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Math thesis pdf

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Math thesis pdf

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babettes essay feast This writing assignment requires you to make connections within a text. Math? Through an analysis you can understand better the meaning of a text, a. Reviews? writer’s purpose and the techniques a writer uses to achieve his purpose. In this assignment you will build upon your summary, critical reading. and response skills of WP 1010 to math pdf, “break down” a text into “small parts” and creating an essay argument, then make more complex connections among them. In the fiction story “Babette’s Feast” by Karen Blixen (aka Isak Dinesen), the main character spends all the thesis pdf money that she wins in essays, the lottery. to prepare” a real French dinner” for the disciples although her choice means she will spend the rest of her life as a servant among strangers. The two sisters find this decision “incomprehensible”. How do you understand Babette’s decision?

If we consider the Utilitarian principle that. an math thesis pdf, action is morally right when it produces the “greatest amount of happiness to the greatest number of people”, does it justify ethically. Analyse the text to show how the writer justifies Babette’s decision to spend so much money for the feast. An Essay? Is the writer convincing? Why? Is. this an ethical choice? Pre-thinking, Pre-writing questions: What would you think if a woman who has lost everything spent 10,000 francs to prepare and math pdf, offer a dinner to a group of creating argument, relative strangers to. her without even sitting at the table with them?

Is it an extravagant, eccentric act? Is it an act of generosity or selfishness? Is it a waste. of money? Is the high cost of gastronomy justified? What is the cost of Babette’s choice? How does she benefit from her choice?

What new. meanings do the lives of all or most of the thesis pdf characters acquire? How are the conflicts both external and essay, internal resolved? What do the thesis contrasts. that run in the story signify? How do different symbols, language/style, metaphoric or literal images connect to creating argument, the message the writer is. trying to convey? What are the effects of the feast on the guests? Why is math thesis it significant that the guests break their vow of silence? What is. after all the message the writer is trying to pass to the readers? Does she achieve her purpose convincingly? Title: Make your own title. Be creative! • Introduce the topic of food (as depicted in film and /or the idea of gastronomy, gourmet cooking) so as to set the context for the. article and draw your readers’ attention. • Identify the text under scrutiny (author, article title, publication, date). • Summarize the main events in the story.

The summary must be coherent and focused. It will be in compressed form (50-100 words); however, provide enough detail to let your audience understand what the story is shinto all about. Do not forget to math thesis pdf, remind your audience this is a summary of. Blixen’s story! Repeat in varied ways Blixen presents ….. Essays? [X character] maintains that… • Formulate a thesis statement. State how effectively Blixen presents Babette’s actions/choices and math, whether you think her decision to. spend all her money on simmons one dinner is justified or not. Example: In my view, the writer justifies… convincingly / does not justify convincingly Babette’s decision …because…the aftermath of the feast… • Decide how you want to organise the parts of the analysis. Make sure your paragraphs have a clear focus, are unified and coherent. • Start the paragraph with a topic sentence indicating what element of the text you will analyse and to what extent you think it adds to. the speaker’s claim and persuasiveness or not.

It may be a comment on how effectively/not effectively the writer presents the conflicts among or. inside the characters or how the math pdf images convey or do not convey the theme clearly. Rct Global? Make sure the opening of your paragraphs connect to the. thesis of the essay and to math pdf, previous points. Modern Essay? Link paragraphs conceptually: Example: Not only the metaphoric images, (images discussed in the previous paragraph) but also the symbols (to be discussed in the present. paragraph) showcase the … • Support each topic sentence with evidence that illustrates the speaker’s points. Quote or summarize specific examples from the text you. are analysing to support your point. Use MLA in-text citations every time you do so: “….” (section X)! • Finally, explain whether the math thesis pdf element mentioned, analyzed, makes Babette’s choice more convincing or not and why. • Sum up the main ideas of your body paragraphs to explain to your readers whether you find Babette’s decision is justified or not and. • Then bring your essay to an end smoothly by making a closing comment on the topic of food. It may be a recommendation, a prediction for. the development personal future, an math thesis, advice for development personal, your audience, encouraging them to thesis, become more involved, to take some kind of action. In preparing the analysis essay keep in mind the essay following: • Read the assigned text many times until you feel confident that you understand it. • Annotate meaningfully and math thesis, extensively. • Use quotation, summary and paraphrase but resist getting carried away with. summary and forgetting the analysis. Example: “the fact that Phillipa promises “not to utter a word” reinforces the shinto questions theme of silence …Connected to her promise is … that Dinesen…” • Aim for a coherent essay.

At the beginning of each body paragraph use a connecting word/phrase/sentence to thesis pdf, create a smooth transition. from the previous paragraph and through the topic sentence connect the ideas of the b.a english essay particular paragraph to the thesis. • Remember, in pdf, an analysis you break down a whole (the text) into its parts only to put back everything together at the end so as to gene simmons, see. more clearly the “big picture”; that is, how these parts contribute (to a greater or lesser extent) to the author’s purpose. Persuade your. readers that your opinion about the effectiveness of the theme and the reasons for it are valid! Citation: MLA style (7th edition) Length: 1200-1300 words min. Submission Details: Full, typed and polished Analysis Essay due on date and time as announced on BB (BlackboardAssignmentsAnalysis Essay BB TII submission + Hard Copy in class with prewriting). Remember there are penalties for late submission! Check Student Handbook for details! This writing assignment requires you to make connections within a text. Through an analysis you can understand better the meaning of math, a text, a. writer’s purpose and the techniques a writer uses to gene essay, achieve his purpose. In this assignment you will build upon your summary, critical reading. and response skills of WP 1010 to “break down” a text into “small parts” and then make more complex connections among them. In the math pdf fiction story “Babette’s Feast” by creating an essay argument, Karen Blixen (aka Isak Dinesen), the main character spends all the money that she wins in the lottery. to math thesis, prepare” a real French dinner” for the disciples although her choice means she will spend the rest of her life as a servant among strangers. The two sisters find this decision “incomprehensible”.

How do you understand Babette’s decision? If we consider the Utilitarian principle that. an action is gene morally right when it produces the “greatest amount of happiness to the greatest number of people”, does it justify ethically. Thesis? Analyse the text to show how the writer justifies Babette’s decision to spend so much money for the feast. Rct Global? Is the writer convincing? Why? Is. Math Thesis? this an ethical choice?

Pre-thinking, Pre-writing questions: What would you think if a woman who has lost everything spent 10,000 francs to creating, prepare and offer a dinner to math, a group of relative strangers to. her without even sitting at b.a english notes, the table with them? Is it an extravagant, eccentric act? Is it an act of generosity or selfishness? Is it a waste. of money? Is the high cost of gastronomy justified? What is the cost of Babette’s choice? How does she benefit from her choice? What new. meanings do the lives of pdf, all or most of the characters acquire? How are the conflicts both external and internal resolved?

What do the contrasts. that run in the story signify? How do different symbols, language/style, metaphoric or literal images connect to creating argument, the message the writer is. trying to convey? What are the effects of the feast on the guests? Why is it significant that the guests break their vow of math pdf, silence? What is. after all the message the writer is trying to pass to the readers? Does she achieve her purpose convincingly? Title: Make your own title. Be creative! • Introduce the topic of food (as depicted in film and /or the idea of gastronomy, gourmet cooking) so as to set the context for the. article and draw your readers’ attention. • Identify the an essay text under scrutiny (author, article title, publication, date). • Summarize the main events in the story. The summary must be coherent and focused. It will be in compressed form (50-100 words); however, provide enough detail to let your audience understand what the math thesis story is all about.

Do not forget to remind your audience this is a summary of. Blixen’s story! Repeat in varied ways Blixen presents ….. [X character] maintains that… • Formulate a thesis statement. State how effectively Blixen presents Babette’s actions/choices and whether you think her decision to. spend all her money on modern one dinner is justified or not. Math Thesis Pdf? Example: In my view, the writer justifies… convincingly / does not justify convincingly Babette’s decision …because…the aftermath of the on writing article feast… • Decide how you want to organise the parts of the analysis. Make sure your paragraphs have a clear focus, are unified and coherent. Math Thesis? • Start the paragraph with a topic sentence indicating what element of the text you will analyse and to what extent you think it adds to. the speaker’s claim and persuasiveness or not. It may be a comment on tips article how effectively/not effectively the writer presents the conflicts among or. inside the characters or how the images convey or do not convey the theme clearly.

Make sure the opening of thesis pdf, your paragraphs connect to the. thesis of the essay and to previous points. Link paragraphs conceptually: Example: Not only the metaphoric images, (images discussed in plan, the previous paragraph) but also the symbols (to be discussed in the present. paragraph) showcase the … • Support each topic sentence with evidence that illustrates the math thesis speaker’s points. Quote or summarize specific examples from the essays text you. are analysing to support your point. Use MLA in-text citations every time you do so: “….” (section X)! • Finally, explain whether the element mentioned, analyzed, makes Babette’s choice more convincing or not and why. • Sum up the main ideas of your body paragraphs to explain to your readers whether you find Babette’s decision is justified or not and. • Then bring your essay to an end smoothly by making a closing comment on the topic of food. It may be a recommendation, a prediction for. the math thesis pdf future, an advice for your audience, encouraging them to become more involved, to take some kind of action. In preparing the analysis essay keep in an essay, mind the following: • Read the assigned text many times until you feel confident that you understand it. • Annotate meaningfully and extensively. • Use quotation, summary and paraphrase but resist getting carried away with.

summary and forgetting the analysis. Example: “the fact that Phillipa promises “not to utter a word” reinforces the theme of silence …Connected to her promise is … that Dinesen…” • Aim for a coherent essay. At the beginning of each body paragraph use a connecting word/phrase/sentence to pdf, create a smooth transition. from the rct global previous paragraph and through the math pdf topic sentence connect the ideas of the particular paragraph to the thesis. • Remember, in an analysis you break down a whole (the text) into its parts only to rct global, put back everything together at the end so as to see. Math? more clearly the on writing article “big picture”; that is, how these parts contribute (to a greater or lesser extent) to pdf, the author’s purpose. Persuade your. readers that your opinion about the effectiveness of the theme and the reasons for it are valid! Citation: MLA style (7th edition) Length: 1200-1300 words min. Submission Details: Full, typed and polished Analysis Essay due on date and simmons essay, time as announced on BB (BlackboardAssignmentsAnalysis Essay BB TII submission + Hard Copy in class with prewriting).

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Enumeration in Algebra and Geometry - math mit edu

La grande distribution en Russie Perspectives pour les groupes etrangers. Professeur permanent, groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne. Math Thesis Pdf. Manuscrit clos en septembre 2007. Sommaire des nouveaux numeros. ALERTES EMAIL - REVUE Le Courrier des pays de l'Est. Votre alerte a bien ete prise en compte. Vous recevrez un email a chaque nouvelle parution d'un numero de cette revue.

Erreur lors de l'enregistrement de votre alerte. Vous avez deja enregistre cette alerte. Development Essay Personal Plan. Vous pouvez gerer vos alertes depuis le menu Mon Avec une croissance moyenne de 6,4 % entre 2002 et 2006 [1] [1] Le PIB russe a atteint 984,6 milliards de dollars en. Math. et d’importantes perspectives de developpement, la Russie est devenue l’une des destinations preferees des groupes de la grande distribution en quete de nouveaux espaces. Creating Argument. En hausse de 19 % en 2005, le chiffre d’affaires du commerce de detail connait une progression trois fois plus rapide que celle du PIB, et represente plus d’un quart de ce dernier [2] [2] Le chiffre d’affaires du commerce de detail en Russie. Pdf. . Gene Simmons Essay. Le secteur alimentaire qui pese 100 milliards de dollars et s’accroit de 15 % par an, est le plus dynamique, mais le non alimentaire commence egalement a apparaitre sur les ecrans radar [3] [3] A. Thesis. Ostrovsky, B. Tips On Writing Article. Benoit, « Metro Unveils ˆ1bn Plan. Math Pdf. . Simmons Essay. Au-dela de l’effet produit par ces bonnes performances, les previsions de certains « agents d’influence » occidentaux sont encourageantes : ainsi, en 2003, la banque d’investissement Goldman Sachs, dans un rapport sur les BRIC (Bresil, Russie, Inde, Chine), situait la Russie a la cinquieme place mondiale en termes de PIB d’ici 2030.

