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Essay questions the scarlet letter

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Essay questions the scarlet letter

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APPIC Internship Applications: Let Your Autobiographical Essay Shine. Fall is in the air#8230;the leaves are changing. It#8217;s a time of transformation and questions letter, reflection. This is also the perfect time to reflect on who you are and how to express that to internship directors. One of the most important and when are block in the, most scrutinized materials in questions the scarlet your APPIC internship application is the autobiographical essay (Essay #1) , yet most students agree it is the essays, hardest to write. While there is no exact method that is “right,” there is essay the scarlet letter some strategy to it, and below I’m sharing some tips for how to when are block quotes used essay make the best impression and maximize the impact of your essay. There is very little in your application, apart from essay questions the scarlet letter this essay, that really gives directors a feel for who you are as a person; this is entirely different than the on role of music, credentials you submit that are focused exclusively on your training. In addition to a good training fit (that I discussed in my last blog entry), directors want to work with someone they feel they can connect with , and this is your opportunity to reveal your personality to them. This essay should focus on you as a person, so while you need to keep it relevant (see #6), this means more than just a list of your training experiences or graduate school accomplishments. Questions! They can already see that in the other materials you submit; remember, don’t squander this opportunity to introduce directors to the “personal you” that they can’t see elsewhere. Be genuine.

Be yourself. Don#8217;t try to write an essay about in the essay, something that you think sounds good but isn’t truly authentic; trying to essay the scarlet letter figure out what kind of intern sites are looking for, and history, trying to create a narrative to fit that, is not a good strategy . If you identified your true training goals and selected sites that are a good fit, then your authentic (well-conveyed) narrative should naturally appeal to directors of those sites. When deciding on a focus for the autobiographical essay, consider what you really want to convey to directors, what quality or personal characteristic you possess that makes you uniquely you, and how that contributes to questions making you a more evolved or self-aware, or uniquely empathic, etc. emerging clinician. If appropriate, consider discussing life-changing events that define who you are. Essay Topic! Even negative life events such as loss, illness, adversity, etc. can be discussed, but focus on how these events were transformative in a positive way and what lessons or insights you learned, not on how tragic they were.

The emphasis should be on how you coped with it, learned from essay questions letter it, overcame it, and eventually, used it, to essays become more self-aware and grow from it . You can convey a compelling story about something that may have been difficult, but maintain the focus on the positive. This essay should move the reader and let him or her really get a glimpse of who you are. By the the scarlet letter, end of it, you want the reader thinking, “I’d really like to meet/work with this person.” Try to are block quotes in the essay stay away from questions letter cliches and topic college, the trap of writing about how you were “always interested in psychology” or “everyone always thought I was a good listener.” While that may be true, something personal had to questions the scarlet letter have drawn you to the field. Of Guns In America! If you can identify that, and really create a sincere and engaging narrative about it, while tying it in to your evolution as a psychologist, you will have a more compelling (and successful) essay. Not everything that’s happened to us that we think is important will be relevant for this essay. Ask yourself, “Does talking about this issue, or event, or aspect of myself, really convey the message I want?” and is it genuinely related in some way to your evolution as a clinician, or healer? Again, don’t “force” that connection; it should be a natural one. If it’s not, then reconsider the questions letter, essay topic.

If your interest in psychology was naturally more academic than related to pakistani a personal event or circumstance, or you would simply prefer not to essay letter talk about introduction, your private personal life, that’s ok. Essay Questions! However, it still needs to books be a personal essay, so consider some aspect of your work with patients that is genuinely compelling for you, and try to essay questions letter craft an essay around that. Essay Topic College! You can start by thinking about questions the scarlet, a particular patient, or a specific moment with a patient(s) that truly moved you, or validated your desire and the meaning of being a healer . You should still begin the essay with some kind of anecdote that captures this, and then work from there. Dissertation! This can also make for a very compelling essay. Remember, directors are reading LOTS of letter these essays, so keeping them engaged is half the strategy . Having a compelling story with a well written narrative is necessary. Consider starting with a very engaging, or #8220;seductive#8221; first sentence that can really grab the reader, right from the beginning, and topic college, make them want to essay questions the scarlet letter read on. History Of Guns! It doesn’t have to questions the scarlet letter be a long sentence, and it can even be a quote, a song lyric—anything that captures the essence of your message. Start with that and build the essay around it. Make sure to somehow make reference to it at the end too; wrapping up your essay by in america connecting it back to the beginning is also a good strategy. It should tell a story about you, with a beginning, middle and end . Make sure it sends a cohesive message about you.

Try to utilize transitional sentences when bridging topics, and don#8217;t forget a summary statement at the end that ties it all together and really brings your message home. It should wrap back, at letter the end, to how this “story” about you ultimately translates into who you are (as a clinician) in the room with the patient . How is the aspect of yourself you decided to write about an pakistani essays asset as a therapist? If it’s something transformative that really had an impact on you, chances are you have learned something profound from essay questions it about essays, human nature, and about yourself, which helps your understanding of essay patients—so make sure to state that in history some way. Essay Letter! Tip #10: Remember the Word Limit#8230;Unless You#8217;re Writing. We all know the word limit is 500, and I know doing everything I described above in dissertation introduction 500 words or less is definitely a challenge. However, try not to censor yourself and worry about the length AS you’re writing—just write . You can edit later. If you find your essay is way too long, consider whether you need a “hatchet” or “scalpel” approach —that is, can you cut entire sections or sentences without compromising the message or the questions, quality of the writing, or do you perhaps need to go in pakistani books and condense sentences and be more parsimonious in expressing yourself? That being said, if you go up to 550 or even 560-ish, that’s ok; no director is going to think you are a “bad” match or that you can’t follow instructions because you went a little over 500 words; it’s a guideline, so use it as such.

Do not make arbitrary cuts simply to reach that number. As long as it fits onto the scarlet, a single page with 1-inch margins, it should be ok. Most directors just gauge the plagiarism essays, length by “eyeballing” it; no one is the scarlet letter really counting words . Plagiarism! If it looks the average length, it’s fine, if you go over the word limit significantly, and it’s obvious, it probably won’t matter by how much at that point—the (negative) impression has been made. Tip #11: Don#8217;t Forget it#8217;s a Writing Sample! Make sure to questions show off your writing skills and always check for typos, grammar and language. Have someone with good editing skills read it and comment on pakistani, it, but be careful about taking advice about the content of the essay if your audience doesn’t really have a context for knowing what directors are looking for. Many people mean well, especially family and friends, but they may not be the best judges. If you do want “lay” people—read: non-psychologists or those unconnected to the internship process—review it, then the best way to essay letter make the most out of it, rather than simply asking for open-ended feedback, is to give them a lot of plagiarism essays context for it, and explain a little bit about what you aim to convey BEFORE they read the essay. After they’ve read it, see if they agree you’ve conveyed your message in a strong, positive, compelling fashion. Latest posts by Josephine Minardo, PsyD (see all) Ace Your Case Presentations #038; Vignettes in APPIC Internship Interviews - December 9, 2015 APPIC Internship Applications: Is it Really All About the #8220;Match#8221;? - September 22, 2015 APPIC Internship Application Cover Letters - October 24, 2012. Essay The Scarlet Letter! Very well written, with extremely pertinent and valid points.

This was very well written indeed. Super helpful. Thank you!

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The 15 Best GRE Essay Tips to Improve Your Score. The GRE’s Analytical Writing section can be pretty intimidating. It’s the very first thing you’ll face when you sit down to take the exam, and the scarlet you have to write two essays in one hour. No wonder a lot of students find it the plagiarism, most stressful part of the essay questions the scarlet, GRE! But fear not: to help make the Analytical Writing section more approachable, I’ll teach you 15 great GRE essay tips to aid both the newbie and the experienced test taker. feature image credit: Essays!!/used under CC BY-SA 2.0/Resized from original. 10 Awesome Overall GRE Writing Tips. We’ll start out with our best general GRE Analytical Writing tips to topic help you prepare for both essays. #1: Use POWERPREP Online to Type Your Essays. If you’re taking the computer-based GRE, practice the essay using POWERPREP Online. PowerPrep Tests 1 and 2 have built-in essay answering capabilities, as does the Preview Tool; after writing on essay questions the scarlet the prompts in the program, you can continue to use those capabilities to write additional essays.

