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Porfolio essays

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sample proposal Sample Proposals for the Undergraduate Engineering Review. Before an article, report, or brief is accepted into the Undergraduate Engineering Review, the author must first submit a proposal that specifies the importance of the research, the scope and limitations of the research, and the methods for the research. Submitters should read the journal's Request for Proposals before submitting. A Proposal to Research the essays, Storage Facility.

for Spent Nuclear Fuel at ride, Yucca Mountain. There are many questions regarding the safety of the Yucca Mountain waste repository. Porfolio! Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory disagree over the long-term safety of the book other salmon, proposed high level nuclear waste site located in Nevada. In 1994, Charles Bowman, a researcher at Los Alamos, developed a theory claiming that years of storing waste in the mountain may actually start a nuclear chain reaction and explode, similar to porfolio an atomic bomb [Taubes, 1995]. The stir caused by theory suggests that researchers have not explored all sides of the safety issue concerning potentially hazardous situations at Yucca Mountain. Bowman's theory that Yucca Mountain could explode is based upon the idea that enough waste will eventually disperse through the rock to create a critical mass.

A critical mass is an amount of fissile material, such as plutonium, containing enough mass to start a neutron chain reaction [Murray, 1989]. Bowman argues that if this chain reaction were started underground, the rocks in the ground would help keep the system compressed and speed up the chain reaction [Taubes, 1995]. A chain reaction formed underground could then generate huge amounts of energy in a fraction of book salmon travel a second, resulting in a nuclear blast. A nuclear explosion of this magnitude would emit large amounts of porfolio essays radioactivity into essay power the air and ground water. Another safety concern is the possibility of essays a volcanic eruption in Yucca Mountain. Steps For Researching A Paper! The long-term nuclear waste storage facility needs to remain stable for at least 10,000 years to allow the radioactive isotopes to decay to natural levels [Clark, 1997]. There are at least a dozen young volcanoes within 40 kilometers of the proposed Yucca Mountain waste site [Weiss, 1996]. The proximity of Yucca Mountain to these volcanoes makes it possible to have a volcanic eruption pass through the porfolio essays, spent fuel waste repository. Such a volcanic eruption could release damaging amounts of research methods and thesis writing' 2007 radioactivity to the environment. (1) explain the criteria for a suitable repository of high-level radioactive waste; and.

(2) determine whether Yucca Mountain meets these criteria. According to essays the Department of Energy (DOE), a repository for high-level radioactive waste must meet several criteria including safety, location, and economics [Roush, 1995]. Safety includes not only the effect of the repository on people near the site, but also people along the culture new screen visual, transportation routes to porfolio essays the site. In my research I will consider both groups of ed people. As far as location, a waste site cannot be in porfolio an area with a large population or near a ground water supply. Harvest Other! Also, because one of the most significant factors in determining the life span of a possible repository is how long the waste storage canisters will remain in tact, the waste site must be located in a dry climate to eliminate the moisture that can cause the waste canisters to corrode. The economics involved in selecting a site is another criterion. Essays! At present, the Department of steps Energy (DOE) has spent more than 1.7 billion dollars on the Yucca Mountain project [Taubes, 1995].

For that reason, much pressure exists to select Yucca Mountain as a repository site; otherwise, this money would have been wasted. Other costs, though, have to be considered. For instance, how economical is it to porfolio essays transport radioactive waste across several states to a single national site? I will try to account for as many of these other costs as possible. After explaining the criteria, I will assess how well Yucca Mountain meets those criteria. Steps! In this assessment, I will not assign a numerical score for each criterion. Essays! Rather, I will discuss qualitatively how well Yucca Mountain meets each criterion. In some situations, disagreement exists among experts as to how well Yucca Mountain meets a criterion.

In such cases, I will present both sides. In this assessment, only Yucca Mountain will be considered as a possible site. Although many sites in the United States could meet the DOE's established criteria, I will consider only Yucca Mountain because the essay other salmon, DOE is considering only porfolio essays, Yucca Mountain [Taube, 1995]. The first goal of my research is to explain the criteria for determining whether a nuclear waste repository is research writing' ed, suitable. For example, will the rock structure be able to withstand human invasion in the future [Clark, 1997]? What will happen if the waste containers corrode and do not last as long as predicted? Will the natural setting contain the waste? To achieve this goal, I will rely on Background on 40 CFR Part 197 Environmental Standards for Yucca Mountain [Clark, 1997], the DOE Yucca Mountain home page [1997], and the book Understanding Radioactive Waste [Murray, 1989].

A second goal of essays my literature review is to evaluate Yucca Mountain meets those criteria. I will base my evaluation on the sources mentioned above as well as specific Environmental Protection Agency standards. I also intend to research the validity of possible environmental disasters, such as the explosion theory. To accomplish this goal, I will rely on the paper presented by Clark [1997], and on the book Blowup at Yucca Mountain [Taubes, 1995]. Because engineering students are the primary audience for my proposed research topic and may not be familiar with the history of nuclear waste, I will provide a background on what are the essays, past methods used for waste storage. People in the nuclear field with some knowledge of the waste problem facing the industry may be a secondary audience. Figure 1. Schedule for completion of the literature review. The formal presentation will be on porfolio, October 27, and the formal report will be completed by December 5. Given that all my sources are available through the University of Wisconsin library system, there is no appreciable cost associated with performing this review, unless one takes into consideration the amount of tuition spent on maintaining the on paul, university libraries. The only other minor costs are photocopying articles, creating transparencies for my presentation, printing my report, and porfolio binding my report.

I estimate these expenses will not exceed $20. I am a senior in the Engineering Physics Department at methods and thesis ed, the University of essays Wisconsin at Madison, majoring in nuclear engineering and physics. I have taken several classes related to on paul nuclear waste, economics, and environmental studies. I believe that these courses will aid me in preparing the proposed review. For further information about my qualifications, see the attached resume. Kerr, R., New Way to porfolio essays Ask the steps for researching, Experts: Rating Radioactive Waste Risks, Science, vol.274, (November1996), pp.

913-914. Murray, Raymond L., Understanding Nuclear Waste (Battelle Press, 1989). Roush, W., Can Nuclear Waste Keep Yucca Mountain Dry-and Safe? Science, vol. 270, (December 1995), pp. 1761-1762. Taubes, G., Blowup at Yucca Mountain, Science, vol.268, (June 1995), pp.

1836-1839. A Proposal to essays Review How Geophysical Precursors. Can Help Predict Earthquakes. Throughout the world, devastating earthquakes occur with little or no advance warning. Some of these earthquakes kill hundreds of people.

If the times, magnitudes, and essay locations of these earthquakes could be accurately predicted, many lives could be saved. This document proposes a review of how monitoring geophysical precursors can help in the short-term prediction of earthquakes. Essays! The proposed review will discuss the physical principles behind the monitoring of three common precursors and culture essay media new screen visual evaluate how accurate each monitoring is in predicting earthquakes. Included in this proposal are my methods for gathering information, a schedule for porfolio essays completing the review, and steps for researching a paper my qualifications. On the morning of April 18, 1906, the population of San Francisco was awakened by violent shaking and by the roar caused by the writhing and collapsing of essays buildings [Hodgson, 1964]. The ground appeared to culture visual be thrown into waves that twisted railways and broke the pavement into great cracks. Many buildings collapsed, while others were severely damaged. The earthquake caused fires in fifty or more points throughout the city. Fire stations were destroyed, alarms were put out of commission, and water mains were broken. As a result, the porfolio, fires quickly spread throughout the corporate corporate power power, city and continued for three days.

The fires destroyed a 5 square-mile section at the heart of the essays, city [Mileti and Fitzpatrick, 1993]. What Three Types English Essays! Even more disastrous was the Kwanto earthquake in Japan that devastated the cities of Yokohama and Tokyo on September 1, 1923 [Hodgson, 1993]. In Yokohama, over 50 percent of the buildings were destroyed [Bolt, 1993], and as many as 208 fires broke out and spread through the city [Hodgson, 1964]. Porfolio Essays! When the disaster was over, 33,000 people were dead [Bolt, 1993]. In Tokyo, the damage from the earthquake was less, but the resulting fires were more devastating.

The fires lasted three days and destroyed 40 percent of the city [Hodgson, 1964]. After the fire, 68,000 people were dead and harvest salmon travel 1 million people were homeless [Bolt, 1993]. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake and the Kwanto earthquake were two of the porfolio essays, most famous and graphic visual devastating earthquakes of essays this century. These earthquakes struck without warning and with disastrous results. If earthquakes could be predicted, people would be able to evacuate from buildings, bridges, and overpasses, where most deaths occur. Some earthquakes have been successfully predicted. One of the most famous predictions was the Haicheng Prediction in China. In 1970, Chinese scientists targeted the Liaoning Province as a site with potential for a large earthquake.

These scientists felt that an earthquake would occur there in 1974 or 1975. On December 20, 1974, an earthquake warning was issued. Two days later, a magnitude 4.8 earthquake struck the Liaoning Province; however, further monitoring suggested a larger earthquake was imminent [Mileti and others, 1981]. On February 4, 1975, the essay on paul, Chinese issued a warning that an earthquake would strike Haicheng within 24 hours [Bolt, 1993]. Porfolio Essays! The people in Haicheng were evacuated, and about 5.5 hours later, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake shook the city of media new screen visual Haicheng. If the porfolio, people hadn't been evacuated, the death toll could have exceeded 100,000.

Using geophysical precursors, the Chinese have predicted more than ten earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 5.0 [Meyer, 1977]. For example, the Chinese predicted a pair of earthquakes of culture design visual magnitude 6.9 that occurred 97 minutes apart in Yunnan on May 19, 1976 [Bolt, 1993]. Porfolio Essays! Despite these successes, the Chinese failed to predict the earthquake that struck the city of Tangshan on July 27, 1976; this earthquake killed 250,000 people and injured 500,000 more [Bolt, 1988]. This earthquake wasn't completely unexpected, but the Chinese believed it to be a few years away. Other earthquakes have been predicted, but the predictions didn't have enough precision for warnings to be issued. Are The Of Ap! For example, in porfolio 1983, a young geophysicist predicted that an earthquake of harvest other salmon magnitude 8 would strike Mexico City within four years [Deshpande, 1987]. Porfolio! Two years later, an essay on paul revere, earthquake of magnitude 8 did strike Mexico City. Because the prediction was not more precise, no warning was issued and porfolio the earthquake took the population of Mexico City by surprise. Other predictions have turned out to book harvest salmon be false warnings. For example, an earthquake warning was issued in August 1976 near Hong Kong [Bolt, 1988]. During the essays, earthquake alert, people slept outdoors for culture design essay graphic new screen two months.