De meme, le pays arrive dans les tout premiers rangs en ce qui concerne l’indice d’attractivite du marche pour la grande distribution internationale, etabli chaque annee depuis 2003 par le cabinet de conseil AT Kearney [4] [4] La Russie a conserve sa deuxieme place en 2006. Math Thesis Pdf. . La Russie sovietique ignorait le concept de grande distribution moderne. Creating. L’offre, quand elle existait, etait mal distribuee et les conditions d’achat ressemblaient a un parcours du combattant. Math. L’appareil de distribution actuel est un melange entre heritage sovietique et nouvelle Russie : outre les grandes surfaces sovietiques de qualite variable, tel les univermags et universams des quartiers residentiels, on essay trouve les Goums et Tsoums des centres-villes [5] [5] Dans le systeme sovietique, les univermags (acronyme. Thesis Pdf. . Shinto Questions. Les anciens petits magasins de proximite, privatises, continuent leur activite sous les enseignes d’antan, tel Produits alimentaires ( Prodoukti ), qui representent toujours plus d’un tiers du nombre total d’etablissements commerciaux. Viennent ensuite les successeurs des marches kolkhoziens sovietiques, qui permettaient aux paysans d’ecouler une partie de leur production privee, avec environ un quart des parts de marche. Math Thesis Pdf. Bien que mieux reglemente aujourd’hui, ce mode de distribution est toujours assez « sauvage » et repose sur une myriade de kiosques et de points de vente en plein air.

Au final, la distribution moderne occupe entre 10 % et 13 % du marche (les estimations varient), position nettement minoritaire. Gene. Avant la crise financiere de 1998, cette part etait encore moindre, et c’est de cette annee-la que date l’entree definitive de la grande distribution dans le paysage commercial russe. Thesis Pdf. La devaluation du rouble et l’arret des importations ont rendu en effet la production domestique plus competitive, l’essor de la grande distribution etant alors apparu dans le sillage de ce renouveau. Questions. Le plus grand producteur de boissons, Wimm-Bill-Dann, donne de cette evolution une excellente illustration. Math. Fonde en 1992, le groupe ? qui disposait d’une seule chaine de production dans une usine moscovite et commercialisait une seule marque ? n’avait pas les moyens de concurrencer l’offre beaucoup plus allechante des multinationales. Essays. Depuis la crise, la firme a acquis plus d’une douzaine de chaines de production et d’emballage et propose 450 types de produits differents. La plupart des analyses concordent sur le potentiel considerable de la distribution en Russie, estime au moins au double du l’existant.

Ces evaluations se fondent sur la hausse du pouvoir d’achat des menages. Math Thesis. Ce dernier a beneficie de la fin de la periode de non-paiement des remunerations, de relevements successifs du salaire minimum, du retour de la croissance, ainsi que, indirectement, d’une meilleure redistribution de la manne energetique. Selon une etude realisee par la branche moscovite de la Deutsche Bank, les depenses du Russe moyen dans le commerce s’elevaient en 2001 a 1 007 dollars, ce chiffre devant tripler d’ici a 2010. En termes absolus, la consommation russe est en train de rattraper celle des pays d’Europe centrale et orientale. Globalement, le chiffre d’affaires du commerce de detail russe est passe de 199 milliards de dollars en 2004 a 250 milliards en 2005. Essays. Les estimations sont de l’ordre de 400 milliards de dollars d’ici a 2010 [6] [6] AT Kearney, 2005 Global Retail Development Index ;. Thesis Pdf. . An Essay. Avec un salaire moyen d’environ 300 dollars (2005) et le developpement d’une classe moyenne [7] [7] Le groupe Metro evalue la classe moyenne a 20 % de. Math Pdf. , des sommes considerables vont etre consacrees a la consommation. Essay. La Russie est deja le cinquieme marche pour l’alimentation en Europe. Math Pdf. Les Russes atteignent ce niveau de consommation relativement eleve pour diverses raisons : meme si les salaires restent inferieurs a ceux verses en Occident, une plus grande partie est disponible, en raison des bas niveaux des taux d’imposition et d’epargne, de la modestie des depenses pour le logement et l’energie, et enfin du relevement des salaires minima, sans oublier l’importance de l’economie parallele. Se basant sur l’augmentation des depots en banques et des abonnements de telephonie mobile, une etude realisee en 2003 chiffrait a 45 % la part de l’economie « grise », et a 40 % la sous-evaluation du PIB par les statistiques officielles [8] [8] « Top 100 Emerging Companies of the tips article, Russian Consumer. Thesis Pdf. . Shinto. Finalement, un nouveau comportement d’achat s’impose a mesure que s’estompe le souvenir des annees 1990, lorsque les salaires etaient couramment verses avec retard (ou pas du tout).

Dans le meme temps, le panier moyen commence a se modifier, avec une diminution de la part relative des produits alimentaires au profit des meubles, des biens electromenagers, des voitures ainsi que des loisirs [9] [9] La part des depenses alimentaires dans le budget moyen. Math Thesis. . L’extension des facilites de paiement et du credit a la consommation contribue egalement a cette evolution ; entre 2004 et 2005, ce dernier a double, atteignant 41 milliards de dollars. Le secteur de la grande distribution en Russie se distingue par le nombre des acteurs locaux, contrairement par exemple a la Pologne ou les grandes enseignes occidentales se sont partage le marche, ne laissant aux entreprises locales qu’une place marginale. L’histoire de Pyaterochka, maxidiscounter devenu numero un dans l’alimentation, est caracteristique a cet egard. An Essay. Disposant de deux entrepots en gros a Saint-Petersbourg, il avait deja 17 supermarches en 1999, au lendemain de la crise financiere. Pdf. Apres que la Berd eut pris une participation dans son capital, le mouvement s’est accelere et il a realise un chiffre d’affaires de 1,6 milliard de dollars en 2004 [10] [10] 2005 GRDI. B.a English Notes Modern Essay. . Cette expansion rapide s’est faite grace au systeme de la franchise, puis le groupe s’est consolide avec l’acquisition de petits operateurs regionaux et des implantations dans les autres pays de la CEI. Thesis. En 2006, a l’heure de sa fusion avec Perekrestok (carrefour en russe), premiere chaine de supermarches du pays (detenue par Alfa Group, de Mikhail Fridman), le groupe comptait environ 1000 magasins, pour la plupart a Moscou et a Saint-Petersbourg. Creating. Ce nouvel acteur, appele X5 Retail Group, ambitionne de doubler son chiffre d’affaires (2,4 milliards de dollars en 2005) a moyen terme, et concurrence directement Auchan et Metro.

La chaine de supermarches Sedmoi Kontinent (Septieme Continent ) , fondee au debut du processus de privatisation, en 1994, a connu un developpement tout aussi etonnant. Thesis. Ainsi, son chiffre d’affaires est passe de 100 a 300 millions de dollars entre 2000 et 2002. Rct Global Essays. En 2003, elle a inaugure son premier hypermarche, Mosmart, et envisage d’en ouvrir a Moscou de 30 a 35 a court terme et meme 70 a long terme. Math Pdf. Elle gere aujourd’hui 67 magasins dans la capitale, et detient une part de marche de 15 %. Rct Global Essays. Le dynamisme du marche russe se traduit egalement par le developpement des enseignes specialisees. D’autres elements revelateurs du dynamisme des enseignes russes resident dans les mouvements de consolidation recents, avec les fusions de discounters et de super- ou hypermarches, ainsi que de groupes moscovites et petersbourgeois. Pdf. Outre la fusion de Pyaterochka (auquel appartient deja l’hypermarche Karoussel) et de Perekrestok, a eu lieu celle du discounter petersbourgeois Dixi avec la chaine d’hypermarches moscovites Megamart. On Writing Article Reviews. Dans une meme logique d’extension, des magasins Pyaterochka et Paterson ont ete ouverts en Ukraine et au Kazakhstan. Math Pdf. Plusieurs groupes ont lance des OPA, dont Sedmoi Kontinent, Dixi, Magnit, Lenta.

L’entree en scene des groupes etrangers. Meme si les motivations d’une installation a l’etranger peuvent varier, une majorite de groupes etrangers cherche avant tout a echapper a la saturation des marches occidentaux ou ils assurent deja l’essentiel de l’activite commerciale. An Essay. La comparaison du niveau de penetration dans plusieurs pays en donne une bonne illustration. Pour autant, la Russie n’est pas un nouvel Eldorado. Math Pdf. Une demarche qui se contente de reagir sans anticiper a peu de chances de l’emporter sur un marche au contexte tres particulier en matiere de competition. Les premiers groupes etrangers a s’aventurer sur le marche russe ont ete le turco-russe Ramenka, avec ses hypermarches Ramstore, en 1997 et la chaine suedoise IKEA, en 2000. Article Reviews. Ces investissements vont produire aussitot des effets boule de neige, se manifestant par l’arrivee de nouveaux modes de distribution.

Comme pour leurs equivalents russes, la sante retrouvee de la production nationale et la viabilite de multinationales comme Danone ou Nestle, rassureront les etrangers. Math Thesis Pdf. Le premier Cash and rct global essays, carry est introduit par le groupe allemand Metro en 2001. Ce dernier est bientot suivi par son compatriote REWE, avec son reseau autrichien de supermarches Billa, puis par Spar, avec ses superettes et surfaces un peu plus grandes. Math Pdf. Le premier hypermarche russe, cree par le pionnier francais du format, Auchan, ouvrira la meme annee. Rct Global. La derniere vague d’implantations compte la chaine specialisee britannique Marks Spencer. Celle-ci se lance en 2005 avec deux franchises a Moscou, et y ajoutera sept autres sites en 2006 ? dont deux a Saint-Petersbourg, un a Nijni-Novgorod et un encore a Ekaterinbourg. Math Thesis Pdf. Face a des taxes a l’importation elevees et a une sensibilite aux prix grandissante de la part du consommateur, le sourcing local s’impose pour tous les groupes etrangers. Notes Essay. Ainsi l’approvisionnement de Ramstore est russe a 85%.

Pourtant, constituer un reseau de fournisseurs locaux, element critique de toute internationalisation d’enseigne, est un defi particulier en Russie. Math Thesis Pdf. En effet, la strategie en matiere d’offre suppose de proposer plusieurs categories de produits pour satisfaire une clientele la plus large possible, avec d’un cote des articles a prix casses pour le consommateur moyen, et de l’autre des biens importes pour le consommateur plus exigeant. Moscou demeure le lieu de predilection des groupes etrangers. B.a English Notes Essay. Avec une population de 14 millions d’habitants, et un segment important de la nouvelle classe moyenne (15 a 20 % de la population), dont le niveau de salaires est plus eleve qu’ailleurs, la ville a de quoi seduire, puisque 30 % du commerce de detail y est realise (48 milliards de dollars en 2003) [11] [11] Le chiffre correspondant pour Paris est d’environ 80. Math Pdf. . Etant donne la specificite des grandes agglomerations russes, dont la majorite des habitants vivent dans des zones-dortoirs situees a la peripherie, toute implantation doit cibler un lieu de passage oblige, comme les points de liaison metro-bus, ou un quartier a forte densite de population. Gene Essay. AMoscou, le boulevard peripherique (MKAD) est tres prise. Thesis. Trois zones commerciales extra muros , mais a proximite de quartiers tres peuples, ont accueilli la plupart des enseignes etrangeres, comme les centres commerciaux MEGA a Teply Stan, Khimki et Belaia Datcha, au sud-ouest, nord-ouest et sud-est de la capitale. Rct Global Essays. D’un point de vue strategique, les plus grands groupes installes dans ces lieux sont les deux fondateurs ?IKEAet Auchan ?ainsi que la chaine specialisee allemande OBI, le finlandais Stockmann et le russe M. Math Pdf. Video. Notes Modern. S’y ajoutent environ 200 petites boutiques, appartenant a diverses enseignes specialisees etrangeres et russes tels Polo, Adidas, Yves Rocher, l’Etoual, Marks Spencer, Douglas, SportMaster.

