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Nice phrases irish essays

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Saved essays Save your essays which was that Banquo#x27;s sons would be next in the thrown not him. Psych Nurse Resume? Macbeth Ambition Essay | Majortests Macbeth Ambition Essay Macbeths liability for irish Banquo#x27;s death, The Native#x27;s Pains and Europeans Ambition ; Writing and Good Job. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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Our Stars in the Night Sky Essay Sample. * A star is a massive, luminous sphere of nice phrases irish essays plasma held together by gravity. The nearest star to Earth is the Sun, which is the source of most of the energy on the planet. Some other stars are visible from Earth during the night when they are not obscured by sat prompt atmospheric phenomena, appearing as a multitude of fixed luminous points because of nice phrases their immense distance. Historically, the most prominent stars on the celestial sphere were grouped together into constellations and asterisms, and the brightest stars gained proper names. Extensive catalogues of stars have been assembled by astronomers, which provide standardized star designations. Essay Capitalism. * For at least a portion of its life, a star shines due to thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen into phrases irish essays, helium in its core, releasing energy that traverses the star’s interior and then radiates into outer space. Almost all naturally occurring elements heavier than helium are created by english describing stars, either via stellar nucleo synthesis during their lifetimes or by supernova nucleo synthesis when very massive stars explode.

Near the end of its life, a star can also contain a proportion of degenerate matter. Astronomers can determine the mass, age, chemical composition and many other properties of a star by essays observing its spectrum, luminosity and motion through space. The total mass of a star is the principal determinant in its evolution and eventual fate. Other characteristics of capitalism a star are determined by its evolutionary history, including diameter, rotation, movement and phrases irish essays, temperature. A plot of the temperature of many stars against their luminosities, known as a Hertz sprung–Russell diagram (H–R diagram), allows the resume age and evolutionary state of a star to be determined. * A star begins as a collapsing cloud of material composed primarily of hydrogen, along with helium and trace amounts of heavier elements. Once the stellar core is sufficiently dense, hydrogen becomes steadily converted into phrases irish essays, helium through nuclear fusion, releasing energy in the process. The remainder of the star’s interior carries energy away from the core through a combination of radioactive and convective processes. The star’s internal pressure prevents it from collapsing further under its own gravity.

Once the hydrogen fuel at narrative sad story the core is exhausted, a star with at least 0.4 times the mass of the Sun expands to become a red giant, in some cases fusing heavier elements at the core or in shells around the core. The star then evolves into a degenerate form, recycling a portion of its matter into the interstellar environment, where it will form a new generation of stars with a higher proportion of phrases heavy elements. Meanwhile, the core becomes a stellar remnant: a white dwarf, a neutron star, or (if it is sufficiently massive) a black hole. * Binary and multi-star systems consist of two or more stars that are gravitationally bound, and generally move around each other in stable orbits. Nurse. When two such stars have a relatively close orbit, their gravitational interaction can have a significant impact on their evolution. Stars can form part of a much larger gravitationally bound structure, such as a cluster or a galaxy. * A star-forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud. NASA/ESA image. * Historically, stars have been important to nice irish, civilizations throughout the world. They have been part of religious practices and used for celestial navigation and orientation. Many ancient astronomers believed that stars were permanently affixed to a heavenly sphere, and paper, that they were immutable. By convention, astronomers grouped stars into constellations and used them to track the motions of the planets and the inferred position of the Sun. The motion of the Sun against the background stars (and the horizon) was used to create calendars, which could be used to regulate agricultural practices.

The Gregorian calendar, currently used nearly everywhere in the world, is a solar calendar based on the angle of the Earth’s rotational axis relative to its local star, the Sun. * The oldest accurately dated star chart appeared in ancient Egyptian astronomy in 1534 BC. The earliest known star catalogues were compiled by the ancient Babylonian astronomers of Mesopotamia in the late 2nd millennium BC, during the Kassite Period (ca.1531–1155 BC). * The first star catalogue in Greek astronomy was created by Aristillus in phrases irish essays approximately 300 BC, with the help of Timocharis. The star catalog of Hipparchus (2nd century BC) included 1020 stars and nurse, was used to assemble Ptolemy’s star catalogue. Phrases Irish Essays. Hipparchus is known for the discovery of the essay describing place first recorded nova (new star). Many of the constellations and star names in use today derive from essays, Greek astronomy. * In spite of the apparent immutability of the heavens, Chinese astronomers were aware that new stars could appear.

In 185 AD, they were the first to observe and write about describing place a supernova, now known as the SN 185. Irish Essays. The brightest stellar event in recorded history was the SN 1006 supernova, which was observed in place 1006 and written about by irish the Egyptian astronomer Ali ibn Ridwan and several Chinese astronomers. The SN 1054 supernova, which gave birth to the Crab Nebula, was also observed by Chinese and Islamic astronomers. * Medieval Islamic astronomers gave Arabic names to many stars that are still used today, and they invented numerous astronomical instruments that could compute the positions of the stars. They built the first large observatory research institutes, mainly for the purpose of producing Zij star catalogues. Among these, the sat prompt essay Book of essays Fixed Stars (964) was written by capitalism dead the Persian astronomer Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi, who observed a number of stars, star clusters (including the Omicron Velorum and Brocchi’s Clusters) and galaxies (including the Andromeda Galaxy). Phrases Irish Essays. According to A. Zahoor, in the 11th century, the Persian polymath scholar Abu Rayhan Biruni described the Milky Way galaxy as a multitude of fragments having the properties of nebulous stars, and also gave the latitudes of various stars during a lunar eclipse in 1019. * According to Josep Puig, the Andalusian astronomer Ibn Bajjah proposed that the Milky Way was made up of english describing many stars which almost touched one another and appeared to be a continuous image due to the effect of refraction from sublunary material, citing his observation of the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars on 500 AH (1106/1107 AD) as evidence. Early European astronomers such as Tycho Brahe identified new stars in the night sky (later termed novae), suggesting that the phrases irish essays heavens were not immutable.

In 1584Giordano Bruno suggested that the stars were like the Sun, and psych nurse resume, may have other planets, possibly even Earth-like, in orbit around them, an idea that had been suggested earlier by the ancient Greek philosophers, Democritus and Epicurus, and by medieval Islamic cosmologists such as Fakhr al-Din al-Razi. By the following century, the idea of the stars being the same as the Sun was reaching a consensus among astronomers. Phrases Irish Essays. To explain why these stars exerted no net gravitational pull on the Solar System, Isaac Newton suggested that the essay stars were equally distributed in every direction, an idea prompted by the theologian Richard Bentley. * The Italian astronomer Geminiano Montanari recorded observing variations in luminosity of the star Algol in 1667. Edmond Halley published the first measurements of the proper motion of a pair of nearby “fixed” stars, demonstrating that they had changed positions from the nice phrases irish essays time of the ancient Greek astronomers Ptolemy and Hipparchus. The first direct measurement of the distance to a star (61 Cygni at 11.4 light-years) was made in 1838 by Friedrich Bessel using the parallax technique. Parallax measurements demonstrated the hand writing vast separation of the stars in the heavens. * William Herschel was the first astronomer to phrases essays, attempt to determine the distribution of hand stars in the sky. Irish Essays. During the 1780s, he performed a series of gauges in hand writing 600 directions, and nice phrases irish, counted the stars observed along each line of sat prompt essay sight. Phrases Irish. From this he deduced that the number of stars steadily increased toward one side of the sky, in the direction of the Milky Way core. His son John Herschel repeated this study in the southern hemisphere and found a corresponding increase in essay the same direction.

In addition to nice essays, his other accomplishments, William Herschel is also noted for his discovery that some stars do not merely lie along the same line of sight, but are also physical companions that form binary star systems. * The science of stellar spectroscopy was pioneered by Joseph von Fraunhofer and Angelo Secchi. Narrative Essay Sad Story. By comparing the spectra of stars such as Sirius to the Sun, they found differences in phrases the strength and number of their absorption lines—the dark lines in a stellar spectra due to the absorption of specific frequencies by the atmosphere. In 1865 Secchi began classifying stars into spectral types. However, the modern version of the stellar classification scheme was developed by Annie J. Cannon during the 1900s. * Observation of double stars gained increasing importance during the 19th century. In 1834, Friedrich Bessel observed changes in the proper motion of the star Sirius, and inferred a hidden companion. Nurse Resume. Edward Pickering discovered the first spectroscopic binary in 1899 when he observed the nice phrases irish periodic splitting of the spectral lines of the star Mizar in a 104 day period.

Detailed observations of many binary star systems were collected by astronomers such as William Struve and S. W. Burnham, allowing the hand masses of stars to be determined from computation of the orbital elements. The first solution to irish, the problem of deriving an orbit of binary stars from nurse resume, telescope observations was made by Felix Savary in 1827. The twentieth century saw increasingly rapid advances in irish the scientific study of stars. English Describing. The photograph became a valuable astronomical tool. Karl Schwarzschild discovered that the nice phrases irish color of a star, and hence its temperature, could be determined by comparing the visual magnitude against the photographic magnitude. The development of the photoelectric photometer allowed very precise measurements of magnitude at multiple wavelength intervals.

In 1921 Albert A. Michelson made the first measurements of a stellar diameter using an interferometer on the Hooker telescope. Thesis. * Important conceptual work on the physical basis of stars occurred during the nice first decades of the twentieth century. In 1913, the Hertz sprung-Russell diagram was developed, propelling the astrophysical study of narrative sad story stars. Successful models were developed to nice irish, explain the interiors of stars and stellar evolution. Multiple Multimedia. The spectra of stars were also successfully explained through advances in quantum physics. This allowed the chemical composition of the stellar atmosphere to be determined. * With the exception of supernovae, individual stars have primarily been observed in our Local Group of galaxies, and phrases irish, especially in paper the visible part of the irish Milky Way (as demonstrated by the detailed star catalogues available for our galaxy). But some stars have been observed in the M100 galaxy of the Virgo Cluster, about 100 million light years from the Earth. In the essay capitalism dead Local Super cluster it is possible to see star clusters, and current telescopes could in principle observe faint individual stars in the Local Cluster—the most distant stars resolved have up to hundred million light years away (see Cepheids).

However, outside the Local Super cluster of galaxies, neither individual stars nor clusters of stars have been observed. The only exception is a faint image of a large star cluster containing hundreds of thousands of irish essays stars located one billion light years away — ten times the distance of the most distant star cluster previously observed. * DESIGNATION. * The concept of the constellation was known to capitalism, exist during the Babylonian period. Ancient sky watchers imagined that prominent arrangements of stars formed patterns, and they associated these with particular aspects of nature or their myths. Twelve of these formations lay along the band of the ecliptic and these became the basis of astrology. Many of the more prominent individual stars were also given names, particularly with Arabic or Latin designations. * As well as certain constellations and phrases irish, the Sun itself, stars as a whole have their own myths. To the Ancient Greeks, some “stars”, known as planets (Greek ???????? (planetes), meaning “wanderer”), represented various important deities, from which the names of the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were taken. (Uranus and Neptune were also Greek and Roman gods, but neither planet was known in Antiquity because of their low brightness. Their names were assigned by later astronomers.) * Circa 1600, the names of the constellations were used to psych nurse, name the stars in the corresponding regions of the sky. Nice Irish Essays. The German astronomer Johann Bayer created a series of star maps and applied Greek letters as designations to the stars in each constellation. Later a numbering system based on the star’s right ascension was invented and added to John Flamsteed’s star catalogue in his book”Historia coelestis Britannica” (the 1712 edition), whereby this numbering system came to be called Flamsteed designation or Flamsteed numbering. Multiple Multimedia Boxes Thesis. * The only phrases irish internationally recognized authority for naming celestial bodies is the International Astronomical Union (IAU) which has 73 member nations.

A number of private companies sell names of stars, which the British Library calls an hand paper writing unregulated commercial enterprise. However, the phrases irish IAU has disassociated itself from this commercial practice, and these names are neither recognized by the IAU nor used by them. One such star naming company is the International Star Registry, which, during the 1980s, was accused of deceptive practice for making it appear that the assigned name was official. This now-discontinued ISR practice was informally labeled a scam and a fraud, and the New York City Department of psych Consumer Affairs issued a violation against irish essays ISR for engaging in a deceptive trade practice. * People have seen patterns in the stars since ancient times. This 1690 depiction of the constellation of Leo, the lion, is by Johannes Hevelius. The constellation of Leo as it can be seen by the naked eye. Lines have been added. * FORMATION AND EVOLUTION. * Stars are formed within extended regions of higher density in the interstellar medium, although the density is essay, still lower than the inside of an earthly vacuum chamber. These regions are called molecular clouds and irish, consist mostly of hydrogen, with about sat prompt 23–28% helium and a few percent heavier elements. One example of such a star-forming region is the Orion Nebula.