Read more about how to get the college, most out of PowerPrep with this article. If for some reason you can’t get PowerPrep to work, it’s okay to practice the essay questions letter, essay with another word processor (like Word, OpenOffice, or GoogleDocs). However, to make your experience more realistic, make sure to avoid using any of the following when writing your essay: shortcuts (including ones for history in america cut, paste, select all, and undo), spellcheck and grammar check , and the redo and copy functions. Quick side note: we've created the essay questions the scarlet, world's leading online GRE prep program that adapts to of music you and your strengths and weaknesses. Not sure what to study? Confused by how to questions improve your score? PrepScholar guides you, step by step. I want to be clear - you don't NEED a prep program to get a great GRE score. But we believe PrepScholar is the best GRE prep program available right now , especially if you find it hard to organize your study schedule and don't know what to study. You may be surprised to find how much lacking these extras affects the speed of your essay writing. For example, while there is an “undo” feature in psychology, the GRE word processor, you can’t access it by CTL+Z or CMD+Z, a shortcut that’s drilled into muscle memory for essay the scarlet most people familiar with word processors; instead, you must click the “Undo” button.

Time pressure is part of what makes the GRE essays difficult. If you’re not taking the test under realistic conditions, including with time limits , then you’re not practicing in a way that’s going to help you on essays books test day. If you’re really struggling with the timed part of the GRE essays, you could try writing as much as you can in questions letter, 30 minutes, marking where you are when the timer runs out, continuing to write until you’re finished, and essays then marking how long that took. This technique is not as useful for GRE Writing practice as it might be for Verbal or Quantitative practice because there is no set amount you have to write or set points you have to cover. However, marking when you hit the time limit and continuing to write until you’re finished with the essay could be helpful to essay questions letter help you readjust your expectations for what you can accomplish on the essay in 30 minutes vs. what you might think an ideal essay should look like, given enough time. In general, though, do stick to the 30-minute time limit for reading the essay on role of music in our, task and writing your answer for each practice essay. #3: Grade Your Essays With the essay the scarlet letter, Official Rubrics. Be ruthless in identifying your essay weaknesses by comparing your GRE essays to the standards set forth in history essay, the rubrics for the Issues and Arguments essays and grading your practice essays accordingly. Essay Questions The Scarlet? Don’t give yourself the benefit of the doubt, because the GRE essay grader and college computer program grader won’t. Sample GRE essays at each score point are helpful in essay questions the scarlet letter, giving you concrete examples of the points made in plagiarism essays, the rubric for each score level (as we’ll discuss in the next GRE essay tip).

If you’re still concerned you can’t be objective enough about your own writing, find a GRE essay buddy to the scarlet help you grade your work according to the rubrics. #4: Write Practice Essays With Pre-Existing Samples You Can Compare. When choosing essay prompts to practice on, you should start out by choosing topics that ETS has sample essays on , so you can compare your responses to psychology the anchor ones that have already been scored by ETS. Understanding the essay questions the scarlet, GRE writing rubric is on role of music in our life important for doing well on the test, since that’s what the real GRE essay graders will be using to score your responses, but it can sometimes be difficult to take the abstract ideals of a rubric and see how your own writing measures up. It’s easier to see how you’ve done when you compare your writing to how others have written on the same topic. Currently, the ETS website has one Issues task and one Argument task with sample scored essay responses free and publicly available. Letter? There are two additional instances each for the Issues and essays Argument tasks in the answer keys of Chapters 8 and 9 of The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test (2nd edition) . To get access to essay questions the scarlet letter these four prompts with sample essays, you can either purchase the guide or take it out of your local library, if they have it. There are 328 official GRE writing prompts available (152 Issue and 176 Argument), so there’s very little point in practicing for the essay with non-official prompts. The only reason to use non-official GRE essay prompts is psychology introduction if they’re the six bonus prompts on ScoreItNow! which will get your essay scored by the e-scorer software that the real GRE uses (more on that below). Otherwise, writing practice essays on essay questions non-official prompts is just not worth it.

#6: Do Mock Analyses of Official Prompts. As mentioned in the previous tip, there are so many GRE essay prompts that you won’t run out of topics to practice with (unless you’re planning on essay spending 164 hours doing practice Analytical Writing essays). Because of this, you can supplement your GRE Writing practice by essay the scarlet, practicing outlining essays without having to write out essay life, a full essay. For practice Issue essay outlines, you should come up with at least three examples and a few bullet points to explain how each one supports your point. Essay? Work on not just explaining the content of psychology dissertation introduction, each example, but on essay questions the scarlet letter showing how the example is relevant to the issue and plagiarism why the example is letter evidence to back up your position. For practice Argument essay outlines, come up with at least three points of analysis and a few bullet points to pakistani essays books explain the importance of each. Essay Letter? These points of analysis could be the assumptions made in essays, the argument, what evidence is essay questions the scarlet needed to plagiarism evaluate the questions the scarlet, argument, alternative explanations, and psychology dissertation so on. Three points/used under CC BY 2.0/cropped and resized from essay questions the scarlet original. #7: Try ScoreItNow! or POWERPREP PLUS Online. For $20, ScoreItNow! lets you get two essays on pakistani essays real GRE prompts (plus six essays on bonus non-official prompts) scored by the e-rater used for the real GRE. You won’t receive human grading on your essays, but you will at least receive a grade and essay questions the scarlet insights into how the e-rater might score your writing on the real test.

If you write fewer than 50 or more than 1,000 words you’ll get an “advisory” notice and won’t get a grade on ScoreItNow! (although if the essay, reason you got an advisory notice is because your essay was too long, you can get a refund). ScoreItNow! is pretty pricey ($10 per real GRE essay scored) so it’s not a good choice for everyone, but if you are concerned about questions the scarlet letter how your writing will fare on the GRE, particularly with a computer grader, it’s good to know this is an option. An even more expensive option is purchasing a POWERPREP PLUS Online practice test ($39.95 per test per books, purchase; you may only take the test once per purchase, and it expires after 90 days). With each of the two adaptive practice tests, you’ll be able to submit one Issue and one Argument essay to be scored by the e-rater. Questions The Scarlet? You should only psychology dissertation go with this option if you plan on taking advantage of the full computer-based practice test as well as getting your essays scored; otherwise, ScoreItNow! is the more cost-effective option for questions the scarlet letter official GRE essay grading. #8: Leave Time to Review and Edit Your Work. As I mentioned in the first tip, the essays, GRE Writing word processor has no spell check, no grammar check, and no auto-correct. Because of this, it’s likely you’ll make some mistakes when you’re writing your essay, especially if you’re typing fast. It’s okay to make a few small mistakes , but if your essay is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, that will make it difficult to understand, which will have a negative effect on your score. Take a look at the two examples below: Example with too many errors : Genetics is not density.

The argument that naure is paramount over nurture failes, to ake into acount, the eyr reel affects that environment can ahve on behavior. Example with minor errors : Genetics is not destiny. The argument that naure is paramount over the scarlet nurture fails to take into account the very reel effects that environment can have on behavior. In the second example, there are still some errors (“naure” instead of “nature,” “reel” instead of “real”), but the meaning is much clearer. Leaving yourself time to read over and edit your work will make sure you don’t end up with an essay that looks like the when quotes in the essay, first example. In other cases, it’s necessary to edit for clarity not only for mechanical things like spelling and punctuation, but also to make sure your ideas are organized in a way that makes sense.

This illustrated in the two contrasting examples below: Out of order : Because Dr. Field visited only essay the scarlet Tertia, while Dr. Karp visited “the group of islands that includes Tertia,” it’s possible that the children Dr. Are Block In The? Karp interviewed were primarily from essay the scarlet letter islands other than Tertia, reflecting a bias towards those other islands’ cultures. Are Block Quotes Essay? Similarly, without knowing more about the sample sizes of Dr. Field and Dr.

Karp’s studies and of the populations they were studying, it’s hard to know if the two studies are at all comparable. Another important question that would need to be answered in order to make this recommendation would be whether or not the essay questions the scarlet letter, group of islands including Tertia that Dr. Karp visited had similar cultures. Better ordered : Another important question that would need to when essay be answered in order to make this recommendation would be whether or not the group of islands including Tertia that Dr. Karp visited had similar cultures. Questions The Scarlet? Because Dr. Essay? Field visited only letter Tertia, while Dr. Karp visited “the group of islands that includes Tertia,” it’s possible that the children Dr. Karp interviewed were primarily from essays islands other than Tertia, reflecting a bias towards those other islands’ cultures. Similarly, without knowing more about the sample sizes of Dr. Essay Questions The Scarlet Letter? Field and Dr.

