has not been considered by previous authors. Ancient historical records give us references that could link the pollen traces to a mixture of balms and ointments employed for preparing the body for list essays funeral and burial. For this reason, the palynological study reveals coherency with these historical records about the rituals, as reported on by the text important scientists Pliny the Elder and Dioscorides, dating back to the first century ad. Shroud of Turin and Sudarium of Oviedo, Possible Burial Fabrics at of quarterly essays the Tomb of Jesus of Nazareth (English) - Sudario de Oviedo y Sindone de Turin, Posibles Linzos Sepulcrales de Jesus de Nazaret (en espanol) by essays anton charles pegis Guillermo Heras Moreno , Vice-President of Research and Training, Spanish Center for Sindonology (Centro Espanol de Sindonologia - CES), August 2016. [Editor's Note: This is a summary of data compiled over the years by the CES, some of which has been previously published in papers at various conferences. This is the most up-to-date and list fully illustrated summary of their findings, available in both English and Spanish language versions].

Here is a brief excerpt from the introduction: Can we relate the Sudarium of Oviedo and the Shroud of Turin as belonging to anton, the same corpse? If so, is essays, it reasonable to believe this may have been the corpse of Jesus of Nazareth? In other words: Are the Sudarium of Oviedo and the Shroud of Turin the burial cloths mentioned in anton pegis the Gospel texts as Shroud in the Synoptics and Sudarium in the Gospel of John? [Editor's Note: These next two articles are not directly about the Shroud of Turin but were suggested to me by Melanie Stallard , one of our website viewers. This is what she wrote regarding the of quarterly essays first article]: I just wanted to mention to you an article I read in the September issue of Science magazine about a new technology to read extremely damaged artifacts, called, virtual unwrapping. I include the original article and citation below, but it occurred to me as I read the article to video in education thesis, wonder if any application of virtual unwrapping could glean further information from the Shroud. Since the list of quarterly technology mentioned in essays honour anton the article is far beyond my expertise, I thought I would include the article here to see if it can stimulate any interest or response from Shroud scholars. The first article is titled: From damage to list of quarterly essays, discovery via virtual unwrapping: Reading the scroll from En-Gedi by video in education William Brent Seales, Clifford Seth Parker, Michael Segal, Emanuel Tov, Pnina Shor and Yosef Porath , Science Advances, 21 September 2016, Vol. 2, no. 9, e1601247.

A few weeks later Melanie sent me a follow up e-mail that said: I have happened across another article that describes a technology perhaps you already know about, terahertz imaging, which was used at list MIT Media Lab to attempt to read multiple pages of an unopened book. They used: (1) a terahertz camera that emits very high radiation, (2) an algorithm to detect the reflection of the radiation bursts caused by each page and (3) computational imaging to in education thesis, detect the images of the letters on each page. These efforts, as reported in this article, were much less successful than in the first article I sent you, Virtual Unwrapping. I just thought if any scientist contacts you regarding the previous article, this one might also be mentioned. Of Quarterly Essays? I found the video that accompanies the review very interesting regarding the reference to use of terahertz imaging to determine time-lapse information. Here is the link: Judging a book through its cover - New computational imaging method identifies letters printed on first nine pages of a stack of paper by essays anton charles pegis Larry Hardesty , MIT News Office, September 9, 2016. [Editor's Note: It is highly unlikely that any technology that emits very high radiation could be considered non-destructive or would ever be appropriate for use on the Shroud]. Recently Released Videos and Audios. A number of new Shroud related videos have been released recently and essays we are including links to gcse titles, them here. The first is a new short film from award winning filmmaker David Rolfe and co-producer Pam Moon and is titled, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross . Of Quarterly? The video, inspired by video in education the feature film Risen, is beautifully produced and edited with an equally beautiful soundtrack performed by Tom Moon . This is a truly inspirational music video from the list of quarterly producer of the award winning 1978 film, The Silent Witness, the first ever documentary on the Shroud of Turin. David has graciously posted the 4 minute 20 second video on Vimeo at plan text the above link to share it with all of us.

He has also made available a new Vimeo link to his superb 2016 film, A Grave Injustice (which we featured in a Special Update on essays March 19, 2016, in in education case you missed it). The Shroud of Turin as the Burial Cloth of list of quarterly essays Jesus: Answers for Critics , is the title of a one hour twenty-three minute presentation made by Dr. John Johnson at in education an Apologetics Symposium held on October 16, 2016 at the Cedar Park Church, in Bothell, Washington. Essays? This is a YouTube video of his complete presentation. Dr. Johnson has a PhD in an essay Applied Math from the University of California at Berkeley.

He retired from Boeing after 31 years, mostly in Aerospace. He has studied and taught Bible archaeology since he was a Biblical Christian in essays 1980. Russ Breault: Could the Shroud be a Receipt? is the gcse titles title of a 22 minute video of one of Russ' excellent Shroud Encounter presentations, which he just posted on YouTube. Here is what Russ wrote us in essays a recent e-mail: Some of you who have seen my Shroud Encounter presentation know that I end with the idea of the Shroud as a receipt, a proof of purchase. Could it be a record of the video thesis transaction between God and list man? Could the Shroud be an itemized receipt documenting the price that was paid? Mark Antonacci: Test the Shroud - At the Atomic and Molecular Levels is the title of a recent audio only podcast interview with Mark on The Mind . Here is an excerpt from the description on essay pizza their website: Arguing that new scientific tests might contest these findings and reveal the Shroud to be very probably the genuine burial cloth of Jesus Christ, Mark Antonacci proposes a scientifically-testable hypothesis that particle radiation emanating from the shroud-wrapped, crucified body may account for very many of the of quarterly essays Shroud's features, such as full-length body images, still-red blood marks, erroneous carbon dating and more. Our good friend Jim Bertrand reports that the website for the recently formed American Confraternity of the Holy Shroud is now online.

Produced by Robert Siefker , the new website went online on December 28, 2016. According to an essay on animism, the site, The possibility of strengthening faith, and potentially changing lives, is what prompted the founding of the list essays American Confraternity of the Holy Shroud (ACHS). The mission of the Confraternity is to develop ways that the Shroud, whether it is “authentic” or an iconic representation of titles Jesus’ passion and list of quarterly death, may illuminate and video strengthen Christian faith. The Mysteries of the Shroud of Turin by of quarterly essays Robin Barret is an article that appeared on December 16, 2016 in , The Voice of Interior Alaska. Here is an excerpt: Some have called the Shroud of Turin an elaborate hoax; others have called it a miraculous artifact of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. It is either one or the other. What is the shroud and where does it come from? 2016 was another great year for web traffic, although we did not surpass our 2015 record of 1 million+ visitors. Plan Text? Of course, that year the Shroud was on essays public display and garnered considerable media attention which drove lots of extra traffic to our site. Our final total for 2016 was 895,995 visits and we averaged more than 2450 visitors per an essay on animism, day or around 75,000 visitors per list, month. In 2016 our visitors generated over 15 million hits, viewed nearly 12 million files, viewed over anton charles 2.3 million pages and list of quarterly essays generated 704 GB of bandwidth!

You can see the details for yourself by an essay clicking on of quarterly the above graphic. We thank you, our loyal viewers, for your continued participation and support! Since viewers often write me asking where and when I might be giving Shroud presentations, I am again including my upcoming schedule in case I happen to belt, be in your area. If so, please drop by and say hello. Also, please understand that as of this writing, the schedule is by no means complete and that many of the times and venues are still not finalized and subject to change. List? I will do my best to update them prior to the events. March 8 - 9, 2017 - I will again be speaking at the University Series™ , an annual multi-parish adult education program held in Southern California each year during the Lenten season.

The University Series™, an event created and organized by an essay my dear friend Fr. Dave Heney , offers 90+ seminars connecting faith with real life in list of quarterly essays areas such as current events, contemporary moral issues, evangelization, faith and science, marriage and text family, church history, scripture and list of quarterly essays prayer. The 2017 season runs from March 2 to April 7 at twelve different parishes in Los Angeles and an essay on animism Ventura counties. I will make three presentations, the first on Wednesday, March 8th at 7:30-9:00 pm at the St. List Essays? Mel Activity Center , the second on Thursday, March 9th at 7:30-9:00 pm at St. Mary's Church in Whittier and the third, a special lecture (not part of the University Series) at 9:30 am on March 9th at business plan Our Lady of Malibu church. If you wish to learn more you can visit the University Series Website where you can review each topic and essays sign up for the sessions. The charge to attend is $8 per person, but you can bring a friend for free! March 24 through March 26, 2017 - I will be lecturing at Immaculate Conception Church , 2310 Robertson Ave., Norwood, Ohio (near Cincinnati). The event is the premiere of a new Shroud Speaker Series organized by gcse the Shroud Project of Cincinnati . On Friday, March 24, 2017, I will make two presentations to students, parents and teachers at the parish school, Immaculate Conception Academy . I will give one public lecture on Saturday, March 25, 2017 (starting at list essays 10:00 am) and one public lecture on Sunday, March 26, 2017 (starting at 11:00 am).

You can register for plan text any of the of quarterly essays public lectures and see their complete 2017 speaker schedule on the special website: Shroud Speaker Series Registration . I hope to see some of you there! April 4 through April 7, 2017 - I will once again be lecturing along with the Vancouver Shroud Association's Man of the Shroud Exhibit at St. Isidore Roman Catholic Church in descriptive Kanata, near Ottawa, Canada. The complete lecture and exhibit schedule and list of quarterly other details are also now available on video St. Isidore's Man of the Shroud Exhibit website. I will be giving ten lectures over the four day schedule. May 2 through May 5, 2017 - I will again be teaching my Shroud of Turin course in the Masters of Science and Faith program at the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum in Rome. July 28 through 30, 2017 - I will once again be in England and speaking at list essays the 51st Annual Jalsa Salana Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Convention in Hampshire.

Watch for an in-depth article about the event in our Fall Update in October. September 29 through October 1, 2017 - My dear friend Dr. Chuck Dietzen has invited me back to the Indianapolis, Indiana area to participate in the opening of his new Shroud exhibit. The details are still being finalized and I will post more information as soon as it becomes available. October 12 through 15, 2017 - My dear friend and brother Pete Schumacher has invited me back to lecture at about his Shroud Exhibit and Museum (SEAM) in Alamogordo, New Mexico. I will give one lecture on Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the Flickinger Theatre , 1110 New York Ave., Alamogordo, New Mexico and another on Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the Silver City Convention Center in Silver City, New Mexico. December 1 - 2, 2017 - I have been invited to speak at a conference named The Real Presence: Eucharistic Miracles; the Holy Shroud; and Our Lady of Guadalupe, in New Braunfels, Texas, hosted by the Fullness of list of quarterly Truth Catholic Evangelization Ministries in Texas. The event is being held at business plan Sts.

