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Lord of the flies thesis statement essays

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Lord of the flies thesis statement essays

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ap test essay scores Total Registration has compiled the lord of the flies thesis statement essays, following scores from observation of people Tweets that the College Board's head of AP, Trevor Packer, has been making during June. These are preliminary breakdowns that may change slightly as late exams are scored. Please Follow @totalreg as we Tweet every time this page is updated. Please let others know about these AP Exam Score Distributions Tweet. In 2017, more than 440,000 students registered themselves online for over 860,000 AP Exams at of the flies thesis 1030 schools using Total Registration's service.

Request a no obligation estimate to see how cost effective this service is. Dissertation Process! Schools report saving over 100 hours by simplifying their registration using Total Registration. ATTENTION: The College Board is of the flies thesis statement essays, increasing the suggested AP Exam fee for the 2018 exams to $94.00/exam , a $1.00 increase from faith example last year. Schools will continue to retain $9.00 of the exam fee and will be billed $85.00/exam (for full priced exams). Many schools will charge more than $94.00 in order to cover additional administration costs. In order to flies statement essays, access scores the first week in the color thesis, July, students will need to create a College Board Account. Students can create accounts NOW at flies statement . This table is abelard essay, sortable by clicking on the header. Lord Of The Thesis Essays! AP Computer Science has expanded from books 26,000 to 61,000 students since 2012, when the lord flies essays, most frequent score was a 1. This year: it’s a 5. The most difficult multiple-choice questions for AP Computer Science A students seemed to be the “object-oriented programming” ones. AP Computer Science A students dominated the honors thesis, 2nd free-response question (class design); more than half the lord of the flies thesis statement essays, students earned 8-9 pts out of essay, 9. On the other hand, 30% of AP Computer Science A students were stumped by lord of the flies thesis essays, Q3 (string processing), earning 0 pts:… 105 students, out of 61,000 worldwide, earned all 80 points possible on this year’s AP Computer Science A Exam. 2 students, out of 509,000 worldwide, earned all 130/130 points possible on observation this year’s AP US History exam.

Multiple-choice performance was opposite lord of the flies thesis of AP World History: APUSH students scored best on 20th century questions. Honors! The WWII question scored highest of the short-answer questions, which makes much more sense given how straightforward it is. Short Answers: Q2 (WWII) earned highest scores, then Q4 (Vietnam); Q3 (Reconstruction) was lowest; 50% earned 0 on it… DBQ (American independence, 1763-83), 84% of students were unable to statement essays, demonstrate the synthesis skill. AP US History long essays: 5x more students chose to write on 19th Amendment rather than market revolution. 3 students, out of thesis stanford, 160,000 worldwide, earned all 100/100 points possible on this year’s AP Chemistry exam. Lord Of The Flies Thesis Essays! Multiple-choice: students scored well -- best on atomic structure questions, least well on equilibrium. The most difficult AP Chemistry question was Q6 on process books Mg(OH)2. More than 40% of lord thesis statement essays, students scored 0 on essay it. AP European History scores are in, and thesis statement, are way up, significantly higher percentages of 4s and 5s in comparison to abelard essay, last year’s students. 1 student, out of 107,000 worldwide, our future Secretary of State, earned all 130/130 pts possible on this year’s AP Euro History exam.

Multiple-choice: students scored best on questions on lord of the flies statement essays topics from 1648-1815. Short answer questions: students scored very well on #2 (printing centers) #4 (Scientific Rev). Short answer questions: students struggled with #3 (welfare states); 56% earned 0 points on this question. DBQ skill most students failed to demonstrate on this year’s Glorious Rev topic=synthesis; 74% didn’t show this ability. Most college admissions officers don’t prefer some APs over others; of. 30% who do, AP Euro History is the AP history that most impresses.

These may shift slightly as late exams are scored. Scores are higher than in 2011, when 67,000 fewer students had access. Students generally performed well on multiple-choice questions about population. AP Env Sci students had similar performance on all 4 free-response questions, finding Q4 slightly more difficult:… AP Human Geography scores declined again this year (2017) as the program expanded from 185,000 to 200,000 students. Students scored very well on multiple-choice questions about matter on poetry and american, population, industrialization, economic development. Lord Thesis Statement Essays! students showed solid understanding of rate of the color thesis, natural increase, many scoring high on FRQ2:… Students seem not to have learned about New Urbanism (p.

42 of the Course Desc.); 41% earned 0/7 on Q1:… Students scored lowest on multiple-choice questions regarding Science Practice 5: Data Analysis and Evaluation of lord of the essays, Evidence. Students scored best on FRQ2 (experimental design, forces); Students scored low on FRQ4 (energy, kinematics); Students scored well across the multiple-choice questions, esp on questions about Big Idea 2: fields in space interactions. The only topic where AP Physics 2 students generally did poorly on multiple-choice questions was Big Idea 3: interactions between objects. Essay! Students generally did best on FRQ 2 (experimental design: resistivity) and FRQ3 (lenses, refractions):… Students generally scored lowest on FRQ4, which requires a paragraph-length electrostatics explanation:… Students, out of 55,000 worldwide, earned all 90/90 points possible on this year’s exam.

Many found AP Phys C: Mech FRQ2 (energy; Newton’s laws; kinematics) tough; 10% of students got 0 pts on it:… Students scored highest on Q3 (magnetostatics) and lowest (by far) on Q1 (electrostatics):… AP Phys EM Q2 (circuits) was a great, challenging question; students who can earn half its points meet colleges' standards for a 5. Multiple-choice: students showed very strong knowledge of 1) social/developmental psych; 2) personality/motivation emotion. Lord Of The Thesis Essays! The most challenging multiple-choice topics for AP Psychology students were biology/sensation perception/consciousness. 25% of can poetry and american, AP Psych students knew no concepts in Q2; a good predictor of thesis statement, your AP score is how many of these you know:… Multiple-choice: students scored better on 20th century texts and thesis, prose, than poetry and pre-20th century texts. Of The Statement! Essays: students scored highest on a challenging Smollett passage; the passage is initially daunting, so kudos. Abelard Essay! Essays: students scored lowest on Harper’s poem but some readers mentioned great essays recognizing parallels to lord flies thesis, jazz improv. Multiple-choice: students scored highest on abelard essay 20th century prose texts, then pre-20th, then lowest on 21st century prose.

Essays: students generally performed best on the synthesis re: the future of public libraries (Q1):… The most challenging essay for lord of the thesis statement essays, most AP English Lang students was the rhetorical analysis of Clare Booth Luce’s speech (Q2). The AP Economics scores will be a tough act for other subjects to follow – the highest in years. The Micro score increases=jaw-dropping. These=the highest AP Macro scores in many years. Congrats! A whopping 54 students worldwide earned all 90 out of 90 points possible on this year’s AP Macroeconomics exam. The most challenging AP Macroeconomics free-response question was #2, the money market question:… These may shift slightly as late exams are scored. Students worldwide earned all 90 out of 90 points possible on this year’s AP Microeconomics exam. If you can answer most or all parts of honors thesis, Q1 (perfect competition), it predicts well your overall AP score this year:… When exam scores get better, credit's due to teachers/students achieving more, rather than the lord of the flies statement essays, exam (equated from faith yr to yr) getting easier.

In 2011, the most frequent AP Microecon score was a 1; in 2017, the most frequent is a 4. Lord Of The Statement! Tremendous improvement in abelard essay, student mastery. Many AP Microecon students found Q2 (production costs) incredibly difficulty; 23% of of the, students earned 0 pts on it:… Multiple-choice: solid work across all topics; questions on critical commentary on readings were most challenging. Students scored very, very high when comparing the process, Rivera passage to a work of art (Q2):… The most challenging question for AP Spanish Literature students was Q3, analysis of Conde Lucanor as an example of didactico medieval. Students scored higher this year than any other year this decade: Multiple-choice: students scored highest on topics prior to flies statement essays, 600 CE, lowest on topics post-1910. Reason: too much content? Free-response section is not a stable enough target for teachers/students, as you’ll see from low scores on SAQ/DBQ/LEQs. This is of people essay, why for next year we’re streamlining the rubrics, focusing the free-response Qs on lord of the essays stated periods giving more essay topic options. But what about this year’s AP World History students who had a very difficult free-response section?

Psychometricians + college profs lowered the pts needed for 2,3,4,5 on the color this year's AP WH exam to match the lord statement, difficulty of the FRQs. Essays And American! For all AP exams, profs + psychometricians shift points needed up /down depending on difficulty of questions. (wikipedia: equating). Thus any variations in exam difficulty=removed, so AP scores changes each yr reflect changes in student ability, not changes in of the flies thesis statement essays, rigor. On Poetry! The best example this year of a too-difficult question is the AP World History DBQ, which was very hard for lord flies statement essays, college students AP students. DBQ: 34% earned 0/7 points. 61% earned 0/2 doc analysis pts.

89% did not earn synthesis pt. 72% earned 0/2 evidence pts. AP World Hist long essays: 2/3 of students chose Q3 (20th c power) than Q2 (labor migration) generally scored higher on the exam overall. 95% of students did not earn the synthesis point. Can Poetry Matter On Poetry! RIP: dedicated synthesis point.

My summary of AP World History data: students demonstrate high levels of ability on lord thesis the multiple-choice section. Faith Example! But low levels of ability on the essays. Part of of the flies statement essays, this is due to too-difficult questions and too many skills on the rubric. So we'll improve the stability, focus and consistency of the free-response section and rubrics, as announced already to teachers. But there's also need for essay, more focus on evidence-based writing in class. Lord Of The Flies Statement! Daily writing to the color of water essay thesis, sources= best for AP exam college success. Most AP World History students struggled on the short answer questions: 62% earned 0 on Q1, 53% earned 0 on lord flies statement essays Q2, 48% earned 0 on the color Q3. Ben Hedrick and I will post next week a memo on the AP Calculus online teacher community w/specific details about this year’s scores.

Multiple-choice: students scored very well determining derivatives, while finding the limits questions most challenging. AP Calculus AB free-response: students earned the highest points, on average, when modeling rates (Q2):… The most challenging question on this year’s AP Calc AB exam involved modeling w/separable diff (Q4); 49% of flies thesis statement, students earned 0 points on honors thesis it. 3 students, out of of the flies thesis statement, 317,000 worldwide, earned all 108/108 points possible on this year's AP Calculus AB Exam. Ben Hedrick and I will post next week a memo on the AP Calculus online teacher community w/specific details about faith example, this year’s scores. 1 student, out of 133,000 worldwide, earned all 108/108 points possible on this year’s AP Calculus BC Exam. Students generally scored so high on lord thesis each topic in the multiple-choice section that there’s nothing to single out. Essay Example! Free-response questions: students scored highest on graphic analysis of f’ (Q3):… Students found modeling w/separable diff(Q4) Maclaurin series (Q6) very difficult; about of the flies thesis essays, 24% of abelard essay, students earned 0 pts on them. I once heard calculus described as one of the supreme achievements of the human mind. It’s hard to disagree.

AP Statistics multiple-choice: students knew exploring data sampling/experimentation well, but struggled w/probability/simulation statistical inference. The percentage of AP Statistics students who earned 0 on of the flies essays each free-response question: 1: 25%; 2: 21%; 3: 30%; 4: 17%; 5: 42%; 6: 53%. AP Statistic students generally did a solid job constructing a confidence interval in Q2, the highest-scoring FRQ:… Multiple-choice topics: students earned highest scores on African art, and lowest scores on architecture. Free-response: students scored best describing the ways Ingres’ Grande Odalisque represented traditions changes (FRQ5). To improve AP Art History scores, focus on the skill of attribution; students had lowest scores on FRQ4:… Multiple-choice: students generally found interpersonal listening questions more difficult than interpretive listening reading. Essay! AP Chinese students performed best, overall, in crafting an thesis statement essays, email response (Q2):… The most difficult AP Chinese task for students, overall, was the dissertation process, conversation regarding a study abroad program(Q3):… Very good work by AP French students crafting an email response (Q1), and writing a persuasive essay re: la famille et la communaute (Q2). Of The! Students also generally performed well in their the oral presentations on observation l’acces aux soins medicaux.

The most challenging task for AP French students was the conversation avec Jerome, but scores on this were nonetheless solid. This year’s AP German students demonstrated stronger proficiency than last year’s, so there’s a significant increase in 3s,4s,5s this year. Multiple-choice: students slightly less well in responding to of the flies thesis statement essays, audio stimuli than print and can poetry essays and american culture, combined stimuli. Students generally did a superb job crafting email responses regarding die Kantine an Ihrer Schule (Q1):… Students generally found the oral presentation on flies thesis essays regionale Kulture (Q4) the most difficult task on this year’s exam. Multiple-choice: students generally were more proficient in reading Italian than listening to spoken Italian. Students generally did a superb job composing an email on the theme of famiglia e societa (Q1):… The most challenging task on this year’s AP Italian exam proved to be the oral presentation all’importanza di usare automobili di piccole. Honors! Once again, AP Japanese students generally scored highest on lord of the thesis essays the oral presentation (this year on Japanese geography). The most challenging task for AP Japanese students this year was writing an honors, article comparing/contrasting group vs individual projects. To get a sense of the lord thesis statement, interpersonal communication skills AP Japanese students perform, here are the audio prompts:… Students generally did very well on their persuasive essays on dissertation process del telefono celular en las escuelas secundarias (Q2). Lord Of The Statement! The most challenging AP Spanish Lang task was the dissertation process, oral presentation (Q4) on la importancia de los medios; 7% of students earned 0/5 on of the flies essays it.

Students also scored well on the spoken dialogue para crear un sitio web (Q3):… 1 student out of 256,000 worldwide earned all 120/120 pts possible on dissertation this year’s AP Biology exam. Lord Of The Statement Essays! Looking forward to him/her curing cancer. Multiple-choice section: students scored highest on cellular processes questions and lowest on genetics questions. Free-response: students did very well constructing analyzing food webs (Q4) and evaluating impact of algal growth (Q5).

Free-response: many students really struggled with detecting DNA damage (Q6); 59% earned 0 pts on it:… Don’t try this in honors stanford, public: even most AP Music Theory students found the second sight-singing task very challenging:… Students did an of the flies thesis essays, excellent job on the the first harmonic dictation (Q3) and part-writing from a figured bass (Q5). P Music Theory's gauntlet: this melodic dictation of an stanford, oboe solo; 13% of students were 0/9 on it:… Overall, scores are slightly down this year; stronger understanding of institutions (i.e. Supreme Court) will improve scores. In both the multiple-choice and lord of the, free-response sections (Q1, Q4), AP US Govt students scored lowest re: institutions (Supreme Court, etc.) Students scored well on Q2 (interest groups) and faith essay example, Q3 (entitlement spending):… I find inspiring the lord thesis statement, work of AP US Govt teachers to build an informed citizenry; congrats on expanding access to 24K more students this yr. Students scored high on on poetry and american the short answer questions about lord of the flies thesis, Great Britain, Mexico, and Iran:… The only questions where some AP Comparative Govt students really struggled were 1 (regime change v. change in govt) and essay, 5 (rule of law).

Multiple-choice: students generally performed best on the Vergil syllabus readings, and least well on prose sight reading. Free-response: students generally performed well on lord of the essays the Marcellus passage from the Aeneid, Book 6 (Q4):… The most challenging AP Latin question for matter and american culture, most students was the translation from of the flies essays Book 5 of Caesar’s Bellum Gallicum (Q2). In solidarity w/AP Latin students, I read the Aeneid this year; my favorite part was Book 2 (fall of faith, Troy) -- thrilling stuff. Studio Art Drawing 2D Portfolios are the strongest yet this decade, achieving a big jump in flies statement essays, 5s this yr. 14 students, out of 20,000 worldwide, earned all 72/72 points possible on this year’s AP Studio Art-Drawing portfolio. Across the AP Studio Art portfolio types, students consistently scored highest on the Quality section, lowest on the Breadth section. Sxtudio Art Drawing 2D Portfolios are the of people, strongest yet this decade, achieving a big jump in flies essays, 5s this yr.

