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Business plan dental

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briggs myers resume Get via App Store Read this post in our app! Is it appropriate to use Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as selling point in a personal statement? I have a personality type as indicated by Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) of dental, INTJ (introversion, intuition, thinking, judgment). This is one of the rarest personality types, occurring in only 1-2% of the population. As Wikipedia puts it: Hallmarks of the INTJ include independence of thought and espaГ±ol, a desire for efficiency. They work best when given autonomy and business dental, creative freedom.

They harbor an innate desire to express themselves by conceptualizing their own intellectual designs. They have a talent for analyzing and formulating complex theories. INTJs are generally well-suited for occupations within academia, research, consulting, management, science, engineering, and law. Thesis! I am applying for a job in a research post involving engineering, and I believe the dental, above description 'sells' me well. Is advertising my specific personality type in essay what for me my personal statement a good or bad thing? I worry that it may come across as too much snake oil and plan, too little substance. You shouldn't even bring it up. I'd like to a cruel angel's lyrics espaГ±ol, know how you arrived at business plan being INTJ. Was it a self-administered online test? That holds about essays written for you, as much credibility as one of those Get a degree based on your experience diplomas that we all get emails for about 10 times per day. Unless a test is administered by a trained psych worker in a controlled environment, they don't mean anything.

Ask a professional psychologist or psychiatrist about this, and they'll explain it to you (and then run, because they won't stop explaining it). And look at it a bit objectively, too: Do you honestly believe you can sort the world's population into 16 personality types? Heck, hang out on business plan dental Workplace for a couple of friedrich, days and you will see there are many more than that right here. Also, if you read the ahem descriptions of each type on plan dental these websites, you will find that all of them are positive. Outline! What would be a bad MBTI type? I'd leave it off, and I wouldn't bring it up unless asked, and I certainly wouldn't give the appearance of giving it any credence. When I look at candidates, here's what I'm thinking: Will this person be a strong individual contributor? Do they have a history of this at previous positions or as a student? Will this person help others in our organization do more or better work?

Will this person consume more in resources in training and managing them than the organization can afford? (I.E. they're Self-starters, have or can develop a strong awareness of the context of the plan, business, and a good work ethic, or are they going to schiller, take an dental, hour of individual attention every day just to friedrich, keep them on task?) Will this person come with or develop in a reasonable time frame the skills and knowledge necessary to do this job? Does this person seem to be trustworthy and business dental, act with integrity? (Thank you, @Roger) Is this person someone I and essays written, other management would feel comfortable representing our organization to customers and vendors? Will this person accept the financial offer I am authorized to make? You show up to an interview with me with all 7 of those questions covered, and business dental, you're on the short list of candidates. I would advise against it for written, two reasons: The MBTI is not considered to be scientifically valid.

Here's one link with a brief synopsis of its history and issues. There are many, many more out there. Dental! Why limit yourself by giving people preconceived notions of your personality by assigning you to a group? If you want to highlight your talents for analysis, etc., do so by crafting your resume and cover letter to reflect those talents by thesis, showcasing specific work that you've done or things that you have studied. Since I am applying for a job in a research post involving engineering, and I believe the above description 'sells' me well. Plan Dental! Is 'advertising' my specific personality in my personal statement a good or bad thing?

I worry that it may come across as too much sanke oil and essays, too little substance. Business Plan Dental! You are right to worry. Unless you know for sure that the target prospective employer specifically values such test results, you should not indicate your Myers-Briggs results on a personal statement, cover letter, or resume. As you have indicated, many will consider it to be of little substance at best and snake oil at worst. As a hiring manager, seeing that you apparently believe in the importance of essay outline questions, such personality tests would be a negative for me. Other hiring managers may view it differently, but why bother risking that result? Similarly, you should not include your sign of the business dental, zodiac, your IQ, the results of questions, a recent love quiz, the number of business plan, pushups you can do, etc, etc. Find other ways to express your talent in your cover letter, resume, and most importantly - in your interviews. Describe yourself using whatever terms you think apply (including the same terms that your MBTI testing results suggest, if you like). Just be prepared to essays, back up your assertions by other means.

When pitching yourself to a company, it is certainly worth explaining why your personality would be a good fit for the position. Business! However, focus on yourself and your experiences, not on the results of the test. A Cruel Thesis EspaГ±ol! If you think it's important to specifically say I'm an business plan, INTJ, then use real-life examples to approach and research, support that conclusion. Don't just say I'm an INTJ because this test told me so! It's great to plan, understand who you are, how you work, and why that is good for the company.

You just need to schiller essays, be sure to business dental, express that in a way that is relevant to your audience. The Meyers-Briggs test is a good tool to help you understand yourself, but it means nothing to anyone else without information to back it up. I personally greatly benefited from the insights I obtained from questions, taking the MB test several years ago. I think MB is helpful in plan gaining self understanding, and the more honest you are in answering the questions to more helpful it becomes. I think MB is a great tool when used correctly. I would not, under any circumstances, bring your MB score up in any sort of job application. First off, while INTJ is said to be 2% of the population I have noticed that about 80% of people who know about MB will claim to be INTJ or ENTJ.

Because they think that's where the cool kids live. Take the MB once and friedrich, it's really simple to game the test so as to put you in any one of the 16 boxes the next time you take it. The MB is dental, not like an A+ certification or a PhD in Rocket Science. The measurement tool you mention doesn't matter. That's indirect. Mention instead, the friedrich schiller essays, things you accomplished, that the dental, measuring stick is implying. You must have a list of things that those personality attributes, helped you do/accomplish. people whose attributes might lead them to essays for you, pianos, would talk about piano things they did. Plan Dental! You should do the same. Assuming you want to interactive to writing essays reports, sell optimally, i.e. have the other person decide he needs what you're offering.

If the goal is to sell with some formula, with no regard for outcome (i.e. it doesn't matter how others process the information you're pitching). then it doesn't matter how you pitch..because you're pitching for your own goals, not the goals of others. 1) The internet is full of plan, self-diagnosed INTJ's (myself included). It may be 1-2% when the test is administered correctly, but taking the thesis, test on plan dental the internet seems to friedrich schiller essays, end with dishonesty to onesself. 2) Whether it's 1%, 2% or 10% of people are INTJ, that means 90-99% of people are not (and without stereotyping too much, I would say that INTJs do not tend to go into HR). Resumes are about giving people no reason to throw your resume in business dental the bin (not about giving them a reason to hire you). Do not point out to 90%+ of people that you are different from them. 3) As others have mentioned, B-M are slightly more useful than star signs.

Some people will throw your resume in the bin if you take them too seriously. 4) If you are applying for a job in STEM etc, you can guarantee all the serious competition will be highly logical etc. 5) I don't think most of the world would pick management or law as thigns that INTJ are good at. They may be scientifically wrong, but that still doesn't help you get the job. Essay What! Many 'tests' like this indicate preferences, rather than levels. For example, lets say that I have taken a survey that indicates that I like physical activities that involve working with others. Does that make a valid reason for me to be recruited as a basketball player? I may even state that I enjoy basketball, but the level of talent in physically performing the act is unrelated to the preference. In a similar manner, many of these personality indicators are tools for thinking about how we interact with others, how we prefer to work, and dental, how we can learn to appreciate that not everybody processes information in the same manner.

Interviewing- Situation- Tactic- Action- Results (STARS, one of the current buzzwords. ) Where have you demonstrated the ability to solve problems. Explain a time when you had to work with a difficult person. Explain a situation where you had to make a decision without all of the angel's thesis lyrics, required information. Make sure your resume indicates positions of responsibility. Things to get the resume through the filters. If I were in your position, I would not list my MBTI type on business my resume.

If I were the employer and I got that resume, my first thought would be this person has chosen to define themselves by essay is art, putting themselves in a box. MBTI is simply a preference test; you can act like any other personality you please at any time. It just may not be as natural. Seeing someone declare their MBTI type is an plan dental, announcement to me I am uninterested in filling any role done by one of the is art, other 15 boxes. I'm proud of my box, and I'm going to business plan, stick to it! (Although this post is written for you, old, its still active) I disagree with above comments that companies don't care about your MBTI results, so I would take it off your resume. Business Dental! It could help you, or it could hurt you depending on the company. Essay What! According to the Society for Industrial and business dental, Organizational Psychology, 13% of US employers utilize personality assessments; 10,000 employees, 2,500 colleges, and 200 federal agencies use the well-known Myers-Briggs test. Companies that use these types of assessments include McKinsey Company, the thesis, CIA, the Department of State, and 89 of the Fortune 100 companies. The personality assessment industry is business plan, thriving – Myers-Briggs generates $20 million per year in revenue; other companies that specialize in this area include Criteria, Wonderlic, and lyrics, Humanmetrics.

These tests are used by the employers for plan dental, a number of reasons. They are commonly used to essays for you, evaluate job candidates to plan dental, find the best fit for the opportunity. Is Art! Screening, interviewing, and hiring applicants can be a difficult and resource-heavy process. Employers have access to dental, relatively little information on candidates, and typically spend only a few hours with them before making offers. Lyrics! Any additional information on potential employees can help in the decision making process. Employers may also assess current employees, so they can support their individual strengths and create effective teams.

I'll take a different tack in answering this question: everybody tries to show themselves off to the hiring company. Plan! they want the hiring company to know them well enough to decide that they are the right person for the job. Angel's Thesis EspaГ±ol! It's a strategy designed to make you just like everyone else. you won't stand out no matter how different your resume reads about plan dental, who you think you are, or what you've done for someone else. Questions! You'll be much better off if, instead of focusing on who you think you are, show them who you think they are, and what they need. The more you know about the company and about what you can do for them , you almost make it impossible for business plan dental, anyone else who is trying to show themselves off to interactive approach to writing reports, compete with you. This requires research and understanding, perhaps even talking to someone or several people who already work at the company, not something everyone is prepared to do, but if you can't do that then perhaps you don't deserve the description you've adopted for business, yourself. If I were you, I'd include it only in case I want to work in a company which values such things and friedrich schiller essays, if I believed in it . What you include in your CV and how you include it tells much about business plan dental, your values. My company (not my own, the company I work for) always begins with evaluation how well are the candidate's values aligned with the written for you, company's, even before checking skills and business dental, experience. Since we believe that every single employee is essay outline questions, responsible for the company image and its success, we certainly want to avoid some patterns that may harm the business dental, company's image or performance. Thesis On Enzyme! In our case, icluding your MBTI result may be understood like 'not selling the product but the rather air around it', and plan dental, corresponding hypothetical 'alignment points' will be added or subtracted.

We've had people who tried to please us with their application only to find out later (and to for you, great expense to business plan dental, both parties) that it didn't work out. I believe, that the best thing is to work for the company with same values as I have , and we want our candidates' my application and CV in questions particular to make clear what their values are. The silver bullet in this case is plan dental, not whether or not to include some information, but to be as honest as possible to get the thesis lyrics, best match for you (and yes, lying in CV is a certain type of honesty, too, since there are many companies out there which value just that). It would be inadvisable to bring up such a topic for several reasons. For most people it may seem pseudo-scientific and a bit weird.

People in HR will not like it, because they have an anti-testing cult due to EEOC brainwashing. Any mention of IQ tests, standardized tests, personality tests, or anything else like that typically will trigger a negative reaction from HR. Of course, they do not make the hiring decision, but nevertheless it is unwise to alienate them.

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Posted in dental Purchaser Resume Sample. This resume is a sample for the post of a Purchase Cum Admin Officer. Every organization has purchase department to meet the essay what for me, needs of all organization on behalf of the Chairman. A Purchaser Cum Admin has to perform his duty both as an plan, purchase and then he has to manage and maintain as well. A Cruel Thesis. A good resume like Store Keeper Resume is plan what explains your personality as is the requirement. Your code of character may not be so important the employer’s point of view but in case of purchase and its sub-domains, it’s necessary that you emphasize on the nobility and honesty of what is art for me, your character So carefully construct your resume. Plan. This resume is for purchase cum admin so keep in mind that mostly companies at outline lower level are interested in recruiting. Also try to compromise over your skills keeping your employer’s competence in mind as overpowering his efficiency would not bring about the results in plan dental your favor. A Cruel Thesis Lyrics EspaГ±ol. Adding references of your previous experiences is another plus. Tips For Editing Purchaser Cum Admin Officer Resume Sample:

All you need is to Ctrl C (copy) the entire text of the resume sample and Ctrl V(paste) it on to your Word document. Having trouble with formatting the text when you Ctrl V (paste)? Click here to resolve! Add in your personal information as per our guidelines just like fill-in-blanks. Adhere the plan, most recent, fresh picture of yours. Enlist your address and available contact information. Enlist you references and their contact numbers. Make sure to have the print out on to writing essays and research reports, the best quality of paper. Dental. Are you looking for…? Purchasing Agent Resume , Purchase Assistant Resum e, Senior Purchase Officer Resume Sample , Purchaser Cum Admin Officer Resume Sample.

Career Objective : (Purchaser Cum Admin Officer) To build up my career with the help of my basic skills of technical, analytical, logical and communication strength while enabling the organization to achieve targets and growth. Professional Profile: (Purchaser Cum Admin Officer) Over ten years of experience in the field of Administration and Marketing out of which 5 years in School Administration, Man Management, Procurement and Facility Management, Transport, Customer Care in Dubai. Worked in diverse environments ranging from corporate house in India to large education groups in Dubai. Well versed in various Administration activities such as office administration, facilities management , security , transport logistics document management, event management, diary management, travel arrangements, meeting and conferences etc. Talents to successful manage, lead develop multi cultural teams.

Good at negotiation communication and Customer care Computer knowledge – MS office, Excel, Power point, internet outlook. Strong problem solving skills. Excellent written and angel's thesis lyrics espaГ±ol, oral communication abilities. Pursued MBA in Finance from National Institute of Management, India. Pursued B.Com from Mysore University, India. Working as Purchase Cum Admin Officer. To meet day to day administrative needs, coordinate with different divisional heads to understand their requirements and ensure smooth functioning. Customer Care: Meeting parents on day to day issues and business plan dental, coordinating with different subject leaders for essays, their academic issues and find solutions.

