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Dissertation roman sujet

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Dissertation Sur Le Roman De …

Dissertation roman sujet

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Amorce De Dissertation Sur Le Roman

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Amorce De Dissertation Sur Le Roman

– Rare Records – Rare Rock, Jazz and RB Albums. Butcher Cover – The Beatles’ Best-Known Album. A promotional poster for the Yesterday and Today album. Record collecting is roman, a vast hobby, and often an dream essay, obscure one. Sujet? The prices that collectors pay for certain records would likely baffle a large segment of the public, and many valuable records are those by artists that aren’t even well known to the public at large. There’s one huge exception to that, however. The original release of the album Yesterday and Today by the Beatles, with the so-called “Butcher cover”, is one of the most widely recognized valuable albums in buy an essay review the world, and one that is known to many non collectors. It’s also an album that many people who don’t specifically collect records by dissertation, the Beatles would love to have in their collection… …all because of the by usb album’s cover, rather than the content. The Yesterday and Today album, released in June 1966, was originally printed with a cover depicting the Beatles dressed in roman butcher smocks, surrounded by pieces of raw meat and resume plastic doll parts. Due to public outrage, the album was quickly withdrawn and dissertation sujet the cover replaced by one with a more modest design.

The value of the copies of essay review Yesterday and Today with a Butcher cover lies with the cover itself; the records within them are relatively common. For those interested in owning a Butcher cover, there is both good news and bad news. The good news is that Capitol Records produced the better part of a million copies of that album in 1966. The bad news is that many of those covers were either destroyed or altered, and the surviving examples can often sell for a breathtaking amount of money on the collector’s market. In this article, we’re going to discuss the infamous Butcher cover in dissertation sujet detail, outlining the history of the album and cover, the various versions of the album that exist, how to identify one, and puritan essay the value of the dissertation Butcher cover in the collector’s market. Browse by by grace paley essay, Category. Click any of the links below to jump to each category: Clicking on any image will open a larger version in a new window.

Yesterday and Today Album History. The final version of dissertation roman Yesterday and Today with the Trunk cover. From January, 1964, when Capitol Records released Meet the Beatles in America, through the August, 1966, release of resume by usb device Revolver, the roman sujet Beatles’ American albums differed in buy an review content, and sometimes in cover art and title, from their British counterparts. This was mostly due to different industry practices within those two countries. In Britain, albums usually contained fourteen songs, and usually did not contain songs that had been previously released as singles. The reasoning for this was that the dissertation roman public would not be interested in buying expensive albums that contained songs that they had already purchased as singles. In America, albums usually contained twelve songs, and essay it was quite common for albums to dissertation roman contain songs that had previously been released as singles. In Britain, the Beatles and their record company, Parlophone, carefully planned out thesis consultant, their releases, choosing songs that were intended to dissertation sujet be released as singles while assigning others to outline albums. In the United States, Capitol Records, spurred on by the tidal wave of Beatlemania, was interested in releasing as many albums as possible, with twelve tracks, of course, rather than the fourteen used in Britain.

Fewer tracks meant greater profits and fewer royalties to pay. These independent decisions led to significant differences in the Beatles’ catalog in the two countries, with far more albums being released in the United States than in Britain. By putting singles and their B-sides on albums and by cutting the number of dissertation tracks from fourteen to twelve, Capitol occasionally found themselves with enough tracks left over from various projects to release a unique album to be released only in an optimistic person the United States and sujet Canada. One of these albums was Yesterday and Today , which was scheduled for release on June 20, 1966. Yesterday and thesis consultant Today was an album planned by the American record company and was compiled with little, if any, input from the Beatles themselves. The tracks were taken from a variety of sources: “Act Naturally” and “Yesterday” were originally on the UK version of the sujet 1965 LP Help!, but had been omitted from the U.S. Version. “Drive My Car”, “If I Needed Someone”, “Nowhere Man” and for an “What Goes On” were taken from the UK version of the 1965 LP Rubber Soul and had been left off of the roman sujet American version of the album.

“Day Tripper” and “We Can Work It Out” had been released as a single and in the UK, those two songs had not been intended to appear on for an argumentative essay an album. “And Your Bird Can Sing”, “Doctor Robert”, and “I’m Only Sleeping” were tracks intended for the then-unreleased Revolver album, which wouldn’t be released until August, 1966. The completed track lineup is listed below. The album was given the title “ Yesterday and Today ” to take advantage of the dissertation roman sujet song “Yesterday”, which had reached #1 on the American charts in October, 1965. The Beatles were reportedly unhappy with the by usb way that Capitol records reconfigured their intended releases, but were unable to do anything about it. This was eventually resolved when the group signed a new contract in 1967, and all releases from that time forward were identical in roman both the puritan essay U.S. and the UK. As for roman sujet Yesterday and Today, the thesis consultant Beatles likely knew as little as the American public about the content of the album prior to its release.

The back cover for all versions of Yesterday and Today. “Act Naturally” (Morrison–Russell) – 2:27. “And Your Bird Can Sing” – 2:02. “If I Needed Someone” (George Harrison) – 2:19. “What Goes On” (Lennon–McCartney–Richard Starkey) – 2:44. With the track listings for Yesterday and Today all set, the only thing left for Capitol to do was come up with a cover design for the album. The Original Cover Design – The Butcher Cover. As Yesterday and Today was intended to be a North American-only release (it would also be released in Canada), Capitol did not have cover art on hand, and requested that the band’s management provided them with suitable artwork for the album cover. The photos supplied came from a photo shoot that the band had done in March, 1966 with photographer Robert Whitaker, which were originally intended to be used for a piece of conceptual art called A Somnambulant Adventure.

For these photos, the Beatles were dressed in butcher smocks and sat on or stood around a bench while surrounded with parts from roman sujet, plastic dolls and raw meat. Though these photos were not taken with the intention of using them for an album cover, the band’s management submitted them to Capitol, and samuel by grace essay one of the photos was chosen to be used for the cover of the roman Yesterday and Today album. Whitaker had no idea that he’d inadvertently created the Butcher cover. Butcher Covers Are Shipped And Withdrawn. A copy of the letter Capitol sent to by usb device reviewers asking for the albums to dissertation roman sujet be returned. As Beatles albums had continued to samuel by grace paley essay sell well since their arrival in America in dissertation roman sujet early 1964, Capitol had high hopes for sales of Yesterday and Today . In anticipation of this, the company printed some 750,000 covers at their three pressing plants – Los Angeles, California, Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Jacksonville, Illinois. An Optimistic Person? The front cover slicks for the cover were printed on roman a special paper with a slightly rough texture, and thesis consultant the photo used was given a slightly grainy appearance in order to sujet make the puritan dream finished cover look somewhat as though it had been painted on sujet canvas.

At the time of the release of Yesterday and Today , record companies in samuel paley America were still pressing records in roman sujet both stereo and mono, as stereo records were playable only on stereo equipment and most buyers only had mono record players. Because of this, approximately 80%-90% of the finished covers were in mono, with the remainder in stereo. Several hundred copies of the finished Yesterday and Today album were shipped to radio stations and reviewers in order to help the resume by usb album receive press attention prior to release. Dissertation Roman Sujet? Most of the remaining copies were shipped to distributors around the samuel country. Reaction to the album from the few people who received advance copies was predictably hostile, and distributors and retailers expressed concern about the cover art. As the album’s release date approached, Sir Joseph Lockwood, the chairman of EMI, the company that owned Capitol Records, made the decision to roman recall the album. Distributors and resume by usb device reviewers were asked to dissertation roman sujet return all copies of the buy an essay review album to Capitol Records, as described in an article in a contemporaneous article in Billboard magazine about the struggles of distributors to return the albums with the dissertation roman Butcher cover to the record company. It’s worth noting that while the copies of the puritan essay Butcher cover that were sent to reviewers ahead of the release date are valuable, so is the letter from Capitol requesting that the album be returned to dissertation roman them.

While photocopies of the “Butcher cover recall letter” are common, collectors have paid several thousand dollars for original copies of the recall letter. An alternate version of the replacement cover, used on the 8 track tape of Yesterday and Today. Capitol quickly came up with a replacement cover design; this one was much more innocuous and depicted the band surrounding a steamer trunk. This image may have been considered for use as the original cover of the album, and several different prototype cover slicks exist with slight variations on essay an optimistic person this image. The decision then needed to be made as to what to do about the returned albums, that had the design that would soon be known as the “Butcher cover.” The decisions as to dissertation sujet what to consultant do about the covers may have been made at the corporate level or by individual plant managers. At the sujet Jacksonville, Illinois, plant, all of the returned copies had the records removed and the covers were reportedly taken to a landfill, where they were dumped into a hole that was then filled with water. At the puritan dream Los Angeles and Scranton plants, a different decision was reached – the cover slicks with the new artwork would be pasted over the existing “ Butcher cover ” slicks. This process proved to be less expensive than reprinting the covers completely, but was also more time consuming. Not only was the process of aligning a new slick over dissertation the old one rather precisely a difficult task, but the finished covers then had to be trimmed at the mouth (the right edge) to account for any misalignment at the opening of the cover. Once the covers were either reprinted (Jacksonville) or modified (Los Angeles and argumentative Scranton), the albums were again shipped to distributors for their June 20, 1966 release date.

It has been estimated that the cost (in 1966 dollars) of Capitol’s recall of Yesterday and Today cost the dissertation sujet company some $250,000, and effectively wiped out any profits the company was likely to see from the album in the foreseeable future. It’s worth noting that the Butcher cover was released in the United States only in the vinyl format. Reel to reel tape and 8 track tape versions of the album were not issued until about a month after the record. By this time, the decision to use the outline for an argumentative essay second cover had already been made. Cassette copies of Yesterday and Today were not released until two years later and all of them were issued with the dissertation sujet trunk cover photo. Album Release And Reception. Despite the thesis problems with the cover, the album was released as scheduled, and promptly went to #1 on the American Billboard album charts, where it remained for five weeks. Dissertation? The album was soon certified gold for amassing more than $1 million in gross sales.

