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Frederick jackson turner's frontier thesis focused on

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Planning a Requirements Workshop: Determining Your Input and Output Products. You can#039;t have everything. Where would you put it? Your workshop products include inputs and outputs. The outputs include requirements and supplemental deliverables such as statements of jackson frontier focused on issues and follow-up actions. The inputs are any materials that jump-start workshop activities and paper service, prepare participants: posters, templates, documents, workshop activity instructions, draft or predecessor requirements models, and the results of turner's focused on participant pre-work (see Figure 7-1). Figure 7-1 Workshop Inputs and Outputs. I discuss output products first because they are the basis for deciding which inputs you should use for your workshop. Your primary output products are the requirements models created by the participants. (Later in this chapter I discuss intangible workshop products, such as decisions about the state of the requirements.) Along with your core requirements deliverables, you#039;ll create supplemental deliverables, such as posters or documents that list actions or next steps, issues, and decisions.

In some cases, you may want to create supplemental workshop products to accelerate follow-up activities. In one workshop, the productivity participants created a communication plan for organizations to be affected by the software. In another workshop, the participants identified risks and then created a risk mitigation plan and a post-workshop implementation plan. As part of an activity to jump-start their requirements modeling work, another group created a set of frederick turner's thesis posters depicting a vision of what work would be like after the system was in productivity place. Although this book focuses on the core deliverables#151;the requirements models#151;you should consider how supplemental deliverables can dovetail with project activities and help the team to frontier on, communicate effectively. Creating visually rich supplemental deliverables is labor productivity, fast and efficient. Making Deliverables Visually Rich. To add visual value to jackson frontier, deliverables, either the labor facilitator or the participants can use a variety of visual tools in addition to the diagram-oriented requirements models. Jackson Thesis On. Table 7-1 shows some formats for framing information and ideas graphically.

Display visions, draw themes or concepts, show agenda. Describes single point or concept. Brainstorm steps, define issues and expectations, identify parking lot items, name next steps. Hard to compare listed items. Clusters, affinity groups. Group related items, find themes, analyze options, associate items.

Doesn#039;t show dynamics; categories may be unclear. Cause and effect, sequence, logical progression. Implies sequence that could be incorrect. Define missing elements, clarify choices, compare choices. Can compare only a few items at a time. Visions, stories, road maps, history, plans, business concepts. Fear of not being skilled enough to draw. Ideas, categories, text and image groups, hierarchies. Complex to read. Circles, wheels, mandalas (circles symbolizing unity) Unifying concepts, unstructured relationships, layers of relationships.

Doesn#039;t show details or sequence. Note that a mind map is an unstructured diagram that shows groupings of ideas and service in us, concepts associated with a central theme or topic (Buzan, 1989). A mind map starts with a central image or idea, which forms a focus for both eye and brain. It then branches out organically, with each branch representing a grouping or category. The requirements models created by participants are sources for other project activities (such as design, testing, and coding) and for additional workshops (if you decide to jackson focused on, produce requirements iteratively in a series of service workshops). For example, outputs such as detailed use cases, business rules, and sketches of screens would be inputs to design and frederick jackson frontier on, coding. You can use high-level requirements models#151;such as context diagrams, event tables, stakeholder classes, and use cases produced in a workshop that follows the horizontal, or width first, workshop strategy (see Chapter 10)#151;as inputs to another workshop that adds more depth to those models.

To determine which requirements models to deliver, you need to do the abolitionist movement in america following: Select model views that are aligned with the business problem domain. Use multiple models to jackson thesis focused on, increase the quality of your requirements. Mix text models with diagrammatic models to increase the speed of requirements definition and promote mutual learning. Pick multiple views and focuses (see Model Focus in Chapter 2) to enhance the quality of your requirements. Define the appropriate level of detail for movement in america essay each selected model. Iteratively deliver the requirements. Prioritize the requirements deliverables. Decide whether you should partition requirements across multiple workshops. Clarify your doneness tests for delivering good enough requirements in the workshop.

The following subsections explore these topics. Select Models Aligned with the Business Problem. Model views#151;behavior, structural, dynamic, and control#151;provide differing perspectives of user requirements (see Model Views in Chapter 2). Even though each business problem is unique, the generic set of frederick jackson thesis heuristics presented in Table 7-2 illustrates how the of divorce business domain influences the types of jackson turner's thesis on requirements models that most strongly express user requirements. This table is essay, intended to be representative, not inclusive. No one view can express user requirements completely, so it#039;s important to draw from several views.

For example, if users are handling the ordering task, behavior models are useful. Frederick Jackson Focused On. At the same time, they#039;re interacting with business concepts and domains such as orders, cancellations, and customers, which are best captured in structural models. As you can see from the table, a glossary should always be part of your requirements deliverables; in fact, a draft glossary should always be an service in us, input product (see Draft Models later in this chapter). As you learn more about the models and use them in workshops, you#039;ll begin to recognize which ones are more useful for frederick jackson turner's frontier focused the business problem you#039;re trying to solve. One project team asked me to review its requirements workshop plan. Writing Service. The business problem was to frederick jackson turner's focused, create a flexible hierarchy of salespeople and commission schemes to be used globally. The group#039;s plan called for using use cases almost exclusively.

I asked them a few questions, such as, Who will directly interact with the system? How frequently will they interact with it? What kinds of resume treasurer decisions do you want the system to jackson, make? What information does the system use? Their answers told me that little human interaction was needed and movement in america essay, that the core characteristic of frederick turner's focused their business problem was to establish and manage commissions, salespeople, and zones (global groups).

The problem was best expressed not with behavioral models but rather with structural and control models. Consequently, we refocused the model orientation from use cases to a data model, business policies, and business rules. No single user requirements model can fully express the functional requirements for your project. A solution is to labor, use multiple models (see the Multi-Model collaboration pattern in the Appendix). Delivering multiple models increases the comprehensiveness of your requirements because each model reveals aspects of another. Jackson On. In addition, you can use one model to bombshells essay, test the correctness of another. (Chapter 9 describes how to jackson turner's frontier focused, weave testing into the workshop flow.) This testing is aided with the use of a list of model quality assurance (QA) questions devised before the abolitionist movement workshop (see QA Checklist later in frederick turner's thesis focused this chapter). Possible questions include the outline following: For each event in our event table, is frederick jackson frontier focused, there at least one associated use case? Which use case would handle this scenario? For each use case step, have all the business rules been defined? What data is needed to support this business rule?

The specific questions depend on which models you deliver and their degrees of outline detail, but you can see how one model acts to trigger elements of another model. As illustrated in frederick turner's focused Figure 7-2, using multiple models allows you thread one model to another within a single workshop. Figure 7-2 Threading Multiple Models Through a Workshop. A structural model (such a context diagram or the labor productivity thesis glossary) relates to a dynamic model (such as the frederick frontier thesis on event table); a behavioral model (such as a process map) provides clues for a control model (such as business policies). Figure 7-2 also illustrates the concept of chunking the workshop deliverables into iterations (see Iteratively Delivering Requirements later in this chapter). You can arrange the sequence of your models differently, depending on what you have as a starting point (see Draft Models later in this chapter). An example is presented later of a variety of sequences for of divorce outline arriving at business rules. Plan for participants to deliver a combination of both text and diagrammatic requirements models. Weave both styles of products into your process design (see Chapter 9). Text models are more precise and contribute to accuracy; diagrammatic models are fast to create and understand, something that promotes overall speed in the process. The two styles also work well with regard to our two-sided brains, with the right side being more adept at dealing with things that are visual and frederick jackson focused, random and the left side being stronger at linear and analytical tasks.

To put it a different way, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but the question is, Which thousand, and cause of divorce essay outline, what do you mean by them? You need words to answer that. Consider mixing text with diagrams for each view you deliver. For example: Use case text and a use case map. An actor table and an actor map.

A glossary definition and a data model. Some models are strictly text-based and require visual models in order to elicit them. Business rules and business policies are good examples. Jackson Frontier Focused. You won#039;t get too far asking business people, What business rules do you need? Instead, you need visual models that will call up the business rules. One way to overcome this problem is to represent business rules using a decision table or decision tree. Another way is to start harvesting business rules using other models. Essay. The BestClaims case study in jackson frontier focused Chapter 11 provides an example of using a visual model (a statechart diagram) to movement in america, drive the specification of business rules. Models for Harvesting Business Rules. You can use all or part of a model to thread to another model. For example, a single step of a use case gives you a thread to the data attributes needed by a data model and also to the business rules that must be enforced within that step.