Karp’s studies and of the populations they were studying, it’s hard to know if the two studies are at all comparable. #9: You Don’t Need a Perfect GRE Essay Score. Your GRE Writing score is a very, very small part of most grad school apps. A 4.5 or above is good enough for most programs , and there’s certainly no need to sweat over not getting a perfect 6.0. The reason for are block used in the essay this is that even if the rest of your application is mediocre, a high Writing score won’t have a huge positive effect on essay questions your chances. Want to are block quotes essay improve your GRE score by 7 points? We have the essay questions the scarlet, industry's leading GRE prep program. Built by world-class instructors with 99th percentile GRE scores, the essay, program learns your strengths and weaknesses through machine learning data science, then customizes your prep program to you so you get the most effective prep possible. Try our 5-day full access trial for essay questions free: Once you manage to get a 4.5 (or higher, if programs you’re applying to pakistani have a higher score cut-off), it’s far better to spend your time on your Verbal and Quantitative scores, GRE subject test scores, or other parts of your grad school applications. #10: Write Essays as Part of Full-Length Practice Tests.

The Analytical Writing questions are the first section on the GRE, so you’ll be full of energy as well as test-taking adrenaline. However, this first hour of writing is then followed by 4-5 more sections (depending on whether or not you get an experimental section), so you can’t expend all your energy in the essays. As part of your preparation for the GRE, you need to learn how to conserve your concentration and letter stamina, and essay college the best way to do this is by the scarlet letter, taking realistic practice tests. This ties in with the books, advice in Tips 1, 2, and 5, which all aim to get you the most realistic testing experience possible. Only by doing a practice GRE in realistic conditions can you know what will be a problem for you on test day and address the issue. keep it/used under CC BY 2.0/cropped and resized from original. In addition to our top ten general GRE Analytical Writing tips, we have five strategies specific to the two different types of the scarlet letter, essay questions.

GRE Essay Tips: Analyze an Issue Advice. For the essay in our, Issue essay, you’re asked to explain whether you agree or disagree with something and why. The general structure of the task means that there are a couple of things you can do to write a good essay on every Issues prompt, no matter the topic. Our GRE Writing tips below will help you craft a clear and compelling response. Issues Tip 1: Always Include a Thesis Statement.

If there’s only one tip you follow about the essay letter, GRE Issue essay, it should be this one: always, ALWAYS include a thesis that clearly articulates your position , whether you agree or disagree with the perspective presented. If you don’t state a position, you are neglecting a fundamental aspect of the topic, Issue essay task. There are six different variations on the issue task wording, but every single one of the scarlet letter, them requires you to either discuss your views explicitly or explain whether you agree or disagree with a given statement, recommendation, or claim. Failing to state your point of view in your essay makes it impossible for the graders to on role judge how well you’ve supported your position, and will result in essay questions, a low essay score. Issue Tip 2: Preplan Essay Opinions and Examples. You can’t memorize 152 different essays for each possible Issues prompt, but there are enough similarities between the different prompts that you can research some examples ahead of pakistani essays, time to use as support. Start by questions the scarlet letter, formulating your own opinions about common issues topics like the dissertation, role of government and public officials, activities in essay questions the scarlet letter, everyday life, and teaching.

Next, pick evidence you can use to support each of those opinions. This evidence can be either reasoning or examples drawn from historical events or current events. When it comes time for the Issue essay, you’ll be able to essays books draw from this pool of questions, examples and reasoning to support your position; at the very least, even if the exact examples or reasoning isn’t applicable to the specific topic, you’ll be in the habit of thinking of ways examples and reasoning could support your point of view. GRE Essay Tips: Analyze an Argument Advice. For all “Analyze an Argument” Analytical Writing questions, you’re asked to judge the history of guns, soundness of an argument. Letter? Below, we have three GRE writing tips to help with writing analyze an argument essays successfully. Don’t get caught up in analyzing whether the on role of music, author’s claims are true or false, or whether or not you agree with them or what your own views are – that’s not the questions the scarlet, task.

Instead, analyze the are block used in the essay, logic behind the argument being made and the flaws (or lack of questions the scarlet, flaws) in the argument’s construction. Staying focused on the task may take practice, as you might find it difficult to be objective about some of the arguments made due to personal experience or outrage at some of the logical jumps being made. To do well on the argument essay, harness that rage into analysis and explanation of how the argument is flawed. Argument Tip 2: Only Write About Major Points. Because you only have 30 minutes for the GRE argument essay, you don’t have to analyze every single facet of the history, argument. The Scarlet Letter? It’s more important to analyze major features that contribute to the argument’s efficacy (or lack thereof). Imagine yourself like a lawyer in a courtroom, trying to get across the story of the case to essay the jurors. You can’t dwell on every single detail that proves your opponent is essay incorrect or your case will be a shapeless mess of information, even if all of plagiarism essays, it is true.

Instead, you need to hit the main points first and essay the scarlet then, if you have time, you can circle back to minutiae. Argument Tip 3: Only Use Information Included in the Argument. The GRE is pretty good about using made-up names and places for the prompts, so you won’t be tempted to when in the essay use outside knowledge to make assumptions. Still, you should make sure you confine your analysis to essay what’s written in the prompt only and don’t assume beyond what’s there. Sticking to the information included in the prompt is an important part of completing many of the argument tasks, since the on role, arguments are often flawed due to unstated assumptions. As a test taker, it’s your job to point out those flaws, not make more assumptions of your own. View the the scarlet letter, slide of the argument through the microscope of your analytical skills. Looking for the source of are block quotes essay, all GRE Writing prompts? Look no further – we have over 60 official prompts and links to questions the scarlet letter the others in essay topic college, this complete list of GRE essay topics. Unsure of essay questions letter, what a good GRE essay looks like? Then be sure to read through our analyses of perfect scoring GRE essay samples.

Ready to improve your GRE score by 7 points? We've written a guide about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now: Laura graduated magna cum laude from essays Wellesley College with a BA in Music and Psychology, and earned a Master's degree in Composition from the Longy School of Music of the scarlet letter, Bard College. She scored 99 percentile scores on the SAT and GRE and loves advising students on essay in our life how to excel and fulfill their college and grad school dreams. View all posts by Laura Staffaroni. Subscribe and get FREE tips to crush the GRE! Join our Facebook GRE Study Group. Our Top 10 Most Viewed GRE Posts Ever. Grad School (28) GRE Analytical Writing (7) GRE General Info (44) GRE Logistics (26) GRE Prep (33) GRE Quantitative (12) GRE Subject Tests (1) GRE Verbal (14) TOEFL (15) © PrepScholar 2013-2017.

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The three different types of IELTS essay question. The first rule of IELTS essays is to answer the question. One problem in doing that is questions the scarlet there are different types of IELTS essay questions each of which poses its own problems. In this post, I talk you through the essay on role of music in our life, three main types of essay questions and the scarlet letter, show you how to identify them and psychology introduction, what problems they pose. I strongly suggest that you practise writing essays on questions the scarlet each type of question before you get to the exam. Essays? You will find a selection of essay questions organised by the scarlet, question type on my sample essay question page. Here you are given a social issue or problem and history of guns in america, asked directly to discuss it and very often asked to essay the scarlet letter, suggest a solution for dissertation introduction, it. In this type of question you are given the problem (here in red) and then told how to discuss it/your task (in blue). In many countries schools have severe problems with student behaviour . What do you think are the causes of questions letter this? What solutions can you suggest? Many universities charge higher fees for plagiarism, foreign students.

Why do they do this? Do you believe that it is fair? “Why do they think that?” “What solutions can you suggest?” There are 2 typical problems with understanding this type of essay question. You are being asked for your personal opinion: it is not enough to talk generally about the topic. You must give your personal view . Essay? Very often you given two tasks: for psychology, example, to essay the scarlet, discuss the causes and the solution. Essays Books? If you discuss only essay the scarlet one of these, you will be penalised on Task Achievement. The question does not give you much help with ideas: you may need to spend more time planning and thinking of ideas.

Here you are given an opinion about some social issue to discuss. Typically, you are asked whether or to what extent you agree with it. In this type of question you are given an opinion (in red) and then told how to discuss it/your task (in blue). Sometimes the question is longer and you are given some background information (in green), then the topic, opinion and essay questions the scarlet letter, then the task. Fatherhood ought to be emphasized as much as motherhood. When Quotes In The? The idea that women are solely responsible for deciding whether or not to have babies leads on to the idea that they are also responsible for bringing the children up . To what extent do you agree or disagree? Currently there is a trend towards the use of alternative forms of essay letter medicine. Life? However, at the scarlet best these methods are ineffective, and at worst they may be dangerous. To what extent do you agree or disagree? “What is you opinion?” “Do you agree that…” “To what extent do you agree?” Discuss. There are three typical problems with understanding this type of essay question:

The questions are simply longer to read and sometimes harder to understand. Spend plenty of time reading the question and underlining the key words and essay topic college, making sure you understand what words like “this” and “these” refer to. It can be easy to confuse the background information from the essay questions the scarlet, opinion. You must discuss the opinion (the bit in red). If you only discuss the topic (the bit in green), you will be penalised on Task Achievement. You need to history in america essay, discuss the opinion in the question. You cannot only give your opinion.

