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Chicago style research paper headings

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Chicago style research paper headings

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article essay sample The remainder of this essay writing tutorial is based on a short sample #039;divorce essay#039; (about 1,000 words). To complete all of the associated tasks, it is easiest if you have the sample essay in front of headings, you. A major change that has occurred in the Western family is an increased incidence in divorce. Whereas in the past, divorce was a relatively rare occurrence, in recent times it has become quite commonplace. This change is borne out clearly in write proposal example census figures. For example thirty years ago in Australia, only one marriage in ten ended in divorce; nowadays the figure is more than one in three (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1996: p.45). A consequence of this change has been a substantial increase in the number of single parent families and style research headings the attendant problems that this brings (Kilmartin, 1997). An important issue for sociologists, and indeed for all of society, is why these changes in marital patterns have occurred. In this essay I will seek to on cuban culture, critically examine a number of sociological explanations for the #039;divorce phenomenon#039; and also consider the social policy implications that each explanation carries with it.

It will be argued that the best explanations are to be found within a broad socio-economic framework. One type of explanation for rising divorce has focused on changes in laws relating to marriage. For example, Bilton, Bonnett and Jones (1987) argue that increased rates of divorce do not necessarily indicate that families are now more unstable. It is possible, they claim, that there has always been a degree of marital instability. They suggest that changes in chicago style paper the law have been significant, because they have provided unhappily married couples with #039;access to a legal solution to pre-existent marital problems#039; (p.301). Bilton et al. therefore believe that changes in divorce rates can be best explained in terms of essay on critical, changes in the legal system. The problem with this type of explanation however, is that it does not consider why these laws have changed in the first place. Chicago Headings? It could be argued that reforms to family law, as well as the increased rate of divorce that has accompanied them, are the essay on world trade organisation product of more fundamental changes in style paper headings society. Another type of explanation is one that focuses precisely on these broad societal changes.

For example, Nicky Hart (cited in Haralambos, 1995) argues that increases in divorce and marital breakdown are the essay result of economic changes that have affected the family. One example of chicago style paper, these changes is the culture raised material aspirations of families, which Hart suggests has put pressure on both spouses to become wage earners. Women as a result have been forced to style headings, become both homemakers and on cuban culture economic providers. According to Hart, the contradiction of these two roles has lead to conflict and this is the main cause of marital breakdown. It would appear that Hart#039;s explanation cannot account for all cases of divorce - for headings example, marital breakdown is liable to how to proposal, occur in families where only the husband is working. Nevertheless, her approach, which is to relate changes in family relations to broader social forces, would seem to be more probing than one that looks only at legislative change. The two explanations described above have very different implications for social policy, especially in relation to how the problem of increasing marital instability might be dealt with. Bilton et al. (1995) offer a legal explanation and hence would see the solutions also being determined in this domain. If rises in divorce are thought to be the consequence of liberal divorce laws, the obvious way to stem this rise is to make them less obtainable.

This approach, one imagines, would lead to a reduction in divorce statistics; however, it cannot really be held up as a genuine solution to the problems of marital stress and breakdown in society. Indeed it would seem to be a solution directed more at symptoms than addressing fundamental causes. Furthermore, the experience of social workers, working in the area of family welfare suggests that restricting a couple#039;s access to divorce would in some cases serve only to exacerbate existing marital problems (Johnson, 1981). In those cases where violence is involved, the consequences could be tragic. Apart from all this, returning to more restrictive divorce laws seems to chicago research paper headings, be a solution little favoured by Australians. (Harrison, 1990).

Hart (cited in Haralambos, 1995), writing from a Marxist-feminist position, traces marital conflict to database, changes in the capitalist economic system and their resultant effect on chicago headings, the roles of men and women. It is difficult to know however, how such an analysis might be translated into practical social policies. This is because the Hart program would appear to require in the first place a radical restructuring of the economic system. Whilst this may be desirable for some, it is not achievable in the present political climate. Hart is right however, to suggest that much marital conflict can be linked in some way to the economic circumstances of write a dissertation, families. This is research paper, borne out in many statistical surveys which show consistently that rates of divorce are higher among socially disadvantaged families (McDonald, 1993). Essay On Critical Skills? This situation suggests then that social policies need to be geared to providing support and security for these types of families. It is little cause for optimism however, that in recent years governments of all persuasions have shown an chicago style paper headings increasing reluctance to fund social welfare programs of this kind. It is difficult to offer a comprehensive explanation for the growing trend of marital breakdown; and it is even more difficult to find solutions that might ameliorate the problems created by it. Clearly though, as I have argued in this essay, the studies research most useful answers are to chicago style research paper headings, be found not within a narrow legal framework, but within a broader socio-economic one. Finally, it is worth pointing out that, whilst we may appear to be living in essay a time of increased family instability, research suggests that historically, instability may have been the norm rather than the exception.

As Bell and chicago style research paper Zajdow (1997) point out, in the past, single parent and step families were more common than is assumed - although the disruptive influence then was not divorce, but the on cuban culture premature death of one or both parents. This situation suggests that in studying the modern family, one needs to employ a historical perspective, including the research headings possibility of essay organisation and india, looking to the past in searching for ways of dealing with problems in chicago style the present. Australian Bureau of Statistics (1996). Divorces, Australia . Canberra: Australian Government Printing Service. Essay On World? Bell, R. and G. Zajdow (1997) Family and household.

In R. Jureidini, S. Kenny and M. Chicago Paper? Poole (eds). Sociology: Australian Connections . St Leonards. NSW: Allen and Unwin. Europe? Bilton, T., K. Chicago Style Headings? Bonnett and P. Desired Resume? Jones (1987). Introductory Sociology , 2nd edition. London: MacMillan. Haralambos, M. Research? (1995). Sociology: Themes and Perspectives , 3rd edition. London: Bell and Hyman.

Harrison, M. (1995). Grounds for divorce. Family Matters . No 42 pp 34-35. Johnson, V. Essays On Cuban Culture? (1981). The Last Resort: A Women#039;s Refuge . Ringwood: Penguin. Kilmartin, C. Style Research Paper? (1997). Children divorce and one-parent families. Family Matters . No. 48. ( Available On-line ) McDonald, P. (1993). Family Trends and desired Structure in Australia . Australian Family Briefings No 3. Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies.

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IKEA operations management Essay Sample. Operations Management is how organizations produce goods and style services (Slack et all, 2010). Organizations must be able to essay on critical thinking, align their processes to fulfill customer requirements and ensure they are satisfied, which leads to careful planning and if successful to a competitive lead. This reports focus on IKEA, and how IKEA operations management has made them one of the leaders in retail in chicago style research paper headings, the world, with a deep analysis of IKEA corporate organization and operations management. IKEA is the on critical thinking most successful furniture retailer in chicago research paper headings, the world. The product line consists of well-designed furniture at europe low prices. During 2011, IKEA has reported 25.2Billon Euro total revenue and 2.966Million Euro net income. Chicago Style Research Paper! This success was not achieve in one day; it took long time and careful planning in order to achieve customer requirements. COMPANY PROFILE AND SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS. IKEAís is how to write a dissertation, global organization with sales in more than 250 own stores in 24 countries and 32 external franchisees in 16 countries. The stores are supplied through 31 distribution centers, or directly from the 2000 suppliers in research paper headings, more than 50 countries.

IKEAís supply chain consequently has a global spread with both sales and purchasing in all major regions of the world. IKEAs growth has been tremendous and using in nursing research sales are still growing. Research Headings! Currently IKEA plans to how to proposal example, open 10-20 new stores every year with a goal to chicago research, double sales within the coming five year (IKEA, 2012). Considering the pace of growth in sales, the many stores and warehouses, and the fact that some business areas change up to 30% of using research its assortment every year, supply chain planning is a real challenge. The supply chain needs tight control and high levels of visibility to keep costs down and avoid obsolete inventory and/or stock outs. The IKEA supply chain is mainly make-to-stock (MTS) and only a few products are made to chicago research, customer orders. Consequently, the on world organisation entire supply chain is heavily dependent on forecasts. The regions and the stores have traditionally had a strong power and a high degree of local freedom in terms of planning and placing replenishment requests.

This has led to a fragmented supply chain planning with local optimization and chicago style paper a lot of manual intervention with plans throughout the supply chain. Furthermore, due to using case, frequent shortage situations some regions have purposely overestimated demand to ensure delivery, which in turn has led to imbalance in terms of demand coverage. Hence, some markets have suffered from stock outs during long periods, whereas other markets have ended up with obsolete inventories. Forecasting has been done on a regional level with approximately 120 users striving for different goals and using different methods. Part of the explanation to this is that IKEA has lacked a common and structured tactical planning of research paper demand and replenishment. In terms of capacity planning, all different parts of the supply chain (stores, warehouses, regions, etc.) tried to how to write a dissertation proposal, optimize its own part of the supply chain, leading to a set of imbalanced supply plans with a low and unstable total throughput with long. Replenishment times for the supply chain as a whole.

The above mentioned situation led to a number of problems with direct impact on performance in a number of ways. Style Paper! First of all, the desired goals supply chain had a functional orientation with limited transparency, leading to a reactive behavior with fluctuating goods availability (sometimes stock out situation and sometimes over stock). IKEA has also used extensive manual work in its planning processes and the planning was based on fragmented and unreliable Planning information. Hence, there was a lack of trust between different parts of the supply chain, which even further have enhanced the bullwhip effects in the IKEA supply chain. Style! Other problems related to the supply chain performance was difficulties to essay organisation and india, get enough attention of data maintenance, the lack of proper follow-up tools to monitor forecast deviations, hard to chicago research paper, change mindsets among users, no synchronization of order and stock data, to name but a few. To overcome the on critical thinking skills difficult situation, IKEA initiated a program (cluster of projects) aiming to chicago, taking better control of case studies research its supply chain, and research paper enhance performance in essay, terms of delivery service and costs. A new global planning concept was developed and is currently being implemented. Its cornerstones are mutually integrated planning processes, a centralized planning organization, focus on data quality and use of advanced software support. GROWTH AND PROFITABILITY. Global sales in Fiscal Year 2011 were 25.2 Billion Euros (23.5Billion Euros in style paper headings, FT 2010). The operating income in FT 2011 was 2.9 Billion Euros, an increase of 0.2 Billion Euros of FY 2010.

Fig: IKEA Operating Income. Fig: IKEA Revenue. IKEA generates 79% of its sales in case research, Europe, 15% in North America and only 6% from Asia. The main financial principles of style paper IKEA are financial stability, independence and flexibility, as a result, most of their profits are reinvested in database europe, the company in order to grow. IKEAís success is research headings, directly linked to its culture, which encourages all employees to share values like togetherness, cost-consciousness, respect and simplicity (IKEA, 2012). IKEA has also a high commitment to human resources practices in how to write a dissertation example, order to identify the employee needs, ambitions and capabilities. The products as well the marketing strategy, also reflect the company culture.

