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Using case studies in nursing research

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Using Case Studies in Research pdf 5 Кб

Using case studies in nursing research

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How to do Case Study Research pdf 5 Кб

bomb blast essay A Photo-Essay on the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hiroshima , Japanese city, situated some 8M km. (500 mi.) from Tokyo, on which the first operational atomic bomb was dropped at 0815 on using case studies in nursing 6 August 1945. Nicknamed 'Little Boy#146;#151;a reference to Roosevelt#151;the bomb was 3 m. (9 ft. 9 in.) long, used uranium 235, had the power of 12.5 kilotons of TNT, and weighed 3,600 kg. (nearly 8,000 lb.). Lyric Essays! Much discussion by a Target committee had preceded the using case decision to for grad make Hiroshima the case studies research first target. To be able to assess the damage it caused, and to impress the Japanese government with the destruction it was expected to wreak, it was necessary to papers choose a city that had not yet been touched by the USAAF#146;s strategic air offensives. Kyoto was also considered but its unrivalled beauty ruled it out.

The bomb was delivered by case in nursing, a US B29 bomber, nicknamed Enola Gay, from the Pacific island of Tinian. For Grad! Dropped by parachute it exploded about 580 m. (1,885 ft.) above the ground, and at the point of detonation the temperature probably reached several million degrees centigrade. Using In Nursing Research! Almost immediately a fireball was created from which were emitted radiation and heat rays, and severe shock waves were created by the blast. A one-ton (900 kg.) conventional bomb would have destroyed all wooden structures within a radius of 40 m. (130 ft.). Little Boy destroyed them all within a radius of help, 2 km. (1.2 mi.) of the hypocentre (the point above which it exploded). The terrain was flat and congested with administrative and commercial buildings, and the radius of destruction for the many reinforced concrete structures was about 500 m. Case In Nursing Research! (1,625 ft.), though only the top stories of earthquake-resistant buildings were damage or destroyed. Altogether an area of 13 sq. Ikm. (5 sq. mi.) was reduced to ashes and of the 76,000 buildings in the city 62.9% were destroyed and only 8% escaped damage. Within 1.2 km. Essay On My Husband! (.74 mi.) of the hypocentre there was probably a 50% death rate of the 350,000 people estimated to have been in studies research, Hiroshima at writing statements the time. Hiroshima City Survey Section estimated a figure of 118,661 civilian deaths up to 10 August 1946 (see Table). Add to using studies this a probable figure of 20,000 deaths of military personnel and the current figure#151;for people are still dying as a result of the radiation received#151;is in the region of on my future husband, 140,000.

Among those who survived, the long-term effects of radiation sickness, genetic and chromosome injury, and mental trauma have been catastrophic, even unborn children having been stunted in using case studies in nursing research, growth and sometimes mentally retarded. Committee on Damage by help writing, Atomic Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Hiroshima and using case in nursing research Nagasaki: The Physical, Medical, and Social Effects of the Atomic Bombings (London, 1981). Nagasaki , Japanese city on which the second operational atomic bomb was dropped. Nicknamed 'Fat Man' (a reference to Churchill), the bomb, which used plutonium 239, was dropped by lyric essays, parachute at 1102 on using studies in nursing research 9 August by an American B29 bomber from the Pacific island of Tinian. It measured just under 3.5 m. (11 ft. 4 in.) in length, had the power of 22 kilotons of TNT, and weighed 4,050 kg. (nearly 9,000 lb.). The aircraft's first target was the on my perfect future city of Kokura, now part of Kitakyushu, but as it was covered by heavy cloud the aircraft was diverted to its second target, Nagasaki. Unlike Hiroshima, Nagasaki lies in a series of case research, narrow valleys bordered by essay on my perfect, mountains in the east and west. The bomb exploded about 500 m. (1,625 ft.) above the ground and directly beneath it (the hypocentre) was a suburb of schools, factories, and private houses. The radius of destruction for in nursing, reinforced concrete buildings was 750 m. (2,437 ft.), greater than at Hiroshima where the blast caused by the bomb was more vertical. But because of the topography, and despite the Nagasaki bomb being more powerful, only about 6.7 sq. km. (2.6 sq. mi.) of Nagasaki was reduced to ashes compared with 13 sq. km. (5 sq. mi.) of Hiroshima.

Of the 51,000 buildings in the city 22.7% were completely destroyed or burt, with 36.1 % escaping any damage. Among the 270,000 people present when the bomb was dropped, about 2,500 were labour conscripts from bio tru story Korea and 350 were prisoners-of-war. About 73,884 were killed and 74,909 injured, with the affected survivors suffering the same long-term catastrophic results of radiation and mental trauma as at Hiroshima. Committee on Damage by Atomic Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Physical, Medical and Social Effects of the Atomic Bombings (London, 1981). Photo by US Army. The huge atomic cloud 6 August, 1945. A Uranium bomb, the first nuclear weapon in the world, was dropped in Hiroshima City. It was estimated that its energy was equivalent to using case studies 15 kilotons of TNT. Aerial photograph from the 80 kilometers away of the proofreading papers Inland Sea, taken about 1 hour after the dropping. Photo by US Army. The ruins of fire in Kako-machi.

The stone monument was left alone. The A-bomb Dome is seen in the far distance. Photo: Ohmura Navy Hospital. A girl with her skin hanging in strips, at Ohmura Navy Hospital on August 10-11. Melted Sake Bottles--Photo by Hiromi Tsuchiya. Binoculars--Masami Tsuchiya (25 at the time), a second lieutenant, was in the First Army Hospital (900 meters from the hypocenter) for an appendectomy. On August 7, a corpsman found Masami's dead body, part skeleton. He was identified only by the name on the towel in his hand. He was scheduled to leave the hospital that day.

Lunch Box--Reiko Watanabe (15 at the time) was doing fire prevention work under the case in nursing research Student Mobilization Order, at a place 500 meters from the hypocenter. Her lunch box was found by school authorities under a fallen mud wall. Its contents of lyric essays, boiled peas and rice, a rare feast at that time, were completely carbonized. Her body was not found. The Atomic Shadow--The shadows of the parapets were imprinted on the road surface of the Yorozuyo Bridge, 1/2 of a mile south-southwest of the hypocenter. It is one of the important clues for establishing the location of the using studies in nursing epicenter. Photo: US Army.

The leaves of this Fatsia japonica threw a shadow on an electric pole near the Meiji Bridge. Photo: US Army. Nagasaki Journey: The Photographs of Yosuke Yamahata. On August 10, 1945, the statements for grad school day after the bombing of Nagasaki, Yosuke Yamahata began to photograph the devastation. His companions on case in nursing research the journey were a painter, Eiji Yamada, and bio tru story a writer, Jun Higashi.

Wounded Horse--The bomb not only case studies in nursing hurt people but animals (burnt hip skin) Follow these links for more information on help with writing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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Using Case Studies in Research pdf 5 Кб

npr homework hotline -Write down one topic you would like to research. -Find and using case, write down one quote from the article. Explain why you picked it. -Find and write down one quote that relates to lyric essays evaluating sources or studies. Explain why you picked it. -Write down one thing that surprised you in the article. -Do you agree with the Food Babe, or are you a Food Babe skeptic? -conversions p 633. -notetaking skills p 604.

Earthquakes and Fracking: Test on Chapters One and Two. Intro to chapter three and studies, vulcanology. Study Guide for 1 st Test: -Understand types of pollutants described in Chap 1. -Study types of resources, and bio tru story, know examples (p 14). -Study the basic components of an experiment and the experimental method. Using Studies In Nursing Research. Be able to essay on my perfect give an using case studies, example of a hypothetical experiment. -Study the essay perfect husband, section on correlation in Chap 2 and using case studies research, understand how correlation differs from causation. -Study the section of Chap 2 about school, habits of scientists. -Understand the bell curve and the concept of distribution.

-Study the section of Chap 2 about models, be able to give an studies research, example of each. -Study the role values play in environmental science (p 47) 1) Why is the Industrial Revolution an important topic in this class? List 2 upsides to it and 2 downsides. 2) Name two animals and two plants that were domesticated during the Agricultural Revolution.

3) Give an writing personal for grad school, example of a loss of biodiversity. Why did it occur? 4) Give an example of the law of supply and demand at play causing the price of something either to using in nursing rise or fall. If you missed class, turn in answers to the Q's above next class. Also watch this video:

Note taking Lesson: Paper or google doc, you must take notes each class. Will be checked and graded. If you missed class, make notes on textbook. See links for help on lyric essays how to take notes: If you missed class, watch this video and take notes on the key points made: Homework Due Friday: Read this Lichen Article bring in a passage that you liked or one that you didn’t understand.

Questions to ponder while reading and answer in groups on using case Friday. 1) How was Toby able to get a PHD without a high school diploma? 2) Why was Toby's discovery significant? What other discoveries could it lead to? 3) The article says Toby took risks in with writing, his research, what might those be? Instructor: Milo Mitchel. Dear students and families, Hello and welcome to Environmental Science! This is a two-semester class in which we will investigate plant science, weather science, ecology, and alternative energy. Each class session will include a discussion of new material, review of research, at-home assignments.

Independent work will comprise about quotes, 40% of the workload and will include completion of lab reports, reading assignments with comprehension questions, reflections on in-class notes, independent research projects, and take-home tests. You are required to bring the following to studies in nursing class each day we meet: 1. Thesis Quotes. 1. Textbook 2. Binder (1 1/2- 2 inch), with assignment sheet and two section dividers: “Notes”, “Returned Work” 3. In Nursing. Binder Paper 4. Pen and Pencil. Phone Use policy: I encourage you to use your phone for class related research and notes. If you are using it for essay on my perfect husband other things, your grade will suffer.

It's a matter of trust since it’s hard for studies research me to tell what you are doing on your phone. Homework: I hope that you do it all yourself, but if I suspect plagiarism, meaning any sort of copying or cutting and pasting, there will be serious consequences. P lagiarism is a serious offense and will result in a call home to parents and lyric essays, possible removal from the class. In order have a classroom community in using case, which everybody feels respected, safe, and bio tru story, enthusiastic about learning, each student must be mature, responsible and respectful. Using Studies. Please refer to the Orchard View Behavior Guidelines for specific rules. We will discuss as a class laboratory safety procedures. Students’ grades will be based on completion and quality of assigned work, attendance, and participation in bio tru story, class activities and case research, discussions according to the approximate percentages below: Independent Projects/Lab Reports/ In-Class Activities 2 0%

Tests/ Quizzes 40% Attendance/ Participation 2 0% These are write-ups on in-class laboratory projects. We will discuss the format in class. I will assign a few take-home research projects in the course of the school year. There will also be a few group presentation projects. Late projects will be marked down 10% (one whole letter grade) for essay perfect husband every day they are late. Generally, I will give a test at the end of every two chapters which will include both multiple choice and short-answer sections. Some short quizzes will be given in the interludes. I will announce the date of the tests at least one week in advance. I will announce quizzes at least two days in case research, advance.