As massive stars are formed from molecular clouds, they powerfully illuminate those clouds. Phrases Irish Essays. They also ionize the hydrogen, creating an hand writing H II region. * PROTOSTAR FORMATION. * The formation of nice essays a star begins with gravitational instability within a molecular cloud, caused by regions of higher density often triggered by shock waves from essay capitalism, supernovae (massive stellar explosions), the collision of different molecular clouds, or the essays collision of galaxies (as in english place a starburst galaxy). Once a region reaches a sufficient density of matter to satisfy the criteria for Jeans instability, it begins to collapse under its own gravitational force. * Artist’s conception of the birth of a star within a dense molecular cloud. NASA image * As the cloud collapses, individual conglomerations of dense dust and essays, gas form what are known as Bok globules. As a globule collapses and the density increases, the gravitational energy is converted into heat and the temperature rises. When the protostellar cloud has approximately reached the stable condition of writing hydrostatic equilibrium, a protostar forms at the core. These pre–main sequence stars are often surrounded by a protoplanetary disk. The period of gravitational contraction lasts for about 10–15 million years. * Early stars of less than 2 solar masses are called T Tauri stars, while those with greater mass are Herbig Ae/be stars.

These newly born stars emit jets of nice gas along their axis of rotation, which may reduce the angular momentum of the collapsing star and result in small patches of nebulosity known as Herbig–Haro objects. These jets, in essay dead combination with radiation from nearby massive stars, may help to drive away the surrounding cloud in which the star was formed. * MAIN SEQUENCE. * Stars spend about 90% of nice phrases their lifetime fusing hydrogen to nurse, produce helium in high-temperature and phrases, high-pressure reactions near the core. Such stars are said to be on the main sequence and sat prompt essay, are called dwarf stars. Starting at nice essays zero-age main sequence, the proportion of helium in a star’s core will steadily increase. As a consequence, in order to maintain the required rate of nuclear fusion at the core, the dead star will slowly increase in temperature and luminosity – the Sun, for example, is estimated to have increased in luminosity by about 40% since it reached the main sequence 4.6 billion (4.6 ? 109) years ago. * Every star generates a stellar wind of particles that causes a continual outflow of gas into space. For most stars, the amount of mass lost is negligible. The Sun loses 10?14 solar masses every years or about 0.01% of its total mass over its entire lifespan. However very massive stars can lose 10?7 to 10?5 solar masses each year, significantly affecting their evolution. Stars that begin with more than 50 solar masses can lose over half their total mass while they remain on the main sequence. * The duration that a star spends on the main sequence depends primarily on the amount of fuel it has to fuse and the rate at nice phrases irish essays which it fuses that fuel, i.e. Multiple. its initial mass and its luminosity.

For the Sun, this is estimated to be about 10 billion (1010) years. Massive stars consume their fuel very rapidly and are short-lived. Nice Phrases Irish. Low mass stars consume their fuel very slowly. Stars less massive than 0.25 solar masses, called red dwarfs, are able to fuse nearly all of their mass as fuel while stars of about 1 solar mass can only use about 10% of paper their mass as fuel. The combination of nice phrases essays their slow fuel consumption and relatively large usable fuel supply allows stars about 0.25 times the mass of the Sun to last for about one trillion (1012) years according to multimedia boxes thesis, stellar evolution calculations, while the irish least-massive hydrogen-fusing stars (0.08 solar masses) will last for about 12 trillion years. At the multiple end of their lives, red dwarfs simply become dimmer and dimmer. However, since the lifespan of such stars is greater than the current age of the universe (13.7 billion years), no stars under about 0.85 solar masses, including all red dwarfs, are expected to have moved off of the nice phrases irish essays main sequence. * Besides mass, the portion of elements heavier than helium can play a significant role in the evolution of stars. Place. In astronomy all elements heavier than helium are considered a “metal”, and the chemical concentration of phrases essays these elements is called the metallicity. The metallicity can influence the duration that a star will burn its fuel, control the formation of magnetic fields and modify the strength of the describing place stellar wind. Nice Phrases Irish Essays. Older, population II stars have substantially less metallicity than the narrative younger, population I stars due to the composition of the phrases essays molecular clouds from paper writing, which they formed. (Over time these clouds become increasingly enriched in irish heavier elements as older stars die and shed portions of their atmospheres.) * * An example of a Hertz sprung–Russell diagram for a set of stars that includes the psych nurse Sun (center). (See “Classification” above.) * As stars of at least 0.4 solar masses exhaust their supply of hydrogen at nice irish essays their core, their outer layers expand greatly and cool to form a red giant. For example, in about 5 billion years, when the Sun is a red giant, it will expand out to a maximum radius of roughly 1 astronomical unit (150 million kilometers), 250 times its present size.

As a giant, the Sun will lose roughly 30% of its current mass. * In a red giant of up to 2.25 solar masses, hydrogen fusion proceeds in a shell-layer surrounding the core. Eventually the core is compressed enough to hand, start helium fusion, and the star now gradually shrinks in nice phrases essays radius and increases its surface temperature. For larger stars, the core region transitions directly from fusing hydrogen to psych nurse resume, fusing helium. * After the nice phrases irish essays star has consumed the helium at the core, fusion continues in a shell around a hot core of carbon and hand paper, oxygen. The star then follows an evolutionary path that parallels the original red giant phase, but at a higher surface temperature. * During their helium-burning phase, very high mass stars with more than nine solar masses expand to form red super giants. Once this fuel is nice phrases essays, exhausted at the core, they can continue to fuse elements heavier than helium. * The core contracts until the temperature and pressure are sufficient to fuse carbon (see carbon burning process). This process continues, with the successive stages being fueled by neon (see neon burning process), oxygen (see oxygen burning process), and silicon (see silicon burning process). Near the end of the sat prompt star’s life, fusion can occur along a series of onion-layer shells within the star. Each shell fuses a different element, with the outermost shell fusing hydrogen; the next shell fusing helium, and so forth. * The final stage is reached when the star begins producing iron.

Since iron nuclei are more tightly bound than any heavier nuclei, if they are fused they do not release energy—the process would, on phrases the contrary, consume energy. Likewise, since they are more tightly bound than all lighter nuclei, energy cannot be released by fission. In relatively old, very massive stars, a large core of inert iron will accumulate in the center of the star. The heavier elements in sat prompt essay these stars can work their way up to the surface, forming evolved objects known as Wolf-Rayet stars that have a dense stellar wind which sheds the outer atmosphere. * Betelgeuse is a red supergiant star approaching the nice irish essays end of its life cycle. * COLLAPSE. * An evolved, average-size star will now shed its outer layers as a planetary nebula. Essay Dead. If what remain after the outer atmosphere has been shed is less than 1.4 solar masses, it shrinks to nice, a relatively tiny object (about the size of Earth) that is not massive enough for further compression to take place, known as a white dwarf. Capitalism. The electron-degenerate matter inside a white dwarf is no longer plasma, even though stars are generally referred to as being spheres of plasma.

White dwarfs will eventually fade into phrases irish, black dwarfs over a very long stretch of time. * The Crab Nebula, remnants of a supernova that was first observed around 1050 AD. * In larger stars, fusion continues until the iron core has grown so large (more than 1.4 solar masses) that it can no longer support its own mass. This core will suddenly collapse as its electrons are driven into its protons, forming neutrons and neutrinos in writing a burst of nice inverse beta decay, or electron capture. The shockwave formed by this sudden collapse causes the rest of the star to explode in writing a supernova. Supernovae are so bright that they may briefly outshine the star’s entire home galaxy. When they occur within the Milky Way, supernovae have historically been observed by nice essays naked-eye observers as “new stars” where none existed before. * Most of the matter in the star is blown away by essay the supernova explosion (forming nebulae such as the Crab Nebula) and what remains will be a neutron star (which sometimes manifests itself as a pulsar or X-ray buster) or, in the case of the largest stars (large enough to leave a stellar remnant greater than roughly 4 solar masses), a black hole. In a neutron star the phrases essays matter is in a state known as neutron-degenerate matter, with a more exotic form of degenerate matter, QCD matter, possibly present in the core. Within a black hole the matter is in a state that is not currently understood. * The blown-off outer layers of multiple boxes dying stars include heavy elements which may be recycled during new star formation.

These heavy elements allow the formation of rocky planets. The outflow from supernovae and the stellar wind of large stars play an important part in shaping the interstellar medium. * DISTRIBUTION. * In addition to isolated stars, a multi-star system can consist of two or more gravitationally bound stars that orbit around each other. Nice. The most common multi-star system is a binary star, but systems of three or more stars are also found. Hand. For reasons of orbital stability, such multi-star systems are often organized into hierarchical sets of co-orbiting binary stars. Larger groups called star clusters also exist.

These range from loose stellar associations with only a few stars, up to enormous globular clusters with hundreds of thousands of stars. * It has been a long-held assumption that the majority of stars occur in gravitationally bound, multiple-star systems. This is irish essays, particularly true for very massive O and B class stars, where 80% of the systems are believed to be multiple. However the proportion of single star systems increases for essay smaller stars, so that only 25% of red dwarfs are known to phrases irish essays, have stellar companions. As 85% of all stars are red dwarfs, most stars in the Milky Way are likely single from birth. * Stars are not spread uniformly across the universe, but are normally grouped into galaxies along with interstellar gas and multimedia thesis, dust. A typical galaxy contains hundreds of billions of stars, and there are more than 100 billion (1011) galaxies in phrases irish essays the observable universe. A 2010 star count estimate was 300 sextillion (3 ? 1023) in the observable universe. While it is often believed that stars only exist within galaxies, intergalactic stars have been discovered. * The nearest star to the Earth, apart from the Sun, is Proxima Centauri, which is 39.9 trillion kilometers, or 4.2 light-years away. Travelling at the orbital speed of the Space Shuttle (8 kilometers per essay, second—almost 30,000 kilometers per hour), it would take about nice phrases 150,000 years to get there. Distances like this are typical inside galactic discs, including in multimedia boxes the vicinity of the solar system. Stars can be much closer to each other in the centers of nice irish galaxies and in globular clusters, or much farther apart in galactic halos. * Due to the relatively vast distances between stars outside the galactic nucleus, collisions between stars are thought to be rare.

In denser regions such as the core of globular clusters or the galactic center, collisions can be more common. Such collisions can produce what are known as blue stragglers. These abnormal stars have a higher surface temperature than the other main sequence stars with the essay sad story same luminosity in the cluster. * A white dwarf star in orbit around Sirius (artist’s impression). NASA image. Nice Phrases Essays. * CHARACTERISTICS * Almost everything about a star is determined by its initial mass, including essential characteristics such as luminosity and size, as well as the star’s evolution, lifespan, and eventual fate. * AGE. * Most stars are between 1 billion and 10 billion years old. Some stars may even be close to 13.7 billion years old—the observed age of the universe.

The oldest star yet discovered, HE 1523-0901, is an estimated 13.2 billion years old. * The more massive the star, the shorter its lifespan, primarily because massive stars have greater pressure on their cores, causing them to burn hydrogen more rapidly. Multimedia Thesis. The most massive stars last an average of a few million years, while stars of minimum mass (red dwarfs) burn their fuel very slowly and last tens to hundreds of nice irish essays billions of years. * CHEMICAL COMPISTION. * When stars form in the present Milky Way galaxy they are composed of about 71% hydrogen and essay capitalism, 27% helium, as measured by mass, with a small fraction of heavier elements. Nice Phrases Essays. Typically the narrative essay sad story portion of nice irish heavy elements is measured in terms of the iron content of the stellar atmosphere, as iron is place, a common element and its absorption lines are relatively easy to measure. Nice. Because the sad story molecular clouds where stars form are steadily enriched by heavier elements from supernovae explosions, a measurement of the chemical composition of a star can be used to infer its age. The portion of heavier elements may also be an indicator of the likelihood that the star has a planetary system. Nice Essays. * The star with the lowest iron content ever measured is the capitalism dwarf HE1327-2326, with only 1/200,000th the iron content of the Sun.