9 students, out of 33,000 worldwide, earned all 72/72 points possible on this year’s AP Studio Art-2D Design portfolio. Across the AP Studio Art portfolio types, students consistently scored highest on the Quality section, lowest on matter on poetry and american culture the Breadth section. 4 students, out of 5,500 worldwide, earned all 72/72 points possible on this year’s AP Studio Art-3D Design portfolio. Across the AP Studio Art portfolio types, students consistently scored highest on the Quality section, lowest on the Breadth section. 3 students, out of 20,000 worldwide, earned all 150/150 points possible in lord flies thesis essays, this year’s AP Capstone Seminar program. Abelard Essay! Students scored well on the end-of-course exam, which is lord of the thesis, all writing, no multiple-choice. Here’s a copy:… Students examine topics through an abelard essay, interdisciplinary approach – arts, science, history, lit, soc studies:… AP Research students generally created stronger research projects this year, so there’s a significant increase in the percentage of 4s, 5s. Of The Flies Statement! The most difficult AP Research students to demonstrate in their papers was select use evidence. 43% only earned 2 of these 6 pts.

Students' strongest skill: understand analyze context. 50% of students earned all 6/6 pts for this skill on their papers. Multiple-choice: students scored exceptionally well, and generally aced the questions on global impacts analyzing impacts. The lowest scoring AP CSP questions (but still solid): interpreting data abstraction evaluating algorithms, essential for a 3 or higher. We have been helping high schools automate and organize the AP*, PSAT/NMSQT* and IB* exam registration processes since 2007. Our services allow students to register for their high school's tests using an online form customized for their school. * AP and can poetry matter, Advanced Placement are registered trademarks of the College Board which is lord of the statement, not affiliated with Total Registration nor does it endorse this service.

* PSAT/NMSQT is faith example, a registered trademark of the College Board and the National Merit Scholarship Association, which are not affiliated with Total Registration and does endorse this service. * IB and IB Programme are registered trademarks of International Baccalaureate. Lord Statement Essays! Total Registration has been developed independently from and is not endorsed by the International Baccalaureate (IB)

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Korean Drama Essays and flies statement essays, Research Papers. 1, 2 and 3. I am not sure which year it was that I became a Korean drama fan but I think it was when I was Primary 5. I am . a Korean drama fan but that doesn’t mean that I like all Korean dramas . Abelard Essay! I watched many Korean dramas like Beethoven’s Virus, Shinning Inheritance, and Il Ji Mae…..but only a few really attracts my attention like Boys Over Flowers, He’s Beautiful and Playful Kiss. I was not only interested in Korean dramas but also in their songs, bands and food. I knew that the CRUCIAL EXAMINATION. Education , Family , High school 1519 Words | 3 Pages.

A1M011018 Signature : THE EXCESS OF KOREAN DRAMA Korean Drama , who don’t know about it? . Lord Of The Thesis Statement! Korean Fever is infecting the world. Honors Thesis Stanford! Korean dramas are very popular with good story, fun, and always make us curious. It could make the people who enjoyed drama infatuated with Korean Drama and can not wait to watch the sequel. Some people even become Korean addicted, they may watch Korean Dramas they like for of the many times without ever getting bored. Abelard Essay! Many of Korean Dramas have become popular throughout Asia and. Actor , Drama , Entertainment 575 Words | 2 Pages.

Literature Review Today Korean popular culture considered as the most successful and well-known entertainment industry. Since 1990s, the . phenomenon “Hallyu” mostly recognized as “ Korean Wave” spread out far away from its mother land and surprisingly made such a positive impression. There are millions of fans of lord flies essays, k-pop over the whole world and in the last three-four years popularity of Korean pop-culture reached Kazakhstan. Kazakhstani channels show various TV dramas and a lot of abelard essay, music videos. So. Dae Jang Geum , High culture , K-pop 1489 Words | 3 Pages.

THE BOOMING OF KOREAN WAVE Korean wave is phenomenon where the popularity of flies thesis statement essays, South Korean culture increases . around the world. It also refer to “Hallyu” in Korean language. The term was appeared in faith China in mid-1999 by Beijing journalist that was surprised by the fast growing popularity of Korean entertainment in China. It shows that Korean culture industries like films, TV dramas , and other media industries give the positive effect of Korean cultural export, not only the economy but also on their. East Asia , Hangul , K-pop 567 Words | 2 Pages. Trending Worldwide: Korean Wave Rosanna Danica B. Maguad TRENDING WORLDWIDE: KOREAN WAVE Unlike in the past, Philippine . Media is of the flies now a combination of various Asian entertainments. It imports TV series and movies from neighboring Asian countries.

Imported movies are then dubbed in Filipino and matter essays, streamed in lord statement essays our country. ABS-CBN, one of the top TV stations in the country, started to explore foreign TV series last 2003. This was “Meteor Garden,” a Taiwanese drama series. Honors Stanford! Because of the boom of the. Bae Yong Joon , Japan , Korean drama 1765 Words | 5 Pages. Independent Enquiry Study(IES) on the “Impacts of lord flies, Korean Wave Stars on the Personal Development of Teenagers in Hong Kong”. Therefore, I would . Abelard Essay! like to of the flies thesis essays ask that you please help me fill out this questionnaire on the topic.

All information obtained is for observation of people essay the enquiry’s purpose and will remain confidential. Thank you. Personal Information Sex: [] Female [] Male Age: [] 11-13 [] 14-16 [] 17-19 Part A 1. Do you describe yourself as a fan of Korean wave stars? [] Yes (go to question 2) . Hangul , Korea , Korean drama 1173 Words | 6 Pages. the first Korean music video that got 100 million views on YouTube. The Korean singer/rapper Psy then became an international . star that reached the number two spot on the American Billboard Charts and number one on the Chinese music charts. He was even invited on the Ellen Show to perform his dance next to Britney Spears and lord thesis statement, Ellen Degeneres herself. These are prove that the Korean Wave (or Hallyu in thesis stanford Korea) is gaining more recognition not only in of the flies thesis Asia, but also the honors world. With Korean culture in. BoA , Dae Jang Geum , K-pop 1910 Words | 6 Pages.

Korean Tv Soap Operas in Taiwan: an Investigation of Consumers’ Clothing Purchase Behavior. International Journal of lord flies statement, Marketing Studies Vol. 4, No. 3; June 2012 Korean TV Soap Operas in Taiwan: An Investigation of Consumers’ Clothing . Faith Example! Purchase Behavior Hsiu-Ju Hsu Department of Fashion Design and Management, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology No. 1 Shuehfu Rd., Neipu, Pingtung 912, Taiwan, R.O.C. E-mail: [email protected] Received: February 15, 2012 doi:10.5539/ijms.v4n3p16 Abstract In a recent trend, Korean TV soap operas have become extremely popular in Taiwan. This article. Academic degree , Factor analysis , Korean drama 6624 Words | 28 Pages. Asian Social Science August, 2009 ‘ Korean Wave’ — The Popular Culture, Comes as Both Cultural and Economic Imperialism in the East Asia . Xiaowei Huang Zhuhai Campus, Beijing Institute of Technology E-mail: [email protected] Abstract Korean popular culture such as movies, TV dramas , and pop music is overwhelmingly powerful and TV dramas are one of the most remarkable popular cultures of these. They are not only popular in terms of the fanaticalness of lord of the statement, audiences and fans, but also bring considerable. Culture , Imperialism , Korean drama 5866 Words | 16 Pages.

Japan-mania and Korean -waves cultural marketing had influenced many countries including Taiwan, South East Asia and some other parts in the . world. Japan-mania started earlier than Korean -wave in Taiwan and dissertation books, other parts of the world since, Japan recovered and its economics revolution after World War II was faster and rapid than Korea. In Malaysia, in early 2000s, Japanese trendy dramas came into of the flies thesis picture as Takuya Kimura is one of the favourite actor, which it attracted teenager’s viewers more than. Actor , Anime , Drama 876 Words | 3 Pages. The Impact of essay, Korean Tv Dramas on Taiwanese Tourism Demand for Korea. Tourism Economics, 2009, 15 (4), 867–873 Research note: The impact of Korean TV dramas on Taiwanese tourism demand for Korea . Flies Thesis Statement Essays! HYUN JEONG KIM School of Hospitality Business Management, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-742, USA. E-mail: [email protected] MING-HSIANG CHEN Department of faith example, Finance, National Chung Cheng University, Chia-Yi, Taiwan, ROC. E-mail: [email protected] HUNG-JEN SU Department of Management, National Chung Cheng University, Chia-Yi, Taiwan, ROC. E-mail.

East Asia , Korea , Korean drama 2852 Words | 10 Pages. understand my point. After the Korean War, South Korea was one of the lord flies statement essays poorest countries in the world. Koreans had to start from . scratch because entire country was destroyed after the thesis stanford Korean War, and lord flies thesis statement, we had no natural resources. Matter Essays And American Culture! Koreans used to talk about the lord of the flies statement essays Philippines, for Filipinos were very rich in Asia. Of Water Essay Thesis! We envy Filipinos. Lord Of The Flies! Koreans really wanted to be well off like Filipinos. Of People Essay! Many Koreans died of famine. Lord Flies! My father and brother also died because of famine. Korean government was very corrupt and. Asia , Cold War , Korean War 1204 Words | 2 Pages.

The Influences of Korean Wave on Vietnamese Youth During the first two decades of the 21st century, the Korean wave has . spread to many countries around the world, including Vietnam. The Korean wave had a profound influence on abelard essay the psychology and interests of the Vietnamese people, especially the youth. Therefore, the lord flies study titled “The Influences of Korean Wave on Vietnamese Youth” will find out the effects of the Korean wave on young people’s behaviors. Thesis! On the of the thesis other hand, the study also helps. Ho Chi Minh , Ho Chi Minh City , K-pop 2706 Words | 9 Pages. Globalization of Korean Popular Culture in observation of people essay Asia. Globalization of Korean Popular Culture in Asia 1. Lord Of The Flies Statement Essays! Introduction Since 1990s, Korean Popular Culture has had a strong . influence in Asian countries, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. This new popular cultural phenomenon in dissertation process Asia is of the flies thesis statement essays called the “ Korean Wave”, also known as hallyu in Korean pronunciation, which refers to the surge of the color of water essay thesis, popularity of Korean popular culture abroad, particularly in Asia(Kin 284). The “ Korean Wave” is first coined in flies essays mid-1999 by journalists in Beijing.

Culture , East Asia , K-pop 4162 Words | 12 Pages. Korean schoolchildren in North and South learn that Japan invaded their fiercely patriotic country in dissertation books 1905, spent forty years trying to flies statement destroy . its language and culture, and withdrew without having made any signicant headway. This version of history is just as uncritically accepted by most foreigners who write about of water, Korea. Yet the truth is more complex. For much of the country’s long history its northern border was fluid, and the national identities of of the flies thesis statement, literate Koreans and thesis stanford, Chinese mutually indistinguishable. Japan , Korea , Korean language 1255 Words | 4 Pages. The Language of Drama Prepared by: Nicolle Anne F. Racadio Mary Anne C. Garcia Mary Joyce Angeline S. Lord Flies Statement Essays! Driz Reynaida V. Calderon Lovely Mica B. . Abelard Essay! Concepcion Powerpoint Templates Page 1 What is Drama ? ?Form of literature that ? Brecht (1964:15) says that tells a story through the proper plays can only be understood when words and actions of performed. the characters. ? Stanislavski asserts that it is only on stage that ?It is also called a play, drama can be revealed in usually all its’ fullness and. Actor , Drama , Linguistics 628 Words | 14 Pages. are big fans of Korean culture. In order to lord flies statement essays present their experiences of Korean Wave, this paper will be divided into four . sections. The first section will describe demographic characteristics of the the color Korean Wave group in Asia.

The second section is a literature review refering to the cultural background of Korean Wave including Korean pop music, drama , food and so forth. This is followed by flies, an interview conducted with Helen and Hana giving information about their experiences of essays on poetry and american, Korean Wave. The final. Culture , Japanese language , Korea 2373 Words | 7 Pages. ELEMENTS OF DRAMA “All the World’s a stage…” William Shakespeare DRAMA ? Comes from the Greek word ‘dran’ ? Means ‘To act’ or . ‘To do’ ? The doing/acting makes drama DRAMA … ? …is a story told in front of an lord of the flies thesis statement audience. TERMS PLAYWRIGHT- the author of the play ? PLOT- action of the play ? SETTING- time and place ? ACTS- Divisions within a play (much like chapters in a novel) ? SCENES- smaller parts of an act. Essay! ? ASIDE- lines that are spoken by a character directly to the audience. Lord Of The Flies Thesis Statement! ? DRAMATIC. Blocking , Character , Drama 341 Words | 15 Pages. ELEMENTS OF DRAMA “All the World’s a stage…” William Shakespeare DRAMA ? Comes from the Greek word ‘dran’ ? Means ‘To act’ or . ‘To do’ ? The doing/acting makes drama DRAMA … ? …is a story told in matter essays on poetry culture front of an lord thesis audience. The Color Of Water! TERMS PLAYWRIGHT- the author of the essays play ? PLOT- action of the play ? SETTING- time and place ? ACTS- Divisions within a play (much like chapters in a novel) ? SCENES- smaller parts of an act. The Color! ? ASIDE- lines that are spoken by a character directly to the audience. ? DRAMATIC. Blocking , Character , Drama 341 Words | 15 Pages. Jacobean drama (that is, the drama of the of the statement age of James 1-1603-1625) was a decadent form of the drama of Shakespeare . and his contemporaries.

The Elizabethan age was the golden age of the color of water, English drama . But with the turn of the century the drama in England also took a turn. It does not mean that there were no dramatists left. There certainly was a large number of of the thesis, them, but none of them could come anywhere near Shakespeare. Dissertation! Just as after Chaucer poetry in England suffered a decline, similarly after Shakespeare. Anne of Denmark , Ben Jonson , Drama 2205 Words | 6 Pages. History of Drama Ancient Drama The origins of Western drama can be traced to the celebratory music of . 6th-century BC Attica, the Greek region centered on lord flies thesis essays Athens. Although accounts of this period are inadequate, it appears that the abelard essay poet Thespis developed a new musical form in which he impersonated a single character and engaged a chorus of singer-dancers in dialogue. Lord Of The Statement! As the first composer and thesis stanford, soloist in flies thesis essays this new form, which came to be known as tragedy, Thespis can be considered both the first. 19th century , Drama , Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1650 Words | 5 Pages.

Through the centuries, the conventions of drama have been altered in many different ways. These conventions are the setting, plot, characters . and books, staging. The main factor which has been a dominant force during the changes of conventions has been the society. The society present during the time in which a play was written had a direct influence on the plot and essays, characters. This is because drama is defined as a representation of life. Four plays which have been selected from faith essay, Greek, Elizabethan. Comedy , Drama , English Renaissance theatre 1967 Words | 5 Pages. Korean Alphabet | English Sound | ? | g (initial) k (final) | ? | n (initial) n (final) | ? | d (initial) t (final) | ? | r . (initial) l (final) | ? | m (initial) m (final) | ? | b (initial) p (final) | ? | s (initial) t (final) | ? | silent (initial) ng (final) | ? | j (initial) t (final) | ? | ch (initial) t (final) | ? | k (initial) k (final) | ? | t (initial) t (final) | ? | p (initial) p (final) | ? | h (initial) t (final) | ? | gg (initial) k (final). Alphabet , Christmas , Cyrillic alphabet 517 Words | 4 Pages.

The China Incident As a contemporary Australian Drama , The China Incident, directed by Daniel Evans and performed at The Cremorne Theatre on lord thesis essays . the can poetry essays on poetry 13th of February, 2013, replicates modern day realities in a humorous demeanour. Lord Of The Essays! The play, driven by of people essay, success, fear and family, explores modern day issues in which it is told that success is deemed to of the thesis essays be important in society, and a person is either successful with their family or in their career. The China Incident successfully communicates these themes. BEA Systems , Drama , Lugou Bridge 1499 Words | 4 Pages. 1. Types of of people essay, Drama a. Comedy ? When we talk about lord flies thesis, comedy, we usually refer to plays that are light in tone, and that typically have happy . Observation Essay! endings. The intent of thesis statement essays, a comedic play is to make the audience laugh. In modern theater, there are many different styles of comedy, ranging from realistic stories, where the humor is derived from real-life situations, to outrageous slapstick humor. ? Is designed to be entertaining and humorous where misfortune ends in triumph or happiness. It presents characters. Character , Comedy , Drama 1148 Words | 5 Pages. What is abelard essay Realism?

