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Proxemics research paper

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A Thesis Statement on the novel Candide by Voltaire Essay. Not everything is all for the best. The novel Candide by Voltaire delved into paper the miseries of men, politics and religion where every unfortunate event that happens to the individual is to be accepted since it is all for the best. Many times in the novel, Candide’s esteemed professor, Pangloss remarked that “Everything is all for the best”. For his part, Voltaire seems to be questioning the concept of fatalism. Fatalism is the thesis objective research, view that individuals are powerless to do anything other that what we actually do. It seems ironic that Candide remains optimistic despite all that he had experienced; the banishment from the paper, castle, the flogging by the soldiers and the sinking of the ship. All these events would have made a weaker man fall on his knees and curse the heavens; but not Candide. After all, everything is for the best. Aircraft Cover Letter! Nevertheless, Candide retains his goodwill, generosity and ironically, his optimism. The concept of fatalism is taking the easy way out.

There are many instances where Candide could have avoided such unfortunate circumstances; like losing his sheep as well as his treasure. Proxemics Paper! Not only that, he squandered his remaining treasure to unworthy individuals. Another instance was when Candide was flogged. He merely accepted it. He was thinking along the poster master thesis, lines that everything is all for the best.

But to think about it, how unjust is it to be lashed a thousand times for being misunderstood as deserting. In some way, Voltaire was criticizing citizens who could accept the unjust and irrational decisions of proxemics research paper, their government. In connection with the idea of fatalism is the concept of free will. If humans were given the gift of is the introduction, free will, then the idea that everything is all for the best would be inconsistent. A person who has free will would be capable of research, shaping his or her own destiny. In lieu of this, Candide should be able to change the events that weren’t suppose to causes teenage, happen to him or if they did happen, then the result would not have been so disastrous or it could have at paper, least been minimized. One example had been where Candide stabbed the Baron, Cunegonde’s brother. He could have restrained himself and could have conducted an oral argument instead. What Candide did was rash and unwise that it was no surprise that it would end disastrously. Today, a person is expected to act and speak tactfully.

There would be chaos if everyone wanted to have their own way. Another example was when Candide and his companion were nearly eaten by the Oreillons but were saved because he killed a Jesuit, Cunegonde’s brother, the sex marriage thesis, Baron. Research Paper! In this time, Candide thanked his good fortune for killing a Jesuit to avoid being eaten. It should have crossed his mind that if he had not stabbed the Baron, then they would have not been in that situation in the first place. It is easy to blame every happening in life as part of a grand plan. That everything is destined and fated.

But if it is, then why is sex marriage thesis there free will? It could not merely be some trick to man to think that he has control over the events in life. Constant striving to be better is what makes the world go round. The discovery of unknown places and uncharted waters are the product of motivation and will of men. In essence, man’s free will is the reason. All the consequences of one’s actions are due to one’s interactions.

Candide#8217;s optimism, naivete and innocence may have drawn its source from Mademoiselle Cunegonde. Proxemics Paper! She#8217;s beautiful and charming and guileless. To Candide, she#8217;s the poster thesis, one reason to remain living despite all the miseries of the world. In some ways, she had also been the reason why in the later part of the research paper, novel, Candide encountered many unfortunate events. He even left the cmm operator resume, utopian world of El Dorado just to be with his beloved Cunegonde. Cunegonde symbolizes Candide’s optimism.

In the novel, Voltaire also portrays the research, human being’s love of life. The old woman was acknowledged as the thesis, person who encountered the most unfortunate miseries. However, in spite of proxemics research, all that, she’s admits that she still loves life and never would she have killed herself. The “All for the best” concept was finally refuted and rejected by Candide. In the novel, Pangloss said to Candide “ All events are linked up in teenage depression this best of all possible worlds; for, if you had not been expelled from the noble castle by proxemics paper, hard kicks in objective your backside for love of Mademoiselle Cunegonde, if you had not been clapped into the Inquisition, if you had not wandered about America on foot, if you had not stuck your sword in research paper the Baron, if you had not lost all your sheep from the land of master, El Dorado, you would not be eating candied citrons and pistachios here”. Upon which Candide replied, “Tis well said, but we must cultivate our gardens”. Proxemics! (Voltaire, 1949) This shows that nothing happens without a reason. Cmm Operator! Many times in the novel, cause and effect was mentioned. That is research correct; everything that happens would have an equal effect. Every action has an equal reaction. Even as simple as growing fruits and vegetables is equivalent to days and what is the introduction paragraph in an essay nights of hard work. They did not just magically appear from the ground or fallen from heaven.

It’s the same with what happened to Candide and his companions. Research Paper! Some events may have been the act of God, but it is up to man to ensure that everything would be all right. Causes! Rice, H., #8220;Fatalism#8221;, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2002 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), URL = Voltaire (1949). The portable Voltaire (B.R.Redman, Ed.). Proxemics Research! Canada: McMillan. University/College: University of same sex marriage thesis, California. Type of proxemics research, paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 16 March 2017. Let us write you a custom essay sample on poster A Thesis Statement on the novel Candide by Voltaire. for only $16.38 $13.9/page. Haven't found the Essay You Want? Get your custom essay sample.

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Major Parts Of The Nervous System. The central nervous system (CNS) comprises of the research brain and spinal cord. According to (Hull, 2011, p. 200) 'it has three functions: sensory, integrative and motor.' These functions are made possible through communication (sending and receiving messages) of the brain (mostly made up of interneurons) and spinal cord which sends information to the peripheral nervous system for distribution to the various parts of the body via motor neurons. Same Sex Marriage. The CNS senses and processes information, then responds to research, whatever message has been communicated. The peripheral nervous system (PNS) consists of nerves (brain, cranial, spinal, afferent and cmm operator resume, efferent) running to research, and from the CNS.

It comprises of the somatic (SNS) and autonomic (ANS) systems. The SNS controls voluntary activities of the body (skeletal muscle contractions or conscious reactions to sensory information processed by the body such as reaction to pain ' a single pathway of neurons responding to activation by excitatory impulses). The ANS controls all unconscious automatic or involuntary activities of the body such as heart beat to remain alive, crying when emotional or sweating when we get hot. Same Sex Marriage Thesis. This is a double pathway response whereby neurons are activated by inhibitory and excitatory impulses. The ANS is subdivided into two further systems; the sympathetic and proxemics, parasympathetic nervous systems. These two systems work in opposition to each other in resume order to maintain homeostasis. The sympathethic system reacts to changes in the environment by stimulating activity and therefore using energy (Hull, 2011, p. 204). For instance if a person is confronted with danger, their immediate reaction is survival.

They become tense, heart rate goes up, breathing becomes heavy etc as they prepare to react. This is the 'fight or flight' response. The parasympathetic system will do the opposite to the sympathetic system by placing the person into proxemics research paper, a state of poster master rest, calm and proxemics paper, relaxation. TAQ 1 total word count: 326/300 words. DLCentre notes, 2008/2010/2012. Human Biological Science 1: Coordination and Control.

Hull, R., 2011. Anatomy Physiology for therapists and healthcare professionals. Cambridge: The Write Idea Ltd. Tortora, G. and Derrickson, B. eds., 2011. Principles of Anatomy Physiology. Asia: John Wiley Sons. Figure 2 ' The three main types of poster master thesis neurons. Neurons are nerve cells that carry information in the form of tiny electrical signals. They are categorised into three different types, each fulfilling a different function.

Sensory/receptor neurons (afferent) carry signals from the research external environment using sensory organs (nose, tongue, eyes or skin) to the CNS (spinal cord and brain). Motor/effector neurons (efferent) carry signals from the CNS (spinal cord and brain) to the effectors. Master. Effectors are muscles or organs of the body that enact the proxemics research messages that have been passed on by the brain. For example you might sense an itch on your arm and your brain sends a message to your muscles to move your hand over to scratch the itch with your fingers (a voluntary action). Relay neurons (interneurons) are found within the CNS and carry messages from receptor neurons to effector neurons or from one relay neuron to another. They connect two neurons together (sensory and motor neurons). BBC GCSE Bitesize, 2014. The nervous system. Thesis Objective Research Question. [online]. Available at: [Accessed 11 May 2014]. You Tube, n.d.

BioVid Episode 2: An introduction to neurons. [online]. Available at: [Accessed 12 May 2014]. HPP Biology 12, n.d. Neurons. [online]. Paper. Available at: [Accessed 12 May 2014].

Figure 4 ' Transmission of a nerve impulse: Resting and action potential. Neurons are covered by cell membranes just like all cells and are semi-permeable (allow certain substances to pass (permeate) through them). The outside of the cell contains excess sodium ions the inside of the cmm operator resume cell contains excess potassium ions (K+). Research. Ions are atoms of an element with a positive or negative charge (Dummies, 2014). Thesis Question. Neurons use electrochemical impulses to communicate with each other. If they are not stimulated (without impulse to carry or transmit) their membrane is polarized. Being polarized means that the electrical charge on paper the outside of the membrane is positive while the electrical charge on the inside of the membrane is negative (Dummies, 2014). Negatively charged protein and causes essay, nucleic acid molecules also inhabit the cell; therefore, the inside is negative as compared to the outside (Dummies, 2014). The cell is at its resting potential (a value of -70 minivolts (mV), see Figure 4. This changes when an action potential with strong excitatory strength reaches the synapse and causes the ion channels to open and allow sodium ions to cross the cell membrane. K+ and Na+ pumps on proxemics paper the membrane allow these chemicals to still move back through the membrane allowing the resume cell to proxemics research, repolarise The more sodium ions enter the cell, the electrical potential of the cell changes so quickly that depolarisation occurs, meaning that the cell becomes positive again. Chemical synapses transmit chemical signals from the presynaptic neuron to the postsynaptic neuron in one direction only.

An electrical impulse or action potential's arrival in teenage the presynaptic neuron, is reaching the axon terminal. It cannot cross the fluid-filled synaptic cleft, but neurotransmitters or chemical messengers can carry the message forward. Ions (charged particles that allow change of electrical properties across the membrane) allow the messages to proxemics research, move on from one neuron to another or to sex marriage, an effector. DLCentre notes 2008/2010/2012. Human Biological Science 1: Coordination and Control.

For Dummies, 2014. Understanding the transmission of nerve impulses. Paper. [online]. Available at: [Accessed 12 May 2014]. National Institute of Health, n.d. Thesis Research Question. The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology ' How neurotransmission works. [online]. Available at: [Accessed 12 May 2014]. A synapse is a gap between adjacent nerve cells where impulses must be able to cross.

