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Write an essay about london

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benhabib essay Janet Abu-Lughod, Sociology, New School University. Jeffrey Ayres, Political Science, St. An Essay London. Michael's College; and Sidney Tarrow, Sociology, Cornell University. Seyla Benhabib, Political Science, Yale University. Didier Bigo, Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Paris. Kay Deaux, Psychology, City University of New York. John A. Hall, Sociology, McGill University. Dick Howard, Philosophy, SUNY at Stonybrook.

Kanishka Jayasuriya, Political Science, City University of Hong Kong. Peter Alexander Meyers, Sociology, Universite de Lille. Kathryn Sikkink, Political Science, University of should be banned Minnesota. Aristide Zolberg, Political Science, New School University. Seyla Benhabib, Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science and an essay about Philosophy, Yale University. It has become clear since September 11 that we are faced with a new form of struggle that threatens to dissolve the boundaries of the political in liberal democracies. The terror network of Osama bin Laden, and its various branches in Egypt, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Algeria and among Islamist groups in western Europe, is wider, more entrenched and sophisticated than it was believed to be. The attacks unleashed by these groups, (and their potential sympathizers in the USA and Europe among Neo-Nazis and white Supremacists), especially the poetry from different essay use of the biological weapon anthrax to contaminate the write an essay about london civilian population via the mail, indicate a new political and military phenomenon which challenges the should games argumentative essay framework of state-centric politics. See also the essay by John Hall on the Return of the State.

Historians always warn us that the unprecedented will turn out to have some forerunners somewhere and that what seems new today will appear old when considered against london the background of some longer time span. Nevertheless to think the new in economics research papers, politics is the vocation of the intellectual. This is a task at which luminaries like Susan Sontag, Fred Jameson, Slavoj Zizeck, who have seized this opportunity to recycle well-worn out 1960’s cliches about western imperialism and hegemony, have failed us by write an essay about london, interpreting these events along the from different essay tired paradigm of an anti-imperialist struggle by the wretched of the earth. 1 Neglecting the internal dynamics and struggles within the Islamic world, and the history of regional conflicts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Kashmir, these analyses assure us that we can continue to grasp the world through our usual categories, and that by blaming the policies and actions of western governments, one can purge oneself of the enmity and hatred which is directed toward one as a member of such western societies. These analyses help us neither to grasp the unprecedented nature of the events unfolding since September 11, 2001 nor to appreciate the internal dynamics within the Arab Muslim world which have given rise to them. Write About London. The result is reasons to college essay a sublime combination of high tech wizardry and moral and political atavism, which some have named jihad-on-line. But this unholy politics threatens to undo the moral and political distinctions that ought to govern our lives, distinctions as between enemy, friend and bystander; guilt, complicity, and responsibility; conflict, combat and war. We have to live by them even if others do not. One of the an essay about london most commonly heard contentions in the aftermath of September 11 was that even if the terrorist attacks upon the World Trade Center and Washington equaled war in the civilian and dissertation how to property damages they inflicted, the deliberateness and precision with which they were executed, and the brazenness with which they violated customary moral, legal, and an essay about international norms, the US Congress could not actually declare war, not because the enemy was as yet unknown, but because a state can declare war only against another state. The idea that a democratic nation-state would declare war upon a global network of essay contest loosely organized sympathizers of a religious cum civilizational cause, strained all categories of international law with which the world has lived since 1945, and in which nation-states are the write an essay london principal recognized actors. For this reason, the current military action in Afghanistan has not been preceded by business, a declaration of war, rather the Congress has authorized the President to do whatever is necessary to fight the global terror network and to bring the write an essay london perpetrators to justice, but Congress has declared war neither upon the Taliban (whom most nations do not recognize as a legitimate regime) nor upon the Afghani people.

It is as if the territory, the terrain of economics papers Afghanistan, is our enemy, in that this terrain offers a sanctuary and about london an operational base for one of the business economics papers great fugitives of our time – Osama bin Laden. About. Ironically, the people of Afghanistan have themselves fallen captive or prisoner to one who operates on business their territory, and to whom the Taliban had granted refuge. Afghanistan is a decaying or failed nation-state, and this very condition of decay permits us to london, understand all the more vividly the principles of national sovereignty which have governed international relations since the Second World War. The end of the bipolar world of the Cold War brought with it not just multiplurality but a global society in which non-state actors have emerged as players possessing means of talk your job essay violence but who are not subject to usual constraints of international law and treaties. All treaties which have hitherto governed the about london non-use and proliferation of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons have been rendered irrelevant: those who will deploy them have never been their signatories. Furthermore, not being recognized as legitimate political entities, these groups have no responsibility and accountability toward the contest populations in whose midst they act and which harbor them. Suppose Osama bin Laden and his group possess scud missiles with nuclear warheads, which they may have obtained either from Iraq or from the Russian Mafia or other weapons smugglers. Suppose they start losing ground in the current war.

What would prevent them from firing these missiles against population centers in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India or Israel if this would serve some purpose? Since they are accountable to no one, the collateral damage which they may cause even to their own allies and sympathizers is of no concern to write about london, them. Whereas terrorist groups like the Basque ETA and the IRA still have to be governed by reasons to college essay, some sense of proportion in write about london, the damage they inflict and methodology how to the violence they engage in, in order not to lose all sympathy for write about, their cause in world public opinion, these new terror networks are not motivated by foreseeable political goals analogous to the independence of the essay Basque land from Spain and France, the removal of the Irish Catholic population and about london unity with UK Protestants, and the like. Nor are these groups fighting for hearts and minds in the West by seeking the conversion of the from cultures essay population to Islam and to Islamic ways of life. Jihad, which can also mean the struggle of the soul with itself to lead the write an essay london virtuous life as dictated by dissertation, the Koran, 5 when it was practiced by Islamic armies in the centuries after the death of Mohammad (632 AD), aimed at the conquest of the write about land of the ‘infidels’ in order to business economics research papers, force their conversion to Islam. People of all races, colors, ethnicities and write about tongues could convert to should violent video be banned essay, Islam and become good Muslims.

It is this option of conversion which has made Islam into the biggest Abrahamanic religion of the write an essay london world, and ironically, it is the very absence of this conversion mission that is striking in dissertation write, the new jihad. The new jihad is not only apocalyptic; it is nihilistic. Osama bin Laden’s statement that his men love death as much as the Americans love life is an an essay about london, expression of superb nihilism. The eroticization of death, as evidenced on the one hand by the frequently heard vulgarisms about huris, the business research dark-eyed virgins who are to meet the warriors in the afterlife, but on the other hand and more importantly, by the destruction of one’s own body in an act of about london supreme violence which dismembers and pulverizes it, is remarkable. Human beings have died throughout the centuries for from cultures essay, causes they believed in, to save their loved ones, to write an essay, protect their country or their principles, to save the faith, to exercise solidarity and the like.

But the emergence of suicide bombings among Islamist groups on a mass scale is astonishing. As many Koranic scholars have pointed out, there is no theological justification for methodology dissertation, this: it is one thing to die in war and about london yet another to make the destruction of one’s body along with those of others the supreme weapon. In order to quell such waves of suicide bombings, the Israeli authorities resorted to an atavistic practice: they made it publicly known that they would bury the remains of suicide bombers in shrouds of pigs’ skin (an animal that is poetry different essay considered haram - taboo – by Jews and Moslems alike) in order to prevent their ascent into heaven in accordance with Islamic faith. Write An Essay About. It is of course hard to poetry from different, know whether men of the sophistication and worldliness of Muhammad Atta and others who have lived in the capitals of Europe and the West and who have attended universities as well as bars, movie houses as well as brothels, believe in the afterlife. I personally doubt it. Not only is it clear that the write london very strict version of methodology dissertation write Islam – Wahabism – which Osama bin Laden follows, is not shared by all even within his own group, but the Egyptian Brotherhood which was the original organization for many Islamist philosophies in the nineteen-fifties had its own version of things, as do members of the Algerian terror network. Write London. These networks of young militants who trot the globe from Bosnia to Afghanistan, from Paris to Indonesia and back to Baghdad, Hamburg or New York, are like Islamic soldiers of fortune, not in search of riches, but in search of an elusive and decisive encounter with death. In this regard they bear more resemblance to chiliastic sects among all world religions than to the Moslem armies of the Umayyad, the Abassids or the Ottomans. While using friendly Moslem governments and their hospitality for their own purposes, these groups pose a clear threat to any established form of authority – which may have been one reason why the Saudis renounced Osama bin Laden’s citizenship and rendered him an poetry cultures essay, international fugitive.

Although the attacks have so far been directed against the US, and although the USA is justified under international law in invoking the right of about london self-defense to justify the current war, 6 the US and its NATO Allies have resorted to papers, the clause of collective security and article 5 of an essay NATO which guarantees the security of each member of the alliance. I support this course of action, and I would further endorse the call by for returning to college, the United Nations President Kofi Annan to declare terrorism a crime against humanity, and to try the terrorists, if and when they are captured, before an international tribunal. Furthermore, the UN General Assembly should condemn the Taliban regime of committing crimes against humanity not only for harboring Osama bin Laden and his men, but for the way the Taliban have trampled upon the human rights of their own women. There is no reason why the human rights of women to work, to be educated, to walk on the street, to dress as they wish, etc. should be considered any less sacred and any less in need of defense than the rights of ethnic minorities. In response to the events of September 11 and to future threats, multilateral responses that enjoy cross cultural legitimacy and that reflect some of the london new norms of international law – like crimes against humanity or genocide, as defined under the statute of Rome of the international criminal court – should be invoked. Of course, (and this cannot be said clearly enough by the citizens of western democracies), a radical revision of US and Nato policy vis a vis the Arab world and south central Asia is needed. The US and its Allies have to stop propping up military dictatorships and religious conservatives in essay contest for inn, these areas in order simply to secure oil supplies. Democratic movements within the burgeoning civil societies of countries like Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, and the new Iran must be supported. A general UN conference must be convened to deal with the rights of nations, ethnicities, and other minorities without states in this region, like the an essay about Kurds in Turkey, Iraq and violent video be banned Iran; the Shi’ites in Iraq and the Baha’is as well as the Azeris in Iran. Efforts analogous to the Marshall Plan in post-war Europe or the Soros Foundation in Eastern Europe must be developed and furthered for entire regions. But even if all these things are assumed, I believe that a more daunting cultural struggle and civilizational malaise is unfolding before our eyes.

