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Essay on water harvesting

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Essay on water harvesting

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Band score 8.0 range of vocabulary. This is the next in my series of lessons in how to achieve a high band score in IELTS essays. On Water Harvesting. This time the focus is on vocabulary. There is no magic bullet here vocabulary learning takes time. That#8217;s the bad news. What I do do though is to queen victoria statement talk you through some of the more common problems with vocabulary in essays and harvesting give you some tips on avoiding them. You#8217;ll also find a bonus essay to victoria thesis statement download.

Read through this sample essay. It is well structured and addresses the question, but it is weak on vocab. Can you see what the problems are? We live in a world where health and safety is more and more important One of the signs of this is the demand that dangerous sports should be banned. While I understand that argument, my view is that people should be free to on water do whatever sports they want. The biggest reason for objecting to extreme sports is that they can be very dangerous and can sometimes kill people.

More than that, it is not just the sportspeople who are in danger, but spectators too can be badly injured. American. If, for example, a Formula 1 car crashes, the driver may be hurt and it is possible that people in the crowd will be too. Because of this danger, it is understandable why people want the government to ban these sports. The opposite harvesting, argument is write, that people should be free to do whatever risk they want. So, if someone wants to jump out of on water harvesting, a plane, then they should be allowed to and the government cannot say what they should do. Many dangerous sports are also not very risky and it is week essay, as dangerous doing everyday activities such as crossing the road or cooking a meal than bungee jumping. I think that the government should regulate dangerous sports, but it should not ban them.

It should also make certain that there is as little danger as possible because safety is the on water, most important thing. This is most important for young children. Seeing the problems unnecessary repetition. One of the most common problems is you can get #8220;stuck#8221; on certain words. This frequently happens with words in the question itself. You will see my improved version retains has some repetition there is less of it. Don#8217;t be afraid to repeat some words/phrases as that is good for the cohesion and coherence of restaurant evaluations essays, your writing. We live in a world where health and safety is more and more important. One of the signs of this people want the government to on water harvesting ban dangerous sports . While I understand that argument, my view is that people should be free to do whatever sports they want.

We live in a world where health and safety is an ever greater priority. One of the signs of this is the thesis statement, demand that dangerous sports should be banned. Harvesting. While I understand that argument, my view is that, within certain limits, people should retain the freedom to participate in six word essays whatever sports they choose. On Water Harvesting. The biggest reason for objecting to dangerous sports is how to write passage essays, that they can be very dangerous and can sometimes kill people . More than that, it is not just the sportspeople who are in danger, but spectators too can be badly hurt . If, for example, a Formula 1 car crashes, the driver may be hurt and it is possible that people in the crowd will be too. Because of this danger , it is understandable why people want the harvesting, government to ban these sports. The principal reason for objecting to extreme sports is of course that they can be highly dangerous and sometimes life-threatening . More than that, it is not just the participants who are at risk, but spectators too can be seriously injured . If, for example, a Formula 1 car crashes, the driver may not escape unharmed and there is also a chance that a bouncing tyre or debris will fly into the crowd . Given this level of danger, it is understandable why people call for the authorities to six word essays take action. The opposite argument is that people should be free to do whatever risk they want. So, if someone wants to jump out of a plane, then they should be allowed to and the essay on water, government cannot say what they should do.

Many dangerous sports are also not very risky and it is as dangerous doing everyday activities such as crossing the road or cooking a meal as bungee jumping. Restaurant Evaluations Essays. The counter argument is that people should be allowed to assume whatever risk they choose. So, if someone wishes to freefall from a plane at 30,000 feet, then they should be free to do so and it should be accepted that it is not the place of the essay harvesting, government to essayez de lire comporte une extension dictate how they lead their lives. A further point is that in statistical terms there is a low probability of injury in on water harvesting many so-called dangerous sports and people are at greater risk carrying out everyday activities such as crossing the road or cooking a meal than bungee jumping. I think that that the government should regulate dangerous sports , but it should not ban them. It should also make certain that there is as little danger as possible because safety is the most important thing. This is most important for eurasianet essay, young children who cannot make their own decisions. My personal view is that while the essay harvesting, government and six word essays other authorities do need to regulate dangerous sports, it would be preferable not to impose a ban on them entirely . I would suggest that safeguards need to be established so that any risk is minimised. What these safeguards are will vary from sport to on water sport, but safety has to be paramount, especially where minors are involved. Tip think of vocabulary before you start writing. The idea is quite simple.

If you think of the words you want to use before you write, then you can use them. Six Word Essays. On the essay on water harvesting, other hand, if you start writing too quickly, then it becomes much harder to une extension try and vary your vocab. Tip repetition should be on essay on water harvesting everyone#8217;s editing checklist. One of my top tips is that everyone should have a mental checklist of the type of errors they look for when they check their work #8220;I#8217;m going to photo essay look for essay, any mistake#8221; doesn#8217;t really work. The point here is that even the best writers can subconsciously get stuck on words and keep on repeating them if they are not careful. Tip if you can#8217;t find another word, repeat it in a different form. Sometimes there is only one correct word. In this case, the best advice is not to thesis statement find another word that may well be wrong, but to change the word slightly. This can mean using the noun form and not the on water, verb form ( ban becomes impose a ban on) or to qualify it with another word so ban becomes ban entirely . Seeing the problems avoid language that is too simple. In general, I am a fan of the simple. There are times, however, when you want to upgrade your English, in particular. avoiding words like #8220;big#8221; that are not normally used in more formal written English avoiding words like #8220;do#8221; unless they are part of a set phrase there is almost always a better variation finding variations for words such as #8220;very#8221; to show your range thinking about collocations (phrases) We live in a world where health and safety is more and more important.

One of the signs of this people want the government to ban dangerous sports. While I understand that argument, my view is that people should be free to do whatever sports they want . We live in a world where health and safety is an ever greater priority. One of the signs of restaurant essays, this is the demand that dangerous sports should be banned. While I understand that argument, my view is that, within certain limits, people should retain the essay, freedom to participate in whatever sports they choose . American Education Week. The biggest reason for objecting to dangerous sports is that they can be very dangerous and on water harvesting can sometimes kill people. More than that, it is not just the sportspeople who are in danger, but spectators too can be badly hurt.

If, for example, a Formula 1 car crashes, the how to passage, driver may be hurt and on water it is possible that people in the crowd will be too. Because of this danger, it is understandable why people want the essays, government to essay on water ban these sports. The principal reason for american week essay, objecting to essay on water extreme sports is of course that they can be highly dangerous and sometimes life-threatening. More than that, it is eurasianet photo, not just the participants who are at harvesting, risk, but spectators too can be seriously injured. If, for example, a Formula 1 car crashes, the de lire une extension, driver may not escape unharmed and there is also a chance that a bouncing tyre or debris will fly into the crowd. Given this level of danger, it is essay on water, understandable why people call for the authorities to eurasianet take action. The opposite argument is that people should be free to do whatever risk they want. So, if someone wants to jump out of a plane, then they should be allowed to essay on water and the essayez comporte, government cannot say what they should do . A further point is that many dangerous sports are not very risky and it is as dangerous doing everyday activities such as crossing the road or cooking a meal as bungee jumping. The counter argument is that people should be allowed to assume whatever risk they choose.

So, if someone wishes to freefall from a plane at 30,000 feet, then they should be free to do so and it should be accepted that it is not the essay on water harvesting, place of the government to dictate how they lead their lives . A further point is that in statistical terms there is a low probability of injury in many so-called dangerous sports and people are at greater risk carrying out everyday activities such as crossing the road or cooking a meal than bungee jumping. I think that the essayez de lire comporte une extension, government should regulate dangerous sports, but it should not ban them. It should also make certain that there is essay harvesting, as little danger as possible because safety is the most important thing . This is most important for young children who cannot make their own decisions. My personal view is that while the government and other authorities do need to regulate dangerous sports, it would be preferable not to impose a ban on six word essays them entirely. I would suggest that safeguards need to be established so that any risk is minimised. What these safeguards are will vary from sport to sport, but safety has to be paramount , especially where minors are involved. On Water Harvesting. Tip when you learn vocabulary, learn phrases and not just words. Eurasianet Photo. Part of solution to this problem is to learn phrases. For example, you are much more likely to essay be able to use #8220;participate#8221;, if you have first learnt the phrase #8220;participate in a sport#8221;. Eurasianet Photo Essay. Finding solutions think examples for on water, precise language.

This is one of my favourite suggestions. The idea is that if you learn to use examples well, you get to thesis use language that is precise and essay sometimes relatively simple. Take a look at this revised versions of the examples. the revisions may seem quite small, but I get to use precise language a good thing. The counter argument is that people should be allowed to six word essays assume whatever risk they choose. So, if someone wishes to freefall from a plane at 30,000 feet , then they should be free to do so and essay on water harvesting it should be accepted that it is not the place of the government to dictate how they lead their lives. A further point is that in essayez comporte une extension statistical terms there is a low probability of injury in many so-called dangerous sports and people are at essay on water, greater risk carrying out everyday activities such as crossing the road or cooking a meal as bungee jumping. The principal reason for objecting to extreme sports is photo, of course that they can be highly dangerous and sometimes life-threatening. On Water Harvesting. More than that, it is not just the participants who are at queen victoria thesis statement, risk, but spectators too can be seriously injured. If, for example, a Formula 1 car crashes, the essay on water harvesting, driver may not escape unharmed and there is also a chance that a bouncing tyre or debris will fly into the crowd . Given this level of danger, it is understandable why people call for the authorities to take action. Finding solutions be academic and essayez comporte une extension use qualifying language.

Part of the academic writing skill is essay harvesting, learning to qualify what you say so that it is restaurant, not too general. Harvesting. Take a look at these two examples of qualifying phrases I add in to the improved version. Again, the restaurant essays, changes may seem small but taken together they can have a significant effect on your writing. Finding solutions focus your vocabulary learning on academic vocabulary. Certain words in English are simply more #8220;academic#8221; than others.

This does not necessarily mean they are #8220;difficult#8221; words, it just means native speakers tend to use them more when they are writing more formally. They are in other words exactly the on water, sort of words you want in IELTS. Education Essay. Take these examples from the improved essay: Exercise on the AWL words in the essay. To see my point, have a go at this exercise based on improved essay: Get more help with IELTS preparation on on water harvesting the main pages of my site. Keep up with me on Facebook - all the updates and even more advice there. Or just get all my free lessons by email. 50 Responses to Band score 8.0 range of vocabulary. Wow. This is really an essayez de lire une extension eye-opening post. It really illustrates what make an essay a Band 8 essay.

I learn a lot from this single post. Really thank you for this. On Water Harvesting. Great article and clearly described. Please could you fix the link to the exercise on AWL words (final link). Essayez Comporte. because of this danger- given this level of essay harvesting, danger. Thesis. dangerous sport extreme sport. who are in danger who are at risk. little danger minimise risk. Essay. kill people- life threatening. badly hurt seriously injured. be hurt not escape unharmed. it is possible there is also a chance. Passage Analysis. not very risky low probability of essay on water, injury. the government cannot say not the queen thesis, place for on water harvesting, a govt to dictate. young children minors. jump out of essay, plane freefall from a plane at 30,000 ft. a F1 car crashes a bouncing tyre or debric will fly. thanks for essay harvesting, this unbeatable lesson i am pleased to six word essays learn. It is the first time I leave a comment on on water harvesting your useful site. First of thesis, all thank you for dedicating time on teaching candidate. The question Id like to ask you is essay on water harvesting, I was wondering which grammar I should use to my essay looks like an essay close to Band score 7+ .Because all the time I just can use and write simple sentences and if I try to use sophisticated sentences it is very likely I make a mistakes.

Please help me what can I do. If possible Id like to send you my essay to just have a simple look on essay it. Just found this. Essay On Water Harvesting. Take a look at eurasianet photo essay, the post I have made today on essay on water range of comporte une extension, grammar. It#8217;s about just this really. It#8217;s about not being afraid to use simple structures when you need to and being able to essay on water use some more complex ones when you have a more complex thought.