It comprises a presynaptic neuron (messengers), synaptic cleft (neurotransmitters) and post-synaptic neuron (receptors). Neurotransmitters pass across the gap causing depolarisation of the surface membrane of the target cell to occur. Figure 4 - Structure of the Synapse. Different types of stimuli will cause the synapse to be either inhibitory or excitatory to the impulses depending on their composition. For instance, if excitatory, the research paper synapse will cause the thesis objective research question neurons to research, become active and fire up the impulse for paragraph in an essay the receptors to receive it.

For example; sound causes some ear receptors to respond. If inhibitory the synapse might cause the impulse to diffuse or deactivate. However, regardless of what stimuli, the permeability properties of the cell's plasma membrane change very briefly (Marieb, 2009, p. Research Paper. 237). It is possible for neurons to have several action potentials travelling along their axons (route by which all impulses travel) at the same time. However there are several factors that affect the speed at which the impulse travels.

For instance; impulses travel faster in myelinated (covered in myelin sheath) neurons; temperature affects the speed of conduction of impulses; and impulses are generally faster in an axon with a larger diameter ( The refractory period (rest period between signals) is also a speed determining factor. After the resume neurotransmitter has transmitted an proxemics impulse, it is released by the receptor and goes back into the synapse (Dummies, 2014). It is stored in the synaptic vesicles. Aircraft Mechanic. Here the cell recycles the degraded neurotransmitter.

The chemicals go back into research, the membrane so that during the next impulse (action potential), when the synaptic vesicles bind to the membrane, the complete neurotransmitter can again be released for another episode of impulse transmission (Dummies, 2014). Biology Guide, n.d. Cmm Operator. Action potentials and synapses play a fundamental role in transmitting information through the nervous system. [online]. Available at: [Accessed 13 May 2014]. DLCentre, 2008/2010/2012. Human Biological Science 1: Coordination and Control. For Dummies, 2014.

Understanding the transmission of nerve impulses. [online]. Available at: [Accessed 12 May 2014]. Marieb, E. N., 2009. Essentials of human anatomy physiology. 9th ed. London: Pearson International.

Tortora, G, J. and proxemics research, Derrickson, B. eds., 2011. Principles of Anatomy Physiology: volume 1 2. Asia: John Wiley Sons. Figure 6 ' Reflex Arc - Cross section of spinal cord showing a receptor's reaction to flame. Thain (2009) describes the causes teenage depression essay reflex arc as 'the neural circuitry involved in a motor reflex, comprising a sensory neuron, a motor neuron and usually one or more interneurons (excitatory or inhibitory) interposed between these two'. It is a rapid protective behaviour involving taking voluntary action such as pulling a finger away from research paper, exposure to a flame as shown in Figure 6. Poster. Here, a pain receptor in the finger transmits signals via a sensory neuron to the spinal cord where the message is received by interneurons, which respond by sending signals back to the affected area via a motor neuron with information about what response to activate. In this case the response is to contract the muscles and proxemics, move the causes essay finger away from the flame. Proxemics Paper. This is a voluntary action where the brain makes a note of what happened and retains the aircraft apprentice cover information should it be required for any such experiences in the future. Thain, M., 2009. Penguin Dictionary of Human Biology. Research. London: Penguin Books.' Name of thesis objective research question endocrine gland Location Hormones released Function (s) of hormones released.

Pituitary -divided into two parts: Base of brain beneath the hypothalamus. Growth hormone (GH) Stimulates growth of other tissues including bone, maintains nutrients and minerals, inform reproductive system to make sex hormones, control ovulation and menstrual cycle in women. Stimulates production of the thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland. Stimulates production of milk in breastfeeding women. Stimulates production of specific hormones by the adrenal gland. Controls balance of water in the body. Triggers contractions of the proxemics research uterus during childbirth, production of thesis milk by the mammary glands to produce milk. Thyroid Trachea, beneath the larynx Triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4) Increases rate of metabolic and chemical reactions in body tissues, activates CNS, vital for bone growth and brain development.

Parathyroids Attached to the posterior of the thyroid Parathyroid hormone (parahormone) Increases calcium levels in paper blood released from bone tissue, allows re-absorption in aircraft mechanic apprentice the kidneys. Thymus Mid chest cavity Thymosins Produces and matures T lymphocytes. Adrenal cortex Inner area of abdomen, one on top of each kidney. Outer area of abdomen Epinephrine (adrenalin) Increases blood pressure and heart rate during stress ('fight or flight' response)

Constricts blood vessels and increases heart rate in an emergency response. Regulates salt and water balance in proxemics the body, manages response to stress, breakdown of protein, fat metabolism, sexual development and research question, immunity. Maintains balance of glucose levels in the blood, stimulates glucose release from the liver. Regulates level of sugar glucose in the blood, essential for cells to proxemics paper, utilize glucose. In puberty, aids in development of female sex organs and function, growth spurt. Development of ovarian follicles, bones and muscle contractions of the uterus, regulation of cmm operator menstrual cycle and useful during pregnancy. Regulates menstrual cycle, generates secretions for the endometrium. Testis Pelvis Testosterone. Aids in research paper development of male sex organs and characteristics in puberty, produces sperm.

BBC GCSE Bitesize, 2014. Hormones. Same Sex Marriage. [online]. Paper. Available at: [Accessed 13 May 2014]. DLCentre, 2008/2010/2012. Human Biological Science 1: Coordination and objective research question, Control. InnerBody, 2013. Endocrine System. [online]. Available at: [Accessed 13 May 2014]. TeensHealth, 2014. Endocrine System. [online]. Available at: [Accessed 12 May 2014].

Tortora, G, J. and Derrickson, B. Research. eds., 2011. Principles of Anatomy Physiology: volume 1 2. Asia: John Wiley Sons. Metabolism is a process whereby nutrients become involved in an incredible variety of biochemical reactions inside the body cells (Marieb and Hoehn, 2010, p.918). This is necessary to maintain energy levels and all bodily functions. Enzymes in the digestive system break down the food we eat and convert it into this energy. Objective Research Question. Metabolism occurs to balance our current needs against proxemics paper, future needs of energy, knowing when to store or replenish it. This is achieved via two processes: anabolism (constructive metabolism) which involves the building up of complex chemical substances from cmm operator, smaller, simpler components; and catabolism (destructive metabolism) which is the breaking down of complex chemical substances into research paper, simpler components (Tortora and Derrickson, 2011, p. 5-6). For example proteins are broken down into amino acids and rebuilt to make new structures like muscle and bone through the catabolism and is the introduction paragraph, anabolism processes (Tortora and Derrickson, 2011, p. 7). There are many different chemicals in research cells and all have an effect on metabolism. The endocrine system produces certain hormones which play a greater role in the regulation of metabolism. These hormones include: Thyroxine (T4), Triiodothyronin (T3), insulin and glucagon.

T4 and introduction paragraph in an essay, T3 are thyroid hormones which mainly regulate our basal metabolic rate (BMR) ' the speed of metabolism and is involved in the amount of energy the body requires to maintain function and stay alive e.g. movement and heart-beat. BMR increases as the proxemics research blood levels of thesis thyroid hormones rise. The response to these changing levels is paper, slow and takes a few days to thesis, show (Tortora and Derrickson, 2011, p.1049). Insulin is released in the pancreas responding to proxemics research paper, raised levels of glucose after a meal. This signals cells to increase their anabolic activities i.e. increase glucose to transport receptors to the cell membrane as in same contracting muscles or may mean the liver has an increased concentration of research paper glucose therefore releasing glycogen as a short-term response into the blood.

Also, in the adipose tissues, glucose and free fatty acids bind together and store lipids long term. This decreases blood glucose (a negative feedback loop in the parasympathetic system). Amongst other hormones, insulin can increase the metabolic rate by 5 ' 15% (Tortora and Derrickson, 2011, p.1049). In starvation or stress conditions the body is poster master, very active, blood sugar levels drop, prompting alpha cells in the pancreas to release glucagon which helps stop glucose travelling around the body and focuses on providing energy for research paper the brain. Same Thesis. Glycogen breaks down into amino acids and glycerol in the liver produces new glucose by gluconeogenesis or lipolysis.

Fatty acids are catabolised by combining acetyl coenzyme A (coA) and oxaloacetate forming ketone fuels. Blood glucose levels increase as a result which can cause hyperglycaemia (diabetes) and proxemics paper, low blood glucose levels (too much insulin) can cause hypoglycaemia (hypos). DLCentre, 2008/2010/2012. Human Biological Science 1: Coordination and Control. Marieb, E. N., 2009. Essentials of human anatomy physiology. 9th ed. London: Pearson International. Tortora, G, J. and Derrickson, B. Aircraft. eds., 2011. Principles of Anatomy Physiology: volume 1 2. Proxemics Paper. Asia: John Wiley Sons.

The ear allows us to hear a range of thesis different sounds as well as maintain our balance through head movement and position. Although the two organs serving these two senses are structurally interconnected within the ear, their receptors respond to different stimuli and proxemics research paper, are activated independently of one another (Marieb and Hoehn, 2011, p. 574). It is connected to the brain by cmm operator the auditory nerve and is subdivided into three major parts: the external (outer) ear, middle ear and internal (inner) ear. The outer and middle ear components are involved with hearing only and are simply constructed whereas the outer ear is more complex and is involved with hearing and balance control (Marieb and Hoehn, 2011, p. 574). The outer ear comprises the auricle (pinna), elastic cartilage covered with thin skin and hair sometimes. The auricle picks up sound waves (vibrations), feeds them to the auditory canal (external acoustic meatus) to proxemics paper, end up on the tympanic membrane (ear drum).

Sebaceous and sweat glands in the auditory canal secrete cerumen (ear wax) which captures foreign particles and repels insects (Marieb and Hoehn, 2011, p. 574). Hearing is activated by sound waves (measured in hertz), as they hit the tympanic membrane (eardrum) causing vibration and in turn transferring the sound energy to the tiny bones of the middle ear also making them vibrate (Marieb and Hoehn, 2011, p. 574). The middle ear is thesis objective, located in the skull's temporal bone. Proxemics Research. Sound waves transfer from the middle ear (tympanic cavity) amplifying the vibrations from the tympanic membrane to the first of the auditory osscicles (bones). The malleus (hammer) connected to the tympanic membrane, passes vibrations onto the incus (anvil), the stapes (stirrup) and onto same sex marriage thesis the oval (vestibular) window. The middle ear is air-filled and can sometimes be consumed with pressure (when on research paper a plane) which can be released via the pharyngotympanic (auditory) tube linking the middle ear cavity with the pharynx (throat) and the mucosa of the middle ear that lines the throat (Marieb and Hoehn, 2011, p. 574). Swallowing or yawning opens the usually flattened auditory tube to balance the pressure in objective research question the middle ear with external air pressure, important for the eardrum to vibrate freely without distorted sound (Marieb and proxemics, Hoehn, 2011, p. 574). The internal ear (labyrinth), situated in the temporal bone comprises the cochlea, vestibule and semi-circular canals. Vibrations come from the oval window into the cochlea then fibres transmit electrical impulses via the ganglia to the organ of corti which translate that stimulation into nerve cell excitation and neurotransmitters transmit back to the auditory cortex of the brain along the same sex marriage thesis auditory nerve (DLCentre, 2008/2010/2012).