No earthquake occurred. I propose to review the porfolio, available literature on how geophysical precursors can be used for short-term predictions of earthquakes. In this review, I will achieve the following three goals: explain three commonly monitored geophysical precursors: ground uplift and tilt, increases in radon emissions, and changes in steps for researching the electrical resistivity of rocks; show what happens to each of these precursors during the five stages of an earthquake; and. discuss how each of these precursors is used for short-term earthquake predictions. Geophysical precursors are changes in the physical state of the earth that are precursory to earthquakes. In addition to monitoring geophysical precursors, there are other strategies for predicting earthquakes-in particular, analyzing statistical data on porfolio essays, prior earthquakes. Corporate Corporate Power! Analyzing statistical data on porfolio, prior earthquakes, however, is solely a long-term prediction technique [Bolt, 1993].

For that reason, I will not consider it. In my review, I will discuss three common geophysical precursors: ground uplift and tilt, increases in essay new screen radon emissions, and changes in the electrical resistivity of rocks. Earthquakes occur in five stages as there is a build up of elastic strain within faults in the earth, followed by porfolio essays, the development of cracks in methods writing' the rocks, then the influx of water into those cracks. The fourth stage is the actual rupture of the fault and the release of seismic waves. The fifth stage is the porfolio, sudden drop in stress in the fault. Other Salmon Travel! In this stage, aftershocks occur. During these five stages, the geophysical precursors follow distinct patterns.

For instance, the ground uplift and tilt increases during the essays, second stage as the other salmon, volume of essays rock increases. In my review, I will relate how the three geophysical precursors relate to the five stages of an earthquake and how well this relation can be used to predict the oncoming fault rupture. This section presents my plan for obtaining the objectives discussed in the previous section. Because of the recent earthquakes in California and Japan, there has arisen a strong interest to harvest other travel predict earthquakes precisely. As a consequence of that strong interest, many books and journals have been written on earthquakes and earthquake prediction.

I have gathered five books and several articles on porfolio essays, the subject. In addition, there are dozens of books and corporate corporate articles available in the library. These books and articles should provide sufficient information for me to write my review. The following paragraphs discuss how I will use these sources in porfolio essays my research. The first goal of my research is to explain the physical principles behind monitoring geophysical precursors. For example, why does the electrical resistivity of rocks decrease before an oncoming earthquake? Or, what does a sudden increase in what types of ap essays radon emissions reveal about the porfolio, future likelihood of a massive earthquake? The second goal of my research is to show what happens to each of these precursors during the five stages of an earthquake. To achieve these two goals, I will rely on three books that give an overview to earthquake prediction: Earthquakes [Bolt, 1988], Earthquakes and on paul Geological Discovery [Bolt, 1993], and Earthquakes and Earth Structure [Hodgson, 1964]. A third primary goal of the literature review is to cover the essays, accuracy of monitoring each precursor. By accuracy, I mean how well does the method work in predicting the time, place, and steps a paper size of earthquakes.

This discussion will not include many statistics on essays, the predictions of earthquakes, because at present there just haven't been enough successful predictions to validate these types of statistics. Instead, I intend to evaluate the potential accuracy of monitoring each precursor based on the opinions of experts and preliminary data. To achieve this goal, I will rely on two of my most recent sources: The Great Earthquake Experiment [Mileti and Fitzpatrick, 1993] and Earthquakes and Geological Discovery [Bolt, 1993]. Should I require additional sources other than the ones I have, I will search for them in and thesis 2007 the library system at the University of Wisconsin. Should I not be able to find that information, I will modify the scope of my research accordingly. Because the primary readers for my proposed literature review are engineering students who are probably not familiar with the porfolio, theories behind earthquakes, I will have to provide selected background information frommy sources. These engineering students already know that earthquakes are devastating. They also know that if earthquakes could be predicted, people would be able to prepare for them and lives would be saved. Culture New Screen! However, they may not know the porfolio, different methods of predicting earthquakes.

My intent is to inform these students of three methods of predicting earthquakes. A secondary audience for the review would be non-technical readers who either live in design media visual earthquake-prone areas or are affected financially when earthquakes occur. My proposed literature review will provide this group with an unbiased discussion of three methods for earthquake prediction. This discussion, drawing much from overview chapters in Earthquakes, Animals and porfolio Man [Deshpande, 1987] and essay on paul ride California Quake [Meyer, 1977], will put into porfolio essays perspective how accurate, or inaccurate, the named methods are and what hurdles face engineers who try to predict earthquakes. This section presents my schedule, costs, and qualifications for essay harvest other performing the proposed research. The proposed research project culminates in a formal report that will be completed by December 6, 1995. To reach this goal, I will follow the porfolio essays, schedule presented in Figure 1. Because I already possess several books and articles on earthquake prediction, most of salmon travel my time will be spent sifting through the information, finding the key results, and presenting those results to the audience. Figure 1. Schedule for completion of literature review. The two triangles represent milestones for porfolio the project, the first being the formal presentation on November 11, 1996, and the second being the formal report on December 6, 1996.

Given that I can obtain all my sources for the literature review from the library, there is no appreciable cost associated with performing this literature review. The only costs, which will be minor, are for copying articles, printing the corporate essay, review, and spiral binding the review. Essays! I estimate that I can do these tasks for essay under $10. I am a senior in the Geological Engineering Department at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. In my undergraduate courses I have taken rock mechanics, soil mechanics, geophysics, and stratigraphy, all of which have included the porfolio essays, principles of design graphic visual seismology and stress-strain relationships. In addition, I have taken field courses on essays, structural geology that have introduced me to subsurface behaviors. I believe that these courses and my hands-on experience will aid me in assimilating the proposed literature review. For further information about my qualifications, see the attached resume (not attached on this web site) . Bolt, Bruce A., Earthquakes (New York: W. H. Freeman and Company, 1988). Bolt, Bruce A., Earthquakes and Geological Discovery (New York: Scientific American Library, 1993).

Deshpande, Prof. What Three Of Ap! B. G., Earthquakes, Animals and Man (Pune, India: The Maharashtra Association for porfolio the Cultivation of Science, 1987). Hodgson, John H., Earthquakes and Earth Structure (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1964). Meyer, Larry L., California Quake (Nashville: Sherbourne Press, 1977). Mileti, Dennis S., and Colleen Fitzpatrick, The Great Earthquake Experiment (Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1993). All materials at this web site are the media new screen, intellectual property of the editors and authors.

You are more than welcome to make hypertext links as long as you give proper credit. If you have comments, suggestions, or questions, please direct them to one of the editors.

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Lord Mayorís Banquet 2015: Prime Ministerís speech. David Cameron discussed how the porfolio UK will redouble its resolve to defeat terrorism in his speech to corporate corporate power power the Lord Mayor's Banquet. My Lord Mayor, My Late Lord Mayor, Your Grace, My Lord Chancellor, My Lord President of the Council, Lord Speaker, Your Excellencies, My Lords, Aldermen, Sheriffs, Chief Commoner, Ladies and Gentlemen. We meet today in the aftermath of the worst terrorist attack in Europe for a decade. The thoughts and prayers of this hall Ė and our whole country Ė are with the friends and families of all those affected Ė including the porfolio British victims. These were innocent people going about their lives enjoying a Friday night out corporate corporate power, brutally gunned down by porfolio, callous murderers. Murderers who thought that their acts of depravity could somehow destroy everything we stand for. They could not have been more wrong. Britain, France and on paul revere, our allies around the world will never be cowed by terrorism. We will only redouble our resolve to defeat it. Tonight I want to talk about how.

But before I turn to the specific terrorist threat, let me first say a word about porfolio essays our wider approach to Britainís national security. Because at the heart of the National Security Strategy that we are publishing next week are some key choices which provide the foundations from which we can defeat this terrorist scourge. The first choice is about ensuring our economic security. As I argued at this dinner last year, economic security and our national security go hand-in-hand. You cannot have one without the other. It is only because we have a strong economy that we can afford the resources to invest in our national security. It is only because we have halved the deficit and book essay harvest other, made our economy the fastest growing in the G7 last year that we can maintain the second best funded armed forces in all of NATO Ė and together with France, the most capable and globally deployable in Europe.

So we will continue to see through our long-term economic plan and take the difficult decisions to deal with our deficit. Second, we are using our economic strength to invest in hard military power. As I will explain later, whatever others might wish were the case, the reality is that there are times when you do need to be able to deploy military force. And if you donít have it, you canít deploy it. So in a difficult spending review where resources are tight, we are choosing to spend 2% of porfolio essays, our GDP on essay on paul ride, defence every year for the rest of the decade. With a growing economy this means a rising defence budget Ė with more money every year. But itís not just about the amount of porfolio, money we spend or the size of our forces, itís also about our ability to corporate corporate power deploy them quickly with the right equipment to essays get things done. We have seen how vital drones are in are the types of ap the fight against ISIL so with this extra money we are doubling our fleet of drones. We know we need the ability to carry out airstrikes so this money will provide for more fighter aircraft. We want to porfolio essays increase the capabilities of our brilliant special forces. So there will be a ?2 billion programme of corporate power, new investments over this Parliament.

We will maintain our continuous at-sea nuclear deterrent. And we will also invest in a new generation of cyber defences to block and disrupt attacks before they can harm our United Kingdom. All these measures Ė and more Ė come from the choice that we make to spend on our security to deal head-on with the wide range of porfolio, threats that we face today. But keeping our people safe in the modern world means tackling the harvest other travel causes of the porfolio essays threats we face Ė not just dealing with their consequences. So the third key choice that we make is to keep our promises to the poorest in the world by spending 0.7% of our Gross National Income on aid. I have made the what english argument many times before that this is the right thing to do morally and essays, Iíve made the argument that itís in a paper our national interest. But tonight I want to porfolio essays make a slightly different point tonight. Our aid budget makes us the fastest in the world to react. At the writing' ed migration summit in Valetta last week, as other countries were struggling to work out their contribution to the international effort to stop this lethal trade in human beings across the world, I was able to say very quickly what we would spend, where the money would come from, what weíd do.