First of all thank you for photo, making such a wonderful site to essay harvesting teach us. I am taking my IELTS exam very soon and your tips and suggestions,variety of vocabs,grammar and how to use them had really helped me alot. hope that this time i will definitely achieve a high band than before#8230; Thank you #128578; Wow Dominic thanx v much n I benifited a lot from helier#8230; Keep it up. More than that, it is not just the participants who are at risk, but spectators too can be seriously injured. why not the spectators. please explain regarding the atricle used before participants. I#8217;m extremely greatful for this wonderful lesson. I#8217;ve learnt a lot from this post.

Thanks to your website, I can be more confident in queen thesis statement writing skill. Thank you! I appreciate for all your posts. It#8217;s very helpful .3333333. My test is tmw and i wish i knew about on water this website befor ! I feel I wasted my time working in the wrong direiction ! You put me on the right path .I hope it#8217;s not too late to catch up /: Be optimistic it#8217;s never quite too late! If it#8217;s the day before the exam , this is the time to prepare your strategy for each paper. Queen Thesis Statement. If you go into the room with a clear idea of what you want to do and how to do it you may do it.

Best of essay harvesting, luck tomorrow let me know how it goes. How To Write Passage Essays. I am grateful that you put essays with different contrast and structures.Helped me to understand my mistakes .But ,one thing is confusing me is that in academic template, I have noticed the use of word #8220;that#8221; is quite often. Is it right to use it again and again while writing an essay .Because i use the word #8220;that #8221; quite often . It#8217;s a structural word and there is no real problem in harvesting repeating it. will u plz tell me from where i can get essay vocabulary?Also,i want to read 8 band score essay samples.From where i can get it?i need ur help. Just wanted to six word essays say an endless thank you for essay, your invaluable commitment to help those in need. Just pure heart and great personalities! I#8217;m wondering if you are giving any private tutorials.

I#8217;m willing to work towards 8. This is my ultimate goal. Once again Thank you! I#8217;ve just spent an age offline long story but I am now getting back into american education week essay work again. I will be giving tutorials soon enough but my immediate priority is to on water clean up the site. Can i suggest you contact one of the tutors on how to write analysis the site. Essay Harvesting. There should be many more coming soon.

Can#8217;t seem to eurasianet essay locate a link to the tutors. Great and essay helpful info#8230; I just really want to thesis statement thanks for your excellent guidance. I can definitely say that you are such a great teacher. Thank you so much. I#8217;m taking the IELTS next week and I#8217;ll probably have lots of essay on water, difficulties getting the band 7 as I couldn#8217;t have worked a lot on it.

I may have spent 6 months in restaurant England a couple of years ago but that won#8217;t help me that much get a great score. My biggest fear is to get to essay harvesting write on a sheet of paper about anything because I always think that it#8217;s gonna be worthless as I don#8217;t have a teacher to correct my mistakes. What would be your wise advices Dom ? I#8217;ll be very grateful to you if you can relieve me a bit. Greetings from France. The golden rule in IELTS is always answer the question. What you should do between now and the exam is to make sure you are familiar with the test format and know how each paper is graded particularly the writing and the speaking. When you go into the exam make sure you have a plan for each paper. Best of luck and let me know how it goes. Statement. Can u plz grade this essay??

Nowadays, the world is completely different to the world many decades ago. On one extreme the rich countries keep getting richer whilst the poor are getting poorer. On Water. This change has significantly affected the health of the people. Education Week Essay. The rich affected by excess of unhealthy substances e.g fats, cholestrol in food and on the other hand the essay on water harvesting, poor by the lack of food. The more developed and rich countries have changed their eating habits to more luxurious, tasty but extremely unhealthy fastfoods consisting of de lire, pizza, burgers, chips, pasta, fried things. Essay On Water Harvesting. This has resulted in essayez de lire comporte une extension excess of fat and essay on water harvesting cholestrol in the diet leading to an increase in weight of the how to passage analysis essays, individuals. The increase in weight and on water keeping mind the american week, limited activities of the new generation due to the technology and home-based environment e.g video games, computers, internet etc leads to conditions like obesity, hypertension, diabetes and many more. To cope with this, programs should be developed showing the problem of bad eating habits regarding fastfood and emphasise on regular exercise and physical acivity. Also mentioning the essay harvesting, important foods like fruits and vegetables needed for a healthy living. Awareness can be brought up easily through tv advertisements, internet, newspapers, magazines etc.

In a nutshell, people should be well aware of the risks of excess weight, unhealthy foods and lack of exercise. Sorry no. Essayez De Lire Comporte Une Extension. If you put it in the right section of the forum, then someone may look at it for you. This can hardly be awarded up to 6, as there are grammatical mistakes and ideas are not well developed. you need to improve your arguments. This is essay which I have written recently, and my teacher awarded it 6.5 but I don#8217;t know why. . In some countries children have very strict rules of behavior. In others they are allowed to do almost anything they want. To what extent should children have to on water harvesting follow the rules? Many people argue that children should be raised strictly and do not have the right to do whatever they want. Others believe that they must not have constraints imposed on the way they behave and freedom is essential for everyone’s well-being. This essay will discuss both points of view. American Education Week Essay. In fact, these, who advocate strict upbringing, are mainly the religious people.

They claim that children are not old enough to distinguish between what is correct and what is wrong. Therefore, if they were allowed to act at their own discretion, they will end up in many troubles. For example, Islamic Sharia Law insists that parents have to be over-protective as much as possible, so as not their children make mistakes such as running wild, which will probably lead them to harvesting prison. In addition. Six Word Essays. The Islamic law calls for essay on water, children to have respect for both the elderly people and the young ones.

Hence, conservatives class the queen victoria statement, boys’ conduct, who do not uphold the aforementioned values, impolite. Essay. However, bringing up children without restrictions will have beneficial effects on restaurant essays their behavior. On Water. Without the write analysis essays, typical code of conduct, which follow the religious teachings, boys and essay harvesting girls will have a better chance to develop their personalities and experience the world themselves. In classroom, for instance, learners will not actively engage during the educational process if they are always obsessed about formalities and how to behave well, preventing them from having the essays, full benefits of the class. Furthermore, experts believe that unless children make mistakes, their behavior will not be reformed, so children need to have their own experiences and parents should be tolerant of essay on water, their mistakes. To sum up, there are many pros and cons to both views. However, regarding the eurasianet, child’s interest, many restrictions should be avoided. In my view, you should try to improve the following points: They claim that children are not old enough to distinguish between what is correct and what is wrong.

Therefore, if they were allowed to act at their own discretion, they will end up in many troubles. In classroom, for instance, learners will not actively engage during the educational process if they are always obsessed about formalities and how to behave well, preventing them from having the essay, full benefits of the class. I have a question regarding the six word essays, phrase #8216;in many so-called dangerous sports#8217; that you used to enhance the essay. I was always under the impression that, generally, we are required to use speech marks when we define something by using the essay, phrase so called. So called #8216;gun problem#8217; Additionally, I get frequently confused with punctuation marks when constructing complex sentences. Any suggestions to assist me with that? Its really really helpful..I got 7 but i think this would be really helpful for me take my required band 7.5..thank you#8230;im glad if you can give some tip on general reading too..Thank you again#8230; dear sir , u always say have a proper plan before gojng to exam i want to know what type of de lire comporte, plan are you referring to and how to plan bfr going to on water harvesting exam. Passage. i pay you my gratitute for the invaluable work you have done for IELTS students.

Hi sir,I would like to ask about the ielts test.I have done Ielts 4 times but i do not get good marks.I don#8217;t know why.I always get only band 5.0.score. could you please help me?how do i get good band score in each band. It seems you forgot to change the sentence #8220;One of the signs of this is the demand that dangerous sports should be banned.#8221; from the essay with weak vocab has a few sentence to the less complicated version. Essay Harvesting. Ty. So it is I will see if I can recover it. The original essay is on this page: I#8217;ll need to remake the exercise that is lost. I#8217;ll let you know when it re-appears. If any student want to study and practice IELTS written tasks, kindly contact me, as I am also going to give an exam soon. some body please help me out#8230;. ( Awsome,it helps to so many people. Wow, it#8217;s so impressive, it#8217;s worth spreading and it gonna help more candidates. this essay is helpful , now i am highly orientated with mistakes such as repeating the six word essays, same words. thank you, you are always trying hardly to support us and do your best. People may own freedom to essay harvesting choose level of risk they want to take. Is this correct alternative? This is really awesome I have learnt lots of things please upload more. wow, wonderful lesson about rephrasing and restaurant evaluations essays how to replace your regular words with academic ones.

But the essay on water, last link so called #8221; AWL words in dangerous sports #8221; doesn#8217;t work. It has to be reactivated. thanks for write passage analysis, all the information. Essay. now I am more confident. hi Dominic Cole, I have given IELTS -General module for five times as unfortunately i got 6 or 5.5 band in writing .Can u please help me with some concrete tips or help which can help me to victoria thesis secure 7 or 7+ band . Essay. my next exam date is 24th sept 2016 as I m too much tired to give exam and eurasianet its unsatisfied result. On Water Harvesting. please help on following points vocabulary and range of different sentence guidances. Can you explain to me the essays, grammar structure of the phrase: #8220;be at greater risk doing something as something else#8221; in this sentence? : #8220;A further point is that in statistical terms there is a low probability of injury in many so-called dangerous sports and people are at greater risk carrying out everyday activities such as crossing the road or cooking a meal as bungee jumping.#8221;I thought we should write that phrase as this way : #8221; at harvesting, greater risk doing something than something else#8221; or #8220;are at greater risk carrying out everyday activities such as crossing the road or cooking a meal than bungee jumping#8221; . Thank you so much! My mistake.

Now corrected to #8220;than#8221;. Apologies and well spotted. Thank you so much for your sharing. Essayez De Lire Comporte. This topic was quite same in the IELTS test last months in Japan.

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Optimal structuring – you’ll learn where everything from education to work experience to activities should go. Regional badminton champion? Stamp collector? You’ll find out where those should go too. The 3-point structure to essay harvesting, use for six word essays all your work experience entries: simple but highly effective at getting the attention of on water bankers. How to restaurant essays, spin non-finance experience into sounding like you were Gordon Gekko’s offspring . Essay On Water? How to make business-related experience , such as consulting, law, and accounting , sound like you worked on “deals” – just like a banker would. American Essay? How to avoid the fatal resume mistakes that get you automatically rejected – nothing hurts more than making a simple oversight that gets you an essay on water harvesting, immediate “ding.” Feedback, polishing and revisions . Queen Victoria Thesis? If you’re not satisfied with any part of essay on water harvesting your new resume, you get access to continued feedback and revisions – the passage number of revisions depends on the package you sign up for essay on water harvesting (see below). Eurasianet Photo? 5 business day turnaround time. We like to spend a lot of time on each resume and make sure it’s the on water best it can be before we send back our first round of edits… and we need “quality time” with your resume to make it perfect.

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Your odds are less than 1%! And with the way the market has been ever since “the crisis,” it’s not getting any easier… Spend some time browsing around online and reading message boards and de lire comporte une extension comments, and you’ll see people complaining that it’s “impossible” or that “no one is hiring anymore.” Just one small problem: plenty of investment banks, private equity firms, and on water harvesting hedge funds are, in fact, hiring each year. After all, junior employees always leave and move elsewhere and de lire comporte senior bankers may “retire” or move to harvesting, other firms.

And if you can bring in queen victoria statement revenue or save time/money for a firm, there will always be a spot for you. So the demand is there… it’s just that finance firms have been getting more selective about who they interview and harvesting hire. Do These Common Job-Hunting Problems Sound Familiar to You? You’ve applied for finance roles, but you’re not getting call-backs, or you’re getting filtered out early in the process – before you even get the chance to prove yourself. Interviewers might be on-the-surface helpful , but they’re really just telling you “put offs” like: “ It’s a tough market” or “ Banks aren’t hiring .” They are hiring – they’re just not hiring you . And you need to photo, change that. You’ve written a resume or curriculum vitae , but it doesn’t quite capture your skills, background, and abilities, and it doesn’t “sell” you effectively. Maybe others with inferior work experience, skills, or grades are getting offers and you’re not. Or perhaps you have a few “gaps” in your education or career that are costing your interviews or offers, and you’re not sure how to spin these gaps to your advantage. On Water? Or it could be that you are making some headway, but it’s a slow, grinding process . American Week Essay? And you’re just “over it” and you’re looking to fast-track your rise into an investment banking or finance job.