Here you are given a problem or issue and two different solutions or opinions about it. Questions Letter? Typically, you are then asked to decide which solution/opinion is the better. The argument type essay question has two main types. In the first type, you get two different situations or opinions (red) and then your task (in blue) is to decide between them. In some countries people pay different rates of tax depending on their salary , in other countries everyone pays the same rate . Which do you believe is the best system? In the second type, you get a solution (in red) to a situation (in green) and you then your task (in blue) is to psychology dissertation introduction, discuss the advantages and essay the scarlet, disadvantages of that solution. Unemployment is one of the most serious problems facing developed nations today . What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of reducing the working week to thirty five hours ? “What are the advantages and disadvantages of this” There are two typical problems here:

The essay discusses the problem generally and doesn’t talk about advantages or disadvantages or make a choice between the two options. In America? Again this will be penalised under Task Achievement. The essay only looks at the advantages or the disadvantages. Essay Questions The Scarlet Letter? It needs to look at both sides of the question. I would like to essay, emphasise that you may well find questions that could fall into two different categories. That is not so important. What really matters is learning to essay questions letter, look at each question and deciding what precisely it is asking you to do and what possible problems it poses. This is my very simple checklist to help you decide which type of question you are looking at: 1. Psychology Dissertation? Does it ask me what my own opinion is essay questions about a topic? > Discussion question > Use my own opinions. 2. Does it ask me to discuss a particular proposal? > Proposal question > Discuss that proposal.

3. Pakistani Essays? Does it ask me to decide between two different opinions or look at essay questions the advantages and disadvantages of a topic > Argument question> Discuss both sides and come to a decision. Look at these reported recent IELTS questions and decide which type of essay you need to essays, write: Many people have an unhealthy diet and do not take enough exercise. What do you think are the reasons for this and questions, what can be done to psychology introduction, encourage people to essay the scarlet letter, lead a more healthy lifestyle? Although countries with long average working hours are economically successful, this often has some negative social consequences. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Some people think that paying taxes is enough to contribute to society.

Others argue that being a citizen involves more responsibilities. Of Guns In America? Discuss. Many people argue that children should stay in school until the essay the scarlet, age of eighteen. What are the advantages and in our life, disadvantages of making school compulsory until the age of 18? Many people nowadays leave their county to work abroad and take their family with them. What are the advantages and essay the scarlet letter, disadvantages in terms of dissertation introduction family development? Get more essay advice in your inbox. How to essay the scarlet letter, like it, share it and share it. Get more help with IELTS preparation on the main pages of my site. Keep up with me on Facebook - all the updates and even more advice there.

Or just get all my free lessons by email. 46 Responses to The three different types of IELTS essay question. I have a question about the checklist above. 1. History Of Guns In America? Does it ask me to give my own opinion about essay the scarlet letter a topic? > Discussion question > Use my own opinions. — It seems to me this is a proposal question. 2. Does it ask me to discuss a particular opinion about pakistani books a topic? > Proposal question > Discuss that opinion. Thanks for your highly intelligent comment. I have rewritten that section slightly now in the hope that it is clearer.

There is perhaps a slight difficulty with terminology here. I’m tying to essay, avoid the word “opinion essay” as much as possible. This post is not so much about the type of essay you write, as about understanding the problems of the essay question. For me, this is a necessary first step. Of Guns? I will in due course be looking at different types of the scarlet essay. My point in distinguishing between proposal and discussion questions is this: in the “Proposal Question”, you are “discussing” someone else’s point of view whereas in the “Discussion Question” you need to find your own solutions to a problem. For some candidates, the “Discussion Question” is nasty as it gives them less help with ideas. When you come to write the essay, you will of essay life course need to give your own opinions.

From that point of view it doesn’t matter what type of essay question you get. Thank you for further explanations and rewriting. Essay The Scarlet? Now I understood that you are telling about quotes used in the essay understanding the problems of the essay question and questions the scarlet letter, key points when I answer to different type of questions. I have a slightly irrelevant question. Is it okay to involve some ‘invented’ statistical data to an essay, when writing an example.

For instance: It has been proved scientifically that over psychology dissertation 40 % of people hate their jobs. thank you in advance. No problem whatsoever. There is no lie detector test in IELTS – it is after all only a test of your English. I would advise you, however, to be slightly careful not to be carried away when you do it. It certainly helps to keep your “data” plausible and you need to make sure that it fits in with the questions the scarlet, essay question. In some ways it could even be seen as a “good thing” as it makes your writing more academic. Although in truth the IELTS essay is not a particularly academic piece of writing and I would generally advise you to keep your writing fairly plain and simple, as opposed to trying to show off academically. IELTS examiners are not academics! Here are some sample phrases for you to consider:

It has been demonstrated that. Research has shown that. A recent opinion poll showed that. thanks, this clarifies a lot. hello again, Mr.Cole. Psychology Introduction? There’s one thing that’s unclear to me about the proposal essay. Here’s the example. “Education should be free. To what extent do you agree or disagree? ” Should I take a firm position about only one side ( agree or disagree) and then devote the whole essay to proving this particular side, or should I describe both plus and minus of the questions letter, statement and then say what i think in the conclusion ?? My overall band score is psychology dissertation introduction 7.5! Partly, this is your merit as well, since I was using plenty of information from essay your website when trying to figure out the essay question type or developing my reading strategy.

Thaks alot! I wish you further sucess. Need your help in when are block, ielts . My test is on 24 sep 2016. 4 weeks back i suddenly got the idea of attempting ielts, so i booked a slot and had a descent 2 weeks of time to prepare . But due to various reasons ( and most importantly laziness) the amount of time left to me for preparation got reduced to 2 days.. jus 2 days to essay questions letter, go for IELTS and i din had any idea about it..i was going through the sample tests provided my British council but it hardly gave me any confidence… it was during that time when i accidentally came across your website.(Serendipity. )) and i was amazed.. All the information provided here were so organized and the instructions you provided were so simple but yet very effective.. i concentrated the last 2 days before my exam on your website..following all your guidelines.. Essays? ( especially the way you described the working of brain under pressure was cool..) and did my best at the exam.. And today i got my overall band of 7.5.. thanks a lot sir. ):) Thank you very much! I’ve struggled to picture the 3 types, and they are clear to letter, me now. This is Ajay from India. I have taken IELTS 5 times till now any everytime I am getting 6.5 ..I disparately need 7 score but I am not able to understand where I am loosing that much needed 0.5.

Can you help me to plagiarism essays, understand this. Also is questions letter there anyway you can review my essays. I’m simply too busy yo help sorry. It’s partly for this reason I’ve added online tutors to the site. They all look at are block quotes used essays. So I suggest you contact one of them. Good luck with the 7.

how could u got 6.5band in yur ielts. In advantages and letter, disadvantages essay, can be take one side either of advantages or disadvantages in conclusion paragraph. please reply soon because my ielts test is coming soon. This will depend slightly on pakistani essays books how the question is worded. Essay Questions The Scarlet Letter? Always always read the question very carefully. If the question is “Discuss the college, advantages and disadvantages of this proposal”. I would suggest you need to the scarlet, mention both sides of the argument in your conclusion. This is because your conclusion should reflect your whole essay.

You can of course also say that in your opinion the advantages are greater than the disavantages and so write more about them. Another common form of advantage/disadvantage essay question is “To what extent do you agree or disagree with this proposal?” Here you have 3 basic options: 1. You can agree. 2. You can disagree. 3. You can agree and disagree. In this case, you must make your position clear in the conclusion. hello Mr cole i realy want to thank you for sending me this amazing email But i have one question ihave taken ielts exam thrice and on every exam 5 without any develope idont know why the same mark. i have only 1 day for my exam still iam confused about writing can plzzzzzzzzzzz help so dat i can get a band 7 in writing. infact while searching on net i came to know about ur site and when are block, i really found it very helpul but still give me tips for d last minute preparation plzzzzzzzz. One day before is too late to do anything serious. the best thing you can do is relax and clear your head. It helps to have a clear strategy for each paper – particularly for timing. If you feel in control, you feel better and should perform better.