Cher et sature, le centre-ville de Moscou ne se prete pas a l’accueil des grandes surfaces et est devenu la chasse gardee des magasins de luxe. Math Thesis. Le seul grand projet au c?ur de la ville est le nouveau centre commercial Atrium Kourskaia, lequel a accueilli des enseignes prestigieuses de plus petite taille, ainsi qu’un supermarche Sedmoi Kontinent. De leur cote, les regions cherchent a s’affirmer face a la capitale pour attirer les investisseurs, Saint-Petersbourg notamment s’y employant depuis de nombreuses annees. Gene Simmons. Plus que la flambee des prix de l’immobilier et les risques de saturation du marche, c’est le manque de terrains qui detourne les investisseurs des rives de la Moskova. Anticipant les futures contraintes et pour assurer son developpement dans la capitale, Auchan a signe, fin 2006, un accord de partenariat avec le groupe immobilier Tsentourion, dans lequel une deputee de la Douma detient la majorite de controle. Thesis Pdf. Deja a Moscou, la demande pour des espaces de stockage correctement equipes serait superieure de 40 % a l’offre. Essays. S’ajoute a ces difficultes le decret du maire de la capitale, Iouri Loujkov, qui interdit aux magasins situes au-dela du boulevard peripherique, sur le territoire des communes limitrophes, de posseder des panneaux publicitaires intra muros . Math Thesis. En consequence, les dix autres villes russes de plus d’un million d’habitants, qui se trouvent pour la plupart dans l’ouest du pays, sont la cible des prospecteurs. Une envolee de la grande distribution dans les regions, sur le modele de ce qui s’est produit a Moscou, est tout a fait envisageable, a condition toutefois que la croissance russe poursuive sa trajectoire actuelle. Tips. Il n’y a donc rien d’etonnant a ce que le groupe francais Carrefour ait decide de lancer fin 2007 sa premiere implantation en Russie ? un magasin de 10 000 m? ? sur les rives du Don, a Rostov. Math Pdf. L’exemple de Marks Spencers, avec son systeme de franchise, se situe dans la meme logique.

Les derniers arrives realisent qu’il leur faut desormais eviter la capitale, ou la concurrence est devenue trop forte [12] [12] Une application directe du concept de « l’avantage. Questions. . Math. Carrefour en est bien conscient. Rct Global Essays. Pionnier en Russie, ou il avait un projet des la fin des annees 1990, il s’est retire apres la crise financiere de 1998, laissant le champ libre a Auchan, son principal rival a l’international, qui saura en profiter. Thesis. Carrefour tente maintenant de revenir sur le marche russe, et vise une dizaine de grandes agglomerations regionales ou, face a une forte demande, les leaders des marches moscovite et petersbourgeois n’assurent qu’une presence discrete, quand ils ne sont pas completement absents. B.a English Notes Modern. Les hypermarches ne s’adressent pas en effet a la petite elite qui se rend frequemment dans les deux capitales, mais a la classe moyenne qui est plutot sedentaire (contrairement a l’epoque sovietique ou, en raison des tres grandes disparites d’approvisionnement et du tres faible cout des transports, les Sovietiques n’hesitaient pas a venir de tres loin pour faire leurs courses a Moscou). Math Thesis Pdf. Le fait que le sentiment de fidelite a la marque soit peu developpe en Russie ne peut que renforcer les chances de tout nouvel arrivant dans les regions. L’experience de ce groupe offre des enseignements instructifs. On Writing. Quand il installe son premier magasin moscovite en 2000, les attentes concernant le comportement d’achat de la clientele ne se verifient pas : au lieu de s’interesser aux accessoires et petits objets, la demande s’est immediatement portee sur des categories de produits plutot inattendues, comme les cuisines. Math. Pour IKEA, le marche russe a surtout surpris. Rct Global Essays. par son absence de surprise et son acceptation sans reserve de la standardisation, qu’il s’agisse des produits, ou de l’agencement des magasins [13] [13] L’experience d’IKEA est atypique, sinon l’adaptation. Thesis Pdf. . Un autre objectif d’IKEA etait d’implanter un centre de production dans un pays low cost . Tips. Des droits de douane de 25 % sur les meubles importes rendent necessaire de recourir au sourcing a hauteur de 30 %, pour rentabiliser l’operation. Math Thesis. Le groupe souhaite donc utiliser les capacites de production du pays pour approvisionner son reseau mondial de magasins.

Avec une demande globale pour les produits IKEA, qui double tous les quatre ans, la securisation de l’approvisionnement represente un enjeu majeur. Development Essay Personal Plan. Dans ces conditions, un partenariat s’impose avec la Russie, qui detient un quart des reserves mondiales en bois, mais possede egalement des potentialites importantes s’agissant des matieres plastiques et de l’aluminium ; son interet va aussi a la reactivation des capacites dormantes des industries textile et de la ceramique. Math Thesis Pdf. D’apres Lennard Dahlgren, dirigeant d’IKEA en Russie, la qualite de la production locale y serait tres superieure a celle d’autres pays, contrairement a ce que l’on a coutume d’entendre. Development Plan. Le sourcing local d’IKEA s’est chiffre a 50 millions de dollars en 2002. Thesis. Pour permettre aux fournisseurs russes d’acheter l’equipement industriel necessaire, le groupe a depense 400 millions de dollars. Gene Simmons Essay. De plus, il a ouvert sa propre unite de production a Saint-Petersbourg. Thesis. La lourdeur des frais d’etablissement peut expliquer que le groupe soit reste deficitaire jusqu’en 2005, bien que ses magasins russes soient parmi les dix les plus visites au monde et que les ventes aient depasse les previsions [14] [14] Le leader parmi les magasins IKEA en Russie a attire. Rct Global. . Une autre implantation reussie est celle du groupe allemand Metro qui, ayant adopte une strategie d’internationalisation pour echapper a l’atonie du marche allemand, a pris pied en Russie en 2000, et a ouvert un Cash and pdf, carry en novembre 2001. B.a English Essay. Ce calcul consistant a compenser la mauvaise conjoncture allemande par de nouveaux marches etrangers s’avera judicieux, puisque ces derniers representent desormais plus de la moitie du chiffre d’affaires du groupe, avec en tete l’Asie et l’Europe de l’Est [15] [15] Au troisieme trimestre de 2006, les hausses ont ete. Pdf. . Development. La Russie, ou les ventes ont progresse de 75 % en 2004 et de 66 % en 2005 (depassant 1,5 milliard de dollars au cours de cette annee), compte pour beaucoup dans cette performance. Math. Apres avoir rode son concept Cash and article, carry, Metro a lance ses hypermarches « Real » en 2005, puis, un an math, plus tard, sa troisieme enseigne, Media Markt, qui fut la premiere chaine etrangere d’electronique a s’etablir dans le pays.

Metro propose deux marques de distributeur ?Aro et Metro Quality ?ainsi que les plus grandes marques russes. Essays. Comme la plupart des autres distributeurs etrangers, le groupe se procure l’essentiel de ce qu’il vend en Russie, soit 140 000 produits differents, venant de 2 000 fournisseurs russes. Thesis. Tout comme IKEA, le groupe compte utiliser la Russie comme centre d’approvisionnement de son reseau international de magasins. B.a English Essay. Le fait de cultiver l’image de « l’entreprise citoyenne » ( Good corporate citizen ) et de renforcer les liens entre les parties prenantes contribue non seulement au developpement du groupe, mais rend plus aisee l’acceptation de cette entreprise etrangere. Metro evite les oligarques, mais soigne ses relations avec un pouvoir relativement perenne, en l’occurrence la mairie de Moscou. Math Thesis. L’appui de cette derniere fut decisif pour l’implantation de tous les magasins du groupe qui, sur ce plan, fait presque figure d’exception parmi les operateurs etrangers [16] [16] Les trois IKEA desservant la ville sont tous situes. Development Personal. . Math. Pour souder les liens, Metro communique sur ses actions de bienfaisance et relevant de sa responsabilite sociale : en coordination avec la mairie, il a mis a la disposition des orphelinats et d’autres institutions sociales moscovites, nourriture, vetements et moyens de chauffage pendant l’hiver 2005-2006.

La cooperation avec la mairie porte aussi sur un projet commun de production biologique de viande, qui sera expediee dans les Cash and rct global essays, carry europeens. Metro fait souvent valoir le nombre d’emplois crees, surtout dans les regions, ainsi que son module de formation Metro Education dont beneficie un millier de jeunes cadres russes par an. De leur cote, les fournisseurs de Metro voient leurs produits beneficier d’une plus grande notoriete grace a la certification internationale demandee et obtenue par le groupe. Math Thesis Pdf. Ce dernier cherche manifestement a s’implanter durablement en Russie et est engage dans des projets de consolidation de son reseau dans la partie europeenne du pays, ainsi qu’en Siberie, notamment a Novosibirsk et Omsk. Rct Global. Selon son PDG Hans-Joachim Koerber, la Russie devrait se placer a breve echeance parmi les cinq premieres implantations du groupe dans le monde, tant en ce qui concerne les ventes que le nombre de magasins a l’etranger [17] [17] « METRO Group Further Expanding Strong Position in. Math Thesis Pdf. . Auchan a fait son entree sur le marche russe en 2001. Gene Simmons Essay. Pour rester competitif, il a du adopter, des le debut, une strategie discount , les prix des fruits et legumes devant se situer au meme niveau que ceux des Cash and math pdf, carry et des marches en plein air, principale reference du consommateur russe. Tips Article Reviews. Pour attirer ses clients, Auchan s’est inspire pour ses magasins des marches, ou le consommateur peut, tout en se promenant, faire ses courses. Pdf. En ce qui concerne son ancrage dans le tissu economique et social du pays, il procede de facon assez similaire a IKEA et Metro. Essay. Sa recette est le fruit de son experience en Pologne, ou le groupe ne se contentait pas de sa propre implantation, mais essayait de devenir le maitre des lieux, valorisant des terrains avec la construction de galeries marchandes autour de l’hypermarche, qui accueillent petits et grands commerces.

En Russie, Auchan renouvellera ce concept, cette fois en cooperation avec IKEA dans le cadre des Megas Malls, cooperation qui a permis de parer une tentative d’extorsion de pots-de-vin, a l’occasion du lancement du deuxieme centre commercial moscovite, en 2004. Pdf. Auchan est plutot proche du gouverneur de la region de Moscou, Boris Gromov, avec lequel il a deja renouvele son accord de developpement de 2001. An Essay Argument. Cependant, il ne veut pas abandonner le centre-ville, comme en temoigne son partenariat avec le groupe immobilier Tsentourion. La concurrence dans le segment des hypermarches ?cense etre particulierement porteur ?est rude et Auchan a vite ete copie par plusieurs chaines russes et etrangeres, dont Sedmoi Kontinent, Spar, Metro (« Real »), O’KEI et plusieurs autres. Thesis. Le positionnement de Mosmart, l’enseigne hyper de Sedmoi Kontinent, est illustre par son slogan sans equivoque : « Un kopek moins cher qu’a Auchan ». Argument. La valeur ajoutee d’Auchan n’est pas exclusive d’une autre. Math. Avec une offre de 80 % de produits locaux, la copie est assez simple a realiser, et meme en etant moins competitifs, les groupes russes ont des chances de gagner la bataille, du fait de leur meilleure connaissance du jeu politique.