There will be no pop quizzes. I will give homework assignments at every class meeting. These will consist of reading assignments with comprehension questions, completion of lab reports from in-class labs, and online activities. Perfect. Assignments will be due at using case in nursing research the beginning of the following class meeting. Bio Tru Story. Late assignments will receive half credit. If you are absent, you will be allowed to have the same amount of time everyone else had to complete the using studies research, assignment.

I require students to take notes from the lectures. These notes will be checked and a speech, graded the following class. Students who are absent may copy notes from another student in the class. Attendance is in nursing research crucial to your success in this class. It is very difficult to catch-up if you fall behind. Thesis Tagalog. You will receive attendance credit for every day that you are present, on time, and ready to work. Your participation grade will be based on your participation in using case studies, class discussions, both as a listener and a speaker, your ability to cooperate and work well in small groups, and your class behavior. I am usually available briefly before or after class for students needing assistance with an personal statements for grad, assignment. If possible, email or call me beforehand so that I can arrange my schedule to be available.

Grading Scale : 90-100% A. 1) Present Ecology Lab Boards to peers. -Did you observe anything interesting? -Inspect your partner’s notebook. 2) Grade Notebook: 10pts. -Give one point per using case studies in nursing, observation. -make sure there are dates and times. Quotes. if not take off 2 points.

3) Grade Ecology Board: 10pts. -Are there readable symbols? If not, take off one point. -Does it look like a lot of using case, effort was put into it? If not, take off 2 points. 4) Grade Conclusion paragraphs: 10pts. -Are there 2 paragraphs?

If not, take off 3 points. -Are there predictions made? If not, take off one point. Everything below this is from tagalog last year: Possibilities: Micro hydro power, geothermal, algae fuel, human power, waste digesters. Homework : study for exam on case studies research Wednesday May 10th, meet with your study group. You are allowed to have one side of a 3x5 card with notes during the exam. This card will be turned in with the exam. Terms and Topics to understand and be able to give examples of. Environmental treaties- Know about two of the ones we studied.

Climate skeptics: People who are skeptical that climate change exists or is serious. Habits of a Scientist: Curiosity, open mindedness, skepticism. Scientific Method Peer Review Biodiversity - The genetic, species, and ecological diversity of the on my, organisms in a given area. Case In Nursing Research. Ecology - The scientific study of relationships between organisms and their environment. It is concerned with the life histories, distribution, and behavior of individual species as well as the structure and function of natural systems at thesis quotes the level of populations, communities and ecosystems. Studies Research. Fossil Fuels - Petroleum, natural gas and coal created by lyric essays, geological forces and case in nursing research, from organic wastes and dead organisms.

Greenhouse Gas - Gases added to the atmosphere by the human actions that trap heat and cause global warming. Also a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect by absorbing infrared radiation. How carbon emissions affect the environment. Bias- Know examples of biased experiments and biased articles and why avoiding bias in science is important. Know how fracking works and what environmental harms it can cause. Estuaries and deltas and their ecological significance. Superfund sites Source Reduction Correlation and causation Nuclear power plants- use nuclear fission and nuclear fusion to heat water and make steam to turn a turbine and create immense amounts of power Parasitism, mutualism, commensalism, symbiosis- types of relationships between organisms Renewable resources- Resources normally replaced or replenished by natural processes. Renewable Energy sources.

Infrastructure- a structure that is shared amongst the community. (road, sewage system, power grid.) Nonrenewable resources- Minerals, fossil fuels, and other materials present in help with, essentially fixed amounts. Ozone Hole Natural Selection and Artificial Selection. 5/3 In Class: Research assigned treaty in Chapter 21 (p 580 an p 581). Write a paragraph answering the following questions: Was it effective? Why or why not? Has it been updated? Who were the signatories? Present to class. Include a works cited with at least three sources: one primary, one secondary and one tertiary. Find at least one similar experiment or study and cite it on your lab plan.

Why are oil prices so low? Read the article and answer the questions below (which are the titles of the subsections of the article) 1. Why has the price of oil been dropping? Why now? 2. Who benefits from the using case in nursing research, price drop? 4. What happened to OPEC? (first explain what OPEC is) 5. Is there a conspiracy to bring the price of oil down? 6. When are oil prices likely to recover? Homework : Chapter 14 section 3 review and answer questions 1-4.

Homework : Read chapter 14 Section 1 and 2 but only complete Section 2 review questions 1-4. You must turn in a rough draft Friday! Be prepared to help talk about your best source and what you need for your final draft. Homework : First draft of using research, research paper with minimum 4 source bibliography and outline attached. Be ready to discuss it in class. Study for quiz on Wednesday on chapter 13. Study Guide for Quiz: Know these terms and be able to give examples: -Greenhouse effect -greenhouse gasses -Kyoto protocol -Ozone Layer and Hole. -CFC's -Latitude -El Nino and La Nina. Homework due Friday 2/3: Chapter 13 Section 3 plus section review. 1/27 In Class: Quiz on Chapters 11 and 12 (see below for study guide).

Discussion of research project notes. I will check them, but hold on to them. Discussion of Chapter 13. Work in groups on research project. Homework: Finish outline of research paper and read Chapter 13 Section 2 and help with writing, complete Section 2 Review. Homework: Chapter 13 Section 1 and complete Section 1 review. Study for quiz on Friday on chapter 11 and case, 12. Key Terms to study for quiz: -Pathogen -Watershed -Biomagnification. -Aquifer -Thermal Pollution -Secondary Pollutant. -Light pollution -PH -Acid Precipitation (what causes it?)

1/20 In Class: Chapter 12 review and key concepts - go over and discuss. Air, noise and light Pollution. Homework Due 1/25: Select and proofreading, refine a topic for the science fair research paper and make a page of notes as you research that topic. Turn in the page of notes on Wednesday. Science Fair is March 10th. I will post the rest of the research project due dates next week.

1/18 In Class: Chapter 11 review and key concepts - go over and discuss. Studies In Nursing Research. The water cycle and with a speech, types of water pollution. Homework: Read Chapter 12 and answer questions 10-24. Note different questions from last time. 1/13 In Class: Ocean organism lab! I collected samples of using case studies, organisms from quotes Bodega Bay and from Salmon Creek beach, which we will analyze under the microscopes, identify, and write a lab report about. Directions: Please get into case studies research, the same lab groups as last time. 1) Assign a member of bio tru story, your group to get and set up a microscope. 2) Assign another group member to carefully gather some slides and slide covers, clean them if necessary. 3) Assign a group member to start a lab report on a piece of paper or chromebook.

Write down names of group members, then start to list what you see in your sample, including plants, animals, pollutants, and case studies in nursing research, minerals. 4) Assign each group member something to help a speech try and identify. Using Studies In Nursing Research. Identify at least 3 organisms. Write out their latin name and a paragraph about how they fit into the ecosystem. Search for pictures of aquatic ecosystems with ID labels.

Look in your textbook in chapter 7 to see threats to marine ecosystems and things you might want to look for. 5) Write up a summary of what you have found. Can you make a hypothesis about the quotes tagalog, health of the studies in nursing, ecosystem? Can you think of a scenario in essay on my perfect future husband, which the Bay waters become anaerobic? Hint: algae. Homework: Read Chapter 11 if you haven't already, and complete questions 6-18 in case studies, the chapter review.

Write up a paragraph summarizing the proofreading papers, work of your lab group and what experiments you would want to do next based on the questions that came up in using research, this ocean lab. Algae Lab part two: a. Fill in students who were absent about what we did in part one of the lab. Record observations, and differences between control and experimental groups. b. Record observations, and differences between control and thesis tagalog, experimental groups. Add notes from your homework research where relevant.

c. Write a paragraph of conclusions. Did your predictions come true? What would you do differently next time? What would the using studies, impact be on a creek ecosystem if it had this much nitrogen dumped into it? What organisms would be impacted. Write down how your group could have done a better job collaborating and with division of labor. d. Learning from this experience, design a better experiment with algae and fertilizer. Calculate how the dilution rate you would use and show your work (you will start with fertilizer that has 2% nitrogen) e. Pour flasks out (spreading out the on my perfect future, liquid) on green plants in in nursing research, the quad. Clean flasks with soap and water and put on thesis drying rack. No Homework over break. 12/16 In Class: Algae lab observation and using in nursing research, taking mid term.

If you miss class you can make up mid term on Wednesday. Homework: Research algae. How to grow it in bio tru story, a lab, how to using case studies in nursing measure oil content, sensitivity to PH changes, temperature and light, where to find samples. Help With. Write up the sources you find along with descriptions and notes. Turn in Wednesday. 12/14 In Class: Algae Lab. Work with your group and follow the directions below:

1)Assign one person to studies research start a lab sheet, which you will all contribute to. Write your name next to the parts you write. Write down and help with a speech, describe: -date -group member names -what you are testing -Experimental and control groups. -independent and dependent variables (see page 58) -Review key terms in Chapter 2. 2) Add fertilizer to your test tube and make observations. What does the water look like. Case Studies Research. What is the PH.

3) Do research on what algae need for bio tru story optimum growth. What might we be missing? 4) Develop a hypothesis as a group. 5) Make a prediction about what you think you will observe in using case studies in nursing, a week. Will the algae grow? How much? Why? Will the color or PH change? Make predictions about what. 5) Clean up all measuring and other tools, clean up the desks.

Put away any materials in the right spot. Homework: Study for on my perfect future husband midterm and using in nursing, make a 3x5 card with an outline for tagalog your essay/story. Using Studies In Nursing Research. No definitions allowed. 12/9 In Class: Chapter 10 key concepts plus midterm prep. In class assignment: Read the midterm description below then using the textbook, find key words that you think should be added to the list below. 12/16 Mid Term Essay Description: (This is just a guide, you have total freedom to tell any sort of story. Could be a journal entry, a news report, or a humorous fictional tale.)

Tell a story (or write an lyric essays, essay) about a community balancing energy and food needs with environmental protection. Using Case Studies In Nursing Research. This could be a true story or one you make up, but it should illustrate at help writing least some of the broad themes of the class, like regulation of pollution, protection of biodiversity, and case in nursing, meeting growing global energy needs while addressing climate change. Writing Statements School. Use as many of the following key terms as you can. Use them appropriately, using the definition in using case, the textbook or lecture. You will be graded on demonstrating your knowledge of the bio tru story, key terms, and case studies in nursing research, how they relate to the broader themes of the papers, class. List of Key Terms: Infrastructure Environmental Impact Report Supply and Demand Nitrogen Cycle/ Nitrogen Pollution Carbon Cycle/ Carbon Pollution Food Chain Eutrophication Aquatic Organisms Pesticide Resistance Endangered Species Biodiversity Symbiosis Keystone Species Climate Change Ecosystem Adaptation Natural Selection Gene Ecotourism Poaching Models Correlation Agriculture Ecological Footprint Estuary Sustainability Natural Resource Arable Land Water Cycle Demography Exotic Species Photosynthesis Life Expectancy. Homework due Wednesday 12/14: Study for Midterm on Friday 12/16.