Realism is the movement toward representing reality as it actually is, in art. Realistic drama is an attempt to portray real . life on stage, a movement away from the conventional melodramas and flies thesis statement essays, sentimental comedies of the 1700s. It is expressed in theatre through the use of on poetry and american culture, symbolism, character development, stage setting and storyline and is exemplified in plays such as Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House and Anton Chekhov's The Three Sisters. The arrival of realism was indeed good. A Doll's House , Brian Friel , Drama 1313 Words | 3 Pages. were mistreated from since western culture first settled, and for many years after that. It is the main purpose of stage dramas to bring . issues, such as the lord of the flies thesis essays one mentioned above, and ideas about these issues to life through dramatic performances and the use of a number of various techniques. No Sugar, a revisionist text written by Jack Davis in 1985, is one of these stage dramas . Jack Davis brings issues and can poetry essays on poetry and american culture, even expresses his own ideas about issues such as the injustices of Aboriginal treatment during. A. O. Neville , Assimilation , Australia Day 1381 Words | 5 Pages. Characteristics of lord of the flies thesis, Elizabethan Drama From Elizabethan Drama . Honors Thesis Stanford! Janet Spens. London: Metheun Co.

Of the three types of plays . recognized in the Shakespeare First Folio -- Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies -- the last has been the most discussed annd is clearest in outline. 1. Tragedy must end in some tremendous catastrophe involving in Elizabethan practice the death of the principal character. 2. The catastrophe must not be the of the flies thesis statement result of the color thesis, mere accident, but must be brought about by some essential. A Midsummer Night's Dream , Ben Jonson , Christopher Marlowe 1233 Words | 4 Pages. The Vocabulary of Drama Subgenres of lord of the statement, types Comedy Tragedy Tragicomedy Closet Cycle Miracle Morality Thematic Aspects Deus ex machine . Dramatic irony Tragic flaw or hermartia Unities Speeches Monologue Dialogue Soliloquy Asides Chorus Physical/Technical Aspects Props Conventions Stage Directions Other Terms In medias res A term for Horace, literally meaning “in the midst of things.” It is essay applied to the literary technique of opening a story in the middle of the action and. Comedy , Drama , Dramatic structure 722 Words | 3 Pages. thousand Koreans lived in the main Japanese islands. Lord Of The Flies Statement Essays! This population largely consisted of students, merchants, and workers who entered Japan . during the first four decades or so after the of people essay Meiji Restoration in of the essays 1868. Observation Essay! In the lord thesis statement 1920s, the Japanese economy experienced a shortage of labor.

In response, Koreans seeking better educational and employment opportunities migrated to Japan. Of People Essay! Until the late 1920s, most were male migrant workers who frequently shifted occupations. Most ethnic Koreans were farmers. Japan , Korea , Korea under Japanese rule 1852 Words | 5 Pages. Drama 122 Week One August 19, 2013 Reviewed syllabus and exercises • Teacher’s name is Douglas Dildine • Teacher’s contact . Lord Thesis Statement Essays! information • Required to attend DVC Drama Fall Productions: Zombie Prom and The Children’s Hour • Purchase before shows or get season pass • Course description • Scanning exercise is basis of everything an actor does on stage • Take written word and give it life and essay, flesh so audience will believe • If audience doesn’t believe, why should. Acting , Actor , Drama 1555 Words | 6 Pages. ? Drama Essay “ Drama and theatre in their content and style reflect the society from which they spring” – To what . Of The Thesis! extent is this true of of water essay, contemporary Australian theatre practice? Theatre is a direct reflection of life and society. Any script is written, including their themes and genre, in of the flies statement essays the attempt to draw on and display our surrounding world to thesis ultimately impact audiences. Our unit of lord flies thesis statement, drama including Matt Cameron’s Ruby Moon and Jane Harrison’s Stolen does exactly this, but. Actor , Audience , Audience theory 1156 Words | 2 Pages.

“ Korean wave (Hallyu) was coined in China in mid-1999 by Beijing journalists surprised by the fast growing popularity of of people essay, South . Koreans and South Korean goods in China.” However, the lord of the flies essays phenomenon of process books, Korean wave flows into East Asia especially China during the early twenty-first century. Korean wave covers the craze for South Korean music, TV dramas , pop stars, but also for fashion styles, cosmetics and lord of the thesis statement, electronics. There are many reasons causing Korean wave being a popular mass culture in China. Korean. Confucianism , Culture , East Asia 2090 Words | 6 Pages. Golden Ages of Drama Spain and thesis, England Adam E Barratt Dr.

David Crespy Theatre History – TH 267 Thursday, March 18, . 2004 Golden Ages of of the thesis essays, Drama Spain and example, England If drama is the literature used in theatre, then as a simple definition, a golden age of drama is lord flies thesis statement essays any time period in history that dramatic literature grew a great amount, at a great speed, from where it had started. There have been many golden ages of drama in many different places at many different times. Christopher Marlowe , Drama , Elizabeth I of abelard essay, England 1161 Words | 4 Pages. shown in Korean T.V dramas and lord of the flies thesis essays, movies. This image is often accompanied by a private tutor or a strict parent as the student takes . his or her mock exams. “God of Study” is one of the dramas that show such an abelard essay image and clearly shows what Korean students go through before they get into flies their desired university. The story revolves around five high school students, each with unique problems that restrains them from being the best they could be.

Their problems are representative of honors thesis stanford, what many Korean students. College , Education , High school 1674 Words | 4 Pages. Constructivist approach to drama in the classroom. what happen in drama ? What is Drama ? Drama is the act of using the imagination to lord of the statement become someone or . something other than yourself. It can be done at honors thesis stanford, any place to any period of lord flies statement essays, time. Observation Of People Essay! According to Richard Courtney, a professional in the area of drama in education defines drama as, “The human process whereby imaginative thought becomes action, drama is based on internal empathy and identification, and leads to external impersonation”. Courtney believes also that “life is a drama .” Humans are. Drama , Education , Educational psychology 2169 Words | 7 Pages.

DRAMA : the specific mode of lord statement essays, fiction represented in performance, from a Greek word meaning action, to do, or to act. Essays And American Culture! The enactment of . drama in theatre, performed by flies statement essays, actors on a stage before an observation of people audience, presupposes collaborative modes of production and a collective form of reception. The structure of dramatic texts, unlike other forms of literature, is directly influenced by this collaborative production and collective reception. Lord Of The Flies Statement! ELEMENTS OF DRAMA * Music/Rhythm: Aristotle - the rhythm. Actor , Blocking , Character 807 Words | 3 Pages.

Henrik Ibsen is stanford considered to of the flies thesis statement essays be the father of modern drama . Abelard Essay! His objectives were to see accurately and lord of the flies thesis, recreate poetically the world and its . people, beliefs, ideas, conflicts, and correspondences (Mergentha). The essence of modern drama is to remake, or mirror the society in which the authors lived in. However, at times, these realistic concepts are introduced in an environment that is completely absurd and surreal. It can be explained as the author trying to gear our attention on the plot or the. Drama , George Bernard Shaw , Henrik Ibsen 1442 Words | 4 Pages.

Importance of Religion in Greek Drama. ? Ancient history Yr 11 assessment Religion played a very important part of Greek drama ; the can poetry essays and american culture most important element . underlying Greek drama was religion. It concerned the gods and was performed in honour of the gods at their particular religious festivals.1 The Greek drama began as a religious observance in honour of Dionysus. In the of the essays eyes of the of water thesis Greeks, Dionysus embodied both spring and the vintage.2 He was a symbol to them of flies, that power there is in thesis stanford man of rising out lord essays, of. Drama , Euripides , Opera 1139 Words | 3 Pages.

University Wits and observation of people, English Drama. development, English Drama had already passed through religious, moral and artistic period when towards the closing years of the of the flies essays 16th century . it fell, for further development, into the hands of a group of process books, well educated scholars who are generally referred to of the flies thesis as University Wits. Essay! They were responsible for providing Shakespeare the lord of the statement essays right foundation so as to raise English Drama to the highest point and make it the matter and american greatest literary force of the Elizabethan age. In the lord of the flies tradition of Drama that was received. Christopher Marlowe , Drama , Seneca the Younger 1215 Words | 3 Pages.

many people will think first of the abelard essay Noh drama . The Noh drama has been performed for over 1000 years, is one of the world’s oldest . continually performed types of theater and lord of the statement, is the oldest of the color of water essay, Japan’s traditional performing arts [1]. Even after such a long time the spirit of the Noh drama has never been extinguished, it is still around us in our modern lives. Lord Flies Essays! In this research paper I will talk about the Noh drama masks, as the observation essay masks are the soul of the Noh drama . Without the masks, most people wouldn’t. Drama , History of Japan , Kabuki 894 Words | 3 Pages. ?LAC II: Elements of Drama Terms and Definitions Types of Drama : Comedy Comedy refers to any play which consistently features . humor and light-hearted events. Lord Of The Flies Essays! A comedy always has a happy ending. Tragedy A tragedy deals with humans as victims of destiny, character flaw, moral weakness, or social pressure. This is the observation earliest form of drama , perfected by the ancient Greeks during the sixth century BC. It is a dramatic presentation of high solemnity in lord flies statement which the characters are tested by great suffering. Actor , Character , Drama 490 Words | 3 Pages. ?Lonnie Williams Professor Schiffler English 1302 November 4, 2012 Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller uses realism as a prevalent factor that truly defines . the drama , Death of a Salesman, and dissertation, allows the audience to lord flies identify with one or more of the characters in the play; primarily Willy.

There are several aspects of the drama that contribute to its likeness to observation of people essay the lives and experiences of the audience. The setting refers to existing physical elements of the modern time, along with the verbiage. Arthur Miller , Audience , Death of a Salesman 925 Words | 4 Pages. Of Mice and lord flies thesis statement essays, Men - the Crisis of Drama. The Drama Based on Peter Szondi’s studies, the Drama of modernity had its beginning in Renaissance. Essay Example! After the collapse . of the medieval worldview, an artistic reality in which a human being could fix and mirror himself on the basis of lord of the flies thesis statement, interpersonal relationships was created.

Man disclosed himself to his contemporary world: nothing outside the interpersonal relationships was accepted in the drama . Drama is absolute and unique for it is separate from everything outside itself and observation essay, it. Drama , Friendship , Great Depression 1772 Words | 5 Pages. Elizabethan Drama: Stagecraft and lord of the flies essays, Society. Elizabethan Drama : Stagecraft and Society Introduction Elizabethan drama refers to the plays produced while Queen Elizabeth . Essay! reigned in England, from 1558 until 1603. It was during this time that the public began attending plays in of the flies thesis large numbers. The opening of several good-sized playhouses was responsible for this increased patronage, the largest and most famous of which was the Globe theatre (1599), home to many of Shakespeare’s works. The most popular types of Elizabethan plays were histories of.

Drama , English Renaissance theatre , Globe Theatre 2287 Words | 7 Pages. Reasons Why Filipinos Love Koreanovelas. are a hit in the Philippines. Background of the Study Korean dramas have become popular throughout Asia and have contributed . to the general phenomenon of the Korean wave or also Known as Hallyu (Eckersley, 2009). Asianovelas get the attention of the Filipinos since ABS CBN aired Meteor Garden in 2003.

A year later, GMA 7 started to air Koreanovelas like Stairway to Heaven and faith, Endless Love which gained the most popular Korean drama that time. On the other hand, ABS CBN aired Lovers in Paris. Bae Yong Joon , Korean drama , Korean wave 3825 Words | 13 Pages. English Notes: Literature and Drama. English -Explain why it is a metaphor and example of it being used, its affect -Write in the form of the passage analysis Paper 1: Passage analysis . from either a prose or poem -2 hour Paper 2: Comparative study -2 hours Look up literary and drama terms in lord of the flies thesis statement essays all plays Stage directions and essays on poetry, McCarthyism Sample Questions: “In plays, no one arrives on or leaves from the stage without contributing in some way to the complexity of the lord statement essays play.” Considering two or three plays you have studied. Drama , Emotion , Play 846 Words | 4 Pages. victim scared, victim trying to get away. 2) The Greeks would not let any type of violence on the stage.

All fighting shooting etc. had to happen off . stage. If the character/actor were killed he would be wheeled on to the stage. The Color Of Water Essay! 3) Because the dramas evolved from of the flies statement essays, choral dances and chants, the chorus remained a strong presence in Greek tragedy throughout the Golden Age and beyond. 4) The addition of observation of people essay, one actor, by Thespis was a major step forward , and was later followed by the addition of two. Dionysia , Drama , Euripides 613 Words | 3 Pages. essence of this paper is to list and discuss characteristics of modern period drama . These characteristics are realism, naturalism and . interaction between characters and lord flies, the readers. They will be discussed along with Henrik Ibsen’s ‘Ghosts’ and Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Sales man’. Realism and naturalism are considered to be the cornerstones of modern drama as we know it today. They are the major influencers of the modern drama . Can Poetry Matter Essays On Poetry And American! Henrik Ibsen is considered to be the founding father of these two movements.

Drama , Henrik Ibsen , Natural environment 1328 Words | 4 Pages. ? Korean Pop in Society Abstract: This research paper explores the beginning of lord thesis statement essays, South Korean Pop music first emerging in the . Essay! early 1900’s and becoming a global phenomenon. It examines the correlation between lyrical, acoustical values connected to facets of lord of the thesis statement essays, Korean values and abelard essay, cultural influences. The background of instruments, choreography and tempos are uniquely organized giving harmony to Korean music evolution. Lastly, Korean pop has different reactions globally, as its influences in media. BoA , Bubblegum pop , K-pop 1669 Words | 4 Pages.

Korea Calendar As in many Asian countries, Korea uses both the thesis solar and lunar calendars, and essay, celebrates holidays based on both. Lord Of The Statement! The country uses one time . zone and observation of people essay, is 9 hours ahead of GMT, the same as Japan. Lord Of The Flies Statement Essays! Most Koreans work Monday through Friday and then a half day on Saturday mornings. Thesis! Usual business hours are 9:00-6:00 during the week and 9:00-1:00 on Saturday. During national holidays, government offices and most businesses are closed, although many private store keepers and large department. Japan , Japanese language , Korea 1300 Words | 5 Pages. The audience expects drama to entertain, stir emotions and provoke thought when viewed.

All these three functions of drama are . interrelated and cannot be studied independently. What defines a drama as a tragedy is its spectacular plots and overemotional characterization that enthral the audience into the world of the play. In theatre, the playwright uses the language of the characters and dramatic techniques to construct a view of the world and interrogate issues on the society of the statement time. Honors Thesis! The. Drama , Entertainment , Jealousy 1241 Words | 4 Pages.

Name : Hanifia Arlinda Std. Number : 0907305 Class : Dik 7B Drama Response: “Hedda Gabler” The play Hedda Gabler was written by lord of the essays, Henrik . Ibsen. Henrik Ibsen was a major Norwegian play righter of the late 19th century and he also considered to be one of father’s of modern drama . After Shakespeare, Henrik Ibsen is the most widely produced drama in abelard essay history. He wrote in a new realist style and he was a bit scandalous because of lord of the statement essays, raising Victorian values in every play he wrote. The play Hedda Gabler. Drama , Hedda Gabler , Henrik Ibsen 977 Words | 3 Pages. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *BRIEF HISTORY OF TAEKWONDO* Early . Koreans developed unique martial art forms for unarmed self defense to complement their skills with weapons. The first recorded evidence of what was to become modern Tae Kwon Do is found about two thousand years ago in Korean history. A mural painting from the Koguryu kingdom (37 B.C to 66 A.D.) was found in a tomb believed to have been built sometime during the.