I have recently written IELTS and was given a problem to discuss in writing. The topic was :now-a-days the natural beauty like rivers, mountains and lakes are getting damaged by questions letter, garbage and waste by life, people. Letter? Why do people do that? What do you think should be done to essays, prevent this? I have explained it well(I guess) with an introduction paragraph followed by two paragraphs emphasizing two reasons why people doing this with one reason in each paragraph. These two paragraphs are followed by two paragraphs explaining what should be done to prevent this with one solution in each paragraphs. I forgot to write a conclusion paragraph.

Do we really need to the scarlet, give conclusion for a problem task in plagiarism essays, the end? Thank you and essay questions, awaiting for your reply. Yes, i’m afraid you do. An essay without a conclusion is not an essay and you will have been penalised for task response. It is not perfect but the advice is to write a sentence conclusion if you are running out of time so that at when are block quotes essay least you have something there for the examiner to look at. For me, a good conclusion does make an essay better. It is a skill worth practising. Essay Questions Letter? It need not be a long/complex conclusion, but if you can briefly summarise the essay and on role of music in our life, return to questions letter, the introduction, it does help your task response.

I have recently written IELTS and was given a problem to discuss in writing. The topic was :now-a-days the natural beauty like rivers, mountains and lakes are getting damaged by essay, garbage and waste by people. Why do people do that? What do you think should be done to prevent this? I have explained it well(I guess) with an introduction paragraph followed by essay questions letter, two paragraphs emphasizing two reasons why people doing this with one reason in each paragraph.

These two paragraphs are followed by two paragraphs explaining what should be done to prevent this with one solution in each paragraphs. I forgot to write a conclusion paragraph. Plagiarism Essays? Do we really need to give conclusion for a problem task in questions the scarlet, the end? Thank you and awaiting for of music in our, your reply. Yes, sadly for you the essay questions the scarlet, conclusion is needed. It is an dissertation, essential part of an essay. I would like to questions, Thank you and all the Blog participants for history of guns, clearing out many confusions for IELTS candidates. However, I have few questions where I feel myself weak. 1. Questions The Scarlet Letter? How can I use a strong vocabulary in Writing Exam?

Is there any list of good words which can be used instead of general words? 2. Reading Exams are lengthy, the plagiarism, pressure built’s more when you are on questions the last passage with tough vocabulary to understand and have a general idea. What do you suggest? Please, do pray as I am appearing for IELTS tomorrow. Good luck tomorrow. Get a good night’s sleep and try to relax is my best advice. On writing the best vocab is very often simple vocab. many candidates get this wrong and try and use over-complex words. You may not believe this, but all my essays are at least band score 8.0 and mostly 9.0. Don’t be fooled that they use simple language. They are well written and clearly written. A key to writing is understanding that 50% of the score is for coherence and task response.

Take a look at when used in the IELTS Simon’s blog – you will find he says the same thing. On reading, yes time can be a problem. Remember some questions are just plain hard and would trick intelligent native speakers. Essay Letter? Don’t get stuck, move on. Thank you for when are block used essay, shedding some light on the scarlet letter the types of essay that might be posed on IELTS exams and quotes in the essay, strategies on how to tackle it. However, I have been led to believe that in proposal questions, especially when the questions goes ” To what extent….” I have to essay the scarlet letter, give caveats to the proposal rather than fully agree or disagree. And believe me there are some topics that I have very strong views about and yet my marker penalised me on TR for dissertation introduction, not stating to what extent I agree or disagree with the stated proposals even though in my essays I have written I strongly believe!! As a result I am one confused bunny and find proposal questions a nightmare!! Please help! your blog is essay questions wonderful and introduction, does wonders in essay questions the scarlet, helping for the. exam. Essays Books? however, your essay question types is confusing, especiall proposal and argumentitive coz all of them are answerd using the same approach, i.e argumentitive type.

I have got IELTS exam after 2 weeks and i need to essay questions the scarlet letter, get 7 each in any case. last time i just got 5.5 in writing could you please help me how to improve my writing in couples of week. I am preparing for essays, my IELTS exam scheduled on 26th of May and your website has helped me in questions letter, understanding the expectations of this test. History? It has been a while since I have written any letters and essays and this worries me a lot whether I would be able to write material of Band score 7+. Thanks a lot for the scarlet letter, the detailed information. I am confused about the pakistani, types of writing. You mentioned the different types but not the essay letter, ways to answer each of them. Could you illustrate how to answer the different types please? I will give the of guns, exam about essay 45 days later. Do you have any recommendation about writing and other things? In August the introduction, plan to produce an essay a day – each essay illustrating a different writing skill – this should include looking at different types of essay questions. I didn’t get it.

Have you answered my question. Essay The Scarlet Letter? Could you mention a comprehensive resource to college, find out these types and the way to answer them please? Hi – the resource I was thinking of appears not to be available on the internet and so I will need to put something together myself to help you out. For the time being I suggest you check out essay questions writefix – this is an excellent writing site where you can find different types of essays illustrated. I aim to post something on this in the next few days – possibly Monday. In the meantime, can I suggest that there is no one way to answer each question type ie an opinion essay is ABBA , a discursive essay ABCA and so on. It is perfectly possible for instance to look at both sides of the argument in a “do you agree/disagree” type question much as you would in a discuss essay. It all depends on what you as a an essay topic college, individual think about that question.

One person may choose to essay questions letter, answer the question in one way and another in another way. The examiner does not sit down and say “This is an opinion essay and when used essay, it must be structured like this”- rather they look at whether you have answered the question as it is asked. i’m really confused Rayn’s website mention some steps which looked too easy to follow but when i read some para from the ielts book the follow another steps ( totally different ) …. i’m nt that good in English to essay questions the scarlet, join both of them or choose which one is the best …… SO PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME . i’m dying to get only band 5 because my university asked for that. please reply soon #128577; i have an exam after 15 days. Thanks a lot for these very informative lessons you have done. College? I would like to ask further information in writing proposals or “to what extent questions”. How many paragraphs should one write? Is it a 5 paragraph essay? No one answer to this question.

It depends in what is in your head! You should be prepared to letter, write both 4 and 5 para essays. Of Guns In America Essay? If you have more points, it will be 5. Essay The Scarlet Letter? If you have only 2 points, then a 4 para essay is essays fine. There are numerous essay writing directive words that a student needs to be across (e.g. discuss, describe, explain, compare, contrast, etc). The Scarlet? If you don’t clearly understand what is being asked of you, then you have next to no chance of writing an introduction, excellent essay. Agreed. I would add as a personal opinion that I believe it is essay questions letter dangerous to focus on “types of essay”. My strong preference is to focus on the question and answer that question in a logical way. Psychology Introduction? The danger of following a format for an opinion essay, for example, is that you can fail to address the question by concentrating too much on a particular format. 1)Many people have an unhealthy diet and essay the scarlet, do not take enough exercise.

What do you think are the reasons for this and what can be done to introduction, encourage people to lead a more healthy lifestyle? —- My answer: Discussion type. 2) Although countries with long average working hours are economically successful, this often has some negative social consequences. To what extent do you agree or disagree? —- My answer: Proposal type. 3) Some people think that paying taxes is enough to contribute to essay questions the scarlet, society. Others argue that being a citizen involves more responsibilities. Discuss. —- My answer: Discussion type. 4)Many people argue that children should stay in school until the age of eighteen.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of making school compulsory until the age of 18? —- My answer: Argument type. 5) Many people nowadays leave their country to work abroad and essay college, take their family with them. What are the advantages and the scarlet letter, disadvantages in terms of family development? —- My answer: Argument type. This is one of those lesson I’m in the process of reviewing and essay college, updating. I hope to produce a much clearer version soonish. Hi there, I enjoy rdading t?rough yo?r post. ² wanted to write a little cokmment tto support ?ou. In your description on essay types you have mentioned “you will be penalised under Task Achivement” but Task Achievement criterion is used in marking Task 1 , I guess. Okay – nice observational skills. TY for comment. Essay The Scarlet Letter? I need to update my resources on of guns essay this generally. But in truth task achievement and task response are close to essay the scarlet, interchangeable as names.

It is important to see though that task 1 does have its own criteria. it would be really helpful if you wrote other articles about different types of essays and essay of music, general structures for essay questions letter, each type. Books? I hope you would consider doing it, thank you so much for your advice on this site! […] Question type Read the IELTS question carefully and ensure that you know what you are being asked to write. It’s no use putting pen to paper until you are sure you know what type of essay you are being asked to produce.

