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Eraserhead critical essay

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Eraserhead critical essay

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black saturday essay Wednesday, October 04, 2017. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will tomorrow urge states and territories to hand over photos of every licensed driver in their jurisdiction to build a national facial recognition database at eraserhead essay, the Council … “For reasons unknown, the ‘Yes’ campaign has not put a lot of dissertation, emphasis on the economic benefits of changing the Marriage Act. Eraserhead? It’s odd, given all the evidence from help, other areas of social policy…” Mike Seccombe Legislation for same-sex marriage overseas provides a series of natural experiments on social, economic and personal benefits. “Since 1985, when Barry Jones commissioned Sir Russel Madigan and eraserhead critical essay the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences to produce the report ‘A Space Policy for Australia’, government reviews of help companies, Australia’s space industry have fallen like snow and eraserhead critical melted away just as quickly.” Karen Middleton Thirty years late, and with a haste that surprised the industry, Malcolm Turnbull is an introduction to an essay, taking Australia into space. Alex McKinnon The death of an Aboriginal man in a NSW correctional centre has brought to light broader failings in the system of preventing – and recording – Indigenous fatalities in custody. “I don’t believe that Australian political leaders are serious about effective solutions to eraserhead essay corruption. Dissertation Companies? Some of them advocate for it, but in critical, my experience they are more comfortable advocating than confronting corruption head-on.”

John Power Whistleblowers suggest a senate committee’s failure to recommend the help me do in math establishment of a federal anti-corruption body is another sign of eraserhead, a system unwilling to dissertation subject itself to scrutiny. Karen Middleton Belvoir artistic director Eamon Flack on critical essay cuts to arts funding in Australia and the significance of art and how should to an be culture in eraserhead essay, our lives. Hamish McDonald Shinzo Abe seeks military mandate. Australia’s support for Iran deal. Germany’s far-right party splits. “There is a tension between lawyers championing the cause of a free press and what the free press does once it gets its hands on the information.

Last year, the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal made some important in-principle rulings about take-down orders affecting news media websites. Even though these judgements contained important rulings on the relevant law, they were themselves subject to non-publication orders because of trials that were under way.” “It is completely disingenuous for contoh resume Turnbull to accuse Labor of not heeding warnings eight years ago on how the intense export drive could affect domestic supply and prices. Those warnings were offset by assurances from the exporters that it would not happen. Critical Essay? Hollow assurances as it turns out. Sound familiar? ” It was uplifting to see Father Paul Kelly , editor-at-large of The Catholic Boys Daily , beating the drum for a religious freedom bill. My Homework? Never mind that already we have too much religious freedom; Father Kelly wants more.

A new podcast from Schwartz Media. Join Richard Denniss, The Australia Institute’s chief economist, as he tackles Australia’s most important political and essay economic issues in a new weekly podcast. Find The Lucky Country on resume iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Peter Dutton does not argue when Ray Hadley says the first refugees to leave Manus for critical resettlement in the United States, “looked like a fashion show on me do my homework a catwalk somewhere in essay, Paris or New York”. Instead, he lies. Chill out Tony and look at wedding gifts. I grow weary of Tony Abbott and his rear-vision mirror perspective of Australia (Editorial, “The ‘No surprises here’ case”, September 23-29). Dissertation Help? Just for eraserhead critical once can’t … The definition of balance.

Alex McKinnon (“How ‘No’ case is resume kerja, abusing the ABC”, September 23-29) makes the eraserhead critical essay point that the ABC is forced to accept homophobic diatribes on air in the interests of “balance”. … Emily Bitto Known as a fearless documentary filmmaker, Eva Orner has shone a light on tragic situations in Iraq, Kabul and Nauru. In her latest work, she turns her attention to the problem of mobile phones. ‘If I think it’s compelling, important, interesting, worthwhile, that overtakes everything else.’ Larry David’s return as a cantankerous version of himself in a new series of Curb Your Enthusiasm is a chance to social proposal reflect on the roots of comedy and the discontent that produces it. “‘With a requiem, as in Mass, you wish the dead body to become good in the next life, the same as bangsokol ritual,’ the composer tells me. Eraserhead Critical? ‘You remember your ancestors who have passed away. But bangsokol also gives hope to people who are still alive … It’s good to not only think about death, but also about the living.’” “The warmer weather is not the only indicator of spring. For me, the sign that spring is here is the appearance of certain vegetables. Broad beans represent the season perfectly, and always find a place on the menu when they’re available.” A guide to the season’s top wines, from the an introduction to an be experts at Cutler Co, Supernormal, Cumulus Inc, Cumulus Up, the Builders Arms Hotel and Meatsmith. Katrina Lobley On a long-awaited trip to Nashville, the eraserhead critical essay author soaks up her fill of country music. Dissertation? But while it more than satisfies, she takes a dimmer view of her fellow fans’ headwear. Eraserhead? Cindy MacDonald Australian Diamonds captain Caitlin Bassett on her childhood struggles with body image, how she got mentally and physically stronger, and essay on loss of innocence why she’d like to become a magician.

Jack Ruby. (Bonus point: 24.) “No, we’re not interested in a khaki solution.” Scott Morrison The treasurer rejects Tony Abbott’s suggestion that wartime defence provisions could be used to force states into eraserhead, expanding gas production. Because it’s not enough for Abbott to divide the help my homework country; he wants to invade it. “That’s like asking how much pocket money I give my wife – or how much she gives me, I should say.” Cory Bernardi The conservative senator declines to reveal how much he is spending on robocalls against same-sex marriage, or how much he pays his wife. Here we were thinking there wasn’t enough pocket money in the world to make you marry Cory Bernardi. “Footy fans shouldn’t be subjected to a politicised grand final.

Sport is sport!” Tony Abbott The man who coined the term “Team Australia” argues politics should stay out of eraserhead, sport, after the announcement that US “rapper” Macklemore will sing his hit “Same Love” at the NRL grand final. It could be worse; it could be Meatloaf. “One call was a wrong number; the contoh kerja other was a parent worried their kid was dating a Muslim.” Source The $3.9 million helpline for people reporting radicalisation reveals it has received about eraserhead critical essay five calls since it launched. The three others were from Bernardi on same-sex marriage. Sciences Proposal? “He wrote one of the eraserhead critical essay worst scripts I’ve ever read … His fake Shakespeare-rap script about the LA riots. Oh, you’ve gotta read it. It’s just fuckin’ terrible.” George Clooney The actor shares his views on one of sciences dissertation proposal, Steve Bannon’s unmade films. The horror story Bannon is directing in the White House is eraserhead, playing to significantly bigger crowds. “All I’m asking for is a bit of understanding rather than the tripe some people are putting out, malicious, malignant, and vicious in the extreme.” Winston Peters The New Zealand First leader castigates the press while refusing to be drawn on forming government. Coincidentally, “Malicious, malignant, and vicious in social dissertation, the extreme” is also Peters’ promise for government.

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Nonfiction Author and Writer Blog. My personal experience and eraserhead, opinion related to writing nonfiction books is how should to an, that it is eraserhead, something that is in math, relatively easy to eraserhead essay, do when compared to fiction writing. How Should To An Essay Be? That is not to say that writing nonfiction books does not take talent, knowledge and effort. It simply means that nonfiction book writers have a wealth of information available to eraserhead critical essay, them. They can pull from personal experience, topics of interest, creative ideas that occur to them for process improvement, mounds of information and research already in existence, and other real-world subjects when crafting their books and articles. Their audience is a never-ending group of on loss of innocence readers seeking personal enrichment, information, and self-improvement. If you choose the critical essay, right subject matter, you can create an evergreen source of income. That means that the content will continue to appeal to readers for years to come if you do not date it (e.g. web domains that change, discuss current trends and issues, talk about dates, and other information that ties content to a specific time in history). One way around this problem is to update eBooks regularly to ensure that information stays current.

Unlike nonfiction book authors, fiction writers often struggle with creating settings, characters, dialogue, and situations through which they craft stories. Their market is also smaller since people normally read fiction books for pleasure, relaxation or escape from reality. They do not have to read the on loss, books. Instead they search them out essay, as desired. Dissertation Proposal? Even so, this genre can provide an ongoing future stream of revenue if it is well written and received by readers. If your goal is personal satisfaction instead of using your nonfiction book writing for financial gain, fame, or as part of a broader plan for personal or business branding, then this type of book can help. Eraserhead Critical? By writing and dissertation, publishing a book that provides solutions to problems, expands on a body of information, and helps educate or train others in a variety of skills, you become an essay instant expert. This can help immensely if you are trying to better position yourself for a higher salary, become a noted resource, or create a platform to grow your business. If you choose your topic wisely after researching audience need and competing publications or information sources, you can create a solid stream of primary or residual income by writing nonfiction books.

The key to writing nonfiction books that are successful is to find subject matter that is demand. Start by tracking trends through advertising, social media, conversations with others, articles and books by other writers, requests and comments on blogs, and virtually any other source that you can think of. For A Personal Statement? Look for large numbers of people who might need the critical essay, information that you will provide. Essay? Be specific about what you plan to offer. Rather than a book for “everyone” on critical, how to be successful in the workplace, look for me do in math a more finite sub topic. An example might be “How to eraserhead critical, successfully communicate with customers.” Once you narrow down your idea, check statistics. In this example, how many customer service professionals or representatives are there in of innocence the world? Keeping in mind that small and large organizations have customers and need to effectively serve them, look at different sources for such information. For example: Membership organizations for eraserhead critical essay customer service professionals (e.g.

International Customer Service Association, National Customer Service Association, and in math, Customer Service Professionals Network). Small Business Association. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Read articles on the Internet. Join social media groups that cater to customer professionals in different categories.

Attend local professional meetings and eraserhead essay, conferences to how should an introduction essay, meet customer service professionals. Next, make sure to identify all serious competition. Search bookstores, libraries, and the Internet for titles. Amazon is a great source since they not only eraserhead critical, list millions of titles, but also show the dissertation, ranking of essay any given book in a category. Find the top five books that you see as competition.

Then, either go to a library or bookstore or order copies to review their content. Contoh? If you buy them, save the receipt since you can write these off as a business expense at critical tax time if you itemize your taxes. After you are sure that you have the right topic, you can get started on your next masterpiece. For ideas and an introduction be, strategies on successfully writing nonfiction books, search this website and the Internet for related topics. Do you have ideas for successfully writing nonfiction books for eraserhead profit, fame and personal satisfaction? If so, please share one here. Nonfiction Book Writing Process – Getting Your Book Into Print Fast. Have you ever read one of essay on loss of innocence those articles titled something like, “Proven Strategies for Writing a Book in One Month” and critical essay, thought — “No Way?” I must admit that I have always been skeptical of this concept.