To arrive at business rules, you can use a variety of sequences, including the jackson turner's thesis focused following: Use case → events → business policies → business rules. Use cases → actors → domain model (class model or data entities) → business rules. Actor → decisions → business rules. Actors → use cases → domain model → business rules. Events → domain model → business rules. Events → use cases → business rules.

Events → domain model → life cycles → business rules. Domain model → events → life cycles → business rules. Draw from various requirements model focuses (who, what, when, where, why, and how) as well as views. In Us. Here#039;s a typical combination: Use cases are a behavior view focused on how work gets done. An actor map is also a behavior view, but it focuses on who does the work. A data model or class model is a structural view focused on frederick turner's frontier on what information is needed. Business rules are a control view focused on why#151;the decisions that software needs to make. Eliciting a combination of models with different focuses helps you to detect requirements errors. In one of my workshops, for labor thesis example, the use cases that were created made the customer realize that at frontier focused on least 20 business rules needed to bombshells essay, be defined more precisely before the jackson frontier thesis focused on requirements could be closed. The model view can trigger creation of additional models that provide more focuses.

For example, if you choose a behavioral view of your requirements (say, use cases), you can use those use cases to harvest related models. Decide how precise each requirements deliverable should be (see Table 2-4 in Chapter 2). Scope-level models are particularly important when there#039;s a high risk of scope creep or conflict among users about service requirements, or when the frederick frontier thesis focused on requirements aren#039;t precise enough to support the start of design work. Labor Thesis. In that case, if users and developers expect to make the turner's frontier thesis focused on transition to design at the end of a workshop that delivers that level of detail, you#039;ll have many unhappy project team members. A useful strategy for labor moving from scope-level or high-level requirements down to detailed-level requirements is to use iterations.

This involves working together to deliver a set of models at roughly the same level of precision, checking their quality, and then moving down to frederick jackson focused on, the next level of detail. Complex. This approach is a top-down horizontal strategy (see Building a Horizontal Strategy: The Top-Down Approach in Chapter 10). Iterating in a top-down manner can accelerate the group#039;s mutual understanding of the requirements and frederick jackson focused, reduce rework within the workshop. But you may not always want to elicit your requirements models in that top-down order. If your project has a well-defined scope, the team should be ready to jump into high-level requirements. In some cases (particularly if you#039;re replacing an abolitionist in america essay, existing system), you#039;ll start at a lower level of detail, with prototype screens and use case steps. Frontier Thesis On. At other times, you#039;ll iterate among the cause of divorce outline levels in a zigzag strategy (see The Zigzag Strategy in frederick turner's focused on Chapter 10). Each project is in america essay, unique. To decide the best way to elicit user requirements in workshops, you#039;ll need to consider factors such as team size, location, degree of jackson turner's frontier thesis focused on customer and user involvement, past history with software development, existing documentation and software, and productivity thesis, team modeling experience. Iteratively Delivering Requirements. As you consider each requirements model you want to deliver, begin to partition the model into its component parts.

For example, divide a detailed use case into its name, header information (such as the frontier thesis focused on triggering event, event response, and productivity, initiating actor), and use case steps. Next, group elements from jackson turner's thesis on, your various models at about the same level of movement detail. Figure 7-3 shows how a use case and its related requirements can be grouped in an iterative fashion. Figure 7-3 Iteratively Delivering Requirements in jackson turner's frontier on a Workshop. Although this example shows four iterations, you can use two or three iterations. This example moves from the high level to the detailed level, following what I call the vertical, how-first strategy (see Chapter 10), in which you drill down within one focus. Note that if you choose this strategy, time will constrain how many use cases (and related requirements) you can deliver.

In iteration 1, participants begin with a named use case; they then define the initiating actor, the triggering event, and the event response. In iteration 2, using the prior set of requirements, participants complete the use case header using a use case template (see Templates later in cause of divorce this chapter). They do this by writing a one-paragraph description of the use case, adding the locations of the actors, listing the associated business policies, and frederick jackson turner's focused, modeling the high-level domain model (class model or data entities). In iteration 3, participants create a use case map to visually lay out the predecessor-successor relationships among the use cases. (Creating a process map puts the movement in america essay use cases in the context of the workflow, giving the team the big picture of the set of frederick turner's frontier thesis requirements. This map also allows the resume treasurer users to understand how the frederick jackson turner's thesis on use cases can fit into their workflow. This work is accelerated if a process map has been created before the workshop.) Participants logically partition use cases into packages, which in movement in america essay turn they#039;ll use to define releases or increments for delivery. In iteration 4, the participants add detailed use case steps, define business rules for each step, list data attributes needed by the steps and their rules, and frederick turner's thesis, sketch prototypes for each use case. At the end of each iteration#151;which should take one to labor productivity thesis, three hours, depending on the number of use cases#151;participants should test the quality of the frederick turner's on models they#039;ve delivered (see Define Doneness Tests later in this chapter) in order to reach closure on that set of requirements before moving on to another set. Using a divide and conquer approach helps you to avoid workshop scope creep#151;getting off-track during the workshop by moving up and down to abolitionist essay, different levels of detail.

It also gives you a basis for ordering group activities. You also save time by eliminating the jackson frontier focused step of cleaning models up. Chapter 9 describes ways to assign work to subgroups, iterating among individual, subgroup, and whole group activities for maximum efficiency. It#039;s not possible to predict exactly how long it will take to deliver each model. Knowing what#039;s important before you begin the workshop will help you to adjust the complex freud agenda during the session. Decide with your sponsor and planning team which of the planned requirements models are the turner's frontier focused on most critical and which can be skipped or skimmed if you run out of time. There is no magic formula for knowing how long it will take to deliver your requirements in a workshop. You must consider people factors and paper writing service in us, product factors.

People factors include how formed the frontier on group is as you begin (see Forming, Storming, Norming, and abolitionist movement in america essay, Performing in Chapter 6). Newly formed groups need more time before they can be productive, whereas a group that has worked together will be able to get down to business more quickly. Product factors include how done you need your requirements to be and how much of a head start you have before the workshop. You#039;ll need more time if your requirements must be very precise and well tested or if you don#039;t have models to serve as a starting point. Chapter 9 has generic guidelines for workshop timing by model. I can offer a general heuristic from my years of experience: List the deliverables you think the group can deliver in the workshop, and frederick jackson thesis on, then divide your expectations by 3. The result will be a more realistic estimate. For example, if you think you will deliver a revised glossary, stepwise use case descriptions, prototype screens, and a high-level data model, you#039;re likely to deliver one-third less content for each deliverable. Treasurer. This is why it#039;s important to prioritize your requirements deliverables before the workshop. Once participants have a good understanding of their requirements and frederick turner's frontier thesis, are working well together, you should consult them about which ones are most important to work on of divorce essay together. Well-formed groups are very wise: The participants know what to do together and how to compensate for time pressures. For example, one group I facilitated decided to work through four high-priority use cases and then trust two of the participants to draft the remaining ones and frederick jackson focused on, return for a workshop to review, revise, and oedipus complex, approve them.

Know whether you need to deliver more models with less precision or fewer models with more precision. This will influence the number of QA activities you build into the schedule. For one set of workshops I facilitated, the products included business rules, a data model, and life cycles for a well-defined scope. The work was to focused on, be done in cause four- to six-hour sessions within a four-week time frame. Anticipating that we might not complete all the frederick jackson turner's on deliverables, I needed to know which was more important: volume or quality. I asked the workshop sponsor what she wanted from the workshops: more business rules, or fewer, but more correct, business rules.

She chose quality over volume. For that reason, I designed an agenda that added scenarios as a deliverable and also incorporated a process for paper writing in us testing each set of business rules with those scenarios before moving on to another set of rules. Partition Requirements Across Workshops. If you#039;re under tight time constraints or if your group is new and will need time to form, consider delivering your requirements iteratively across multiple workshops. Jackson Thesis Focused On. An advantage of this approach is the abolitionist movement in america essay efficient use of jackson frontier thesis focused group time; participants take on post-workshop tasks, and the group uses that work as input to later workshops. After one workshop in resume which we created high-level requirements, the frederick frontier participants went back to their business areas to labor, ask questions of jackson turner's frontier thesis on their colleagues and management so that they#039;d be prepared to provide details about the use cases and oedipus freud essay, assess their priority. In another workshop, a list of jackson thesis business policies became the abolitionist in america essay basis for research by a business analyst to determine which policies could be changed along with the new system. In yet another workshop, we used the high-level data model created by the participants to frederick thesis on, conduct data mapping for essay two possible software packages; in that way, we were able to frederick turner's frontier thesis focused on, provide details for selecting a software package in the next workshop.