Dominic Cole expalins things very well on this page. […] […] is a proposal type question where we are asked to give our opinion about questions whether improving health education would have a […]

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7 Things Every ESL Teacher Should Teach Students About Essay Writing. The Scarlet. “Every good story has a beginning, a middle and plagiarism essays an end.” Many of us recall our teachers drilling this writer#8217;s mantra into essay the scarlet letter, us and our fellow students. This is as true for a good essay as it is for a good story. Pakistani Essays. An essay needs a coherent structure to successfully articulate its arguments, and strong preparation and planning is crucial to providing that structure. So, how do we go about this? After all, essay writing can be challenging for the ESL student. Not only does the student writer have to essay the scarlet letter, contend with the challenges of ordering their thoughts and constructing their arguments, they have to do this in their second language. Psychology. Navigating the essay questions the scarlet letter rocky bluffs of syntax and essays idiomatic expressions isn#8217;t easy at the best of times! So, here are some helpful hints that will allow your students to weave together a coherent and persuasive essay with less stress.

The 7 Helpful Habits of ESL Essay Writing. 1. Build the essay around a central question. Encourage your students to the scarlet letter, build all their writing around one central question of the essay. That central question is the engine of the writing, it should drive everything! If a word or sentence is not assisting that forward motion toward the explication of that question and its possible answers, then it needs to be reworded, rephrased or just plain cut out and discarded. Lean writing is merciless. Focusing on that central question throughout the prewriting, writing and rewriting stages helps develop the critical faculties required to discern what to keep and of music what to throw away.

2. Use the traditional 5-paragraph essay structure. Providing a clear structure for the student to essay letter, approach essay writing can do much to build their confidence. Pakistani Essays Books. The 5-paragraph essay, or #8220;hamburger#8221; essay, provides that clear structure for emergent ESL writers. Generally, this structure employs five separate paragraphs for the entire essay. Each paragraph serves a specific purpose, melding together to form a coherent whole.

Paragraph 1: The introductory paragraph. Essay The Scarlet Letter. It makes the college thesis statement, orientating the reader to essay the scarlet letter, the purpose of the essay. Paragraphs 2 to 4: The body paragraphs. These make individual points that are further backed up by the various forms of evidence. Paragraph 5: The conclusion paragraph. This provides a summation of the essay college arguments and a final statement of the essay the scarlet letter thesis. Essay On Role Of Music In Our Life. While they do not need to follow it rigidly forever, this simple structure outlined above can serve as excellent training wheels for your students. Using the essay the scarlet 5-paragraph structure as outlined above makes planning clear cut. Once they have their theses and are planning their paragraphs, share with the students the ridiculously useful acronym P.E.E. Pakistani. This stands for questions the scarlet point, explanation, evidence. Each body paragraph should make a point, or argument, in favor of the central thesis, followed by an explanation of this point and relevant evidence to back it up.

Extol the necessity for students to constantly refer to their planning. Essay. The mind-mapping techniques popularized by Tony Buzan can be useful at essay the scarlet letter the planning stage and make for easy reference points to ensure focus is maintained throughout the essay. When Are Block. Having a visual reference such as this can help ensure that your student-writers see each piece of the whole as well as that elusive #8220;bigger picture,#8221; so it become a case of essay questions the scarlet letter seeing the forest and the trees! Just as the planning is crucial, so too is the psychology dissertation introduction research. Often ideas or connections do not occur until the the scarlet writing process has begun. This is a good thing. Essay writing is a creative act, so they can have more ideas along the way and work them in. The key is to always be able to back up these ideas. Students who have done their homework on their subject will be much more confident and articulate in in america expressing their arguments. Even with thorough planning and research, writing oneself into a linguistic cul-de-sac is a common error. Once the plan is completed and the student embarks on the choppy seas of essay writing, it may or may not be plain sailing.

Often, especially with our higher level students, unforeseen currents can pull the student-writer off course. Sometimes just abandoning the sentence helps. Going back to the drawing board and rewriting it is often best. Students can be creative with their sentence structures when expressing the simpler ideas and arguments. However, when it comes to essay letter, expressing the more complex concepts, help them learn to use shorter sentences to break down their arguments into smaller, more digestible chunks. Essay writing falls firmly in the camp of non-fiction. That is a given. However, that does not mean that some of the techniques more traditionally associated with fiction, poetry and drama cannot be used. One technique that is particularly useful in essay writing is repetition. Just as poetry relies heavily on rhythm, so too does argument. Repetition can provide that sense of rhythm.

Written language has its origins in the oral language. Think of the great orators and demagogues and essays books their use of repetition. Speech-writers are well aware of the power of repetition. The writing principle of the #8220;rule of 3#8221; states that ideas expressed in these terms are more convincing and memorable. This is true of essay letter words and the ideas they are expressing. The very structure of the 5-paragraph essay lends itself to planning for this repetition. Each idea that is explored in history in america a body paragraph should be outlined first in the introductory paragraph. The single body paragraph devoted to the idea will explore it at greater length, supported by evidence. The third rap of the hammer occurs in the summation of the essay questions concluding paragraph, driving the point securely and convincingly home.

As mentioned at the start of this post, every good essay has a beginning, middle and of guns an end. Each point made, explained and supported by evidence is a step toward what the writing teacher Roy Peter Clark calls closing the circle of meaning. In planning for the conclusion of the the scarlet letter essay, the students should take the opportunity to reaffirm their position. By making reference to the points outlined in the introduction, driving them home one last time, the student-writer is bringing the history in america essay to a satisfying full circle. This may be accomplished by essay questions letter, employing various strategies: an apt quotation, referring to history essay, future consequences or attempting to inspire and mobilize the reader.

Ending with a succinct quotation has the questions the scarlet letter double benefit of lending some authoritative weight to the argument while also allowing the student to in our life, select a well-written, distilled expression of their central thesis. This can make for a strong ending, particularly for essay ESL students. Often the essay thesis will suggest its own ending. If the essay is structured around a problem, it is frequently appropriate to end the essay by offering solutions to that problem and outlining potential consequences if those solutions are not followed. In the more polemical type essay, the student may end with a call to arms, a plea for action on the part of the reader. The strategy chosen by the student will depend largely on what fits the central thesis of their essay best.

For the ESL student, the final edit is very important. It is one final chance to check form and meaning. For all writers this process can be daunting, but for language students especially. Often ESL students will use the same words over and over again due to a limited vocabulary, encourage your students to psychology dissertation introduction, employ a thesaurus in essay questions the scarlet letter the final drafting before submission. On Role In Our Life. This will freshen up their work, making it more readable. This will also increase their active vocabulary in essay letter the long run! Another useful strategy to use at this stage of the process is to encourage students to read their work aloud before handing it in. This can be good pronunciation practice, and when in the essay allows for an opportunity to essay questions the scarlet, listen for grammatical errors.

It also helps the students to essays, hear where punctuation is required in the text, helping the overall rhythm and readability of the writing. Essays are a great way not only for students to learn how the language works, but also to learn about themselves. Letter. Formulating thoughts and arguments about various subjects is good exercise for not only the students#8217; linguistic faculties, but also for understanding who they are and how they see the world. When Used In The Essay. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to teach English with real-world videos. FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world videos. Learning a foreign language becomes fun and essay the scarlet letter easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to pakistani essays books, provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in.

By purchasing through our affiliate links, you are supporting our ability to provide you with free language learning content. 2017 FluentFlix Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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coop business plan If you're going to use heaters, flat panel is the way to essay, go because they're safe and cool to plagiarism, the touch. Wow that is essay so informative. And your chickens certainly have a fantastic chicken coop. Thanks for essay topic college sharing. This needs to be flagged for questions the scarlet all the websurfers who are considering getting chickens. I sure hope folks find it because you did a great job. Thanks so much to both of you. I am hoping it helps out - I wanted to write about things I wish I had been able to find when we were building our coop. i love the information and pics on psychology your blog!

Thanks so much for the award! So sweet. This is a really informative post Staci, especially for a newbie like me. We are currently in the design stage right now and you've really given me a lot of food for thought. Thanks! Very well written and illustrated post on what to include in the scarlet letter a coop. Well done! Thank you for he wonderful information.

I want some back yard chickens so badly and as I was mowing today--- was trying to figure out how and where to put the chicken house! Your's seems perfect. In Our. I need to check our county policies to see if it is essay the scarlet possible!! Great post --- I'll need to refer back later! Thank you for pakistani essays the wonderful post!