Perilymph and endolymph fluids conduct the proxemics research sound vibrations involved in hearing and mechanic cover letter, respond to the mechanical forces occurring during changes in body position and paper, acceleration (Marieb and Hoehn, 2011, p. 576). The vestibule is posterior to the cochlea, anterior to the semicircular canals and flanks the middle ear medially (Marieb and Hoehn, 2011, p. 576). It is responsible for balance and posture. The utriculus and semicircular canal within detect tilting movements in relation to gravity and thesis objective research question, help keep the proxemics research paper body upright. Communication to what is the paragraph in an essay, the brain is via the vestibular nerve.

The eye lets us see by research paper detecting visible light (part of electromagnetic spectrum ' wave energy that radiates from the sun). Visible light projects colour depending on its wavelength which is measured in nanometers (Tortora and Derrickson, 2011, p. 642). The eye comprises accessory structures (eyelids, eyelashes, eyebrows, the lacrimal (tear producing) apparatus and extrinsic eye muscles) that protect and move the eye and eyeball structures. The eyeball is divided into the anterior and posterior chambers. Three most visible components of the anterior chamber are: the pupil (dark dot at causes teenage centre of eye allowing light onto proxemics retina); the iris (covers the pupil, colour pigmented and light regulator); and sclera (orb-like shaped white, elastic substance encasing the cornea, moistened and protected by conjunctiva), The cornea, (transparent, dome-shaped, and protruding from the sclera) helps direct and focus light. The aqueous humour (transparent fluid at front of mechanic apprentice cover letter lens) allows uninterrupted projection of light and proxemics paper, maintains eye pressure. Other components include the sphincter and dilator muscles which control the size of the pupil, the ciliary body, suspensory ligaments and ciliary smooth muscles which support the lens. The posterior chamber contains components that give focus to an image.

These are: the cmm operator vitreous humour (transparent jelly) for pressure; the retina (layers of proxemics paper photoreceptors cells with rods and cones). Up to 130 million rod cells allow us to aircraft cover, see in paper black and white, in dim or low light and assist with perception of objects. Up to master thesis, 10 million cone cells allow us to see in colour (blue, green and red) and bright, higher intensity light waves (DLCentre, 2008/2010/2012). Having no photoreceptors at the optic nerve site creates 'the blind spot' (optic disc), The visual cortex is the final destination for visual information. Three main types of neurons that make up the neural layer (photoreceptors, bipolar cells and ganglion cells) are involved in generating action potentials (Marieb and Hoehn, 2011, p. 552).

Processed information is then transported to the brain from the optic nerve fibres through the optic chiasm, collecting and reducing the impulses in research paper the optic tract towards the thalamus then the occipital lobe before interpretation of incoming signals occurs in the visual cortex. DLCentre notes, 2008/2010/2012. Human Biological Science 1: Coordination and Control. Marieb, E. N., 2009. Essentials of human anatomy physiology. 9th ed. London: Pearson International. Tortora, G, J. and Derrickson, B. eds., 2011. Principles of Anatomy Physiology: volume 1 2. Asia: John Wiley Sons. British Medical Association, 2013. In An Essay. Illustrated Medical Dictionary.

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resume report write How to Write a Good Report. Bhaskaran Raman, Apr 2004. This short document describes how to write a good report. This is based on common mistakes I have observed over a period of time.

While most of the proxemics paper, following apply in general, they have been written with BTech/MTech/PhD students in mind. The comments below apply for course projects, other semester projects, technical reports, theses (BTech/MTech/PhD). That is, technical writing in causes teenage depression, general. Research. While a google search on same, the topic may churn out many hits, the following is proxemics, tailored for IIT (Kanpur) students in poster master, particular. I will first mention some general guidelines, then the structure of the report. Towards the end, I will also describe how to refine your writing, and how to give feedback on others' writing. Based on these, I will recommend a possible strategy for producing high-quality reports which have high potential for research paper being published . These are some general things you should know before you start writing. I will try to answer the what paragraph in an essay, questions of the purpose of proxemics research report writing, and the overall approach as well. Purpose of a report: writing to be read. A key thing to keep in mind right through your report writing process is that a report is written to objective be read , by paper, someone else. What Is The Introduction In An Essay. This is the central goal of report-writing.

A report which is research, written for thesis objective the sake of being written has very little value. Before you start writing your report, you need to have in mind the intended audience . In the narrowest of possibilities, your report is meant for reading by yourselves, and by paper, your advisor/instructor, and perhaps by your evaluation committee. This has value, but only short-term. The next broader possibility is that your report is readable by your peers or your juniors down the line. This has greater value since someone else can continue on your work and improve it, or learn from your work. In the sex marriage thesis, best case possibility, your report is of publishable quality.

That is, readable and useful for the technical community in research paper, general. Overall approach: top-down. Take a top-down approach to writing the report (also applies to resume problem solving in general). This can proceed in proxemics research, roughly three stages of continual refinement of details. First write the section-level outline, Then the subsection-level outline, and Then a paragraph-level outline. The paragraph-level outline would more-or-less be like a presentation with bulleted points. It incorporates the flow of ideas. Once you have the paragraph-level flow of ideas, you can easily convert that into a full report, by writing out the flow of ideas in poster, full sentences. While doing the paragraph-level outline, think also about (a) figures, (b) tables, and (c) graphs you will include as part of the report at various stages. You will find that many things can be better explained by using simple figures at research appropriate places. Another thing to nail-down while doing the paragraph-level outline is the terminology you will be using.

For instance, names of various protocols/algorithms/steps in your solution. Or names/symbols for mathematical notation. The overall approach also includes multiple stages of refinement, and taking feedback from others (peers/advisor/instructor). I will talk about these in thesis objective, more detail after talking about the overall report structure. Structure of a report. The following should roughly be the structure of a report. Note that these are just guidelines , not rules . You have to use your intelligence in working out the details of your specific writing. Title and abstract: These are the most-read parts of a report. This is proxemics paper, how you attract attention to your writing. The title should reflect what you have done and should bring out any eye-catching factor of your work, for good impact.

The abstract should be short, generally within about 2 paragraphs (250 words or so total). The abstract should contain the thesis objective research, essence of the paper, report, based on which the reader decides whether to go ahead with reading the report or not. It can contain the cmm operator, following in varying amounts of detail as is appropriate: main motivation, main design point, essential difference from previous work, methodology, and some eye-catching results if any. Introduction: Most reports start with an introduction section. This section should answer the following questions (not necessarily in that order, but what is given below is a logical order). Proxemics Research. After title/abstract introduction and conclusions are the poster master thesis, two mainly read parts of a report. What is the setting of the problem? This is, in research, other words, the background . In some cases, this may be implicit, and in some cases, merged with the objective research question, motivation below.

What exactly is the research, problem you are trying to solve? This is the problem statement . Resume. Why is the problem important to solve? This is the motivation . In some cases, it may be implicit in proxemics, the background, or the problem statement itself. Is the cmm operator resume, problem still unsolved? The constitutes the statement of research past/related work crisply. Why is the problem difficult to solve? This is the statement of challenges . In some cases, it may be implicit in the problem statement. Causes Teenage Essay. In others, you may have to say explicitly as to why the problem is worthy of a BTech/MTech/PhD, or a semester project, as the case may be. How have you solved the problem? Here you state the essence of your approach . This is of course expanded upon later, but it must be stated explicitly here. What are the proxemics, conditions under which your solution is applicable?

This is a statement of essay assumptions . What are the main results? You have to present the main summary of the results here. What is the summary of your contributions? This in some cases may be implicit in the rest of the introduction. Sometimes it helps to state contributions explicitly. Research Paper. How is the rest of the report organized? Here you include a paragraph on the flow of research ideas in the rest of the report. For any report beyond 4-5 pages, this is a must. The introduction is nothing but a shorter version of the rest of the report, and in many cases the paper, rest of the report can also have the same flow.

Think of the rest of the report as an expansion of some of the points in the introduction. Which of the above bullets are expanded into separate sections (perhaps even multiple sections) depends very much on the problem. Background: This is expanded upon resume into a separate section if there is sufficient background which the general reader must understand before knowing the details of your work. It is usual to state that the reader who knows this background can skip this section while writing this section. Past/related work: It is common to have this as a separate section, explaining why what you have done is something novel. Paper. Here, you must try to cmm operator resume think of dimensions of comparison of your work with other work. Proxemics Paper. For instance, you may compare in terms of functionality, in terms of performance, and/or in terms of approach.

Even within these, you may have multiple lines of comparison -- functionality-1, functionality-2, metric-1, metric-2, etc. Although not mandatory, it is good presentation style to give the above comparison in terms of a table ; where the rows are the various dimensions of comparison and causes teenage the columns are various pieces of related work, with your own work being the first/last column. Research Paper. See the related work section of my PhD thesis for an example of such a table :-). While in thesis research, general you try to play up your work with respect to others, it is proxemics, also good to identify points where your solution is not so good compared to others. If you state these explicitly, the objective, reader will feel better about them, than if you do not state and the reader figures out the proxemics paper, flaws in your work anyway :-). Another point is with respect to the placement of related work. One possibility is to mechanic apprentice cover letter place it in the beginning of the report (after intro/background).

Another is to place it in the end of the report (just before conclusions). Proxemics Research. This is a matter of judgment, and depends on the following aspect of your work. Question. If there are lots of past work related very closely to your work, then it makes sense to state upfront as to what the difference in research paper, your approach is. On the other hand, if your work is substantially different from past work, then it is better to put the related work at the end. While this conveys a stronger message, it has the risk of the reader wondering all through the report as to same sex marriage how your work is different from some other specific related work. Technical sections: The main body of the report may be divided into multiple sections as the case may be. You may have different sections which delve into different aspects of the paper, problem. The organization of the report here is problem specific.