We donít need to spend time deliberating wondering whether we can afford to help or not, we can focus immediately on what we can do that will help the essays most. So when a typhoon hits the are the types of ap english essays Philippines Ė British sailors were among the first to arrive. And with Ebola in Africa, I knew we could afford to essays act Ė and three types of ap english, act comprehensively and porfolio, it was the rapid contribution of British forces, humanitarian workers and medical staff who helped to make Sierra Leone Ebola-free last week and prevent the spread of this dreadful disease around the world. This ability to respond swiftly, flexibly, generously means that we have a big impact on steps, the way the porfolio essays world responds to crises. And we are going to enhance that capability by corporate essay power power, refocusing our aid spending so we will target at porfolio essays, least half of the Department for International Developmentís budget on stabilising and supporting broken and fragile states, and do so much more to help refugees closer to their homes. This will make our aid spending an even more fundamental part of our strategy to keep our country safe. And it will help to maintain Britainís position as number one in the world for soft power. And yes, it may be called soft power but whether itís saving the lives of refugees by stopping them from having to make that terrible journey across the Mediterranean, helping the Lebanese build defences against ISIL , or helping countries establish the building blocks of democracy and and thesis, justice and the rule of law, I can tell you that soft power packs a real punch. The fourth key choice we have made in taking a comprehensive approach to our security Ė is to engage with countries around the world even when there are difficult issues to address. Some people said I shouldnít have invited the leaders of India, China and Egypt to Britain in recent weeks. Others concluded that itís a sort of zero sum game, with the essays drawbacks of design essay visual, engagement being balanced out essays, exactly by the benefits to our trade.

Frankly, I disagree with both of those views. It is not just about trade Ė important as that is. Itís about influence. Itís about corporate essay power using our world class diplomatic network to build relationships that mean you can work together to solve shared problems and have the ability to express concerns where you need to. Think about the essays consequences of not engaging. Is anyone really saying that I shouldnít talk to the Egyptians on the day after an of ap english, airliner is blown up in their country and when it is Britainís national interest that we support their airport security and get our own people safely home? The people who wanted me to raise the dumping of essays, cheap steel with the Chinese are also often the same people who say I shouldnít meet the steps a paper Chinese in essays the first place. Well, I canít raise the for researching issue if Iím not talking to them, just as we canít influence their rise in the world if weíre not willing to engage. The bottom line is porfolio essays, this. Yes, it is essay revere ride, a strategic choice to essays engage with countries where we have concerns.

But my view is steps a paper, this. You canít conduct foreign policy by press releases and pious statements in Parliament. You have to engage and porfolio essays, build the alliances that can make a difference. A deeper partnership means a deeper conversation and a greater ability to corporate essay power address the issues that might concern us. So the National Security Strategy that we are publishing next week will give Britain the resources it needs to increase both its hard and soft power and build the porfolio relationships that can project and what are the three types of ap english, enhance our influence in the world. And itís against this background that I want to porfolio turn specifically to the terrorist threat that we face. The more we learn about what happened in culture media visual Paris the more it justifies the approach that we are taking in porfolio Britain. When you are dealing with radicalised European Muslims, linked to ISIL in culture design new screen visual Syria and inspired by a poisonous narrative of extremism, you need an approach that covers the full spectrum Ė military power, counter-terrorism expertise and defeating the poisonous narrative that is the root cause of this evil. Let me take each in turn. We have to be realistic and hard-headed about the porfolio threats we face: confronting this murderous violence requires a strong security response.

Those who say we should have somehow arrested ĎJihadi Johní, donít get the reality of the world we are in. The same is true of essay revere ride, Junaid Hussain or Reyaad Khan. There is no government we can work with in Syria, let alone that part of Syria. There are no rigorous police investigations or independent courts upholding justice in Raqqa. We have no military on the ground to detain those preparing plots. And there was nothing to suggest that any of these people would ever leave Syria or stop planning to murder British and American citizens.

In that situation, you do not protect people by sitting around and porfolio, wishing for another world. You have to steps a paper act in this world. And that means being prepared to porfolio essays use military force where necessary. Turning to counter-terrorism, our security services have foiled no fewer than 7 different terrorist plots right here in on paul Britain over the past year alone. We should all be extraordinarily grateful for the work they have done in thwarting these attacks and keeping us safe. But we need to do more to ensure our agencies have the resources and the information they need to porfolio prevent and disrupt plots against this country at every stage. So in next weekís Strategic Defence and Security Review, we will make a major additional investment in our world class intelligence agencies. This will include over 1,900 additional security and intelligence staff and more money to increase our network of counter-terrorism experts in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. We will also more than double our spending on aviation security around the what three types of ap english world with more experts overseas working side by side with host nations in the most vulnerable locations. We also need to do more to make sure the porfolio powers we give our security services keep pace with changes in technology. So we have published a draft Bill that will ensure that GCHQ, MI5 and our counter-terrorism police continue to have the powers to follow terrorist movements by tracking their online communications to intercept those communications under a warrant and to obtain data from computers used by terrorists and paedophiles.

Now of course there will be those who criticise these measures as an methods writing' ed, infringement of civil rights. They are about protecting those liberties from terrorists who want to take them away. Furthermore, these are powers that have been used in every major recent counter terrorism investigation by MI5 and porfolio, the police. And they have played an design, important part in thwarting many attacks from a plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange in 2010 to a sickening attempt to imitate the killers of Lee Rigby by murdering a soldier with a knife and a hammer in essays August last year. Our legislation will get the balance right Ė with powers matched by strong safeguards and judicial oversight to make us world leaders on transparency and book harvest salmon travel, accountability.

But military power and counter-terrorism expertise will only essays get us so far. To defeat this terrorist threat in the long term Ė we must also understand and address its root cause. There is far too much confusion about this. Some say itís wronged Muslims getting revenge on their Western wrongdoers but this overlooks that ISIL , al-Qaíida and Boko Haram murder Muslims in huge numbers. Some say itís because of the Iraq War but that overlooks that 9/11 Ė the biggest loss of British citizens in essay ride a terrorist attack Ė happened before the Iraq War.

Some say itís because of poverty and porfolio essays, deprivation but that overlooks that many of these terrorists have had the full advantages of prosperous families or a Western education. I am not saying that these issues arenít important. But we could deal with all of them and some people would still be drawn to extremism. The root cause of this threat is the poisonous ideology of essay other salmon travel, extremism itself. This ideology, this diseased view of the world, has become an porfolio, epidemic Ė infecting minds from the mosques of Mogadishu to the bedrooms of Birmingham. And we have to stop it at the start Ė stop this seed of hatred even being planted in peopleís minds, let alone allowing it to grow. That means confronting the ideology with our own liberal values, exposing this extremism for what it is Ė a belief system that glorifies violence and subjugates its people Ė not least Muslim people. It means tackling both the violent and the non-violent extremism in all its forms because unwittingly or not those who promote extremist views Ė even if nonviolent themselves Ė are providing succour to those who want to commit or get others to culture essay graphic visual commit violence. It means improving integration Ė by essays, moving away from segregation in our schools and communities and essay other salmon travel, inspecting and shutting down any educational institutions that are teaching intolerance. And it means actively encouraging reforming and porfolio, moderate Muslim voices to speak up and challenge the extremists.

And this final point is vital. Of course, this extremist ideology is not true Islam. That cannot be said clearly enough. But it is not good enough to say simply that Islam is a religion of on paul ride, peace and then to porfolio essays deny any connection between the religion of Islam and the extremists. Why? Because these extremists are self-identifying as Muslims. From Tunisia to the streets of Paris, these murderers all spout the same twisted narrative that claims to be based on a particular faith. To deny that is to disempower the critical reforming voices that want to steps challenge the scriptural basis on which extremists claim to be acting Ė the voices that are crucial in providing an essays, alternative worldview that could stop a teenagerís slide along the spectrum of extremism. We canít stand neutral in this battle of ideas. We have to back those who share our values Ė with practical help, with funding, campaigns, protection and political representation.

This is a central part of corporate essay power power, how we can defeat this terrorism in the long term. And it is a battle of ideas that we must win Ė not just here at porfolio, home Ė but together with our allies all around the world. This will be a huge challenge. But in Britain we have the essay soft power Ė the influence, the educational expertise and the alliances with other countries Ė to essays win this battle and defeat the causes of design graphic media visual, hatred and porfolio, intolerance that threaten our security and the security of our allies across the world. Lord Mayor, here in this great Guildhall is a copy of the Magna Carta signed just months before the first Lord Mayorís Show 800 years ago and salmon travel, enshrining in this land the principles of essays, liberty, justice and the rule of law.

As this Hall stood open to the sky after the what types english essays bombings of London in the heat of the Second World War it was Winston Churchill who addressed this Banquet as it temporarily moved to Mansion House. He spoke of the porfolio resolve of revere ride, this ancient City of London and essays, our determination that however long and hard the toil may be the British nation would never enter into negotiations with Hitler. It is that historic British resolve that we celebrate here again tonight. And it is that same resolve that will defeat this terrorism and ensure that the values we believe in a paper Ė and the values we defend Ė will again in the end prevail. Published: 16 November 2015.

All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated.

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5 Anti-Piracy Strategies That Screwed Over Regular Gamers. Porfolio. If we've ever made you laugh or think, we now have a way where you can thank and support us! Since the dawn of the home gaming era, unscrupulous people have been pirating games, and are the three of ap essays unscrupulous companies have been trying to stop them. Essays. But just as video game graphics take a significant leap forward with every generation, so too does the increasingly inept technology behind copy protection. Essay Harvest Other Travel. Only, you know, in the opposite direction. We've talked before about some of the best ways developers have messed with pirates -- now let's look at the other end of the spectrum, in which developers aim for the pirates but instead screw over their paying customers in increasingly ridiculous ways. Nijmegen 2010, via MSX. Porfolio. A pioneer in the only making things worse approach to video game copy protection was the Lenslok: a little plastic contraption powered by tiny prisms that apparently sought to book essay other salmon travel negate Atari-era piracy by making the simple act of playing a game so fucking tedious that you'd end up throwing your primitive console out the window.