But using my nonfiction book writing process, which I outlined in an article on this blog last month, I started my latest book on September 17th. It is contoh resume, scheduled for delivery on October 19th. Granted, it is not a 300-page text-rich reference book or professional nonfiction publication like I would normally write. Still, I believe it is a solid nonfiction resource book. The title is The Survivor’s Family Guide: A Resource for eraserhead Your Loved Ones After Your Passing . It ended up being 210 pages of tables, checklists, and other useful resources that a family member can reference following the death of a loved one. By providing a single place for people to gather thoughts, last wishes, and help, personal and financial data, I hope to simplify and reduce some of the critical essay, anxiety of the estate handling process for survivors. Here is the nonfiction book writing process that I outlined in my previous article and used to create the book: Start with a viable idea. I first got the book idea when a friend of mine and his wife had to of innocence, assume the role of eraserhead critical essay executors following the death of a friend. The stories that they related about dissertation companies, problems they encountered in finding all the information and documentation needed to settle the estate struck a chord with me.

I have a 100 year-old mother who lives with me and essay, my wife and how should an introduction to an, I realized that there are things I probably need to better organize for when she passes — or for eraserhead critical that matter when my wife and I pass. Do initial research. Social Sciences Proposal? With the idea in mind, I began a research initiative on major book selling sites and in local bookstores to see if similar resources exist. I found that there were at critical least three possible competitors, but in contoh kerja looking at critical their table of contents and format, I realized that my idea seemed more user-friendly and comprehensive. Encouraged by my findings, I ran the idea past a number of friends and relatives whose opinions I value. To Write Personal? They were all very enthusiastic and said they wanted a copy of the book. Some of these people are professional writers, one is a publisher, and another an accountant, so I believed that I was on to something good. Create a working outline. My next step was to essay, create a working outline and draft out possible chapter headers and essay of innocence, sub-headers that might fall into each. I then set up a sticky note version of the essay, outline on my office wall to proposal, keep my concept visual as I wrote. Make content flow.

My idea for content presentation was to fill the critical essay, book with tables of various types of help me do information and essay, along with fill-in-the-blank areas in various columns. This added a visual element to its functionality. Set a deadline. Deadlines are crucial for dissertation help companies serious writers because it provides a target on which to focus. My goal was to critical, have the writing completed within thirty days and what for a personal statement, start the next phase of the project. Have a writing schedule. I started writing on Saturday, September 17th at 2:00 p.m. I know this because I wrote it on my calendar. My goal was to create at least 10-15 pages a day, since I was also blogging and working on revision of my textbook. I exceeded that goal and eraserhead critical, finished ahead of what for a personal statement schedule.

Edit when you finish. I wrote the final page on Wednesday, October 5th at 5:30. Again, I wrote that on eraserhead essay, my calendar with the intention of writing this article later. As soon as I stopped writing, I went into contoh editing mode and spent the next three days revising, adding, deleting and repositioning content. I used quite a few tables with columns of eraserhead critical information, as originally planned. However, after reading the material numerous times, I decided to eliminate most of them in favor of checklists and fill in the blank formats. There were two reasons for this decision. The first was that the sheer number of tables seemed repetitive. The second was that, even though a fill-in page format added page count and cost to the book, it allowed more room for notes and social sciences dissertation, information. Eraserhead Critical? It also provided a bit more flexibility in the way I could address various topic areas. The result was a more visually aesthetic and reader-friendly format.

Use a beta reader. I always ask friends and family members to review my manuscripts and sciences, provide critical feedback. After all, each of them has a different background and perspective from mine. Essay? Just like my ultimate readers, the beta readers will be looking at what I create through their eyes and essay be, preferences, not mine. Such candid feedback is crucial if you are going to write a successful book.

Hire a professional editor. The final step in the creation process was to get the content over to critical, a professional editor whom I trust. Help My Homework? Because the book is eraserhead critical essay, not heavy on text, this only took two days. Begin the production cycle. While the editor worked her professional magic on the book, I began the process of getting an ISBN and requesting a Library Control Number from the to write for a personal, Library of eraserhead essay Congress. This took less than a day. At which time I contacted a designer that I have worked with before. I asked her to start the design of my front and back cover and spine. This included created a QR code and social sciences dissertation proposal, bar code for the back cover.

As soon as I received the critical essay, corrected content from my editor, I again reached out to the designer with the final manuscript and on loss, asked her to begin interior design. She’d already completed the critical, cover design. Contoh Resume Kerja? Luckily, because she is a friend and talented professional, she fast-tracked my project and had it completed by October 9th. I then sent it off to essay, a printer that I have used for previous projects. I call the type of book I’ve just completed a “quick hit” book. Essay On Loss? They are not as complex, do not require as much writing time, and still provide useful information and resources to readers.

They are also evergreen, meaning that their content is not dated and is easily updated, while continuing to provide income for years to eraserhead essay, come. If you get an idea for such a book, I encourage you to dissertation, move forward to critical, explore the feasibility of contoh writing one. Having more publications increases your potential for ongoing revenue flow. Not all of your books will be successful but, by generating a steady stream of content, you enhance your personal and professional brand if you promote them well. You also generate material that potentially serves as a source for derivative products or services as a nonfiction writer. For example, a series of self-help books, blog article , swag (e.g. cups, shirts, hats, toys, and similar products) or speaking engagements that help make money, promote your books and eraserhead critical essay, gain visibility. For additional ideas on social proposal, how to use the nonfiction book writing process I’ve outlined in this article, check out similar articles on this blog. Also get a copy of Make Money Writing Books: Proven Profit Making Strategies for Authors to gain insights into ways to eraserhead critical essay, maximize earning potential and enhance your personal and professional brand. Do you have a tip or strategy that you use for writing books that you would like to companies, share with readers? Please add it below. Writing Marketable Nonfiction Books – A Proven Process.

Many new authors struggle with writing marketable nonfiction books. In reality, it is a process of researching and critical, planning content that will satisfy reader needs, wants and expectations. Fiction books typically revolve around characters, situations, plots and other real or imagined elements. Resume Kerja? Nonfiction books contain information based on people, issues, facts, data based on reality and essay, actual events. This means that nonfiction authors have to help in math, do their homework to paint an essay accurate picture with facts, figures and resume kerja, real examples in order to interest readers. Eraserhead Critical? Keep in how should an introduction to an mind that nonfiction readers are normally not looking for entertainment.

Among other goals, they are normally looking to get answers, solve problems or learn something new. After writing thirty-seven books, I have a process that I follow which helps me maintain a smooth flow while writing marketable nonfiction books. In addition to my other books, this process helped me craft a customer service textbook that has been the top-seller in the United States for almost nine years. It is currently #27 in eraserhead critical essay Amazon’s top 100 sellers in the Customer Relations category and #45 in the Business Marketing category. To Write Personal? Almost 200,000 copies of that book have sold since 1996.

The process also helps me reduce the time required to write and the stress that often results from essay, writing by helping keep me on task. The following are some suggestions on how to write nonfiction books effectively and dissertation help companies, efficiently that might help you. Start with a viable idea. Most people have numerous ideas every day. Essay? For example, they see a process that is inefficient and have an to write personal idea how to improve it or they experience poor customer service and recognize an opportunity to make it more positive. These types of situations are a perfect basis for a nonfiction article or book. When I get such ideas, I quickly jot them down on a note pad that I carry in my car or record them on my smart phone or other mobile device that I have with me.

That way I do not forget the idea. When I return to my office, I transfer these ideas to my computer “idea” file. In the past I wrote my thoughts on paper and eraserhead critical, filed them in a manila folder in my file cabinet. When I have time or desire to write a new article or start a new book project, I go through my file to select something. In capturing your own ideas, make sure to jot down a tentative working article or book title, along with enough description to help you recall what you were thinking at personal statement the time. If is eraserhead, a book idea, I usually draft out how should an introduction, a short bulleted list of potential chapter or subtopics that would go into eraserhead a book. I also write a short paragraph or two of what might go into those chapter or topic areas.

When I start writing, this bulleted list acts as a rough starting point that I’ll research further when writing marketable nonfiction books. Do initial research. Just because you had an idea, does not necessarily make it a profitable one. Sciences? Before investing time and energy writing content for which there is a small reader audience, validate your thinking. You can do this easily by conducting on online analysis of the topic or title you are considering. Essay? Is there a lot of what personal statement information already in print about eraserhead, it? If so, move on to a less competitive topic are. Check Amazon and other online bookstores to see how many books exist on the topic. Look at Amazon’s book rankings and check to see where a book stands in various book categories.

The latter can indicate how well the book is selling against essay be, competing books. This can alert you to true competitors if you decide to move forward and eraserhead critical, publish your book on the same topic. Remember that your goal is writing marketable nonfiction books, not just putting another non-selling publication on the market. Contoh Resume? If you are self-publishing, the eraserhead critical essay, latter means money lost out of your pocket. If a publisher signs you and your book does not produce, you may find a challenge getting an opportunity to write a second book. Create a working outline. An outline is a roadmap for where you wish to go in developing your book content. You are not locked into the outline that you create and will likely modify and adjust as you proceed with your writing. Still, it is a good idea to contoh resume, have tentative chapter titles and eraserhead critical essay, content descriptions drafted out to help remind you of your direction. Help My Homework? If you realize that content would work better under a different chapter heading, there is nothing stopping you from relocating it.

Your goal is to create an end product that will satisfy your readers and stand out among the competition. Make content flow. Critical Essay? As you write your content, make sure to provide plenty of headers and sub-headers to enhance readability. I am fond of creating categories in my nonfiction books. Dissertation Help? I also like to use tables, graphs, bulleted lists and other elements to break up the passages and enhance the eraserhead, book visually. I often get feedback from readers about the usefulness of this approach and how it makes a book more reader-friendly.

Set a deadline. I know so many people who have started a book and social sciences, when I see them years later and ask, “How did your book turn out?,” they respond, “I’m still working on it.” When I am writing a book, I put the finish date on my calendar and set an eraserhead critical electronic reminder about a month before that date. Unless something pretty dramatic occurs, I work toward this date. How Should An Introduction Essay? Since my job is that of critical being a professional author, I recognize that paying my bills and generating income depends on successful manuscript completion. Dissertation Help? If you want to be a professional author, recognizing that you are in business is an important step towards being a success in critical essay the profession. Have a writing schedule. Whether you are writing full time or simply fulfilling a dream to get a book into print, you should take a disciplined approach to creating your masterpiece. What To Write? When I am working on critical, a manuscript, I try to write at least 3,000 words a day 5-6 days a week. Contoh? To give an idea of how this looks in print, up to this point in this article you have read 992 words.

Edit when you finish. Eraserhead Critical Essay? It is too easy to get sucked into the edit-as-you-go pattern of writing. This is a waste of time, because you will find yourself rearranging and what for a personal statement, rewriting the same content multiple times. Get your ideas on paper by eraserhead essay following an outline. Kerja? Once you finish, go back and reread what you have written. Make notes in the margins as you go. After the read through, start restructuring and rewriting necessary areas.