Take care of the front office requirements for meet and greet visitors/parents and supervise the work of front office staff. Purchasing: Procurement responsibilities include, budgeting, sourcing the vendors, shortlisting, negotiating (bringing value for money) finalizing, issuing purchase requisition etc. Prepare budget for yearly purchase of Capital items and give justification for the purchase and get the budget approved. Supervision of PRO’s work: Check and authorize advance payment for Visa and Labor permits for new staff and renewal of old staff. Ensure timely preparation of Man power requisition and dental, visa requisition for new staff. Ensure the staff details such as Visa number, visa expiry date, passport number, passport expiry dates, labor card number and labor card expiry date are correctly entered in the visa program. Ensure that the cancellations are done on time for leaving staff. Supervision of Security support staff functions: Assign day to day work to security guards and friedrich essays, other support staff and their monitoring.

Maintaining their files, leave records, attendance etc. Asset Management: Maintain proper record of capital items purchased, inventory record, ensure placement of right items at right place and for right use, make sure items are not misused or damaged due to mishandling/wrong handling, and ensure timely service/maintenance of equipment’s for optimum usage. Recruitment of Support Staff and Admin Staff: Prepare and release advertisements in the news paper, screening applications, short listing, conducting interviews, discussing packages, finalizing appointments, issuing contract and assigning duties. Transportation: Keeping proper record of vehicle movements, ensure timely service and repairs of vehicles to avoid break downs, keep record of business plan, fuel consumption, deployment of right vehicle for right job, conduct training classes for interactive approach essays, drivers and conductors to ensure safety of students in the bus. Business Dental. Event Management: Facilitate and provide required materials and equipment and finalize, venue for essays, smooth conduct of all events, arrange refreshments, ensure proper protocol is followed etc.

Business Development: Worked towards the increasing the admission rate of the school by dental, different ways of marketing, brand building, exploring new methodologies of outline questions, teaching and business plan dental, learning etc. The quality indicator of KHDA “Health and Safety was continuously rated GOOD (which was headed by me) Worked as Purchase Officer at the same institution from 2010 to till date. Preparing the projection for the bus routes /recruitment of drivers and nannies depending on on enzyme, the admissions. Being the first point of contact for plan, all drivers. Keeping proper record of vehicle movements. ensure timely service and repairs of vehicles to avoid break downs, Keep record of fuel consumption. For You. Deployment of right vehicle for right job. Conduct training classes for drivers and conductors to ensure safety of students in business the bus. Monitor and report driver issues such as accidents, safety concerns, or licensing issues.

Plan for adequate number of drivers routes for Extra trips duties for school activities and also provide for emergency requirements of all the staff with special hours. Ensure that all the on enzyme, school transport activities are in business dental conformance with the requirement of RTA and Dubai Police. Attend to the grievances of Parents. Streamlining and guiding about fuel consumptions and cost effectiveness. Periodically study the need of new routes and interactive, deploying the buses. Plan. Preparing the feasibility report for friedrich, requirement of purchase of new buses and replacement of old buses. Arranging for the provision maintenance of business dental, official cars with or without driver. In charge of the day to day operations of the transport department. Efficiently managing a team of drivers and vehicles. Schiller. Appraising staff performance and also taking disciplinary measures when required.

purchasing a fleet of own buses with the profit making in 2 years. Worked as Sales Marketing Executive. Handle complete sales activities besides searching for new prospects, conduct presentation and negotiate agreements with clients.( for Toyota Hino, Tata Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Truck Pick up) Regular Sales calls follow up with existing potential key accounts to open new business opportunities ensure client awareness on new promotions-packages offered by the company. Business. Prospect new markets for a cruel thesis lyrics espaГ±ol, raising sales volumes. Manage up sell of the business plan dental, products. Arrange and submit offers and agreements to potential clients. Approach And Research Reports. Identify new business opportunities in the region and design innovative business proposals. Maintain excellent client relationship, follow up regularly on accounts, provide feedback to management on product performance and help clients get maximum benefit from range. Obtain and correlate customer feedback to assist with production planning, market analysis and product development. Provide technical support to customer. Maintaining and updating mailing databases Organizing and attending events and exhibitions.

Securing sponsorship to assist with the publicity and funding of business plan, marketing projects. Carrying out market research and customer surveys to assess demand, brand positioning and awareness. Monitoring competitor activity Analyzing pricing positions Contributing to and developing long-term marketing plans and strategies Assisting in essays the delivery of approved strategies Managing budgets Supporting the marketing manager and other colleagues. Date of Birth : 000. Marital Status : Married. Driving license : UAE. Passport No : 000. Visa status : Employment visa.

Languages : English, Hindi Kannada. Skill Purchasing Agent Resume Sample. This resume is a sample for the post of an Skill Purchasing agent. Every organization has purchase department to business plan dental, meet the needs of all organization on essays written, behalf of the Chairman. In this post we’ll recommend you to plan, draw a resume with your skills honestly. The character may not be so important to and research reports, the employer’s point of business plan, view but in case of purchase it’s necessary that you should highlight your clean character along with your skills. So carefully construct your Skill Purchasing Agent Resume. This Skill Purchasing Agent Resume is for an assistant level post so it can be your first job or you might have 2 or 3 year of experience. Essay. But as an assistant it means a lot of immediate pressure of the employer. Also try to compromise over your skills keeping your employer’s competence in mind as overpowering his efficiency would not bring about the results in your favor.

If you show extra quality than your immediate boss as per business, current experience you could not take your job easily. Skill Purchasing Agent Resume Sample. Every organization has purchase department to meet the needs of all organization on behalf of the Chairman. In this post we’ll recommend you to a cruel angel's thesis lyrics espaГ±ol, draw a resume with your skills honestly. Demonstrating multi-tasking skills while prioritizing work assignments. Seeking opportunity to achieve mutual growth and manage varied and challenging assignments in competitive and dynamic work environments. ? Guaranteeing Optimal Relation between Quality and Price. ? Processing and business plan dental, Documenting Suppliers’ Requisitions. ? Coordinating with Cash Office and essays, Finance. ? Invoicing Payments and Follow-Up.

Possessing effective negotiation skills. Plan Dental. Strong communication and interpersonal skills with fluency in approach to writing essays reports English and Tagalog. Ability to work both independently and within collaborative environments. Business Plan. Exhibiting attention to detail. Administration and Management – Utilising strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership techniques and production methods skills and outline, demonstrating knowledge of business and management principles while coordinating people and resources. Customer and Personal Service – Using knowledge of dental, principles and processes to provide customer and personal services, including customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services and evaluation of customer satisfaction. Received a significant employment award for demonstrating hard work and dedication while completing assigned tasks.

Received Local Purchase Material Request (LPMR) from requestors as per specifications. Essay Outline Questions. Sourced, selected and negotiated for business dental, the best purchase package in terms of interactive to writing reports, quality, price, terms, deliveries and services with the supplier. Devised quotations, sent inquiry, received incoming and outgoing calls as well as fax and emails from the suppliers. Prepared purchase requisition and local purchase order for all departments and branches. Encoded local purchase order number and business dental, purchase requisition with vendors. Applied reference in LPMR and attached it with quotations. Dispatched/received all local purchase order to/from concerned authority. Prepared copies and faxed all local purchase orders to suppliers, stores, workshops and friedrich, branches. Encoded all reference of purchase requisition and local purchase order number, requisition number, vendors’ names and date and accordingly forwarded necessary documents to accounts department for payment processing.

Coordinated with suppliers to business plan dental, ensure on-time delivery and receipt of a cruel thesis lyrics, invoices and plan dental, delivery notes from them. Attached invoices and delivery notes to local purchase ordered as well as checked the thesis on enzyme, details of materials delivered. Encoded invoices and delivery note numbers, dates and total value of invoices for Material Received Reports (MRR). Received MRR documents, verified numbers/dates and prepared list of documents to be sent to plan, the accounting department. Executed and monitored all regular purchasing duties, including verifying petty cash fund and filing as well as securing confidential files of the company. Proficient in operating Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Internet applications.

MS Officer. Essay Is Art For Me. Accounting Software Excel power point. References available upon request. Purchase Assistant Officer Resume Sample. This resume is a sample for the post of an Purchase Assistant Officer . Every organization has purchase department to meet the needs of all organization on behalf of the chairman. In this post we’ll recommend you to draw a resume with your skills along with honesty . The character may not be so important point in business dental the employer’s point of view but in case of purchase it’s necessary you should show your clean character than your skills. So carefully construct your resume. This resume is for a cruel angel's lyrics espaГ±ol, Purchase assistant level post so it can be your first job or you might have 2 or 3 year experience. But as an assistant it means a lot of immediate pressure of the employer.

Also try to compromise over your skills keeping your employer’s competence in mind as overpowering his efficiency would not bring about the results in your favor. If you show extra quality then your immediate boss than as per current experience you could not take your job easily. Purchase Assistant Officer Resume Sample. Address : Al Rigga Plaza G, Flat 721, Deira, Dubai, UAE. Ambitious business professional dedicated towards managing overall purchasing operations, including stock level management and maintenance. Detail-oriented individual, skilled in accurately processing high volume of purchase orders. Competent team player with ability to plan, establish and maintain positive relationships with various stakeholders. Essay Outline Questions. Creative thinker, constantly focusing on bottom-line results while contributing enthusiastically to procurement cost-reduction initiatives. Demonstrating multi-tasking skills while prioritising work assignments. Seeking opportunity to achieve mutual growth and business, manage varied and essay what is art for me, challenging assignments in competitive and dynamic work environments. ? Suppliers’ Relationships/Partnerships ? Guaranteeing Optimal Relation between Quality and Price ? Processing and Documenting Suppliers’ Requisitions ? Coordinating with Cash Office and dental, Finance ? Invoicing Payments and Follow-Up ? Knowledge of purchasing process as well as general knowledge of on enzyme, budgeting and business, cost-management.

Possessing effective negotiation skills. Strong communication and interpersonal skills with fluency in English and Tagalog. Ability to work both independently and within collaborative environments. Exhibiting attention to detail. Administration and Management – Utilising strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership techniques and what is art for me, production methods skills and business, demonstrating knowledge of business and friedrich schiller essays, management principles while coordinating people and resources. Customer and business dental, Personal Service – Using knowledge of schiller, principles and processes to provide customer and personal services, including customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services and evaluation of customer satisfaction. Received a significant employment award for demonstrating hard work and dedication while completing assigned tasks. Received Local Purchase Material Request (LPMR) from requestors as per specifications. Sourced, selected and plan dental, negotiated for the best purchase package in terms of quality, price, terms, deliveries and services with the supplier.

Devised quotations, sent inquiry, received incoming and outgoing calls as well as fax and emails from the suppliers. Prepared purchase requisition and local purchase order for all departments and a cruel thesis espaГ±ol, branches. Encoded local purchase order number and purchase requisition with vendors. Applied reference in LPMR and attached it with quotations. Dispatched/received all local purchase order to/from concerned authority.

Prepared copies and business plan, faxed all local purchase orders to suppliers, stores, workshops and branches. Encoded all reference of purchase requisition and local purchase order number, requisition number, vendors’ names and date and accordingly forwarded necessary documents to accounts department for angel's thesis espaГ±ol, payment processing. Coordinated with suppliers to ensure on-time delivery and receipt of invoices and business dental, delivery notes from them. Attached invoices and delivery notes to local purchase ordered as well as checked the details of lyrics espaГ±ol, materials delivered. Encoded invoices and delivery note numbers, dates and business, total value of invoices for Material Received Reports (MRR). Received MRR documents, verified numbers/dates and prepared list of documents to be sent to approach essays and research, the accounting department. Executed and monitored all regular purchasing duties, including verifying petty cash fund and filing as well as securing confidential files of the company. Proficient in operating Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Internet applications. References available upon plan dental request. Senior Purchase Officer Resume Sample.

This resume is a sample for essay questions, the post of Senior Purchase Officer. When you prepare a Senior Purchase Officer Resume for this post, you must be careful about few things i.e. your character, past record, past company’s goodwill, and finally your appreciation as a purchaser from your last employer. Your purchase officer resume must mention events where you have provided benefits to business dental, your previous employer in interactive approach to writing friendly as well tumultuous(if any) time. Plan Dental. With this your resume is bound to get extra attention. It must also be mentioning your eagerness towards enhancing your ability and compatibility to expand your experience.

It must also show that you are an active and hardworking person who doesn’t compromise on the quality of his work and performs his duties with honesty. Essay Questions. Below is the resume sample of Senior Purchase Officer. 7+ years experience as a Purchaser (Civil Mep) in a Construction Company Dubai – UAE (2007 to Still) Indian Driving Licence UAE Driving Licence. Marital Status : Married. Languages : English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi. Passport No :000. Date of Issue :000. Date of Expiry:000. M.A in History MBA Marketing. MS University, Trinelveli, Tamilnadu India.

Post box No.2716 Al Rashidya, Dubai, UAE. Mr. ABC, Methukummal. Kanyakumari Dist., Tamil Nadu, India. Seeking a position as Senior Purchase Officer with a reputed organization where my education experience will have positive contribution. Dental. Work in a challenging environment where I can enhances my ability able to expand. Which is written conductive to learn and grow at professional as well as personal level thereby directing my future endeavors as an asset to the company.Personal Profile A pleasant, adaptable and presentable person with the plan, willingness to learn new tasks for the betterment of my career and to the growing needs of the company. In depth knowledge of Civil Mep materials.

One year of interactive approach essays and research, experience in plan dental material Co-ordination Excellent written and verbal communication skills Appreciated for dedicated ness towards work Superior experience of working with different manufactures Sourced products internationally through local dealers. Purchase Officer – Khansaheb Civil Engg, LLC – Dubai – Uae 2007 to Still Date. Reports to essays written, the personnel as shown in the organization chart. Provides functional support to business plan, Purchasing staff working within the various business units. Essays Written For You. To lead the Purchasing Department, including steering and implementing changes required for operational efficiency. Dental. Overhauling the existing Supply Chain successfully integrate new members,as appropriate. To develop, support and coordinate Procurement Training programs.

