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Corruption in sports essay

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The dangers of Scams and corruption in Sports

Corruption in sports essay

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Essay/Term paper: The aztec empire history. Free essays available online are good but they will not follow the guidelines of your particular writing assignment. If you need a custom term paper on corruption in sports World History: The Aztec Empire History , you can hire a professional writer here to write you a high quality authentic essay. While free essays can be traced by Turnitin (plagiarism detection program), our custom written essays will pass any plagiarism test. Our writing service will save you time and grade.

The center of the help with letter Aztec civilization was the Valley of corruption Mexico, a huge, oval. basin about 7,500 feet above sea level. The Aztecs were formed after the Toltec. civilization occurred when hundreds of civilians came towards Lake Texcoco. In. the what mean swamplands there was only one piece of land to farm on in sports and it was totally. surrounded by more marshes. Case! The Aztec families somehow converted these. disadvantages to a mighty empire known as the Aztec Empire. People say the. empire was partially formed by a deeply believed legend.

As the legend went, it. said that Aztec people would create an empire in a swampy place where they would. see an eagle eating a snake, while perched on a cactus, which was growing out of. a rock in corruption essay the swamplands. This is what priests claimed they saw when entering. the firefghter resume new land. By the year 1325 their capital city was finished. In Sports! They called it. Tenochtitlan. In the capital city, aqueducts were constructed, bridges were. built, and chinapas were made. With A Cover Letter! Chinapas were little islands formed by pilled up. mud.

On these chinapas Aztecs grew their food. The Aztec Empire included many. cities and towns, especially in the Valley of essay Mexico. The early settlers built. log rafts, then covered them with mud and help a cover planted seeds to create roots and. develop more solid land for building homes in this marshy land. Canals were also. In Sports! cut out through the marsh so that a typical Aztec home had its back to a canal. with a canoe tied at the door. In the early 1400s, Tenochtitlan joined with. Firefghter Resume! Texcoco and Tlacopan, two other major cities in the Valley of Mexico. Tenochtitlan became the most powerful member of the alliance. Montezuma I ruled. from 1440 to in sports 1469 and conquered large areas to the east and to the south. Montezuma's successors expanded the empire until it extended between what is now.

Guatemala and the Mexican State of resume kreatif San Luis Potosi. Montezuma II became emperor. in 1502 when the Aztec Empire was at the height of its power. In 1519, the. Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes landed on the East Coast of Mexico and marched. inland to corruption Tenochtitlan. The Spaniards were joined by many of the Indians who. were conquered and forced to pay high taxes to the emperor. Montezuma did not. oppose Cortes because he thought that he was the God Quetzalcoatl. What Does Your Mean Essay! An Aztec. Corruption In Sports! legend said that Quetzalcoatl was driven away by another rival god and had. sailed across the sea and would return some day.

His return was predicted to. come in the year Ce Acatl on the Aztec Calendar. This corresponded to the year. 1519. Due to this prediction, Montezuma II thought Quetzalcoatl had returned. when Cortes and firefghter resume his troops invaded. He did not resist and was taken prisoner by.

Cortes and his troops. In 1520, the Aztecs rebelled and drove the in sports Spaniards from. Tenochtitlan, but Montezuma II was killed in the battle. Cortes reorganized his. troops and resurged into the city. Montezuma's successor, Cuauhtemoc, surrendered in August of 1520. The Spaniards, being strong Christians, felt it. was their duty to wipe out the temples and of the persuasive essay all other traces of the Aztec. religion. They destroyed Tenochtitlan and built Mexico City on the ruins. However, archaeologists have excavated a few sites and in sports have uncovered many. remnants of this society. Resume Kreatif! Language: The Aztec spoke a language called Nahuatl. (pronounced NAH waht l).

It belongs to essay a large group of Indian languages, which. Mla Citing In Essay! also include the languages spoken by the Comanche, Pima, Shoshone and other. tribes of western North America. The Aztec used pictographs to communicate. through writing. Some of the pictures symbolized ideas and others represented. the sounds of the syllables. Food: The principal food of the Aztec was a thin. cornmeal pancake called a tlaxcalli. (In Spanish, it is called a tortilla.) They. used the tlaxcallis to scoop up foods while they ate or they wrapped the in sports foods. in the tlaxcalli to form what is now known as a taco. They hunted for most of. the elements of the essay meat in their diet and the chief game animals were deer, rabbits, ducks and. Corruption In Sports! geese. The only animals they raised for meat were turkeys, rabbits, and mla citing quotes dogs.

Arts and Crafts: The Aztec sculptures, which adorned their temples and other. buildings, were among the most elaborate in corruption in sports essay all of the Americas. Their purpose. was to please the gods and they attempted to do that in everything they did. Many of the sculptures reflected their perception of their gods and how they. interacted in their lives. The most famous surviving Aztec sculpture is the. large circular Calendar Stone, which represents the study on moral Aztec universe. Religion: Religion was extremely important in corruption essay Aztec life. They worshipped hundreds of gods. and goddesses, each of whom ruled one or more human activities or aspects of. nature. In Essay Quotes! The people had many agricultural gods because their culture was based. heavily on farming. The Aztecs made many sacrifices to their gods. priest with an obsidian knife cut open the victim's chest and tore out his heart.

The heart was placed in a bowl called a chacmool. This heart was used as an. offer to the gods. If they were in corruption in sports dire need, a warrior would be sacrificed, but. for any other sacrifice a normal person would be deemed sufficient. It was a. great honor to be chosen for a sacrifice to the gods. The Aztec held many. religious ceremonies to ensure good crops by winning the quotes favor of the gods and. then to thank them for the harvest.

Every 52 years, the Aztec held a great. celebration called the Binding up of the Years. Prior to the celebration, the. people would let their hearth fires go out and then re-light them from the corruption essay new. fire of the celebration and feast. A partial list of the Aztec gods: CENTEOTL, The corn god. COATLICUE, She of the resume Serpent Skirt. Corruption In Sports! EHECATL, The god of wind.

HUEHUETEOTL, The fire god. Case Status! HUITZILOPOCHTLI, The war/sun god and special guardian. of Tenochtitlan. MICTLANTECUHTLE, The god of the dead. OMETECUHLTI and his wife. OMECIHUATL, They created all life in the world. QUETZALCOATL, The god of. Corruption In Sports! civilization and learning.

TEZCATLIPOCA, The god of Night and resume Sorcery. TLALOC, The rain god. TONATIUH, The sun god. TONANTZIN, The honored grandmother. XILONEN, Young maize ear, Maize represents a chief staple of the Aztecs. XIPE TOTEC, The god of springtime and re-growth. Aztec dances: The Aztec Dance is known for. its special way of expressing reverence and prayer to the supernatural gods of.

the sun, earth, sky, and water. Originally, the resources accessible to the. Corruption! native Indians were limited, yet they were able to create lively music with the. howling of the sea conch, and with rhythms produced by drums and by dried seeds. which were usually tied to the feet of the dancers. Summary: Overall, I feel. Firefghter! that the Aztec civilization was very advanced. It had a very complex structure. in which there were lower class, middle class and upper class peoples. They had. a good system of transportation and irrigation through the use of canals. They. had a strong warfare system, which was seen by their conquering of many lands. They also had their own language, and their own mathematical system.

Their. scholars were also very intelligent, they had developed their own system of time. measurement and a calendar system that was very accurate.

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Love #038; Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 Episode 2. Thank You for corruption in sports, this upload. I can set my watch by you. You are truly loved. I wanted to watch this show but the gay mean killed it for meÖ i stopped the moment their segment came onÖ damn all this gay business. Theyíre getting a lot of mla citing quotes, scenes the essay, producers arenít even easing the audience into resume yang, it. ďlike the producers arenít even easing the corruption in sports essay, audience into persuasive, it.ĒÖ.chile just no lube or nothingÖjust ďTake That!

Take That!Ē *in my Puffy Voice* LOL! I knew someone would take the corruption essay, bait #128521; *cries* I know I was like wow weíre only on episode 2, we didnít get any foreplay or nothingÖ just straight to it lol. Chile Iím like damn easy into firefghter resume, it nuhÖ.. Why the hell r they at a woman strip club n the r not into woman. Lol @ the Puffy reference! ZacklyÖ i mean whereís the corruption in sports essay, respect for those that do not support this sort of stuff.. Of The Persuasive Essay? mind you i am not knocking anyone but, i want to be comfortable while being entertained and corruption in sports essay, iíd be damn if iíll allow anyone to case status force their lifestyle upon corruption meÖ. its seem like 80% of the study, black males i see on shows now are homosexualsÖ why arenít strong, proud and corruption essay, intelligent black males being featured?Ö someone has an agendaÖ Yup. Resume? Theyíre either homosexuals or just in corruption the closet.

But I hear you, it seems to be a very prominent in letter the media these days. Why donít you create a show that features ďstrong, proud, and intelligent black malesĒ instead of sitting on your ass complaining? There is no agenda only people trying to live their lives. Corruption? Where are all these ďstrong, proud, and help with letter, intelligent black malesĒ that you speak of and why donít you ask them why they donít put themselves out there to be seen more? And in corruption case you didnít know, Iím not serious about mla citing in essay that last question because it isnít your right to intrude upon their life, they donít have to put themselves out there for anyone. Euripides ďI envy the corruption in sports, man who passes through life. safely, to the world and mla citing, fame unknown.ĒÖ In other words, that is simply. not my style or characterÖ I wonít get into my personal life on here but I do. give back in a positive way to my community and soundingsÖ. And everything I mention. I amÖ But thereís time for everything and corruption in sports, this is my place and time to be.

ignorantÖ. #Squadshit. hahahaha. note: i did not read the entire response dude to the fact that i am a dick and help, i refuse to do anything that jeopardize that while i do my thing onlineÖ have a good one. And why canít black gay men be just as ďstrong, proud and in sports essay, intelligentĒ as straight men? I find it interesting that the amount of times that the straight men of the LHH franchise have exhibited fuck boy behavior, have excelled in pure bitchassness, while enforcing ALL the negative stereotypes about black maleness and very few have said very little or nothing at all. Its funnyÖ. And I appreciate you for it. Your To You Essay? Trust me, Iíve been seeing your commentsÖ YES!! THIS EXACTLY!! Those shows donít last long, people complain to booooring etc.

I like the June Ambrose show but it lasted for like two or three then it was over. You said it!! Yup me thinks someone has an in sports essay #AGENDA. I almost broke my FF button because of them #128577; It shouldnít make you uncomfortable, their storyline is study no different than anyone elseís on corruption in sports essay the show.

You didnít see girls acting that way over Cyn Erica. Why did I just write a full essay about this somewhere on here? LOL! Can we say double standard together?Ö.. Fuck that not everybody gotta be comfortable with homosexuality, yall gotta stop forcing that down peopleís throats. seems like they tryna make us conform. Iím uncomfortable watching it too so I just skip that shit.

Exactly! Iím not feeling it either. They are so uninteresting. Not everybody has to except homosexuality. Itís being forced down our throats too much now!! People feel afraid to even say they feel uncomfortable for the fear of being ostracised and called homophobic when in fact we just donít believe in that lifestyle. Like me, I have no problem with people doing what they want to do but donít try and force me to quotes except it. Itís hella uncomfortable watching two grown arse men in corruption in sports essay bed together being affectionate. Just like it was when we saw cyn and help with, Erica in corruption the bath tub together. ITíS UNCOMFORTABLE 2 WATCH!! Cyn and firefghter resume, Erica looked like bestiesÖ. Corruption? but I still didnt watch itÖ.. Does Your Essay? this shit look like MR.

T and corruption in sports essay, B.O.BÖ. and persuasive essay, I realised it looks weird coz they look hella chunky but softer than ice cream! Feels like our eyes are lying to usÖ.confusion to the 100th power. Rich Dollaz AKA Dirty D*ck Dollaz. moniece is crazy.LMAO. Nas? Really My G Nas?

I was waiting for someone to mention it. They need to in sports give her a new name for resume yang kreatif, the rest of the season because thatís not gonna work for me. No mam. #NasTheGod. I just want to corruption essay know how much is tuition at the School of Confessional Hand Gestures/Body Language?? lol. Right they all do the same gestures and movement on all the love and hip hop shows #128514;#128514; LMAOÖ.. In Essay? Nikki is the valedictorian of in sports, that ishÖ. Valedictorian?

NO NO NO Nikki is the mla citing in essay, founder of the school!! LMBOÖnot the essay, valedictorian! Whatís a liaison manager? Idk Princess looks like sheís directing traffic. Momma Dee is the firefghter, Head Master. MiMi is def on essay the honor roll. LOLÖ.yaíll are killing meÖthe honor roll! I would never understand how you donít want nobody to know youíre gay, but on national TV being ďundercover.Ē I guess if you getting a check, itís all good. SMH no type of self respect.

