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Alberto fonseca thesis

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Alberto fonseca thesis

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bataille essay Born in thesis France in 1897, Georges Bataille was a very creative, controversial and strange person. A librarian by profession, he wrote a great many poems, essays and books during his life (he died in 1962). Some of these writings were novels; most were works of critical theory (non-fiction writings on society and politics). Bataille's name is often closely associated with Freudian psychoanalysis, Surrealism, Marxism and the occult. Because of the very strong and mostly acknowledged influence of for the reichstag essay Bataille's various concepts and methodological approaches on the writings of such younger and sometimes better known critical theorists as Guy Debord (potlatch), Jean Baudrillard (gift exchange), Michel Foucault (the order of things), and alberto fonseca Jacques Derrida (nonlogical difference), almost all of copying essays online Bataille's many books have been published in English translations by university presses in America. No doubt many of these books are required reading in courses in literary theory, the history of modern art, sociology, political economy, psychology, and ethnology.

Originally written in French and privately published in alberto 1949, the first part of Bataille's massive trilogy La Part Maudite was re-printed by Les Editions de Minuit in 1967. It was re-printed again in had a the 1970s, when Gallimard began publishing Bataille's Oeuvres Completes (nine volumes so far). In 1989, Zone Books in alberto fonseca New York City published a hardcover translation under the dissertation proposal title The Accursed Share, Volume I: Consumption (the trilogy as a whole is subtitled An Essay on General Economy). Alberto Fonseca Thesis? In 1998, Zone published a paperback edition of the book, as well as both hardcover and paperback editions of translations of Volumes II and III. Though we have only who was responsible for the fire, commented upon them once before, Bataille's books, especially the ones on art and politics, have long been of interest to us here at NOT BORED! We were excited by the prospect of reading Volume I (hereafter referred to as The Accursed Share ) because it clearly marked a return to the subject matter -- unproductive (wasteful) expenditures, human sacrifices, potlatch, and the critique of classical utility -- Bataille first explored in one of alberto our favorite essays, The Notion of Expenditure (written in 1933 and published in English translation in Visions of Excess, a collection of essays Bataille wrote between 1927 and had a pencil essay 1939). It's pretty damn strange that Bataille's Theoretical Introduction to The Accursed Share mentions neither The Notion of Expenditure nor any of his previous writings. It's as if (Bataille wants us to believe that) this is the very first time that he is alberto fonseca thesis pointing out that 1) classical political economy is built on the unquestioned and yet demonstrably false premises that scarcity is the defining aspect of the essay t economy, that individuals will always act according to their self-interest, and that self-interest always involves growth, the accumulation of alberto thesis wealth, and a reduction of waste; but that 2) a study of non-European, non-Christian cultures shows that surplus is actually the copying online defining aspect of the economy, that growth can never be an alberto end in itself, that wealth can indeed be accumulated but precisely for the purposes of deliberately wasting it in spectacular displays of power (human sacrifices, wars, religious monuments, festivals and mass entertainments); and economics proposal that, in any case, 3) waste is unavoidable. And Bataille (almost) gets away with it, too: he introduces so much new material, material not covered in The Notion of Expenditure -- Islam, Buddhism and the 13th Dalai Lama, and the connections between Calvinism and Marxism -- that his 1933 essay is apparently outmoded, superceded, discarded and forgotten. Bataille has discretely tried to alberto thesis place The Notion of Expenditure into the proverbial Trashcan of History, hoping that no one would notice or care. Bataille also wants to pretend (wants us to if i had a pencil essay believe) that the entire book, all of The Accursed Share, might also have ended up in the trash.

In his preface, he writes: Writing this book in which I was saying that energy finally can only be wasted, I myself was using my energy, my time, working; my research answered in a fundamental way the desire to add to the amount of wealth acquired for mankind. Should I say that under these conditions I sometimes could only respond to the truth of my book and alberto fonseca thesis could not go on writing it? A book that no one awaits, that answers no formulated question, that the personal oxbridge author would not have written if he had followed its lesson to the letter -- such is the oddity that today I offer the reader. This invites distrust at the outset [. ] It's a fitting conceit, a pretty good joke, and it's irony certainly brings a smile; but it does indeed invite distrust at the outset. Note the alberto fonseca (intentional?) ambiguity of Should I say that under these conditions I sometimes could only respond to the truth of my book and could not go on writing it? The only chemistry personal, response to this evasively rhetorical question is: Look, Georges: You should say that you stopped writing it, but only if it's true. Thesis? If it isn't true, then you shouldn't say it. Copying Essays Online? Bataille doesn't say why he decided to put aside his reservations and complete all three volumes of The Accursed Share. He certainly didn't finish Volume I because of the alberto fonseca thesis uniqueness of the Marshall Plan, which is the essay house t subject of its very last chapter, or because of the unprecedented scale and alberto fonseca extent of the devastation during the Second World War.

Bataille finished the book because, like Breton, Aragon, Eluard and copying others in the Surrealist movement, he'd become a Stalinist (15 years after the others!), and because Stalin -- the whole Soviet Union, even -- really needed people like Georges to thesis come to its defense. Though many radical artists and intellectuals in France and elsewhere in Europe were Trotskyists in 1949 (Cornelius Castoriadis, for example), very few were open supporters of Stalinism. Andre Breton and most of the others had distanced themselves from or openly denounced Stalinism (if not the Communist Party, as well) because of the Soviet Union's murderous campaign to collectivize the kulaks in 1937 (an infamous example of what Karl Marx called primitive accumulation) and because of the essay foundation t Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939. The same may be said for 1967, when The Accursed Share was first re-printed: though there (still) were Trotskyists in France, there were very few Stalinists. Those who were Stalinists -- Jean Paul Sartre, among them -- were denounced by the Situationist International. But there is no denunciation of Bataille in alberto fonseca Internationale Situationniste, Guy Debord's La Societe du Spectacle or one of the books by his one-time colleague, Henri Lefebvre. The only thing Allan Stoekl -- the editor and translator of the if i pencil Visions of fonseca thesis Excess collection -- can say on the subject of Batatille's post-War writings is: In his later writings (of the 1940s and economics 50s) Bataille is no longer overtly Marxist. Alberto? While this remark might be taken as indirect evidence that Stalin himself wasn't much of copying essays online a Marxist, it doesn't even admit that Bataille was a Stalinist. In the chapter called Soviet Industrialization, Bataille writes: The collectivization of lands is in theory the most questionable part of the changes in economic structure. There is no doubt that it cost dearly; indeed, it is regarded as the cruelest moment of an endeavour that was never mild.

But if one judges this development of Russian resources in a general way, one risks forgetting the conditions in which it was begun and the necessity that compelled it [. ] These considerations had all the more force since industrialization always demands a large displacement of the population to thesis the cities [. ] But a sudden [industrial] development creates a call for manpower to which the response cannot long be delayed. Chemistry Personal Oxbridge? Only agrarian collectivism, coupled with mechanization, could ensure the maintenance and growth of agricultural production; without them, the proliferation of factories would have only thesis, led to disequilibrium [. Personal Statement? ] Situations arise in which, wrongly or rightly, acts of cruelty, harming individuals, seem negligible in alberto fonseca view of the misfortunes they are meant to avoid [. Building Essays? ] Today it is easy to see that the Soviets organizing production were replying in advance to thesis a question of life and had a magic essay death. I do not mean to justify, but to understand; given that purpose, it seems superficial to me to dwell on horror [. ] Apparently the Soviet Union, and, even, speaking more generally, Russia -- owing to the czarist legacy -- would not have been able to survive without a massive allocation of its resources to industrial equipment. Apparently, if this allocation had been even a little less rigorous, even a little less hard to bear than Stalin made it, Russia could have foundered [. ] And we would rather die than establish a reign of terror; but a single man can die, and an immense population is faced with no other possibility than life. Thesis? The Russian world had to make up for the backwardness of czarist society and this was necessarily so painful, it demanded an effort so great, that the hard way -- in every sense the most costly way -- became its only solution.

What's most striking about this chilling passage -- aside from its monstrous cynicism -- is the fact that, despite the passing reference to costliness in muscle essays the last sentence, it has nothing to do with the discussions that introduced them. Forced social displacement on a massive scale, systematic theft of land by the State and mass murder (terror) aren't understood here in scientific or empirical terms, that is, in terms of the structural unavoidability of waste and the stark contrast between primitive practices such as potlatch and the puritanical maintenance of accounts in modern capitalist society. Ironically, these terms only come (back) into play when Bataille turns to the Marshal Plan, which he asserts was a potlatch-like response -- not to the poverty created by the defeat of the Nazi regime -- but to the success of the Russian Army at Stalingrad. No, Bataille justifies Stalinist terror in the calculating, moralizing, ideological terms of political expediency. Fonseca? Despite the essay radicality of some of Bataille's ideas, here he doesn't question anything of real importance: neither the fonseca thesis historical inevitability of Bolshevism, the economics dissertation political legitimacy of the so-called Soviet Union itself (the Soviets themselves were forcibly suppressed in the early 1920s), the necessity of industrialization (both in thesis general and in for the reichstag fire the specific case of the Russian economy), nor the desirability of Russia's survival. As Bataille himself showed in a preceding chapter, the Aztecs were conquered; Islam declined; Tibet was undermined. The United States, Bataille says, is also doomed. Why shouldn't Russia meet the same (unavoidable) fate? It's also striking that Bataille's argument includes the following remark: But if one judges this development of Russian resources in a general way, one risks forgetting the conditions in which it was begun and alberto fonseca the necessity that compelled it (italics added).

In other words, one must concentrate on specific circumstances, not the general situation. This plainly contradicts two other remarks made by Bataille -- Situations arise in which, wrongly or rightly, acts of cruelty, harming individuals, seem negligible in view of the misfortunes they are meant to avoid, and [B]ut a single man can die, and an immense population is faced with no other possibility than life -- as well as the central premise of general economy. Are there not causes and copying effects that will appear only provided that the general data of the economy are studied? Bataille had asked, rhetorically, in his introductory remarks concerning the thesis meaning of general economy. Economics Dissertation Proposal? Will we be able to make ourselves the masters of fonseca thesis such dangerous activity (and one that we could not abandon in any case) without having grasped its general consequences? Should we not, given the constant development of economic forces, pose the general problems that are linked to t the movement of energy on the globe? Yes, Georges, we should, even when looking at a special case such as Stalinist Russia. Thesis? And so, it's regrettable that Bataille decided to persevere and complete Volume I of The Accursed Share. Economics Dissertation Proposal? Even though this Stalinist's analyses of eroticism and sovereignty are no doubt fascinating, we will nevertheless refrain from reading Volumes II and III of his trilogy.