Capoeira , Karate , Kick 2047 Words | 5 Pages. brought up, using different dramatic devices we showed the stages of anger to madness. We communicated these ideas by using different explorative strategies. . Throughout this unit we used marking the moment, this when after creating a piece of drama an individual identifies a significant moment in the piece, by using lighting and dramatic devices. In lesson 2 we created a piece in dissertation process pairs, using a piece of text from ‘find me’. The scene was an interview with Edward and lord thesis statement essays, an interviewer.

The text. Atmosphere , Audience , Drama 1491 Words | 4 Pages. Korean Population in on poetry culture New York City New York City is the haven for so many poor, hopeful, confused people who have gathered up the courage to . leave their homes in their native countries and of the, try to start anew. The Color Of Water! America has been named the land of the free because immigrants from all times and lord of the flies thesis statement essays, all places have the opportunity, optimistically, to be able to create a new life for themselves and their families, to make money, to live free from dictatorship, and to practice any type of religion they. Korean American , Korean diaspora , Korean language 2188 Words | 5 Pages. Drama Prose or verse telling a story intended for representation by faith essay, actors through dialogue or action. The Play Playwright : person who . writes plays.

Script : printed copy of a play. Acts : the major sections of a play. Scene : small section or portion of a play. The People Actor: male performer Actress: female performer Cast: all performers selected to portray characters. Director: instructs actors on how to portray characters. Lord Flies Statement! Areas of the Stage Backstage: area behind scenery not visible.

Acting , Actor , Blocking 272 Words | 11 Pages. Christopher Marlowe's Contribution to English Drama. MARLOWE’S CONTRIBUTION TO ENGLISH DRAMA Tragedy before Marlow: Swinburne’s remarks, “Before him there was neither genuine blank verse nor a . genuine tragedy in honors stanford our language. Of The Statement! After his arrival the of water way was paved for Shakespeare.” With the advent of of the statement essays, Marlowe, Miracle and Morality plays vanished. Abelard Essay! He brought Drama out lord, of the abelard essay old rut of street presentation and made it a perfect art and a thing of beauty. After the Reformation, the Mystery and Morality plays were disliked by the public at large until the. Christopher Marlowe , Drama , English Renaissance theatre 1187 Words | 3 Pages. Dramas are serious, plot-driven presentations, portraying realistic characters, settings, life situations, and stories involving intense . character development and of the thesis essays, interaction.

Usually, they are not focused on special-effects, comedy, or action, Dramatic films are probably the largest film genre, with many subsets. See also melodramas, epics (historical dramas ), or romantic genres. Dramaticbiographical films (or biopics) are a major sub-genre, as are 'adult' films (with mature subject content). . Costume drama , Drama , Drama film 821 Words | 3 Pages. The Shavian Theatre of the color of water essay thesis, Ideas (Modern Drama) THE SHAVIAN THEATRE OF IDEAS (MODERN DRAMA ) The predominating influence in determining Shaw to turn to thesis the drama was the . Faith Example! example of Ibsen and equally prominent was his love of debating, in which he had shown how irresistible it was for lord flies thesis essays him to counter his arguments himself if no one else would. Honors! These influential strains compelled him to choose the kind of play in which the characters undertake this dual task of of the, proposer and opposer. In 1892, he made it into abelard essay Widower’s Houses, and thereafter, for.

Drama , George Bernard Shaw , Play 1356 Words | 4 Pages.

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essays etc This page is full of essays that I wrote at University and College. I didn't get 'A's on all of them - just most of lord of the statement, them - so steal at your own risk.This format is -of course - just temporary. History 339 Primary Documents Review Robert Jago 20015294 Document One: Debates on the Passage of the Quebec Act, House of Commons, 1774: Each party in the debate accepts that it is right and the color just that the newly conquered subjects of Canada should be assimilated with regards to religion and thesis language. Where the parties differ is in the 'law-form' of the country and the rights of English colonists and tradesmen therein.

The Attorney General, Lord Thurlow, proposes that it is unwise to dissertation process, create a democratic system of government in the new colony. He states that, 'humanity, justice, and wisdom equally conspire to advise you to leave them [institutions] to the people just as they were'. With regard to the Englishman's right to carry his laws with him over to the new colony, the Attorney General considers this to be as absurd an expectation as if a Londoner expected the laws of his city to follow him to of the essays, the Isle of Guernsey. On this latter point, the Solicitor General, Alexander Wedderburn, claims that the rights of dissertation process books, Englishmen should be withheld from Canada so as to 'keep alive in their breasts this attachment to their native soil'. The contrary argument comes from Colonel Barre and lord of the thesis statement essays Mr. Charles Fox, and Mr. Edmund Burke. The former argued from a jingoistic position, that the Attorney General should be more concerned with his English countrymen in Canada - who emigrated to the country in the expectation of enjoying the same rights and privileges as they had in their motherland. Furthermore, Colonel Barre claims that the imposition of the English constitution is not a punishment, but, due to its liberal nature, it is a reward. Mr.

Fox expands upon the latter argument and suggests that whatever elements of English law that the local inhabitants may find disagreeable may be easily adjusted to better fit their temperament. Finally, Mr. Fox, foreshadowing the argument by Mr. Burke in the years to come, states that his opposition to the authoritarian constitution to be continued in can poetry matter and american culture, Canada is based in his belief that, 'America is not to be governed by force, but by affection and interest'. Mr. Burke partially digresses from the particular topic at hand and in of the flies thesis, stead makes the 'slippery slope' argument, that a tyrannical government in process books, Canada will be used by unnamed forces at home as an lord flies thesis essays, example to show that 'stronger measures' are better suited for governing.

Finally, in another tangential argument, Lord North proclaims his support for the bill in dissertation books, order to prevent the lord essays establishment of a free assembly composed entirely of Roman Catholics. Document Two: Edmund Burke, Speech on Conciliation with America: In this document Mr. Edmund Burke seems to echo Mr. Fox's argument from the previous essay. Edmund Burke argues that America's bond to the British Empire rests solely on the feeling amongst the Americans that English Liberty and English rule are one and thesis indivisible. Lord Flies Essays. He argues that if Americans were shown that Liberty and English government were separable then the bond would be broken, because Americans could find 'tyranny anywhere'. Document Three: Edmund Burke, Speech on Fox's East India Bill: In this document Edmund Burke draws a distinction between a classical Charter, which may help enumerate some of the natural rights of men, and the East India Company's Charter, which illuminates the Company's rights over of people essay, men. Mr.

Burke claims that all such political arrangements are artificial and are part of a social contract. While the East India Company has fairly, legally, and justly acquired its dominion in essays, India for money, it must not disregard that in doing so it formed a social contract with the Indians and therefore it must run its lawful administration to their eventual benefit. Document Four: William Cobbett, Political Register: This document has a surprisingly twenty-first century view of the Raj . William Cobbett argues that the conquest of India is the greatest crime in the history of the world, it is without justification, and the unceasing wars which accompany it are a waste of English lives, and a slander of English honor and glory. Document Five: William Wilberforce, Speech on the East India Company's Charter Bill: William Wilberforce fears that Britain is too easily sitting on its laurels with regards to India. He fears that the impressive edifice that is the British Raj has blinded England to how tenuous their rule is. Abelard Essay. The reason for this is flies, that Britain has failed to dissertation, win the affection of the of the statement essays Indians.

William Wilberforce's solution to essay, the lack of affection the Indians may feel towards Britain is to recreate the Indians, as an Asian race of Englishmen. Lord Thesis Statement Essays. Document Number 6, Thomas Munro on the Employment of Natives in the Public Service: Thomas Munro proposes that the of water British are courting disaster if they continue to exclude Indians from high public office in India. He writes that the Empire's hold over them should be one of affection, and that that affection is won by allowing the lord of the flies Indians into the highest offices of the Empire. He writes that excluding Indians from high office would remove the incentive for abelard essay Indians to educate themselves along British standards. Without such an education their civilization would sink still further. He concludes that British rule should be maintained permanently in lord statement essays, India so that the process of the color essay, Anglicisation and civilisation may continue until Britain 'shall in time so far improve the character of our Indian subjects as to enable them to govern and protect themselves'. Document Number 7, Thomas Babington MacCaulay Sppech on the Government of thesis statement essays, India: Thomas MacCaulay reiterates Thomas Munro's earlier argument that Indians should be admitted to all of the high offices of India so that this incentive might help raise the general character of the can poetry matter essays on poetry culture Indians. MacCaulay draws on divine providence in his explanation of the British object in India. He writes: 'we shall never consent to . stupify and paralyse a great people who God has committed to our charge '. MacCaulay considers that the civilizing mission in lord of the flies, India can only add to Britain's honour. he concludes by epitomizing his and Thomas Munro's argument that the 'empire is the imperishable empire of our arts and our morals, our literature and our laws'.

Document 8, William Huskisson Speech on faith, moving for a select committee on the civil government if Canada: William Huskisson attacks the feeling in Parliament that the empire must pay its own way and bring some material benefit to the Home Islands. Of The Statement Essays. He argues that Britain has a duty to her subjects and not the other way around; that Britain has formed numerous colonies in her own image and that abandoning these colonies of Englishmen [indistinguishable from themselves] would be 'an indelible disgrace'. Observation Of People Essay. He attacks these men as 'Little Englanders' and appeals to lord essays, their patriotism by invoking Britain's civlizing mission to can poetry matter on poetry and american, the world. Document 9, Edward Gibbon Wakefield: In this document, Mr. Wakefiled describes the anarchic British settlement of of the statement, New Zealand and the problem of dis-honourable settlers run riot over the natives. His solution is to send the islands a Bishop in order to observation of people, supervise the settlers. Statement Essays. Document Ten: Sir Thomas Foxwell Buxton, Report of the can poetry essays on poetry and american culture Parliamentary Select Committee on Aborigines (British Settlements): Sir Thomas first accepts that it is right and just for Britain to find new outlets for the surplus population of the lord flies thesis statement Home Islands. However with this right comes the duty to supervise that colonisation in order to check an evil as great as slavery - the oppression of the natives of 'barbarous countries'.

The chief reason for their oppression is the honors thesis stanford distance between the settlers that commit the of the flies thesis essays crimes and honors thesis stanford the English courts fit to punish them. Document Eleven: John George Lambton, Earl of Durham, Report on flies thesis essays, the Affairs of British North America: In this document the observation Earl of Durham proposes the union of of the flies thesis, British America into a new nation which would allow the local population to have some say in the government. The proximity of the United States has daily shown the British Americans that enjoy a poorer material life than their southern cousins and this creates a move for the color of water essay separation from the Empire. Lord Essays. The only way that this can be countered is through the fostering of national feeling which would give the British Americans 'a country which they would be unwilling to see absorbed even into of water thesis one more powerful'. The Earl of of the flies statement essays, Durham also finds that many people in the metropole are too ready to leave the security of the British dominion over America to the common ties of affection. Document Twelve: Lord Edward Godffrey Smith Stanley, Speech in the House of Commons: Lord Edward Godffrey Smith Stanley, states that while Canada is a military liability to Britain, its commercial and political importance far outweigh this problem. He also writes that if certain Canadian parochials would wish to separate their country from Britain's nominal control, they must consider that while Britain does gain much from Canada, Canada gains far more materially from Britain and the Imperial connection. Document Thirteen: John Stuart Mill, Principles of Political Economy: John Stuart Mill writes that nations have a duty to abelard essay, colonize the world in order open the resources of the under developed nations to the world and to the benefit of all mankind. He notes that while the of the flies essays principle of comparative advantage is generally accepted, a similar principle, applying to labour is rarely considered, 'the exportation of labourers and capital from a place where their productive power is less to a place where it is faith essay example, greater, increases . the aggregate produce of the labour and capital of the world'.

Document Fourteen: Richard Cobden, Speech at Manchester: Richard Cobden opposes the military expenditures related to maintaining an empire. He writes that surely the English do not intend to maintain the empire by this force of arms, and if as some argue, arms are needed to defend trade, then why is lord thesis, a similar expenditure of the machines of war not needed to can poetry essays on poetry and american, ensure the security of the transatlantic trade with the United States. He also argues that the solution to the frequent insurrections by the natives throughout the Empire is for 'civilised men [to] treat savages like men'. Document Fifteen: Richard Cobden, Letters on India: Richard Cobden expresses the lord of the flies fear that like Greece and of people Rome before her, Britain may be 'corrupted and demoralized' by her Asian Empire. He appears to want to hasten the end of the Raj by removing the lord flies thesis essays 'screen' of the British East India Company from the administration of India, so that Parliament could meditate on the awesome responsibility of governing and civilising more than one hundred million people. Document Sixteen: Earl of Rosebery, Speech to the Leeds Chamber of Commerce: The Earl of Rosebery introduces the term 'Imperial Federation'. Essays On Poetry Culture. The purpose of such a community is to of the thesis, ensure the books continued connection between Britain and her dominions. The previous claims that Britain must shoulder the burden of Empire, and that the colonies are a drain on her materially and of the flies thesis essays spiritually have given way to the Earl's claim that it is solely because of the Empire that the trade with the colonies is observation essay, so high.

He notes that trade with Australia and its three million inhabitants is the same in of the flies thesis statement essays, real numbers as trade with the United States (a liberated colony) and its sixty million inhabitants. Document Seventeen: Benjamin Disraeli, Speech at the Crystal Palace: Disraeli attacks the 'Little Englanders' and the liberals for their attempts to honors, undermine the Empire. Disraeli claims that if not for the devotion and loyalty of the colonies to England, the imperial ties would have been severed. Disraeli finds that the of the flies thesis statement essays time is right for essay the consolidation of the Empire into a federation with an Imperial Tariff, military, and parliament. Document Eighteen: W.E. Gladstone, England's Mission: Gladstone undermines the cause of Imperial federation by flies thesis calling it a 'superstition equally gross and mischevious'. Of People. He again appeals to divine providence and 'England's mission' which appears to lord of the flies statement essays, be to create outlets for her surplus population.

The glory of founding these repositories of men is observation essay, that they are also repositories of English liberty and lord of the flies thesis essays culture and therefore are bound to her by 'moral and social sympathies' as opposed to the writ and fiat of Downing Street. Document Nineteen: John Bright, Speech on India: John Bright renews the call to administer to India with an eye for its eventual independence along a British model. However he does not appeal to a sense of future glory or 'England's mission' as justification, but instead writes that Britain should 'make amends for the original crime upon which much of our power in India is faith example, founded'. Document Twenty: John Robert Steeley, The Expansion of England: India for the moment excepted, John Robert Steeley finds that unique aspect of 'Greater Britain' is its shared nationality. He draws the distinction between the British Empire and this greater British nation which is an enormous agrandisement of the national estate and allows for an Englishmen to travel anywhere on earth and still find himself at home. On a separate point, Steeley writes that the of the flies statement Raj has removed from the Indians the native Official class which is necessary for them to can poetry matter and american culture, have self government. If Britain were to remove herself from India, she would be abandoning it to chaos; therefore, for the good of the Indians (and not for lord thesis statement essays the honour of those Englishmen that conquered them) the faith example Raj must continue until the lord flies thesis essays eventual goal of self-government is at hand. Of Water. Britain should not delude herself about having won the love of the Indians, because unlike the civilising mission of Rome in Iberia, Britain can offer the Indians only an austere 'cold daylight' to their previous 'warm gorgeous twilight'. Lord Flies Essays. Document Twenty-one: Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne Cecil, Marquess of essay, Salisbury, Speech in the House of Lords: The Marquess of Salisbury admonishes his fellow Lords for failing to lord thesis statement essays, take the initiative in observation, the expansion of the colonies.

He writes that the rising walls of protectionism and the advancing colonial frontiers of her competitors are putting Britain at a grave disadvantage. She must therefore act immediately at any chance to win a legacy for lord of the flies thesis essays her grandchildren in abelard essay, fertile places such as Uganda lest such places become part of flies thesis statement, a German or French legacy. Document Twenty-two: Lord Curzon of Kedleston, Speech at Farewell Dinner, Byculla Club, Bombay: Lord Curzon describes the British civil servant in India as someone of the highest moral principles. Stanford. He writes that these moral principles alone are the justification for the British presence in India. Document Twenty-three: Lord Milner, Speech to the Manchester Conservative Club: Lord Milner describes the innumerable benefits bestowed upon Britain by her dominions. Lord Thesis. These dominions alone will ensure that Britain will remain a great power, just as their absence will ensure her material impoverishment. His slogan, 'One throne, one flag, one citizenship' summarizes his position. Document Twenty-four: Sir Frederick Dealtry Lugard, The Dual Mandate in British Tropical Africa: The author enumerates the responsibility of British rulers to the native inhabitants of her colonies. This is the first part of the dual mandate in the tropics. As part of that mandate the can poetry matter on poetry and american British must raise the moral stature of the natives and country that they rule; in of the flies thesis statement essays, order to do so the British themselves must maintain the highest of moral standards in order to ensure their prestige and authority. The second part of the mandate is the development of the tropical economy so that its resources may be available to all of mankind.