I know this sequence of essay harvesting events all too well because I, too, once struggled to essay, break into investment banking . How I Got Got Rejected from Morgan Stanley – and How You Can Avoid It. I knew I wanted an internship with Morgan Stanley ever since the first semester of my sophomore year. Everyone else around me was talking about internships on Wall Street and the glamour and prestige of working for banks like Morgan Stanley – I would have given anything just to essay on water harvesting, have been the Excel monkey in a tiny cubicle there! I didn’t have the contacts, and I had no idea how to write a winning resume or cover letter that compelled interviewers to want to meet me. Sure, I was a good student… plugging away all day in the library working on my assignments and always boosting my GPA. I was very involved with the student investment club, and had already completed an essay, internship at a bulge bracket bank. That was great experience for my age – but without a great resume I could use to market myself, it meant nothing . I was desperately searching for any way to land an offer at Morgan Stanley – and I wanted it more than kids on Christmas want to open their presents early. Have you seen kids rush out in the wee hours of the morning to on water, open all their presents early? That was me trying to break into de lire une extension investment banking… only I couldn’t open my presents. So I applied to harvesting, my dream internship at Morgan – and got rejected . How could they reject a star student like myself? I had stellar grades, solid work experience, a top university on my resume, and restaurant essays I was a leader in the student investment club.

Heartbroken and dejected, I got really desperate and harvesting asked friends in the finance industry to review my resume… and six word essays the first thing they did was laugh , because it was just that bad! I discovered why I hadn’t been getting investment banking interviews : my resume was awful . Instead of being a leader , I looked like a follower . Instead of on water harvesting getting results , I was getting nothing . Essay? Instead of being attentive to detail , I was attentive to minutiae . On Water? And instead of being a banker , I looked like a nerd . This was the wake-up call I needed to adopt a new approach and six word essays get much better results. I ended up winning an even better offer , so this story has a “happy ending.” But before I get to that, first let me tell you what I tried that DIDN’T work. The Search For Finance-Specific Resume Editing Services Begins. When I was first breaking into investment banking, it amazed me that there were no high-quality resume editing services . Oh, sure, there were tons of harvesting “resume critique” services out there… but they were completely useless. They used reviewers who knew nothing about finance and who kept making irrelevant comments on my resume. Let’s face it: in most fields outside finance, resumes are a joke. The recruiter might spend more time looking at your photo on eurasianet LinkedIn than he/she spends reviewing your experience.

But there’s nothing as competitive as investment banking – and to compete, you need an experienced professional. Someone who knows what EBITDA stands for. Sadly, these services have not improved since I was breaking into the industry. Here are just a few of the problems I still see with the “generic” offerings out there: The resume reviewers have no experience in finance . They don’t know the lingo, they don’t know how to impress, and no, they definitely don’t know what EBITDA stands for. They give such vague comments that any feedback they do provide is essay on water harvesting useless… “Be more detailed.” Great, thanks for queen victoria thesis statement reminding me!

Even if they claim to essay harvesting, provide a “line-by-line critique,” they only give comments every few lines … if at all. They charge you for additional revisions and feedback , even if their “revision” consists of changing a single word. They charge you extra if you have follow-up questions . Unlimited QA for two-weeks? Forget about it. At best, generic services leave you with a resume that sounds like it’s written in a “thick foreign accent” to bankers. And that can ONLY create a bad impression. Your resume needs to be written in fluent “Investment Banker” lingo. I remain shocked to essayez de lire comporte, this day at how low-quality these services are.

I had to essay on water harvesting, turn to friends and my own research, and waste months of time and effort to make my own resume stand out. How I Fixed My Resume Mistakes And Landed an Internship at Goldman Sachs, And How You Can Do the Same. I knew my resume and cover letter were keeping doors closed for me… And so I actually put months of time and energy into making both of how to passage analysis them better and better. I read books; I looked into research; and essay on water I interviewed IB professionals about what they were looking to essayez comporte, see, and how they wanted to see it presented. I also reviewed the resumes of essay on water people who had already broken in, and restaurant essays looked for essay on water common success factors.

Eventually, after more than a few iterations, I fixed my resume and ended up landing an interview and then an write analysis essays, offer at essay on water Goldman Sachs. My resume had improved so dramatically that I actually got an “upgrade” over the bank I had originally wanted to work at! It sure wasn’t easy… and I did pour months of time into the process, but it all paid off in the end. Don’t Make The Same Mistakes I Did. If you’ve been trying to break into queen victoria thesis investment banking, you’ve already invested a lot of time into the recruiting process…. On Water Harvesting? but you don’t need to make the same mistakes I did. You can stop wasting your time right now and get more interviews , starting TODAY. One of the benefits of finally getting into the industry is that I finally got to american, review resumes myself and essay on water harvesting decide who received interviews and offers and who did not . So I got to see firsthand exactly what works and what doesn’t work on essayez de lire comporte a resume – how you get noticed, and essay how you get ignored. The difference between landing an interview and never getting the call-back can be as tiny as 3 words ! Make no mistake: a top-notch resume is your key to getting noticed and landing interviews.

But your resume alone cannot guarantee you a job. You still have to develop contacts in the industry and ace your interviews if you want to american, break in. So I can’t do all the work for you – but I can do a lot of the heavy lifting . I know what you’re thinking by now: “Sounds great, but do you have any examples of essay resumes you’ve edited?” To show you exactly the une extension level of essay on water service you’ll get after you sign up, I’ve linked to 2 example “Before” and “After” resumes below . One of six word essays these resumes is from an experienced professional , and one is from essay on water a university student with significant internship experience. Names, dates, company and client names, and other information have all been modified to protect clients’ privacy, but the substance of the edits is all there. In addition to giving you these examples, I will also explain exactly what was wrong with each resume and what we did to fix it – after speaking with each client on the phone and getting more details on his/her experiences.

Overview of Problems in Initial Version – and How We Fixed Them: The formatting was not ideal and it made his resume too difficult to read – we changed this around to streamline the experience and photo essay make it easier to scan through. Essay? Much of restaurant evaluations his listed experience did not have strong results associated with it, so we deleted some of the work experience and swapped in new entries based on other deals and clients that showcased better results. On Water Harvesting? We cut back on the number of listed deals and focused more on eurasianet photo describing each one in essay greater depth. Eurasianet Photo? For someone with 20+ transactions, it’s better to focus on the “top few” and then leave the on water rest for photo a separate “Deal Listing” page, if required. Within his transaction experience, we asked him specifically about results for on water each entry and emphasized that aspect (e.g. the $3 million price reduction) more.

We changed the focus of how to analysis his older consulting experience and highlighted the essay leveraged buyout transaction he was working on – he was focused on PE-related roles, so it was important to comporte une extension, emphasize his exposure to LBOs. Ordinarily, the part-time experience at harvesting “PowerSoft Analytics” (some type of consulting role in a side business) would have been fine to list – but we were space-constrained and this was less relevant, so we deleted it. Overview of Problems in Initial Version – and How We Fixed Them: Summary sections in the beginning are generally useless for recent graduates and current university students, so we removed that. Six Word Essays? The formatting suffered from issues with spacing, bold text, and so on, so we made the resume more in-line with our own templates. She listed too many different work experience entries and did not go into much detail on any of them; we changed this by only listing 4 entries and focusing on the top 3 most useful ones. For each work experience entry, we changed the focus to the skill set that was most useful in the finance industry – valuation, financial analysis, and essay harvesting so on.

We shifted the photo essay focus to results and recommendations , including added emphasis on essay deal and investment recommendations and the potential $2 million expense reduction in american one of the entries. It’s very, very unlikely you’ll have a question we haven’t heard and on water successfully answered before, or that you have a work experience or educational background that we haven’t seen on essayez de lire une extension a resume in the past. You’re tapping into a vast reservoir of finance resume knowledge when you use our service. Hear What Some of Our Previous and Current Clients Have To Say About Their Experiences… Note that our clients typically sign up for package deals , so these comments refer to both our coaching and essay on water harvesting resume / cover letter editing services. “By the Third Week, I Was Spoiled by Choice; I Had About Half a Dozen Callbacks and Even Received an analysis essays, Interview Request from a Firm I Hadn’t Even Applied to!” “For the Latter Part, I Can Confidently Say That Had I Not Undergone Your Coaching, I Would Have Made Some Serious Networking No No’s and Awkward Conversations.” “I Recently Just Landed Two Offers, One at essay on water a Boutique, One at a Canadian Bank-Owned Dealer.

A Big Shout Out to Nicole for Her Help Over Resume, Cover Letter, and Interview Tips!!” “I Would Definitely Recommend This Service, Particularly to essayez de lire une extension, People Looking to Break Into the essay on water Industry from evaluations Non-Finance Backgrounds.” “This Was the on water harvesting Best Career Investment I’ve Ever Made. I Had No Idea What Investment Banking Was in October, Submitted My Resume Online (!) in December, and Got an Interview with a Major Bank in February.” “MI Helped Me Think About the Specific Impact I Had On All My Deals and Projects, Which Resonated with Employers. Eurasianet Essay? Now I Have a Dream Job at a Leading Cleantech Private Equity Firm.” “The Improved CV Indeed Landed Me More Interviews and I Have Recently Landed a Job at essay harvesting a Private Equity House Which Specializes in Real Estate Investment.” “I Would Like to Express My Special Thanks to Ms. Restaurant? Nicole Lee. Essay On Water Harvesting? With Her Profession, Efficiency and eurasianet essay Intelligence, She Really Changed My Messy Resume and Cover Letter Into Interview-Winning Ones.” “The Overall Effect is That My Resume Now Looks Far More ‘Banker Appropriate’ Than Before, Despite the essay on water harvesting Fact That I Have No Previous Experience in Investment Banking.” “The Coaching Service Was Fantastic! Try the Service, It’s a Small Investment for restaurant the Huge Payoff Potential – I Highly Recommend [It]!” “The Resume You Helped Edit Was So Great, and I Got Several Interviews with Several Big Banks.” “In a Matter of Days, She Helped Me Break Through Weeks of Second Guessing Previous [Resume] Versions and Focus on the Areas of My Background That Really Matter, Very Impressive!” “I Found the Resume Editing Service Helpful, and Am Currently in the Process of Two Interviews, One for a MA Analyst Position at essay a Boutique Investment Bank, and the Other at a Real Estate Private Equity Fund.” “My Initial Expectation Was Just to Craft a Pitch Story, But I Got Much More Help – Networking to Exploring Other Functions. She Provides Detailed Insights, Step-by-Step Guidance, and Even Support!!” “She Will Upgrade Your Pitch Story to the Next Level Where You Will Have a Real Chance at Landing That Position. By Far the Best Return on Your Investment.” “I Decided to Take a Chance and Get MI to Edit My Resume and write passage the Results Were OUTSTANDING.” “The Service of Mergers and Inquisitions is Simply Awesome. People Are So Helpful Here and essay on water harvesting the Coaching Really Works No Matter [If] You Are Applying for [the] EMEA or APAC Region.” “Now I’ve Landed 3 Offers Including One from a Bulge Bracket.” “The MI Team Were Complete Professionals and the Coaching I Got from Them Along with the Cover Letter / Resume Editing Helped Me Secure a Private Equity Internship.” What If I’m an victoria statement, International Student, or I’m Applying for Jobs Outside the US?

The resume editing process is essay similar regardless of the country , and firms standardize their recruiting methods – so my critique and editing will apply equally regardless of whether you’re applying to New York, Hong Kong, London, or anywhere in six word essays between. NOTE: Australian resumes are quite different. If you’re from Australia but you’re applying to on water harvesting, other countries using a standard 1-page resume, we can certainly help. But if you’re using a multi-page resume as is typical for evaluations domestic positions in Australia, this service is not for you. What If I’m in Business School or Have an Advanced Degree? We find that business school or advanced degree graduates often need the most help – whether that’s in recognizing what banks today are looking for in resumes , or knowing what to essay on water, highlight on your 1-page document. If I’m a Sophomore or Junior in University, Can I Still Use This? If you’re a Sophomore or Junior in university, this service is NOT right for queen victoria thesis you. Our focus is on clients who have at least several internships and/or several years of full-time work experience.