And we will also be quick to thesis question those who say they are avid readers of Bataille's books to see if they know about muscle building his apologies for fonseca, Stalinism. But trashing The Accursed Share doesn't necessarily entail discarding everything that Bataille ever wrote. We still value the essays contained in Visions of Excess, especially The Notion of Expenditure, which speaks of revolution and economics dissertation class struggle against alberto fonseca bourgeois society as a whole in personal statement oxbridge precisely those places that The Accursed Share speaks of the evolution of socialism in the Soviet Union and a dynamic peace between the USSR and America. Thesis? One notes [Bataille wrote in muscle 1933] that in primitive societies, where the exploitation of man by man is thesis still fairly weak, the who was for the reichstag products of alberto human activity not only flow in great quantities to rich men because of the protection or social leadership services these men supposedly provide, but also because of the personal spectacular collective expenditures for which they must pay. In so-called civilized societies, the fundamental obligation of wealth disappeared only in a fairly recent period [. ] Everything that was generous, orgiastic, and excessive has disappeared; the themes of alberto thesis rivalry upon which individual activity still depends develop in chemistry personal statement obscurity, and are as shameful as belching. The representatives of the bourgeoisie have adopted an effaced manner; wealth is alberto fonseca thesis now displayed behind closed doors, in online accordance with depressing and boring conventions [. ] Such trickery has become the principle reason for living, working, and alberto thesis suffering for those who lack the courage to condemn this moldy society to revolutionary destruction [. ] As the if i had a magic pencil essay class that possesses the wealth -- having received with wealth the alberto fonseca obligation of functional expenditure -- the modern bourgeoisie is characterized by the refusal in principle of had a pencil essay this obligation. It has distinguished itself from the thesis aristocracy through the fact that it has consented only to spend for itself, and within itself -- in building other words, by hiding its expenditures as much as possible from the other classes [. ] In opposition, the people's consciousness is reduced to maintaining profoundly the principle of expenditure by representing bourgeois existence as the shame of man and as a sinister cancellation [. ] As for the masters and exploiters, whose function is to create the contemptuous forms that exclude human nature -- causing this nature to exist at alberto thesis, the limits of the earth, in other words in muscle mud -- a simple law of thesis reciprocity requires that they be condemned to fear, to the great night when their beautiful phrases will be drowned out by death screams in riots.

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Risk Management for Sport Organizations and Sport Facilities. Posted on August 23rd. Risk is an integral element of sport. Sport without risk would cease to be sport. Alberto Fonseca! This unique aspect of sport must be factored into pencil any discussion of risk management within sport facilities, programs and events. A second unique aspect of risk management in sport is fonseca thesis that the overwhelming majority of opportunities to participate in sport in Canada arise out of the efforts of private, voluntary organizations. Governments may fund sport and had a magic essay, may provide facilities, and private businesses may own professional teams and alberto fonseca, operate pro sport facilities, but participation in essay, sport in this country is almost entirely the domain of the non-profit sector [1]. Some of fonseca, us fondly remember the “kitchen table” days of amateur sport when decisions were made informally and little attention was paid to had a pencil, risk management. Today, the business of amateur sport takes place around the boardroom table. Voluntary sport organizations have greater responsibilities towards their participants and members than ever before, and today’s sport managers need knowledge and skills that they didn’t used to need, including knowledge and skills about the law, insurance, information technology, marketing, contracts and risk management [2].

In today’s non-profit organization risk management means more than locking away valuables and taking steps to keep participants from alberto thesis, physical harm – it also means managing financial and human resources wisely, governing effectively, making decisions soundly and projecting a positive image towards sponsors, government funders and the community. House T! The focus of this paper is practical and sensible risk management for the sport organization that runs its programs in its own facilities or in facilities owned by others [3]. Alberto! Such an organization is typically governed by copying online a voluntary board, its programs are overseen by committees and alberto fonseca thesis, its day-to-day operations are directed by a small but dedicated staff. It has been my observation over copying the past decade of working with such organizations that some people do risk management some of the time (although they may not be aware of it) – but very rarely is there a concerted attempt to carry out alberto fonseca thesis risk management in an organized and systematic way, or to create among staff, volunteers and members an awareness of the importance of risk management. Magic Pencil! Hopefully, the material in this paper will provide some useful information for the sport manager by setting out a practical methodology for alberto thesis, developing a risk management plan, and by stressing the essay foundation t importance of creating a risk management culture within a sport organization or facility. THE SPORT ORGANIZATION’S RISKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. From the perspective of risk management, there are three important areas of responsibility for the sport organization: The sport organization’s first responsibility is to provide a safe environment for participants. This means having policies and standards that promote safe programs in thesis, safe facilities, overseen by qualified personnel and trained volunteers. The sport organization’s second responsibility is to who was for the reichstag, make decisions fairly , especially decisions that affect members.

This means having and following proper policies and procedures when making important decisions and handling disputes among members. Alberto Fonseca Thesis! The sport organization’s third responsibility is to properly care for and protect its assets and resources , including money, equipment, facilities and intangible property such as data, corporate image and marketing rights [4]. Failing to personal oxbridge, meet any one of these responsibilities can lead to unwanted consequences, some of which have a legal aspect: An injury to a participant can lead to a lawsuit that will cost the organization money and time and alberto fonseca, very possibly higher future insurance costs. Poor conflict management can lead to lawsuits that will take an emotional toll on individuals as well as cost money and take time. Even if legal action isn’t the result of bad decisions, these disputes will harm important relationships, burn out volunteers and tarnish an organization’s goodwill and who was reichstag essay, public image [5]. Finally, failure to take care of assets (whether tangible assets such as physical property or intangible assets such as intellectual property) is fonseca simply bad business management, and this in essays online, turn can have harmful financial and legal consequences. Any one of these incidents – whether an injury, a dispute about decision-making, or a loss of property – will cost a sport organization money and other valuable resources, which means that fewer of these are available for fonseca, the sport organization’s most important business: providing program opportunities to participants. One word of copying, caution for the sport manager – there is thesis no magic formula for risk management. Dissertation Proposal! There is no cookie-cutter or checklist that can be used to do risk management in an organization or facility. Alberto Fonseca! While there are fixed concepts and common approaches, there are no black and white rules.

One organization’s risk management program will be very different from another, depending on who was for the reichstag fire, the sport discipline, whether or not the organization operates a facility, the fonseca thesis organization’s structure and mandate, and the organization’s relationship with its members. The key to doing risk management is to understand some basic principles and a practical methodology, and then to apply these systematically and in a common sense manner. The balance of this paper focuses on the legal responsibility to provide a safe environment. PROVIDING A SAFE ENVIRONMENT. Risks that are inherent in a sport activity and injuries that occur in the normal course of a game rarely give rise to a claim of negligence. However, risks that are not inherent in personal, the sport, that pose an alberto thesis, unreasonable risk of danger, that arise out of a deliberate disregard for the rules of the chemistry statement oxbridge game and that can otherwise be foreseen may be the basis of negligence, and are precisely the fonseca thesis risks that need to be managed. Who Was Responsible Essay! Negligence and liability are legal terms with precise legal meaning. These terms relate to standards of behaviour that the law expects, and alberto, understanding the law of negligence is an economics dissertation, essential first step in understanding risk management for the small sport organization or sport facility. In general terms, negligence refers to fonseca, behaviour or action that falls below a “reasonable” standard of care.

Canadian law demands that we behave in a particular manner so that others are not exposed to an unreasonable risk of harm. The standard of behaviour we are expected to meet is what we call an responsible for the reichstag fire, “objective standard” – that is, it is determined by what an fonseca thesis, average person would do, or not do, in a given set of circumstances. It is widely accepted that there is a certain amount of risk in many sport activities and that such risk is knowable, foreseeable, acceptable and depending on the sport, even desirable. What is unacceptable in sport is behaviour that places others in had a magic pencil essay, a situation of alberto, unreasonable risk or danger. An action is negligent only when all four of these four conditions exist: a duty of care is owed to someone; the standard of care imposed by that duty is not met; a harm or loss is suffered; and the failure to who was responsible for the, meet the standard causes or substantially contributes to the harm or loss.

Each of these conditions is fonseca described briefly below. To be negligent someone must first have been in circumstances that created a duty of care to ensure the reasonable safety of another person. The circumstance that gives rise to who was for the reichstag fire essay, this duty is the existence of a relationship between one person and another. For example, coaches have a duty to athletes, instructors have a duty to students, directors have a duty to alberto thesis, members, program leaders have a duty to who was, participants, facility operators have a duty to spectators. A duty is owed to anyone who we can reasonably foresee will be affected by our actions. This is alberto fonseca thesis perhaps the most important part of the definition of negligence. Standard of care is difficult to define precisely because it is if i magic essay always influenced by the risk inherent in the surrounding circumstances. Thus, the alberto fonseca thesis duty to act responsibly remains constant, but the specific behaviour required to meet the standard of responsibility will change with the circumstances, such as the age and skill level of participants, the degree of supervision of the activity, the magic essay environment in fonseca, which the activity occurs, etc.

Determining what the standard of care might be in any given circumstance involved looking to essay t, four sources: 1. Written standards. These include government regulations; national and provincial building and facility standards; equipment standards established under regulatory agencies such as the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) or ASTM (American Society for Testing and alberto thesis, Materials); voluntary guidelines established for a specific activity; policy and procedural manuals for a specific sport, program or facility; standards published by an international, national or provincial sport governing body; and a sport organization’s own risk management plan and other internal policies and procedures. 2. Unwritten standards. These are common practices in an industry, discipline or profession which may not be written down but nonetheless are known, accepted and economics dissertation proposal, followed. Examples of fonseca thesis, unwritten standards include giving a verbal warning when overtaking someone on a ski trail or bicycle path, using superior flotation devices and heavy-duty boats during spring run-off, assigning extra security personnel for large spectator events, or taking extra safety precautions when organizing a sailing race in who was responsible for the essay, adverse conditions [6]. These are court decisions about similar fact situations. Alberto Thesis! Where circumstances are the same or very similar, judges must apply legal principles in the same or similar ways.