Click here for the Columbia Encyclopedia entry on the Marshall Plan, and here for the Soros Foundation. As many have noted (including former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto), the write events of September 11 at first seemed to offer a belated confirmation of Samuel Huntington’s famous thesis of the clash of civilizations. Methodology Dissertation How To. Huntington wrote: It is write about my hypothesis that the fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural. Nation states will remain the most powerful actors in world affairs, but the principal conflicts of global politics will occur between nations and groups of different civilizations. The fault lines between civilizations will be the battle lines of the future. 7 Proceeding from a holistic understanding of cultures and civilizations – terms which he at times conflated and others distinguished – Huntington was unable to differentiate one civilization from another, with the consequence that, apart from the west and the rest, he could not specify how many civilizations there were and how they were to be differentiated. 8 Edward Said pointed out that Huntington made civilizations and identities into shut-down, sealed-off entities that have been purged of the myriad currents and essay counter-currents that animate human history, and over an essay about london, centuries have made it possible for that history not only to contain wars of contest religion and imperial conquest but also to be one of write exchange, cross-fertilization, and sharing. 9. It is precisely this history of cross-fertilization – exchange as well as confrontation – between Islamic culture and the West that we must pay increasing attention to. One of the principal thinkers of the games be banned argumentative Islamist 10 movement, Sayyid Qutb, an Egyptian who studied philosophy in France and briefly visited the write london United States, developed a civilizational critique of the West for its corruption, coldness, heartlessness and individualism. His critique resonates with themes from the about your future works of Nietzsche as well as Heidegger, from Adorno and Horkheimer as well as contemporary communitarians.

11 Describing the write about london current condition of the west as one of jahiliyya, a lack of knowledge and a condition of ignorance, the Islamists advocate a return to Koranic law – the shari’a – and Muslim precepts to combat the corruption of the western way of life. To combat the condition of jahiliyya, it is necessary to rebel and establish a counter-community ( jama’a) and spread it through jihad. 12 Very often, the Islamists’ struggle against jahiliyya took the form of poetry different cultures essay a struggle against established authorities in their own countries and their ‘corrupt,’ westernizing policies. The revival of Islamist movements is best understood in the light of the write about london failure of most of these societies to succeed in combining a prosperous economy, with political democracy, and a Moslem identity. 13 Islamism emerges as a plausible civilizational project, not just against from the West, but against the failure of westernizing elites who have only managed to import a truncated modernity into their own societies. About London. Some of these modernizing elites had considered themselves socialists of sorts. The Ba’ath regime in Syria and Iraq, and even the kind of pan-Arabism envisaged by Nasser in the early nineteen-sixties, advocated strong redistributionist economic measures, built up huge public sectors (in state-owned utilities, for essay for inn, example), and practiced what could be called statist modernization from above. The demise of the Soviet Union has left these states with no patrons.

Need we remind ourselves that the about london mobilization of the Islamist mujahideen in Afghanistan began against the Soviet invasion of the country in 1973 – an invasion the Soviets engaged in to support their own backers, the leftist fedayyeen ? I want to end with Max Weber’s question: which directions do religious rejections of the world take and why? 14 There is a fundamental conflict between secular, capitalist modernity, driven by profit, self-interest, individualism, and the ethical world views of the world’s religions. The religious world views preach various forms of abstinence, renunciation of riches, the pursuit of virtue in the path of God, the exercise of solidarity among members of the faith, and the disciplining of everyday life to do the work of the Lord. What is it, Weber asked, that enables some religious interpretations of the world to make their peace with the new world of modernity? For Weber the Protestant ethic exhibited its elective affinity to methodology, capitalism by transforming the abstinent and methodical pursuit of one’s vocation in the service of God into write the methodical, predictable, disciplined pursuit of work and profit in this world. This process took several centuries and not all early modern Christians accepted its logic: millenarian movements which rejected the capitalist control of everyday life for the sake of disciplined labor and profit accompanied the rise of western modernity.

The Protestant – and more narrowly Calvinist – transformation of religious salvation into methodology dissertation write an earthly vocation of hard work in the service of an unpredictable God, is one among the many paths that the religious accommodation with the world can take. It is also possible to split the religious and mundane spheres in such a way that one altogether withdraws from engagement with the write london world; the religious abnegation of the world remains an option. A third option – besides engagement or withdrawal – is to compartmentalize by separating the spheres of life which come under the ethical dictates of religion from those like the public spheres of the economy which do not. Violent Games Be Banned. Throughout the about Islamic world, such a strict separation of religious observance (in the domain of family life and everyday practices of prayer, cleanliness, food and should violent games be banned essay sexuality) from the sphere of the economy in london, the bazaar (the marketplace) was practiced. This separation of the home from the market was made possible by for returning essay, the practice of Islamic tolerance toward the other Abrahamanic religions, like Judaism and about Christianity.

The Ottomans adopted this separate spheres model, and permitted the business economics research wide array of ethnic groups and peoples whom they dominated to govern themselves in their own communal affairs according to about london, their own religious and customary traditions (the so-called millet system.) Global modernization is destroying the fragile balance between these separate spheres; this may explain in turn the your job essay obsessive preoccupation with controlling female sexuality which all Islamist groups exhibit. In a global world, it is not only about london, images that travel; individuals all over the Islamic world are part of a large diaspora of migration to poetry different essay, the West. Write An Essay About London. Sizeable Muslim communities exist in every large European and North American capital. Reasons To College Essay. These migrant communities attempt to practice the separate life spheres model in their new homes. But the children of Moslem migrants are caught between worlds, be it through educational institutions or the influence of mass culture, if not the parents, between the authoritarian and patriarchal family structures from which they emerge and the new world of freedom into an essay london which they enter. There is a continuous renegotiation of clashing moral codes and video argumentative value orientations in the minds of this younger generation, and particularly of women.

If we want to write about london, understand why so many educated, relatively well-off Muslim males from Hamburg and Paris would participate in the actions of September 11, we have to understand the psychology of Muslim immigrants in methodology, their encounters with secular liberal democracies of the west. Given the failure of their own home-grown versions of modernity like Nasserism and about the Ba’ath movement, given the essay contest profound assault on their identity as Muslims which the global entertainment industry brings, and given the profound discrimination and contempt which they experience in their host societies as new immigrants who are perceived to have backward morals and ways of life, many young Muslims today turn to Islamism and fundamentalism. Commenting on write l’affaire de foulard, (the veil affair) in contest, France, in which some female students took to wearing traditional veils less as a sign of submission to religious patriarchy than as an emblem of difference and defiance of homogenizing French republican traditions, the write london French sociologists Gaspard and Khosrokhavar capture these set of complex symbolic negotiations as follows: [The veil] mirrors in the eyes of the parents and the grandparents the illusions of continuity whereas it is a factor of discontinuity; it makes possible the transition to otherness (modernity), under the pretext of identity (tradition); it creates the sentiment of identity with the violent video games argumentative essay society of origin whereas its meaning is write an essay inscribed within the dynamic of relations with the receiving society…it is the vehicle of the passage to modernity within a promiscuity which confounds traditional distinctions, of an access to the public sphere which was forbidden to traditional women as a space of action and the constitution of individual autonomy… 16. We can intervene in economics papers, this process of an essay london complex cultural negotiations as dialogue partners in a global civilization only insofar as we make an effort to understand the essay for inn struggles of others whose idioms and terms may be unfamiliar to us but which, by the same token, are also not so different from similar struggles at other times in write about, our own cultures; through acts of strong hermeneutical generosity, we can still extend our moral imagination to view the world through the others’ eyes. 17 While I believe that at this stage of the conflict the use of force against the Osama bin Laden network is inevitable and justified, the real political task ahead is to engage in a dialogue with the hearts and minds of millions of Moslems around this globe – beyond vengeance and without apocalyptic expectations. About Your Job Essay. Democracies cannot fight holy wars. Reason, compassion, respect for the dignity of human life, the write about london search for justice and the desire for essay, reconciliation are the about democratic virtues which are now pitted against acts of apocalyptic hatred and vengeance. 1 See Susan Sontag, The New Yorker; Fred Jameson, The London Review and Slavoj Zizek, The Desert of the Real. Is this the End of Fantasy?

In These Times , October 29, 2001. Social Science Research Council | One Pierrepont Plaza, 15th Floor | Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA | 212-377-2700/2727 fax.

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Overview Essay: Anxious Dictators, Wavering Democracies. by Arch Puddington and Tyler Roylance. The world was battered in 2015 by overlapping crises that fueled xenophobic sentiment in democratic countries, undermined the economies of states dependent on the sale of natural resources, and led authoritarian regimes to crack down harder on write an essay dissent. These unsettling developments contributed to the 10th consecutive year of decline in global freedom. The democracies of Europe and the United States struggled to cope with the Syrian civil war and other unresolved regional conflicts.

In addition to compounding the misery and driving up the death toll of civilians in dissertation how to write, the affected territories, the write london fighting generated unprecedented numbers of refugees and incubated terrorist groups that inspired or organized attacks on targets abroad. In democratic countries, these stresses led to populist, often bigoted reactions as well as new security measures, both of which threaten the essay core values of an write, open society. The year also featured the slowdown of talk future China’s economy and a related plunge in commodity prices, which hit profligate, export-dependent authoritarian regimes especially hard. Anticipating popular unrest, dictators redoubled political repression at home and lashed out at perceived foreign enemies. However, in about london, several important countries, elections offered a peaceful way out of failed policies and mismanagement. Voters in places including Nigeria, Venezuela, and Myanmar rejected incumbents and should video essay, gave new leaders or parliaments an opportunity to tackle corruption, economic decay, and corrosive security problems. These fresh starts suggest that democratic systems may ultimately prove more resilient than their brittle authoritarian counterparts. Whatever the underlying strength of their institutions, leading democracies betrayed a worrying lack of self-confidence and conviction during 2015. Front and center was the democratic world’s inability to present a unified and credible strategy to end the write an essay about murderous war in Syria and deal with the refugee crisis triggered by the conflict. Having failed to support the methodology dissertation moderate opposition to write about london, authoritarian president Bashar al-Assad in the conflict’s early stages, the methodology how to United States and write an essay, Europe are now confronted with a crisis of global proportions. With its bewildering interplay of regional powers, proxy forces, jihadist groups, and urgent humanitarian priorities, Syria represents the most complex challenge to peace and stability in years, and thus far the leaders of the free world have fallen short even as fundamental democratic principles come under threat in their own countries.

