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Descriptive essay september 11th

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Comparing Articles on the September 11th Attack in Two |…

Descriptive essay september 11th

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September 11th Essay - 1440 Words

ap euro homework AP European History Fall of 2017: The following homework assignments are due on the following dates: 1. signed parent permission slips. 2. read page 6-9 in student hand book on Analyzing Primary Sources. 1. read and highlight the Perry Middle Ages article (no need to take notes in the margin for this article) 2. (we did not get to descriptive essay september 11th, this assignment) be ready to discuss your group's section on chapter 11. 3. This assignment was sent by Google Classroom: take a few minutes to fill in the Bark Action Step and What changes do I need to make to my current habits or routines? Saturday, Sunday, Monday 8/19 - 8/21. work ahead on walmart in europe case, assignments due during the week (a lot is due on Friday) 1 . This assignment was sent by Google Classroom: r ead paragraphs 1-3 and then read one of the following: Pope Innocent III (paragraphs 4-13), St. Bede (paragraphs 14-23), or Dante (paragraphs 24-48) 2. read and complete chapter 12 questions # 1 - 13. Descriptive September 11th! 1. Renaissance ART DAY! 2. read and complete chapter 12 questions # 14 - 25. 1. nothing is due.

1. read and complete chapter 12 questions 26-33 and turn in chapter 12. Extended Essay Format! 2. Read and annotate Sherman Renaissance. 3. read and answer worksheet questions on Machiavelli and Erasmus from the textbook page 350. 4. (this is optional but I would recommend that you watch this video to reinforce how art, wealth, and politics were intertwined during the Renaissance) watch the september, 55 minute video on the Godfathers of the Renaissance: Saturday or Sunday 8/26 - 8/27. work ahead on rapid growth of population in india essay, assignments due during the week. 1. ch. Descriptive Essay! 13 questions 1-17. 1. flipped lesson on the Reformation Begins found on (complete the quiz at the end) 1. flipped lesson on heading, the Spread of the Reformation found on descriptive essay september 11th, (complete the quiz at the end) 2. ch. 13 questions 18-29. 1. ch.

13 questions 30-48 (turn in ch. 13 for credit) 3. flipped lesson on the Catholic Counter Reformation found on (complete the quiz at the end) 1. nothing is due. Saturday or Sunday 9/2 - 9/3. work ahead on assignments due during the week. Monday 9/4 no school Labor Day. 1. read and annotate Sherman Reformation. 1. Read Zinn paragraphs 1-43 (sent through google classroom, there is writers research papers no need to take notes on the article) 1. read and complete chapter 14 questions 1 - 14. 2. Edpuzzle: complete the flipped lesson on Exploration (complete the quiz at the end) 1. nothing is due. Essay September 11th! Saturday or Sunday 9/9 - 9/10. work ahead on assignments due during the week since a lot is how to write due on Monday. Monday 9/11/17 Remember 9/11. 1. read and complete chapter 14 questions 15 - 51 and (turn in chapter 14 for credit) 2. read and annotate Perry (Exploration/Mercantilism) 3. Edpuzzle: complete the flipped lesson on Toward a World Economy (complete the quiz at descriptive september 11th, the end) 1. read and annotate Sherman Exploration.

1. History Essay Format! if you did not complete the thesis and topic sentences for the Dutch essay in class on Tuesday, complete it by today. 2. chapter 15 questions 1-6. Essay September! 1. chapter 15 questions # 7-15. 2. Edpuzzle: complete the flipped lesson on The Thirty Years War (complete the quiz at the end) 3. read and highlight Sherman Thirty Years War paragraphs # 1 -30. Oxley Papers! 2. Essay September 11th! Chapter 15 questions # 32-37. Saturday or Sunday 9/16 - 9/17. work ahead on assignments due during the week. 1. Edpuzzle: complete the flipped lesson on the English Revolution (complete the extended format, quiz at descriptive 11th, the end) 1. chapter 15 questions #16-31 (will be collected) 1. chapter 16 questions # 1-18. 1. chapter 16 reading questions #19-32 (will be collected) 2. Edpuzzle: Scientific Revolution (complete the quiz at the end) 1. Sherman Scientific Revolution.

2. finish the Women in Science DBQ if you did not finish in sarbanes research class on Wednesday. Saturday or Sunday 9/23 - 9/24. 1. Study for the Period 1 exam on Tuesday. Essay! 2. Use the following to study: key concepts (white sheets), chapter reading questions, and power point notes (do not use the Sherman or Perry readings) You may also want to check out the video reviews from Richey, Sargent, or crash course that are found in the chapter folders on how to write, my website. They are all labeled Video Review: __________. 1. After school review session from essay september, 2:40 - 3:20. 2. study for the Period One Exam on write law, Tuesday 9/27.

1. Period One Exam: chapter 12 - 16. Use the following to study: key concepts (white sheets), chapter reading questions, and descriptive, power point notes, video reviews on the website (do not use the Sherman or Perry readings) You may also want to check out the video reviews from Richey, Sargent, or crash course that are found in the chapter folders on my website. They are all labeled Video Review: __________. 1. 1. Chapter 15/18: read pages 452-466 and answer questions #1-9. 1. chapter 17 questions 1 -42. 2. chapter 17 questions 43-52. Saturday or Sunday 9/30 - 10/1. work ahead on in india, assignments due during the week. Essay! 1. chapter 17 questions # 53-68 (turn in for credit) 2. annotate Sherman Enlightenment.

1. Enlightenment essay outline: thesis and 3 topic sentences. 2. Chapter 18 questions #10-20. 1. be ready to how to write, play your role in the Salon. Descriptive 11th! 1. nothing is due. go to the homecoming game. Saturday 10/7 - Sunday 10/8. work ahead on assignments due during the week. Monday 10/9 No school because of Columbus Day. 1. Walmart Case Study! chapter 18 questions 21-39. 1. Sherman Enlightened Absolutism- high light and take notes. 1. chapter 19 questions # 1 - 14. Saturday 10/14 - Sunday 10/15. work ahead on assignments due during the week.

1. chapter 19 question 15 - 29. 2. Descriptive September! Edpuzzle pod cast of French Revolution part 1. Saturday 10/21 - Sunday 10/22. work ahead on assignments due during the week. Research Papers! Use the following to descriptive 11th, study for the test: key concepts (yellow sheets), chapter reading questions, and power point notes, video reviews on the website (do not use the write, Sherman or Perry readings) 1. chapter 20 questions # 1-13. 2. Descriptive! nothing is due. Growth Of Population! 1. read and annotate the Sherman Industrial Revolution paragraphs #1-25 (don't do the last article on The Family and Industrialization) 2. watch and answer the Edpuzzle pod cast on Industrial Revolution Begins (Key Concept 3.1) Saturday or Sunday 10/29 - 10/30. work ahead on september 11th, assignments due during the week. 1. chapter 20 questions 14-23 (turn in chapter 20 for credit) 2. watch and answer the Edpuzzle pod cast on Industrial Revolution impact on every day life (key concept 3.2) 3. Annotate and be ready to discuss Perry Industrialization. 1. Handbook Writers Papers! Chapter 21 questions 1-3. 1. Chapter 21 questions 4-11. Essay 11th! 1. chapter 21 questions 12-20. Oxley Papers! 2. Ed Puzzle 1815-1848 Revolutions and Isms.

1. nothing is due. 2. DBQ skills test will be done in class. Saturday or Sunday. work ahead on assignments due during the week. 1. annotate and be ready to discuss Sherman Congress of Vienna. 1. ART DAY : Romanticism. 2. chapter 21 questions 20-25 (turn in chapter 21 for credit) 1. in class timed (35 minutes) essay: Consider the conservative aims of the 1815 Congress of Vienna.

To what extent had those aims been maintained by the 1850s? 1. chapter 22 questions # 1-15. 2. Ed Puzzle on Nationalism. 1. chapter 22 questions # 16-18. Saturday or Sunday 11/12 - 11/13. work ahead on assignments due during the week. 1. Marxism quotes. 2. chapter 22 questions # 19- 29. Descriptive! 1. Case Study! chapter 22 questions # 30-41 (turn in descriptive 11th chapter 22 for credit) 1. nothing is due. 1. chapter 23 questions # 1 - 19. 1. Edpuzzle: Industrial Revolution Key Concept 3.3. Saturday or Sunday 11/19 - 11/20.

work ahead on assignments due during the walmart in europe analysis, week. 1. Descriptive September! Annotate the research, Socialism DBQ and descriptive essay 11th, write on a piece of paper in pen an essay to answer the DBQ (limit yourself to 60 minutes) 1. chapter 24 questions # 1 - 15. Wednesday 11/23 - Sunday 11/27. 1. enjoy spending time with your family. 2. enjoy the food.

1. Chapter 23 Map and Chart. 2. chapter 23 questions # 20 - 33 (turn in chapter 23 for credit) 3. chapter 24 questions # 16 - 22. 4. Social Darwinism quotes from Spencer. 1. chapter 24 questions # 22 - 33. 2. Edpuzzle Imperialism I. 3. read European's Assault on Africa: Leopold's Ghost article (no need to take notes) 1. chapter 24 questions # 34 -44 (turn in chapter 24 for credit) 1. Edpuzzle Imperialism II. 2. after school review C116 from 2:40-3:20.

3. sorry but we will not have time to go over the Sherman article on Imperialism. 1. Period 3 essay TEST: essay, multiple choice and short answer. Saturday and Sunday 12/3-4. work ahead on assignments due during the week. 1. Edpuzzle on start of how to write law, WWI 4.1. 3. chapter 25 questions #1-15. 1. Descriptive Essay September 11th! chapter 25 questions #16. Wednesday 12/7 Remember Pearl Harbor 1. Law! chapter 25 questions #17 -23. 2. Edpuzzle on Russian Revolution. 1. chapter 25 questions #24-31 (turn in chapter 25 for credit) 2. Ed Puzzle on Treaty of Versailles.

1. September 11th! read the AP Euro DBQ practice handout. Saturday and research papers, Sunday 12/10-11. work ahead on assignments due during the week. Descriptive September! 1. work ahead on the questions and Edpuzzles. 1. 1. chapter 26 questions # 1- 12. 2. DBQ skills test. 1. Ed Puzzle Italy and Mussolini. 2. ch 26 questions # 11 - 20. 1. ch 26 questions # 21 - 25. 1. Edpuzzle on the Soviet Union.

2. ch 26 questions 26 - 36 (turn in chapter 26 for oxley research credit) 3. chapter 27 questions 1-9. * wear your class t-shirt. 1. review session after school. Essay! 2. chapter 27 questions 10-14 (turn in for credit) 2. return textbook. 1. Merry Christmas. 1. Happy New Year. Wednesday April 5th. 1. Heading! practice AP test during the september 11th, SAT testing. January 16- March 6th. 1. sign up for the May 12th AP test. Monday 1/2 - Thursday 5/11.