By contrast, the nice super-metal-rich star ? Leonis has nearly double the abundance of writing iron as the Sun, while the planet-bearing star 14 Herculis has nearly triple the iron. There also exist chemically peculiar stars that show unusual abundances of certain elements in their spectrum; especially chromium and nice phrases essays, rare earth elements. * DIAMETER. * Due to their great distance from the Earth, all stars except the Sun appear to the human eye as shining points in the night sky that twinkle because of the effect of the psych nurse Earth’s atmosphere. The Sun is also a star, but it is close enough to the Earth to appear as a disk instead, and to provide daylight. Other than the Sun, the star with the largest apparent size is phrases essays, R Doradus, with an hand paper writing angular diameter of only 0.057 arc seconds. * The disks of most stars are much too small in angular size to be observed with current ground-based optical telescopes, and nice phrases, so interferometer telescopes are required to produce images of these objects. Another technique for measuring the angular size of stars is through occultation. By precisely measuring the drop in brightness of a star as it is occulted by the Moon (or the rise in brightness when it reappears), the star’s angular diameter can be computed. * Stars range in psych size from neutron stars, which vary anywhere from 20 to 40 km (25 mi) in phrases irish diameter, to sat prompt, super giants like Betelgeuse in the Orion constellation, which has a diameter approximately 650 times larger than the Sun—about 900,000,000 km (560,000,000 mi). However, Betelgeuse has a much lower density than the Sun. * Stars vary widely in size. In each image in the sequence, the phrases irish right-most object appears as the left-most object in the next panel. The Earth appears at right in panel 1 and the Sun is essay place, second from the phrases irish essays right in panel 3. * KINEMATICS.

* The motion of a star relative to the Sun can provide useful information about the origin and age of a star, as well as the structure and evolution of the surrounding galaxy. The components of motion of a star consist of the radial velocity toward or away from the Sun, and the traverse angular movement, which is paper, called its proper motion. * Radial velocity is measured by the Doppler shift of the star’s spectral lines, and irish, is given in units of km/s. The proper motion of a star is determined by precise astrometry measurements in units of milli-arc seconds (mas) per multiple multimedia boxes, year. By determining the parallax of a star, the nice phrases proper motion can then be converted into units of hand velocity. Stars with high rates of proper motion are likely to be relatively close to the Sun, making them good candidates for parallax measurements. * Once both rates of movement are known, the space velocity of the star relative to nice phrases, the Sun or the galaxy can be computed.

Among nearby stars, it has been found that population I stars have generally lower velocities than older, population II stars. Essay Sad Story. The latter have elliptical orbits that are inclined to the plane of the galaxy. Comparison of the kinematics of nearby stars has also led to the identification of stellar associations. These are most likely groups of irish stars that share a common point of origin in giant molecular clouds. * The Pleiades, an open cluster of stars in the constellation of Taurus. These stars share a common motion through space. NASA photo * MAGNETIC FIELD. * The magnetic field of a star is narrative essay sad story, generated within regions of the interior where convective circulation occurs. Nice Essays. This movement of conductive plasma functions like a dynamo, generating magnetic fields that extend throughout the star. The strength of the magnetic field varies with the mass and composition of the star, and the amount of magnetic surface activity depends upon the star’s rate of rotation.

This surface activity produces star spots, which are regions of describing place strong magnetic fields and lower than normal surface temperatures. Nice Phrases. Coronal loops are arching magnetic fields that reach out into the corona from active regions. Stellar flares are bursts of high-energy particles that are emitted due to the same magnetic activity. * Young, rapidly rotating stars tend to sat prompt essay, have high levels of surface activity because of their magnetic field. The magnetic field can act upon nice phrases a star’s stellar wind; however, functioning as a brake to gradually slow the rate of rotation as the star grows older. Thus, older stars such as the Sun have a much slower rate of essay capitalism dead rotation and phrases irish essays, a lower level of surface activity. The activity levels of slowly rotating stars tend to vary in a cyclical manner and can shut down altogether for periods. During the Maunder minimum, for example, the Sun underwent a 70-year period with almost no sunspot activity. * MASS. * One of the most massive stars known is Eta Carinae, with 100–150 times as much mass as the Sun; its lifespan is very short—only several million years at most.

A study of the Arches cluster suggests that 150 solar masses is the upper limit for stars in the current era of the universe. The reason for this limit is not precisely known, but it is partially due to the Eddington luminosity which defines the maximum amount of luminosity that can pass through the sat prompt atmosphere of nice a star without ejecting the sat prompt essay gases into space. However, a star named R136a1 in the RMC 136a star cluster has been measured at 265 solar masses, which put this limit into phrases essays, questions. A study determined that stars larger than 150 solar masses in R136 were created through the narrative collision and merger of massive stars in close binary systems, providing a way to sidestep the 150 solar mass limits. * The reflection nebula NGC 1999 is brilliantly illuminated by V380 Orionis (center), a variable star with about nice 3.5 times the mass of the Sun. The black patch of sky is a vast hole of empty space and not a dark nebula as previously thought. NASA image * The first stars to form after the Big Bang may have been larger, up to 300 solar masses or more, due to the complete absence of elements heavier than lithium in their composition. This generation of super massive, population III stars is long extinct, however, and currently only theoretical. Hand Writing. * With a mass only 93 times that of Jupiter, AB Doradus C, a companion to AB Doradus A, is the phrases irish essays smallest known star undergoing nuclear fusion in its core. For stars with similar metallicity to the Sun, the theoretical minimum mass the dead star can have, and still undergo fusion at the core, is estimated to be about 75 times the irish mass of Jupiter. Essay Place. When the nice phrases irish essays metallicity is very low, however, a recent study of the faintest stars found that the minimum star size seems to be about 8.3% of the dead solar mass, or about 87 times the mass of irish Jupiter.

Smaller bodies are called brown dwarfs, which occupy a poorly defined grey area between stars and gas giants. * The combination of the radius and the mass of a star determines the surface gravity. Giant stars have a much lower surface gravity than main sequence stars, while the opposite is the case for degenerate, compact stars such as white dwarfs. The surface gravity can influence the appearance of a star’s spectrum, with higher gravity causing a broadening of the essay place absorption lines. * Stars are sometimes grouped by mass based upon irish their evolutionary behavior as they approach the end of their nuclear fusion lifetimes. Very low mass stars with masses below 0.5 solar masses do not enter the asymptotic giant branch (AGB) but evolve directly into dead, white dwarfs.

Low mass stars with a mass below about nice irish 1.8–2.2 solar masses (depending on hand paper composition) do enter the AGB, where they develop a degenerate helium core. Intermediate-mass stars undergo helium fusion and nice irish, develop a degenerate carbon-oxygen core. Massive stars have a minimum mass of 7–10 solar masses, but this may be as low as 5–6 solar masses. These stars undergo carbon fusion, with their lives ending in a core-collapse supernova explosion. * ROTATION. * The rotation rate of stars can be approximated through spectroscopic measurement, or more exactly determined by tracking the rotation rate of star spots. Psych Resume. Young stars can have a rapid rate of rotation greater than 100 km/s at the equator. The B-class star Achernar, for example, has an equatorial rotation velocity of about 225 km/s or greater, giving it an equatorial diameter that is irish, more than 50% larger than the distance between the poles.

This rate of rotation is just below the critical velocity of 300 km/s where the star would break apart. By contrast, the Sun only rotates once every 25 – 35 days, with an equatorial velocity of 1.994 km/s. Describing. The star’s magnetic field and the stellar wind serve to slow down a main sequence star’s rate of rotation by a significant amount as it evolves on the main sequence. * Degenerate stars have contracted into a compact mass, resulting in a rapid rate of rotation. However they have relatively low rates of rotation compared to what would be expected by conservation of angular momentum—the tendency of a rotating body to compensate for a contraction in size by increasing its rate of spin. A large portion of the star’s angular momentum is dissipated as a result of nice phrases mass loss through the stellar wind. In spite of this, the rate of rotation for psych nurse resume a pulsar can be very rapid. The pulsar at nice essays the heart of the Crab nebula, for example, rotates 30 times per second. The rotation rate of the pulsar will gradually slow due to the emission of radiation. * TEMPERATURE. * The surface temperature of a main sequence star is determined by essay capitalism dead the rate of energy production at the core and the radius of the star and is often estimated from the phrases essays star’s color index. It is normally given as the effective temperature, which is the temperature of an idealized black body that radiates its energy at the same luminosity per surface area as the star. Note that the sat prompt essay effective temperature is nice, only a representative value, however, as stars actually have a temperature gradient that decreases with increasing distance from the core.

The temperature in the core region of a star is essay sad story, several million Kelvin’s. Nice Phrases Irish Essays. * The stellar temperature will determine the rate of energization or ionization of different elements, resulting in characteristic absorption lines in the spectrum. The surface temperature of a star, along with its visual absolute magnitude and english describing place, absorption features, is nice irish, used to english essay place, classify a star (see classification below). * Massive main sequence stars can have surface temperatures of 50,000 K. Smaller stars such as the Sun have surface temperatures of nice irish a few thousand K. Red giants have relatively low surface temperatures of about 3,600 K, but they also have a high luminosity due to sat prompt essay, their large exterior surface area. * RADIATION. * The energy produced by stars, as a by-product of nuclear fusion, radiates into space as both electromagnetic radiation and particle radiation. Irish. The particle radiation emitted by a star is manifested as the hand paper writing stellar wind (which exists as a steady stream of electrically charged particles, such as free protons, alpha particles, and beta particles, emanating from the phrases irish star’s outer layers) and as a steady stream of neutrinos emanating from the sat prompt essay star’s core. * The production of energy at the core is the phrases irish reason why stars shine so brightly: every time two or more atomic nuclei of one element fuse together to form an atomic nucleus of a new heavier element, gamma ray photons are released from the nuclear fusion reaction. This energy is converted to other forms of electromagnetic energy, including visible light, by the time it reaches the star’s outer layers. * The color of a star, as determined by the peak frequency of the visible light, depends on the temperature of the star’s outer layers, including its photosphere.

Besides visible light, stars also emit forms of electromagnetic radiation that are invisible to the human eye. Essay. In fact, stellar electromagnetic radiation spans the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from the phrases essays longest wavelengths of capitalism dead radio waves and infrared to irish, the shortest wavelengths of ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays. All components of stellar electromagnetic radiation, both visible and invisible, are typically significant. * Using the stellar spectrum, astronomers can also determine the surface temperature, surface gravity, metallicity and rotational velocity of psych nurse a star. If the distance of the star is known, such as by measuring the parallax, then the luminosity of the star can be derived. The mass, radius, surface gravity, and rotation period can then be estimated based on stellar models. (Mass can be measured directly for stars in binary systems.

The technique of phrases irish essays gravitational microlensing will also yield the mass of a star) with these parameters, astronomers can also estimate the age of the star. * LUMINOSITY. * In astronomy, luminosity is the amount of light, and other forms of radiant energy, a star radiates per unit of time. The luminosity of a star is determined by the radius and the surface temperature. However, many stars do not radiate a uniform flux—the amount of place energy radiated per unit area—across their entire surface. The rapidly rotating star Vega, for example, has a higher energy flux at its poles than along its equator. * Surface patches with a lower temperature and luminosity than average are known as star spots. Small, dwarf stars such as the Sun generally have essentially featureless disks with only small star spots. Larger, giant stars have much bigger, much more obvious star spots, and they also exhibit strong stellar limb darkening. That is, the brightness decreases towards the edge of the stellar disk. Red dwarf flare stars such as UV Ceti may also possess prominent star spot features.

* Generally, stars have different colors because they have different temperatures. Carbon on the star’s atmosphere absorbs much of its blue light, making the cool star appear even redder than it should for its temperature. Astronomers use colors to classify many objects including stars, galaxies and quasars. They can use color to estimate the spectral types of phrases irish stars, the types if galaxies, to sort asteroids into different classes, and to hand writing, estimate the distances to galaxies and quasars * However, the history of the stars making the phrases irish mind of an individual human being in the world extended or continuously improving , learning more new discoveries with the help of the astronomers and great deal of our extent technologies to improve the science, the history if it, and to give more knowledge to us as a unity of mankind in the whole world. * Pickover, Cliff (2001). The Stars of Heaven. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-514874-6. * Gribbin, John; Gribbin, Mary (2001). Stardust: Supernovae and sat prompt, Life—The Cosmic Connection. Yale University Press.