Hahahaha. Maybe that is his way of elements of the essay, letting everyone know that he is gay, so that he doesnít have to go to different family members and friends to confess that he is gay. He got out of the closet in a HUGE WAY. lol. Thinking the same thingÖ. Milan probably couldíve been on the DL or stayed in the closet but Miles is SOOOOOO GAAAAAAYYY! He has classic gay face and his ex-ďgfĒÖ she looka likea man.

Lmfao I ask the same damn question. Apparently their story line is corruption essay a bunch of mla citing, bull. Iíve heard their not really together and miles had ousted himself as gay long ago. He had pix on Instagram of him n his boyfriend but deleted them before the corruption in sports, show startedÖ I donít know if any of with, this is entirely true but I do have a sneaky suspicion that it is. Corruption? Their storyline is so weak n boring, they need to exit left!! #128072;#128072; Let me tell it real quick. My cousin nelly is case cousins with the essay, girl amber on the show.

I used to hear stories about firefghter amber and corruption in sports, her other cousins way back when. Study On Moral? My cuzzo told me that her and miles is best friends, he always been gay. This shit is made up. One of my receipts is my cuzzo Facebook saying itís good to see her fam on t.v. another is in the upcoming episodes, auntie shaunie is gonna be on the show too. Donít believe me? Watch. i can def see that. Corruption? it kinda told it when he was explaining his father figure role for the show. I know many people who play that role in their friends lives.

ďauntie shaunieĒ I definitely wouldnít claim that trilfling bitch. Ooh girl yeeees! You got the tea. #128513;#128513;#128513; You can tell miles is gay just by country mean to you essay looking at in sports, him #128530;.. Mona and her team must be desperate to yang kreatif make up some iish like this. Smh!! Yep yep. Also when I said auntie shaunie, I meant amberís granny, not the basketball wives creater lol. If I knew her Iíd be getting some type of help. Lmaoo we gotta respect Rich Dollaz hustle, he getting not one but two checks. Child support donít play in NYC.

Whatís up with Amberís eyes in the confessional? Itís like she canít stay focused on corruption in sports essay the camera but everywhere else. Maybe itís the hormones sheís taking. Canopy type shade! Maybe sheís not used to the reality show circus yetÖ.LOL!! This franchise is pure comedy to resume kreatif me. She reading her cue cards.

im disgusted with how old rich is and corruption, heís not married with kids already..uh the values of ďthe pplĒ respect. men like him disgust me mainly because we all though they mostly are attracted to the women of their own generation. Mla Citing Quotes? they just dont date them because they dont want to invest in anybody at essay, all. That fact a lone should be a quick indication to a woman looking to help a cover invest further with him. He will never do it. He has kidsÖ. lol. having kids not being mutually exclusive with marriage [reread it lol] All a kid is is a nut. Not all nuts are love nuts. Why does he HAVE to married ? And do you feel this same way about corruption essay older women ? You never get married okay Zuri? YAAAAAY ZURRRIIII. So Nia is going in on the side piece but says nothing about elements of the essay Soulja or to Soulja?

LOL i said this! She nia cuss ol girl out like a whore in the skreets on in sports the gram yday but he turned and in essay quotes, told her ďFuck you bitchĒ and corruption in sports essay, all her ass could respond and say is ďi aint fighting for no niggaĒ Girrrl lmao i died. What? Lol DkmÖTalk about a hard back peddle. Kreatif? Let me check igÖ Lol yes she really as dumb as she looks lawdt. Sheís a weak woman in love with a cockroach. I donít get it.

Sorry to corruption essay call her out her name, but Nia is one dumb ass chick. Why you checking homegirl when the problem is with the man you sleeping with. Iím sorry to ask this, but are we sure Amber is an actual female? Iím not even being funny but for elements persuasive essay, some reason she looks like a possible transsexual to me. Seriously, she does but she has a daughter. A daughter she actually had or through an adoption? You said it first. Corruption In Sports? I didnít want to be the first to firefghter resume go there. =D ahahaha. Comments like this upset me because iím waiting for the day someone questions me on my gender. Not all of us fit in to the accepted.

omg, Tierra and Princess look alike. In Sports Essay? Ray J has a type even though hes a closet homosexual. I guess Amberís daughter proves my speculation last week was off. =/ hrmmm. You and me bothÖIím about as a confused about firefghter Amber as I am about corruption Uncle Grandma on what your country essay #LHHNY (Kimís Mom). *sigh* Uncle Grandma.

AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Two confusing scenarioís. SerinaÖI need answers! lol. Me too! ME TOO. *slaps the table. We will get them. Some tea will be spilled before the season is out. I think that chlid is adopted or rented for TV. He did not have that child. Nope. That child looks nothing like Amber.

Was she mixed? She appeared to be. I have absolutely no problem wit gay ppl butÖÖ..i dont think im ready. I gotta skip it man.. it makes me mad uncomfortable. Word I have no idea whatís going on in their story lineÖI just canít. did cyn and erikkuhh in the tub making out make you uncomfortable as well.. remember they had their make out essay, sessions too. Most definitely! I never liked their fake Story line either. Moving along now..

People knew it was bullshit , she was already engaged to bow by the time the on moral, season Eden premiered. Itís forced just like everything gay in the media lately. This Princess and Tiearra shit is corruption in sports essay fugazi.. I would never offer to elements persuasive be friends w/ a dude I lovesí ex!! FOH. If we messed with the same man, it donít matter if it was a decade apart, I wouldnít befriend you. Corruption Essay? Be friendLY, sure, but going out together, nah. Mla Citing? Bitches plot too much. pause high school sweethearts but you gotta a kid thatís not hisÖÖÖ.uhhuh.

Is it fucked up that I only have a problem with gay black men, not gay men from other races? I mean after everything we been through as a people, this shit is corruption in sports just another way to keep black men out kreatif, of the in sports, home of a black women. nope cuz we aint start that shit. go back in history look at gay photos that shit came from europeans. even to study on moral this day some countries in essay africa will kill someone for case status, being gay. idk wtf is in sports essay goin on in essay quotes w. our ppl. Homosexuality did *not* originate with Europeans, and homosexuality has existed on the continent as long as anywhere else. yea it did. if not then where? It might may you feel better to corruption essay point a finger and blame others, but it doesnít work. If homosexuality truly ďcame from letter Europeans,Ē you should have no problem proving this and corruption in sports essay, providing credible links to help with a cover back it. Homosexuality has been observed among bears, chimps, cats, cattle, dogs, goats, birds, fish etc. ó so maybe homosexuality in humans began with the beginning of in sports, mankind (that would be the African continent). The fact that homosexuality carries a penalty of death in does your mean countries on the continent like Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan etc. is a clear indicator ó this kind of thing had to *first* exist in order to be outlawed. Iím not sure if youíre taking your cue from corruption in sports essay a murdering, ignorant despot like Mugabe but, in any case, the accounts are numerous and essay, you might want to research: -Nzima (Ghana) Ė they once had a tradition of marriages between adult men so maybe Ďgay marriageí originated back in corruption in sports essay the day with them. -Imbangala (modern day Angola) since back in the 1500ís some of the men were reported to have had males (dressed in womenís clothing) living among their wives.

-Pangwe (modern day Cameroon and Gabon) where homosexuality was practiced in some areas and believed to be means of transmitting wealth. google is not a credible source sweetie i jus saw all ya info on case on moral status Wikipedia which can be edited. Negative! You keep stating it but you wonít/canít prove it. Believe what you like and in sports, have a great evening. you didnt prove anything you just copied pasted from a Google search.

Thatís another negative but, again, youíre free to believe what you like. All you did was pull unsubstantiated bullsh!t out your @ss to post as fact (which any idiot could do). The truth remains: you canít blame Europeans for status, homosexuality on essay the continent any more than you can blame them for rape, cannibalism, child solders, or hacking each other with machetes. you keep sayin let me believe what i wanna believe ok then do that stop replying. i know what i learned in my class. What ďclassĒ was that? *giggle* Did it include books or have a roof, massive library, professors, sound building or air-conditioning? ÖJes asking. All I asked what that you prove your sh!t, so no need to what does essay get all aggie. In Sports Essay? ÖAt the in essay, end of the essay, day, I will reply when I choose.

yup my social problems class for psychology. In Essay Quotes? you didnt prove anything no link or anything just copied pasted info from a Google search. but ok girl. Mmmkay so you learned that bullsh!t in in sports essay a ďsocial problems class for study on moral, psychology?Ē Who taught it? Mugabe? lololololol. yes cuz its a social problem just like racism discrimination poverty any other questions? Oh is it, now? lolololol *tears of laughter* lololol. Ok, okÖ the questions remains the in sports essay, same: prove that homosexuality originated with Europeans. those arent social problems we as a society have to deal with? ďprove that homosexuality originated with EuropeansĒ is not a question smh. how about you prove it didnt cuz you still didnt. Many people actually read books, conduct research and attend credible universitiesÖnot go off backwards thinking, unsubstantiated crap, urban myths, the case study on moral status, words of despots or village idiots. Although it may require you to actually read some books, what I provided was a few tribes for to research for corruption essay, yourself; the rest is on youÖelse you can remain spouting ignorant bullsh!t about homosexuality originating with Europeans.

Just to yang help you out, it was the Amer. Psychiatric Association that removed homosexuality as a mental disorder back in in sports essay the early 70ís. What youíre yapping is just racist ignorance. yet you still didnt say where you got your info from. i received mine from kreatif my text book. how bout you read about in sports essay Plato, roman rulers like Julius Caesear, Nero, Tiberius where it was first spotted in them. what does APA removing homosexuality as a mental disorder have to help a cover do w. this? i never said they didnt remove it as a mental disorder. Really?

Plato? lololol. (http) // www . amazon . Corruption? co .uk/ Boy-wives-Female-Husbands-Studies-Homosexualities / dp / 0312238290. Boy-wives and Female Husbands: Studies of African Homosexualities [2001] (http) // www . Mla Citing In Essay Quotes? amazon . com / Heterosexual-Africa-History-Exploration-Histories / dp / 0821417991. Heterosexual Africa?: The History of an in sports Idea from the Age of firefghter resume, Exploration to the Age of essay, AIDS (New African Histories) [2008] Iíve a few more on resume the shelf but, like I said, it would require actual reading on your part. Ö.Some of corruption in sports, you are amazing; you beg the western worldís help and money to solve problems on the continent that *you* canít solve, yet you wanna be nasty racists and spread bullsh!t. who are you classifying as ďsome of with a cover letter, youĒ? you obviously dont know plato cuz he was gay it was first seen in in sports rome. lol youíre comical i knew you would think AIDS came from of the africa too by the links you posted you do smh. you act like i said africa has no homosexuality i said it aint originated from there. but ok maíam. OK so I provide you the corruption essay, info (which you canít/wonít to resume kreatif do to back your sh!t), and youíre still obfuscating? lolololol Whatever you say; I know who I am and corruption in sports essay, have no need to argue any idiotís statement about what I do/donít know. And what you actually wrote was ďwe aint start that shitÖthat shit came from elements essay europeans.Ē Whether Plato (Greece, around 400BC) was gay or not is immaterial. You do know that the Torah (includes the Book of essay, Genesis) is over 3,300 years old, precedes Plato and spoke of homosexuality, right!?

They were stomping around the does your mean, Middle East and in sports essay, Africa so, uobviously homosexuality did *not* originate in Europe. ÖGeez. you know who you are have no need to argue yet have been for what does your country mean to you essay, an hour. Essay? yup thatís exactly wat i said but where did i say africans arent homosexual? where? yup thats correct torah does procedes plato but the torah is associated w. Help A Cover Letter? jewish judaism where is that located? Europe. but ok maíam. Are you really this dense? Did you not claim ďobviously you donít know PlatoĒ and essay, yack ďGoogleĒ this and yaya that? Yeah, ya did..and what I wrote was that I donít argue over an idiotís statement about what I do/donít know. I never wrote that you said ďAfricans arent homosexuallĒ (good lord); what I did was question your bullsh!t statement that it ďcame from Europeans.Ē ÖGot it now? And as to: ďthe torah is associated. w. jewish judaism where is that located?

Europe.Ē lolololololol *tears* Mmmkay, so Israel (the current country of the Jews) is located in ďEurope.Ē lolololol. Giiiiirl, you need to get up with that dummy who taught you that ďsocial problems class for psychologyĒ as well as the quotes, one who taught you GeographyÖthen kick the sh!t out of both of em! ÖIsrael/Palestine is corruption in sports essay *not* in help Europe and *never* has been! where did i say its in essay europe? ok maíam. ďtorah does procedes plato but the torah is associated w. Quotes? jewish judaism where is that located? Europe .Ē Iím beginning to feel bad about in sports having an exchange with you. ÖSomething is obviously off. where did i say that? what are you reading? but ok maíam. A direct quote is not a ďtwist.Ē ďyup thatís exactly wat i said but where did i say africans arent. homosexual? where? yup thats correct torah does procedes plato but. the torah is yang associated w. jewish judaism where is corruption in sports essay that. located?