Peter and Paul Catholic Church , 386 N. Castell Ave., New Braunfels, Texas 78130. Updated September 15, 2017. I don't have an exact date for the next update, but I do know it will occur in the Spring, probably sometime in May. A lot will depend on list essays my travel and anton pegis lecture schedule, which is not yet finalized for this year. Although I don't know the list exact date, I do know for sure that the next update will include more issues of Rex Morgan's Shroud News , the latest papers, books, articles and videos and of course, any breaking Shroud news. To be sure you don't miss any important Shroud information as it occurs, check our STERA, Inc. Facebook page from time to time, since we now try and update it every week or so to an essay on animism, keep you informed between our regular quarterly website updates. Of Quarterly Essays? You can also join our Website Mailing List and receive an e-mail whenever the site is updated or any important Shroud news breaks.

We hope you find this update interesting and useful and look forward to seeing you in anton charles pegis the Spring! Thank you all again for being there! It is deeply appreciated.

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Thinking of list of quarterly Writing an ITGS Extended Essay? I advise you to avoid anything related to “laptops in on animism, schools” or “Facebook in schools”. List Of Quarterly Essays? Both are boring, well-trodden topics which students often choose because they want an easy time. In my experience the result will often be a regurgitation of honour anton charles unsupported, non-specific claims without any meaningful conclusion. List Essays? This was mentioned in the last ITGS EE Examiners report.

Previous essays on these topics have scored very low grades (10-12 out of 36). Any topic where you cannot perform primary research. Essay Pizza? “Robotics in of quarterly essays, medicine” might interest you, but can you find a doctor who uses robots so you can interview him? Same thing for in education thesis “Computers in space”, “smart homes”, and many more. If not, you can’t do the list, topic – it’s that simple. Topics about IT products (e.g. “New iPod released”, “Faster Intel processor”). The social impact of these is charles minimal. Topics about things which haven’t happened yet or have only just happened. How can you find examples if something hasn’t happened yet? (E.g: new nano-computers to be released, Saudi Arabia will monitor Blackberry use) Does the topic present clear social and ethical issue(s)? Are these issues caused by list of quarterly, information technology? Can you find clear sources to support these issues and impacts?

Are you able to find expert stakeholders to plan text, perform primary research? If the answer to any of essays these questions is no, you may need to think of gcse essay a different topic. US Cyber Intelligence bill moves closer. UK ISPs ordered to block The Pirate Bay. thank you for this helpful information, however i want to list of quarterly, do my EE on surveillence because my school recently installed.

CCTV camera in on animism, schools, but i am not getting a suitable topic on that. help pls.. Well, I think you should look carefully at CCTV systems and at the definition of an IT system – in most CCTV systems there is no real processing of the essays, information taking place. This suggests to essay pizza, me that it is not a suitable ITGS topic. oh….thank you, so could you give me a hint on what topics would be good? Well, as I say, the list of quarterly, key thing is a topic where you are able to pegis, access primary sources, and since you will be writing the essay for a long time, a topic you will enjoy! i want to of quarterly, study the effects of Dota on social interaction between students in my college. is it a good topic? I was wondering about the theme I am going to essays, choose either ebooks, tablet or computer games, which should I choose? Well, it would depend (among other things) on the availability of primary research options for list you….and of course you need to look at all aspects of the course (stakeholders, the social/ethical issues and impacts, etc). Hi Stuart, I've heard from video in education a few friends who are doing Extended Essays in ITGS that the research question is supposed to list, be based on honour anton a survey. Is this true? I need to know because I'm planning on of quarterly essays writing my Extended Essay based on simulators.

There needs to be an opportunity to do primary research in video thesis, the ITGS EE. That could be performed using surveys or interviews. Of Quarterly Essays? The key thing is that primary research needs to be performed with somebody who is a major stakeholder in the IT system and who is an plan, expert. Of Quarterly? I hope this helps. I m thinking on business writing my extended essay on how it enables homes be more smarter is it a good topic. The topic might be OK, but in itself it does not make a good research question. If the answer to any of the questions in the check list above is of quarterly No, then it might not be a suitable topic for you. I started writing my extended essay on social networking sites,and how it might affect the academic performance of students. Essay Pizza? I am now worried about what you said anything related to…Facebook in schools…Previous essays on list essays these topics have scored very low grades. Can you give me some tips on black belt where there were pitfalls, so I can avoid doing the same mistakes? Hakeem, I advise my students to avoid Facebook in schools style topics because all of the past EEs I have read along this vein have been very poor.

In my experience such essays lack any real authoritative evidence for the claims they make, and typically try to essays, use anecdotal evidence from the student's friends. Or the essays for karate, essays make extremely tenuous / illogical links, for example All my the people I interviewed use Facebook and all of them are passing the list, IB so this proves that Facebook does not affect grades. This doesn't mean the topics can't be done, it is just my personal advice to my students. For my primary data I used a survey to get some general information. I was going to then interview students and thesis teachers for further evidence. I tried looking for an expert in this topic (to interview) but I just couldnt. Doo you think you can give me some alternative methods I can use to further investigat the topic?

Mr.Gray, for an EE in ITGS, what do you think are the main points that should be in the abstract of my essay? The EE guide says the abstract needs to list, include the research question, the investigation method / scope, and the conclusion. You should definitely check the EE grading criteria to make sure you have done everything required and not missed anything out. I would really appreciate you giving an example of an extended essay topic. #128578; Well, there are many, many ITGS EE topics you could choose form.

Your choice is really only limited by your interests (you don't want to be writing 4000 words about something that doesn't interest you!) and in education thesis the availability of good research. Otherwise virtually anything that relates to ITGS could be refined into an EE question. I'm looking into writing an ITGS EE and am having some trouble narrowing down my topic. Any help you may provide would be greatly appreciated. I submitted the following proposal, which passed by my supervisor without too much question: Unfortunately, my supervisor is new the school and the IB program and will not be of much assistance to me in terms of getting this done correctly. In that regard, could you please take a look at my question and advise me how I might be able to clean that up? Granted, the wording is list of quarterly odd so allow me to specify what it is I want to discuss and research: I'm particularly interested in analysing the charles pegis, relationship between governments (and other high-security organisations) and list essays groups such as Anonymous, LulzSec, and belt for karate Wikileaks in recent years. I've only list recently become aware of the ITGS triangle and am confident that my topic can fit into those terms.

There are social and ethical aspects and areas of essays charles pegis impact. As far as IT systems in context, would I be able to explore the methods used in this controversial style of hacking (DDOS attacks, social engineering, sql exploits, cloud vulnerabilities, etc)? As an overarching theme, I want to list of quarterly, explore the video in education, limits of security. I've been looking into Kevin Mitnick's book an the human element of security and am considering incorporating that. I'd like to do primary research on how, with an enough effort and list essays initiative, effectively nothing is really secure. I'm confused as to how I might be able to fit this into a passable research question. Do I need to plan, specify some of these aspects? Thank you for any help.

I would strongly recommend you talk to your ITGS teacher about list of quarterly, your choice of topic because often its appropriateness will depend on your local situation (such as availability of research material). I think a common mistake that students make is selecting a topic which is too broad. Belt For Karate? It is easy to think that 4,000 words is a lot – but in fact, it isn't. First of all, I would like to commend you on list of quarterly your book, which has been an excellent guide for my studies. One other way I would now like your help is regardind my EE, which I plan to do in ITGS. My preliminary research question is essays honour anton pegis How have the relatively recent developments of Web 2.0, and list essays its increasing usage by Indian society, affected the transfer and video in education thesis general standard of news within India?

Please suggest any improvments or changes that need to be made. I request you to reply to me via email- my email account is list essays [email protected] I greatly appreciate any aid you can provide. Please see my reply to the previous comment, as I think it applies to you too. Thanks for this great resource. Black Essays? Now I just started working on an essay concerning 1 to list essays, 1 laptop programs effectivity. I planned on honour pegis and acquired permission to receive random students' online activities during the school day and will perform an analysis of the effectivity of laptops in classes, given that my school is a 1 to 1 laptop program school. I will have to decide which sites are for classes versus for leisure and slacking off. Of Quarterly? I was wondering what your opinion is on the possible success of this EE considering you claimed EEs on computers in descriptive, schools have low likelihoods to essays, receive good scores. Well, there is no fundamental reason why such an descriptive about pizza, EE can't work – my comment was based more on students I have seen who have typically tried to make very vague, general assertions long the lines of list of quarterly students like them so they must be a good thing or even as we know, laptops improve learning without any sort of supporting evidence. Other students I have known have wanted to black essays, do this topic because they think it will be easy or because they think asking their friends if their laptops are essential somehow constitutes effective research.

It seems that you are looking more specifically at 1-1 programmes rather than simply laptops. Of Quarterly Essays? It also sounds as if you are willing to select and gcse titles use appropriate primary data, which is definitely the right approach. Good luck! Thanks for your reply and advice. I'm writing an ITGS EE on list essays how IT solutions can help students with autism.

However, I'm having trouble narrowing down IT solutions. Plan? Right now I'm stuck between tablet apps such as the for android and iPad, or something else. The problem is, I don't think there are enough 'stakeholders' (I'm assuming these are people with first-hand experience, please correct me if I'm wrong!) Do you have any ideas how I can broaden or further my topic without losing my original purpose? It sounds like it would be a good idea to list of quarterly, find out exactly what the on animism, something else is before progressing. There are apps to list of quarterly, help autistic users in plan, a variety of ways (as there are many degrees of severity of autism). You might also want to consider focusing on one area (e.g. education: tools for autistic students). Thanks for your help!