The products are named after Swedish cities or famous Swedish people, and IKEAís colors are yellow and blue, the colors of the Swedish national flag. IKEAís collaborators are very important, and without them IKEA was not able to invent and produce its products. Nowadays, 10000 products are manufactured by 2000 suppliers and transported to style paper headings, IKEA stores. IKEA has introduced local offices to their suppliers in order to monitor them but also to help creating new products in cooperation with them (IKEA , 2012). IKEA has also long-time contracts with its suppliers which avoids prices fluctuations and essays culture builds close relationships between them. IKEA does not have real competitors. There are lots of paper furniture retailers, but IKEA is unique in the way it operates. It operates worldwide with well-designed products at low cost.

Wide range of well-designed products. Focus on innovation. Large network of suppliers. Economic of scale. Strong brand image. Sales via Internet. Global expansion Ė Asia and Latin America.

Product standardization Ė problems doing business in essays on cuban culture, Asia. Low level of customer service. Products unsuitable for older people. Stores layout Ė just one entrance and just one exit. Competitors trying to operate like IKEA. Replace/Substitute/Repair products or parts. Economic recession in Europe. Demographic factors Ė Aging in style paper headings, Europe. As part of the national or global trends and changes, IKEA is just one example of firms that are successful in both domestic and international business. The Swedish furniture retailer has found the Scandinavian style of furniture that was combined with ďdo-it-yourselfĒ flat packaging became popular and set a global cult brand. IKEA due to essay on world trade organisation, the economic changes and trends is adopting different kind of strategies that will take an appeal on their customers and aiming to own the customer loyalty.

The strength of IKEA grew from the ownership transfer of the business to the Stitching Ingka. It made the company adopt other furniture style such as dinnerware, lightings and paper headings even rugs. Yet, the economic conditions affected the case studies companyís market performance and research declared a slowdown because of lacking the strategic direction. In order to on cuban, generate the high performance of the business, IKEA considers exchange rates, low cost suppliers, lean manufacturing. The IKEA used quality technology and systems to promote the shorter queues, proper scheduling, tracking and trading patterns, and staffing. It aims to be more productive and style headings establish employee preferences. The system made the IKEA in write proposal, a position to ensure the right number of staff in a right place and in a right time to match the unique trading pattern s at each stores of IKEA. The company view in optimizing everything from the supply chain is also optimizing and managing the workforce to create an efficient store environment and keep customers happy. IKEA contributed much in the society as they provide opportunities in people and the employees are entitled in chicago style research paper, different benefits such as insurance and pensions. Moreover, the company promises to provide more high quality furniture that sticks to their original concept Ė stylish furniture at low prices.

The legal compliance of using case studies research IKEA is strictly implemented with the paper headings relevant and applicable laws and write proposal example regulations that pertain to chicago style, the environment, social and working conditions. The company also scheduled the using studies research most demanding requirements to be specific in maintaining the list of chicago style headings laws and regulations and with the procedures. With regards to the environmental factors such as the air, noise, and water, inspections are implemented to how to write, ensure the company provides corrective actions within the stipulated time. The environmental inspection is paper, part of the legal documentation and environmental authorities as the on world business operations are on-goings and maintains the competence. Recycled and style research headings Renewal materials. Finished products(beds, sofas, etc.)

Good business behavior. Prevent child labor. Realistic room settings. Specified retailer centers. Delivery of products. As per Slack (2010) , there are five basic performance objectives that apply to all organizations: quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost . These objectives have order-winning, order-qualifying and less important factors. Essays! ďOrder winning factors are those things which directly and chicago headings significantly contribute to winning business. They are regarded by customer as key reasons for purchasing the productĒ (Slack et all, 2010,pp 69). Simplified it is what a company does in order to make customer buy their products and using studies not from their competitors.

According to Slack (2010) raising performance in an order-winning factor, will result in gaining more market share or a better overall performance. Order-qualifying factors are ďthose aspects of competitiveness where the operationís performance has to be above a particular level just to be considered by the customerĒ (Slack et all, 2010, pp.69). Products must fulfill minimum requirements in order to be considered by the customer. If the style research products are below the minimum requirements, the company will not sell their products end eventually will not be competitive in their business environment. Moreover, less important factors are such factors which are ďneither order-winning nor order-qualifying and do not influence customer in a significant way (Slack et all, 2010, pp.69). ďQuality is a major influence on phd thesis customer satisfaction or dissatisfactionĒ (Slack et all,2010,pp.40). Quality for IKEA means that their products are functional and safe to headings, use. The quality of IKEAís products is subject to the international standard ISO 17025. Essay Organisation And India! Due to this, IKA has established test laboratories, where the products are tested in order to meet the style headings customerís demands, not only in terms of design, function and in nursing price, but also with regards to research paper, safety, stability and durability (IKEA Right Quality, 2010). As per IKEA slogan , : Is is our customers that we want to come back Ė not our products! Ē (IKEA Right Quality,2010), IKEA tests products not only during the development phase, but also takes samples from products that are already in one of essay on world trade and india IKEAís stores.

Quality in this case is an order-qualifying factor for IKA, because if the safety and function is not guaranteed, customers would not consider buying one of IKEAís products. Nevertheless, quality can be seen under a different aspect, the research headings customer have to go all the way through the store before they can pay for the products, therefore, IKA needs to essay on world organisation, present their products within the stores in an attractive and appropriate way. Chicago Headings! In addition, referring to families, IKA takes care of their children while they are shopping. This additional service leads to on critical thinking, more quality for the families as well to customer satisfaction. In this case, quality is an order-winning factor for IKEA.

ďSpeed means the elapsed time between customers requesting products and paper headings receiving themĒ (Slack et all, 2010, pp.40). For IKEA speed is a less important factor since IKEA is not delivering their products. Customers chose their products and pick them up by themselves. Customers also take over the transportation from the proposal store to the home. The speed is depending on the customer and not IKEA. ďDependability means doing things in time for customers to receive their goods exactly when they are needed or at last when they were promisedĒ (Slack et all, 2010, pp.42). Style! For IKEA dependability means to assure that the on critical thinking wide range of research paper headings products that IKEA offers is available for customers on time. Every August IKEA publishes its catalogue to millions of customers in 31 countries (The Ikea catalogue, 2011). Using In Nursing Research! IKEA must be prepared to handle the run on its products.

To ensure that all products are sufficient available on time, IKA has introduced local offices close to chicago research headings, their suppliers in order to monitor them. In addition, IKEA has long-terms contracts with its suppliers, which has the advantage that the processes between them run more smoothly due to the experience and essay thinking consequently the improvements they have made it in the past (Baraldi, 2008, pp.99). Dependability is an order-qualifying factor for IKEA because customers expect that all products are available on time. A customer who goes to style research paper headings, IKEA and does not find the product as showed in the catalog, will be frustrated and desired may consider not to buy further products of IKEA. ďFlexibility means being able to research headings, change the operation in some way. Specifically, customers will need the operation to change so that it can. provide four types of requirementĒ (Slack et all, 2010, pp.46): Product flexibility Ė the operationís ability to introduce new or modified products; Mix flexibility Ė the operationís ability to produce a wide range of products. Volume flexibility- the operationís ability to change its level of output, to produce different quantities of products. Delivery flexibility Ė the operationís ability to change the timing of essays delivery.

For IKEA product flexibility is essential for the companyís success. According to IKEAís slogan Ē To create a better everyday life for style paper headings, the many peopleĒ (IKEA Welcome Inside, 2010, pp. 19), IKEA puts emphasis on innovation to satisfy all the different needs of their customers. New inventions and developments are the impulses for new products and consequently to be competitive. Furthermore, IKEA has the how to ability to produce a wide range of products. There are about 10000 products in the total IKEA product range. The flexibility of chicago research paper IKEA regarding product and essay on world organisation and india mix flexibilities are order-winning factors for IKEA. With its wide range and modern stylish products, IKEA attracts many customers. ďTo the companies which compete directly on price, cost will clearly be their major operations objective. The lower the cost producing their goods, the lower can be the price to their customers. Not surprisingly, low cost is a universally attractive objectiveĒ (Slack et all, 2010, pp.48).

The main goal of style research headings IKEA is to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to on world trade, afford them (IKEA Welcome Inside, 2010, pp.7). This goal reflects the importance of the chicago paper headings cost objective to IKEA. As multinational company, IKEA benefits of economic of scales. Essay! IKEA offers their products at chicago paper headings low prices, which attracts more customers as IKEA would offer their products at high prices. Because of this, the a dissertation proposal example costs to produce one product are going down, which allows IKEA to offer them at low prices. Furthermore, the flat packages reduce the paper overall warehousing and distribution cost. The common packages have most of the time space between the surface of the package and essay organisation the product inside. This space or unnecessary air cost money.

By using the flat packages, IKEA spends less money for paper, transportation and can offer their products at low prices. Moreover, the customer contributes to IKEAís low prices. The Stores of IKEA are located outside the city centers where the rest for IKEA is much cheaper, customers to go the stores as well bring the product they have purchased to their home. In addition, customers also put the product together by themselves. All these are a factor that reduce the overall costs of IKEA and is why IKEA is able to offer such low prices.

As a result costs is an order-winning factor for IKEA , because IKEA uses low prices to attract customers. The polar representation shows the relative importance of IKEAís performance objectives to its products. According to Slack (2010) it is called polar representation because the essay on critical thinking skills scales which represent the importance of chicago style research paper headings each performance objective have the essay same origin. The bold line describes the relative importance of headings each objective. The close the bold line is to the common origin, the less important is the objective to IKEA.

Fig: IKEA polar representation. As can be seen in essay on world trade and india, the polar representation the objectives cost, quality and flexibility are the order-winning factors for IKEA. Dependability is an order-qualifying factor and speed does not influence IKEAís customers in a significant way and is therefore a less important factor. Cost can be seen as an order winning or qualifying factor. Chicago Headings! For IKEA it is definitely an order winning factor because they attract their customer with low prices. IKEA has lower prices than its competitors do, which gives IKEA a competitive advantage. There are three performance objectives (cost, flexibility and quality) that IKEA puts a lot of emphasis on. In the following sections, IKEA processes will be identified, and on critical analyzed how the processes meet the performance objectives with the interrelation between product design and process design. To better identify the process types, the ďFour VísĒ model will identify what implication each dimension (Volume, Variety, Variation in demand, Visibility) for the cost of chicago style research paper creating IKEAís products have. In general, as per Slack (2010) high volume, low variety, low variation and essay thinking skills low customer contact all help to keep processing costs down. With 10000 different products, IKEA produces a high volume of products.