The impact has been powerfully felt in Europe. The surge of asylum seekers from Syria and other conflict zones in 2015 provoked a confused and often ugly debate among the essay member states of the write an essay about london European Union (EU). While a few European leaders, notably German chancellor Angela Merkel and Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven, were initially outspoken in welcoming those fleeing barrel bombs and terrorist massacres, others flatly refused to accept Muslim refugees on cultures essay their soil. Such hostility grew especially acute after coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic State militant group killed 130 people in Paris in November. Czech president Miloš Zeman called those arriving from the Middle East an “organized invasion,” while Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán asserted inaccurately that “all the write london terrorists” in the Paris attacks “are basically migrants.” Even in Germany, despite the government’s welcoming attitude, neo-Nazis and other xenophobes assaulted refugees and set fire to reception facilities. To College! Other European governments maneuvered to about london, evade responsibility, using fences with razor wire, draconian laws, and onerous financial demands to push the flow of migrants away from their borders.

In effect, the European establishment’s inability to manage these new challengeson top of the lingering economic woes that began nearly a decade agogave fresh impetus to those who have long questioned the European project and the liberal, universal values that it represents. Violent Games Essay! In France, for example, Marine Le Pen of the right-wing National Front spoke of a split between “globalists and patriots,” suggesting that the mainstream, pro-EU socialist and conservative parties were indistinguishable and essentially anti-French. The United States did not face refugee flows or terrorist attacks on the same scale as Europe, but it too is write about london, experiencing a crisis of confidence in its democratic institutions and international role. While the American system remains dynamic and essay contest, open to write an essay, the participation of minorities and immigrants, its elections and legislative process have suffered from an increasingly intricate system of gerrymandering and undue interference by wealthy individuals and special interests. Racial and ethnic divisions have seemingly widened, and business economics research, the past year brought greater attention to police violence and impunity, de facto residential and school segregation, and write an essay london, economic inequality, adding to fears that class mobility, a linchpin of for returning essay America’s self-image and global reputation, is in jeopardy. With these concerns as a backdrop, the london political debate over immigration and national securityat least on the righttook on an angry, anti-Muslim tone, and methodology dissertation write, Islamophobic hate crimes spiked, especially after 14 people were killed in a terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California. Write An Essay About! Some elected officials on both sides of the political spectrum also cast doubt on America’s long-standing goal of supporting democracy overseas, arguing that U.S. involvement only causes instability. The authoritarian economic crisis.

Although some authoritarian rulers sought to blame their problems on meddling by democratic powers, it became clear during 2015 that larger economic forces were at work. China’s slowing growth, punctuated by a stock-market plunge and reasons for returning to college essay, abrupt devaluations of the currency, helped to reduce the prices of many commodities, slashing the export revenues of an essay about dictatorships around the world and threatening the economic underpinnings of their legitimacy. The price of oil in particular, which was also pushed down by Saudi Arabia’s refusal to curb production and a longer-term increase in output by the United States, threatened the economic well-being of repressive petro-states from Angola to essay contest, Azerbaijan. Wary of spending cuts, declining living standards, and the social unrest they could cause, most of these regimes cracked down on rights activists and other critics. In China, modest reform measures in write an essay, 2015such as incremental judicial changes, relaxation of household registration rules, and a shift to a two-child policywere more than offset by harsh campaigns against dissent and a renewed emphasis on the Communist Party’s leadership in political, social, and economic life. The government of Xi Jinping responded to the stock-market drop with aggressive interventions in the market itself, enhanced censorship and propaganda efforts, and a new crackdown on reasons for returning to college civil society. Within a 48-hour period in July, for example, over 200 individuals involved in public-interest legal activism were taken into custody in a nationwide sweep. About London! Other targets, whose work the authorities had previously tolerated, included financial journalists, public health advocates, labor rights activists, and women’s rights defenders.

This escalation illustrated the about your future job essay growing brutality and anxiety of China’s leaders. Prominent businessmen and write an essay london, securities traders were also rounded up, adding new risks to should games argumentative, doing business in China. About London! But in a sign that favored firms would join the regime in promoting a rosier view of the country, the Chinese internet giant Alibaba purchased the South China Morning Post , pledging to essay, use Hong Kong’s most prominent English-language newspaper to improve China’s global image. In many countries, the economic setbacks only compounded existing problems brought on write an essay about by corruption or foreign policy blunders. Russia was forced to deal with falling oil prices at a time when international sanctions over talk your future job essay, its invasion of Ukraineplus countersanctions that hurt Russian consumers at least as much as the intended targetshad already weakened its economy and threatened its indebted state-owned companies. Adding to its expensive military occupations in write london, parts of business research papers Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova, the Kremlin intervened in Syria in late 2015 to shore up support for Assad. Analysts warned that it could prove costly in financial, military, and political terms.

The Russian authorities were sensitive to write london, the possibility of popular discontent, using the state’s high-volume propaganda apparatus to shift emphasis from the dissertation stalemate in Ukraine to write about london, the new adventure in Syria. The regime also took measures to stifle criticism of its foreign interventions. Should Violent Video! Opponents have been derided as traitors, forced from write an essay london, their jobs, arrested, or pushed into exile. To drive home the leadership’s intolerance for dissent, President Vladimir Putin issued a decree making it illegal to publish information about military casualties even during peacetime. The head of business a committee of soldiers’ mothers was convicted of fraud after publicizing the cases of Russian troops killed in eastern Ukraine, where the Kremlin has implausibly denied that any Russian forces are deployed. Saudi Arabia and write an essay about london, its Gulf allies, similarly hit by the drop in hydrocarbon prices, leaned heavily on their financial reserves as they sought to prop up the Egyptian regime, battle Shiite-led militants in Yemen, and maintain their domestic spending to avoid social unrest. The nervousness of the region’s monarchs was reflected in reasons for returning to college, heightened political repression, with Saudi authorities imposing more death sentences for a variety of an essay crimes, including nonviolent offenses related to freedom of expression. Low oil prices also posed a problem for Iran, which hoped to rebuild its sanctions-ravaged economy after reaching an agreement with the international community to to college essay, limit its nuclear program. Even before the deal was completed, hard-line forces in an essay, the regime worked to smother public expectations that it would lead to essay for inn, a more open society. The crackdown featured a spike in executions, the shuttering of civil society organizations, and the arrest of journalists who wrote favorably about liberalizing policies or improved ties with the West.

The trial and conviction of write an essay london Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian, apparently on spurious espionage charges, ranks among the most notable cases. No details were made public, the trial was carried out in secret, and violent video argumentative, Rezaian was not allowed to mount a serious defense. Venezuela experienced an economic freefall due to slumping oil revenues, years of gross mismanagement, and rampant corruption. In the months leading up to December elections, the country faced extreme shortages of staple goods, rising criminal violence, and the world’s highest rate of inflation. The government of President Nicolás Maduro responded with more repression, bringing politicized prosecutions against leading opposition figures and tightening its grip on the media. However, in addition to serving as a cautionary example of authoritarian misrule, Venezuela illustrated the potential of elections to correct a country’s course. An Essay About! The electoral system was weighed down by blatant gerrymandering, the misuse of state resources, and pronounced media bias, but a groundswell of public frustration with Maduro’s government gave the future job essay opposition coalition a two-thirds supermajority in the National Assembly. The results set up a likely confrontation between the legislative and executive branches, and the ultimate outcome remained unclear at write year’s end. Nevertheless, the election gave Venezuela a real chance to reverse years of democratic and economic decline. Citizens in business research papers, a number of other troubled societies similarly proved that change was entirely possible, and an essay about london, did so through the most tried-and-true democratic institutionthe ballot box.

In Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and largest economy, voters fed up with rampant corruption and insecurity rejected the incumbent president, Goodluck Jonathan, and elected Muhammadu Buhari to replace him, the first time ever that the poetry opposition gained executive power through elections. Buhari, despite a checkered past, has since begun to write an essay about, fulfill pledges to address the country’s massive corruption problem and methodology how to, accelerate the military campaign against the terrorist group Boko Haram. In Myanmar, a huge turnout produced an overwhelming victory in write about, parliamentary elections for longtime opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for from different essay, Democracy (NLD), a remarkable turnaround in a country that until recently ranked among the world’s most repressive. Voters in Sri Lanka ousted their increasingly authoritarian and divisive president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, in favor of write an essay london Maithripala Sirisena. Upon taking office in should video games, January, Sirisena overturned some of Rajapaksa’s repressive policies and began repairing relations with both the an essay about london country’s Tamil minority and the international community. And in Argentina, opposition candidate Mauricio Macri won the presidency by defeating the nominee of incumbent Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who with her late husband, Néstor Kirchner, had dominated the executive branch for over a decade. Combined with the Venezuela results, Macri’s victory may be the should violent video games argumentative beginning of a rollback of Latin America’s populist movements, which had previously made impressive gains across the region.

There is, of an essay about london course, no guarantee that electoral victories in societies with fragile institutions and histories of conflict or dictatorship will lead to stability, peace, and prosperity. Your! But the people in these countriesexemplars of write hope in a decade of regressionretained faith in the democratic process even after experiencing hardship after hardship, including military rule (Myanmar), civil war and authoritarian rule (Sri Lanka), entrenched corruption and a terrorist scourge (Nigeria), economic collapse and political repression (Venezuela), and economic setback and unaccountable government (Argentina). They prevailed despite, in some cases, an electoral playing field tilted sharply against the opposition; in other cases, a record of reasons essay political violence; and in still other cases, apprehensions about what lies ahead when dictatorships give way to write an essay about, normal politics. Some of these voters were also rejecting political figures who had publicly disdained the world’s democracies and drawn closer to authoritarian powers like Russia, China, and Iran. They were willing to for returning to college essay, listen to candidates who talked about the rule of law, freedom of expression, and the right to be free of payoffs and bribes, and london, they were unimpressed by those who blamed every step backward on foreign plots. These voters, in other words, aligned themselves with the universal principles of democracy and dissertation, human rightseither explicitly or by write about london, deciding that the should argumentative essay alternatives had simply failed to write about, deliver.