1. buy a AP review book. 1. 2 nd edition of the AP Achiever Exam Prep Guide for European History by AP Chris Freiler. Admissions Essay Heading! You can order the book at the McGraw-Hill Education site in a variety of formats. Please follow this link and then hit the “Shop Now” button to reveal the purchase options: . 2. Barron’s AP European History 8 th edition. 3. Princeton Review: Cracking the AP European History Exam, 2017 Edition. 2. spend time each week reviewing a portion of the review book. 3. review chapter questions and Edpuzzle notes. 4. watch review videos from Richey, Sargent, Crash Course, and descriptive, Franz. 5. attend review sessions offered by Franz and Bayer (details will be sent to you later) **Go to this site to sign up for the Spring test.

Link to the review times. Case Analysis! Friday May 12: Crush the AP Euro TEST. 1. eat lunch in september 11th the cafeteria at 10:40. 2. All of your hard work will pay off today. In order to eat lunch and study, be prepared for essay september 11th the exam to begin promptly at 12:00, you will need to follow a special schedule. Please discuss this with your 2nd block teacher ahead of time so they are aware.

Please DO NOT bring any items to the exam with you except pencils, pens and your BHS ID. Please plan on leaving your backpack and sarbanes oxley research papers, all electronic devices in your LOCKER. We will NOT hold bags or phones for descriptive september 11th students. Your locker information is available in PowerSchool if you do not use it frequently. Plan on history essay format, finding the essay september 11th, locations below before the day of the test. Day of history essay, Exam Schedule. 10:40 am- Bring a SACK lunch to eat in the cafeteria. Lunch service will not be available. Report to the cafeteria at 10:40.

11:00 am- Take your belongings to descriptive essay, your locker. 11:10 am- Report to check-in location. You will need your BHS ID to rapid of population in india, check in. You will complete some day of test information here. A-G: Black Box Theater in september the Fine Arts Center. H-M Fine Arts Center Atrium. N-Z: Main Stage- Fine Arts Center. Once the AP Human Geography students have been dismissed, you will be led to the Gym to find your seats. College Board requires a seating chart for every exam.

Your seat location will be posted at writers papers, check-in. 4:00 pm- approximate end time. Please plan for a ride home at this time. The exam may finish at any point between 3:45 and 4:15. Students will NOT have access to cell phones to alert parents of end time. All students must bring their BHS Student ID to testing. Students without an ID will be sent to student services to purchase one. Pens and 11th, pencils (not mechanical) are required for all exams. No electronic devices are allowed in or around the testing room and staff cannot hold them for you. You must leave them in your locker. Students will not be allowed to how to, retrieve items from off-campus cars during the school day.

Backpacks, bags and purses are not allowed in or around the testing area, please leave them in your locker. Students will not be allowed to retrieve items from off-campus cars during the school day. You will report to your exam earlier than the descriptive essay september 11th, exam starting time as there is necessary paperwork to complete. The reporting time is shown on the document above. Most afternoon exams will end after the school day. Please be sure transportation will be ready for you after the exam. Eat and drink before and after the exam. Water will be allowed at the front of the testing room.

Wear a watch (plain, not a smart watch) to help you keep track of time. No alarms set please!

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September 11th Essay - 1440 Words

How to essay september, Write a Cover Letter that Gets Read. I’ve seen thousands of cover letters and hundreds of resumes hiring software developers, web designers, copyeditors, salesmen, and essay admins for my company, Something about essay september 11th, that statistic should jump out at research papers you — I’ve read far fewer resumes than cover letters. That’s because your cover letter is a critical component of descriptive essay september getting your resume read. But there’s another statistic that isn’t as obvious: I don’t read most of the sarbanes oxley papers cover letters I receive! Why not? Because most cover letters are so horrible that they get trashed immediately.

Don’t get auto-trashed. Here’s some tips for writing a killer cover letter that will get your resume into the “Good” pile. Don’t tell me “recommendations are available upon request.” Do you think I have the time or inclination to essay, root our your recommendations before I even know you? If you have good recommendations, how come you don’t have a 1-3 sentence quote? And if you do, put that front and center in your cover letter! For example, say I wanted a job writing blog posts.

I have a blog myself, and one day I got the following email (true story). Don’t you agree just quoting it would be better than talking about myself? Just wanted to admissions essay heading, take a moment of your time to thank you for your outstanding blog. Don’t tell anybody but I get giddy like a schoolgirl when I see one of essay september your posts pop up in my reader. Rapid Essay! #128521; Your blog is probably much more inspiring to others than you realize. You consistently provide encouragement and actionable advice that fuels people like me as we pursue our own entrepreneurial goals. I could try to say the same thing in a cover letter: “I write thought-provoking pieces that people respond to.” Yeah right, you and everyone else. It only sounds genuine when it’s from someone else’s mouth. You can find cover letter templates all over the Internet. I’m not linking to them because you shouldn’t use them. A template makes your letter look like all the rest.

When I’m looking through 100 letters per day, I notice the templates. 11th! It doesn’t matter what the template is! You get auto-trashed because you’re boring and how to thoughtless. If you want to use a template just to get thoughts out on paper, that’s fine. But then change things up, don’t use the same language, and don’t say things in descriptive the same order.

The purpose is to stand out from the crowd , right? 3. Research the company you’re applying to. A generic cover letter that is spammed to 100 HR departments is obvious. What, you didn’t think sending a letter to 100 companies was spam? Just because you sent it to jobs @ whatever . com doesn’t mean it’s not spam. I can tell in research papers 5 seconds whether the descriptive essay september 11th candidate has any inkling who we are or what we do.

And if they haven’t bothered to do that, I know they’re spamming. Good candidates don’t need to spam. Oxley Papers! Good candidates care where they work and act like their time is descriptive essay september 11th precious. It doesn’t take much to overcome this hurdle. You don’t have to walmart, trial their software or heavily research the market. Just look at descriptive essay the home page, “About Us,” and maybe FAQs and ask yourself things like: Why does this company exist? Who are their customers? Why do people buy this stuff? What is the culture like at sarbanes research this company?

Get just a rough idea of the descriptive essay september 11th answers, then lead off your letter with it (or just after your lead-off testimonial). Extended Essay Format! Make it look like you want to work there, and prove it. I came across your website while looking for descriptive essay 11th great places to work in Austin. You stood out because, as a software developer myself, I love the idea of working on a developer tool. Also, although I don’t have a lot of experience with peer code review, I like what you have to say about it and I’m excited about law, learning more. Finally, reading your job description showed me you have a sense of humor, and that’s important to me. See how I didn’t have to include anything technical, I didn’t have to know any features, I didn’t have to memorize a data sheet. Descriptive 11th! I just touched on enough points to make it obvious that I actually thought about whether I want to work here before I wrote in saying I want to work here. The common wisdom is to use formal language; you want to make a good impression and prove you can write and act professional.

Well you do need to prove you can write, and how to write it’s important that you can spell and use correct grammar, but if you sound like a robot you won’t stand out. People want to work with people they like . It’s not just resumes and bullet points and acronyms and mission statements. In fact, if someone likes you they’re more likely to fight for you even if some of your “requirements” don’t match exactly. Stodgy, formal prose is a great way to demonstrate you have no personality and you aren’t fun to be with. It’s probably not even true!

But all they know about essay september, you is your cover letter, so you have to rapid of population in india, prove it there. Do you run the risk that some people will be turned off and reject you for your lively style? Yes! But then, do you want to descriptive essay, work for that company? This is like dating. You can pretend to be someone you’re not, and that might even get you the job. But if it’s not the real you, it won’t be fun in the end. 5. Give reasons why you should be hired. Back in high school debate, longer ago than I care to admit, we were taught to end our last speech with “voters.” That meant: “Give the walmart in europe study specific reasons why you should win.” When you’re wrapping up, addressing every little point isn’t compelling; what’s compelling — what you want to leave in descriptive essay september 11th the judges head as they contemplate the winner — are the reasons they should vote for you. Your cover letter is the same way. This is write not the place to relate all the essay september 11th information you can about yourself.

No one cares (yet) about your history. No one wants to read generic statements about how you like challenges and rapid growth of population in india essay work well on a team. Rather, your goal is to get to 11th, the resume. Your resume can have all that stuff. So give me your voters. Just tell me why I should look at your resume. Showing you know about my company and want to work here in case study analysis particular is a good start. Now tell me something interesting about you that’s relatively unique.

Show me something I’m not going to read anywhere else. Essay 11th! Something that shows me you’re both fun and papers interesting and smart. For example, once a guy sent in a video of himself juggling three bear heads (the company’s name was Smart Bear). Descriptive Essay! Juggling is fun. The video was unexpected. 6. Show something you, yourself, actually did. I used that weird “you, yourself” emphasis because I’m tired of reading about a team you were on and a project you were involved with, even if you were the team lead. That’s fine, but everyone says that. Instead, tell me about handbook papers, something that you alone completed. Better, something tangible I can see on the Internet. You have a personal website that demonstrates you’re good at Flash or web design.

You contributed patches to an open source project. Essay September 11th! You run a local juggling group. You have a side-project that you admit is very rough but you were using it to learn about Ruby on Rails. You wrote a short story that you know needs work but you thought it was a good example of writers your writing skills. Put yourself in the shoes of the poor slob who is slogging through hundreds of these letters.

Shake that person up. Descriptive September 11th! Be different. History Extended Essay! Use your own words. Demonstrate that you take initiative. Learn about the company and show the company something about you. Above all, be yourself.

If they don’t like you for you, it’s not going to be a good job. And if they do like you for you, it’s going to be a blast. Popular search terms for descriptive 11th this article: Great article, I was looking around for sometime now on good advice on writing my cover letter. Thank you so much for taking the time to growth in india, share your experience. I’m thunderstruck at the negativity in this blog! I sure hope that all hiring managers aren’t as rude and descriptive essay lazy as you portray them to be. Extended! If they can’t be bothered to read all of the cover letters AND resumes they get for a particular opening, then they’re in essay september 11th the wrong line of handbook writers papers work! That’s their JOB! This blog is the same as all of the rest of them. Has a whole lot of words in it, but doesn’t say much.

I disagree with Scott. This is descriptive essay 11th a great article. I am a “hiring manager,” in that I go through a lot of resumes and cover letters. However, I have a lot of other stuff to do everyday. You can say what you want about handbook papers, someone not reading everything that comes across his desk, but it’s the truth: between the bad and descriptive essay september business of the day, I will never read them all. You have to sarbanes oxley, stand out. Awesome post, might really help someone or more likely many people getting either a new job or a job at all. And I do agree, it?s better to show something you?ve done. Once again, Great post.

Thanks Patrik. Yes, in fact if ALL you did was just show something great that you did on descriptive essay september, the side (a blog?), that would be massive. Brilliant just brilliant! But why do I feel like i am the extended essay only one reading this? Shame no-body else has dropped a comment..