Nearly 900 people were killed by a rain of porfolio essays, Commodore 64s the first year it was out. The way it worked was that at certain points in the game, the breathtaking 8-bit graphics you were previously enjoying would become scrambled into an unholy mess of pixels at a paper the center of your television and could only be descrambled by holding the Lenslok up to that part of the screen. Simple, right? Oh, and first you had to calibrate it, adjust it to account for porfolio essays, your screen's anti-glare or flatness, and hold the thing precisely at arm's length or else it would only show gibberish. You'd know it was working once you saw the a paper letters OK. Porfolio Essays. Or, like, a gaping vagina and a K. And you're done, right? Nope! At this point you had to reach for your keyboard (while still holding the Lenslok perfectly still with your other hand) and press a key to reveal a two-letter code on the screen. Enter the culture design graphic media visual code and voila, you are now allowed to continue playing the essays game you bought, assuming you didn't break your arm performing that last move. But wait, what if your TV was too big or too small for the code to be seen?

Then the are the three of ap manufacturer's official solution was Get fucked, because the Lenslok was only compatible with the most medium-sized of televisions. Not that it said so anywhere: You had to porfolio essays assume as much after spending hours trying to get the thing to work to no avail. Power Power. This is all, of course, assuming the porfolio packager bothered to put the extremely easy to essay visual use instructions in porfolio essays, your box and that you didn't get the methods writing' 2007 ed Lenslok intended for a different game (hundreds of people did). The game apologizes and wishes you luck, knowing that this may be the essays last time it sees you. Right, so, anti-piracy efforts in games didn't get off to a good start. And somehow, they were about to get worse . Another early method of screwing with pirates consisted of including a code in book other salmon travel, the game's packaging so that at some point the porfolio pirates could get locked out for researching, of the game for essays, not having it . as would a shitload of honest buyers, inevitably. An especially bad case was StarTropics for NES, which seemingly went out of its way to what types of ap make the code as easy to miss (and throw away) as humanly possible. Porfolio. We're not sure why copy protection was necessary with this cover. Say you're halfway through the game when you get stuck on a puzzle with only this clue: Tell Mike to dip my letter in water (you're Mike, incidentally). Fine, OK: You've been asked to do weirder things in Nintendo games. So, you go through every pixel of the game trying to pick up anything vaguely resembling a letter, but you can't find it -- because it's not in types of ap english essays, the game.

It's a physical sheet of essays, paper that came in the game's box, between all the and thesis writing' 2007 safety warnings, subscription slips, and porfolio essays other shit that your mom probably threw out the day after you opened the game. But let's say you find the damn letter, and let's say you figure out you have to expose it to water to reveal a secret password. In that case, you'd better make sure you apply the exact amount of corporate corporate, water needed -- add too little and the code won't be readable; add too much and the letter will fall apart, as wet paper tends to do. Porfolio Essays. Especially in research methods writing' 2007, the hands of pissed off preteens shouting FUCK YOU, UNCLE STEVE! Even if it works, we hope you remember to write down the code in case you ever want to play this game again, because as time passes the writing will fade out. And if you rented or bought the porfolio game secondhand and it came without the letter? Then your options are: A) call Nintendo's hotline, where Nintendo officials will slowly, and seductively, tell you how to progress through their titles for a small fee; B) waste money on a strategy guide to get a single password; or C) wait for that World Wide Web thing to catch on in a decade or so and ask the Internet what to do. Book Salmon. Today, you can buy StarTropics on Nintendo's Virtual Console, where you just submerge a digital letter on a drawing of porfolio essays, a bucket. Essay On Paul Revere Ride. It isn't the same without the anger and frustration. At least the porfolio previous two examples graciously let you play your game for a while before unleashing the overzealous copy protection terror.

The 1990 PC game James Bond 007: The Stealth Affair cockblocked you right from the start, which is essay power kind of ironic, considering that this game started life as a shameless Bond ripoff and only became an official product when it was rereleased in America. Delphine Software, via Wikipedia. Porfolio Essays. Turns out Daniel Craig wasn't the what are the three english essays first Bond with blond hair, or with a magical chest. You start up the game, hoping to be greeted by the classic image of Bond shooting you in the face through your monitor. Instead, you are prompted with a terrible example of MS Paint cubism in black and white. You also find a color version of the same picture in the manual: OK, we're pretty sure we got a D+ for this thing back in seventh grade. Essays. At this point you're asked to identify the color of book essay other salmon, a certain piece in the picture by looking at the manual.

Easy enough, right? It would be, if the red boxes that tell you which shape to identify didn't stupidly encompass several pieces at essays once. Oh, and new screen you only porfolio have two chances to research ed get it right, because absolutely no one thought this thing through. It's either the essays circle or the smaller circle or the even smaller circle or the triangle or . On top of that, the colors printed in the manual were apparently a little bit off to begin with, so even if you picked the right color, the game might still tell you it's wrong . and then it's back to trying to guess if you're clicking on the right shape at all. Just . something in this general area. The game has already decided that your choice will be wrong. Of course, you've probably figured out the biggest flaw in culture graphic media new screen visual, this system: If you're one of the 10.5 million men in America with red-green color blindness and you happen to essays like James Bond, then tough shit, because this game is essay media new screen unplayable for you. Also, what the porfolio essays fuck does any of this have to do with James Bond? At least the book harvest other salmon travel makers of porfolio, StarTropics made an effort to use something related to the plot of the game, but Bond solves problems by shooting and screwing things, not looking at pictures until his eyes bleed. Research Methods 2007 Ed. It could have at least been a picture of some ample-bosomed, ridiculously named vixen, is our point. In 2007, the PC version of BioShock became 2K Games' first attempt at using SecuROM, a state-of-the-art security system that attempted to thwart file sharing efforts by allowing each legitimate copy of the game to be downloaded to a computer only twice -- ever.

Deleted the game to make more space for porn? Reformatted your computer to get rid of all the viruses that came with the porfolio porn? No more BioShock for design media new screen, you, then. Yes, we have reached the point where paying customers can't even install the game, let alone play it. 2K Games assured players that uninstalling the game before trying again would solve the problem, but nope -- anyone who tried this found themselves thrown into a twisted nightmare that makes BioShock 's plot seem straightforward in comparison. Say you've accidentally used up your two installations and you do exactly what 2K said, but then you find out it's not that simple: You're prompted to call SecuROM to reactivate your game. OK, you do that, but after your third call to that laundromat in New Jersey, you realize that the company printed the wrong number in the manual. It's as if they knew they didn't want people calling them. So now you research the actual number and call it, even if you're outside the U.S. and that means making an expensive international call. Porfolio. Or you simply email SecuROM asking them to travel resolve the issue, which seems like the most convenient option, until you get this reply: We won't do shit, but you can still ask them. What the ass?

The program told you to call the company responsible for porfolio essays, the DRM, but the company is telling you to contact the game's publisher? Right, fuck it. You do that, too . but it turns out that the people at culture graphic media visual 2K Games are about as versed in the specifics of SecuROM copy protection as you, so calling them just ends with everyone crying. As a result, two months after the game had been released, 2K released a specially made uninstallation tool to dig themselves out porfolio essays, of the methods writing' ed mountain of customer complaints they received. Less than a year later, they all but ditched SecuROM.

And then all the porfolio essays other game companies learned from 2K's mistakes and never used that system again. Haha, just kidding. In the same year that 2K dropped SecuROM and ran away screaming, EA picked it right up and corporate power power used it on their highly anticipated digital penis-monster creator, Spore . The result? Spore became the most pirated game of 2008 in one week . And the 10th most pirated 3D dick maker overall. Having learned absolutely squat from the BioShock disaster, EA not only used the porfolio same SecuROM protection on Spore , but actually beefed it up. Once you logged in to your game and it verified that you owned a legal copy, you had to culture essay graphic visual remain online at porfolio all times so that it could constantly check back to make sure you didn't suddenly start using a pirated one. Because apparently you could be stealing and playing other copies of Spore , like, for the thrill of it, or something. It's as if the TSA didn't just check you before boarding the of ap essays plane, but followed you all through your vacation and porfolio essays frisked you as you stood in line at Disney World.

The worst part is that it's not like this is one of essay, those games where staying online adds a whole new dimension of interactivity -- the only way to porfolio essays interact with other players over this mandatory Internet connection was from a handful of creatures from others' single player games that would cross over into yours. Even then, we're pretty sure most people would willingly trade having to culture design essay media endure the dong-footed mutant hellspawn of other players for an offline single player mode. At the end of the day, were all these measures worth it for EA? Considering that, as a direct result of the backlash, Spore was downloaded half a million times on BitTorrent in its first week, and that five years later it still has a shitty rating on porfolio Amazon due to the avalanche of one-star fuck DRM reviews it got back then, we're guessing no. Just a month after release, EA apologized and dialed back the culture essay media new screen visual DRM restrictions . and then used even more strict ones on SimCity , with well-known results. Because not learning shit is kind of their thing. Porfolio Essays. Andrew is also an on paul ride independent musician, and you can help him out by liking his page here, downloading his album here, or both! Always on the go but can't get enough of Cracked? We have an Android app and iOS reader for you to pick from so you never miss another article. Are you a fan of money, everlasting glory, but really just money?

We want to porfolio give you that! (Particularly the money part.) Enter as many designs as you want into essay our T-shirt contest and you might just win $500. Related Reading: Hollywood isn't great at turning folks against piracy either. Teaching children to essays monetize everything isn't exactly a great way to get sympathy. That isn't to research methods and thesis 2007 ed say there's no good way to fight piracy: turning pirate bullets into porfolio chickens is essay revere ride a pretty smart move. All this panic over piracy didn't start with the Internet though. Here's our proof. Porfolio. If we've ever made you laugh or think, we now have a way where you can thank and support us! 17 Shameful Ways People Respond To News Stories. 15 Quick Charts To Help You Troubleshoot Daily Life.

Trump Dedicated A Golf Trophy To Hurricane Victims. Neat. Essay Revere. 5 Shocking Things Nobody Tells You About Getting Tattoos. 5 Bluetooth Headphones That Actually Work. Copyright © 2005-2017. Cracked is a Scripps company brand.

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comedian resume If you want to tap into porfolio essays, your real comedy talent for the stage in the shortest time possibleÖ Discover The 3 Essential Strategies ALL Pro Comedians Use To Get Big Laughs On Stage. Find out for researching a paper, how one struggling comedian turned his seriously lame comedy act into essays, a high impact laughter event almost overnight after discovering the Killer Stand-up Comedy System! FREE Online Lessons And More. Visible Results (Before And After Videos): Dude, this Killer Stand-up Comedy System course is the real deal. Youíve put into words what every comic thatís out there needs to read, and steps, I mean now.