It's been just over 3 months since I asked you for of quarterly help and I'd just like to gcse, thank you. Right now, I'm nearly halfway through my research (the bulk are made up of journal articles and such) with 12 sources at the moment. Of Quarterly Essays? What I'd suggest to people looking to write their EE on ITGS is that they make sure that there is are clear social/ethical issues caused or somehow influenced by technology. I'm really confused about about pizza, my ITGS extended essay, at first it was based on surveillance and my research question was: What is the effect of bio metric surveillance on list of quarterly people's family life in video in education, the U.K? but my supervisor says that I need primary research and essays so I can't do this essay as I have to physically interview people in business plan text, the U.K. I definitely have to do my EE on surveillance but now I am confused about what to of quarterly, do.Can you please give me any ideas about descriptive essay about, what I could write about on list of quarterly surveillance in my local area? I reside in Lusaka, Zambia if that is of any help to you. Well, the primary research for the EE does not *necessarily* need to be interview / survey based, though a lot of students do it this way.

Another way to perform the required elements of the EE is to provide detailed analysis and interpretation of the secondary sources you have available. The problem with this method is that many students simple repeat the contents of the secondary source (describing or explaining, rather than analysing). Another difficulty is finding secondary research with sufficient detail (articles like those from the BBC may be a good start, but they often lack detailed coverage of gcse essay topics). I hope this helps. Well, I suggest you do some more research into this topic first. I lot of these prosthetic technologies I have seen do not seem to involve IT, so it is worth finding some good examples before you start out. I am currently doing my last IB year in school which means I am in IB2. I am taking ITGS as a HL course since it interests me. For my EE topic I choose the of quarterly, topic Monitoring Cameras in classrooms Where these cameras will provide live feed to parents through the internet through a online website and also the cameras feeds will be kept as storage in the administration in the school for any incidents occurring. Do you have any suggestions on my topic?

Please reply your feedback. I would suggest you research the topic carefully to make sure an IT system is video in education thesis clearly involved here. Mere recording of images and later playback is probably not enough to count as an essays, IT system. I was just curious as to what expert stakeholders are. I looked at some example EEs and often the interviewees/people surveyed were stakeholders but not experts on the topic. If I'm doing my EE on essay about pizza education, do I need to interview/survey teachers/professors/students only? Or should I have experts such as members of the board of education? Secondly, is it appropriate to use APA citation style for an ITGS EE when APA does not support referencing interviews in the bibliography? (It does support in-text citations for list of quarterly interviews, though).

I think the key point is that stakeholders should clearly have the skills or expertise to answer the questions being asked (if the student is performing an interview, for example). For example, I have had students propose essays about violence in videogames where they suggest interviewing their friends and asking them if they think games cause violence. Those friends may well be stakeholders and descriptive about games players, but what qualification do they have to essays, make any assertion about the bigger picture of on animism games and violence? Their answers, at best, are going to essays, be hearsay and speculation. Now, those games players could answer precise and highly focused questions about themselves, but that is all. Honour Anton Pegis? I think the key thing is to consider whether the of quarterly essays, subject is actually able to answer the question or whether they would be speculating. On the other point, any citation style is fine as long as it is applied consistently and correctly. Thanks for the useful information! I want to do my EE on the benefits and drawbacks/limitations of a particular e-learning tool. How can I avoid having my essay be just a 'summary' of secondary data?

Obviously there will be primary research too but we are required to have some analysis in the essay, right? Are we allowed to write an essay where we weigh up if the pros outweigh the video in education, cons? Also are we allowed to list, use MLA citation for the ITGS EE? I saw that you said any citation style is fine but I was just a bit worried because MLA is not really used for social sciences. Thanks for your time.

Yes, you definitely need analysis of the secondary and primary data in descriptive essay about pizza, your essay, otherwise it will simply be descriptive. I suggest you look at the EE assessment criteria, especially criteria D, E, F, and H. These make it clear that you need a clear argument and need to apply analytical skills. You can use any recognised citation format for the EE. I am hoping to of quarterly essays, write my EE using the following research question: How has the rise of YouTube created a new medium for political campaigning, and essay about pizza what has been the effect of this new medium? However, I am not in the ITGS class and it is not offered at my school, so I am very uninformed on IT and of quarterly the ITGS curriculum, and I am afraid that I will end up with an essay that is not appropriate for the subject of essays ITGS. Would this be an appropriate research topic? Also, is extensive use of ITGS terminology required in ITGS essays? Thank you so much for your help. Although you are allowed to list of quarterly, write an Extended Essay in a subject that you do not take, it is not generally recommended. On Animism? This is list essays especially true if your school does not offer the subject, as there may be no supervisor with the belt, relevant expertise to assist you.

To answer your question, yes, an of quarterly essays, EE needs to pizza, include clear understanding and appropriate use of both IT and ITGS terminology (the two are not the same). I am hoping to write my Extended Essay on either. 1) The CCTVs in school and how they effect the behaviour of student, i will be touching on both the list essays, positive and negative aspects. 2) The role of wireless money transaction on the society in an essay, singapore's public transport division. With both, I can get loads of information and prove my points.What do you recommend ? Traditionally CCTV camera systems do not really use any information processing technology: they merely capture and record. List? If this is all they do, they do not really fit into the ITGS definition of IT.

I think your other topic has potential though. One thing to bear in mind I can get loads of information and prove my points suggests you already know the conclusion of your essay (or think you do). Having arguments is good (it is honour charles required in the rubric!), but remember to make sure you clearly balance your analysis. Thank you Mr. Stuart Gray, will get back to you on my final decision ! #128578; If I sent the exact same list of questions via email to different expert stakeholders, is that considered an series of interviews or a survey? Some of the list essays, questions are open-ended whereas others are close-ended. I'm planning on summarizing the results and using the summarized responses to belt, support my points. I don't know what it would be considered really – but does it matter what name we give it?

To me the difference is that an interview is performed live while a survey is completed independently by list of quarterly essays, the stakeholder. I would double-check that the expert stakeholders require the descriptive essay about, exact same questions – maybe some require extra questions or small changes? The advantage of an interview of course is that you can add or insert new questions if they say something particularly interesting in their responses. I want to do my ITGS EE on a topic relating to artificial intelligence. Of Quarterly Essays? I’m currently considering the use of AI in the military (technologies more advanced than drones) or AI simulations (in sports or investment/stocks). Do you think these are viable topics. Plan Text? If so, what could be a possible research topic. If not, why and list how can I refine it? It sounds like it would be a good idea to research this general area a little bit more. You seem to have an idea of the general area (strand 2 of the essay titles, ITGS triangle) and list technology (strand 3). Can you find any research with specific examples (e.g. news articles) which raise any issues from strand 1? They would be a good starting point to help you narrow your topic and formulate a question.

I am writting my EE about the black essays for karate, impact of quantum computing in security. But my school does not have ITGS nor Computer science. My research question is. ”Will the development in quantum computing threaten global encryption systems, or is it going to mark a new era in modern cryptography” I was thinking whether it is a valid question for ITGS or it is list essays better for computer science and also I am thinking about how to conduct the data colection. Can I analyze articles as you said earlier or I have to essays anton charles, stakeholders? I think you’d find it hard to find articles that discuss actual impacts of essays quantum computing, as the technology itself is still largely theoretical.

With that in mind, it is hard to see how it falls into the category of ITGS. Im writting an essay about how Netflix in Peru have made an impact because of the essays, high piracy of audiovisual content rate we have here in list of quarterly essays, out country. My full topic is which are the effects of the Netflix platform in the illegal consumption of on animism audiovisual contennt in the peruvian district of La Molina and essays Pueblo Libre. Could you please give me some advice? ThankYou #128578; That sounds like an belt for karate, interesting topic. In El Salvador a few years ago Blockbuster video shut down, and one of the reasons they cited was rampant piracy. I’ve often wondered how NetFlix has managed in list of quarterly essays, markets like that. I wonder – why have you chose those two specific areas of black belt essays Peru?

I’m well into my ITGS extended essay, which is about biometric services in list, India. I, however, live in Europe. Therefore, “PERFORMING primary research” is quite impossible. I am using interviews and will have quantitative data from other sources included. Has the chance of business text me getting A, by of quarterly, means of me not “PERFORMING primary research” therefore shrunk? I advise performing primary research because I find that makes it easier for students to achieve the highest marks. However, there is no reason why you cannot perform analysis and evaluation on your secondary sources. You will need a wide range of sources to enable you to analyse them thoroughly though – and you will need to critically evaluate them too. Hi I’m working on an extended essay on ITGS, my topic is about The impacts of the use of Uber on the digital divide. About Pizza? It will help me a lot if you can recommend me some material about the subject. thanks.

I read your article and it seems pretty useful. A good guideline set for essays me to work. But i feel i’m stressing too much over my research question. There is an app in essay, my country that works somewhat like uber except it’s for motorcycle riders (taxis) that require users to give their location and list essays dropping point. I was thinking that my question could be somewhat in relation to security, and maybe privacy but i’m unable to generate a good question. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated =) A good place to start is to do some background reading about your topic area. Why did you select privacy and security as your social and descriptive ethical issues? Do you have resources which suggest these are issues caused by list essays, this technology? Hello! Your article helped a lot and I was wondering if I could get some guidance on a topic I’m interested in.

I think I’ll be doing something in the area of how cloud computing has helped businesses establish better customer relations. Gcse Essay? I’m having a hard time thinking of list a research question, so would something like “To investigate how cloud computing can help businesses in essay pizza, establishing better customer relations.” Also, another topic that’s similar to this which I’m having a hard time deciding which I want to list of quarterly essays, do is the idea of social media helping businesses increase visibility or helping with customer relations. My problem is 1. I’m not sure if I can get enough primary research done by an essay on animism, my draft due date and 2. I’m not sure how specific I have to be with my research questions, as I’m concerned with whether or not I need to add specific locations (Ontario, Canada for where I reside and can perform primary research) or specify which type of list of quarterly essays businesses can be affected (Food? Service?) Thanks in advance #128578; Hi Andrew. It is probably a good idea to gcse essay, be more specific with your Research Question. Adding a particular location or even a particular type of list business could help with that. Business Plan Text? For both of those questions I’d ask how you are going to list, measure “customer relations” and therefore determine whether they have improved or not. Hello thank you for the tips and plan i would like to ask whether my question is list good as it is ‘What is the video game addiction of students in black essays, my school” but my ee supervisor said it was more of physiology ee while my itgs teacher said it was okay so what should i do as i want to do my ee based on video games as it is a passion for me.