Europe. but ok maíam.Ē ó ig harpo_who_dis_woman. where? cuz all i see is ďyou know who you are have no need to argue yet have been for an hour. yup thatís exactly wat i said but where did i say africans arent homosexual? where? yup thats correct torah does procedes plato but the torah is firefghter resume associated w. Essay? jewish judaism. thats Asia not Africa. Israel is in Asia not africa. but ok maíam.Ē you know ya self so well but yet continue to argue with me going on elements essay 2 hrs now. but ok maíam. Ok so youíve changed ďEuropeĒ to ďAsia?Ē lolololol Really? Israel/Palestine is in Asia now? lololol Well damn, where da flug is essay Egypt now? Russia? How íbout this? Where did *I* write that you *said* ďAfricans arenít homosexual?Ē You see?

Thatís call a strawman argument (aka bullsh!t) as I *never* accused you of of the persuasive essay, saying/writing that. Youíve got problems deeper than BM and homosexuality (reading comprehension), and I should have known better than to attempt an intelligent conversation with someone who actually believes homosexuality ďcame from Europeans.Ē when did i change anything? i wrote that comment 40 minutes ago. no how bout you prove to me, cuz you still didnt, that homosexuality didnt come from corruption in sports essay Europe. of course you cant hold a intelligent convo cuz you so ignorant you even believe that HIV came from africa too. from your country mean to you essay a monkey right? probably really believe christopher columbus found america. or think 911 was really done by corruption in sports terrorists smh. ok maíam. First you wrote: ďyup thatís exactly wat i said but where did i say africans arent. homosexual? where? yup thats correct torah does procedes plato but the torah is associated w. jewish judaism where is that. located?

Europe. but ok maíam.Ē ó ig harpo_who_dis_woman. After I laughed at firefghter resume, you, you went back and edited your comment to : ďyup thatís exactly wat i said but where did i say africans arent homosexual? where? yup thats correct torah does procedes plato but the torah is associated w. jewish judaism. thats Asia not Africa. Israel is in Asia not Africa. but ok maíam.Ē ó ig harpo_who_dis_woman. lolololol Screen shots donít lie and thank goodness I quoted your lying @ss. Youíre too ďspecialĒ to realize how evident it is that you edited your comment and removed ďEuropeĒ *after* I educated you on where Israel was. when did this happen? where? never mind dont even answer that cuz i see you like to go back forth for 2 a half hours when i been sayin ok maíam meaning to corruption in sports essay end the convo. bye! Welp, exactly what have *you* been doing for ď2 a half hours?Ē *snicker* Öwould that be going ďback forth?Ē I take it as an honor that a functional illiterate who thinks Israel is in letter Europe (then, Asia) doubts my intelligence. ďprove to meÖthat homosexuality didnt come from in sports Europe.Ē You mean, like, prove a negative!? lololol.

ďyou even believe that HIV came from africa too. from a monkey. Of course not; it was created by mean, evil whiteys in a lab to kill off black people. ďprobably really believe christopher columbus found america.Ē I do not! America was founded my aliens in 1776. ď911 was really done by terroristsĒ

Nuh uhn. Those dirty Jews did it! yet youíre still replying smh. ok maíam. Why not change that to: ďI, ig harpo_who_dis_woman, keep responding to your every comment.Ē im thru cuz youíre annoying. have a good night. Good, because youíre mad ignorant!

Photos only date back to 1800ís. You sound so stupid. There is case study on moral status art all around the world, some prehistoric, depicting homosexuality. did i say there wasnt? Some Black women are gay too, and in corruption in sports essay nearly proportionate numbers. Iím more worried about the number of men in help with prison. THATS what really keeping Black families apart. Let them men love each otherÖ I really hope Teaiarra get this stress out of in sports essay, her life, because she is kreatif too young and in sports, too cute to be walking around looking like somebodyís ďAint-teeĒ. I doubt she knows how. She seems to be the type of woman who doesnít know how to live without drama, bad treatment and hurt feelings.

Thatís probably all she knowsÖ RightÖit made me think of that song she first came out your mean, with, ďNo DaddyĒ (I think thatís what it was called). If itís true to life for her, then it explains why sheís forever running behind RayJ. Just sadÖ Its so funny that you said that cause when I was posting the comment that song kept playing in my head, guess it was autobiographical. Nah, I think her increasing weight is a show of her stress level.

Amber reminds me of a Bizarro Joseline. Does Rich have a retainer in? Something about the way he speaks is corruption in sports so off and in essay, annoying. Oh and he never said I love you back. He has braces on. Remember his tooth was knocked out corruption in sports essay, or something during the Love and Hip Hop New York Reunion.

Gave me chills looking at him for some reason during the reunion. In fact Iím getting chills now. Study Status? Heís sooo creepy. ugh D= LOL. Who punched ďRich DollazĒ in the mouth? I missed it. omg itís such an optical and audial illusion. i have to corruption tell myself repeatedly ďshe is not a no..she not a tranny.Ē man fuck it i dont care she the 1st damn tranny to elements of the persuasive essay ever give birth! LOL. (on the low she gotta be a dl magnet cant tell me no different lol)

Well a transgendered man beat her to the punch years back. Essay? So secondÖ. No then thereís Wendy WillamsÖ so third. LMFAOÖand also i swear at first i thought i was reading ďwell a transgendered woman will beat her assĒ i was gonna say yeah u right ladies beware dating gay men cause a nigga might beat yo ass over him!! lol. What? Wait a minute. You talking bout that Fillipino pregnant man? That muhfuka had 2 babies for his wivesÖ.LMAO.

Leave Wendel Williams alone! Had to help with read your comment like 3 times before I realized who what you were talking bout. LOL! LMAO, iím surprised anyone would know who I was talking about. LMAOOOO. Okay iíll leave Wendel alone she does give me life sometimes when sheís not being too messy. Corruption In Sports Essay? ahahahahah XD. LOL!

Canít forget that shit, he was all over People magazine and resume yang kreatif, shit. Essay? Couldnít escape itÖ Lol! I didnít know such women existed (dl magnet) but i guess that would make sense. i didnt either until now lmbo.

did moniece just come out of the pool with dry hairÖ I canít hahaha. Nia always bad these boobs? Nia is definitely Dumb; however Nars, I just canít understand what she is mad about? That is exactly how iím going to spell her name and refer to her from now on; Nars. Or maybe Narz; i donít want to insult the help, make-up brand either. Is fizz always high? Why does rich always speaks with an imaginary toothpick in corruption in sports essay his mouth? Did Tiarra have a secret baby? Fizz- probably lol.

rich- heís an old man. Tiarra is just fat. well I mean sheís gained more weight since last season and she was bigger then. you mean all this time there was no toothpick thereÖ.. Lmfao this whole time. Lol!! Rich wears Invisalign.

Fizz stays high lol. Mla Citing Quotes? His scene with soulja boy had me #128516; Thatís what I was thinking about Teairra. Sheís gotten a little thickems.. Well a lot thickems. ROFMBO imaginary toothpick ha ha ha too funny.

He needs to corruption in sports essay settle his old azz down, talking about he doesnít know if heís ready for moving in on moral and what not ugh so over his childishness. ButÖ. Who has sex With soulja boy tho? he looks Like heís 15Ö..#128531; I canít. I refuse. Nia, Diamond, Superhead and rotten teef Nas have sex with Soulja Boy, thatís who. Those 4 alone should tell you who Soulja is the corruption essay, type of your country essay, women his bitchass likes. I think Nia is damaged, she needs a nice straight laced guy. Her dad is Teddy Riley, no chance at life in terms of essay, forming a healthy view of firefghter, men.

And as we learned last season he ainít even her real daddy, as in biologically lol he was just there to corruption help ďraiseĒ her and claimed her becuz he was with her mom so she took his last name. How is he not her real daddy? With that chin? LOL!! Your comment made me laugh so hard cause it seem so stupid to meÖ. How is my comment stupid? There are plenty of articles online that say he isnít her biological father. And that he was with her mother and she took his last name and resume yang kreatif, he raised her as his ownÖ unless you have the 99.9 % dna results do you really know thatís her daddy? I mean laugh if you want, I was just saying what the streets were alleging.

LOL! I didnít say your comment was stupid, I meant the whole situation about Nia not being his biological daughter is stupid because to me, she looks just like him. You just about corruption essay took my head off over a misunderstanding, LMAO!! GODDAMN!! You know how these folks be thuggin over anything on DisqusÖ Baddie jumped the gun a lil bit and read you the entire Carfax report!

She thought you were flexxin so she came with receipts chile! All of these comments had me in tears! I looked crazy as hell too last season when she said that wasnít her bio daddyÖ I was like, they need to let Maury sort that shit out because that chin is not lying but someone is! Iím saying tho, that chin alone makes me not believe none of them without some actual science. I would love to see what Niaís mom looks like cause Nia really looks like Teddy Riley. not ďthe entire Carfax reportĒÖ #realtearsÖ.Iím holllerring over here. lol I read it as if she was calling me stupid (which makes no sense because we usually get along fine in the comments) I flexed but I thought she was coming for help with, me and now I know she wasnítÖ :/

I did. I read it wrong.. thing is I reread it again.. Essay? with the confused face like why is case study she coming for me? lol oops. Corruption In Sports Essay? I didnít mean to come at your neck and see what you meant now. Yang Kreatif? *takes a seat* Nia admitted last season that he wasnít her real daddy. She(Nia) said he wasnít her real father. I realized that now but Nia Teddy really do resemble each other. Every time I see her I think about Teddy Riley and be like I know he wouldnít let you clown on corruption in sports TV like this but then I remember he ainít her daddyÖ.. Yes reallyÖ but hey if he helped raise her and mla citing quotes, took on that role thenÖ. He came into Niaís life later but Teddy was just as much of a ho as Souljah. In Sports Essay? Quite possibly sheís tolerating and accepting the same sh!t she saw her mother put up with Ö.and instilling value and self-worth in their little girl doesnít seem to what your country mean to you essay have been a part of corruption essay, that parenting equation.

Oh you know thatís exactly what she is of the persuasive doing.. I remember that he said that, but itís weird as hell she looks like him.#128533; Idk I donít really see it, but other people have said that as well. I guess we wont know for corruption essay, sure lol. lol, check the chin. Letís not forget fine ass India Love Westbrooks is fcking with him . The game said soulja was messing with a dude last week lol. The Game needs to go sit down and resume, stop fucking teenagers. Corruption In Sports? Heís in everybodyís business cause them little girls ainít keeping stimulated and occupied. Not ďstimulated and occupiedĒ, Jesus take the wheel #128582;#127998;#128553;#128553;#128553;. Didnít know Game was part of Daddy Day Care like Tyga.

Yes, honeyÖThe Game, Tyga, R. Kelly, The Weeknd and with a cover letter, Iím sure many more that havenít been made public. Canít take anything The Game says seriously. The Game with messing with Chris Brown and a seven year old girl last week. He can have a seat. Donít forget Kat Stacks!

Oh yes, never got the hype over her. Essay? She looks malnourished and dirtyÖ. Yes she does! Neither do I however these thirsty negroes will still fuck her. To each his own I guess *Kanye shrug* Iím sorry, but Kat Stacks looks like a greyhound, and a hungry one.

But donít you know sheís ďforeignĒ? That makes her instantly attractiveÖthese niggas with their anti-blackness and low self esteem kill me. Firefghter Resume? LOL! Riiiight?! You know coons love them some ďexotics.Ē Take our features, put them on a non-Black woman, and theyíre obsessed. Girl still looks like a greyhound, straight off the corruption in sports essay, side of the bus. Straight off the side of the resume, bus in a Chiney bang wigÖ.LOL! Donít forget Catstack he had her to Souljah boy is nastyor should I say somebody need to be test test. He looks like he stinks and his balls are always musty . Yeah and in sports essay, them hoes be loving those musty balls. Musty balls, salty dicks and sour cum is the breakfast of champions for these THOTbots.

You ainít a real bitch if you donít be sucking on them musty ballsÖLMAO. ďMusty balls, salty dicks and sour cumĒ LOL! you and me both honeyÖ ďBreakfast of championsĒ *hands you the internet* Girl itís too early for resume, this!! I canít !!

Sound like you swallowed him too. Where did you and your pre-pubescent ass come from? Do me a favor, when you see grown folk talking, stay the fuck out of it. Thanks. YES MAíAM. In Sports? Hell nah, you can swallow me too. I can be where the fuck i want to, you silly hoe. Yo momma, the resume, silly hoe that she is and was, shoulda swallowed you. Thatís one thing I do know for sure, bitch nigga. Eeewww you sound so ugly, single and fat, stfu for a month, cuz yo breath stinks, mexican whale face lookin as thing, you can grab mah dick and eat it like a retarded bitch, bitch!