Toutefois, la question-cle est celle de la compatibilite a long terme du concept « d’hyper » avec le marche russe [18] [18] Ace sujet, voir Graham Roberts, « Auchan’s Entry into. Creating An Essay. . Math Thesis Pdf. Le succes de cette formule repose sur trois piliers : des surfaces importantes ou sont proposes produits alimentaires et non alimentaires, des prix bas et des parkings. Gene. Et c’est la que les premiers problemes apparaissent : maintenir des prix bas depend de la structure de la chaine logistique et la situation en Russie est telle que les fournisseurs peuvent dicter leurs conditions. Math Thesis Pdf. En 2001, les groupes russes avaient reagi en concluant une alliance destinee a combattre le pouvoir dont jouissaient leurs partenaires, sous la houlette de Sedmoi Kontinent et de Perekrestok. B.a English Notes. IKEA a certes choisi de creer sa propre chaine d’approvisionnement, mais les moyens d’action des hypermarches occidentaux semblent relativement modestes. Thesis. Par ailleurs, faire ses achats dans un hypermarche signifie disposer d’une voiture, ce qui n’est pas encore le cas general en Russie. Shinto Essay Questions. Les quantites achetees restent donc limitees a ce que peuvent contenir des sacs portes a la main. Thesis. La visite le week-end a l’hypermarche est ainsi reduite a de la curiosite, ce que revele une affluence superieure, mais un chiffre d’affaires inferieur a ceux d’un hypermarche francais. Creating Argument. Le developpement de chaines couvrant tout le territoire fait face a un defi culturel, qui tient a la variation, selon les regions, du niveau de sensibilite aux prix et des preferences du consommateur. Math Thesis. De fait, les prix pratiques connaissent des ecarts considerables, de meme que les comportements de la clientele. Il est difficile de savoir si le succes actuel des hypermarches en Russie est ou non un effet de mode passager.

En tout cas pour l’instant, les formes traditionnelles de distribution ont la vie dure. En general, les Russes sont persuades que seuls les marches en plein air peuvent offrir une combinaison optimale entre qualite et prix. Notes Modern. De plus, les comportements de consommation herites de l’URSS perdurent, les Russes preferant les achats journaliers en petites quantites dans les commerces de proximite aux courses importantes et hebdomadaires en peripherie. Thesis Pdf. La chaine russe Mosmart a beau predire l’implantation a long terme dans la region de Moscou de 70 hypermarches, un taux de penetration de meme ordre que celui observe dans l’Union europeenne est peu probable en Russie, en raison de la corruption ainsi que d’une application asymetrique des regles du jeu, qui favorise les acteurs russes. Reviews. Les chances des groupes etrangers de participer a cet essor ne doivent donc pas etre surestimees. Pdf. Comme pour enfoncer le clou, le bureau d’etudes Planetretail juge le developpement d’Auchan trop lent. Tips On Writing Reviews. Le retrait partiel du turc Ramenka, qui a du fermer dix de ses Ramstores (sur un total de 60), donne egalement a reflechir. Quels sont les ressorts de la reussite des trois exemples decrits ci-dessus et quels peuvent etre les axes du developpement futur des enseignes commerciales etrangeres en Russie ? Comme sur tous les marches emergents, la profitabilite en Russie s’inscrit dans une perspective de long terme. Math Pdf. Ainsi, Auchan n’espere pas faire de benefices avant plusieurs annees et IKEA a depasse le « point mort » en 2005 seulement. On Writing Reviews. Dans ce contexte, les societes non cotees sont avantagees par rapport aux societes cotees soumises a la pression des actionnaires. Math Thesis Pdf. En consequence, elles ont toute latitude pour reagir aux fenetres d’opportunite qui s’offrent a elles pendant cinq a dix ans.

La penetration d’un marche tel que la Russie exige egalement une main-d’?uvre de qualite. Development Personal. Or, meme si le pays compte chaque annee environ 1 million de diplomes et a deux fois plus d’etudiants inscrits dans le superieur que la Chine [19] [19] 7 millions contre 3 millions pour la Chine. Thesis. , grosso modo le systeme d’education est toujours fonde sur l’acquisition de connaissances plutot que sur le developpement de competences. Essays. Si les jeunes recrues russes d’IKEA ont un bon niveau d’instruction, elles se montrent peu capables de mettre leurs acquis en pratique. Math Thesis. Le systeme educatif produit un grand nombre de juristes et d’economistes, mais peu de managers et ?en opposition flagrante avec la tradition sovietique ? peu d’ingenieurs. En meme temps, les groupes doivent adapter leurs politiques de fidelisation et de remuneration, car la concurrence entre eux au sein de ce petit pool de professionnels qualifies est rude. Notes. Cette gestion du personnel renvoie a un troisieme element essentiel : les trajectoires d’apprentissage d’un groupe etranger, son knowledge management (management des competences) et son knowledge sharing (echange des competences). Au lieu de se baser sur des etudes de marche ou des informations abstraites, IKEAa mise sur l’acquisition active de connaissances et de competences : ainsi, la politique de recrutement et des ressources humaines, ainsi que les relations avec les fournisseurs et decideurs politiques sont primordiaux dans ce processus d’apprentissage. Math Thesis Pdf. La fluidite des relations releve de la culture de l’entreprise, c’est-a-dire du degre de hierarchisation, des caracteristiques du management, de l’attitude face au risque, de la transmission des valeurs, de la presence d’outils permettant l’echange, de « l’ouverture » de l’entreprise aux employes, clients et partenaires. Quelle peut etre la valeur ajoutee des groupes etrangers ? Premierement en implantant des complexes qui englobent grande distribution, petits commerces et lieux de divertissement. On Writing. C’est le cas des Mega Malls qui associent IKEAet Auchan.

Reprenant l’idee de l’« achatplaisir », le premier Mega moscovite basait sa campagne publicitaire sur le slogan « Faire des achats en Europe ? sans visa, sans voyage », qui revele une bonne connaissance du referentiel culturel russe. Math Thesis. Deuxiemement, les groupes etrangers sont competitifs dans le discount (surtout le hard discount ), en raison de leurs economies d’echelle et de la qualite de leur logistique et de leurs fournisseurs europeens (ou mondiaux). Rct Global Essays. Malheureusement, pour l’instant, ce potentiel n’est pas encore valorisable, mais l’adhesion de la Russie a l’Organisation mondiale du commerce pourrait modifier la donne. Manifestement les creneaux representes par les hypermarches, les maxidiscounts (mais aussi les enseignes specialisees) sont les plus porteurs. Pdf. L’essor de certains types de distribution correspond aux differentes phases que connait le marche. An Essay. La Russie est, en effet, en train de passer du stade de marche croissant a celui de marche culminant (et bientot en declin), ou certains formats de vente commencent a avoir davantage de succes et d’autres moins. Math Pdf. Pendant cette phase, on simmons observe generalement une redistribution des cartes, le nombre de supermarches diminuant essentiellement au profit des hypermarches et des discounters, tandis que disparaissent des formats traditionnels comme les marches en plein air, les kiosques et les petites epiceries. Simultanement, un marche en declin s’illustre par la resurrection des petits formats, mais cette fois au sein de chaines. Thesis Pdf. En Russie le mouvement est deja engage. Rct Global Essays. Neanmoins, la recomposition se fait assez unilateralement au benefice des discounters, secteur entierement domine par les groupes russes. Mais ceci pourrait changer si les leaders allemands du hard discount europeen, Lidl et Aldi, decidaient de s’implanter dans le pays.

La grande distribution specialisee est le troisieme point fort des groupes etrangers. Pdf. Pour l’instant, les investissements dans ce secteur ont peu d’envergure, surtout en comparaison avec ceux effectues dans d’autres pays emergents, comme la Chine ou le Bresil. An Essay Argument. La plupart des enseignes occidentales preferent toujours passer par un distributeur local ou avoir recours a la franchise, comme en temoigne le cas d’Yves Rocher, present sur le marche depuis 1990 [20] [20] La firme est actuellement en train de revoir sa strategie. Thesis Pdf. . Simmons. Dans le secteur pharmaceutique, par exemple, il n’y a encore aucun distributeur etranger [21] [21] La plus grande enseigne britannique, Boots the pdf, Chemist. Tips On Writing Reviews. . Math Pdf. Meme si le commerce alimentaire represente environ 40 % du chiffre d’affaires de la distribution de detail, la situation est en train de se modifier, avec l’augmentation de la part du revenu affectee par les menages a d’autres consommations. Le succes de la strategie de joueur de niche adoptee par IKEA, mais aussi l’envolee rapide de Marks Spencer montrent qu’il existe une place pour ceux capables de repondre a une demande non satisfaite par la concurrence russe. On Writing Article. C’est dans des domaines autres que le commerce alimentaire, que le succes des chaines internationales s’affirme. Math Thesis. C’est notamment le cas pour les secteurs de l’electronique et des objets pour la maison et le bricolage, dont l’expansion correspond a l’evolution du comportement de consommation.

Si le mouvement des introductions en bourse de societes russes se poursuit, le developpement pourrait aussi passer par la voie des acquisitions. B.a English Essay. Dixon, leader britannique de la distribution de produits electroniques, a sans doute ete precurseur en la matiere, en signant un accord de cooperation avec le Russe Eldorado, qui s’accompagne d’une option d’achat, valable jusqu’en en 2011. Tout au long de cet article, on thesis a pu constater que le boom russe de la grande distribution n’est pas un de ces exercices en trompe-l’?il dont la Russie a la reputation. An Essay. En meme temps, force est de reconnaitre que les enseignes commerciales etrangeres sont moins a meme de faire valoir leurs avantages competitifs que les entreprises industrielles qui generalement peuvent s’appuyer sur une cooperation interetatique. Math Pdf. La Russie d’aujourd’hui eprouve un besoin urgent de biens industriels ?equipements mecaniques, lignes de production, usines cle en main ?, afin de renouveler sa production et d’ameliorer ses infrastructures de transport. An Essay. Mieux vaut alors un produit unique et inimitable, qualite que la majorite des biens de consommation ne possedent pas. Math Thesis Pdf. Neanmoins, l’implantation en Russie complete parfaitement les portefeuilles des groupes de la grande distribution internationale, et. Le PIB russe a atteint 984,6 milliards de dollars en 2006, Country Briefings « Russia » , The Economist Intelligence Unit. Le chiffre d’affaires du commerce de detail en Russie s’est eleve a 180 milliards de dollars en 2005, alors que le PIB etait de 764,2 milliards de dollars, voir AT Kearney, The 2006 Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) ; The Economist Intelligence Unit, Country Briefings « Russia » . A. Shinto Essay Questions. Ostrovsky, B. Math Thesis Pdf. Benoit, « Metro Unveils ˆ1bn Plan to shinto Capitalise on math Growth in development essay personal Russia », Financial Times , 11 juin 2003. La Russie a conserve sa deuxieme place en 2006. Dans le systeme sovietique, les univermags (acronyme pour magasin universel), grandes surfaces ou etaient vendus principalement des biens non alimentaires, etaient situes dans les villes.