Define key terms and in nursing research, take notes. You can bring one 3x5 card with notes or an outline for your story, but no key term definitions, and I will check this. Lyric Essays. Catch up on missing homework (check homework hotline.) 12/7 In Class: Quiz on The Gene reading. Fake News assignment: Open 3 word files in case in nursing, File Cabinet. Read the articles and answer the proofreading, questions in groups. Using Case In Nursing. Be ready to writing a speech report to class. Take notes and write down quotes in the form of references that you will use for the homework.

Homework Due Friday: Personal Response Paragraph: Write a paragraph in case in nursing research, which you express your opinion on the following questions (you may organize your paragraph any way that makes sense, just be sure to address all of the bullet points). Back up your arguments using at lyric essays least three references from the studies research, articles you have read (quote or paraphrase and lyric essays, cite each reference). - From an ethical standpoint, do you feel it is okay to make money writing fake news stories? Why or why not? - Do you think Facebook has an obligation to using studies in nursing research stop the personal statements for grad, spread of fake news? How far should they go?

Should they fact-check and monitor posted content themselves or rely on users (as they have said they plan to using case studies do because they do not want to be the arbiters of truth themselves)? - Do you think social media companies’ blocking content is bio tru story a violation of free speech? Why or why not? - Do individuals have a responsibility to make sure they are not believing in and spreading fake news? If so, what steps should they take to do this? 12/2 In Class: Populations and demographics continued. Quiz next wednesday on The Gene. Add two paragraphs interpreting the numbers you found: -Why is the growth rate high or low?

-What do the case, numbers mean? What does it mean to have a high fertility rate but low pop density? -Does your country have an issue with migration? How are immigrants treated there? -How does the country meet its energy needs? Are they using renewables? -Are there any endangered species being threatened by proofreading, population growth? -Also, find birth and death rates for your country. After you finished reading The Gene excerpt find reading partner and: Write out at least a half page of study notes each.

-How did Malthus' work help Darwin make a breakthrough? -What's the in nursing research, deal with Wallace? Where did he study and what did he find? Why was Darwin worried about him? -What's the difference between pigeons becoming peacocks and the evolution of Darwin's finches? Homework due Wednesday: Read Chapter 10 + Questions’s 6-18 in chapter review. Study for quiz on The Gene: Be able to describe the work of lyric essays, Darwin, Wallace and Malthus and how their work is related. 11/30 In Class: Populations and demographics. Write answers and research, analysis on a piece of paper: What is the? -Growth rate (has it fluctuated much in bio tru story, the last 50 years?) -Life expectancy (and how does this compare with neighboring countries)

Where is the case in nursing, population headed? How does the bio tru story, government deal with population growth? Do they, or have they taken steps to control population? Write these answers on a piece of paper along with a paragraph description of the the country and how it’s population is impacting the environment, and using case in nursing, about how the country is providing enough resources for it’s population, or not. Describe the demographic shift that is taking place in the country. Homework: 4) Homework: Find a short env. Writing. sci. video, under 5 min or a 5 min segment that you rate 10 out of studies in nursing research, 10, or at least 8 out of 10 and send me the link, or bring it to class. Include at lyric essays least one key term from the in nursing, text book, and explain how your video sheds light on that term. 11/18 In Class: Water and bio tru story, Power Infrastructure. Debates about dams. Watch, take notes on, and rate videos below:

Homework Due next class: Read Chapter 9 and and complete questions 6-26. 11/16 In Class: Watch three videos and rate them out of 10, with comments. Case In Nursing. Take notes on key terms, and lyric essays, turn in these notes. Homework due Friday 11/18 : Write a half a page about what you think the state of studies in nursing research, energy and the environment will be in 4 years. Cite the research you have done on the election and make predictions about what impacts the results will have on with topics like: how we produce energy, pollution, water quality, ocean ecosystem health, and the overall health of the planet.

Are you optimistic about the environment? Why or why not? Also, catch up on any missing work. 11/9 In Class: Energy, Environment and Election. What will the environment look like in four years?

1) Research the presidential race, senate races, local and studies in nursing, state propositions in the context of energy and the environment. For example you could type a google search like how will plastic bag ban impact pollution and look for unbiased evidence whether a ban will have a significant impact on litter in the environment or not. 2) Write one page of bullet points summarizing what effect you think these propositions and candidates will have on the environment. Example Bullet Point: -CA proposition 67 plastic bag ban. Voters passed plastic bag ban, which means plastic bags will still be used and according to X study by the CA fish and thesis tagalog, Game (for example) shows that plastic bags add an average of X amount of litter pollution to waterways and wetlands per county. Counties will have to using case studies research spend more money on cleaning up litter, and aquatic organisms could suffer. For instance, marine mammals could be strangled. Homework Due Wednesday 11/16: R ead chapter 8, and complete questions 6-18 in the chapter review. 11/4 In Class: Quiz on Chapter 7 and Deltas. Cap and Trade critics and alternatives. Thesis. Discussion of fracking ban initiative.

Watch this video if you missed class on using case studies research cap and writing personal statements for grad school, trade: Homework due Wednesday 11/9: Diagram or 3-D model (12 pts) - ___/ 8pts: 1-3 hand-drawn, detailed sketch(es) with detailed labels describing different parts/ aspects of the invention or discovery. - ___/ 4 pts: Other photographs, sketches, or diagrams of the invention, inventor, or scientific principles related to invention (at least two- can be printed from case studies in nursing research internet or shared on chrome book) - ___/ 8pts Extra Credit: Hand-made, 3-D model of invention. Also: Start reading chapter 8, questions 6-18 in the. chapter review will be due Wednesday 11/16. 11/2 In Class: Deltas and essay on my perfect, water pollution.

NON journal discussion. Chapter 7 Intro. Quiz on Friday! Homework due Friday 11/4: Read Chapter 7 and using case studies, answer questions 6-18 in chapter review. Study for quiz on Friday: -Estuaries- where fresh water and salt water mix. -Wetlands, like the Laguna, are important purifiers of waste water and flood control. -Eutrophication- increase of nutrients (like nitrates) in an aquatic ecosystem. Phytoplankton= floating plants.

Zooplankton= floating animals like jellyfish. -Nekton= free swimming organisms like whales and turtles. -Delta- where river deposits create a land form in a wetland. -Know about the help writing a speech, Sacramento River Delta and the environmental issues surrounding agriculture and water use surrounding it. -Be able to give examples of threats to oceans, rivers and research, wetlands. 10/28 In Class: Nitrogen pollution in the ocean.

Bodega Marine Lab. Weather West -r ead current blog: and Forecaster discussion: And check out this glossary for term definitions: Homework due Wednesday 11/2: II. Imagined Journal Entry (12 points ) - Pretend you are your Night of the Notables character.

Write a journal entry or letter, (minimum 150 words), in which you share your thoughts about the bio tru story, new invention. o Questions you might consider: Do you like the new invention? Will you use it? How might it change your daily life and case studies in nursing, the lives of those around you? o Another idea: Describe in detail the perfect future, first time you used/ saw the new invention. ____/ 9pts (content of studies research, letter) ___/ 3 pts (appearance of letter- make it look like it is from the time period of your notable) 10/26 In Class: Nitrogen Pollution, water quality and river restoration. NON discussion and research.

Homework: Read Chapter 6 and proofreading papers, answer questions 6-18 in chapter review. 10/21 In Class: Quiz on using case studies in nursing Chapter 5. Night of the Notables (N.ON.) Suggestions: Ada Lovelace, Dimitri Mendelev, Jane Goodall, Fritz Haber, Marie Curie, Tycho Brahe, James Watson, Humphry Davy, Edwin Hubble, Buckminster Fuller, Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday, Emilie du Chatelet, Thomas Edison, Rachel Carson, Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Aristotle, John Muir. Homework: Description of the lyric essays, Invention or Discovery (20 points) Due Wednesday 10/26. This should be 2 pages, organized in bullet points rather than paragraphs, please type. - Date of discovery/ invention.

- Brief information about the case studies research, scientist(s) who made the discovery/ invention. - Information about the inventing/ discovery process (for example: Were different designs tried? Where did the inventor get his/ her idea? What were some previous scientific discoveries that made this invention possible?) - Information about the invention/ discovery. o What it was/ is used for. o Scientific principles related to/ used in essay husband, invention.

o It’s design and materials used. o How it changed peoples lives/ the economy/ the world/ the natural environment (include both postive and negative effects) ____/ 14pts (content- see above) ____/ 3 pts (organization/ visual appearance of information) ____/ 3 pts Works cited list. 10/19 In Class: Chapter 5 Review. Peer Grading of studies research, Lab #1 Instructions: 1) Present Ecology Lab Boards to peers. -Did you observe anything interesting? -Inspect your partner’s notebook. 2) Grade Notebook: 10pts.

-Give one point per observation. -make sure there are dates and times. Lyric Essays. if not take off 2 points. 3) Grade Ecology Board: 10pts. -Are there readable symbols? If not, take off one point. -Does it look like a lot of effort was put into it? If not, take off 2 points.

4) Grade Conclusion paragraphs: 10pts. -Are there 2 paragraphs? If not, take off 3 points. -Are there predictions made? If not, take off one point. -Does it seem like your partner made detailed observations and drew interesting conclusions? If not, take off one point. 5) Give a total grade out of 30 and write a couple of case studies in nursing, sentences of feedback, both praise and criticism.

Homework: Study for quiz on Chapter 5. Lyric Essays. Understand the following terms: -Photosythesis P. 125 Carbs and Oxygen become CO2 and Water and using case studies, Energy. Lyric Essays. Reverse is cellular respiration. -Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorous Cycles (See video links below) -Producers and Consumers p127. -Cell Respiration p128. -Food Chains and energy transfer between organisms p130. Also: Check out N.O.N assignment in studies in nursing, file cabinet, and research a historical scientist you would like to learn more about. 10/14 In Class: Poor Quality Scientific Sources. -Find two bad sources of information, related to lyric essays Env Sci, and explain why they are not reliable sources. These sources could be websites, news articles or scientific studies.

-You might also look for unreliable or sketchy correlation studies on chemicals and their relationship to case research cancer. - Write a paragraph about lyric essays, why it’s bad and what a better source would look like, and be ready to case in nursing research explain this to class. Are the sources biased? If so how? Is there a profit motive? Is there causation drawn inappropriately? Homework due Wednesday 10/19 : 1) Make five more observations at your plot and turn in your notebook with two paragraphs of conclusions (See page 28 and quotes, 29, and answer question # 5). You need at least 10 observations recorded with dates and times.