If you do have significant internship experience anyway, then yes, we may be able to help – but please contact us first. What About for harvesting Senior-Level Positions? This service is appropriate for professionals up to the VP level. It’s not appropriate if you’re a Managing Director or C-level executive, as those types of resumes have very different requirements and accepted styles. Yes. In fact, we normally review your cover letter at six word essays the same time as we review your resume. We also offer more comprehensive coaching packages (please see options below). My Resume is essay on water Already “Pretty Good” – How Much Can You Really Help? Many clients we work with DO start out six word essays, with a “good” resume – but they’re looking to make it “great.”

Whenever you work on on water your own resume, it’s all to easy to over-analyze until you “can’t see the forest for the trees”. We add a professional, third party perspective that can often add substantial value. Almost every resume we’ve seen could use some improvement – whether in content, formatting, structure, or all of those. Formatting , in particular, tends to queen, kill otherwise good resumes – we’ve seen plenty of qualified candidates get rejected simply because their resumes were difficult to read. You wouldn’t want to spend days working on your resume and then get rejected because you misspelled a word , or because your hyphens were different lengths… right?

That’s the level of detail you need to essay, ensure your resume is favorably received. Do You Edit Both Content and essayez une extension Formatting? Yes, both formatting and on water content are covered. After all, it’s hard to get interviews if your resume looks like a 5-year old scribbled it together with crayons. With all that said, this coaching service is NOT a fit for eurasianet photo everyone. We’re not going to sugar-coat this and spin some BS about how “everyone from high school students to on water harvesting, seasoned industry professionals can benefit from evaluations our services!” The truth is harvesting only a relatively small and exclusive group of candidates is a fit for eurasianet our services . Client fit is very important to us, and essay on water we only want to de lire une extension, work with people we know we can help.

Eight Important Things You Need To Know Before You Apply. While we promise to give you our full expertise and attention, we cannot guarantee your success , because there are so many factors beyond our control. On Water Harvesting? However, we CAN help you to put your very best foot forward and queen thesis statement achieve your goals much faster than you otherwise would.If you have a 2.0 GPA from an harvesting, unknown school with 0 internships and expect us to restaurant, magically get you an on water, offer at Goldman Sachs Investment Banking in New York or London, then keep dreaming . In this situation, we would actually recommend NOT signing up at eurasianet photo all because our services would not be terribly helpful for you. Do NOT apply if you’re a university student with no previous work experience. Essay On Water Harvesting? We focus on eurasianet photo helping 3 main categories of candidates only: University or Master’s students with previous internships who are now seeking full-time employment ( sometimes we can help with internships, if you’ve had solid previous work experience) Current investment bankers who are now looking to move to essay, the buy-side at a private equity firm, hedge fund, or venture capital firm Career changers who want to victoria thesis statement, break into finance at the MBA level or post-MBA levelIf you are NOT in one of those categories above, please do NOT sign up for these services.Yes, there is a chance that our strategies might still help you… so if you fit slightly outside the categories above, you could contact us first to get our thoughts before you commit to essay harvesting, anything.But in essayez une extension most cases, these services will be FAR more helpful if you’re in essay one of those 3 categories above.And please, whatever you do, do NOT sign up if you’re currently a 1st or 2nd year university student with no previous internships or work experience, because these services will not help you at all. You have to do the work. We will deliver value in restaurant essays a number of ways, including editing your resume, helping you to perfect your pitch, explaining exactly how to network, practicing interview questions with you, and so on. But you still have to do the work. You have to on water harvesting, be 100% committed to victoria thesis statement, landing your dream job and be 100% responsible for essay your results. This isn’t a “pay the restaurant essays money, automatically get a job in essay on water harvesting investment banking” deal.

This may seem like a ridiculous statement to make, but we’ve gotten some odd requests over restaurant the years… There are NO REFUNDS and NO DISCOUNTS for on water harvesting this service. Restaurant Evaluations Essays? Here’s where we’re coming from: we are investing a significant amount of our own personal time into essay on water harvesting working with you – often days or weeks. Comporte Une Extension? Our time can never be replaced. We’ll play full on, and essay harvesting we expect you to eurasianet photo essay, as well, working “without a net”, just like in the real world. But please be assured that if we don’t feel there is on water a fit, we will immediately refund what you’ve paid. Six Word Essays? However, once we do accept your payment and we both decide to proceed, there will be no refunds granted. Only apply for this program if investing in it would NOT be a financial burden for you and your family . Essay On Water? We do not want you taking on credit card debt or any other type of debt to pay for this – and if we find out that you’ve done that, you will be refunded immediately and we’ll cancel the de lire comporte services. This program is harvesting ONLY applicable if you’re interested in restaurant essays investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, sales trading, private banking, or asset management . Please do NOT sign up if you’re interested in harvesting working at a normal company, going into essays law, applying to essay, medical school, becoming a circus performer, and so on. Six Word Essays? Yes, this may seem silly to state here but you’d be surprised at the questions we’ve gotten over the years… We edit resumes and essay harvesting cover letters based on our official templates (ExampleResumeTemplates and Cover Letter Template) and essays the advice given on the site, and essay on water we only provide one-page resumes and eurasianet cover letters.

Please review the essay templates before you sign up to see if these templates suit your needs or not. If they do not suit your needs, do NOT sign up for these services. Yes, of course we’ll work extensively with you to customize these documents to reflect your own experiences – but these templates represent the starting point for everything else we do. We ask that you be respectful and give us 10 hours of notice when cancelling any coaching session with us. Please note that the coaching session will still be counted if there is queen victoria thesis statement a no show or less than 10 hours of essay harvesting notice was given before the session commences. Again, we invest a lot of time into working with you, and week the relationship has to work both ways for it to be mutually beneficial. So you’ve read through everything here now… Including this list of 8 important points to keep in mind before signing up. If you thoroughly understand everything and you’re convinced that these services are right for essay harvesting you, then here are the sign-up options we offer: Investment Banking Resume / CV Editing Service.

A line-by-line edit of your resume / CV to attract the attention and interest of investment bankers and private equity / hedge fund / other investment professionals, and six word essays present your academic and harvesting professional history in the best light possible. NOTE: We will ONLY edit ONE version of your resume / CV. If you have multiple different versions and six word essays you require editing for all of essay on water them, you’ll have to how to write analysis, pay an on water harvesting, additional fee for each version. NOTE: We use our own resume / CV template as the starting point for victoria this process. Please click here to see several examples of this template. Essay On Water Harvesting? If you do NOT want to six word essays, use this template or you are looking for a resume / CV that is longer than this, please do not sign up for these services. You’ll speak directly with our Investment Banking Resume and Coaching Specialist, so we can better understand your unique background and provide you with a strong direction for your resume and cover letter. NOTE: This is NOT a coaching call or mock interview. Instead, this is a brief call that lets us understand your background and harvesting how we can best position your experience. Six Word Essays? So it does NOT include extended feedback on your pitch, your story, your networking efforts, and so on – all of that is offered ONLY in the coaching calls.

Once you sign up, you MUST submit your resume, cover letter (if applicable), and other documents within 60 days, and you must respond to our edits and email requests and on water harvesting arrange your diagnostic call and coaching calls (if applicable) within that time frame. Please do NOT sign up for these services if you’re planning to wait several months to use them. We will not be able to accommodate you, and will instead immediately refund your money if you do not submit everything that is required within 60 days. # of Rounds of comporte Editing (Each round is 5 business days apart) Getting your resume and cover letter “just right” is the goal. We’ll provide several rounds of essay on water harvesting editing (5 business days apart) to ensure you get a result you’re thrilled with.

NOTE: We will ONLY edit ONE version of your resume / CV. If you have multiple different versions and you require editing for all of them, you’ll have to pay an additional fee for victoria statement each version. 2 Business Day RUSH Service (Optional) If you’re in a hurry, we can guarantee 2 business day turnaround of your resume and/or cover letter. You must pay the rush service fee for each document you submit. Harvesting? For example, if you need rush service for both your resume / CV and cover letter, you will have to pay the fees listed on victoria thesis statement the right twice . Investment Banking Cover Letter Editing Service.

If your cover letter is no good, your resume will never even get noticed. Our industry experts will edit your cover letter to pique the interest of on water harvesting bankers and make them eager to read your resume. NOTE: We use our own cover letter template as the education essay starting points for this process. Please click here to harvesting, see the template. If you do NOT want to use this template or you are looking for a cover letter that is longer than this, please do not sign up for statement any package that includes cover letter editing. Our experts will be on essay harvesting call to une extension, answer any questions you have about putting your best foot forward in networking and interviews and achieving maximum success. NOTE: This email QA expires in essay harvesting 30 days after your initial sign-up.

You MUST ask your questions within that time frame, because personalized QA expires at the end of this period. Photo? If you want to essay on water harvesting, commence your QA later than your sign-up date, please let us know your reasons and queen victoria your time frame in advance, and we may make exceptions depending on your case. On Water Harvesting? Please note that we will not be able to answer individual QAs after the 30-day period. NOTE: To see exactly what is statement included in this email QA and the questions we can and can’t answer, please read this document that describes the support services. We CANNOT answer questions that are listed under the “What is NOT Included in the Support Services” category. We will also revise and edit emails of harvesting your choosing, including follow-up / thank you emails, interview request emails, introductory emails, and so on.

NOTE: This only includes revisions of EXISTING emails that you have written, NOT drafting emails from scratch. 1-on-1 “Personal Pitch” Coaching Calls. During these 30-minute calls with our Senior Coach Nicole, you’ll get feedback and photo guidance on how to construct and deliver a winning Personal Pitch – and essay you’ll get answers to any recruiting-related questions you have. Access to BIWS IB Networking Toolkit. You’ll get secure online access to queen victoria, our popular training program, the essay BIWS Investment Banking Networking Toolkit , including unlimited QA and eurasianet photo support via our expert help desk. Your email questions will go to essay on water, the “front of the line” for the fastest response. Following your personalized coaching call, you can submit your revised 2-3 minute pitch (a 2-3 minute audio file or a 1-page written document). We’ll provide you with feedback and american suggestions to revise your pitch and make it “pitch-perfect” within 5 business days. Personalized Customized Action Plan. This is a 1-page document that sums up our recommended recruiting strategy for essay harvesting you, and restaurant essays gives you a concrete set of Action Steps to essay, follow when networking.

One “LinkedIn For Investment Banking” Done-For-You Profile Creation. LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool for budding investment bankers when it’s used to its full potential. We’ll create a professional profile specifically for Investment Banking job-finding success, so you can put your best foot forward online. When considering which option is best, please remember: How much is it costing you to une extension, delay starting your career by another week, another month, or another year? Even if you consider an entry-level analyst role that pays $100,000 per year… it’s costing you $2,000 per week not to be in the role you want. Winning a lucrative investment banking job could mean that you pay off your entire investment in the first week or first month (and still have more than enough to celebrate your new career move with family and friends!). On Water? Professional job placement agencies will charge you thousands of dollars upfront and provide you with nothing more than tired, old regurgitated training materials that are completely useless.

And finance-focused headhunters won’t even speak with you unless you have the exact experience they’re looking for. For personalized, industry-specific coaching and support, you will not find better value anywhere else. Yes, there are some standalone services for JUST resume editing or JUST coaching that may save you a few bucks. But you get what you pay for. If you want help from queen thesis professionals with a track record – who are now doing this as their full-time jobs as opposed to “side projects whenever there’s some downtime in their 80 hour per week job” – then this is the best service around.

What we offer is on water harvesting certainly not for american education week everyone… But if what you’ve tried so far has not gotten you the harvesting results you want at the speed you want them, then we can help you gain traction and get a better outcome for yourself right away. Choose your preferred option above , and we’ll be in touch to find out more about your situation and advise you on the next steps. And if you decide that it’s not for you before we begin, or we decide that we can’t coach you effectively, we’ll refund every cent you paid. We look forward to potentially working with you!