On the day of release, the album that most buyers saw in the stores was the dream essay second cover with the steamer trunk photo. Probably half of those actually had Butcher cover slicks underneath them. A small handful of sujet original copies with the exposed Butcher cover slick were sold at retail, though it has been estimated that only a few hundred were sold this way. There have been a couple of copies offered for buy an essay sale on the market over the years that still had both the original shrink wrap and price sticker intact, demonstrating that at least a few copies of the original cover did reach store shelves. Collectors and Butcher Covers. Reproduction of a proposed alternate album cover. The fact that the dissertation sujet original covers for Yesterday and Today were withdrawn and thesis replaced wasn’t a secret, and the public soon discovered that many of them had purchased albums that had a cover with a second cover underneath. Not only that, but it was fairly easy to see the old cover under the new one on most copies, as the new cover was mostly white and the cover underneath was quite a bit darker. Roman? In addition, due to the haste with which the new slicks were applied to the old covers, many covers had trunk slicks that were slightly misaligned, making it even more obvious that there was another cover underneath the trunk cover. A few enterprising individuals discovered that steam from a tea kettle could be carefully applied to the cover, which allowed the trunk slick to be removed and for an argumentative the Butcher cover underneath to dissertation roman be exposed. Outline For An Argumentative Essay? With time, the glue used to attach the trunk cover slicks became pretty secure, and dissertation attempts to samuel paley peel the covers using steam became less successful, resulting in thousands of badly damaged and roman sujet largely useless Butcher covers.

Within a few months, all of the “pasteover” copies of an optimistic Yesterday and Today had been sold, and by the end of 1966, all of the dissertation sujet copies seen in stores were copies that were manufactured with the trunk cover only. Butcher Cover Terminology. By January, 1967, four distinctly different versions of Yesterday and Today were in existence. These were the original issues with the “Butcher cover” photo, the second version of the album, with the trunk cover slick pasted over the Butcher cover, the buyer-created versions with the buy an trunk cover removed, and roman sujet the fourth version, which was manufactured with the trunk cover slick. While all versions of the album are currently sought out by samuel, collectors, the first issues are unquestionably the most prized and the most valuable. The second issue is also quite valuable, and the third issue may or may not be, depending on condition. The fourth version is of interest only to dissertation sujet hard-core Beatles collectors and people who simply like the Yesterday and Today album, which, the opinion of the Beatles themselves notwithstanding, is a pretty good collection of songs.

First State Butcher Covers. A rare stereo First State Butcher cover. The original issues of Yesterday and Today , which never had the puritan dream trunk slick pasted over them, are among the most valuable and sought out albums in all of record collecting. While 750,000 of them were printed, most were either destroyed or had trunk cover slicks pasted over them. In the end, only a few hundred examples of these first issues survive today.

Among collectors, this version of Yesterday and dissertation roman Today is known as a “First State” issue. These First State issues exist in both stereo and resume by usb device mono, as do all later versions of the Yesterday and Today album pressed through early 1968. After that, the album was available in stereo only roman (with the trunk cover, of course.) First State stereo issues of the samuel paley Butcher cover are much rarer than their mono counterparts, and outnumber them by a ratio of roughly 10:1. Second State Butcher Covers. A mono copy of a Second State Butcher cover. The copies of Yesterday and Today that were shipped to stores with trunk cover slick pasted over dissertation the Butcher cover slick (and still have them attached) are known as Second State Butcher covers. Second State issues are much more common than First State issues, as several hundred thousand copies were probably shipped to distributors and retailers in 1966. While Second State Butcher covers were common in 1966, they’re significantly harder to find a half a century later.

Over time, many of these albums have ended up in the trash, as albums often do, and quite a few of outline for an argumentative them were likely owned and eventually discarded by people who had no idea that they owned a version of the Butcher cover. Even among surviving examples of dissertation roman sujet Butcher covers, Second State Butcher covers have become more rare over time, as many people have peeled them to reveal the dream original Butcher cover underneath, often with varying degrees of success. Because of peeling and general attrition, Second State Butcher covers are somewhat scarce today. As with First State issues, Second State Butcher covers are significantly more common in mono than they are in stereo. Third State Butcher Covers. A nicely peeled “third state” Butcher cover. The term “Third State Butcher cover” refers to a Second State cover that has had the trunk cover removed. Third State copies of Yesterday and Today tend to come in the most broad range of conditions of all the variations of the album. Third State versions that have been professionally peeled often appear, at first glance, to roman sujet be First State issues.

On the other hand, Third State copies that have been badly peeled by amateurs are frequently in horrible condition, and we’ve seen examples where parts of both slicks were removed, leaving bare cardboard in places that were originally covered by the Butcher cover slick. On the plus side, poorly-peeled Third State examples of the Butcher cover are often the consultant most affordable variation for collectors, as poorly-peeled examples might sell for less than 10% of the price of a professionally peeled Third State cover. The Yesterday and Today Trunk Covers. The final version of Yesterday and Today with the dissertation roman Trunk cover. The final version, which is not referred to as a “Fourth State” version of review Yesterday and Today , is simply known as the “Trunk Cover.” These are the versions of the album that were printed after all of the roman sujet Second State copies had been shipped. Consultant? Trunk cover versions of Yesterday and Today have only one slick attached to the front cover and never had the original Butcher cover slick mounted underneath.

The photos used for the trunk cover were from a photo shoot that was taken shortly after the shoot that produced the dissertation sujet original Butcher cover photos. Capitol printed test slicks of several variations of the trunk cover before settling on one that had an all white background. The version with the purple surrounding the resume device trunk was used on the 8 track version of the album, however. This cover was used on all copies of Yesterday and Today from June, 1966 until the late 1980s, when the album was deleted by Capitol as part of the company’s move to unify the American and British Beatles catalog. Identifying A Butcher Cover. Closeup of a Second State Butcher cover. Roman Sujet? Ringo’s collar can be seen as indicated. It would seem pretty straightforward to identify a Butcher cover; after all, it has that photo on the front, right? That’s true of First State issues, which are easily identifiable as Butcher covers. It’s also true of Third State versions, as the trunk cover has been peeled to reveal the on being Butcher cover slick underneath. On the dissertation roman sujet other hand, it can be difficult to distinguish a Second State Butcher cover from a later trunk cover issue, and we’ve seen numerous trunk cover copies offered for sale over the years by unsure sellers who listed it for sale with the phrase “may be a Butcher cover.”

It is actually fairly easy to distinguish between a Second State Butcher cover and a run-of-the-mill trunk cover, and once you know how to tell the difference, it becomes quite obvious. Parts of the for an argumentative essay artwork on sujet the original cover were black, while large portions of the outline for an trunk cover are white. On Second State issues, there is one part of the roman sujet cover in thesis particular where the original Butcher cover can be seen through the white part of the trunk cover slick. In the original Butcher cover photo, Ringo Starr was wearing a black turtleneck sweater underneath his white butcher smock and the part of the roman sujet turtleneck that appears in that photo is triangular in shape. On Second State issues, the part of the trunk cover slick that is directly above that black triangular area is all white. On Second State covers, this black triangle is always visible through the trunk cover, and it appears about 2 1/4” below the letters “oda” in the word “Today” in the album’s title. Assuming that you’re in a room with good light or outside in sunlight, the on being an optimistic triangular area will be plainly visible.

You won’t have to sujet strain or struggle to see it; if you can’t see it, then you’re holding a later trunk cover version of the device album. Many later trunk cover issues of Yesterday and Today have a red emblem in this same location, indicating that the dissertation roman sujet album received a gold record award from the Recording Industry Association of America for achieving more than $1 million in sales. If this emblem appears on the cover, then the album in question is NOT a Second State Butcher cover. If you do find that you’re holding a Second State Butcher cover, it’s also possible to tell which pressing plant made the album. If you examine the lower right hand corner of the back cover, you will see a small logo for the RIAA. Next to buy an essay this logo is a number. Dissertation? The number will identify the pressing plant. 2 – A stereo cover that came from the by grace essay pressing plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

3 – A mono cover that came from the pressing plant in dissertation sujet Scranton, Pennsylvania. 4 – (Jacksonville, Illinois) 5 – A stereo cover that came from the pressing plant in Los Angeles, California. 6 – A mono cover that came from the pressing plant in Los Angeles, California. Butcher covers from the Jacksonville, Illinois, pressing plant would have the number 4 on samuel by grace the back cover, but all but a handful of First State issues from the Jacksonville plant are believed to have been destroyed, meaning that there are no Second State issues from that particular pressing plant. If there were, they would have a number 4 on the back cover. Is It a First State or a Good Peel? While many Second State Butcher covers have been peeled by amateurs using steam or other methods, these results are often unreliable and can result in badly damaged covers.

There are, however, a few people who have found nondestructive methods for dissertation sujet peeling Second State issues that can result in a finished product that is resume, virtually indistinguishable from a First State issue. The difference in price in the collector’s market between a First State issue in exceptional condition and a Third State issue in similar condition can be many thousands of dollars. How can one tell the difference? There are several ways to dissertation sujet tell if you’re looking at a true First State Butcher cover or are instead looking at a Third State version where someone has done an exceptional job of removing the by grace paley essay trunk cover slick. Most covers that have had the trunk cover slick removed will have a some glue residue on dissertation sujet them. Under bright light or sunlight, this glue residue can be seen in the form of streaks or rings on the cover. These streaks or rings may be faint, but they can usually be seen under strong light. Another way to puritan check is to get a piece of dissertation tissue paper and lightly moisten it (don’t get it too wet!.) Place the damp tissue on essay the cover and allow it to dry. Once it’s dry, try to remove it. Roman? If the tissue sticks or offers resistance when you try to remove it, then the cover in question is a peeled Third State issue. If it removes easily or can be removed by simply blowing on it, then you may, indeed, have a First State issue.

All Second State versions of the by grace Butcher cover were trimmed prior to sujet being shrinkwrapped. Consultant? Because of this trimming, which was done to address alignment issues at the right side, or mouth, of the dissertation roman cover, a Second State Butcher cover will not be quite as wide as a First State cover. Resume By Usb? First State covers will be about 1/8” wider than Second State covers. Should you not have a First State cover handy for comparison, and few of us do, you could also compare the roman sujet cover in question to other Beatles albums of the resume device same period. At the moment, we happen to have a Second State cover on hand, and dissertation sujet it measures 12 1/4” wide. A copy of The Beatles Second Album that we have on the shelf measures about essay review 12 3/8” wide in comparison. As we’ve mentioned the difference in price between a First State issue and a nice Third State issue can be $10,000 or more. Be sure you know what you’re buying before you buy. Should You Peel A Butcher Cover? A poorly peeled Butcher cover. Dissertation Sujet? Don’t try this!

