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Comparative essay toronto

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Comparative essay toronto

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Benefits and limitations of airport security scanners Essay. Comparative! The security and welfare of poe thesis people is very important in a society. In order to essay toronto ensure that people are secure and safe, some measures may be employed although they may be controversial. Lds Build! The example of airport security scans represents such a circumstance. The full body scanners are used detect objects that are on the body of an individual for security reasons without requiring the individual to remove their clothes or have physical contact with the device. Statistics indicate that as of December 2013 an comparative estimated 740 scanners (full body scanners) these devices were in use at more than 150 airports in dissertation and discussion section, the United States (TSA). They are effective in identifying suspicious objects that a person may be carrying. However, there are concerns whether use of the essay toronto full body actual really is a necessary precaution or a practice that invades the privacy of travelers. The devices are effective in detecting suspicious objects that may be concealed including both metallic and non-metallic objects. As opposed to metal detectors which identify objects that are made of metallic materials, the cat edgar allan statement scanners used in airports detect both metal and non-metallic objects. They uncover objects that a physical pat-down would reveal but fail to be identified by a metal detector such as chemical explosives and plastic explosives.

The device therefore performs the function of both a metal detector and a physical pat-down in revealing various dangerous devices at airports. People who have sinister motives or who desire to break the law by moving illegal items through airports would therefore not be able to succeed in perpetuating their plans because of the presence of the scanners. The primary objective of the scanners is hence achieved and safety of passengers as well as national security is secured. The fact that it performs the duties of both a physical pat-down and a metal detector means that the device facilitates time saving and is cost effective (TSA). Comparative Toronto! Regardless of the high costs incurred in purchasing and installing it, the device would replace two security guards responsible for physical pat-downs (one guard for each gender). The airport using the device would hence save on allan wages for comparative toronto, two people and less time would be consumed compared to the time used during a physical pat-down. Lds Build A Resume! Physical pat-downs are considered by various people to be intrusive and comparative essay full body scanners provide a better alternative that is not as intrusive as pat-downs and that is more thorough. The Black Poe Thesis Statement! However, since they still examine the body of an individual in-depth, they still make people to feel that their privacy has been invaded. In order to comparative further protect the privacy of people undergoing such scans, screeners are located in a different room from the individual where they can view images without exposing the lds build a resume identity of the person undergoing the scan (Tessler). In addition, security officers entering the viewing room are not allowed to essay enter with mobile phones, cameras or any gadgets that can take images and a resume store or transmit them (Tessler).

Still, fears remain that such images may be stored and used in other platforms such as uploading them to the internet. Authorities provide counterarguments such as the assertion that functions that are responsible for comparative, storage or transmission are not active but rather that they are disabled prior to the installation of these devices in by michael frayn, airports. This, though, does not overrule the possibility of technicians managing to enable such functions. Furthermore, it is not quite clear the essay toronto reason behind inclusion of such functions in the device yet they get disabled prior to installation. The costly nature of full body scanners is a major limitation that raises the costs of startup for people wishing to enter the aviation industry. Much as they are costly, they fail to reveal objects that are hidden in body cavities and are not capable of revealing objects that are of low density. It is therefore apparent that full body scanner despite of the significant popularity they have gained in combating security threats and the black allan poe thesis statement illegal practices are incapable of comparative essay combating drug smuggling that is executed through concealment of a resume drugs in body cavities (Tessler). Comparative Essay! Full body scanners create a potential for harassment or embarrassment of specific groups of dissertation results and discussion section people.

The device can detect medical equipment that may be connected to body parts such as catheters and essay toronto it may necessitate further examination to confirm the identity of the object detected (Gartner et al). This would embarrass the victim who would feel that they have been singled out because of their medical condition. Transgender people are also susceptible to such embarrassment as the scanners are capable of detecting prosthetics such as testicles and breasts and the need may arise to further examine individuals whose images indicate the presence of both breasts and mla term outline testicles as one of the two body features may be an improvised tool to conceal weapons, drugs or other illegal objects or objects not allowed through airport security (Gartner et al). Comparative! Full body scanners are recommended to improve airport security and only few loopholes are existent like the inability to detect objects in body cavities. Although much criticism has been directed at the devices, much of it is introduction only based on assumptions and not factual information. On the contrary, the benefits of the device are validated by real life examples therefore full body scanners are largely beneficial. Gartner M., Heyl M., Holstein A. and Thewalt A. What can the #8216;naked#8217; scanner really see? Bild. 22 July 2010. Web.

8 April 2014. Tessler, Joelle. Airport full-body scanners have benefits, and limits. The Denver Post. 31 December 2009. Web. Comparative Essay! 8 April 2014. Transportation Security Administration, TSA. Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT). Essays By Michael! 12 February 2014. Comparative Essay Toronto! Web.

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Riociguat for comparative toronto the Treatment of essay introduction Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Hossein-Ardeschir Ghofrani, M.D., Nazzareno Galie, M.D., Friedrich Grimminger, M.D., Ekkehard Grunig, M.D., Marc Humbert, M.D., Zhi-Cheng Jing, M.D., Anne M. Keogh, M.D., David Langleben, M.D., Michael Ochan Kilama, M.D., Arno Fritsch, Ph.D., Dieter Neuser, M.D., and Lewis J. Rubin, M.D., for comparative toronto the PATENT-1 Study Group * N Engl J Med 2013; 369:330-340 July 25, 2013 DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1209655. Riociguat, a soluble guanylate cyclase stimulator, has been shown in on spies frayn, a phase 2 trial to be beneficial in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. In this phase 3, double-blind study, we randomly assigned 443 patients with symptomatic pulmonary arterial hypertension to receive placebo, riociguat in individually adjusted doses of up to comparative essay 2.5 mg three times daily (2.5 mg–maximum group), or riociguat in individually adjusted doses that were capped at essays on spies, 1.5 mg three times daily (1.5 mg–maximum group). The 1.5 mg–maximum group was included for exploratory purposes, and the data from comparative essay that group were analyzed descriptively. Patients who were receiving no other treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension and patients who were receiving endothelin-receptor antagonists or (nonintravenous) prostanoids were eligible. The primary end point was the outline change from comparative toronto baseline to the black poe thesis the end of toronto week 12 in the distance walked in 6 minutes. Secondary end points included the change in pulmonary vascular resistance, N-terminal pro–brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) levels, World Health Organization (WHO) functional class, time to clinical worsening, score on the Borg dyspnea scale, quality-of-life variables, and safety. By week 12, the 6-minute walk distance had increased by lds build a mean of 30 m in the 2.5 mg–maximum group and had decreased by essay a mean of lds build 6 m in the placebo group (least-squares mean difference, 36 m; 95% confidence interval, 20 to 52; P0.001). Prespecified subgroup analyses showed that riociguat improved the essay toronto 6-minute walk distance both in patients who were receiving no other treatment for the disease and in those who were receiving endothelin-receptor antagonists or prostanoids. There were significant improvements in pulmonary vascular resistance (P0.001), NT-proBNP levels (P0.001), WHO functional class (P=0.003), time to clinical worsening (P=0.005), and Borg dyspnea score (P=0.002).

The most common serious adverse event in the placebo group and the 2.5 mg–maximum group was syncope (4% and 1%, respectively). Riociguat significantly improved exercise capacity and research for a, secondary efficacy end points in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension. (Funded by Bayer HealthCare; PATENT-1 and PATENT-2 numbers, NCT00810693 and NCT00863681, respectively.) Pulmonary arterial hypertension is a life-threatening disease that is characterized by increased pulmonary vascular resistance owing to comparative essay toronto progressive vascular remodeling, which can ultimately lead to right heart failure and death. 1,2 Current treatments include phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, prostanoids, and endothelin-receptor antagonists. 1 However, mortality remains high despite treatment, 3 and there is lds build, a considerable unmet medical need in the management of comparative this disorder. As noted elsewhere in section, this issue of the comparative Journal, 4 riociguat is a member of a novel therapeutic class known as soluble guanylate cyclase stimulators. Riociguat has a dual mode of action, acting in synergy with endogenous nitric oxide and also directly stimulating soluble guanylate cyclase independently of nitric oxide availability. 5,6 In several phase 1 and 2 clinical studies, riociguat improved hemodynamic variables and exercise capacity in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension. 5,7 We now present the results of the phase 3 Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Soluble Guanylate Cyclase–Stimulator Trial 1 (PATENT-1). In this study, we investigated the efficacy and side-effect profile of riociguat in cat edgar allan statement, patients with symptomatic pulmonary arterial hypertension, both those who were receiving no other treatment for the disease and those who were receiving treatment with endothelin-receptor antagonists or nonintravenous prostanoids. We conducted this 12-week, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial at comparative essay toronto, 124 centers in 30 countries.

The study was designed by lds build a resume the first author and the steering committee (see the Supplementary Appendix, available with the full text of this article at comparative toronto, in collaboration with the sponsor, Bayer HealthCare. The institutional review board at each participating center approved the protocol. Data were collected according to lds build Good Clinical Practice guidelines at the investigation sites. The steering committee had access to the complete database. The statistical analysis was performed by a statistician employed by toronto the sponsor and was reviewed by the first author. All the dissertation results and discussion drafts of the manuscript were prepared by the first author, and editorial assistance, funded by the sponsor, was provided by Adelphi Communications. Comparative Toronto? The first author, with approval from the coauthors, made the decision to submit the manuscript for and discussion section publication. The academic authors assume full responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the data and all the comparative essay toronto analyses, as well as for the fidelity of a resume this report to comparative toronto the trial protocol, which is available at

Patients with symptomatic pulmonary arterial hypertension (idiopathic, familial, or associated with connective-tissue disease, congenital heart disease, portal hypertension with liver cirrhosis, or anorexigen or amphetamine use) were included if they had a pulmonary vascular resistance greater than 300 dyn·sec·cm –5 , a mean pulmonary-artery pressure of at least 25 mm Hg, and a 6-minute walk distance of 150 to 450 m. Patients who were receiving no other treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension and patients who were receiving treatment with endothelin-receptor antagonists or prostanoids (excluding intravenous prostanoids) at doses that had been stable for at least 90 days were eligible; patients who were receiving phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors were not eligible. Mla Term Outline? Oral anticoagulant agents, as well as diuretics and supplemental oxygen at toronto, stable doses, were also permitted. Written informed consent was obtained from writing essay introduction all the patients. Eligible patients were randomly assigned, in a 2:4:1 ratio, to one of three regimens: placebo, oral riociguat administered in doses that were individually adjusted for each patient up to 2.5 mg three times daily (2.5 mg–maximum group), or oral riociguat administered in individually adjusted doses that were capped at 1.5 mg three times daily (1.5 mg–maximum group). The dose-adjustment plan for comparative essay toronto riociguat is described in detail in Fig. And Discussion Section? S1 and the section on the dosing regimen in the Supplementary Appendix. Riociguat therapy was initiated at a dose of 1 mg three times daily, and toronto, the dose was adjusted according to for a fair the patient's systolic systemic arterial blood pressure and signs or symptoms of essay hypotension (final range, 0.5 mg to 2.5 mg three times daily).

The dose reached at the end of the 8-week adjustment phase was considered to be the appropriate dose for lds build a resume the patient, and the patient continued taking the drug at that dose for another 4 weeks. Comparative Toronto? In the 1.5 mg–maximum group, therapy was initiated at a dose of research 1 mg three times daily, and essay, the dose was adjusted every 2 weeks to a maximum dose of 1.5 mg three times daily. Since no further increase in dose was allowed, patients in writing introduction, this group and those in the placebo group underwent sham adjustment of doses to maintain the essay toronto blinding of the treatment assignments. The 1.5 mg–maximum group was included for a resume exploratory purposes, to provide information about lower riociguat doses, and data from that group were not included in the efficacy analyses. Patients were seen at weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8 (during the comparative toronto dose-adjustment phase) and at a resume, week 12 (at the end of the maintenance phase). At each visit, clinical assessments and blood tests were performed. Patients who discontinued therapy for any reason were withdrawn from the trial; these patients underwent an comparative toronto, efficacy assessment at the termination visit and had no further efficacy assessments after withdrawal. All surviving patients returned for a follow-up assessment of lds build safety at 30 days.

All patients who completed the 12-week PATENT-1 study period were eligible to enter the PATENT-2 long-term extension study. The primary end point was the change from baseline to the end of week 12 in the distance walked in 6 minutes. Secondary efficacy end points included changes from baseline to the end of week 12 in pulmonary vascular resistance, N-terminal pro–brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) levels, World Health Organization (WHO) functional class (an adaptation of the New York Heart Association functional classification), the time to clinical worsening (as defined in the Supplementary Appendix), Borg dyspnea score (which ranges from 0 to 10, with 0 representing no dyspnea and 10 maximal dyspnea), score on the EuroQol Group 5-Dimension Self-Report Questionnaire (EQ-5D, in which scores range from essay –0.6 to lds build a resume 1.0, with higher scores indicating better quality of life), and the Living with Pulmonary Hypertension (LPH) questionnaire (an adaptation of the Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire, with scores ranging from 0 to 105 and higher scores indicating worse quality of life). Adverse events and laboratory variables were assessed throughout the study and during the comparative essay toronto safety follow-up period. We calculated that with 250 patients in the 2.5 mg–maximum group and 125 in the placebo group, the study would have 90% power to essays frayn detect a least-squares mean difference in the 6-minute walk distance of comparative essay 25 m, at a two-sided significance level of 5%. By Michael? The primary efficacy analysis was performed on data from the modified intention-to-treat population (all patients who underwent randomization and received at comparative, least one dose of the study drug) ( Figure 1 Figure 1 Screening, Randomization, and Follow-up. The two patients who underwent randomization but did not receive a dose of the study drug (one in the placebo group and introduction paragraphs, one in the 1.5 mg–maximum group) were ineligible for the study and were randomly assigned in error by essay toronto the investigator. The three deaths during follow-up (two in cat edgar poe thesis statement, the 2.5 mg–maximum group and one in essay toronto, the placebo group) occurred in patients who withdrew from the study and died during the 30-day follow-up period. ). Lds Build A Resume? A per-protocol analysis was also performed (see the comparative toronto Supplementary Appendix). Values that were missing owing to dissertation section withdrawal of a patient from the comparative toronto study or death were imputed as described in lds build, the Supplementary Appendix. The statistical analysis plan was identical to the plan in toronto, the Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension Soluble Guanylate Cyclase–Stimulator Trial 1 (CHEST-1). 4 Briefly, the essays on spies by michael frayn primary end point and the secondary end points that were measured on a semicontinuous scale were analyzed by means of analysis of covariance followed by a test of comparative normality of the the black allan poe thesis statement residuals and, if rejected, a nonparametric stratified Wilcoxon test.

Changes in the WHO functional class and the Borg dyspnea score were analyzed with the use of comparative essay a stratified Wilcoxon test, and the time to clinical worsening was analyzed with the use of a stratified log-rank test. Secondary efficacy variables were tested with the a resume use of a hierarchical testing procedure, in the following order: pulmonary vascular resistance, NT-proBNP level, WHO functional class, time to clinical worsening, score on the Borg dyspnea scale, EQ-5D score, and score on essay toronto the LPH questionnaire (see the Supplementary Appendix). Safety was analyzed descriptively. The Black Cat Edgar Poe Thesis Statement? Adverse events during the study period included all adverse events that started or worsened from the toronto time of administration of the first dose of the study drug until 2 days after administration of the last dose. Statement? Further details regarding the statistical analysis are provided in the Supplementary Appendix. From December 2008 through February 2012, a total of 443 patients were randomly assigned to receive placebo (126 patients), riociguat at individually adjusted doses up to 2.5 mg three times daily (254 patients), or riociguat at individually adjusted doses capped at 1.5 mg three times daily (63 patients) ( Figure 1 ). The baseline characteristics of the patients were well balanced among the groups ( Table 1 Table 1 Baseline Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of the Patients. ). Idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension was the essay toronto most common diagnosis, and the majority of patients were in for a science, WHO functional class II or III.

A total of 44% of the essay toronto patients were receiving treatment with endothelin-receptor antagonists (primarily bosentan), and 6% were receiving prostanoid therapy (primarily inhaled iloprost); 50% were receiving no other treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension. A total of 38 patients withdrew from the study before week 12 ( Figure 1 ). In the essays on spies by michael frayn 2.5 mg–maximum group, 75% of the patients were receiving the maximal dose at week 12, 15% were receiving 2.0 mg three times daily, 6% 1.5 mg three times daily, 3% 1.0 mg three times daily, and 2% 0.5 mg three times daily. The dose of the study drug was decreased in 31 patients (12%) in this group as compared with 11 patients (9%) in the placebo group. In the 1.5 mg–maximum group, 96% of the patients were receiving 1.5 mg three times daily at week 12. At week 12, the 6-minute walk distance had increased from baseline by a mean of 30 m in the 2.5 mg–maximum group and had decreased by a mean of 6 m in the placebo group (least-squares mean difference, 36 m; 95% confidence interval [CI], 20 to 52; P0.001), on the basis of an analysis of the modified intention-to-treat population with missing values imputed ( Table 2 Table 2 Change from Baseline to End of Week 12 in Primary and Secondary End Points and Hemodynamic Variables. and comparative essay toronto, Figure 2 Figure 2 Mean Change from Baseline in the 6-Minute Walk Distance. Mean (±SE) changes from baseline in the distance walked in introduction, 6 minutes during the comparative essay toronto 12-week PATENT-1 study period are shown in the group that received riociguat at a dose up to 2.5 mg three times daily as compared with the placebo group. The data were analyzed in the modified intention-to-treat population without imputation of missing values; imputed values are provided at week 12. The number at each data point indicates the lds build number of patients included in the assessment at that time point.

The least-squares mean difference in the 6-minute walk distance at comparative essay, week 12 was 36 m (95% CI, 20 to lds build 52; P0.001). The last observed value (not including follow-up) was carried forward for patients who completed the study or withdrew; the worst value (0 m) was imputed in toronto, the case of death or clinical worsening without a termination visit or without a measurement at the termination visit. ). The benefit with riociguat was similar (Table S1 in the Supplementary Appendix) in essays on spies frayn, sensitivity analyses for missing data that used statistical methods for longitudinal data, as described in the Supplementary Appendix. The increase in the 6-minute walk distance in the per-protocol population (Table S2 in the Supplementary Appendix) was consistent with the increase in the main analysis. The treatment effect was consistent in several patient subgroups, including subgroups defined according to status with respect to treatment with additional agents for pulmonary arterial hypertension (Fig. S2 and Table S3 in the Supplementary Appendix). Essay Toronto? As anticipated, there was statistical evidence of heterogeneity of the for a science fair treatment effect in subgroups defined according to WHO functional class; patients in functional class III or IV had a significantly greater benefit with riociguat therapy than did those in comparative, functional class I or II. Secondary End Points in mla term outline, the 2.5 mg–Maximum Group versus the Placebo Group. Pulmonary vascular resistance decreased by comparative toronto 223 dyn·sec·cm –5 in the 2.5 mg–maximum group, as compared with 9 dyn·sec·cm –5 in the placebo group (least-squares mean difference, –226 dyn·sec·cm –5 ; 95% CI, –281 to –170; P0.001) ( Table 2 ). Significant improvements in other hemodynamic variables, including mean pulmonary-artery pressure and cardiac output, were also evident in patients treated with riociguat ( Table 2 ). Section? Significant benefits were seen in the 2.5 mg–maximum group, as compared with the placebo group, with respect to other secondary end points, including NT-proBNP levels, WHO functional class, and score on the Borg dyspnea scale ( Table 2 ). There was also a significantly lower incidence of events indicating clinical worsening in the 2.5 mg–maximum group than in essay, the placebo group ( Table 3 Table 3 Clinical Worsening and Adverse Events. ). Dissertation Results And Discussion Section? The Kaplan–Meier estimates of the proportion of essay patients with clinical worsening are provided in Fig. S3 in the Supplementary Appendix. The EQ-5D score did not differ significantly between the 2.5 mg–maximum group and the placebo group (P=0.07).

On the basis of the prespecified hierarchical testing procedure, the analysis of the scores on writing essay paragraphs the LPH questionnaire was considered to be exploratory (Table S4 in the Supplementary Appendix); there was a nominally significant difference between the 2.5 mg–maximum group and the placebo group in that secondary outcome ( Table 2 ). End Points in the 1.5 mg–Maximum Group. The analysis of the 1.5 mg–maximum group was exploratory, and data from that group were not included in comparative essay, the efficacy analyses. The results with respect to the primary and secondary end points in this group are shown in Table S5 in the Supplementary Appendix. Safety Results in the 2.5 mg–Maximum Group and the Placebo Group. The adverse events that occurred most frequently during the study period are shown in Table 3 . The most frequently occurring serious adverse events were syncope (in 1% of the patients in on spies, the 2.5 mg–maximum group vs. Comparative Essay Toronto? 4% in the black statement, the placebo group), worsening pulmonary hypertension (in 1% of the patients in the 2.5 mg–maximum group vs. 2% in the placebo group), chest pain (in 1% of the patients in both the 2.5 mg–maximum group and the placebo group), and comparative, right ventricular failure (in 1% of the patients in both groups).

Drug-related serious adverse events in the 2.5 mg–maximum group included three cases of syncope (in 1% of the patients) and single cases of increased hepatic enzyme levels, dizziness, presyncope, acute renal failure, and paper for a science fair, hypotension (in a total of 0.4% of the comparative essay patients), and in the placebo group, single cases of diarrhea, presyncope, syncope, dyspnea, and worsening pulmonary hypertension (in a total of 1% of the patients). Eight patients (3%) in the 2.5 mg–maximum group and paragraphs, nine patients (7%) in the placebo group discontinued the study drug owing to adverse events. The following events leading to discontinuation of the study drug were considered by the investigator to be drug-related adverse or serious adverse events: in toronto, the 2.5 mg–maximum group, increased hepatic enzyme levels (serious), acute renal failure (serious), syncope (serious), esophageal pain and esophageal swelling, supraventricular tachycardia, hypotension, generalized edema, and neck pain; in the placebo group, diarrhea, syncope (serious), dyspnea, hypoxemia (serious), and dissertation results section, worsening of pulmonary hypertension (serious). Deaths related to adverse events occurred in two patients (1%) in the 2.5 mg–maximum group (one each from sepsis and hemoptysis) and in three patients (2%) in comparative essay, the placebo group (one each from worsening anxiety followed by acute respiratory failure, worsening pulmonary hypertension, and respiratory failure); none of the a resume deaths were considered to be related to the study drug. A total of essay toronto 396 patients (98% of the introduction patients who completed the study) entered the long-term extension study PATENT-2, in comparative essay, which the mla term treatment assignments were concealed for the first 8 weeks and treatment was open-label thereafter. Of these patients, 363 patients (308 of comparative essay toronto whom were still receiving treatment at a median of paper for a science fair 441 days) were included in an interim analysis of data collected up to April 2012. An exploratory analysis of the comparative essay first 12 weeks of writing essay introduction PATENT-2 showed further increases in the 6-minute walk distance in the 215 patients receiving up to 2.5 mg of toronto riociguat three times daily. A mean (±SD) increase of 53±62 m over the baseline distance in PATENT-1 among these 215 patients was observed at week 12 of PATENT-2. The same group had had an increase of 36±54 m at week 12 of PATENT-1.

In this trial, riociguat significantly improved exercise capacity in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension. This benefit was consistent in research paper for a, patients who were receiving endothelin-receptor antagonists or prostanoids and in those who were receiving no other treatment for the disease. Riociguat also significantly and consistently improved a range of secondary efficacy end points, including pulmonary hemodynamics, WHO functional class, and essay, time to clinical worsening. Although some studies suggest that the 6-minute walk distance has modest validity as a surrogate end point for clinical events, 8 it is the most frequently used primary end point in cat edgar allan poe thesis, randomized, controlled trials involving patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension, 9 is an toronto, independent predictor of death, 10 and correlates with changes in functional status and hemodynamic variables and with survival. 11 The overall difference in the 6-minute walk distance with riociguat as compared with placebo (36 m) at 12 weeks is consistent with the increases observed in previous studies of other medications for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (16 to 59 m). 12-17 Furthermore, these improvements were maintained during the first 12 weeks of the long-term extension study. The improvement in the 6-minute walk distance with riociguat as compared with placebo is also within the range of introduction thresholds that have previously been reported to represent a clinically relevant change (31 to comparative 42 m).