You may also have a separate section for thesis statement of design methodology, or experimental methodology, or proving some lemmas in a theoretical paper. The technical section is the most work-specific, and hence is the least described here. However, it makes sense to mention the following main points: Outlines/flow: For sections which may be huge, with many subsections, it is research, appropriate to have a rough outline of the section at the beginning of that section. Make sure that the flow is maintained as the reader goes from one section to another. There should be no abrupt jumps in ideas. Use of figures: The cliche a picture is worth a thousand words is causes teenage, appropriate here. Spend time thinking about pictures. Wherever necessary, explain all aspects of a figure (ideally, this should be easy), and do not leave the reader wondering as to what the connection between the figure and the text is. Terminology: Define each term/symbol before you use it, or right after its first use. Stick to a common terminology throughout the report. Results: This is part of the set of technical sections, and is usually a separate section for experimental/design papers.

You have to answer the following questions in this section: What aspects of research your system or algorithm are you trying to evaluate? That is, what are the questions you will seek to sex marriage thesis answer through the evaluations? Why are you trying to evaluate the above aspects? What are the cases of comparison? If you have proposed an algorithm or a design, what do you compare it with? What are the performance metrics?

Why? What are the parameters under study? What is the experimental setup? Explain the choice of every parameter value (range) carefully. What are the proxemics, results? Finally, why do the results look the way they do? The results are usually presented as tables and graphs. In explaining tables and graphs, you have to explain them as completely as possible. Identify trends in the data. Does the data prove what you want to establish? In what cases are the results explainable, and in what cases unexplainable if any?

While describing a table, you have to describe every row/column. And similarly while describing a graph, you have to describe the what paragraph, x/y axes. If necessary, you have to consider the use of log-axes. If you are presenting a lot of results, it may be useful to summarize the main take-away points from all the data in a separate sub-section at the end (or sometimes even at the beginning) of the results section. Future work: This section in some cases is combined along with the conclusions section. Here you state aspects of the proxemics, problem you have not considered and possibilities for thesis objective research further extensions. Conclusions: Readers usually read the title, abstract, introduction, and conclusions. In that sense, this section is quite important. You have to crisply state the main take-away points from your work. How has the proxemics research paper, reader become smarter, or how has the aircraft letter, world become a better place because of your work? No report is perfect, and definitely not on the first version.

Well written reports are those which have gone through multiple rounds of refinement . This refinement may be through self-reading and critical analysis, or more effectively through peer-feedback (or feedback from advisor/instructor). Here are some things to remember: Start early, don't wait for the completion of your work in its entirety before starting to write. Each round of research feedback takes about a week at least. And hence it is good to same sex marriage thesis have a rough version at least a month in advance. Given that you may have run/rerun experiments/simulations (for design projects) after the first round of feedback -- for a good quality report, it is good to have a rough version at least 2 months in advance. Feedback should go through the following stages ideally: (a) you read it yourself fully once and revise it, (b) have your peers review it and give constructive feedback, and then (c) have your advisor/instructor read it. Feedback: evaluating someone else's report. Evaluation of proxemics research paper a report you yourself have written can give benefits, but it usually is limited.

Even in a group project, it is same, not good enough to have one person write the report and the other person read it. This is proxemics, because all the group members usually know what the project is about, and hence cannot critique the research, paper from outside. It is best to take feedback from research your peer (and of course return favours!). The feedback procedure is cover letter, quite simple. The one reading has to critically, and methodically see if each of the aspects mentioned above in the structure of the report are covered. It may even help to have a check-list, although with experience this becomes unnecessary. Check if the paper, title/abstract make sense, are effective/eye-catching. Cmm Operator Resume. Are all the relevant questions answered in the introduction? Is the overall structure of the rest of the sections meaningful?

Is the proxemics research paper, difference from related/past work crisp and meaningful? Are the sex marriage thesis, technical sections understandable? Are the figures/tables explained properly? Is the proxemics research, terminology clear? Are the symbols used defined appropriately? Are the results explained properly? Are the conclusions drawn from the graphs/tables sound?

Or are there technical holes/flaws? Do the results show how the work presented is better/worse that the teenage depression, other cases of comparison? When I give feedback on a peer's report or a student's report, I usually take a print-out and mark-up at various points in the paper. You may follow a similar procedure, or something suited to you. Be as critical as possible, but with the paper, view that your peer has to improve his/her work, not with the view of putting him/her down. Your comments have to research be impersonal. Likewise, while taking feedback from proxemics research a peer, take the comments on paragraph in an, their technical merit. Recommended strategy for producing a high-quality report.

Based on the above, I recommend the following strategy for students who want to produce a high-quality report, which would then have a high potential for being turned into a publication: Think through the outline of the report even as you are working on the details of the problem. Such thinking will also lend focus to your work and you will end up optimizing the returns on the time invested. Two months before the actual deadline, you have to have at research least a paragraph-level outline of the report, with all details worked out. After one round of critical analysis by yourselves (or by your group), have another student or another group review it, perhaps in exchange for you reviewing their work. Have them check your flow of ideas. While it may be good to get someone working in the same area, for much of the feedback, this may not really be necessary. Teenage Essay. Now you are probably about 6-7 weeks from the proxemics research paper, deadline. At this point, have your advisor/instructor give feedback on the paragraph-level outline. Getting this early is important since, based on cover letter, this, you may have to reorganize your report, rework your theorems, or rerun your experiments/simulations. Have a pre-final version of the report ready 2 weeks before the deadline. Again, go through one round of self/peer-feedback, and then advisor/instructor feedback.

With these 3-4 rounds of revision and critical analysis, the quality of your report is bound to paper improve. Objective. And since many of the student theses are of good quality, quality of writing dramatically improves chances of publication. Bhaskaran Raman Last modified: Mon May 15 11:04:13 IST 2006.

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An Investigation into the Techniques used by Artists to Create Representational Portrayals of the Human Figure. Realistically painted portraits were most common in the 17th Century onwards, when portraiture was used to proxemics, capture the likenesses of various royalty and the ruling classes throughout history. This century has seen a developing trend in thesis question, the representation of figurative pieces, with the styles of some artists becoming looser and to some extent, abstract. However, this has not devalued the research, production of realistic portrayals, which are still widely recognised as being a major test of an artist’s strength. Cmm Operator Resume! This is no doubt down to the extreme difficulty artists face capturing the exact likeness of their subject whilst also keeping a sense of emotion within the piece to prevent the final production from looking uninteresting and potentially dull. This, coupled with potential pitfalls such as a lack of three-dimensional quality in the artist’s work, and a need for well-balanced lighting and colourin the research, model’s face and figure, make figurative painting arguably the most challenging form of art. What Is The In An Essay! The figure and the portrait have been painted for centuries and the style contains some of the greatest works ever produced in the art world. From the classical paintings of the paper, Renaissance period, pieces of timeless beauty such as Botticelli’s ‘Venus de Milo’; more abstract works such as the ‘Weeping Women’ by Picasso, through to poster master, the extreme photo realism techniques used by artists such as Chuck Close. The different styles of these artists show the proxemics, diversity, both in technique and appearance, achievable when creating figurative artwork.

Capturing the figure and face, however basic it may be is one of the most commonly produced forms of thesis objective research art because of its prevalent nature in society, everywhere you look there are people – models to copy and research paper, interpret in your own way. This investigation will reveal the differences in the way two artists, Lucien Freud, and apprentice cover, Richard Phillips represent the figure, and how their techniques differ to achieve this. Critical Analysis – Freud’s Queen Elizabeth II Portrait. The first panting I have chosen to study is paper, a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, produced in the medium of poster oil. It was painted by what some consider England's most brilliant contemporary portrait painter, Lucien Freud. Paper! A royal representative with regard to painting a portrait of the queen approached Freud to produce this non-commissioned piece back in 2001. Freud painted the Queen's portrait for free, thus eliminating the money power aspect of the sitter-artist dynamic.

Some say he painted the ageing Queen as ruthlessly as he had painted his ageing self. There may be something to be said for an artist and a Queen both coming to terms with death and thesis objective research question, no longer concerned with the proxemics research, image of youth and power. Although the piece was not created to express the personal feelings of the master thesis, artist, you could argue that the style in research paper, which the painting has been produced conveys the Queen in an unconventional manner. This figurative piece is painted in Freud’s acclaimed style, with earthy colours, thick brushstrokes and a high use of light and shadow within the face. Visually, the piece is subtle rather than being instantly striking. Freud has used tone and line well to emphasise the textures and lines of the subjects face.

The colours within the piece are a mixture of dark greyish tones, the more vibrant but yet still subtle blues of the blazer and the peachy colours of the Queen’s face. Even in areas where there is grey colour such as the hair or the crown, Freud has still cleverly incorporated a wide palette of colours ranging from cmm operator, purple, to green, to yellow. The composition is quite unorthodox when compared to traditional portraits, as the subjects face is close up, with the symbolisation of power given by research paper, the crown at the top of the objective research, piece. There is also an artificial light source, shined on proxemics, the subject’s face but it is just there to emphasise the different areas of the face, rather than dramatically changing the paintings overall look. Same Sex Marriage! A Reverential appearance coupled with symbols of power and deference emphasises the proxemics, class gap between the royal family and the countries population, and is also the traditional style in which a royal painting is produced. However, Freud’s portrait portrays the Queen in a different manner. The portraits composition has focused on the top front part of the Queen's neck, face and bottom to middle part of her crown.

There are no symbols, albeit the thesis, crown, to indicate her true social position. Even the crown itself looks disjointed on the subject’s head; sitting there, like it could be on the head of anybody. Proxemics Research! The fact that it is slightly cut off at the top could also suggest that Freud wanted to concentrate on the Queen’s ageing face rather than her main symbol of power. The basis of the what introduction in an essay, controversy, which surrounded the piece at research paper the time, is based upon the way in which Freud portrayed the appearance of the Queen. In the piece, the Queen’s face looks glum, the lack of a smile gives the impression that she is miserable, and her face expresses several emotions such as boredom, and tiredness. Compare it to a photographic image of the cmm operator resume, Queen in person (left) and there is a striking difference. Freud has been quite cruel in the shape of the Queen’s face, which looks quite manly.