Les universams (acronyme pour magasin universel en libre-service) qui proposaient en libre-service des produits alimentaires et non alimentaires, se trouvaient dans les zones residentielles. Math. Les Goums (magasin universel d’Etat), dont celui, bien connu, de Moscou, aujourd’hui privatise, et les Tsoums (magasin universel central) relevaient de la premiere categorie dont ils etaient les fleurons et etaient installes dans le centre des grandes villes. AT Kearney, 2005 Global Retail Development Index ; Consulat general de France a Saint-Petersbourg, Mission economique, La grande distribution a Saint-Petersbourg , 18 juillet 2006. Le groupe Metro evalue la classe moyenne a 20 % de la population totale. « Top 100 Emerging Companies of the essay, Russian Consumer Market », Interactive Research Group , Moscou. La part des depenses alimentaires dans le budget moyen aurait baisse de 54 % a 39 % entre 1998 et 2004. Le chiffre correspondant pour Paris est d’environ 80 milliards d’euros. Une application directe du concept de « l’avantage au premier entrant ». L’experience d’IKEA est atypique, sinon l’adaptation s’impose, sous la forme d’une revalorisation de la « russite », avec des touches contemporaines. Le leader parmi les magasins IKEA en Russie a attire 40 millions de visiteurs en 2004. Au troisieme trimestre de 2006, les hausses ont ete de 15,5 % en Europe de l’Est et meme de 17,9 % dans la zone Asie-Afrique.

Les trois IKEA desservant la ville sont tous situes dans la region de Moscou. Pdf. Auchan a seulement quatre de ses dix enseignes moscovites sur le territoire de la ville meme. « METRO Group Further Expanding Strong Position in shinto essay questions Russia », 24 aout 2006. Ace sujet, voir Graham Roberts, « Auchan’s Entry into pdf Russia : Prospects and shinto, Research Implications », International Journal of pdf, Retail and creating, Distribution Management, 33(1), 2005. 7 millions contre 3 millions pour la Chine. La firme est actuellement en train de revoir sa strategie, en envisageant des acquisitions en Russie et en Chine. La plus grande enseigne britannique, Boots the thesis, Chemist, se preparerait a entrer sur le marche russe. La Russie qui connait une croissance forte depuis plusieurs annees et voit le niveau de vie de sa population s’ameliorer rapidement presente pour la grande distribution un potentiel prometteur. Notes Essay. Cette derniere, apparue dans le paysage commercial seulement apres la crise financiere de 1998, se developpe d’ailleurs tres rapidement : de 199 milliards de dollars en 2004, le chiffre d’affaires du commerce de detail est passe a 250 milliards en 2005 et pourrait atteindre 400 milliards vers 2010. Math Thesis Pdf. Contrairement a ce qui s’observe dans les PECO, les acteurs locaux sont tres presents en Russie et, a la suite de mouvements de concentration successifs, dominent largement le marche.

Les groupes etrangers, arrives de fraiche date, s’installent majoritairement a Moscou ou est realise 30 % du commerce de detail et certains, comme IKEAet Auchan, sont a l’origine de gigantesques centres commerciaux, les Mega Malls, a la peripherie de la capitale. Modern. Mais le manque de terrains, la flambee des prix de l’immobilier et le risque de saturation du marche les incitent de plus en plus a envisager des implantations en province. Math Thesis Pdf. Par ailleurs, ces groupes etrangers cherchent le plus possible a se fournir aupres de producteurs russes, y compris, comme le fait IKEA, pour approvisionner son reseau mondial de magasins. Simmons Essay. L’etude de ce cas, ainsi que de ceux de Metro et d’Auchan permet de preciser les strategies adoptees par les grandes enseignes occidentales en Russie, qui ont pour principal atout, face a la concurrence russe, quelques acquis inimitables comme, notamment, la pratique du hard discount, l’experience de la creation et de la gestion de grands complexes commerciaux, les competences en matiere de chaines specialisees et de marches de niche. Large-Scale Retailing in thesis pdf Russia The Outlook for creating argument Foreign Groups Russia, which has enjoyed strong growth for math several years and gene essay, has seen the math thesis, standard of shinto, living of thesis, its population rapidly improving, shows great potential for essays large-scale retailing and math, distribution.

The latter, which made its first appearance on rct global essays the commercial scene only pdf, after the development essay, 1998 financial crisis, is pdf also developing rapidly ; from creating an essay argument 199 billion dollars in math pdf 2004, retail sales passed to an essay 250 billion in math 2005 and gene, could reach 400 billion around 2010. Math Thesis. Unlike conditions prevailing in tips on writing reviews the Central and thesis, Eastern European countries, local agents are very present in b.a english notes modern essay Russia and math thesis, as a result of questions, successive consolidations largely dominate the math, market. Creating An Essay Argument. Foreign groups, only thesis, recently arrived, are located mainly in essay Moscow, which accounts for math pdf 30 % of gene, retail trade, and pdf, some, such as IKEAand Auchan have created gigantic shopping malls, Mega Malls, on essay plan the outskirts of the math pdf, capital. Gene Simmons Essay. A lack of math thesis pdf, space, soaring real estate prices and questions, the risks of thesis, market saturation are encouraging more and gene, more to math pdf consider setting up in b.a english notes modern the provinces. Thesis. These foreign groups also seek to b.a english notes modern essay rely on math thesis Russian suppliers as much as possible, as does IKEA for gene simmons essay its worldwide chain of thesis, stores. Notes Modern Essay. This case study, as well as those of math, Metro and essay, Auchan, reveals the math thesis, strategies adopted by rct global large Western groups in math pdf Russia, where their main advantages in gene confronting Russian competition are some inimitable factors such as, in thesis particular, hard discounts, experience in essay questions setting up and math pdf, managing large commercial centers, as well as expertise in essay specialized chains and thesis pdf, niche markets. utilise des cookies a des fins de statistiques. Shinto. Ces donnees anonymes nous permettent ainsi de vous offrir une experience de navigation optimale. Thesis. En continuant votre visite vous acceptez de recevoir ces cookies. Essay. Vous pouvez toutefois les desactiver dans les parametres de votre navigateur web. Math Pdf. En savoir plus.

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22 Resume Mistakes That Are Way Too Common. Math Thesis Pdf. You have very little time to creating an essay, impress a recruiter with your resume. So the last thing you want to do is to make an easily avoidable mistake. To find out the worst resume mistakes that are way too common €” beyond grammatical errors and typos €” we reached out to Amanda Augustine, career expert at TheLadders. These common blunders would almost immediately send your resume to the trash bin. Augustine tells Business Insider that recruiters are only going to spend six seconds looking at math your resume. So the longer your resume is, the more difficult it will be for recruiters to b.a english, scan it.

An appropriate length is one to thesis, two pages. 2. Using an inappropriate email address. Email is the preferred form of essay, communication in pdf, today's workplace, so there's no excuse for you not to have an appropriate email address. Don't use email addresses (perhaps remnants of your grade-school days) beyond a standard variation of your name, such as [email protected] or [email protected] Simmons. says Augustine.. Thesis Pdf. Unless you're in a profession where your looks affect the work you get, such as acting or modeling, you should never include a photo with your resume. Including a photo greatly increases the shinto, chance you'll be discriminated against, and the recruiter will spend too much time looking at thesis your picture instead of considering whether your skills fit the open position. An eye-tracking heatmap created by gene simmons TheLadders found that when recruiters check out your professional online profile, they spend 19% of the total time eyeing your picture, which means that not so much time is pdf spent on argument your skills, specialties, or past work experiences. Since recruiters only spend six seconds reviewing a resume, it's not a good idea to have them spend too much time scanning irrelevant information, says Augustine. 4. Leaving out a URL to your professional online profile. Math Thesis. Instead of sending a headshot along with your resume, you should send a link to tips on writing article reviews, your professional online profiles, says Augustine.

This will enable hiring managers to see what you look like after they've already spent an pdf, appropriate amount of time examining your resume. Furthermore, whether you include a URL or not, recruiters will likely look you up. In fact, 86% of recruiters admit to reviewing candidates' online profiles, says Augustine, so why not include your URL along with your contact information? This will prevent recruiters from having to tips article reviews, guess or mistaking you for math thesis pdf, someone else. 5. Questions. Embedding tables, images, or charts.

Avoid adding any embedded tables, pictures, or other images in your resume, as this can confuse the applicant-tracking software and jumble your resume in the system, says Augustine. Math Thesis Pdf. 6. Not aligning your resume with your online profiles. Whatever you're going to put out there, make sure your resume and essay, online profiles are telling the same story, Augustine tells us. If you have a common name, consider including your middle initial on your resume and online professional profiles to differentiate yourself from the competition, she says. For example, decide if you're Mike Johnson, Michael Johnson, or Mike E. Math Thesis. Johnson. Then use this name consistently, be it on b.a english essay LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Many companies use some kind of screening process to math, identify the right candidates, and if you don't have the right keywords on your resume, you won't even get through to a hiring manager. Identify the common keywords, terminology, and key phrases that routinely pop up in the job descriptions of your target role and incorporate them into your resume (assuming you have those skills), advises Augustine. This will help you make it past the initial screenings and on to the recruiter or hiring manager. 8. Using an objective instead of an executive summary. Objectives are unhelpful and distracting, according to an essay, Augustine, so it's a waste of space to math thesis, include them on essay your resume.

Instead, replace this fluffy statement with an executive summary, which should be like a 30-second elevator pitch where you explain who you are and what you're looking for. In approximately three to five sentences, explain what you€™re great at, most interested in, and how you can provide value to math pdf, a prospective employer, Augustine says. 9. Not addressing potential concerns. Shinto Essay Questions. Do you require a work visa sponsorship or are you willing to math thesis, relocate for a job? If so, you should include a short blurb revealing this information at the end of your executive summary, says Augustine.

It doesn't have to be long because you can go into more detail in tips, the cover letter. If you're trying to relocate to another city, remove your current city and state from math, your resume. It may look neat and concise to display your contact information in the header, but for the same reason with embedded tables and charts, it often gets scrambled in an applicant tracking system, says Augustine. Shinto. Even if they were interested in your resume, you'll get eliminated immediately because the recruiter won't know how to contact you. The format is just as important as anything else on the resume, she tells us. The key is to format the information in a way that makes it easy to scan and math thesis pdf, recognize your job goals and relevant qualifications. Make your resume easy to b.a english notes essay, read by sticking to specific formatting rules throughout your resume. For example, if you decide to include the pdf, month and year on your resume, you should adhere to rct global essays, this format throughout. If you decide to only use the pdf, year, that's acceptable as well, but don't switch back and essays, forth between the two.

You should also be consistent with locations and indentations. Stick to black and white color, says Augustine. As for math thesis pdf, font, it's best to stick with the basics, such as Arial, Tahoma, or Calibri. White space draws the simmons essay, reader's eyes to important points. When you start really messing with the margins on your resume, chances are you're cramming as much as you can in there, and you won't have enough white space, she tells us.. 14. Not using reverse chronological order. Math Thesis Pdf. This is the most helpful for recruiters because they're able to see what you've been doing in recent years immediately, says Augustine.

The only rct global essays time you shouldn't do this is if you're trying to transition to math, another career altogether, but then again, in this situation, you'll probably be relying more on networks, than your resume, she says. 15. Not including a company description. B.a English Notes Modern. While it's helpful for recruiters to know the math thesis, size of the company you used to rct global, work for, including a brief description about the company will also let the thesis pdf, hiring manager quickly understand the industries you've worked in. For example, an accountant in tips article reviews, the tech industry may be considered very differently than an accountant in the hospitality industry. You can go to the company's website, and rewrite one or two lines of the description in the About Us section . Pdf. This should be included right underneath the name of the company. Dense blocks of text are too difficult to read, says Augustine. Instead, you should list your achievements in two to rct global essays, five bullet points per job. Under each job or experience you've had, explain how you contributed to or supported your team€™s projects and initiatives.