I am pretty lucky to be in a situation where I have a couple of essay 11th different offer to choose from and I feel fortunate that I can rely on research papers, previous experience to descriptive september, pull my application up that little bit more. Personalising each application takes alot of handbook research dedication (and time) but its worth it in essay september 11th the long run. Sarbanes Oxley Research! I mention previous work places and how they have helped me and what I’ve learnt from descriptive essay, them and how its helped me progess as a person towards my current goals.. Make yourself look interesting and that people respond to you and format most importantly get on with you and enjoy being colleges and your on descriptive essay, to a winner.. I’d love to see a post about the interview prep? Thanks so much for your kind words and for piling on with the prep work.

I will take you up on your interview prep request! #128578; Watch this blog. Here’s another question for you: This is advice for walmart in europe study the interviewEE, but would you be interested in same for descriptive interviewER? I think showing that you’ve done something outside the realm of rapid of population in india your current or past job is very important as you mentioned in #6. In other words, what you are saying is essay that not only study, did you work at your job but you have outside interests as well. I would think that to a potential employer that this would show initiative and just may put you in front of your closest competitor. Excellent post and certainly timely for a lot of september 11th people who are out law there looking. I’ve been job hunting for essay 11th the last couple of how to weeks, and honestly that’s the essay best piece of admissions essay advice that I have seen so far on the internet. So, thank you for writing this post!

I think I have a couple of changes to make to my cover letters now #128578; Terrific! I’m thrilled that it helped. Watch this blog for essay september more tips from me about interviewing. An executive recruiter friend gave me a great single piece of advise that has changed my world when it comes to writing cover letters and oxley research papers resumes. Be S.M.A.R.T this term is september often used in marketing, in terms of defining goals for achievement, but can be used here. S.M.A.R.T is an acronym which means, Specific: Be specific about what you have achieved in the past, don’t use wishy washy, general statements. Measurable; Talk about in europe analysis, your achievement in measurable terms, such as increased productivity of the essay september department by 20% with a 10% reduction in running costs. Achievable; What you say must be achievable in the mind of the person you are writing for. For example saying that you single handed saved the how to write law world from nuclear disaster as an office clerk is not going to wash.

Even if you did, it’s unlikely anyone is going to believe it. Relevant; What you say must be relevant to the job or position that you are applying for, otherwise it is descriptive useless information. The exception here is in providing information about extra curricular activities, this becomes a way to develop a connection with the person doing the hiring. Time Specific; The information you state must be time specific in two ways. History Extended! It should be up to date the descriptive essay september 11th day you provide it, no rehashing of information that was current six months ago, and it should be time specific in the sense that when you talk about an achievement it should be in how to write the context of a time period. For example, “During my time working for essay september 11th XYZ PTY LTD I increased productivity of the department by 20% with a 10% reduction in essay running costs within the first 12 months, the following 12months I further increasing productivity by 13% and a 4% reduction in running costs” I hope this helps people out. Descriptive! I have certainly found it very helpful. It makes sense to be personal, since people will want to hire who they can relate to research papers, better.

Great blog post…this really has me thinking about the cover letters I do in essay the future, although I did a bit of sarbanes research personalization anyway and descriptive essay september kept my resume more formal. This makes me think of law how some freelancers will take any job but probably won’t research the client or their business at first, but just take the job regardless. Researching a company is essay september a great way to show your interest and format I agree that you ought to work where you’re wanted, not where you have to pretend to be wanted (because it’s just going to be a hellish experience). This is essay 11th one of those posts you don’t want fellow employees seeing you read, they may think you’re up to something haha. Really great post, I didn’t know the cover letter was such an rapid growth in india, important part of the hiring process. I’m still young, so my working career still has many years to descriptive september 11th, go, but it’s great advice for the future.

I read a couple of case analysis your blog posts on your personal blog as well, really great information. I’m loving this site more and more every post #128578; This was fantastic and really helpful, helped me see where I’ve been going wrong for ages! I was always wondering what would be a better way of writing a cover letter, now this has answered it! Thanks heaps, its helped more than you know!

On behalf of all employers everywhere, thank you for this post Jason #128578; If job seekers only knew how often we delete or ignore resumes with me-too cover letters (well, I guess now they do!). And as an descriptive essay september 11th, side, I’ve actually received generic cover letters where the applicant included every one of the 100 companies they mailed it to essay, as a CC. I’d like to add one more really simple rule – “follow instructions”. We like to descriptive september 11th, be contacted by format, email, and september it says so on all of site and postings. Write! Do you know how many faxes we get from applicants? Those ones don’t even get read. Wow this was a really great article WA.

I am defenetly going to descriptive september, apply this, goodbye Mr. Overformal. Great article, Jason. Reminded me of the search we just finished for a software developer. One guy (right out of sarbanes research college) sent in a response to our ad with a fairly generic cover letter.

He’d read the ad for some buzzwords but clearly didn’t do any research on the company. I would have tossed it out except that at the end instead of attaching a resume he directed me to his website to download the .doc. Not a link to the .doc on his website or to a page with a link to essay, the .doc. This bothered me more than it probably should have and sarbanes oxley papers I felt the descriptive essay september 11th obligation to let him know, at sarbanes papers least via email, that I was annoyed. I peeked at descriptive september the resume and write law he was qualified enough for essay a quick phone interview, but it put a sour taste in my mouth before I even spoke with the guy.

Would you want someone who can’t bother to attach a Word doc to an email corresponding with customers? In short: I agree with your closing note, but make sure you shake the person up in a positive way! Great post. Sarbanes Research Papers! I especially love your #1 — I believe snippets of testimonials and references would make a powerful impression. I graduated with a fine arts degree. One of my courses was on essay, writing resumes and oxley cover letters and essay september all that.

I had heard that the fine arts program at my school was weak, but I see ever more clearly, how weak it was. This article was an eye opener, for sure. Admissions Essay Heading! Thank you for an enlightening moment in my job hunt. Really Really Great Tips for essay 11th CV. I have made a CV myself from scratch to include every point you mentioned here. Hope it will do its work. Testimonials are POWERFUL. My advice is to oxley, get on LinkedIn immediately and get as many recommendations as you can from past and present co-workers, even if you’re not currently job-hunting. Then, when you do start sending out applications, pick the top 3-5 recommendations to include with your cover letter. (I put them on a separate page — no need to essay september, make people hunt for them later). I’ve had a couple of employers tell me that made a strong impression. LinkedIn endorsements are ideal because they’re credible and rapid growth essay verifiable; the employer can check out the people who have recommended you. Descriptive Essay September! (They’re also time-stamped, so be sure to keep populating them).

How about posting a sample of format a cover letter well done? Exactly! I see so many articles stating what a bad / wrong cover letter and resume look like, but never produce a mock up example of essay 11th one that’s done right. It would be nice to get sample ideas. Research Papers! Plus not every company is the same, its more of the 11th individual that is essay heading reading your cover letter. Great advice and you obviously follow your own advice as your post was really easy to read and understand. I would add that some thoughtful formatting of descriptive essay september a document also helps and I’m not referring to yours when I say that – it looked as great as it turned out to be. your comment in sarbanes research papers reply to Patrik. ” Yes, in fact if ALL you did was just show something great that you did on descriptive essay 11th, the side (a blog?), that would be massive.” I think is a great idea and not something I had actually considered before but will do from now on. I really enjoyed this post and I look forward to how to law, your post on interviewing – I have found that events in my personal life have impacted negatively in my personal confidence and that seems to descriptive, transfer into the interview situation and seems to law, be where I falter, so I would love some tips on dealing with this area.

Post on interviews – InterviewEE or interviewERs? . I think that both would be extremely useful. Understanding the essay interviewer’s perspective would help in being a better interviewee. Great article, but I apply to essay, jobs from Craigslist often and essay 99% of the rapid in india essay time, they don’t tell you the company name and since the descriptive 11th email address is anonymized, there’s no way to rapid of population essay, do research beforehand. Besides, company websites often don’t go into that much detail in descriptive essay september 11th the first place. They often have a generic, sterile bio written up about themselves too. In these cases you can only work with what you have got. I look to law, the interview as a time for me to interview them just as rigorously as they are interviewing me.

Thank you! Would you say internship cover letters should be written the same way? Hey this is great site. Descriptive Essay 11th! This information was very helpful. will use these tips when writting a cover letter.Thank You #128578; A comment from your blog, like the one you reproduced above, is not going to mean much. If you can provide links to dozens of them, that obviously weren’t written by you and your friends, that would be something. hey, thanks for this great post – really an informative article and extended format would definitly advice others to follow these tips. Descriptive! .thanks again #128521; I’m currently applying to this internship and this article provided a lot a useful tips on how I can improve my cover letter. Thanks for format sharing!

I agree with Ari. What the young hopeful did was archaic. Obviously prompting you to visit his website to see the doc. It reminds me of a heated debate between an essay, elderly department store manger (circa 1910 I think) and a high school casual quite some years ago. It had suddenly started to rain turning torrential, when this kid pushed the umbrella stand to the front of the store to gain the attention of sarbanes oxley research fleeing passers by. It worked, drained the stand in descriptive september minutes.

The store manager was utterly furious, yelling at him that it was better to get the customers to come right through the essay store to 11th, purchase the umbrella, and so see something else they might want to buy. Takings that day had tripled in that short period of time. Some of writers those umbrellas had been in that stand since the dawn of time, now they were sold. Nothing is more successful than the simple approach of “Front of mind”, eye catching and relevant to the need. most of the september time you do not know any information about the company very little about what they do, where they are or anything else.

Andx this is why I read History Extended! Love the posts. Any advice on writing a cover letter to a start-up incubator ? Living in the Silicon Valley and being lured by blogs like TechCrunch, I want to quit my job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep and volunteer / intern at 11th a start-up incubator. I think this environment will make me think on writers papers, my feet and wear many hats while possibly allowing me to descriptive september 11th, pursue a start-up venture in the future my self. I love that you keyed in on oxley, including testimonials from your references on cover letters. I actually like including them on resumes as well – I sometimes include the descriptive essay quotation along with the person’s name, position, and phone number in a pull-quote type box in a prominent place on the resume. Insightful article! I will continue to read your blog from now on! Loved the article!

I’m in the right state of mind to create a masterpiece [cover letter]. It’s time for a career change, the history extended essay format insight will play a roll in getting to it! Thanks for sharing, learned a lot.Hope to get a good job. Excellent Article, I just found it and this is september excellent advice for people who are out there sending out write law 100’s of resumes to no avail. If they took the time, focused on a few companies, their odds would be much greater of actually finding a job. Great practical advice about stepping into the shoes of the person who is looking at your resume. This right here is real talk.

I really like this and how it set up. No templates but real solid advise considering the essay september 11th person and implications of doing the admissions cover letter different ways. I do have a question though if anyone can answer. The writer of this article suggests that when submitting a cover letter you should be yourself so that if they really do like you then you will like them. So you should not suck up too much and sound to conforming, which I completely agree with. I have also heard though that its okay to do that and I was told when trying to move up I should be able to “fake it until I make it.” What do you guys think? Awesome submit. Its important to learn the employer company, learn the requirements and then create the september CV in such a manner that candidate makes the employer realize that he is the one they were searching for!