Any erosion? Pollutants? New signs of life? 2) Add any new organisms you observe to studies research your poster board and turn it in perfect future husband, as well. 3) Be prepared to talk about your study plot to the class. 4) Read Chapter 5 and complete questions 1-23 in the Chapter Review. 10/12 In Class: Presenting key terms from Chapter 4. Homework: S tudy for the quiz on using case research Friday on Chapter 4 key terms.

Review Chapter 4 and do web searches to better understand key terms, and perfect, write down examples of terms. Be able to case studies give an bio tru story, example of Artificial Selection, Natural Selection, Evolution, Adaptation, and Resistance. 10/7 In Class: Chapter 3 Review of using studies in nursing, Key Terms and Concepts. Reading and discussing Food Babe article: Homework: Read Chapter 4 and write out a summary of your assigned key term, if you missed class email me for a key term. -Present your term in class on next Wednesday.

-Make it interesting, give an example, use it in a sentence. -Science definition may be different than common definition EG population. ALSO: Make 5 more observations on your plot. Are you noticing seasonal changes? One more observation after the rain next week. If you missed class on Wednesday 10/5 you should watch these videos:

10/5 In Class: Ecology Lab update. Ozone Layer success story and HFC's. Making fuel out of bio tru story, Algae. Using Case In Nursing Research. Chapter two review: Habits of scientists, correlations. Homework: Finish reading Chapter 3 and complete questions 10-18 in the chapter review. Turn in what you got done in the section reviews during class, but don't worry about with writing, doing them as homework. Make 5 more observations in studies research, your lab notebook by next Wednesday.

9/30 In Class: Quiz on Chapter One and Class topics. Chapter two review. Homework: Complete poster board for your ecology lab and bring to class on tagalog Wednesday. Record at least 5 observations (I will inspect your notebook on Wednesday.) 9/28 In Class: Chapter one Highlights and Key Terms. Ecology Lab intro.

Group work on research assignments. Artificial photosynthesis: Homework: Study for quiz on Friday on chapter one and topics we have covered in class like artificial photosynthesis and anaerobic digestion. Read Chapter two. Find a spot for in nursing research your ecology lab and bio tru story, measure it out following the instructions in the textbook on page 28. Photograph it if you can and start a notebook (either physical or digital, but it must not be lost) and write down observations. Using In Nursing. Record the date and time for each observation. Homework Due Wednesday: Switch papers with your partner, research each other's issue, and write a page about it.

Do not repeat what your partner wrote. Look for credible sources. Also, read chapter one in the textbook. If you missed class, just read chapter one. 9/21 In Class: Article presentations.

Homework: Find a local environmental issue and research it. Lyric Essays. Write one page about it and turn it in on Friday. What is the problem? What are some potential solutions? Here are some ideas for topics: -Laguna- pollution, habitat restoration, invasive species. -Mining at Skyline park in in nursing, Napa. -Vineyards and habitat loss. -Pollution from small engines in landscaping and agriculture. 9/16 In Class: Quiz on microbes. Env. With Writing. Sci topics in the news.

How to find a good article on the web. CRISR and gene editing. Using Case Studies. Homework: Find an article that is over 500 words (over a page and a half), read it and write a presentation outline. Come to class Wednesday prepared to personal statements school present your article to the class using your outline. Look for studies articles in writing personal school, reputable newspapers and using in nursing research, magazines like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Science News, the Economist, etc. NPR and PBS also have good articles. Wednesday 9/14 In Class: Microbes article, history of bio tru story, global warming, Power of Introverts video. Homework: Study for quiz on Friday on using studies research Microbes article, see questions below. Reread article if necessary and take notes. Catch up on 1st and 2nd written assignments- grade update coming next week! Look for articles related to writing school environmental science- read and bring to class.

Friday 9/9 In Class: Quiz and Discussion of Lichen Article. Hunter gatherers and how Homo Sapiens came to case dominate Earth. How did humans come to dominate the earth? How did they learn to cooperate? What effect did hunter gatherers have on their environment? Yuval Harari's book Sapiens. Homework Due Wednesday: Read Microbes article (see link below) and write a one page review. What made sense and what didn't?

When reading the article, you may not understand everything, but that's OK. You can also ask your supervising teacher for help understanding difficult parts of the article, and lyric essays, we will go over it in class on Wednesday. Case Studies. You may need to read some sections twice and look up some words in the dictionary or on Google. Proofreading. Be able to answer the questions below, which will be on case studies in nursing a quiz soon. -What is the Dark Matter Analogy about? Explain it.

-What is the essay perfect future husband, iChip? -What is Novobiotic? -Who is Slava Epstein? -What is the weapons theory? What is Slava's alternative theory? Hint: cologne in NYC. -Who is using in nursing Kim Lewis? Homework: Study for quiz on Friday on help with writing the Lichen article, if you missed class see the link above and read the article. Make sure to bring paper, pencil, and using case studies, a folder or binder to each class. Due Friday: Write at least a half a page on what you thought about the article (see link above), and something that might inspire you to pursue advanced studies in the sciences some day.

Your writing will help me decide what to proofreading papers focus on this year in this class. For example, if I notice interest in drones, we might study how drones are being used to collect data and solve environmental problems. Also, memorize your Orchard View Login and studies, Password. Study Guide for Quiz: What did Toby discover? How did he change the study of lichens? -What possible inventions (medical, construction, etc) could result from this discovery? Ex. new types of glue. -What might inspire you in a similar way?

-What environmental problems might be solved by essay on my perfect future husband, understanding lichen? (possibly cleaning up toxic substances?) (safer pesticides?) -Explain how lichens are an example of Symbiosis. 5/18 In Class: Watching The Martian. Homework: Have a great summer! Thanks for all your work, it was a fun class. 5/11 In Class: Science and Religion- what does the using case studies, constitution say? Why all theories presented in science class must have genuine scientific evidence to support them. Open Source learning and philosophy- the Arduino controller and writing statements school, Maker culture. Homework: Study Guide for Final Exam: Terms and Topics to understand and be able to using in nursing give examples of. Habits of a Scientist: Curiosity, open mindedness, skepticism. Essay Husband. Paris Talks - Understanding why they matter, goals, history: A conference in Paris came together and using case studies, negotiated how to lyric essays improve ways to stop carbon emissions and global warming. Who was John Muir?

What would he think about current environmental controversies? EG global warming. Name 3 types of clouds and using case research, what each says about the weather. Construction waste and 3 ways it could be reduced. Lyric Essays. Explain E=mc2 and case studies research, how it relates to Env Sci. and the Curvature of space - Key to gravity Time comes to an end in a black hole.

If you reverse the end of time, you get the beginning of time. Biodiversity - The genetic, species, and ecological diversity of the organisms in a given area. Ecology - The scientific study of relationships between organisms and their environment. It is personal statements concerned with the life histories, distribution, and behavior of individual species as well as the structure and function of natural systems at the level of populations, communities and using case in nursing research, ecosystems. Bio Tru Story. Fossil Fuels - Petroleum, natural gas and coal created by using studies in nursing, geological forces and from organic wastes and dead organisms. Greenhouse Gas - Gases added to the atmosphere by the human actions that trap heat and cause global warming. Also a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect by papers, absorbing infrared radiation Bias- Know examples of case, biased experiments and biased articles. Know how fracking works and what environmental harms it can cause. Help Writing A Speech. Lead industry in case in nursing research, the US- History and current controversy about water contamination. Estuaries - Tidal mouth of a large river where the tidal mouth meets the stream. How carbon emissions affects the environment Biodegradable Pollutants- How they differ from Non-Biodegradable pollutants.

CA Coastal Commission Superfund sites Source Reduction Hydroelectric Power- pros/cons Correlation and causation -Bell curve- data complained in middle of graph because that is where it averages out. a graph of a normal distribution, with a large rounded peak tapering away at each end. Nuclear power plants- use nuclear fission and nuclear fusion to heat water and on my perfect, make steam to turn a turbine and using case studies research, create immense amounts of power Michael Faraday’s invention= he discovered electromagnetic induction of the laws of electrolysis. Thesis Tagalog. His biggest invention was the electric motor, he used Franklin’s footsteps, he discovered electricity can be made by moving a magnet inside a wire coil, once he built the first electric motor, he later built the first generator and transformers. Parasitism, mutualism, commensalism, symbiosis- types of relationships between organisms Renewable resources- Resources normally replaced or replenished by natural processes Infrastructure- a structure that is shared amongst the community. (road, sewage system, power grid. Shallow Disposal systems= septic systems and studies in nursing research, storm drains Nonrenewable resources- Minerals, fossil fuels, and other materials present in quotes, essentially fixed amounts( within human time scales in our Infrastructure- a structure that is shared amongst the community. (road, sewage system, power grid. environment). -Work in case studies in nursing, groups of papers, your choosing if you like or solo.

-Draw at least 3 clouds, ID them, and predict what them might indicate about current and future weather. -Turn in at the end of class. -Are we in a period of onshore flow or offshore? -High pressure or low pressure? -How has the weather changed since last week? List alternative projects/programs. List stakeholders. Case In Nursing Research. Select measurement(s) and measure all cost/benefit elements. Predict outcome of cost and benefits over relevant time period. 1) Name two power sources that do not come from the sun. Where does the energy for these sources come from?

2) Describe how fracking works. What does it produce? 3) Name two potential environmental harms caused by fracking. 4) What is statements your opinion about in nursing research, a carbon tax (taxing all petroleum products)? 1) Summarize the history of writing statements for grad school, lead in the US. Using Case Studies In Nursing. Why wasn’t it banned sooner? 2) Why did the WTO rule that India’s solar program was against trade law? What is your opinion?

Have you found any evidence of papers, conflict of interest on either side? 3) Why is milkweed crucial to using research Monarch butterflies? Why have Monarchs declined in population and writing a speech, what explains the recent population jump? How might environmental policy help them recover? Give an example (hint: habitat). 4) What was Michael Faraday’s big contribution to science? Describe his most famous experiment. Homework: Work on rough drafts of signs, be ready for case studies research Cathy to evaluate them. Finish research quiz. Homework: Content Feedback/ Review: Of all the video content we have watched, which did you like best and why?

Write one page, including a review of the Michael Faraday video we watched. If you missed class, just write feedback on what type of video content you thought was most effective out of ted talks, documentaries, Youtube ( Hank Green), science videos etc. Tagalog. Next class there will be an open note/Chromebook quiz on Solar in India, Monarchs and Milkweed, Lead in the US, and Michael Faraday's discovery of E. 6 minutes long; and write-up the following: 1 quote, 1 question, and one thing you find interesting in the presentation. 28 minutes long; and write-up the following: 1 quote, 1 question, and one thing you find interesting in the presentation. 2) Discuss fertilizers and the Nitrogen and Phosphorus cycles; example of affects - Dead Zone Gulf of Mexico/Mississippi River.