In other words, prior decisions may act as a guide, or precedent, for future decisions where the essays circumstances are similar. Previous court decisions can provide very useful information for the sport manager, although gaining access to this information can be difficult. This means simply doing what feels right, or avoiding what feels wrong. Common sense is the sum of a person’s knowledge and experience – and alberto fonseca thesis, trusting one’s common sense is always a good rule of thumb. The third and fourth elements of negligence (that someone suffered a harm or loss, and dissertation proposal, that the breach of the standard caused or contributed to the harm or the loss) are quite straightforward. Alberto Fonseca! There will usually be little dispute that someone has been harmed, and as to causation, this will be argued by skilled lawyers in foundation, a court of law. Fonseca Thesis! Rarely does a claim of negligence hinge on these two elements: usually, the issue in dispute and before the courts is the essay second of the four elements – that is, was the standard of care breached? Assuming that all four conditions are satisfied and negligence is established, the fonseca thesis question of liability follows.

While negligence refers to one’s conduct, liability refers to responsibility for chemistry personal statement, the consequences of that negligent conduct. Responsibility may lie with the person who was negligent or with an altogether different person. For example, an insurance policy transfers financial responsibility for negligence to an insurance company. A valid waiver of liability agreement discharges liability completely. An injured person may be partially responsible for alberto fonseca thesis, their own injuries through the legal notion of contributory negligence . Finally, an organization may be vicariously liable for the negligent actions of economics dissertation, its employees, directors, volunteers or members [7]. An understanding of the legal meaning of negligence answers the alberto thesis question “how does the copying online law expect me to behave?”. The answer to this question lies in risk management, and good risk management means that negligence and liability are avoided. This paper has described three areas of responsibility of the fonseca sport organization towards its members. Two of chemistry personal, these responsibilities (providing a safe environment and fonseca thesis, ensuring that decisions are made fairly) are responsibilities that the law requires, while the magic third (protecting property) is not necessarily a legal responsibility but is nonetheless an important obligation the organization has towards its members. Falling short of meeting these responsibilities can lead to adverse consequences, most of which will ultimately cost money.

Resources are scarce as it is, so avoiding these costs is crucial. Having briefly described the responsibilities the sport organization has towards its members, and specifically the responsibility to provide a safe environment, the next question is “how do I behave responsibly?”. The answer lies is fonseca thesis risk management. This section describes the risk management process and shows how to apply it within a sport organization or sport facility. What does “risk” mean for the sport manager? Risk is defined as “the chance of injury, damage or loss” . For the sport organization, this can be extended to mean “the chance of for the essay, injury to your members or participants, damage to your property or property of others which you may be responsible for, or other loss to your organization, directors, volunteers, members, or to alberto fonseca thesis, someone else”. Ultimately, the effect of who was responsible for the reichstag essay, risk is a financial effect: the alberto fonseca injury, damage or loss is going to cost money. And often, this cost is because the risk has resulted in some form of legal action or dispute.“Risk management” is defined as “reducing the chemistry personal statement chances of injury, damage or loss by fonseca taking steps to identify, measure and control risks”. This isn’t very complicated and simply means that the who was responsible for the reichstag fire essay sport manager and others within the organization should be spending time thinking about potential risky situations, deciding which situations or circumstances might pose serious risks, and then determining what practical steps they can take to minimize those risks.

The common ingredient in all of these tasks is common sense. This task is also made easier when there is a “culture” within the organization that promotes safe and prudent conduct by all staff and thesis, volunteers. What is the extent of the organization’s risk management responsibility? Risk management activities will occur on different levels depending on the mandate of the sport organization, as expressed in its constitution, objects and bylaws. Essay Foundation T! A local sport club that offers programs to individual members can adopt a narrow approach to alberto, risk management, which means the club manages risks only for those program activities it engages in directly. A sport organization that is the governing body for sport activities in a province or other geographic region must adopt a broader approach, which means the organization manages risks for its own activities, for activities carried out proposal under its supervision and for activities carried out by its members clubs and thesis, associations [8]. For a sport governing body, risk management should occur for three types of activities: Direct activities – This means identifying and controlling risks in the activities which the organization does directly (governing the organization through the Board of Directors and committees, running a provincial office, employing staff, certifying coaches and officials, disciplining members and possibly running a high-performance program involving a provincial team, coaches, staff and officials who will train, compete and essay house t, travel to thesis, events outside the province) Indirect activities – This means identifying the appropriate risk management standards that will govern sanctioned events, and monitoring these events to statement oxbridge, ensure that these standards are maintained [9] Supported activities – This means providing suitable risk management assistance, resources and alberto fonseca thesis, tools to help local associations and clubs in their risk management efforts. Essays Online! The use of these tools can be encouraged by linking them to participation in an insurance program or to other benefits of alberto fonseca, membership.

The third type of sport organization is the club or governing body that in addition to offering programs and services, also operates a facility. Typically this facility is intended for the use of the organization’s members and participants, but occasionally, the house facility might also be made available to other user groups. The organization that is also an “occupier” (as defined in the Occupiers Liability Act [10] ) has statutory duties to alberto fonseca, take such care as is necessary to ensure that people on economics, the premises are reasonably safe. Fonseca! The occupier has a responsibility to oversee the physical condition of the premises, the activities that take place on the premises and had a magic essay, the behaviour of third parties using the premises [11]. There are three practical steps in risk management, and these never change: “ identify , measure and control ”. Put more succinctly, risk management is an fonseca thesis, organized process of asking the following three questions about a sport program, facility or event: what are the possible things that can go wrong (this is the task of identifying risks) how likely is it these things will go wrong, and what are the consequences if they do go wrong? (this is the task of measuring risks) what can we do to dissertation, keep things from going wrong? (this is the task of controlling risks). The first step in any risk management exercise is thus to identify the major areas of risk facing the sport organization. These “risk areas” (in insurance circles, they are known as “loss exposures”) can be defined as potential events or occurrences that could lead ultimately to financial loss for the organization, either through: liability losses (resulting from the sport organization being successfully sued) damage to alberto fonseca thesis, property (either the sport organization’s own property or the property of others for which the sport organization has responsibility) loss of revenue or earnings loss of key personnel (including volunteers) loss of public image. It is muscle building essays possible to bring some order and method to the task of identifying risks by keeping in mind that there are four main sources of risks and three main types of risks facing a sport organization.

The four main sources of risk are: Facilities – the buildings, fields, office or other venues where sport and related activity occurs Equipment – this includes equipment used by athletes, coaches and officials within the alberto fonseca sport activity itself, and equipment used by the organization in the provision of if i magic essay, sport services and programs Program – there are physical risks that are an fonseca, inherent part of the sport itself, some of essay house t, which are desirable and thus reasonable while others are not People – this is the human element and includes participants, staff, volunteers, directors, and spectators, all of whom can be unpredictable in their behaviour and can make mistakes in carrying out their duties. The three main types of risk for a sport organization are: Physical injury – this is the risk that a participant will be seriously hurt Wrongful actions – this is the risk that an individual will experience a loss of rights or opportunities for which there is a legal remedy and for which the sport organization is responsible Property loss or damage – this is the risk that property owned or controlled by the sport organization, or for which the organization is responsible, will be stolen or damaged and will need to be replaced. The second step of the risk management process is to measure the risks that have been identified in alberto, terms of their potential seriousness.

The seriousness of any particular risk depends on both its frequency (a measure of how often it might occur) and statement oxbridge, its severity (a measure of its consequences if it does occur). Although this evaluation can become a complex exercise in probability and alberto thesis, mathematics, it doesn’t need to be. Personal Statement Oxbridge! While detailed injury statistics are available for alberto fonseca, certain high-risk sports such as hockey or skiing, and these in turn permit detailed calculations of frequency and severity, most sport situations require only an informed judgment as to whether a particular risk is economics dissertation low, moderate or high. On this basis, the sport manager can then determine which risks are more important and thus warrant taking measures to control them.Once significant risks are identified, the third step of the risk management process involves finding practical, affordable and reasonable ways to control these risks. There is no magic formula for alberto fonseca thesis, controlling risks – the control measures that a sport manager will select and economics proposal, implement will depend on the factors and circumstances of the sport club, organization, facility or event. There are four general strategies for controlling risks. These are: retain the risks (the risk is fonseca thesis minor, and inherent in the sport activity and the sport manager is thus willing to accept the consequences — so does nothing about chemistry statement oxbridge, it) reduce the alberto thesis risks (the risk is significant enough for chemistry personal statement, the manager to fonseca thesis, do something about it – he or she does things to reduce the likelihood of events occurring, or the consequences if they do occur, by who was for the reichstag fire essay careful planning and organizing, preparing of staff and alberto fonseca, volunteers, inspecting and monitoring of facility and equipment, etc.) transfer the risks (the risk is significant enough that the sport organization doesn’t want to essay, take it on itself — so it transfers it to others through contracts, insurance or waivers) or avoid the risk (the risk is potentially so severe that the sport manager doesn’t want anything to do with it — so he or she decides to avoid doing what it is that creates the risk in the first place). As a general rule, there is a relationship between the thesis seriousness of the risk and the preferred strategy, where retain and reduce strategies are used for low and moderate risks, and house, transfer and avoid strategies are used for higher risks.

Also, as a general rule it is a good idea to mix and match a variety of fonseca, strategies, rather than to rely on just one or a few. Had A! Under each strategy, there are numerous tools and techniques to choose from, as illustrated in the next section. EXAMPLES OF RISK MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES. The examples of risk management measures shown below all apply to alberto, the first level of risk management described earlier – that is, doing risk management for had a pencil, the activities that the sport organization engages in directly: Examples of measures to reduce risks: Most measures to reduce risks involve planning, organizing and influencing human behaviour. This is an area where sport organizations exercise the greatest control and where there are the alberto fonseca greatest number of options to manage risks. At the same time, this is magic probably the area to which sport organizations devote the littlest amount of time and the fewest resources.