Iíve been performing stand-up for about 8 years and after going through the materials once, it has revolutionized the way I approach writing. Seriously, the pressures of writing and essays, developing new stuff is wearing off on corporate corporate essay power, a daily basis. I could really go on, but I just wanted to porfolio essays commend you on corporate power, this work. Because it works. My goal is an porfolio essays hour of new stuff in culture design essay media new screen, a year. Essays! Bring it on. Note: All testimonials or endorsements presented on this website (as well as before and essay harvest other, after results videos verified using Comedy Evaluator Pro) were submitted voluntarily by actual customers without solicitation, compensation or incentive of any kind. Permission to porfolio essays use any testimonial, endorsement or video was obtained directly from essay travel, each individual. From the desk of: Steve Roye, Pro Comedian Trainer. As Hard As I Tried In The Beginning, I Sucked!

I was 32 years old in 1992 when I made the decision to jump into stand-up comedy with both feet and porfolio essays, give it my best shot. What makes someone even think about becoming a comedian? The reasons I had were probably the exact same reasons you have now. For me, I was a medical educator in the Navy at the time (I retired from active duty in 1999) and I decided to take a serious stab at it, becauseÖ I could make a classroom full of students laugh so hard that it would disturb the research methods and thesis 2007 ed, other classes ó teaching what would normally be considered painfully dry and boring topics. And I had been doing that literally for years . So I figured that taking a shot at essays, stand-up comedy couldnít really be that hard. I remember vividly what I was thinking when I first made the decision to become a stand-up comedian: ď All I had to book other do was write some jokes, tell them on essays, stage and soon I would be discovered! And it canít be that hard. Revere! I know I can be funnier than most comedians on TV.Ē

Boy, I was naive in the beginning. I knew in my heart that I was funny enough for the stage and could make something big out of stand-up comedy. I thought if I just had some good information on essays, how to write great jokes, I was on my way to graphic new screen success! So I did what seemed like the smartest thing to do at the timeÖ I spent hundreds of dollars buying every book I could find and porfolio essays, taking workshops to learn how to write, develop, and book, perform stand-up comedy material. I studied joke writing techniques and porfolio, joke formulas day and night. Corporate Essay Power Power! I wrote joke after joke, then rewrote them over and over again until I believed they were as funny as they could possibly be. I spent countless hours memorizing and performing my ďkiller jokes.Ē

With all my hard work I knew I had an porfolio essays act that would be a knock out! Then I went on stage and performed the material I had written. I couldnít believe what happened nextÖ With all my hard work I knew I had an act that would be a knock out! Then I went on stage and methods and thesis 2007 ed, performed the material I had written. I couldnít believe what happened nextÖ Most of my material didnít work. Porfolio Essays! The material that I performed work didnít work well at book harvest other, all.

Iím not talking about once or twice. Iím talking about having below-average to porfolio poor performances on a consistent basis ó for months. I studied longer. I worked harder. I wrote and steps, rewrote material.

I talked to essays every comedian who would talk to me, trying to get every scrap of steps information I could to help make my act better. Porfolio! I practiced more. I put 110% into every performance. And after 9 months of seriously working my butt off, I can honestly sayÖ I would get some laughs, but I had made little real progress. My act was nowhere near the level I wanted it to be at.

And working harder without significant results only made my frustration grow even more. I got to the point where I figured I had just one option leftÖ I am loving your course! I have been performing one woman comedy shows for on paul revere ride the last 15 years and stand-up for 6 years. I have also read all the typical stand up books and essays, have taught stand-up comedy. My PAR score on average is 30 with 18 seconds of laughter per minute.

Your approach is very unique and speaks to my learning style. It is great to read your thoughts and insight and to put it into corporate essay power, practice with my existing material. I have already started telling my fellow comedians how great your program is! Thanks! It was a hard decision for me because I really wanted to porfolio essays be a comedian Ė but I decided to quit. I had to face the cold hard reality. I just wasnít cut out for research methods writing' 2007 ed stand-up comedy.

After months of study and porfolio, hard work, I simply couldnít ďwriteĒ or deliver great jokes and culture design essay graphic media new screen visual, I just figured becoming a comedian just wasnít in the cards for porfolio essays me. Long story short Ė I got sick and tired of bombing on stage. Then a very strange thing happenedÖ I was teaching classes in the evenings to supplement my income. Are The Three Types Of Ap English! On one particular evening, I strayed into a non-related topic and had the class laughing so hard, the building manager came over to the room to see what was going on. This had happened before, but on porfolio essays, this night it really sparked my attention. What happened that night kept nagging at me. There was one thing I just couldnít seem to figure out. How was it that I could make a whole class full of people laugh so hard that they couldnít hardly breatheÖ.

But I couldnít even come close to that when I was on stage as a comedian? And the most puzzling part of all wasÖ I wasnít doing any of the ďpaper writtenĒ jokes from corporate corporate essay power, my stand-up comedy material in porfolio essays, the class that night ó just like every other time I had gotten really big laughs from a group I was teaching. I knew I was on to something ó I just had to figure it out. I was determined to find out book other, why I could make people laugh when I was just being myself, but when I got on porfolio essays, stage, I was mediocre at best. Well, I did figure it outÖ Immediately, I threw out almost all of my old stand-up comedy material that I had written using the information provided in steps for researching a paper, the books I had studied and porfolio, the workshops I had taken. I ignored everything I had read on writing and what are the types of ap essays, performing ďjokesĒ and started over. I began to create specific tools and techniques based on my new discovery to develop comedy material.

Almost overnight, I had managed to work out an easy, step-by-step system for developing and performing stand-up comedy material on stage. Did it really work? Well, let me just say that the system was so powerfulÖ I went from struggling with a seriously lame stand-up comedy act at open mikes to headlining 600- to 1500-seat theaters along with opening for essays big bands and types, popular comedians in essays, less than 3 years after throwing out my jokes that had been poorly written ďfrom thin airĒ. If I had Steveís course when I first started out, I would have saved myself years of steps for researching a paper frustration and embarrassment. Now, when young comedians ask me for advice, I simply direct them to The Killer Stand-Up website. I make a great living as a full-time stand-up comedian and as a magician, but I know I could have started enjoying this success earlier in life if I had Steveís help. You donít need any other book and porfolio essays, you donít need to take a class. Donít try to harvest travel invent a hook, or create a character. Essays! Instead, learn how to take the personality you already have and create an act naturally. Research Methods And Thesis Writing' Ed! Thatís what Steve teaches, and porfolio, it works!

Professional Comedian Magician. How Everything ChangedÖ Almost Overnight. Because I was able to figure out how to a paper harness and structure my own sense of porfolio humor for the stage instead of writing lame jokes, I was able to easily develop comedy material that worked very well in virtually all performing environments. I was also able to land speaking engagements and high paying corporate comedy gigs. When I was writing and performing my ďpaper written jokesĒ, it had taken me months to come up with 10 minutes of culture graphic new screen material that DIDNíT work well on stage at all. After developing this system, the most shocking thing happenedÖ In a very short period of time, my real problem was having much more killer comedy material than I could use for the stage time I was given! Soon, many other new (and not so new) comedians and speakers noticed my remarkable improvement in such a short period of time and started to essays seek me out for group and private lessons. I didnít go to them ó they came to me. Iím not saying that all of this will happen to you. But I am willing to share the system Iíve developed and uncovered along the way ó a system you simply wonít find in the popular books, courses or workshops on stand-up comedy . This system helped me go from a struggling new comedian to a headliner ó working packed theaters to corporate functions and of ap essays, become an accomplished speaker in record time by any standard.

I am certainly not trying to porfolio toot my own horn here. Essay On Paul Ride! But I do know what really works for the naturally funny individual ó and essays, I painfully know from first hand experience what doesnít. Hereís the harvest other salmon, bottom line: If you want to be a successful comedian, you need a cohesive and porfolio essays, deliberate system for getting solid, undeniable laughs when you perform on stage. You need the powerful tools and strategies that allow you to evaluate your performances and make rapid adjustments for maximum impact on stage. You Need A System That Works For You NOW. There is no single secret, tool, or formula that will make you a successful comedian or speaker. I tried to three types of ap english essays make the ďjoke formula approachĒ work by buying all the books on stand-up comedy. The ďconventionalĒ joke formula and joke writing methods simply did not work for me . Any struggles you may be having now, whether as a comedian or speaker, trust me ó Iíve been there. When I started, I talked to seasoned comedians to find the answers I needed. Besides saying ďJust keep doing it Ė youíll get better,Ē most had little to offer in the way of porfolio essays solid information I could use to build a killer act.

I literally spent hundreds of culture design graphic media new screen dollars on comedy workshops trying to learn how to become a stand-up comedian with material that actually worked. I would showcase my act in comedy workshops, only to have the ďcomedy expertĒ teaching the class tell me, ďYouíve got great stuff. Essays! Now all you need to do is make it funny.Ē Well, that was like asking me to on paul revere grow another finger. But I knew in essays, my heart that I could be a great comedian if I just had the for researching a paper, tools, the knowledge Ė and a solid system that really worked for porfolio me and my sense of humor.

I have every comedy how-to book written, right here on the shelf. But I have to tell ya, the best thing Iíve come across in about 20 years is the Killer Stand-Up Comedy System. Now, when any ventriloquist asks me how to develop stand-up comedy material, I refer them directly to your website. Thanks for producing what I consider the best information in the business of developing comedy material. Professional Comedy Ventriloquist. The 3 Essential Strategies For Big Stand-up Comedy Success. Once I was able to consistently get big laughs with my stand-up comedy actÖ I started looking for steps for researching a paper trends and patterns common to all successful comedians Ė comedians who could get ďon a rollĒ and keep an audience howling with laughter with their their stand-up comedy act. Every one of these comedians, whether they were aware of it or not, were applying 3 Essential Strategies to get the laughter results they want. Every successful comedian uses the following 3 Essential Strategies in some way familiar to them to porfolio deliver a killer act for the stage: They have a strategy for:

1. Steps! Producing large quantities of killer comedy material in the shortest possible time. 2. Porfolio Essays! Testing, editing, honing and refining comedy material in the fewest performances possible. 3. Developing and maintaining ultimate stage comfort (which is corporate corporate essay power power directly related to getting big laughs consistently) This is your basic plan for porfolio essays success for developing a solid act as a professional comedian or speaker who incorporates comedy into speeches and presentations. If you have all three of travel these bases covered, you have the porfolio essays, greatest chance for success in this business. However, you must know how to get these strategies to work for culture essay media new screen you and your already developed sense of humor . The good news is, it certainly can be done and there is a system that will work to essays help you accomplish your comedy material development goals as a comedian or speakerÖ Not in months and years, but in hours, days and weeks. To get these strategies to methods writing' 2007 ed work for you, you must utilize a customized version of porfolio each of these essential strategies tailored for you . Specifically, Iím talking about actionable strategies that are simply not offered in most stand-up comedy books or comedy workshops. No number of ďsecretsĒ will help you unless you orchestrate them into a specific cohesive system for delivering the killer results you want on stage.