In 1966, it was often possible to turn a Second State Butcher cover into a very presentable Third State version by essay, simply using steam from a tea kettle to remove the dissertation sujet trunk slick from the cover. We’ve seen copies where this was done that looked nearly identical to First State issues. Those days are long gone; some fifty years of aging has pretty much rendered the adhesive impervious to steam. If you try that method today, you’re likely to end up with a soggy mess and a ruined Butcher cover. Short version: Don’t attempt to peel a Butcher cover yourself! Period.

Don’t do it. We’ve seen numerous horrible examples of covers that were ruined by essay on being, amateurs who were attempting to peel their cover themselves. Consider this – a really nice Third State cover in stereo can sell for as much as several thousand dollars. A ruined one might sell for $0. There are individuals who have developed methods of removing the top slick using various chemicals. These processes usually work quite well, and the results are often nearly indistinguishable from First State issues.

Of course, these people who peel Beatles Butcher covers using these methods are professionals, and they charge a fee for the service. Still, if you own a Second State version, it may (or may not; read on) be worthwhile to consider having it professionally peeled. Dissertation Sujet? Obviously, such a decision must lie with the individual, but there are several factors to take into consideration when considering whether or not to samuel peel a Second State issue. All versions of the Butcher cover are collectible, and collectors are interested in owning all three versions in the best possible condition. All three are relatively uncommon, and the First State versions are quite rare. Second State versions, however, are becoming increasingly rare, as many thousands of them have been peeled over the years.

As these records were sold when new as Second State issues, they have value to dissertation roman sujet collectors “as-is”, that is, in their original unpeeled state. If your Second State version is in pristine condition, be it still sealed or perhaps still in the original shrink wrap, or even in mint condition, you should probably leave it alone. It’s worth the resume by usb device most it’s ever going to be worth in its current condition. Keep in mind that Second State Butcher covers are collectible in their own right, as that’s the way the album was sold when it was first released to the public. Every time someone peels one, there’s one less Second State copy left in the world.

As time goes on, they’re becoming increasingly rare. On the other hand, if there are any problems at all with the dissertation roman front cover, it may well be beneficial to essay have it professionally peeled. Such problems might include either excessive front cover wear or perhaps writing on the cover. Another example would be excessive foxing, which is an age-related deterioration of the paper that causes brownish spots or blotches to appear on the cover. Foxing is most commonly seen on white paper, so it shows up often on dissertation roman sujet Second State Butcher covers that have been improperly stored. Again, the by grace paley decision is up to you. Dissertation Roman Sujet? Collectors are paying surprisingly high prices for Second State issues in dream better than average condition these days. If your Second State Butcher cover is in roman sujet exceptional condition, you won’t increase its value in any way by having it peeled. If it has problems, however, you can turn a so-so Second State issue into a very nice and essay an optimistic person more valuable Third State issue by having it professionally peeled.

If in dissertation sujet doubt, you might want to consult with someone who peels them professionally. They can make a recommendation, and essay the pros will tell you if you have an example that would be best left alone. Whatever you do, don’t try to peel a Beatles Butcher cover yourself! A sealed, unopened mono Second State Butcher cover. With most records, establishing value is dissertation, usually pretty easy. Outline Argumentative? There is usually one version of a record that’s collectible, and there’s a “going rate” for mint copies, with copies in lesser condition selling for less, with the price determined by the condition.

Establishing values for Butcher covers is a bit more complex, as the price is determined by many factors, instead of just the condition. Here are the roman factors that help establish the “value” of resume a Butcher cover: State – Is it a First State, Second State, or Third State issue? Each version has their own price ranges. Format – Is the album a mono version or a stereo version? Mono copies are substantially more common than stereo copies, so stereo copies will sell for dissertation roman higher prices. On the other hand, the values don’t correspond to their rarity. There may be ten times as many mono copies as stereo copies, but stereo copies usually only sell for samuel by grace about twice as much money. Condition – As with any collectible, condition is of the utmost importance in determining the value of a Butcher cover.

The better the condition, the higher the dissertation roman sujet price. Copies that are still sealed in their original factory shrinkwrap and have never been opened have sold for astonishing amounts of money. A sealed stereo First State Butcher cover sold for essay $75,000 in sujet 2015. For An? Sealed mono First State versions have sold for as much as $30,000 (with exceptions; see the next section about “Livingston” Butcher covers.) Values for unsealed, opened copies of First State issues have sold for dissertation anywhere from $5000-$25,000, depending on whether they are mono or stereo. Collectors are also interested in outline essay still sealed Second State issues. While Second State versions are more common than First State issues, sealed copies are quite rare, as most people who bought the dissertation roman album in essay review 1966 opened them and played them. Sealed mono Second State versions have sold for dissertation sujet $5000-$7000 and stereo copies have sold of upwards of $10,000. Pricing for Second State issues can vary widely, though nice mono examples often sell for $500-$1500 and stereo copies from $1000-$3000. The widest price ranges come with Third State issues, as the consultant condition for copies seen on the market is all over the map. We’ve seen badly peeled Third State copies sell for as little as $50, and the condition was so poor that we thought even that price was generous.

Then again, truly pristine, professionally peeled stereo Third State issues have sold for as much as $3000. It all depends on dissertation roman sujet condition. One nice thing about Butcher covers is that the demand is always there, regardless of condition. This is the one record that everyone seems to know about, even if they’re not Beatles collectors or even record collectors. Most record collectors, regardless of their interest in the Beatles, would like to have a copy of the infamous Beatles Butcher cover in outline their collection, and for those types of dissertation roman collectors, condition often doesn’t matter. We’ve found that badly peeled Third State versions are often the easiest ones to sell, simply because they’re the most affordable for buyers. Few people have $25,000 at hand for a First State issue, but nearly everyone can find $100 or so for a badly peeled Third State version. Once you own one of those, you can rightly claim that you own perhaps the most famous record in all of record collecting. It’s worth noting that the essay person prices listed above are the highest examples of prices paid for dissertation roman pristine copies of Butcher covers in various configurations. Most copies offered for sale sell for less, though prices can vary widely according to paley condition, state, format, and the fluid nature of the collecting market.

The “Livingston” Butcher Covers. A copy of the dissertation letter that accompanied some of the Livingston Butcher covers. While a First State Butcher cover is generally regarded as the most desirable variation of the Yesterday and Today album, the ultimate example to own would be to have a copy of the so-called “Livingston” Butcher covers. Alan Livingston was the president of Capitol Records in outline argumentative essay the 1960s, and he signed the dissertation roman sujet Beatles to dream Capitol Records. He was also president of the label at the time of the release of roman Yesterday and Today , and he is the for an argumentative man who made the decision to have the original cover withdrawn. Withdrawn they were, with most copies replaced with Second State issues with new cover slicks pasted over the original. Before the covers were altered, Livingston put twenty four sealed copies of the First State Butcher cover in a box and took them home.

Nineteen of those copies were mono, and five were stereo. Twenty years later, in 1986, Alan Livingston’s son Peter appeared at dissertation roman sujet, a Beatles convention in Los Angeles with four sealed First State copies from his father’s box – two in mono and two in buy an essay stereo. He sold three of the four records that day, and eventually sold all of them. Peter Livingston also arranged to roman sujet have his father sign a notarized letter stating that he was the president of resume device Capitol Records in the 1960s and that the accompanying record came from his personal collection. These so-called “Livingston” Butcher covers are now among the dissertation roman sujet most highly sought out records in essay review all of Beatles collecting. With so few of roman them available and buy an the impeccable provenance that comes with the letter, the prices paid for dissertation sujet Livingston Butcher covers have steadily increased since Peter Livingston sold them for $1000 (for the mono) and $2500 (for a stereo copy) in 1986. It has been nearly a decade since either a mono or a stereo Livingston Butcher cover has appeared for dream essay sale, but the last mono copy sold for dissertation sujet $44,000 and the last stereo copy sold for $85,000. We personally know a collector who has offered $125,000 to essay review one of the five owners of a stereo copy, and his offer was politely declined. In time, it’s possible that a stereo Livingston Butcher cover may sell for dissertation $250,000, though at least one of resume by usb those owners has vowed never to sell.

You can read more about the Livingston Butcher covers here. Since the dissertation roman sujet original release of Yesterday and Today in 1966, the buy an review album has been released in roman only two other countries – Canada and Japan. The Canadian release was contemporaneous with the American version and puritan dream was intended to be issued with the sujet same cover with the infamous Butcher photo. Unlike the American copies, which were already in transit to for an argumentative essay distributors and retailers at the time of the recall, the Canadian pressings were still in the production stage. Because of this, no Canadian Butcher covers were ever shipped to distributors or stores. Paul White, former vice president of Capitol Records of Canada, had received two completed mono covers and a cover slick (not a completed cover) for the stereo version from the printer that was producing the cover. He gave one of the mono copies to an associate and sujet he kept the other one, along with the stereo slick. To date, no other completed Canadian mono Butcher covers have surfaced, and thesis consultant no completed stereo covers are known to exist. All copies shipped to sujet stores from the day of release used the trunk cover photo, there are are no Canadian Second State copies in outline argumentative essay existence.

The Japanese version of Yesterday and Today was not released until 1970. Dissertation? All copies ever printed in by usb device that country used the sujet artwork with the trunk cover. Counterfeit Butcher Covers. No, this copy is not authentic… Sooner or later, it always happens. When a manufactured commodity becomes rare and demand increases, someone tries to fill that demand. In the case of rare records, that always comes in essay the form of duplication, or counterfeiting. Like many rare Beatles records, such as Introducing the dissertation roman Beatles , the First State Butcher cover has been counterfeited on several occasions. Thesis Consultant? Most of these copies can be easily detected by anyone with even passing familiarity with original 1960s Capitol Records Beatles albums. The cover construction is usually different, and dissertation roman the printed covers usually have a slick, rather than a slightly rough, texture to them. The vinyl used on the records is usually thinner than those used on the originals, and many of the counterfeits are accompanied by colored vinyl records.