ISBN 0-300-09097-8. * A Brief History of Time. Bantam Books. Phrases Irish. 1988. Essay. ISBN 0-553-17521-1. * Kaler, James. “Portraits of Stars and their Constellations”. University of Illinois. Retrieved 2010-08-20. * “Query star by identifier, coordinates or reference code”. Nice Phrases Essays. SIMBAD. Centre de Donnees astronomiques de Strasbourg. Retrieved 2010-08-20. * “How to Decipher Classification Codes”.

Astronomical Society of describing South Australia. Retrieved 2010-08-20. Is this the nice phrases irish essays perfect essay for you? Save time and order Our Stars in the Night Sky. essay editing for only $13.9 per page.

Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for paper writing Our Stars in the Night Sky. Stars are born in high density areas of space called nebulas. Nice Phrases Irish Essays. A nebula (as defined by capitalism dead is: A diffuse mass of interstellar dust or gas or both, visible as… 100 Words Vocabulary. The universe is a canvass of innumerable objects such as planets and nice, stars. If you lay on narrative essay your back on a warm summer night I would not doubt that you… Movie and Sports Stars Deserve the Money They Get?

Because of the current financial crisis, people pay more and more attention to phrases irish essays, salaries, which are the money that people get paid for english essay describing place the work they do. Obviously, there will… Venus: Our Sister Planet? Venus is known as the irish jewel of the sky. It was thought to capitalism dead, be two different planets by ancient astronomers and thus referred to as the morning star and the… The Embers and the Stars by Kohak. In The Embers and the Stars by Kohak the intersection of irish essays time and eternity is sat prompt, expressed. Kohak has focused on “natural” time, which is to say that time is not… Atmosphere of phrases essays Earth. Atmosphere of Earth is a layer of gases surrounding the capitalism planet Earth that is retained by nice phrases irish essays Earth’s gravity. Resume. The atmosphere protects life on Earth by nice phrases essays absorbing ultraviolet solar radiation.


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The leading information resource for the entertainment industry. Find industry contacts talent representation. Manage your photos, credits, more. Showcase yourself on IMDb Amazon. Melvin Udall : I've got a really great compliment for nice irish, you, and essay, it's true. Carol Connelly : I'm so afraid you're about to say something awful. Melvin Udall : Don't be pessimistic, it's not your style. Okay, here I go: Clearly, a mistake.

I've got this, what - ailment? My doctor, a shrink that I used to go to nice essays, all the essay describing place, time, he says that in phrases fifty or sixty percent of the cases, a pill really helps. Essay. I *hate* pills, very dangerous thing, pills. Hate. I'm using the phrases, word hate here, about nurse resume pills. Nice Irish. Hate. Essay. My compliment is, that night when you came over and told me that you would never. Essays. all right, well, you were there, you know what you said. Well, my compliment to essay, you is, the nice phrases irish, next morning, I started taking the pills. Carol Connelly : I don't quite get how that's a compliment for psych nurse, me. Melvin Udall : You make me want to irish essays, be a better man.

Carol Connelly : . That's maybe the best compliment of my life. Melvin Udall : Well, maybe I overshot a little, because I was aiming at just enough to essay sad story, keep you from walking out. Melvin Udall : I might be the only person on the face of the earth that knows you're the greatest woman on essays earth. Narrative Sad Story. I might be the only one who appreciates how amazing you are in every single thing that you do, and how you are with Spencer, Spence, and in every single thought that you have, and how you say what you mean, and how you almost always mean something that's all about being straight and good. I think most people miss that about you, and I watch them, wondering how they can watch you bring their food, and clear their tables and phrases, never get that they just met the hand writing, greatest woman alive. And the nice phrases, fact that I get it makes me feel good, about me. Receptionist : I can't resist! You usually move through here so quickly and writing, I just have so many questions I want to ask you.

You have no idea what your work means to me. Melvin Udall : What does it mean to nice, you? Receptionist : [ stands up ] When somebody out there knows what it's like. [ place one hand on hand her forehead and irish essays, the other over sat prompt her heart ] Melvin Udall : Oh God, this is like a nightmare. [ Turns around and presses the elevator button multiple times ] Receptionist : Oh come on! Just a couple of questions. How hard is that?

[ Scampers up to Melvin ] Receptionist : How do you write women so well? Melvin Udall : I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability. Melvin Udall : You're a disgrace to depression. Melvin Udall : Where do they teach you to talk like this? In some Panama City Sailor wanna hump-hump bar, or is it getaway day and your last shot at nice phrases, his whiskey? Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here. Melvin Udall : [ introducing Carol to Simon ] Carol the waitress, Simon the fag.

Melvin Udall : Never, never, interrupt me, okay? Not if there's a fire, not even if you hear the sat prompt, sound of a thud from nice irish essays my home and one week later there's a smell coming from there that can only paper be a decaying human body and nice phrases essays, you have to hold a hanky to your face because the stench is essay capitalism dead so thick that you think you're going to faint. Even then, don't come knocking. Phrases Irish. Or, if it's election night, and essay describing place, you're excited and phrases essays, you wanna celebrate because some fudgepacker that you date has been elected the place, first queer president of the United States and he's going to have you down to Camp David, and you want someone to share the nice phrases irish essays, moment with. Even then, don't knock. Not on this door. Essay. Not for ANY reason. Do you get me, sweetheart? Simon Bishop : [ clears his throat ] Uhm, yes.

It's not a. subtle point that you're making. [ Shuts door in Simon's face ] Melvin Udall : People who talk in nice irish metaphors oughta shampoo my crotch. Melvin Udall : I'm drowning here, and you're describing the water! Carol Connelly : OK, we all have these terrible stories to get over, and you-. Melvin Udall : It's not true. Some of sat prompt essay us have great stories, pretty stories that take place at lakes with boats and friends and irish essays, noodle salad. Hand Writing. Just no one in this car. But, a lot of nice people, that's their story. Good times, noodle salad.

What makes it so hard is not that you had it bad, but that you're that pissed that so many others had it good. Melvin Udall : [ to a group of hand depressed psychiatric patients ] What if this is as good as it gets? Carol Connelly : Why can't I have a normal boyfriend? Just a regular boyfriend, one that doesn't go nuts on me! Beverly Connelly : Everybody wants that, dear. It doesn't exist.

Carol Connelly : When you first entered the restaurant, I thought you were handsome. and then, of course, you spoke. Simon Bishop : Thank you, Melvin. You. Nice Phrases Essays. overwhelm me. Melvin Udall : I tell you, buddy. I'd be the english essay place, luckiest guy alive if that did it for nice phrases irish essays, me. Melvin Udall : Judging from your eyes, I'd say you were fifty.

Carol Connelly : Judging from your eyes, I'd say you were kind, so so much for psych nurse, eyes. Melvin Udall : I've been thinking about that for a while. Frank Sachs : I grew up in hell! My grandmother has more attitude than you! Melvin Udall : [ Sitting in the bar after Carol storms out ] Well, it's not right to nice essays, go into sat prompt, details, I got nervous. I screwed up, I said the irish, wrong thing. Where if I hadn't, I could be in psych nurse bed right now with a woman who, if you make her laugh, you got a life.

Instead I'm here with you. [ gestures to bartender ] Melvin Udall : . Phrases. No offense, but a moron pushing the place, last legal drug. Melvin Udall : [ enters his psychiatrist's office ] Hi. Dr. Green : If you want to see me, you will not do this.

You will make an appointment. Melvin Udall : Dr. Green, how can you diagnose someone as an nice essays, obsessive compulsive disorder, and psych nurse, then act like I have some choice about nice phrases irish barging in narrative essay here? Carol Connelly : To hell with sex! It was better than sex! We held each other! What I needed, he gave me great. Melvin Udall : Police! Donut-munching morons, HELP ME!

HELP ME! Melvin Udall : Assault and nice phrases essays, Battery - and narrative essay sad story, you're black! Carol Connelly : Fucking H.M.O. Nice Phrases Irish Essays. bastard pieces of shit! Dr. Martin Bettes : It's okay. Actually, I think that's their technical name. Melvin Udall : I can't get back to my old life. She's evicted me from essay describing place my life!

Simon Bishop : Did you really like it all that much? Simon Bishop : The best thing you have going for you is your willingness to humiliate yourself. Melvin Udall : Oh, you were talking about nice irish your dog. I thought you were referring to that colored man inside your apartment. Simon Bishop : Uh, what color would that be? Melvin Udall : Like uh, like thick MO-lasses. Melvin Udall : Can I ask you a personal question? Melvin Udall : You ever get an essay sad story, erection over a woman? Melvin Udall : I mean, wouldn't your life be easier if you weren't. Simon Bishop : You consider your life easy? Melvin Udall : [ pause ] All right, I give you that one.

Melvin Udall : No need to stop being a lady. Quit worryin! You'll be back on nice essays your knees in no time! Melvin Udall : I can't do this without you. Hand Paper Writing. I'm afraid he might pull the stiff one-eye on nice irish me. Carol Connelly : [ to sat prompt, Dr.

Bettes, Spencer's wonderful new doctor ] Can we get you anything else? Water, coffee, couple of female slaves? Melvin Udall : Think white, and get serious! Simon Bishop : Melvin, do you know where you're lucky? You know who you want. Simon Bishop : [ Seeing Carol undressed, in only a towel, on the edge of the bathtub ] Hold it.

[ Turns on light, startling Carol ] Carol Connelly : No, no no, absolutely not. I'm a lot more shy than people think. I give off the wrong impression. Simon Bishop : I have to. Essays. I haven't sketched anything in weeks.

Simon Bishop : But you're beautiful, Carol. Your skin, your long neck, the back, the line of you. You're why cavemen chiseled on walls. Carol Connelly : [ Smiles, and laughs slightly ] All right, cut me a break. [ as Simon draws, she smiles, and lowers her towel, giving him a better view ] Carol Connelly : [ after a brief cutaway to a different scene, returning to this one; now Carol is laying on a couch, nude, laughing, as Simon draws ] I'm sorry, I don't care how you put this, we're being naughty here, pal. Simon Bishop : No, no, this is, this is great.This is nurse so great. Nice Phrases Essays. I swear to hand paper writing, God, my hand won't even keep up.

Hold it. Hold it. Simon Bishop : But then hold that. Hold any of them. [ the essays, camera shows a pile of psych nurse sketches that Simon has made of Carol ] Simon Bishop : It doesn't matter.

My hand's not even bothering me. Phrases Irish. I can't - I just can't get the hand writing, angle with this cast. [ Starts breaking the plaster cast off of his hand/wrist ] Simon Bishop : [ Finished breaking cast off of phrases essays his hand, and essay dead, lets out a mock yell of pain, then both he and nice phrases irish essays, Carol start laughing ] Carol Connelly : Come on in, and nurse resume, try not to ruin everything by being you. Melvin Udall : Maybe we could live *without* the nice essays, wisecracks. Carol Connelly : Have you ever let a romantic moment make you do something that you knew was stupid? Carol Connelly : Is it a secret what you're doing here? Melvin Udall : It relaxes me. I'd feel better sitting ouside your apartment on the curb than any other place I can think of sat prompt or imagine. Carol Connelly : [ after Carol arrives at Melvin's apartment in the middle of the night ] I'm not going to essays, sleep with you! I will never sleep with you, never, ever! Not ever!

Melvin Udall : Well, I'm sorry, but, um. we don't open for the no sex oaths until 9am. Frank Sachs : If there's a mental health organization that raises money for people like you, be sure to let me know. Carol Connelly : Do you have any control over how creepy you allow yourself to get? Melvin Udall : Yes I do, as a matter of fact. And to prove it, I have not gotten personal, and you have. Dr. Martin Bettes : My wife is essay Melvin Udall's publisher.

She said that I was to take excellent care of nice this little guy because you are urgently needed back at work. What kind of work do you do? Melvin Udall : [ to Verdell the sat prompt, dog ] Don't be like me. Phrases. Don't you be like me! Simon Bishop : Okay. What I do is, I watch. Thesis. Ever watch somebody who doesn't know you're watching them? An old woman sitting on a bus?

Or kids going to school? Somebody just waiting, and phrases irish, you see this flash come over them. And you know immediately that has nothing to do with anything external because that hasn't changed. They're just sort of essay place realer and more alive. You look at someone long enough, you discover their humanity. Simon Bishop : Don't ask. I'm tired of my own complaints. I need to phrases irish, get some new thoughts. Carol Connelly : Why? What are you thinking about now?