Dafuq you laughing, donít make me pull up on yo block. Carmen take yo ass in corruption in sports the corner and elements, donít come out until I tell you to. Lawd, I am hollering. LMAO! But am I lying tho? LOL. roflmbo, wow you really went there lololol. How you know, did you sucked his dick. Corruption? Nasty as bitch.

Chile sit down and go do some homework . You better watch yo muthafucking mouf before i smack you on yo muthafuckin cheek like a Italian husband. Yeaaah say dat shit in elements of the persuasive essay mah face let me knock yo teeth out, dafuq is corruption in sports you thinking, you think you are one of those Love Hip Hop bitches? nah bitch you cheap like yo weave on yo mawhfucking head. Yeah? you missed me huh, you respond hella fast. look the mla citing in essay quotes, self hate from blacks is corruption essay real. Or Ö he just looks like he stinks and his balls are always musty . I was watching NIA and the other girl beefing Cuz of him and that shit was creepy, he probably got a good DÖ But he looks like lil Wayne jr. Ughhh I canítÖ Nina and case on moral, that other girl both ugly lol .. and they both look stupid fighting over essay him .. Elements Persuasive Essay? im sure yall not the only two he sleeping around with .. smh just nasty Ö its too many stds floating around .. And why is corruption essay Rich here? Everywhere I go heís there -___. He gotta keep those checks coming. He got back child support to with letter pay ,lord knows he ainít making no money with D.U.

Lol what a thirst ball. Corruption In Sports Essay? Weíll see him on Basketball Wives next. who do you have sex with wilder beasts? A real man. Would you wanna have sex with him? he reminds me of my baby cousinÖ so lanky and scrawny. Tierra has shown to be an awful person.

She wears her pain like badge of study on moral status, honour. If you donít want to be her friend because sheís wronged you then let the universe handle it. Corruption Essay? Clearly her (Princess) destructive relationship is in shambles why place yourself into firefghter resume, their rabbit hole of essay, nonsense. Forgive yourself, learn from your past, so you can empower your future. Ray J may not ever apologize to you but that not the point. Help With A Cover Letter? Find comfort and love yourself. Put time in in sports essay creating music and elements persuasive essay, reworking your severely dusty vocals. Tierra I canít even bad mouth her on this because I would do the same thing some time karma takes too longÖÖ. Now princess is an essay idiot to the the case study, girl u push out is really ur friend how stupid can u be, and in sports essay, u were talking shit about her last season and now u want to be her friendÖÖÖ. Yes Tierra friend di bitch n then push her in front a moving truck.

Lool at befriend her then push her in case study status front of corruption essay, a moving truck! You guys are reckless i swear. Whatever, Princess would wipe the case study, floor with that fat ass bytch. They both scrapers. Corruption In Sports? I wouldnít bet money cause it can go either way. From the outside looking in, you never truly know what kinda hell a person is going through (or what lessons theyíre being taught). IMO you find your happiness and peace a whole lot sooner if you let it go, so I leave Goddessí work in help a cover letter Her hands.

I agree. Itís not cute T. She should b more focused on her increasing weight instead of essay, getting ďrevengeĒ Getting ďrevengeĒ only sets up a debt for the person seeking it. That debt is always paid, and sheíll get back what she gave out. nia said she know her place well does she know hiv meds are expensive??

U guys go really deep #128514;#128514;#128514; Things Thots say for 100. I look at Soulja Boy and see a funk cloud around him like Pigpen. There is firefghter no reason chicks should be this reckless and ignorant, so does Nia and Nas hate themselves that much!? The facts donít lie and of the 9,500 new HIV infections among women in 2010 ó 65% (6,175) of those were AA females , 18% (1,710) white and in sports, 15% (1,425) Latina. LOL oh god yes and what is soulja boys diet?? all that money and his skin, aura, and overall physique looks like he eats nuts, bolts, and nails for resume, dinner. YES and corruption in sports, letís not even MENTION oral herpes. These dudes donít care if they get incurable diseases or not trust me.

I even mention diseases when a guy Iím doing business with wants me (to try to make them leave me alone) and they all donít care!! Nia and Nas both give me undercover hoes vibe. They did just call each other out in this ep. I didnít see/hear Nia deny it either. Thatís probably the main rewason Nia donít like her, because she knows her skeletons; Souljaís just the fall guy lol! Yup ! The both put their business out on firefghter resume IG last weekÖ Conclusion they allegedly slept around Atlanta. #128555; They exposed each other on corruption in sports IG. Yang? Nia said Nas only corruption eat hot cheetos and sprite cause she too brok. she fuck all these celbs and they dont even pay her. she said her tteth rotten. Firefghter? she said she slep on an air mattress in in sports essay a two bedroom house with 6 thots in it. Nas said Nia used to sleep over at her crib and she used o babysit for firefghter resume, her while she was out in sports, hoeing.

Tierra looks Like vanilla cupcake #128522;#128522;#128522;#128522; IKRÖ did she have a baby? LOL. Rich. Please stop embarrassing yourself!! You too Ray J. Tierraís head looks hella round.

Sheís always had an resume apple head. Even when she was skinny, her head was big. LOL!! It was like she was destined to be fat with that big ass head and face. Iím over corruption in sports essay here LMAO! So much shade. So much beautiful shade. Omg. Does Your Mean? Yall killing me. Itís like God wants her to be fat.

It look like Countess head. In Sports? A damn brown bead. Moniece is pretty but that blonde weave in her confessional scene is NOT whatís up! Ijs #fixitjesus. Sheís too pretty and smart to kreatif endorse that tragedy of corruption in sports essay, a weave. Itís super offensive. She sitting up under that dry, poorly dyed wig with the ends not curled saying ďim not a build a thotĒ. WellÖ can we actually see Amber Giving birth now Mona ? lmao.

You know damn well HE didnt. who else skips the status, ďhorrorĒ scenes? lol. lol i be damn near skippin to the end of the show tryna make sure ion see dat shit lol. What are the in sports essay, horror scenes? welllllll then next episode please. Hereís what I think. Nia, Youíre an idiot for staying with someone you know is resume yang fucking around on you. Even after your ďFriendĒ fucked your dude the first time and here you are still being stupid.

I have no sympathy for you. The gay dudes need to corruption go. I give them an A for effort but they contribute nothing to firefghter this series and simply being gay isnít enough. They wonít be here next season. Tierra, if you donít get into corruption in sports essay, somebodies 24 hour fitness and get it together! You tarnished your brand sweetheart, no one else can take credit for yang, that. Corruption Essay? Go get a new phone charger and find some chill.

Princess, who do you think youíre fooling? You havenít moved out because you ainít got nowhere to go. Stop with the bullshit. Fizz coke a cola, bye! Soulja girl, go find felicia and tell her I told you to mla citing in essay quotes tell her to tell you bye! ďfind felicia and corruption, tell her I told you to tell her to tell you byeĒ Yusssss. LMAOOO!

You are on mla citing in essay quotes it. lol just saying. Thought and hope they would do more with the 2 gay cast members but itís the same regurgitated black gay man stereotype played out for more ratings. Was hoping the show would showcase a real relationship that just happens to be 2 gay people but that would be too mature and right I guess. Actually Carmen thatís what I was hoping. They went right into the negative stereotyping of the gay community. I was actually kinda supporting them but honestly, they are just another clicheí.

How wrong of a person do you have to in sports essay be to be creeping on ya girl, sleeping with Milan and then going back to ya family like itís all good. Thatís the resume yang, worse stereotype they couldíve possibly shown. If they think this is corruption essay doing anything positive for their image or the yang, community, they are highly mistaken. I completely agreeÖ. Iím kinda tired that this show showcases ALL the in sports essay, men (regardless of sexual orientation) as misogynist, irresponsible, controlling and with a cover, complete idiots. I watch for entertainment, yes, but Iím aware that this show is just a further enforcement of in sports, further negative stereotypes of what mean essay, black folk. I wouldnít mind it so much if there was a balance of images presented to the public. Ok, Imma get off my soap box nowÖ.LOL! LOL No you donít Carmen. Corruption? You stay right on up there on in essay that soap box!

I need some company up here bwahahahaha. I however agree with you. Corruption? I know we shouldnít expect many positive images for help letter, our people on corruption this show but damn, they have to mla citing quotes work with us. Poor Omarion is the in sports, only family unit kinda showing us a lil something. Yeah, Omarion and does your mean to you essay, his family are cool but some things he has said outside of the show makes me give him the side eye. It would be nice if he committed to Apryl and marry her but what do I know? Marriage ainít all that and ainít for everybody, right?

#128562;What he done said. (before the grammer police commentÖÖ I know thatís grammatically incorrect, just felt like sayin it that way#128541;) Well, when O Apryl were doing their promotional rounds for the 1st season of Hollywood, he made some remarks regarding the ďopenĒ relationship he has with Apryl. He said things along the line of: Apryl understands his ďcelebrityĒ lifestyle and she fuss or really cares he when fucks other women because those women are just groupies and nothing serious. Sheís knows that she is the one that he loves and that he will always come home to corruption in sports her. And what infuriated me was Apryl co-signing that bullshit. Firefghter Resume? I just love when I hear some men talk about corruption essay open relationships when 10 times out of 10, the ďopennessĒ of the of the essay, relationship is corruption essay not extended to the woman who has to put up with their infidelities. Resume Kreatif? Then he said some other delusional shit that made me say out loud, ďmy nigga, who you tryiní fool?Ē LOL!

Thatís my story of the nightÖLOL! Lol. Wow I can NOT believe that some of in sports, these silly ass women are willing to put up with that bull! But youíre right if the help a cover, wife, girlfriend, etc were to say theyíre seeing other men, the ďMAINĒ dude will flip! I guessÖ.to each his own. Agreed!

It makes me sick to corruption in sports my stomach I swear I fast forward through each scene of those two. That last line ! HahahahahahahahahahahaÖ.. You just took his whole existence./ I know its sad looking at Tierra .. and its also sad watching her act desperate over what does country mean Ray. .. Corruption In Sports Essay? girl he dont want u .. Mla Citing In Essay Quotes? go get a life. Donít forget over acting Apryl. Ms Nikki got her hair line right this season. I cant say the same about in sports essay Tierra, red kool-aid with black roots? I canít stand the sight of Ray J. Study Status? I got scared for Princess when he drove up as she was about to leave because he gives me abusive vibes. They fight each other.

Thatís why he pushed her in corruption in sports essay the pool and didnít look back. He knew if he tap that jaw his career would be over. Him and Tierra used to fight too. I find the resume kreatif, thread on here about the corruption in sports, gay agenda so HILARIOUS. I donít remember reading any comments about mla citing in essay said gay agenda when Cyn Santana Erica Mena were sucking out each otherís tongues. Whether their relationship was fake or not, those women were still having a homosexual relationship. LOL!! I wonder why people donít like Miles Milan loving on each other?

I personally donít like it cause I find Milan sexy as fuck and corruption, I always get pissed when I see beautiful men who are gay, simply because I canít bang them myself. LMFAO!! Just my two sense. The agenda here is NOT the men it is more of making that lifestyle public and acceptable in hip hop. Cyn and Mena were NOT artist(per se)ÖIt existsÖThe issue is study on moral status not men on men but what they want to happen in the industry. So the fact that prominent rappers have made ďbros before hoesĒ, ďwe donít love them hoesĒ, I put no bitch before my niggas and ďwomen ainít nothing but hoes and tricksĒ a mantra that young impressionable minds have been absorbing for in sports, the last 25 years, isnít seen as enforcing an what does to you agenda of dangerous hyper-masculinity and covert homosexuality is corruption essay a concern to me. Hip hop has been hella gay to me from TIME! Two niggas kissing on t.v. isnít gonna enforce something that wasnít already there. IMO, 30 years of black people being brainwashed into hating each other on sight, not trusting each other and thinking that our women are our greatest enemies and only good for fucking is a more damaging and quotes, dangerous agenda that is in sports INGRAINED in us from the first African landed in North America in chains.

I can see what youíre saying HOWEVER what you have described has become an ACCEPTED NORM (it does NOT make it right) BUT what the Gay Agenda is doing is trying to make ďthatĒ lifestyle an ACCEPTED NORM as well across all cultures and Business atmospheres(music media, religion, etc)..Again it does not make it right but the Agenda is yang undeniable. I hear what youíre saying but I respectfully disagree. sorry boo, get on corruption in sports with the program. Elements Persuasive Essay? if you hate it so much, move. I had to RE read my comment to corruption in sports essay see where I mentioned ďHateĒ but I couldnít find it. Milan seems like he talks too much. LOL, I think heís trying to make sure that they have enough material so that heís in every episode. IDKÖ.. A lot of them do that across the LHH franchise. He talks a lot but ainít saying shit lol. Nia gets whatever comes her way. Iím sorry but you dealing with this manchild ainít gonna bring you nothing but drama always having to defend him and yaíll relationship.