8,18,19 However, a large proportion of patients in results, PATENT-1 had WHO functional class II symptoms at baseline and a baseline 6-minute walk distance that was relatively long; thus, this population had less advanced illness than did the population in many previous studies. Toronto? Indeed, there was statistical evidence from a subgroup analysis that WHO functional class influenced the essays on spies beneficial effect of riociguat on the 6-minute walk distance — a finding that was anticipated from previous observations 13,15 — suggesting that the comparative essay benefit with riociguat is more likely to be clinically important in patients with WHO functional class III or IV symptoms than in those with class I or II symptoms. The inclusion in introduction paragraphs, PATENT-1 of patients who were receiving endothelin-receptor antagonists or prostanoids also warrants consideration, since the clinically relevant thresholds for 6-minute walk distance may not be accurate for comparative toronto patients receiving background therapy. The Black Allan Poe Thesis Statement? Another study, the Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and Response to Tadalafil (PHIRST) study, 15 closely resembled PATENT-1 with respect to toronto both the patient population and writing, the study design, since the PHIRST study included both patients who had received or were currently receiving no treatment for the disease and patients who were receiving endothelin-receptor antagonists. However, in comparative essay, the PHIRST study, patients receiving background endothelin-receptor–antagonist therapy did not have significant improvements in the 6-minute walk distance, whereas in PATENT-1, riociguat improved the 6-minute walk distance in paper outline, both patients who were receiving no therapy for toronto the disease and patients who were receiving endothelin-receptor antagonists or prostanoids. In PATENT-1, riociguat was associated with consistent improvements across a range of a resume clinically relevant primary and secondary end points, including 6-minute walk distance, pulmonary vascular resistance, and time to clinical worsening — improvements that were not seen in some previous trials.

Delays in essay toronto, clinical worsening are considered to be clinically relevant, 20 and allan poe thesis statement, the delay in essay toronto, clinical worsening that was observed in PATENT-1 was consistent with the greater number of patients with improved or stable WHO functional class in the group receiving riociguat at a dose up to 2.5 mg three times daily than in poe thesis statement, the placebo group. The hemodynamic improvements observed with riociguat require further characterization but could be related to disease-modifying effects, such as antifibrotic, antiproliferative, and antiinflammatory effects, that were observed in preclinical studies. 21-25 In addition, the increase in essay, cardiac output was reflected by a decrease in NT-proBNP levels, which could be indicative of decreased right ventricular afterload. An obvious limitation of essays by michael frayn PATENT-1 was the lack of follow-up efficacy measurements in patients who withdrew from the study. However, sensitivity analyses that were performed with a variety of essay approaches to impute missing data suggest that the cat edgar allan poe thesis statement results are dependable despite these losses to essay toronto follow-up.

Another limitation was the a resume exclusion of patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension associated with human immunodeficiency virus infection, schistosomiasis, and chronic hemolytic anemia. Patients who were receiving treatment with phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors or intravenous prostanoids were also excluded from PATENT-1, and the effect of riociguat in such patients is unknown. In conclusion, riociguat significantly improved the 6-minute walk distance, as well as pulmonary vascular resistance and several other secondary efficacy end points, in patients with symptomatic pulmonary arterial hypertension who were receiving no other treatment for the disease or who were receiving endothelin-receptor antagonists or prostanoids. Supported by Bayer HealthCare. Disclosure forms provided by the authors are available with the full text of this article at We thank Mike Kenward, Ph.D., from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for advice on the missing-data sensitivity analysis.

From the University of Giessen and Marburg Lung Center, Giessen, member of the German Center for Lung Research (H.-A.G., F.G.), Center for Pulmonary Hypertension, Thoraxclinic, University Hospital Heidelberg, Heidelberg (E.G.), and Global Clinical Development, Bayer HealthCare, Wuppertal (A.F., D.N.) — all in essay, Germany; Department of Medicine, Imperial College London, London (H.-A.G.); Department of Experimental, Diagnostic, and Specialty Medicine, Bologna University Hospital, Bologna (N.G.), and paper, Global Clinical Development, Bayer HealthCare, Milan (M.O.K.) — both in Italy; Assistance Publique–Hopitaux de Paris, Service de Pneumologie, Hopital Bicetre, Universite Paris-Sud, Laboratoire d'Excellence en Recherche sur le Medicament et Innovation Therapeutique, and INSERM Unite 999, Le Kremlin–Bicetre, France (M.H.); State Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular Disease, Fu Wai Hospital, Peking Union Medical College and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing (Z.-C.J.); St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney (A.M.K.); Center for Pulmonary Vascular Disease and comparative essay, Lady Davis Institute, Jewish General Hospital, McGill University, Montreal (D.L.); and University of California, San Diego, La Jolla (L.J.R.). Address reprint requests to results and discussion Dr. Comparative Essay? Ghofrani at the Department of Internal Medicine, Medical Clinic II/V, University Hospital Giessen and Marburg, Klinikstr. 33, Giessen 35392, Germany, or at [email protected] The full list of investigators and trial committees of the lds build a resume Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Soluble Guanylate Cyclase–Stimulator Trial 1 (PATENT-1) Study Group is provided in the Supplementary Appendix, available at

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Superman Comes to the Supermarket. In November 1960, Norman Mailer first tried his hand at toronto a genre that would come to define his career. This is Mailer's debut into paper for a science fair, the world of political journalism, a sprawling classic examining John F. Kennedy. For once let us try to think about a political convention without losing ourselves in housing projects of fact and issue. Politics has its virtues, all too many of them—it would not rank with baseball as a topic of conversation if it did not satisfy a great many things—but one can suspect that its secret appeal is close to nicotine. Essay. Smoking cigarettes insulates one from research for a science, one's life, one does not feel as much, often happily so, and politics quarantines one from history; most of the comparative, people who nourish themselves in the political life are in dissertation and discussion the game not to make history but to be diverted from the history which is being made. If that Democratic Convention which has now receded behind the brow of the summer of comparative essay toronto, 1960 is only half-remembered in the excitements of moving toward the election, it may be exactly the time to consider it again, because the mountain of facts which concealed its features last July has been blown away in the winds of mla term paper outline, High Television, and the man-in-the-street (that peculiar political term which refers to essay, the quixotic voter who will pull the lever for mla term some reason so salient as: I had a brown-nose lieutenant once with Nixon's looks, or that Kennedy must have false teeth), the not so easily estimated man-in-the-street has forgotten most of what happened and could no more tell you who Kennedy was fighting against than you or I could place a bet on who was leading the American League in batting during the month of toronto, June. So to try to on spies by michael, talk about what happened is easier now than in the days of the comparative toronto, convention, one does not have to put everything in—an act of writing which calls for a bulldozer rather than a pen—one can try to essay introduction, make one's little point and essay dress it with a ribbon or two of metaphor. All to research for a fair, the good.

Because mysteries are irritated by facts, and the 1960 Democratic Convention began as one mystery and comparative essay ended as another. Most of the people who nourish themselves in the political life are in the game not to make history but to be diverted from the essay, history which is being made. Since mystery is an emotion which is repugnant to a political animal (why else lead a life of bad banquet dinners, cigar smoke, camp chairs, foul breath, and excruciatingly dull jargon if not to avoid the echoes of what is not known), the psychic separation between what was happening on the floor, in the caucus rooms, in the headquarters, and what was happening in parallel to the history of the nation was mystery enough to comparative essay toronto, drown the proceedings in gloom. It was on the one hand a dull convention, one of the less interesting by general agreement, relieved by local bits of color, given two half hours of excitement by two demonstrations for on spies frayn Stevenson, buoyed up by comparative toronto the class of the research paper, Kennedy machine, turned by the surprise of Johnson's nomination as vice-president, but, all the comparative essay, same, dull, depressed in its over-all tone, the the black, big fiestas subdued, the gossip flat, no real air of excitement, just moments—or as they say in bullfighting—details. Yet it was also, one could argue—and one may argue this yet—it was also one of the most important conventions in America's history, it could prove conceivably to be the most important. The man it nominated was unlike any politician who had ever run for President in the history of the essay, land, and if elected he would come to power in writing essay a year when America was in essay toronto danger of drifting into lds build a resume, a profound decline.

Depression obviously has its several roots: it is the doubtful protection which comes from not recognizing failure, it is the psychic burden of exhaustion, and comparative essay toronto it is also, and very often, the discipline of the will or the statement, ego which enables one to toronto, continue working when one's unadmitted emotion is panic. And panic it was I think which sat as the essays by michael, largest single sentiment in the breast of the collective delegates as they came to convene in Los Angeles. Essay. Delegates are not the lds build, noblest sons and daughters of the Republic; a man of essay, taste, arrived from Mars, would take one look at a convention floor and leave forever, convinced he had seen one of the drearier squats of Hell. If one still smells the faint living echo of carnival wine, the lds build, pepper of a bullfight, the rag, drag, and comparative toronto panoply of a jousting tourney, it is all swallowed and regurgitated by the senses into the fouler cud of a death gas one must rid oneself of—a cigar-smoking, stale-aired, slack-jawed, butt-littered, foul, bleak, hard-working, bureaucratic death gas of allan, language and faces (Yes, those faces, says the man from comparative essay toronto, Mars: lawyers, judges, ward heelers, mafiosos, Southern goons and grandees, grand old ladies, trade unionists and finks), of pompous words and long pauses which lay like a leaden pain over lds build fever, the fever that one is in, over, or is essay toronto, it that one is just behind history? A legitimate panic for dissertation results section a delegate.

America is a nation of experts without roots; we are always creating tacticians who are blind to strategy and strategists who cannot take a step, and essay toronto when the culture has finished its work the institutions handcuff the infirmity. Research Paper Fair. A delegate is a man who picks a candidate for the largest office in the land, a President who must live with problems whose borders are in ethics, metaphysics, and now ontology; the delegate is prepared for this office of selection by emptying wastebaskets, toting garbage, and saying yes at the right time for twenty years in the small political machine of some small or large town; his reward, one of them anyway, is that he arrives at an invitation to essay toronto, the convention. An expert on local catch-as-catch-can, a small-time, often mediocre practitioner of small-town political judo, he comes to the big city with nine-tenths of his mind made up, he will follow the orders of the paper, boss who brought him. Toronto. Yet of course it is mla term paper, not altogether so mean as that: his opinion is listened to—the boss will consider what he has to say as one interesting factor among five hundred, and what is most important to the delegate, he has the illusion of partial freedom. He can, unless he is comparative, severely honest with himself—and if he is, why sweat out the lds build, low levels of a political machine?—he can have the illusion that he has helped to chooses the candidate, he can even worry most sincerely about toronto, his choice, flirt with defection from the boss, work out mla term his own small political gains by the road of loyalty or the way of comparative essay, hard bargain. But even if he is there for more than the ride, his vote a certainty in the mind of the introduction, political boss, able to be thrown here or switched there as the boss decides, still in some peculiar sense he is reality to the boss, the delegate is the great American public, the bar he owns or the law practice, the piece of the union he represents, or the real-estate office, is a part of the political landscape which the boss uses as his own image of how the votes will go, and if the essay, people will like the candidate.

And if the boss is depressed by what he sees, if the candidate does not feel right to him, if he has a dull intimation that the candidate is paper outline, not his sort (as, let us say, Harry Truman was his sort, or Symington might be his sort, or Lyndon Johnson), then vote for comparative essay him the boss will if he must; he cannot be caught on the wrong side, but he does not feel the pleasure of a personal choice. Lds Build A Resume. Which is the center of the panic. Because if the boss is depressed, the delegate is doubly depressed, and the emotional fact is that Kennedy is not in focus, not in essay toronto the old political focus, he is not comfortable; in fact it is a mystery to the boss how Kennedy got to where he is, not a mystery in its structures; Kennedy is mla term, rolling in money, Kennedy got the votes in primaries, and, most of all, Kennedy has a jewel of a political machine. It is as good as a crack Notre Dame team, all discipline and savvy and go-go-go, sound, drilled, never dull, quick as a knife, full of the salt hipper-dipper, a beautiful machine; the boss could adore it if only a sensible candidate were driving it, a Truman, even a Stevenson, please God a Northern Lyndon Johnson, but it is essay, run by a man who looks young enough to be coach of the writing essay introduction paragraphs, Freshman team, and that is not comfortable at all. The boss knows political machines, he know issues, farm parity, Forand health bill, Landrum-Griffin, but this is not all so adequate after all to revolutionaries in Cuba who look like Beatniks, competitions in missiles, Negroes looting whites in the Congo, intricacies of nuclear fallout, and NAACP men one does well to call Sir. It is essay toronto, all out of hand, everything important is off the center, foreign affairs is now the by michael frayn, lick of the comparative toronto, heat, and senators are candidates instead of governors, a disaster to mla term outline, the old family style of political measure where a political boss knows his governor and knows who his governor knows. So the boss is depressed, profoundly depressed. He comes to this convention resigned to nominating a man he does not understand, or let us say that, so far as he understands the toronto, candidate who is to be nominated, he is not happy about the secrets of his appeal, not so far as he divines these secrets; they seem to have too little to do with politics and all too much to do with the paper science fair, private madnesses of the nation which had thousands—or was it hundreds of toronto, thousands—of people demonstrating in the long night before Chessman was killed, and a movie star, the essays on spies by michael, greatest, Marlon the comparative essay, Brando out in the night with them. Yes, this candidate for all his record; his good, sound, conventional liberal record has a patina of that other life, the second American life, the long electric night with the fires of neon leading down the highway to the murmur of paper, jazz. I was seeing Pershing Square, Los Angeles, now for the first time…the nervous fugitives from Times Square, Market Street SF, the French Quarter—masculine hustlers looking for lonely fruits to score from, anything from the legendary $20 to a pad at night and breakfast in the morning and whatever you can clinch or clip; and comparative toronto the heat in their holy cop uniforms, holy because of the Almighty Stick and the black cat edgar poe thesis statement the Almightier Vagrancy Law; the scattered junkies, the small-time pushers, the queens, the toronto, sad panhandlers, the lonely, exiled nymphs haunting the entrance to cat edgar statement, the men's head, the fruits with the hungry eyes and jingling coins; the tough teen-age chicks—'dittybops'—making it with the lost hustlers … all amid the incongruous piped music and the flowers—twin fountains gushing rainbow colored: the world of Lonely America squeezed into Pershing Square, of the Cities of Terrible Night, downtown now trapped in the City of essay toronto, lost Angels … and essays by michael the tress hang over it all the like some type of apathetic fate. -- JOHN RECHY: Big Table 3.

Seeing Los Angeles after ten years away, one realizes all over again that America is an unhappy contract between the East (that Faustian thrust of comparative essay toronto, a most determined human will which reaches up and mla term out above the eye into the skyscrapers of New York) and those flat lands of essay toronto, compromise and mediocre self-expression, those endless half-pretty repetitive small towns of the Middle and the West whose spirit is forever horizontal and whose marrow comes to rendezvous in the pastel monotonies of Los Angeles architecture. So far as America has a history, one can see it in the severe heights of New York City, in the glare from the writing essay, Pittsburgh mills, by comparative toronto the color in essay introduction paragraphs the brick of Louisburg Square, along the knotted greedy facades of the small mansions on Chicago's North Side, in Natchez' antebellum homes, the wrought-iron balconies off Bourbon Street, a captain's house in Nantucket, by the curve of Commercial Street in essay toronto Provincetown. One can make a list; it is probably finite. What culture we have made and what history has collected to it can be found in those few hard examples of an and discussion section, architecture which came to its artistic term, was born, lived and so collected some history about it. Not all the comparative toronto, roots of American life are uprooted, but almost all, and the spirit of the supermarket, that homogeneous extension of stainless surfaces and psychoanalyzed people, packaged commodities and ranch homes, interchangeable, geographically unrecognizable, that essence of a new postwar SuperAmerica is found nowhere so perfectly as in Los Angeles' ubiquitous acres.

One gets the impression that people come to Los Angeles in order to divorce themselves from the past, here to live or try to live in the rootless pleasure world of an adult child. One knows that if the cities of the world were destroyed by on spies by michael a new war, the architecture of the rebuilding would create a landscape which looked, subject to specifications of climate, exactly and entirely like the San Fernando Valley. It is comparative essay toronto, not that Los Angeles is altogether hideous, it is even by degrees pleasant, but for an Easterner there is never any salt in cat edgar allan poe thesis statement the wind; it is like Mexican cooking without chile, or Chinese egg rolls missing their mustard; as one travels through the endless repetitions of that city which is the capital of suburbia with its milky pinks, its washed-out oranges, its tainted lime-yellows of pastel on comparative toronto, one pretty little architectural monstrosity after another, the colors not intense enough, the styles never pure, and never sufficiently impure to collide on the eye, one conceives the people who live here—they have come out to mla term outline, express themselves, Los Angeles is the home of self-expression, but the artists are middle-class and middling-minded; no passions will calcify here for years in the gloom to be revealed a decade later as the tessellations of hard and fertile work, no, it is all open, promiscuous, borrowed, half bought, a city without iron, eschewing wood, a kingdom of stucco, the playground for mass men—one has the feeling it was built by comparative toronto television sets giving orders to men. And in this land of the lds build a resume, pretty-pretty, the virility is in the barbarisms, the vulgarities, it is in the huge billboards, the screamers of the neon lighting, the shouting farm-utensil colors of the gas stations and monster drugstores, it is in the swing of the sports cars, hot rods, convertibles, Los Angeles is a city to drive in, the boulevards are wide, the comparative toronto, traffic is nervous and fast, the radio stations play bouncing, blooping, rippling tunes, one digs the pop in a pop tune, no one of character would make love by it but the sound is dissertation results, good for swinging a car, electronic guitars and Hawaiian harps. It is not that Los Angeles is altogether hideous, it is comparative essay, even by mla term degrees pleasant, but for an Easterner there is never any salt in the wind. So this is the town the Democrats came to, and with their unerring instinct (after being with them a week, one thinks of comparative, this party as a crazy, half-rich family, loaded with poor cousins, traveling always in caravans with Cadillacs and Okie Fords, Lincolns and quarter-horse mules, putting up every night in tents to hear the chamber quartet of Great Cousin Eleanor invaded by the Texas-twanging steel-stringing geetarists of Bubber Lyndon, carrying its own mean high school principal, Doc Symington, chided for its manners by good Uncle Adlai, told the route of march by Navigator Jack, cut off every six months from the rich will of Uncle Jim Farley, never listening to paper for a science, the mechanic of the caravan, Bald Sam Rayburn, who assures them they'll all break down unless Cousin Bubber gets the comparative, concession on the garage; it's the Snopes family married to essays by michael, Henry James, with the labor unions thrown in like a Yankee dollar, and yet it's true, in tranquility one recollects them with affection, their instinct is good, crazy family good) and this instinct now led the caravan to pick the comparative essay toronto, Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles for paragraphs their family get-together and reunion.

The Biltmore is one of the ugliest hotels in the world. Patterned after the flat roofs of an Italian Renaissance palace, it is eighty-eight times as large, and one-millionth as valuable to the continuation of man, and it would be intolerable if it were not for the presence of Pershing Square, that square block of park with cactus and palm trees, the three-hundred-and-sixty-five-day-a-year convention of every junkie, pot-head, pusher, queen (but you have read that good writing already). Essay Toronto. For years Pershing Square has been one of the three or four places in essays America famous to homosexuals, famous not for comparative toronto its posh, the paper outline, chic is round-heeled here, but because it is comparative essay toronto, one of the avatars of writing essay, good old masturbatory sex, dirty with the comparative, crusted sugars of smut, dirty rooming houses around the corner where the score is the black allan, made, dirty book and photograph stores down the essay toronto, street, old-fashioned out-of-the-Thirties burlesque houses, cruising bars, jukeboxes, movie houses; Pershing Square is the town plaza for all those lonely, respectable, small-town homosexuals who lead a family life, make children, and dissertation results section have the Philbrick psychology (How I Joined the comparative toronto, Communist Party and mla term Led Three Lives). Essay. Yes, it is the open-air convention hall for the small-town inverts who live like spies, and it sits in the center of Los Angeles, facing the Biltmore, that hotel which is a mausoleum, that Pentagon of traveling salesmen the Party chose to house the the black poe thesis, headquarters of the Convention. So here came that family, cursed before it began by the thundering absence of comparative, Great-Uncle Truman, the delegates dispersed over a run of thirty miles and twenty-seven hotels: the Olympian Motor Hotel, the Ambassador, the Beverly Wilshire, the Santa Ynez Inn (where rumor has it the delegates from Louisiana had some midnight swim), the Mayan, the Commodore, the mla term paper outline, Mayfair, the Sheraton-West, the Huntington-Sheraton, the Green, the Hayward, the comparative essay toronto, Gates, the essays on spies by michael frayn, Figueroa, the Statler Hilton, the Hollywood Knickerbocker—does one have to be a collector to comparative, list such names?— beauties all, with that up-from-the-farm Los Angeles decor, plate-glass windows, patio and frayn terrace, foam-rubber mattress, pastel paints, all of them pretty as an ad in full-page color, all but the Biltmore where everybody gathered every day—the newsmen, the TV, radio, magazine, and foreign newspaperman, the delegates, the politicos, the tourists, the campaign managers, the runners, the flunkies, the cousins and aunts, the wives, the grandfathers, the eight-year-old girls, and the twenty-eight-year-old girls in the Kennedy costumes, red and white and blue, the comparative essay, Symingteeners, the Johnson Ladies, the Stevenson Ladies, everybody—and for three days before the the black statement, convention and four days into it, everybody collected at comparative toronto the Biltmore, in the lobby, in a resume the grill, in the Biltmore Bowl, in the elevators, along the corridors, three hundred deep always outside the Kennedy suite, milling everywhere, every dark-carpeted grey-brown hall of the hotel, but it was in comparative essay the Gallery of the lds build, Biltmore where one first felt the mood which pervaded all proceedings until the comparative toronto, convention was almost over, that heavy, thick, witless depression which was to dominate every move as the delegates wandered and section gawked and paraded and comparative set for a spell, there in the Gallery of the Biltmore, that huge depressing alley with its inimitable hotel color, that faded depth of chiaroscuro which unhappily has no depth, that brown which is not a brown, that grey which has no pearl in it, that color which can be described only writing essay as hotel-color because the beiges, the tans, the walnuts, the mahoganies, the dull blood rugs, the moaning yellows, the sick greens, the greys and all those dumb browns merge into that lack of color which is an essay toronto, over-large hotel at convention time, with all the small-towners wearing their set, starched faces, that look they get at dissertation carnival, all fever and suspicion, and proud to comparative essay toronto, be there, eddying slowly back and forth in that high block-long tunnel of a room with its arched ceiling and square recesses filling every rib of the arch with art work, escutcheons and blazons and other art, pictures I think, I cannot even remember, there was such a hill of cigar smoke the eye had to travel on its way to the ceiling, and at one end there was galvanized-pipe scaffolding and workmen repairing some part of the ceiling, one of them touching up one of the endless squares of mla term paper outline, painted plaster in the arch, and another worker, passing by, yelled up to the one who was working on the ceiling: Hey, Michelangelo!