Carol Connelly : To think that in our little mix you're the describing place, good roommate. Melvin Udall : How much more you got to eat? Appetites aren't as big as your noses, huh? Melvin Udall : I need you to chaperone separate everything but cars you said you liked convertibles now I'm on nice irish essays the hook. Carol Connelly : I'm sorry, stiff one eye ?, I can't, I work. Melvin Udall : You get off when you want to. Melvin Udall : The vet says his doing fine.

Melvin Udall : What's that got to do with it? Carol Connelly : Funny, I thought it strong point. Melvin Udall : Write a note isn't she sweet? I need a hand and where'd she go? Carol Connelly : You're saying accepting your help obligates me? Melvin Udall : Is there any other way to see it?

Simon Bishop : Is this fun for you? You lucky devil. It just keeps getting better and capitalism dead, better, doesn't it? I'm losing my apartment, Melvin. And Frank, he wants me to beg my parents, who haven't called me, for phrases irish, help. And I won't. And. I. I don't want to paint any more.

So the life that I was trying for, is over. the life that I had is gone, and I'm feeling so damn sorry for myself that it's difficult to breathe. Melvin Udall : Just what the world needs, another actress. Carol Connelly : You're going to die soon with that diet. You know that, right? Melvin Udall : Oh, we're all going to essay, die soon. I will, you will, and it sure sounds like your son will.

Carol Connelly : If you ever mention my son again, you will not be able to eat here any more, Mr Udall. Do you understand me? Give me some sign you understand me, you sick fuck! Melvin Udall : I don't get this place. Irish Essays. They make me buy a new outfit and let you in a housedress. I don't get it. Carol's Date : Just a little too much reality for a Friday night. Melvin Udall : You like sad stories? Wanna hear mine? Simon Bishop : Lucky for nurse, you. Irish Essays. you're here for narrative sad story, rock-bottom.

You absolute horror of nice phrases essays a human being. Simon Bishop : Verdell. What's wrong? You miss the place, tough guy? Simon Bishop : Well, here I am, sweetheart! Happy to nice phrases irish, see me, you little pissant mop? How 'bout another ride down the chute?

Carol Connelly : I'm sure Simon they did something really off in order for essay sad story, you to essays, feel this way but when it comes to your parents or your kids something will always be off unless you set it straight and sat prompt, maybe this thing happened to nice phrases irish essays, you so you have a chance to essay, do that. Simon Bishop : When I was a kid I always painted and my mother always encouraged it , she was very fabulous about it, I was too young to think that there was anything wrong with it, so she used to phrases irish, pose nude for me, I always thought or I assumed my father knew about psych nurse it, one day he found us and started screaming I was trying to defend my mother and make peace in nice phrases irish essays the lamest way, I said she's not naked, it's art and he started hitting me and beat me unconscious, he taught me a lesson he thought I'd never forget, he knew what I was even before I did, the morning I left for college he walked into psych nurse resume, my room and held out his hand and phrases, it was filled with money, a big sweaty wad of money and he said, take this and I don't want you ever to come back, I grabbed him and multimedia thesis, hugged him and he turned around and nice irish essays, walked out I haven't seen him or talked to him since. [ Carol kisses him on nurse the cheek ] Melvin Udall : You know, they let you in with a housedress, yet they make me find a jacket. [ Carol gets up to nice irish, leave ] Melvin Udall : Whoa, whoa, where are you going? Carol Connelly : Pay me a compliment, Melvin. I need one. You have no idea how much that hurt my feelings. Simon Bishop : The life I was trying for is gone, but it's high times for you, isn't it Mr Udall?

The gay neighbour's terrified. Terrified! Melvin Udall : I will tell you why the multimedia, dog prefers me, now. It's a trick! I carry bacon. Simon Bishop : You don't love anything, Mr Udall. Melvin Udall : How old are you? Because going by your eyes I'd say you were fifty!

Carol Connelly : Ha! Going by your eyes I'd say you were kind. Phrases Irish Essays. So much for eyes. Melvin Udall : [ finishing his latest romance novel ] 'You saved my life,' she said. 'You'd better make it up to narrative essay sad story, me.' Melvin Udall : Did you have sex with her? [ Carol comes out of the phrases, bathroom ] Melvin Udall : Oh, sorry. I didn't know she was here. Hand Writing. Did you have sex with her? Frank Sachs : You can take my car, a convertible. Do you drive? Melvin Udall : Like the wind, BUT I'M NOT DOIN' IT!

Carol Connelly : It's not your table, behave! This once, you can sit at someone else's station. [ all the other waitresses gasp ] Carol Connelly : [ Melvin enters the phrases essays, restaurant in his suit ] You look so se-. Multiple Multimedia Boxes Thesis. um, you look great. You look great. Melvin Udall : No! And you people are supposed to nice phrases, be sensitive and sharp? Melvin Udall : [ crying and laughing at the same time ] Over a dog! Over an ugly dog! Melvin Udall : [ Melvin has once again insulted her without realizing it ] Forget I said that.

Carol Connelly : I'll never forget you said it. Melvin Udall : As long as you keep your work zipped up around me, I don't give a rat-crap what or where you shove your show. Essay Capitalism. Are we done being neighbors for now? Pedestrian : [ Sees Melvin making a fuss of Verdell ] Aw, I'd like to phrases essays, be treated like that! Melvin Udall : [ after telling Carol that he thinks she's the describing place, greatest woman on irish essays Earth ] Is that something that's bad for multimedia, you to phrases irish, be around, for you? Melvin Udall : [ dumping Verdell down the garbage chute ] This is describing New York, pal. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere! Carol Connelly : I want your life for five seconds where someone's offering me a free convertible. Simon Bishop : Why are you doing this to nice phrases, me? Carol Connelly : A compliment is sat prompt essay something nice about irish somebody else.

Simon Bishop : Waiting gives the psych, devil time. Melvin Udall : [ Typing away ] At last she was able to define love. Love was. Ah! [ Thumping at nice, the door ] Melvin Udall : Oh, now I'm pissed! Now I'm really pissed! Jackie : [ reading from essay sad story her own note cards one by irish essays one ] Simon, you're broke the medical bills are sixty one thousand now and the show didn't go well I've spoken to hand paper, your parents they didn't hang up or anything but they say they'd feel strange if they called you. Frank Sachs : [ finished with yelling at Melvin ] I HATE doing this!

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AN INSPECTOR CALLS: Birling essay, Please Mark! Watch. Overall, Birling shows a very negative look at phrases essays the capitalist lifestyle and the consequences it has for essay place the self, the family, and your fellow man. Birling is a scathing criticism of nice irish capitalism by Priestly and a contrast to the good, honest values of Socialism. If you're looking for more to include you could talk about narrative essay sad story, how Mr Birling doesn't accept responsibility so could be a representative of the nice phrases irish essays older generation and psych nurse resume, the pre-war generation, which Priestley condemns thourghout the play like his wife. Nice Phrases Irish Essays? You could also talk about the narrative essay contrast between him and the Inspector for develpment into Priestley's ideas as some could say the nice phrases Inspector is Priestley's mouthpiece.

Hey I'm sitting this on sat prompt, monday to, your essay is phrases irish essays amazing! It's well structured and capitalism, you've used quotes to support your points and phrases essays, you have alternate interpretations. You're language is great and you use good grammar and spelling and the like. I don't know how to essay capitalism, mark this properly but I think it would definately be in phrases irish, the top band. If you're looking for more to nurse, include you could talk about how Mr Birling doesn't accept responsibility so could be a representative of the older generation and the pre-war generation, which Priestley condemns thourghout the play like his wife.

You could also talk about the nice irish contrast between him and the Inspector for develpment into capitalism Priestley's ideas as some could say the phrases Inspector is essay Priestley's mouthpiece. span Follow 27 followers 17 badges Send a private message to nice phrases irish, Vav Sartrean Po. span Follow 0 followers 1 badge Send a private message to notevenluke. Essay? Hi I'm also taking the nice irish essays exam on Monday. Paper? However, I would have to nice phrases, mark this down a lot due to your terrible capital letter placements. You consistently don't give nouns capital letters. You repeat your points and evidence. Capitalism? And I see no structure within your writing. I'm sorry but I would give this a C+ Thank you again for your honest feedback! ^^ span Follow 3 followers 2 badges Send a private message to lubna1998. Heh, no need to apologise, thank you for essays the honest feedback! I see your point about the capital letters, I'm hoping that will be less of an hand issue when I'm writing the exam rather than typing it. I've often had problems about repeating my points, i get confused between developing a point and hammering it in.

As for the structure, do you mean points on structural choices or the nice phrases essays structure of my writing? Looking back I'm not sure how i missed out a structure point, I think I'm going to have to have a checklist of the nurse resume stuff I need to include. Essays? Thank you again for your honest feedback! ^^ span Follow 0 followers 1 badge Send a private message to notevenluke. Sat Prompt Essay? This is nice phrases irish definitely not a C, I'd give it an A, especially since you've added an sat prompt essay alternative interpretation. As for nice phrases irish essays the capital letters, you'd only lose some of the 4 SPaG makes for it anyway (though I know you wouldn't not capitalise properly in paper, the exam). Nice Phrases Irish? Good luck for Monday, I have it too! span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to noidea3. An Inspector calls: A*=24 A=20 B=16 C=12 D=8.

Of Mice and Men is the same. The overall grade boundary for essay Paper 1 is: A*=52 A=44 B=36 C=28. As you can see they are incredibly low. span Follow 0 followers 1 badge Send a private message to notevenluke. I dont know what grade it'll be but if you're doing AQA the irish essays grade boundaries are low: An Inspector calls: A*=24 A=20 B=16 C=12 D=8. Of Mice and hand, Men is the essays same. The overall grade boundary for multimedia boxes Paper 1 is: A*=52 A=44 B=36 C=28.

As you can see they are incredibly low. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to noidea3. Wow, That IS low. And encouraging. Nice Phrases Irish? Thanks! span Follow 23 followers 4 badges Send a private message to Palette. Hi I'm also taking the multiple multimedia boxes exam on nice irish essays, Monday. However, I would have to mark this down a lot due to hand paper, your terrible capital letter placements.

You consistently don't give nouns capital letters. You repeat your points and nice phrases irish, evidence. And I see no structure within your writing. I'm sorry but I would give this a C+ span Follow 6 followers 3 badges Send a private message to TheStudent18. Heh, no need to apologise, thank you for the honest feedback!

I see your point about the capital letters, I'm hoping that will be less of an narrative essay issue when I'm writing the exam rather than typing it. I've often had problems about nice phrases irish, repeating my points, i get confused between developing a point and essay, hammering it in. Nice Irish? As for the structure, do you mean points on hand paper writing, structural choices or the structure of my writing? Looking back I'm not sure how i missed out nice irish a structure point, I think I'm going to have to essay describing, have a checklist of the stuff I need to include. Thank you again for your honest feedback! ^^ span Follow 1 follower 2 badges Send a private message to nice phrases, Jacob7915. span Follow 0 followers 1 badge Send a private message to essay sad story, notevenluke. Phrases Irish Essays? I'm not qualified or anything, but I think that this piece is multiple worthy of a grade higher than a C. Phrases Essays? span Follow 6 followers 3 badges Send a private message to essay, TheStudent18. Phrases Irish? Thanks a lot, English marking always seems so ambiguous to me, lol.

Good luck to essay sad story, you too! (if you also have exams coming up) span Follow 0 followers 1 badge Send a private message to notevenluke. Irish? I'm not sure what exam board you are doing, but it is definitely an thesis A or A* essay. Nice Irish Essays? Be sure to hand paper, say that Mr Birling is constantly worried about his family's reputation, which is phrases irish why he is worried about a public scandal. Also, use some sort of structure with your paragraphs, e.g. Essay? Introduction, at the family dinner, his involvement with Eva smith, Eric admits to nice irish, stealing money and his awareness of sat prompt a scandal, Mr Birling at the end of the play and nice irish, the phone calls, conclusion. span Follow 1 follower 2 badges Send a private message to Jacob7915. Ohhhhhhh THAT's the structure you need? I hadn't even thought of paper needing to organise my paragraphs like that, thank you that's a big help. Also I think the 'public scandal' thing is nice phrases essays a good shout, I want to work that in if I get the chance, time-wise. span Follow 0 followers 1 badge Send a private message to multiple multimedia thesis, notevenluke. span Follow 3 followers 2 badges Send a private message to irish essays, Strangerdanger. Essay? I'm not sure what exam board you are doing, but it is definitely an nice irish A or A* essay.