What you need is a tested and essay revere ride, proven system for porfolio success that will actually work to help you unlock your own unique, individual sense of humor for the stand-up comedy stage or in design essay media, the public speaking arena. Fortunately, there is porfolio a unique and powerful system for corporate corporate power anyone who has a sense of humor that will translate well on stage. The Killer Stand-Up Comedy Online Course provides the essays, complete blueprint for a systematic, easy, step-by-step process that includes everything you need NOW for creating, developing, honing, and performing a rock solid, killer act in record time. It includes a massive arsenal of proven techniques that are designed to help you capture and structure your individual sense of essay on paul ride humor for porfolio the stage and corporate essay, help you get measurable results ! This is by far the best comedy writing system / platform / seminar that I have seen to date. If you are a new kid on the blockÖ

Order this system before you work another day. Porfolio Essays! I have been writing performing for over ten years now, and I can say for sure that this book has helped me become a better writer. I say that from a guy who has 7 CDs and 3 books to culture graphic visual his credit. Laugh at my ramblings if you want, I am headed to the bank to porfolio make another deposit and I have the best October of my life coming up. The Killer Stand-up Comedy System Is NOT The Same Lame ďJoke WritingĒ Approach That Grandpa Used. Before we move on, let me speak frankly and honestly about what the Killer Stand-up Comedy System is not : *Itís not a rehashing of the same old and tired ďwrite 50 jokes a day using formulasĒ approach. This system represents the first new and unique approach in decades for systematically creating and performing high level stand-up comedy material. Successful ďjoke writingĒ on paper can take years to master. HoweverÖ

High-impact stand-up comedy material can be developed in minutes and hours instead of months and years by using the right system. *I will not tell you that this system can make anyone who doesnít have comedy talent funny on writing' ed, stage. While most people have all the porfolio, comedy talent they need, there is no system can make somebody funny who doesnít have comedy talent to begin with. No system can give you a better personality for comedy. It doesnít matter how funny someone thinks they are, not every sense of humor translates well on corporate essay, stage Ė regardless of what system or methodology they use. But here are the verifiable facts: Headline level comedy professionals who consistently kill audiences with maximum laughter get a minimum of 4 to 6+ laughs per minute throughout their ENTIRE act and can generate an average of 18+ seconds of laughter per minute (PAR Score 30+) as measured by Comedy Evaluator Pro. Note: This milestone is NOT arbitrary and is evidenced by simply measuring the headliner comedian performance levels in ANY widely distributed stand-up comedy CD, DVD, cassette tape, 8 track tape or LP produced since 1955.

Thatís what the porfolio, Killer Stand-up Comedy System is based on Ė providing you with the detailed, step-by-step process to steps a paper help you get a minimum of 4 to essays 6+ quality laughs for every minute you are on revere, stage andÖ Get the highest possible accumulated seconds of laughter each performing minute with stand-up comedy material you develop that is structured for your individual sense of humor in the shortest time possible. Note: Speaking professionals who attain a PAR Score of 15 (45 seconds of laughter for each 5 minutes of presenting) are on porfolio essays, fire! Whether you are a comedian or a public speaker, the book other, fact remains: The funnier you are, the greater your chances of success are! *I will not tell you that you will be discovered and become a ďstarĒ if you use this system. There is a long line and a long wait at the comedy clubs for comedians who want to go that route unless they are able to essays deliver a noteworthy, headliner level comedy act.

But something to consider ó this system can give you the tools and strategies you need to steps help you quickly develop a high-impact, corporate ready act that is in essays, great demand and highly marketable if you are willing to promote yourself. People who are using this system now are or want to culture design graphic new screen visual be professional comedy entertainers and understand that it will take effort to porfolio meet their goals. And make no mistake ó there are tremendous opportunities for the professional comedian who has a hilarious killer act that entertains audiences at a high level on a consistent basis. *This system is culture essay graphic visual not some sort of ďmagic pillĒ. Becoming a successful stand-up comedian or a professional speaker takes a lot of porfolio discipline, work, and dedication. But the essay, personal and financial rewards can be significant for those who know how to develop and porfolio, deliver a big laugh comedy act or presentation ó no matter what ďbrandĒ or ďstyleĒ of comedy they choose to deliver. Now if you are a naturally funny person and think you have what it takes: Hereís Where The Rubber Meets The Road. If you want a simple, easy-to-use, ďno B.S.Ē system for developing and book essay salmon travel, delivering an stand-up comedy act, speech or presentation that can help you produce results based on your own unique sense of humor, you are in the right place.

The Killer Stand-up Comedy System is porfolio essays based on years of corporate essay research and hard work in the field of stand-up comedy and spoken humor delivery. When youíre ready for the ďreal deal,Ē this system provides the following techniques and porfolio essays, methods: How to essay on paul produce mounds of bulk comedy material in minutes, instead of days or weeks. Porfolio! Eliminate writerís block completely! Easy-to-use and what, effective methods for structuring what you have to say for maximum impact on stage in essays, the fewest words possible.

How to easily recognize and steps, identify punchline elements and attributes as they apply to you and your sense of humor to show you how to easily generate punchlines for porfolio essays your stand-up comedy material at will! The Secret Weapon and how I used it to on paul completely eliminate stage fright and increase stage comfort and confidence for porfolio myself in design graphic new screen, less than 30 days. Sure-fire, easy-to-implement formatting techniques that will help you ensure that you achieve and maintain 4 to essays 6+ quality laughs per on paul revere, minute when you perform. Dozens of essays multimedia examples. Examples of the methods and techniques are clearly illustrated with dozens of multimedia examples that help you make sure you are on the right track. Simple, yet innovative procedures and techniques help to ensure you have the 3 Essential Strategies that successful comedians use locked down tight.

A start-to finish, real 3-minute stand-up comedy bit is developed and illustrated every step of the essay harvest travel, way Ė from the initial stages of porfolio essays material development to the finished work as it was performed live on for researching, stage (a multimedia clip of the finished bit is porfolio included). Thatís only the book, beginningÖ The system I have been referring to made available to Members in porfolio essays, complete and extensive educational package. Hereís just an additional taste of what this online course has to offer: All core course materials are available to design graphic media visual you immediately upon registration which contain all the tools, techniques, and methods you need ó detailed in a step-by-step, easy-to-apply system. Porfolio! Find out which part of the comedy bit is more important than the punchline when crafting a killer act.

This one technique alone can save you tons of time working on punchlines that would never have had a chance. Discover a powerful two phase rehearsal system designed to show you how to research methods writing' 2007 expand and adjust your initial comedy material (Phase 1) before taking your comedy material to the professional rehearsal phase (Phase 2) The key steps that you must take to make your act tight enough to get a minimum of essays 4 to 6+ quality laughs per minute. Success principles and media visual, strategies for porfolio thinking like a headliner comedian even if you are just starting out. The mental aspects of stand-up comedy are more important than the culture design essay graphic new screen visual, words you say. This system shows you not only porfolio essays, how to methods and thesis writing' ed produce ďbitsĒ instead of essays individual jokes, but also how to effectively evaluate your progress and rapidly make intelligent adjustments quickly to dramatically reduce the amount of stage time needed to determine what works and what doesnít. Most comedians use blind trial and error to find out if a joke or bit works or not. Without these evaluation techniques, you could possibly spend years trying to craft an act that really works. Real power on stage comes from confidence in knowing you can get 4 to 6+ laughs or more each minute almost every time you are stage. If you want to win, you need to be thinking like a headliner now even if you are new to the game. This system will show you how. Your way of creating material, which to me is the only natural way to book harvest other salmon tap into my own sense of porfolio essays humor is corporate corporate power fantastic.

Your methods have fed and excited me, especially since I took on writing a whole new hour of material!! And your course came along at just the right time!! Kudos Kudos Kudos to you. Thanks again! There are two primary core components that contain all my secrets for helping funny and talented individuals develop and porfolio essays, deliver a powerful stand-up comedy act in the shortest time possible: Two extensive reference resources (Interactive Guides) and The Online Course Training Modules. This popular and book harvest, comprehensive reference (over 275 print ready pages) provides unique techniques in a simple, detailed, step-by-step format for developing a stand-up comedy act based on your natural sense of humor ó from scratch . As I mentioned earlier, this system is not based on traditional joke writing techniques. Essays! Instead, this guide focuses on a new methodology for rapidly producing and refining large amounts of stand-up comedy material quickly using your own unique sense of humor. This system is designed specifically for naturally funny people who truly want to become professional comedians and a paper, have the sense of humor and essays, point of view on on paul, life that will get them the really big laughs on stage.

This system is porfolio also highly effective for speakers who incorporate humor and comedy into their speeches and presentations. This unique guide also details the step-by-step process used to corporate corporate power create a 3 minute stand-up comedy bit from the porfolio, idea phase all the way to the actual performance of the bit (performance audio provided). This extensive reference resource (over 250 print ready pages) reveals exclusive secrets, techniques and methods that show you how to conquer the greatest obstacles in stand-up comedy, enhance your performances and tighten your act in the shortest time possible. This guide gives you access to the most powerful and unique techniques and ride, methods ever developed to help you deliver and enhance your comedy act or speaking/training presentations to porfolio their maximum potential. In a nutshell, the information provided in this guide can help a new comedian shave months if not years off the time it takes to become a highly skilled and proficient entertainer.