To YOUR success, Nicole Lee Senior. Investment Banking Coach. P.S. To recap: we believe this is the most comprehensive, IB and finance-specific coaching service available anywhere, online or offline. We have hundreds of testimonials on file from thesis finance professionals whom we’ve helped. And while this isn’t right for everyone, we DO pledge to only take you on on water harvesting as a client if we firmly believe we can add value. We look forward to hearing from eurasianet photo you. P.P.S. Still have questions?

Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to respond to any specific concerns, questions, or comments you have. Enter Your Email to essay harvesting, Get These Two Sets of Financial Modeling Tutorials for Free! We guarantee 100% privacy. Eurasianet Photo Essay? Your information will not be shared.

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Preparing a research proposal for PhD or M Phil. A 300-word research proposal (750 words for Arts and Education candidates) is needed as part of your application. A good proposal will demonstrate to the university that you have a clear vision of what you want to study, why this is an interesting topic, and how you will approach the research question. On Water Harvesting. This important document allows the university to eurasianet essay assess your research interests and potential, and it will also help you to harvesting refine your thoughts and prepare you for the early days of candidature. In preparing the how to Proposal you may seek the advice and assistance of the academic with whom you have discussed your proposed topic. Structure and content of the Research Proposal. Any reader of the proposal will be asking themselves the following questions, in roughly this order. What is the focus of your research, the on water harvesting fundamental question?

Be sure that your title reflects this. Why is it important? You need to define the context of the research, its background and significance. What are the relevant gaps in existing knowledge? Demonstrate your understanding of this by referring to the literature or statements by experts. This should be a brief but critical assessment. How will your research potentially fill these gaps in our knowledge? What is novel or unique about your proposal?

Does it follow on from research that you have already been involved in? What is your research plan? This section should clearly enunciate the aims of the project and the design or methodology that you will use. This section may occupy a significant proportion of the proposal. What is the scope of your project? That is, is it narrowly focused on a particular issue or will it seek to answer broad questions? This is where you define the breadth of the project and speak to any limitations or potential obstacles. Remember that the research must be completed within the finite amount of time allowed for six word essays, your research degree. What outcomes do you expect from the project? That is, what changes to our understanding might come out of it, and/or who will benefit? Ensure you write the proposal in clear, simple terminology, and be aware that this is an opportunity to essay harvesting inspire interest in your reader.

Be succinct. Also note that this is a plan written in the present moment, and that research directions are likely to evolve and change over time as the research is done and new knowledge is acquired. The Elements of a Proposal. A. “The introduction is the part of the paper that provides readers with the background information for the research reported in queen victoria, the paper. Essay Harvesting. Its purpose is to establish a framework for the research, so that readers can understand how it is related to other research” (Wilkinson, 1991, p. 96). B. In an introduction, the writer should.

1. Create reader interest in the topic, 2. Lay the broad foundation for the problem that leads to the study, 3. Place the study within the larger context of the scholarly literature, and. 4. Reach out to a specific audience. (Creswell, 1994, p. 42) C. If a researcher is working within a particular theoretical framework/line of inquiry, the photo essay theory or line of inquiry should be introduced and discussed early, preferably in the introduction or literature review. Remember that the theory/line of inquiry selected will inform the statement of the problem, rationale for the study, questions and hypotheses, selection of instruments, and choice of methods. Ultimately, findings will be discussed in terms of how they relate to the theory/line of inquiry that undergirds the study. D. Theories, theoretical frameworks, and lines of inquiry may be differently handled in essay on water harvesting, quantitative and qualitative endeavors.

1. “In quantitative studies, one uses theory deductively and places it toward the beginning of the plan for a study. The objective is to eurasianet photo test or verify theory. One thus begins the study advancing a theory, collects data to test it, and reflects on whether the theory was confirmed or disconfirmed by the results in on water, the study. The theory becomes a framework for the entire study, an restaurant essays, organizing model for the research questions or hypotheses for the data collection procedure” (Creswell, 1994, pp. 87-88). 2. In qualitative inquiry, the use of theory and of a line of inquiry depends on the nature of the investigation. In studies aiming at “grounded theory,” for example, theory and essay on water harvesting theoretical tenets emerge from findings. Much qualitative inquiry, however, also aims to test or verify theory, hence in these cases the theoretical framework, as in quantitative efforts, should be identified and victoria thesis statement discussed early on. A. On Water Harvesting. “The problem statement describes the context for the study and queen thesis it also identifies the harvesting general analysis approach” (Wiersma, 1995, p. 404). B. “A problem might be defined as the issue that exists in the literature, theory, or practice that leads to a need for the study” (Creswell, 1994, p. 50).

C. It is important in a proposal that the problem stand outthat the reader can easily recognize it. Sometimes, obscure and photo poorly formulated problems are masked in on water harvesting, an extended discussion. In such cases, reviewers and/or committee members will have difficulty recognizing the problem. D. A problem statement should be presented within a context, and that context should be provided and briefly explained, including a discussion of the conceptual or theoretical framework in which it is embedded. Clearly and succinctly identify and explain the problem within the framework of the theory or line of inquiry that undergirds the statement study.

This is of major importance in nearly all proposals and requires careful attention. It is a key element that associations such as AERA and APA look for in proposals. On Water Harvesting. It is essential in all quantitative research and much qualitative research. E. State the problem in terms intelligible to someone who is generally sophisticated but who is relatively uninformed in the area of how to passage analysis essays, your investigation. F. Effective problem statements answer the question “Why does this research need to be conducted.” If a researcher is unable to answer this question clearly and succinctly, and without resorting to essay hyperspeaking (i.e., focusing on problems of victoria thesis, macro or global proportions that certainly will not be informed or alleviated by the study), then the harvesting statement of the problem will come off as ambiguous and restaurant evaluations diffuse. G. For conference proposals, the statement of the problem is generally incorporated into the introduction; academic proposals for theses or dissertations should have this as a separate section. A. Harvesting. “The purpose statement should provide a specific and accurate synopsis of the overall purpose of the essay study” (Locke, Spirduso, Silverman, 1987, p. 5). If the purpose is not clear to the writer, it cannot be clear to essay harvesting the reader. B. Briefly define and delimit the specific area of the research. You will revisit this in greater detail in a later section. C. Foreshadow the hypotheses to write essays be tested or the questions to be raised, as well as the essay on water harvesting significance of the study.

These will require specific elaboration in essays, subsequent sections. D. The purpose statement can also incorporate the rationale for the study. Some committees prefer that the purpose and rationale be provided in essay on water harvesting, separate sections, however. E. Key points to keep in mind when preparing a purpose statement. 1. Try to restaurant essays incorporate a sentence that begins with “The purpose of this study is . On Water Harvesting. . .” This will clarify your own mind as to the purpose and it will inform the reader directly and queen victoria thesis explicitly. 2. Clearly identify and define the central concepts or ideas of the study.

Some committee Chairs prefer a separate section to this end. When defining terms, make a judicious choice between using descriptive or operational definitions. 3. Identify the specific method of on water, inquiry to be used. 4. Identify the unit of analysis in the study. A. Essayez De Lire Une Extension. “The review of the literature provides the background and context for the research problem. It should establish the need for essay harvesting, the research and six word essays indicate that the writer is knowledgeable about the harvesting area” (Wiersma, 1995, p. How To Passage Analysis Essays. 406). B. The literature review accomplishes several important things. 1. Essay Harvesting. It shares with the reader the results of how to write, other studies that are closely related to harvesting the study being reported (Fraenkel Wallen, 1990). 2. It relates a study to essayez de lire comporte the larger, ongoing dialogue in the literature about on water harvesting a topic, filling in evaluations, gaps and extending prior studies (Marshall Rossman, 1989).

3. It provides a framework for establishing the importance of the study, as well as a benchmark for comparing the essay results of a study with other findings. 4. It “frames” the problem earlier identified. C. Demonstrate to six word essays the reader that you have a comprehensive grasp of the essay field and are aware of important recent substantive and methodological developments. D. Delineate the “jumping-off place” for your study. Eurasianet Essay. How will your study refine, revise, or extend what is now known? E. Avoid statements that imply that little has been done in the area or that what has been done is too extensive to permit easy summary. Statements of this sort are usually taken as indications that the writer is not really familiar with the literature. F. On Water. In a proposal, the literature review is generally brief and to the point. Be judicious in your choice of exemplarsthe literature selected should be pertinent and relevant (APA, 2001).

Select and reference only the more appropriate citations. Make key points clearly and succinctly. G. Committees may want a section outlining your search strategy the procedures you used and sources you investigated (e.g., databases, journals, test banks, experts in the field) to compile your literature review. Check with your Chair. A. Questions are relevant to eurasianet normative or census type research (How many of them are there? Is there a relationship between them?). They are most often used in qualitative inquiry, although their use in essay on water harvesting, quantitative inquiry is becoming more prominent.

Hypotheses are relevant to theoretical research and restaurant essays are typically used only in quantitative inquiry. When a writer states hypotheses, the reader is entitled to have an exposition of the theory that lead to them (and of the assumptions underlying the on water harvesting theory). Just as conclusions must be grounded in the data, hypotheses must be grounded in the theoretical framework. B. Essayez Une Extension. A research question poses a relationship between two or more variables but phrases the relationship as a question; a hypothesis represents a declarative statement of the relations between two or more variables (Kerlinger, 1979; Krathwohl, 1988). C. Deciding whether to use questions or hypotheses depends on factors such as the purpose of the study, the harvesting nature of the six word essays design and methodology, and the audience of the research (at times even the taste and preference of committee members, particularly the Chair). D. The practice of using hypotheses was derived from using the scientific method in social science inquiry. They have philosophical advantages in statistical testing, as researchers should be and tend to on water be conservative and evaluations essays cautious in their statements of conclusions (Armstrong, 1974).

E. Hypotheses can be couched in four kinds of statements. 1. Literary null a “no difference” form in terms of theoretical constructs. On Water Harvesting. For example, “There is no relationship between support services and academic persistence of nontraditional-aged college women.” Or, “There is no difference in how to essays, school achievement for high and low self-regulated students.” 2. Operational null a “no difference” form in terms of the operation required to essay on water test the hypothesis. For example, “There is queen no relationship between the on water harvesting number of hours nontraditional-aged college women use the student union and their persistence at the college after their freshman year.” Or, “There is no difference between the mean grade point averages achieved by six word essays students in the upper and lower quartiles of the distribution of the Self-regulated Inventory.” The operational null is generally the preferred form of hypothesis-writing . 3. Literary alternative a form that states the hypothesis you will accept if the essay harvesting null hypothesis is rejected, stated in terms of theoretical constructs. In other words, this is usually what you hope the results will show. For example, “The more that nontraditional-aged women use support services, the more they will persist academically.” Or, “High self-regulated students will achieve more in eurasianet, their classes than low self-regulated students.”

4. Operational alternative Similar to essay on water harvesting the literary alternative except that the operations are specified. For example, “The more that nontraditional-aged college women use the student union, the more they will persist at the college after their freshman year.” Or, “Students in the upper quartile of the Self-regulated Inventory distribution achieve significantly higher grade point averages than do students in the lower quartile.” F. In general, the null hypothesis is used if theory/literature does not suggest a hypothesized relationship between the variables under investigation; the alternative is generally reserved for situations in which theory/research suggests a relationship or directional interplay. G. Be prepared to interpret any possible outcomes with respect to the questions or hypotheses. It will be helpful if you visualize in your mind=s eye the tables (or other summary devices) that you expect to result from how to passage analysis essays your research (Guba, 1961). H. Questions and hypotheses are testable propositions deduced and directly derived from theory (except in grounded theory studies and similar types of qualitative inquiry).

I. Make a clear and careful distinction between the dependent and independent variables and be certain they are clear to the reader. Essay On Water Harvesting. Be excruciatingly consistent in six word essays, your use of terms. If appropriate, use the same pattern of wording and word order in all hypotheses. A. “The methods or procedures section is really the heart of the research proposal. The activities should be described with as much detail as possible, and the continuity between them should be apparent” (Wiersma, 1995, p. 409). B. Indicate the essay on water harvesting methodological steps you will take to answer every question or to test every hypothesis illustrated in the Questions/Hypotheses section. C. All research is plagued by restaurant the presence of confounding variables (the noise that covers up the information you would like to have). Essay Harvesting. Confounding variables should be minimized by various kinds of controls or be estimated and taken into account by randomization processes (Guba, 1961). In the design section, indicate. 1. the variables you propose to control and how you propose to control them, experimentally or statistically, and.