Due to the economics of scale the unitsí costs are low. The wide range of the products means that IKEA has a high variety in its product line. Moreover, the research headings demand is rather predictable for IKEA. Therefore, the database variation in demand can be seen as low. Finally yet important, the contact to their customers is also rather low. Customer choose their products and pick it them up by themselves, there are some staff and information desks where customers can ask for help , but overall IKEA has low contact with the customers. Based on the ďFour VísĒ, it can be seen that IKEA manufactures a high volume and a high variety of products:

Fig: IKEA Variety Vs Volume. Although IKA produces 10000 variants of products, IKEA is using mass production to chicago, produce its products, the different variety of its products do not affect the basic process of production (Slack et all, 2010, pp.93) .This means that the case studies in nursing research variety is high to customers but the variety in the production process is low. There are advantages as well disadvantages of mass production. The main advantage of mass production is that a company can achieve economic of scale. ďEconomic of scale in production mean that production at larger scale (more output) can be achieved at lower cost (i.e., with economies or saving)Ē (Hussain, 2010, pp. 149) . Since IKEA is producing a high volume of research products, the company is achieving economic of scale as illustrated in phd thesis database europe, the graphic below, which is in fact a competitive advantage: Fig: IKEA average Costs Vs Output. Furthermore, it has the advantage that it reduces nonproductive activities such as preparing materials and tools and it diminishes human errors due to standardization of the operations, in addition, workers perform simples work, as the tasks are repetitive. This allows companies to hire workers with limited technical or mechanical skills after a short training period and will reduce the employeesí costs in the long term (Dolgui Proth, 2010, pp. 197). Nevertheless , there are some disadvantages, the headings rigidity of mass productions systems is one, which makes any production change very costly, and thinking the variety of products that can be produced on the same system is limited (Dolgui Proth, 2010, pp.

197). Mass production , in one hand, has the advantage that IKEA can achieve economic of scale, as already mentioned in chicago style paper, order to meet the performance objective cost, in the other hand, it has the disadvantage that the inventory level is high which in particular means that the products of IKEA are make-to-stock (MTS). ďIN a make to desired goals, stock process individual orders are not assigned to customers during manufactureĒ (Schroeder, 1993, pp.174). Chicago Style Research Paper Headings! This in in nursing, particular means for IKEA that the company must align their processes in a way that reduces their overall stockholding cost. To reduce the chicago paper headings costs for storing the products, IKEA uses flat packages that do not waste unnecessary space. Using flat packages also saves transportation costs that lowers the prices for using studies research, the products. Research Paper Headings! In addition , the stores of IKEA have all large storing halls from where the customer picks up its chosen products. This means that the products will be delivered right away from the suppliers to using in nursing, the stores. There is no between storage. Research Paper! Referring to IKEAís stores, they are also located outside the city centers, where the case studies research rent for IKEA is much cheaper. Research! Moreover, IKEA does not waste any leftovers that occur from the mass production process. For instance, leftover from a table will be used to produce a chair.

Finally yet important, the customer has a significant influence on the production costs, IKEA produces the components of the furniture; the installation does the customer. This is one reason why IKEA can produce such a variety and high volume at a dissertation proposal a mass production level. Furthermore it allows IKEA to offer its furniture approximately 20% cheaper (Koenig , 2000, pp. 67). Another important objective Ė flexibility Ė must be considered in the mass production process. As seen the rigidity of mass production systems is a major disadvantage, which makes any production change costly. Nevertheless, to chicago style, ensure flexibility in terms of a wide range as well as innovative products, IKEA works together with the more than 2000 suppliers. Essays On Cuban! Most of the production occurs at the facilities of the research suppliers. Case In Nursing! The rest is produced at the IKEA industrial group facilities Swedwood and Swedspan. IKEA is buying production capacity instead of buying product quantities from their suppliers.

This means that IKEA is ordering, for instance, 10000 hours of chicago headings production rather than 10000 beds. If IKEA launches a new product or need to using case in nursing, produce existing products, IKEA examines which of their suppliers have the best capabilities to manufacture the product. The next step is chicago style paper, that IKEA orders production capacity and 24/7 production at the suppliers facilities can begin, because IKEA cooperates with such a high number of different suppliers, IKEA can provide such a high variety and high volume to their customers an can eventually be flexible. According to Dolgui and Proth (2010) mass production diminishes human errors due to the standardization of the operations. In addition, the quality of IKEAís products is subject to ISO 17025.

Due to this, IKEA has test laboratories, where products are tested in order to meet customerís demands in terms of how to write proposal function, price and chicago research paper headings also safety, stability and durability (IKEA Right Quality, 2010). PROCESS DESIGN Ė PRODUCT DESIGN. Process design and product design are interrelated. Usually it is common for essay skills, manufactures that they fist manufacture or designs a product and then will target a price for the product and set up process that endure that the product will be delivered to chicago headings, the customer. IKEA is going it the in nursing research other way around (Margonelli, 2002). Research! IKEA first targets a price and a dissertation tries to find a supplier that is able to manufacture the product.

Fig: Process Design relation with Product Design. For example, IKEA is planning to design a new chair; they will target a price (for instance, 10 Eur). Afterwards, IKEA chooses a manufacture that has the capability to manufacture the chair, and chicago style then designers of IKEA will design the chair according to the customer trends. Desired Goals Resume! Finally the paper headings chair will be manufactured in studies in nursing, large quantities to lower the unit costs and eventually distribution centers will deliver the chair to IKEA stores. In the image below, the ďprocess design has an chicago style research, impact on the product design and vice versaĒ (Slack et all, 2010, pp.88) Fig: Process Design Ė Product Design. Today, IKEA is one of the most successful furniture retailers in the world. This means the operations management of IKEA has been set up processes, which meets the performance objectives in many ways, therefore it is difficult to find many areas for improvement, especially regarding the mass production process. IKEA generates more than 75% of its sales in Europe and only 6% in Asia, even though Asia has much larger customer market. IKEA has its background in Sweden, but IKEA should be interested in increasing its sales in essays on cuban, Asia. The key reason why IKEA is not successful is chicago style research paper headings, that the ďDo it yourselfĒ culture, among Asian customers does not exist in the same way as in Europe.

Compared to Europe, to hire workers who setup your furniture in Asia is much cheaper, they do not have to do it by themselves. However as already mentioned IKEA produces only the components of the furniture; the desired installation does the customer. This is one reason why IKEA can produce such a variety and high volume at style research headings a mass production level. Organisation! IKEA should rethink its strategy in Asia because some products just simply do not fit to customer needs. Maybe IKEA should provide finished furniture to chicago style paper, the Asia customer, but the question is if IKEA could provide finished furniture at goals resume such low prices. The production process must be redesigned in particular for Asia. In Addition, IKEA might not be able to offer finished furniture in flat packages, which increase the overall transportation and stockholding cost. Chicago Research! Furthermore, the production process might not be compatible with its suppliers. IKEA must find new suppliers that are able to manufacture finished products. These are all expense factors, which lead to the assumption that it is not feasible to adjust IKEAís processes in order to meet the database needs of Asian customers.

Therefore to chicago style research headings, be successful IKEA musct create a Ē Do it yourself cultureĒ among its Asian customers, giving them more advices on how to set up their furniture. In long term it can provide good results in the Asian market. Another aspect that IKEA should improve, which does not affect the mass production process, is the fact that customers have to pass through the whole store before they can pay for their products. This distracts customer who want to buy only phd thesis database, one product. IKEA should provide more exits and/or cash desk allowing customers to pay more quickly. Furthermore, IKEA attracts many customers who are looking for low prices. IKEAís marketing strategy is based on this.

This means that high income customers might not regard to buy at IKEA , because IKEA is seen as a low price furniture retailer. Style Research Paper Headings! IKEA should also focus on attracting high income customer groups by launching marketing activities which primary focus on these groups. IKEA has modern and good quality products in its product line that will certainly meet the needs of high income groups. In addition, as Europeís population is aging, itís important for IKEA to focus also on older population, having furniture to fulfill their needs. Based on the analysis in on world trade, this report, the most important objective of IKEA is the cost, the processes objectives are to reduce the costs of the final product. IKEA uses mass processes in their production in chicago style research headings, order to achieve economy of scale. Furthermore IKEA is pioneer in using flat packages that reduces transportation costs as well stockholding costs.

However, IKEA also focuses in flexibility and qualitity, which further satisfy the needs of the customers. Thorught IKEAís high commitment to write, innovation the company is able to provide modern, stylish furniture that satisfies customers in terms of flexibility, and with the ISO 17025 standard, IKEA guarantees that their products have quality (are functional and safe). Overall, IKEA has successfully setup processes within the company, which ensures the satisfaction of the customers as well gave IKEA a competitive advantage in its business sector. IKEA has the right approach and will lead to a good performance in the future. Baraldi, E. (2008), ďStrategy in chicago style headings, Industrial Networks: Experiences from IKEAĒ, California Management Review, vol 50, no. 4, pp 99. Dolgui, A. Proth, J. M. (2010), Supply chain Engineering: Useful Methods and using studies Techniques, Springer. Ikea (2010), The right quality for style research paper, IKEA products.

Available from [Accessed: April 8, 2012] Ikea (2010) , Welcome Inside. Available from [Accessed: April 1, 2012] Koenig, W. Essay Thinking Skills! (2000), Geschichte der Konsumgesellschaft, Franz Steiner Verlag. Schroeder, R. G. (1993) , Operations Management: Decision Making in the Operations Function, 4th ed, McGraw-Hill . Margonelli, L. (2002), How Ikea designs its sexy price Tags, Business 2.0. Available from : [Accessed: March 28, 2012] Slack, N., Chambers, S. Johnston, R. (2010), Operations Management, 6th ed, Pearson Education. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order IKEA operations management. essay editing for only $13.9 per page.

Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for IKEA operations management. What are some of the things IKEA is doing right to reach consumers in different markets? What else could it do? IKEA has adopted many strategies to paper, reach the customersÖ IKEA Case Study. 1.How is IKEA profiting from global expansion? What is the essence of its strategy for creating value by essay on world organisation and india, expanding internationally? a.IKEA expands to other markets in order to chicago research, get newÖ Ikea OT Case anaylsis. Q1: List the various ways in which IKEA has managed the global environment over time. Companyís approach that focuses on Simplicity, attention to detail and cost consciousness which help inÖ ?IKEA Swot Analysis.

1. Customer knowledge. One of the key competitive advantages IKEA has is its extensive knowledge about the customers. The company understands the purchasing factors that influence customers to buy andÖ IKEA and Porterís Five Forces. IKEA, the Swedish furniture conglomerate, has taken on aggressive growth goals over the past several years in an effort to remain competitive. With this in a dissertation proposal, mind, Michael Porterís ď5 ForcesĒÖ

IKEA Ė The Global Retailer. 1. How has the globalization of markets benefited IKEA? Economy of scale determinates globalization advantages. Economy of scale influenced on IKEA. In case it was mentioned that IKEAís target marketÖ

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op ed essay sample THE STANDARDS THAT WILL BE USED. TO EVALUATE YOUR OP-ED PIECE. The Point: Does the opinion piece have a point that is clearly expressed? The Point may be a recommendation for action or it may be to alert readers to a problem. The author should make a single point well. Style Paper! You, as the reader, should be able to explain the author's message in a sentence or two. 6-7: The opinion piece has an original, well-argued point. The piece draws the reader into looking at the topic in a new way or with new insight. The reader can readily summarize what the organisation and india author is saying and why. 4-5: The opinion piece makes a point that appears original.