Set the material aside for a week or so and then do one last read through for spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation and any changes you would like to make. Use a beta reader. When writing marketable nonfiction books, it is eraserhead essay, very important that you get a friend, colleague or other volunteer to read through the entire manuscript to give feedback on the overall effectiveness of your style, their reaction to the flow, and ideas for changes. They are not necessarily reading to edit grammar, syntax, punctuation and other common errors. Dissertation Help Companies? You might ask a second group of volunteer readers to eraserhead essay, do that, as well as give feedback on the book content and flow. In effect, beta readers are helping fine tune the content and social dissertation proposal, potentially catching things that they believe that you missed or did wrong. Critical Essay? You do not have to contoh resume, institute all their recommendations, but having multiple sets of eyes read the document can improve the product immensely. Hire a professional editor!

Do not use your cousin, who is a high school grammar teacher, or a friend who volunteers to edit for you because the or she used to write for their college newsletter. Use those people as your beta readers. The may have been successful at their respective jobs, but your goal is writing marketable nonfiction books. You need professional eyes on the document after you and several others have gone through the manuscript to make corrections. Eraserhead Critical Essay? There are many types of me do editors. Eraserhead? Choose the one that best suits your needs. At minimum, I suggest a copy editor to help catch errors and dissertation help companies, omissions.

While editors add costs to the developmental process, a good one can help make your book more successful and enhance readability. There you have it…a proven process for writing marketable nonfiction books. In addition to the process I have outlined in this article, there are additional steps to consider if you plan to critical essay, self-publish your book. An Introduction Essay? You can search this site and other online resources for information on that topic. What suggestions for writing marketable nonfiction books can you share with readers below?

Social Media for Nonfiction Authors – Take a Common Sense Approach. There are billions of blogs and websites on critical essay, the world wide web. For that reason, your chances of help me do my homework becoming number 1 are about as unlikely as winning the eraserhead, lottery. Still, that does not mean that you should avoid an online presence as part of your author platform. Social media for me do my homework in math nonfiction authors can provide a valuable outlet for networking and getting the word out about you and eraserhead, your books. The reality is that many nonfiction authors are subject matter experts and know how to social sciences dissertation, effectively conduct research and put out valuable how to or informative products. They are also often introverts. The idea of getting in front of a group for a presentation, asking someone to buy their book or attending a networking function sends chills trough them.

That is the beauty of using social media for nonfiction authors. It provides a platform on essay, which they can do what they do best…write. It also provides potential connections to potential readers and customers from around the world from the comfort of to write personal their own office or home. By setting up a blog or website and becoming active on essay, social media platforms, you have a vehicle to communicate with the world. The key is not to go overboard in contoh resume kerja your efforts. As you may have heard before, you cannot do it all. Choose one or two platforms that you like and start slowly.

The following are reasons for using social media for critical nonfiction authors: You can grow your audience. Social Proposal? By regularly visiting social media sites and posting information, you can become a known entity. This exposure is eraserhead critical essay, paramount in building your personal and professional persona. As I often tell attendees at my author and an introduction be, self-publishing presentations and workshops, “You might be the best author in eraserhead critical the world but if no one knows you exist, or what you write, you will never sell books.” Social media is all about sciences proposal, networking and sharing.

Take advantage of this free promotional tool. You can learn about potential readers and customers. From time to time, you might offer simple questionnaires or surveys through sites like Survey Monkey. This process can help you identify who your readers are, the types of things they want to read, their interests and other crucial areas that you can address in articles or books. You can expand your knowledge. There is a wealth of information available on topics like nonfiction writing, publishing, book design and eraserhead critical essay, related topics.

You can also identify useful resources that can help in designing, developing, producing, publishing, and help me do in math, marketing your book(s). Eraserhead Critical Essay? Additionally, you can find associations, writer and publisher organizations, webinars, podcasts, videos, books and social dissertation, a multitude of other helpful resources. You can gain exposure for your products and services. By sharing information about your books, products and services in eraserhead critical essay a subtle manner (e.g. an how should an introduction to an essay be occasional link to eraserhead essay, your website or book sales site), you can increase the possibility of sales. Just do not make the mistake of many social media novices by immediately starting to my homework, pitch things that you offer. Eraserhead Essay? Like any relationship and sales situation, people have to get to know and trust you before they buy into what you are saying or offering. For example, do not join Twitter or Facebook and to write personal, immediately start posting listings about your latest books or presentations.

That will turn people off and, depending on critical, the platform, can also get you kicked off the help, site. Know the rules of the site and the social media game before you get involved. You can establish yourself as a subject matter expert. The Internet is a powerful and fruitful source of critical essay information on virtually every topic. Me Do My Homework In Math? Stake your claim to a portion of that territory. By using social media for nonfiction authors you can demonstrate that you have something important to say. You can also show value to readers.

As your voice becomes heard and your audience grows, you can possibly expand to other media platforms. You can grow your business. Eraserhead Critical? Whether you realize it or not, you have already started a business when you write your first book. From that point on, you are in resume typically involved in business functions, such as, marketing, publicity, sales and eraserhead critical essay, distribution. To capitalize and grow your business, consider starting your own blog In conjunction with the social media platforms, you should consider starting your own blog. That will allow you to use social media posts to drive visitors to your blog where you can offer them an incentive (e.g. free report, white paper, template, eBook, opportunity to enter into a drawing for a gift card ort free book/item or something else of value).

This builds your mailing list so that you can send out tips, newsletters, or information about upcoming presentations, books or products that you plan to offer. The reality related to social media for nonfiction authors is that successful writers tap these unlimited resources to essay on loss of innocence, get better and hone their craft. Search this blog for additional ideas on critical, ways to create an action plan for building your own author platform and improving yourself and the books and products you produce. For strategies on how to maximize your sales though an effective author platform, check out Make Money Writing Books: Proven Profit Making Strategies for Authors. Write Nonfiction Books that Sell (Part II) – The Business of Being An Author. In Part I of this article, How to write nonfiction books that sell , I shared four phases of nonfiction writing that I use. That is the proposal, process that I follow when creating a new manuscript. Those phases are: Select a marketable topic Identify the reader audience Provide content of critical value Create a writing plan. Once I have completed those phases, I get down to the business of writing. Essay? And, when I say “business” that is exactly what I mean because writing is a business.

You spend time and eraserhead critical essay, money creating your masterpiece, then more to market and publicize it. To provide value for your investment, you have to think like a business person. That means developing a structure for the development and publication of dissertation your book. If you are a first time author, you may need to initially follow all the courses of action outlined in this article. If you are a more seasoned nonfiction book writer, you will only need some of the phases I share. Although, you may want to fine tune things you have done previously if you overlooked anything when you first set up your writing business. No matter what process you use, the important thing is critical, that you write nonfiction books that sell.

By being more successful, your book generates a higher level of revenue and notoriety for you. I am often asked in my author coaching and training sessions about how to write nonfiction books that sell. My “go to” response is that if you really want to be a successful nonfiction author, you have to start with the dissertation help companies, basics of eraserhead critical running a business. Even if you are writing for on loss of innocence pleasure or just to eraserhead essay, share ideas and information, and do not care if you make a profit, you still need to act like a business person. If for not other reason, you can usually benefit from tax advantages of running a business and contoh, recoup some of critical your financial investment. Speaking of sciences proposal tax advantages, I will interject a disclaimer. Essay? I am sharing strategies and processes that have worked for me. These are for resume kerja information purposes only. I am not a lawyer, CPA or tax professional. Consult appropriate legal and essay, financial resources for specific advice in your own situation and if you have questions on “how to.” So what are the how should to an essay be, next phases that can show you how to write a nonfiction book that sells?

Read on eraserhead critical, to find out my approach. Develop a business plan. Just as you need a writing plan to create your book content, you need a business plan to develop your writing business. Start by preparing a business plan that outlines key elements, such as, book financing, budgeting categories (use Quickbooks or similar software for this), and what to write statement, printing, publishing, marketing and publicity resources. This plan will be your roadmap and eraserhead critical, provide a checklist as you move forward and start to write nonfiction books that sell. It is on loss of innocence, also an eraserhead critical essay essential document if you plan to apply for financing.

Check with the Small Business Association SBA and SCORE (formerly the Service Corps of Retired Executives) for assistance and possible guidance on developing a business plan. Both organizations are immensely helpful for how should an introduction be new business owners and there are many free resources available through their websites. Protect yourself. I mentioned earlier about consulting professional resources. Get legal and financial help if you are going to enter into agreements or provide potentially problematic information.

Some examples are: Negotiating a contract with a publisher or printer. Eraserhead Essay? Offering advice on subjects that could cause damage or danger to others. Dissertation Companies? Making large asset purchases in the name of your business (e.g. buildings, vehicles or large equipment). Meet legal requirements . Check with appropriate local, state and federal government offices to eraserhead critical, see what types of business licenses and permits you need to obtain and what types of fees and taxes you may need to pay connected to your business.

You may also be required to take certain steps before you can do business in what for a statement an area. For example, if you live in a community with a homeowners association and plan to work from a home office, there may be restrictions on shipping and receiving deliveries from companies or operating a business from your home. This might impact fulfillment of your book orders if you plan to do that yourself. You may also have to post an critical essay advertisement in to an be a local paper if you plan to do business as (DBA) a company in eraserhead other than your name. Also, don’t forget filing appropriate state and local sales tax reports, filing quarterly estimated federal income taxes, social security taxes, and paying appropriate state and federal income taxes. Depending on the structure you use for your business (e.g. sole proprietor, corporation, or Limited Liability Company [LLC]) you may be subject to some or all of these and more.

Again, this is where the financial and legal professionals come in handy. Staff your business. As the old saying goes, “you cannot do it all yourself.” Depending on whether you are writing or self publishing in addition to your regular job or whether this venture becomes your primary source of income, you will likely need help. Talk to other authors and self publishers, network at dissertation help companies author and publisher conferences, join author/publisher associations, attend conferences and book fairs or events, and eraserhead essay, read newsletters and essay on loss of innocence, journals on the profession. All of these can help you identify potential resources to help with various aspects of your business. Eraserhead Essay? I try to essay on loss of innocence, barter services and knowledge or expertise with others in order to get help on my book related projects. Free is essay, always better. Just remember that in how should an introduction to an essay some instances bartered goods and services might be subject to taxation.

The following are some potential resources that I’ve found in the past which can aid in essay various aspects of the business of nonfiction book writing and publishing. I have used several of them successfully and offer them for you to explore as information resources. Part I and II of what for a this article shares some ideas that I have applied successfully in my book writing and eraserhead essay, publishing career for the past couple of decades. I continue to look for new ideas and essay on loss of innocence, resources that can help me write nonfiction books that sell. Not all books are successful, but I have found that if you do not continue to put them out on the market, you will never be successful. With volume comes name recognition, credibility and revenue. Eraserhead? If you do not succeed with your first effort, step back reassess your process, get more advice and try again. There are numerous articles on various topics related to how to write nonfiction books that sell on this blog. Contoh Kerja? Search for essay your desired topic and review articles that you find. An Introduction To An Be? Also, visit some of the resource links I’ve listed in this article. Do you have ideas on how to critical essay, successfully write nonfiction books that sell which you are willing to share with me and my homework, other readers?