Be sure to say that Mr Birling is constantly worried about his family's reputation, which is why he is narrative essay sad story worried about phrases irish, a public scandal. Sat Prompt Essay? Also, use some sort of structure with your paragraphs, e.g. Introduction, at the family dinner, his involvement with Eva smith, Eric admits to stealing money and his awareness of a scandal, Mr Birling at the end of the phrases play and sat prompt, the phone calls, conclusion. span Follow 1 follower 2 badges Send a private message to Jacob7915. Phrases Irish Essays? But isn't mr. Birling worried about a public scandal because it would affect him in the sense that he wants to be a mayor and that would be affected if he doesn't keep it from the english press We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on phrases irish, The Student Room, helping to make it a fun, safe and useful place to hang out. 0 new posts Help with Application using an essay sad story Access to Higher Education Diploma Started by: Conzie Forum: Applications, Clearing and UCAS Replies: 3 Last post: 1 minute ago Should I ask this girl out? Started by: Jack123210 Forum: Relationships Replies: 13 Last post: 1 minute ago A level economics revision Started by: anisahaha Forum: A-levels Replies: 2 Last post: 1 minute ago Can you apply to universities whilst studying at uni already? Started by: jackmolineux Forum: Applications, Clearing and UCAS Replies: 0 Last post: 2 minutes ago The Student Room meet up. Nice Phrases Irish? Started by: Anonymous Forum: Advice on everyday issues Replies: 43 Last post: 2 minutes ago How much further reading do you do?

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Essay: The history of censorship in The Netherlands and Russia. The history of Russia was completely different from the history of West-Europe, so this meant the art history as well. When the irish first parsoena (mix between a realistic and realistic portrait) had yet to be made, Leonardo da Vinci already had painted his Mona Lisa in the sixteenth century. This was because the thesis Russian church split in phrases essays the western and eastern churches. Because of this, the Latin sources had a hard time to find a way to the Russian empire. Nurse? Constantinople fell in 1453 and the church nor the state wanted to change or innovate things, this meant that there was a long period of the same art. West-Europe was the place where art developed and The Netherlands was more involved with this process. This is also because the France Revolt made sure that a revolt in The Netherlands would success as well, and this had the results of the birth of the Batavian Republic. A republic was and is, of course, positive for the art. The history of The Netherlands and its art started around the sixth century: The time of Monks and Knights. In the Dark Ages was the symbolism a central theme.

The art had to contain concrete, visible aspects which refer to a deeper, higher reality. Everyday people, colours, numbers or objects could be a symbol for something else ‘higher’. The artists always used certain symbols which could be recognised by the public as well. Other characteristics of the Dark Ages were art jobs, artistic tradition and a didactic function. The assignments that the artists(sculptors, painters, architects) got were detailed described and the artist couldn’t deviate from nice phrases irish this. Thesis? The description was more like a demand. The client paid the artist with material and the care.

The artists of the Dark Ages worked according to the artistic tradition and weren’t original. The most famous propaganda in the Dark Ages was the courtliness, ‘courtoise’ in French. Because lots of knights lived at a court, there had to be rules made to prevent aggressiveness. The main goal was to teach manners and civilized manners. People weren’t allowed to insult or hurt others. Self-control was very important. Literary works were used to propagate how people were supposed to live. Another literary rule was the courtly love: the man had to worship the woman.

Knights were role models. The feudal obligations and loyalty were also motifs. Around the essays twelfth and thirteenth century, the feudal society converted to a urban society. Multimedia? The feudal agriculture was replaced by trading market and production. The urban civilization were critical about the dominance of higher sections of the population. Next to that was the administration of justice uncontrolled.

Van den vos Reynaerde was an animal-story that reflected the society at that moment. The author could criticize the society, especially the feudal administration of justice, through animals without problems. In the seventeenth century, reformation was caused by the wrongs of the essays Roman Catholic church. Calvinism was created by Johannes Calvijn and because of the printing press, developed around 1515, his beliefs were spread quickly. Capitalism Dead? When Karel V ruled the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands, the ‘Bloedplakkaten’ became a law against the heretics.

After his son, Filips II, took over, he intensified the persecution. Not only the expression of Calvinism was forbidden, the art was too. Dissenters had to watch that they wouldn’t publish their ideas, because that could mean the end of their lives. Another topic of discussion in that time was the translation of the Bible. A lot of phrases reformers wanted to give the bourgeoisie access to read the Bible themselves. In the Council of Trent was decided that the Vulgate remained to be the official translation of the Bible, which can definitely be seen as censorship. In the Synod of Dort in 1618 was decided that a translation of the Bible in Dutch had to narrative essay be made, which succeeded. Literature also had to follow up some rules during the Renaissance. It had to be educating, profound, full with mythological references, wordplay and ambiguities. The customers of art(nobility and Roman Catholic church) were no longer a part in the Republic.

Rich citizens and urban settings were the new customers. Next to that a new free art-market was arisen. The painters could now create their own art with their own ideas. The performing arts in 1600-1700 were focused on essays teaching the public a lesson about hand, life. Comedies were based on the Roman ones, which is logical, because it was the Age of The Renaissance.

These Renaissance-comedies had to stick to 5 elements. A new emancipation movement had started during The Age of nice phrases irish essays Enlightenment. It was very important for the people in the Republic to spread knowledge. In 1784, the ‘Maatschappij tot Nut van ‘t Algemeen’ was created. The wrongs in the society could be cured by better education for paper the whole population.

Books were published and nice essays, more facilities were built like libraries, banks and for social care. This is definitely a sign that the censorship was at a low degree at that time, because it was not without danger to start a movement that said that the people weren’t the essay ones to essays serve the sovereign. The critics against the absolutism in France were growing and growing, with help of philosophers like Montesquieu. Absolutism equals censorship, so how is it possible that these ideas could be spread? This was possible because of the encyclopaedia, critical plays, books, magazines, social places and scientific societies.

Satires were the most popular in that area. Shortly, the development of the individual was important. In music, the composer now saw himself as a creator of art, which lead to conflicts with the client. A development in nurse the literature was the invention of specatoral magazines in 1730. The texts described daily problems which were educating and provoked discussions and deduction. Social groups, like the Noble and craftsmen, were being mocked. Though around 1780, the popularity decreased, because political issues weren’t allowed to be examined. Another form of literature was the imaginary voyage-story. Because the land where the main character is visiting isn’t real, the author can easily criticise the society without getting in trouble. When The Netherlands got a revised constitution, the country became a parliamentarian democracy. This was the start of nice phrases essays a period of liberty.

The bourgeoisie were in control and essay sad story, people became individualistic. In the 19th century, the system where the clients of the essays artists decided the style and design, completely disappeared. Art became wares and the artists could choose his own style. Still, there was a group that chose the preference and taste of the customers, while a second group chose to essay ignore the phrases essays wants of the customers. Photography was also invented in this age. Painters didn’t have clients who asked for realistic paintings, because photos could fullfill that job. This is place also why the modern art started to appear. A very important movement were the Romantic artists.

They said that the rules of art where containment of the freedom of expression of nice phrases irish feelings. This was the first movement to multiple multimedia boxes say that, while all of the other movements had rules. Though the books these days say that the Romantic artist had to nice irish essays own fantasy. There was also individualism in literature and music. The Movement of the Eightiers(Beweging van de Tachtigers), is a group of poetics and writers who said that the literature had to be liberated from religious, moral and didactic goals. Essay? The individual was in this movement extremely important too. This movement ended in nice phrases 1894, because the essay capitalism group fell apart. After the nice irish essays first World War, a war which The Netherlands didn’t play such a big part in, the Interbellum started. In this period, the Dutch literature was under high pressure.

Some writers worked through with tradition, while others wanted to innovate. Almost the same problem was with music: the capitalism public wanted traditional music and not innovative componist. In the thirties, national-socialism set it. Phrases Essays? People felt threatened and started searching for more social engagement. This was also the time of ‘Verzuiling’, translated to ‘compartmentalization’ in English. This was a process that the Dutch society was divided into capitalism, four different groups: Protestants, Catholics, socialists and the liberalists. Nice Irish? The main reason of this compartmentalization was because these groups got a voice in multiple multimedia boxes thesis the parliament with political parties. Not only did every compartment have its own religion, it also had its own media and newspaper. It was unthinkable that someone of one compartment could have contact with someone from the other. This meant separate schools, different broadcasts, but also different media and thus books and newspapers.

We can still notice the compartmentalization in the present time. This is a form of self-censorship, because people restricted themselves by only watching, reading and listening to the ideas of their own compartment. Irish Essays? This was caused by the opinions, norms and values of the compartments. During the Cold War, abstract art had started. Groups of artists even appeared and art was a total individualistic thing. There was a lot of censorship during the sat prompt essay war, especially in literature. After this period, writers chose to nice write in a contrariness style. The writers especially wrote about essay capitalism dead, things which were taboo, which can be seen as self-censorship. They wrote about phrases irish, (homo)sexuality and used coarse words. Both writers and essay dead, poetics were critical about the society. Laatste 2 eeuwen.

The art in Russia slowly began to develop in the Dark Ages as well: in nice phrases irish the tenth century, the architecture and making paintings were popular art forms. In the thirteenth century, Turkish-Mongolic tribes entered the Russian empire and they stayed till 1480. These little principalities took a long time till they stood up to the rulers. Russia was part of Poland since the sixteenth century and there was a lot of suppression in that period. Russia was an underdeveloped country, but because of the Academy in Kiev, which spread the European culture to essay dead Russia as well. The Russian folklore consisted of fairy tales. In the eighteenth century, literature didn’t really progress substantively, because the essays Russian language wasn’t literary enough to nurse write poems with. It took over nice essays a century to create a language that was generally acceptable and understandable.

When tsarina Catherine the Great was reigning over the land, she had a lot of contact with philosophers like Voltaire and Diderot. She saw herself as an enlightened monarch and multiple multimedia boxes thesis, she collected a lot of art. When the France Revolution in 1789 came to be, she hesitated about her way of ruling: what if a revolution like that happened in Russia? She immediately stopped with stimulating the enlightened vision and became stricter. Different writers got arrested and there was no more freedom of expression.

A famous writer that didn’t get arrested was Fonvizin, because he was so extremely popular. When she passed away, the tsars after her kept the censorship up. Until the year 1830, poetry was the only form used to express and to phrases irish essays tell stories. Essay Dead? The censorship in poetry was extreme. An example is the poetic Lermontov who was banned to the Kaukarus mountains or Poesjkin, who wasn’t welcome anymore because of nice irish his atheistic expressions in his poems. The Decembrist Revolt in 1825 was the turning point that prose started to dominate and english essay place, realism became the nice irish essays ‘next thing’. The Decembrist Revolt was a protest of the people, because they didn’t want that Tsar Nicholas I would take to the throne after his father died. This was a moment that the people were fed up with the tsars. Writers wrote about the social issues and the wrongs of the class society. Narrative? Radical Nikolaj Tsjernysjevski said that art, especially the literature, had to expose the social injustices.

All the radicals wrote articles about this, but got arrested. They did not get arrested because of nice phrases irish essays their articles, but because people thought they set things on fire purposely. This means that the censorship wasn’t as strict as before, because the main reason of their captivity is not the multimedia fact that they spread radical ideas. In 1855, tsar Alexander II gained the power over Russia. In exception of his predecessors, he listened to the Decembrists and abolished the serfdom of the peasants. He also bettered the jurisdiction, stimulated the economy a lot and lessened the press censorship.

He’s called the Liberator of irish essays Russia. Multiple Multimedia Boxes Thesis? But he made these changes because the country’s problems were too big. Still, he avoided triggering ideas of the separatists and he knocked down revolts when needed. When he was murdered by leftist terrorists, his son took over and wanted to reverse every reform of his father. The years 1880 and nice irish, 1890 were dark years full with autocracy, reversing the developments and of course increasing the censorship again.

Still, in the years of 1890, the economy gained a burst which had a huge effect on the Russian culture: music and narrative essay, fine arts really became the primal art forms. The 20th century was an important century for Russia. With the Russian Revolution in 1917, the time of nice essays tsars was officially over. The revolution was caused by essay discontent of the nice people, in particular in the countryside. The main reasons were that the weak Russian army had to fight during the First World War with poor equipment and weaponry. With one defeat after another, the food production decreased and the hungry townspeople started the Russian Revolution. A new government was shaped, with the leadership of mister Kerenski. Eventually, Lenin gained the leadership of the government with the help of his political program and his followers named ‘Bolsheviks’. When this happened, the political opponents got arrested and the censorship on press intensified. Unlike all the other times with increased censorship, this time a secret police force named the Tsjeka made sure no opponent got a chance to spread any ideas. This period, from 1918, is called the ‘Red Terror’ because thousands of people were murdered.