But the supporting data appear a bit muddled. Readers are left with questions: Why is did the research paper author take this position? Why take this position rather than an alternative one? 2-3: The piece leaves readers confused as to what point the author is trying to make. The reader cannot readily summarize the author's key point or the data supporting the position seem not to really support it. 1: The paper lacks an identifiable point. Readers are left confused as to what point the author is making and why. Persuasive: Does the piece persuade the essays on cuban reader? A good piece argues effectively for chicago research headings, a particular point. Even though the reader may not ultimately agree with the goals resume author, the chicago style research paper reader comes away from the piece willing to on world trade organisation and india, seriously consider the author's perspective.

6-7: A reader comes away from reading the piece feeling the chicago research author has effectively argued for a certain point. The author uses concrete examples that resonate with readers. 4-5: The opinion piece highlights an important topic. But it does not really convince readers as to essay trade and india, the value of the author's position. 2-3: The opinion piece seems mostly a personal venting. The author is not reaching out to readers or trying to chicago paper, connect with them in a meaningful way. 1: The piece is unconvincing. An unbiased reader, reading this piece, would not find the piece very persuasive. Hook and Structure: Does the opinion piece engage the reader right at the beginning? Is there evidence of thoughtful organization? Does the author summarize the main point at the end?

6-7: The main point is effectively stated in the first few sentences. These first few sentences capture the reader's attention and draw the reader into reading further. In Nursing! The author effectively summarizes the paper headings piece's argument in a strong final paragraph. 4-5: Readers are not immediately draw into the argument. But they are not put off by it either. They find the piece reasonable but a little slow moving. It does not keep your attention. The final paragraph does not offer a powerful restatement of the author's position.

2-3: The piece makes a basic point. But it does not catch your attention. It does draw you in at essay on critical skills the beginning nor summarize its message at the end. 1: The author never draws the reader into the opinion piece. It is not clear what the research headings author is saying nor why it is important. Writing and phd thesis europe Clarity: Is the chicago paper headings piece readily understandable to case research, non-academic readers? General readers should find the piece easy and chicago interesting to write a dissertation proposal example, read. There should be few grammatical and spelling errors. 6-7: The writing is research clear. Using Case Studies In Nursing! The author's own voice and perspective come through in a convincing way. You can identify with the author and the position she or he takes.

There are no grammatical mistakes that distract from the author's argument. 4-5: The writing is reasonable. The sentences and paragraphs are a bit too long or the passive voice is chicago research paper headings emphasized. Phd Thesis Database Europe! There is a bit too much jargon. 2-3: The author tends to go on too long. It is not really clear what point she or he is making.

The author has long sentences and paragraphs. 1: A reader is research headings left confused as to what point the author is trying to make. Tone: Is the opinion piece polite and respectful? The focus in on persuading the reader rather than voicing indignation or condemnation. 6-7: The opinion piece is polite and respectful in tone. Rather than dismissing the other side, it acknowledges its value while disagreeing with it.

It comes across as written by desired resume, a thoughtful professional versed in the subject being discussed. 4-5: There is research paper generally a polite tone. But the author does not acknowledge that reasonable people might disagree regarding the point being made. The author asserts there is one reasonable position and she or he is presenting it. 2-3: The piece comes across as quite opinionated. On World! It appears the author is venting about something that bothers her or him. 1: The piece is chicago research paper headings similar to a political attack ad. The author is on critical thinking skills pouring at research paper rage with little concern for who is reading the phd thesis europe piece. [Source: a combination of Karl Schmidís (York University) ďInstructions for chicago style research, Wring Op-Ed Pieces and Duke Universityís ďOp-Ed Aritcles: How to Write and Place Them (]

TWO GOOD AND ONE POOR EXAMPLE. ONE POOR EXAMPLE: A Gentleman, Yes, But Not Yet a Scholar. The New Untouchables. By Thomas L. Friedman. The New York Times, October 21, 2009.

Last summer I attended a talk by Michelle Rhee, the dynamic chancellor of public schools in Washington. Just before the session began, a man came up, introduced himself as Todd Martin and whispered to me that what Rhee was about to using, speak about style research paper headings, our struggling public schools was actually a critical, but unspoken, reason for the Great Recession. As the Harvard University labor expert Lawrence Katz explains it: If you think about the labor market today, the top half of the college market, those with the resume high-end analytical and problem-solving skills who can compete on the world market or game the chicago financial system or deal with new government regulations, have done great. But the bottom half of the top, those engineers and programmers working on more routine tasks and not actively engaged in developing new ideas or recombining existing technologies or thinking about what new customers want, have done poorly. Organisation! They've been much more exposed to global competitors that make them easily substitutable. The Globe and chicago style paper headings Mail, August 31, 2009. Moods and fashions in Japan often arrive like tsunamis, typhoons or landslides. After more than 50 years of almost uninterrupted power, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party has been buried in a general election. Change came once before, in 1993, when a coalition of opposition parties briefly took power, but the LDP still held on to a majority in the Diet's powerful lower house. Sunday, even that last bastion fell. The world, fixated on China's rise, was slow to pay attention to this seismic shift in the politics of the globe's second-largest economy.

Japanese politics has a dull image in essays on cuban culture the world's press. Research! Most editors, when they cover Japan at all, prefer stories about the zaniness of its popular youth culture, or the wilder shores of Japanese sex. The main reason for this is, of course, that Japanese politics was dull, at least since the mid-1950s, when the LDP consolidated its monopoly on phd thesis database europe, power. Only real aficionados could be bothered to chicago style research, follow the ups and downs of the ruling party's factional bosses, many of in nursing research whom were from established political families, and most of whom relied on shady financing. Corruption scandals erupted from time to chicago paper headings, time, but these, too, were usually part of intraparty manoeuvres to rein in those who got too big for their britches. The system worked in on cuban a fashion: Factional bosses took turns as prime minister, palms were greased by various business interests, more or less capable bureaucrats decided on domestic economic policies and chicago research paper the United States took care of Japan's security (and much of how to write a dissertation proposal its foreign policy). Some thought this system would last forever. Indeed, it has often been said, by Japanese and foreign commentators, that a de facto one-party state suits the chicago research headings Japanese. Stability, based on soft authoritarianism, is the on critical skills Asian way, now followed by China. Asians don't like the messy contentiousness of parliamentary democracy. Look what happens when Asians are foolish enough to import such a system, as in South Korea or Taiwan, the argument goes.

Instead of civilized debate, they have filibusters and fisticuffs. But, notwithstanding the occasional bust-ups, Korean and Taiwanese democracies seem remarkably robust. And the style headings argument that Japanese, or other Asians, are culturally averse to political competition is not historically true. In fact, Japanese history is full of strife and rebellion, and Japan was the first independent Asian country with a multiparty system. Its early postwar democracy was so unruly, with mass demonstrations, militant trade unions and essays on cuban culture vigorous left-wing parties, that a deliberate attempt was made to impose the boredom of a one-party state. This happened in the mid-1950s Ė not for cultural reasons, but entirely because of politics.

Like Italy, a close parallel, Japan was a front-line Cold War state. Chicago Style! Domestic conservatives, and the U.S. Write A Dissertation Proposal! government, worried about a Communist takeover. So a large conservative coalition party (much like the Italian Christian Democrats), funded to some degree by Washington, was put in place to headings, marginalize all left-wing opposition. This involved some strong-arm tactics, especially against the unions, but it worked mostly because the database europe middle class settled for an informal deal: increased prosperity in exchange for political acquiescence. Style Research! The ďLDP stateĒ was based on the promise, given by prime minister Ikeda Hayato in 1960, that family incomes would soon be doubled. Increasingly marginalized, the opposition dwindled into an impotent force, mere window-dressing to a one-party state.

But one-party rule breeds complacency, corruption and database political sclerosis. In the past decade or so, the LDP Ė as well as the once-almighty bureaucracy that ran the chicago research paper headings system Ė began to look incompetent. Prime minister Junichiro Koizumi gave the trade and india party a last breath of life by promising reform in 2001, but it wasn't enough. Chicago Research! The patience of Japan's middle class finally cracked. The victorious Democratic Party of Japan may not immediately set off any political fireworks. Its leader, Yukio Hatoyama, is an database uncharismatic scion of yet another established dynasty Ė his grandfather, Ichiro Hatoyama, took over as prime minister in 1954 from chicago style research Shigeru Yoshida, who was the grandfather of the last LDP prime minister Taro Aso. The DPJ's aims are excellent: more authority to elected politicians, less bureaucratic meddling, less dependence on the United States, better relations with Asian neighbours, more power to voters and less to big business. Whether Mr.

Hatoyama and his colleagues have the wherewithal to on critical thinking skills, achieve these aims is an open question, but it would be wrong to belittle the chicago research importance of what has happened. Even if the DPJ fails to implement most of its reforms in short order, the desired resume fact that Japanese voters opted for change will invigorate their country's democracy. Even if the system were to become like Japan's democracy in chicago style research paper headings the 1920s, with two more or less conservative parties, this would still be preferable to a one-party state. Phd Thesis Database! Any opposition is better than none. It keeps the chicago paper headings government on its toes.

A firm rejection of the phd thesis one-party state will also reverberate far beyond Japan's borders. It shows clearly that the desire for political choice is not confined to a few fortunate countries in the West. This is a vital lesson, especially at a time when China's economic success is convincing too many leaders that citizens, especially but not only in Asia, want to be treated like children. Poor Example: A Gentleman, Yes, But Not Yet a Scholar. by A. B. Stoddard. Aren't you just dying to know what Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is saying about his friends in high places at Arizona State University? And has the gossip mill targeted the exact people responsible for chicago paper, deciding President Obama was worthy of a commencement invitation but no honorary degree?

It doesn't matter if we ever learn their names ó you know who you are and desired goals resume you should be laughing at style yourselves! I can't imagine how that meeting went. Let's invite the president of the United States ó a new president, an immensely popular president, the first African-American president ó to be our speaker. Wait, he hasn't really spent enough time in essay on world trade organisation his field to earn the degree typically conferred upon each speaker at graduation. But he's so appealing, we'll invite him anyway. It's our practice to recognize an individual for chicago style headings, his body of work, somebody who's been in phd thesis database their position for a long time, Sharon Keeler, an ASU spokeswoman, told The Associated Press at the time. His body of work is chicago style paper headings yet to come. That's why we're not recognizing him with a degree at the beginning of his presidency.

Apparently the nationwide shock was more than ASU could stand, because on Sunday they suddenly announced the creation of a Barack Obama scholarship program. But there was no acknowledgment of error or faux pas, just bewilderment at the confusion created by the media. Using Studies In Nursing Research! When in doubt, blame the media (it works for Sarah Palin). University President Michael Crow said despite the view that Obama was being denied something bestowed upon Erma Bombeck, It has always been our intention to recognize and research headings honor President Obama's accomplishments during his visit. He added, I apologize for essays, the confusion surrounding our invitation to paper, President Obama to address ASU students at commencement. We all know Obama couldn't care less about the trade and india degree, he's just happy for the speaking engagement in a swing state he is chicago style paper just itching to win in essay organisation 2012. And from now on some kids will be tickled to become Barack Obama scholars.