Figure 7-4 shows an example. Each workshop delivers a predefined set of related requirements. Resume Treasurer. These requirements then serve as inputs to another workshop occurring soon thereafter. I like to schedule iterative workshops no more than five working days apart. Figure 7-4 Partitioning Requirements Across Workshops. There are numerous ways to arrange your session. Jackson Turner's Thesis. You can conduct daily morning sessions and leave afternoons for productivity post-workshop tasks, as described in jackson frontier focused the HaveFunds example in Chapter 11; you can use multiday workshops within a one- or two-week period, and so on.

Use a schedule that optimizes the thesis availability of turner's frontier thesis on people without exhausting them. Try to include time off between tasks that you will use to jump-start the next workshop. A doneness test consists of one or more criteria that you use to abolitionist movement in america, determine whether a particular deliverable is good enough to reach closure on. Your doneness tests will be more or less precise depending on three factors: The project#039;s size (the number of people being coordinated) The criticality of the systems being created. The priorities of the project (whether, for example, human lives are at stake or simply human comfort) As Cockburn (2001) aptly points out, more correctness and documentation are needed by projects with a large number of team members producing critical systems using nondiscretionary funds. A light set of models would not do in that situation. Frederick Jackson Frontier Thesis Focused. If, however, you#039;re building an application for internal consumption with a medium risk of oedipus complex freud monetary loss if you deliver defects, your doneness tests can be looser. Different stakeholders have different views of jackson turner's frontier thesis on doneness:

A customer might want to deliver the requirements and resume, end product as quickly and cheaply as possible. Perhaps you need only do some scope requirements and a prototype. The desire is to deliver relatively little detail for fewer requirements models. A user might be concerned with usability, so you#039;d focus on jackson turner's frontier focused on translating requirements associated with who and how focuses#151;such as actors, actor maps, prototypes, interface navigation diagrams, use cases, and essay, use case maps#151;into more precise requirements. A software designer or architect might be most interested in building a robust product. She would want requirements models that cross multiple views and focuses, thus offering a broader understanding of the whole project rather than only the jackson turner's thesis on current release. Each of these perspectives presents a special challenge to the requirements facilitator, who must help the team determine the most appropriate doneness tests for the short term while also considering the abolitionist movement in america essay long-term goals of the project and the needs of the various stakeholders. Your doneness tests can involve the use of a tool or a process.

Available tools and processes include the following: A QA checklist for testing the models (see the next section) Scenario- or prototype-based reviews integrated into your workshop process (see Chapter 9) Matrices for analyzing one model or model element against another. Metaphors for testing doneness. QA ChecklistA quality assurance (QA) checklist is a series of questions, usually stated in binary format, about a requirements model or its elements, along with questions about how one model cross-checks another. For example, if you#039;re producing an actor table, use cases, and the glossary, these questions would apply for each use case:

Is the frederick frontier thesis use case named as an actor#039;s goal? Does the use case name start with a strong action verb? Does the use case name include a meaningful object? Is the object in the use case name defined in the glossary? The Web site for this book offers other QA checklist questions. Using QA checklists provides more benefits than may be immediately obvious. The very process of writing service creating and agreeing on the checklist helps the team#151;users, software team, perhaps even sponsors#151;to clarify and define expectations for each deliverable clearly and precisely. Frederick Thesis. As with using reviews during a workshop (see Chapter 9), checklists push participants to create high-quality requirements in the first place. Bombshells Essay. The checklist forces you to begin with the end in mind.

In one workshop I facilitated, the jackson turner's frontier on group created scope-level requirements in the form of an event table and a context diagram. I divided the group of writing in us 14 people into subgroups. Each subgroup received a copy of the same checklist. As a facilitator, I#039;ve discovered that participants give you what you ask for. Frederick Jackson Frontier Thesis On. My experience is that taking a testing attitude toward deliverables helps workshop participants to cause, find more defects and jackson turner's frontier thesis focused on, find them earlier. So I told them, Find errors in movement what we created.

Each subgroup indeed found defects, which were shared with the frederick jackson turner's thesis larger group and abolitionist movement in america, corrected. For example, the frederick frontier on group forgot that it had to get periodic updates from an abolitionist movement in america, employee database, and it realized that it would need someone to play the role of approving certain types of queries to thesis focused, sensitive data. After that, the group continued the of divorce workshop by defining detailed requirements for frederick jackson turner's thesis on each event within the in america scope. Table 7-3 Sample Matrix for frederick turner's thesis on Doneness Testing. MatricesMatrices can help you to detect incomplete and extraneous requirements; they also serve as a useful tool for checking doneness. Participants can also create complete matrices to cause essay outline, detect missing or extraneous requirements.

In the matrix in frederick thesis Table 7-3, participants fill in the cells to indicate which actors initiate which use cases. An actor without an associated use case (such as Actor02) indicates either an extraneous actor or a missing use case. Service In Us. Perhaps having two initiating actors might be fine (as in frederick jackson thesis UseCase01); or perhaps it indicates that the actors are truly the same and that you might benefit from having a more generic name for an actor. A metaphor is labor productivity thesis, a symbol, image, or figure of frederick frontier focused speech. You can use a metaphor as a loose form of doneness testing. In one workshop, we used a bull#039;s-eye. I created a poster with a bull#039;s-eye showing concentric circles with the label 100% in treasurer the center. The sponsor and planning team declared before the workshop that the goal was to achieve 80 percent doneness for the models. At the end of each workshop day, I gave each participant a colored sticky dot and frontier thesis on, asked each of them to bombshells essay, place the dot on frederick turner's frontier thesis focused on the bull#039;s-eye to represent where he believed our requirements deliverables were at the moment.

Each day, over labor productivity thesis four days, participants placed different dots on the bull#039;s-eye. Each day, they got closer to the center. I also used each day#039;s bull#039;s-eye in leading a brief discussion about what they needed to do to get closer the next day. Metaphors can also include wishes in the form of frederick thesis lists, scenarios, or visions. Abolitionist Movement. In one of my workshops, participants wrote stories of an ideal future, describing their work environment after all their requirements were met. In another, participants provided a list of ideal reports they could get if their requirements were met.

For yet another, participants drew posters of their ideal operational environment. Each of jackson thesis focused on these metaphors serves as a doneness test because you can ask participants to return to their original metaphors or visions after they create their requirements to see whether their vision has been achieved. Doneness Testing and treasurer, Decision Making. No matter which doneness tests you use, they#039;re not a substitute for your decision rule and decision-making process (see Decision Rules in jackson frontier thesis focused Chapter 6). Your doneness tests check only the desired level of quality of your requirements, so you must follow up with your agreed-upon decision-making process. If a doneness test tells you that you have uncooked requirements, you can still make a decision on how to proceed.

Combining Pre-Work with Doneness Tests: An Example. For one workshop I facilitated, plant managers needed to provide high-level data requirements for financial analysis. There were many complaints about the resume existing data: It was inconsistent, incorrect, late, and more. The primary deliverable for the workshop would be a data model, supplemented by the questions that managers would need to ask to run their plants, streamline operations, and jackson frontier thesis, meet operating targets. Using a spreadsheet, I created a template in which they would enter their plant-management questions along with the business reasons for the questions, the decisions they made based on the answers, and a list of bombshells essay specific data attributes they would need.

During the workshop, a review of those questions led to the discovery of high-level data entities and attributes. We also asked the frederick turner's focused on plant managers to of divorce essay, bring to the workshop a list of the top three reports they used to jackson turner's focused on, help run the business, and abolitionist in america, a list of jackson frontier on their top five wish list reports. Their pre-work served as doneness tests for cause essay their data requirements, which in frederick jackson focused the workshop were listed on wall posters. In subgroups, the managers responded to writing, these questions: Can you get the frederick turner's frontier thesis focused on top three reports using the resume questions you#039;ve created? (If not, write a new question.) Can you get the top three reports with the data shown on the walls? (If not, add all the missing data to the entity#151;we called them data groupings in the workshop#151;to which it belongs.) Will your wish list reports answer the questions you#039;ve created? (If not, add one or more new questions to frederick turner's frontier thesis, get answers.) Will your wish list reports be answered with the abolitionist in america essay data shown on the walls? (If not, add all of the data to the appropriate data grouping.)

In one of my workshops, the frederick frontier focused on decision maker was the business project manager; he was also a subject matter expert. He decided to reach closure on a set of use cases, prototype screens, and cause of divorce essay outline, business rules even though some of the QA answers indicated that the models were not complete. By following the frederick thesis decision-making process, he learned that the paper writing participants, including the software team, supported the current states of the models despite the flaws. He made the decision to declare them good enough, and we moved on to another set of requirements.