Document Twenty-five: George Bernard Shaw, The Man of Destiny: George Bernard Shaw, speaking through Napoleon expounds upon English hypocrisy. He writes that 'an Englishman does every thing on can poetry essays and american, principle'. Of The Flies Thesis. GB Shaw writes that an the color, English man's morals are interpreted so as to justify his nation's necessity. Flies Thesis. Document Twenty-six: J.A. Hobson, Imperialism: A Study: Hobson's is a socialist interpretation of the support and expansion of the British Empire. The author quotes Cecil Rhodes when he said 'Her Majesty's Flag [is] the observation of people essay greatest commercial asset in of the flies thesis, the world'. Document Twenty-seven: J. Ramsay MacDonald, Labor and the Empire: Ramsay MacDonald derides the character of the men of the colonial service. He complains that they have done their duty in the colonies with the narrowest of minds and have refused to understand the honors thesis minds of the natives. He lays the blame at a national pride which has degraded into racial chauvanism.

Document Twenty-eight: General Jan Christian Smuts, Speech at Banquet given in his honor by lord of the thesis statement member of both Houses of Parliament: General Smuts describes the Empire as a world in itself, or a 'Commonwealth of Nations' rather than an Empire. Essays And American Culture. He writes that while there may be Empires such as India and Egypt within this commonwealth, the bonds within it are not those of a traditional empire such as Russia or Rome, but rather ties of affection. For General Smuts, the British Empire, with its foundation in the Hereditary Monarchy, stands for 'a fuller, a richer, and more various life among all the nations that compose it'. Document Twenty-nine: Clement R. Atlee, The Labour Party in Perspective: Clement Atlee states that the two pillars of the flies Labour party's policy for the Empire are 'self government' and 'socialisation'. The first pillar involves allowing for self-government where it is possible, and where it is not possible, formally recognizing the colonies as mandates within the League of nations structure. By opening the thesis stanford colonies for inspection by the League of of the thesis statement, Nations, the of water Labour Party intended to lord of the flies statement, ensure that the League accepted some of the responsibility for defending the the color colonies, thus taking some of the pressure off of the British military. The second pillar is less defined. The only lord flies thesis statement essays, concrete proposal of Atlee's is to turn over thesis stanford, the control of the 'means of production' in the colonies to the League of Nations.

Criminology 135 Assignment Three Robert Jago 200015294 In his book, Multicultural Citizenship, Will Kymlicka expounds upon the basis of the of the flies thesis collective rights of the several types of groups that make up Canada. He claims that there are first and foremost the two founding nations; This primary grouping is composed of the descendants of the colonizers who created the state in their image. This primary group founded the state with their conceptions of rights and privileges in mind. Kymlicka states that these two founding groups are rightfully afforded every chance at self-government. Of Water. Together with the founders there are immigrants, or 'New Canadians'. Immigrants and other non-primary (or non-founding) groups do not share in thesis statement essays, the primary groups' rights. These non-primary groups have no legitimate or just claims to abelard essay, have separate self-governing institutions. Most importantly, these non-primary groups have no moral right whatsoever to have their cultures or languages recognized in an official capacity. The reason that the non-primary groups do not hold the same types of nationality rights as the lord thesis statement primary groups is because they voluntarily surrendered their rights as a distinct people by the color essay thesis emigrating to an established state and society. The duty of New Canadians is to of the flies statement essays, assimilate themselves into the dominant society.

The hundreds of Aboriginal peoples that inhabit Canada poses a different sort of rights than either the founders or the immigrants do. Because aboriginal or 'native' Canadians are part of in honors stanford, Canada because of force, they continue to possess the same nationality rights that any other sovereign people posses. Native rights were never surrendered voluntarily, therefore they continue to exist. It is should be noted that all individuals, regardless of their group affiliation [or lack thereof], have certain 'natural rights' such as the freedom of speech and assembly and of life, liberty and lord of the statement property. As sovereign peoples, aboriginals continue to have the right to their own justice system. They have a right to conscript people, they have a right to execute people and so on essay, and so forth. They also have a right to be un-democratic; the rights of peoples and nations have long been recognized as entirely separate from the natural rights of individuals. With it decided that aboriginal nations continue to lord of the thesis, posses a broad range of nationality rights, the main question at hand is whether or not they should exercise any of these rights. A further question is what is the duty of the Canadian state, if any, to aboriginal individuals, who have a legal status as native and, Canadian citizens. Faith Essay Example. A further question is, should non-status natives, who in many respects are similar to new Canadians, be considered part of this equation. To begin to lord of the flies thesis, answer these questions there needs first to be a summary of the state of of water thesis, affairs for natives in lord of the flies essays, the criminal justice system.

It is faith essay example, commonly agreed that the central problem behind much native crime is substance abuse , whether that be heroin on the streets of Vancouver, Alcohol in the reserves of Saskatchewan, or gasoline and glue in the shanties of Labrador. On some reserves, alcohol is responsible for 95% of crime, with nearly 100% of the adult population involved in some way or other. Lord Of The Flies. Furthermore, this alcohol abuse leads to a disproportionate amount of violent crime including spousal and child abuse - both of which may lead to further cycles of family violence. Outside of reserves, natives are disproportionately represented in violent crime and drug related crime as well as domestic violence. Natives comprise between 8 and 68 percent of the provincial prison populations, well beyond their share of the population. There are numerous reasons why natives come into constant conflict with the law. One such reason for native conflict with the law is what can be termed, 'a problem of policing'. Several studies have shown that white police officers are more likely to deal with a complaint involving white people without recourse to arrest. When these same white police officers come into similar conflicts with native or black individuals they are more likely to thesis stanford, resort to arrest. Thesis Statement. One response to this problem of policing is to hire native police officers to serve in areas with large native populations.

However, by enlisting natives to police natives one can be said to be pandering to racial biases; it is thesis, not dissimilar from enlisting whites to police whites, blacks to police blacks, and of the thesis so forth - it is at best an unsettling proposal. Furthermore, besides the task of making such a proposal socially acceptable there is a growing body of evidence which shows that the racial biases that native police officers would have may not necessarily benefit natives. In a study regarding the use of deadly force in the United States, it was found that black officers were just as likely to can poetry matter culture, shoot black suspects as were white officers. It was hypothesized that there was both an institutional and lord of the meta-cultural bias against black men and many police officers had this bias, regardless of their own colour. This may also hold true for natives. Natives have traditionally been under valued in white society and of people this view may have been internalized by natives. Of The Thesis Statement. The internalization of colonialism and the affectations of it is apparent in abelard essay, Verdun-Jones and Griffiths' text.

They imply that there is a single native society with traditional communal values and that is based on consensus. Lord Of The Flies Thesis Statement Essays. Each of those assertions is absurd. Native societies are extremely diverse and any unifying aspects are the product of colonialism- something that the authors blame for the high rates of criminality amongst natives. Traditional native society in British Columbia was not based on communal property in the current sense, but was based on stanford, clan or familial property that was viciously guarded. There was no peace amongst the first nations of British Columbia. Crime fighting in pre-contact societies more often involved physical violence than consensus and 'community healing'. As for communities as they exist today, they are the direct products of lord of the flies, colonialism.

Natives never had an egalitarian society with equal justice for all as each type of criminal reform listed in the text holds as an axiom. Abelard Essay. Traditional native society in flies thesis statement essays, British Columbia was supported upon a superstructure of slavery, violence and the color of water essay the absolute rights of private and family property. In order to solve the problems of native communities there must be a whole hearted acceptance of some aspects of European culture. Of The Thesis Essays. There must be a recognition of the pillars of common law. There must be a recognition of the abelard essay formal, legal equality of statement, men ,women, and foreigners.

There must be a recognition of the right to books, confront accused, there must be a statute of limitations, a right of lord of the flies, appeal, and honors stanford all of the basic rights regarding the use of evidence. Before any major reforms can be undertaken there needs to be a recognition that each level of lord of the thesis, government has some specific responsibilities with regard to natives. The native governments themselves have a responsibility first and foremost for preserving native culture and civilization [the term is here used loosely]. The federal governments under their fiduciary responsibility [held by the crown under section 22] have a duty to native individuals. These dual roles are enshrined in the Charter of thesis, Rights and of the thesis essays Freedoms. Stanford. What these roles mean for of the thesis essays justice reform is stanford, that each government holds a separate interest and must guard this interest in any decision regarding reforms. This does impinge upon lord of the flies essays, the inherent and moral right of abelard essay, sovereignty that the various native nations hold, but there are some political realities that supercede these rights and one of them is that native Canadians are - in the least - the lord thesis statement essays bearers of dual loyalties , national or ethnic and political. The first loyalty is to their own racial government, and abelard essay the second is to the civil government in Ottawa. With regard to justice reforms, these separate roles do come into conflict. Lord Of The Thesis. There has been at least one case brought before the courts on Vancouver Island regarding the excesses of community justice. One man who had become known for drinking and behaving irresponsibly while living in Victoria, was kidnapped under the abelard essay order of his community's native elders, and with the consent of his family, conscripted into a traditional native healing ceremony.

If the interests of the community had prevailed we would have heard little of this case. However, the man in question exercised his rights as a Canadian citizen and invoked the charter against the community that unlawfully attacked him. The men that took him on lord statement, community orders and beat him into sobriety were charged with kidnapping and assault, much to the consternation of his family and community. The federal government also has a duty to of people, protect the community at of the flies thesis, large - that is to say, white Canada from dangerous individuals regardless of race or nationality. Certain offenses such as forcible rape have recently been treated differently if they had been committed by of water essay a native. Because of the harsh realities of the residential schools, many natives were sexually abused and have begun to act this out on other people, through forcible rape, or child abuse et. al.. Any federal actions in justice reform must therefore take these many factors into lord of the flies thesis essays consideration. Observation Essay. First and foremost is the right of natives to have their own justice system. Second is the lord of the statement essays general issue of accountability and democracy enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Third, their is the fiduciary responsibility to native individuals, coupled with the Peace Order and Good Government related duties of the government to ensure public safety and the general welfare of the non-native populace.

The various native governments have one sole concern on this issue and that is advancing their national self interest. It is an affront to the dignity of a sovereign nation to have their nationals arrested, tried and imprisoned in a foreign justice system. The most powerful regular exercise of state power is the ability of the the color of water essay thesis state to arrest, try , and detain its wayward citizens. The native governments, if they are to act as real nations do, need this 'big stick' in order to survive and rebuild. The nationalization of the justice system by the Native governments is lord essays, imperative if they are to legitimately exercise authority over their citizens.. The decision on whether or not there should be a native justice system lay entirely with the federal government. The question before the federal government is, should it devolve, delegate, or maintain its current responsibilities for the administration of justice on example, the native reserves. One option for the federal government is to create a parallel federal government of natives with the accompanying institutions such as a court and police system. This was proposed in the Royal Commission on Native Peoples. Lord Thesis. This option is the most contentious.

The rest of Canada is likely to balk at any form of consociational government between the races. Any new political arrangements with natives should be on a territorial basis, because of Canadian's familiarity with this form of governmental responsibility. Another reason for the devolution of justice on a territorial basis is the of water essay thesis sheer diversity of native nations. Some native peoples may not wish to accept responsibility for the administration of their own justice system for one reason or another. Perhaps they do not trust the factions within their nations to lord flies thesis essays, be able to impartially administer a court and police system. The record to date of native government and policing has shown that impartiality and the independence of the police are far from guaranteed. The purpose for constructing a separate native justice system is to mitigate the observation of people essay harmful effects of colonialism which are responsible for the heightened criminality of natives. While the proposition that colonialism has hurt natives more than it has helped them is open to question, what must be dealt with here is whether or not a separate court and policing system for each native nation will 'heal the wounds' of a century or two of colonial rule. The answer is, yes and no. On some reserves or tribes with large enough populations and with the basic tenets of western-liberal justice and thesis essays democracy established, a justice system would be a welcome step on the road to becoming full partners in can poetry essays on poetry, the federation. On reserves here nepotism and ancient class and racial bigotry reign, the addition of the of the thesis statement police would be half way towards creation of a police state.

The devolution of justice to some native nations would allow for the racialization or nationalization of many high paid and professional jobs. This would immediately give a boost to the native societies. Beyond that, native civilians would benefit from process books having full access to lord, people of their own race who share their cultural prejudices and traits. However, it is unclear if these utopian reserves of rights and democracy and brotherhood exist. The most likely and most beneficial choice the process books federal government could make for natives is to of the flies statement, delegate the responsibility for the court system to them. This would mean the stationing of federal officers on essay, the basis of their race and national origin [presumably native - or more specifically Salish, Tsipsian or whatever] to reserves. Furthermore it would mean the creation of a separate system of lord of the flies, circuit or county courts for the reserves that would remain part of the provincial or federal court system. Perhaps this new system could be adjunct to the federal court. A separate layer of the federal or provincial courts that would serve justice on reserves only would be halfway between an autonomous paralell native federation, and a native archipelago of four or five hundred justice systems. This final option would have the added benefit of maintaining control of the courts in the Department of Indian Affairs and or justice. The judges would be federally appointed from a separate native court bar [just as there is a Supreme Court bar].

Furthermore the separate level of courts would be acceptable to many non-native Canadians. The court would have a specific territorial entity as its jurisdiction and honors this entity is not composed exclusively of the people of one race. Lord Of The Thesis Essays. The court would administer justice on the territory of the reserves. Essay. Just as the of the flies thesis statement supreme court of the united states refers to the laws of the states of a cases origin when rendering their decisions, the new federal court could refer to the numerous reserve or national laws when rendering its decisions. Honors Thesis Stanford. A native court, a native bar, and of the flies thesis statement essays native judges, administering local native laws do not necessarily prevent a native man for getting drunk and beating his wife.

The sense of pride at essay, having his own court system is likely to do little as well. What is wrong with the reserves is a lack of economic opportunity and a lack of order. Economic opportunity is thesis, not within the scope of this paper, but order is. If there cannot be a separate federal police force for natives, and if policing cannot be devolved to native governments for fear if giving too much power to too many corrupt regimes, then what is to process books, be done with the lord of the essays police? A separate police division of the RCMP has been tried and has failed. Faith Example. What could work is thesis, a piece meal response that would have capable reserves with their own police forces and lesser reserves with a force of specially trained RCMP subject to of water essay, local police boards. This would be coupled with a native court sensitive to coerced evidence, police prejudices and differential use of the arresting power. Statement Essays. The separate layers of policing may cut down on many of the unnecessary arrest of natives as well as allow people to have more confidence in the police and call them before a domestic disturbance turns violent. This would likely take care of honors stanford, many of the lord of the statement problems of order on the reserves. The courts would both serve as a support for the new policing system and act as a booster of national pride. With the question of honors thesis, law and order on the reserves out of the lord flies way, there is the question of extra-territoriality and the Metis and non-status natives .The key component of any separate system of justice should be that it is based on territorial distinctions.

That is the only practical way of administering justice and selling justice to a population of fair weather egalitarians like the Canadians . The Metis where they have their own territories should be allowed to be part of the native court and policing systems. Status natives living off reserve should have no recourse to observation of people essay, the native courts if their crime was not committed on reserve. Because the lord of the court are founded on a territorial basis they have a limited exclusive jurisdiction. Non-status natives have voted with their feet in the same way that all immigrants have, and they have opted out of example, native national life, the reserve police and court system should not apply to them. While natives should have no access to the reserve court system if they are not physically on a reserve they still will have problems with criminality. The only feasible solution for urban natives is to have regular police officers of of the flies thesis statement, native ancestry in areas with large native populations. Besides that, all that can be done is mandatory awareness campaigns for the police, crown counsel and judges. Such training would focus on the rules of evidence and the differential use of the discretionary power by of people essay police and by prosecutors which has resulted in discrimination against natives. The presence of native police officers on the 'native beat' might allow people of native ancestry to feel more comfortable with the officers and to come to them with problems earlier.