I suppose the of quarterly essays, key question is what you are focusing on. Your current question needs refining because at the moment it assumes that the students at thesis your school have an addiction to video games – which might not be true. Addiction is also a strong word and of quarterly I am sure there is text a medical / psychological definition of that – so I see your Psychology teacher’s point. But maybe what you are really trying to measure is the extent that students at your school use video games, and the impact that has on them? In that case, impacts are clearly what ITGS is about. I am doing my EE on ITGS, deadline is soon, so please i need your response in the nearest future. i don’t really study itgs so will i be able to list of quarterly essays, achieve a good grade?

and what are the elements for a good essay that gets high marks? If you don’t study a subject, can you achieve a good grade? I’d say probably not. The mere act of writing 4000 words on a subject suggests a requirement to have studied at black essays least something about it. It sounds like you really need to talk to your EE supervisor or IB Coordinator, and also read the Extended Essay guide (which has the marking criteria). i already started my project, it is about RFID technology in education, my research question is, to what extent will the my country schools and universities benefit from monitoring their students success? in my country attendance is a problem and it is of quarterly essays also still done manually, i will study the effect of video in education introducing RFID considering ethical and privacy concerns with price and cost fro providing technology, do i still need to change my topic? and go for a thing i study, please be clear with me and thank you very much. sorry my research question is. to what extent will the my countries schools and list essays unis benefit from RFID technologies in monitoring the success of students? Your EE supervisor should be able to advise you on these questions after they have looked at your notes, research, and / or initial drafts.

In fact three formal meetings with the supervisor is now a mandatory part of the EE process.

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Panduan Menjadi Moderator Seminar yang Efektif #038; Handal. Of Quarterly Essays? Moderator acara memegang peranan yang amat penting pada hari-H. Sukses tidaknya, berkesan tidaknya acara bagi peserta, narasumber, pemasang iklan dan panitia akan amat terlihat pada bagaimana moderator menjalankan tugasnya. Titles? Berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi saya, berikut adalah sedikit panduan tentang bagaimana menjadi moderator seminar yang baik. Of Quarterly? Anda barangkali punya pengalaman yang bisa memperkaya, silahkan dibagi di sini. An Essay On Animism? Mau cara yang gampang, minta panitia untuk kirimkan handout dari setiap pembicara. Of Quarterly Essays? Tapi ada kalanya (sering bahkan) handout ini tidak bisa diterima hingga hari H. Maka tempuh alternatif lain: Anda bisa lakukan riset di internet. An Essay On Animism? Dengan cara ke-2 ini, Anda tetap harus setidaknya membaca beberapa bagian dari handout/slide begitu Anda tiba di lokasi acara. Of Quarterly Essays? Pengetahuan tentang materi yang akan disampaikan akan membantu Anda: Membuat preview dan kata-kata pembuka sesi yang berbobot dan tidak kacangan. On Animism? Jika narasumber yang hadir adalah orang2 terpilih, tak ada salahnya Anda juga tampil smart dan well-informed.

Ngobrol dengan narasumber ketika mereka hadir di lokasi sebelum acara berlangsung. List? Pengetahuan Anda tentang apa2 yang akan mereka bawakan tidak hanya akan membuat hubungan Anda jadi lebih cair, namun juga membuat sang narasumber berikan apresiasi kepada Anda atas pemahaman atau minimal ketertarikan yang Anda punya atas materi yang akan dia bawakan. Honour Anton Charles Pegis? Jangan pakai baju warna kinclong atau apapun yang mencolok. List Essays? Itu akan membuat Anda tampak lebih menonjol ketimbang sang pembicara. Essays Charles Pegis? Dalam acara di mana Anda jadi moderator, ingat ingatlah untuk tidak tampak lebih keren secara menonjol ketimbang sang narasumber. Dengan baju yang mencolok apalagi dandan yang berlebihan, itu akan membuat perhatian audience dan pemirsa dokumentasi foto/film menjadi teralihkan secara serius pada Anda. #8220;Yah, klo dasarnya emg keren gimana, dong?#8221;. Iya, tahu. Tapi bagaimanapun, bintangnya adalah mereka para narasumber, sayangnya bukan Anda sang moderator.

Anda sebaiknya bersiap manakala panitia terlalu sibuknya hingga tak sempat siapkan hal-hal remeh untuk kepentingan narasumber. List Essays? Berikut adalah yang biasa saya siapkan dan bawa pada saat acara: Form kurikulum vitae pembicara. Business Plan? Meskipun panitia biasanya punya, tapi saya lebih suka pake punya sendiri manakala desain layoutnya lebih keren. List Essays? Paparan perkenalan diri Anda sendiri, untuk dibacakan oleh MC. Gcse Essay Titles? Saya lebih menyukai model perkenalan yang sifatnya pemaparan alih-alih berbentuk daftar yang membuat cara pembacaan menjadi kaku. Of Quarterly Essays? Apapun, sebaiknya ini Anda siapkan sendiri. On Animism? Normalnya, Anda tak perlu membuat perkenalan yang panjang apalagi sampai melebihi narasumber. List Of Quarterly Essays? Form pertanyaan peserta.

Intinya adalah ada slot untuk mengisi nama, asal, dan pertanyaan. Gcse Essay? Tapi tentu pake kertas kosong pun tak masalah. List Of Quarterly Essays? Intinya Anda harus bawa, dan bukan hanya untuk Anda sendiri, tapi juga untuk narasumber yang bisa jadi tak membawa selembar kertas pun bersama mereka. Text? Akan tampak profesional bila kertas2 yang Anda bawa memiliki kop nama kegiatan. List Of Quarterly Essays? Itu akan membuat Anda (dan panitia) terkesan well-prepared. On Animism? Surat Cinta untuk memberitahukan batas waktu. Saya biasa menggunakan surat cinta untuk memberitahukan bahwa waktu kurang 15 menit, kurang 5 menit, dan waktu telah habis. List Of Quarterly? Saya cetak di kertas ukuran A5 dg ukuran huruf super besar. Business Plan Text? Diupayakan pake kertas yang tebal, sedemikian rupa sehingga bila Anda menunjukkannya ke pembicara, kertas tersebut tidak trawang terlihat oleh hadirin. Dan satu lagi, bikin juga surat cinta untuk memberitahu agar narasumber mempersingkat jawabannya (untuk digunakan di sesi tanya jawab). List Of Quarterly Essays? Siapkan juga kertas kosong ukuran kecil (misal A5 bagi dua) untuk surat-suratan dengan panitia, yakni manakala Anda memanggil panitia ke meja Anda.

Dan juga siapkan ballpoint, untuk Anda dan juga jaga-jaga buat narasumber (bisa minta ke panitia sebelum Anda maju ke depan) Urutan aktivitas seorang moderator adalah sebagai berikut. 1) Moderator harusnya hadir jauh sebelum acara dimulai. Essays Pegis? Bukan dadakan. List Essays? Dengan demikian, moderator bisa turut menyiapkan perangkat atau memastikan ketersediaan alat dan bahwa itu semua berfungsi. Essays Honour Charles? Meja dan kursi pembicara di depan Kursi pembicara yang tidak sedang berbicara Pengeras suara LCD proyektor. 2) Moderator #8220;membriefing#8221; panitia , sebelum acara dimulai, untuk perihal-perihal sebagai berikut: Minta kurikulum vitae; siapkan/bikin sendiri juga, just in of quarterly essays case Kalo air minum dari moderator atau narasumber habis, minta ke panitia agar langsung saja ganti dengan yang baru Ingatkan agar panitia memberikan minum/makanan dari sebelah kanan belakang Tunjuk/kenali panitia yang mengoperasikan perangkat elektronik misal sound system dan slide Buat kesepakatan komunikasi dengan panitia, terutama bila Anda butuh bantuan hingga membutuhkan panitia untuk maju ke depan menghampiri Anda. Black Essays? 3) Saat Pembicara memasuki ruangan , siapkan tempat duduk sejak awal.

Bilang ke panitia untuk mengkhususkan kursi tertentu, dijaga agar tidak diduduki oleh peserta yang datang terlebih dulu. Narasumber bisa diantar oleh panitia acara untuk kemudian diperkenalkan kepada moderator. List Essays? 4) Moderator memperkenalkan diri kepada narasumber. Business Plan? 5) Pembicara mengisi kurikulum vitae . List Essays? Siapkan ballpoint, just in essays charles case. List Of Quarterly Essays? Namun sebelumnya, tanyakan apakah pembicara memiliki kurikulum vitae yang dibawa sendiri dari rumah.

Tanyakan bagaimanakah dia sang pembicara ingin diperkenalkan. Business Plan Text? Bisa jadi dia punya pencapaian atau prestasi atau informasi apapun yang belum terdapat di form CV. Of Quarterly? Bisa jadi juga dia sudah menyiapkan CV yang amat panjang -misal 6 halaman- dan dia punya arahan terkait mana-mana saja yang perlu dibacakan. Gcse Titles? Intinya, buat sang pembicara senang atas bagaimana dia diperkenalkan. 6) Setelah pembicara rampung mengisi CV, moderator melakukan koordinasi dengan pembicara terkait: CV pembicara. List Of Quarterly Essays? Bacalah CV yang telah ditulis pembicara. Pastikan Anda bisa membaca semua tulisan yang ada.

Jika ada yang tak jelas, langsung tanyakan, jangan sampai ada kejadian Anda terbata-bata atau kelihatan bingung ketika sedang membaca CV. Black Belt Essays? Yang paling utama, jangan sampai Anda salah mengeja nama pembicara. Terutama untuk nama dengan ejaan lama dan yang memiliki huruf o atau e (untuk orang jawa). Kisi-kisi materi, dikonfirmasikan lagi tentang apa yang akan moderator sampaikan sebagai pengantar. List Of Quarterly Essays? Terkadang apa yang disampaikan narasumber berbeda dengan apa yang sudah jadi arahan panitia. Descriptive About Pizza? Maka hal ini harus dikomunikasikan dengan baik. Of Quarterly? Kesepakatan masalah waktu. Informasikan berapa waktu total yang dimiliki pembicara atau bahkan setiap pembicara. Business Text? Jika acara ternyata molor, maka sampaikan juga modifikasi jadwalnya. List? Pemberitahuan manakala waktu habis.

Sampaikan bagaimana Anda akan mengkomunikasikan habisnya waktu kepada pembicara. Tunjukkan contoh #8220;surat cinta#8221; yang akan Anda sodorkan kepada mereka. An Essay On Animism? Tanyakan tentang penyiapan laptop; mau minta dipasangkan atau lebih suka pasang sendiri? Termasuk juga sistem audio yang nyambung ke laptop. List? Lalu tanyakan, apakah butuh bantuan operator untuk slide?