If so, please share them in eraserhead essay the comments section. If you have questions for me, feel free to contact me through my website How to Write Nonfiction Books that Sell (Part I) My first three nonfiction books were published in 1994. Thirty-seven books and compilations later, I am still working to perfect my technique in order to write nonfiction books that sell. Like most authors, I have made mistakes along my path to essay, make a solid living from my craft. Even so, after selling a couple hundred thousand books, I feel that my journey has provided ideas and techniques that are valuable for other nonfiction authors. That is why I write this blog and eraserhead, I want to share tips on how to write nonfiction books that sell with you in essay on loss this article. Let’s get started by examining the process that I use when I decide to critical essay, create a new nonfiction book.

You can use a similar approach in designing your own book writing plan. If you apply similar steps, you can write nonfiction books that sell on how should essay, virtually any topic. Select a marketable topic . Often, nonfiction authors choose book topics on which they already have knowledge and expertise. The beauty of writing nonfiction books is eraserhead essay, that you can easily observe trends in society and essay on loss, the world to identify information and material that will interest readers. These observations lead to essay, solid content for nonfiction books that sell. Before I get into the actual writing process for my books, I spend long hours conducting research on my desired subject area. I do quite a bit of research on the Internet or in books and articles, interview some other experts, and attend conferences where speakers address your subject matter and the ideas usually start flowing.

The key is not to select a topic on which there is an abundance of contoh kerja material already available. When you begin your research, make sure that there are not competing books that take the same approach in addressing the essay, topic that you plan to use. Also, ensure that your topic is viable and has large market potential through Google searches for the topic. You can also visit Amazon and other booksellers for titles on the subject and search newspapers, periodicals and articles on the Internet. Identify the reader audience. If you are going to approach a traditional publisher for an introduction essay your book, the eraserhead essay, question of who your target audience is will be one of the first they will ask.

They want to ensure that any money they invest will result in an adequate profit margin. I cannot overstate the importance of companies audience identification in the writing process. If your goal is to write nonfiction books that sell and generate revenue, it makes little sense to jump into a writing project simply because you think that you have a great idea. A key point in selling books is to make sure that you identify your reader audience before you start writing. You need to do thorough market research before you invest time and effort into putting words into a computer or on paper. This will help ensure that your content and the approach you intend to take in communicating it will address the needs, wants and expectations of a large enough target audience. Failure to do this can lead to wasted time, effort and money and not make the eraserhead critical essay, venture worthwhile. Provide content of on loss value. Once you have selected a topic for your book, you must start considering how you will cover the eraserhead essay, content in a manner that will attract the attention of help my homework in math your audience.

You cannot simply put words on a page. Nonfiction books typically provide information that satisfies a variety of reader needs. A partial list of eraserhead longings that material in your book might address includes: Desire to learn more about social sciences proposal, a topic or event. Help in solving a problem. Opportunity to increase the reader’s personal body of knowledge related to a given subject area. Expectation that readers can improve their professional knowledge or skills in order to perform at a higher level. Assistance in identifying a list of eraserhead essay ideas or resources that will aid in a project. Create a writing plan.

As an author, one of my primary goals is to write nonfiction books that sell in order to generate a primary income stream. That means developing a vision and having a designated result in mind before I start each book. Like a road trip that you might take in life, you should also have a map or plan to get to your writing destination. In order to provide content that your readers want, you have to start with the basics. That means developing an outline of what the book will include.

I generally draft out a working title, which typically changes several times as I move toward content completion. I also jot down tentative chapter headers and potential sub-headers and develop a working synopsis for each area. This skeletal outline will be used as a basis for my content research later. It also helps keep me on task because I refer back to help in math, it periodically as I write. One thing that I learned early in my writing career is that my outline is a guide and not a final document. Eraserhead Critical Essay? There are many times during the kerja, writing process, when additional ideas come to mind. Often, additional research prompts a thought of content that needs to be added, updated or changed. Also, when I do an initial read for editing, points that I need to add, change or clarify usually come to mind. A fellow author once shared a useful book outlining technique with me years ago. Once she creates her working outline, she puts the chapter titles and sub-headers on sticky notes and critical, posts them in order on her office wall.

As she writes and moves through her manuscript, if she realizes a sub-header works better under a different chapter heading, she simply relocates it on the wall. Similarly, if she decides to change a header or sub-header, she simply writes a replacement sticky note and essay on loss, throws the eraserhead essay, original away. This technique easily keeps her writing progress and flow visual for her. These four phases of my writing process show you how I write nonfiction books that sell. In part two of the article, I’ll share additional strategies for creating a profitable nonfiction book. Contoh Resume Kerja? You can also search this site for more articles on nonfiction book writing. They provide tips and techniques for creating, marketing, and publicizing you creations. They also share ways to build your essential author platform.

If you want more ideas on that topic, check out eraserhead critical, How to Make Money Writing Books: Proven Profit Making Strategies for Authors. Book Cover Design Secrets That Help Sell More Copies. Whether your book is traditionally or self published, the book cover design is a crucial element in contoh resume helping guarantee sales. Obviously good book content is critical, but the critical essay, first thing that a potential reader encounters will be your cover. For that reason, the book cover design should be a priority when creating your masterpiece. If you go with a traditional publisher, they will handle the majority of the how should an introduction to an, design process. Depending on he publisher, they might allow you to essay, have some input. Typically, they will control the process and make the final determination. Should you decide to self publish your book(s), you are strongly encouraged not to handle your own book cover design, unless you have a solid graphic design background.

Even in that instance, getting input and feedback on social sciences, several book cover design options from others is important. The following are some book cover design secrets for making sure that your final product grabs reader attention and stands out from the competition. Title. Make sure that your title stands out against the background of eraserhead critical essay your front cover and companies, that you select a font and size that offers contrast. Avoid putting light or dark colored font on a similar background. If your selected color does not jump off the eraserhead critical essay, page, try putting a shadow effect around the lettering or finding a different color for either the font or background. Ensure that your title is the most prominent thing on the cover.

Unless you are an internationally-known author (e.g. James Patterson, J.K. Rowling, or Steven King), your name should be secondary in size. A good way to determine if your title is sized correctly is to reduce it to a one-inch image on in math, your computer screen, then try to read the title. If it does not stand out, change it. This is eraserhead, because, when it is placed on a website for sale, the image will be about that size. If customers cannot read the title, they may pass it by.

Front cover image. Select an image that corresponds with the title and sends a visual message related to the theme of the book. Make sure that the for a personal, image(s) you use are high quality and at least a resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch). This is the minimum quality standard used for effective printed documents. Critical? Lowering dpi degrades the quality of the image. Regarding image selection, if you did not take or create it yourself, you must get written permission from the photographer, since they retain copyright. Even if you purchase a license to use an image, ensure that you pay for social sciences dissertation proposal all the rights for critical essay the use you plan for it in companies writing. For example, if you are going to use it in print and critical, email versions of the book, create marketing materials, develop a print advertisement and create derivative products, get permission to do all those things. Otherwise you could end up in sciences dissertation a copyright infringement lawsuit and have to destroy unauthorized products. Eraserhead Essay? When buying rights, get the largest size image available even if you are not planning to use it in print.

This is because if you buy a smaller image in order to help, save money and then want to print or use in other formats, the image will degrade as it is critical essay, enlarged. That does not happen when reducing the image down for help me do in math a smaller project. Book spine. The spine of the book is the only thing that most potential readers see when looking on a bookshelf in a bookstore or library. Without print on the spine, libraries will not stock your book. The font should be bold and follow the same guidelines as the eraserhead essay, front cover related to color and font type. Text should be readable from about 12 feet away.

This is the distance an average bookstore customer is dissertation, standing as they look down a shelf. To get a sense of the proportion of your text, place it flat on a table with the eraserhead critical, cover side up and essay of innocence, stand back twelve feet to critical essay, see if you can easily read it. In addition to the book title on the spine, add the author’s last name (in all capital lettering), and a small version of the publishers logo at the bottom of the spine. A missing publishers logo is often an indicator that the book was self-published and some stores might not carry it. If the what to write personal statement, book is in a series, put the number of the essay, series above the publisher’s logo so that readers know which version they are getting.

Back cover. Typically, after someone pulls a book from the shelf, they will then look at the cover before flipping it over to read information on the back. That is why the information that you put there is so important. This is your sales pitch to sciences dissertation proposal, pique the eraserhead critical, readers interest and get them to open the book for further exploration. Starting at the top of the help my homework, back cover edge, place the BISC (Book Industry Standards and essay, Communication) code name(s). This identifies the help me do my homework in math, category into which the subject falls and aids libraries and bookstores in locating a book in the proper section. Critical Essay? For example, “Reference,” “Romance” or “Psychology.” Along with the help, BISC, you will include a concise synopsis of the content which includes keywords or metadata that will be used to essay, aid in online searches for the book. For example, if you are writing a book on sales techniques, you might use a keyword phrase like “sales skills” in the description. You should also add at least two short reader reviews and a bar code. This the lined box with numbers above it along with the book price.

Many publishers are now adding a QR (Quick Response) machine-readable optical barcode that, when scanned by a smartphone or other reader, connects to a website where additional product information can be found online. Here is one of the codes from my latest book. Scan it to see what I mean. Like every other aspect of the companies, book design and development process, quality matters. It is worth the time and money to find a professional to assist in creating a quality product. Do some comparative shopping and ask other self publishers for their sources. Anything less than professionalism reduces your chances of essay winning book awards, getting into sales venues and social, generating revenue streams with the book. What tips do you have for creating an outstanding book cover that will help sell more books? Build Your Nonfiction Author Platform to essay, Sell More Books. Would you like to how should to an be, have an eraserhead critical established list of potential buyers for sciences dissertation proposal your next book before you even write it?

W ould you like to have other people selling your book for you at no cost by sharing information about it with their networks? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” I suggest that you build your nonfiction author platform to eraserhead critical, sell more books before you get started on help me do my homework in math, your first manuscript. This is especially crucial if you do not plan to critical, self publish and will be contacting a potential agent or publisher. In today’s highly competitive nonfiction book market, one of the first things they will ask for me do in math is information about your author platform. You might ask, “What is an eraserhead critical essay author platform?” Simply put, it is a vehicle that you use to get information about dissertation, yourself, your expertise and your book out to eraserhead critical, potential readers.

Your platform covers any means that you use to come into contact with possible customers who will buy your book(s). It includes presentations that you conduct for groups, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media and websites through which you put forth information and interact with others. It also includes your professional website, sites on which you publish articles, printed publications in which your material appears, and any other place where you share information. To begin your journey to build your nonfiction author platform to sell more books, consider taking a quick assessment of contoh resume kerja what pieces you already have in place. The following are some common elements that you will need to put in place as you proceed to build your nonfiction author platform. Create a contact list . You likely already have a contact email list that includes people you know and essay, with whom you have done some type of business.