Native police officers may treat people of their own race better than people of an lord flies thesis statement essays, other race and deal with the former's problems out of court. While this beneficial racial is both unsettling and less than a certainty ,the presence of native police officers in disturbances amongst natives could in the least diffuse the essay situation and turn it from a racial confrontation to one merely of the police and a criminal. Lord Of The Flies Thesis. It is an uncomfortable conclusion to come to, however, it has been arrived at here. A separate Native court system, based on can poetry matter and american, territory is the best means possible to correct the ill effects of the colonial experience. Because white-Canada has shown that it is unlikely to accept any system based solely on race and lord of the thesis essays nationality - a separate native court system that would be open to dissertation process, all the natives of Canada is not politically feasible. A territorial division of power is common in Canada, and lord of the essays the extension of this division of powers to natives -while contentious- is not an impossibility. If such a court was kept as an adjunct to the federal court, and had a narrow jurisdiction over the reserves only, it could correct some of the ill effects of the colonial legacy - at least on the reserves.

However many Natives do not live on reserve, though they do share in the stigma of being native. Honors Stanford. Because white police officers, prosecutors, and judges, have been shown to discriminate against natives. The evidence shows that native police officers may be as likely to discriminate against natives as are white police. The best possible solution is the recruitment of native police officers for areas with high native populations in the hope that they would in the least encourage natives to report crime amongst themselves more readily than they do with white officers. In order to deal with some of the lord of the thesis statement discrimination, there also needs to be a sensitivity program to include the matter on poetry police, judges, and prosecutors. Of The Flies Essays. While these solutions fall far short of matter essays on poetry and american culture, what is needed to solve the problem of native criminality, it is the flies thesis statement essays farthest one can politically go in Canada toward a solution. Crim201: Canada?s sexual assault laws were, until recently, based in the customary tradition of the United Kingdom. That tradition in itself is honors, based on more ancient traditions. The common thread to most if not all sexual assault laws throughout history has been their exclusion of the martial relationship as a possible venue for sexual assault.

The first proposed laws on of the, sexual assault in this study originate in dissertation process, classical Athens. This law was not specifically a rape law, but rather dealt with justifiable homicide. Drafted by statement essays Plato, it stated that: The man who forcibly violates a free woman or boy shall be slain with impunity by the person thus violently outraged, or by his father, or brother and sons . And should a man discover his wedded wife being violated, he shall be guiltless if he kills the violator (Cohen 1993, p.8). This law protects both men and women from abelard essay sexual assault ? which is something that Canadian law did not achieve until 1983. Flies Statement Essays. This law still does not protect a spouse from rape by faith his or her partner. Flies Essays. It is also important to draw attention to honors, whom the of the flies statement essays offense is being committed against.

It is stated that if a man discovers ?his? wife being raped, he may respond with deadly force. The act itself is of water, not committed against the wife but against the husband?s possession. The next law comes from the Roman Empire. Unlike Athenian and Canadian law, this law provides for the possibility of a woman committing rape. Also, unlike Athenian and early American law, rape or ?lewd advances? could be committed against a slave(Russell 1975, p.13). If anyone makes lewd advances, be it a man or a woman, freeborn or freed, he will be liable for lord flies thesis statement the outrage and even if an attempt is abelard essay, made on the chastity of a slave, this too is deemed to be an outrage (Justinian ca 550, p. Flies. 166). This law is a codification of earlier Roman law. Among the key points to note about the law is observation of people, that it falls within the realm of tort. Sexual assault at this early stage was only flies thesis statement, a concern for the state if it was committed by a slave.

It is also important to essay thesis, note that the terms used in of the essays, this law are not specifically inclusive of dissertation process, husbands and wives. No provision existed for lord statement the prosecution of rape within marriage. Marriage in dissertation books, the middle ages was, until 1180, an lord thesis statement essays, object of contention. While in Rome there were several ways in which one could be married, with different social and books legal ramifications (Kolbert 1979, pp.54-57), in Europe Pope Alexander III decreed that there should be but one (Brundage 1993, pp.247-248). The Pope ruled that marriage began after an agreement to marry had been consummated (Ibid. p.248). In several cases involving leprosy, the Pope ruled that because the marriage had been consummated, one spouse had a duty to go with the stricken spouse to the leposarium where he will ?give her sexual solace on demand? or where she will provide him with ?marital affection? (Ibid. p.249). An emphasis should be put on the term ?consummated?. By the 13th century it had been generally agreed that two sorts of rights existed in marriage(Ibid. p.251). The first set were created with the agreement to marry, and those involved the marital rights such as property. The second set of rights were sexual rights or ?implied consent?.

These second rights were created when the couple consummated their marriage. A 14th century court ruling shows that, while the of the statement marital rights could be dissolved by separation, these sexual rights were permanent: We hold the defendant bound to pay the conjugal debt to the plaintiff in her father?s house one night each week and to honors, keep this obligation faithfully, until we shall order otherwise (Brundage, p.252). The marital debt was a very real and enforceable debt throughout the middle ages. By most definitions (positivists excepted), what the court ordered in that case was a weekly, scheduled rape. This practice continued throughout the middle ages. Rape could only be committed by a man against a free woman(Wemple 1993, p.229). Punishments usually involved a fine which varied depending on the amount of force used (5 solidi for abduction and rape, 8 more solidi if he used a sword). A common punishment for a man who committed rape was that he must pay the offended family the bride-price. If she consented to sex, the price was reduced by lord of the flies statement one third. Consent was the dissertation process property of the father or brothers, and sexual assault was an offence against their property (Ibid.).

Other punishments for rape included enslavement to the offended family (if the offender was a servant or only half free), and death if the statement offender had the audacity to flee to a church (Ibid.). Rape in the United Kingdom is a more puzzling affair. While it is commonly accepted that these mediaeval laws persisted, there is can poetry and american, some evidence to the contrary. The doctrine on common law and marital rape was stated explicitly in the 1275 and 1285 Statutes of Westminster Johnson and Sigler 1997, p11). This was reiterated by the 17th century judge Sir Mathew Hale. He stated that ?the wife hath given up herself in lord of the flies, this kind unto her husband which she cannot retract? (Hall 1984, p.xvi).

He based his judgement on of water essay thesis, ?ancient common law doctrine?. Lord Of The Statement. While the Athenian, Roman, and essay example Papal law cited above does suggest that Sir Mathew was factually accurate, he may not have been technically correct. Common law is an organic law which changes with each judicial ruling. These rulings are able to overturn legal doctrines such as the kind described in statement essays, this paper so far. In 1631 a man was convicted in England of raping his wife (Hall, p.xvi). This suggests that perhaps, ?ancient common law doctrine? had long since been overturned by example the time that Sir Mathew got to it. Nevertheless it persisted unchanged until it was transferred to Canada in the 18th century. In 1800, the laws of England such as they were on September 17th, 1792, became Canadian laws. This was accomplished with the Act for the Further Introduction of English Criminal Law into Upper Canada (Garley 1989, p.26).

These laws were ineffective. Between 1840 and 1892, in Ontario, there were 228 rape prosecutions and 49 convictions (Ibid. pp. 29-30). By the late 1800?s the flies thesis essays absurdity inherent in Sir Mathew Hale?s proclamation became evident. In R. v. Clarence, the courts decided that while a husband had the right to sexual intercourse with his wife, he could not enforce that right by using force(anon. 2000). The implied consent or the ?sexual rights? were no longer considered to be absolute: Subsequent decisions restricted Hale's proposition to dissertation process books, situations where husband and wife enjoyed ordinary relations between them, thus exposing abusive husbands to prosecution for rape where they were judicially separated or where the wife had initiated divorce proceedings and had been granted a decree nisi (Ibid.). The law continued to crumble throughout the 20th century. In 1935, Southern Australia allowed for the conviction (albeit under exceptionally violent circumstances) of of the statement essays, a husband for raping his wife.

In 1965, New Zealand permitted for the prosecution of husbands for raping their wives when a decree nisi was in place. Scotland barred spousal rape altogether in 1989, and England followed suit in 1991 (Ibid.). Canadian rape law throughout this period changed only abelard essay, once. While the absolute sexual rights that were referred to lord thesis essays, in the mediaeval period and reinforced by Sir Mathew Hale did not survive the start of the dissertation books twentieth century, the formal law still remained in place. Lord Of The Essays. It was not until 1983 that the law shielding a husband from a rape prosecution by his wife passed into history. The law as it stood in 1927, and titled ?Unlawful Carnal Knowledge? reads as follows: 298. Rape is the act of a man having carnal knowledge of a woman who is not his wife without her consent, or with consent which has been extorted by threats or fear of bodily harm, or obtained by personating the woman?s husband, or by false and fraudulent representations as to the nature and quality of the act. Process Books. [emphasis mine] (R.S., 1927, 289, p.87) By 1980, this law remained unchanged(Tremeear?s 1980 Criminal Code 143, p.61). A rape by definition could not be committed by of the statement a husband against his wife. While the absolute sexual right in perpetuity had ceased to exist, the right was maintained in existing marriages though it was grounds for divorce. The result of these laws was the gross under reporting of of water essay, rape. It was not simply because many women believed that their attackers would not be punished, but it is that many women did not believe that an attack had taken place (Russell, p.134).

Furthermore, because the state had for so long assumed that a husband had a right to his wife?s body, many wives had accepted and adapted to the situation. For a woman to see her husband as a rapist and to continue to lord of the thesis, live with him is often too difficult. Many are too dependent on their husbands for economic, social, and psychological reasons to of people essay, leave. One solution for of the flies statement these women is not to see forcible intercourse as rape. Observation. Another more common adaptation is to give up the right to say no, to be always sexually available, regardless of her wishes (Rusell 1975, p.71). Women?s poor economic and statement essays social status had allowed for their continued use as sexual objects. The law reflected this.

It is a truism to state that Canada is a patriarchal society. There are reasons why this is so easily said, and the law prior to 1983 is one of them. However, the law did change. With bill c-127 (1983) the law expanded to include spousal sexual assaults as part of its jurisdiction (Boritch, pp.234-235). Possibly because of this and reforms to the rules of evidence, the number of reported sexual assaults rose dramatically.

However, while half of abelard essay, all women in Canada will be the victims of sexual assault in their lives (Ontario Woman?s Directorate 2000) only 6 percent of these women will report that assault to the authorities (Boritch 1997, p.213 and p.224). R. v. White (1-24 C.C.C. 3d,) is an example of a crime that would not have been prosecuted prior to the 1983 reforms. R. v. White is a 1986 case, brought before the British Columbia Court of Appeal. The accused (White) was married to the victim, but they were estranged (Ibid., p.1).

The victim returned home one night to find the lord flies statement accused wearing surgical gloves and holding a pillow. She screamed, at which point he put the of people pillow over her face, and then covered her mouth with a bandage that wrapped around her head. Thesis. He then beat her, threatened to murder her, and then after a long discussion, she went into the bedroom, where she was raped (Ibid., p.1). Before I continue, I should add that the actions described were perfectly legal until very recently. The accused claimed that the discussion led him to believe that his wife had consented to sex. He stated that he believed that sex was an attempt at reconciliation. The issue at thesis, hand in lord of the thesis, R. v. Honors Stanford. White is whether his mistaken belief that his wife consented is a valid defense. While the appeal of his conviction was dismissed, the fact that it went to trial is significant. If he had engaged in the identical activity three years earlier, he would have committed no crime. The signal difference between the law as it stands today and the law is it stood prior to 1983, was the fact that wives are no longer considered to be the possession of their husbands.

Sexual assault by intimates including spouses comprises 38 percent of all sexual assaults in Canada (Ontario Women?s Directorate). However, while 6 percent of the total number of sexual assaults are reported to police, only 1 percent of these sexual assaults by flies thesis essays intimates are reported (Ibid.). Several reasons for this lack of reporting are provided in surveys. One major reason for not reporting sexual assaults by observation of people essay intimates is of the thesis statement essays, that the abelard essay nature of the relationship may lead authorities to of the thesis statement, suspect that there really was consent. Furthermore, many women may not view a sexual assault by a husband or boyfriend as such. They may internalize the blame and say such things as, ?what did you think he wanted,? ?you drank with him didn't you,? or ?you should have expected something like this to happen.?(Ibid.).

In a search through fifty editions of Canadian Criminal Cases, I found only one case of spousal rape that was prosecuted. The vast majority of sexual assault prosecutions continue to be for assaults by strangers, on young women. Prior rape and sexual assault laws sought to protect the books chastity of the same class of of the flies thesis, young women from sexual predator. The purpose was to defend men?s property. A look at which rapes are prosecuted shows that this is still the case. Sexual assault law has existed since the time of Plato. The point of that law, and nearly every law that succeeded it was, in the case of can poetry matter essays, women, not to protect them as victims, but to protect their husbands, brothers, or fathers as guardians. Sexual assault law developed slowly through the of the flies thesis statement essays mediaeval period, and followed the development of marriage and spousal property. While in the Roman Empire, a woman was a free citizen with the rights to dispose of her property, and enter into free contracts, in the mediaeval period, she was a possession to be transferred for a price from the color essay thesis father to husband.

The mediaeval period saw the development of the of the flies thesis essays principle of a ?sexual right? that comes into existence with the consummation of a marriage. This right was so absolute as to allow the honors stanford authorities to order a former wife to submit to a weekly scheduled rape. Lord Flies Thesis Statement Essays. As this law came to England it was formalized in the 1275 and 1285 Statutes of Westminster. These confirmed a husband?s right to have sex with his wife, whenever he chose. In 1800, these laws came to Canada. Faith Essay. For more than a century , the absolute and unbreakable sexual rights remained unchallenged. By the start of the 20th century, they were slowly chipped away at. A husband lost the absolute right to rape his wife even after they divorced. This right was confined to a marriage where ?ordinary relations? persisted. This law stood until 1983.

With bill c-127, the lord of the statement sexual assault laws were finally expanded to include violence within a marriage. However, regardless of the new law, few reports of spousal rapes are made. The reasons for this are numerous, but the most troubling is the observation essay belief by many wives, that what happened was not an assault. It is flies essays, not until this last problem of internalized blame is dealt with that two millennia of reforms can have any real deterrent value. Bibliography Annonymous (2000). The Historical Development of the Offense of Rape.

Boritch, Helen. Fallen Women: Female Crime and Criminal Justice in Canada, ITP Nelson (Toronto: 1997). Brundage, James A. Implied Consent to Intercourse pp. 245-256, Consent and Coercion to Sex and Marriage in Ancient and Medieval Societies, Angelika E. Laiou ed., Dumbarton Oaks Research Library Collection, (Washington, D.C.: 1993). Cohen, David. Consent and Sexual Relations in Classical Athens pp. Thesis. 5-16, Consent and Coercion to Sex and Marriage in Ancient and Medieval Societies, Angelika E. Laiou ed., Dumbarton Oaks Research Library Collection, (Washington, D.C.: 1993).

The Criminal Code and Other Selected Statutes of Canada, Edmond Cloutier (Ottawa: 1948). Garley, Kenneth David William. A Trust Betrayed: Sexual Assault in Dating/Courtship Relations and the Response of the Canadian Criminal Justice System. Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, B.C.:1989). Hall, Ruth and Selma James and Judit Kertesz, The Rapist Who Pays the Rent, Falling Wall Press (Bristol : 1984). Johnson, Ida M. and Robert Sigler, Forced Sexual Intercourse in Intimate Relationships, Ashgate-Dartmouth (Aldershot:1997). Lord Thesis Statement Essays. Justinian (trans.) (circa 550) The Digest of Roman Law: Theft, Rapine, Dammage and Insult, C.F. Kolbert ed..Penguin Books (Middlesex, England: 1979) Ontario Women?s Directorate (2000). Example. Sexual Assault Dispelling the Myths. Of The Statement Essays. Observation Of People Essay. R. v. White (1986), Canadian Criminal Cases, 1-24 C.C.C. (3d) Russell, Diana E.H., The Politics of Rape:The Victim?s Perspective, Stein and Day Publishers (New York: 1975).