Jangan paksa narasumber untuk banyak berbicara. Descriptive Pizza? Pahami bahwa banyak pembicara/narasumber yang butuh membentuk konsentrasi dan mengondisikan diri sebelum mereka maju ke panggung. Essays? Jikapun mereka mengajak Anda ngobrol, jangan obrolkan hal-hal yang tidak relevan dengan apa yang akan dia sampaikan. 7) Masuk acara Pembukaan : pembacaan agenda acara oleh MC, sambutan-sambutan, dan apapun yang masuk pada prosesi pembukaan kegiatan. Plan Text? Sebagai moderator, Anda sebaiknya duduk manis memperhatikan. Siapapun yg memberi sambutan, pastinya adalah orang penting yg berharap Anda juga turut memperhatikan dia berbicara.

8 ) MC menyerahkan acara kepada Anda sebagai Moderator , setelah sebelumnya memperkenalkan. List? Gunakan dokumen perkenalan diri sesuai amunisi yang telah Anda siapkan. An Essay On Animism? Ucapkan salam setelah sebelumnya menebarkan senyum kepada hadirin. Of Quarterly Essays? Dan ketika mengucapkan salam, pastikan Anda memandang hadirin, jangan menunduk melihat naskah/meja. Belt For Karate? Memberikan pengantar materi, misal mengapa kok materi yang akan disampaikan penting untuk dimunculkan di acara ybs. List? Apa yang diharapkan dari peserta Mengundang pembicara ke depan Memperkenalkan pembicara Mempersilahkan pembicara mulai berbicara Mengingatkan lagi masalah waktu tanpa perlu terdengar di mike Ketika sudah selesai, berikan komentar/review singkat tentang apa yang baru disampaikan. Descriptive? 10) Sesi Kedua, ketiga, dan seterusnya. Apa yang dilakukan adalah memberi simpulan atau mencuplik sedikit bagian dari paparan yang baru saja disampaikan. List Of Quarterly Essays? #8220;Menarik sekali apa yang disampaikan oleh Bapak/Ibu. Honour Anton? Jadi ternyata #8230; . Of Quarterly? Nah, baik. Anton Charles Pegis? Sekarang, marilah kita beranjak pada pemaparan ke-2 yang akan disampaikan oleh yang terhormat Bapak/Ibu #8230;. Memberi kesempatan peserta bertanya setelah sebelumnya mensosialisasikan berapa banyak termin yang tersedia, dan berapa penanya di setiap terminnya.

Sekalian juga Anda sampaikan aturan main semisal keharusan untuk mengacungkan tangan, lalu menyebutkan nama dan asal sebelum bertanya, serta batasan jumlah pertanyaan yang boleh diajukan setiap orang. List? Menegaskan; yang disampaikan peserta tu pertanyaan atau pernyataan Membantu peserta dalam merumuskan pertanyaan. Beneran, banyak sekali peserta yang bingung-bingung sendiri ketika bertanya. Memotong dan meringkas pertanyaan bila terlalu panjang Memancing pertanyaan dengan mengajukan frasa-frasa yang menggiring pada pertanyaan. Honour Anton Charles? Menegaskan dan mengulang pertanyaan, entah sekedar untuk memastikan seluruh peserta mendengar (manakala mike untuk peserta tidak tersedia) atau untuk mengingatkan lagi ketika narasumber hendak menanggapinya.

12) Kesimpulan dan Penutup. Ada kalanya kesimpulan tidak diperlukan jika memang forum/acaranya tidak dimaksudkan untuk membuat atau menuju ke arah simpulan tertentu. Of Quarterly? Yang wajib Anda sampaikan adalah poin-poin penting dari apa-apa yang telah disampaikan narasumber dan juga berdasarkan hasil sesi diskusi. 13) Pemberian kenang-kenangan. Untuk ini, Anda bisa bantu narasumber untuk memposisikan dirinya berdasarkan urutan tertentu di tempat pemberian kenang-kenangan. An Essay On Animism? Bagaimana Anda tahu urutannya? Tentu saja karena Anda sebelumnya telah ngobrol dengan panitia tentang ini. 14) Foto bersama.

Baik sekali bila Anda berada di tengah-tengah para narasumber. Essays? Dan sebaiknya simpan saja Peace Sign Anda #128578; Aku ikutan photo bersama aja deh :smile#8221; Selamat berakhir pekan sukses selalu. Terima Kasih atas informasinya#8230;! Tips yang mantaf, makasih buat artikelnya.. Essay Pizza? Trimakasih atas tipsnya#8230;soalnya baru kali ini saya diminta untuk jadi moderator#8230;insya Allah sukses ya acaranya#8230;Amiin. Of Quarterly Essays? Thanks ya infonya sangt menarik N B#8217;manfaat Wat Q.

Terimakasih banyak atas infonya.. About? Besok pertama kalinya saya diminta untuk menjadi moderator dlm sebuah acara.Artikel ini sangat membantu saya. Saya berharap semoga acara besok berjalan dengan lancar.. List Of Quarterly Essays? terima kasih berguna sekali infonya : ) Thanks a bunch. An Essay? Very useful information. Insya Allah saya juga diminta untuk jadi moderator 4d 1st time in list of quarterly essays my life. An Essay On Animism? #128578; Terima kasih pak. List? Sangat berguna informasi ini.

Semoga dirahmati Allah sentiasa. Business Plan Text? Thanks a lot mas Ahmad Guntar. Saya sering diminta jd MC dan Moderator, belakangan saya berpikir apa hal ini bisa dijadikan profesi juga. List Essays? Ada pengalaman/artikel yg bisa menguatkan keyakinan sy kalo ini bisa jd profesi juga? Sebelumnya sy ucapkan banyak terima kasih mas GBU#8230;. makasih tipsnya. Essay Titles? Dicopy ya mas, buat persiapan jadi moderator. List Essays? makasih banget ya pak#8230; saya seorang mahasiswi yang pertama kali diminta jadi moderator#8230;mkasih banget infonya#8230;cuma yang jadi kendala, mengenai bahasa yanga akan saya gunakan, saya mahaiswi bahsa inggris,topik yang diangkat pun berkaitan dengan bahasa inggris dan pembicaranya adalah dosen bahsa inggris,,cuma audiensnya ga semuanya mahasiswa bahassa inggris, jadi bahasa apa yang akan saya gunakan ketika jd moderator?boleh ga bahasanya nyampur? seperti nora. Plan Text? saya juga mahasiswi yang pertama kali diminta jadi moderator.mudah2an ini menjadi awal yang baik. List? terimakasih banyak bwt tiPs#8221;nya.. Essays? baru kali ini saya di kepercayai sebagai moderator dalam seminar talk show di sekolah saya#8230; semoga dengan tips#8221; yang di berikan dapat saya lakukan. List Of Quarterly? dan juga lancar dalam penyampaiannya. Black Essays? succes selalu. List Of Quarterly Essays? panduan praktis, aplikatif dan toooopppp. saya pertama kali jadi moderator, malah di ledek gak kompten#8230;tapi setelah baca artikel ini, sedikit lega dan semangat#8230;.makasihhhhhhhhh. Charles Pegis? alhamdulillah thanks infonya.. List Of Quarterly? kebetulan bsok saya pertama kalinya jadi moderator untuk acara talk show nanti.. In Education? mudah2n bisa dan sukses..

sebenarnya penginnya tips dan tip menjadi panitia seminar ilmiyah yang sukses#8230; wah sudah setahun lebih artikel ini dibuat, dan saya baru membacanya hari ini #128521; Hey, nice post, really well written. List? You should write more about an essay on animism, this. List Essays? wah, makasiy atas tips nya. Anton? mas, sy mengelola pelatihan K3 (keselamatan kesehatan kerja) atau manajemen savety, mau ekspan ke pelatihan2 lainnya (TOT, motivasi dll), ada maksud untuk menjajaki kerjasama dengan mas Akhmad Guntar. Sy tunggu respon. Essays? gimana contohnya menjadi moderator yang baik. About Pizza? nice on n very useful. Of Quarterly? thanks.. Belt Essays? wah bagus banget sarat dengan isi. List Essays? keren sore ini saya dapat jatah jadi MC . Essays? padahal besok acara di mulai, pagi, dan aku gak tau masih bleng untung aku buka blog ini. List Of Quarterly Essays? trimakasih. Black? Bismillah, siap2 deh mencoba tipsnya. List? besok jadi moderator acara ni. pak,untuk jadi moderator apa perlu kursus,kalau perlu di mana y.mohon petunjuk. Business Plan Text? klo pertma kali jadi moderator, bgaimana cra tuk tidak grogi didepan. List Essays? Manis tulisannya.. Gcse Titles? Sangat detail penjelasannya..

Terimakasih. Mudah2an berkah bagi penulis. Amiin.

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Essay on the Importance of Library. The library occupies a very important place in school. With its books suited to the interests and aptitude of list of quarterly students of different age group, with its magazines, periodicals, news papers and with its calm and tranquil atmosphere it has a special call to the students who go there and quench their thirst for reading the honour material which cannot be provided to them in of quarterly essays the class room. Here they find an environment which is conductive to the building up of habit of self learning. The library is the belt essays center of the intellectual and social activities of school. The library has got very wholesome effect over the work of school. Habit of reading can be cultivated, when students get practice in reading and reading habit in the beginning are made firm when students get that material to read which interests them and occupies their attention. In the class room the books that are prescribed may not serve the purpose, some students may not be in list essays a position to purchase all books that they want to read, while others may not find books that are of belt essays interest to them.

Interests differ, aptitudes vary, individual capacities present a wide variation in students’ reading capacities. In the library each has what he wants, each goes at the speed to which his capabilities allow him to go. The library is list essays thus, a common platform upon which all students meet on a common level with equal opportunities. It is the nucleus of the school environment, the pizza center of the list essays intellectual activities of the school. The library may be regarded as an essential instrument for putting progressive methods into practice. But it is most unfortunate that in a large number of schools there are at present no libraries worth the name. The books are usually old, out-dated, unsuitable, usually selected without reference to the students’ tastes and interests. They are stocked in a few book shelves, which are housed in an inadequate and unattractive room. The person in charge of the library is often a clerk or an indifferent teacher, who does the work on a part-time basis and has neither love for books nor knowledge of library technique. What makes this situation particularly difficult is the fact that most teachers and headmasters and even the educational administrators and authorities do not realize how unsatisfactory this position is and, therefore, hey have no sense to pizza, take necessary steps for improving the condition.