All original Butcher covers were shipped with black vinyl records. The going price for current counterfeit pressings is samuel by grace essay, about $40, and many collectors find that to be an sujet, acceptable price. Be aware, however, that these pressings are unlikely to increase in value in the future, as they’re only imitations and not the real thing. Without a doubt, the Beatles Butcher cover is the most famous and infamous record in all of record collecting. They are rare, they are interesting, and they just happened to be a product of the most famous rock and roll group in the history of the medium. All of buy an essay those things combine to make the roman sujet Butcher cover one of the most fascinating albums in the record collecting hobby, and thesis consultant it’s likely that mint condition copies of all three “states” of the album will continue to rise in value in the future.

It’s also amazing to look at the original cover photo some fifty years after the roman sujet original release. Samuel? To this day, the response from many remains unchanged from sujet, that of the public in 1966:

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Presidential Election Essays (Examples) Also, viewers may perceive the negative advertising as an infringement upon their right to decide for roman, themselves. Such a perception may result in reactance, a boomerang effect in which the individual reacts in person a manner opposite to dissertation the persuader's intention. What these studies show, then, is that a candidate is never going to know how for sure how a negative ad may impact the voters. In the long run, it may be best to keep away from mudslinging unless able to thesis consultant deal with the consequences. Presidential Election and the State of the Market. U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF.

Agenda-Setting and the Presidential Election: Consequences of the Presidential Election of 1912. 2012 Political Campaign Funds of Presidential Election. Hubert Humphrey, Johnson's VP, announced his candidacy shortly after Johnson stepped down, and won the nomination during the Democratic Convention in Chicago. Humphrey chose senator Edmund Muskie as is dissertation VP running mate. American politics have always been a hotbed of debate. Just how far politicians are willing to go in an optimistic the quest to win has revolved around the type of campaign that the participants have taken part in. If the dissertation roman sujet campaign is clean the opponents stick to essay the issues and debate their platforms with little attempt to discredit the dissertation others in the race. If the race is dirty it means that the politicians and those who are supporting them are willing to fling mud at the others.

This can mean that personal lives, problems and problems of the on being an optimistic candidates family members are acceptable tools to sabotage the opponent campaign. Throughout the history of the nation campaigns have run the gamut of clean and dirty with everything in between. Roman? In recent years the campaign for president that was between Clinton and Bush Sr. became dirty when each side brought up non-job related issues…… [Read More] If forcing females to bear children is something that you care strongly about, then the McCain/Palin ticket is for you. If the status quo is what you want, if you believe that America is on the right track, then vote McCain/Palin. Another Wall Street Journal article (April 2, 2007) explains that Senator Hillary Clinton is the current top fundraiser among Democratic candidates for president. S. such as providing affordable healthcare for all, paid for by raising taxes on the wealthy; making a sincere effort for samuel, energy independence, and generating more jobs while investing in roman sujet renewable energy and conservation (Borosage and Heuvel). Presidential Candidates on Education. Tracy Flick, a preppy overachiever, is for an running unopposed for student council president.

Mr. M, the faculty advisor, distains Tracy and has decided she needs an opponent. Mr. M talks Paul, the injured quarterback, into running - to go for the glory of leadership instead of the momentary glow of sports. Tammy, Paul's sister, decides to run for president after her girlfriend leaves her for Paul. Throughout the movie each character takes actions, fair or unfair, for personal gain. Mr. M throws the election to Paul as revenge against Tracy for roman, having had an affair with his friend and fellow teacher who is fired. Tracy tears down the election posters out of frustration and blames someone else.

Tammy falsely claims responsibility for puritan dream, ruining the roman sujet posters so that she will be expelled and able to transfer to puritan essay an all girl's school. Paul is the only candidates who wants whatever the outcome will…… [Read More] Presidential Election Poll Data 2012. He seems to draw easy causal connections between policy and personality that deny the exterior circumstances of history. For example, he suggests that Hoover's rigid personality made him unable to accept changes in classical economic theory during the beginning of the Great Depression, and to adopt a more Keynesian approach. Roman? Barber asserts that it was not the conventional wisdom of the time that hampered Hoover as much as his own character, despite the fact that few people really could assuredly state they had the 'answer' to the financial crisis at essay review, that time. The adaptive-negative aspects of dissertation sujet, Johnson's personality made that president similarly resistant to the idea of dream, pulling out of Vietnam, and his egoism made him unwilling to be seen as 'losing' the war -- but what about the pressures of the Cold War during that era? Historians also might find some objection to Barber's psychoanalyzing so many major presidential…… [Read More]

S. interests in that part of the world. Then, on January 17, 1991, the dissertation sujet U.S. launched the for an essay first attack, with more than 4,000 bombing runs. After 100 hours, Bush called off the offensive, saying he wanted to minimize U.S. casualties. PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS (1.5 pages requested) 2012 presidential campaigns, the use of television advertising was characterized by unprecedented advertising volumes. The political advertising in the 2012 presidential campaign contributed greatly to the win of Obama into office due to high consistency levels and coherence (Tedesco Dunn, p. 80). The increase was attributed to outside groups like PACs who were able to raise and spend dollars in dissertation sujet advertising for the current post-Citizens United regulatory regime.

In the pro-Obama, Super PAC Priorities presented vicious attacks on Romney's personal credibility (Tedesco Dunn, p. 89). These ads brought the fact that Romney was unaware of the needs of ordinary Americans due to layoffs initiated by Bain Capital, Romney's company. At the presidential level, advertising in 2012 was extremely negative and evoked anger emotions but marked the highest spending point in terms of advertising. An open question is whether the consultant negativity will abate in next presidential election campaigns (Fowler…… [Read More] A candidate is dumb or, possibly, dumber than his opponent. Strategic Use and Impact of Social Media in the 2012 Elections. Citizen United on the 2012 Elections. This relationship was shown to be very high, and this shows that there is a great link between the economic condition of the country and roman, the outcome of the elections irrespective of the other factors that play a role in puritan the election. (Erikson, 27)

Federal Campaign Contributions. In this regard, throughout American history, the political pundits have argued about who was going to be the next president and why, but one of the dissertation foremost factors that has not been included in their analysis has been gender and race. Review? Indeed, to date, it would have been completely accurate to predict that it was a foregone conclusion that the next president would be a rich white guy. Today, though, for dissertation, the first time in puritan dream essay America's history, the sujet electorate is faced with some new choices that may spell the on being end of the good ol' boy cabal that has always seemed to control the political process in dissertation roman one fashion or another. In fact, the United States may be fielding its first viable black and female candidates ever during the next presidential election, and for an, it the question is sujet no longer a matter of is America ready for a black or female president?…… [Read More]

agenda-setting function mass media work current presidential election. Thesis Consultant? Consider essay: a) What issue(s) highlighted media ( candidates ) effect voters year? b) There emphasis independent voters swing states Ohio. American Elections Have Become Undemocratic. role of government in the current debates surrounding the enactment of universal healthcare and the illicit drug war along the Mexican border, it is critical to look to the powers granted by the Constitution. Yet, the Constitution has always meant different things to different people throughout American history.

As any law student will tell you, one of the sujet major conflicts surrounding the outline Constitution is the concept of Originalism. Dissertation Roman? This legal understanding holds that if the buy an essay Constitution is to roman sujet mean anything, the courts must interpret it through the lens of the men who put the essay ink to the paper and established the government (Scalia, 1998). Yet, significant flaws exist in this theory as the Founders themselves were not of one mind but were a diverse and politically combative group to the point of fighting duels with one another (e.g. Hamilton's murder at dissertation, the hands of Burr). To return to these modern…… [Read More] This can be clearly demonstrated by the fact that it took another 26 years for a black man to be elected president and we have yet to see a female head of state. Demographic representation in either major party has also come in waves of more or less over the years and buy an review, both parties are still arguably challenged by special interest dominance and a more often then not wealthy constitution, with an even more wealthy pool of candidates to choose from, owing in great part to the not decreasing but increasing cost of running for roman, national office at buy an essay review, the congressional and presidential levels. Roman Sujet? (Magarian 1939) Meanwhile in the journal Du Bois Review (Parker, et al., 2009, p. 194) the authors point to racism and patriotism as key themes for buy an review, the 2008 Democratic primary election. Race was a consistent narrative used by dissertation roman, those opposed to Obama, Parker explains (p. 194).

Both Clinton and the Republicans used racial references to attack Obama, including the attacks on thesis consultant, Obama for his perceived inability to connect to 'real working Americans' (p. 194). Shady American Elections of 1876. E-Voting and Related Use of the Internet for Elections. incumbent is the existing holder of a political office who normally has a structural advantage over challengers during an election, (The Power of Incumbency 1). In the House of Representatives, incumbents win over 80% of their elections (The Power of Incumbency 1). For the presidential race, the power of incumbency is different and in many ways, weaker due to term limits and dissertation roman, the nature of the essay an optimistic person executive office.

Anti-incumbency can haunt presidents who, for whatever exogenous or endogenous factors, had a difficult presidency. Prevailing party fatigue can also be a factor boosting the chances of dissertation, a non-incumbent from the opposing political party. Review? In the case of presidential elections taking place after a two-term president such as in 2016, there is no incumbent and therefore the process by which the hopefuls win their party's nomination becomes the focal point of dissertation roman, their campaign work. The answer to this open-ended question was someone other than Bush. They should have framed the question to leave only their answer, rather than suggesting we were one unknown dictator away from the essay review next major crisis. Dissertation Roman? Arkansas 2 gave us nothing to identify with except vague, generalized fear. This differential reinforcement (Althouse, Nardulli and Shaw 2001, p. 4) failed. Open Data Source for resume by usb, Election 2014. Voting rights in roman sujet the U.S. has reached a critical stage as the Establishment becomes more concerned with the threat of outsider takeover.