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9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell. It’s an easy mistake. Even professional copywriters make it sometimes: writing product descriptions that simply describe your products. Why is it wrong? Because product descriptions need to frederick focused, sell your products. Let’s have a look at nine simple ways to essay, persuade your web visitors with product descriptions that sell.

When you write a product description with a huge crowd of buyers in mind, your descriptions become wishy-washy and you end up addressing no one at frederick turner's frontier thesis, all. The best product descriptions address your ideal buyer directly and personally. You ask and bombshells essay, answer questions as if you’re having a conversation with them. You choose the words your ideal buyer uses. Frederick Turner's. You use the essay word you . This is how Think Geek starts the product description of an LED Flashlight: You know what's sucky about regular flashlights? They only come in two colors: white or that yellowish-white that reminds us of the teeth of an avid coffee drinker. Jackson Frontier On. What fun is bombshells, that kind of flashlight? We'll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL. You know what is jackson turner's thesis on, fun?

Using the Multi-Color LED Flashlight to cast a sickly green glow over labor thesis your face while telling a zombie story around a campfire. No campfire? Make a fake one with the orange light! When it comes to writing your own product descriptions, start by imagining your ideal buyer. What kind of humor does he or she appreciate (if any)? What words does he use? What words does he hate? Is he okay with words like sucky and crappy ? What questions does he ask that you should answer? Consider how you would speak to your ideal buyer if you were selling your product in store, face-to-face.

Now try and incorporate that language into frederick jackson focused your website so you can have a similar conversation online that resonates more deeply. Resume Treasurer. When we sell our own products, we get excited about features and turner's thesis focused on, specifications. We live and breathe our company, our website, and our products. The problem is bombshells essay, our potential buyers are not as interested in mundane features and specs - they want to know what’s in frontier focused, it for them. In America Essay. That’s why you need to highlight the benefits of jackson turner's frontier focused, each feature. This is how Method Home describes one of their hand wash gels: Sometimes the scent of seasonal hand wash is all we need to rouse our holiday spirits. Available in an array of labor productivity thesis, festive fragrances, our naturally derived gel hand wash will leave your hands soft, clean and jackson turner's frontier focused on, ready to be tucked into a pair of resume treasurer, fair isle mittens. It really is the most wonderful time of the frederick jackson focused year.

Method Home suggests that the outline benefit of turner's focused, their soap is not just that your hands become soft and oedipus complex essay, clean, but that the soap actually rouses your holiday spirit making the holidays more festive and therefore more enjoyable. Consider the benefit of turner's frontier on, each of your features. How does your product make your customers feel happier, healthier, or more productive? Which problems, glitches, and hassle does your product help solve? Don’t sell just a product, sell an experience . When we’re stuck for words and don’t know what else to add to our product description, we often add something bland like excellent product quality. That’s a yeah, yeah phrase. As soon as a potential buyer reads excellent product quality he thinks, yeah, yeah, of course; that’s what everyone says.

Ever heard someone describe their product quality as average, not-so-good, or even bad? You become less persuasive when your potential buyer reads your product description and starts saying yeah, yeah to themselves. To avoid this reaction be as specific as possible. Zappos, for instance, doesn’t describe the quality of a pair of oedipus complex, shoes as excellent. Instead they describe each technical detail plus its benefit: None of the thesis focused on bullet points above mention the quality of the product directly, but each point gives you an impression of quality. Each point also follows an easy pattern of bombshells essay, highlighting a feature plus a benefit: genuine hand-sewn construction (feature) durable comfort (benefit) Product details add credibility. Product details sell your product. You can never include too many technical details in frederick turner's, your product descriptions.

Be specific. Superlatives sound insincere unless you clearly prove why your product is the best, the easiest, or the treasurer most advanced. Frederick On. Amazon explains why the Paperwhite is the abolitionist movement in america world’s most advanced e-reader: The word patented gives the reader the impression that this is something special. Frontier Thesis. Amazon goes on to quote several percentages to show why the Paperwhite has better contrast and brilliant resolution; and it provides a killer benefit: Even in bright sunlight, Paperwhite delivers clear, crisp text and images with no glare . If your product is really the oedipus complex best, provide specific proof why this is the case. Frederick Turner's Focused. Otherwise, tone your copy down or quote a customer who says your product is the most wonderful they’ve ever used. 5. Appeal to Your Readers’ Imagination. Scientific research has proven that if people hold a product in their hands, their desire to own it increases. You’re selling online, so your web visitors can’t hold your products. Large, crystal clear pictures or videos can help, but there’s also a copywriting trick to increase desire: let your reader imagine what it would be like to own your product.

Here’s how Think Geek stirs your imagination with an description of their grilling multi tool: There is a person who is the hero of every BBQ or family cookout and paper service, that is the Grill Master. We always looked up to our Mom or Dad as they tended the grill and thesis on, looked forward to the day when we could be in charge of charring the meatstuff and searing delicious slices of fresh pineapple. Abolitionist Movement Essay. Now that we're adults, it's finally our turn and technology has smiled upon us, giving us a tool that is destined to impress. To practice this copywriting technique start a sentence with the frederick turner's focused on word imagine , and finish your sentence (or paragraph) by explaining how your reader will feel when owning and using your product. 6. Cut Through Rational Barriers With Mini-Stories. Including mini-stories in your product descriptions lowers rational barriers against persuasion techniques. In other words, we forget we’re being sold to.

Wine sellers like UK-based Laithwaites often include short stories about wine makers: The Daure family own one of the Roussillon's top properties, the Chateau de Jau. Around the dinner table one Christmas they agreed it was time to spread their wings and look to new wine horizons. Bombshells. The womenfolk (Las Ninas) fancied Chile and thesis on, won out in writing service in us, the end, achieving their dream when they established an estate in the Apalta Valley of jackson turner's frontier, Colchagua. The terroir is excellent and close neighbours of the resume treasurer Chilean star Montes winery. When it comes to telling a story about your products, ask yourself: Who is making the product?

What inspired creating the frederick jackson frontier thesis product? What obstacles did you need to service, overcome to develop the product? How was the product tested? Restaurants have known it for jackson thesis, a long time: sensory words increase sales, because they engage more brain processing power. Here’s an example of chocolate maker Green and Black: Green and Black’s sensory adjectives don’t just refer to taste, but also to sound and touch: crunchy and writing, smooth . Adjectives are tricky words. Often they don’t add meaning to your sentences, and you’re better off deleting them. However, sensory adjectives are power words because they make your reader experience your copy while reading. Dazzle your readers with vivid product descriptions. Think about words like velvety , smooth , crisp , and bright . When your web visitors are unsure about which product to purchase, they look for suggestions what to buy.

They’re often swayed to buy a product with the highest number of positive reviews. But there are other ways to frederick turner's thesis on, sneak social proof into oedipus freud essay your product descriptions. Online furniture seller hints at the popularity of a product: Including an image of a person adds credibility to frederick turner's frontier focused on, a quote; it also makes an online company more personal and approachable encouraging customers to call to get answers to their queries. The above quote carries extra impact because it describes the product as popular. The popularity claim is further supported with a cutting from the press and the phrase press favorite . Most buyers are attracted to cause of divorce outline, buying something that's popular. Frederick Thesis Focused. When it comes to your website, highlight the products that are customer favorites. 9. Make Your Description Scannable.

Is your web design encouraging web visitors to read your product descriptions? Here’s a great example of product description from Innocent Drinks: Packaging your product descriptions with a clear, scannable design makes them easier to read and more appealing to potential customers. Here's some areas to focus on essay when designing yours: Entice your web visitor with headlines; Use easy-to-scan bullet points; Include plenty of white space; Increase your font size to promote readability; How to frederick jackson turner's frontier focused, Write Compelling Product Descriptions. Share your knowledge about labor your product. Tell stories and explain even the tiniest details. Make an effort not to be boring and instead delight your web visitors with seductive descriptions. Most of all, write with enthusiasm because your passion for your products is contagious. Join 407,818 entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to frederick turner's frontier thesis focused on, your inbox. You’ll start receiving free tips and cause essay outline, resources soon. In the meantime, start building your store with a free 14-day trial of Shopify. Join 407,818 entrepreneurs who already have a head start. Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox. You’ll start receiving free tips and resources soon. In the meantime, start building your store with a free 14-day trial of Shopify. Wow great tips! I really like the idea of telling a story and painting a picture.

I think too many people just copy and paste descriptions from a manufacturer. Can#8217;t wait to implement some of this! Great to hear, Janice. Frederick Jackson Turner's Thesis On. Let me know how you get on! This may be the best #8220;how to of divorce essay, write better product descriptions#8221; I#8217;ve ever read. Thanks for not being #8216;fluffy#8217; and frontier, getting right to the point.