The numerous examples listed below are grouped according to alberto, the source of copying, risk: Where source of risk is facilities and fonseca, equipment. Design and who was essay, follow a regular maintenance, repair and replacement program for your facilities and equipment Design security measures to fonseca thesis, protect office equipment and copying online, data, such as careful control of keys and regular schedules for data backup Strictly enforce the use of prescribed safety and protective equipment at all times – no equipment, no game! Where source of risk is thesis people. Provide all new board and personal, committee members with detailed orientation materials and consider a mentor or buddy system for new volunteers Comply with any provincial legislation regarding screening of staff and volunteers (such as the Criminal Records Review Act in B.C.) Carefully recruit, select and train volunteers, particularly those who will be working directly with children, youth or other vulnerable persons Prepare written job descriptions for alberto fonseca thesis, all staff and volunteer positions and approve a personnel policy which provides clear procedures for handling personnel matters Help staff pursue professional development so that they can remain current with trends in the sport and the industry Support ongoing certification of coaches and officials, and economics, training of volunteers so that they remain up to date on new safety practices and other innovative techniques Develop and implement codes of conduct, discipline and dispute resolution policies which will enable the sport organization to better handle controversial decisions and disputes For major events, develop emergency response plans that identify key roles and responsibilities.

Where source of risk is program. Follow approved food preparation and alcohol management practices in facilities and at events Educate participants and parents about thesis, inherent risks of the sport through verbal messages, signage and printed materials such as informed consent agreements Well in advance of selection events, develop sound criteria and a process for applying the had a magic criteria to make selections Post appropriately-worded rules and warning signs in prominent places throughout the facility Incorporate relevant standards and guidelines from higher level sport governing bodies (national, internation) into the sport organization’s operating procedures and encourage member clubs and alberto, associations to do the essay same. Examples of alberto fonseca thesis, measures to had a magic pencil, transfer risks: Insist that adult participants sign a waiver of liability agreement (if the organization has decided, philosophically, that it wishes to use waivers in its programs) Review all insurance needs and purchase insurance coverage that is appropriate in scope and fonseca thesis, amount for all activities as well as all paid and volunteer personnel [12] Contract out foundation house t discrete work tasks such as instructional clinics, event management, catering, bartending and transportation to outside parties Ensure that there are proper indemnification provisions in all contracts signed by alberto fonseca the organization, including those relating to rental of facilities, contracts for services, and licensing and sponsorship If putting on a major event jointly with other organizations, create a partnership agreement that defines and shares the risks among the essay foundation t partners. Examples of measures to avoid risks: Postpone events in dangerous conditions Don’t travel in bad weather Restrict novice participants and lower age groups to lower-risk activities Purchase quality equipment that meets all safety standards Do not serve alcohol at functions where there will be families or minors Adhere strictly to all the organization’s bylaw provisions, policies and rules. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS ON INSURANCE AND WAIVERS. Insurance is a very common risk management strategy and it involves transferring risk to alberto fonseca thesis, another party – in this case, the insurance company.

Insurance is but one strategy to building, control risks, and alone is not always the best solution to alberto, a risk management problem. Sport organizations are encouraged to approach the proposal issue of insurance using a risk management perspective, which means reserving insurance for the most catastrophic and crippling risks and losses, and relying upon other strategies, such as measures to reduce and fonseca, avoid risks, for potential losses that are not so great. The following are some general recommendations regarding the sport organization’s insurance program [13]: Carry a limit of at least $2 million of general liability insurance. “Named insured” and “additional insured” should include the directors, officers and employees (which are standard in most policies) as well as volunteers, members, athletes, players, coaches, instructors and officials. Ensure the policy includes a severability of interests clause (also known as cross-liability clause). Without such a clause, an insurance policy covers liability to if i had a pencil essay, third parties — that is, those outside the thesis organization.

Liability to other parties within the organization (your club’s own members, volunteers, directors and players) would not be covered, even though such liability situations could, and do, occur in sport. Essays! Consider purchasing directors and officers liability insurance. Some general liability policies will also include errors and omissions coverage for the wrongful acts of directors and officers, which provides similar protection. In addition to the insurance clause described above, ensure that rental agreements for use of another operator’s facility contain an appropriate indemnification clause, whereby the facility operator promises to indemnify the renting organization for losses it might incur as a result of their actions, or as a result of events that are their responsibility and not the responsibility of the renting organization. Conversely, if the sport organization rents out its facility, ensure that rental contracts contain appropriate indemnification and insurance clauses. Another very common risk management technique in sport programs is to transfer risks to participants through “waiver of alberto thesis, liability agreements” (also called “waivers”). Most active people sign waivers at one time or another, and many sport organizations ask their participants to sign waivers.Despite their widespread use, waivers are nearly always misunderstood. Some people think that having participants sign a waiver protects their organization from lawsuits.

Conversely, some people who sign waivers believe they are meaningless pieces of online, paper. The truth is a bit of both — in some cases, the courts have upheld waivers. In other cases, and for a variety of reasons, they have not. [14] Just like insurance, waivers are not the alberto thesis solution to who was for the fire essay, every risk management problem. Properly drafted, carefully executed and used in appropriate circumstances, these contracts can protect a sport organization and its directors from liability for negligence. However, waivers have many limitations including the fact that they have no legal value when used with minors. Nor can a parent or guardian of a minor execute a waiver of liability for negligence on the minor’s behalf. Yet the alberto fonseca thesis parents of hundreds of thousands of children involved in if i had a magic, minor sport programs throughout this country are required to sign waivers. As well, waivers should not be confused with “informed consent”, “assumption of alberto fonseca thesis, risk” or “participant” agreements – documents that ask the participant to accept responsibility for the known inherent physical risks of the sport activity, but do not ask them to accept responsibility for another party’s negligence. In fact, these documents through which a participant consents to essay foundation t, the physical risks of an activity (but not the legal risk that organizers of the activity will be negligent) are the only documents that can be used with minors. Documents such as these are strongly recommended. Although such documents do not protect an alberto, organization from liability for negligence, they do ask the participant and the participant’s parent/guardian to consent to the physical risks and hazards that are inherent in a sport, to accept responsibility for muscle essays, injuries the participant may receive as a result of these risks and alberto fonseca, hazards, and to be responsible for for the fire, losses or damages that the participant might cause to others.

Agreements such as these are also valuable educational tools that forewarn participants of the risks they are accepting and the possible consequences. They have considerable legal value as well, as they show that an organization has taken reasonable steps to inform participants of the risks involved in the sport, and by signing it the participant has agreed not to hold the club responsible for injuries or losses relating directly to these risks. The information in this paper has provided a general conceptual approach for undertaking risk management, and has provided some examples of risk areas that face sport organizations and facilities, along with suggestions for measures to control these risks. Keep in mind that there is no uniform template or generic checklist that can be used to do risk management within a club, league, program or facility. Risk management decisions require some basic legal understanding, background experience in alberto fonseca thesis, the sport, and good judgment.

The right risk management decisions will depend upon had a, each sport organization’s circumstances. Fonseca Thesis! It is also important to remember that risk management is an ongoing process. The fundamental steps in risk management don’t change, but the sport organization’s circumstances do, and if i had a pencil essay, the legal responsibilities of the organization may also change, although usually more gradually. For example, five years ago there were few expectations that volunteer organizations would screen all their volunteers: today, the organization that doesn’t undertake some form of fonseca, screening is likely no longer achieving a reasonable standard of care in the eyes of the law. In closing, risk management is not rocket science – it is organized common sense, where common sense is the sum of knowledge and experience.

Almost all sport organizations do some risk management in an ad-hoc manner. The key to doing risk management well is doing it in an organized manner, and this means doing a risk management plan to ensure that all sources and if i had a essay, types of risks are considered and all legal responsibilities are fulfilled. A good risk management plan is an appropriate, reasonable and thesis, affordable mix of strategies, suited to muscle building essays, the sport organization’s needs, circumstances and resources. [1] About one in three Canadians aged 15 and over participates regularly in sport and over half this number do so as a registered participant in a club or league. Alberto! The Canadian amateur sport system involves about 400,000 trained and certified coaches and personal statement, is managed almost entirely by fonseca thesis volunteers – nearly two million of them (Sport Participation in Canada – 1998 Report, available at

[2] The non-profit sport sector in Canada has had to grapple with enormous challenges through the 1990s: challenges made even more acute by the funding policies of the federal and provincial governments in personal oxbridge, the 1980s that created a virtual welfare state for alberto fonseca, amateur sport. In the early 1990s it was not unusual for an amateur sport organization to derive as much as 90 percent of its revenues from government sources. Who Was Responsible Reichstag Fire! Today, the sport sector is learning how to pay its own way through membership development, event promotion, product sales, marketing and sponsorship. The skill set of the alberto fonseca successful sport manager is chemistry personal statement evolving accordingly. [3] Some of these materials are adapted from thesis, two publications of the Centre for Sport and Law: Your Risk Management Program: A Handbook for Sport Organizations (1998) and Negligence and Liability: A Guide for Sport Organizations (1995).

[4] It is our observation that the majority of amateur sport organizations are only just learning to exploit the t potential of alberto fonseca, their intangible property assets. As a source of revenue these are becoming increasingly important. The sport manager interested in learning more about managing intellectual property may refer to Doing Business with the Private Sector: A Commercial Handbook, written by David Lech and published by the Centre for Sport and Law. [5] Over the years the Centre for Sport and Law has assisted numerous sport organizations in managing their disputes. Economics Dissertation! In one wrongful dismissal case, the alberto thesis Executive Director of the economics dissertation proposal organization kept track of the time spent on fonseca thesis, the dispute – before the issue was resolved, she had spent 240 hours, or the equivalent of over six weeks of professional time, on the case. [6] The general practice of building essays, other members of the sport community is typically a reliable indicator of appropriate behaviour since the standard of fonseca thesis, care is related to what a reasonable sport practitioner would do in copying, the same or similar circumstances. However, sport managers should also be careful about following the crowd too closely: if following common practice entails risks that should have been recognized, mere conformity to normal practice may not be enough to meet the standard of care. The standard always relates to what should be done, not what was done or what usually is done. [7] The principle of vicarious liability is important in the sport setting because the responsibility for program delivery rests very often with volunteers. In this area of the thesis law, employees and volunteers are treated the same, yet it is common for the relationship with a volunteer to not be as clearly described as the relationship with an employee.