To undertake functional leadership activities such as preparing annual budgets, manpower plans and managing risks related to procurement issues. To create and interactive approach to writing and research, maintain mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with Suppliers, fostering feedback and continuous improvement. Negotiate and reduced prices with vendors, resulting in business plan Dhs.2M savings. Friedrich. Worked with diverse populations and developed experience in a variety of purchase activities. Plan, develop and purchase site materials and equipment in a timely and cost effective way. Building site : American School, Burjman Centre, Al Rosthamani Tower, Carrefour-Al Bursha, East Hotel at Mall of Emirates, Fujairah city centre, H.R.H Beach Palace, Burj Dubai(Emaa) Emirates Engine Office, J.B.R etc… Road site : D.I.P Roads Al Furjan Roads, Al Furjan Road work and dental, Dubai R.T.A Road maintenance works. etc…. Processing requisition’s expediently diligently into Purchase Orders.

Conducting market survey’s as the situation warrants and floating inquiries to the supply chain. Friedrich Schiller. Negotiate with suppliers as necessary to achieve commercial targets. Mutual development of plan, on-going and new supply chain relationships. On-going advice support to Estimating/Operation/Commercial teams. Attend to supplier queries. Title : Proficiency in thesis internet mentor software. I hereby declare that the above information furnished by me is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. This resume is a sample for plan dental, the post of essay outline, a Purchaser. Every organization has purchase department to business plan, meet the essay, needs of all organization on dental, behalf of the Chairman. A Purchaser has to perform his duty both as a purchase person and driver duty. A good resume is what explains your personality as is the requirement.

Your code of character may not be so important for the employer’s point of view but in case of what is art, purchase and its sub-domains, it’s necessary that you emphasize on the nobility and honesty of your character. So carefully construct your resume. This resume is for Purchaser so keep in mind that mostly companies at lower level are interested in recruiting. Also try to compromise over your skills keeping your employer’s competence in mind as overpowering his efficiency would not bring about the results in your favor. Adding references of plan dental, your previous experiences is another plus. Looking for more Purchase Resume? Name: xyz Paste Recent Pic Here. Contact Info: 000.

Visa Status: zzz. Driving License: Yes (details below) Applied For: Purchaser/Local Purchaser/ Hotel Purchaser/ Store purchaser/Purchaser Cum Store Keeper. Objective: (Hotel Purchaser/ Store purchaser/Purchaser Cum Store Keeper ) To obtain a suitable position in an esteemed organization, where I can utilize my qualification and experience to carry out written, my duties efficiently and develop a successful career. Work Experience: (Hotel Purchaser/ Store purchaser/Purchaser Cum Store Keeper) ABC LLC , Ras Al Khaima. Position: Purchaser cum Store Keeper Since Jan 2010 to Sep 2014. Daily Office purchase. Prepared purchase order of goods. Purchase the quality and standard goods.

Delivery Foodstuff in apartments. Purchase management. Handle the business, store. Maintain the computerized store software. Prepare item vise store goods summary of purchase. Goods receipt note prepare as per goods receiving date. Prepared the store budget monthly quarterly base. ABC Garage LLC – Dubai, U.A.E . Position: Purchaser Since Sep 2009 to Dec 2008. Purchase Spare parts for Garage. Purchase the outline questions, part from reliable supplier at market minimum price. Plan Dental. Always try to purchase goods standard quality . Client Relation.

Sales Manager. Other Areas of Knowledge. Maintain store register. maintain purchase register. Maintain the issue register. Maintain the goods receipt register. Maintain the Rejection register. S.L.C. : Higher Secondary Board, Kerala, India. Mobile Technician : Bridco Institute of Mobile Technology Computer Hardware Technician : Merit Institute of Computer Hardware. MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet – E-mail related utilities. Malayalam : Mother tongue.

Date of Expiry : 0000. Date of Birth : 000. Marital Status : Single. Passport No : 0000. I hereby declare that the interactive to writing, details furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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Replay Media Catcher 4 User Guide. Replay Media Catcher 4 is the easiest, most advanced streaming media recording technology ever created. Business Plan. Once active, Replay Media Catcher will save video and audio files from approach, thousands of web sites as they play on your PC. These files can be transferred to other devices, burned to dental a CD or DVD disc, or incorporated into other programs like PowerPoint or video editors. Besides being a simple-to-use streaming media recorder, Replay Media Catcher 4 has some other handy features: Automatically converts recorded files to a format of your choice.

Records audio from essay, ANY source as it plays on business dental your PC. Lets you schedule recordings from any playable URL at a time you choose. Has an embedded video, music and radio search to thesis espaГ±ol help you find interesting media. Uses a Music Fingerprinting technology to automatically identify and tag recorded music MP3 files. How Replay Media Catcher Records. Replay Media Catcher 4's recording technology is plan superior to other products. As you play a media file, it gets captured in one of written, two ways: Most files are downloaded . Replay Media Catcher locates the web address of the media file, reconnects to the host server, and makes a copy of the file on your PC.

Typically, this download process is much faster than actually playing the business plan, file. Replay Media Catcher also can make multiple simultaneous connections to further speed up the capture process. Once the download process starts, you can close the video or audio player, and the file will continue to be captured. Note: Some web sites use encryption when playing video. These sites require an on-screen recording product like Replay Video Capture to record video.

Changing the Program Language. Replay Media Catcher is available in many different languages besides English. To change the language, select Help, Language from the a cruel thesis espaГ±ol, menu: We are adding new languages constantly. If you'd like to help translate Replay Media Catcher into your native language, please send us a support ticket. How to Start Recording. When you open Replay Media Catcher, you'll be asked if you'd like to start recording the network activity on your PC for recording:

Click Yes , and any supported video or audio file you play will be captured. You can also click the Start Recording button at any time for plan dental, the same effect. When Replay Media Catcher is angel's actively capturing video and audio, the business plan dental, start button changes to a stop button, and you'll see that it is outline active like this: A Replay Media Catcher icon also appears in the system tray on the lower right of business plan, your screen, and a cruel angel's thesis lyrics, it appears differently when Replay Media Catcher is active. Once active, media you play will appear in Replay Media Catcher's list of business dental, recorded media. Approach Essays. If you want to dental stop capturing new media files, click the Stop button . This will prevent future video and audio you play from being captured until you click the essay outline questions, Start button again.

Replay Media Catcher 4 can automatically convert captured media files to other formats. Under Conversion Settings on the main screen, just choose the final format for your recorded files. Once a file has been captured, the conversion process begins automatically. You can also convert a file after it has been captured. Here's how: Change the output format in the Conversion Settings list. Right-click the file to make the plan dental, options menu appear: Note: When you convert a file, the original will be removed.

Note: You can create your own custom conversions using the Conversions Settings option from the friedrich, Tools menu. How to Play Captured Files. Once a file has been saved and converted, it's easy to play: Right-click the plan dental, file for the options menu to appear: Replay Media Catcher comes with the free Applian FLV Player for for you, playing FLV format files, just in case your PC is plan dental unable to play them. For all formats, your PC's default player is used. Hint : Use Tools, Open Storage to open the folder where your saved recordings reside. You can play files from there by double-clicking them. How to Rename Files. Replay Media Catcher is able to reports automatically name most captured media files, but there may be times when you want to business plan change the same of the essay for me, file.

Here's how to do it: Right-click the business, file for the options menu to appear: Using the Audio Recorder. The Audio Recorder lets you save audio as it plays through your PC's speakers. You would use this if Replay Media Catcher is unable to record audio from a particular web site due to on enzyme encryption, or if you'd like to record audio from any program playing on your PC. Here's how to use the Audio Recorder: Click Audio Recorder from the left side of the Replay Media Catcher window. The Audio Recorder appears: Using the business plan dental, Cache Browser. In most cases when you play a video in your browser, the browser saves a copy in its temporary cache so that it will load more quickly next time you'd like to play it.

Replay Media Catcher can view this cache and interactive, allow you to extract videos from it. Business. Here's how: Click Cache Browser from the approach to writing essays, left-hand side of your Replay Media Catcher window. Plan. The Cache Browser appears: There may be times when you'd like to have Replay Media Catcher record live video or audio automatically at friedrich essays a predetermined time. Plan. Here's how to do it using the Scheduler: Click Schedule from the left-hand side of your Replay Media Catcher window. The Scheduler appears: Important: Scheduled recordings will run until the media has stopped playing, or until the Max Download Time (under Tools, Settings, Download Settings ) has been reached.

Click Tools, Settings from the menu to to writing and research reports see the various settings for Replay Media Catcher. Here's what you can configure: The Storage Folder is dental where your recorded files are placed. Lyrics. The Conversion Folder is dental where converted files go. You can use the Tools, Open Storage menu selection to open the interactive approach to writing essays reports, folder where your saved recordings are located. Minimum Download Size specifies the smallest file that is saved. Business Plan Dental. Many times when recording, small Flash animations or advertisement files can be captured by Replay Media Catcher. You can increase the size if you discover you are getting too many unwanted files.

Max Download Time lets you decide how long you want to record. Set this value to -1 for unlimited recording time. This setting prevents really large live streams from completely filling up your PC, and is also used by the Scheduler for ending live recordings. Automatically Identify and Tag Music activates the music identification service, which automatically tags saved music files with the for you, Author, Title, Album and business, Genre of the song if it is approach to writing and research reports identified. Hide Task Bar Icon when Minimized will send hide the business plan, program icon in the task bar when the program is minimized.

You can restore the program from the icon in the system tray. Enable Sound Effects will play a short sound when recording starts/stops and when a download completes. DisplayFinal Size in Status will show the size of your downloaded files in outline questions the main window. Stop Multiple Downoads of the Same Video from plan dental, YouTube will examine YouTube urls for len= and begin= parameters and essays, remove them .This will ensure only business plan, one download happens at a time as the urls will all be the outline questions, same. Gather Anonymous Usage Data allows us to use anonymous usage data to improve Replay Media Catcher. File Naming Rules are applied in business dental the order listed. The first text returned becomes the file name. Essays For You. If you wish more control over file naming, you can switch rules on and off as required. Music Tagging/File Naming lets you specify how you would like your music files named.

For example using the default - would have your file names look like this: Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynard.mp3 . You can combine as many of these rules as you like. Some web sites or media player programs may use non-standard ports for plan dental, playing media files. You can add other ports if you discover that a different port is being used and Replay Media Catcher isn't recording something it should. This dialog shows the HTTP content types that Replay Media Catcher recognizes, and approach to writing essays and research, what extension it adds to the saved file. You will only business plan, need to change this if you are technically savvy, and essay what for me, a new media type is business discovered. The Secure Site list is for web sites that require the friedrich schiller, record method to be used to capture audio or video. Some web sites create a unique URL for each media file when it is played, which makes the standard download method ineffective. If you're having trouble recording from plan, a site, try adding it here. (See How Replay Media Catcher Records for thesis on enzyme, details on recording vs. Business Plan. downloading.) Max number of segments: When Replay Media Catcher downloads, it asks for different parts of the media simultaneously. This effectively speeds up the downloading process.

If you find that Replay Media Catcher is using too much network bandwidth to record, reduce this number. Essays. Increasing this to more than 5 segments won't speed up downloads though. Min Segment size: Lets you determine how big the smallest segments to download should be. For example, if this is set to 300 Kb, and the size of the plan, video to be downloaded is 300 Kb, then a single request will be used. Interactive And Research Reports. For smaller media files, downloading with a single request is faster than using multiple segments. Always record RTMP streams (instead of downloading): Select this option if you discover that many of your favorite sites can't be recorded. If this is in plan effect, you'll need to play the entire file to friedrich essays capture it. (See How Replay Media Catcher Records for business dental, details on recording vs. downloading.) Usually having the essay questions, automatically resume feature on is enough. Some sites won't allow subsequent resumes of business, a stream so in this case, you'd switch on RTMP Recording and switch off the Resume feature.

Automatically record when secure RTMP stream is detected: Select this option and Replay Media Catcher will automatically switch to recording mode when a secure RTMP stream is detected. Automatically resume when a secure RTMP connection is dropped: Enabling this feature allows RTMP/SWF verified streams to subsequently resume downloading. However, some sites won't allow subsequent resumes of essay what for me, a stream so in this case, you'd switch on RTMP Recording and switch off the Resume feature. Automatically fix live streams: Live media - including web cam sites and radio stations - does not have a file header which tells a player program how many seconds long the dental, file is. The fixing process adds header information so that the seek option in your favorite media player will work, and that the file plays back at thesis on enzyme the correct speed.

Enable Super Download for streams less then 60 minutes duration: Enable this option and files under 60 minutes in length will download very fast. The default buffer size is 8192. You can add third party plugins like rtmpdump to Replay Media Catcher. If Replay Media Catcher cannot capture a file, installing a plugin will give it extended power. Plan. To add a plug-in, click Add: The above example adds a plugin called rtmpdump to record RTMPE requests from . In this example, place rtmpdump.exe in the Replay Media Catcher install folder and configure as shown above. What Is Art For Me. The “Url Match” is a regular expression that is matched against a detected url that is streaming on a given protocol to determine whether the specified executable should be used to business dental perform the download or not. Legal Note: Applian Technologies does not support recording Secure RTMP protocols. The plugin option is made available for is art, technically oriented customers, but we cannot support or answer questions on dental using software from other individuals or companies. Writing Plugins - Technical Information. A plugin is a windows command line executable that takes a url and questions, output file as command line parameters.

The plugin should display its download progress to stdout and error output to stderr both pipes should be flushed each time something is written to ensure they appear promptly in the Replay Media Catcher interface. It should also return true or false on exit as to plan dental whether the download was successful or not so that Replay Media Catcher can display the thesis, correct final status. Ad Blocker is disabled by default, but if you'd like better control of what ads or pre-roll videos are blocked, switch this one. The add blocker can block about 2000 odd ad serving domains an when enabled. Replay Media Catcher will not download detected media from any of these domains. Dental. Click the Add button to add new domains to schiller essays the block list. Click the business, Delete button to delete a domain from the list. Replay Media Catcher 4 has built-in conversions for essay outline, many popular formats and devices.

If you'd like to create a new output option, or tweak an existing option, use the Conversion Settings tool. Here's how it works: Select Tools, Conversion Settings from the menu. Plan Dental. The Conversion Settings dialog appears: To make a new conversion based upon an existing one, click Clone . You'll be asked to name your new conversion: After a live stream is recorded, the Fix FLV tool will run automatically in order to add the duration metadata in (if its missing). This allows the friedrich essays, file to be seeked. Plan. If the FLV file plays back at the wrong speed or out of sync, you need to fix the timestamps manually. Here's how: Click Tools Fix FLV and select the file to be fixed. Or, if the friedrich schiller, file is still in Replay Media Catcher's main list, right-click on it and select Fix FLV . Expand the File Contents section Set timestamp to 15 and click Fix Time . If the resulting file is still fast or slow then the time stamp can be adjusted further.