Later, of essay, course, it began to dissertation, emerge and essay toronto there were portraits one could keep, Symington, dogged at a press conference, declaring with no conviction that he knew he had a good chance to win, the disappointment eating at his good looks so that he came off hard-faced, mean, and yet slack—a desperate dullness came off the best of his intentions. By Michael Frayn. There was Johnson who had compromised too many contradictions and now the contradictions were in his face: when he smiled the corners of his mouth squeezed gloom; when he was pious, his eyes twinkled irony; when he spoke in comparative essay toronto a righteous tone, he looked corrupt; when he jested, the ham in his jowls looked to quiver. He was not convincing. He was a Southern politician, a Texas Democrat, a liberal Eisenhower; he would do no harm, he would do no good, he would react to the machine, good fellow, nice friend—the Russians would understand him better than his own. Stevenson had the research science fair, patina. He came into the room and comparative essay the room was different, not stronger perhaps (which is why ultimately he did not win), but warmer. One knew why some adored him; he did not look like other people, not with press lights on his flesh; he looked like a lover, the paper, simple truth, he had the sweet happiness of an comparative, adolescent who has just been given his first major kiss. And so he glowed, and one was reminded of essay paragraphs, Chaplin, not because they were the least alike in features, but because Charlie Chaplin was luminous when one met him and Stevenson had something of that light. There was Eleanor Roosevelt, fine, precise, hand-worked like ivory. Her voice was almost attractive as she explained in the firm, sad tones of the first lady in this small town why she could not admit Mr.

Kennedy, who was no doubt a gentleman, into her political house. One had the impression of a lady who was finally becoming a woman, which is to say that she was just a little bitchy about it all; nice bitchy, charming, it had a touch of art to it, but it made one wonder if she were not now satisfying the last passion of toronto, them all, which was to paper, become physically attractive, for she was better-looking than she had ever been as she spurned the possibilities of a young suitor. Jim Farley. Huge. Cold as a bishop. The hell he would consign you to toronto, was cold as ice.

Bobby Kennedy, the dissertation results and discussion section, archetype Bobby Kennedy, looked like a West Point cadet, or, better, one of those reconstructed Irishmen from Kirkland House one always used to have to face in the line in Harvard house football games. Hello, you would say to the ones who looked like him as you lined up for the scrimmage after the kickoff, and his type would nod and look away, one rock glint of recognition your due for living across the hall from one another all through Freshman year, and then bang, as the ball was passed back, you'd get a bony king-hell knee in the crotch. He was the comparative toronto, kind of man never to dissertation results, put on the gloves with if you wanted to comparative, do some social boxing, because after two minutes it would be a war, and ego-bastards last long in a war. Carmine DeSapio and Kenneth Galbraith on the same part of the convention floor. DeSapio is bigger than one expects, keen and florid, great big smoked glasses, a suntan like Man-tan -- he is the kind of results, heavyweight Italian who could get by with a name like Romeo -- and Galbraith is tall-tall, as actors say, six foot six it could be, terribly thin, enormously attentive, exquisitely polite, birdlike, he is sensitive to the stirring of reeds in a wind over the next hill. Our grey eminence, whispered the intelligent observer next to me. Bob Wagner, the mayor of comparative, New York, a little man, plump, groomed, blank. He had the essays by michael, blank, pomaded, slightly worried look of the comparative toronto, first barber in a good barbershop, the kind who would go to the track on his day off and wear a green transparent stone in a gold ring. And then there was Kennedy, the edge of the mystery. But a sketch will no longer suffice.

…it can be said with a fair amount of certainty that the essence of essays on spies frayn, his political attractiveness is toronto, his extraordinary political intelligence. He has a mind quite unlike that of any other Democrat of this century. It is not literary, metaphysical and moral, as Adlai Stevenson's is. Kennedy is articulate and often witty, but he does not seek verbal polish. No one can doubt the seriousness of his concern with the most serious political matters, but one feels that whereas Mr.

Stevenson's political views derive from a view of life that holds politics to be a mere fraction of existence, Senator Kennedy's primary interest is in politics. The easy way in which he disposes of the question of mla term outline, Church and State -- as if he felt that any reasonable man could quite easily resolve any possible conflict of loyalties -- suggests that the organization of society is the one thing that really engages his interest. -- RICHARD ROVERE: The New Yorker, July 23, 1960. The afternoon he arrived at the convention from the airport, there was of course a large crowd on toronto, the street outside the Biltmore, and the best way to get a view was to get up on an outdoor balcony of the Biltmore, two flights above the street, and look down on the event. One waited thirty minutes, and then a honking of paper outline, horns as wild as the getaway after an Italian wedding sounded around the corner, and the Kennedy cortege came into sight, circled Pershing Square, the men in essay the open and leading convertibles sitting backwards to look at their leader, and finally came to a halt in a space cleared for essays by michael them by the police in the crowd. The television cameras were out, and a Kennedy band was playing some circus music. One saw him immediately. Comparative. He had the deep orange-brown suntan of a ski instructor, and when he smiled at the crowd his teeth were amazingly white and clearly visible at a distance of fifty yards. For one moment he saluted Pershing Square, and Pershing Square saluted him back, the prince and the beggars of mla term paper, glamour staring at comparative essay toronto one another across a city street, one of those very special moments in the black cat edgar allan statement the underground history of the world, and then with a quick move he was out of his car and by choice headed into the crowd instead of the essay toronto, lane cleared for him into the hotel by the police, so that he made his way inside surrounded by a mob, and one expected at any moment to see him lifted to lds build, its shoulders like a matador being carried back to the city after a triumph in the plaza. All the while the band kept playing the essay, campaign tunes, sashaying circus music, and one had a moment of clarity, intense as deja vu , for the scene which had taken place had been glimpsed before in a dozen musical comedies; it was the scene where the hero, the matinee idol, the movie star comes to the palace to claim the princess, or what is the essays on spies, same, and more to our soil, the football hero, the campus king, arrives at the dean's home surrounded by a court of open-singing students to plead with the dean for his daughter's kiss and permission to put on the big musical that night. And suddenly I saw the convention, it came into focus for me, and I understood the mood of depression which had lain over the convention, because finally it was simple: the Democrats were going to nominate a man who, no matter how serious his political dedication might be, was indisputably and willy-nilly going to be seen as a great box-office actor, and essay the consequences of that were staggering and science fair not at all easy to calculate.

Since the First World War Americans have been leading a double life, and comparative essay our history has moved on two rivers, one visible, the science fair, other underground; there has been the history of politics which is comparative, concrete, factual, practical and lds build a resume unbelievably dull if not for the consequences of the actions of some of these men; and there is a subterranean river of untapped, ferocious, lonely and romantic desires, that concentration of ecstasy and violence which is the dream life of the nation. The twentieth century may yet be seen as that era when civilized man and underprivileged man were melted together into mass man, the iron and steel of the nineteenth century giving way to electronic circuits which communicated their messages into men, the unmistakable tendency of the new century seeming to be the creation of men as interchangeable as commodities, their extremes of personality singed out of existence by the psychic fields of force the communicators would impose. This loss of personality was a catastrophe to the future of the imagination, but billions of people might first benefit from it by having enough to comparative, eat—one did not know—and there remained citadels of resistance in Europe where the culture was deep and roots were visible in the architecture of the past. Simply, America was the land where people still believed in heroes. Nowhere, as in America, however, was this fall from individual man to mass man felt so acutely, for America was at once the first and most prolific creator of mass communications, and the most rootless of countries, since almost no American could lay claim to the line of a family which had not once at least severed its roots by migrating here. But, if rootless, it was then the most vulnerable of countries to its own homogenization. Yet America was also the country in which the dynamic myth of the Renaissance—that every man was potentially extraordinary—knew its most passionate persistence. Simply, America was the land where people still believed in lds build a resume heroes: George Washington; Billy the toronto, Kid; Lincoln, Jefferson; Mark Twain, Jack London, Hemingway; Joe Louis, Dempsey, Gentleman Jim; America believed in writing essay introduction paragraphs athletes, rum-runners, aviators; even lovers, by the time Valentino died.

It was a country which had grown by the leap of one hero past another—is there a county in essay toronto all of outline, our ground which does not have its legendary figure? And when the West was filled, the expansion turned inward, became part of an agitated, overexcited, superheated dream life. The film studios threw up their searchlights as the frontier was finally sealed, and the romantic possibilities of the old conquest of comparative essay, land turned into a vertical myth, trapped within the skull, of a new kind of heroic life, each choosing his own archetype of a neo-renaissance man, be it Barrymore, Cagney, Flynn, Bogart, Brando or Sinatra, but it was almost as if there were no peace unless one could fight well, kill well (if always with honor), love well and love many, be cool, be daring, be dashing, be wild, be wily, be resourceful, be a brave gun. And this myth, that each of us was born to be free, to wander, to have adventure and to grow on the waves of the violent, the and discussion, perfumed, and essay toronto the unexpected, had a force which could not be tamed no matter how the nation's regulators—politicians, medicos, policemen, professors, priests, rabbis, ministers, ideologues , psychoanalysts, builders, executives and endless communicators—would brick-in the modern life with hygiene upon sanity, and middle-brow homily over lds build platitude; the myth would not die. Indeed a quarter of the comparative, nation's business must have depended upon its existence. But it stayed alive for more than that -- it was as if the on spies, message in the labyrinth of the genes would insist that violence was locked with creativity, and adventure was the secret of essay toronto, love. Once, in the Second World War and in the year or two which followed, the underground river returned to earth, and the life of the nation was intense, of the present, electric; as a lady said, That was the time when we gave parties which changed people's lives. The Forties was a decade when the essays by michael frayn, speed with which one's own events occurred seemed as rapid as the history of the battlefields, and for the mass of people in America a forced march into a new jungle of emotion was the result. The surprises, the failures, and the dangers of essay, that life must have terrified some nerve of awareness in the power and the mass, for, as if stricken by the orgiastic vistas the paper science, myth had carried up from underground, the retreat to a more conservative existence was disorderly, the fear of comparative essay, communism spread like an irrational hail of boils. To anyone who could see, the excessive hysteria of the Red wave was no preparation to face an enemy, but rather a terror of the national self: free-loving, lust-looting, atheistic, implacable—absurdity beyond absurdity to label communism so, for the moral products of Stalinism had been Victorian sex and a ponderous machine of material theology.

Forced underground again, deep beneath all Reader's Digest hospital dressings of paper science fair, Mental Health in comparative essay toronto Your Community, the the black allan poe thesis statement, myth continued to flow, fed by television and the film. The fissure in comparative essay toronto the national psyche widened to the danger point. The last large appearance of the myth was the vote which tricked the polls and gave Harry Truman his victory in '48. That was the paper, last. Came the Korean War, the shadow of the H-bomb, and we were ready for the General. Uncle Harry gave way to comparative essay toronto, Father, and security, regularity, order, and the life of no imagination were the outline, command of the day. Comparative Essay Toronto. If one had any doubt of cat edgar allan poe thesis, this, there was Joe McCarthy with his built-in treason detector, furnished by God, and essay the damage was done.

In the totalitarian wind of those days, anyone who worked in Government formed the habit of being not too original, and many a mind atrophied from disuse and private shame. At the summit there was benevolence with leadership, regularity without vision, security without safety, rhetoric without life. Paper. The ship drifted on, that enormous warship of the essay, United States, led by a Secretary of State whose cells were seceding to cancer, and as the world became more fantastic—Africa turning itself upside down, while some new kind of machine man was being made in China—two events occurred which stunned in the confidence of America into a new night: the Russians put up their Sputnik, and Civil Rights—that reluctant gift to writing essay paragraphs, the American Negro, granted for its effect on toronto, foreign affairs—spewed into real life at Little Rock. The national Ego was in shock: the Russians were now in the black cat edgar allan some ways our technological superiors, and we had an internal problem of subject populations equal conceivably in its difficulty to the Soviet and its satellites. The fatherly calm of the General began to seem like the uxorious mellifluences of the undertaker. Underneath it all was a larger problem. The life of comparative toronto, politics and the life of myth had diverged too far, and the energies of the people one knew everywhere had slowed down. Twenty years ago a post-Depression generation had gone to the black allan statement, war and formed a lively, grousing, by times inefficient, carousing, pleasure-seeking, not altogether inadequate army.

It did part of what it was supposed to do, and many, out of combat, picked up a kind of private life on the fly, and had their good time despite the yaws of the military system. But today in America the generation which respected the code of the comparative essay, myth was Beat, a horde of half-begotten Christs with scraggly beards, heroes none, saints all, weak before the writing essay introduction paragraphs, strong, empty conformisms of the authority. The sanction for finding one's growth was no longer one's flag, one's career, one's sex, one's adventure, not even one's booze. Among the best in the newest of the generations, the myth had found its voice in marijuana, and the joke of the comparative toronto, underground was that when the Russians came over they could never dare to occupy us for long because America was too Hip. Gallows humor. The poorer truth might be that America was too Beat, the instinct of the nation so separated from results and discussion, its public mind that apathy, schizophrenia, and private beatitudes might be the pride of the welcoming committee any underground could offer. Yes, the life of politics and the life of the essay, myth had diverged too far. There was nothing to research for a, return them to one another, no common danger, no cause, no desire, and, most essentially, no hero.

It was a hero America needed, a hero central to his time, a man whose personality might suggest contradiction and essay mysteries which could reach into the alienated circuits of the underground, because only a hero can capture the a resume, secret imagination of a people, and so be good for the vitality of his nation; a hero embodies the fantasy and so allows each private mind the liberty to consider its fantasy and essay find a way to grow. Each mind can become more conscious of its desire and waste less strength in hiding from the black allan, itself. Roosevelt was such a hero, and Churchill, Lenin and DeGaulle; even Hitler, to take the most odious example of this thesis, was a hero, the hero-as-monster, embodying what had become the monstrous fantasy of a people, but the horror upon toronto which the radical mind and liberal temperament foundered was that he gave outlet to the energies of the Germans and so presented the twentieth century with an index of mla term outline, how horrible had become the secret heart of its desire. Roosevelt is of course a happier example of the hero; from his paralytic leg to the royal elegance of comparative essay, his geniality he seemed to contain the country within himself; everyone from the meanest starving cripple to an ambitious young man could expand to paper science fair, the optimism of an improving future because the man offered an unspoken promise of a future which would be rich. The sexual and the sex-starved, the poor, the comparative toronto, hard-working and the imaginative well-to-do could see themselves in the President, could believe him to be like themselves. So a large part of the country was able to discover its energies because not as much was wasted in on spies by michael frayn feeling that the country was a poisonous nutrient which stifled the essay toronto, day. Too simple?

No doubt. One tries to construct a simple model. Essay Introduction Paragraphs. The thesis is after all not so mysterious; it would merely nudge the notion that a hero embodies his time and is not so very much better than his time, but he is larger than life and so is essay toronto, capable of giving direction to the time, able to encourage a nation to paper fair, discover the deepest colors of essay, its character. Results Section. At bottom the concept of hero is antagonistic to impersonal social progress, to the belief that social ills can be solved by social legislating, for comparative essay it sees a country as all-but-trapped in its character until it has a hero who reveals the character of the country to itself. The implication is that without such a hero the paper outline, nation turns sluggish. Essay. Truman for paper example was not such a hero, he was not sufficiently larger than life, he inspired familiarity without excitement, he was a character but his proportions came from soap opera: Uncle Harry, full of salty common-sense and comparative essay small-minded certainty, a storekeeping uncle. Whereas Eisenhower has been the anti-Hero, the the black cat edgar allan poe thesis statement, regulator. Toronto. Nations do not necessarily and inevitably seek for heroes. In periods of dull anxiety, one is more likely to look for security than a dramatic confrontation, and Eisenhower could stand as a hero only for that large number of Americans who were most proud of their lack of imagination.

In American life, the unspoken war of the section, century has taken place between the city and the small town; the city which is dynamic, orgiastic, unsettling, explosive and accelerating to the psyche; the small town which is essay, rooted, narrow, cautious and essays on spies by michael planted in the life-logic of the family. The need of the comparative essay toronto, city is to accelerate growth; the pride of the small town is to cat edgar allan, retard it. But since America has been passing through a period of enormous expansion since the war, the double-four years of Dwight Eisenhower could not retard the expansion, it could only denude it of color, character, and the development of novelty. The small town mind is rooted—it is rooted in the small town—and when it attempts to direct history the results are disastrously colorless because the instrument of world power which is used by the small-town mind is the committee. Committees do not create, they merely proliferate, and the incredible dullness wreaked upon comparative the American landscape in Eisenhower's eight years has been the triumph of the corporation. A Resume. A tasteless, sexless, odorless sanctity in architecture, manners, modes, styles has been the result. Eisenhower embodied half the needs of the comparative essay toronto, nation, the needs of the timid, the petrified, the sanctimonious, and the sluggish.

What was even worse, he did not divide the nation as a hero might (with a dramatic dialogue as the result); he merely excluded one part of the nation from the paper for a fair, other. Comparative Essay. The result was an alienation of the best minds and bravest impulses from the faltering history which was made. America's need in those years was to mla term, take an existential turn, to walk into the nightmare, to comparative, face into that terrible logic of history which demanded that the country and for a science fair its people must become more extraordinary and more adventurous, or else perish, since the only alternative was to offer a false security in comparative toronto the power and the panacea of organized religion, family, and the F.B.I., a totalitarianization of the a resume, psyche by comparative essay the stultifying techniques of the mass media which would seep into everyone's most private associations and so leave the country powerless against the Russians even if the denouement were to take fifty years, for mla term outline in a competition between totalitarianisms the first maxim of the prizefight manager would doubtless apply: Hungry fighters win fights. Some part of these thoughts must have been in one's mind at the moment there was the first glimpse of Kennedy entering the essay, Biltmore Hotel; and in the days which followed, the dissertation and discussion section, first mystery —the profound air of depression which hung over the convention—gave way to a second mystery which can be answered only by toronto history. The depression of the delegates was understandable: no one had too much doubt that Kennedy would be nominated, but if elected he would be not only the youngest President ever to be chosen by lds build a resume voters, he would be the most conventionally attractive young man ever to sit in the White House, and his wife—some would claim it—might be the most beautiful First Lady in our history. Of necessity the myth would emerge once more, because America's politics would now be also America's favorite movie, America's first soap opera, America's best-seller. One thinks of the talents of essay, writers like Taylor Caldwell or Frank Yerby, or is it rather The Fountainhead which would contain such a fleshing of the romantic prescription? Or is it indeed one's own work which is called into question?

Well, there's your first hipster, says a writer one knows at the convention, Sergius O'Shaugnessy born rich, and mla term paper the temptation is to nod, for it could be true, a war hero, and the heroism is bona fide, even exceptional, a man who has lived with death, who, crippled in the back, took on an operation which would kill him or restore him to power, who chose to marry a lady whose face might be too imaginative for the taste of a democracy which likes its first ladies to be executives of home-management, a man who courts political suicide by choosing to go all out for comparative essay toronto a nomination four, eight, or twelve years before his political elders think he is ready, a man who announces a week prior to the convention that the young are better fitted to direct history than the old. Yes, it captures the results section, attention. Comparative Essay. This is no routine candidate calling every shot by safety's routine book (Yes, Nixon said, naturally but terribly tired an mla term, hour after his nomination, the TV cameras and lights and microphones bringing out a sweat of fatigue on his face, the comparative essay toronto, words coming very slowly from the tired brain, somber, modest, sober, slow, slow enough so that one could touch emphatically the cautions behind each word, Yes, I want to say, said Nixon, that whatever abilities I have, I got from research paper for a science, my mother. A tired pause…dull moment of warning, …and my father. Toronto. The connection now made, the paper science, rest comes easy, …and my school and my church. Such men are capable of anything.) One had the opportunity to study Kennedy a bit in the days that followed. His style in the press conferences was interesting. Not terribly popular with the reporters (too much a contemporary, and yet too difficult to understand, he received nothing like the comparative toronto, rounds of applause given to Eleanor Roosevelt, Stevenson, Humphrey, or even Johnson), he carried himself nonetheless with a cool grace which seemed indifferent to essay paragraphs, applause, his manner somehow similar to comparative essay toronto, the poise of a fine boxer, quick with his hands, neat in essay introduction paragraphs his timing, and comparative essay two feet away from his corner when the bell ended the round. There was a good lithe wit to the black allan, his responses, a dry Harvard wit, a keen sense of proportion in comparative toronto disposing of difficult questions—invariably he gave enough of an answer to essay, be formally satisfactory without ever opening himself to a new question which might go further than the first.

Asked by a reporter, Are you for Adlai as vice-president? the comparative essay toronto, grin came forth and the voice turned very dry, No, I cannot say we have considered Adlai as a vice-president. Yet there was an elusive detachment to everything he did. One did not have the feeling of a man present in the room with all his weight and the black allan all his mind. Johnson gave you all of essay, himself, he was a political animal, he breathed like an animal, sweated like one, you knew his mind was entirely absorbed with the compendium of frayn, political fact and comparative essay toronto maneuver; Kennedy seemed at times like a young professor whose manner was adequate for the classroom, but whose mind was off in some intricacy of the Ph.D. thesis he was writing. Perhaps one can give a sense of the dissertation and discussion section, discrepancy by saying that he was like an actor who had been cast as the candidate, a good actor, but not a great one—you were aware all the essay, time that the role was one thing and the man another—they did not coincide, the actor seemed a touch too aloof (as, let us say, Gregory Peck is usually too aloof) to become the dissertation and discussion section, part. Toronto. Yet one had little sense of whether to value this elusiveness, or to beware of results and discussion section, it. One could be witnessing the fortitude of a superior sensitivity or the detachment of a man who was not quite real to himself. And his voice gave no clue. When Johnson spoke, one could separate what was fraudulent from what was felt, he would have been satisfying as an actor the comparative essay toronto, way Broderick Crawford or Paul Douglas is research paper, satisfying; one saw into his emotions, or at least had the illusion that one did. Kennedy's voice, however, was only a fair voice, too reedy, near to comparative essay, strident, it had the metallic snap of a cricket in it somewhere, it was more impersonal than the man, and so became the least-impressive quality in a face, a body, a selection of language, and a style of movement which made up a better-than-decent presentation, better than one had expected.

With all of that, it would not do to pass over the quality in Kennedy which is most difficult to describe. And in fact some touches should be added to this hint of a portrait, for later (after the mla term paper, convention), one had a short session alone with him, and the next day, another. As one had suspected in advance the interviews were not altogether satisfactory, they hardly could have been. A man running for comparative President is altogether different from a man elected President: the hazards of the cat edgar allan poe thesis statement, campaign make it impossible for essay toronto a candidate to be as interesting as he might like to be (assuming he has such a desire). One kept advancing the cat edgar allan, argument that this campaign would be a contest of essay toronto, personalities, and Kennedy kept returning the discussion to politics. After a while one recognized this was an inevitable caution for him. So there would be not too much point to reconstructing the dialogue since Kennedy is hardly inarticulate about his political attitudes and there will be a library vault of text devoted to it in the newspapers. Lds Build A Resume. What struck me most about the comparative essay, interview was a passing remark whose importance was invisible on the scale of politics, but was altogether meaningful to my particular competence.

As we sat down for the first time, Kennedy smiled nicely and said that he had read my books. One muttered one's pleasure. Yes, he said, I've read… and research paper for a science then there was a short pause which did not last long enough to be embarrassing in which it was yet obvious no title came instantly to his mind, an omission one was not ready to mind altogether since a man in such a position must be obliged to comparative, carry a hundred thousand facts and names in his head, but the hesitation lasted no longer than three seconds or four, and then he said, I've read The Deer Park and…the others, which startled me for it was the first time in on spies a hundred similar situations, talking to someone whose knowledge of my work was casual, that the sentence did not come out, I've read The Naked and the Dead …and the others. If one is to take the worst and assume that Kennedy was briefed for this interview (which is most doubtful), it still speaks well for the striking instincts of his advisers. He carried himself nonetheless with a cool grace which seemed indifferent to applause, his manner somehow similar to the poise of a fine boxer. What was retained later is an essay, impression of Kennedy's manners which were excellent, even artful, better than the cat edgar poe thesis, formal good manners of Choate and Harvard, almost as if what was creative in the man had been given to the manners. In a room with one or two people, his voice improved, became low-pitched, even pleasant—it seemed obvious that in all these years he had never become a natural public speaker and comparative toronto so his voice was constricted in public, the symptom of all orators who are ambitious, throttled, and determined. His personal quality had a subtle, not quite describable intensity, a suggestion of dry pent heat perhaps, his eyes large, the pupils grey, the whites prominent, almost shocking, his most forceful feature: he had the eyes of a mountaineer. His appearance changed with his mood, strikingly so, and this made him always more interesting than what he was saying.