As you build up your experience, save the bullets for thesis, your bragging points, says Augustine. For example, I generated $50,000 in annual savings by doing. 17. Including more than 15 years of experience. You should always tailor your resume based on the job you're applying for, and chances are that when you include experience that's older than 15 years, it won't be of interest to a hiring manager, says Augustine. Furthermore, never include dates on education and certifications older than 15 years. 18. Including irrelevant information. If you work at a small company and you do a little bit of everything, you really need to think about the responsibilities and accomplishments you've had that are relevant to rct global essays, the job you're applying for, advises Augustine.

In other words, don't include everything you've done in your current position, especially if you work for a startup and are accustomed to a multitude of responsibilities. 19. Not including relevant hobbies. Recruiters have a positive reaction if you include charitable volunteer work, says Augustine. Just because you aren't getting paid, doesn't mean that you shouldn't include it on math thesis pdf your resume. Again, do make sure to shinto questions, tailor the skills you acquired while participating in the hobby to the job position you're applying for.

20. Thesis. Including skills that most jobseekers will have. Should you ever say that you're proficient in standard programs? This depends on what is deemed sought-after in gene essay, your industry. If you're in finance, it's not good enough that you're capable of using Excel, says Augustine. If you know how to manipulate or use Excel in pdf, a way that most don't know how to, that's the creating, skill you should highlight. Additionally, you should never use more than two or three lines to include your skills. 21. Writing in the third person or using pronouns in math, first person. Augustine says you should never write your resume in third person because everyone knows you're the one writing it.

Instead, you should write it in first person, and do not include pronouns. It's weird [to include pronouns], and it's an extra word you don't need, she says. You need to streamline your resume because you have limited real estate. 22. Including references upon request. Every recruiter knows you're going to provide references if they request it, so there's no reason for you to include this line. Remember that space on your resume is plan crucial. Don't waste it on pdf a meaningless line, Augustine tells us. SEE ALSO: 19 Reasons Why This Is An Excellent Resume. Recommended For You Powered by Sailthru. 22 Resume Mistakes That Are Way Too Common.

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Technology/ Ibm Company term paper 18044. I. Current Situation (1991-1993) 1. Pdf? History of IBM: IBM is creating an essay argument a multinational corporation that started its activities in 1911. But its origins can be traced back to 1890, during the height of the Industrial Revolution. It was first known as the Computing-Recording Company, then in 1924, it took the math thesis pdf name of International Business Machines. Nowadays, this multinational company is known as the b.a english modern essay « Big Blue ».

2. Math? Mission statement. IBM main activity is to find solutions to its wide range of clients using advanced information technology. Its clients are individual users, specialised businesses, and institutions such as government, science, defence, spatial and educational organisations. To meet and respond to its customers needs, IBM creates, develops and b.a english notes essay, manufactures many of the world’s most advanced technologies, ranging from computer systems and software to networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics. Indeed, IBM has various product lines and services a few of which are: the Personal Computer that was first created in 1981, AS/400 business system, RS/6000 family of workstations and server systems, S/390 enterprise server, groundbreaking ThinkPad notebook computer; the award-winning IBM Netfinity and finally, PC Servers. It is an important supplier of hard disks, random access memories, and liquid crystal monitors. IBM has created the math image “Solutions for a Little World”. Its products and components in other firm’s products are so widespread that people around the world associate the name IBM with computing functions. IBM is a global information system and computing company.

It is organized in 5 worldwide regions, and b.a english modern essay, the following business units: 1. Application Business Systems. 2. Application Solutions. 3. Enterprise Systems. 4. Networking Systems. 5. Pennant Systems Company. 6. Personal Systems. 7. Programming Systems.

8. Storage Products. 9. Technology Products. 4. Past and math thesis, current performance: For many years, IBM succeeded in gene simmons holding a very good market position. In fact, the math company achieved a very high market share and huge profits. Gene Simmons? However, this situation did not last forever. In 1990, IBM experienced its first quarterly loss of $2billion due to some unexpected accounting charges. However, revenues increased from $62.7 billion in the previous year to $96 billion. In 1991, the company faced a net loss of $2.83 billion that was mainly due to downsizing and restructuring costs. In addition, total hardware sales were down by 16%. The years 1992 and 1993 knew a slight increase in revenues that reached $13.4 billion and a net loss of pdf, $399 million that changed to a net profit of $392 million in the first quarter of simmons essay, 1994.

5. Thesis Pdf? Industry trends: IBM’s old belief was that personal computers are a vital part of their overall strategy to an essay link personal computers, minicomputers, and mainframes, their preferred product in math thesis pdf this line. It was not quick in adapting this belief to essay the new reality and importance of the thesis PC potential, so during the 1980s and early 1990s, IBM was thrown into turmoil by essay personal plan, back-to-back revolutions in the trends of the computer industry. The PC revolution placed computers directly in the hands of millions of math thesis, people, and development, then, the client/server revolution sought to link all of those PCs (the clients) with larger computers that labored in thesis pdf the background (the servers that served data and gene, applications to client machines). Both revolutions transformed the way customers viewed, used and bought technology, and both fundamentally rocked IBM. 6. Math? Tactics at IBM were as follows: Marketing at IBM has often been based on recycling and updating older proprietary systems architectures in b.a english modern which it had a vested interest.

It was a product rather than consumer oriented strategy. #61650; IBM has made modest moves towards more industry specific approaches to problem solutions in an effort to better meet customer needs. #61650; 1988 attempt to restructure decision making from pdf, HQ to 6 group executives failed. #61650; Due to its size, IBM makes sure that when introducing a project, worldwide capacity is available to manufacture it, and those foreign manufacturing requirements are met. 7. 1991-1993 CEO Akers undertook a major overhaul of IBM: he believed the problem was high centralization, so he followed a decentralizing strategy that would greatly reduce employee levels. Layoffs were as follows: 1991 20,000, 1992 20,000. Although a $3 billion charge was made against 4th quarter earnings, IBM expected savings of b.a english notes modern essay, $1 billion in 1992, followed by $2 billion in later years. a- Accelerate product deliveries. b- To avoid or minimize costly delays and disruptions IBM would have to pdf completely separate its units into distinct independent divisions with greater control over development strategies, including financial independence.

IBM HQ would become a holding company with 6 autonomous divisions reporting to senior vice presidents. Essays? Divisions are to math thesis pdf present annual plans to executive committee, set goals for return on investment, share in profits, issue stocks in some cases. Each individual unit to report its results separately thus allowing managers to gain responsibility for controlling costs and developing competitive product marketing strategies. Emphasis to essay be placed on return on invested capital. Executive pay to be tied to unit profits. c- Encourage 3d party relationships. e- Reduce product prices to match competitor prices. For example, IBM’s lap top model costs about math pdf, $2,500 more than Dell or AST models. 8. Gerstner’s strategy is to maintain IBM’s broadness to take advantage of consumer confusion in the market. Consumers will recognize IBM’s name in different products and simmons, purchase it.

This will keep costs high however because the different units need to stay coordinated. Math Pdf? According to him, IBM’s challenge is to develop good working relations across the various operating units. It doesn’t need an overall vision but a series of tough minded, market driven strategies for each of its businesses. Balancing shareholder needs of higher margins with customer needs of lower margin open system products. On Writing Reviews? Gerstner brought with him a customer-oriented sensibility and the strategic-thinking. He tried to rebuild IBM's product line, to reduce the workforce and to make significant cost reductions. Despite mounting pressure to split IBM into pdf, separate, independent companies, Gerstner decided to keep the company together. He recognized that one of IBM's enduring strengths was its ability to essay provide integrated solutions for customers -- someone to represent more than piece parts or components. Splitting the company would have destroyed a unique IBM advantage. II.

SWOT analysis: 1.1. E-business: the math thesis use of the Internet is rapidly becoming an important distribution method for multinational companies, and a source of products for businesses and consumers. it is a way of doing business electronically using new concepts. By emphasizing on essay, marketing this kind of math pdf, operations, IBM will increase its presence in creating an essay world operations, by making easier for a company to trade with another one, without any physical contact. 1.2. Strategic alliances: three days ago, IBM announced its alliance with a huge IT company, DELL. This constitutes an opportunity for IBM to become stronger and acquire new knowledge. This part will be discussed later in the presentation. 1.3.As a third point, it seems that IBM should change its image among customers: when you think of IBM, the first image that comes to math pdf you is that of a computer, whereas IBM manufactures much more products: servers, mainframes, supercomputers, Internet services, and so on. Therefore, a good opportunity for the Big Blue would be to change this conception and make its diversified range of products better known.

There must be more advertising made about the other products in order to make people aware of IBM diversity. 2.1.IBM most important competition is not within the mainframe market, but outside it, in the increasing range of other machines that can do much of what a mainframe does. #61664; Indeed, throughout the first half of the 1990s, the apparition of very small PCs attacked and reduced demand for mainframes, and this drove IBM almost to essay bankruptcy. However, the company responded by slashing prices and developing new mainframes that shared many of their components (such as memory) with PCs, thus benefiting from the PC industry's economies of thesis, scale. 2.2.It seems that customers are beginning to buy products from different companies, due to a decrease in essay questions the confidence put in one single company.

Their belief is that if their hardware come from different manufacturers, they will have a more open system, and diversified configurations. However, this trend leads to problems of compatibility among the different products. IBM is now trying to discourage customers from thesis, switching to other suppliers, by striving to improve the connectability of its computers. 2.3.Y2K: the Y2K issue arises because many computer hardware and software systems use only two digits to represent the development personal plan year. As a result, these systems may not process dates beyond 1999, which may cause errors in information or system failures. Thesis Pdf? According to its CEO, IBM is essays considered to be Y2K ready. However, the Y2K readiness of the company's customers varies, and math thesis pdf, the company continues actively to encourage its customers to prepare their own systems.

While this behavior may increase demand for certain of simmons essay, IBM products, it could also soften demand for pdf, other offerings or change customer buying practices from past trends. #61664; while IBM continues to believe that the Y2K matters discussed above will not have a material impact on its business, financial condition or results of operations, it remains uncertain whether or to what extent the company may be affected. 1.1 IBM is the largest IT company in essays the world: #61656; It has 240,600 employees. #61656; It has commercial activities in 164 countries. #61656; It is the 6th company ranked in math Fortune magazine. 1.2. Education and tips on writing article, training are key factors in providing IBM partners with the necessary skills to math pdf sell and support IBM software products. The delivery of this education can be done through many formats, from traditional classroom settings to seminars and satellite broadcasts. IBM provides education and certifications on both IBM software products and other software technologies. 1.3 Industry knowledge: before launching any product, IBM managers completely understand the industry organization, key contacts, strategies and offerings, in tips article order to be fully integrated in the organization.

1.4 IBM marketing approach consists of analyzing market and competition, performing segmentation and math pdf, developing plans and creating, solutions that respond to End User/market needs and competitive trends, and finally differentiating IBM/Business Partner solutions in the marketplace. 1.5 IBM have at its customers’ disposal consultants that will advise them if they want to buy new material or change their equipment. IBM employees do their best to satisfy the pdf client and to understand his/her needs. 1.6 Helping businesses optimize their IT infrastructure. A Total Systems Management (TSM) solution leverages IBM skills, services and systems expertise to help customers increase the business value of their IT solutions.

#61664; TSM brings IBM Global Services systems management experts together with a customer's IT executives to assess the customer's information technology environment against its business goals and identify the key IT areas that are critical to achieving those objectives. IBM develops a customized services solution to essays enhance the customer's system-wide operations and enable its IT infrastructure to better support its business goals, such as e-business. 1.7 All IBM interfaces, going from PC servers to supercomputers can be connected to thesis Internet. 1.8 Teamwork: watch the video cassette. 2.1 Gerstner, the new IBM CEO, focused on modern, forming both a decentralized and interlinked company.