But, 15 usually does the trick. Be sure to click the Fix Time button, or your changes will not be applied. Replay Media Catcher 4 comes with a built-in media search. Plan. You can locate videos, music or radio stations right from within the program. Here's how Music Search appears: Note: Some videos in the search results that are encrypted may not be recordable by Replay Media Catcher. Recording Online Media Since 1997. Located in San Francisco, CA.

Applian Technologies recording products are not intended for use in circumventing copy protection mechanisms or for making illegal copies of copyrighted content. Please respect the rights of the content owners when recording.

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Air Asia Business Plan Essays and Research Papers. AIR ASIA Executive Summary Strategic management has played a key role in plan the success of many business . organizations in the world including airlines and Air Asia is angel's lyrics no exception. Commencing in dental 1996, within fifteen years, Air Asia managed to expand its operations into another ten countries. Interactive To Writing Essays And Research. In addition, through its associate company AsiaX, it launched long-haul low-cost air services from Malaysia to Australia and the United Kingdom. Plan Dental. This paper will look at the award winning Malaysian low cost carrier-. Outline. AirAsia , Airline , AirTran Airways 781 Words | 3 Pages.

AIR ASIA – FLYING LOW COST WITH HIGH HOPES 1. Synopsis Air Asia was taken over by Tony Fernandes . Business Plan. when the global economic crisis happened in 2001. It was restructured into the first no-frills and low cost carrier (LCC) in friedrich schiller essays Asia . It is now the award winning with the largest operation low fare in business dental Asia . The approach is to be easy to book, pay and friedrich schiller, fly and most of the dental seats are sold through online, this is in line with its motto ‘Now Everyone Can Fly’. Not only in Malaysia, Air Asia expanding the business. AirAsia , Airline , Low-cost airlines 846 Words | 3 Pages. Thesis On Enzyme. Study of Air - Asia : Strategic Role of Information System in Business Air Asia is . established on plan 12 December 2001 by Mr. Tony Fernandes, the CEO of Air Asia and expanding rapidly since that. Air Asia is the leading low fare airline in Asia and Air Asia succeed to become the award winning, ‘ Asia Pacific Airlines of the essays for you year 2003’ by Centre for Air Pacific Aviation (CAPA) in 2003. Air Asia has successfully positioned itself in customers’ mind by using the “ Now Everyone Can Fly” slogan. Air Asia had flown. AirAsia , Airline , Business process 1392 Words | 4 Pages. Air Asia’s local presence in few countries such as Indonesia (Indonesia AirAsia) and Thailand (Thai AirAsia) has successfully “elevated” the . brand to become a regional brand beyond just Malaysia.

The links with Manchester United (one of the business dental world’s most famous football teams) and ATT Williams Formula One team have further boosted their image to a greater extend beyond just the this region 1. To Writing Essays And Research Reports. Operation effectiveness and outstanding efficiency One of the Air Asia strategies to business plan, solve the current. AirAsia , Airline , Indonesia AirAsia 805 Words | 3 Pages. Friedrich Schiller. ?The Strategic Analysis of Air Asia , can be done with the help of Michael Porter’s five forces. It describes the business plan dental internal . affection of the industry with elaborating competitive rivalry amongst the outline firms in the industry to the bargaining power of customers and suppliers. Dental. It also explains the threats of new entrants and already existing firms. Aforementioned, Air Asia has been assessed with all these five forces. Competitive Rivalry The demand function for air travel is affected by price, income. Airline , Avianca , Delta Air Lines 1634 Words | 3 Pages.

NATURE OF BUSINESS Air Asia leading airline was established with the dream of essay outline questions making flying possible for . everyone. Since 2001, Air Asia has swiftly broken travel norms around the globe and has risen to become the world’s best. With a route network that spans through to over 20 countries, Air Asia continues to pave the way for low-cost aviation through our innovative solutions, efficient processes and a passionate approach to business . Together with our associate companies, Air Asia X, Thai Air Asia. AirAsia , AirAsia X , Airline 1116 Words | 4 Pages. data interchange, the business plan dental business -to- business exchange of data. Essays And Research. 2nd point 1. Partial e-com: buying a clothes . online, they will have to send it to you physically. Business Dental. 3rd point 1. Pure E-com: E.g., buying music / movies on iTunes. Interactive To Writing Reports. In these case the business plan product and services are digital Slide 3 We use Air Asia as an essays written, example of our e-commerce presentation company because it was voted as the most popular website for online shopping.

Air Asia Berhad is a Malaysian-based. Airline , Airline ticket , Airlines 1377 Words | 9 Pages. Business Plan Dental. Marketing Strategy Air Asia's quirky means of promotion has certainly helped make the outline airline a household name. Yet, barely eight . years ago when it began operations, Air Asia had just two planes and a host of dental obstacles - Sars and the Sept 11 terrorist attacks included that preventing it from taking off. Today, the Malaysia-based budget airline boasts a fleet of thesis on enzyme 80 aircraft that ply over business dental, 122 routes, with 480 flights to more than 65 destinations daily. Group CEO Tony Fernandes has been. AirAsia , Airline , Low-cost airlines 1397 Words | 4 Pages. Air Asia A. Introduction 1. Objective and scope This paper will analyze the internal and essays, external environment of . Air Asia and will look into how it uses Management Information System ( MIS ), specifically its online reservation system to gain competitive advantage. And also discuss why and how important is MIS to Air Asia in plan dental running its business . A Cruel Angel's Lyrics EspaГ±ol. 2. The Important of MIS Low Cost Carriers (LCC) business model is based on no frills service. This means that cost savings is business a critical success factor. Essay What. AirAsia , Airline , AirTran Airways 2048 Words | 7 Pages.

AIR ASIA Company profile: Air Asia needs no introduction in dental ASEAN, where it is the essay leading low-cost . carrier, connecting people and places across 132 routes, 40 of which are offered by no other airline. In 2010, the Group, which includes affiliates Air Asia Thailand and business plan, Air Asia Indonesia, reinforced its leadership position with two remarkable milestones: flying its 100 millionth guest and breaking the RM1 billion(ringgit) profit barrier. From an airline with two aircraft plying six routes in Malaysia. Essays. AirAsia , Aircraft , Airline 1639 Words | 6 Pages. AIR ASIA 1. a) Air Asia’s vision: • To be established as the leading low-cost carrier in the Asian region. Business. . AirAsia’s mission: • A low cost airline carrier that offers five-star service with 95% of on-time performance. • To be able to provide affordable airfares, at the same time promoting Malaysian hospitality and the local food. • To focus on essay outline customer’s needs by stimulating demand and plan, offers the lowest fares, comprehensive distribution channel and developing various products and services. AirAsia , Airline , AirTran Airways 1929 Words | 6 Pages. President, ASEAN until 2001 at Warner Music South East Asia . When Time Warner Inc. merged with America Online Inc., he quitted his job and . starts his journey to fulfill his childhood dream. This idea is generated when he was studying in essay outline England and wanted to plan dental, go home during term break but was rejected by his father because the flights tickets that time are expensive. Later, he started a company under the thesis name of Tune Air Sdn Bhd to business plan dental, take over Air Asia , Malaysia’s second national carrier with the tagline. AirAsia , Airline , AirTran Airways 2462 Words | 6 Pages. hiring pilots and interactive approach and research, other staffs like air stewardess and etc incur a high start-up cost. Dental. Thus, the threat is low for Airasia. iii) Different . product offered.

Airasia offers different product compared to other competitors in Asia like Bangkok Airways, Tiger Airways, and Air Philippines. Other than the schiller passenger sales ticket, Airasia also include holiday packages which is business dental affordable around Asia . Essay Is Art For Me. Airasia has good connection with hotels and tourism companies around Asia , which it is hard for new competitors. Air France , Airline , Avianca 1531 Words | 5 Pages. ?3) Ryanair was introduced as a low-cost airline in 1991, CEO Michael O’Leary used the low-cost American, SouthWest airline model to plan dental, plan their . tactical direction. Ryanair has set values, which they want to succeed in such as: product leader, operationally excellent and being intimate with their customers. ( Dbuccellato2011, 2012) As for Southwest airlines, it is a people-oriented company and uses that orientation to leverage its advantages. It cuts costs by having employees who work for a company. AirAsia , Airline , Low-cost airlines 796 Words | 3 Pages. Asia: Air Pollution and Deforestation. The continuing loss of thesis forests in Asia is a result of many elements. A combination of plan governmental mismanagement and corruption, economic . On Enzyme. development, and an ever-widening gap between classes continues to cause deforestation across the continent.

As the significance of forests both for their natural resources and their innate beauty declines, and as environmental protection remains undervalued to business plan dental, be replaced by immediate economic gains, deforestation continues to be a devious predator onslaught by. Acid rain , Air pollution , Asia 1901 Words | 5 Pages. 1.0 INTRODUCTION Background, History and the Business Concept AirAsia is approach to writing essays and research reports a brand of airlines operated by AirAsia Berhad. A Malaysian based . Plan. low-fare company. AirAsia established in 1993 and start the operations on questions 18 November 1996 (Wikipedia, 2011) Inspired by the success of Ryanair and EasyJet as low cost carrier, Toni Fernandes saw the potential of having the same concept in Asia . Air Asia executed the cost leadership strategy with introduced ticketless travelling, one type cabin, free. Business. AirAsia , Airline , Kuala Lumpur International Airport 1706 Words | 6 Pages.

Case Study: Air Asia Identify the competitive advantages of Air Asia as a low cost carrier. . Air Asia has a number of competitive advantages as a low cost carrier that fall into the following general categories; low cost operations, efficiency of operations, proven business model and management expertise and finally a distinctive corporate culture. Thesis. Low cost operations: Air Asia has gone to great lengths to ensure all of their operational costs are kept to an absolute minimum, and have passed. AirAsia , Airline , Competition 1043 Words | 3 Pages. SWOT analysis of business AirAsia Strengths Firstly, Air Asia has indeed a strong management team. Essays Written. This is dental clearly known as it has . very strong links with the governements and airline industry leaders.This is partly contributed by a cruel thesis the diverse background of the business dental executive management teams which consists of industry experts and ex-top government officials.

For example, Shin Corp (formerly owned by the family of former Thai Prime Minister - Thaksin Shinawatra) holds a 50% stake in a cruel thesis Thai AirAsia. Business Dental. This has. AirAsia , Airline , Low-cost carrier 769 Words | 3 Pages. Trends and Development of Air Asia. Abstract The main purpose of the report is to conduct the independent analysis of the recent trends and development of Air Asia . (low cost carrier model) in the current economic condition. And this report clearly explains about the methodological approach used to find, select and analyses the essays written for you data. Also this report provides a brief outline about the dental Air Asia . In addition this report exactly speaks about essays written how they sustain in their industry by using the recent trends and business plan dental, modern technology. Introduction . AirAsia , Airline , AirTran Airways 2004 Words | 6 Pages. The Air Asia Story Inspired by the LCC business model of Southwest Airlines inspired Tony.

Southwest Airlines . was established in essay outline questions 1971 and had been profitable every year since 1973. Then model adopted by Europe after liberalization of aviation industry. Ryanair (Ireland) and easyJet (London) are the largest LCC in Europe and plan dental, follow the essay for me same business model. Business Plan Dental. Air Asia was established initially by DRB-Hicom Bhd in late 1996, asian financial crisis in 1997. Government studied Tony’s proposal to.

AirAsia , Airline , Bangkok 799 Words | 4 Pages. Marketing Principles Assignment one Air Asia Section 101 Ibrahim K. Al-Zuwaid 200800196 Company Case Q. . What are the micro and thesis, macro environmental factors that have contributed to the early success of business Air Asia ? Micro factors: 1. Fernandes (the CEO of Air Asia ) contributed heavily to the success of Air Asia . He was seen working alongside with the employees as a baggage hander to get to know his staff members and to listen to the customer’s wants and needs. Mr. Fernandes. AirAsia , Competition , Cost 1157 Words | 4 Pages. in Asia . With in seven months of operation they all repaid all its debts. AirAsia earn $8 million of profits on sales of $66 million. AirAsia . now can accommodate 20 cities with as low as $16 from kuala lumpur to essays, senang. They are keeping prices low of maintain. Their regular fee from different cities.

One of the competitor is valuair stated by a former SIA pioneer, 71 year old chin beng lim. II – Statement of the Problem Finding a way to develop and to improve the plan capacity of the air Asia , and. AirAsia , Airline , Kuala Lumpur 684 Words | 3 Pages. ?SWOT Analysis to increase sales revenue of Oman Air Introduction SWOT analysis is essay questions a beneficial tool that takes into account not only for business dental, . our own business but also our competitor’s events and current industry trends as well. Essays Written. It is a framework for plan dental, any organization in essays strategic planning for the factors that affects business be it internal or external. Dental. This understanding of essay questions business factors will help managers effectively to plan dental, any changes in the factors and facilitate decision making. Factors can be.

Airline , Economics , Low-cost carrier 1496 Words | 4 Pages. sheet, further cuts its existing lowcosts at 2.5 US cents per ASK and essays and research, accelerates our growth plans throughout Asia . The IPO also . allowsAirAsia to expand its fleet of 18 Boeing 737-300s. Low cost airlines are anticipated to plan, have greater potential in Asia as there are many Asian cities with apopulation above one million people each as well as a rising middle class population. This growth of middle class in Asia provides a huge market potential for angel's thesis, AirAsia to grow. However, as the market isbecoming. AirAsia , Airline , ASEAN 709 Words | 3 Pages.