Everybody wins except for those oh-so-selective big cheeses at chicago style research headings ASU who thought it was a good idea to keep a president out of an exclusive club.

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SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips. Did you think you were all done pouring out chicago style research, your blood, sweat, and tears in how to proposal example, written form for style research paper your personal statement, only to be faced with the ďwhy this collegeĒ supplemental essay? This question seems simple on desired resume its face, but is in fact a crucial and potentially tricky part of many college applications. What exactly is the ďwhy usĒ essay trying to understand about you? And how do you answer the question without falling into its many pitfalls or making any rookie mistakes? In this article, Iíll explain why colleges want you to be able to explain why you are applying. I'll also talk about style, how to generate and how to, brainstorm topics for this question, and how to style, make yourself sound sincere and committed. Finally, Iíll throw in some ďwhy this schoolĒ essay dos and doníts. Why Do Colleges Want You To Write a ďWhy UsĒ Essay? College admissions officers have to read an incredible amount of student work to essay on world organisation and india, put together each winning class. So trust me when I say that everything they ask you to write is chicago style research paper meaningful and important.

The purpose of this essay goes two ways. On the one hand, seeing how you answer this question gives admissions officers a sense of whether you know and value their school . On the other hand, having to verbalize why you are applying is proposal a chance for you to paper, ponder what you want to studies in nursing research, get out of your college experience , and chicago research paper headings, whether your target schools fit your goals and aspirations. What Colleges Get Out of Reading Your Why This College Essay. Colleges want to check three things. First, that you have a sense of what makes their college different and special. Do you know something about the schoolís mission, history, and values? Have you thought about their specific approach to phd thesis europe, learning? Are you comfortable with their traditions, the feel of their student life? Second, that you will be a good fit for the institution. Where do your interests lie?

Do they correspond to this schoolís strengths? Is there something about you that meshes well with some aspect of the college? How will you contribute to chicago style paper headings, college life? How will you make your mark on campus? And third, that this institution will, in turn, be a good fit for you. What do you want to get out of college? Will this college be able to using in nursing, provide that? Will this school contribute to chicago style research paper headings, your future success? What will you take advantage of on campus Ė academic programs, volunteer/travel opportunities, internship hookups, extracurricular clubs, etc.? Will you succeed academically? Is this school at the right rigor and pace for your ideal learning?

What You Get Out of Writing Your Why This College Essay. Luckily, in on cuban culture, the process of articulating these answers, you will also benefit in several ways. Finding specific programs and opportunities at schools that you are already happy about chicago style headings, will give you a grounded sense of direction for when you start school. At the same time, by describing what is great about schools that are low on your list, you'll boost your enthusiasm rather than feeling these colleges are lackluster fallbacks. Desired Goals? Ensuring You're Making the Right Choice. At the chicago style research paper, same time, writing the why us essay can be a moment of clarity. It's possible that you wonít be able to come up with any reasons for applying to a school. If the more research you do the more you see that you won't fit, this may be a good indicator that this particular school is not for you. At the using in nursing research, end of your 4 years, you want to feel like this, so take your Why This College essay to heart. The Two Different Kinds of ďWhy This CollegeĒ Essay Prompts. The why this college essay is best thought of chicago style paper as a back and resume, forth between you and style research, the college . This means that your essay will really be answering two separate but related questions: First, why us?

This is how to write proposal example where you'll explain what makes the school special in your eyes, what attracted you to it, and what you will get out of the experience of going there. Second, why you? This is where you'll talk about why youíll fit right in on campus, what qualities/skills/talents/abilities youíll contribute to campus life, and chicago style paper, how your future will be impacted by how to proposal example the school and style research paper, its opportunities. Colleges usually take one of these two different ways to frame this essay , which means that your essay will lean heavier towards whichever question is favored in the prompt. So if the prompt is goals resume all about why us?, you'll focus more on waxing rhapsodic about the school. Chicago? If the prompt instead is phd thesis database europe mostly configured as why you?, you'll dwell at length on style research headings your fit and potential. Essays Culture? It's good to remember that these two prompts are simply two sides of the style research paper, same coin.

Your reasons for wanting to essays, apply to a particular school can be made to fit either of these questions. For instance, say you really want the chance to headings, learn from the on critical thinking, world-famous Professor X. A why us essay might dwell on how amazing an opportunity studying with him would be for you, and how he anchors the Telepathy department. Meanwhile, a why you essay would point out that your own extracurricular and academic telepathy credentials and future career goals make you an ideal student to learn from Professor X, a renowned master of the field. Let me show you some real-life examples of what these two different approaches to the same prompt look like. I hear the Rings of Power Department is really strong at that school too. Check out the Gandalf seminar on repelling Balrogs - super easy A. Why [this college]? Why are you interested in our school? Why is this college a good choice for you? What is it that you like the best about our university? Why do you want to go to chicago style research headings, our college?

University of europe Michigan: Describe the unique qualities that attract you to research paper, the specific undergraduate College or School (including preferred admission and dual degree programs) to essay on critical thinking skills, which you are applying at the University of Michigan. How would that curriculum support your interests? Tulane University: Please describe why you are interested in attending Tulane. Chicago Paper Headings? Tufts University: Which aspects of Tuftsí curriculum or undergraduate experience prompt your application? In short, ďWhy Tufts?Ē Wellesley College: When choosing a college community, you are choosing a place where you believe that you can live, learn, and flourish. Generations of inspiring women have thrived in the Wellesley community, and we want to know what aspects of database europe this community inspire you to consider Wellesley. We know that there are more than 100 reasons to style paper headings, choose Wellesley, but the ďWellesley 100Ē is a good place to thinking skills, start. Visit the Wellesley 100 and let us know, in two well-developed paragraphs, which two items most attract, inspire, or energize you and why. (PS: ďWhyĒ matters to us.) Colorado College: How did you learn about Colorado College and why do you wish to attend?

Oberlin College: How did your interest in chicago headings, Oberlin develop and what aspects of our college community most excite you? University of Richmond: Please choose ONE of the two essay prompts: (1) Sometimes asking the right question makes all the difference. Database? If you were a college admission counselor, what essay question would you ask? Please craft and answer your own essay prompt Ė in your response, reflect on what your chosen question reveals about you.; OR (2) Tell us about research paper, Spiders. Tell me all about. me. Why are you a good match or fit for us? What are you interests and goals resume, how will you pursue them here? What do you want to study and how will that correspond to our program? What or how will you contribute? Why you at our college? Why are you applying to our school?

Babson College: One way Babson defines itself is through the notion of creating great economic and social value everywhere. How do you define yourself and what is it about Babson that excites you? New York University: Whether you are undecided or you have a definitive plan of style headings study in mind, what are your academic interests and how do you plan to explore them at NYU? Bowdoin College: Bowdoin students and case studies in nursing, alumni often cite world-class faculty and opportunities for intellectual engagement, the Collegeís commitment to the Common Good, and the special quality of life on the coast of Maine as important aspects of the Bowdoin experience. Reflecting on your own interests and experiences, please comment on chicago research paper one of the following: 1.) Intellectual engagement, 2.) The Common Good, or 3.) Connection to place. Kalamazoo College: In 500 words or fewer, please explain how Kalamazoo Collegeís approach to education will help you explore your ideas and interests both inside and desired resume, outside of the chicago paper headings, classroom.

Lewis Clark College: Lewis Clark College is a private college with a public conscience and a global reach. We celebrate our strengths in collaborative scholarship, international engagement, environmental understanding and on critical, entrepreneurial thinking. As we evaluate applications, we look for chicago style students who understand what we offer and are eager to contribute to our community. In one paragraph, please tell us why you are interested in essays on cuban, attending Lewis Clark and how you will impact our campus. Whitman College: Part of being a Whittie is living and growing as a unique individual within a supportive community. These are words that we think describe much, though not all, of the Whitman experience: Intellectually Curious - Northwest - Taco Trucks - Slam Poetry - Outdoorsy - Testostertones - Globally Engaged - Flag Football - Thesis Project - Wheat Fields - Intercultural - Encounters Program - One Acts - Organic Garden - 24/7 Library - Ultimate Frisbee - Collaborative Research - Playful - Semester in the West - Life of the Mind - Walla Walla - Whitman Undergraduate Conference - Interest House Community - Sweet Onions - Experiential Learning. Pick three of these words or phrases, or share with us three of your own, and explain how these terms resonate with or inspire you. Chicago Research Paper Headings? How does this part of who you are relate to joining the Whitman community? Sure, Ultimate Frisbee is cool, Whitman College. But when I get to campus, I'm starting a quidditch league.

How to Write a Perfect ďWhy This CollegeĒ Essay. No matter how the on cuban, prompt is worded, this essay is a give-and-take of style research paper headings what you and the college have to offer each other. Your job is to database, zoom in research, quickly to your main points, and to use precision and detail to using case studies in nursing, sound sincere, excited, and authentic. So how do you effectively explain what benefits you see this particular school providing for you, and style research headings, what pluses you will bring to the table as a student there? And how can you do this best using the small amount of space that you have (usually 1-2 paragraphs)? Let's now go through the process of writing the Why This College essay step by essays step.

First, I'll talk about the style headings, prep work you'll need to do. Then I'll go through how to brainstorm good topics, and the topics to avoid. I'll give you some tips on transforming your ideas and research into an actual essay. And finally, I'll take apart an essay thinking skills, actual Why Us essay to show you why and how it works. Style? Before you can write about a school, you need to know specific things about what makes it stand out and appeal to you and your interests . So where do you look for these? And how do you find the detail that will speak to you? If youíre going on essay on critical college tours, youíve got the perfect opportunity to gather info. Bring a notepad with you, and write down: your tour guideís name 1-2 funny, surprising, or enthusiastic things they say about the style research, school any unusual features of the campus, like buildings, sculptures, layout, history, or traditions. How To? Also, try to connect with students or faculty while youíre there. If you visit a class, write down which class and the professorís name.

See if you can briefly chat up a student (in the class you visit, around campus, or in the cafeteria) and ask what they like most about the chicago style, school, or what has most surprised them about being there. Write down the proposal, answer! Trust me, youíll forget it otherwise, especially if you do this in multiple college visits. Style Research? If you canít get to the campus of your target school in thinking, real life, the next best thing is an online tour either from the schoolís own website, or from chicago paper headings places like youniversitytv, campustours, or youtube (search [school name] + tour). Essays On Cuban? You can also connect with students without visiting campus in chicago, person. Many admissions websites will list contact information for students you can email to ask one or two questions about what their experience of the school has been like. Or, if you know what department, sport, or activity youíre interested in, you can ask the admissions office to put you in touch with a student who is involved with that interest.

Soon, fully immersive VR campus tours will let you play in Minecraft mode, where you just build each school from scratch brick by resume brick. If you have an chicago style research paper, interview, ask your interviewer questions about in nursing, their experience at the school, and also about what going to style, that school has done for them since they graduated. As always, take notes. If you have a chance to go to a college fair where your target college has sent reps, donít just come and pick up brochures. Engage the reps in conversation and ask them questions about what they think makes the school unique, so you can jot down notes about any interesting details they tell you. Colleges publish lots and lots of different kinds of things, any of studies in nursing which is research paper headings useful for research.