He would seem at lds build one moment older than his age, forty-eight or fifty, a tall, slim, sunburned professor with a pleasant weathered face, not even particularly handsome; five minutes later, talking to a press conference on his lawn, three microphones before him, a television camera turning, his appearance would have gone through a metamorphosis, he would look again like a movie star, his coloring vivid, his manner rich, his gestures strong and quick, alive with that concentration of vitality a successful actor always seems to radiate. Kennedy had a dozen faces. Although they were not at all similar as people, the quality was reminiscent of toronto, someone like Brando whose expression rarely changes, but whose appearances seems to dissertation results and discussion section, shift from one person into another as the minutes go by, and one bothers with this comparison because, like Brando, Kennedy's most characteristic quality is the toronto, remote and private air of a man who has traversed some lonely terrain of writing essay introduction paragraphs, experience, of loss and gain, of nearness to death, which leaves him isolated from the essay, mass of others. The next day while they waited in vain for rescuers, the cat edgar allan poe thesis, wrecked half of the boat turned over in comparative toronto the water and they saw that it would soon sink. Mla Term Paper. The group decided to swim to comparative, a small island three miles away.

There were other islands bigger and nearer, but the a resume, Navy officers knew that they were occupied by the Japanese. On one island, only one mile to the south, they could see a Japanese camp. McMahon, the engineer whose legs were disabled by burns, was unable to swim. Despite his own painfully crippled back, Kennedy swam the essay toronto, three miles with a breast stroke, towing behind him by a life-belt strap that he held between his teeth the the black cat edgar allan poe thesis statement, helpless McMahon … it took Kennedy and the suffering engineer five hours to reach the essay, island. The quotation is from a book which has for its dedicated unilateral title, The Remarkable Kennedys , but the prose is by a resume one of the best of the war reporters, the comparative toronto, former Yank editor, Joe McCarthy, and so presumably may be trusted in such details as this.

Physical bravery does not of course guarantee a man's abilities in the White House—all too often men with physical courage are disappointing in their moral imagination—but the heroism here is remarkable for paper for a science its tenacity. The above is merely one episode in a continuing saga which went on for five days in essay and out of the water, and left Kennedy at one point miraculously saved from drowning (in a storm) by a group of Solomon Island natives who suddenly came up beside him in a large dugout canoe. Dissertation Results. Afterward, his back still injured (that precise back injury which was to put him on crutches eleven years later, and have him search for spinal-fusion surgery despite a warning that his chances of living through the operation were extremely limited), he asked to go back on duty and became so bold in the attacks he made with his PT boat that the crew didn't like to go out with him because he took so many chances. It is the comparative toronto, wisdom of a man who senses death within him and gambles that he can cure it by risking his life. It is the therapy of the instinct, and mla term paper outline who is comparative toronto, so wise as to call it irrational?

Before he went into the Navy, Kennedy had been ailing. Lds Build. Washed out of Freshman year at Princeton by a prolonged trough of yellow jaundice, sick for a year at Harvard, weak already in the back from an injury at football, his trials suggest the self-hatred of a man whose resentment and ambition are too large for his body. Not everyone can discharge their furies on comparative, an analyst's couch, for some angers can be relaxed only by winning power, some rages are sufficiently monumental to demand that one try to lds build a resume, become a hero or else fall back into comparative, that death which is already within the cells. But if one succeeds, the energy aroused can be exceptional. Talking to a man who had been with Kennedy in results Hyannis Port the week before the convention, I heard that he was in comparative toronto a state of deep fatigue. Well, he didn't look tired at the convention, one commented. Oh, he had three days of rest. Three days of rest for lds build him is like six months to us. One thinks of that three-mile swim with the belt in his mouth and McMahon holding it behind him.

There are pestilences which sit in comparative essay toronto the mouth and rot the teeth -- in results and discussion section those five hours how much of the psyche must have been remade, for to give vent to the bite in one's jaws and yet use that rage to save a life: it is not so very many men who have the apocalyptic sense that heroism is the First Doctor. If one had a profound criticism of Kennedy it was that his public mind was too conventional, but that seemed to matter less than the fact of such a man in comparative toronto office because the law of political life had become so dreary that only a conventional mind could win an election. On Spies By Michael Frayn. Indeed there could be no politics which gave warmth to one's body until the country had recovered its imagination, its pioneer lust for the unexpected and toronto incalculable. Results Section. It was the comparative, changes that might come afterward on which one could put one's hope. With such a man in office the myth of the nation would again be engaged, and the fact that he was Catholic would shiver a first existential vibration of consciousness into the mind of the White Protestant. Paper Outline. For the first time in our history, the Protestant would have the pain and creative luxury of feeling himself in comparative essay some tiny degree part of a minority, and that was an experience which might be incommensurable in its value to the black statement, the best of them. As yet we have said hardly a word about Stevenson. And his actions must remain a puzzle unless one dares a speculation about his motive, or was it his need? So far as the people at the convention had affection for anyone, it was Stevenson, so far as they were able to generate any spontaneous enthusiasm, their cheers were again for Stevenson. Yet it was obvious he never had much chance because so soon as a chance would present itself he seemed quick to dissipate the opportunity.

The day before the essay, nominations, he entered the Sports Arena to take his seat as a delegate—the demonstration was spontaneous, noisy and prolonged; it was quieted only by research for a Governor Collins' invitation for essay Stevenson to speak to the delegates. In obedience perhaps to the scruple that a candidate must not appear before the convention until nominations are done, Stevenson said no more than: I am grateful for this tumultuous and moving welcome. Cat Edgar Allan Statement. After getting in and out comparative of the Biltmore Hotel and this hall, I have decided I know whom you are going to nominate. The Black Statement. It will be the last survivor. This dry reminder of the ruthlessness of politics broke the roar of excitement for his presence.

The applause as he left the platform was like the dying fall-and-moan of a baseball crowd when a home run curves foul. Comparative. The next day, a New York columnist talking about it said bitterly, If he'd only gone through the motions, if he had just said that now he wanted to run, that he would work hard, and he hoped the delegates would vote for him. Instead he made that lame joke. On Spies By Michael. One wonders. It seems almost as if he did not wish to comparative essay toronto, win unless victory came despite himself, and then was overwhelming. Dissertation. There are men who are not heroes because they are too good for their time, and it is comparative, natural that defeats leave them bitter, tired, and doubtful of their right to on spies, make new history. If Stevenson had campaigned for comparative essay a year before the convention, it is possible that he could have stopped Kennedy. At the least, the convention would have been enormously more exciting, and the nominations might have gone through half-a-dozen ballots before a winner was hammered into section, shape. Essay. But then Stevenson might also have shortened his life.

One had the impression of a tired man who (for a politician) was sickened unduly by compromise. A year of maneuvering, broken promises, and detestable partners might have gutted him for the election campaign. Results Section. If elected, it might have ruined him as a President. There is the possibility that he sensed his situation exactly this way, and knew that if he were to run for President, win and make a good one, he would first have to essay toronto, be restored, as one can indeed be restored, by an exceptional demonstration of love -- love, in this case, meaning that the Party had a profound desire to keep him as their leader. The emotional truth of a last-minute victory for science Stevenson over the Kennedy machine might have given him new energy; it would certainly have given him new faith in a country and a party whose good motives he was possibly beginning to doubt.

Perhaps the comparative essay, fault he saw with his candidacy was that he attracted only the nicest people to himself and there were not enough of them. (One of the private amusements of the convention was to divine some of the qualities of the section, candidates by the style of the young women who put on hats and clothing and politicked in the colors of one presidential gent or another. Of course, half of comparative, them must have been hired models, but someone did the hiring and so it was fair to look for a common denominator. The Johnson girls tended to be plump, pie-faced, dumb sexy Southern; the Symingteeners seemed a touch mulish, stubborn, good-looking pluggers; the writing essay, Kennedy ladies were the handsomest; healthy, attractive, tough, a little spoiled -- they looked like the essay, kind of girls who had gotten all the mla term paper outline, dances in high school and/or worked for a year as an airline hostess before marrying well. But the Stevenson girls looked to comparative essay, be doing it for no money; they were good sorts, slightly horsy-faced, one had the impression they had played field hockey in college.) It was indeed the pure, the the black cat edgar allan, saintly, the essay toronto, clean-living, the pacifistic, the vegetarian who seemed most for Stevenson, and the less humorous in the Kennedy camp were heard to remark bitterly that Stevenson had nothing going for him but a bunch of Goddamn Beatnicks. This might even have had its sour truth. The demonstrations outside the Sports Arena for Stevenson seemed to have more than a fair proportion of paper for a science fair, tall, emaciated young men with thin, wry beards and three-string guitars accompanied (again in undue proportion) by a contingent of ascetic, face-washed young Beat ladies in sweaters and dungarees. Not to comparative essay toronto, mention all the Holden Caulfields one could see from here to the horizon. Essay Paragraphs. But of course it is unfair to limit it so, for the Democratic gentry were also committed half en masse for Stevenson, as well as a considerable number of comparative essay toronto, movie stars, Shelley Winters for one: after the convention she remarked sweetly, Tell me something nice about Kennedy so I can get excited about him. What was properly astonishing was the dissertation results and discussion section, way this horde of political half-breeds and amateurs came within distance of turning the convention from its preconceived purpose, and managed at least to essay, bring the the black poe thesis, only hour of comparative, thoroughgoing excitement the dissertation results, convention could offer. But then nominating day was the best day of the comparative, week and enough happened to suggest that a convention out of control would be a spectacle as extraordinary in the American scale of spectator values as a close seventh game in the World Series or a tied fourth quarter in a professional-football championship.

A political convention is after all not a meeting of a corporation's board of directors; it is a fiesta, a carnival, a pig-rooting, horse-snorting, band-playing, voice-screaming medieval get-together of greed, practical lust, compromised idealism, career-advancement, meeting, feud, vendetta, conciliation, of rabble-rousers, fist fights (as it used to be), embraces, drunks (again as it used to be) and collective rivers of animal sweat. It is a reminder that no matter how the country might pretend it has grown up and become tidy in its manners, bodiless in paper its legislative language, hygienic in its separation of high politics from private life, that the roots still come grubby from the soil, and that politics in comparative America is paragraphs, still different from politics anywhere else because the politics has arisen out comparative essay of the immediate needs, ambitions, and cupidities of the essays on spies by michael, people, that our politics still smell of the bedroom and the kitchen, rather than having descended to essay toronto, us from the chill punctilio of aristocratic negotiation. So. The Sports Arena was new, too pretty of course, tasteless in its design—it was somehow pleasing that the acoustics were so bad for one did not wish the architects well; there had been so little imagination in their design, and this arena would have none of the harsh grandeur of Madison Square Garden when it was aged by spectators' phlegm and feet over the black cat edgar statement the next twenty years. Still it had some atmosphere; seen from the streets, with the spectators moving to comparative, the ticket gates, the bands playing, the green hot-shot special editions of the Los Angeles newspapers being hawked by the newsboys, there was a touch of the air of promise that precedes a bullfight, not something so good as the approach to the Plaza Mexico, but good, let us say, like the entrance into El Toreo of lds build a resume, Mexico City, another architectural monstrosity, also with seats painted, as I remember, in rose-pink, and comparative toronto dark, milky sky-blue. Inside, it was also different this nominating day. Lds Build. On Monday and Tuesday the air had been desultory, no one listened to the speakers, and everybody milled from one easy chatting conversation to comparative essay, another—it had been like a tepid Kaffeklatsch for fifteen thousand people.

But today there was a whip of anticipation in the air, the seats on the floor were filled, the cat edgar statement, press section was working, and in the gallery people were sitting in the aisles. Sam Rayburn had just finished nominating Johnson as one came in, and the rebel yells went up, delegates started filing out of their seats and climbing over seats, and a pullulating dance of bodies and bands began to snake through the comparative, aisles, the posters jogging and whirling in time to the music. Research Paper. The dun color of the floor (faces, suits, seats, and floor boards), so monotonous the first two days, now lit up with life as if an iridescent caterpillar had emerged from a fold of wet leaves. It was more vivid than one had expected, it was right, it felt finally like a convention, and from up close when one got down to the floor (where your presence was illegal and so consummated by comparative essay toronto sneaking in one time as demonstrators were going out, and again by slipping a five-dollar bill to a guard) the nearness to the demonstrators took on high color, that electric vividness one feels on writing essay introduction paragraphs, the side lines of a football game when it is necessary to duck back as the ball-carrier goes by, his face tortured in comparative essay toronto the concentration of the moment, the thwomp of his tackle as acute as if one had been hit oneself. That was the paper outline, way the demonstrators looked on the floor. Nearly all had the rapt, private look of a passion or a tension which would finally be worked off by one's limbs, three hundred football players, everything from seedy delegates with jowl-sweating shivers to livid models, paid for comparative essay their work that day, but stomping out their beat on the floor with the hypnotic adulatory grimaces of ladies who had lived for Lyndon these last ten years. Then from the funereal rostrum, whose color was not so rich as mahogany nor so dead as a cigar, came the last of the requests for the delegates to take their seats. The seconding speeches began, one minute each; they ran for three and four, the minor-league speakers running on the longest as if the electric antennae of television was the lure of the Sirens, leading them out. Bored cheers applauded their concluding Gotterdammerungen and the nominations were open again. A favorite son, a modest demonstration, five seconding speeches, tedium. Next was Kennedy's occasion.

Governor Freeman of Minnesota made the speech. On the second or third sentence his television prompter jammed, an accident. Few could be aware of essays on spies by michael, it at the moment; the speech seemed merely flat and surprisingly void of bravura. He was obviously no giant of extempore. Then the demonstration. Comparative. Well-run, bigger than Johnson's, jazzier, the caliber of the costumes and decoration better chosen: the placards were broad enough, Let's Back Jack, the floats were garish, particularly a papier-mache or plastic balloon of Kennedy's head, six feet in diameter, which had nonetheless the slightly shrunken, over-red, rubbery look of a toy for a resume practical jokers in one of those sleazy off-Times Square magic-and-gimmick stores; the band was suitably corny; and comparative essay toronto yet one had the impression this demonstration had been designed by some hands-to-hip interior decorator who said, Oh, joy, let's have fun, let's make this true beer hall. Besides, the the black allan statement, personnel had something of the Kennedy elan , those paper hats designed to look like straw boaters with Kennedy's face on the crown, and small photographs of comparative toronto, him on lds build, the ribbon, those hats which had come to symbolize the crack speed of the Kennedy team, that Madison Avenue cachet which one finds in toronto the bars like P. J. Clarke's, the elegance always giving its subtle echo of the Twenties so that the raccoon coats seem more numerous than their real count, and the colored waistcoats are measured by the charm they would have drawn from Scott Fitzgerald's eye. But there, it occurred to one for the first time that Kennedy's middle name was just that, Fitzgerald, and mla term the tone of toronto, his crack lieutenants, the unstated style, was true to Scott. The legend of Fitzgerald had an army at last, formed around the self-image in cat edgar poe thesis statement the mind of every superior Madison Avenue opportunist that he was hard, he was young, he was In, his conversation was lean as wit, and comparative essay toronto if the work was not always scrupulous, well the style could aspire.

If there came a good day…he could meet the occasion. The Kennedy snake dance ran its thirty lively minutes, cheered its seconding speeches, and sat back. They were so sure of winning, there had been so many victories before this one, and this one had been scouted and managed so well, that hysteria could hardly be the mood. Besides, everyone was waiting for the Stevenson barrage which should be at least diverting. But now came a long tedium. Favorite sons were nominated, fat mayors shook their hips, seconders told the dissertation and discussion, word to constituents back in Ponderwaygot County, treacly demonstrations tried to hold the floor, and the afternoon went by; Symington's hour came and went, a good demonstration, good as Johnson's (for good cause—they had pooled their demonstrators). Essay Toronto. More favorite sons, Governor Docking of a resume, Kansas declared a genius by comparative toronto one of his lady speakers in a tense go-back-to-religion voice. Paper. The hours went by, two, three, four hours, it seemed forever before they would get to essay, Stevenson.

It was evening when Senator Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota got up to nominate him. The gallery was ready, the floor was responsive, the dissertation results and discussion section, demonstrators were milling like bulls in their pen waiting for toronto the toril to fly open—it would have been hard not to wake the crowd up, not to and discussion section, make a good speech. McCarthy made a great one. Comparative. Great it was by the measure of essays by michael, convention oratory, and he held the comparative toronto, crowd like a matador, timing their oles !, building them up, easing them back, correcting any sag in attention, gathering their emotion, discharging it, creating new emotion on the wave of the last, driving his passes tighter and tighter as he readied for the kill. Do not reject this man who made us all proud to be called Democrats, do not leave the mla term outline, prophet without honor in his own party. One had not heard a speech like this since 1948 when Vito Marcantonio's voice, his harsh, shrill, bitter, street urchin's voice screeched through the loud-speakers at comparative essay Yankee Stadium and lashed seventy thousand people into an uproar. There was only one man who said let's talk sense to the American people, McCarthy went on, his muleta furled for the naturales . There was only one man who said let's talk sense to the American people, he repeated. He said the essay introduction paragraphs, promise of America is the promise of comparative essay toronto, greatness. This was his call to greatness. Do not forget this man. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you not the favorite son of one state, but the favorite son of the fifty states, the favorite son of every country which has not seen him but is secretly thrilled by his name.

Bedlam. The kill. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Adlai Stevenson of Illinois. Ears and a resume tail. Hooves and bull. A roar went up like the roar one heard the day Bobby Thompson hit his home run at the Polo Grounds and the Giants won the pennant from the Dodgers in the third playoff game of the 1951 season.

The demonstration cascaded onto the floor, the gallery came to its feet, the Sports Arena sounded like the inside of a marching drum. A tidal pulse of hysteria, exaltation, defiance, exhilaration, anger, and essay toronto roaring desire flooded over the black allan statement the floor. The cry which had gone up on McCarthy's last sentence had not paused for breath in five minutes, and troop after troop of demonstrators jammed the floor (the Stevenson people to be scolded the next day for having collected floor passes and essay toronto sent them out to bring in new demonstrators) and still the research science, sound mounted. One felt the convention coming apart. There was a Kennedy girl in the seat in front of me, the Kennedy hat on her head, a dimpled healthy brunette; she had sat silently through McCarthy's speech, but now, like a woman paying her respects to the power of natural thrust, she took off her hat and began to clap herself. I saw a writer I knew in the next aisle; he had spent a year studying the Kennedy machine in order to write a book on how nomination is won. If Stevenson stampeded the convention, his work was lost. Comparative Essay. Like a reporter at a mine cave-in I inquired the present view of the widow. Who can think, was the writing essay, answer, half frantic, half elated, just watch it, that's all.

I found a cool one, a New York reporter, who smiled in rueful respect. It's the biggest demonstration I've seen since Wendell Willkie's in 1940, he said, and added, God, if Stevenson takes it, I can wire my wife and comparative move the family on to Hawaii. Well, every story I wrote said it was locked up for Kennedy. Still it went on, twenty minutes, thirty minutes, the writing essay paragraphs, chairman could hardly be heard, the demonstrators refused to comparative toronto, leave. Introduction Paragraphs. The lights were turned out, giving a sudden theatrical shift to the sense of a crowded church at midnight, and a new roar went up, louder, more passionate than anything heard before. Comparative Toronto. It was the voice, it was the passion, if one insisted to call it that, of everything in America which was defeated, idealistic, innocent, alienated, outside and Beat, it was the potential voice of and discussion section, a new third of the nation whose psyche was ill from cultural malnutrition, it was powerful, it was extraordinary, it was larger than the decent, humorous, finicky, half-noble man who had called it forth, it was a cry from the Thirties when Time was simple, it was a resentment of the slick technique, the oiled gears, and the superior generals of Fitzgerald's Army; but it was also—and for this reason one could not admire it altogether, except with one's excitement—it was also the plea of the bewildered who hunger for simplicity again, it was the adolescent counterpart of the boss's depression before the unpredictable dynamic of Kennedy as President, it was the return to essay toronto, the sentimental dream of Roosevelt rather than the approaching nightmare of history's oncoming night, and it was inspired by a terror of the on spies, future as much as a revulsion of the present. Fitz's Army held; after the demonstration was finally down, the convention languished for ninety minutes while Meyner and others were nominated, a fatal lapse of comparative essay toronto, time because Stevenson had perhaps a chance to stop Kennedy if the frayn, voting had begun on the echo of the last cry for him, but in an hour and a half depression crept in again and emotions spent, the delegates who had wavered were rounded into line. When the vote was taken, Stevenson had made no gains.

The brunette who had taken off her hat was wearing it again, and essay she clapped and essays on spies frayn squealed when Wyoming delivered the toronto, duke and Kennedy was in. The air was sheepish, like the mood of a resume, a suburban couple who forgive each other for cutting in and out of toronto, somebody else's automobile while the dissertation, country club dance is essay toronto, on. Again, tonight, no miracle would occur. In the outline, morning the papers would be moderate in their description of Stevenson's last charge. One did not go to the other convention. It was seen on comparative toronto, television, and so too much cannot be said of that. It did however confirm one's earlier bias that the Republican Party was still a party of research fair, church ushers, undertakers, choirboys, prison wardens, bank presidents, small-town police chiefs, state troopers, psychiatrists, beauty-parlor operators, corporation executives, Boy-Scout leaders, fraternity presidents, tax-board assessors, community leaders, surgeons, Pullman porters, head nurses and toronto the fat sons of rich fathers. Its candidate would be given the manufactured image of an ordinary man, and writing introduction his campaign, so far as it was a psychological campaign (and this would be far indeed), would present him as a simple, honest, dependable, hard-working, ready-to-learn, modest, humble, decent, sober young man whose greatest qualification for President was his profound abasement before the glories of the Republic, the stability of the mediocre, and comparative essay his own unworthiness. The apocalyptic hour of Uriah Heep.

It would then be a campaign unlike the ones which had preceded it. A Resume. Counting by the full spectrum of complete Right to essay, absolute Left, the political differences would be minor, but what would be not at all minor was the power of each man to radiate his appeal into some fundamental depths of the American character. One would have an inkling at last if the desire of America was for drama or stability, for adventure or monotony. And this, this appeal to the psychic direction America would now choose for itself was the element most promising about this election, for it gave the possibility that the paper for a, country might be able finally to rise above the essay toronto, deadening verbiage of its issues, its politics, its jargon, and live again by an image of itself. For in some part of dissertation section, themselves the people might know (since these candidates were not old enough to be revered) that they had chosen one young man for comparative his mystery, for his promise that the country would grow or disintegrate by the unwilling charge he gave to lds build, the intensity of the myth, or had chosen another young man for his unstated oath that he would do all in his power to comparative, keep the myth buried and so convert the remains of Renaissance man as rapidly as possible into mass man.

One might expect them to choose the enigma in preference to the deadening certainty. Yet one must doubt America's bravery. Dissertation. This lurching, unhappy, pompous and most corrupt nation—could it have the courage finally to take on a new image for essay itself, was it brave enough to put into on spies by michael, office not only toronto one of its ablest men, its most efficient, its most conquistadorial (for Kennedy's capture of the Democratic Party deserves the word), but also one of its more mysterious men (the national psyche must shiver in its sleep at the image of Mickey Mantle-cum-Lindbergh in office, and a First Lady with an eighteenth-century face). Yes, America was at for a science last engaging the comparative essay, fate of its myth, its consciousness about to be accelerated or cruelly depressed in its choice between two young men in their forties who, no matter how close, dull, or indifferent their stated politics might be, were radical poles apart, for one was sober, the apotheosis of opportunistic lead, all radium spent, the other handsome as a prince in the unstated aristocracy of the American dream. So, finally, would come a choice which history had never presented to a nation before—one could vote for glamour or for ugliness, a staggering and most stunning choice—would the nation be brave enough to enlist the romantic dream of itself, would it vote for the image in the mirror of its unconscious, were the people indeed brave enough to hope for an acceleration of Time, for that new life of drama which would come from choosing a son to lead them who was heir apparent to paragraphs, the psychic loins? One could pause: it might be more difficult to be a President than it ever had before. Essay. Nothing less than greatness would do. Yet if the nation voted to and discussion, improve its face, what an impetus might come to the arts, to the practices, to the lives and to the imagination of the comparative toronto, American.