Thank you, Adrien. I hate fluffiness :) This is in us, really good info just what i needed, thanks shopify team :) You#8217;re welcome Craig! Glad you found it useful. Jackson. Great info, I believe my site needs some working. The product description we used is factual although perhaps boring..Thank you for the guideline. Most product descriptions are boring. You have a great opportunity to stand out by using a few seductive copywriting tricks. This is a very interesting summary, it motivates to go back to my product pages and radically change the tone used to cause of divorce essay outline, introduce the products. Thanks ! Great! Let us know how you get on? Great post Mark.

Lot#8217;s of excellent points here for us App developers as well. Jackson Turner's Thesis. Thanks. Henneke I am imagining you helping out with our product descriptions and us increasing our sales. How might we set up a call! If you email me we can arrange a call: Henneke [at] Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you. Resume. Thank you for frederick frontier thesis focused, this article! Was a good read.Such obvious tips but often we forget. I#8217;ve downloaded the free e-book (THANK YOU!). Just read the first chapter about visualising the essay ideal customer.

I thought I was quite clear in my head about who that was but then when Henneke asked #8216;What keeps this person up at night?#8217;, #8216;What car do they drive?#8217; made me think perhaps I don#8217;t know this person as well as I should. I am going to take her advice and draw out my two ideal customers and then imagine myself writing to them as suggested. Thanks Team! You#8217;re welcome, Alanna. Frederick Turner's Frontier On. When you find yourself arguing with your ideal reader, you know you#8217;ve visualized her as well as you can! ;-) Hope you enjoy the bombshells book. Turner's Frontier Focused On. Great tips.

Sometimes we think that are products are to benign to write interesting descriptions for, but the examples for the grill tool and the flashlight prove that anything can be cleverly described. Yep, if even a handwash or grill tool description can sound enchanting, then most product descriptions can! Thank you for this article! Was a good read.Such obvious tips but often we forget. I#8217;ve downloaded the free e-book (THANK YOU!). Just read the complex freud first chapter about visualising the ideal customer. I thought I was quite clear in my head about who that was but then when Henneke asked #8216;What keeps this person up at thesis focused on, night?#8217;, #8216;What car do they drive?#8217; made me think perhaps I don#8217;t know this person as well as I should. I am going to take her advice and draw out complex freud my two ideal customers and then imagine myself writing to them as suggested.

Thanks Team! You#8217;re welcome, Alanna. Once you start arguing with your ideal reader about what you#8217;re writing, you know you#8217;ve visualized her well! thanks for jackson turner's frontier thesis on, the perspective, really need to hit the sweet spot of the customer#8230;love the way your blog help me improve#8230; Thanks for a great blog post. While I look forward to reading the free e-book, I#8217;ll address the issue that I face sometimes#8230;let#8217;s say you are going to add 6 new products to your website like a t-shirt. Resume Treasurer. You have the same t-shirt design for men, women, juniors, youth, kids, and toddler sizes. Jackson Turner's Frontier. If you#8217;re going to have 6 different product pages for this same t-shirt design, what do you recommend for writing descriptions for these 6 products that have the same design in common? When I do this, I#8217;m already maxed out on what I can write by complex the time I#8217;ve written copy for the third of the six products. That#8217;s a great question. I#8217;d write them on two or three different days rather than all in one go (if you can plan it like that) Each shirt has a slightly different audience, so I try to focused on, get into abolitionist movement the mind of the buyer and jackson thesis focused on, think about writing in us what would make him or her buy the turner's thesis focused on t-shirt. Thesis. And do they buy it for themselves? Or for their child?

Or is frederick jackson turner's thesis on, it a present? These questions can help you get into a slightly different mindset and in us, picture someone else when you write. I don#8217;t know how standardized your product descriptions are, but you could try using different formats. For instance: start two or three with a question; and the others with a statement. Maybe try to start one with #8220;Picture yourself#8230;#8221; or #8220;Imagine if you#8230;#8221;. Setting yourself creative challenges can help to keep your writing interesting. Frederick Jackson Turner's Frontier Thesis On. E.g. Labor Productivity. use a metaphor in one description or try some rhyme or alliteration in another. I hope you enjoy reading the book! Inspirational as always , ideas that are creative but most of all , give us the potential to be poets of our descriptions , changing a dull engine part into a piece of fine art . Thanks again to our Shopify mentors :-) Outstanding article, Henneke. Frederick Turner's On. You didn#8217;t just explain the 9 ways, but you backed them up with practical examples to demonstrate the point, and make sure we understood exactly how to use them. Very well-written article.

Thank you, Kevin :) This is a great list of tips. What are your thoughts on essay #8220;pain#8221; focused descriptions of frederick jackson turner's frontier thesis on, product. We all respond to removing a problem or an annoyance and paper in us, I#8217;ve found that when your product zeros in and identifies the real pain and how you solve it, tends to convert quite well. Yes, great point, Adeel. #8220;Pain#8221; focused descriptions can be great. If you can address a problem or fear your target audience experiences, then you#8217;re on to a winner! :) Henneke, You nailed it.. Really, truly informative post with some great actionable advice and jackson focused, examples. In Us. Totally loved the focused on way Thinkgeek guys are doing it.

We#8217;re all designers at our office and we follow and get inspired from designer#8217;s e-comm store (like Neil Barrett, Marc Jacobs) and they write very less almost nothing for their products (May be they don#8217;t need to) so for our most of the products we do the same. However, I#8217;ll share your post with every one on the team and shall try to get descriptions right. Huge shout for Shopify for enabling people to cause of divorce, share great content. thanks again for sharing. Designer clothes are interesting. Jackson Turner's Frontier Focused. I#8217;d say that someone like Marc Jacobs doesn#8217;t have to write product descriptions because he sells purely because of his brand name and the looks of movement in america essay, his products. If your brand is not so well-known, you can still benefit from product descriptions.

From a design angle what was your inspiration for a particular shirt, how did you design it? From a quality perspective how are they made? what materials are used? In subtle ways this information (in addition to great product photography of course) can help justify the price you#8217;re asking for your products. Really nice article. It helped me to track my mistakes in writing product descriptions. Well written and helpful. Thanks!

I think I#8217;m going to write my cover letter using these tips #8212; uhh, minus the use of sensual words. Very helpful! Always looking for ways to bring my product alive online. Give three examples of products that are particularly suitable for selling over the. . Why may the Internet work better for replacement buys for new purchases? Fabulous article thanks for turner's thesis on, publishing. My primary sales areas are eBay Amazon, so half the battle is getting people to actually find and resume treasurer, then click onto your listings. Frederick Jackson Frontier Thesis On. The second part of the cause battle is, of course, then converting that initial interest or curiosity into frederick jackson turner's frontier thesis a sale#8230;.. These tips are going to be of massive help to me in taking my business to the next level. Oedipus Complex Freud Essay. I have been incredibly guilty of producing utterly bland generic product descriptions previously, and not actually putting myself in the potential buyer#8217;s shoes.

Our new business plan is very much focused on quality rather than quantity. However what is the point in me sourcing excellent products in order to frederick jackson turner's frontier focused, then do them a complete injustice by not fully appealing to the buyers senses. I want the essay buyer to frederick jackson focused on, be left feeling that they absolutely 100% NEED the product, and i believe your advice will be of great assistance in doing so. Essay. I reiterate a huge thanks for publishing this article. Fabulous informative article.

Made me realise how much work I need to jackson turner's, do on my product descriptions. Just purchased the ebook for labor productivity, further information. Thank you for frontier thesis focused on, sharing for knowledge, What would you recommend when a product is listed on a website in in america, around 30 different colours, each colour being a separate product? Thanks your for frederick turner's thesis on, this information. This will help update my seller profile on oedipus essay Fiverr I#8217;m definitely saving this article! Thanks for sharing, simply useful ideas just what i need.

Can you give me some examples for our alternative chiropractic clinic, we are different in that we use a combination of different treatments that no one else uses, but I can#8217;t get my head around how to word it. Many thanks, love your tips. Ingrid. Jackson Frontier Focused On. First,I found your articles to be quite informative. Instead of the hows and don#8217;ts , I want to thank you for being encouraging to new and experienced entrepreneurs. Your many examples helped me to see that even as a large and experienced company you must be intone with your target market at all times. lastly, I would like to say thanks for taking the time to consider others in the field of business who might not of known that there are still people out there like you,who care and labor thesis, are not out to discourage people who are still trying to get ahead. Frederick Jackson Turner's Frontier On. WOW! This is the abolitionist movement essay first time I#8217;ve ever left a comment on turner's frontier thesis focused on a blog post. Movement. Thank you for jackson turner's thesis focused, this information. So open and honest.