3) Collect and record observations and data on TerrAqua ecosystem experiment. In Nursing. Use pH sensor to measure pH of soil and quotes, water samples from ecosystem experiments - record data. To complete analysis and discuss outcomes next class. 1) Watch 10 minute video on Biogeochemical Cycles to review the Cycling of Materials on using studies Earth. 2) Read Chapter 5, Section 2 and Section 3. 3) Answer questions in help with a speech, Section 2 REVIEW, page 136, #1-4. 2) Complete all outstanding homework.

3) Explain the importance of bacteria and case studies, fungi in with a speech, the environment. Give examples related to your ecosystem experiment.

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Qualitative case study methodology in nursing research:…

The terrorist inside my husband's brain. Funding for research Travel or Speaker Honoraria: Clinical Procedures or Imaging Studies: Research Support, Foundations and Societies: Serving on writing personal statements school the board of directors for the American Brain Foundation. Stock/Stock Options/Board of Directors Compensation: License Fee Payments, Technology or Inventions:

Royalty Payments, Technology or Inventions: Stock/Stock Options, Medical Equipment Materials: I am writing to share a story with you, specifically for you. My hope is that it will help you understand your patients along with their spouses and caregivers a little more. And as for the research you do, perhaps this will add a few more faces behind the why you do what you do. I am sure there are already so many.

This is a personal story, sadly tragic and heartbreaking, but by sharing this information with you I know that you can help make a difference in the lives of others. As you may know, my husband Robin Williams had the little-known but deadly Lewy body disease (LBD). He died from suicide in 2014 at the end of an intense, confusing, and studies in nursing research, relatively swift persecution at help, the hand of this disease's symptoms and pathology. He was not alone in his traumatic experience with this neurologic disease. As you may know, almost 1.5 million nationwide are suffering similarly right now. Although not alone, his case was extreme. Case In Nursing Research! Not until the coroner's report, 3 months after his death, would I learn that it was diffuse LBD that took him. All 4 of the doctors I met with afterwards and who had reviewed his records indicated his was one of the worst pathologies they had seen. He had about 40% loss of lyric essays dopamine neurons and almost no neurons were free of Lewy bodies throughout the studies in nursing research entire brain and brainstem. Robin is and will always be a larger-than-life spirit who was inside the body of a normal man with a human brain.

He just happened to be that 1 in 6 who is lyric essays affected by brain disease. Not only did I lose my husband to LBD, I lost my best friend. Robin and I had in each other a safe harbor of unconditional love that we had both always longed for. For 7 years together, we got to tell each other our greatest hopes and fears without any judgment, just safety. As we said often to one another, we were each other's anchor and mojo: that magical elixir of feeling grounded and case studies, inspired at the same time by each other's presence. One of my favorite bedrock things we would do together was review how our days went. Often, this was more than just at the end of the proofreading day. It did not matter if we were both working at home, traveling together, or if he was on the road. We would discuss our joys and triumphs, our fears and using studies research, insecurities, and our concerns. Any obstacles life threw at us individually or as a couple were somehow surmountable because we had each other. When LBD began sending a firestorm of symptoms our way, this foundation of friendship and love was our armor.

The colors were changing and the air was crisp; it was already late October of 2013 and our second wedding anniversary. Thesis! Robin had been under his doctors' care. He had been struggling with symptoms that seemed unrelated: constipation, urinary difficulty, heartburn, sleeplessness and insomnia, and a poor sense of smell—and lots of stress. He also had a slight tremor in his left hand that would come and go. For the time being, that was attributed to a previous shoulder injury.

On this particular weekend, he started having gut discomfort. Using Case Studies! Having been by my husband's side for many years already, I knew his normal reactions when it came to fear and essay perfect future, anxiety. What would follow was markedly out of character for him. His fear and case studies research, anxiety skyrocketed to a point that was alarming. I wondered privately, Is my husband a hypochondriac? Not until after Robin left us would I discover that a sudden and prolonged spike in fear and anxiety can be an early indication of LBD. He was tested for diverticulitis and the results were negative. Like the rest of the symptoms that followed, they seemed to come and thesis tagalog, go at random times. Some symptoms were more prevalent than others, but these increased in frequency and severity over case in nursing, the next 10 months.

By wintertime, problems with paranoia, delusions and writing statements for grad, looping, insomnia, memory, and high cortisol levels—just to name a few—were settling in hard. Psychotherapy and other medical help was becoming a constant in using studies, trying to lyric essays, manage and solve these seemingly disparate conditions. I was getting accustomed to the two of us spending more time in reviewing our days. The subjects though were starting to fall predominantly in the category of fear and anxiety. These concerns that used to studies research, have a normal range of thesis tenor were beginning to using studies, lodge at a high frequency for him. Once the lyric essays coroner's report was reviewed, a doctor was able to point out to me that there was a high concentration of Lewy bodies within the amygdala. This likely caused the acute paranoia and out-of-character emotional responses he was having. How I wish he could have known why he was struggling, that it was not a weakness in his heart, spirit, or character.

In early April, Robin had a panic attack. He was in Vancouver, filming Night at the Museum 3 . His doctor recommended an antipsychotic medication to using in nursing research, help with the anxiety. It seemed to make things better in some ways, but far worse in bio tru story, others. Quickly we searched for something else. Not until after he left us would I discover that antipsychotic medications often make things worse for using research people with LBD. Also, Robin had a high sensitivity to medications and sometimes his reactions were unpredictable. This is apparently a common theme in people with LBD.

During the filming of the movie, Robin was having trouble remembering even one line for his scenes, while just 3 years prior he had played in school, a full 5-month season of the Broadway production Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo , often doing two shows a day with hundreds of lines—and not one mistake. This loss of memory and inability to control his anxiety was devastating to him. While I was on a photo shoot at Phoenix Lake, capturing scenes to paint, he called several times. He was very concerned with insecurities he was having about himself and studies, interactions with others. We went over every detail. Help With Writing A Speech! The fears were unfounded and I could not convince him otherwise. I was powerless in helping him see his own brilliance. For the first time, my own reasoning had no effect in helping my husband find the light through the tunnels of his fear.

I felt his disbelief in the truths I was saying. My heart and my hope were shattered temporarily. We had reached a place we had never been before. Case In Nursing! My husband was trapped in the twisted architecture of his neurons and no matter what I did I could not pull him out. In early May, the movie wrapped and he came home from personal statements Vancouver—like a 747 airplane coming in with no landing gear. I have since learned that people with LBD who are highly intelligent may appear to be okay for longer initially, but then, it is as though the case studies in nursing research dam suddenly breaks and lyric essays, they cannot hold it back anymore. In Robin's case, on top of being a genius, he was a Julliard-trained actor.

I will never know the using case studies true depth of his suffering, nor just how hard he was fighting. But from where I stood, I saw the bravest man in the world playing the hardest role of proofreading papers his life. Robin was losing his mind and studies in nursing research, he was aware of it. Can you imagine the pain he felt as he experienced himself disintegrating ? And not from something he would ever know the name of, or understand? Neither he, nor anyone could stop it—no amount of intelligence or love could hold it back. Powerless and frozen, I stood in the darkness of papers not knowing what was happening to research, my husband. Was it a single source, a single terrorist, or was this a combo pack of disease raining down on him? He kept saying, “I just want to reboot my brain.” Doctor appointments, testing, and psychiatry kept us in perpetual motion. Essay On My! Countless blood tests, urine tests, plus rechecks of cortisol levels and lymph nodes.

A brain scan was done, looking for a possible tumor on his pituitary gland, and research, his cardiologist rechecked his heart. Everything came back negative, except for papers high cortisol levels. Case! We wanted to be happy about all the negative test results, but Robin and I both had a deep sense that something was terribly wrong. On May 28th, he was diagnosed with Parkinson disease (PD). We had an answer. My heart swelled with hope. But somehow I knew Robin was not buying it.

When we were in the neurologist's office learning exactly what this meant, Robin had a chance to ask some burning questions. He asked, “Do I have Alzheimer's? Dementia? Am I schizophrenic?” The answers were the proofreading papers best we could have gotten: No, no, and no. There were no indications of these other diseases.

It is apparent to me now that he was most likely keeping the depth of using studies research his symptoms to himself. Robin continued doing all the right things—therapy, physical therapy, bike riding, and writing for grad school, working out with his trainer. He used all the skills he picked up and had fine-tuned from the Dan Anderson retreat in Minnesota, like deeper 12-step work, meditation, and using case studies, yoga. Bio Tru Story! We went to see a specialist at Stanford University who taught him self-hypnosis techniques to quell the irrational fears and anxiety. Using Case Studies Research! Nothing seemed to alleviate his symptoms for essay perfect husband long. Throughout all of case studies this, Robin was clean and sober, and somehow, we sprinkled those summer months with happiness, joy, and the simple things we loved: meals and birthday celebrations with family and thesis, friends, meditating together, massages, and movies, but mostly just holding each other's hand. Robin was growing weary. The parkinsonian mask was ever present and his voice was weakened. His left hand tremor was continuous now and he had a slow, shuffling gait. He hated that he could not find the words he wanted in conversations.

He would thrash at case, night and still had terrible insomnia. Proofreading! At times, he would find himself stuck in case, a frozen stance, unable to move, and frustrated when he came out of papers it. He was beginning to have trouble with visual and spatial abilities in the way of judging distance and using case studies in nursing, depth. His loss of lyric essays basic reasoning just added to his growing confusion. It felt like he was drowning in his symptoms, and I was drowning along with him. Typically the plethora of LBD symptoms appear and disappear at random times—even throughout the case course of a day. I experienced my brilliant husband being lucid with clear reasoning 1 minute and then, 5 minutes later, blank, lost in proofreading, confusion. Prior history can also complicate a diagnosis.

In Robin's case, he had a history of depression that had not been active for 6 years. So when he showed signs of depression just months before he left, it was interpreted as a satellite issue, maybe connected to PD. Throughout the course of Robin's battle, he had experienced nearly all of the 40-plus symptoms of LBD, except for one. He never said he had hallucinations. A year after he left, in speaking with one of the doctors who reviewed his records, it became evident that most likely he did have hallucinations, but was keeping that to himself. It was nearing the end of using case studies research July and we were told Robin would need to have inpatient neurocognitive testing done in order to lyric essays, evaluate the mood disorder aspect of his condition.

In the meantime, his medication was switched from Mirapex to Sinemet in using studies in nursing, an effort to reduce symptoms. Personal Statements For Grad! We were assured Robin would be feeling better soon, and that his PD was early and mild. Case Studies! We felt hopeful again. What we did not know was that when these diseases “start” (are diagnosed) they have actually been going on lyric essays for a long time. By now, our combined sleep deficit was becoming a danger to both of us.

We were instructed to sleep apart until we could catch up on our sleep. The goal was to have him begin inpatient testing free of the sleep-deprived state he was in. As the second weekend in August approached, it seemed his delusional looping was calming down. Using In Nursing Research! Maybe the switch in medications was working. We did all the statements for grad school things we love on Saturday day and into the evening, it was perfect—like one long date. By the using studies in nursing end of Sunday, I was feeling that he was getting better. When we retired for writing statements for grad school sleep, in our customary way, my husband said to me, “Goodnight, my love,” and waited for my familiar reply: “Goodnight, my love.”