The library must be made the list essays most attractive place in the school so that students will be naturally drawn to it. It should be housed in a spacious well lighted hall. The book shelves, tables, chairs, reading desks should be carefully designed with an eye to artistic effect as well as functional efficiency. As far as possible the open shelf system should be introduced so that students may have free access to books. The success of library depends largely on the proper selection of books, journals and periodicals. An Essay On Animism? There should be a small committee of teachers, for selecting the books for of quarterly essays the library. The guiding principles in selection should be, not the teacher’s own idea of what books the descriptive students must read but their natural and psychological interests.

The Commission recommended that trained librarians who have a love for list essays books and understanding of thesis student’s interests should be provided in all secondary schools and all teachers should be given some training in the basic principles of library work in the training colleges as well as through refresher courses. As the proper use of well equipped school library is of quarterly essays absolutely essential for the official working of every educational institution and for encouraging literary and cultural interests in students, every secondary school should have such a library. Pizza? Class libraries and subject libraries should also be utilized for the purpose. The subject teachers should be in charge of list of quarterly essays subject library. Competent subject teachers can enrich their teaching greatly with the help of small collections of books in their own subjects.

This should not be confined to text books only. Advance works, reference books, books on related subjects and allied field, all these will find a place in that collection. Most of the teachers in fact, have no idea of an essay what a majority of students are reading or whether they are reading at all. So the Commission recommended that a systematic register should be maintained and each student must be allotted a few pages of the register in which all books studied by him are entered date-wise. This procedure will be very much helpful to list of quarterly, the class teachers and headmasters to give necessary advice and encouragement to individual student for developing their reading habit. On the other hand each student is expected to maintain a diary in which he may enter date-wise, the names of all the books (with the names of the Authors) which he has read together with brief quotation or extracts that may appeal to him. The Commission further suggested that where there are no separate public libraries, the school libraries should, so far as possible make their facilities available to the local public and all public libraries should have a special section for pizza children and adolescents. (i) It supplements class work by increasing students’ vocabulary, quickening their intelligence and extending their general knowledge; (ii) It enables the students to prepare themselves for taking part in the various co-curricular activities of the school. List Essays? They get information which is video in education thesis very helpful to them in taking part in debates, giving lectures and writing for essays the school magazine; (iii) It develops habits of the students to derive pleasure and information from recreational and informative books; (iv) It broadens their outlook by essays honour anton, placing a vast sphere of information before them; (v) It imparts training to the students for the proper use of books; (vi) It gives students training in punctuality by impressing ‘ upon them the necessity of returning and borrowing books at a fixed time; (vii) It provides suitable books to the students to list of quarterly, satisfy their hunger of reading books and saves them from the harmful effects of belt essays for karate reading unsuitable and injurious literature; (viii) It inculcates in the students the habit of silent reading ; (ix) It provides an opportunity to make the best use of leisure time thereby lessening the chance of indiscipline in the school. In the history of Indian Education the importance of Secondary Education Commission is of great significance.

Prior to this, various Commissions and Committees recommended for the improvement of essays secondary education, but adequate steps were not taken at different levels for its practical application. The present system of secondary education was introduced by the British authority. But within the hundred years of its existence there was no remarkable improvement in an essay on animism the field of secondary education. Of Quarterly? When everybody was feeling intensely for a progressive and workable change at this level, the gcse titles Secondary Education Commission submitted its report with constructive suggestions. The Commission attempted to investigate all the fundamental problem pertaining to list of quarterly, secondary education and recommended certain concrete measures for video in education thesis eradicating the evils that stood as stumbling block on the path of the progress of education. It probed deep into each and every aspect of the secondary education and made more practical and sound recommendations than those made by other Commissions appointed in the past. The government took initiative to implement some of the recommendation only list essays because those were befitting to the time and made in the light of the essay recommendations of other Commissions and Committees. The Commission has put forth sincere efforts to rectify those defects persisted in secondary education i.e. predominance of bookish and literary knowledge, lack of vocational and technical-education, defective system of examination, shortcomings inherent in the managing bodies and list of quarterly essays, organisation of schools etc. Realizing the futility of single track institutions the Commission gave entirely original suggestion for black essays for karate the establishment of ‘Multipurpose Schools” catering to the needs of the various ability, aptitude and interest of the students. One of the most vital problems that confronting the country at of quarterly, present is the development of agriculture and industry.

Inclusion of these subjects in the curriculum of the secondary education and emphasis of education in them is a notable feature of the Commission. For improving the progressively deteriorating conditions regarding discipline, reorganization of descriptive essay about pizza administration and management of school at this level, the commission gave certain practical suggestions. It also made proposals for bringing about a greater diversity and comprehensiveness in educational courses which would include both general and vocational subjects. Besides, other suggestions for reforming examination and evaluation system, diversified of studies, improvement of of quarterly teachers’ lot, reform of private management etc. are merely repetition and descriptive pizza, lack the spirit of departure from the beaten track. Different Commissions and Committees appointed earlier also highlighted some of these things. As government was not so very keen in eradicating the fundamental defects in the sphere of secondary education, root and branch, the tangible result could not be arrived at. In-spite of the merits and of quarterly essays, significance of these recommendations there are certain limitations and shortcomings which should not be lost sight off. Black Belt? As a matter of fact the of quarterly essays Commission has endeavoured to mould the pre-existing pattern of secondary education by suggesting improvements and changes which are not very sound and effective.

Moreover, insufficient attention has been paid for descriptive about pizza the improvement of female education and suggestion for teachers training is merely conventional. Its suggestion for of quarterly financial resources and government responsibilities Sin this regard are most inadequate. Video In Education Thesis? In-spite of the above shortcomings and limitations it can be said that the recommendations of the Secondary Education Commission opened a new era of reconstruction and reform of of quarterly education at the secondary stage. These recommendations have got far reaching consequences and plan text, are likely to go a long way if faithfully implemented keeping in view to strengthen the weakest link in the system of education of the country. Steps were taken during 2nd plan to implement pattern of reorganization of list of quarterly secondary education as recommended by S.E.C.” Accordingly financial allocation was made in the budget. Government took effective measures during 2nd plan period to introduce crafts and diversified courses, better facilities for science teaching, establishment of multipurpose schools and junior technical schools as well as upgrading of the high schools to higher secondary schools.

In the 1st plan about 250 multipurpose seconds were established. About 1150 high schools were converted into higher secondary schools by the end of the 2nd plan. As a result of the government’s effort secondary education expanded considerably. At the end of the an essay on animism 1st plan the number of all types of secondary schools was 32,568 with 8,26,509 students and list essays, the number increased to 66,920 with 1,81,22,356 students by the end of 2nd plan. One of the major aims of the 3rd plan was to expand and intensify the educational effort and to bring every home within its fold so that in all branches of national life, education becomes the focal point of planned development.

Education programmes embodied in the 3rd plan were comprehensive in scope. An Essay? The programme for the reorganization and improvement of secondary education, which had been implemented during 2nd plan period was continued. It was designed both to enlarge the content of secondary education and to make it a self contained unit within the educational process. During 3rd plan measures were taken for the conversion of high schools into higher secondary schools, development of multipurpose schools with provision of a number of elective subjects, expansion and improvement of facilities for the teaching of list science, provision of about educational and essays, vocational guidance, improvement of the examination and evaluation system, enlargement of facilities for vocational education, increased facilities for plan the education of girls and the backward classes and encouragement to merit through scholarships. List? However steady progress was maintained during this period and the number of schools increased considerably. The number of essays anton charles higher secondary schools increased from of quarterly, 3,121 to 6,203 and the number of secondary schools increased to 90 thousands with 300 lakhs students by the end of 3rd plan. During 3rd plan Indian Education Commission was appointed under the chairmanship of Dr. D.S.

Kothari, which is popularly known as Kothari Commission, 1964-66. Gcse Titles? The Commission aimed at an entire overhauling of the existing setup. Besides many other things it pleaded eloquently for the improvement of list of quarterly secondary education and recommended that: (i) Enrolment in business plan secondary education should be regulated during the next twenty years by proper planning of the location of secondary schools, maintaining adequate standards and to that end, by determining the enrolment in terms of list of quarterly essays facilities available and selecting the best student; (ii) A developmental plan for secondary education should be prepared for each district and implemented in a period of ten years, (iii) The best students should be selected for admission into secondary schools, through a process of black self selection at the lower secondary stage, and on the basis of external examination results and school records at the higher secondary stage; (iv) Secondary education should be vocationalised in a large measure and enrolments in vocational courses raised to 20 per cent of total enrolment at the lower secondary stage and of quarterly, 50 per cent of business plan total enrolment at the higher secondary stage by 1986. (v) A variety of part-time and full-time facilities in vocational education should be available at both these stages to meet the needs of the boys and girls, in urban and rural areas. Of Quarterly Essays? Special sections should be set up in the education department to help young pupils who drop out after class VIII or VII to obtain training on in education a full time or part time basis, and to be in overall charge of the organisation of of quarterly essays these courses; (vi) The central government should provide special grants to state governments in centrally sponsored sector for the vocationalisation of secondary education; (vii) Facilities for part-time education should be provided on a large scale at the lower and higher secondary stages in general and vocational courses. Special emphasis will have to be placed on agricultural courses or those who have taken to farming as a vocation and on courses in home science or household industries for girls; (viii) Efforts should be made to accelerate the expansion of girls education so that the proportion of essays anton pegis girls to boys reaches 1 : 2 at list, the lower secondary stage and gcse essay titles, 1:3 at the higher secondary stage in 20 years ; (ix) Emphasis should be placed on establishing separate schools for girls, provision of hostels and scholarships and part-time vocational courses; (x) a national policy for the location of new institutions for each category should be adopted so as to avoid waste and duplication; (xi) Vocational schools should be located near the industry concerned; (xii) In non-vocational schools, a common curriculum of general education should be provided for the first ten years of school education and diversification of studies and specialization should begin only at the higher secondary stage; (xiii) At the higher secondary stage courses will be diversified in such a manner as to enable pupils to study a group of any three subjects in depth with considerable freedom and elasticity in the grouping of subjects. In order to ensure the balanced development of the adolescents, total personality the curriculum at of quarterly essays, this stage should provide half the time to the languages and black belt, one-fourth to physical education, arts and crafts, moral and spiritual education. After the recommendations of Kothari Commission, following measures were taken during 4th plan for the qualitative improvement of secondary education.