Indeed, the essay contest most valuable lesson of 2015 may be that when given the opportunity, people will choose the system that works. As all varieties of government face mounting pressure to perform, the an essay coming year could demonstrate whether democracy is reasons for returning essay, truly more responsive and durable than dictatorship. In addition to those described above, five major phenomena stood out during the about year: Overstaying their welcome: Leaders in several countries maneuvered to extend their terms in office during 2015. Contest For Inn! Most prominent among these was Burundian president Pierre Nkurunziza, whose decision to run for a constitutionally dubious third termwhich he won amid an opposition boycott in Julyled to large-scale political violence. Similar schemes were in the works in Bolivia, Ecuador, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, and write about london, Rwanda. Although none of these countries has yet seen the violence experienced by Burundi, the moves all serve to business research papers, perpetuate the rule of entrenched incumbents and deny citizens their right to freely choose their leaders. Meanwhile, Lebanon again failed to hold legislative elections after sitting lawmakers postponed them in write an essay about london, both 2013 and 2014, citing disagreements over the electoral laws and security concerns stemming from the Syrian conflict.

Governments in Afghanistan, Somaliland, and reasons for returning to college essay, South Sudan similarly blamed stalled electoral reforms or security problems when delaying scheduled elections. Threats to write, democracy in Central America: Vicious criminal gangs, political violence, and systemic corruption pose a growing threat to freedom and democracy in methodology dissertation, El Salvador, Guatemala, and about, Honduras. The negative trend, though already well under way by 2015, represents a wake-up call for business economics research papers, the region, which for years enjoyed comparative political stability after overcoming decades of civil war and military rule. In Guatemala, although prosecutors and about london, protesters forced the poetry different president to resign and face corruption charges during the year, the case was built on the work of international investigators, and london, the subsequent elections featured violence and intimidation. Moreover, observers raised concerns about ties between the should be banned military and an essay about, the party of the new president, Jimmy Morales.

In Nicaragua, unlike in the other countries, the main threat to democracy is the political and institutional dominance of the ruling Sandinista party. Over the past several years, the Sandinistas have gained considerable control over the judiciary and essay for inn, security forces, abolished term limits, and shown an intolerance for dissent. Nicaragua also suffers from a cozy relationship between political elites and economic enterprise. Lack of progress for women: More than 20 years after members of the United Nations met in write an essay london, Beijing to establish principles for advancing gender equality, women remain at a distinct disadvantage around the world in terms of political rights and civil liberties. Despite modest increases in women’s political representation and the election of a number of female heads of government, examples of genuine progress are few and far between.

The very limited steps that were hailed as victories in 2015that women in reasons to college essay, Saudi Arabia, who must still obtain a male guardian’s permission to conduct many basic daily activities, were finally able to participate in tightly controlled elections for largely powerless municipal councils, or that a ridiculously outdated law criminalizing adultery was struck down in South Koreademonstrated just how low the bar has gotten in evaluating progress toward gender equality. Meanwhile, in many parts of the write about world, women’s economic aspirations and the broader economies of their countries continue to suffer from unequal rights to for returning to college, property and inheritance as well as discriminatory practices that prevent women from working outside the home. Gridlock in the Balkans: Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and write an essay about, Kosovo all suffered from crippling government dysfunction in 2015. Essay Contest For Inn! Macedonia’s ruling party was implicated in an essay about london, electoral fraud and an expansive wiretapping scandal, exacerbating a bitter political standoff with the opposition that ultimately required the EU to step in reasons for returning, and broker snap elections for 2016. Write About London! In Kosovo, lawmakers opposed to a deal on normalizing relations with Serbia repeatedly halted parliamentary debate by releasing tear gas within the chamber and pelting ruling party members with eggs. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s government, hampered by a complex, ineffective framework established under the 1995 peace accords, remained incapable of addressing the relentless obstructionism and endemic corruption that have plagued it ever since. Tensions were further aggravated when officials in the Republika Srpska, one of the country’s two constituent entities, rejected the authority of the national police, courts, and prosecutors, and began planning a referendum on the legitimacy of the national judiciary. Such disputes precluded democratic gains in all three countries, and ensured that EU accession remained a distant prospect. Conversely, Montenegro’s progress toward EU membership, even as the entrenched government of Prime Minister Milo Dukanovic sanctioned the harassment of independent media, tarnished the bloc’s image as a purveyor of good governance and democratic norms. Unfinished business: Although the world’s attention turned to new disasters during 2015, many of the previous year’s most dramatic setbacks for freedom continued to fester.

Thailand’s post-coup government officially lifted martial law, but the military junta remained in poetry from cultures, complete control of the political system and continued to hunt down and an essay, punish any who expressed dissent. The government of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Egypt, formalized in 2014 after the 2013 coup, finally allowed parliamentary elections, but they were marred by large-scale rigging, criminalization of and economics research, boycotts by opposition parties, and a tight grip on the media. Meanwhile, an Islamist insurgency continued to gain momentum amid unchecked abuses by security forces. Crimea, which dominated global headlines after Russia’s invasion in 2014, languished in a grim status quo, and de facto Russian control of the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine was solidified in both military and economic terms. Finally, South Sudan’s bloody civil war continued throughout the year despite a series of attempted cease-fires, subjecting the population to about london, massacres, rapes, and large-scale displacement.

Regime security over public safety. The conflicts raging across the Middle East and North Africa began in large part because entrenched rulers put their own interests and security above the reasons essay safety and well-being of their people. In the countries that remain at peace, many leaders still embrace the an essay london same short-sighted priorities, raising the risk that they too could descend into methodology, disorder. Although the Egyptian regime’s self-defeating drive against dissenta violent campaign enabled by American and Gulf state aidhas been widely criticized, a number of other Middle Eastern states have escaped international attention while they quietly clamp down on already limited political participation and civil liberties. These include Morocco and Kuwait, where journalists and london, civil society activists found themselves under fresh assault in 2015. The United Arab Emirates sought to from different essay, further restrict scrutiny of the country’s abhorrent labor conditions by an essay london, denying entry to academic researchers, and Bahrain’s government, with little pushback from its U.S. ally, continued its shameful efforts to silence the opposition by stripping its leading critics, most of them Shiites, of their citizenship. Saudi Arabia, one of the worst human rights abusers in the world, increased the number of executions to its highest level in 20 years, and tried to cover up its failure to safeguard participants in the annual Hajj pilgrimage after a stampede killed more than 2,400 people. The kingdom’s military campaign in should violent video argumentative, neighboring Yemen showed a similar indifference toward protecting innocent lives. Undergirding all of these cases is a model of governance that erodes the kind of long-term and inclusive stability the region desperately needs.

By sacrificing public safety for regime security, these governments alienate and anger their citizens, squander public resources, and enfeeble the institutions that are necessary for sustainable political and economic development. Also in 2015, relations between Israel and Palestinians remained combustible. In the aftermath of the an essay previous year’s war between Israel and Hamas, which caused the deaths of over 2,100 Palestinians and 73 Israelis, the peace process was moribund. Right-leaning Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu won reelection in March, and the deeply divided Palestinian political institutions in the West Bank and Gaza were in disarray. The administration of President Barack Obama reportedly concluded that it would be unable to make significant progress on peace talks during the remainder of its term. Meanwhile, individual Palestinians carried out a series of for returning to college essay knife and an essay, vehicular attacks on Israeli Jews, and Israeli security personnel responded with deadly force.

Struggling with term limits and terrorism. Democratic setbacks and violence triggered by African leaders’ manipulation of term limits were offset by how to write, successful elections and peaceful transfers of power in key countries during 2015. Meanwhile, nations across the london Sahelian belt from be banned argumentative, Mali to Kenya continued to an essay london, grapple with threats from for inn, Islamist militants. Burundian president Pierre Nkurunziza’s controversial decision to run for write an essay about london, a third term sparked civil unrest, a failed coup, and political violence that threatened to spiral into civil war. In neighboring Rwanda, where President Paul Kagame has efficiently closed the space for political opposition or critical viewpoints, Senate approval and a successful national referendum cleared the way for Kagame to potentially remain in office until 2034. And an October constitutional referendum allowed longtime Congo Republic president Denis Sassou-Nguesso to forego term limits and run to extend his rule in 2016, triggering the largest antigovernment demonstration since 1992.

Burkina Faso recovered from a September military coup by supporters of ousted president Blaise Compaore?, who in 2014 had tried to change the constitution and extend his own 27-year rule, leading to a popular uprising. Essay! The country went on to hold its most successful presidential and legislative elections ever, marking a turning point in its political transition and write about, serving as an example for other nations contending with leaders who attempt to overstay their mandates. Tanzania, whose presidents have consistently honored the two-term limit, held its most competitive elections since its transition to methodology dissertation how to, multiparty rule in the early 1990s, with ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) candidate John Magufuli winning 58 percent of the vote. However, it was unclear whether Magufuli would reform laws passed earlier in the year that severely restricted freedom of expression. While a deadly terrorist attack on a luxury hotel in about london, Bamako in November triggered a state of emergency in Mali, there were few reports that the government used the incident to restrict citizens’ basic freedoms.

However, elsewhere in the region, violations of civil liberties and the rule of law continued in the fight against Boko Haram, which spread from northeastern Nigeria to parts of Cameroon and Chad. Business Economics Research Papers! In the wake of yet another attack by Somalia’s Shabaab militant group, which in April killed nearly 150 people at an essay Garissa University College in northeastern Kenya, the government in Nairobi continued its ham-fisted domestic counterterrorism campaign. This included alleged extrajudicial killings and video games be banned, disappearances, as well as a crackdown on nongovernmental organizations and critical media. Meanwhile, Ethiopia used the war on terrorism to justify a deadly crackdown on an essay london protests against forced displacement in from different, the Oromia region in November and December, as well as ongoing repression of political opponents, journalists, bloggers, and activists. Religious nationalism linked to political tensions. In a wide range of Asian countries, there was a correlation in 2015 between strained political institutions and various forms of religious nationalism or extremism. India’s Hindu nationalist government, under pressure to deliver on its 2014 campaign promises, generally failed to curb a rise in anti-Muslim violence and intimidation, at times appearing to encourage or take advantage of religious divisions for political gain. Write About! In Bangladesh, as the major political parties continued their bitter standoff, Islamist radicals carried out a series of attacks on essay secular writers, foreigners, and Shiites. The authorities in Malaysia stepped up enforcement of conservative dress codes and persecution of LGBT people at a time when the ruling party was reeling from write an essay london, a major corruption scandal. And in the tiny, oil-dependent sultanate of Brunei, the government restricted minority religious displays and moved toward implementation of a harsh new criminal code based on poetry from different cultures essay Sharia.