His words still echo through my heart today. Monday, August 11, Robin was gone. After Robin left, time has never functioned the same for case studies in nursing research me. Writing! My search for meaning has replicated like an research inescapable spring throughout nearly every aspect of on my perfect future my world, including the using studies in nursing research most mundane. Robin and I had begun our unplanned research on personal statements the brain through the door of in nursing research blind experience. During the final months we shared together, our sights were locked fast on identifying and vanquishing the proofreading terrorist within his brain. Since then, I have continued our research but on the other side of that experience, in case studies in nursing, the realm of the science behind it. Three months after Robin's death, the help with writing a speech autopsy report was finally ready for using studies in nursing review. Writing Personal Statements For Grad School! When the forensic pathologist and coroner's deputy asked if I was surprised by the diffuse LBD pathology, I said, “Absolutely not,” even though I had no idea what it meant at the time.

The mere fact that something had invaded nearly every region of my husband's brain made perfect sense to me. In the using studies in nursing year that followed, I set out to expand my view and understanding of LBD. I met with medical professionals who had reviewed Robin's last 2 years of medical records, the coroner's report, and lyric essays, brain scans. Their reactions were all the same: that Robin's was one of the worst LBD pathologies they had seen and that there was nothing else anyone could have done. Our entire medical team was on using case in nursing the right track and personal, we would have gotten there eventually. In fact, we were probably close. But would having a diagnosis while he was alive really have made a difference when there is no cure? We will never know the answer to this.

I am not convinced that the knowledge would have done much more than prolong Robin's agony while he would surely become one of the studies in nursing research most famous test subjects of new medicines and ongoing medical trials. Even if we experienced some level of comfort in knowing the name, and fleeting hope from temporary comfort with medications, the terrorist was still going to bio tru story, kill him. There is using research no cure and Robin's steep and thesis tagalog, rapid decline was assured. The massive proliferation of Lewy bodies throughout his brain had done so much damage to neurons and using in nursing, neurotransmitters that in effect, you could say he had chemical warfare in his brain. One professional stated, “It was as if he had cancer throughout every organ of his body.” The key problem seemed to be that no one could correctly interpret Robin's symptoms in time. I was driven to learn everything I could about this disease that I finally had the name of. Some of what I learned surprised me. One neuropathologist described LBD and bio tru story, PD as being at using case studies research, opposite ends of a disease spectrum. That spectrum is based on something they share in common: the with presence of Lewy bodies—the unnatural clumping of the normal protein, ?-synuclein, within brain neurons.

I was also surprised to learn that a person is using diagnosed with LBD vs PD depending on which symptoms present first. After months and months, I was finally able to help writing, be specific about using case in nursing, Robin's disease. Clinically he had PD, but pathologically he had diffuse LBD. The predominant symptoms Robin had were not physical—the pathology more than backed that up. However you look at it—the presence of Lewy bodies took his life. The journey Robin and I were on together has led me to knowing the American Academy of essay on my future Neurology and other groups and doctors. It has led me to discover the American Brain Foundation, where I now serve on the Board of using case in nursing Directors. This is where you come into the story.

Hopefully from this sharing of our experience you will be inspired to turn Robin's suffering into something meaningful through your work and quotes, wisdom. It is my belief that when healing comes out of Robin's experience, he will not have battled and died in vain. Using Studies! You are uniquely positioned to help with, help with this. I know you have accomplished much already in the areas of research and using in nursing research, discovery toward cures in brain disease. With! And I am sure at case in nursing, times the progress has felt painfully slow. Bio Tru Story! Do not give up. Trust that a cascade of cures and discovery is using case in nursing imminent in bio tru story, all areas of case studies research brain disease and you will be a part of making that happen. If only Robin could have met you. He would have loved you—not just because he was a genius and enjoyed science and discovery, but because he would have found a lot of material within your work to bio tru story, use in using case in nursing, entertaining his audiences, including the troops.

In fact, the most repeat character role he played throughout his career was a doctor, albeit different forms of practice. You and your work have ignited a spark within the help writing a speech region of my brain where curiosity and interest lie and within my heart where hope lives. I want to follow you. Using Case In Nursing! Not like a crazed fan, but like someone who knows you just might be the one who discovers the cure for LBD and bio tru story, other brain diseases. Thank you for using studies research what you have done, and for what you are about to do.

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12 Best Online Resume Builders Reviewed. Have you ever considered using an online resume builder to create your resume? They can save you the time, blood, sweat, and case studies, tears that come with laying out bio tru story, a resume solo. That’s why using a professional resume builder online is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a nice looking resume fast. But which online resume builder should you choose?

Well, that’s harder than it sounds. Some have amazing resume templates but cost an arm and case research, a leg. Others take a hand-holding approach and will virtually write your resume for you. This article reviews 14 of the best resume builders online. You can check out the prices, functionality, and the number of templates and features.

And that way, you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Uptowork is future our online resume builder (here) . Using Studies! So, we aren’t going to review ourselves as that would be self-promotional. We won’t tell you that we’re awesome because our quick resume builder is easy to bio tru story use. We will skip the using studies in nursing research, part where we say we provide you with lots of tips and the best resume templates. Help With Writing! No. Instead, we will just encourage you to see for yourself. Using Case! Go ahead. Try out our professional resume builder online. Here’s an example of papers what our easy resume builder is capable of: Starter Version $4.99 for 30 days non-recurring payment Premium Version $9.99 for 30 days non-recurring payment. Number of Professional Resume Templates.

Yes - can match your cover letter to every available resume builder template. You can make your resume on Resumonk’s online resume builder either for free or for using case studies in nursing research a yearly fee of $19. That makes it one of the cheapest CV makers at just over $1.50 a month. Papers! You can move resume format sections around as you see fit and using case in nursing research, use the writing tips inside the platform. The premium plan comes with resume tracking, unlimited PDF downloads, and proofreading, a cover letter builder. Free Version (4 branded templates) Premium Version $19 per year full features Lifetime Version $59 one time payment full features for life. Number of Professional Resume Templates. Pro: The professional CV builder has an easy-to-use interface.

Resumonk has built tips into the platform so you don’t have to leave the page. Con: Using the resume builder for free means getting branded resume builder templates and the ability to using case in nursing research download your resume format as a PDF. SlashCV is a free online resume builder with 28 basic, pre-designed PDF templates. Once you’ve created your resume, you can export it to Dropbox so that it’s easy to save and send. Help Writing! The free resume builder is minimalistic with no fuss and no extras - you put in your information and it spits out a resume. Number of Professional Resume Templates. Case Studies In Nursing Research! Pro: If you’re looking for a resume builder free download with no bells and whistles, this is it. Personal For Grad School! SlashCV is scaled-down and has slashed its online resume builder down to studies in nursing the basics. Con: A lot of bio tru story features don’t exist here. There is no cover letter builder, no tracking, no tips if you get stuck, and no fancy templates.

If you’re not sure how to build a resume on your own, this platform might not be for you. To start, you have the option to import your Word or LinkedIn resume. Or you can choose a pre-written resume from your field. Or maybe you’re feeling like a boss? Well, you can also import and overwrite Richard Branson or Sheryl Sandberg’s resume.

After working on case studies in nursing research the resume builder template, you can save, share, and track your resume to see how many views it gets. Help! Number of Professional Resume Templates. Pro: There is an option to using case get free feedback on proofreading your resume before you share it. You can also export your resume as a Google Doc or pay for using studies in nursing research personal domain name inside the proofreading papers, platform. Using Case In Nursing! Con: There are no tips inside this online resume maker. You can see full resume samples, but there is no guidance on how to help with writing create a resume for yourself. Cvmaker gives you two choices. A basic text editor for free, giving you a printable resume template. Here you have the in nursing, option to quotes tagalog move sections, add sections, and case research, add your information with no fuss. Bio Tru Story! Or a paid version that upgrades you to a more advanced rich text editor with more fonts and colors. Once you’re finished you can download your resume as a PDF, TXT, or HTML document.

So, it’s a choice between color or ‘my resume woke up like this.’ Number of Professional Resume Templates. Pro: Cvmaker is case studies in nursing a simple, free tool that saves you from choosing a resume format . If your sole reason for using an online CV builder is to proofreading papers avoid making margins in Word, Cvmaker has you covered. Con: There are no tips inside this online resume generator so you’re on your own. Cvmaker also adds a pre-packaged reference section that you can’t delete. Using Studies In Nursing! It comes complete with the phrase “References available upon request.” (You can delete the phrase.) When it comes to what you should put on your resume , lose the reference section and lyric essays, this phrase. You can tell that a lot of design work has gone into using case studies research, Resumup’s templates. Using creative resume builder templates is essay perfect future a way of making your resume unique. Much like putting hobbies and interests on case studies in nursing research your resume to show that your personality is a good fit for writing personal a company. The functionality of the online resume builder changes depending on which template you choose.

Some templates allow you to fill in blanks and others don’t. With Resumup, it’s important to get attached to a resume builder template. After all, that’s what you’re buying here. Free Version (2 templates Facebook and Plain Text for Notepad) 1 Template for 1 Month $15 for 1 month access to 1 template 1 Template for 1 Year $6 per month ($72 per year) Any Template for 1 Month $20 for 1 month for access to using case studies research any template Any Template for a Year $8 per month at ($96 per proofreading papers year) Lifetime Plan $149 for lifetime access to any template. Number of Professional Resume Templates. Two templates are free. They include a Facebook ad and an ATS-friendly plain text version of your resume for Notepad.

There are no free resume builder templates that download as regular documents. Most templates make you upgrade to add basic sections like skills or achievements. Case Studies Research! Premium version only. Writing Personal School! Not for all resume builder templates. Pro: The CV creator has a lot of fancy templates including an infographic template. A lot of them are also mobile friendly.

So, if you want a resume that stands out, you’ve got options. Con: A lot of these resumes have heavy design elements. That means they are not all fill-in-the-blank deals like everything else on the Internet. Using Studies Research! It’s best if you’re savvy at manipulating graphics. Otherwise, you may find the bio tru story, functionality on case in nursing this online CV builder a bit challenging. 7. Help With Writing A Speech! Resume Genius and case in nursing, Resume Companion. The Resume Genius and Resume Companion online resume builders are the same, with minor branding and template differences.

Choose a resume builder template to get started. The easy resume builder will give you instructions on how to fill in each blank space. You pay at proofreading papers, the end before downloading your resume. You’ll want to be careful. Resume Genius and Resume Companion will charge you full price after the using case studies in nursing, 14-day trial run.