The artist does not provide her face with a smooth sensual paint finish of her past beauty, instead opting to proxemics research, emphasise the wrinkles of her face. Personally, I think the piece, although painted in a harsh style is a natural representation of the Queen’s aged face. I also think that Freud was brave to paint this controversial piece, especially considering she is arguably one of the most respected and important figures in cmm operator, the world. This modern portrait expresses the true human features over the traditional divine unapproachable image of the monarchy, in a contemporary effective manner. As a continuation of my investigation, I decided to produce a portrait of the Queen, in the same composition as Freud’s portrait. I wanted to capture a similar likeness of Freud’s representation of the Queen, whilst also portraying her in an arguably kinder light. I achieved this, using the research paper, medium of oil, but not focusing as much as Freud on the wrinkled areas of the Queen’s eyes and mouth.

I am pleased with the outcome of the piece, as I feel it is a truer representation of the cmm operator, Queen’s general appearance. I used warmer skin colours, and research, changed her expression slightly, to make the Queen seem in poster, a more content mood. This I feel is a fairer and admirable representation of one of the most respected Monarch’s of all time. Critical Analysis - Freud’s Kate Moss Portrait. The second piece, also by Freud, is an oil painting of the famous British model Kate Moss. It was produced in Freud’s personal studio in research, London. Thesis Objective Research! Freud's decision to paint the supermodel was indirectly prompted by Kate Moss herself.

In an article reproduced in the style magazine ‘Dazed and Confused’ the model revealed that one of her remaining unfulfilled ambitions was to pose for Freud. Months later, Moss’ ambition was fulfilled. The painting wasn’t commissioned but the intention was for the piece to research, be sold at auction. When the painting was sold to an anonymous bidder in February 2002, it sold for the high price of £3.9 million. As in sex marriage, the case of proxemics research Freud’s portrait of Elizabeth II, it came as quite a shock in the art world that Freud would also be painting Moss. This is because most of his models are people who are known to him, and who play some part in his everyday life. He chooses his subjects, he says, on poster, impulse, but in this case, the proxemics paper, sitter herself prompted Freud’s impulse.

From Freud's point of view, Moss was an unexpected choice of subject, because he has often said that the what is the in an essay, last thing he wants to paint is a professional model. He wants to proxemics paper, paint a real person, not a practised holder of poses, and causes teenage depression essay, there can scarcely be a more practised and research paper, professional model in the world than Kate Moss. Although Freud is renowned as a slow working artist compared to some of his peers, the painting was completed in a reasonably short period of time by Freud's standards, because of the natural deadline the model’s pregnancy produced. You could easily argue that the piece was created not only because of Moss’ request, but also because Freud wanted to resume, paint a defining piece of proxemics research art history that reflected and conveyed a strong image of counter-stereotypical beauty in the public domain. Visually, it is similar to Freud’s most dominant style of figure painting. The figurative piece embodies Freud’s renowned earthy skin tones, and has a heavy emphasis on light as seen on the models neck, and legs. Like the thesis objective research, majority of Freud’s figurative work, including self portraits of himself, he does not eroticise or flatter his subjects, he paints them expressionless, allowing the viewer to experience a strong sense of the subject’s presence as a human being, as flesh and bone, rather than a portrayal of their current mood. Freud’s brushstrokes are larger than usual, and this has allowed him to produce more prominent blocks of colour, and a smoother texture of skin on the canvas. The painting shows a pregnant Kate Moss lying in a relaxed posture over a bed. With rounded belly and a discreet little fold of paper skin beneath her right breast, Moss’ appearance is sex marriage thesis, perhaps a true representation of the female figure. This is a more ‘womanly’, voluptuous, flesh-and-blood Moss, a figure that contrasts dramatically against research the wispy, ethereal creature she often appears as in what is the in an essay, photographs.

The artificial light source, shining most dominantly on paper, her shins at the foot of the page, was perhaps purposely set up by Freud as this part of aircraft mechanic letter her anatomy is seldom shown in Moss’ fashion shots. Her face recedes into proxemics research the background and her calves are prominently displayed; this is Moss as few have ever seen her. Freud’s painting certainly portrays an mechanic apprentice, unfamiliar image of the proxemics research, supermodel. Moss’ slouched posture gives the impression she is not the elegant being she always appears to apprentice cover, be. The roll of skin under her breast also emphasises the increased weight the pregnancy has brought and proxemics research paper, also symbolises an aspect of the body that a model will always strive to banish. Compared to the photo of Moss (left), the painting contains duller looking skin colours, a far cry from the objective research question, peach coloured perfection of Moss’ photographed face and body.

Freud has arguably painted Moss’ head a fraction too small in comparison to the rest of her body, and research, the fact that the models face looks so dissimilar to how it is causes teenage, normally portrayed is perhaps a negative aspect of the piece. Many who view the painting will associate with the way the flesh is so awkwardly hanging from the research, bones. Where as I wouldn't go as far to say that this one of Freud's best works, I do find it interesting that he manages to get such a naturalistic essence out of a woman who is so used to posing. The idea behind the piece seemed tantalising on essay, paper, and yet Freud has also been able to produce a piece that, although controversial, like the paper, Queen’s portrait, has justified strength both in its form and composition, whilst also portraying Britain’s most famous supermodel with a new, perhaps unconventional essence of beauty. She is, as Freud often prefers with his subjects, completely naked.

Her waif-like figure has been plumped up by pregnancy but it is not instantly recognisable, to an uninformed viewer, perhaps, her midriff could easily be that of a slightly overweight women. It is all too easy to overlook the artist’s powerful depth within the painting of Moss’ inner beauty, when on first impressions the painting is not a striking resemblance of how Moss is usually portrayed in aircraft mechanic apprentice, the media. In a similar fashion to proxemics, Freud’s Elizabeth II painting, Freud has painted his subject somewhat harshly, and presented them with an emphasis on their natural imperfections. Critical Analysis – Phillips’ Elena Andreas Portrait. After investigating the figurative works of Freud, I will now study the portraiture of a lesser well-known American born artist, Richard Phillips, and compare his techniques to poster master thesis, that of Lucien Freud’s. Over his career, Phillips’ has developed a striking signature style that derives its tension from a selective use of proxemics research paper provocative model poses, that he subjects to the technical, value-laden refinements of his academic painting experience. Unlike Freud, Phillips’ portraiture work is painted from original photographs which he mechanically grids up to paint an exact likeness from. Freud however, works with his subjects from same sex marriage thesis, direct observation, which makes capturing the likeness of Kate Moss and Queen Elizabeth, much harder. You could also argue that a large amount of work is already done before Phillips’ even starts painting because the photographer has already captured the composition and pose of the model previously. Consequently, Phillips’ work does not have the same sense of originality that Freud’s portraits encompass.

Phillips’ technique of applying brushstrokes is very different to that of Freud’s. He chooses to paint on linen, rather the traditional choice of canvas, as his work relies on the immaculate use of blending colours to produce work that not only looks realistic, but also contains a certain smooth, almost doll-like texture. In contrast, Freud has used thicker, more elaborately applied brushstrokes in his two portraits, as he is proxemics research, not trying to achieve the sex marriage, same level of research realisation seen in Phillips’ work. There is thesis objective research question, a deceiving lack of facial detail in proxemics research, Phillips’ Andreas portrait. The painting contains no eyelashes, facial blemishes, or prevalent structure. The strong contrast of the white light with the skin tones makes the model’s face look shiny in nature, and subsequently unnatural. Same! In the portrait of Elena Andreas, Phillips’ has fixed the model forever in a pose of forced seduction.

It gives a sinister slant to the subject’s appearance; you could argue that the model is stylised to within an inch of her life. In contrast to Freud’s portrait of model Kate Moss, the subject is in a much more natural and proxemics paper, less imposing pose, far away from teenage depression, her accustomed world of make-up and studio lighting. Richard Phillips' large-scale paintings are reminiscent of the style of photorealism. Proxemics Research Paper! Although his style of portraiture is not as detailed as work by artists such as Close, Phillips’ work does expand on the historic role of photorealism. Question! In earlier photorealist paintings, the subject matter was usually mundane and proxemics, uninteresting - the true subject of the work being the way we unconsciously interpret photographs and paintings in order to create a mental image of the object represented. Conversely, Phillips' recreated portrait of the model takes an image that has been rendered neutral by the ubiquitous nature of letter its existence, whilst still managing to research, infuse the research, model with a sense of sublime presence. The beautiful and banal models (pictured below) stare at the viewer in proxemics paper, a bold manner, their faces rendered to perfection, complementing nicely with the striped backgrounds. Question! These coloured stripes are a throwback to the pop art style that was most popular around the paper, time the model’s photographs were taken. In the same thesis, portrait of Andreas, the green coloured stripes are effectively used, as they neutralise the brightness of the model’s skin colour.

For Freud’s portrait of the Queen, a dull grey background is proxemics paper, used which matches the solemn mood of the piece; in Phillips’ Andreas portrait, the dark black brings the aircraft cover, model’s face successfully to paper, the foreground. The dimensions of Phillips’ Andreas portrait are much larger than Freud’s work. The viewer is presented with a vast, near-photorealist image of a lascivious young woman. Aircraft Mechanic! Compared to Freud’s work, the size of the portrait is larger so Phillips’ can incorporate a high amount of detail. Research Paper! The consequence of this large size is that the initial impact of the subject’s face is much greater in Phillips’ work. What Paragraph In An! In Phillips’ portrait of the model, there is heavy lighting that contrasts with the flat lighting seen on Freud’s portrait of the Queen.

The makeup and hair colour of Phillips’ portrait emphasises the beauty and youth of the model, creating a stark comparison to the frail looking Queen, with her aged grey hair and wrinkled face. The bright colours used for the hair, and face tone of Phillips’ model portrait makes the piece seem vibrant and youthful. Conversely, Freud uses darker hues of colours in his work to paper, infuse a sense of mood into thesis his work. Richard Phillips’ unique style has continued to attract acclaim and controversy over the past decade, because of the nature of the subject matter he has chosen to recreate via painting. Freud’s work has also been under scrutiny for his controversial representations of the research paper, Queen, and to a lesser extent, Kate Moss. Even under the mass controversy, both artists have successfully achieved their goals of portraying the human figure in very different ways. It has to be said, that the same sex marriage, composition of Freud’s painting of Moss is very important. The painting would create little impact, if it were not for the model’s naked body being somewhat slothfully laid across the bed, as this is central to the overall feeling of the piece. Conversely, only research, seeing the head of the subject in Phillips’ work focuses the observer on the beauty of the model’s face.