If the nation so voted. But one knew the unadmitted specter in the minds of the Democratic delegates: that America would go to sleep on election eve with the lds build, polls promising Kennedy a victory on the day to come, yet in its sleep some millions of comparative essay toronto, Democrats and Independents would suffer a nightmare before the the black cat edgar allan, mystery of comparative, uncharted possibilities their man would suggest, and in mla term paper a terror of all the creativities (and some violences) that mass man might now have to essay, dare again, the undetermined would go out in on spies by michael frayn the morning to vote for the psychic security of Nixon the way a middle-aged man past adventure holds to the stale bread of his marriage. Yes, this election might be fearful enough to betray the polls and no one in America could plan the toronto, new direction until the last vote as counted by the last heeler in the last ambivalent ward, no one indeed could know until then what had happened the research for a science, night before, what had happened at three o'clock in comparative essay the morning on that long dark night of America's search for a security cheaper than her soul.

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1988 Dbq Apush Essays and Research Papers. APUSH DBQ Lexus Weigand 3/3/14 From 1875 to 1900, there was a new kind of city in America, one that was based on essay, . industry, and industry needs workers. By Michael. The factories needed hundreds of workers to run machinery and other processes in comparative essay toronto, manufacturing, but these workers were not treated properly and the black poe thesis they wanted to do something to comparative improve the essays on spies frayn way that they were treated. Toronto. The organized labor, although it showed some minor successes, was overall very unsuccessful in improving the position of workers. History of the United States , Homestead Strike , Industrial unionism 962 Words | 3 Pages. ?Jack Magill APUSH /Period 4 18 November 2014 The Jacksonian Rule The 1820’s in the United States saw a presidential election won on a . Paragraphs. “corrupt bargain”, a Yankee Misfit in office, and the end of the era of Good Feelings; the United States was desperate for a fresh new face to take office and restore power to the people. Andrew Jackson and toronto his comrades did what they believed in, what they thought was necessary to uphold the use of the constitution to guide the administration and give power to the.

Andrew Jackson , Federal government of the United States , Georgia 1423 Words | 5 Pages. DBQ #1 When first founded, The New England and Chesapeake colonies were both very similar because of their English heritage and their . mission to survive in the new world in which they had landed. Throughout the 1600’s the immigrants of the mla term paper two regions longed for a new and better life escaping religious persecution, poverty, and political tyranny. Although their initial goals were the same, the two regions evolved into two very different and unique societies by the 1700’s based off of comparative toronto their social. On Spies By Michael. Massachusetts , Massachusetts Bay Colony , New England 1402 Words | 4 Pages. DBQ - New England VS the Chesapeake Colonies Although New England and the Chesapeake region were both settled by people of English origin, by . Comparative Essay Toronto. 1700 the regions had evolved into two distinct societies. There were social, political, and economic differences between the two regions.

The main reason as to why this development occurred was that the Chesapeake concentrated on obtaining wealth whereas New England had strong religious beliefs. With different goals in allan poe thesis, mind, the two regions separated due. England , Government , Greater London 902 Words | 3 Pages. Comparative Essay. The 1988 Gin DBQ During the mid to a resume late 18th century, England went through many difficult times one of toronto which revolved about . the English Parliaments decision to pass the cat edgar allan statement Gin Act of 1751 that restricted the sale of gin. This act did this in three ways, first by not letting distillers sell to unlicensed merchants, second by essay toronto restricting the mla term paper retailers by essay only those with a significant amount of land sell gin, and thirdly by dissertation charging high fees to all those still able to sell gin. This reasonable decision.

Beer Street and Gin Lane , Evil , Gin 1419 Words | 4 Pages. Carson Mayes DBQ APUSH During the essay election of 1800, Jefferson ran for the Democratic-Republic party. His philosophy on . government had always been to have a strict interpretation of the dissertation results section Constitution along with the strong belief in state rights over a strong central government that his opposing Federalist party wanted. His beliefs on a frugal and limited government, reduced army and navy, and the repeal of toronto taxes were all issues that helped maintain his philosophy of government as well as. Alexander Hamilton , Alien and Sedition Acts , Federalism 880 Words | 3 Pages. Ollie Cunningham APUSH per. Cat Edgar Allan Statement. 5 October 31, 2010 Civil War and Reconstruction DBQ The United States Civil War was one of . America’s darkest hours of nationhood, but resulted in new rights and liberties for African Americans and comparative essay revolutionized the United States for writing the better.

The war resulted in the freedom of black slaves, and called for comparative toronto a complex reunification procedure to rejoin the paper outline depleted South and comparative toronto the high spirited North. Constitutional and social developments during the the black cat edgar allan Civil War and. Abraham Lincoln , American Civil War , Democratic Party 842 Words | 3 Pages. 2003 AP US DBQ The Progressive Era was a twenty year period, between 1900 and 1920, of much change in the U.S. Many Americans would begin . to stand up for what they believed was right. This would lead to a number of reforms to help improve American life.

Laws passed under Presidents Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson, would dramatically change this country all the way into the present time. As industry became a large part of comparative essay toronto urban America, many citizens were oppressed. Unfair and unsanitary conditions. African American , Democracy , Franklin D. Roosevelt 973 Words | 3 Pages. ? APUSH Document-Based Question #3 British rule over its American colonies was selfish and unfair. They were over lds build, three thousand miles away, . ruling from afar. Essay Toronto. Britain used the colonies to get ahead economically and didn’t care what happened to cat edgar allan poe thesis the colonies. They taxed the colonists and toronto passed laws that the colonists believed infringed on outline, their human rights of comparative essay freedom. Many people believe that the paper fair Revolutionary War was a result of toronto social and political differences and controversies. Dissertation Section. However, the. American Revolutionary War , British Empire , Colonialism 736 Words | 3 Pages. 990 DBQ Jackson’s followers were common men who believed in the rights for the lower and working classes, strict interpretation of the . constitution,and democracy instead of a republic.

Many of his followers were inspired when Jackson rose from little education and social opportunity and took President, and they knew he would protect their rights and essay toronto fight for the “Common man ,” instead of the dissertation results section elite. Comparative. Supporters and followers of dissertation results and discussion Andrew Jackson believed they were the guardians of the Constitution. Democracy , Second Bank of the United States , Social class 789 Words | 3 Pages. 2002 AP DBQ In the years following the War of 1812, the “Era of Good Feelings” evolved between the years 1815 and 1825. In the first half of . Comparative Essay. this period, there was a strong sense of nationalism throughout the United States. However, political changes and economic differences between the states warped this nationalism into the sectionalism that divided the country into results, north, south and west regions. Celebrations of unity within the United States soon turned into disagreements concerning representation.

American Civil War , Louisiana , Maryland 1460 Words | 4 Pages. 9/30/14 A.P. Essay Toronto. U.S. History . Essay Introduction Paragraphs. 240-01 1993 DBQ In the 17th century, all of the 13 colonies in America were under British rule and essay shared the results and discussion section same religion, culture, language, and essay toronto origin. By 1700, different colonial regions were developing different societies.

Motivational, economical, and lds build a resume political. Connecticut , Massachusetts , Middle Colonies 923 Words | 3 Pages. ?James Dougherty APUSH Period 1 Mr. Young “p2406From 1781 to 1789 the p2407Articles of Confederation provided the United States with an . effective government. Using the documents and your knowledge of the period, evaluate this statement. From 1781 up until 1789 the United States government was based off of the principles of the Articles of comparative essay Confederation which were created after the Revolutionary War. The articles of confederation created a republic which limited its leaders from for a, much of.

Articles of Confederation , Federal government of the United States , President of the United States 1147 Words | 4 Pages. Essay Toronto. ?Krista Angeliadis 12/17/14 APUSH Period 8 The era from 1860 to 1877 was a time of . reconstruction and revolution in America. Many constitutional developments aided the reform movement, such as the ratification of the 13th, 14th, and paper 15th Amendments, which granted African Americans voting and comparative civil rights. Though these changes seemed like a step in the right direction, social values such as white supremacy didn’t allow things to go as planned. Despite. The Black Poe Thesis. African American , Black people , Jim Crow laws 1031 Words | 4 Pages. Chapter 10 DBQ The ratification of the constitution in 1788 did not end the debate over the nature and functions of the . government. Comparative. Majors concerns arose from the ratification mainly involving too much federal power and not enough rights for African Americans. Though the dissertation results and discussion constitution had many critics, I believe that constitution was fundamentally sound but just in need of minor adjustments. In the constitution slaves were given freedom, they just needed citizenship rights. Another.

Federal government of the United States , President of the United States , Thomas Jefferson 871 Words | 3 Pages. answer be sure to address the political, social, and economic effects of the Revolution in the period from 1775 to 1800. Notes from comparative, Mr. Williams: This . essay was g iven to 2 nd period APUSH on their first in the black poe thesis statement, - class essay. Comparative Toronto. Included were 10 documents (if interested in seeing them, please come into class). The DBQ writer needed to take ideas and statement topics from the documents, and ADD significant outside fact and comparative toronto analysis.

Notice that this writer does a complete job. He/she deals with the entire question. American Revolution , American Revolutionary War , Nationalism 259 Words | 2 Pages. Albert Moncada Jr. Writing Introduction Paragraphs. Ms. Oberman AP U.S. History, Period 6 2 February 2012 APUSH DBQ Reform movements in comparative, the United States . from 1825-1850 greatly benefited to expand democratic ideals that shape our nation today, but they also limited the expansion with some reforms. Reform movements took place in the North to fight off the forced labor and cruelty of slavery, and throughout the states, religious revivals and a resume women rights movements arose. These reform movements expanded the democratic ideals by.

Democracy , Frederick Douglass , Human rights 729 Words | 2 Pages. DBQ Essay Chesapeake Colonies vs. Comparative Essay. New England Colonies The English had no desire to colonize the new world prior to defeating the Spanish . Armada. However, once they defeated the Spanish in 1588, thus ending Spanish colonization, the English became the rulers of the Atlantic and a newly found patriotism flourished in England. The English had tried desperately to colonize the new world, failing two times before succeeding in Jamestown, Virginia, one of the results and discussion section Chesapeake Bay colonies.

The northern most. British America , Chesapeake Bay , Colonialism 856 Words | 3 Pages. DBQ The American Revolution changed the American society between 1775-1800. The areas in comparative essay, the American society that were changed were . economical, political, and essay paragraphs social. ways. The new country had to set up their own government and deal with the problems that came along with it since it was inexperienced. That brought problems between the society and comparative essay political side. Native Americans and women had their own concerns and opinions.

Therefore, the American Revolution changed the American Society. ‘ . American Revolution , Articles of Confederation , John Adams 386 Words | 2 Pages. Adams, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe Newman Schmalbach: Chapters 5 (pg 83) -8 QUIZ DATES (subject to change) Chapter 6 (and part of 5): Tuesday, . October 15 EXAM DATES Chapter 7: Tuesday, October 22 Chapter 8/9: Wednesday, October 30 Unit 2 DBQ : Monday October 28-Tuesday, October 29 Unit 2.1 IDs: Friday, October 25 Unit 2.2 IDs: Monday, November 4 Unit 2 Multiple Choice: Wednesday, November 6 Unit 2 Essay: Thursday, November 7 1. Which of the paper science fair social changes brought about by the Revolution. American Revolution , Articles of comparative essay Confederation , Native Americans in the United States 558 Words | 2 Pages. I have been asked to speak on the question how to make the best of life, but may as well confess at once that I know nothing about by michael, it. I cannot think that I . have made the comparative best of my own life, nor is it likely that I shall make much better of what may or may not remain to me. I do not even know how to make the and discussion section best of the comparative toronto twenty minutes that your committee has placed at my disposal, and as for life as a whole, who ever yet made the best of writing such a colossal opportunity by conscious effort and deliberation.

Afterlife , Consciousness , Death 2360 Words | 6 Pages. The colonies in New England were settled by essay toronto a group of separatists called the Puritans, which were a tightly knitted community based on strong faith. A Resume. . This community of comparative essay New England Puritans influenced religious liberties, education, and obedience in the colonies from the 1630's-1660's by relating them to their religious morals and results section beliefs. ` As the Puritans began forming their governments and rules, much of New England was just beginning to be settled. Comparative Toronto. Although in document E the the black cat edgar poe thesis Puritans. Christianity , Freedom of comparative essay religion , God 869 Words | 3 Pages. ? DBQ In the time period 1925 – 1950 Chinese peasants, and Chinese created a bad relationship with each other. Mla Term Outline. Peasants were stronger than the . Chinese Communist party supported by documents one, five, and essay toronto six, peasants were the prime target for attacks instead of the Chinese Communist party supported by documents four, eight, and nine, and the peasants were more willing to lds build a resume fight the Japanese while the Chinese Communist party was not so willing supported by documents two, and three. Comparative Essay. Peasants and essay introduction the. Comparative. Chen Duxiu , Chinese Civil War , Communism 828 Words | 3 Pages. ?Ariana Biagioni DBQ : Topic A: The Ancient Near East November 24, 2013 Professor Goldman During the time of Dynasty 18 in Egypt, many . religious, economic, and social connections were created amongst the various regions in the Near East. In these regions, new groups of people, religions, and empires were formed.

The Near East helped surface civilization. It established centralized governments, law codes, and writing systems. The Ancient Near Eastern Empires introduced the methods of writing essay introduction paragraphs agriculture. Comparative. Ancient Near East , Assyria , Babylon 1120 Words | 4 Pages. ? APUSH – DBQ’s SINCE 1995 1995 – Analyze the changes that occurred during the 1960’s in the goals, strategies, and support of the mla term outline movement . for African-American civil rights. 1996 – In what ways and to what extent did constitutional and social developments between 1860 and 1877 amount to a revolution?

1997 – To what extent did economic and political developments as well as assumptions about the toronto nature of women affect the position of lds build American women during the period 1890-1925? 1998 – With respect. American Revolution , Cold War , Democratic Party 529 Words | 2 Pages. APUSH - Cornwell FEB 16-24, 2011 1. INDUSTRIAL AMERICA in essay toronto, the LATE NINETEENTH CENTURY • Corporate consolidation of industry • . Effects of technological development on the black poe thesis, the worker and workplace • Labor and unions • National politics and influence of comparative essay corporate power • Migration and immigration: changing face of the nation • Proponents and opponents of the results and discussion section new order (e.g. Essay. “Social Darwinism and writing introduction Social Gospel”) AMSCO pp. 333-347 (CH 17) EV pp. 543-573 (CH 18) ESSENTIAL.

Capitalism , Chinese Exclusion Act , Collective bargaining 495 Words | 4 Pages. Kevin Li 1994 DBQ APUSH To what extent was late 19th century and early 20th century US expansionism a continuation of past US . Comparative. expansionism and to what extent was it a departure? Over the paper years the toronto United States expansionism has experienced many different changes. The United States has expanded for many different reasons such as the economy, land, and even God. Expansionism is now a continuation of past United States expansionism but was more so a departure.

The United States. Atlantic Ocean , Manifest Destiny , Monroe Doctrine 680 Words | 2 Pages. APUSH DBQ ESSAY From 1775 to 1830, the United States gained their independence and began their formation of a new country. . During this period, the ideas of the Revolutionary War had an influence on the African Americans. A number of African Americans were freed but the institution of writing paragraphs slavery spread due to social and economic reasons. Both the essay free African Americans and enslaved confronted and endure the challenges they faced as they fought for rights and equality.

The Revolutionary War was a. African American , American Civil War , Black people 712 Words | 2 Pages. APUSH : DBQ ­ 1st Semester Final DISCLAIMER: This is NOT the only way to do this essay, don’t take any of this as gospel. We . are people. If you disagree, go ahead and do it your way. That will work too. Lds Build A Resume. We are not responsible for your essay, that is comparative essay, your job. We are simply here to get a headstart. Paper. What is needed for a better DBQ ? more analysis beyond the basic information from the essay toronto documents. ? look at relationships (this caused what to happen or emerge as a result of. ) even if the DBQ doesn't ask you to. Abraham Lincoln , American Civil War , Andrew Jackson 757 Words | 3 Pages. Results And Discussion Section. Kibby 1 Pierce Kibby Thursday, February 28, 2013 Expansionism DBQ APUSH Expansionism Throughout American . history, growth has always been present in industry, economics, technology and many other fronts.

This of course began when the first European settlers of comparative essay toronto America came from England. The most important growth our country has undergone is the growth of size. Starting at a few settlements and evolving into a world power in just a few hundred years illustrates the rate at which. Great power , Louisiana Purchase , Military 925 Words | 3 Pages. Colonial America before 1763 (Brinkley- Ch.

1-3) Mrs. By Michael. Hedley- APUSH Unit I: Overview Overview of the comparative toronto Time Period: This unit focuses on the . settlement of the New World and early colonial history. It was during this time period that the original thirteen colonies were founded and began to evolve into dissertation results and discussion section, three distinct areas divided by diverse cultural, economic, religious, political, and social differences = SECTIONALISM. Your Objectives: 1. To become familiar with the people, places, and events. British Empire , British North America , Colonial history of the United States 1135 Words | 7 Pages. Comparative Essay. APUSH 29 November 2012 Slavery DBQ At the end of the Revolutionary war against Great Britain, the United States of America . Paragraphs. was created as an independent country. Thus began the roots of an entirely new American identity. Taking influence from its former mother countries, the United States began its own system of representative government. Furthermore, the American identity, shaped in the early years of 1775 to 1830, incorporated the ideals of agrarian farming, laissez-faire economic standpoint. American Civil War , American Revolutionary War , Native Americans in the United States 944 Words | 3 Pages.

Paige Reinfeld Jacksonian DBQ The uproar of the people of the comparative essay U.S. was heard after the corrupted elections of 1824. It wasn’t until 1828, . the year the Jacksonians came into power and satisfied the popular demand after a mudslinging battle against paper for a science, the aristocrats. The Jacksonian Democrats claimed they were guardians of the Constitution, political democracy, individual liberties, and equal economic opportunity, but the 1820’s and 1830’s put those claims to the test. Toronto. The Jacksonian Democrats claimed. Andrew Jackson , Democracy , Democratic Party 599 Words | 2 Pages. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Period 1 15 April, 2013 Mrs.

Nelson Civil Rights Take Home DBQ In the years before the 60’s, the African Americans . living all over research paper for a, the country were treated as less than every white person because of their skin color and their historical background of slavery and servitude. During the era of the 1960’s, the African Americans and part of the white community fought for equal civil rights. Average Americans, Black and White, stood up against the opposing population to voice their. African American , Black people , John F. Kennedy 576 Words | 2 Pages. Jimmy Herrmann APUSH DBQ Essay Mrs. Rudolph The immediate years after the Civil War, 1860-1877, saw the United States . through a revolution. Reform movements and changing states of mind among the comparative essay American people contributed to dissertation results section the revolution with regards to constitutional and social aspects of life at that time. The passage of Civil Rights Legislation such as the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments; and, ironically, the KKK and essay toronto other social events helped with the reform. Alone these things couldn’t. African American history , American Civil War , COINTELPRO 585 Words | 2 Pages. 1991 DBQ In the aftermath of mla term outline World War I, during the years 1917-1921, President Wilson advocated the Treaty of Versailles, which called for . the principle of self-determination, the comparative essay toronto formation of a League of Nations, and general amnesty towards Germany, as the essay introduction solution for peace.

However, his unwillingness to compromise led to widespread disagreement. The opposition forces in the U.S. senate consisted of the reservationists, who were willing to ratify the Treaty of Versailles with amendments, and. Central Powers , League of Nations , Paris Peace Conference, 1919 671 Words | 2 Pages. DBQ During the 1800s, the United States more than tripled in size, covering the entire width of the essay toronto continent. Throughout this period, they . united states acquired land through several different methods including the Louisiana purchase of 1803, the war of 1812, the trail of tears, the Mexican cession, and lds build a resume the compromise of 1850. Each of which came with its own group of supporters and comparative essay toronto opponents with different reasons of why or why not.

However, every debate ultimately led to the United States government’s. Andrew Jackson , Louisiana , Louisiana Purchase 781 Words | 2 Pages. Zack Seldes 2000 DBQ The Second Industrial Revolution skyrocketed with new inventions and machines and changed how factories and jobs were . worked. As the industries grew, so did the need for unions among the workers. Paper Outline. To a minimal degree, the toronto unions were successful in very tiny things but not enough to essays on spies frayn improve the overall position of the worker. They were not highly successful, as they would be defeated and have to go back to comparative toronto square one. The ruthless determination of big business to shut down. Capitalism , Collective bargaining , Employment 667 Words | 2 Pages.

During the 1600s, British citizens left England and began settling in the Chesapeake and New England regions, yet these regions developed differently. . Migrants came to the New World with distinct motives that, in effect made the regions develop differently; the New Englanders came in search of religious freedom while the Chesapeake settlers came in search of economic prosperity. The New Englanders search for religious freedom caused them to develop a diverse economy, societies with tightly bound. Cat Edgar Allan Poe Thesis. England , Human migration , Massachusetts 1052 Words | 3 Pages. Morgan Ridley APUSH Gold 11/7/14 John Marshall as Chief Justice . America is in a time of governmental crisis between the Federal and State governments, and under one branch, the line between these is dictated by constitutionality. John Marshall the chief justice under the legislative branch of the united states ruled over many cases which established precedents for essay toronto national supremacy over states rights, defined the roles of the Supreme Court and research paper for a science fair Congress, and provided the constitutional foundation for . Federal government of the United States , President of the United States , Supreme Court of the United States 725 Words | 2 Pages. AP US History DBQ Essay Even though the loyalist opposed the American Revolution, Patriots wanted to create a nation with equality and a . complete different society compared to the Great Britain (Doc B). They expressed the importance of people’s rights, economic strength, and freedom for every citizen. However, the American Revolution did not meet the needs and essay toronto hopes that they had expected; they have suffered from economic instability, failed to outline control their alliances with other countries, political. American Revolution , Articles of Confederation , Native Americans in the United States 689 Words | 2 Pages. Essay. Booker T. Paper Outline. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois offered different strategies for dealing with the problems of poverty and discrimination faced by Black Americans at . the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries.

Using the essay toronto documents and your knowledge of the period 1877-1915, assess the appropriateness of each of these strategies in the historical context in which each was developed. In reference to the years between 1877 and paper science 1915, I assessed that, based on between each of. African American , Black people , Negro 1318 Words | 4 Pages. For many years before the actual Revolutionary War, the Americans and the British already had built up grievances and hate between each other. Some may argue . with such tension, war was inevitable. In the famous Declaration of Independence, the Americans not only declared their freedom but also included a list of essay their grievances addressed to King George III. The events leading to these accusations explain the research paper science fair complaints leveled against the King and prove their validity. One of the charges against. American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , Boston Tea Party 1479 Words | 4 Pages. The Labor Movement generated opposition from essay toronto, both the government and the public since them both saw unions as violent and lawless.

The government used force . to control the unions showing their disgust for the black cat edgar allan the views and actions of these organizations. Essay Toronto. Well- organized and growing businesses took the writing essay advantage in toronto, the struggle with labor, so the workers started labor unions. The very first labor union, The National Labor Union was started in essays by michael, 1866. This union lasted for essay six years and had 600,000 members. American Railway Union , Employment , Eugene V. Debs 930 Words | 3 Pages. ?A Discourse to Promote Colonization (1584) 1. Hakluyt’s arguments for colonization included agricultural use of the land, spread of their religion, easy to . travel to (for trade), it would increase money in outline, the economy because they would stop trade with other countries, they could increase their realm with their wealth that they earn from colonization of America, and they could defeat their enemies with their new found wealth. Some of the arguments are more persuasive the others after four hundred. Native Americans in the United States 1613 Words | 5 Pages. Ganigan, Li, Wong 1 Anastasiya Li, Kaili Ganigan, Vanessa Wong Miss Conner AP US History 10 December 2014 . Essay. Historians have traditionally labeled the period after the War of 1812 the cat edgar “Era of Good Feelings.” Evaluate the accuracy of comparative this label, considering the essays on spies by michael frayn emergence of nationalism and sectionalism. Use the documents and your knowledge of the period 1815­1825 to construct your answer.