Sheís the silliest bird ever. She has a daughter youíd think sheíd want to be a better example of a woman for her. Sheís settling for firefghter resume, being the ďmainĒ chick instead of the ONLY chick. Moniece is bug-a-boo! Rich donít even know what he got himself into he regrets it with each word that comes out her mouth lol. I would say she coming on strong but it has been 7 months and sheís right to want these things, but you can clearly see the fear in that mans eyes lol. She need to dial it back or she gonna run him away.

Tierra so fake, but fuck it im on her team. They did her so dirty last season I swear I still donít now what she did to even receive that treatment from Ray Princess. Play your cards or whatever. SB: sheís so pretty and itís crazy how she and Rihanna started out around the same time, Jay even named her princess of the roc, but shit reversed real quick. I hope she get her K Michelle on in sports and use this show to her advantage, some way some how cause she can definitely sing. What does SB stand for? ďhe regrets it with each word that comes out her mouth lol.Ē I knowÖ It was a joke, poorly executed Iíll admit :-). Screw mutually exclusive , they need to be MARRIED. #128578;

Is Nikki Baby the what does your country, Karlie Redd of LHHH? Just messy mix-upÖ. Nia has a surfboardt shaped face, Tierra looks like a lemon head, Nikki looks like she reeks of corruption in sports essay, silicone and water, nas looks like her hair smells of hot Cheetos and stale cheese. Moneice looks delusional, princess looks like sheís always clueless and Hazel E looks like ms. Quotes? Potato head. Do they purposely contour everyoneís boobs? Thank you so much for posting. When I seen this posted , my bootycheeks clenched together out of excitement . In Sports Essay? Lmao tmi? I know just thought Iíd share . Your welcome . Lol I totally understand. Richie D didnít get much airtime on LHHNY so they promised him some pity scenes on this show . I love the theme music LOL. Richie dck is below average though and a 7 in the face/body , I donít understand why these bitches pressed . Thatís what Iím saying.

Rich dollaz always remind me of what country mean to you, Jimmy the corruption essay, cricket off Pinocchio Lol, which is not a good look. Is that your icon?? (Off topic lol) if it is yang kreatif that swoop is nice #128129;#127997;#128135;#127997;#128076;#127998; Lol old creep , yuck. Iím guessing that you mean 7 out of a 1000 and corruption in sports essay, even that is too high a score. I always look forward to help with a cover letter posting a 1,000,000 comments per episode . Lol. Teddy Riley is going to in sports beat Soulja Boyís ass. Nikki and help a cover letter, her damn animated sign language confessionals . Essay? Lol bitch have a seat with yo cute plastic ass . Lool @ cute plastic ass! soulja boy said he making hits bruh..iím damn near ready to be done with this show. He must be talkin bout his blunts or bitches lol cause it damn sure ainít his music . iím praying its bitches cause he aint that delusional. heís a producer, makes beats.

for who?! the resume, last beat i heard he produced for someone relevant was nicki with the corruption, yass bitch song. LMAO!! My younger siblings listen to what country to you essay trash trap music and corruption essay, they say he produces shit. So, IDKÖ Line of resume yang kreatif, blazers. Teairra girl no. Luxury comforter line, panty line, swimsuit line, cognac line, lingerie lineÖ..damn is that a requirement these days you get on tv you have to create a ďlineĒ?? Smh. Itís looking that way #SignHereAndHere. Those luxury comforters looked like the shit you see at those hood furniture stores with the corruption in sports essay, ceramic dogs and big fan mirrors.

Shit was tacky af. And ainít none of them doing numbers. Maybe Drayas, but she did something realistic. Yang? People donít drink Cognac like that to really sweat Jackie for corruption in sports essay, it. Ray J looks like heís supporting her line with all them blazers he got on. Lol. Canít help but gaze at Nias plump cleavage in that purple blouse. #GoodLawd. just plump and full.. they were sitting, but also a little struggle.. Resume? #realboobproblems they are real right? Definitely real when she was in the confessional talking about nas basic ass watch how they sink in a bit and jiggle . Real mommabear tits. mommabear lol lol .Yas fake boobs do not jiggle like thatÖ I love Nikki, yes sheís over the top but sheís a real bitch.

Sheís giving me thot all the time though, I think itís all the enhancements. This. Makes it hard to like her cos everything screams bobblehead. She does seem more likeable this season, like sheís toned down some pf her foolishness. I see the LHH sign language hasnít gone anywhere though. She need to tone down her contouring in in sports essay that confessional.

Well she straight up lied to Nas at the park saying that she didnít invite Mia/Nia whatever her name is letter lol. Corruption In Sports Essay? She needs to be completely 100%, she had no loyalty to Nas so why did she lie about inviting her. Mla Citing In Essay Quotes? I would have been like YEP SURE AS HELL DID BEOTCH! LOL. Well she straight up lied to Nas at the park saying that she didnít invite Mia/Nia whatever her name is corruption in sports essay lol. Resume Kreatif? She needs to be completely 100%, she had no loyalty to in sports Nas so why did she lie about resume yang inviting her.

I would have been like YEP SURE AS HELL DID BEOTCH! Niaís friend is wack. Yes Nia has low self esteem and SB is wack but her friend is a slag. Is Miles gay or bisexual? He is in corruption essay between. Gay Bisexual. Tierra is no ones friend. She jealous of everyoneís relationship cuz she ainít got nobody. Sheís messy as hell. Help A Cover Letter? All these ladies are insecure as hell.

Rich dollaz is in sports just using monice to firefghter resume transition on LA cuz he donít have a story line on NY anymore and essay, bout to get his broke as cut of the show. He need them checks since he canít afforded his child support. Monice wants rich to meet her son but I doubt he takes care of elements of the essay, his own kids. You summarised everything perfectly. Monica is talk about ring from dollaz girl ur speed is faster than Usain Bolt 9.58 secondÖÖgirl u canít be that desperate and thirsty that u have to in sports settle for a creepÖ. And have to work overtime in the bedroom to help with keep him Chile u need to have many seats.

Lol @ Usain Bolt 9.58! Itís true though. I like/d Moniece, but sheís already getting 3/4ís of corruption in sports essay, a sideeye from me for dating him. Tierra is super phoney and bitter. Tryna take Princess to Drake house, gtfoh. and this coming from the quotes, broke ass black bitch that probably has some nigga on child support right now talkin bout Tierra have no friends in this fake ass show. In Sports Essay? you insecure for your comment bitch get to stepping hoe. you 50 levels lower in case study on moral your bank account then rich dollaz any day you the corruption in sports essay, commenter he in the show you broke! see how i did that? I donít think they really dating.

Something about them is so overdone that makes it obviously fake. I love fizz and omarion . Did back then and still do now . Miles and Milan storyline is not popping. They werenít famous before. Love and hip hop lol. Right. Miles is elements persuasive essay cute though.

they act like west hollywood didnít exist. foh. I predict we wonít be seeing them next season. Ainít nobody got time for the DL stereotype shenanigans. If I wanted to see that, iíll go pick up one of the thousands of movies and in sports, books on it lol. Wow. I guess Amber is a woman(she gave birth)! I never would have thought! Amber look like Adam . Is Adam an yang Ostrich? Cuz umm that the FIRST thing that I see when I look at her! She looks like the sloth from ice age . YES.

DING DING DING. Thatís it. LOL. I couldnít put my finger on essay it. Thatís surprising cause she looks so much like a man itís shocking. I am starting to feel sorry for her! Geesh she looks like a Manostrich (Man Ostrich mixed together) AND the of the, man that she is in corruption essay love with is help with letter likes manÖ.which could have worked for him maybe if the corruption, Ostrich part wasnít an status issue. Princess is in sports essay stunning. Whatís her nationality? Gorgeous and help with a cover, sexy. Good mix.

sheís Blasian. black and corruption essay, asian but donít let her looks fool u keep in mind sheís an firefghter resume ex stripper. that shouldnít be surprising. i think sheís funny looking lol. Sheís not the prettiest blasian thatís for sure lol. I agree she is quite funny looking, but blasian woman are truly beautiful. I knew Kris Jennerís boyfriend was gay. Corruption Essay? I knew it! Kris bf look like Milan. Nikki shaded nasty has for quotes, being a side chick lmao girl you knew nia was fcking with him and you waited for your time to shine to swipe him up . Corruption In Sports? Swipe no swiping . Hate broads like that , and the niggas that love em. Iím convinced the reason miles is wanting to be gay is because amber aka Adam was his last straw with bitches lmao lemme stop. i didnt even noticed Masikka, Yung Berg, and Uncle Fester got axed.

lol omgÖ neither did IÖ #128558; #128558; :oÖ lololÖ they must be salty as hell now i wish i had twitter to see the saltiness. Lmfao who is uncle fester tho #128514;#128514;#128514;#128514;#128514;#128514;#128514;#128514; The dude Nikki use to date on a cover letter the show last season that was cheating on her with Masikka. Essay? I canít think of case, his name. ohhh girl u gonna ask a man who isnt your husband to have a vasectomy. Essay? u dont want to have kids, you can always tie your tubes booÖ

You know rich wasnít having that , he probably wouldíve said that if it didnít jeopardize his chance of getting pussy that night . Your To You? Iíll wait til the corruption in sports essay, reunion lol. LOL IKRÖ but women need to what country stop thinking so thoughÖ He needs to the law saids he is behind on payments on essay the ones he has anyway. it doesnt matterÖ she wants no kids. she needs to what your country to you tie her tubesÖ she can also go on the pill, or take a morning after each timeÖ. Corruption In Sports? she got three choicesÖ it is her decision to have no kids. Iíd love to see Nikki with no make up , sweats hair up in a messy bun . Cause always being beat is case on moral status unrealistic . Looks so stiff and worried about corruption essay turning/moving the wrong way for a camera angle . Sheís not a natural beauty so you could literally push her and she would literally fall apart, lol she looks too wooden.

Did anyone else cry real tears when ray was talkin about what does your to you princess got her titties out. like comedy. Right, then telling her to corruption in sports essay go change clothes? Boy if you donít get on somewhere! What is this? The 1950ís. Wasnít he just turning up with naked hoes last episode? lol. ďYou donít even have on a braĒ like that scene kills me because he can go turn up with the thots hoesÖ but he wanna keep his girl locked up in the crib. She whining talking about she ainít been out in elements persuasive essay 2 yrs lol. Essay? sounds like a man though, if he was going w/ her the outfit would be fine, since sheís going out by case study herself, he scared other dudes are gonna holla at essay, herÖ.. Heís scared that a MAN will do what he isnít.

Be a real man to what does mean a lady. Thatís the problem with these boys in corruption Menís clothing. Watching RayJ is essay like taking a class in Abuse 101. Corruption Essay? What he did to Princess in that scene made me so sad and case study on moral, afraid for corruption in sports, her. Itís all about resume kreatif control and keeping in her line and in her lane, very disturbing. Absolutely.

Heís a walking breathing poster child of why something like the feminist movement exist. You canít treat women like that. Essay? They are our mothers, sisters and our nurturers. Heís an ass. Chile Iíll make sure that made up story he told TMZ about his bones being broken will be the truth after he wouldíve told he to of the persuasive essay go inside to change LMAO!

Nigga pleeeeeease. It was comedy. In Sports? like bye ray j. So the resume yang kreatif, Milan and Miles situation doesnít seem authentic, no guy who is that deep in the closet is corruption essay going to on moral status have his whole situation played out on corruption essay television for the world to see before he has the study status, conversation with the corruption in sports essay, important people in his life. Firefghter? Itís kind of redundant to corruption essay say ďIím not ready to come out yetĒ while there is a camera following you around. Right. Good point. LOL! I think Miles is bi-sexual and theyíre playing that whole DL shit for the camera. Itís like these people donít remember that Instagram existsÖLOL!

I I heard he came out a while ago. Kreatif? This is like a reenactment. IF the corruption in sports, storyline is even factual, i imagine he told his family/friends before this aired. But i do dislike how they play it out what your mean to you, as if his ff are finding out presently. Fraudulent.

So does Amber have two lazy eyes?! All that eye rolling and blinking in corruption her confessionals is bringing too much attention to it. Yeah , glad Iím not the only one that has noticed them crazy googly eyes. Princess highlight in her confessionals is life . Your To You? Sheís so beautiful. I just wish princess and teairra met on different terms I think theyíd actually be good friends. I love me some teairra. Nope theyíre both too hot headed and petty. Theyíd get into a fight over a lipstick or something. i must say i havenít even watched yet but yaíll comments give me life once again XD. Damn teairra wassup with that struggle bun#128553; after nia going off on ig about nas including fabolous, kevin hart, ti tiny into it i cant take her dumbass serious.

Yep! I was following all that tea.. Tiny replied to corruption essay her #128170;#127998; Well Nia Implied that Nas had a threesome with tiny and T.i. So Tiny told her she better stop lying and that she better mind her business and she doesnít even know Nas.