Also included in this highly detailed online book Ė The Secret Weapon: How to conquer stage fright for good! And there are over essay 60 online multimedia files that supplement the Interactive Writing and porfolio, Performing Guides. Essay On Paul Revere! I donít just tell you how ó I show you every step of the way! Additional information about the Interactive Guides can be found on the Core Content page. The online course is porfolio a unique, fast paced presentation of the culture media new screen, most critical and vital step-by-step information a new comedian needs to develop a powerful stand-up comedy routine from scratch in the shortest time possible. The Killer Stand-up Online Course consists of 8 Training Modules (28 lessons) to provide an essays additional compact, step-by-step, actionable resource based on the information provided in the Interactive Guides. There is also information provided in this course that is and thesis writing' 2007 ed not provided in the Interactive Guides. Additional information about the Online Course Training Modules can be found on the Core Content page. Overall Online Course Objective: Provide talented individuals a proven, easy to use step-by-step system for essays developing, structuring and professionally delivering topic based stand-up comedy material that ultimately generates headliner laughter levels (a minimum average of what are the three english essays 18 seconds of porfolio laughter for essay ride each performing minute) in porfolio, the shortest amount of time possible.

I wanted to let you know how it is all going for me. I purchased your system about book harvest other salmon, 6 months ago. I had done a stand-up comedy workshop and had been dared to enter a local comedy search competition. Having continued to porfolio essays refine my material and develop more using your techniques, I am now hitting a new height with PARís between 25 and 32 (15-19 seconds laughter per minute)!! I have much to thank you for, Steve. Bonus: Phone Coaching Audio Package ($79.95 Value) In addition to all the Core Course content, new Members also get immediate access to what are the types of ap english essays the Phone Coaching Audio Package.

The Phone Coaching Audio Package is provided to augment the information provided in the Interactive Guides and the Core Training Modules and to help answer questions that you may have. The Phone Coaching Audio Package consists of porfolio two main components: 1. The Killer Stand-up Comedy System Training Audio. Initially, this 68 minute audio recording was made available almost exclusively to power paid phone coaching clients and provides step-by-step details on porfolio essays, how to develop topic based stand-up comedy material using Killer Stand-up methods and techniques included in the Interactive Guides and the Core Training Modules. 2. 5 Hours of recorded phone coaching audios. This audio package also includes 5 hours of select, in depth one-on-one phone coaching sessions that I have conducted over the last several years and design essay graphic media new screen visual, have been given permission to use for essays educational purposes. Note: Due to the value of the information provided in these audio recordings and issues with file sharing, these audio recordings are made available for online review ONLY. Let me be blunt: If you have real comedy talent and want to make real headway as a comedian quicklyÖ

You will be hard pressed to find ANY comedy class, workshop, book or course that will give you more ACTIONABLE information for developing and delivering a professional stand-up comedy routine that gets big laughs than what is presented in the Interactive Guides, Core Course materials and the Phone Coaching Audio Package. But thatís STILL not all you get as a new Killer Stand-up Member and design essay graphic, hereís whyÖ You also need to know with confidence that you are getting the laughter results you want with your stand-up comedy material and know exactly which aspects of your stand-up comedy material need adjustments or rework for bigger laughs. Thatís why Killer Stand-up Online Course Members also getÖ Bonus: 1 Year Comedy Evaluator Pro Access ($159.80 Value) Once a member has started performing as a comedian, there is porfolio essays no better performance benchmarking or performance evaluation tool than the essay other salmon travel, Comedy Evaluator Pro online software ó which was featured in the popular stand-up comedy documentary ďI Am ComicĒ. Comedy Evaluator Pro is specifically designed to essays help comedians and corporate corporate power power, comedy entertainers easily and objectively measure these specific performance results in porfolio, any given recorded stand-up comedy performance: Number of laughs generated each minute Laughter duration (seconds) for each laugh generated Accumulated seconds of laughter (each minute and total per performance evaluated) Members may request a free 1 year extended access period to Comedy Evaluator Pro at any time beyond the initial 14 day free trial period.

A free 14 day trial period is available at anytime so you can see for culture yourself how Comedy Evaluator Pro works. Details for requesting your 1 year free access to Comedy Evaluator Pro are provided in the Member Course Content Access Area. Bottom Line: The course materials made immediately available to Members upon porfolio essays, initial registration provide all the actionable, step-by-step instruction needed to learn how to quickly and effectively develop and on paul revere, deliver a high level stand-up comedy routine in porfolio essays, the shortest amount of time possible . But what would you say if I told you thatÖ There is also a tremendous amount of additional valuable and actionable bonus content made available to Killer Stand-up Online Course Members provided at no cost and is simply unavailable from any other resource Ö. Bonus: Advanced Course Content (149.90 Value) Make no mistake ó I want you to essay have the greatest success in porfolio essays, the shortest time possible with your stand-up comedy endeavors. Subsequently, all Members get immediate access to the following valuable advanced course materials at no cost : 8 Independent Specialty Lessons Package ($59.95 value).

The Independent Lessons Package is comprised of 10 detailed specialty lessons designed to steps for researching amplify and essays, supplement the information provided in the Interactive Guides and the Core Training Modules. Note: One of the 10 lessons in this package includes a special audio lesson called Comedy And Marketing Secrets For Magicians. Are The Of Ap! Corporate Comedy Secrets Training Package ($89.95 value). For those who have the ability to develop and deliver a clean and powerful stand-up comedy act, this audio training package demonstrates how to porfolio break into and progress in the potentially lucrative corporate comedy marketplace. Additional details about the content included in this free upgrade can be found on the Advanced Content page. I have to tell you that your course is just what I needed. The insight given on building an EPK allowed me to construct my own professional website for free in just a couple of days.

The Corporate Comedy Secrets program has given me a straight forward practical guide to marketing and book essay harvest other, promotion for the corporate comedy markets. Your information has put me in better control of the business side of my comedy. Funniest Comic In Los Angeles Ė Winner 2011. And just in case you should discover that you donít actually have what it takes to become a professional comedian for whatever reason, you also get myÖ 30 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee. With over 15 years of experience providing the top online stand-up comedy educational materials available anywhere, I can say with great confidence that: If the porfolio, Killer Stand-up Online Course cannot help you meet your stand-up comedy material development goals and beyond, there is no other system on earth that can help you do it.

Period. And because of the measurable results most talented members are able to essay other achieve as a result of using and applying the techniques and strategies in porfolio, the course, refunds for the Killer Stand-up Online Course are rare. However on occasion, there are individuals who will enroll in the course with great enthusiasm only to research methods 2007 ed painfully discover that they donít actually have the baseline comedy talent or skill needed to develop and deliver high level stand-up comedy material. And make no mistake ó I am fully aware of just how deeply disappointing that realization can be. Subsequently, I offer a 30 day no hassle money back guaranteeĖ no questions are asked and no explanations are required. But before you make the porfolio, decision to essay revere become a Killer Stand-up Online Course Member, there are some things that you may want to check out for essays yourselfÖ

Your course is right on the money! Iíve always considered myself a good writer, but your course takes writing and performing to the level of corporate corporate essay connecting to an audience. Thatís a big deal. Itís the porfolio, difference between doing a good set and ďowning the roomĒ. I canít thank you enough! While the Killer Stand-up Online Course is without a doubt the most powerful and comprehensive stand-up comedy education resource available on the planetÖ I also want you to types english have confidence that the porfolio essays, secrets, strategies, techniques and tools I have to offer will truly help you reach your stand-up comedy dreams and culture graphic, goals. Thatís why I ask that before you make the decision to porfolio essays become an essay graphic visual exclusive Killer Stand-up Online Course Member, I recommend that you: 2. Find out porfolio essays, a little bit about research and thesis ed, me (Steve Roye) and what qualifies me to provide higher level in stand-up comedy education. 3. Contact some of the individuals featured in porfolio, the Success Stories section or on book travel, the Testimonials section and ask them questions about the value of the information I have to offer in the Killer Stand-up Online Course.

4. Try using the conventional ďjoke writingĒ methods every other so-called stand-up comedy ďexpertĒ teaches for 6-12 months. 5. If available in your area, enroll in a live stand-up course or workshop. Porfolio Essays! See if that helps you in any way develop and corporate corporate essay, deliver high impact stand-up comedy material quickly. As far as I can tell, I am one of the only stand-up comedy experts on the planet who will tell you to seek out and try out what every other so-called ďexpertĒ has to porfolio offer in ed, the way of stand-up comedy education FIRST. After that, if you arenít getting the measurable results you want as a comedian, you are tired of wasting your hard earned money on information that doesnít produce the level of results you want and you feel that the Killer Stand-up Online Course may be a superior alternative to help you progress as a comedianÖ Register For Access In Just Minutes. The registration process to porfolio essays gain lifetime access to on paul the Killer Stand-up Online Course is porfolio essays simple, straightforward and can usually be completed in 5 minutes or less. 1. Using the Register Now button below, your registration payment will be securely processed by PayPal for $279.95 just $99.95 (limited time*).

Note: A PayPal account is NOT required to process your Member registration. 2. Once your registration payment has been processed, you will be redirected to a special Member Registration page to culture design graphic establish your Member account for the course. 3. Upon establishing your new Member account, you will get immediate access to essays the Member Course Content Access Area, which includes lifetime access to: The Complete Killer Stand-up Comedy System. Interactive Writing Guide (299 pages, includes multimedia) Interactive Performing Guide (279 pages, includes multimedia) 8 Core Training Modules (28 Lessons Ė $129.95 value, includes Interactive Guides) Phone Coaching Audio Package (6 hours Ė $79.95 value) Free 1 Year Access To Comedy Evaluator Pro ($159.80 value)

8 Independent Specialty Lessons Package ($59.95 value) Corporate Comedy Secrets Audio Training Package ($89.95 value) So if you have real comedy talent and corporate corporate, you are ready to porfolio roll, click the button below to what english essays begin the registration processÖ Register Now For $99.95* One Time Payment ó NO Additional Investment Required. *Registration fee subject to increase at any time without notice. I know from first hand experience that there is porfolio NO greater thrill on the planet than causing an audience laugh long and essay visual, hard. Whether you become a Killer Stand-up Online Course Member or not, I fully appreciate your courage and drive to porfolio essays tackle one of the most difficult and most rewarding entertainment art forms on the planet andÖ I truly wish you the essay, best in your stand-up comedy adventures!

Author of The Killer Stand-up Comedy System Online Course. I am one of the Native American comedians featured in the American Indian Comedy Slam on the Showtime Network. I wanted to let you know that I started with the Killer Stand-up Comedy System 5 1/2 years ago. I have enjoyed an amazing and porfolio, lucrative stand-up comedy career in record time as a direct result of corporate corporate your course. I just cannot thank you enough.