The Era of Good Feelings, which took place during James Monroe's two terms serving as President of the United States. Marxism 814 Words | 7 Pages. Comparative Essay Toronto. “From 1781 to 1789 the Articles of Confederation provided the United States with an effective government.” This statement is mla term outline, quite bold considering that the . Comparative Essay Toronto. Articles lasted only eight years. In some ways this form of government was effective and in some ways it was not. It did provide the newly formed American colonies with the means to govern themselves in paper fair, the manner that they wished to be governed and set the rules for operations of the United States government. On the other hand, it was ineffective. Articles of Confederation , Massachusetts , Northwest Ordinance 832 Words | 3 Pages. Conflicts Between Great Britain and comparative essay the North American Colonies During the 18th century, many conflicts arose between Great Britain and the North American . colonies.

These conflicts are eventually what led to the American Revolution. Essays On Spies Frayn. These tensions between Britain and the colonies were a combination of both economic interests, and political/social differences. Economic conflicts between the comparative essay two included “The Navigation Law”, “The Sugar Act”, “The Stamp Act”, restrictions on trade, and more. Political. On Spies Frayn. American Revolution , Boston Tea Party , British Empire 1147 Words | 4 Pages. The American Revolution shocked the toronto world; no one had ever expected a small group of colonies to fight for and win their own independence from the seemingly . greatest and most omnipresent country on earth. Americans had worked for and thought about the moment of lds build their freedom for years, and their sense of individuality ran deep. Comparative Essay Toronto. By the essays on spies frayn eve of the comparative essay toronto American Revolution, colonists in America had developed a strong sense of identity as Americans, but only somewhat of unity as a single country. In events.

American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , Boston Tea Party 969 Words | 3 Pages. During the Washington, Adams, and Jefferson administrations (from 1776 to lds build 1807) neutrality was America’s main foreign policy. In determining that neutrality . was the overall focus of American diplomacy, one must assess the deviations from, as well as the success, of neutrality. Neutrality was originally implemented by George Washington in essay toronto, order to maintain the young country’s best interests. However, lapses in neutrality occurred when the government was forced to favor one foreign power, either Great.

American Revolutionary War , Europe , George Washington 1401 Words | 4 Pages. ?Throughout America’s history, few things have left the nation in such controversial turmoil as the Vietnam War. With an American death toll of almost . Paper Science. 60,000 troops, the Vietnam War has gone down in comparative essay, infamy as one of the most tremendous struggles Americans have faced both overseas and on lds build, the home front. Because of the tumultuous controversies caused by the war, Americans split into two social factions – those against the war and those who supported it. During the years of 1961-1975 - the era in. Essay. Cold War , Gerald Ford , John F. Kennedy 884 Words | 3 Pages. Democracy on a Leash (Wethersfield DBQ) Connecticut. Above observation could not be brushed off as the comments from an essays on spies by michael Anglican clergyman, as the comparative laws of 1770 clearly spell these. In essence, the by michael frayn . religious freedom was severely curtailed from 1750-1780. Source: ( DBQ ) Congregational church , Connecticut , Connecticut General Assembly 919 Words | 3 Pages. APUSH DBQ As World War II was coming to an end during 1945, the creation of one of the most destructive weapons known to . humanity occurred within the United States. Toronto. This weapon, known as “the atomic bomb,” was used on the two Japanese cities: Hiroshima and Nagasaki, resulting in a resume, a death toll unprecedented by any military weapon used before and an immediate, unconditional surrender.

Some historians believe President Truman decided to drop the atomic bomb in order to intimidate the comparative Soviet Union whereas. Atomic bombings of paper outline Hiroshima and Nagasaki , Cold War , Franklin D. Roosevelt 949 Words | 3 Pages. ?Caleb Aleshire Mr. Miller APUSH February 2, 2015 Native Americans DBQ (1877-1900) In the late 1800s, Americans were continuing . to expand Westward as they “worried that the Northeast was overpopulated and that, as a result, the country would face the same problems as Europe—class conflict, poverty, and comparative urban ills” (Document I). From 1850 to 1890, the Native lands ceded went from Midwest America to the Pacific Coast (Document A). The Black Statement. This presented a similar problem that they had faced in the past with. Dawes Act , Hawaii , Indigenous peoples of the Americas 998 Words | 4 Pages. Essay Toronto. Miki Zaganjor APUSH (Matson) 9/19/13 Era of writing essay introduction Good Feelings: DBQ The Era of Good Feelings: America's Glory Years In an . aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, feuding powers across the nation, and a general chaos, the Era of Good Feelings marked a period in the political history of the United States that reflected a sense of national purpose and a desire for unity among Americans. In the toronto era, the collapse and downfall of the on spies frayn Federalist party was seen, thus an end to the bitter partisan disputes.

Democratic-Republican Party , Era of Good Feelings , Henry Clay 896 Words | 3 Pages. Sam Maney APUSH 10/24 Block C Both nationalism and sectionalism increased during the Era of comparative essay Good Feelings, however, nationalism became . of greater importance in economics and politics. This is shown in many documents from this time period. They talk about “Our Country” and the US as a whole instead of results individual states. The documents also talk about “Us” not just states individually. Also about creating a “American System” and and American identity, which helps to prove nationalism was of. Economics , Free trade , Henry Clay 317 Words | 2 Pages. Bandie Ouch APUSH , Period 2 December 3, 2013 Chapter 13 Study Guide People/Terms: Seneca Falls Convention- A convention on July 19th and . 20th in the year of 1848 that discussed the social, civil and religious condition and rights of women. This meet up was organized by comparative essay men and women to boost the rights of women. The main focus of research paper for a fair this event was the comparative essay toronto Declaration of Sentiments. Declaration of Sentiments- Written at lds build a resume, the Seneca Falls Convention to announce the rights women should have.

It is modeled. Declaration of Sentiments , Elizabeth Cady Stanton , Lucretia Mott 899 Words | 2 Pages. Annotated DBQ Rubric: Buddhism in China Sample DBQ Question: Based on the following documents, analyze the responses to the . spread of comparative essay Buddhism in China. What additional kind of document(s) would you need to evaluate the extent of Buddhism’s appeal in China? Point # Generic Description Explanation/ Commentary Examples and Commentary 1 Has acceptable thesis. Essays On Spies By Michael. Thesis addresses the specific focus of the question. The thesis should reflect a sophisticated understanding of the complexities. Buddhism , China , Document 1658 Words | 6 Pages. New England and Chesapeake Region Apush Dbq. Comparative Essay Toronto. Monique Pitre Mr.

Watson APUSH 9/6/11 DBQ The settlers of New England and the Chesapeake region may have migrated from the by michael . same origin, but that’s where the similarities end; by the 1700s, they differed socially, economically, and politically. As people began to migrate over to the New World, they started to adapt to the regions around them. This being said, it only makes sense that the settlers would adapt to the strengths of their geography, meaning that regions obviously differed. Socially. Africa , England , Maine 593 Words | 2 Pages. AP WORLD HISTORY Name___________________ DBQ Period ______ Description: Students will research and then create their own . document-based question ( DBQ ) in AP World History.

The DBQ should follow the format used on the Advanced Placement Examination, and students should observe the comparative toronto following guideline: 1. The question should be phrased using one of the following key terms or phrases: • -Defend or refute • -Analyze • -Evaluate • -To what extent and in what ways . APA style , Diary , Following 394 Words | 4 Pages.

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Conclusion de la saison 7 de One Tree Hill - (Les frres SCOTT.) - 2me partie. Stansfert des Spoliers. (Les Frres Scott ) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Et de trier le vrai du faux. (et je vous assure, jai t vigilante, et chaque fois, j'ai vrifi mes sources. Comparative Essay? ) (Article nouveau = en haut de l'article. The Black Allan? ) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Chronique du 26 octobre 2009 - Le crateur de la Srie Mark Shawn serait en relation avec Chad et Hilarie (Leyton) pour les faire revenir le temps d'au moins un pisode dans cette Saison 7. J'ai dj imagin dans quelles circonstances Lucas et Peyton pourraient tre amens revenir Tree Hill. Essay Toronto? Pour cela, il faudrait bien sr que Chad et Hilarie parviennent se librer, mais j'ai bon espoir. O une fabulation du magazine ? Dites-nous quelque chose sur One Tree Hill, pour nous faire patienter ? Haley, Brooke Quinn et avoir une soire pyjama avec une voyante, tandis que Nathan, Julian, Mouth, Skills, et je crois que Jamie, faire du camping.

709: diffus le Lundi 9 Novembre. Ralisateur: Sophia Bush- crit par Karin Gist. Titre: Now You Lift Your Eyes To The Sun - Maintenant, vous levez les yeux vers le Soleil. . Paper Outline? qui traitait du triangle amoureux Julian-Brooke-Alex, le contrat de NBA de Nathan et les choix de Millicent, C'est un super job pour quelqu'un qui est aussi obsessionnel que moi, parce que vous fates 100 choses la fois et ajoute Ma garde-robe pourrait tre apport sur le plateau et je me changerai dans un coin derrire une serviette car Je n'ai pas le temps d'tre ailleurs que derrire le moniteur. Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) retourne sur scne et Brooke (Sophia Bush) reoit une nouvelle qoi changera sa vie. Comparative Essay? Pendant ce temps, Dan Scott (Paul Johansson) revient Tree Hill au grand dam de Nathan (James Lafferty), qui est sur le point de signer un nouveau contrat NBA avec l'aide de son agent Clay (Robert Buckley). Des nouvelles dvastatrices menacent de drailler le conte de fe de Brooke (Sophia Bush) et Julian (Austin Nichols) , et Millie (Lisa Goldstein) est prise dans une spirale qui pourrait mettre en danger sa relation, son mtier et sa vie.

Austin Nichols, Shantel VanSanten, Lee Norris et Jackson Brundage galement prsents. Dan vient voir Nathan et Jamie dans leur maison. Writing Essay Introduction Paragraphs? (Dan se prsente la porte de Nathan. Comparative Essay? Nathan claque la porte au nez. The Black Poe Thesis Statement? Jamie voit Dan la porte et veut lui montrer sa nouvelle chambre. Comparative Essay? ) Nathan et Jamie vont Rivercourt. Je crois que Nathan se rend l'espace des bnvoles pour voir Clay. Nathan, Clay et Quinn sont la maison de la plage de Clay, et ils vont tous Tric o je crois que Haley est la scne. Results Section? Haley a aussi une scne la COB.

710: diffus l Lundi 16 Novembre. You Are a Runner and essay, I Am My Father's Son” Clay, Dan, et le patron de Clay's sont la plage, et pour une raison quelconque. Dan touffe Clay. The Black Cat Edgar Allan Statement? . Je crois que Nathan a une scne dans la Rivercourt nouveau. Le futur en NBA de Nathan (James Lafferty) est menac et la carrire de Clay (Robert Buckley) se dgrade tandis qu'il se rapproche de Quinn. 711: . Essay Toronto? diffus l Lundi 23 Novembre. Aucun indice n'a filtr. 712: diffus l Lundi 30Novembre. Some roads lead nowhere – Certaines routes ne mnent nulle part. Clay a t congdi, et tente maintenant de recruter une nouvelle clientle, Joe Turner, vraisemblablement avec l'intention d'obtenir de lui une place avec les Bobcats. Some roads lead nowhere – Certaines routes ne mnent nulle part.

C'est peut-tre quelque chose voir avec le drame Nathan et son prtendu bb de Rene. Aprs cela Clay semble prendre sa carrire en main. The Black Allan Poe Thesis Statement? et va lancer sa propre agence de managemen de sport. Nathan est un de ses clients . Comparative Toronto? Joe sera probablement l'un de ses autres clients . Mla Term Paper Outline? Alexender, client . Toronto? et d'autres . A Resume? Jouer avec les Bobcats ensemble ? (Car des scnes de basket ont t tournes. Toronto? ) Beaucoup de questions et de suppositions s'imposent. Comme d'habitude, les paris sont ouverts. Du cot twistter. Lds Build? pas grand chose ne filtre. James a Signer pour 2 saisons supplmentaires ? Certainement une de plus Suivant les audiences et la disponibilit de Mark Schwahn. Il parle galement de la SL de Nathan avec cette histoire autour de Rene. Comparative? Il dit qu'il tait enthousiaste car NH n'avait pas encore vcu cela. By Michael Frayn? Il tait content de pouvoir raconter cette histoire. On lui demande ensuite comment se droule la srie sans Chad et Hilarie.

Il dit qu'ils taient tous un peu inquiet de voir l'audimat ragir cela. Essay? Mais, il aime travailler avec les nouveaux acteurs (Robert et Shantel). Paper Fair? Il complimente ses nouveaux collgues ainsi que leurs engagements pour leurs personnages. Comparative Toronto? Ils amnent une nouvelle nergie. Les changements prfrs de James pour cette saison sont de voir Nathan avec sa famille, voir comment il se dbrouille avec la NBA, et surtout voir Nathan voluer dans son rle de pre. Un journaliste lui demande s'il serait prt signer pour 2 saisons. Cat Edgar Poe Thesis? Il rpond qu'il ne sait pas. Essay? Il signera surement pour une huitime saison. Section? Mais, tout dpend de la dcision de Mark en fonction de l'audimat. Comparative Essay? Il rajoute que c'est une possibilit. Un futur bb pour NH ? James rpond qu'il ne sait pas mais que ce serait vraiment bien et possible.

Il sait galement que cela ferait plaisir aux fans. On lui demande galement comment il voit la fin de NH. By Michael Frayn? Il y rpond qu'il voit Nathan entour de sa famille. Comparative Essay Toronto? NH finira ensemble en tant que famille Scott. Il parle galement de ses projets en dehors d'Oth. Cat Edgar Allan Statement? Il dit qu'il dirige toujours SportsArc. Comparative? La coordination sportive dmarre avec son ami Brendan Kirsch.Il parle d'un documentaire « The Hopeful » qui suit des jeunes joueurs de football amricain qui tente d'avoir une bourse scolaire pour commencer leur carrire au sein du football. nous annonce. Promo Kate Voegele VS - One Tree Hill's Mia Catalano. C'est tellement gros. On Spies? mais je ne peux pas, ne pas le souligner.

Le samedi 10 Octobre 2009, TF1, a bien programm deux pisodes de la saison 6. Le 6x10 et le 6x12. Toronto? (en le faisant passer pour le 11 dans les programmes TV. Results And Discussion Section? ) mais juge inutile de diffuser l'pisode 6x11 . Comparative? jugeant qu'il n'apportait rien l'histoire de la saison 6. Sauf que le (ou la) responsable de la programmation de TF1. Dissertation Results And Discussion Section? n'y connat « peau de balle » (la premire image du 6x12 est la consquence de l'pisode manquant. Comparative Toronto? ) Un scoop sur le casting. Writing Essay? La star du NFL et du Hall of comparative essay Famer (tournoi de football amricain et rcompense donne au football amricain), John Riggins a t cast pour interprter un rle rcurrent, le patron de Clay : Ken Arthur. L'acteur occasionnel (dj vu dans Law and cat edgar allan poe thesis, Order et Guiding light titre VO) devrait apparatre partir de l'pisode 10. Comparative Essay Toronto? Ancien sportif se reconvertissant en acteur, il doit s'y connatre en management sportif. A Resume? Donc pour tre le patron de Clay, il connat au moins son sujet. Mark S , nous informe que Jana (Alex) va prochainement tre promue au rang des acteurs rguliers. Toutes les inquitudes sont permises. Que va-t-il (encore) arriver Brooke ? Va-t-elle remplacer Peyton sur le terrain du malheur ? la CW a dj pass plusieurs commandes. la CW fait confiance aux Frres Scott et a donc port sa commande d'pisode 22, soit une saison complte.

Communiqu d' Allo cin (qui confirme): « Quelques semaines aprs sa rentre, la CW annonce une saison complte pour Les Frres Scott et des scripts supplmentaires pour Vampire Diaries et Melrose Place ! pour Les Frres Scott. Essay Toronto? Il faut dire que la srie vieille de 7 ans continue d'tre performante. le lundi soir l o les nouveauts de la chane ont beaucoup plus de mal s'imposer. Impossible donc de s'en sparer. 9 pisodes supplmentaires ont t commands. La saison 7 en comportera au total 22, comme il est de coutume. et 1 million de moins pour son second pisode, The Vampire Diaries. est la seule nouveaut de la rentre de la chane avoir remport l'adhsion. du public amricain. The Black Allan Poe Thesis? La CW joue malgr tout la prudence. et se contente pour le moment de commander.

non pas 9 pisodes supplmentaires mais 9 scripts supplmentaires . Essay Toronto? » Et ne nouveau, cette semaine, il y a innondation de Vidos promo en tout genre. je n'ai gure envie de perdre du temps les rpertorier sur ce blog, car ce soir il y a la diffusion du 7x02 sur la CW. Lds Build? et suivant les audiences, nous recommencerons la valse des images. Pour ce qui est des spoilers. Pas grand chose, part que Sophia va s'essayer la ralisation et va diriger le 7x09. Toronto? affaire a suivre. Attention, Le Nouveau Casino est un lieu in fair, et chic avec ses lustres faon XIXe sicle, son dcor dcal, et son ambiance intimiste. Comparative Essay Toronto? mais c'est une petite salle . A Resume? elle a une capacit de 400 spectateurs. Les places vont vites partir. Donc rendez-vous demain pour la VO du 7x02 . Comme d'habtitude, la synthse, les musiques et la VOSTFR dans la semaine. Bisous, bisous tous et j'espre avoir plus de commentaire que la semaine dernire.

(en bon ou moins bons d'ailleurs. Toronto? ) sign par Chad M.MURRAY et James LAFFERTY. (Les frres Scott) mis en vente sur EBay. H bien, il a t adjug 96 $ US (Frais de port en sus) avec 15 enchrisseurs. Tyler Hilton est de retour en studio ! Il a t occup travailler sur des chansons pour son nouvel album. Cat Edgar Allan? Rendez-vous sur son site. One Tree Hill se rvle tre, non pas seulement une autre srie pour adolescents ordinaires, mais. Fans d'One Tree Hill, srie prfre est de retour aprs sa pause estivale.

et c'est vous apporter un lot complet de nouveaux pisodes pour sa nouvelle saison. OTH dmarre la 7me saison , personne, pas mme les acteurs. n'auraient pu prdire que le spectacle allait tre la tlvision aussi longtemps que a. « Je pensais qu'on serait l pour neuf pisodes et puis ils nous rvreraient chez nous. Comparative? » « Je n'aurais jamais cru que je vivrais en Caroline du Nord tout ce temps. J'tais convaincu et je ne pensais pas que nous serions de retour pour une autre saison.» car ils sont devenus des personnages de l'endroit. « C''tait incroyable parce que nos ctes de popularit n'ont jamais cess de crotre» One Tree Hill a toujours su garder ses fans dvous. Au lieu de suivre la route habituelle, aprs la quatrime saison, le crateur Mark Schwahn a dcid de reprendre la srie, en faisant faire un bond de quatre ans dans la vie de ses personnages. Peut-tre l'un des changements les plus importants seront les dparts. de Chad Michael Murray et Hilarie Burton qui sont absents de la 7me saison. Mark Schwahn a apport quelques nouveaux visages. (Robert Buckley, Shantel VanSanten et Jana Kramer ) afin de dramatiser encore davantage la vie Tree Hill.

Ils y contribueront chacun leur manire. quant la nouvelle saison, malgr la perte de deux personnages principaux. Nous croyons beaucoup la dynamique des nouveaux personnages et leur histoire. de One Tree Hill en tant au rendez-vous. le 14 Septembre 2009 sur la CW 20h. Now You Lift Your Eyes To The Sun.

Maintenant, levez les yeux vers le soleil. (diffusion le 9 Novembre 09. Allan Poe Thesis Statement? ) C'est Sophia Bush qui le ralisera. Une petite interview de James Lafferty (VOSTFR) avec un final 100% franais. car One Tree Hill a gagn l'anti gala dans la catgorie. “Synopsis - 7X03---Diffusion US : le 28 septembre sur CW. Hold My Hand As I'm Lowered = Tiens ma main pendant que je suis faible. Quinn et Brooke organisent un photo shoot, et Mouth ups les enjeux de sa bataille avec Skills. Pendant ce temps, Alex fait Julian (Austin Nichols) une proposition intressante.

Paul Johansson, Jackson Brundage and essay, Lisa Goldstein apparaissent aussi dans cet pisode. Plusieurs acteurs et d'anciens joueurs professionnels de sport. (Dont l'quipe d'OTH. Paper Outline? ) seront la scance d'autographe pour unr collecte de fonds au profit. Wilmington's Officer Down Memorial Fund. Essay? la campagne de financement d'autographes de clbrits. Samedi Belk Independence Mall victoire. les tout derniers spoilers. On Spies By Michael Frayn? Ils concernent l'pisode 7x09. Sara tait sa femme . Toronto? dcde il ya quelques annes,On apprend aini que Sara est bien un fantme, ce qui signifie que toute les scnes avec elle, sont soit des flashbacks ou des visions. A Resume? . Maintenant, il essaie de devenir une meilleure personne en faisant du bnvolat pour aider les enfants. Brooke croit apparemment qu'elle est enceinte.

Brooke enceinte, Dj ? j'ai un doute. Voil 4 mois que l'quipe pensante de OTH nous dit peut prs la mme chose. Avec des mots diffrents certes, mais le fond est le mme. Je pense que pour ma part, ils ptent de trouille face au dpart d'Hilarie et Chad. Et par cette sur-information ils essayent de combler le vide de ce dpart. Alors que la saison 7 de la srie Les frres Scott dmarre en septembre 2009 aux US, les rumeurs autour d'une saison 8 (One Tree Hill - saison 8 - ) commencent prendre de l'ampleur au pays de l'oncle Sam. L'quipe de dpart n'tant plus l, cette saison 7 tait annonce comme la dernire. Toronto? Elle devait mettre un point final l'histoire de Lucas et Nathan Scott. Lds Build? Mais l'arriv de la saison 7 avec une nouvelle dynamique relance le suspens autour d'une saison 8. Toronto? Donc ractions, et audiences surveiller outre Atlantique. Austin Nichols (Julian) a t promu et deviendra un personnage rgulier. Cat Edgar Poe Thesis Statement? Il a sign un contrat pour 2 saisons Donc, si la srie a une saison 8, il fera partit du casting.

A suivre donc, Trs attentivement. Les fans des Frres Scott attendaient ce jour avec impatience. Samedi 5 septembre , TF1 proposait le retour l'antenne de la fiction avec la sixime saison indite. 16h10 , assis dans l'aroport, Lucas attendait ainsi celle qu'il a appele pour partir se marier Las Vegas, savoir Peyton, dans « Le voile est lev ». Essay? Si les deux tourtereaux ont finalement fait marche arrire, ce premier pisode a malgr tout attir l'attention de plus de 1.63 million de fidles, soit 20.2% du public prsent devant son petit cran, dont 31.8% des mnagres et 45.9% des 15/24 ans. La semaine dernire, elle tait sortie de trs mauvaise qualit. et je ne vous l'avais pas mise. Clayton est fier d'un contrat pub qu'il a ngoci pour Nathan. C'est ici. Essay? ou encore ici, si vous ne l'avez pas trouv. Rene dit La photo de ce qu'il s'est pass entre moi et Nathan est dans cette enveloppe

Nathan dit Tu dois arrter a maintenant ! Pourquoi me fais tu a? Pendant ce temps, avec sa carrire dans la NBA qui se dveloppe, Nathan se retrouve sous le feu des projecteurs, avec l'aide de son agent sportif charismatique et ami Clay. galement occupe enregistrer pour Red Bedroom Record, la tentative d'Haley pour tre mre, avoir une carrire et un mari clbre se trouve complique par l'arrive de sa sЅur, Quinn, un esprit libre et qui apporte une rvlation surprise. Jamie reste la priorit pour Nathan et Haley qui ne veulent pas le laisser seul dans l'ombre de leurs carrires respectives. La relation de Millie avec Mouth devient plus difficile quand elle devient amie avec le nouveau visage de Clothes Over Bros, star et vie de star, Alex. Skills doit choisir entre une vie range avec Lauren et son dsir d'une nouvelle et excitante carrire.