For example, many volunteers may perform their services without the copying benefit or direction of a job description. Thesis! When a volunteer is building essays negligent, the organization may be vicariously liable if the volunteer was acting within the scope of his or her duties – hence the importance of defining and clarifying what these duties are. Fonseca! In recent years there has been a trend in copying essays online, the courts to hold organizations increasingly accountable for the harm suffered by thesis clients/participants at the hands of their staff and volunteers. Today, an organization may be held vicariously liable if the circumstances of its program or activity (effected through planning, coordinating, staffing, supervising, etc.) significantly enhance the copying risk of harm to participants. [8] This broader approach to alberto thesis, risk management by governing bodies is recommended for several reasons. Firstly, these organizations give their “sanction” to certain competitive events organized by others, which means that the governing body’s name is attached to muscle, the event and the organization would likely be implicated in fonseca, any serious accident or legal matter. Secondly, many of these governing bodies have a common insurance program with their member clubs, which means that they have a vested interest (through low premiums, a good claims history and a safe record) in the activities of those clubs. Economics Proposal! Thirdly, risk management assistance and resources are an ideal member service that the alberto fonseca thesis governing body can provide to grass-roots associations. [9] It is strongly recommended that all sport governing bodies put into force and monitor risk management guidelines for all sanctioned events (surprisingly, relatively few sport governing bodies presently do this).

These guidelines could address issues such as: insurance requirements including naming the sanctioning organization as an insured; advance preparation of an emergency response plan; orientation and training for all volunteers including security personnel; implementation of alcohol management guidelines for social events associated with the sporting event; provision of appropriate first aid and sport medicine services; and pre-event inspection of all facilities, grounds and equipment. It is also suggested that the sanctioning organization designate an official representative to work with the host organization in advance of the event, and to be on-site during the event to monitor compliance with risk management guidelines. [10] Under this statute, which exists in most provinces, an occupier is defined as a person who is in physical possession of chemistry statement oxbridge, a premises, or a person who has responsibility for fonseca, and control over the condition of a premises, the activities conducted on a premises and the persons allowed to enter a premises. Control is essay not, however, necessarily related to exclusive possession of a premises – in some situations more than one occupier may exist. Thesis! [11] Relatively few amateur sport organizations own and operate their own facilities. Rather, the common model is if i had a magic essay that these organization lease facilities of others (such as a municipality, school, college or university) for running their programs. [12] All too often sport organizations and clubs purchase insurance from a generalist, and end up with a standard policy designed for a typical small business or commercial venture. It came as a surprise to one provincial canoeing association that their policy precluded coverage for injuries sustained by operating watercraft! Insurance in sport must be approached using a sport-specific, risk management perspective.

For more information, refer to the publication Insurance in Sport and Recreation: A Risk Management Approach, published by the Centre for Sport and Law. [13] Many sport organizations have used insurance programs quite effectively as a risk management incentive. For example, in some sports strict compliance with safety rules about eyeguards, mouthguards and other protective equipment is a pre-requisite for the participant to be covered by the organization’s insurance programs. Other organizations use their insurance program as a lever to alberto thesis, ensure that member clubs, leagues and associations maintain their status as “members in good standing”. [14] The likelihood that a waiver will be upheld by a court will depend on house t, many factors: how it is drafted, how it is executed, how the contents of the waiver are communicated to the person signing it, and the nature of the thesis activity being covered by the waiver. Ethically, waivers may be appropriate for use in high-risk programs involving adults who are skilled in the sport. The appropriateness of their use in house, all other programs should be evaluated very carefully.

Presented at the Symposium “Sports Management: Cutting Edge Strategies For Managing Sports as a Business”, August 2002, Toronto.

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You will undertake independent study, supported by the teaching and learning team, and will receive detailed feedback on your coursework. You will be provided with assessment and grade-related criteria which will outline your intended learning outcomes, along with the skills, knowledge and attitudes you are expected to demonstrate in order for you to complete an assessment successfully. You will also be assigned a personal tutor as your primary contact, who will advise you on academic matters and monitor your progress through the alberto fonseca thesis, programme. You will find a supportive vibrant research environment in essay house the Department. The course is taught by academics, who are internationally recognised experts in alberto their field with different backgrounds in clinical, social and cognitive neuroscience. Check out chemistry statement oxbridge, what is fonseca, going on in our laboratories and at the Center for Psychological Wellbeing. Your learning will be assessed through essays, examinations, oral presentations, research methods projects and interpretation of statistical analyses, formal research proposals and a dissertation. The programme consists of eight taught modules worth 15 credits each with around 30-34 hours of face-to-face contact, supported by online resources and an empirical research project (worth 60 credits). You will learn about the latest advances in clinical, social and cognitive neuroscience and develop an appreciation of the reciprocal nature of research and practice in these domains. Personal Statement? For example how insights from functional neuroimaging inform our understanding of thesis, neurological disorders and how clinical observations inform neurocognitive modelling.

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This module is designed to provide you with the opportunity to learn about the neurobiological perspective on mental health and illness and its implications for clinical practice and research. Thesis? You will learn about the relevance of biological models for diagnosis and if i treatment of different clinical disorders and the role of stress (in contributing to) and well-being (in protecting against) these disorders. Thesis? You will also learn about basic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and fire other evidence-based treatment techniques. Fundamental Processes in Cognitive Neuroscience Neuropsychology I. This is the first of two modules on the current state of alberto fonseca, knowledge in chemistry personal the field of cognitive neuroscience. This module focuses on our understanding of fundamental cognitive processes including perception and thesis attention as well as decision making and executive functions. You will learn about current research and theories on the underlying brain mechanisms in healthy adults which will be further enriched by past and chemistry personal statement current neuropsychological and lesion studies. Findings from a wide range of neuroimaging techniques will be considered. Fundamental Processes in Cognitive Neuroscience Neuropsychology II. This is the second of two modules on the current state of knowledge in the field of cognitive neuroscience. This module will cover a variety of crucial topics related to learning, cortical plasticity, memory and language.

These are important mental abilities, but also frequently affected in patients. You will discover exciting results about these abilities, learn methods to study them in the healthy brain, and examine cases where they break down. Social Cognition and the Social Brain. Social Neuroscience is a branch of Cognitive Neuroscience concerned with the neural underpinnings of alberto fonseca, social behaviour. Understanding how we interact with others is statement, regarded by many as a key challenge facing scientists in thesis the 21st Century.

Despite being a relatively young discipline, the study of the 'Social Brain' is therefore one of the fastest growing and most productive areas of contemporary Cognitive Science. In this module students will learn how we recognize people, how we understand and interpret their behaviour, how we empathize and attribute mental states to them, how we learn through observing and interacting with them, and how our interactions shape our decisions. Throughout the had a magic pencil, module students will learn how these processes can go wrong in certain clinical conditions and thesis how clinical observations have informed models of the Social Brain. Statistical models and economics proposal Research Methods and Programming. Setting up, running and fonseca thesis interpreting experiments is a core skill for researchers in clinical, social and cognitive neuroscience.

Moreover, clinical psychologists often find that they have more research training than their medical colleagues, and are consequently called upon to design and implement research studies in statement a medical context. Hence, for both researchers and clinicians, the capacity to analyse data (and to thesis understand the way in which others have analysed data) is essential for publishing and critiquing research and remaining current in evidence-based practice. In these two complimentary modules, you will be progressively taught to use Matlab, a flexible high-level programming language, to control experiments and analyse data. You will be introduced to the main methods of neuroscientific data collection, such as EEG and fMRI, and learn the statistical procedures necessary to analyse them. Finally, you will be introduced to the concepts and practical skills that allow us to characterise normal and disordered behaviours using cognitive and computational models. The Research project provides students with the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to responsible for the fire essay design and conduct independent empirical research in Social, Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience. Fonseca? You will join a laboratory and will have practical 'hands-on' experience of addressing a particular research question working closely together with experts in the field. There is also an chemistry personal statement oxbridge invited speaker's programme showcasing eminent people from the world of fonseca thesis, neuroscience. The knowledge, skills and the interests students develop during the course of their study will be used in the research dissertation, which provides an opportunity to join a laboratory and undertake a major piece of independent high-quality research supervised by a specialist from the Department of Psychology. This course will provide you with knowledge and skills highly valued both in academic research and the clinical professions.

The MSc is an ideal platform from which to progress to PhD studies, particularly in Cognitive or Social Neuroscience. You will also be well-equipped should you wish to undertake further professional training in Clinical Psychology, or a related discipline. The knowledge and if i magic pencil skills you will acquire in this programme are highly valuable, whether you choose to pursue further research or an applied occupation. They will enhance your employability prospects in a wide range of thesis, sectors including the pharmaceutical industry, neuromarketing, the essay house, computing industry, science and the media, science and the arts, business or education. Applications for 2017 entry are now open. You must provide the email addresses to two referees, at least one must be from an academic referee if you are a recent graduate and we will contact them directly. Other suitable referees may include a current employer or an organisation where you have undertaken relevant work experience. We also require that you upload evidence of your academic qualifications and alberto a personal statement. If you require assistance regarding your application or have any queries then please contact: City, University of London. T: +44(0)20 7040 0249.

Find out more about City and house t all our postgraduate degree programmes. City, University of London. London EC1V 0HB. City, University of alberto fonseca, London is an independent member institution of the University of London. Established by Royal Charter in 1836, the University of London consists of 18 independent member institutions with outstanding global reputations and several prestigious central academic bodies and activities.

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3 essay task Write a 450-word academic essay in response to a topic/question chosen from the list of topics offered by alberto thesis your lecturer. Stage 1: pre-writing stage including research, brainstorming and essay outline. Stage 2: composing your essay. Stage 3: polishing. State your main idea coherently and support it with details and examples - refer to the literature that you reviewed for economics dissertation proposal, Task 2. Ensure that you analyse your examples to demonstrate understanding.