Therefore, it was difficult to counter the thesis strong competition IBM divisions are facing from meaner rivals. 2.2. Essays? There is a slow pace of product introductions due to slow market researches: one of the most difficult challenges of math, IT markets is that products must be updated in a regular and very frequent basis. Tips Article? As you may have already noticed, a brand new computer will lead the market for only 5 to 6 months. That's why researchers must continually look for new technologies to apply to their products. However, the research process at IBM takes too much time, and this costs huge amounts of money, leading to a higher price than that of competitors, and finally to decrease in sales. 2.3.IBM uses a shotgun approach, meaning that products are launched in the market without any previous information.

This can be perceived as a weakness since it would be preferable to thesis make people know about the on writing reviews evolution of math thesis, IBM technology. Customers need to know what is to shinto be expected from IBM. 3.1.One of the main characteristics and weakness of IBM marketing approach is that it is based on updating and recycling older systems architectures. Instead of math thesis pdf, creating a 100% new product, the company chooses some obsolete products and try to upgrade them. Essay Questions? This shows that there is a lack of communication and understanding between IBM and its customers, since there is no or little interest in what are the real needs.

It is just with the arrival of Gerstner that this marketing approach changed, when he ordered 25 executives to meet customers. 4.1.IBM maintains an effective internal control structure that consists of: #61656; Organizational arrangements with clearly defined lines of responsibility and delegation of authority. #61656; Comprehensive systems and control procedures. #61664; the objective of math thesis pdf, this structure is to essay plan provide reasonable assurance that transactions are executed in accordance with management authorization, and that they are appropriately recorded, in order to math pdf permit preparation of financial statements in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles and to adequately safeguard, verify and maintain accountability of assets. 5.1. To assure the effective administration of internal control, IBM carefully selects and train its employees, develops and disseminates written policies and procedures, and provides appropriate communication channels.

5.2.To compete and win the global marketplace, IBM needs to rct global essays attract and retain talented and motivated professionals from practically every country, community and background. Thesis? IBM provides a cash compensation opportunity that will attract, retain and motivate high performing employees. Their pay will be strongly influenced by the results obtained by each one of them. 5.3 Among other benefits: medical, dental and vision benefits; income protection; work and personal life balancing; stock purchase; IBM club, etc.. 6.1.The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors is essay composed solely of outside directors. It recommends to the Board the independent firm that will conduct the company's auditing. The Audit Committee meets periodically and privately with the independent accountants, as well as with IBM managers to review accounting, auditing, internal control structure and financial reporting matters. Usually, IBM is helped by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP to review the whole internal structure of the company and to test its accounting procedures. 6.2.With this approach, neutrality and objectivity are respected, so IBM managers are sure that the results obtained are not influenced by math, inside auditors. 7.Porter’s competition model.

1. The computer industry is still young and simmons essay, expanding, so there is a big threat from potential new entrants. 2. The industry is competitive, so IBM has to satisfy both industrial buyers and consumers. 3. IBM faces high threats from substitute products because computer products have a short lifecycle. PC networks are replacing mainframes. 4. There are increasing numbers of competitors in the industry spurring both price competition, and product innovation. III. Thesis? Strategic Alternatives. 1. Outsourcing can be one good solution for personal, IBM to cut its costs so that it can sell at a competitive price. The hardware can be manufactured where there is math thesis pdf cheap labor and equipment for instance.

2. IBM could give more importance to the PC market since PCs are smaller, more efficient, and can do the same jobs as mainframes. 3. The company has to look for creating an essay argument, a new marketing strategy to enter its products at the right place and time and better meet its customers’ needs. Use heavy and direct marketing. 4. Math Pdf? One important way of reducing costs and be better prepared for essay, the future is to make strategic alliances, thus, building sustainable competitive advantages. 5. Thesis? The internal culture should be changed. Rct Global Essays? Give more importance to team work. IV. Strategic Recommendations.

1. Even if it is currently one of the math pdf leaders in the computer industry, IBM should prepare itself for the future especially for the high competitiveness that engulfs the industry. Simmons Essay? For instance, very known competitors, such as Compaq, are increasingly doing well and can easily surpass IBM if it defaults on meeting customers’ demands and being innovative by having a truly sophisticated RD. Math Thesis Pdf? In fact, IBM should try to creating argument provide integrated system solutions to customers not only to ease the way of using them but also to ease the life of its customers. 2. Math? One of IBM’s problems is the operational conflict between its units, especially between the rct global Personal Systems Unit, which produces PCs and workstations for one market, and the other units that provide integrated package solutions for a different market. The conflict in this case is due to the Personal Systems unit’s two functions: #61656; Selling products to the individuals market. #61656; Providing other units with products that are to be used as components in math integrated package solutions to be sold to organizations. The Personal Systems market is gene very competitive with many PC producers getting their product on pdf, the market fast. An autonomy strategy would benefit the questions Personal Systems unit, which would be able to focus on its sales without losing time in coordinating with the other units. On the other hand, the thesis other units would suffer under this strategy because they would lose a supplier of made to specification components. Our strategic recommendation is that the units should operate as separate businesses, coordinating only when the performance of the individual units will not suffer.

The Personal Systems unit produces standard products for an enormous market, so they should not waste time in adapting to rct global the other units. Pdf? When the other units require components they should buy them from Personal Systems. An Essay? If these components are incompatible, they should adapt their package system or outsource (out of IBM) the components. Math Thesis? The personal systems industry is very competitive because it is simple compared to integrated solutions, services, and products, with lower and shinto essay, decreasing margins. IBM will outsource low margin products and keep high margin integrated products in house. 3. Pdf? IBM should further integrate the separate systems of its different vendors in order to tips on writing reviews have satisfied customers. 4. IBM employees are experts in products, so they should strengthen ties with firms specialized in applications. V. IBM vision and strategy of growth today:

1. Today’s mission statement: “We create, develop and manufacture the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and math pdf, microelectronics.” It has two fundamental missions: #61656; Strive to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the most advanced information technologies. #61656; Translate advanced technologies into value for its customers as the world's largest information services company. IBM professionals worldwide provide expertise within specific industries, consulting services, systems integration and simmons essay, solution development and technical support. 2. Today’s objectives: 1) Build marketing for IBM middleware on NT with its channel partners. 2) Be the leader in market share by thesis pdf, 1998 on the NT platform. 3. Today’s strategy: #61656; Continue to deliver solutions. -IBM and partners.

#61656; Continue to deliver best of breed product. -IBM and partners. #61656; Maniacal focus on customer satisfaction. 3.1) IBM’s strategy of acquisitions. In 1995, IBM acquired Lotus Development Corp., and article, the next year acquired Tivoli Systems Inc. Services became the fastest growing segment of the pdf company, with growth at more than 20 percent per gene simmons, year. 3.2) IBM Technologies, whose role is supplying advanced technologies, is currently looking for computer producers with whom it can form alliances. IBM and Dell were in discussions since June 1998 and the result is a strategic agreement worth $16.6 billion over math thesis pdf, 7 years for IBM. Under this deal they will share their competencies and technologies, and cooperate in developing future technologies.

Dell will acquire IBM components for its computers, and database, network, and microelectronic technologies, and they will exchange a large array of licenses. Further areas of b.a english notes essay, cooperation will follow. Dell’s general director says that a company can’t do everything alone. Math Pdf? Dell’s share of the US market for servers jumped 95% in 1998 to development personal 5.6%, making it the 5th. IBM is 1st with 30.5%. 3.3) In May 1997, IBM dramatically demonstrated computing potential with Deep Blue, a 32-node IBM RS/6000 SP computer programmed to play chess on a world class level. Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov. World Chess champion. 3.4) In October 1998, IBM has created a division that could take advantage of opportunities for math thesis pdf, growth in the sale and service of guiding technologies, and gene simmons essay, would develop its relations with computer producers. 4. Today’s vision:

Nowadays, IBM’s CEO states it clear that the net is the future. The net has changed the way business is done and provides a great network of communication. According to thesis Gerstner the net is “a vocational medium-a place where real work gets done, real competitive advantage is gained, and real growth is generated. “ Indeed, with the Internet a company can increase its sales and gene simmons essay, profits. It can enhance communication between employees and math pdf, thus provide a better internal environment. More than that, it can strengthen employees-customers relationships and better meet customers’ needs. It also provides a fast and efficient way of doing business between partners in shinto questions a supply chain. E-business can also provide an environment of customizable communications through which you better serve customer needs and reflect a good product image. That’s why IBM is getting more involved in math thesis e-business. For 1996 the top computer companies in creating an essay the world were ranked: VI.

IBM in Morocco: In 1939, IBM France launched in Morocco the first agency in thesis pdf Africa. Morocco was chosen because it represents an open door to Africa. IBM MAROC employs 85 employees and has almost 500 clients (ministries, banks, insurance companies, Al Akhawayn University, etc..). The main activities of IBM MAROC are to meet all customers' needs, to provide high quality tools, and to create a structure that will guarantee high quality maintenance services. IBM has two important strategies, which are: #61664; direct marketing: it means selling directly to the consumer through the mail, by telephone, or door-to-door. By having direct contact with the customer, the company knows what are the needs, the preferences, and then can effectively choose the kind of products it will sell in the Moroccan market.

#61664; Commercial partnership: IBM has 22 commercial partners that sell its products in many different regions in Morocco. Thus, IBM MAROC is b.a english not obliged to create agencies in many cities, rather, its products are sold with other firms' articles, which increases the competition. Word Count: 3727. Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on math thesis, any level under time constraints. Well-versed in most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and professional projects. Every paper is written from scratch based on your instructions and there is no plagiarism of any kind. Essay? Plus, we guarantee free unlimited revisions. You will enjoy direct contact with the writer throughout the entire process and will receive the paper by e-mail/download.

The projects are never resold and will remain your unique property for math, a lifetime. The service is totally confidential and all client information is creating kept private. We guarantee that the paper will adequately meet your guidelines and be done by math thesis pdf, the deadline, otherwise we will give you your money back, if we fail (terms of service apply).

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law resume school Writing your law school personal statement is a daunting task. But at least you can quickly realize that you don’t have to boil your entire life down into two pages – you can tell a single story that had a profound impact on math, you. The resume, on the other hand… You have one page to tell me what you’ve done with your life. Go. A lot of people view the law school resume as superfluous.

While it doesn’t carry the weight of other elements, it does represent a whole lot more. You’ll be showing the law school what type of student you are, what you spent your time doing, and what accomplishments you can list. It sets the tips on writing, tone of math, your life, and if it doesn’t create a good impression, admissions officers will be going through your law school application with a sour taste in rct global their mouths. So how can you make a great resume? Key #1 to thesis pdf a Great Law School Resume: Cut anything from high school.

You were captain of essay questions, your school’s baseball team and drove a sweet Camaro. Good for you. Now cut that stuff from your law school resume. If you have high school achievements on your law school resume, schools will think you peaked in thesis pdf high school (which is just sad). They’ll also view you as immature, since you’re lending more weight to things than they should have. Unless it’s an Olympic medal, it’s gone. Key #2 to a Great Law School Resume: One page. Seriously. I’ve edited hundreds of resume going to law schools. Two of them have warranted a second page. One person had spent a decade doing missionary work overseas.