Finalement, ayant connaissance que son cЅur peut lcher tout moment, Dan Scott essaie de trouver le pardon dans le peu de temps qu'il lui reste sur Terre. Je vous recommande donc, de la prudence. Je reviens avec quelques problmes de la vie», a dclar Shantel Van Santen qui joue le rle de James Quinn sur la septime saison prochaine de One Tree Hill. Elle a besoin de sa sЅur. Suivant l'importance des news, je referai une autre chronique avant la sortie du 7x01. Ou si, le volume ne la justifie pas, je les mettrai les dernirres infos la suite de celle-l.

Bisous vous toutes et tous. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Le scnario original du Pilot de One Tree Hill (1x01) est en vente sur E-bay. Il est sign par James Lafferty et Chad M.Murray. Comparative Essay? La mise prix est de 12 $ / US . Actuellement les enchres en sont 96 $/ US. Mla Term Outline? avec 15 enchrisseurs. Attention : Pour l'Europe , il faut ajouter 15 $ de frais de port. et compter 10 15 jours de dlai pour le recevoir. Photo promo de cette saison 7. Blog ou des photos (indites) du 7x07.

One Tree Hill en coulisses - Brooke and essay toronto, Julian. Apparemment, l'acteur serait mari l'actrice Allison Munn .. (Lauren - l'institutrice de Jamie et la petite amie de Skills. And Discussion Section? Que le monde est petit ! ) (Photo dans le montage.) Dcidement, les producteurs de OTH ont la trouille que le Leyton aie emmen la srie avec eux. Essay? Ils nous offrent par le Twister OTH. les 4 premires minutes du 7x01. Musique : Quicksand - Bethany Joy Galeotti. Anniversaire Jamie . Essay Introduction? - clip 4.

Partie de football American . Comparative Essay Toronto? Jamie, Andr, Jerry, Quinn, Karen. (Petit rappel. Essays On Spies? C'est James qui dirige cet pisode. Essay? ) Pour couronner le tout, James Lafferty est malade . Lds Build A Resume? Il ne quitte pourtant pas le tournage. Il s'est fait livrer les mdicaments dont il a besoin pour se soigner. Robert Buckley,(Clayton) se tenaient la main avec l'actrice Amanda Schull (Sarah. Comparative Essay Toronto? ) Nous y serons dans une minute. Dissertation? James Lafferty a termin la scne juste temps. Comparative Essay? .. Environ trois minutes aprs le saut, une violente averse de pluie inond la rgion. Mais nous approchons de la fin de la trve estivalle. Dans moins de 2 semaines nous aurons les images de cette nouvelle saison 7.

L'acteur Antwon Tanner qui a plaid coupable New York pour un systme de numro de scurit sociale apparatra dans au moins les quelques premiers pisodes de la nouvelle srie tlvise pour adolescents « One Tree Hill». Porte-parole du rseau CW, Paul McGuire dit que c'est pas clair ce qui arrivera plus tard dans la septime saison de l'mission ci-aprs le plaidoyer de culpabilit Antwon Tanner. Jerry Rice (Star issue du Football Amricain, aux USA) avec Jamie. Photo tire de l'pisode 7x01. Jerry Rice est le cadeau de son 7me d'anniversaire de Clayton Jamie. Photo dans le montage.

l'quipe de OTH recherche une femme entre 50 et 75 ans ayant un look horrible, un comportement et une voix effrayants . Essays By Michael Frayn? Zelda est mdium. Elle fera juste un ou deux pisodes de Melrose, donc a n'entrera pas en conflit avec OTH. Son retour dans OTH dpend des SL. * Sportsarc est une maison de production charg d'organiser des scnes de sport pour les sries tl et films. Comparative Essay Toronto? James Lafferty en est le prsident. Voila le calendrier prvisionnel du planning du tournage des pisodes de cette saison 7.

Dans une rcente conversation tlphonique, Kate Voegele a rpondu quelques questions. Rponse : Ils sont deux dfis cratifs pour moi ; je serai toujours une musicienne. Essays On Spies By Michael? Je ne peux pas imaginer ma vie sans musique. Mon rle sur One Tree Hill t mon premier concert en qualit relle, part ma participation une fte scolaire o j'tais dans les chЅurs. Rponse : Je suis tellement curieuse de savoir, mais je me laisse guider. Toronto? Je suis tomb amoureuse de cette srie. Cat Edgar Allan? Je suis enthousiaste de toutes les propositions que l'on peut me faire. Comparative Toronto? je suis intresse par tout ce qui me dfie de manire crative. Clayton (Robert) et Quinn (Shantel) taient la premire de Destination Finale 4, film dans lequel Shantel a un rle. Voir photos dans le montage. Ils ont t vus la semaine dernire, au restaurant East Hampton, et ils ont partag un dessert froid, base de yaourt. Essay Introduction? Un tmoin oculaire raconte qu'ils taient bien un couple.

Ils doivent avoir bien aim le restaurant, car ils sont revenus le soir suivant, tous les deux. Le twister de OTH fait paraitre l'affiche de cette saison 7 et elle n'a rien voir avec les photos des semaines prcdentes. Comparative? (Qui ne sont toujours pas parues dans la galerie photos de The CW. Dissertation And Discussion? ) Dans le montage de la semaine, je vous mets tout a. . Essay? y compris les nouvelles photos parues de cette saison 7. Bonne semaine vous toutes et tous. Et n'oubliez pas de laisser vos commentaires. Writing Essay Paragraphs? (Sur tout ce que vous souhaitez. Essay? ) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Toujours les bonus DVD. And Discussion? Mais aujourd'hui les scnes supprimes. OTH - SEASON 6 - Get Cape. Essay Toronto? Wear Cape. Mla Term Paper? Fly. Toronto? 6X03. OTH - SEASON 6 - DELETED SCENES - 6x05, 6x06, 6x07.

OTH - SEASON 6 - We Change, We Wait 6X15 I Would For You 6X20. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. et je viens les partager avec vous.. Ils sont dit dans l'article rserv l'pisode. ainsi que dans l'article « Saison 7 - Titres et rsums. Lds Build A Resume? » Interview (en V.O) de ROBERT BUCKLEY (Clayton) : Je vais essayer de vous faire une synthse, car c'est un peu long vous la retranscrire traduite. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Je ne peux pas me permettre de recopier toutes les news ce que j'ai glanes, il vous faudrait trois jours pour les lire. Comparative Essay? (Et je ne vous dis pas ce qui me faudrait comme temps pour les retranscrire. Mla Term Outline? ) Toutefois, j'ai fais de mon mieux, et je vous donne ce qui m'a paru essentiel. Je vous aie mis les liens pour l'information en entier. Essay? Je suis dsole, dans 80% des cas c'est en anglais.

Mais avec le traducteur Google, je pense que vous pourrez vous en sortir. Allez, on essay introduction paragraphs, attaque la semaine par du lger. Rob (Clayton), Jana (Alex) sont tous New York pour un photo shoot. Ces photos seraient un montage, Tant pour l'attitude des personnages, et leur position. (Haley l'oppos de Nathan et sans Jamie) que du dcor en fond. Ce sont les pires des 7 saisons. (Quoique celles de la saison 6, taient au summum au niveau de la vulgarit. Essay Toronto? ) Nouvelles photos de tournage. Paper Science? (Du 17 / 08/ 2009) Un personnage secondaire se jettera du pont.

En collaboration avec la ville de Wilmington, les producteurs. cherchent assurer le tournage ne perturbe pas l'coulement du trafic. Il a t dcid de fermer le « Causeway Bridge » pendant cinq heures le matin du 31 aot. Nous aurons plus de dtails sur les itinraires de dtour le moment venu. dcortiquent ce dbut de saison 7 et font un rsum judicieux. de tout ce dont je vous ai parl depuis 8 semaines.

nous aurons le droit deux pisodes par semaine. Ils vont pouvoir dcouvrir leurs hros prfrs dans une toute nouvelle saison, la saison 6 encore indite en France, diffuse sur TF1 la rentre. Cette saison de 24 pisodes runira Chad Michael Murray qui incarne Lucas, James Lafferty qui incarne Nathan, mais aussi Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz et Sophia Bush qui incarnent respectivement Peyton, Haley et Brooke. Cette sixime saison regroupe donc encore. tous les personnages principaux de la srie succs. Qui Lucas a-t-il appel pour lui demander sa main ? Dan a-t-il survcu l'accident de voiture ? Qu'en sera-t-il de la relation secrte entre Skills et Deb ? TF1 diffusera les deux premiers pisodes.

et Curtis Peoples qui sont les fans. veulent vous montrer un aperu d'une version acoustique de So Young. D'aprs une interview, sur le twister de OTH , Mark Schwahn , Sophia Bush nous parlent de la saison 7. Mark : La saison dernire, le final d'One Tree Hill a envoye Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) et Peyton (Hilarie Burton) vers le soleil couchant aprs s'tre mari. Comparative? et cet t nous avons dcouvert qu'ils ne revenaient pas. Mla Term Paper Outline? Jamais. Pendant ce temps, Brooke (Sophia Bush) semble enfin trouver le vrai amour avec Julian (Austin Nichols) et Nathan (James Lafferty) joue en NBA. Nous nous sommes demands : « O diable allons-nous faire voluer nos personnages partir d'ici ? Crateur- producteur Mark Schwahn nous a donn un aperu de la nouvelle saison, qui commence le 14 septembre sur CW. (Indice : Il s'agit d'un autre bond en avant dans le temps.) L'action se passe 14 mois aprs la fin du 6x24. Sophia ;: Je ne le crois pas.

Sophia : Cela ne va pas loin du tout. Toronto? Dans sa vie, Brooke est trs maternelle avec tout le monde. By Michael Frayn? Et, elle veut une famille. Une petite traduction. Comparative? de la question essentielle. Serez-vous expliquer l'absence de Lucas et Peyton sur la saison ? Nous avons rinvent un peu de temps pour eux, dans le final de la saison 6. For A Science Fair? Je ne veux pas tre mprisant Couple Lucas et Peyton. Mais quand vous voyez les deux premiers pisodes de la nouvelle saison, vous serez soit pour ce nouveau spectacle ou non.

Nous ne parlerons plus de Lucas et Peyton chaque semaine. Comparative Toronto? Nous ne parlerons d'eux que si cela nous aide pour faire avancer l'histoire. The Black Allan Poe Thesis? De toute vidence, ils ont t une grande partie d'One Tree Hill. Toronto? Mais vous aller de l'avant. Petit rajout de dernire minute.

Cela concerne l'acteur Antwon Tanner - Skills - August 21, 2009 By JOHN RILEY [email protected] 21 aot 2009 par John Riley john.riley @ Acteur Antwon Tanner , un adolescent sur le populaire dans «One Tree Hill », fait face 10 ans en prison aprs avoir plaid coupable Brooklyn tribunal fdral aujourd'hui la vente les numros de scurit sociale pour $ 10,000. Tanner, 35 ans, de Californie, a t accus en avril, aprs qu'il a vendu 16 chiffres et trois fausses cartes. d'infiltration de l'immigration et des douanes agents excutant une opration de Brooklyn. Il a dit « US District Judge Carol Amon » qu'il tait un intermdiaire, le nombre de vente qu'il avait t fourni par un tiers non identifi, et qu'il savait qu'il tait illgal parce que les chiffres seraient utiliss. pour acqurir des biens frauduleusement. Les procureurs ont rvl, est galement l'objet d'une enqute, en Californie, mais ils ont refus d'identifier l'objet de l'enqute. Aujourd'hui, le moyen ne couvre pas l'enqute.

Bien que le maximum pour la vente de numros de scurit sociale. est de 10 ans de prison et une amende $ 250.000, sa peine en vertu des lignes directrices fdrales de dtermination. de la peine devrait tre compris entre 6 et 12 mois, selon les procureurs. And Discussion Section? Ils ont dit qu'il n'y avait aucune preuve. que les chiffres ont t effectivement utiliss pour escroquer qui que ce soit. Tanner et son avocat, Gregory Watts, n'a pas de commentaire.

sur le motif de la perptration du crime, malgr une carrire couronne de succs, mais ont dit qu'ils ont plus dire sa condamnation, le 20 novembre. Cette semaine, ils finissent de tourner le 7x05 . Comparative? et amorcent le 7x06. Je vous donnerai donc les scnes du 7x05. (prvu de diffusion le 12 octobre 2009) lors de sa prsence aux Television Critiscm Associations le 3 aut dernier. (Avec Shantel VanSanten Robert Buckley - Quinn et Clayton ).

Il nous parle de la saison 7 et des liens qui unissent les personnages . Il nous parle du devenir de la saison 7. qui en a fait une sommaire. Kate Voegele - The Fit - myspace. La chane Suisse proposera les deux premiers pisodes. de la saison 6 le samedi 29 aot 17h45. Rappelez-vous.

A qui Lucas Tlphone ? Dans le premier pisode de cette saison indite, les habitants de Tree Hill doivent prendre une dcision. qui va changer leur vie pour toujours. 7x05 - Confrence de Presse. Avant de monter sur scne, Clay parle Nathan. Ce dernier a une feuille de papier entre les mains.

Haley vient lui parler, puis ils s'embrassent et se tiennent la main en montant sur scne. Ils semblent tre une confrence de presse. Peut-tre pour dmentir la rumeur au sujet de Nathan et Rene ? Haley habille en noire s'avance et prend la parole. Quant Nathan, il dclare. D'abord, tout ce que je veux dire c'est que j'aime ma femme (ma famille aussi). Je prends les responsabilits de mes actes. Nathan va devoir retenir Jamie de courir aprs sa mre car il ne veut pas qu'on prenne sa maman. Jamie se dbat dsesprment dans les bras de son pre.

Nathan s'assure qu'elle sache qu'il est l pour elle. il treint Jamie pour le rassurer et le garder prs de lui. De son cot, Nathan rencontre des difficults rentrer en contact avec Clay aprs l'arrestation d'Haley. Ce qui entraine un retard pour la sortir de prison. Cela laisse le temps Rene de dire des choses mchantes Haley, puis elle se fait toute gentille avant d'abandonner les charges contre Haley. Jamie sera touch par l'affaire Rene quand ses amis liront l'histoire dans les tablods.

Ses camarades d'cole se moqueront de lui dans la cour de rcr. Rcapitulatif des titres des pisodes - Scnaristes et Ralisateurs. Ralisateur : Clark Mathis. Scnariste: Mark Schwahn. Ralisateur: Les Butler. Scnariste: Mark Schwahn. Ralisateur: Liz Friedlander. Scnariste: John Norris. Ralisateur: Greg Prange. Scnariste: Mike Herro David Strauss. Ralisateur : Peter Kowalski.

Scnariste: Mike Daniels. Ralisateur : Janice Cooke. Scnariste: Mark Schwahn. Ralisateur : James Lafferty. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. ( Merci Andra de sriespoilers , qui nous en a donn les traductions. The Black Allan? ) Julian: Qu'est ce qui te retient Tree Hill maintenant que Peyton est partie? Tu tais revenue pour elle ! Dan: Parfois, les gens disent des choses qu'ils ne pensent pas, ou on toronto, dit des choses qu'ils ne peuvent plus retirer. Clay: Cette fille te dit quelque chose? Elle dit qu'elle a couch avec toi.. Voil, malgr cette priode estivale, a bouge One Tree Hill, et je viens vous transmettre les news que j'ai pu rcolter cette semaine encore. Paper? Commenons par du lger. Bethany Joy Galeotti s'est bless hier ou avant hier sur le tournage du 7x05.

Une petite foulure la cheville. Comparative Essay? Toute l'quipe la mnage pour viter un arrt du tournage. Mais derrire la camra. A Resume? Il a mis le souhait de diriger un pisode ou deux. Affaire suivre. Des allusions la vie de Nathan en NBA ? Il sera une cible. Essay Toronto? Il devra faire face la clbrit, donc il devra se protger lui et sa famille de a, donc a sera intressant. The Black Allan Statement? » Oh la vie de superstar.

Si on comparative essay toronto, se base sur les commentaires de James sur la situation. Allan Poe Thesis? Il apparat qu'il adore a. Nous avons l'arrive d'un nouveau personnage. Comparative? Sara. A Resume? Une ex, petite amie de Clay . Toronto? dont il a t apparemment trs amoureux.

Clay qui s'en veut de ce qui arrive Nathan. Un rle en bivalence . Paper Outline? Oui on toronto, est ami, mais aussi je suis responsable de ton bien-tre et ton image. C'est un conflit amusant entre les deux. Il faut que les fans aiment ce mec. A Resume? Et crent une rivalit : Nathan ou Clay ? Et vous, de quel cot va battre votre cЅur ? La recette de l'ancien OTH est l. Essay? Mais aimerons-nous la nouvelle saveur ? Les producteurs osent. Cat Edgar Allan Poe Thesis? Ils veulent un OTH un peu plus sexy. Rachel demande de s'occuper de a. Comparative? (N'oublions pas qu'ils sont maris. Mla Term Paper? ) Comment peut-il garder ses amis, mais aussi rapporter des infos sur ses amis qui auraient des problmes cette saison ? Il aura pas mal de problmes de conscience qui surgissent sur son chemin. De bonnes choses sur ce qui va se passer pour B. Comparative Toronto? Davis cette saison.

Enfin du bonheur pour notre personnage favori. Alex veut devenir actrice - Julian fait des films. Chase file toujours le parfait amour avec Mia et prend des leons pour devenir pilote et ainsi obtenir la licence qu'il a toujours rve. Episode 7x02: 29 juin 2009 - 9 juillet 2009. Episode 7x03: 10 juillet 2009 - 21 juillet 2009. Episode 7x04: 22 juillet 2009 - 31 juillet 2009. Episode 7x05: 3 aot 2009 - 12 aot 2009. Episode 7x06: 13 aot 2009 - 24 aot 2009. Episode 7x07: 25 aot 2009 - 3 septembre 2009. Voil une semaine bien charge en nouvelles de tout genre. On Spies By Michael? Rendez- vous la semaine prochaine pour un nouveau point.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Nathan Scott: Joueur NBA de basket, mari Haley depuis 8 ans et pre de Jamie 7 ans. Comparative? Il aura des problmes avec une groupie affirmant tre enceinte de lui. Haley James Scott : Ancienne professeur TH High, productrice au label Red Bedroom Records, marie Nathan depuis 8 ans et mre de Jamie 7 ans. Mla Term Paper Outline? Elle doit protger sa famille des ragots sur les infidlits des Nathan. Jamie Scott: Fils d'Haley et Nathan.

Il ftera ses 7 ans en db ut de saison. Brooke Davis: Propritaire de COB et relance la boutique avec l'aide de Millie et Victoria (sa mre). Toronto? Est. Julian Baker : Ancien petit ami de Peyton, est tomb amoureux de Brooke et est avec elle depuis un an. Cat Edgar Statement? Producteur de film dans la socit de son pre. Mouth: Ami de Brooke, Haley et Nathan. Comparative Toronto? Prsentateur sportif vedette.

Petit ami de Millicent. Millicent : Amie et assistante de Brooke. Lds Build A Resume? Elle l'a suivi TH et a rencontr Mouth. Comparative Toronto? Elle est revenue TH et continue d'aider Brooke dans sa relance de COB avec la nouvelle ligne. Victoria Davis : La mre de Brooke reviendra pour quelques pisodes. A Resume? Bitchtoria n'a pas dit son dernier mot.

Elle doit reprendre son rle pour quelques pisodes dans Melrose Place (nouvelle srie de la CW). Mia Catalano : Petite-amie de Chase, elle reviendra pour quelques pisodes aussi. Essay? Peut-tre un nouvel enregistrement. Essay Paragraphs? Elle doit partir en tourne au cours de l'anne. Chase Adams: Dsormais barman au TRIC, on toronto, pourrait le voir plus rgulirement cette saison. Mla Term Outline? . Sam : Elle pourrait revenir faire ses adieux Brooke. Skills Taylor: Uncle Skills sort avec Lauren, l'institutrice de Jamie. Comparative Essay? il continue de vivre sa vie. Dan Scott: Pre de Nathan et grand-pre de Jamie. Fair? Il n'avait toujours pas reu de greffe de coeur et devait mourir. Comparative Essay Toronto? En ce dbut de saison se droulant un an essays on spies by michael aprs le 624, il a crit un livre, a pous Rachel Gatina et possde sa propre mission de tl. Rachel Gatina: Amie de Brooke, Ancienne manenequin de COB (drogue ) est dsormais marie Dan Scott et le soutient dans tout ce qu'il entreprend et le suit o qu'il aille. Toronto? Elle a sign pour 7 pisodes . Nino: Ancien partenaire/ennemi de Nathan, il revient dans cette saison.

Il ne devrait apparatre que dans un ou deux pisodes. Lucas Scott : aprs 6 ans de bons et loyaux (enfin presque) services, Lucas part en pre et mari de Peyton. Peyton Scott : elle quitte aussi la srie aprs avoir finalement russi garder Lucas et l'pouser et lui faire un enfant. Clayton : Ami de la famille Scott, il est aussi l'agent de Nathan et maintient la carrire de celui-ci dans la lumire. Lds Build? Il va devoir faire face aux ragots et tenter de grer la situation au mieux pour maintenir toute la petite famille dans le droit chemin. Quinn James : SЅur d'Haley, elle revient TH aprs s'tre spar de son mari.

Elle retourne ses origines et l o elle a grandi et retrouve sa sЅur, son beau-frre et son neveu. Comparative Essay Toronto? Son mari viendra lui rendre visite dans au moins 3 pisodes (703-705). Alex : Jeune mannequin. Research For A? Elle sera l'grie de la nouvelle ligne de vtement cre par Brooke pour COB. Comparative Toronto? Elle risque d'ailleurs de poser quelques problmes par rapport la nouvelle ligne. Miranda Stone : Envoy par LA pour s'occuper de Red Bedroom Records. Writing Introduction? la bote de production de l'ancien boss de Peyton tentera peut-tre de rcuprer le label de Peyton, qui sait ? Rene: Jeune femme cherchant la clbrit tout prix. Comparative? Elle prtendra tre enceinte de Nathan aprs l'avoir vu deux fois. Results And Discussion Section? Elle attirera la presse et essaiera de salir la famille Scott au risque de faire clater la colre d'Haley qui la giflera et finira en dtention. Courtney:Haley la rencontre lors de son petit sjour en dtention. Essay Toronto? Courtney trompe de nombreuses reprises par son mari raconte Haley que ce sont ce que font tous les hommes, tromper et mentir.

Elle apparait dans le 705. 701: 4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad) = 4h30 (apparemment ils s'en vont) 702: What Are You Willing To Lose = Qu'tes-vous prt perdre. 703: Hold My Hand As I'm Lowered = Tiens ma main pendant que je suis faible. 704: Believe Me, I'm Lying = Crois-moi, je mens. 705: Your Cheatin' Heart = Ton cЅur trompeur.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Je vous les ai regroupes par pisodes. J'ai aussi de nouvelles photos, je vous les mettrais en montage. (Et souvenenez-vous, je vous en ai dja parl,) Nous souhaitons galement un Joyeux anniversaire Shantel alias Quinn - sa jumelle astale- Apparition de nouveaux personnages. Nous avons retour de Rachel et Dan en tant que Couple. Paper Outline? (. Toronto? ) 7x01 – Diffusion le 14 Septembre 2009. Titre : 4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)” by lds build, Roger Waters. Avec Lucas et Peyton partis, Nathan doit grer sa carrire en NBA, Haley a repris Red Bedroom Records, et a traiter avec le retour de sa libert d'esprit 26 ans, et le retour de sa sЅur, Quinn.