Use the APA referencing system to refer to your research and sources of information: in-text citations and a reference list in APA style. Use a range of cohesive devices to make your text reader-oriented. Use academic language, such as appropriate hedging and fonseca, formal, precise vocabulary. Proofread, edit and redraft your essay to ensure accurate and appropriate use of discourse and syntax features. Insert a photo here of Draft 1 with peer feedback: Should New Zealand introduce a tax on unhealthy food items? (E.g.: fast food, sweets, high sugar drinks)? In recent years, obesity has attracted the economics proposal attention of many health professionals and researchers as it has become a serious issue worldwide, mostly linked to alberto an increasing intake of unhealthy food items. According to New Zealand’s Ministry of Health website (2016) “Too much body fat is not good for your health.

It can increase your risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, and other serious diseases.” This essay will argue in favour of New Zealand government introducing a tax on unhealthy food items and state the reasons why this action should be taken. Firstly, high levels of fast food consumption may lead to a rapid increase of widespread diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease, to name a few. This has been proven through different studies. For example, after carrying out copying, a study, which was published in the Bulletin of the fonseca thesis World Health Organization, Vandevijvere, Dominick, Devi and Swinburn (2015) discovered that “in the past 30 years, the responsible for the essay global proportion of overweight and obese adults has increased from fonseca thesis, approximately 29% to 37% in men, and 30% to 38% in women”. They concluded that “the surging global burden of obesity and diet-related noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) is mainly driven by unhealthy diets. Unhealthy diets, in turn, are driven by unhealthy food environments.” Secondly, healthy food options are more expensive than unhealthy ones.

As reported by a piece of had a, news published by Xinhua via COMTEX (2011), “prices of fruit and vegetables had the largest impact on overall food prices in May [2011], rising 1.6 percent”. Alberto Thesis. Moreover, unhealthy food items are more readily available. This might lead to adults and children alike choosing fast food over chemistry statement oxbridge, fruits and vegetables. However, a study conducted by Chand, Eyles and Ni Mhurchu (2011) to assess the fonseca thesis availability of healthier options and nutritional information in essay foundation house, fast food restaurants in New Zealand showed that “with the exception of burgers, chicken, pasta, and others, healthier options were on average cheaper (per serve) than their regular counterparts”. Then, why do consumers choose fast food over healthier options?

If we come back to the study carried out by Vandevijvere, Dominick, Devi and Swinburn (2015), we may find the answer to that question includes different reasons and that the alberto fonseca thesis solution to this problem is essay foundation house t more complex than just implementing a tax on alberto fonseca thesis, unhealthy food items. At the end of the said study, the researchers came up with 7 recommendations “to improve the healthiness of food environments and to reduce obesity and diet-related NCDs in chemistry oxbridge, New Zealand”. The ones that stand out the alberto fonseca thesis most because of their importance may be: “1) increasing the for the reichstag funding for population nutrition promotion (…); 2) reducing the thesis marketing of unhealthy foods to children and adolescents (…); 3) ensuring that foods provided in, or sold by, schools and early childhood education services meet dietary guidelines.” To conclude, it could be said that New Zealand government should introduce a tax on unhealthy food items. This measure is not only important but also necessary in the road to building decreasing the impact of such food on the population’s health and the rate of diseases and mortality among both adults and children. Moreover, it should be accompanied by fonseca other measures that ensure the reduction of such health issues among the muscle building essays population. Chand, A., Eyles, H., Ni Mhurchu, C. Thesis. (2011). Availability and accessibility of healthier options and nutrition information at New Zealand fast food restaurants.

Appetite, 58(1), p.4. Retrieved from Obesity. Responsible For The Reichstag Essay. (2016). Retrieved from: Vandevijvere, S., Dominick, C., Devi, A., Swinburn, B. (2015). The healthy food environment policy index: findings of an expert panel in New Zealand.

Auckland, New Zealand: International Network for Food and Obesity/non-communicable diseases Research, Monitoring and alberto fonseca thesis, Action Support. Retrieved from: Feedback on Task 3 Draft 2 Essay: Aldana. Your essay The introduction has background, issue and thesis statement. However, the body paragraphs do not follow through from the thesis statement. You only mention the personal oxbridge tax briefly in the third body paragraph and do not provide any support for it. In the thesis conclusion you refer to other measures being needed. These are addressed in if i magic, the third body para but are not signalled in the introduction. The references are accurate and appropriate ad are generally well cited. The paragraphs themselves read well – it is just that the essay does not develop as expected from the thesis statement.

Language accuracy range. The language is often very accurate – just a few issues with articles, prepositions and punctuation. Memo 1 has appropriate reflections on genre choices and fonseca thesis, language features. Should New Zealand introduce a tax on unhealthy food items? (E.g.: fast food, sweets, high sugar drinks)? In recent years, obesity has attracted the attention of many health professionals and researchers as it has become a serious issue worldwide, mostly linked to economics proposal an increasing intake of unhealthy food items. According to New Zealand’s Ministry of alberto fonseca thesis, Health website (2016) “too much body fat is not good for your health. It can increase your risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, and other serious diseases.” This essay will argue in favour of the New Zealand government introducing a tax on unhealthy food items, state the reasons why this action should be taken, and mention some possible accompanying measures to tackle weight-related health issues. Firstly, high levels of fast food consumption may lead to a rapid increase of widespread diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease, to name a few. This has been proven through several studies. For example, Vandevijvere, Dominick, Devi and Swinburn (2015) discovered that “in the past 30 years, the global proportion of who was responsible fire, overweight and alberto fonseca thesis, obese adults has increased from approximately 29% to 37% in men, and muscle essays, 30% to 38% in women”. They concluded that “the surging global burden of obesity and alberto, diet-related noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) is mainly driven by unhealthy diets.

Unhealthy diets, in turn, are driven by unhealthy food environments.” Therefore, implementing a tax on unhealthy food items could potentially discourage their consumption, and lead people to choose healthier alternatives. Secondly, healthy food options are more expensive than unhealthy ones. As reported by Xinhua via COMTEX (2011), “prices of fruit and vegetables had the largest impact on overall food prices in May [2011], rising 1.6 percent”. Essay Foundation House T. Moreover, unhealthy food items are more readily available. This might lead to adults and thesis, children alike choosing fast food over fruits and vegetables. Copying Online. Thus, the implementation of thesis, a tax on proposal, unhealthy food items might result in consumers changing their food choices.

However, a study conducted by Chand, Eyles and alberto fonseca, Ni Mhurchu (2011) to assess the availability of healthier options and chemistry personal oxbridge, nutritional information in alberto, fast food restaurants in New Zealand showed that “with the exception of burgers, chicken, pasta, and others, healthier options were on average cheaper (per serve) than their regular counterparts”. Then, why do consumers still choose fast food over healthier options? If we come back to the study carried out by Vandevijvere, Dominick, Devi and Swinburn (2015), we may find the essay answer to that question includes different reasons and that the alberto thesis solution to this problem is more complex than just implementing a tax on unhealthy food items. At the end of the muscle building essays said study, the researchers came up with 7 recommendations “to improve the healthiness of food environments and to fonseca reduce obesity and diet-related NCDs in New Zealand”. Essay House T. The ones that stand out the most because of their importance may be: “1) increasing the funding for population nutrition promotion (…); 2) reducing the marketing of unhealthy foods to children and adolescents (…); 3) ensuring that foods provided in, or sold by, schools and early childhood education services meet dietary guidelines.” To conclude, it could be said that New Zealand government should introduce a tax on fonseca, unhealthy food items. This measure is not only important but also necessary on the road to decreasing the impact of such food on the population’s health and the rate of diseases and mortality among both adults and children. Moreover, it should be accompanied by other measures that ensure the reduction of economics dissertation proposal, such health issues among the population. Chand, A., Eyles, H., Ni Mhurchu, C. (2011).

Availability and alberto fonseca thesis, accessibility of healthier options and nutrition information at New Zealand fast food restaurants. Appetite, 58(1), p.4. Retrieved from Obesity. (2016). Oxbridge. Retrieved from: Vandevijvere, S., Dominick, C., Devi, A., Swinburn, B. (2015). The healthy food environment policy index: findings of an expert panel in New Zealand. Auckland, New Zealand: International Network for Food and Obesity/non-communicable diseases Research, Monitoring and alberto fonseca, Action Support. Retrieved from: Feedback on Task 3 Draft 3 Essay: Aldana. The introduction has background, issue and thesis statement. The body paragraphs now follow through from the thesis statement.

The proposed tax is introduced and copying, supported. The other measures to supplement the tax are now signalled in the introduction and addressed in the third body para. The references are accurate and appropriate and are well cited. The essay now develops as expected from the thesis statement. Language accuracy range.

Very accurate – you have addressed the issues with articles, prepositions and punctuation. Thesis. Memo 2 has appropriate reflections on copying, the corrections you made in response to feedback.

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Chicken Kabsa | Saudi Style Chicken and Rice. I wanted to start by thanking everyone who commented on my last post. It was heartwarming to hear from alberto thesis so many who also live with auto immune conditions, and to learn about the challenges they have overcome and economics dissertation proposal the changes they have made to their life to find relief. It helps me to know that I am not alone in alberto fonseca thesis, this and all I have to do is reach out to personal statement, find friends. Alberto Fonseca? Thank you. It was also interesting to learn that this food problem is just as prevalent in other countries. Economics? I knew it affected other countries but I had also learnt that many countries overseas had stricter laws concerning food additives and preservatives.

It seems that it is not quite the case. They may be restricting some but they definitely aren’t rushing to ban all of them. I do know that the US is the fonseca thesis, worst for what it deems acceptable for public consumption. So much so, that even China and Japan and many other European countries are restricting certain food imports from the statement oxbridge, US. I just hope our food people wake up and realise what the public really wants. Actually, we’re okay with just labelling; label the food and let people make up their own mind. Anyway, I’ll step down from my soap box now. So, I don’t know if I ever mentioned this before, but I was actually born in Saudi Arabia. I left there when I was 6 and alberto moved to London where I grew up. I remember a little bit of my time in Saudi, just flashes of memories.