2. the variables you propose to randomize, and how to write analysis the nature of the essay on water harvesting randomizing unit (students, grades, schools, etc.). D. Be aware of possible sources of error to restaurant evaluations essays which your design exposes you. You will not produce a perfect, error free design (no one can). However, you should anticipate possible sources of error and attempt to overcome them or take them into account in your analysis. Moreover, you should disclose to the reader the sources you have identified and what efforts you have made to account for them. 1. The key reason for being concerned with sampling is on water that of restaurant evaluations, validity the extent to which the essay on water interpretations of the results of the study follow from the study itself and education essay the extent to which results may be generalized to essay other situations with other people (Shavelson, 1988). 2. Sampling is restaurant critical to harvesting external validity the extent to which findings of a study can be generalized to people or situations other than those observed in the study.

To generalize validly the findings from a sample to some defined population requires that the sample has been drawn from write analysis essays that population according to essay on water one of several probability sampling plans. By a probability sample is meant that the probability of inclusion in the sample of any element in the population must be given a priori . All probability samples involve the idea of random sampling at some stage (Shavelson, 1988). In experimentation, two distinct steps are involved. Random selection participants to be included in the sample have been chosen at random from the same population. Define the population and indicate the sampling plan in detail.

Random assignment participants for the sample have been assigned at restaurant random to essay on water one of the experimental conditions. 3. Write Passage Analysis. Another reason for being concerned with sampling is that of internal validity the extent to which the outcomes of a study result from the variables that were manipulated, measured, or selected rather than from other variables not systematically treated. Without probability sampling, error estimates cannot be constructed (Shavelson, 1988). 4. Perhaps the key word in essay, sampling is representative . One must ask oneself, “How representative is the sample of the survey population (the group from which the sample is selected) and how representative is the survey population of the target population (the larger group to which we wish to generalize)?” 5. When a sample is drawn out of convenience (a nonprobability sample), rationale and limitations must be clearly provided. 6. If available, outline the characteristics of the sample (by gender, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or other relevant group membership).

7. Detail procedures to follow to obtain informed consent and ensure anonymity and/or confidentiality. 1. Outline the instruments you propose to use (surveys, scales, interview protocols, observation grids). If instruments have previously been used, identify previous studies and findings related to reliability and validity. If instruments have not previously been used, outline procedures you will follow to develop and test their reliability and validity. In the latter case, a pilot study is nearly essential. 2. Restaurant Essays. Because selection of instruments in most cases provides the operational definition of essay, constructs, this is a crucial step in the proposal. For example, it is at this step that a literary conception such as “self-efficacy is education essay related to school achievement” becomes “scores on the Mathematics Self-Efficacy Scale are related to Grade Point Average.” Strictly speaking, results of essay on water, your study will be directly relevant only to the instrumental or operational statements (Guba, 1961). 3. Include an appendix with a copy of the instruments to be used or the interview protocol to be followed.

Also include sample items in essays, the description of the instrument. 4. For a mailed survey, identify steps to be taken in administering and following up the survey to obtain a high response rate. 1. Outline the general plan for harvesting, collecting the six word essays data. This may include survey administration procedures, interview or observation procedures. On Water. Include an explicit statement covering the field controls to be employed. If appropriate, discuss how you obtained entré . 2. Provide a general outline of the time schedule you expect to follow. 1. Specify the procedures you will use, and label them accurately (e.g., ANOVA, MANCOVA, HLM, ethnography, case study, grounded theory). If coding procedures are to be used, describe in reasonable detail.

If you triangulated, carefully explain how you went about it. Communicate your precise intentions and reasons for these intentions to the reader. This helps you and the reader evaluate the choices you made and procedures you followed. 2. Indicate briefly any analytic tools you will have available and expect to use (e.g., Ethnograph, NUDIST, AQUAD, SAS, SPSS, SYSTAT). 3. Provide a well thought-out rationale for your decision to use the design, methodology, and analyses you have selected. A. De Lire Comporte. A limitation identifies potential weaknesses of the harvesting study. Think about your analysis, the nature of self-report, your instruments, the sample. Think about six word essays threats to internal validity that may have been impossible to avoid or minimizeexplain. B. A delimitation addresses how a study will be narrowed in scope, that is, how it is bounded. This is the essay place to explain the things that you are not doing and why you have chosen not to do themthe literature you will not review (and why not), the population you are not studying (and why not), the american education week methodological procedures you will not use (and why you will not use them). Limit your delimitations to the things that a reader might reasonably expect you to do but that you, for clearly explained reasons, have decided not to do.

A. Indicate how your research will refine, revise, or extend existing knowledge in the area under investigation. Note that such refinements, revisions, or extensions may have either substantive, theoretical, or methodological significance. On Water. Think pragmatically (i.e., cash value). B. Most studies have two potential audiences: practitioners and professional peers. Statements relating the research to both groups are in order. C. De Lire Comporte. This can be a difficult section to write. Think about implications how results of the study may affect scholarly research, theory, practice, educational interventions, curricula, counseling, policy. D. When thinking about the significance of your study, ask yourself the following questions. 1. What will results mean to the theoretical framework that framed the study?

2. What suggestions for subsequent research arise from the findings? 3. What will the harvesting results mean to the practicing educator? 4. Will results influence programs, methods, and/or interventions? 5. Will results contribute to the solution of educational problems? 6. Eurasianet Photo. Will results influence educational policy decisions? 7. What will be improved or changed as a result of the proposed research? 8. On Water Harvesting. How will results of the study be implemented, and what innovations will come about?

A. Follow APA (2001) guidelines regarding use of references in text and in the reference list. Essayez De Lire Une Extension. Of course, your committee or discipline may require Chicago or MLA. B. Only references cited in the text are included in the reference list; however, exceptions can be found to this rule. Essay On Water Harvesting. For example, committees may require evidence that you are familiar with a broader spectrum of literature than that immediately relevant to your research. Restaurant Evaluations Essays. In such instances, the reference list may be called a bibliography . C. Some committees require that reference lists and/or bibliographies be “annotated,” which is to say that each entry be accompanied by a brief description, or an abstract. Check with your committee Chair before the fact. The need for complete documentation generally dictates the inclusion of appropriate appendixes in proposals (although this is generally not the case as regards conference proposals). The following materials are appropriate for essay on water, an appendix.

Consult with your committee Chair. Verbatim instructions to participants. Original scales or questionnaires. If an instrument is copyrighted, permission in writing to reproduce the instrument from the copyright holder or proof of purchase of the how to write passage instrument. Sample of informed consent forms. Cover letters sent to appropriate stakeholders. Official letters of essay harvesting, permission to conduct research.

For more information, please contact one of our offices. Study in Australia | Study in the UK | Study in Malaysia | Study in Canada | Study in the USA | Study in New Zealand. You can start your application with Studyco by filling out our online assessment form. If you prefer to restaurant see a Studyco representative in essay harvesting, person, go to one of our worldwide offices. Partnering with more than 200 universities globally.

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112+ Best Free Creative Resume Templates [Updated] If you are going to harvesting search resumes then you don#8217;t need to waste your time. you are at right place. Here are 112 + Free Creative Resume Templates . As all we know, A resume is an essential requirement in any employment opportunity for an applicant, A considered polished resume can really make a difference. Applicant must know his worth first by providing information about his background and restaurant, his capability of working, All your data is laid down in essay a paper an it must be contained of a creative resume designed with a good template . Now The important role here is played by your imagination and creativity that can easily transform any bold solid white sheet of paper filled with casual regular type into something extraordinary. Must See: 12 Creative Interactive Online Resumes Updated 5-June-2016. Six Word Essays. The concept is quite simple that you have to show your capability by like any of these below Creative Resume Templates . for harvesting, instance if you are a web/graphic designer than it must be obvious by you resume its time to turn your creative mind on and prepare a resume with keeping you capability in your mind. To make it easy for you, Today we have listed 112 + Free Creative Resume Templates that can properly introduce you to people and organizations, demonstrating your skills, experience and bio via various style starting with a traditional one column CV and ending with a modern style template. Recommended: Premium Professional Resume Templates.

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chapters in thesis NOTES FOR CANDIDATES AND THEIR SUPERVISORS. How should PhD candidates and their supervisors present the thesis? This problem is clearly important for on water harvesting PhD candidates. Victoria Statement. Many universities provide little guidance to candidates, prompting the criticism that, at one university, `the conditions for the award of degrees in the Graduate Study section of the calendar give more precise information on the size of the paper to be used and the margins to be left on each side of the sheet than on the university's understanding of what a thesis is' (Massingham 1984, p. 15). By using the structure developed below, a candidate will ensure his or her PhD thesis demonstrates the key requirements of a PhD thesis (Moses 1985): a distinct contribution to a body of knowledge through an original investigation or testing of ideas, worthy in on water, part of publication (see chapter 5 described below) -this is usually the most important criterion for a PhD; competence in research processes, including an understanding of, and competence in, appropriate research techniques and an ability to restaurant essays report research (see chapters 3 and 4, plus the whole report format); and mastery of a body of knowledge , including an essay, ability to make critical use of published work and source materials (see chapter 2) with an appreciation of the relationship of the special theme to the wider field of knowledge (see chapters 2 and restaurant 5). The foundations for the structured approach were the writer's own doing, supervising, examining and adjudicating conflicting examiners' reports of many master's and PhD theses in management and essay harvesting related fields at several Australian universities, and examining requests for transfer from master's to PhD research, together with comments from the people listed in the acknowledgments section. The paper has two parts. Firstly, the five chapter structure is introduced, possible changes to it are justified and writing style is considered. In the second part, each of the how to analysis five chapters and their sections are described in some detail: introduction, literature review, methodology, analysis of data, and findings and implications. Delimitations.

The structured approach may be limited to on water PhDs in management areas such as marketing and strategic management which involve common quantitative and qualitative methodologies. That is, the structure may not be appropriate for PhDs in other areas or for management PhDs using relatively unusual methodologies such as historical research designs. Moreover, the structure is a starting point for thinking about how to present a thesis rather than the only structure which can be adopted, and so it is not meant to inhibit the creativity of eurasianet essay PhD researchers. Moreover, adding one or two chapters to on water the five presented here, can be justified as shown below. Another limitation of the approach is six word essays, that it is restricted to presenting the final thesis. This paper does not address the techniques of actually writing a thesis (however, appendix I describes three little-known keys to writing a thesis).

Moreover, the essay harvesting approach in this paper does not refer to the actual sequence of writing the thesis, nor is it meant to imply that the issues of six word essays each chapter have to essay on water harvesting be addressed by the candidate in the order shown. For example, the hypotheses at the end of chapter 2 are meant to appear to be developed as the chapter progresses, but the essay candidate might have a good idea of what they will be before he or she starts to write the harvesting chapter. And although the methodology of chapter 3 must appear to be been selected because it was appropriate for the research problem identified and carefully justified in chapter 1, the candidate may have actually selected a methodology very early in how to essays, his or her candidature and then developed an on water, appropriate research problem and justified it. Moreover, after a candidate has sketched out a draft table of contents for eurasianet essay each chapter, he or she should begin writing the essay harvesting `easiest parts' of the thesis first as they go along, whatever those parts are - and usually introductions to chapters are the last to written (Phillips Pugh 1987, p. 61). But bear in restaurant, mind that the research problem, limitations and research gaps in the literature must be identified and written down before other parts of the thesis can be written, and section 1.1 is essay harvesting, one of the last to photo essay be written. Nor is this structure meant to be the format for harvesting a PhD research proposal - one proposal format is provided in Parker and Davis (1979), and another related to the structure developed below is in appendix II. Victoria. How to write an abstract of a thesis is described in essay, appendix VI. Table 1 Sequence of a five chapter PhD thesis.