Brooke est toujours heureuse avec Julian. Rene, la groupie, se montre la fte d'anniversaire de Jamie. Toronto? Elle parle brivement Nathan et lui demande si elle peut prendre une photo avec lui. Research Science? Il accepte puis elle lui demande si il se souvient d'elle. Comparative? A la fin de l'pisode, Clayton va voir Nathan et Clayton lui dit que cette femme prtend avoir couch avec lui (Nathan) et qu'elle a l'intention de le rvler. 7x02 : Diffusion le 21 Septembre 2009. Titre : “What Are You Willing To Lose” by mla term outline, Lucero. Traduit : Qu'est-ce que vous tes prt perdre. Mia et Haley en sont dj un million de vente de son album. Dan trouve un confident.

Nathan souffre d'tre loign de ceux qu'il aime, tandis que Clayton (son agent) lui rappelle qu'il est en NBA. Rachel Gatina est de retours Tree Hill. Et Tree Hill est secou nouveau, lorsque la mort vient les frapper. Au bar, Nathan va la rencontre de Clay et lui demande ce qu'elle lui a dit. Essay? Clay parle de la soire o ils sont alls il y a deux mois et comment ils taient trash, puis il lui remet un dossier. Lds Build? Nathan l'ouvre et y dcouvre une chographie. Comparative Toronto? Clay lui dit que la fille est enceinte de deux mois. 7x03 : Diffusion le 28 Septembre 2009.

Titre : Hold My Hand As I'm Lowered” by writing introduction, Noah and comparative essay toronto, the Whale. Traduit : Tenir ma main quand je suis tomb. Nathan est de retour la maison pour les funrailles. Dan montre du respect. Nathan, Jamie, Haley se recueille sur la tombe de Quentin. Quinn va au Tric et rencontre un gars.

Julian est frapp par Alexis, Marvin a une offre d'emploi pour une nouvelle station de New York. Rene montrant la photo d'elle et Nathan la soire d'anniversaire de Jamie, et une photo d'elle et Nathan la soire o ils boivent, tout souriant, Nathan ayant son bras autour d'elle. J'assistai la dernire scne du jour qui n'a pas encore t rapport. Lds Build? Aprs avoir tourn au restaurant Mayfaire, ils ont chang d'endroit pour une autre partie derrire le Mayfaire pour ce qui paraissait tre une scne tourne LA. Ils filmaient une scne avec Dan et Rachel sortant d'un restaurant ensemble et rentrer dans une limousine. Comparative Toronto? Dan s'arrte avant d'y entrer, il voit un sans-abri et s'approche de lui.

C'est la vido de l'audition du sans-abri, c'est cette scne numro 24. Le livre dont Dan parle c'est. Introduction Paragraphs? son propre livre! Je l'ai vu parce que le crew n'arrtait pas de l'enlever et le remettre du sac aprs la scne. Comparative? Dan s'avance, ils parlent, Dan lui donne le livre et le signe. Outline? Le nom du livre de Dan est Scott Free.

Au del de a, il apparait que Dan et Rachel sont ensembles . Dan embrasse Rachel sur la joue et l'aide entrer dans la limousine. En dehors de la scne, quand le cast tait l et tranait, Rachel (Daneel) montrait son gros et lourd diamant sa main qu'elle avait pour la scne et a dit Je pense qu'ils vont devoir la changer. Comparative? Je ne sais pas si la bague signifie qu'elle est fiance Dan maintenant ou pas mais il apparait que oui. C'est tout ce que je peux dire, c'tait une scne trs courte. Cat Edgar? Dan et Rachel sortent. Essay? Dan parle au sans-abri. Writing Introduction Paragraphs? Il lui donne et signe son livre. Comparative Essay Toronto? Ils entrent dans la limousine et partent. Un nouveau personnage sera prsent cette saison pour quelques pisodes.

Il s'agit de Rene. Lds Build? joue par Kate French , Au bar, Nathan va la rencontre de Clay et lui demande ce qu'elle lui a dit. Comparative? Clay parle de la soire o ils sont alls il y a deux mois et comment ils taient trash, puis il lui remet un dossier. Essay Introduction? Nathan l'ouvre et y dcouvre une chographie. Comparative Toronto? Clay lui dit que la fille est enceinte de deux mois. Mais il annule des dates de sa tourne.

Pour couter les nouveaux morceaux. The Black Cat Edgar Poe Thesis? c'est ici. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. D'aprs onetreehillblog KateVoegele sera de retour dans la saison 7. Est-ce que Chad Michael Murray et Hilarie Burton faire tout guest apparitions sur One Tree Hill cette saison? Nos sources nous disent qu'il est peu probable que nous verrons HM CMM ou encore sur One Tree Hill, mais peut-tre en finale. Brooke et Julian seront-ils encore ensemble?

Les signes semblent montrer que oui Va t-il y avoir un autre saut dans le temps de nouveau cette anne? Rien de comparable la saison cinq, mais One Tree Hill reviendra 1 an essay toronto plus tard, cet automne. Mla Term? Aujourd'hui elle a 27 ans. Les rumeurs la dit avec Jeffrey Dean Morgan . Comparative Toronto? ( Denny Duquette dans Grey's Anatomy). la saison 7 aura le droit a son triangle amoureux devinez entre qui ? Brooke Julian et Alexis! . Lds Build? On annonce dj un tiangle amoureux entre Brooke, Julian et Alex. Essay? (L'grie de COB. On Spies? ) . Comparative Essay? Pour notre amie Laura. Voila les nouvelles photos du blond (Chad) . Section? avec Kenzie.

Pour Amandine. Comparative Essay Toronto? (Y'aura pas de jalouse. The Black Allan Poe Thesis? ) Voila la dernire photo du brun. Essay Toronto? (James) lors d'un match avec les Bobcats. Qui est cette petite fille ? Photo ici. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Je vous mets vite les infos en vitesse.. Fin des enchres le 3 juillet 2009 9h58 (Heure locale. Paper For A Science Fair? ) Le maillot de Nathan pour les Bobcats. Comparative Essay Toronto? est cr. c'est bien Shantel VanSanten qui a t retenue. Beaucoup d'entre vous se sont poss la question. sur la fille la blonde (de la semaine denire. Paper Fair? )? ou La brune (de cette semaine. Comparative Essay? )? (En fait c'est la mme personne. Cat Edgar Poe Thesis? avec couleur et coiffure diffrentes. Comparative? ) Et je pense qu'elle va apparaitre en brune dans le rle de Quinn James. Et vous, comment la prfrez-vous ? Skills de retour pour cette saison 7. Pour des scnes de Dan. Cat Edgar Allan Poe Thesis? (Mme pas mort !)

Jamie souhaite son anniversaire dans le 7x01. Cela va-t-il servir le bond dans le temps ? Alors 6, 7, ou 8 ans ? (Photo du gateau dans le montage photos. Essay? ) - Alex (manequin vedette de COB) - vient d'tre choisie. C'est la belle Jana Kramer, (vue dans 90210 et dans la dernire saison de Friday Night Lights. Writing Introduction? ) - et. Toronto? dcs de Michael Jackson (50ans- de . Essay Introduction? ) Auteur compositeur. Comparative Essay? chanteur de gnie (on retiendra Thriller entre autre. Paper? ) ;;;et Farrah Fawcett.(62 ans - d'un cancer du colon. Comparative Essay Toronto? ). (Drle de dames et l'ge de cristal - entre autre. Results And Discussion? ) Daneel Harris (Rachel. Comparative Essay Toronto? ) pourrait faire son retour Tree Hill. pour la saison 7, du moins pour quelques pisodes. Aprs l'attribution du rle de Clayton, voila celui de Quinn James . Lds Build A Resume? (La soeur de Haley) revenue Tree Hill suite une dception amoureuse. Essay Toronto? Il s'agit de Shantel VanSanten (Elle arrive de la mme srie que Robert Buckley. One Tree Hill a dsormais son Twitter , C'est ici. Pour couter son dernier morceau. Results And Discussion Section? c'est ici. Barbara Alyn Woods (Deb Scott) dans Port City Sont prsents galement, Matt Lutz, Jodie Sweetin, Natalie Canerday, et John Wesley Shipp!

Dans la catgorie : Meilleur acteur : Chad M.Murray pour le rle de Lucas dans OTH. Meilleur second rle fminin : Kate Voegele pour son rle de Mia dans OTH. Meilleure srie dramatique : One Tree Hill. Comparative Toronto? (Les frres Scott.) Des nouvelles photos sont disponibles pour J. Lds Build? Lafferty. Essay? C'est ici. A l'occasion de l'ouverture de leur restaurant , les Galeotti ont fait une sance photo. Dissertation And Discussion Section? Les clichs seront affichs dans le restaurant.

Pour les dcouvrir, c'est ici. Robert Buckley , qui a jou la clbre Kim Raver de Lipstick Jungle garon jouet et par la suite fait un tour sur les privilgis, va refaire surface cet automne sur le plateau de One Tree Hill. R. Comparative? Buckley sera Clayton, l'agent sportif de Nathan joueur en NBA. Outline? Source TVGuide. Essay Toronto? C'est ici. One Tree Hill va voir l'ajout de trois nouveaux personnages pour la saison 7. Outre Clayton, les deux autres personnages sont, la sЅur de Haley - Quinn, et Alex, un mannequin qui travaille pour Brooke. Mla Term? (Le prnom du personnage Alexis a t court pour Alex. Comparative Essay Toronto? ) Arrive en 28me dans la srie OTH. By Michael Frayn? pour son rle de Dixon : James Van Der Beek c'est Ici. Envie de postuler ? Voil un lien vers une page o l'on peut poser sa candidature pour obtenir un rle en tant qu'EXTRA dans OTH . Comparative Essay Toronto? Tous les genres et tous les styles sont recherchs.

propos de Peyton Lucas / Chad Hilarie. The latest news that I've heard is a resume, that it's possible that Peyton will be coming back, but it doesn't look like Lucas will be. NB : le podcast ne mentionne pas dans quel type de rle Peyton reviendrait : Regular, Guest Star ?? On aurait pu penser qu'un saut de quatre ans en avant, ds le dbut de la saison 5 des Frres Scott, aurait suffit donner un petit coup de jeune (ou de vieux suivant le point de vue) la srie, mais apparemment les scnaristes ne sont pas de cet avis. En effet, ds le dbut de la saison 7, il faudra s'attendre voir les personnages prendre encore quelques annes ! Mais rassurons-nous, il semblerait que l'action ne soit dplace que d'une petite anne seulement vers le futur. James Lafferty, aborde un nouveau Look . CW parle d'un nouveau bond dans le temps.

(Introduction en franais. Essay Toronto? Merci du peu !) Il sera Clayton. Paper For A Fair? Agent sportif de Nathan, joueur dornavant en NBA. Le coffret de la saison 6. Comparative? (zone 1) Sort au USA le 25 Aout prochain. de couleur Brun, cette anne. Introduction? Il comprend 7 disks pour les 24 pisodes.

nous sommes (et l'Europe francophone) en zone 2. Comparative Essay? ) (Son dernier album en 2007' - avait atteint la 27 me place. Lds Build A Resume? ) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Dans la saison 7 de One Tree Hill , nos personnages prfrs apprennent que les difficults de vivre une vie exceptionnelle, ne s'arrtent pas avec la ralisation de leurs rves. Qu'ils trouvent l'amour vrai , qu'ils atteignent des sommets de gloire , ou qu'ils demandent la rdemption pour des fautes du pass, rien de ce qui ne s'est pass avant, n'est comparable ce que nos hros devront affronter pour maintenir leur rve et leurs amitis intacts. James Lafferty - Nathan Scott. Sophia Bush – Brooke Davis, Bethany Joy Galeotti - Haley James Scott. Lee Norris – Marvin. Austin Nichols – Julian Baker. Jackson Brundage – James Scott.

Lisa Goldstein - Millicent Millie Huxtable. One Tree Hill est un Mastermind Laboratoires et Tollin / Robbins. Production en association avec Warner Bros Television. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. # Posted on comparative, Wednesday, 05 May 2010 at paper science fair, 12:50 AM. Edited on comparative toronto, Tuesday, 18 May 2010 at paper science fair, 2:31 AM.

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Essay Writing Advice (for ECPE and C2 EFL exams) Here we tell you how to write an comparative toronto essay that will get good marks in an English language (EFL/ESL) exam such as the Michigan ECPE. The advice would be the same for the essays that candidates have to essay paragraphs write in other EFL/ESL exams such as the essay toronto, IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge CPE exams. First, let's have a look at some actual ECPE exam writing tasks so that we can see the different types of essay that we might have to dissertation and discussion section write. Topic 1: In most families there is one family member who doesn't follow society's rules and often embarrasses the rest of the family by comparative essay, doing or saying something unusual or funny. Research Paper. Describe one of essay toronto your relatives who is like this.

Include several examples of this person's behaviour. Topic 2: Pesticides are chemicals used to essays on spies frayn kill insects that damage food crops. Comparative Toronto. Some people say farmers should not use pesticides because the pesticides harm the environment and people who eat the food. Introduction Paragraphs. Others say that if we stop using pesticides, insects will destroy large quantities of comparative our crops. Do you think farmers should stop using pesticides? Explain the reasons for your opinion. Topic 1: There is science, a saying, Curiosity killed the cat, meaning that when a person is overly curious (eager to learn, know, or investigate something or someone) it can lead to trouble.

Describe a situation when curiosity got you or someone you know into trouble. Topic 2: The production, distribution and use of comparative essay toronto illegal drugs is an international problem that affects almost every country. What actions should be taken to reduce the production, distribution or use of illegal drugs around the world? Discuss. Topic 1: Everyone has different opinions about by michael frayn what makes someone a good parent.

What three qualities do you think are the most necessary to be a good parent? Why are these qualities important? Discuss, giving examples. Topic 2: Unemployment is a problem facing many countries today. Should the government and/or businesses take an active role in comparative essay toronto reducing unemployment?

Discuss, providing reasons. Topic 1: Some psychologists believe that there is more to intelligence than what traditional intelligence tests measure (mathematical verbal ability). They say there are many kinds of intelligence and paper fair many ways to be smart. Besides mathematical and linguistic intelligence, in what other ways do you think people are smart? Be specific in your discussion and provide concrete examples. Topic 2: Most people agree that it is important for co-workers to have good relationships. Comparative Essay. However, a recent survey suggested that friendships at work can also cause problems. In what ways can friendships at work be harmful.

Discuss, giving specific examples. 2004 (Only one topic provided in the sample from ELI-UM) The United States government recently passed a law that would punish schools whose students do poorly on national exams. Some people think that schools should not take all the blame. In your opinion, what factors influence students' performance? Discuss, giving specific examples to support your point of cat edgar allan poe thesis view. 2010 Topic 1. Some people believe that body language shows more about peoplea€™s true feelings than spoken language. Body language includes peoplea€™s facial expressions, hand gestures, and toronto posture. Do you believe we can tell more from body language than from what people say?

Be specific and give concrete examples in your response. Topic 2. Every generation of research paper people is comparative essay toronto, different from the previous one. What is one important way in which your generation is different from your parentsa€™ generation? How will this difference affect your country or culture? Give specific details and reasons to paper fair support your viewpoint. Looking at these examples, there are two obvious types of essay question: descriptive and discursive (i.e. presenting arguments and comparative toronto opinions). Some students who have experience of creative writing in their own language may find it easy to write the descriptive essay, but in our experience the writing essay, majority of students feel more comfortable with the discursive essay, partly because it is usually possible to comparative toronto use a formula and a number of set phrases. Note that there is not always a descriptive essay option, but (as far as we know) there will always be at least one discursive essay task.

On the rest of this page we will concentrate on the discursive essay. Plannning can seem like a waste of dissertation and discussion section time, but it isn't, especially when time is short and there is no possibility of redrafting the essay. So after you have made sure that you have understood the topic correctly, give yourself a couple of comparative essay minutes to note down some ideas you could mention in research paper for a science your essay. If you can quickly think of five or six, pause to decide which two or three you want to develop in your essay. Choose ideas that you know you have the essay, vocabulary to discuss. If it is appropriate or necessary to mention examples, choose ideas that you know you have examples for. You will get marks for how well-organised your essay is, which means you are likely to lose marks if you just start writing about the first idea that comes into by michael frayn your head. Every discursive essay needs an introduction and a main body.

Normally a final paragraph that rounds off the essay is needed, but examiners know that time could easily run out before you manage to round off your essay. Not having a concluding paragraph will probably not matter much; not having a good introduction will matter a great deal. Begin by redescribing the phenomenon, the trend or the debate that is the focus of the essay question. In a short ECPE essay this might only need one or two sentences. In the past, it seemed obvious to many that the only reliable test of intelligence was one which assessed a person's ability to reason, especially the ability to essay toronto see patterns in words, numbers and symbols. In recent years, however, there has been a growing suspicion that those IQ tests assume a conception of intelligence that is too narrow. End your introduction either by: 1 briefly stating the a resume, point of view you are going to defend. As I see it, musical and sporting abilities are two of the skill areas that deserve to be regarded as forms of intelligence.

2 stating what you are going to do in the rest of the essay. In this essay I will look at comparative essay, two skill areas that deserve to be regarded as forms of intelligence. 3 stating the two different points of cat edgar allan poe thesis statement view that you are going to consider. Although the comparative essay toronto, vast majority of frayn farmers look upon pesticides as invaluable, some consumers and pressure groups have spoken out against them. 4 stating the question you are going to essay answer. This raises the question of whether the benefits of pesticides outweigh their drawbacks.

If the essay question specifically asks about your opinion, it might be better to the black poe thesis briefly state this at the end of the introduction, without giving any details or arguments (but it is not absolutely necessary, especially if you don't have a firm opinion). If you want to look at different points of essay toronto view before you weigh them up and give your final assessment, it might be better to use techniques three and four above. This needs two paragraphs, each of which should develop one point. Depending on essays frayn the essay task, you might need to comparative essay describe examples (as in on spies by michael frayn the question about intelligence), discuss different points of view, describe causes, make suggestions, and give reasons for your point of view. Below are examples of comparative essay paragraphs that do each of these things. The exceptional bodily control seen in some athletes and dissertation results dancers could definitely be viewed as a form of intelligence. The ability of a ballerina, for instance, to maintain perfect balance and comparative toronto turn her movements into a work of art can only paper outline be developed with years of strenuous training.

In a sense, ballet has its own language, and it seems reasonable to comparative toronto compare the skill of using this language with the skill of on spies by michael frayn using the verbal language that has been traditionally tested when measuring a person's IQ. Admittedly, performing in a ballet does not involve as much thought as solving problems in an IQ test, but that does not seem to me to be a good reason to exclude this as a form of comparative intelligence. Discussing different points of dissertation view. There are those who argue that the government should not interfere much in the economy, even if there are concerns about the level of unemployment. It is comparative essay, said that the rate of on spies unemployment will fall naturally if there is economic growth, and the best way to guarantee economic growth is to comparative allow the results and discussion, market to comparative essay toronto develop without government interference. Cat Edgar. Those with this point of comparative toronto view accept that the government has a responsibility, but they insist that it should not go beyond providing a minimal unemployment benefit to those who are temporarily out of work.

Describing causes and making suggestions. One of the reasons why some children fail at school is poverty. Students will only make good progress if they do their homework well, but a child from a large and poverty-stricken family who does not have a quiet room at research fair, home in which to study will not be able to do her homework well. Furthermore, in essay toronto poor families the on spies, parents sometimes have a very low level of education and may even have a negative opinion about the importance of education. In these cases, they will not be able to give the help and encouragement that the child needs.

Giving reasons for your point of comparative essay view. One very powerful argument against pesticides is research paper for a science, that they are harmful to humans. Chemicals can only be used as pesticides if they are toxic either to plants or animals. These are poisons, and it is hardly surprising that chemicals that are poisonous to some forms of plant life, for instance, also have detrimental effects on human health. Eating rice that has been sprayed during storage and transport to prevent it being eaten by insects may not make us ill immediately, but by continually eating sprayed fruit and vegetables it is almost certain that we increase our risks of suffering from cancer. Use this paragraph to re-emphasize the main point or points you want to make, or to weigh up the opinions presented earlier in the essay. Then add a comment about, for instance, why this is so important, or about how difficult or easy it will be to change things, or about the likely consequences if we do nothing. In conclusion, for the sake of comparative both the environment and human health drastic reductions in our use of pesticides must be made. Admittedly this will not be easy, since they have become such an paper for a fair important part of essay toronto modern agriculture. Lds Build. However, if there is enough investment in research into alternatives I am optimistic that we will be able to phase out the use of these harmful toxins. Try to avoid simply repeating what you have already said.

This can be particularly difficult, especially when the essay task merely involves describing different aspects of something (like the essay, forms of intelligence). To sum up, it is essays on spies by michael, clear that the comparative essay, ability to lds build do the old-fashioned IQ tests is not the only form of intelligence. Toronto. Not only are music and movement areas where we can see how smart people are, but there are also many others. It is wonderful that we are now appreciating this variety instead of giving a privileged place to one narrow set of abilities. When writing academic essays the usual advice is to avoid expressions that are considered informal.

For instance, expressions with get are considered quite informal, so instead of saying kids will get bad marks, it would be better to say, children will receive a poor grade. One good reason for essay introduction paragraphs, following this advice is that most of the language you have been learning on your proficiency course is formal, and so by choosing a formal register (as we call it) you give yourself more opportunities to show what you have learnt on the course. However, you may be surprised to essay toronto see that the sample essay from Michigan which was given an honors grade begins with a very informal conversational style. OK, so your son got a low score in his IQ tests. Don't be discouraged since this does not mean he is not intelligent. It simply means they may not have tested his main intelligence. More and more reassuring news is coming from new research. These new studies indicate that there is by michael, more to intelligence than the traditional mathematical and linguistic intelligence. In his notes, the examiner calls this a strong beginning, but not everybody would agree. (By the way, the comparative toronto, rest of that essay didn't use a conversational style.) Our advice is to use more formal and lds build sophisticated language wherever you can because this will give better proof that you have become a proficient user of the kind of academic English that makes up most of the ECPE exam.

Do make sure you have understood the essay toronto, task correctly. Do ask if you are not sure about the task. Do spend a couple of mla term paper minutes thinking of ideas, choosing the essay toronto, best ones and the order you will discuss them in. Do try to have a good introduction. This creates the first impression on the examiner, and first impressions are very important. Do show that you appreciate how complex the topic is the black poe thesis statement, (vital if you want to get a rating of A or B) Do make sure that each paragraph in comparative the main body of the black your essay has a clear topic. Do develop your ideas by giving arguments for comparative, the opinions you mention, and/or giving examples, or drawing a contrast, or by acknowledging the opposite point of paper for a science fair view (if you have not planned to do that in the following paragraph). Comparative Toronto. Do imagine that you are writing for someone who is not quite as well-informed as you are, so that you really have to make your points clear. Do try to use a good range of vocabulary.

Do not just use the simplest expressions that come to mind first, and avoid repeating the same words if you can. Do find ways to avoid the research science fair, sort of comparative essay toronto repetition seen here: A major health hazard nowadays is pesticides. Pesticides are widely used in modern agriculture. On Spies. Do use expressions such as On the comparative, one hand, Secondly, By contrast, Furthermore, Last but not least, All in all, etc, where appropriate, to essays on spies by michael make the connection between your sentences perfectly clear. See our list of useful phrases for essays. Do vary the length of comparative your sentences. Mla Term. If all your sentences are either very short or very long, the essay will be boring to read. Do use some of the lovely proficiency structures you have learnt throughout the course.

See our essay grammar structures to get a few ideas. Do not use phrases like, As I said above, which just prove that either you didn't plan the essay or the essay toronto, plan was a bad one. Do not use extremely general sentences that say nothing about dissertation your particular topic (sentences such as There are two sides to every coin. Everything has its drawbacks. Nothing is perfect. etc).

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