This is a good starting point, but you will need to consider formalizing your list a bit. You will need to segment those people who are truly potential readers or followers as you move forward with your writing efforts. Also, consider how you can grow and maintain your list. Me Do My Homework In Math? A simple and inexpensive starting place is MailChimp. Eraserhead Critical? You can set up a free account to get started. Just remember that there are laws requiring that anyone on your distribution list must agree to receive your messages. Even if they initially opted in to receive correspondence and contoh, information, you must put a statement at eraserhead critical essay the bottom of any email message giving them to option to how should to an essay, unsubscribe. Develop a website and blog . Critical Essay? There are differing opinions about whether authors should have a personal/professional website, a website dedicated to their book, or both. This is dissertation, really a personal choice. Obviously, a professional site can have a page listing and selling your book(s), a blog and other information about you and the products and services you offer. Obviously, multiple sites means more time, effort and money to develop and maintain them.

Personally, I have an assortment of sites that I have developed over several years – website, several blogs linked through my website home page menu, and several book sites. Critical? All of my sites link to on loss, one another and to my social media pages. I use this concerted effort to critical essay, help Google and social sciences dissertation, other search engines find me when people search my name and books. This is critical, one of the my homework in math, key reasons I have gone to the trouble of creating a broader worldwide web presence with multiple sites. Become a resource. Nonfiction authors who have products and services, or who offer content designed to educate or help others, can benefit by becoming recognized as an expert resource. You can do this by networking through various organizations (e.g. professional, business, social, hobby and critical, religious).

To maximize your exposure, volunteer with organizations and get on committees and resume, boards in order get and stay in front of others. Regular active engagement helps people know and critical essay, trust you. How Should To An? They are then more likely to recommend or use your products and services when the need arises. You can also speak at conferences, organizational meetings, libraries, schools or anywhere else you might identify. Share information on topics that you research, blog or write on and that will benefit others. Make sure that you notify local media and publicize your appearances on different Internet and electronic platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, or other favorite site). Eraserhead? Certainly post dates, location, summaries and photos of your speaking on contoh, your blogs and social media. This helps potentially increase attendance, adds to your credibility and aids in eraserhead critical essay search engines finding information about you.

As you see from this brief overview on the topic, there are simple ways to essay, increase your opportunities when you take the time to build your nonfiction author platform to sell more books. What strategies have you used or heard of that can help in building a successful author platform? Starting a Nonfiction Book Writing Business. There are many things to critical, remember when starting a nonfiction book writing business. So that you do not forget anything, use a checklist and tap into what to write for a statement the volume of free and inexpensive resources available on essay, the Internet and through other resources. Here are some key steps to help during your journey, along with resources to get you started: Before you start any trip, it is a good idea to know where you are going. By creating a business plan that outlines elements such as finance, budgets, resources, marketing strategy and other key business elements, you increase your chances of success. Plus, if you plan to apply for financing, you will need to submit this plan for review.

Check with the Small Business Association SBA and SCORE (formerly the Service Corps of Retired Executives) for assistance and possible guidance. Both organizations are immensely helpful for new business owners and there are many resources on their websites. Choose your business structure. You will need to decide the best business structure (e.g. sole proprietor, partnership, and corporation) based on your own situation, needs and goals. Each type has legal and financial pros and cons which you need to understand. Again the SBA can help, but you should consider consulting a local business lawyer and accountant.

Identify necessary business licenses permits. Once you choose a name, you will likely need to check local and state regulations about registering and paying appropriate fees and taxes. How Should To An? You can search under for the appropriate office for registration requirements at the SBA site. Starting a nonfiction book business and registering your name also provides opportunities for federal financial assistance in some instances. Determine sources of finance for your business. You have a variety of options when it comes to financing your small business. Explore your opportunities that range from traditional loans to grants and bonds. Check with local banks, credit unions and online.

Identify tax and business filing requirements. If you are selling products rather than paying a distributor, you will also likely need a state tax identification number and account. A good starting point again for information is the SBA. It is important to critical, decide how you will handle these important elements of running a business. Consult an accountant and/or business attorney. Decide on staffing requirements. You will have to decide whether you want to hire employees, contract services from other businesses, tap into potential interns at local colleges or trade schools, or ask friends and help me do in math, family for assistance. You might also create bartering opportunities with other individuals or companies.

Everyone starting a nonfiction book writing business is going to have differing levels of knowledge and expertise in the business world. Essay? There is no one answer on how to get their business up and running. The key is to ask other authors what they have done, spend time networking and researching information from a variety of sources, and take time to create a business plan before starting. Do you have ideas, resources and essay of innocence, knowledge that you can add to this list of must do steps when starting a nonfiction book writing business? If you are like me, you sometimes pause when writing a sentence in eraserhead an article or book and try to recall a rule of grammar, syntax, or punctuation.

Obviously, we want to get it right. More importantly, readers who know the correct way to spell, punctuate or create a sentence will potentially form a negative impression of us if we are wrong. While we can get by with an occasional error or omission related to proper sentence construction, we must know how to effectively write if we want to develop and keep a reader following. All of this led me to identify the following list of essential resources for writers. I hope you find these resources as useful as I do.

Have other useful essential resources for writers that you have discovered and use online? Share them with a comment.

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essay iconography Essays by Ekowa. Iconography and Religion. According to some scholars the name Isis or Auset may have been derived from the critical essay word Ashesh , meaning to 'pour out' and 'supporting' implication of her blood or milk that kept all humanity alive. Similarly, the Hebrews used the name to I shah/Esha for their first woman in the biblical account. We must remember neither the how should an introduction essay Hebrews or the Egyptians or any other people living in critical Africa used vowels to emphasis pronunciation. this was a cultural trait handed down through the resume generations. In Gen., iii, 20 the name Havvah or Eve is connected etymologically with the verb meaning to live: And Adam called the name of eraserhead critical his wife Eve [ hawwah ]: because she was the mother of what to write personal statement all the living. The Septuagint rendering in this passage is the Greek Zoe (=life, or life-giver), which is a translation; in two other passages (Genesis 4:1 and essay, 25) the what to write personal statement name is transliterated Eua . The life giving symbol are the fallopian tubes and the union of male and critical, female and the returning or reincarnate nature of the spirit. The Egyptians used the Ankh as the symbol for life, male and female, creation, and returning. To Write For A Statement. So the iconic symbol of all those concepts are encapsulated into the ankh.

The cow-headed Isis pouring out a libation in eraserhead essay honor of the soul of Osiris, which rises in the form of a man-headed hawk from the plants growing in on loss of innocence a sacred lake. The cow headed woman is Hathor. Meaning mansion of Horus) Hathor is an Ancient Egyptian goddess/neter who personified the principles of joy, feminine love, and essay, motherhood. On Loss. She was one of the most important and critical, popular deities throughout the history of Ancient Egypt. Hathor was reverenced by royalty and common people alike in whose tombs she is an introduction essay depicted as Mistress of the critical essay West welcoming the dead into the next life.

In other roles she was a goddess of music, dance, foreign lands and fertility who helped women in childbirth, as well as the patron goddess of essay of innocence miners. As a side note: The neter Hathor is the model for Snow white and the 7 dwarves. There is essay nothing new under the sun, the how should an introduction to an essay be only difference is the whiteness of Snow White. the diminutive miners [dwarves] are a representation of the Africans who first smelted iron and dug underground for essay, minerals, and Hathor was their patron saint. When we do not know the autochthonous meaning when we see it interwoven through world history, we will think it is something new or demonic or against me do my homework our Creator. Images tell a story to those who were not well versed in the ancient mysteries. W e say a someone is “Strong as an Ox” the eraserhead critical iconographic image would be a man/woman with a head of an Ox or an Ox alone atop is in a position of power. If this image was used for God then it would be fashioned as an dissertation, Ox on a throne or with a crown of halo, or in eraserhead critical essay an elevated position as seen below . The disk atop the head and between the horns represents the icon for God [he/she/it] with a disk on its head representing the largest object in the sky, the Sun.

This was not sun worship by our ancestors, but a reference to help me do in math, the power of the Creator. No man has seen God and lived, but we have seen its power. Bull standing on essay, the square [of the earth] crowned with the help sun disk. How did the biblical prophet Ezekiel describe his visions? In iconographic terms of course, but was he seeing demons? No , because demonism is in the pen of the translator.

“As I looked, a stormy wind came out of the north: a great cloud with brightness around it and fire flashing forth continually, and in the middle of the fire , something like gleaming amber. Critical Essay. In the middle of it was something like four living creatures. This was their appearance : they were of human form. Each had four faces, and each of them had four wings. Their legs were straight, and the soles of their feet were like the how should be sole of a calf's foot; and they sparkled like burnished bronze. Under their wings on their four sides they had human hands. And the eraserhead critical essay four had their faces and their wings thus: their wings touched one another; each of them moved straight ahead, without turning as they moved. As for the appearance of their faces: the four had the face of a human being, the face of a lion on the right side, the face of an ox on proposal, the left side, and the face of an eagle ; such were their faces.”

Protestant Reformation drawing of the eraserhead critical essay vision of resume Ezekiel. Here Ezekiel is using iconic imagery. As like, something like, they appeared like is all the language of the unknown. The language of those who do not have the celestial vocabulary for the images they see. The imagery of winged gods/deities/creatures came out of the essay playbook of the African in Egypt the dissertation proposal ones who could interpret the images. Winged Isis with Ankh, staff and stool 538-519 BC. This is the imagery of Ezekiel. Critical Essay. When says as like or something like it wasn't exactly it, but those are the dissertation companies elemental words and thoughts he had to describe what he saw.

He spoke in approximations of what he saw in the vision or dream. How would this scripture be carved in stone or draw on paper? How could you understand it without referring to the scriptural or divine idea? You need the keys to understand the critical essay allusion or illustration and social, you need to look to history because Judaism and Ezekiel's understanding didn't grow up in eraserhead a vacuum, they borrow heavily from the major nations around them. Egypt was their biggest influence. No many Christians would say that they drew on paganism, but it was not, because our Creator always had a priesthood and everyone from Abraham to Joseph, to Moses to help, Jesus went to study in Egypt, even Paul was said to be an Egyptian. Why? Because Egypt was the school of divine learning. In the eraserhead protestant Reformation drawings above: What is the disk in the Angel or God's hand in the first picture? Why does God's head have a pyramid imagery over it in the 2nd picture?

' Cause they know something you don't know. It is the symbol of the SUN. Those who claim orthodoxy want you to believe African were animist and polytheistic sun and moon worshippers, but we were not! Polytheism - The belief in the existence of many Gods. Animism - derived from the to an essay Latin word anima meaning breath or soul , but in this sense the animal icon or zootype is alive and represents man and God. The belief of animism is probably one of critical essay man's oldest beliefs, with its origin most likely dating to the Paleolithic age. From its earliest beginnings it was a belief that a soul or spirit existed in every object, even if it was inanimate. Help. In a future state this soul or spirit would exist as part of an immaterial soul. The spirit, therefore, was thought to be universal. E.W.Budge. Is this animism?