She said to keep her name out her mouth. Lol ohhh damn smh . yessss shit was lit. Wait wait wait lemme know whatís being said I donít follow basic bitches . But I want the tea. nah i dont follow celebs on ig but it b on them gossip pages like the shade room. girl nia tried to resume fake go off on nas sayin shes homeless fck for corruption, a come up. Status? she said nas fckd fabolous, kevin hart, ti tiny. then she kept sayin soulja boy her man. then made another post sayin its not over a nigga fck niggas soulja boy replied said fck you bitch. then tiny replied sayin nia need to keep her her husband name out her messy relationship cuz she dont even know nas. Lmao at essay, nikki calling nas a LAVA HEAD lmao. Iím sorry but I do NOT believe this Milan and Miles story is authentic(i.e.

Cyn and Erica LHHNY) Itís not and you can tell. My acting teacher in case study status school always told us that you can spot when an corruption essay actor isnít being real and the camera will magnify that times 100%. I donít know if they believe the bullshit theyíre trying to tell but they need to check that. This momo bish or whatever her name is act like she ainít had a man in 20 years, ole too happy ass. And she crazy as hell too, bout to resume kreatif scare that nicca off.

I donít want to see rich at all he is a creep. Corruption In Sports Essay? Fizz is elements of the persuasive essay fine as he wants to in sports essay be. Elements Persuasive Essay? Tierra needs to corruption in sports essay ease up on te doughnuts. Soulja boy is ugh. Nikki looks like Kermits new boo Denise and those hand movements are aggravating. Nas and her koolaid dyed hair and of the persuasive essay, yuck mouth teeth are too much right now.

If anybody believes that Miles is straight that is their fault for having the essay, brains of a slug. Does tearra ( however you spell it) not know how to drive ? Sheís always being driven somewhere I feel like I missed somethingÖ. OAN: Iím getting tired of girls/women fighting over men who donít respect themÖ. What Your To You? Are we ( women) that desperate to be with someone that we accept that they have thot/road treats Ö.thatís disgusting #teamidontshareDick. She got a DUI a few years agoÖand assaulted an essay officer in status the process. Corruption? Pretty sure she has no license. oh that explains it.

Has the whole world gone insane? They are fighting over Soulja Boy! Really? He looks like an anorexic roach and sounds like a stroke victim! Ladies get glasses and self esteem! Nicki is just to much of evrything.

I know Rich dollars donít have Slaughter sitting on them office chairs on their romantic dinner for your to you, two. Lol, office chairs. You guys donít miss a trick! Lol at Slaughter! Rich Dummy calls every girl by their last name. That was actually his first words on the last LHHH episode. Corruption In Sports Essay? Heís so obnoxious. These comments!

I havenít even seen the episode yet and yíall have me face-palming in kreatif here. Oh well, lead a ratchet life, expect to get dragged, I guess, lol! Canít believe the essay, craziest one is actually the calmest one this season. Moniece seems finally over fizz. Princess is so lonely. Tiearra needs to hit a gym asap. Nikki is messy. Letter? She couldíve own up to essay the fact she is the one who invited nia.

Nia soulja boy is not yours. Resume Yang? He is community dick. Nas seems dirty as hell. Like the type who doesnít shower before and after the club. Itís obvious Teairra and Princess have put on weightÖbut itís also obvious who the common denominator is. In Sports? The sight of Ray J just makes me gag. ARE PEOPLE BLIND.

I canít with these two downlow dudes, why did they have to put this shiznit on the show UGH. Amber ugly as shit. Nikki ruined her whole body, fake ass, fake tits, all plastic, no man wants her goof ass foh. Help A Cover? Her lower body build like a hatchet. Foh wit her pencil legs. Soulja boy wiving a thot (Nia) cuz, she smashed chief keef and other niggas/Rappers. Only positive comment I have is Princess hair was laid to corruption essay the Gawds in firefghter resume every scene.

That shine. I orgasm over corruption in sports essay laid hair which is yang a rarity in this franchise. Lil Fizz and in sports, that dainty ass chain with the half dollar on itÖ. Teairra and all that neck and back fat should never wear her hair upÖ. Damn, Nikki was on point tonight (not looks wise), I can appreciate her girl/friend principles. Yang Kreatif? I donít feel like she was being messy or shady cause she defended Nia to corruption that scallywags face at brunch. Nia has such low self-esteem, itís painful to what does your mean to you watch. Ray-J looks like Professor Oglevee from ĎThe Parkersí with that hair. In Sports? I hate it on him.

Rich and Moniece make me throw up a little in my mouth as do Milan and Milesí weird DL relationship. IS IT ME OR DOES RAY J GIVE OFF AN ABUSIVE VIBE! No its not you,That whole scene with Princess and him telling her to go change was so uncomfortable to resume kreatif watch,especially since hes acting like that on corruption in sports camera.I hate to imagine what hes like when the yang, cameras arent around. Ray J *did* push Princess in corruption the pool last season, soooÖ. He was defending him self. They fight each other. Resume Yang? Which isnít cool for either, but he can hurt her. Corruption In Sports? She canít hurt him. Your point? If you dont want to persuasive essay get touched, dont touch no one else.

She was hitting him all in his face, all he did was lightly push her and in sports essay, she just happened to land in the pool. Ok that was that time, we donít see what happens when thereís no cameras. They obviously comfortable hitting each other which is with abuse. Itís not good or healthy for either of in sports, them. thatís my fucking point. I CANT with these heifers.Do they not realise how dumb and help a cover, delusional they look fighting over in sports a nigga that dont care about none of them.When a man is being unfaithful,you have two options;Become a sister wife with his other hoes or leave him.SIMPLE.All of that main chick,side chick business is stupid.You should be his only kreatif chick! No wonder Miles Is gay. Corruption In Sports? Amber look like a tranny her damn self. Of The Persuasive Essay? lol.

Damn this episode was messy , full shade and corruption in sports, mess being thrown lool doesínt anyone have their life together ? Except omarion and help with a cover letter, April. Monice is moving too fast with rich , itís not even been a year yet , you canít ask him to corruption in sports tie his tubes and move to another town for you , when you move fast like that in a relationship it ends badly . Happy to see Teairra is resume kreatif eating good and enjoying life. Corruption In Sports? Her titties look wonderful in the confessionals tho. Any female that lays with or becomes committed to letter a person dubbed ĎSouljia Boyí ainít shit IMO. Moniece strikes me as a ratchet who grew up in a very privilege yet strict area. Maybe thatís why sheís so overly sexual and.. Kinda crazy at in sports essay, times. After that vasectomy convo, I wouldíve fucked, waited till she was sleep, left and case study status, got on the next plane back to NY. BTW, Rich looking like real Puerto Rican 40s in this season.

Iím skipping all the corruption essay, gay dude stuff. Persuasive Essay? Call me whatever yíall want, that shit isnít for me, esp when they portraying DL guys. Stevie wonder could see they sweet. In Sports? Amber might be a tranny. Princess was looking good in her new dress Ö Nipples was popping out tho lol. NOT ďPuerto Rican 40sĒ tho. Mla Citing In Essay Quotes? he is corruption aging . Thereís a lot going ON!! Mona (reality stars in genreal) and these fake ass businesses her clients keep perpetrating. Tierra- Blaze-her. GTFOH thats wack ass name. Moniece- Listed everything but her SON/CHILD when it came to her dream with Rich. Miles- I feel for help with a cover letter, his Identity crisis but still acting like a straight KNEE-GRO towards his DL lover.

Ray-J- misogynistic as shit! and corruption essay, a cry baby. Boot Camp Chick- where the only people at this sad ass boot camp is with a cover LHHLA cast, OKAY! mona pay some extras! miles ex- her.eye. Princess should NEVER put the thought her Teairra could be friends. Donít have any sympathy for her. -Ray J has that somewhat Napolean Complex.

Also he cocky for NO reason like you will always be brandy little brother. He ainít worth shit, got some nerve telling princess she canít go out. Boy if you dont get yo ass on. -Nas has no reason to feel ill will towards Nia when she said herself, nia soulja were messing around she came in essay after. Girl bye. She need to with a cover letter listen to essay Nikki T. She likes being a kept bitch.

-NiaÖ..GIRLÖÖMove the fuck on case from Soulja. Im a tad bit confused what tours soulja boy is onÖ..must be at clubs strip clubs. -Moniece little dusty relationship with Rich old ass is boring and i skip them all the time. Zzzzzzz boooo. -Nikki, i like her. She real on the inside but plastic on corruption essay the out. But she one of my favs.

-Milan Miles got a boring basic stereotypical Atlanta DL gay relationship. You see that here alot. Like their storyline is study on moral like these females. In Sports Essay? Theyíre annoying. Case? They look weird they should of had some Atlanta Queens then we would of had a story.

Only a matter of time that Moneice showed her crazy Ė Ray J is mentally unstable/ very childish Ė Tieera put on in sports essay weight but still cute Ė The gay situation is very serious (dunno whether it shouldíve been put on here) Mona, you ainít shit. Like really bitch? So Nastassia goní randomly start pouring her heart out to Tearra and Nikki just like that. Really? The strings are showing Puppet Master #127806;#128064;#127806; Last season most of help a cover, these women didnt speak to each other./. I think VH1 pushed they made friendships. How tall is Brandyís little brother? He looks hella short in in sports essay that scene where heís speaking to with a cover Princess outside the corruption in sports, house #128515; Brandyís little brother and Teairraís clandestine meeting feels so contrived.

Nia, l donít feel sorry for quotes, you. You should have known Soulja boy does not make good life decisions just by corruption essay looking at those ridiculous tattoos on study his face. That should have been the essay, first red flag. Yang Kreatif? Smh. She doesnít make good life decisions eitherÖ Am l lying though? #128512; This was a short episode for me because l kept having to skip all the bits with Milan and corruption in sports essay, his special friend. What Does Your Mean To You Essay? I guess líll be doing a lot of that this season #128530; sorry yall I fast frwd thru all the corruption in sports essay, gay sh*t!! Shout out to all 100% straight men, all races, all ages, all over the world. And the case on moral status, gay ones not thinking about you either. This is corruption in sports so scripted, it hurts.

Lava head chick Nas loooooooooooooooooool, nikki had me rolling with that one. Ay dios mio this scripting is ridiculous (geez, Mona). So far Iím not feeling this Miles/Milan storyline; Iím a supporter of the rights of the elements, LGBT community but I support *nothing* that tramples on the rights of others. ÖIím not a fan of corruption in sports essay, feeding the DL line regarding their culpability in passing HIV to elements persuasive the females in their lives via secret sex with men. ÖIím not feeling the ďLook at in sports, me. Help? Yoo hooo. I like men so look at corruption in sports essay, me and my man kissĒ antic of shoving it in peopleís faces.

Parts of the LGBT community shoot themselves in the foot and turn off a *lot* of straight supporters/allies when they act as if everyone *must* be in persuasive acceptance and/or comfortable, or that heterosexuals must sacrifice their rights/beliefs to corruption in sports accommodate any/everything they want to do. Itís asinine to act as if there is no difference between men vs. women; not only are our bodies different but, generally, we respond in different ways sexually, emotionally as well as to different things. So, any attempt to compare apples (Erica/Cyn) and resume, oranges (Miles/Milan) just doesnít work for me on a couple of levels. A lot of people experiment or play Ďshow me yoursí when theyíre young or as children, and Cyn made it clear from jump that she was straight; she simply fell for Erica, but quickly returned to men after they broke up. Corruption Essay? ÖMen are typically visual creatures and itís never been a mystery that some found the idea of what your country mean to you essay, two women exciting however, that Ďexcitementí goes limp imagining their chick with another man (paternity of corruption in sports, any offspring etc). Remove the chick and make it 2 dudes, and itís a totally different thing altogether. I agree with your statement as a principle definately. what is yang going on with love and hiphop? the ratchness just reached 150 percent, damn dollars is man hoe he has been around the block. what happened to tiaís breast? did she pump it up? damn! nikki is one surgery away from corruption in sports essay becoming Michael Jackson she is case status way too plastic for me. wow congrats I donít know if to be happy or said for milan and miles, why will he have a girlfriend when he knows he plays for the other team? this is how people get harmed and corruption in sports, their saga reminds me of bruce sorry Caitlyn and kris jennerís issues. Buddy in help letter the pool with the yellow shorts pretending to essay swim during moniece andrich scene thoughÖ. That chile and that lispth though. ď.I love you Sthoulja Boy.Ē

I love moniece. I swear thereís no one like her, ever! I like Miss Nikki for with a cover, superficial reasons. But she is already proving shes doing any and in sports essay, everything to stay on this show. Her and Masika were like the yang, same damn person just built differently and fuckin the same dude. She the type to get caught up.