Introduction PEST Analysis is the plan Political, Economic, Social culture and Technology analysis that a company does to determine the overall . business environment. A PEST analysis is essay outline a look at the external environment of plan dental a company or a business that plays an important role in managing and essays for you, decision making of a company. Plan Dental. It is crucial for a company to consider its environment before relating with the public or customers. Thesis. The PEST analysis examines the impact of business dental each of the friedrich schiller factor on business plan the company. Thus. 2009 flu pandemic , AirAsia , Airline 1765 Words | 5 Pages.

understanding of accounting and finance (Flores, 2013). b. Taking Care of Key Assets. One of Fernandes’ strengths is his caring for and nurturing good . employees. He sees people as the “key asset” of any business and essay outline questions, hopes to help develop their full potential, passions and dreams. His business offices have no walls and he seeks ideas from his staff (Speaker Ideas, n.d.). c. Steady Branding Strategy. Tony Fernandes said it took him seven years to dental, consciously and consistently build up the AirAsia. 2010 Formula One season , AirAsia , AirAsia X 1137 Words | 7 Pages. CRM Air Asia is using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as their performance measurement system. This performance . measurement system is a cruel angel's thesis lyrics espaГ±ol putting customer at business plan the heart of the business . It satisfies the on enzyme customer needs and business, wants. It is interactive approach essays strategy and process of acquiring, retaining, and business plan, partnering with selective customer to create superior value for company and the customer. This will then increase the shareholders wealth and company value in is art for me the long term. According to the Chairman of Air Asia.

Customer , Customer relationship management , Customer service 891 Words | 3 Pages. Service Operational Management of Air Asia. Air Asia Background AirAsia is one of the award winning and largest low fare airlines in the Asia expanding . rapidly since 2001. With a fleet of dental 72 aircrafts, AirAsia flies to over 61 domestic and international destinations with 108 routes, and written for you, operates over 400 flights daily from hubs located in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Business Plan. Today, AirAsia has flown over 55 million guests across the questions region and continues to business plan dental, create more extensive route network through its associate companies. AirAsia believes. AirAsia , Aircraft , Airline 758 Words | 3 Pages. system that attempts to keep sufficient inventory levels to promise that requires materials are available when needed. In other words, it is a process that . helps companies makes volume and timing calculations. * Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Business management software that allows a company to use a system of essays written for you integrated applications to manage the dental business.ERP software combined all aspects of an operation like development, manufacturing, sales and marketing. In addition, according to thesis, Slack et. Critical path method , Enterprise resource planning , Lean manufacturing 1948 Words | 7 Pages.

Companies background AirAsia Berhad is a Malaysian low-cost airline headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. It is Asia's largest low-fare, no-frills airline and . Plan. a pioneer of low-cost travel in Asia .[4] AirAsia group operates scheduled domestic and international flights to 78 destinations spanning 25 countries. Schiller Essays. Its main hub is the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Its affiliate airlines Thai AirAsia, Indonesia AirAsia, AirAsia Philippines and AirAsia Japan. AirAsia , Airline , Delta Air Lines 1256 Words | 5 Pages. Business Dental. insufficient. Autonomy - AirAsia purports it would not have any say in the new facilities in KLIA and that Malaysia Airports Berhad, the operators of KLIA, . intends to build. The airline fears that landing and other charges could rise. It thus announced a plan to build its own airport which it claims will be built on time and to on enzyme, keep expenses low.

There has been frustration by AirAsia in the poor performance of the KLIA operators. AirAsia has also list down the justification of choosing the site for. AirAsia , Airline , Airport 1802 Words | 5 Pages. Project Plan of Sugarcane Juice About Sugarcane Juice: Sugarcane juice is the juice extracted from pressed sugarcane. It is consumed as a . beverage worldwide, and dental, especially in on enzyme regions where sugarcane is commercially grown such as Southeast Asia , South Asia , and plan dental, Latin America. Essay. Situation Analysis: Customers: * In summer people of all ages take soft drinks and juices to quench their thirst. So Sugarcane juice in tetra pack is highly demanded by customers because it reduces the business plan dental thirst and it is.

Bangladesh , Coca-Cola , Competitor analysis 1080 Words | 6 Pages. fares are often the deciding factors for budget-conscious travelers in Southeast Asia . This region represents a huge population, which offers . On Enzyme. low-fare airlines a vast market with promising profits. China’s huge population alone offers a great market for low-fare airlines. Demand may differ for dental, low-fare services between the South East Asian region and in North America and Europe. In Europr and schiller essays, America customers the Asia Pacific region low airfare is the main driving force for business, choosing an airline carrier. Airline , Asia , East Asia 588 Words | 3 Pages. Tony Fernandes's company Tune Air Sdn Bhd for the token sum of interactive essays one ringgit. Fernandes proceeded to engineer a remarkable turnaround, turning a . profit in 2002 and launching new routes from its hub in Kuala Lumpur International Airport at breakneck speed, undercutting former monopoly operator Malaysia Airlines with promotional fares as low as RM1 (US $0.27). AirAsia has been expanding rapidly since 2001, to become an award winning and the largest low cost carrier in Asia . Organization A new budget. AirAsia , Airline , Kuala Lumpur 710 Words | 3 Pages. ?BACHELOR OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (HONS) COURSEWORK Year 2012 MONTH SEPTEMBER Subject MGT4513 STRATEGIC AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT . Weightage 25% Submission Date 25TH OCTOBER 2012 Regulations A. Plan. Late Submission A 10% deduction per day of a cruel angel's total coursework marks (excluding weekends and public holidays). Late submission between 5 to business plan dental, 10 days, results in a 50% deduction of total coursework marks. Late submission past 10 days results in an automatic 0% for coursework and friedrich schiller essays, the student.

Academic dishonesty , Citation , Creative writing 724 Words | 5 Pages. AND IMPLEMENT A BUSINESS PLAN [Analyze a business plan ] RAJU NIROULA . UIC00664 Assessment 1 Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Business plan 1: 3 Quality Training 3 Critical Analysis of the plan dental strengths and weaknesses of the business plan 3 Strengths of Quality Training: 3 threats: 3 Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses: 3 Personal contacts: 4 Business plan 2: 5 Workout gym business Plan 5 Sport therapy business plan 5 Workout gym. Exercise , Health club , Management 1063 Words | 6 Pages. quite competitive with multiple players and various elements effecting the industry environment. AirAsia has developed a specific set of resources and core . Essay. competencies that it has exploited in order to become the leading short-haul LCC in South East Asia . AirAsia’s strategy employs cost and efficiency optimization by utilizing its key resources; thus, possessing capabilities necessary for success. AirAsia’s tangible resources, including its fleet and plan, hubs, enhance the company’s low cost capabilities.

Aircraft , Airline , Avianca 1633 Words | 5 Pages. ?MGN 444 Business in Asia Research Report Assignment No. 1 Table of . Contents Abstract. 1 Introduction. 1 1. Business process 1.1 Definition and types of business process. Business process , Business process management , Economic system 2085 Words | 9 Pages. passengers to establish its own niche market due to the demise of is art Tan Sri Yahaya Ahmad and financial crisis. Hence, AirAsia was heavily indebted.

In 2001, . Tony Fernandes’s company,Tune Air Sdn Bhd bought this airline from DRB-Hicom with estimation of RM 40 million debts. There are many continuous transformations that Air Asia makes in order to business plan, become outstanding, to essay, accomplish its strategic mission and vision and maintain sustainability in the industry. Using the plan dental catchy and effective slogan of Now everyone. AirAsia , Airline , Indonesia AirAsia 707 Words | 3 Pages. determine strengths and weaknesses of the industry. Those five forces are now used to determined Air Asia’s strengths and weaknesses which are . Interactive Approach To Writing Reports. shown as below: Threat of Entry There is business a high barrier entering airlines industry since it requires high capital to set up everything such as purchase or lease air craft, set up office, hire staffs, and thesis, etc.

Thus, this has reduced the plan dental treat to interactive essays reports, Air Asia . Moreover, brand awareness is plan quite important in essay what is art for me this industry. Thus, to enter this industry not. Aircraft , Airline , Complementors 876 Words | 3 Pages. FINANCIAL PLAN FINANCIAL PLAN : Smoothy Juice Company Ltd. Pro foma Income Statement For the business plan dental year ended 31 July 2014 . Particulars taka taka Revenue: Net sales 25500000.00 Less: Cost of Goods Sold: Beginning Inventory 0.00 add Purchase 11500000.00 Freight-in 350000.00 11850000.00 Less: Ending Inventory 1704500.00 Total costs of goods sold 10145500.00 Gross Profit 15354500.00 Less: Operating Expenses: Advertising. Thesis Lyrics EspaГ±ol. Asset , Balance sheet , Costs 1247 Words | 7 Pages. maverick Tony Fernandes who had just left his executive position in business plan Warner Music. Questions. This proved to be the plan turning point for the Malaysian airline industry. . With the help of Conor McCarthy, the what for me Irish low cost carrier Ryanair’s former director, a new business model for AirAsia was developed. The low cost carrier (“LCC”) model involves providing a no-frills flight offering, which involves cutting off value added services such as in-flight meals, allocated seating, and in-flight entertainment.

This cost. AirAsia , Airline , Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2214 Words | 7 Pages. SWOT ANALYSIS FOR AIR ASIA Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis for AirAsia Strengths The . first phase of the swot analysis is the strengths analysis for Air Asia . There are some unique strengths of plan dental Air Asia that others company could not defeat them. First and foremost, Air Asia has a very cooperative and strong management team with strong connections with the government and the airline industry leaders.This is partly contributed by the diverse background of. On Enzyme. AirAsia , Airline , AirTran Airways 1601 Words | 5 Pages. Size of Business BC Property Forum is a small size business that has 20 to 99 employees. This business is . privately owned by partnership type of business . c. Office Equipment and Personnel The office equipment needed First are computers for recording, keeping and back-up of files and records.

Second Telephones and Faxes for communication with the clients. Third are printers for printing of records and business dental, files. Friedrich Schiller. Fourth are photocopying machines for copying of files and lastly are air cons to. Business , Customer , Customer service 724 Words | 3 Pages. Q1.Competitive Advantage Explain Competitive advantage Air Asia build up their competitive advantage form providing customer . lowest price and omit theunnecessary service. For example, Air Asia install kiosks to speed up check-in. With those innovations, it truly making aviation become more convenient. Plan. The customers and the operations are around Asia . Air Asia use IT to connect and questions, integrate those end-to-end support processes. As a member of the AirAsia Team have highly competitive and. AirAsia , Airline , Low-cost airlines 531 Words | 3 Pages. | Business Plans | | | | | Planning GuideEvery business starts with an idea. No matter what that idea . is, a well thought out business plan is dental what helps turn that idea into essay outline a reality.

The Big Idea is designed to guide you through the steps of developing and fine-tuning your business plan.It is a common misconception that business plans are written for the sole purpose of obtaining financing. The most important reason for writing a business plan should be that it is an important tool for. Business plan , Entrepreneurship , Management 1650 Words | 5 Pages. Business Dental. content of to writing reports business plans Supervisor: Paul Grant A business plan is so important in the . business environment especially for a start-up business that normally needs to persuade third party for more money. Business might not grow according to plan along the way but without a plan , business will never be successful. Plan. Business Portal of India [n.d] states that business requires finance to start up its operation, to maintain its operation and for essay questions, its growth and expansion. Business Plan Dental. A good business plan will help.

Business , Business plan , Management 2006 Words | 6 Pages. AirAsia BERHAD MARKETING PLAN No. CONTENTS PAGE 1.0 Executive Summary 1-2 2.0 Introduction 3 2.1 . Background and History of what for me AirAsia 3-4 2.2 Vision Statement 5 2.3 Mission Statement 5 2.4 Objectives 5 3.0 Environmental Analysis 6 3.1 PESTEL Analysis 6 3.1.1 Political Factors 7-8 3.1.2 Economic Factors 8-9 3.1.3 Social Factors 9-11 3.1.4 Technological Factors 11 3.1.5 Environmental Factors 11-12 3.2. AirAsia , Airline , AirTran Airways 17846 Words | 58 Pages. Business Plan. Assistance One of the major factors that assist in the growth of AirAsia would be the continuous support and assistance of the Malaysian government. Over . the outline questions years, AA has noticeably boosted tourism in Malaysia and has helped transform KLIA into a major air travel hub (The Star Online, Saturday 15th July 2006). Hence, the Malaysian government offers many incentives to dental, AirAsia in term of landing rights, lowering passenger service charges, tax benefits and exemptions (Malaysian Industrial Development Finance. AirAsia , Corporate social responsibility , Economy of Malaysia 1441 Words | 4 Pages. Juice and Smoothie Bar Business Plan For Raising Capital from Investors, Banks, or Grant Companies! Please note that the . financials in for you this complete free business plan are completely fictitious and business plan dental, may not match the a cruel angel's thesis lyrics text of the business plan below.

This free business plan demonstration purposes only. If you are interested in purchasing the completed editable MS Word and dental, Excel documents for this business plan , please click the button below! Also, the text of the business plan is formatted with a. Essay Is Art For Me. Business plan , Food , Food safety 1989 Words | 7 Pages. two designed to business, persuade the readers of your business plan that your business is a winner. While the . business plan’s executive summary is the outline questions first thing the readers of your business plan see, it should be the business dental last part of the approach to writing and research business plan you write. The purpose of the business plan dental executive summary of the business plan is to essays for you, provide your readers with an overview of the business plan . Think of business plan dental it as an introduction to your business . A Cruel Thesis. Therefore, your business plan’s executive summary will include summaries. Business Dental. Bordeaux wine , Cabernet Sauvignon , Economics 1174 Words | 4 Pages.

COLLEGE OF BUSINESS UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA SEMESTER ONE SESSION 2011/ 2012 BPME 2043 BUSINESS PLAN Group . Approach To Writing Essays And Research. A INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT CHAPTER ONE: WHY PLAN ? PREPARE FOR: Dr. Plan. Azizi Bin Hj Halipah PREPARE BY: ANG SHYAN HONG 197396 28 SEPTEMBER 2011 PART 1 1. Written For You. What is plan a business plan ? What are the advantages to preparing a business plan for a new venture? Business plan is a written document that carefully explains every aspect of a new business venture. Interactive Approach To Writing Essays And Research. For internal, the. Entrepreneurship , J.H. Whitney Company , Management 1078 Words | 4 Pages. Business Plan Enter your business name Enter your name Section 1: The Business Profile . Description of business plan dental My Business (Session 1): Describe your product or service. Friedrich Schiller Essays. Targeted Market and Customers (Session 1): Describe your customer profile and why customers want or need your product or service.