(i) Enrichment of the content of of quarterly essays secondary education by adding one more class to the high school and making it higher secondary course of 11 year duration. (ii) Implementation of a long range programme of examination reform aiming at a closer integration of educational objectives, learning process and belt essays, methods of evaluation. (iii) Conversion of high schools into higher secondary and multi-purpose schools. Besides, improvement of science education, implementation of the pilot projects for the introduction of work experience and vocationalisation, development of school complex etc. were some of the measures undertaken during 4th plan period. Essays? As a result of the different measures, the number of schools at the secondary level increased considerably. By the year 1973-74, 74.40% boys and 29.60% girls were reading at the secondary stage. Different states accepted the new-pattern of education and for karate, introduced this system according to list of quarterly, their own convenience. Though there is a lot of confusion and black belt, feeling of anxiety in the minds of the people regarding the practical application of the new pattern, yet in the overall interest of the student population and for national integration there is great need of a uniform pattern of education.

So steps were taken to accelerate the pace of progress in implementing the new scheme. It was not only for the sake of uniformity that the of quarterly essays new structural pattern was introduced, but it was meant to provide definite stages for pupils to branch off from the academic streams. If provision would not be made for students to essays charles, branch off to vocational courses after completion of the particular stage of of quarterly essays education, the change of pattern would only partially achieve the objectives and students who would do better in vocational courses would tend to go in for general education. During 5th plan, the objective in this sector was consolidated and controlled expansion. In order to raise the standard of education reorganisation of the curriculum, improvement of the methods of teaching, reforms in the system of examination, development of instructional materials and text books were undertaken during 5th plan period. Even then the achievement in this sector was not encouraging. So there were concerted efforts to achieve predetermined targets and objectives within the stipulated period. In the 6th plan, for the success of the new education policy of 10+2+3 necessary changes were made in the curriculum at the school stage in order to relieve the burden on the child and make it realistic. It was expected that enrolment in secondary schools during the plan would be about 30 lakhs.

It had been proposed to achieve this objective by better and efficient utilisation of present secondary schools instead of opening new ones. However, the target would be fulfilled only through hard and essay about, sustained work, original and creative thinking, devotion and involvement of personnel associated with the list of quarterly planning and implementation of the new-pattern of education. The country had formally adopted a uniform pattern of education viz, the 10+2+3 pattern, consisting of 10 year school education followed by for karate, a two years higher-secondary or equivalent and !a three year degree course. Yet there was no uniformity in the number of years one spent in the three stages of school education; primary, upper-primary and secondary. However, classes VI to VIII were taken as components of the upper-primary stage.

When the first and second All India Educational Surveys were conducted in list the years 1957 and 1965, respectively, a distance of three miles or approximately 5 kilometers was considered to be a convenient walking distance for children in classes VI to VIII. Gradually, the distance limit was brought down to video in education thesis, three kilometers. Besides, the pattern of of quarterly upper primary schools prevailing in respective states and union territories varies. Text? Therefore, the facilities for higher-primary education were available in different types of schools. Some secondary and list essays, higher-secondary schools also had upper-primary classes attached to essay titles, them.

Unlike primary schools, the upper- primary schools were also managed by of quarterly, the government, local bodies, private bodies etc. As the government had been giving a major thrust to the expansion of education in essays honour anton charles rural areas, private managements had been playing a dominant role in of quarterly essays urban areas. However, the overall annual increase in enrolment at the upper primary stage between the third and fourth survey was found to be 5.75 percent while that of between the fourth and fifth survey was 6.8 percent. An encouraging feature was that the rate of increase in enrolment had been more in rural areas than in urban areas. The period between the first and the second survey witnessed a sharp increase in essay about the percentage of habitations which had access to secondary stage education either within the list essays habitation or up to a distance of eight kilometers (five miles). But it was reduced to five kilometers by the time of the third survey.

The fourth survey (1978) revealed that 72.54% habitations were served by business, secondary education within eight kilometers, which was increased to 78.92% by the fifth survey. In fact, it revealed that the facilities of secondary education had been extended to a larger number of habitations covering a higher proportion of rural population. List Essays? As such, there were 52,560 secondary schools in India by 1986. Of these, 38,862 were located in rural acres and the remaining 13,698 in urban areas. At the time of 1978 (fourth survey) the number of secondary schools was 36,675. It may be mentioned that the increase in the number of secondary schools during the period between 1973 and 1978 was only 3.5%. The sixth five year plan envisaged for gcse essay the extended educational facilities in rural and backward areas specially for weaker section of the community in the field of secondary and higher secondary education.

During this plan period greater facilities for secondary education had to provide due to the expansion of the base of education at the elementary stage. Since secondary education is considered as the means of social mobility and economic independence, particularly among the socially disadvantaged. Besides, the plan emphasized the importance of paying special attention to the quality of education at this stage and to improve the internal efficiency of the system and enhancing the of quarterly employability of its products. Heathen, there was great need for more sustained and on animism, planned effort for the qualitative improvement of education at this level. Gradually the demand for secondary education had been growing.

The expansion of educational institution at of quarterly essays, the ground level provided a further impetus to this growth. For instance the number of upper-primary schools had increased from 1.35 lakhs to 1.46 laks from 1985-86 to 1990-91, respectively. Therefore, during seventh plan provision was made for promoting distance learning techniques and open school systems. As a result, unplanned growth of high and higher secondary school was checked. Norms for the establishment of secondary school were evolved and strictly observed in order to avoid proliferation of economically nonviable and educationally inefficient institutions.

In expanding the facilities, special attention was paid to titles, the needs of backward areas of under privileged sections of the community. The teaching of science and list, mathematics at high and higher secondary stage was strengthened and made universal. Moreover, efforts were made to update and modernize science curricula, improvement of laboratories and libraries in schools and ensure the quality of science teachers through large-scale in service training programmes. In-fact, the progressive outlook of the authority is clearly evident from the introduction of business environmental education in the courses of study which formed an important aspect of list of quarterly essays science education during this plan period. As such, the Socially Useful Productive Work (Work Experience) programme component constituted a link between work and essays anton, education for the development of positive work ethics and work habits in learners. During sixth plan, a small beginning was made in providing computer literacy to essays, students in selected secondary schools. Based on this experience, steps were taken to video thesis, extend the programme to cover different aspects of computer appreciation and application.

The NPE, 1986 laid down that “access to list of quarterly essays, secondary education will be widened to cover areas unserved by it at present.” As such, it recommended for the strengthening of the State Board of business plan Secondary Education, reorganization of teacher education along with in service training, examination reform, improvement and modification of the content of secondary education curriculum, strengthening of the open school system, provision of extended educational facilities, special arrangement for talented children with pronounced competence etc. However, there had been a significance increase in the number of list of quarterly secondary schools. It increased from 54,845 in 1987-88 to 59,468 in 90-91 and the quality of honour pegis education at this stage was enhanced. Because the key issues in secondary education, apart from of quarterly essays, access, were quality, modernisation and gcse essay, diversification. Though a considerable degree of uniformity had been achieved in list regard to common education structure of 10+2+3, there was a considerable diversity regarding the location of the +2 stage. In quite a few states it was not a part of the school system. The secondary stage was divided in to two very distinct sub-stages- Secondary (up to class X) which was the stage of general education and higher secondary (class XI and XIl) which was marked by gcse essay titles, differentiation and diversification. For the national system of education the of quarterly NPE envisaged a national curriculum frame work. The work of curriculum revision for the secondary stage was undertaken in almost all the states and the UTs in the light of the video thesis guide-lines prepared by NCERT. Further, necessary steps were taken by extending the access to secondary education by opening new schools in essays the un-served areas and by extending and consolidating the existing facilities with particular emphasis on ensuring substantially increased enrolment of girls and the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

Besides, greater autonomy was given to the Board of Secondary Education of different states for strengthening their structure and composition. Quality improvement programmes were under taken relating to teacher- education by according statutory and autonomous status to NCTE, strengthening and upgrading the plan text teacher-training colleges to list of quarterly, Institute of Advanced studies (IASE) and essays honour anton, College of Teacher Education. Moreover, pre-service and of quarterly, in-service teacher training programmes were designed and descriptive pizza, open school system at this level was extended. As time went on, the number of secondary schools increased enormously from 59,468 in list essays 1990-91 to 90761 by 2002- 2003. The number of teacher at teacher at this sage was 996054 and an essay on animism, teacher pupil ratio was 1:30 by 2002-03. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages:

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Film Piracy and It’s Effects in the Industry. Film Piracy and its effect on the Industry Five Advantages of Film Piracy: These are the “advantages” one might see for why to commit film piracy, but I by know way endorse such a thing. Of Quarterly Essays? •You can save money •Sometimes one may have the advantage of seeing a film before it is released on DVD •It’s been made a lot easier to get ahold of business plan pirated films and can usually be downloaded in essays, minutes •one can peer-to-peer share with friends •One might see it as free publicity for the film Five Disadvantages of in education thesis Film Piracy: Film Piracy is the unauthorized use or reproduction of movies in print, videos, DVD, or electronic files by uploading or downloading; an upload is when a person sends or makes available a file; a download is list of quarterly when a person receives a file. • Piracy is in fact stealing, it’s a criminal act. •When film piracy is committed the revenues for the film industry in decreases. •It can affect the text number of films being produced. •One can be ARRESTED for such copyright theft. List? • If piracy threatens the movie industry at an essay on animism, all, it is list essays a threat that is of the motion picture industry’s making. We will write a custom essay sample. on Film Piracy and It’s Effects in the Industry or any similar. topic specifically for you. The movie industry says movie piracy, AKA bootlegs, threatens its ability to survive. The movie industry also moans about the loss of profits to bootlegs and online filesharing. Gcse Essay? Their estimates are flawed because they do not take in to of quarterly, account one factor which is those who do without. Any article on how piracy threatens the move industry should deal with that fact.

Just because someone sees a movie online or buys a cheap bootleg does not mean the movie industry has been cheated out of an admission fee. The admission fee where I live is $12 for me alone. If I don’t see a movie online or by a bootleg, I simply don’t see it at all. It is black belt for karate not a matter of wanting to watch a movie on my TV or my computer. List Of Quarterly? I love seeing movies in honour, the theatre, but I can’t afford it. It is list essays that simple.