However, the ones I do remember all have to do with food. Even as a youngster, good food left a definite impression on me. Most of the time we ate at home and that was pretty much always Indian. Essay Foundation T? On the occasions we ate out alberto fonseca thesis or were at a wedding or event, the food was always Saudi; shawarmas, kebabs, rotisserie style chicken and Saudi rice and meat. Weddings and family meals were served Saudi style which is communal. As a child I though it was fun sharing food on a big tray, the copying essays online, ladies gathered around all digging into their portion of food on alberto their side of the had a pencil essay, tray. Also, as a child born in Saudi, it was normal to alberto fonseca, me, even though we did not eat like that at home. It was different but my child mind was open to all possibilities. This Kabsa is a Saudi dish of chicken or lamb and had a pencil essay rice. Fonseca Thesis? I think it is Saudi Arabia’s national dish since it’s so loved by responsible fire all Saudis and all foreigners who’ve had a chance to taste it. It’s not particularly difficult to make but it’s has layers of alberto fonseca thesis, flavour and thanks to the sultanas and almonds, lots of texture too.

It is usually a heavily spiced dish and has a nice kick to copying online, it. Traditionally, it’s made by cooking the chicken with spices in water and then using the thesis, broth to cook the dissertation, rice. The chicken is fonseca thesis then quickly broiled to crisp it up a little and then served atop the spicy rice often with a salsa like sauce on the side. If I am making this for a dinner party, I like to cook the building essays, chicken and alberto thesis rice separately. I like to marinade the personal statement oxbridge, chicken with the thesis, Arabic spices and garlic and then bake it rather than boil it first. The rice I cook separately with spices and tomatoes in a chicken broth. Oxbridge? I prefer this method only because I find the fonseca, chicken stays more moist than the house, double cooking of boiling and broiling. Alberto Fonseca Thesis? Then I place the foundation t, chicken and the juices over the rice and sprinkle the fried golden raisins and almonds. However, when I crave this during a week night, I cook the whole skin on chicken in the pressure cooker with spices and then use the broth to make the rice. I cut up the chicken and quickly broil it to crisp up the skin.

Weeknight Kabsa usually does away with the raisins and almonds and I serve with a salad instead of the salsa. Fonseca Thesis? Just as good but done in less time. Today’s post is the easy weeknight Kabsa. I will do a post on the party Kabsa one day when I find where I put my recipe! I seemed to house, have misplaced my spicy rice recipe when we moved and I haven’t found it yet. This was before my blog so it’s written on some scrap of paper tucked inside a notebook somewhere in a box.

1 whole chicken or large chicken pieces, skin on 6 -8 cups water, enough to alberto, cover 1 onion, in essay t, quarters 2 carrots, roughly chopped 4 garlic cloves, crushed Handful parsley 1 cinnamon stick 2 teaspoons turmeric 2 teaspoons Bharat mix 1 tablespoon peppercorns. 2? cups/500g Basmati rice, washed and soaked for 15 minutes 1 onion, finely chopped 2 large tomatoes, finely chopped 1 teaspoon turmeric ½ teaspoon red cayenne powder 3 teaspoon Bharat spice 4 cardamom pods cinnamon stick 1 fresh chopped green or red chilli, optional 5 cups reserved chicken broth 2 tablespoons oil 2 teaspoons salt Golden raisins/sultanas, soaked for 15 minutes, optional Almonds, slivered or halved, optional 2 tablespoons butter, optional. In a pressure cooker or a large dutch oven, place the chicken or chicken pieces, onion, carrots, garlic cloves, parsley, and the spices and cover with water. If using a pressure cooker, follow your cooker instructions and pressure cook for 20-25 minutes. If using a dutch oven, simmer the chicken until tender, about 60 minutes. After the chicken is alberto thesis cooked, slowly remove from the stock and place on a baking sheet. If your chicken is whole, you could cut into chemistry personal statement oxbridge pieces or leave it whole. Thesis? You can even just pull the muscle building, meat off the bones and serve on alberto thesis top of the rice without broiling. Allow the broth to cool a little and strain into magic essay a clean bowl and fonseca thesis skim off the fat.

Reserve for the rice. In a large pot, add the oil and lightly brown the responsible, onions. Add the cardamom pods and the cinnamon stick and toss in the oil. Add turmeric, the alberto fonseca thesis, cayenne powder, the dissertation, Bharat spices, mix thoroughly and cook a little in the oil. Add the tomatoes and cook until softened. Add the fresh chilli if using. Add in the rice and toss in the oil and spices. Pour in the hot broth, add the salt and allow to alberto fonseca thesis, come up to boil. Simmer the rice uncovered until most of the broth is absorbed and the level of broth is the same as the rice and you can see little dimples forming on the surface. If I Had A Magic Pencil Essay? Turn down the heat to low, cover the pot and cook for fonseca, 10 minutes.

Put on a timer. After 10 minutes, remove from the heat and without lifting the reichstag essay, lid, let sit off the heat for another 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, lift the alberto thesis, lid and fluff up the rice. While the rice is cooking, turn the broiler on. Place the baking sheet with the chicken under the broiler and cook until the essay foundation house t, chicken is crisped and browned. If using the thesis, almonds and golden raisins, melt the butter in a small fry pan and fry the raisins and essay t almonds. To serve, place rice on a platter, arrange the chicken on top and scatter the almonds and raisins.

Or, you can just dish it up on thesis plates like I do with a salad on house the side. 1 teaspoon black peppercorn. 1 teaspoon coriander seeds. 1 small cinnamon stick, coarsely chopped. 1/2 teaspoon whole cloves.

1/2 teaspoon ground allspice. 2 teaspoons cumin seeds. 1 teaspoon cardamom pods. ? whole nutmeg, grated. Grind all the spices together and store in fonseca thesis, a clean jar. Hope y’all had a great weekend and are off to a great start to the week.

My children are off for half term/spring break so they’re all home, being very trying. I did a big grocery shop and stocked up the fridges so they can eat themselves happy :). When they are home, that’s all they do, eat. Hope you’re having a great week!! I love to essays, hear from my readers so please leave me a comment! If you enjoyed this post please share! I am an american i have been living in alberto fonseca, Saudi Arabia for 26 years now,of course my husband and kids are saudi i cook this dish almost everyday is good to. Hear other people like the muscle, same. Nice website. I just had Kabsa with my family:) I’m from alberto fonseca thesis Saudi Arabia. Responsible For The Reichstag Fire? yes we cook Kabsa as you said. Actually we have many types of Kabsa. we call them Bokhare, Boryani, white Kabsa, mthlotha,etc. the one u showed picture is called Bokhare.

We learn how to make it from our moms. I wish I can make Kabsa for those people who saw ur pictures and feel hungry:))) I’m happy u like our food. Enjoy ur time and have a nice day. Hell, it’s not just additives and preservatives. I heard that in the US it’s completely legal for fonseca thesis, any random chicken battery farm owner to foundation t, label his eggs any way he likes… so he could stamp “Farm-fresh, organic, free-range” on alberto thesis the front and it’s completely legal. Foundation? What the alberto fonseca thesis, hell is that about? Perhaps it varies by state?

In any case, things like that are strictly enforced all across Europe, even down to semantics like whether something is “Made from strawberries”, “Strawberry flavoured”, or “Strawberry flavour”! I love these kinds of fragrant dishes and it’s nice to hear that this is something from chemistry personal your childhood. Don’t think I’d read you were born in Saudi before, I feel like I get to know you a little better with each post #128578; Thanks Krissie #128578; You are too sweet. The dish sounds amazing. Packed with flavors and I love one pot meals such as this one. Alberto? Thanks for sharing. I am pinning it and I am going to muscle, soon make it on a weekend. Thank you Taruna! It is fonseca thesis pretty tasty and I think you’ll like it.

Nazneen, this chicken looks delicious. I don’t know if I’ve ever had Saudi food. Have you ever been to Sahara restaurant on east Arapahoe Road, just east of 1-25? I’m asking because I wonder if it’s Saudi? Stepping back onto that soap box, just yesterday a coworker and I were talking about copying essays online, packaged salads and the smell and thesis flavor that some of them have. Now i’m on a mission to chemistry statement oxbridge, find out fonseca just what they rinse and preserve them with? Some of responsible reichstag, them don’t have that odor and seem clean (like the ones from Whole Foods) Do you know? I’ve driven past that place a few times but never been. Is it any good? My experience is that there are very few Saudi places as far as restaurants go.

You can find many Lebanese. Alberto? Palestinian and even Egyptian, but not Saudi…not sure why. Once in a while, someone who spent time in Saudi will recreate a dish in their restaurant. We had a couple in Houston with some some Saudi dishes. As far as the salad greens, most of the economics, prepackaged salads are washed in diluted chorine, including organic. Alberto Fonseca Thesis? Some are washed in water that hasn’t been changed so it’s pretty dirty. It’s almost better to buy your own mix and wash it yourself. There is no winning! This chicken looks so tasty and flavorful! We can just imagine how the dissertation proposal, rice compliments it for fonseca thesis, a perfect lunch or dinner.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I makes you want to start your own huge garden right away….so you know how it was cared for. The problem is I only have a tiny balcony…so the saga continues… Love the spices in this dish and wish I had a beautiful pot like yours to cook mine in… Thanks Bam! I’ve grown tomatoes and chillies in chemistry personal statement, containers and alberto I prefer that in some ways. This year, I might try and plant a few things.

I’m tired of paying an arm and a leg! Oh girl we have so much in common now #128578; I was born in Saudi Arabia too but left when I was just 2 years old. I love Kabsa with chicken as we do not like lamb meat. Love your recipe and waiting for personal oxbridge, the party one… I thought I am the only person who keeps misplacing important things specially when moving. Wow, we do have much in common now! Born in Saudi and not fond of thesis, lamb meat #128521; You have fridges?! Too funny. I love your photos Nazneen I think I can smell your chicken from here. Haha!

You’re the only one who caught that #128578; I actually have 3 fridges but one that came with the rental we left it off. Muscle Building Essays? The other two are mine, one in the kitchen one in the garage. I need 2! Thanks Nancy #128578; Such a nice dish…so comforting and tasty…like the color of the chicken and rice…yum! Hope you are enjoying your week Nazneen #128512; Thanks Juliana!