I#8217;m impressed and inspired by the tips you#8217;ve given. I#8217;m going to start working on resume treasurer my website right now! Lol :) would you have presentation material of shopify which I could use so that I would be able to frederick frontier, present shops,its design, look and feel, and usability in front of one of my clients? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Jumping on paper writing this , thank you. Thank you for this reminder.

Enticing descriptions are important for uniqueness with SEO and an overall branding strategy. Gonna improve some of my plain descriptions! Such a useful article, thank you. One piece of frederick turner's frontier focused on, advice I was searching for and didn#8217;t find was how long your product descriptions should be. Bombshells. I have a habit of writing too much (I think but is this helpful to the customer?).

I wonder based on your advice about using bullet points and lots of white space whether you would recommend keeping it short and punchy? Thanks! I stumbled across this article looking for frederick jackson focused, tips on of divorce how to improve my product description copy writing. There#8217;s some fabulous tips here. Really useful thanks for sharing them. Jay. nic and easy and frederick turner's on, various examples blogs. I love this, it really gave more insight on how to describe my products.. I wouldn#8217;t have a clue how to write about clothing. Since I list up from my website directly to eBay I like to write the least.

In this busy world, no one has time to bombshells, read all my comments, so I give just the frederick turner's frontier thesis focused on facts about the item. Any suggestions are welcome. Great copy writing ideas! Thanks for the tutorial. Service. I have been selling products online for frederick frontier on, sometime now and have always felt something was missing. Essay. This article just hit me and now I know exactly what I have to do. Thanks guys! Thank you!

I work with children and am generally funny, but was encouraged to be more serious#8230; Now I feel empowered to be more myself. Thank you for turner's focused, the suggestions and examples, very helpful. This is resume treasurer, totally usuful info that I#8217;ve been looking for I tend to frederick jackson frontier thesis on, write boring descriptions and have been looking for a way to paper writing in us, spice things up thanks so much for sharing. It#8217;s my understanding that google doesn#8217;t search product listings with bullet points. Turner's Frontier Focused On. Inspiring, makes a lot of sense, and very practical. Hey Dear All Guys. I need Your Help Kindly Support me i started a new business of Food Trading but I stuck when company ask me send the business plane i dont hve idea how to write a Impressive Business plan can any one help Me Plx i ill be very thank full Of yours. I can pay you for this Kind. Thesis. Amazing tips.

Brainstorming! nic and easy and various examples blogs. Nice article, i want to try do that, You know every single time I look up ways to get my site out there I always, always come across good content but I said to myself, I am sell a product not writing about how to frederick jackson frontier thesis on, remove cellulite or writing a blog about the killer next door. At the end I give up, For heaven sake, all a product need is a description to say what it is and oedipus, how many grams is in the pot plus ingredients. Frederick Jackson Frontier Focused. But after reading this, I am excited to start that product description writing all over again this time replacing the old with the new that will sell.

Wonderful wonderful article it is my first time to come across a product description content article, all I ever find on the net is blog content. This is a 5 start article, Many many thanks for your time and for sharing. Brilliant article. Oedipus Complex Freud Essay. So helpful for my job. I#8217;ve gone and bought the book for more tips :) Your article was very interesting and informative. Although I will have to find a way to make my products more descriptive. My target audience is children #8212; 5-11 Webkinz, interactive plush toy. I use the frontier focused on manufacturers#8217; description and picture for the individual pets. but the labor thesis purchasers are usually the parents.

Just starting out on shopify, so this is frederick jackson thesis focused on, all new territory for writing service in us, me. Hi Suzan if you need any kind of help to build your store ,get in touch with me on. Thank you. Its a wonderful , i learn something tips ideas how to improve a product to sell my own product design and Looking forward to improve a potential market local and/or abroad#8230; Very nice. Love to frederick frontier thesis on, recommendations and resume, tips. I have several products added to my store and am working on the #8220;about Us#8221; section as well as product descriptions. Thank you for jackson turner's frontier focused, the assistance. Really awesome tips. Bombshells. They invigorate my imagination to come up with headlines, bullet points and story. Really like the idea of sensory words. This is frederick, very helpful in so many ways, this will help me tuns for the idea i have.

This article has given us a great start on figuring out how to labor, write descriptions for our products. Focused. Although it seems like such a big job, we understand the importance of it and we see that our website can use it. Thank you so much for all your comments. Dahlia Weddings and Baptisms. Great great article! Thank you so much for the wisdom. I have just started selling coffee and coffee machines in Kenya. Paper. Could someone please help me in coming up with a catchy tagline for the business? I would also appreciate if someone helped me in coming up with a very captivating product description for frederick jackson frontier thesis focused on, the same. My email address is [email protected]

Thank you and be blessed. Thank you for the great article! Exactly what I was looking for to share with my team :) Really helpful. Thanks a lot ! I really enjoyed all the oedipus freud tips! You absolutely described exactly what I do with my product! My husband thinks that I get way too over turner's frontier thesis the top with my descriptions and little stories and it was a delight of mine too be able to show him your article and abolitionist movement essay, say see I#8217;m not either! Thank you! Really helpful. Want you more successful as well as more creative.

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Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching: How tourists can help save the reef. Last updated 13:40, April 27 2017. Another mass bleaching has affected vast areas of the Great Barrier Reef. The news from the Great Barrier Reef is catastrophic, and has made headline news around the world. In March, scientists from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the Australian Institute of Marine Science announced that – for the first time – the only living organism on Earth that can be seen from frontier focused on, outer space has suffered two consecutive summers of coral bleaching. The worst bleaching last year hit the northernmost, least-visited third of the reef. Treasurer? Since the reef is frontier thesis roughly the resume treasurer same size and shape of Italy, imagine the underwater equivalents of the Dolomites, Venice, Milan, Turin and frederick focused, the Italian lakes being affected. Researcher Grace Frank completing bleaching surveys.

But this year the bleaching has reached the Cairns/Townsville central section of the oedipus complex essay reef – think Rome, Florence, Siena and Pisa – the heart of a $6 billion tourist industry. Dead table corals killed by bleaching on Zenith Reef. Then, just weeks later, Cyclone Debbie destroyed parts of the turner's focused reef near the Whitsunday Islands. Think Sicily. At a time like this, there are only resume two things you can do. Book a trip to see the reef while it is still one the frederick turner's thesis planet's primary travel experiences. The coral reef is under threat from movement essay, record temperatures, over-fishing and pollution. Or join the jackson turner's frontier focused growing number of essay, visitors who want to help save it for future generations.

Which explains why I'm diving 15 metres beneath the frederick jackson turner's frontier thesis focused ocean surface on Flynn Reef filling in my underwater homework. Yep, I've become a voluntraveller. A member of that growing brigade – from teenagers to resume treasurer grandparents – who would rather spend their time doing something useful on holiday than merely lazing on a beach. Green turtles swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland. I've told my divemaster, Simon Uren, that I'll follow behind the three women in our dive party because I've got to count every sea cucumber and every Nemo I see – then record it on my Citizen Science ReefCheck board which I received through the post when I paid my A$25 (NZ$27) and signed up, online, as a REEFSearcher. Fortunately, Uren comes back several times to point out jackson turner's frontier, things I've missed, writing idiot-proof explanations on his own underwater white board. We do three dives that day to Coral Gardens, Gordon's Mooring and Tracy's Bommie, and thanks to of divorce essay outline Uren's patience – and my REEFSearcher role – I see things I've never noticed before, despite three decades of diving. The Reef from above.

Not everyone is impressed though. Over lunch I join three co-divers on the outside deck of SilverSwift (part of the thesis focused on Quicksilver Cruises fleet). One Japanese and two Dutch backpackers confess they are a bit underwhelmed, having had more colourful diving experiences in Thailand, the Maldives or Hawaii. It's so brown, they complain. Why do they call it 'Great'? So let's remind ourselves why the Great Barrier Reef is oedipus of global significance. A clam is seen among the corals at the Great Barrier Reef. Well, apart from its sheer size at jackson frontier thesis focused, roughly 345,000 square metres, no other reef has so much biodiversity. It has more coral species, more fish species, more turtle species than anywhere else on earth. Unlike Hawaii or the Maldives, for example, (where coral atolls have grown up around huge underwater volcanoes providing a buffer against the ocean's might), the current Great Barrier Reef has endured for at least 6000 years.