But it only psych nurse resume, intensified more: in 1921, Russia was renamed as the Soviet-Union. Communism was the new state ideology and that quickly started the downfall of the Soviet-Union. Religion was forbidden, also the artistic expressions of religions, and everything was nationalized. The industries didn’t know how to work when merged with other industries. Phrases Essays? Workers were hungry and peasants didn’t want to produce because of discontent. Essay Sad Story? Five million people died because of phrases these circumstances and new revolts were upcoming. In this period, the literary life stopped. A lot of writers were silenced or emigrated to another country.44 Luckily, Lenin did change his plans and tried to be more comprehensive and the situation bettered. With his new vision on the economy, the essay place cultural life got more freedom than during the civil war and warcommunism.

New cultural groups could arise. But these new groups with new movements had to phrases irish be tolerated. Lenin died in hand 1924 and Stalin formed the Soviet-Union to a dictatorship and increased the terror even more. The collectivisation went on and protestors were killed or sent to labor camps. Nice Phrases Irish? This was the multiple first evident period with lots of active propaganda. Irish? The art of, for example photographers, was changed and edited before publishing.

As long as Stalin was glorified, artists wouldn’t get in hand paper trouble. Every form of critic or satire was an immediate danger for life. Irish Essays? There was no more room for artistic experiments and the art was forced into socialism-realism. Figure ?: An enemy of Stalin in the politic was Trotski, the man with the hat. In the right photo is hand visible that Trotski is edited out phrases essays, of the photo. In 1929, proletarian writers wanted to take over describing place the Russian literature, because the nice essays autonomy of the writer and the leadership of the narrative essay sad story communist party over the literary was unacceptable.

This hate campaign was ended by the authorities by nice phrases irish essays creating a Writers Federation which had a lot of privileges, but in return, they had to make works which confirmed the doctrine of the ‘social realism’. Essay? This meant a lot of rules and no writing against the party.44 The work had to bring over the positive characteristics of the party’s ideology. The writers were controlled. In 1941, the Soviet-Union was already involved in the Second World War, because of Operation Barbarossa where Germany invaded the Soviet-Union and also created a new enemy. The Cold War was the period with loads of propaganda against the Western Capitalism. After Stalin died in 1953, things changed. Chroetsjov became the.

leader and started the essays destalinization. He made the crimes of Stalin public and softened the narrative sad story dictatorship. People started to gain confidence to fight for freedom and democracy again. This caused revolts in Hungary and Czechoslovakia. This was never the phrases irish essays intention of Chroetsjov, so he shut the revolts down violently.

In 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev became the new leader of the Soviet-Union and he was the essay key to freedom and irish, the fall of its outspread empire. He started ‘perestroijka’ and ‘glasnost’. The first one signified restructuring the hand paper economy by giving the industries more self-initiative. The second one signified the openness of matters by giving the phrases essays press freedom and freeing the prisoners, which were a lot of multimedia thesis artists. This was the first time in a long time that the media had so much freedom. Nice? They could criticize the social wrongs as much as they wanted.

Russians these days see that period as a wonderful one. With these reforms, Gorbachev wanted to make the communistically system more attractive, but the urge for freedom was too big: one member state after another had a government that admitted to free elections and the communism disappeared quickly. Gorbachev suffered loss of prestige and quit his position. Boris Yeltsin was the follow up who disbanded the Soviet-Union in multimedia thesis fifteen souvenir republics in 1991 and renamed the nice phrases essays Soviet-Union to Russia. Vladimir Poetin became the second president of Russia and he thinks that the fall of the Soviet-Union was something terrible and never should’ve happened. During the Perestroijka, people had never suspected that the censorship in the press would ever come back. But when Poetin gained the power in Russia, everything changed again, because Russia is currently, after Iraq and hand, Algeria, the most dangerous land for nice irish journalists.

The Kremlin controls the daily news and threatens journalists and human rights activists. When someone is murdered, the police always says that it was suicide or kidnapped, but the people know better. Small groups and organisations do this for The Kremlin: nationalists murder anti-fascists and religious factions murder artists with liberal views and ideas. The court also always sides with The Kremlin. The population is set up against the talented artists. A small group of around 200 people come together to memorize the victims and have one minute of essay silence together. A lot of nice people just accept what is going on, because they know their opinion won’t be heard. Not only journalists are in danger, social organisations such as youth movements are as well. Another way to get rid of people who come close of psych resume spreading the nice irish essays truth or who are a danger for the censorship in Russia, is the same technique used in the seventies. These old techniques are used again, for example to essay lock healthy people in mental hospitals when they have no proof to lock the people in jail. Points of discussion.

While exploring the irish essays history of The Netherlands and Russia, different questions can be asked about the narrative politics of censorship. We’re quickly going through these question and explain why we’ve came up with them and try to answer these. For a long time, artists got assignments and nice essays, couldn’t deviate from these. Can this be seen as a form of censorship? Something that should be noticed in resume the Dark Ages, is that all the art were the same and not original at all, so there was no censorship, people just didn’t push their limits.

This was also influenced by the mentality in that time. People weren’t trying to individualise and phrases irish, listened to everything the church told them. Essay? The artists also didn’t deviate from the assignments of their clients, because they just simply didn’t have the equipment. The client paid these artists with equipment and care. The artists didn’t have the wealth or the ideas to decline these demands. At the end of the Dark Ages, artists started to have their second thoughts about the higher classes. When the phrases essays Renaissance had begun, artists finally could create their own art with their own ideas and there was enough wealth to make this happen. When the development of the individual was a main theme in the eighteenth century and artists saw themselves as the ‘creators’, the multiple multimedia boxes clients and the artists got into conflicts. After artists get complete freedom, as seen with the nice constitution of 1848, art becomes wares. Then a group of people are starting not to listen to the clients or the public taste. Now that we’ve shortly looked at the history of psych artists and their clients, we cannot see a connection between this and nice phrases essays, censorship.

Artists could make their own art in their own style if they wanted to, but the clients wouldn’t be happy and multiple boxes thesis, obviously the artist wouldn’t be paid. But self-censorship could definitely be involved in this matter. Nice Irish Essays? Even though the artists were completely free in narrative essay 1848, there was still a group which preferred to please the public and didn’t innovate in their art. So this means they did restrict themselves, but it was more a matter of money than a matter of fear of the public opinion. Are groups and movements which rebelled against the in that time current movement a form of self-censorship?

The history of the art in essays The Netherlands contains a lot of movements and trends. Every movement, for example realism or romantic, wanted to change the essay artistic movement before that. Nice Phrases Irish Essays? This was mostly literature, poems and paintings. Also, they wanted to change the self-censorship and express their critics of the society, especially in the ages after the war. Every movement had its rules. An example is naturalism, the texts had to be as objective and neutral as possible, not didactic or moralistic.

Also groups like ‘De Tachtigers’ were not content with the way artists made their art or the way writers wrote their books and poems. It is known that every movement is a reaction to another and that every movement had its own rules. But why would a writer follow the rules of a movement? We asked artist’ Can propaganda be confused with censorship? Propaganda and censorship are two different terms. The dictionary states that propaganda is sat prompt essay a form of advertisement of ideas and activities.

Still, we’ve discovered that, especially in the Russian history, the artists could only write books or make art if they would follow the party’s ideology. So, this is a mix of censorship and propaganda and this means that propaganda can definitely be confused with censorship. Propaganda can also be used separately from censorship. In times of war, propaganda is most popular to spread the idea that the enemy is irish essays very dangerous and that everyone should volunteer to fight or work in the army. This doesn’t mean that there is censorship as well. We can conclude that the way propaganda is used will decide if censorship will be engaged with it. There is more of this combination in the Russian history, an resume example is the phrases irish essays Writers Federation. Can famous people permit themselves more?

We saw in multiple multimedia boxes the history of Russia that tsarina Catherine the Great couldn’t arrest famous writer Fonvizin. In the Dutch history is nice phrases also noticeable that people who wanted to multiple thesis criticize needed a protector, preferably a bishop or stadtholder. Lots of philosophers had to move to a different town to nice phrases irish essays keep away from the authorities, this way, they could still publish their books. So although these people were famous, they still needed to flee. We can conclude that the rate of arresting popular people is determined by the government or leader of the country. Writer Fonvizin couldn’t be arrested, because that would cause trouble with the sat prompt essay people and Catherin the phrases irish Great probably saw that she wasn’t powerful enough to keep these people in check. While the situation of the psych fleeing philosophers makes clear that the king and his followers had no problem with arresting and nice phrases irish, the additional effects it would have on the people. Is a mass culture/bourgeois culture a form of self-censorship? The term mass culture means a form of experiencing the culture that coheres with industrialisation and mass media.

Individuals adopt their cultural identity from commercial products, media, the popculture and brands. This is multimedia thesis a normal occasion in our society. Essays? But are the people restricting themselves with this mass culture? We can answer that with a yes. We can see this in fashion trends, the same kind of music on the radio twenty-four hours a day and the thousands of detective programmes and soaps. Most people describe this phenomenon with the term ‘popularity’, but we can see that the distinctive people are having a hard time.

In the Dutch history, there are a lot of psych resume movements that want to get rid of the rules of the irish movement before that. ‘De Tachtigers’ were a literary group that fought against literature with a moral, religious and capitalism dead, didactic goals. So, they were distinctive. It’s hard to get rid of mass culture, as proven by nice phrases essays ‘De Tachtigers’, because the group ultimately fell apart. But the self-censorship and the mass culture is linked with norms and values, and these are different in every country. We will dive into sad story, this subject in the conclusion of this report. We can conclude that the art in Russia had to endure more censorship than in nice irish essays The Netherlands. In Russia, the censorship is so dated that people don’t know better. An interesting thing is that the censorship increased after the France Revolution, while in most countries the censorship reduced. We’ve seen in the introduction that the history and the influences of psych nurse resume other countries are essential for the freedom and development of art.

Russia was censored of the influences of West-Europe. This is also because Russia is further than The Netherlands, which practically bordered France. But when the distance of a country and the European centre of art is excluded of phrases irish our observation, After the period of capitalism dead perestroijka, the nice phrases irish essays Russian didn’t know censorship anymore, but that quickly changed again. Essay Dead? We see a lot of fragments in the news that the nice irish essays art in Russia is full of propaganda and censorship. It’s not as dangerous as it was in the times of the Soviet-Union, but critizing is not a very good idea, like researcher Jelle Brandt Corstius could proof with his documentary about the Russian censorship. In The Netherlands, we can say that the seventeenth and eighteenth century were the narrative essay times with the most censorship.

This is the period with Philips the Second and the inquisition. Nice Irish Essays? When the time of stadtholders was over and the democracy was born, those times were over. Hand Writing? It is interesting to see that the artists found a couple of ways to criticize the society without getting into problems, like the spectatorial magazines and the imaginary-voyage stories. Art forms in phrases The Netherlands went through a lot of styles and narrative sad story, movements and finally, with the mass culture, self-censorship is the biggest form of censorship these days. Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom History essay, dissertation or piece of phrases coursework that answers your exact question?

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Leaving Cert help notes: Irish Essay phrases

Essay: A Doll#039;s House by Henrik Ibsen. The play ‘A Doll’s house’ is a three act play written by Henrik Ibsen. The play is significant for its critical attitude toward 19th century marriage norms. It aroused great controversy at irish essays the time, as it concludes with the protagonist, Nora, leaving her husband and sat prompt essay children because she wants to discover herself. Ibsen was inspired by phrases irish the belief that “a woman cannot be herself in modern society,” since it is essay “an exclusively male society, with laws made by men and with prosecutors and judges who assess feminine conduct from a masculine standpoint. Henrik Ibsen, considered by many to nice irish essays, be the father of modern prose drama, was born in Skien, Norway, on March 20, 1828. He was the second of thesis six children. Ibsen’s father was a prominent merchant, but he went bankrupt when Ibsen was eight years old, so Ibsen spent much of nice his early life living in poverty.

From 1851 to 1864, he worked in theaters in Bergen and in sat prompt what is now Oslo (then called Christiania). At age twenty-one, Ibsen wrote his first play, a five-act tragedy called Catiline. Like much of his early work, Catiline was written in verse. In 1858, Ibsen married Suzannah Thoreson, and eventually had one son with her. Ibsen felt that, rather than merely live together, husband and wife should live as equals, free to become their own human beings. This belief can be seen clearly in A Doll’s House. In A Doll’s House, Ibsen paints a bleak picture of the sacrificial role held by women of nice phrases essays all economic classes in his society.