Anti-Muslim discrimination in Myanmar remained a serious problem during the year, and it was unclear whether a new NLD government would take the political risk of defending Muslims’ fundamental rights. However, the failure of Buddhist nationalists to drum up voter support for the military-backed ruling party was a promising sign. About! The influence of Buddhist nationalists in Sri Lanka clearly waned after that country’s change in leadership, with the newly elected administration promising a more inclusive model of governance. Migrant crisis threatens solidarity, democratic standards. The migration crisis in Europe put unprecedented pressure on the EU’s fundamental principles of liberty, solidarity, and respect for human rights. Poetry From Cultures! The massive influx of people not only exposed areas of weak institutional capacity across the an essay region, but also cast doubt on the EU’s ability to maintain high democratic standards among current and aspiring member states in a time of rising populism.

The year began with the January election victory of the left-populist Syriza party in Greece, whose anti-EU rhetoric struck a chord with voters after years of externally imposed austerity. Talk About Your Future Job Essay! Although the new government was eventually forced to write an essay, comply with its creditors’ demands, important underlying problemsincluding governance deficiencies and a debt load that many view as unsustainablehave yet to be addressed. Nevertheless, the attention of Brussels had shifted to the migrants by the second half of 2015. The EU’s attempts to distribute responsibility for the settlement of refugees across the union met with resistance throughout the bloc, particularly from Central and Eastern Europe. These countries’ blatant rejection of solidarity with asylum seekers and fellow member states, despite their own 20th-century histories of repression, foreign domination, and reasons essay, mass dislocation on the one hand, and the benefits they received from the EU on the other, represented a stinging blow to the European project.

The bloc’s broader retreat from the goal of bolstering democratic values was underscored by an essay about, its renewed interest in Turkey’s membership bid, which had stalled for essay, years as Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan exhibited increasingly authoritarian behavior. EU negotiators, seeking Turkey’s assistance in stemming the migrant flow to Europe, apparently turned a blind eye to Erdogan’s repressive actions during 2015, including assaults on critical media and indiscriminate military operations in urban areas in the southeast in advance of the November elections. In pursuit of write london false stability. While elections have served as an avenue to recovery for many ill-governed countries, several Eurasian states held national polls in 2015 that served as exhibitions of the unfettered power of longtime incumbents. Faced with slumping economies and security threats linked to foreign conflicts, these regimes sought to fortify themselves against economics papers, any remaining opposition or dissent. In Tajikistan, for example, the government of President Emomali Rahmon, who has ruled the country since 1992, ensured that the opposition Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT) lost all of its seats in legislative elections.

The authorities then intensified their assault on the party over the subsequent months, revoking its registration, detaining its leaders, and effectively incapacitating what had been Central Asia’s only legal Islamist political grouping. Tightly controlled legislative elections in Azerbaijan, which followed another year of intense suppression of write about london civil society, resulted in a hollow victory for the ruling party, with most opposition groups boycotting the vote. President Ilham Aliyev’s government used the polls to show its teeth to the democratic world, barring several foreign journalists from covering the reasons for returning essay process and imposing restrictions on international observer groups that led some to suspend their monitoring missions. In contrast, a deeply flawed election in Belarus actually seemed to improve President Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s standing with democratic powers. His release of political prisoners before the vote, and the absence of violence in its aftermath, eased the london way for plans by the United States and the EUwavering in their determination to press for true liberalizationto reduce sanctions against Belarusian individuals and entities. There is little chance that Lukashenka’s actions are signs of a genuine thaw. Rather, his gestures toward the West seem motivated by growing fears of Russian bellicosity and economic weakness.

Populists on the defensive, little progress in video games be banned argumentative essay, Cuba. There were several important developments in Latin America during 2015. First, although the populist left suffered major electoral reversals in Venezuela and Argentina, incumbent leaders in the region made clear their intention to remain in power. Thus in the wake of his party’s overwhelming defeat in Venezuela’s parliamentary elections, President Nicolás Maduro took steps to pack the Supreme Court and threatened to refuse to carry out decisions of the new legislative majority. In Ecuador, President Rafael Correa moved forward with a proposal to write about, eliminate term limits and seek a fourth term in office in 2017. Essay Contest For Inn! Similar plans were under way in Bolivia, and Nicaragua had already abolished term limits in 2014. Second, a number of regional heads of about state were undermined by violent games essay, corruption scandals or an inability to stem violent crime. In Brazil, a democracy hard hit by the crash in commodities prices, President Dilma Rousseff faced impeachment efforts in the wake of an essay about london a bribery scandal at the national oil company; Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet was seriously weakened by a corruption case that implicated her son; and Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto was politically crippled due to poetry different essay, a series of graft allegations and the persistence of organized crime in about london, parts of the country. Finally, little progress was made toward democratic reform in Cuba despite the resumption of diplomatic relations with the United States.

There was a modest expansion of rights for religious believers and private business owners, and more Cubans exercised their new ability to travel abroad. From Different! But the political system remained closed to all but Communist Party loyalists, and about london, freedom of expression was highly restricted. Nor were prospects especially bright for significant change in the immediate future. Talk Your Future! The administration of U.S. president Barack Obama urged patience with Cuba’s pace of an essay about political change, and should violent games argumentative, negotiations between Washington and write an essay, Havana concentrated on violent be banned argumentative removing other roadblocks to the lifting of the American trade embargo. With additional input from Elen Aghekyan, Jennifer Dunham, Bret Nelson, Shannon O’Toole, Sarah Repucci, and Vanessa Tucker.

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920 Words Essay on the Choice of a Career. The selection of a career or profession is one of the most important things of life. But it is equally difficult. The lack of guiding services, proper counseling and ever increasing unemployment has further complicated the write an essay, matter. There is cut-throat competition. Therefore, most of the young men and poetry from essay, women in search of suitable jobs are a confused, indecisive and frustrated lot. It has generated a deep sense of frustration and indiscipline among the young people.

A right choice of a career is fundamental importance. On it does depend one#8217;s success or failure in life. A correct choice may lead to about happy, prosperous and satisfying career and life. On the other hand, a wrong selection may result in failure, disappointment and methodology dissertation how to write, sadness in life. The result of prolonged indecision rimy still proves worse. Image Source : Therefore, the problem should be faced and resolved as early as possible. It is better if one decides at the school stage itself what career one is an essay about going to adopt in future. But the school-going students are quite young, inexperienced and raw to take a right decision.

They cannot be the best judge in the matter. What are needed are proper guidance, counseling, advice, vocational training, encouragement and orientation. And parents, teachers, professional guides and counselors should help them. They can help the students choose right professions and careers, keeping in mind the aptitude, talent, skills, resources etc., of each and every student, a prospective professional. This will also go a long way in solving the problem of unemployment and proper development of our human resources. Life has become all the more complex and competitive. There is video a keen struggle and write an essay london, competition in about future job essay the world of careers and professions. And only the fittest will survive.

After finishing their school and college education or training, the young students are baffled as to which profession to choose. They find themselves groping in the dark. The tough competition and corruption further increase their difficulties. A young man or woman may possess sufficient training, education, orientation and aptitude for a particular job or position and write an essay about london, yet he or she may not get it because of various problems. Gone are the days when life was easy, simple, smooth and harmonious, and in the majority of the cases the son followed his ancestral profession or trade, and was trained in the same at home. With the poetry from different essay, rapid change in attitudes, situations and progress in science and technology, things have radically changed. The entry of women in professions and services has further increased the complications. And so, the selection of a right career at a right time has become a very tough job.

It needs proper, full and comprehensive consideration. Write. There are professions, careers, trades and jobs in plenty. There are a number of professional and essay, training institutions like It#8217;s., polytechnics, engineering colleges etc., which give training in various trades, skills, professions and jobs, such as medicine, engineering, teaching, business, commerce, banking, computer science, advertising, journalism, government services, positions in armed forces, and scores others. Then one can begin his own workshop, factory or shop, or choose a career in police, films, commercial art etc. The whole world of careers is yours, but each and every profession requires a special aptitude, training, guidance, education and preparation.

One may wish to become a doctor or an an essay about, engineer, but mere wish is contest not enough. Wishes, without proper and matching qualifications and deeds, result in frustration and failure. There are many factors that go in making a successful and happy career. Besides mental make-up, education, training and skills, the financial resources have also to be taken into consideration. Write About London. For example a young man may possess all the training, skills and aptitude for running an industry.

But he cannot venture to violent essay be an write about london, entrepreneur unless he has sufficient financial backing and muscle. In these circumstances, he will have to settle for a less ambitious career. But if he has a strong will power, nothing can prevent him from achieving the goal in the long run. One may start from scratch and end up as a business tycoon. A career should be chosen at the earliest possible stage but with proper and full deliberation. The help and guidance of teachers, parents, experienced people and professionals should be sought in the matter. Essay Contest For Inn. I am a XII class student and I am- not required to enter into any profession just now. And yet I have decided about my career and profession. I have thought long and write an essay london, well over the matter with the help and guidance of my parents, teachers, physical training instructor and others well qualified to advise me. I have decided to become a soldier in our army. I have robust health, strong determination and sense of strict discipline.

I like adventures, bold and daring acts. I have an aptitude for a military career. Business Economics Research. I have almost made it the london, mission of my life to should violent video essay serve the country in the military uniform. About London. Soon I hope to find myself in Defense Academy, Khadakvasla after completion of essay my education in the Sank school at an essay about, Belgium and in Quad. My career in armed forces will provide me with a proper opportunity to serve my motherland in the best possible way I can. For me the profession of a soldier is the noblest because it is devoted to the defense of the country#8217;s honour and violent be banned essay, unity. The call to the duty is write an essay about super most in violent video be banned my mind and I personally feel that this feeling of mine can find best possible expression in defense service only.

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Evidence of an essay about london, Tom Heysek's liability for sending junk faxes. Filing a TCPA or stock fraud case against Tom Heysek? Tom may not tell the methodology dissertation how to, truth in court. He doesn't do very well when you ask him any question (he gives evasive answers), and you can win if you have a smart judge. I filed 18 against Heysek and won them all (over $46,000 in Judgments). He vacated 10 of them and about london they got re-tried and he lost again. He appealed those and talk about your job essay lost. You can print this page and include it in your pleadings as evidence in your case. For more information, see the much more detailed web page Anatomy of a stock fraud. The crux of the case against Heysek is to prove that Tom is liable for sending the faxes.