Growth Trends In This Business (Session 1): Is the market for your product or service growing or shrinking? Pricing Power (Session 1): Explain the business dental unique qualities or circumstances concerning. Business law , Cash flow , Income statement 1246 Words | 7 Pages. Yee Mon Phu Member of Management Team Business Strategy Air Asia ? Revenue: 4Q 12 USD 1.62 Billion ? Number of . employees: 8,000+ ? HQ location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ? Ownership: Listed on the Malaysian stock exchange ? Year founded: 2001 ? The company grew from two planes in 2002 to a feet of 120 aircraft fying 30 million people Vision “To be the largest low cost airline in Asia and serving 3 billion people who are currently underserved with poor connectivity and what, high fares.” Mission • To. AirAsia , Kuala Lumpur , Kuala Lumpur International Airport 542 Words | 22 Pages. ?The Business plan LOTUS Sun-Block Cream The Business plan could take hundreds of hours to . prepare, depending on the experience and knowledge of the entrepreneur as well as the business purpose it is intended to serve m It should be comprehensive enough to give any potential investor a complete picture and understanding of the new venture and will help the entrepreneur clarify his or her thinking about the business . 1. Introductory Page: 2. Executive Summary 3. Environmental and a cruel lyrics espaГ±ol, Industry Analysis . Management , Marketing , Marketing plan 1289 Words | 4 Pages.

AirAsia is business plan dental a Malaysian-based airline company. It is the largest low-fare, no-frills airline and a pioneer of low-cost travel in Asia . AirAsia . Is Art. group operates scheduled domestic and international flights to over 400 destinations spanning 25 countries. Business Dental. It targets on low to medium income level of customers with low-cost strategy thus it becomes the essay low cost leader in Asia . Its company slogan is “Now Everyone Can Fly”. Dental. AirAsia was established in 1993 and commenced operations on 18 November 1996. It. AirAsia , Airline , Low-cost airlines 806 Words | 3 Pages. Morris IB 201 Introduction to International Business Remington College Honolulu Final Class Project Draft Outline March 20, 2013 Submitted . to Professor K. Kurch Abstract International business and conducting global business activities worldwide requires strategy. Angel's Thesis. This Strategy comes in the form of fostering straightforward, transparent, and direct business relationships across various international markets. This essay highlights an international business development organization named LAVA IP International. Business Plan Dental. Asia , Business terms , Globalization 404 Words | 3 Pages.

Coffee Shop (The Daily Grind) Executive Summary The purpose of this business plan is to essay questions, seek funding and business dental, invite to . establish coffee shop under the brand “The Daily Grind” are established primarily due to the fact that coffee is well received by the working class people, as shown by the market that we target. Generally, there is a potential growth for the coffee brewing industry as there has been a shifting in trends with a strong demand for reports, better quality coffees. Business Dental. Therefore, we will. Caffeine , Cagayan de Oro City , Coffea 835 Words | 3 Pages. Before we plan the press conference announcing the launch of Air Asia operation in India, we have to make a PR . plan for the Launch of Air Asia India. Overview | Announcement of Launch of Air Asia Operations in India. The challenge faced is of introducing a new brand in a market where the consumers are already loyal to the existing competitors. E.g. Jet Airways, Indigo (which is also a low cost airline), etc. | Goals | The goal of the press conference is to instill in the consumers that Air Asia. AirAsia , Airline , Journalism sourcing 767 Words | 3 Pages. for each day, a festive celebration every time in a different manner with a preview of real Rajasthani village culture in fun, entertainment, games, . Thesis. shopping, rajasthani cuisine, folk dance, music and much more… Chowki Dhani Product/Service Plan : We at dental Chowki Dhani are committed to provide our esteemed guests nothing, but the a cruel best of service facilities.

Not only keeps this, facilities at the resort developing to increase the comfort of business dental our valued guests. With us, you will find every amenity. Internet privacy , Privacy , Rajasthan 1486 Words | 6 Pages.

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CAREER SERVICES | More than job searches. Baker University’s Career Services is here to business dental help you with more than job searches. Check out the other services we provide: FOCUS is a self-paced, online career guidance tool used to assist you in what is art for me, self-assessment and career exploration. • Access code for first-time users: trumpet. Come to Career Services in the Long Student Center, and we’ll instruct you on the test-taking process. Looks at individual strengths, aptitude and characteristics and matches students to with potential majors and occupations. Valuable for identifying personal strengths. Learn about yourself and your strengths to determine a major and find the perfect career.

Research any major that interests you. Business. “What Can I Do With This Major” provides information on common career areas for specific majors, typical employers that hire in these fields and strategies to maximize career opportunities. Explore multiple majors to learn about a wide range of career opportunities. Director of Career Services | 785.594.8435. Susan holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from University of North Texas and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and Career Counseling from the University of Missouri. Susan has corporate recruiting experience and has been the director of Career Services at Baker University since 2003.

“My best days are those where I help students identify and claim their career aspirations and angel's espaГ±ol dreams. Then we create and implement practical avenues to reach those goals through internships, alumni, and corporate relationships.” Contact Career Services at 785.594.8435 to set up an appointment. You also can drop by business, our offices on the second floor of the Long Student Center. What Are the Benefits of an Internship?

An internship enables a student to essay what is art for me integrate on-campus academic study with off-campus work experience. It gives the business plan student a chance to explore career choices and make more informed decisions about career goals. An internship allows the schiller essays student an opportunity to gain practical experience through on-the-job challenges and opportunities by blending knowledge gained from academic studies with real-world applications. Internships enhance a student’s marketability. View the steps you should complete in order to be prepared for a successful internship. Remember: Before submitting it to Career Services, am Internship Agreement must be completed and signed by the following: 1. Plan. Enroll for an internship during the appropriate enrollment period with the Office of the Registrar. 2. Visit with Career Services to do the following: Prepare a resume and have it approved. Prepare sample questions for your internship interviews and angel's espaГ±ol possibly do a mock interview. Obtain additional employer contacts.

Internship leads come from business plan dental, many sources including Career Services vacancy listings and contact information, career fairs, on-campus interviews, faculty, friends, and alumni. 3. Visit with faculty internship sponsor to do the following: Request their sponsorship of your internship. Design an academic project. Complete the faculty portion of the Internship Agreement (Learning Objectives).

4. Visit with potential employers to essay for me do the following: Request internship information. Interview for an internship. Plan. Establish employer’s job description, goals, and expectations. Negotiate offers and have employer complete and sign employer sections of the Internship Agreement.

The internship experience should be related to the student’s academic area and cannot be a work position that he or she has previously held. Students are not allowed to participate in an internship with a relative acting as his or her supervisor. To be eligible for the Internship, a student must be at friedrich schiller essays, least a sophomore (completed 30 credit hours or more). NOTE: All internships are taken on a pass/no credit basis — not for a letter grade. An internship may be taken during the summer, fall, or spring semester, or during interterm (see your advisor regarding interterm internship requirements). Variable credit is given, with the standard being 1 academic credit for 40 working contact hours.

Students may gain up to 12 credits during their undergraduate years at Baker University through the College of business plan, Arts of Sciences and the School of Education undergraduate program. The faculty sponsor and the student will determine the approach essays and research number of credit hours after a design of the academic project is complete. During the fall or spring semester, internships are part of a student’s regular course load. During the business dental summer, students enroll in the appropriate number of credit hours at a reduced tuition cost of $200 per hour (up to on enzyme 3 hours). Students are responsible for dental the corresponding per-credit-hour tuition cost. BOOK Participants Report Greater Satisfaction With Their Internship Experience. In this optional, above-and-beyond effort, interns interview managers, department heads and even CEOs, asking questions that impress employers and for you intensify their learning experience. Dental. Interns look deeper into essays the organization and research the history, mission, and business plan structure of the company.

Once the internship is completed, students create and present a PowerPoint report to judges who are professionals and alumni in the community. A cash award is written for you given to the winner. “Our hope is to dental build the BOOK program so it becomes an integral part of Baker’s experiential learning,” says Kevin McCarthy, chair of the Business and Economics Department. “An internship alone no longer distinguishes a college graduate from other job candidates. A Cruel Thesis Lyrics EspaГ±ol. However, the BOOK program does have that potential.” All Baker interns are encouraged to participate in the BOOK competition. Recent winners have majored in computer science, biology, psychology, communication and business. For more information, contact Susan Wade Career Services director. How can I find out about the grad school programs out there? Can I earn a graduate degree from Baker University? Where can I find testing information?

Research graduate programs. Review books about business dental, graduate school. Talk to your adviser and essays written for you favorite professors about graduate school. Register to take standardized graduate admissions test for your field. Contemplate key people to ask to write letters of recommendation. Finalize list of graduate programs and request application materials. Begin to research forms for dental financial aid and assistance. Take standardized admissions tests.

Begin drafting personal statement and essays required of graduate programs. Complete applications forms. Request all transcripts be sent to graduate schools. Ask for letters of recommendation or distribute recommendation forms. Set up an APPOINTMENT at least three weeks in advance with professor/faculty you would like to schiller essays write a recommendation. Business Dental. At that meeting, provide them with the following: Your resume.

A stamped/addressed envelope(s) to each school you’d like them to send their letter to. Details on the school(s) you’re applying to and why you are interested. What Is Art For Me. Follow up with the professor/faculty in two weeks to make sure everything is completed. Finalize personal statements and plan essays tailored to each graduate program after getting feedback on essay questions them from Career Services, your adviser, professors and key professionals. Mail completed applications, only after carefully proofreading all materials. Follow up with all graduate programs to make sure your application is complete. Consider visiting your top graduate school choices . Notify each graduate program that accepted you of your intentions. Post your resume and search for jobs—all for free. CollegeCentral Network is a valuable resource for Baker University job seekers. Search for business plan dental jobs on angel's thesis espaГ±ol one of the plan many online job search websites.

Although this list is not exhaustive, it will definitely start you out in the right direction. With employment opportunities in angel's lyrics espaГ±ol, almost every field imaginable, the federal government provides options. Search for dental jobs on the USA Jobs Website and read the information below regarding applying for a government job. Helping Job Seekers Land Federal Government Jobs. With nearly one-third of schiller essays, all federal employees (nearly 1.9 million employees) eligible to retire in the next four years and new federal jobs being created as a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the dental federal government is looking to hire a significant number of people. Brooke Bohnet, associate manager for on enzyme education and plan outreach with the Partnership for Public Service (PPS), offers the following tips for landing a job with the federal government: Plan ahead—The application process itself can take time. To improve a your chances of getting a job, allow plenty of outline, time to thoroughly complete the business dental application.

Select carefully—Applications tailored for specific jobs that are a good match for your skills and talents will be more successful than sending out a standard resume for many jobs. Read about written, building your federal resume and how to determine whether you are a good fit for a job, before you apply. Prepare for a wait—It can take weeks to months before you will hear back about your application, and during this time there may be little or no communication from the agency. Every federal job requires a background check before the agency can make a job offer. If the position is business plan dental related to is art national security, you will be instructed to complete the dental security clearance process once you receive an offer. Apply for positions without security clearances about four months before their start date and six to eight months in advance for national security related positions. Follow up with the agency—Contact the identified representative to learn the status of your application or to find out more about a job about schiller, a month after the closing date or, if the closing date is extended, about a month after you turned in your application. The Partnership for Public Service’s Web site——offers a variety of information on federal job and internship opportunities, as well as resources to help job seekers understand where jobs are in plan, government that fit their needs and interests and tools to help them navigate the federal application process. “We also encourage career services professionals and job seekers alike to visit the Web sites of individual federal agencies to learn more about specific agencies that they may be interested in applying to/working for,” says Bohnet. To find job openings, Bohnet advises job seekers to visit the federal government job Web site— Jobs with the federal government are attractive because of competitive salaries, a solid benefits package, meaningful and challenging work, and opportunities for advancement and professional development. (For more details, go to a cruel thesis lyrics and click on Why Federal Service.) Still, most job seekers don’t know that these positions are available across the country and across the industry spectrum.

“More than 84 percent are not in business, the metro D.C. area,” Bohnet notes. “Also, there are federal jobs available for essays reports virtually all backgrounds and interests, from architects to zoologists and everything in between.” Bohnet says that the lack of jobs in other sectors of the economy has certainly made government an business plan attractive option, but the economy alone is not driving increased interest in federal jobs. “President Obama’s call to service has also been a factor in getting more young people to consider job opportunities with the federal government,” she explains, “as has increased focus on angel's thesis the federal government as a solution to some of our nation’s most pressing issues.” At Least One Month Before the Career Fair. Visit Career Services to learn about resumes and have yours professionally reviewed. Obtain a list of the companies participating in the career fair so you will know how many resumes to plan dental bring.

Buy a quality portfolio to keep your resume straight and easy to retrieve. Review the list of participating employers for the career fair. Schiller. Make a list of employers you definitely want to meet, and create a list of maybes in case you have extra time at the fair. Don’t pass up an employer because you already think you know what they’re looking for – you may miss out on an opportunity. Surf the business dental Internet or visit Career Services to learn basic information on essays for you each company that interests you – find out what each company specifically needs. This research will help you know how to best sell your skills to plan dental each specific company. Employers are busy at career fairs and need to thesis on enzyme evaluate you in a short amount of plan dental, time. During your commercial accomplish the following:

Introduce yourself by providing your name, major and university. Using the research you’ve done, explain your interest in the organization. Relate your history and skill set to essay is art the employer’s specific needs. Dental. Mention relevant experience you’ve had, such as internships, jobs, leadership experiences. Practice your commercial numerous times. Try it out on essay a Career Services staff member. Recruiters at the fair will ask questions like the dental following: What kind of work are you looking for? What strengths and skills can you offer our company? Why do you want to work for our company?

Prepare professional responses to thesis these questions. Business Dental. Ask questions of the recruiter as well to impress them with your serious interest. Ask about specific job responsibilities. Ask how the position fits into the overall organization. Ask how you can learn about company openings and opportunities in the future. You will be judged by the first impression you make – appearance counts! Dress professionally.

Suits are suggested for both men and women. Be classic rather than trendy. Skirt suits are fine, but watch hemlines. Be conservative – go light on makeup, jewelry, funky hair and especially cologne or perfume. Wear professional, but comfortable shoes – you’ll be on your feet all day.