I have bookmarked your post. keep posting. Fantastic post, thank you for inspiring me to actually enjoy writing a cover letter – a task that often seems comparable to working in a Siberian slave labor camp. This is good information. The only problem is I can’t use most of law it. I am not I suppose what you would call a “professional” as I have not attended post secondary education. Descriptive Essay 11th! I find it difficult to relate to some of the examples you have provided, as well as modify it for history extended format my needs. You should proof read. How can I take advice from you? Agreed. After reading this example: “I came across your website while looking for great places to work in Austin.

You stood out because, as a software developer myself, I love the idea of working on a developer tool. Descriptive September 11th! Also, although I don’t have a lot of experience with peer code review, I like what you have to say about it and I’m excited about learning more. Research! Finally, reading your job description showed me you have a sense of humor, and that’s important to me.” I showed this to my daughter who is a Talent Aquisition mgr. at essay a huge global company and oxley papers she said there are too many “I” in september this letter example. “I did this, I did that, I feel this, I know that”. Walmart Study! And what if they don’t have a sense of humor? this sounds so patronizing to me. I was asking myself why recruiters never answered me…?

Now i have the response!! This is good information. thank you for inspiring me to actually enjoy writing a cover letter,its a solid advise considering the person and implications of doing the cover letter different ways.Its important to learn the descriptive essay september employer company, learn the requirements and then create the CV in such a manner that candidate makes the employer realize that he is the handbook research papers one they were searching for! the insight will play a roll in getting to it. Thanks for sharing, I will continue to read your blog from now on. Very nicely said. Ive been doing some research about essay september 11th, this topic and I am getting sure that succes lies just in being different..

There is some great advice here as people actually read the cover letter before the CV! if you can make it personal this is better, MD’s and walmart in europe case study recruitment people like to hear you know who they are and what they do, in other words you have put the effort in. It will definitely help you seem like a person they can work with rather than just another applicant. This is descriptive essay great post. Thanks for sharing. I don’t usually comment, but this was a great post! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom to growth in india essay, help, those such as myself, who are seeking to essay 11th, improve our resumes to get that “pop” to get noticed. I like it when you said “put yourself in the shoes of the poor slob” Just love reading this post..

Thanks for sharing! Agreed. Are we all applying for how to write jobs at Pixar or Google? Could you give an example of a cover letter you think would get read? You say that the cover letter shouldn’t be written so formally, but I don’t know how to descriptive essay 11th, write in a more personal way for a cover letter that is sarbanes oxley supposed to descriptive september 11th, show that I’m professional. I think if I tried to write less formally, I would sound TOO informal. History Extended Essay Format! Any tips on how to strike the perfect balance? Excellent article!

Thanks! Excellent article! Thanks! Great post! It’s refreshing to see someone who is blunt and descriptive essay 11th straight-to-the-point with advice rather than trying to sugarcoat. I have written thousands of cover letters, and in doing so I have also seen the cover letters people have been using – most of which are templates. Quite unfortunate.

Hopefully several job seekers stumble across this blog and use your advice to their advantage. Again, great post! It’s awesome designed for me to have a web site, which is valuable in favor of my know-how. Heading! thanks admin. So nice to descriptive september, see a straightforward article about employment. So tired of phony, generic cover letters. It’s annoying! People don’t want to read that phony “team player” crap. This is an excellent and growth essay thoughtful tutorial.

As to the recommendation to use “personal, not formal” language, I would counter that you can be both polished and personable. If you follow certain conventions to keep your language polished (no contractions, no casual and overused adjectives like “great” or “amazing,” full titles instead of acronyms, etc.), then your tone can be more personable and open. Of the hundreds of cover letters I’ve revised, I would say that only a small fraction have erred on descriptive essay september 11th, the side of being too formal; most are much too casual, which can come across as overconfident or uninformed. If you are a college student applying for an internship, it is also crucial to mention that you hope to prove yourself worthy of a full-time job offer after graduation, as the company is admissions essay hoping that the time and descriptive cost of training interns will be worth it to them in the long term as well. Thanks for the informative article. Rapid Growth Of Population! The best part about it is the juxtaposition of your suggestions and the ads for resume templates at the top of the page. I know the author has no input on ad placement but the irony is rather hilarious. Thanks again for the great information. I plan to test it out.

Fantastic Blog! Great motivator! Thanks for sharing this. I love to see other perspectives, and I will use the advice found in here in the near future. Job hunting has changed drastically since I found my first job in 1983. Today’s job market requires you to stand out in the crowd, and this will help anyone accomplish the goal for sure!

Hi, ok great article but what if you are an entry level time in your life and need to put together a cover letter like the one described above? There will be absolutely no experience to speak of. Descriptive September 11th! How can I “enthusiastically” write what I have done for my last company if in fact I haven’t done anything? How can I make my cover letter stand out in the entry level field?

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Simple Software for essay 11th Better Interview Skills. Learn how to land the study, job with Big Interview’s powerful video tutorials and virtual interview practice software. How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview. Showcase Your Strengths Without Feeling Like a Used Car Salesman. “I just don’t know how to descriptive essay, sell myself!” It’s one of the how to write, most common complaints that I hear in my job interview coaching practice.

I love hearing these words because I know I can help these clients make a dramatic improvement in their interview game pretty quickly. Essay? They tend to write, be people who are successful and descriptive confident and in europe study poised, but just a bit too modest when it comes to talking about themselves. Take Lawrence for example. He is an accomplished IT professional with an essay 11th impressive resume and no problem getting up in front of in europe case analysis, a room full of colleagues. However, he hasn’t interviewed in a while and he’s always been a fairly humble guy. In our first practice interview, he managed to avoid talking about descriptive essay september, his most impressive accomplishments and to stumble and mumble when asked about rapid growth essay, his strengths.

After one session, Lawrence went from modest and essay september 11th forgettable to rapid of population in india essay, irresistible (well, he got the september, job offer that he wanted anyway). Why You Aren’t Getting the Offers That You Deserve. If you can relate to Lawrence, you’re definitely not alone. Rapid Of Population Essay? Some of my most impressive clients have suffered from essay this same discomfort with self-promotion. Most were going on lots of job interviews and never getting offers (a few weren’t even getting called in for interviews because their resumes weren’t doing them justice). The truth is that most people aren’t used to talking about themselves , let alone “selling” themselves.

In daily life, we are rarely called upon to list our strengths or detail our accomplishments. In fact, many of us grew up with the conditioning that it’s obnoxious to brag or call attention to our achievements. This is just good manners when it comes to cocktail parties, but will definitely hold you back in job interviews. A job interview is unlike any other form of interaction. The interviewer wants you to communicate what makes you stand out from heading other candidates. His job is to pick the best candidate. It’s impossible to descriptive september 11th, get a full and complete picture of of population essay, any human being from essay a 30-40 minute conversation, so the how to law, interviewer has to rely on a limited set of data — what you tell him in the interview. As a result, great candidates often get passed over for descriptive essay september people with worse qualifications but better presentation. The good news is that it’s very possible to learn to “sell yourself” in a way that will still feel authentic. It’s not about trickery or false representation — it’s about understanding what your key strengths are and being able to communicate them in a concise and growth essay compelling way.

Approach it Like a Marketing Challenge. It can be useful to approach it as a marketing challenge. Amusingly enough, some of descriptive essay september, my most modest clients have been marketing executives who were brilliant at marketing but struggled with applying this knowledge to admissions essay, promoting themselves. An interview is a conversation, yes. It’s an opportunity to descriptive essay september 11th, get to know a potential manager or colleague and discuss a potential opportunity. You want to be likable and authentic. However, don’t forget that the handbook writers, interview is also an exercise in positioning yourself for the position. You want to convey what sets you apart from the competition and how you could benefit the organization if hired. I’m talking about descriptive essay, putting your best foot forward, about knowing your strengths and communicating them in walmart in europe case study analysis, a memorable and descriptive essay september 11th persuasive way.

So now that we’re running with this metaphor of walmart in europe case study analysis, you as the great product and the interview as your marketing opportunity, let’s look at how to descriptive 11th, approach your interview like a marketer. Any good marketer understands the value of admissions essay heading, market research. Who is your target audience? What are they looking for? What does the competition offer? How can your product solve the customer’s problem and/or improve the customer’s life? Take a good look at the job description. Where are you a great match?

Which of the top requirements do you bring to the table? Can you claim expert status or impressive accomplishments that can separate you from the pack? Understand what they are looking for 11th and emphasize how you specifically fit those needs. Sometimes it’s difficult to analyze yourself clearly (especially if you have been job hunting for a while and are feeling bruised by the process). Sarbanes Oxley Papers? This is where a trusted mentor or coach can help with some objective feedback on what to descriptive essay september 11th, emphasize and what to downplay.

Be proactive about what you want to convey in your interview. Based on the analysis conducted in Step 1, you should have a pretty good sense of the key selling points that your interviewer will be most interested in. Now it’s time to sarbanes oxley papers, frame these selling points so that you can communicate them concisely and powerfully. I’m not advising you to write a script and I’m certainly not advising you to descriptive september 11th, make stuff up. However, it’s useful to admissions essay, do some preparation around what you want to say and how you want to september 11th, say it. In fact, this is particularly important for those who consider themselves a bit modest or uncomfortable “selling” themselves. If you have a history of in europe study analysis, being too modest in 11th, interviews, it’s going to feel weird at first. If you wing it, even if you’ve analyzed your fit and told yourself that you’re going talk yourself up more, I can almost guarantee that you will hold back because it won’t feel natural. That’s why it’s so important to history extended essay, think about the descriptive essay september 11th, approach and language that will be most natural for you — that will still feel like YOU, just more confident and articulate about extended essay, your positive qualities. The process of writing down your speaking points will make a tremendous difference. Sit down and list your top selling points.

What do you want your interviewer to remember about september, you? Aim for at least five main points —these can be areas of expertise, key accomplishments, education or training, soft skills, personality qualities, and/or other strengths. For each of these, write a proof statement. This proof statement can be a brief example or a more general statement about research, how you have demonstrated that strength in the past. Example selling point #1: Management skills/experience. For a management role, you’ll want to demonstrate that you can successfully lead others. If this is one of your strengths, highlight it with specifics: Proof Statement A (specific example): In my current role, I have built a great team that has grown from 3 to descriptive september, 14 over the last five years. Early on, I learned a lot from my mentors about how to hire the right people and coach them to rapid essay, success.

Now I’m proud to descriptive essay 11th, say that my team has been acknowledged as the most productive and cohesive group in the division. Now my bosses send young managers to me to walmart analysis, mentor! Proof Statement B (general description): I love being a manager and I believe it’s one of my greatest strengths. I have managed customer service teams at both large and small companies for more than four years, so I know how to get the best out of customer service professionals. A strong work ethic is a great asset and a desirable quality for september 11th almost any position. Just keep in growth in india essay, mind that interviewers hear this “hard worker” claim a lot and may not see it as a huge differentiator.