It is. Page 2 Film Piracy and It’s Effects in the Industry Essay. not a matter of morality. It is titles a question of list essays being locked out of the cinema or not because I don’t have enough money. I’m not the only one at the mercy of that simple equation. Business Plan Text? The movie industry is quite plainly only threatened in list of quarterly, the slightest by movie piracy. You will still get those that will tell you the price is what the market will bear.

Okay then, so what is the problem? Why is the descriptive essay about pizza movie industry whining about all these losses? If the market bears the of quarterly price as they say it does there should be no problem. There wouldn’t be one if movie theatre admissions were priced the same as counterfeit DVDs which tend to belt essays, go for between $3 and list $5. If you offer me a movie at $3 I will still think that is essay expensive but it is at very least negotiable depending very much on how my financial situation is at the time. But charge me $12 to see a film? Forget it. We have absolutely nothing to talk about. We are talking about a difference of between $7 and $9 per essays title and that is only if it is admission for one.

A significant difference in business text, price? For me absolutely. For most of the people I know too. Maybe people in Hollywood are passed fussing about sums of money under $10. Essays? But the rest of us are not. Let us take the example of a movie like 2012. Top of the box office its first week with a gross of $65 million. Estimated cost of production $260,000,000. Do you really suppose that anyone amongst the production team of that film has even blinked at sums of money under $10 in the past few years? This movie industry campaign with its slick commercials that equate movie piracy with all kinds of thievery like purse snatching etc elicits laughs or groans and eye-rolling if it gets any reaction at all that I have seen from audiences. How piracy threatens the move industry is a matter of proportion.

It siphons off enough money to make producing stupid commercials (which you can’t just click “Menu” on your DVD player to avoid) necessary. Black Essays? But the industry still makes money hand over fist even in tough economic times like these. Hollywood film executives and their flunkies are either on some very powerful drugs or they are just naturally delusional if they think their selfish whining makes a substantial number of list essays people who watch pirated movies feel guilty. I wonder if this is really Hollywood’s way of two-tiered marketing. Supply movie theatres with blockbuster releases and an essay make huge profits at list of quarterly, concession stands as well as the box office then market bootlegs (Yes, I am asking aloud if they might be in on it) to business plan text, the people who cannot afford to enjoy the deluxe movie experience. •They look at us as losers, a negligible group on the margins of society and would rather we be kept out of their shiny cineplexes, lest our BO offend the other patrons or we try to essays, pester them for spare change. Piracy is a thorny issue in the Philippines. I think very few here can be holier-than-thou and say they haven’t bought a pirated game, bootleg DVD or other counterfeit good at some point. Yet most of on animism us agree that piracy is a crime. Read my Infotech article “Game piracy may be financing other crimes: ESA exec,” based on essays, my e-mail interview with Ric Hirsch, senior vice president for intellectual property enforcement of the Entertainment Software Association. ESA is the US industry association representing the world’s biggest game publishers, and is the owner and operator of Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

I’ve already gotten feedback from those who feel it’s absurd to link game piracy to organized crime. Descriptive Pizza? I think this really shows how we as consumers see piracy in terms mainly of list of quarterly getting a bargain, and that most of us think it’s a victimless crime. But have we ever stopped to video in education, think about the economic scale of the operations that bring these bootleg products to the hands of our friendly neighborhood pirates? A reader e-mailed me about this article, saying he was an essays IT consultant who buys pirated games in order to “evaluate” them, so that he can buy the an essay original copies if he likes the games. He feels that it’s absurd of the of quarterly ESA to allege that proceeds from game piracy could be funding other criminal activities like drug smuggling or even terrorism. But I think what he fails to consider is that piracy is an international crime, a global phenomenon. Essays Honour Anton Charles? It’s a very profitable criminal enterprise, and while it’s absurd to think that every individual pirate is directly involved with drug or arms smugglers, what the ESA and law enforcement agencies are saying is list that the business big syndicates mass-producing and list of quarterly essays shipping pirated games all over the world are also involved in other crimes, including drugs and terrorism in some countries. And since no one will sell these products if no one is buying them, we as consumers are also part of this food chain.

Here’s part of my reply to this reader: I think most of us agree that it (piracy) is a crime, and about pizza that if we ourselves own a form of intellectual property (for instance, our game developers, or IT programmers, or we journalists), we wouldn’t want others to rip us off and use our products illegally. You might think what Hirsch is saying is absurd, but think about list essays, it: Piracy is a very big business all over the world. We are talking about syndicates investing a huge amount of money in machinery, regularly bribing Customs personnel and other government officials, and shipping their products to thesis, different international markets. Is it really that farfetched to think that the syndicates in Malaysia, China, Russia and other major producers of pirated games are also involved in other illegal activities like drug and arms smuggling? The Philippines might be more of list of quarterly essays a consumer rather than a manufacturer of pirated games, but the criminals who bring these goods in illegally and essays pegis make them available to list of quarterly, retailers wouldn’t be doing this if piracy wasn’t a big business. That’s what Hirsch is thesis saying, that as consumers we might only think of buying pirated goods in terms of getting a bargain, but actually we’re part of list essays a food chain that is by video, itself a large-scale criminal enterprise and conceivably funds other illegal activities. List Of Quarterly Essays? And if we want to support Filipino game developers, then we must also stop condoning piracy.

Piracy is partly what did in gcse, Anito: Defend a Land Enraged, and it’s cold comfort for our Filipino game developers to get international awards and of quarterly essays praises for their games when they’re being robbed of essays pegis their hard-earned money. If you’d like to read more on the subject, a number of articles about the links [between] software piracy and organized crime have come out over the years, some of which include: Software Piracy Report: Part II http://archive. gamespy. com/legacy/articles/spr2_c. List Of Quarterly Essays? shtm The Impact of Counterfeit Software http://www. pcmag. Gcse Essay Titles? com/article2/0,1759,1061752,00. asp Again, I’m not going to be a hypocrite. Piracy has made games, movies, music and other goods affordable to more Filipinos. But if we want to become producers of list of quarterly essays original Filipino games instead of just being consumers, then we have to start supporting our game developers. But look what’s happening. Business Text? Our knowledge workers are trying to produce original Filipino content, but the public would rather keep getting things for free or almost free. Pati Anito pinirata.

Pati OPM pinipirata. Pati Filipino movies pinipirata. I don’t really have the answers, because I know most of this is based on economics, and of quarterly essays that piracy is a cheap alternative for black essays for karate, most Filipinos. But I dream of the list of quarterly essays day when the Philippines will also become a world-class game development center, when our talented game designers and business text programmers can earn a decent living in this country and compete with the world’s best without having to leave the list essays Philippines. I dream of the day when the descriptive pizza Philippines will become a major market for international game publishers, with companies like Electronic Arts investing in the country and putting up actual Philippine subsidiaries. Of Quarterly Essays? I dream of the day when Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will actually launch heir consoles in the Philippines, instead of us having to get our units through the gray market. Heck, we don’t even have Xbox Live legally in the Philippines. Sure, you might say it’s an impossible dream, and the current woeful state of the Philippine game development industry is just part of the overall pitiful state of our country. An Essay On Animism? But at some point we’ll have to wake up and realize that we can’t be consumers forever — and even then we’re already too small a market of consumers to begin with and we just buy pirated goods anyway, so why the heck should foreign companies invest in our country? It’s not like we’re China, which, like it or not, has been able to get away with piracy because of the sheer size of its market and of quarterly its investment on thesis, infrastructure, local manufacturers, game developers and other homegrown industries.

Not to mention that it’s a military superpower, so hey, it’s not like we can complain about list essays, how unfair it is to pick on a Third World country like the Philippines when other countries are the ones producing pirated goods. What we have to realize is descriptive essay that we have to develop a competitive advantage as a nation — not just talented individuals who more often than not end up migrating to other countries. We have to stop this endless cycle of list thinking that it’s OK for people to descriptive about, break laws because they’re poor, because at the end of the day we have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and start getting our act together. We’re a Third World country because of our Third World mentality. The Philippine entertainment industry has blamed this sudden decline to movie piracy. Yes, Pilipinos themselves cheat their own fellow Pilipinos when they pirated original movie DVDs produced by original film makers. List Of Quarterly Essays? The reason for their pirating activity is of course, poverty. Majority of most Pilipinos do not have jobs that could augment their respective live, thus some resort to gcse, this cheating act. Original film makers cannot blame some Pilipinos patronizing pirated movie version of their films because most pirated copies are very cheap and affordable than the original ones. Moreover, you can watch in advance movies which are soon to show on essays, movie theaters through pirated copy of it.

Thus, the piracy industry cannot be totally be stop and abolish by the original film makers though there are chances they caught some who are involved in movie piracy and destroyed lots of business plan pirated movie DVDs. Quiapo, a heaven for pirated movies and software. The Golden Mosque is situated in the heart of the Muslim district. Here you can find hundreds of of quarterly shops and stalls selling pirated DVDs, VCDs and essay CDs for as low as 15 pesos. You can purchase whatever movie you want from the latest Hollywood movie to hardcore porn. Every imaginable software program is essays here on pizza, sale. Photoshop, Lightroom, Windows XP, Vista, you name it, they got it. It is a huge business and the counterfeit items are openly sold. Of Quarterly? In 2004, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo enacted Republic Act 9239 or the Optical Media Act.

Those found violating RA 9239 faced a maximum penalty of P1. 5 million in fines and six years imprisonment. Honour Charles? But when you visit Quiapo you can see with your own eyes how this illegal trade is still flourishing and it is obvious that it is tolerated by the authorities and the police. Taking pictures here is of quarterly essays definitely not recommended! It is quite tricky if not plain dangerous. I tried it and plan text it was met with anger. One shop owner started shouting at me and soon a little mob assembled. I didn’t understand what they were saying but I moved on as quickly as I could… I guess they thought I was working for the FBI. -) Anyway, in list of quarterly, the spirit of honesty, I have to state that except from this incident that I provoked I never encountered any problem. People are generally friendly and I didn’t got a feeling of insecurity. I was even invited in an essay, one small eatery for list of quarterly, a chat with some of my Muslim brothers. I managed to take some snapshots and then moved back to the side of Quiapo Church where non Muslim Filipinos are basically selling exactly the same pirated movies and essays for karate software.

It was much more easy to list of quarterly essays, take pictures there.