There are basically two different legal theories of liability. Both are true, but you only need convince a judge of one of them to win your case. Legal basis of an essay about london, liability under the TCPA: two different methods. Method #1: Heysek knowingly and for returning essay actively participated in an essay, a conspiracy to defraud investors which included, among other things, causing illegal junk faxes to be sent out. For Returning To College Essay! Therefore, he’s liable for the damage caused by those faxes, even if he was not the person in the conspiracy to have directly contracted with the fax broadcaster. For example, if two people conspire to rob a bank by breaking a window and grabbing the write about, money, even though only one person committed a civil tort of breaking the window, both parties are liable for the civil tort of business economics research papers, breaking the window. In De Vries v. An Essay About London! Brumback (1960) 53 C.2d 643, 2 C.R. 764, 349 P.2d 532, M and B conspired to and did rob a jewelry store of plaintiff's assignor. Then they met with defendant, who joined the conspiracy to should be banned argumentative dispose of the property.

Some of the london, stolen property was recovered; in this action for conversion defendant was held liable for the value of the unrecovered part--$21,947.13. On appeal, he contended that, since he was not a member of the prerobbery conspiracy, his tort was a new conversion when the essay, stolen goods were delivered to write an essay him, and, since all that he had was recovered from him, he could not be liable in damages. His contention, based on the rule governing criminal conspiracy (People v. Weiss (1958) 50 C.2d 535, 327 P.2d 527), was rejected. The court said: There is a clear distinction in the law of conspiracy as applied to dissertation criminal as differentiated from civil cases. . . An Essay! . The gist of the crime of conspiracy is the agreement to contest commit the an essay about, unlawful act . . . , while the gist of the tort is the damage resulting to poetry different cultures essay the plaintiff from an overt act or acts done pursuant to the common design. (53 C.2d 649.) Hence, in tort a conspirator is a joint tortfeasor liable for all damages irrespective of whether he was a direct actor. (53 C.2d 650.) Method #2: The faxes themselves admitted they were sent out by Winningstockpicks (WSP). Heysek is editor of WSP and write about london the ONLY known officer of WSP.

In short, Heysek is the advertiser since (a) the argumentative, faxes admitted that the website he controls was the sender of the write, faxes and (b) the website he was hired to reasons for returning manage and the stocks he was paid to promote were being advertised in those faxes with both his consent and about london active participation. Method #3: The FCC defines the sender of the dissertation write, fax to be the author of the content. There can be little doubt that Mr. Heysek participated in the authoring of the about london, content as it was his outlandish projections (referred to in the business economics research papers, faxes as research) that formed the basis for the outrageous project valuations that were the very heart of the write an essay london, faxes. This wasn't some third party that picked up Heysek's research. The SEC email shows Heysek was in direct contact with Paul Spreadbury who prepared the should video be banned essay, faxes for sending out and Heysek's phone records show he was in phone contact with Spreadbury as well.

Here is the FCC citation for this: We clarify that the sender of a facsimile message is the creator of the content of the message. The best rendition describing the an essay about london, conspiracy that I know of is in the SEC complaint filed in Federal Court in Southern District of Florida (2/14/05). I particularly liked Exhibit 55 HeysekEmail.pdf. This is an email from Paul Spreadbury with some ideas Spreadbury had while he was working on the the your job essay, faxes. An Essay About London! Note how Tom refers to the e-mail to talk your the editor which absolutely confirms he is the editor of WSP. When viewed on-line, all the hyperlinks link to the ORIGINAL documents (such as the original Internet Archive copies of past versions of Bryan Kos's website) that prove with preponderance of the evidence that Tom Heysek is the write london, one of the key executives responsible for directing the sending of the talk your future job essay, junk faxes that went out because it shows that Heysek gathered the content from an essay about london his sources (such as Hartley Lord), then duped and for returning to college essay directed his honest freelance marketing consultant (Paul Spreadbury) to write an essay about london create the actual original Microsoft Word documents that were given to Javier Cuadra to dissertation give (and other vendors) to write an essay about be broadcast out. Of the players involved in this, Heysek is the only person with a long track record of PROMOTING fraudulent stocks (e.g., as pointed out in cultures essay, hundreds of postings on write an essay, Silicon Investor over should violent video games be banned argumentative, the last 4 years). For example, here's a Silicon Investor posting on Heysek from 2002 showing Heysek promoting JAWS which was a very famous fraud and comparing Heysek's write-up of FUSA with the write-up done by 10th grader Jonathan Lebed (the famous kid charged with stock manipulation). About! The poster thought the kid did a better job than Heysek.

Below are more than ten (10) different ways that provide preponderance of the evidence (i.e., the civil standard of proof needed to win a lawsuit) that Heysek sent the faxes. Pick your favorite method or use them all in combination. The TCPA is a remedial statute. These types of statutes are broadly construed by the courts because they are meant to punish wrongdoers. For example, the sender of the talk about job essay, fax is not the write about, person who placed the order with; it refers to ANY and ALL people who caused these faxes to be sent out and who (normally) benefited from contest for inn them being sent. Heysek ordered Spreadbury to format his content and then had Javier Cuadra to deliver those files to So even though Heysek never DIRECTLY spoke to an essay to tell them to send the faxes, Heysek is liable. You can delegate an act, but you cannot delegate the liability for the act. If you tell your agent to do something illegal and he does it, both you and your agent are liable. The simplest way of proving Heysek is contest liable under the the TCPA for sending the write about london, faxes. There are many ways to prove Heysek is liable.

The simplest and most direct method is inspection of the faxes. Several list right on their face (or the fax back document references it). Going to the WSP website, we find that Heysek is the editor (see p.3 and p. 131 of PDF archive of the website). Then we confirm that Heysek has a history of to college essay, stock fraud (for example, see Silicon Investor: Hundreds of write an essay about, posts regarding Tom Heysek and fraud) and a history of illegal promotion by fax (see Heysek listing on Kos's Management page on his website and then the reference to fax blasting also available on the sister site XTR Capital Resources which lists the for returning essay, same phone number as on the i-ops site), and we have preponderance. The next simplest method is to start with the fax itself and work backwards.

At each step, we ask the question: who ordered this? and/or who would benefit from this? Note that the steps below do not reflect the actual order I got the result in, but the argument is exactly the same regardless of the time sequence of discovery. We know from previous experience in fax header analysis that was one of the senders of these faxes. So we subpoena and ask them for a copy of the original data files that were transmitted out. We get back original source files. We confirm we got the right stuff because these faxes look just like the the 18 junk faxes we got! Analysis of the file properties of these faxes shows that many of them were created by an essay about, Paul Spreadbury of NoSoonerSaid. But we know that Spreadbury probably isn't our guy because our Google searches indicate he's just a freelance marketing consultant who apparently doesn't make a lot of money because he has to advertise his services on from different cultures essay, to make a living.

Plus, he has no track record we could find in hyping penny stocks. So using Google, we find both his phone numbers (Yutzes of the Year List Announced) and we call him up and london we ask him, who'd you create these faxes for? He says Tom Heysek. That makes sense since the website listed on the faxes features Tom Heysek and the press release Spreadbury put out promotes Tom Heysek. But he could be lying. It could be just a way to frame this innocent guy Tom Heysek for something he didn't do. But we are virtually certain Spreadbury's telling us the essay for inn, truth because a) Google shows us that Spreadbury is an write an essay about, honest award winning freelance marketing consultant and b) Google shows that Heysek is talk about future job essay famous scam artist who has been doing pump and write london dump stock promotion for years (Silicon Investor: Hundreds of posts regarding Tom Heysek and about your future fraud). So we send a demand letter to Tom Heysek to see what would happen. Heysek calls us and threatens us, but we have his callerID: (661) 338-9685. So we use that to subpoena his phone records and go through a painstaking process of trying to identify as many calls as we can (see Heysek's annotated phone records). Well whaddya know?

Turns out an essay, our friend Tom has had lots of contact with Spreadbury (using both the phone numbers we found earlier), including phone calls in the days before the faxes and press release went out. And Heysek also has had phone calls with the people he wrote the business papers, stories about. Heysek also has lots of calls with the infamous email spammer Bryan Kos who apparently employs Heysek to create and send out stock promos based on Kos's Management Team page on Kos' website. Plus, Heysek benefits from the faxes being sent since they both promote him, his website (, and write an essay the stocks he's touting (which is how he makes his money). So while there may be other people who are ALSO liable for sending the for inn, faxes, it's clear that Tom is ONE of the people who is write an essay london liable for sending the video games be banned argumentative, faxes since we traced backwards from the an essay about, faxes themselves asking each person: who asked you to do this? gave us source Word files that showed Paul Spreadbury created the content Spreadbury said Heysek gave him the content that Spreadbury formatted and sent to cultures essay and then we confirmed that Spreadbury was telling the truth because the records we discovered on Heysek were consistent with Heysek creating the content and an essay telling Spreadbury to format it and and have it sent out: Past behavior: Heysek has a past reputation as a pump and research papers dump scam artist Has a t alent for fabricating company profiles: Heysek possesses the skills need to craft these outlandish stories that were sent out an essay london, so that they were believable enough.

He proved it in the courtroom too! Had contact with all the talk about, companies promoted in the faxes: Heysek had all the phone records with the companies that were profiled in the faxes that would allow him to develop the content that was given to Spreadbury Had contact with Spreadbury right before the faxes went out: Heysek had phone contact with Spreadbury right before the write an essay about, faxes were sent out Personally benefited from the from different essay, faxes: Heysek personally benefited from the about london, faxes that were sent out through promotion of himself as the Editor, as well as promotion of the stocks that he is pumping on his website (which is for returning essay how he makes his money). Heysek also personally benefited from a press release Spreadbury sent out write an essay about london, which promoted Heysek, Heysek's website, and the stock Heysek was pumping (CNDD) We allege that no other person on planet earth fits the profile of for returning to college essay, who had Spreadbury send the faxes? better than Tom Heysek. That meets our burden of preponderance. We also pray for treble damages because: these faxes were associated with willful and knowing criminal stock manipulation Heysek's long history of scams (Hundreds of posts regarding Tom Heysek and fraud) and the size of the write about, remedy relative to Heysek's net worth and the effective deterrent value of the essay, judgment. Since Heysek made millions from these stocks, an award that is not trebled is less than rounding error for Tom and about london will be quickly written off as a business expense. A non-trebled judgment will have little deterrence value.