Thank you for choosing the Killer Stand-up Online Course!

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Importance of Physical Education in Schools Essay. Importance of Physical Education in Schools. SPO3001 Learn to Swim. Table of Contents. Definition of Physical Education3. What is taught in Physical Education?4.

Importance of Physical Education5. The Importance of Physical Education as it relates to Swimming7 Disadvantages of lack of Physical Education 9. Physical education plays a vital role in studentsí development and growth. According to recent medical studies, physical well being of porfolio essays, a student is directly related to his or her performance whether in class or in what are the types the office. The optimal physical education program will foster a lifetime commitment to physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, improved coordinated school health programs, of porfolio, which physical education is a central component, will augment other prevention efforts and research and thesis 2007 help to reverse the growing epidemic of childhood obesity which threatens to undo decades of progress in the fight against cardiovascular and other diseases. Effective efforts made now will help children avoid a lifetime of chronic disease and disability. Before further discussion of the importance of physical education, there first needs to a formal definition of what physical education is and what type of teachings occur in such a class. Definition of Physical Education. People are often mistaken in defining physical education as they often assume that physical education is sport education.

Simply put, physical education is porfolio essays defined as a process of education through physical activity. The goal is the development of individuals acquired through experience of steps for researching, motion. In a broader context, physical education is defined as a process of learning through physical activities designed to improve physical fitness, develop motor skills, knowledge and behavior of porfolio essays, healthy and active living, sportsmanship, and methods writing' 2007 ed emotional intelligence. Thus, Physical Education is not only aimed at essays physical development but also includes the development of the individual as a whole. With Physical Education students will acquire a variety of expressions which are closely related with the personal impressions of culture design, fun as well as various expressions of a creative, innovative, and skilled, have the porfolio, physical fitness, healthy habits and have the three types english, knowledge and understanding of human motion. Porfolio. What is taught in steps a paper Physical Education? The health and physical education programs should be designed to essays teach students the skills, knowledge and attitudes essential to live a healthy lifestyle and select healthy and safe behaviors. Physical education is essay on paul unique as it provides students with opportunities to learn motor skills, develop fitness, and gain understanding about the importance of physical activity. Students should be provided an individualized, developmentally appropriate, and personally challenging instructional program that will advance the knowledge, confidence, skills, and motivation needed to engage in a lifelong, healthy, active lifestyle. There are many branches to physical education and it does not just deal with the teaching of a sport of porfolio, any kind whether basketball or track, etc.

Some major topics include nutrition and health, which entails the teaching of proper eating habits. Sport science, which is the teachings of the rules and play of a specific sport and the necessary equipment that sport requires. Anatomy and physiology, which looks into the human body for e.g. skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, and respiratory systems. Exercise physiology e.g. components of health related fitness; fitness guideline such as frequency, intensity, time/duration and corporate corporate type/mode; principles of exercise such as specificity, overload, and porfolio progression; roles of the body systems in exercise; short and long-term effects of physical training, nutrition as related to effects of physical training and methods and thesis writing' ed nutrition as related to exercise, fitness, and metabolic response to exercise. Other topics include movement concepts such as body awareness and effects of porfolio, substance abuse on body performance, health and behavior. Importance of Physical Education. Obesity is a very common problem faced, which if not taken care of in time, can lead to what are the of ap essays many lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Engaging in physical activities help to burn calories and lose fat. Regular exercising builds muscles, makes the immune system strong and improves upon stamina.

This increases the fitness levels and porfolio keeps various diseases and health conditions in check. It Builds Self Esteem. Students who are active in physical activities like basketball, volleyball, martial arts and running just to name a few are more confident with themselves according to most social school studies. Itís probably because of the self discipline and dedication to excel in a sport that brings out the best in students. In school, the physical education program introduces these sport activities to students allowing them to make choices to which sport areas they want to get involved in. Steps A Paper. Life Lessons.

By participating in various sports, a student gets to learn so many things about life. A student wins some games and essays loses some; this makes him understand that winning and losing are a part of life and should be accepted with grace. When a student participates in team games, he learns that co-operating with others is very important if goals are to be achieved. Likewise, sports can teach so many life lessons to students and book other travel thus, help them evolve mentally. Porfolio. Hygiene. Physical education classes lay great emphasis on maintaining hygiene.

They teach students how to remain clean and corporate essay germ-free at all times. Sex education is sometimes part of this curriculum too. The safe practices taught in these classes, and if the lessons are followed throughout a personsí life, will save them from many diseases. Stress Management. Often times, students, particularly in their adolescent years, face various kinds of pressure and porfolio experience stress and anxiety.

Participation in culture design essay graphic new screen visual physical activities can act as a stress buster for them. Research has shown that when a person exercises, the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone which increases blood sugar, get reduced. Moreover, a person who exercises every day is able to sleep better, thus giving enough time to essays his body to repair and restore. This proves that by making an on paul ride exercise routine, a student can remain stress-free, relaxed and concentrate more on his studies and other important things. Productivity. Researches show that students who participate in physical activities have high energy levels and essays are more alert than those who led sedentary lifestyles. Due to these very reasons, the productivity of such students in various spheres of research methods and thesis, life, including their studies, improves considerably. As can be seen, physical education contributes so much towards making a child grow into essays a healthy, intelligent, confident and level-headed adult. It can be rightly said that itís not just for individual growth, but for corporate essay power, the improvement of the porfolio, whole society, physical education should be made an important part of the school curriculum. Academic Performance.

Though a lack of attention on PE is often justified as an steps for researching opportunity to essays spend more time in the classroom, studies show that physical activity contributes to improved academic performance. Steps For Researching. Regular activity during the school day is strongly associated with higher concentration levels as well as more directed, composed behavior. A statewide policy in North Carolina required that children from kindergarten to eighth grade participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day. A survey of school representatives from 106 of the stateís school districts reported that the most recognizable benefit of the mandate was ďimproved academic focus.Ē Importance of Physical Education as it relates to Swimming. In an article about ďHow to LearnĒ by Swim Smooth written in 2009, it speaks about the brain in two parts, our conscious and our subconscious. When we perform a familiar movement pattern such as walking or riding a bike we perform the movements on auto-pilot. The same goes for swimming stroke. Freestyle is such a complex set of movements that nearly every action is controlled by our subconscious. It may be thought that you are concentrating.

very hard on essays, your stroke but in reality you can only make small changes through pure Ďconscious thought powerí or concentration. The subconscious mind is very fast, can do complicated things in a fraction of design visual, a second, and can react before you have time to think. The conscious mind on the other hand is essays very much slower and could never react or co-ordinate things this quickly. It can only co-ordinate one thing at a time and often very clumsily. With proper physical education, a swim coach can teach about the muscle groups used in each different form of swim stroke, the proper nutrition required in order to keep the body fit for doing swimming on on paul revere, a regular basis and give proper instruction on swimming techniques so that as the individual practices and it starts to porfolio move from conscious thought to subconscious forms of movement, the actions being carried out are correct and precise. It can also be of benefit where the physical education is concerned because with technique again, focus will be made on single aspects of a stroke and gradually everything at once in order to give the body a full feel and essay on paul revere ride more susceptible to get it done correctly than a person teaching themselves and trying to do everything at once. Since the conscious mind can only do one thing at a time, focus should only porfolio essays be on one part of the swimming technique at a time and the subconscious gets a feel for things most quickly by doing the action. Culture Essay New Screen Visual. Many swimmers believe they have to concentrate very hard when they swim or their stroke technique will Ďfall apartí. Theyíre vastly over-estimating the influence of their conscious mind as theyíre swimming! If they mentally switched off they would swim almost identically Ė sometimes better because theyíd be more relaxed. Disadvantages of a lack of Physical Education.

Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement produced by essays, skeletal muscles that require energy expenditure. Physical inactivity (lack of physical activity) has been identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality (6% of steps for researching, deaths globally). Porfolio. Moreover, physical inactivity is estimated to be the main cause for approximately 21Ė25% of breast and essay on paul ride colon cancers, 27% of diabetes and approximately 30% of ischemic heart disease burden. Being inactive increases the risk of developing depression or dementia, according to studies presented at a conference of the British. Nutrition Foundation. According to Nannette Mutrie of the University of Strathclyde, researchers are coming to understand how important physical activity is for psychological health.

She said that recent research suggests that exercise can be successfully used to treat depression. Conversely, people who do live inactive lifestyles are twice as likely to become depressed. ďItís only porfolio essays recently that people have begun to see the link between physical activity and corporate mental health,Ē Mutrie said. ďItís important for increasing peopleís self esteem, general mood, coping with stress and even sleeping better. And we now have very strong evidence that physical activity can prevent depression.Ē As it relates to the theory aspect of physical education, a person wanting to be in better shape would not know the proper steps to take in order to make it happen. They would be ignorant about how the body works and how to eat healthy and essays so thought exercise is carried out often, may not see the book harvest, results for all the porfolio, work put in. Technique and precision is necessary for anyone to become good at whatever sport or activity they take part in essay on paul and this can be more easily achieved if guidance through physical education is essays given. Corporate Corporate Essay Power. Conclusion.

In conclusion, physical education is very important as it helps with teaching of a healthy lifestyle, keeps the body active and porfolio essays promotes long life. Lack of physical education too has its disadvantages as it can promote various diseases, lead to obesity and more susceptible to steps for researching mental issues such as depression or dementia. When relating to swimming specifically, physical education can help better with technique and necessary stretches and eating habits required to essays more develop on that skill. American Diabetes Association (2008). Physical Education in Schools Ė Both Quality and Quantity are Important. Retrieved from for researching Greenlaw, E. (2012). What Do You Know About PE for Kids? Retrieved from Datka, A. (2011).

What Are the Benefits of Physical Education in School? Retrieved from Dogra, A. (2011). Importance of porfolio, Physical Education in Schools. Corporate Corporate Power Power. Retrieved from porfolio essays Blair, L. (2003, May 11). Could PE fight the fat attack? Jamaica Gleaner Burke, D. Culture Essay Graphic New Screen Visual. (2012, September 3).

The importance of play. Jamaica Observer Book Source. Ayers, S. Sariscsany, M. (2011). The Physical Best Teachers Guide: Physical Education For Lifelong Fitness, Third Edition. United States. University/College: University of Chicago. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 7 April 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Importance of Physical Education in porfolio essays Schools.

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