Lucien Freud broke down a traditional barrier when painting royalty, by allowing the question, Queen to be represented in an initially shocking, unattractive manner. Elizabeth II has been painted more kindly many times before, but Freud’s representation allows the monarch to be seen in a less imposed, more natural light. Moss too, one of the archetypes of British beauty has been stripped of her commonly portrayed beauty. But it is not until you realise that, Moss is research paper, pregnant, comfortable in introduction in an, her own current form of body, and happily away from the strict regime of photograph shoots that you realise the true beauty of the piece. Freud’s somewhat harsh representation in his two portraits is the ultimate contrast of Phillips’ paintings of photo shoot beauty. Phillips’ has developed an interesting style of modern portraiture that is uncommon, yet very impacting and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

He has represented the human figure without any flaws or imperfections. Although this has added to the beauty of his subject’s, the portrayal of the models look somewhat false; their smooth, perfectly coloured skin look almost like waxworks when compared to Freud’s passionate and true representations.

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Free Essays on Sociological Concepts In Boys Dont Cry. Sociological Movie Review The movie that I watched that has many references to research paper, our introduction to sociology course is The Boy In the Striped Pajamas. Is The Introduction Paragraph In An. The Boy In the Striped Pajamas is about a little 8 year old boy named Bruno who must move to the country side with his family because his father who. Forrest Miller and proxemics research paper Shannon Coyle Mr. Christensen Composition 1 19 October 2012 Cry Me a River: The Truth about Tears Tears. Resume. A common ground for proxemics, all people. Everyone cries , but whether they want to admit it or not is a personal choice. For some, crying expresses weakness, a characteristic that brings. Social Care Unit 7 – Sociological Perspectives for Health and Social Care (5 credits) Lecturer: Room: Email: Learning Outcomes (BTEC Unit Specification) On completion of what is the paragraph in an essay this unit you should: 1. Proxemics. Understand sociological perspectives 2. Understand sociological approaches to cmm operator, health. A key part of engaging in sociology is to adopt a sociological viewpoint or 'think sociologically'.

Etymologically, sociology is the 'study of society' but this doesn't differentiate sociology from paper other forms of causes essay social study. Hence, many begin to describe thinking sociologically by what it is not -. determined. Research Paper. Outline the key grounds for this rejection and discuss what this means for a sociological understanding of gender. First of all I am going to begin with defining sex and gender. Sex in a sociological perspective is defined as the biological and physiological differences between men and women. ? The Application of the Sociological Imagination in letter the Examination of Gender Inequality Charles Wright Mills was an American sociologist in the nineteenth century who contributed greatly to the field of proxemics research sociology. Apprentice. He was concerned with individuals in post-World War II society. Introduction to proxemics research, Sociological Perspectives. The Sociological Perspective Introduction The sociological perspective is defined by three philosophical traditions (or paradigms): structure-functionalism, Marxism, and master thesis symbolic interactionism. Structure-functionalism focuses on how society is organized and how social institutions meet the needs. There are numerous sociological perspective theories some dating back as early as the 19th century some of these include functionalism, maxism and social action theories.

Throughout the years these perspectives have gradually been modernised due to research, the changes that have occurred in society. Although. constructed roles, behaviours, activities and aircraft attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women (WHO, 2014). There are three concepts associated with gender. Gender identity refers to an individual having the proxemics paper, sense of being male or female. Master Thesis. It usually matches the biological sex. The concept of “ sociological imagination” is one that can be explained many different ways. Paper. A simple way to think of the sociological imagination is to see it as a way a person thinks, where they know that what they do from day to day in poster master thesis their private lives (like the choices they make), are sometimes.

Paper Grade: 75 / C The Sociological Imagination The sociological imagination is an idea or a way of thinking that interlocks an individual in a society with the society as a whole. Most people refer to sociology as the study of how people or individuals interact with each other. Research. In order to paragraph in an, fully. Chapter Summaries of “ Boy , Tales of Childhood” by proxemics research paper, Roald Dahl ------------------------------------------------- STARTING POINT Chapter 1 – Papa and Mama * Father – Harald Dahl, Norwegian – no left arm * Father’s brother – Oscar * The brothers ran away to France * Uncle Oscar became. The sociological imagination is an aircraft apprentice cover, ever-evolving concept . What I mean by research paper, that is, the basis remains the same, but the application and understanding of the idea changes as society and individuals change. Resume. In basic terms, the sociological imagination is the ability to connect the paper, individual and “social-historical. Biological and Psychological Explanations of Crime. come to know deviance is correlated with, but does not define, crime. Moreover, I will show how the thesis research, sociological approach is a stronger method to understanding crime in society. Proxemics Research Paper. In this paper, each concept will be clarified. A biological cause was the basis in early studies (1876) of sex marriage criminality.

A physician. Analysis of the research, Chimney Sweeper by William Blake. The Chimney Sweeper – analysis The Chimney Sweeper by objective research, William Blake is paper a short lyric evoking feelings and causes depression essay experiences of a young boy and his friends working as chimney sweepers. It is a short poem of six quatrains, rhymed aa bb. The rhyme is mostly complete and masculine: key – free. Question What is a sociological theory?

There is no best sociological theory. Discuss this statement highlighting the following: two (2) strengths and two (2) weaknesses of proxemics research Functionalism. A sociological theory is defined as the study of teenage depression human beings and the part they play in research paper society. There. William Blake’s the sex marriage, Chimney Sweeper. ’weep are to be stressed because these two words are a very strong point within this poem. Proxemics. The words not only represent the weeps that this young child cries from the pain and hurt that is being caused to him, but the words as well can represent the demands that are put upon him. Before the word weep there.

surroundings; and, how your daily life is shaped and constrained by society. This will allow you engage with many of the sociological concepts reviewed to-date including newer concepts such as impression management, stage theory and emotional labor. Explain why you needed to perform in paragraph essay such a. ? The Qualities of a Young Boy Jem Finch is one of the most caring brothers in all of English literature. Proxemics Research. He also has a dominate presence in the novel. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, there are many attributes that aid in creating an important character analysis of Jeremy Atticus Finch.

Throughout. Sociological perspective for cmm operator resume, health and social care. each other. There are different sociological perspectives which include examples of proxemics research society. Same Sex Marriage. In this assignment I will be explaining the different sociological perspectives which provide different models of paper society. P1: Example the principal sociological perspective. Marxism Feminism . Many concepts , both political and social , were influenced by the ancient times. The Spartans life was simple, and question their focus was on obedience and war. Proxemics Paper. While Athenian life allowed one to pursue several kinds of arts or sciences.

While Romans had a republic, which included a king, assemblies senators. Analytical Essay Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Analytical Essay Boy in the Striped Pyjamas January 13th, 2010 Nathan Harder Shaving Bruno’s hair is a focal point in the novel and a main contribution to his death at thesis research, the end of the book. It also illustrates how we are, ultimately, all humans. Through Bruno, we improve our understanding.

People disagree with the controversial statement that boys don't cry . Sure, men are more emotionally stable than women, but one shouldn't forget that men are human and thus, have feelings too. We, as men, might not show our feelings a lot, but we do experience emotions and sorrow. Most men don't show. SOCS185 full course 2016 sep - all discussion assignment and quizzes. devry socs185n week 1 discussion dq 1 dq 2 latest 2016 july dq 1 Developing a Sociological Imagination (graded) Sociologist C. Proxemics Research. Wright Mills preferred to call the sociological perspective the sex marriage thesis, sociological imagination and he saw it transforming personal troubles into public issues. Let’s begin. opposite sex later in life? Do you think a mother carries her baby in the same way if it’s a boy or a girl?

Do you think teachers act and grade their students of research paper both sexes equally? Do you think girls and aircraft apprentice cover letter boys have the research, same mental abilities and physical skills? It’s scientifically proved that not! And. Sociological Perspectives on the Family. Sociological Perspectives on the Family SOC101: Introduction to Sociology Instructor: Jeanette Maxey August 15, 2011 Sociological Perspectives on the Family In the field of what sociology, there are numerous approaches sociologists reflect on proxemics paper when studying humankind’s behavior.

Sociologists argue. ?Formation Change - Self- Concept This assignment is same sex marriage thesis about how a person constructs their self- concept and how they then live their lives in a way which supports this self construct. I then explore Rogers theory of personality and how change occurs in a therapeutic relationship. Proxemics Paper. When a child is. Compare and Contrast Butler's and cmm operator Goffman's Notion of Performance in Terms of Masculinity. Butler and Erving Goffman have both developed theories on research performance in terms of masculinity. I propose that both theories hold very similar core concepts , and while Butler’s work on gender performativity hold up as a fully compatible theory, it can be better understood through the work of depression essay Goffman. . drawn in proxemics by the collision of personalities, attitudes, and stereotypes. This movie will make you laugh and cry . When we laugh, we should question the underlying sociological assumptions or concepts that make us laugh. Poster Master Thesis. Are we laughing at the racist jokes because of proxemics our own judgement of other cultures. life chances are greatly influenced by many complex sociological factors. I realize now that using my sociological imagination allows me to connect my personal experiences, behaviors, and attitudes to aircraft mechanic apprentice cover letter, the larger social structure.

Some of the sociological themes that manifest in my life are how gender role. ‘Every Sociological Perspective Has Its Limitations; However Some Are More Useful Than Others to Our Understanding of Society’. Assess This View. ‘Every sociological perspective has its limitations; however some are more useful than others to our understanding of society’. Assess this view. Society is a population of humans that share relationships, culture and institutions. More broadly, a society is an economic, social and industrial structure. Sociology Exam Glossary Sociological imagination: relationship between individual experiences and the larger society.

Non-material culture: a component of culture that consists of the abstract or intangible human creations of society (such as attitudes, beliefs and values) that influence peoples. ? Sociological imagination: A child in a school uniform playing at the schoolyard With the development and research changes of society, human production activities will develop considered as the poster master thesis, accumulation of proxemics research paper knowledge, or become more complicated. When peoples life become complicated they will aware the poster thesis, conflicts. waiting room a young boy begins to cry . As the proxemics research, nurse approaches the young boy turns away from her reaching for his mother. Interpersonal skills are learned characteristics that assist us in communicating with others. The nurse should have showed some form of compassion for the young boy whether it have been.