She gonna end up gettin beat up. Like, really? *rolls eyes 20 times* How they goní play me like that? ďBlinks 2 million times* (That shit was killing me. Lmao) that moment Love and Hip Hop ATL is more classy than LAHHH. That shit is crazy, yíall ghetto af on this show.

Ray j always creating drama. What is so attactive abou Souljah Boy for Nia to keep puing heself in in sports essay situations where she is constanly humiliated by the next hoe?! Like Seriously! She ainít even going after him she is mla citing in essay gng after the women! Girl if u aint see that ur man has a problem keeping his pants up uíre a lost case!! U need help!! Ainít ntn change but the lies he is telling u honey. Watching Mile and the other guy is corruption like watching a sttaight couple! Itís like the woman telling the man to firefghter resume get a divorce from in sports essay his wife ASAP!

Rich Dollaz making all his money out of Love and Hip Hop! Next Weíll see him in ATL! I wonder how Johnni Blaze feel about resume yang Moneice lol. Ray J everytime he opens his mouth he says something stupid how can u be so cute and so dumb? Princes another stupid one, why will u want to corruption essay be friend with ur man ex girlfiend who clearly wants him back?

ladies on this timeline have no chillÖLMAO. some of these women on this show are HoelariousÖ..LMAO. I donít even have anything to sayÖyíall have said it all already lol. I guess Soulja boy likes girls with fucked up teeth #128528; Moniece SCAREs me!!#128064;#128064; like FOR REAL FOR REL!! Listen babygirl: Being that desperate AINT CUTE! Itís not gonna make him stay nor marry you. And weíre talking about Rich D. SmhÖ And Nia girl.. I feel bad for you..

Fighting over 12 year old SouljaÖ Do better!! The TV not keeping it one hundred because how Tierra look like that OompaÖ.. What Your Country Essay? Why this gay scene uurk me so much like ewww I donít like itÖ. Thereís a reason why my spirit says NO! Anyway.

Iím convinced Nas is corruption in sports a homewrecking hussyÖ.Ēone thing lead to another andÖ.Ē BITCH WHAT?! Off with your head! i think princess is prettier than teirra only becasue teirra put on resume 50 pounds since last season. the only pretty ones are april and princess nickii. I canít with the corruption in sports, gay guys, their storyline is of the persuasive wack as hell, no one wants to see that. Moniece is in sports witty as hell, but her and Richie are way too verbal about case on moral status their sex life, they should save some of that commentary for behind closed doors.

Wtf does Soulja Boy mean ďsheís my main but she understands what happens on the roadĒ. In Sports? Are some girls honestly okay with their man fucking around while hes on the roadÖ I strongly doubt that! Lets be real here Milan is case study status beautiful iíd have his babiesÖ. aha lil chocolate drops then he can go back to being with miles. I wonder how much longer Tierra license is gonna be suspendedÖ.she always getting a ride somewhere instead of driving herselfÖ.And sheís looking like Mavis Staples. In Sports? She better push back from that table. I wonder what acting school Moniece learned her skills fromÖ.she canít be this damn desperate or horny for Rich D. 1.Nia looks so uncomfortable watching soulja perform. 2. Instead of her watching him perform wack songs she need to actually be with her baby not facetime her.

3. missnikibay chest is soooooooooo plastic ugh. 4. no offense but them gay dudes zone me out ewwww. 5. if princess love is waiting for a ring she better by a purity ring lol. 6. Moniece crazy lol. 7.Nia had a boob job. Is that chick in the yellow gym wear Sierra from does your country mean to you essay Sheís got game?? Moniece does NOT appear to be sane individual Ö. Okay two snaps for Nas for calling out Nia on the field. In Sports Essay? Like Nia was trying to resume yang stunt hard because her girls were behind her hahahahaha. glad to find out amberís not a tranny cuz she has a daughter. Corruption In Sports? she still could be a tranny tho. juryís still out lol. Moniece seems really clingy and immature with all the sex and baby voices.

The way that Rich gets quite when she mentions anything long term should lt her know that nucca donít respect her. Teirarria is dirty. She knows good and well sheís going to use all Princessís woes against her. If she gets Ray J by yang default, thatís not a win. Sheís pressed and miserable and corruption in sports essay, overstuffed.

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10 contemporary writers who#8217;ll get you hooked on short stories. The ten greatest short story writers of the twenty-first century? What, we scoff, only in sports essay, ten? After all, the centuryís fourteen already Ė thatís enough time to compile a list twice as long as this one! However, weíre going to restrict ourselves to ten because weíre also interested in your input: which story writers have blown your mind since the big Y2K? Leave your comments below! And in the meantime, please, please, please check out these authors if youíre not already familiar with their works Ė theyíre so good it hurts! Barry is our Number One: this Irish writer has two collections, There are Little Kingdoms (2007) and Dark Lies the Island (2012), both of which are outstanding: hilarious, poignant, bizarre, frightening and, above all, inventive.

Barryís prose, his local idiolect, his use of imagery and his peerless dialogue Ė heís a superstar. Resume? If you want a sampler, try to find his story ĎBeer Trip to corruption in sports essay Llandudnoí Ė if you ever read a better tale of middle-aged male friendship than this, weíll buy you a pint. Hall, a pretty prolific novelist, has only to does country mean to you essay date release one story collection, The Beautiful Indifference (2011), but, man, will it blow you awayÖ Sheís just about the best writer about the Cumbrian landscape in the North of corruption in sports essay, England that weíve ever encountered, and her stories are enormously empathic: they pack a huge punch, whether sheís writing about decaying relationships, imminent death or a teenage girlís love affair with a dog- and horse-breeding clan. One of our favourite stories, ĎButcherís Perfumeí, was shortlisted for the BBC National Short Story prize in 2010 and in case on moral status 2013 she snagged the top prize with another gem, #8220;Mrs Fox#8221;. Saudersí first collection, CivilWarLand In Bad Decline, came out in essay 1996, but the rest of his work has emerged this century, so weíll forgive him his early immersion. Pastoralia (2000), In Persuasion Nation (2006) and Tenth of mla citing in essay, December (2013) have cemented his reputation as the guy that does weirdly compelling sort-of-sci-fi, satirical work thatís still tender and funny and eminently readable.

In fact, contrary to the prevalent notion that the short story is on its last legs, Tenth of December was shortlisted for corruption essay, the 2014 Folio Prize and help a cover letter selected as one of the ten best books of 2013 by the editors of the New York Times Book Review, and it managed to corruption essay get to the number two spot on the New York Times hardback bestseller list. Howís that for on moral, alive and kicking? Our favourite story? Try ĎBrad Carrigan, Americaní. Youíll never look at a TV show, or star, in essay quite the help with same way again. What a name, right? Towerís only book to date is called Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned (2009) and itís lassoed him a reputation as one of the foremost up-and-comers in short story land. The bookís funny and corruption essay harsh and diverse; itís great o contemporary America and itís also a pretty good example of how a writer can take a series of influences (Hemingway, for one, is in case study evidence here) and corruption in sports essay twist them into something unique.

Check out ĎOn The Showí as a sampler Ė itís set in a fairground and who doesnít like that? Again, Eganís first collection, Emerald City, came out in 1993, but itís her second, A Visit from the Goon Squad (2010, Pulitzer Prize-winner) that brought her all the resume accolades. More accurately a short story cycle rather than a collection, this et of interlinked narratives follows a group of people loosely connected to the music industry in corruption in sports the USA from the mid twentieth-century until the near future; itís all about help with letter, time and memory and how we can understand how our lives have shaped us. Itís witty and imaginative and brutal and very clever. The second story, ;The Gold Cureí, is corruption in sports essay one of our faves, but check out ĎGreat Rock and Roll Pausesí if you want to see a short story told entirely in letter PowerPoint. Oh, yes. Linkís got stories in anthologies all over the place, but check out in sports, Stranger Things Happen (2o01), Magic for Beginners (2006) and Pretty Monsters (2008) to get the full effect. What? Sheís generally classified as fantasy or slipstream writer, but her work is truly cross-genre Ė in fact, sheís one of those writers that makes the whole idea of the corruption genre seem nothing more than a ridiculously juvenile marketing scheme.

Her stories are crazy and magical and a cover letter devastating and corruption essay witty Ė theyíre contemporary and timeless and mix urban realism with a demented fairytale horror aesthetic. Your life ainít worth living if you havenít read Kelly Link. In Essay Quotes? The title story of Magic for corruption in sports, Beginners is mla citing superb, but soís the sort-of-zombie story, ĎThe Hortlakí which sheís made available here as a sampler. With two collections Ė A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (2005) and essay Gold Boy, Emerald Girl (2010) Ė under her belt, the with a cover letter first of which won the Frank OíConnor International Short Story Award and essay the second of which was shortlisted for the same prize, not to mention being the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship (aka, the Genius Grant), itís safe to say that Yiyun Li should be on all our radars. A Chinese author living in the US, she writes brilliantly about modern China in a really understated, elegant way: we recommend ĎKindnessí the elements persuasive essay opening story of the second collection Ė itís long, but itís excellent. O Ceallaigh is an Irish-born writer whoís based in Bucharest and is the author of two collections: Notes From A Turkish Whorehouse (2006) and The Pleasant Light of Day (2009). You could probably argue that he writes more about men than women, and his stories are rarely set in his native Ireland.

Heís an editor of short stories as well as a writer, and as an in sports advocate of the form, he once told a journalist for the Irish magazine Hot Press that Ďif youíve got something to say and you can say it for less, thatís the way to go.í Weíre with him on thatÖ Have a look at ĎWalking Awayí, one of Anne Enrightís selections for your country mean to you essay, the Granta Book of the Irish Short Story (2012). Keeganís first collection, Antarctica, came out in 1999, just skimming the cusp of the millennium, but it was her second, Walk The Blue Fields (2007) that made everyone sit up and pay attention. Essay? Keeganís won just about in essay quotes, every prize that Irish literature has to offer, and some of them twice; she writes about rural Irish life with a degree of delicacy and empathy that make that age-old ground seem newly fertile. In Sports? Try ĎThe Forresterís Daughterí for a start, and we guarantee youíll be back for more. Last, but not least, the resume yang kreatif UKís Adam Marek, author of two collections (Instruction Manual For Swallowing (2007) and The Stone Thrower (2012)) is definitely a writer on the up. He does sci-fi, ghost stories, realistic parent-and-child tales and corruption more Ė quirky, yes, fantastical, yes, but throwaway, never. Marekís stories linger. His story ĎFewer Thingsí was shortlisted for the Sunday Times EFG Short Story Prize in 2010, and thatís a good start if you like your fiction more straightforward Ė check out kreatif, ĎTamagotchií if you want something more offbeat. That#8217;s our ten, but we know there#8217;s more out there who deserve some love. If you#8217;ve got any recommendations, which make even the most hardened short story hater fall head over corruption, heels in firefghter love, please let us know down below. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more stonking stories.

Joel Willans is the corruption Editor of Ink Tank and Co-Founder of Ink Tank Media. Author of the short story collection, SPELLBOUND: Stories of Women#8217;s Magic over Men, his prize-winning fiction has been broadcast on BBC radio and published in dozens of with a cover letter, magazines and anthologies worldwide. You can find him on Twitter and corruption in sports essay Instagram. Resume Yang Kreatif? Megan Mayhew Bergman. Birds of a Lesser Paradise: Stories. Ms Bergman is a young writer of great talent. I recommend her work. How on earth did this list leave out Raymond Carver? #8220;21st century#8221; seems to be the key phrase here. Somebody didn#8217;t read the introductory paragraph, come on in sports buddy. You should also check out of the persuasive essay, Edgar Keret#8217;s work. It really is amazing.

I really enjoyed Rick Bass#8217; #8220;The Lives of Rocks#8221;. If you enjoy Podcasts you can find Neil Patrick Harris reading Bass#8217; short story, #8220;The Canoeists#8221;, for Selected Shorts. I haven#8217;t read a more beautiful collection than Joe Meno#8217;s #8220;Demons in the Spring#8221; I was about to flip out because Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri isn#8217;t on this list, but I realized it came out in 1999. Boo! Alice Munro won the essay Nobel prize for letter, literature last year. The committee modestly described her as #8220;master of the contemporary short story.#8221; Okay, so she#8217;s not a modern author in essay the sense that#8217;s she only written in this century, but she published this collection just before the mla citing quotes deadline in 1999, so I nominate as an honorary prize winner; Annie Proulx#8217;s Close Range: Wyoming Stories which features the corruption essay incredible Brokeback Mountain and Half-Skinned Steer amongst others. This is maybe one of my favorite and most definitive lines I#8217;ve ever read. From Brokeback, #8220;There was some open space between what he knew and what he tried to believe, but nothing could be done about it, and if you canít ?x it youíve got to stand it.#8221; Karen Russell, T.C. Boyle, and Ben Marcus all deserve a nod. Matthew Kneale Small Crimes in mla citing in essay quotes an Age of Abundance.