14-day Access $1.95 for 14 days which self-renews to $39.95 per month ($479.40 a year) Annual Payment $95.40 a year ($7.95 per month) Number of Professional Resume Templates. Pro: The easy resume builder gives you prompts and tips as you go along so you know what to put in each space. It also gives you pre-written responsibilities matched with “job keywords” that you choose. Con: You can’t leave fields blank when you’re working on a section. The resume wizard will prompt you to essay on my husband fill them in before allowing you to move to the next section. So, you shall not pass without filling in the blanks. Resumebuilder will onboard you by asking for case research your field, title, and level of expertise.

Much like the Myperfectresume platform. Writing Statements For Grad! Once you’ve done that, you have to log in studies, using either your email, Facebook, or Google+ details. Yes, they’ve integrated Resumebuilder with Google+. This is another online resume builder where you can’t leave fields blank. The resume generator will prompt you to fill them in before allowing you to move to writing personal for grad school the next section. Case Studies! Number of Professional Resume Templates. Free: None Paid: 28 paid templates in different colors (only 3 with text aligned left) Pro: The online resume maker includes tips. You can also find pre-written responsibilities if you do not want to write your resume on your own. The resume generator is help great for Google + enthusiasts, who can log in with their account. Con: The CV builder asks for a lot of information.

It does not let you move forward until you’ve filled in all blanks with information. So, if you get writer’s block, prepare yourself for a locked room experience. Resume Baking - “ a resume builder that’s easy as pie .” This is a free resume builder, and it’s the only free online resume builder accompanied by case studies a free cover letter builder. You can import information from LinkedIn and Facebook. The sections are easy to move around (drag and drop) and essay husband, fill in, but there are no tips inside the CV creator. Instead, there are lots of resume samples, objectives, and cover letters. You choose your template at the end. You can share your resume across various social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and studies in nursing research, Google+). The site will tell you how many views your resume has. Essay Future Husband! Number of Professional Resume Templates.

Pro: Resume Baking is the only free resume builder online that lets you write cover letters. It also lets you download your resume, track your resume, and using case studies research, conduct a job search. The CV maker has examples for job seekers who struggle with how to write a resume objective or how to make a cover letter . Con: The resume builder templates use colors, fonts, and layouts that may not be appropriate. Try to match modern resume templates with the type of job. Pair more traditional resume builder templates with traditional jobs and creative resume templates with creative jobs. Starting from the dashboard, you’ve got the option to create a cover letter or a new resume.

The cover letter is already written for you. All you have to do is proofreading fill in the blanks if you don’t want to try writing your own. The easy resume builder is straightforward and provides you with tips. Once you’re ready to publish, you can pay for a proofreading service. You also need to pay to print, send, or export your resume as a PDF or Word document. Free Version Plain Text only downloaded to Notepad 7-day Access $5.95 for in nursing research 7 days access self-renews to $29.95 per month.

Proofreading Service $38 and bio tru story, includes 7 day access to download your resume. Number of using case in nursing Professional Resume Templates. Pro: The easy resume builder’s functionality is lyric essays straightforward. Case Research! Once you’re done, you can save your resume as a PDF and as a Word doc. Tou can request proofreading services if you want a real person to proofreading check your resume for you. Case Studies! Con: The trial period for bio tru story access to the premium version is a week shorter than it is on other online resume builders. That means you have less time to studies in nursing research access your resume or create alternative versions. Enhancv will assign you a resume builder template based on your field and proofreading papers, experience. You can’t choose your own adventure here.

It is case in nursing research good about showing you what’s locked until you upgrade. Lyric Essays! So, you can see what’s on offer and not choose it by accident. The upgrade includes new colors, backgrounds, icons, and fonts. The idea is to let you can enhance your CV as much as you want. Free Version You can test drive unlocked features and download resumes for using studies research one month for free. Proofreading Papers! Premium Version $14.90 per month ($178.80 for a year) Annual Version $11.92 per month for a year ($143.04 for a year) Student Rates $2.90 per month annually ($34.80 for a year) Number of Professional Resume Templates.

One template with 2 unlocked layouts and one locked layout. Studies! Pro: Enhancv will soon add an option to customize your resume to individual jobs. That way, you can tailor your resume to specific jobs inside the resume creator. Another nice touch is help a video that you can watch before buying a package that shows you premium perks. Enhancv is a good resume builder for students as it is the only one on this list that offers student rates. Con: You only have one pre-assigned resume builder template. If you don’t upgrade your account, you get a branded version. Kickresume kicks out the registration information. It spares you by using case research giving you immediate access to the online resume builder. Papers! You choose your resume builder template and get started.

You have the ability to studies in nursing chat with assistants in real-time as you go. Also, if you’re into details, notice the witty John Snow and Jane Vader template mockups. Number of perfect husband Professional Resume Templates. Pro: One of the only resume creators on the list that has a proofreading service. It will cost you around 20 bucks but it’s always a good idea to have an using studies in nursing actual person proofread your resume. Con: There are only five cover letter templates.

So, choosing a fancier resume builder template means that you might not find a cover letter that matches. Lyric Essays! Choosing an online resume builder format is all about studies in nursing finding one that feels comfortable. Bio Tru Story! The one thing to keep in mind is that not all CV templates are good for all jobs. Using In Nursing! You may find lots of lyric essays great resume templates, but you will need to decide if they’re going to help or hurt your chances of landing an interview. Case! But if you’re interested in saving yourself time and frustration an online resume builder is a handy tool.

One that can provide you with a neat and presentable resume in no time flat. Not sure how to match the tagalog, design of your template to your profession? We can help! Let us know your most pressing template questions in using case in nursing research, the comments, and we will help you figure out how to choose the best one. Bio Tru Story! Natalie is a writer at Uptowork. She loves writing about resumes and eating tacos more than life itself.

She spends her free time reading complicated novels and binge watching TV series.

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UK Study Help provides well written, customer Assignment and Essay papers to the students. Papers provided are only for the reference purposes to assist the buyer by providing a guideline and the product provided is intended to be used for research or study purposes. The Customer acknowledges that it does not obtain the copyright to the Work supplied through the UK Study Help’s services The Customer acknowledges that the UK Study Help, its employees and the Assignment Editing Expert s on using studies research, its books do not support or condone plagiarism, and that the UK Study Help reserves the right to statements school refuse supply of services to those suspected of using studies in nursing research such behavior. The Customer accepts that the UK Study Help offers a service that locates suitably qualified Assignment Editing Expert s for the provision of independent personalized research services in order to help students learn and advance educational standards, and that no Work supplied through the UK Study Help may be passed off as the Customer’s own or as anyone else’s, nor be handed in as the Customer’s own work, either in whole or in part. In addition, the Customer undertakes not to carry out any unauthorized distribution, display, or resale of the Work and the Customer agrees to handle the Work in help with a way that fully respects the fact that the using case studies in nursing research, Customer does not hold the copyright to the Work. Lyric Essays! The Customer acknowledges that if the UK Study Help suspects that any essays or materials are being used in violation of the above rules that the UK Study Help has the right to refuse to carry out case any further work for the person or organization involved and that the perfect husband, UK Study Help bears no liability for any such undetected and/or unauthorized use The UK Study Help agrees that all Work supplied through its service will not be resold, or distributed, for remuneration or otherwise after its completion.

The UK Study Help also undertakes that Work will not be placed on any website or essay bank after it has been completed. Simon Evans ( Student ) The manner UK study help has removed grammatical, spelling and different mistakes from using in nursing research, my research paper, it modified into amazing. Robert Perry ( Student ) It's far absolutely a difficult mission for lyric essays me to finish my assignments until the professional consultants of UK study help. Jessica Rowe( Student ) I really impressed by the work quality provided by you in such economical price. We stipulate editing and using in nursing proofreading for correction in for grad school style, citation, structure, grammatical issues, argument issues and context etc. The reference content which we deliver to using studies the client is bio tru story, always authentic and proofread by relevant reference sources.

Best Grade Guaranteed. We are here for you to case studies in nursing fulfill your needs with your spelling, grammar, punctuation and as well as your work layout. We do not provide with any form of lyric essays written papers to students. This site is primarily built towards guiding the students in ways where they will be able to in nursing grasp the ideas and essay on my perfect husband implement them in their own work. You can contact us for using case studies in nursing research further details. Copyrights 2016 All Rights Reserved.

We Value your inquiry and consider it our Top Priority to Get Back to thesis quotes you soon as possible with the most relevant answer.

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fake myths essay Write your own creation myth! The Big Myth Webmaster will read each entry, and in nursing, will choose the best ones to post online. It can be written for any time period - think of the past, to present day, even an imaginary country. Of course, this is open to everyone of all ages, not just students.

Your email address won't be published, but please include it so we can let you know that your myth has been uploaded. Send your stories to The Creators: [email protected] TITLE: The Universe and the Clay Children. TITLE: The bald eagle and the black room. One eventful day, the keeper of the air elemental fell terribly ill and died. Without him the magical barrier would go down but that's when king realised he had the lyric essays, power of the air element when he and the keepers tried to use the elemental gems the air element caused the magical barrier to shatter and the eternal darkness monsters took over the city. The darkness monsters created a new elemental gem to using case studies replace the air element. The darkness monsters called it Black Diamond of the Darkness and they planned to shatter the other elemental gems but king and the other keepers fled with the gems and build a new city with 5 towers containing the 5 elemental gems and the air elemental would only quotes tagalog, appear on case studies research the night of summer solstice during the full moon when all the other elemental gems are united or in the same place in the center of the writing for grad school, new city.

TITLE: The dragon and the lion. MYTH: Millions of years ago just before the Earth was made, there lived a dragon named Iris. Iris needed a home so she decided to make the whole universe. She created billions of planets, stars and when she decided that she wanted to decorate the planets she did. Once she turned to Earth she decided to draw carvings in the rocks she created and blew life into them. Then she was happy after thousands of years creating the universe she was more focused on Earth and then she met a lion who was named Multan. Multan was no ordinary lion; he could emblaze his mane with pure white flames without burning himself. Iris and Multan decided that they were perfect for each other and made the suns, stars and people together and using case research, were happy to do it together. Nothing could tear them apart. They did everything together forever.

MYTH: Over 100 million years ago, It was a pitch black in the atmosphere until a cloud appeared it looked like a hole in the earth but then a piece of cloud fell off and thesis quotes, floated up into the atmosphere and burnt. Using Case Studies In Nursing. Which turned into the sun. Essay Perfect. Then another piece of using case in nursing cloud fell off but it sunk down and grew into a massive wart shape ball. Which this is the earth. And then a bunch of the cloud melts, that makes the sea. That leaves half of the cloud left.

A part of the cloud makes a lot of clay sculptures, which they turn into Fleshling. The rest of the cloud floated down and made the trees, grass, dirt and mountains. He blew up into 100 million pieces, which created the solar system and thesis quotes tagalog, the stars and earth where we live. That is what we look at in nursing, when we look up at the night sky. (P.S. we won’t be able to see earth because we live on it.) MYTH: One extremely dark and proofreading papers, gloomy day a beautiful coconut tree lit up the long halls of studies darkness. Thousands of coconuts sprouted from the lit up tree and a coconut had failed to sprout. Instead this tree grew a brown patterned seed that sprouted into essay husband, a God.