In general, the play’s female characters exemplify Nora’s assertion (spoken to Torvald in Act Three) that even though men refuse to sacrifice their integrity, ‘hundreds of thousands of women have.’ At the sat prompt essay, beginning of A Doll’s House, Nora seems completely happy. Irish! She responds affectionately to multiple multimedia thesis, Torvald’s teasing, speaks with excitement about the extra money his new job will provide, and takes pleasure in the company of her children and friends. She does not seem to mind her doll-like existence, in nice phrases irish which she is coddled, pampered, and patronized. Protagonist, Nora, seems like a bit of a ditz. English Place! When her husband, Torvald, calls her things like his “little squirrel,” his “little lark,” and, worst of all, a “featherhead,” she doesn’t seem to mind (1.5-1.16). In fact she seems to enjoy and even play into it. When Torvald first calls her a spendthrift, we’re inclined to agree. So far, we’ve seen her give the porter an overly generous tip, come in irish with tons of Christmas presents, and shrug at the idea of incurring debt. Soon, though, we see that Nora has a lot more going on boxes thesis than we first imagined . On the other hand the other female in the play, Christine is a tough, world-wise woman. This lady has been through a lot.

She tells Krogstad, “I have learned to nice essays, act prudently Life, and hard, bitter necessity have taught me that”. In this paper I want to show that at time women used to sacrifice everthing for their husbands. Still then they were not considered to know the aspect of the world. As like nora , she did everything she can for her husband that she can. SACRIFICE BY NORA. As the play progresses, Nora reveals that she is not just a ‘silly girl,’ as Torvald calls her.

That she understands the business details related to the debt she incurred taking out english place, a loan to irish, preserve Torvald’s health indicates that she is intelligent and possesses capacities beyond mere wifehood. Her description of dead her years of secret labor undertaken to pay off her debt shows her fierce determination and ambition. Additionally, the fact that she was willing to break the law in order to ensure Torvald’s health shows her courage. Krogstad’s blackmail and the trauma that follows do not change Nora’s nature; they open her eyes to her unfulfilled and phrases underappreciated potential. Essay! ‘I have been performing tricks for you, Torvald,’ she says during her climactic confrontation with him. Nora comes to realize that in addition to her literal dancing and singing tricks, she has been putting on a show throughout her marriage. She has pretended to be someone she is not in order to fulfill the role that Torvald, her father, and society at large have expected of nice phrases irish essays her. Though Nora is economically advantaged in multimedia boxes thesis comparison to nice irish essays, the play’s other female characters, she nevertheless leads a difficult life because society dictates that Torvald be the marriage’s dominant partner.

Torvald issues decrees and condescends to Nora, and Nora must hide her loan from him because she knows Torvald could never accept the idea that his wife (or any other woman) had helped save his life. Furthermore, she must work in secret to pay off her loan because it is illegal for a woman to obtain a loan without her husband’s permission. By motivating Nora’s deception, the attitudes of Torvald’and society’leave Nora vulnerable to Krogstad’s blackmail. De Beauvoir argues that throughout history, woman has been viewed as a ‘hindrance or a prison’. Nora’s abandonment of her children can also be interpreted as an act of self- sacrifice. Despite Nora’s great love for narrative essay sad story, her children’manifested by her interaction with them and her great fear of corrupting them’she chooses to nice phrases, leave them. Essay! Nora truly believes that the nanny will be a better mother and that leaving her children is in their best interest. Nora’s understanding of the meaning of freedom evolves over the course of the play.

In the nice phrases, first act, she believes that she will be totally ‘free’ as soon as she has repaid her debt, because she will have the opportunity to devote herself fully to her domestic responsibilities. After Krogstad blackmails her, however, she reconsiders her conception of essay freedom and questions whether she is happy in Torvald’s house, subjected to nice irish essays, his orders and edicts. By the end of the play, Nora seeks a new kind of freedom. She wishes to be relieved of her familial obligations in order to pursue her own ambitions, beliefs, and identity. Mrs.

Christine linde , In her younger days, she had to sacrifice love for the sake of sat prompt essay her family. Nice Phrases Irish Essays! Rather than marrying the sad story, dashing young Nils Krogstad, she married a businessman, Mr. Linde, so that she could support her sick mother and her two younger brothers. In order to sever herself from her beloved Nils, she wrote him a nasty note saying that she didn’t love him anymore. Nice Phrases! (A little harsh, Christine.) Now her brothers are all grown up and her mother is dead. Essay! Her husband has passed away, too. Mr. Linde’s business went kaput after he died and she’s had to work a lot of essays crumby jobs. Still, Christine is finally free.

It’s true that Christine is free from the responsibilities of narrative essay family, but she absolutely hates it. She’s not happy again until she reunites with Nils, telling him “I want to be a mother to someone, and your children need a mother. We two need each other”. It might be seen as tragic: women are so programmed by society, that the only thing they know how to do is be a homemaker. On the other hand, it’s not like Christine is making this decision from a place of ignorance. Unlike Nora, Christine is irish essays well aware of what life is like without men. The major difference between Christine’s new relationship and that of the Helmers seems to be that Christine and Krogstad are entering into it as equals.

Perhaps, the narrative essay, union of Nils and Christine is phrases Ibsen’s example of “the most wonderful thing of english describing place all,” which Nora defines as “a real wedlock” A Doll’s House ends with the irish, slamming of a door. Psych Nurse Resume! Nora turns her back on her husband and kids, and takes off into phrases irish the snow to sat prompt essay, make her own way in the world. It’s a pretty bold decision, to say the least. Some might even call it foolish. She doesn’t have a job. Essays! Not a whole lot of sat prompt marketable skills. No home. Nice! No prospects of thesis any kind. Nice Phrases Irish! By making this choice, she’s ostracizing herself from the society she’s always been a part of. Most “respectable” people just aren’t going to hang out with her.

The comfortable life she’s leading will be totally destroyed. So, why does she do such a thing? Nora makes he reason for her decision pretty clear in her last argument with Torvald. Hand Writing! Before she makes her grand exit, he scathingly criticizes her, saying that by deserting her husband and children she is forsaking her “most sacred duties” . Nora doesn’t see it this way. She tells him that the duties that are most sacred to her now are the “duties to [herself]” Furthermore, it can be debated that the male-female relationship in A Doll’s House is based on a Master-Slave ideology which Friedrich Hegel, the great Enlightenment theorist, started. The relationship between Torvald and Helmer evolves according to a Master-Slave relationship. Hegel argues that the consciousness of one’s self as a self cannot be achieved except through confrontation with another. Both Nora and her husband Torvald recognized their dependency on each other and that self-consciousness led to Nora’s awakening in the end.

Thus, Nora’s character self was made through the dialectical special interrelationship between her and her husband on one side and between her and the patriarchal society on the other. Hegel says that the phrases, self ‘through supersession, receives back its own self, because, by superseding its otherness, it again becomes equal to itself; but secondly, it equally gives the sat prompt, other self-consciousness back again to itself, for it saw itself in the other, but superseded this being of itself in the other and thus lets the other again go free.’ First Nora acknowledges Torvald as her master and she dutifully assumes her role as the nice irish essays, slave who is dependent on resume her master. After the nice phrases essays, confrontation, Nora realizes the master’s dependency on her which leads her to supersede him and be free of him. After reading ‘A Doll’s House’ by Hendrik Ibsen. I can conclude that there is both a parallel and a contrast structure in the characters of Mrs. Linde and capitalism dead Nora. A contrasting difference in the characters, are shown not in the characters themselves, but the role that they play in their marriages. These women have different relationships with their husbands.

Torvald and Nora have a relationship where there is no equality. To Torvald Nora is an object. Hence, she plays the submissive role in a society where the lady plays the passive role. Her most important obligation is to please Torvald, making her role similar to a slave. Phrases Essays! He too considers himself superior to her. As for Kristine and Krogstad their relationship is much more open to us. It is apparent that if Kristine and Krogstad were to engage in an argument, it is more likely that that they would come to a compromise. A strong sign that Mrs. Linde brings us a better understanding of Nora is their parallel in essay capitalism dead characters. Both are willing to sacrifice themselves for nice essays, values dear to their lives.

This act of aiding significant loved ones gives us a better understanding of Nora. English Essay Describing! It gives us an image of who the irish essays, character Nora really is. Mrs. Linde shows her loyalty to her family when she did not think that she ‘had the right’ to refuse her husband’s marriage proposal. After taking into consideration her sick mother, her brothers, and Krogstad having money. Narrative Sad Story! She married for irish essays, the welfare of her family. Which means that in this society family is top priority. To the women is this era, loyalty to their loved ones is highly expected.

Then, we have Nora, who on the same token saves her husband (Torvald’s) life, which portrays again, the trend of women sacrificing for their families. Nurse Resume! They both (Mrs. Linde and Nora) express their feelings of pride and fulfillment in helping their significant others by nice phrases irish essays sacrificing themselves. Nora’s character is made more obvious to us by Mrs. Boxes Thesis! Linde’s actions. Not only did Nora open her mouth about phrases irish essays saving her husband’s life, but she did it with the utmost pride. Claiming to essay capitalism dead, have raised all the nice, money herself she soaks in her self-importance. In Act 1, Nora seems to multimedia, thrive on the pride she gets from borrowing the money. Nice! I suppose that she is feeling useful for a change.

It seems also, that Mrs. Multimedia Thesis! Linde comes off as superior to Nora because she feels that Nora has never done hard work in nice irish essays her life. Mrs. Linde is referring to the sacrifice she has made. She makes a remark about sat prompt essay Nora still being a child. As if to say that she was inexperienced. She is half-right. At the end of the play Nora agrees that is it ‘true’, She does not know much about the world and that if she is to learn, then she will have to experience that for nice essays, herself. This remark tells us that Nora is capable of multiple boxes choosing herself over her husband. And that she has to nice irish essays, be herself before she can be a wife or mom for that matter.

Norma Helmer is the sat prompt essay, best illustration of the illusioned woman who lives in a society where the male oppresses the female and reduces to a mere doll or plaything. Nora Helmer is nice irish that doll living in her fake doll house, which reinforces the fragile idea of hand writing a stable family living under a patriarchal and traditional roof. Irish! One can argue that Nora Helmer and the other female figures portrayed in A Doll’s House are the best models of the ‘second sex’ or. the ‘other’ that the French revolutionary writer Simone de Beauvoir discussed in her essay, The Second Sex. It seems like Nora has gone through a kind of personal awakening.

She’s come to the conclusion that she’s not a fully realized person. She has to spend some time figuring out who she is describing place as an nice phrases irish individual or she’ll never be anything more than someone’s doll. This would be impossible under the smothering presence of Torvald. Yet, the doll house is shattered as well as Nora’s illusion. The doll finally recognizes that her role has been nothing but the describing place, ‘Other’.

She is aware that it is she who agreed to the definition of the ‘One’ and the’ Other’. It’s a moment of phrases irish profound awakening when Nora realizes that her husband values his reputation and job more than he values his love for paper, her. Torvalds’s resentment and accusations after knowing about what she had done comes as a blessing in disguise. We hear Torvald telling her, ‘For all these years, for eight years now, you’ve been my pride and joy, and now I find you’re a hypocrite and a liar, and worse, worse than that’a criminal! The whole thing is an abyss of nice essays ugliness! You ought to be ashamed.’ Simone de Beauvoir says that if the multimedia thesis, woman seems to be the inessential which never becomes the essential, it is because she herself fails to bring about the phrases irish essays, change. But here we tell De Beauvoir that Nora is willing to resume, bring about the nice phrases, change. The harsh reality smacks her in hand paper writing the face; a wave of disillusionment wakes her up. Search our thousands of phrases essays essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom English Literature essay, dissertation or piece of sat prompt essay coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

Each of phrases irish us is multimedia boxes thesis qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised English Literature work in phrases irish your email box, in essay as little as 3 hours. This English Literature essay was submitted to us by phrases a student in order to help you with your studies. This page has approximately words. If you use part of this page in your own work, you need to sat prompt, provide a citation, as follows: Essay UK, Essay: A Doll#039;s House by Henrik Ibsen . Available from: [03-10-17]. If you are the original author of this content and no longer wish to have it published on our website then please click on the link below to request removal:

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