If you choose this as one of september, your interview selling points, make sure you have a great example or proof statement that shows how you personify this quality. Also, be sure to supplement this one with additional selling points that are more specific to law, the role and set you apart more clearly. Proof Statement A (specific example): In my previous position, I put in descriptive essay september, many late nights to ensure that our monthly client newsletter went out on time — and that it met the company’s high quality standards. Because of layoffs, we were understaffed and I volunteered to take on many additional tasks beyond my role — I wrote stories, edited for our other writers, oversaw layout, and served as the final proofreader to ensure no mistakes made it to press. The issue was a huge success and resulted in admissions heading, lots of positive feedback from clients and from senior management. Proof Statement B (general description): I have always been that person who’s first in the office in the morning and last to leave in descriptive september, the evening. I’m the guy who taught himself programming so that I could be more valuable to my team on our site redesign project. I’m not happy unless I know I’m giving my all.

Step 3: Practice Until It Feels Natural. Just like you would practice for an important speech or a big performance, you must practice for your interview. Most people know this is true, but my experience shows that few candidates actually put enough (if any) time into effective practice. Practicing is especially important for those inclined to modesty (anyone who feels skittish about the growth essay, idea of “selling” themselves!) In Step 2, you outlined your main speaking points in writing (remember, not word for word). To make sure you can deliver this crucial information in a compelling and natural way, you’ll need to speak those selling points out descriptive essay loud (with your notes at first and history extended essay format eventually without them). I can’t emphasize the value of descriptive essay september 11th, practice enough. The process of practicing can feel awkward (check out Big Interview for a way to practice on your own with minimum awkwardness), but it allows you to work out the rapid growth of population in india essay, kinks BEFORE you walk into the interview. As you practice, you’ll likely make tweaks to the content and how you deliver it. Your answers should come out a little bit differently each time, but still cover the selling points that you’ve identified as most important.

This practice will also make you more comfortable with saying positive things about yourself and help you own your strengths in your own voice. Finally, practice will help you with remembering what you want to essay, say — even if your nerves act up when the rapid of population in india essay, pressure is on in the descriptive essay september 11th, interview. When to Sell Yourself in an Interview. Once you know your selling points and have a sense of write law, how you want to describe them, you need to get proactive about finding opportunities to pitch yourself during the essay september, interview. Unfortunately, there are many untrained interviewers out how to write law there who ask lame questions and/or don’t really give candidates a chance to descriptive 11th, talk.

Here are some questions that provide useful openings for pitching your selling points: 1) Tell me about yourself — Most interviews open with this question or a variation (Walk me through your resume/background, etc.). This is an opportunity for you to start strong and steer the interview discussion to your strengths. Our article on write answering the essay, dreaded “Tell me about yourself” interview question will help you craft a great answer that incorporates your selling points. 2) Your strengths — Any question about papers, your strengths is an invitation to descriptive essay september 11th, share your selling points. Variations on “the strengths question” include: • Why would you be a good fit?

• Why should we hire you? 3) Your role descriptions — Any decent interviewer will ask you about your most recent positions. Instead of just rattling off your duties, weave in examples that show off your key qualifications. 4) Your behavioral stories — Most interviews will include some behavioral questions (any questions that start with “Tell me about a time…” or otherwise prompt you for history extended essay specific examples from essay 11th your past). I work with all of my clients to prepare at least 3-5 strong stories that showcase their strengths and achievements.

These stories can be used for answering behavioral questions and also for weaving into the conversion in other ways (see points 1-3 above). More Self-Promotion Tips for the Modest and research Shy. If you’re trying to craft your selling points and still struggle with feeling comfortable saying nice things about yourself, I have some tricks you can use. 1) Stick with the facts. Instead of stating an opinion about yourself (awkward sometimes), present some nice objective facts that demonstrate your point. Try: I’ve been published by Publication X and Z and was very excited to be selected for Writing Prize ABC during my senior year. 2) Quote somebody else. Sometimes it can feel less “braggy” to quote somebody else’s positive opinion of you.

Truthfully, this approach can lend additional credibility even if you’re perfectly okay with tooting your own horn. Instead of: I’m a very effective project manager. Try: My manager told me that I am the best project manager at september 11th the company and the CEO specifically requested me to lead our highest-profile client engagement this quarter. 3) Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Give yourself permission to brag. Try writing your selling point bullets as if you were a brazen self-promoter. Handbook Writers Research Papers? You can always dial it back later if the results feel obnoxious. However, I have seen many clients benefit from descriptive september 11th pushing themselves a little. 4) Get feedback from a trusted (and objective) advisor.

Try it out loud with a friend or coach and get some honest feedback. You’ll likely find that you’re too close to the topic to evaluate without some outside perspective. Look for handbook an advisor with some knowledge of the interviewing process (many of your friends and september family members probably have experience interviewing candidates). Ideally, you also want someone who can maintain some objectivity about how to law, you (often a parent or significant other will have trouble with this aspect) and can give feedback that’s both candid and descriptive essay constructive. If you follow this advice, you can follow my client Lawrence’s example and dramatically improve your job interview performance. Writers Research? You can learn to descriptive essay september 11th, “sell” yourself without feeling like a sellout. As always, my goal is to make you so good at oxley papers interviewing that you won’t have to interview anymore. Pamela Skillings is co-founder of Big Interview. As an essay september 11th interview coach, she has helped her clients land dream jobs at extended essay format companies including Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan Chase. She also has more than 15 years of essay september 11th, experience training and rapid growth of population advising managers at organizations from september 11th American Express to the City of New York.

She is an adjunct professor at sarbanes oxley papers New York University and an instructor at the American Management Association. 14 Comment to How to essay 11th, Sell Yourself in a Job Interview. Self promotion topic was very interested and very useful on my side as Hr Associate to learn how candiadate can manage to case study, sell themselves. @Lwitiko – thank you for the kind words #128578; Pamela, I love you man.

Currently writing my resume and I’ve got say you offer some clear, and precise information that’s helping me spice shit up. Thanks and keep blessing people with this wonderful knowledge you have. Very good tips and posture to use in an interview. The bet part of the post is “1) Stick with the facts. September? Instead of stating an opinion about yourself (awkward sometimes), present some nice objective facts that demonstrate your point. Instead of: I’m a very strong writer. Try: I’ve been published by write law Publication X and Z and was very excited to be selected for Writing Prize ABC during my senior year.”. I like the essay 11th, post. @Fermin – thank you for handbook research papers the love #128578; @Walter – thank you for the comment.

We aim to please #128578; can u give the example for this plzzz. can u give the example for september 11th this plzzz. can u give the example for this plzzz. can u give the example for this plzzz. can u give the example for this plzzz. can u give the example for this plzzz. Dear Pamela, your insights on this particularly subject have helped me overcome my anxiety and my shyness and land my first job ever. Thank you so much for this blog! #128578;

What if the person was not “chosen” for “Publication X and Z” but is in europe case capable of writing well? Pamela Skillings is co-founder of Big Interview. As one of the descriptive, country's top interview coaches, she has helped her clients land dream jobs at companies including Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan Chase. She also has more than 15 years of experience training and advising managers at sarbanes oxley research papers organizations from American Express to the City of New York. She is an adjunct professor at New York University and descriptive essay september an instructor at the American Management Association. Oxley Research? Continue reading.

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5 surprising secrets of a killer McKinsey resume. Haven#8217;t you always wondered what a McKinsey resume looks like? Today, we have for descriptive you a post on the 5 things you should know about submitting your resume to McKinsey. After the rave reviews we received from research our McKinsey firm profile, we decided to descriptive essay september 11th, give you even more insight on the world#8217;s top consulting firm this time letting you in on the secrets of sarbanes research papers what it takes to make it past the descriptive essay september 11th resume screen at McKinsey. Now, there are the standard set of rules for your consulting resume that apply for any firm a results-oriented resume, formatting consistency, using proactive language, quantifying competitive accomplishments, providing context for key activities, etc. and you can get more on those in our Resume Cover Letter Bible. These 5 tips below, however, are focused specifically on McKinsey . So for all of you McKinseyite wannabes, this one#8217;s for you! June is admissions essay, resume month at descriptive essay september 11th, MC, and as such, we focus all of law our posts on that same topic consulting resumes.

This year we also honored resume month with our 2nd annual free resume review giveaway which filled up in less than 9 minutes! 50 lucky MC subscribers received a free resume review , and the 300+ more who didn#8217;t make the descriptive september 50-person cut-off received a private discount code to research papers, use for resume editing services. We#8217;ll be sending out another special this month, so check back often, follow us on descriptive 11th Facebook, or subscribe to our mailing list to stay tuned. Here are the 5 things you should know about submitting your resume to McKinsey. 1. Writers Research. A Harvard business degree isn#8217;t enough.

McKinsey hires the descriptive 11th best of Harvard#8217;s best, so just being from Harvard isn#8217;t good enough. We#8217;re talking about the most prestigious consulting firm in the world here so a regular ol#8217; degree from analysis Stanford or INSEAD isn#8217;t sufficient to get you to the interview round. The competition at McKinsey is more than stiff it#8217;s almost impossible. Without prestigious leadership experience on your resume e.g., if your highest achievement is descriptive 11th, Student Body Treasurer or you made the Dean#8217;s list 50% of the time don#8217;t even bother applying. Your family may be gushing with pride over your accomplishments, but you won#8217;t make it past the firm#8217;s resume screen. Significant achievements that will get you considered are things like President of your Consulting Club, Founder of a company, a summer internship at a brand-name firm, inventor of how to a new surgical technology, or a Ph.D. in some cutting edge and radical new research. A knock-out McKinsey candidate is an descriptive essay 11th influencer the next Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, or Arianna Huffington with a variety of interests that make you uniquely and powerfully you. You#8217;re Type A, polished, and history extended format a winner when you run, you#8217;re elected; when you compete, you win.

Does this sound like the essay 11th type of oxley experience you have? If so, you#8217;ve got a good chance. If not, either start obtaining it or consider back-up options. Descriptive. 2. Don#8217;t use the admissions essay McKinsey buzzwords, DEMONSTRATE them. McKinsey buzzwords include structure , credibility , and credentials.

Don#8217;t use these terms on your resume a McKinsey recruiter will see right through that. Anyone can say they#8217;re great at using structure to solve problems. Essay. You#8217;re much better off giving an example that presents the problem, briefly explains how you approached it, and of population in india essay what the september results were. Your resume should give clear, concise examples that demonstrate each of these McKinsey qualities. Structure Weave a story that presents a problem you faced, the structured approach you took to solving it including breaking the problem into growth its component parts, and the positive results you achieved. On the job, you will rely on best practice work (i.e., the same report, but for a different company or industry) to descriptive 11th, get the job done so if you can show you#8217;ve done this before, you#8217;re golden. Credibility An internship with McKinsey is going to be the best credibility you can offer , however, internships or work experience at history extended, Fortune 500 firms will work in descriptive essay september 11th your favor too. Other non-profit experiences can additionally give you an up, like a term with Teach for admissions heading America, as long as that#8217;s not all you#8217;ve done (otherwise, the sudden interest in descriptive essay business might be suspect). Handbook Papers. Basically, anything you can include on descriptive essay 11th your resume that shows you went through a rigorous selection process and came out on top is going to admissions, win you points with a McKinsey recruiter.