I easily spent over 200 hours researching this case so a non-trebled judgment won't even cover the time I spent on this. Heysek never pays his judgments and it's going to be hard to collect so the treble remedy compensates for this he's a very bad guy, one of the most notorious pump and dump scam artists in the world, and he should be punished to the full extent of the law his entire business is essay illegal; he shouldn't get a break. Now it's Heysek's turn. He has only write about london, one option: he must try to economics research show that my evidence was fabricated or tampered with, e.g., by pointing out a logical inconsistency in write an essay about, the evidence or by producing evidence that directly contradicts my evidence. Dissertation How To! He can't just use a generic complaint such as you fabricated the evidence! And if he tries to bring fabricated evidence of his own to court, I'll ask for a continuance and provide overwhelming authenticated evidence that his evidence was fabricated.

If Heysek can't do that, he loses his case. It's that simple. As of December 2004, Heysek's new official address is: Thomas Milton Heysek aka Milton Thomas Heysek. San Francisco, CA 94111. fax (415) 945-9631: Thomas Milton Heysek. Asian American Capital Management.

50 California street suite 1500. San Francisco CA 94111. Fax 415 439 5299. OLD HOME ADDRESS (RENTAL): 41 CONSTITUTION DR. CORTE MADERA CA 94925. According to a former lover that I spoke with, soon after graduating college, Heysek degenerated into pathological liar motivated by 4 things: greed, control, power and money. Heysek's profession, developed under the tutelage of infamous master stock manipulator Ray Dirks, is pump and dump stock manipulation of penny stocks. He does this by finding worthless companies, accumulating a huge position at no to low cost, and promoting the hell out of the stock with sexy growth stories coupled with insanely optimistic financial projections that have absolutely no basis in reality (in the case of CNDD, pumping a company with 0 revenue to over a $1 billion market cap).

The promotion required for Heysek to be successful must be inexpensive, i.e., illegal junk faxes and write about london email spam. Occasionally they get lucky and do a press release. Different Essay! They never use legit media because it is a lot more expensive and they would get dumped by any legit media (since their writeups are fraudulent). In 2000, Heysek quit working for Dirks and teamed up with 2 of the world's most infamous e-mail spammers Brian Kos and Jeremy Jaynes (now serving 9 years for about, spam) in a 3 way partnership Kos / Heysek / Jaynes chose the companies to pump (or created them themselves as with SGNJ, CNDD, and AHFI) Heysek did the methodology how to, interviews with the an essay, company principals and the basic write-ups to be formatted then sent via fax and methodology how to write email Jaynes handled the about, email spam promotion and reasons for returning essay his staff did some of the an essay london, graphics work (Jessica and Chad) and computer setup work (Richard Rutkowski) Don Oehmke did some of the dissertation, stock work for them Heysek sent his bullshit stock analysis to Spreadbury to (a) format and post on the two websites (WSP and USPennyStocks) and (b) format and an essay send to the fax broadcaster contractor (Javier Cuadra). Heysek also sent the press releases lauding Heysek and CNDD to Spreadbury to edit and deliver to talk future job essay PR Newswire. Javier Cuadra got the faxes from Spreadbury (later from Jaynes's employees) and sent them to the fax broadcasters.

Cuadra contracted with and paid the fax broadcasters. Most vendors (Vault Studios, Spreadbury, Fry Hammon Barr, and probably Cuadra too) were paid via wire transfer from Bush Ross (Kos' lawyer is Jere Ross at Bush Ross so they used the attorney's attorney-client privilege so that the write an essay, bank account records could never been obtained in discovery). The money that went into that Bush Ross account to pay the contractors presumably came from some combination of Kos, Heysek, and Jaynes. Heysek's phone records tie him to both the people he promoted in the faxes and to freelance marketing consultant Paul Spreadbury at business economics papers the time that the junk faxes were sent out. Spreadbury's electronic fingerprints were on an essay london, the documents delivered to research And the write about london, content delivered to pointed back to reasons to college the website featuring Heysek himself and Heysek's analysis. Write An Essay About London! Therefore, Tom Heysek directed the promotion by broadcast fax and for inn is liable Javier Cuadra knowingly paid for the promotion by fax and is also liable The Florida law firm of write an essay about, Bush Ross knowingly paid vendors to promote these worthless stocks and business research may also be liable. The evidence supporting the an essay about london, allegations. Here's a summary of the for returning to college essay, evidence files used in about, the analyses on this page and what each one shows: Snapshot taken August 21, 2004. Shows Heysek as editor and should video games be banned essay promoter, Tom's bio.

Lists the an essay about london, stocks promoted: AHFI, CNDD, SGNJ and methodology dissertation how to the writeups Tom did. 73 pages included (total for both websites). Snapshot taken August 21, 2004 shows 132 pages (but Acrobat counts them as multiple 8.5 x 11 pages, not single web pages per se). Take look at Acrobat p. 3 and about london page 131, for example to see pictures of your future, Tom. London! Then ask yourself, how is essay for inn it even possible for them to have a picture of Tom if they aren't affiliated with Tom in some way? May 1 through July 31, 2004. Write An Essay About! Shows calls to Kos, Spreadbury, Oehmke, Lord, and the management of the poetry from essay, companies he wrote profiles on.

This proves he lied to an essay the press about essay not knowing Oehmke and write an essay about london connects him with just about methodology everyone in this scam. Heysek admits he was involved to an essay Dow Jones reporter Carol Remond. Yutzes of the Year List Announced. Shows Paul Spreadbury's two phone numbers. These are ones I personally got. Shows some faxes had links directly to Tom's website. Some others had a fax-back number for more info and that document had a link to Tom's website. Note how they changed the names and the formats of the violent be banned, faxes. Obtained from, these files confirm that the write london, faxes I got came from the same source (they laundered the placing of the fax orders through Javier Cuadra of Camelot Promotions).

Looking at for returning essay Properties for these files, you can see that many were created by Paul Spreadbury aka Nosoonersaid. Others were created by Jessica who is Jessica Jaynes. Others by Chad DeGroot (Jessica's husband). Jessica is also the person who created the ones with Author=xx and Company=none (such as the CNDD fax for 8/24/04). An Essay! Jessica Jaynes' aka Jessica DeGroot was later confirmed when I read Spreadbury's SEC depo (p. 264). Erwin worked at and provided the original source files. Contest For Inn! These files confirm the other information we have and connect Paul Spreadbury, Jeremy Jaynes' staff (Jessica DeGroot and Chad DeGroot), Javier A. Cuadra, and Bryan Kos himself to these faxes. Internet Archive of write about, Bryan's website showing the range of promotions that Kos manages (Heysek focused on should games argumentative essay, the stock promotions).

You know it belongs to write about london him since it lists his phone number at the bottom. Internet Archive of Bryan's website ( shows Bryan's resume, Tom's resume, and Bryan's cell phone number (at the bottom of the page). Clearly, Tom is the stock tout expert here (having trained under Ray Dirks as noted on business economics papers, our main Anatomy of a stock fraud page), not Bryan! Internet Archive of another Bryan Kos in website showing their stock touting service and fax blasting promotion. You know it's Bryan Kos since the an essay about london, phone number listed on the page matches the phone number we learned from the management page.

Here's one example of Heysek promoting JAWS (which was a very famous fraud): SI - readmsg.aspx msgid=17484041. Only 12 messages here. Most of the posts regarding Heysek are on the Dirk's thread. Search results from business research papers 2000 onwards of articles mentioning Heysek showing a long history of fraudulent PROMOTION of stocks. Original electronic invoices from write an essay to Camelot Promotions for close to video games be banned essay $200,000 in fax costs. Each fax was 1.8 cents so through alone, they sent out over 10 million faxes.

The subpoena I sent to I just gave them a fax and write asked who sent this? Subpoena results from economics showing Javier Cuadra (aka Camelot Promotions) paid for the faxes. Has bank and address and phone for Javier so you can follow the money by finding out who transferred funds in. Jul 28 2004 2:30PM ET PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ ties everything together: Heysek, Spreadbury, CNDD, and material meant to illegally hype the write, stock. Anatomy of a stock fraud. For more info on Tom Heysek and for inn the gang, this page has tons more evidence including the evidence in the SEC case. 11 other ways the evidence supports the about london, allegations. Method #1: Internet archive of Kos' own website admits Kos and Heysek partnered to send out from different cultures, stock touts via junk faxes. Heysek's annotated phone records show he's constantly calling Bryan Kos at 514.998.0240.

In fact, on some pages of his phone records, more than 25% of his calls are with Kos. Here's proof that that phone number belongs to Bryan Kos (see the contact number at the bottom of Bryan's home page) Kos's Management page on his website shows he partnered with Heysek to create illegal stock touts as part of the services offered XTR Capital Resources. We now XTR Capital and i-ops are the write an essay london, same since it lists Kos's number 1-514-998-0240 on both websites. From Cultures! See also Kos's IR promotion service. About London! Kos's IR promotion services include fax blasting also available (see bottom of methodology how to write, Kos' page at XTR Capital Resources) What an amazing coincidence. all of the people Heysek called according to Heysek's annotated phone records, get promoted on the WSP site and junk faxes simultaneously. Coincidence? Pretty unlikely.

Conclusion: Kos's Management page on his website and Kos' XTR website proves a direct connection between Kos/Heysek and the sending of write an essay london, junk faxes specifically for the promotion of stocks. Method #2: Heysek admits to Dow Jones he interviewed Hartley Lord, CNDD President. Carol Remond's article on poetry different, Dow Jones quotes Heysek as having done the CNDD writeup and having talked to CNDD president Hartley Lord numerous times This is confirmed on the WSP website where Heysek is featured as the write an essay, editor and the CNDD writeup is featured (use the Acrobat search feature to see all the CNDD references) The Heysek-CNDD connection is to college essay further confirmed in Heysek's defamation lawsuit against me where he quotes CNDD CEO Hartley Lord who relayed my conversation with him. That shows Lord and Heysek are friends which is remarkable since I first spoke to Lord after the write, press release hyping CNDD came out (that Lord was supposedly so furious about). Heysek's annotated phone records show he talked to Hartley Lord on poetry from different essay, 6/19/04. Therefore, we have just proved THREE INDEPENDENT WAYS TO DIRECTLY CONNECT HEYSEK with CNDD So when you get a junk fax promoting CNDD and write london the ONLY guy to have interviewed Hartley Lord (per Dow Jones) was Tom Heysek, it's likely from Tom.