Treemar?s 1980 Criminal Code and Miscellaneous Statutes, The Carswell Company ltd. Lord Flies Thesis. (Toronto: 1980). Thesis. Wemple, Suzanne F. Consent and Dissent to Sexual Intercourse in Germanic Societies from the of the essays Fifth to the Tenth Century pp. 227-244, Consent and Coercion to Sex and Marriage in Ancient and Medieval Societies, Angelika E. Thesis. Laiou ed., Dumbarton Oaks Research Library Collection, (Washington, D.C.: 1993). Feminist Crim. When the words ?women? and ?crime? are spoken, the first two words to come to many minds are ?sexual assault?. According to flies statement, most statistics, more than half of all women in Canada will be the essays on poetry and american victims of lord of the statement, sexual assault in their lives (Ontario Woman?s Directorate 2000). In some segments of the population that number rises to 83 percent (Ibid.). Abelard Essay. While these numbers are high, the numbers of convictions for lord thesis sexual assault are not.

According to the color of water essay, information presented by Helen Boritch, 10 percent of women can expect to be sexually assaulted in any given year, while only 6 percent of these women will report that assault to the authorities (Boritch 1997, p.213 and p.224) . There is a very large discrepency of numbers. The vast majority of sexual assaults go unreported. The vast majority of flies thesis statement, sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows (Ibid. pp.212-213). Perhaps the essay reason that so many sexual assaults go unreported is flies thesis essays, because of this overriding fact (Ontario Woman?s Directorate). Sexual assault within families was until recently legal in Canada.

The thinking went as such: The husband cannot be guilty of rape committed by himself upon his lawful wife, for by their mutual matrimonial consent and contract the wife hath given up herself in this kind unto her husband which she cannot retract (Hall, James and Kertesz 1984, p.20). The authorities believed that common law provided for the lawful rape of a wife by her husband. Observation. While this is a patently false proposition, by the 18th century, it had become the official line (Ibid. p.xvi). I didn?t feel that I had been raped. I felt more that I was stupid because I went out with a white fraternity guy. I blamed myself for going out with him. Also I didn?t think of it as rape because I knew him and because I consented to go. At the time I thought rape was a man coming out of the bushes and attacking you, so somebody you knew couldn?t rape you (Russell 1975, p.134). For a woman to see her husband as a rapist and to continue to live with him is often too difficult. Many are too dependent on lord thesis statement essays, their husbands for economic, social, and psychological reasons to leave. One solution for these women is not to see forcible intercourse as rape. Another more common adaptation is to give up the right to observation of people essay, say no, to flies thesis statement essays, be always sexually available, regardless of her wishes (Rusell 1975, p.71).

Crim (Deviancy) : Is there a point in my life when I considered myself to be deviant, or others considered me to be deviant? If so, how was the situation resolved? People are always telling me that I am ?weird?. I disagree with them. Of Water Essay. I believe that I am one of the least deviant people I know. Lord Flies. I am very old fashioned though, so maybe that?s why I get the weird label. Nevertheless, there are few times in my life when I consider myself to be a ?deviant?. My self-concept appears to follow a dialectical pattern. I consider myself to be part of a group, and identify with that group and its values. I increasingly find myself uncomfortable with some of the observation things which that group does or talks about.

At some point an of the thesis statement essays, incident occurs, and abelard essay I become isolated from the group. I then identify with a new group, and of the flies essays the process starts over. In other words, my membership in the first group can be considered a thesis. The thesis consists of that group?s world-view, which I share in. The crisis is the antithesis, it is the abelard essay stage at which the cognitive dissonance that occurred within the thesis comes out into the open. Finally the new group is the synthesis.

In the synthesis, the world-view that I held in the thesis group is largely gone, as are the troubles of the antithesis. The most memorable dialectical shift in my life occurred in 1990-1991. In 1990, I was part of the dominant white clique at my junior high school, in suburban Richmond. Lord Of The Statement. While everyone had got along in elementary school, we all divided along racial lines when we got to faith example, high school. The Chinese kids all went and spent time together, and even the lord thesis Chinese kids that could not speak Chinese, went. The East-Indian kids did as the Chinese did, and the white kids followed suit. There was not anything malicious about any of it. Well, that is not entirely true.

Much of honors stanford, our time in of the essays, the white group was spent making fun of kids in the East Indian and Chinese groups. However, we were not entirely racist, all the black kids in our school were part of our group. Observation Of People. Our group had their own ?territory?, drama and the arts were ours, as well as physical education, while we gave the East-Indian kids shop class, and the Chinese kids, computer science. The rest of the classes were required, so we could not split them up as easily, though we did manage some how. By 1990, I was firmly ensconced in this group. I had few complaints about it, I am quite good at making fun of people, so I was a valuable asset to the collective. Lord Statement Essays. In the summer of 1990, an incident happened which upset my place within the group. On July 11th of that year, a group of armed Mohawks got into a shooting war with the Quebec provincial police.

My group hated French immersion kids, so it seemed obvious to me which side we would come down on. I did not worry. Much to my surprise, the faith essay general attitude among the white kids was that the government should send in statement, tanks, and get rid of the ?Indians?. It had not occurred to me until that point that I am half-?Indian?. My family came down firmly on the side of the dissertation process Mohawks. Most of my male cousins who were old enough went off to join one blockade or another, and at least one got himself sent to lord statement essays, prison for his troubles. We went out to the reserve more often. Previously we had gone there for the winter ceremonies, or for birthday parties. This time we were going out observation of people essay there to ?plan things?. Back at home amongst my friends, I found myself increasingly isolated. Lord Flies Statement. I got into more and more fights, both verbal and physical.

People that had been part of my group ? though not friends per can poetry on poetry and american se, walked past me like they did not know me. I started spending time with the black kids and lord thesis statement essays the girls, and while they were not as overtly racist as the dissertation process books white boys, they were still racist. Young boys tend not to hide things, while young girls ? at least in that group- seem to believe that in order to be ?nice? it is their duty to hide their opinions. By the end of the of the thesis statement summer I found myself completely shut out faith essay example of the white group. I was the one of only two native kids at my school, so there was no chance of joining the native clique. The other native kid had lighter skin, so he began to pretend that he was Italian. I would say that ?I can?t blame him? but in reality I hated him and consider him to be a two-faced traitor. I spent more time on the reserve and with my younger cousins. With them, all the anger that had developed from being isolated could be vented destructively. It was o.k. in that group to hate the police and the government.

It was o.k. to through rocks at police cars and buildings as well as other things that can not be mentioned here. In fact, not only was it o.k. amongst the new clique, but it was accepted and approved of by lord essays the adults around us. The point at honors, which I switched allegiances entirely from lord of the flies thesis statement essays white society to native society was at of people essay, a family barbecue. The barbecue was at an uncle?s house. He was on the white side of my family. Everyone at the barbecue was white but me. Most of them were family, though there were a few family friends there. My parents stayed at home. Of The Statement. That day happened to be the observation of people same day that the army advanced on native positions around Montreal.

Raw footage of the attack was broadcast on thesis, live television. I was glued to the news, and abelard essay was very upset. I asked everyone else to come see what was happening. Because they were family I assumed that they would take my side. The group became very upset too, but at the natives.

One of my uncles friends went on a rant and started saying that all those ?Indians? want out of the flies essays crisis is money to buy liquor. That is amongst the abelard essay more polite things that he said. I noticed that several of my aunts and uncles agreed with him. Lord Statement. My grandparents refused to say a word in my defense. When I did open my mouth to yell at him and give him the usual ?shpeel? about oppression et. al., I was hushed up. I got up, and left. I walked home from there and told my parents. My father (he is very white) got into honors thesis stanford a loud argument over of the flies thesis, the phone with my uncle and my grandparents.

My mother yelled at me for going to the barbecue in the first place. It was after the barbecue that I decided that I would completely abandon ?white? culture in favor of native (Salish) culture, and dissertation process religion. In a pique of melodrama I went to the living room and threw my bible and little plastic Canadian flag into the fireplace. I have since changed since then, I know have a European wife, and white friends, and while I am no Christian, I certainly would not burn a perfectly good bible today. However, I still align myself with the native cause, and have abandoned any pretenses of Canadian citizenship. Lord Of The Flies Thesis. It is difficult to understand which theory of deviancy applied to me in that situation. Perhaps demonology applied to me, I did become a heathen, though that was after the fact (Gomme, p.41). If I was not possessed by honors the dark forces of the ?fallen one?, maybe I was the product of my environment (Ibid., p.43). However, my environment was a townhouse complex which was at least one quarter Jewish, and was smack in the center of suburban Vancouver. If environment played any role in my formation, I would have joined the lord statement Lion?s Club, or become a Freemason.

Two theories of deviance hold the most possibility for explaining my situation. Abelard Essay. The first is containment theory. Lord Flies Thesis Essays. Containment theory is the theory of inner and outer forces pushing and pulling someone toward deviance (Ibid., p.81). Gomme writes that: Social forces that push and observation pull people toward deviant behavior include?membership in an ethnic minority, restricted access to legitimate opportunities (Gomme, p.81). These external social forces included my peers and flies thesis statement my extended family. Dissertation. On the lord flies statement one hand, the white side of family, and my white friends ostracized me, and openly attacked me, while on of people essay, the other hand, the native part of my family, allowed me to vent my frustrations, and provided friends, and a ready target for teenage anger. I would also consider that my access to flies thesis, ?legitimate opportunities? was hampered by the activities of the whites around me. By ostracizing me, and making school unpleasant, the whites prevented me from achieving the scholastic success that was due. They also prevented me from pursuing the social relationships that I had established over abelard essay, four or more years. This legitimate frustration sought me to seek success in lord essays, the native community and to faith, attempt to form social bonds with natives.

Internal forces that constrain an individual from deviancy include, ?a positive self-concept, a strong ego, an intense sense of personal responsibility, and lord thesis a high frustration threshold? (Gomme, p.81). I know for a fact that I had none of honors, these qualities. More often than not, a poor self-concept, and weak ego, led me to follow the lord of the flies thesis statement essays crowd, and go along with whatever the group told me to honors thesis, do. As for personal responsibility and lord flies thesis statement the ability to faith essay example, be frustrated, I was suspect that I was an average teenager, and therefore, both of these things were absent. Containment theory appears to lord of the statement essays, be a perfect fit. I was pushed into deviancy by the people around me. There are other theories that may be a better fit.

I will discount social control theory, because of its reliance on the concept of deterrence (Ibid., p.89). I do not believe that there was either a general or a specific deterrence factor to being native. Thesis. Up until 1990, being native was an curiosity, like being double jointed; it could be trotted out at parties to lord of the flies essays, impress and entertain people. At that time, there was almost an incentive to be exotic. Essay. Incentive does not apply in my case though. Labeling theory has some interesting possibilities. The Oka crisis was an act of primary deviance (Gomme, p.100). Of The Statement Essays. If the Canadian State was to observation of people essay, defend a burial ground in ? say, France ? from conversion into a golf course, it would be considered to be legitimate. However, because the Mohawks lacked many of the legitimate venues that a Country would have in lobbying another on the international stage, they were forced into an act of violence ? a blockade. Afterwards they were attacked, and used force to defend themselves ? something that any country would do. However because the Mohawk country is not recognized, what they did was considered to be an lord of the thesis statement, act of terrorism, and they were punished for it in those terms.

As for me, the primary act of deviance was defending the Mohawks in the Oka crisis. While the the color essay thesis majority of my peers were attacking the Mohawks, I came to their defense. My first act of defense was primary deviance because it was isolated, and did not result in ?continuous negative social reaction? (Ibid.). Because I did not consider that act of primary deviance to be deviant, I would not be self-identified as a deviant. Gomme writes about what happened next: The application of derogatory labels and lord flies statement essays the severing of connections to conventional sphere intensify the construction of a deviant identity by forcing the observation of people devalued person to seek out others in similar situations who can provide more favorable reflections of the self. (Gomme, p.101). This description matches my situation to a tee. I was labeled as an ?Indian? (trust me, as a native, that is an insult), and my social connections were severed.

I sought out new social situations in which I would be accepted and lord thesis my anger approved of. As I wrote at the start of this paper, I do not consider myself to be a deviant ? in any sense of the term. Can Poetry Essays. Labeling theory requires that I identify with my deviance. I do not, and did not. My main goal in life is to modernize native society, and help guide it toward independence.

If I accepted native society as it is, I suppose that I could be considered deviant in lord of the statement essays, the labeling theory sense. However, my allegiance to native society, is a biological one, that recognizes my membership in thesis, it as a fact of biology. Lord Of The Flies Thesis Statement. My formal association with native life began because I was pushed into it. When that force was removed I formed new friendships with whites. It is because of this that I suspect that the honors best explanation for my period of deviance is contained in containment theory. Lord Flies Statement. I would draw a comparison between my situation and dissertation process that of of the thesis essays, people described in ?Normalcy and Visibility?.

While I am not often mistaken as Anglo-Saxon white, I do have a passing resemblance to essays, a straight-haired version of a Jewish stereotype; I have also passed as Catalonian, Mexican, and Greek. People do not know that I am native until I tell them; I am racially ambiguous. The article gives one major relevant factor to living with an invisible disability. The first was that people had the option of maintaining a ?semblance of normalcy? (Thorne 1993, p.9). I my case, I have the option of passing as white. This is disturbingly important in this country. For example , until recently I worked in a West Side grocery store. This store had an lord of the statement, up market clientele. Among the stanford items the store sold were bags and cards with native designs on them. After a while began to notice that in spite of this native friendly image that the store had, even middle-class natives could not enter the store without being considered to of the, be a shoplifter by the management. My co-workers also occasionally told stories in which natives were attacked or demeaned.

If I were to reveal my identity, I would face being excluded from these conversations. If I was excluded from these conversations, I would face being excluded from their social circle in general, and any future options for advancement that arise from can poetry matter essays being a part of the ?in? group. I decided to keep my mouth shut, and thesis essays get a raise instead. If I was visibly more native that option would not have been open to me. Deviance in my case is not really deviance on my part. When I did have a spell of deviant activity, it was caused by external forces. When those external forces were removed, the deviancy ended. This deviancy is in thesis, some ways voluntary, because I can hide it. However, I do not believe that by engaging in a profound act of self-denial can be a reasonable choice, so the of the flies thesis statement essays voluntary choice is of water essay thesis, somewhat less real. I have found many other people in similar situations. There are quite a few natives that can pass in white society, and do so, however, they maintain a true allegiance to their nation.

I have found this common thread among many other natives: they had a lot more white friends, until opinions hardened against lord of the thesis, our peoples. While we hold the same western liberal views that we have always had, we no longer see Canada, or our white liberal peers, as friends but enemies, and dangerous ones at that; and it is honors, not something that we chose. Bibliography Gomme, Ian. The Shadow Line: Deviance and Crime in Canada, Harcourt Brace Jovonovich (Tornto: 1993). Thorne, S.E. (1993).

Normalcy and lord thesis essays Visibility. In Social Explanations of Criminal and Deviant Behaviour, Brian Burtch Ed., Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, B.C.: 2000). Crim 135: Essay 2 The major argument in favour of curtailing judicial independence and prosecutorial discretion is that the justice system needs to dissertation books, be more accountable, more consistent, and more predictable. Lord Of The Flies Thesis Statement. Each of observation, these counts against lord of the statement, the justice system is based on dissertation books, the mistaken assumption that the justice system needs to flies statement, be a rational and efficient corporate body. Honors Stanford. That is to say, that the justice system must act as a single entity with the rasion d?etre of fighting, controlling, and deterring crime. The advocates of legal straightjackets have failed to prove their prima facie case. The justice system has no need to be a single solid structure with automated systems of judges, lawyers and parole officers. In the strictly constructed systems of our less-democratic cousins, lawyers, judges and their ilk serve only to diagnose the of the flies thesis criminal for the sole purpose of placing them in a category of offender, prisoner, and parolee.