The Great Barrier Reef in all its glory. Tiny brainless animals, mostly the size of a rice grain, have formed colonies, lived, died, and essay, formed a massive, self-perpetuating undersea cemetery of their calcium carbonate skeletons. It may be the world's largest reef system, but it actually consists of over jackson turner's frontier thesis, 2900 individual reefs, and 900 islands from bombshells, Cape York in the north to Bundaberg in the south. That's around 2600 kilometres. Peter Gash, owner and manager of the Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort, snorkels during an inspection of the reef#039;s condition. As for frederick turner's frontier the brown, earthy colours of most of the coral here on the reef, that's how healthy coral should look (more of which later). Yet there's no doubt the reef is facing unprecedented challenges – all linked to human activity. The coral bleaching is a reaction to abolitionist in america essay higher water temperatures, caused by global warming. Devastating cyclones such as Yasi in 2011 and Debbie in March have become more frequent and more intense, another consequence of global warming. Vlasoff Cay, Queensland.

The Great Barrier Reef has dozens of tiny specks on the map. Finally, the Great Barrier Reef is jackson turner's thesis focused on subject to an infestation of coral-devouring crown-of-thorns starfish and the less well-known Drupella snail, which is more of freud essay, a problem on Western Australian reefs. Scientists say the starfish have reached plague proportions because of the jackson nutrients from agricultural fertilisers being washed into the ocean. So if you're just as anxious to oedipus freud save the reef as you are to turner's frontier see it before it disappears, what can you do? EXPERT WITNESS 1: RICHARD FITZPATRICK. Apart from cause essay outline, its sheer size at roughly 345,000 square metres, no other reef has so much biodiversity. Marine biologist at James Cook University. Multi-award winning documentary director and underwater cameraman. He's worked for the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery. And shot the animal sequences in Sir David Attenborough's final documentary series, David Attenborough's Great Barrier Reef broadcast on ABC in 2016.

I've just started shooting my first 3D documentary, Fitzpatrick explains. It's for IMAX. The market now wants Great Barrier Reef films desperately. A view of the jackson frontier focused Great Barrier Reef from the air. He's already shown me the swimming pool-sized coral aquarium he built for the Attenborough series and the purpose-built mangrove filter pumping system that ensures the water quality in the aquarium is essay as perfect as possible (See that baby crocodile among the jackson frontier focused mangrove roots? He's here for some footage I need to shoot next week.) Nearby are the abolitionist tanks where he captured the frederick thesis on first slo-mo sequences of treasurer, Nemo and friends hatching (and Mantis shrimps mating) for the Attenborough series. I've been snorkelling on frederick jackson turner's focused on the reef since I was six, says the Cairns local. Snorkeling is one of the more popular ways to get a close look at the Great Barrier Reef. We've definitely seen the death of our inner reefs. Labor? As a kid I'd snorkel on the inshore reefs.

They were great, but they're all under mud now because of dredging, agriculture and urban development. The outer reef has survived, but it is being assaulted on frederick turner's frontier so many fronts. Cyclones, crown-of-thorns starfish, and now global warning which is causing these unprecedented bleaching events. David thought he was coming to the end of in america essay, his career, and frederick jackson, wanted to finish where he'd started – on the reef. Diving the Great Barrier Reef. But he was also determined to spell out the threats to the reef. He's been very active in the past few years filling in the background to his documentaries. The BBC didn't address environmental issues in the locations where he filmed until recently. But David has realised those documentaries suggest to cause of divorce viewers that nature is doing fine. Turner's Frontier Thesis? So he's insisting now that his films have a healthy dose of reality.

Fitzpatrick says while the most recent bleaching has been described as the second in two years it has just been one long coral bleaching event for 18 months. We didn't have a winter, so the bombshells essay water temperature hardly dipped below 25C in winter and below 30C in summer which meant the coral didn't have any respite. People don't realise that when corals are bleaching, they're still alive. Corals get their colour, energy and food from a form of photosynthetic plant called zooxanthellae, which is why so many corals are autumnal colours – browns and greens. But when the turner's frontier focused water temperature stays too hot for too long, the essay corals expel the zooxanthellae.

So the corals start to turner's frontier focused on starve to death. There are four stages of coral bleaching. Freud? Amazingly the frederick jackson turner's frontier on second stage is when the complex freud corals are at their most colourful and vibrant. Sadly, the third stage is the forced evacuation of all the frederick jackson turner's focused zooxanthellae, leaving the corals devoid of service in us, colour, with only their transparent skeletons showing brilliant white in the underwater depths. And the fourth stage? After a week or two, death.

TIP ON HOW YOU CAN HELP THE REEF. Not everyone can afford a trip to Cairns, but Fitzpatrick recommends signing on for a new initiative, Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, which will launch in July. Headed by turner's frontier thesis Andy Ridley (the founder of Earth Hour) and backed by the federal government, Queensland government, GBRMPA and paper service in us, James Cook University, the new body will co-ordinate an array of turner's thesis focused on, ways people across the globe can take action to protect the reef. Resume? See EXPERT WITNESS 2: SIMON UREN. Dive master on SilverSwift (owned by Quicksilver Cruises) which employs an on-board marine biologist to brief guests, plus a diver dedicated to collecting crown-of-thorns starfish and Drupella snails. Admittedly Uren is at a disadvantage because we're conversing underwater, and I am so pre-occupied with filling in my REEFSearch chart I sometimes fail to spot his diving checks. You don't need to jackson thesis be a diver: snorkellers and reef walkers can also take part in REEFSearch. So let's keep it simple.

When you enrol online as a REEFSearcher, you'll be sent a pack containing a cool underwater identification chart and a REEFSearch field guide. The field guide makes fascinating reading. Movement? There are six categories of organism a REEFSearcher needs to identify: anemone fish; fish larger than 20 centimetres long; giant clams; sea cucumbers; sea urchins and crown-of-thorns starfish. Who knew Nemos are endangered because they are harvested outside Australia for the aquarium trade, and that the anemones they hide in are one of the frederick jackson turner's first indicators of coral bleaching? Or that giant clams are so sensitive to bombshells essay changes in water quality that they're an ideal indicator of reef health. As for sea cucumbers?

Apparently they are a delicacy in many countries, but taste of fish poo – because that's the frederick jackson frontier focused on core diet of these vacuum cleaners of the ocean. Uren also points out oedipus complex, other environmental challenges on our three dives. Look, there's our first Drupella snail. It's Shaun's job to collect these, but it's his day off. In a normal day he could collect 1000. And that triggerfish tearing away at that plate coral? He's a parrot fish, a big beak with crushing plates behind.

He's a natural predator of Drupella snails. Yet, in thesis focused, searching for the snails, he's destroying the coral. TIP ON HOW YOU CAN HELP THE REEF. Sign up as a REEFSearcher, run by Reef Check Australia. A 10-minute video explains how it works (

The registered charity also offers full or part-time (heavily subsidised) courses in Cairns, Townsville, Port Douglas, the Sunshine Coast and bombshells essay, Brisbane for both snorkellers and scuba divers who want to take their commitment a stage further. Jackson Thesis On? Plus an EcoDiver course that is internationally recognised. EXPERT WITNESS 3: GARETH PHILLIPS. South African-born Phillips runs ReefTeach in the Cairns CBD. Another marine biologist with a Masters degree, his primary service is a passionate, two-hour illustrated and highly entertaining presentation explaining the intricacies of the reef (A$23 per paper writing service adult, A$60 per family). Frederick Frontier Thesis Focused On? He also offers an Underwater Naturalist Program with private marine biologist guide (A$450 per day, plus the cost of the cause reef excursion). See Saturday evening in Cairns and I'm the only Australian who has signed on for the ReefTeach information show whose motto is With learning comes appreciation.

The other 25 in jackson thesis, the audience vary in labor productivity, age, scientific knowledge and nationality. Most are backpackers or honeymooners, though a retired Canadian couple and an older Dutch woman ask Phillips the most insightful questions. He goes on to describe the bad science in the Finding Nemo movie. Once Nemo's mum died, his hermaphrodite dad, Marlin, would have turned female – one of eccentricities of clown fish. Some of these ReefTeach guests will never venture out to the reef itself because they get sea-sick or can't swim. Frederick Jackson Frontier Focused On? Others want to learn more about the oedipus essay reef before they choose which of many reef adventures to book out of Cairns. I'm doing his Underwater Naturalist Program so we meet at frederick jackson turner's frontier thesis on, 8.45am on paper service in us Sunday at the Cairns Esplanade Reef Fleet Terminal. As we walk along the frontier focused on pier towards our vessel, he quizzes me on what I remember from the treasurer lecture. Sure, I now know a coral polyp is a living animal – an upside-down jelly fish that can vary from the size of an angel on a pinhead to frederick frontier focused on a saucer-sized mushroom.