Biological, Sociological, and Psychological Effects on the Causation of thesis objective research question Crime. Biological, Sociological , and Psychological Effects On the proxemics, Causation of Crime Heather Pelletier CJ499-01: Bachelors Capstone in Criminal Justice Kaplan University Causation of crime as defined by what paragraph in an essay, Merriam-Webster is the relationship between an event or situation and a possible reason or. Five Sociological terms and concepts. The purpose of proxemics paper this paper is to talk about the five sociological terms, concepts or theories that I feel have impacted my understanding of the social world. These terms, concepts and resume theories include the social construction of reality, sociological perspective, observational research, operational definition. The Movie “ Boys Don’t Cry ” The movie Boys Don’t Cry was directed by female filmmaker Kimberly Piercy. Kimberly based on a real story of Teena Brandon who was a homosexual person. Teena is a girl but she acted and proxemics paper dressed herself like a boy . She hid her secret to everyone whom she met and thesis research made friends. ?Willene Joan D’ Costa Professor Abbott LIT 370- 002 4/23/2015 Boys Don’t Cry As Yoshino explains, the decision of proxemics paper whether or not to come out as homosexual, bisexual, genderqueer, or even transgender isn’t just driven by the individual’s desire to openly be who he or she really is, but also by the negative. brought up with a strict set of what is the introduction paragraph essay rules to keep society happy. To be specific, we are taught not to talk to strangers.

As technology advanced, it was dont talk or meet with creepy old men on paper the internet. That being said, meeting a guy on the internet and driving close to 18 hours one way to meet him. those who want to hurt them. Cmm Operator. when we discover that a criminal, big enough and often wise enough, has brutally butchered another human being do we not cry out for research paper, justice? the death penalty can deliver that justice we crave! people say that killing the guilty makes us killers also but did the murdurers. article about using this concept appeared in 1952 by Belknap and Campbell.They started with asking simple questions “Would you rather vote Republican or Democratic ?”According to answers from voters there were 4 groups; 1. Democratic 2. Independent 3. Causes Depression Essay. Republican 4. Proxemics Research Paper. Dont know But this survey. de la facon suivante. Thesis. L’insurrection eclate le 29 avril, dans les regions de Minago, Vyanda, Nyanza Lac et de Rumonge, lorsque des groupes rebelles, dont certains ont, semble-t-il, suivi un entrainement en Tanzanie, attaquent et 1. 16 septembre 1967. Proxemics Research. 554 RENE LEMARCHAND tuent a la machette. BenDBL: or shorten down a lil BenDBL: ? Guest_DavidBl: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah tall LyssaRaeEnvied: if i dont have a fucking heart attack or a stroke first Guest_DavidBl: and dont buy anything Guest_DavidBl: z LyssaRaeEnvied: and u need to go back to thesis, that height Guest_DavidBl: NO D: llN0M3RCYll. Warriors Don’t Cry Melba Pattillo Beals Brad Price C-BLOCK Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 Word Count (Excluding Quotes): 973 QUOTE #1 “When my teacher asked if anyone who lived within the research, Central High School district wanted to aircraft letter, attend school with white people, I raised my hand. As I. drake asked, Im 14 max respondedYou seem a Little too big for your age dont you think so Yes I do drake yes I do, but to me size never matters max said in research an agitated voice.

Are you busy this Saturday night Drake asked, no I dont think so max said. I think you seem very nice I would really love to get. everything The bigotry of the GAA The way Irish football fans are labelled the best in resume the world when they are the worst. Boy racers Women with facial hair People who dont like Anchorman Having to pay to use a jacks Women that wear too much fake tan/make up People who say they watch the Premiership. Boys have it Tougher The relative difficulties of boyhood versus girlhood, the latest issue in the nation's ongoing gender wars, has raised a serious question of proxemics research who has it harder the guys or the girls (according to the article Who has it Tougher Boys or Girls?). Cover Letter. I can understand the proxemics research, fact that it. text, double-spaced (this does not include the title page). * Refer to at least six sociological concepts covered in the lectures or textbook reading. Highlight these concepts in boldface. * Connect your concepts to the TCOs. Indicate the cmm operator resume, TCOs covered in parentheses, as demonstrated in paper the assignment. Culture and Underlying Sociological Assumptions. Another sociological term demonstrated in Crash is the theory of objective micro-aggression.

Microaggressions would be defined as Microaggressions are subtle insults (verbal, nonverbal, and/or visual) directed toward people of color, often automatically or unconsciously. While the individual effects of these. The Major Values of Classical Greek Culture and How They Impacted on Concepts of Childhood. Outline some of the major values of proxemics paper classical Greek culture and indicate how you think they impacted on concepts of childhood. In this assignment I delve into classical Greek culture, the day to day activities, schooling, extra-curricular activities and general behavior of all classes regarding treatment. After that, at University level We dont have sufficient funds to establish separate universities for boys and girls. Cmm Operator. SO thats where Co-educational system came in as both the genders have to get study in same institution.

Now question arises that do Girls and proxemics research paper Boys perform better in Co-Education or. finna squab a niqqa, cause nigga imma cry ;_; A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z now i know my ABC's next time come and sing with me. Aircraft Mechanic Apprentice Cover Letter. adsfdasfads fa sfad s nfsda fads fad s fads afds af s d fads afsd afds af s da fds fasd afs fd s a fads adsf afd s . – the proxemics, theorist behind the thesis, idea of the research paper, ‘ sociological imagination’ C. Wright Mills – the theorist behind the idea of the ‘ sociological imagination’ Sociological Imagination Summarised from ‘Public Sociology’ pages 7, 8 and 9 C. Wright Mills defined sociological imagination as the vivid awareness of. one of the most pressing issues today. Poster Master. In order to examine this situation one must try to get to the root of the problem and must understand the sociological factors that cause women to proxemics paper, have a much more difficult time getting the same benefits, wages, and job opportunities as their male counterparts. . Cry, the Beloved Country, by resume, Alan Paton. CRY , THE BELOVED COUNTRY, BY ALAN PATON Chapter 1 The opening chapter, which is almost a prose poem, introduces us to two adjacent country sides near the South African village of Ixopo—country sides which represent the two worlds of the novel. Rich damp matted grass on the upland is an indication. American History X: a Sociological Outcry.

American History X; A Sociological Outcry Racism is still a problem in the world today, whether it is out in proxemics the open and often or not so much, it is something that may very well be one thing that as long as there are differences between people, it will always be around. The movie “American History. How Key Sociological Concepts Apply to poster master, Events. How do key sociological concepts apply to proxemics paper, events in this article? How do they apply to aspects of your life? Identify how private trouble, public issue, sociological imagination, and social structure apply in the article. As appropriate, support your points with anecdotal evidence from apprentice cover your own experiences. Psych Foundation of research Growth Development and Learning Case Study - Age Group 2 Years Old. he asks a million and cmm operator one questions. He is not shy, hew likes to be the paper, center of all attraction. When he is corrected it is really sad to see him cry . Environment/Setting: Where did the behaviors observe occur.

Give a complete description of the environment you observe the selected child in. I. The Representation of Many Social Aspects in Many Diverse Ways. American History X… This is a movie that represents many sociological aspects in many diverse ways. Since day one of the semester in sociology, I realized that, everything that I have learned in the class is applied in thesis objective research question the movie in an indirect way. Research. The main topic in American.

Many stories are told in thesis new and interesting ways. What links does ‘About a Boy ’ have to research paper, a newer or older story? The book ‘About a boy ’ by Nick Hornby was an international Bestseller by same, 2000. ‘About a Boy ’ the research paper, movie production directed by Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz, is now a major motion picture.

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Homer Circa Eighth Century B.C. - Essay. Homer Circa Eighth Century B.C. Greek poet. See also Iliad Criticism . Homer's two epics, the Iliad and proxemics the Odyssey , have greatly influenced the style and content of Western literature and are considered two of the causes teenage depression essay, greatest literary artifacts of research paper Western civilization. Taken together, the Iliad and the Odyssey display comic as well as tragic elements, and cover a broad range of themes that are still relevant today: war, religion, honor, betrayal, vengeance, and essay humanity's quest for immortality. Over the proxemics, centuries, the poems have left an indelible imprint on the fields of literature, art, philosophy, and ethics.

Writers as diverse as Virgil, Shakespeare, John Milton, and James Joyce have been inspired by the characters and tales presented in the epics. Almost nothing is known about Homer, but scholars hypothesize that he was an Ionian Greek (probably from the coast of Asia Minor or one of the adjacent islands), that he was born sometime before 700 B.C., and that he lived in approximately the latter half of the cmm operator resume, eighth century B.C. According to legend, he was a blind itinerant poet; historians note that singing bards in ancient Greece were often blind and that the legend, therefore, may be based on fact. It is also possible that Homer may have lost his sight only late in life or that his purported blindness was meant to mask his illiteracy. Biographies of Homer exist in proxemics research paper, the form of six early lives and assorted commentaries by ancient and aircraft Byzantine scholars, but the information they contain is considered unreliable and mostly mythical. Some commentators have gone so far as to paper assert that no such individual ever existed. The paucity of information regarding Homer and sex marriage thesis his relation to the Iliad and the Odyssey has incited much scholarly inquiry and has brought together the efforts of experts in such fields as archeology, linguistics, art, and comparative literature. As a result of proxemics research paper their research, three main theories regarding the composition of the poems have emerged: the analytic, the master thesis, Unitarian, and the oral folkepic. Proxemics Research! Until the aircraft apprentice cover letter, publication of the Friedrich Adolph Wolf's Prolegomena ad Homerum in 1795, the notion that Homer was the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey was largely undisputed.

However, citing certain inconsistencies and errors in the texts, Wolf asserted that the two works were not the compositions of one poet, but the products of many different authors at work on research, various traditional poems and stories. Wolf's argument convinced many critics—who were subsequently termed the analysts—but also. inspired the notorious authorship controversy known as the Homeric question. Although Wolf's view prevailed throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, it was ultimately challenged by teenage essay an opposing group of critics, the Unitarians, whose primary spokesman was Andrew Lang. The Unitarians insisted that a single individual of genius composed the Homeric epics, and they supported that claim by citing a unified sensibility, original style, and consistent use of themes and imagery in the poems. These two critical camps were, to a degree, reconciled by Milman Parry's discovery in the 1920s that the poems were composed orally.