Check in at the registration table and get a name tag. Obtain a list of participating employers and a map of the booths if possible. Take care of last-minute appearance touch-ups. Most students don’t make the most of career fairs because they visit too few employer tables. If an employer is not advertising an opening in your area, ask them for the name of approach and research, someone in their company who works in the department or area in which you’re interested. Call or send a resume to this new contact. Long lines will abound, so make the most of your time and visit other employers while you wait for business some lines to shorten. Keep in mind you will only be speaking with each employer for three to five minutes. Approach Each Employer With Confidence. Listen while you’re standing in essay, lines – you can learn a lot about the company and business plan dental available positions by listening to outline what is dental being said to people in front of you.

As you approach the recruiter, make good eye contact, smile and give them a firm handshake. Introduce yourself with your 30-second commercial. Be professional at ALL times. Explain why you are interested in the company. Sell your skills and interests. Be enthusiastic about the company – SMILE. Focus on what you have to essays written offer the business dental company, not what they can do for you. Always ask for a business card so you can follow up. If the recruiter doesn’t have a card, write down the correct spelling of his or her name, title, address, phone number and email address. Ask the recruiter the best way to follow up to a cruel learn about current opportunities.

Take any available company literature and business dental immediately make notes about the conversation you had with the recruiter. Within three days, write a separate letter or email to each employer you visited, thanking them for their time – you’ll be sure to stand out because many students don’t take the time to thesis on enzyme do this. Written letters should be printed on quality stationary. Thank the recruiter for business the information he or she provided (BONUS POINTS – use the notes you took to interactive approach to writing reports mention specific things you enjoyed speaking with them about). Restate your skills and qualifications and plan dental request an interview.

Be Persistent in essays written for you, Following Up With Employers. Your resume will serve as a reminder of your qualifications, but don’t rely on the recruiter to business dental contact you after the fair. Identify specific positions you would like to learn more about, and contact the employer by phone within two weeks of the fair. Initiative is essays impressive – it’s key to business obtaining an offer from a career fair employer. Be professional, enthusiastic and confident at ALL times.

The person you meet in the bathroom may be a recruiter you see later in the day! Explore every company that catches your interest. Take breaks – you’ll need them! Make notes about each visit immediately after speaking with a recruiter. On Enzyme. Focus on what you can bring to the company. Spend as much time as you need at the career fair – don’t rush. Immediately give your resume to an employer in lieu of introducing yourself. Chew gum. Expect the recruiter to control the business plan dental conversation. Hang out with friends where employers can watch you.

Ask about salary – let the recruiter bring it up. For You. Bring friends or family to the fair with you. Hesitate to strike up conversations – recruiters are eager to business dental meet you! Some of the a cruel thesis lyrics espaГ±ol most valuable things parents can do to help a student with career planning are to be open to ideas, try to business plan help your student find information and reserve judgement. Here are some ways you can help: Encourage your child to visit Career Services. Reassure your student that Career Services is not just for seniors, and meeting with a career counselor can take place at any point (and should take place frequently) in his or her college career. Advise your student to write a resume. Suggest your student get sample resumes from Career Services. You can review resume drafts, but recommend that the final product be critiqued by Career Services. Challenge your student to become occupationally literate.

Encourage him or her to thesis on enzyme research a variety of interesting career fields and plan dental employers. Allow your student to make the decision. It’s okay to make suggestions about essays, majors and career fields, but let your student be the ultimate judge of what’s best. Dental. Emphasize the importance of internships. Friedrich. Having relevant experience in the job market is critical.

A strong recommendation from an internship supervisor can often tip the scale of an important interview in that applicant’s favor. Business Plan. Encourage extracurricular involvement. Part of experiencing college life is to be involved and active outside the outline questions classroom. Interpersonal and business leadership skills—qualities valued by employers—are often developed in essays written, extracurricular activities. Teach the dental value of networking. Introduce your student to what is art people who have the careers or jobs that are of interest. Business Plan. Encourage your student to a cruel angel's shadow someone in the workplace to increase awareness of interesting career fields. Business. Help Career Services.

If your company hires interns, make sure the internships listed in Career Services. What to Expect for Your Student’s Freshman Year. Your student will be involved in thesis on enzyme, assessing his interests and plan dental abilities. They will do this through finding success (or failure) in courses they take, involvement in campus activities, and being exposed to new ideas and experiences. Here’s what you can do to help: Support your student’s interest in exploring new areas of study. Remind your student of the areas of ability that he or she has demonstrated consistently. Talk with your student about the courses and activities he or she is enjoying.

Support your student’s involvement in campus activities but urge them to balance them with his or her coursework. What to Expect for Your Student’s Sophomore Year. During the sophomore year, students begin to explore majors and career options more seriously. What’s your role in your student’s sophomore year? Don’t insist upon a decision about a major or possible career choice immediately. Urge your student to seek assistance from the Career Services. Suggest that your student talk with faculty and career advisers about potential choices. Don’t worry if your student chooses to essay questions major in something you consider “impractical.” Liberal arts studies sharpen skills which are critical to the “package” employers are seeking: strong written and oral communication skills, problem-solving skills, and excellent research skills. Suggest your student learn a foreign language and develop computer skills.

Both of these skills will be helpful in today’s market, no matter what career field your student chooses. Direct your student to business plan family friends, or colleagues who are in fields your student is interested in. Informational interviewing is extremely helpful at this stage. Career Services offers events throughout the year where current Baker students can learn more about career fields from schiller essays, recent Baker alumni and employers. What to Expect for Your Student’s Junior Year. At this point, it is important for students to experiment with possible career options. This is a critical time for business plan dental your support. Here’s what you can do: Encourage your student to use the resources available at Career Services. We can assist your student in preparing a good resume and a cruel angel's lyrics espaГ±ol assist him or her in finding opportunities to business test his or her career choice. A Cruel Angel's Lyrics. Emphasize to your student the business plan importance of gaining exposure and experience in schiller essays, his or her field of interest.

Internships in some very competitive fields may be nonpaying. Discuss your financial expectations with your student before an business plan dental Internship commitment is on enzyme made. Don’t conduct the business dental internship or summer job search for your student. It’s great to a cruel lyrics espaГ±ol provide names of people who may be helpful, but making contact for your student deprives them of an important learning experience and makes a poor impression on the future employer. What to business dental Expect for Your Student’s Senior Year. The senior year is thesis on enzyme a time when your student will be heavily involved in more advanced courses and have more responsible roles in campus activities. This is also the time your student will begin his or her job search. Here are some ways you can lend support:

Suggest that your student visit Career Services. Plan Dental. We will be offering mock interviews, workshops, on-campus interviews, and information on local job fairs. Don’t call potential employers to intervene for your student. This is your student’s responsibility. Be prepared for thesis the ups and downs of the job and graduate school search. Not every desired job or acceptance will come through. Baker University’s Career Services is here to help you, even after graduation. Career Services can assist you with the business dental following: Interest and strength inventories Resume writing Career fairs Job search Grad school info and applications Credential files Interview prep. Contact Career Services to set up an appointment. Essay Outline Questions. Or drop by our offices on the second floor of dental, Harter Union.

Does your place of business have job openings or internship opportunities? Know of anyone who would like to speak with Baker students or who could be a valuable career mentor? Let us know! The Graduate Survey Report is based on information reported within six months of graduation. School of essays, Education Undergraduates. The 2015-2016 Graduate Survey Report is based on information reported within six months of graduation by 137 of the 150 graduates, which constitutes 91.3% of the graduating class. Of the dental 137 graduates that survey information was collected on, 99% continued their education or accepted full-time career positions. 17.5% (24) are continuing their education, most often through graduate or professional schools. 74.5% (102) are employed in full-time positions.

7.3% (10) are both employed and continuing their education. Less than 1% (1) is seeking full-time employment. Fro m the respondents’ information, 16 professional and outline graduate school programs accepted 2015-2016 Baker University graduates. The universities accepting graduates include Baker University, Creighton University, Emporia State University, Gonzaga University, Marquette University School of Law, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Texas Women’s Univer sity, University of Central Missouri, University of Indianapolis, University of Kansas, University of Kansas School of Pharmacy, University of business, Missouri at Kansas City, University of Nebraska College of Law, University of Wyoming, Washburn University School of Law, and Western Illinois University. A sampling of employers hiring 2015-2016 Baker University College of to writing essays, Arts and Sciences and School of Education graduates includes BKD, Black Veatch, Cerner Corp., Disney Corp., FDIC, Grant Thornton, Kiewit, KPMG, Lockton, O ncimmune, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, St. Luke’s Health System, Sporting KC, State Street, and U.S. Bureau of business, Labor Statistics. College of schiller, Arts Sciences 2014-2015 Graduates. The 2014-2015 Graduate Survey Report is plan dental based on information reported within six months of graduation by 132 of the 149 graduates, which constitutes 88.5% of the graduating class. Of the a cruel angel's thesis espaГ±ol 132 graduates that survey information was collected for, 99% continued their education or accepted full-time career positions: 19.6% (26) are continuing their education, most often through graduate or professional schools.

77% (103) are employed in full-time positions. 1.5% (2) are both employed and continuing their education (also included in business plan, the statistics above). Less than 1% (1) is what for me seeking full-time employment. From the respondents’ information, 16 professional and business plan dental graduate school programs accepted 2014-2015 Baker University graduates. A sampling of the universities accepting graduates include Emporia State University, Kansas State University, Rockhurst University, University of Colorado at reports, Boulder, University of Kansas, University of Kansas Pharmacy School, University of Kansas School of Medicine, University of Missouri at Kansas City, University of North Texas, University of Northern Colorado, University of business, St. Mary, University of thesis, Texas at Austin, Washburn University School of Law, Western Illinois University, Wichita State University, and Baker University. A sampling of business plan dental, employers hiring 2014-2015 Baker University College of Arts and Sciences and and research reports Undergraduate School of Education graduates includes U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Payless Shoe Source, Kiewit, Westar Energy, Morgan Stanley, Target Corp., Ericsson, Lexmark-Perceptive Software, Cerner Corp., Teach for America, Johnson County Government, State of Texas, and United Excel.

College of Arts Sciences 2013-2014 Graduates. The 2013-2014 Graduate Survey Report is based on information reported within six months of graduation by 147 of the 167 graduates, which constitutes 88% of the graduating class. Of the 147 graduates that survey information was collected for, 98.6% continued their education or accepted full-time career positions: 23% (34) are continuing their education, most often through graduate or professional schools 75.5% (111) are employed in full-time positions 4.8% (7) are both employed and continuing their education (also included in the statistics above) Less than 1% (1) is seeking full-time employment Less than 1% (1) is neither employed nor seeking full-time employment or continuing education. From the plan dental respondents’ information, 20 professional and graduate school programs accepted 2013-2014 Baker University graduates. A sampling of the universities accepting graduates include Georgia Tech University, Kansas State University, Marquette University, St. Schiller Essays. Louis University, Texas AM University, University of Aberdeen in Scotland, University of Arkansas, University of business plan dental, Kansas, University of Kansas School of Medicine, University of Missouri at Kansas City School of written for you, Law, Vanderbilt University and Washburn University School of Law.

A sampling of employers hiring 2013-2014 Baker University College of Arts and Sciences and Undergraduate School of Education graduates includes Bert Nash Community Health, Burns McDonnell, Cerner Corporation, Hershey Corporation, KPMG, Miami Seaquariam, Perceptive Software (Lexmark), Waddell Reed. College of Arts Sciences 2012-2013 Graduates. The 2012-2013 Graduate Survey Report is business plan dental based on information reported within six months of graduation by 151 of the 193 graduates, which constitutes 79% of the graduating class. Of the 151 that survey information was collected on, 97.4% continued their education or accepted full-time career positions: 21.9% (33) are continuing their education, most often through graduate or professional schools 77.5% (117) are employed in full-time positions 2% (3) are both employed and continuing their education (also included in the statistics above) 2.6% (4) are seeking full-time employment.

From the respondents’ information, 21 professional and graduate school programs accepted 2012-2013 Baker University graduates. A Cruel Angel's. A sampling of the universities accepting graduates include American University in business plan, Washington, D.C, George Mason University, Texas Christian University, The Ohio State University, University of Colorado at interactive approach essays reports, Boulder, University of Kansas, University of Kansas School of Law, University of Kansas School of Medicine, University of Minnesota, University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Washburn University School of Law, Webster University in Vienna, Austria, Wichita State University. A sampling of employers hiring 2012-2013 Baker University College of Arts and Sciences and business dental Undergraduate School of Education graduates includes BKD, Cerner Corporation, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Kiewit, KPMG, Lockton Companies, Peace Corp, PricewaterhouseCoopers, State Street. Internship Information for Employers. Baker University makes considerable effort to provide students with the interactive to writing information, services and experiences that will enable them to have a competitive edge when they seek permanent employment. This is accomplished through Career Services and the Career Involvement Program. The Career Involvement Program enables Baker students to integrate on-campus academic study with off-campus work experiences that are related to educational plans and needs. The experience should be related to the student’s academic area and cannot be a work position that they previously held. Students are not allowed to participate in dental, internships with relatives acting as supervisors. To be eligible to participate in the Career Involvement Program, a student must be at least a sophomore (30 or more credit hours earned).

All internships are taken on a Pass/No Credit basis, not for for you a letter grade. An internship may be taken during the business dental summer sessions, fall or spring semesters, or Interterm. Variable credit is given during the summer or a semester, with the a cruel lyrics espaГ±ol standard being 1 credit for 40 working contact hours. Students may earn up to 12 hours of internship credit during their undergraduate years at Baker. Faculty sponsors work with interns to business plan determine the number of credits for which the friedrich student should register, the level of internship (e.g., lower college or upper college), learning objectives and evaluation criteria. Faculty occasionally visits employers and interns on-site during the internship. Employer feedback is encouraged and appreciated. To complete enrollment for internships, students must type and dental complete the Career Involvement Agreement form, and confirm their enrollment through the Office of the Registrar.

The completed and signed agreement must be turned in to friedrich essays Career Services, and dental the student must meet with a career counselor for verification and approval before the internship. Essays. Students must document hours worked plus complete all evaluation criteria required by the faculty sponsor. Credit must be earned during the actual work experience. Past employment cannot be presented for credit. Post job openings, advertise internship opportunities and, with approval, view student resumes – all for free. College Central Network is business plan dental a valuable resource for employers. That’s it.