Here are some suggestions, all of studies which you should be able to find online. Brochures and course catalogs. Read the chicago, mission statement of the school Ė does their educational philosophy align with yours? Read through college catalogs. Proposal Example? Are there any programs, classes, departments, or activities that seem tailor-made for you in chicago style research headings, some way? Pro tip: these should be unusual in some way or different from case in nursing research what other schools offer. Chicago Research? For example, being fascinated with the English department isnít going to cut it unless you can discuss its unusual focus, 1-2 exceptional professors, or the different way they structure the major that appeals to you specifically. Using Case Studies In Nursing? The alumni magazine . Are any professors highlighted?

Does their research speak to you, or connect with a project you did in paper headings, high school or for some extracurricular? Sometimes alumni magazines will highlight a collegeís new focus or new expansion. Does the construction of a new top of the line engineering school correspond with your intended major? There may also be some columns or letters written by alumni that talk about what itís meant to them to go to this particular school. What stands out about their experiences? The campus newspaper. Desired Goals? Students write about the headings, hot issues of the day, which means that the articles will be about the best and worst things on campus. They will also give you insight into student life, into what opportunities are available, etc.

The collegeís social media. Your target school is most likely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media. Follow them to see what they are posting about. Exciting new campus development? Some professors in how to write, the news? Interesting events, clubs, or activities?

Wikipedia is chicago style research headings a great source for trade learning details about the collegeís history, traditions, and values. You can also search interesting phrases like ďWhat students really think about [your school]Ē or ď[your school] student forum.Ē This will let you find for detail-heavy points of view, comments about specific programs or courses, and insight into student life. So what should you do now that you've done a bunch of research? Use it to develop connection points between you and your target school. These connections will be the skeleton of style research headings your essay. You now have on hand all kinds of on world trade and india information, from your own personal experiences on campus, to research paper headings, your conversations with people affiliated with your target school, to what you learned from desired resume campus publications, to tidbits gleaned from the web. Now you have to sift through all of your notes to find the three to five things that really speak to you. Take what youíve learned about the chicago style paper, school and link it to how you can plug into europe, this schoolís life, approach, and chicago paper headings, environment . That way, no matter whether your target school's prompt is more heavily focused on the why us or why you part of the give-and-take, you'll have an entry point into the essay. What should these three to five things be? What should you keep in mind when you're looking for goals the gem that will become your topic?

Here are some words of wisdom from Calvin Wise, the style, Senior Associate Director of database Admissions for research paper Johns Hopkins University: Focus on what makes us unique and studies, why that interests you. Do your research, and articulate a multi-dimensional connection to the specific college or university. We do not want broad statements (the brick pathways and historic buildings are beautiful) or a rehash of the chicago style research paper headings, information on our website (College X offers a strong liberal arts curriculum). All institutions have similarities. We want you to talk about essays on cuban, our differences. Time to find that diamond, amethyst, opal, tourmaline, or amber in the rough.

Check Your Gems for Color and Clarity. In other words, make sure that each of your three to five found things is something that your target school has that other schools donít. This something should be seen from your own perspective. Chicago Style Paper? The point isn't to generically praise the school, but instead to go into on world, detail about why itís so great for you that they have this thing. This something you find should be meaningful to the school and specific to research headings, you. For example, if you focus on academics (courses, instructors, opportunities, or educational philosophy), find a way to link them either to your previous work or to your future aspirations.

This something should not be shallow and non-specific. Want to live in a city? Every city has more than one college in it. Find a way to explain why this specific college in this specific city calls to you. Like pretty architecture?

Many schools are beautiful, so dwell on why this particular place feels unlike any other. Trade Organisation? Like good weather, beach, skiing, some other geographical thing? There are many schools located near these places, and they know that people enjoy sunbathing. Either build a deeper connection or skip these as reasons. Convert Your Gems Into Essay Topics. Every Why This College essay is going to answer both the why us and the why you parts of the back-and-forth equation. But, depending on which way your target school has worded its prompt, you will lean more heavily on that part. Chicago Style Headings? This is why Iím going to split this brainstorming up in phd thesis database europe, two, to go with the style paper headings, ďwhy usĒ and ďwhy youĒ types of using research questions. Of course, since they are both sides of the same coin, you can always easily flip each of these ideas around in chicago headings, order to have it work well for the other type of prompt . For example, a ďwhy usĒ essay might talk about how very interesting XYZ interdisciplinary project is and how it fits well with your senior project.

But a ďwhy youĒ essay would take the culture, same idea but flip it to chicago research paper, say that you learned through your senior project that you deeply value an interdisciplinary approach to academics, which makes you a great fit for this school and its own commitment to cool interdisciplinary work as evidenced by project XYZ. Project XYZ had many moving parts, one of which for some reason was a giant labyrinth. Research? How a particular program of study/internship requirement/volunteer connection will help further your specific career goals. The school's interesting approach to your future major (if you know what that will be), or to chicago style headings, a major that combines several disciplines that appeal to you and fit with your current academic work and interests. In Nursing? How the paper headings, school handles financial aid and the infrastructure setup for low-income students, and what that means for you in terms of opening doors. A story about how you became interested in essays, the school (if you learned about it in an interesting way). Did it host a high school contest you took part it? Feature a visual or performing art that you enjoyed and paper, that you also do?

How you overcame an initial disinterest in the school (if you minimize this first negative impression). Did you do more research? Interact with someone on campus? Learn about the europe, schoolís commitment to the community in some way? Learn about interesting research being done there? A positive interaction you had with current students, faculty, or staff, as long as this is more than just Everyone I met was really nice. An experience you had on the campus tour. Super passionate tour guide? Interesting information that surprised you? Did something happen to transform your idea about the school or campus life (in a good way)? Interesting interdisciplinary work going on at the research paper headings, university, and how that connects with your academic interests/career goals/previous high school work.

The history of the school, but only if itís meaningful to you in some way. Phd Thesis Database? Has the school always been committed to fostering minority/first generation/immigrant students? Was it founded by someone you admire? Did it take an unpopular, but, to you, morally correct stance at chicago style research paper some crucial moment in history? An amazing professor that you canít wait to how to a dissertation proposal example, learn from. Is there a chemistry professor whose current research meshes with a science fair project you did? A professor whoís a renowned scholar on chicago research paper your favorite author/genre?

A professor whose book on economics finally made you understand the most recent financial crisis? A class that sounds fascinating, especially if itís in a field that you want to major in. Extra bonus points if you have a current student on record raving about it. Desired Goals Resume? A facility or piece of chicago style paper equipment that you canít wait to work with or in, and that doesnít exist many other places. A specialty library that has rare medieval manuscripts? An observatory? A fleet of essay thinking boats? A required curriculum that appeals to you because it provides a solid grounding in the classics, it shakes up the traditional canon, connects all the students on campus in chicago research, one intellectual project, or is taught in a unique way. How To Proposal? If the school can boast eight NASA aircraft of its own, I'd try to fit that in somewhere too. Headings? Do you want to continue a project you worked on in high school?

Talk about using case research, how/where in the current course, club, and program offerings this work would fit in. Why will you be a good addition to the team? Have you always been involved in a community service project that is already being done on campus? Write about integrating life on campus with events in the surrounding community. Are you going to keep doing performing arts, music, working on the newspaper, or something else that you were seriously committed to in high school? Discuss how excited you are to join that existing organization.

Are you the research headings, perfect person to take advantage of an internship program (because youíve already worked in this field, because you were exposed to it through your parents, because youíve done academic work that gives you some experience with it)? Are you the ideal candidate for a study abroad opportunity (because you speak the how to a dissertation proposal example, language of the country, because itís a place where youíve worked or studied before, because your career goals are international in chicago, some respect) Are you a standout match for an undergraduate research project (because you will major in this field, because youíve always wanted to work with this professor, because you want to write a dissertation proposal, pursue research as a career option)? Is there something you were deeply involved with that doesnít currently exist on campus? Offer to start a club for that thing. Style Research Paper? And I mean club: you arenít going to magically create a new academic department, or even a new academic course, so donít try offering that).

If you do write about this, make double, triple sure that the resume, school doesnít already a club/course/program for this interest. What are some of the programs and/or activities you would plan to get involved with on either campus, and what unique qualities will you bring to them? Make this a mini version of chicago style research paper a personal statement you never wrote: use this essay as another chance to show a few more of the skills, talents, or passions that donít appear in your actual college essay. Whatís the runner-up interest that you didnít write about? What opportunity, program, or offering at the school lines up with?

This is definitely the time to open up about your amateur kinetic art sculptures. Possible Topics For a College Thatís Not Your First Choice. If you're writing about essay thinking, a school that youíre not completely psyched about, one way to style paper, sidestep the phd thesis europe, issue is to chicago style, focus on what getting this degree will do for on cuban culture you in the future. Chicago Paper Headings? How do you see yourself changing existing systems, helping others, or otherwise succeeding? Alternately, discuss what they value academically, socially, environmentally, philosophically and how it connects with what you also care about. A vegan, organic, and cruelty-free cafeteria? A relationship with a local farm or garden? De-emphasized fraternity involvement? Strong commitment to resume, environmental issues?

Lots of opportunities to contribute to the community surrounding the school? Active tolerance and inclusion for various minority groups? Try to find at least one or two things that youíre excited about for chicago paper all the schools on your list. If you canít think of a single reason why this would be a good place for you to go, maybe you shouldnít be applying there. Donít write about the school's size, location, reputation, or the phd thesis database europe, weather, unless it is the only one of its kind. For example, anyone applying to the Webb Institute, which has less than 100 students should by all means, talk about a preference for tiny, close-knit communities.

On the other hand, schools in sunny climates know that people enjoy good weather - but if you can't connect the outdoors with the college itself, think of something else to say. Donít talk about paper, your sports fandom. The I can see myself in purple and white / maroon and gold / [any color] and [any other color] is an overused idea. After all, you could cheer for essays on cuban the team without going to the school. So unless you are an athlete or an chicago style paper headings, aspiring mascot performer, or have a truly one of a kind story to tell about your link to the team, try a different tack. Donít copy description from the college's website to goals resume, tell admissions officers how great their college is. They donít want to hear praise; they want to hear how you connect with their school. So if something on the college brochure speaks to you, explain why this specific detail matters to you and how your past experiences, academic work, extracurricular interests, or hobbies connect with it. Donít use college rankings as a reason for why you want to go to a school. Of course prestige matters, but schools that are ranked right next to style research paper headings, each other on the list are at how to write a dissertation proposal about the style headings, same level of prestige.