As my husband, Chris, posted to you previously, we're in essay the same NY area as you and are considering ways to in the essay, build our coop. Info on heating panels, electricity and the rest are so very helpful. I do have a question - do you have trouble with the rain blowing in when the windows are open? We're thinking of having ours hinge out and up to provide a weather break but weren't sure if there was a reason not to. Maybe just an aesthetic choice? Thanks again for the post. We really enjoy your site. Thanks for essay the question Cr. We haven't had a problem with the rain blowing in, it could be the are block quotes used essay way it's situated on the property too. We get snow blowing into essay questions the scarlet letter the outside coop which really upsets the essay of music life girls, but so far no rain on the inside when the windows are open. I'm very happy this post is so well received and helpful.

Also, Cr, since you live so close if you and essay your husband ever want to come and look at our coop just email me at [email protected] We are more than happy to share what we've done. Great advice and photos, Staci! Your chickens have a fabulous coop. Wow, we just laid out our new coop yesterday, and though I have kept chickens for at least 14 years now, this will be my first all new coop. You reminded me a lot of topic college, things we need to letter, think about! I appreciate your pictures, too. Your chickens look healthy and happy, and I'm going to topic, refer back to this article frequently. Thanks so much for the positive comments everyone and glad the post could help you Andrea, TreeHugger and Mary Ann. Ohh my what a great post.

I need to letter, do the roof in top of the nest..what a great idea!! Thanks for sharing! Thank you for this very excellent post. We are looking forward to the delivery of our first-ever chicken order. Meanwhile we are preparing the are block used in the coop and a couple of your points will improve on essay our plans! Staci, this is an excellent post and essay topic college I am convinced we must be kindred spirits! I went about designing my coop in exactly the same way - starting off with a small temporary coop and essay questions the scarlet then learning what I would need in the long run. I still have a few things to finish up on pakistani our own coop this spring, but it's almost identical! That said, I got some good tips from you - especially about utilizing the area under the nesting boxes! If necessary, I'm going to letter, have my husband raise them a bit so I can stick my storage cans under them. Pakistani. You'll find that second area for the chicks inside works well for breaking up a broody hen if you don't want her sitting on eggs.

Thank you Enid, Cedar Cottage and Amy. Yes, Amy, I hope to do a post on chicken tractors as well. Glad you could come away with some ideas. Superb post. We still have a long way to essay questions the scarlet, go on topic our hen house, and questions I'm sure we'll use a lot of your suggestions. You have an amazing coop. Great ideas - thanks. I like the litter box idea, but my outdoor area does not have a solid roof. Maybe I will build them a little hutch in there to keep it dry.

What a great informative post! Your coop is lovely and really enjoyed your tips and plagiarism essays ideas. Thanks for essay questions sharing this with the Homestead Barn HOp! Enjoyed reading your post - and will also be implementing some of the things you mentioned :-) What a great post! Thanks for sharing all that helpful info. I'll be using a lot of those tips for sure as we gear up to make some changes to essay topic, our shed/coop conversio then build a second coop. So happy this post has been so useful.

Thank you Jessica, Meredith, Jill, Val and Ginger. Very nice, full of information. I'll have to come back and take my time and take notes. We are in essay letter the process of building our first coop. God Bless. Love the coop! We are in the process of building ours. Can you tell me what you insulated with? Thank you! So chuck full of psychology, information here!

Thanks for sharing all of essay the scarlet, these wonderful ideas :) Thanks happy momma, Mrs. Bartos and life Melissa! Mrs. Bartos - we found some insulation for sale from a few different people who had purchased too much so there's a few different R values in there, but the roof, door, floor and walls are all insulated.

Awesome post - thank you! I linked this to letter, my chicken coops project post too, it's a keeper! Thanks so much Heather, and thanks for linking to dissertation introduction, this post!! I am so glad I read your 13 things you have learned. My question is - is the nesting area the essay questions the scarlet letter same as the essay college egg laying area? Your 13 things learned have really helped me in the planning stages of letter, my upcoming chicken coop project. Emmie - yes, the nesting boxes are the when are block in the essay areas for laying eggs.

They need something slightly dark (which is why we positioned ours under the windows). Hi. Your article is such a blessing to questions the scarlet, me as I just ordered my first ever 27 chicks and my life will be changing completely around Feb 13 when they arrive. So of course we are using this time now to essays, research and learn and build. Questions Letter. I SO appreciate your tips while we are in this stage. Perfect timing. Kim - thank you so very much for your kind words. Regarding the access from outside the coop to the nesting box, yes it is very handy.

Here's how I look at it: if you're coop is large enough to comfortable go in history of guns in america and out regularly, it's not necessary. Essay Questions The Scarlet. If you have a smaller coop where going in and out is tight (particularly because the of guns in america essay girls are very nosy) then I would highly recommend the outside access. The Scarlet. One reason we did not choose to do this is because it gets very cold here in the winter and we wanted to coop to close up tight (except for the vent at the top) so they would keep warm and it wouldn't get drafty on them in the boxes. Hope this helps! :) Brilliant post - found via Pinterest btw. Thanks so much Tanya!

What a nice thing to say. :) I'm so happy you found us. Am just starting work on plagiarism essays our coop,being in essay the scarlet construction I have realized that the plagiarism essays sample replacement windows that I show prospective clients are the perfect size for our coup.Anyone can get them free at your local building material supplier such as ABC.They come apart from the sample case and questions letter are ready to be installed,just a mini version of what I install all the time on homes.Just need to fabricate a safer screen. Pakistani Essays Books. MARK. Found your 13 things post via pinterest last night as I was searching for chicken coops. THANK YOU for taking time from your busy life to SHARE such valuable information. Within the next year or two, I would like to essay, be the proud owner of my own egg-laying girls! I would love to hear from you and followers of your blog as to plagiarism, what breeds are the most quiet. I live in town with no zoning and on a dead end street so I can legally have chickens, but I do not plan on having many - size of essay letter, lot, cost of feed, etc.

I am interested in the actually cost of are block quotes in the essay, keeping chickens - vaccinations, feed, etc. I am finding mixed information on such things. If there is a source that you trust for the scarlet letter chicken med care, please share it with me to assist in my research. Again, thank you so much! Found your blog from pinterest. and just in time. College. We got our first chicks on Saturday and will be converting an old shed into their new coop. Hubby will be happier building a new shed for himself while working on the coop for the new girls! a win-win.. Thank you so much for your blog great points for us newbie's. What wonderful advice; thank you for sharing. Essay Questions The Scarlet Letter. My boyfriend and I have eight baby chicks and have just finished building our chicken shack! We are getting ready to move them out to the shack, but now we are questioning the type of flooring/board we used all inside of the coop.

What kind of wood/paneling did you use for the inside? We put down OSB that we got at plagiarism, Home Depot and essay questions the scarlet letter does not contain any toxins. Do you think that's ok for our coop? Thanks Staci! Rebekah - thanks so much!

You should be fine with OSB. Be careful with the babies if you have a penned-in outdoor coop. It's amazing how small of when in the, holes they can fit through. We put an additional mesh around the bottom 24 inches of ours. The mesh was very small squares and we used it just until they were big enough to not escape. Good luck!

You'll love having them. They're hysterical to watch. Essay The Scarlet. :) This was great. gave me some new ideas for the coop we are building. History Of Guns In America. I'm sure my husband will be pleased! LOL!

The one thing we did that i'm excited about is put the roosts on 2x4 hangers. The roosts are easily removed for cleaning. Makes that job a little easier! Wow, I am in Australia and I wish I had more space to achieve something similar. Mine are under our childrens cubby house with an extended run added on. They ARE hilarious pets and give us so many hours of essay questions letter, entertainment. Topic. When they want food ( ie greens and other food) they climb onto their coop roof, up to the cubby house and then fly down into the garden, only to come and questions the scarlet peck on my glass doors to let me kow they want food!!

At the essay moment their run is not enclosed, ie. they are locked away at night so it is only daytime antics we laugh at. Anonymous - great idea about the roosts! Thanks for sharing. I couldn't agree more A Little Bowerbird, I just love watching our girls. :) Hi Staci, I'm Anne from Life on the Funny Farm (

Just found your blog thru this post on Pinterest. It's terrific! I am relatively new to chickens myself, and I love them, but am always looking for ways to questions the scarlet, improve. Thanks! I'm so glad I just came across this blog! I am a city girl that has just moved to topic college, a smaller town for my husband's job. He wants to essay the scarlet, get a house with lots of acres so we can have things like chickens and horses. Plagiarism Essays. I know nothing about questions letter doing this, so I have a lot to research and learn about!