Why else would he have gone to the trouble to talk to talk future job essay Hartley Lord if he wasn't going to promote the results? Method #3: Heysek's phone records show he spoke to Paul Spreadbury right before Spreadbury sent the press release touting Tom, Tom's website, and CNDD. Heysek's annotated phone records showed he talked to Hartley Lord, CEO of CNDD, on 6/19/04 at 1:42pm. Heysek also admits to award-winning Dow Jones reporter Carol Remond that he interviewed Lord in a news story published on Dow Jones. Subsequent to that conversation Heysek's annotated phone records show he spoke with freelance marketing consultant Paul Spreadbury at least 4 times on 7/22, 7/24 (twice), and 7/25. You can confirm Spreadbury's phone numbers here: Yutzes of the Year List Announced where both numbers are listed.

What do you know? Just 3 days later, on July 28, a press release is an essay about london issued by poetry from different cultures, Paul Spreadbury which: (1) quotes Heysek, (2) calls him a noted financial advisor (3) pumps CNDD using material in Heysek's writeup, and (4) encourages readers to read Mr. Heysek's full report at write an essay london Here's that press release: First Global 'Monster' Employment Placement Service Launched Jul 28 2004 2:30PM ET PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ ; i made a copy too: CNDDMonsterPressRelease.pdf A few days after the press release, the talk your, junk faxes (created by spreadbury) promoting CNDD start getting sent (see Method #4) Therefore, we have directly connected Heysek, Spreadbury,, and CNDD, and illegal stock promotion of CNDD using misleading information all in this one press release that PR Newswire confirmed came from Spreadbury. Method #4: The junk faxes touting CNDD were created by Paul Spreadbury in about, the week after numerous calls with Tom Heysek. I have every fax ever sent out by The untouched originals of the CNDD ads can be found here: archive of Camelot faxes. Using Properties, you can verify that the first two documents were created by Paul Spreadbury. The other two were created by Jessica Jaynes, Jeremy's sister presumably because Spreadbury quit when after the research, press release came out and all the london, commotion started, he figured out he was getting scammed by these guys. Heysek's annotated phone records show numerous calls with Paul Spreadbury starting on Jul 22, just one week before the CNDD faxes created by Spreadbury came out on August 4, 2004. You can confirm Spreadbury's two different phone numbers here: Yutzes of the Year List Announced Therefore, this PROVES a DIRECT CONNECTION between Heysek and the freelance creator of the violent video games argumentative, CNDD junk fax artwork (Spreadbury) supplied to during the week prior to the junk fax being sent out.

Method #5: Many of the junk faxes that were sent explicitly direct people to the website. That website proclaims Tom as the editor, gives his bio, and promotes the purchase of CNDD and other stocks promoted via fax. There are no other executives listed or associated with the website. TWTN, CNDD, BDYS, and AHFI were featured in some of the 18 junk faxes I got I got, some of which directly referenced website (or indirectly via fax-back link which sent back a document referring to Write About London! Note: I get faxes from multiple broadcasters, not just which is economics research papers why I got a bigger range of faxes than we have hereT he archive of the website taken before it was removed (or see the original HTML files) proclaims Tom as the editor, gives Tom's bio, and promotes CNDD, AHFI, SGNJ (and Don Oehmke). An Essay! Note that TWTN had been removed from the site by the time this snapshot was taken All 3 companies that were on the website are tied to Heysek's annotated phone records. Method #6: Direct admission of the principals of Heysek's role in poetry cultures essay, directing the promotional activities associated with the website. The phone number listed on the website for you to about call regarding subscriptions was answered by Dan Hartal. Dan said he forwarded the money sent to him to Tom Heysek.

I talked with Jon Paulson at Vault Studios (they did the videos featuring Tom that were posted on should games, the website) who admitted that he worked for Kos and Heysek and also worked with Paul Spreadbury and that they were paid via the an essay, Bush Ross bank account (Jere Ross is one of Kos' attorneys). I talked with Paul Spreadbury who admitted that Tom Heysek sent him the methodology how to, material that Spreadbury posted to the website. Write About! I also talked with other people who I can't disclose on this site in order to protect their identity (i.e., they are still involved). Method #7: Heysek's own (lack of) testimony in court leads us to believe he's guilty. Heysek produced NO evidence whatsoever in his defense Heysek produced ZERO documents in response to dissertation how to write a subpoena I sent him.

Even after the an essay london, judge ordered him to produce the documents, he produced nothing. The judge was going to issue a terminating sanction as a result of his behavior. Poetry Essay! If he's an innocent guy, he'd welcome the opportunity to show the court his phone records and bank records and demonstrate how he makes a living since it would help to an essay prove his innocence. Method #8: The lack of any other reasonable explanation for why Heysek wrote the phony stories on his website. Why would Tom Heysek write an obviously flawed and ridiculously over dissertation how to write, hyped write-up of CNDD and other stocks if not for the purpose of write, pump and dump? What other purpose could there be for reasons to college, a man of write about, Heysek's stature to write something that is obviously meant to defraud people.

It is clearly too elaborate for joke. And it clearly did make its way into junk faxes and poetry from cultures essay spam. So is there any other logical story consistent with Heysek's admissions (e.g., to Massachusetts attorney Walter Oney and Dow Jones reporter Carol Remond), that he wrote the stuff? Pump and dumps require extensive promotion Legal advertising vehicles will not carry such promotion The only means available for about, Heysek's writings to have enough impact to move significant stock volume is via fax broadcast and e-mail spam (and an occasional press release) Method #9: The lack of essay for inn, any other reasonable explanation for all the an essay london, evidence. Heysek can't use the Sgt. Schultz defense and say he knows nothing about this because he has to provide the court a convincing explanation of how the evidence against him (such as his own phone records) came about or he will lose. Heysek can't say he's just an innocent writer since 1) he's got too much of a history of stock fraud and 2) he can't explain away all those phone calls with Kos, Spreadbury, etc. nor explain the admissions that the other players made to essay me.

It just doesn't fit. Heysek can't say that Kos mislead him because it was Heysek who created the write an essay london, phony write-ups, not Kos. Heysek knew exactly what he was doing and video games has been doing it for an essay about london, years with Kos. Heysek can't say that it was Spreadbury who did it because Spreadbury has a clean background (and not experience in stock manipulation) and Heysek has a very dirty background (stock fraud, tax fraud, non payment of judgments, unlawful detainers, etc. Papers! etc). Heysek can't say he was framed since (a) why didn't he mention that in my cases (b) who framed him and write about what is the different cultures, evidence that proves he was framed, (c) how does Heysek explain his phone records, and write an essay about london (d) how can he explain his long history of stock manipulation?

Heysek had explained to Walter Oney (and posted to JunkFax-L on July 2, 2004) that he was just a writer (at $250/hr) for Milbank Tweed. But that's complete bullshit for 2 reasons: (1) Why would a top-notch law firm engage in stock fraud? And (2) who would pay $250/hr for for returning to college essay, a writer. Come on. Doesn't pass the smell test.

Heysek told Dow Jones he didn't know Oehmke. Write About London! Heysek's annotated phone records show he's a liar. He talked to Oehmke on June 4, 2004 at 9:36am. So why would an innocent writer lie about a fact like that? Method #10: Analysis of the source files that were broadcast by fax. When we analyze the file properties of the Microsoft Word files supplied to by Camelot, we come up with the following people who electronically touched these documents: Bryan Kos, Javier A. Cuadra, Jessica Jaynes, Chad DeGroot, Paul Spreadbury. All of methodology, these people were previously known to me via other methods so there were no surprises at all.

Therefore, the new information from write an essay london examination of the fax source document totally fit our understanding of how it worked. Method #11: Heysek's reactions when I confronted him. He goaded me to sue him after he got my demand letter. No innocent person would act that way when confronted with a demand letter. An innocent person would carefully and calmly explain why you have the wrong person.

Heysek compounded his reaction by calling me back and threatening to sue me for extortion. When I asked him who he worked for, he refused to answer. If he was innocent, why refuse to answer? After he realized he was doomed, he offered to turn in his associates in exchange for my dropping the poetry from different cultures, suits. I declined. Javier Cuadra, who actually placed close to $200K in fax broadcasting orders with alone (the total when you include all the about london, broadcasters will be much greater than this) and laundered the money for methodology how to write, these people (he won't say who his client is) is also liable under the TCPA. Here's the proof that was admitted into evidence in court: I asked Tom Roth, CFO of (aka Impact Marketing Solutions) for write, the company that sent the Twister faxes (sample included): fax.comSubpoenaServed. As I expected from a subpoena I did to another vendor, Javier/Camelot shows up as the essay for inn, sender of write about london, these faxes: Fax.comSubpoenaResponse (this is for inn just a partial sample of the data there). See also the original electronic version of all the invoices from June through August 2004:

Next, I used my archive of all faxes to an essay verify, in poetry from essay, fact, that the Camelot Promo faxes were the stock touts I received and they matched perfectly with the stocks promoted on the WSP site: archive of Camelot faxes. So now all you do is about london send your subpoena to talk about SunTrust Bank (such as SunTrustSubpoenaServed.pdf), but ask for the financial records for the Camelot Promotions LLC account. Don't forget to domesticate it first. I used: Craig Robinson at Accurate Attorney Services (678) 597-1353.

$8 check to bank for processing. $40 for them to get the civil subpoena. $45 to serve it on bank. Therefore, by following the money, you can easily find out who paid Javier to send the faxes by looking for incoming deposits around the dates of the outgoing wires identified in the subpoena results. Or you can just skip all that sue Javier and have him pay you for the faxes he sent out write london, since the TCPA is a strict liability statute and Javier paid the junk faxers and talk your future job essay refuses to write london say who paid him. For process service, Javier's contact info is here: Fax.comSubpoenaResponse Based on essay, the archive of Camelot faxes, the write, dates of broadcasts by (other vendors were used): TWTN: 6-7-04 to 8-2-04 AHFI: 6-14-04 to 8-26-04 CNDD: 8-4-04 to poetry cultures 8-24-04. Even nicer is an essay that you can connect Paul Spreadbury, Jeremy Jaynes' staff (Jessica DeGroot and Chad DeGroot), Javier A. Cuadra, and Bryan Kos himself to these faxes because they all left their electronic fingerprints on argumentative essay, the source files of the faxes that were given to You can prove via your own examination of the source files or simply by about london, reading this affidavit from's Director of Graphics:

For more information, see the reasons for returning, much more detailed web page Anatomy of a stock fraud.