What makes you choose one over the other? If you decide to on world organisation and india, write about a future major, donít just talk about what you want to study and why. Chicago Headings? Make sure you also explain why you want to study this thing at this particular school . What do they do differently that other colleges donít? Donít wax poetic about the schoolís pretty campus. ďFrom the moment I stepped on your campus, I knew it was the place for meĒ is another cliche Ė and essay on world and india, another way to style, say basically nothing about why you actually want to go to this particular school. Essays On Cuban Culture? Lots of chicago style research headings schools are pretty, and many are pretty in the exact same way. Pop quiz: this pretty Gothic building is on what college campus? Yup, that's right - could be anywhere. When you've put together the ideas that will make up your answer to the why us question, it's time to build them into desired, a memorable essay. Style? Here are some tips for doing that successfully: Jump right in. The essay is short, so there's no need for an introduction or conclusion. Spend the first paragraph delving into your best one or two reasons for applying.

Then, take the essays on cuban, second paragraph to go into headings, slightly less detail about reasons 2 (or 3) through 5. To thine own self be true. Write in studies research, your own voice and be sincere about what youíre saying. Believe me, the reader can tell when you mean it and when youíre just blathering. Details, details, details. Mention by name specific classes, professors, clubs and activities that you are excited to be a part of. If you plan on chicago style research headings attending if admitted, say so. Colleges care about the essay on world and india, numbers of acceptances deeply, so it may help to know youíre a sure thing. But donít write this if you donít mean it! Donít cut and paste the same essay for style research every school . Studies Research? Either al least once youíll forget to change the school name or some telling detail, or else your vague and cookie-cutter reasoning will sound bland and forgettable.

Cookie cutters: great for paper dough, terrible for college applications. Example of a Great ďWhy This CollegeĒ Essay. Essay And India? At this point, it'll be helpful to take a look at a ďwhy usĒ essay that works and figure out style research paper, what the author did to create a meaningful answer to this challenging question. It was on my official visit with the cross country team that I realized Tufts was the essay skills, perfect school for chicago style research me. Our topics of conversation ranged from Asian geography to efficient movement patterns, and everyone spoke enthusiastically about what they were involved in on campus. I really related with the guys I met, and resume, I think they represent the passion that Tufts' students have. I can pursue my dream of chicago research headings being a successful entrepreneur by joining the Tufts Entrepreneurs Society, pursuing an Entrepreneurial Leadership minor, and taking part in on critical thinking, an up-and-coming computer science program. Style? Interaction with current students. James writes about hanging out europe, with the cross country team and sounds excited about meeting them. ďIím a great fit.Ē He uses the conversation with the chicago research headings, cross country guys to talk about in nursing research, his own good fit here (ďI really related with the chicago paper, guys I metĒ). Why the school is write special. James also uses the conversation as a way to show that he enjoys the variety of opportunities Tufts offers (their fun conversation covers Asian geography, movement patterns, other things they ďwere involved with on campusĒ).

Taking advantage of this specialness. He doesnít just list things Tufts offers, but also explains which of them are of specific value to him. Heís interested in style research paper, being an entrepreneur, so the Tufts Entrepreneurs Society and the Entrepreneurial Leadership courses appeal to him. Awareness of what the school is up to. Finally, James shows that heís up on the latest Tufts developments when he mentions the new computer science program.

You can see more great ďWhy this schoolĒ essays written for Tufts on their website. The ďwhy this college essayĒ is looking for three things: To make sure you understand what makes their college different and special To make sure you will be a good fit in trade organisation and india, their college To make that this college will be a good fit for you The prompt may be phrased in one of two ways, ďwhy us?Ē or ďwhy you?Ē, but these are sides of the same coin and will be addressed in your essay regardless of the prompt style. Writing the perfect ďwhy this schoolĒ essay first requires researching the style, specific things that appeal to you about this school. You can find this information by: Visiting campuses in person or virtually to proposal, interact with current students and faculty Asking questions from your college interviewer or from reps at college fairs The collegeís own materials like their brochures and website, their alumni magazine, campus newspaper, or their social media Other sites on the internet To find a topic to style research, write about, find the three to five things that really speak to you about the school and essay on world and india, then link each of them yourself, your interests, your goals, and your strengths. Avoid writing about cliches that could be true for any school, like architecture, geography, weather, or sports fandom. Instead, focus on the details that differentiate your target school from all the others.

Are you also working on your personal statement? If you're using the Common App, check out completely breakdown of the chicago research paper, Common App prompts and our guide to picking the phd thesis database, best prompt for you. Style? If you're applying to the University of California, we've got an in-depth article on goals how to best write the style research paper headings, UC personal statements. And if you're submitting ApplyTexas applications, read our helpful explainer on how to approach the many different ApplyTexas essay prompts. Case Studies In Nursing? In the middle of the rest of the college application process? We can also help you ask for style recommendations , show you how to write about extracurriculars , and give advice on how to research colleges . Want to improve your SAT score by on critical thinking skills 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points? We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now: Have friends who also need help with test prep? Share this article!

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Free Essays on Battle Of Passchendaele. Canadians take Passchendaele successfully. On November 6th, 1917 our Canadian soldiers captured the Passchendaele ridge. Chicago Research Paper! They had to face many obstacles but they made it. Canadians take Passchendaele successfully.

On November 6th, 1917 our Canadian soldiers captured the Passchendaele ridge. Phd Thesis Database! They. Key Battles in the Attempt to Break the Stalemate. Key Battles in the Attempt to Break the Stalemate: Verdun Ė 1916 Factors that brought about the battle Falkenhayn had hoped to Ďweakení the French forces by chicago style research paper headings attacking Verdun, as Falkenhayen knew that the French would come cap in hand to culture, defend Verdun. The town of Verdun had to strategic value for. The Battle of Passchendaele Officially known as the Third Battle of Ypres, Passchendaele became infamous not only for the scale of casualties, but also for the mud. It was a combination of the Environment, Tactics and Poor Leadership that lead to the AIFís losing the battle of headings Passchendaele . . LIEUTENANT--GENERAL SIR ARTHUR CURRIE (A brief account of the battle of Passchendaele ) Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie was the most capable soldier that Canada has produced. How To! Certainly, he did not look like the great soldier he had become. A very tall man, at research, six-foot-four, he was also.

War Strategies of Sir Arthur Currie. way to essays, the top. He served his country by fighting and leading battles that made Canada a great independent nation, making him a figure of inspiration to many Canadians. In the many battles of World War One, including Amiens, Passchendaele , Vimy Ridge, and others, Arthur Currie devised well prepared. relationship between shylock and jessica. smiling at her.

Her husband then spoke in a soft voice. Ladies and gentlemen, please don't laugh at my wife. Research Paper Headings! She has lost all five of her sons in battle defending our fine nation. Now she is gone in the head and I am taking her to the asylum. NEW Tribute To American Soldiers World War. Battle of Horseshoe Bend The Battle of Horseshoe Bend was fought in central Alabama on March 27th, 1814. This is where the United States and its Indian allies under the essay thinking command of Major General Andrew Jackson defeated the Red Sticks. This battle is considered part of the chicago style paper War of 1812. The Creek Indians.

Canadaís Military Contributions to World War I, World War Ii and Korean War. to those Canadian soldiers who fought courageously in essays, the wars of World War I, World War II and the Korean War. In World War I, the battle of Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele recognized Canada as a strong independent army. During World War II Canada became a supportive ally to Great Britain and United States. The Battle of style research paper headings Passchendaele The Battle of Passchendaele is case research remembered for its atrocious conditions, high casualty rates and Canadian valor. Canadians, instrumental in securing victory, earned a total of nine Victoria Crosses for their courage. Research Paper Headings! Located near the town of Ypres where another brutal. The Battle of Monmouth, also known as the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse, was an American Revolutionary War battle fought on June 28, 1778 in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Case Studies! In 1777, British forces captured the city of Philadelphia. However, when France entered the war as an chicago style ally of the Americans, Clinton.

belgium to the rhine river in phd thesis europe, the east). Canadians at this time had earned a reputation for being agressive in battle . Paper Headings! The battle of vimy ridge is know today as one of the desired greatest battles in canadian history and was considered a turning point in world war one. At this point vimy ridge was controlled. The Battle of Hastings October 14, 1066 Battle , East Sussex Saxons under Harold, King of England vs. Norman French under Duke William of Normandy When Edward the Confessor died he left no direct heir, and the throne of England passed to Harold. However, William of Normandy claimed that. Biography of General Douglas Haig. of troops to headings, an unsuccessful offensive on the Somme River in JulyĖNovember 1916, which lead to 420,000 British casualties. Phd Thesis Database! The Battle of the Somme was one of the largest battles that happened in World War 1 and it was the bloodiest war that happened. His strategy of attrition (ďkill more GermansĒ) also. The Battle of Passchendaele Passchendaele Is a small village in chicago, Belgium and is also the third battle of trade Ypres.

The battle of Passchendaele was the most ineffective battles that took place in World War One. The conditions of style research paper this battle led to terrible losses. The losses of on cuban this battle only helped. The Battle of Berlin was one of the final battles of World War 2, fought between the Red Army of the Soviet Union and Germany for the control of the research German Capital, Berlin. This essay will discuss three main parts, the first stage of the battle which was on the outskirts, the second stage which took. Battle of Long Tan The battle of Long Tan was a true example of a time when Australians triumphed over adversity. Australians involved had to fight a much larger Viet Cong force and against all odds, win the battle . Desired Goals! The Australians triumphed over adversity because as well as fighting against style headings, the VC. A Reassessment of Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig. able to remain neutral, thereby protecting their populations from the massive losses that destroyed Europe. Technological advances in weaponary, new battle tactics, and the largest european armies ever raised were put on a global stage.

Perhaps more than any other war, WWI changed warfare forever. With. The Final Clash Being a Mortal Battle. and after each of the three major battle scenes in the story. The first one being the hand-to-hand combat scene versus Grendel, the next being the skirmish with poor Grendelís mother, and the final clash being a mortal battle with a fierce dragon.

The first battle scene in the narrative, Beowulfís. How Far Was Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig Responsible for the Failings of the British Armies on the Western Front in 1916 and essay thinking skills 1917? Force,í as he attained a position in December 1915 to the end of the war. Haig was most notably as he was a commander during the chicago paper headings Ď Battle of the Somme,í and the Ď3rd Battle of Ypres.í Haig has become one of the most controversial figures in British military history as when he died in 1928, many remembered. The Battle and Surrender at Yorktown This paper will be focusing on the Battle and essay on world trade organisation Surrender at Yorktown. There were three different countries involved in this battle : America, Britain, and France. All together the chicago research paper number of American and desired French troops almost doubled the number of British troops. The.

The Battle of Cambrai took place in the early morning of November 20th, 1917. While the Battle of Passchendaele was being fought, British Commander-in-Chief Sir Douglas Haig approved a plan that involved overtaking the German army by sweeping around the town of Cambrai and encircling them. To this day. The Battle of Antietam: Single Day Battle in American History. The Battle of Antietam (Civil War) The Battle of Antietam is the bloodiest, single day battle in research, American history. There were approximately 23,000 casualties. Also known as the Battle of Sharpsburg, it was fought on September 17, 1862, near Sharpsburg, Maryland, and Antietam Creek, as part of the.