Credentials A McKinsey candidate will have graduated from a top international school with Honors, received a Rhodes or Fulbright Scholarship, won an descriptive september 11th Olympic gold medal, or wrote speeches for the President. Your credentials must be seriously impressive to be considered McKinsey-worthy, so include the rapid of population essay most prestigious scholarships, merit awards, and industry accolades that you can on your resume. 3. Descriptive Essay. McKinsey staffs globally, so show them you#8217;re ready to go global. Under McKinsey#8217;s global staffing model, you’ll work on project engagements with 5-6 member teams pulled from locations around the world. Even if a client doesn#8217;t demand your presence on-site, you#8217;ll need to fly to connect with your team. That means you#8217;ll be traveling 100% of the handbook writers papers time. What does this mean for your resume? Well, an internship with Deutsche Bank in essay Germany paired with an economics study abroad program in case Argentina is going to essay 11th, convey your ability to get along with multi-national teams, handle living/working in another country, and demonstrate maturity traveling/living on your own. This isn#8217;t necessarily a make or break for your application, but it will definitely have a positive influence on the review team.

I started my first consulting firm while I was living in South Africa, and it was focused on Corporate Social Responsibility. I worked with international governments, local South African bureaucrats, and multinational company#8217;s business leaders to implement and measure the impact of business-focused programs. Yes, I had top grades from a great school and had won awards while there#8230;but it was my international experience on top of all that that put me on McKinsey#8217;s radar as an handbook research papers experienced hire. A resume that includes language skills and international experience e.g., study/work abroad, international competitions, globetrotting, etc. 11th. will get you that much closer to a McKinsey interview slot as long as there is a consistent theme of excellence. 4. A well-structured, black-and-white 1-page resume is what McKinsey recruiters are looking for. Don#8217;t get creative on your resume. Heading. Stick with a very basic, black-and-white presentation that tells your story with context and impact. Rely on essay september your pedigree, internships, and relevant work experience to how to law, provide the descriptive 11th impact you want not on too-frequently bolded fonts, excessive titles in extended essay format italics , or confusing formatting choices. You#8217;re going to be representing a highly-established firm with Fortune 500 C-level executives, the majority of essay whom are older and probably more conservative than you.

Everything from your attire to your resume must reflect that you know and appreciate what that means. McKinsey wants you to be highly intelligent, yet predictable. Creativity on your resume is appreciated, but only in terms of what you#8217;re presenting your experience, etc. not in how you present it. One key exception McKinsey does accept longer resumes/CVs outside the U.S. The absolute maximum, however, is 2 pages, and you should have at least 5 years of oxley papers professional work experience if you#8217;re going to justify having a longer presentation of descriptive 11th your education and experience. History Essay Format. Most that we see in the 3-5 page range are stocked with 50% nonsense and fluff, so we bring out the essay september 11th axe and pare it down to essentials. McKinsey has a subject matter expert track and a generalist track , and versus its Bain and BCG counterparts moves consultants into specific practices early on, such as logistics or HR. Because McKinsey hires candidates into specific areas of expertise, the firm is more open to considering applications from research candidates who#8217;ve chosen not to go the typical MBA route. Essay September 11th. In fact, more than 50% of essay heading McKinsey consultants don#8217;t have a graduate degree in business. If your education and/or work experience is #8220;outside the norm,#8221; don#8217;t be afraid to highlight that on your resume.

Here#8217;s another tip if you do have a specialization outside of 11th business, research McKinsey#8217;s Insight weekend a swanky, 2 day informational conference for hot target prospective consultants, held at a Ritz Carlton near you. Sarbanes Research Papers. Having been accepted to one of these events is almost as strong as having a McKinsey internship on your resume . It shows you#8217;ve already been vetted, moving you one step closer to the inner circle. Pretty sure that you don#8217;t have McKinsey credentials yet? Let#8217;s talk about your next steps here. Should you blindly apply and hope for the best, or send them some tragic sob story explaining why your grades are so terrible? Should you give up completely? If you#8217;re really serious about descriptive essay september 11th, consulting, get strategic about your application to McKinsey and growth in india take a long-term view. Don#8217;t have brand-name experience on your resume? Get some. Don#8217;t have a top degree? Go back to school.

Didn#8217;t win an descriptive award? Try harder, build a magical company, or get creative in rapid growth essay your free time. 11th. Remember, McKinsey consultants aren#8217;t born they are made. So get started on the tasks that will make you an incredible asset to an already incredible firm! We hope you enjoyed these insights into your consulting resume for McKinsey. Stay tuned for our next post on how MBB recruiters read consulting resumes. Best of luck! The arrogance displayed in in europe analysis this article is a big reason why people go to work for BCG or Bain instead.

Clients hate it too. Seriously, tone it down. Descriptive Essay. You may have a few gold medalists, but most are not. I was a top-tier consultant for 10 years, and this post reminds me why I#8217;m glad I left. Walmart Case Study. Thinking you are the best and actually being it are two different things. I get the feeling, McK specializes on the thinking part. #8220;A knock-out McKinsey candidate is an influencer – the next Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg#8221; WHY WOULD MARK ZUCKERBERG WORK FOR MCKINSEY WHEN HE CAN BUY IT?

This translates to, why would the next Zuckerburg work for McKinsey when they can open up their own business and make far more money and become far more credible. Having worked for a big Top 10 firm in the past, the biggest problem I noticed was the sheer arrogance and sense of entitlement that seemed to descriptive essay september 11th, permeate virtually everything the format organization did and stood for. It didn#8217;t give a rat#8217;s a$$ about its clients. The only thing that seemed to descriptive september 11th, matter was making equity associate or partner and pushing billables past Pluto#8217;s orbit. Yes, we can see why this article is slanted.

While the intent of the article seems to help candidates looking at McKinsey. I doubt it will do that. How To Write Law. The article portrays the firms consultants so high that it is difficult for most aspirants to reach there, infact it may turn them away from a consulting job. The article creates a sense of descriptive dispair #8220;I am not as good as this#8221; feeling. Being a current consultant and one with a Harvard degree, I do not want to walmart case study, work in a culture like this. Essay September 11th. But, any aspirant should look at writers research papers, McKinsey#8217;s website and study their resources and employee interviews, which are organized by role and geography. The tone of the website is more #8216;humble#8217; than this article.

This article is laugh out loud nonsense! I do not see any one taking credit for this #8220;gem#8221; wonder why the author will not share their #8220;credentials#8221; and #8220;credibility#8221;?! I agree with the comments below: tone and content of 11th this article is silly posturing and offensive drivel. Author sounds like he/she is a Gordon Gekko groupie with no practical experience. Big 4/McKinsey/BCG/Bain clients pay a great deal of money for consulting services from the extended format #8220;best of the best#8221;. Clients put their faith in descriptive essay september 11th us and value our experience because we deliver results period. Format. Posturing, arrogance and september 11th salivating over a conference at the Ritz Carlton are career limiting values, indicative of an amateur who will never be successful as a consultant. I have won many clients and engagements after a client has fired a consultant/firm. Their biggest complaint?

The consultant was #8220;all talk, full of themselves and never delivered#8221;. This is disgraceful given the amount of money and trust clients put into their consulting partners. The key to a long, successful career in consulting is simple: treat your clients with respect, deliver on your promises. As always, consultants glorifying McKinsey. I know many undergrads who partied their way through college with a liberal arts major, and oxley research papers are still working at McKinsey.

Consulting is for september people who (a) have no idea what they want to do with their lives or (b) are smart but unskilled laborers. Can#8217;t wait for the Elon#8217;s and Mark#8217;s of the extended essay world to aggregate the september 11th quants and history extended essay build the data science teams that put McKinsey out of business. When you#8217;ve been spied on descriptive 11th by people who did have this resume, you do tend to essay heading, suspect that you#8217;ve got things they#8217;ve not got. It tells you that McKinsey doesn#8217;t have the best inside the firm, so it has to steal it from outside the firm. You don#8217;t reach that level by following a production line approach, you do so by going where no-one has gone before. And anyone who knows anything about that, knows that sometimes you#8217;ll succeed, and sometimes, you#8217;ll fail. Because Mckinsey is intolerant of any failure, it should have no credibility in the fields of descriptive essay september entrepreneurship, risk capital, top-down reinvention of a firm or anything which actually involves risk taking. Essay. It should have no credibility in essay revolutionising anything. Steve Jobs would spit on what is written here by McKinsey.

He won big but he also failed. He was worth more than the entire Senior Partners of papers Mckinsey. By a long way. What McKinsey wants are what Hollywood calls: #8216;Close, but no cigar#8217; types of descriptive essay 11th people. Dull worthies who never made a mistake because they never took a risk of any significant magnitude. That#8217;s fine but it#8217;s about time that this myth was blown out of the water. Rhodes/Fulbright Scholars are spies recruited to spy. They are not revolutionaries. The most important and true thing in that article is that Mckinsey people are OCD. Handbook Writers Papers. If they haven#8217;t realised that working for an OCD is the most destructive concept for descriptive essay september any self-motivated, graduate-level revolutionary thinker, they failed Consulting 101. OCDs should be running surgical theatres, they should be managing mission-critical aspects of space programs, they should be writing computer code.

They should coaching sports folks where attention to write, details and descriptive essay 11th marginal gains are imperative. They should not be managing creative people, revolutionary people, emancipated people. They destroy people like that through jealousy, enmity, thuggery, power games and destructive vindictiveness. OCDs are OCDs because they are too scared to face their own inner demons. That#8217;s why they are OCDs. The day they overcome their inner demons is the day that their OCD propensities will disappear. Now I hope this helps people understand the truth about Mckinsey because you#8217;ll never get it out of them in sarbanes 100 years.

Oh, and remember when you go to interview: they#8217;ll have bugged the room so don#8217;t get up to anything naughty. You#8217;re supposed to be a married-for-life monogamous boring stuffed shirt. Unless they are sucking up to President Bill Clinton of course, who can do whatever the heck he wants#8230;#8230;and frequently did. 11th. If you fought in Bosnia and in europe case study analysis can see through the september interview dynamics, go work somewhere else. Admiring 23 year olds from oxley research Oxbridge fit in much better. haha. wow you guys are getting totally destroyed in essay 11th the comments below#8230; not a bad article fwiw but I do agree there#8217;s an arrogance about consulting + the write law world in general that#8217;s perpetuated by descriptive, the author#8217;s way of thinking.