Your information is definitely going to topic college, help me! Thanks! My husband put the water and feed on a pulley system so it was easy for me to hang them up. Prior to the pully we hung them from a rope or chain but the weight made it difficulty for me to lift onto the hook. Pully works great! We use red heat lamps in we inter keeps chickens warm and doesnt disrupt their sleep. I came across your post on Pinterest and just wanted to say how great it is! My husband and I are getting ready to essay questions letter, start raising chickens this spring and I'm looking for all the help I can with all of the are block quotes in the start-up stuff that goes with chickens.

I've got a few books and now your blog as a really great reference point. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! Thanks so much Anne and Pammy! Anonymous - great info about the letter pulley system!! Thank you for sharing. Be careful with the heat lamps as they can get burned from them.

Tara - I'm so happy you found us. Hooray that you're getting chickens this spring! I hope you come back again. :) A big thank you for essay in our life such detailed instructions and insight. In my neck of the woods, the rural Pacific Northwest, we really have to surround the coop with electrical fence netting. The weasels, minks and raccoon out the scarlet letter, here have college degrees and regular support groups to exchange break-in tips. Plagiarism Essays. The way to keep them out is with a little zap to the schnoz.

Thank you so much for all the detailed info. We will be getting our little chicks soon and are building our own chicken coop. I'm glad I found your blog post! I'm so excited! :) I love your blog! Seriously, I have been reading every single thing on here, lol. Questions Letter. I love your personality and your ideas are so great!

I'm so jealous of you! Lol. I have 10 baby chicks (that are currently in my house) and am in the process of perfecting my coop. I decided my original coop was too small and am not going to our 8x11 shed! I'm so excited! I need to insulate it and psychology dissertation introduction it seems to be extremely pricey. I also need to add the nesting boxes and windows. Questions The Scarlet Letter. I love your coop and essay plan to do a lot of things you have done. But.. my lovely boyfriend isn't quite as handy as your hubby. Questions. I'm trying to make things perfect for my girls, I'm just having a bit of trouble getting my ideas from dissertation introduction paper to real life.

Do you have any tips on how do simplify anything or how to do things in essay questions a less expensive way? I appologize for this long comment but I truly love the way you do things! Advice from essays you would really make my day! Thank you for all your great information and I love reading about your hilarious family! I love Jackson and questions the scarlet Clyde and, well all of them really! Thanks again! From your newest blog addict, Andrea. Tom - so happy this post has been a source of information.

I hear you about the plagiarism critters having college degrees and such. I have woodchucks that don't bother the essay questions girls but sure bother my garden and are very difficult to outsmart. :) Andrea - sorry, forgot to pakistani, address the cold months question. You will definitely want a heater for questions letter the water if your coop has electricity to it. If it doesn't, make sure the essays water is located away from the scarlet letter any drafts and make sure to break up any ice forming in essays it periodically throughout the day in below freezing temps. For the essay questions the scarlet most part, as long as you have cold hardy birds, they will do ok through winter - they do better in plagiarism cold than in essay the scarlet heat. If your coop is psychology dissertation insulated and questions the scarlet letter completely shut at night they should keep themselves warm with their combined body heat. If it's not insulated, as long as the history of guns in america coop is not too large they should be fine. I give ours a morning treat of cracked corn during the winter months since corn raises their body temperature. Essay. (summer we give them oats which lowers it) Hope this helps! Thank you for the response!

My coop is large because I love my girls :) but that was a concern of mine, it being too large. But with your advice I think we will be just fine :) I'm loving every minute of raising chicks and look forward to essays, watching them grow! Thanks again. Genious! I'm going to change the girls' door to open OUT instead of IN! Thank you for your informative article. My husband and I are going to be raising chickens in the near future and are just starting our research. Your post will be invaluable to essay the scarlet, us! Thanks so much Stacie and congratulations on getting chickens very soon.

You'll love having them around. On Role Of Music In Our Life. :) I learned a lot, but don't disregard painting the inside of essay letter, your coop, if you live in the north (we are in Alaska, and introduction have to light our chickens in questions the scarlet letter the winter), white walls will make your coop look brighter! (and happier chickens :) ) Great post, many thanks for your advice as we are just building our coop. Your thoughts on external access to the nesting/egg laying area. Thank you for a great article Staci! My husband and I are just starting on our homestead jouney and plagiarism are so excited to have chickens in the spring. I had some growing up and have been dreaming of the eggs ever since. Do you have plans for your coop, and the scarlet letter an estimated cost to build this one? Many thanks! Well written and introduction thought out! We've got about 80 chicks here in CT.

We lined the floors of our coops with chicken wire. We may tack surplus wool blankets along the walls for questions the scarlet letter added warmth once snow comes. Good luck! I just wanted to are block quotes used essay, say thanks for this post! We got our chickens in the summer and despite googling and essay the scarlet letter pinning like mad I missed your blog! I have a piece of driftwood not too high off the ground in in our life my coop for roosting but I worry they don't go on it! What do you recommend making the roosts out of (inside outside would be helpful) thank you so much!

Julia - they are usually pretty adaptable to whatever you use, as long as it's small enough they can wrap their feet around and essay smooth enough it doesn't leave them with splinters . They like to be up high, so if it's too low they may not be thrilled. Around waist high is usually a pretty good height to make them feel safe. Our indoor roost is made from a piece of 2x4 cut down and then the plagiarism essays edges rounded. Our outdoor coop has a similar roost and then a wooden dowel for a roost. They use them all the time. I hope this helps!

Thanks so much for your comment and happy you found us!! Thank you, i know its an old post but it just helped me and build is tomarrow. Thanks a ton. I love your blog! Seriously, I have been reading every single thing on here, lol. I love your personality and the scarlet letter your ideas are so great! I'm so jealous of you! Lol. I have 10 baby chicks (that are currently in plagiarism my house) and am in the process of perfecting my coop.

I decided my original coop was too small and am not going to our 8x11 shed! I'm so excited chicken coops. Thanks so much hunkerbunker! I'm so happy this article helps. Great info, thank you. We plan to make a structure of poultry farm using alot of found materials too! It is actually going to be a learning project* with my kids. hands-on building they will learn skills they can use their whole life. Plus once they learn how,perhaps I will have help with all other things I want to build here. . .feed and the scarlet letter hay sheds, art studios. potting shed, etc.. We had to build an outdoor run because of loose dogs and wild . Thanks so much. When Are Block Quotes In The. Like you I started out with what I thought I wanted, but after heading into essay the scarlet letter my first serious winter (my first time keeping chickens in a cold country) I realise I have several serious flaws in my coop design!

Just wanted to plagiarism, say thanks for putting up great pics and advice. I used your suggestions and some other people's too to help me decide how I would build my coop. Anyway its 99% done and I converted an old cubby/play house into the coop. If you'd like to questions the scarlet letter, see it please visit my site Also I hope you don't mind, I have mentioned your website in my website as part of my list of super useful sites. So glad I found your site! (via Pinterest) We're getting our first chickens in early spring, and essays have been scouring the internet for questions letter coop/run ideas. Out of the literally hundreds of articles and essay blogs I've read, yours is my favorite! I've read all of your articles, you have great writing style too! Thank you for questions letter sharing your experiences to help the rest of us, definitely helped keep me from making some mistakes! :) Thanks so much all!

Yes Ian, it doesn't take long to figure out essays, what was in your mind isn't necessarily what works best. :) THANK YOU FOR A VERY INFORMATIVE ARTICLE ON CHICKEN COOPS AND CARE. IM INTERESTED IN THE HEATERS HOWEVER WHEN I CLICKED ON LINK IT TOOK ME TO SOMETHING TOTALLY UNRELATED. Essay Questions Letter. CAN U PLEASE REPOST THIS IF THEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE. Essays. THANK YOU, SANDRA. Chicken wants lot of space to run around and stretch their wings. Questions The Scarlet Letter. The more space you give your chickens, the happier and healthier they’ll be. Although there are hundreds of chicken coop styles on the market, building your own chicken coop is essays better. WOW! Such great ideas in essay questions this blog. I built a flash coop because we were moving to the country and needed to shift the history essay chickens at night.

I would love to post a picture of it here but don't know how to. I loved this article. Essay Questions. It is spot on. I started with 21 chickens and a little coop in our condo courtyard. We since have moved about 6 miles away and are block quotes in the bought 7 acres, much to my hubby's shigrin. We now have 70+ ladies and 2 coops and they have 1/2 acre of questions letter, fenced run.

One thing we did slightly different was I happened on essay life a scrap piece of linoleum from essay the scarlet Lowes that we covered the floor with and it has been a God send. Easy and dissertation fast clean ups. Thanks again.