Recent years have seen everything from gerrymandering to heightened coordination among political elites (like Mitch McConnell), media Establishment leaders (like William Kristol), and business moguls (like Jeff Bezos) in essay an effort to control the voting outcomes of primaries (Ron Paul was blocked by the RNC in 2012 and in 2016 Trump's victories have been the rallying point for concern among these individuals). The voting rights law in the United States may at first seem simple but are in roman sujet fact complicated by the rights of Super Pacs, delegates, and Super Delegates -- all of which combine to swing the political process to unjustly favor the outcome of the Establishment rather than of the voting populace. presidential administration continues to insist that all of the factors are in place for an economic recovery, on the eve of a midterm election season, current trends don't seem to indicate any real or applicable relief from samuel paley essay our recessionary status. Dissertation Roman Sujet? What at an optimistic person, first appeared to be a mild recovery may, in fact, be shaping up for the second leg of a double dip. This week's report placed unemployment, in roman the month of July, at 5.9%, a steady rate for the last six months. This mediocre stability, most analysts seem to believe, however, will give way this month to an even greater blow, perhaps as high as 6.5%. This news, combined with recent projections by mega-corps Disney and National Semiconductor that earnings will not meet expectations this quarter, have compounded the trauma to a stock market already reeling in the face of so much economic scandal. Rather than recovery, we seem…… [Read More] Preserving the current form of government will ease Nepal's transition from a constitutional monarchy to a constitutional republic. Resume Device? If the nation were to suddenly switch voting procedures and roman, governmental structures, the essay on being resulting confusion would threaten to undermine the fledgling system.

Furthermore, a large number of Nepalese residents are either connected to or from India and are familiar with its parliamentary system. American politics, for the presidential party to lose congressional support in a midterm election. As any administration struggles in the early part of a term to dissertation sujet define itself, it's likely to dream fall in and out of favor with a public still not inundated of the White House's identity and intentions. Roman Sujet? This is an buy an essay review, opportunity rarely missed by the opposition, as sophomore year presidencies have commonly been forced to tolerate an exploitation of their greatest possible weakness. At the roman sujet dual behest of the media and some genuine desire for social progress, the puritan public has been prone to voicing protest in a midterm election. One prime example in recent history was Bill Clinton's first midterm election.

He had taken a beating on dissertation sujet, the gays in the military issue in his first year. And as he grappled with a post-Reaganomics recession in those early years, people who were frustrated with unemployment and an…… [Read More] Government preferable in a Presidential system? Why or why not? It is headed in the right direction and will surly prosper in samuel by grace paley essay the many years to come. He still occasionally 'bums smokes' and chews nicotine gum to combat cravings (Altman, 2008, p 3). Dissertation Roman Sujet? Obama's campaign released records suggesting that he is in excellent health -- only essay one page long. Sujet? The only specific data they have revealed is his low cholesterol rating. Thesis Consultant? The question arises -- if Obama is in such good health (and he does work out very frequently) why the reticence about the information (Altman, 2008, p.3).

Congress and Models of Presidential Leadership. Fred I. Greenstein, The Presidential Difference: Leadership Style from sujet FDR to Barack Obama, Third Edition. Princeton University Press, 2009. Superiority of the Canadian Government over essay, that of the United States Regarding Access to the Media by Political Parties. Constitutional Democracy / Presidential or Parliamentary System.

In fact, the election of 1912 is considered by roman sujet, many to be one of the most important in Presidential history and Wilson's win the result of Theodore Roosevelt breaking with the Republicans, splitting the vote, and allowing Wilson on samuel paley, the less popular Democratic ticket to garner enough votes to win, and roman sujet, possibly change 20th century American Foreign policy to an extreme (Chace, 2004). Standard Outline of Presentation. Obama famously referred to his white grandmother during the campaign who tragically passed away the an optimistic night before he was elected, as a woman of tolerance, yet who still was subject to the prejudices of dissertation roman, society enough to feel uncomfortable when she saw an African-American walking across the street. Although this remark was criticized, Obama's point was that in America, race was inescapable, and prejudice must be dealt with through voicing concerns, rather than pretending racial divides did not exist. At times, America's unspoken discourse about race seemed to harm Obama, as in his difficulty wresting the nomination from Clinton in states like Pennsylvania, states with large, older, white working-class populations.

But the outline for an argumentative desire for change and the ability to cross barriers and humanize himself seemed to counteract this: The Obama generation has been knocked for putting all of their personal stuff on full display. But there is an upside, too, which…… [Read More] Third Parties in the U.S. National Presidential Elections. Furthermore, voter turnout for election 2004 exceeded voter turnout for 2000 by approximately 8%. However, many of those voters can be attributed to efforts of special interest groups, which appealed to voters in the extremes of both parties. If the dissertation sujet Democrats plan to win future elections, they have to capture undecided voters in the swing states.

The Democrats are not going to win the votes of the undecided by appealing to the far left of the Democratic Party. High turnouts also helped to determine several key local and state elections. The large numbers of Latino voters in California also helped secure the passage of Proposition 8, therefore revoking gay married couples of their rights. Person? A majority of 53% of Latino voters supported Proposition 8 (Ferriss Reese 1). Dissertation Roman? This is also thought to be due to the higher association with religious institutions over white liberal voters in California. nexus between campaign and election results especially in relation to the developing mass media. Nixon's election indicated a shift to the right in American politics that would remain in place for most of the next twenty-five years. The success of the third-party candidacy of George Wallace also indicated that there was lingering racism in America.

The long-term effects of the puritan election for the Democrats was their being out of the White House for twenty of the next twenty-four years during which time the Party underwent a major transformation. For Nixon, personally, the election actually signaled the beginning of the end of dissertation roman sujet, his political career. Within months of the inauguration, the Nixon administration was plagued with controversy which ultimately led to Nixon's resigning in disgrace shortly into his second term of office. election of George W. Bush over Al Gore in 2000, who won the consultant electoral vote in dissertation spite of losing the popular vote, rekindled a controversy that has been going on for some time now: has the Electoral College mechanism lived its time?

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35+ Creative Ways to List Job Skills on dissertation sujet, Your Resume. The competitive climate of the job market has reached a fever pitch in recent years. On Being An Optimistic Person! College degrees are almost as commonplace as high school diplomas, and the pool of candidates for any given career is far-reaching. To stand out in such an environment, job seekers need to focus on accentuating their experiences and backgrounds on their resumes. A degree from a prestigious university or an roman impressive roster of by grace, past employers can certainly make a good impression on roman sujet, hiring managers, but the on being person real test of a candidate#39;s fit is how well the dissertation sujet person#39;s skills align with the position in question. Consultant! Wendi Weiner, a certified professional resume writer and founder of The Writing Guru, noted that a job candidate#39;s skills and relevant knowledge are substantiated by the keywords they choose to use. Industry-specific core skills will enable a job candidate to dissertation sujet, successfully pass through an applicant tracking system (ATS), which is by usb device, utilized by dissertation roman [the majority] of companies today to puritan dream, obtain the right candidates, Weiner said. Dissertation! While it#39;s good to have a well-rounded skills section, it#39;s not enough to simply list a string of review, phrases. Josh Ridgeway, director of MSP delivery for staffing agency Kavaliro, reminded job seekers that hiring managers want to dissertation roman, see concrete examples of those skills in action. [See Related Story: Meaningless Words to Delete from Your Resume ] In resumes, you see a skills summary, [which includes] problem solving, excellent customer service, attention to detail, etc., Ridgeway told Business News Daily. However, oftentimes, we don#39;t see an explanation of those skills.

If you have #39;problem solving#39; and #39;critical thinking#39; in your resume, you should tie those skills into your explanation of job duties and how those specific skills played an important part. The challenge is greater for those who have been laid off or who have been out of work for an extended period of samuel by grace paley, time. Roman Sujet! For these professionals, the task of proving that their skills are relevant can be a little more difficult than it is for essay person, other job seekers. Ford R. Myers, a career coach, speaker and author of the dissertation roman sujet book, Get The Job You Want, Even When No One#39;s Hiring (John Wiley Sons, 2009), advised considering transferable skills that you#39;ve gained from paid and unpaid past experiences. Transferable skills acquired during any activity volunteer positions, classes, projects, parenting, hobbies, sports can be applicable to one#39;s next job, Myers said. By adding transferable skills to a resume, employers get a better understanding and broader picture of who they are hiring, as well as the thesis consultant interests, values and experiences that the candidate brings to the table. Based on dissertation, the advice of our expert sources, here are a few broad categories of samuel by grace paley, skills your resume could include, along with unique ways to express them. Dissertation Roman Sujet! Jobs require teamwork. There will be constant back-and-forth exchanges with co-workers, and outline argumentative essay discussing and sharing ideas with supervisors.

Employers will want to dissertation roman, know the level ofcommunication skills you have and how well you work with others. The specific required skills will vary based on your position. A sales representative, for instance, would need to highlight customer service and relationship-building experience. On your resume: writes clearly and samuel by grace concisely; listens attentively; openly expresses ideas, negotiates/resolves differences; provides and dissertation roman sujet asks for feedback; offers well-thought-out solutions; cooperates and works well with others; thrives in a collaborative environment. If the thesis job you want involves working on research projects and companywide campaigns, you#39;re going to want to show off your top-notch planning abilities. Organization skills may sound like a trite, overused filler term, but those skills are the ones that will help you succeed. Show potential employers you#39;ve got what they#39;re looking for by outlining your involvement in, and roman results from, current and previous projects. On your resume: forecasts/predicts; identifies and gathers appropriate resources; thoroughly researches background information; develops strategies; thinks critically to solve problems; handles details; coordinates and completes tasks; manages projects effectively; meets deadlines; plans and arranges activities; multitasks; creates plans. Leadership skills can be gained in a variety of conventional and unconventional ways, but it#39;s not always easy to express them on a resume.

Demonstrating your management abilities on paper requires you to thesis, think about what it is you do as a leader and how you guide your employees toward success. To give employers a better idea of what you#39;ve accomplished, discuss the size of the team and the scope of the projects you manage. On your resume: leads and roman sujet directs others; teaches/trains/instructs; counsels/coaches; manages conflict; helps team members set and achieve goals; delegates effectively; makes and implements decisions; enforces policies; oversees projects; measures team results. Social media is one of the most ubiquitous and thesis in-demand skills for jobs in a variety of fields. Socially active organizations are more likely to attract top talent, drive new sales leads and better engage other employees and customers, said Amir Zonozi, chief of strategy at social engagement platform Zoomph. Therefore, when employers look for new hires, they#39;re also typically looking for new internal-brand ambassadors.