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essay setting out Read the topic and descriptive essay 11th sample essay, then study the comments. Click on the highlighted text for comments about academic writing conventions; click on the notes in the margin for commentary on the essay. Birth rates are falling in developed countries. There is handbook writers, one simple reason for this - young people nowadays are just too selfish and too self-centred to have children. And this is descriptive essay september 11th, particularly true of women. Case Analysis. To what extent do you agree with this view? Support your argument with relevant readings and evidence. Countries in the developed world have seen a big shift in essay 11th attitudes to population growth.

Several generations ago, it was generally believed that too many babies were being born, and that societies should try to in india reduce their populations. Descriptive Essay. Nowadays, however, the concern is the reverse - that birthrates are falling too low and that urgent action is needed to encourage people to have more children. But what are the how to law causes of 11th this trend? And how much are the attitudes and lifestyles of young people to blame? This essay will consider a number of explanations for the so-called baby crash. My argument will be that to research hold young people responsible is neither valid nor helpful.

The best explanation, I believe , is to descriptive essay 11th be found in the condition of in india increased economic insecurity faced by the young. The birth rate has fallen dramatically in many parts of the world. To take several examples, in Europe in 1960, the total fertility rate (TFR) was about 2.6 births per female, but in 1996 it had fallen to 1.4 (Chesnais, 1998) . In many Asian countries, similar declines have been experienced. Japan now has a birthrate of only about 1.3, and Hong Kong#039;s has fallen to below 1.0 (Ichimura and Ogawa, 2000) . A TFR of below 2.0 means that a country#039;s population is 11th, not replaced, and rapid growth of population in india essay thus there is a net population decline. This ageing of the population has the potential to create serious problems. Fewer children being born means that in the long term, a smaller proportion of the populace will be economically productive, whilst a larger proportion will be old and descriptive september 11th economically dependent - in the form of pension, health care and rapid essay other social services. Most experts agree that these greying societies will not be able escape serious social and economic decline in the future (Chesnais, 1998). So what are the causes of this trend and september 11th what can be done to stop it? One common approach has been to walmart in europe study analysis lay the descriptive essay blame on young people and their supposedly self-centred values. Handbook Writers Research Papers. It is argued that in developed societies, we now live in a post-materialist age, where individuals do not have to be so concerned about basic material conditions to survive (McDonald, 2000a).

Thus people, especially the young, have become more focussed on the values of self-realisation and the satisfaction of personal preferences, at the expense of traditional values like raising a family. A strong version of this view is put forward by descriptive september 11th, Japanese sociologist, Masahiro Yamada (cited in Ashby, 2000) . He uses the term parasite singles to refer to grown children in their 20s and 30s who have left school and are employed, but remain unmarried and continue live at home with their parents. Research. These young people are spoilt, he says, and interested only in descriptive essay september their own pleasure - mainly in the form of shopping. Walmart Study Analysis. According to Yamada , it is essay, this focus on self, more than any other factor, that is responsible for Japan#039;s languishing birth rate (Ashby, 2000). History. In other developed countries, there is essay, a similar tendency for the young to remain at home enjoying a single lifestyle - and a similar tendency for older people to interpret this as selfishness (McDonald, 2000a).

But is it reasonable to attribute the baby crash to the pleasure-seeking values of the young? The problem with this view is that whenever young people are surveyed about their attitudes to family, not only do they say they want to writers papers have children, they also express preferences for essay september 11th family sizes that are, on essay heading, average, above the essay september replacement level (McDonald, 2000a). As an example, McDonald quotes an handbook papers Australian study that found that women aged 20-24 expected to have an average of september 11th 2.33 children in their lifetime. Findings like this suggest that the sarbanes research values of the young are not at all incompatible with the idea of having a family. It seems then that, as young people progress through their twenties and descriptive september thirties, they encounter obstacles along the way that prevent them from fulfilling their plans to be parents. Some conservative thinkers believe the main obstacle is the extended format changed role and status of women (eg. Norton, 2003). According to this view, because young women now have greater educational and career opportunities than in previous generations, they are finding the idea of descriptive essay september 11th family and motherhood less attractive. Thus, educated middle class women are delaying marriage and childbirth or even rejecting motherhood altogether. It is claimed that women#039;s improved status - which may be a good thing in itself - has had the unfortunate consequence of threatening population stability. But there are several problems with this argument.

For one, the lowest TFRs in Europe are found in Spain and walmart case study Italy (around 1.2), both more traditional, male-oriented societies, which offer fewer opportunities to women. In comparison, Sweden which has been a leading country in advancing the rights of essay september women enjoys a higher TFR (1.6 in 1996) - even though it is still below replacement. Chesnais (1998: p. 99) refers to this contrast as the feminist paradox and concludes that empowerment of women [actually] ensures against a very low birth rate (my emphasis) . Another problem with trying to link improved education levels for women to low birth rates is that fertility in developed countries seems to handbook writers research papers be declining across all education and class levels. In a recent survey of descriptive essay september 11th Australian census data, Birrell (2003) found that, whereas the non-tertiary-educated group was once very fertile, its rate of how to law partnering is now converging towards that of tertiary educated women. We can summarise the discussion to this point as follows: Young people today, in spite of what#039;s said about descriptive essay 11th their values, still express a desire to have children.

However, few end up having as many as they say they would like. The improved education and career opportunities for women does not seem to be the decisive factor in sarbanes oxley reducing the number of children that a woman has. These conclusions suggest that there must be something else involved. Many writers are now pointing to a different factor - the september 11th economic condition of young people and their growing sense of insecurity. Peter McDonald (2000a) in his article #039;Low fertility in Australia: Evidence, causes and policy responses#039; discusses some of the things that a couple will consider when they are thinking of having a child.

One type of thinking is what McDonald calls Rational Choice Theory, whereby a couple make an assessment of the relative costs and benefits associated with becoming a parent. In traditional societies, there has usually been an economic benefit in having children because they can be a source of labour to help the family. In developed societies, however, children now constitute an economic cost, and so, it is argued, the benefits are more of a psychological kind - for example, enjoying the rapid growth in india status of descriptive september 11th being a parent, having baby who will be fun and will grow up to walmart case love you, having offspring who will carry on the family name etc. September. The problem, McDonald suggests, is that for many couples nowadays the economic cost can easily outweigh any perceived psychological benefits. McDonald (2000b) discusses another type of decision-making - Risk Aversion Theory - which he says is also unfavourable to the birth rate. Sarbanes Research Papers. According to this theory, when we make important decisions in our lives life, if we perceive uncertainty in our environment, we usually err on the side of safety in order to avert risk. Descriptive 11th. McDonald points to walmart in europe case a rise in economic uncertainty which he thinks has steered a lot of young people away from life-changing decisions like marriage and parenthood: Jobs are no longer lifetime jobs. There is a strong economic cycle of booms and busts.

Geographic mobility may be required for employment purposes (McDonald, 2000: p.15). Birrell (2003) focuses on increased economic uncertainty for men. 11th. Referring to the situation in Australia, he discusses men#039;s reluctance to form families in terms of history format perceived costs and risks: Many men are poor - in essay 11th 2001, 42 per cent of men aged 25-44 earnt less than $32,000 a year. Only two-thirds of men in this age group were in full-time work. Young men considering marriage could hardly be unaware of the rapid risks of marital breakdown or the long-term costs, especially when children are involved (Birrell, 2003: p.12). And Yuji Genda (2000) in Japan, responding to Yamada#039;s analysis of parasite singles, argues that the failure of young Japanese to 11th leave home and start families is in europe case study, not due to self-indulgence, but is an understandable response to increasingly difficult economic circumstances. Genda (2000) notes that it is the young who have had to bear the 11th brunt of the decade long restructuring of the Japanese economy, with youth unemployment hovering around 10% and growth a marked reduction in secure full-time jobs for the young. Young people around the descriptive essay september world seem to have an increasing perception of economic uncertainty and contemplate something their parents would have found impossible - a decline in living standards over their lifetime. According to a 1990 American survey, two thirds of respondents in the 18-29 age group thought it would be more difficult for how to law their generation to live as comfortably as previous generations (cited in Newman, 2000: p.505).

Furthermore, around 70% believed they would have difficulty purchasing a house, and around 50% were worried about their future. Findings like these suggest that the younger generation may be reluctant to have children, not because they have more exciting things to do, but because they have doubts about their capacity to provide as parents. If we accept that economics has played a significant role in young people choosing to have fewer babies, then the key to reversing this trend is for governments to take action to remove this sense of descriptive september insecurity. A number of policy approaches have been suggested. Essay. Some writers have focussed on the need for better welfare provisions for families - like paid parental leave, family allowances, access to child care, etc (Chesnais, 1998). Others have called for more radical economic reforms that would increase job security and raise the essay september living standards of the young (McDonald, 2000b). It is hard to know what remedies are needed. In Europe Study. What seems clear, however, is essay, that young people are most unlikely to reproduce simply because their elders have told them that it is selfish to history extended format do otherwise.

Castigating the descriptive essay september 11th young will not have the effect of of population in india making them willing parents; instead it is likely to just make them increasingly resentful children. Ashby, J. (2000). Parasite singles: Problem or victims? The Japan Times. September 11th. 7/04/02. Birrell, B. (2003). Fertility crisis: why you can#039;t blame the blokes.

The Age 17/01/03 p. 14. Chesnais, J-C. Rapid Growth Of Population Essay. (1998). Descriptive September. Below-replacement fertility in walmart study the European Union: Facts and Policies, 1960-1997. Review of Population and Social Policy, No 7, pp. Descriptive Essay September 11th. 83-101. Genda, Y. (2000).

A debate on writers research papers, Japan#039;s Dependent Singles, Japan Echo, June, 2000, pp. Essay. 47-56. Ichimura, S. and N. Ogawa (2000). Policies to how to law meet the challenge of an aging society with declining fertility: Japan and other East Asian countries. Paper presented at the 2000 Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America, Los Angeles, USA. McDonald, P. (2000a). Low fertility in Australia: Evidence, causes and policy responses. People and Place, No 8:2. Essay. pp 6-21.

McDonald, P. (2000b). The toolbox of public policies to impact on fertility - a global view. Paper prepared for the Annual Seminar 2000 of the European Observatory on how to law, Family Matters, Low Fertility, families and Public Policies, Sevilla (Spain), 15-16 September 2000. Norton, A. (2003). Student debt: A HECS on fertility? Issue Analysis No 3. Essay September. Melbourne: Centre for Independent Studies. Newman, D. (2000). Sociology: Exploring the architecture of everyday life. California: Pine Forge.

Notice what the question is asking students to do - in this case saying how much they agree with the #039;view#039; in the topic. What do you think? Is this a reasonable explanation for the declining birthrate? Hint: always spend some time looking over and thinking about an essay topic before you start your planning and reading for it. As part of this thinking, you should give some thought to what your position (argument) could be. Notice how in the introduction, this student writer: introduces the topic area in a general way (ie. declining birthrates) introduces the main issue to be covered in research the essay (ie. why this is happening).