The other was a decorated military veteran. If you aren’t either of these people, get it down to one page. I don’t need a description of your job as an administrative assistant. Gene Simmons Essay. I don’t need to know what programs you worked with when you were managing payroll. Let me know what you spent your time doing, and leave it at that. Key #3 to a Great Law School Resume: This is an academic resume. What’s this mean? Your academic achievements should be highlighted. Math Thesis. Education information up top, cut work achievements to fit in academic ones, and personal, include relevant coursework/papers if you need to fill in some space. Key #4 to a Great Law School Resume: I don’t care that you’re good at MS Word. Throwing a section in pdf the bottom letting me know that you’re proficient in shinto essay questions Word, Excel, or Powerpoint is a waste of space.

Including an Objective section is a waste of math thesis, space. Creating An Essay Argument. I assume you’re proficient in math Word at notes modern a level that law school work requires because you’re submitting an essay written in Word. I know your objective in thesis applying to law school – to get into law school. That being said, I almost always recommend including an essays, Interests section. You never know who’s going to share your love of thesis, crafting homemade butter churns and become a cheerleader for you during the process. Key #5 to rct global essays a Great Law School Resume: Add depth to pdf your other elements. A resume should create depth to the rest of your law school application package.

Talk about your desire to go into public interest? I better see something on your resume to back this up. Essay Personal. Want to use your degree to math go into tips on writing article reviews some type of corporate law? (*cough* sell-out *cough*) Make sure to highlight your internships and role in your school’s business club. Whatever you talk about in math pdf your personal statement should be backed up in the resume. Check in next week for some law school resume formatting tips! Photo Credit: W Nicolai Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) I did Running Start, a program that allows Juniors and Seniors in high School the opportunity to take college classes, and graduated High School with my AA. Due to this should I include information about my high school activities during those years? I am 33 years old and gene simmons, applying to law school. I will graduate with my Bachelor degree in May, 2014, and work full-time. I have actually been pursuing my education since 2003, with 4 years off between 2006 and thesis, 2010, and argument, have always worked full-time.

My jobs during my periods of education have been law-related (for example, I’ve worked as a paralegal at a medium-sized law firm for the last 4 years), but those during my hiatus were in Human Resources. Thesis. Should I include ALL of my work experience while attending school since 2003, or just the law-related jobs? Definitely focus on argument, the law-related jobs, but feel free to include any others that required helpful skills necessary for law school. To add to thesis what Hank said: Most law schools will ask for your full work history through the LSAC’s online application. So you can make your resume shorter and more focused, since they’ll be able to essays see your full work history anyway. I have previously qualified and pdf, worked as a lawyer in gene simmons Ireland.

However in 2009 my son was diagnosed with autism. I have been out of the profession since then , being a stay at math home parent and shinto essay, caring for his needs. I am now in a position to return to law. I have since moved to the USA and am anxious to math thesis apply to personal law school. I am unsure though how to address the previous five years in my resume and/or statement. Congratulations on returning to the profession. If you’re anxious about the gap in your resume, my advice would be to consider the work you’ve done with your son as a strength. Use your personal statement or optional essay as an opportunity to be forthcoming about why you made that choice and math pdf, what perspective you’ve gained from it, particularly if it’s influenced the development essay, way you view the law in some way.

That pure fact alone, absent any additional context, indicates to math thesis pdf me that you’re a loving and responsible father, which is certainly not going to simmons hurt your application. As an older (and foreign) applicant, your resume is already going to look much different than the undergrads who you’re competing with, so don’t sweat about it too much – just state your life experience as honestly as possible. Thesis Pdf. The fact is that you have a unique and compelling story, and creating an essay, that can certainly be advantageous in your applications. Take a look at these articles, which may be helpful in formulating your statement: Any advice would be appreciated.thank you.

I just completed a mission trip called The World Race. Thesis Pdf. We went to gene essay 11 countries in 11 months partnering with local ministries and organizations. In each country we did different work (visited orphanages, taught English, cleaned neighborhoods, spoke at churches, helped with children’s programs). How should I address this in math thesis my resume? Should I include it as part of my experience so that I can elaborate or add it to community work?

If it’s part of my experience, how do I adequately describe it? First of all, sounds like a great program. Either way, it’s going to look good on your application. As to specifics, if that’s pretty much all you’ve been doing for b.a english notes modern the last 11 months, I’d say it’s fair to math pdf include it in your work experience – otherwise it will look like you’ve been twiddling your thumbs for a year at first glance. However, if it was something along the lines of one weekend per month for rct global essays 11 months, it probably belongs in your community service section, since describing at ‘work’ might come off as disingenuous. Another variable to weigh is the strength of thesis pdf, different facets on essays, your resume. You want to look well-rounded, so if your resume is lacking on other forms of community involvement, it might behoove you to place it in math pdf that section either way. I have read from multiple sources that the best practice for law school resumes was to on writing have around 2 pages to go more into detail about various honors organizations, work experience, etc.

I originally had my resume at 1 page as you suggest but I recently went into thesis pdf more detail after hearing from various counselors, law school websites’ suggested best practices, and online forums that a longer resume than a 1 page job application resume is preferred. Why is essay there such conflicting information on this front? Thanks for your help. It’s unlikely that your resume is math pdf going to be the thing that makes or breaks your law school application either way. So don’t stress about it TOO much.

But the reason many people suggest trying to keep your resume to one page is notes because it forces you to thesis edit yourself; law schools simply don’t need to know that you were drum major in high school, or that you were the simmons essay, Chipotle Employee of the math thesis, Month in development essay personal plan June 2009. That kind of math pdf, stuff is a waste of their time. You want to present information that is productive and gene simmons, relevant. Thesis. Most law school applicants don’t have two pages worth of an essay, experience that fits those criteria. So we recommend you shoot for a one page resume for the same reason that you don’t start your personal statment with the sentence “I spent the first two years of my life learning English.” If you think you have more than one page of math pdf, distinguishing accomplishments, by all means submit a two page resume. Our advice isn’t so much as “ONE PAGE AND ONLY ONE PAGE” so much as it is “be judicious.”

I had to rct global put law school on math, hold for a couple years to take care of my grandmother who was diagnosed with cancer. I decided to tips on writing article take on thesis pdf, a job as my grandmother’s home health aide. Essay. I have put home health aide in my resume, however, I’m worried law schools will not take that job as serious as others who graduate after college taking on careers. Math Pdf. Also, the other jobs on my resume are not very serious, career driven jobs, such as being a server, sales associate, attendant, house staff, etc. Essays. Is there something I can put on my resume that will not make my resume look down on? My personal statement is already written. It does not go into details about my job choices. First, that’s a very noble thing that you did, and you should take pride in math thesis pdf it.

Don’t try to essay diminish your choice in any way. On the flip side, don’t try to exaggerate your accomplishments — that’s a slippery slope that can get you into trouble down the line. Thesis Pdf. Your work history is your work history, plain and simple. Modern Essay. There’s no magic resume bullet. You have some options. If the schools you’re applying to accept optional essays, you could take that additional space to go a little bit deeper into math why you chose to gene simmons take care of your grandmother and what you gained out of math pdf, it. Alternatively, you could revise your personal statement to essay focus on that choice. And finally, if you’re extremely concerned about your work history, you can delay your applications to the next cycle to gain some more work/volunteer experience. But honestly, resumes are a small part of the admissions puzzle.

If you nailed your LSAT and have a solid undergraduate GPA, a light resume won’t hurt you much, if at all. I worked full time as an assistant manager at a convinence store for all 4 years of college. Thesis. This didnt allow much time for b.a english modern essay any other law related internships or voluneer work. After college I joined the Army for pdf 4 years. Now as im preparing for argument law school, I have the math, feeling of not being able to put together a strong or relevant resume. Any suggestions?

So I am actually an Active Duty Military member and I was wondering if I should put some of the military awards I’ve gotten one the resume (like Leadership awards, meritorious promotions, medals, etc.) or is this type of information better left off the simmons essay, Law School Resume? Thanks for math any help. Yes, you absolutely should. I’ve been out of college for 5 years, mostly working for creating and volunteering for nonprofits relevant to the work I want to math thesis pdf do as a lawyer. However, during those 5 years I also held outdoor educational, waitressing and administrative jobs to pay the bills while I volunteered. Tips On Writing Article Reviews. Do I need to account for every job I’ve held since college? If I don’t include them, will admissions officers look askance at the gaps in math thesis pdf work history?

My current job is development personal plan excellent and what I want to focus on in the resume, but I don’t want to thesis omit things I should be including. It’s probably a good idea to include at least some of an essay, those other jobs, both to give depth to the resume and to thesis pdf answer any questions about how you’ve been spending your time. That said, as Matt mentioned in the post, you don’t need to provide a description for those types of jobs unless there’s something worth noting. Also, if you’ve had a lot of those side jobs, I’d suggest picking just the shinto essay, jobs that you had for the longest period of time. You’re right that the volunteer experience that is more relevant to law school should be emphasized — you could even do “relevant experience” and “other work experience” sections. So, the tl;dr is that it would be good to mention those other jobs as space permits, but definitely not at the expense of highlighting the more directly applicable volunteer experience. I worked both a full-time job as a bartender and a part-time job as a kitchen worker in a sorority house for the last 3 years of undergrad. Some people have been telling me to leave it off of my law school resume because they aren’t “real jobs.” But I feel like it shows that I at least have some time management skills.

Any thoughts? I’d say include it — not only does it show that you have time management skills, but it also serves to thesis make your GPA (whatever it may be) look even more impressive. Hello, I am a junior in Rutgers University majoring in shinto essay global business management and i am applying to top 25 law schools in the U.S. My gpa is 3.83 and my last is 173/180. I am on math, deans list for all 3 years and a member of 2 honor society’s. However I have had only tips reviews 2 internship experiences over the summer and 1 extrenship. Math. Is that enough? My goal is Columbia Law school. In high school I was an article reviews, Eagle Scout and math pdf, I also was a regional officer for a youth group which regularly had me plan all the logistics and schedule for weekend long and week long events for creating an essay argument 50-400 attendees and give public speeches.

I was flying all over the country for this, and it was a huge time commitment, that really taught me to work on a team, how events are run and gave me a lot of math thesis, speaking time. Should I include these two things on my resume? They seem pretty big. I have them after my two internships and my senior thesis. Also, where is the best place to address interests and how should relevant course work be highlighted? Hi Chase. I think it’s great to put both of those things on shinto, your resume unless it pushes it over a page. Admissions officers read literally thousands of resumes, and math thesis, you want to keep yours punchy and not too dense. I think you can choose to rct global list interests or not. If an interest is not relevant to law school or the practice of law, then it should probably end up on the cutting room floor. And, really, the interests important to law school ought to get some kind of thesis, mention in your personal statement.

Again, with relevant coursework, if there’s room in your resume, it’s fine there, toward the shinto questions, bottom. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s terribly important. So I feel like I’m in a unique position in that my decision to apply to law school is a total career change. I studied journalism and worked as a reporter for four years before making the leap this summer, quitting the paper and taking a job as a paralegal. Naturally, my resume will be all my newspaper jobs and internships in college at media companies except my new job and a recent start with the local ACLU chapter. How can my resume be strong despite the severe lack of law-related jobs/organizations/internships?

Law schools operate on the assumption that they’re taking people who don’t know anything about law and making lawyers out of them. Thesis Pdf. So, while they certainly like to see legal experience when you have some, a whole bunch of time in a law office doesn’t necessarily mean a lot more to them than experience elsewhere. Instead, what they want to know is essay questions that you’ll be a good student with a strong work ethic. So, if your resume reflects that, it might be considerably stronger than someone who had a law office job for six months. One last thing, it might be good to mention in your personal statement how your work in journalism relates to your ideas about law school and practicing law.

If you’ve been a journalist and now work for the ACLU, it seems like you’d be a good First Amendment scholar, which might look better than a stint as a legal assistant. Subscribe to thesis our YouTube channel! New To MostStronglySupported LSAT Blog? Copyright 2017 , Blueprint Test Preparation. Essays. All Rights Reserved.