The primary fault of the argument in favour of abelard essay, judicial and prosecutorial constraints is that it carries in itself the tacit assumption of guilt. By merely categorizing a citizen as an offender under the criminal code, the most authoritarian and unaccountable element of the justice system, the police, has effectively acted as judge jury and executioner. The citizen, who becomes labeled as an offender under the criminal code is shunted off to a holding cell, where, another police official determines if they are to be released. This police official would, at lord of the thesis essays, this stage in the current system use subjective criteria to can poetry matter and american, determine if the of the flies thesis offender was a significant risk and should be released; in a constrained system, the crime would determine the availability of the color essay, release automatically. Flies Statement. In the constrained system, the belligerent, and indigent, flasher would go free; while the observation of people essay tenured professor whose failing student wrongfully accused him of rape would be sent before a judge. Upon reaching the judge, the charges wold determine the bail-after all, consistency is the modus vivendi of the constrained system.

Griffiths and Verdun-Jones note that those people that have been denied bail and appear at their trial in state custody are more likely to be found guilty, and, when found so, they are more likely than other convicted citizens to receive a harsh sentence. Beside the clear difficulty encountered by imprisoned people in lord flies essays, mounting a defense against the state's accusations, there is of water essay, a secondary problem of facing a jury of their peers while in custody. To the average citizen, the appearance of one of their wayward neighbours in chains is likely to prejudice them against him or her. Of The Statement Essays. In a future system of 'consistent' justice it is abelard essay, likely that those offences where the punishment is most severe, the indictable offences, that the citizen is likely to be held in custody; and, it is lord thesis essays, those same indictable offences, to dissertation process books, be tried before a jury, where the accussed's status as a prisoner is most likely to be held against them. While the accussed's status as a prisoner is not a de jure proclamation of lord of the statement, their guilt, to the average citizen of a western liberal democracy, the presence of some person that has been forcibly removed from society is a de facto statement that they are dangerous. In the model state of consistency that certain legal reformers foresee, the police, the justices, prosecutors, and judges would 'apply' the law according to a strict set of rules. The state's agents will act with no prejudice, no leeway, no derogation and essays on poetry and american no derivation and no mercy. The police would presumably lay every applicable charge against thesis, every accused person that is brought to their attention. Not only would a person be brought to justice for forcible rape, but also for equally abhorrent crimes such as assault and battery, littering, loitering in a public park, attempted murder, reckless endangerment, unlawful confinement, jaywalking, speeding, creating a disturbance, resisting arrest, and any other possible offence related to the crime and the flight from justice.

Griffiths and Verdun-Jones have noted that in the recently more open atmosphere of plea-bargaining, police have become more consistent appliers of each and every conceivable law. Not only has a person been charged with one crime, but also of every other alternative charge available. In the process of essay, plea bargaining, a great deal of trust is needed between the defense counsel and the crown. Lord Of The Flies Statement. This trust often resembles collusion. In the process of plea bargaining the multiple -though mutually exclusive- charges against an offender are often reduced to a single charge in exchange for a guilty plea and reciprocal sentencing recommendation. In reality, the accused are bargaining away irrelevant charges for the single charge that they would have faced anyway, in can poetry matter essays on poetry and american culture, short, the accused gains nothing from a system of bargaining based on consistent policing. There is, however, nothing consistent about plea-bargaining. Plea-bargaining is at the heart of prosecutorial discretion. Prosecutorial discretion would go the way of of the flies thesis essays, inconsistent policing and matter essays on poetry and american culture it would be abolished. Consistency in prosecution requires that each and thesis statement essays every accused be treated identically.

In order for each accused to be seen to be treated identically, they must have each and every charge dealt with in an open court of record. Inconsistency is not a problem with the police, prosecutors, or parole board members. Inconsistency is what enables the police, prosecutors, and parole board members to consider the human factor of the crime. I f police were to the color of water essay thesis, 'throw the book' at lord flies statement, every criminal, the system what bog down with minor crimes. Furthermore, while some acts may technically be crimes, they may not have been enforced in twenty or thirty years. A possible problem of inconsistency is observation of people essay, with judges. Sentencing may vary across the country - though there is very little evidence to say if it does or does not. There are sentencing guidelines, but there are no uniform statistics on sentencing which would allow the public to determine if these sentencing guidelines are being followed. Lord Of The Flies Thesis. When sentencing is brought to the color thesis, the public's attention, it is only in the most extreme cases where a particularly lenient sentence has been given out. Therefore the best solution for inconsistent sentencing is to produce and publish uniform statistics on sentencing in flies statement, order to determine of sentencing guidelines are being followed. Any other reform of the judicial sentencing process before these statistics were produced and before their impact was observed on the judicial branch would be premature.

It is possible that many judges that have handed out lenient or severe sentences did not realize that they were significantly out of line with the Canadian mainstream. Conclusion Discretion is not a problem, perception is. The police need discretion in order to enforce laws commensurate with the changes in community values. Police also need the ability to exercise their discretion in essay, order to enforce laws as they are best able to do and to not get swamped with petty crimes, while resources are needed to deal with serious offences. Prosecutors need the ability to exercise discretion in order to plea bargain. Without the ability to plea bargain, prosecutors may find that they send far too much time prosecuting ancillary legal offences while the main crime is lord flies, not given their full attention.

The only reform necessary, is not technically a reform, but is instead a fine-tuning of the current system to allow it to function better, and observation essay that is the production and publication of uniform statistics on sentencing. Communications 131 Review: Neil Postman?s Amusing Ourselves to Death Robert Jago 200015294 Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death focuses on lord of the thesis statement essays, the change from what he calls a 'typographic' society to a televisual society. This change involves the decline of rational, linear thought which is based on the book, to thesis stanford, disjointed, a-historical, and non-inferential thought which is based on the standards of television. Postman's prima facie argument is that the medium of communications affects forms of thought. His first argument is based entirely on conjecture (though later in the book Postman does cite a study by Gavriel Solomon, p.152 footnote 4). Postman argues that television and its predecessors (the telegraph, the photograph) changed people's modes of lord of the flies, thought through operant conditioning. Television and electronic communications in honors thesis, general force people to of the flies statement essays, understand only the immediate and to forget the past. Several of essay, Postman's axioms are questionable, and his data is open to competing interpretations. Most importantly, Postman's study of the electronic society focused on it in an immature stage of development. Modern electronic culture is lord flies essays, quite different from the one that Postman studied. Neil Postman's stated purpose for his book is to, show that a great media-metaphor shift has taken place in America, with the result that the faith content of much of our public discourse has become dangerous nonsense(p.16).

To that end, his book opens with a glimpse at the United States of the early nineteen-eighties and an explanation of his use of the word metaphor. For Postman the media metaphor is a metaphor that draws analogies between aspects of the media and aspects of society. Postman states that in the literate age, metaphors abounded. Alice in wonderland, became a metaphor for a person wandering in 'a world of lord of the flies statement, semantic nonsense' and trying to make sense out of it; Athens became a metaphor for intellectual excellence and so on. In the twentieth century, the printed word added very little in terms of faith essay, metaphor. Terms such as Orwellian, thought police, but very little else transferred over from the printed page into lord flies statement essays middle class speech. The metaphor of the later twentieth century was to be dictated by television. Modes of the color of water essay thesis, thought mimicked television production standards.

Postman charts the transition from the typographic mind, through the 'peek - a - boo' world and into lord of the flies statement the 'now. On Poetry And American. this' world of television. The larger scale of the lord of the flies thesis essays medium metaphor is what Postman refers to of people essay, as resonance. Postman states that resonance is thesis, metaphor writ large. Honors. What Postman appears to mean here is that resonance is the essays stuff of myths, when social customs and norms, and idiosyncrasies become confused with nature. Just as one is seen as peculiar to question the effects of the construction of mountains, one is abelard essay, seen as equally peculiar to question such social constructs as [Noam Chomsky notwithstanding] contemporary English word usage and grammar.

After first explaining his proposition on how the dominant medium of communications affects forms of thought, Postman uses the remainder of the of the flies essays first part of his book to describe decline of the printed word in America. Dissertation Books. He begins with describing 'typographic' America at flies essays, its peak. Postman describes a country -though not a nation- where the ability to read was nearly universal among men, and, where foreign reading materials were abundant (P. 34). The way in matter culture, which he describes the of the flies thesis essays empowerment that the average person may have felt is interesting for my third argument [that Postman contrasted typographic America with the wrong era of the electronic age].

By 1772, Jacob Duche could write: 'The poorest labourer upon the shore of the observation of people Delaware thinks himself entitled to deliver his sentiment in matters of religion or politics with as much freedom as the gentleman or scholar. ' (P. 33) The printing press dominated the minds of typographic Americans. Their modes of of the essays, thought mirrored the construction of books and pamphlets. Can Poetry And American Culture. Books were linear, impersonal, rational, and lord of the statement historical. The written word was never read 'live'. Observation Of People. People's minds functioned in these same ways. People were rational and thought historically and therefore linearly. Lord Statement Essays. Public discourse in faith essay example, typographic America was fundamentally rational and intelligent. Advertising and politics were based on reasoned argument [for the most part]. According to Postman, the flies statement essays change in public discourse occurred because of the change in the media available to the public.

The first major change that Postman notes is the invention of the telegraph. Of Water Thesis. While it is interesting to lord flies, note that the industrial revolution, and the rise of the urban centres occurred at abelard essay, roughly the flies thesis statement essays same time as the invention of the telegraph, it is the later event that most effected the essay way that people think and of the flies thesis essays behave. Following the telegraph came the photograph. The telegraph changed the meaning of intelligence and information. In preliterate days, intelligence was synonymous with memory. Essay Example. In the typographic age, intelligence became synonymous with rationality. With the electronic age heralded in by the telegraph, intelligence became the ability to sift through large amounts of data. News in typographic society consisted of useful facts and information. Postman describes a type of apathy ratio, what he calls an 'information-action ratio' (P.69).

In typographic America, efficacy as seen through individual responses to 'news' was significantly higher than it is in modern televisual America. The telegraph made trivia in place of news. Surely people in Finland could finally know the day to day events that occurred in Lorado Texas, but, why would they want to? According to Postman, the telegraph made the United States one nation [this was also coincident with the Civil War and the United States' great era of wars of of the flies thesis statement, conquest]. The Color. The telegraph allowed people on the Pacific and the Atlantic shores to know the minutiae of each others every day lives. Statement Essays. While the telegraph trivialized the public space with useless information and matter essays on poetry and american 'factoids' the lord of the flies thesis essays photograph came along to act as a magnifying glass for these details. The photograph increased the abelard essay impact of the proliferating factoids, by giving them a face and a presence greater than a thousand words. By the time the photograph and the telegraph had become ascendant, the public discourse had irrevocably changed. Advertising became irrelevant, irrational, and the first slogans were developed [following shortly after such election slogans 'fifty-four forty or fight' or 'Tippacannoe and lord of the flies Tyler too' or the Democratic Party's anti-Republican song 'Nigger Doodle Dandy'].The era of the photograph and can poetry and american culture the telegraph are what Postman calls 'the peek-a-boo world'. Part two of the thesis statement essays book focuses on the particular ills of the televisual age.

The greatest ill, and one that Neil Postman had focused on in the past, is the decline in education in favour of essay, entertainment. A prime example for Postman is lord of the flies statement essays, 'The Voyage of the Mimi' series. This series is observation of people, a study that involves a great deal of time on behalf of children in flies essays, order to study whales and navigation among other things. None of these things are relevant to education in any traditional sense of the word. Postman's analysis of that particular series is that it is an example of the education changing in order to meet the needs of television. While there are more books in print in the television age, they do not have the impact of their fewer but more serious predecessors.

As was the case with the Voyage of the Mimi series, books seem to have become 'audio-visual aids'. Books have lost their seriousness. Books in the modern context no longer command the attention that they once did. Abelard Essay. The printed word in the modern context is a visual aid, it celebrates the dominant medium and is constructed around television's conventions. For example, a glance at any of the Fin de Siecle 'best 100 [or 1'000 et al.] lists that currently proliferate, would show what books are considered to be of substance to of the flies statement, this society. In the Globe and Mail's list of the observation essay best history books are, a picture book, Atlas of World History, and ESPN Sport Century.

Among the lord of the flies thesis statement best seller lists are a book of lists, a book by can poetry and american a television writer, a book by lord thesis statement a faded hockey star, a book by a movie writer, a book of trivia. Observation Of People. While there are more books in print today than ever before, it is likely that they are to of the flies thesis statement essays, be gems such as ESPN Sport Century, as opposed to Walden or the Native Son. Postman concludes his book by analyzing this 'dangerous' lack of substance brought on by the conventions of the television age. Postman uses two of thesis, major metaphors of the decline of lord flies thesis, western society. the first is the Orwellian. Today the totalitarian state is confined to only a few fourth rate and declining states such as Myanmar and Belarus and so its position as primary threat to Western Liberty has given way. In the place of the Orwellian thought police and big brother is Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World'. The brave new world of Postman's interpretation is one where television has taken the abelard essay place of Huxley's 'Soma' [an ecstacy like drug]. People have forsaken their liberty and democracy in of the thesis statement, favour of simple and example constant pleasures. Of The Statement Essays. Postman concludes that television has created a Brave New World where the statescraftsmen are given free hand by a public more interested in their leader's private affairs than their economic policies. This new world where seriousness is mocked, and where depth of faith example, imagination, and attention span have gone into steep decline is one that has put democracy and freedom in grave danger.

Postman proposes that the solution to of the flies statement, the current state of affairs is to inoculate the populous through education. People would be educated to understand the television epistemology, and to not just become media savvy, but to become aware of the myths that surround the dominant medium. The current dominant medium in the United States and essays culture Canada is television. Lord Flies. Other media, such as radio, and print are complementary to television and have very little independent sway over societal mores. Postman's analysis could only take into dissertation books account society up to the mid 1980's. That society lacked the internet, and lord flies essays such venues as digital cable and inexpensive satellite dishes. Postman derides libertarians for attacking government censorship but failing to take on the oligarchy of the big-three networks. In his discussion of the typographic age, Postman describes the empowerment of the common man by his ability to converse and the color of water essay thesis understand every subject of importance.

Postman takes especial note of Benjamin Franklin's views on the importance of the pamphlet. Of The Flies Thesis Essays. Each of honors thesis, these points noted by Postman can lead to a different final conclusion if extrapolated into thesis the internet age. To begin with, the modern era of between seventy and five-hundred television channels should have been easily foreseen by Postman. He noted the lack of attention by essay example the general public, and how that brief attention span was created by television. The television of Postman's study was, by current standards, conservative, and for lack of a better word, 'deep'. The oligarchy of the three networks is lord flies, gone, replaced by a constellation of specialty television networks [though production is now owned by abelard essay a few industrial concerns].

Attention spans are even briefer, and every whim under the sun can be served by its own television network. Contrary to Postman's original argument that the product of a populace obsessed by entertainment is political apathy, entertainment can create political involvement. While Postman described the efficacy felt by the people of the typographic age, he failed to lord of the thesis essays, note that part of the efficacy was inspired by such public proceedings as the public hanging. Postman failed to realize that a public raised on scripted spectacle, would be enraptured by live reality. Essay Example. In a world of instant communications, there is lord flies thesis statement, enough live spectacle to keep every audience entertained. This entertainment can be translated into efficacy through such means as instant television poll, something that Postman only briefly touched on. Postman's description of the transition from literate to televised worlds and the coincident transformation of society from the color of water essay thesis literate and of the statement rational to base and the color essay excitable is not entirely accurate. He fails to take into consideration other factors such as the second industrial revolution and the expansion of liberty within countries which may explain the general decline in the public discourse.

Postman places the blame for the decline in rationality solely on the dominant medium of of the statement essays, communications. Furthermore, Postman writes that people have lost the sense of efficacy vis a vis the state. While people may be voting less, they may be participating more. Protest groups, lobby groups, special interest groups, petitions, and the like have proliferated in post-industrial society. People may have transferred their trust from the faith example state to the epistemic community and they may have done this because of a new involving medium.

Bibliography Postman, Neil, Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Buisness, Penguin Books (Toronto: 1986).