Hint: there are many different ways you can begin an essay - if you are stuck, try beginning with i) and descriptive essay september 11th ii). In the last part of the introduction, the student introduces his argument. Notice how he disagrees with the explanation in the topic, and then offers an alternative explanation. Hint: in the introduction it is growth of population essay, always a good idea to state what you intend to argue. In this paragraph, the student considers the first part of the topic - that birth rates have fallen. This is presented as background information.

Notice how the student begins the 11th paragraph with a claim (that the birth rate has fallen dramatically in many parts of the world) and then supports this with relevant evidence (statistics from history extended, Europe and Asia). Hint: in your writing be aware when you are making claims - be aware also of the need to support them with some evidence. After giving some background in paragraph 2, the student reminds the descriptive essay reader what the main issue is - why birthrates have declined? Notice also that the student has seen the rapid growth of population essay issue as a #039;problem#039; - and asks What can be done about it? Hint: always be aware what the essay september 11th main issue is you are addressing in your work. This paragraph mainly summarises the ideas of those who think young people are to blame for declining birthrates. Notice how in admissions heading the first part of the paragraph, these ideas are discussed in a general way. In the second part, the student focuses on the ideas of a single writer (Yamada) as a specific example of 11th this view. Hint: always try to find opportunities in your work to engage with the ideas of individual writers.

The previous paragraph was concerned with summarising some ideas. Handbook Writers. Notice how in this new paragraph, the descriptive september 11th student provides a critique of these ideas. (Recall the student#039;s argument in the introduction: . to hold young people responsible is neither valid nor helpful). Notice too that the student provides some supporting evidence for this critique - mainly from the work of McDonald. Hint: it is quite OK to criticise the ideas of other writers - in fact many essay topics will specifically ask you to do this. But if you are going to extended be critical, you need to provide good reasons for september your critique. Recall that the topic suggested that young people were to blame for declining birthrates - and then went on to single out women. In this paragraph, the history format student takes up this gender issue. Hint: aim to structure your essays so that all issues in the topic are covered - and in descriptive essay some logical sequence.

In this paragraph the student seeks to writers research dismiss the view that young women are to blame. (There are several problems with this argument).Notice that the student then goes on to explain these problems (For one. ; Another problem is that . ). Hint: the providing of a well-organised critique is something your lecturers will value highly in your work. Recall the second part of the student#039;s argument stated in descriptive essay september the introduction: The best explanation is to be found in the condition of increased economic insecurity faced by the young. The student now elaborates on this part of the research papers argument. Hint: remember that the argument is the key to any essay you write. In the body of your essay, you need to be sure that your argument comes through clearly. Providing evidence for essay september 11th the argument.

The student is arguing that economic insecurity experienced by young people is the main reason why the sarbanes oxley papers birthrate is in decline. Notice how in the rest of the essay, he seeks to support this argument with various forms of evidence. The student presents a range of evidence: several theories discussed by McDonald some research by Birrell comments by Genda results of a US survey. Hint: it is important to have an argument in your essay. But it is equally important to provide support for essay september what you are arguing. Your essays will be judged mainly on your ability to do these two things. There are a number of history extended things happening in the conclusion.

In the first sentence, the student restates his argument - if we accept that. . He then goes on to discuss what could be done to deal with the problem. In broad terms this is essay, a discussion of the implications of the students#039; argument. Notice also how the student mentions the extended format negative implications of the blaming approach. Hint: a conclusion that only restates the argument can be a bit uninteresting. You might also like to essay 11th consider the implications of your argument - but you should do this briefly. Think: I have argued for essay heading this position - so what might follow on september, from this. You may have noticed that this essay is quite tightly structured.

Its paragraph structure can be set out thus: Introduction Background to issue Explanation point 1 - summary student#039;s critique Explanation point 2 - summary student#039;s critique Student#039;s alternative explanation - Evidence 1 - Evidence 2 - Evidence 3 Conclusion. Hint: always try to map out a structure for your essay. Writers. Do this before you do too much writing. You may have noticed that the september 11th essay is free of spelling, typographical and grammatical errors. Hint: always read your work very carefully before you submit it.

Avoid doing your editing on the screen. Always print out and edit from a hard copy. Note in the references section, you need to list all the texts you have referred to (cited) in the essay - not all the texts you have read, as some students mistakenly believe. Notice that the sample essay refers to a total of nine texts. This is a good number, and indicates that the student has done a fair amount of reading. Hint: try to include a reference to most of the texts that you read for of population in india essay an essay - so that you can build up a reasonable list of references. Of course, all references have to be relevant to your argument.

Notice how the student uses I in his essay: The best explanation, I believe, is. And in september 11th the previous sentence, another first person pronoun is used: My argument is research papers, that . Some students have the impression that they are not allowed to use these words in their written work. But in descriptive essay 11th fact they can often be found in academic writing. In general, the best place to use them is in the introduction - when you are presenting your argument. But if you are concerned that it is how to law, not OK to use I, you can use other expressions - which avoid self-reference, but which mean much the same thing, e.g. This essay will argue that . Remember though, that the really important issue is not the words you use to descriptive essay september 11th present your argument - but that your essay actually has a clear argument.

Try to keep your paragraphs a reasonable length. (Most paragraphs in walmart case study this essay are around 7-8 sentences long.) Citations are used to september 11th indicate the source of the ideas you have used in your essay. Study. Note that there are two main citation systems: the author-date system (also known as Harvard); the footnote system (also known as Oxford). In this essay, the author-date system has been used. (Always check which system is required in descriptive september 11th each of your subjects.) Citation 2 (Ichimura and Ogawa, 2000) Citations can be set out in a number of ways. One method is to present some information and then provide the citation immediately after it to indicate the source. These are known as #039;information-prominent#039; citations eg: Japan now has a birthrate of only about 1.3, and how to write law Hong Kong#039;s has fallen to essay 11th below 1.0 (Ichimura and Ogawa, 2000).

Other formats are considered further on. Citation 3 Masahiro Yamada (cited in Ashby, 2000) This citation means that the student is dealing with the ideas of Yamada, but actually read about them in Ashby#039;s text. Whilst you should make an effort to read ideas in in europe study their original form, this is not always possible. In such cases, use the #039;cited in#039; format. When you are summarising the ideas of essay september 11th a writer, you need to use reporting expressions like the ones used here:

He [Yamada] uses the term . According to Yamada. You use these to distance yourself from certain language. eg. when you are using an informal expression, or a term used by others that you don#039;t necessarily agree with. In this paragraph, the student wants to reject the handbook papers view in the topic - that young people#039;s selfishness is to blame for descriptive essay september the declining birthrate. Notice how he does this in a careful way, by using expressions like: Findings like this suggest that . It seems then that . Being careful about the way you express your claims is a distinctive feature of academic style. When you quote an author (like Chesnais here) you need to use quotation marks, and essay format indicate the exact page number in the citation. Sometimes you may need to change the wording of the quote slightly so that it fits into your sentence.

If you need to add/change any words, use [ ]; if you need to delete words, use . Essay 11th. (Whilst it is OK to change the wording of a quote, you must never change its sense.) Use italics when you want to emphasise a word. (When you do this in a quote, you need to indicate that it is your emphasis.) It#039;s OK to use dot points in an essay (or numbered points here), but use them very sparingly. Citation 4 Peter McDonald (2000a) . discusses. Notice how in some citations the author can be part of the admissions essay heading sentence: Peter McDonald (2000a) . discusses some of the things etc. This is known as an #039;author-prominent#039; citation and is very common in academic writing.

Notice the use of reporting verbs in this citation type (discusses). Use #039;inverted commas#039; for the title of an descriptive article. History Extended Essay. Use italics for the title of a book. Notice some of the other reporting expressions used in the student#039;s summary of Peter McDonald#039;s ideas: . what McDonald calls. . McDonald points to . . which he thinks. It#039;s very important to make it clear to your reader when one paragraph ends and a new one begins.

In this paragraph (#9), there is some potential for confusion. Descriptive Essay 11th. Notice how the student has used indenting to make this clear. Quotes of more than one sentence in length should be separated from the main text. Notice how these are indented and are in a slightly smaller font. Again you should indicate the page number. You only have to provide a separate list of references when you use the author-date system. Entries should be set out in alphabetical order. Walmart Analysis. Each entry should generally be set out in the following order and format: Author family name, Initial. (date). Title. Place: Publisher.

It is becoming increasingly common for students to refer to sources from the world wide web in their essays. In addition to providing author and september title of site, you need to include: the URL for essay the site when you accessed the site. Although web references can be very useful, you obviously need to essay 11th exercise some caution - there is admissions essay, a lot of junk around. Check all sites carefully to be sure the information provided has credibility (.edu and .org sites are generally the more reliable). Problems? Questions?

Comments? Please provide us feedback.

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If possible, pick a topic that has lots of available research materials or aligns with items you are studying in other classes. Try to avoid current events as there may be a lack of available research materials. Sample Essay Topics. Death penalty Abortion rights Gun rights Gender inequality. When doing academic research, only trust reputable sources like JSTOR, Google Scholar, your campus library or academic search engines you have access to. Lastly, collect the sources that you need first and admissions essay heading go through them thoroughly. Now that you have picked a topic and collected some credible sources, it’s time to make a plan.

Start by descriptive essay, identifying common assumptions about the handbook papers, topic and find common themes. For example, if exploring the essay 11th, causes of poverty, you will inevitably find out essay heading, that governments are the ones that control lots of essay september food production and allocation to the people. Once you have enough evidence to support a general theme, construct a thesis statement and make an outline of the core items that support that assertion. If you don't think this step is necessary, just remember that our writers are trained to follow this process on all purchased sample essay orders. You are ready to start writing. Start with an growth of population in india introductory paragraph that funnels down from a broad issue to a specific time and place. Descriptive Essay September? Provide background details as necessary. Then, conclude the how to write law, introduction with your thesis statement. Body paragraphs should be 5-7 sentences long and start with a topic sentence. September 11th? Always introduce your quotes and avoid “dropping them” without context. Finish with a conclusion that recaps each main point and make sure not to introduce any new information.

Essay References and Final Review. Finally, construct your works cited page using the right citation style guide. Sarbanes Oxley Research? Depending on the format, you may also need a title page. Review your final essay by reading it out loud and make sure you addressed your original instructions! You should use EasyBib to quickly build citations in almost any format. Have a friend, teacher or trusted essay editing service review your final draft to essay 11th, make sure it is walmart in europe case done properly (if you didn't already buy an essay). References and Considerations Before Buying an Essay.

While the previous section described summarized steps towards writing an essay, consider going through our extended 14-Step Essay Writing Guide for a more thorough look at each section. Descriptive September? It also includes template that you can download as well as color-coded visual aids. You can also learn about and see examples of essay related terms in oxley research our extensive glossary section. September 11th? Whether you choose to how to, use Ultius for descriptive essay september, buying essays online or not, we hope that our extensive walkthroughs have helped you in your journey to finding essay help. Not what you're looking for or not convinced? The links below may help. Search hundreds of law services. Click to Verify.

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