No just iconography described in zootypes. How is anything on earth and in the heavens animated? Is it not the spirit of our Creator [Creative Force] that embodies them and us? Who says that what we did was against eraserhead critical God? Those who translated and have changed all thing black into all things white. Those who wanted to take over and those who developed a system to say what was good and bad or what was evil or not, and finally what was the way and what was error. This was the beginning of the system of white supremacy for those who designated themselves a white and superior to the rest of the world. The European concept of Polytheism and Animism was against the Afro-Indus concept and they lied to condense the perception of what is dissertation help or is not God, and what is or is not the manifestation of God [power to create, live and eraserhead essay, make all things seen and sciences proposal, unseen, known and unknown to mankind in the spiritual and natural worlds] for critical essay, their own power and control.

The European/Western concept is viewed in a different way than the original African understanding; the former is viewed in what to write for a the Western or Occidental mind-set as the 'one and only' Sacred way, while the later, African or Oriental concept, is viewed as profane, pagan and primitive. We see again the eraserhead racist stereotype that, if you are white European you're right, but if you're black African get back! Most of essay on loss this is due to their complete misunderstanding and misinterpretation of eraserhead critical essay iconic imagery, zootypes and not using the same measuring rod to find the truth in the mystery. Although they adopted this African imagery and reworked it to suit their purposes. The African no more worshipped animals or many gods as the Christians today worship Jesus in social proposal the form of critical essay a Lamb sacrificed. 'The Lamb of God who taketh away the social proposal sins of the World. ' The Trinity referred to as God in 3 persons. 'There are three that bear witness in Heaven.' Why isn't the trinity of God polytheism? Because, it is understood as a oneness or monotheist concept. But where did this concept come from?

Egypt the trinity of the deity. The Triune Family. In the Trinity there is the Father [middle/Osiris], theSon [Horus left the eraserhead critical hawk headed] and the Holy Spirit or mother [Isis to the right]. Dissertation Proposal. The Holy spirit of the breath or Ruach of God [in Hebrew] and is a feminine entity. S o, we have the Egyptian iconic image of Father, Son and critical, Holy Ghost long before there was a biblical Hebrew text.

A serpent on a pole the symbol of resume kerja healing. The symbol of healing for the Hebrews and later the symbol of Medicine in western culture. Many medical organizations use a symbol of a short rod entwined by eraserhead critical two snakes and topped by a pair of contoh wings, which is eraserhead critical essay actually the Greek or Romanish caduceus or magic wand of the Greek god Hermes (Roman Mercury ), which were copies of the contoh kerja Egyptian Thoth, messenger of the gods, inventor of (magical) incantations, conductor of the dead and protector of merchants and thieves. The biblical Moses used the same symbol which he had from his Egyptian training, but he understood the mystery. And the LORD said to Moses, Make a Saraph [firey serpent] and mount it on a pole, and if anyone who has been bitten looks at eraserhead critical, it, he will recover. Moses accordingly made a bronze serpent and dissertation companies, mounted it on a pole, and whenever anyone who had been bitten by a serpent looked at eraserhead critical, the bronze serpent, he recovered. Hum. how could looking on on loss, a serpent cure a serpents bite? I'll leave that to you to discover. is all in the original meaning of the words ! Why would God use an image that was an anathema for healing? The brazen symbol on a pole, the mere sight of which cured the eraserhead essay Israelites, was probably the Caduceus [ Numbers 21:9 ]. The Nehustan[serpent] was worshipped in the tabernacle up to the time of Hezekiah [ 2Kings 18:4 ].

Saraph'; burning, i.e. (figuratively) poisonous (serpent); specifically, a Saraph or symbolical creature (from their copper color ):--fiery (serpent), seraph. Here is an interesting thing. I found a possible correlation between the word Neshstan and Nehesi [The original people who populated Egypt]. Nehesi is the Egyptian name for Nubian and on loss of innocence, Nehesi was also the name of a Pharaoh from the eraserhead critical essay 14th Dynasty. The color of on loss of innocence burn copper was the same color the Egyptians applied to the drawings of themselves a dark reddish color. Eraserhead Critical. So were these the healers of the Hebrews the Nehesi, that needed to be lifted up[ exalted] on a pole? A serpent was always a sign, not of evil in the ancient world , but of knowledge of the divine. Help Me Do My Homework In Math. Now, you can mixed that around if you want to, but you have to ask the question why would the biblical Elohim put his two innocent children in a garden with a talking snake?

It has to eraserhead critical essay, be an allegory or an allusion to something else. Remember we read the Bible based on an elemental understanding or as the Hebrews say on a p'shat level. We have been taught to sit in a seat that has been prepared for essay of innocence, us. Unfortunately, the farther away you get from the root of the original understanding , the more confused and eraserhead, cloudy the subsequent understanding becomes. The more you hate your parents the more you will hate their ways. “The farther you move away from kerja, your Momma, the more you misbehave, forgetting what you were taught and critical, the power of its meaning.” Is God Male or Female?

It is the same with gender; The Creator is neither male nor female--IT is what IT is. to quote my sister. BUT, it is easier for an introduction, most 'religious' people in our society to view God as white and male, because in this system of white supremacy white and male is the symbol of supreme dominance and feigned fatherliness, but that was not always the case. We have adopted the essay false idea of the ‘White man’s burden.” To civilize all those darker than him and bring them into the light of Christianity [religion]. Pope Innocence called to all mariners to civilize all the essay on loss darker races which is 98% of the world. Remember Adam called his wife LIFE. so there was a time when Biblical womanhood represented the Creator and creation. The Biblical Adam and Eve were gods to their children and all those who came after them. They were a story told second and third hand.

The original story had its nativity in critical essay Egypt/Africa with the Neter [gods] Elohim and those who sprang from them. Now, I have no problem seeing the female in the Creator, but for those who may still stumble over the femaleness of God I will at times stick to modern orthodoxy and say He, but you need to study and get your panties out of a knot! Our terms, pictures, images and metaphors do not trouble our Creator. It does not add or take away from the power of the Almighty. We need to expand out thinking. How Should An Introduction To An. In this creative pattern that exists on essay, this Tera Firma and the larger universe we live in, there is always a male and female component for creation and kerja, maintenance. The Bible version tries to explain the first pair bonds by saying: 'In the image of God created he them, male and female he created them.' The Egyptians used Neteru which are the pairs or equal opposites of all existence.

They understood the eraserhead critical essay Neteru were symbols of the companies power or attributes of the One Creator and Maat [truth and order] being the principle that ordered these forces. So if there was a Amen [hidden force of life] there was a Amenet. Both were understood and eraserhead critical essay, reverenced. The European, trying to understand his misunderstanding and in the process of his circular logic, called these African forces pagan and polytheistic and to write for a, spread the lie that we were in error but that is a LIE ! This new western thought is a paradigm shift in order to make Europe/whites the source and center of all wisdom, religion and the hope of mankind’s salvation. Eraserhead Critical. The designation by Dr.

Lightfoot and codified by Bishop Ussher to map the time the world was created by the generations in the bible has done us a disservice. The ancient people including the first Hebrews never would comment of the length of time the earth and its inhabitants existed. Even the Yom [designation for a day] is an be, indeterminate amount of time that can be a literal 24 hour period to a figurative day. By demonizing our African people, culture and religion and critical essay, calling us pagans or heathens African culture was/is painted as negative and Western Culture via Greece , Rome and Europe represent the positive. We became darkness and they became light? But the truth is the light and personal, Life!

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” Remember this light was not a White complexion, but illumination and revelation. This new paradigm assigned to critical essay, the Europeans as purveyors of all truth in the eyes of the whole world and eventually in our eyes too had brought an age of an introduction darkness not less troublesome than the dark ages. The European Renaissance would not have occurred it was not for the Spanish Moor and later those who traveled to Africa once again. Critical Essay. What the Catholics did during the of innocence time of Diocletian was to try and become the white Pharaoh, which they codified under Constantine and later under the Popistry of Rome. Over the centuries in order to gain entrance into the mysteries and the throne of Egypt through intermarriages with the African Pharonic ruler of Egypt and elsewhere. We now know the white Pharaoh copy-cat as the Pope . Eraserhead. Prior to all white Popes there were African Popes, but you will never hear of them. Catholicism means Universal or the one-world religion.

Protestants are just those who protest the 96 thesis of Martin Luther nailed to the door of the church in protest of those errors. Protestants are just protesting Catholics that still belong to the Catholic church of Christendom. So, in actuality the Pope the head of the Catholic church is your White Pharaoh! Well, the scales have come off my eyes and now I see. I will stick with the sciences proposal ancient black understanding of religion thank you! Simply Man and Woman is the image of the Creator - Male and Female working together creating a new world daily.

Life making life . As it is above, So below. As the biblical Hebrew understood the double dale to be the critical renamed and sciences, attributed to the biblical Solomon as the seal of Solomon or Star of David taken from the African iconic image of the double pyramid. As the pyramids in the Giza plateau was once covered with water, the reflection of the pyramids told the story of as in heaven so on earth for all to see! A s the Egyptian understood this image: As the critical symbol of life the Ankh in the hands of Messu [Messiah] As the Christian explained it Christ in us the help me do my homework in math hope of Glorification and as it in Heaven so on Earth. [The animal/lamb is wearing a sundisk around its head with the cross inserted, it is carrying a staff, but these are Christian images! Unfortunately, the Christians understood it as the lamb of God or Christ's and the redemptive work on the cross and the multiplying of the church without seeing the ankh embedded in it.

T he Ichthus or Fish symbol of the acrostic, Jesus Christ, the son of God was a age-old symbol of the Isis knot or the eraserhead critical essay ankh paired down and turned on its side. The Greek word for fish or Ichthus is said to social sciences dissertation, mean: I ota - From the northern Semitic 'yod' (meaning hand) it came to essay, denote the sound [i] as i in 'give' and it has come to be known as: A tiny or scarcely detectable amount. [Yod - hand or give, or the my homework in math finger of eraserhead God] Ch i - Initially it denoted the an introduction essay be sound [kh] but it gradually lapsed into a strong 'h' as in 'hearth' or'hero'. [ Chi - Form of Energy, spirit ] T heta - Originating from the northern Semitic 'teth' (where the eraserhead critical essay 't' sound is emphatic).[ Tet -Serpent] U psilon - It was pronounced as so right until the 9/10 century A.D. when the essay Byzantines called y psilon (a thin y), instead of its original name which was 'U'.It originates from the eraserhead essay northern Semitic 'waw'. [Waw - Nail] S igma - From the northern Semitic 'sin' or ‘siyn’ (tooth). [Sin or Shin - tooth] So in Northern Semitic it could read: Hand of God - Energy-Serpent -Nail -Tooth[hook]

Sounds similar to the Nehestan or Caduceus doesn't it and was it the original intent of Moses? 21.6. And the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and of innocence, they bit the people; and much people of Israel died. 7. Therefore the people came to Moses, and said, We have sinned, for we have spoken against the Lord, and against thee; pray unto the Lord, that he take away the serpents from us. And Moses prayed for the people. 8. And the eraserhead critical Lord said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and to an essay, set it upon a pole: and it shall come to critical, pass, that every one that is an introduction to an bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live. 9. And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived. The so-called Northern Semitic peoples are the Canaanites. They will also call it Paleo-Hebrew, but it is the original Canaanite language. That is an acrostic supposedly means: Jesus Christ, of God, the eraserhead Son, the Savior [ I esous (Jesus) CH ristos (Christ) TH eou (of God) U iou (the Son) S oter (the Savior)] in Greek. The image of the serpent on contoh resume kerja, the cross is the Icthus or the ankh/Isis knot of the eraserhead critical essay Egyptians.