Zonozi noted that, for positions that directly involve work on corporate social media campaigns, hiring managers love to see concrete numbers and metrics, including Web traffic, audience reach and sujet overall engagement. Even for nonsocial-media-related positions, you can still demonstrate your experience by referencing specific networks and social media management programs you regularly use. On your resume: manages social media campaigns; measures and essay analyzes campaign results; identifies and connects with industry influencers; sparks social conversation within the brand#39;s community; creates and executes content strategies; drives engagement and leads; enhances brand image through social presence. Dissertation Roman! Additional reporting by Nicole Fallon Taylor and Jeanette Mulvey. Shannon Gausepohl graduated from Rowan University in 2012 with a degree in person journalism. She has worked at dissertation roman, a newspaper and in the public relations field, and is currently a staff writer at Business News Daily.

Shannon is a zealous bookworm, has her blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and loves her Blue Heeler mix, Tucker.

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Free Essays on dissertation roman sujet Slavoj Zizek In Examined Life. Johnny Holton Intro to Humanities: Ideas/Values 2013SU_HUMNT-1102-NET02_11253 Unit 4 Essay I watched the essay review, short film on the “ Examined Life ”. It was a documentary film done in 2008 directed by Astra Taylor. The documentary features eight significant modern philosophers walking around different. Zizek on dissertation roman sujet Ideology and the Relationship Between Ideology and The Real Zizek on resume by usb Ideology and the Relationship Between Ideology and sujet “The Real” ` CMNS 410 Professor Rick Gruneau December 13, 2011 Zizek on Ideology and the Relationship Between Ideology and “The Real” Slavoj Zizek is one of the leading theorists on ideology since the 1990’s and his conceptions.

How Many Dolphins Can One Fit in a Sentry Box? dark side of the bourgeoisie. It portrays the ugliness of people who exploit others for their own benefit. They portray themselves as having the ideal life , but deep inside they are Miss Havishams wearing old dresses, since far long ago they have stopped being themselves. The ruling class is essay person decaying on. states that, “The unexamined life is sujet not worth living” (38a). Resume By Usb Device. I am using the dissertation roman, knowledge learned through hours of review class discussion of Socrates from the Euthyphro, Apology, and roman sujet Crito to thesis explain what Socrates means by “the examined life ,” and why he thinks that it is the only life worth living, and roman sujet why he thinks.

Liberalism: a Future Faux Pas or Correctable Success. LIBERALISM: A FUTURE FAUX PAS OR CORRECTABLE SUCCESS Slavoj Zizek’s Criticism of Liberalism Liberalism offers the luxury of equal opportunity to outline essay all people with minimal interference from any form of bureaucracy. Although it is not in dissertation sujet its entirety perfect, in paley my opinion, it is by sujet far the best ideology. ? Juveniles and Violence When learning what leads juveniles to violence, a lot of thesis different factors must be examined . These factors have been classified into two broad categories: the sujet, environment juveniles grow up in and exposure to violence at an early age. After examining the dream essay, causes. What Did Socrates Mean by ‘the Examined Life’ What did Socrates mean by ‘the examined life ’ In the Apology Socrates opined that the roman sujet, greatest good a man could engage in, is continual discussion about essay virtue and examination of dissertation sujet its presence in self and others. Socrates felt that Athenians, like a purebred horse that is well fed but seldom. Socrates asserts, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” However, in thesis consultant Oedipus’s case the examined life leads to tragedy. It seems that for Oedipus ignorance about roman sujet his birth is bliss. During the overlaps of this play Oedipus’ life was a complete tragedy.

His life was put into complete shadow after. Nietzsche· ­Paul Ric?ur· ­Avital Ronell· ­Jean-Paul Sartre· ­Friedrich Schelling· ­Carl Schmitt· ­Arthur Schopenhauer· ­Peter Sloterdijk· ­ Slavoj Zizek · ­more. Theories ­German idealism· ­Hegelianism· ­Critical theory· ­Psychoanalytic theory· ­Existentialism· ­Structuralism· . ACCT 505 Course Project 2: Hampton Company. total production costs. One possibility currently being examined is to make the cans instead of purchasing them.

The equipment needed would cost $1,000,000, with a disposal value of $200,000, and would be able to device produce 27,500,000 cans over the life of the machinery. The production department estimates. look like rice balls. While the roman, female blow-fly typically lays 150-200 eggs per batch, she is usually laying around 2,000 eggs during the course of her life . The sex ratios of blowfly eggs are usually 50:50, but there is one interesting exception. Females from two species of the genus Chrysomya are either. ‘Critically Discuss the View That Sub Cultural Theories Continue to Provide a Major Contribution to Explaining Youth Offending Behaviour in Contemporary Society’ cultures create an identity for youths external to social institutions such as their family lives, people at school, and outline argumentative many more areas of everyday life . All theories which look into sub cultural behaviour shows there are a widespread of insights that certain social groups have, such as values and.

Leigh March 10, 2013 A Life worth Living Xenophon (444-357 B.C.E.), was one of Socrates (469-399 B.C.E.), students when he was a youth, and he was also Socrates Biographer. Xenophon had been gone and out of Socrates life for about 32 years before he came back into his life . Some say that Xenophon’s. The Idea of roman sujet Narrative in the Political Unconscious. capitalism to post-industrial capitalism, which was a part of the historical socio-economic reality of Conrad’s time. In an essay on Jameson, Slavoj Zizek writes, “Form is not the neutral frame of particular contents, but the resume by usb, very principle of concretion, that is, the “strange attractor” which distorts.

Culture as a Way of Life in Mexico. Introduction For Mexico, culture is a way of sujet life . Puritan. The 100 million citizens take pride in roman sujet their history, ethnicity and lifestyle. Dream. Many people around the dissertation roman sujet, world are aware of Mexico’s religious tradition in Catholicism, have heard of “Poncho” Villa and have eaten Mexican food, but are unaware that the. Experiences in life are situations that you go through mostly involving a challenge. I have had many different experiences in my life , some have been complicated but the one I learned from was scary. Involving my first car accident it was caused by a lack of essay on being an optimistic attention. The day of the accident.

The character Ned supports Socrates' philosophy in the sense that he goes through his life without looking at dissertation roman, his actions, being in a state of denial and puritan essay refusing to dissertation roman sujet accept that life and review time inevitably moves on. Later in the story Ned visits a house of an elderly couple, where the lady tells Ned We've. Hare-Brained Bugs Bunny Analysis of Rabbit of Seville. having lost our own sex in sujet order, paradoxically, to become it… ‘[masculinity]’ is a masquerade, a mask supplementing a failure to become a [man].” ( Zizek 591) Elmer Fudd’s aggressive heterosexuality may have roots in a “constitutive foreclosure to homosexuality: it is the foreclosure of the passionate. internal effects of children after war. New York in Prague To understand the impact of war, it helps to consultant look at the underpinnings from which war come from. Sujet. Psychologists have examined the person, driving forces in the human nature that encompass the capability for such behavior during war, as well as the results of dissertation roman these harms. To tackle. inability to samuel by grace paley essay accept change causes the inflexible individual to suffer inwardly. Eventually, the suffering individual seeks relief by ending their own life . By refusing to change, both Oedipus and Okonkwo fail to live up to sujet their personal standards and resume device those of the dissertation, community in which they live.

Although. Three propositions on which the general argument of the Essay depends -- The different states in by grace which mankind have been known to dissertation roman sujet exist proposed to be examined with reference to dream essay these three propositions. Chapter 3. Sujet. The savage or hunter state shortly reviewed - The shepherd state, or the tribes of barbarians. The Pace of Life in essay on being an optimistic person 31 Countries PSYC 290 Assignment #2 I. Research Problem In this study researchers compared and contrasted 31 different countries around the world, specifically metropolitan areas, to uncover the factors influencing pace of life . Several studies have demonstrated strong and. Male Crisis in New Korean Cinema: Reading the Early Films of Park Kwang-Su. by emphasizing the primacy of language as a means of establishing social network. If in the imaginary order the child enters an early form of social life by rede?ning itself separately from the mother by looking in the mirror, in the symbolic phase, the child inscribes itself as an dissertation sujet, agent or a subject. must understand what makes up sociology and review how and dissertation whom it effects. Sociology has been defined as the study of how people interact with their social life , social change and the social causes and essay on being an optimistic person consequences of the human behavior ( Easily, sociological is the study and classification of.

9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life. Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life . Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Inc. Dr. Henry Cloud is a psychologist who addresses the differences between those who win at love and life , and roman sujet those who fail. He investigated the lives of by grace essay people that were getting from life what they had decided they wanted;. The Concept of Reality and the Role of the Media in Different Theoretical Perspectives of Terrorism After 9-11. stood out and dissertation sujet emerged most strongly are Slavoj Zizek , Jean Baudrillard, and Jacques Derrida.

This essay will concentrate on and explore their theoretical perspectives to bring out both their similarities and the important differences between them. Slavoj Zizek is a Lacanian-Marxist who uses the psychoanalyst. Is the Unexamined Life Not Worth Living? unexamined life not worth living? When Socrates said, “The life which is unexamined is not worth living”, the philosopher was telling us that we should carefully analyze our actions, a piece of advise for which he should be admired. We should not ignore such a thought-provoking statement about life . The.

The Importance and Value of Human Life. and value of human life , it may not become only for people who are terminally ill, it can become a means of healthcare cost containment and that euthanasia could become non-voluntary.[1] Many people are against euthanasia because it is a rejection of the importance of human life which is one of the. significance of the Examined life Adrian Eames 951105878 Section leader: Elizabeth Grosz The Trial and Death of Socrates takes place during a time in Socrates life where he becomes most reflective. During these final moments of essay on being an optimistic Socrates life a theme arises, that of the unexamined life . Socrates claims. existing cells. -Protein requirements are high during the newborn and infancy periods. -nutritional allowance of protein for the first 2 months of life is 2.2 g /kg of body weight. -cows milk contains about 16% of each calories as protein -human milk about 8% -the main protein in human milk is lactalbumin . BUS 401 Week 2 Journal Present and Future Values, and sujet Expected Returns.

com/bus/bus-401/bus-401-week-2-journal-present-and-future-values-and-expected-returns/ Present and Future Values, and Expected Returns. Consultant. We examined two important topics in finance this week: (a) present and sujet future values and (b) security valuation. Critically reflect on the importance of dream present. Is the Unexamined Life Not Worth Living? unexamined life not worth living? Socrates was a great man, and roman is said to be one of the greatest philosophers in history, some may find this notion questionable, based on some of his own teachings. One famous quote is: “The unexamined life is not worth living” Is the unexamined life not worth. ACCT 505 Course Project 2: Hampton Company. total production costs. One possibility currently being examined is to make the cans instead of purchasing them. The equipment needed would cost $1,000,000, with a disposal value of $200,000, and dream essay would be able to produce 27,500,000 cans over the life of the dissertation roman, machinery.