Wonderfully tight prose, marvelous story teller. Etgar Keret anyone (Wristcutters)? Karen Russell (Swamplandia)? A Perfect Stranger by Roxana Robinson. Unaccustomed Earth by essay Jhumpa Lahiri. The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. *21st Ct: David Foster Wallace, and Lynn Coady. A few more names of books that have their own distinct virtues. These aren#8217;t ranked, they#8217;re just listed as they came back to mind. #8212; Joseph McElroy, _Night Soul and Other Stories_ (2011), a far-ranging exploration of style and multilevel presentations of elements persuasive essay, how his characters perceive the world. Extraordinary. #8212; Michelle Latiolais, _Widows_ (2011), a tender examination of various states of widowhood that is beautifully written and emotionally satisfying. #8212; Michelle Butler Hallett, _The shadow side of grace_ (2006), whose work combines gritty realism, myth and spirituality in in sports a way that#8217;s singular in Canadian writing. #8212; Alexandra Chasin, _Kissed By_ (2007), an resume excellent collection of fictions that combines experimental writing, humour and corruption in sports essay emotion. Mla Citing? #8212; A.D.

Jameson, _Amazing Adult Fantasy_ (2011), for corruption in sports, his offbeat humour and help a cover risk-taking on the levels of the sentence, ideas and approach. What about David Means? More importantly, what about Lydia Davis? What the corruption in sports essay hell, you guys? While my favorite of his works, #8220;The Little Kingdom of J. Franklin Payne,#8221; is from the 1990s and may be more frequently defined as a novella, Steven Millhauser has continued to receive greatly deserved praise for case study on moral status, his short stories well into essay, the new millennium. How about resume, #8216;jesus#8217; son#8217; by dennis johnson#8230; great! 90#8217;s. Actually, possibly late 80#8217;s. You didn#8217;t mention Allie Brosh.

Humor works for the list too, right? Interesting list! The author obviously enjoys novelty and all things Irish. I guess it#8217;s a sign of the genre#8217;s health that he had to corruption in sports leave out many names. The Kelly Link pick floored me. In Essay Quotes? Will Weaver#8217;s Sweet Land is wonderful. It#8217;s very helpful to everyone. You have missed one of the best short story writer Erika Viktor (

Erika is corruption in sports also best writer, Try Erika VIktor#8217;s service just once. you will defiantly likes her story. You may consider Ahmad Mostofa Kamal as one of the most influential short story writer and Novelist of Asian region. Firefghter Resume? I#8217;m giving a link of one of his story. Read it and judge yourself. Miranda July is not a verbal gymnast, but her characters have very strong voices and in sports twisted, unique logic. Your Essay? They are all written in corruption 1st person, and the sense of being in their head is study on moral status often intense. Its hilarious and it makes your skin crawl at the same time. Feel free to contribute! Stories of essay, women's magic over elements of the persuasive, men. JK Rowling destroys Brexit cheerleader#8217;s breathtakingly bad Brexit analogy.

The Misled Pleb: The 34 best pub names for Brexit Britain will leave you thristy for a beer. Very Finnish Problems Episode 6: When your children need to wee after getting dressed for winter. 11 wonderful ways the internet lampooned Theresa May#8217;s latest speech about Brexit. Ruska relief: 35 stunning photos of Finland#8217;s autumn colors. 4 reasons why Finlandís lagging behind in electric car adoption and why thatís all set to change. Corruption Essay? The foreigner#8217;s guide to surviving your first Finnish sauna. Daily Fail: 22 vicious anti-Brexit memes to pave your road to case study on moral status isolationism. In Sports Essay? Earbud Weltschmerz: 13 excellent podcasts to help you understand our troubled times. Help With Letter? The internet loved Finnish President Niinisto#8217;s press conference with Trump.

Here#8217;s why. Corruption In Sports Essay? Very Finnish Problems Episode 5: When somebody else is in the lift. These 4 letters about Brexit all went viral. It#8217;s easy to see why. Absolutely Socking: Finnish FB group against human rights gets flooded with socks. 14 reasons why Helsinkiís Flow Festival is terrible and must be avoided.

The internet created books to teach kids about Brexit. The results are priceless. 23 photos that will make you see the 1950s differently. Revealed: The 9 levels of Leaver expectations about yang kreatif, Brexit. Yellow brick worm: the internet stunned by child#8217;s minimalist Lego art.

Everyday life in essay the capital: 19th century Helsinki, in pics. 8 things a Finn should, and mla citing in essay quotes should never say abroad. Chlorine Chicken: parody ad highlights Liam Fox#8217;s food safety indifference. Essay? Fake Article 50 signs: How 16 Twitter users took down Nigel Farage#8217;s BS. Things are going badly for the UK in elements of the the Brexit negotiations. These cartoons show just how badly.

That#8217;s a MiniDisc: 14 Finnish music videos that will make you feel old. No sunburn: 12 upsides of terrible Finnish summer weather. Ink Tank Media is essay Finland's finest international content marketing agency. Based in Helsinki, its award-winning writers, filmmakers, illustrators and artists have years of experience creating amazing digital stories for audiences across the firefghter globe.

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We collect information about You and computer(s) You use when You use our Services or otherwise interact with us. ďPersonal InformationĒ means information that we directly associate with a specific person or entity (for example: name; addresses; telephone numbers; email address; payment information; device location etc.). ďClientĒ, ďUserĒ, ďYouĒ and what your mean essay, ďYourĒ refers to you, the person accessing this Website and essay, accepting these Privacy Policy. What Does Your Country Mean To You? Any use of the above terminology or other words in the singular, plural, capitalization and/or he/she or they, are taken as interchangeable and therefore as referring to same. HOW INFORMATION ABOUT YOU IS COLLECTED. We collect information about You in three primary ways:

Information You Provide. We collect information that You provide to us when You apply for and use and/or purchase our Services or otherwise communicate with us. For example, some of the ways You may provide information to corruption in sports, us include: When You purchase our Services, the payment system will require your personal, contact, billing and credit information. When You establish or modify Your user account online, We may collect user identification information, passwords, and/or security question responses that You will use for future sign-on. When You interact with our Customer Service representatives, enter information on our Website, submit survey responses, or pay for Services, we may also collect Personal Information and other information. We may monitor and record phone calls, e-mails, live chats, or other communications between You and our Customer Service representatives or other employees or representatives. Information We Collect Automatically. We automatically collect a variety of information associated with Your use of our Services. Each time You visit the Website, Personal Information is in essay, automatically gathered. In general, this information does not identify You personally.

Examples of automatically collected personal information include, but are not limited to: IP address, Collection Date, Publisher Name, Connection Speed, Day of essay Week Time of Day (hour), Language settings, Country, City (relating to IP address, if available). For example, some of the ways we may automatically collect information include: Cookies and similar technologies. A ďcookieĒ is a small text file that a web site can place on Your computer's hard drive in help a cover, order, for example, to collect information about Your activities on the Website. The cookie transmits this information back to the Website's computer, which, generally speaking, is the only computer that can read it. We need to use cookies on the Website to enhance the essay user experience and avoid multiple logins or password authentication requests. We may use, or we may engage third-parties to quotes, use on our behalf, cookies or similar web tags (small data text files placed on corruption in sports your computer or device) or similar technologies to identify Your computer or device and record Your preferences and other data so that our Website can personalize Your visit(s), see which areas and features of our Website are popular, and mla citing in essay quotes, improve our Website and corruption essay, Your experience. Depending upon Your computer, You may be able to set Your browser(s) to reject cookies or delete cookies, but that may result in the loss of some functionality on the Website.

We may also use web beacons (small graphic images on a web page or an help a cover, HTML e-mail) to in sports essay, monitor interaction with our websites or e-mails. Web beacons are generally invisible because they are very small (only 1-by-1 pixel) and the same color as the background of the web page or e-mail message. Web Browsing Activity. When accessing our Website, We automatically collect certain information about Your computer and Your visit, such as your IP address, browser type, date and time, the web page You visited before visiting our Website, Your activities and purchases on our Website, and other analytical information associated with the Website. Information From Other Sources.

We may also obtain information about You from other sources. For example, We may receive credit information from third-party sources before initiating Your service. Your Mean Essay? We may also purchase or obtain Personal Information (for example, e-mail lists, postal mail lists, demographic and marketing data) from others. HOW WE USE INFORMATION WE COLLECT ABOUT YOU. We use the information We collect for corruption essay a variety of business purposes, such as: To provide and bill for in essay Services You purchase; To deliver and confirm Services You obtain from us; To verify Your identity and maintain a record of Your transactions and interactions with us;

To provide customer services to You; To create, modify, improve, enhance, remove or fix our Services and their performance; To identify and suggest products or services that might interest You; To make internal business decisions about current and future Service offerings; To provide You customized user experiences, including personalized Services offerings; To protect our rights, interests, safety and property and that of our customers, service providers and other third parties; and. To comply with law or as required for legal purposes. We may use Personal Information for investigations or prevention of fraud or network abuse.

We may use information we collect to contact You about our and/or third-party products, services, and offers that We believe You may find of interest. We may contact You by telephone, postal mail, e-mail, or other methods. You may see advertisements when You visit our Website. We may help advertisers better reach our customers by essay, providing certain customer information, including geographic information, language preferences or demographic information obtained from other companies. This information is status, used by advertisers to determine which ads may be more relevant to You.

However, we do not share Personal Information outside of our corporate family for advertising purposes without Your consent. WHEN WE SHARE INFORMATION COLLECTED ABOUT YOU. We do not sell, license, rent, or otherwise provide Your Personal Information to unaffiliated third-parties (parties outside our corporate family) without Your consent. Corruption? We may, however, disclose Your information to unaffiliated third-parties as follows: With Your Consent.

We may disclose Personal Information about You to kreatif, third-parties with Your consent. We may obtain Your consent in writing; online, through ďclick-throughĒ agreements; when You accept the terms of disclosures for certain Services; orally, when You interact with our customer service representatives. We encourage You not to share Your password. If You provide Your user account password and/or security question responses to third parties they will have access to Your Personal Information when they access Your user account with Your account password. To Our Service Providers. We may disclose information to third-party vendors and partners who complete transactions or perform services on our behalf (for example, credit/debit card processing, billing, customer service, auditing, and marketing). In a Business Transfer.

We may sell, disclose, or transfer information about You as part of a corporate business transaction, such as a merger or acquisition, joint venture, corporate reorganization, financing, or sale of company assets, or in the unlikely event of insolvency, bankruptcy, or receivership, in which such information could be transferred to third-parties as a business asset in in sports, the transaction. For Legal Process Protection. We may disclose Personal Information, and quotes, other information about You, or Your communications, where we have a good faith belief that access, use, preservation or disclosure of corruption such information is reasonably necessary: to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request; to enforce or apply agreements, or initiate, render, bill, and collect for services and products (including to collection agencies in order to resume, obtain payment for our products and services); to protect our rights or interests, or property or safety or that of in sports others; in connection with claims, disputes, or litigation Ė in case, court or elsewhere; to facilitate or verify the appropriate calculation of taxes, fees, or other obligations; or. in an emergency situation. We may provide information that does not identify You personally to third-parties for marketing, advertising or other purposes. HOW WE STORE AND PROTECT THE INFORMATION COLLECTED ABOUT YOU. Protecting Your Information. We use a variety of physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect Personal Information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure while it is corruption in sports, under our control. Unfortunately, no data transmission over what your country mean to you, the internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure. As a result, although we will utilize such measures, we do not guarantee You against the loss, misuse, or alteration of Personal Information under our control, and You provide Personal Information to us at corruption Your own risk.

You should always take care with how You handle and disclose your Personal Information and should avoid sending Personal Information through insecure e-mail, social networks or other internet channels. Retention and Disposal. We retain information only for as long as we have a business or tax need or as applicable laws, regulations and/or government orders allow. When we dispose of mla citing Personal Information, we use reasonable procedures designed to essay, erase or render it unreadable (for example, shredding documents and wiping electronic media). PRIVACY POLICY UPDATES. How We Communicate Changes to firefghter resume, This Policy. We may update this Policy at any time to provide updates to essay, or clarification of our practices. If we make changes we may provide You with additional notice (such as adding a statement to the homepage of our Website or sending You a notification).

You should refer to this Policy often for the latest information and the effective date of any changes. This web site is owned and help with letter, operated by in sports, Viatta Business Ltd . A Partner is an individual who refers customers. A Referral is an individual who requests a service via the referral link given by a Partner. With the first order, a Referral acquires a 15% discount on the order, while a Partner receives $50 to the Referral Balance. With further purchases, a Partner earns 5% of the Referralís total order price.

All money earned with the Referral Program is stored on your Referral Balance. A Partner can transfer the money to the Bonus Balance and use it to purchase a service. It is what your to you, possible to corruption in sports essay, transfer the mla citing in essay sum to the Partnerís PayPal account (no less than $20).