Figure 1 Model of the chapters of a PhD thesis. In brief, the thesis should have a unified structure (Easterby-Smith et al. 1991). Firstly, chapter 1 introduces the core research problem and then `sets the restaurant evaluations scene' and outlines the path which the examiner will travel towards the thesis' conclusion. The research itself is described in chapters 2 to on water harvesting 5: the research problem and hypotheses arising from the restaurant evaluations essays body of knowledge developed during previous research (chapter 2), methods used in this research to collect data about the hypotheses (chapter 3), results of applying those methods in this research (chapter 4), and conclusions about the hypotheses and research problem based on the results of chapter 4, including their place in essay, the body of knowledge outlined previously in chapter 2 (chapter 5). This five chapter structure can be justified. Firstly, the structure is a unified and focussed one, and so addresses the major fault of postgraduate theses in a survey of une extension 139 examiners' reports, that is, it clearly addresses those examiners' difficulty in essay on water harvesting, discerning what was the `thesis' of the thesis? `Supervisors need to emphasise throughout students' candidacies that they are striving in the thesis to communicate one big idea' (Nightingale 1984, p. 174), and that one big idea is the research problem stated on page 1 or 2 of the thesis and explicitly solved in chapter 5. Easterby-Smith et al. (1991) also emphasise the importance of consistency in a PhD thesis, and Phillips and write passage Pugh (1987, p. 38) confirm that a thesis must have a thesis or a `position'. Secondly, the structure carefully addresses each of the 31 requirements of an essay harvesting, Australian PhD thesis outlined by an authority in a publication of the Higher Education Research and six word essays Development Society of Australia (Moses 1985, pp. 32-34).

Thirdly, the structure is explicitly or implicitly followed by many writers of articles in prestigious academic journals such as The Academy of Management Journal and Strategic Management Journal (for example, Datta et al. 1992). Fourthly, the structure has been the basis of several PhD and masters theses at Australian universities that were completed in minimum time and passed by essay harvesting, examiners with none or negligible revisions required. Fifthly, the structure is much like that which will be used by candidates later in their career, to apply for research grants (Krathwohl 1977; Poole 1993). Finally, by de lire comporte une extension, reducing time wasted on unnecessary tasks or on trying to harvesting demystify the PhD process, the five chapter structure provides a mechanism to queen shorten the time taken to essay harvesting complete a PhD, an aim becoming desired in many countries (Cude 1989). Justified changes to the structure.

Some changes to the five chapter structure could be justified. For example, a candidate may find it convenient to expand the de lire number of chapters to six or seven because of unusual characteristics of the analysis in his or her research; for on water example, a PhD might consist of two stages: some qualitative research reported in chapters 3 and 4 of the thesis described below, which is then followed by some quantitative research to refine the comporte initial findings reported in chapters 5 and 6; the chapter 5 described below would then become chapter 7. Essay. In addition, PhD theses at universities that allow its length to rise from eurasianet photo, a minimum length of about 50 000 to 60 000 words (Phillips Pugh 1987), say, through a reasonable length of about 70 000 to 80 000 words, up to on water the upper limit 100 000 words specified by queen, some established universities like the University of Queensland and essay Flinders University, may have extra chapters added to contain the victoria statement extended reviews of bodies of knowledge in those huge theses. In brief, in some theses, the five chapters may become five sections with one or more chapters within each of them, but the principles of the structured approach should remain. That is, PhD research must remain an essentially creative exercise. Nevertheless, the essay five chapter structure provides a starting point for queen victoria statement understanding what a PhD thesis should set out to achieve, and also provides a basis for communication between a candidate and his or her supervisor. As noted above, the five chapter structure is primarily designed for PhDs in management or related fields using common methodologies. Harvesting. Qualitative methodologies such as case studies and evaluations action research (Perry Zuber-Skerritt 1992; 1994) can fit into essay harvesting, the structure, with details of how the case study or the action research project being presented in chapter 3 and case study details or the detailed report of the evaluations essays action research project being placed in appendices. Essay Harvesting. In theses using the relatively qualitative methodologies of case studies or action research, the analysis of data in chapter 4 becomes a categorisation of data in the form of words, with information about each research question collected together with some preliminary reflection about the information. That is, the thesis still has five chapters in total, with chapter 4 having preliminary analysis of american education week data and chapter 5 containing all the sections described below.

Appendix III discusses in more detail the difficult task of incorporating an action research project into a PhD thesis. Links between chapters. Essay On Water Harvesting. Each chapter described below should stand almost alone. Each chapter (except the first) should have an introductory section linking the chapter to the main idea of the previous chapter and outlining the aim and the organisation of the chapter. For example, the core ideas in queen statement, an introduction to chapter 3 might be: Chapter 2 identified several research questions; chapter 3 describes the methodology used to provide data to investigate them. On Water. An introduction to the methodology was provided in section 1.4 of chapter 1; this chapter aims to eurasianet build on that introduction and to provide assurance that appropriate procedures were followed. The chapter is organised around four major topics: the study region, the sampling procedure, nominal group technique procedures, and data processing. The introductory section of chapter 5 (that is, section 5.1) will be longer than those of other chapters, for essay it will summarise all earlier parts of the restaurant evaluations thesis prior to making conclusions about the research described in those earlier parts; that is, section 5.1 will repeat the research problem and the research questions/hypotheses.

Each chapter should also have a concluding summary section which outlines major themes established in the chapter, without introducing new material. As a rough rule of thumb, the five chapters have these respective percentages of the essay on water thesis' words: 5, 30, 15, 25 and 25 percent. As well as the structure discussed above, examiners also assess matters of style (Hansford Maxwell 1993). Within each of the chapters of the thesis, the de lire une extension spelling, styles and on water formats of Style Manual (Australian Government Publishing Service 1988) and six word essays of the Macquarie Dictionary should be followed scrupulously, so that the candidate uses consistent styles from the first draft and throughout the thesis for essay harvesting processes such as using bold type, underlining with italics, indenting quotations, single and double inverted commas, making references, spaces before and after side headings and lists, and gender conventions. Moreover, using the authoritative Style Manual provides a defensive shield against an examiner who may criticise the victoria thesis statement thesis from the viewpoint of his or her own idiosyncratic style. Some pages of harvesting Style Manual (Australian Government Publishing Service 1988) which are frequently used by PhD candidates are listed in six word essays, appendix IV. In addition to usual style rules such as each paragraph having an early topic sentence, a PhD thesis has some style rules of its own. For example, chapter 1 is usually written in the present tense with references to literature in the past tense; the rest of the on water harvesting thesis is written in the past tense as it concerns the research after it has been done, except for the findings in chapter 5 which are presented in the present tense. More precisely for chapters 2 and 3, schools of thought and procedural steps are written of in the present tense and published researchers and the candidate's own actions are written of in the past tense.

For example: 'The eclectic school has [present] several strands. Smith (1990) reported [past] that. ' and `The first step in content analysis is [present] to decide on categories. The researcher selected [past] ten documents. ' In addition, value judgements and words should not be used in the objective pursuit of six word essays truth that a thesis reports. For example, `it is unfortunate', `it is interesting', `it is believed', and `it is welcome' are inappropriate. Although first person words such as `I' and `my' are now acceptable in a PhD thesis (especially in chapter 3 of essay on water a thesis within the interpretive paradigm), their use should be controlled - the restaurant candidate is a mere private in an army pursuing truth and so should not overrate his or her importance until the PhD has been finally awarded. In other words, the candidate should always justify any decisions where his or her judgement was required (such as the number and type of industries surveyed and essay harvesting the number of points on a likert scale), acknowledging the write analysis strengths and weaknesses of the options considered and always relying upon essay as many references as possible to support the decision made. That is, authorities should be used to back up any claim of the researcher, if possible. If the examiner wanted to read opinions, he or she could read letters to restaurant evaluations the editor of a newspaper. Moreover, few if any authorities in the field should be called `wrong', at essay on water the worst they might be called `misleading'; after all, one of these authorities might be an examiner and have spent a decade or more developing his or her positions and so frontal attacks on those positions are likely to be easily repulsed. Indeed, the candidate should try to american week agree with the supervisor on a panel of essay on water harvesting likely people from which the university will select the american essay thesis examiner so that only appropriate people are chosen. On Water. After all, a greengrocer should not examine meat products and an academic with a strong positivist background is how to analysis, unlikely to be an appropriate examiner of essay on water a qualitative thesis, for example (Easterby-Smith et al.

1991), or an examiner that will require three research methods is not chosen for a straightforward thesis with one. That is, do not get involved in the cross fire of `religious wars' of some disciplines. Moreover, this early and open consideration of examiners allows the candidate to think about how his or her ideas will be perceived by likely individual examiners and so express the ideas in essays, a satisfactory way, for on water example, explain a line of argument more fully or justify a position more completely. Comporte Une Extension. That is, the candidate must always be trying to communicate with the examiners in an easily-followed way. This easily-followed communication can be achieved by using several principles. Firstly, have sections and sub-sections starting as often as very second or third page, each with a descriptive heading in bold. Secondly, start each section or sub-section with a phrase or sentence linking it with what has gone before, for example, a sentence might start with `Given the situation described in section 2.3.4' or `Turning from international issues to domestic concerns. ' Thirdly, briefly describe the argument or point to be made in the section at its beginning, for example, `Seven deficiencies in models in the literature will be identified'.

Fourthly, make each step in the argument easy to on water identify with a key term in eurasianet photo essay, italics or the essay harvesting judicious use of `firstly', `secondly', or `moreover', `in addition', `in contrast' and so on. Finally, end each section with a summary, to establish what it has achieved; this summary sentence or paragraph could be flagged by usually beginning it with `In conclusion. ' or `In brief. ' In brief, following these five principles will make arguments easy to follow and so guide the examiner towards agreeing with a candidate's views. Another PhD style rule is that the word `etc' is thesis, too imprecise to be used in essay harvesting, a thesis. Furthermore, words such as `this', `these', `those' and `it' should not be left dangling - they should always refer to an object; for example, `This rule should be followed' is preferred to `This should be followed'. Some supervisors also suggest that brackets should rarely be used in a PhD thesis - if a comment is important enough to queen thesis help answer the thesis' research problem, then it should be added in a straightforward way and on water not be hidden within brackets as a minor concern to distract the examiner away from the research problem.

As well, definite and six word essays indefinite articles should be avoided where possible, especially in on water harvesting, headings; for example, `Supervision of doctoral candidates' is more taut and less presumptuous than `The supervision of doctoral candidates'. Six Word Essays. Paragraphs should be short; as a rule of essay on water harvesting thumb, three to four paragraphs should start on each page if my preferred line spacing of 1.5 and Times Roman 12 point font is used to provide adequate structure and complexity of thought on each page. (A line spacing of 2 and more paragraphs per page make a thesis appear disjointed and `flaky', and a sanserif font is not easy to read.) A final note of style is that margins should be those nominated by the university or those in restaurant evaluations, Style Manual (Australian Government Publishing Service 1988). The above comments about structure and style correctly imply that a PhD thesis with its readership of three examiners is different from a book which has a very wide readership (Derricourt 1992), and from shorter conference papers and journal articles which do not require the burden of proof and references to broader bodies of knowledge required in PhD theses. Candidates should be aware of these differences and could therefore consider concentrating on essay on water completing the restaurant evaluations essays thesis before adapting parts of it for other purposes. However, it must be admitted that presenting a paper at a conference in harvesting, a candidature may lead to useful contacts with the `invisible college' (Rogers 1983, p. 57) of researchers in a field, and some candidates have found referees' comments on education week essay articles submitted for publication in on water, journals during their candidacy, have improved the quality of their thesis' analysis (and publication has helped them get a job). Education Week Essay. Nevertheless, several supervisors suggest that it is preferable to concentrate on the special requirements of the thesis and adapt it for publication after the PhD has been awarded or while the candidate has temporary thesis `writer's block'. The thesis will have to on water harvesting go through many drafts (Zuber-Skerritt Knight 1986). The first draft will be started early in the candidature, be crafted after initial mindmapping and a tentative table of contents of a chapter and a section, through the `right', creative side of the brain and will emphasise basic ideas without much concern for detail or precise language.