The production department estimates. identical) twins, DZ (dizygotic, colloquially fraternal) twins, and non-related adopted brothers. They observed how many of the sample population examined were gay and how many were straight. Thesis Consultant. A sample population refers to sujet a set of potential measurements or values, including not only cases actually observed. Keywords- human demography, environmental issues, economic issues, population, growth rate. Dream Essay. Introduction- In this lab we examined data collected on 230 countries.

We examined the human population characteristics and determine if environmental and economic issues impact human population. We collected. The Life of a Clone: Never Let Me Go - the Island. when do they match each other? This shall be explained by pointing out roman sujet their daily life , the setting, the question of individuality and humanity and by comparing the reaction to their fate. 2) Main Part: ‘The Life of a Clone: Never Let Me Go – The Island’ 2.1) The Clones’ Origination and Daily Routine . ? Zizek : Risk Society “So, instead of celebrating the new freedoms and responsibilities brought about by the ‘second modernity’, it is much more crucial to focus on what remains the same in this global fluidity and reflexivity, on outline for an argumentative what serves as the very motor of this fluidity: the inexorable logic. Monica Price English 1A Mrs. Sujet. Tarantino 9/16/2009 Differing Lenses Have you ever tried to look at thesis consultant, someone else’s life ? Walked a day in their shoes, perhaps?

Well, its not as easy as many people believe. Many people from various cultures would rather stick to dissertation roman what they’ve been taught than to try. ?The Relationship of Excess Body Weight and Health-Related Quality of Life : Evidence from a Population Study in Taiwan The relationship of excess body weight and health-related quality of life : evidence from resume a population study in Taiwan I-C Huang, C Frangakis, and AW Wu Abstract Objective: Excess. How Social Support in roman sujet Relationships Affects One's Health. in the life cycle. Resume. There is roman not a direct relationship between social support and health when examining the importance of samuel by grace paley essay life transitions. Therefore, the aspects of social networks or features of social support need to be examined to roman evaluate the relation to health outcomes when addressing a life -course. the Universal Declaration of Human rights “everyone has the right to life , Liberty and security of person” (Article 3).

Therefore the need to provide assistance to people in need is critical so everybody can live a comfortable life . For An. Charity has become the ideal solution of donating money or resources. phenomenon and creatures. I could spend a couple more thousand words talking about the Big Other, so I will spare you by just posting this essay from dissertation roman Slavoj Zizek if you want some extra reading. (It is fascinating stuff). But something interesting is happening. The world we now live in resume by usb device has become ‘explained’. things about which you hear me conversing and testing myself and others, for the unexamined life is not worth living for sujet men, you will believe me even less.” (38a). By Grace. He doesn’t mince words.

He doesn’t say that is the dissertation sujet, life is just less worthy, or more pathetic. By Grace Essay. He frankly states that it is not worth living at. pontificate that Twitter’s flexibility allows interactions to simultaneously be mediated and mediated quasi: Imagine a user whose followers are ‘real- life ’ friends and strangers, therefore, posting messages to roman sujet people they know and don’t. “In a very general sense, interactivity is used as a descriptive. Charles Robert Darwin FRS (12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882) was an English naturalist[I] who realised and demonstrated that all species of samuel paley life have evolved over time from dissertation sujet common ancestors through the process he called natural selection. Samuel By Grace Essay. The fact that evolution occurs became accepted by the scientific. Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living. adults to dissertation roman sujet question, he was given the opportunity to propose his own penalty. He refused to essay give up his mission as the one calling Athens to the examined way of life . Roman. He refused to outline leave Athens, if the condition were to be that he had to give up teaching. He summed up his defense in the following way: . Why does Socrates think that the unexamined life is not worth living?

Does he have a good defense of his philosophical life ? As the wisest man in all of ancient Greece, Socrates believed that the purpose of life was both personal and dissertation spiritual growth. He establishes this conviction in what is. Life and Work of Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on Mar, 14, 1879. Einstein's parents, who were non practicing Jews, moved from Ulm to Munich when Einstein was a baby. When the family's business, the manufacture of electrical parts, failed in 1894, the family moved.

Psychoanalysis, Popular Culture and Media? Jacques Lacan have been greatly influential when it comes to thesis consultant culture and media. In my opinion the theory of psychoanalysis can be seen in everyday life when it comes to watching films etc as everything can be interpreted and has an sujet, effect on us. Resume By Usb. It had a large impact on how sound work in early childhood. Religion, Social Networks, and Life Satisfaction. Social Networks, and Life Satisfaction Chaeyoon Lima and Robert D. Putnamb American Sociological Review 75(6) 914–933 O American Sociological Association 2010 DOI: 10.1177/0003122410386686 Abstract Although the positive association between religiosity and life satisfaction is. common issue which was bullying. It didn’t matter whether they was black or white, male or female, gay or straight, or rich or poor.

The issues examined in this movie were Tyler was a loner and roman sujet couldn’t stand big crowds. He wasn’t athletic so he would be the last to get picked in review PE class. He had his. Abortion Life or Death AAA Who Chooses? In Roman times, abortion and the destruction of unwanted children was permissible, but as out civilization has aged, it seems that such acts were no longer acceptable by roman rational human beings. fact a women that stands behind her husband and supports him as he runs for president.

Demonstrating her mildness and giving us an essay person, insight into her life and dreams; past, present, and future. Dissertation Sujet. “Both when we were kids and today, he wasn’t looking down on me-he was watching over me.” (line 5) The image. Cynthia Hibbs-Hussain Biology II Week 1 Narrative The Origin Of Multicellular Life The theory of evolution presented by Charles Darwin, supports that natural selection, over time could through mutation of already established organisms lead to the development of new species. Vincent Writ 111 12 November 2012 RSA Animate Slavoj Zizek’s “First as Tragedy, Then as Farce”, he is arguing that our society today is a paradox. In his YouTube animation video, he strives to make one point, how charity is the constituent of our economy. In the late 1960’s people’s ideas were.

A Simple Life In Modern Times Tara Holdredge ANT101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Jeffrey Ratcliffe November 5, 2012 We belong to a society that bases itself on device constantly being connected. Connected to our computers, our phones, and our jobs. We are always hurrying to the next scheduled. Kenya Hicks-Torres Course: ENG 1101 Dr. Ross October 10, 2012 English Essay #1- Examined Life In Malcolm Gladwell’s essay Examined Life Gladwell believes that Stanley H. Kaplan ruined the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) by making it coachable. The Educational Testing Service, that created the.

Conspiracy Theory as a Sign of roman a Deeper Problem. conspiracy theories as a way to make sense of for an argumentative essay such large organizations or to explain the way that they believe they are being controlled. Jameson, Zizek , and sujet Melley all present some similar form of this argument in their respective writings and each comes to more or less the same conclusions. All three. Plato - Ideal of the outline for an argumentative essay, Examined Life. philosophical or examined life which overall implies the dissertation sujet, concept of human excellence. For him, human excellence is examining one's life and beliefs and determining how we can live well and overall live to dream essay ones ultimate potential.

His notion of human excellence and the examination of one's life ultimately lead. individual. However Socrates feels that if he did not live and examined his life would have been pointless because he would not have learned of all the knowledge he did. Socrates was not like every other citizen in his time who did not examine life and world around him; he would explore his mind and find.

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essay compass test If you want to meet with Becky Villarreal in roman, the Cypress Creek Learning Lab for outline for an argumentative essay, help with the writing section, please email her first at [email protected] . Obtain a blue Assessment Referral form from the Assessments Center (CYP 2116) before coming to the Learning Lab. Contact Assessment at Cypress at 512.223.2020. The Writing Skills Test determines whether a student has the skills and knowledge to succeed in sujet, the college-level composition course. Students are given 1-4 passages in which they are required to identify errors and by usb then to correctly select an appropriate revision. Students will highlight sentences with the computer mouse and then select the appropriate revision. The passage errors assess sentence structure, grammar and usage, and punctuation. Some of the more common errors deal with comma splices, fragments, agreement, word choice, coordination, subordination, and usage. A final set of questions measures a student#146;s organizational and rhetorical skills (for example, topic sentences, transitions, etc.).

You will be presented with a split screen--the passage will be on the left and the question will be on roman sujet, the right. Using your mouse, you will highlight each sentence, then choose the best option for editing that sentence (or not). After you click Finished Editing, you cannot return to the passage. Students are given approximately 75 minutes to complete the writing sample. The prompt will require students to write a persuasive letter, using between 300-600 words-- if you write less than 300 words or more than 600, you will lose points. The following characteristics are considered in scoring the writing samples: Appropriateness#151;the extent to which the student addresses the topic and uses language appropriate to the audience and purpose. Unity and Focus#151;the clarity with which the by grace paley, student states and maintains a main idea or point of roman view. Development#151;the supporting detail the student provides. Organization#151;the clarity and logic of the student's writing.

Sentence Structure#151;the extent to for an which the roman, student's writing is free of errors in sentence structure. Usage#151;the extent to which the student's writing is free of errors in usage and shows care and precision in word choice. Mechanical #151;the student's ability to spell common words and use correct capitalization, grammar, and punctuation. Your test scores determine which course you are to be placed in: A Writing score of 6 or more (and any objective score) requires no developmental writing An objective score of 44-58, with a Writing score of 5, places you in Writing Skills II An objective score of 0-43, with a Writing score of 5, or a Writing Score of outline for an argumentative essay 4 (and any objective score) places you in dissertation roman sujet, Writing Skills I A Writing score of 2 or 3 (and any objective score) places you in Fundamentals of Writing A Writing score of less than 2 requires that you take a developmental reading course before starting Writing courses (see counselor) Write a five-paragraph essay of about 400 words Double space between paragraphs Include a strong thesis statement in your introduction (the last sentence) Begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence that supports your thesis Give at essay least two examples for roman, each body paragraph for support--you can even make up stories and statistics Reiterate your thesis in puritan, the conclusion Don't worry about sujet, writing the essay like a letter--no greetings or closings are necessary Don't worry about the audience--just be sure to write using formal, not casual, language Use key words from the prompt Proofread Proofread Proofread. In the typical five paragraph essay , there is samuel essay a specific format to be followed: II. Body Paragraph One.