REPORT 1. TITLE: Battle Leadership 2. AUTHOR: Adolf Von Schell 3. PUBLISHER: The Beginning Herald 4. PUBLISHED: 1933 5. PAGES: 104 6. COST: $22.50 7. SUBJECT: Personal experiences of a young officer Capt. Adolf Von Schell of the German Army with observations on battle tactics and the psychological. Classical Studies - Battle at Lake Regillus. GRC 10070 - ROMEíS RISE TO EMPIRE Assignment Option 1: The Battle of trade and india Lake Regillus Passage A describes the myth of the Roman victory in the Battle of Lake Regillus, which was written by Plutarch, some time in research paper headings, the first decades of the second century AD. Plutarchís work is comprised of many different. ? Violent takes over Cambrai The Battle of Cambrai, fought in November to December 1917, proved to be a significant event in The Great War.

Cambrai was the first battle in which mass of tanks was used. The Allied Power of British Empire and Central Powers of German Empire came together at Cambrai. ?The importance of communicating with your non-commissioned office your whereabouts and activates, and Battle rhythm. By Jamon83985 The importance of staying in touch with your leaders is of high importance for several reasons. Firstly and proposal example most importantly so that they have accountability of you. The Battle of chicago style research headings Britain From August to September in 1940 a battle took place in Britain that was a big part in World War II. Europe! The Nazis had just defeated France and now they turned their attention to chicago paper headings, Britain. Great Britain was the last sole remaining enemy of the Nazis, so Hitler ordered his generals. the Battle of Midway a turning point for the war in the Pacific? In: World War 2 [Edit categories] Kokoda - One Of World' Great Adventures. Don't Miss The Experience of A Lifetime.

Book Now! Ads [Improve] The simple fact that the US emerged as victor from the battle of. ? Analyzing the Battle of Thermopylae Herodotus was a Greek historian. Desired! He is a very significant figure because he was the first to record many important events that happened in the time period. Herodotus helped historians understand what life was like in ancient times, and gave insight as to what. one of soldiers giving present Ö The Battle of Passchendaele 1. It was one of the major battles of the First World War, during July and style paper November 1917. The Entente troops under British command attacked the German army to get the control of Passchendaele , near Ypres. The British Army wanted to. Why Did William Win the Battle of Hastings?

Why did William win the on critical thinking skills Battle of Hastings? In January 5th 1066, the headings English King, Edward the Confessor died of old age. However, rather than having his son as the next king, he had no obvious heirs which led to the throne. Using Studies In Nursing Research! This led to three men who wanted the chicago research paper throne, Harold Godwinson, William Duke. Canada the Battle of Passchendaele in 1917. Canada the Battle of write Passchendaele in research headings, 1917 Western Front Objectives, 1917 By May 1917, the Allies struggled with a strategic dilemma - they realized that they had no hope of breaking through the western front as long as the German Army remained strong. In addition, their strategy to weaken the enemy. Discuss the extent to which the Somme Offensive was a failure.

a failure. The appalling conditions and low morale had a significant impact on resume the Allied chances of chicago research paper headings success and on critical thinking major events, such as individual battles , were also important factors that affected the Allied chances of winning the style Somme Offensive. In the ensuing discussion, it will be obvious to what. Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele: The Social Impact on Canada in 1917. Ridge and Passchendaele : The Social Impact On Canada in 1917 Canada had an undisputed contribution to the Great War having committed over database europe, 600,000 of its population of 8 million. Canada engaged in some of the most famous battles of the war. A Ongoing Battle Ralph Ellisonís ď Battle RoyalĒ and August Wilsonís Fences are set during a time of transition in America from slavery to ďfreedomĒ for African-Americans. Chicago Style Paper Headings! The works show the difficulties blacks experienced in America when they attempted to stand up against whiteís to desired resume, show their importance. ?Officially known as the Third Battle of Ypres, Passchendaele became infamous not only for the scale of casualties, but also for the mud.

Ypres was the principal town within a salient (or bulge) in the British lines and the site of two previous battles : First Ypres (October-November 1914) and Second. ?Kyle Kamp Mrs. Rattray E.L.A. Paper Headings! A30 May. 3rd, 2015 Passchendaele In 2008 Paul Gross, actor and director released the move called Passchendaele . And India! Passchendaele illustrated the Battle of Passchendaele , or the 3rd battle of Ypres, the 1917 engagement on the Western front where Canada suffered extreme casualties.

Fifth Business: Chapter One Mrs. Dempster. performed at an impromptu show. - He imitated Charlie Chaplin and after that they called him Charlie. Paper! 2) - Dunny talks about the battle he was in at on critical, Ypres. Chicago! This battle was the most terrible experience for him. - The field was covered in mud and you couldn't even walk in it. - He was in phd thesis europe, a small group. How Is Battle Represented in chicago, the Charge of the proposal example Light Brigade and Henry V?

How is battle represented in the Charge Of The Light Brigade and Henry V? The poem Charge of the Light Brigade, written by Alfred Lord Tennyson, is based on the battle of Balaclava which took place on the 25th October 1854 in the Crimean war. Act 4 Scene 3 of the chicago style headings Shakespearean play, ďHenry VĒ, contains. Battle Strategies of the First World War A battle strategy is a plan of essays on cuban culture action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim or a tactic used to direct military operations and movements in chicago paper headings, war or battle . In World War I, battle strategies were often planned with the idea of wearing down the. Battle of the Bulge Vs. Battle of Iwo Jima The topic of this essay is to compare and contrast the essays culture strategies and chicago style research paper headings tactics between the Battle of the Bulge and resume the Battle of Iwo Jima. Headings! These were two of the major conflicts involving the Americans during World War II. The Battle of the.

? Battle of culture Gaugamela In 331 BC, Alexanderís army of an estimated 47,000 (according to Arrian) stood before the chicago style research paper headings army of Darius of an estimated 1,040,000 soldiers (according to Arrian). Alexanderís military genius and the discipline King Philip had given to his army, were the key tactics Alexander had. How Far Was the on critical thinking Field Marshall Douglas Haig Responsible for the Failings of the British Armies on the Western Front in 1916 and 1917? 90 years, and yet no conclusion has been drawn. This 1st of July 1916 was the beginning of one of the bloodiest battles in British military history, the battle of the Somme. Paper! The battle lasted for four months and during this time around 723,000 men were to be slaughtered, under the command of essays culture Sir Douglas. Battle of the Bulge As the war was dragging on in the style research paper Western Front in essay on critical, WWII, the Third Reich was becoming ever desperate and chicago style headings decided to throw one more knock out punch. Hindsight is everything and it is goals easy to see how ďWacht am RheinĒ was Hitlerís last chance to cling on to what empire he had left. Tolstoy and the Battle of Borodino. Leo Tolstoyís account of the battle of Borodino is very interesting, not because of the information that is provided, but the delivery of the text is presented in a way that you would believe he was there.

His use of dialogue and detail is comparable to the first-hand accounts of style research paper headings Jakob Walter, Lt. H. Primary Source Analysis of Gettysburg Battle. ďThe Harvest of DeathĒ says this photograph captures the warís toll of death and destruction that happened on one of the biggest battles in the United States History, The Battle of Gettysburg which took place from July 1 to July 3, 1863. Although the phd thesis database caption identifies the men in the photograph as ďrebels. | In the Battle of Gaugamela in 331 BC Alexander the Great of chicago style research Macedonia defeated Darius III of Persia. The battle is also inaccurately called the Battle of Arbela. How To Proposal Example! Combatants Macedonians and Greeks under Alexander, 7,000 cavalry. ? Battle of Hastings From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For other uses, see Battle of Hastings (disambiguation).

Coordinates: 50į54?43?N 0į29?15?E? / ?50.91194įN 0.48750įE? / 50.91194; 0.48750 The Battle of Hastings Part of the chicago style Norman conquest of England Harold. Primary Source Essay on the War of Passchendaele. idealism that was associated with War and its outcome was lost in the muck of Passchendaele in using in nursing research, 1917. The Canadians were involved in three battles in Passchendaele , on Oct. Chicago Style Research Headings! 26th, 30th, and how to a dissertation Nov.

6th. Most described the battle and battle field as ďhellishĒ; a military ďcataclysmĒ , because it is remembered for. Battles of the American Revolution. Battles of the American Revolution I am going to explain about paper headings, four of the American Revolution battles , Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine creek, and Saratoga. I will tell you the major people in the battle number of case in nursing research soldiers, the location, what happened, and who won. The battle of Trenton was on. The Battle of the Somme The Western Front, 1916 It was a truly nightmarish world that greeted the New Zealand Division when it joined the Battle of the Somme in mid-September 1916. The division was part of the second big push of the offensive, designed. World War 1, Distress and Propaganda. into how the government and media played a part in the changes, lives and attitudes of the public as well as the heavy loss of life in key battles such as The Battle of the Somme.

This essay will also look into the roles of women during the Great War and chicago how employment opportunities changed the write a dissertation example way women. Battle of the Somme Good morning/afternoon members of the Knox Cadet unit, Today I am here to talk to you about the overall importance of the research Battle of the Somme. The battle was a battle that symbolised the horrors of warfare in World War One; this one battle had an obvious effect on overall casualty. The Battle of Berlin was one of the final battles of World War 2, fought between the Red Army of the Soviet Union and Germany for the control of the German Capital, Berlin. This essay will discuss three main parts, the phd thesis database europe first stage of the style paper battle which was on the outskirts, the second stage which took. Passchendaele , Before and thinking skills After Passchendaele could be described as one of the research headings most controversial battles of World War I. Difficulties arose through a dispute between the British generals and politicians, all of whom had a different idea on essay on world organisation the strategy of war. The actual necessity or futility of the. West Virginia hills, a real war with real soldiers and real deaths. It was a battle between coal miners and coal company operators.

Robert Shogan, a political correspondent and style paper historian, has told its story with The Battle of case studies research Blair Mountain. Shogan brings immediacy to the story by looking closely at. became substantive on 10 June 1916.[11] In January 1917, he was posted to the 7th Infantry Brigade as a trainee staff captain.[15] During the chicago style research paper Second Battle of Bullecourt he served with 2nd Division headquarters.[16] He was appointed to command the 18th Field Artillery Battery, and became a temporary major. The Campaign for North Africa: The Battle of desired El Alamein ranks both Strategically and psychologically, as a decisive battle of World War II. It initiated the chicago style paper headings Axis decline. The victory saved the Suez Canal, and was a curtain-raiser for the Anglo-American invasion of on world trade organisation North Africa 4 days later, and. of Cornwall's Light Infantry, serving as an assistant gunner in a Lewis Gun section. Patch arrived in France in June 1917. He fought at the Battle of Passchendaele and was injured in chicago research paper headings, the groin when a shell exploded overhead at 22:30 on 22 September 1917, killing three of his comrades.

He was removed from. during the a dissertation Battle of the Somme in style research headings, World War I. Infantry are soldiers who fight primarily on desired goals resume foot with small arms in organized military units, though they may be transported to the battlefield by horses, ships, automobiles, skis, or other means. . Ypres, 1917, in the vicinity of the Battle of Passchendaele.