Fill out approach and research reports your company’s info, and business plan dental then that will be submitted to us for approval. Angel's Lyrics. Once you’re approved, you’ll be sent an dental email with your user ID and password. Approach And Research Reports. Use your user ID and password to sign in business dental, and post jobs and view resumes. Go to, click on “Employers,” click on “Online Services,” and sign in. You can also send descriptions of jobs or internships directly to essay what is art for me us, and we will post them on CCN for you. Come speak to business current Baker students about life in the “real world.” We have many opportunities for essay for me employers to share their wisdom and business plan dental experiences. You are a valuable source of thesis, knowledge to business plan dental our students – talk about the company you work for, your specific job, your job search experience or how your specific major has helped you in thesis on enzyme, the workplace. Conduct informational interviews for students looking to enter your specific career area.

Conduct mock interviews to help students prepare for the real thing. Contact Career Services with presentation ideas – we would love to speak with you. Interested in plan, interviewing Baker University students for current openings at your company? Contact Career Services to set up an event date. Know of anyone who would like to speak with Baker students or who could be a valuable career mentor? Let us know. Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Susan Wade, Director. How Career Services Can Help Faculty.

Career Services is continually seeking ways to partner with Baker faculty to benefit our students. Through these collaborations, students benefit as they expand their knowledge and resources for career options, as well as internship and essay is art for me other experiential learning opportunities. Business Plan. We can share the most current information of potential employers and career options related to your major and essay what field of expertise. Business Dental. We can also share current graduate school choices and requirements to provide optimal benefits to students. Let us conduct a workshop for your class when you are out of schiller, town. Class time that would otherwise be can be extremely valuable for your students and provide an important venue for business plan sharing Career Services. Possible workshop topics include the following: Jobs in Your Discipline: What Can I Do With a Major in __________? Internships: Finding the Best One for essay what is art for me You Preparing for Interviews and Negotiating Job Offers The Hidden Job Market Social Media and the Job Search Grad School: Is It For You? We can assist students with general preparation for graduate school applications, such as identifying and articulating their academic and experiential strengths. Along with faculty and advisors, we provide direction and feedback on personal statements and can conduct mock interviews for business students preparing for graduate and med school interviews.

Collaborating with faculty is essential for discipline-specific application details. Thank you for helping us complete our Graduate Survey information. If you keep in contact with Baker alumni, please share that information with us. Any alumni contact information is greatly appreciated.

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Free High School Student Resume Templates for Teens. If you’ve never made a resume before, it can seem more difficult than the job search itself. Fortunately, making a resume is as simple as following a format. With some key information in business the right order, anyone can create one. Your First Job Resume: What It Is and Why You Need It. A resume is a one-page document that summarizes your experience, skills, and other information . The purpose is to show you’re a perfect candidate for the position you are applying for. It should be formal, professional, and thesis espaГ±ol relevant.

Resumes give potential employers a way to learn about applicants quickly and easily, and they are your first step toward new job opportunities. An interview might also be needed to land the job, but a resume is necessary to start the process. Resumes let employers quickly screen out job seekers who don’t have the plan right experience and qualifications. A well-crafted resume that highlights your experience will set you apart from the to writing and research reports competition. Even if you have little or no work experience yet, these guidelines will get you on business plan, track to essay what for me, having a great entry-level resume and all the opportunities that come with it. There are three basic resume formats to choose from: chronological, functional, and plan dental combination. It helps to friedrich schiller, familiarize yourself with these options before deciding on the right resume template for you. This is business, one of the friedrich essays most common resume formats.

It lists your work history in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent position. It is plan, often headed with a “Career Objective” section. Schiller! We will talk about these sections in more detail later in business this post. On a chronological resume you’ll also want to thesis on enzyme, list your education in plan dental reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent school you attended or relevant course you’ve taken. This is a common resume format.

It’s easy for on enzyme employers to scan a chronological resume quickly and business plan dental get an idea of thesis, your experience. This kind of resume highlights your work history, so it’s great if you’ve had impressive employment opportunities. If you don’t have much work history, or your work history isn’t relevant to the job you want, this type of resume may not be best for you. Prospective employers will throw your resume in business the “No” pile if all they see is work that’s not related to angel's thesis lyrics, the job they are looking to fill, or if your resume looks empty because you didn’t have much experience to list. A functional resume format highlights other sections, like skills and activities, over work experience. This type of resume focuses on what you know or what you can do, rather than what you’ve done at specific jobs. It will probably still have some sort of work history section, but it will be placed at plan dental, the bottom rather than at the top of the essays page.

Your work history might not be listed in chronological order on business, this type of resume. In fact, it might not have dates at thesis on enzyme, all, but be listed in order of relevance instead. This type of resume can be great if you have little or no conventional work experience. It can hide long gaps in between jobs, and can draw attention to your other skills or activities. Most employers will be accustomed to the chronological resume format. Business! They will likely know that the interactive approach to writing essays reports reason you chose this format is because you have less work experience or less consistent job history than other job seekers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a less desirable candidate. Like a functional resume, a combination resume puts your skills and dental activities first and reports foremost. However, this type of resume also lists your work experience in reverse chronological order.

It just doesn’t put it near the top like a chronological resume does. This hybrid style gives a balance between promoting your skills and business plan dental your work history. For teens with work experience that’s impressive but short, this kind of resume is outline, ideal. You can show off your work history, but also fill in more space by business plan dental, talking about friedrich essays your skills and other knowledge you have. It’s also useful if the work history you have doesn’t quite fit with the dental job you’re looking for.

With a combination resume, you can put the skills that are relevant to your ideal job first, but still give details about your past work experience. Making a combination resume can feel overwhelming, since it uses so much information. Be careful to use only the most relevant information so it doesn’t become cluttered or too wordy. How to what is art for me, Create a Good High School Student Resume. Your resume always needs to business plan, include your name and contact information. List your name, phone number, email address, and on enzyme city at the top of your resume. You don’t need to dental, include your full street address, but you can if you’d like. Everything else can be adjusted to lyrics, fit your unique experience. For example, your resume could include any of the business dental following: Work Experience or Work History Education Career Objective or Summary Professional Skills or Other Skills Activities Hobbies and Interests Achievements, Awards, and written for you Honors References.

Each of business, these sections will consist of essay what is art for me, a heading in bold or slightly larger font, followed by details about that section. For example, under the dental “Education” heading, you might list the schools you’ve attended and the subjects you focused on. Remember, you probably won’t use all of interactive to writing essays, these headings. Just pick the ones that are most relevant to you and business the job you’re seeking. Every section requires a slightly different approach. Let’s break it down and interactive to writing see how it works. This can be a difficult section to tackle on a teen resume, since you might not have any work experience yet.

Don’t worry though. Everyone was in the same situation when they were looking for their first job! If you have no work experience, you can leave this section out and focus on the other sections. If you do have official work experience, it’s important to plan, mention it in essay this section, especially if it is a job similar to the one you are applying for. Even if you weren’t officially employed, you probably have more work experience to plan dental, put on essay, your resume than you think. Part-time work like babysitting, lawn mowing, tutoring, and business dental even volunteer experience or community service all count as good examples of work experience on a teen resume. Under the “Work Experience” heading, list the name of the company you worked for, your job title, and dates of employment. You should also list your responsibilities, duties, and accomplishments. That way, it’s clear what kind of for you, experience you gained. Use two or three bullet points to list your responsibilities and duties for dental each job. See our sample high school student resume templates below for real-world examples of work experience sections.

In the “Education” section, state the high school you attended or presently attend and the years you were there or the date you expect to graduate. For example: Crescent High School – Arlington, Virginia. Expected graduation date: May 2017. If there are classes you’ve taken that are relevant to for you, the job you want, you can list that relevant coursework here.

You can mention your future education plans too. For example: I have been accepted to Chicago State University, and I am planning to major in business plan business law I will be taking my AP classes next month to angel's thesis lyrics, prepare for dental college I will begin attending Chicago State University this fall. The “Career Objective” section shows what kind of job you’re looking for. It consists of one or two sentences near the top of your resume that describe your desired job. For example:

Offer excellent hostess service in a busy local restaurant Apply my computer skills to friedrich essays, practical work Provide quality delivery for local food business. You can also extend your objective statement into a summary. Business! A summary is a short paragraph that summarizes your experience and key skills. For example: I am an energetic, enthusiastic, and active individual with a strong knowledge of grocery items and their use by people from a cruel espaГ±ol different economic and social backgrounds. I have a business mindset and am willing to business plan dental, apply these skills as a grocery store employee. This section might seem unnecessary, but it can actually be very helpful to potential employers. It gives you a chance to describe yourself and your goals in your own words.

It can also be useful when you don’t have much concrete work experience, but do have skills that potential employers should know about. Make sure the objective or summary is short, clear, and thesis professional. Professional Skills or Other Skills. You likely have skills that could be relevant to a particular position you are applying for. Business Plan Dental! These can be listed under “Professional Skills.” Make sure the angel's lyrics espaГ±ol skills are relevant to the job you want. If you are applying for a gardener job, no need to plan dental, mention “Ability to on enzyme, handle cash register”, since that skill doesn’t apply to business, that job. But you might mention, “Ability to a cruel angel's thesis, use lawn mower and gardening tools safely.”

If you have no work experience, this section can help demonstrate whether you are a good fit for plan the position. You can also list skills that come from your school or hobbies under “Other Skills.” Make sure they’re still related in for you some way to what potential employers are looking for. What are some key skills you might list? Creativity Leadership Adaptability Flexibility Positivity Problem-solving Communication Independence Self-motivation Ability to plan, work under pressure. This section gives an employer insight into your character and interests. It might even tie into written the “Skills” section. Think of business dental, extracurricular activities, sports, and clubs you have participated in.

Taking a lead role in a school play? You are probably creative. Playing football? You might be a good team player. These are qualities that employers are looking for. Some examples of essays for you, school activities that could look good on a resume include: Sports : playing sports in a association or for fun, outdoor activities, fitness training, taking sport lessons, coaching. Culture : creating art works, shows, plays, films, games, singing or dancing, DIY projects, creative workshops. Business Dental! Community : raising donations for various organizations or humanitarian causes, organizing events, helping kids, seniors, animals, or the environment, promoting community enhancements. Just like with skills, only list relevant activities here. Write down the activity, dates, and your role/position.

For example: West River Hospital, volunteer, summer 2012 Crescent High School Soccer Team, captain, 2005 – 2013 Stage Drama Festival, lead role, summer 2011. If your resume is short on work experience, you can list more details about your activities to essay outline questions, show what you gained from them. You might use bullet points to write what your responsibilities were or what skills you used in these activities. This section is business plan dental, similar to activities, as it tells an employer more about written for you your character.

Simply make a list of dental, hobbies that might be of interest to potential employers. For example: Reading books Playing tennis Painting and sculpture. It’s great to mention major achievements and awards you’ve earned at school or in essay questions your activities. Prospective employers like to plan, see accomplishments that show commitment and hard work. For example: Student of the is art for me Month, March 2013 Perfect Attendance Award, September 2012 Honor Roll, fall 2012.

A reference should be someone who can vouch for your knowledge and skills, or who can confirm your work experience. Your teachers, coaches, or former employers can be good references. Listing your friends or family as references is not recommended, but can be acceptable if you worked for them. Remember that you must ask a person to serve as a reference before you can list them as one. Many people simply write “References Available on Request” at the bottom of their resumes. If you do this, make sure you actually have those references available in case a prospective employer requests them.

However, if you have limited experience to put on your resume, you might want to list the names and contact information of your references on your resume. Free High School Student Resume Examples. These teen resume samples will make getting started easy. There are general purpose high school student resume templates, as well as resumes for business dental specific work experience. These samples will guide you with a professional resume format and approach to writing essays and research reports a basic idea of what to write. Business Plan! We also have High School Graduate Resumes and a cruel thesis espaГ±ol other professional resume templates. Creative babysitter resume sample with a summary, education, related and personal skills, hobbies, and references examples. Size: 183 B Downloads: 6267 Filename: babysitter-cv-template-sample.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:21:00 / 3136.

Generic design with sample content (skills, knowledge) for a position in business dental a fast food industry. Size: 183 B Downloads: 7435 Filename: fast-food-employee-cv.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:34:00 / 3138. Basic design and written common content for business plan any type of on enzyme, position. Size: 183 B Downloads: 27337 Filename: geneal-purpose-high-school-resume.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:36:00 / 3140. Another multi-purpose sample, with blue header theme. Plan Dental! Includes customer work and volunteer experience.

Size: 183 B Downloads: 18025 Filename: teenager-cv-sample.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:38:00 / 3142. Sample for essays position in gardening or landscape. Creative design theme to attract attention. Size: 183 B Downloads: 3046 Filename: lawn-care-gardening-job-application.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:39:00 / 3144. Resume sample for students who would like to promote tutoring services to other students or student#039;s parents. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4214 Filename: student-tutor-cv-sample.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:41:00 / 3146. Generic resume sample for business part-time grocery store job. Can be easily modified for schiller similar positions in different stores.

Size: 183 B Downloads: 6589 Filename: grocery-store-application.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:42:00 / 3148. Elegant resume for server or host position in business plan dental a restaurant. Can also be used for kitchen help, cook help, busser, etc. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4308 Filename: waitress-or-hostess-job.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:44:00 / 3150. Sample teen resume for full-time or part-time volunteer job for a candidate with previous volunteer work. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4673 Filename: volunteer-position-application.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:45:00 / 3152. Sample resume for essay questions part-time position in warehouse. Size: 183 B Downloads: 5313 Filename: warehouse-position.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:47:00 / 3154. Sample resume for an apprentice welder and assisting in business different welding projects. Size: 183 B Downloads: 3777 Filename: welder-helper-job.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:48:00 / 3156.

Professional sample for a food delivery position. Essay What Is Art! Can be easily modified for a different position in plan dental the food industry. Size: 183 B Downloads: 26440 Filename: food-industry-position.docx Uploaded: 2013-07-04 06:17:00 / 3134. 855.213.0348 | MON-FRI 8A-8P, SAT 8A-5P, SUN 10A-6P CST. 2017 Bold Limited.

All rights reserved. POWERED BY BOLD.