Yes, I recall there are no great white sharks this far north as the water temperature is too balmy (as it was even before global warming). And yes, I remember that those tiny cleaner wrasse keep the writing in us fish on the reef healthy by eating all the parasites on fish, big and frederick frontier on, small. Once our boat reaches Paradise reef off Michaelmas Cay, we start donning our snorkel gear. Labor? My job as a marine biologist is to show my clients what I am looking for, and share those insights with them, Phillips says. It's high tide when we start snorkelling, with a strong wind blowing. It can reach up to 30km/h – worse in a cyclone. Phillips prefers to guide snorkelling trips rather than diving trips because it's easier to bob to the surface and exchange information.

So what do we see? The depth of the jackson focused on coral bleaching is alarming me now. In America? Last year it was confined to the top six metres, Phillips says. Jackson Focused On? This year, it is already deeper. Yet there's so much to see.

That fire coral? I now know not to touch it after the lecture last night: It's like sticking your hand into a roaring fire. That unicorn fish? I didn't notice it until Phillips pointed it out. That coral war – with three different types of coral communities competing for the same patch of territory? Who knew coral could be so belligerent? ReefTeach is bombshells essay also launching its first Great Barrier Reef Marine Discovery Program for volunteers who want to work with professional marine biologists to conduct science on the reef. See TIP ON HOW YOU CAN HELP THE REEF. Phillips recommends you choose a company which displays the Eco Certified Advanced Ecotourism logo (not just Eco Certified logo).

See Frederick Jackson Turner's Frontier On? You might have to in us pay A$30 more than the cheapest Great Barrier Reef trips, but you'll learn so much more. EXPERT WITNESS 4: RUSSELL HOSP. Denver, Colorado, is about as far as you can get from the ocean in the US, but he's lived in Australia for the past 11 years and frederick turner's thesis, now has a Masters in resume treasurer, Public Relations and Sustainable Tourism. He's also the Environmental Sustainability Manager aboard Passions of Paradise, a catamaran. Frontier Thesis? Hosp is productivity thesis giving me an frederick frontier thesis focused on, introductory course into the Eye On The Reef checklist – the paper writing service in us underwater citizen science program run by the GBR Marine Park Authority (a similar checklist to REEFSearch, but more intensive). Gobies are the Tim-Tams of the frederick jackson turner's focused on Reef, Hosp tells me before we snorkel off the bird sanctuary that is Michaelmas Cay. Productivity Thesis? They're a quick snack.

The bottom of the jackson turner's thesis food chain. They have three functions in life: eat, make more little gobies, and avoid being eaten. Hosp is making the point that visitors to the reef are often disappointed they don't see bigger, more colourful fish. But without gobies, there would be no bigger species. We go through the checklist again before we venture into the water. Since I've passed the online volunteer test, I'm already up to the second level of the resume Eye On The Reef qualification. Frederick Jackson? (Of course, Hosp is much higher on the EOTR food chain – he's often sent out on special missions to check out the results of the oedipus complex essay data non-scientists like me are recording). But this afternoon we have two missions to complete.

Our first joint exercise is to snorkel for frederick turner's focused 10 minutes and record what we witness. Then Hosp points out a giant clam, a sign of how good the water quality is, those grazing butterfly fish, the kangaroos of the sea, keeping the plant life under control, and that Maori wrasse, the biggest reef fish in the world. Ten minutes later, we're doing the Eye On The Reef 360 degree test. In America? Essentially, this means picking an area roughly the frederick jackson frontier focused size of a tennis court and checking the condition of the essay coral. It's a lot more complicated to describe than it is to do it. TIP ON HOW YOU CAN HELP THE REEF. Join the Eye On The Reef program. See EXPERT WITNESS 5: STEVE MOON. Project manager for the crown-of-thorns-starfish control program run by the Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators which has culled 460,000 of the pests since 2012.

Commercial dive and snorkelling operators are responsible for culling crown-of-thorns starfish and jackson thesis, Drupella snails on the reefs they visit. But they are reinforced by a full-time dedicated team, run by the association and funded by labor the Department of the Environment which go out onto the reef for 10 days at a time aboard two ships, Hero and Venus. Divers target infestations on reefs visited by turner's thesis focused tourists, priority reefs which propagate coral larvae, and complex freud, known breeding areas for the starfish. The biggest of frederick thesis on, these starfish we've found was 1.3 metre across – that's the size of a truck tyre, Moon explains. And each one can eat its own body size in coral every day.

Unlike, say, the writing in us cane toad which is an thesis, introduced species, these jellyfish occur naturally in the GBR. Resume? But their numbers have swollen hugely due to heavy nutrients in the ocean caused by frederick turner's frontier run-off from fertilised agricultural properties. The crown-of-thorns infestation is now just off the oedipus complex freud Cairns coast, but they are moving south towards Townsville. They'll eventually reach the Whitsundays. Our mission is to cull as many as we can to suppress their numbers before the coral spawning event in October/November. TIP ON HOW YOU CAN HELP THE REEF. Tourism contributes around A$10 million to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority via the environmental management charge which is collected by every reef operator as part of the jackson turner's focused on ticket price.

Indirectly, that goes towards conservation projects such as the crown-of-thorns-starfish control program. So just by taking a trip to the reef, you're helping. EXPERT WITNESS 6: MIKE BALL. Owner of cause of divorce essay outline, Mike Ball Dive Expeditions in Cairns, Queensland's longest-running dive operator and frederick turner's focused, an inductee into the International Scuba Diving Hall of freud essay, Fame. Ball has run shark feeding dive trips in the Coral Sea since 1981 when he became the first operator in Cairns to have a live-aboard dive boat (his current vessel is the luxurious Spoilsport). Shark feeding isn't allowed within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, so Ball offers four and seven-day trips to Osprey Reef, one of the turner's frontier thesis focused on most spectacular dive sites in the world with spectacular wall drop-offs teeming with sharks – white-tips, grey whalers, hammerheads and oceanic silver tips. There are three types of shark interaction.

For the passive experience, a bait crate (containing tuna heads) is lowered to essay a depth of around 15 metres surrounded by divers, but the thesis focused food is not released. Outline? The sharks are attracted by the food, but are just cruising, Ball explains. The second experience is more frenetic. Once the food is released, the sharks literally go into frederick jackson frontier thesis on, a feeding frenzy. And if you're really committed you can opt for the Shark Shooter option, when keen underwater photographers really get up close and personal with scores of different sharks getting to labor thesis within a couple of metres of the submarine snappers. Why does this count as eco-tourism? And how does this help the reef? Because sharks are pelagic fish which cruise the frederick thesis oceans (and the GBR) – unlike reef fish which stay within their coral confines. They're top of the food chain in of divorce essay, the reef – apart from frederick jackson turner's frontier thesis focused, humans, obviously. So the more we know about them, the better for the long-term sustainability of the reef.

The value of sharks to tourism in Australia is worth far more per kilo than the price they reach down at the fish markets where they're sold as flake for fish and chips, says Ball. Each diver commits to paper service in us paying A$5 a day for the time they're on Spoilsport to marine research, and the data we collect when we're diving is sent back to marine biologists at James Cook University. If sharks aren't appealing, what about Antarctic minke whales? These wonderful mammals – the second smallest species of baleen whales – gather off Ribbon Reef, between Steve's Bombe and Cod Hole, for six weeks every June and July. These are Ball's most popular dive trips of the year, with scientists now successfully tagging the minkes to discover their annual migration patterns. You'd prefer something more unusual? What about the company's Nautilus Expeditions, run in conjunction with researchers from Central Queensland University? Nautilus are deep sea creatures, the frederick turner's on size of a wheel on a kid's cycle, and deeply mysterious – related to the octopus and in america essay, squid.

Or perhaps you want cute? Raine Island (named because it apparently looks like a single drop of rain) is recognised as the largest rookery of green sea turtles in the world. There are other places on the reef to see turtles hatch and frederick jackson frontier thesis, waddle to the sea, braving the bombshells essay birds who feed on them. So do yourself a favour. Make your own video and pretend you're David Attenborough. TIP ON HOW YOU CAN HELP THE REEF. Plastic bags affect many creatures, but none more than the frederick frontier thesis turtle. Because they feed on cause of divorce jellyfish, they often mistake plastic bags for a decent meal. The lucky ones die quickly. Most die slowly of starvation, their stomachs unable to frontier digest the oedipus freud real food they've eaten. The Port Douglas-based Tangaroa Blue Foundation (founded in 2004) is part of the jackson turner's Australian Marine Debris Initiative, organising beach and abolitionist movement in america, wetland clean-ups around the nation.

There's also a citizen science aspect to the rubbish removal: with the data being used by Tangaroa Blue researchers to work out jackson frontier, where the rubbish comes from, to address the problem at its source.