This God's name was Moana and she was a beautiful God of coconuts. She had the magic to using case studies research power enough light to destroy the proofreading, tree but instead of destroying the tree she broke off lots of coconuts. The first coconut formed into a bright yellow hot star called the sun and using case in nursing research, then the next coconut made all the planets with their moons and many more coconuts made galaxies stars asteroids and the Milky Way. Moana then went down to earth to explore but she was lonely so she made humans and animals and then she create nature and bugs and so much more. Moana has gone up to space and travelled to a different galaxy and to this day no one knows where she is. MYTH: In the beginning there was a beautiful tree. This tree was a rapidly aging tree. Then it started to die. The tree had no light.

Then a leaf fell off. It started to glow. This was called the papers, sun. Then smaller leafs started to fall, that also glowed. These were stars. Then teeny-weeny little leafs fell off. These were called planets. And suddenly, one small damp and dark leaf fell off. This was the moon.

Then the tree fell over using case studies research, and smashed and lyric essays, created solar systems. Then a leaf broke and the small shards of case research that leaf landed on another leaf. These shards were everything around us. Essay Future Husband. That's how the universe was created. DEDICATED TO: My Brother Sam. TITLE: The Beginning of the Earth.

MYTH: Once there was a large round ball of wet mud and clay, this ball was called Disper, this is where the English language gets it word, Disturb. This ball was always swirling and turning around all the time. As a result of this, some of Disper’s mud and dirt would drop off, and fall into the nothingness around itself, because the ball was so great and so large it kept dripping away and getting smaller over hundreds of using in nursing years. One day, when the ball was turning around and around and dripping its mud, dirt and clay, the mud, dirt and clay all dropped off and came together, forming another smaller dirt ball. But because of the smaller balls weight, it stayed near the bigger ball, but quite a fair way away from it. Over the years, this smaller ball became a small platform, because Disper kept dropping the mud in the same place. Over the writing statements for grad school, years the bottom of the in nursing, platform became dry and proofreading, hard, while the top kept getting the fresh mud. One day a very large drop of mud landed on top of the using research, platform, and because the mud kept dripping it meant that there was some form of moister from the big ball. When the large drop from the big ball landed on with a speech the road the moister began to soak into the soil.

This continued for years until one day the moister reached the hard and dry clay at the bottom of the platform. As soon as the tiny bit of water touched the hard dry clay, it started to studies drip down and proofreading papers, form an using in nursing outline in essay on my perfect husband, the hard clay. Over the years more water reached bottom of the platform and soon there was an using case outline in the hard clay that looked like a human. Then the lyric essays, outlined man began to soak up the moisture that continued to studies research come down from above, and soon there was a person, fully outlined by water, lying, unmoving in the now wet clay. Then one day the large ball of mud began to stop spinning around, but continued to turn and twist inside, because of this, more moisture began to drop onto the platform beneath Disper. Soon the platform began to disappear, washed away by the continued stream of moisture, but there still remained a thin layer of dirt on with writing which the human was left lying. Then one single drop of water formed on the man face, because of the moisture build up from the big ball.

This tiny droplet of water slowly separated and trickled into using case in nursing research, the man’s nose, (For the husband, man had no nose or eye sockets, because they could not be made from the moisture.) This water then trickled through his body, and it was soon joined by other droplets of case studies research water, that formed on the man’s nose and trickled down the already hollowed out nose. Soon there was a small stream of water flowing through the man’s body, and soon the man began to move, as the water generated inside of him. Because of the moisture in his nose, the man was able to breathe only through his nose, as the moisture contained air. The man was then called Manas, which means One Man. Manas couldn’t see because he didn’t have any eyes, only hollowed out essay perfect future sockets. Manas didn’t have a brain either, just a system of hollow, thin tubes of clay inside him which allowed him to using studies in nursing research inhale and thesis quotes, exhale. Usually when Manas exhaled, he sneezed out water from inside of himself, Manas couldn’t hear either, just feel his way around with his hands. Manas didn’t have any fingers and toes, because the water hadn’t carved them out, and this made it hard for him to walk. Over time Manas began to get used to his surroundings, he never walked far because he could see, but he knew, by feeling his way around, that there was a drop off.

Manas not being able think would venture close to the edge, even though he knew that there was a drop off, and he nearly fell off into case, abyss sometimes. Essay On My Perfect Future. At times Manas would grab the studies, hardened clay from beneath himself and he would throw it wildly into the air. At times the balls of clay would fly off into nothingness, to eventually just disappear, but other times Manas’s wildly thrown clay balls would venture close to Disper, which would still spit down moisture. After years of standing, sitting, lying and feeling nothing except the help with writing a speech, drip of moisture on himself, Manas began to get weak. Case Studies In Nursing Research. This was because he was not getting enough water into his ‘system’ to statements for grad school be able to generate properly, and so one day, sitting on his little plate of using case clay, Manas hurled a clay ball right above him. Thesis Quotes Tagalog. Suddenly Manas felt the whole platform, which he was on shake and case studies research, tremble. Then he felt a large crash and he was thrown backwards onto his back, in the dust. Then he felt a large piece of something suddenly hit him in the side of his head, (where his ears are supposed to be) and then go right through his head, and out the lyric essays, other side, forming his ears.

Manas then felt his way over to the piece of case research large rock, which hit him, he then began to essay get angry, and he randomly dug his hands into the hard soil and using, carved out rough lines. After Manas had done this he stood up and jumped in the air, with anger, then fell back down, and there Manas stayed for with a speech, a long time. When Manas had jumped up and then landed back onto the clay platform, he had split in half, without his realising. One of these pieces was bigger than the other and it began to case in nursing research fall slowly downward, then without its other half, it cracked and with, formed eight other clumps of case studies research rock. Essay. Also, because of using case studies Manas weight, when he had landed on the platform again, he had created a small shock wave; this then created a gust of help air, pushing the eight clumps of rock out in a line.

The gust of air then slowly faded away again, like it had never been there, but before it completely diapered it caught a drop of water from Disper, this water then became an case in nursing outline, while the air was trapped inside, and so the lyric essays, Goddess Moi was formed. Moi was the in nursing research, Goddess of air and water, and lived in the heavens, while she in the heavens she would create little water balls, and through them up into the blank heaven, these water droplets would shine and sparkle and were named Satar’s, which means, Shining lights. Then one day as Moi was wondering around the heavens looking at her beautiful creations, and she saw Manas lying on his path of mud, and she flew down to him and asked him, “Why do you not marvel at my creations?” Manas couldn’t hear or see Moi and so didn’t know that any one was there. Moi became angry with Manas because he would answer her, and she made a large water bubble and picked Manas up, and through him into the water bubble. Mana was trapped in this water bubble and writing personal statements for grad, had to stay there for many years.

After a time, Moi began to get lonely, for by now she had created, millions and hundreds of millions of Satar’s. She wanted someone else to be with and care for. She came to using studies research Manas, who was still trapped inside her water bubble, she then came to him and saw that he had neither finger nor toes, or eyes or even a mouth to speak with. She then came to him at night, to seduce him, but she realised that he could have children, and she went away in wrath, and came to Disper. She saw that it was always spinning and she thought that she might punish Manas, so she went back and took the on my perfect future, water bubble and threw it into Disper. Manas felt himself be lifted then felt himself spun and spun around and twisted and turned. After a time he became angry and he threw himself at the bubble, but it didn’t budge. After several attempts to case studies in nursing research pop the huge bubble he finally gave up and sat down in the bubble, but when he felt himself continued to be thrown about writing, he hurled himself, with all his might at using case, the bubble. With a massive explosion of water, clay, mud and dirt the bubble popped and proofreading papers, threw Manas out.

Because of the explosion some of Moi’s Satar’s became damaged and didn’t shine as brightly as before. Moi then set out to using case studies find Manas and punish him for the rest of his life, but because of the explosion had destroyed Disper, there were now large groups of rocks floating around, these were called Astro’s. The explosion had caused a massive wave of lyric essays air, which had formed itself into studies, another God, the God of the a speech, sky and case studies in nursing, breath. This God was named Bethra. Moi, on her way to help a speech find Manas, she met the newly created Bethra, and was instantly liked him. She took Bethra to her brightest Satar’s, Bethra was very pleased and Moi and Bethra were married and using studies in nursing, had many children. Their first child was named Potgad, the God of Clouds and Rain. The second child was named Lida, The Goddess of plants. Potgad and lyric essays, Lida got married and using studies in nursing, had a son called Rad.

Rad was the God of the Sun and family, and he got married to Bethra and help with, Moi’s last child, Delt. Delt was the Goddess of Love and Protection. Delt and Rad had five children which they named, Fy, the Goddess of People and Children. Hegdell, the God of the in nursing research, Underworld. Adem, the God of War, Victory, Thievery, discipline and bio tru story, Death. Studies Research. Knoll, the God of Writing and knowledge, and the Fran, the thesis, Goddess of Animals. Over time when the God were all settled, Bethra and using research, Fy came together and quotes tagalog, created humans by combining the knowledge of people form Fy, and using case studies, the breath of Life, from bio tru story, Bethra. Using Case Studies Research. The Gods couldn’t decide what to do, and thesis tagalog, so Knoll, the studies, God of knowledge decided that all the Gods create a place for the people to dwell. Not all the Gods decided that it was right and so some of them didn’t help in making a place for humans to dwell. But the God which did think it was a good idea all used the eight rocks, which had been left were they were, to create a world for lyric essays, the people.

Hegdell built his world on the second and forth rock and made the place hot and filled with rocks. Bethra, who knew best about humans, made his world on the third rock, and filled it with human breath. Rad built his world for the humans on the first rock and named it Sarm. Potgad built his world on the fifth rock and surrounded it with big clouds that swirled around. Delt built her world on the sixth rock and put a ring of using case love and protection around it.

Delt also chose to build another world on the seventh rock, and she also put a ring around it to keep it safe. Adem, thought that people should live far away, and he built his world on the last rock, and made it a cold and desolate place. All the Gods agreed that Knoll should judge and choose which rock humans should live on, and he chose the third one, Bertha’s rock, all the essay on my, other God were happy and using, Moi and Lida created things in lyric essays, the soil of the world so that the humans could work the ground, and serve the using case studies in nursing research, Gods. But Rad was not happy about the bio tru story, decision and he thought that humans should live on his rock, and so he tried to destroy the other rocks but the other Gods stopped him and gave him an eternal punishment. Rad was put on the outside Bertha’s rock and was wounded every morning, and using in nursing, one drop of his blood would sail across the sky in the human’s world every morning until sunset, then Rad would be wounded again in the morning.

This was a reminder to humans that they should respect the Gods or they will create a great blood spill on the humans land.