Did you eat fish on Fridays? In the Catholic and Protestant division of Christianity - Eating fish on Fridays was the how should to an essay rule - but did you ask where that whole concept came from? It was supposed to be in honor of Jesus and eraserhead critical essay, the disciples and their role as fishermen, but it came from the Egyptian avoiding fish because of the loss of the penis of Osiris when he was killed and dismembered by Set. Essay On Loss. His penis was never found and the said a fish ate it so they avoided fish on eraserhead critical essay, a certain day in honor of the god of the dead Osiris. Osiris is the god of the resurrection that was 3 days in the grave. Fish womb [ does the vagina smell fishy?] The official Catholic story is: We do not have to abstain from eating the flesh of meat on Fridays of Lent (obligatory), or all other Fridays if we don't choose some other form of penance (depends on what the Conference of Bishops in that particular country have come to). This is a form of penance [atonement, reparation, sacrifice].

Excuse me but didn’t Messiah atone for our sins? OOPS! But, was this the original Pre-Catholic meaning? Nope! The Fish was always the ancient symbol of the goddess womb and the missing penis of for a statement Osiris represented by this symbol () or LIFE represented by eraserhead critical essay the ancient Egyptian symbol of the Ankh that later in the Hebrew tradition became the Chia or the help companies Havvah [Eve] According to Barbara Walker in her book The Women Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets. Critical. Pg.

313: Fish and womb were synonymous in Greek culture; delphos meant both the original Delphic oracle [black women who prophesied ] first belonged to the abyssal fish goddess under her pre-Hellenic name of Themis, often incarnate in the great fish whale or dolphin [delphinos]. [The Delphi were Black women.] Even our superstitions today among older church members, the mothers and grandmothers of the resume kerja church reminds a woman if she has Dreamt of Fish that is a sign of pregnancy. The Catholic Popes Mitre and Dagon called the Great Fish God [the paternalistic rendition]. The last pope and his successor. Why do you think the eraserhead Pope wears the hat that looks a lot like Dagon? It is representative of the Fish.

Check out my essay on Islam and Catholicism there you will find the worship of the goddess/neter in the form of Mariology/Auset. The ankh called the Egyptian cross of life, represented the on loss of innocence male and female sexual symbols: a female oval surmounting a male cross. The marriage between the god and the goddess [male and female]. The representation of immortality and life. Eraserhead Essay. The letter hieroglyph that stands for ' The Life female]. The representation of immortality and life. The letter hieroglyph that stands for ' The Life to Come '. It has also been explained as the key to dissertation help, unlock the mystery of heaven and earth. Combining the symbol of Osiris the Tau [T or cross] with Isis [the oval] is the symbol of immortality [Children, progeny, regeneration?] and is often pictured being carried by the gods [neteru].

All symbols come from one source and eraserhead, that is Egypt . The original story is told and retold and additions and deletions are made and personal, that is how we come up with what we believe today. I hope you can see the essay pattern. All images are iconographic and invoke something in all of us. The wings of Isis or Maat. The Greek Orthodox, Catholic Church and subsequent modern Christianity have co-opted the symbol of the FISH symbol and me do in math, repackaged it and now it is the representation of Christ. Herodotus speaking of the Africans: And of fish also they esteem that which is called the essay lepidotos to be sacred, and also the eel; and these they say are sacred to the Nile . Herodotus, Histories. And just so the myth of the Hebrews being the only culture that abhorred pigs:

The pig is accounted by the Egyptians an abominable animal; and first, if any of help companies them in eraserhead passing by touch a pig, he goes into the river and dips himself forthwith in the water together with his garments. Herodotus, Histories I. The Egyptian also abhorred pigs because their association with Set the one who killed Osiris. The Hebrew picked up this supposed hatred and incorporated into their Levitical laws. All the demons begged him, saying, Send us into the pigs, that we may enter into them. At once Jesus gave them permission.

The unclean spirits came out and entered into the pigs. The herd of about two thousand rushed down the steep bank into the sea, and they were drowned in the sea. Mark 5:13. The Egyptians Attributes of God as seen in resume the Earth and Sky. The Neteru were twins or opposite principles for Egyptian iconography and eraserhead essay, symbolic principles in social sciences dissertation proposal nature. The European erroneously translated the Neteru as 'Gods' and therefore in that misunderstanding they believed the Egyptian was pagans and believed in polytheisms. If that is true then all of us are pagans and eraserhead critical essay, believe in polytheism. The Bible, which borrowed[stole] heavily from the Egyptian concepts and uses the same nomenclature. Companies. Earth and Sky, Day and eraserhead critical, Night as described in Genesis 1. Help Me Do. All underlined words are the Egyptian Neteru. In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth , the earth was a formless wasteland, and darkness covered the abyss , while a mighty wind swept over the waters. Then God said, Let there be light , and there was light.

God saw how good the light was. God then separated the light from the darkness . God called the light day , and eraserhead, the darkness he called night . Thus evening came, and morning followed--the first day. Then God said, Let there be a dome in the middle of the waters, to separate one body of water from the other. And so it happened: God made the dome, and it separated the water above the dome from the water below it. God called the dome the sky . Essay On Loss. Evening came, and morning followed--the second day. Then God said, Let the water under the sky be gathered into eraserhead essay, a single basin, so that the dry land may appear. And so it happened: the water under the sky was gathered into its basin, and the dry land appeared. God called the dry land the earth, and the basin of the essay be water he called the sea. Critical. God saw how good it was.

So, here we have the equal opposites , the attributes of an introduction essay power that were given names: Heaven and Earth, Light and Dark, Sky and Sea. Eraserhead Critical Essay. The power to create and sustain were assigned male and female characteristics or anthropomorphic features by the parents of the original Hebrew Creation Story, the Egyptians. Amon Saba Saakana says: Out of the waters of Nun [primeval matter] emerged Atum-Re, the veritable Creator-God who is self-created and who creates four pairs of human beings, male and female, and is responsible for what to write personal statement, the germination of life. Scholars have tended to portray Khemet as polytheistic, but there is no word in the majority of African languages that convey the idea of a multiplicity of gods. Modupe Oduyoye in his essay; The Spirits that rule the world African Religion and Judaism - The problem with discovering the origins of Judaism is that Judaism is a religion that denies its origins . Judaism declares that it arose out of total rejection of the religions of Mesopotamia, of Egypt and eraserhead essay, of Canaan . In rejecting the symbols of your nativity the Hebrew had to replace the meanings then make up a supporting story for the symbols. But, the thread of original truth runs through all the Biblical accounts especially in Genesis chapter One. From the remaking of Creation and the making of the Adam and sciences dissertation, the dividing of that unit into two or twins, Adam and Chavvah. The Hebrews also took a page out of the Egyptian handbook of explanations by referring to Cain and Abel in an offhanded way to say twins [actually 2 sets of twins]

The Hebrew legends in essay the Misnah and Talmud speak of the Biblical Eve had Cain, Abel and 2 daughters simultaneously, 2 sets of twins, male and female. Our view of God being exclusively male is very recent, since Judaism denies the female principle, but uses the AH, T and OT endings to help, denote the feminine principle. Eraserhead Critical Essay. Here is where we get the Shekin ah as a feminine and not masculine attribute of the Almighty. Yes, the Shekinah is feminine and the Rabbis understand it as such. The modern Protestant has not delved deep enough to see this ancient truth the whole world understands.

It has been only in translations that the Holy Sprit has taken on male characteristics. Quoting Barbara Walker in her book stated above, pg. 932: The Hebrew Shekinah means dwelling place, . To Write For A Personal Statement. Sh'kina was the soul of the universe. Jewish Mystics said the 'outer garment' of the Shekina is Torah 'Holy Law.' A man became the bridegroom of Torah by study, symbolizing erotic imagery. He must court her [Torah] like a beautiful maiden. She begins from behind a curtain to eraserhead, speak words in keeping with his understanding, until very slowly insight comes to contoh resume kerja, him.' The Shekina as 'Indwelling One' might be compared to the Latin I-dea or ' Goddess within '. A man required his Shekina for enlightenment, so God required his Shekina for eraserhead critical, wisdom and creativity.

This crucial tenet of Kabaalistic doctrine is seldom emphasized - or even mentioned - today. Hummmm. sounds like the Shekina is MAAT! In Hebrew, both verbs and adjectives have male or female forms, and many names suggest gender to anyone who understands the what to write personal statement language and they must agree in gender and number. The word Shekinah, in Hebrew, is derived from the Biblical verb shakhan , meaning the act of dwelling but taking the feminine form. Unfortunately, the medieval and modern Hebrew could not live up to the root of this understanding, so they refer to critical essay, the 'Shekinah' or ' Holy Spirit ' in the female gender without the female principle. Me Do. This understanding is forever lost in Christianity and the Shekinah is seen as a male in the male Trinity of Beings as ascribed and ratified by the Nicean Council, who in their haste to cover-up all thing African, distorted the true meaning of the Scriptures. Even the overshadowing of Miriam the mother of critical essay Jesus has been seen as the male Shekinah overshadowing the female womb and impregnating it. Essay Of Innocence. But the Shekinah or sprit of God is feminine. So without explanation what do we believe?

Once the essence [truth] is sucked out and replaced with an alternative, it is very difficult to eraserhead essay, understand the allusions, so we just over-look them until it piles up so high it is like a 3000 pound elephant walking around your home. Thousands and Thousands of years have gone by and the original meaning of African religious iconography had been lost in translation, only the shell of the truth remains, and the Western world has long since lost the root meaning of equal opposite how should, of the creative power and the iconographic images that can lead us to the truth.

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Custom Sale of Human Organs essay paper. Should the sale of human organs be legal? Modern medicine has transplant of human organs a major business in their medical profession. Despite these efforts, it will take extraordinary powers to essay, save the millions of people on the face of the world that which exacerbates suck issues out. Many countries are faced with the issue of to write personal whether to legalize the sale of human organs due to the overwhelming number of patients in need of organ transplant.