Supervisors and other candidates should be involved in the review of these drafts because research has shown that good researchers ` require the collaboration of others to make their projects work, to get them to essays completion' (Frost Stablein 1992, p. 253), and that social isolation is the main reason for withdrawing from postgraduate study (Phillips Conrad 1992). By the way, research has also shown that relying on on water just one supervisor can be dangerous (Conrad, Perry Zuber-Skerritt 1992; Phillips Conrad 1992). Facilitating the creative first drafts of sections, the relatively visible and structured `process' of this paper's structure allows the candidate to be more creative and rigorous with the essayez de lire une extension `content' of the on water thesis than he or she would otherwise be. After the first rough drafts, later drafts will be increasingly crafted through the `left', analytical side of the brain and emphasise fine tuning of arguments, justification of positions and further evidence gathering from other research literature.

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Main Objectives of Rain Water …

Custom Applied Ethics essay paper writing service. Ethics refers to the well-founded and on water, determined standards defining what is right or wrong. These prescribe what individuals are supposed to do when confronted with circumstances, situations and events involving the values and virtues related to fairness, rights, integrity, obligations, honesty and or other specific virtues. Practical application of ethical concepts and principles in real life situations is reflected through applied ethics, which widely describes the eurasianet essay vast ranges of possible circumstances in which humans have to involve virtues in order to make the essay best possible ethical choices, when faced with ethical dilemmas. Ethical decision making in specific situations, demand the essay acknowledgement of all involved, ethical issues, moral values, the subsequent point of views and their possible implication regarding the issue at hand. Mr. Brown is faced with an ethical issue regarding the essay best course of action to take concerning the Mike Apollo. The central issue revolves around making an ethical decision concerning the whole matter (, 2011). As the doctor in charge of Mr. Education Week? Apollo's medical case, Mr. Brown had the moral responsibility and obligation to provide the team and the management with factual details on his medical status.

The prognosis warrants surgery for the quarterback together with intense physical therapy, rather than a quick fix that would suit the demands of the team, the management board, financial partners, and the Lumberjack fans. All demands are based on essay harvesting the projected economic gains to be accrued from winning the six word essays championship, but at the expense of Mike Apollo's health and possibly, his entire future professional career. Dr. Brown providing an honest prognosis outlines the risks involved in applying injections to manage the pain and swelling, to the conclusion of the essay on water playoffs. Professional ethics in eurasianet essay, medicine demand the provision of accurate and true medical opinion to the involved parties. In this case, the medical status and the medical risks attached are acknowledged by harvesting all, but other interests exist in competition with the education essay health of the essay on water harvesting quarterback. Dr. Brown knows the sacrifice OSMA had to make in getting the lucrative position of providing medical services to the Lumberjacks and the future prospects for the company to be gained from their win. His own personal ambitions of gaining respect from peers and building a prestigious reputation for later private practice, as attached to OSMA, is at stake. In addition to these, contravening the wishes of the owner and his management, as well as the player's own wishes, would likely cost dr. brown's career and the company's prominent position and upcoming deals (, 2011).

The ethical dilemma revolves around what dr. brown should do. Surgery and physical therapy for evaluations the quarterback are ideally the right treatment according to the prognosis. On the other hand, it would be wrong for Dr. Brown to accept treating the player with a regiment of medicine and injections to manage the physical pain, knowing that this would aggravate his injuries. The fact that Mike's condition could not even allow him to essay on water harvesting, practice is a clear pointer to essayez comporte une extension, his dire medical condition. Harvesting? It would be ethical to value the personal health and six word essays, future of essay on water harvesting, his patient, but Mike at the same time, regards the winning the championship highly at his own expense. Mike's personal choice and free will, is in conflict with the eurasianet photo doctor's position.

The detailed situation requires a decision from Mr. Brown. Making the best decision in this dilemma would involve an ethical approach, taking into consideration, all involved issues, positions and the parties. Personal integrity of the doctor and on water harvesting, his virtues are held in a compromising state. Accepting the position fronted by the management team would not be consistent with the fundamental ethical principles applied in the medical field. The doctor is supposed to treat the how to analysis essays patient and on water harvesting, ensure his positive progression rather than consciously providing or promoting a situation that compromises the patient's health, creating further harm. This position is contrary to the personal choice made by the patient; the quarterback's decision to compromise his health fort the common good of all involved parties.

The patient has the free will to choose to accept the eurasianet photo essay doctor's advice, the right choice regarding his own health and career, or take the choice proposed by the other group. It would be the right thing to do in making the best decision as required by the medical state of the on water harvesting player. Ethical virtue of goodwill to the player's condition would dictate foregoing the highly sought after championship for the sake of the player, in spite of his sacrificial decision to play for the team in his condition. Moral implications of choosing the right ethical decision by Mr. Restaurant Essays? Brown reflect concern for the patient' health and life, as it should be highly regarded by essay the management team as well, despite the negative possibility of six word essays, losing the championship.

The risks involved and the consequence these might have on essay on water harvesting Mike's life cannot be underestimated nor should his own life be put at stake under his circumstance. Dealing with the six word essays whole scenario, would be a tough call for the management team, although using an ethical approach based on moral values would entail resolving to another path in making a decision that would not cause him harm (, 2011). Reflection on the risks in terms of possible harm and injury to harvesting, the player should be a cause of alarm to comporte une extension, management in the short term, with the understanding that the player would be available for future involvement in the team and essay on water, its success, rather than cost him this privilege by forcing his participation at the current state of affairs. Huge economic gains to be gained from the team's success are countered by the adverse impacts that would result from the knowledge about the conscious involvement of the Doctor in this scheme. It would be generally considered a wrongful medical practice in proposing potentially harmful conditions that further aggravate the patient's condition and proposing inappropriate treatment regiments for the patient. Ethical Theories Employed In Reaching a Solution to the Central Ethical Issue. In the 1980s, when questioned of thesis, his role in the affairs of Iran and why he had to lie, Oliver North said that lying to him was not an easy thing, but balancing the differences between lives and essay, lies our lives was very essential.

This should be used to explain the position that Doctor Brown finds himself regarding the how to write passage case of harvesting, Mike Apollo and the general decisions that have been arrived at by the general management team of the Athens Lumberjacks. In borrowing some lessons from the conduct of North, we can base our argument that his actions were base on utilitarianism (Caldarone 4). When the approach of utilitarianism is stripped down to its basics, utilitarianism is all about the moral principles of an individual, the moral guide lines that direct a persons decision making process in everyday life. Doctor Brown tends to be a in a fix. He is worried whether he should follow and work in relation to his code of conduct or to join the rest. In taking the essayez case of Mike Apollo into consideration, the essay harvesting whole management team has a single voice, they had waited for a very long time to win the championship, and this therefore meant that they were ready to compromise all ethical issues regardless of their effects as long as they win the write championship. The management team is heard saying that they had waited long enough for this opportunity and now that it was here, they would not waste it.

In relation to the utilitarian theory, it is clear that regardless of the action taken, as along as all the parties are satisfied with the action taken, then all is ok. To many of essay on water harvesting, us, the common question that we ask ourselves is six word essays what we should do when we are faced with various situations? We all consider ethics as the only way through which we can receive answers to our numerous questions regarding the best action to take when faced with situations since it is the universal rule that defines what should be done, when and how. We are all under an obligation to do what will benefit the greatest number of people. The moral principle of virtue lays emphasis on the actions and doings of people.

These are the principles that we often seek guidance from when we are lying or we want to commit suicide. They are the same principles that will guide the doctor in making and arriving at the best decision that will be of benefit to the majority. McNamee (54) believes that virtue ethics refers to ideals such as our commitment to a common goal and dedication that we strive towards and which will enhance us to develop our sense of humanity fully. We only come to discover them fully by reflecting on the things human beings have the potential of becoming. Virtues are considered as characters, dispositions or attitudes through humans are directed to act their abilities into developing these capabilities in them. It is essay on water harvesting through hem that we pursue and adopt the de lire comporte une extension various ideals that have been developed in us. On Water? Courage, honesty, compassion and fairness are some of the examples of virtues (McNamee 98). It requires courage and compassion for a doctor to arrive at photo essay, any given decision, the decision to be arrived on by the question requires courage. Essay On Water Harvesting? The decision to be made will have to take into consideration all stakeholders. Wisest and Most Ethical Option.

The core point of the virtue approach stands the community idea, an individual's behavior and character can never be developed and realized in isolation, it can only thesis be developed within a community to which one belongs to. Despite the fact that most people in the meeting including Mike himself were for essay the idea of giving him (Mike) injections that would subside the pain and allow him to play in the finals, the doctor had the final word in this. However, he should also be prepared for the consequences as a result of his actions. After analyzing the health condition of Mike Apollo, the doctor new the effects that would be as a result of de lire une extension, him not receiving the essay harvesting right treatment immediately, he knew the danger that the essays player would be facing if more insults were added on the injury. From his knowledge as a doctor and what he has been trained on to do, he knew what would best suite the player. It is believed that not all that the society considers morally upright is moral, similarly not all that is considered by the society as morally wrong is immoral, but the essay on water doctor is american week held morally responsible by his code of conduct. Essay? Making a decision that infringes these moral standards shall be treated as unethical and there are consequences. According to McNamee (167), the implication of this decision is that if an individual is able to reflect on how to write a moral issue before taking action, the on water person is likely to portray behaviors that reflect on his conscience when he shall be faced with the same situation in future. It is how to passage analysis essays clear from the case that Doctor Brown tends to differ with the harvesting decision that the general management team has agreed on.

In his opinion, he believes that the eurasianet essay action taken will have detrimental effects on the general life of Mike Apollo. The doctor believes that the patient would best be suited if he received surgery immediately on the affected areas and rest instead of receiving injections that will lead to more complications if the injured parts are injured again. The question that arises in the case is whether to respect the team's desires or follow the professional code of conducts that governs his profession. Essay? In relation to this, the doctor is faced with a dilemma as to whether he should respect the patients decision or follow what he believes ill be best for the patient. Caldarone (5) asserts that those doctors who fail to essayez une extension, consider other forms of therapies for on water their patients suffer from short sightedness.

However, in any form of decision arrived at, there are various forms of risks that tend to follow it. Despite the decision arrived at by the management team and the player being of beneficial to the wider society, there are various effects that will result form this decision. First of all, the health of Mike is in great danger, secondly, the code of conduct guiding the restaurant profession of the doctor is in question and lastly, virtues and ethics are at loggerhead. If Apollo is allowed to play in the forthcoming match, his life may never be the same again, fatal damage may occur to his already injured body parts which may affect him psychologically ever after. On the doctor's side, going against his professional code of conduct and guidelines may lead to essay, him loosing his practice license and his abilities as a doctor may be questioned in future. Through utilitarianism, we are provided with the right and straightforward technique that we can employ to statement, decide what is right morally. Utilitarianism arms us with the best course of action to take in relation to all the situations that we may find ourselves in. in the discovering of what action to take, we must first of all understand and essay harvesting, identify a number of education week essay, course that a situation can be addressed with. Secondly, we should be able to determine all the foreseeable benefits and harms that might originate from the distinct course of essay, actions for all the involved parties. Thirdly, we arrive at the course of action that presents us with the american education week essay greatest benefits after taking into consideration of all the costs involved (Caldarone 3). The moral principle of utilitarianism defines that a for course to be considered as morally right, any form of action in varying situations should result to the production of the greatest equilibrium of benefits in relation to its harms for essay all those who are affected. Essays? The theory of utilitarianism states that as along as those affected are satisfied by the action that has been taken and maximum satisfaction has been arrive d at by the on water harvesting action that has been taken, the restaurant evaluations theory of utilitarianism does not take into consideration as to whether the action arrived at on water, and the benefits are derived from manipulations, lies or coercion.

Ethics is all about being well based standards that define right and wrong describing what people should and should not do especially in terms of obligations, benefits to the wider society and fairness. In addition to the ethical problems are experiencing within the sports fraternity as a result of glorifying the winners at the expense of the american essay losers. The winners receive glory from all walks of essay, life while the losers are ignored and they are never given any attention. This I believe is the reason as to why the management team and Apollo would go to six word essays, any lengths in order to win the championship even if it means at the expense of the player's health condition. Buy Applied Ethics essay paper online. Do you want to get an.

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