Parry established that Homeric verse is formulaic by nature, relying on generic epithets (such as wine-dark sea and rosy-fingered dawn), repetition of stock lines and half-lines, and scenes and research paper themes typical of traditional folk poetry. Comparing Homer's poetry with ancient oral epics from same sex marriage, other cultures, Parry deduced that Homer was most likely a rhapsode, or itinerant professional reciter, who improvised stories to be sung at Greek festivals. As a public performer, Homer probably learned to weave together standard epic story threads and descriptions in order to paper sustain his narrative, and relied on apprentice letter, mnemonic devices and phrases to fill the proxemics, natural metrical units of poetic lines. Parry's theory, like that of the analysts, stressed the derivative, evolutionary character of Homer's poetry; but like the Unitarians, Parry affirmed Homer's individual genius as a shaper of traditional elements whose creations far exceeded the sum of their borrowed parts. Most twentieth-century critics accept Parry's analysis of the authorship question. Two epic poems have been attributed to Homer: the Iliad focuses on the Trojan War during the causes essay, twelfth century B.C., in particular the research, actions of the is the paragraph in an essay, Greek or Achaean hero Achilles—a warrior who is both brave and headstrong; the Odyssey is research set after the Greek victory in the Trojan War and recounts the thesis, adventures and long-delayed homecoming of the proxemics research, clever Greek hero Odysseus. Internal evidence from cmm operator, these two epics suggests that while the Iliad predates the Odyssey , both were composed in the eighth century B.C. in proxemics research, a dialect that was a mixture of Ionic and Aeolic Greek. The textual history of the poems is assumed to have begun with oral versions of the poems which were transmitted by local bards and probably written down on papyri shortly after Homer's death. Once set down in writing, the poems most likely became the exclusive property of the Homeridae , or sons of Homer, a bardic guild whose members performed and master preserved the poems. Scholars believe that in the second half of the sixth century B.C., they established a Commission of proxemics Editors of Homer to edit the text of the what is the in an essay, poems and remove any errors and interpolations that had accumulated in the process of transmission—thereby establishing a Canon of proxemics Homer.

The first printed edition of Homer's poetry appeared in Europe in 1488 and remained in use until the seventeenth century. Many translations, both prose and verse, of the epics have subsequently been published. As two of the same sex marriage, best known literary works of the Western world, the Iliad and the Odyssey have inspired much critical commentary and have wielded an enormous influence on later authors and readers. The Greek philosopher Aristotle, in explicating his rules for dramatic poetry, found in Homer the research, most exemplary combination of high seriousness, unity of action, dramatic vividness, and authorial reserve. In classical times, Homer's works formed the basis of any educational curriculum and therefore left an indelible imprint on cmm operator resume, the fields of proxemics paper literature, art, philosophy, and ethics. Homer's works, generally venerated as repositories of traditional wisdom, were among the first books to be printed in the fifteenth century in Europe. The vogue for restraint and correctness that characterized the critical thought of the sixteenth century led many scholars to reject Homer's works in objective, favor of those of Virgil.

However, Homer's preeminence as an epic poet was reestablished in the eighteenth century by the translations of Chapman and Pope and research the essays in master thesis, praise of Homer by proxemics research paper Joseph Addison. With the value of the poems firmly established, twentieth-century critics have been nearly unanimous in praising Homer's handling of the narrative, imagery, structure, and themes. They commend his ability to intersperse lengthy battle scenes with highly dramatic dialogue, imaginative creatures, whimsical fantasy about the gods of Olympus, and, at aircraft, certain key moments, moving lyrical poetry. Homer's genius, scholars assert, is most evident in proxemics research paper, his masterful yet self-effacing storytelling technique. In a perfectly plain and direct manner, the narrator carries the action forward, examining the events in great detail and resume occasionally digressing from the main narrative, but always in research paper, such a manner that the tales seem completely natural. Many epic poets, including Virgil and John Milton, have tried to imitate Homer's seamless narrative technique, but none have succeeded in sex marriage, duplicating his flawless manipulation of tightly woven incident, simple design, and panoramic scope. Access our Homer Study Guide for Free. The Iliads of research Homer (translated by George Chapman) 1611. The Odyssey (translated by George Chapman) 1615. The Iliad of Homer (translated by Alexander Pope) 1715-20. The Odyssey of Homer (translated by Alexander Pope) 1726.

Homer's Iliad and Odyssey (translated by William Cowper) 1791. The Iliad of Homer (translated by William Cullen Bryant) 1870. The Odyssey of Homer (translated by sex marriage thesis William Cullen Bryant) 1871. The Iliad of Homer (translated by Andrew Lang, Walter Leaf, and Ernest Myers) 1893. The Anger of Achilles (translated by proxemics Robert Graves) 1959. The Odyssey of Homer (translated by Richard Lattimore) 1967.

The Odyssey (translated by Albert Cook) 1974. The Iliad (translated by Robert Fitzgerald) 1992. The Odyssey (translated by Robert Fitzgerald) 1992. SOURCE: The Iliad in Homer and His Influence , Cooper Square Publishers, 1963, pp. 41-53. [ In the following essay, Scott describes the Iliad as a poem about wrath and warfare and causes teenage essay focuses on quotations from the poem that display Homer's skill at evoking emotions and profound ideas. ] The first word of the Iliad is Wrath which reveals at once the kernel of the poem, since the Iliad does not depend on the fate of Achilles, but solely on his wrath. There are no unanswered questions concerning this wrath, its origin, its course, or its results; but the death of Achilles, the return of Helen, the end of the war seem hardly nearer than when the.

(The entire section is 2329 words.) Get Free Access to proxemics research paper this Homer Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and aircraft mechanic thousands more. Get Better Grades. Our 30,000+ summaries will help you comprehend your required reading to ace every test, quiz, and essay. We've broken down the chapters, themes, and characters so you can understand them on your first read-through. Access Everything From Anywhere. We have everything you need in one place, even if you're on the go. Proxemics Research! Download our handy iOS app for free.

SOURCE: The Man of Many Turns, in The Classic Line: A Study in Epic Poetry , Indiana University Press, 1966, pp. 120-37. [ In the following essay, Cook assesses the themes, settings, and tone of the is the introduction paragraph essay, Odyssey, maintaining that the poem is lighter in tone but equally as profound as the Iliad] The epic poem is all-embracing; it is research comprehensive, rather than encyclopedic, in character. It is causes teenage their focus, more even than their lack of verse form, which deprives Finnegans Wake or La Comedie Humaine of an epic aura, and which almost gives one to War and Peace. The distinction, while elusive, is nicely illustrated by the contrast between the.

(The entire section is 5795 words.) Get Free Access to proxemics research paper this Homer Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more. SOURCE: The Poetry of Action, in Homer , Duckworth, 1972, pp. 141-64. [ In the following essay, Bowra explores the dramatic quality of the Homeric epics, maintaining that although it arises from action, it often goes beyond it and objective question touches on the character of the proxemics research paper, actors, their thoughts and their feelings as their words reveal them. ] The Iliad and the Odyssey are preeminently poems of action. Their first purpose is to engage the hearers in what happens, to poster thesis involve them imaginatively in it.

In this respect they resemble not only other heroic poetry but much oral narrative verse which may be sub-heroic or shamanistic. Their main objective can be. (The entire section is 9134 words.) SOURCE: Fighting in the Iliad in The Iliad , George Allen Unwin, 1984, pp. 77-107. [In the following excerpt, Mueller discusses ways in which individual warriors are represented fighting, dying or exulting over research paper the bodies of their enemies in the Iliad.] [My purpose in this essay] is to survey the representation of battle in the Iliad , moving from the components that make up the thesis objective research, individual encounter to the devices by which larger narrative units are created from such encounters.… Here my chief aim is to classify phenomena and to convey a sense of their relative frequency. It is in the battle scenes that the modern reader is most likely to be. (The entire section is 8208 words.) SOURCE: Homer and paper the Reader, in Homer , Yale University Press, 1985, pp.

1-18. [ In the following essay, Vivante offers a stylistic analysis of cmm operator resume Homer's epic verse, in particular, his use of recurrent images, analogies, and epithets. ] The child's first impressions on hearing Homer are as deep as they are vivid. The wrath of Achilles conjured up all at once; Achilles and Agamemnon standing out in strife against each other; Chryses suddenly appearing before the Achaeans to ransom his daughter; Chryses rebuffed and walking in angry prayer along the shore; Apollo listening and proxemics descending from Olympus—such scenes, enacted as they are moment after moment, are naturally. (The entire section is 4741 words.) SOURCE: The Circulation of Bodies in the Iliad, in New Literary History , Vol. 24, No.

2, Spring, 1993, pp. 339-61. [ In the following essay, Staten examines the feud between Achilles and Agamemnon in the Iliad and aircraft explores the research paper, socioeconomic importance of war booty, vengeance, and mourning in the poem. ] Appropriations tantamount to theft and rape: that is how Luce Irigaray characterizes the economy of capitalism [in This Sex Which is Not One , 1985], and especially its sexual economy, whose hidden essence is the essence of the whole. Apprentice! Women are commodities, exchange objects whose value is defined by the relationship between men, the subjects of. (The entire section is 8890 words.) SOURCE: Spinning and Weaving: Ideas of Domestic Order in proxemics research, Homer, in causes, American Journal of Philology , Vol.

114, No. 4, Summer, 1993, pp. 493-501. [ In the proxemics paper, following essay, Pantelia determines the function of spinning and weaving for different female characters in the Iliad and the Odyssey.] Spinning and weaving have traditionally been considered the poster master thesis, domain of women. All evidence suggests that in antiquity the working of wool and the production of garments were primary occupations of women, who, regardless of their social status—be they slaves or queens—contributed through their handiwork to the self-sufficiency of proxemics research their own households. In the Homeric poems all. (The entire section is 2848 words.) Combellack, F. M. Causes Teenage Essay! Contemporary Homeric Scholarship: Sound or Fury? The Classical Weekly 49, Nos.

2, 3, and 4 (October 24; November 14; November 28, 1955): 17-26, 29-44, 45-55. Surveys Homeric scholarship up to 1955, examining the proxemics paper, state of studies on resume, such topics as orality, archeology, literary merit, sources transmission, and editions of the poems. Adkins, Arthur W. H. Homer: Free Will and Compulsion. In Merit and Responsibility: A Study in Greek Values , pp. 10-29. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1960. (The entire section is 1178 words.) Historians have now dug up enough facts to believe that something like the Trojan War may have really occurred. However, the story of how it began and what started it is paper part of Ancient Greek. Hesiod's Theogony concerns creation. More specifically, the title Theogony means birth of the mechanic apprentice, divine, and Hesiod relays the creation myths concerning the birth of the proxemics research, gods.

He describes the. A strong essay begins with a thesis statement that challenges the reader to follow the essay’s argument toward an unusual or controversial conclusion. Teenage Depression! So, if you began with “The Iliad is a. I would argue that the wrath of Achilles doesn't encompass the depth of The Iliad. To a modern reader, the Iliad is about how individual small actions lead to proxemics huge events and how no one person or. Penelope's main three characteristics are faithfulness, patience, and cunning. We can see these in great ways.

First, she waited twenty years for her husband without ever hearing anything. Most.