I hope you are doing well too. Your photos look utterly incredible, the chicken cooked in this style is alberto so delicious looking #128512; Thank you, Uru, you are very sweet to say so even though you don’t even eat meat xx. Having read the recipe and drooling over your photos, I’m absolutely going to put this on the menu for dinner his week! Love reading your blog!! X. Thank you so much, Andrea! You always have the who was fire essay, loveliest things to alberto fonseca thesis, say xx. Chicken and foundation house t rice is thesis one of chemistry personal, those classic combos that almost every cuisine seems to have.

I never tire of this combo. Alberto Fonseca Thesis? This is particularly luscious — really a great dish. Thanks so much for this. I agree, John! Every cuisine does have one. I love them all I think #128578; Thanks, John! Wonderful presentation Nazneen.. Rice dishes are always my favorite! Love the online, spices included in the dish…

Thanks Deepti! Mine too! My early childhood memories also involve being surrounded by fonseca thesis delicious things… amazing how much our childhood influences our adulthood #128578; I remember super dense ricotta pastries in the summers spent in the south, slurping spaghetti and my aunties’ homes, and a remarkably similar rice dish my dad’s mother cooked, with lentils and had a magic pencil dates, with all the individual grains of thesis, rice standing like soldiers at attention. This chicken looks divine – so tender and that unmistakable yellow from turmeric 3. Ooooh, I know that lentils and date rice! I’m a huge fan of essays, Persian food and thesis cook it often at home, just never posted any of them. Maybe this year…

What a wonderful looking chicken dish that is so beautifully photographed I can almost smell it! I don’t thing there’s anything more comfortable than chicken and rice. I’m not familiar with any recipes from Saudi Arabia as it’s been a country that hasn’t been welcoming of foreigners. I did meet a man who had to go there for personal oxbridge, business and he would stay in one of the best hotels but outside his window, his view was where they would be publicly chopping off the hands of people they’d rounded up – not the best advertisement for tourism! The rice must be so full of flavour – I’d like to make this and I’m sure I could do it in my rice cooker xx.

Thank you Charlie. I would have to disagree, it’s not that Saudi is alberto fonseca unwelcoming to essay t, foreigners it’s just not a tourist spot. Honestly, there’s nothing to do there so why would people visit? Now there are plenty of fonseca, foreigners there, all enjoying the tax free income, subsidised housing and food allowances. You get rich quick there, but people want the money and still want to bad mouth the country. I’ve been to who was responsible reichstag fire, Saudi many times, I’ve never seen a hand cutting in thesis, public, so I’m not sure what your friend saw.

I wouldn’t live in Saudi, but that country offers quite a bit to foreigners and it’s unfair to dissertation proposal, say otherwise. Alberto Thesis? It also houses two of my favourite spots on earth, the building, Kabah in Mecca and the grave of the alberto fonseca thesis, Prophet Muhammad. Hello, Nazneen! I, too, was amazed to learn that there are problems in just about chemistry personal, every country’s food supply. It’s astounding, isn’t it? For some time, I’ve been in search of a good chicken and alberto thesis rice recipe. I had one, years ago, but it’s long gone and those that I’ve tried are pretty much run of the mill. Yours, though, would offer a completely new flavor profile for chemistry oxbridge, me. Thesis? I’m going to try this and since I’ve the ingredients, I’ll even make my own Bharat.

I’ll come back to let you know how I did. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Have a good week, Nazneen. Thanks John! I hope you get to make it and muscle essays more than that, I hope you like it!

It is quite a flavourful dish and I love that it has some heat. This recipe sound delicious! Now I can say that I have made a Saudi dish. I experiment from fonseca time to time. with Indian recipes.

I have a book by Madhur Jaffrey that includes a few of her family recipes. I love the flavor of Indian spices. Thanks Caterina! If you like Indian flavours you will enjoy ME. They’re similar but a little milder. Foundation House? I like them both #128578; Hey Nazneen I’ve almost missed this post… I love rice, I love mix it with spices, vegetables or meat… so your recipe is thesis a masterpiece for my taste! beautiful photos my friend! Thanks Margherita! Love rice and if i had a pencil essay all the alberto fonseca, things you can so with it! Bookmarked for muscle essays, my Sunday dinner this weekend. Thanks Dave!

Tell me how you like it! The next time you make this, I am available. Love the flavors, the fonseca thesis, photos and I bet it tastes great. Had A Magic Essay? Definitely deserves to be a national dish! Abbe[email protected] is How I Cook recently posted..Shakshuka in Purgatory. Thanks Abbe! You got yourself a deal. I will let you know xx. This looks so good. I’m going to have to make it, the Glam Teens will love it. GG.

Thanks GG! I hope the guys like it! It’s very flavourful and has a lovely kick to it. I love all the warm, aromatic spices that went into alberto this! Thank you Mary Frances! That rice sounds and looks absolutely amazing. I love rice with a bit of flavour.

Thanks Holly. Copying Essays? This certainly has flavour! This looks and fonseca sounds pretty amazing Nazneen! If memory serves me well, I have had something very similar in an Arabic restaurant in Abu Dhabi – I never thought to replicate it – but your post is bringing back delicious memories! Thanks Shashi! It’s quite possible you had it in Abu Dhabi. It’s getting pretty popular across the Mid East now. It’s incredibly good, maybe that’s why #128578; This looks so delicious and comforting, Nazneen!

And all that turmeric has to be good for what ails you, too! I have been using a lot of essays, fresh turmeric lately – can you find that there? If you want, I would be happy to ship you some – I love the fonseca, fresh flavor and color it gives! I will look forward to giving this a try soon! Hugs, David. Thanks so much David!

You are so sweet. I can find fresh turmeric at my Asian market and copying online I actually have some in my freezer. Thesis? I’m afraid to use it because it stains everything yellow! Nazneen, you have me drooling here! Oh my gosh – this looks wonderful. I wish I could look behind your shoulders and watch you cook all this wonderful food and smell all the aromas. : ) That pic with the golden rice is just beautiful. Good luck with spring break and all the busy cooking you’ll be doing to essay t, feed the hungry masses. : ) They are lucky children. Alberto Fonseca Thesis? Take care!

You are welcome anytime to drop by and look over my shoulder Monica. We can cook together #128578; This is a beautiful recipe Nazneen. I love anything Middle Eastern (I am obsessed with spices) so it’s always a privilege to read recipes from online people who share traditional spice mixes and recipes. Thesis? I’ve never heard of kabsa but I am practically drooling over your photographs. Gorgeous! Hope that you still manage to get some rest amidst the craziness of having your kids home on holidays. Argh, sounds busy! x. Thanks Laura! No rest for the wicked!

I’m so tired this week because I had no rest last week! Argh! What a beautifully executed dish. House T? When I was young I would take out all the nuts and thesis sultanas from the Kashmiri pulav .. but now the mere mention of those in a rice dish makes my mouth water. The only Saudi rice dish I know making is the Bukari. Thanks for this lovely recipe. I know, me too!

I didn’t like all the online, bits in the rice. My children are the same way but I hope like me, they will love them as they grow older. This one is alberto really good, as I know you like it “extra hot” #128578; this recipe sounds so good! I was going to ask what the spice mix was made out of and continued to scroll down through the post and economics dissertation proposal see you posted it. Thesis? I might get on line and see if I can find it already made to copying, order some as our small stores here do not always have a good supply of spices! it gets harder to find spices all the time for some reason. Hi Karen, thank you!

Yes, if you what to check on line you should be able to fonseca thesis, find a ready made package, it’s what I use. For The Fire? I have access to big ME grocers here though. You can use a 7 spice mix too if you can find one labelled “Bharat”. Alberto? Thanks for your comment! This is my type of meal: Comforting and foundation house mouthwatering! I have to alberto thesis, make this one day to economics proposal, enjoy both the alberto, rice and chicken robust flavors. I am a spice lover! Thanks Denise! I know you will love it because it does have some powerful spices.

You can make it as hot as you like too. Essay Foundation? It’s delicious! I had this dish once t a friends home and loved it. Thank you so much for thesis, sharing this recipe, Nazneen, because I always wanted to prepare it and now I can, thanks to your post #128578; Thanks Daniela! I’m so glad I could share this with you! It is incredibly flavourful and I’m glad you’ve had the chance to experience it. I have a thing for turmeric in rice…I find it irresistible starting from the Biriyanis.

And yes, it reminds me so much of our tradition too. This dish looks so wholesome, aromatic and delicious. Spices do make everything nice. I hope you are feeling better now Nazneen. Thanks Sonali, I am well! There is something about who was for the fire essay, yellow rice! Turmeric adds lovely colour and flavour. There isn’t a rice dish I don’t love #128578; I have been wanting to make a middle eastern style ‘biriyani’ for ages now.

Interestingly, my Ma has a very similar recipe for alberto, a mutton biriyani she makes, which she learned during her stay in Iran. She does not use all spice though or parsley. I have baharat with me that a dear brother sent from israel last year. I wonder if their ingredients are same….. Had A Magic Essay? I am so making this. This dish is actually more of alberto, a Yemeni dish but I think it made its way to muscle essays, Saudi through immigrants and they have run with it! Iranian rice dishes never have the same spice, and are rarely hot. Alberto Fonseca? They rely on saffron as their major spice but use lots of dried fruit and nuts. I bet the if i had a magic pencil essay, recipe she has is pretty awesome.

I love Iranian food. Fonseca Thesis? I have some pullao recipes from muscle Iran that I will eventually post. Thanks Minnie! Dear Nazneen, I have never prepared a Chicken Kabsa or heard of it. The recipe sounds very intriguing with all those spices – I even had to look up what the spice mix Bharat contains, as I had no idea – sounds wonderful to me, must give this lovely recipe a lot of depth of flavor. The colors of the rice and the chicken together with the side salad are just amazing, the photography is absolutely stunning! Hope you are feeling well these days!

Dear Andrea, I have included a recipe for the spice mix, maybe you overlooked it #128578; This is a highly flavoured dish and yes, has great depth. If you like these kind of spices, you will most definitely like it. I am doing well, thank you my friend. xx. Easily one of the fonseca thesis, best chicken and muscle rice dishes in my book. Yep.

We know that our entire family loves this! Especially your brother #128578;