III. Dissertation Roman! Body Paragraph Two. IV. Body Paragraph Three. For example, the puritan dream, prompt may ask you to dissertation roman sujet write a letter to the school board about whether or not funding for the fine arts programs should be a priority in by usb device, the public schools. When taking the dissertation sujet, Compass test, you will have to take a position. A good idea is to outline start with a pro-con list (using your scratch paper). 1. Fine arts programs provide a creative outlet for students.

1. Sujet! Fine arts programs are too expensive. 2. Studying art, drama, and music builds confidence in students. 2. Students need to focus on the basics: English, math, and science. 3. Students who are not athletic need extracurricular activities too. Now that you have brainstormed, it's time to choose a position. Essay On Being Person! In this case, let's choose to support funding of the fine arts. Dissertation Roman Sujet! Therefore, our thesis statement should say something like this: Funding for the arts should be provided in public schools. Once you have a thesis, you can put together your outline using the pro-con list above: I. Introduction--identify controversy (the lack of funds for outline argumentative essay, the fine arts) Thesis statement: Funding for the arts should be provided in public schools.

II. Body Paragraph One--the arts provide a creative outlet. Students need a break from tedious core classes Creativity can help students discover who they are. III. Body Paragraph Two--the arts build confidence. Students who are bullied will have a chance to shine Classes like music and drama will help develop presentation skills. IV. Body Paragraph Three--the arts give non-athletic students a chance to participate in school activities. A lot of roman sujet famous actors and musicians were inspired by the arts. V. Conclusion--reiterate thesis and bring paper to a close.

Once your outline is solidified, you can draft your paper. Buy An Review! Be sure to indent or double space when beginning each new paragraph. In a persuasive essay, the introduction must: Identify the controversy. Present the other side briefly and quickly come back to your position (optional) Close the paragraph with your thesis statement, taking a strong position on roman, the issue. This introduction is taken from Dr. Nancy Allen's The Writer's Handbook: The decision to resume by usb device eliminate or to keep funding for the fine arts programs in the public schools presents the dissertation roman sujet, school board the opportunity to do what is best for the students. Whatever the school board's decision, it will have a significant impact on the students' lives. The citizens and students who support eliminating the fine arts funding have some convincing arguments, including the recent reduction in state funds.

However, programs such as drama, music, and art provide many benefits to the students. Funding should, therefore, be provided for the fine arts programs. (Note that the last sentence states the thesis of the for an essay, paper.) In the roman sujet, body of the essay, the writer uses specific evidence, examples, and personal opinions to persuade the reader that the outline argumentative essay, stated position is a valid one. Each sentence must closely relate to roman the topic and the sentence that came before it. This way, the logic of the argument is easy to follow. Be sure to use adequate transitions as they make it easy for the reader to follow the logic of the presentation. The purpose of these paragraph(s) is to defend the thesis statement.

Each body paragraph should open with a topic sentence that supports the thesis. For example: One reason the school board should support the funding of the resume device, arts is because it provides students with a creative outlet. Use examples to support the dissertation, main point of resume by usb each body paragraph. Roman Sujet! For the first paragraph in this paper, you should discuss why it's important for students to express their creativity. Puritan! For example: By expressing themselves through the arts, students are able to release their emotions and feelings in a more positive atmosphere. Once you have drafted all three body paragraphs, you can write the conclusion of dissertation sujet your paper. A good conclusion leaves readers satisfied that a full discussion has taken place.

Remember, this is the last chance to remind the reader and convince him/her to accept the writer's position. Conclusions presenting a summary Conclusions presenting a final generalization. Conclusions presenting a striking example. Dream! Conclusions presenting a forecast. Below are some examples of conclusions for a variety of dissertation roman topics. Conclusions presenting a parting question: Without a doubt, the samuel by grace paley, present faculty disciplinary committee should be replaced by a student court. An overwhelming majority of the students favor such a change. Why, then, are the officials of this school reluctant to take action? Are they unaware of the advantages of a student-court system? Or are they simply indifferent to student opinion?

Conclusions presenting a call to action: Since the officials of this school seem reluctant to replace the current system, we will simply have to try to make them understand the advantages of a student-court system. So let#146;s form a committee of concerned students to meet with the faculty--and, if necessary, with the dean and president as well. We have a right to be heard. When you have finished drafting your essay (your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion), you may begin the revising/editing process . Before editing the specific details of your essays, you must edit the roman sujet, content or make global revisions . Once the consultant, content of your essay is in place, you can revise for grammar, punctuation, and style, or make specific revisions . When making global revisions, ask yourself the following questions: Is the thesis sentence clearly stated or implied in the introduction? Can you, if asked, offer a one-sentence explanation or summary of what the paper is about? Does your thesis contain the main idea of the paper?

Is the thesis supported in the body of the paper? Is there an introduction, body, and conclusion? Do you have an appropriate audience in mind? Does the introduction capture the dissertation sujet, reader's attention, provide any necessary background information or definitions, and gradually lead up to the main idea of the paper? Does the organization make sense? Does the puritan dream, paper progress in an organized, logical way? Have you effectively utilized transitions to dissertation roman sujet connect sentences and paragraphs? Is each main point represented by dream essay, a topic sentence (stated or implied) at dissertation roman sujet the beginning of each body paragraph? Do the topic sentences relate to your thesis? Are the main points of your essay fully developed? Are there places in the paper where more details, examples, or specifics are needed?

Does the outline essay, paper as a whole flow? Does it seem complete? How can this paper be improved? After the content of your paper has been modified, you can begin to edit the specific details. When making specific revisions, ask yourself the following questions: Have you varied sentence structure, rhythm, and length? Have you corrected all comma splices, fragments, or fused (run-on) sentences? Have you avoided the passive voice? For example, instead of saying, The ham was eaten by Sally, you should say, Sally ate the ham.

Do the sentences agree in subject and verb? By pronoun and dissertation roman antecedent? Have you avoided awkward sentence constructions and resume by usb device verb tense shifts? Have you correctly used commas, semicolons, dashes, apostrophes, etc.? Are your word choices clear, effective, and concise? Are all the words spelled correctly?

Underline anything that sounds unusual or awkward. Go back and look at each of the dissertation, sentences you have underlined and see how you can reword them to make them sound clearer. Below are some sample writing prompts, similar to those used on resume by usb, the TAKS Test. The only dissertation sujet way to for an argumentative get better at writing is to write more, so choose a prompt and try it out. Remember to choose a side and prove your point. Don't forget to use multiple paragraphs, an introductory paragraph, some paragraphs in the body of the paper, and a concluding paragraph. If you have signed up for the Continuing Ed course, you will need to sujet use one of the prompts below to write the puritan dream, practice persuasive essay. Service learning is the new buzzword on college and university campuses across the country. Some people believe that students should be required to sujet perform community service for course credit before graduating, stating that service learning will help not only the student performing the community service, but also the community in general. Others believe that colleges and universities are not appropriate forums in resume device, which this should occur, or that it should be a voluntary action on the students' part. In an essay to be read by the president of a university, argue for or against required community service for course credit before graduation.

Your purpose is to convince the reader that service learning should, or should not, be required. There is dissertation roman sujet some controversy surrounding the use of animals for testing purposes. Supporters of this issue believe that many discoveries beneficial to on being an optimistic humanity have resulted from the testing of animals. Dissertation Roman Sujet! Opponents argue that it is inhumane to use animals for testing purposes and note that often the tests performed on animals are for reasons not directly related to the well being of humanity. For An Essay! In an dissertation sujet essay to be read by your peers, argue for thesis, or against using animals for dissertation roman, laboratory testing. Your purpose for writing is to persuade your readers to agree with your point of view. People have different opinions about buy an essay review, whether or not the legal drinking age should be lowered to 18 years, as it once was. Those who support this issue argue that a person is old enough to vote and go to war, so surely he/she is old enough to drink alcoholic beverages. Opponents believe that if the drinking age were lowered to 18, car accidents and deaths would increase, as would other social problems. In an essay to dissertation be read by a government professor, argue for or against argumentative lowering the legal drinking age to dissertation roman sujet 18, as it once was. Your purpose in writing is to resume device persuade your reader that your view is correct.

Curriculum issues in public schools are on the rise. One issue that is being discussed regards whether or not physical education courses should be required in high schools. Proponents believe that Americans, in general, are not physically fit, and dissertation roman sujet high school is review a vehicle through which good health habits can be fostered. Opponents argue that there is not enough time in the day to teach all the material that must be taught, and physical education classes take up valuable time that could be used for teaching other subjects. In an essay to be read by roman, a dean of resume by usb device instruction, argue for or against requiring physical education courses in high school.

Your purpose in roman sujet, writing is to convince your reader that physical education courses should or should not be required for high school students. People have different opinions about whether or not a woman should be elected as President of the United States of consultant America. Roman Sujet! Write a persuasive essay, to be read by a government instructor, in which you give reasons to support your position. By Grace Paley! Include examples to help convince your reader that a woman should, or should not, be elected President. Your purpose in dissertation sujet, writing is to persuade your reader that your view is by usb device accurate and should be followed. Roman Sujet! Many people in America do not have adequate health care benefits. Insurance policies and health care should be provided for the masses free of an optimistic person charge, as it is in some countries.

Others believe that if we were to offer free health care, the quality of the services would decline, as doctors and sujet others in for an essay, the field would be overworked and underpaid. In an essay to be read by roman, premed students, argue for or against outline argumentative free health care in America. Your purpose in writing is to persuade your readers to agree with your point of dissertation roman sujet view. There is some controversy over puritan dream whether or not American students should be required to take foreign language classes in roman, school. Buy An Essay! Some believe that English will be the universal language, so the need for Americans to learn foreign languages is wasted time that could be spent on dissertation roman sujet, other material that needs to be taught and learned. Others argue that knowing more than one language will be necessary for economic survival in the near future. In an essay to be read by foreign language instructors, argue for resume by usb device, or against requiring students to take foreign language classes. Your purpose is to persuade your reader to agree with you.

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