The situation is mostly worse in United State of America where over 75,000 people wait for only transplant. Despite all the efforts, nearly 4,000 people die while on the waiting list of organ transplant due tom limited facilities and organs themselves. Eraserhead Critical Essay! It is however observed that, a proportionate number of other patients do not undergo organ transplant after they develop body complications while on the waiting thereby making organ transplant process difficult to be executed (David 2000). There has a call from the me do in math medical fraternity for more donation cards to be produced in America for more families to donate organs for their loved ones especially the supply of cadaveric organs whose supply has been recorded as stagnant if not declining. Coupled with doctor’s regular approach to families of the eraserhead patients, the situation could be saved and more patients would undergo organ transplant successfully. Social Sciences! As a result of difficulties involved in obtaining organs from people on voluntarily basis, a campaign has been launched. Its strategy is to persuade family members of patients, strangers, friend, relatives and even good Samaritans join in the campaign and provide one of their organs especially kidney (Mark 2005). Though if this process succeeds will go a long way to solve the eraserhead critical situation, it would not be enough to cater and satisfy the growing and enormous need for American patients alone. However the issue has attracted a sharp debate concerning people being paid tom donate an organ. Medical practioners, human rights organizations and an introduction be other stakeholders have been involved in heated debate concerning the issue.

A stastatistic demonstrated an overwhelming numbers of many American’s were not decided on whether they can donate their organs for transplantation (Oscar and critical essay Christopher 1995). As debates to the issue intensified, the percentage of ‘undecided’ had declined from 29 to 9 percent. However, the debate increased those in help companies, favor of eraserhead critical essay buying and selling human organs from of innocence, 44 to eraserhead critical, 60 per how should to an essay be, cent after the debate while those who opposed the debate increased by only 4 points from 27 to 31 per cent. Eraserhead Essay! As Sally Satel a psychiatrist noted that despite decades and dissertation help companies decades of public awareness of concerning organ donation, the patients’ waiting list continues to be long every day (Rainer and Gruessner 2008). This therefore translates to longer periods of organ transplant when time comes, however due to time lapse and mostly expiry of duration set, transplant becomes complex due to complications associated with the operation process due to delay. Eraserhead! She therefore notes that altruism has not done enough to social dissertation, save and rescue the worrying trends and situation in patients waiting for organ transplant. Therefore she recommends that many people needs an incentive for them to give their organs for eraserhead essay, transplant purposes. Sally who received and underwent a kidney transplant in 2006, suggests that, people needs to be compensated when they willingly donate their kidneys to relatives or even strangers to save a life. Her model does not purely commercialize the sale of human organs per se, but as a form of compensation from their kinds of actions towards saving lives.

The failure to legalize sale for human organs have resulted to increased activity of the same in the black market which sometimes is done in an unprofessional way and causes more harm than good (Ruth and Doris 2002). Therefore, the proponents of this argument states that, there should be a legal and regulated framework under which donors would be compensated to successfully eliminate the practices and demand for this covert activity. This would consequently reduce to a greater extent the resume kerja practices of the black market guaranteeing the medical safety of both the donor and the recipient. The compensation plan proposed in essay, this scheme though involves direct monetary transactions, mostly it emphasis of service benefits to the donor for his boldness to take health risk. Resume Kerja! Therefore, health insurances, life insurance besides direct monetary compensations are means to eraserhead critical, be explored. What To Write For A Personal! Another model of human organ sale proposed by Lloyd Cohen involves healthy individuals contracting the sale of their organs and tissue immediately after their death (David 2000). In this model, organs for transplant would be obtained from the dead relieving anyone the risks of death and their heath and especially their body integrity for money.

This model is highly encouraged since it does not involve any form of sacrifice to the donor since he is essay already dead and otherwise the personal statement organ would be of eraserhead critical essay no help is essay of innocence not removed and transplanted to save a life. However from the moral perspectives, activists have forwarded debates that, even if compensation for human organs especially cadaveric organs would not increase their supply. The model of a contract to obtain the organ after death has many skeptical; since in the US many people do not sign for donations card due to mistrust and distrust, many do fear that such a contract may lead to critical, declaration of contoh resume kerja their deaths prematurely (Oscar and Christopher 1995). Therefore this fact may prevent many people to eraserhead, enter into essay, such contracts which their only limitation of contract execution is death. Opponents to these models of organ sale legalization have argued that, legalizing human organ sale would indeed decrease supply as opposed to increase and safe the situation. This is so since people will be involved with the argument of why they should give if they can sell. Critical Essay! Therefore the argument is advanced that transplantation should be done for organs from live donors as opposed to help me do my homework, dead ones. The process of obtaining an organ from a live donor always involve risks and critical essay sacrifices which proponents of sale of human organs argue that the what personal sacrifice then should be compensated, recognized and regulated in eraserhead critical, a protected framework within the society (Mark 2005).

Through consistent refusal to how should an introduction to an essay be, legalize the human organ sale market, many homeless and poor people from eraserhead, developing countries are falling prey to merchants of human organs to help my homework in math, satisfy increasing demand in the black market. Eraserhead Critical! The moral and ethical considerations have complicated the debate surrounding sale of human organs. These considerations have elicited sharp divisions and me do heated debates concerning whether to legalize or not the sale of human organs. Some patients capable of prolonging their life through buying organs in the black market prefer to go ahead rather than die waiting for a transplant in hospitals. Black market has been considered as a savior to people who would otherwise had died on the waiting list. However only the rich people have been considered to be only one with access to these organs neglecting the poor in the society and their life is kept at stake and risky conditions (Oscar and Christopher 1995). In fact it is observed that it is the poor who wait the eraserhead critical essay longest in the transplant list since they could not access the dialysis services easily compared to the rich. Opponents of this debate therefore argue that is the ideas is pursued, the poor would be detrimentally affected more than the rest of societal members. Access to hygienic and tested organs would also be a challenge to them due to limited resources.

Legalizing the sale of these proposed models would therefore leave the contoh kerja market for eraserhead critical, the organs prone to manipulation by the rich and at dissertation companies, their discretion which is critical essay not beneficial to essay on loss, the target group in the society (Mark 2005). However those for eraserhead, the legalization of human organ sale argue that medical industry in United States and other countries is grounded on profit seeking motives, therefore legalizing human organ sale in medical fraternity would only be in conformity to help my homework in math, this motive of profit maximization. Eraserhead Critical Essay! The debate has gone for a long time with each side proposing several ways in support and against my homework in math having numerous perspectives and eraserhead essay arguments to support their ideas. However legalization according to proponents should be legal when the donor or the close relatives and family members of the deceased donor are in consensus for the idea and the procedures. In support of this model, some countries have proposed several incentives to encourage donations of human organs instead of sale. One such country is the United States of America has proposed that the law governing sale of human organs should consider exemptions when a prisoner donates an dissertation proposal organ, his or her jail term should be revised for critical, reduction due to his or her kind action. Other organizations have also been used like donations to to an, charitable third party and the paired exchange organ have worked closely with each other to promote awareness of essay how and why organ donations are important in the medical field. Through implementation of these programs, those lives of people who wait for long before they can receive organ transplant can be reduced and minimized greatly (David 2000).

Proponents of this argument states that if moral and ethical considerations are to be considered, its ethical and morally right to dissertation help companies, save a live by organ transplant and subsequent compensation for the donor than allow the patient die while there was an alternative. Therefore compensation of organ donation should be allowed to show kindness and save the life of a patient. This will solve the increasing number of deaths as a result of eraserhead essay delayed organ transplant and also the deaths due to shortage of organs will greatly be reduced to a greater extent. Compensation of organ donation is an incentive that Nelson argued that would increase supply of these vital organs in hospitals and preserves the fundamental principles of life preservations (Mark 2005). He argues against implementation of political laws and ethical public policies as the what for a personal statement greatest hindrances in eraserhead essay, achievement of these objectives where potential donors could have otherwise saved a life. US law governing this field through restrictions of organ donations like National Organ Transplant Act should undergo thorough revision to allow more chances for saving more lives that otherwise will continue to get lost in the due process. This is mostly important since the current system is purely on altruistic grounds because they is no provision for my homework in math, compensation to donors of these vital organs that is legally recognized. The situation is further complicated if the donor relative does not match with the recipient patient (David 2000). Then it becomes difficult for a donor to give the specific receipt the organ in question. If an external donor volunteers to offer his organ, often will people question his sanity and overlooks the offer because they think there are underground dealing that the donor have with the eraserhead good Samaritan donor in an untraceable manner and this would be in violation of The National Organ Transplant Act. The health liberalization has integrated the comp0aensation plans for donors as part of the medical field.

It is observed that, many individuals and corporate health care programs are profit oriented; sale and compensation of human organs should be integrated in the medical field as part and parcel of the whole system (Oscar and Christopher 1995). Therefore, the sale of human organs should be integrated with other normal medical service provisions. What For A Personal Statement! He proponents argue that, medical field over critical, the recent years have experienced and witnessed evolvement and innovations which have been developed by medical stakeholders, however, they are not willing to give them and put them into practice until they get something from their ideas, the same scenario is not any different from resume kerja, compensation realized from sale of organ donation, therefore, it should be legalized and formally protected through integration in the medical field. The challenge with the United States organ transplant system, it follows a stipulated system which transplant is carried out systematically and does not follow urgency of the matter (David 2000). If the direct sale of human organs remains outlawed, the government should implement other programs to increase the amount of donations available.

The best was to implement a change that will create drastic effects is to alter the United States laws and regulations that agree with the system by giving consent that involves collection of organs from deceased people unless the critical objection is made from the family members. If this model is pursued, the resume number of kidney donations would be increased and eraserhead many lives would be saved. This program should therefore be made voluntarily and anyone can opt out of it any time if he or she so desires (Mark 2005). The continued usage and practice of the program would witness many people adapting to the practices and the wider society viewing it as a norm thereby increasing the how should an introduction to an be number of available organs for transplanting both at private and public health care centers. Alternatively, another way of encouraging the potential donors is to offer them an incentive to critical, feel valued for their altruistic actions rather than direct payment for organ donations. This would prevent those with direct motive of companies selling their organs for material benefits desisting from the critical same when they consider the what statement issue as the critical essay last resort. The facilitation done when they are given a special and additional recognition would pray an important role in the donation process when the donors feel a sense of appreciation from their kind actions that are thoughtful of mothers (Oscar and Christopher 1995). To deal with organ shortages have been an issues of discussion within the medical circle and its remedy sort for many years. Alternatives have been given including sale which has witnessed opposition from many circles; however, other options have been advanced to contoh kerja, deal with organ shortages.

Some of them have however just like sale of human organs faced with great opposition not only from the legal side of it but also human rights activists (David 2000). The proposal to get these human organs for critical essay, transplant from the condemned criminals in an introduction essay, prisons have not only witnessed stiff opposition bit also criticism from majority of the people including criminals themselves. Eraserhead Essay! Suggestions have been made that condemned criminals donate their organs after they die while others suggest that criminals should be given an option to choose between donating an organ in exchange of their sentence review. This proposals were advocated with a hope that the number of people (Mark 2005).